October 2007

Audio: Mariah on Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 31-Oct-2007, 2:10PM EDT
Mariah called in to Power 106's "Big Boy's Neighborhood" in Los Angeles, California at about 5:45 this morning to promote her new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey." During the phone interview with DJs Big Boy and Luscious Liz, Mariah also talked about her upcoming album. Click on the play button below to listen to the interview.

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Big Boy: I gotta go take this phone call right now. And I gotta take the phone call live because you don't get these phone calls all the time so I'm gonna make it happen right now and bring a friend of the neighborhood, into Big Boy's Neighborhood, ladies and gentlemen. Mariah Carey is in the hood.
Mariah Carey: Hey!
BB: Mariah, what's going on, love? How you doin'?
MC: Everything is just beautiful. How are you?
BB: I know it is. I'm doing very well, honey. It is a pleasure to talk to you this morning, Mariah.
MC: It's always a pleasure to talk to you. Everybody's good out there?
BB: Everybody is beautiful, alright. You know, let me tell you, we are waiting and anticipating the new album because it seems like as far as the album, it seems like not this is a fast turn-around but we didn't really have to wait as long as I thought we would have to wait for another Mariah Carey album.
MC: Well, I'm like...I'm still, first of all, thank you and I appreciate that. I'm like still in the middle of, not in the middle but just trying to fine-tune things. People don't understand it's just I'm like a perfectionist so it takes me a while to try and get it together. So that's what I'm doing right now.
BB: Do you have an actual date or guess-timate of when the album will drop?
MC: Yeah, I mean it's gonna have to be like the top of the year at this point which I'm like 'My God, I need to have a single,' you know.
Luscious Liz: Trust me, your fans are going 'hah' too. I can't wait to hear the music, Mariah.
MC: I really do. I really have like a couple of singles that I'm like I wanna put this out now, like about 3 different records but there's all different types of records that I have too so it's like it's an interesting project that's kind of like I'm excited about it so...
BB: Let me ask you this, Mariah. When it comes to Mariah, there's so many slashes when it comes to Mariah. Now, we just added another slash. This perfume line, the 'M by Mariah,' is this your first scent?
MC: Yes, it is. It is my first scent...I was not even a perfume wearer. Like, I don't even like fragrances. I know that sounds like, 'Okay, but you promoted a fragrance,' but the truth is the reason I did this is because I don't even like perfume that much. When it's like overwhelming and whatever. I'm not even a person that wears perfumes like that. So when I was talking to Elizabeth Arden and they were like, 'you could be really involved, you could be there from the beginning to the end of the process' It's up to you is basically what they told me. So I was like 'cool' so we just got together on every single aspect of it and I'm so excited about it 'cause it's just something I kind of always wanted to do but I never thought I'd be able to do like this, you know?
BB: Did you think especially when it came to the Macy's launch in New York, did you think like, 'man!' Just how overwhelming that was and just the number, how fast it sold out. Were you surprised by that, Mariah?
MC: I was surprised 'cause it was, I think it was the expensive package that sold out really quickly.
BB: Good Lord, have mercy. I ain't got it, I tell you.
MC: That's a big deal. People put their heart on the money and do that and that really, really means a lot. You know what I'm saying so it was a surprise, and it was a nice surprise, you know?
BB: And you gotta think, Mariah, when it comes to just Mariah fans, it's like Mariah's fans, they're die-hard, I guess. But also Mariah, with them being die-hard fans you don't just sell them anything or you don't just package your music and give them bull because you know they're gonna be there. Why is it so important for Mariah to make sure that her fans do receive the best?
MC: You know because I feel like my true fans they really, they know that when I get involved with a project, you know, as long as it's something within my control, I try to make it the best I can, you know what I mean? So this fragrance was like, it had started back when we first talked about me going on tour. Like we were working on it for that long. And I just didn't talk about it that much until we got closer and closer to the completion of it so it's like you know all the different elements that went into it like... you wouldn't believe how they have to do this stuff like literally like in one way it's like writing a song, and in another way, it's like learning like a science project.
BB: When it comes to '08 Mariah then it's gonna be another Mariah Carey year. For one, M by Mariah Carey we can find it, it's already gonna take over the holidays. And then after the holidays, you know we get a new Mariah Carey album in early '08, God willing hopefully.
MC: Yeah. We will, we will.
BB: And then that whole year is yours.
MC: I appreciate you saying that. You don't understand, I'm like, 'I just wanna play these songs to people and stuff.'
BB: We want you to come and play it, alright? You're Mariah Carey. Nobody can tell you. You can, come on Mariah!
MC: [Laughs] Nah, you know, I gotta do like all this stuff like people don't think about. You know but not everybody knows like we gotta mix the record, then we gotta master them, then they've gotta manufacture - all those like all that part of it so I'm just getting to this section where me and L.A. (Reid) and J.D. and whoever's gonna be really involved in the final, final decision-making and stuff. You know, we're just gonna start listening and start, unfortunately we have to eliminate some 'cause we already have like 16.
LL: Can you at least give us a little teaser of what some of the songs are about, Mariah?
BB: I want to let you know that it's gonna make it.
MC: There's some that I definitely know that are gonna make it. There's already like a guest appearance that I'm like very excited about. But they're telling me 'don't tell nobody.'
BB: I know. If we start naming, if we named the person, can you just bark or meow to us?
MC: You guys have those sound effects, you could do a bark or a meow and it wouldn't be me.
BB: No, we get the Mariah one. Is it Janet Jackson?
MC: What? Never mind. Sorry, that took me by surprise.
BB: Is it Janet Jackson?
MC: I thought you said you had a Janet sound. You know me, I'm not a morning person.
BB: Neither am I. They're gonna figure it out one day too, Mariah. Best believe that.
LL: Do you have a favorite song so far though on the album, Mariah that you're just like, 'Man, I can't wait for them to hear this one'?
MC: You know what? It's so funny 'cause it changes like every time I go to work on a new song. I'm like, 'Oh, this is my favorite.' I know that sounds like you know, 'Whatever, you're right. Everybody says that' but I still like...I'm pretty much, there's a couple of ballads that I'm like in love with and then on this record what I think is more...
LL: What does it sound like? Sing a little piece.
MC: Sing a little bit? If I'm not a morning talker, imagine how bad - I'm not a morning singer.
LL: You'll never sound bad.
BB: I don't know. I heard her sing bad one morning.
LL: No! You're right.
BB: Okay I did, but it sounded good. Go ahead. [laughs]
MC: Actually, I have to go to a studio after this, after we talk and that's gonna be like I'm trying to flip my schedule around so that's like uhh.
LL: See, you have to warm-up right now, you know? [laughs]
MC: I am.
BB: What about this Mariah Carey-Joan Rivers? Did that make it to the album?
MC: The Joan Rivers... I have not heard of that...
BB: Okay, just checking. Man, I heard that you and Oprah did a hot 16? You and Oprah did something?
MC: Oh yeah.
BB: There you go. Oprah is on the album, write that down.
MC: [Laughs]
BB: Mariah, we definitely thank you for the phone call this morning, baby girl. And we cannot wait to see you in the neighborhood and hopefully we'll see you in the neighborhood very soon, Mariah.
MC: You know, I love everybody. Please tell Eman that I said hello. Everybody, all my friends out there and I miss you and I can't wait to see you.
BB: We'll see very soon and when you come, come over here, I'm gonna smell your neck too. Best believe it. M by Mariah, ladies and gentlemen.
MC: I'll be bringing the nice box for the ladies and all the wives of the folks out there. For the ladies and everybody.
BB: MariahCareyBeauty.com. If you wanna go ahead and check it out. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Mariah we thank you little mami. You be good, okay?
MC: Thank you, Big. I love you. I'll talk to you soon, okay?
BB: So you're right Mariah Carey, ladies and gentlemen.
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Audio: Mariah Calls In To KIIS FM's Boy Toy Jesse Show
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 31-Oct-2007, 12:12AM EDT
Mariah called in to Los Angeles' KIIS FM on Monday, October 29th and talked to Boy Toy Jesse about her music and new perfume "M by Mariah Carey." Click on the play button below to listen to the interview.

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

Excerpts from the Interview
Mariah Carey: Jesse?
Boy Toy Jesse: Hi!
MC: Hi! It's Mariah. How are you?
BTJ: I can't believe you're still in high spirits after you've probably been, you've been hocking your cool stuff for like weeks and weeks.
MC: It hasn't been that long. I've been working. I've been doing a lot of different stuff but yes, and I'm very excited about the new fragrance, M by Mariah Carey. Not to speak of myself in the third person but that's the name.
BTJ: Hey, that's alright. You're kind of one of those stars that can do that and pull it off.
MC: I hate that [laughs]
BTJ: Really? You hate that you can or you hate that I think that?
MC: No, I hate when people do that. It's like ahh... but no. But thank you for saying that. Thank you for the compliment. No.
BTJ: And it's like you deserve it because when I hear that you totally shut down the Macy's in New York for the debut of your fragrance coming out, man, you deserve it. How did that feel?
MC: It felt really, really good. It was a really nice event. I mean it was a long, long day 'cause it was very like 4:30 morning start and blah, blah, blah but it was really good. It was... I was just so happy with the result and the fact that people really were loving the fragrance and I mean, I worked on this for a year with people from Elizabeth Arden and so that was just a blessing - a huge blessing. I'm just...I'm really feeling good about it like people that...it's funny, 'cause like different people who aren't even necessarily fans are like, "Okay, the bottle attracted me first, then I smelled it, and I loved it. I just wanna tell you" and they're not even like, "Yeah, and I loved this song, I just wanted to tell you I love this perfume." And that's alright by me. You know what I mean?

