January 2010

"Helping Haiti: Everybody Hurts" Charity Single
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 31-Jan-2010, 9:27PM EST

The Sun's "Helping Haiti" single was finished late on Saturday night - and it's a cracker. Mogul Simon Cowell spearheaded the globe-spanning project which features 21 of the planet's premier pop stars - and Bizarre's Gordon Smart got an exclusive listen early on Sunday.

The likes of Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey, James Blunt, and Alexandra Burke all donated their time for free to record a cover of REM's moving "Everybody Hurts" and the results are impressive.

Mariah sings the line: Don't let yourself go, 'cos everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes. See who sings what on The Sun and REM Haiti single by clicking here.

The "Helping Haiti" single is available for download on Sunday, February 7; and in-stores on Monday, February 8. Pre-orders are now being accepted at HMV. The track will get its debut airing on radio breakfast shows in the UK tomorrow from 8am.
Source: The Sun UK

Full Audio: Angels Advocate at Wang Theatre, Boston
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 31-Jan-2010, 3:16PM EST
The full audio of Mariah's concert at the Wang Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday, January 30th is below. You can either download each song individually, or the whole show at once. Many thanks to Jonny for the audio file!

01. Butterfly Into/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Always Be My Baby
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Up Out My Face
16. Obsessed
17. We Belong Together
18. Hero
Source: Jonny | MariahDailyJournal

Fan Photos/Reviews: Angels Advocate in Boston, MA
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 31-Jan-2010, 3:00PM EST
[ Thanks to Jonny, Gary, Sharon, Rachel, Josefina, Amithea, Greg, Tony & Elbert! ]


Jonny Hanson: "It may have been only 10 degrees outside but Boston was on fire last night! There could only be one reason for that: One Mrs. Mariah Carey-Cannon at the Wang Theatre! The crowd was hot and Mariah was definitely feeling the energy. After the lame audiences at the casino shows I went to earlier this year, it was awesome to have some positive vibes from people who actually wanted to be there! Every time Mariah plays Boston, she mentioned how Boston (technically, Worcester, MA) was the best show on her first ever tour and how she always loves to come back. The crowd was on their feet the whole time from the moment she swung down on to the stage. The setlist was the best so far this tour. She opted to play 'Always Be My Baby' instead of 'Subtle Invitation,' which was a nice treat. Everyone was singing along. This was her best performance of 'Emotions' so far this tour and 'Up Out My Face' was fierce! I could tell that Mariah was really happy to have such a loving crowd there and it reflected in her performance and in her chatter with the audience. In fact, only two songs in she was having such a good time that she said she needed to stop because it was too early to be so silly. The other highlights of the show for me were 'Love Hangover/Heartbreaker,' 'Obsessed,' a killer performance of 'Fly Like A Bird' and of course the closing 'Hero.' I'm so glad she changed her setlist up from the previous tours. It's weird not hearing some of the favorites we've become accustomed to such as 'Dreamlover' and 'Fantasy' but it's great to hear other songs in their place! I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone else's experiences on the upcoming shows!"

Randy Miner: "I must say I am really impressed with Mariah's voice last night. I've seen her many live performances on TV recently and I wasn't expecting much with her vocal range, but she blew me away! Her concert was true to all previous shows with the exception of replacing a few songs. She seemed very happy, and comfortable on stage. Right after the opening act, I was heading to the bathroom when I literally bumped into Mariah's mom (Patricia) and her nephew (Shawn.) I was a true lamb since no one else had a clue who they were. They were both dressed in very plain street clothes and mixed in well. I couldn't believe I came that close to someone so important in Mariah's life! I wanted to say something SO badly, but I didn't want to blow their cover so I discreetly watched them from my seats which were directly 5 rows in front of them. I've seen Mariah in every tour she's ever done in her career. Last night was definitely in the top three. One of my highlights was watching the smile on Mariah's mother's face during the show. You could see the pride and love she has for her extremely talented daughter and the thousands of fans who love her as well. Mariah mentioned her mother and nephew (who she also refers to as her 'brother') were in the audience, and that it was a family affair last night which was cute. Mariah showed she still stays true to herself and her roots. That was my highlight by far."

Rachel DeMarsico: "We just got back to our hotel from the concert and it was absolutely amazing! Around 7:45pm we headed over to the venue and they tried to tell us we couldn't bring in signs, but I told her we were up in front and wouldn't block anyone's view. The venue staff then proceeded to blame Mariah and her people that they got strict and said no signs. I was like Mariah loves when fans brings signs, but whateva. We were in Row A of the Left Center Orchestra and because it was off to the side we were steps away from the stage. The people around us were very cool and all seemed to be big fans. A little before 9pm, the lights went down and Mariah's name appeared across the stage curtain and the show began. She looked absolutely stunning as she was lowered onto the stage on a swing. Her voice was on point all night! When she came out to sing 'Touch My Body' and came over to our side of the stage, I held up my sign, which stated: 'Been a fan since 1902! Can I Get a Hug?' and she stopped singing and said 'I Love that sign!' After she tore up 'Angels Cry,' she started interacting with audience as she always does and came back over to our side of the stage and read my sign out loud for everyone and then said 'I'll have to give you an AIR HUG, that's the best I can do.' She was so sweet to even acknowledge it. But that's how Mariah has always been. She did 'Always Be My Baby' and 'Emotions' and both had everyone standing on their feet. The whole venue was singing along and Mariah just loved the energy from the crowd. She had us cracking up because she was extremely chatty with the audience, cracking jokes that of course only hard core fans 'get,' Her humor is so much a part of who she is and honestly, to be that successful and that talented and down to earth, is really a testament to the beautiful, funny, generous, kind spirit she is. She is one of the most unique entertainers out there and she loves her fans - she demonstrates it time and time and again when she's around them. My favorite vocal of the night was 'It's A Wrap,' The vocals were off the charts on this one and the explanation she went into prior to singing was hilarious! Talking about have you ever been texting someone... all night long... and you know they are receiving your messages... The commentary from her had us cracking up. Even the older folks behind us were dying. All in all this was one of the best Mariah concerts I've been to and I am so grateful to HBF because these presales ensure that her hard core fans are up front and center which is exactly how it should be! Mariah's voice is stronger than ever! 10 out of a 10!"

Steve Jean: "Diva! That's what they call her, and that's what we all saw on Saturday night at the Wang Theatre. I just loved the opening of the show. The entire show is just simply amazing. Everyone just standing in shock that they are in the same room as MC. Her voice was in tip top shape all night, hit after hit. Could not have asked for anything better. Keeping it HOT TAMALE is what Ms. Mariah does best!"

Gary Desjardins: "Last night was my fourth and final concert on The Angels Advocate Tour. I previously attended the Atlantic City concert, and both concerts at Foxwoods. I had second row center seats last night, which is the same location I sat in at this same venue in 2003 for the Charmbracelet Tour. Mariah always loves coming to Boston, and she once again talked about how special her first concert in the Boston area (Worcester) was in 1993. That concert was my first Mariah concert ever, so it's nice to know that she has never forgotten about it. I've met so many lambs over the years who have become great friends, and this entire tour I've been lucky enough to share it with some of those people, and meet some new lambs as well. As for the concert itself, I was very happy with the set list, and felt that her giving us both 'Always Be My Baby' and 'Emotions,' and keeping 'Up Out My Face.' was definitely a sign that she was happy to be in Boston. The crowd was amazing and totally into the show the entire time. Mariah was even more talkative than she was at the previous concerts I attended on this tour. She spoke back and forth with individual fans and really connected in that way. I was wearing my Fantasy t-shirt from 1995 and she saw it during 'Always Be My Baby' and we had 'a moment' where we gave each other a big smile when I realized she was looking right at it. Throughout the night, when she was joking around with her water/champagne, she looked right at me and it's just the best feeling to be standing there laughing as she jokes about her 'Diva' behavior. Mariah sounded amazing last night, but I will note that at least from where I was sitting, the sound quality was not as good as it was at either Atlantic City or Foxwoods. I was slightly disappointed that she didn't do the little skit to go along with 'It's A Wrap' because I wanted my friends who hadn't been to any other shows to see it. I wish I had gotten a chance to see her mother and nephew, but knowing they were there made it all the more festive. Mariah's catalog is so big that it's easy to say, 'Oh I wish she would have done this song, or that song,' so I try not to think about what she didn't sing, and really enjoy what she has chosen for the tour. I'll never give up my dream of her singing 'All I've Ever Wanted' (which Sherry told me she thinks they did that song at a wedding once), but I know hearing it in concert is highly unlikely, so I just enjoy what she does give us. One thing that I hope Mariah's management will help with on the next tour is making it known to the venue staff and security that Mariah welcomes signs made by her fans, photos being taken, and all the creative stuff. I was thinking I was going to be really sad after last night's concert because it was my last for this tour, but being so close and interacting with Mariah, combined with the awesome crowd, made me very happy to be ending things on such a high note in Boston!"

Thomas Gosselin: "The show was amazing! The open act was awesome, people seemed to really enjoy them. As soon as Mariah descended on the swing the crowd was instantly on their feet cheering and screaming their I love yous and Daydream interlude began. She gave a shout out to her mom and Shawn who were in the audience. The crowd clearly favored 'Always Be My Baby' and 'We Belong Together.' The crowd was not as lively and didn't remain standing the whole time but there were a few of us who did which didn't sit well with some as I found out from a guy a few rows behind me. All in all it was an amazing show and well worth the wait. After the show I went directly to the exit where her tour bus was parked. It was near 0 degree with the wind chill and I only had on a thin sweater with hood and jeans. I waited for over 2 hours in hopes of catching at least a glimpse of this woman who I have been so devoted to for as long as I can remember. She appeared as if the heavens had opened and released a real life angel. It was truly the most amazing sight I have ever had the privilege of witnessing. Her voice so tender and sweet as she stopped to take pictures and give her autograph. As she approached I nearly fell victim to speechlessness. She stood a foot away from me as I handed my tour book over to her and asked her to sign it. She complied... thankfully for me. Then I was able to spit it out, this time to her directly, 'I love You so much.' I went on to tell her how beautiful and amazing she was. After she got on the bus I was headed back to the parking garage around the corner and that's when it happened I started to cry, yes a big baby I did turn in to. For the remainder of my walk, which by that point I could barely on a count of my feet being frozen to the point of which my whole body felt as though it had frostbite, I cried and I continued to do so as I entered the elevator up to and into my car where my sisters had been patiently waiting now wondering why my tears were falling out of control. Then the whole almost hour until I got home I continued. I cried because I was happy obviously but also because I had accomplished a goal that I never thought would be. I can not really explain in words how much this meant to me but it doesn't really matter because I know in my heart and I know she does too, as well as her fans. Now as I sit here typing this, still thawing out, I know how lucky I truly am, I've always read others fans' stories of encounters and never thought I would share one of my own. I now am so thankful that I am able to share this with all my fellow fans. And all the pain that I endured tonight, which it was extreme, was well worth it and I'd do it again for even longer just to be able to share those few moments with my idol, a woman I hold so close to my heart for she has saved me countless times and for that I am so thankful as well as for her I am. Mariah inspires, changes and saves people with her lyrics and voice."

Myles Leaver: "The show was amazing from the start to finish! When Mariah came down on the swing I went crazy. I was really happy she did 'Emotions,' 'Always Be My Baby' and especially 'Hero.' Mariah is my Hero. All in all for my first time seeing Mariah, it was a night I will never forget. Thank you Mariah and I love you!"

Tony: "I just wanted to share my story of seeing Mariah in Boston on Jan. 30th. This is the 3rd time I have seen Mariah this month. I went to both the shows at MGM at Foxwoods. Anyway Mariah was fantastic in Boston and the crowd was really feeding her great vibes. Everyone was standing throughout 90% of the show. It was great but the best part for me was after I left the show and was driving to go home in the city of Boston and saw a huge bus then I saw people gathered around outside near the front of the bus! I thought Mariah? There was a parking spot right in the front of the bus so I pulled in and jumped out to see what was going on. Sure enough all these people were waiting to get a peek at Mariah before she got on her bus. There were about 50 people there and it was soo cold but we waited too, nd waited and waited. People started leaving because they were so cold (man, it was cold!). I could not feel my fingers or feet and came close to giving up but after a little over a hour and a half, Mariah came out about 12:45am and she was beautiful! We were lucky enough to get an autograph and I got two good pics. What a great night I will never forget it. It took me a while to thaw out but it was worth it."

Brad Towson: "When I read the correspondents' report from the 1/30/2010 Boston concert I was amazed to see that Mariah mentioned her 'Boston' stop on her first ever tour. I was there at that concert Mariah referenced. It took place on Tuesday, November 9, 1993, as part of her Music Box Tour, and was at the Worcester Centrum (not actually Boston, but close enough MC). I still have my ticket stub from that concert! After that Boston/(Worcester) show Mariah gave an interview to People magazine where she said that the Boston show was the best she had given on that tour. I saw Mariah on the Angels Advocate Tour at her second MGM Grand show (front row) and during the show I changed into the concert T-shirt I had bought from that Boston/(Worcester) show over 16 years earlier. Mariah did seem to notice it and she had a big ole smile when she saw it. Lambs, we are some long-term, devoted folk!"


Source: Jonny | Randall | Rachel | Gary | Sharon | Thomas | Myles | Brad | Steve | Gary | Josefina | Amithea | Greg | Tony | Elbert

"Angels Cry" Music Video Now on iTunes
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 30-Jan-2010, 11:58PM EST
The music video for "Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo is now available for purchase at iTunes for $1.99. Download it now!
Source: iTunes | Brendan

Live Updates: Angels Advocate in Boston, MA
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 30-Jan-2010, 7:30PM EST
Mariah performs tonight at the Wang Theatre in Boston, MA. Our MDJ tour correspondents Jonny, Randall and Cory are there to provide us with live updates, as they happen!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Always Be My Baby
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14: Emotions
15. Up Out My Face
16. Obsessed
17. We Belong Together
18. Hero

• 07:43pm - Prince songs are being played tonight. No opening act yet.
• 07:45pm - Opening act RydaznRtist hits the stage.
• 08:02pm - RydaznRtist finished with their set. Now playing Michael Jackson songs while waiting for Mariah to hit the stage.
• Spotted in the audience: Mariah's mom Patricia and nephew Shawn, Chicago B96's Erik Bradley.
• 08:48pm - Show starts.
• 08:52pm - Crowd is on their feet already for "Shake It Off."
• 08:54pm - "Touch My Body" now.
• 08:58pm - Mariah sips water in champagne glass. She says, "This is water in a champagne glass. If you're nervous about that calm down. I'm waiting for them to spike it." Requests air, she says the air feels good when singing. Also says on first tour ever Boston was her best stop and thanks the Boston fans.
• 09:03pm - "Make It Happen" now.
• 09:10pm - "Angels Cry" now. Dedicates song to people in Haiti. Mentions Remix album. Acknowledges a sign that says: "I've been a fan since 1902, can I have a hug?" Mariah hugs herself and says, "That's the best I can do, they won't let me come out there."
• 09:16pm - Doing her own make up on the couch. "It's the beauty school way... they are gonna give me a splash of my Angel champagne."
• 09:17pm - Performs "Always Be My Baby" and says, "What did you think I was gonna do, "Underneath The Stars? Next time." She says she is gonna mix it up and that she is doing a different song than she usually does at this point.
• 09:22pm - "It's Like That" now.
• 09:26pm - Mentions her mom and nephew are there.
• 09:27pm - "The Impossible" now. The crowd is on their feet the whole time even between songs.
• 09:32pm - Trey Lorenz with "Rock With You."
• 09:38pm - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" intro plays before she sings "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker." Says it's a tribute to Diana Ross.
• 09:48pm - Another splash of water. Mentions Mary J. Blige on Remix of "It's A Wrap." Not sitting in the chair with the table prop as she usually does. She performs the song standing the whole time.
• 09:54pm - Chair comes out. Sits in chair. Puts on robe. "My All" now.
• 10:01pm - Same outfits so far. Trey now introduces the band.
• 10:02pm - Mariah back on stage to perform "Emotions."
• 10:07pm - "Up Out My Face" now.
• 10:16pm - Thanks everyone for being a great audience. Says she made a mess of the champagne table. "We Belong Together." Song of the Decade speech.
• 10:20pm - Now performs "Hero." Audience loves this song. Everyone is singing.
• 10:25pm - Show ends.


Many thanks to Jonny, Randall and Cory for the great updates tonight!

If you were in tonight's show, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to share with everyone. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.

On Monday, February 1, Mariah is taking her Angels Advocate tour to Philadelphia, and we'll be there, as usual! Join us at 7:30pm EST for another edition of Live Updates from the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA. Our MDJ tour correspondents for the night will be Sondra and Renee.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny | Cory | Randall | Steven

Full Audio: Mariah's NYE Concert at MSG, NY
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 30-Jan-2010, 12:17PM EST
Below you will find the full audio of Mariah's New Year's Eve concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York on Thursday, December 31, 2009. Many thanks to Sergei and Kenneth for the audio files!

01. All I Want For Christmas Is You Remix
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. H.A.T.E.U.
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
10. We Belong Together
11. Fantasy Remix
12. Auld Lang Syne
13. Obsessed
14. Migrate
15. More Than Just Friends
16. Emotions
17. Hero
Source: Sergei | Kenneth

Mariah in Boston Tonight
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 30-Jan-2010, 3:29AM EST
Carey on
Our Names column colleagues reported last week that Mariah Carey was, shall we say, diva-ish at her recent Foxwoods concert. The pop star was late, stopped and restarted a song, and complained about the lack of onstage fans to blow hair off her face. If she's a bit tardy for her concert Saturday, pass the wait time by listening to "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" on your iPod, and maybe you'll be near the stage in case Carey needs help with her hair. Jan. 30 at 7:30 p.m. $59.75-$250.75. Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre, 270 Tremont St., Boston. 866-448-7849. www.livenation.com

Live Updates tonight at 7:30pm EST. Join us!
Source: Boston Globe | Jonny

New Music Videos Debut On BET Tonight
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 29-Jan-2010, 5:01PM EST
Tune in to BET's 106 & Park tonight at 6:00pm to catch the double "New Joint" video debut of Mariah's "Angels Cry" featuring Ne-Yo and "Up Out My Face" featuring Nicki Minaj.

Be sure to request and vote for both videos on 106 & Park's daily countdown each day at BET.com.

Photos: Playlist CD
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 29-Jan-2010, 4:41PM EST
Below are the photos and wallpapers (available in 1680x1050 & 1024x768) included on the new Sony-released compilation CD, Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey.

You can get the images above in high resolution by purchasing the Playlist CD, now available to buy online at Amazon for only $6.99. Grab a copy!
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Precious in Hong Kong, Brazil, Spain, Australia
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 29-Jan-2010, 4:39PM EST
Precious is scheduled for theatrical release in Hong Kong on Thursday, February 25, 2010. It will be shown at the following cinemas in its first week:

–Broadway Cinematheque
–Palace IFC
–AMC Festival Walk
–AMC Pacific Place

The official movie poster is to the right. Trailer can be viewed here.


"Preciosa: Uma Historia de Esperança" ("Precious: A Hope Story") will be released in theaters on Friday, February 12, 2010.

To the right is a photo of a Precious poster found at the ABC Plaza Shopping Mall in Santo André - São Paulo.

In Spain, Precious is out in theaters on Friday, February 5.

View the official movie poster to the right and the Spanish trailer here. Nando tells us that Precious posters are plastered all over Barcelona.


Precious will open in theaters in Australia on Thursday, February 4. For a list of cinemas, show times and ticketing, click here.
Source: Bernard | Nuno | Nando | Michael

Press Reviews: Angels Advocate in Washington, D.C.
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 29-Jan-2010, 1:37AM EST
Music review: Mariah Carey sparkles at DAR Constitution Hall
By Chris Richards, Washington Post

The Mariah Carey songbook is thick with butterflies, rainbows and kisses that taste like honey -- not much doom and gloom. So when the pop icon visited DAR Constitution Hall on Wednesday, you'd never know she was limping through the darkest hours of her 20-year music career.

Carey is currently touring in support of September's "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," one of the lowest-selling albums in her platinum-spangled discography. The disc isn't horrendous. Its failure merely illustrates how the wretched economy can transform yesterday's invincible uber-star into today's music-biz casualty. Wednesday's modest Constitution Hall environs were also a considerable step down from the much-larger Verizon Center, where Carey made her last Washington appearance in 2006. And this gig didn't even sell out.

Cleverly then, the singer kick-started her 90-minute set with "Shake It Off," a strutting 2005 kiss-off that felt both cocky and carefree.

Delivered in the breathy coo that's become her trademark in recent years, Carey used her voice to quickly establish a casual intimacy with the audience, as if she were whispering the song's verses in the crowd's collective ear.

The audience replied with shouts, and screams of "I love you Mariah!!!" that not only got the singer's attention, but a smile and a finger wave, too.

Perhaps she was waving just to flaunt the blinding stones that adorned her fingers. Diamonds covered almost all of Carey's accouterments: her microphone, her microphone stand, her shoes, even the earpiece she wore so she could hear her backing band as they chipped away on an elevated platform behind her.

It wasn't always so easy to hear Carey, however. On her less acrobatic vocal runs, the singer's words got lost amid the haze of the backing tracks, the voices of her backup singers and the cavernous acoustics that threaten to turn every show at Constitution Hall into sonic miso soup.

This didn't bode well for the relatively staid selections off "Memoirs," but somehow, Carey imbued those stiff tunes with a fresh zeal. Album filler "It's a Wrap" suddenly felt almost as dynamic and spry as "Heartbreaker" or "Honey," the two bona fide hits that preceded it.

Mercifully, Carey went easy on the ballads, slipping into a robe and parking herself in a seat for "My All." The song pushed the singer through almost every strata of her register and after its big finish, she was carried offstage in the arms of a dancer who appeared about two-thirds her size. Turns out, he was whisking Carey away for her third and final costume change of the night. (For those keeping count: four gowns in all, each one impossibly sparkly.)

Reversing the one-two punch she delivered at Verizon in 2006, Carey closed the set with the unimpeachable "We Belong Together" and encored with the power ballad "Hero."

Excited fans rushed the aisles with their camera phones, angling for the closest shot they could get. Carey's black, sequined dress became a disco ball, reflecting hundreds of camera flashes back into the crowd as she hit the song's sentimental crescendo.

The superstar waved good night and feet began shuffling to the exits.

"Did you see how close I was?" one aisle-crashing teen asked her friend, positively beaming. Glee that genuinely makes the crumbling of the American music industry seem like a wonderful thing.

Concert review: Mariah Carey at DAR Constitution Hall
By John-John Williams IV, Baltimore Sun

The legendary songstress Mariah Carey gave a somewhat spirited performance last night during her 90-minute show at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington.

At times, Carey was magical. She showed off the incredible vocal range that has made her arguably one of the top female vocalists of her time.

She also displayed a noticeably heftier figure that she squeezed for dear life into unflattering outfits. (At one point, when she descended from the rafters on a swing wearing a sparkly champagne-colored gown, she looked sort of like a sausage wrapped in ruffles and rhinestones.)

Although Carey emerged at about 8:30 p.m. and ended the show about 10 p.m., her actual performance time was much shorter.

If you count the outfit changes, the stage breaks she took to sip champagne and the ultra tacky onstage makeup touch-up, Carey only performed for about an hour...

"I know. I know. It's diva behavior," she said to the audience.

She wasn't joking.

It was truly unfortunate for fans who paid as much as $149 a ticket to watch Carey rhythmlessly wobble from one side of the stage to the other.

Carey only sang about a dozen songs. (It seemed like more Michael Jackson songs were played during her concert than her own material.) Absent were "Vision of Love," "Emotions" and "One Sweet Day."

A dozen or so songs for an artist starting out is understandable. But for Carey, who has 20 years of solid material -- "We Belong Together" was recently named song of the decade by Billboard -- it is completely unforgivable. Shame on you, Mariah. Shame.

Carey was golden when she performed hits like "Shake It Off" and "It's Like That" from 2005's "Emancipation of Mimi" and "Touch My Body" from 2008's E=MC². They were all crowd pleasers.

On more than one occasion, Carey attempted to show off her whistle register (when she hits those really, really high notes). When Carey began a song with the whistle register, like she did with "It's A Wrap," she was golden.Sadly, Carey had a tendency to lose that note when the music blared in the background -- especially at the end of a song.

Toss in a couple more songs -- the crowd pleaser "Always Be My Baby," "My All" from "Honey" and "Obsessed," as well as some background dancers and that was it, folks.

Overall, it was a disappointment. We all know that Carey can sing the phonebook. We know that she has an arsenal of hits. And we all know that she is capable of bringing down the house. I just wish that she would have put all of these weapons together for a concert that didn't cut corners.

Box Score: Angels Advocate in Atlanta
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 29-Jan-2010, 12:03AM EST
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia in its 2/6/10 issue.

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Venue: Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA (Live Nation)
Gross: $305,940
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 2,833 / 3,719
Sellout %: 76.2%
Ticket Price Range: $200.75, $59.75
Source: Billboard

'Face' Facts
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 28-Jan-2010, 11:09PM EST
Mariah Carey debuts on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at No. 97 with "Up Out My Face," featuring Nicki Minaj. The song is the fourth charted entry from "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," following "Obsessed" (No. 12), "I Want to Know What Love Is" (No. 40) and "H.A.T.E.U." (No. 72). Her "Angels Advocate" remix album streets March 30.

With the new song's launch, Carey extends her R&B/Hip-Hop Songs record among female artists for consecutive years with a debut. She has sent a song onto the chart in each of the 21 years she has appeared on the list, dating to the debut of "Vision of Love" on June 2, 1990.

Among fellow female format luminaries, Gladys Knight debuted on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs each year from 1967 through 1989. The first 22 years of her streak, however, are archived under a group billing - Gladys Knight & the Pips - while her 1989 entry was as a solo act.

Aretha Franklin also maintained a prominent presence on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs in all but one year between 1964 and 1989. Her streak of debuts was interrupted by a lack of new entries only in 1984.
Source: Billboard

Fan Photos/Reviews/Videos: Angels Advocate in DC
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 28-Jan-2010, 5:49PM EST
[ Thanks to Kimy, Monique, Jacob, Jackie, Jeff, Char, Keyhonna & Joseph! ]


Kimy: "We had the pleasure of seeing Mariah front row and center at DAR Constitution Hall! The venue holds about 3,500 people and by the start of the show it was filled with screaming fans. The crowd was hyped up and lively from the get go. The local radio station had their own booth and people were singing Mariah karaoke songs before the show - so fun! Mariah descended from a swing to start the show and from that point on, we were on our feet for the entire show. She sounded fantastic, she belted out every note like it was her first. She sang a mix of old school and new school. We came dressed in Mariah inspired T-shirts and Mariah gave a shout out to my friend Monique who was wearing an 'Eternally 12' t-shirt. She laughed and pointed at her saying 'I'm loving her shirt, it says Eternally 12. Do any of you guys know what Eternally 12 is? You know what, that's between us!' My personal favorite song was It's a Wrap - after giving a long spiel about how everyone goes through this type of situation, she sang it with so much emotion. Speaking of Emotion, I was so sad she didn't sing Emotions! We were looking forward to hearing it since she hasn't performed it in ages. Nick Cannon and Stephen Hill were in the audience. Stephen Hill was on his feet the entire show dancing and singing, Mariah gave him a shout out and threw in some air kisses and waves to him throughout the show. After the show, we waited out back to see if we could catch her getting onto her tour bus. There were quite a few lambs gathered in the cold waiting for her to exit. We spotted Rae Rae, Blair, Sherry, Larry and all the dancers getting to the bus. Rae Rae and Sherry were so sweet and stopped to pose for pics with fans. Mariah and Nick finally came out - she stopped for a few seconds to pose for pictures and then got on the bus. Mariah still knows how to put on a fun show and we look forward to seeing her in concert again."

Monique: "Last night, I had the pleasure of not only being front row at the DC concert, but also being a MDJ Correspondent. While waiting in line, we actually met some Mariah fans who took a picture with us when they found out we were MDJ Correspondents for the night. It was my own personal diva moment. Overall the concert was amazing. The crowd was not as hyped as I expected them to be, most people sat down during the entire concert but that didn't bother me at all because I stood enough for everyone. She sang her heart out and eventually won the whole crowd over. It's A Wrap, It's Like That, and Always Be My Baby were definitely the biggest crowd pleasers. Best moment of the night: When Mariah personally called me out for wearing my 'Eternally 12' shirt. I saw her look at my shirt and laugh mid-song but I wasn't sure if she was laughing at me. When the song ended, she looked directly at me and said: 'I'm loving her shirt, it says Eternally 12' and laughed. Then she asked the crowd 'Do you know what Eternally 12 is?' No one responded. Then she looks dead at me again and says, 'That's a secret between the both of us then' and winked and smiled. After that, she made eye contact with Kimy and I the entire concert! Overall, it was the best experience of my life and as expected, I'm now an even bigger fan than I was before... if that's possible!"

Tommy: "The concert was so amazing! The venue was perfect - there wasn't a bad seat in the house. My friends and I originally had seats with an obstructed view, but someone who worked at the venue moved us to Orchestra seats (score). Mariah showed up just about at 8:30pm as expected and didn't miss a beat throughout the whole concert. You know how sometimes you get nervous when people sing live - well that was gone by the 2nd or 3rd song - you just know she's going to hit everything! She sang really crowd friendly songs, and a few favorites like Subtle Invitiation. During 'The Impossible' she had a male dancer come on stage - it was practically a strip show. But nobody minded :) The President of BET (which is based in DC) was in attendance and received a shout out. I love that all these people were so into Mariah while the State of the Union speech was going on a few blocks away - and I don't think many people even thought about it. This was clearly the place to be! This is the 4th time I've seen her and it gets better every time."

Jeff: "Wow! Where do I begin with this phenomenal night I will never forget? Thank you so much Keyhonna for the front row seat! You will forever go down in lamb history! The show started with Rydaznartist, they were just OK for me, it was more entertainment for the ladies, but they were good! Mariah came out around 9pm and the place went nuts! Being in front row, I have never received so much attention from a celeb, everytime she came to our side, I got a wave, smile, and even joyful laughs as we sang along to all the hits of the lady herself! My favorite part was when she sang Fly Like a Bird, she really soared to the heavens that night; also We Belong Together was top notch! So after the show, I met up with Kimy, who I had met eight years ago backsage at the Charmbracelet show in 2003, it was cool to see her again! Then we hauled butt out to the busses to wait to see if we could catch a glimpse of MCC leaving. Well I guess being a lamb of 15 years paid off, Raychel came out and said hi to us and took Keyhonna's Memoirs CD and my tourbook back inside for M to sign! I did not even expect that, especially for it to be personally signed! Sherry also came out and signed my tourbook, it was nice to see her! Then at around 11pm, M came out with Nick. She is so beautiful! She posed for pictures and boarded the bus! This was the best concert experience ever for me! Thank you Mariah, Sherry, Raychel, Keyhonna again! This is an experience I will never forget!"

Jacob: "My girlfriend and I went to she show in DC last night and had an amazing time. Our seats were in row L, so we were expecting about 12th row. Little did we know, the stage took up rows A-G, so we were in the 4th row! That completely made up for the ticket price. I have seen her once before, on the Adventures Tour in Sacramento, and this venue was so much smaller than Arco Arena, it really made for an intimate experience. Anyway, I was worried around 7:30 when there weren't that many people in the audience. The opening act started maybe ten minutes later. I'm pretty sure they lip-synced their way through almost their entire set. On their last song all of a sudden Nick Cannon was standing in front of the stage filming them. Then he turned around and filmed us. That was pretty funny. To be honest, RydazNRtist was somewhat lame. I wouldn't say they exactly got the crowd hyped--I think everyone was just excited to see Mariah anyway. Mariah only kept us waiting about a half an hour after the opener so that was nice. I think by the third song the place was about 80-85% full. Definitely not a sell out, but a nice big crowd. The show ran pretty much like the rest of the shows on this tour have, except with Always Be My Baby in place of Emotions. I was really hoping to hear Emotions because I've never witnessed it live, but oh well, I love Always Be My Baby and she killed it. Her vocals are really in great shape right now. There was no particular highlight for me during the show. The whole thing was really cohesive and just a great experience. If you can go, make sure you go to this tour. It is too good to pass up. Don't judge it on TAOM, it's a totally different experience. The security was really tight on cameras the whole time in my section. Before the show a manager lady came out and said that it was the artist's request that people in my section not take any pictures. I did notice people taking pictures in the balcony without being scolded, so if you have tickets not in the first few rows, you might be in luck. I was able to sneak a few pictures during the show, but security backed off during the encore so I was able to record all of Hero."

Jackie (VA Beach): "I attended the show in DC last night. I was surprised at how prompt Mariah was considering we always hear how she's running late. She looked and sounded amazing. Her interaction with the audience was great! She has a great sense of humor and referring to her 'splashes of champagne' kept everyone laughing. My only disappointment is the set list seemed to go by so fast, and instead of 'Subtle Invitation' or 'It's a Wrap' I would have liked to have heard 'H.A.T.E.U.' I was hoping for 'Emotions' and 'Vision of Love' - but other than that - the show was awesome. The crowd was hyped and you would have thought by the sounds of the crowd that there were 20,000 people, not 3700! I give it an A- just due to the short setlist."

Keyhonna: My night in DC started badly when the DAR wouldn't let me bring in signs or flowers for MC! I was crushed but Mimi never disappoints a lamb! Thanks to HBF I was front and center and enjoying the show with the coolest lamb ever Jeff! In MC gear from head to toe and glow sticks galore, I was able to give her cousin a card I had gotten for her. Mariah sang amazing as usual but I will tell you cameras and airbrush, Photo Shop whatever you call it does Mimi no justice. She is the most naturally beautiful woman I have ever seen! Her words inspired us all through the night. I was sad the show was so short and she didn't sing Emotions but never the less she kill't it! I got a wave and an 'I Love You' and I held up my Obsessed shirt and 'Mariah shoes' and got a beautiful smile from MC! Ahh the most amazing night ever! After the show I rushed outside to get my flowers I had hidden praying they were still where I left them as they were and I was determined to see MC! I've seen Rae Rae and I went crazy she is so beautiful. I told her that they wouldn't let me give MC her flowers and she took care of the rest. Rachel is da best! Then she even took my CD and had MC sign it! OMG greatness! All the lambs outside waiting for MC chatting and enjoy the DC air. Then lo and behold the queen was coming, the queen of #1's that is. She was flawless as always and with Nick as she posed for pics and waived. Then I even got Sherry's autograph as well. Wow! 2 autographs and Mimi got my card and flowers! This was the most amazing night of my life! I will never forget this! Thank you Mariah for all you do & HBF. LYM."

