5/31/99 Here is a REALLY nice picture of MC from this years Blockbuster awards. But just one thing...you can see something :O

SUMar235 told me that MC is in the new National Examiner under the headline for "Best and Worst Legs!" MC OF COURSE came out ahead with the Best Legs. I'll let you know more when I pick up the tabloid this week :D

MC news is slow right now as you all know BUT there are a lot of repeats of MC shows coming up..make sure you check out the Timeline if you would like to see some of them. Also the Essence awards are THIS Wednesday on Fox at 8 pm EST. Don't forget.

If you are in InfoMC, May is over almost and the member of the month is Juan. If you would like to join InfoMC..send me an e-mail and let me know :D

There is a new poll posted on the site...Here are Last weeks results for the poll..."Will MC and Luis SOMEDAY get Married?"
Thanks to everyone who voted and check out the new poll if you would like :D

5/30/99 MAN where is all the MC news?? Oh well..here is a tidbit. MC was on Howard Stern Show last night at 11:30 pm. Don't panick, it was a repeat. It was a part of the 30 minute interview from E! television on MC from the Blockbuster Awards. It was entitiled a "Classic Clip." But of course :D

I heard this next tidbit from Anderz. At Sony Australia they said that Mariah will not be releasing ANY MORE singles from #1's (there goes our hope for Whenever You Call even though she did do remixes?) because she will be releasing a NEW single in late August. Yesterday I heard July, now it is August? Hmmm....but I am going to believe Sony over FMQB..whatcha think?

More news on Pavorotti concert..MC is going to sing My All alone and then sing Hero with Pavorotti. Cool Beans.

I heard from Anderz that Kelly Price had an hour long special about videos she was in. She went on to talk about MC and they ended up playing the Anytime You Need a Friend Remix video. Nothing much but it was said that by the time they left the place, it was a mess. Also Kelly said that MC has the BEST Remixes :) Yuppers!!!

5/29/99 Well the word is out that MC will be singing TWO songs at the Pavorotti concert. She will be singing Hero and My All. There will also be a cd release for this concert later in the year! The concert will take place on this Tuesday, the 1st.

MC is scheduled to be releasing a NEW song in late July. Yup you heard me right. FMQB.com reports that a new album is also in the works for late fall. Isn't that a tad early already?? Her new movie isn't even in production yet but MC is said to be in the studio now!!

I got LOTS of pictures that I don't have ENOUGH room add onto the webpage but I am going to be changing the QUOTE picture A LOT for you guys so stop by and check it out everyonce in a while :D Today I added a pic. from Jay Leno 1998!!

5/28/99 EXCLUSIVE new MC picture was added to the webpage today :D Thanks SO MUCH for Alex for finding it for me. It is from the Blockbuster awards and from watching ET on Wednesday it looks like MC wore THREE outfits? One to walk down the red carpet (it was silver dress it kind of looked like with her hair up like in the exclusive pic), Brown half cut outfit with her hair down (she wore this backstage while talking to ET) and then this black cut outfit?? Man when did she have time to change so much? Anyhow here is a SNEAK peak of MC in the outfit..check out Gallery 9 for big version!!!

Here is the text version that was under that picture that Alex found. If you would like to see more pics. from that event check out the Website
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Singer Mariah Carey accepts her award as Favorite Pop Female during the taping of the fifth annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards May 25 in Los Angeles. The awards show is unique in that fans vote for their favorite artists. The program will be telecast June 16 in the United States. Photo by Fred Prouser

MC was not only on ET about the Blockbuster awards she was also on the COVER STORY about the Viloence for kids. She said how Violence is shown too much and we are all to blame. Something like that...she seemed real sincere and it was only a short clip.

Alan told me that MC is in the Nicklodeon Magazine for the Summer issue (the one with Star Wars on the cover). It is a cool article I am told and that there is a picture of Jim Carrey being morphed into MC?? Ha ha..check it out now!!

Juan sent me a little article and wanted to know if I knew the answer and I didn't. It is said that MC directed someone's video that WE would never expect her to direct. Anyone got an answer for me on this one? I didn't know...The question and quote comes from Australian Star December 1996 and the article is called "The Real Mariah" Here is the question and answer...
Q: Do you intend to carry on directing your own videos? A: "Yeah, and I have directed a video for an alternative group. I have never talked about this before. They are a group who people probably don't know so I won't mention their name, but people would be surprise if they found out. That is all I'll say about that one. It proves people still don't know the real me and I like that."

Tmbaland98 sent me the information that you can find in the current Entertainment Weekly. There is one picture in the magazine and it is similiar to the one from Dutch Cosmo. Anyhow here is what I was sent :D
Mariah is mentioned several times in the May 28 edition of Entertainment Weekly (The 100 Greatest Moments in Rock edition). First, Mariah is mentioned in the HOTSheet section, which says: A Manhattan co-op board refused to let her buy an apartment. She's got to stop using Puff Daddy as a reference. Very witty. She's then mentioned in the results of the online poll several times: #8 Best Modern Solo Artist (Michael Jackson is #1), #8 Most Underrated (Duran Duran #1), #2 Most Overrated (all the Madonna fans in the world couldn't make her more overrated than the Backstreet Boys, who were #1), #7 Best Modern Song for Fantasy (Madonna's Ray of Light is #1--whatever), #6 Best Modern Album for Butterfly (Madonna's Ray of Light #1 again--again, whatever), and #10 Best Music Video for Honey (Madonna, yet again, is #1 with the seizure-esque Ray of Light video). Of course, Mariah isn't credited with anything significant in the history of rock...stupid things like "Ginger Quits The Spice Girls" and "The Big Chill Soundtrack peaks at No. 17 on the Billboard 200". That second one is a biggie. Lastly, Mariah has a 1/4 page ad for Around the World near the end of the magazine, with the cover pic of her and info about the video next to her. So, yet another "greatest moments in music" magazine that forgets all about MC and her record-breaking career. SOMEDAY, she'll get the credit she deserves.

Where is this pic. from?

