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updated byregina May 31st, 2002 5:00PM  
Since tomorrow starts June, there are a couple new calendar wallpapers you can check out now for the new month. Plus, there is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. Check them out if you like.

Chat: Free Mariah Singles
J3i3m0m8y7 told me that at WildWritings.Says.It, you can win a free NTF/Hero cd single tonight. The chat is at 8pm ET, so if you get this information in time, drop on by!

You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...
KaLiAh, John, Kimberly and Dana sent me some more entrees for this MD section. Check it out if you like by clicking here. The new ones start at #374.

New Site
Check out Emilee's new site, Mariah's Planet.

updated byLiron May 31st, 2002 8:30AM
New Sound Of The Week
Artist of The Decade This week's "Sound of The Week" is Mariah's famous speech from Billboard Awards 2000.
Mariah had won the prestigious "Artist of The Decade" award, beating successful artists like Madonna, Garth Brooks, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Boyz II Men & many more.
The award was given to Mariah by Patti Labelle and in the memorable speech, Mariah remembers to thank everyone from her mother, to Tommy Mottola and of course - the FANS.

Click here to download Mariah's Artist of The Decade Speech!

  • Thank you as always to Anderz for providing us with space for the file!

    Mariah Goes Back To Capri
    Mariah sings under the Caprese moon
    She'll be recording her latest album on the album.
    The piazza in Capri was full of flowers and messages of affection when Mariah Carey made her entrance. Landed Sunday in Naples with a private jet, the singer went directly to the island to record her latest album. Ferried on a super luxurious 30 metre yacht and protected from the inseparable body-guard, Mariah is now residing in one of the most high and inaccessible spots in Capri, with a spending 360 degree view of the gulf.
    Waiting for her at the Neapolitan airport was Carlo Quinto Talamona, owner of Capri Studios. The star is expected to stay for a month recording her first album for the Universal Music Group, which recently secured the diva's voice for 20 million dollars.

    After leaving from the Margellina wharf onboard the Matuska, a 30 metre super-luxurious yacht, Mariah arrived at the Caprese port of Marina Grande. Her inseparable bodyguard Michael and Carlo Quinto Talamona escorted her to the piazza where she was greeted by a group who call themselves "The Caprese Friends Of Mariah".
    Waiting for her as well was Francolino, owner of the diva's favourite restaurant, Villa Verde. Waiting as well were the maitre of the establishment, and Antonello of Foto Flash, the only photographer who can make Mariah pose.
    After the usual goodbyes, the group went to one of the most beautiful spots on the island, Monte Tuoro where the Capri Studios are.

    Mariah Buzz

    The first one of the millionaire record deal with Universal An Album in Capri for Mariah Carey
    After landing with a private jet to Naples, she has arrived in the island on board of the yacht «Matuska». A month to record her new album.

    CAPRI (NAPLES) - The American singer Mariah Carey landed on Sunday afternoon with her jet private to the airport of Capodichino, Naples and then headed for Capri, where she will record an album. The popstar reserved the recording studio of «Capri Studios» for beyond a month, to record her first album with Universal Music Group, the label which has payed her 20 million dollars.

    THE YACHT - The singer arrived to Capri departing from Molo Luise to Mergellina, on board of the «Matuska», a super-luxurious yacht of 30 meters, that will transport Mariah and her staff to the their habitual accustoms for the work pauses. Waiting for her at the tourist port of Marina Grande in the blue island there was a crowd of fans.

    Corriere Della Sera, Mariah Mania

    Welcome Back Mariah
    Mariah Carey returned yesterday afternoon to the Blue Island for a vacation-job of approximately a month. After landing to the airport of Capodichino with a private jet, the singer reached the Molo Luise to Mergellina and on board of the 'Matuska ', a super-luxurious yacht of 30 meters, she reached Marina Grande. With Carey there was her staff and Carlo Quinto Talamona, owner of the 'Capri Studios', the recording studio where Mariah will record her first album with Universal Music Group.

    Arrived in Piazzetta, the popstar found the love of her Caprese friends who were waiting for her and welcomed her with red roses, orchids and banners with "Welcome Mariah" written on them. The group was commanded by Francolino, owner of 'Villa Verde', the singer's favorite restaurant, the maitre of the local Franco Schiano (where she always asks for her favorite salad of tomatos and king) and by Antonello of 'Foto Flash', the only Caprese photographer who succeeded to make the star pose. Today Carey will relax, then she will begin to work on the album in the 'Capri Studios', situated in the top of the Faraglioni.

    Capri Press, Mariah Mania

    Island's Coup: Carey And Capri
    The record executive who signed MARIAH CAREY two weeks ago traces his success to a telephone call he placed well before she became a free agent with a $28 million severance payment from her former record label, Virgin Records. LYOR COHEN, the head of the Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam label, said he made the call after her album "Glitter" came out and generated lackluster sales. He told her not to worry, and to call if she ever wanted to talk about working together. Having signed Ms. Carey, Mr. Cohen and some Island Def Jam colleagues are off to Italy. He said that as they signed the contract, she said: " 'I guess you have to come to Capri now. That's where I'm making the new album.' " Mr. Cohen is taking 25 executives and their wives.

    NY Times

    Compilation of Italian Articles
    Mariah has arrived at the airport of Capadichino of Naples and she went straight to Capri where she received a warm welcome. From the pier Luise, Mariah and her staff went on board of a luxurious yacht called Matuska. Mariah went then at the "piazzetta" (place of meeting, little known square of Capri) where she meets her friends of Capri who were waiting for her with roses, orchids and "Welcome Mariah" posters. The persons in the group were: the owner of the Villa Verde (Mariah's favorite restaurant), the owner of a club, the director of the recording studios, one photographer and a group of fans and tourists. The return to Capri is the first step of the "vendetta" (revenge) of Mariah. The Capri studios were not choosen at random, they are located on a rock cape and offer a marvellous panoramic view. When we are under "la luna caprese" (the Capri atmosphere), we give all what we have in our heart and soul. The blue reflections of the bay, the fragrances, the blue cave, the sun, the typical atmosphere of Capri will contribute to the sensibility of the recordings because Mariah will add some of the Luna Caprese.

    Italian Articles translated and compiled by Gilles from Heroes of Mariah

  • For an Italian article scan about Mariah coming to Capri (Thanks MariahMania) and a beautiful new picture of Mariah from Capri (Thanks Nacho!), check out Gallery 9

    P!nk Talks About Mariah
    American singer Pink, 22, recently spoke to an american magazine and said that she is inspired to sing to Mariah's style.
    She said she dreams about recording some song she grew up listening to, and that music has always helped her through problems with kids from school.
    Pink, now all grown-up, says she followed the right steps in her career. The singer with pink hair, also said, she loved 'Glitter' and that it was really a pity that the media didn't undertand the "purity" passed in the movie.

    Translated by MariahsBrasilianLamb (From FOMM), Mariah Vision

    Missy Talks About Mariah
    Sisters share a Special bond: Just ask Missy Elliot!
    Rap artist Missy Elliott spoke with Music Beat magazine recently, and while interviewed she reported that Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are her sisters. Well, not in that sense of the word. Elliott told reporter Doug Rollins that she considers Houston and Carey to be her sisters who she confides in and looks up to. "I've worked with Mariah and Whitney a couple of times and they are sweet ladies. I've always been a huge fan of both of them since they each released their debut album. I remember when my manager told me that Mariah wanted me to be on the "Heartbreaker" Remix with her and asked me if I wanted to. I thought I was about to faint or something. I was like Mariah Carey; a legendary artist wants me to rap on her track? I was going through so many emotions all at once. I mean I was shocked she wanted ME on her record, thrilled that she did so and asked if I would, and honored and ecstatic that she liked my music and work enough to even ask me. It was something I tell ya".

    Elliott told Rollins that she sometimes feels that she hasn't earned the right to be associating herself with Divas like Carey, Houston, (Janet) Jackson, and even the ultimate Diva, Diana Ross. She says when she is around them she gets a little nervous. "I start to sweat and my nerves start acting up whenever I'd see or talk to one of them. But after a while I started to relax a bit. I think working with Whitney did something to me. We were working on her track "In My Business" and every time I'd stutter or be all silent she'd know I was nervous and she'd say to me `Girl, would you relax already. I ain't gonna bite you or anything', and things along that line until I calmed down and laugh". Elliott says she has better control over herself around the people she has come to know and work with but meeting new people is still hard for her. She admits being shy and isn't quick to approach certain people right away.

    Although life doesn't always treat us right, Elliott says no matter how hard life gets to be at times and everything seems to be going wrong, she gets the strength to go on and gets through her troubles from the support of her sisters. "My music means a lot to me and it helps me to deal with different issues in life; but sometimes it isn't enough and you need another form of saving grace. That's where my sisters come in. Mariah and Whitney and I have all become such great friends. They're my sisters! They are so nice and comfortable to be around and easy to talk to. When I have a problem I'd confide in them and they help me to deal with it. They help me to feel better when I'm down, or whatever. I remember once I was upset about something and I was talking to Mariah. I told her that there was something on my mind and I wanted to talk about it. She says to me, `Sure thing. I know if I had a problem I'd wanna confide in someone like me', meaning herself. That had me cracking up. MC is a funny girl and always makes me laugh no matter what. I love her! But anyway, all I know is that I'm so lucky and honored to know both of them, and to have their friendships. It means a whole lot to me. I wouldn't sacrifice my relationship with my two special sisters for anything in the world. We share a bond that cannot be broke", she says.

    Just how did the three musketeers form? Well, Elliot explains, "Mariah and Whitney are tight with each other, have been for awhile. They are always there for each other and Whitney told me herself one time that Mariah is her closest friend and is like a sister to her. She'd just keep referring to Mariah as her sister in conversations. Mariah knew how Whitney felt about her and told her she was touched by her gesture, and said she'd love to be her sister. Whenever I'd hang out with them they'd refer to each other as sister and they were so cute when they were together. I told them they have a unique and special relationship being honorary sisters the way they were, and that it made me wish I had a special relationship like that with someone, so they said they'd adopt me and we could all be sisters in a way like no other. That's how our special relationship formed. A relationship I'll treasure forever".

    Celebrity Profile, Mariah Buzz

    Mariah on EW's List of Demanding Pop Stars
    Demanding Entertainment Weekly has a list of "Pop Stars' 10 Most Outrageous Demands". Here's why Mariah's on the list:

    Whether you're negotiating a raise, a home loan, or just a great price on that garage-sale knicknack, you need to think like a pop star: Be bold, and insist on getting exactly what you want. To give you an idea of what we mean, take a look at some of the specific (and, in some cases, outrageous) demands Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Busta Rhymes, and seven other musical prima donnas have written into their contract riders before they'll agree to appear in concert. (These and many more actual contracts can be found on TheSmokingGun.com.)

    MARIAH CAREY - When it comes to dealmaking, Mariah is without peer (witness the $68 million she recently earned for being dropped by one record label and signed by another). On the road, though, Carey's needs are not quite so upscale. Sure, she asks for a tea service for eight, along with champagne flutes and wine glasses. But she also has the common sense to insist on bendy straws to sip from.

    Entertainment Weekly Online

    Talking Trash, Making Cash, and Still Able to Sign Mariah
    The following are parts from a NY Times article about Lyor Cohen. I'm only posting the Mariah related parts, if you wish to read the whole article, please Click Here.

    LOS ANGELES, May 27 — Russell Simmons, the godfather of rap music, likes to tell a story about Lyor Cohen, his long-time friend and business partner, who, as chief executive of the Island Def Jam Music Group, recently signed Mariah Carey to a $20 million recording deal.

    Now Island Def Jam, with a staff of 190, has a label for almost every genre. These include Murder Inc. (predominantly hip-hop and gansta rap, representing artists like Ashanti and Ja Rule); Lost Highway (the alternative country label behind the successful "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack) and Island Records (the group's rock label, with stars like Bon Jovi and Elvis Costello). The newest addition is Ms. Carey, who joined the Universal family two weeks ago and will have her own label. Mr. Cohen deftly wooed her after she was dropped by the EMI Group, going so far as to squire her off to Normandy in France to meet with the company's top executives.

    Indeed, rather than running with the crowd, Mr. Cohen now trusts his own instincts even more. Just as he took on Bon Jovi when the group had largely been written off, he is not afraid to take a risk on an artist some others consider past her prime. Even after "Glitter," Ms. Carey's film and album, received scathing reviews and bombed with the public last fall and she collapsed from nervous exhaustion, Mr. Cohen was the first record executive to show up at her apartment offering support, Ms. Carey said. The challenge facing Mr. Cohen, industry executives say, is to counsel her better than her former producers at Virgin Records did.

