May 2000 News (Two Year Anniversary Month!)

May 30, 2000...Vote for MC on TRL and call your Local Radio Stations along with the 26
Update #2
Many people told me that you can also vote for Crybaby on MTV Jams and to do that, just click this direct link below:
MTV Jams...Vote for Crybaby Please!

Bravo T.V.
Honey told me that Mariah will be on BRAVO TV this Snuday at 1:55 pm (CET). Check her out.

Frech TV News...
Isabelle told me that Mariah is scheduled t appear on a TV show on June 3rd at 8.55 pm. It's on France 2 channel. That's all the info. I got on that.

New MC Message
Sony added Mariah's message yesterday and late last night removed it again. However, someone sent it to my Mariah 3 buddy Elin, and that is how I got my hands on it. I added it to my MC Audio section and you can hear it loud and clear there. Go download it and listen to it.

NY and Boston pics
Ashes told me that you can now check out a catelogue that features photos of MC from the New York and Boston concerts. Their are backstage photos and also pics of the concert. Click the link below:

Pop-Up Video
Mariah was on Pop-Up Video last night at 7:30 pm EST. I got it on tape and it was actually pretty cool. They said how the video was shot in an abandon movie theater and how the video went over budget but the invester promised to cover all costs. Then an arrow pointed up to Mariah, showing that she was the investor, which I thought was cute. Also, at the end they were talking about different "breakers" like "Achy-Breaker" etc. and then the last one was an arrow that pointed to Mariah and it said, "Record Breaker!" Oh well, if you missed it, check out Important Dates for reairing times. Thanks to "lamby" for reminding me of this info!

Spanish News from Minerva
The title sounds like a special show huh? Hee hee, anyhow, one of my best friends Minvera sent me some Spanish news and here it is for your reading pleasure!
Some news now: A Spanish magazine called ¡Qué me dices! has published some pictures of Mariah with Luismi in Capri, some of them have already seen on internet.

Gary's Page
My buddy Gary updated his page with new Boston pics that he took, I believe and you can check it out by clicking the link below. Click Here

Warren gave me an update on what is going on with the Billboard Charts:
Oh and here's some news for you, on the current Billboard chart scene, Crybaby is bulleted at #72 on the R&B chart, but it falls 3 places from #65 to #68 on the airplay chart with no bullet. There must have been some big jumps and high debuts for MC to get a bullet and still fall in airplay.
CTTA is still nowhere on any charts. I personally have voted on TRL over 10,000 times(using a macro) in the last two weeks and I think that there is no chance for MC to get back on, I'm still voting but I think MTV is blocking our votes. However the email requests are getting responses and hopefully if enough people get through, there's a chance that CTTA will start to be added. I know the DJ I called at B96 in Chicago wouldn't play CTTA because they haven't started playing it YET! Now the keywork here is yet. Which means they are considering it. So we need to keep working on them. However there is good Billboard news, because Marc Anthony scanned only 45,000 units to get #2 on the Hot 100 sales chart, he is #5 on the Hot 100 chart with airplay at #16. Now MARIAH will sell at least 100,000 units of CTTA/Crybaby first week and possibly more, so if we can at least get the airplay into the 60s for either CTTA or Crybaby, then MC has a shot at #1. But Mariah shouldn't worry about getting into the top 10 because that's pretty much a given I think even without airplay. Now if the DAMN radio stations would just give Can't Take That Away a shot. Tommy(and the rest of Sony) is really pissing me off as usual. I can't wait until MARIAH can jump ship to another label that will give Her respect. I wonder if the upcoming soundtrack will count as Her 10th album on Her contract of if She has to do one more after that.

I will buy Single
So far I am already buying singles for 5 people (2 singles each plus cassettes so technically I am buying 15 MC items this upcoming Tuesday) to help sales. If anyone out of the country needs the US singles, I am willing to buy them for you to help MC out with sales. Send me an e-mail and we can discust costs! For the Heartbreaker Single, I bought about $60 worth of singles for one person, not including my money that I spent and I am willing to do it again. So if ya need help..e-mail me.

Marie Osmond on CNN
Anthony told me that Marie Osmond was on Larry King's talk show on CNN last night and the showed a clip of Marie singing "Hero." Anthony said she sound really good :)

Note from Regina
I am used to getting about 30-50 e-mails a day and now it is going from that to over 100 e-mails a day..ECK! If I don't respond to you or do not use the news you sent me, please don't get mad at me. I am trying to report the most important news and trying to do homework and work at my job too. Trying my best here boo's! Keep e-mailing me if I don't respond and you need an answer. I'll get the idea eventually, HA HA! Tootaloo...

Message from Jill
Jill wrote me and asked if all the "Mariah3" websites would please post this and of course I said that it would be my pleasure. Mariah and her have come up with 26 more radio stations that are important to call. I e-mailed her and told her how B96 won't play the song CTTA until next week and hopefully they will check into that. Along with calling these, please call your local radio stations:
1. Z100 - NY (1 - 800 - 242 - 0100)
2. WKSS - CT (1 - 860 - 247 - 9570)
3. WVQS - San Francisco (1 - 888 - 876 - 0957)
4. WXYZ - Baltimore (1 - 410 - 481 - 1027)
5. WWZZ - Washington DC (1 - 800 - 987 - 2104)
6. WNKS - North Carolina (1 - 704 - 570 - 9595)
7. WDCG - Raleigh (1 - 919 - 860 - 1051)
8. WXKS - Boston (1 - 617 - 931 - 1108)
9. Y100 - Miami (1 - 305 - 550 - 9100)
10. KIIS - Los Angeles (1 - 800 - 520 - 1027)
11. KDWB - MN (1 - 651 - 989 - 5392)
12. KHKS - Dallas (1 - 214 - 263 - 1061)
13. WSTR - Atlanta (1 - 404 - 741 - 9400)
14. KRBE - Houston (1 - 713 - 390 - 5723)
15. KMXV - ? (1 - 816 - 576 - 7093)
16. KSLV - St. Louis (1 - 314 - 969 - 1077)
17. WDRQ - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9393)
18. WKQI - Detroit (1 - 313 - 298 - 9595)
19. KHTS - San Diego (1 - 619 - 291 - 9191)
20. WSLZ - Tampa (1 - 727 - 446 - 9393)
21. XL106 - Orlando (1 - 877 - 919 - 1067)
22. WIOQ - Philadelphia (1 - 610 - 667 - 8102)
23. KKRZ - Portland (1 - 503 - 733 - 5100)
24. KBKS - Seattle (1 - 206 - 805 - 7061)
25. WBZZ - Pittsburgh (1 - 412 - 333 - 9494)
26. WPRO - Providence (1 - 401 - 224 - 1234)

One More Thing
I am going to directly quote this from Jill. I think it is important that you guys know that MC is really greatful for everything we are doing!!!!!
"...even though MC knows that her fans are requesting like mad and she is so thankful, we thought getting these numbers to the fans might be helpful as well. thank you so much again for your help, and please thank the fans for us!"

TRL-No Show?
Mariah still hasn't been on TRL and I can't figure out why. Please make sure you vote for it everyday and are deleting your cookies. I promised Mariah on the phone that we would get her back on TRL and if we don't, I presonally will feel that we failed her. So please, I am begging you, we need to vote for MC on TRL. IF anyone sees her on the show too, please e-mail me and let me know.

You can see a list of Request E-mails and phone numbers at my Request Mariah Page.

How to Delete Cookies:
If you vote for MC on TRL more then once a day, it is possible that if you don't delete the cookies, it won't count. So here is how you do that since a lot of people have been asking:
If you have Windows, go into your Window Explorer
Scroll down and click on "Windows" twice
Another list will come up on the left and scroll down until you see "Temporary Internet Files"
A huge list will come up on the right. Click on the first one and hold "shift key"
Go to the last one in the list and click on that too and the whole list should be hightlighted
Click delete and it will delete everything. Don't worry, it won't mess up your computer, it's actually good for your computer.
Now go vote again!

Vote for MC in Latin America
Carolina told me that MC needs help in Latin Amerca too. There is a Latin Version of TRL there and you can vote for MC by clicking the link below:

May 30, 2000...Vote for MC on TRL and call your Local Radio Stations along with the four!!
New Message on Official Site
Well Sony finally added Mariah's latest message, YIPPEE, and there is more to the ending so make sure you go check it out at I am so happy they added it!!

World Music Awards 2000
Well I hope you all tuned into the WMA's last night. Mariah looked amazing, as always!! She won the Female Artist of the Millenium and it was a really cool thing that they put together and it really made you realize all the amazing accomplishments Mariah has acheived in only one decade. Here is the speech that Mariah said and thanks to, who is president of the Mariah's Rainbow Fanclub.
"Uh...this is like...I wrote a little speech. I usually just wing it, but tonight I said I gotta write something down before I forget. Ok. I have to say first of all this is a completely and totally bizarre experience for be receiving the award for artist of the millennium, Hello! I mean, it's the same award that Michael Jackson is receiving. I mean he's been making number one records prior to my birth. He's truly a legend and I just feel blessed to be here tonight. The funny thing is, I still actually feel like that little girl living on a mattress, on the floor, making a demo tape and just trying to get heard and there's a lot of those people out there. So everybody out there keep your head up, if you're...if you're working towards a dream, don't give up and don't stop. Umm.. (laughs) I would like to thank the World Music Awards for supporting me for so long. Thank you Prince Albert especially. Umm...thank you God for carrying me through a lot of desperate situations in my career and in my personal life, in fact. And, uh, I truly believe I have survived because of you. And my fans around the world, I love you and I always, always will."
Then she came out again to accept the Best Female R&B artist. Here is her second speech:
"I just wanna say to everyone around the world, to all my fans internationally, I appreciate you staying with me through people saying 'Oh, she went too R&B, she went this way, she went that way.' I'm still me. I'm still doing the records I've always done. I'm just allowed to be a little bit more of myself, in fact! Because you see, that's the most important part of being an artist. You must be yourself. So, I would like to thank Louise McNally, Michael Richardson, everyone at Maroon Entertainment, umm, Ree-Ree, everybody that helps me out every day of the week. And just say that I'm very proud to be here tonight, and I'm very grateful to all my fans. I love you very much. (laughs) Thank you, thank you Sony Music worldwide, internationally, and thank you so much for being here tonight. I enjoyed ya...and I love ya!"

Against All Odds Duet with Westlife!
This following article is from and thanks to Mazouni for sending it to me!
Westlife have completed their duet with Mariah Carey, after recording a cover of the Phil Collins hit 'Against All Odds'.
The track was recorded in Capril recently, and Bryan McFadden has revealed how Mariah took charge of the session.
"She produced the song herself. There was only aengineer in the studio to help her. She's an incredibly talented woman," said Bryan.
He also said the boyband had to get drunk beforehand to settle their nerves. "She walked into the hotel bar singing one of her songs and we were all in awe.
"So we had several drinks and everybody relaxed. Mariah even got a bit tipsy, we all did I suppose. From then on everything was fine."

Mariah's e-mail address?
A lot of you were very sweet in your e-mails. Many of you wrote in and said how you have already requested CTTA on TRL over 100 times and have been calling in to your local radio stations, along with the main 4 that Mariah informed us about. However, I just wanted to say that I am unable to give out Mariah/Jill's e-mail address and hopefully you can respect that. I doubt very much that MC or Jill will ever call me again (though I would be estatic if they ever did again :) and I don't want to flood them with e-mails, unless it is something important. I am greatful for Sunday's experience and will never forget that and it has really made me respect Mariah even more, as a person and as an artist. She truly is an extremely nice person. So, that is all I got to say on that..back to the news baby!

New Pics
I added four pics of MC at her first appearance of Regis & Kathie Lee that Gloria took from the audience. Also, I added a pic of MC from the Coconuts signing, which I can't remember who sent it to me. But check out all 5 pics in Gallery 27, if ya like!

NY Daily News
Nini let me know that MC was mentioned in todays NY Daily News:
Mariah Carey is on the island of Capri cutting her next album in a mountaintop studio and spending her downtime with boyfriend Luis Miguel.

Not so great news
Maybe this will help inspire some of you and to make you see that this week is very important is voting for CTTA on the radio and on TRL. William sent this to me:
Just wanting to let you know that as of May 13, 2000 on the billboard Hot 100 Can't take that away have not made it yet. Also it has not made it on the Top 75 Airplay chart. It has to make it on the Top 75 Airplay Chart in order to me on the Hot 100. Since her first single Vision of Love all of Mariah's single has sold good and almost every single has made it into the top 5 single sales. Mariah don't need much help with selling single she just need help on radio. I predict that the single can make between number 20-30 just on sale and a little help from radio. But we want to do better then that. I think more radio will play the song overtime.
Thank you for your time,
William S

So as you can see, it is very important to call into the radio stations and if you have any radio station that refuses to play CTTA or Crybaby, contact Shayne Kent at Please include the stations name, phone number, the DJ's name, e-mail address and the negative comment that that particular DJ had made. Thanks

Other Places to Vote for CTTA
Ken informed me that if you would like to help out CTTA or Crybaby on Channel V, then go to the links below. She loosing ground in the Asian Charts and she needs our help there too!

MC the perfect host?
Also, thanks to Ken for this next article from
Singer Mariah Carey showed another side to her character by pampering Irish pop stars Westlife on her $5 million yacht.
Westlife, who were with Mariah off the Italian island of Capri to record a song together, had their every whim catered to by the singer, who's more commonly know for her diva-like outbursts.
Band member Bryan McFadden says, "Mariah was an amazing host - you would just not believe the way we were treated out there.
"I wanted to drink Carlsberg so immediately Mariah ordered in a crate from the mainland. We were treated like absolute kings."
The band, managed by Boyzone's Ronan Keating, spent a week recording a cover of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" with Mariah in her private recording studio on the island.
Fascinating Fact:
Mariah Carey's British fans are being offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - the chance to buy a toilet seat that she's sat on. Radio 1 bosses have unscrewed the seat, which Mariah perched on earlier this year, and are auctioning it for charity Children In Need. -- WENN

Request MC
Okay I posted the following info. earlier this morning before my class at college. However, I know I have been really saying a lot about requesting CTTA or Crybaby on the radio but this next week is very important and MC really needs our help. So I am begging you to please take 5-10 minutes out of your day, at least, and try and help out for this next 1-2 weeks. Every call and vote counts. Please do what you can..
TRL and Radio Stations
I have to get to class, so I will update the page fully in about 5 hours but I wanted to say PLEASE go vote for MC on TRL. I just did this morning and Mariah needs our help. Also, please vote for MC at the following radio stations, ALONG with your local one. Every vote counts and every call counts so don't think that your ONE call or ONE vote won't make the difference, because it will. I am praying so hard that MC will be on TRL today..please help out. It takes 2 minutes.

  • San Fransisco
    KMEL : 1-800-955-KMEL (Joey Arbagey's address-Director)
    If that don't work, try this address:

  • New York
    HOT-97 : 1-800-223-9797
    (ONLY request Crybaby Mariah said!)

  • Chicago
    B96 : 312-591-9696
    (I don't know if ths e-mail address is correct. Alan told me that it is easy to vote on the site. Go to and they click on contact and request CTTA. Mariah said to vote for CTTA)

  • Power 106 - KPWR 105.9 in Los Angeles
    (She told me that Crybaby is #2 at the moment, which is great. Only request Crybaby here because it's an Urban audience. Jill and MC told me that!)
    (818) 845 1059

    You can see a list of Request E-mails and phone numbers at my Request Mariah Page.

    More places to vote:
    Magicfever informed me of some other important places to call:
    Hey Regina! Right now I am working on emailing the radio stations for Mariah and the fans! I must have voted 20 times on TRL already today and everyone else needs to too! :) Ok, you also HAVE to add Los Angeles' KIIS FM to your list. Even if Mariah didn't tell you, it is a pop radio station and has the most listeners in all of Southern California and is one of the top radio stations in the country. Power 106 is here in LA but it is just a hip-hop station and will only play Crybaby. KIIS FM plays a variety of music and I know will play both if people request it. So, here is the info on it:
    102.7 KIIS FM ~ Los Angeles
    The DJ at night is REALLY nice! His name is JOJO. I emailed him a really long letter already explaining why he had to play the songs and if a lot of other people do the same I am SURE that he will play it EVEN if they don't want him too. He will just do that sort of thing! And his producer, Tony, won't mind because like I say, they are extremely cool. If enough people email them, they will get a clue! So, email JOJO directly at:
    To call in and vote for the Top 5 at 9 on week day night call 1-800-520-1027
    between 8PM-9PM Pacific time.

    More places to request MC
    Gary informed me of even more important stations to call into. He told me he just wrote these two stations and told me that the DJ's said it would help her get on if more people would write in. So PLEASE write them too :) - Kiss 108 - 95.7 WZID - 107.1 WERZ

    Vote for MC at TheBox, VH1 and BET; not just TRL
    Porter e-mailed me the following message and I think he is write and that we should vote for MC at more places. Of course TRL, is still one of the main places, because that is where MC wants us to vote but if you have some free time, please vote for MC at the following links below too! Thanks guys..
    I think that we are approaching this #1 thing the wrong way; so if we can't get her on MTV we should get CTTA on VH1s countdown where songs stay a long time unlike TRL. And plus alot of people that don't get played on TRL make it to #1 like Savage Garden, Santana, and Celine Dion. So lets try this week to vote as much as you can on VH1, BET and The Box, and lets see how we do because as you can see TRL is riged and I think that Sony has some to do with this too. I think working from the bottom of the charts up will make the song more meaningful. PS and by playing CTTA on other stations we may even gain a new following. Because if one station doesn't want to play Mariah there are others such as VH1. By the way, they play the new video more often than they have played any other of Mariah's songs in a while. Vote Vote Vote! Even it there is no request box, put a request in the comments box and spread the word to others.

    May 29, 2000...Mariah Called ME!
    Update #3 Today
    The MC Audio was updated, just now. It now includes two parts of the CTTA Remixes that Mariah wanted me to put on the webpage. So of course I did it! Also, there are two audios of Mariah talking to Anja at the Germany concert. All four are zips and you have to download them and then sign offline and they will automatically unzip. Check out MC Audio on the main page!

    Power 106
    I e-mailed Jill to check on the name of this radio station and she wrote me back and told me that it is. Jennifer gave me the number and I also, now have the e-mail address. Look below for the four radio stations to call, ALONG with your local one

    AAO released in Germany
    Gogi told me that the CD-Single was released today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and probably some other parts of Europe. Please go get yours now and help support Mariah. Here is the tracklistings..
    1. AAO
    2. Crybaby
    3. TGIFY (Stargate Radio Edit)
    4. CTTA (Morales Club Mix Edit)

    Update #2 Today. The Mariah message left on Archives
    Last night, Mariah wanted me to post this message on my site and I asked where she posted it and she said on Mariah 3. This confused me so I talked to Jill and we figured out they posted it on Mariah Carey Archives site. So Eric just retreived it for us and here it is. Mariah wants you all to read this message:
    It's me...lambs,chops,page turners..chatter's o'this stellar site. Ok,so it's 4 am and I still can't sleep..I'm on vocal rest..hoping it's working..I left a verbal message on the Sony site,but naturally,since it somewhat implied there was not as much support re:cttafm..or crybaby..and I am assuming no one heard it..I wish I had a number to call in to you un related to that mess,but you know me..web illiterate.I am actually on line,typing for myself(a complete joke considering my skills) I just want to thank every single one of you 4 being here for me and forming this site.I hope Anderz is o.k..and happy w/ his new life..he was very nice when I met him, and I know,He,like so many of u worked so hard on these sites..u probably won't see me do this again soon 'cause after tomorrow I'll be spiriling in work mode forever..and when I try to leave"real"messages about my proffessional situation"someone"is blocking..hmmmm,wonder why?I love you and hpoe u belive it's me cuz'"i gotta get me some sleeeep" God bless..and thanks again,M.
    mariah/hopefully you believe me/Regina and Anja..the fan review book is in my lap. Well,I'm a Nomad actually..right now,I'm in Greece..soon to be back in Italy. One random moment in the spiriling Universe o'my

    Mariah and I talked for one hour last night!
    Okay people, there is so much I have to tell you today. But first things first, I have a couple of things that Mariah told me were the MOST IMPORTANT! First...the single is NOT being released on June 13th. The single is being released NEXT week on June 6th. I told her about and the other one, slipping my mind at the moment, that has the release date for June 13th. She said she would check into that. She told me she is so scared that the single won't do well. She doesn't think it will make it into the Top 10 or 5 even. Sony is not giving her ANY SUPPORT. Sony sends a list to radio stations on what songs they want to have as the "priority" and Sony didn't put CTTA on the list. Radio stations won't play the song she said because they do track TRL and see what it happening on that show. Plus, since Mariah isn't on the Sony list. She told me that if people don't start calling in, the single won't do well. She said that This is the MOST important week since CTTA is coming out next week!
    She gave me four radio stations that she said are the main ones right now. You got any info. that I didn't post on these? Please e-mail it to me. Thanks to Will Ward for the e-mail address!

