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updated byregina March 31, 2002 2:00 PM  
Happy Easter
Everyone here at MariahDaily.com would like to wish you a Happy Easter. Now go eat some of that candy! Yummy!

Magazine News
Tellbc informed me that Mariah is in the April issue of Vanity Fair. It says how Glitter is "in" in the "In & Out" section of the magazine.

John informed me that Mariah is on page 54 in the May issue of Teen People. It's a picture of Mariah and Mira from Sundance and it reads...
"although rumors of an 'on the set catfight' circulated throughout Hollywood Wise Girls stars Mira Sorvino and Mariah Carey looked pretty chummy at a screening of their comedy at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. and when the Rock (WWF) is interviewed he talks about being extremely busy, and says "...There were moments when the schedule was draining and tough, I was feeling for Mariah Carey..." and then later " The only phone call i'm going to accept is from Mariah, so she can talk me through this."

Ally McBeal In France
Radjah told me you can watch Mariah's Ally McBeal special on Teva Channel on April 9th at 9:50pm.

updated byregina March 29, 2002 7:20 PM  
MD.com Mentioned on MSNBC
Those unnervingly dedicated fans who traveled from Spain to New York to meet Mariah Carey are defending themselves. The fans were ridiculed for thinking they could spend the night at a guest room in the singer's apartment, but on MariahDaily.com, they explain that they were just making a joke. That doesn't mean, however, that they're not serious about their devotion to Mariah. One of them has Mariah tattoos. "[Mariah] wanted to see my tattoos and she even asked a journalist to take some pictures of my tattoos!!" the fan writes of his meeting with his idol. "After a photo session we talked to her for a while and she finally had to go. Before she was gone, I asked her if she was OK. She held my hand and looking into my eyes she told me she was happy and that everything was OK! I'll never forget her eyes and her sweet and sincere smile that night. I told her I loved her so much and she told me so sweetly that she loved me too!


updated byliron March 29th, 2002 6:40PM   
Making "Don't Stop" - The Video
R!OT Clones Mariah Carey for New Video
By Jean-Francois Lepage

"Don't Stop" Features Pop Superstar in Triplicate as Back-ups to Mystikal.
Santa Monica, CA - R!OT provided visual effects services for a new music video designed to appeal to pop fans who can't get enough Mariah Carey. Don't Stop, from Carey's hit Virgin Records release Glitter, features Carey as a trio of singer's backing up rap superstar Mystikal who performs the lead vocal for the song.
The video is set in a nightclub with Mystikal on stage performing for an enthusiastic crowd. On stage left is a trio of back-up singers - all played by Carey. The trio, grouped around a microphone, are not exact duplicates as each Mariah wears a different wardrobe and hairstyle. They also behave differently, playing off one another's performance. At one point the two singers on the outside, stop to marvel at the Mariah in the middle as she lets rip with an incredible high note.
The video was directed by Sanaa Hamri of HSI Productions with R!OT visual effects supervisor Eric Mises-Rosenfeld providing effects supervision at the New Orleans nightclub where the video was shot. Initially, the director planned to shot the elements of Carey against green screen, but Rosenfeld found that there was too little room to set up a screen behind the singer on the stage.
Eric consulted with our compositing team in Santa Monica and together they came up with a solution, explained R!OT VFX production coordinator Diana Young. "They determined that a split screen technique could be used to produce the required plates while meeting the director's creative objectives." Chief among those objectives was making the trick look real. "The idea was to make it appear natural," explained HSI producer Steve Woroniecki. "We wanted something more than just three Mariahs on-stage, they needed to function like a real trio, interacting with one another - so that it wouldn't be easy to see how it was done."
Mises-Rosenfeld played a key role in accomplishing that goal, advising Hamri on what could and could not be done and concocting clever ways to make the three singers appear to be part of the same environment. R!OT's compositing team, comprised of lead compositor Claus Hansen assisted by Stefano Trivelli and Verdi Sevenhuysen, cemented the effect joining the three images together seamlessly and layering them over a background scene that included fans sitting at tables behind the stage.
At one point, an extra crosses the frame between the camera and the back-up trio. "That was one of the things that we thought would make the shot feel real," said Woroniecki. "It took very careful work from the compositors to prepare all of the layers and adjust the lighting and shadows to make it work, but in the end it looks seamless. It's perfect."
D. Todd Davidovich produced the project for R!OT.


Chef Zipora Compliments Mariah
Zipora Einav has been Mariah's chef during the "Rainbow World Tour", and this a part of an article about her:
...Chef Zipora, as she calls herself, originally moved to Phoenix from Israel 22 years ago. She brought with her three years of training from Tadmora, an international culinary school in Tel Aviv. She began a catering service in the Valley by cooking for friends and then by establishing a reputation by word of mouth.
In 1997, Einav moved to Los Angeles and applied to be a personal chef through Private Chefs Incorporated in Beverly Hills. She says that because the prestigious agency deals with many wealthy and famous clients, there is a rigorous screening process, including security checks and confidentiality agreements. The day after she became affiliated with the agency, she was sent to cook for Bob Hope, as his regular personal chef was to be away for an extended period of time.
After working for Hope, Einav went on to work for many Hollywood stars, including Pierce Brosnan and Cybill Shepherd. She also traveled the world with the Irish band The Kelly Family and last year, Einav went on tour with Mariah Carey as her personal chef. Einav says she is upset by the negative publicity that has surrounded Carey in the past several weeks.
"She is one of the nicest people I've worked for. She is so generous and kind to everybody."
While traveling the world, Einav says she had the opportunity to work with the most renowned chefs in the world. She recalls working with the hotel chef at the Imperial Hotel in China - she taught him how to cook a traditional Western brunch and he taught her authentic Chinese cooking.

Anderz, Jewish News

MC Having her well-deserved fun Vacation!
Mariah parties with skint EMI's cash
March 29
Rick Fulton

IF YOU'RE a sacked EMI worker and you're wondering where all the money went - here's your answer.
Music's most expensive flop, Mariah Carey, spent some more of her £38million pay-off from the crisis-hit record label as she celebrated her 33rd birthday in lavish style.
The 1800 staff EMI recently kicked out will be thrilled to see her whoop it up in the sea off the Caribbean island of St Barts.
Mariah looked like she didn't have a care in the world as she frolicked with her pet dog, signalled to friends nearby, and casually poured away her unwanted drink.
Being fired is obviously easier when you're already a millionaire.

MariahBuzz, dailyrecord.

News for UK Fans
From Ashes:
Wise Girls has now gone on WAP - only accessable off your wap enabled phone.

From Carl:
As you noticed above, "The Sun" (March 29th Issue) with the Mariah article in it, is available in the UK.

From Gurjeet:
The "Ally McBeal" episode with Mariah in it is going to air in the UK next week, April 2nd on E4 (Digital) at 9:00 PM.

Ann Magnuson Hasn't Seen Glitter Yet
Ann Magnuson, who plays Mariah's assistant Kelly in "Glitter", hasn't seen the movie yet - that's what she says in this interview:
Let's talk about Glitter for a moment - have you seen that one yet?
Still haven't seen it - too busy. I just finished this Kevin Spacey indie film called The United States of Leland. My movie husband was Martin Donovan and I hadn't seen the Hal Hartley oeuvre so I've been renting those lately. Glitter has to wait.

MariahMania, Gay Wired.

It's Time For Some Lovely Pictures
mcfanatic (Igal) has been kind enough to keep sending me high resolution pictures of Mariah (some may be older but yet adorable) - those have been added to Gallery 5

updated byregina March 29, 2002 6:20 PM  
Diva's my-rear Carey
Carribbeant LOOKS like Mariah Carey's problems are all behind her as she frolics on a beach in the Caribbean.

The gorgeous singer looked a little broad in the beam while celebrating her 32nd birthday.

But she didn't let that stop her laughing and joking with pals — or knocking back glasses of red wine in the surf to mark her special day.

Mariah parted with record company EMI in January after poor record sales — and she suffered a nervous breakdown last year. But the diva was clearly having a whale of a time on sun-kissed St Barthelemy.

One onlooker said: "She was on the public beach for hours with a male friend and other pals. She kept diving into the water to cool off and was laughing as she tucked into the wine."

After all her recent troubles, it's nice to see Mariah Carefree.

The Sun
Check Gallery 5 for the pictures!

World Music Awards
Show: World Music Awards
Episode: The 2002 World Music Awards
Network: (ABC) American Broadcasting Corporation
Date: Sunday - April 21, 2002
Time: 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm ET

Featured Artists
Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, Ray Charles, Cher, Destiny's Child, Celine Dion, Enya, Gloria Gaynor, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Whitney Houston, Enrique Iglesias, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Ricky Martin, O-Town, Prince, Ja Rule, Shaggy, Shakira, Britney Spears, Rod Stewart, Sugar Ray (Rock), Tina Turner

About: The 2002 World Music Awards
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt ("Heartbreakers," "The Devil and Daniel Webster"), Grammy Award-winning reggae/pop superstar Shaggy and Sugar Ray's frontman, Mark McGrath, host the world's bestselling recording artists at "The 2002 World Music Awards" (taped March 6 in Monte Carlo). Many of the music industry's hottest stars will perform at "The 2002 World Music Awards," including Alicia Keys, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Ja Rule, Kylie Minogue, Shaggy, Andrea Bocelli, Enya, Destiny's Child, O-Town and Michael Bolton. In addition Gloria Gaynor, the queen of disco, received the Legend Award for lifetime achievement. This is the tenth consecutive year that "The World Music Awards" has aired on ABC. In celebration of the awards' tenth anniversary, a special presentation showcased some of the past years' best musical performances, including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston, Prince, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Cher, Celine Dion and Ray Charles. The event is seen worldwide in over 160 countries and is presented under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco. All proceeds from ticket sales to the show's taping have been donated to the Princess Grace Hospital and the Monaco Aide and Presence Foundation.

About World Music Awards
"The World Music Awards" is seen worldwide in over 150 countries, and is presented under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco. All proceeds from ticket sales to the show's taping will be donated to the Princess Grace Hospital and the Monaco Aide and Presence Foundation.


There is a new Pic O' The Week and a new Quote O' The Week. Also Important Dates was updated on the left hand side. Check them out if you like!

Plus, Joe sent me a larger format of the FHM I posted yesterday, which is in Wallpaper format. If you love the cover, check out the same thumbnail as yesterday and the larger format will show in Gallery 5, along with the other new pics!

Finally I added a few more links to the Links page and included them below also...
Mariah Holland
Mariah Web Center
Canadian Mariah Alliance

Gotti and Lorenzo's Music
Rhomeyn sent me a question which features Mariah in the answer from Billboard.com

Dear Fred,
I know I've written about the incredible producer/songwriting tandem Irv Gotti/I. Lorenzo of Murder Inc. and their newfound fame in recent weeks, but that was well before the latest feat by these masterminds was accomplished. The producing/songwriting tandem of Gotti and Lorenzo has been responsible for the Greatest-Gainer/Airplay on the Hot 100 for the past nine consecutive weeks (dating back to the Feb. 9 issue).