    NY Times, MariahCareyDK

    Ali's 60th Birthday Bash on Asian TV
    mcfanatic would like to inform all Asian fans that the 60th birthday bash for Muhammad Ali with Mariah's beautiful "Happy Birthday" rendition will be aired on the "Star World" channel on the following times: (All times in CET)
    2:00 PM, 5:30 PM, 8:30 PM
    5:00 AM

    Buenos Aires Awaits "Glitter" Premiere
    Here's what Johann & Thomas - Mariah fans from Argentina sent in:

    "Glitter" wasn't released in theatres in Argentina. All Mariah fans from here were disappointed, so the idea to have our very own private "Glitter" premiere was born. A pub has been especially chosen for the occasion. We want everybody to find out about "Glitter", so we have filled Buenos Aires with flyers and posters of the event. It will be a glittering night for Argentina, and we would love to have international lamb guests from around the globe. Needless to say, your housing is covered! The premiere will take place on Sunday, June 9th. For additional information, please visit us at http://glitterbuenosaires.8k.com

    Buenos Aires Awaits

    Mariah Sites Update

  • MisterB from the amazing Mariah Style wanted everyone to know that Mariah Style has new MPGs to download from the Tokyo Dome 96 concert! Download them as soon as possible because they won't be there forever.

  • Marcos from One Diva Our Mariah has a very nice new layout so check it out!
  • updated byregina May 30th, 2002 10:50AM  
    Poll Results
    There is a new Poll on the right side and here are last weeks results:
    When do you think Mariah's new album should be released?
    Late this year (1215) 37%
    Early next year ( 413) 13%
    She should wait a bit more (689) 21%
    As soon as humanly possible (981) 30%
    Total Votes: 3298
    updated byregina May 30th, 2002 10:50AM  
    Mariah At Diva's Live?
    Anonymous writes "Celebrity Insider reports "Mariah Carey was spotted in Las Vegas at VH1's Divas Live rehearsal session. According to a spokesperson for the music station, Carey attended at Whitney Houston's invite. She was seen talking to Houston and Mary J. Blige in the Lounge."

    The show's producer, David Arnold adds, "I had no idea she was even there until I went over to the lounge to let Mary and Whitney know that they were up next for rehearsal and I saw her standing there chatting with the two of them" Apparently, according to insiders Mariah had "planned to stay for the concert and watch her friends perform, but when she learned her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola and his wife, Mexican sensation, Thalia were attending, she decided not to stay as she didn't want a confrontation to occur and cause a scene. "Her Ex and his wife were there to support Celine Dion, a friend of the couple as well as Mariah's", said Arnold."

    The article goes on to say that "Carey slipped away while rehearsals were still going on, after saying goodbye to her friends, Houston, and Blige.""


    July 20th: Fan Gathering
    We have now got three gathering taking place on July 20, 2002.
    Fan Gathering: Australia [Sydney]
    If you would like further details, please send an email to
    Fan Gathering: UK [London]
    Contact: mintu_uk2002@yahoo.co.uk
    Fan Gathering: Brazil [ location to be announced soon]
    Contact: tahiana_leal@yahoo.com.br

    The gathering will feature
    * An auction - rare mariah items being auctioned for Camp Mariah & Rainbow Trust [ if you wanna donate stuff for this please contact mintu_uk2002@yahoo.co.uk]
    * Announcement of a special project
    * News on Wise Girls
    * News on mariah's New Album/Single
    At these 3 gatherings the events will be recorded and then edited to one tape and sent to mariah.... we hope to get her view of the events. For general information, please visit Rainbow Princess.

    UK Charts Company
    To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Charts in November, The Official UK Charts Company is compiling the first ever officially endorsed list of your favourite NO. 1 singles of all-time. To Vote 4 MC's NO.1 singles click here

    On the lower left hand corner click 'Vote For Your Fav No.1 Of All Time.' Then begin voting. You can chose a Maximum of 50 of your favorite tracks or Minimum of 1. Mariah's #1 tracks listed are listed with numbers. Go and vote for numbers... 702 Mariah Carey 'Without You' 875 Mariah Carey & Westlife 'Against All Odds' Thanks to Rainbow Princess for this information.

    Article O' The Week
    There is a new Article O' The Week if you want to check it out. Tomorrow, I'll be updating Pic O' The Week, Quote and Poll O' The Week.

    You Know You Are A Mariah Fan When...
    Lindsay sent me some more lines for this section on MD. Check out #'s 364-373 if you like.

    Vote For M
    Vote for Mariah on the current Teen People Poll on the Top 10 Artists You Want to Become on MTV's Becoming. Thanks to Rainbow Princess for this information.

    updated byregina May 29th, 2002 7:10PM  
    July 20th: Fan Gathering
    Neil is getting fans together in Sydney, Ashes/Matte are getting fans together in the UK and some other things are in the works to have a worldwide Mariah Fan Gathering/Celebration Day on July 20th. Chats will be held online for fans who can't gather, which will be announced later, and here is some information Neil sent me...
    IF you're a Mariah Carey fan and you're going to be in Sydney on Saturday, July 20th - then we want you!
    On that day, Mariah-fan gatherings will be occuring all over the world. The Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub @ www.MariahDownunder.com is organising the Australian Fan Gathering to be held in Sydney, so don't miss out.

    The event is so special because it will be videotaped - compiled with footage from the other world fan gatherings - and sent to Mariah herself!

    Represent Australia and be there on the day. Meet other fans, win prizes and much more!

    If you would like further details, please send an email to

    Mariah Mentioned On Z100
    Here is what Melissa sent me...
    This morning during the Z100 NY morning zoo, Elvis Duran was giving one of his "lists" and the topic was Bumper stickers... one of the ones listed was "Honk if you saw Glitter". The other DJs didn't laugh... they said "Elvis! She's your friend!" and another said "Aw, Mariah, we're sorry!" I know he is her friend, so I doubt Mariah would take it too seriously, but it was nice to know the other DJs defended her too!

    Various Tidbits
    Here is some tidbits from Honey & Kate from Butterflies Are Free...

  • On Monday we talked to the German office of the European "Wise Girls" distributor International Media and they told us that so far it's not said whether the movie will be released in cinemas or not but the woman we talked to, told us that she doesn't believe the movie will be released in Germany this year.
  • Together with Dieter, Sabine and Tommy we now founded a German Mariah Fanclub. For 10 Euro / year "Fly Away" offers a 40pages fanzine, which'll be sent out every 3 months. Also members have the possibility to receive a E-Mail- or SMS-newsletter and every new member receives a 10x15cm Mariah-photo and a membership card. For the fans, who become mebers untill July 01st we have a nice contest. The website of the fanclub is http://flyaway-mcfanclub.cjb.net
  • Today we found Mariah Capris at the Online Shop Candies.com. The jeans named after Mariah, are called "Mariah Frayed Capri" and the price for on is $39. You can order the jeans in blue denim, brown denim and brown leather by visiting http://www.candies.com/style.asp?c=19&bag=0
  • And last but not least, we wanted to let ya know that we currently have a contest on our site, where we're giving away a site in a "Fan Faces Book" for Mariah, in which only 50 international lambz can take part.
  • updated byregina May 28th, 2002 8:30PM  
    The Autographs
    I got the signed Greatest Hits Posters and cd singles today and I scanned them all. You can check them out by clicking here if you like. Obviously it's not the whole poster, only where Mariah signed.

    Magazine News
    On the way home from my trip, I bought some magazines and found Mariah in them. First off, there is a little picture of her in People magazine. She is in the front and it has the poll results, which sadly were not the one we wanted her to win. It says...

    People.com asked: Which of these two record companies got the better deal?
    Universal just agreed to pay Mariah Carey $20 million to make records for them? (21%)
    Virgin Records which paid Mariah Carey $28 million to not make music for them (79%)
    Next, there are two pictures of Mariah in the June 10th issue of US Weekly. One is about the type of bathing suit you should wear if you have a body like Mariah and the other is about Mariah's favorite nail polish. Finally, she is on the cover of the Star tabloid. BUT, don't even waste your money because there is no picture of Mariah inside. It only mentions her name. Check out all the scans in Gallery 9.

    Cat Eyes
    cateyes Sunglasses: Cat Eyes...Like a forties noir, they're old school and way cool
    Personality Profile: Totally curious, you like to keep up with the newest bands, see movies that no one has heard of, and spend hours searching through dusty bins of vintage clothing and used records. Trends don't concern you but personality does, and you've spent years cultivating a quirky look that is all your own.
    Flattery fact: The upward angle of the frame accentuates the cheekbones and slims the face, says Richard Morgenthal of Morgenthal Frederics.
    Worn by: Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey, Farrah Fawcett, Mary J. Blige.

    InStyle (June 2002)

    Mariah's $20 Million Deal
    Bidding war leads to contract with Island Def Jam; new album this year
    Mariah Carey has signed a three-album deal with Island Def Jam, home to Ja Rule, Ashanti, Sum 41, and Bon Jovi. The new contract, said to be worth more than $20 million, comes just five months after Carey's highly publicized split with Virgin Records raised doubts about her future. While the money is substantial - and includes funding for her own custom record label - the entire contract works out to be nearly $1 million less than Virgin reportedly paid Carey for a single album and $8 million less than the company paid to buy her out of her contract after that record, "Glitter," tanked.

    "America loves a Cinderella-Judy Garland story," says Lyor Cohen, president of the Island Def Jam Music Group, "and this is shaping up to be one." Cohen's optimistic view of Carey's future was apparently shared by other labels - Elektra, Warner Bros., and J Records all reportedly made serious bids to sign the singer.

    Carey's first new album is expected before the end of the year, and she has already begun working on tracks with producers including Jermaine Dupri, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. A crucial question inside the industry has been how much artistic control Carey was willing to concede. Many attributed the "Glitter" debacle to the complete control Virgin granted her, or to the artistic isolation that followed her divorce from Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola. Cohen says he'll work to create a supportive environment for Carey: "Artists deserve to have a commitment on the part of their labels and to build a trusting relationship. She hasn't had it in a very, very long time."

    Island Def Jam's parent company, Vivendi Universal, will also be paying close attention to the overseas markets, where Carey has traditionally earned half her sales. Carey has been a strong seller in Japan, Great Britain, France and Germany, which are the four largest foreign record markets: One good-size international hit could make the deal look like a bargain. Jorgen Larsen, chairman of Universal Music International, sees little lasting damage from "Glitter", terming it "a temporary hiccup." Vivendi is keen to expand Carey's audiences in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Carey's new custom label will also give her the opportunity to produce and release recordings by other artists. "There are endless possibilities," says Jerry Blair, the executive in charge of the singer's label. But, for the moment, he adds, Carey's company has one mission: "Our first focus is her next recording."

    Thanks to Salvador for tihs article from Rolling Stone Magazine (June 20th)

    All Access
    I updated the Important Dates on the side bar and if you want more details about the VH1 All Access on May 30th, here is what the show is about...

    About: (#021) Rock's Finest
    A celebration of the rock star body, taking into account the opinions of fans, the press and fellow rockers-as well as our own visual assessment. In the running are the legs of Tina Turner, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez (as well as her bodacious backside); the lips of Justin Timberlake and Mick Jagger; and the abs of D'Angelo and Mark Wahlberg. Also takes a peek at some of the legendary body parts in rock history and the expensive insurance policies that rock stars took out to protect them.

    Fan Sites
    Marc wants you all to know that Crybabyland has reopened and April told me that MariahzWorld has a new layout. Check them out if you like!

    updated byLiron May 26th, 2002 3:05PM
    Would You Like To Become Mariah?
    If so, vote on the Teen People Poll asking which artist would you want to become on "MTV's Becoming".

    Mariah is currently last but I am sure some of you would vote for her as your favorite choice!

    Thanks to Rajdeep.

    Mariah Music In Class Of 2001
    This is what Pryme from Mariah Maddness writes:

    "Power 106, a popular hip-hop/rnb radio startion here in southern Cali has listed, its 106 class of 2001 playlist.
    Mariah showed up twice in the playlist!

    #72 Mariah Carey - Loverboy
    #103 Mariah Carey - Don't Stop

    Also please email power106la@aol.com and write 'Mariah Carey' so that tells them to add Mariah to their playlist. Thanks!"

    J-14 Mentions MC
    Allie informs us that there is a Mariah mention in the July issue of the J-14 magazine on page 76.
    There are "Random Facts" which states facts and you have to find out who the artist it. One of the facts is:
    "She was the bestselling artist of the 1990s" - I am sure you can tell what the answer is!

    updated byLiron May 25th, 2002 6:35PM
    Mariah On TV
    Here are some upcoming dates of Mariah appearances on TV:

    05/27/02, 08:00 pm ET, FAM channel, World Music Awards
    05/28/02, 06:00 pm ET, VH1 channel, 100 Greatest Videos
    05/29/02, 06:30 pm ET, VH1 channel, Saturday Night Live 25
    05/30/02, 11:00 pm ET, VH1 channel, All Access
    06/01/02, 02:00 am ET, COM channel, Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central

    - Thanks to Rajdeep for all this info!

    Mariah In "Mira" Magazine
    Betty informed us that Mariah is on the June 4th, 2002 issue of the Spanish "Mira" magazine. There is a picture of Mariah from the "WiseGirls" premiere and the caption talks about Tommy Mottola hurting "Glitter"'s success.
    If anyone has the magazine and would scan it for us, it would be highly appreciated!

