Mariah: I Don't Want To Be A Stage Mom
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Mariah Carey wants to give her kids the world — literally.

During a Friday appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael at Disneyland, the singer admitted she's excited for her twins Monroe and Moroccan to experience the happiest place on earth.

"The babies can't wait to get on the rides. They’re super excited," Carey, 46, shares.

"I've been loving Disney forever — since I first came here — because when I was little, I didn't have the money to come to Disney so I had to make up for it over the years," says Carey.

She explains, "I just want them to have everything that I never had, [but] now they want everything and more!"

Carey’' love for the magical amusement park isn't the only thing she's passed on to her children with Nick Cannon. On Monday, the mom of two visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! and brought both 4 year olds out on stage.

"My daughter loves to sing and Roc now loves to sing. They want to come up... and sing, especially Monroe," says Carey.

"I don't want to be a stage mother like, 'Get on stage, sweetie, you got to sing.' But I don't want to keep her from it [either]."
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Download: Mariah on Live! with Kelly and Michael
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Honey B Fly Announces #1 To Infinity Pre-Sale
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 20-May-2015, 11:58AM EDT
Mariah has announced new dates for her Las Vegas residency show, #1 To Infinity. Mariah will play a total of 9 shows in the month of February 2016.

The dates are as follows:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Friday, February 5, 2016
Saturday, February 6, 2016
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Saturday, February 13, 2016
Sunday, February 14, 2016
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Saturday, February 20, 2016
Sunday, February 21, 2016

Honey B Fly pre-sale begins TODAY at 10am PT/1 pm ET for Legacy members and 12pm PT/3 pm ET for Junior (new) members.

Log in to and click on the TOUR section. You will see your presale code at the top of the page.

Click HERE to get your Honey B Fly Live Pass.

Photos: Mariah Films Disneyland Performance
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Below, see photos of Mariah at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on May 19, 2015. Mariah performed "Vision of Love" and "Infinity." Her performance will air on Kelly & Michael on Friday, May 22, 2015. Many thanks to BoogieMcWoogie for sharing the photos!

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#1 To Infinity February 2016 Dates Announced
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AEG Live AllAccess has sent out an email announcing February 2016 dates for #1 To Infinity in Las Vegas. Mariah will perform at Caesars Palace beginning Tuesday, February 2, 2016 through Sunday, February 21, 2016.

The presale will begin on Wednesday, May 20 at 12:00 PM and run through Thursday, May 21 at 10:00 PM. Password is: AEGMARIAH16

Public sale will begin on Friday, May 22 at 10:00 AM.

Visit for more information.
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Download: Mariah on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Mariah On Her Incredible Career
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From Good Morning Britain: Mariah Carey has the most number one singles for a female solo artist and Richard Arnold sits down with her in Las Vegas to discuss an incredible career.

Source: Good Morning Britain | James

L.A. Reid Talks Mariah With Billboard
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 19-May-2015, 12:30AM EDT
Epic chairman L.A. Reid sat down with Billboard to discuss several topics, including Mariah's return to Sony. See below for excerpts from the article:

You signed Carey to IDJ and now Epic. Six years since her last top 10 song, what do you expect from her new single, "Infinity"?

Mariah Carey made her first hit record in 1991. To even be on the radio at this point in her career is a huge accomplishment, because radio doesn't cater to veteran artists or legends. Radio caters to in-the-moment stars... Nobody that put out records 25 years ago is going to have a No. 1. Not Paul, Stevie, Bruce, Mick or Keith. Not Prince, not anyone. So if she can get on the radio, we've done damn good. Would we like to have a No. 1? F-- yeah, I'm greedy. But it's not realistic.

Will you put her back in the studio?

Absolutely, but I don't believe in asking artists to go back and be who they once were. I like concept records, I like the idea of thematic, storytelling records. I love duets and the Great American Songbook. I think a great vocalist should un-cage themselves and think about things like that sometimes. I mean, Frank Sinatra did it. It's fun to sing songs you love. And let's not forget that one of Mariah's biggest hits, "I'll Be There," was a cover. There are many things that Mariah can still do.

In a way, do you have to position Carey as a new artist?

No. I'm not under any illusion that Mariah should compete with, say, Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. Our job is to make sure the quality is there. Every artist is one great song away from massive success.

You were in attendance for the first show of her residency at Caesars in Las Vegas on May 6. How was it for you?

I had a great time. In all of the years that we spent as friends and working together, I have never been in the audience when Mariah Carey sang all of her hits! She was having fun, she was comfortable and made us comfortable. We didn't have that sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-chair anxiety as we watched the show. It was like we were in Mariah Carey's home.
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Mariah Las Vegas Getaway Contests
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In case you didn't know, there are currently two contests running in which you could win the chance to fly to Las Vegas to meet Mariah and see her residency show, #1 To Infinity. The contests are being run by Amazon and also via Mariah's official Facebook page:


Deadline: June 1, 2015

Prize: A trip to Las Vegas July 18th-20th, 2015 for two to meet and see Mariah Carey perform at the Colosseum in Las Vegas, NV on July 19th, 2015.

Guidelines: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be a legal resident of the 50 U.S. states or D.C., 21 or older. Sweepstakes ends 6/1/2015 at 11:59p.m.(PST). Limit one entry per person and e-mail address. See Official Rules for details.

Click here for complete details and to enter.