It is not from the Blockbuster awards because her hair is curly not straight. This picture was in the NY Daily Times...Here's the article that goes with it...
Cole tells us she was at Life in the wee hours Friday night when she looked up to find Carey chucking ice cubes at her. "One passed right near my nose," the 23-year-old Cole says. "I was a little shocked." Also, according to one witness, Carey tried to get Cole booted from the VIP section by telling club staff that Cole launched the first cube. Carey's rep insists that the star didn't throw anything at Cole but says it's possible that one of her friends did. Carey and Cole have been living in an ice age that dates to 1997. That's when Carey supposedly went ballistic after she caught wind that her producer at the time, Walter Afanasieff, was dating Cole. Carey's rep, Cindy Berger, told us yesterday that Carey didn't even know who Cole was, but then called back to clarify. "She does know who Samantha is," says Berger, "but she didn't know she was there." Cole insists that Carey "always talks about me," and regrets that they can't be friends. "She is one of the people I listened to when I was growing up," Cole says. "There's room for, like, 10 more pop stars out there."

5/26/99 Well I just heard that MC was on Access Hollywood AND Entertainment Tonight about the Blockbuster Awards. They didn't show much but she did, IN FACT, win the Favorite Female Artist AGAIN. GO MC!! Not much in what she wore but her hair was pulled back halfway I believe and she wore a tight grayish dress. I missed ET and Access but it is replaying at 4 am tomorrow so I'll record it and bring you more about it.

I saw tonight that MC is in the REDBOOK magazine. It is the one with Liam on the cover and it is a small picture from the Billboard awards. It talks about her necklaces. Also MC is in JANE magazine twice. In the front it basically talks about MC look a likes and then there is a picture of MC from LAST YEAR Blockbuster awards and how she MIGHT become Bill's next intern..VERY unlikely. Thank to SweetMC for bringing me the info. on JANE magazine.

Alex sent me a little article that he found on E! Online...
Mariah Carey chucked ice cubes at singer Samantha Cole at a Manhattan nightclub last Friday, the alleged target tells the New York Daily News.

Anderz sent this to me..it is a similiar article about the above statement..
Mariah Carey has always been cool to upstart fellow songbird Samantha Cole, but would she really pelt Cole with ice cubes? Cole tells us she was at Life in the wee hours Friday night when she looked up to find Carey chucking ice cubes at her. "One passed right near my nose," the 23-year-old Cole says. "I was a little shocked." Also, according to one witness, Carey tried to get Cole booted from the VIP section by telling club staff that Cole launched the first cube. Carey's rep insists that the star didn't throw anything at Cole but says it's possible that one of her friends did. Carey and Cole have been living in an ice age that dates to 1997. That's when Carey supposedly went ballistic after she caught wind that her producer at the time, Walter Afanasieff, was dating Cole. Carey's rep, Cindy Berger, told us yesterday that Carey didn't even know who Cole was, but then called back to clarify. "She does know who Samantha is," says Berger, "but she didn't know she was there." Cole insists that Carey "always talks about me," and regrets that they can't be friends. "She is one of the people I listened to when I was growing up," Cole says. "There's room for, like, 10 more pop stars out there." Just a MAJOR rumor..I don't believe it!!

5/25/99 Well you heard it here first (unless you are reading this 5 days later!) MC is on the COVER of the May 31st issue of JET magazine. The picture on the cover is SIMILIAR to the Hola magazine pictures. It is different though. Inside are 6 pictures...pretty many of them are all old ones but there is a new one of her and Trey. She talks about all types of stuff like Sandra Bernhard, Luis, Career, Sex Life, etc. Go pick it up cause it is only on the stands for a week...also when I got mine today there was only TWO of them. They are hard to come by in Marlton...Thanks to thampton@tyler.net for bringing this to my attention :D

MC did not receive ANY Alma awads even though she was nomintated for a few of them. Maybe that is why she didn't attend the show??

The results of last week poll is in...
What Is Your Favorite MC Album?
Mariah Carey(3)-4%
Merry Christmas(5)-6%
Music Box(11)-13%
Check out the new poll for this week and thanks to everyone who voted :D

There is a VERY tiny picture of MC in the new People magazine. It is a picture of her from the Billboards awards and it is on one of the first couple pages. It is about how MC and many other got rejected from buying Barbara's place. Seinfeld was among MC who got banned.

5/24/99 MC is going to be VERY busy on the 28th. She is going to be rehearsing for the upcoming Pavorotti and Friends Concert and she will be attending the Taping of the Blockbuster Awards (which is being aired on June 16th). It is rumored that MC and Pavorotti will sing Hero. Yup, this will be interesting. Anyhow make sure you tune into all this. MC will probably be on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywoof about these two things on the 29th of May at 7 pm and 7:30 pm here in NJ, which is Eastern Standard Time.

Yup..that's all the news there is :( Tis a shame eh?

5/23/99 There is a nice picture of MC and Puffy in Vanity Fair. Go check it out :D Here is it shrunken...

Someone told me that MC is in Redbook with a article about necklaces. Also there is a tiny picture..anyone got a scan?

I read this on the Mariah Carey Archives and I thought it was a cute little article. MC talked about the same thing on the Rosie O'Donnel show. It is from Hitkrant magazine...
Mariah died 30 times! Mariah Carey, who made her debut in the movie "The Bachelor", will never do her own stunts again. In a scene from the movie Mariah sings a part of the opera "La Traviata". After that she falls on her knees and dies. The director suggested to let a lookalike play the death scene, but brave Mariah insisted on playing the scene herself. "But I didn't realize I had to do that scene 30 times over. My hips and legs hurted like hell and I had to walk all day with an ice-bag. I will never do that again."

Thanks to Anderz for bringing me this next news. It is an article from Hola Magazine and there is two cute pictures that go along with it...here is the article...
Inseparable and in love: MARIAH CAREY AND LUIS MIGUEL intimate dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant
Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel are already an inseparable couple. They've known each other for a long time, and they've been seem together in Paris, Acapulco and now in a well-known restaurant in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles. Everything makes it seem that these two fantastic singers, both of Latin descent and with millions of fans, will soon announce their engagement. Nevertheless, Mariah Carey, who has declared several times that she is in love with Luis Miguel, has commented on some occasions that she now wants to enjoy her freedom, especially after her failed marriage to Sony Music president, Tommy Mottola, whom she separated in 1887. Luis Miguel, who keeps reaping in hits and admirers, has declared on several instances that he admires Mariah Carey, and his friends comment that "they seem very much in love. We all think that Luis Miguel has found in Mariah the woman to form a family with." And, adding to that, the singer of venezuelan origin, that has sold more than 90 million albums, has confessed: "I want to have a child...with a father by my side. My big dream is to have a united family." And to many it is obvious that they, both singers, good-looking, young, millionaires, of hispanic descent and latin culture, and made for each other.