    Mariah About Being Insomniac
    Insomniac Hollywood.com has a small "research" on their site called: Up All Night: Confessions of Sleepless Celebrities

    Here is the part about Mariah:
    Insomniac: Mariah Carey
    Why She Can't Sleep: There's probably an entire list of reasons why Mariah can't sleep--Glitter was a flop and there was much negative press when she was dropped from EMI. She's suffered a bout with depression and her latest film, Wise Girls, is probably going straight to video. As Mariah told the UK's Sun:

    Quote: "I stay up thinking about all the loose ends. When I get these flashes of nerves, I'll call a friend or type on my pager or watch a movie or write lyrics or sit in the kitchen with my dog and cat. If I'm feeling comfortable I could sleep for 10 or 12 hours, but generally I get about three."


    How Well Do You Know Mariah? - Quiz
    DesGirl87 found the following quiz at a site called Katrillion.
    Click Here to see how well you know Mariah!

    New Site
    Sergei & Rachel will be opening their new site, iMariah this Monday - May 27th. Check it out for a fan gathering & more things.

    updated byLiron May 24th, 2002 4:15PM
    New Sound of The Week
    Anytime You Need A Friend The poll for "Sound of the week" results showed that MD visitors want the next sound of the week to be a remix.
    It was a tough choice, but I chose one of my alltime favorite Mariah remixes, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:
    Anytime You Need A Friend - 7" Mix
    Taken from Mariah's 1994 US CD single release - "Anytime You Need A Friend" - CD #2 (The Dance Remixes),
    The 7" Mix was produced, arranged & mixed by C&C Enterprises (David Cole & Robert Clivilles) like all the other remixes on the wonderful CD.
    If you liked the remix, please support Mariah by buying the CD. You can find it online in places like Amazon.com and Esprit

    In the new poll (on the left sidebar), you can choose which song you'd like to hear next week!

    Mariah To Be On Entertainment Tonight!

    "Tonight on our show: SANDRA BULLOCK in the South of France; MADONNA onstage in London; JENNIFER LOPEZ wants all white, MARIAH CAREY needs Danish -- what stars demand in their dressing rooms; the ultimate toys of the rich and famous; what's next for STEVE HARVEY; why SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is kicking JACK BLACK's butt; LEONARD MALTIN sits down with AL PACINO and we go backstage in Las Vegas with the VH1 divas!"
    Thanks Olivia, ET Online

    Mariah's Favorite Dining Spot
    Forbes.com named Bono's "The Clarence" hotel their destination of the week.
    Here's a part from the article they wrote about it:

    Another dining option is the hotel's Octagon Bar (named for its roof), which has become a popular celebrity hangout--Mariah Carey and Michael Douglas have been spotted there. The bar also has a small menu, featuring casual food such as grilled avocado and tomato sandwich on fennel bread, and the standard cheeseburger. Adoring groupies and a fan club are extra.


  • I added some very nice collages of Mariah that Omri made plus some more that mcfanatic sent in. Check them out in Gallery 9
  • I'd like to inform you that Mariah has WON yesterday's TV Guide poll with almost 30% of the votes! Thanks to everyone who voted :)

    Petition Reminder
    A few of you wondered where you could sign the "Wise Girls" petition that reached some of the press already.
    HERE is where you can sign the petition and show your support & hope to see the movie in the theater.
    Here's a very nice note that Gilles (Heroes of Mariah) found in one of the signatures:

    "Mariah, you are my VISION OF LOVE! Make my FANTASY come true and release this movie! Don't be a HEARTBREAKER cuz I can't live WITHOUT YOU. Lions Gate, be my HERO and give me MY ALL, "Wise Girls" before I have a BREAKDOWN. Mariah, I'm your LOVERBOY. DON'T STOP making that great music. You have the ability to MAKE IT HAPPEN. You make my EMOTIONS soar when I hear your beautiful music. FOREVER you will ALWAYS BE MY BABY and I will accept your music with OPEN ARMS. I'm gonna stop being a CRYBABY and be glad that I can THANK GOD I FOUND YOU. Please release "Wise Girls" SOMEDAY cuz once it hits the theater, I'LL BE THERE."
    By Ricky Lopez (2155th signature)

    New Site
    Emily informs us of the new site she made for Mariah. Click Here to enter Mariah's Planet.

  • updated byLiron May 23rd, 2002 3:40PM
    Vote for Mariah on TVGuide
    TV Guide Online's Daily Poll has the question "Which is your favorite diva of all-time?"
    Mariah is currently on the 3rd position, lets get her on top!
    Click Here to vote on that poll.

    WiseGirls Petition Gets More Press!
    Troubled diva Mariah Carey's devoted fans are bombarding a film company with pleas to release her second movie.

    Immediately after finishing last year's flop Glitter, the curvy singer went on to star in mobster drama Wisegirls opposite Mira Sorvino, just before her emotional breakdown last summer.

    Devotees of the diva have been emailing protests to Lion Gate Films, demanding the film be released in cinemas after hearing reports the flick will go straight to video. (WENN)

    SoundBuzz, Mariah Mania

    Glitter Released in Belgium
    Gilles from Heroes of Mariah is happy to inform you that the "Glitter" DVD will be released in Belgium on August 6th and the VHS will be released about 6 months later.

    New Site
    Case from the former "Glitter Galaxy" page, now has a new site for Mariah called mesMARIAHzed.
    Click Here to check it out!

    Mariah on BET Countdown
    Jason (From FOMM) writes that Mariah's "Honey Remix" made it to #3 on the BET Waterworks countdown.

    updated byregina May 22, 2002 6:00PM  
    Updates/Note From Regina
    Tomorrow morning I am going on vacation to Ohio to visit some family. I will be back on Tuesday, May 28th and will most likely be doing an update then. Please send all the news to Liron for the time being because she will mostly be updating MD while I am gone and Danielle will be helping as much as she can too. Since I am going to be gone for 6 days, I updated the Pic O' The Week, Poll O' The Week and Quote O' The Week. Check those out if you like and I'll talk to you all on Tuesday!!

    Poll Results:
    If you could chill with Mariah for one day, what would you rather do?
    hang in the studio (245) 18%
    go shopping (41 ) 3%
    go to a club (23) 2%
    go out to eat at McDonalds (16) 1%
    play with her pets (16) 1%
    go to the beach (52) 4%
    watch Little Mermaid on her big screen (20) 1%
    chill in the "Butterfly Room" (40) 3%
    what the heck, let's do it all (916) 67%
    Total Votes: 1369

    US Weekly Scan
    Alex, from SandraNews.com, sent me the scan of Mariah in the current US Weekly. Check it out in Gallery 9.

    Dutch FHM
    Darryl informed me that Mariah is in the Dutch FHM magazine this week. She was #26 this time and last year she was #34. Here is what they wrote about Mariah...
    Mariah is in the Dutch FHM (For Him Magazine) this week.

    After a nervous breakedown and a bad movie "glitter" last year she is slowly on her way back. That's a good thing because she has many talents this daughter of a opera singer. She is the best Artist off the decate. We are not affraid about how she looks after the breakdown if you look back on her Photoshoot on December's issue.
    updated byLiron May 22nd, 2002 3:00PM
    Apply Now for the VMA Voting Academy
    The following is an invitation from MTV to be a voter in the VMAs. This is a great idea for any lambs who would want to nominate and vote for Mariah in the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards:

    For the first time in MTV's Video Music Award history, we're asking a very select group of viewers to join the official nomination and voting process-- for all of the VMA award categories. Members of the VMA Voting Academy will receive official nomination and voting ballots in the mail to cast their votes alongside the top industry executives. If you love music (and we know you do), don't miss this opportunity to apply for the VMA Voting Academy. Hurry, only a limited number of applicants will be accepted. Click here to apply now.

    mcfanatic (Igal), MTV.com

    "WiseGirls" Petition on German TV
    This is what Luke (From FOMM) wrote:
    I was just watching INTERACTIV on the german music channel VIVA..this show is just as popular here as MTV TRL is in the US..anyway...suddenly, when they talked about news they began speaking about Mariah (showing a little bit of LOVERBOY in the backround)..they said that her new movie called WISEGIRLS should have been released at the movies, but now it seems that it will directly go to TV/DVD. But the fans don´t accept that and fight for the movie to come to theatres.

    Buy the Mariah Skechers Online
    Zappos is proud to offer the Skechers - Superstarz - Mariah sneakers -- Padded footbed for added comfort. Flexible uppers for increased mobility. Young, fashionable design. If you might be interested in purchasing a pair, preview the shoe styles that are available from below:
    Skechers - Superstarz - Mariah (Navy Denim/Light Blue Stones)
    Skechers - Superstarz - Mariah (White Canvas/Clear Stones)
    Skechers - Superstarz - Mariah (Black Canvas/Red Stones)

    mcfanatic (Igal), The recommended Mariah World

    Interesting Bit on Jerry Blair
    As some of you might know, Jerry Blair (one of Mariah's new team-mates on Universal) used to be a Sony man.
    However, If you're wonderering how far they go back, play your copy of "The First Vision" and you'll see his name among the list of the people in Mariah's "Thank You" list.

    Vote for Mariah
    SurveyItUp.com wants to know who is your favorite female singer.
    If you'd like to keep Mariah in the lead, Click Here to vote on the poll.

    Igal, Eran, Survey It Up

    updated byregina May 21, 2002 3:15PM  
    Quick Note
    A couple of webmasters contacted me recently saying that they got a virus from mariahdaily@aol.com If for any reason, you get an e-mail from my account at mariahdaily@aol.com and there is an attachment, delete it right away. I reinstalled my AOL and contacted AOL about the problem. They are looking into it and hopefully no other e-mails will be sent out. I think someone else might be sending it claiming to be me. Please be careful, thanks!
    updated byLiron May 21st, 2002 2:30PM
    The Inside Story of Mariah's New Deal
    Jerry Blair, Middle An Exclusive Interview With Jerry Blair
    By Brian Burns
    May 20th, 2002

    The most talked about subject in the music world this week was Vivendi/Universal's signing of Mariah Carey. Carey's records will be released on her label and distributed by Island Records. Veteran Promotion Guru Jerry Blair, who helped Mariah make history when she achieved her record breaking 15 #1 singles and most consecutive weeks at #1, will head up the team at the label. Hitmakersmagazine.com caught up with Blair this week for an exclusive look at the new project.

    Any of those numbers are speculative in terms of what they were. All I'll say is both sides are very happy with the deal. What Doug Morris sees in Mariah Carey is the number one female artist of all time. She has a huge fan base. As far as negative implications from the last album, it was a soundtrack album. It also sold two million records worldwide. Over half a million were sold in the U.S. The movie was a period piece movie of the '80s with music from that period. It was released with little lead and set-up time and came out on September 11. Putting that aside, you still have the number one selling female artist of all time who's one of the few true global superstars in the business.

    She's got a movie coming out called "Wise Girls" which is going to be an HBO premiere movie. It will come out in November, starring Mariah, Mira Sorvino and Laura Walters. It's received incredible praise at Sundance in reviews and we think it will be an overwhelming success. She's got a lot of other movie projects on the table that she's considering too.

    Let me say this just to set the record straight. The company's first priority is the release of her record. Yes, it will be a multimedia company. It's an opportunity to really take advantage of all of the different assets of Vivendi/Universal, everything from their European cell phone company to television with tools like the USA networks. We'll take every advantage of all the opportunities that we can to market her music, but the company that we're going to set up will be a multimedia company. We're certainly going to sign other artists to the label. We'll build it very slowly and determinably and go from there, but the first focus will be her record.

    You're right about that. She takes a real hands-on position in her career. She was working so hard finishing the record last year, finishing the movie, filming "Wise Girls" and working on setting up her promotion. She had a lot on her plate. We're trying to set up a team around her so she can work on being the creative force. Our goal is to set up a team to take care of business. Mariah is going to be intimately involved with everything, but hopefully she can rely on us to make sure that things go into effect and not have to worry about so many details.

    The way we see it is that this company is meant to be the guarantor of her legacy. I just hope to bring as many opportunities out there in the world to present to her for us to pursue and just build a great company. For me, this is a great opportunity. It's an open landscape, a clean canvas. We get to really draft and write the script and that's what's incredible about working in the entertainment business right now. It's an incredible and exciting opportunity. It's a big world. We're not just limited to the United States. It's a global marketplace and our plan is to develop a worldwide company.

    Ultimately we will. The first release will be Mariah's new album and then we'll be signing other acts. That will give Mariah a great opportunity to mentor. It doesn't matter if it's Britney, Christina Aguilera or Nelly Furtado, they emulate Mariah, in a sense, and she is an icon. Now she'll get to be a 'hands-on' mentor with some of the artists on the label and hopefully will create new, great legacies.

    She's been working a lot in the studio because her creative juices are flowing right now. We'll get something out as quickly as humanly possible, hopefully by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. But we won't rush it. When it's ready, she'll know. She's been in the studio almost every day now.

    You're going to get the classic Mariah in that voice. But what you're also going to get is being on the forefront of where music goes to and she certainly has been on the forefront in so many ways before. It's really going to be a record that will appeal to all her huge fan base. That base includes girls five and six years old to people in their sixties and everything in between: men, woman, all races and cultures. You really don't have an artist that has that kind of a wide range of appeal and the fans really aren't going to be disappointed.

    Thanks Brian. This interview was a lot more pleasant than talking to Dan Cox from the New York Post.