  • San Fransisco
    KMEL : 1-800-955-KMEL (Joey Arbagey's address-Director)
    If that don't work, try this address:

  • New York
    HOT-97 : 1-800-223-9797
    (ONLY request Crybaby Mariah said!)

  • Chicago
    B96 : 847-591-9696
    (I don't know if ths e-mail address is correct. Alan told me that it is easy to vote on the site. Go to and they click on contact and request CTTA. Mariah said to vote for CTTA)

  • Power 106 - KPWR 105.9 in Los Angeles
    (She told me that Crybaby is #2 at the moment, which is great. Only request Crybaby here because it's an Urban audience. Jill and MC told me that!)
    (818) 845 1059

    Mariah said that she really needs our help. The reason why the latest message wasn't posted on the website because "some people" thought she let out a little too much information and they don't want CTTA to do well. She calls into a Sony phone, so they hear what is uploaded to the site. She is afraid that people won't believe that was REALLY here on the Friends of Mariah Message Board. Jill and her, both want you to know that is a REAL message and it was SUPPOSE to be added to her Official Site but they won't add it. I am going to add it again here:
    "Hi Guys! I sound like this because I have been in 3 countries in 1 day with about 2 hours of sleep, in fact... I am on a European promo trip & I'm trying to finish my soundtrack, but I wanted to call in.
    Anja - a girl from Germany who I have met several times - gave me a 'fan review' book of my tour and it made me smile (and cry - naturally), so thank you for that. In almost every fan book 99% of you mention that CTTA is your favorite - and say it has inspired you. I even got a petition that Kevin Cane from Indiana gave me which helped me fight to get it released as a single - so thank you for that.
    As a lot of you know, the political situation in my professional career is not stellar (it is very very hard), and I am getting a lot of negative feedback from certain corporate people. Still, I'm not willing to give up on Can't Take That Away and I just don't want to let you all down if it is not a big top 5 or 10 record. The only reason I say this is because lots of you write that it is a #1 song. At this point, basically, if there are not thousands of requests to radio stations and TRL constantly... it is just going to quietly fade away.
    What is most important to me are those of you who say the song has given you hope and strength. I just want it to reach as many people as possible, and it is so hard with my professional situation to ever really know what is going on - so it's truly a complete mess. I love you all so much for caring about my music and I always will." - Mariah Carey"

    So she said please let you all know that she really needs our help and that it has to take place this week for anything to happen! So, when I say this I am not kidding around..we need to call/write to TRL everyday and even several times a day. We need to get CTTA back up onto TRL. We need to call the radio stations listed above ALONG WITH our local stations. It's going to be a hard week but if we pull together we can do it..COME ON MARIAH NEEDS OUR HELP PEOPLE!! For everything she has done for us, are you going to let her down? This song is important to all of us and it is also important to Mariah. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE:

    You can see a list of Request E-mails and phone numbers at my Request Mariah Page.

    What Else Regina?
    Mariah and I talked about so much last night and is seriously the sweetest and nicest person on this universe. When I first picked up the phone, I thought it was my best friend Alex and I said kind of snotty, "HELLLLLLOOOOO?" It was Jill, but she didn't say that! She said, Regina? Hold On. I was thinking GREAT another person selling me something and then they have the nerve to tell me to hold on. Man was in for something..ha ha. Then she came on and she was like, "Hi Regina, it's Mariah!" I started to somewhat cry but I was trying to hold it in and my hands were shaking; thought I would drop the frigging phone. We ended up talking for an hour and I talked to Jill too, who is also SO SWEET and nice, just like MC! So here is some things that we talked about. Oh and one more thing, after about 10 minutes of our conversation, Mariah's cell phone shut down and I lost her. I thought she wouldn't call back so I ran downstairs to tell my parents that she called. My dad told me to tape her and I was like NOOOOOO!!! Then the phone rang, so I ran upstairs and my dad followed me telling me to tape it. So Mariah, I just want to tell you that I DID NOT TAPE IT! I can't even tape on my answering machine, only the downstairs line and I didn't tape you either Jill. I made my dad promised and he didn't do anything! I am telling you this so you can trust me! There is a lot of stuff I am NOT going to post that Mariah and I talked about on the site becaue Mariah asked me not to. I want her to trust me too and hopefully she knows that she can!! Here is the news...

    Diva's Live/Christina Who?
    She told me that the Christina rumor is NOT TRUE! I asked her and brought it up to her because I personally wanted to know the truth. She said that she has never talked her met Christina and she don't know what the story is. She told me that originally she was asked to be on Men Strike Back, which she thought was kind of odd, but she couldn't do it since she had the MSG concert to do on April 11th. She knows the guy who did the shows and then she said he asked her to be on Diva's Live and she agreed 'cause she loves Diana. We were talking about Diana and she said that she thought it was SO FUNNY when she came out in her dress. Mariah wasn't expecting that. I told her I thought it was cute when Diana was talking about how she is wearing a "Mariah number" and MC started to crack up! OH and she told me that Love Hangover is actually from Diva's Live but it is remastered and really sounds nice.

    Pregnant? I don't think so!
    Mariah told me that she is NOT pregnant and that she thinks she would know if she is! Ha now everyone we have the FINAL ANSWER and we can stop those rumors for sure!

    Mariah Quotes
    Mariah told me to add, "Eat, drink, dance, whatever. (said in a southern drawl)" to the Quote of the Week. When she told me she first said, "Eat, drink, draw, whatever.." because we were talking about my artwork. She said it means that do whatever ya want and don't let other people influence you on what you should do. She also told me that "(said in a southern drawl)" is something she always adds in parenthese when she write her friends. It's like on of her new key phrases she said..hee hee. She is so funny :)

    I told Mariah that she was in several tabloids this week and about the one where she is in the National Examiner about Michael Jackson. She wanted to know more and I didn't want to tell her cause I didn't want her mad at me. Well anyhow I did tell her but she said it wasn't her idea to come out the second time. Her management thought that she should have the same thing that Jacko did since they are the same awards. She said she didn't want to come out again cause she didn't want to walk up (or did she say down?) the steps again due to her shoes. But anyhow she asked if I was going to watch today and I was like OF COURSE I AM..wouldn't miss it for the world! So make sure you tune in to see Mariah on WMA's tonight too! She deserved the awards she won!

    Mariah 3
    Mariah got the Rainbow Review from Anja on Wednesday and she said she read my letter to her in the beginning. She wants to thank everyone for their letters and said that they really meant a lot to her. She said that she carry's the fan books with her everywhere and when I was talking to Jill, she said the same thing. I joked around with JIll saying that must be one heavy suitcase and she laughed and said, yeah it is! Hee hee. But anyhow, Mariah visited all three of the Mariah 3 websites. She said that she appreciates everything we do for her. She was having a little problems getting to our sites at times but she said that she posted a SPECIAL message for the Mariah 3 on Mariah Carey Archives Messageboard (Eric is going to retreive it today and send it to Elin and I so we can add it to our sites too!) She told me to please not shut down my website now since I talked to her and I laughed and told her I never will now.

    My Artwork
    One of the first things we talked about was my drawings. Mariah said she loved the one of her and Guam and told me that Guam is with her mother right now and he is BIG! She said that she thought my drawings were nice and wanted to tell me that no matter what ANYONE says, don't give up on my dreams. God, she was so nice and so sincere and she really almost made me cry. It was like she believed in me, even though she never met me. She said that if anyone critized me to say something along the line as, "Look at yours and then call me back!" I knw I misquoted that but basically she said that if anyone critizes my work, just tell them to look at there own work and then judge my work. Ha ha...she told me I have to be stronger and fight them. I told her I would and she said to watch Whoppies performance in "Color Purple" to help inspire me. I will FOR SURE rent that movie now! She said it was one of her favorite movies too! She told me that she thinks that by talking to me, she feels that we have met in person. Isn't she amazing?!?

    I mentioned this above but I want to talk about it more, to really stick it into your head. We talked about the single MANY times and she said that it would be cool if I added a clip of it on my site so people can get a taste of it and I said I would. I told her i loved the Morales Remix where she spoke in the beg. and she said Thank You. That is the part I want to add cause she sounds so sincere. She said she recorded that at 5 am in the morning. Hee hee...but she couldn't stress enought the importance of calling and requesting CTTA this week. This is the most important week so we HAVE TO DO IT!

    Crybaby Lyrics
    In my letter to MC, I told her about the dillema on the Crybaby lyrics. How I loved that part and she sang is to me on the phone..can you believe that? She was so amazing, even though it was 5 am in Greece, which is where she is on Vocal Rest for the next 2 days. I told her about the site and how we were all trying to figure out what she says. Here is what she told me, if I can remember correctly:
    "Why is it 5 am and I'm still spiraling!" (she said that was right!) "I don't get no sleep, I'm up all week, can't stop thinking of you and me, and everything we used to be, it could of been so perfectly, see I cry." (I think she said at the end it is, "see I cry." I hope I got that right but she kept singing it to me I was like OH MY :)

    All That Glitters
    She said she is REALLY excited about her upcoming movie and that they are casting at the moment. She said she is happy to be finally able to pursue what she wants and to go for acting. I told her that she did a GREAT job in the Bachelor and she said thanks. I asked when she thought it would come out and she said that they are pushing for Spring 2001. Something for us ALL to look forward to.

    AAO single-Petals Remix
    I asked her when the European single would be coming out for AAO and she said she wasn't really sure. She said she heard that a Petals Remix was being played in clubs, which she didn't understand why. She said she heard it and loved it, so it will be the B Side for the European Single for AAO. I told her how Petals is my favorite song and she said it was hers too. I told her how I thought it was amazing how she can write a song and how it can touch someone else so much..she said Thanks :)

    Enough Already?
    There is a lot more we talked about but I don't want to give too much away, which I think I already did huh? Mariah hopefully you arn't upset if I added too much here. Last night was a night I will never ever forget and Mariah was so sweet and so nice. I felt like I was talking to my best friend. I was so nervous for the first 5-10 minutes but then it was like not so scary anymore..ha ha. She really was so nice and I talked to Jill too and she was just as nice. They are like the sweetest people in the world and Mariah wanted me to tell you all that she appreciates everything we do for her. She wishes she could call or write everyone but obviously she can't. I told her how we appreciate everything she does for us and how we love her music. She really wanted me to make sure you know how much her fans mean to her and how we keep her going..go I guess that is a good way to end this? They e-mailed me about the Mariah 3 letter and I will have that up on the site later today.

    New Pics
    As promised, I added 10 new pics today. They are the pics that Minerva took in Paris. They are very nice and they are in their own section in the PIC Gallery. The Gallery is called, "Minerva Concert Pics-Paris!" Check it out..

    New MC Chat Room
    One thing that MC did tell me is that one time she did visit a chat room on her, she said it wasn't the official one on her site a while back but another one and she said noone believed that it was really her. I explained how it is how to know with e-mail addresses but Lance e-mailed me and told me he created a new page called Club MC. A couple of fans from the old Official Mariah Chat room created this site and you can find a chat room in the site Here is more from Lance..
    Go to and in the top left corner of your computer screen it ask's the question 'ALREADY KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO CHAT?'" SIMPLY TYPE mcchat and then just type in your handle and your there. Thanks for the help I really appreciate a great mc fan like you. Alohassssss from hawaii, lance

    BriStuWalt told me that Access Hollywood said that the new FHM magazine, featuring the 100 sexiest list, is coming out June 1st. Mariah is #28 out of a 100 and she is in her red Oscar dress in the pic.

    May 28, 2000...
    New Pics
    I added a brand new gallery today called "Rainbow Review MC Pics" and in there you can find several new pics of Mariah in Germany. The pics were taken by Anja and Peter and they are VERY nice! Check them out if you like. Also, I added the Book pics into Gallery 27 yesterday. If you are in InfoMC, you should already know that since I announced that in yesterdays newsletter. If you arn't in InfoMC, send me an e-mail at and I'll add you to the list.

    More New Pics
    I am going to scan Minerva's concert pics from Paris tonight and add them tomorrow. They are EXTREMELY close and nice so make sure you come back tomorrow to check them out!

    I am going to be adding a new Pic of the Week and a new Quote of the Week. Also, Anja sent me a review about Mariah in Germany on Wednesday. I put it in "Mariah & US" and it is a VERY NICE review. Anja told me a lot of stuff in it. Check that out and Zoli sent me a review also about when Mariah was in Germany. Here it is:
    I MET MARIAH! AND WE WERE CHATTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))
    In Germany (Cologne) there were 2 Mariah-related shows: Viva Interaktiv and Top Of The Pops. It was impossible to buy tickets to the first show but I was standing with my 3 German friends (Anja, Peter, Holger) outside. And after 10 minutes Mariah's car arrived! We shouted "MARIAH" and the window was opened: Her fingers appeared, and she waved to us!! I was holding my sign "Mariah! The Hungarian Fanclub Greets You!" but after this I realized that the sign was turned down. :))))
    You already know what happened in the studio of Top Of The Pops: she sang Crybaby Acapella, and an amazing song from her All That Glitters soundtrack, etc... But maybe you are interested in that minutes when I was speaking to Mariah... ;)
    When She appeared everybody shouted "I LUV YOU!" etc I cried: "Anja Is HERE!" She said: "Who? Anja? Where?" I pointed to her and she remembered everything. Anja is the girl to whom Mariah sang Close My Eyes 3 months ago in Cologne.
    Later that night Mariah asked: "How do you say in German?" I said: "It is in Hungarian!" Mariah laughed and said: "Are you from Hungary? I saw your sign in the afternoon!" I was shocked because I thought she couldn't read it. She's so intelligent!!!
    Her next question was: "How's Hungary?" I said: "I travelled 15 hours just to see you today! It is a beautiful country. Please come here someday!" Mariah replied: "I prefer countries which have a beach!" "I will make a beach!" :))) "You'll make a beach? Haha!"
    So it was one of the best days of my life. I got 2 autographs, I could touch her hands for many times and the best thing that she was sooo nice to everybody!
    I think somebody could record the whole thing with a minidisc and I hope I will get it soon! I have developed my pix and 10-12 of them are good! You will able to see them on my site next week:

    Pop-Up Video
    Well I taped VH1 yesterday from 4-4:30 pm but I sadly found out that the special was from 4:30-5 pm here in NJ, so I missed Heartbreaker Pop-Up Video. Anyone see it? Froggi1116 told me that Christina's "Genie in a Bottle" was in it and they were talking bout how a genie has 3 wishes, and one of Christina's is to be like Mariah Carey, and then they showed part of one of mariah's videos (Fantasy)

    FHM's Sexiest Women 2000
    Mariah has been on this list twice, as from my own memory, and now she is up for it again. Please vote for her at:
    Thanks to Raphael for this information

    Gloria told me that Mariah is in the June edition of Cosmo. I saw this pic too and forgot to mention it. It's about the waist cut off jeans and there is a tiny pic of MC wearing her famous jeans :)

    Divas Live/Request Magazine
    Chris told me two things. First he said he would look into Diva's Live 2000 release, since he works at Sam Goody and second that the Request Magazine that I mentioned yesterday has been out for a while now and told me to let you guys know that the new Request magazine is coming out probably this week, so go get yours now. It's free so hey, why not? :)

    #1's Video Certified Gold
    Daniel from Hawaii informed me that the #1's Video has been certified gold, accoring to If you go to the site, go all the way down to Video Certifications and you can find the information there. Cool huh?

    Crybaby on R&B Charts
    Pink-Love told me that Crybaby is now #70 on the 3/6/00 R&B Single Charts.
    69 79 73 7 "Xxplosive," Dr. Dre Featuring Hittman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg & Six-Two
    70 72 72 4 "Crybaby," Mariah Carey Featuring Snoop Dogg
    71 71 79 4 "Jumpin, Jumpin," Destiny's Child

    Song Sheet Pullout
    Ken informed me that Mariah is in a Malaysian magazine called "Galaxie." It is the May 17-31st issue and Mariah is on the song sheet pullout for Can't Take That Away :)

    My Final Statement
    Have you voted today? If not you better go now cause we want Mariah on TRL baby!

    May 27, 2000...
    New Official Message
    Maria informed me that Mariah's assistant, Jill left the new message from Mariah on the FOMM board. It will be added to the Official Site probably either tomorrow or Monday. Mariah mentions the Rainbow Review book and my best friend cool huh?
    "Hi Guys! I sound like this because I have been in 3 countries in 1 day with about 2 hours of sleep, in fact... I am on a European promo trip & I'm trying to finish my soundtrack, but I wanted to call in.
    Anja - a girl from Germany who I have met several times - gave me a 'fan review' book of my tour and it made me smile (and cry - naturally), so thank you for that. In almost every fan book 99% of you mention that CTTA is your favorite - and say it has inspired you. I even got a petition that Kevin Cane from Indiana gave me which helped me fight to get it released as a single - so thank you for that.
    As a lot of you know, the political situation in my professional career is not stellar (it is very very hard), and I am getting a lot of negative feedback from certain corporate people. Still, I'm not willing to give up on Can't Take That Away and I just don't want to let you all down if it is not a big top 5 or 10 record. The only reason I say this is because lots of you write that it is a #1 song. At this point, basically, if there are not thousands of requests to radio stations and TRL constantly... it is just going to quietly fade away.
    What is most important to me are those of you who say the song has given you hope and strength. I just want it to reach as many people as possible, and it is so hard with my professional situation to ever really know what is going on - so it's truly a complete mess. I love you all so much for caring about my music and I always will." - Mariah Carey"

    Pics and MC Audio
    Someone e-mailed me yesterday and told me that the Pics page was down and not working and I didn't believe him. However, many of yu e-mailed me last night and told me that it is in fact NOT working. So I checked it out and I was pretty much an idiot and deleted the index of the pics page. SO, now the Pics page is back up, thanks to Alex and MCAudio is also up again. If you download the Z100 interview, you have to let the full interview run choppy before it runs normally. It's the Window Media Player..sorry guys!

    New Pics
    I added a new section to the webpage yesterday, "Mariah & Us!" It talks about how Anja and I became friends and I scanned some pics into the page. Plus Anja sent me a pic of Mariah holding the Rainbow Review book and another one close up, which I added to the page. Check out all the EXCLUSIVE pics by clicking on "Mariah & Us" on the main page. Also, tomorrow I will be adding new pics from Peter, who was also there with Mariah. Some of them are REALLY nice and on Monday I will be adding scans of Minerva's Paris pics, which are as good of quality as the Belgium pics..stay tuned...

    Magazine News
    Mariah is in three tabloids and two magazines, that I saw last night. First, in the STAR tabloid (June 6) there is two full pages of Mariah. It talks about her family problems and for the first time ever, we get to see what Mariah's father looks like! Plus there are 4 pics of Mariah in Capri. BUY STAR PEOPLE! (of course for the pics, Not the untrue articles) Next, she is in the National Examiner (June 6). There is a pic of Mariah from the WMA's and the title says, "Mariah vs. Jacko." Once again, I bought it for the pic, not article. Next, is the GLOBE tabloid (June 6th also) and there is a pic of Luis, MC and Prince Albert at the WMA's. Finally, go pic up Request Magazine, which is free at your local Sam Goody store. It has a concert pic of Mariah in LA and it is actually VERY nice. It is the June 2000 issue and NSync is on the cover. Thanks to MariahLamby for informing me about this information.

    Mariah Book
    I got $25 from my uncle for Christmas for, so I bought the UK TGIFY single (which comes with poster) and I bought a book called, "Mariah Carey: Galaxy of Superstars" by Sam Wellman. Well I didn't think it would be that great for about $12 but actually the book is AWESOME. It has a ton of exclusive pics and is 64 pages long. I seriously recommend you all going and buyin this book. I will try and scan some of the pics today or tomorrow! Check out Quote of the Week for one of the *New* pics from the book!

    Exclusive: Order Diva's Live 2000
    Yesterady at Sam Goody, I saw a poster on their wall. It was Mariah, Diana Ross, Destiny Child, etc singing, "Ain't No Moutain High Enough" at Diva's Live 2000. I never saw the pic before and it was REALLY NICE. It said that you can preorder your copy of Diva's Live 2000 now? Anyone know any information on when Diva's Live 2000 will be released? The poster didn't say. Oh and with more Sam Goody news, you can now get the TGIFY song sheet there. Thanks Lisa!