Char: "The show in DC was awesome! I've never seen Mariah in a smaller venue like Constitituion Hall, and I think she was able to shine more in such an intimate and personal theater venue like it, and really connect with the audience. I loved the set list because it gave people a little bit of everything. I lost it when she did 'Subtle Invitation,' that's one of those hidden Mariah gems no one really got into, and you could tell as she sang it not too many people in the audience sang along, but those that did were clearly the real fans. I think she sounded her purest vocally when she sang 'Always Be My Baby' just like it was 1995 all over again LOL. For me that was my favorite part as she noticed me singing and pointing back to her and myself at the end adlibs ('you and I will always be') and she did the same thing back to me--I wanted to die! The only bad thing about this show, as expected from being there before for some other high profile artists' shows, is that Constitution Hall is so lame when it comes to shows like this. No cameras, no signs... made it impossible to get the real fan experience unlike when she came to Verizon Center for the Adventures of Mimi Tour in 2006. I was in the 2nd row and the moment Mariah came down from the sky and I took out my camera, security immediately scolded me and a few others in our row as well as front row. It became a pain attempting to sneak a pic, so I was over that idea by about the 3rd song for the sake of trying to enjoy myself. It was only until the end when she did the 'Hero' encore that they let people do what they wanted camera/picture wise and I got one or two good pics for memories. Other than that, the show was totally worth it!"

Joseph: "I just want to start off saying that this Mariah concert experience has been the best ever! I was in the 3rd row from the stage. Had a good view of Nick filming his group while they performed. Just as normal I was excited! I sang along to every song Mariah sang. I waved to Mariah a few times, she waived back at me and smiled a few times. This made me forever love her more. Mariah sounded perfect! The show was a non stop thrill! From the dancers, aerialists, singers, band and Mariah's beautiful voice! They all gave us what we all came for. Mariah seemed more comfortable on stage this tour around! After the concert, I really wanted to meet Mariah. So we waited around, my cousin and I. We stood by the tour bus with all the other Mariah fans. Sherry came out and gave me a hug and took a picture with me. Then Rachel gave me a hug and took a picture with me too! Such nice people. Hopefully one day I could be on that team. Mariah came out with Nick. We all wanted her to stop and sign, hug, whatever. It was really cold in DC last night. So Rob gathered all of our tour books, albums, whatever Mariah could sign and took them on the tour bus. Then came Rachel with all the autographed items. Thank you Mariah! It was almost a dream come true. Well, my dream is 75% almost coming true. It will finally come true when I hug Mariah and have a conversation! That's my dying wish! Been a fan since I was like 9 years old, will be 30 in May! Again, this has been the best concert experience ever. Thank you all!"


HERO (Jacob)

MY ALL (Nahad)

IT'S A WRAP (Nahad)

Source: Kimy | Monique | Jacob | Jackie | Jeff | Nahad | Keyhonna | Char | Joseph

EW Reviews "Up Out My Face" Video
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 28-Jan-2010, 4:16PM EST
New Mariah Carey video, 'Up Out My Face':
Finally! Mimi is emancipated by hot new video

By Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

Sometimes, Mariah gets it wrong ("H.A.T.E. U"? H.A.T.E.D. those freakin swimsuits. "I Want to Know What Love Is"? I want to know why you're in a baseball stadium full of sad people).

And then—she gets it so right. In the new video for "Up Out My Face" from her upcoming duets remix album Angels Advocate, due March 30, there are so very many things to love: the color scheme (Target ad? White Stripes tribute?); the nonsensical (but sexical!) nurses' outfits and Barbie boxes; rising Lil Wayne protege Nicki Minaj getting red, white, and saucypants all over; Nick Cannon (he also directs the clip) reprising his Drumline stomp in the outro. They wear silly outfits, they make silly faces; they have fun.

Wasn't that delicious? Do you not want to put Minaj in your pocket? Are you fonder of Nick Cannon than you were five and half minutes ago? (He also directed his wife in another new video, the less-than-scintillating Ne-Yo collaboration "Angels Cry," but we are letting that one slide; it is a forgiveness kind of day).

Press Release: Mariah Releases Remix Album on March 30
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 28-Jan-2010, 12:21PM EST
Mariah Carey Releases Newly Remixed Album of Duets - ANGELS ADVOCATE - March 30th on Island Records

'Angels Cry' featuring Ne-Yo - at Urban A/C
'Up Out My Face' featuring Nicki Minaj - at Urban and Rhythm

New videos co-directed by Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey for both singles - premiering this week!


International superstar Mariah Carey has completed her 13th studio album, ANGELS ADVOCATE, a brand new collection of newly remixed duets with some of her favorite artists, performing Mariah's favorite songs from her #1 R&B album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (released September 2009). ANGELS ADVOCATE will be released on March 30th.

In advance of the ANGELS ADVOCATE album release, two new Mariah Carey singles are on the way this week - "Angels Cry" featuring fellow Island Def Jam artist Ne-Yo is impacting at Urban A/C radio, and "Up Out My Face" featuring Nicki Minaj is impacting at Urban and Rhythm radio formats. New videos for both tracks were co-directed by Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. Both videos will premiere at #1 search site VEVO.com on Thursday, January 28th, followed by Friday debuts on MTV and BET. The videos will be available at all platforms starting Monday, February 1st.

Mariah is in the second week of her six week "Angels Advocate" Tour across North America - her first major tour since The "Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour" of August-October 2006. The opening act on the "Angels Cry" Tour is RydazNrtist, a new R&B group signed to Nick Cannon's NCredible Entertainment. (Since mid-January, the tour has played through MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT; Fox Theatre in Atlanta; Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, FL; and Fox Theatre in Detroit. Please see remaining tour dates below.)

ANGELS ADVOCATE (and Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel) follow up Mariah's multi-platinum E=MC² (2008), and worldwide 10 million selling The Emancipation Of Mimi (2005). The Emancipation Of Mimi generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemporary R&B Album), two #1 singles, and countless more honors during its 18-month chart stay. Soundscan's biggest-selling album of 2005, Mimi featured "We Belong Together" (Grammy winner for Best Female R&B Vocal and Best R&B Song) and "Don't Forget About Us," Mariah's 16th and 17th #1 career singles respectively. They tied one of the most enduring chart records in Billboard Hot 100 history, Elvis Presley's 17 #1's.

Three years later, Mariah surpassed Elvis when "Touch My Body" (from E=MC²) became her 18th #1 Hot 100 hit. "Touch My Body" spent two weeks at the top, Mariah's 78th and 79th cumulative career weeks at #1, which tied Elvis' long-standing all-time high of 79 weeks at #1, as calculated by Billboard. Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 50 years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits. The success of E=MC² brought total sales of Mariah's albums, singles and videos to more than 175 million worldwide, distancing her even further from the pack as the top-selling female recording artist in history.

Jan. 27 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall
Jan. 30 Boston, MA Wang Theatre
Feb. 1 Philadelphia, PA Susquehanna Bank Center
4 Montreal, Que. Bell Centre
6 Ottawa, Ont. Scotiabank Place
9 Toronto, Ont. Air Canada Centre
10 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center
13-14 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
18 Dallas, TX Nokia Theatre
20 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre
23-24 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
26 Oakland, CA Oakland Arena
27 Las Vegas, NV Caesars Palace
Source: Island Def Jam via PR Newswire

Haiti Charity Single To Debut In February
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 28-Jan-2010, 9:53AM EST
The cover of REM's "Everybody Hurts," organized by Simon Cowell to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, will be released Feb. 7.

The BBC reports that the song features Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Kylie Minogue, Miley Cyrus, Michael Buble, Jon Bon Jovi, Take That, Mika, James Blunt, James Morrison, Susan Boyle, Westlife, Cheryl Cole and boy band JLS. "X Factor" winners Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry also guest on the track, recorded this week and organized by Syco label boss Cowell.

It is set for digital release Feb. 7 and CD release the day after. Proceeds will go to the Sun newspaper's Helping Haiti fund and the Disasters Emergency Committee.
Source: Billboard

Live Updates: Angels Advocate in Washington, DC
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 27-Jan-2010, 7:30PM EST
Mariah performs tonight at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. Our MDJ tour correspondents Kimy and Monique are there to provide us with live updates, as they happen!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Always Be My Baby
15. Obsessed
16. We Belong Together
17. Hero

• 07:39pm - Michael Jackson songs are being played right now. People are getting to their seats. No opening act yet.
• 07:46pm - Opening act RydaznRtist hits the stage. Crowd is going nuts. Everyone is hyped for Mariah!
• Nick Cannon is in the house, video taping.
• 08:20pm - RydaznRtist finished after 15 minutes. Listening to Michael Jackson jams while waiting for Mariah to come out on stage.
• 08:35pm - "Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude." Mariah wearing a sparkly gold dress.
• 08:47pm - "Make It Happen" interlude. Mariah goes back stage. Dancers dancing.
• 08:51pm - Mariah's back wearing a long flowing gold dress. Finishing up "Make It Happen." Audience is going crazy clapping with her!
• 08:53pm - Mariah is talking now. "My husband is here tonight." She says he surprised her with a nice basket today. Gives a shout out to Stephen Hill of BET who is sitting front row.
• 08:54pm - "Angels Cry" now. Dedicates the song to people in Haiti.
• 08:59pm - Just said DC was festive. "I need my hair and make-up people to come out because I will have a completely different look." Directing her makeup people. She is now having a splash of champagne on an armchair. She says, "This time it's a splash of champagne." "Subtle Invitation" now.
• 09:05pm - Now performs "It's Like That."
• 09:09pm - Takes another 'sip' and says it's water. Gives a shout out to Monique (MDJ tour correspondent) - her shirt says "Eternally 12." "The Impossible" now.
• 09:14pm - Introduces Trey Lorenz to the tune of "The Impossible." They greet a couple celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary tonight.
• 09:15pm - Trey Lorenz sings "Rock With You."
• 09:26pm - "Honey" now. She asks, "Do you remember this video? When I was swimming in heels?"
• 09:36pm - Just wrapped up "It's A Wrap." "This is from the Butterfly album." "My All" starts. She's sitting on a chair in a robe during the song (photo #8 below).
• 09:45pm - "I just wanted to give you this one from the old school. Anyone remember this?' "Always Be My Baby" now. Mariah is in a black sequin dress (see photo #10).
• 09:49pm - "'This song was made for all those who have been stalked." "Obsessed" now.
• 09:53pm - Performs Song of the Decade, "We Belong Together."
• 09:57pm - "Thank you so much DC! I love you!" Exits stage to "We Belong Together" Remix.
• 09:58pm - Back for "Hero." Crowd going wild!
• 10:02pm - Show ends.


Many thanks to Kimy and Monique for the amazing updates tonight!

If you were in tonight's show, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to share with everyone. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.

Jonny (previously covered Atlantic City, NJ and both the Mashantucket, CT shows), Cory and Randy will give us live updates from the Wang Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday, January 30th. See you then!
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kimy | Monique

"Angels Cry" and "Up Out My Face" Videos Now Up!
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 27-Jan-2010, 7:25PM EST
Mariah's "Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo and "Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj music videos are now available for streaming. Check them out below!



Reminder: Live Updates from DC Tonight!
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 27-Jan-2010, 4:34PM EST
Mariah will be performing at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC TONIGHT at 7:30pm EST; and our MDJ tour correspondents Kimy and Monique will be there to provide us with live updates during the show. Please join us!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Music Videos Premiere on VEVO Tomorrow
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 27-Jan-2010, 2:14PM EST
Like we reported here two days ago, the music videos for "Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj and "Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo will be premiering tomorrow, January 28 on VEVO. Here's the announcement from the official site, MariahCarey.com:

Watch what happens when Mariah teams up with VEVO in this new spot featuring her track "H.A.T.E.U." Be sure to check out VEVO.com TOMORROW, January 28th as they host an exclusive double video premiere of Mariah's "Angels Cry" featuring Ne-Yo, and "Up Out My Face" featuring Nicki Minaj ! The two new songs are featured on Mariah's upcoming release ANGELS ADVOCATE.

Love Songs UK Release Out Feb. 8
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 27-Jan-2010, 9:56AM EST
On February 8th, Mariah Carey releases Love Songs, the perfect gift for Valentine's lovers. A compilation of classic songs from the acclaimed singer songwriter, the album features beautiful ballads including Mariah's signature love song "My All."

It also includes many of the outstanding tracks she recorded during her time at Sony Music Entertainment, an era that propelled her from a young girl into an international superstar to become the biggest selling female artist of all time. Hit singles of that time included on Love Songs are "Hero," "Vision of Love," "Without You," "Dreamlover," the landmark duet "One Sweet Day," featuring Boyz II Men and many others.

Love Songs is a repackaging of Mariah's hit compilation Ballads re-released in time for Valentine's Day. This collection of songs was the soundtrack for a generation to fall in love to, back in the 90s, and will be all over again for the next generation this Valentine's Day.

The compilation CD is now available for pre-order at HMV for £8.99.

Video: Mariah's Red Carpet Interviews at SAG
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 27-Jan-2010, 8:46AM EST

Download: Mariah & Nick Interview on SAG Red Carpet
Extra TV and The Insider - Jan. 25, 2010
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"Debbie" Calls In to Nick's Morning Show
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 6:20PM EST
On today's Rollin' With Nick Cannon, Nick's morning show on 92.3 NOW in New York, listener "Debbie" called in to say, "Stop talking bad about porn!" to Nick. "Debbie" was actually Mariah making the prank call! Listen to the hilarious call below!

Listen to Mariah's prank call

Listen to Nick talk about how hilarious Mariah is
Source: Che - Nick Cannon Archives

"Up Out My Face" and "Angels Cry" Impact Radio Today
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 12:59PM EST
Mariah's new singles, "Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj and "Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo officially go for adds TODAY at radio! Please take a few moments to request the songs. Below are phone numbers and online links to some of the biggest radio stations across the country.

Request "Up Out My Face" at Rhythmic and Urban
KHTN-FM Hot 104.7, Modesto, CA - 209-567-1047 | Online
KGGI-FM 99.1 KGGI, Riverside, CA - 866-991-5444 | Online
KSFM-FM 102.6, Sacramento, CA - 916-766-5736 | Text 41025 | Online
KCAQ-FM Q 104.7, Ventura, CA - 805-289-1400 | Online
KIBT-FM 96.1 The Beat, Colorado Springs, CO - 719-226-2328 | Online
WBTT-FM 105.5 The Beat, Ft. Myers, FL - 239-225-4300 | Online
WJMN-FM Ham'n 94.5, Boston, MA - 617-931-1945 | Online
KVEG-FM Hot 97.5, Las Vegas, NV - 702-320-5834 | Online
WWPR-FM Power 105.1, NYC, NY - 800-585-1051 | Text 41051 | Online
WRDW-FM Wired 96.5, Philadelphia, PA - Text 60145 | Online
WWKX-FM Hot 106, Providence, RI - 401-433-4200 | Online
KBFM-FM Wild 104, McAllen, TX - 877-945-3104 | Online

KIPR-FM Power 92 Jams, Little Rock, AR - 501-401-0200 | Online
WTMG-FM Magic 101.3, Gainesville, FL - 888-333-1013 | Online
WFXE-FM Foxie 104.9, Columbus, GA - 706-576-3560 | Online
WLZN-FM Blazin' 92.3, Macon, GA - 478-646-0923 | Online
WPEG-FM power 98, Charlotte, NC - 704-342-2644 | Online
KVSP-FM Power 103.5, Oklahoma City, OK - 405-427-5877 | Online
KJMM-FM 105 K-Jamz, Tulsa, OK - 918-494-9886 | Online
WENZ-FM Z107.9, Cleveland, OH - 216-578-1079 | Online
WJUC-FM 107.3 The Juice, Toledo, OH - 419-826-1073 | Online
WJZE-FM Hot 97.3, Toledo, OH - 419-244-3973 | Online
WPHI-FM 100.3 The Beat, Philadelphia, PA - 800-232-1003 | Online
WUSL-FM Power 99 FM, Philadelphia, PA - 800-669-9936 | Online

Request "Angels Cry" at Urban AC
KJLH-FM Radio Free 102.3, Los Angeles, CA - 310-520-5554 | Online
WAKB-FM Magic 100.9, Augusta, GA - 803-279-0155 | Online
WSRB-FM Soul 106.3, Chicago, IL - 312-649-2420 | Online
KQXL-FM Q106.5, Baton Rouge, LA - 225-929-5129 | Online
KNEK-FM Magic 104.7, Lafayette, LA - 337-920-5635 | Online
KMEZ-FM Oldschool 106.7, New Orleans, LA - 504-260-1029 | Online
WKXI-FM Kixie 107, Jackson, MS - E-mail | Online
WBAV-FM V101.9, Charlotte, NC - 704-227-8005 | Online
WDAS-FM 105.3 FM, Philadelphia, PA - 215-263-1053 | Online
WXST-FM Star 99.7 - Charleston, SC - E-mail | Online
WVBE-FM Vibe 100, Roanoke, VA - 866-704-8423 | Online

You may also check out our Radio Request page if your radio station is not listed above.

Meanwhile, the music videos for both singles are supposedly out on Tuesday, February 2nd (not this Thursday as we previously reported), according to Mariah via her Twitter page:

MariahCarey And sorry to all who were waiting for the "UOMF" (feat. Nikki Minaj) and "AC" (feat Ne-Yo) videos.."They" say that they'll be out tues. Ugh!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Reminder: Tennessee DVD and Playlist CD Out Today
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 12:51PM EST
Tennessee. Multiple Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey, currently garnering acclaim for her moving performance in Precious, stars with Adam Rothenberg and Ethan Peck in Director Aaron Woodley's thought-provoking road film Tennessee, debuting on DVD January 26 from Vivendi Entertainment. Featuring Carey's hit single, "Right to Dream," the film is about two brothers on a cross-country search for their estranged father, who are joined by an aspiring singer fleeing her troubled marriage. Bonus features include "Road to Tennessee," a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film featuring interviews with the cast and crew.

Tennessee is available for purchase at Best Buy ($14.99), Walmart ($17.86) and Amazon ($17.99).

Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey is a compilation of remastered original recordings by Mariah. The playlist includes select greatest hits and fan favorite tracks. The CD comes in eco-friendly packaging made of recyclable materials. A PDF file included on the CD contains the song credits, photographs, and full liner notes.

Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey is available for purchase online at Amazon for $6.99.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Marc | Jeremy

Fan Photos/Reviews: Angels Advocate in Detroit, MI
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 12:44PM EST
[ Thanks to Corey, Martin and Nicholas! ]


Jim (Detroit, MI): "I was at the Fox Theatre in Detroit tonight. My first time ever seeing Mariah live in concert. Been a fan for years and when I saw she was coming to my hometown I had to go this time. What an experience! Having never seen her in person, but seeing other concerts, I tempered my expectations since 'live' performances have sometimes left me a little disappointed. Not Mariah. I was in the upper level and was initially a little concerned about the acoustics which started out a little shaky as the band seemed to drown our Mariah thru 'Shake It Off.' But as the show went on, it seemed that everything was taken care of and to hear her voice live was nothing short of incredible. I was looking forward to seeing 'Touch My Body' and I enjoyed the sultry performance. When she sang 'Angels Cry,' it actually brought a tear to my eye. Not only how she delivered a powerful rendition, but the words of the song resonate with me. My friend whom I attended the show with really enjoyed 'It's A Wrap' and I will say that hearing that live is MUCH better than off the CD. Then came 'My All' which is my favorite ballad of all time. Was a little disappointed that she didn't do 'Always Be My Baby,' but 'Emotions' was good and she hit all the octaves. Amazing! Then when we heard 'so, why are you so obsessed with me'... the house just erupted and it seemed like everyone was singing along. As she wrapped up the encore Hero,' all I was thinking was a little sense of disappointment that it was over. It was that good. The show went a good 90 minutes and it was truly a treat. She was personable, making fun of her diva image and playing to the crowd in between some unforgettable performances. A very memorable night."

Martin (Detroit, MI): "I was at the Mimi concert last night - 14th row center. The most amazing show I have seen in a long time! This was my first time seeing Mariah and it was better than I ever expected. I'm not going to lie, when she was lowered from the roof on her swing, I was so overwhelmed and just went crazy. The songs and purity of her voice and the way she commanded the stage, it was almost too much for me at times. I love love love her and the concert was truly a dream come true. I was able to sneak some pictures when she came out for an encore and sang "Hero." LOVE LOVE LOVE and I 100% recommend if you're able to see Mariah in concert...GO! You'll love it! Yes there were ballads, but she has us up out of our seats for most of the night...singing and dancing and moving...all night long. She was simply amazing."

Barbara (Rochester, MI): "The show was good overall. I made it for the end of the opening act and wish I would have seen more of it. The group seemed to be really good. I was in the 3rd row orchestra and the X-Men security guys were Nazis about the cell phones! I couldn't even text my daughter goodnight without them flipping out! I don't understand why Mariah demands such security about photos. The show itself was short and sweet. Exactly as expected from all the other reviews. Her voice was surprisingly strong. She did rely on the back up tracks for all the hard parts but she was very believable when she used them, and when she was live her voice was strong and amazing. I love that she struggled through a little bit of My All because that just showed she was real and putting in the effort! I wish it would have lasted a little longer, or that Eminem could have made a guest appearance during Obsessed, LOL, but hey it was a great show at an amazing venue. Can't ask for much more than that!"

Jay (Detroit, MI): "Wow! That show was really great. Here's the good: She sang live way more than I thought she was going to. When we sang live she sounded great. The bad: Didnt like the setlist that much, she didnt move as much in the beginning, The Adventures of Mimi was a bit more interesting, barely anyone stood during 'Up Out My Face.' TAOM was a better show, Angels Advocate had better vocals. Overall, I had an amazing night. The crowd was great and went crazy a couple times, no one stood during 'Up Out My Face' really. She looked amazing I had a great time. She sounded great!"

Nicholas: "I attended Mariah's Detroit concert at the Fox Theatre. Although Rydaznrtist seemed to have lipsynched most of their notes, they sound amazing and I look forward to hearing their album. I also got an autograph of one of the group members after the show. I offered him Memoirs and a Sharpie but he refused to write over Mariah's CD and insisted on signing a flyer instead. Despite having wanted to hear many more songs from Memoirs, my disappointment disappeared as soon as the curtains opened and Mariah slowly came down on a swing. I also attended The Adventures of Mimi, and despite TAOM having more movement as a show, Mariah's vocals have never been better. Hearing her voice live was truly amazing. Mariah seemed to be in a great joyous mood, and she truly hit every single note better than it could sound on any CD track. The staff at the theatre were extremely strict about no photos or videos being taken, let alone use of a cell phone. I wrote on a poster, 'Can I Have A Hug?' and after repeatedly holding it up, Mariah sure enough looked my way and hugged herself with her right arm after acknowledging what I had wrote. I am already anxiously awaiting the next time I will see her live."

Christina (White Lake, MI): "We were about 10 rows from the stage, to the left, on the main floor. One thing I'd like to mention that I didn't see in the other reviews was the merchandise. There was a lot of cool stuff, but man was it crazy expensive! The t-shirts alone were $40 a piece. Anyway, I bought a Mariah lanyard, plain black with the signature MC font in white, with an attached 'press pass' style laminate that says her name and 'angels advocate tour,' with the dates on the back. They had white hoodies, red t-shirts, maroon ultra thin girls tees, large black and white posters, playbooks, keychains, lanyards, and glowstick things. I purchased a tour playbook, poster, lanyard and red shirt and it was $80.00! It was worth it. I was so excited to be seeing Mariah for the first time. I have been a huge fan since I was 14, (so about 12 years now) and have never seen her live. We got in right when doors open, waited about 15 minutes for merchandise, and then went straight to our seats. I swear it couldn't have been more than 5 minutes when the lights went dark and we started to hear the Daydream Interlude music. There was a pretty purple curtain that lit up Mariah's name in white lights, before it was swept away and she got lowered to the stage from the ceiling on a swing. At this point the crowd was going crazy. I quickly felt the tears coming to my eyes, as this was a moment I've been waiting for for a very long time and Mariah's music, and her herself, mean a lot to me. I won't go through the playlist since that's already been disclosed, but overall it was good. It would have been nice to hear some older songs. I would've liked it if she skipped Subtle Invitation and Fly Like a Bird, but I know she probably did the latter because of the people in crowd and the big gospel following in Detroit. It was nice, I just love other songs a lot more. As far as Mariah herself, I wasn't disappointed in the least. She was everything I ever expected her to be; personable with the crowd, seemed happy to be there, 'Diva'-esque but only in the way that she was mocking herself, which made her all the more appealing. She was funny, often making little cracks at her own expense. It was a very light, easy going atmosphere in general. She did a couple wardrobe changes, but didn't keep us waiting that long at all. If anything it just made it more exciting, because of the anticipation. I really liked one particular waiting period where she was changing and they had the music for Make It Happen playing. All of a sudden Mariah came back out and picked up in the middle of the song. Her voice was very strong and I remember getting goosebumps at one point. I'm also biased though, because I've always loved that song. I'd say the crowd was most responsive when she played Emotions, We Belong Together, and Obsessed. But there weren't really any songs that people seemed unresponsive to. For her encore, she came out and did Hero, which was good, but not amazing. I wish she would have done at least one more song too, but it's understandable with her voice she can only do so many in a row without probably straining it. In summary, it was a good show. Well worth the tons of money I spent on tickets and merchandise."

Tino: "I'd like to start off by thanking MariahDaily.com and all of its tour correspondents for all of their dedication and work. It does not go unnoticed, as being a Lamb, I am very thankful for all you do. I appreciate you! I actually won front row tickets from Mariah's fan club, as I was able to interact with her, and was fortunate enough to touch her twice! I am the fan she talked to in the front row about doing her hair, before she sang 'Subtle Invitation,' which you mentioned in the live update. She was sitting right in front of me, and after telling her my name, Tino, she asked if I do hair, and I replied no, but I love you. She said those three words back! Hands down, this was the greatest night of my life! My focus was Mariah, her voice and person, as I really didn't pay attention to the dancers or any other spectacle. I happen to be one of the few people that stood up the whole time and rocked out. The audience, however, didn't seem as receptive as my friend and I. There was an 'older-folk' vibe, but that didn't stop me from having the time of my life. She also mentioned that she liked my ensemble, as I was wearing a read tour shirt. Her voice was spectacular and above all, I was in the presence of Mariah Carey! I also am a true fan of Michael Jackson as well as Mariah, so the whole musical aspect of the concert was literally perfect! The set list did seem a bit 'different,' and even though she has been having an overall consistent set list with a few changes here and there,it made sense to Mariah and that's what she wanted to do, so it's all good! This was my second concert, as my first was The Adventures of Mimi, and as I read somewhere on here, that The Adventures of Mimi tour was more about a show and a thank you to putting her back at #1, where this was more about the voice and promotion of her Angels Advocate album. She didn't represent all of her albums, which I feel alienated a majority of the audience, as it was an overall older crowd, and they were hoping for some old school Mariah, when in reality 10/18 songs were from her three latest albums. We had to sit down for My All, but as soon as my friend and I heard the drums for Emotions, we jumped up and continued to rock out. We are so thankful she did that song. I did make a fan book and posters, but we weren't allowed to give her anything and after my multiple interactions and the tight security, I was satisfied and settled. It was a great experience, Mariah was her fun loving self, and it was great to see her live in her element and happy! The only thing I would like to say that put a temporary damper on the concert was an usher and her bodyguard continuously coming up to me, trying to put me in my place. At one point, before 'Honey,' he was all up in my face saying 'I knew you were going to give me trouble, I knew it!' I guess after touching her twice, which she came by to touch my hand, and the multiple interactions with her were 'disturbing the concert.' Really? Sorry for being a true fan and having the greatest moment of my life! Some people, you give them a little authority and they run with it. Also, with being in the front row being under constant watch, I was unable to get any good pictures or video. But, enough of all the bleakness, the concert was a joyride through past and present hits, and I will never be the same after that night!"
Source: Corey | Jim | Martin | Barbara | Jay | Nicholas | Christina | Tino

Remix Album Gets Australian, Italian Release
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 12:29PM EST
Mariah's new Remix album, Angels Advocate is scheduled for release in Australia on Friday, March 26, 2010, according to Universal Music Australia. It will receive a full release this time (instead of the limited release Memoirs received) and will include a "high-budget TV and radio promotion campaign, possibly including a TV special on Channel 10."

Universal Music Italy has also confirmed that the Remix album will be out in Italy on Friday, March 26, 2010.
Source: Tim - MariahDownUnder | Ila - GlitteringMariah

Mariah Plays Matchmaker for Sinitta
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 12:28PM EST
Sinitta has Mariah Carey to thank for a blossoming new romance after the Hero singer introduced her to businessman Stefano Zagni. The 1980s pop star filed for divorce from financier Andy Wilner last year and in November 2009, Carey decided it was time for Sinitta to step back into the dating scene, and introduced her to Zagni.

Sinitta tells Britain's Closer magazine, "It's early days, I'm just figuring things out. It was very sweet of Mariah to introduce us and Stefano is a lovely man. It is a bit early to make big claims of romance, but we are getting to know each other. We are taking each day as it comes and we'll see what happens!"

Zagni is the founder of Angel Champagne - the brand which boasts Carey as a spokesperson.
Source: ContactMusic

Press Reviews of Mariah's Detroit Concert
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 26-Jan-2010, 9:45AM EST
Mariah Carey, diva antics light up the Fox
By Adam Graham, Detroit News

Some artists work themselves into a frenzy in concert, giving everything to their performance until their sweaty, lifeless bodies are dragged off stage by members of their crew.

Then there's Mariah Carey, who at one point during her concert Monday at the Fox performed while laying on a couch, after a pair of assistants dabbed the beads of sweat from her forehead.

Look, Carey is a diva with a capital D, and her current Angels Advocate outing might as well be called the Diva Worship tour. Throughout the 95-minute concert Monday, Carey cheerfully played up her diva status, mock-barking orders at her stage crew, lounging on a couch during "Subtle Invitation" and sitting in a chair while wearing a robe during "My All." During "Obsessed," she was hoisted in the air and carried around by her dancers, a pampered princess sitting atop a world of her own making.

Other times Carey was practically immobile, ever-so-gently swaying to the beat during "Shake It Off" and "Touch My Body," working hard to not work too hard. (Side note: The latter song's tease "if there's a camera up in here, than I best not catch this flick on YouTube" was turned into an actual security policy, as no cameras were allowed in the building and cell phones were not permitted during the performance.)

It's obvious that no one is going to confuse Mariah Carey with Bruce Springsteen, but no one comes to a Mariah Carey concert expecting a lesson in stage dynamics. They come to bask in her presence and to hear the Voice, and Carey gave the crowd of 4,200 -- which included gospel singer Kierra Sheard and Detroit City Councilman Charles Pugh -- plenty of both on Monday.

She was looser between songs than she was at her concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills in 2006, which was somewhat miraculously her only other area concert to-date. Early in the show Monday, she alluded to her tipsy appearance at the Palm Springs International Film Festival a few weeks ago: "This is water, in a water thing," she said as she held up a bottle of water to the crowd and took a sip. "Everybody can relax and take a breath."

As for her voice, it was difficult to discern what was live and what was on track, though it's fair to say Carey was singing live a good portion of the show. She seemed to lean on a backing track for assistance, though it would take a vocal technician to determine what was live and what wasn't. For the most part she sounded strong and at times splendid (especially during "Fly Like a Bird"), though she struggled to hit her signature high notes in her nearly 20-year-old hit "Emotions."

Carey was joined on stage by a four-piece band, three backup singers and up to 10 backup dancers, and the staging was simple and understated. Carey went through four sparkly dresses but left the crowd hanging while changing, filling the gaps with long instrumentals and at one point letting backup singer Trey Lorenz sing Michael Jackson's "Rock With You."

Half of the set was culled from 2004's "The Emancipation of Mimi" and last year's under-performing "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," with scattered stops at her other albums in between. Energy dipped during the lesser "Memoirs" cuts, as Carey plugged better versions to come on her upcoming remix album. The show's pacing was problematic, too; showstopper "Fly Like a Bird" came only four songs in, hitting an emotional peak that show-closer "Hero" couldn't match.

Still, there was a on-the-fly quality to the show, as if Carey, who turns 40 in March, is embracing the "Imperfect" of her album title. Her "Adventures of Mimi" tour was a tightly packaged arena juggernaut and this is a much simpler show, as if she's loosening control and letting the chips fall where they may. This time around, the Diva is just being herself.

Mariah's all diva in Detroit
By Chris Azzopardi, Pride Source

You attend a Mariah Carey concert to be in the dreamlike presence of a super-diva, not expecting to be wooed by artful razzle-dazzle or the singer's dexterous dance moves. Those aerobics are in her voice, a supreme many-octave instrument that worked for 95 minutes during her "Angels Advocate Tour" Monday at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

She still nailed that infamous whistle note (several times during the vintage surprise "Emotions," her hit from 1991), went all bat-shit belty on the wooing "Fly Like a Bird" and made fierce girl-anthem "It's a Wrap," a song off her current album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," sound better than its recording.

The voice wasn't the only spectacle. Mariah, who seemed especially at ease (with only one glass of bubbly, that we know of), played up the diva image - satirizing it, even - during the simple and classy show: being freshened up on stage, making mock demands and opening it in a way that only the diva of all divas would.

Double the diva
You can sip water from a straw (like Mariah did) and sing a ballad in a bathrobe (like Mariah also did), but what's more diva-like than doing another diva's song? Mariah, in a dress and a shoulder piece made of faux-fur, started with Diana Ross' sultry "Love Hangover" before merging into her own hit, "Heartbreaker." Sounds familiar, right? The singer did exactly the same mash-up during "VH1 Divas Live" in 2000. These days, though, Mariah's not just having love hangovers.

"If there's a camera up in here ... "
Oh the irony of that "Touch My Body" threat, "If there's a camera up in here, then I best not catch this flick on YouTube." No clips would make it onto the Web, however, because cameras were strictly prohibited. And, most shockingly, so were phones, which had to be turned off and put away during the performance. You might catch her at a bad angle, and we can't have that.

Mariah Carey... or Glinda the Good Witch?
There she was, all magically glowing from an adorned swing that descended from the heavens - or was it the ceiling? - as she ate up every scream, applause and bald head. Instrumentals from her ballad "Butterfly" played as she was lowered and a ruffled ball gown threatened to inhale the whole venue. She wore sparkly bracelets and earrings. Even her mic gleamed. The camera/phone ordeal wouldn't have been one if only she came with one more accessory: a magic wand.

Touch me up
A girl's gotta look good, and Mariah's fully aware of that. Which is why, before she launched into the jazzy "Subtle Invitation" (laying cozily on a couch, mind you), she called her grooming team out to, well, touch her body and have them pretty it up. Hair was primped; sweat was dabbed. She acknowledged it as "a complete and total diva moment." And it was.

Working hard-ly for the money
When Mariah wasn't gently swaying to "Touch My Body" or "Shake It Off," she was sitting, lounging or standing in place. In fact, her two fist-pumping arms did more work than the rest of her body, which after "My All" did nothing at all as it was carried off stage by some hot dancer. During "Obsessed," her dancers lifted her up like she was on top of her own world. She was. We were just momentarily basking in it.