    Thank you Taryn for the interview from HitmakersMagazine.com

    updated byregina May 20, 2002 7:40PM  
    And The Winners Are...
    We got over 200 e-mails for this contest and I picked the ten winners, which you can check out by clicking here. It was really hard deciding on which fan deserved to get an autograph over another but in the end, I think these 10 fans were very deserving of the autographs. I want to thank everyone who took the time to write a letter over the last 3 weeks. I havn't actually received the autographs yet but I am expecting them sometime this week. As soon as I receive them, I will take a picture of the posters to post on MD. Thanks again to Mariah and Maroon Entertainment for all their help. Maybe we can do it again this year!

    Viva Diva
    I checked out the new VH1 special called "Viva Diva" yesterday at 9pm ET. The show is an hour long and Mariah is featured in the show several times. It features new footage from her interview she did with VH1 for her Greatest TV Moments last year. They also show some behind the scenes from Glitter and show a lot of Mariah's videos, performances, etc. It's a really nice show to get on tape if you can catch it. Check the Important Dates bar on the left hand side for more dates it will reair.

    M's Canadian Charts
    Dave sent me Mariah's stats on the Canadian Charts Top 100 Singles of the 1990's. Mariah appears in the list four times and here they are...
    #7.  Fantasy
    #53. Dreamlover
    #74. Vision Of Love
    #86. I'll Be There

    Jay made some screen captures from Mariah's Greatest Hits Japanese Commercial and you can check them out in Gallery 9

    MC Portuguese Fanclub
    Gonçalo & Tiago created the MC Portuguese Fanclub and would you like you all to check it out. Universal Music Portugal company has shown their full support in working with their site, in several ways, like publicity, domain, promotional material for competitions, and real audio tracks in exclusive!

    updated byLiron May 20th, 2002 4:00PM
    She Wants To Be In Pictures
    Monday, May 20, 2002
    By Cindy Adams

    MARIAH CAREY is seriously into a movie career. To such a point that she doesn't sit back and wait for offers. She's willing to try and manufacture these offers.

    This savvy lady reads the trades, knows what's happening and who's doing what, and goes after what she thinks will work for her. She recently got in touch with a movie producer. Not knowing this producer personally, she used an intermediary. A p.r. lady in London phoned the producer to check is there a part for Mariah in his new movie. The producer, a Mariah Carey fan, reluctantly said no. The turn-down was not accepted on its first go-round. More phone calls were instituted. The truly sorry producer said there was nothing in this particular script she could fit.

    However, he said, he was willing, once this shoot was over, to do a video with her. Lone caveat being the guarantee she had a record company deal to back it up. This was never pursued because Mariah's sole interest was a feature film.

    Thanks to Roi for the article from Page Six

    J. Lo Ignores Another Question About MC
    If you recall, when J. Lo held an online chat with her fans, she was asked about Mariah but ignored it.
    Now it happens again during a press conference:

    Lopez says that while filming Enough, she had, er, enough. For the first time in her career, she had to stop and rest. "I've done between 11 and 14 movies, I haven't counted, but something like that, and I've never taken a day off. Never missed a video shoot, never been late."

    - Never done a Mariah Carey? Lopez giggles madly at the question from a male journalist, but doesn't take the bait.

    Jam! Showbiz

    Mariah Carey Doing Much Better
    Flo Anthony and the DJ's at K104 chatted about how Flo ran into Jimmy Jam on Wednesday and she had a lot to say about Mariah Carey.
    He said she was with them in Minneapolis this weekend where they were recording. Jimmy said Mariah's doing much better at not overworking this time, telling them she needs sleep at 3-4 am, whereas before she'd want to continue working.
    You can listen to the Mariah portion about 3 1/2 minutes into the audio clip here.


    Kelly from Destiny's Child Compliments Mariah
    Nacho found the following quote from Kelly (Destiny's Child):

    "Whitney had the whole package -- amazing beauty, incredible talent, and a strong stage presence. It's very rare that you find all that in one person.
    But then Mariah came along with the same thing! I thought she was unbelievable and loved her, too. It's funny to think of now, but I remember in the sixth grade I had myself a little boyfriend who was always saying, "I have a crush on Mariah." And I would tell him, "I'm going to be Mariah someday. I'm going to be Whitney, too!" Back then he must have thought I was crazy -- but recently he told me, "Well, you're just about there, Kelly."

    Update - Mariah's UK Chart Statistics
    davidwilkes5 from FOMM typed Mariah's most recent chart statics in the UK:

    At the end of 2001 Mariah is:

  • The 46th Top Artist in U.K Chart History (+3 from 2000)
  • The 8th Top Female Artist in U.K Chart History (+1 from 2000)
  • Mariah has had 252 Weeks total Weeks on the U.K Chart
  • Mariah has had 2 Number One Singles
  • Mariah has had a total of 28 Hits on the U.K Chart
  • Mariah has had 23 Top Twenty Hit Singles, including:
    - 18 Top Ten Hit Singles
    - 12 Top Five Hit Singles
    - and, 7 Top Three Hit Singles.

    In the 'Reader's Top 100 Of All Time' Mariah Carey featured twice:
    'Hero' was voted 67th Top Single Of All Time
    and 'Without You' was voted 98th Top Single Of All Time

    Mariah has spent 6 Weeks in total, at the Top of the U.K Single Charts:
    4 Weeks at #1 – 'Without You'
    and 2 Weeks at #1 – 'Against All Odds'

    'Without You' is certified at 'Gold' and entered the U.K Top 75, at #1.
    'Against All Odds' is certified at 'Silver' and entered the U.K Top 75 at #1.
    'Gold' represents 400,000 copies sold.
    'Silver' represents 200,000 copies sold

    Mariah & Peter Andre's Duet Canceled
    A few months ago we reported that the Australian singer Peter Andre might do a duet with Mariah for his new album.
    In a recent interview, Peter explains about the plans & the way things ended up:

    Peter Andre, who recently boasted about his "biggest achievement" in the music industry, has now announced that his new upcoming album, The Next Chapter, will not feature a collaboration with the ever-popular Mariah Carey. "Unfortunately, with her new record company and other matters, our song became pushed aside and the weird thing is - I think she was more upset about it than I was". Andre joked last week. The song reportedly titled Wait had been scheduled for recording in April but was canned due to Mariah's multi-million dollar EMI pay-out and the notion that Peter had made commitments regarding new Australian duo, Shakaya. "I've been writing and producing some songs for Shakaya's album". He revealed, "Their third single will be one of the songs that I wrote, so I'm pretty pleased about that." "Mariah and I will still work again in the near future, but it will probably be on one of her remixes".

    Mariah Buzz, Music Life Newsletter

  • updated byregina May 19, 2002 4:20PM  
    Ja Rule and Ashanti Glad Mariah Carey Joined
    [5/16/02, 12 p.m. ET) -- Mariah Carey has begun working with the producers of Murder Inc., according to her new labelmates Ja Rule and Ashanti. Murder Inc. is a subsidiary of the Island Def Jam music group, where Carey is signed.

    Ja Rule, who has been nominated for two BET Awards, recently explained how he felt about Carey joining the label, which is also the home to DMX, Jay-Z, and Musiq. "Mariah's cool. Mariah's cool. She's working with the Murder Inc. family right now. Holla," he said.

    When LAUNCH asked Ashanti if she was going to work on material with Carey she said she was not sure. "I don't think so. She's working with our producers in Murder Inc. I don't think I'll be doing anything with her...yet. Would love to."

    Ashanti's self-titled debut album slipped two slots on the Billboard 200 album chart this week to Number Four.
    -- Billy Johnson Jr., Los Angeles

    Thanks to Izzet for this article.

    Magazine News
    I checked out a few tabloids and People magazine and didn't see Mariah in them, I'll check again tomorrow though. I did see US Weekly though and it features a nice picture of her from the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards. I'll try and get a scan of that shortly for you all. Lisa tells me that Mariah's name is on the cover of the May 18th issue of Billboard magazine too. They talk about her new album that might drop by the end of the year or early next year. I'll see if I can pick that up also, unless someone else has a scan of it?

    There is a new poll on the right and here are last weeks results:
    Do you think Mariah deserves a better Official Website?
    Yes (2565) 88%
    Nah, the current one is great (299) 10%
    No Opinion (47) 2%
    Total Votes: 2911

    Mariah in Philly
    Paul told me that according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mariah was in Philly at the Rittenhouse Hotel sometime last weekend.

    Mariah Font
    Want the Mariah font on your computer? Well Allie found out where you can download it from. Just click here and below is a little example of the font that Allie typed out for you all.


    Universal Germany on M
    Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, sent us the following information...
    Universal Germany finally said something on the new contract with Mariah and here's the translation of the quote by Tim Renner, CEO and Chairman of Universal Music Germany:
    "It's a wonderful task to get Mariah back to the place she belongs: to the top! I saw her live a few weeks ago and now I know; Mariah's like a Ferrari. Unbelievably exciting, strong and sexy. And you don't give a Ferrari away just because it doesn't start once."

    Chat Tonight
    There is a possibility I won't be able to attend the MD chat tonight but I'll try my best to do so. Make sure you come on by and chat with other fans if you want to have some fun!!

    updated byregina May 17, 2002 2:35PM  
    Magazine News
    Mariah will probably be in a lot of magazines hitting shelves this week about her new deal. I'll try and have more information and scans this weekend for you all. Alex told me that she is in the May 27th issue of US Weekly. It's a tiny picture of her and a little blurb about her new deal.

    There is a new Pic O' The Week and a new Quote O' The Week. Check them out if you like!

    updated byregina May 16, 2002 7:40PM  
    Mariah Spoof
    mariah spoof Olivia found a spoof on Mariah that deals with her new deal at Hits Daily Double Website. Click here for a direct link.

    What More Can I Give
    Forgot about this song that Mariah did with Michael Jackson last year? Yeah so did a lot of people it seems but in Japan, they may finally get a chance to buy a copy of the single. The webmaster of the Japanese website, Butterfly, informed me that the single will be release at the end of August and that Michael Jackson will be making a visit to Japan for a charity concert. Several artists like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, N' Sync and Carlos Santana are still in negotiations to appear at the concert it is said. None of this information is confirmed though, so we'll have to wait and see if this is actually true!

    Magazine Scan
    I got my Cosmpolitan magazine in the mail today and scanned the 3 pictures of Mariah that were featured on page 241. Of course, nothing new but you can check it out anyway if you want in Gallery 8.

    Mariah Sketchers
    sketchers About a month ago, we reported on MD that you can now get your own Mariah shoe by Sketchers. Well Theresa found the "Superstarz-Mariah" shoes at her local mall yesterday and they were only $21 instead of $42. So if you are going to the mall this weekend, see if your stores got them in. The Cherry Hill mall near me didn't have them yet but I am guessing they will be hitting shelves soon. You can always order them online too at Sketchers.com

    Mariah's Web Coming Back
    Steph, from Mariah'sWeb.com, wanted me to inform you all that she will be starting her website back up in November, after she has her baby. So we can look forward to that of course and everyone here at MD wishes her all the best!

    updated byLiron May 16th, 2002 5:45PM
    Mariah - 80th Sexiest Woman of FHM
    In the May edition of the popular British magazine FHM, they publish the yearly poll of the 100 sexiest women.
    After not appearing for the past two years, Mariah makes a comeback to the chart at #80. This is what the magazine says about Mariah:
    Mariah Carey

    Last year, with her new film Glitter about to open and the accompanying soundtrack ready to hit the stands, Mariah was readying herself for the attendant storm of media exposure. And she got it, of course, but not in the way she anticipated. With tabloids full of stories of her mental meltdown, the movie declared the biggest bomb since Hiroshoma, and her label Virgin dumping her with a $28 million "We're sorry" card, things looked grim for Miss Carey.
    But if there's one virtue FHM reader have in spades, its loyalty. "I can't complain," the warbler told FHM. "I asked for this fame, and i got it - and this is what comes along with it. Understandably, no-one is out there going 'Oh, poor Mariah." Her chance at redemption is her next movie, Wisegirls, with Mira Sorvino. We, at least, can't wait.

    FHM, Pandem0nium (From FOMM)

    Celine Dion Compliments Mariah
    The following is an interview with Celine Dion from O.K Magazine that Eran found:
    OK Magazine: Are you excited to be back at work and headlining VH1 Divas this year?

    Celine Dion: When I´ve done the Divas I´ve had a wonderful time and lots of fun. It´s not a show like the others - it´s a fun night, party time and like a family hanging out, that type of thing. We all have our little dressing rooms and all show off our best clothes and sing our best stuff. We do the big hair thing, the high heels and the jewels and hit the high notes in whatever style you want. I mean, Britney Spears is the hottest in what she does and Whitney Houston is the hottest at her thing and Mariah Carey is best in what she does. I think there´s a place for everybody.


  • Boris, a Mariah fan from Holland, scanned some pictures from 1998 when Mariah visited Holland, you can see them in Gallery 8
  • Swati tells us that Mariah is in the June edition of Cosmopolitan with Denise Richards on the cover.

    Exclusive Voice Messages
    Here's an interesting message written by Meski from the beautiful Mariah Mania:
    Did you know Mariah left a voice message the day after the tragic events of September 11 and we never heard it? Did you know some of the messages Mariah thinks that got cut off were actually recorded but never posted on her website? Did you know a few days ago she confirmed she's already recording songs for her new album?