Between hits produced and written for Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, and Fat Joe, the wizards Gotti/Lorenzo have been dominating the Hot 100. And with songs firmly planted at No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 this week, Gotti and Lorenzo are a sure bet to occupy the entire top-3 on next week's chart. This would be a first since 1992, when L.A. Reid, Babyface, and Daryl Simmons pulled a threesome with "End of the Road" (Boyz II Men), "Baby-Baby-Baby" (TLC), and "Humpin' Around" (Bobby Brown).

And Ashanti could pull a chart coup of her own if her second and third top-10 hits, "What's Luv?" (Fat Joe featuring Ashanti) and "Foolish" manage to make it to No. 1. It would be the first time ever that a woman has taken her first three pop chart singles all the way to No. 1 on the Hot 100.
Darrell J. Roberts
Charlotte, N.C.

Dear Darrell,
As ususual, you've come up with a bevy of chart facts - thanks for your latest contributions to "Chart Beat Chat."

All eyes will be on the Hot 100 to see if Gotti and Lorenzo can occupy the top three spots. However, before I get a flood of E-mails, I have to point out that Ashanti won't be the first female to take her first three pop chart singles to No. 1 on the Hot 100. We mustn't forget that Mariah Carey's first three chart entries ("Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," and "Someday") all went to No. 1. Carey then continued the streak with her fourth and fifth chart entries; "I Don't Wanna Cry" and "Emotions" also topped the chart, making her the only artist to have their first five chart entries all go to No. 1.

Rhomeyn sent me the Billboard charts for the week ending April 6th...
Hot 100 Singles Sales
43 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
55 One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
59 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
Note: Higher this week than last week

updated byregina March 28, 2002 9:35 PM  
New Pictures
bathingsuit Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, sent us some scans from the German newspaper Bild, which feature some new vacationing pictures of Mariah from earlier this year. Plus, Joe edited the cover of the FHM magazine and removed all the text around Mariah. You can check out all eight pictures in Gallery 5.

Amanda and Kyle informed me that Mariah was mentioned on Wednesday's episode of Felicity. They were talking about how people love to buy shows and one of the characters said, "Mariah Carey alone has 500 pairs!"

Mariah is featured on a banner with Ben Affleck that Kristy found and if you want to see it, click here! Nothing much!

Happy Birthday
Several DJ's wished Mariah a Happy Birthday on air yesterday and Robert informed me that on Power 106 in LA, Big Boy and all the other DJ's wished Mariah a Happy Birthday also. It's so great to hear DJ's that are supporting Mariah of course. Even Carson Daly gave Mariah a shout out on his show yesterday Amanda told me.

updated byregina March 27, 2002 7:30 PM  
Anastacia On Mariah
Evasen sent me a piece from an interview Anastacia did with People magazine recently where she mentions Mariah...

Do you sometimes feel a little annoyed that people treat you like a goddess?
No, not at all, I think that there are certainly advantages that come with fame. I'm still shocked when people assume that I want them to bow down to me and treat me like royalty. I can still open my own door and pour my own drink. I'm not a diva, that's just not me.

So we should never compare you to Mariah Carey?
No, Mariah Carey is definetly what I would consider somebody who deserves to get a tremendous amount of respect. She has been in this business for a very long time. She has been an incredible writer, an incredible singer and a beautiful lady and whatever these artists go through in their lives is sometimes sad. Mariah has gone through hard times and was at the mercy of the press. I commend her for holding her head up through it all. You know, the public really doesn't make it easy for people like us to go through a difficult thing..

Glitter DVD In Singapore
Jasper informed me that the Glitter DVD and VCD is onsale in Singapore already. The DVD is $60 at HMV but $49 elsewhere and the VCD is $20 everywhere else.

Celine On Mariah
Tom and Brizzman both informed me that Mariah was mention in the new USA Today interview Celine did. You can read the whole thing by clicking here and here is where Celine mentions Mariah...

"I'm very competitive," she asserts. "I would go to the Olympics if I could. I'm a fighter. But I'm competing with myself and nobody else. I'm not better than Mariah or Whitney or Madonna or Alicia Keys. There's a place for all of us."

Loverboy Car
Want the Loverboy car Mariah road on and was featured in the video? Well you can buy it for $50,000 on Ebay now because the guy who won it on TRL is selling it. Click here to check it out and thanks to everyone who told me about this (quite a few of you).

updated byliron March 27th, 2002 5:50AM   
Today Mariah celebrates her 32nd birthday and we wish her all the best and a very very happy birthday!

Thanks again for everyone who sent in their messages for the birthday project, we hope Mariah receives it soon and hopefully it would make her birthday even better!

Don't forget to join the chat today on MariahFans.net Chat!.
Click HERE to see a cute logo that Shayne did for Mariah's Birthday on FOMM.
Click HERE to see and hear the birthday gift that the staff of Heroes of Mariah made for her.
Click HERE to see the cover of the CD that Manuela and Honey & Kate made for Mariah's birthday with the participation of 52 fans from 19 countries.

New Pictures
Gallery 5 has been updated with two beautiful pictures that I haven't seen before that were found on the Teen People Site by MC2001 (From FOMM), Plus a scan from the latest Israeli magazine "Ma'ariv La'noar" that was sent in by Shahar.

updated byliron March 26th, 2002 4:55PM   
Mariah Fans Celebrate Her Birthday!
The following invitation was sent to me by a good friend, the webmaster of MariahFans.net who's also been the one providing us with web-space for the voice messages on the site.
I've been a visitor to that channel since 1996 and it is absolutely fantastic! So this is also a personal request that everyone joins the fans' birthday bash tomorrow because it is going to be FUN! If any of the old members of #Mariah are reading this, please come!

Every year on March 27, MariahFans Chat has an "internet chat party" dedicated to Mariah. All this is, is a whole bunch of lambs gathering in one real-time live chat and talking about Mariah. We usually give out prizes and have trivia and a lot of fun things. This year we have great prizes.. like Posters, CD Singles, and magazines! So if you want to win them, come and chat with us please. We are expecting 50-60 people to show up!

In order to join the chat, visit MariahFans.net and click on "Chat Now!"

"Blue" dislikes "Glitter" but loves Mariah
Here's an extract of an interview with the singing group "Blue":
D: We're going to play a diva's song next. I watched the film 'Glitter' last night and I thought it was absolutely appalling. Bless Mariah Carey! I'm sorry, but if you're listening, you can't act darling! I'm not being nasty but it wasn't the greatest I've seen! But you do have a great voice.
A: I liked the ending. Best part of the film wasn't it!
D: Anyway, I'm going to choose a song from Mariah because I think she's absolutely wicked and I think she should stick to singing. One of my favourites is called 'Hero'.
L: 'Hero' is one of my most favourite songs that she's ever done. I love the emotion in her voice when she's singing it. I don't know if she had a sore throat or anything that day, but it's great! She either had a sore throat or she was actually crying in that booth!
S: I think she does too much twiddling in her songs these days, too many scales."

Thanks Gilles from Heroes of Mariah.

updated byregina March 26, 2002 5:20 PM  
New Pic
Dan sent me a picture he took of Mariah while she was walking through the crowd at the Chicago Rainbow Tour concert and you can check it out in Gallery 5

Coming Soon...
Dave is creating the french version of MariahDaily.com and it will be up shortly at MariahDaily-FR.com So if you can read french, you will shortly be able to catch all the latest news/pictures there.

Glitter in Japan
Karen informed me that the Glitter DVD will be in Japan on April 26th. So if you live in Japan, make sure you pick up a copy.

Mariah Mentioned During Oscars
Last night, while watching the Oscars, Whoopie mentioned Mariah by saying...
"America has gone through a tough time, but we have already recovered! Mariah made another movie."

Mariah Goes To Disney
Megan works at Disney and she said that on Saturday, Mariah was at the MGM Studios riding her favorite ride, the Tower of Terror. She was also at the Magic Kingdom and road Splash Mountain. She wasn't there for long though and was in and out of the parks quickly, to avoid any attention. She made sure to bring Jack with her also I am told.

Vote For Mariah
Hannan, from England, would like all of your help. MTV Base is having a Top 50 Sexiest Women in R&B/Hip Hop and Hanna would like all of you to go vote for Mariah. Just click here and find MTV Base (click "shows/presenters" at left and then mtv base on right).

updated byliron March 24th, 2002 5:50PM   
New Mariah Picture
Mariah Carey is photographed with her dog at the Lobby of Port de Plaisance Hotel on St Maarten on March 23, 2002.
Carey arrived on the Dutch West Indian island of St. Maarten by private jet.
Carey was named worst actress for the box-office disaster "Glitter," taking 60 percent of the votes cast by Golden Rasberry Award Foundation members.

The new picture is waiting in Gallery 5.

Monarch Butterfly (from FOMM).

MC Meets Spanish Fans - The Real Story!
Mari & Augusto - two of the four lucky Spanish fans who got to meet Mariah in New York City wrote their wonderful (almost similar) stories about the meeting. Here is Mari's story:

Well, no one of us even thought Mariah was gonna be in NY, we just thought that it was almost impossible because she is always travelling, but we wanted see her and that's why we never lose hope and we tried to do our best. After being walking around for a while we realized that an enlarge limousine was parked right next to us. Then we recognized some of Mariah's bodyguards as well as Mariah's manager who was leaving the building. (We were so lucky!) They already knew who we are because of the times Mariah has come to Spain. They even knew my name! I asked them for a chance to see Mariah. They programmed a meeting for the next day, with no promises at all. Then, they asked us where we were going to stay at and we told them that we got a hotel for that night but we were looking for a cheaper hotel since the hotel we got first had increase its prices, a little bit more of what we had expected. Then, JUST KIDDING, we told him: "We could spend the night at the Butterfly Guest Room " He started laughing He called someone (Mariah?) and after that, he gave us some money!!!!!!!!!!!! He said: "Take this money and go and eat something. Be here at 6 o'clock". At 6pm, as soon as we arrived at the apartmentdoor, the Mariah's manager was already waiting for us with also a huge limousine for us!!!!!!!!!! ! We didn't know where the driver was going to take us, we were very nervous! The driver told us that Mariah had a little surprise for us!! She asked him to take us to a beautiful restaurant. Can you imagine how our faces looked after hearing that???? We went to an Italian Restaurant (U know Mariah loves Italian food ). We went in and we had a beautiful private table ready for us!!! Then, a journalist came in and said that he was going to take photos while we were having dinner with Mariah! SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE DINNER WITH US!!!!!! Her covers were even ready next to me! But unfortunately, she was late and as soon as she came, she finally could not have a dinner with us. She was going to received us out the restaurant. It was incredible. She was right there, very beautiful like never before! She gave us some hugs and she asked us if we were enjoying the city and things of that nature! I asked her If she was gonna come to Spain, and she told me she will come pretty soon but now she was working on her new album!! Then she wanted to see my tattoos and she even asked to a journalist to take some pictures of my tattoos!! After a photo session we talked to her for a while and she finally had to go. Before she was gone, I asked her if she was OK. She held my hand and looking into my eyes she told me she was happy and that everything was OK! I'll never forget her eyes and her sweet and sincere smile that night. I told her I loved her so much and she told me so sweetly that she loved me too! Then she had to go and we screamed her name asking her to come back soon to Spain! That night was magic. We were living a dream. The fact is that, to sum up, her manager told us that Mariah had one more surprise for us!!!! We were going to stay at a BEAUTIFUL FOUR-STAR TriBeCa hotel until last day we were going to be in NY!!!! (for the next 4 days!!!) With also a personal driver for that day!!!! Then he even gave us some money again!!!!! He thanked us for going to NY, we took some pics with him and then he had to go. It has been an incredible experience that I will never forget. I will always thank Mariah for caring about us while we were in NY. I will never forget what she did for us. Thank this, critics are saying many good things about Mariah and they think she has a big heart . She is now on every media, but not only in Spain, but also on several newspapers, the most important radio stations, TV, around the world...!! WORLDWIDE! So that after a long time, lots of articles are being written in her favor!!!
Thanks Mariah. I love you so much. I'm so happy you're happy again

The pictures that Augusto took that evening, including a picture of him with Mariah are available on Gallery 5.