Deadline: June 22, 2015

Prize: Enter for a chance to win a 2-night getaway to Las Vegas and experience Mariah Carey perform live from the FRONT ROW on July 22nd at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Guidelines: You must be 21 years old and a US resident. You must also have a valid Facebook account.

Click here for complete details and to enter.
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Download: Mariah on Ellen
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Download: Mariah at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards
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Vogue: "We Belong Together" Turns 10
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 16-May-2015, 6:05PM EDT
“We Belong Together” Turns 10! Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, and L.A. Reid on Making the Smash Hit

This summer marks the tenth anniversary of the unprecedented run of Mariah Carey’s "We Belong Together," a smash hit that spent a record-breaking fourteen weeks at number one on the Billboard singles chart. The song was Carey's sixteenth number-one single, and is largely credited for reviving her career after a brief series of less-than-successful releases. With a new Las Vegas residency underway (the song gets prime position on her set list) and a new greatest hits package, Number 1 to Infinity, forthcoming, asked all the players—record executive L.A. Reid, producer Jermaine Dupri, video director Brett Ratner, songwriter Johntá Austin, and Carey herself—about writing and recording the song, watching it blow up, and why it still resonates today.

On what was supposed to be the eve of Carey's comeback, one of her most trusted advisors sent her down to Atlanta for just one more try at a true smash, uniting her with her longtime songwriting partner, Jermaine Dupri.

L.A. Reid: Mariah had recorded the entire album and we were literally celebrating in a hotel room. It was me, Mariah, Mark Sudack, and Benny Medina. We were about to toast and we raised our champagne glasses. And I wouldn’t do the clink. I said, "This album is not complete. It's missing a big song." It wasn't the greatest news, but basically she said, "What do you recommend?" And I told her, "You need to see Jermaine Dupri."

Jermaine Dupri: L.A. sent her to Atlanta to finish the album, but she had come down before to make some songs. First two songs we did were "Get Your Number" and "It's Like That." She came and we got that, and it ["It's Like That"] became the first single. When she came back, we said, "Let’s do a ballad." So we ended up making two ballads. "We Belong Together" and "Shake It Off."

Reid: One of my favorite Mariah songs was "Always Be My Baby." She wrote that with Jermaine. I thought they never truly revisited that, so they did.

With only a small time in Carey's schedule, a crack team assembled to try to make the classic that Reid was demanding of her.

Dupri: Mariah didn't want to come stay in Atlanta. She didn't really want to spend the night. We didn't even get to finish recording it down here. Her plane was ready to go. It was like 6:00, 7:30 in the morning, and Mariah was like, "Focus, c'mon let's go."

Mariah Carey: This is the song that I worked hardest on with Jermaine. Me, Jermaine, and Johntá [Austin] were writing for the album. I loved "Shake It Off," then we had to really sit down together and focus. I’m used to be being the most focused person in the room, but on this particular track, Jermaine was so focused. I've never seen him this focused before.

Dupri: That was the first time that Johntá was brought in to write. Me and Manuel [Seal] did "Always Be My Baby" together. We were trying to recreate the magic we had. That was the thought in bringing him back to do that.

Johntá Austin: It was very, very late when we recorded this. All of them started after midnight. This was a twist for me. I usually like to work in the day, so I had to readjust my body clock. She would throw an idea out there and Ron and Jermaine would start on the track. There was definitely some pinot grigio on hand. It was a relaxed environment, with everyone throwing ideas on the piano and humming back and forth.

Carey: Me and Johntá were fooling around. We were writing the second verse, "I didn't mean it when I said I didn’t love you so," and then JD was working on the track, and we sitting on beanbags singing, "I need you baby and everybody knows, you without me is like Snoop without hos." Then Jermaine walks in the room and he was laughing, like, "Stop playing around and get to work."

Austin: The second verse was different. Jermaine wasn’t blown away. He came to me and he said, "I need you to come up with one of those verses that I know you could do." I threw the Bobby Womack line out there, and it was received pretty well.

Dupri: This process is unheard of, to get a song that good in that little bit of time. It was magic.

Carey then left Atlanta and went to New York City to finish recording the song and to show the team's work to Reid.

Carey: I was recording in the studio, back in New York City and L.A. Reid was upstairs. I had already spent two or three hours doing background vocals and fixing the arrangement, all those background parts. That's where I have the most fun. Next thing I know, L.A. comes down with all of his money people as I'm singing, "When you left, I lost a part of me," over the outro and my friend Tracy Cloherty [former Hot 97 programmer and current BET exec] stopped by. I never let people in the room when I'm recording, ever, and I knocked it out because I said, "I don't have another chance for L.A. to hear this song and I need him to hear this record." And I jumped up the octave and I sang it, and that was it.

Reid: My head exploded! I said, "That's the one we're looking for."

The song was now complete, and Carey chose her longtime friend Brett Ratner to direct the music video, which to date has more than 128 million views on YouTube.

Brett Ratner: Usually the process is that Mariah will come over and will sing me a rough cut of the song and I'll film her. One of the best things about Mariah is that she sings lead vocal and all of her back-ups and all of the ad-libs on her songs. She'll do the ad-libs for me, so I learn the song really well... I just felt like this was a smash. It was a moment. She was on the top of her game and wrote an incredible song.

Carey: Well I remember playing the song for Brett. Different tracks inspire him different ways. We're on our way to the video shoot now for the song "Infinity," and it was the same type of reaction when he heard that song. When he heard the song, he felt like it was a really big record, but we knew we had to get two videos out at once. We came up with the concept for both and got Eric Roberts and Wentworth Miller to be in the video.