    You'd like to hear those voice messages, wouldn't you? Well, Mariah Mania has them! Just visit the multimedia section to download them and read the transcript! Remember you'll only find them at www.mariahmania.com

  • updated byregina May 16, 2002 9:30AM  
    Vote For Mariah
    At Blender.com you can put Mariah in a few spots at their yearly favorite lists Warren tells me. Just go to the site and look for the Readers Choice Awards link on the left hand side. Some places to put her name in are:
    Favorite current solo artist?
    Best solo artist of all time?
    Best album of all time?
    Greatest song ever written?
    Who would you most like to see on the cover of Blender?
    Sexiest music star?

    Cable Premiere: November, 2002 (HBO) (going direct-to-cable, skipping a theatrical release in the U.S.A., according to a report by columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith; this is just another in a sweeping round of movies that Lions Gate is sending to video)

    Thanks to LOVEBUGDOYLE for this information.

    Magazine News
    LilDego44 told me that Mariah is in the May 20th issue of Newsweek. The article says, "A Butterfly Tried To Spread Her Wings." It has a picture of Mariah at the Superbowl and is about half a page. The article is on page 75 and if anyone has a scan, that would be great!

    New VH1 Show
    Since Diva's Live is next week, VH1 has a new "All Access" about Diva's. Here is the show information and you can check out the Important Dates list on the left for times the show is airing on VH1.
    About: (#033) Viva Diva
    All Access: Viva Diva! will give tantalizing tidbits from fresh, impassioned interviews with fashion writers, culture columnists, comedians, and drag queens. Along the way, All Access: Viva Diva! will investigate the mysterious Diva mystique: the Diva X-factor. Features interviews with Simon Doonan, Anna Gasteyer, Bob Mackie, Chuck Taylor, Daisy Garnett, Michael Musto, Mike Albo, Peter Castro and Joan Lunden, and clips of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Elton John, Cher and Whitney Houston.

    Article O' The Week
    There is a new Article O' The Week and you can check it out by clicking here.

    MD Wallpaper
    Cat, from DivaMC.de, made a new Mariah Daily wallpaper featuring a bunch of caps of Mariah performing with Olivia. Check it out in the Calendar section.

    updated byLiron May 15th, 2002 4:05PM
    Sound of The Week
    As you guys voted on the poll, the new sound of the week will be a recent live performance of Mariah.
    For the first Sound of The Week, we chose to offer you to hear a great quality file of one of Mariah's most emotional performances of last year and the first one after the breakdown.
    Performed in LA, on September 22nd, 2001 in the show "America: Tribute to Heroes" that was dedicated to the heroes & victims of the September 11th tragedy, here is:
    HERO - Live, America: Tribute To Heroes.
    To download the song, right click on the above link and choose "Save Target As..."

  • A special thanks to Anderz for hosting the file for us!
  • Keep voting on the poll so we would know which file to put next week.

    Will Mariah's Label Name Be Monarch?
    Much speculation centering on what role Jimmy Iovine may play in the making of Mariah Carey's new record, which she has already begun recording. Iovine was named as a member of Vivendi Universal's "Entertainment Committee" in the deal announcement, along with Doug Morris, Lyor Cohen and Jorgen Larsen. Meanwhile, speculation is also swirling over what shape the diva's new label will take. With Jerry Blair at the helm, the imprint, tentatively called Monarch, will release Mariah's albums through Island and will give Island first look at other signings. Will Monarch recruit other players to assist with A&R?

    Hits Daily, Kayian (From FOMM)

    Mariah Completing The New Album
    Mariah Carey has revealed she is close to completing the tracks for her next album, just days after her new deal with Universal/Def Jam was confirmed.
    Carey, who suffered an emotional and physical breakdown last summer, said many of the new tracks were upbeat, despite her high-profile recent troubles.
    "There are a lot of songs I've done in the past that are very introspective and personal," she explained.
    "This album has a lot of those type of songs. But it also has celebratory, fun songs; I'm not going to sit there and dwell."
    She added: "People are always asking, 'Is everything OK?' Look, I was not depressed; I was freaking exhausted."

    The US diva, last year given a £19.6 million golden handshake to end her contract with Virgin Records, said she was delighted to be working under a new contract.
    She told the Hollywood Reporter: "My gut has always been to go with Universal, even before I did the [Virgin] deal."
    "I learned a big lesson: You've got to go with the people that really know what they are doing," she said.
    Mariah was dropped from Virgin following the commercial failure of her last album 'Glitter', a movie soundtrack that sold a relatively disappointing two million copies worldwide.

    She said of the album: "I feel like it was a domino effect, where the ignorance gets passed along. 'Glitter' was a soundtrack record that was a concept album."
    "It was not a studio record. And even still, I feel there were a lot of good songs on there that no one ever heard because they didn't get a chance to."
    She added: "Many multi-platinum artists have been on soundtrack records that were not 'Titanic'. It happens, and it doesn't warrant the world having this huge [reaction]."
    According to Billboard.com, Carey's new deal is worth somewhere in the region of $20 million and will involve Universal/Def Jam distributing material though Mariah's own new label.


    Mariah on NYPost
    Liz Smith (NYPost) wrote a positive mention about Mariah on her gossip column:

    FAILING UPWARD! We did tell you during all the hoopla months back that nobody should count Mariah Carey out. She is still the biggest-grossing singer next to Elvis and The Beatles, having sold 150 million records. And so she got a $28 million payoff to leave Virgin Records after only months and after having already earned $21 million from them. (That's $49 million!)
    Now she'll get about $20 million for three albums from Universal. This girl has been doing something right. So much for what is described as "her all-but-moribund career." I'd like to be half dead like that.
    NYPost, mcfanatic.

    New Deal Money Details
    The following article hasn't been confirmed by any official source, but it claims to know the details of Mariah's new deal:
    Mariah's bumper deal and she promises to have more fun
    The financial details of Mariah Carey's new record deal have been disclosed - she's landed a massive A$39million for three albums.
    Carey will earn between A$9.8 million and A$14 million per album, with an option on a fourth, as well as an advance worth the same amount.

    The curvy singer received A$56 million just for leaving EMI's Virgin label last year following personal and mental problems, and her debut film, Glitter flopping.
    Mariah has promised fans her music will be more fun this time around she says "There are a lot of songs I've done in the past that are very introspective and personal. This album has a lot of those types of songs. But it also has celebratory, fun songs."

    SoundBuzz, mcfanatic.

    More Pictures!
    I added lots of beautiful pictures (that I hadn't seen before) to Gallery 8, so make sure to go and see them.

  • updated byregina May 14, 2002 6:20PM  
    New Pictures
    newmpic Thanks to Nacho, we have some really cool pictures for you in Gallery 8. Some we have nevers een before and they are all really nice. Liron will be adding more tomorrow but you can check out about 50 of them now.

    Mariah Carey: New Label, New Album, New Life
    After her latest movie and soundtrack, both entitled "Glitter", flopped last year and she suffered what was described as an emotional and physical breakdown, many believed that Mariah Carey's career was over, but time is about to prove them wrong.

      In January, Carey got a $28 million payoff to leave EMI's Virgin Records, but last week she signed a $20 million deal for three albums with an option for a fourth with Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam which will give Carey her own label, distributed by Island and headed by Jerry Blair. The name of the label has not been announced yet but Blair said "[its] first focus will be [Carey's] album and then potentially signing other artists. It will be a great opportunity for Mariah to really ensure her legacy going forward."

    Back in 1996, Carey already started her own record label, "Crave" even though her aim was not to release her own records but to run the label herself, under the auspices of Sony. A year later, and after discovering groups like Allure, 7 Mile or The League, the label was closed. Carey admits today that "Crave - without going into too much detail - was not my company".

    Carey is already back in the studio recording a new album, due out by the end of this year. The album, which will feature tracks produced by Dj Quick, 7 Aurelius, Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, David Foster and even a house song with David Morales, will be, as usual, full of collaborations with hip-hop artists such as Lil' Kim, Method Man, Irv Gotti – and more which have not been announced yet, and a duet with R&B band Jagged Edge produced by Jermaine Dupri.

    "This album has a lot of [very introspective and personal] songs. But it also has celebratory, fun songs. It's my most personal album since 'Butterfly,' which was also an intense turning point in my life."

    Thanks to Jaime for this article from Muziq magazine.

    Autographs Reminder
    Okay I went through all of the letters last night and picked a bunch that I thought were possible winners. I should be receiving the signed items sometime this week and I will be picking the winners early next week before I head off for vacation. If you havn't gotten your letter in yet, make sure you do so soon. Time is running out!

    The Entertainment Reporter on The Doug Banks Morning Show on Radio Station WBLS in New York City

    May 13, 2002
    Mariah Carey fans are bombarding a film company with e-mails. Her fans are reportedly protesting Lions Gate Films Studio. The studio is apparently planning to release the singer's film "Wise Girls" straight to video.

    Thanks to Equarter for this article.

    Missing On The Official Site
    Gilles, from Heroes of Mariah, sent me some awards Mariah has received that were not mentioned on her Official Website
    "IFPI Platinum Europe Awards":
    1996 - 3 awards for Daydream
    1996 - 1 award for Merry Christmas
    1997 - 1 award for Butterfly
    1998 - 1 award for Ones
    1999 - 1 award for Rainbow

    updated byLiron May 14th, 2002 12:15PM
    New Official Pictures!
    Mariah's official site has been updated with three beautiful pictures from a photoshoot that was made earlier this year. Check them out in Gallery 8.

    Recently, the official site has been updated with some Q & As by Mariah and NBC already has something to say about it:

    Mariah Carey's Web site give some fascinating insights into the singer's mind. In a Q&A posted there, the diva is asked to name some of her favorite things in life. Her favorite exotic cuisine: "Italian." Favorite Austin Powers movie: "I love elements of both movies but I guess the first one if I had to choose." Favorite teachers in school: "The cafeteria ladies." Now you know.
    Mariah's Official Site, MS NBC

    Learning To Say No
    It isn't often that people get to see police officers in full uniform playing the drums or singing Mariah Carey's Hero on stage. However, the students who graduated from the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program in Union City last week were able to see just that.
    The DARE program curriculum, which teaches children how to say no to drugs and avoid violence, is administered to fifth grade students in all of Union City's grammar schools, both public and parochial.

    The Union City Reporter, Mariah Buzz

    updated byLiron May 13th, 2002 6:45PM
    Small Note / April Voice Message
    Hi Everyone! I would like to apologize for not updating for such a long time. I had a terrible problem with my computer for nearly three weeks, but now it's all fine and I got back just in time for Mariah's new and wonderful deal!
    The first thing I noticed was that Mariah left a voice message back in April 27th, so I finally uploaded it to the Voice Messages page.

    Mariah Recording In MN with JJ & TL
    Mariah - New Songs - 5/13/02

    FlyteTyme, CrybabyDoll (From FOMM)

    Carey On
    EW SOUND BITES Weep no more for Mariah Carey. Less than four months since Virgin dropped her from its roster after just one album and nine months under contract, paying her $28 million not to make any more records for the label, she's landed another deal. She signed Wednesday with Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam, home of her pals Ja Rule and Jay-Z. Terms of the new deal were not disclosed, though the Hollywood Reporter quotes insiders who say the deal gives Carey $20 million for three albums with an option for a fourth. That fee is what she was to earn for each album under her multi-disc Virgin contract, but after her breakdown from ''exhaustion'' last year and the subsequent flops of the ''Glitter'' CD and movie, Virgin decided to cut its losses. Making up for the more modest fee of the Island deal, UMG is giving Carey her own label to run. Overseeing day-to-day operations at the yet-unnamed label will be Jerry Blair, an executive who worked closely with Carey during her decade under contract at Sony.

    Carey had already started recording new music a couple weeks ago, she said in a recent message on her website. ''The record she's working on is going to be a real wide-appeal record,'' Blair told the Associated Press. ''There's no artist who is as successful a global artist. There is no artist that has as wide range of commercial appeal.'' Her film career may be another matter. After the disastrous ''Glitter,'' Carey got some good notices when ''Wisegirls'' (in which she and Mira Sorvino play waitresses at a mob-run eatery) screened at January's Sundance Film Festival, but that film is bypassing theaters and going straight to HBO this fall, Blair told AP.

    The singer was said to be entertaining bids from other major labels, including Elektra and J Records. UMG, however, is considered to be the largest of the multinational music companies, and it promised Carey ''multi-platform integration'' across parent company Vivendi Universal's worldwide print, TV, film, and online outlets, according to a statement Carey's publicist released Wednesday. ''I'm incredibly happy,'' Carey says in the statement. ''It's a tremendous and unprecedented opportunity to be working in tandem with [UMG's top execs]. They have collectively helped redefine pop music and I am excited to be part of their family.''...

    Entertainment Weekly

    Carey Bounces Back
    It's a quick comeback for Mariah Carey, who was publicly -- though profitably -- dumped from her label, music giant EMI Group's Virgin Records, in January. The dispossessed diva, 32, has signed a new deal with Universal Music Group's Island/Def Jam Records that includes her own label, reported the Associated Press. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The label (which is not yet named) will mainly focus on Carey, but in the future could include other artists, Jerry Blair, a former Columbia Records exec who has worked with Carey since the beginning of her career, told the news service. "Setting up this company for her is really guaranteeing her legacy," he said.