New Magazine Scans
Shahar sent me a scan from the Israeli teen magazine "Ma'ariv La'noar", in which Mariah's horoscope is featured due to her upcoming birthday.
mcfanatic (Igal) sent me a scan from the Israeli newspaper "Yediot" which is a part of an article about the music industry nowadays. Mariah's contract and departure from Virgin is mentioned throughout the article.

Those two pictures have been added to Gallery 5 along with pictures from a recent vacation of Mariah's and a nice picture from Billboard's Awards a few years ago - all sent in by Igal (mcfanatic) - Thanks!

updated byregina March 23, 2002 7:50 PM  
New Pics
shoulder Ricardo, from Mariah's Butterfly Haven, sent me some pictures he took of Mariah in Sydney back in 1998, while she was visiting for her Butterfly tour. The pictures were taken at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, as Mariah was entering.

Plus, Dan sent me a picture from the Chicago Promo Tour for Rainbow. It was taken on November 3, 1999 at the Virgin Mega Store. Dan was the first person in line that day, waiting an amazing 17 hours in line. He was interviewed by several news people, whom he informed about his book filled with Mariah pictures. By the time he reached Mariah, she knew all about him and wanted to see the book. That's the moment in the photo.

Since news is slow right now, it's always great to post pictures from the fans and find out the story behind them. If you took some pictures of Mariah, please send them to us, along with your story so we can post them on MD! Check out Gallery 5 for all the pictures.

Ally in Japan
The webmaster from Mariah Cafe informed me that Ally McBeal will be shown in Japan in either December 2002 or January 2003.

Razzie Awards Pan the Year's Worst on Oscar Eve
Comedian Green and his big screen debut "Freddy Got Fingered" were panned as the worst of the merely bad at the 22nd

Annual Razzie Awards, given to Hollywood's most dubious achievements on the eve of its biggest night.

Green, who starred in "Freddy" as a thirtyish, basement-dwelling slacker who dreams of Hollywood fame, was picked as worst actor, co-credited for the worst script and as half of the worst screen couple for his various on-screen encounters with animals. In a movie that challenged critics to find synonyms for witless and offensive, those included him drinking from a cow's udder, cavorting inside the bloody carcass of a deer and sexually servicing both a horse and an elephant.

In all, "Freddy" took five gold-spray-painted Razzie Awards, first launched in 1980 as a "derby of dishonor" and a parody of "that other award show," the Academy awards, which takes place on Sunday night in Hollywood.

Mariah Carey was named worst actress for the box-office disaster "Glitter," taking 60 percent of the votes cast by Golden Raspberry Award Foundation members, and beating back a challenge from a field that included Penelope Cruz ("Blow"), Angelina Jolie ("Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"), Jennifer Lopez ("Angel Eyes") and Charlize Theron ("Sweet November").

The rest of the annual Razzies was pure monkey business as "Planet of the Apes" took a bow for worst remake or sequel and for featuring two other worst-of-class performances by Charlton Heston and Estella Warren.

Heston, who starred in the original 1968 science-fiction classic, was named worst-supporting actor for his ironic return appearance in Tim Burton's remake, this time as the old ape who curses the ancient humans.

Warren, a synchronized swimmer, turned model, turned actress, was picked for her supporting work in "Planet of the Apes," where she played the human love interest, and her role in Sylvester Stallone's "Driven."

The latter role was honored by Razzie organizers as "the character equivalent of a hood ornament ... in (a) formulaic Formula One drama."

ABC News

updated byregina March 22, 2002 4:15 PM  
New Pics/Updates
shoulder Joe sent me copies of the pictures he took on November 21st, when we went to see Mariah at the BET studios. There are a couple pictures that I am featured in too, even though I look like a complete and total wreck. He took some really pretty shots and also, he sent me scans of his autographed picture and the picture he took with Mariah at the Limelight club in NYC. Check them out in Gallery 4

Plus, there is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week I also removed the birthday information on the right side. Mariah got all your presents/letters yesterday and will be opening them sometime this weekend. Thanks again to everyone who sent in your stuff for Mariah to help make her birthday even more special. I am sure it will bring a smile to her face!

Mariah in US Magazine
My very good friend Amanda informed me that Mariah is in the April 1st edition of US magazine. There is a picture of her featured in the Horoscope section and it reads...

Mariah Carey
Birthday:March 27
Carey's Aries sun, combined with her fiery Sagittarius moon, gives her a passionate personality, and she is driven to achieve her goals.  Her ego is her Achilles' heel and she fell into the Aries trap of believing her own publicity.  By August, a stabilizing cosmic influence will make her more grounded - and once again a major star.

Vanity Fair
Janel, from MariahsLambs.com, informed me that Mariah is in the April 2002 issue of Vanity Fair on page 322. There is a small, not so nice article about Glitter and a picture.

Mariah Mentioned In TV Guide
SUMar235 informed me that Mariah is mentioned in the latest issue of TV Guide aboutthe Oscars. On page 24, they have a section called "Beyond Oscar." It has some unique Oscar catergories and Mariah display in Glitter is nominated for "Most Ample Charms." She is currently winning this category and is up against Hillary Swank, Catherina Zeta-Jones and Kate Winslet.

Also, since "Glitter" is gonna begin its run on pay-per-view, they have their review of the movie on page 59.  They gave the movie only one star and had this to say in their description:

"Mariah Carey's first starring vehicle is this cliched rags-to-riches tale of a woman who overcomes a troubled childhood to become a singing sensation."

Rhomeyn sent me the latest charts ending March 30, 2002...
Hot 100 Singles Sales
37 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
71 I'll Be There, Mariah Carey
47 One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men 

Is Mariah Mining Gold?
I am curious as to how close Mariah Carey's "Greatest Hits" album is to gold status. I was surprised at how poorly it did on The Billboard 200, but I guess fans thought "#1's" was enough. What are the total sales for these two albums from Mariah? I don't suppose there's much comparison.
R. Barrowman

Mariah Carey's two-disc "Greatest Hits" peaked at No. 52 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 273,000 copies in the U.S., according to SoundScan. That's enough to be certified gold according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which makes its certifications based on shipments to retailers, and has different rules for multiple-disc sets.

Thus, the Columbia set only had to ship 250,000 to be considered gold, when single discs have to ship 500,000. However, such certification won't be made until an audit is requested and paid for by the record company or the artist. For more information about how the certification process works, visit the RIAA Web site at riaa.com.

Carey's single disc hits album, "#1's" has sold 3.3 million copies in the U.S. The Columbia album, which peaked at No. 4 on The Billboard 200, was certified quadruple platinum in February 2000 by the RIAA for U.S. shipments of 4 million copies.

Thanks to Rhomeyn for this information courtesy of Billboard.com

New Site
Steph just finish creating a site where fans can get information about Mariah's fanbooks that are being put together. You can check it out by clicking here.

N.Porter sent me an older article from the 8/23/90 (Issue 585) issue of Rolling Stone magazine. It's sort of nice to read this older article on Mariah and you can check it out below...

Mariah Carey has a hit LP and a Top Ten single, but whose `Vision' is it?

In a rehearsal studio in midtown New York, Mariah Carey is singing ``Vision of Love'' -- over and over. Her left hand moving at her side, she experiments with the harmonies, improvising a new arrangement with a pianist and two backup singers. In contrast to the lush production that dominates Carey's debut album, the trio provides a spare accompaniment, leaving plenty of room for her mighty voice to explore the shape of the melody. Why, she's asked during a break, didn't she record the song this way? ``It wasn't my choice to do so much production,'' she answers quickly and goes back to work.

If Carey had less control over her debut than she wanted, it's because of Columbia Records' immense expectations for her career. The label followed the June release of her album with a promotional blitz equal to the push given Bruce Springsteen in 1975. ``We don't look at her as a dance-pop artist,'' says label president Don Ienner. ``We look at her as a franchise.''

Only a month after the album's release, the expectations appear to be justified. Mariah Carey is the fastest-breaking LP this year, climbing in just four weeks to Number Fifteen on Billboard's pop-albums chart, while ``Vision of Love'' has moved to Number Five on the singles chart.

Before the rehearsal, Carey talked over dinner at a chic Italian restaurant, watched by a chaperon from Columbia. The twenty-year-old singer was raised by her mother, a voice teacher and former New York City Opera singer who named her third child after a song from the Lerner and Loewe musical Paint Your Wagon. Inspired by her older siblings' love for classic soul and gospel, Carey headed for Manhattan the day after graduating from high school to pursue a singing career. She wrote songs during the day and waited tables at night at a series of restaurants, getting fired frequently ``for having attitude.''

It was perhaps an abundance of attitude that enabled her, at a music-business party in 1988, to hand her demo tape to Tommy Mottola, who six months earlier had become president of the CBS Records Group, Columbia's parent company. ``I said to myself, `Great, another demo tape,' '' says Mottola. But after he played it in his limo later that night, he was impressed enough to return to the party in search of Carey.

In 1989, Mottola lured Ienner away from Arista Records, where he had helped build Whitney Houston's career. Mottola wanted him to take charge of restocking Columbia's roster with younger acts, and for Ienner, Carey was an ``inspiration'' to change labels.

``For this particular time,'' he says, ``she is my No. 1 priority.'' Thanks to New Kids on the Block, Columbia was the Number One label of 1989, according to Billboard's year-end chart. And the label boasts a lineup of prestigious artists, such as Springsteen, Dylan, the Rolling Stones, George Michael, Billy Joel and Barbra Streisand, but they record infrequently. At a time when women have been dominating the charts, Columbia lacked a young female superstar. In selecting producers for Carey's debut, Ienner took no chances, tapping Narada Michael Walden and Ric Wake, who'd given him hits with Whitney Houston and Taylor Dayne, respectively.

