May 31, 2001...
Loverboy Promo hits Radios/Project Glitter
A close friend, who will remain anonymous, told me that the major radio stations have already got then promo for Loverboy, because he has talked to one radio dj about it!! SO, that means we need to start calling our local radio stations and requesting Loverboy!! Stations like Z100, B96, Q102, KIIS, etc. should already have the promo.

For the last week, Liron, Danielle and I have been working on a new project; It's called Project Glitter. We still have some things to add to the overall website but it's sort of hard to update this site and also work on the other, so bare with us. This site offers EVERYTHING you need to know on Glitter and how to get it up on the charts. It features news, how to promote Glitter, EXCLUSIVE SCRIPT INFORMATION, Sountrack Info, Movie Info, etc!! Make sure you check it out today and spread the word about the site. The only reason it was created was to help promote Mariah's project, nothing else!! Enjoy...

May 29, 2001 (WENN via COMTEX) -- MARIAH CAREY allowed a screenwriter follow her for two years - in order to make her movie debut in GLITTER realistic.The film tells the tale of a singer trying to make it in the music world - a story very similar to Carey's own modest start. But screenwriter KATE LANIER says the film isn't as realistic as Carey's own tale - because people wouldn't find the truth believable. She says, "Her story, you wouldn't believe it if we made it into a movie."We had to come up with something that was more believable." Lanier spent two years shadowing Mariah across the world, from the recording studio to nightclubs.Lanier continues, "She knew she wanted a movie where her character was a singer, but she didn't want it to be sappy. She wanted it to have depth. She wanted a street, gritty feeling, an underdog story."Lanier says she hopes people will be able to understand Carey the superstar better after watching the film.She explains, "A lot of her videos are very stylised, and they don't show the realness of who she is the way her role in this movie will."    

Many thanks to Jake for the above article!

Off The Record: Mariah Carey Had To Dig Deep For Her Role As An 80's Singing Wannabe
MARIAH CAREY had to dig deep for her role as an 80s singing wannabe in debut movie Glitter. Carey, who is very close to her family, plays Billie, taken from her drug addict mum as a child. Carey said: "It's like she's motivated by feeling rejected by her mother. That's completely the opposite of me."

Article taken from the Daily Record

New Pics/Wallpapers
Imperial, from So Plush Palace, sent me 3 new pictures of Mariah. One, is a new pic I have never seen before and it's from the July issue of VIBE magazine. The other two are from June Sister2Sister and from a recent Chinese Newspaper. Check out those pictures in Gallery 54.

Also, Asma, from Miss Mariah Carey, sent me some lovely new wallpapers, which I added to Wallpapers #3. She is very talented in making wallpapers and doing new things with them. Make sure you check them out.

Eden's Crush on MC
Rachel was checking out Eden's Crush Messageboard and USC Trojan asked Ana Maria of Eden's Crush the following question:
And R U really 5'10"? Cuz in that case ill ask the question i ask many tall girls... Did you ever play volleyball? And isnt Mariah Carey also 5'10"? Damn... YOU RULE!!

And her response:
Hi! Yes, I am 5'10", and I heard Mariah's pretty tall too... around 5'9". I admire her as well and think she's got an awesome voice.

May 30, 2001...Update #2
Mariah Site Updated Again!
Mariah's Official Website has been updated again. Thanks to Iban for informing me!! Here is what it says in the NEWS section.

May 30, 2001
Mariah - she's just too busy for words; last week she spent in Canada filming her new movie "Wisegirls." While there she also had time to edit the new video for Loverboy! This week she is in New York to do photoshoots and interviews for the Glitter album AND at the same time work on remixes for Loverboy. Let's hope she gets some time to relax in her new apartment too. Mariah is doing photoshoots with, amongst others, Mario Testino. Mario is a famous fashion photographer who mostly works with models. He has done numerous campaigns for Gucci, Versace, Missoni and others.

Link to check out some photos by Mario:

May 30, 2001...Update #1
"Mariah Mixes 'Glitter' With Streetwise Grit
LOS ANGELES — She's sold more than 100 million records and her face is known the world over. Yet Mariah Carey wanted to give movies a try because she has sort of a self-esteem problem.

"I'm driven, because I don't think that I'm famous," she said, laughing. Never mind that she was relaxing on a couch near a personal pool at the swank Beverly Hills Hotel while a half-dozen minders touched up her hair, makeup and barely-there outfit as she typed away on her two-way pager. Jokes aside, the pop superstar hopes her film debut in "Glitter" (August 31) will help her become almost famous, at least in terms of showing another side of her personality.

"I don't talk about my past a lot," Mariah, 31, explained. "The thing is, I'm not Cinderella ... but I saw [more intense] things before the age of 12 than most people may see in their lives."

Mariah said she took those formative experiences and used them as inspiration for playing the role of Billie, a young woman whose feelings of abandonment and confusion about her mixed heritage drive her to make it as a singer in the early '80s. Despite apparent similarities to her own life story, she wants to make it clear that the movie is not autobiographical.

"There are certain elements that are similar," she said. "It's actually the opposite. My character's father is white; we don't really know him very well. And the mother is black, and she's a singer. It's kind of the opposite scenario of what my life is.

"Also, I'm very close with my mom," the singer added. "I basically feel like I grew up with my mom." In the movie, Billie is taken from her drug-addicted mother at an early age and spends most of the movie trying to reconnect with her.

"It's like she's motivated by feeling rejected from her mother, and that's completely the opposite of me," Mariah explained.

Another element that sets "Glitter" apart from "The Mariah Carey Story": It's much tamer than the real thing, according to screenwriter Kate Lanier ("The Mod Squad," "Set It Off"). "Her story ... you wouldn't believe it if we made it into a movie," Lanier said. "We had to come up something that was more believable."

In order to do that, Lanier spent close to two years shadowing Mariah across the world, from the recording studio to nightclubs to record label meetings. For her screenplay, Lanier combined a story she had in mind with her observations of the singer, though — as it is with everything Mariah — it was a highly collaborative effort.

"Being a singer, she gets classified in a particular way, like, 'Oh, she can hit those high notes,' " Lanier said. "She knew she wanted a movie where her character was a singer, but she didn't want it to be sappy. She wanted it to have depth. She wanted a street, gritty feeling, an underdog story."

Lanier, skeptical at first about working with the singer, said she thinks Mariah's performance will surprise people. "[Offscreen] she's constantly doing these funny characters. She's sort of like Carol Burnett in how she morphs in and out of these voices and characters. A lot of her videos are very stylized, and they don't show the realness of who she is the way her role in this movie will."

Spending even a few minutes with Mariah offers proof that there are a jumble of characters constantly trying to bubble up out of her. Asked about being typecast as a singer, Mariah burst out with a streak of thick Brooklynese, explaining how she had already moved on to a new, low-budget picture that will prove she's more than a one-note diva.

"That's why I'm doing an independent movie that's completely the opposite of me," she said of her next film project, "Wisegirls." "My character, who talks like this and is like, 'You know what, I don't even wanna take your crap right now, you know what I'm saying?' We're talking about a complete character, OK?" (RealAudio excerpt of interview)

"Glitter," previously titled "All That Glitters," also co-stars rapper Da Brat as one of Billie's best friends, singer Eric Benét and British indie actor Max Beesley as love interest DJ Dice. Actor Vondie Curtis-Hall ("Turn It Up") directed the film; he also directed Tupac Shakur in "Gridlock'd."

The star-studded "Glitter" soundtrack album is scheduled for release on August 21 and is slated to feature at least a half-dozen songs produced by legendary R&B team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (see "Mariah Carey Turns Soundtrack Into Solo Album"). Mariah said she wrote the songs for the album as companion pieces to the film, with many of them helping to move along the plot and set the tone for the action.

The first single, the uptempo party number "Loverboy," alternates a bouncing funky bass with rock guitars and features cameos from rappers Da Brat, Ludacris, 22 and Shawna. Funk legends Cameo, who also appear on the track, went into the studio to re-sing the chorus of their 1986 hit "Candy," one of Mariah's all-time favorites (see "Mariah Carey Gets 'Glitter' In Her Eyes").

Taken from gets revamped
Where to start? The flash site of got a huge update last night. There is a new opening graphic, announcing the release of Glitter, a new layout (which you can see to the right), new Mariahism, new fan picture, new look for messageboard and some new AMAZING news. This is from the news section...

Wisegirls- the new movie!
So, I guess you know by now that Mariah has signed up to do a new movie? But I bet you didn't know she already started with it! Yes, Mariah has spent the last 3-4 days all the way up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (See for map.) This is the second movie Mariah films in Canada, the first of course being, "Glitter". Any Canadians out there? Let us know if you spot her! The name of the movie is "Wisegirls." Nigel Sinclair, one of "Wisegirls" producers, explained that in the film Mariah will play "a streetwise girl who knows the dark secret of a restaurant but her two waitress friends are initiated into the Mob work after some gruesome events." Apparently, the seemingly respectable Italian restaurant is a front for Mob activities. In "Wisegirls," Mariah will appear alongside Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino and newcomer Melora Walters. Mira Sorvino won the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actress in a supporting role with the 1995 movie "Mighty Aphrodite". Of course Mariah also won an Oscar with "When You Believe", but that honor was credited to the songwriter.

Here are some links to check out about the movie:
About Mira Sorvino
About Wisegirls

Will the movie be good? Well , it has Mariah- so of course!! It also has an Oscar-winning actress, and the production company behind it happens to be Lions Gate, which has generated more Academy Award, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit nominations for its movies than any other unaligned independent studio. The movie has got a budget of around 10 million dollars.

Loverboy- June 8- the new video!
Mariah has been to Los Angeles and finished shooting the video for her next single, Loverboy. It will premiere on MTV Total Request Live on June 8th, so only about 2 weeks left now! Mariah made the video with director David La Chappelle- who took those hot and sexy photos for the Rainbow album booklet. I wonder if I should give you more information about it, or would rather wait until the MTV premiere? We'll see what happens, keep your eyes on this site!!!

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about this. Let's just say my e-mail account got flooded last night and a lot of you informed me about this; I appreciate it!!

The new Mariahism is below. Did MC get that from Miss Congeniality though?

You Love Me - All-purpose, anytime phrase. A greeting, a goodbye, or just something to throw into a pause in the coversation or to interject loudly while someone is speaking.

Mariah mentioned in YM!
Jen told me that MC is mentioned in the latest issue of YM and it says...

MARIAH CAREY loves a little bubbly, but heaven forbid she smears her lipstick! So she asks that sipping straws be on hand!

May 29, 2001 (WENN via COMTEX) -- MARIAH CAREY drew on her own experiences of abandonment for her movie debut GLITTERS.The BUTTERFLY singer says her role as BILLIE, a singer trying to make it in the early '80s, is very similar to her own life story.She explains, "There are certain elements that are similar. It's actually the opposite. My character's father is white, we don't really know him very well. And the mother is black, and she's a singer."It's kind of the opposite scenario of what my life is. Also, I'm very close with my mom. I basically feel like I grew up with my mom."In the movie, Mariah's character is taken from her drug- addicted mother at an early age and spends most of the movie trying to reconnect with her.Mariah says, "It's like she's motivated by feeling rejected from her mother, and that's completely the opposite of me."    

Thanks Jake!

Glitter release dates for Germany
My sexy chop, Dennis, informed me that Glitter (German title=Ein Leben für den Pop) will hit theaters on September 27th. Mariah's first single, Loverboy, will be available on July 2nd.

Mariah in Star Club
Honey and Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, told me the following information.

While looking through some of the internatonal magazines in our magazine shop we found a small article on Mariah in the June issue of the French mag "Star Club". They also printed a picture from "All That Glitters" (the one where MC's in the front, DaBrat and Tia Texada are behind her and there's glitter falling down). First the article says that after her divorce of Tommy Mottola, Mariah made one more step in the direction of freedom and that she switched to Virgin Records now. They said, she'll get 200 million Francs for each album, and that her next plans are her first movie "Glitter" along with the soundtrack, on which she's working in Spain.

Missy thanks MC in new CD
Ma'ayan told me that in Missy Elliot's new CD, she thanks MC at the end!! It says...

To all the peeps who has some influence on me-Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, last but not least.

Mariah leaves Columbia
Alex, from Mariah4Life, sent me the following article from the Orange County Newspaper...

Pop super star Mariah Carey recently separated from her label Columbia for failing to "advertise" her latest album "Rainbow" that had the expectations to become a diamond album but did not. Some say it was Tommy Motola who ruined it but Mariah used her brain, "like always" and separated from Columbia which was VERY smart of her. "All that Glitters" her latest movie that will come out in August 31st will most likely be a top seller for the year of 2001 and let me tell you why...Mariah was able to leave Columbia with one catch, Columbia will receive all the money that her soundtrack gets in Japan Columbia receives but Virgin records receives a portion and a part of the portion goes to Mariah herself. So Columbia will advertise the album, Virgin will advertise the album and you know Mariah will advertise the album. So the album will receive a lot of advertisement and maybe this time Mariah won't get screwed...hopefully!

May 29, 2001 (WENN via COMTEX) -- Singer MARIAH CAREY dived headfirst into movie-making with her debut movie GLITTERS - because she suffers from low self-esteem. The DREAMLOVER singer insists she doesn't see herself as the glamorous star many of her fans think she is - because she went through so many traumatic experiences in her young life.She explains, "I saw more intense things before the age of 12 than most people may see in their lives."I'm driven, because I don't think that I'm famous. I don't talk about my past a lot."The thing is, I'm not Cinderella, but I saw more intense things before the age of 12 than most people may see in their lives."    

Thanks Jake

Lamb Central
I added two new links to Lamb Central and you can check them out below:

  • Mariah Central
  • Fly Away

    May 28, 2001...
    Mariah Carey gets serious about acting
    HOLLYWOOD -- Pop icon Mariah Carey has been bitten by the acting bug. The singer makes her film debut this August in the musical All That Glitters, which was tailored to showcase her performance talents. Now Carey wants to get serious. She is in talks to star opposite Mira Sorvino in the dramatic thriller Wise Girls. (More on Mariah Carey)

    Monday, May 28, 2001
    Burning Question Of The Day

    How do you feel about singer Mariah Carey being bitten by the acting bug?
    Total Votes for this Question: 350
    So far, 48%  have voted for Oh please, stick to singing
    So far, 9%  have voted for Great, she's good at it
    So far, 43%  have voted for I don't care

    Taken from Jam Showbiz. To vote for MC, click here!

    LOS ANGELES  --  Even among those who make a name for themselves on the runways or in retail, the lure of Hollywood  --  both for fame and fortune -- is hard to resist.

    Several designers and manufacturers here churn out items, from special one-of-a-kind items to orders of thousands for film and TV, boosting their brand awareness and bottom lines in the process.

    Although industry observers say this particular segment would be the least vulnerable part of the Hollywood machine to a strike because sales to studios are generally a small portion of their overall wholesale business, there could be thousands of dollars of lost exposure at stake. The exact magnitude of the impact is difficult to quantify, they concede.

    "It all depends on how long it lasts," said Ilse Metchek, executive director of the California Fashion Association.

    A strike shorter than six months would be negligible, she said. But anything more than that period of time, and "it's time to start assessing the impact," she said.

    Many designers, though lamenting the possibility of lost visibility, said they mostly fear the strike's ramifications on a retail level.  ...

    Kevan Hall, former creative director for Halston, who opened an atelier here last month housing the Kevan Hall Collection, said 5 percent of his business is producing clothing for the movies. He most recently produced gowns for the upcoming movie "All That Glitters" starring Mariah Carey.

    While he values the sales to the studios as well as the prestige product placement on celebrities bring, he said he won't miss it when it's gone.

    "[The strike] is not something I'm going to concern myself with," said Hall, who sells to Neiman Marcus and other specialty stores. "There are other ways to generate dollars, such as going straight to the customer via trunk shows."

    Taken from an unknown California Paper. Many thanks to Tom.

    Splashing Out
    SINGER Mariah Carey has spent pounds 1million on a new swimming pool at her Miami holiday home in trendy South Beach.

    Taken from The Mirror. Many thanks to Tom.

    Website Builder Needed
    If you want to work on a MC website with Scott, contact him at:

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. Check it out, if you like!

    Mariah mentioned in Right On
    Mariahhoney13 told me that Mariah is mentioned Right On, in it's latest issue. On the page where they are talking about new ablums, it says...

    "MARIAH is now a free agent. She recently ended her long -time association with Columbia Records, a company which she had been affiliated with sincer her late teens."

    Mariah mentioned on Hollywood Squares/The View
    Here is what SUMar235 told me:
    A couple of things.  First, I forgot to mention that on Friday, Mariah was mentioned on "Hollywood Squares."  The question was asked to Star Jones (of "The View") and it went along the lines of "On her duet with Boyz II Men entitled "One Sweet Day," she spent a record number of weeks at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100.  Was it Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, or (some other artist that I can't remember)?"  I knew that Star would know the answer and she said it so proudly, "Mariah the songbird Carey!"  The guy agreed and he won a bunch of prizes cuz Star was the "secret square" during that round.  I just thought that was kinda cool...

    M challenge: Drunken antics Could you survive them sober?
    Could you be teetotal, like a mere 14% of British women? Could you face Saturday nights and office parties with only a Diet Coke for comfort? Obviously, most savvy girls know the arguments for drinking less: there are scary health reasons (liver damage, brain shrinkage, falling off the kerb in high heels, etc); vanity reasons (beer belly, puffy eyes, spotty face); plus the prospect of bankrupting yourself in the drunken process. However, what really makes most of us, at one time, say 'Never again' is the cringeful, illogical things that the demon drink makes us do. Karaoke? Calling up loser ex-boyfriends 'for a chat'? ...Soppy songs session

    Everybody has CDs that never make it on to public display. Some are so embarrassing they're hidden away for 'private use only' after a drunken evening. Slushy, maudlin recordings by Celine Dion, Mariah Carey or Elton John are perfect for working yourself into a state of drunken tearfulness, especially when accompanied by old love letters, cards, photo albums, etc. I pop on Celine's The Colour of My Love album, specifically the harrowing epic Think Twice, and rifle my 'box of memories', in the hope of confronting some deep personal truths. ...

    Taken from The Mirror; thanks Tom!

    Your chance to E-mail the stars:
    Glasgow-born Lorraine is the Queen of Breakfast TV. She began working for TV-am in 1984 and is now the face of GMTV. Lorraine, 41, lives in Buckinghamshire with her freelance cameraman husband Steve Smith and their daughter Rosie, six. SARAH MOOLLA put your questions to Lorraine before she flies off to New York to host a four-day special of LK Today, a week on Monday.

    Who has been your favourite and least favourite GMTV guest? Shirley, by e-mail I love Joan Collins. She's fabulous - a very sharp and clever lady. She's a professional and always remembers to thank everyone when she leaves. The least favourite is probably Mariah Carey. I have a theory that the bigger the entourage they have with them, the bigger the pain in the bum they are. And she had an army with her.  ...

    Taken from The Mirror; thanks Tom!

    The Fresh Air Fund: Teenagers Ponder Futures on a Weekend Away
    FISHKILL, N.Y. -- Geese and deer seemed unconcerned by the recent migration to Beaver Lake of a rare species -- the adolescent city slickers of the PreOccupations Club.

       Cabins around the lake hummed with activity. One cabin, nestled among fragrant honeysuckle bushes, housed a group of teenagers discussing grown-up decisions and consequences.

    ''In my life, 'can't' isn't part of my vocabulary,'' declared Jared Hunte, 17, of Harlem.

    ''But there may be some things you can't do when you're young; you need to plan ahead and choose your experiences in order to handle life pressures,'' said Jaqueline White, a counselor.

    The group mulled this over and discussed different possibilities for careers and families. But Jared maintained that sometimes the call of adventure can bedevil the most solid, sensible plans.

    'Hey -- curiosity killed the cat!'' he said. Smiling, Mrs. White shot back, ''O.K., so what do you plan on doing, if you're a cat?''

    Teenagers and counselors broke out in laughter before returning to the topic at hand.

    In another cabin, teenagers played a board game called Success. The object was to attain job stability and economic satisfaction, while dodging penalty cards with messages such as: ''You ran out of money and must quit a special two-year training program to go to work.''

    Jermaine Toney, 16, of the Bronx, said the game ''helps with decisions about life.''

    Meanwhile, in a third cabin, teams of nacho makers were having a cook-off. They crowded around an oven, loudly boasting about their meat-to-cheese ratios and bemoaning the complexity of properly flavoring guacamole on a budget.