    Lots of Beautiful Pictures!
    Thanks to the very devoted mcfanatic, Gallery 8 has been updated with some great pictures;
    Some huge / high resolution pictures from Billboard, Divas Live & AMA, a few scans from Heat Magazine and OK Magazine, Two WiseGirls reviews, a scan from yesterday's Israeli newspaper "Maariv", plus two lovely pictures that Eran found.

    Sound of The Week
    As Regina wrote earlier, we are starting a new section on MD which will be the "Sound of The Week".
    Basically, every week we will be uploading a soundfile of Mariah's for you to download.
    For now, we have put a poll to your left that would help us know which soundfile to upload, so please vote on it!

    updated byregina May 12, 2002 7:30PM  
    CNN Poll
    I forgot to add the link for the CNN Poll I added in yesterdays update. So please click here to vote for Mariah.

    New Pics
    If you were at the chat last night, I added the MTV Europe Award pics that we were all talking about to Gallery 7. I think you can tell more by watching her performance than those pics because she looks fine in them pretty much. Also, Ardhy sent me a picture of Mariah from the WiseGirls premiere that he found on Reuters.

    Mariah Signs With Island/Def Jam-5/10/02


    Serena Williams On Mariah
    Bruno informed me that famous tennis player, Serena Williams, mentioned Mariah during her live chat. Here is what she said...
    Question: You mentioned you've been in a music video. What is your favorite album?
    Serena WILLIAMS: I like anything by Mariah Carey

    Details on Mariah Carey Wannabe
    Here is what Kristin sent me about her experience...
    I just wanted to let you know that I went to the try outs and there were about fifty girls there, and out of the fifty, twenty five of them tried out for madonna also....it was terrible because more than half of the people there werent die hard mariah fans, but i did meet about ten that really were, and out of those ten, five visited mariahdaily on a regular basis, it was a really great place for true die hard mariah lambz to meet, and one of the girls (they pick three to compete) that won was one of the ones that was a true lamb, her name was TIffany, and i got all her information before i even knew she was picked so we can find out thru her what is happening, the other two girls, were terrible picks, becuz they didnt even know the words to the songs, they told them the words, and they picked them becuz they were sooo beautiful, other than that, if you have any questions email me, it was cool though becuz the producer and bryan mcfaden kept talkin about mariah.

    Coming Soon...
    Liron is working on an update right now and it should be up later. She is adding a new section to MD, sound of the week. Plus, Danielle will be interviewing Isabel Gomez (young Mariah in Glitter) exclusively for MD and she will probably have that for you guys in the next few days. I am also working on some new sections for MD and overall, we are trying to make MD more interesting for the fans.

    updated byregina May 12, 2002 7:30PM  
    Vote For Mariah
    MCFanatic informed me that there is a new poll on CNN. Click here to check it out and to vote for Mariah.
    Poll Questions: Now that Mariah Carey is again signed to a record label, she will... Go back to churning out chart-topping hits (56%)
    Never regain the success she had early in her career (24%)
    Make average music and bounce from label to label (21%)

    NY Newsday
    Sean sent me a scan of today's New York Newsday newspaper in the Fanfare section. It has an 8+ page article on current status of the recording industry. It was too large to scan, so Sean sent the scan of Mariah and she had a three paragraph section of the article and this "to-the-side" section. Check out the scan in Gallery 7.

    Eminem On Mariah
    Gromitt4 informed me that Mariah is mentioned on Eminem's new album THE EMINEM SHOW. It on the song called "When the music stops." He says, "What the f**k you take me for a joke? You smokin' crack? Before I do that, I beg Mariah to take me back."

    Mariah's also mentioned on a song called "Superman." He says, "Am I too nice too buy you ice? B*tch if u died, wouldn't buy you life..whatcha tryin' to be? My new wife? What, you Mariah? Fly through twice...but I know one thing tho--bitches, they come and go"

    Mariah's Music Comeback
    This is a major comeback for Mariah and its probably going to be the music comeback story of the entire year," Def Jam spokesman Peter LoFrumento said.

    "What Mariah has done is she has gone from being where she was last year to being at the top of her game again and we are all very excited about it," LoFrumento said.

    Island Def Jam Records is a unit of the French-owned Universal Vivendi music group, which claims to be the biggest music company on the planet in terms of market share.

    But despite the Glitter debacle, Universal Music executives said they had absolute confidence in the singer and songwriter's "enormous talents" and were convinced she would again soar to new heights.

    "There is a risk attached to everything you do in this business but the fact is that an artist of her calibre, a gifted vocalist and an incredibly talented songwriter, is what you want when you sign an artist," LoFrumento said.

    "You have all those things ... in Mariah Carey and everyone is really looking forward to getting into the studio, rolling up their sleeves and getting down to making a great record."

    In addition to three albums, Universal has also agreed to collaborate with Carey on her other endeavours, including films and online projects.

    updated byregina May 11, 2002 9:55PM  
    Magazine News
    Mariah is in the June 2002 issue of Glamour magazine. It features a nice picture of her at the Super Bowl and also another one of her singing for the troups in Kosovo. I added the scan to Gallery 7 and you can check it out if you like. The little article about Mariah says...
    Mariah's Meltdown
    After Mariah Carey rambled about retiring on her Web site, her movie and her $80 million recording contract tanked. "It looked like career Chernobyl," quips Michael Levine of Levine Communications Office, who has represented Tom Petty and Demi Moore.

    Her turn around technique: Populist Push
    While performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, "Carey seemed relaxed and healthy, quashing the rumors that she's lost it," says Levine.

    Your spin:
    Had a spat with your beloved in front of everyone? Crank up the humility. The more dignified you seem to all assembled, the sooner they'll be ready to forgive you.

    Plus, Ghassan sent me a translated Arabic newspaper that made some big mistakes on their reporting. Not only that, they edited the picture of Mariah, giving her a more covered chest. Check out the scan in Gallery 7 and here is the article translated...
    "Mariah Carey has arrived in LA on last Thursday evening to attend the premeire for her first movie "Glitter" and this was her first appearance after she was in hospital 2 weeks ago because of the claimed to be "nervouse breakdown" ...

    Mariah Has also signed with Universal after she left EMI Virgin records in January"
    Source: AL Qabas Newspaper Saturday 11th of May 2002 KUWAIT

    Finally, Cat, from DivaMC.de, sent me a picture of the MTV Unplugged EP, the first ever Mini Disc manufactured in the USA. Check out all the pics in Gallery 7.
    updated byregina May 11, 2002 4:20PM  
    Vote For Mariah
    On the main page of People.com, at the bottom, there is a poll asking which label got the better deal. Virgin for letting her go or Universal for bringing her in. When I voted, the results were:
    Virgin Records 69.6%
    Universal 30.4%
    Please go vote for Mariah!!

    People In The News
    All that glitters ... Troubled diva Mariah Carey, 32, has sealed a $20 million record deal with a top label after being dumped by a rival firm, the bombing of her film "Glitter" and her well-publicized breakdown, Agence France-Presse reports.

    The contract between Carey, the biggest-selling female artist in history, and Universal Music unit Island Def Jam Records comes just four months after Virgin Records let her go with a record $28 million golden handshake. It also follows the singer and songwriter's reported nervous breakdown last year, when she collapsed after more than a decade of almost nonstop recording and acting work.

    "This is a major comeback for Mariah, and it's probably going to be the music comeback story of the entire year," a Def Jam spokesman told Agence France-Presse by telephone from New York, where the contract was signed this week.

    While he declined to reveal the value of the contract, company sources said it was worth $20 million, a bargain compared with her record $80 million deal with Virgin.

    Under the new deal, the Grammy-winning Carey will make at least three albums.


    There is a new Poll O' The Week, check it out if you like! Here are last weeks results...
    What's your favorite video from the ones listed:
    Love Takes Time (89) 1%
    Fantasy (179) 2%
    One Sweet Day (92) 1%
    Honey (1146) 15%
    The Roof (1981) 26%
    Breakdown (880) 12%
    Sweetheart (236) 3%
    I Still Believe (2072) 28%
    Heartbreaker (510) 7%
    Loverboy (309) 4%
    Total Votes: 7494

    Chat Tomorrow
    Don't forget that there is a chat tomorrow night at 10pm ET at Mariah Daily Yahoo Club! Hopefully, we will see you there!

    updated byregina May 10, 2002 9:40PM  
    Mariah on MTV
    mtv Click here to watch footage of Mariah on MTV News yesterday. It featured a part of the interview I talked about on yesterday's E! News Daily. Many thanks to JD for supplying us with this interview! Download it now though because it won't remain on MD long.

    Official Site Updated
    The main popup was updated announcing Mariah's new deal. Plus on the main page, it has a link to her interview with Hollywood reporter. Click here to check out M's site.

    Rolling Stone Article
    Click here to read a Rolling Stone article about Mariah's new deal. It's brief and says nothing new. Thanks Janel.

    Janel sent us the following tidbits on where to check Mariah out...

  • Cosmopolitan (June 2002) Three small pictures on page 241
  • Reading Eagle/Reading Times (May 10th) Article pg D11
  • Philadelphia Daily News (May 10th) Article pg 71
  • Entertainment Weekly (May 17th) Picture and article on page 84
    "Time capsule May 10, 1991 In Music Consumers have a Vision of Love, and it's Mairah Carey's Self Titled Album that, in its 45th week, remains No. 1 on the Billboard chart.
  • J-14 (May/June) Picture and article on page 34
  • Globe (May 14th) Small article on pg 13
  • Star (May 14th) Picture and small article pg 27
  • Black Beat (august 2002) Article pgs 73-74
  • Jane (June/July) Picture and small article pg 48. Mention on pg 22

    Did You Know...
    Drew from 98 Degrees named Vision of Love as one of his Top 20 Favorite Songs/Albums. To check out more of Drew's favorites, click here. Thanks Janel.

    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. Check them out if you like!

  • updated byregina May 9, 2002 8:45PM  
    Mariah on E! News Daily and Extra
    First up, Mariah was on E! News Daily tonight. They talked about her new deal and at the end they had a new interview with her. She was talking about how excited she was to have the new deal and it was only a few seconds long. She was sitting on a coach in a black mini dress and her hair was big and curly. She looked really pretty but sadly, I didn't get to Alex in time to make caps. I did tape it though, so maybe I can make caps over the weekend, if no one sends me any. She was also on Extra briefly but they didn't feature anything from the new interview sadly. You can check out 4 nice screen caps in Gallery 7 from Extra.
    updated byregina May 9, 2002 6:00PM  
    New Pic
    newpic Mariah was featured in a few newspapers today including NYPost, Daily News and USA Today. In the Daily News, they featured a new photo of Mariah taken from the same photo shoot as the recent ones that were just added to MariahCarey.com I scanned the image from Daily News (check Gallery 7) and to read the article click here.

    More Articles
    There are so many articles breaking now that all say the same thing. Check the links below for them..
    VH1 News
    David Enterprise
    CNN Money
    Sound Buzz
    Yahoo News
    Much Music
    NY Times
    USA Today
    Dot Music

    While searching for articles, I came across this little timeline thing USA Today did with pictures of Mariah. To check it out, click here

    updated byregina May 9, 2002 10:20AM  
    20/20 Special
    20/20 I added a few more caps from last night's 20/20 special to Gallery 7. There are a few from her 1998 special with Barbara, two nice ones from Tribute To Heros, two from her visit to Kosovo and finally one from The View. Check them out if you like.

    Official Press Release
    Check out the article of the week for the Official Press Release about Mariah's new deal. Thanks to Ashes, from Rainbow Princess, for this article!

    Mariah Talks With Variety
    NEW YORK (Variety) - After weeks of rumors and wrangling, Mariah Carey has finally found a new home with the Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam label, which already boasts such superstar talent as rappers Jay-Z, Ja Rule and DMX.

    The capricious R&B singer, who was paid nearly $30 million in January to walk away from an ill-fated contract with EMI, will get her own joint venture label on IDJ's Island Records unit as part of a pact worth at least $20 million.

    The deal calls for Carey to deliver three records, with the option for a fourth, for between $5 million and $7 million per album. In addition, Carey will get an advance of between $5 million and $8 million.

    With the deal, IDJ, which reportedly beat out such high-powered rivals as Elektra and Clive Davis' J Records, is wagering that seasoned hitmakers like Universal Music chairman Doug Morris and Island Def Jam chief Lyor Cohen can return Carey to glory after a tough year of contract battles, emotional troubles and lackluster sales. But the singer herself is confident that she's betting on the right people.

    "Lyor is an incredible executive, and what he's doing is pretty unprecedented right now," Carey told Daily Variety. "The way we've set this up, it's like it was a whole new approach to the business."

    The as-yet untitled venture will be overseen by Jerry Blair, a veteran of BMG's Arista Records and Carey's former label, Sony Music's Columbia Records, and a longtime confidant of the singer.

    Blair said the company will focus initially on Carey's next release, which she has already begun working on, but later broaden its horizons, signing new acts and potentially veering into film/television production, e-business and even publishing.