Ratner: The wedding dress she wore in the video is the same one she wore at her wedding to Tommy Mottola. She wanted to light the dress on fire, but I thought it was going to be too much. Filming the wedding was so much fun. My grandparents were in the audience.

Carey: I wanted to burn the train of the dress. It was 27 feet long and Brett wouldn't let me burn the train! I don't know what was wrong with him. He didn't want to set me on fire but we could have done it in post. I mean, c'mon.

Ratner: It was so much fun. I only come out to do videos for Mariah. I love her music so much and we're like brother and sister. The rumors that we were dating were ridiculous because we've been friends for 20 years. She's like my little sister.

The song was released on March 29, 2005, and made its debut on the charts at number 81. The crew watched as the song climbed the charts.

Dupri: I made so many records. When I hear it on the radio, I can tell something when it comes across that it's going to be a big record. You can listen to the people that were talking, the air jocks, they'll say something like, "Mariah's back." You could tell that conversation was leading to this song becoming what it is. You start hearing this commentary. Then you can believe that it's coming in that way.

Reid: I really did know it was that special record. I was driving in Miami and I pulled up to a stop. A lady pulled up beside me singing the song at the top of her lungs and her windows down. I said, "I'll be damned, she cracked the code." This is what we look for when we make music. One of the greatest tests is when you hear someone singing a song in their car. That's a private moment, like singing in the shower. I wish I could have pulled her over and taken her picture.

Austin: It was euphoric. I grew up listening to Mariah before this song. All the way back to "Vision of Love." To have a record that was doing well and making history for an artist you really admire, to work with and have fun. It was the icing on the cake.

Carey: I felt it in my heart that it was a hit record. It's just sometimes you have a great song but the planning's off and the stars don't align and it doesn't go all the way. I think there was a little lapse in the genre of female vocalist in that style of song and I think that all of those factors made it work.

The song has gone on to sell over 1.6 million copies in the U.S., and Billboard named it "the song of the decade" in 2011. Her comeback was cemented. Carey continued her success, netting two more number-one singles, judging American Idol, and now performing in her Las Vegas residency.

Reid: I think that all great artists have chapters in their career and that was her second chapter. The first was from "Vision Of Love" until she left Sony. That was a massive run for her. This was her return chapter. We kid around about it but that was her moment, and boy, did she come back. It was a massive success.

Carey: It came at a pivotal point that was so necessary for me to have a very big record but nobody could have predicted how big it could have been. Nobody would have predicted it was going to be just as big as "One Sweet Day." If people want to call it a comeback record, I don't know if they would've called it a comeback, if it was number one for five weeks or four weeks. It just seems like with me the standards are so high, and I set my standards so high, that it's hard to live up to.

Reid: "We Belong Together" was many things. It was a massive, big comeback for Mariah, and it was a comeback for me, too. The song symbolizes the relationship we have. It's our love song. Not that we have a romantic relationship, but she is my music industry wife and I am her industry husband, and that is our theme song. It was our magical moment together, and we're still together, because we belong together. [Laughs]
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Update: Mariah TV
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 15-May-2015, 3:10PM EDT
Our sidebar has been updated with Mariah's upcoming TV appearances in promotion of her new album, #1 To Infinity.

This includes an appearance on Ellen to show a sneak peek of the "Infinity" video!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's Debut at Caesars Is A Night Of Triumph
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 08-May-2015, 8:08AM EDT
Multiplatinum global superstar Mariah Carey came to Caesars Palace on Wednesday night and conquered an empire. What a voice, what a stage show, what a great band, what a triumph!

Perfection personified, the Duchess of all Divas was right at home in the footsteps of Colosseum residents past and present Celine Dion, Sir Elton John, Rod Stewart, Bette Midler and Shania Twain.

Mariah’s "Mariah #1 to Infinity" was stunning with old-fashioned Las Vegas glitz and glamour. There are only a handful of stars who are able to pull off this kind of spectacular, and Mariah proved that she is still at the top.

She rocked the Colosseum with her singing. My only worry is how she will keep her voice in shape dealing with our desert dryness over the next 17 shows booked to date in her mini-residency. She performs 18 of her timeless No. 1 hits in chronological order.

That spectacular journey through her life and career has to tax her vocal chords. Mariah closes with her newest hit "Infinity" being performed for the first time live. Her voice is an extraordinary powerhouse.

She dispelled any worries about her losing that angelic gift. It was pitch perfect reaching for the heights with her five-octave span. No question she is the highest-pitched contemporary pop singer of the decade.

At her top end (G 7), she has the sexy rapture of heavenly squeals, while on the low end (F 2), there’s a smoky, sultry sound when she sings South of the Border style to a Latin guitar. I loved the Brazilian bossa nova guitar sound as she sang to the torrid, bare-chested tango dancer’s sensuous writhing.

Kudos to musical director "Big Jim" James Wright, who leads the solid band with Daniel Moore and Derrieux Edgecombe on keys, Lance Tolbert on bass, Josh Baker on drums and Tim Stewart on guitar. They are a powerful force in their own right.

Mariah's three backup vocalists — all of whom share the solo spotlight with her — are Trey Lorenz, Maryann Tatum and Takeytha Johnson. During the show, DJ Suss-One and DJ Ravi Drums play and perform while Mariah slips off stage to change into another costume.

Additionally, there are 10 Infinity dancers choreographed by NappyTabs, the Emmy Award-winning married choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo. A younger dance crew who auditioned from various schools here also added to the stage impact.