In early June, Columbia secured promotional appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show and arranged to have Carey sing ``America the Beautiful'' before the first game of the National Basketball Association finals, unusual opportunities for a singer whose debut album hadn't even been released. As further evidence of Columbia's corporate dedication, the first ``Vision of Love'' video was scrapped, and a new clip was commissioned. An informed source places the combined cost of both videos at $450,000. Ienner dismisses this figure as ``total bullshit'' but says, ``If we're gonna take the time and effort that we did with Mariah, on every level, then we're going to image her the right way. If it costs a few extra dollars to make a splash in terms of the right imaging, you go ahead and do it.''

And how did Carey, who describes herself as strong-willed, feel about having her music so carefully monitored by Columbia? Initially, she says, she asked to produce the record with Ben Margulies, her longtime writing partner. ``I wasn't open to working with a superstar producer,'' she says. She was also wary when asked to collaborate on additional songs with her producers and worried that Narada Michael Walden might make her music ``too schmaltzy,'' an apparent reference to his work with Whitney Houston.

``I'm sure she wants to do a lot more on her next album, make it more stark,'' Mottola says. ``She deserves it,'' says Ienner. ``She has a great feeling of what's right and what's wrong.''

Asked to evaluate what's right or wrong with her first album, Carey answers diplomatically. ``I wasn't used to working that way,'' she says. ``I think it worked out okay in the end.'' But as she returns to her rehearsal, far from her label's supervision, Carey continues to rearrange her hit single the way she hears it.

updated byregina March 20, 2002 12:10 PM  
EMI Blame Mariah Carey After Sacking 1800 Staff
waving EMI Records have sacked 1,800 people and say Mariah Carey is to blame.

In a broadcast to shareholders over the Internet Chairman and CEO Alain Levy has used the recent payout to Mariah Carey as being a contributing factor to the loss of 1,800 jobs.

At the EMI corporate website explaining the job losses, a statement reads "The cash cost of achieving the savings in Recorded Music will be approximately £110m, which will be taken as an exceptional charge. There will be a further exceptional item of some £92m relating to the write down of loss-making investments and other asset write-offs. This is in addition to the exceptional charge of £38m announced in January in relation to the termination of the contract with Mariah Carey. Therefore, the total exceptional charge for the year is expected to be approximately £240m, of which £142m will be cash and £98m non-cash".

1,800 people are now unemployed "because of Mariah". According to the statement "the majority of these positions will have been made redundant by the end of March 2002, with the remainder by the end of September 2002". Alain Levy, Chairman and CEO, EMI Recorded Music, said: "David Munns and I arrived at EMI on October 15th, and were faced with the challenge of re-creating EMI Recorded Music, taking into account our outlook on the market and our view of the industry. We are shaping EMI Recorded Music for the future, and positioning it for revenue growth from a much lower cost base and with much better practices".

Speculation is that this is all about a sale. Levy is renowned for his "paint job before a sale" tactics. The moves today will increase the share price of the company, increasing its value and making a sale more profitable. Rumours abound that Microsoft is sniffing around for a music strategy and that EMI would be a good buy to combat their corporate threat of AOL Time Warner.

Also word is that BMG are once again looking under the bonnet of EMI. BMG have a strong hit base, EMI have a great historic base. Again, it is seen as an ideal merger.

The other possibility is Rupert Murdoch's Festival Mushroom Group. FMR have the capital to do the deal and would benefit from an international production base. Currently, it is an Australia and New Zealand only company. FMR had cutbacks just recently with 25 staff losing their jobs. A merger with EMI or complete buy-out would be seen as a positive move and create growth potential for the Aussie indie.

Thanks to Theresa for this article from Undercover What a bunch of you know what though! EMI is just looking for someone to blame for their loss.

Bithday Package
Tomorrow Mariah's birthday packages will be delivered. Thanks to everyone who contributed in this project and I am sure Mariah will enjoy all your presents/letters.

New Picture
Kimbery sent me a picture of Mariah and her during the Rainbow Tour and it's a really cute picture. You can check it out in Gallery 4 if you like!

updated byregina March 19, 2002 1:40 PM  
Mariah Carey, Unplugged
Cute Smile Having lured Mariah Carey with a $21 million signing bonus and an $80 million, five-album recording contract, EMI decides, after only one album, to pay her $28 million to go away. The net result: EMI pays $49 million for the soundtrack to Glitter. Admittedly, the move didn't start out looking so dumb. The multi-octave Carey was one of the best-selling recording artists of all time when EMI nabbed her; only Elvis and the Beatles have had more number one singles. But soon after the April 2001 press release announcing one of the biggest music contracts in history, the deal was looking less than savvy. "Loverboy," released in June as the first single from Glitter -- an album that would coincide with the release of the pop diva's first feature film of the same name -- was only modestly successful, pushing its way up to a respectable but not fantastic number two on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. Meanwhile, Carey's offstage life began to look like something out of a VH1 Behind the Music special.

The strain of co-writing and recording an album, starring in a movie, and co-starring in another film called Wise Girls was apparently taking its toll on the star. The public first caught on that something was amiss when a publicist reportedly had to grab the mike away from Carey as she began to babble erratically during a record-signing appearance at a mall. She later dropped in on MTV's after-school extravaganza, Total Request Live, wearing next to nothing and muttering incoherently to host Carson Daly, "I just want one day off when I can go swimming and eat ice cream and look at rainbows."

From there, things just got worse. In late July the Associated Press reported that Carey's mother had made a 911 call from the family home in Westchester County, N.Y., where the singer was suffering a nervous breakdown. Carey was checked into the hospital for "extreme exhaustion" and remained in seclusion for almost a month. As her promotional tour for Glitter was put on the hold, EMI poured millions of dollars into promoting the album without its star. The album was pushed back to an unfortunate Sept. 11 release date as headlines about Carey's mental health grossly overshadowed any press about Glitter. The sugar-pop '80s dance album was released on one of the grimmest days in American history; it debuted at number seven on the charts and slid from there. Meanwhile the movie, released in late September, failed miserably at the box office, not even breaking into the top 10 on its debut, although it was the only major film released that week. The disappointment came as EMI was struggling with a decline in record sales worldwide. As a sort of New Year's resolution, the label reneged on its monster deal with the songstress in January, less than a year after it was inked. The singer was allowed to keep her $21 million signing bonus, and was paid an additional $28 million to never make an EMI album again.

Thanks to Courtney and Lisa for this article from Buisness 2.0

MariahFanclub.com created a cute little animation for Mariah's birthday. Just click on the link and then on "Viste Guidée."

Photographers Who Worked With Mariah
Shino, from Love Love Jack, sent me two article with photographers that have worked with Mariah. In the one picture, you can even see Shino with Daniel Pearl.

Daniel Pearl...
Denis "You can get everything else in a music video right but if the beauty shot of the singer isn't perfect, chances are it is not going to work," says Daniel Pearl. He has compiled some 500 music video credits and earned countless awards along the way. "The beauty shot is a close-up where the diva connects and reaffirms her relationship with the audience." Following are excerpts of a conversation about beauty shots:

You have filmed a lot of beautiful women?
PEARL: I've been fortunate to photograph many beautiful divas including Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson and others. They are all beautiful to start with, but it's still a precise science. I model and sculpt everything else with light, but that doesn't apply to beauty shots. Film is a two-dimensional medium and a shadow implies depth. There are only a few shadows tolerated in beauty shots and they've got to be in the right places.

Are there basic rules for great beauty shots?
PEARL: It's important for your subject to know you really care about them and you can't fake that. The great divas all have an inner beauty. We have to earn their trust so they show us their inner beauty. They have to feel comfortable and relaxed and know that you are going to make them look great.

How do you decide how to light beauty shots?
PEARL: The first thing I do while we are saying hello is really look at their face. I'll orientate them toward the light. I may ask them to step by a window or to spin around in a chair. I size up their facial structure. Are there weaknesses or strengths? What about the shape of the nose, cheekbones, and jawline? Is their face symmetrical? Most people part their hair to open up the good side of their face. Basically, I use light to de-emphasize things they don't like and to accentuate their best features.

Pearl & Shino How do you use light to de-emphasize? PEARL: Wrinkles show up as dark lines, but if we drive light into them they disappear on film. It's the same with bags under someone's eyes. You begin with the key light that is usually pretty close to the line of the lens. I shift the light a bit to one side or the other based upon the structure of the face. Some divas look best in dead-on hard light-- depending on where its placed--and others need softer light, maybe through a diffusion frame or a Kino Flo. Someone with a chin problem shouldn't wear high, white collars because the light will bounce back and accentuate the chin.

What determines the angle of light?
PEARL: If someone is tired with bags under their eyes, you want the light a little lower. If there is a strong muscle under the eyes, it should be higher. You always have to put a sparkle in their eyes because that's how they connect with the audience. Often, I'll use a white or silver bounce card from below or maybe an eyelight.

Are there new tools that you find useful?
PEARL: There are new, bigger lights and faster films with finer grain structures, but it also comes down to the individual. I designed a special lightbox to shoot Mariah Carey for MTV Unplugged and often came up with a different lighting rig. I am always trying something new, trying to keep ahead of the game. I tend to shoot the slowest, finest grain film available but its also situational. I have no hesitation about shooting the (Kodak Vision) 500T film and pushing it one-stop because I always shoot in Super 35.

What about video?
PEARL: Why would you shoot video on a beauty shot?

Denis Reggie
Denis Denis Reggie has been described as "the great wedding photographer of our day" by Town & Country and "the best of the best" by Harper's Bazaar - not bad for someone who came into photography by accident. Reggie was born in Crowley, Louisiana, in 1955 but originally his aspirations were purely athletic. His career, however, was curtailed by injury, but in order to keep hanging out with the football team he brought along his camera and starting taking sports pictures; a background that was to serve him well in the arena of wedding photography that can be equally hazardous.

Throughout college, Reggie took photographs for his local newspaper and on graduation he was sufficiently confident enough to realize that there was money to be made in photography and he became a full time photographer in 1976 in Crowley. Today Reggie is best known for creating a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. He has photographed the weddings of Mariah Carey, Alan Greenspan, author Tom Clancy, Peter Jennings, the marriage of Maria Cuomo to designer Kenneth Cole as well as many Kennedy family weddings in his own inimitable style. In all Reggie photographs 52 weddings each year and his work has been featured in publications such as W, Town and Country, Elle, Vogue, Glamour and Harper's Bazaar. In between this hectic working schedule Reggie makes frequent appearances on television and he has been a guest on Oprah, Entertainment Tonight and the NBC Today Show. Reggie says that he still gets motivated when he sees the reaction of the bride and groom and their parents to his pictures: " I live for the reward of knowing that I've made someone's life happier and that I've given news to people about an event that they would otherwise not have been able to understand or to see. It's a great profession and I love what I do."

Latest Charts
Rhomeyn sent me the latest charts for the week ending March 23rd...
Hot 100 Singles Sales
31 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
38 One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
54 I'll Be There, Mariah Carey

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
58 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey

Win A CD
Carolina, from Mariah Carey Wallpaper Galore, asked that I posted the following message...