    Video Link
    I didn't know this but MTV has a section on their website where you can download MC videos. Ken informed me that Crybaby and CTTA has now been added to Mariah's list. Click this link:

    New Site
    Sirginho created a site with up to the minute MC news and a big pic gallery. Check it out if you like by clicking the link below:

    40 Videos Special?
    Megan and several others informed me that the Top 40 Billboard Special is NOT new and it was a rerun. Along with OSD at #1, Mariah had Dreamlover at #29 and Fantasy at #21.

    Top 40 on TRL
    Heartbreaker was #24 out of the 40 on TRL Superstars. Thanks to Sherwin and Dan for this information.

    Columbia House
    Shawna let me know that Rainbow was finally added to the Columbia House Music Club catalog and here is what it says:
    "When Mariah releases an album, it's an event and this all-star affair is no exception. She kicks it off with her #1 smash Heartbreaker, featured n two forms-the original w/Jay-X and a bangin' remix w/Da Brat & Missy Elliot. The talented diva co-wrote two songs with the unrelenting Diane Warren, including the sweetly caressing David Foster production Sfter Tonight. Usher excorts her on the woofer-bumpin' seduction How Much, and her famous four-octave voice sends Phil Collins' Against All Odds soaring into new heights. She uses this soul-bearing set to chronicle what she calls 'the emotional rollercoaster ride of the past year' and brings it to an uplifting close with the #1 ballad Thank God I Found You (w/Joe & 98 Degrees). In Mariah's world, the pot at the end of the rainbow is always packed with platinum."

    May 26, 2000...Special Announcement...
    Mariah got the Rainbow Review Book!
    OMG, I am so excited right now, I had to update again. Peter just e-mailed me and informed me that Mariah DID get the Rainbow Review Book in Germany yesterday. If you filled out the questionaire for the Rainbow Concerts, which I had on the site for about 2-3 months, then MARIAH GOT YOUR REVIEW. The Rainbow Review book is the first book to let Mariah know what HER FANS thought of the Rainbow Concerts. Peter, Holgar and Anja (Presidents of MFC) got to hang out with Mariah and when they said goodbye to her, she said, "Bye and thank you for the nice Fanbook." Anja also got one of Mariah's shoes, which broke during a performance. Peter wrote me a long detailed review of what happened. Hopefully, Anja will write me a review too :) Read below to find out more on what Peter had to say:
    Hi Regina! You will never believe what happened to Anja, Holger and Me. First Mariah got the tourbook and she was very thankfull for it. But here is the complete story: Yesterday we met Mariah again!!!! Oh my god it was like a dream. First we was at the VIVA building where we saw Mariah driving into the garage. She saw us , opened the window a little bit and waved. Then we drove to Top Of The Pops. Mariahs 4!!!!!!!! performences begun at 22 o´clock. She performed AOO in two different dresses. The first was a black top and her jeans she had on during the Tour ("Hero")and the other one was a bright,pink dress. When she came on stage she became a loud ovation. And then our friend Zoli from Hungry screemed "Mariah Anja is here" ( Mariah sung "Close My Eyes" for her in the german concert). And when she has seen Anja she came to us gave her a hand-shacke. Mariah told Luise to come on stage and introduced her to Anja. Anja, Holger and me we started to sing "Stop in the name of Love" with the right coreography and Mariah lought and told that it was nice. Then Anja told her that she has a Rainbow-Tourbook for her with reviews from fans all over the world. And the bodygourd told us to come after the show to the backstage gate. Then Mariah do her first performence a rehersal. The seconed time they recorded the performence. Then Mariah gave her fans autographes and spoke to them. After this she went out to change her dress. When she came again she walk 10 cm away from us and we started to sing "To Be Around You" and she smiled again. She brought sweets for her fans as we had to wait a long time as she came to late. For Anja she had a special one. It was a "ORIO" sweet. She told Anja that in USA it has a special meening. Then she recorded another performence. After she do this recording we started singing again. This time it was "Crybaby" and believe it or not she sung the whole song acappella with us. Just we three and Mariah and some other but they were not loud enought as they couldn´t remember the lyrics.Then Chris refreshed her make-up and during this she told us about All That Glitters and then happaned something fantastic. She told that she was recording the soundtreck and sung a new song for us live which sounds beautiful. Not the whole song but 1 minute or so. Then they had to tape AOO again as they had some technical problems. After this we went out to wait for Mariah. 10-15 fans came to the gate and after 20 minutes a dream begun. A guy turned his car-radio very loud and played Fantasy. We sung very loud and then a guy from Mariahs team came out with a camera followed by Mariah and recorded everything. Mariah came to us gave autographs and we made photos.( I think Mariah will use the recording for her new Homevideo:-) She signed my shirt and i made over 20 photos. then Mariah lost her shoew and Holger screemed "Give it to Anja" and she did it!!!!!!!! Anja now has a original silver Versace shoew by Mariah. The seconed shoew she threw into the crowd. After some minutes she went to the car and drove away. It was so nice. So we spend nearly 2 hours with Mariah in a very nice atmosphere. Today we drove to the hotel. First Trey leave it and after him Chris and the rest of the crew. After another 30 minutes Mariah followed. First we haven´t seen her car. Then we turned around and Mariahs car was directly 1 m away from us. Mariah hasen´t seen us first too. But we screemed Mariah. She looked through the open window and told "Bye and thank you for the nice Fanbook". It happened so fast that we was like shocked. Peter

    May 25, 2000...Big Update Day...
    Huge Update Day
    Well guys, I added a Ton of pics today, PLUS I added a new page. First things first, Jason sent me a 7 minute wav of when Mariah was on Z100 on April 11, 2000, the day of her MSG concert. They were auctioning front row tickets for charity. I added a new page today called, "MC Audio." You can find a link to it on the main page, with all my other links, and that is where you can download the Z100 interview! Hopefully it works, this is my first attempt at audio. Next comes pics. I added 5 that Ayako sent me. They are pics of MC from when she was promoting makeup in Japan. I have seen the one before, but the others I havn't. All of those pics are in Gallery 27. Next, as I promised, I added the Belgium Pics. These pics are amazing quality. They are in their own directory in the PIC pages. However, who took them? I know I am doing a trade with this girl but I lost the e-mail address and her name. PLEASE e-mail me and let me know, so I can add your information under the copyright information. Thanks :)

    Pics 2
    All the pics that were added today have the copyright on them, meaning they are exclusive scans to this site, do not remove them except for personl use. MCDaydreams, which Mariah World News also links to, took SEVERAL pics from my galleries without asking the people who took them or asking me. Please do not do it again..thank you!

    TRL--Win an Autograph
    So you don't vote for Mariah everyday on TRL huh? Well maybe this will encourage you to do so. Mariah's management and Bree have teamed up to get MC back on TRL. If you click the link below and then click on the autographed Mariah Rainbow Album, enter your e-mail address for a chance to win a 12 by 12 pic of MC aurographed. Then vote for Mariah on TRL. More times you vote, the more times you have a chance of winning the autograph. PLEASE VOTE FOR MARIAH!

    Don't Forget
    Tomorrow at 4 pm on VH1, a new Pop-Up Video will premiere featuring Mariah's Heartbreaker video.

    Rainbow Review Book
    Later tonight or tomorrow, I will find out from Anja or Peter if Mariah's got the Rainbow Review Book in Germany. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed :O

    How Much Single?
    Ave Mariah claims they have the How Much Single Cover. However, Jon let me know that he saw this cover a while back and it is NOT Official! Someone made it on the Friends of Mariah Messageboard and once again, it is NOT Official!

    Single Pushed Back and both list CTTA as being released on June 13th now, not the 6th anymore. I have updated the counter today so that is why that changed. Hope it doesn't change again.

    Britney Spears Sets CD Record
    .c The Associated Press
    NEW YORK (AP) - Forget Madonna, Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. Britney Spears has beaten them all.
    The teen pop star set a one-week sales record for a female artist with her second album, ``Oops!...I Did It Again.'' In its first week on the market, it sold 1.3 million copies, according to Soundscan.
    It will make its debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, just like her first album, ''...Baby One More Time.''
    Spears' ``Oops!'' is the second fastest-selling album ever. 'N Snyc's ``No Strings Attached'' set a sales record of 2.4 million copies in its first week on the market earlier this spring.
    The sales figures prove the utter dominance of teen pop in the music marketplace. The disc with the third-highest one-week sales was the Backstreet Boys' ``Millennium,'' which sold 1.1 million copies.
    All three artists - Spears, 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys - are on the Jive Records label.

    Official Site Updated
    Ibraheem told me last night that the Official Website has been updated. You can download a small clip of "Can't Take That Away" and I believe you might be able to download the whole video of Crybaby, if not just a small clip like CTTA. Go check it out :)

    Kirsty told me that if you go to the following website, you can find tons of posters and autographs on Mariah. Just put "Mariah Carey" into this search site:

    Top 40
    Last night, VH1 was counting down the top 40 Greatest Songs on Billboard and Mariah/Boys II Men came in #1 with "One Sweet Day." Thanks Dan for this information.

    May 25, 2000...
    Britney Outdoes MC
    Britney has sold about 1.3 million records beating out Mariah's record for the Daydream album. This may not be the best news to report but just think how long MC held that record, about 5 years. Thanks to Christina for this infomation.

    Mass E-mailing Part 2
    People have e-mailed me about this and have told me to use the BCC technique while mass e-mailing. However, all that will do is make it seem as if they are on a mailing list. One person told me that she used it and that people responded by asking to be removed from that list. So my suggestion, e-mail your local stations or othre stations, one at a time. Copy and paste!

    Against All Odds
    Jesse told me that Against All Odds is being played on her local radio station in Texas.

    I got 5 scans today from someone in Japan. I am only doing a small update today because I have to get to work. I will be adding many pics tomorrow to Gallery 27. However, you can see a SNEAK PEAK of one of the Japan pics if you check out the Quote of the Week pic. Come back tomorrow to see full scans of all the Japan pics and more...

    May 24, 2000...Ton O' News...
    Mass E-mailing/TRL/Radio Stations/New Message
    Well, noone e-mailed me today and told me MC was on TRL, SO I just she wasn't on. PLEASE vote for Mariah. Mariah posted a new message on her Official Site asking all fans to PLEASE vote for CTTA on TRL. Also, she requested that you request it on your local radio stations. Come on guys, we can do this. Bree contacted all webmasters with a list of e-mail address to e-mail and request CTTA at. I don't believe that is the way to tackle the situation though. If everyone called into their own radio staion or e-mailed them, I think that would help. By mass e-mailing the radio stations, e-mailing all the radio stations at once, all you are going to do is TICK THEM OFF. Most likely they will delete the e-mail, not count the e-mail, or e-mail you back very vulgarly. Anderz told me about this, when he was still working on Mariah's Diary. However, if anyone is successful with mass e-mailing, PLEASE e-mail me and tell me. Then I will post the list either tomorrow or the next day.

    Luis Escorts Mariah at WMA's!
    Did you know that Luis was with Mariah at the WMA's? Well I didn't. Maria sent me a pic that shows Luis, Mariah and the Prince all chatting. Click below to check it out:

    Reg, where is the Vinyl
    Many people e-mailed me on where they can get the CTTA/Crybaby Vinyl. Alex picked it up for me at his local cd store. My suggestion to you is to call around to whatever local cd store is around you. Towers carry's Vinyl's in certain locations.

    Pop Up Video
    Chris told me that Mariah's Heatbreaker Video will be on VH1, Saturday May 27th. The show will premiere at 4 pm EST and runs for 30 minutes. Here is a description:
    On Saturday, May 27
    Videos Include: Santana feat. Rob Thomas "Smooth", Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker", Len's "Steal My Sunshine", Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Scar Tissue" and Marky Mark's "Good Vibration." (Premieres from 4-4:30p.)

    Mariah Posters
    You can find a bunch of cds, posters, etc on MC by clicking the below link at Thanks to Alexa for this information:
    Click Here

    You can add a Mariah desktop to your computer by clicking the below link. Thanks to Angelena for this info. Click Here

    Ronan Keating
    Yesterday I had no idea who Ronan Keating was but Ken e-mailed me and told me he is the lead singer for Boyzone. He also said that he is one of the managers for Westlife. So now we know. Thanks Ken!

    Change of Release?
    Matt told me that U.S. Release date of CTTA/Crybaby singles were pushed back to June 13th now instead of June 6th? Anyone hear anything about this? Matt said he saw it on

    Ashes sent me an interview that Mariah did right before her London Concert. Here goes:
    The whole pop star to movie star thing has seen some casualties. How do you think you'll fare?
    Mariah: I'm not looking at this as [cue Austin Powers voice] 'Yeah, make me a movie star, baby', I'm looking at this as I love and enjoy acting because it's been like therapy to me and because prior to my studying acting I wasn't dealing with my emotions. Regardless of whatever happens or what anyone says, acting is therapy for me and it's brought me to another place. It's brought me to this place where I'm feeling strong, confident and happy.
    worldpop: Have you always acted?
    Mariah: I acted as a little girl, I used to be in different theatre workshops and I was always in plays. When I resumed, it became a serious, intense thing for me in terms of studying four times a week. It helped me a lot.
    worldpop: What's the film you're in all about?
    Mariah: It's called All That Glitters and I play a character called Billie. She's in a girl group in the '80s and she's the tomboy of the group. It's about her relationship with a DJ. I've been working on the soundtrack, and I'm writing maybe more than six songs for the soundtrack and performing, it's going to be basically me, but I've got some guests that are going to be included … it's music of the '80s, so it's going to be cool. We're supposed to start shooting in May. They pushed it back from January, that's why I am able to go on my world tour.
    worldpop: We hear one of the guests for the soundtrack is Prince. True?
    Mariah: Well, we met briefly and he played me some things and we worked back and forth with each other. It was an amazing experience and I hope it works out. I never like to say what's going to be until it's done and in the store, but that was an experience I'll never forget. I think he's a genius.
    worldpop: What do you make of the new generation of singers such as Britney and Christina Aguilera?
    Mariah: I really don't listen to pop music very much. I hate to say it, but I don't.
    worldpop: Who do you listen to?
    Mariah: I listen to hip-hop mostly or R&B, I like Brandy and Aaliyah a lot. If I'm in a different mood I'll listen to Stevie Wonder, Prince, stuff like that or whatever rap record I'm feeling at the moment.
    worldpop: There always seems to be a rivalry between you and somebody - you and Whitney, you and Jennifer Lopez. Are there actually any rivalries?
    Mariah: You get a bit of flack from women because you're always very sexily, skimpily dressed … You know what? I got a bit of flack in the beginning because I was always very boringly dressed, is that a word. Now I'm being myself and if that's what I choose to do, that's what I choose to do. I think people, especially women, instead of being catty, a better approach might be to celebrate women's freedom to do what they want.
    worldpop: Is this is the new spirit of Mariah?
    Mariah: I'm still the same person I was. I'm just allowed to be myself now. I'd say I'm a more emotionally well-rounded human being because I'm allowed to express myself more freely and I allow myself to be happy as opposed to pretending everything was OK because I was scared not to.
    worldpop: Seeing as it's a leap year, on the 29 February you're entitled to ask a man to marry you. Think you'll be using that privilege?
    Mariah: I don't know and neither do you!
    worldpop: So ,how is your boyfriend, Luis Miguel?
    Mariah: He's a beautiful person. I'm not going to give away too many secrets. I don't want to give anybody anything to misquote, so I'm just going to say he's a beautiful person.
    Worldpop: No rings on significant fingers, then?
    Mariah: I have on some nice shoes.

    Vote for MC
    You can vote for MC at the following teenchoice website. Thanks to Fil for this info

    Note from Reg
    To everyone who sending me news, please do not get upset or mad at me if I don't reply. I try to use all the news that everyone sends me but sometimes it is just too much or I don't have time to add it. BUT I do appreciate everyone sending all the news in it. This webpage would be nothing without your help so PLEASE continue to send in news :) Thanks guys..

    May 23, 2000...Two Year Anniversary!
    Anniversary 2
    Well I am doing a small update today and I just wanted to announce that this is the Two Year Anniversary of this site :) WAHOO! Thanks guys...

    Single Released Today
    I just got the Vinyl of the "Can't Take That Away/Crybaby" single. SO YES, it is released today. The single is still set for June 6th but I was skimming my e-mails and someone said changed the date? But anyhow, go get your Vinyl copy of Can't Take That Away. Here is the tracklistings:
    Side A:
    Morales Club Mix (7:46)
    Morales Instrumental (7:45)
    Album Version of CTTA (4:32)
    Side B:
    CTTA (Morales Rivival Triumphant Mix--VERY COOL GUYS!)(10:30)
    Crybaby (Album Version)
    The cover is the cover of the Tour Book for Mariah's Theme and the back is the pic in the purple top that we all saw on the Official Site. Nothing new there..

    If you read yesterdays news you would of seen a plee to e-mail to get him to play CTTA. However, DO NOT e-mail him at that address. He deletes all those mails because it is his own personal e-mail. Vote for it at the folllowing link:

    Dan told me that CTTA was a close call yesterday. Continue to vote people.

    Lack of news today and I am very sorry I couldn't add more. I have a huge test Thursday. Sorry :( More to come tomorrow!

    May 22, 2000...1 Day till 2 year Anniversary of this site!
    I know that tomorrow is the official 2 year Anniversary of this site but I might not be able to update tomorrow, due to college and work. So, I want to mention it today :) Thanks to everyone who helped me out with news/pics/any info. on MC over the last 2 years. This website has changed a lot and has gotten a lot better do to the help of my best friend Alex. So thanks everyone and hopefully I can do my best to continue working on this page :) Much Love...

    Three words...Have you voted?!? Enough said..

    Enter to win a personally autographed 8x10!!
    [ HOW TO ENTER - DEADLINE JUNE 5, 2000 ]
    We want you to write a two page maximum essay telling us what it is about Mariah that inspires you. Is it her voice? Is it her personality? Tell us what it is about her that makes her stand out from others, and what it is about her that touches you.
    1. Please make your essays no longer than 2 pages
    2. Include your e-mail address, first name and age
    3. Send all entries to
    4. The deadline is Monday, June 5, 2000. We will not be accepting any late entries.
    5. If you are chosen to be a winner, you will be notified by e-mail and you will have to send us your mailing address so that you may receive your prize.
    [ THE PRIZES ]
    The top 3 authors will win an 8x10 personally autographed by Mariah AND your essay will be featured on for Mariah and her management to see!!

    Gala and Bunte
    Honey and Kate let me know that the "Gala" and "Bunte" (21/2000 issues) feature reports on the World Music Awards and has some nice pics of MC. This magazine are hard to come by in the US but maybe you can check out your local bookstore for imports.

    More German News..
    Dror from Israel just told me Mariah will perform on this weekends TOTP show. However, it has just been informed that she will be singing Against All Odds with Ronan Keating. Am I the only person who doesn't know who Ronan is?

    Russel Simmons show-Joe
    Thanks to Honey B Fly for the following info:
    hi regina..i just wanted to say that on "russel simmons one world music beat show" they interviewed joe and he was saying how he worked with mc and that the rumors saying he didnt go on tour w/mariah b/c of DA' Brat and that they cut his time were just didnt work cuz of his schedule he said.... but that he wanted to set it staright cuz he has alot of love for mariah!

    Luis and MC in Capri--The Pics!
    Maria sent me a link where you can view 6 pics of MC and Luis in Capri. Click on the little arrows about the pics to advance to the next one. Click below for the link:
    Click Here for MC and Luis Pics in Capri

    Trouble on Radio
    Magicgirl told me that she e-mailed her local radio station, "102 Jams" to find out why CTTA wasn't playing and she didn't get the response she was hoping for :( I would love if ALL of you send one e-mail to this radio station at to help get MC on the radio. Magicgirl will let us know if it is successful.
    We're currently watching to see how it develops at stations around the country that are playing it. At this time, the guys I talk to tell me that the song sounds nice on the air...but they're not seeing much of a reaction in their research or on their request lines.
    Since Mariah's last two songs performed horribly on 102 JAMZ, I'm in no rush to put a new Mariah song on JAMZ.
    Thanks for asking and for listening to 102 JAMZ.