The text for the photos said:
Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey show their love again. This time in Los Angeles, where we see them arriving at a Beverly Hills restaurant to spend a romantic evening. Mariah, in her black dress, can't hide her happiness when she's with Luis Miguel, who's always attentive to the most minute details. In the photo above, Luis Miguel places his hand protectively on Mariah's waist. When both are inside the car--bottom picture--, Luis Miguel turns his protective gaze towards Mariah, trying to help her put on her seatbelt. These and many other details of the couple show their love for each other.

5/22/99 I don't have much MC news today for you sadly enough but yesterday had lots of new news :D MC is in the NEW Entertainment Weekly. Emotions327 tells me that it is a nice MC picture and there is an ad for Mariah Carey Around the World in it. It has some type of Music Stars on the cover I am told. I'll pick it up tomorrow and tell you more.

If you are in InfoMC, then you know this already but MC is in STAR tabloid. There is two REALLY nice MC pictures in it. It is the June 1st issue and it will hit stands everywhere on Monday. Go check it out for yourself :D

5/21/99 Egads people..do you want MC to be the #1 Diva of all time? Well then you need to VOTE FOR HER. Celine Dion is beating her with 300 some votes and MC has 19??? It takes FIVE minutes..VOTE HERE! Thanks to Mariahs1Fn for bringing this to my attention!!

I added a NEW section to the webpage today. Juan, my friend, sent me two AWESOME MC Wallpapers, so I entitled a webapage for them so you can all use them :) Note they are copyrighted and please leave them that way!! You can see the new section under PICS!!

Today I received #19 newsleter from Fan Emporium. There are a lot of rare and nice MC pics. in there. If you would like to join the Official Mariah Carey Fan Club...Click Here!

Gallery 6 was revamped today. I added 12 new MC pics. there cause I had to remove 15 of them!! Check them out if you like.

TommyBMC sent me an article about MC loosing Barbara's apartment..read on...
Will Mariah go homeless? According to a recent item in the New York Post, the pop diva was forced to rescind her offer to purchase a New York City apartment from superstar Barbra Streisand after the building's stuffy board members turned down her request for residence. The Post reports Carey and Streisand had struck a $7.5 million deal to purchase Streisand's lavish 16-room co-op located near Central Park. Just as Carey was planning her move, she received the news that she would not be a welcome neighbor. Sources told The Post that the board not only disapproved Carey's nightlife-loving lifestyle but they also dreaded visits by her entourage, which can include rappers Sean "Puffy" Combs, Q-Tip and Da Brat. Fortunately, the bad news didn't ruffle this songbird's feathers. "She's OK about it," Carey's spokesperson Cindy Berger told The Post. "She has other places lined up." Berger wouldn't say for sure, but Carey is rumored to be considering a move to Acapulco, closer to her latest flame, singer Luis Miguel. Surely, those resort town residents would be happy to call this pop star "neighbor."

Alex sent me a nice long and cool article about MC and Pavorotti. I basically edited it out cause it was so long...read on...
Pavarotti & Friends for War Child' 1999 Charity Concert Will Aid the Children of Kosovo and Guatemala

WASHINGTON, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Luciano Pavarotti will join forces with a line-up of international stars for his sixth annual charity concert, "Pavarotti & Friends for War Child", which for the first time will raise funds for programs run by War Child USA, the recently-launched organization that is providing much-needed aid to children of Kosovo and Guatemala. Among the stars scheduled to perform June 1 with Pavarotti in his hometown of Modena, Italy, are BB King, Boyzone, Alex Britti, Mariah Carey, Joe Cocker, Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Gianni Morandi, Laura Pausini, Renato Zero, Lionel Richie and Zucchero. Lee and Pavarotti helped to launch War Child USA in January as the newest affiliate of the six-year-old international War Child network. Each of the previous Pavarotti & Friends concerts benefited specific programs of the international War Child charity. Using proceeds from this year's concert, War Child will donate $1 million to help the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) continue to provide emergency relief for young Kosovar refugees through its Safe Children project, making "Pavarotti & Friends for War Child 99" the first major international benefit concert for Kosovo.

ButtterfIi told me that yesterday MC was on the Opera Winfrey Show. There were talking about Makeovers and Makeunders. They were talking about how MC changed her hairstyle from curly to straight :)

hbeal@hotmail.com told me that MC is in the June issue of Bop. I don't know what the picture is but Heather said it was a pretty big picture..go check it out :D

For all of you in the InfoMC fan club, Tomas1284 made Wednesday's newsleters banner. I am sorry for the typo on that!!

5/19/99 Okay people..Alex and I fixed up the webpage tonight. New Quote picture, New pictures were added to the News; Pictures; Links; Lyrics; Webrings; My Stuff; and Awards. Also, soon to come will be a new side bar and Mariah Carey lines on the webpage :) Let me know what you think and please sign the Guestbook for this is the Month for the One Year Anniversary (that is why I am working on making this page cooler :)

Here are the results of the last poll..a new one started today on what your favorite album is? Here are last polls results: What's Your Favorite MC Song?
Fantasy-(29 votes) 24%
Hero-(26 votes) 22%
Dreamlover-(10 votes) 8%
My All-(18 votes) 15%
Butterfly-(36 votes) 30%
So Butterfly is your favorite song :) Thanks for everyone who voted and please vote for the new one :D

Okay people I bought 3 new MC magazines yesterday. First she is in People Espanol as I told you. There is only TWO pictures inside. A big one of her and Luis on page 37 and then there is a really nice picture of her from the Oscar Parties. I got mine copy at Wal-Mart and People Espanol you can find pretty much anywhere now.

I also picked up Fresh magazine with TLC in the right hand lower left corner. It has 4 pictures of her inside. 2 are from The Rood video and they are the same? Then there is a pinup of her from Billboards 1998 (anyone else notice they have put a lot of pinups from that event in the magazine lately?) and right across from that there is a picture of her from the Blockbuster awards 1998 with a nice article entitled, "Mariah Carey:The Diva's Dish" Go check it out..kind of expensive..$4.50 :O

Mariah is also in the May issue of Allue magazine. I FINNALY picked mine up. It is a NEW picture of MC and Derek and they make it look like she is going in for a kiss. The article is entitled Lip-A-Suction. The little article says, "Mariah Carey nuzzles New Tork Yankee Derek Jeter at Sean 'Puffy' Comb's birthday bash."