MC: It's called "M" for a number of reasons. One being, I'm so like knowledgeable about this whole thing now that I can call it that. No, I just loved the fragrance so much that, you know, and I love the bottle and stuff that I didn't feel like it needed a name to entice people, you know what I mean? I mean, I really feel like it's strong enough on its own and also we tried so many different, you know, like little names that everybody had taken the best ones I felt but the ones I could have used would have been okay. Why don't we just call it "M"? So there you go.
BTJ: Is it gonna be one of those things too 'cause I know, since especially you, by the way home girl number #1 of Billboard's biggest female songs of all time "We Belong Together," you know about these hit songs. I talked to a lot of artists and they say, "Yeah, you know my one hit record or whatever, I kind of after a while got sick of performing it. When you come out with a fragrance and it's yours, and everybody you know starts buying it. Everybody around you is wearing it 'cause it's so awesome. Would you think there'll come to a point like, "You know what? I'm about tired of smelling that."
MC: I don't know. I mean, it's taken me this long to find something that's actually, we, you know, I worked on it so hard with the folks at Arden and stuff that I've really do love. I mean, I really do love this fragrance. I don't think I'm gonna get sick of it. That's not the type of person I am. I'm pretty consistent with what I like and with what I don't like.

BTJ: Mariah Carey has 500 hours of beauty school.
MC: Yes, I does. [laughs]
BTJ: Is this one of these things too when you got to that point in your life like, "Alright, I've got lots of money stacked in the bank, I can probably do what I want now. Let's venture into some beauty stuff." I mean, is this like the first chapter of this kind of thing for you? Or have you always been kind of involved in like everybody looking right, and smelling right, and feeling right.
MC: Well, I tried to. In the beginning of my career, I was kind of only allowed to wear like things that came down to my ankles and up to the top of my neck. But [laughs], we love that.
BTJ: But I'm glad that's changed. I'm really glad that's changed.
MC: It's fun to experiment with this and things. I mean, you know, creating this fragrance taught me...you know, really educated me in an area in which I would never have known anything about. Like I said, I was not even a real fragrance wearer. People have been coming up to me. I can't even tell you over the past couple of days, like, "When are you doing your own shoe line? You know shoes." It's not even like, "Okay, yay I have so much money." I know that I've acquired money over the years and I'm very blessed and thankful for that. But the thing is that it's almost like the more that you have, the more people you have to support. Some because you need them to work for you, some because you know, they just ask you for money. It is what it is and that's the way it is. What are you gonna do?
BTJ: Everybody wants it. So you got to take some good, smart, responsible business ventures like the new perfume "M."
MC: Exactly. And that's why I really have one to do something like this for a while. And I'm so happy that I was able to do it with Elizabeth Arden because the people who are there have just incredibly great energy and such really good people and they really cared what I thought. I thought they were gonna be like, "Uhh, we'll stick to the creative. You just stand there." And they totally weren't that that at all. They were very like, "We wanted to do a representation of you."

BTJ: Well, good luck Mariah. L.A. misses you. Can't wait to see you back around. I'm sure when you jump on a tour when the new record comes out. Do we have like a date, maybe sometime next year? Couple of years from now? What do you think?
MC: No definitely, I mean, look I have more than enough songs. I just don't want to stop until I'm at a place where I feel like, "Okay, now I have it." I'm at the point right now where I have 15 songs that are finished. I need to do like nothing like 4 more - the vocals on them and they're 4 really important songs for me so it's like I gotta do it 'cause I don't want to put out something that's not my best, you know.
BTJ: Yeah. I mean your last album, my gosh right? It's like something like how do you even try to make a record after that. Man!
MC: Wow! You know it's so nice of you to say that. A friend of mine said, they were like "If Mimi was part one, this is definitely part two." So that's really cool.
BTJ: We're gonna hear that quote, we're gonna hear that quote. If Mimi was number one, there's definitely a part two coming. Mariah, good luck. We're gonna head out. All the Macy's and everywhere else. We can get this anywhere, right? MariahCareyBeauty also?
MC: Yes, definitely.
BTJ: Good. It's the new perfume. It's Mariah Carey on the phone. Thanks for showing some love.
MC: Thank you so much. I love you back and love to everybody out there listening.
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Mariah To Perform at Glamour Women Awards
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 30-Oct-2007, 10:25PM EDT
Monday, November 5th. Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive resurfaces to host her magazine's Women of the Year event, featuring a gangbuster lineup of gals who will take the stage and make the audience cry and feel inspired and all damn womanly and powerful and strong (until they get home and watch The Bachelor, which they Tivo'd). This year's honorees include: Jennifer Garner, Donna Karan and Nancy Pelosi, with a special performance by Mariah Carey (she will not be stopped!).

The 18th Annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards will be held at the Avery Fisher Hall, 65th Street and Broadway, 7pm, by invitation only.

[Previously reported on October 12th]

Mariah To Attend Jay-Z's 40/40 Opening in Vegas?
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 30-Oct-2007, 1:17PM EDT
The night before New Year's Eve, on December 30, music superstars and romantic two-some, Jay Z and Beyonce will team for a once-in-a-lifetime special performance to celebrate the grand opening of his new 40/40 Club in the new Palazzo resort alongside the Venetian.

Jay-Z is already promising the biggest-ever one-night lineup of star power Vegas has ever experienced, with soccer supreme-o David Beckham and his Spice Girl wife, Victoria Beckham joined by such sports world headliners as Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez, Magic Johnson, Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, Patrick Ewing and Shaquille O'Neal. Also expected from the record industry are VIPs Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri, plus TV leaders Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart with Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Mariah on Los Angeles' Power 106 Tomorrow!
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 30-Oct-2007, 12:25PM EDT
Mariah will be on Power 106's morning show, "Big Boy's Neighborhood" tomorrow, October 31st. Hosted by Big Boy and Luscious Liz, the show airs from 5:00am - 10:00am. Power 106 is the #1 Hip-Hop/R&B station in Los Angeles, California.
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Mariah Carey a Hit at Macy's Appearance
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 30-Oct-2007, 12:22PM EDT
Mimi evidently knows how to move product: after spending two hours at Macy's Herald Square flagship last week, pop diva Mariah Carey managed to move more than $70,000 of her debut fragrance, M by Mariah Carey.

More than 1,000 fans (some who had been on line for more than 24 hours) showed up to greet Carey, who arrived in a black Bentley Phantom convertible. Fifty of those customers popped for a $305 gift set, which entitled them to a photo op and autograph at a private session after Carey left the sales floor.

"Mariah Carey's personal appearance at Macy's Herald Square on Tuesday generated a tremendous amount of excitement from her grand arrival at our Broadway entrance to her walk down our main aisle with a drum line playing," said Micheline Jordaan, vice president and divisional merchandise manager of fragrances for Macy's East. "We are very pleased with the performance of the fragrance. This truly has been one of our best events."

"While we expected the personal appearance to go well, especially considering that fans camped out to buy the $305 package that sold out in 10 minutes, the appearance exceeded all expectations," said Joel Ronkin, executive vice president and general manager, North America Fragrances, of Elizabeth Arden, Carey's fragrance licensee. "This was a great team effort from all."
Source: Women's Wear Daily (print edition, Oct. 29, 2007) | Krista

Billboard's Top 10 Best-Selling Christmas Albums
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Oct-2007, 7:37PM EDT
In its current issue, Billboard lists the Top 10 Best-Selling Christmas Albums of the Soundscan era (March 1991 to date), and they are:

01. Miracles - The Holiday Album - Kenny G. 7,195,000
02. These Are Special Times - Celine Dion 4,838,000
03. Merry Christmas - Mariah Carey 4,801,000
04. Christmas In The Aire - Manheim Steamroller 3,683,000
05. Fresh Aire Christmas - Manheim Steamroller 3,548,000
06. Manheim Steamroller Christmas - Manheim Steamroller 3,391,000
07. Now That's What I Call Christmas! vol. 1 - Various 3,215,000
08. When My Heart Finds Christmas - Harry Connick Jr. 2,970,000
09. Faith: A Holiday Album - Kenny G. 2,735,000
10. Beyond The Season - Garth Brooks 2,649,000
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"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Ringle Release
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Oct-2007, 4:58PM EDT
Mariah's Christmas classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is being re-released by Sony/Legacy Recordings as a ringle on November 27, 2007. Ringles are released in stores as a CD with a slip-sleeve cover including a hit song, bonus tracks and a code to allow buyers to go online and download a "free" ringtone of the main song.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
   (JD remix animated)
2. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Ringle (Catalog #: 88697196852) is now available for pre-order at amazon.com for $5.98.
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Updates From Germany & Kuwait
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Oct-2007, 4:06PM EDT
Germany. Mariah was featured in the October 25th issue of In Touch magazine, pages 48 & 49.