    Take 2
    Magicgirl e-mailed them again for more information on this and this is the second response that she got.
    Both Heartbreaker and Thank God I Found you got good requests the first week-and-a-half...then they both fell off dramatically. Heartbreaker was being played 7-8 times per day at one point and Thank God I Found You got 4-5 plays per day at it's height...that's decent airplay for a mega star like Mariah.
    I may have also "spiked" her song into the countdowns to further spotlight the song...but over time neither of them held up.
    You may continue to request her song...that's one of the ways we monitor audience passion. In fact I'm online right now tabulating the song requests people made on our website. So far out of the 93 requests I've looked at you're the only one asking for Mariah's Theme...hopefully there will be more requests like yours.

    WHATEVA284 told me that MC is in the Spring 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly. It is the 10th Anniversary Edition. There is a cartoon pic on Page 7 of Whitney, Madonna and MC. I got the scan of it and I'll try and add it to Gallery 27 soon. Also, on page 66, they listed OSD as the #1 single of the 1990's :)

    May 21, 2000...2 Days till 2 year Anniversary of this site!
    Thank You for your Help!
    The Rainbow Review book is now complete. It has a review from Osaka finally, thanks to one very nice fan, and also it has a collage of the FANS pics for every single concert. Thanks to everyone who helped Anja and myself out by sending in pics and reviews. Anja is putting the final touches on the book now, which will be given to Mariah most likely this Thursday! Thanks Again...

    If you havn't voted this whole weekend for MC, shame on you. However, there is still today to vote so PLEASE VOTE FOR MC ON TRL! Thanks..

    People e-mail me about this all the time. Ken would like you to go to the forum at MTVAsia and counteract some of the negativity. However, I don't think this helps only because it will just edge on Mariah haters even more. I like to ignore them because all they like to do is sit at home and pick there nose, waiting for you to reply to their hateful comment. BUT, you may not agree with me and if you want to help out Ken and fellow MC fans, click this link:

    Too Much
    Pat told me there is a pic of MC revealing A LOT in a magazine called, "Movie." (isn't it Movieline? I don't know and neither do you but Pat told me Movie) It is a pic of her from the AMA's in that black dress.

    New Pic of the Week, which Peter sent me. He sent me a ton of these pics and I STILL havn't uploaded them to the site (sorry Peter) but I thought this pic was funny cause it looks like she is yelling or laughing. Also, Gail sent me a TON of Rainbow pics, which she took, and hopefully I will be able to add them to the site because they are so amazing. Some of the best pics I have seen of Mariah during her concert tour; extremely up close and personal :) Stay tune to see if I am allowed :)

    May 20, 2000...3 Days till 2 year Anniversary of this site!
    Magazine News
    I forgot to report this but on Wednesday Entertainment Tonight Show, they said how Mariah had made The National Enquirer's Best Dress List (May 30th issue). Well there is a pic of her in the pink dress from the Blockbuster Awards and even though E.T. said she was best dress, the caption doesn't seem that nice at all..
    A Mighty Nightie: Mariah Carey could confuse lingerie with dress-up clothes! The pop princess' super sexy, super short Versace belongs in the bedroom, not out in public at an awards show.
    Moving along to other magazine news, there is a pretty big pic of MC from last years Essence Awards in Sister 2 Sister (June 2000). The article talks about Mariah being stalked :O Josh also let me know that Mariah is in Latin Teen with a full page pic. I don't know the date of Latin Teen though.

    Calling All San Jose and Miami Fans
    Okay I STILL need more pics from San Jose and Miami, so if ANYONE attended those concerts, please send them to me in e-mail. Don't you want MC to see your pics? Please send ASAP

    Behind the Music 1992
    Desiree and SUMar235 both told me about this. Here is Desiree's message to me about this show:
    Dear Regina, Hi, how are you? I was watching VH1 Behind The Music 1992 and it mentions MC very briefly about 10 minutes into the show. Basically they show Whitney's "I will always love you" video and the narrator says something like "But she was being challenged by a new diva" they show MC singing I'll be there on MTV Unplugged and the narrators say that it was one of the top ten songs she had in 1992 then they show some critics/ music executives saying something like "Of course the middle of the road stuff will always be popular always have mass appeal & the largest audience b/c its mainstream, etc." That's it. Then the rest of the show is basically about how grunge & rap became the big thing then pop came back. It repeats twice this weekend: 6 pm sat & 10 pm sun. They also have one for 1999 which hasn't aired yet, so I don't know if it mentions MC, but you never know so here are the times: 7pm sat & 11pm sun.

    Mariah in Germany
    My Germany friends e-mailed me and let me know some things. Here goes:
    Well, I don`t know, if you heard of that yet: Mariah will be on the German show called "The Dome" the show will be taped on May 26th in Stuttgart, and it will air on the channel RTL II on June 4th at 5pm CET and at 4pm CET there will be the "Backstage report" on the same channel. I also heard on may 25th there will be the possibilty to chat live with the stars performing there, I think, you have to go to the RTL II site "" (on this site the show will air live on may 26th!) but I don`t really know about that catting thingey. Also, Top of the Pops will air on May 27th. I`ll tell ya, if I`ll get any more news on that!Okay, BYE! (M)C ya! -Honey
    Hi Reg, Interaktiv (live show on VIVA each afternoon) has been confirmed just now!!! Mariah will be there before Top of the Pops which will be recorded for Saturday later that day to give an interview. Marc Anthony is on the show as well. So probably he'll sing and not Mariah. :( Anyway, doesn't that sound great? Just wanted to let you know! Bine

    Tommy to wed
    Manú from Brasil was so nice and translated this next article for me. Isn't that nice? In the article there is a little pic of Mariah and it says "You can take him, honey, its all yours." Hee hee, anyhow here it is:
    "Thalia Ariadna's marriage with Mariah Carey's ex husband is no more a secret. She dreamed so much, and now she found her charming prince. The mexican star Thalia, 26 years, is living the best moment of her life:'i'm feeling like the happiest woman in the universe.' she said last friday during the release of her new cd called "arrasando" in New York. Before falling in love with the sony music's big boss, Tommy Mottola -Mariah Carey's ex husband- the diva complained about her loneliness all the time. Today she is living a fairy tale. Just like the heroes that she played at televisa's soap operas 'my marriage is going to be better than those that i lived at the soaps.' The details of the wedding are a secret, so nothing can go wrong. The expectations is that the wedding is going to happen in july's first week -before she comes to Brasil. Rumors says that Thalia and Mottola are going to get marry in a private caribbean island or at the diva's mansion in Bail Air. Certainly is going to be a big wedding. Thalia wants a weeding bigger than the one that Mariah and Mottola had in 1993 -at the time 500 thousand dollars were expended. Defining herself as a romantic person she will get marry in a white dress that is going to be designed by a mexican designer. The Mariah's and Thalia's history are very looked alike. Both are gorgeous, both have a fancy faces, both have powerful voices, both always go for what they want, and like any cinderella both had a traumatic childhood: Thalia suffered with her fathers death and Mariah had to go through the families poverty, that came to public with a book written by her prostitute sister. Thats why the fans have to pray for the mexican diva's love story not to end with fights, like it happened with the american diva. Today Mottola has the fame of a seducer, with his italian mafioso way. But he played a villain when he tried to ruin Mariah's career after they split up and he was accused abuse against Mariah. He used his influence not to let her play titanic's 'my heart will go on'. We hope that Thalia don't end up mistaken with her love like Mariah did."

    Westlife and MC and Requests
    Ken told me two things. One, if you want to read about another article on Mariah and Westlife, click the following link:
    and another place where you can request CTTA or Crybaby for MTVAsia is:

    Vote for MC on MuchMusic
    Moneira aka Moni sent me this :)
    Canada's top music video station, MuchMusic STILL hasn't played "Crybaby" or "Can't Take That Away". I was wondering if you could post this message on your site. To all the Mariah fans out there, please email and request both "Crybaby" and CTTA!! Canada's population is only about 10% of the US', so it won't be too hard to make an impact on MuchMusic. If we show enough of an interest in the video, maybe MuchMusic will add CTTA and/or Crybaby to their music video playlist and maybe even on the countdown!
    Please email even if you're not a MuchMusic viewer! The last Mariah video that got decent airings on MuchMusic is Heartbreaker and its remix. I only saw TGIFY ONCE on MuchMusic, and that was during a Spotlight they had on her! If CTTA or Crybaby gets played on MuchMusic, it will most likely boost her record sales because Canadian radio stations haven't really been picking up on either single. If either of them airs on MuchMusic, it will be nationwide and if people like it, they will request it at their radiostations!! Our votes could make that much of an impact!!
    Please do this for Mariah! Remember, she asked up to keep supporting her on her latest voice message, so keep voting every day, even if it's only once per day.

    Note from Reg
    Please excuss the very lazy way my news was presented today. I don't have much time to update and it was even this way or no update :O Sorry guys!

    May 19, 2000...4 Days till 2 years!
    New Pics
    My buddy Ma scanned some pics from a magazine for me called Joven Pan. It has 3 pages on Mariah and all three scans are in a new gallery, Gallery 27. The first page is the nicest because it consists of a nice concert photo. Also, I added another pic from Valentina from when Mariah was singing Hero at the Milan concert. It is just as nice as yesterday's so check out all four NEW pics in Gallery 27 ASAP.

    Rainbow Review
    Thanks to you guys, I have made the Italy and Toronto collages. Now I just need pics from the following concerts:

  • San Jose (I have none)
  • Chicago (I have 7, need about 3 more)
  • Atlanta (I have 3, need about 6 or 7 more)
  • Miami (I have none!)
    So please, if you have any pics from those concerts, we still need pics. I promise you, these pics are only for collages that MARIAH will see and they will not be put up on my site! Thanks..

    Osaka anyone?
    Did anyone see the Osaka performance? Please send in your review then because that is the only one we need to complete the Rainbow Review Book for Mariah and we now have less then one week to do so!

    Britney Spears on track to break sales record
    LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - With Jive Records claiming that Britney Spears' sophomore album, "Oops!...I Did It Again," sold more than 500,000 copies on its first day of release, the teen sensation is poised to break the SoundScan record for highest sales in a week by a solo female artist. Mariah Carey's album "Daydream" holds the record of 760,000 units.

    Mariah Shirt
    If you want to order a Rainbow Shirt, Virtukitty sent me the address to do so:

    Not Mariah's Concept?
    Josephine told me that the original cut jeans were NOT Mariah's idea. They were first created by Tommy Hilfiger. However, I was told that Mariah probably didn't hear about this. Well I can say, that Mariah was the one that made the cut off waist popular. I didn't see anything from Tommy Hilfiger...

    Mariah Message Update
    You can find the transcript to Mariah's latest message at Willem's Site but Salvador also typed it out for me and here it is:
    Hi everybody, it's Mariah I'm on a cell phone, in fact and we might get cut off and I don't even know. So if we do I'll try and call you back later from a hardline, it's just...Yeah my life is quite hectic right now, but I just wanted to say thank you so much to everybody who came on the tour, it was so much... I had a really good time. And I loved all the signs and all of those things and everything that I got I'm gonna try and save and make a whole room filled with all my stuff, and all the fan books that everybody sent. Um, I don't know, I want to thank you guys for calling in and requesting "Mariah's Theme" on TRL, everbody that called and everybody calling in for "Crybaby" and "Mariah's Theme" at the radiostations, that's really really helpful I really appreciate that and I need ya to keep it on going if you don't mind. Um, oh I also wanted to tell you that in case you didn't notice, you guys who gave me the Chicago fanbook, I had that on the set in um the "Mariah's Theme" video so I decided to use it, in fact so that's the Chicago fanbook in there. And um it happened to match perfectly with the set so thank you very much and all the books are incredible. Um, my new single "Mariah's Theme" and "Crybaby" which are going to be a double-A side, are coming out in like three weeks in June, which is a long time from now, but what I have on there also is "Heartbreaker" into um that Diana Ross song, "Love Hangover". So um, you know the one I did on Diva's Live. I know what show it was. Everyone's sitting here feeding me words...I forgot what I was saying in fact. Anyway, it's from the Diva's Live...You guys are confusing me...It's from the Diva's Live and it's the one I open the show with so it's gonna be like a special collector's item type deal and I have other remixes, David Morales remixes um that are going to be on there too. Alright, so I love you, I enjoy you and I thank you very much and I hope I did not get cut off. Talk to you soon, BYE.

    Mariah tells us!
    Mariah said it herself that it would make her happy if we can all help her PLEASE vote for Mariah on TRL and call into your local Radio Stations! It is very important and yes YOU can make a difference!

    No Pregnant MC!
    Honey11682 made a VERY good point to me yesterday. She told me that it is NOT possible for Mariah to be 3 months pregnant because during her Rainbow Tours, she invited people up to have a drink of wine with her. Now Mariah would never drink if she was pregnant because she knows that would damage the baby, especially since a baby does most of it's development during the first 3 months.

    Vote for MC
    John has created a website where you can vote for Mariah on every thing possible. If you are a big MC fan, please check it out and start voting!

    Crybaby on the Radio
    Ruth told me the following:
    Well im from San Francisco and there's a radio station called 106 kmel and Mariah's Crybaby song is beening rated and if alot of people rate it good they're gonna play it on the radio and even though you might not live in San Francisco I was hoping that you might pit this on your site so the song could be on the radio and maybe even get her the next #1.

    Mariah and Westlife!
    SO MANY people e-mailed me about this subject. I thank you all because I happened to miss it :( Anyhow though, Dave told me that you can read the whole thing by clicking the following link:
    However, I copied and pasted it here for you, in fact...
    Mariah Eyes Westlife For Duet
    After scoring a hit by duetting with 98 Degrees on "Thank God I Found You," Mariah Carey looks to be dipping back into the boy band pool.
    U.S. spokespeople for the Irish outfit Westlife told MTV News that the boys will be in a recording studio in Italy next week recording their contribution to a duet with Mariah on a cover of the Phil Collins nugget "Against All Odds." The track should be familiar to Mariah's fans, as the singer recorded a solo cover of it and released it on her "Rainbow" album.
    There's no release date yet for the duet, and U.S. spokespeople for Carey were unavailable for comment at press time.
    Carey has struck chart gold in the past with her work with young male vocal groups both with "Thank God I Found You" (which featured 98 Degrees and Joe) and her megahit "One Sweet Day" with Boyz II Men.

    Vote for MC
    Ken asked me to ask you all for your help. He wants you to request CTTA or Crybaby for the show, "By Demand." It is screened on Channel V and it's an Asian music network. Vote for Mariah by clicking below:

    May 18, 2000...
    Top Story Today..Mariah Pregnant???
    I don't think so guys! Mariah's Management has already contacted Bree and Cindi Berger has also announced that this rumor is false. Seventeen Online says this:
    Is Mariah Carey pregnant? That's what music trade mag Hits is reporting. The father is supposedly singer Luis Miguel
    So many people have e-mailed me that little article. Also, MANY radiostations have reported that Mariah is already 3 months pregnant. However, as far as all of us know, it is not true. So let's end this rumor.

    NEW Pics
    I added a new pic today that Valentina sent me from the Milan concert. It is in Gallery 26 and it is an AWESOME pic from where MC was singing Hero. It is so closeup, so cool! Check it out if you like.

    Copyright Pics?
    Some people wonder what the butterfly/rainbow design on some of the pics are for. That means that the certain pic is an exclusive from this site and should not be removed from this site. For personal use, go ahead but please webmasters, don't take them. It is usually because I personally scanned it or on real pics I do it because TWO sites stole several of my tour pics from Peter, Minerva, Anja and Katy already without asking permission to do so. So, I apologize if it makes you upset!

    Here is some information that my buddy Ma sent me about Mariah from the TopHits Brazil magazine:

  • In the charts: TOPHITS 100 Brazil - International POP, Mariah was number one in December/1999 and January/2000
  • Mariah was the international singer who most songs were played in the radio in february and january . In february, Heartbreaker and Against All Odds were played 704 times.
  • The song Against All Odds stayed in TOP 100 Brazil from November/ 1999 till January/ 2000
  • Mariah is the only international singer to have two songs at the same time at the TOPHITS 100 Brazil in January
  • In December, Mariah was #11 in TOPHITS 100 Brazil.
  • In January, Mariah was in front of all Divas as Celine Dion and Shania Twain in the charts!
  • FromJanuary to March, Mariah was the singer that more songs in the radio was played: 6988 times

    Magazine News
    Steve told me that there is a small photo of MC and a story about her jeans in the June 2000 Instyle Magazine. Also, there is a pic of Mariah in the CosmoGirl with Britney Spears on the cover. Mariah is on page 52. Thanks to Alexa for that info.

    Mariah Wannabes?
    Well if you check out the latest Cosmopolitan, you will see an actress gracing the cover in a Mariah style jeans. Also, on SNL Saturday night, Britney Spears wore cut off jeans too. It seems that everyone is stealing Mariah's style and it is becoming a big seller :) Thanks to Maria and Josh for this info.

    MTV's House of Style
    Mariah's makeup artist was on MTV's House of Style. Here is what BriStuWalt told me :
    They showed a segment on how to put on makeup for Summer and the girl he demonstrated on was named Bianca. He said he had worked with another Bianca too, and they showed a clip of Heartbreaker. Kind of cool.

    Anja and I need your help. She is going to be trying to give Mariah the Rainbow Review book next Thursday when she comes to Cologne Germany to promote her new single. The book is being worked on and for every concert, we are adding REAL pics from fans around the world. I made all the collages except for six concerts, which are:

  • Italy
  • San Jose
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Toronto
  • Atlanta
    If you have any real pics that you have taken from the above concerts and that you would like to be added into the Rainbow Review book, please send them to me, ASAP. I have concert pics for all other concerts, so I don't need those.

    HELP 2
    If anyone attended the Osaka concert, we still need a review for that concert. All other concerts have reviews for them except that one. PLEASE e-mail us.

    May 17, 2000...
    New Pics
    I added a bunch of pics today. About 8 in Gallery 26, including 2 new cool concert pics and Mariah holding a lamb, and then I added an Artwork Page. The Artwork page has a bunch of Mariah collages and drawings that I have done. I added Dan's cartoon drawing, which I thought was well done, and also a Howard Stern collage. Check it out if you like!

    Mariah's management doesn't know why Mariah hasn't been on TRL lately and they wanted for the webmasters to tell you guys that ever vote counts. You may think it is just ONE vote but it could mean whether Mariah makes it on TRL or not. So, please continue to vote for her. Thanks..

    Ricky Lake
    ButtterfIi told me about the Ricki Lake Show yesterday:
    On Ricky Lake today they were having women get made up to look like their husband or boyfriend's favorite celebrity and there was this guy who was in LOVE with Mariah and they dressed her up and made her up and gave her a wig to look like Mariah. They had the top cut off of the jeans so I knew it had to be pretty recent.

    All Those Glitters
    Many thanks to my best friend Alex for this article. You can check it out for yourself at this link:
    Going for gold
    Mariah Carey's All That Glitters production starts in Toronto early July, but she's already guaranteed herself a hit soundtrack for the film.
    She signed super-producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to watch over the movie's album. Carey, in her first major part, will play an '80s club singer discovered by a powerful DJ.
    She has spent a lot of her time denying the picture is about her and her former husband, Sony record head Tommy Mottola.
    The movie sounds like it has more to do with Madonna than Carey, who says the film deals with her character trying to get in touch with "her feelings and her mother."

    Article from The New Straits Times from Malaysia!
    Here is a somewhat nice article that Zafirah has sent me. If you would like to comment on it, you can e-mail the author at this address:
    Mostpeople either hate her or love her - there's no middle of the road when it comes to Mariah Carey. But so many of her detractors aren't content just to take potshots at her voice ( the ooh's, wo-wo's and heeee!'s can be a bit too much), but also at her taste for skimpy togs. Carey has a well publicised penchant for crocheted tops the size of a handkerchief, and jeans she must have been sewn into with the waist ripped off for that "disstressed" look. I heard a lot of people complaining sourly about her clothes, but interestingly enough, it's not so much because they think her outfits are tacky and over the top. Not at all. No, the court of pop culture opinion simply thinks the diva is too chunky to dress that way." God," people say, " Doesn't she realise she's not skinny enough to wear those? She looks huge!". The most disturbing part of this whole thing is the undeniable fact that Carey, regardless of what you may think about hermusic or indulgence in vocal filigree, is by no means plump, much less huge. She's busty, yes. She has a cheurubic face, fleshy arms, and because of her too thight costumes, sometimes does look like a giant overripe piece of fruit. But is she big? Hell, no! Carey's only crime in that department is daring to depart from the other, increasingly prominent body shape now being champoioned by starving celebrities like Posh Spice, Calista Flockhart, and Friends' Courtney Cox. Even the once bouncy Pamela Anderson has gotten into the act, with her latest publicity shots showing her to have lost a considerable amount of weight. Carey, bless her, doesn't look gaunt, knobbly-kneed and in desprate need of a double chesseburger. She looks healthy and well-fed, and definately closer to reality than the majority of the other female celebrities crowding the spotlight. It's true that diva's choice of clothing doesn't reflect the more conservative fashion choice of the average Malaysian woman. In fact, in an age where most Muslim women have taken to the tudung, and any teen seen in a cropped top is a fodder for critisism, Carey's dress sense is definately at odds with the way Malaysian women clothe themselves. But that's another topic. What I, at least, am grateful for, is seeing such a high profile celebrity who isn't afraid to show off a body that doesn't disappear when viewed from the side. There are so few women prancing on the world stage to demonstrate to impressionable young women that it's okay not to look like a dried-up stick. And for that alone, irritati\ating vocal gymnastics aside, Carey gets my vote.