Live Updates: Angels Advocate in Detroit, Michigan
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 25-Jan-2010, 7:30PM EST
Tonight, Mariah performs at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. Our MDJ tour correspondents Ronnie and Corey are there to provide us with live updates, as they happen!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Up Out My Face
16. Obsessed
17. We Belong Together
18. Hero

• 07:33pm - Opening act RydaznRtist hits the stage.
• 07:49pm - RydaznRtist just got off stage after their set. The theater is filling up really quickly.
• 08:20pm Still waiting for Mariah to come out on stage. Michael Jackson songs currently playing.
• 08:31pm - "Butterfly" Intro starts playing. Fans are going crazy! Mariah lowers down on swing wearing a long white flowing gown.
• 08:37pm - Now performing "Touch My Body."
• 08:41pm - Finished "Touch My Body." Looks for her water bottle, "It's just water with a straw. Don't worry!" and laughs. "Fly Like a Bird" now.
• 08:45pm - Dancers out dancing to "Make It Happen" after Mariah takes a break. Trey and the girls still singing backup.
• 08:49pm - Mariah is back for the end of "Make It Happen" wearing a long glittery dress.
• 08:52pm - "Still water, don't worry." Talking about those who are suffering in Haiti. Tells the audience that some proceeds from the tour will go to Haiti. Dedicates "Angels Cry" to them.
• 08:56pm - "It's a complete and total diva moment. I don't care. Everyone's gonna say what they want anyways." Make up getting done. "My hair will start curling if I don't do this." Talking to a fan in front row asking him to do her hair for her. "Subtle Invitation" now.
• 09:03pm - "The other day Jermaine was here to do this with me. But he's not here today. Where'd the party go?" "It's Like That" now.
• 09:09pm - "Like I said, I have a Remix album coming out. I'm a litte angry 'cause my 2 videos were supposed to be out a couple days ago. But it's okay they're coming now... I'm all worked up. I need a yoga moment.... OK this song I wrote for my husband. 'The Impossible,' it's kinda sexy."
• 09:13pm - Starts singing at the end of "The Impossible": "I have a best friend here tonight for you, Trey Lorenz."
• 09:14pm - Trey Lorenz sings "Rock With You."
• 09:17pm - Trey finishes "Rock With You." "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker" now. Mariah wearing white fur shoulder jacket and short silver dress.
• 09:23pm - Moves right into "Honey" after "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker."
• 09:28pm - "Me and Mary J. Blige sing this on the new album." Explains the song: "It's like when your home texting someone constantly and they don't answer. Like hellooo... then you take a drink or something 'cause this has pushed you to the limit..." At this point "It's A Wrap" song starts.
• 09:34pm - "This is from the Butterfly album." Takes off coat and says, "I don't know what it's made of but it's not fur." "My All" starts. She's sitting on a chair in a robe during the song.
• 09:37pm - Mariah is carried off stage by a dancer after "My All." Three female dancers stay on the stage dancing.
• 09:41pm - Trey introduces all the band members and singers during the break.
• 09:43pm - Mariah back on stage in a long shiny blackish grey dress and sings "Emotions"!
• 09:47pm - "I don't know why my latest album has a little bit of anger in every song. But they all do. It happens. The video with Nicki Minaj is out next week. It's called 'Up Out My Face'."
• 09:51pm - Now performs "Obsessed."
• 09:56pm - "Thank you so much for being such an incredible audience. Don't wanna give this song an intro but I'll dedicate it to you." "We Belong Together" starts playing and crowd goes crazy!
• 10:01pm - Comes back on for "Hero." "Everyone says this song has helped them in some way so I feel an obligation to sing it to you, my fans, I love you." Same dress.
• 10:05pm - "God bless you! Thank you so much. Good night, Detroit!" Show ends.


That's all folks! Thanks for joining us again tonight. Great job, Ronnie and Corey! Many thanks to you guys!

If you were in tonight's show, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to share with everyone. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.

We will be back with the MDJ Live Updates on Wednesday, January 27th at 7:30pm EST when Mariah performs at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC! Our tour correspondents for the night will be Kimy and Monique.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Ronnie | Corey

Reminder: Live Updates from Detroit Tonight!
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 25-Jan-2010, 2:13PM EST
Mariah will be performing at Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan TONIGHT at 7:30pm EST; and our MDJ tour correspondents Ronnie, Corey and Jay will be there to provide us with live updates during the show. Be sure to join us!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Music Videos Out Jan. 28th
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 25-Jan-2010, 12:31PM EST
The music videos for Mariah's new singles, "Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo and "Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj, both directed by Nick Cannon, are scheduled to world premiere on VEVO on Thursday, January 28, 2010.

We also received information that the new release date for Mariah's new Remix album, Angels Advocate, is Tuesday, March 23, 2010. The track listing and UPC are still being finalized. An official announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Jasmine's Juice: MC Hits MSG
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 25-Jan-2010, 12:28PM EST
Jasmine Dotiwala recalls her New Year escapades, as she watched Mariah cause pandemonium at Madison Square Garden

In all my years of travelling to New York to work with some of the biggest music artists in the world, can you believe I had never seen a gig at the world famous venue Madison Square Garden (MSG)? I had been there for MTV-related stuff but never to see a gig.

Well, to kick start 2010 that was all changed because Mariah was performing there. So on a cold and snowy day, we were picked up at 4pm to make our way to the venue in a giant SUV convoy.

We were there early for sound check and the streets around the venue were pandemonium with police locking off roads in preparation for the thousands that were set to gather. MSG corridors were full of excited dancers, singers and celebs. As I walked through the backstage dressing room corridors and spotted framed superstar live photos on the walls, I was in awe at the venue's history. It's not called the world's most famous arena for nothing!

Mariah's dressing room was large and airy but they'd made it seem lovely and cosy with white silk drapery and scented candles. Luckily, it was nice and warm as Mrs C was having her outfits fitted and resting her voice before she hit the stage.

The legendary director/choreographer Debbie Allen – who had choreographed the show – was busily getting everyone together; the fantastic vocalists – Maryann Tatum, Trey Lorenz and Sherry Tatum Frederick – were warming up their vocals; the dancers were stretching; techs were running around – there was a lot going on!

I always stop to check out artist merchandise to see how creative it is, and whilst doing so, my eyes were drawn to a great keepsake – the official tour programme, priced at $25. I decided to buy two, and as I flicked through the pages, my eyes froze over a certain page where I was looking back at myself! There amongst Mrs C's fun photos were two pictures of me, MC and Da Brat on one of our vacation escapades a few years ago! MC always looks amazing, Brat looked cute, and I was a freakin' mess! I wasn't mad though. I was honoured to be included in such a superstar's programme, but I had to laugh at the fact that on that day, I had thrown on something at the last minute that didn't match, AND my hair was an ocean-dried mess! I was rocking gold Adidas runners, denim shorts with the words "bad gal" on them, a gold American apparel swimsuit and a Rocawear red, black and white tracksuit top – what a mess! My maturity must have kicked in though, cos I soon realised I didn't care how I looked in the picture. In fact, I even called my mum excitedly to tell her – she, however told me to focus on my own stuff and snapped me straight back to reality!

Kicking off the show was Nick Cannon's new male vocal group Rydaz N Rtists who were really good and the arena loved them. They're signed to the music arm of Nick's company, NCredible. I think they'll go far.

Next up was heartthrob Trey Songz, who had a lot of ladies hysterical. And then, it was time for the main star hit the stage.

We returned to our backstage area, and I checked to see that Mrs C was ok and if she needed anything, but her assistant/friend Rachel had everything covered so we just chatted for a while. The arena was full of fans, friends, celebs and family. Mariah's co star in Precious, and this week's cover girl, Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe, was also in attendance with friends, and as the house lights went down, I thought my ear drums might actually burst with the screaming and roaring from the crowd.

Mariah came on at about 10.30pm and for two solid hours, sang hit after hit. Even though I know MC has hits for days, it's not until you see her killing it on stage that you realise just how many! She also went through a number of diva-esque outfits and at one point, she even summoned onstage her hair and make-up and assistant to "re-fluff" her. I love that; she's fly and she knows it and she doesn't give a damn what folks think!

The fans were delirious with excitement when, ten seconds before midnight, Mariah led a countdown, which was followed by the excitement of pyro fireworks, confetti and balloons covering the whole stadium.

Post-show, we hung out in the dressing room, toasting the show with drinks, before hitting nightclub M2 where Nick was DJ-ing. Joining us were Gabourey and new American internet celebrity Love B Scott, who is the hottest new celebrity blogger Stateside. As we celebrated the New Year, Mariah said to me: "I have another show in Atlantic City tomorrow. Are you coming?" But I had made other plans already to go see the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe, as well as the hit show Fela Kuti on Broadway. But my life's never simple and the next thing I knew, my whole diary was remixed again with a crazy Thelma and Louise-style adventure.
Source: The Voice

Mariah Takes Part in UK's Haiti Charity Single
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 24-Jan-2010, 9:22PM EST
Superstar Mariah Carey last night joined the stellar line-up for The Sun's Haiti charity single as its earthquake disaster appeal topped the £1million mark.

Grammy award-winning singer Mariah, 39, agreed to take part in the cover version of REM's ballad "Everybody Hurts" in a project being masterminded by X Factor chief Simon Cowell.

Disney star Miley Cyrus, 17, also signed up over the weekend as X Factor stars JLS and show judge Cheryl Cole kicked off recording in London.

Cowell, 50, last night paid tribute to all the artists taking part, saying: "We're getting there. We have had an incredible amount of support. It's amazing these great singers are clearing their schedules to make this happen. I just found out Mariah has changed her schedule to be able to do this too. It says such a lot that everyone is working so hard to help Haiti. This is something that really matters to us all and I'm so grateful for the support we are getting."

A source close to Cowell added: "Mariah was brilliant, she wanted to help in any way she could. Her name gives the single another great boost. Simon is working so hard behind the scenes to get this together. He knows this needs to happen quickly to get the money through to Haiti."

Leona Lewis, 24, added her vocals in Los Angeles last night as Cowell faced a race against time to get the single out. Take That and Rod Stewart, 65, are also due in the LA studio today, Alexandra Burke, 21, is set to record in London and Susan Boyle, 48, will add her contribution in Scotland. James Morrison, 25, Mika, 26, and James Blunt, 36, are also among the stars taking part, while others are still trying to make arrangements.

Top producer Steve Robson is putting the track together using new technology that means the artists do not have to be in the studio together.
Source: The Sun UK

Precious at the SAG Awards
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 24-Jan-2010, 4:49PM EST
• Congratulations to Mo'Nique for winning the SAG award for "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role" at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards.

• People: Best Dressed at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. MARIAH CAREY. The Precious star picks up on the evening's biggest trends in her one-shoulder red gown, Kwiat diamond bracelet and retro curls.

1. Diamond and ruby chandelier earrings
2. Diamond butterfly broach and diamond cuff bracelet
3. Kwiat diamond platinum bracelet and red chain-strap purse

• Yahoo! Movies: Mariah Carey classes it up at the Screen Actors Guild Awards (Grade: B-). After her recent wardrobe struggles, we appreciated Mariah's attempt to class things up with this crimson gown.

• Mariah among MTV's Best Dressed at the SAG Awards: Last but not least (and we know you've been waiting for this one), we have Mariah Carey. Now, we don't know if it's because Mariah read our criticism of her Globes gown, and frankly we don't care. What's important here, is that the pop diva has finally picked up on the point that often, less is more. Her red gown was simple and classy, but most importantly, it was covered up in all the right places. So kudos to you Mariah, you've made us proud. Here's hoping you keep it up!

• Mariah & Nick were named one of "SAG Awards' Sweetest Couples" by People: 9. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: What could be more Precious than hitting the red carpet with your husband? Maybe having him match his red pocket square to your sexy crimson gown – now that's coordination!

• Fashion Wire Daily: Drew Barrymore looked stunning in a navy Monique Lhuillier strapless gown, Christina Applegate wowed in a simple light gray Roberto Cavalli number and Mariah Carey went demure in red.

• Access Hollywood live-blogging from the SAG Awards' red carpet:

5 PM -- It's starting to quiet down. They're rushing everyone into their seats. Folks arrived on the later side this year and it got really crowded for 30 minutes from 4 PM to 4:30 PM!

Nicole Kidman is dead last! She does no press, just a fashion walk through. That's it, folks! See ya next weekend from the Grammys!

5:07 PM -- Scratch that last comment - Mariah Carey is DEAD last. The show has started, and here she comes! Shaun pulls out a rose from our set here and hands it to her to woo her over... and it works! And we're the ONLY ones she stops for! She says that Nick has been giving her presents all throughout awards season. Too cute!

Oh, and Woody Harrelson and Sigourney Weaver (not together) are DEAD dead last. That's the end now... really... we swear!

Click here to watch a video of Mariah and Nick's interview with Access Hollywood.

• Mariah also stopped for an interview with The Insider. Video can be downloaded below.


Download: Mariah & Nick Red Carpet Interview - TheInsider.com

Download: Gabourey & Mo'Nique Present Precious - TNT

Download: Mo'Nique Wins Best Supporting Actress - TNT

Download: Gabourey Nomination for Best Actress - TNT
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Fan's Quest to Get Married on Mariah's Toronto Stage
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 24-Jan-2010, 3:31PM EST

Virgin Radio Toronto's Planet Maurie, who got engaged on stage in Las Vegas to his partner Matthew in front of Mariah, is on a quest to complete the story by getting married during Mariah's Toronto show on February 9. Before he can do this, with the hope that he gets the green light from Mariah's people, he needed to take the Virgin Radio headcam to the National Bridal Show. Check out his video here.
Source: Maurie

Press Reviews: Angels Advocate in Florida
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 24-Jan-2010, 9:12AM EST
Review: A subdued Mariah slays 'em at the Hard Rock
By Leslie Gray Streeter, Palm Beach Post

The artist: Mariah Carey
Where: Seminole Hard Rock's Hard Rock Live on Thursday night

The songs we heard: "Touch My Body," "We Belong Together," "Shake It Off," "The Impossible," crowd singalongs "Always Be My Baby" and "Hero"

The rundown: The last time I saw Mariah Carey in concert, she was in full over-the-top shiny mode. There were dancers – lots of dancers. And boobs. And a giant butterfly shining like a specialized diva Bat Signal, and clown or a mime – can't remember which one – on hand to run around and fawn, and, at one point, paint Mariah's picture.

Of course, it was, in its way, completely amazing, because that's the mode that Mariah, at that point just about to make a massive comeback, was in. And as over-the-top as it was, you loved it because, as my guest pointed out to me, she was being totally authentic because she's into all that stuff. The Mariah Carey that commanded the stage from mostly a fixed position on Thursday at the Hard Rock was doing the diva thing just as emphatically as before, flirting with the crowd and acting as the sparkly mother hen to another brood of limber "Kids From Fame"-esque dancers and wielding that effortless gazillion-octave range at will like a glittery sword.

But if the previous version – and indeed, the version we've seen accepting awards lately – was still working some beneath-her-dignity MTV vixen mojo that she's too talented and not 25-years-old enough for, Thursday's Mariah had settled into some vintage 50s screen siren self-aware state. Installed behind a mic stand, or luxuriating on a snow-white divan as – and I could not even begin to make this up – assistants appeared on stage to reapply her make-up and touch up her hair. She did a few of her dancier hits, like "Touch My Body," teetering uncertainly on heels whose height she joked about. But the evening was draped in a decidedly sultry air, as Mariah delivered torchy, romantic ballads and poked self-aware fun at her own image.

"This is not an alcoholic beverage," she giggled, as she sipped what appeared to be champagne from a glass that had been presented to her on-stage, holding it elegantly by the stem, as if having taken lessons from Bette Davis.

Although the singer ocassionally seemed shaky on her feet, her voice was strong, assured and, as usual, eerily effortless. She and her lithe young dancers neatly illustrated some of her greatest hits, including a mash-up of "Heartbreaker" with preceding diva Diana Ross' "Love Hangover;" "Honey," "Make It Happen," which the dancers began to a recorded track with Mariah appearing to blow open the bridge.

There is no proof that Mariah Carey will never again appear on stage in a teensy-tiny skirt, spilling over her low-cut bodice. But this very special elegant throw-back of a performance reminds us that with that voice and that self-assurance, she doesn't need all that to hold attention.

Mariah Carey struts, sings and sips at the Hard Rock
By Renee Michelle Harris, South Florida Times

From the onstage hair styling and application of makeup, to sipping water from a champagne glass, Mariah Carey took the diva effect to her own level in a sold-out performance at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Hollywood last week.

Because I am a fan of the "old" Mariah, the "Vision of Love" singer with the five-octave voice who seemed destined to join the ranks of what I call the singers-with-substance club, it took some effort for me to leave my preconceived notions about Mrs. Nick Cannon and her fluff factor at the door.

Descending from the ceiling of the elegantly decorated stage swathed in shades of purple, Carey greeted her fans' deafening screams by going into some of her most popular songs, including "Touch my Body," and "Shake it Off," before slowing it down with a touching tribute to Haiti with "Angels Cry."

It's the mix of tunes with one-dimensional titles and lyrics to match, combined with the very elegantly attired, coiffed and meticulously made-up woman that underscores the complexities which define Mariah Carey. She's like a little girl playing dress up – brilliantly becoming a multi-millionaire and one of the most popular female singers in the world in the process.

Carey is aware of the media's scrutiny of her every move. When she sipped water from a champagne glass, she playfully told the audience, "It's water. It's water. They make such a big deal about everything," alluding to recent reports that she was slightly inebriated while giving a speech at an awards program.

"This is not an alcoholic beverage, it's water in a champagne glass, because that's the way I like to drink my water," she assured adoring fans that sang along with virtually every song at her Jan. 21 performance.

Backed by a talented, four-member band that was conspicuously missing a lead guitar, three background singers and a cadre of dancers, Carey covered the entire stage. When she appeared somewhat unsteady in her stilettos, I attributed the unsteadiness to the sheer height of the shoes and not the content of her glass.

Fully and unapologetically owning her self-proclaimed diva status endears Carey to her fans. When she acknowledged that having her hair and makeup touched up on stage was "over-the-top-behavior," and then told the audience, "If you were me, you'd do the same thing," she got a big "I ain't mad at you, Mariah," laugh from the crowd.

Carey borrowed from legendary diva Diana Ross with her own version of "Love Hangover," and allowed her dancers to strut their stuff for most of "Make it Happen," before taking the stage to belt out the bridge.

Trey Lorenz, Carey's honey-voiced partner on the Michael Jackson remake of "I'll Be There," took the stage for a soulful rendition of the King of Pop's "Rock with You" during one of Carey's three costume changes.

The multiple Grammy Award-winning Carey embodies the motto, "Nothing beats a failure but a try," in her fearless intent to live and perform on her own terms. It's evident in her career as an actress, where she bombed in her debut performance in the pitiful Glitter, only to later gain the respect of critics by demonstrating real acting chops in a couple of independent films before cementing her thespian talent as a social worker in the acclaimed movie Precious.

And it's evident in the rollercoaster ride called her musical career, which despite her very public 2001 emotional breakdown and Virgin Records' very expensive buyout of her contract, has seen more highs than lows.

What others think she should do with her voice apparently matters little to Carey, who has sold over 175 million albums in her 20-year career.

While her show last Thursday was definitely entertaining, it's Carey's determination to be true to herself that has won my respect.

Photos: Mariah at the SAG Awards
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 23-Jan-2010, 8:59PM EST
Below are phoos of Mariah and husband Nick Cannon at the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, January 23, 2010.

Arriving on the SAG red carpet

Backstage and audience

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Covers UK's Observer Woman Magazine
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 23-Jan-2010, 6:22PM EST
Who Are You Calling a Diva?
Observer Woman Magazine (UK)
January 2010

She's pop's precious princess – and one of its richest – but Mariah Carey is now getting rave reviews for her role as a dowdy social worker in one of the most talked-about films of the year. It's her coolest career move yet. Elizabeth Day reports

Mariah Carey is about to enter the room. At least that's what her people are telling me. I'm sceptical because they have been telling me the same thing in slightly different ways for the past three hours. Now here I am, in a chintzy hotel suite at the Dorchester at 9.30 on a Friday night, and my initial anger has given way to a sort of weary resignation, because to be invited into the world of Mariah Carey one has to leave normality far behind. This, after all, is the global megastar who, if the media reports are to be believed, once insisted she "didn't do stairs" and whose backstage demands are said to include baskets of puppies and a special attendant to dispose of her chewing gum. The time delay, it seems, is all part of the sensory experience.

Still, the signs look hopeful. At around 9.40pm there is a sudden flurry of activity in the hotel suite as several smartly dressed women walk in, cast their eye over the room and walk out again. One of them shrieks with horror when she notices that a corner of the rug has been disturbed and rushes over to flatten it with her hand. Another one places a bottle of mineral water on the table in front of the sofa. "Will she need a straw?" the woman asks. "I would anticipate the need for a straw," replies the bodyguard gravely, as if he were a top-level physicist working overtime to ensure the smooth operation of the Hadron Collider.

Then, miraculously, everyone disappears as though they have been sucked away by the tidal drawback that heralds a tsunami, and Mariah Carey walks in. Actually it is more of a teeter – she is wearing knee-high black boots with a 6-inch heel and seems to be having difficulty negotiating the plush white carpet. She wobbles over to the sofa, a glass of red wine held perilously askew in one hand, and lowers herself down in stages until she is sitting precariously on an overplumped cushion. "Actually the chaise would always be my favourite," she says, gesturing vaguely towards a chaise longue in the corner of the room. A lackey instantly offers to move it for her. "No," says Carey, smiling like a benign feudal overlord, "I won't go that far." Instead she hoists her legs onto the sofa and reclines backwards, the heels of her boots catching slightly against the upholstery as she does so.

At 39 she makes quite a visual impact: tumbling golden-brown hair, honey-toned skin and a formidable cleavage that is today enhanced by a necklace with Carey's stage name – Mimi – spelled out in diamonds. Her face is pretty but unthreatening, bronzed and buffed with layers of perfectly applied make-up. Unlike many celebrities, Carey looks exactly as she does in her promotional photographs, as though the airbrushing somehow seeps through into real life. Everything about her is unapologetically overdone, a caricature of fabulousness. "This height of heel is what I wear," she explains at one point. "Even my slippers. I can't even walk in flats."

Fortunately her difficulties with perambulation have not held her back from becoming one of the biggest-selling singers of all time. Over a career spanning two decades, Carey has sold more than 160m albums worldwide and has had 18 number ones in America, surpassing both the Beatles and Elvis Presley. She has won five Grammys and has just released her 12th studio album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Her voice is believed to span five octaves and many of her hits – We Belong Together, Hero, Without You – are covered by X Factor contestants desperate to show off their vocal range.

But it is as an actress that Carey has recently been gaining considerable critical acclaim. Her role as a downtrodden social worker in the forthcoming Precious, directed by Lee Daniels, who produced the Oscar-winning Monster's Ball in 2002, has been hailed as "pitch-perfect" by Variety magazine and earned her a Breakthrough Performance Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Precious, which tells the harrowing story of an overweight and illiterate teenager who is abused by her mother and is pregnant for the second time with her father's child, caused a sensation in the States, where it took $1.8m on its opening weekend despite its challenging subject matter. The film, which opens here on 29 January, is based on the novel Push by the American street poet Sapphire and has an almost entirely black cast, as well as being backed by some of the most powerful names in entertainment, including Oprah Winfrey, the executive producer, and Lenny Kravitz, who plays a maternity nurse.

Carey was not, it must be said, an obvious choice for the role. For years her acting career had struggled to emerge from the monstrous shadow cast by Glitter, the 2001 semi-autobiographical movie that was panned by critics, many of whom called it the worst movie of all time. The Village Voice reviewer wrote that when Carey tried to show emotion "she looks as if she's lost her car keys".

"I think Lee takes chances with people he feels are artists," Carey admits. "Yeah, I think he had a lot of guts to do that, because people have really, really trashed me as an actress."

Daniels, who had previously worked with Carey on the 2008 film Tennessee, says that when he told the crew he had cast her "they looked at me like I was nuts... but I know Mariah's work – I think she's a formidable actor. The irony here is that the Glitter experience hurt her more than anyone because she's such a perfectionist. I just find her work ethic extraordinary. When she came on set, she kicked right into gear because she didn't have a posse; she was part of it. Mariah didn't even have a dressing room. She had a room that was the size of a public bathroom to change in."

In Precious Carey plays Miss Weiss, a world-weary welfare officer who gradually unpicks the heroine's horrific life story. Helen Mirren was originally slated for the part but had to pull out at the last minute because of scheduling commitments. Daniels called Carey up two days before they were due to start shooting. Luckily she had already read the book twice and threw herself into the preparation.

"I spent as much time as I could getting into it," Carey says. "She is supposed to be exhausted, so it didn't matter that I stayed up... I really did the best I could to morph into this woman who goes into this office every day and deals with people needing something from her, trying to get things from her, maybe being disingenuous."

The end result is a revelation. Carey's performance is heartfelt and totally stripped back – in many ways the very antithesis of her puffed-up public persona, with its emphasis on outward appearance and conspicuous consumption. Daniels insisted that Carey wear no make-up and refused to allow her notorious entourage on set. Carey had to readjust her voice, her posture and her walk. "Mariah was born as an embryo in stiletto heels," says Daniels. "She walks – even in her home – on her fucking toenails! I said: 'This woman is not going to work if you're walking like Princess Tippy Toes.'"

Carey is gracious enough to laugh about it now. "He put a moustache on me," she says matter of factly. "He put red stuff under my eyes. He made me have like almost a unibrow. The hair – I mean, the hair! – and the clothing wasn't exactly my style, but it didn't matter. I was there."

For someone so accustomed to being primped and preened for videos and television appearances, I wonder whether the experience of playing Miss Weiss was liberating. She approaches the question indirectly. "I am very insecure about my looks, and I always have been because of being mixed race [Carey's mother is Irish-American and her father was an African-American of Venezuelan descent]. It's not so weird now, and everyone's accepting it in a big way, but as a child I felt very, um, out of place and didn't feel pretty. So taking on that character and having Lee make me older in the way he did, I guess it was freeing because I didn't have to try in any way to look pretty, and you know, when you grow up with that type of insecurity you don't always feel pretty." It is an unexpectedly raw answer. Does she feel pretty now? "Sometimes I feel all right."

Part of this discomfort is a legacy of her upbringing – her mother's parents disagreed with interracial relationships and disowned their daughter when the couple got married. Carey's parents – Patricia, an opera singer, and Alfred, an aeronautical engineer who died in 2002 – divorced when she was three. Her mother struggled to make ends meet by singing in jazz and folk clubs and the family moved around a lot. Carey's older sister Alison had her first baby when she was 15 and became a prostitute. She is now HIV-positive. For legal reasons, Carey cannot talk about Alison, but it is clear that those experiences have left their mark.

"I don't want to go into my family stuff, but there were very difficult things that took place," she says. Later Carey adds: "I think certain people like to torture me because they think I've had it easier than I actually have and they think: 'Oh, she's got this, she's got that, she's always had everything perfect' and it's sooo not true. You know, I really relate to this movie in a lot of ways."

She frequently experienced racism growing up as a bi-racial (this is her word) child in Long Island. Neighbours allegedly poisoned the family dog and set fire to their car, and she says, when I ask, that the first time she realised she was different was aged six, when she took her white best friend on one of her weekly visits to see her father.

"She got out of the car and went up the stairs to his house and he was over 6ft tall and very handsome, but to her he must have really been scary because I don't know that she'd ever seen a black man before. And she looked at him, her mouth went open and she started screaming and crying.

"I think he was trying to make me feel better and calm her down, but it didn't work," she pauses. "You never know what people say in their houses about different races. So my mother took her home and I went up the stairs with my father."

Carey's sense of identity was further confused by her early commercial success. In 1988 she met the president of Columbia Records, Tommy Mottola, at a party and gave him her demo tape. Mottola signed her up and set about packaging his new protegee as the pretty girl-next-door singing bubblegum pop for a predominantly white audience. The two of them later became romantically involved and married in a lavish ceremony in 1993 when Mottola was 44 and Carey was 23. She has subsequently described Mottola as "controlling" and the four-year marriage as "stifling", but her career took off in spectacular style and she had a number one single in every year of the 1990s. It was only when they divorced in 1998 that Carey began to flex her own creative muscles: her songs became more heavily influenced by hip-hop and her image more overtly sexualised.

Did Carey feel the way that she was packaged by Mottola deliberately ignored her cultural heritage? "Usually the black community knew that I was black, but white people didn't always – they hadn't always experienced being around people who were half-black, half-white and who looked more white. My mum's very, very Irish and my father was light-skinned, so I turned out the way I turned out."

Does she still experience racism? "Yes. It'll be a mild thing that I'll get over, but a friend said to me the other day: 'Oh yeah, you'll like her –she's like you, she's got a black husband' [Carey married the 28-year-old actor Nick Cannon last year]. And I'm like: 'How many times do I have to tell you – my father was black. My mother's white. In this country that makes you black, do you understand? I know I'm very light-skinned, but stop doing that!' It's one of those things that the world doesn't quite understand. When I first came to Europe, everybody was asking me: 'Why do you always have black people in your music videos?' And I was like, errm, how do I answer this one?"

Perhaps Carey's need for success is driven by her need for acceptance in much the same way as her desire for total control stems from a fear of what happens when you are denied power over your own life. Hence the demands for chaise longues and drinking straws and chewing-gum disposal operatives: if Carey can stage-manage every tiny detail of her environment, she is protected. Lee Daniels says that Carey is "one of the smartest girls I know. She detects bullshit. She detects non-talent, and that's when she takes control... Sometimes she's wrong, but because she's right so often she digs her heels in and it's impossible to communicate with her."

Does she need to be in control? "I can be thought of as a control freak," Carey admits. "Trust is always an issue for me. It's never been easy for me to trust anybody, and that's kind of a sad thing to say, but it's true."

The control freakery imploded spectacularly in 2001 when Carey suffered a very public breakdown. Glitter had just been released to awful reviews and Virgin, the record label she signed with for $80m after splitting from Mottola, had dropped her. Carey started claiming that Marilyn Monroe was speaking to her through her piano and leaving incoherent messages on her website. After collapsing on her mother's kitchen floor, she was hospitalised for nervous exhaustion.

Carey says now that the breakdown was a result of overwork – she regularly puts in 14-hour days (presumably factoring in time delays) – but that, if anything, it left her even more determined to succeed. She later signed a contract with Island Records, and in 2005 The Emancipation of Mimi became the best-selling album in America. "I'm proud of having enough faith to always get up and try again," Carey says. "And just being strong enough to get through stuff."

What with the album sales, the acting career and the inevitable launch of her own-brand perfume, Carey is now thought to be worth around $225m and is ranked as the sixth richest woman in entertainment by Forbes magazine. However ditzy Carey might appear, beneath it all beats the heart of a savvy businesswoman – it is hard not to conclude that her diva-ish antics are simply part of the package that her fans buy into. Part of me would have been disappointed if Carey hadn't made me wait for three hours, and she is astute enough to realise this.

But in person she is far more considered, intelligent and warm than her image would have you believe. As I leave, Carey is already having her hair and make-up retouched by a bevy of helpers. The suite has several doors and I am not sure which one leads out into the corridor. No one tells me where to go because they are all too busy plugging in hair curlers and locating drinking straws. It is Carey who spots my confusion and opens one of the doors, ushering me outside with a kind smile. Mariah Carey might not do stairs, but I can exclusively reveal that, yes, she is capable of opening doors. Precious opens on 29 January. Carey's 12th album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, is out now

Source: Observer Woman Magazine UK | Scans: Kerry

Videos: Angels Advocate in Hollywood, FL
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 23-Jan-2010, 6:01PM EST




Source: Andrew | Alexis | Lupita | nanystave

Mariah to Attend the SAG Awards
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 22-Jan-2010, 2:49PM EST
Mariah is confirmed to attend the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) tomorrow, January 23, 2010 at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center.

Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire is vying for 3 awards, namely:

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire (Lionsgate)

The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be simulcast live nationally on TNT and TBS on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010 at 8:00pm ET/PT, 7:00pm CT, and 6:00pm MT from the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"Angels Cry" Released to UAC Radio
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 22-Jan-2010, 2:16PM EST
Mariah's new single, "Angels Cry" featuring Ne-Yo has been delivered digitally to Urban AC radio this morning in a promo bundle with two tracks:

1. Main Version ft. Ne-Yo (3:55)
2. Instrumental Version (3:53)

We have listed the major UAC radio stations below so we can start requesting the song! You may also use our Radio request page if your local station is not listed below.

KJLH-FM Radio Free 102.3, Los Angeles, CA - 310-520-5554 | Online
WAKB-FM Magic 100.9, Augusta, GA - 803-279-0155 | Online
WSRB-FM Soul 106.3, Chicago, IL - 312-649-2420 | Online
KQXL-FM Q106.5, Baton Rouge, LA - 225-929-5129 | Online
KNEK-FM Magic 104.7, Lafayette, LA - 337-920-5635 | Online
KMEZ-FM Oldschool 106.7, New Orleans, LA - 504-260-1029 | Online
WKXI-FM Kixie 107, Jackson, MS - E-mail | Online
WBAV-FM V101.9, Charlotte, NC - 704-227-8005 | Online
WDAS-FM 105.3 FM, Philadelphia, PA - 215-263-1053 | Online
WXST-FM Star 99.7 - Charleston, SC - E-mail | Online
WVBE-FM Vibe 100, Roanoke, VA - 866-704-8423 | Online

Meanwhile, the music videos for "Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo and "Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj will be released next week according to Mariah via Twitter earlier today:

MariahCarey Looking @ videos wishing "up out my face"(feat Nikki Minaj and "Angels cry" feat Ne-yo were already out there! Next week. Album coming soon!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

CNS Reviews Mariah's Concert in Hollywood, Florida
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 22-Jan-2010, 1:33PM EST
Mariah Carey Delivers At South Florida "Angels Advocate" Tour Stop
By Anthony Jones, Celebrity News Service (CNS)

Just give Mariah Carey a microphone and she'll either have a global audience in stitches, like her now infamous acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival where the superstar was slightly toasted, or in complete awe, like she had the sold-out crowd during her "Angels Advocate" tour stop at the Hard Rock Live in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL.

Descending from the stage in a glittered swing and wearing pounds of tulle, Carey's opening was reminiscent of a birthday girl at an MTV "My Super Sweet 16" party. But Carey, much like her very much self-aware personality, is over-the-top when it comes to her look. Every dress (she wore four) and heel sparkled. "Like the ensem?," she asked the audience after changing into a new floor length gown.

Mariah delivered some of her biggest hits from her now, believe it or not, twenty-year career. Her earliest material only came in a dancer interlude for "Make it Happen" and her latest, the stunning "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," was relegated to only four tracks. Otherwise, the material mostly consisted of selections from "Butterfly" and on, including Billboard's recently named Song of the Decade "We Belong Together" and her latest hit "Obsessed." She also included some discography highlights like the rousing gospel-influenced "Fly Like a Bird" and the smooth jazz inflections of "Subtle Invitation."

But as engaging as any of her performances was Mariah's interaction with the audience. She took a few times to joke about her headline-making acceptance speech, although she did "lady-like sips" of a glass of champagne for herself. "Because it's my stage and I can," she said. Before another song, she also had her make-up people come onto the stage for retouching. "You know if it was you on stage, you'd do it too," she joked.