Mariah Loves Butterflies
Mariah Carey (38). One day without butterflies? Inconceivable for this singer... Mariah Carey is wild about these tender little creatures - butterflies! She even decorates her whole body with butterfly accessories. From glitter patterns on her back to rings and necklaces, she's got it all. How did she become that passionate about butterflies? "It all happened coincidentally 'cause I actually hadn't been that much into butterflies in the past. Shortly before breaking up with my former husband, I wrote a song entitled 'Butterfly'", recalls the popstar. "When I later left the house that we had bought together, when I spread my wings to be free, I suddenly noticed a tiny butterfly imprinted in the middle of my coat. I thought to myself, 'How funny!' and started wearing butterflies from that moment on." Meanwhile, butterflies have even become Mariah's own trademark.

Kuwait. "M by Mariah Carey" is now available at VaVaVoom and Debenhams stores. The 50 ml bottle is priced at 17 Kuwaiti Dinars (US$61) and the 100ml bottle at 23.500 Kuwaiti Dinars (US$84). Here are photos of the "M" display at VaVaVoom store in Kuwait City.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Mohammed

Mariah's Tour DVD Out in Australia Nov. 19th
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Oct-2007, 4:56AM EDT
According to Big W Entertainment, Mariah's The Adventures of Mimi DVD will be released in Australia on Monday, November 19th. The 2-Disc DVD is available in two formats: Amaray DVD case (AUD$28.31) and Digipak (AUD$32.34). Click on the links to pre-order them now!

Source: MariahDailyJournal | MrAttitude

Mariah in Jay-Z's "Roc Boys" Video
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Oct-2007, 12:16AM EDT
Jay-Z had an all-star studded video shoot for his new single, "Roc Boys" at his 40/40 Club in New York on Saturday, October 27th. Directed by Chris Robinson, the shoot included what might seem to be the entire Def Jam roster, from big money star Mariah Carey to mixtape rappers Uncle Murder and Tru Life. "Roc Boys" producer Sean "Diddy" Combs had to be in the video of course. Cassie, Nas, Memphis Bleek, Just Blaze, Beanie Siegel, Freeway, Young Gunz, NBA Player Jamal Crawford, America's top model Brea, stylist to the star June Ambrose, R&B singers Razah and The Dream, as well as Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid and his son; and Island president Steve Bartels were all there.
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Latin Singer Adassa Covers "We Belong Together"
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Oct-2007, 12:15AM EDT
Universal Music Latino artist Adassa covers Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" in her self-titled album. Click on the play button below to listen to her bilingual rendition of "We Belong Together."

Read more about Adassa and preview other tracks from her album here.
Source: Adassa Universal | Bernard

Mariah's Favorite Restaurant in Japan
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 28-Oct-2007, 10:35PM EDT
Below are scans from the November 2007 issue of the Japanese men's fashion magazine, "Safari." The article is about popular Japanese restaurants among celebrities. Mariah is on the Nobu Tokyo page.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Golden Petals

Video: "It's Like That" at Echo Music Awards 2005
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 28-Oct-2007, 10:18PM EDT
Thanks to Mike for sending in this week's Video of the Week: Mariah performing "It's Like That" at the Echo Music Awards in Berlin, Germany on April 2nd, 2005.

"It's Like That" at Echo Music Awards, April 2, 2005
AVI | Size: 59.9MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Mike

Audio: Mariah Promotes "M" on Chicago's B96
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 27-Oct-2007, 12:49PM EDT
Mariah called in to Chicago's B96 yesterday to promote her new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey." Click on the play button below to listen to Mariah's phone interview with DJs Stylz & Roman.

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

MC: Hello!
B96: Mariah! There is the voice!
MC: Hi you guys!
B96: Oh, we love your voice, we love you, how are you doing?
MC: I'm doing flantastic, thank you.
B96: If you know Mariah Carey, you know she's always out in the press, so what was up with you? The View, The Today Show, 106 & Park - are you kidding me miss Mariah?
MC: There's a lot going on, a lot of things.
B96: Wait, we're forgetting the most important thing - the Stylz & Roman show on B96.
MC: Of course, you guys are!
B96: No, I think you are unbelievable. Not only you conquered music but right now I believe you're setting records with your new perfume line, it's called "M", and we're getting word that you sold out Macy's New York in 35 minutes?! It was the biggest launch ever in history?
MC: I mean, that was a blessing, and I was so grateful because I put so much work into this. Like I'm not even a perfume wearer, I'm not a fragrance girl, like I don't know the names of all these like.. whatever's out, I never have been into it, 'cause sometimes people just, they just go too far with it and you'd be like "okay... you got perfume on."
B96: That's the funny thing about it, most people wear perfume or cologne to get people's attention before they walk into a room. You don't need that at all, that's hot!
MC: [laughs] Thank you, it's so funny though, because when I was up at Elizabeth Arden, working with the people there who were so cool and really really nice. They were really just like allowing and wanting my input and I was like "this is cool" 'cause I wouldn't wanna put my name on something I wouldn't wanna wear. This is literally the first fragrance that I'm ever gonna wear and it's my own! So that's really cool. Literally every, they call them "notes", the different parts of the fragrance. The top note is kind of like, it's a little secret, but like a toasted marshmallow, it's subliminal, almost there, you're like "what's that taste, I can't quite figure out" - that would be it. Then there's the low note which is like the sensual more musky kind of note which is this incense, kind of like snuck back from Morocco awhile ago and I was like, "Can you guys match this?" 'cause I don't really like that many scents like that, you know what I mean? They did an amazing job. And then the middle note is the flower from Tahiti which is called the Tiare flower and it's like the most beautiful smell I've ever experienced. They actually went to Tahiti, got the extract of the flower, without even killing it.
B96: That's amazing, you know also, you say all these things that mean a lot, but like we've smelt it, and we're not just trying to stroke you, it's amazing! It just smells really really good, we sprayed it at our intern Drea, and now we are flirting with her more than we ever flirted before in our entire lives. That's good, it works!
MC: That's so funny, but it's been like that 'cause it smells different on everybody but it's just that some people like you pick up more of like the sensual note and on some people you'll smell different elements. You know that they actually have people who, what they do for living is, their skin is smelled for fragrances.
B96: I did not know that! Why did I become a DJ? I should have become that in life, what was I thinking?
MC: Seriously, I had these like... we did the meeting in my house and there were like a bunch of girls there and I was like, "Okay, what's this? What's going on here now?" And it was like everybody was just like so they could smell it on all the different people, different body chemistry or whatever.
B96: The good thing is too, also, like the bottle, everybody looks at you know the first image they get of things and the bottle is just beautiful, it's got patented butterfly like up on top, it's a purple mistique looking bottle and then when you open it up, it smells awesome! One of the great quotes I've read here in the press kit is and I quote "for me creating this scent was like creating a song, it takes many notes to compose a fragrance, it's like a beautiful melody." One of those things - you were comparing it to a song, and all the notes you were talking about, is like music for you, isn't it?
MC: It's definitely like music for me, and it's like, you know, I never thought it was gonna be like that. And all of a sudden they're talking to me about notes and I'm like "wait a minute, what do you mean? I'm making an album in the other room, what do you mean?" But it was cool though because I've learned so much and I was working with a team of people that are so, I mean, they're the biggest and best in the business, they're amazing and they were just really cool to me, they really wanted, they wanted me to feel a strong connection to this, and I do. And it's like, I don't think you have to be a fan of mine to like it, that's the cool thing. Like, even... you were talking about the bottle, people are coming up to me and are saying "the bottle is what drew me to it." And it wasn't even like a fan.
B96: It's a cool bottle for sure, and it's available at Macy's and other fine department stores and it's flying off the shelves, "M by Mariah Carey". And we gotta ask you though - is there a new CD coming out, Mariah? what's up with this?
MC: Yes, there is! And a friend of ours had a little sneak peek last night from unfinished songs...!
B96: He just said that if anything, it's 'The Emancipation of Mimi' part two because it's phenomenal and the world is gonna be shocked when they hear it.
MC: Awwww, I love him, you know I love him so much, like honestly, like having, like letting him listen to the record is helpful to me because I feel like sometimes I'm like, "He knows my music better than me." And so...
B96: I gotta let you know, his smile has never been so big before in his life, when he got back from hanging out with you in New York.
MC: We had the best time. We were up all night. I know he had to get on the plane and work and stuff.
B96: It sucks because he comes back and he's all modest, he's like, "Yeah, just hanging out with Mariah Carey". If that was me, I'd be texting everybody I know, I'd brag, I'd brag about that!
MC: You guys are so funny, you guys are hilarious!
B96: So Mariah, can we figure out when we're expecting the CD in stores? Do we have a date or any kind of time frame?
MC: Definitely the entire CD by the top of the year like January, February.
B96: And does that mean a single before then?
MC: Yes! If I don't put a single out soon, I'm gonna be really annoyed.
B96: And is the rumor true that B96 will be the first radio station in the world to have this single?
MC: Isn't it always?
B96: Yes, ma'am! Mariah Carey, thank you so much for taking the time out to call us, once again "M by Mariah Carey" is in Macy's and all fine department stores, and for real, Stylz & Roman - we endorse it, it smells amazing, any girl that wears it - we will date! We will hit on you, we will grab your butt if you're walking by! Don't forget, MariahCareyBeauty.com is the website you're pushing right now giving you details on the perfume as well, right?
MC: Yes, definitely.
B96: We love you Mariah!
MC: I love you, B96!
Source: B96 | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Interview Readers Carey On
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 27-Oct-2007, 4:23AM EDT
The letters from readers below appear in the November 2007 issue of Interview magazine.