    Brit and Mariah
    Can I just say that I never said yesterday that Britney was trying to be Mariah or anything of that sort! I just thought their faces looked somewhat similiar and thought it was kind of cool. Both artists are talented individuals and that's it. Moving along, Britney mentioned Mariah on her chat 2 days ago. She was asked who her inspiration is. Thanks to Sherwin for this bit...
    AOL LIVE: Host: Britney: Like, I mean, I love -- I love
    AOL LIVE: Michael Jackson.
    AOL LIVE: I like Toni Braxton, Mariah
    AOL LIVE: Carey.
    AOL LIVE: I have so many inspirations,
    AOL LIVE: and I like to get a little from
    AOL LIVE: all of them.

    May 16, 2000...
    I just picked up the new Britney Spears cd and inside of the cd, one of the pics kind of look like the Rainbow Cover. I don't know, maybe it is just me. Hee hee. Here is what they look like:

    Single News
    Minerva sent me some information on the singles. The release dates are not exactly right but here goes:
    Promo single:Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (CSK 45770)
    1. Can't Take That Away (Radio Edit) 4:01
    2. Can't Take That Away (Morales Club Mix Edit) 3:57
    3. Can't Take That Away (Album Version) 4:32
    comercial single:
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
    CD Single Japan (SRCS 2???) 10-Mayo-00
    1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 4:32
    2. Crybaby 5:19
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
    CD Single USA (38K 79399) 23-May-00
    1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 4:32
    2. Crybaby 5:19
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
    Vinyl Single (12") USA (38 79399) 23-May-00
    1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 4:32
    2. Crybaby 5:19
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) / Crybaby
    Maxi CD Single USA (44K 79348) 23-May-00
    1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 4:32
    2. Crybaby 5:19
    3. Love Hangover 5:15
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) / Crybaby
    Vinyl Maxi Single (12") USA (44 79348) 23-May-00
    1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 4:32
    2. Crybaby 5:19
    3. Love Hangover 5:15
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
    Maxi CD Single Australia (?????? ?) 29-May-00
    1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 4:32
    2. Crybaby 5:19
    3. Love Hangover 5:15

    InfoMC Offer
    I reported yesterday that Jennifer from Indiana would pick up people the European Single for Against All Odds. She got so many responses, she told me, that she doesn't have the time to respond to all of them. She will go there and buy a lot of singles and then figure it out when she gets back. So, if you don't get a response from her, don't get mad!

    TV Guide
    Dan e-mailed me that article in TV Guide from May 13-19th that prissy told me about earlier. It's from a Jessica Simpson interview:
    She started performing on the gospel circuit at 11; at 12, she didn't make the cut on the now-infamous teen-idol launchpad, 1989's Mickey Mouse Club. (Think Spears, Aguilera, Felicity's Keri Russell and two members of 'N Sync.) "I watched Christina audition," says Simpson. "She sang like Mariah Carey. So I froze."

    TODAY is the anniversary of when Mariah first started. She released the Vision of Love single today, May 16th, 1990. "Mariah Carey" was released on June 8th. Thanks Vincent! Vincent told me that this information is from RIAA.

    Mariah on T.V.
    Tessa e-mailed me and told me the following!
    Mariah was an VH1's Back 2 Back this mornin' with Heartbreaker and CTTA. She was also on the Spankin' New Music show on MTV with CTTA. Also, she was on BET's Hits from the Streets with Crybaby, about 15 minutes into the show. -Tessa

    Mariah in Capri!
    Tessa also sent me some information from a Italian article on Mariah and Luis. It had to be translated and here is the highlights:
    Mariah was in Capri, Italy again today, where she sang "Ave Maria" in a place with an incredible echo called La Grotta Bianca ( the white cove ) she was accompanied by a very close group of people and her dog. You can find a picture of the place here:
    It said she liked everything there including the lighting of the place. It also says Mariah knows her way around the island very well, and she knows those special places, because she visited last year when she recorded Rainbow. It said she got lost in the crowds of the people in Capri, and she walked around and blended into the crowd easily.
    Then they (I'm assuming MC and LM) went to celebrate the holiday of Saint of Constanzo. He's supposed to be the protector Saint of the whole isle of Capri. Every year there is a long procession in where they carry the statue of this saint, and everyone follows behind, until the come to the church of San Constanzo.
    The "VIP" of Anacapri (Mariah) came down from her luxurious hotel to go to Marina Grande. You can see a pic here:
    Then they went around the town looking at all kinds of artisans and candymakers. She continued her stroll hand in hand with Luis Miguel to sit as she always does at the great restaurant L'Approdo with her people.
    L'Approdo is a very famous, small cozy restaurant, one of the best in Capri.
    The cook, without asking her served her Mussle Soup and pizza, and Rucola Salad with Capri tomatoes.

    100 Best Love Songs
    Maria let me know that Vision of Love is on The 100 Best Love Songs of the 20th Century compiled by Gregory Godek, author of "1001ways to be Romantic."

    Magazine News
    Here goes:
    REAL Edge
    Rina told me that Mariah is in this magazine. It's a pic of MC from the baseball game she attended when she was seeing baseball star, Derek Jeter (I'll add the scan to Gallery 26 either tonight or tomorrow). It's a big article on Jeter but all it says about Mariah is:
    "But despite his celebrity status and having already dated a pop-star goddess (Mariah Carey), Jeter has not allowed his night life to become fodder for the local tabloids."
    LINK Magazine
    Taryn told me that Mariah is in this magazine. It is a college magazine, so it won't be easy to find. It is the April magazine and here is the highlights
    True or false? YOu make the Call
    Chicago SUn-Times columnist Richard Roeper has tracked these and scores of other urban legends for more than a decade. In his book Urban Legends: The truth Behind ALl Those Deliciously Entertaining Myths That Are ABsolutely, Positively, 100% not true!, Roeper succeeds in setting our A**** straight.
    The LEgend:
    Mariah Carey's callous remarks about the world's starvation epidemic:
    "When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean, I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff."
    Roeper's Retort:
    "She's never said anything close to that" notes Roeper. "IT first appeared on the Internet--a parody interview concocted by a prankster writing for the Cupcake website. The quote was picked up by several publications, including the British newspaper THe Independent, the San Francisco Chronicle and Ms. Magazine."
    here's the 2nd mention:
    When was the last time you wore a white halter top with an airbrushed design across the chest? How about bobby pins? If you're a girl, it was probably the summer after fifth grade when you went off to band camp. If you're a guy, well, that's a whole different article. But what if you're 29-year-old diva Mariah Carey? Then it was just a few months ago for the cover of "Heartbreaker" her bubbliest aerobics soundtrack yet. The single features a rap from Jay-Z, who eschews the usual guts and realness for "a pillow fight in the middle of the night," after which he's sending her "Back to her mom's." One wonders when the former Mrs. Mottola last lived with her mom. Cary's been called many things over the last few years, but a teenager is not one of them.
    Still, it's no surprise that Mariah's trying to out-Britney Britney (see their budding chests for more on this) at a time when youth is queen. After all, our female sexual icons and the girls who sell millions of CDs and pack pubescents in at their multiplex are one in the same.
    Q! Magazine (May 2000)
    I reported about this earlier but just as a reminder, there is a small pic on the cover. Thanks to Steve
    Celebrity 101 hairstyles (July 2000)
    Again, thanks to Steve. There are three pics of Mariah. Two towards the front (one with Luis and one from the Rainbow record signing) and one in the back.
    Request Magazine (June 2000) Free at Sam Goody
    Tessa told me the following:
    It has N'Sync on the cover, and in the Hot Dish section on pg. 12, there are many pics of celebrities and it had "FRAMED" above the pics. The caption w/ the pic of Mariah says: "Bummed out? (they pic is the one where her back faces the crowd) Mariah Carey opens her U.S. tour at LA's Staples Center.
    It also mentions MC on pg. 60 where they are talking about a new singer Anastacia and saying that she "brings something new to the table that her competition doesn't: pure soul. Christina Anguilera can masterfully duplicate Mariah Carey's fluttering, Jeep-girl vamps . . ."
    I think that's all w/ MC in it! Oh, it also has a cute Rainbow tube-top that I think MC might wear. Heehee. Tesschops

    Look-a-like 2
    Chris from Chicago told me that today on the Ricki Lake show they will be doing a look-a-like makeover. Mariah will be one of the celebrities they will be turning their guests into.

    Buy Mariah Stuff
    Jake ( is selling his complete Mariah Carey collection, which includes over 75 CDs and 100 Magazines, among other things. If you are interested and would like a list of all his stuff please e-mail him at

    Billboard Update
    My buddy, EJ, told me that his friend told him the following news about Rainbow on Billboard:
    151 - - 1 Hoku: Hoku
    Geffen | 490646 | Interscope (11.98/17.98)
    152 129 111 27 Mariah Carey: Rainbow
    Columbia | 63800* | CRG (11.98 EQ/17.98) 2
    153 - - 1 Soundtrack: Gladiator
    Decca | 467094 | Decca (17.98 CD) 153

    I added a new drawing that I did to the Rainbow Review section. If ya like, you can check it out :) Tomorrow, I will be adding the artwork page to the pic galleries!

    May 15, 2000...
    I just reported that Mariah would be on Conan this Friday but really another artist named Marah will be on Conan. I thought their website spelled Mariah's name wrong but it turns out there is a real artist named Marah. So Mariah will NOT BE ON CONAN THIS FRIDAY!!!

    10 Years Today!
    Many thanks to Mariah World News for this next information. It seems that 10 years ago on this date, Mariah released her first CD titled, "Mariah Carey." So she has officially been around for a decade today! :)

    Against All Odds Single
    My Mariah 3 buddy Mariah Carey Archives let me know the tracklisting for Mariah's new single that will be released in Europe anywhere between May 23rd-29th.
    1. Against all odds (take a look at me now) (Album Version)
    2. Crybaby (Album Version)
    3. Thank God I found you (Stargate Remix)
    4. Can't take that away (Mariah's theme) (Morales Club Mix Edit)

    Jennifer from Indiana wrote me and told me that she will be going to London on Memorial Day weekend and will be picking up the new Against All Odds single during her stay there. If there are any InfoMC members that would like a single, she said she is willing to have you send money to her to get the single for you. It would probably be about $8 including shipping. If you have any questions, e-mail her at

    YM Magazine
    Shawna told me that there is a pic of MC from the Valentine Cover in the July 2000 issue of YM. It basically says that she's gonna be filmimg"All That Glitters" in New York City and Toronto soon.

    TRL-Have You Voted?!?
    It better be a YES and if you havn't click the above banner. I will be so sad if she isn't going to be on this week again. You don't want to make me sad right? PLEASE VOTE!

    May 14, 2000...
    The MFC webpage has now been lauched and it is up to be viewed at It is the new German Mariah Fan Club which is ran by Anja, Peter and Holgar. All three of them have met Mariah several times and even though their fan books will be in German, it will include really cool pictures of Mariah and really cool bonus stuff. I encourage all MC fans to join this club and I already have. Everything on the site is in German but if you have any questions you can e-mail them because they all speak English too. Also, you can go to and go to the translate button and translate anything from German to English.

    Rainbow Review Book
    Anja thought of an idea to shut down all the critics in the land and asked me what I thought of the idea. I thought it was a GREAT idea and that is how we came up with the Rainbow Review Book for Mariah. I have had the link up on the main page for a long time now and this month, the fanbook with all your reviews in it will be given to Mariah in Germany by Anja. We were the first ones to come up with the idea of creating a book that lets Mariah know what the fans thought of the concert and if you havn't sent in your review yet, visit the page and MAYBE Anja will still add it. I don't know if she will have time though, so hurry!

    Please vote for Mariah if you havn't so far. Request Mariah's Theme. Also, Trina told me the following about the cookie situation:
    If you have Internet Exlporer just click on "Tools", then "Internet Options", then "Security Tab" and the move the slider up to the highest level. This will disable all cookies and you can vote for MC as often as you want.

    Billboard Postition
    Bon C. told me that Rainbow is #152 or #158 on the Billboard Charts (wasn't sure of the exact position!)

    Yvonne let me know that "She" has not been released in Singapore yet but will be soon. Typo on my behalf from yesterday.

    Against All Odds is #3
    That's according to the MTV Loaded Charts. If you want to check it out, you can click the link below. Many thanks to Ken for this information..
    Click Here

    Q! Magazine
    Taryn told me that there is a small pic of Mariah on the cover of Q! Magazine. It's about outrageous celebrity stories and it says how Mariah demanded pink toilet paper. Just another rumor but check it out if you like.

    Honey and Kate typed a interview that Mariah did at a German radiostation called "Deutschland Funk" on May 8th. It is really long so here goes. Thanks guys :)
    ...meets rich producer, marries him and becomes a huge star - this fairy tale became reality for Mariah Carey. But today she is divorced and of course she also got to now the bad sides of the musicbusiness. Christiane Rebmann met Mariah Carey for an interview. ...Heartbreaker... Mariah Carey is just 29 and has already sold more than 120 million records worldwide. With that she beat out her American rivals Whitney Houston and Céline Dion easily. The mother of the blond dark-eyed singer, an opera diva is Irish-American but her father, an aeronautical ingeneer has black-Venezuelan blood. Because of that Mariah Carey never knew where she belonged to, she neither feels white nor black. And that's a problem for her till today. When Mariah was 3 her mother discovered that she could sing as well as her, and gave her singing lessons. With 16 years she wrote her first hit Vision Of Love together with a friend of her brother, Ben Margulies. Allthough she graduated at a beauty school and later struggled with jobs like waitressing or as backgroundsinger for Brenda Starr. She tried to get a recorddeal with her demotapes and when she met Tommy Mottola at a party he made a better offer than another record-company - he offered $350.000 instead of 300.000. In 1990 her first CD Mariah Carey came out. It included 4 #1 hits and Carey straightly received 2 Grammys for it. Also the following albums Music Box, Daydream, Butterfly and Rainbow were succesful and during the years she got better and better in being a singer and songwriter. "The way I work is I collaborate on the music with the person that I'm writing with. We get together and play a few accords or I sing a melodie. I like working with Walter Afanasieff, he's very talented and I can lead him in the direction I want very well. So what I do is I lay up the song and the music first and then I sing about 5 or 6 melodies over it and then I listen to it and I go home and write the lyrics." And sometimes she sings her ideas on her answering machine, Mariah Carey says, esp. late at night when she's out. "Yeah, so I don't forget them. When I'm up late at night it's easier to just calll my machine than trying to find a taperecorder." Usually Mariah Carey's songs aren't very deep, but there are a few exceptions like the song Hero which she wrote for her album Music Box in 1993. "A lot of people responded to that song. Some were people who went through a lot of sadness, e.g. they were very ill. I got a lot of letters by the people, e.g. some parents whose children were in coma wrote me and they said 'I'm singing your song to my child.' I think that song gave many people hope, and that's what I wrote that song for. Because when I was growing up my mother always inspired me like that but many people don't have someone who inspires them in that way. So that's kind of why I wrote that song for." Today she doesn't love that song anymore, she says, but she likes to sing it in concerts because of that a kind of interaction exists. " I don't necessarily love the record, like I don`t love the record Hero. But I love to do the song live because the fans are so into this song and they really are moved by the song and I do it a different way every time I sing it. That's one of the most emotional things because it's sort of triumphally emotional, if you know what I mean. They sing along, but they .... it's kind of the emotional climatic moment of the tour. Eventhough I don't think it's my best song I think the peolple relate to it because it's a universal thing." ...Hero... Mariah Carey has got differnet faces. One is the diva as which she presented herself as long as she was married with the Sony boss Tommy Mottola. There it was the hell to do an interview with her. I remember an interview 5 years ago in New York. On that day, there were 3 assistants caring for her in three different levels, the recordlable, her personal manager and a promotion company caring for the media. Eveybody was extremely nervous and fastidious, which enmdee in a complete chaos. Suddenly there were 3 different interview plans for the ca. 15 journalists, who came from all around the world. Nobody knew what had to come when, and the time for the interviews was shortened from 1 hour to 20 minutes in some cases. And it even wasn`t a joy, if you finally got Mariah for an interview: She ddn`t answer the questions clearly, her answers were banal and I thought her to be extremely arrogant. Obviously she trained for thois role long years, before she was allowed to behave this way, but now she only behaves like that on stage. "I have a lot of crazy characters, you know, I can go into these things time and time again. For example Bianca. I already did things like that, when i was 4 years old, but then I wasn`t allowed to do that. But I think that`s an important thing to express myself as a human being, as an artist. So, I think that`s the most important thing." You can handle that as a way of expression on stage or in her videos. And luckily she became a lot of nicer in reality. She tries to give sensefull answers, she doesn`t seem to be so extremely bored she seemed in earlier days. She simply became more natural. You recognize, she worked on herself. "What I did more than anything is allow myself to become the person I used to be before I became famous. Which has always been there, but has always been sort of ... was always very contained to a certain type of, you know, time and place. I couldn`t be myself most of the time. And my real friends knew me as who I am now. You know, a normal person with a sense of humour. I use my sense of humour to get through sadness or I use my music to get through sadness." Mariah is shooting a music-film at the moment, and she takes acting lessons for that project since a while, which made her think about her situation. "And I`ve also come to term to the fact, that I`m allowed to be happy as a person I used to think like 'Okay, you have this amazing career, I am young a lot of my friend don`t even know what to do with their life yet. I am blessed, I have success, I have money. So I can`t except to be totally happy, `cause nobody has this perfect life' Now I`m trying to say to myself 'You`re allowed to be happy'" ...After Tonight... One of Mariah Cary`s hobby was shopping for a long while, in the meantime that changed a bit, because she wants to have indidvidual clothes. "I haven`t in a while, but I am interested in it. And I do love clothes. But sometimes I wanna be just like this, you know. I like Gucci, Chanel, Prada Producht has nice stuff, too. More funky relaxed things. I`ve been working with kind of , not designing my own stufff, but when I like a certain style of outfit, I`ve been working with different tailors and making a lot of stuff for myself, too. So it`s not like the same thing, you see on every page of every magazine , just wanna have a little bít more unique things. I know what I like, so I`ll work with a tailor and a stylist and work on things." Mariah Careys doesn`t have much free time, so she spends the bit she has as ordinary, as possible. "Sometimes, yeah. Because I like doing tings, that people do, who aren`t famous. I like going to amusement parks. I like going to Disney World and Universal Studos. I can feel like an ordinary peson there together with my friends. I don`t have to think about my career. But I can`t dress usual, because everybody would make a run on me. I hide a bit - wearing a hat or something like that. I just try to blend it. I think, when I`m really trying not to be noticed sometimes I won`t wear sunglasses, because I think people do look at you more. It makes them go 'Who`s that?' You know, like 'Why do they have those on?'" ... Thank God I Found You... One of the most important changes in Mariah Carey`s life is the divorce from Tommy Mottola and her new boyfriend. "Luis Miguel, a Latin singer" The relationship to the Mexican singer Luis Miguel plays a very important role in Mariah`s life, this relationship is one of the main reasons for Mariah Carey to become more natural and leaving her diva image behind her. Luis Miguel wasn`t impressed by this kind of behavour. "Yeah, it really has... and.... I mean. he`s very secure, because in the countries where he`s enormously famous and popoular, and has been since he was 12, it`s like, he`s like a king. And I`ll be with him sometimes and they don`t even notice me. It`s like they can`t get past this hypnotic, you know, gaze of looking at him, because he`s as huge I can`t. And I like that. I go up to people like 'Do you want me to get his autograph for you?', you know and (laughs) I don`t care, I think it`s cute. I really do. A new experience for me." ...Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)... "I love sea-parts. I love Capri. Capri is my favourite place in the world. I did most of my album 'Rainbow' there. But unfortunately it`s not warm for the whole year there. I love Acapulco and St. Barts, I`ve been thee for the first time last year. It`s beautiful. I was there when they hadn`t season. We had nice, beautiful weather. It was a little, you know, people, I guess, considered it too hot, it was like in spring. But I just loved it, I had a really great time, the beaches were beautiful. I felt it was great." Going on holiday with her boyfriend is the best thing to do for Mariah, the next is going on holiday with her dog. "I go to any place warm, I can find. And I swim, and I bring my dog Jack and he swims with me. And he dives under the water. And he`s obsessed by any kind of thing connected to water. Like the jet from a pool or, you know, if you hold something up in the water, he`ll jumping in and dive and trying to get it in the ocean. So we swim together and this year in Aspen, for christmas, I got a new dog who`s Jack`s mini-me, you know like in 'Austin Powers'. He`s like the tiny version of Jack. His name is Aspen and he`s really cute. So, I spent time with my friends, I spent time with ...erm... my boyfriend, I spent time with my dogs and I go swimming and I like to go anywhere warm." Swimming with the dog and skiing is fun, but after the holidays there always is the hangover. Because she ate too much cheese and ice while she was on holidays, Mariah has to do a diet after it. Only carrots, chicken and celery. "I hate eating like a rabbit" she says, she has an ambivalant relation with that issue. "I wouldn`t say it has that much power, well, I don`t wanna give it that much power over me. But it is like that, one day the people are like 'O my god, she is so fat, she looks terrible' the other day they say 'She has an eating disortive.'" Mariah says it happens something to her figure what happens to many other women. "Cause when I first came out, obviously I was like a skinny twig. I was 18 and I didn`t have the money to buy something to eat. When my first album came out, I still was pretty skinny, then I gained a bit, esp. in my last holidays, `cause I ate pretty much then. Now I became thinner again, but not because I have an eating disortive, no, I did a diet and some sport. I gave up all the food I like. People even said, I would have done an operation. Hello! If that was the case, I would eat cookies all day, you know, I´m sitting here eating carrot sticks. Give me a break people!" ...Petals... "In terms of my emotional connection to what`s going on in my life and what`s gone on in my past and just as a writer, 'Petals' is one of my most important songs. It came directly from my subconscious mind and it wasn`t planned as a commercial song. It was just like my streem of conciousness (?), you know sort of like what I needed to get off my chest and it was very ...erm... those songs come to me like that (claps) and it`s funny, they`re much quicker. You think they`re more difficult, but they`re much easier." The song 'Petals' is one of the favourite songs of the Carey-fans. The content is explained as flowery as usual. "Well, basically that song is a message to a lot of people whom I don`t have contact with anymore. A lot of people thought I was talking abut my sister and my brother with this line 'I miss you little sis, little brother' but they are older than me. The song contains some very personal messages to people whom I knew. It was something I felt I needed to do, you know as sort of a healing process, you know, to learn about why I made certain choices in my life and things. It`s like I wrote in a diary, you know, it was like writing a diary." ...Can't Take That Away / Mariah's Theme... "Well, I`m really talking about my dreams are to continue to be in search of a peaceful outlook on life and attidude and happieness. And that song 'Can`t Take That Away' is also about having inner peace and that if you have inner peace nobody can touch you, no matter what they say about you. And I sort of wrote it, I wrote it for myself, that`s why it is 'Mariah`s Theme', but I also wrote it for kids, who are going through, like the struggle going thruogh Junior High or Highschool and what that is. There so many negative things that happened over the last couple of years, you know in America especially, and I think when people grow up, they forget how hard it is to be a kid and to go through just the every day struggle of school and not being accepted or being an outcast. And that was what that song, I sort of wrote that song for anyone going through that type of thing. We look at the crisis and forget like, you know, what sort of sparked these things and that goes deeper than just like ...whatever... it`s just like you have to start with teaching people to not allow the negativity to get them through that place!"