    "This company is going to be the guarantor of her legacy," Blair told Daily Variety. "And having a company like Vivendi on board gives us the freedom to take advantage of lots of different opportunities as they present themselves."

    Carey's legacy has been far from clear for the past several months, since she parted ways with Virgin Records amid an organizational upheaval at the label's British parent company EMI.

    A year ago in April, the singer inked a five-album deal with Virgin for a record-breaking $100 million. But her first disc, the soundtrack to her movie "Glitter," was a resounding flop by superstar standards, selling just 2 million copies worldwide.

    The album was ill-fated from the start, as Carey suffered a series of mental breakdowns that delayed its release date, which was set for Sept. 11.

    Shortly thereafter, EMI Recorded Music chief Ken Berry was sacked as the ailing major made a drastic push to revamp its troubled finances. The new chief, Alain Levy, soon moved to unwind Carey's deal, giving her a staggering $28 million cash, plus $21 million already paid under the contract.

    Label execs, recognizing that "Glitter" was at least partly a victim of lousy circumstances, immediately began vying to help Carey revive her career.

    "What people haven't really focused on here is that this girl had one stumble and it was a soundtrack album, released in a very bad moment," said Universal's Morris. "If you look at her album sales, they will just blow your mind."

    Carey's decadelong tenure with Columbia made her the bestselling artist of the 1990s, with such runaway successes as 1995's "Daydream," which sold more than 24 million copies worldwide. Overall, Carey has sold more than 100 million records during her career.

    Some observers have argued that her success at Columbia wouldn't have happened without the creative and business guidance of Tommy Mottola, head of Sony Music and Carey's former husband. When Carey was given free rein at Virgin, the argument goes, things went awry.

    For her part, Carey counters that she's always had a measure of creative control in her music -- a right she negotiated even into her initial deal with Sony. But that doesn't mean she turns a deaf ear to outside input.

    "I think that during this whole media blitz, that issue got kind of blown out of proportion," she said. "I'm an open-minded person -- if somebody wants me to do a duet, or even record a particular song, I'm open to that. It's not about having absolute control, it's about the creative process."

    Island Def Jam's Cohen, who is highly regarded in the biz as a developer of talent, said the ideal creative situation is one in which the artist's input is respected and balanced with good guidance from the label.

    "What we do is try to make our artists feel comfortable with us, and supported by us, so that they feel good about taking creative input," Cohen said. "Contractual control is really just a piece of paper; it's the relationship that's the key."

    Cohen's recent track record is formidable. The label group boasts the largest U.S. market share in the business, at 9.2%, and its roster boasts such R&B and hip-hop luminaries as Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Ludacris and DMX. Universal Music as a whole leads the big five label groups in 2002 market share to date, with 28%.

    Carey has not yet set a release date for the album she's begun work on, but Blair said the record would come out "as soon as possible." Meanwhile, the diva appears opposite Mira Sorvino in the film "Wisegirls," set for premiere on HBO in November.


    Mariah Interview On New Deal
    Q&A with Mariah Carey
    May 09, 2002

    Mariah Carey discussed her new record deal with Universal Music Group, her departure from Virgin Records and her film career with The Hollywood Reporter's music editor, Tamara Conniff.

    The Hollywood Reporter: There were a few record labels bidding for you. Why did you choose Universal?
    Mariah Carey: My gut has always been to go with Universal, even before I did the (Virgin) deal. I learned a big lesson: You've got to go with the people that really know what they are doing.

    The Hollywood Reporter: How is the new label going to be different from your ill-fated Sony label, Crave?
    Mariah Carey: Well, Crave really -- without going into too much detail -- was not my company. This is about me at this moment feeling empowered and feeling supported.

    The Hollywood Reporter: Why was the "Glitter" soundtrack such a sales disappointment?
    Mariah Carey: I feel like it was a domino effect, where the ignorance gets passed along. "Glitter" was a soundtrack record that was a concept album. It was not a studio record. And even still, I feel there were a lot of good songs on there that no one ever heard because they didn't get a chance to. Many multiplatinum artists have been on soundtrack records that were not "Titanic." It happens, and it doesn't warrant the world having this huge (reaction). The last studio album I had, I felt it did very well; it did about 9 million worldwide. I just exhausted myself trying to work my record the way I knew my record was supposed to be worked. We only had seven weeks to set the album up. And it came out on Sept. 11. There couldn't have been worse odds.

    The Hollywood Reporter: You're in the studio working on a new album. Are you going in a different direction musically?
    Mariah Carey: I'm going to wherever the creative energy takes me. I'm not trying to sound New Age-y, but it's true. I'm doing a lot of stuff with live musicians, and I'm doing a lot of ballads.

    The Hollywood Reporter: Are you writing new songs?
    Mariah Carey: More than 50% of who I am as an artist is because of my songwriting, and a lot of people don't report about that because they don't know. They then put me in the same category of a lot of women out here who don't write and don't produce. I feel it's slightly sexist.

    The Hollywood Reporter: Has your writing changed on this album?
    Mariah Carey: There are a lot of songs I've done in the past that are very introspective and personal. ... This album has a lot of those type of songs. But it also has celebratory, fun songs; I'm not going to sit there and dwell. People are always asking, 'Is everything OK?' Look, I was not depressed; I was freaking exhausted.

    The Hollywood Reporter: Your independent film "Wisegirls" is going to air on Cinemax later this year. Are you looking at other film roles?
    Mariah Carey: I'm so happy I did "Wisegirls." It's a character part, and it's so different from what people would expect from me. It's really in the direction that I want to go, and it has gotten me a lot of offers to do other character roles. You live and you learn. It's OK to wait to do something. You don't have to do the "predictable" thing with the whole studio system. Doing something independent was really freeing and great for me.

    The Hollywood Reporter:Are you glad your deal with Virgin ended?
    Mariah Carey: That's the understatement of the day.

    E! Online: First Look
    JAM ON: Hits magazine reporting that Mariah Carey has signed a new recording contract with Island Def Jam, which will allow her to form her own custom label.

    Thanks to Jockin for this article from E! News Online

    More Coming Later...
    I have to jet off to work now but as soon as I come home at 6pm ET tonight, I will be adding some new information. Make sure you come back later tonight to get the rest of today's news.

    updated byregina May 8, 2002 11:20PM  
    20/20 Special
    20/20 Well the special just finished with Mariah on 20/20. She was the very last segment and no, there was not a new interview with her sadly. However, Barbara said a lot of nice things about her and it was a nice 9 minute run on Mariah and her past. They featured parts from her old 1998 interview with Barbara and her most recent interview on The View. Alex made some caps and I added a few to Gallery 7. Basically the only ones I added were a few from Wisegirls and one new picture of Mariah I have never seen, featured on the right. Check them out if you like.
    updated byregina May 8, 2002 10:10PM  
    Mariah Carey Gets Own Label in Deal
    NEW YORK (AP) - Mariah Carey, who received a $28 million buyout after delivering one flop album for Virgin Records, has signed a new deal with Island/Def Jam that includes her own label, it was announced Wednesday.

    The multi-platinum star has been without a label since January, when EMI, Virgin's parent company, dropped her contract after her only disc for the label, ``Glitter,'' was a poor seller.

    Since the split, several companies were reportedly bidding to sign the Grammy-winning singer, one of the most successful artists of all time, with hits such as ``Vision of Love,'' ``Hero,'' ``Fantasy'' and ``Emotions.''

    ``Despite offers from many of our competitors, we are delighted that Mariah has chosen Island as the place to begin the next phase of her unprecedented career,'' said Lyor Cohen, president and CEO of Island/Def Jam.

    The company is home to stars such as Jay-Z, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, Ja Rule and Ashanti. It is part of Universal Music Group, which is owned by the conglomerate Vivendi Universal.

    Carey has already begun recording her new disc, said Jerry Blair, a former executive at Columbia Records who has worked with Carey since the inception of her career.

    ``The record she's working on is going to be a real wide-appeal record,'' Blair told The Associated Press. ``There's no artist who is as successful a global artist. There is no artist that has as wide range of commercial appeal.''

    Blair declined to put a financial figure on the new deal. Carey's spokeswoman said the singer would not be available to comment.

    Carey, 32, was an immediate commercial success when she made her self-titled debut for Columbia Records in 1990. The album went multi-platinum, as did all her other albums on the label, a division of Sony.

    However, Carey became disenchanted with Sony after her divorce from Sony Music President Tommy Mottola, who had guided her career as president of Columbia.

    She left Columbia last year and signed with Virgin in a much-hyped multi-album deal reported to be worth as much as $100 million. Her first disc, ``Glitter,'' was to be the soundtrack of her film project of the same name, her first starring role.

    However, her career took a disastrous turn: After displaying erratic behavior in public, Carey was hospitalized for an emotional breakdown in August. She dropped out of the public eye, and both her disc and the movie were commercial failures.

    In January, EMI, Virgin's parent company, paid $28 million to void her contract. Since she had received $21 million when she was signed, Carey got $49 million for delivering one album.

    Blair said Carey was in good spirits and ``doing just incredibly well.''

    He said she was not concerned that her recent troubles would hurt her career. She has a new film with Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, titled ``Wise Girls.'' The film debuted at the Sundance film festival, and will be shown in the fall on HBO, Blair said.

    He said Carey's new label, as yet unnamed, would focus on her, but would eventually include other artists. Carey has also created a media company to handle publishing, film production and other projects.

    ``Setting up this company for her is really guaranteeing her legacy,'' Blair said.

    AOL News

    JLO Gets A Beating
    Irv Gotti spoke with Elle magazine about Jennifer Lopez, who he produces, and his words aren't very kind. Gotti said that Lopez can't make a record like Whitney or Mariah cause she ain't got a big voice," adding "So she's gotta [bleep] with guys like me who can hide or enhance that voice." Apparently her singing is so poor that his friends "in the projects" use "the mute button and just lookin' at her ass."


    Aural ass-ault
    DOES Jennifer Lopez's much-ballyhooed butt help her sell records? Her producer, Irv Gotti, thinks so. Gotti - who remixed J.Lo's hit Ja Rule duet "I'm Real" - concedes that the devastatingly derriered Latina "can't make a record like Whitney or Mariah cause she ain't got a big voice." Gotti tells Elle magazine: "So she's gotta [bleep] with guys like me who can hide or enhance that voice." Gotti says he has friends "in the projects" who "were hittin' the mute button and just lookin' at her ass."

    Thanks to Tom for this article from NYPost

    Mariah Signs With Island/Def Jam, Records With JD
    That new album Mariah Carey has been recording on the down low has finally landed a home ... on her own label.

    The Universal Music Group announced Wednesday (May 8) that they have signed the biz's most highly touted free agent to a new deal that will see one of its branches, the Island/Def Jam Music Group, distribute the music released by Carey's yet-to-be-named company.

    "I'm incredibly happy," Carey said in a statement. "It's a tremendous and unprecedented opportunity to be working in tandem with [Universal Music Group Chairman/CEO] Doug [Morris], [Island/Def Jam President/CEO] Lyor [Cohen] and [Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman] Jimmy [Iovine], and to have the benefit of their powerful international forces led by [Universal Music International Chairman] Jorgen Larsen. They have collectively helped redefine pop music, and I am excited to be part of their family."

    "Despite offers from many of our competitors, we are delighted that Mariah has chosen Island as the place to begin the next phase of her unprecedented career," Lyor Cohen offered in a statement. "The hallmark of Island Records has always been to take the current model of bringing music to the fans, turning it on its head, and redefining it for a new generation."

    Although Cohen has described Mariah as entering a new plateau with her career, the superstar singer is somewhat sticking to the script for her new project. On the set of the video for the "Welcome to Atlanta" remix in New York on Wednesday, longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri said that he has contributed five songs to the new Mariah project.

    "It's hot," a never-shy Dupri boasted. "We ain't doing nothing different. I just wanted to make sure we kept to the same [familiar sound]. A lot of people don't know I did one of the biggest records she ever had, 'Always Be My Baby.' I wanted to make sure we stuck to that. That's what the fans want."

    Producers DJ Quik and 7 Aurelius have also come forward in recent weeks to say they've helped to create soundscapes for Carey's new album.

    There is no word on when Carey's LP will be released, and no monetary terms of her deal with Island/Def Jam have been disclosed. Not that Mariah is hurting for cash, of course.

    In April of 2001, Carey signed with Virgin Records for close to $82 million and was paid $21 million up front. After the movie and the soundtrack "Glitter" flopped, EMI, Virgin's mother company, decided to cut their losses and paid Carey $28 million in January to sever ties with the singer

    MTV News

    More Articles
    There are so many articles on this subject and here are a few places where you can read some more. They all basically say the same thing though...
    Hits Daily Double

    updated byregina May 7, 2002 7:00PM  
    MariahCarey.com Updated
    MariahCarey.com was updated with a brand new section today. If you go to the "Mariah" section of the site, there is now an awards section where you can see a list of awards Mariah has won of the years. Plus, there are some nice pictures, so make sure you check that out.

    Hero's Commercial
    Leo informed me that there is a new commercial running on t.v. now talking about what makes a hero. There is a little part that names a few people and Mariah was one of them along with Mrs. Clinton, JLO and a few others. At the end, it says, "Be A Hero For Someone!"