Our thanks to Denise Truscello of WireImage for her fabulous photo coverage.

It's a knockout punch from start to finish that Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao should have delivered over big fight weekend. Giant butterfly wings from floor-to-ceiling divide to reveal Mariah and then stand majestically in ever-changing hues and colors at either side of the all-white stage and band platforms throughout her mega-power performance.

First-night fans stood for so much of the show, Mariah mounted a circular stand for several songs so that everybody could see her. It's a veritable Apple store come to life with everybody using iPhones to capture the magic. These truly are moments to remember for many months to come.

Her backdrop is a unique series of shark fin-shaped sails. At one point, they are bathed in different colors to reinforce the excitement or the sensuality of her words and at another time become surfboards for a party sequence.

Mariah has figured out the massive Colosseum stage when it comes to strutting it in high heels and sequined gowns. An undisputed diva, she’s got one elegant gentleman to assist her wherever she walks to avoid any potential fall.

And despite that, she had to summon her wardrobe assistants onstage to zip up a potential wardrobe malfunction. Mariah laughed with the audience about what it was like changing in front of 4,000 people.

She rides out over the massive 22,450-square-foot-stage on various moveable effects including a pink convertible, a yellow jet watercraft and a chaise lounge bed from where she picks one audience "victim" to join her.

There are shades of the Britney Spears S&M number at Axis at Planet Hollywood as Mariah blindfolds and pink handcuffs her volunteer. She even uses a tickler whip on the guy, but I won't spoil how it ends except to say you’ll laugh at the unfortunate ending. It ain’t what the guy is hoping next to Mariah!

She wades into the adoring audience up close and personal twice while performing "Always Be My Baby" touching hands and posing for selfies with her "lamb" and "butterfly" fans. Thank heaven for security to ensure that the out-of-control worshippers don’t overwhelm her. This is no elusive chanteuse.

Mariah walks tall from the back of the Colosseum through the crowds and fake paparazzi to start the movie-party sequence. There are old-time movie usherettes with fake popcorn who roam the audience. I loved that catfight video on the giant rear screen "Mariah vs. Bianca." That's a lipstick bathroom battle that would have done a James Bond stunt villain actor proud.

There is an emotional highpoint as she joins first with singer Trey on The Jackson Five’s "I'll Be There," which winds up woven into video with Michael Jackson singing it in duet with her. It's beautiful, touching and very moving.

Mariah, who is onstage for most of the two-hour, wall-to-wall production, is credited with the show's concept directed by legendary Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich and brought to life by Creative Director Raj Kapoor. Both men are familiar with the Colosseum, Ken for directing Celine's newest show there and Raj for Shania's production that ended in December after two years. They are production geniuses and very much an in-synch team of top talent.

In tandem with her new residency, Mariah is continuing to celebrate her remarkable career releasing her first album with newly signed Epic Records. Seventeen of those 18 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 singles, more than any solo artist in history, were written by her. The new album is in stores May 18.

To date as the bestselling female artist of all time, Mariah has sold more than 200 million albums. She also is set to attend the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17 and airing on ABC.

Songbird Anita Baker and record producer L.A. Reid attended Wednesday night's premiere along with Australian hotel gaming magnate James Packer, AEG toppers John Meglen and John Nelson and Caesars Palace President Gary Selesner. No wonder they all toasted her success with champagne after the show.

"Infinity" is a tour de force of glitz and hits for the superstar, validating her diva status and reigning rule of a global empire Caesars himself would have liked to conquer. Mariah is at Caesars Palace through May 24 and returns July 8 through 26.
Source: Las Vegas Sun

5 Things We Learned From Mariah's Residency Debut
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 08-May-2015, 7:56AM EDT
"They say this song brought me back to life... [but] I don't know where I was before," said an incredulous Mariah Carey toward the tail end of the opening night of her residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Wednesday night.

The pop diva was introducing her 2005 single, "We Belong Together," the behemoth hit that gave new life to a career that was still struggling to overcome the nuclear flop that was "Glitter" (which, looking back, really wasn't as bad as we all thought).

But Carey's refusal to embrace the comeback kid title – back then, or on Wednesday – is confounding yet understandable when taking in Wednesday's show.

She was, after all, introducing the 16th tune in a concert stocked by only her No. 1 hits. It was also a not-so-subtle reminder that no other artist breathing air could pull off what she had: A two-hour show curated from songs that hit the top of the pop charts.

At 45, Carey stands only behind the Beatles and Elvis Presley as the artist with the most No. 1s, and on Wednesday night, she worked hard to remind fans of that feat and not the avalanche of career obstacles she's encountered in recent years – lukewarm albums, heavily scrutinized live showings and professional and personal changes (new management, a divorce) – that have made fans wonder if she can ever recapture past glories.

Here are five things we learned from Carey's opening night on Wednesday:

1. The concept is surprisingly simple. "I figured I'd do this chronologically," Carey said after starting the night with power ballad "Vision of Love" – even sporting a wig as a throwback to her big '90s curls – before going through each No. 1 all the way through her new single, "Infinity" – thus the show title, "Mariah #1 to Infinity."

2. Carey isn't much of a revisionist. The singer and her band didn't take many liberties to stretch songs beyond their recognizable sonics, which might have been a risky (though welcomed) move for a Vegas spectacle, where a chunk of the audience is expecting to hear the song how they remembered it on the radio. There were a few exceptions, though: she stripped down inspirational ballad "Thank God I Found You" into an understated piano number, boosted early '90s new-jack swing jam "Someday" with a bit of TLC's "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" and fit clips of Biggie's "Juicy" into the sparkling "Dreamlover."