Someone sent me this tidbit. It is part of a Will Smith article and they mention MC's name..read on...
The video for "Wild Wild West," directed by Paul Hunter (who's lensed clips for Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Manson, Boyz II Men, Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson, Ice Cube, and many others), can be seen on MTV, BET, and The Box. The seven-plus minute video features cameos by Salma Hayek, Dru Hill, Kool Moe Dee, Stevie Wonder, Alfonso Ribiero, Enrique Iglesias, Larenz Tate, Shari Headley, and Babyface.

Here is a cool article Alex sent me :)
BMI Declares ``You're Still the One'' Tops in Pop; Mariah Carey, Sarah McLachlan, Rob Thomas and Shania Twain Share Songwriter of the Year Kudos at 47th Annual Pop Awards LOS ANGELES--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--May 18, 1999-- Two In a Row for EMI Music Publishing; "Tubthumping" Excels at College

Performing rights organization BMI presented the 47th edition of its Pop Awards Tuesday night with "You're Still the One"; songwriters Mariah Carey, Sarah McLachlan (SOCAN), Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas and Shania Twain; and EMI Music Publishing earning top honors.

Hosted by President and Chief Executive Officer Frances W. Preston and Vice President Rick Riccobono, this salute to the creators of the past year's most performed songs culminated in the announcements of Pop Song, Songwriter and Publisher of the Year.

In all, BMI Citations of Achievement were bestowed on the writers and publishers of 70 songs during the black-tie gala, staged at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Columbia recording artist Carey was recognized for songs from her triple-platinum album "Butterfly": the title track plus the No. 1 singles "Honey" and "My All." Carey, whose latest album "Number 1's" features her 13 chart-topping hits, was the 1992 BMI Pop Songwriter of the Year and claimed the 1991 Pop Song of the Year with "Love Takes Time." Her total of BMI Award-winning titles now stands at 18.

It went on to say the complete list of winners...here is MC's...BUTTERFLY Mariah Carey Rye Songs Sony/ATV Songs LLC Mariah Carey: Columbia; HONEY Mariah Carey Bobby Robinson Bobby Robinson Sweet Soul Music Rye Songs Sony/ATV Songs LLC Mariah Carey: Columbia; MY ALL Mariah Carey Rye Songs Sony/ATV Songs LLC Mariah Carey: Columbia

5/17/99 Man..not much MC news but I do have a little article for you. If you have any news PLEASE send it to WildCatHG@aol.com Thanks so much...This article is from Alex..thanks Alex :D...
In addition to the online eBay auction, MTV viewers who check out "MTV's Cool Crap," hosted by MTV's Dave Holmes, Matt Pinfield, Thalia DaCosta and hip hop artist Rahzel, on Saturday, May 22nd will have the opportunity to win items from the MTV Music Vault. Callers can win prizes like an autographed Kid Rock guitar, a drum head autographed by Sugar Ray, a trip to Jesse Camp's next video shoot and autographed items from Jewel, Janet, Mariah Carey and Tori Amos.

YuMmYuMz sent me some cool info. I was told that there is 3 BIG MC pics. in People en Espanol, the 25 most beautiful people. Also there is like 10 pictures of her in a spanish magazine called TV Y Novelas. It is about Luis and her and it is 3 pages long..thanks :D

I forgot to add this yesterday but I added 3 new MC pics. I believe to Gallery 9. I got a lot of cool concert pics. from someone so maybe I'll add them in the future :D

5/16/99 My good friend Alan sent me some more tidbits about the Blockbuster awards...Mariah is up for the BEST female pop artist for #1's. She is up against Celine Dion (Let's Talk about Love AND These are special Times..how unfair to have two cd's) and Madonna for the Ray of Light. See the good news is though that most singers DON'T show up unless they are winners...So MC showing up shows a GOOD sign that she is going to win..voting will start up soon for the Blockbuster awards!!

Not much MC news today BUT I do have THREE articles for you about MC not getting the house that she wanted. There is a nice MC picture for the first one...I included it at the end of the picture!!! Thanks to Alex for the first one and Jenn for the next two :D Nobody wants Mariah pariah as neighbour
DIVA Mariah Carey draws adulation from her fans but is not good enough to live in an exclusive apartment block in Manhattan, New York. Carey had negotiated a $7,5-million (about R45-million) price to buy fellow singer Barbra Streisand's 16-room flat on Central Park West, but was rejected by the building's co-operative committee. According to the New York Post, her penchant for clubbing and hanging out with rappers made her an undesirable occupant. Entertainers like Carey might make millions, but they inevitably face problems finding homes in upmarket areas because owners believe they attract adoring fans and stubborn journalists. The 29-year-old singer Believe, will go on looking for premises, having left behind a $10-million mansion in Bedford, New York, when she walked out on her husband, Tommy Mottola, in 1977. Carey, who has had more number one singles than anyone since the Beatles, has had other problems finding a permanent home. She was turned down by another co-operative committee and the flat sold to fashion designer Giorgio Armani. But R&B star Carey does not have to feel singled out - Madonna has been turned down as well.

Mariah Has Trouble Finding A New Home
Who wouldn’t want Mariah Carey as a neighbor? Apparently more than one upscale Manhattan co-op apartment building. Mariah had made a deal to buy Barbra Streisand's sprawling triplex just off Central Park, but the co-op tenant board rejected her offer. Her spokesperson says Streisand and Carey “thought it was a done deal. Both of them were surprised.'' Reports say Carey was set to pay over $7.5 million - Streisand had been asking $9 million - for the 16-room co-op. But a source at the building says that the tenants just don’t want a young, high-profile celebbrity in the building. This was the second snub for Carey, who was turned down for another luxury apartment that later was sold to Giorgio Armani. Carey’s spokesperson says, ''She's okay about it - she'll just look for another place. She has other places lined up.'' Besides, Mariah hasn’t been in town much anyway. She’s doing a lot of traveling with her new beau, Luis Miguel.

Mariah Carey: There Goes The Neighborhood
Mariah Carey's deal to buy Barbra Steisand's apartment on Central Park West and 92nd Street reportedly has been nixed by the building's co-op board. Carey's spokeswoman tells the New York Post the singer is okay about the snub and has other places lined up. She's said to have also been turned down by another co-op board on the same street. The Post reports Carey is a regular at downtown nightclubs and counts rappers Sean "Puffy" Combs, Q-Tip and Da Brat among her friends.