    DVD In UK
    Carl informed me that you now rent Glitter in the UK. It is available to rent on VHS and DVD, and you can also buy it on DVD for about £15-£20.

    updated byregina May 7, 2002 12:45PM  
    Lack O' News
    There is nothing much going on in Mariah Ville right now since she is hard at work on her new album. I updated some of the other sections on MD. Check out some older pics of Mariah in Gallery 11 and some new poems were added to the Ms Fan Center also.

    Mariah will be on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow and also 20/20. I'm going to ask my friend to make some caps during 20/20 and I'll have them up later tomorrow night!

    updated byregina May 5, 2002 11:55PM  
    MariahCarey.com Updated
    Check out the NEWS section at MariahCarey.com for an update.

    Sign The Petition
    There's a petition that was started to try and get Wisegirls into the theaters. Please sign it by clicking here.

    The Questions
    There was an MD chat held last night and 3 fans got to win a Greatest Hits promo poster. The questions were...
    How old was Mariah when her parentes divorced?
    Who did Mariah have a crush on whenshe was younger?
    How many songs were on her demo tape?

    Florelie Loves Mariah
    Neil, from The Austrailian Mariah Carey Fanclub, sent us the following information...

    Introducing FLORELIE ESCANO... remember the name, because you'll be hearing a lot more from her soon.

    From the producers of LL Cool J, Case, Shakaya, CDB and more!

    ...best of all, Florelie loves Mariah!

    GrooveOn.com.au: True talent is hard to come by in today's highly manufactured world of music. Florelie, however, dispels any notion of doubt when one listens to her music, skillfully crafted from pen and paper to the production of hip hop beats and powerful vocals reminiscent of world-class divas such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera.

    It is Mariah Carey in fact who Escano credits as being her greatest influence. "When I started singing, I didn't sing any other songs but Mariah's," she says with great admiration. "Even now when I do ballads, I still sing 'Without You' and 'Hero'.

    May 8: Barbara Walters looks at how Mariah Carey, Macauley Culkin, Greg Louganis, Kato Kaelin, Donna Rice and Sarah Ferguson have succeeded in "Surviving the Glare."

    Wannabe Mariah Carey?
    Jennifer found out that MTV is doing a casting call for some new episodes of their hit show, Becoming. You can pick from Honey, Heartbreaker and Fantasy to audition for at the TRL studios in NYC. Try outs are being held May 12th and for more information, click here.

    Sunday, May 12th 10 am - 6 pm
    Madonna - "DON'T TELL ME", "RAY OF LIGHT", "MUSIC"

    Mariah's Music Voted Off The Face Of The Earth
    After an incredible amount of voting and comments the last few days, which has helped bring my server to its knees during peak hours (@!%#@), music fans have voted Mariah Carey as the one pop act they'd want to vote off the face of the earth, though it is apparent cheating was rampant on this poll. Our newest poll asks what you think of the photo that appears to show Britney Spears holding a cigarette while attempting to scurry back into her Sydney hotel room.

    Source: Popdirt.com

    Sheryl Wasn't Far Behind Mariah
    "Sheryl Crow doesn't seem to mind talking about her recent meltdown or even joking that she wasn't far behind "MARIAH CAREY" when she snapped during the making of her new album, "C'mon, C'mon."

    Source: Thanks to Janel for this snippet from Newsweek (April 15th)

    Mariah The Apollo Legend
    Here is what Tom told me...
    On last night's "It's Showtime At The Apollo" in their Apollo Legend segment they paid tribute to Mariah. Kiki Shepherd, the spokeswoman, said that the first year the show was on MC was a back-up singer when Brenda appeared and she came back 3 years later as a solo artist. She said some people weren't sure how Mariah would do with the audience, but her talent and experience of having been on the stage helped her win them over. "Mariah Carey - an Apollo legend."

    Mariah On Entertainment Tonight
    Chris told me that Mariah wil be on Entertainment Tonight on May 8th. They will be discussing some things that stars demand while they are on tour. Plus, ET will probably be showing some footage of the May 8th 20/20 special this week. Probably either Tuesday or Wednesday!

    Please Note...
    I am truly sorry MD was not updated over the weekend. I had some family things to deal with and exams to take care of. School is done for me now basically so I can focus on MD a lot more. Danielle is in the midst of moving right now also, so hang in there with us for these next few days please! By Tuesday, everything will be back to normal and I'll be updating a lot more! Thanks!

    updated byregina May 3, 2002 5:00PM  
    Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, uploaded a new soundfile for the month of May featuring Mariah's first interview with Jay Leno. You can download it by clicking here.

    Information False
    The news I reported about Elvis Costello saying that Mariah was his new labelmate at Jam Records was 100% false I was told today. I removed the article that I posted on this site due to that. I was informed that at the moment, Mariah is signed to no record label. FoxNews.com must of seen the information about this and posted it on their site too. They also were told that it was not true I guess...

    Costello: Inside Info About Mariah?
    Would you go to Elvis Costello for information about Mariah Carey? Answer: nope. Yet, he may know something we don't about Carey's recording plans.

    On a Mariah fan Web site, Costello is quoted as calling Mariah "my labelmate." Well, Costello is part of the Universal/Island DefJam family. Carey has been trying to make a decision between that group and Clive Davis's J Records. So has Costello telegraphed a clue? "No!" shouts a Mariah insider. "No decision has been made." As for Costello, his aim has always been true, but who knows?

    New Israel Forum
    Eran informed me that there was a new Israel Forum opened recently and you can check it out by clicking here.

    Can You Sing Along With Mariah?
    DesGirl87 informed me about a cute survey on Katrillion.com which asks you a bunch of lyric questions on Mariah's songs. Check it out if you like by clicking here.

    Rhomeyn sent me the charts ending May 11, 2002
    Hot 100 Singles Sales
    38 One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men  
    65 Never Too Far/Hero Medley, Mariah Carey

    There is a new Poll O' The Week, Quote O' The Week and Pic O' The Week. Check them out if you like. Here are last weeks results...
    Mariah Poll O' The Week
    Which cover is your favorite from the ones listed?

    1.) Touch 150 4%
    2.) Pride 341 9%
    3.) Amica 79 2%
    4.) Latina 1138 30%
    5.) Seventeen 174 5%
    6.) Rolling Stone 780 21%
    7.) CosmoGirl 142 4%
    8.) Glamour 568 15%
    9.) Vogue 256 7%
    10.) Day & Night 110 3%
    Total Votes: 3738

    Vote For Mariah
    Don't forget to vote for Mariah at PopDirt.com because she is losing to JLO right now. Can't let that happen so click here.

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    Win A Greatest Hits Promo Poster
    This Sunday there will be an MD chat at the Yahoo Club at 10pm ET. All the Rainbow concerts and Glitter film strips were sent out yesterday to the winners of the last chat a week ago. This time around though, the winners will be receiving Greatest Hits Promo Posters if they win. So make sure you mark on your calendars that this Sunday (May 5th) to stop on by the chat to try and win a poster or maybe some Glitter film strips! See you there...

    Win A Mariah Autograph
    In December, we gave 5 lucky fans a Mariah Carey autographed single of Never Too Far/Hero. Well we are doing it again to celebrate the 4 year Anniversary of Mariah Daily. Mariah will be signing some stuff for you guys and we will be giving it away later this month in some sort of contest we are working on. It's all being done to say THANK YOU to all of you who visit Mariah Daily everyday and for sending us the news that is going on in your neck of the woods. Stay tune for more details on this...

    Vote For Mariah
    Several people e-mailed me and informed me that Mariah is now in the lead of which pop star you would like to see be wiped off the face of the earth. It seems overnight, Jlo fans fought back and put Mariah in the top. Well now, it's our turn to fight back. So make sure you go vote for someone else besides Mariah on the list, whether it is Jlo or someone else.

    M on Fabolous
    April, from MariahzWorld sent me the following comment Fabolous made in the Teen People's Hottest 25 Under 25 issue (June/July 2002).

    "Mariah heard some of my album before it dropped, and she told me ,'Yo, you're going to be a star.' That blew my mind."
    updated byregina May 1, 2002 4:50PM  
    I updated the LINKS page and added the links that are listed below...
    Glittering Mariah
    Mariah Video Jukebox (can watch all of M's videos here)
    Diva Mariah News
    Mariah E Cards
    (E Cards is a new section from Honey & Kate where you can send your pals Mariah Virtual Cards)
    updated byregina May 1, 2002 12AM  
    MD Turns Four Yrs Old This Month
    Mariah Daily, formerly known as WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page, is now celebrating it's fourth anniversary. In May 1998, I decided I wanted to create a webpage for Mariah Carey and so I began working on one, with the help of my best friend and fellow webmaster, Alex. Over the last four years, I spent hours and hours on this site, always trying to improve it and make it one of the best places for Mariah fans to get their information.

    Many fans enjoy coming to this website to get the latest in News, Pictures and so much more and even Mariah herself enjoys Mariah Daily and told me on the phone, "Please do not ever close it down." In September 2001, I was crying to Danielle on how I had to close down Mariah Daily due to school/work/lack o' money to run it. She insisted it stay up and jumped on board to help me out for the time being, along with Nacho, who also helped for a while. Later that year, Liron jumped on board too and now, the three of us maintain this website.

    Thanks to all the hundreds of fans who sent in news, pictures, your stories, comments and so much more for this website because without your input, this website would be nothing. Mariah Daily is one of the few websites that reports everything the fans send in from major news reports and articles, to what's happening in your own neck o' the woods, to what magazines you can check Mariah out in weekly!

    Hopefully Mariah Daily will last for many more years to come and we can continue to stive to make this website even better. So for this month, we will be celebrating the fact that we kept it going for so long and Jagert is creating some nice graphics for the site too, which we should have shortly.

    We Love Rumors
    Okay I wasn't going to post this article but what the heck. It is not true but have fun reading them...

    Tom Brady, the gorgeous quarterback who led the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl victory last season, has had his hands full avoiding the rush of smitten females. The latest to enter the Brady sweepstakes, reports London's Daily Mirror, are dueling divas Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. Apparently, Carey, who once was linked with baseball stud Derek Jeter, invited Brady to a party she had in Boston and spent the whole night making passes at the passer. Meanwhile, newly-single Britney has invited Brady to her upcoming Boston concert and told organizers to make sure the QB finds his way backstage. Alas, the singers will have to find new prey because according to the Mirror, Brady has been dating Laura Kinsman for three years.
    Source: Thanks to Emily for this article from Ellegirl.com

    Another Movie Hitch For Mariah
    Apr 30, 2002 (WENN via COMTEX) -- MARIAH CAREY's hopes of movie success have taken another bashing - her latest film might never be released.

    The pop star's role as a waitress alongside MIRA SORVINO in WISE GIRLS was among the hits of Utah's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL earlier this year (02) but studio heads at distributors LION'S GATE fear the film will be another Carey flop on the big screen.

    The HONEY hitmaker suffered a breakdown last year (01) following a string of terrible reviews for her movie debut GLITTER.

    It now looks like the flick will be released on video and DVD only.

    Source: The Clinton Courier

    Music Insiders Don't Sell Mariah Short
    When Glitter's fairy dust settles, pop's golden girl will shine again. So say music industry observers who expect Mariah Carey to land a fat record deal, despite a bomb album that ended her estimated $100 million multi-album contract with EMI. The label's $49 million buyout won't sideline Carey, who sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl, for long. "She's going to get signed in a heartbeat," predicts Martin Kirkup of Direct Management, which handles k.d. lang and Patti LaBelle and recently ushered Eden's Crush onto the charts. "She's got an amazing five-octave range. Most labels would be eager to sign her to a high-royalty, low-advance deal. The biggest danger is that this is a business where perception can become reality."

    The perception of Carey as a flop is premature, says Sean Ross, editor of Airplay Monitor.

    "Labels are looking for superstars, and even after all this, she's clearly a bigger, more marketable name than any 10 developing acts combined."

    Glitter sold 18,000 copies last week and 506,000 in the USA since its Sept. 11 release. Compare that with breakthrough band Nickelback's Silver Side Up, also out Sept. 11. It sold 80,000 copies last week for a total of 3 million.

    Since 1991, Carey has sold 40.3 million albums in the USA. While it ended Carey's decade-long winning streak, Glitter may be a glitch in a remarkable ride that's already produced 15 No. 1 singles.

    "She's very signable, and labels will pursue her because she's a proven commodity," says Gary Jackson, senior editor at Hits magazine. "One album hit a snag, but that doesn't mean she's a failure. From 1990 to 2000, she could do no wrong. She's 32, still in her athletic prime and still able to belt it out. (J Records founder) Clive Davis could easily resurrect her career."

    Source: Thanks to "honeybfly" for this article from USA Today.

    There is a new Article O' The Week and new Calendar Wallpapers. Check them out if you like!

    Beyounce On Mariah
    KRAZYFOOF told me that Beyounce, from Destiny Child, said something nice about Mariah in her new autobiography. Here it is...

    "If you're a singer, people just don't want to give you a chance to prove that you can do anything else. Take Mariah, for example. She delivered a wonderful performance in her movie Glitter, but people don't want to give her props, even though she was going through a bad time in her life. I'm not Roger Ebert, but personally I think she did really well. Mariah, you get two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me!"

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