Most importantly at a Mariah Carey show is the voice and she was almost surprisingly pitch perfect. Just when you think there's some playback assistance, she adds a run or changes the note to something different from the album version. It's a lot more Mariah than some naysayers might think. Check out her live sung introduction of life-long backup singer Trey Lorenz which was both impressive singing and hilarious.

Carey has never been the most exciting stage performer but leave the tricks to the Britney's and the Gaga's. The diva delivered, giving vocal performances of her biggest hits that hold up with any of her performances in the past decade. She's also showing more of who Mariah really is than ever, and for fans, that's an endearing treat.

Precious Receives 4 BAFTA Nominations
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 22-Jan-2010, 1:23PM EST
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has announced the official nominations for the Orange British Academy Film Awards. Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire received four nominations in the following categories:

Best Film
Best Actress - Gabourey Sidibe
Best Supporting Actress - Mo'Nique
Best Adapted Screenplay - Geoffrey Fletcher

The awards ceremony will be held at the Royal Opera House Amphitheatre in London, England on Sunday, February 21, 2010.
Source: BAFTA | Guido

Fan Photos/Reviews: Angels Advocate in Hollywood, FL
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 22-Jan-2010, 12:57PM EST
[Thanks to Ashley, Brendan, Alexis, Paolo, Andrew, Kali, Jim and James!]


James: "I've seen Mariah every time she's been to South Florida. The Music Box Tour was my first concert ever, in fact. I've loved every time I've seen her despite certain aspects of her shows that I didn't enjoy (having a DJ in between costume changes on The Adventure of Mimi Tour). But last night she cemented her place in music history (something us lambs already knew). She was simply amazing. The show was seamless as one song led into another and only pause in between songs was for Mariah to interact with the crowd. Her voice was great, even with the backing track in some songs she was still hitting those notes effortlessly. It seemed not eveyone knew her newer songs but they sure knew her older hits. The crowd was a mixture of young and old, new fans and Mariah's Lambs. I did hear a lot of people complain the concert was not long enough and others were saddened that she cut Emotions from last night's set. Overall, the reponse seemed positive."

Cristian: "It was my second time to have the privilege to witness Mariah Carey in concert. The first time was back in 2006 in the Adventures of Mimi. Angels Advocate turns out to be an intimate occasion to get delighted of what Mimi's fans we like the best, Her Voice. Let me get straight to the point, Mariah gets better by the year. Her voice is not only impeccable but you can tell that the songstress has been on the stage almost 20 years already. She sang for everyone from the old Honey and Always Be My Baby fans to the latest Obsessed followers. With performances like Fly Like a Bird, We Belong Together and her new work It's A Wrap or Angels Cry only give credit that she is already undoubtedly a living legend and her legacy for sure will be remembered for many years to come. I only hope I can see Mariah over and over again and relive the amazing experience of having the chance to see one of the most gifted singers of all time. Bless you Mariah and thank you for bringing us your gift to your fans in South Florida. It is not only appreciated but immensely enjoyed by the ones who will always acknowledge what a unique artist of the present time you are."

Benjamin: "I just came out from the Angels Advocate Tour concert at the Hard Rock Live theatre and let me tell you that it was amazing! It was my first time to see her and I was in the front there watching how her sweat came down from her forehead to her throat! Her vocals were fierce and on the beat! Her wardobe was fab and the ambience was perfect! Cannot complain. She put on a really well balanced show with some classics, and some newbies, and her performance was great overall. I encourage all fans to go see her at a show near you 'cause it was totally worth paying for."

Ashley: "Mariah shut the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino down! It was so amazing! I went by myself to the show. Traffic was crazy. Everyone was rushing to get in. They were very strict on the "No Camera" policy. I even got in trouble for having my camera out during the show and was told that if they saw it again, it was gonna get taken away. But honestly, going through all the trouble and getting in trouble is all worth it for Mariah. I was able to capture lifetime memories. I bought a key chain and one of the neck lanyards with Mariah's picture and tour dates on the back, 'cause that's all I could really afford; but they have an amazing collection of souvenirs and accessories so I suggest you pick some items up! I sat in one of the floor sections. It was kinda hard to see with everyone standing up and trying to stand on their chairs and stuff. It started a little after 8pm. The opening act came out and performed. I had never really heard of them before but I enjoyed their performance. Mariah came out a little before 9pm and the crowd went wild. Including myself. She looked like such an angel coming down on that swing. From that point on, the show was amazing. I loved how Mariah interacted with the crowd a lot. And was able to joke while sipping some 'sparkle' from time to time about the whole 'speech' event. She sang some classics as well as some recent hits and closed the show with 'Hero.' This is seriously a once in a lifetime event. Well worth everything in my opinion. Voice was flawless. For those who are hating on the show... 'I should crack you right in your forehead....' cause you can't even see a good thing even when it's right in front of you. Mariah I love you. Forever and always. Your loyal lamby for life."

Kathryn: "I arrived at the Hard Rock early, after hanging out with a couple lambs, to beat the crowd and pick up my ticket at Will Call. After reading reviews from previous shows, I had a general idea of how the night would progress. I had already prepared myself for several Michael Jackson songs and a very late start, so I was pleasantly surprised when Rydaznrtist started just a little after 8... and even more surprised that we didn't have to wait too much longer for Mariah. As soon as the crowd saw 'MARIAH' flash across the curtain, we knew it was almost showtime! A few minutes later, Mariah descended from the air on her swing. The energy levels throughout the venue were simply incredible, especially on the floor! The entire show was amazing and I loved the setlist! I especially loved that she did a lot of older songs as the crowd seemed more receptive then; she sang something for everyone. The highlight of my night, however, was her performance of 'Fly Like A Bird' - it became my favorite song after seeing it live twice during The Adventures of Mimi tour, and I get goosebumps every time! I also loved Angels Cry (another one of my favourites) and the aerial acrobats were really awesome! My only real complaint is that I would have liked the show to be longer - she left me wanting more! Mariah was nothing short of spectacular! If I won the lotto, I would most definitely buy tickets to every one of the shows on this tour. Although I didn't get to meet her after the show, my friend and I got to hang out with 2/3 of Rydaznrtist. They're the sweetest, most down-to-earth guys and I have to say, I'm an even bigger fan of theirs because of this!"

Ebony: "When I arrived the opening act was already playing and people were dancing and having a good time. After they went off a few of Michael Jackson's hits came on which pumped the crowd even more. After about ten minutes the stage starts glowing with the word Mariah blaring. Everyone started to scream as she descended down on a swing, her angelic voice filling the room and exciting fans. I was screaming at the top of my lungs as well as everyone else. Before this night I had never known how many lambs there truly were. People with Mariah on their shirts, their faces, their bags! Through the whole concert people were singing like crazy - boys, girls, it didn't matter we were all pumped! My favorite song she performed was Touch My Body preferably because I felt that at that time, all of the people in the room synced with each other and we all swayed with satisfaction. Unfortunately my seats were not the best and I am not 6 ' 7 so I could not see Mariah for a majority of the concert. Even so I sang along and danced as if I was in the front row. Despite a dispute between people in front of me and the people in back of me, the concert was nothing short of amazing. The stands selling her merchandise were packed with people all wanting a Mariah shirt or poster. I made a few friends in the line actually (Mariah wasn't kidding when she said her fans were like family). As I was leaving I thought this could just possibly be the best night of my life. My rating: 5 stars!"

Anonymous: "We are huge Mariah Carey fans and have been since she was a teen; incredible person and simply unbelievable voice - we were so excited to see her at our first Hard Rock concert event. She began her show at about 8:50pm and at 9:25pm we were in our car exiting the Hard Rock for the following reasons: We were in section 105 way back on the floor and could not see, nor hear, at all. The people next to us (a Miami Police Officer and his wife) left too for the same reason. Everyone was standing on their chairs both in front and in back of us and were screaming the words to the first 2 songs so it was obvious that we wouldn't be able to enjoy the event. We did go to the Box Office but the Manager said everyone had the right to stand up and dance; she disagreed that they were standing on their chairs but said there was nothing she could do... and we were 'out' $210. If we hadn't had a great dinner at the Steak restaurant at the Casino, it would have been such a disappointment - but we were really just awaiting the concert at the restaurant for 2.5 hours, so the evening wasn't a complete bust. By the way, the lady ushers (in red jackets) tried to get people to at least stand on the floor (vs. them being up on the chairs) but to no avail! We would never return to this type of venue again! Guess we'll have to be satisfied watching her DVDs and listening to her music in other ways... wish it had been a more positive experience."

Jim: "Everyone says they are Mariah's biggest fan, but my friend Mauricio and I proved it by getting front row seats. It was an otherworldly experience. Mariah's singing was so spectacular that it took your breath away. The whole event -- from the planning stages of our costumes and assembling gifts for Cha Cha, Mariah's newest puppy, to the actual concert -- was a celebration. It was pure joy. We arrived as the opening act was finishing because, as Mimi says, to be late is 'in my DNA.' The guards told us no cameras/posters/flowers, which was devastating to us, because we had bags full of flowers and our own creations. We had spent weeks creating at least 20 posters, outfits, gifts, etc., and now we had to abandon them at the entrance. Fortunately, with some petitioning, the guards let us take in one bag of clothing/costumes and one poster each. We also had some magic wands and one strategic piece of clothing that actually made Mariah laugh. Trey Lorenz was the first to notice us. He was upstairs with Sherry and a back-up singer I didn't recognize (woman from Harlem), and Trey pointed at us. He could see our matching handmade glittering rainbow shirts and especially our pink satin and sequined butterfly capes. When we lifted the capes, they looked like giant butterflies. I held up a poster that read L.O.V.E.U., and on the back was a big Hello Kitty poster that said 'Hello Mariah.' Every song was a favorite, but I have to agree with our friend Elena that the best performance of the evening was 'Fly Like a Bird.' She killed it. Her voice was astounding. I was in tears and beyond. A friend commented later that she sounded better than in previous concerts. As if she could get better? Who can you compare to her? No one. The moment that made Mariah laugh was when she started 'It's a Wrap,' another song that she just destroyed (in the good way, of course. No positive word is strong enough to convey it). As she introduced the song, we reached into our bag and pulled out two fluffy pink shoulder throws, or 'wraps,' and wrapped them around our necks. As she waltzed the stage towards us, her eyes suddenly met ours. Then she saw the pink wraps. She threw her head back and widened her smile! But somehow she kept singing through it all. We were so happy that we brought a smile to her face. After that moment, we were content to say, 'It's a Wrap.' We were so happy that she added 'Always Be My Baby' back into the set list, although there were many other songs ('Emotions') that would have been equally as fabulous. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and Mariah introduced what Billboard recently named the 'Song of the Decade.' The song 'We Belong Together' had everyone singing as if we were a 6,000 member Glee Club. When she left the stage, the crowd erupted. That's when I opened my butterfly wings and flew to center stage. I flapped my wings and floated away. The fans loved it and so did the band (especially Trey). Mauricio and I stood right underneath the microphone stand as Mariah returned to sing 'Hero.' I don't think I need to explain that it was an out of body experience. Afterwards, people kept asking to take photos with us and our glittering outfits, and eventually the guards escorted us away. We were given a backstage pass but couldn't get access. We did, however, find someone going backstage and gave them the care package for Cha Cha, so we know that Mariah received one of our gifts. The biggest gift of all, of course, was the music, and we are so grateful for it. As Mariah always says, never give up on your dreams, believe in yourself/know what you want, and you can make it happen. Our wish is the same for you and you and you. A hero lies in all of us. Find it, go out there, and fly."

Todd: "I saw Mariah last Thursday night in Hollywood. She looked great! She sounded amazing! (This was my 4th Mariah concert.) It was a pleasure to hear her sing songs from the last 2 albums that I never saw/heard her sing in person before. 'Touch My Body' was flawless, invigorating. The band was incredible. What a great show! I wanted to thank you for keeping us all posted on her set lists over the last few weeks... with the song substitutions for each performance. You do a fantastic job on this site! What a treat. Your efforts are much appreciated!"
Source: James | Ashley | Brendan | Kathryn | Alexis | Paolo | Andrew | Cristian | Benjamin | Ebony | Kali | Jim | Todd

Photos: Angels Advocate in Hollywood, Florida
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 22-Jan-2010, 9:37AM EST
Below are photos of Mariah performing onstage at Hard Rock Live! in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida on Thursday, January 21, 2010.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Urges Fans to Donate to Haiti Relief
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 22-Jan-2010, 1:10AM EST
Mariah calls on her fans to donate to the Haiti Earthquake relief efforts in a message on her Twitter:

MariahCarey My heart and prayers are w/ the people of Haiti. A portion of my current tour revenues to Haiti I urge you to donate what you can. Love you

Live Updates: Angels Advocate in Hollywood, Florida
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 8:00PM EST
Tonight, Mariah performs at the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. Our MDJ tour correspondents Brendan and James are there to provide us with live updates, as they happen!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Always Be My Baby
15. Obsessed
16. We Belong Together
17. Hero

• 08:16pm - Opening act RydaznRtist hits the stage. Crowd starts moving and is very hyped.
• 08:30pm Opening act finishes set.
• 08:40pm - Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" is currently playing and crowd is going strong. Merchant stands are selling out. Atmosphere is pumping and people are having a blast.
• 08:50pm - Mariah opens the show with "Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude."
• 08:59pm - Now "Touch My Body." She sounds amazing! Place is packed. Crowd is singing along.
• 09:03pm - Mariah has dancer bring microphone stand and he says, "Hi, Miami" and she says, "I was told not to say Miami 'cause there's lots of Floridians from different parts. I'm from New York, what do I know?" Takes a sip of water and says, "It's boring." Crowd laughs.
• 09:06pm - Now playing "Make It Happen." Mariah leaves to change ensemble. Dancers on stage. Crowd sings along.
• 09:09pm - Mariah comes out wearing a long silver dress and finishes "Make It Happen."
• 09:11pm - Dedicates "Angels Cry" to people of Haiti. Dancers elevated to do acrobatics above her.
• 09:17pm - "We love our fans (blowing in stage) and my fans (points to crowd)." Hair people come out. Also a lounge chair. "I'm just being a diva. I know it's over the top," she says. Takes a sip of champagne and says, "Just a splash. Don't do this if you are under 18." "Subtle Invitation" now.
• 09:21pm - "I'll finish the splash - a lady like sip. It's my stage and I can!" Now performing "It's Like That."
• 09:25pm - Now performing "The Impossible."
• 09:29pm - Sings introduction to Trey Lorenz to the beat of "The Impossible." Mariah walks off stage.
• 09:30pm - Trey Lorenz on now for "Rock With You."
• 09:35pm - Mariah back to perform "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker." She says, "I did this on Divas back in the day." Now wearing a short silver sparkly dress with fur jacket over the shoulders.
• 09:46pm - "It's A Wrap." Explains the song like in the other shows.
• 09:52pm - A chair is brought out. Takes off fur shawl and says, "It's good for Aspen but not here." Now performs "My All."
• 09:56pm - Latin "My All" mix playing. Shirtless dancer carries Mariah off stage.
• 10:00pm - Sings "Always Be My Baby." She says, "I had to do this tonight." Wears a long black dress.
• 10:10pm - After "Obsessed," she says, "It's fun when they pick you up like that but you have to be concerned about the dress." Introduces "We Belong Together" and mentions it being Song of the Decade. Crowd is singing along.
• 10:15pm - Finishes "We Belong Together." Thanks the crowd and walks off stage.
• 10:16pm - "Hero" starts playing. Mariah walks back on stage and says, "Had to do this one."
• 10:21pm - Show ends.


Many thanks to Brendan and James for the great updates tonight. We will be back with the MDJ Live Updates on Monday, January 25th at 7:30pm EST when Mariah performs at Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan! Our tour correspondents for the night will be Ronnie, Corey and Jay.

If you were in tonight's show, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to share with everyone. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Brendan | James

Request "Up Out My Face"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 3:28PM EST
Mariah's new single, "Up Out My Face" featuring Nicki Minaj has been digitally delivered to radio stations today in a promo bundle consisting of three tracks:

1. Radio Edit ft. Nicki Minaj (3:58)
2. Main Version ft. Nicki Minaj (4:26)
3. Instrumental Version (4:17)

Please find your local stations here and start requesting the song!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah at Hard Rock Live in Florida Tonight
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 12:31PM EST
Mariah Carey
Thu, Jan 21 at 8:00 pm
Hard Rock Live

She's Glitterific!
You simply cannot hate on the wonder that is Mariah Carey. Seriously — the woman's a megastar: five octave voice, awards galore, great body. The world first became majorly enamored with her when she turned one of her troubled relationships into an empowering hit song, "Butterfly" ("Spread your wings and prepare to fly/For you have become a butterfly") for which she won a Grammy. And then there's the "Dreamlover" music video, in which she wore cut-off jean shorts and a tied flannel top. Never before or since has a woman been able to pull off flannel — for Carey it's cute and frolicky, for everyone else it's grungy and Pearl Jam-esque. The lady was even smart enough to go into hiding after her film/soundtrack Glitter bombed in 2001. After emerging from hibernation, she was awarded with three more Grammys (for the album The Emancipation of Mimi) and a little young husband-cub by name of Nick Cannon. Sigh... We, too, have always daydreamed about marrying a member of the Nickelodeon teenage sketch show All That. Check Carey out when she performs tonight at 8 at Hard Rock Live (1 Seminole Way, Hollywood). Tickets cost $50 to $130. Visit ticketmaster.com.

REMINDER: Join us again tonight at 8pm EST for another edition of MariahDailyJournal's Live Updates. Our tour correspondents Brendan and James will bring us real time, up-to-the-minute coverage of Mariah's concert at the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.
Source: New Times | James

Wanted: Tour Correspondents
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 4:18AM EST
MDJ is looking for tour correspondents to help with the live updates for the following Angels Advocate shows: Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Columbus, Chicago (both shows), Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles (both shows), Oakland and Las Vegas. If you are going to any of the shows, and have a phone capable of e-mailing, please contact us at contact@mariahjournal.com. Thank you.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah in Detroit on Monday
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 4:16AM EST
MONDAY, JAN. 25: Mariah Carey
Mark it a rare treat for fans of Carey, whose two-decade career has largely placed her in arenas and other big venues -- including a big-time New Year's Eve splash at Madison Square Garden. This Fox performance, part of a two-month North American theater tour, is rightly being billed as an intimate evening with the 39-year-old vocal dynamo. Touring in support of her fall album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," Carey is on the road for her first national tour since 2006, which featured a stop at the Palace of Auburn Hills. 7:30 p.m. Fox Theatre, 2211 Woodward, Detroit. 313-983-6611. $59.75-$125.75.

How Mariah changed my life - and her own

By Chris Azzopardi, Pride Source

So Mariah Carey isn't just that vocally inimitable pop goddess who belts the hell out of "Hero," like she said during a press conference recently. I know that now, and am constantly reminded by some of her loopy antics (ice cream, anyone?), very public break-ups/breakdowns and that one recent sloshed award-acceptance speech that made a big buzz.

Bigger, anyway, than her R&B-throwback flop "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," released in September. That, along with its remix reissue due in March, is what brings Mariah on the road during a theater outing titled "The Angels Advocate Tour," stopping Jan. 25 at the Fox Theatre.

Her last trek, to support 2005's juggernaut "The Emancipation of Mimi," was in arenas, so why's Mimi going mini? Despite the bomb it's backing, a real singer, like the Celines and Whitneys of yesteryear, aren't the easiest sell in this post-vocal world, when voices sound a lot less human than they used to (even Mariah, of all people, has turned to Auto-Tune).

And here we have the queer-worshiped warbler, trying to be more human, more "imperfect," more drunk than she ever was publicly, stammering through that speech like your average boozer - and then not even covering up for it. "I have a sense of humor," she defended days later, "and that's basically what gets me through life."

Mariah helped carry me through much of mine. I was what she calls her uber-fans - a "lamb." The proof was in my bedroom: walls plastered with posters, two double-inch binders full of magazine clippings and rare memorabilia. I'd hound music-store clerks to claim some of their promo gear, once fetching a huge cardboard display rack. That became the spot for my Mariah CDs - all of them, which turned out to be a lot more than the 12 most people thought she had (this includes imports from other countries, singles, live bootlegs and often multiple copies of the same album, just in case I wore the first one out).

Gee, how we grow up and realize that life isn't just rainbows and butterflies and Mariah, who seemed to be this bigger-than-life lady. It's that angelic, superhuman shroud I miss about Mariah. How is it that she's a real person who does her duty on the toilet and bleeds when she gets a papercut? She used to be God.

So she's not the savior - and, despite her whole anniversaries-not-birthdays motto, she turns a year older every year, too. As I have, I've expanded my music-listening loves (everyone around me seems happy about that), but there's still something that's very nostalgic about Mariah, for which my unwavering fondness is like the rock she once was, and sometimes still is, to me.

Call it corny, but many of us had one - a celeb crush who felt like a friend. For many of my gay peers, that was Madonna. But I always related more to Mariah. Her music saw me through a myriad of drama: family turmoil, identity issues and self-esteem struggles.

At her pinnacle, and at my lowest, she released "Butterfly," 1997's reflective opus. It wasn't her best-selling album, but it was her best - full of revealing, minimalistic ballads that were heartbreaking, including a cathartic gospel song about being an outsider. Oh, the money it saved me in therapy. Mostly, anyway. There was the first time I saw her live 10 years ago, blowing over 500 bucks to see her sing in Chicago. She was there, and so was I. How surreal, I thought.

When I met Mariah backstage in Cleveland years later, that magical aura once enveloping her had completely lifted. As cool and climactic and OMG-that's-Mariah! as I remember it, it was also like learning the secret to a magician's trick.

In the way her handlers wouldn't allow fans to give hugs (I stole one anyway) and in how she's towering over everyone else in the group photo that was taken, she still seemed very majestic - all statuesque and untouchable and flawlessly shot from the one side, hand on hip.

But the Mariah we see now - the one who unabashedly rambles in buzzed sex-kitten purrs - seems to care less about nurturing a specific image, less guarded and more love-it-or-leave-it than ever before. And why the heck should she care? She's left her mark (with some of the biggest heels known to women and drag queens) - the awards, record-breakers, the criminal "American Idol" wannabes all speak of her accomplishments in a remarkable two-decade career.

Being herself wasn't always one of them. But now she seems happily married to Nick Cannon, forsaking vanity for a frumpy role in indie-sleeper "Precious," fully proud of her ta-tas and more Mimi than ever before on "Memoirs," cracking ridiculous jokes (there's that sense of humor!). Finally, Mariah's Mariah, or Mimi, or whatever she wants to call herself - and she doesn't really give a damn about what you think.

These days, she's inspiring in a whole new way.

Mariah Carey
7:30 Jan. 25
Fox Theatre, 2211 Woodward Avenue, Detroit
Source: Detroit Free Press | Chris - Pride Source

Pixie Lott: I cried when I met Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 4:12AM EST
UK singer Pixie Lott (UK's #1 singles "Mama Do" and "Boys And Girls") mentions Mariah in an interview with Metro.

What was the first record you bought? Probably a Spice Girls single. When I was little I listened to my mum's music. I sang all the big ballads by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. My speciality was My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. All the divas inspired me.

Have you met any of them? I met Mariah. She had a party in London and I got to meet her. I thought I'd be fine as I've met so many people but I shook her hand and started welling up. I had to put my head down. It was so embarrassing but I was overwhelmed, she'd been my idol since I was so young. Then she went to the toilet. She didn't give me any advice on how to be a pop star.
Source: Metro UK

AJC Reviews Mariah's Atlanta Concert
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 3:26AM EST
Mariah Carey performs at the Fox in Atlanta
By Q McElroy, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Leather, fur, metallics, shades, open-toe stilettos... and that was in the Fox Theatre lobby before the show started.

And the show did finally start at 9 p.m. when pop star Mariah Carey descended from high above wearing a gold bodice and fluffy white tulle skirt. Granted, almost all headliners start after ticket time – but the crowd had to sit through song after song after song by Michael Jackson and his brothers. Some in the exasperated crowd, which included grade-school girls and fashionable tweens, started booing during song breaks to get Ms. Mariah's attention (it didn't work).

Atlanta's own music mogul Jermaine Dupri helped her open the party scene with "Shake it Off" from her immensely successful "Emancipation of Mimi" comeback album. With a perfect tan, she sashayed and pranced her way through songs and wardrobe changes – from the full gold ruching to a long gold halter gown to short silver sequined sheath with mini fur jacket to long black sequined gown. She was visually stunning, even if we had to sit through her Betty Boop imitations.

The big question of the night: Did she act crazy... or tipsy? The answer is no. In fact, she playfully joked throughout the night especially when she took "tinsy ladylike sips" of "apple juice." And she acknowledged her love affair with fans (the kind that keep her hair in perpetual flight) saying, "It is what it is."

As for her singing, I'm having mixed feelings. At points it was reminiscent of the vocal prowess from her first album. At other times, marshmallow-soft air notes evaporated in the crowd (a friend suggested she wouldn't be able to win "American Idol" with that performance).

Truth be told, I have bought Mariah CDs and still listen to them, but there were times Tuesday I couldn't figure out if there was some occasional lip-synching. Which on the surface wouldn't be terrible if she put on a high-energy show like Beyonce or Lady Gaga. But let's be honest: the only sweat Mariah works up is when she's air boxing with that right arm.

Videos: Angels Advocate in Atlanta, GA
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 21-Jan-2010, 3:23AM EST





Source: JD on Twitter | Bradley | Caleb

New Singles to Impact Radio Jan. 26
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 20-Jan-2010, 12:37PM EST
Mariah's new singles, "Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo and "Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj, from the upcoming Angels Advocate album, are both scheduled to officially impact radio at the same time on Tuesday, January 26, 2010.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Fan Photos/Reviews: Angels Advocate in Atlanta, GA
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 20-Jan-2010, 8:13AM EST
[ Thanks to Adam, Caleb, Bradley, Jeremy and Ronnie! ]


Bryson: "I arrive at the venue and opening act RydazNRtist are just starting their set. They get the crowd hyped! They were done in about 15 mins. Then, the crowd got entertained by some Michael Jackson songs. But, at one point people started to get restless and jeered and booed a little. Soon, there are some stage directors behind the curtain, and they turn on the Mariah lights shining through the fabric on curtain! Then, the curtain pulls back and 'Butterfly Intro' starts playing! She comes down on her swing, and starts daydream interlude, I was so excited! She did "Shake It Off' as the opener, and Jermaine Dupri was there to rap with the song! As the show continued, Mariah had 3 costume changes, and sang great songs that I love! Not to mention, the audience was so responsive! There were people sitting down, but they clapped and were very lively! Something that pissed me off, was that a older couple was sitting behind me, and left after a couple of songs! I guess they were expecting her to sing her 'older' type of music! I don't know why they were surprised, Mariah has been doing this style for a while now! I don't get why they came! But, Mariah still made her money off them, their loss, her gain! Overall, the show had nice choreography, and it wasn't too over the top or anything, a good normal show! I wish she would've sung more songs! On the 'Mimi' tour she sang 22! Maybe she's tired or just wants to do a simpler tour! Anyway, great show Mariah, and I'll see you next time!"

Caleb: "I sat in row D in the orchestra section which is 4 rows behind the pit. After the show started the crowd was super pumped and excited. After she started, my disappointment of the set list being so short just vanished and I just couldn't help but enjoy the show. She had a bit of a technical difficulty during 'Touch My Body' but no one really seemed to care we just loved having her in our presence. After the show ended, we went back around the building to wait for her to come out, as we waited we chatted with other fellow Mariah fans and sang songs outside as we waited. Trey Lorenz came out to say Hi to the audience and being that it was his birthday tonight we all sang happy birthday to him. Then Tatum came out and chatted with us for a while. Anyway, so finally Mariah came out and everyone went crazy. I took some nice footage of her as well as me shaking her hand before she jumped onto her bus. After Trey and Tatum were outside just chatting with everyone and Trey signed my ticket. The show and the night was amazing and I can't wait for the second time around."

Jorge: "Wow! What can I say? The show was amazing! I arrived at Fox Theatre around 7:30pm. Traffic was traffic as it always is in Atlanta haha. I went and found my seat a little later afterwards.The crowd and me included were getting more and more energy as the Michael Jackson songs faded in and out. It got to the point where people eventually started to boo when an MJ song ended and another begin
disappointed that Mariah hadn't popped on stage yet. What made the evening a night to remember was that the second it started it was basically intense until the finale. You could feel the whole crowd singing to 'We Belong Together' and 'Hero.' The opening sequence is so amazing and beautiful to see in person compared to just looking at pictures. It was 100% Talent, 100% The Voice and definitely a night I won't forget anytime soon."

Robyn: "I just wanted to say that the concert was amazing! Mariah sounded wonderful. I didn't get to meet Mariah personally, but I met Rydaznartist. They were very nice. What a way to spend my birthday!"

Ashante: "Just got back from seeing Mariah at the Fox Theatre and it was AMAZING! I actually won front row tickets from Honey B Fly and wow my seats were amazing. After seeing her at Madison Square Garden I knew this show was going to be amazing. After flying down from Jersey we arrive at the Fox Theatre and it's a beautiful venue! We waited an hour or so for Mariah to come out and it was worth the wait. Majority of the crowd was on their feet as Mariah belted out My All, It's A Wrap, Emotions, Angels Cry! Mariah was soo amazing! Amazing show! AMAZING night!"

Antonio: "Mariah put on an incredible show last night. She seemed in very good spirits and her voice was in full range! The crowd was very lively and anxious as Michael Jackson hits were blasting. After an hour of waiting people starting getting a little upset, but they really came to life as Mariah descended down to the stage on a swing while the Butterfly/Daydream intro played. The highlight moments came when she performed Fly Like A Bird: it literally felt like we were in church as she sailed through the bridge and closing lines of the song, everyone had their hands raised singing every note with her. Angels Cry: she dedicated to the victims in Haiti. At times the fog was too much, she couldn't be seen very well because it was so thick at times. However, the vocals were extremely passionate-it was a chill bump moment as she added fresh emotion to the song by doing more soulful vocals than she does on the album version. It's A Wrap: she requested a mic stand but finally gave up after waiting for about a minute, once the song started she sang it flawlessly. My All: seemed a little more soulful than in past performances (A+). Emotions: this was the show stealing moment. Mariah showed that she still "has it"...hitting every note with perfection. You could tell who the fans were from 'back in the day' as she sang Emotions, we were all on our feet taking it back 1991. Emotions was my favorite song of the night! Obsessed: drove the crowd wild! As soon as MC said "and I'm like why are you so obsessed with me" everyone started screaming and dancing. Mariah obviously enjoyed the audience's response to Obsessed. Of course We Belong Together was another crowd pleaser. It was hard to hear her at times because the whole audience was singing every line with her. After the show I waited outside the theatre to meet Mariah. Trey Lorenz came out and talked with the fans. We sang happy birthday to him (during the show Mariah told us it was his birthday). Then Sherry Tatum came out and talked with fans and took pictures. She was really kind to everyone, she told us that Mariah would be out in a few minutes (Mary Ann wasn't at the show). Jermaine Dupri came out about 15 minutes before Mariah. When Mariah came out she told everyone thanks for coming and that we were a good crowd. She posed for pics and signed a few autographs before boarding the bus. All in all the show was perfect! Getting to see Mariah live made my life! Nothing compares to meeting her after the show!"

Sarah: "I got to see Mariah last night! I'm still excited! I was in the first row behind the pit section. The security guards were pouncing on people with cameras, not even letting people take pictures of each other or away from the stage (even before the show started!), which probably accounts for your lack of photo submissions. Dallas Austin was two rows in front of me, and I asked the guy next to me, 'Did you see Dallas Austin over there?' He said he knew him, and that he was a recording artist named Esty. I told him I was gonna see if Dallas could hook me up so I could meet Mariah, and Esty said they were going to go backstage with Dallas, but Mariah wasn't seeing visitors. He said she was feeling a little under the weather. Crap! So the one time I had a chance to get the hookup, I was foiled! The show was great - it was about the same as the others have been described, with Mariah joking around about her water and play-acting like a demanding diva. It seemed kinda scripted, but it was still cute. I had made a shirt in hopes that Mariah would see it, but I don't think she did. Maybe the people around me were just lukewarm or just recent Mariah fans... I was the only one singing along to every song! It was only during 'We Belong Together,' 'Obsessed' and 'Hero' that I had accompaniment. I really wished I was sitting close to people who were as excited to be there as I was! It was a great show, overall, short though it was (in comparison with Rainbow and Adventures of Mimi shows). Any day I get to see Mariah is a good day!"

Bradley: "This is the first MC concert I have ever been to. But I can tell you MC did a wonderful job, she may have been late but it was worth the wait! It was also worth standing outside in the cold with no jacket to see her within feet. This is the best concert I have ever been to!"

Jeremy: "I waited twenty years for the moment I experienced January 19. In all my years as a fan, I had never gotten the chance to see Mariah live. I finally got that chance, and it was WELL worth the wait! Mariah started the show late, but that was a good thing in my case. I was delayed by work and traffic, as I had to drive over 100 miles to get to the venue. From the moment she descended from the ceiling in her swing, I was instantly transformed into a giddy little kid, full of excitement. The crowd erupted onto its feet and stayed standing for the majority of the show, only sitting when Mariah was off stage. She was at the top of her vocal game, blasting the roof off with her signature high notes and belting her way flawlessly through the ballads. She re-affirmed my faith with her rendition of 'Fly Like A Bird.' After her amazing performance of 'Emotions,' the audience screamed and applauded so loudly that Mariah was forced to stop for a minute to take it all in. She kept the energy level up throughout the night. The set list was somewhat short, but she completely delivered on the vocals. I have been to many concerts over the years. I've seen some of the greatest vocalists in the industry. Mariah Carey surpassed every other act I've seen, as well as my own expectations of her. I can't wait for the chance to see her in concert again!"

Adam: "I've never been to see her before. I have been so excited since getting my tickets. I got to Fox Theatre early, about 5:50pm. I was very upset when they announced no photos, but thankfully, we were able to get pictures. The anticipation of Mariah's arrival is building and about to explode. But, it is another hour and 15 (ish) minutes before she comes to the stage. People were booing because of the wait, but once she was there, everyone was so excited! I couldn't believe Mariah was actually in front of me. When she sang 'Shake It Off,' JD came out on stage and it was a perfect performance. Her voice was grabbing the spotlight. She looked beautiful as well. The crowd loved 'Fly Like A Bird' and the musicians dancing to 'Subtle Invitation' was very nice. I loved her live version of this great song. 'It's A Wrap' was excellent. She introduced the song, sang it perfect and we all loved it. Next was 1991's #1, Emotions. Being a fan for so many years, I've always wondered what the high pitched notes would sound like live...I was blown away with goosebumps. It was amazing to hear her nail it note for note. It was perfectly done and everyone screamed, cheered and loved it. Was truly amazing. The crowd went CRAZY when she started Obsessed.' Everyone was on their feet, dancing and singing. Was awesome. She announced 'We Belong Together' as Song Of The Decade and the crowd screamed with joy as she sang the smash. She ended the perfect night with the fitting single, 'Hero.' It is fitting because Mariah is so many people's 'hero.' She touches so many people with her lyrics, she inspires us, moves us and we love her 'imperfections.' She gave such a beautiful show that I'll never forget. She's amazing, she's beautiful, she's talented, she's Mimi. Her voice was pitch perfect and she hit note for note. Overall, it was amazing. I didn't think I could love MCC anymore, but it's official, I do. Everything (with the exception of the delay) was amazing."