    May 13, 2000...
    CTTA Release Information
    As you can see, the counter on the front page has now changed to 24 days till Mariah's next single is released. It seems, that nothing will be released on May 23rd and the single has been pushed back to June 6th by Sony. Christina let me know that she also works at a music store and she got an official e-mail today saying that the released date has been pushed back to June 6th. Thanks Christina!!

    Mariah was on last Mondays show, but that was it. Last weekend, we got Mariah high on the countdown and I am really hoping that all Mariah fans will continue to vote for her. I have been voting everyday for the past week and hope you will too. PLEASE HELP MARIAH OUT :)

    Send Mariah a Love Message
    Jevi wants all Mariah fans to visit We Love Mariah. There, you can post a message to Mariah letting her know how much you love her. If enough message come in, there might be a book for it. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail Jevi at:

    New "She" CD
    Yvonne sent me some news letting me know that MC is in Sony Music's latest compliation, "She." It is not on sale in Singapore. Anyone know if it is in the U.S.? Also, she told me that CTTA is #5 on the Perfect 10!

    Did ya Miss MC?
    I know people missed Mariah on the 20th Anniversary Special on BET. Well, Kelly wrote me and let me know that she saw a commercial saying the special will air on Thursday (May 18th) at 9 pm. Mariah was in the last half hour, so I am guessing the special runs from 9-11:30 pm. If you missed it, you might want to play it safe and set your VCR's for taping BET from 9pm-12am. Hope this information helps!

    Coming on Monday, I will be setting up an Artwork page within the Picture Galleries. I have made two more collages, one for CTTA and one for Heartbreaker Remix that I will load on Monday too. As an artist, I love to see other people's artwork. So, if you want to add your work to the page on Monday, send it to me. The only thing I ask, is that you copyright it yourself. Please add on the bottom the pic, your name or e-mail address! Thanks..

    All That Glitters
    Ricardo let me know that has updated their information on the All That Glitters Website. You can check it out by clicking the link below:

    New York Daily News
    Ricardo and Nini informed me that Mariah was in yesterdays New York Daily News. It was a pic of her in the Rush and Molloy section from the WMA's.

    What's the Name?
    Brianne told me that the asian girl, that is one of Mariah's dancers, name is Rina.

    Daily One
    Jennifer and Matt told me that Honey was #19 on the Daily One's Best 50 Video Countdown.

    Candi let me know that it is NOT Marilyn Manson's new video, it is the new Nine Inch Nail Video. However, Marilyn is the one that is throwing stuff at the plates. Thanks to everyone else that e-mailed me about this. Candi was the first one though.

    Video Killed the Radio Star
    Kruggins J reminded me that I forgot to mention that Mariah is the artist that has made the most videos in the 90's. She made 46.

    May 12, 2000...
    Quote of the Week
    Pic of the Week
    New Gallery: Gallery 26 added with EXCLUSIVE new pics!
    Older May News has been moved to the Old News section
    Quotes Page
    All of the Pics of the Weeks are NOT in the Pic Pages and are exclusives to this site. This weeks is from Alan, so thanks Alan :)

    "Regina?? What the Heck is a Cookie?
    That's what I kept getting while I was reading my e-mails today, so I thought instead of writing it several times, I would just add it to the site :) Here goes:
    One of the reasons Mariah has not been on TRL is due to people re-requesting Mariah on the TRL website. If you vote more then once, without deleting the cookies, the vote will actually go AGAINST Mariah. So, if you want to vote more then once, do this..
    If you have Windows, go into your Window Explorer. Two columns should appear. Scroll down the left one until you see Windows. Double click on that and then proceed down the list until you see Temporary Internet Files on the left. Double Click on that twice and you will see a list appear to your right. Delete everything in that list, especially the folders that say, "MTV" or "TRL." Then you can go and vote for Mariah again. Yes, this is a pain but it's the only correct way to vote for Mariah more then once a day. AND CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR MARIAH :D

    Who is on Donald Trumps 10 Sexiest Women in the World? Well Mariah of couse. In the May 23rd issue of Star Tabloid, there is a head shot of Mariah from the AMA's 2000. She is #8 and it says:
    Sultry songbird Mariah Carey, 30, is included thanks to her 'sexy hair and beautiful eyes.'"

    Joe Talks about Mariah to MTV
    Desiree sent me a special feature about Joe at Here is the MC related Parts.
    "My Name Is Joe" also includes the remix of Mariah Carey's hit "Thank God I Found You" featuring himself and Nas, a song that got the Joe buzz going well in advance of his release date.
    MTV: And there's a taste, of course, of your work with Mariah Carey on this record also, right?
    Joe: Definitely. "Thank God I Found You." And that was a lot of fun as well. Actually, the way I met Mariah was, I was in Atlanta, just in a restaurant, and she sent her bodyguards to bring me over.
    MTV: She sent her bodyguards over? Well, you know it's a little scary, right, when Mariah's bodyguards are coming.
    Joe: Yeah, it was crazy. Because when I came in, when I was there, she came in and passed the table, and I think her girlfriends and everybody said, "That's Joe." She passed by and sent her bodyguards to get me. I was sort of nervous when I went over there, 'cause she's, you know, she's Mariah. So we met, and we talked. She said she was a big fan of mine. I was really shocked.
    Maybe three or four months later, she gave me a call, and she was like, "I would love to do a duet with you. Come by the studio." When I got there, she played the song for me. I didn't expect to record the song, but when I heard it, I said, "Man, there's no way I'm going to leave this studio without my voice being on that record." Everything just happened so fast. I didn't expect for it to be a single or a video. Everything was just great.
    MTV: Joe, would you say that the lesson of the music business is to eat in the right places?
    Joe: You got to. You definitely got to eat in the right places. I mean, McDonald's can be cool, but... it was definitely the right place at the right time.
    MTV: There was some hope that you might be on Mariah's tour. Was that ever a possibility or an option of any kind?
    Joe: I was definitely gonna go out for the tour, but I had to come back and finish up the record. There was a real, real big push for that. The deadline was closing in. I had to do the song with 'NSYNC and everything, so everything had to happen right away. It's a lot of timing.
    MTV: Does this feel like your moment now? There are so many different audiences that know you from your work with different artists, and now you're ready to take control.
    Joe: It's funny, because I'm standing here and I'm [feeling] crazy. I'm buggin' a whole lot. I sound crazy doing this interview. I'm actually nervous. I shouldn't say that, but I'm actually nervous. But it's going to be a whole lot of things happening on the tour. I've collaborated with so many incredible people. Just like you said before: Big Pun, Mariah, and Chico [DeBarge]. I'm really looking for some good things to happen.

    MC in TV Guide!
    Kathy told me that MC is in the T.V. Guide. It is just a mention and I am not sure the date on it but here is what she told me:
    Hey, Regina! I just wanted 2 tell u that Mariah is mentioned in da TV guide. Well, they don't mention her specifically, but there is an article about Jessica Simpson and towards da end of da article and Jessica was saying something about Christina Aguilera. How Christina was performing and Jessica said that she sounded like Mariah Carey and Jessica froze. WEll, as u can tell this isn't da direct quote.

    Mariah's Dancers
    Sam B. reminded me of something I never brought up on the site. Two of Mariah's dancers on featured in the latest Moby video. They are dancing at the end. I saw it and Sam saw it. One is the asian girland the other is the mexican girl that wears the bandana on her head in Heartbreaker Video (not being prejudice..I don't know their names sadly!). Thanks Sam!

    Video Killed the Radio Star
    Mariah was on the special twice last night. If you missed it, check out Important Dates for the reairing times. The first one was a tiny collection of her video and the other one was the Emotion and Sweetheart video and they talked about how she changed after being divorced.

    Entertainment Tonight
    Well, once again no Mariah on E! News Daily nor Access Hollywood but Entertainment Tonight did have a short interview with Mariah. They showed her getting her first award for the Best R&B Female Singer and then they were talking to her as she was walking about the steps. She was explaining how she almost didn't make it to the WMA Awards due to Airplane problems :O Glad she made it though :)

    Minerva News
    One of my best friends, Minerva, let me know some news from Spain :)
    Some piece of news now: Yesterday Mariah was on 'Corazón de Primavera' and 'Gente' (Spanish Gossip programs) with the Blockbuster and World Music Awards. The person who introduces the video said that Mariah was skinnier because of the operation of her glutous she had had ¿? What? They are wrong. I think they don't know yet she has just finished a Tour from Around the World!!! two other programs have to play these awards, so I think they will do it today.
    Thanks rock chica!!

    Against All Odds Single
    Sieraaj told me the following, which is from the Yahoo! Auctions:
    CAREY,MARIAH-AGAINST ALL ODDS 606922 A remake of Phil Collins' huge 1984 ballad, 'Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)' will NOT be released as a CD single in the U.S. It is however, the third single from this phenomenal diva's triple platinum 1999 album 'Rainbow', which peaked at #2 in Billboard. Contains the album versions of two cuts from 'Rainbow', 'Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)' & 'Cry Baby', plus two non-album tracks, 'Thank God I Found You' (Stargate Remix) & 'Mariah's Theme' (Morales Club Mix Edit). You can't get this in ths US, only as an import!!! Brand New & Sealed. Bid now. Won't last long.
    If anyone is interested in bidding, click the link below!

    Update on CTTA Release
    Nicole N. let me know that lists the Vinyl being released on May 23rd only still. On June 6th, a CD Single and tape will be released which features CTTA, Crybaby and Love Hangover. So it looks like no cd singles or tapes will be released on May 23rd. Oh poop!

    Marilyn Throws at Mariah?
    That's what Lamby Chop Chop (love the nickname) told me. In Marilyn Manson's new video, "Star Sucker," he throws stuff at dishes that features the faces of Britney, Limp Bizkit, Mariah Carey, etc. Never liked his music anyway, all I got to say about that "mess!"

    Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey honored
    Rod sent this to me and I also got it from the AOL News Brief.
    MONTE CARLO, Monaco (AP) - Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey scooped up top honors as best-selling male and female artists of the millennium at the 12th annual World Music Awards. The awards, which honor the world's greatest-selling recording artists, were given Wednesday night at a glamour-filled soiree at Monaco's famed seaside Sporting Club and broadcast live to an estimated 900 million viewers in more than 150 countries. The two-hour special was organized under the patronage of Monaco's Prince Albert and included a special guest appearance by the Goo Goo Dolls. Ricky Martin was named world's best-selling pop male artist and best-selling Latin artist. The Backstreet Boys were honored as the world's best-selling pop, dance, R&B and American group.

    NY Post Article on MC's Shoes
    I reported this yesterday when Entertainment Tonight covered it and now my buddy Nini sent me an article from the NY Post about it:
    ‘WHERE'S the stylist? These shoes are brand new!"
    So spake bristling, busty Mariah Carey the other night, backstage at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, after the ankle strap on one of her stiletto heels snapped on stage. Carey's shoe came undone as she hit the last big note of her song. Those with a close-up view said she sort of dragged her foot as she exited to the wings. (Why didn't she just drop to her knees as she did at the recent VH1 Divas songfest?)
    The only other event of note that night happened when Drew Barrymore arrived at the Shrine Auditorium via helicopter, landing on the roof. The better to avoid L.A. traffic. Stars - how we love ‘em!

    Crybaby on The Box
    My buddy Brianne told me that Crybaby is #10 on The box now.

    Sure hope by now you voted for Mariah on TRL. If not, get to work :)

    May 11, 2000...Ton O' News...
    New Pics
    I added 5 new pictures to Gallery 25. Two are from the WMA's, which Pam sent me, one is a cool new pic from Lisa, one is a 3 layer collage of the Crybaby video which I made last night, and the last one is a new pic from the J-14 Magazine, which has a pinup of Mariah inside and this pic also. Check all of these cool pics out in Gallery 25.

    MC on T.V. Last Night
    Mariah was on Entertainment Tonight last night, only. At the Blockbuster Awards, after performing CTTA Live on stage, Mariah broke her show while running off. She said backstage that luckily she had another outfit with shoes prepared for such an event and that is why she changed in the Versace (spelling?) number. Hee hee..MC was so funny while she was saying it :) MAKE SURE, you tune into Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood tonight to get all the information on the WMA awards 2000.

    Video Killed the Radio Star
    The second half of this show will air tonight. Mariah wasn't on last nights show but she is said to be on tonights. It is actually a cool show and takes you behind the scenes on the videos and talks about them. It airs at 10 pm on VH1.

    CTTA Premiere and TRL
    Juan told me that CTTA premiered this Monday on MTV's Latin America. If you want to mke this song number 1, let everybody know that they can vote on
    Also, PLEASE vote for Mariah on TRL. She hasn't been on for the last 2 days. People are writing to me saying they are voting MANY times but the votes DON'T COUNT if you don't delete the cookies and they could actually go against Mariah!! Be careful!

    Rolling Stones-Britney
    There is a tiny pic of Diana Ross and Mariah in the May 25th issue of Rolling Stones with Britney on the cover. Kruggins J typed out the article and many thanks to Ibraheem, for also letting me know:
    Although it was chopped down to a bearable two hours for TV viewers, VH1's Divas 2000 festivities were plagued by technical problems. Early performances by DONNA SUMMER, FAITH HILL, and DESTINY'S CHILD went off without a hitch, but after MARIAH CAREY blew the lines four times on a VH1 Save the Music promo, the crowd turned restless. "Why me?" asked Mariah, and you could feel the audience collectively saying, "Why us?" Later, when guest of honor, DIANA ROSS took the stage to perform "Touch Me in the Morning", "The Best Years of My Life", and "Endless Love", she had to repeat her performance because the sound system was screwed. "Just get me any mike," Miss Ross said. By then the show was nearly five hours old.

    Michael Jackson to lead World Music Awards
    (Launch) - Michael Jackson is one of the honorees at this year's World Music Awards. The event, to be held Wednesday in Monaco, will honor Jackson with the male pop artist of the millennium award. While Jackson isn't scheduled to perform at the awards, he is expected to be there in person to accept the honor from Prince Albert of Monaco. World Music Awards show producer Gary Pudney, who has been a friend of Jackson's for years, said Jackson has always supported the event. "He's done the show twice and he's always been a big fan of the World Music Awards," he said. "We're honored that Michael will come over and be with us." Other acts scheduled to appear include Mary Wilson, the Backstreet Boys (who will get awards for best pop group, best R&B group and best American group), Mariah Carey (best R&B artist & pop female artist of the millennium), Ricky Martin (best Latin artist, best pop male artist) and - via video - Britney Spears (best pop female artist).

    SUMar235 told me that Crybaby was on Tuesday mornings "Beat Suite." So, if you don't get BET, make sure you check out Beat Suite on MTV. I know a lot of people wanted to know about this :)

    Links Page
    If you would like to be part of John's new Mariah page, please visit his page and send him a link to your site. He would like to make a huge Mariah Carey Links Page!
    Click Here to visit Mariah Carey: Sweet As Honey

    CTTA Update
    My buddy Brianne, who works in a music store, said that she got a list of the latest releases. She told me that a single from Mariah will be released FOR SURE on June 6th 2000 but it says nothing about a May 23rd release for CTTA on the sheet. She believes that there is still a possibility that a 2 track single could be released on the 23rd and then the Maxi could be released on June 6th. Guess we will have to wait and see :O

    Message from Jakki
    WASSUP MARIAH FANS!! Ok I know I said the deadline of the book would be May 1st, but due to not only Mariah's hectic schedule but also our own the deadline of the OFFICIAL MARIAH RAINBOW TOUR REVIEW BOOK has been pushed back. The book is a collection of fan reviews a pictures from Mariah's Rainbow Tour put together in a HUGE book to be presented to Mariah. If you can send a review PLEASE do! It should only be a page long and u can send it to KIA: OR J: . Make sure u specify WHAT show u went to! And make sure u address the review TO Mariah because the book is for her not us. Also if yout took pics at the concert we ask if you could PLEASE send us copies of the pics via SNAIL MAIL. we ask that u mail them to us because they are better quality. People have been asking us to pay for the pics which we are NOT going to do. This book is for Mariah NOT us so if you would like to get paid for sending us pictures take that up with THE DIVA yourself. If she wants to pay you thats her business. The addresses u can send the pics to are: Kia Kelly
    4505 2nd Ave South
    Mpls, MN 55409 OR
    J Howard
    6750 132nd Street West
    Apple Valley, MN 55124
    Also here is the COOLEST part! We got ahold of Luis's (yes LUIS MIGUEL) management and they said they would relay the message to him about the book. There is NO GUARANTEE that Luis will put a review in the book but we HAVE asked! So keep your fingers crossed! THANK U GUYS SOOO MUCH!! If you have any questions PLEASE email one of the addy's above! THANX AGAIN! ~J

    HUGE Mariah Project
    Candi and I are creating a HUGE Mariah Carey Project. It is still being worked on but I will give you the basic info. on it now. A blank book will be bought and we will ask all Mariah fans who would like to participate in this project to send us their home address and e-mail address. We will make a long list of all the fans address and then we will start a chain letter with this Mariah book. Candi and I will send the book to the first fan on the list and then when that fan adds a poem, letter to Mariah, drawing, artwork, etc. to their ONE PAGE, they will send the book to the next Mariah fan. By doing this, Mariah will get a book that each fan has personnaly touched and has added their OWN touches to show their love for Mariah. It is going to take about 4 months to complete this project and I will let you all know when we are accepting e-mail addresses. Stay Tune for More Information...