"I loved the September interview with Mariah Carey, and I couldn't help sending a quick note to corroborate the fact that she indeed loves her fans! One rainy Friday night this past June at Euro Disney in Paris, Carey was set to perform outside for the first annual One Mighty Party. The Elton John AIDS Foundation was the beneficiary of this special event, as we all waited for her to arrive, it began to rain harder and harder. However, Carey fans never left - they stood waiting for her to show up. When her car pulled in behind the stage, we were all standing there, drenched! She ran into a tent and emerged in a gorgeous white gown and a clear umbrella. (There was no cover on the stage.) After she began to sing, she quickly realized the umbrella was getting in the way, so she threw it aside and sang the rest of her set in the pouring rain. She did not disappoint!"
--Scott P. Campbell, Executive Director, Elton John AIDS Foundation

"I was shocked and disappointed to find nude Mariah Carey on the cover of your magazine. If I wanted pornography, I would subscribe to Playboy or a similar magazine. I was ashamed to have anyone see this in my home."
--Barbara L. Cox, Sun City, CA

"First of all I must say that, as usual, Interview remains one of my favorite magazines. I was surprised to see Mariah gracing your current cover. Reading the piece, I noticed that there is still that hint of insecurity in her (something I think we all have). I've met Mariah in person and spoken with her on several occasions, and as I read the interview, I felt like - for once - the person I remembered meeting was the same one doing the interview: the fun, smart, down-to-earth Mariah! She was open and honest and, in fact, almost seemed relaxed. The interview was both entertaining and fascinating - not the usual, boring let's-discuss-the-upper-register and what-a-villain-Tommy-Mottola-is. Mariah has always been about evolving, and she continues to do just that. She has always been ahead of the game, and despite some "bad lighting" and lack of film- and record- company support for Glitter [2001], it was not the worst film ever made. As Mariah says in the interview, the soundtrack included some of her best vocals yet, and real fans all over the world will not tell you anything different. Everyone makes movie mistakes (does anyone remember 2003's Gigli?). I was hesitant at first to read the interview because I have been a fan since 1990, and sometimes where Mariah is concerned it feels like the same story over and over - she winds up trying to explain and defend herself too much, when in reality she doesn't have to. Instead, Ingrid Sischy got the interesting side of Mariah - the side that Mariah's real fans know and love. I have never once read a more fascinating interview with her - a comfortable conversation where she seemed genuinely free. Who knows, maybe the butterflies I myself have been seeing lately were a sign to read the interview. P.S. The hot guys were nice to look at too - lucky M.C.!"
--Janel Spiegel via the Internet

"So it turns out that Mariah Carey isn't such a diva after all. While I've never been deeply enthralled with her music, I have to respect an artist who is so famously and intensely loved for so many years by her fans, not to mention the God-given quality of her voice. While the theory of the "emperor's new clothes" does apply to many popular pop artists, it seems like Mariah's devotees were correct to believe that she is, in fact, the real thing. Ingrid Sischy's interview with Mariah reveals a likable person of much more substance than one might have expected - you can't help but empathize with her struggles and applaud her growth and insight of recent years. She comes across as a humble and genuine person whose work is not all about the high notes she can hit and the skin she shows."
--Pearl Henley, Brooklyn

"As a sometime reader and more often skimmer, I find it's always a joy to discover that the seductive, hard-edged glamour and glitz of Interview is balanced by the all-so-human qualities of those being interviewed. Reading the Mariah Carey interview, I was struck by how much is revealed about the ordinariness of her life. It's what makes all of us unique."
--Alan Godwin via the Internet
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Photo in Visionaire
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 27-Oct-2007, 1:22AM EDT
Visionaire 52 Private is "What's Hot Now" (page 326) in the November 2007 issue of InStyle magazine.

As editor of Visionaire 52 Private, designer Marc Jacobs shares some sexy star moments and even steps in front of the camera himself - nude! Though most of the images are quite revealing, not everyone is stark naked. Mariah Carey is among the celebrities featured in the book. Click on a thumbnail on right to view a head shot of Mariah.

The limited edition, 168-page oversized book comes in a Louis Vuitton gold case and is now available for $375 at amazon.com.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Dupri on Mariah in New Book
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Oct-2007, 7:42PM EDT
Jermaine Dupri reveals some behind-the-scenes stories about Mariah in his autobiographical book, "Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul" [now available at Amazon.com], excerpts are below.

Always Be My Baby [Working with Mariah for the First Time]
In 1995, I got a call from Sony's boss Tommy Mottola to come to New York, to do some producing for his wife at the time, Mariah Carey. I never worked with a pop diva before, so I was kinda surprised they wanted me there. I thought my style would be too street for her. But it turns out that having me up there was all her idea.

We first met at a Grammy party with Kris Kross a few years before. We talked about some kid she and her manager were thinking about signing but it never worked out. One of the Kris Kross guys was crushin' on her at the time and was all excited about meeting her, but that period was a blur for me. Or maybe I just wasn't all that impressed back then.

For a minute Mariah - or MC as I like to call her - had been itching to do something different from the usual safe stuff that her label wanted her to stick with. But every time she suggested some hip-hop guy to work with Tommy said, "No Way." He didn't trust some rapper/producer being around his girl. I guess it was part jealousy and part fear that an association like that might hurt her image with her fan base.

Even though Mariah always considered herself to be first and foremost a black woman, everyone at the label was scared of her being too urban. She's far from some 'hood rat', but she's definitely a lil' ghetto and she was tired of being called the "ballad queen."

Whatever reservations he had about his girl going hip hop, for some reason Tommy was okay with me. It probably helped that I was already part of Columbia and he was the CEO of Sony. That basically made him my boss's boss. He already knew from Xscape that I could do crossover R&B stuff, so he was comfortable with my style. He figured I could give his girl a vibe that was new and fresh, but not too off the charts. Or maybe he was fine with it because in his mind I was just a quiet lil' country boy from Atlanta who didn't seem like too much of a threat.

Me and MC knocked out our first song, "Always Be My Baby," at the Hit Factory in New York. At first I didn't even want to speak up when I had an idea about how a song should go. I was way out of my comfort zone. Most of my artist had no idea what to do and were looking to me to tell them, but Mariah sold tens of millions of records and I didn't think she'd take kindly to being bossed by me. On top of it all, our work schedules weren't really meshing.

I'm used to starting late and working through the night. My creative juices usually don't get flowing until after midnight, but on her clock we had to start before noon. When Tommy came by the studio to pick her up and take her to diner around six we wouldn't see her for the rest of the day. No matter what we were into at the studio, even if I was in the middle of working on some crucial hook, the work had to stop for dinner. It went like that for the whole week we were recording together.

Being a collaborator with someone as big and talented as Mariah was something totally new to me. I couldn't find my voice in that situation because my confidence still had to kick in. Then Mariah kinda corrected me. She told me my silence was bugging her out. She needed me to be me and assert myself.

"Look, I didn't ask you up here to nod and smile and say 'yeah' all the time," she said. "If you've got something to say, say it!"

That girl expanded my mind. Once I knew what she wanted from me, it was nothing less than a full partnership. We bounced ideas back and forth. When we were exploring an idea together and something really clicked, we'd both look up at each other at the same time. We just knew.

MC knew exactly what she wanted and what she needed to take from me, and she worked fast. Once we were ready to record, it almost never took more than one take to get it right, and if I needed a redo I didn't even have to tell her. She just fixed it right away.

The following year that first record went on to be one of her biggest of all time. If anything, the joint is even hotter these days. All the pop singers, from Nelly Furtado to Christina Aguilera, are trying on some variation of an R&B/hip-hop crossover, but back then she was the first. Her audience was ready for her to mix it up.

A hit like that usually leads to a remix, so a few months later Mariah had us come to her house to try out a few things. When me, Manuel and Phil Tan flew up to New York and made the long car ride up to their estate we really didn't know what to expect. Tommy had a scary reputation. There were all these rumors floating around that he was connected to the mob somehow. I didn't know about that stuff, but I did know that everyone was afraid of him. I doubt anyone's ever been whacked, but he had the power to kill careers if somebody was stupid enough to piss him off.

Her place blew my mind. It was the biggest house I'd ever seen, except for the sultan of Brunei's crib. Ralph Lauren's mansion was right up the street, but I bet Tommy and Mariah's place was bigger. The studio was as large as the Hit Factory, and everything in it, all that cutting-edge equipment, was exactly what they had at Sony's studio in Manhattan. The only difference was this one looked out on an Olympic-size indoor pool with a painted blue sky. It was amazing. It was every bit of a house you would want. When I first saw it I said to myself, "Man, I'd love to get me a place like this some day."