Mayar: "OMG! My dream came true last night! I have been a Mariah Carey fan ever since the beginning! Her concert was AMAZING! Like the other fans stated, it started a little late (I overheard one of the ushers saying that she arrived late and that may have been the cause) but we waited patiently and boy was it worth it! To speed things along after the concert we went around back and got to meet Mariah, Jermaine Dupri, Trey Lorenz, Sherry Tatum, the dancers, the assistants, body guards and her road manager Michael. We even got to see them pack up the tour bus with luggage, food, costumes, everything! Wow! What a night, It was everything like I had imagined and it included everyone's autograph!"

Darrell: My experience was amazing! I took a very good friend of mine, who just lost her sister so I wanted her to hear one of Mariah's many songs that touches on spirituality to help. We were in the 5th row (right behind Dallas Austin), so we were right there up front with her. The show started on time and Mariah was on point all night long. Whether it was singing her amazing range from the lows all the way to the top of her falsetto, talking with the crowd, or joking about the infamous tipsy interview; my girl put on an awesome show. When song four started ('Fly Like a Bird'), I told my friend, this is the exact song I wanted you to hear! Afterwards, we continued dancing for the whole show! Next, many local radio stations were also noting that she was allowing a track to handle her vocals. Unfortunately for these individuals, this was not the real case, as I am a musician (20 yrs+) and watch for these types of faux-performances. Ms. Carey had a track playing on some of the background parts and choruses (which is pretty industry standard at this point) but was singing well above the level and sang the entire show. I saw her with the Emancipation tour in ATL, 7th row, and it was really great too, but she caught slack for that performance as well. I just wanted my opinion on this to be known, as she is still a very, very talented singer it seems like people still hate on her because they are jealous or something, not too sure about all that but wanted to set the record straight. The surprise of 'Subtle Invitation' from Charmbracelet was really nice, as I love that album. Also, the new tracks were really good too, with a personal attraction to her lovely new song 'It's A Wrap.' In the closing, 'We Belong Together' was a super banger, and 'Hero' were both awesome hearing everyone behind singing right along with her. I hope Mariah tours more in the future, keeps putting out albums, and ignores all of the hating mess that seems to follow her around. I would tell her… COME THROUGH ATL ANYTIME HUNNIE, AND WE WILL PAY TO SEE YOU DO YO THANG! Hahahaha."
Source: Bryson | Adam | Kevin Hart | Caleb | Antonio | Ashante | Jorge | Robyn | Sarah | Bradley | Jeremy | Mayar | Ronnie | Darrell

Liz Smith: Did the Golden Globes Glitter?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 20-Jan-2010, 8:03AM EST
So maybe the best part of the Globes was the red-carpet beginning where stars tried to keep their hemlines from dragging and their hair from going limp in the rain. Many a coiffure simply collapsed.

And it was my girl Mariah Carey who provided the most viewing fun. As soon as she hove into sight, big grapefruit-sized bosoms bared, Ryan Seacrest remarked, "Oh, we're just going to call you Miss Subtlety."

Mariah didn't think this was funny. Ryan kept trying to get her to talk about her celebrated appearance at the Palm Springs Film Festival - just how much had she had to drink? Mariah insisted it was just one extra glass of champagne and said people don't understand the "silly humor" between her and "Precious" director Lee Daniels. Finally, the diva declared, "Let's not talk about people who've had too much champagne, hmmm?" Listen, Mariah is entitled to move on even when the Ryan Seacrests of the world can't seem to.
Source: WowOWow

Mariah Brings Out the Stars at MGM at Foxwoods
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 20-Jan-2010, 7:55AM EST
When Mariah Carey played the MGM Grand at Foxwoods last weekend, she brought some additional star power.

After catching his wife's show, producer, comedian, writer and musician Nick Cannon stepped up at the casino's Shrine nightclub. Cannon did the spinning for a packed crowd, choosing an eclectic selection of music and even singing along on some songs. Despite rumors to the contrary, Carey was a no-show at the after-party party.

But there were others big names there, including Boston Celtics stars Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Glen "Big Baby" Davis, who attended the Carey concert with teammate Kevin Garnett.

Live Updates: Mariah at Fox Theatre, Atlanta
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 7:30PM EST
Tonight, Mariah performs at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. Our MDJ special correspondents Bryson and Chad are there to give us live updates, as they happen!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Obsessed
16. We Belong Together
17. Hero

• Great turn out tonight at Fox Theatre.
• 07:30pm - Opening act RydaznRtist performing on stage. The group is done with their set at 7:48pm.
• 08:00pm - Michael Jackson songs being played.
• The crowd is very lively! They're so hyped!
• 08:41pm - Still waiting for Mariah. Michael Jackson hits still playing.
• 09:00pm - Mariah comes out in 'swing' entrance with "Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude."
• 09:06pm - Jermaine Dupri joins Mariah on stage for "Shake It Off."
• 09:07pm - Audio, microphone issues during "Touch My Body." Her mike keeps going out and the band is way too loud.
• 09:11pm - Before singing "Fly Like a Bird," she goes for a sip of water, then says, "Champagne, later."
• 09:16pm - "Make It Happen" playing. Mariah leaves for a short break.
• 09:21pm - Mariah dedicates "Angels Cry" to the people in Haiti.
• 09:26pm - Getting a touch-up after "Angels Cry" and a teensy, lady-like sip, Mariah says then it's apple juice. Talks a little bit about her glass slippers. She said it's hard to walk in them, then showed them off. "Subtle Invitation" now.
• 09:37pm - After "It's Like That," she said she really means I love you when she says it to fans. "The Impossible" next. Says she can't reveal guests for it on Remix album.
• 09:45pm - Trey Lorenz on now for "Rock With You."
• 09:58pm - "It's A Wrap," she says, is "When you wait all night and you don't get a response, and you end the relationship!"
• 10:07pm - Mariah takes a break after "My All."
• 10:12pm - Introductions by Trey. Mariah comes back onstage wearing a black sequined gown and performs "Emotions."
• 10:22pm - Thanks J.D. for writing "We Belong Together" with her; and fans for making it the Song of the Decade.
• 10:27pm - Mariah comes back out for encore and performs "Hero."
• 10:31pm - Show ends. "Up Out My Face" dropped from tonight's setlist.

Thanks for joining us! Great job, Bryson and Chad! We will be back with the live updates on Thursday, January 21st at 8:00pm EST when Mariah plays the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida! Our special correspondents for the night will be Brendan and James.

If you were in tonight's show, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to share with everyone. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Bryson | Chad

Update: Mariah at The Colosseum, Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 6:47PM EST
Mariah's Angels Advocate concert, scheduled at The Colosseum Ceasars Palace-Las Vegas on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 8:00PM, has changed times. The event will now take place at 9:00PM. Original tickets will be honored for the new time.
Source: Ticketmaster | Gilbert

More Videos: Mariah at MGM Foxwoods, CT Show #1
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 5:33PM EST
Here are more video clips from Mariah's concert at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT on Friday, January 15. Thanks to Marc for sharing his videos with us!

Click on the links below to view more video clips!

• Hero - Part 1 | Part 2
• Make It Happen
• Fly Like A Bird
• Angels Cry - Part 1 | Part 2
Source: Marc | Jonny

Jermaine Dupri on Mariah's "We Belong Together"
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 12:28PM EST
His Production of Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" Cited as Decade's Most Popular Song

Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together," the second single from her 2005 comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi, and a two-time Grammy winner, was recently named the most popular song of the last decade, based on record sales, airplay and online streaming. The pop ballad was produced by Jermaine Dupri, who was brought in by IDJ's L.A. Reid after the album was practically finished, to craft a few more songs, including "We Belong Together," a hip-hop ballad that helped the album go on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide. Dupri fills in HITS' own last-minute addition, Roy Trakin, on the details.

Did you feel any pressure when you were brought aboard to work with Mariah?
Not at all... This was part of a second batch of songs we worked on when she did come back. We wrote it together. Most of the time when I make records with Mariah, I basically write them while she's there in the studio. She's a super-prolific writer. And that's how we've always collaborated. She gives me the vibe for the kind of record she's looking for, then we start playing different chords and keys to see where we're headed.

She took more of a natural vocal approach.
There are people who think she's singing as hard as she ever did, because they hadn't heard her like that in a long time.

Who had the idea for the lyrical references to Bobby Womack and [L.A. Reid and Babyface band] The Deele?
Bobby Womack was my idea, but the Babyface thing came from [co-writer] Johnta [Austin]. I'm sure we would have never put those in there, if we knew they'd be getting writers' credit. I never realized that just mentioning someone's name warrants 1% or 2%. I'm going to go back and listen to see how many people say, "Jermaine Dupri."

Did you realize at first how popular it would be?
The first two we did, "It's Like That" and "Get Your Number," were more uptempo. When we got back together in the studio, my idea was, let's try some ballads this time—let's flip the switch. We put a condenser mic in the studio so we could record every idea we came up with. When we went to play it back, you could hear the song coming to life. I cut the vocal myself at first, and she followed my direction to a "T."

It crossed over to every audience.
I'm really speechless that the song was able to connect to so many different people. My style of production does not sound like pop music when you first hear it. Fortunately, they end up going that way. I had no idea what it was going to do; I just knew it was a good Mariah record. In my mind, it doesn't sound like the song of the decade—it's too different. It doesn't sound like anything else.
Source: HITS | Colson

Audio: Mariah on Nick's 92.3 NOW Show
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 12:07PM EST
Mariah called in to Nick Cannon's morning show, Rollin' With Nick Cannon, this morning to wish him good luck on his new show on 92.3 NOW in New York. Prior to Mariah calling, Nick and Perez Hilton (who gave his Hollywood news round-up on Nick's show) made a bet for $20 to see if Nick could get Mariah off the bed and on the phone before 9am. Obviously, we know who won!

Listen to Mariah's call below!

92.3 NOW's newest morning host, Nick Cannon, flashes his pearly whites for the cameras during today's debut of Rollin' With Nick Cannon in New York City. The show can be heard live weekdays from 6:00-10:00AM ET on-air, online at http://923now.com and through mobile devices. To find out more about Nick's first day, including videos, check out the Rollin' With Nick Cannon blog at NickCannon.com and his 92.3 NOW page.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Allison, CBS Radio

Videos: Mariah Interviews on the Globes Red Carpet
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 5:21AM EST
Mariah and Nick join in Entertainment Tonight's fundraising effort on behalf of the American Red Cross. Mariah: "Do something that will change your life."

[ Download this video ]

And here are other videos of Mariah and Nick on the red carpet at the 67th Annual Golden Globe awards.

Download: The Insider - Globes Red Carpet Interview

Download: Inside Edition - Globes Red Carpet Interview

Download: Access Hollywood - Globes Red Carpet Interview

Download: Extra - Globes Red Carpet Interview

Download: E! News - Globes Red Carpet Interview

Download: Showbiz Tonight - Globes Red Carpet Interview

Download: Sky One UK - Globes Red Carpet Interview
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah: "Relax, I Only Had 'Two Sips' at Globes"
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 2:03AM EST
Mariah Carey - who came under fire for a recent tipsy awards show speech - made sure she didn't go overboard with the bubbly at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.

"I had like two sips!" she told UsMagazine.com at the show.

She told Us her sloshy acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival earlier this month was blown out of proportion. "Whatever, that was so not a big deal," said the singer, 40, who recently announced plans to release her own line of bubbly. "Everyone needs to remember the last time they had champagne!"

Carey - who was spotted giving actress Helen Mirren a double kiss on the cheek at the Globes - said the highlight of her night was seeing Precious costar Mo'Nique win for best supporting actress in a drama. "She is real, and so am I!" Carey told Us.

She said she also liked her low-cut Herve Leger by Max Azria gown. "I just like the way it fit and the beading," Carey said when asked how she settled on the frock. "I thought it was pretty cool. Now I'm like stepping on it!"

She said the dress was better than one she recently wore. "I couldn't walk up the stairs because it was too tight on my knees," she told Us. "You've got to have stretchy fabric!"
Source: Us Magazine

"Rollin' with Nick Cannon" Debuts Today on 92.3 NOW
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 1:59AM EST
This Tuesday, Jan. 19, marks the launch of Nick Cannon's highly anticipated new morning radio program, "Rollin' With Nick Cannon," on CBS RADIO's 92.3 NOW in New York. The show can be heard live weekdays from 6:00-10:00AM on-air, online at http://923now.com and through mobile devices, and will feature a mix of Top 40 music, interviews with the biggest stars, and all around engaging entertainment.
Source: Allison from CBS RADIO

Video: "It's A Wrap" at MGM Grand Foxwoods (Show #2)
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 1:31AM EST
Here's a full video of Mariah's performance of "It's A Wrap" from last Saturday's concert at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT. As reported earlier, Mariah announced on the show that she will be singing this song with Mary J. Blige on the Remix album.

Jonny has also uploaded clips of Fly Like a Bird, Angels Cry, and Love Hangover/Heartbreaker. Check them out!
Source: Jonny | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010, 12:42AM EST
Below are scans from recent issues of the UK's Reveal; Germany's OK! and Life & Style; and Romania's Tv Agenda and Timis Expres.

Source: Carl | Alex | Manuela

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 18-Jan-2010, 12:40AM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated January 23, 2010.

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Billboard 200: #78 (Last week: #72)
Sales this week: 6,880 (-36%)
Total sales: 403,460
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #23 (Last week: #20)

Billboard Yahoo Video: #3 (Last: week: #3)
Billboard Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #61 (Last week: #46)
Sales this week: 56 (-43%)
Total sales: 29,803
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #126 (Last week: #83)
Downloads this week: 19,144 (-50%)
Total downloads: 1,417,357

"I Want To Know What Love Is"
Billboard Adult Contemporary Songs: #10 (Last week: #10)
Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs: #15 (Last week: #12)

Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #94 (Last week: #75)
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #94 (Last week: #75)

The Ballads
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #125 (Last week: #116)
Sales this week: 506 (-33%)
Total sales: 131,244
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal

Videos: Mariah at the Golden Globes
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 8:54PM EST
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah Arrives at the Golden Globes
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 7:47PM EST
Mariah and husband Nick Cannon arrive at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday, January 17, 2010.

And here are photos of Mariah signing the Chrysler 300 Eco Style car for "Stars for a Cause" during the Golden Globes.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah & Nick at the Golden Globes Tonight!
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 6:58PM EST
Mariah and Nick will be opening the Golden Globes red carpet with an interview on NBC at 4pm PT/7pm ET. Be sure you are tuned in!

Mariah Confirms Collaboration with Mary J. Blige
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 6:46PM EST
As you may remember, we first broke the news about Mary J. Blige being featured on Mariah's upcoming Remix album, Angels Advocate. In last night's show at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut, Mariah confirmed during her spiels before performing "It's A Wrap" that indeed Mary J. will be on the album; and featured on the remixed version of the song.

Listen below!

"This next song, this is about, basically, relationships. We're dealing with relationships here. It's like when you've waited all night long for somebody to come home and they finally come home, and it's the morning and... you yourself are like, 'Where is this MF'er?' ... I'm talking about a serious subject here. This is a serious situation that I'm talking about. This is from, well I told you the Remix album is gonna be out and I'm singing this with Mary J. Blige and I'm really excited about it. But right now I'm gonna do it alone. It's called 'It's A Wrap.'"
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny

Audio: Mariah at MGM Grand Foxwoods, CT (Show #2)
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 6:38PM EST
Below are audio files from Mariah's concert last night at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Unfortunately, we were only able to capture up to Mariah's performance of "My All."

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions - N/A
15. Up Out My Face - N/A
16. Obsessed - N/A
17. We Belong Together - N/A
18. Hero - N/A
Source: Jonny | MariahDailyJournal

Fan Photos/Reviews: Mariah at MGM Foxwoods, Show #2
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 6:36PM EST
[ Thanks to Jonny, Gary and Julie! ]


• Jonny: "Mariah was on fire once again! Saturday night's show at the MGM Grand did not disappoint! Mariah looked beautiful as she descended down to the stage in a long gold gown, different from the one she's worn the past few shows, and curly hair. The setlist was essentially the same as Friday night, with the addition of 'Up Out My Face,' which Mariah said they've been back and forth about putting in the setlist. Mariah revealed that it was Nick's idea to put 'Emotions' in the setlist. A festive moment for this show was a birthday celebration onstage for choreographer Debbie Allen, who came on stage for a splash and to be serenaded by Mariah with 'Happy Birthday.' It was a great show from start to finish, with exceptionally powerful performances of 'Love Hangover/Heartbreaker,' 'Emotions' and 'It's A Wrap.' I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of this tour has to offer!"

• Carrie: "To summarize my night, I'd have to say it was a phenomenal one. Mariah came on stage at a reasonable time. I was worried that she would be late like she was for the previous concert. Compared to my last concert (The Adventures of Mimi), the show was so much more intimate, and I enjoyed my seats (fourth row-thanks HBF!) She made a lot of jokes about her drunken speech' from a few weeks ago, and every time she did the crowd roared with laughter. Mariah had no trouble poking fun at herself and the rumors, and it made the mood of the show more relaxed. She did talk with the audience every now and then, and waved to fans throughout the show. The band was great, the dancers were incredible (especially during Angels Cry when a man and woman were hanging from the ceiling!) and Mariah's back up singers who we all know and love were both singing their parts and-even though they were high up-smiling and waving to members in the audience. After tonight, I have no doubt in my mind that 'The Voice' is still as powerful as ever."

• Brad: "I was in the front row, stage right, seat A8. I enjoyed the concert a great deal. I saw her in Vegas at the Pearl and also on New Year's Eve at Madison Square Garden. The show had a pretty good flow. The 'birthday party' for Debbie Allen was unexpected and kind of cute. Although it is clear that vocally Mariah relies on a backing track, when she improvises her vocals she is at her best. Vocally, a real stand out of the night was her seated performance of 'My All.' Personally, I enjoyed the special interaction I got with her since I was the closest person to her and I am very tall (6' 3"). For example, she and I sang back and forth on 'Make it Happen' and her face lit up when she noticed my change of outfits into the Angels Advocate Tour T-shirt. Also, during the encore performance of 'Hero' she smiled when she noticed I was now wearing the concert T-shirt from her Music Box Tour of 1993 and she pointed at me and sang 'a Hero lies in you.' I pointed back at her too. Big Nasty also gave a wave when I shouted his nickname. The crowd was ok. Parts of the center section did stand and dance but too many people sat in their seats at all times. Overall, it was a very special night and I loved overhearing an elderly couple, as they were leaving the theater, say to each other 'that was a pretty good concert.' It put a smile on my face."

Carlos: "I had a great night and great weekend overall! The show was fabulous and Mariah was so divalicious as usual. It was actually my first time seeing her in concert and I was not disappointed. Mariah is so down to earth and very funny. She was even poking fun of herself over the whole champagne incident lol. She was dressed really nice all night. She wore 4 different dresses and they were all sexy. And she still hits all the right notes and sings way better than most of these performers now a days. She went from from song to song with no hesitation. She sang songs that everyone knows like We Belong Together and Hero, and also sang fan favorites like Subtle Invitation and It's A Wrap. My favorite part of the show was when she sang Fly Like a Bird, she really sang that song lol. It was so amazing, it gave me goosebumps. The negative part of the show was that most of the crowd was really just a boring casino crowd which I don't get why you would go to a show that you paid big money for and just sit there the whole time. It doesn't make sense to me. But anyways, I would go see her again very soon. Hopefully she'll come back around next time she releases new material. And I'll be there!"
Source: Jonny | Gary | Carrie | Brad | Carlos | Julie

Box Score: Angels Advocate at MSG, New York
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 3:18PM EST
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009
Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York (Live Nation/Haymon Entertainment)
Gross: $1,224,734
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 11,534 / 11,831
Sellout %: 97.5%
Ticket Price Range: $321.25, $15.60
Source: Billboard | Pulse

Nick on Mariah Speeches, Globes Haiti Relief Post Show
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 17-Jan-2010, 12:21PM EST
PopEater had the awesome opportunity to hang out with Nick Cannon while he filmed his upcoming DoSomething.org PSA to urge teens that "going green is sexy." He's a total riot and so down-to-Earth. He took time to chat about the crisis in Haiti (and why he wants you to get involved) as well as joke about Mariah Carey's "tipsy" award show speeches.

Will you and Mariah be at the Golden Globes?
"I'm actually hosting the NBC post show. The post show for the Golden Globes is actually focusing on doing their own Haiti relief contribution as well so we're actually turning the post party for a massive event like the Globes into a charity event as well so that would be kinda cool."

On Mariah Carey's recent award speeches
"I don't know why she got press for the second one. The second one was dope. The first one was dope too. She's supposed to be celebrating. [Do you think there'll be a round 3?] If she wins, why not? That's the Golden Globes. Everybody's gonna be tipsy."

With Mariah's recent awards, have you been doing anything special for her?
"Lots of flowers and candy, always. Makes a woman smile. I'm the sweetest guy in the world. Call me Nutra Sweet, that's how I get down. [If Mariah was to tell a story, what would she say one of the sweetest things that you've done?] I'm so sweet. You can't pick one. Everything I do. See I was helping my wife with her dress on stage, who does that?
Source: PopEater | MariahDailyJournal

Live Updates: Mariah at MGM Foxwoods, CT (Show #2)
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 16-Jan-2010, 8:00PM EST
Tonight, Mariah performs her second show at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Our MDJ special correspondents Jonny and Kyle are there to give us live updates, as they happen!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Up Out My Face
16. Obsessed
17. We Belong Together
18. Hero

• Another sold-out night at MGM Grand.
• 08:02pm - Opening act RydaznRtist performing on stage. The group is done with their set at 8:17pm.
• 08:58pm - Mariah now out on stage with "Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude."
• 09:07pm - Right after "Touch My Body," she said, "Just taking a sip of my water."
• 09:12pm - "Make It Happen" playing. Mariah leaves for a short break.
• 09:16pm - Mariah comes back wearing a long gold dress to finish "Make It Happen."
• 09:20pm - Mariah dedicates "Angels Cry" to the people in Haiti.
• 09:32pm - After "Subtle Invitation, Mariah brings out Rachel and show director Debbie Allen whose birthday is tonight on stage. Sings 'Happy Birthday' to Debbie.
• 09:45pm - Trey Lorenz on now for "Rock With You."
• 09:47pm - Mariah back wearing a short silver dress and performs "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker."
• 09:52pm - Now performing "Honey."
• 10:07pm - Mariah takes a break after "My All."
• 10:10pm - Comes out in a long black dress and performs "Emotions." Mariah mentioned that singing "Emotions" was Nick Cannon's idea.
• 10:15pm - Performs "Up Out My Face." She got her water in a champagne glass that she requested earlier. Said the "Up Out My Face" video will be out soon.
• 10:19pm - Performing "Obsessed" now. Complains dress is too long: "Ahh if I fall it will be good TV." Everyone is up dancing!
• 10:35pm - Mariah ends the show with "Hero." "Up Out My Face" added to tonight's setlist, and the audience was much livelier than last night!


Thanks again for joining us! Big thanks go to Jonny and Kyle for a job well done! We're back with the live updates on Tuesday, January 19th at 7:30pm EST when Mariah plays the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia! Our special correspondents for the night will be Bryson and Chad.

If you were in tonight's show, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to share with everyone. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny | Kyle

Audio: Mariah at MGM Grand Foxwoods, CT (Show #1)
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 16-Jan-2010, 4:48PM EST
We have the full audio of Mariah's concert at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut on Friday, January 15, 2010. You can either download each song individually, or the whole show at once below.

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Obsessed
16. We Belong Together
17. Hero

Many thanks to Jonny for sharing his audio recording exclusively to MDJ!

And here's a full video of Mariah's performance of "The Impossible." At the end of the song, Nick Cannon comes out on stage to give Mariah a kiss.

Source: Jonny | MariahDailyJournal

Fan Photos/Reviews: Mariah at MGM Grand Foxwoods, CT
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 16-Jan-2010, 4:42PM EST
[ Thanks to Jonny, Gary and Kristen! ]


• Jonny: "Better late than never! Although Mariah's descent on to the stage was considerably late, she proved that good things come to those who wait. Looking great and in good spirits, Mariah offered a powerful, energetic set, interjected with joking references to her 'entertaining' acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival earlier this month. She sipped water a couple of songs in and later had a splash of champagne as she received the diva treatment introducing 'Subtle Invitation.' Careful observers noticed that she chuckled as she sang the line 'intoxicated' in 'Emotions' later on in the show. All jokes aside, this was a great show. Although this was another 'casino crowd,' this bunch was a bit more lively than those in the audience at the Borgata in Atlantic City. When Mariah urged the crowd to get up for 'It's Like That,' they obliged, and did so again for 'Emotions' and 'Obsessed.' Other highlights of the show included a vocally powerful performance of 'It's A Wrap,' a fun performance of 'Love Hangover/ Heartbreaker' (which in my opinion is a welcome addition to her setlist) and a soulful rendition of 'Fly Like A Bird,' which Mariah opted for tonight in place of 'H.A.T.E.U.' Husband Nick Cannon made a brief appearance on stage after 'The Impossible,' which Mariah dedicates to him. The show came to a close with 'We Belong Together,' which Mariah had to start over after a mishap with the stage door, and another amazing performance of 'Hero.' Even though many people, possibly even Mariah herself, may be tired of hearing this song, it will always provide a special moment for me."

• Amanda Hanzlik: "Even though we had to wait a very long time for the show to start, it was a fantastic concert! Mariah's voice was in great form, and she absolutely brought it. The staging, placement of the band/background vocalists were simple, yet elegant, and it really highlighted Mariah and her amazing voice. The choreography really enhanced the beautiful and understated mood of the entire show. Mariah was funny, laid back and one of the best parts of the show was when Nick came out on stage, and they shared a kiss. It was so sweet! Her performance on 'Fly Like a Bird' was out of control. 'The Impossible' was beautiful and sensual, with amazing choreography. We also loved the fact that she included 'Subtle Invitation' (one of my all-time favorites!). I have been a fan since 'Vision of Love' was released (Yes, I am that old!), and I have now seen Mariah in concert seven times, and personally met her four times. She has never, ever seemed happier or looked more beautiful than she did last night."

• Cory: "The show was down right incredible! I'm going to focus my thoughts on the music and her voice because I'm sure others will do a fine job of reviewing her attire and such. MARIAH SOUNDED AMAZING! I was in awe and even my friend who is only just a casual fan said she sounded great. She was quite late and people were getting restless, booing even, but once she got on stage they forgot all about that. 'Shake It Off' was NOT as boring of an opener as people thought it would be... and 'Touch My Body,' with a unique and harder drum arrangement, kept the momentum going. I'm a little disappointed that she dropped 'H.A.T.E.U,' but 'Fly Like A Bird' sounded great (and we could see that she still has that muscular arm!). The musical highlights of the show for me would have to be 'It's Like That' and 'Emotions.' The energy was so crazy during those songs it was surreal. The crowd was LOVING 'Emotions' and I do believe Mariah seems happy she decided to put that back in her shows. Overall, Mariah was on point, having fun, extremely personable and fun to watch. She poked fun of herself quite a bit, but that just made it all the more real and it felt like I was hanging out with her in a sense. The only negative thing that is consistent with most of her concerts is that they are too short and she needs to find more creative ways of incorporating more songs. I also get the feeling that she skipped 'Always Be My Baby' due to the late start. Other than that, awesome show and totally worth going! I'm looking forward to seeing her again in Boston and Vegas!"
Source: Jonny | Amanda | Cory | Kristen

Press Reviews: Mariah at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 16-Jan-2010, 10:15AM EST
Mariah Carey At The MGM Grand
By Thomas Kintner, The Hartford Courant

Mariah Carey has been in the news lately due to erratic behavior at a pair of recent award shows, most notably a woozy acceptance speech when she was honored at the Palm Springs Film Festival January 5 for her acting turn in the film "Precious." She didn't make it easy to forget those images during her trip to the stage Friday night for the first of two nights at the Foxwoods Resort Casino's MGM Grand Theater, where she sounded comfortable easing through her songs and a touch loopy in between them.

Sporting an enormously puffy dress, Carey descended from the rafters on a rope swing to flutter through "Butterfly," a seven-piece band adding cool dressing to its mellow flow. Carey's singing was mostly casual, building to snappy little bursts amid the puffy dance sway of "Shake it Off."

Her voice is a remarkable instrument at its high end, but her songs were frequently undeserving of the unleashing she gave it. Her simmering trip through the mechanical R&B of "Touch My Body" was neither seductive nor enticing, and the only moments that mattered in the expansive "Fly Like a Bird" were the displays of power and sky-scraping pitch with which she dappled its latter portions.

Her singing could nonetheless apply pyrotechnic enticement to an energetic reading of a stop sign, so Carey dolled up the shimmying dance wave of "It's Like That," snapping gamely at its otherwise unremarkable lyrics. With a troupe of as many as ten dancers circling her, she soared and sailed through a meshing of "Sweetest Hangover" and "Heartbreaker," clad in furry sleeves and one of the multiple abbreviated dresses she sported as the evening wore on.

When she wasn't singing, Carey meandered between songs, complaining about the lack of fans onstage to blow hair off of her face, laughing at her own circuitous asides even when there wasn't a punch line, and coming off more flaky than fun. For people who love to watch a superstar fiddle incessantly with her hair (and call stylists onstage when she's tired of doing it herself), it was a treat.

Despite her once-in-a-generation vocal tools, Carey left several numbers shapeless, among them an average take on "Angels Cry" and a reading of "The Impossible (Love Ya Like)" that, despite its swatches of rhythm, was more drowsy than hypnotic. Those moments made it all the more jarring – in a good sense – when she leapt into "Emotions," which stood out for its lively gait as Carey dressed it with a mix of sharp vocal jabs and almost spoken word delivery in some passages.

Carey was almost on the way out when a door hit her in the backside, courtesy of her dancers emerging from one of the set's enormous risers to join her for the percolating, static " Obsessed." That moment somehow caught up to her on the next song, as she stopped "We Belong Together" midway through its first verse and demanded her band begin again. She peppered its flow comfortably to finish her set, and then returned for a laid-back massaging of "Hero" that brought the 90-minute show to an easygoing close.

Mariah Carey returns to the Foxwoods Resort Casino's MGM Grand Theater tonight at 8 P.M. Tickets are $150, $125 and $95.

Below are pictures from last night's show courtesy of The Hartford Courant.

Mariah Carey Arrives Late, Sings Strong at MGM Grand at Foxwoods
By Kevin O'Hare, MassLive

Going to see Mariah Carey in concert these days is a little like catching a wild amusement park ride.

There's a lot of fun and a lot of thrills but also some not-so-subliminal fear in thinking that the ride might go right off its tracks at any moment.

The statuesque songstress with the five-octave range brought all those elements to her show before a full-house at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods on Friday. It was just a little more than a week since Carey grabbed all the wrong kind of headlines for her wacky acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival, which she later blamed on "splashes of champagne."

The video of the slurred speech instantly became a YouTube classic, so when the Long Island native finally took the MGM stage an hour and 35 minutes after the 8 p.m. show time on the ticket Friday, there was plenty of concern going 'round right from the start.

The anxious and frustrated crowd had been booing just a few minutes earlier and it didn't help when an off-stage announcer said that Carey was running late due to the seemingly obligatory "accident on 95," that seems to get brought up whenever a performer arrives late for a show in the area.

Nevertheless, Carey did stage a pretty impressive if occasionally erratic 90-minute performance that was musically tight and well choreographed - even if the pacing was slightly marred by the soon-to-be-40-year-old singer's own unpredictable nature.

She definitely has a crazy side to her. One of the first things she said to the crowd was "Who's thirsty and drinking champagne?" making obvious light of her earlier incident. She said she was going to stick to water all night, but by her seventh song, which she sang while lounging like a diva on a plush couch, she did indulge in a bit of champagne saying "See this is what happens. They force it down my throat."

Carey is in the very early stages of her "Angels Advocate" tour, her first extended road show in more than three years. She was ably backed by a four-piece band, three singers and numerous exceptional dancers, who often grabbed the attention when the singer slipped off stage for a half-dozen costume changes. Her dresses were all skin tight, typically sparkling and all designed to flaunt her abundant cleavage.

After a brief introduction, the concert kicked off with the thumping dance track "Shake it Off," the erotic "Touch My Body," and one of her first vocal showcases of the evening, "Fly Like a Bird," which peaked with some of her trademark sky-high upper octave notes at the end.

Mid-set standouts included her early smash "Make it Happen," before "Angels Cry," the latter which featured two dancers spinning high above the singer's head.

In a set-up routine, she had a crew member come out and fix her hair, as Carey drew laughs when she said "I am a diva. A diva's a good thing."

She didn't totally stick to the script though. She seemed to be having problems with her in-ear monitors and was not pleased with some of the directives she was apparently receiving through them, including the set list. As the night progressed so did the pauses between songs and she blew the lyrics and had to re-start one of her biggest hits, "We Belong Together," right after saying that Billboard magazine had crowned it the most popular song of the decade.

Still with tracks such as "The Impossible" (husband Nick Cannon briefly came on-stage and gave her a long kiss after that one); a tasty mash-up of her own "HeartBreaker" with Diana Ross' "Love Hangover;" Carey's mega-hit "Emotions;" a fierce rendition of the Eminem-dissing "Obsessed;" and the encore of her classic "Hero," it was undoubtedly a crowd-pleasing night.

Hours earlier, the vocal trio RydazNRtist opened the night with a brief 15-minute set that was well received by the audience.

New Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 16-Jan-2010, 9:59AM EST
• The Best Buy store in New York City has Memoirs on sale for $7.99 until Feb. 6.

• A few of Mariah's videos ("Obsessed," "I Want To Know What Love Is," "H.A.T.E.U.," "Touch My Body," "Bye Bye," "Shake It Off," and "We Belong Together") are available free on Comcast On Demand. You go to Music and then All Videos M-Z. You have to scroll around a bit because they are scattered around the list.

• Actor Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) was on Ellen's show earlier in the week and talked to her about sitting in front of Mariah at the People's Choice Awards. He was pretty hilarious. He started by saying when Mariah came in he could hear people from the show telling the seat fillers to move, but some people were saying they had actual seats. Jim then said he wondered what if that had been him but said, "I would totally leave if they let me kneel beside her. I was so taken with her when she got there." He then talked about how there's a lot of YouTube footage of her getting up for her award and how you can always see him looking at her. He ended the part by saying, "She's just in her loveliness. She's beautiful." Watch a video of him talking about Mariah on Ellen here.

• Bruneian recording artist and actor Hill Zaini released a music video for his new single "Stay In The Middle," a duet with Samantha Mumba. The video features a cameo appearance by Mariah Carey. Watch the music video here.

• The OVI App store for Nokia mobile has Mariah's live performance of "Obsessed" in Las Vegas on sale for 99¢. Other performances are at regular price of $1.99.