"We are doing our first contest and you are all invited. We´ve made it to show our appreciation for making our site a success. We are giving away 3 CD's. Please join our contest and win one of our CD's. You will have 3 weeks so get started. "

New Pic
Kate sent me a picture that I have seen before but in a lower quality. So I added it to Gallery 4 and it's a cute picture of Mariah and her friends, so check it out if you like.

Download It
Ophélie informed me that on Saturday on MTV, there was a show called "How To Become A Pop Star." It showed Mariah on her airplane and you can download the few second apperance at MariahsMuseum if you like.

I added two new websites to the links page and also below. Check them out if you like...
Mariahz Center
Butterfly Power

updated byregina March 19, 2002 10:20 AM  
Mariah Signs With J Records
Several radio stations and television programs are now saying that Mariah signed with Clive Davis at J Records. No confirmation on whether this is true yet but as soon as we hear, we will post it on MD.

I'll be adding the rest of today's news/pictures later this afternoon!

updated byDanielle March 18, 2002 1:00 PM  
UK Glitta Scans
Ashes (Rainbow Princess) sent us the scans of the UK DVD and VHS covers and you can check them both out in Gallery 4

Artists Against Drunk Driving
A lot of artists against drunk driving
On March the 24th in Los Angeles, a lot of artists will be at the EBELL, to attend this gala. There are 2000 invited guests, with celebrities such as: Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, The Beach Boys, Shaquille O'Neal, Barry Bonds, Russell Crowe, Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, Mira and Paul Sorvino, Minnie Driver, Nastassia Kinski, Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jason Biggs, Ray Liotta, Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, Jackie Chan, Jenna Elfman, Melissa Gilbert, Kiefer Sutherland, Leanne Rimes, Barbara Hershey, Lauren Holly, Jenny McCarthy, Julianne Moore, Chris O'Donnell, Sean Penn, Patrick Swayze, Reese Witherspoon, David Schwimmer, Kyra Sedgwick, Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek, Kelly Rutherford, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Wolfgang Petersen, Roland Emmerich, Wim Wenders, and many more... Several famous celebrities have already confirmed that they are attending, including: Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Martin & Janet Sheen, Courtney Love, Portia de Rossi, Dana Delany, Cybill Shepherd, Christine Lahti & Tommy Schlamme, Maria Bello, and Bonnie Hunt.

Comments: We received the following e-mail: "Her agent rsvp'd , but that 's no guarantee she'll be there." Many thanks to J. Cheriff, Director of New Business Development of DigitalProduce for his kind reply.

Thanx to Gilles for this info

Sites To Check Out
I added 4 new sites to the Links section so check them out. The sites are:

Mariahz World
Shining Star Mariah Carey
Wise Girls In Europe
Mariah Is Tha Bomb

Jerry Gives Props To Mariah
I got this info from SASkittles007: I had to send this to u. I know it's from the year 99' but It's awsome and I want Mariah to know what Jerry O' Connel said about her.

Question: Did you enjoy playing the "Heartbreaker" in Mariah Carey's video?

Jerry O'Connell: Mariah is the most attractive woman on the face of the planet. I actually paid them to be a part of the video.

Help A Lamb Out
cursader@bellsouth.net sent me the link to a petition to help Mariah's videos be put on DVD. He'd like us to help spread the word and have people sign it to help Mariah.

If you're interested, go HERE

updated byregina March 17, 2002 2:40 PM  
Birthday Project/Happy Birthday
Just to remind everyone, Wednesday is the last day I will be able to accept anything for the Birthday Project because on Thursday they will be delivered. Please hurry if you didn't send it in yet!

Also, today is Peggy's birthday and if you got a little extra time, please send her a birthday wish. She is 30 today.

Young Women Sing Out About Individual Expression
Mariah in mentioned in an USA Today article and I am only including that part below, since it's a long article. If you want to read the whole thing, please click here. Thanks to Theresa for informing me about the article.

For example, female artists traditionally have had to contend, more so than their male peers, with the prospect that emphasizing their sexual allure could throw their talent and integrity into doubt. In the '90s, new artists as diverse as Mariah Carey and Sheryl Crow took heat essentially for not playing down their looks. Even in a post-feminist era, there were a lot of men and women who weren't comfortable viewing a nubile beauty — even one with Carey's vocal skills or Crow's songwriting prowess — as a serious artist.
updated byregina March 16, 2002 3:15 PM  
MariahCarey.com New Design
Splash Mariah's Official Site changed slightly now. It has a nice new splash page and a new intro page also. Plus the pop up window changed colors. You can check the two new pictures out in Gallery 4 or go visit the website to see it.

Magazine News
Janel, from MariahsLambs.com, informed me that Mariah is in the April 2002 issue of Movieline magaizne on page 10. Check out the scan in Gallery 4.

Mariah Sets Up Her Own Label
Ear R&B diva Mariah Carey is trying to revive her flagging career by starting her own record label, according to reports. The moves comes after Virgin Records terminated her deal following poor sales of her movie soundtrack Glitter. She reportedly received a record $49m payout to leave the label.

Mariah has been without a label since January, according to worldpop.com

Mariah's talents
The star's attorney, Don Passman, said that it, 'will not only feature Mariah's talents, but other artists' too.' Madonna's successful Maverick label is believed to be the inspiration behind the idea. If Mariah forms her own company it will be her second chance at managing a roster of artists as well as her own career.

Crave Records
In 1997 she created Crave Records under her previous label, Sony Music. But it was closed down after a year when she divorced her husband, Sony Music boss, Tommy Mottola.


There is a new Pic O' The Week and a new Quote O' The Week. Also, I added a new link to the links page and I also added it below...

updated byregina March 14, 2002 9:20 PM  
workingout I added a new picture of Mariah from when she was working out in the gym before the Superbowl to Gallery 4. Thanks to Shino, from Love Love Jack, for that scan. There is no news to report today. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be adding some new scans to MD.
updated byregina March 13, 2002 11:10 PM  
Brad and Mariah I added a few pictures to Gallery 4 tonight. One is a picture of Mariah in NYC recently (Thanks Honey&Kate from Butterflies Are Free), another is a picture of Mariah and Brad Pitt from 1997 and the rest are more pictures from Sabine. Check them out if you like...

Magazine News
Janel, from Mariah's Lambs, informed me that Mariah is in the April 2002 issue of InStyle magazine on page 260. Anyone got a scan?

Rachael Lampa On Mariah
A Christian singer named Rachael Lampa mentioned Mariah during her online chat and here is what was said...
Q: Who were your biggest inspirations?
A: My biggest inspiration was Amy Grant. I was also inspired by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder.

Never Too Far Instrumental?
Scott needs the instrumental of Never Too Far for his high school graduation in May. He is going to perform Never Too Far and his music teacher wants to hear his vocals over the musical accompaniment. If you got it and can help Scott out, please e-mail him. scottkessinger@hotmail.com

Site News
First off, Glittering Butterfly has changed addresses Case told me and you can now check it out at the address below:

Next, Angel has a new site and you can check it out by clicking the link below...

updated byregina March 13, 2002 4:30 PM  
Please Note...
MariahDaily.com is an UNOFFICIAL Mariah Carey website. All information and pictures are not approved by Mariah and for that reason, the above note "Approved by Mariah Carey" has been removed from this website. I apologize for that wrongful claim and it will be removed from all of the MD pages by the end of the night.
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sabinemc Pictures
Sabine sent me some scans of pictures that she has taken of Mariah. I thought some of them were really nice and added a few to Gallery 4.

Carson On Mariah
Christina was listening to her local radio station, WXXL, in Orlando Florida this morning and Carson Daly was the guest on today's show. One of the DJ's asked about Mariah and here is more from Christina on what happened..
Carson started talking about how he had interviewed her on the radio show the day before and she had seemed a little off then but he didn't think anything about. He went on to mention how normally people don't just pop up.  "But when a star like Mariah shows up, you just let her on.  I mean I was going to a commercial break and all of a sudden I hear someone singing from down the hall and it was her.  At first I thought it was a gag, a pretty cute gag.  I mean with Mariah coming out with ice cream, singing."  He went on to mention that she seemed a little disorganized and mentioned the letters she started reading and the picture of her mom.  He was very tactful in what he said, nothing bad. 

Glitter Release
Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, informed me that Glitter will be released on DVD for sale and rental on May 6th in the UK.

updated byliron March 11th, 2002 5:35PM   
Breaking News - Mariah To Launch Her Own Record Label
It's confirmed: Mariah Carey is forming her own record company. This is the word we get from her attorney, Don Passman, who informs us that the new entity will not only feature Mariah's talents, but other artists', too. According to Passman, they still do not have a launch date or a title for the label.

In January, after her initial album for EMI proved to be her first flop since she burst upon the scene in 1990, the firm paid the songstress $28 million to avoid fulfilling the $80 million, four record contract she signed last April. She has been expected to link up with hip-hop label Def Jam or one of many other labels rumored to be courting her -- and this news of her forming a label will come as a major surprise to many.

Some are bound to question the wisdom of the 31-year-old singer taking on the stress of her own company such a short time after suffering an emotional and physical breakdown -- with many citing Mariah's workaholic ways as a probable contributing factor. She was hospitalized twice just prior to the release of "Glitter" Sept. 21. She has seemed to be bounding back. She took part in the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" telethon in September, entertained our troops overseas and made an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival in January.
But taking on the load of a record company? Is it wise? We'll see.

Thanks to Mariah Buzz for this exciting article which was taken from TeenHollywood. Stay tuned to find out more information about this!

updated byregina March 11, 2002 5:15 PM  
Birthday Project
Okay today was the last day to send in your letter to Mariah via e-mail for her birthday. Also, I will be sending the stuff on Thursday, March 21st, so if you are sending something to me for Mariah via the PO Box, make sure you send it VERY SOON. So far we have over 100 letters/presents for Mariah.

Mariah On Her Own
Mariah Carey - still trying to get her record and acting careers back on track after her "Glitter" project self-destructed - may be about to start her own record label. Insiders tell MSNBC that after Carey got out from under her deal with EMI - being paid $28 million to quietly go away - she says her next album may be self-published. She's quoted as saying that some of the problems she had at EMI stemmed from the fact that she did not have enough "autonomy" in dealing with content and concepts.

Carey also apparently thinks it would be fun to record others and is rumored to be toying with the idea of taking others into any new label. Meanwhile, she is reportedly talking with other major labels in case she abandons the "go it alone" route. The last thing she needs is to have another project end in disaster.

Thanks to MariahsWeb.com for this article from United Press International

New Link
I added a new link to the links page...
Glittering Butterfly

updated byliron March 10th, 2002 3:50PM   
Mariah Continues To Grow As A Musical Artist
Mariah Carey continues to grow as a musical artist
By Mary Ann A. Bautista
Inquirer News Service

HER voice soars no matter what song she sings. Mariah Carey stamps each song with pain, joy, passion, sincerity and honesty. She practically bares her soul. So when she came out with a compilation album, she had a tough time selecting her songs. She has compiled an extraordinary amount of hits yet she humbly admits that she still has a lot to learn.