Tommy was nice to us despite his scary reputation. We were his guests so he made a point of being the gracious host. We were only there for the day, but he gave us the grand tour. But Mariah only started relaxing when Tommy and his people weren't around. She had household staff, security people, and assistants running around all over the place watching her every move. You couldn't even go to the bathroom without someone coming in right afterward to wipe everything down. It was like they were waiting outside the door listening when you were doing your do!

We weren't really free to just chill and let the music flow like it would back home in Atlanta. I didn't have all my equipment and toys to work with. It was just me, Phil, Manuel, Mariah, her piano, and about a dozen assistants hovering close by. The expectation was on us to get it done, fast.

The tension got even worse when Brat flew up to record her piece in the remix later that day. In that hushed, uptight environment my lil' sis was like some Tasmanian devil on crack. Tommy had no idea what he signed up for.

When Brat arrived at the mansion she was all nervous. At first she couldn't even write her verse because she was so star-struck over meeting Mariah. MC was just as taken with my lil' sister. Even though Mariah was all girlie with her Hello Kitty obsession and sexy clothes, Brat's tomboy style was like her flip side. Brat acted out the way Mariah wished she could if only she didn't have Tommy's people always watching her.

Brat couldn't handle how clean and perfect the whole place was. Even the food bothered her. She was hungry, but she didn't want to touch all the fancy caterer stuff like bagels, cut fruit, and cheeses that were laid out in the studio. "This is video shoot food," she said, stamping her feet. Then she did her Brat thing and stirred up some major trouble.

"I'm hungry! Let's go get a cheeseburger," she said to Mariah.

It was the excuse Mariah was looking for to get out of there and go for a joy ride in one of the dozen sports cars she was never allowed to drive. Brat made her feel real bold. Finally Mariah had a partner in crime. She was only too happy to give Brat a ride to McDonald's, so the two of them split without telling anyone where they were going.

People kept asking me, "Where's Mariah, where'd she go?"

I didn't know what to tell them. I knew they were probably going out to get some food, but knowing Brat anything could happen.

"O !%*$," I thought. "Tommy's gonna be pissed."

I called Brat. Mariah's cell phone had already rung a dozen times. Brat saw it was me on the caller ID so she picked up. "Yeah J.D., what's goin' on?" she said, all innocent. I could hear Mariah laughing in the background.

"Brat, are you crazy? Where the hell are y'all going?" I said.

"J.D., we're just going to Mickey D's for some burgers, I don't know why everyone keeps calling, it's no big deal," she said.

"Brat, please don't get in the middle of this. Stay outta this !%*$. Tommy's having a fit. I don't want you to get into any trouble with him. Get back here now!"

"J.D. I'm not the one driving okay," she said. "Mariah's not turning around. We're just going to McDonald's. It's only half a mile up the road!"

The girls weren't gone long, maybe half an hour. But you'd think by everyone's reaction that Mariah was being kidnapped at gunpoint, not getting a cheeseburger and fries. After the incident nothing more was said, but Brat and Mariah have been the best of friends ever since that lil' joyride together.

Seeing Mariah's life was an awakening for Brat. She was always obsessed with having stuff, ever since that tantrum over the Mickey Mouse watch in the mall. She was just starting to come into her money and thought her platinum album meant she'd be able to buy all that stuff and her life would be happy.

But meeting Mariah, who had all the toys and clothes Brat could ever dream of, and coming to understand how sad and lonely her life was at the time, was just the thing to give Brat some perspective.

Even though she never let it affect her grind as an artist, I'm sure it was tough for Mariah living like some caged canary and being watched all the time. But that's her story to tell in her own book!

The Emancipation of Mimi [Making the Hit Songs]
The recognition really started to kick in after I wrote and produced song on Mariah's big comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi. One song in particular, "We Belong Together," made music history with more radio play than any other record since Elvis and The Beatles.

That hookup came through L.A. Reid. After Virgin paid Mariah off for $28 million, Kevin Liles signed her to Def Jam, but then he left for Warner Music Group. Except for Charmbracelet in 2002, an album I produced that did pretty well, she was left to drift for a minute. People figured it was all over for her after the "Glitter" disaster. But you don't write off talent like that.

L.A. knew it. Mariah's next big album was high on his list the second he moved over to Def Jam. He was one of the few people who could still see what she was capable of. He remembered what me and Mariah did together almost a decade earlier on "Always Be My Baby," and loved it. Even though I'd already moved on to Virgin, L.A. wanted me to work on her next album.

From the first beats to the final demo version we had just a few hours to get the whole record done. Mariah came to me this time, but she was the one on the night shift. She was scheduled to show up at 10:30 but she didn't get to Atlanta until 1 a.m. When she walked into SouthSide, she was all laid back, happy, and cracking jokes. People don't realize how much fun she is.

The whole thing went so fast. First the two of us sat down and discussed a couple of ideas. Then I brought in Johnta Austin into the conversation. That was a small feat. Mariah doesn't like working with writers she doesn't know, but I sorta snuck him in. As soon as she realized how good he is, she was cool.

Johnta's a songwriter who I produce now as an artist. But I wasn't feeling Johnta when I first met him. I wasn't down with having another songwriter around me. I wanted to be the only one. But not only was he persistent, he was good. I grew to like him out of respect. Musically we're so on the same page that having him as a permanent fixture at So So Def has allowed me to branch out and do even more.

The songwriting went smoothly, but, musically, me and Mariah had some back-and-forth. At first Mariah was pushing for something more ghetto.

"No it's too out there, too urban," I said. "Lean it more towards the middle." I didn't want her doing all the syrupy ballad stuff her pas label executives tried to push her into. She also needed to hold herself back from trilling up and down the scales. I wanted to keep the power of her voice inside the framework of a great song. We finally agreed on what she called a "thugged out ballad."

People say Mariah's a diva, all bossy and controlling, but I never noticed that side of her inside the studio. We have different styles of working. If a TV's on in a room she has to turn it off, and other artists, their crews, and their girlfriends are all banned from SouthSide when she's in the building. I respect her wishes. But musically she always meets me halfway. She wants the right record and so do I.

The song ended up being completely different from our original idea. By 5:30 a.m. we knew we had our hit single. I had to sing half of the end of the song because she wouldn't get on the plane without me finishing the lyric. I told her I didn't want to - like I said I hate singing in front of my artists - but she wouldn't leave until I did it.

When it was time for her to go home and record, I gave her my pep talk, "You've gotta sing the song full voice. Just do you and sing. People are gonna love you!" But she didn't even need me to say it. She was outta there by 6 a.m.

Mariah's a career artist. She'll be cranking out hits long after the pop tarts' careers finish up. When that whole album came out with all its hits - "We Belong Together," "Get Your Number," "Shake It Off," "What It Look Like," "Don't Forget About Us" - people were looking at her like, " Yo, she came back!" But she just did what she's always done. She had a good song and sang her heart out. She can't tell me, "J.D. you're a lifesaver." I don't look at it like that. I just helped her remember who she was.

The 2006 Grammy's ["Best R&B Song" Means the Most to Mariah]
People were screaming even louder for me to get best producer in 2006 and I didn't even get a nomination. But it matters more to me how my artists are viewed, and whether they are having a good time. Then again, it might've been reverse psychology - a case of me psyching myself so that if I didn't win I wouldn't be going out of my mind!

But for Mariah's sake I was nervous. I really did hope this album would win something. We were nominated eight times and she'd been through so much since her last Grammy win. A few nods for her from the an industry that wrote her off would've been cool.

(..) Our three awards were announced before the televised part of the show. Just as I pulled up I found out me and Johnta got one for best R&B song. To this day Mariah swears the Grammy for best R&B song means the most to her, because it's the first time she's been recognized more as an urban singer than a pop star and it was the category she always wanted to win.

"J.D., I'm satisfied," she said. "That's exactly what I was trying to do on this record."

We left the show when it was obvious the best song award was going to U2. It was crazy to me that the show's producers wouldn't let Mariah have her lil' moment up on stage. It was like she got all decked up for nothing. A lot of people were unhappy she didn't get her shine. In my opinion, it was just a bad decision made.

Mariah's the queen. She went to a lot of trouble and invested in all these dresses for the occasion. This woman sold more records than anybody, more than 200 million worldwide, and the viewers didn't get to see her give her acceptance speech. That's why the Grammy show's ratings are down. People are turning into American Idol instead because they know they're not gonna get to see what they want to see at the Grammy's. But through it all, MC kept on smiling.
Source: SoSoMariah

Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Oct-2007, 6:19PM EDT
Hello Keith,
With Mariah Carey not releasing a new album until 2008, is this the first year in her nearly 18 year career she would not have had at least one single chart on The Billboard Hot 100? I think she has always had a song on The Billboard Hot 100 chart each year since 1990 with the exception of this year.

Jeff Savage - Salisbury, Md.

Keith Caulfield of Ask Billboard replies:

Hi Jeff,
As it stands, you are right. Unless Mariah Carey releases something before the end of the year, this will be the first year since her debut that she hasn't placed a single on The Billboard Hot 100.

But who knows, she may release something right before the close of the year, so we'll see how the rest of 2007 shakes out.

