May News

5/22/98 Yesterday Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz were on MTV LIVE. Carson asked them why Mariah Carey called them saying that the cell phones weren't working and they said they just finished the "My All" Remix video. They kept saying how hot it was, so stay tuned for that.

Mariah Carey can be seen on June's Arena magazine (the cover shot can be seen in Gallery 1 of my picture page). She is on the cover of it and I went and tried to find it but no luck. So stay tune for that. (thanks to LilMariah7 for that information).

Mariah Carey is in June's issue of Allure. She is on the back page and it is a picture of her from the Blockbuster Awards. Go check it out.

On Tues 5/25, you can see Mariah Carey's olderSNL performance, or you can see it on 5/26 at noon. Remember this is the one where she sings "Can't Let Go", so check it out.

Mariah Carey's JD "My All" remix will be released June 15th. You can also catch it on your radio which I am attepting tonight. I'll let you know if I get it on tape, okay :D

5/23/98 Mariah is in Cosmo. magazine for June 1998. It is a picture of her from the Blockbuster awards.

5/24/98 I forgot to add this above, but make sure you watch the 1998 World Music Awards. Mariah will be receiving an award for artist of the decade, PLUS she will be performing "Honey". Rock on Baby! I will have details after the show, Friday

On Access Hollywood a couple of days ago, Mariah Carey said that she WAS dating Derek replying, "It is pretty obvious by now!" Mariah's single "My All" is now platinum. Way to go Mariah!

5/25/98 MAriah was on "Rick Dees Weekly Top 40" recently and they named her a "Mega Star." They played all her songs during the program.

Also Mariah seems to be under the weather, AGAIN. On Q102.1 she claimed she was carrying the Maalox around EVERYWHERE, even to the press conference. And now since she is flying everywhere, and has a ear infection, she is feeling the pain. Anyone who has flown on a plane with an ear ache knows what we are talking about...IT HURTS. Hope you feel better Mariah :D

I also went over to Borders again (which I know carries the magazine ARENA) but the May issue is still out. Mariah is on the cover of ARENA for June. Check it out in my Gallery.

Mariah is on JD's new album set to be released in June 1998 sometime. She will be covering a 1986 song by Randy Davis called "Sweetheart" ("very regional NY record"). Stay tune for that.

Mariah Carey will be at Radio City Music Hall May 31st. Also performing is MAtchbox 20 and Paula Cole (the girl who needs a razor..sorry!) It is said to be Live, but I am NOT sure on that and I highly doubt it. We'll just have to wait and see! Also Mariah will be performing in Boston May 30th. It will be another concert. I seriously HATE all you NY people!!! Just KIDDING :D

Mariah can also be shortly seen on the cover of the brand new magazine TRACE. If and when I find it, I'll let you all know :D

Even though it was said that Diva's Live would be replayed, it was not over the Memorial Day weekend. Boo Hoo!

Mariah said that during the shoot of her new movie "Double O Soul" she will be airing a tv special. It will be a concert :D Also Mariah says that after she does the movie (which is suppose to be released towards December) she will start her US TOUR. She said it should start in September (someone asked me to include tour news in my NEWS section!)

Mariah can be seend on Howard Stern this Thursday at 11:00-12:00. It will be a repeat from when she appeared on the Blockbuster awards. It is SO funny. Don't miss it!

5/29/98 On June 9th, you can pick up another single release of "My All." It is suppose to have extended remixes of the song. Can't wait for that!

DJ master flex will be releasing a new cd that will contain a remix of one of Mariah Carey songs. He said it today on MTV's Jam's countdown. Mariah's video "My All" was #1 AGAIN. GO MARIAH!

For all you people who missed the World Music Awards...SHAME ON YOU! Ha ha...just kidding. Mariah did great. She preformed "Honey" and a techno version of "My ALl" She did a great job and was awarded the award for "Top selling artist of the decade" plus "Best R&B artist of the year" Go MARIAH

On June 23rd, you can get another single release of Mariah's "My ALl" it will feature the "O" so popular JD remix that everyone is dieing to get their hands on. You can order it now at cd now. It will have the JD remix, JD remix without rap, The Roof remix by David morales, and more remixes of My All still to come. Wahoo.

Mariah can be seen in "Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide Magazine" It talks about how her hair went from curly to straight!

Mariah Carey's mansion that she built with her ex-husband was sold for $20.5 million dollars. WOW. That is almost 4 times as much as it cost them to build it. Whoa!

Mariah is going to be a part of a PBS by Patti Labelle concert. It will take place on September 22, 1998

The Boston Concert for the Kiss radio station is playing NOW. I paid $20 for this thing so she better be on. It is airing on Paper View and since I don't have it, I asked my sweet, handsome boyfriend to order (pay for it too) and tape it for me...and he NEVER complained...AHEM!!!!! Anyhow there is still an 1 1/2 left of the show. She was not on yet. PPV will rerun it over the weekend...keep your eyes open if you want it.

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