"I feel like I'm still growing as an artist. I feel that I wrote some of my best songs even before I had a record deal. I have a song, 'Reflections on Glitter' which I feel is in the caliber of my best songs.

"Because of my songs, I understand myself better as an artist and as a person. I was so young when I started making music. I was just a kid with a demo tape, then the first albums came one after another. I didn't take a break.

"But I like being a workaholic. Though now I can sometimes sit back and appreciate and enjoy the process of making the music. Performing out there can be fun, instead of being on a treadmill that doesn't stop," Mariah sighs.

Q & A:
Is your album reflective of who you are as a person?
Yes, it's a portrait of how I've grown as an artist. Some of the big hits were not my favorites, but I'll always love my song "One Sweet Day" because fans are always requesting it. There's also "Hero." I think the most important thing is that the fans get something that they like and that they want to listen to.
Some fans say, they've never heard the song, "So Blessed" before, or that they want to check out "Daydream." It's an emotional journey to have this album.
It started with a song that was written in a studio at the back of a woodshed. Thank God, I'm still having fun with my music. Music is what gets me through everything in life.

For a songwriter, some songs trigger special memories. Can you share some of your good memories.
I remember that I wanted to come together with BoyzIIMen to do "One Sweet Day." We clicked and we had a similar idea about the melody. I remember writing "Love Takes Time" because we needed a pop song for the album.
When I listen to it now I understand why people like it, because it is so simple yet it is also emotional. It's hard for me to talk about different tracks because they all evoke a different memory.

Can you pick a favorite song?
"Fantasy" is a definite favorite among the up-tempo records. But there are favorites that I haven't heard for a long time, songs like "Can't Let Go" and "Any Time You Need A Friend."
I don't listen to my own music everyday, especially the older stuff, so it's nice to do back and hear those songs. It's hard to pick a favorite because I'm also a songwriter.

Are you more comfortable with ballads or upbeat tunes?
I like both. People ask me to sing upbeat tunes. People love the regular version as well as the techno-house version of "Dream Lover." I also like singing ballads because they're so emotional.

You have a knack for turning your ballads into club anthems. What's your secret?
I just watch and listen to my audience. I can redo ballads and turn them into dance records because I collaborate with David Morales. I give him free rein with the track and I re-arrange the vocals and re-write the song. I don't know, we just get inspired just sitting there, listening to the beat, and singing whatever comes to mind.
She also doesn't mind collaborating with other artists. She did "I'll Be There" with Trey Lorenz; "Endless Love" with Luther; "One Sweet Day" with BoyzIIMen; "When You Believe" with Whitney Houston and "Thank God I Found You" with Joe and 98 Degrees.

What is it about your music that your fans connect with?
Each song should lift you out of a bad mood. It should touch you emotionally. A song can do that.

GlitterGlamour (From FOMM), Inquirer.

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  • A few sections under M's Fan Center have been updated with things you sent in so check them out!

  • Aaron sent us another funny addition to the You Know You're A Mariah Fan When..." section.

  • Honey & Kate from Butterflies Are Free sent us a lovely picture of Mariah & Mira from the "National Enquirer" which was added to Gallery 4.

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    No Mariah On Superbowl DVD
    Jimmy bought the DVD and informed me that Mariah is not featured on it. So save your money!
    updated byregina March 10, 2002 11:35 AM  
    Mariah in Parade
    Mariah is in the Parade section of the Philadephia Inquirer. I think Parade is featured is several different newspapers in the U.S. but you can check out the scan in Gallery 4.

    Mandy On Mariah
    Melbsb15 sent me this next tidbit from a recent webchat with Mandy...
    AhoyAhoy: Mandy, do you feel like you're working yourself too hard? Has all the difficulties that Mariah Carey's experienced with over tiring and working herself been an eye-opener to you and your future and career?? Thanks.

    Mandy Moore: I think that I am very privileged to not be the biggest mega-superstar i the world and to have the most hectic, crazy schedule in the world. I sympathize with Mariah, but I can't completely fit my head around the concept of physical, mental exhaustion, because my schedule has never been that crazy.

    Superbowl DVD
    If anyone bought the Superbowl 36 DVD and knows whether Mariah is featured on it or not, please contact me. Joe informed me that on the DVD it lists U2 as the half time show but there is no mention of Mariah on the DVD.

    Whatever Happened To The Single?
    The first time you entered a music store, chances are it was because there was one song you had to have...These days, finding that song -- without buying many more you don't want -- is becoming increasingly difficult. The music industry is killing off the single.

    ...In the late 1990s, there was a brief period when record companies put singles by singers like Mariah Carey on sale for a money-losing 49 cents, artificially boosting sales to secure flashy chart debuts.

    Thanks to Kapil for this article from CNN.com
    To read the full article, click the above link.

    Birthday Project
    If you live outside the USA, it might be a good idea to send your present/card for Mariah sometime early this week, say Monday or Tuesday. The reason being is that next week, the birthday packages will be give to Mariah. So make sure you get your package or letter to us in time. Plus, tomorrow is the last day you can send your letter to Mariah via the internet to Liron.

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    New Picture Of Mariah
    I added four new pictures of Mariah with the Spanish fans to Gallery 4. Thanks to Kyle for the scans

    Dupri Has Ga. Hall of Fame Exhibit
    MACON, Ga. (AP) - Hip-hop and R&B producer Jermaine Dupri has his own exhibit at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

    Dupri and a small group of friends and family cut a ceremonial ribbon Thursday for the opening of the exhibit, ``Welcome to Atlanta: A 10th Anniversary Celebration of So So Def Recordings and So So Def Productions.'' The exhibit will run through May 21.

    Dupri, 29, founded the Atlanta company and has generated dozens of chart-topping songs through his work with artists such as Mariah Carey, Usher and TLC.

    The exhibit is the museum's first dedicated to hip-hop and contemporary R&B musicians from Georgia. It features rare photographs, performance clothing, gold and platinum records, and other memorabilia.

    Dupri was presented with proclamations from the cities of Atlanta and Macon designating Thursday as ``Jermaine Dupri Day'' in both cities. Dupri was also dubbed an honorary Maconite.


    Attention Singapore Lambs
    Kanmk informed me that any lamb in Singapore that wants the Never Too Far/Hero cd single can order it at FUnan Centre on the 3rd floor.

    updated byDanielle March 8, 2002 9:30 PM  
    Danielle And Regina Have A Famous Friend (kinda)
    Our friend Mari from Spain, who had the pleasure of meeting miss Mariah in NY a couple weeks ago, is in this week's issues of US Weekly and Star magazines with Mariah and her friend Nancy, and you can check out both of those pics in Gallery 4

    Request Mariah
    I got this info from Kevin:

    I want to get Mariah Carey on Last Call which is a new show that Carson Daily hosts. You can email the show and request the next guest. I believe that we can get Mariah on! This would really help out her career in her time of need! I really hope that all of you can help me with this goal, it is extrememly simple. Just send an e-mail to LastCall@nbc.com. It will only take you two minutes and I would really apreciate it! Thank you very much!~!~!~

    updated byregina March 8, 2002 5:30 PM  
    Carey Negotiating for a New Label
    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mariah Carey, seeking a career rebound after the back-to-back flops of her debut movie and its soundtrack album, is negotiating with new record companies just weeks after her last label dropped her.

    Two of Warner Music Group's labels, Elektra and Warner Bros. Records, are among the companies that have made offers to Carey, according to sources familiar with the talks. Universal Music Group's label Island Def Jam also reportedly is interested.

    ``She is meeting with a lot of different labels. She's a very smart businesswoman and is taking her time before she makes a decision,'' Carey's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, said Friday.

    The 31-year-old Grammy winner agreed in January to end a $100 million contract with Virgin Records with a $49 million payout after the weak debut of her musical drama ``Glitter'' and its accompanying soundtrack.

    Before that, she suffered a psychological breakdown and was hospitalized for exhaustion.

    Any new recording deal is expected to be tens of millions of dollars less and cover fewer albums than her contract with Virgin, which was for four albums.

    Warner executives would not comment on Carey and calls to Universal were not immediately returned.

    Carey's attorney, Donald Passman, said he could not comment on his client's negotiations until a deal was finalized.

    AOL News

    Mariah in Premiere
    Chris informed me that you can check out Mariah in the April 2002 issue of Premiere magazine on page 65. He was even kind enough to send us a scan, which you can check out in Gallery 4.

    updated byregina March 8, 2002 1:30 PM  
    Mariah Carey Nears New Deal
    NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Mariah Carey, the music star who was paid $28 million in January to end her contract with Virgin Records, is in advanced negotiations with several other labels, a newspaper reported Friday.

    Although industry experts predicted she would take a few months off, Carey said she was near a deal, the New York Times reported.

    According to the report, Carey is considering deals with Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam, which represents Jay Z and Nickelback, and Warner Music Group, which, like CNN/Money, is a unit of AOL Time Warner (AOL: Research, Estimates). Terms being discussed are as little as $5 million in advance for each album, and include fewer albums, people close to the negotiations said.

    EMI signed Carey to its Virgin Records label last year in one of the most expensive recording contracts ever --- about $80 million for four albums.

    Carey left the record company after a difficult year, during which her "Glitter" album and movie of the same title were poorly received. The "Glitter" duo came out after the singer was hospitalized last summer for a much-publicized breakdown.

    The Grammy-winning singer made her debut in 1990, and has released nine albums on the Columbia/Sony label, selling more than 150 million singles and albums worldwide.

    In April 2001, she left the Columbia/Sony label for the Virgin label.

    CNN Money

    Record Labels Vying For Mariah Carey
    Pop star Mariah Carey, who last year saw her latest album rack up the weakest sales of her career after signing an estimated $80-million record deal, once again is the target of a fierce bidding war among several major record labels.

    Representatives for Carey and the labels declined to comment. But sources said the singer had received interest from such companies as Island Def Jam and Elektra. Sources said the singer could command advances amounting to a fraction of the $20 million per-album fee guaranteed under her former contract with EMI Group's Virgin Records division.

    EMI dropped Carey in January following the disastrous sales of her first album under that deal, the soundtrack for the film "Glitter." The album has sold 521,000 copies, according to SoundScan data. EMI paid $28 million to buy the singer out of the remainder of the contract. Jeff Leeds

    L.A. Times

    Single Scans
    Sathapana sent us the scans of the three singles. Ricky sent us them all last night but I deleted them by accident while going through my spam mail. I did manage to catch the scans of the three cd singles though that he did. So, check out all the scans in Gallery 4 if you like.

    There is a new Pic O' The Week and a new Quote O' The Week. Check 'em out if you like!

    Aaron Rumors came in earlier this week that Marah was dating actor Aaron Mathias but her publicist, Cindi Berger, said Mariah has never met him. Several people were asking for an image of what Aaron looks like and Tahianna, from Mariah Connection, sent us a little picture, which is featured on the right. All I can say is he looks really young.