• To the right is a quick snapshot of Mariah and actor Hugh Jackman backstage at the People's Choice Awards last Wednesday. The photo was taken by our friend Carlo from EXTRA.

• Click here to watch a video from the January 14th episode of Lopez Tonight. In this funny video, a couple is being guided by a GPS featuring the voices of Snoop Dog, Tiger Woods and Mariah (starts at 1:25).

• Precious took home one of 6 awards that it was nominated for at last night's Critics' Choice Awards. Mo'Nique won the Best Supporting Actress trophy for her performance in the film.

• Australia: A petition for Mariah to come to Australia in 2010 is being organized by George. Australian fans can join this as a plea to Mariah, her management and Tour promoters in Australia. Let them know that you want the biggest selling Female Artist of all time Down Under.

• Brazil: "I Want To Know What Love Is" dominates the Billboard Brazil singles charts - #1 on Hot 100 Airplay, Hot Pop Songs and Regional charts!

• Croatia: Mariah's single "I Want To Know What Love Is" was #2 on the Year-End Airplay Chart on Croatia's biggest radio station Otvoreni.

• France: New Music Entertainment, the company that organized Mariah's The Adventures of Mimi concerts in Tunisia in 2006 is in negotiations with promoters to make Mariah come to Paris for the Angels Advocate tour. French fans can make this happen by posting a comment here and say you want Mariah to perform in France.

• Italy: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" placed at #4 on the FIMI Best-Selling Songs chart for week ending Dec. 27.

• UK: Mariah is in the running in Hello! magazine's Grand Finale polls for Most Attractive Woman of 2009 and Most Elegant Woman of 2009. Click on the links to vote for Mariah! Voting ends on January 20 at 13:00 BST.

• Debora from Brazil created some nice Mariah blends.

• Art and Joan posed for pictures with Mariah's mom Patricia, friend Rachel and back up singer Sherry before Mariah's concert at the Palms in Las Vegas on October 10, 2009.

• Regina made a video of Mariah's best moments in 2009. See the video here!

• Gilang from Indonesia put some lyrics to Mariah's "Angels Cry (Prelude)" and you can see him singing the song on YouTube.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny | Carlo | Chris | Jason | Sergei | Heroes of Mariah | mceyedol | George | Cynthia | Rose | Bojan | Hello! Marketing | Ju Miguel | Deboraah | Guilherme | Carlos | Andre | Jasmine

Live Updates: Mariah at MGM Foxwoods, CT (Show #1)
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 15-Jan-2010, 8:00PM EST
Tonight, Mariah performs her first of two shows at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Our MDJ special correspondents Jonny, Cory and Steven are there to give us live updates, as they happen!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Fly Like a Bird
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Obsessed
16. We Belong Together
17. Hero

• Venue is sold out. Audience is livelier than in Atlantic City.
• 08:19pm - Opening act RydaznRtist performing on stage. The group finished their set at 8:39pm.
• Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Glen Davis and other Boston Celtics players are in the 9th row. The crowd is going crazy taking pictures of them.
• 09:18pm - Still waiting for Mariah.
• 09:23pm - Announcement made about Mariah being caught in traffic due to an accident on I-95. The show will start 'shortly,' they said.
• 09:31pm - Mariah finally on with "Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude." Same 'swing' entrance. She's wearing a short gold dress - different from one she wore at Borgata.
• 09:41pm - Mariah made a joke about champagne during "Touch My Body." She takes a sip and says, "It's not liquor, I promise!"
• 09:59pm - Now performing "Subtle Invitation." She keeps poking fun of herself about the 'drunk' speech. She says, "Subtle Invitation is kind of a drunky song if you think about it."
• 10:14pm - Nick Cannon came out and joined Mariah on stage at the end of "The Impossible."
• 10:17pm - Trey Lorenz on now for "Rock With You."
• 10:21pm - Mariah back on stage wearing a short silver dress and performs "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker."
• 10:35pm - Mariah takes a break after "My All."
• 10:41pm - During "Emotions," she emphasized the word 'intoxicated' and kind of laughed. Another nod to Palm Springs.
• At the beginning of "We Belong Together," the door that is part of the stage set hit her and she messed up and made them start the song over.
• Mariah wore a long black dress for "Emotions" through "We Belong Together." It's different from what she wore at Borgata. No ruffles on the bottom.
• Crowd was great. She said several times it was an amazing crowd.
• 11:03pm - Mariah performed "Hero" for encore. Show ended at 11:03pm. She did "Fly Like a Bird" instead of "H.A.T.E.U." and dropped "Always Be My Baby" from tonight's set list.


Thank you for staying with us during tonight's live updates. Come back again tomorrow, January 16 at 8:00pm EST for another up-to-the-minute coverage. Our tour correspondents Jonny and Kyle will be updating us for show #2 at the MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT.

Those who attended tonight's concert, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to post on the site. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny | Cory | Steven

Mariah to Launch Own Champagne
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 15-Jan-2010, 7:09PM EST
On Twitter today, Mariah revealed that she's coming out with her own brand of champagne called, "Angel Champagne (Rose) by Mariah Carey."

MariahCarey Didn't realize they put the champagne on the tables, So we WOULDN'T drink it! LoL. No, seriously ANGEL CHAMPAGNE (ROSE) by MC coming soon!

Of late, Angel has been the bottle of choice for a special Mariah Carey celebration or occasion, replacing the infamous Cristal. Mariah and Nick raised their glasses of Angel to celebrate their first wedding anniversary at Moon in Las Vegas (April 2009). Angel made a cameo appearance in Mariah's "Obsessed Remix" video (July 2009) and a splashy scene on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show (Nov. 2009). Mariah picked a bottle of Angel as a present for Simon Cowell's 50th birthday (Oct. 2009); and it was Angel that was served at the Memoirs launch party in Jalouse, London (Nov. 2009).

Mariah's own personalized creation "Angel Champagne (Rose) by Mariah Carey" will soon join an elegant and distinctive collection of Angel Champagne (pictured).
Source: Mariah on Twitter | MariahDailyJournal

Live Updates Tonight!
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 15-Jan-2010, 12:27PM EST
Mariah will be performing tonight at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and our MDJ special correspondents Jonny, Cory & Steven will be there to give us real-time updates, as they happen! Be sure to log on to the site at 8:00pm EST tonight!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Vivendi Press Release: Tennessee
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 15-Jan-2010, 11:42AM EST
"A rewarding and moving small drama with exceptionally fine performances all around." - Pete Hammond, Hollywood.com

"Mariah Carey is more than just the big star in this small story. She's the warm, charismatic, deliciously down home presence that fills the screen with charm to spare..." - Prairie Miller, NewsBlaze

There is Always One Last Chance
Mariah Carey, #1 Best-Selling Female Artist in U.S. Music History,
Stars with Adam Rothenberg and Ethan Peck

Produced by Lee Daniels, Director of Precious

DVD Debuts January 26

Multiple Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey, currently garnering acclaim for her moving performance in Precious, stars with Adam Rothenberg (Mad Money) and Ethan Peck (TV's "10 Things I Hate About You") in Director Aaron Woodley's (Rhinoceros Eyes) thought-provoking road film Tennessee, debuting on DVD January 26 from Vivendi Entertainment. Featuring Carey's hit single, "Right to Dream," the film is about two brothers on a cross-country search for their estranged father, who are joined by an aspiring singer fleeing her troubled marriage. Bonus features include "Road to Tennessee," a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film featuring interviews with the cast and crew. Produced by Lee Daniels (director of Precious), Tennessee had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. The DVD will be available for $19.97 SRP.

Brothers Carter and Ellis set out on a road trip to their childhood home in a desperate search for their estranged father, who may hold the key to their future. Along the way, they are joined by Krystal (Carey), who is fleeing a troubled life. Together, these unlikely companions seek to overcome their pasts and start anew.

Street Date: January 26, 2010
Order Date: December 22, 2009
Rated R for Language
Running Time: 99 minutes
SRP: $19.97
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
UPC # 883476011516

Tennessee is available for pre-order now at Amazon ($17.99) and Walmart ($17.86).
Source: Vivendi | Jeane | Casey

Mariah Expected to Attend the Golden Globes
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 14-Jan-2010, 1:30PM EST
Mariah is expected to walk the red carpet with the Precious cast at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles for the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 17!

Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire is vying for 3 Golden Globe awards, namely:

Best Motion Picture, Drama
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama - Gabourey Sidibe
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture, Drama - Mo'Nique

The awards ceremony, hosted by Ricky Gervais, will be broadcast live on NBC at 5-8pm PT, 8-11pm ET. Be sure to tune in!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Album Release Pushed Back
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 14-Jan-2010, 9:15AM EST
Mariah's new album Angels Advocate, originally scheduled for release on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, has been pushed back. The new release date currently is Tuesday, March 9, 2010.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Precious Update
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 13-Jan-2010, 9:02PM EST
• Box office results for the weekend ending January 12, 2010: weekend gross $464,718 or a per-theater-average of $1,136. Total to date is $44,311,459.

• The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards is this Sunday, January 17th. It will air live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel on NBC at 8pm EST. Be sure to tune in!

• The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced the nominees for its 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards, and Precious was among the nominees for Outstanding Film - Wide Release. The awards ceremony will be held in New York on March 13, 2010 at the Marriott Marquis.

• Lee Daniels is one of five nominees for the Directors Guild of America (DGA) Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2009. Other nominees include Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), James Cameron (Avatar), Jason Reitman (Up In The Air), Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds). The winner will be named at the 62nd Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Saturday, January 30, 2010, at the Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

• Geoffrey Fletcher received a nomination for Adapted Screenplay from the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Winners will be honored at the 2010 Writers Guild Awardson Saturday, February 20, 2010, at simultaneous ceremonies in New York and Los Angeles.

• Lee Daniels, Gary Magness and Sarah Siegel-Magness for Precious received a nomination for the Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures category that will advance in the voting process for the 21st Annual Producers Guild of America (PGA) Awards, which will take place on Sunday, January 24th at the Hollywood Palladium.

• Summary of awards and nominations for Precious in the Best Picture category: 1 win (African-American Critics) and 12 mentions (PGA, Globes, Dallas, Critics Choice, Southeastern, NAACP, St. Louis, Spirits, Washington, NY Online, Satellites, Black Reel).

• Nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) will be announced on Tuesday, February 2nd at 5:30am PST from the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles. Hope to see Precious get some nods!

• Push author Sapphire talks to London Evening Standard about how she created film character Precious through her own sexual abuse, and her involvement in the making of the film.

Sapphire was more involved with the screenplay than she expected. "I thought once I'd sold the rights, I'd never hear from Lee [Daniels, director] again but he phoned all the time. He's made a wonderfully sensitive film that challenges our prejudices and somehow makes you feel hopeful. In Utah, a white woman came up to me after a screening and said: I will never look at an overweight black woman in the same way again.'

"People ask me: is it a story about obesity, abuse or race? Actually, what it's really about is the transformative power of literacy. At the end of the film, Precious is still black, still poor and still fat but what's changed is that she can read and write and has begun to re-invent herself. She has left her abusive home environment, and has gone from feeling stupid and worthless to embracing a positive vision of her future."

She smiles. "And of course, that's my story, too. An abused person empowering herself through language and literature and writing. I did the same. Thirteen years ago I planted a seed, and now this big tree comes."

• Precious is released in theaters across the UK on Friday, January 29; and in Spain on Friday, February 5. Click here to view the film's poster in Spanish.

• Precious will be released in theaters in Hong Kong on February 25, 2010, courtesy of Edko Films Ltd. Chinese fans can view a PDF file here that has the official film title and synopsis in Chinese.
Source: indieWIRE | MariahDailyJournal | Jeane | Bernard | Victor

Precious Out on DVD and Blu-ray March 9
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 5:45PM EST
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced DVD ($29.95) and Blu-ray ($39.99) releases of Precious for Tuesday, March 9, 2010. Extras will include an audio commentary by director Lee Daniels, featurettes ("From Push to Precious", "A Precious Ensemble", "Oprah and Tyler: A Project of Passion"), a conversation with author Sapphire and director Lee Daniels, a Gabourey Sidibe screen test, and a "Fluorescent Beige" feature.

Below is a trade advertisement with some early artwork for the Precious DVD & Blu-ray releases.

Precious is now available for pre-order at Amazon: DVD ($20.99) and Blu-ray ($27.99).
Source: Lionsgate | Jeane

HBF Ticket Presales for New Tour Dates
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 5:14PM EST
Members of the official Mariah Carey fan club, Honey B. Fly (HBF), will get the first shot at tickets for the newly-added Angels Advocate shows in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles & Las Vegas.

February 14, 2010 - CHICAGO, IL (Chicago Theatre)
Presale: Wed., January 13 at 10am local time

February 17, 2010 - HOUSTON, TX (Verizon Wireless Theatre)
Presale: Wed., January 13 at 10am local time

February 24, 2010 - LOS ANGELES, CA (Gibson Theatre)
Presale: Wed., January 20 at 10am local time

February 27, 2010 - LAS VEGAS, NV (The Colosseum at Caesars Palace)
Presale: Thurs., January 14 @ 10am local time

You must have an active Honey B. Fly membership to participate in the presales. Not a member yet? Join now!

New Mariah Photos
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 4:18PM EST
Mariah posted (yes, she did!) on her Twitter a couple of gorgeous pictures of her with long-time friend Josefin and nephew Shawn enjoying the sun in Antigua! She writes: "Still on vaca w/ my friend Josefin and Billie her 5 year old daughter..she is sooooo cute. This is my last vaca b4 tour..the weather is pip!"

Houston Added to Angels Advocate Tour
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 12:24PM EST
Mariah Carey will bring her Angels Advocate Tour to Houston, Texas on Wednesday, February 17 at the Verizon Wireless Theater.

Mariah Carey
The Angels Advocate Tour
February 17, 2010
Verizon Wireless Theater, 520 Texas Avenue

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday, January 16 via Live Nation, the venue box office or at 877-598-6671. Ticket prices are TBA.

Meanwhile, Mariah's Feb. 16th concert at the Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis, Minnesota has reportedly been cancelled.
Source: Houston Chronicle | Timothy

Ne-Yo on Working with Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 9:25AM EST
Manila's 2010 concert scene kicked off with American pop & R&B singer Ne-Yo on Saturday, January 9 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, in a show called The Gentleman is Back: Ne-Yo: Live in Manila.

The songwriter of the chart topping songs, "Irreplaceable," "Bleeding Love," and "Take a Bow" in an interview shared with the press what it was like to collaborate with 'Diva' Mariah. Ne-Yo recently worked with Mariah Carey for her remix album of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, specifically for her song, "Angels Cry." He has this to say about Mariah:

"Working with Mariah was a learning experience. Her level of professionalism is almost double what mine is and the thing is, you won't expect it. Normally, when you see Mariah, you just see the glitz and the glamour, and she's a diva, she's fabulous... but when it's time to work she focuses and gets the job done."
Source: SPOT.ph | Brian

Clooney Mentions Mariah in NYFCC Speech
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 7:30AM EST
George Clooney stole the show at last night's 75th annual New York Film Critics Circle dinner. First he had to give an award to director Wes Anderson for "Fantastic Mr. Fox." He kind of wandered onto the stage at Crimson, a large restaurant nightclub on Broadway and 21st St., and gave a rambling little speech due to the solid part of dinner being delivered way later than the liquid part. He said, "I'm like Mariah Carey, f'd-up right now," which got a laugh considering Mariah's similar speech last week in Palm Springs.

It was an odd night for the NYFCC – and this should be noted for future events – because Best Supporting Actress Mo'Nique didn't show up. No one from "Precious" came to the ceremony, so the group's chief, Armond White, announced the award and moved on. He said, tersely, "The award is hers."

Washington Post Reviews "Up Out My Face" Remix
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 6:46AM EST
"Up Out My Face" (Remix)
Mariah Carey featuring Nicki Minaj

By Allison Stewart

Sometime in the past six months, Minaj became the go-to girl for artists who wanted to add some skank to their tracks without sullying themselves in the process. Here, she enlivens an otherwise polite track from Carey's upcoming remix disc.

Memoirs Certified Gold
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 12-Jan-2010, 12:05AM EST
Mariah's latest album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on Dec. 14, 2009.

The distinction marks more than 500,000 in units shipped; and is Mariah's 15th Gold album.
Source: RIAA

Second Angels Advocate Show Added in Chicago
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 11-Jan-2010, 10:35PM EST
Mariah has added a new date on her The Angels Advocate Tour - a second show at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010!

Mariah Carey
The Angels Advocate Tour
February 13-14, 2010
The Chicago Theatre, 175 N. State Street
Price Range: $69.75 - $250.75

Tickets for the February 14 concert go on sale Saturday, January 16 at 11:00am CST.
Source: Chicago Theatre | Adam

Tennessee Stars Talk About Working with Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 11-Jan-2010, 11:56AM EST
Click here to watch a video of producer Lee Daniels and actor Adam Rothenberg being interviewed by WCAU (NBC Philadelphia) for the film Tennessee on June 3, 2009. They spend the majority of the clip fielding questions about Mariah and her involvement with the project.

WCAU: You take big risks. Did you think at all that combining this cast because Mariah Carey, last time she was in a film was Glitter and it got panned, did you think that that was taking a risk putting her in this film?
Lee Daniels: Yeah, I did. Originally, Janet Jackson was to play the role. Mariah came to visit us on the set of Shadowboxer here in Philadelphia and she said, 'Lee, I want to work with you.' And so I'd already committed Janet to the film. She put on 60 lbs. for the film. And then we didn't shoot when we were supposed to shoot, and so she had a record to drop. She said, 'Lee,I got a job to do like a real job to promote my record.' And so she decided to leave and so Mariah came in. She put on a little weight for the film like about 15 lbs. But I like working with people that are hungry for the work and Mariah was really hungry to shed an image and it was important.

WCAU: A lot of these singing superstars bring a lot of attitude to the sets. How was Mariah Carey on the set? Did you get a little diva time?
Adam Rothenberg: No. We kind of treated each other like a life raft. She was terrified for different reasons. I wanted to come off well as it was my first time out of the gate. She has a past to kind of...other films, stuff like that so she was really my partner so I didn't get any diva behavior because I think she relied heavily on me, and I relied heavily on her - sort of brotherly-sisterly kind of relationship.

WCAU: Did she ever sing to you? Did she break out into song on the set? Did you ask her to sing?
Adam Rothenberg: Never. No. That's what she does. I don't think she would have responded to it. I might have seen the diva emerge if I asked her to do that.

WCAU: She did a song for the movie. It's a beautiful song.
Lee Daniels: You know, Mariah gives her soul in this film and so does Adam. It's a little tiny movie as all of my other films are but this one's a nice family film. This is not a dark Lee Daniels' Monster's Ball or Precious or those types of films I'm sort of known for. So it's nice.

Tennessee is released on DVD on Tuesday, January 26 and available for pre-order now at Amazon for $20.49.
Source: WCAU | Casey | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Action in Aspen
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 11-Jan-2010, 8:58AM EST

I began my adventure this year by flying to LA just before Christmas to join my Christmas family, the Carey-Cannons. We flew out of the hot LA weather from the private air field wearing t shirts. Then, four hours later, we pulled on our polo neck sweaters as we landed on the thick snowy runway of the Aspen air field, which is full of celeb and wealthy jet plane owners.

After I had helped Mrs C purchase some of her gifts, we returned to the house where we played what was to be the first of many games of 'Mafia'.

Let me explain the game: A group of people are divided into two groups – 'Townspeople' and 'Mafia' – depending on which card they are dealt. No one is aware of each others' status but the aim is to work out who the mafia are in order to execute them, whilst in turn, the mafia during the night bump off the townsfolk. The ever-festive Nick was his usual animated self and had us all involved, screaming and pleading our cases in minutes.

On Christmas Eve, after skiing and snow-boarding we went sledging. Imagining myself in an old James Bond movie, I had visions of husky dogs pulling us through the snow. However, once on top of the mountain, it became clear that this was the kiddie activity that involved us sitting on a brightly coloured plastic vessel and hurling ourselves down the steep hill. Nick and Mariah's friends Pastor Kase and Deric (DJ D Wrek from Wild n Out) began the races downhill, whilst I looked on like a scaredey cat. I finally convinced Deric to let me piggy back his sledge and so we started the two-on-two races against the Carey Cannons. A nearby gent offered to lend me his "extra fast sledge," which had just been waxed to ensure ridiculous speed.

I agreed, but instead of using it myself, I naughtily passed it to the Carey Cannons, thinking it would freak them out – it didn't. They used it and they won.

As soon as we got home, we changed into our festive red PJ's and awaited the arrival of Santa, who of course, Mariah knows personally. The kids were all put to bed as we placed ourselves strategically behind curtains and sofas to film and capture the children's faces as Mr Claus awoke them with his cries of "ho ho ho."

Once Santa had done his duties, we all dragged him into the living room to pose with us under the 20-foot high Christmas tree. I sat on his knee, as is traditional, and reassured him of my good behaviour the past 12 months. In return, he let us all ride his sleigh around the front garden and yes they were real reindeer!

Before we went to our beds, Nick warned us with an evil twinkle in his eye that 'Santa' would be waking us at 6am for present opening. "No way," I thought. Well, how wrong I was. Mr 'Saint Nick' (Nick dressed as Santa), stomped up and down the house in his big black Santa boots and huge pillow belly, ringing the bell from hell to wake us all up. After three attempts to ignore him, I dragged my lazy ass down to the Christmas tree where wrapping paper and screams of joy were flying. How could I not get into the Christmas spirit?

As well as the traditional socks, scarves, gloves and toys being exchanged, there were also gifts with handles, heels, diamonds and one with wheels!

That evening, we all put on our best frocks to sit down to Christmas dinner, which tasted mouth-wateringly good.

Later, thoroughly exhausted, we hit the sack early as the next day Mrs C was taking her version of the bus – the jet – to Italy to pick up her special award for best supporting actress at the Capri film festival for her role in the movie Precious.

MC collected her very appropriately shaped mermaid award (which is now sitting in her mermaid room) on the red carpet with a wall of paparazzi documenting her every move. After only 24 hours in Capri, we jetted to New York City, where a whole heap of new adventures awaited me!
Source: Jasmine Dotiwala - The Voice

PSIFF Organizers Happy over the Mariah Speech
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 10-Jan-2010, 8:06PM EST
After the major hoopla over Mariah Carey earlier this week causing a sensation on the Internet and the traditional media during her appearance at its annual Awards Gala on Tuesday night, the Palm Springs International Film Festival settled into the familiar trappings of "festival" with the Opening Night Gala, "The Last Station" by Michael Hoffman. Helen Mirren, who also received PSIFF honors Tuesday night.

So all in all, a good official opening for the festival, but organizers were still reeling with glee over the Mariah Carey acceptance speech earlier in the week, which brought unpredented media attention to the festival.

"The success of the festival and awards gala would have been unimaginable just a few years ago," said Palm Springs International Film Society Chairman Harold Matzner who also praised his board. "Tuesday's awards were covered - maybe not as much as the Oscars - but like the Golden Globes," he continued to laughs. "Mariah Carey added a billion impressions for us. That would've been like $40 million worth of advertising. I guess we should wait a week before drinking the local water...," he said to more laughs, referencing the pop superstar's champagne-laced acceptance speech days earlier.
Source: indieWIRE

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 10-Jan-2010, 6:51PM EST
Below are scans from recents issues of In Touch, Us, New York Times, Borgata (promo card); and the Romanian Agenda TV.

Source: Jonny | Manuela

Mariah Comes to the MGM Grand, Mashantucket, CT
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 09-Jan-2010, 12:12AM EST
Mariah will perform two shows, January 15 & 16, in the MGM Grand Theater at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Here's the video that MGM Grand is playing in the casino to advertise the concert.

An afterparty, hosted by Nick Cannon, will follow Mariah's Jan. 15th show at MGM Grand's Shrine club. Tickets are priced at $20 and available for purchase now.
Source: MGM Grand at Foxwoods | Gary

Fans Review "Angels Cry" and "Up Out My Face" Remixes
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 08-Jan-2010, 6:00PM EST
Mariah's two brand-new remixes, "Angels Cry" Remix feat. Ne-Yo and "Up Out My Face" Remix feat. Nicki Minaj, have been made available on the site for everyone to listen to. We asked our readers what they thought of the remixes, and in only about 5 hours, we've gotten a tremendous amount of response. Below, you will find some of the reviews that were sent to us. Thanks to all for your participation!

WDT (Dallas, TX): "What happens when you mix Mariah Carey and Ne-Yo? You get the best female and male vocalists of our time, singing a duet worth recognition. The simple, yet genius, song that is 'Angels Cry' is one of the best songs recently released. It showcases the two artists' ability to sit back and let the music and lyrics take control. Even though Mariah (like many recent works of hers) has concealed some of her extraordinary belts and whistles, this song still has the power of every #1 she has had. She could blow us away with whistle notes beyond our hearing ability, or belts so amazing that you have to listen to them forever; but Mariah decided to let the music speak. Although the voice was missed, it wasn't needed. The sheer power of this team can't be touched. It is the showcase of her power in the industry. This song once again proves that Mariah doesn't follow the trends of music, she makes them; she doesn't try to outdo other vocalists, she sets the bar; she doesn't try to please the critics, she makes great music. This is the Vindication of MIMI's eminence."

RICHARD (Denver, CO): "Angels Cry Remix: I didn't think this song could get any better: I was wrong! Mariah's lovely voice mixed with Ne-Yo's is pure heaven! This song is beautiful, gorgeous, haunting. They sound perfect together and the lyrics are of course, great. This will be a huge single for Mariah and Ne-Yo and hopefully Mariah's 19th #1 hit! Up Out My Face: The song alone is a great, upbeat and sassy tune. Mariah is being goofy, playful and funny all the while singing amazing. Add Nicki Minaj and it's a great pairing. Nicki's fresh voice will bring Mariah's old fans back and gain her new ones. Nicki's fans will love the pairing. Go Girls!

ART (Los Angeles, CA): "Angels Cry Remix is fabulous. Gives you a whole new feeling during the song. Love both versions but I do think that the remix is a better choice as a single. It will attract both Ne-Yo's fans and Mariah fans to vote making it easier to hit #1. Up Out My Face Remix I'm still working on. I first did not like it but the more i listen to it the more it's growing on me. I think i was just expecting it to be a bit different for the remix not just add the rapping part to it."

MARC (Illinois): "Angels Cry is definitely one of Mariah's more memorable ballads in recent years and the addition of Ne-Yo in parts of the chorus, along with his own added verse, I think significantly contribute to the emotional juggernaut MC herself had already crafted with the original. Their voices blend well together and Ne-Yo's soulful croon is welcomed on this track. Up Out My Face is certainly one of the hottest uptempo tracks on 'Memoirs' but Nicki Minaj's presence on the tune comes off at times as a bit too distracting from Mariah's vocals and melody. It's almost as if the two women were working on two different songs. Minaj is gaining buzz as a rising female rap recording artist but I feel the original version of "UOMF" was hot tamale as is!"

JAYE (Chicago, IL): "First off, I'm dissapointed that neither remix featured new vocals from Mariah. Angels Cry feat. Ne-Yo is nothing short of amazing. Ne-Yo takes the song to an entirely different level, without it seeming weird or uncomfortable. Up Out My Face feat. Nicki Minaj is pure fire! I feel like this should have been the original version. Nicki and Mariah 2 females who are forces to be reckoned with! Two thumbs up for both."

ELIEZER (Dominican Republic): "Angels Cry is so good. Ne-Yo complements the melody so well that you can imagine the song was originally made like that! It's 'magistral' (Spanish) the way they make it together! Up Out My Face I was expecting more, like a change in the arrangement or something like that! But is OK for me."

JEFFREY (Bronx, NY): "Angels Cry Remix - I love the original and see this becoming a classic, Ne-Yo and Mariah make a great duo. Their voices blend together perfectly and Ne-Yo added that missing piece the song was missing and now the song is more emotional and heartfelt because you feel their emotion and see the two great vocalists singing their heart out. Up Out My face Remix - The remix is genius! When I found out that Mariah was gonna collaborate with Nicki Minaj I knew the outcome was gonna be great. I was not dissapointed. Nicki Minaj added the extra sass & attitude that Up Out My Face needed and the video stills look great because it looks like Mariah is trying something different. I know this song will become a smash hit once it's released."

JAMIE (Clacton-On-Sea, UK): "Angels Cry featuring Ne-Yo is a brilliant, infectious slow jam. Mariah's vocals on it were incredible but adding Ne-Yo makes it a hit in itself. I predict a #1 for this song. Up Out My Face feat. Nicki Minaj, now I'd never heard of this girl but she is good! I've loved this song from the original Memoirs but adding her makes it an instant crossover from Pop radio to Hip-Hop and Rap."

ANDREW (Canoga Park, CA): "The original Angels Cry is good, but the remix with Ne-Yo makes it stand out more, especially as a single. It brings more of an R&B feeling to it, which is great and gives the song justice. Ne-Yo composes beautiful songs, and this collaboration just makes the song better. To me, he makes the song more likely to become a "Stone Cold Hit." Mariah did a great job allowing him to be on the track. Up Out My Face - the first time I heard this track I wasn't too pleased with it, but later hearing it after a while, it grew on me. Now I can't get enough. I expected more before I heard it but after a while you start to understand the song better and the remix turns out to be great. Everything about the remix is great, vocals, appearances, lyrics. As much as I love the remix, I still prefer the original."

ANDRES (Weston, FL): "I think Mariah's Angels Cry touches the soul of whoever listens to it, and adding Ne-Yo's voice is a perfect mixture to perfection. If you've passed through a hard situation with a girl, then this song will make you think of that, but in a nice way. God bless Mariah for making songs that inspire and reach the hearts of whoever listens to it."

BEN (The Netherlands): "Angels Cry is already my favourite track from Memoirs, I like the remix as much as the original. This song really deserves to be a number one! Up Out My Face is by far my least favourite track and the remix doesn't make it better to me. I wonder if it will do good as a single, I hope it will work out well."

ALAN (Albuquerque, NM): "Angels Cry - I absolutely loooove this song! It is truly the breakthrough song on the Memoirs album! It's a classic Mariah ballad that pulls all those strings in your heart and emotions like only Mariah can! I am excited about the re-mix, I enjoyed it, but I don't think this song needs any help from anyone else. Mariah does an amazing job on her own! The original version is amazing, and I wish it had been released a lot sooner to the public. I think the public will love this song too!"

WILL (England): "I love the Angels Cry remix a lot! Really love how Ne-Yo's vocals have been added to the song to make it more of a duet rather than a remix, which is great. Not too bothered that there are no new vocals, but it still is great for me. I can see this as being a hit, so long as people don't illegally download it and good promotion! Up Out My Face is a different matter though. When I first heard it, I was like 'What the hell is this?' and I'm still kinda like that at the moment. Maybe it just needs to grow on me for a while, but in terms of it being on radio, I've got high hopes for it. Fingers crossed!"

JULIO (Madrid, Spain): "Angels Cry Remix - I played the original so many times, great beat and better lyrics, but too close to the We Belong Together hook and I Stay In Love, but finest. The vocals from Ne-Yo make it brand new and less similar to the vibe showed in TEOM. The two voices blend perfectly, and the song has gained more single potential. The track use to be a very intimate example, and this remix sounds bigger, although it loses the melancholic tone of the original. It would be bigger with stronger vocals from MC in the first chorus. Anyway good work, but not a masterpiece. 4/5. Up Out My Face Remix - Love the original, but it always lacks of a rap bridge somewhere. The result is quite good if you'd never heard the track before, but awful if you have a copy of MOAIA. Nicki Minaj's work is hilarious, but it doesn't match with the original beat and vocals, the second rap bridge seems to be a fan made edition. This should be reworked, cos Nicki's presence is great, but this remix asks for new vocals from Mariah, and maybe a new vibe too. 2/5.

HANA (London, UK): "Up Out My Face Remix - it should scream 'HIT!' Charismatic rapper? Check. Dodgy English Accents a la Carey's alter ego Bianca? Check. Everything about this song is upbeat, cool and catchy. Everything apart from Mariah's boring almost monotone lazy vocal stylings. Up Out Of My face is ho hum and the only saving grace is Nick Minaj, and although her role is only 'rapper', in contrast she makes Mariah's vocal delivery sound dead. Thanks to Minaj, without whom this track would sound like an album filler - saves the day.

KLOS (Jalisco, Mexico): "Angels Cry Remix - Ne-Yo sounds good. I'm so happy they deleted the first 7 seconds of the track at the begining. Now it sounds so fresh, clear and so romantic. Up Out My Face - I really love this song. I thought it couldn't be better. When I heard the remix I just loved it Nicki Minaj did a great job. I love the beginning when Nicki says 'Mariah' (so sexy voice). Then almost at the end when she says run run run... I just love the part of Nicky. I'm happy it's the same song on MOIAI but now is longer, and better. I loved it. I really hope they don't take any part off when they release it at radio."

PRINCE (San Diego, CA): "Angels Cry I didn't like it too much the first time I heard it, but now I am kind of liking it very much. It will grow! Mariah picked a fabulous cast to collaborate with. Ne-Yo is like another Mariah. He's a talented songwriter, who has made many hits for a lot of artist, and I have a lot of respect for artists who write their own material. I love the beginning of the song, but when they both sing 'angels cry' at the end, it gets all weird. Her voice linked with his voice doesn't sound amazing. That's the only part I disliked. I think he should have sung it just a little bit deeper or lower! Up Out My Face - I absolutely love the song. I am even more excited Nicki Minaj is on it. It has a unique message in it, and I hope other people understand it."

SAM (Washington, DC): "I am so disappointed in both Angels Cry Remix and Up Out My Face Remix. I think these two songs were already perfect. What happened to Mariah re-inventing the songs into a real 'remix.' The last remix I liked was Say Somethin'. We don't even get new vocals for these two songs. If this whole album is going to be just artist being added to the songs, then I will not be buying this remix album. I will admit, I like Ne-Yo on 'Angels Cry.' Nicki Minaj adds nothing to the song. Maybe the video will make it better. I'm just a disappointed lamb lately."

ROBYN (Atlanta, GA): "I just wanted to say that I love both of the remixes. I loved the originals, but the remixes put a new spin on the songs. I predict #19!"

FRANCIS (Manila, Philippines): "Mariah should know better that when remixing a song, which she perpetuated in the first place, it 'requires' new vocals. That is what us lambs have for waiting for so long. These two remixes don't feature any new effort, or for that matter, any effort from Mariah at all. It's stunningly disappointing. Angels Cry is an absolute perfection of a song, why ruin it by adding a verse or two from Ne-Yo? Instead, they could've reworked the song to suit both their voices. Make it more RnB, just like what they did with Thank God I Found You or We Belong Together, turn the song into something new. As for Up Out My Face, I love the original version & I like this one too. Nothing special though, however, Up Out My Face remix is better for commercial release than the bad version remix of Angels Cry. Angels Advocate could've been a great project from M. She could've maximized all her resources to showcase how amazing she is in doing remixes (i.e Heartbreaker (Remix) my all time favorite). Instead, she relied on other artist to do her work for her. This is not a great move on Mariah's part."