5/15/99 Do you want a Mariah Carey Calender for the year 2,000??? Well it is simple then. The calender is $16 in US money (f8 in UK, and f9 Rest of World) and that includes shipping and handling. You can pay by check or postal order and make them payable to Calender Offer or send cash registered or recorded post. OR pay by credit or debit card. Post your order to...
Calender Offer
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Make sure you send proper information. It says... Name, street, town/city, county/state, country, post/zip code, fax (if you want), telephone number, and E-mail address. And that is it people. They said supplies are NOT being reprinted so make sure you reserve your copy now. They are supposively are making a limited supply and they are starting it this year!!! Reserve your copy today..you will get it in September or October and also they will send you a book with all the calender on October 15th...

ADayDream7 sent me some information...the Backstreet Boys, once again, had a countdown of their FAVORITE videos and MC happened to be on there twice...Mariah Carey's My All and Honey (Bad Boy Remix). Obviously the Backstreet Boys have good taste..hee hee :D Thanks Lena!!

BIG NEWS...the website has now BROKE 20,000 visits. That is really amazing and I think the webpage has come a LONG way since last year. Thank you to everyone who made this happen, especially Alex and thanks for all of your support :D

Anderz shipped this little tidbit of news my way :) MC is expected to attend the 1999 Blockbuster Awards show, which will take place on June 16th...here is the little article..
LOS ANGELES - Fifth annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards taped. Celebrities expected to attend incluce NICOLAS CAGE, CUBA GOODING JR., JOHN TRAVOLTA, MARIAH CAREY, KATHY BATES, N'SYNC, RICKY MARTIN, SARAH MCLACHLAN, ANNE HECHE, JEFF GOLDBLUM, LYNN REDGRAVE, and JENNIFER TILLY. At Shrine Auditorium (airs June 16 on Fox).

There is a rumor going around that it is ALMOST official that MC and Luis Migueal WILL be doing a duet on his new album!!

Alen Chen sent me some intersting information. It seems that Mariah Around the World in Australia has The Roof and My All added videos on their VIDEO release and DVD. How come we don't..eh?? Bizarre!!

Some new dates were added including new Diva Live Pop Up Video repeats and more on VH1. All of them are repeats, but just incase you missed them the first time or want to watch them ALL over again :)

5/14/99 Well you heard it here FIRST...there is going to be a new Mariah Carey Book coming out on December 1, 1999. It is entitled "Mariah Carey" and is written by S. Ste Wellman. It is $9.95 and it hasn't even been published yet. Thanks to Mcdanr5 for the info :D

SLEEPFIGHT told me that there is a picture of MC, Bobby Brown and Whitney in the new Right On magazine. I havn't seen it myself, but I'll let you know more when I get it :D

Remember how I was telling you about the new group Blaque, the one that MC was said to of produced a song for in the Vibe magazine? Well my friend Juan told me that there was another Blaque article in a DIFFERENT VIBE article and they wrote that they are going to sing a Mariah Carey penner ballad called "Don't Go Looking for Love."

Flute69 sent me something in the mail about this whole Barbara housing ordeal..read on..."On a NYC newstation they had a story on about Mariah. The news team wasn't dissing her, but the people they asked didn't know who she was or they didn't like her. They said that the co-op building she was buying from Barbra Streisand was turned down. The people that lived around the co-op building didn't want Mariah to live there because she hangs out with "rowdy" people such as Puff Daddy and Q-tip. They showed the building and it was huge!"

Well here you go, Ron from the Philippines sent me some tidbits on MC from where he is living...maybe this will help out some of you if you are Filipino :D "I just came from the Tower Records and found out that Mariah's #1's is still selling large number of copies. It is still at the number 8 spot and I saw none of those albums released during the Super Tuesday. I now have my AROUND THE WORLD! It was awesome. For Filipino Mariah fans, if you want to secure a VHS tape of Mariah Carey Around The World, just go to Tower Records at the Glorietta 3, Makati City. Similarly -- and contrary to popular beliefs -- Mariah singles are available here in the Philippines, too. Check out the record bar called Mega Mixx at the SM Megamall Third Floor. You can find superb and sought-after singles. VIVA MARIAH!" Viva Mariah indeed...thanks Ron!!

I picked up Vanity Fair and the picture with Herb Ritts and MC is in, pretty much, the beg. of the magazine. It is an okay picture..I don't think it is that great but go check it out for yourself :D

5/13/99 Here is an article that HeadBack sent to me on MC and her new house...MARIAH NIXED FOR BARBRA'S CO-OP
SONGBIRD Mariah Carey can't seem to find a new nest. The diva made a deal to buy Barbra Streisand's sprawling triplex on Central Park West and 92nd Street - only to get rejected by the crusty board after a meeting last Friday. ''She thought it was a done deal, so did Barbra,'' said a source. ''Both of them were surprised.'' Real estate insiders say Carey was set to fork over $7.5 million - Streisand had been asking $9 million - for the 16-room co-op in the Ardsley building, which boasts its own beauty salon, 5 fireplaces and 7 baths. ''Those Upper West Side matrons were probably afraid their husbands would be drooling in the elevator,'' cracked one wag. But another source at the swanky building says the board just doesn't want the young, high-profile celeb in its midst. It marks the second snub for Carey, who was turned down for another CPW apartment that later went to Giorgio Armani. ''Obviously, her bank statement wasn't the problem,'' observed one fan. ''People from the music industry come with their own stigmas,'' sniffed an Ardsley insider. ''Barbra was low-profile - and she was rarely there. Mariah likes the nightlife. The board probably wasn't impressed with the company she keeps.'' Carey is a regular at downtown clubs like NV and Life, and counts rappers Sean ''Puffy'' Combs, Q-Tip and Da Brat among her pals. ''Can you see the neighbors' faces when she throws a party? It's not the Beresford, but still, they'd faint,'' said the source. Streisand is reportedly upset at the turn-down. ''I could hear her scream all the way from the West Coast - she hit a high E,'' laughed one friend. Streisand lived in the apartment 26 years. After last year's wedding to James Brolin she put it on the block where it languished, mainly because of her original $10 million asking price - which brokers say is too high for a place with no park view. Meanwhile, Carey is taking the diss in stride. ''She's okay about it - she'll just look for another place,'' said her rep, Cindy Berger. ''She has other places lined up.'' Perhaps a condo in Acapulco, where she's been frolicking with beau Luis Miguel? ''She hasn't been in town a lot,'' Berger admitted, adding a teaser, ''She has been doing a lot of tropical traveling with Luis.''