    Mariah in Germany
    Bine told me the following..Anja where ya at?
    Hey Regina, You spoke about this Capri-vacation or working (I heard Mariah will finish her soundtrack over there like the RAINBOW album) on May 30 - we have news from Germany that Mariah is coming to Stuttgart on May 26 to sing at "The Dome 14" which she already did in March 99 ("I still believe-remix" and "My All"). It is rumoured that Mariah will also go to Cologne for Top of the Pops again. So I'll keep you informed about that!

    Mariah Letter
    Jevi let me know that you can read a really touching letter from a Mariah fan that was posted on the MTV Asia site. Click the link below to check it out:

    Lynn typed out this article from BMG Magazine where you can order the latest in music.
    Mariah does it again with this unstoppable blend of pop, dance, and R&B. Features the huge singles Heartbreaker (with Jay-Z) and Thank God I Found You (with Joe and 98 Degrees). Also includes Mariah's stunning version of Phil Collin's Against All Odds, plus guest spots from Usher, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Snoop Dogg and more. 1999 Columbia

    May 10, 2000...
    Congrads to Mariah
    Mariah won the Blockbuster Award for Favorite Female Artist - R&B for her Rainbow album. Lucy sent me three pics of Mariah from the Blockbuster Awards and they are in Gallery 25. I think she looked REALLY pretty and I really liked her outfits this time :) Mariah is in Monte Carlo today to receive two awards later tonight. More news on that tomorrow.

    TRL? Where did she Go?
    Mariah was NOT on TRL at all yesterday and I was so sad. Please everyone vote for CTTA on TRL. It really isn't that hard and we can do it.
    Direct Link to VOTE FOR MARIAH!

    Top 10 North American Concert Grosses
    Many thanks to Pamela for the following concert grosses. It is really cool that NYC is #4 and is MC's highest amount in the US that she made. It's for the NYC concert, which I went to. Guess we bought a lot of stuff..hee hee :)
    1. Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band. Coors Amphitheatre. Chula Vista, Calif. April 20-22. $1,392,815.
    2. Bruce Springsteen. Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena. Raleigh, N.C. April 22. $1,208,025.
    3. Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Janice Robinson. Alamodome. San Antonio, Texas. April 21. $1,142,610.
    4. Mariah Carey, Da Brat. Madison Square Garden. New York, N.Y. April 11. $1,066,413.
    5. Bruce Springsteen. Compaq Center. Houston, Texas. April 18. $985,422.
    6. Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Janice Robinson. Ice Palace. Tampa, Fla. April 14. $931,935.
    7. Mariah Carey, Da Brat. San Jose Arena. San Jose, Calif. March 21. $862,170.
    8. Mariah Carey, Da Brat. United Center. Chicago, Ill. March 25. $848,156.
    9. Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Janice Robinson. Reunion Arena. Dallas, Texas. April 20. $833,987.
    10. Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Janice Robinson. New Orleans Arena. New Orleans, La. April 19. $830,845.

    Mariah in Italy? heard that Mariah will be on the island of Capri, Italy around May 30th and would like to know if anyone could meet up with her to go see Mariah. She will be there in the 2nd week of June and if you have any information, please e-mail Alexa.

    No MC with Britney
    To further kill the rumors of Love Takes Time on Britney's new album, Devin told me that on yesterdays MTV special with Brit, that there was nothing about Mariah. Nor, is there anything on the Official Website. Oh well...

    If you are a picture freak, like me, then you will want to check out Daphne's site. There is a ton of cool pics from Singapore including Concert Pics, Hotel Pics, Airport Pics and Dolphin Pics. You can spend hours there looking at all the lovely pics. Click the link below, to check it out:

    I Got Something To Say!
    Okay I seriously HATE addressing this issue, but it is really starting to bother me. If you are a webmaster or webmistress, you need to credit my site if you take any news, pics, or anything from the MAIN PAGE like Important Dates or Magazine information. There are two websites that I have seen recently who copy and paste stuff right into their site from My Site or from my friend's Elin's website, Mariah Online. It is really starting to get annoying since we put hours into our pages and then someone just goes and copies something without giving us credit. How lame is it to just have a news section with all copy and pastes and nothing of your own? If it don't change, then I will start to list the sites who illegally copy and paste. Hopefully it will end and I will never bring this up and again because it is so stupid! Thanks for your time...

    May 9, 2000...
    Did you vote yet? If not, please do so now. I am updating the webpage early today because I have to work all day (12:30-9:30 pm--don't that suck?) so I will have everything that happened on TRL tomorrow. Also, if anyone would be interested in typing out what the request say across the bottom of the page for Mariah, please send them to me. I did this for Heartbreaker and I was thinking about doing it again.

    Blockbuster Awards
    The Blockbuster Awards will be taped tonight and Mariah is said to open the show with CTTA. It is NOT airing tonight. It will air next month on FOX and I have the exact date on my Important Dates. Make sure you watch ET and Access tomorrow night to see what happened.

    Mariah was not on Access or ET last night, sorry about this misinformation.

    World Music Awards
    Many thanks to my Mariah Three buddy, Mariah Online for this next article. It seems that Mariah will be accepting two awards. One for "Best R&B Artist" and another for "Pop Female Artist of the Millennium"!!! Rock on Baby!
    The World Music Awards program is now finalized. Here are the performers and guests who will appear at Monaco's Sporting Club on May 10th. The show is hosted by Elle McPherson & Mark McGrath.
    Scheduled to appear:
    Pamela Anderson, Ursula Andress, Backstreet Boys (Best Pop Group, Best R&B Group, Best American Group), Mariah Carey (Best R&B Artist & Pop Female Artist of the Millennium), Laetitia Casta, Maria Grazia, Cucinotta, Michael Clark Duncan, Cristian de la Fuente, David Ginola, Michael Jackson (Pop Male Artist of the Millennium), Ricky Martin (Best Latin Artist, Best Pop Male Artist), Gena Lee Nolan, H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco, Natalie Raitano, Marcus Schenkenberg, Britney Spears (via video / Best Pop Female Artist), Jean-Claube Van Damme, Tasha de Vasconcelos, Mary Wilson, Billy Zane.

    MC on MTV
    DiVaLiCiOuS32770 told me this..
    b4 TRL was on i was watchin say what ultimates or something....whatever its called. and they had "pop quiz" or something and the first question i didnt hear quite well...but then the next one was something like this artist was called "mirage" in high school because she was never there and um....of course the answer was mariah and the girls got it then. cuz they were given clues to try to guess the artist. well this was a repeat so sorry if u already got this.

    Shanae214 told me that there is a poster of Mariah in the June 2000 issue of J-14. Go get your copy now :)

    Billboard Galore
    Willem sent me a long and detailed report about Mariah on the Billboard charts. Hopefully he will continue to let me know but he wanted to know where Thank God I found You peak at on the Billboard Airplay charts? Does anyone know this answer cause I didn't and I would like to let him know. is what he sent me:
    Hello, I have been a big Mariah Carey fan since the Music Box album. Ever since then I have been keeping up with all of her music and how it effected the charts.

    Billboard magazine as you know is the offical chart for songs and albums today. In 1996 Billboard Magazine has published a book given information of every song since billboard started keeping points to a song. I readed the book and since then I have kept track of every singles Mariah has released and how many points it recieved on Billboard Hot 100. As of Thank God I Found You left the top 40 Mariah is the number nine best artist every to be on the charts.

    Billboard gives points to a song by how far it got on the charts. Here are how the points are given.
    #1- 100 points (10 points every week after the first week)
    #2- 90 points (5 points every week after the first week)
    #3- 80 points (3 points evey week after the first week)
    #4- #5 - 70 points (The 10,5,3 points is given if the
    #6-#10 - 60 points song peak at one of the number)
    #11-#20 - 50 points
    #21-#30 - 45 points
    #31-#40 - 40 points
    Also the song will recieved one point for every week it stays in the top 40.

    Mariah Carey is the #3 artist with the most #1 single
    Mariah Carey is the #2 artist with the most week at #1
    Mairah Carey is the #2 best female artist on the Hot 100
    Mairah Carey is the #11 artist with most top ten singles
    Vision of Love-147 points
    Love Take Time-138 points
    Someday- 125 points
    I Don't Wanna Cry- 124 points
    Emotions- 140 points
    Can't Let Go- 107 points
    Make It Happen- 86 points
    I'll Be There- 124 points
    Dreamlover- 196 points
    Hero- 155 points
    Without You- 101 points
    Never Forget You- 20 points
    Anytime You Need A Friend- 68 points
    Endless Love- 103 points
    Fantasy- 193 points
    One Sweet Day- 276 points
    Always Be My Baby- 130 points
    Honey- 136 points
    My All- 118 points
    When You Believe- 58 points
    I Still Believe- 84 points
    Heartbreaker- 124 points
    Thank God I Found You- 111 points
    Total points Mariah Carey has is 2880

    Here is the list of the best artist on the Billboard Hot 100 From 1955 - Present
    #1. Elvis Presley - 8002 points
    #2. The Beatles - 4549 points
    #3. Elton John - 4410 points
    #4. Stevie Wonder - 3685 points
    #5. Madonna - 3718 points
    #6. Michael Jackson - 3256 points
    #7. The Rolling Stones - 3132 points
    #8. Paul McCartney - 2978 points
    #9. Mariah Carey - 2880 points
    #10. Pat Boone - 2826 points
    #11. Areatha Franklin - 2826 points
    #12. Whitney Houston - 2738 points
    #13. The Supreme - 2735 points
    #14. Marvin Gaye - 2716 points
    #15. Janet Jackson - 2644 points
    I firmly believe that Mariah Carey by the next ten years Mariah will be the number two artist on the Billboard charts. It will take along time for mariah to reached number one. Plus Mariah Carey airplay on radio has decrease but I believe that she will have an increase as time goes by and she will be back where she was with songs like her latest single Can't Take That Away.

    May 8, 2000...
    Mariah DEBUTED at #5 today! That is the HIGHEST Heartbreaker had EVER reached and it took it a while to get up there and I am SO HAPPY that CTTA STARTED out at that position. We can now see, as a fan base for MC, that we can get MC on TRL. SO I need you all to continue to vote for Mariah. We want to try and get her at #4 now behind BSB, Britney and Eninem (is that spelled right?). Mariah even beat out Christina, who was #8 but I bet a lot of Christina fans will be voting please take 1 minute and vote for Mariah. She is back on the list now, so we no longer have to choose "other."

    Video Killed the Radio Star
    Bryan told me that MC will be featured on a VH1 show called, Video Killed the Radio Star. Here is the info...
    Show: Video Killed The Radio Star
    Episode: Hour 4
    Network: (VH1) Video Hits One
    Date: Thursday - May 11, 2000
    Time: 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm ET

    ET, Access
    Make sure you watch Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood tonight and Wednesday night because on tonight's show, they might cover the BET Special and on Wednesday show, they will show parts of the Blockbuster Awards which will air next month on Fox.

    No, not Regina, but there was a journalist that said that Mariah called Regina Velasquez a monkey, or something? This is so fake but if you want to comment on the article, you can e-mail her at:
    And here is what told me:
    She has a column called "DollyWood" and she printed a story on how Mariah said "oh, so the monkeys can sing" after Mariah reportedly saw a video of an Asian singer. She also said that Mariah must be jealous cuz in the same video the girl used some butterflies (which is Mariah's "trademark"). The singer's name is Regine Velasquez, and she is a good singer but somehow she imitates Mariah's style, but fact is the rumors are getting around and they are picturing Mariah as some racist, of course there have been no evidence of this. They are damaging Mariah's reputation. Ask the writer to retract the statements and apologize for such irresponsible act.

    It seems that Regine has obviously ignore these comments and REALIZED that MC NEVER said this because yesterday on her weekly TV Show "Sop," she performed "Against All Odds" in the Mariah fashion. So this is a RUMOR, it is NOT TRUE. Mariah NEVER said this and this lady from Dollywood has just lost some marbles..let's move on people. Many thanks to my Mariah Three buddy Mariah Online for this last information.

    Mariah in Hawaii..The Meetings Two people have e-mailed me and told me that someone they know has met Mariah while she was in Hawaii. Is she still there? I don't know and neither do you but here are the two stories:
    HI=) This is nothing important, but I just wanted to let you know that my cousin (Who works at a restaurant called "Alan Wongs" in Hawaii) served Mariah Carey a few nights ago. She said Mariah wore clothes that were very casual, and came with a party of 8 people. One little girl came up for an autograph, and everyone else was staring. My cousin wanted an autograph, but her boss said that all employees could not talk to Mariah about anything except what she wanted to order, if everything's okay, and answer questions (if any) that Mariah had asked. Nothing of news, just wanted to let you know.

    JCPenny Issue
    Josh sent me some news of MC in a ad for JCPenny
    Hello I just thought I should send this pic to you cuz I go to your great site everyday to read up on new and everything else. Well, yesterday my mom got this magazine in the mail and I was looking through it and I found a Mariah pic with a littel paragraph and this is the one!!! It's in the REAL YOU magazine sommer 2000, it's a complimentary Issue from JcPenney so I don't think a lot of people know about it. it's not a big thing but if your like me that's wants everything and anything that either has the name Mariah Carey on it or a pic then you would want it!! The small paragraph say....
    We've been stargazing in Hollywood to discover the hottest shades of the season. Mariah Carey shows that you can't go wrong with a pair of wraparounds in basic black, while former Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith proves tinted Lennon specs aren't limited to trendsetting.

    I don't usually do this but oh well. If anyone went to the Atlanta Concert and has a pic of Cindy's best friend Ronie, who got pulled up onstage, please e-mail her at

    Elleinad8622 sent me this next thing from Christina's Fan Site or from her Official Site (not 100% sure) and it is a tad different from the last one I reported.
    Mariah hates Christina and wouldn't let her perform on Divas Live 2000 FALSE
    There were so many rumors flying around that even Christina started to believe them BUT Mariah Carey recently set the record straight and said she had nothing to do with the fact that Christina wasn't on Divas Live.

    CTTA Video
    Okay, remember how I said I didn't really like the ending of the video and how I said overall I think it was that great of a video? Well over the weekend, I have watched it several times and I have to say that I love it now :O It needed to grow on me I guess and another thing that helped was all the Mariah fans that were in it, the Chicago Fanbook, and this next thing that Chad e-mailed me about. He explained to me why Mariah probably did all those spins and maybe this will help you understand more and make you love the video more.
    ...the more you watch it, the better it gets. I understand why she did it. It is like she's trying to tell the world about her struggle to break away and she wants to tell this to the entertainment world and the real world. The camera signifies entertainment and the outside through the window denotes real. And at the very end, she is looking out to the real world to tell us that she is free and has hopefully broke from the struggle she has gone through. That is my philosophy, see you later. Is that stupid??? BYE!!!! Chad

    Final Thought from Regina Today...
    Stop picking your nose and vote for Mariah DARNIT!

    May 7, 2000...
    BET Special
    Well we were told 8pm-10pm but the special ran over a half hour. Sadly, Mariah was in the half hour. Luckily, I came home last night about 9pm so I got to watch the ending and I could tape MC when she came on but two people have already e-mailed me telling me that they missed it since they recorded till 10 pm only. The Official Fan Site says that the special will reair on June 14th at 9pm but the last 4 times I got news from them, the MC Special never aired so I don't know if I believe that either. Noone has sent me captures yet, but please do if you can make them. Mariah wore a blue dress, actually it's one that she wore during her Rainbow Concerts Oversees, and it was very short and very small on the top, HA HA! When she first got up there, everyone was hooting and hoalering at her and she just smiled and she said, "What's Up!" I went I wrote down everything MC said and here goes...
    "How ya doing?" His music spans four decades. His legacy is timeless. No artist in American History has the impact on society that Stevie Wonder has had. Never, Never in our lifetime will we come to know another artist that can lead a march on our nations capital and write breathtakingly, beautiful, haunting melodies and such intensily moving lyrics. He is truly a musical genious. I need to say from my heart that his spirit is so incredibly warm and giving and pure that the first time I met Stevie Wonder, I just wanted to cry. So let's take a look at the life of Stevie Wonder.
    It is with great pride and pleasure that I present on behlaf of BET, The Martin Luthur King Junior Humanatarian Award to Mr. Stevie Wonder, Please Stand Up!"
    After Stevie gave his speech, Mariah led him over to his piano. She gave him a kiss and he asid something like, "I kissed Mariah, I kissed Mariah." She ran to the left but then someone told her she was going the wrong way, so she went to the right. Mariah NEVER came out to sing at the end sadly :(
    If you want to see a pic from the Rainbow Concert that is the same dress that Mariah wore last night, click below.
    Click here to See MC's Dress
    And I just found out that Mariah World News has the complete appearance that you can download at that site! Go there if you missed it.

    Rainbow Cover?
    UnleashedDragonX and Mssfijunke sent me the Rainbow Cover from Saudia Arabia. They put clothes on Mariah :O Archives let me know that the reason why they did this is because it is a sin to show too much flesh in Saudi Arabia. Click Below to see the pic, which is from the Mariah Online Website:
    Click here

    I got some really cool news about the CTTA Video..I'll let Julie tell you all: :)
    Regina, just to let you know, because I'm so happy about it, the book with the butterfly on it in the Can't Take That Away video is the Chicago Fanbook (by Tessa, Vijay & I). We had asked you to participate in it, and you did! We gave MC the book at the Chicago concert and I nearly passed out when I saw it in the video. I'm really happy, and I want to thank you again for participating, and for the ads you put on your news site. Thanks!
    Love Always-Julie
    SO, if you put your letter in the Chicago Fan Book, then Mariah read it! It's so cool that she uses the fan books in her video.

    I got some money for Christmas for and I already purchased the mini-calender for year 2001 on Mariah Carey. I don't think I mentioned it on this site though and thanks to Ibraheem for reminding me. You can check it out by clicking the link below:
    Click Here

    Request Mariah
    Lance sent me a request line in which I will be adding to the request page today. It's for kauai. Check it out at the link below if you like:
    Click Here

    Did you vote for Mariah today on TRL? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO? Click the above link to do so NOW!

    Japan Site
    I have seen these videos already but EJ sent me links where you can download MC speaking in two Official Videos. If you missed them, click below.
    Mariah in Seoul, running time 4 min.
    Mariah in Japan, running time almost 10 min.

    Globe Tabloid
    There is a tiny pic of MC from the MTV VMA's 1998. The title is, "Hollywood's 25 Stupidest Stars." I know, not to happy about it either. They talk about MC saying the statement that she feels sorry for all the poor starving kids but wish she was as skinny as they were. Then the last line says, "Mariah still denies she made these statements!" Well maybe because she DIDN'T MAKE THAT STATEMENT. I am so sick of that rumor. UGH..tabloids..go figure!

    May 6, 2000...
    Info on CTTA Release
    MeSiCaNQD wrote me and told me the following:
    Hey Reg... as far as release for CTTA, I work at a music store and we got an email saying that it is due to be released the May 23rd so far so lets hope for the best! :) And I have the same concerns as Nick but I'm not sure if he's going about this the right way... I think we as fans need to help promote the single before it is released... It's not really all that hard, we just need to start requesting it and like people who go to school can do big promotions for it... like for example with heartbreaker, i made up little flyers and passed them out at school and had the song played in the halls before the school day started and when the single came out i bought a whole bunch of tapes and CDs and passed them out in the hall ways...i think if we can get the ball rolling it should be no problem getting Mariah to #1... we've done it 15 times before.... im sure we can do it again

    Top 40 of TRL
    Kruggins J and Anela4ever e-mailed me and told me that on the TRL page, you can vote for your favorite video of all time for a new special called "40 Best Videos of All Time," which will air on May 27th. Heartbreaker is one of the choices. You can click the link below to vote for Mariah on the poll and then when you are done that you can tell them why you picked that video. PLEASE vote for MC :)
    Vote for Mariah on TRL's Superstar Poll

    BET Special..Tonight!
    Don't forget about the BET Special tonight. Mariah will be presenting an award to Stevie Wonder, how cool is that? Also, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood will probably cover the special on Monday's show.

    Lori wrote me and told me about some radio stations in Hawaii that you can vote for Mariah. I added them to the request Mariah Page! Check them out please and please continue to call into your local radio stations or write them an e-mail to vote for CTTA or Crybaby.