    Planning ahead, thinking critically, working in teams and choosing your battles: these are some of the life lessons encouraged by the PreOccupations Club. At a recent weekend retreat, 41 teenagers in the club visited Camp Mariah in Fishkill. The camp is one of five run by the Fresh Air Fund, a nonprofit agency that has provided free vacations in the country for 1.7 million disadvantaged children from New York City since 1877. Camp Mariah, opened in 1994, is named for the pop singer Mariah Carey, who has supported the camp financially.

    Teenagers join the PreOccupations Club after completing the Fresh Air Fund's three-year Career Awareness Program for middle-school students. The program brings youths aged 12 to 14 to Camp Mariah for three-week summer vacations, during which they publish newspapers, put on plays, design clothing and take classes in music and science, said Miriam Seidenfeld, the program's director.

    ''We teach them to dream about the future,'' she said. During high school, the PreOccupations Club helps build reality into those dreams. Once each month, members meet to discuss resume writing; go on field trips to businesses like Clinique Laboratories and NBC; and attend tutoring sessions for standardized tests. Twice a year, the group meets at Camp Mariah for weekends filled with camaraderie and lessons in what the club calls ''life skills.''

    The club was created to encourage teenagers to take control of their futures, Ms. Seidenfeld said. ''The point is that things don't happen to them; they make things happen.''

    The fertile, placid environment -- Camp Mariah is at the end of a winding, leafy road far from the sounds of the city -- encourages reflection and self-reliance. ''I always work on the things in myself I'm lacking here,'' said Natkhia Varner, 15, of Harlem. ''It's all about learning to be independent.''

    For Merlinda David, 17, of the Bronx, summers at Camp Mariah have offered a break from the pressures of city living. ''Where I live, it's not that bad, but it's all about what's in and what's out. Here, you have to deal more with other people. You're away from other influences.''

    She continued, ''Being here, out in the middle of nowhere, you have to get out of the way of thinking: I'm in the city, I can't do anything else but what I see around me. You have to get out of that mind-set to get into yourself, to find out what you want to do with your life.''

    Last year, about 10,000 children aged 6 to 18 took part in Fresh Air programs. About 3,000 attended camps in Fishkill, and about 6,000 vacationed with host families in rural and suburban communities, known as Friendly Towns, in 13 states and Canada. Another 1,000 participated in year-round camping activities.

    Families that would like to become hosts or those who would like to register their children for a Fresh Air summer vacation can call (800) 367-0003. Those wishing to make a tax-deductible contribution can send a check to the Fresh Air Fund, 633 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10017, or visit the agency's Web site at

    Taken from the New York Daily News; Thanks Tom.

    May 27, 2001...
    Mariah to grace Elle Cover
    Mariah will be on the cover of the July 2001 of ELLE Magazine. Mark, who works for ELLE, saw the cover already and said Mariah looks divine!! This magazine should hit US shelves in early June, so this is REALLY exciting!! Huge thanks to my Mariah4 buddy, Mariah Online for this exclusive.

    Bad News...
    My car died today and I need to do some serious car shopping these next two days. There is no other news today, except for what I reported above but there is a slight chance, I might not be able to update tomorrow! Most likely, I will because I really try hard not to miss a day.

    May 26, 2001...
    New Mariah Pics posted 5 new pics of MC on their site from the Glitter interview they did with her, when she was doing the Loverboy video. You can check them out in All That Glitters Gallery #3!! Thanks Iban!

    Official Site Updated
    Mariah's official website removed the special moment they had on the site from earlier and replaced it with the MTV article. Thanks to Chris for this info.

    On film set, Mariah's no diva
    Everyone expected her to get "carried" away while shooting her first starring role in a movie. And Mariah Carey didn't disappoint on the set of her upcoming summer film "All That Glitters."

    Producer Laurence Mark laughs when describing the on-set shenanigans of the chart-topping song stylist. "She is the diva, let's face it," he said. "And she loves being the diva, which is what's fun about Mariah. She makes no bones about that."

    Miss Mariah did tone it down on the set. "She also knows that she's not a diva in the film world," he said. "In the music world, if she shows up eight hours late for the music video, well--they have to wait, don't they? But with the film, she knew she had to prove herself, and she was very professional."

    In "All That Glitters," scheduled to open Aug. 31 in Chicago, Carey plays . . . a singer and diva! And she's not worried about the critics. "If I say, `Oh, my God, she's unbelievably good, she's amazing!' then you'll expect Meryl Streep, and that's not happening," Mark said. "She is very good at playing someone close to home, which helps. She knows the world her character is from. And let's face it, she sings 12 songs--she's doing what she does best."

    Taken from the Chicago-Sun Times and many thanks to Tony.

    Mariah on MTV
    This is what Kristy told me:
    I was watching Mtv News Now: Best of the red carpet and in the begining it showed a clip of mariah saying, "like 3 monthes of build up, like 3 minutes, it's over." It was her in a black dress with a diamond necklace and earrings and she looked fabulous...check it out!

    MARIAH CAREY has been working with funk soul maestro, one-time MOTOWN staff songwriter and the 80s hellraiser credited with inventing "punk-funk", RICK JAMES, on her forthcoming soundtrack to the film 'ALL THAT GLITTERS'.

    James, who has served time in prison on cocaine charges and for imprisoning and assaulting a woman, contributes a track to the soundtrack for the film, which is being scored by Carey, and in which she co-stars with singer Eric Benet.

    The 'Glitter' soundtrack will feature a host of guest stars, who Carey has said she will name nearer its August 21 release date, although she has confirmed that Janet Jackson's favoured team, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis have produced the majority of the album. Rap mix-tape kingpin DJ Clue has also produced the disco fave 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life', while Da Brat, Ludacris and 80s funksters Cameo bolster the set - with their re-working of the classic 'Candy'.

    Taken from Entertainment Sleuth.

    Candy Soundfile...
    I am working on a pretty big Mariah site right now with some other lambs and at the moment it is a huge top secret mission. However, we will have the full soundfile of Candy and DJ Saved My Life and more information on the site, which will be uploaded later in the week. Stay tune for that!

    Heartbreaker comes in at #21
    Molly, Chris, Sean, Sherwin, etc told me that Mariah came in at #21 on the TRL Retirement special which aired today. Snoop and one one of the Backstreet Boys said how they loved the video and it beat out hits from N-Sync, Christina A, Britney, Eminem and more. Thanks to everyone who voted and if you didn't vote, shame on you! Hee hee.

    Mariah mentioned
    Chris told me that Mariah is mentioned in the June 01 J-14 magazine. They were interviewing Mikaila and it says...
    She's bein compared to Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera, because this girl can really sing.

    Rumor Ville
    Just so you know, this is NOT confirmed and could be another rumor. Here is what Mary told me:
    Hey, I... I just can't believe what I've just heard... I was watching an Italian tv program called "Celebrità", which means of course "Celebrities", and they had news about Mariah. The tv presenter said that Mariah and Luis have just announced their imminent marriage and that they have recently gone to  a lawyer to define their economical business befrore the marriage takes place.  I didn't know whether to believe it or not, but my mummy said this program always tells the truth because is based on true declarations by the artists themselves. They showed various images of Mariah's video AAO and some images of Luis' last world tour. 

    Samantha Mamba mentions MC
    ".. Samantha started her way, in the age of 15, when she got a role in a british soap opera. Lewis Walsh saw her and got excited. The ambitious Samantha didn't wait for Walsh to come to her. She seeped into a party that Walsh has been present in, when she introduce herself to the guards as a big american star. When she finally got to get into the party, she located Lewis and hand in her cassette. Walsh was amazed. Within couple of days she has been signed on a record deal. "He think I'm a combining between Britney and Janet Jackson", says Mamba to a well known british magazine, "But, at first I was pressed to approach him. I was afraid that I will bump into this scary business man, but Lewis turned out to be a very hearty person. By the way, the idea of giving my cassette, I took from Mariah Carey. She did the same trick, when she handed in her cassette to a record company in a party.. "

    Taken from Maariv La'Noar. Many thanks to Omri from Mariah Carey Glitters for the translation and article.

    MC on Weakest Link
    Here is what Crave told me:
    i'm not sure if anyone has given you this info since my computer died last month LoL. anyways, i haven't had much time to look at mariah news, but i was watching The Weakest Link last monday and one of the questions were: "who recorded a duet with Mariah Carey for the soundtrack Prince of Egypt" of course the answer was "Whitney Houston" and the lady got it right. anyways, i thought it was neat that mariah was on The Weakest Link. love that show! "you are the weakest link! good-bye"

    New Pics
    MCFanatic sent me two scans from recent OK Magazines, which featured MC. Check them out in Gallery 54!

    Site Reopen...
    Pete, from Mariah Avenue, opened his site again after 4 months of it being down. Check it out!

    Mariah is a seductive woman
    Here is what Billie told me:
    Hi Lambs ! According to the french show "Tapis Rouge", Mariah is a seductive woman as well as Celine Dion, Cher, Madonna, Anastacia... There were a few seconds of her when she sang AAO last year for the same show. Just to let you know...

    May 25, 2001...
    Carey, 31, who has just signed a $20-million-an-album deal with Virgin Records, will tour briefly to plug her new album and film, both titled All That Glitters. But music industry observers also expect her to up the ante in showbiz demands, even outstripping the five-star tastes of recent tourist Jennifer Lopez.

    Carey only drinks $400-a-bottle Cristal champagne and, because she is germ-phobic, sips the costly plonk through a straw. A former Sony Music executive, who worked on her 1998 Butterfly tour, told a local correspondent to US Billboard magazine the singer also requested a specific crystal glass to be delivered to her hotel suite - at 2am. Yesterday, the same executive said Carey's demands were the usual superstar requests.

    In her five-star hotel room, she expects a treadmill, a humidifier in each room, and an Italian-based menu. An insomniac, Carey is most likely to conduct her interviews in bed, as she has done when promoting her past three albums. She once spoke to Ian "Molly" Meldrum while in a spa pool. "My life is reversed from most people," Carey told the Herald Sun in 1998. "I wake up when the sun goes down, and go to bed when the sun comes up."

    Famously, Carey once had a bed built into a limousine in case she nodded off. In Britain last year, she asked for a BBC rest room to be given a fresh coat of paint, and for new mirrors and a candle arrangement to be installed. After Carey had used the room, staffers ripped the toilet seat off its hinges and auctioned it for charity.

    While Lopez's minders are at pains to portray the self-proclaimed J-Lo as maintenance-lo, her high-handed demands compare unfavourably with Carey's. In Australia, Lopez ditched her 60-strong entourage, ravioli specialist chef, and portable "wind machine" to give her hair "that tousled look", but requested specially scented candles, which sell for $190 each. According to US reports, Lopez must also be addressed by employees or security staff as "number one", such as: "Number one is approaching the hotel foyer."

    In line with most superstars on tour, Carey is likely to travel with a personal hair stylist and makeup artist. Late yesterday, Virgin Records press officer, Simon Blackmore, said he was working on a "possible" August visit for her. Asked whether the star had any advance demands, Blackmore said: "I can't comment."

    In 1998, Carey hinted that her demanding tendencies came from being formerly married to Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola. "It wasn't because I was like that: it was the people around me. They wanted me to be like that," she said. "There are some who want to keep the mystique and be unapproachable. That's the theory, anyway. But, I'm still me. I'm the little girl who grew up wanting a big dream."

    Taken from Herald and many thanks to Eric from MC Archives

    Jermaine Dupri Recording Another Star-Packed Solo LP
    If you're one of the many recording stars who've been blessed with track by Jermaine Dupri, expect to get a buzz from the 27-year-old hitmaker real soon.

    JD's been calling in favors for contributions to his second solo LP, Instructions, which is tentatively scheduled to hit the streets on September 11.

    According to a spokesperson for So So Def's CEO, his label's acts Jagged Edge, Lil' Bow Wow, Da Brat and R.O.C. have already gotten the call and have gone in the studio with Dupri, as have Ludacris, Jadakiss and Jay-Z.

    Jay-Z also appeared on Dupri's Life in 1472 - The Original Soundtrack, joining a roster that included Nas, Keith Sweat, Usher and Mariah Carey. The spokesperson said Dupri also wants to use guest producers on the new disc in addition to having his own beats.

    Dupri, who will receive his third ASCAP writers award on June 7 in Atlanta, recently signed a two-year extension with So So Def distributor Columbia and will release Jagged Edge's third album Jagged Little Thrill on July 10. A member of Dupri's camp said that people shouldn't be surprised if they see new albums by Bow Wow and Da Brat as well before the year is out.

    Taken from and many thanks to Ajay for the info.
    Let's hope, that Mariah makes another guest appearance on his new album, she most likely will!

    Mariah Camp NOT Happy with fans!
    Well it seems some people decided they would hop onto Mariah's Official messageboard and cause trouble because hey, they had nothing better to do right?!? However, Mariah herself saw it recently and was not too happy at all. Jill, Mariah's Personal Assistant, posted the following comment:

    hey everybody,I need to let you all know that MC visited the messageboard last night and had to read all of the nonsense that is going on here. She was so disappointed and worried that people were being unkind to each other and writing cruel things about one another and also about her. The messageboard has become a very negative and hurtful place when its whole purpose is suppose to be to bring fans of Mariah's together to meet and become friends. PLEASE! Can we try to stop all the cursing and overall "hating" here and revert this place to the kind environment it used to be?? always,
    with love,
    I guess Jill said it all!! Can't we all just get along?

    May 24, 2001...
    Residents of a small Halifax neighbourhood waited in the hot sun for hours for a glimpse of Hollywood on Tuesday. "I've been here since 2 p.m. and I'm staying until she comes and leaves," said a camera-toting Anne Wilson Brown. Although Wilson Brown admitted she didn't know two of the film's stars - Academy-Award winner Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite) and lesser-known Hollywood actress Melora Walters (Boogie Nights, Magnolia), she still wanted to get their picture because of their fame.

    Early Tuesday afternoon, crew with the movie Wise Girls began setting up for a brief shot of Sorvino and Walters walking down the sidewalk on Cornwallis Street between the corners of Maynard and Creighton streets. By 4:30 p.m. filming had still not started, but onlookers didn't seem to be getting antsy. A group of young men were hoping to see pop singer Mariah Carey who is also starring in the film.

    As the cameras rolled, Sorvino and Walters emerged from Toulany's Pizza Factory looking very summery, each holding a can of soda pop. Props people placed New York licence plates on cars lined up outside of the pizza shop and on the corner of Cornwallis and Maynard streets one crew member used a hacksaw to cut down a no parking sign, which appeared to be in the way of the camera. Extras milled around the area including a man who had been hired to walk his dog on the street and a group of Italian looking young men.

    Wise Girls is a co-production of L.A.-based Leading Pictures and Halifax's imX Communications. Shooting continues until June 22. There's been a lot of movie activity and many chances to star-gaze in Nova Scotia this year. The CBS movie, The Pilot's Wife, starring Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope) and Equinox Entertainment's action thriller Phase IV, starring Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), are expected to wrap at the end of May. Gabriel Byrne and Joanne Whalley will be in Shelburne until mid-June filming the Knightscove Entertainment Corp.'s family drama, Virginia's Run. In June, the cast and crew of The Shipping News with Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett and K-19: The Widowmaker with Harrison Ford will return to complete their films.

    Taken from The Herald and many thanks to Mariah News Just on a little side note too, I guess the rumors that Melora was replaced were false, because she is featured on the left in the above picture, Mira being on the right!!

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    Here is what Sazril told me:
    I'm from MAlaysia, I just watched Malaysian's edition Who wants to be a millionaire on 24th May 2001 and guess what, the RM 8000 question was "The song Agianst All Odds who sang by westlife is a single duet with?" a. Gloria Estefan b. Whitney Houston c. MARIAH CAREY d. Celine dion. The person who played on that time didn't know the answer and he asked audience, 63% choosed MARIAH CAREY. He followed the audience answer ( Mariah Carey ) and he got RM 8000!

    Mariah...Bringing People Together/Lamb Central
    Anderz, Mark and I contributed to the new section on Mariah Daily, Mariah...Bringing People Together. You can feel free to send in your stories. You can either personally thank people for their friendships or tell how you became friends. If you would like to know more, check out the above link!

    I added a new link to Lamb Central today:

  • Mariah 4 Life

    Mariah in Marie Claire
    DayDreamer1298 sent me a scan of Mariah and Guam in the June 2001 issue of Marie Claire. You can check it out in Gallery 54, if you like.

    TRL Retirement Special
    We are really getting close to the airing of this MTV Special now. On Saturday at 12 pm EST, MTV will be airing a special of the top videos that were retired on TRL! Mariah's Heartbreaker was one of these videos and we really need to vote for her and get her to win!! Please click the below banner to help her out and PLEASE spread the word to all websites, messageboards and get everyone to vote!!

    Mariah Chat about New Single
    Todd is having a chat on his site, Madame Mariah, on May 31st to celebrate the upcoming new single by Mariah. He would like all lambs to drop by around 8 pm EST and 7 pm PST.

    Mariah mentioned in WebChats
    Meg sent me the chat from above, with Jerry and here are a couple other chats MC was mentioned in from AOL...

  • Jerry O'Connell Oct. 20, 1999
    "Question: Did you enjoy playing the "Heartbreaker" in Mariah Carey's video?
    Jerry O'Connell: Mariah is the most attractive woman on the face of the planet. I actually paid them to be a part of the video."
  • Lil" Bow Wow Jan 19, 2001
    Question: Hey, Bow Wow! How was it working with Mariah Carey?
    Lil Bow Wow: It was wonderful. We had a lot of fun together.
  • 3LW Oct. 16, 2000
    Question: Who are your role models?
    Naturi Naughton: Mine are Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey... I like a lot of R&B and soulful music.
  • Cast of "V.I.P." Oct.26, 2000
    Question: What is in your CD player right now?
    Pamela Anderson: I have Enigma, I have Mariah Carey, of course. Had to practice on the way in. And what else do I have? I keep on changing it, like all the time. You know, Toni Braxton. I kind of like that new mystical song.
  • Westlife June 7, 2000
    Question: What type of music do you guys listen to?
    Bryan McFadden: Our musical tastes range from different things... I like *NSYNC, BonJovi, Mariah Carey... my heart still lies with the Beatles.
  • Country Singer Toby Keith May 2, 2000
    Question: If you could sing a duet with someone, who would that be, and why?
    Toby Keith: Well, that would be pretty crazy -- hmm, I've done so many collaborations, it would have to be a very special thing, something odd, Grammy-wise, Tony Braxton, Mariah Carey or Streisand, something that would be very universal.
  • An AOL LIVE Chat with Steve Madden, Bif Naked and Angela Via April 13, 2000
    Question: Who were your idols growing up in the music career?
    Angela Via: My very first idol was Gloria Estefan. And she's still one of my predominant role models, as a person and with her music. And later on when some of the powerful woman divas came along, their voices inspired me to sing out even more. Singers such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey.
  • Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty Feb. 24, 2000
    Question: Will you ever do a duet with a female artist, and whom would you choose?
    Rob Thomas: That was a very good question. I might. If so, I would do something with Sarah McLachlan in a heartbeat. I would love to do something with anyone, with any female songwriters. I can't think of any females who are just... singers, women such as Mariah Carey or Celine Dion who don't write their own songs.
  • Faith Hill Feb. 29, 2000
    Question: Would you ever consider doing a duet with Mariah Carey or Shania Twain?
    Faith Hill: Possibly, I would consider it. The song would have to be right and the timing would have to be right. Martina McBride would be a good one too.
  • No Authority Dec. 29, 1999
    Question: If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be and why?
    Danny Zavatsky: Mariah Carey.
  • Simon Rex Nov. 5, 1999
    Question: What do you think of Mariah Carey's move to acting?
    Simon Rex: I haven't seen her act yet, so I don't have an opinion. But all the power to her.

    Final Statement, what is up with that comment from Rob Thomas? The english isn't too grand, maybe I read it wrong but is he saying that MC does not write her own songs? Hello, she has written pretty much every one, except for her covers and "When You Believe!" UGH, how much does MC have to do before people realize her amazing talent!

    You angry about that too? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    Question from Regina
    This is non-Mariah related but if anyone watches Sex and the City and has the third season on video, please contact me I will offer you pretty much anything in my MC collection or money for a copy! Thanks!

    May 23, 2001...
    EXCLUSIVE....Single out on July 17th!!
    Chris, who works at a Sam Goody, recently came across some cool information from a EMI label rep (Virgin's Distributer). She gave Chris the EMI Distribution list for early summer and listed under "Summer TBA" was Mariah Carey, the only artist on the list with her name in bold. The list had T.V. apperances, radio spings, video release dates, single release dates and album news. The only thing MC was under was Single Releases and it said, "'Lover Boy' JULY 17th. ON SALE. (VIR)"

    So this is pretty cool news, if you ask me. The single will hit the radio on June 25th and the single will hit on July 17th. Pretty soon, we should find out when the video will premiere, which will most likely be around June 15th or so!