3. Vegas + Mariah = a perfect match. Carey has long perfected glitz and glamour. Her concerts are always over-the-top affairs, with the star doing everything from having her makeup or costumes altered onstage to stopping for a sip of champagne. And with Vegas being the land of gratuitous pizazz, Carey was right at home.

Her production appeared minimal, with her band in all-white, playing all-white instruments, and little visuals outside of past music videos and photo montages. But the show also included plenty of moments that could really only be pulled off in Vegas. Take the giant gaudy butterfly façade that opened and closed the stage; or props like a pink convertible, a Jet Ski, a plush bed fit for at least five queens -- all of which carried the singer at one point. Or the point when she had a team of oh-so-adorable kids come out and dance as if they were re-creating a peppy holiday commercial for Target. Not all of it worked, though, like the out-of-place solo from a drummer in a strange, circular apparatus that appeared to be a contraption borrowed from the Blue Man Group.

4. The focus is strictly on the hits. With 18 chart-toppers there is little room for other material, the exception being her new single "Infinity." Here's hoping that as the show progresses Carey makes time to work in favorites like "Without You," "Can't Let Go," "Butterfly" or "Shake It Off." And if Carey is completely married to the concept, and it's certainly one that works, she should consider taking the audience behind the makings of the songs.

5. Carey's voice is intact – mostly. Let's face it, many have wondered if the pop star still has the vocal chops to pull off a residency. Carey's live offerings, especially of late, have been incredibly shaky. Her vocal performances on a recent Asian leg of her tour were heavily scrutinized and her showing on the "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" special went viral for all the wrong reasons. Standing in line for will call, one attendant could be heard multiple times assuring ticket buyers that Carey sounded fantastic during a preview earlier in the week.

On opening night, Carey worked tirelessly to avoid all the heavy scrutiny that has followed her recently – though the strict no-recording policy, which approximately no one obeyed, seemed to have been instituted as a safety net. Those reservations came with a price, though. At times Carey seemed nervous, even cautious, to attempt the glass shattering octaves, whistles and melisma acrobatics that established her as one of the most untouchable voices in pop.

Although she often skimped on the heavy lifting, mostly on up-tempos like "Honey," "Fantasy" and "Heartbreaker," where she appeared to blend into a backing track, it made room for plenty of knockout moments during the ballads she's best known for – including a breathtaking double header of her last chart-toppers, "We Belong Together" and "Don't Forget About Us."
Source: LA Times

#1 To Infinity Opening Night Press Release
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 07-May-2015, 12:03PM EDT

Best-Selling Female Artist of All Time Triumphantly Launches Her Las Vegas Residency

PR Newswire, LAS VEGAS, NV (May 6, 2015) – Tonight, the iconic chanteuse and multi-platinum global superstarMariah Carey proved to be a "Vision of Love" during her premiere performance of "MARIAH #1 TO INFINITY." Marking the beginning of her headlining residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Mariah unveiled her new show to a sold-out theater and multiple standing ovations.

Conceptualized by Mariah, directed by legendary Grammy Awards Producer Ken Ehrlich and brought to life with the help of Creative Director Raj Kapoor, "MARIAH #1 TO INFINITY" embodies the true meaning of Vegas glitz and glamour. The breathtaking production designed exclusively for The Colosseum features a six-piece live band, three back-up vocals, two DJs and ten incredible dancers choreographed by Nappytabs, the double Emmy Award-winning married choreographers Tabitha D'umo and Napoleon D’umo.

Performing 18 of her timeless and beloved Number One Hits in chronological order, Mariah takes fans on a spectacular journey through her life and career in an unforgettable evening filled with fan-favorite singles, new musical arrangements, her new song "Infinity" performed live for the first time, and many more surprises. "Vision of Love," "Hero," "Fantasy," "We Belong Together" and "Touch My Body" to name a few, are among Mariah's 18 songs to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, a feat that has not been achieved by any other solo artist in music history.

In tandem with her headlining residency and groundbreaking record, Mariah will release her first album with exclusive collaboration with Epic Records, celebrating her remarkable career. For the first time ever, the album, "Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity," will be one career-spanning chronological collection of her 18 Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles (17 self-penned), more than any solo artist in history. Arriving in stores Monday, May 18, the final track on the collection is Mariah's breathtaking new single, "Infinity," co-written and produced by Mariah herself.

Tickets may be purchased in person at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Box Office, by calling 866-320-9763, or online at or Orders are subject to additional service charges and fees. Ticket prices are $250/$175/$140/$95/$55 (prices include 10% Live Entertainment Tax). For groups of 10 or more, call 866-574-3851. All shows are scheduled for 8:00 p.m.

Mariah Carey is the best-selling female artist of all time with more than 200 million albums sold to date and 18 Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles (17 self-penned), more than any solo artist in history. Mariah is a singer/songwriter/producer recognized with multiple Grammy Awards, 21 American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" Award, the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium," and BMI's "Icon Award" for her outstanding achievements in songwriting, to name a few – with her distinct five-octave vocal range, prolific songwriting, and producing talent, Mariah is truly the template of the modern pop performance.