5/12/99 Do you want Mariah to be #1? Well she started out there but now fell to NUMBER 2!! Egads people..let's get her back up there!! VOTE!

I added something new to the site today..I am going to do polls now :D Please participate in them, some will be kind of interesting :D This weeks poll will kick off with a normal, basic question!! Check main page for more info!!

For the Pavorotti event (in Italy) it is said that MC might be doing a duet at this concert. It is expected that a video and a CD might be released also. It will most likely be broadcasted on many TV-stations all over the world. A journalist said that MC is expected to do Hero with Pavorotti. Thanks Anderz!

Black Music Month Explodes On BET With Special Programming; Network Continues to Highlight the Best and Debut the Next in World of Music This June

WASHINGTON--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--May 12, 1999--This June, Black Entertainment Television (BET) unveils an incredible line-up of original programming with the hottest superstars in R&B and Rap.

The only network that historically features up-and-coming African-American performers, BET's Black Music Month specials take a look at some of yesterday's and today's biggest stars. BET's exclusive specials feature performers who BET has debuted and supported throughout the 1980's and 1990's.

BET's Black Music Month specials will feature music videos, concert performances and exclusive specials with cameos and interviews from newcomers and veterans of the recording industry. Original and surprising footage brings viewers early images of stars such as Missy Elliot and Mariah Carey before they became famous. Additionally, original concert performances accent the music videos airing throughout the month on the network where music lives.

MUSIC SPECIALS SET TO AIR ON BET DURING BLACK MUSIC MONTH "Teddy Riley - The Man Behind the Music" Saturday, June 12 at 8:00 p.m. (60 minutes) MC was in fact on the Behind the Music Video show on VH1 yesterday at 11 am. They showed the I Still Believe video and it was pretty cool. They had a BUNCH of interviews and took you behind on the set. They also talked to Brenda K Star and had more of that interview that Entertainment Tonight showed a while back. If you missed it...don't fret. It will repeat 3 more times. Check out Important Dates for the date and time of the event!!

MariahLov sent me news that MC will be on another new VH1 special. It will take place on Sunday the 16th at 9:30 am. Here is a little tidbit on it...Before They Were Rock Stars #6 Divas. Report on the early days of pop stars before they made it big; Includes clips on: Whitney Houston, Brandy, Leann Rimes, Lauryn Hill, Gloria Estefan, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Sheryl Crow, and Tina Turner.

Tranquil20 sent me some cool tidbits. MC is in the new edition of Vanity Fair with Julia Roberts on the cover. It is a picture of her and Herb Ritts (director of My All) at the Oscar party. Go check it out...on stores shelves now...anyone got a scan??

Also Scott told me that in the VIBE magazine there is an article for a new group named BLAQUE. The cd comes out on May 18th and it says in the ad that the cd features songs produced by R. Kelly, Track Master, Roc Wake, and Mariah Carey. Anyone got anymore info?

5/10/99 Mariah was JUST on Entertainment Tonight. It talked about MC and Luis and the latest STAR issue. It really wasn't anything much at all..they just showed the STAR pictures and whatnot so you didn't miss much if you missed it!! I had several people e-mail me and tell me but I wasn't online. Thank God to Alex, that he called me and taped it for me caues I was trash picking for HIS Sandra Bullock information in the trash cans outside. Do you like Sandra Bullock? Well then check out his site. It is seriously the #1 SB website on the internet and he copied off of MY webpage name..LOL...Alex Page

Well as I said earlier in the month...new things are going to be happening to the webpage..yesterday Alex and I created a Background for the ENTIRE webpage. It is Honey captures :) Also every week there will be a new Quote of the Week picture with the new Quote. I finnaly figured out how to change it fast and easily :D Stay tune for new changes during this month due to the fact that it is the ONE year anniversary of this webpage :D

Not much Mariah news today..how sad but I can tell you that VH1 has a new show...it is called "Behind the Music Videos" When I looked it up it gave me this description...
Behind the Music Video
Program Type: Network Series / Music
Parental Guidance: TV-PG
The stories behind videos by the B-52s, Natalie Imbruglia and Mariah Carey. (30 min.) It airs Tuesday (tomorrow)and repeats Friday, Saturday, and next Tuesday!! Want to see what time? Check out Important Dates on the Main page!!!

Christina sent me a little tidbit she found in the new Teen (June issue)magazine... Cold in Honolulu: Polynesian prints, baggy shirts, the 70's look, Beverly Hills 90210, Mariah Carey, brightly colored nail polish. Not very nice thing to hear though..huh??

You got any news?? Send it to me and I will add it for everyone else to see :D

5/9/99 Well I don't have much news today cause I am pretty sick right now...but I came on to get my mail and Flute69 sent me a cool MC article...read on...
Mariah Carey's album #1's has become the best-selling foreign album in Japan. The album, which includes thirteen Carey hits that reached the top of the pop charts in the US, HAS sold 3.5 million copies since its November 17, release. Carey's album dethroned the Bodyguard soundtrack, which previously was the best-selling foreign album. With her "#1's" disc topping the 3 million-unit plateau, Mariah Carey is the first female artist to have eight consecutive albums reach that threshold.

5/8/99 I added an EXCLUSIVE picture from the new movie The Bachelor. Thanks to Hydrogirl for the picture. It is in the NEW Glamour magazine. You can see this picture and MANY more new MC pics. in Gallery 9. Here is a sneak peak...

MC is in ALL FOUR tabloids this week. She is on the cover of the STAR tabloid with 4 great MC pics. inside (I highly recommend getting that!) There is a NICE picture of MC in the GLOBE tabloid from the Nick benifit. Also a similiar picture of MC from that event is in the National Examiner. And lastly you can see a great MC pic. in the National Enquirer from teh Essence awards. GO CHECK THEM OUT :)

MC is ALSO in the InStyle magazine. As soon as you open it up and look in contents you will see a BIG MC pic. There is NINE MC pictures on page 200. It starts off in 1987 and goes up to 1999 and it is entitles "BEAUTY TRANSFORMATION" It is SO COOL. It is kind of like the Teen People one a while back but so much better. You HAVE to get this :D

I finnaly got the new Twist magazine with usher on the cover. The little article reads..."Mariah Carey says she writes in the one places where no one can bother her-the bath-tub. Funny, Mr. Rubber Duckie has always been a huge distraction for us."