JONAS (Stockhom, Sweden): "Angels Cry: In anticipating that Mariah's parts of the song weren't going to change (dramatically), I must say the combination with Ne-Yo's vocals manages to raise this ballad to new dimensions! The original song was perhaps one of the most well-embraced ones of the album, due to the quality of being a 'Mimi new-classic' mid-tempo tunes in similarity with the We Belong Together-formula. Personally, I must admit it lacked something though. Being quite monotone, yet beautiful, I was missing out on something. In this remix, I discovered that something was the dynamics of a tale told from two points of view, from two gifted singers. I almost got the feeling the original was written with having this kind of feature in mind. Ne-Yo's soft but swift lyrics give it that extra punch during the middle phase, and combined in the dramatic end, his voice provides a contrast making hers sound almost otherworldly and... yes, divine. Up Out My Face: Here's the s**t! Mariah in her playfulness both lyrically and in terms of singing style. I really liked this track on the original album. It proves in a more immediate way how experimental she can be. Where Ne-Yo contrasted Mariah to new levels on the previous track, Nicki Minaj strengthens the wickedness of her reggae-ish execution. If this isn't played in the clubs by the end of spring I'll eat my Mimi-shirt for sure."

ANGEL (Miami, FL): "Angels Cry- I like this version better than the original. However, I did think that this song could have been far stronger than it is. I was expecting something better, like "No Air" with Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks type of thing but this one does spark a bit of interest! I do hope MC and Ne-Yo can remix the beat rather than lyric. This song has major potential! C'mon Mariah show us what you got! Up Out My Face- I was a bit disappointed with it. Once again I thought it was going to be better. While the song is very 'sassy' I think a short rap thrown in by the new rapper doesn't cut it. I do like the song though. Ms. Carey come on bring it to the table and show 'em!"

MICHAEL ANTHONY (Scotland, UK): "Angels Cry is amazing! I think one of Mariah's best since the '90s. This has HIT written all over it, gonna be a number #1. Mariah & Ne-Yo's vocals on this track make it even more R&B and I think the UK will love this and is gonna be a massive groove over here #1 all the way. Can't wait for the video release. Up Out My Face - I have always loved this song, was my favourite album song since I heard it on a video clip I saw of Nick buying 10 copies in a music store. Nicki Minaj's vocals on the album take the song a step further and again this song is gonna be a massive hit in the UK. Mariah is going to have to get to #1 in the UK with one if not both of these songs. Fantastic, Mariah. Can't wait for the Angels Advocate album. Good luck with it."

SHAMIL (Tobolsk, Russia): "New Angels Cry more perfect than album version! I hope that song should be the next Mariah's #1 Hot 100. Love her voice and Ne-Yo's too much! Up Out My Face - I don't like remix version, it seems like it lightless and boring, but it's new version and may my opinion wrong. I think it will be great if Mariah & George Michael make some love ballad!"

IGNACIO (Azusa, CA): "Angels Cry with Ne-Yo is great. Can't believe how he made it his own little song. It's so great that two great singers can get on a song and make a great song even better. The soulfulness that came out of both of them is so great. You can really feel the meaning and hurt behind the song. I think that Up Out My Face is a really great remix. I didn't think that it could get any better but the way that Nicki layed it down just fit the song just right. I love it and it will make it to number one with this one. Can't wait to see how the video will come out. These two songs are so great to come out. This will make the album and both songs go to number one. Can't wait to hear how the other songs are going to be."

BENEDICT (London, UK): "Angels Cry - Without Ne-Yo it's fantastic and with him it's even better. I think this way it will also appeal to more people. It's such a nice smooth R&B song. There's not much more to say about it, but I love it, and it's my favourite track from the album, I think it will make it big! Up Out My Face - I think the rapper Nicki Minaj, although I've never heard of her before, she's good. I like what she adds to the song, it makes it more urban, and that more fierce which is what is needed to the song. It's a nice addition and I can't wait to hear the rest of this new remix album. Good job Mariah!"

KELLEY (Huntington Beach, CA): "Wow. Angels Cry remix is awesome. I got the chills head-to-toe when I just listened to it! Both remixes were great! However, Ii do hope that some of the songs on Angels Advocate have new vocals from Mariah. Us lambs are really needy when it comes to Mariah and new music. If it were up to me, she would be in the studio 24 hours a day releasing new songs like a factory! lol. I'm excited to see what the remix album has to offer."

TIFFANY (Houston, TX): "All I have to say is #19 & #20! I loved Up Out My Face BEFORE the remix, but anything that will get this song to the masses is great with me! Angels Cry featuring Ne-Yo is beautiful. I can't wait for the video."

ANDREW (New York, NY): "I love both remixes of the song! Angels Cry Remix is completely flawless. Ne-Yo adds that soulfulness! That song is destined to win couple Grammys for collaboration for next year. I am currently obsessed with Up Out My Face Remix. Nicki killed it! I am super excited to see both videos."

BRANDON (Arima, Trinidad): "With Angels Cry it was a brand new feeling and vibe brought to this amazing song. I felt both Mariah and Ne-Yo complement each other's vocals really nice. It made me wish they work together more. This ballad got through and touched my heart and left me in love with their vocals and emotions. Up Out My Face is real hot track. I think Nicki did her thing but with lyrics they should have gone hard but yet I still enjoyed it cuz it's not a serious song. It is full of fun and it's growing on me and i think it will be a sure hit with the younger crowd like myself although I am more of Angels Cry fan. I hope these 2 songs make it high on the chart as both have potential to do so."

RODRIGO (Jalisto, Mexico): "Angels Cry - I didn't think adding Ne-Yo would make a big difference, just an interesting duet but as several fans have said, the song has turned into a whole diferent level, always loved that song and now with this collaboration it sure gonna hit the top! Both have sweet voices that dance together in perfect harmony. Up Out My Face - One of my most fav Mariah's songs, I always knew it wasn't gonna be remixed but just the addition of the rap of Nicki. It's amazing! Their voices really sound good together, the sweet, funny and playful Mariah and the rude, ghetto Nicki. I knew this remix wasn't gon' disappoint me."

AARON (Sebring, FL): "Angels Cry Remixis Mariah's next #19 hit single baby! I love it. Brings me back to the 90's. With Ne-Yo's smooth, sultry voice and MC's sexy, high-whistle, legendary voice still proves to blow off lids of all haters, critics, music artists/musicians, and most especially, lambs. Up Out My Face Remix does not arouse me too much. I prefer the original version. Goosebumps and tingles are the repercussions of listening to Mariah for over 10 years. Hopefully she will be making albums till she is 90 - with a lavender but pink houver-round electric scooter. Haha. Cannot wait till January 21! Hard Rock Live baby!"

KARLA (Fullerton, CA): "Angels Cry was already great but now it sounds wonderful! NeYo &amo; Mariah sound perfect together, this is the remix that I've really been waiting! Being that this is my favorite song, I was worried that they were going to really change it, but no, Ne-Yo's part just makes it sound like as if that's the way the song should have always been. Up Out My Face sounds good, Mariah is playful in this song. It will definitely be a great hit, but personally I like it better before the remix."

OCTAVIUS (Griffin GA): "Angels Cry Remix - I could take it or leave it. I honestly would've been alright never hearing the mix. Mariah didn't need to add in any new vocals, but I definitely think a smoother beat change was necessary. Would've given the track a whole new feel. Ne-Yo wasn't that good of a choice in my opinion. They should've gotten someone like Robin Thicke to do the mix. I would've been more understandable & their vocals would have clicked more. Ne-yo (especially at the end of the track) sounded like he was struggling to hit the high notes in which he failed at miserably. Others may not be with me on this one, but that's how I feel as of right now. Ne-Yo second verse/chorus was alright, but afterwards, he's unneeded. He just kind of fades into the background. Up Out My Face Remix - I love the Up Out My face Remix. Nicki is in straight beast mode with her verses and while I was hoping for new Mariah vocals, it worked out excellent keeping the same vocals. They meshed so well, it's as if the remix was supposed to be the Orginal. Listening the original, I get the feeling that something's missing. Nicki definitely filled that void. Great job on this one sisters!

JESSICA C. (Upland, CA): "I'm so obsessed with Mariah and Ne-yo. Solo and them doing a duet together is so exciting! It's like I'm a 12-year-old girl with a crush, the song is amazing. As far as 'Up Out My Face, I guess it needs to grow on me - not really feeling Nicki Minaj."

PHILLIP (Claremore, OK): "Mariah is always remarkable! This just proves it more that she has the capability to surpass The Beatles. Go Mariah! Lets hope Angels Cry will be your next hit! She really did a wonderful job on that song. Can't wait to see what else is in store. Mariah always knows how to give her fans what they want, she always surprises us. That's why we love her!"

ANYE (ATLANTA, GA): While Ne-Yo's vocal prowess may not be on the same level as Mariah's he makes up with the great lyrics and his ability to effectively convey the song's message! This should have been one of the original singles I believe that it would have gone to number one! It still might here is hoping! Up Out My Face - I love Nicki Minaj and of course I love Mariah. Angels Cry leaked a couple of days ago so I was actually more excited about this release! Unfortunately, just because they are great apart doesn't mean they are great together. Sounds a little forced.

DAVID (Vigo, Spain): "Angels Cry - Sweeter, softer, tender... even I had already fallen in love with the original, now it goes a step ahead and touches not only the heart, but the very soul. An incredible present to begin a year that I truly hope will be much better. Thanks both for giving us a bit of you in such a magical way. Up Out My Face - I was expecting a powerful strong hip hop version, and I've found those incredible Nicki's vocals that have turn the catching original song into a classy caress that makes me wanna swing and sing."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Mariah Remixes: "Angels Cry" and "Up Out My Face"
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 08-Jan-2010, 3:48PM EST
Listen to two brand-new Mariah Carey remixes below and let us know what you think of them by e-mailing your brief review of each song to contact@mariahjournal.com. Please be sure to include your location (City/State/Country). All reviews must be in no later than 9:00pm ET TODAY. Only the select ones will be posted here on the site.

Mariah Carey - ANGELS CRY Feat. Ne-Yo

Mariah Carey - UP OUT MY FACE Feat. Nicki Minaj
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 08-Jan-2010, 10:00AM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated January 16, 2010.

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Billboard 200: #72 (Last week: #115)
Sales this week: 10,686 (-42%)
Total sales: 396,580
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #20 (Last week: #22)

Billboard Yahoo Video: #3 (Last: week: #2)
Billboard Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #46 (Last week: #33)
Sales this week: 98 (-47%)
Total sales: 29,747
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #83 (Last week: #68)
Downloads this week: 38,021 (-34%)
Total downloads: 1,398,213

"I Want To Know What Love Is"
Billboard Adult Contemporary Songs: #10 (Last week: #11)
Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs: #12 (Last week: #6)

Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #75 (Last week: #74)

The Ballads
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #116 (Last week: #110)
Sales this week: 751 (-49%)
Total sales: 130,738
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal

Videos: Mariah's Backstage Interviews at People's Choice
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 08-Jan-2010, 9:58AM EST
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Dress Hobbles Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 08-Jan-2010, 8:22AM EST
Mariah Carey couldn't make it up the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards in her figure-hugging dress without special attention. A spy told Page Six, "She wanted security to help her on the red carpet, but event staffers wouldn't allow it, so they stormed off and went through the side entrance." After winning Favorite R&B Artist in LA Wednesday, Carey was helped onstage by hubby Nick Cannon. She said, "I especially want to thank my husband . . . for helping me with this dress, because it's a drama."

Carey's rep said she didn't make it up the red carpet because "We were stuck in horrible traffic... and could not make it in time... she did all the media after receiving her award." Carey's speech was more coherent than the rambling rant she gave a day earlier at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where she admitted, "We had splashes of champagne, and I love ['Precious' director] Lee [Daniels], but he's a bad influence."

WowOWow columnist Liz Smith on Mariah winning a People's Choice award: "I got a big kick out of the People's Choice Awards, which they somehow managed to whiz by on TV the other eve. I especially loved seeing my pal Mariah Carey go up as a winner, crippled as she was by an unfortunate white gown that one could only have been comfortable in if they were being buried in it."
Source: New York Post

Mariah's Vegas Concert Venue Changed
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 07-Jan-2010, 6:43PM EST
The venue for Mariah's Angels Advocate Tour concert in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, February 27, 2010, has changed from the The Palms' Pearl Concert Theatre to:

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Colosseum holds a seating capacity of 4,000 people, almost double the size of Pearl Theatre. As you may remember, Mariah opened the North American leg of her Charmbracelet Tour at The Colosseum on July 26, 2003.

Tickets to the concert should be available soon.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Explains "Merry" PSIFF Speech
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 07-Jan-2010, 10:32AM EST
Talking to the press backstage at last night's People's Choice Awards, Mariah explained the reason behind her 'merry' acceptance speech at the Palm Springs festival.

Mariah joked about her previous night's speech saying that she was celebrating the film's success with champagne and was misled by director Lee Daniels saying "I love Lee but he's a bad influence."

"The thing is me and Lee hadn't seen each other in a long time and then he was presenting my award so he starts off immediately with inside jokes and I was like, 'Okay.' We've been sitting there celebrating this whole time having little splashes. I hadn't eaten, I pulled up, I didn't want to be late so I rushed in and that's what it was. We were really celebrating for the movie and everything that's going on with it. There's so much exciting stuff going on with Precious and you know, for the award that I was winning. But, you know, it's a time for celebration and [laughs] a time for not... but really, technically, it's kind of like a party atmosphere so they tricked you, you know what I mean? [laughs]. No, it was fun. If people don't understand me and think I'm just like this girl that stands by a microphone and sings 'Hero' then they're definitely not gonna get me. If people knew me better, they would understand I have a sense of humor and basically that's what gets me through life. And we had splashes of champagne. I love Lee but he's a bad influence [laughs]."
Source: BBC News | Text: MariahDailyJournal | Ana

Release of "Angels Cry" Remix Ft. Ne-Yo Pushed Back
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 07-Jan-2010, 9:43AM EST
All Access has updated its News Releases list with new radio impact dates for Mariah's new single, "Angels Cry" featuring Ne-Yo.

The song is now being reported as going for adds at Top 40/Mainstream on February 16 (was January 19); and at Top 40/Rhythmic (just added) on January 26.
Source: All Access

Video: Mariah Wins at People's Choice Awards
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 07-Jan-2010, 2:54AM EST

Mariah Accepts "Favorite R&B Artist" - People's Choice Awards, Jan. 6, 2010
[ Download here ]

Acceptance Speech
"Hey! Thank you so much for this award. It really, really, really means so much to me because it's from my fans. And my fans, my real fans, know that they are my extended family and I love them so much. (Hey everybody out there I didn't get to say hi to). I want to acknowledge my talented fellow nominees and friends as well. We know they're all incredible so, anyway, (You look good too my friend) Thank you to God for all the incredible blessings in my life and I especially want to thank my husband Nick for being... thank you, Nick! Especially for helping me with this dress because it's a drama. I didn't mean to do this but it's... anyway, for being my best friend and for many other things that I probably shouldn't mention. Anyway, thank you to my mom and my family. Thank you to Doug Morris, LA Reid, and everyone at Island Def Jam, Violator, Maroon Entertainment; and Cindi Berger. Thank you so much. Thank you. God bless you."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Lyrics: "Angels Cry" Remix Feat. Ne-Yo
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 07-Jan-2010, 12:03AM EST
(Mariah Carey, C. Stewart, Crystal Johnson, James Wright, Ne-Yo)

I shouldn't have walked away
I would've stayed if you said
We could've made everything OK
But we just
Threw the blame back and forth
We treated love like a sport
The final blow hit so low
I'm still on the ground

I couldn't have prepared myself for this fall
Shattered in pieces curled on the floor
Super natural love conquers all
'Member we used to touch the sky

Lightning don't strike
The same place twice
When you and I said goodbye
I felt the angels cry
True love's a gift
We let it drift
In a storm
Every night
I feel the angels cry

C'mon babe can't our love be revived
Bring it back and we gon' make it right
I'm on the edge just tryin' to survive
As the angels cry

I thought we'd be forever and always
You were serenity
You took away the bad days
Didn't always treat you right
But it was OK
I do somethin' stupid
And you still stay with me

But you can only go for so long
Doing the one you claim to love wrong
Before too much is enough
You look up
Find your love gone

We were so good together
How come we could not weather
This storm and just do better
Why did we say goodbye

'Cause lightning don't strike
The same place twice
When you and I said goodbye
I felt the angels cry
True love's a gift
We let it drift
In a storm
Now every night
I feel the angels cry

Mariah & Ne-Yo:
C'mon babe can't our love be revived
Bring it back and we gon' make it right
I'm on the edge just tryin' to survive
As the angels cry

Baby I'm missin' you
Don't allow love to lose
We gotta ride it through
I'm reaching for you

Baby I'm missin' you
Don't allow love to lose
We gotta ride it through
I'm reaching for you

Lightning don't strike
The same place twice
When you and I said goodbye
I felt the angels cry
True love's a gift
But we let it slip
In a storm
Every night
I feel the angels cry

Oh babe, the angels cry
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah at People's Choice Awards
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 06-Jan-2010, 10:58PM EST
Below are photos of Mariah at the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday, January 6, 2010.

Mariah onstage accepting the "Favorite R&B Artist" award

Mariah posing with her award in the Press Room

Backstage with husband Nick Cannon

Mariah posing for portrait for Favorite R&B Artist

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Gets Two NAACP Image Awards Nominations
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 06-Jan-2010, 1:05PM EST
The heart-wrenching story of an illiterate and abused Harlem teen who finds hope in a classroom of misfits led the nominations announced Wednesday for the 41st annual NAACP Image Awards.

"Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" added to its awards-season momentum with a leading nine nominations, earning nods for director Lee Daniels, star Gabourey Sidibe and supporting actors Mariah Carey, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton and Lenny Kravitz. "Precious" was also nominated for outstanding motion picture and outstanding independent film.

Nominations for Precious
–Outstanding Motion Picture
–Outstanding Independent Motion Picture
–Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture - Gabourey Sidibe
–Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture - Lenny Kravitz
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Mariah Carey
–Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Mo'Nique
–Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Paula Patton
–Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture - Geoffrey Fletcher
–Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture - Lee Daniels

In addition to Outstanding Supporting Actress nod, Mariah is also nominated for
Outstanding Album - Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

The Image Awards honoring diversity in the arts will be presented Feb. 26 and broadcast live on Fox.

Mariah Carey says 'It was a very good year'
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 06-Jan-2010, 12:43PM EST
There's a scene in the urban drama, "Precious," where the title character asks her seen-it-all welfare case worker, "What color are you?"

The plain, light-skinned Miss Weiss replies without breaking her monotone, "What color do you think I am?"

That weary case worker bears little resemblance to the Mariah Carey we know as Billboard's top charting-topping female vocalist of all time. Her black hair is flat with unbecoming bangs. Her makeup is meant to make her look dowdy, with a hint of a mustache.

Carey has done dozens of interviews about her onscreen transformation, which has helped her earn positive reviews and a nod as the Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the Palm Springs International Film Festival's Jan. 5 Awards Gala.

"A lot of people told me they didn't recognize me in the film," she says by telephone from her New York home. "No, it's not glamorous. I don't care, but people seem to be fixated on that."

Instinctively, Carey says she probably wouldn't respond to a question about her skin color as Miss Weiss does in "Precious."

Maybe when she was growing up, she says, but not now.

"It's interesting," she says, "because I grew up in an interracial family - biracial, whatever you want to call it - black father, white mother -- an extended kind of family."

Carey, who turns 40 in March, was born in Long Island to an Irish-American opera singer and an African-American whose father changed his name from Nunez upon migrating from Venezuela. Carey experienced discrimination after her parents divorced because of her racial ambiguity.

Upon reflection about that question, she says, "Perhaps I would say that now. It depends on what mood (I'm in)."

Actually, that question posed by Precious, an obese black teenager who had been twice impregnated by her HIV-positive father, wasn't in the original script. Director Lee Daniels told lead actress Gabourey Sidibe in an off-camera whisper to ask Carey "What color are you?" Carey had to respond with an ad lib.

"We were doing a lot of improv, ad libbing," Carey says. "I guess I was in a place within that scene where I was responding from a guttural place, maybe more of a teenage place. Not that anyone would have known that. That's just where I was at internally."

There was a time in 20th century where young pop singers such as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley had to cross over to film to sustain their careers with "grown-up" audiences. That requirement pretty much ended in the 1970s when vocalists such as Elton John and Bruce Springsteen took greater control of their careers and opted not to become film actors. But by the 1990s, hip-hop artists from Will Smith to Ice T were leading a new migration to Hollywood that opened the doors for women such as Queen Latifah and Beyonce, too.

Carey says she's wanted to act as long as she's wanted to sing. But she was unable to break into film acting until 2001's disastrous "Glitter."

She got her singing break in 1988 when she became Brenda Starrs' backup singer. In a legendary show biz story, Starr handed Carey's demo tape to producer Tommy Mottola and Mottola was so enamored by Carey's voice, he produced her records and married her in 1993.

Carey won't talk about Mottola today, but, at a time when Smith, Ice Cube and other artists were beginning to break into film, Carey says she was prohibited from doing so.

"There was a person who told me I wasn't allowed to pursue it," she says. "This was a person involved in my career."

She and Mottola, who is 20 years older than Carey, separated in 1997. She claims that's when she found artistic freedom as a recording artist. Much of her songwriting today features themes of empowerment and emancipation.

She's proud of the soundtrack she created for "Glitter," but her real acting breakthrough came when she began working with acting coach Karen "G" Giordano in "Precious" and Daniels' 2008 indie film, "Tennessee."

"She really helped me in terms of just opening up and being me -- whoever that me is at the moment," Carey says. "We've had breakthroughs in terms of working on a part, working on a scene, working on something and then a light bulb goes on. But I would also have to credit Lee Daniels for believing in me.

"Initially, I wanted to do independent roles and I wanted to really do more edgy or out-there kind of characters and people would say to me, 'Your reading was wonderful, but you're going to take people out of the movie.' That's what I heard time and time again.

"Meeting Lee Daniels, having him give me chances and believe that I could pull off playing Miss Weiss -- not just with a physical transformation (was a breakthrough). He believed in me that I could go there internally."

Carey got good reviews for "Tennessee," but the film had such a small audience, it's taken an aggressive promotion of "Precious" by executive producers Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, plus Carey to convince skeptics that Carey can act.

"The bar is always higher for me for some reason," she says. "I really say that humbly, but I believe it. People have been nice to me about certain indie projects and I appreciate that. But for me to get some reviews that turn people's heads, it's got to be in a movie that's just undeniable."

There have been many breakthroughs in Carey's career, but a big one in her life was her recent marriage to TeenNick chairman Nick Cannon. She called this "an amazing time in my life" and Cannon, who is 10 years younger than her, is a big reason for that.

"I'm really being in love for the first time," she says. "It's something very unique because I've had some difficult times with that situation earlier on, so that's fantastic. I never thought I'd get married again. We had our first Thanksgiving this year and I cooked! I did have some helpers, but I did cook. I made my first turkey!"

She says they're thinking about having children.

"I just have to get through these next couple two months or something," she says. "Then I'll really think about it."

So is Mariah turning out to be a regular family gal?

"I didn't think I was," she says. "Sometimes it's like my extended family -- my friends who have been with me and gone through difficult times with me -- and then sometimes it's just the regular family stuff. This year was kind of a combination of both. I really enjoyed myself."
Source: MyDesert, Palm Springs

Roger Ebert: Precious May Win Oscar
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 06-Jan-2010, 12:29PM EST
We're supposed to feel some revulsion about the food scenes in Precious, but they belong in the movie, filmed the way they are. African-American families consider macaroni and cheese all but one of the basic food groups. It's rare to sit down to a largish black family reunion or gathering without seeing a bowl on the table. Few people of any race eat the way they eat in Precious' house, but they do, and that's the point. Daniels' close-ups of food are a visceral way of communicating the nature of the diet that has made Precious fat against her will. Those shots are central to the odds against Precious; today in America, fat is probably more widely discriminated against than color.

As for her fantasies: Does anyone have realistic fantasies? What would be the point? Those scenes act as relief from the implacable horror of her life, for Precious and for us as viewers. Could we take two hours of her misery?

I've also read that it's unlikely anyone like her would encounter mentors as physically attractive as Mariah Carey and Paula Patton, even as "dressed down" as they are. People making that criticism may not have been around many middle-class African-Americans. Daniels and his casting directors may have known more about the African-American norm than some audience members. Gabourey Sidibe says she has known girls like Precious and teachers like those, and I believe her. Mo'Nique's mother is also, sadly, not rare. Sapphire's novel is inspired by truth and observation.

Of course it's no defense of a movie to say it's based on fact. Many good films are; many bad ones are not. I believe the strength of Precious is in its visceral impact. For many viewers, it works so well because it breaks trough filters and connects directly. In a very different way, that's also true of The Hurt Locker, and that's why one of those two, or Up in the Air, will probably win as Best Film. Despite its many awesome accomplishments, Avatar doesn't compete in that arena. Does anyone give a damn about the romance between Jake and Neytiri? What does the future hold for them? With the ship not functioning on Pandora, Neytiri will be left with a very expensive dead love doll on her hands.
Source: Roger Ebert - Slate Magazine

Mariah Gets Carried Away at Palm Springs Gala
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 06-Jan-2010, 12:07PM EST

Mariah Carey lived up to her sometimes loopy reputation at the Palm Springs International Film Festival awards as she gave a long, rambling acceptance speech after being named Breakthrough Actress for her performance in "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire."

Carey, teetering in a skin-tight, black-beaded full-length Herve Leger gown, was escorted onto the stage Tuesday night, and at the podium, greeted her presenter and "Precious" director Lee Daniels with a little dance and a big hug.

Carey hesitated for a few seconds, looked to the ceiling, sighed and said, "Please forgive me, because I'm a little bit, um ..." An audience member finished the sentence for her with an obscenity, to which Carey replied, "Yeah!" adding a long, hearty laugh.

"Oooooooh, my goodness!" she bellowed.

For the next few minutes, Carey rambled on about first reading "Push," about meeting author Sapphire, and about meeting one of the night's other honorees, Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren, whom Daniels said turned down the "Precious" role.

In the midst of praising Daniels' work, Carey spontaneously burst into applause.

"Sorry," she told Daniels. "Sometimes I get a little ..." Carey then stopped cold to snap her fingers, then added "... you know, difficult." And then she giggled again.

Carey went on to share a story about how Daniels told her to play the part, he needed her to listen to him. She was trying to elaborate, and couldn't come up with the words. She motioned to her face and said, "What do you call it?" When Daniels said he told her to remove her makeup, she said, "You could take my makeup off and I don't look like that (expletive) from the thing," referring to her "Precious" character. "Oh, God," Daniels moaned, turning away from Carey.

A full minute before Carey and Daniels finally left the stage, the audience had begun to applaud them off. "I thank you all for all listening to my little spiel," Carey said, wearily, "and God bless you."

Seconds later, host Mary Hart did her best to bring the ceremony back to Earth. "Who says we don't have fun here?" Hart asked, with a huge smile. The evening's other winners included "Up in the Air" director Jason Reitman, "Up in the Air" actress Anna Kendrick, "Hurt Locker" actor Jeremy Renner and "Inglourious Basterds" director Quentin Tarantino. Mirren was honored with a Career Achievement Award.

Carey didn't return to the stage Tuesday night, but her presence was felt for the remainder of the night. Before handing out a music award to songwriter-producer T Bone Burnett, actor Sean Penn quipped, "Think anything's going to make YouTube tonight?"

Note: You can watch the entire PSIFF Gala Awards including Mariah's acceptance speech here.

Mariah Carey Is People's Choice - And Ours
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 06-Jan-2010, 9:51AM EST
Mariah Carey is all set to pick up her People's Choice Award tonight on CBS. She's a winner, I'm told, for Best R&B singer.

What? Yes, everyone seems to know who's won those People's Choice Awards before they arrive at the studio. Who votes in this thing? "The voting public," a Hollywood publicist replied with a smirk. Well, whatever.

Mariah's had a big year, especially because of her surprisingly understated performance in "Precious." She's picking up Breakthrough Performance awards everywhere, and now, suddenly, directors want Mariah Carey. It's a far cry from her debut acting debacle years ago in "Glitter."

It's too bad Mariah didn't get pushed more for an Oscar or Globe in "Precious," since she's also supported the movie like crazy. She's shown up anywhere they've asked her to go. And she didn't require a fee to be there, either!

One place where Mariah did not have a big hit last year: music. Her most recent album just didn't take off despite the witty lead single, "Obsessed."

But this is what Mariah has to do next, I think, to get back on the charts: a straight ahead album of real singing, no fluttering, no hip hop. She has to get a really musical producer – like her buddy Randy Jackson – and record some actual, structured songs. She might even cover some classics. But the days of ethereal scatting over this and that, I think, are over. Let the voice be heard!

As for the People's Choice: if you watch this show, you'll know who's won right away by who's in the audience waiting to get their award. Since Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift are already being promoted by CBS, you can guess they won their categories. Surprise! They're not hanging around that studio for their health!

Note: The 36th Annual People's Choice Awards will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California tonight at 9:00pm ET/PT on CBS.
Source: Roger Friedman - Showbiz411

Photos: Mariah at Palm Springs Film Festival
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 06-Jan-2010, 12:04AM EST
Below are photos of Mariah at the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival's Black Tie Awards Gala held at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California on Tuesday, January 5, 2010.

Mariah arriving on the red carpet

Mariah accepting the "Breakthrough Actress Performance" award from director Lee Daniels. Also pictured are actor Morgan Freeman and director/actor/producer Clint Eastwood.

Mariah posing with her award backstage

Video: Mariah arriving at the PSIFF gala

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Will Mariah find a promoter for Minneapolis concert?
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 05-Jan-2010, 10:38PM EST
Her agents have reserved Feb. 16, but with no promoter the concert could be in jeopardy.

Is Mariah Carey coming to Northrop Auditorium on Feb. 16? Her website says so. But tickets haven't gone on sale yet because the concert has no promoter, explained Northrop general manager Sally Dischinger.

"This has never happened before," she said. "So this is strange."

Dischinger was contacted by Carey's agent weeks ago and is still reserving the date for the concert. "We're ready to know," she said Tuesday.

According to mariahcarey.com, tickets are on sale for all her winter concerts except Feb. 16 at Northrop and Feb. 27 at the Pearl in Las Vegas. It is a 19-city tour of mostly theaters by the tour-averse diva.

Even though Carey has been a major star since 1990, she has never performed a proper concert in the Twin Cities. Her agents have reserved Feb. 16, but with no promoter the concert could be in jeopardy.

She did make cameo appearances in 1999 (at KDWB's Last Chance Summer Dance) and 2002 (at the Mall of America on "The Today Show"). Her "Memoirs of a Perfect Angel," released in September, has continued the comeback momentum of 2005's big-selling "The Emancipation of Mimi." She has landed 18 No. 1 pop singles, including "Touch My Body" in 2008.

"Usually all the ducks are in a row ahead of time," Dischinger said, adding that tickets typically go on sale at least six weeks before a concert. "I don't know if her price [fee] is so high that no promoter will take it."

Dischinger advises Carey fans to "call back at the end of the week."
Source: Star Tribune

Richard Montoya on Precious
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 05-Jan-2010, 4:11PM EST
By Geoffrey Fletcher (Screenwriter of Precious)

"Precious" has a stripped-down realism that doesn't have a filter on it, that allows us to get in the head of this young girl whom we've seen at bus stations and subways, and more often than not, we look the other way. There's another teenage mom with two kids. We tend to scrutinize, vilify and judge and look down at the precious girls of our society. That movie allows us to care and go inside the world and go room by room into these dark little apartments and schools and hospitals where there's life.

Watching "Precious," I could feel the fierce authenticity. Geoffrey Fletcher knew and observed this world and may have even lived it. This is a dilemma for writers of color. I'm told, "Get out of your Chicano world." But that's what I know. I know the Latino experience. I don't want to let go of that. "Write what you know" is what I learned at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. That is so important. And Fletcher respected that world of Precious without judgment, and that's what makes his screenplay burst off the screen. That movie haunted me and transported me. I also greatly admired the director, Lee Daniels, and the performances. When Mariah Carey can appear in a film without a stitch of makeup, it is a brave new world.
Source: Variety

Scans: The Angels Advocate Tour Book
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 05-Jan-2010, 5:28AM EST
Below are scans of The Angels Advocate Tour Book. Printed in high-quality glossy paper, the 24-page tour book contains over 15 pages of photos of Mariah with some never-seen-before candids with family and friends from early years to current. There's also a 2-page article about Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel (transcribed below). The tour book sells for $25 and should be available at all tour venues.

Imperfections are in the eye of the beholder. You can see them as flaws, or as the very qualities that make us human -- and that make perfection that we know we can never fully achieve. In the thirteen songs on her spell-binding new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, Mariah Carey explores those aspects in our shared humanity with a rare depth, honesty and open-heartedness. It's one of the strongest statements in her long, distinguished career.

The subject of Memoirs is love at all its messages in our lives. Experiencing it for the first time. Losing it. Remembering its most painful moments, and also its times of greatest innocence and joy. Yearning for it. Learning from it. Growing as a result of its profound power. Finding it again and being grateful for so great a gift. And, finally, being humbled, filled with wonder and elevated by love's mysterious ways. In tha sense and more, Memoirs is a full, immensely satisfying journey.

"Each song is like an intimate conversation or entry in a private diary," Carey says about the album. "A lot of the songs reflect specific, different times in my life. Others were inspired by movies, actual events that happened to me, or the stories of friends who told me about experiences that they've gone through," With just once exception, Carey wrote and produced the entire album in collaboration with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. The trio clearly shared an inspired sense of what Memoirs should be. Sinuous grooves and instantly memorable melodies flow from track to track, while the wit and intimacy of the lyrics create the feel of one friend talking to another. As well-defined as each song is, Memoirs plays with the beauty and consistency of a classic, start-to-finish album.

"My main goal was to work with people I could collaborate with without it seeming redundant or stale," Carey says. "In my opinion Tricky is one of the most underrated major producers out there right now. I really enjoyed collaborating with him. And I especially liked writing with The-Dream, basically because we both love having fun with lyrics and melodies, and we're also capable of getting more serious on deeper songs. There is a particular sense of freedom I feel when we write together -- even though I make him stay in the studio all night until he is ready to kill me! LOL!"

Memoirs' first single is the hard-hitting "Obsessed," which is accompanied by a video directed by Brett Ratner (the Rush Hour trilogy) in which Carey plays both the glamorous star and her stalker fan. Like the video, the song's lyrics combine devastating putdowns ("Last man on the Earth still couldn't get this") with humor ("See right through you like you're bathin' in Windex"). The no-nonsense "Up Out My Face" captures a similar caustic mood, dismissing a former lover with the send-off, "When I break, I break, boy." "It's a Wrap" delivers a similar message about the end of an affair: "When it's gone, it's gone." "Standing O," with its irresistible chorus, sardonically applauds a faithless ex for his signature achievement: "You played the one that loved you the most." "Betcha Gon' Know" foresees karmic revenge for a wayward lover, but, once again, the clever lyrics ("Oprah Winfrey whole segment for real, for real / 20/20 Barbara Walters for real, for real") encourage a smile amid the pain.