Mariah Carey's ongoing impact transcends the music industry to leave an indelible imprint upon the world at large. Mariah Carey made her entrée into the world of independent film with her breakthrough performance for her role in "WiseGirls" starring alongside Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters. In 2009, she was recognized with the Breakthrough Performance Award at the Palm Spring International Film Festival for her critically acclaimed role in Lee Daniel's "Precious" and most recently appeared in his latest stellar ensemble piece "The Butler" (2013).

A Congressional Award recipient, Mariah has generously donated her time and energy to a range of philanthropic causes near to her heart including Save the Music, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Hunger Relief, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation, among many others. A tremendous supporter of children's charities, both domestic and international, Mariah founded Camp Mariah in partnership with the Fresh Air Fund, a retreat for inner city children to explore career development. In May 2014, Mariah released her critically-acclaimed new album, "Me. I Am Mariah... the Elusive Chanteuse" (Def Jam Recordings). She most recently completed a hugely successful world tour, "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" and an unprecedented run of six sold out Christmas shows at New York City's Beacon Theater, "Mariah Carey Presents: All I Want For Christmas Is You. A Night of Joy and Festivity." For more information visit
Source: PR Newswire

Mariah on Vegas Residency, Being A Single Mother
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 07-May-2015, 10:21AM EDT

ABC Breaking US News | ABC Politics News

Mariah Carey is the newest megastar in Las Vegas, kicking off her next chapter with a larger-than-life Vegas show and a new greatest hits album, "Mariah #1 To Infinity."

"It's like a clean slate," Carey told "Good Morning America"'s Michael Strahan during an exclusive backstage tour of her show.

"It's not just a show," she said of her residency at Caesars Palace. "It's the album, '#1 To Infinity.' It's the show, '#1 To Infinity,' and it's the place I'm at in my life, which is a brand new moment for me."

Carey split from her husband, Nick Cannon, in 2014. The couple's 4-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, are joining their mom on her Las Vegas journey.

"It's even harder now because as a single mom, it's not like, 'Woo, I'm going out tonight to do this and that," Carey said. "I occasionally, on a rare occasion, I will, but it's much more about watching movies with the kids and having fun and reading them stories or making up stories with them or playing with them when I have free time."

Carey calls Moroccan a "rock star" who loves music and says Monroe has asked her mom for her own microphone, saying, "I love microphone."

The "Hero" singer says she and Cannon are paying close attention to how they co-parent their two children.

"I feel like the most important thing is how the kids grow up," she said. "They're human beings and they have to be treated as such. They're sensitive and they're going to feel any kind of tension."

"So, for me, it's not about how I deal with anything," Carey continued. "It's about how they're going to feel after the day is over and they're going to sleep at night, you know what I mean."

On the stage in Las Vegas, she performs all 18 of her number one singles, night after night. Carey debuted her show last night and will perform 17 more shows in May and July.

"I think it's fun," Carey said of performing at Caesars Palace. "I mean, it's just that being here, there's so much different stuff going on, between the fights and the entertainers and different people here doing residencies, it's not the same thing as it used to be."

She added: "And I wanted to get closer to my fans from all over the world who do come and travel and want to have an experience. And this is the first time I've ever, ever done all 18 number ones in a show. I've never done this before."

When Strahan asked her whether she had any pre-show rituals or superstitions, she replied: "No. Just say a nice prayer."

Mentioning the fact that Carey has been a superstar for most of her life, Strahan asked her whether there was anything else she wanted from life.

"What do I want? I want love and happiness," she said. "I want people to be nice and to be appreciative of -- things that they have, 'cause I really am appreciative of all the things that I have."

As for whether she had any tips for up-and-coming artists, Carey said they had to work hard and "want it more than anything."

She added: "If you're not wanting it the most, you probably won't be able to keep it or sustain it. I mean, a lot of people don't want to do that and they're busy Instagramming and trying to do too much, and their whole life becomes absorbed in it. I think you have to be motivated by the music first. But not everybody feels the same way. I can't help that."
Source: ABC News

Watch: Mariah Debuts #1 To Infinity in Las Vegas
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 07-May-2015, 8:26AM EDT
Below, see B-roll footage of Mariah performing "Fantasy," "Infinity," and "We Belong Together" during the opening show of #1 To Infinity at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

Source: Travelivery Via YouTube

Press Reviews: #1 To Infinity Opening Night
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 07-May-2015, 8:22AM EDT
From The Guardian:

Mariah Carey review – getting the hits out in Vegas
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
The set is lavish, the gowns are glamorous and the voice is pretty much intact. Mariah Carey seems at ease with her world-beating back catalogue in Las Vegas

In years gone by, a residency in Las Vegas was a sure sign that you were on the skids, but these days there is a little shame in being a "legacy artist." Even if the kids (or anyone else apart from hardcore fans) aren't interested in new records by the titans of the 80s and 90s, there will always be an audience for their old hits, and Mariah Carey's new residency in the uber-gaudy Caesars Palace takes this to a new extreme.

The show is titled Mariah #1 to Infinity, and the concept is that she performs all 18 of her US No 1 hits (more than any other artist) in chronological order, with Infinity, her new single, concluding the show. This means that we get 14 singles from the 90s, four from the 00s, and Infinity from the present decade – which probably suits the audience, an eclectic bunch ranging from twentysomethings to pensioners – just fine. No new material to sit through, just the hits, and the biggest ones at that. There’s no All I Want For Christmas is You (it only reached No 21 in the States), though that may be just as well given that it's May.