    How excited are you now about the new single??? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    Childs Play For Mariah
    Mariah Carey has revealed she felt like a child again when recording her new single Loverboy, which includes guest appearances from '80s funksters Cameo.

    Codpiece kings Cameo had massive hits with Word Up, later covered by Melanie B and Candy. They entertained Maria by remixing the chorus from their 1986 hit Candy which the American diva dubbed as one of her favourite songs.

    'I felt like a little kid again, like, 'Please just sing this how you did it on the remix,'' Mariah confessed. 'And then I felt bad because I didn't want to be overstepping my boundaries. It's like reliving a childhood moment.

    'The single, according to MTV, 'alternates a bouncing funky bass with rock guitars.' It is taken from her new album Glitter, the soundtrack to her much-hyped movie of the same name, co-starring Melanie B's boyfriend Max Beasley. The track also features rapper Da Brat, Ludacris, 22 and Shawna.

    Also popping up on the album is a cover of the '80s club choon by Indeep, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. The track features the guest vocals from rapper Fabolous plus another major star who Mariah refuses to reveal at this early date.

    Talking about Glitter, Mariah says, 'The uptempo songs are aggressive and hot and represent that spirit of the '80s but I also have a lot of guest artists that really make it hot and contemporary. The ballads are also these deep, emotional, intense songs that would stand on their own as a regular album from me.'

    Loverboy is released in July. The album Glitter is out 21 August and the film, which was previously put on hold for nearly two years, opens 31 August. Check out a classic

    This article was taken from Entertainment Sleuth, originally from World Pop. If you would like to check out an older interview of MC about "Against All Odds" on Worldpop, click here!

    New Pics from Spain
    A member from the Mariah Fan Club (Spain) sent me 6 pictures Jorge took of Mariah in Spains recently. The pictures are REALLY nice and you can check them out in Gallery 53. Check out a sneak peak to one of the pics on your right!! MC and Luis look so cute there, not to mention really squashed.

    Magazine News From Mark
    Here is the latest magazine news from Marko!!

  • Story (NL), The May 23rd Issue....quart page on the restaurant pic in Marbella.
  • Internet Panorama (NL), The April Issue....1 full page pic and a little story on her site.

    Glitter released on August 20th in Netherlands?
    Here is what my buddy Anne told me:
    I was listening to a radio station here in The Netherlands, Radio3FM, and this radioshow has this "popnews" segment in it. So, this DJ announces there is news on Mariah. Nothing new really. What he said was that Mariah shot the video for Loverboy last week and that she also went to a recoding studio to record a song Rick James had just written for her. Besides that, she now should be working on Wise Girls. THEN though, he said that the title of the movie was shortened to Glitter and that it would be released August 20. AND that Loverboy would also be released in August!! Now, is this weird or what??! I guess he's just wrong, must be!! This DJ had Mariah in the studio for an hour in 1999 (she played DJ herself, they did an interview and Mariah's personal favourites Top 10 baxk then). But he went to the Rainbow Tour in Antwerp and said the day after he hated the whole show and has since then rarely played Mariah. Alot of fans requested Against All Odds and Crybaby and Can't Take That Away last year, but he never played them. He said she didn't fit in the playlist anymore-crap!!!!

    Bits O' News
    Here is some various info on Miss Mariah from fellow MC fans...

  • Matt:
    Hey Regina--I went with a co-worker of mine today to the college he goes to.  He is a music major.  Well we went into one of the music rooms because he had to bring back an instrument.  We ran into one of his teachers, then he took us to his office.  Well he had pictures ALL over his wall of different artists that he liked, some of them he had more than one pic of.  And Mariah was one of them!  He had about 5 pictures of her around the office, and might I add they were very nice pics of Mariah!  Just a little tid-bit for all the lambs! 
  • Gabriel:
    I dont know if this is something you or the rest of Mariahs lambs wanna know but hey at least its something right?? Anyway, I was watching that show "Weakest link" and a question about Mariah was asked to some lady. She was asked "What singer teamed up with Mariah Carey to record the song for the Prince of Egypt's soundtrack 'When you believe'? She answered Whitney Houston which is right .

    Glitter Pics in Mira Tabloid
    You can check out two Glitter pics in the May 29th issue of Mira Tabloid, hitting stands this Friday in the USA!! One is the picture we have all seen before, where the glitter is falling around her. However, in the Mira tabloid, it's just MC, not the backup singers behind her. Also, there is a small circle-shaped pic of her in the recording studio. If you like to collect pics of MC, make sure you pic this up because it's the first time the recording studio picture is in a magazine, that I have seen. Huge thanks to Prinie!

    Plus, Prinie told me that in the May 15th issue of TVyNovelas, they said that Mariah left Sony and has gone with EMI and asked Thalia what she thought of Mariah moving to EMI and she replied, "It's not important to me, Mariah's a good singer, but she needs to know that I'm the star of EMI!"

    Mariah on Fashionably Loud
    Here is what Marjolein told me:
    Yesterday Mariah was on MTV Holland on a show called Fashionably Loud - behind the scenes. It was a segment about what was harder - being a model or being a singer. A few artists talked about that topic including Eve, Missy Elliott, a model i've never seen before and Mariah. MC said something like : 'I work harder then all those fools put together, no matter what industry they're in! hahaha.' She also said one line before that, but I can't remember what that was. She was wearing pink clothes by the way. I think it's from the time she was in Spain.

    Mariah...bringing People Together
    I am starting a new section on the website today and it's going to be called, "Mariah...Bringing People Together!" I have a bunch of friends on the net, who are also MC fans, and thanks to MC, we all became friends. Two close friends of mine actually have recently became a couple because of Mariah and I think it would be cool to add a new section on the site that tells all these stories. So, if you have a special friend in your life, that you met because of being a fan with Mariah, please send me your story to!!!

    Nick sent me a cute story with some pics of how he met his Prom Date!!! Check out his story!!

    May 22, 2001...
    Mariah mentioned on TRL
    Meg told me that MC was mentioned yesterday on TRL. They asked, "How many remix video have been on TRL?" The answer was Sisqo, Backstreet Boys, Destiny Child, Mariah and another one, which Meg couldn't remember. Obviously, the remix on TRL was the Heartbreaker Remix.

    Mariah in Miami Restaurant
    Here is what Maria told me:
    hey reg, my family & i went to this famous brasilian meat place today in miami, fl to celebrate my brother's first communion. anyway the place is called "porcao". they have photos of famous people who've eaten there--so guess who's photo they had?? they had a GORGEOUS pic of mc in a hot pink tank top & her famous cut jeans hugging this girl who apparently works in the place. so i heard that mc ate at this restaurant with luismi right before her miami concert. hmm but then that would mean that luis was at her concert, too. and i don't know if that's true. anyway, i just know that she ate tehre, and they have the photo to prove it =)both my sister & i are NUTS about mc, so we wetn crazy asking the waiters if they'd met her, and everything we'd touch we'd say "oohh mc probably did this, too". LOL it was quite amusing. my sister in fact refused to leave coz hse was enchanted by mc's photo. it was a good dinner at a great restaurant. so anyone who happens to be in miami must go there & check out the photo

    Hear Mariah...
    Last week, I posted a news article from that was a new article about Glitter. Well now, you can hear two clips from the interview on the MTV website and below are the direct links, thanks to Donnie. The first one is REALLY funny!

  • Mariah Carey On Being a Ham
  • Mariah Carey On Playing an Angry Character

    Magazine News from Mark
    Mark, my very close friend, sends me a lot of information from Holland on what magazines he has found MC in, so we will call this section, "Magazine News from Mark." Ha ha! Here is what he told me:

  • Bliss (UK), The June Issue...A quart page piece.
  • Die A Aktuelle (D), The May 14th Issue....1 pic on the left side and the rest on the other page.

    Building the Perfect Diva
    Grubbworm21 sent me an older article from 1990, where it discusses Mariah as a new singer. Reading the article, it's pretty disturbing and it already suggests her unhappiness with the way things were being run. In the article, it says how they went to a restaurant to conduct the interview and that a Columbia champeron watched over them. Also, she was rehearing Vision of Love with only two backup singers and a pianist, and was asked why she didn't do a simplier version on her album. She replied by saying, "It wasn't my idea to do so much production!" The end of the article states:

    Asked to evaluate what's right or wrong with her first album, Carey answers diplimatically. "I wasn't used to working that way," she says. "I think it worked out okay in the end." But as she returns to her rehearsal, far from her label's supervision, Carey continues to rearrange her hit single the way she hears it.
    And, Mariah still changes Vision of Love around a bit when she does it live, same with Hero. You can check out the lovely picture and full article in Gallery 54. It's a cool article, so make sure you check it out!

    What do you think of this article? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    May 21, 2001...
    Mariah Wallpapers
    Michelle, from Star Mariah, sent me 3 very nice wallpapers and you can check them out in Wallpapers #3.

    Badly Drawn Boy grows tiresome at the Fillmore
    The fact that Badly Drawn Boy is a celebrated artist in England and a respected cult figure in the United States was proven Friday by the presence of a sold-out crowd at the first of his two nights at the Fillmore.

    The pop singer-songwriter-experimentalist (born Damon Gough) recently won the coveted British Mercury Music Prize for his debut album, "The Hour of Bewilderbeast." Critics have applauded him as an aural auteur, and his music has been heard on everything from MTV to Gap commercials.

    All of which proves that Badly Drawn Boy is a popular phenomenon. But after Friday's sleepwalk of a show, one has to wonder why. Arriving onstage 45 minutes late -- there was no opening act -- Gough and his four-man backup band saw fit to delay their performance further with a seven-minute overture of the "Rocky" theme. OK, the allusion is obvious: The scruffy Gough, who eventually appeared in the spotlight in battered jeans and jeans jacket, his knit cap pulled low over his eyes, is an underdog who's made good. Hurray. We didn't need seven minutes of bad soundtrack music to make the point.

    That intro set the tone for the remainder of a dazed three-hour set. From the first number, "Fall in the River," songs that glimmered with laid-back creativity on record were stretched into oblique instrumentals in which Gough and his band seemed intent on playing with, and for, themselves. The result was a performance that felt more like a tipsy bedroom jam session than a concert.

    True, in terms of repertoire, Badly Drawn Boy delivered. Most of the material from the album was covered (including "Pissing in the Wind" and "Once Around the Block"). There was a good smattering of songs from earlier EPs ("Road Movie", "Shake the Rollercoaster," "Outside Is a Light" and the hypnotic "Distant Town," with its bizarre coda of "I think we're getting close/ I see the flies around you").

    But there were also rambling monologues about Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey and U2's Bono ("I think I'm starting to become Bono," Gough sighed of fame's pitfalls); songs repeatedly started and aborted; and stream-of- consciousness raps about nothing except their own lack of inspiration (in one case, "I came to say one thing /Just one thing/ It's just taking a little longer than I expected it to," chanted ad nauseam).

    Gough is nothing if not contradictory. When he wasn't busy boring them, he strove to connect with his weary fans. He dedicated "Camping Next to Water" to those who attended his first San Francisco appearance at Bimbo's. He passed around a photograph of his infant daughter and dedicated the acoustic number "The Shining" to her, and introduced the crowd to his wife and sister, who were watching the show from the balcony. He readily shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and even checked out the crowd with a magnifying glass.

    In the midst of all the distractions, a few songs managed to struggle to the surface and shine, particularly the lovely piano-and-voice "Magic in the Air," the pithy "Everybody's Stalking" and the country-tinged "This Song." But these were exceptions that did little to lift the show's somnambulant mood. During one of his more insightful monologues, Gough rhapsodized over the experience of seeing a San Francisco street bearing his surname. He then wove a visionary tale about watching a young man wandering that same street on his way to nowhere. "I was intrigued," he said of his vision. Well, he should have been, because it was a perfect metaphor for Friday's concert: One Badly Drawn Boy, self-obsessed and meandering through oblivion.

    Article taken from todays San Francisco Chronicle

    EMI to compose solo theme tune for year results
    LONDON, May 18 (Reuters) - After 18 months locked in merger talks, UK-based music group EMI will be singing a different tune next week when it announces full-year results and reveals plans for the continuation of its solo career.

    A year ago, Chairman Eric Nicoli waxed lyrical about merging with Warner Music as century-old EMI prepared to lay its independent past to rest. But with two failed merger attempts since then, the market will want to hear something new next Tuesday.

    Having announced headline figures when EMI called an end to its talks with German-based Bertelsmann earlier this month, Nicoli will want to drive home two key messages: that EMI can cut costs on its own and also conquer the all-important U.S. market without the head start Bertelsmann's BMG unit offered.

    "He'll want to give the impression that they have a sound strategy as a stand-alone and that he's the man to take them forward," said Kingsley Wilson, analyst at Investec Henderson Crosthwaite.

    In an early teaser to the results, EMI said on May 1 that adjusted pre-tax profit in the year to end-March rose six percent to 260 million pounds ($372 million) on sales of 2.7 billion pounds, a 12 percent improvement on the previous year. The numbers got a generally warm reception from analysts. "The figures have beaten most forecasts, so the company hasn't lost anything by going and talking with BMG," Wilson added. "It hasn't cost them anything extra."

    EMI, which helped build the careers of artists such as the Beatles and the Spice Girls, saw 200 million pounds of annual savings slip between its fingers when talks with Bertelsmann hit a dead end in the face of antitrust opposition.

    EMI's second failed merger attempt in a year signalled that regulators were not prepared to see the world's five big music groups shrink to four, meaning EMI must look elsewhere to make cost cuts.

    An obvious target for savings will be manufacturing and distribution -- areas where the group will be looking either to ally with other music groups or to dispose of some assets. Indeed, EMI was in talks with industry leader Universal Music over such a venture when Warner Music first approached Nicoli about a full-scale merger.

    The Warner merger faced the same fate as the Bertelsmann talks. Regulators looked poised to stop any tie-up without major disposals -- a sacrifice both sides were unwilling to make.

    How EMI has fared in the traditionally difficult U.S. market while distracted by 18 months of merger talks will also be high on the agenda next week, analysts said.

    One of the key motives of a merger with both Warner and Bertelsmann's music arm BMG had been to grow stronger in the highly competitive U.S. market where EMI has seen its share dwindle to the lowest of the five major music groups.

    However, according to market researcher Soundscan, EMI's market share has recovered some ground over the last year, with its share up to 11 percent from around seven percent. EMI has also landed some high-profile victories, such as luring Mariah Carey to its Virgin label and drawing one-time Beastie Boys manager Andy Slater to Capitol Records.

    While analysts want EMI to spot more up-and-coming talent, rather than paying millions for stars like Carey, EMI will not be making the mistake of cutting budgets on the creative side.

    But the group may have to consider bringing together some of the more mundane functions of the labels which currently operate very much as separate entities, analysts said.

    While analysts say they believe EMI is a perfectly viable standalone business, going it alone will not be easy in an industry facing faint growth, fierce rivalry in the United States and the challenge of digital distribution.

    "People wil be looking for indications about how their online strategy is going to develop," one fund manager with a stake in EMI said of the results.

    A demonstration for the U.S. Congress on Thursday by MusicNet, an online music system being developed by EMI, Warner Music and Berteslmann with RealNetworks, has pushed digital distribution into the spotlight.

    Unlike its four major rivals, EMI also doesn't have the luxury of a big media empire to hide behind when the going gets tough, which means Tuesday will be an important day.

    "Unless they give a fairly rigourous business plan going forward, there could be a bit of disappointment," Investec's Wilson said. But Eric Nicoli has "been in the market long enough to know," he added.

    Article taken from

    Nelly Furtado on Mariah
    Here is a piece of an interview from Nelly Furtado's official website in her article/biography section. Thank to Danielle for this info:

    ...Among other things, Whoa Nelly! is a melding of Furtado's accumulated musical inspiration. The singer-songwriter grew up with plenty of mainstream pop - Abba, Lionel Ritchie, Madonna, Paula Abdul - but in her formative years, she became fixated on its urban incarnation. An infatuation with youngsters Kris Kross led to an embrace of early '90s R&B like New Edition, Bel Biv Devoe, Salt-N-Pepa and Jodeci. Furtado informs: "On my 12th birthday one of my friends bought me a Mariah Carey tape."

    Check out this site...
    Alexander would like you all to check out his website for Mariah called Mariah 4 life. He recently created a new Mariah club, so make sure you go and check that out!

    Note From Regina...
    Tomorrow I will be starting my summer college courses and the times for when I update this site, might change a bit! The InfoMC Newsletter will no longer be sent out every Friday! Instead it will be sent out every Monday, starting next week. I attend classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm until 11 pm EST (sucks doesn't it?). Here are the times, I will most likely update the site:
    Saturday and Sunday...Around 4 pm EST, as always (work 7am-3pm)!
    Monday...Early in the morning because I am off from work and school
    Tuesday...Work 7am-3pm and school from 5 pm-11pm, so I will most likely update the site late Monday night, if anything pops up. This is the only day, it will be hard to update!!
    Wednesday...Early in the morning, only have school at night!
    Thursday...Early in the morning, only have school at night!
    Friday...Work from 9am until 5 pm, update should be up by about 6 or 7 pm EST or I might also get up 2 hours before I go to work and update then, because I have done that before several times!

    So there ya go!! This is only for the next 5 weeks but just wanted to inform you all, just so you know!! Thanks much!!

    May 20, 2001...
    Mariah on French TV
    Jordan and Benjamin informed me that the special for Mariah finally aired in France last night! Benjamin was very kind and made a transcript of the interview, which you can read below. There might be a couple mistakes because the translator spoke over Mariah and at points, it was a bit difficult and I don't like the "bimbo" comment! Jordan, told me where I could find a realvideo of the video, which MisterB made! I had a very hard time seeing it and eventually gave up, but you can check it out if you like by clicking here. It's not a new interview, as originally thought, but it's from when MC was in Spain, wearing that pinkish bikini outfit!

    Mariah carey is the biggest selling artist of the decade, with more than 140 million disks sold, we know her in many register "divas", "james bond girl" and "bimbo" and now she is coming as a actress, this summer will be release her first film all that glitters and the soundtrack which is also her new album.

    Mc: The movie is about a singer, it's a love story between her and a Dj it takes place in the 1980's, she becomes famous but that's not the important thing, the important thing is that she descovers herself, it's a soundtrack who tells you the story of the film but it's also my next album, you can listen to it and enjoy it, there a lot of dancable songs, but because it's an emotional film there's also balads who help you to understand the movie, i'm very fortunate to be able to do 3 things i love : writing songs, singing and play comedy, it's been a new experience for me and it's been a long time since we have seen a film like that a film whoch tells the story throw the music and or by himself. I really hope that the audience will enjoy me as the caracters of this movie, when i watched this movie i tryed to watched it like an ordinary people not as mariah carey the singer, and i found that it was a good film so i hope the audience will like it as well as the music.

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. Check them out, if you like!

    Plus, I added two more sites to Lamb Central:

  • Stay Awhile
  • They Call They Wind Mariah reports on ATG
    Mariah's Fan Club (Spain) and Iban informed me that has added All That Glitters to their databases. Here is the information on the site...

    All That Glitters
    Release Date: August 31, 2001
    Studio: 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures
    Director: Vondie Curtis-Hall
    Screenwriter: Katie Lanier, John Wilder
    Starring: Mariah Carey, Max Beesley, Terence Howard, Kyle Trash, Eric Benét, Da Brat
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    MPAA Rating: Not available
    Official Website: Not available
    Review: Not available
    DVD/VHS: Not available
    Movie Poster: Not available
    Plot Summary: The story of a young singer, Billie Frank (Carey), who overcomes a turbulent childhood and struggles to find her true family and her true voice. Bilile is discovered by Julian Dice, a charismatic, irresistible "bad boy" deejay who soon becomes her partner, producer and lover. With Dice, she begins an exciting but often volatile and precarious journey as she struggles through both her personal and professional life, riding the roller coaster to superstardom with a tearful yet joyful climactic conclusion.".
    Trailer: Coming Soon!

    Dave sent me the latest info from
    The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions /Issue Date: May 11, 1991
    This Week/Last Week/Weeks on chart/"Title," Artist
    Imprint | Catalog No. | Distributing Label
    Peak Position
    1    1    113    Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey 9
    Columbia | 45202 | Columbia   

    Get your Mariah E-mail Address
    Julie contacted me and told me that you can down get your own address at Fly Away's website. For more information about this, click on the banner below and check it out!

    Magazine Info...
    Mark told me that you can check out Mariah in the May 18th issue of OK magazine. It talks about how MC paid off her limo driver, to settle the issue!