    New Forum
    Todd wanted me to inform you that MariahFantasy.com is just a forum now for fans to come and chat. Check it out if you like!

    updated byregina March 7, 2002 7:50 PM  
    Platinum Hits
    cd You can pick up the singles for I'll Be There, One Sweet Day and Emotions now in stores. They basically all look like the One Sweet Day cover on the right (thanks Ricky for the scan) and are very basic. They are two track cd singles and I got mine at Virgin today for $2.99 a piece. Vanessa informed me that FYE they are charging $4.47 and at Wal-Mart they are charging $1.96. They are nothing new but it's a cool little collectors item, if you want. Here are the tracks on each cd single...
    One Sweet Day-Live Version
    I'll Be There-So Blessed

    Billboard Charts
    Rhomeyn sent me the latest charts for the week ending on March 16th...
    Hot 100 Singles Sales
    25 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    57 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey

    updated byregina March 6, 2002 7:20 PM  
    Aaron and Mariah?
    This is what today's NY Daily News said...
    Aaron Mathias, a former model, has been telling interviewers he's dating Mariah Carey. Trouble is, Carey's spokeswoman says, "She's never met him."

    Mariah in VIBE
    Kerron let me know that you can check out Mariah in the latest issue of VIBE magazine with Brandy on the cover.

    Mariah & Elektra?
    Scott informed me that his mother works for a sports and entertainment management company in Florida and is friends with someone who is friends with the executive at Elektra Records. His mother was told that Mariah is supposedly in talks to join the label. Now this is just word of mouth and most of the times this stuff isn't true. Just thought I would post it though and time will tell where Mariah will end up signing too. Hopefully it is a place that will make her happy because she deserves the best!

    Birthday Project
    I went to the post office today to see if any more letters came in and I got a ton of stuff, which surprised me. It filled up one huge box already for Mariah and the stuff that you are all sending in is so beautiful. Remember, the deadline is getting close so get your letters for Mariah, presents, whatever together and sent out ASAP! Check the right side bar for more details on the birthday package and where to get the address from.

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    If Aaron Mathias has stars in his deep brown eyes, it's no wonder. Barely out of acting school, this 24-year-old former model has quickly become a focus of casting directors and agents. He's auditioned for "Sex and the City", "Oz" and "All My Children". He's working on a feature film with Academy Award-winning director Sarah Kernochan, whose documentary "Thoth" is up for an Oscar, and he's got back-to-back meetings with New York talent scouts.

    Why are things breaking his way? It certainly doesn't hurt that he's been linked romantically with Mariah Carey. "I feel like my life has become a Hollywood movie," he said during a recent interview. "You know, one of those old films where the country boy leaves his hometown for the big city because he's gotta get in films. He's starving and just about to pack it up when he gets the big break, and everybody bursts out singing while Fred and Ginger dance across the stage."

    Actually, in Mathias' case, that's not far from the truth. Four years ago, Mathias packed his bags, stuffed a $100 bill in his back pocket and left his small hometown of Harris, Mich., for the Big Apple. He went to acting school - he studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater and the Caymichael Patten Studio in Manhattan - and tended bar to pay the rent on a shoebox-size Long Island City apartment he shared with three roommates.

    One night, while he worked at Tonic, a stranger approached and told Mathias he had what it took to make it in film. "I'm thinking, Yeah, right," he said. Two months later, the stranger, who turned out to be Curt Johnson of New World Inc., a manager who handles actors and is also a producer (he's up for an Oscar with "Thoth"), started lining up auditions for Matthias.

    As for the new woman in his life, he won't say where they met (Sundance, it is rumored), but he mentions he had a great time at the Super Bowl in New Orleans (where MC sang the national anthem). "I've always been a Patriots fan," he said. "Seeing them play was a childhood dream come true." For Mathias, the dream is just beginning.

    NY Post

    Mariah Gets a New Man
    There's a new man in pop singer MARIAH CAREY's life - actor AARON MATHIAS. Mariah, 31, met the 24-year-old at a film festival in Utah last month. The DREAMLOVER star recently split for second time from Latin hunk LUIS MIGUEL.

    Thanks to AHScheer27 for this article from World Entertainment.

    Magazine News
    Janel, from MariahsLambs.com, informed me that there is a picture and mention on page 67 of the April issue of Jane magazine.

    Link Correction
    Daniel informed me that I had the wrong link for FHM yesterday and you can check out the correct one below. Sorry about that...

    Glitter in Poland
    Anna told me that Glitter is coming out in Poland on March 18th. So if you live in Poland, make sure you pick up a copy.

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    Mariah's Birthday
    Some of the dates have changed for the birthday project. The reasons they were changed is to make sure the presents are deliered to Mariah on time. Liron is collecting all the letters online, so if you can't send something in real mail, send something via the internet. I am collecting all the real mail presents for Mariah. The new dates are attached below, check them out!
    March 11th -- This is the last day you can send in your letter to Liron because has to print them out and ship them to me before March 22nd.
    March 21st - This is the last day you can send any packages in real mail to me.
    March 22nd - All presents/letters will be shipped off to Mariah so she receives them in time for her birthday!
    So if you havn't begun working on your letter or package/present for Mariah, please hurry. Time is running out and we want this to be a nice present for Mariah!

    Billboard Charts
    Rhomeyn sent us the latest charts for the week ending March 9th...
    Hot 100 Singles Sales
    20 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales
    46 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey

    Magazine News
    Janel, from MariahsLambs.com, informed me that Mariah is on page 25 in the March 11th US Weekly. It's only a mention though and there is a picture of Mariah on page 117 in the March 11th issue of People magazine. Finally, Jen told me that Mariah is on page 139 of the April 2002 issue of YM. She's in the section called, 25 Women Who've Changed MTV

    Site Help/Links
    Okay I added one new sites to the Links page (Legend: Mariah) and plus two webmasters need help with their Mariah sites. So if you are interested, contact them please!
    Site Help:

  • John
    John needs help with his site called Mariah News. He goes to school and needs assistant in running the website.
  • Visionastar@aol.com
    Hello Lambs O' The Land,
    Im looking for fans to help me with my new website Im building of Mariah!! I have some lambys helping me now but Im needing some more!!! I still missing someone who can do the entrance with flash for the MC new website, News Section called TheLambyPost,LambRusOnline Store,LambCreativity etc! Also, needing lambs you can send out there LambCreativty items site, like poems, songs they wrote for Mariah, there Mc items collection pics, wallpaper just about anything you have MC Just be creative! So if you like to be part of the new site please email me at Visionastar@aol.com
    Visit the Building Application site click on the link LambyWebsiteBuilding

    I added some more older pictues to Gallery 12 today, thanks to Bine and some pictures I took from my hardrive. I don't have any new pictures for you sadly, so I thought I would add some older ones!

    Vote For Mariah
    HarrisTench informed me that you can vote for Mariah in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women Poll. J.Lo has won twice so far in a row and we want Mariah to be at the top this year since last year she was #99. Vote for her by clicking the link below:

    Glitter #4 Searched Musical
    Mike told me that Glitter is the #4 most searched musical title for the past 30 days at the Internet Movie Databse.

    Renan told me you can check out a nice Mariah site with a ton of ringtones and it's called Barangay Mariah.

    Tomorrow Emotions/One Sweet Day/I'll Be There singles will be in stores because Sony is re-releasing them. Plus, check out the Superbowl DVD because M should be on there singing the national anthem hopefully!

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    I noticed I was so busy with MariahDaily.net and work this week that I forgot to update the Quote and Pic O' The Week. So make sure you check those out!
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    More Label News
    Yet another article about Miss Mariah's future projects

    Mariah Carey Close to New Record Deal

    The resuscitation of Mariah Carey's career continues in force with the pop diva entering discussions for potential deals with several major labels, including Island Def Jam, RCA and Elektra, reports Reuters. Carey, 31, received a $28 million payoff last month to break her contract with EMI. The severance package came after the flameout of her first album on EMI's Virgin label, "Glitter," last fall, at about the same time that her movie of the same name bombed at the box office, soon after she had suffered a physical and emotional breakdown. Carey already had pocketed $21 million when she signed with EMI last April. Industry observers note that her next record deal probably won't be about money, because she has enough of that -- she just needs someone to distribute her music.

    Carey's attorney Donald Passman was quoted as saying last month that EMI's rivals started circling the star waving contracts in their hands ever since rumors surfaced that she and her label were about to part ways. "Mariah is talking with several companies," a spokeswoman for the star told Reuters this week, declining to elaborate further. This upbeat news comes fairly hot on the heels of the news, covered in the PEOPLE Daily on Feb. 21, that Carey received glowing reviews for her starring role in January's Sundance Film Festival selection "Wisegirls." As a result, she is preparing to reunite with the film's producer, Anthony Esposito, for her next movie, the drama "Sweet Science." According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carey will star as a zealous boxing manager who drafts an unknown female boxer and then sets out to make them both famous. The project is due to begin shooting this summer. "Wisegirls," which costars Mira Sorvino and is about a waitress who works in a restaurant owned by the Mob, is due to be released this year.

    Source: People Daily News

    Link Correction/Addition
    Dan informed me that the URL for his site, Glittering Mariah, was wrong so I fixed that and added a new site, Mariah's Reflection, to the links page

    Mariah "Ring Tones"/Chat Sunday
    Matte informed me that his site, Mariah Carey UK, is very lucky to have contact with a UK lamb who has a talent for making Nokia Mariah ringtones. He is also hosting a chat at Rainbow Princess Network HQ this Sunday at 3pm EST.

    Someday (tempo=100) EXCLUSIVE to Mariah Carey UK!
    4#c2. 4b1, 4#c2, 8-, 8#c2, 8-, 8#c2, 8b1, 8#c2, 8-, 16- 16#g1, 8#c2, 8#c2, 8#d2, 8#d2, 8e2, 8e2, 8#f2, 8#f2, 8#g2, 16-, 32-, 16#g2, 8#f2, 16-, 32-, 16#f2, 16#f2, 16-, 16e2, 16-, 8#c2, 4-

    Mariah's Theme (tempo=90) EXCLUSIVE to Mariah Carey UK!
    16#c2, 16b1, 4a1, 8-, 8#c2, 8#f2, 4f2, 8-, 8#c2, 4b1, 8-, 8#g2, 4a2, 4-, 8#f2, 8b2, 16a2, 16#f2, 8a2, 8#f2, 16-, 16#c2, 16b1, 16a1, 16b1, 16a1, 8b1, 32b1, 32b1, 32#c2, 32#c2, 8b1, 8#c2, 8e2, 16b1, 4a1, 8-, 32-, 8#f1, 8a1, 4#c2, 4d2, 8#c2, 8b1, 4a1, 8#g1, 8a1, 8b1, 4a1

    Loverboy ("I got myself a lover...") tempo=100 EXCLUSIVE to Mariah Carey UK!
    16#g2, 16#g2, 16#g2, 16#g2, 8#a2, 8#g2, 8-, 16f2, 8f2, 16#f2, 16f2, 16-, 8#a2, 32-, 32-, 16#g2, 8f2, 16-, 16#d2, 16f2, 16#g2, 4f2, 16#d2, 16#d2, 16#d2, 16#d2, 16#d2, 8f2, 8#d2, 8-, 16#c2, 8#c2, 16#d2, 16#c2, 16-, 8f2, 16-, 16#d2, 8#c2, 32-, 32-, 16#a1, 8#d2, 4#c2