Vegas demands a showbiz extravaganza, and while Carey doesn’t ride a bicycle across a tightrope at any point, as Celine Dion apparently did in her residency, there’s no shortage of costume changes (six), choreography (performed by other people: Mariah requires assistance to make it down the stairs in heels, never mind dance) or grand entrances – she launches into Honey in a gown split to the thigh astride a jet ski. The big question mark hovers over her vocals. Whether you liked her records or not, her technical mastery was never in doubt, though recently she has been filmed failing to hit her famously stratospheric high notes. Can she pull off all her old numbers in front of a live audience?

The answer is... pretty much. While her voice has acquired a not unappealing rasp at times, and her confidence in scaling those musical heights no longer seems unassailable (she's particularly cautious during her Jackson Five cover, I'll Be There), there are no disasters, and when she attains her famous dog-whistle pitch in Love Takes Time, the second song, the tension in the audience dissipates. Carey (whose speaking voice is surprisingly deep) also has a good line in camp audience banter, addressing everyone as "darling" and daffily (if inaccurately) saying that the audience weren't born when her earliest hits were written. "I wasn't even born when I wrote them – they were a miracle," she adds. Come again?

Hearing Carey reel out her No 1s is a salutary reminder that the 90s weren't all Oasis and Nirvana, despite what music journalists would have you believe. The onslaught of syrupy ballads is quite hard going for non-believers though, all decorated with the famous melisma that turns one syllable into five. But just as the show seems headed for snoozeville, with her band (all playing white-painted instruments) doing little to alleviate the supper-club vibe, she hits her late-90s run of hits, when she started collaborating with rappers and producers like Puff Daddy on bangers like Honey, Fantasy and the triumphant Always Be My Baby. Their lavish videos are screened at the back of the stage, the kind of extravaganzas that no one can afford to make now. It's an enjoyable wallow in a bygone era.

Carey's hip-hop flirtation led to diminishing commercial returns, so it's back to the ballads for the show's final stretch, with We Belong Together introduced as "the song that saved my life." Touch My Body sees a man from the audience invited to climb onto a giant bed and blindfolded while Mariah waves a feather in his general direction to somewhat toe-curling effect. Yet while Infinity seems unlikely to restore her to pop's cutting edge – or anywhere approaching it – she seems at ease with her past, and proud of the effect her songs have had on such huge numbers of people. "I'm doing my best to be a diva," she declares. But like the audience, she’s having too much fun.

From The Mirror:

Mariah Carey wows fans at opening night of 1 To Infinity residency with glitzy gowns and impressive props

Seven outfit changes, a wardrobe malfunction, a pink cadillac and a glittering yellow jet ski.

There was even a satin Chaise Longue, handcuffs and lots and lots of feathers. It could only be the opening night of one pop diva's show - yep, Mariah Carey.

The singer, who has been quiet of late following her divorce from America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon, kicked off her residency at The Colosseum, Las Vegas in a fitting style.

But it wasn't all about bright colours and showy-offy stuff, Mariah left the sell out audience stunned when she paid tribute to her friend, Michael Jackson.

She performed the Jackson 5's hit, I'll Be There - which she later covered - with Trey Lorenz. But before the performance, she told her fans: "I have always been one of Michael Jackson's biggest fans, and later I was able to call him my friend."

The song was accompanied by a video footage of Jacko as a child, before a picture of he and Mariah hugging.

However, the solemn mood didn't last long.

Having kicked off the show with her hit Vision of Love, she was later pushed onto the stage in a bright pink car for Dreamlover.

In fact, a huge smile arrived on Mariah's face when a hunk appeared out of the bonnet to whisk her away. Scantily-clad men were plentiful, and one of the more bizarre scenes saw Carey pushed onto the stage once again by a group of hunky men.

This time though she was in a jet ski and they were dressed as sailors as she belted out Honey. There was a scary moment as security guards had to rush her back onto the stage after an ambitious idea that she would sing with fans got a bit out of hand.

Instead she was mobbed, and her plans to join the audience were soon put to an end.

But when it comes to Mariah, how many times she got changed is all important.

There were seven outfits, that's less than three songs per look. She came out to greet fans in a stunning glittering, black ballgown, followed by a white flowing knee length frock. But Mariah whipped the bottom half off to show a skin-tight silver, cleavage-baring dress that she wore to sing perhaps the most poignant song of the night, Hero.

The audience loved it, and Mariah clearly loved singing it. Though there was a near disaster when it came undone at the back. A call to her staff resulted it in being fixed a few minutes later, and rather than being red faced, Mariah told her fans: "I'm supposedly such a diva, you get dressed in front of a room, put your shoes on, who gives a...?"

Then came the really skimpy one - a black leotard that showed off her newly trimmed down figure, which she has worked so hard on since the birth of her three-year-old twins.

Next up, a long red one with a big slit up the leg, then a peach frilly frock. Mariah, 45, who has an 18 date stint at the Caesars Palace venue, performed every single one of her 18 number one hits then put her best look on to finished off by performing her latest single, Infinity.

It was the silver fish-tail look that Mariah left the audience with firmly in their minds. And fittingly, despite her time away from the limelight as she struggled to deal with her divorce, she said: "I'm doing my best to be a diva this evening."

Job done, Maz.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Hits The High Notes For Vegas Residency
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 07-May-2015, 7:50AM EDT
LAS VEGAS (AP) — It only took Mariah Carey placing her hand to one ear for everyone inside The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Wednesday night to know what was coming next.

One of Carey's characteristically piercing high notes was about to be unleashed.

For each, and there were many, the pop icon received cheers and applause from the crowd gathered for the singer's opening night of "Mariah #1 to Infinity," her Las Vegas Strip residency.