    Forever Starts Tonight
    Here is what Lynn told me:
    I just wanted to let you know that my high school here in California, LA, the theme to this year's prom is "Forever Starts Tonight"  and guess what the theme song is?!?!  Yup its "Forever" by our Lamby.  I just thought that was cool.  Plus to promote prom and everything, they play the song during the announcements, which means the whole school gets to hear it. COOL? Huh?  Everytime the announcements comes on they use it as a intro too!  and everytime its on all my friends look at me cause they know I love mc.

    Man who threatened sheriff, stars sentenced
    PHOENIX (AP) A man who threatened to kill Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and stalked others was sentenced Friday to intensive lifetime probation.

    Gabriel Espinosa, 38, had been in jail since February 2000 after he was arrested for making a series of threats against Arpaio, television anchorwoman Jineane Ford, pop rock stars Madonna and Mariah Carey, and actress Christina Applegate.

    ``Arpaio, he's dead Saturday,'' Espinosa allegedly said during one telephone call.

    Espinosa also had been convicted of stalking in 1995. On Friday, he pleaded guilty to three felony counts of talking. He was sent to the Arizona State Hospital, a mental institution, for an indefinite period to be followed the probation. Under its terms, he is to have no contact with Arpaio or Ford and their families and to take medication for his mental condition.

    Violation of probation could result in a prison sentence of up to 8 3/4 years. Investigators said Espinosa sent threatening cards and bizarre gifts to the three celebrities, decorating them with numbers that authorities said signify police codes for murder and shootings.

    Authorities said Espinosa, an unemployed former van driver with an extensive criminal record, also had written threatening postcards to local television personalities Jana Bommersbach and John Hook. The cards were found during a search of his apartment.

    (Many thanks to Tom for this article!)

    Health Zone: Beauty: We can make you look like a dream
    Health Zone: Beauty - We can make you look like a dream THE SPECIALISTS WHO KEEP THE STARS IN TOP CONDITION
    Source: The Mirror, May 17, 2001 JANICE COLLIER

    SEXY hair, great bodies and looks to die for! Just where do all the "beautiful people" go for the fix that helps them keep their looks? Well, we've track down the "dream team" of specialist therapists that take care of everything from hair colour to cosmetic surgery. You may have to wait anything from six months to two years for an appointment, but don't be put off - there are always cancellations!

    Holistic Beauty Therapist
    What makes Bharti special? Bharti is much more than just a beauty therapist. An aromatherapist and acupuncturist, she's also trained in laser therapy, ayurveda and magnet therapy.

    She combines traditional beauty treatments with ancient Eastern philosophies and holistic therapies.

    And she tailors therapy routines to suit individuals. Clientele include supermodels, royalty, politicians, actors and musicians such as: Britt Ekland, Sophie Dahl, Mariah Carey, Ralph Fiennes, Cherie Blair, Cher, Lady Helen Taylor, Julia Carling, Liza Aziz Prices start at pounds 120 for a harmonising facial involving back, scalp and face Waiting list for Bharti is about a year Bharti's advice: The fundamental truth about beauty is that it begins on the inside. You have to make the connection between your inner health and outer beauty.

    (Many thanks to Tom for this article!)

    May 19, 2001...
    Mariah Carey appears to have come up with her own solution to California's energy crisis.

    OK, maybe she won't single-handedly rid the state of rolling blackouts, but one has to marvel at the inexhaustible energy of someone who can make Beyoncé look like a couch potato.

    "Glitter" is actually the name of Mariah's big-screen debut and her accompanying soundtrack. Over the course of one whirlwind 48-hour period last week, Mariah displayed almost superhuman stamina, working on the video for her upcoming "Loverboy" single until six in the morning, sleeping a few hours and spending most of the day meeting and greeting the troops at her new label, Virgin Records. She then sat for interviews for six hours, during which she changed outfits four times.

    Around midnight, as her crew began to get the hollowed-eye look of the living dead, Carey decided she wanted to go to a recording studio to finish a song that funk superstar Rick James had just written for her. She started laying down tracks at two in the morning, just a few hours before she had to drive out to a racetrack to finish shooting the "Loverboy" video. Did we mention she was about to begin work on her second film only a few days later?

    "What month is this?" Mariah wondered aloud earlier that evening as she lounged in barely-there Daisy Duke jean shorts and a bedazzled bandana-style bikini top near a personal pool at the ritzy Beverly Hills Hotel. A stylist primped her hair while Mariah tried to answer the 297 messages backed up on her constantly chiming two-way pager. "Yesterday I saw these people dressed up, and I thought it was Halloween. I got so excited."

    Even after 10 years in the spotlight and more than 120 million albums and singles sold, you'd think Mariah would slow down. But later that night, as she slipped through the quiet Los Angeles night in a stretch limo on her way to the studio, Mariah explained that working on the movie has given her a boost of energy she's never felt before.

    "It's not scary at all," she said, flicking a wrist heavy with gold chains and an oversized "Loverboy" charm. "I've been dying to do [a movie] for three and a half years, but fools wouldn't let me. I don't have issues with being in front of the camera. I've been a freakin' ham since I was 3 years old!"

    Although she wouldn't specify who prevented her from working on the movie, Mariah said she's well aware of "haters" who might suggest the "Glitter" role is not much of a stretch for the 31-year-old singer.

    In the film, scheduled to open August 31, Mariah plays a struggling singer named Billie who is trying to get discovered in the early '80s. The story is not dissimilar to Carey's tales of "running around in the street like a vagrant with my little demo tape" in the late '80s.

    "It's really not autobiographical," she insisted, however, taking a last swig from her flute of Cristal champagne. "The girl is a singer, but it's completely not my life. It kinda couldn't be farther from my life. Even the guy that she's with (DJ Dice) is so not like anybody that I've ever been with."

    The guest-packed soundtrack album, which Mariah continues to tweak and reshape, will drop on August 21 and is slated to feature at least a half-dozen songs produced by legendary R&B team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The songs — some of which feature vintage keyboards and drum machines, according to Lewis — bear the unmistakable grooves of the duo's classic R&B hits of the skinny-tie decade. Although she was unwilling to divulge who all the guests are just yet, one song Mariah did talk about is the first single, the uptempo party number "Loverboy."

    The song, which alternates a bouncing funky bass with rock guitars, features cameos from rappers Da Brat (who also stars in the film), Ludacris, 22 and Shawna. Funk legends Cameo, who also appear on the track, went into the studio to re-sing the chorus of their 1986 hit "Candy," a song Mariah said has always been one of her favorites.

    "I felt like a little kid again, like, 'Please just sing this how you did it on the remix,'" Mariah said she told them. "And then I felt bad because I didn't want to be overstepping my boundaries. It's like reliving a childhood moment."

    One of the other "crazy party jams" on the album is a cover of In Deep's early-'80s club classic "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life," which also has a touch of rock guitar. The dreamy disco anthem was produced by New York's DJ Clue and has guest vocals from underground rapper Fabolous and another major rap star Mariah is not ready to reveal just yet. But don't think the whole album is a period piece, she warned.

    "The uptempo [songs] are aggressive and hot and represent that spirit of the '80s. But I also have a lot of guest artists that really make it hot [and contemporary]," she said. "The ballads are also this deep, emotional intense songs that would stand on their own as a regular album from me."

    As the limo sped by the legendary Hollywood rock club Whisky a Go Go, Mariah said her next film, the independent feature "Wisegirls," will prove that she's more Mark Wahlberg than Vanilla Ice.

    "A lot of people will say, 'Oh she's playing a singer for the first time,'" she said. "Which is why I wanted to do 'Wisegirls,' because I'm really playing a character; she not a singer. It's totally out there — and, as you may have noticed, there's some [part] of my personality that needs to express anger."

    Thanks to Iban for this interview, taken from!!!

    Message from
    Here is the latest information from

    May 2001
    Not one news update since the launching of the site! Most sincere apologies! much ground to cover!

    It may have seemed like MC has been laying low for a bit - from the public eye, perhaps - but honestly...this is Mariah Carey we are talking about! She's the hardest working girl in the world (and she doesn't have the first idea how to lay low) !!

    At it as hard as ever, MC spent most of April in Malaga, Spain recording and finishing the 'GLITTER' soundtrack, which is sure to be AMAZING...featuring fabulous collaborations with many great quest artists and is obviously full of the incredible vocal stylings of the one we all love the most - the Queen Chop! The first single, "Loverboy", is scheduled to be released in mid-June and the album will follow in mid-August.

    In early May MC made a very quick trip to LA, in between her hectic schedule of photo shoots and mad PR, (hint: keep an eye out for summer covers, covers, covers!) to supervise the music/sound mix for "Glitter". that she has that wrapping up nicely with in the next week or so MC will be getting ready to shoot the video!

    Obviously you all already know, but Virgin Records is the lucky label of MC's choice and her exciting new four-album contract became official as of April 3, 2001. Clearly, Mariah is thrilled about the alliance with such a wonderful and supportive record company and we are so happy for her!

    Never one to sit still, MC has yet another exciting project right around the corner! Joining a very talented team including Mira Sorvino and director David Anspaugh, Mariah is set to star in the indie-drama "Wise Girls", about three waitresses who work at a mob-owned restaurant and become involved in "the business". The film is scheduled to start shooting mid-May in Nova Scotia.

    Probably the most exciting news of all is that Mariah has finally moved into her absolutely beautiful new apartment in New York City! This is definitely yet another thing MC has waited, very patiently, a very long time for and it is a very special thing for her to after all this time, be able to call somewhere "home". Look out MTV Cribs!

    Mariah in Sister 2 Sister
    Denise tells me that you can check out Mariah in the June 2001 Sister 2 Sister. There is a picture of MC from the Rainbow Tour, with a silver top and cutoff jeans! Denise was very kind and typed out the article for us!

    Mariah Gets Paid More Than "Miss Jackson If You're Nasty"
    Virgin Music Group Worldwide announced that it has signed Mariah Carey to an unprecedented several-album deal, making her the highest paid recording artist in history. It's been reported that she got $80 million including $20 million as an advance.

    Seven million was to buy out her last album from her former record label, Sony. That's the soundtrack from her movie, All That Glitters. She's said to have a duet with Luis Miguel on that album.

    One thing for sure is that Mariah got a better deal than Janet Jackson. Janet, who now becomes Mariah's new label mate, previously shocked the industry with her multimillion dollar deal.

    In case you didn't know, Mariah has sold more than 140 million albums and singles in her career. This child is just 31 years old.

    News from Brazil...
    Here is what Fabio told me:
    Acording to Virgin Records Brasil, Mariah´s new movie will be called Glitter, and no longer All That Glitter. And that will be he name of her new album too. And they also said that the Loverboy video will be on a car racing with dozens of celebrities in the audience.

    Mariah's Astrology
    "April12" sent me Mariah's information frm the Yahoo Astrology section. It's a profile on Mariah based on her star sign and the positions of the stars on her specific date and place of birth.

    Shrinking violet is not a term that describes Aries Mariah Carey. The songbird in the short, short dress knows that glam plus vocal prowess equals megasuccess. Even so, life wasn't always so simple for the diva Carey, who penned tunes in high school in the hopes of being recognized by someone in the music business. Her dream came true thanks to Sony honcho Tommy Mottola, who saw promise in the young singer and signed her right up. Tommy married Mariah, too, but that deal was less successful. Numerous hit albums and Grammy Awards later, Mariah continues to dazzle her fans while she's escorted by some of the most eligible men (the Yankees' Derek Jeter, Sean 'Puffy' Combs, Luis Miguel) around.

    Birth Details:
    March 27, 1970
    New York, New York

    Born under an Aries Sun, Carey is a feisty and independent woman who wants to be the best. Can you say competitive? You bet. The songstress is an 'A' student in the school of 'Me First,' too, and much to her credit, has the enthusiasm and initiative to be front-page news. With her Sun conjunct Mercury, Mariah's will to act is further strengthened. Nervous energy is the order of the day here, both good and bad. Carey's Sun and Mercury both find themselves opposite Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, in this chart. The Sun's opposition to Uranus is anything but subtle, presenting us with a woman who is willful to the point of being dictatorial. Mercury's opposition to Uranus sounds off in the form of inconsistent ideas, radical points of view and myriad controversies. The singer's actions will get her into trouble from time to time, but she'll get a lot done, too. Thanks to her Mercury in Aries, New York's finest won't always think before she speaks. That may be why she's quick to talk about a very familiar subject -- herself! Yes, marvelous Mariah is fast on her feet, loves to mix it up and is a formidable foe in a verbal joust. With her Venus in Aries as well (the Ram really does love this girl!), Ms. Carey can be a bit selfish in the game of love. The singer is aggressive and competitive when it comes to love, although she is also deliciously sociable and delightfully romantic. This placement further indicates that Carey is likely to spend her money as quickly as she makes it. Lastly, with her Venus unaspected in the heavens (making no aspects to any planets or points), look for Carey's romantic persona to be somewhat disconnected from the rest of her self. It's Mars in Taurus which brings Carey back to terra firma. The Bull's meeting with the Planet of Passion signals strength and determination, but of a more measured and purposeful variety. The songstress will get the things she wants (like money), albeit in due course. Since Mars is in conj! unct to stern Saturn here, Carey will see to it that she's always got a plan and is working it. Mariah? Working it? Ask her fans!

    Picture Gallery gets revamped
    I changed the color and graphics in the Picture Gallery! Check it out if you like, by clicking here! While you are there, check out 6 pictures of Mariah in Gallery 54!! They are lovely pics and many thanks to DJ FunkDaFlyd for the pics.

    Mariah came in #99
    Latino pop and movie bombshell Jennifer Lopez has been voted the sexiest woman in the world, in FHM magazine's annual poll. It is the second year running that Lopez has won the long-established honour, which is decided by members of the public and received over 2 million votes in 2001 alone.

    Lopez celebrated by commenting: "It was such an honour to receive the award the first time, never mind two years in a row." "Any woman who says they don't like to being called sexy, they're lying. It's the most flattering thing in the world," said Lopez. Amongst the other female pop stars in the Top 100 were Rachel Stevens, who finished a sensational and well-deserved second and Britney Spears in third.

    The full list of pop placings is as follows:
    1. Jennifer Lopez.
    2. Rachel Stevens.
    3. Britney Spears.
    14. Louise Redknapp.
    15. Beyonce Knowles.
    21. Shania Twain.
    28. Geri Halliwell.
    29. Lisa Scott Lee (Steps).
    31. Toni Braxton.
    32. Dannii Minogue.
    44. Kylie Minogue.
    45. Christina Aguilera.
    48. Billie Piper.
    49. Claire Richards (Steps).
    56. Faye Tozer (Steps).
    63. Hannah Spearritt.
    71. Emma Bunton.
    75. Andrea Corr.
    99. Mariah Carey.

    Taken from and many thanks to Ken!

    Glitter Gets Reviewed
    Val was checking out the local paper and came across a review for All That Glitters. Sadly, it's not a very nice one!! Check it out below:

    Movies+Pop Stars=Crapola. True, it's not an inviolable rule (look at "The Man With the Golden Arm" with Frank Sinatra), but there have been just enough terrible movies with singers in leading roles to make you wary. This is a "Born in Poverty, Rises to Stardom, yada, yada, yada" tale with Mariah Carey in the lead. It's also been scheduled in that late August dumping ground, and that's enough to raise your eyebrows right there. (Aug. 31).

    May 18, 2001...
    More "Blonde" pictures
    Thanks to Matt from Mariah World, I have a couple more pics of MC with her new blonde hair leaving hotel Pierre in New York. The pictures below are pretty small and they have copyrights over them because they are thumbnails to order the pics online! Click the image below to see a larger version of the pictures. Make sure you check out yesterdays information too, because I did 3 updates yesterday!

    What do you think of Mariah's new hair color? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    Sound Check: SPARKLEY
    Female pop star Mariah Carey will deliver her first album for Virgin Records on August 21after leaving longtime label Columbia Records. The album, Glitter, will be along the lines of Prince's Purple Rain, serving as both a solo album and a soundtrack for feature film All That Glitters. Its first single will be "Lover Boy," featuring Da Brat, and will hit radio June 25, according to Virgin

    Taken from Yahoo's Daily News

    Mariah Carey is the biggest-selling female recording artist of the last decade - but can she act? With a fan base this loyal, it doesn't really matter. Set against the backdrop of the New York club scene, the film tells the rags-to-riches story of Billie Frank (Carey), who survives a turbulent childhood to be discovered by a bad-boy deejay (Max Beesley) who becomes her partner, producer and lover and sets her on the road to stardom. Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall, "All That Glitters" co-stars rap artist Shawntae Harris and recording artist Eric Benet, features a soundtrack that includes Carey's collaborative efforts with artists such as Rick James and Jimmy Jam and may conclude with a worldwide tour. No marketing strategy there.

    Article from Variety and thanks to Mariah Carey Archives

    Tommy's Been With Them All?
    Chris told me that in the June 2001 issue of Vanity Fair, with Jennifer Lopez on the cover, the insider was talking about J-LO and they mention this in the section called "You Wanna Know Something?" It says...

    Tommy Mottola, the flamboyant Sony Music Entertainment C.E.O, who in 1998 added Lopez to his famous table of divas, including Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. "I've benn with them all, and have made most of them, and Jennifer is probably the least diffcult of all of them."
    I don't know if his words got mixed around in that statement or if he really said that but all I can say is, it's a good thing Mariah LEFT HIM!

    What do you think of Tommy's rude comments? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    New MC CD?
    Gary told me that on, they have a new Mariah CD and here is the info...
    Plays the Hits Made Famous by Mariah Carey
    Starsound Orchestra
    Our Price: $5.97
    Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.

    France Inteview: Rescheduled Two Parter
    Benjamin informed me of the latest information in France about the interview that was suppose to air and never did on M6! He said that the first show, will include an exclusive interview some images from the footage of the Loverboy video and the second one, coming out in June, will be an interview about her new album. Neither show has a date yet but Benjamin will inform me ASAP when he hears anything and then I will report it here!

    Additions to Lamb Central
    I added two new sites to Lamb Central today. They include:

  • Madame Butterfly
  • Mariah Carey Sunlight

    May 17, 2001...Update #3
    Mariah on Entertainment Tonight
    They showed Mariah on the show briefly tonight and that was it. Alex was very nice and made 2 caps of MC on ET for us! You can check them out by clicking the smaller images below. The show was about pushing sex in music videos and how far is too far. They talked about all different celebrities like Britney, J-Lo, Mandy and even Mariah! They showed part of Mariah's Crybaby Video, where she is in the tub. Her response was:

    If someone wants to push the envelope with their whole sexuality thing, if that's their bag, then good!

    Mariah's hair didn't look as blonde as it does in the picture below and I was a bit dissapointed that they didn't show more from the video but I am hoping, next week they will do a little segment about the video shoot!!
    What did you think of ET? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    May 17, 2001...Update #2
    WOW, that's blonde
    Ilda was very kind and sent me a nice large scan of the new picture of Mariah leaving hotel Pierre in New York recently with her new, very blonde, hair! This is the picture, which you can get in the May 22nd issue of the Mira Tabloid. If you want to check it out, check out Gallery 54! There is a sneak peak of the picture to your left!!!

    What do you think of Mariah's new hair color? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    Update #3 Coming Shortly...
    In about 3 hours or so, I will have screen caps and a report about Entertainment Tonight1 Mariah's hair will look like it is above, very very blonde, hee hee! Make sure you come back later tonight for all the dish!

    May 17, 2001...
    Mariah on Entertainment Tonight
    Check out Mariah on Entertainment Tonight on CBS tonight. They are doing a story on Britney Spears and other young pop divas and they showed Mariah with her brand new, very blonde, hair! She said in the short preview, "If someone wants to push the limits with sexuality, that's a good thing!" I will have a few screen caps even later tonight on this site or tomorrow morning and hopefully tomorrow night, I will have the scan of MC leaving her NY apartment with her "blonder hair!" Thanks to Brian, Jose and Laney for informing me about this and here is an article about the show, which does not mention Mariah, that will air tonight taking from

    Music Videos: Too Sexy?
    May 17, 2001 Some say the music makes them do it -- others say it's personal expression. Either way, the bottom line is sex does sell. And while the music biz used to call on adult film stars to steam up select videos, today it's the mainstream artists who are pushing the limits, saying there's nothing wrong with that.

    "I think sexuality is something that comes naturally to you," always-sexy CHRISTINA AGUILERA explains, "I don't wear anything I don't feel comfortable in."

    Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS doesn't shy away from showing skin either. In fact, she showed so much of it in a recent video, it was banned from airing on the Disney Channel. There's no doubt that her sexy image helped make her a star, but does that put pressure on the next wave of teen divas -- such as 13-year-old KACI and 16-year-old MANDY -- to turn up the heat as they seek their own budding careers?

    Although high heels and bare skin are definitely on display in DESTINY'S CHILD's new video for "Bootylicious," the ladies say they know exactly where to draw the line. "My mother is our stylist and she sits right there," offers the super-sultry BEYONCE of the popular R&B trio. "If it's anything we can't do in front of our parents we don't do it."

    But not everyone has the benefit of parental guidance. The fiery quartet of PINK, MYA, LIL'KIM and Aguilera all strut their stuff in turn-of-the-century hooker fashion for the 'Moulin Rouge' soundtrack video, and from JANET JACKSON's near-naked album cover to J-LO's video strip-tease, the message is loud and clear -- skin is in!

    So whether it is that "Bootylicious" music that makes them do it or it's just a gimmick to move more records -- sex is selling a whole lot! In the bumping, grinding world of music videos, it could be said seeing is believing.

    Homepage photos courtesy of Jive Records (Britney Spears) and Virgin Records America, Inc. (Janet Jackson).

    Excited about tonight's ET? Post your thoughts on the messageboard!

    Mariah on Making the Video?
    First off, let me say, this is NOT confirmed! Matt informed me that in the back of his local television magazine, they list previews on what is going to come in the following month, which would be June 2001! Under MTV, it had some future "Making the Video" airings and Mariah's name was listed there. It did not say the name of the video, just her name. Matt informs me though that these "previews" have been wrong before but they have also been correct! So I guess, we havea 50/50 chance of MC being on another Making The Video! We will just have to wait and see! MTV's website had nothing on MC being on Making the Video yet!

    (May. 15, 2001) *Mariah Carey's first album on the Virgin imprint is slated to drop August 21. Not so coincidentally, it is also the soundtrack to the film "All That Glitters," which Carey herself is starring in. On the album, Mariah will cover Indeep's early-'80s club hit "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life," according to DJ Clue, who produced that track and one other with his partner Duro.

    Thanks to Ashley for this article taken from Entertainment Sleuth's website.

    Mariah to work with Busta?
    Details of Mariah Carey's brand new album are beginning to emerge. The LP, 'Glitter', features the production work of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (who produced Chante Moore's hit single 'Straight Up') and a collaboration with Busta Rhymes. DJ Clue also lends his production savvy to Miss Carey for her take on the '80s club classic 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life'. The first single from the album will be 'Lover Boy' and sees Mariah hook up with Da Brat and Ludicris. UK release dates are not available yet.

    Taken from BBC Online!

    Mariah to tour in 2003
    Well, not really! Yesterday it was announced that the City of Winnipeg (Canada) would build a new 125 million dollar sportsplex. There was three banners hung from the ceiling featuring artists and one of the pictures was Mariah Carey with a concert date of October 23, 2003. However, she really will not be coming to Winnipeg, it was just to show that this new center could attract artists as big as Mariah Carey. Pretty cool huh? Thanks to Kyle for this information

    Upcoming Movies up ATG Site has updated their site a bit. They added some information from a recent Fox press release and thanks to Jeanette for this information.

    "[this is] the story of a young singer, Billie Frank (Carey), who overcomes a turbulent childhood and struggles to find her true family and her true voice. Billie is discovered by Julian Dice, a charismatic, irresistible "bad boy" deejay who soon becomes her partner, producer and lover. With Dice, she begins an exciting but often volatile and precarious journey as she struggles through both her personal and professio! nal life, riding the roller coaster to superstardom with a tearful yet joyful climactic conclusion." 

    They Call The Wind Mariah
    They had a little bit of information on MC, one sentence, in the Did You Know Section on Indiatimes website...

    Did you know that Mariah Carey is named after the song They Call The Wind Mariah from the film Paint Your Wagon

    France News for Glitter
    Sylvain sent me the following information and many thanks to
    In France, a source from Virgin told me that the album release waqs schedulded for Augest 21 but it should be postponed to August 28th. The single will be on radio end June and on sale in July. The movie is scheduled for October 31st but it could (according to Virgin) be postponed to december or january.

    Mariah will be on cover of Cosmopolitain and Madame Figaro in July.

    Mariah's Honey not worthy of #95?
    Whitney Matheson, reported for a USA Today column called Pop Candy, reviewed the recent VH1 show, Top 100 Music Videos. She listed a couple of videos that she didn't think should be on the countdown and basically tore them apart. Unfortunately, Mariah's Honey video was one of the ones she ripped on! You can send in your thoughts on what Whitney said by e-mailing her at
    She will post some of the comments she received and all comments must be in by May 12st. Check out what she said about Honey below and Ashley, sent me what she sent Whitney...

    Take out No. 95: Mariah Carey, Honey. Gag me with a halter top: This video was a bit too sweet, too polished, too ... well, too Mariah.

    Replace it with: Toni Basil's Mickey. I know this pick might provoke some angry e-mail, but let's face it: This DIY pep rally is mesmerizing! Like Passions and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, Mickey is so bad it's good. And although the women are in cheerleading outfits, at least they're real-looking women — you won't find a future supermodel in the bunch.

    Here's what Ashley replied:
    What do you mean by "too Mariah?" This video was like a huge breakthrough for her. It was right after her divorce, and she got to be herslef. Plus, there's plenty of action going on an I happen to think Mariah looks gorgeous-not "too polished." And COME ON you cannot tell me that you did not enjoy the hot model guy at the end of the video!
    Boston, MA

    Post your thoughts about this issue on the messageboard!

    Don't forget to continue to vote for Mariah as your favorite retired video on TRL! There will be a special and we surely want Heartbreaker to make this special.
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    Mariah's T-Shirts At Macy?
    Here is what Taryn told me:
    Today at Macy's I saw some tank tops that had the names of a few of mariah's songs on it, such as "heartbreaker" and "honey." it seemed to be designed in a Mariah type style too.  It looked like the style of the tank top that mariah wore on tour with her name on it.

    New Wallpapers
    Check out Wallpaper #3 for some new lovely wallpapers that Asma has created!

    Check out this website...
    Pauline, from Mariah's Lamby, would like you all to check out her website on Mariah Carey. It has a lot of cool section and it's a pretty nice website! So make sure you check it out!

    May 16, 2001...
    David on Mariah
    The following interview is from Model about the model David Fumero, who was in Mariah's Honey Video. Thanks to Lisa and Moni for this article:

    How did you get chosen for the Mariah Carey video?
    It was through a hairstylist on a shoot I was doing who also happened to work for Mariah Carey, and he mentioned me to her. I was in Milan when they called me about it. I was there to do a shoot for Armani Jeans the next day with my brother. I was having lunch in this little café and my agent called to tell me that Mariah Carey wanted me for her video, but they weren't offering much in the way of money. I told him he was crazy, that I'd make more doing the campaign. By the end of my lunch the agent called back and the video had turned into great pay and travel by Concorde, so I did it and had a blast.

    Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life Lyrics
    Jenna sent me the lyrics to the song that Mariah is remaking for the All That Glitters soundtrack! Check it out below and if you would like to listen to it, as you read the lyrics, check it out here! Many thanks to Mariahs Diary!

    Indeep LAST NIGHT A D.J. SAVED MY LIFE Album: (unknown album)

    Last night a D.J. saved my life
    Last night a D.J. saved my life
    'cause I was sittin' there bored to death
    And in just one breath he said: You gotta get up
    You gotta get off
    you gotta get down
    You know
    you drive me crazy

    You've got me turning to another man.
    Called you on the phone
    no one's home -
    why'd you leave me all alone?
    And if it wasn't for the music I don't know what I do.

    Last night a D.J. saved my life
    Last night a D.J. saved my life from a broken heart.
    Last night a D.J. saved my life
    Last night a D.J. saved my life with a song.

    You know I hopped into my car - didn't get very far
    I know.
    Before I had you on my mind - why be so unkind?
    You've got your women all around
    all around this town.
    But I was trapped in love with you and I didn't know what to do

    But then I turned on the radio
    found out all I need to know.
    - Check it out. -

    Last night a D.J. saved my life
    . . .
    Last night a D.J. saved my life
    . . .

    listen up to your local D.J. - you better hear what he's got to say
    There's not a problem
    That I can't fix
    'cause I can do
    On the double.
    And you don't let it
    Trouble your brain
    'cause away goes trouble
    Down the drain.
    Said Away goes trouble down
    The drain. -
    Well all right.

    Glitter Charts
    I updated the All That Glitters Page with a chart announcing all the information from around the world. So far, I have information for USA, Holland, Japan and Brazil! If you know information for your country, contact me and let me know and if you want to check out the chart, check out the All That Glitters Page!

    May 15, 2001...
    Luis Prefers Her as a Blonde
    Singer Mariah Carey's hair looks blonder every day, as you can see by the recent photo of her taken as she was leaving the Hotel Pierre in New York City. Luis Miguel's girlfriend must have good reasons to lighten her hair color. For one thing, they say that "blondes have more fun", and for another thing, it's not the first time Luis has chosen a blonde- remember Daisy Fuentes.

    The article above is taken from the May 22nd issue of Mira tabloid. Prinie tells me there is a new picture of Mariah, leaving her NY apartment, with her hair color lighter then usual. Prinie typed out the Spanish article and Anna translated it for us! Thanks guys and I will hopefully have the scan of the new pic on Friday or Saturday, since Prinie doesn't have a scanner and the May 15th issue is on stands where I am.

    Gala Translation
    Anna told me that the article below in the translation of the Gala scans I have in Gallery 53 A Luis fan, Juani, translated the article from German to Spanish and then Anna, Mariah Daily's Luis Correspondent, translated the article from Spanish to English for us. So, I bet you are as amazed as I am and you can check out the article below! Big thanks to Anna, once again!

    For a long time Mariah Carey (31)  spoke very little about her relationship with Luis Miguel. She was afraid that jealousy and gossip would tear apart this new love, just as it had destroyed her relationship with baseball star Derek Jeter.

    When she and Luis began their romance, many people doubted that it would last. They claimed that Luis was only using her to advance his musical career in the USA. Mariah proceeded with caution. But now all of that is in the past, and Luis Miguel has proven to Mariah that he is only interested in her, the person, not the celebrated pop singer. Just recently he bought her a diamond bracelet worth 3 million marks (1.42  million US dollars), the same diamond bracelet that Julia Roberts borrowed to wear at the Oscar show. With this gesture, even the jealous gossipers were silenced.

    Her relationship with Luis Miguel gives her wings......
    Happy, playful and teasing - no one had ever seen Mariah in as good a mood as she was during her visit to Europe . In Marbella and Mallorca she recorded and filmed projects related to her upcoming film All that Glitters, for which she has also written the soundtrack.

    Mariah, whose parents are Venezuelan African-American and Irish has been extremely successful in the musical, as well as the cinematic, world and with apparent ease.  Her secret is her relationship  with Luis.  They¹ve been together for over two years, and every day their love grows stronger. We understand each other without words she says, obviously enchanted with this relationship.

    Mariah is wary of a new marriage 
    Luis would love to leave the single life behind, and never part from the woman of his dreams (the one who reigns over his heart), but Mariah has no plans for marriage at this time. Once burned, twice shy, as the saying goes. She was only 23 when she married the head of Sony records, Tommy Mottola. For her, married life was living in a golden cage - a cage with 60 rooms. Her husband was controlling, and would not permit her to dress as she pleased and he was very jealous of her friends. Tired and disillusioned, Mariah threw in the towel after four years of marriage.  In 1997 she divorced Tommy and began enjoying life as a single woman, the party life. Then she met Luis Miguel, a dream of a man who does everything to please her, even buying out all the tickets at the cinema to take his beloved to see a movie.

    Mariah in LA yesterday until Thursday!
    On Sunday's update, I reported that Mariah would be shooting her new video, "Loverboy" in L.A. today until May 17th. If you live in L.A. keep your eyes and cameras close, because ya never know who might jet by ya! Hopefully journalist will have some exclusive pics for us soon!

    Nelly on Mariah
    Singer Nelly Furtado, commented on her all time music faves. Thanks Jason!

    "I like pretty much everything! I´m not afraid to say I like from Deftones to Mariah Carey, I don´t care If someone thinks I´m cheesy"

    Magazine News
    On Sunday, I reported that MC was on the cover of TV Notas and TVyNovelas and Lillian told me that it is the May 1st issue of TV Notas and the May 15th issue of TVyNovelas.

    Mariah: Blowing Up
    Two fans commented on the recent MTV article announcing the release information for Mariah's new movie and soundtrack. Thanks to Kristy for informing me about this!

  • Great information about Mariah Carey's latest project (see "Mariah Carey Turns Soundtrack Into Solo Album"). A huge Mariah fan like myself appreciates the up-to-the-minute 411. Keep up the good news! Mariah is definitely going to blow up and reinvent herself for 2001!
    Carlos, 26
    Miami, FL
  • I'm so excited about Mariah's new soundtrack/solo album as well as the movie. Mariah must be doing something right with those film scripts. I think she's going to surprise a lot of people. I truly believe that she deserves all the success she's experiencing right now. We love you, Mariah.
    Barry, 18
    Auckland, New Zealand

    Don't forget to continue to vote for Mariah as your favorite retired video on TRL! There will be a special and we surely want Heartbreaker to make this special.
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    Against All Odds with Phill and MC
    Here is what Jose told me:
    Just listened to Life FM 106.7 in NYC and they played a special duet between Phil Collins and MC doing "Against All Odds". It was reminiscent of the Barbra Streisand/Neil Diamond duet they did back in the 70s. Both songs were just mixed but it was pretty good, definitely better than the one with Westlife. Overall, the stations here in NY have done a better job of playing Mariah and I think it confirms her status as a reemerging star in these parts. Hope this helps.

    I have about 10 or so very nice wallpapers to add but sadly, the Picture gallery server is still down and won't let me add anything new. As soon as I can get them up, I will! Sorry for the delay!

    Oh My Gosh, you havn't checked it out yet?
    Lambs 4 M that is! Make sure you check out the messageboard today and get your thoughts and opinions heard!

    EMI, Giga to Offer Music Online
    TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan high-speed Internet access firm GigaMedia Ltd. said on Monday it would sell part of its music Web site to record label EMI Group Plc (news - web sites) (EMI.L) in a strategic alliance to jointly offer music downloads.

    U.S.-listed Giga said it spun off its music site into a separate company capitalized at T$100 million and EMI would take a minority stake in the firm. Officials declined to give financial details of the agreement.

    ``The alliance supports our goal of creating new platforms to promote our artists and distribute their music in a secure, protected, and commercially viable manner,'' Mathew Allison, president of EMI Music Asia, told a news conference. Allison said the new Web site, named GigaMusic, would be the company's second partner selling downloadable music from EMI artists like Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams, Hikaru Utada of Japan and China's Faye Wong.

    ``It would be primarily focused on the Taiwan market and Taiwan artists, but we are also looking for opportunities to use it to promote overseas artists too,'' Allison said. Like EMI's first Asian partner, Singapore-based Soundbuzz, GigaMusic downloads would use the Windows Media Audio (WMA) file format developed by software giant Microsoft (NasdaqNM:MSFT - news), which owns about 10 percent of GigaMedia.

    Analysts say WMA offers more protection against piracy than the easily copied MP3 format, which is widely used to distribute free music over the web in services such as Napster (news - web sites). GigaMusic is scheduled to begin operations in late 2001 and begin by hosting Web sites of local EMI artists, aiding record promotions and offering music downloads. It would later provide electronic commerce and a subscription service with a personalized Internet radio station and streaming video, said GigaMedia chief executive officer Raymond Chang.

    ``At this point, we welcome offers from other record labels as well,'' Chang added. The deal with EMI is GigaMedia's second alliance this year to entice users to take advantage of its high-speed Internet access over cable television lines with fee-based content. In February, Giga spent T$339 million to buy a seven percent share in Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd., Taiwan's largest multiplayer online gaming service.

    Like many Nasdaq-listed Internet firms, loss-making Giga is searching for new revenue streams to boost its bottom line. Giga posted a net loss of US$36.5 million for 2000, widening from 1999's US$21.1 million and cut staff by about 120 workers or 25 percent of its workforce. On Friday, Giga shares gained US$0.17, or 7.56 percent, to close at US$2.42 while the Nasdaq composite index (^IXIC - news) gave up 1.01 percent.

    (Source: Yahoo News)

    May 13, 2001...
    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. On Friday, I went to Tower Records and they had a new display of Celebrity Postcards, $.99 a piece. It was cool because they had a Mariah Carey postcard, from the Fantasy video shoot. So I did a nice big scan of the postcard and you can check it out as the Pic O' The Week. Check out your local Tower too, to see if they have Mariah postcards! Thanks to Danielle for the picture to the right!

    No Mariah Special
    It was reported that there would be a special interview with Mariah about her new Virgin signing on M6 at 8:50 pm, but Benjamin and Jordan from Le Dico De Mariah,told me that the show never happened and that it was being rescheduled! No date has been issued, but as soon as I know, I will post it here.

    Mariah Shoots Video
    Alan told me that Mariah will be shooting her first video from the Loverboy soundtrack next week, May 15-May 17, in L.A. The director will be Brett Ratner, as I reported earlier and Alan didn't inform me of his source, but let's hope it's true!! If anyone hears anything or sees anything, please let me know! Thanks!

    Luis Miguel Celebrates His 31st Birthday With Mariah Carey in Puerto Banus
    The following article and picture are from Vanessa and Eva! It's taken from an Argentina magazine called Caras and many thanks to Anna for the translation of the article!

    The couple had already surprised all of Marbella four days earlier when they strolled hand in hand through the streets like a couple of anonymous lovers. But despite their attempts to walk around unnoticed, because of who they are -  Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey, and because they were together, this sets them apart from everyone else and they become "celebrity visitors.

    Not content to nearly cause a riot by their presence in the streets of Marbella, the couple later openly demonstrated their passion for each other with embraces and kisses on the deck of a boat docked in Puerto Banus, in the same tourist center of the Costa del Sol. 

    And just when it appeared that Mariah Carey had departed Malaga for Barcelona, in order to continue recording the  soundtrack for her upcoming film "All that Glitters" in which she plays the starring role, they were seen together again on April 18. They were together for a special reason - to celebrate Luis Miguel's birthday. Luis was celebrating his 31st birthday, and his sweetheart Mariah wouldn't miss this special day for anything in the world.

    At any rate, the couple celebrated with an intimate dinner  date . There were no invited guests at   the soiree, with the exception of a Mariachi band, who played a special medley of classical Mexican songs in Luis's honor. 

    Their date took place in a restaurant in Puerto Banus called Babilonia". After their dinner they went for a short visit to the discotheque "Olivia." .

    They were radiantly elegant - he was dressed in an impeccably  cut Italian suit, and she wore a dress in the short style that she favors.  On  her left arm she wore the huge brilliant diamond bracelet, valued at over a million dollars, that Luis had given her just days earlier.  This is the same bracelet that Julia Roberts  wore to  the Oscar awards.

    Rumor--Mariah and Luis sing together
    I had to make that heading, so you know that this next article has NOT been confirmed! According Amigoteca, Luis and Mariah are recording a song together. Here is the article that one of my Luis correspondents, Anna, translated for us.

    It's very possible that Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey will sing a duet on Micky (Luis's) new production. The rumors grow stronger every day that Luismi and his sweetheart Mariah Carey will sing a duet in the new cd under the direction of Juan Carlos Calderon in Los Angeles, CA.  Confirmation of this rumor is like saying that these two want to be together "until death do us part", or at least that's how it appears since this couple don't seem to want to spend even one moment apart from each other.  (They want to be together all the time).

    More Rumors...
    Omri, from Mariah Carey Glitters, sent me an excerpt from a magazine called You! It is the May 2001 issue and it says, "Stars get off the rails!" It mentions Mariah in the article, along with Jennifer Lopez, Whitney and Madonna. You can check out the article below:

    "...Mariah using make-up - Not so while ago, Mariah Carey hold up a whole line of motorcycles riders that was escorting her Limo, just so that she could fix her make-up before an interview for a radio show. Other demands by Mariah includes 20 assistants, that had to redecorate a Bathroom in a store, in case she will need to use them while she's signing some autographs. She also canceled an interview in a television show after she was told she will have to go down a few stairs. "Ms. Carey doesn't use stairs", explained one of her assistants..."
    Now, as we all know this is just probably a bunch of lies. I mean how many steps did MC walk down to receive her Billboard award for Artist of the Decade? That was her idea too and Louise, her manager, was the one who was not happy about it.