    Alison Book
    New York: Mariah Carey has apparently decided mere pop super stardom is no longer fulfilling for a diva of her stature. The singer will finally step in front of the cameras to film her starring motion picture debut All That Glitters with production beginning on July 3, says Blackbeat.
    In Mariah's self-conceived vehicle, she'll star as a onetime orphan girl who grows up and - surprise - becomes a music star.
    Directing will be Chicago Hope's Vondie Curtis Hall, the filmmaker who added the edge to Tupac Shakur's Gridlock. Fans of Carey might want to flock north ... the self-professed diva-in-training will be shooting scenes in New York City and Toronto. - KRT

    May 5, 2000...Ton O' News...
    Mariah to Perform at Blockbuster Awards
    Mariah will perform CTTA at this years Blockbuster Awards which will be taped on May 9th and will air on June 20th. Here is an article that Taryn sent me about the show:
    LOS ANGELES ( - Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias and Uncle Kracker with Kid Rock will perform at the Sixth Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards to be held May 9 at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The awards show will air Tuesday, June 20 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.
    Anthony became a superstar in the U.S. in 1999 with his hit single "I Need to Know." He will perform "You Sang to Me." Musical diva Carey, the biggest-selling female recording artist of the 90s, recently released her latest album, "Rainbow," which produced Carey's 14th No. 1 hit single on the Billboard chart. She will perform "Can't Take That Away." Iglesias is the best-selling Latin artist in the world. He is scheduled to perform "Be With You." DJ Uncle Kracker will release his debut album entitled "Doublewide" on June 6 and will perform the single "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" with Kid Rock.
    Also on hand to present awards: Drew Barrymore, Enrique Iglesias, Johnny Depp, Lisa Kudrow, 98 Degrees, David Arquette, Tom Green, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd, LL Cool J, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jane Krakowski, Reese Witherspoon, LeAnn Rimes, Thora Birch, Rachael Leigh Cook, Brian McKnight, Limp Bizkit, Christina Ricci, David Boreanaz and Leelee Sobieski.

    BET Special
    The Official Webpage has been updated and here is what it says:
    BET's 20th Anniversary Celebration
    Catch Mariah Carey presenting Stevie Wonder with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award at BET's 20th Anniversary: Celebrating Twenty Years Of Black Star Power special
    Saturday May 6 from 8pm-10pm EST/5pm-7pm PST

    The Video?
    Okay, TRL premiered the CTTA Video today. Before the video started, they showed part of the Boston concert where MC brought the winners up on stage. Throughtout the whole video, Mariah showed footage of the winners video tapes, which I thought was REALLY cool! I liked the beg. of the video where they did the close up of MC's face. However, I thought the ending was a little boring and I think she did one to many spins. It got to be a little annoying too! I love MC, you all know that. So if you have a problem with anything I am saying here, e-mail me. I loved the very last scene where a rainbow appeared. I thought that was kind of cool. Also, what happened to the balcony scene? Now I understand why it didn't premiere on TRL a2 weeks ago. Maybe MC didn't like that scene so they had to re-edit it? In the end though, I would not say this is one of my favorite MC videos :( I LOVE the song SO MUCH but I think the video isn't that great. Maybe it has to grow on me and in a week I will love it so much...spins and all.

    HOWEVER, WE NEED TO REQUEST THIS VIDEO ON TRL STARTING TODAY! We want MC high on TRL, so people can realize how important this song means to us. It is like the second Hero..ha ha. PLEASE, reuqest this video at least once a day. I am begging you. If ya love Mariah, show your support for her!

    Concered Fan
    Okay I got this letter in the mail from a fellow MC fan expressing his concern about the release of CTTA/Crybaby! Please read this because it is very important:
    Hi Regina! While many of us fans are happy that the new single will be released in just 3 weeks time, I really doubt Sony's decision to release the single so fast. I really doubt if Mariah can tide through the immense, massive competition on the charts this month. Just look, Britney and Christina have entered the top 20 on airplay points alone, they certainly look set to dominate the top soon. While Santana stubbornly reigns for yet another week, Toni seems ready to wrestle the top spot from him anytime soon and it is likely she will hold on to top spot for several weeks to come. And edging in is Macy Gray, with "I Try" at #6 this week from airplay alone.
    Mariah certainly does not seem to posess enough potential to beat all these extremely powerful contenders for top spot.
    Sony's strategy that enabled Mariah to barely touch #1 for the last 2 singles was thanks to holding back commercial release for anticipation to build up. Heartbreaker and TGIFY had time to build up public anticipation and they managed to enter the top 20 on airplay before unleashing the power of the highly anticipated commercial release, this sudden release of the single made a frenzy in the stores and thus Mariah showed extremely high debut week sales, thus hitting #1. But as all of us could see, sales died out a few weeks later and Mariah fell. Mariah certainly does not have the power of high airplay to fall back on.
    And now, CTTA isn't even within the top 50 of the charts and airplay is still rather immature. The public hasn't had time to warm up to the single yet. If the single is released so soon, its sales will be evely spread out over the weeks and Mariah won't have that "burst" of chart points to hit #1. Because, I really doubt if public request will ever be strong for a Mariah single these days.
    It will be a very tough job for Mariah to be #1 again, I think you must really tell all the fans about the difficult situation we are in, and so everyone must put double, triple effort to request for Mariah to give her strength of airplay. Also, we should wait till the single is in a comfortable striking position of #1 before buying the single, in fact you should set a date for the fans to buy. Example: If Mariah is within the top 20 on airplay, then you should ask everyone to act immediately and support the power of high airplay with a "sudden burst" of sales to make it #1.
    Hope this will be Mariah's 16th #1 single!!!!!!!!!!
    Nicholas from Singapore!

    CTTA Release Date?
    There is still a lot of talk on whether the CD single will still be released on May 23rd or June 6th. The official Sony page has removed the Single for release on May 23rd. The Vinyl is still listed as being released though? Weird huh? I don't know much more about this then you do and when I find out anything, I will report it. In the meantime, as far as we know, the release date is still May 23rd and June 6th.

    Request MC!
    As Nicholas expressed above, we need to start requesting Mariah on the radio. Mariah will not make it to #1 if her airplay is not good. Greg wrote me and told me that he tried to request Crybaby and CTTA on Z100 but he was told that he is the only one that is requesting it and it is not popular enough to play it. If you are as upset as I am over this, please call Z100, TOLL FREE at
    There is a phone line which is almost like a "secret" number and will almost guarantee that you ALWAYS get's also TOLL FREE:

    Diva's Live 2000
    Someone e-mailed me a while back saying that he/she missed Diva's Live 2000 and was wondering when it would reair. I have found a time at and you can see when it will reair again by checking Important Dates on the main page :)

    Magazine News
    Minerva, my very good buddy, sent me some news from Spain :)
    Yesterday I saw some little pieces of news from different magazines. Two Spanish magazines called 'Bravo' and 'Nuevo Vale' have an article about the rumour of the Mariah's wedding with Luismi, but they explain that it was just a party in Morrocco and the people who saw them both thought that they were just married because of their clothes.Bravo has a picture of Mariah with Luismi in Le Bains (Paris) I think and Nuevo Vale a pictures of the Honey video. A tabloid magazine called 'Semana' has a little piece of news talking about the Alison book, but there is nothing that you don't already know.It also has a little article talknig about the next weeding between Tommy Mottola and her girlfriend Thalia. The magazine says that they will get married very soon but they cannot at the moment because of the Thalia's new album,which has already been released. You must know she's a mexican singer an Soap Opera actress.The picture is one of the Mariah's press conference in Madrid.

    That Thing You Do, Played on Radio
    Lamby chop chop, cute name no?, told me that in Florida the DJ does the morning traffic JAM (where the DJ plays 20 minute mix of music) and they played "That Thing You Do" with MC and Jay-Z. They only played a few seconds of this song but maybe it will start to be played more often and maybe Jay-Z will release it as his next single? Well, these are all guesses, we'll have to wait and see.

    May 4, 2000...
    Something New
    A while back I used to change my Quote of the Week Pic everyday and I am going to try and start doing that again. I have so many awesome Mariah pics on my hardrive and it's nice to see a new pic on the Front Page. SO, today I added a new one and you can check it out if you like. Other Updates:
    New Pic of the Week (Pic of MC from Singapore Airport!)
    New Quote of the Week

    CTTA Video Premiere!
    Do not foget that tomorrow, CTTA will premiere on TRL. Also, over the weekend we ALL have to vote for Mariah, everyday! You have to start voting Friday Night. I was told that it is best that you only vote once a day unless you delete your "cookies" on your computer after you vote. I am going to be saying this everyday people to make sure everyone is voting. We want MC to be high on TRL :)

    New Album?
    The news that I presented yesterday about the new album is going to be the soundtrack for All That Glitters. MC is NOT making a brand new album. She is going to stat production of this movie on July 3rd, so she has to get the soundtrack almost completed.

    Vibe Magazine
    Kruggins J let me know that there is a pic of MC, Patti and some other guy in the May issue of Vibe Magazine. It's from the Billboard Awards.

    Crybaby Radio
    SkY BoY 02 let me know that Crybaby is #2 on "The Phat Four at 4" in Sacramento CA. Please continue to request Mariah's CTTA and Crybaby on your local radio station. Check out Request MC to do so!

    Star Club Cover!
    Yvonne let me know that MC is on the cover of Star Club Magazine. Click Below to see the pic:
    Star Club

    May 3, 2000...
    I added some new pics to Gallery 25. Three are from the Singapore concert that were taken by Nairam but were sent to me by Seo Eun Joo. Also, I scanned a pic from a German Magazine that Anja sent me that's a new pic from some time ago. There is a crease in the paper that I couldn't get rid of 100%. Hope you enjoy all the pics.

    MC working on New Album
    Nini sent me this article and it says that MC swam with dolphins in Hawaii last week and now she is off to Oahu to work on her new album:
    Teen sensation Britney Spears made a big splash in Hawaii and Ben Affleck noticed. A Spears confidant said the singer has a bit of a crush on the movie star, but Affleck’s girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, need not worry.
    Affleck was among about 20,000 people who watched Spears tape her first TV special on the beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel. He’s filming “Pearl Hardbor” on Oahu with Alec Baldwin and Cuba Gooding Jr.
    Matt Damon, hanging out with pal Affleck after his breakup with Winona Ryder, took a rain check on the show. Spears, meanwhile, doesn’t limit her work on the specail to singing and dancing. She also parasails, jet-skis and swims with dolphins.
    Mariah Carey did her own swimming with dolphins last week in Hawaii. She’s on Oahu to record her new album!!
    “Britney Hawaii,” with guest stars Destiny’s Child and R&B singer Joe, airs June 7th on FOX!

    CD Answer
    Willem told me that according to Tower Records, CTTA/Crybaby single will be released on May 23rd and the Maxi will be released on June 6th. Thanks Willem :)
    Check out the links below to see it on Towers website!
    Tower 1
    Tower 2

    MC in Teen
    Rachel told me that MC is in the June issue of Teen Magazine. She is on page 45 and there is a little pic/quote:
    "I used to have this whole thing from when I was a little girl that was like, 'someday I'll meet somebody mixed that will look like me, and we'll have a similar life, and we'll be happy ever after,' and that would complete me somehow...But it doesn't work that way--you have to find someone who is emotionally compatable."

    More Magazine News
    Lillian told me that MC is on Page 22 in "Celebrity Style." It's about how you can copy her look.

    Crybaby on the Radio
    Devin told me that Crybaby is #2 on "Tito's Top Four at Four" countdown in LA on Power 106 FM. It's a daily countdown and I am told it is very Popular. It's been #2 for the last few days. This is great news. Are you supporting MC on the radio? If not, help her out by checking out the Request MC Page. There is a direct link on the main page and in there you will find everything you need to know to help make MC #1!

    Boston on Top 10
    Thanks to Pam for this information!
    Reported through April 25, 2000
    Source: Amusement Business
    1. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. United Center. Chicago, Ill. April 14-15. $2,409,464.< 2. Tina Turner, Lionel Richie. National Car Rental Center. Sunrise, Fla. April 15-16. $1,800,000.< 3. Bruce Springsteen. Charlotte Coliseum. Charlotte, N.C. April 21. $1,516,815.< 4. Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band. MGM Grand Garden. Las Vegas, Nev. April 15. $1,013,580.< 5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Bradley Center. Milwaukee, Wis. April 17. $998,584.< 6. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Kiel Center. St. Louis, Mo. April 19. $792,143.< 7. KISS, Ted Nugent, Skid Row. Greensboro Coliseum. Greensboro, N.C. April 22. $789,759.< 8. KISS, Ted Nugent, Skid Row. Charlotte Coliseum. Charlotte, N.C. April 20. $746,334.9. Mariah Carey. FleetCenter. Boston, Mass. April 4. $730,441 10. Ruff Ryders/Cash Money Tour: DMX, Juvenile, Eve, Lil' Wayne, Lox, Hot Boys,Drag-On. FleetCenter. Boston, Mass. April 2. $721,694.

    May 2, 2000...
    Mariah's Family Fights Back!
    Steve e-mailed me today and told me that there is a cool article in today's Life Section of the USA Today Newspaper. I went and bought it and in the article Mariah's Mom and her sisters Alison's, son fight for Mariah's Side! This article really kills all of Alison's accusations, especially when Pat Carey says that Alison never lived with Mariah, at any time. I typed this article out myself so if you use it, please credit me :) Thanks..
    Mariah's family rallies over 'book'
    Mariah Carey isn't thrilled about a tabloid story this week saying her sister may be writing a lurid book about their early lives.
    Carey's rep says, "The book doesn't exist." And Pat Carey, her mom, says ina statement, "As Alison's mother, it saddened me to witness her self-destructive behavior. She has been addicted to alcohol and other hard drugs for over 25 years and even lost custody of two of her children because of those addictions."
    "When mariah was 3 years old and my divorce was finalized, Alison's father took custody of her. Alison never lived with mariah after that time. I raised both Mariah and her older brother alone. Mariah has supported both of Alison's children financially and provided a safe home for them."
    "Alison is a sad and desperate soul, and my prayers go out to her because I know how troubled and emotionally disturbed she is."
    The STAR tbaloid says it has a book outline by Alison, 38, detailing their troubled family life.
    Alison's elder son, Sean, born when she was 15 and now an Ivy League law school student, said in a statement also through Carey's rep, Cindi Berger, "Mariah took on the role of caretaker of our family at an extremely young age. I reached a certain point in my life when I realized that for my own sanity I could not maintain a relationship with my mother. Without Mariah and my birth father in my life, I can honestly say I don't know where I would be today. Mariah has been a huge source of stability in my life. Her financial support has allowed me to pursue my academic goals."
    Alison could not be reached for comment.

    All That Glitters begins filming!
    Ricardo told me that MC was mentioned in yesterdays Daily News (New York Newspaper). Basically, the article said that All That Glitters will begin filming on July 3rd, 2000 in New York and Toronto. They're also looking for a 10 year old girl to play the part of Little Mariah :O

    2 Year Anniversary
    I forgot to mention this yesterday but May 2000 celebrated this webpagers 2 year Anniversary :) The first day this page has ever been visited was on May 22nd, 1998. So hopefully it will continue to be a success and I will continue working on it. Thanks for all the help from Alex and all my MC friends.

    CTTA Release Date? What the heck?
    George wrote me today saying that doesn't have CTTA listed anymore. Yesterday it was set to be released on June 6th but now it no longer exists on their website? is still taking pre-orders for the release date of May 23d and Sony still has CTTA set to be released on May 23rd. SO, my guess is that it will still be released on May 23rd so I am changing the counter on the main page again..ha ha! I'll let you know if I hear anything else. Sorry for the confusion!

    Mariah Set to Perform at World Music Awards
    Charm728 sent me this:
    LOS ANGELES ( - The names headlining the World Music Awards - airing May 29 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC - are suspiciously American: Elle MacPherson and Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath will host, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Ricky Martin are among the performers. Presenters include Goldie Hawn, Pamela Anderson and Michael Clark Duncan. Unlike the glut of other awards shows, however, the World Music Awards also gets the royal treatment from Prince Albert of Monaco, who will serve as a presenter at the event, to be taped May 10 in Monte Carlo. Proceeds from ticket sales for the eighth annual show will be donated to the Princess Grace Hospital and the Monaco Aide and Presence Foundation. The ceremony will air in 150 countries.

    Mariah Can Sing!
    Taryn sent me this article from
    MARIAH CAREY's schoolpals had no idea their friend would become a superstar-they didn't know she could sing.
    Although very popular at school, and with a notable wild streak - she'd often miss class and show up late for school - her musical talents were not discovered till much later.
    School pal CHUCK SORRENTINO says, "We never even knew she could sing. She wasn't in the chorus or any of the school shows."

    Angela Says Thank You!
    Angela wanted to say thank you to SUMar235 for her information on the Crybaby video and when you can watch it on BET. I thought this was really cool so I wanted to add it to the website. Fellow MC fans helping each other out! How sweet :D Gotta Love it!
    I can't believe it, Yesterday someone on your website said that crybaby came on hits from the street on BET 40 minutes into the show. They were right!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH WHOEVER TOLD ME THAT!!!I'VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE THAT VIDEO!!Mariah started off in bed, checking her pager. They she took a bath and went out into the living room for some fruity pebbles, which she overflowed to the top. It was a terrific video, Mariah is soooo beautiful. Thank you soooooooo much. I just wish somebody could tell me how I can get the Can't take that away video.

    Important Newsbrief!!
    Can't Take That Away to Premiere on MTV!
    Yes you heard me right! Two and a half weeks after their first announcement of premiering the CTTA Video, TRL has announced that CTTA will premiere this Friday (5/5/00). Hopefully it is not just announced again and not shown on Friday's show like they did to us before. TRL runs on MTV between 3:30-4:30pm EST. Thanks to the SEVERAL people who e-mailed me this information. You guys are the best. Ibraheem sent me what is exactly on the TRL Site
    5/05 - Friday
    TRL World Premiere: Mariah Carey, "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)"

    May 1, 2000..
    Okay after getting another 30 e-mails on this subject I thought I would say this. I went and listened to the NYC and Boston concert and Mariah very clearly says Spiraling in that part. Plus, countless people have e-mailed me and told me that during the concert she eithers spins around or twirls her finger at that moment. Also, I do agree that she says, "Up all Week" and NOT "Aweful weak!" So make those corrections and we are all fine on this subject :D

    No CTTA on VH1?
    Once again, the original version of CTTA was NOT on VH1 this morning. However, Mariah is now on a show called "Back 2 Back." First it features a 60 second look at Mariahs Album and then it shows CTTA at Diva's Live 2000 and the Heartbreaker Video featuring Jay-Z. Also, CTTA was played on VH1 between 6 am-12pm a total of 3 times. At least they are playing her a lot :) Sadly, it's not the original video :(

    CTTA/Crybaby Pushed Back!
    If you came to the webpage today and saw that the countdown said 36 days instead of 23 days, it is because the Single has been pushed back to June 6th sadly :( This news comes from Thanks to Desmond and Alan for that information. I was also, just e-mailed and told that the Official Sony Site still has CTTA/Crybaby set to be released for May 23rd? Maybe they didn't update or maybe is wrong? Usually that website is correct but anyway here is what will be released:
    Mariah Carey
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (COLUMBIA 79399)
    CD Single
    Vinyl Single 12 inch
    Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) / Crybaby (COLUMBIA 79348)
    CD Single
    Cassette Single
    Vinyl Single 7 inch
    Many thanks to George for this informaton!

    MC on new CD
    Desiree told me that she saw a cd called "Loaded with Hits" and it features Mariah's My All! It is about $21 and it has 2 cd's. All money goes to charity. It was originally released on April 4th.

    Joe's Album
    Breakdown63 told me that "Make It Last" is on Joe's new CD.

    Please Note Mariah Haters!
    For all the Mariah Haters in the land, yes sadly they are out there, please become a little smarter. When signing a guestbook, being very vulgar and inappropriate, do not include your e-mail address. You will be reported to TOS and in fact, I have just reported two. SO, it might not be the best decision to sign my guestbook, unless you have something positive to say, because I WILL take action. Also, I think it is PATHETIC for someone to waste their time to bring others down and say things that are 100% false! Obviously, you must be jealous of Mariah and all her amazing accomplishments she has achieved in her lifetime. You must have something better to do with your time. I feel sorry for all Mariah haters and for anyone else who's main purpose is to say negatory comments about other people. What a sad life you must lead....

    Click here to read April News!

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