If she doesn't chart this year, don't fret. She's about to be joined by Madonna in the "darn, I missed 2007" club.
Source: Billboard

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Oct-2007, 5:00PM EDT
• Amazon now shows a listing for "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD. According to the online store, the DVD drops on November 20th in the U.S. You can sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

• Mariah called in to Los Angeles' Power 106 at about 6:20pm yesterday to promote her new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey." DJs Big Syphe and EricDLux asked about her new album and as they were talking about it a little, in the background, you could hear someone from Mariah's staff saying, "Don't talk about the album." Mariah then started talking about her perfume. Also, she said that her thoughts and prayers are for everyone out in California dealing with the fires. The DJs thanked her for calling and then played "Sweetheart." Thanks to Kelly K. for this report.

• To the right is a picture of Mariah taking a quick break from signing autographs at Macy's Herald Square in New York Tuesday, Oct. 23rd. Thanks to Rob for the picture.

• Julio talked to a sales clerk at Macy's Seattle yesterday. He wrote: "I was talking to the clerk and she got all excited when I said I was a fan. She was like, 'OMG! I just hung up the phone with my boss. She's still in NY. She went for the event and she met Mariah. She said Mariah is so much more beautiful in person, and she is so nice.' She said that Mariah was scheduled to be in Macy's from 5pm to 7pm but she stayed until 9pm signing bottles and talking to the VIP people and taking pictures. But the thing that really amazed me was that she said Macy's sales for M was $62,000! That is a lot of bottles! Even counting the most expensive kits. Also, she said that those drummers were from a camp Mariah supports."

• Mariah is featured on the current People's Style Watch Poll: Celeb Fashion Hit or Miss. "Another day, another minidress - the singer launches her debut fragrance at Macy's Herald Square in a plunging black Herve Leger frock and stiletto heels. What do you think of her look?" Vote here!

• OK! magazine surveys its readers: "Are you eager to hear Mariah's new CD?" Take the poll here!

• The fourth edition of Billboard's Hottest Hot 100 Hits by Fred Bronson came out last month and inside is a list of the "Top 100 Songs By Female Solo Artists" from 1955-2007. Mariah Carey makes the most contributions on the list with 11.
1. We Belong Together
17. Fantasy
18. Dreamlover
25. Always Be My Baby
34. Hero
66. Shake It Off
87. I'll Be There
91. Love Takes Time
92. Vision of Love
95. My All
100. Without You/Never
   Forget You
• Time is running out. Entries to Mariah Daily Journal's "Butterfly 10th Anniversary" fan book are due October 31st. Send your messages for Mariah at contact@mariahdaily.com now!

• Some footage from Mariah's "M" Launch at Macy's on MTV France's Crispy News. Download below. Thanks to Alex'.

MTV Crispy News Footage - "M" Launch at Macy's
Mpg | Size: 6.6MB
[ Download here ]

• "M by Mariah Carey" is front and center on the main Health & Beauty page of Sears Canada online.

• iTunes UK has just uploaded the live video for Mariah & Luther's "Endless Love" performance at the Royal Albert Hall in 1994.

• After a long hiatus, Mariah fansite Mariah Hero is back online with a brand-new design and improved content. Click on the link to check them out.

• James from the UK is selling his rare Mariah collection. You can check out the items here.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Roland | Jason | Kelly K. | Alex' | Mark | Alfredo | Rob | Julio | Mike | Joao | James | Ardis

UK Fans Wanted For Mariah's "Ultimate Tribute"
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Oct-2007, 4:53PM EDT
Presented by Graham Norton, The Ultimate Tribute is a brand new talent show from BBC UK that will leave viewers amazed… and wondering if seeing is believing.

The producers of the show are looking for UK-based Mariah fans to take part in the show - both as performers and as critics. Below is the open call from BBC:

"We are looking for the UK's best solo tribute act who will win a performing contract in Las Vegas at 'Legends in Concert'. One of the music icons we are looking for is Mariah Carey. If you know or you are someone who performs a Mariah tribute then we want to hear from you for our brand new show.

We are also looking for huge FANS of Mariah who will come and act as the critiques for the tributes. We need UK-based fans who know her performance techniques and her music inside out and who would be prepared to come and take part in the show! If this sounds like you or someone you know then contact us now!"

For your chance to be involved, please send a brief outline as to what qualifies you as a 'superfan', a photograph and your contact details to:

Freddie Foss-Smith
Email: freddie.foss-smith@endemoluk.com
Phone: 0208 222 4379 or

Alice Dodge
Email: alice.dodge@endemoluk.com
Phone: 0208 222 4030
Source: Freddie/Alice - BBC UK

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Oct-2007, 1:24PM EDT
From the November 5th issue of In Touch, In The Know section, page 51:

Mariah spends $13k on perfume
Mariah Carey loves butterflies and now she can even say she smells like one! Mariah recently purchased 12 bottles of Lalique's limited-edition perfume, dubbed the butterfly scent because it comes in an etched crystal bottle and is adorned with a butterfly bottle stopper! Mariah shelled out $1,100 per bottle, spending $13,200 on the pricey fragrance.

"Lalique comes out in a limited-edition perfume bottle each year," the insider explains. "Mariah is crazy about butterflies, so she just had to have them."

And scans from Life & Style Nov. 5th issue (cover story, The Anti-Cellulite Diet, pages 38-39); and the UK newspaper, Daily Mirror, Oct. 23rd issue (Purple Reign).

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kerry

Scott Storch Works on New Mariah Album
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Oct-2007, 8:54AM EDT
An article in the Miami New Times reveals that Mariah is currently collaborating with producer Scott Storch on her new album.

Choosing to lay low, forgoing birthday party cameos, local producer Scott Storch has found other ways to have some fun outside the studio. He took a hard-earned break from current work with Mariah Carey, Sean Kingston and new up-and-comer, Carolyn to honor his son, who just turned 16.

Video: Mariah on TMZ TV
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Oct-2007, 12:19PM EDT
Mariah Carey introduced her new perfume at Macy's in New York Tuesday, and the stench of divaliciousness was thick in the air.

TMZ was on the scene where fans were stacked eight and nine deep to catch a whiff of Mimi, who arrived in a Rolls-Royce droptop, with the kind of police presence normally reserved for heads of state. Once they managed to get inside, 200 lucky fans had the privilege of paying $130 to get a bottle of M, and 75 even luckier ones had to shell out $300 for "VIP" access, which allowed them a posed picture with Lady Mariah.

But things weren't so rosy for one young guy who tried to get close to Mariah. We're told that Mimi wouldn't let her male admirers put their arms around her waist during picture time -- and absolutely no hugs.

[ Click here to download a video file (Mpg, 14.0MB) ]

Also, the Belgian entertainment news show "De Rode Loper" showed some footage of the Macy's instore. Click on the links below to view screen shots and download a video file. Thanks to Elise!

Mariah's Fragrance Launch, Macy's - De Rode Loper, Oct. 24, 2007
WMV | Size: 16.6MB
[ Download here ]
Source: TMZ | Joao | Elise

Video: Mariah Gives Speech at Fragrance Launch
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Oct-2007, 9:03AM EDT

Here's Mariah's speech at her perfume launch in Macy's Herald Square, New York Tuesday, Oct. 23rd.

Thanks to Carlo from Extra TV for sending us the video!

[ Click here to download a
video file (Mpg, 11.4MB) ]

She is the greatest selling female artist of all time. She is a singer. She's a songwriter. She's a philantropist. And she's a style icon and now she has developed her own fragrance which I'm sure will be #1 at Macy's. So, on behalf of Macy's, we'd like to welcome Mariah Carey!

Thank you so much! This is an incredible time, this is a dream come true. Thank you Macy's for this amazing job. Everybody who works here - thank you so much, everybody who came and Elizabeth Arden, everybody, Scott [Beattie, Chairman and CEO of Elizabeth Arden] I love you, everybody, everybody from Arden that has been so incredibly helpful. This fragrance is a labor of love, I couldn't be happier with it, even people who hate perfume are telling me they love it, so I hope you like it. Alright...
Source: Carlo - Extra TV | MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah on Extra & Access Hollywood
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Oct-2007, 8:35AM EDT

Last night's Extra and Access Hollywood showed some footage from Mariah's "M" launch at Macy's Herald Square in New York City on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Watch a video to your right or download a video file (in Mpg, 22.7MB).
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Audio: Mariah Calls In To Z100
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Oct-2007, 8:31AM EDT
Mariah called in to New York's Z100 at about 4:30pm yesterday to promote her new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey." Below, find the transcript, audio stream and download link to the phone interview. Thanks to Kelly from Mariah Central for sharing her audio file with us.