    If We (tempo=90) EXCLUSIVE to Mariah Carey UK!
    16#a1, 16c2, 16#d2, 16c2, 16#d2, 16f2, 8g2, 8f2, 16-, 8#d2, 16-, 16#a1, 16#a1, 16#a1, 16c2, 16#d2, 16c2, 16#d2, 16f2, 16g2, 8-, 16-, 16f2, 8-, 16-, 16#a1, 16#a1, 16#a1, 16c2, 16#d2, 16c2, 16#d2, 16f2, 8g2, 8f2, 16-, 8#d2, 16-, 16#a1, 16#a1, 16#a2, 16#a2, 16#a2, 16#a2, 8g2, 8#d2, 8#a1, 8c3, 8#a2

    Don't Stop ("I feel it..." chorus) (tempo=112) EXCLUSIVE to Mariah Carey UK!
    2#d2, 8#d2, 16d2, 16c2, 4#d2, 16c2, 16#a1, 8g1, 4#a1, 4c2, 8c2, 16#a1, 8g1, 2-, 16#a1, 8c2, 16-, 16c2, 16c2, 16#a1, 8c2, 16#a1, 8d2, 16c2, 8d2, 16#d2, 16d2, 8c2, 4#d2, 2-, 8c2, 8#d2, 8d2, 8c2, 4-, 4#a1, 8c2, 16-, 8f1, 16-, 4f1, 4#d1, 8-, 8#f1, 4f1, 8g3, 8#g3, 8g3, 1#a3

    Mariah Magazine News
    BritMan8504 told us that Mariah is in the April issue of Teen People magazine with Pink on the cover. There's a pic of her on page 82 and some Horoscope info about her on page 195

    Mariah's Nephew Has 5 Minutes Of Fame
    The next time you watch Glitter, be sure to watch for Mariah's nephew Michael. He's the little boy who is using the pay phone when Billie calls Roxy and Louise. He says "That's her?" "Can I get an autograph or something"? He's got dark hair and he's wearing a hat. He's a very cute little boy, so be sure to check that out!

    updated byregina March 1, 2002 5:20 PM  
    Goodbye To MariahDaily.net
    Many of you were writing asking why MariahDaily.net was not working and here is what I got from the host of that domain...
    This account will need it's own dedicated server, we're sorry but your website mariahdaily.net is accumulating traffic in a range of 2.2 Gigabyte transfer a day.

    You're already up to 20 Gigabyte transfer in 9 days, exceeded the 5Gigabyte Transfer a month, none of our plans will work at this point, only dedicated server.

    We can get you your own dedicated server for $299.00 a month for 75 Gigabyte transfer a month.

    So basically I cancelled mariahdaily.net because I already paid $140 for the host and domain and I can't afford that right now. It's crazy though cause that means over 400 people tried to download that ONE file. I guess we are sticking with the .com address and just are going to have to deal with the server problems when the pop up from time to time! Sorry guys!

    There are some nice wallpapers in the Calendar Wallpaper section for March. Go check them out and hey, it's Mariah's bday month! 21 days left for the birthday project. Better hurry...

    mside Mariah Carey, along with bodyguard Michael Richardson, arrived in Minneapolis today.

    Sources suspect that the songstress is in town to meet with the renowned producing team James "Jimmy Jam" Harris and Terry Lewis, who are known most specifically for their work with fellow diva Janet Jackson. Carey has been busy in the recent weeks working on her next studio album and although she's not recording yet, she has been doing hours of planning, as well as considering choices for co-producers and co-writers.

    Rumor has it that Mariah may be recruiting Jermaine Dupri, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and others for her upcoming project.

    However, this isn't the first time Carey has worked with Jam and Lewis. In fact, they have been apart of the troubled star's past two studio albums and are responsible for Carey's fifteenth #1 single, the 2000 hit "Thank God I Found You," a collaboration with R&B singer Joe and pop group 98 Degrees - and of course, Mariah herself.

    Carey will return to her Manhattan apartment on March 2nd. Meanwhile, she is currently situated at the demur Grand Hotel.

    Thanks to Gritsandtaters for this article

    Happy Birthday Amy
    Amy, from LambzOMariah, is turning 20 years old today. Please send her a Happy Birthday wish! She is such a very sweet and dedicated lamb!

    updated byliron March 1st, 2002 3:00PM   
    Mariah In The Studio Again with JJ & TL
    According to an article about the famous producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, they are going to be working again with Mariah very soon:
    "...While Jackson is Jam and Lewis' current calling card, the duo have many other production projects in the works. Over the next two months they will work with TLC, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, "AIDA" star Heather Headley, Deborah Cox, one-time New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight and a new 16-year-old pop hopeful named Nodesha whom Jam praised as the next Janet..."
    To read the full article, click here.
    Sources: Ricardo from FOMM, MTV

    Fans Respond: More Mariah Drama... At The Movies
    On MTV: You Tell Us, two fans (including Nacho) responded to This Article about Mariah's acting. This is what they said:
    Finally the drama starts to fade and happiness appears (see "Despite 'Glitter,' Mariah Carey's Movie Career Could Still Sparkle"). Mariah Carey has two new films, labels wanting her, rumors about possibly changing her image a little if she wants — it is just awesome. Just like she said: "After every storm, a rainbow appears." Go, Mariah!
    Michael, 17
    Corona, CA

    I was really shocked last year to see "Glitter" had a less-than-stellar performance on the charts after going to a packed theater to see the movie in NYC. I think the press was totally inhuman to Mariah, and I bet my butt that 70% of the critics didn't even see the movie, they just commented on what they've heard or acted in the interest of destroying her career. News flash — she's a great actress, and she already proved that when she played a happy wife role for years when she was totally miserable! But seriously, she's a great actress, and she'll prove it in "Wisegirls" and this new movie! Mariah, you rock, and your fans love you. There's a lot of envy out there, girl.
    Lambz, 18
    New York, NY

    New Deal For Mariah?
    New Deal For Mariah
    Mariah Carey has been discussing potential deals with several major record labels, according to reports.
    Carey, who last month was given a £19 million 'golden handshake' to end her contract with EMI, is said to have spoken to a number of companies including Island Def Jam, RCA and Elektra.
    A spokeswoman for the star confirmed: "Mariah is talking with several companies."
    According to Reuters, record label officials have declined to comment on the matter.
    It's thought that any future deal secured by the pop diva, would be worth significantly less than her £60 million five album deal with EMI.
    A record label executive explained: "She doesn't need a lot of money at this point. She just needs someone to distribute her music".
    "People still think she's a very marketable brand".
    Meanwhile, as dotmusic reported last week, Mariah is to begin filming a new movie entitled 'Sweet Science' this summer.
    The singer, who suffered box office humiliation with her movie debut 'Glitter', reportedly won the role after a critically acclaimed performance in the indie movie, 'Wisegirls'.

    Hillary, DotMusic

    Pop Diva Carey Talking with Other Labels
    Pop diva Mariah Carey got $28 million to walk away from her gig at music giant EMI Group Plc last month, but now the suitors are lining up for her hand.
    According to record industry sources, Carey has been discussing potential deals with several major labels, including Island Def Jam, RCA and Elektra, who are interested in capitalizing on her star power despite her flameout with EMI.
    "Mariah is talking with several companies," a spokeswoman for the star said, refusing to elaborate further.
    Officials for Vivendi Universal, the parent of Island Def Jam, and AOL Time Warner Inc's Warner Music Group, parent to Elektra, declined comment. Officials from Bertelsmann AG's RCA were unavailable.
    Carey's lawyer, Donald Passman, told Reuters in January that recording companies had shown interest in the star ever since speculation of her breakup with EMI began circulating weeks late in 2000.
    Industry sources speculate her next deal will be valued at far below the estimated $80 million to $100 million EMI originally agreed to pay her only to see the singer's new album, "Glitter" and a film by the same name bomb.
    Under the buyout pact, Carey got $28 million to walk away and retains another $21 million previously paid to her when the EMI contract was first signed in April 2001.
    "She doesn't need a lot of money at this point. She just needs someone to distribute her music. People still think she's a very marketable brand," said one record label executive.

    Carey's fallout with EMI has come to symbolize the dysfunctional state of the music industry, which has paid huge sums of money to a few acts that have failed to live up to their value in a year when sales have slid, online piracy has increased and pop stars railed against industry accounting practices.
    The news also topped a turbulent year for the singer who suffered an emotional and physical breakdown and has figured prominently in gossip columns since the end of her marriage to Sony Corp Sony Music Entertainment chief Tommy Mottola, who discovered her as an 18-year-old waitress.
    Other artists have recently gone on to bigger and better things after being let go by EMI's Virgin.

    Nacho, Reuters

    Spanish Fans Visit Mariah
    Mariah Carey & Fans
    Mariah Carey turned glitter into gold for four of her most devoted fans. The pop diva was shocked to learn that four young fans from Spain had arrived at her doorstep Wednesday morning expecting to stay in the "guest" room they had seen on the popular MTV show "Cribs."
    She had boasted during the show that the room was for her "fans" - and the foursome believed that fans were allowed to actually spend the night.
    When Carey learned of her crestfallen admirers, she put them up at a four-star TriBeCa hotel.
    "Speaking in broken English, the kids explained that they saw the guest room on MTV and they came to stay with Mariah," Cindy Berger, Carey's publicist, told The Post. "But the room is actually where Mariah keeps all of her fan mail and gifts."
    "They follow her everywhere, they've been to all of her European concerts and are really devoted to her," Berger said.

    Kaiyan (from FOMM), Page SIX.

    If you don't mind, I'd just like to add my personal view on that - I am pretty sure Mariah was JOKING when she said that on MTV Cribs, and as fans we should try to respect Mariah's privacy as much as we can eventhough it's hard at times.

    Butterflies Are Free - Sound of The Month
    Honey & Kate from Butterflies Are Free have a new sound of the month the site which is Mariah's version of "Don't Play That Song For Me".
    You can download it HERE and vote for next month's sound of the month on their site!

    Is Mariah in MN?
    The next news story isn't confirmed, but it sounded authentic to me because of the talks about Mariah recording with JJ & TL again. If anyone has more information about it, please let us know!
    From nu_guy101:

  • "I just got word that Mariah is going to be in Minneapolis from feb 28-march 2. She's going to be staying in the Grand Hotel right downtown. I'm not sure what she's going to be going in town but she's here with Michael Richardson. Lets find some way to make her feel welcome in Minneapolis. If someone can, send her some flowers or something, she's staying in the presidential suite. E-mail me if you need more information. She's be checking in some time on Thursday afternoon."
  • "OK what I've heard is that she's here in Minneapolis to record at Prince's recording studio "Jimmy Jam's" She's recording some time tonight either before or after she checks into the hotel and tomorrow as well."

    Rainbow Princess Club

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