    Magazine News
    Prinie told me that there is a cute picture of Mariah in the May 22nd issue of Mira magazine, on the second page. The May 15th issue just hit the stands near me on Friday, so I'll have that scan for you on Friday! I don't know how Prinie gets the Mira tabloid so quickly?

    Lillian told me that can check out Mariah and Luis on the cover of TvYNovelas and TvNotas. I don't know the dates on the magazines though, sorry about that!

    Bits O' Info...
    Here is some various information on Mariah:

  • Jesse:
    Hey Reg. My bestfriend(Erika M.) who is a Backstreet Boys fan was telling me that Howie from that Backstreet Boys is going to have a LUPUS 2001 Concert in support for his charity, and she was telling me that Mariah has shown some interest in participaiting in the event. It is not confirmed yet, but its just some info. so we Mariah Fans can keep an eye out on it. If any one knows if it is confirmed after all please let your fellow MC fans in on the scoop.
  • Angela:
    Hey...I just wanted to let you know in case you haven't already heard, but last night when I was driving home in my car I was listening to the radio and Carson Daly was a guest DJ. Well, for the music news for Wednesday he announced that Mariah's movie All That Glitters was going to be out this summer, but on top of that Mariah is already in the process of making another movie starring opposite of Mira Sorvino (I think anyways). But, he was saying that Mariah met with her to discuss the movie in a restaurant that didn't serve champagne which was really weird since Mariah loves her champagne. Their waiter was supposedly really nervous about waiting on the so he ran to the store next door and bought a bottle of the best champagne to serve them. Well, when he got back to the table and opened the bottle, he spilled it all over Mariah!!   But that's all that Carson I just thought that I would let you know in case you haven't heard anything about that yet...bye!!

    Well, I have 6 wallpapers to add and they are really nice ones, but my Xoom account is down at the moment, meaning I can not upload the new pics. But I'll keep trying and they should be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

    New Mariah Site
    Alexander wanted me to inform you all about his new Mariah site, Mariah 4 Life Check it out!!

    May 12, 2001...
    Mariah Carey Turns Soundtrack Into Solo Album
    Mariah Carey's first album for Virgin Records will come out August 21 and will serve as both solo album and soundtrack, a la Prince and the Revolution's Purple Rain.

    The album will be called Glitter and will hit stores 10 days before the scheduled release of "All That Glitters," in which the R&B superstar plays an up-and-coming 1980s singer named Billie, a Virgin spokesperson said Friday. In keeping with the setting, it will include a cover of Indeep's early-'80s club hit "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life," according to DJ Clue, who produced that track and one other with his partner Duro.

    Clue — supplier of recent Carey hits "Heartbreaker" and the remix to "Thank God I Found You" — predicted the track, which features his Desert Storm records signee Fabalous Sport, will be released as a single.

    But all that glitters is not old. The Virgin spokesperson said Glitter 's first single will be "Lover Boy," featuring Da Brat, who also stars in the movie, and Ludacris. "Lover Boy" will be serviced to clubs on June 8 and radio on June 25.

    Clue and Duro join the team of Jimmy Jackson and Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige) as producers on Glitter (see "Jimmy Jam On Mariah Carey's 'Glitters' LP, Eric Benet Duet"). The album includes six or seven Jam and Lewis tracks, the Virgin spokesperson said.

    Carey signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Virgin earlier this year (see "Mariah Carey Leaves Columbia For Virgin"). Shaheem Reid

    This article was taken from and many thanks to Danielle, Kristen, Taryn, Art, Dan and Iban for letting me know about it. There is a cute little picture that goes with this article and you can check it out in Gallery 53!

    Jenna Elfman Replaces Melora Walters in Wise Girls?
    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jenna Elfman may be replacing Melora Walters. The confusing part here is that this news comes from their Cannes listing. The question is whether or not the listing was written before or after Walters' announcement.

    The above news is taken from on their Wise Girls newsite. Many thanks to Iban for informing me about this!

    Magazine News
    First off, you can check out Mariah in the May 15, 2001 issue of Mira Tabloid. Luis and her are featured on the cover and inside there is 2 full pages on them and then towards the back, there is a full page picture of her in the red dress from 1998! It might be a little different from the other two shots we have of this dress because her hands are located in a different place, not like it's a huge deal though! I scanned all the pics and added them to Gallery 53! Enjoy!

    Next, you can check out Mariah in the June 2001 issue of FHM! She is #27 in the FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2001. Steve tells me there is a huge full page picture of Mariah and it's the same picture as last years Rolling Stones cover, just minue all the text obviously! Steve typed out the paragraph for us and I have to say, ANYONE could of written a more creative paragraph for one of the top singers, writers and producers o' the world! Pathetic is all I can say about this paragraph, ha ha!

    #27 Mariah Carey, Grammy winner. Last year #27. For all the Grammys, Revealing outfits and tabloid linkings to Derek Jeter, One fact about Mariah stands out from all the rest. Among the guests at her weding to ex-beau Tommy Mottola was legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne. (no doves at the ceremony.)

    LoverBoy gets pushed back in Japan
    Shino, from Love Love Jack, informed me that Sony Japan has announced that the 1st single has been pushed back for Mariah's new project, All That Glitters. It is now set that the single will be released on July 18th and the album is set to be released on August 18th.

    Mariah in Télé 7 jours
    Julien told me that Mariah is in a t.v. guide called "Télé 7 jours" (on page 42--you can get this in Paris, France) and there is an article that discusses things we all pretty much know including: how she became a singer, her wedding, etc! It also says that there will be an exclusive interview with her on her new deal with Virgin. It will air today, May 12th, at 8:50 pm on channel "M6." Hopefully someone will fill us in on what happens!

    Wise Girls Articles...
    Check out the Wise Girls website for a couple articles about the film! Nothing too major, they all basically say the same thing!

    Rising rapper Ludacris has been approached by Michael Jackson for a future collaboration, can exclusively reveal. Speaking to yesterday (May 10), the rapper said that pop diva Mariah Carey and R&B queen Missy Elliott had also made moves in his direction.

    "Michael Jackson, man! He might wanna do something and Mariah Carey also and Missy, a lot of people," said an excited Ludacris. "I mean it's definitely a blessing. But Michael Jackson has to be the biggest of all. That's pretty big. We're trying to figure out if that's gonna go ahead 'cos he's working on his album and we're just trying to get the negotiations right. You know that the music and the track and everything and if the collaboration is going to be solid. So that's what we trying to find out."

    (Thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for this article!)

    More News Coming Tomorrow...
    Sadly, I only have a hour to update the site today because I have plans! I tried to report all the import information here today and tomorrow, I will have new COOL wallpapers, new pics and of course, more news! If you didn't check it out yet, make sure you check out Lambs 4 M.

    May 11, 2001...
    Destiny's Child thrives on music charts
    Destiny's Child, the curvaceous girl band with a strong hip-hop sound, reached the top of the pop album charts this week with its latest offering, "Survivor." The trio -- made up of founding members Beyonce Knowles, 19, and Kelly Rowland, 20, along with newest member, Michelle Williams, 20 -- says the assent to the top has been amazing. "You just dream of being there (at the top of the charts) but to have the success that we are having now is truly a blessing," says Rowland. "It's everything and more." The group's 1999 sophomore album, "The Writing is on the Wall," sold more than 9 million copies worldwide and rocketed the group to fame. Singles from the album, "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills" lingered at or near the top of the R&B singles charts through the summer. But the latest album, Williams says, is all about the band's personal and professional growth.

    World Beat sat down with the members of Destiny's Child to talk about creative control and risks they took with their new album, "Survivor."

    World Beat: Did you all ever imagine the success you've achieved?
    Rowland: All of us since we were little girls have ... had so many dreams and aspirations, so many things that you want to do because you look up to artists like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.
    World Beat: What's been the highlight of the last three years?
    Knowles: The first time we heard our song on the radio was a beautiful moment. When our first song went to number 1 and the next album sold ten million copies ... that was like 'ladies, we did it!' Some nights you perform and it is like there are so many people out there you're like whoa! We did it! That's what keeps you going.
    Rowland: And we got a Rolling Stone (magazine) cover!
    World Beat: How would you describe your music?
    Knowles: Destiny's Child's sound is very staccato. We do a lot of cool harmonies that no other female groups are doing right now. We do real pretty vocals over hard beats. And our concepts are very original. We paint pictures and tell stories with all of our songs. They're the types of songs that people can really, really relate to. So they feel like they are listening to themselves when they hear our music.
    World Beat: You collaborated with artists like Missy Elliot and Shakespeare on your second album "Writing on the Wall," but you also started doing your own thing in the studio too. Are you guys deciding to take control of your own musical destiny now?
    Knowles: Well, since I was 9 years old I wrote songs for us and on the last album I wrote 8 of the songs and produced a lot of the songs. Sometimes it takes a while for a 19-year-old female to get her credit. And with this album, I wrote "Survivor" and the label sent me back in there to do another song and another song and before you knew it the album was finished and we didn't really need any other producers because we already had the songs finished. It wasn't planned. It just happened.
    Rowland: People respect you a lot more because they feel like they can relate and they think it is really cool that you write your own lyrics.

    Article taken from

    Lambs 4 M
    Mariah Daily has always had a messageboard and last week, it wasn't working properly so I created a new one with! Yesterday, I revamped the board and it got a new name, "Lambs 4 M." If you say it quickly, you will see it actually is "Lambs Forum" or it can just be "Lambs for Mariah." (thanks to Alex for the forum name). Lambs 4 M is a place where fellow Mariah fans can chat about anything and everything! I will be posting things on this site, and you can go there and comment on what you think about those news bits, check below for one! Please check it out, if you got a little extra time!! Thanks!

    List O' Songs
    Danielle, aka MariahLamby and BoostaChops, made a list of pretty much every song played on Mariah Radio:
    1. Da Brat Funkdafied  Anuthafunkdafiedtantrum  1996
    2. Eminem  Stan Marshall Mathers Lp  2000
    3. Whitney Houston Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel 2000
    4. Diana Ross I'm Coming Out  Diana 1980
    5. Gap Band Outstanding 20th Century Masters 2000
    6. Aaliyah Heartbroken One In A Million 1996
    7. Erykah Badu On and On Baduizm 1997
    8. Diana Ross Love Hangover All The Great Hits 1981
    9. Brandy U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) Never Say Never 1998
    10. Wu Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M.  Enter The Wu-Tang   1994
    11. Aretha Franklin Ain't No Way 30 Greatest Hits 1986
    12. 2 Pac Dear Momma Me Against The World 1995
    13. Jay Z I Just Wanna Love U  Dynasty-Roc La Familia  2000
    14. Janet Jackson Let's Wait Awhile  Control 1986
    15. Destiny's Child Say My Name Writing's On The Wall  1999
    16. Whitney Houston Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel 2000
    17. The Cars Just What I Needed The Cars 1978
    18. Stevie Wonder Superwoman Music Of My Mind  1972
    19. Mystikal Shake It Fast Let's Get Ready
    20. Destiny's Child Independent Women Part I Survivor 
    21. Aaliyah Hot Like Fire One In A Million 1996
    22. Kelly Price You Should've Told Me Mirror Mirror 2000
    23. Lauryn Hill Ex-Factor Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 1998
    24. Michael Jackson Off The Wall Off The Wall 1979
    25. Jagged Edge Let's Get Married  Let's Get Married 2000
    26. Mary J. Blige Seven Days Share My World 1997
    27. SWV Rain Release Some Tension 1997
    28. Prince Purple Rain Purple Rain 1984
    29. Ginuwine So Anxious 100 Percent Ginuwine 1999
    30. Aaliyah One In A Million One In A Million 1996
    31. Mariah Carey Vision Of Love Mariah Carey 1990
    32. Minnie Riperton  Lovin' You Best Of 1993
    33. Patti Labelle If Only You Knew I'm In Love Again 1983 34
    34. Mary J. Blige You Remind Me What's the 411? 1992
    35. Tina Marie Square Biz Best Of 1994
    36. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)  Make It Reign
    37. Jay Z Can I Get A Vol. 2-Hard Knock Life  1998
    38. Luther Vandross Never Too Much Never Too Much
    39. Prince When Doves Cry Purple Rain 1984
    40. The Cardigans Lovefool First Band On The Moon 1996
    41. The Notorious B.I.G.  Juicy Ready To Die 1994
    42. Aretha Franklin Share Your Love With Me Best Of 1994
    43. 2 Pac I Ain't Mad at Cha  All Eyez On Me  1996
    44. Michael Jackson Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough Off The Wall 1979
    45. Jay Z Money Ain't A Thang  Vol. 2-Hard Knock Life  1998
    46. Diana Ross Upside Down Diana 1980
    47. Brandy Angel In Disguise Never Say Never 1998
    48. SWV I'm So Into You It's About Time 1992
    49. 2 Pac I Get Around Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.  1993
    50. Mary Mary Can't Give Up Now  Thankful 2000
    51. Minnie Riperton  Lovin' You Best Of
    52. Prince Purple Rain Purple Rain 1984
    53. Lil' Bow Wow Bounce With Me Beware Of Dog 2000
    54. Prince Pop Life Around The World In A Day  1985
    55. Da Brat What'chu Like What'chu Like  2000
    56. Gap Band You Dropped A Bomb On Me 20th Century Masters 2000
    57. R. Kelly I Wish 2000
    58. Mary Mary Can't Give Up Now  Thankful 2000
    59. The Cars Let's Go Candy-O 1979 
    60. Dr. Dre Ain't Nothin But A G Thang

    Janet on Mariah
    Here is an excerpt from an article on Janet from Pnai Plus! Many thanks to Mariah Carey Glitters

    .." You can try to talk with her about her relationship with Mariah Carey, for instance, who lately signed a record deal with Virgin, which Janet record for too, and the tabloids wrote that Janet has shown a big discontent - first, because that now, there's another Diva risking her position in the company, and secondly, because Carey's contract, that promise her 23.5 million dollars for an album, contrast 10 million for Jackson's album. as if - Janet's position devaluation . You can ask her, but she'd probably will answer as she did on a canadian tv show, deny each rumour : " I sent flowers to Mariah and wrote "Welcome to the family" . I'm happy for her " says Jackson.."

    New Sites
    Here are two links you should check out:

  • Mariah Carey Glitters:
    Mariah Carey Glitters is a place where you can find a lot on Mariah, such as News, Biography, Discography, Voice Messages, Radio, Collage of the Week and more. Plus, it is the first Israeli website for Mariah, so make sure you check it out today!
  • Lamb Book:
    Check this out if you would like to send a little message to Mariah. Several fans have already checked it out and it is pretty easy to use!

    New Pics
    Anne sent me some scans of Mariah from her picture collection! There are some nice pics, so check them out in Gallery 53, if you have a little extra time!

    What Do You Think?
    Tony read about Prince's statement about how Mariah got screwed and wrote me more about this subject! He took a course in Sound and Record Production and plus he knows some working musicians! If you would like to see what he has to say and give your own opinion on the whole matter, check out the messageboard and look for the post titled "Record Royalties....What Do You Think?"

    May 10, 2001...
    Sandra Bullock Wins the Spangly Leotard
    SANDRA Bullock has just been given the part of Wonder Woman in the forthcoming film version of the television show. She beat the pop star Mariah Carey and the actress Catherine Zeta Jones to the role. Zeta Jones is said to be particularly disappointed - her new role as Michael Douglas's wife, while strong, is no longer the centre of public attention, and she is keen for a boost. The television show Wonder Woman shot the actress Lynda Carter to fame as the bookish superhero who spins around in her cardigan and transforms into a figure in a skin-tight leotard. With bangles that can stop a bullet she sets off to fight for truth and justice. The team behind The Matrix and Lethal Weapon will make the film.

    Taken from Daily Telegraph and huge thanks to Cyd's Too Cool Sandra Bullock Page!

    Glitter Interview
    Check out a cool new inteview that Sven has created. Earlier, Anne made the transcript of this interview from MTV Europe and now, you can check it out in realvideo! Sven realy did a great job in making the video and Mariah is hilarious! Checked out the zipped file below:
    Glitter Interview from MTV Europe

    Mikaila on Mariah
    LAUNCH: Can you remember the record that made you want to do this?
    MIKAILA: The song that made me want to do this was definitely "Vision Of Love" by Mariah Carey, and I remember the situation exactly: I had never heard her before, and I was in my aunt's car. I sat down and I heard this song, and I said, "Wait, what's that song? Turn it up." And my aunt said, "Oh, that's Mariah Carey, you never heard of her?" I was like, "No." And I remember listening to it, and going, "Wow, I want to do that when I get older." She's definitely been a really big influence.    

    (Thanks to Jake for this excerpt of an interview with new singer Mikaila)   

    Favorite Retired Videos on TRL
    Chris informed me that you can now vote for your favorite retired videos on the TRL website! Of course, Mariah is on there for Heartbreaker, so make sure you go and vote for her! Check out the link below and then click on " Vote for Your Favorite Retired Video." There you will find Mariah's Hearbreaker...
    Click Here To Vote

    Here is what it says:
    Mariah Carey
    August 23, 1999 at #6
    November 26, 1999

    MTV will show "TRL Retirement Home" on Saturday, May 26th at 12 pm ET! SO, PLEASE make sure you vote for Mariah so she gets on this special. Spread the word people.

    113 Days...
    113 Days until All That Glitters premiere in US Theaters! Check out the countdown everyday above, right under the news icon!

    May 9, 2001...
    Mariah Daily Was Down!
    Sorry you could not see the updates since May 1st because of my hosts, Peel, changing servers. I have been able to update, it just was not showing here on the site. Make sure you check out all the news after May 1st, to see what you missed!

    Loverboy Soundfile
    Check out the link below to the VERY FIRST soundfile of Loverboy, Mariah's new single from the All That Glitters Soundtrack! Mari made the recording and it is pretty bad quality because they were up in the mountains. It sounds like the end of the sound because Mariah is really giving it her all. You can hear her singing in her upper register. Basically, you can hear birds more then you can hear Mariah but hey,it's better then nothing and you can SORT OF get a feel for the song. Hopefully the official site will give us some samples soon!!
    Click Here For LoverBoy Sample

    Also, make sure you check out Mari's site. She has some cool new pictures of Mariah and her and plus, you can read some more stories from Mari!!

    Wise Girls on
    There is a webpage now for Mariah's new movie, Wise Girls up on! The information is all below:

    Release Date: TBA 2002
    Title Note: (5/5/01) The title, which is a play on the mob term, "wise guy", is variously listed as either Wisegirls or Wise Girls.
    Distributor: Lions Gate Films
    Production Company: Leading Lion Entertainment Cast: Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey, Melora Walters; other cast not announced yet.
    Director: David Anspaugh (Moonlight and Valentino, Hoosiers, Rudy, Fresh Horses)
    Director Note: When this project was first announced in June, 2000, it was as a possible next film for Demian Lichtenstein (3,000 Miles to Graceland).
    Screenwriter: John Meadows (debut)
    Premise: This story revolves around the daily lives of three waitresses (Sorvino, Carey, Walters) who work at a restaurant run by the mafia, and end up getting involved with their bosses' "business".
    Filming: Production is scheduled to start in mid-May, 2001 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on a budget of around $10 million.
    Genres: Crime, Drama
    Official Site:
    Also at Theaters: TBA 2002
    I started a new section on this site for Mariah's new movie, Wise Girls! Check it out if you like and also, check out All That Glitters.

    Glitter DVD Site
    Laney told me that has added a Glitters DVD site! OF course, there is nothing there really but you can sign up and have the release date for the DVD e-mailed to you! Check it out if you like at the address below:
    DVD Site for Glitter

    Vote for Mariah on FHM Poll
    Rick told me that Mariah appeared twice on FHM's 100 Sexiest Videos Of All Time. There is no ranks and Mariah appeared on the list twice for Honey and Heartbreaker. You can watch the videos and also it has the following paragraphs with the pics:

    Mariah Carey-Honey (Columbia 1997)
    Less storyline than Mariah other entry, Heartbreaker, but acres more Carey flesh, this video shows Mariah cavorting sexily with the wind in her hair and orange sunlight flattering her toned rump. It's all good practice for her first starring movie role in All That Glitters in which she plays a, er, singer.

    Mariah Carey-Heartbreaker (Columbia 1999)
    Mariah - not shy of the odd squabble - has doubtless enjoyed plenty of catfights in her time. So this double-vision Carey promo can't have been much of a stretch. Director Brett Ratner used stunt doubles and special effects to show Mariah as both cheating bitch and cheated-on chick who end up scratching each other's eyes out over boyfriend Jerry O'Connell in a sexy fight scene. Little surprise that the video was MTV's most-requested for seven weeks. Mariah also donned gold roller skates to shoot a Heartbreaker (Remix) promo featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg and DJ Clue.