Carey's show catalogues her 18 number one hit singles in chronological order from 1990 to 2008 capping it off with the just released breakup ballad "Infinity" and a confetti-cannon explosion into the crowd.

"You're going to hear songs that are the soundtrack of your lives all night long," said Ken Ehrlich, the show's director on-stage before the curtain raised.

The soundtrack began with "Vision of Love" and Carey, in her first of several glittering gowns, arriving center stage on a moving platform in between two giant butterflies, the singer's signature.

Carey said from the stage that she hit the jackpot with her near-capacity opening night crowd that gathered for her nearly two-hour career retrospective.

"I love you more, don't even try it," she told one audience member, among many, who shouted messages of love from their seats.

Tickets cost $55 to $250 and Carey is scheduled to perform three nights a week in May and July for a total of 18 shows.

She shares The Colosseum's stage with rotating headliners Celine Dion, Elton John and Rod Stewart. Country legends Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn arrive at the 4,300-seat venue for performances in June, July and December

On Wednesday, she walked the crowd through her early career from her first ballads to her cover of The Jackson 5's "I'll be There," joined Wednesday night by a recording of Michael Jackson performing the original and in person by Trey Lorenz who first sang the duet with Carey on MTV's Unplugged program. Later songs were accompanied by clips from her music videos displayed on a large backdrop.

Later she literally walked through the crowd that had its phones hoisted high as she sang "Always be my baby," from 1996.

Her on-stage entrances often involved riding in on something be it a pink 1950's style car ("Dreamlover"), a jetski (for "Honey") or a round-shaped bed (for "Touch my body") and the exits entailed walking off stage right or left still singing as the lights dimmed.

A high-energy drum solo and later a flamenco-inspired guitar piece accompanied by a lyrical dance filled time between costume changes that necessitated a lengthier interlude.

When she needed a minor on-stage wardrobe fix, she took it in stride and joked as she reached for a water bottle and spritzed her throat.

"I'm only having a sip, darlings," she said. "Please don't hate me because I'm parched."

Carey's voice wasn't always up for hitting the highest notes, opting for a deeper sound at times that wasn't there when she came to fame in the 1990s.

High notes or note, the fans in the crowd were almost always on their feet.
Source: Associated Press

Video: Mariah Gives GMA Backstage Tour at Vegas Show
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 06-May-2015, 5:11PM EDT
The superstar with 18 No. 1 hits takes Michael Strahan behind the scenes of her new Vegas show.

ABC Breaking US News | ABC Politics News
Source: ABC News

Recap: Upcoming Mariah TV
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 05-May-2015, 8:23AM EDT
Below is a recap of Mariah's upcoming TV appearances in promotion of her new Vegas show and album #1 To Infinity.

Thursday, May 7
Good Morning America
ABC - 7 am ET
Backstage interview with Michael Strahan

ABC - 12:35 am ET
Backstage interview with Michael Strahan

Sunday, May 17
Billboard Music Awards
ABC - 8 pm ET

Airdates TBA
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Mariah will film an outdoor mini-concert live in Los Angeles on Monday, May 18.

Live With Kelly & Michael
Mariah will be on the show in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of Disney Land.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah To Perform at Billboard Music Awards
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 05-May-2015, 7:08AM EDT

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mariah Carey is set to perform on the Billboard Music Awards for the first time in 17 years, but the pop superstar is keeping mum on what song she she'll sing.

Billboard and Dick Clark productions announced Tuesday that Carey will appear on the May 17 show in Las Vegas. Billboard says the chanteuse has more No. 1 songs on its Hot 100 chart than any other solo artist in the chart's 56-year history.

Previously announced performers include Kelly Clarkson, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Van Halen, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea. Presenters include Rita Ora, Ne-Yo, Laverne Cox and the cast of "Entourage" — Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Adrian Grenier.

Mariah With A Selfie Stick Is Fabulous, Darling
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 29-Apr-2015, 7:48PM EDT

Never one to hold her tongue, Mariah Carey dropped several truth bombs during a Periscope interview livestreamed to thousands of viewers.

"Since we're in Vegas, I wanted to play a game with you called 'I Bet'," I said while holding a selfie stick to record our Q&A on an iPhone via Mashable's Periscope account.

"I bet I don't like this game already," she quipped, laughing. "I bet I don't, I can't, no."

Well, we played anyway, as you'll see in the above video, to get details about her upcoming Vegas residency at Caesars Palace's Colosseum, where she will perform her 18 No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 singles and a new song, "Infinity." The residency starts May 6.

Earlier in the day, Carey made an elaborate entrance at the residency's kickoff event by driving up to the venue in a pink 1936 convertible after 18 mobile billboards — each emblazoned with one of her 18 No. 1 hits — formed a procession ahead of her.

"There's a new girl in town," Carey gleefully told the crowd after four centurions carried her to the red carpet at the April 27 launch event.

By the time she was backstage, she winked at me off-camera, signifying she was ready to be the playful on-camera Mariah Carey we've seen in the past. That personality has helped put her in the history books, claiming the title of top solo artist with the most No. 1 hits ever.
Source: Mashable

Associated Press: Mariah Carey's Vegas Extravaganza
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 28-Apr-2015, 2:14PM EDT
Mariah Carey talks about being based in Las Vegas for her residency at Caeser's Palace; and says if there is any uncertainty about her lip syncing, people are welcome to "sing in the shower" with her.

Source: Associated Press

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