HORSEHEADS, N.Y., May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1999, and for the sixth consecutive year, JCPenney is the National Presenting Sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure® Series. JCPenney has a proven track record with regard to support of issues affecting women, and the company's role as national presenting sponsor of this national race series reaffirms its commitment.

For the first time, one of the races will be held in the Southern New York/Northern Pennsylvania region. More than 1,000 participants are expected to attend the Komen Twin Tier's Race for the Cure® 5K Walk/Run and one-mile fitness run on Sunday, May 23 at 9 a.m. at Arnot Mall in Horseheads, N.Y. This is part of the series expansion from 85 cities in 1998 to 98 cities in 1999.

To promote the event and raise additional funds, volunteers are conducting an auction on Thursday, May 13 in the center court of Arnot Mall. The auction item preview will be from 5 to 6 p.m. The actual auction will take place from 6 to 7 p.m. Items to be auctioned include celebrity-autographed Ty® Beanie Babies (former President and First Lady Gerald and Betty Ford, Michael Douglas, Cher and Mariah Carey are some of the celebrities donating their names to the cause), a hat autographed by Tiger Woods, and an autographed Rosie O'Donnell doll.

5/7/99 Well I have good news. One of our 251 members of InfoMC has in fact won the Lunch with Mariah ordeal. It will take place in June or July, they will let her know. I won't tell you her screen name but her name in Christina and I just want to say Congrads to her and that she is so lucky. Way to Go Christina :D

AgentM9876 told me that on Entertainment Tonight MC was on. It was probably yesterday. She is ONE of the Best Dressed in the National Enquirer (which will hit stands NEXT week). The dress they were talking about was the one from the Essence awards THIS year, in which she was a presenter. The dress is much similiar to the one from the NAACP awards. So make sure you check out next weeks Enquirer :D

Christina told me that MC is in the NEW Star tabloid. It is the May 18, 1999 issue. "There is a picture of her on the cover with the caption "Sizzling Summer Weddings." Then, on the inside (pages 28-29) there are 3 pictures of her and Luis and it talks about how friends think they will get married soon. She is also on page 37, it's a picture of her from the Essence Awards." Thanks so much for the news :D

The last couple of weeks there were rumours going around that Mariah would perform at the annual "Pavarotti & Friends" concert, but now it's official. The lineup was announced Wednesday morning. The concert will be broadcasted by many TV-stations all over the world. Later, a video and a CD of the concert will be released. More information on this unique concert can be found on my website.

Mariah is also expected to be on Entertainment Tonight TONIGHT at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time because last night they showed a little preview. I am not saying she WILL be but there is a possibility that she might be. Tune in just incase and tomorrow I will bring you news if she was. Again thanks to Christina by News correspondent!!

5/5/99 MC was JUST on VH1. It is a showed caled Women First and it airs at 4:00 pm ET. It was a minute and 32 second clip of MC getting her award from Congress for the FAF and then it showed clips of MC singing from the Nick Bash "Hero" It was actually a nice minute and 32 seconds clip :D

I picked up the June 7th FRESH magazine last night at work and there is two WHOLE page things on MC. One is a pinup and the other is an article and then half the page is a huge MC pic (that was in an older FRESH magazine MUCH smaller though). They are both from the Billboard Awards and it talks about MC's Astrology. Kind of interesting!

Alex sent me an article about kids role models and who they should look up to. MC was one of the people and they expressed how parents are the main one though. Here is part of the article that talked about MC cause it was a really long article... "Boys Harbor Student Survey Reveals Parents Are Best Role Models Especially Mom" Among the outside role models named, celebrities ranged from Harriet Tubman to WWF wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Multiple students cited teen pop-icon, Brandy, as a role model. Other celebrities mentioned include: Bill Gates, Sammy Sosa, Martin Lawrence and Mariah Carey.
Thanks Alex!

TommyBMC sent me something VERY distubing. You know the girl from Suddenly Susan..the red head? Well she is a "commedian," or so she says, and she completly dissed MC on stage the other night. She said MC can take a scarve and throw it around her and call it a dress and this all started when she left her 100 year old husband, Tommy. I just think that is tasteless and uncalled for.

Another Tasteless thing is that MC was on the E! Gossip show the other day and here is what Tomas1284 sent out...
"A really popular and gorgeous fitness trainer was at a bar on Sunset Strip (L.A.). Someone came up to him and said "Hey, Mariah Carey is in the house!" He responded, and I qoute, "Where is that chunky butt?" Well, "chunky butt" was standing right next to him and heard the whole conversation, at which point Mariah said "Exuse me?" He tried to clear it up like "uh...oh, um, I was saying chunky boy" or something like that. Mariah knew he was talking about her and she was so hurt that she almost cried!"

And to end todays news, MCarey327 brought to my attention an article on Mariah Carey Around the World... "MARIAH CAREY Mariah Carey Around The World DVD takes you from Australia -- where Mariah sings Hopelessly Devoted To You, from Grease, with Olivia Newton-John -- to New York City's intimate Spy Bar -- where you'll find Mariah dueting with Brian McKnight on Whenever You Call. You'll join Mariah behind-the-scenes with exclusive backstage footage including her massive New York in-store appearance and her party-for-fans at Webster Hall celebrating the release of #1's. Mariah Carey Around The World is an unforgettable musical journey you'll want to take over and over again. The Program Includes Bonus Videos & Special Features More Info at: http://www.mcarey.com/cmv.html"

5/4/99 MC will be at this years Essence Awards. They will take place on June 2nd at 8 pm on Fox. She is a presenter this year :)

Not much news today because I am working...LOL...I'll update on Wednesday :D

5/3/99 MC was on Entertainment Tonight tonight about the Essence awards. SHe wore a long black dress with a HUGE drop in the front..hee hee. Kind of like the NAACP awards. Her hair was straight and pulled halfway up. She looked really pretty and ET questioned her on the Hane Her Way Award for best legs and she said something like how it wouldn't be right for her to say she deserved or something and then just laughed :) Entertainment Tonight replays early in the morning at like 2 am Eastern Standard Time so maybe you can see it, if you read this news in time :)

Thanks to Alex for bringing this little article to my attention. HE found it at a wrestling site and here is what it says..."Dave Scherer says that Steve Austin will be going to Chicago and taping an episode of the Oprah show in June. Other guests on that show include Mariah Carey and Mel Gibson. It looks like Oprah, much like alot of other's in mainstream tv, realize the ratings power wrestlers like Austin can bring."