The ballad "H.A.T.E.U.," meanwhile, finds the singer seeing life in the wake of a break-up and longing for the moment when loss and regret transform into a cleansing anger. But the title of the song doesn't necessarily stand for what you think it might. "H.A.T.E.U. is the first song I wrote for the album," Carey says, "and it stands for Having a Typical Emotional Upset."

Always a brilliant technical singer with an extraordinary vocal range, Carey rises to new heights on that track. "I sing a recurring melody in the upper register of my voice; it's not an ad-lib, but an integral part of the song's hook," she says. "That's not something I've done before, and when listening back to it, it reminded me of how Minnue Riperton used her upper register on her hit song 'Lovin' You." I thought how ironic that her song was called 'Lovin' You' and my song is called, 'H.A.T.E.U.' – and both use that upper 'whistle register' as a major part of the melody. So it's sort of a homage to Minnie Riperton, a tribute to her since she has been so influential in my singing style."

On a tender note, the wistful "Candy Bling" beautifully evokes the blissful realm of young love ("Anklets, name plates that you gave to me/Sweet tarts, ring pops has that candy bling/And you were my world"), while "Inseparable" aches for a love that went wrong for reasons that seem impossible to comprehend. "More Than Just Friends" floats off into a fantasy on what a casual relationship might become ("Permanently paint me in your picture like Picasso/Love me down till I hit the top of my soprano!"). "Ribbon" and "The Impossible" swoon with happiness and thankfulness over redemptive love that has returned to make life rich again. "You did the impossible," Carey sings. "You rescued my love."

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel ends with a spectacularly powerful gospel rendition of Foreigner's gorgeous ballad, "I Want to Know What Love Is." Carey's voice soars into the heavens as a soul-stirring choir makes it clear that the search for love is the closest that any human being ever gets to the divine.

Which brings us back to the angel of the album's title. "I had written a song called 'Imperfect,'" Carey says, "but it didn't make it onto the album. The lyrics of that song address the fact that the world puts so much pressure on us -- especially on women -- to be perfect and look a certain way, and that is impossible because nobody is perfect. Only God is perfect. I know I've tried to be a good person but I am definitely no angel!"

"But after I put this album together and decided to name it Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," she concludes, "I remembered that the Minnie Riperton album that contained 'Lovin' You' was called Perfect Angel. So I felt in so many ways that it was meant to be."
Source: Scans: Jonny | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Update: "Angels Cry" Featuring Ne-Yo
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 04-Jan-2010, 3:24PM EST
"Angels Cry" featuring Ne-Yo, the first single off Mariah's new album Angels Advocate, will not be released today as we previously reported.

No firm release date has been determined. We're waiting to get a final date from the label and they should have it sorted out by end of the week.

Meanwhile, All Access lists the single as impacting Top 40/Mainstream radio on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

As soon as a release date is officially confirmed, we'll let everyone know.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kris

Audio: Mariah at Borgata, Atlantic City
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 04-Jan-2010, 3:51AM EST
We have the full audio of Mariah's concert at the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday, January 2, 2010. You can either download each song individually, or the whole show at once below.

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. H.A.T.E.U.
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Obsessed
Always Be My Baby
17. We Belong Together
18. Hero

Many thanks to Jonny for sharing his audio recording exclusively to MDJ!
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny

Philly Reviews Mariah's Borgata Concert
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 04-Jan-2010, 3:44AM EST
Mariah Carey at the Borgata
By David R. Stampone

The altogether dazzling yet disarmingly human super-diva Mariah Carey was checking some text onstage at the Borgata's sold-out Event Center Saturday night. "I've written a few songs in my life," she quipped in understated explanation. "And sometimes the set list changes."
So it had since her New Year's Eve show at Madison Square Garden. For this date, beginning in earnest her "Angels Advocate" tour, her first live jaunt in more than three years, Carey changed the order and swapped five different songs into her 18-tune set.

One - the romance-terminating "It's a Wrap," from 2009's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, her 12th studio album - was a highlight, allowing the singer to soulfully flaunt her vocal prowess out in front of the occasionally overwhelming backup voices.

Also laudable was the acted-out choreography of a diva's dismissal of her pleading, come-home-drunk guy (one of the nine dancers) with wised-up lines ("I was oh so acquiescent, but I learned my lesson") and her famously fluttering mic-free hand.

More song-specific and Mariah-centric thespian conceits would be a great concert idea, giving Carey enlivening focus for each number - and answering the complaints that the native Long Islander is too inert in performance. (And we know the woman can act, even under pressure: She went from the career-tailspin-inducing cinematic disaster that was her 2001 bomb, Glitter, to awards for her role as a social worker in last year's acclaimed Precious.)

Then again, the 2,200 excited fans in Atlantic City didn't seem to mind the statuesque Carey just walking the stage, casually bantering a bit but mostly communicating via her five-octave range, including the sparingly deployed pyrotechnics of her ultrahigh "dolphin squeal" whistle register.

Such live staples as her deliriously received 1991 smash "Emotions" - an unprecedented fifth consecutive No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, one of her countless chart-topping feats - would be unthinkable without those notes.

The closing encore was the inevitable "Hero," but oddly, even though Carey's new record is dedicated to Michael Jackson, she never did her renowned cover of the Jackson Five's "I'll Be There." (Trey Lorenz did emerge midset with Jackson's "Rock With You" in tribute while Carey changed costumes backstage.)

However, Carey got down with some Motown by effectively mashing Diana Ross' "Love Hangover" with her own dancey "Heartbreaker."

And sharing the state of her heart as always, she performed the live debut of "The Impossible," dedicated to her rapper-actor-radio-DJ husband, Nick Cannon (who hosted an after-party at the Borgata's swanky mur.mur club).

Fan Photos/Reviews: Mariah at Borgata, Atlantic City
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 03-Jan-2010, 6:51PM EST
[Thanks to Gary, Kelson, Alberto and Kenneth!]


Jonny: "For those eager to hear songs from Mariah's back catalogue: Not to worry. She performed a handful of her number ones including 'Honey,' 'My All,' crowd-pleaser 'Always Be My Baby' and 'Emotions,' which hadn't been performed live in ten years. A nice addition to the setlist was a mashup of 1999's 'Heartbreaker' with Diana Ross' 'Love Hangover,' which Mariah had previously performed only once, at 2000's 'VH1 Divas: A Tribute to Diana Ross.' Noticably absent from the set-list were show staples 'Dreamlover,' Fantasy Remix,' 'Vision of Love' and 'I'll Be There.' Props to Mariah for showing some creativity with her setlist and dropping those songs in favor of newer and rarely-performed material. The evening came to a fitting close with 'Hero,' one of Mariah's signature songs and perhaps one of the handful in her catalogue that many of her fans will never tire of hearing. In addition to the music, the Angels Advocate show offers variety in the costumes and the choreography. In the past, Mariah has been known to have as many as eight wardrobe changes in a single show (2003). This time around, she keeps it to a respectable four. Each of them is a beautiful dress; a good move considering that she opened the previous tour in a bikini and a cape. As much as I have enjoyed Mariah's previous shows, I feel that she really stepped it up for this tour. The setlist was a nice selection of hits old and new, with a couple of rarities thrown in for good measure. Although the aforementioned dropped songs are all very important hits in Mariah's carrer, I was pleased to see them go in favor of something different. I would have liked to have seen her perform 'Vision of Love' in place of 'Honey' or 'My All,' since it was the first single of her career and a song that is more associated with her than either of those two. On a personal note, I am hoping that she will bring back 'Close My Eyes,' an album track from 1997's 'Butterfly,' which she did perform last year in Las Vegas. But, as Mariah stated at the Borgata, she has 'written a song or two' in her career. So it's hard to please everyone. But she sure is close to doing so."

Kenneth: "I thought the show was great! From the entrance to the end, she was amazing! She sounded great and sang every song better than the studio. She interacted with the crowd, waving at everyone and moving around the whole stage. I thought the best were We Belong Together, Angels Cry, and Hero. When she did Emotions, the whole crowd went insane! This tour is going to be a good one, whoever goes will definitely have a blast."

Alberto: "Mariah started an hour late but us real lambs are used to this and planned accordingly. I was overwhelmed with emotions when she descended on the swing, she looked stunning! It seems that they lowered her very slowly and she missed her musical cue to start singing but like a total pro, she went into the high note and killed it. Overall, the concert was amazing. The only thing that was bad for us lambs and also for MC (I'm sure) were the stuck up, snobby non-fans crowding the front section. These people did not cheer, stand up, or even clap after she was done with a song. There were pockets of lambs here and there and Mariah quickly noticed them and sort of serenaded them. At one point, MC yelled, 'C'mon ya'll, help me sing this song!' and kept prompting the audience to get up and move, have a good time - they were a dead fish. They were mostly older people. It was a great concert and I will be seeing her again in Florida on the 21st! However, I wish Vision of Love was a part of the setlist! Love you Ms. Carey!"

Matt: "The concert was amazing! She sounded so good! Her whistles were spot on and her belts sounded perfect! And probably the best part of the concert in my opinion is the diva actions! Lol. Some people may hate them but I love them! I also like the setlist - it had a good mix of songs. I like how she sang Love Hangover also! But overall the concert was amazing and I wish I could experience it again!"

KeShawn: "The building is absolutely huge. 3,500 fans sold out the event room to see Mariah, including me and my younger sister. And we had some banging seats - 7th row! And I can say hands down, especially on my side, me, this Brazilian guy, and a white girl two chairs down from my sister and two sitting behind me were the biggest fans in the freaking building! The loudest all night! At 9:05 pm, the lights shut off and the image 'Mariah' went across the front of the arena. I have never yelled so loud before in my life! And coming down from the ceiling on a swing with a white dress on and a fluffy bottom, with her hair down straight, came down in my opinion the most beautiful, talented and best female performer of all time, Mariah Carey. After Touch My Body she talked to us and asked where we were from and yes she saw my sign: 'I've been waiting twenty years to ask, can I have a hug?' And I said, 'Maryland.' She replies, 'Maryland.' I said, 'Yes, Maryland!' She said okay. Conversation! LOL. Following that she went right into H.A.T.E.U. And this was the standout performance of the night. Every whistle is on the one! And the bridge is intense! She exclusively reveals to us that her new Remix album is titled Angels Advocate and told us about Angels Cry featuring Ne-Yo coming soon but those of us who follow MariahDaily know this already LOL. She did my favorite performance of the night, It's a Wrap. To start this one off, a maid comes out and brings her something to drink and Mariah jokes and tells her, See you try to come out here and make people think I have one of these at home.' Hilarious! She is sitting in the chair and in comes her boy stumbling and falling over and is getting tossed around and at the end of the song kicked out of Mariah's home as she coos, 'It's a Wrap.' Loved it! Upon heading into the finale, she shares with us, even though I already know, Billboard announced that the song of the decade was We Belong Together. She then goes in and sings We Belong Together. Amazing! The entire performance had the entire audience saying every single word! This was probably the absolute high point of the show! At the last chorus of Hero, tears began rolling down my eyes. This performance was amazing. As she then kissed us goodbye and good night we all began to exit the show. As we were walking to the doors, I began to drop more tears. That was literally the greatest experience of my life. I love Mariah even more now after that show! 5/5! The show was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I wish she would have performed Vision of Love, Dreamlover, Fantasy and Up Out My Face but she was still amazing. Only other suggestion would be upstep her dance game just a bit, even to the Adventures of Mimi but other than that, Wow. I loved it! The most amazing experience of my life and can't wait to see her again."
Source: Jonny | Gary | Kelson from Brazil | Kenneth | Alberto | Matt | KeShawn

Angels Advocate Tour Merchandise
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 03-Jan-2010, 1:34PM EST
Below is a list of merchandise for sale on the Angels Advocate Tour. Don't miss out on these fantastic items when you are at the show!

Angels Advocate Tour Goodies
–Keychain with Mariah picture - $5
–Butterfly keychain - $10
–Poster - $10
–Lanyard with photo and tour dates on it - $15
–Coffee Mug - $20
–Tour book - $25
–Tote bag - $25
–Hat - $35
–T-shirt - $35
–Hooded sweatshirt - $65

Pictured below are: T-shirt, Mariah keychain, Butterfly keychain, Tour book, Poster.

Source: Jonny | Nicole | Danny

Videos: Mariah at Borgata, Atlantic City
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 03-Jan-2010, 12:19PM EST
Mariah gave another amazing live performance of "Emotions" at Borgata Event Center in Atlantic City last night. Watch a video recorded by Jonny below! He also has a 10-sec clip of "The Impossible" here. Check it out!

And here's a video of "Daydream Interlude" as recorded by Kenneth. You can also watch some video clips from last night's show: Emotions, Honey, My All.

Source: Jonny | Kenneth

Press of Atlantic City Reviews Mariah's Borgata Show
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 03-Jan-2010, 12:49AM EST
Mariah Carey surprisingly dull in show at Borgata
By Scott Cronick

Mariah Carey may be a pop diva, but much of the sold-out crowd at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa treated her like she was a deity on Saturday night.

Constantly taking pictures and video, screaming at the top of their lungs in appreciation and holding up signs to express their devotion, Carey's fans are undoubtedly loyal.

And they certainly have plenty of good reasons. Carey is to pop what Led Zeppelin is to rock, what Metallica is to metal and what Johnny Cash is to country.

Her resume doesn't lie. The Long Island, N.Y., native scored 18 No. 1 singles in the United States, second only to The Beatles and ahead of Elvis. Her 12 studio albums have sold more than 62.5 millions copies in the U.S., and earned her five Grammy awards as well as the title of most successful artist of the 1990s in the U.S. by Billboard.

Yet here was the 40-year-old songstress in Borgata's 2,200-seat Event Center. Like Madonna – arguably her only competition as the most popular female artist of all time – she should be playing arenas.

So why is she doing a mostly theater tour?

The truth is ... she's a bore. While Carey clearly has unbelievable pipes – her five-octave vocal range was on full display and flawless Saturday night – she has the stage presence of a slug. An attractive slug, but a slug nonetheless.

Surrounded by a nine-member dance team that was at worst clunky and at best average, Carey's idea of being a headliner consists of standing on stage, singing her heart out and letting the dancers do all of the work.

For the fans who are content with hearing her belt out unbelievable vocals, it works. For casual fans looking for a good show, Carey is certainly not that kind of entertainer.

On the road for the first time since her 2006 comeback tour, "The Adventures of Mimi," Saturday was Carey's second stop on her "Angels Advocate Tour" to support her new album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel."

Carey, who made four costume changes but opened wearing a white dress partly made of feathers, rolled out a solid mix of her chart smashes, fan favorites and new tracks, showing her diversity and stellar range.

Although she pulled out songs that went all the way back to 1991, a large part of Carey's 18-song set came from "Memoirs" and 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi."

Particularly memorable tracks off "Mimi" included the Usher-like "Shake It Off;" "It's Like That," which fuses old-school hip-hop from Run-DMC; and "We Belong Together," a No. 1 hit that cemented her career comeback.

All three of those tunes, as well as the fan favorite "Always Be My Baby," had one thing in common: Jermaine Dupri, who co-wrote them and served as guest DJ at an afterparty at Borgata's mixx nightclub.

Off "Memoirs," her latest singles "Obsessed" and "H.A.T.E.U." – Having A Typical Emotional Upset – seemed to get the biggest crowd reaction, while "Angels Cry" and "The Impossible," which she dedicated to husband Nick Cannon, who also performed at a Borgata afterparty, landed flat.

Carey was not shy about pulling out the big guns either, including at least a half-dozen No. 1 songs, all memorable in their own way.

"Touch My Body," off last year's "E=MC2," was simple pop at its best; "Heartbreaker" had the crowd on its feet; "Emotions" showed her fun, disco side and her ability to still hit every high note; and her signature "Hero" was a fitting finale.

Aside from her voice, there were other upsides. For the opener, Carey was lowered from the rafters on a giant swing. She drank Champagne and reclined on a couch while joking about her diva status during "Subtle Invitation": "Do they expect me to stand up for the whole show? They call me a diva because ... I guess I am one." She threw in a cover of the Diana Ross smash "Love Hangover" to lead into "Heartbreaker." And Trey Lorenz' cover of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" was well done.

There also were some differences from her opening show at Madison Square Garden. Aside from "The Impossible," she also offered "Honey," the Latin-infused "My All" and one of the night's best, "It's a Wrap." And she surprisingly did not perform "Fantasy," one of her biggest hits and a show staple.

Carey certainly has had her share of ups and downs in a very public life that included her divorce from Columbia Records exec Tommy Mottolla, a well-documented emotional breakdown, the bomb of her movie "Glitter" and a period of dipping success. But she remains on top of the pop world for a variety of reasons: She keeps reinventing herself, she aligns herself with people like Dupri and she remains a stunning beauty.

But the main reason she's still a superstar is that she's way too talented to go away. If she could only amp up her stage presence, Madonna may even have something to worry about.

Live Updates: Mariah at Borgata, Atlantic City
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 02-Jan-2010, 8:00PM EST
Mariah is performing tonight at the Borgata Event Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey and our Tour Correspondent Jonny is there to give us live updates!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. H.A.T.E.U.
05. Make It Happen
06. Angels Cry
07. Subtle Invitation
08. It's Like That
09. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. It's A Wrap
13. My All
14. Emotions
15. Obsessed
16. Always Be My Baby
17. We Belong Together
18. Hero

• Tour merchandise sold at the venue:
–Keychain with Mariah picture - $5
–Butterfly keychain - $10
–Poster - $10
–Lanyard with photo and tour dates on it - $15
–Coffee Mug - $20
–Tour program - $25
–Tote bag - $25
–Hat - $35
–T-shirts - $35
–Hooded sweatshirts - $65

• 08:00pm - Opening act RydaznRtist promptly on stage. The group finished their set at 8:16pm.
• 08:17pm - DJ playing Michael Jackson songs.
• 09:05pm - Mariah wearing a white dress is lowered to the stage on a swing to start the show with "Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude."
• 09:22pm Mariah takes a break after "Make It Happen."
• 09:26pm - Mariah back on stage wearing a silver gown and does the end of "Make It Happen."
• 09:34pm - Mariah says, "I cant believe it's freakin' 2010. I can't even know what to say." "Subtle Invitation" next.
• 09:40pm - After "Subtle Invitation" she quips, "Not so subtle invitation."
• 09:45pm - Mariah performs "The Impossible" and dedicates the song to husband Nick Cannon.
• 09:52pm - "The Imposible" was full song. She said that the Remix album's title is Angels Advocate. She is introducing Trey Lorenz to the beat of "The Impossible" Reprise.
• 09:53pm - Trey Lorenz on now for "Rock With You."
• 09:57pm - Mariah back on stage wearing a short red dress and performs "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker."
• 10:16pm - Dancers dancing to tribal beat while Mariah changes after "My All."
• 10:19pm - Back on stage wearing a long black dress and performs "Emotions."
• 10:37pm - Mariah leaves the stage to "We Belong Together" Remix.
• 10:42pm - Mariah comes back for encore and performs "Hero." She's wearing the same black dress. Show ended at 10:45 pm.

Thank you for staying with us during tonight's live updates. Come back again on Friday, January 15 at 8:00pm ET for another up-to-the-minute coverage. Our MDJ Tour Correspondent Jonny, who did a great job tonight (Thank you, Jonny!), will again be updating us from the MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT.

For those who attended tonight's concert, we would love to receive your reviews; and pictures, audio and video recordings to post on the site. Please send to contact@mariahjournal.com.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny

Live Updates from Atlantic City Tonight
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 02-Jan-2010, 10:29AM EST
MariahDailyJournal will once again be providing live updates from Mariah's concert in Atlantic City, NJ TONIGHT starting at 8:00pm ET. Our MDJ Tour Correspondent Jonny will be on-site at the Borgata Event Center and will be feeding us with real-time updates, as they happen! Be sure to tune in!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah's Acceptance Speech at Capri Film Fest
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 02-Jan-2010, 9:50AM EST
Here's a video from the Italian show Rai Due of Mariah's full acceptance speech upon receiving the "Supporting Actress of the Year" trophy from the the Capri, Hollywood Film Festival at the Hotel Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri, Italy on Monday, December 28, 2009.

[ Download this video here ]

Mariah's Acceptance Speech
"First of all, I'm sorry I didn't sing before. We just came from Aspen, U.S.A. to be here in my favorite place in the world. The last time I sang was at Simona's wedding. [Simona: 'And it was great.'] Thank you, Simona. Okay, now I'm gonna try this. Buonasera, sono molto felice di essere a Capri (Good evening, I'm very glad to be in Capri)... I told you I'm fabulous at Language. I'm really, really incredibly proud, so proud to receive this award especially in a place that's brought up so much joy over the years. I can't even express it. The people, the beauty of Capri and just everything. Anytime I can, I do whatever I can to be here so being here in this moment in my life. I'd been doing a film that I'm so proud of and so thankful to Lee Daniels for giving me the chance to be in this film. I have to say thank you to all the members of the Board who decided to give me...I can't even speak English. I don't know what language I speak... I have to say thank you to all the members of the Board who decided to give me the award and a very special thank you to Pascal. I really have to thank you. I really thank you. You are being called the sparkling, volcanic, pyrotechnic, tireless director, [laughs] is that you? [Estelle: 'No.' laughs]. Anyway, you all know that I love Capri and this is the place with the most wonderful atmosphere that you just cannot get anywhere else. So thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you."
Source: Rai Due | Augusto | Text: MariahDailyJournal

New MDJ Message Board Launched
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 02-Jan-2010, 2:41AM EST
The Mariah Daily Journal Message Board has a new home in Yuku. We are pleased to announce the launch of the brand-new message board which can be accessed via the link on the sidebar menu.

The message board gives everyone the opportunity to start again, and will allow us to get back to working on the members area of the site, which has been missing for over 3 months.

We encourage everyone to use the Mariah Tour - Angels Advocate forum to plan get-togethers, buy and sell tickets, chat about the shows, and everything surrounding the tour.

We look forward to seeing you all there! Members of the old messageboard will have to re-register.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

New York Times Reviews Mariah's MSG Concert
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 01-Jan-2010, 11:46PM EST
A Pop Star in Her Own Time Zone
By Jon Caramanica

The holiday happens when Mariah Carey says it happens, which is why, on Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, the New Year's Eve countdown was maybe a minute after the fact. And more important, why Ms. Carey began the show suspended above the crowd in a red sled, drenched in red tulle, singing, "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

What, you're going to complain? Ms. Carey could have delivered that song in the middle of August and still pulled it off. Twenty years after her debut album, she remains a ferocious, inventive singer, right even when she's wrong. And surprisingly, she has become a versatile one, too, as famous for the epic-scale ballads she first made her name with as for her slick entree into crossover hip-hop soul.

"Some people like my slow songs, and some people like my fast songs, and it gets so confusing," she said after "Touch My Body," early in her set. "What should I do?"

The answer was slow it down — maybe a little too soon — with the delicately strained "H.A.T.E.U.," from her new album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" (Island). Throbbing and deliberate as a heartbeat, it was Ms. Carey at her isolated best, and a reminder that she's a complete anomaly in modern pop: an R&B singer who doesn't have to dance to prove her point. Apart from a few sashays during "Shake It Off," she barely broke form here, even when the tempos crept up to sweat level. (She made savvy use of her quicker older material, like "Make It Happen" and "Fantasy [remix]," which the band played during costume-change interludes until she rejoined them.)

So many of Ms. Carey's early hits were sturdy, bombastic and slow, and even though she has successfully sped up (and lightened up) in the last decade, it often feels as if she missed the sheer scale of her old material. Here, her band was on an elevated platform far behind her, and she was only sometimes surrounded by dancers. For large swaths of the night, she stood alone, and still.

Balladry is all but dead in popular music — Susan Boyle notwithstanding — but Ms. Carey has learned how to game the system with songs that appear to have multiple tempos all at once, languorous vocals set against steady beats. In this grand setting it was clearer than ever that tracks like "We Belong Together" and "Angels Cry (remix)" are merely slow records masquerading as fast.

There wasn't quite enough time to explore such nuances, though: this was only half a concert, in spirit and in length. It was casual, with bursts of dancer disarray, and Ms. Carey talking to the crowd about the instructions she was receiving through her earpiece. After the countdown, dozens of friends and crew members came out onstage to dance even while Ms. Carey sang, making her into a disco diva delivering from the middle of the floor.

That lasted for a distractingly long spell, until Ms. Carey closed the night, a bit abruptly, with a sinus-clearing, room-shattering version of her 1993 hit "Hero," one of her most titanic ballads.

It hushed the crowd, but when Ms. Carey finished, she was back to giggles, picking up the banter with her husband, Nick Cannon, that she'd been having on and off since the countdown. They should be filmed, always, their blend of cute and beleaguered consistently entertaining.

A few minutes after midnight, when the crowd had been doused with confetti, she told Mr. Cannon that she wanted more. "Some more confetti?" he asked incredulously. "I'm going to see if I can work that out." She made a comment about her dress, to which Mr. Cannon replied: "You look hot in that. Madison Square Garden, tell her how sexy she looks!"

At the end of the night, Mr. Cannon tried to lead his wife offstage through a door at the back, but she resisted, saying she wanted to walk off the side, through the cluster of friends who had been standing there since the countdown. She play-pushed him aside and marched off. Mr. Cannon gave a knowing look to the crowd, pointed at his wife, grinned madly and ran after her.

Rolling Stone Reviews Mariah's MSG Concert
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 01-Jan-2010, 6:40PM EST
Mariah Carey Trades Show for Celebration on NYE in New York
By Caryn Ganz

Mariah Carey emerged on New Year's Eve at New York's Madison Square Garden in the most fantastically fairy-tale like manner possible: suspended above the audience in a red sleigh, singing her remixed version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You." It was a moment of blissful spectacle befitting the special night and Carey's fascination with perpetual childhood. "Eternally 12!" she exclaimed several songs later, spotting a sign in the crowd announcing her motto (she'll turn 40 years old in March). A few seconds later she showed off another of her signature personality traits. "I need some lipstick real quick and my hair fluffed," she proclaimed, adding, "They say I'm a diva so, might as well act like one."

A crew of male dancers joined Carey for "Shake It Off" and "Touch My Body," after which she addressed the crowd — which included Precious star Gabourey Sidibe — for the first of what would become many times. Noting the title of the next song "might be off-putting, I don't mean it to you," she launched into "H.A.T.E.U." from her most recent album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and then vanished for a costume change while her dancers grooved to "Make It Happen" (she returned in time to belt the closing verse).

Carey is known more for her vocal prowess and huge personality than her stage shows, and the concert — the first date on her Angels Advocate Tour, her first since 2006's The Adventures of Mimi trek — delivered far more on the big notes and bizarre monologues than impressive choreography and set design. She requested a drink before "Subtle Invitation" ("I need some champagne, I don't care what Debbie Allen says"), complained about her mic pack ("If this thing falls off my dress one more time I'm going to beat you"), and mused on the passage of time ("I never thought I'd live to see 2010 because I'm eternally 12").

Images of Ol' Dirty Bastard rapping his intro to "Fantasy" filled the video screens at two minutes to midnight, and Carey began the song, then suddenly stopped to count down to the new year as blasts of confetti, streamers and balloons filled the air. When the air had cleared, Carey soldiered on with "Obsessed" and "Migrate" as her crew milled around the stage, dancing with each other and partying in 2010 (at one point, they broke into a spontaneous Electric Slide). Carey's husband Nick Cannon rocked from side to side behind a set of turntables, encouraging the crowd and Mariah to finish strong. "You look sexy in that!" he shouted to the singer before "Emotions" after she admitted she preferred a different dress.

The flood of unrehearsed comments didn't phase the crowd, who had come to see Carey in all her off-the-cuff diva glory. From her stream-of-consciousness voicemails on her Website to her legendary Cribs appearance, Carey has given her fans something few pop artists are willing to reveal: honesty. She managed to put all the distractions behind her for a glorious final song, 1993's "Hero." Then she took Cannon's arm, yelled her thanks to the sold-out arena ("I love you so much!") and ambled offstage.
Source: Rolling Stone

Photos: Mariah & Nick at M2 Ultra Lounge, NY
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 01-Jan-2010, 5:58PM EST
Mariah and husband Nick Cannon hosted a New Year's Eve party at the M2 Ultra Lounge in New York City on Thursday, December 31, 2009. Below are pictures.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah at MSG, Dec. 31
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 01-Jan-2010, 12:52PM EST
Below are photos of Mariah performing before a sellout crowd at the Madison Square Garden in New York on Thursday, December 31, 2009.

FAN PHOTOS (Thanks to Joe!)

Laura and a few other fans took with their Angels Wings. Walking into the show, they definitely turned a lot of heads. Many of them came from all over just to be able to experience their New Year's with Mariah! [Picture 1: Fans in order from left to right: Tina Lewis from TX, Davidia Hu Ross from Harlem NY, Larrin Wright from Philly, Michelle Johnson from Philly, Ciara Rios From Brooklyn NY, Christine Mya Groom UK, Laura Rodriguez Fresno CA, Kena Davis Jacksonville FL].

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Joe | Maurie | Laura | Michelle

Fan Reviews/Videos: Mariah at MSG, Dec. 31
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 01-Jan-2010, 4:41AM EST





Danny: "After the opening acts, which lasted far too long in my opinion, Mariah came out in a sleigh! At first I was like where the hell is she, and I look up toward the ceiling and there she is! I was like OMG! Then she did the usual setlist (Shake It Off, Touch My Body, etc.) and so I thought it was going to be the same as Vegas, but then I hear some scary music start playing and it lasts for like a minute. And I'm like what is this?! And then I hear the beginning part and I'm like I know this, I know this! So I grabbed my camera and tried to record and it was Love Hangover! I was like dayum! Then it was weird, she did We Belong Together and I was like Oh no, the show is ending already? But then she came out and did the Fantasy dance mix and then immediately as it ended, she started the countdown to New Year at like 15 seconds. Then there was some pyro and a ton of balloons and confetti falling on us. She couldn't remember the words to Auld Lang Syne. Then she did Obsessed and Migrate and More Than Just Friends which was random. But then she asked the audience if they wanted to hear an old school song. And everyone of course did. And I was like, oh lawd her idea of old school is gonna be Always Be My Baby or something. And then Emotions came on and I started to cry. She sang the hell out of it! I was so impressed!"

Vinny: She sang the f*** out of Emotions like it was the '90s! I was floored! And she killed Subtle Invitation so well you think she lipped it but she didn't! More Than Just Friends wasn't really on the setlist. Nick spun the record from the DJ booth and she was adlibbing. Same with Migrate. After Obsessed it was a party on the stage and it was my favorite part. Angels Cry and H.A.T.E.U. weren't completely mimed, but they were heavy on the backing track. It was a GREAT show!"

Nicole: "I was surprised as hell when she opened up with All I Want For Christmas Is You. I have been waiting forever to hear her perform a Christmas song and it was amazing! Cute how she was hanging above us in the beginning. Shake It Off and Touch My Body were great as always. Then she left and came bak to finish up Make It Happen 'cause it started with the instrumental. I cried during Angels Cry it was beautifully done. Subtle Invitation is my jam! I'm so glad she's giving Charmbracelet some light. Loved the cute lounge chair just like the Vegas show. Some folks didn't know this song I was like, Get with it y'all need to buy Charmbracelet ASAP! I almost pissed in my pants when I heard Love Hangover. Once again most fools sitting around our area didn't know it and were looking lost but we were bumping! OMG I'm still in shock! The Fantasy Remix came on later and everyone went wild. We were all rapping with O.D.B. lol. Then everyone started counting down and I was like it's already time lol. She sang Auld Lang Syne then balloons, confetti, etc. It was great! It was like a big party on stage. Everyone dancing, drinking champagne. At one point they were doing what lookd like the electric slide LOL. I was suprised that she did More Than Just Friends. I was hoping for Up Out My Face but it kept the party going. Then by the time Emotions came around she seemed a little tipsy and nailed that song. By that time she seemed super relaxed, comfortable and having a blast. The end with Hero came way too soon I was like, That's it? I didn't realize that she did damn near 20 songs Haha. I thought she would change outfits more like usual but she didn't. And I was surprised we didn't get the usual Butterfly reprise closing that I'm used to. Overall she was amazing and thoroughly entertaining. I had a blast!"

Ashante: "The show was amazing! When she came down in a red sleigh the crowd was on their feet! Every song was perfect. Towards the end when she was singing More Than Just Friends her ear piece broke but everything else was amazing. When the whole stadium counted down it was a great start to 2010!"
Source: Danny | Vinny | Nicole | Ashante | Kaya

Newsweek: Mariah Carey Sleeps in the Nude
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 01-Jan-2010, 2:34AM EST
She was almost booed out of Hollywood after Glitter, but Mariah Carey can act. Really. Don't believe us? Check out the homely, tough-talking social worker in Precious. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

All right, green tea. Hiiiii. How are you? It's early for me, darling, you have to understand.

What time is it?
It's late probably to you.

It's 1 in the afternoon!
I'm adjusting. I'm adjusting.

You've wanted to act for a long time, even before—
Yes. I've always wanted to. Not to cut you off, I'm sorry. I'm bad. When you have an opera singer for a mother, it's kind of like, sort of like, you cut people off. Cause she's grand, darling. She's very grand. So yes, I always have wanted to act. I didn't have the right support system, but maybe I needed that much of a fall to get where I needed to go.

And by "fall," do you mean Glitter?
Yes. That period of time was just a mess, with Virgin Records and la-la-la-la. It is a la-la-la-la now because they don't exist.

How do you learn how to act?
I've been studying for a long time. I was studying prior to Glitter. I'm not blaming anyone, but the script wasn't even done when we started that movie, and it was all over the place.

What was hard about Precious?
Aside from not using all my own mannerisms? I don't think anyone is going to care so much if an actress who exclusively acts does something with their hand that is reminiscent of two movies ago. If I was suddenly moving my hand up, they'd be like, she didn't get it.

What mannerisms did you get rid of?
I have so many Mariah-isms. I talk with my hands a lot. I'm very over the top, what can I say? This character is very cut and dried.

She wears no makeup, right?
It's beyond no makeup. Did you not see the redness under my eyes, nose—and the mustache? That's the only thing I care about. I lost all the vanity stuff, but when people really started analyzing, they have to ask about the mustache. Why is it important? Oh, my goodness, it's hideous. That's not my no-makeup look—just FYI. Could you let your readers know?

That's not what your husband, Nick Cannon, sees in the morning.
I don't think Nick would be here if that was my look.

Are you going to do comedies?
Darling, I want to, but I got to find a fabulous director. Actually, Brett [Ratner] better put me in his next movie, or I'll beat his behind.

What do you watch when you're at home in your pajamas?
You visualize me in pajamas?

Is that wrong?
I have some from the Beverly Hills Hotel. They're cute. But I tend to go the other route.

What do you mean?
I like lingerie.

I thought maybe nothing at all.
Yeah, we do that, too.
Source: Newsweek

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