    More on Prince from Joel...
    Hey check out what Joel told me:
    Hello, Regina.  I am a huge fan of both Prince and Mariah, and Thursday night Prince was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and mentioned the recent record deal signed by Mariah.  Since practically the beginning of his career, Prince has been at odds with his record company for one reason or another.  Of course you heard about him changing his name and scrawling "Slave" on his fact to protest his Warner Bros. contract a few years ago; and even to many of his fans at the time, it was hard to understand what his problem was.

    Well, on the show he explained about how many music artists get ripped off by the current system.  Jay mentioned that Mariah just signed a deal giving her around 20 million dollars per album, and Prince implied that she got screwed.  He explained it this way:  "If a CD costs $18 in the store, Jay, if you had a record company and were offering me a contract, how much of that $18 would you give to me, the creator of the music (art)?"  Jay replied, "I don't know, I'm not sure how it works.  I guess half."  "Half?  OK, then let's say I sell a million copies of my CD.  I get roughly 10 million dollars, right?  I sell 2 million, I get 20 million dollars.  Now if I just sell 3 million CD's, then I'm making 30 million dollars!  Now who's got the better record deal?"

    Considering how many millions of copies each of Mariah's CD's sell, you can kind of see Prince's point.  He did not, however, mention that of course Mariah will have the entire promotional and marketing muscle of Virgin behind her, but I am starting to see where Prince is coming from.  See, I feel that established artists like Mariah and Prince should not be limited in their creativity.  Unfortunately, I think that if Mariah decided to do something different, say produce a jazz CD for example, she would most likely feel pressure from Virgin not to stray too far from an already developed image and successful formula.  That's too bad, because I feel that she has earned the right to do whatever it is she wants to do musically.

    Another thing Prince explained is how most artists do not own their master recordings and that is their future!  See, if you mortgage a home, after you've paid for it, it's yours to keep.  But in a record deal, it's like paying that mortgage, but you don't get to keep the house!  Now that's ridiculous!

    So what's the answer?  I don't know, but Prince has been a pioneer somewhat in the last few years selling his music directly to the fan.  A few years ago he took pre-orders from his fans for a multi-disc-set that cost around $100 for which fans eagerly gave up.  He waited until he got 10,000 orders, and then produced and distributed the CD's himself.  That's a million dollars right at once, all without the middleman or promotion.  He's established a music club online where fans can get new music directly from him and also recieve VIP passes to his live gigs.  It's all very cool.  Now I know that Prince and Mariah are very different people, but as a fan you want to see them be able to create their music without constraints, and that is what this is all about.

    Just something to think about.  I'd like to hear you comment about this, and if it's possible, it would be cool to have this on your site so others can read this and respond.  I think that the more people realize in dollar amounts how much is generated from the "work" of these artists, the unusually high-sounding contracts don't sound so unusual.

    Do you have an opinion on this? Well then click here and post your opinion! Get your voice heard!

    Check out Mariah's Dresses...
    Isa and Tommy checked out the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and inside, they have some of Mariah's outfits from Diva's Live 1998, Butterlfy Tour, Breakdown Video, cover of VIBE Magazine and more. PLUS, they have some of her shoes too, how cool is that. You can check out all the scans of the pics of Mariah's outfits in Gallery 53.

    May 8, 2001...
    Mariah on 100 Greatest Music Videos
    Last night, the first part of this show was on VH1 and Mariah's "Honey" was #95!! With the other videos, artists talked about the video and in Mariah, basically only she commented on it! She was on the show for maybe a minute tops and they just showed footage of the Honey video! So, if you missed it, you didn't miss much!

    Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble
    It's common to be nervous around celebrities. But the poor fellow who waited on Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino on Thursday will likely never forget the encounter. Carey and Sorvino had just signed a deal to co-star in an independent feature, "Wise Girls," described as a "GoodFellas" with women. To celebrate, they went to a midtown Japanese restaurant, Otabe, where they were ushered into a private room. Carey and Sorvino asked for Champagne, which the restaurant doesn't serve. Eager to please, however, the waiter left Otabe briefly and returned with a bottle. He was so nervous at the possibility of being found out by his employers that his hands started shaking, and he spilled Champagne all over the two stars.

    Thanks to Nini for this information from the NY Daily News.

    May 05, 2001 (WENN via COMTEX) -- Pop superstar PRINCE is convinced MARIAH CAREY "got screwed" by her new record deal - even though she signed to VIRGIN for $20 million (GBP13.2 million) an album.The WHEN DOVES CRY singer, who famously refuses to sign record contracts after a well-publicised bust-up with WARNER BROTHERS, fears Carey hasn't been doing her homework on the new deal.He says, "If you sign me to a record deal and the album sells for $18 (GBP12) how much of that would you give me. Does half sound good? OK."So if I sell a million copies I'm gonna have about $10 million (GBP6.3 million), if I sell two million, I've got $20 million (GBP12.6 million) and if I just sell three million copies I make $30 million (GBP19 million). Mariah kinda got screwed."I realised a long time ago that record contracts don't work - when you mortgage a house you get to keep the house but with a record contract, you pay for the house and they keep it. They get the master recordings and things like that." (KL/WNV/MCM)

    Many thanks to Jake for this article!

    Blockbuster movies as much a part of summer as sunburn
    Mariah can act? That's the first question that pops into everyone's mind when they hear that pop diva Mariah Carey is starring in her very own movie this summer, "All That Glitters." Despite the more popular response to such a question, word on the street is that Carey is a natural. This film is about a young singer (Carey) who grew up in the projects after she was abandoned by her mother. She gets her big break when a DJ hears her demo tape, and both her career and her relationship with this DJ develop. The film takes place in the New York club scene of the early 1980's. So check out this film and see if Mariah really is all that (glitters, that is).   

    Thanks to Jake for this article.

    May 07, 2001 (WENN via COMTEX) -- British schoolgirl LINDSAY D reckons she can be the next MARIAH CAREY despite looking a sure EUROVISION flop.The 16-year-old just scraped into Britain's Top 40 chart at number 32 with her Eurovision entry NO DREAM.But the young hopeful is not deterred.She says, "I want to be a British diva and the UK's answer to Mariah Carey."And I don't think I'm too young. You're never too young too start and I think I'm ready."And starting young has given her plenty of ambition.She adds, "By the time I'm 25 I want to be on my third album."I've also written a little bit, but because I haven't experienced things it's difficult and I'll do more in the future."But when I'm 30 I'd like to do art and stuff - you know, like DAVID BOWIE, being artistic, like and having lots of outlets."

    Thanks to Jake for this article!

    Hey, Where Is Mariah?
    Recently, Anna tells me, that the LA Times had a survey on who will be the hot artists in the next decade. It was a cover story that featured Mariah's names on the "roulette wheel" but she was NOT mentioned in the article at all! Roy Lott of EMI sent the following letter in, to comment on the article:

    I was surprised by the responses of my fellow executives in Hilburn's poll. Where is Mariah Carey, who has sold nearly more albums than any other artist in the past decade, is still young, has an incredible voice and a proven work ethic? Where is Garth Brooks, the biggest solo artist of all time? Where is Sarah McLachlan?
    P.S. by the way, it was great to see everyone recognize and acknowledge the success of the Beatles "1", but they didn't always recognize the value of future catalog success in their artist selections!
    Deputy President, EMI Recorded Music North America

    Janet Jackson "All" over the charts
    NEW YORK (Variety) - Janet Jackson perched herself decisively atop the album charts this week, blowing away even the most optimistic sales estimates and giving her Virgin Records label a healthy shot in the arm as its EMI parent recovers from the post-breakup blues. `

    `All For You,'' Jackson's third LP since signing to Virgin for more than $30 million in 1991, scanned 605,000 copies in the week ended Sunday, according to SoundScan data. That's 100,000 to 200,000 more than most industry observers had foreseen.

    The debut is encouraging news for EMI, which is eager to demonstrate that it can survive on its own following news earlier this week that a planned merger with BMG had fallen through amid antitrust concerns from European regulators.

    In fact, Virgin may be looking to corner the market on female R&B divas: last month, the label signed former Sony Music star Mariah Carey to a deal reportedly worth north of $80 million. Coming in at No. 2 was another formidable chart bow by hit country crooner and Faith Hill hubby Tim McGraw. ``Set This Circus Down'' (Curb) moved more than 223,000 copies in its opening week.

    The bow, which follows last week's No. 4 open by country duo Brooks & Dunn, offers hope for a mini-revival for the genre's male stars, who had been eclipsed by such female hitmakers as Hill, Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks. However, Brooks & Dunn's latest, ``Steers & Stripes'' (Arista), has shown little staying power, cooling in its second week to 18. Also debuting in the top 10 was suave Gotham-based R&B vocalist Case. His third Def Jam release, ``Open Letter,'' came in at No. 5, selling 93,000 copies. The Bee Gees logged a solid first week's performance with ``This Is Where I Came In'' (Universal), which landed at No. 16. The latest effort in the brothers Gibb's 36-year career shifted just over 54,000 units.

    Also entering the charts this week were ``Digimortal'' (Roadrunner) from techno-metalers Fear Factory at 32, another soundtrack to hit Fox series ``Ally McBeal (news - Y! TV)'' (Epic) at 34 and ``Sneak Attack'' from KRS-One -- the South Bronx rap pioneer's second LP since moving from Jive to indie label Koch Intl. -- at 43. The stage is set for an all-out battle in next week's album rankings between Jackson and multiplatinum-selling trio Destiny's Child much-anticipated sophomore effort, titled ``Survivor'' (Columbia). Reuters/Variety REUTERS

    Thanks to Federica for this article from the May 3rd Variety!

    Bits O' Info
    Here are two various pieces of information on Mariah...

  • Ashley:
    There's this Russian "diva" and when she was asked "What sort of music are you into?" She answered:
    My all-time favourites have to be Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton. I'm really into R&B and Hip-Hop too. This is from Entertainment Sleuth
  • Meg:
    sunday night i was watching john edward (which is a show on sci-fi with a psychic who connects people with their lost loved ones) and john was reading a young woman and connecting her with her mother. her mother was telling him something about Mariah Carey as in a song or something to tell her daughter. i just thought it was kinda cool the MC was mentioned on the show and i just thought i'd let you know.

    Download Files From the Melbourne Concert
    Mariah Buzz now holds all the sound files of the Melbourne concert for the Butterfly Tour! If you would like to download these files, check out the link!!

    May 5, 2001...
    Transcript from MTV Europe
    Anne was VERY kind and sent me a transcript of this weekend edition of MTV NEWS on MTV Europe. It's from when Mariah was in Spain and Mariah is wearing the pink bikini! Here is the transcript and again a HUGE thanks to Anne because this takes a while to do!

    Presenter: Mariah Carey has just completed her debut film "Glitter" and will soon act up in "Wise Girls", a movie about three waitresses working in a mob-front restaurant and we hear that she really "mobs" acting...

      (subtitle:.....and music: especially as her new record deal is apparently the biggest in music history at around $110 million)

       "But see, you don't get the money like they say it!! It's, you know, whatever, it's not even really about the money, I mean, it's about the fact that I was getting similar offers from different places, but it just ended up being a place that felt artistically the best for me."

       (subtitle: in the past few months Mariah's juggled a new movie, a new soundtrack and legal affairs)

       "Having to deal with the whole business aspect of stuff was just really draining because, I mean, who wants to do that when you're trying to be creative and, you know, I'd rather not have had to deal with it at all but it's great to be, you know, starting fresh and you know, so I'm happy that, to put my best foot forward and stuff."

       (subtitle: in "Glitter" Mariah plays a young girl...)  

      "She's a girl who is taken away from her mother at, when she's like ten years old or something because she, the mother, is an addict and she goes through a lot and she goes from a foster home. It's about her, you know, yes it's about her becoming famous but it's more about her finding herself and the music sort of goes along with the story."  

      "To me, Glitter is a film that, it definitely has, it's a very, it's got a lot of emotional moments and you know, again a lot of the songs from the soundtrack highlight those moments and..but it's also got a lot of humor and because it's based in the eighties there are just some things that are really kind of retrospectively hilarious."  

      "People probably assume that you know, coming into this that there's gonna be the whole like "oh she's gonna be a diva" or "she's gonna do this" and I think some people might have gone out of their way to make sure I wouldn't be a diva or to make it even harder and, so I just work that much harder."  

      "Anybody could be in a video, anybody could make a record, everything is flash and eye-candy and like, you know, the machines and you can look, you can make anybody look "stellar"."  

      "Doing the movie was a totally different thing for me, especially because they were, most of the scenes were not about like, you know, uhm, superfluous shots of my legs or like, you know, a gratuitous moment of like, hand-caressing-body!"  

      "Everyone has the little "Oh, Mariah and her angles, lie to die, here's my angles, who cares?!"  

      "Definitely this project is what my object to do more acting and I mean, even before, even, I didn't even know if this movie was gonna get made, so it was just about me wanting to do this and enjoying it as a creative outlet."

    Mariah to remake Super Freak?
    Shino from Love Love Jack let me know that in the Japan papers, they are reporting that Mariah is going to remake "SuperFreak" by Rick James! It is said that Rick James WILL be in the movie and in one article from February said...

    "Carey collaborated on the soundtrack with "Super Freak" singer Rick James and production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The record will also feature contributions by Da Brat and a duet between Carey and Benét."
    After the American Music Awards in the movie, Billie (Mariah's character), and Rick James catch up and get together! So it is possible MC could remake this song, but it is seems most likely that they have written a new song for the movie. I have the scan of the article but it only features the back of the Rainbow CD, not a new pic! Check the scan out in Gallery 53!

    100 Greatest Music Videos
    Check out Mariah on the VH1 special on Monday night from 10 pm until 11 pm EST. She will be #95 with her video Honey! Thanks to Mariah Carey World News Organization for this information and also, for the below article talking about the special!

    VH1'S 100 GREATEST MUSIC VIDEOS Michael Jackson's 1983 music video ``Thriller,'' a John Landis-directed mini-movie that propelled the album to the top of history's all-time best-seller list, sits at the top of VH1's ``100 Greatest Videos,'' premiering Monday, May 7, through Friday, May 11, from 10:00-11:00 p.m. (ET/PT) each night. Second on the roster of ``100 Greatest Videos'' is Madonna's ``Like a Prayer,'' followed by Peter Gabriel's ``Sledgehammer.'' Nirvana's ``Smells Like Teen Spirit'' and Guns N' Roses' ``November Rain'' round out the top five.

    Chris Isaak (``The Chris Isaak Show'') hosts the five-hour, five-night special, which counts down the most memorable, innovative and controversial music videos of all time. ``100 Greatest Videos'' follows in the tradition of VH1's critically acclaimed ``100 Greatest'' hit specials, featuring unforgettable video clips and exclusive new interviews with the artists themselves. Boy George, Alanis Morissette, Brian McKnight, Erykah Badu, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, L'il Kim, Pat Benatar, Lionel Richie, Everlast, Herbie Hancock, Queen's Roger Taylor, Sheila E., Stevie Nicks, Duran Duran's Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes, Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins and Carmen Electra are among those who talk about their personal-favorites of the past two decades. The ``100 Greatest Videos'' were ranked by a panel of experts from VH1.

    In conjunction with the on-air special, will launch a comprehensive area dedicated to VH1's ``100 Greatest Videos,'' featuring clips from all 100 featured music videos and a complete recap of the entire list. In addition, fans on will be able to cast their vote for the ``Greatest Video of All-Time'' and voice their opinion by participating in several of the message boards dedicated to the special.

    ``100 Greatest Videos'' is a production of VH1. Executive Producers, Bill Brand, Shelly Tatro and Elyse Zaccaro. Supervising Producer: Meredith Ross.

    VH1 produces and programs a wide variety of music-based series, specials, live events and acquisition-based programming that keep viewers in touch with the music they love. VH1 is a registered trademark of MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom Inc. MTV Networks owns and operates the cable television programming services MTV: Music Television, MTV 2: Music Television, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, TV Land and VH1 as well as The Suite from MTV Networks, a package of ten digital services, all of which are trademarks of MTV Networks. MTV Networks also has joint ventures, licensing agreements and syndication deals whereby its programming can be seen worldwide.

    Mariah Carey checks in at Number 95 with "Honey", directed by the diva herself with the help of Daniel Pearl. It's her only charting on the list

    Music Makeovers
    Erika, Chris and a couple of other people let me know that Mariah is featured on AOL's Music Makeovers. It says:

    Wouldn't Mariah like to forget the days of bad perms and sweet, almost angelic love songs? Watch and listen as these female stars transform from debutante to diva in Music Makeovers.
    Back then? Super-sappy pop-filled fun: 'Someday'
    Right now? Sexy, modern attitude: 'Heartbreaker'
    You can vote if you want if you are a AOL user! It seems everyone prefers Mariah voice back then but like her look now!

    Secrets safe
    MARIAH Carey's dirty laundry won't air in public after all. The long-running wrongful dismissal case against the songbird by limo driver Franco D'Onofrio has been settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. D'Onofrio had chauffered Carey to and from her trysts with Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter. D'Onofrio had threatened to spill all the secrets unless Carey paid up. The case, originally dismissed but reinstated on appeal, was settled when Carey was told she would have to testify. Her rep didn't return calls

    Thanks to Nini for this article taken from the NY Post's Page Six.

    Lambs Online
    The webmaster from Butterfly Web has created a new online Mariah fan community called Lambs Online! Here is what it includes:

    The Lamb Talk Message Board
    A nicely designed messageboard where you can chat with other Mariah fans. Not as many annoying ads, and you can use your FOMM username and password!

    The Lamb Room
    A live java chatroom where you can chat directly with other Mariah fans. It doesn't take long to load like some java chatrooms do, and you get to choose your own nickname.

    The Lamb Book
    This is an online fanbook that Mariah fans can sign with their letters or messages to Mariah. It is easy to use, you just fill out a form and your letter gets posted.

    The Lamb Exchange
    Here you can buy/sell/trade Mariah stuff among other Mariah fans, and compare your collections.

    May 4, 2001...
    New Mariah Message
    Check out Mariah's Official Site for a brand new message from her. Here is a transcript of it, which I made:

    Yeah, I don't even know what time it is, alls I know is umm I believe it is morning and umm, I just came back, from from work, I'm finishing up my, yeah I know I sound like a freakin' broken record, but I'm really close to uh finishing up everything, the movie and the soundtrack and I just umm, I'm going to be doing another movie with Mira Sorvino and it's really exciting, ya know, being able to say that I am working with an Academy Award winning actress and just like, it's a really great place for me to be in.

    It's one of my first nights in the apartment, as you know I think you got my other message but what I wanted to say is umm and not to have a spiraling cry fest here but I am just like, i'm sitting here, I'm awake, and I'm like hanging out with the dogs and whatever, alone, for once and I am looking at these letters just like some of the letters that I have gotten from you guys and I want you to know that yeah, I don't know, you make me cry because, not in a bad way at all, but just that I really feel blessed to be in this position and just to hear anybody tell me that I helped them through anything umm helps me through everything. And I umm totally in a great place with what is going on in my life but it is really tought cause there is a lot of just hectic, my schedule and stuff but I just sat down and I was reading some letters and it just helped me and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who are out there listening to the music and telling me how you feel and I will never forget it. Love ya much, buh bye

    You can also check out the voice message in Audio and Mariah's Voice Messages.

    DaBrat Drops A Line
    DaBrat has left a new message on her official website, Chris told me, and she says that Mariah's new single will be Loverboy. Artists that are on the remix are Ludacris, Artist 22 (a new artist that DaBrat is bringing out), Sharna and herself! So, we know for sure now that the song is called Loverboy! It's so bizarre how we can get tihs information from DaBrat but Mariah herself, won't let anything out on her official site. Come on MC, sing us a bit of the song in your next message! You're killing us here with curiosity!

    New Messageboard
    Mariah Daily's old messageboard started to collapse, so on Thursday, with my buddy's Liron's help, we created a brand new ezboard for Mariah Daily!! It's really easy to use and fun! Plus, when I am at college, I can't update the site but I will be adding exclusive news, if I hear anything, to the messageboard. On Thursday, I announced about DaBrat's message, before I even added it to the site. So make sure you sign up, so you chat it on up with your friends, and also so you can find out the latest on Mariah, before it even hits this site!

    Prince says Mariah got screwed
    Here is what Jason said:
    I just happened to see Prince on JAY LENO, and Leno was talking to Prince about how Prince no longer signs record contracts. Prince said there are only about 10 artists who have decent contracts. Leno then mentioned Mariah getting $20 million an album and asked what Prince thought. Prince said albums cost about $18 in stores (seems high to me but anyway). He asked Leno how much Leno would give him out of that $18. Leno said about half. Prince then said if he sells 1 million albums, that is $10 million. If he sells 3 million albums, that is $30 million. Then he said, "Mariah got screwed."