Kristen sent me some news about a new special on BET she saw a commercial on. It is basically about how they got their start and MC is in it. It's a special for Mariah Carey, Usher, Missy Elliot, Erika Badu, Genuine, En Vogue and there may be more, but that's all they showed. They all got started on BET. It's Wed. June 23, 8pm Eastern time! Thanks again Kristen :)

There is a lot of talk going around about a "#1's" Video Tape. It is said to be released on June 28th..anyone have anymore information on it? Let me know...

5/2/99 Well where to start..how about with magazine. SkyBoy02 told me a couple magazines MC is in that I didn't know about...Here goes. She is in the Fresh magazine (Holding Billboard award), and she is in TWIST magazine with Usher on the cover (picture of her wiht Monica and Britney??).

ECShort told me that MC is in the May issue of ALLURE magazine. It is a picture of her and Derek Jeter!!

MC will be on the cover of the new Teen People. It is NOT a subscription one from what I hear and it will be out on June 11th. MC is on the cover with many other stars like Will Smith. It talks about Before They Were Stars and it is a picture of MC from her Highschool Portrait and a recent MC pic. from ???

Honey11682 sent me some news she heard about MC. I found it interesting cause MC is supposively having a new album called Best of the Rest coming out (Someone in Sony said that) and then the soundtrack for All That Glitters...so this could be true!!! "I heard that Mariah was comming out with an album at the end of this year. It is not the same as the soundtrack it's a brand new one. That's what I heard at the beginning of this year. She has 2 more albums to do and then she can leave columbia records. I heard that on MTV. She is going to another label, but I forget which one she said...but it's more of a hip hop label, cause that's the kind of music she's into now." Whatcha think????

diva121@juno.com e-mailed and told me there is a new pole in the June issue of Seventeen. They have a poll called the "1999 Teen Choice Awards." Mariah has two nominations "Favorite Female Artist" and "Best Love Song of the Year(I Still Believe)." The awards will be shown on all-star Fox TV special in August. If you want to vote for her, check out www.seventeen.com

There is a nice article on Nickelodian's website. Here it is... The Big Help hit the Big Apple last weekend, and the stars were out for a Big Help Week blowout in Manhattan's Marcus Garvey Park. Super-celebs, Nick stars, and kids from all over the city made a mark on their park by planting flowers, tagging trees, and restoring a historic fire tower. Local hero...Singing sensation Mariah Carey made her debut as the Big Help's newest celebrity spokesperson by getting her hands dirty planting flowers with a bunch of Big Helpers. The day was about beautifying the park, not belting out tunes, but Mariah didn't disappoint her faithful fans. After thanking everyone for coming out and doing their part, Mariah did hers by singing a line from her hit single "Hero." Even with no band or music to back her up, Mariah wowed the crowd with her powerful impromptu performance. If you want to see the two great MC pics. from it Click Here

5/1/99 "Not an Ordinary Joe's Crowd Another newcomer, New York comedian Sarah Jones, made the most of her showcase performance this week at Joe's Pub by attracting an eclectic group of well-wishers that included Mariah Carey, Andre Harrell and former Nation of Islam minister Conrad Muhammad. Carey and Jones have been palling around town together, and Carey has become a big fan of her act, which deals with interracial relationships.

Carey was even spotted at Joe's Pub, tearing up during Jones' portrayal of a Russian mother trying to help her mixed-race daughter cope with racism.

The singer says she feels a special kinship with Jones "because we're both mixed-race girls." Thanks Anderz for that sweet story :)

You can see FOUR new MC photos in Gallery 9. They are REALLY nice and they are from the Spanish Magazine called Hola. The article basically talks about her like story...from when she met Tommy until now, when she is dating Luis. Thanks to joshie for the pics and news...

MC 4 Life told me that there is a new album of MC's coming out later this year called "Best of the Rest." Did anyone else hear anything about this? I thought her next album was for the "All That Glitters" Soundtrack..maybe that is the name of the Soundtracks album?

I was also told that the Mariah Carey Newswire has just confirmed that MC has in fact finished the remix for "Whenever You Call" Maybe there will be a cool single :) It probably won't be released in the US but still that is cool!!

Mariah Nation reports that Mariah was the original choice for the song ''Girlfriend/Boyfriend'' but because Mariah had so many projects going on she couldn't do the song. They said Mariah will be featured on one of Blackstreet's songs in the future.

They talk about MC in the new magazine called Replay. It is about how she is going to be on ODB's new album. Here is the article and thanks to MC4Life for this info..
Speaking of Ol' Dirty Bastard, after a grand jury dismissed charges against him of attempted murder of a police officer, the wu tang clan rapper plans to sue the NYPD for " as much money as I can get" ODB's second solo album "Nigga Please" is almost finished and may include cameos from Madonna, Little Richard, Natalie Cole, and Mariah Carey."

PLEASE PEOPLE..take FIVE minutes top to go VOTE for MC at that Entertainment Weekly Poll..Madonna and her are at neck to neck. Once again here is the link.......Entertainment Weekly Poll

Hey guys it's a new month and on MAY 25th is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Alex (my best guy-friend in the whole world) drew and colored and created the new opening on the webpage!! I am going to try and update the webpage throughout this month to make it better and bigger. So stay tune for some cool changes :D

SO do you want MC to be #1??? Then she needs your help. Go vote for MC at the new Entertainment Weekly Poll. Madonna and her are going neck to neck...Entertainment Weekly Poll

Mariah is in the new Hype Hair magazine. There is a picture of MC from the ONES signing and it says, "Mariah's long honey blonde tresses are softly curled to accentuate her femininity."

You know how I was talking about MC writing a song called "There for Me" with David Foster, well they are not writing that with Michael Jackson, they are writing it for MC's new movie "All That Glitters" Here is an article about it (thanks Anderz!)...
Carey-ing on: Mariah Carey celebrated her saucy interview in May's Mirabella magazine at a dinner that editor Roberta Myers threw Monday at Il Cantinori. The diva just returmed from Ireland where she met her mom's relatives. She also just cut a new ballad (co-written with David Foster and Jennifer Warren) for her coming movie "All That Glitters."

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