J.J. Kincaid: Here she is, Mariah Carey!
Mariah Carey: Hey!
JJ: What's up Mariah Carey?
MC: How are you doing JJ?
JJ: The high school part of me really wants to tell you, you're that hot girl from the "Fantasy" video on the roller coaster, that's you!
MC: Oh please... haha! It's just me, how are you doing?
JJ: Forget about me, how are you doing?
MC: I'm doing really good, I'm excited, good things!
JJ: Like this fragrance called "M"?
MC: Uh huh.
JJ: How did you decide you wanted to do a fragrance?
MC: Well basically it's just been something I always thought would be something fun to do, but I didn't really know like, that it was gonna be, I was gonna be able to be so involved in it, and we started talking to Elizabeth Arden, it was just more like... almost like making an album, if that makes any sense at all, because they actually call the different parts of the perfume that like make up the final scent, they call each element in that a "note". So it's like, we selected the high note, the middle note and the low note. And this was like writing a song!
JJ: Now do they come to you with different versions of it along the way and you can tell me, be honest, that it can be like "this smells like my grandma."
MC: [laughs] There was definitely none of that allowed, but basically, what we would do is, we would have like, we had the first meeting up at their offices, and it was an incredible thing, I walk in and I'm like "I love the island of Capri in Italy" and like all these different type of things that they had asked me like, "what's your favorite...", you know, "what are some of your favorite childhood memories", this and that, and whatever. So, we ended up with a toasted marshmallow thing that was very much like camp fire.
JJ: What? I cannot wait to go and spray my wife with it and huff her endlessly thinking about you.
MC: [laughs] You are too much!
JJ: For someone I would not like to huff, Britney, she's having kind of a tough time now, you had some troubles early on, a couple of years ago, but you made a glorious - I don't like that c word, the comeback word, you came back and you appeared again, stronger than ever. Do you have advice for Brit? What are you thinking about that?
MC: You know what, I'm just like focusing on my own stuff right now, I don't really know like... I don't believe everything I read so I can't really comment on what's going on with anybody specifically, but I would just say you have to pray your way through anything and just, you know, just focus on yourself and get centered.
JJ: Your album, which is coming out eventually, it's been delayed again... are you being a perfectionist or are there issues?
MC: It's just me being a control-freak diva. No, honestly, every time I go back into the studio, I end up writing another song that I'm like "I gotta put this on the record." And it's just like, I felt like, you know, I could have definitely made the initial, you know, what we all hoped would be the release date, but then I wouldn't have been able to put like these last, like, I just recently wrote about five new songs that I'm in love with. It's the same way that happened with the last record which is kind of ironic that at the end of the project - like my two favorite songs I ended up writing them, so, I'm kinda like... I'm kinda happy about it to be honest, because I'm still gonna get to put like a single or two out this year and then put the record out at the top of the year.
JJ: Mariah Carey, cannot wait to smell your fragrance, hear your music, see you in another video with the lights turned off. Thank you for calling Z100.
MC: Thank you, bye bye!

Listen to Mariah's interview with JJ by clicking on the play button below or you can download an audio file (in MP3, 4.7MB)!

Source: Mariah Central | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Carey Drops Hints About LP on TRL
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 24-Oct-2007, 7:21PM EDT
Mariah Carey paid "TRL" a visit on Wednesday, October 24 and gabbed about her new fragrance line and upcoming studio album. "I've been working on this record while I'm working on the fragrance," she revealed, saying that her yet-untitled LP and just-released M by Mariah Carey line "kind of work together." "I wanted [the fragrance] to be sensual. ... It's really been like writing a song ... this was almost the same creative process."

She also explained why she pushed back her yet-untitled album, which had previously been scheduled for December 4, to next year. "You can't really put records out in December if you want the whole world to have a chance to actually hear it, [and] my fans all over the world are very important to me," she said, adding that she also wants to put out a pair of singles before the album drops. Carey dropped another hint about the effort, saying she "just had a really, really hot session with somebody in Miami," and while she was stubborn about letting us know just who the person in question is, she did let it slip that it's a man and that he's "somebody very popular."

When asked what advice she might give Britney Spears, Carey didn't mention Spears specifically but said, "You gotta go through the ups to have the downs; you gotta go through the downs to have the ups. You have to go through life like any other person. To me, you just stay grounded spiritually, get your rest, and don't take it all so seriously."
Source: MTV

Fan Reports From Macy's "M" Event
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 24-Oct-2007, 5:14PM EDT
At around 5:20pm, Mariah arrived at Macy's main entrance on Broadway and walked down a purple carpet to get to where the signing would take place. She first gave a speech about the fragrance and did some interviews including ones with Extra TV and MTV. Then the signing began. She looked really happy seeing fans that came up to her for her autograph. Following the signing, she went upstairs for a meet and greet session.

To the right, watch a video footage from Mariah's in-store appearance at Macy's as recorded by Moony. You can download this video below.

Fan Reports

I arrived to Macy's yesterday at 5:30 to find approximately 10 people in front of me on line. The rest of the VIP fans came shortly thereafter. Everyone looked fabulous, some wore their Mariah t-shirts from the perfume package, others made special t-shirts, and still others wore something they felt good in. I met several cool people on line including Krista and Alex-- Alex having had tattooed the autograph he received a year ago from Mariah onto his back! (She even allowed him to take an extra photo with the tattoo as she held down his sweatshirt in the back!) When we got up there, it was surreal! When it was finally my turn, I asked Mariah if we could do something different as far as posing because I noticed the fans in front of me had a similar picture and Mariah asked "Like what?" She used my idea to "put our hands on each other's hips and said "How about we put our hands on our own hips and look into the camera with a sexy face?" So, we did, and with my excitement I forgot to tell her my name to autograph on my perfume box! Oh well, it's a regret I'll have to live with. It was an amazing experience.

Hello guys, just wanted to share with y'all this overwhelming moment. Well, I attended a private party with Mariah (along with other 50 lucky fans) and I've got my picture taken with her finally after so many years although I hate the way that I came out; and I didn't get a lot of sleep lately that's why I looked kinda retarded lol and I also got another autograph. Well, that's pretty much it I guess, hope you guys like it though.

I was so excited that I didn't sleep well last night. Even I dreamed of Mariah that we chatted in a VIP room. Next day when I got up, I was still excited so I decided to go to Macy's early. I got there around 1pm. I talked with some fans like Christina, she is the first fan to patienly stand in a line for the VIP package over 24 hours, and Gaberio, he flew to New York to see Mariah from Arizona. Suprisingly, this time Mariah came to Macy's on time at 5pm; however, she had to do some interviews first. She started to sign and talk to the fans around 7pm. My first impression to see her was "Wow! She looks much better in person than any pictures in the newspaper or magazine. She is so elegant and always smiles." In the event, no one was allowed to have anything signed other than the M by Mariah picture provided for by Macy's. When I talked to her, she was very nice to me. I told her I came all the way from Taiwan to see her, to which she said, "Wow, thank you for being here." I told her I have a website about her and then I handed her my fan book. She said thanks and seemed to give me a handshake. I was too shy that I stepped back and went away.

When I got to the table I said, "Hey, Mariah!" and she said, "Hi, Jes!" (I had a name necklace on) and then I said, "You are the true inspiration in everything I do" and then she signed my picture and said, "Thank you so much hun." Then my sister went up to the table and Mariah said, "Hi, sweety." Sarah said, "You're so beautiful, thanks for doing this for us." And Mariah said, "It's really no problem darling." Then she signed the picture. She truly looked gorgeous and was so pleasant. I met her before at her Rainbow album signing, but I was 12 years old. This meant so much to me and I know my sister will never forget this day. Mariah is her role model and she looks up to her a lot, so meeting her meant the world.

When I saw her in the VIP Room I was blown away. She was so sweet and funny. At one point, while we were speaking, someone told me "no autograph" but Mariah said "no, whatever he likes!" and we both laughed. The VIP room was purple and pink very nice a lot of people in there but nice. Also Rachel was there she a sweetheart too. I love both of them. This experience was wonderful and I would never forget it.

It was amazing to finally meet Mariah. The experience did feel pretty rushed to be honest for the VIP pass holders. The 150 or so fans that bought the autograph package got to go and get their photo signed. At just after 7 we were led upstairs in the elevator to the floor where we were to meet Mariah. Here they lined us up single file in the corridor and took any gifts from us to give to Mariah later. We were told to get our perfume bottle or box ready for signing and that we were to get only one item signed. The VIP room was also decked out with purple curtains and carpet in keeping with the fragrance. We went in one at a time and stood for a photo with Mariah, then she was handed our bottle/box to autograph and then we were led out. We were then given our photo immediately and led back to the elevator to leave. Personally it felt very quick but Mariah herself was very friendly and talked a little while signing. I talked briefly with her about seeing her at Disneyland in June. I was hurried on by the security and Macy's staff and we perhaps got 45seconds-1minute with Mariah in total. She was very genuine and talked as much as she could. But the whole thing felt a little rushed as if they wanted it over with as quick as possible. Not Mariah herself, but the staff and management.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy and excited I am right now that I finally met Mariah! I've been such a big fan since I was eight years old. When I saw her on that carpet standing there I took a deep breath and tried so hard not to scream! They said step up and she warmly welcomed me over to her and I told her it was an honor to meet her, she said, "Thank you. Nice to meet you too" and then we took the pic. After that she signed the box and handed it to me and I thanked her so much and told her how wonderful she was! I felt like I was flying after that! I couldn't believe I finally met her! Before the event I met up with some great fans! There was a group of 10 of us that we called the fab 10. Meeting such great people really enhanced my totally Mimi experience!