    Mariah on Music Jeopardy
    Here is what KrzyMcKid17 told me:
    Hey regina I was watching vh1 today and music jeapordy came on, I think thats the name. Well they had a catergory called "love songs" and the whole catergory had to do with Mariah Carey except the last question. It asked not Mariah Carey but Celine Dion sang a song about? So, I thought it was cool that they had a whole list of Mariah!

    May 3, 2001...
    Mariah in Magazines
    Marko was very kind and sent me four magazines you can check MAriah out in!!
    - Die A Aktuelle (D), April 30th Issue.....Picture with Luis...ofcourse.
    - Break Out (NL), May 3rd Issue...It's about donating to charity.
    - Hola (ES), May 3rd Issue...2 pages with an AMAZING looking Mariah there....That dress :)
    - OK (UK), May 4th Issue...half page about the Marbella trip.

    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...
    Larry sent me some more lines for this page and I just found them on my computer, so I decided ot add them in! The new ones are from 168-183! Check it out if you like...
    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...

    Mariah in Text...
    Here is what Chad told me:
    I am a freshman in college and we are required to take a freshman seminar course.  Well I took power and politics freshman sem. and we have a book called "Thinking for Yourself."  Don't ask me what that has to do with power and politics but anyway, Mariah is in the texbook.  It talks about formal fallacies and it says...."All Rockstars are not amateurs.  Mariah Carey is not an amateur.---So.....Mariah Carey is a rockstar."  Yeah, they used Ricky Martin and Jay-Z and some heavy rock celebrity.  Today was my final in that class and I just now found that.  haha!  Thanks, BYE!!!

    Desiree sent me the latest charts from

    The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions /Issue Date:May 4, 1996
    This Week Last week Weeks on chart "Title," Artist Peak Position
    8 5 81 Daydream, Mariah Carey 9
    The Billboard 200
    Top 100 Positions /Issue Date:May 4, 1991
    This Week Last week Weeks on chart "Title," Artist Peak Position
    1 1 113 Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey 9 1

    More from Billboard...
    Hello Fred,
    Has any other No. 1 Billboard song reached that spot in which the title is the same, but the song and artist/band completely different?

    Honey" (Bobby Goldsboro and Mariah Carey)
    "Someday" (Mariah Carey on the Hot 100 and Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra on the Disc Jockey & Jukebox charts)

    120 days to go...
    I started a counter on the top of the page and the All That Glitters page! There is only 120 days until All That Glitters hits the big screen! Wahoo!!

    May 2, 2001...
    Mariah Radio...
    Check out Mariah's official site for Mariah Radio. Mariah picks all the hits featured on the site. Here are some songs played on Mariah Radio courtesy of Jason and myself:
    1 SWV "I'm So Into You" It's About Time 1992
    2 Gap Band Outstanding 20th Century Masters 2000
    3 Brandy "Angel In Disguise" Never Say Never 1998
    4 Aaliyah "Heartbroken" One In A Million 1996
    5 R. Kelly "I Wish" 2000
    6 Prince "Purple Rain" Purple Rain 1984
    7 Diana Ross "Love Hangover" All The Great Hits 1981
    8 Aretha Franklin "Ain't No Way" 30 Greatest Hits 1986
    9 Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)" Make It Reign 1998
    10. Eninem (Stan)
    11. Janet Jackson (Let's Wait A While)
    12. Janet Jackson (Control)
    12. Prince (When Doves Cry) Purple Rain 1984

    Of course there is more. People have told me they heard Mariah's Heartbreaker and After Tonight also, so it's cool that Mariah is playing her own songs too because of course, we need to hear our favorites. I hope she plays some exclusive remixes or something, that would be the bomb! If you are listening to a song you dn't like, just press "stop" and then press play again and it will go to the next song. Thanks to "D" for that information. Here is more official information I was e-mailed:

    Welcome to MC Radio!
    MC Radio is the first radio of it's kind - a custom-made, artist-branded station designed to play songs selected by Mariah herself from the catalogues of her favorite artists, as well as songs selected randomly from Mariah's impressive catalogue of music. Hours of music is programmed to a playlist and updated weekly by Mariah herself. The songs are then generated randomly from the playlist to ensure a unique Mariah Radio experience each time. Every song being played dynamically generates a link to an Internet retailer selling the album on which the song is featured. At any time throughout your listening session, click the song titles or the "Buy CD" link to bring up purchasing information. The music never stops playing until PAUSE button is clicked, or the radio window is closed.

    New Mariah Book
    According to Barnes & Nobles the new Mariah book by Marc Shapiro can be bought in May 2001! It's being sold for $16.95 and is a 200 page paperback. It is shipped within 3-5 weeks and you can place your order now for this book at their website.

    However, is still reporting that book is being released in June 2001.

    I called my local Barnes & Nobles bookstore and the girl told me there was one, yes just one, on order and she does not know when they will be receiving it. SO, my guess is that late May or early June, we should be able to pick up this book. Pretty exciting, in fact! I can't wait to pick it up and read it!! A huge thanks to Sean for letting me know about the information on Barnes & Nobles website!!!

    New Site
    Todd created a brand new website called Madame Mariah. He is looking for a partner to help him out in making Madame Mariah HUGE! If you are trained and want to have some fun, check out the page and contact Todd. If not, check out the page anyhow!

    I Met Mariah
    Mark sent me in the story for the Bianca meeting! Check it out in I Met Mariah.

    Mariah mentioned on The Early Show
    Seth told me that Mariah was mentioned on The Early Show yesterday morning. They were doing a segment on Multiracial families and they talked about the problem that occur. They mentioned Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter.

    Mariah Records with Ja Rule for Glitter Soundtrack
    Here is an excerpt on Ja Rule taken from the Washington Post:

    Ja Rule is being hustled around BET's Harlem studios, where he's appearing on the music video request program "106 & Park." During the live show, representatives from his record label will surprise him with a fancy framed plaque honoring the triple-platinum sales of his latest album, "Rule 3:36."

    It's already evening, but before the rapper's workday is over, he has a live Internet chat on followed by a newspaper interview. Then he's got to rush to a midtown studio to record a track with Mariah Carey....

    That's the only part Mariah is mentioned in the entire article. A HUGE thanks to Mariah Carey World New Organization!!

    Mariah Carey's Mariahgotchi
    Matchbox Stars
    Play with your favorite toys in the 'Wood…Hollywood, that is.
    Maxim, Feb 2001: Mariah Carey's Mariahgotchi
    It's the latest craze from Japan that lets children learn the thankless task of being a celebrity handler! Whenever she wants a longer stretch limo, a bigger dressing room, or just another dozen bottles of Cristal, electronic Mariahgotchi lets you know with shrill, incessant beeping that realistically duplicates the R&B diva's own voice.

    Thanks to Krisse007 for this information

    Michelle and Asma sent me some great new wallpapers for May!! They is now 10 wallpapers to pick from, so you have plenty to pick from. Check out the Calendar section for those great wallpapers!

    May 1, 2001...
    Mariah Daily Celebrates Three Years Online
    Mariah Daily, formerly known as WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page, is now celebrating it's third anniversary. In May 1998, I decided I wanted to create a webpage for Mariah Carey and so I began working on one, with the help of my best friend and fellow webmaster, Alex. Over the last three years, I spent hours and hours on this site, always trying to improve it and make it one of the best places for Mariah fans to get their information. WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page/Mariah Daily has had probably close to 10 different designs over the last three years and still continues to bring all the information to you. About two years ago (anniversary in October) InfoMC Newsletter was created. Right now, it continues to be one of the longest running newsletter to date in bringing the information to you!

    In the beginning, this website used to get about 60 hits a day! Now it gets over 1800 hits a day from fans around the world! Many fans enjoy coming to this website to get the latest in News, Pictures and so much more and even Mariah herself approves of Mariah Daily and said something along the lines of, "Please do not ever close it down." Thanks to all the hundreds of fans who sent in news, pictures, your stories, comments and so much more for this website because without your input, this website would be nothing. Mariah Daily is one of the few websites that report EVERYTHING the fans report in from major news reports and articles, to what's happening in your own neck of the woods, to what magazines you can check Mariah out in weekly!

    Below, you can check out some of the first designs of WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page/Mariah Daily! Looking at these graphics, I can tell I came a long way since then! And for a final note, I have no intentions of closing down Mariah Daily for a very long time!!! Thanks again!!!

    Wow is all I can say
    Well over the last week, we have found out that Mari has met Mariah 3 times, got a special letter from her, got her picture taken with her and even got a teddy bear with her. Now if that all was not enough, she is also featured in a magazine, which you can check out the scans in Gallery 53 (a HUGE thanks to Mariah Buzz) and below, you can check out a brand new picture of Mari and Mariah in Spain! How incredible is that picture, COME ON!! I think all the Mariah fans are 100% jealous of Mari now but at the same time, so incredibly happy for her!! Click on the one new pic to check out a HUGE version of it!

    Two Other Times Mari has met Mariah:

    Mariah and Mari in Spain 2001:

    June 20th---Release in Japan
    Shino from Love Love Jack told me that in Japan, a new release will be on June 20th. Here is the exact information taken from Sony Music Online Japan:

    Mariah Carey / Title undecided
    On June 20, 2001 release date/ 1260 / SRCS-2403

    New Wallpaper
    Since it is May, there is a new wallpaper for this month in the Calendar section! If anyone wants to make one and send it in, please do! Thanks!

    AJ and Mariah
    Here is what KrzyMcKid17 told me:
    Hey regina i dont know if you know this yet but on the new cribs they should Howie D. from the backstreet boyz and he has a picture of him and A.J (also from bsb) with Mariah Carey in the middle haning in his living room so i thought that was kind of cool! Bye

    Destiny Crys Over Mariah
    KrzyMcKid17 and Chad told me that they were watching Ananda Lewis talking to Destiny Child 2 days aho and Ananda mentioned that the girls were at Diva's Live 2001 and asked how they felt about that. They said they were all crying because they were next to Mariah Carey and Diana Ross, singing with them.

    Hello Magazine
    For anyone trying to locate the Hello magazine, featuring Mariah and Luis, it is the May 1st issue! Thanks Martin for that info!

    No Poll
    The place where I create my polls at is down at the moment, so I can't create a new poll for this week. Also, for the people who visit the messageboard, you might have some problems getting in since it is run by the same place where I create the polls! Sorry about that!

    Expensive Carey
    Famous because she doesn't let go one cent that her work produces, Mariah Carey has signed a contract that a few singers could even dream of: from now on, she will be paid 4.000 millions (25 millions dollars) pesetas for each album she records. With 31 years, the hysterical and capricious girl that turned to be the american Lady Di after her first marriage, live travelling from paradise to paradise beside the mexican singer Luis Miguel, with whom she is living a torrid romance full of glamour, expensive gifts, and white limos. Her latest worry? It's about her first movie with autobigraphical content and her am-bi-cious soundtrack.

    It's not long ago that Mariah travelled always with a smiling irish lady, a black mongrel and a warm armchair. Besides her other 35 pages of demands, she never, and that means n-e-v-e-r, went away from her mum, her hysteric terrier, and the armchair that her royal butt recognized and appreciated inmediately. If Mariah had to perform, the three of them –mum, dog and armchair- were installed inmediately in the dressing room. If she came back to the hotel, everyone did.

    But since she divorced in 1997 of his over protecting husband, Tommy Mottola, Columbia boss, her record company and she discovered how good rancher eggs with Luis Miguel style are, Mariah Carey (Long Island, USA, 1970) isn't the same. Maturity and freedom allow her mum to stay at hom meanwhile the girl she loves travells around the world selling more albums than anyone else with her low neck and her romantic ballads. As Annabel Butler – Columbia Spain press boss – says : "She is a star, but she really is a normal person. Time ago, she was much more like a diva: nobody could talk with her neither approach her".

    Confirmed: Mariah had grown up and she knows what she wants. Now, she only asks for travelling in a white limo and her private jet with the assistance of a hairdresser, a cook, a stylist, a make up artist, a physiotherapist, three bodyguards, a large managers team, four experts who personally illuminate her in her TV performances (with their own lights and filters) and some other people without a defined work that sum up 20 helpers. At the hotels she goes to, she wants a special video equipment ("for studying the competence" says Annabel), a musical one, machines to make the air wet, white flowers (never yellow!), fresh fruits, direct line to a pizza establishment, a dressmaker who speaks English and a walk machine that she so needs to compensate the effects of her feline hunger. In Madrid, she always stays at Palace presidential suite since her lover recommended it to her. It is 200 m2 wide. It costs 525.000 pesetas ($3.200) every night. Without complements. And without counting with her helpers' room.

    But appart of the ironies: the money is something serious. Specially in Mariah's world, whose delicate fingers signed the first days of april the contract more terrifically tasty that any singer could have dreamnt of: 4.000 millions pesetas for each album (the prolific singer has released 9 in 10 years...) that Virgin Records will pay her with delight for the woman who more albums has sold in pop music history: 140 millions. Her #1's in the USA, 14, are only surpassed by The Beatles and Elvis Presley, meanwhile she is the artist who has been more weeks at the Singles top 1 in her country history (more than 60 weeks). But there is more. Now, the ambicious girl wants to be an actress so she has organized (I mean, produced) a movie with autobiographical content, "All That Glitters", for which she has just made the soundtrack at El Cortijo studios, in Málaga.

    There her cheeks were pinker than ever before, with her Luismi, with whom has been more than 2 years of glamourous romanticism, diamonds, giftsand holidays in exotic places (Capri, Bahamas, Acapulco, Aspen... Tenerife) "I used to think that it all was fake but now I am starting to think that they are really in love" explains Mari Franco, 20-year-old inconditional fan from Murcia that, thanks to her tattoo in her back (a butterfly with Carey written on its wings), always is calling the diva attention for the last 2 years in all of her visits to Spain.

    This time, her namesake invited her to her yatch in Puerto Banús (rent price: a million pesetas ($6.000) everyday) to show the tattoo to the eternal taned singer. "The true is that you are with them and everything seems forced, not natural" Mari says. "But the night before I saw through the window that he put a ring in her finger". It wouldn't be the first time that people talked about a wedding. The clever New York girl even made him sign a premarriage contract in September 1999 to protect her fortune just in case of separation.

    Her discoverer. Today her heart beats like a popcorn machine, but not all of her life has been that happy (here there is a spanish statement to say that she is happy that includes wine and the writer adds that Mariah likes wine a lot) Even though it's true that the man who covered her with bitterness was the one who did it with honey as well. The legend says that Tommy Mottolla, an italian linked to the Mafia in his youth and highest baron of Columbia in 1990, met Mariah in a party, took her demo, listened to it at his limo and inmediately orderer the driver to come back to the party to look for her and turn her into his new goddess. Professional and personally.

    Tommy Mottola left his wife and his children for the exhuberant girl, he producted her first album (Mariah Carey, 1990) and organized such a huge promotion campaign that 12 millions albums were sold and 2 Grammy awards were won with it. The megawedding happened 2 albums later, in June 1993 and with it, the new pop cinderella made her dreams come true getting married as Lady Di. She bought a similar dress to the princess' (40 millions pesetas – $250.000 – of velvet) with a 8 metres veil. She even reformed an antique tiara of the family to make it similar to Diana's.

    Fastly, she has converted in the new America's sweetheart thanks to those catchy songs sung by her prodigious and black voice, able to reach 5 octaves without ruining her hairdo. They are songs that, this is the new thing, she composed and produced.

    But the goddess wasn't happy: "Mottola not only controlled her career meticulously, but all of her life" Lucas Tamashiro, her Hispan Fan Club president explains "the dresses, the hairdo, the music,... he watched over even her phone conversations and he prohibited her to go out at nights. He was jelous of everybody".

    She was "a bird in a golden jail" as she graphically has explained, until they split up in 1997. And before that, the scandal came: whole nights at the Bronx clubs; romances which delighted to the magazines (baseball star Derek Jeter, dancer David Fumero, rapper Q-Tip and, from january 1999, Luis Miguel); style change with extremely short skirts and low necks ("it's nice dressing sexy. It's a side of myself that I could never explore before" she explained) and the most important thing, stylistic evolution to ambients and rhythms close to hip-hop with collaborators like Puff Daddy, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, Jay-Z or Missy Elliot. Like she has explained: "I felt constantly spied and analyzed. I hardly see Tommy since then, and when I do, the situation is usually strained".

    Scared of masses. Anyway, that crazy life is usually at home. The coquettish diva (she says that her height is 1'75 m and her weight is 55 Kg) is scared of the masses and of being photographied in any inconvenient situation by the paparazzi, so when she travells abroad, she goes to bed early. When she comes to Spain, she always goes to "Corral de la Morería" (Madrid) where she reserves place for her and her helpers "as soon as she arrives to the airport" as the first maître, Justino de Diego explains. After the dinner ("she always eats a lot of paella, I think that's the reason for her breasts") she goes enthusiastically to a flamenco show.

    Her body provokes passions in Spain: there has been fan clubs in Seville, Murcia, Córdoba, Madrid and Barcelona, although just the 2 last still survive, whose plans includes a fussion and make just one official club with their current 450 affiliates. Mariah is a phenomenon in our country: everytime she came for signing albums the recint collapses, as it happened in the commercial center "El Corte Inglés" in Madrid where 3.000 fans were in the queue so packed that a plate glass was broken for the pression.

    The album who made her famous here was the one which converted her in an absolute world #1: 500.000 copies were sold in our country. Since then, an average of 150.000 copies has been sold of every of her other albums.

    Musically, Mariah Carey started her career being in the shadow of Whitney Houston who 5 years before had patented the formula of commercial soul-pop + great gospel voice, and she had used the productors who had collaborated with Houston before (Narada Michael Walden, her protected Walter Afanasieff, Babyface and David Foster). If you add to it all the movie that she is preparing about a singer, it's evident that the duet with Houston for the movie "Prince of Egypt" (1998) was a pact with devil with biblic proportions.

    But this is not the only spot in her story. In september 2000, months after her stay at hospital for an oyster poisoning, the beautiful Mariah was acused of plagiarizing a song of a rapper duet. That year, her sister Alison threatened Mariah with publishing the typical book-with-all-the-truth, and she said that she financed the starts of her sister's career prostituting herself. A diva representant denied it all adding that the poor woman was drogaddict and seropositive.

    Remember that Mariah is the youngest daughter of an opera singer and avenezolan and afroamerican aeronautical engineer. It was mum that named her that way because she thought it was a good name for an artist, and it was her that taught her how to sing when she was 4.

    The day after her graduation at High School, she went to New York City to succeed. It's well known that the favourite dream of Americans is to come from the nothingness (she was waitress and she sold souvenirs at Time Square), to sacrifice (she shared an apartment with 3 girls), to work hard like a background vocalist and to wait patiently for the chance of your life.

    Her meteoric projection during 90's and her prodigious ability of reinventing and mediatic impact, make that today she is one of the most important artists at the world MF. Thanks to the image of bombastic and yankee Lolita, she has created a stereotype that has nothing to do with an artist who knows perfectly the musical business and owns her career as coauthor and coproducer of her hits (she even directs her videoclips).

    She might seem an hysterical, capricious, for instance when she refused to perform live at Miss Spain 99 show and the performance had to be recorded. Reason: she didn't want to share a second of TV with Paula Vázquez. Explanation: the Spanish host is taller and more stylized than her. Fool? Not a bit. That's how stars are made. Mariah is now getting ready for her umpteenth conquer of the world hit lists with her film adventure and her duet with Michael Jackson for his upcoming album. Wherever Mariah is, there will always be a person with a straw in the pocket just in case the diva wants to drink something. It's not for the microbes but for the lipstick.

    Mariah's World
    1.Place and date of birth: Long Island, USA, March 27th, 1970.
    2.Her blood is: irish, venezolan, afroamerican.
    3.Rival: Whitney Houston. She has used many productors of "the bodyguard".
    4.Favorite color: pink
    5.Favourite food: cheese hamburgers, salad, pasta and paella.
    6.Favorite drink: French champagne.
    7.Weight: 55 Kg, even though she likes eating so much that she has to make diet from time to time.
    8.Achievements: 140 millions albums sold in the whole world and 14 #1's singles in USA.
    9.Home: She has been refused from two luxury blocks of flats of New York because of her customs.
    10. Know by the ones who have suffered her caprices as "Moralla" (I don't even known its meaning in spanish, but you can guess it) Carey

    HUGE thanks to Mariah Buzz for this article translation done by Akane!!

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