I was one of the lambs that camped out for 23 hours from 10am Thursday till 9am Friday morning. I came all the way from Tampa, Florida. I had a blast when I met Mariah. The first thing I told her was, "I was the Lamb from Florida." She said, "I heard about you." When she told me that I think my heart skipped a beat. The funny thing about the experience, my picture didn't come out so I had to go back again to meet Mariah and take another one!

Meeting Mariah was honestly surreal! It was the best moment of my life thus far. She was absolutely gorgeous. My boyfriend arrived at Macy's on the 18th at 9:30am to purchase the VIP package for me. Since I am disabled, it was hard for me to spend 24 hours on the street, thank goodness for him. When I met Mariah I told her all about the stuffed lamb I got her and she said, "You're so sweet, thank you." I told her how beautiful she was and she said, "Aw, thanks." What an amazing experience. This was a dream come true. After being a fan for 17 years, it was an honor to meet her. To all the fans I met thanks for being so kind!

Tuesday was the best day of my life, meeting Mariah. I camped outside Mmacy's 21 hours to get the VIP pass to meet Mariah and it was 100 % worth it. When I walked into the room, Mariah said "Hi" very friendly. Then after taking our photo I said the first thing that came to mind, being that we didn't have much time in there. I said, "I've been a huge fan of yours since I was five years old" and she told me how she's been singing since she's four years old. Then I showed her my shoes because they were purple high heels just like she likes. She really liked them and was impressed that my toe nails and nails were painted purple as well. She was very friendly and it wasn't my first time meeting her but it still meant so much to me!

Fan Pictures [Taken by Tom & Davidia]

Fan Footage [Recorded by Moony]

Mariah at The Today Show, Rockefeller Plaza
Mpg | Size: 67.8MB
[ Download here ]

Mariah Outside The View Studios
Mpg | Size: 12.3MB
[ Download here ]

Mariah During Fragrance Launch at Macy's
Mpg | Size: 121.1MB
[ Download here ]
Source: --

Mariah Carey in Feud with Diddy Over New Perfume?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 24-Oct-2007, 12:32PM EDT
Mariah Carey took the Big Apple by storm yesterday to launch her first ever fragrance, M, and "Extra" was in the middle of the party.

Mariah, dressed in a stunning black Henry Leger dress, was surrounded by hundreds of people at Macy’s Herald Square as fans clamored to get an autograph. In true diva fashion, she arrived in a Bentley Phantom.

But with the crowd closing in, and lots of fans to please, Mariah told "Extra" her secret to practical fashion: "Comfortable shoes!" she said.

The gorgeous singer also went on rumor control, answering questions about a secret boyfriend of two years.

"I was talking about you," she told "Extra's" A.J. Calloway. "Aren't we always having an affair?"

Mariah also tackled reports that she’s in a fight with Sean "Diddy" Combs over his rival perfume.

"I have no feud with Diddy," she insisted. "He knows I love him."

Mariah's focus for now includes her new record, a follow-up to her multi-platinum comeback CD "The Emancipation of Mimi." It hits shelves early next year.

"You know what, I'm really excited about this album," she said. "I got three more songs to sing that I already wrote."

Be sure to post your comments here!
Source: Extra TV

Mariah On Z100 Today
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 24-Oct-2007, 5:36AM EDT
Mariah Carey guests today at 4:30pm ET with J.J. Kincaid on New York's Z100 (WHTZ 100.3 FM).

Be sure to tune in! You can listen live to Z100 by clicking here.

If you are able to record the interview, please send an audio file to contact@mariahdaily.com so we can share it with our fellow fans.
Source: NY Daily News

Scent of Success
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 24-Oct-2007, 3:53AM EDT
Mariah Carey got a major welcome yesterday at Macy's Herald Square, where she made an appearance to promote her new perfume, M. Drummers from Brooklyn Music and Arts Program's Drumline lined the purple carpet that was rolled out for the diva, who arrived in a black Bentley Phantom. "There are hundreds of people here, about 18 people deep; it goes across the street," said one onlooker.

More photos from Mariah's perfume launch at Macy's yesterday:

Be sure to check out all 117 photos in our Picture Gallery.
Source: New York Post | MariahDailyJournal

HQ Photos: Mariah Launches "M" at Macy's New York
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 23-Oct-2007, 10:53PM EDT
Mariah Carey launched her new fragrance 'M by Mariah Carey' at Macy's Herald Square in New York earlier today. Below are high-quality photos from her in-store appearance.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

HQ Photos: Mariah at Rockefeller Center for Today Show
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 23-Oct-2007, 12:19PM EDT
Mariah Carey appears on NBC's Today show in New York's Rockefeller Center Tuesday morning, October 23, 2007 to promote her new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey."

Source: MariahDailyJournal

HQ Photos: Mariah in New York
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 23-Oct-2007, 11:19AM EDT
Mariah out & about in New York City Monday night, October 22, 2007.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Videos: Mariah on Today & The View
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 23-Oct-2007, 11:11AM EDT
Click on the links below to download video files of Mariah Carey visiting Today and The View to promote her new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" this morning.

Mariah Promotes "M" on Today, Oct. 23, 2007
Mpg | Size: 27.3MB
[ Download here ]

Mariah Promotes "M" on The View, Oct. 23, 2007
Mpg | Size: 80.6MB
[ Download here ]

From The View Interview, People
Mariah Carey Wants Stable Marriage Before Kids

Mariah Carey, whose parents divorced when she was 3 years old, says she would want to have a solid family life in place before becoming a mother herself.

"If I were to have a child, I would want to be married with a stable family environment," Carey, 37, said Tuesday on The View. "Not to say that that's how everybody has to do it."

Carey, who said this past February that she's in no rush to have kids, referred to her parents' divorce on Tuesday, and the effect it had on her upbringing.

"I'm not saying it was unstable, like the worst thing on earth," she said, but she made it clear that she'd like to do things differently.

Asked if she currently has a man in her life, Carey paused and then said with a smile, "I don't know how to answer that today."

Prayer Works for Mariah
Carey was also invited to advise young celebrities who are experiencing trouble in their personal lives.

"If you're not spiritually centered, you're kind of back and forth," she said. "But you know, not everybody is at that point, and maybe some people have to reel themselves in and get back to that point."

Having been given the gift of music, Carey said she can't deny a higher power in life, which she said can be a source of strength.

"Prayer works for me," she said. "Reading the Bible does work for me, because knowledge is power."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Joao

HQ Photos: Mariah on BET's 106 & Park
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Oct-2007, 11:19PM EDT
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah Promotes "M" on 106 & Park
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Oct-2007, 7:20PM EDT

Mariah was on BET's 106 & Park earlier today to promote her debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey."

Watch a video of Mariah's appearance on 106 & Park on right or download a video file (in Mpg, 96.0MB).
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Audio: Mariah Calls In To The Wendy Williams Show
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Oct-2007, 6:57PM EDT
At about 4:45pm today, Mariah called in to the Wendy Williams Show on New York's WBLS 107.5 FM to promote her "M by Mariah Carey" fragrance launch at Macy's Herald Square tomorrow. During the brief chat with Wendy, Mariah also talked about the rumored hook-up with Rick Fox, her morsel diet, the "M" video shoot, among other things. See transcript below.

Mariah Carey: We always do... and I'm always festive with you, you know it! Am I not always festive?
Wendy Williams: Yes you are, and I was just talking about you the other day, how you bring the Tiffany glasses and I keep them. And, there's so much to talk with you about, I'll just give you a little teaser, O.K.?
MC: O.K., how are you doing though, good?
WW: Yes, Mariah, everything is going really well.
MC: I'm just stressing that I'm being a polite person, see most artists don't care, they just go on and talk about their own selves.
WW: Well, we don't mind that, because we know that to be as creative as you all are, you have got to have yourselves as the center of the universe. Is that kind of true or not?
MC: Well, I don't know, I mean, it doesn't seem like it to me. I feel like, you know, you gotta give out what you wanna get back.
WW: Well, yeah... well, look, are you dating Rick Fox?
MC: [laughs]
WW: Ooohhh
MC: No! I just love that that's your first question about the fragrance, we've got all this stuff, you did give me a nice build up, I heard you, I heard you.
WW: That's why I gave you the build up, I was coming back around to the fragrance, has Rick Fox ever smelled the fragrance on you? Like at Winston's in Hollywood at one o'clock in the morning when your song "Fantasy" came on, they said you guys were dancing.
MC: What?! Okay, I am not dating Rick Fox, no. That is not true.
WW: Have you ever kissed him?
MC: No, I have not kissed him. [laughs] Wendy, why are you acting like we're in third grade and you're passing me a note? "Have you kissed him..."
WW: Because we are! We're both very very much able to embrace our 12 year old. I can't wait till you to come in.
MC: Yes we are...
WW: Can I ask you one thing?
MC: About this?
WW: No, about the morsel diet.
MC: Oh, about the morsel diet.
WW: Cause your body's like...
MC: I can't even believe people voted that as the number one diet.
WW: I know, I saw it too.
MC: I heard about it, I didn't see it.
WW: You know what I call that? I call that the suddenly diet. That's where you eat just enough and then before you finish swallowing you throw your food away.
MC: Yeah, like you definitely can't keep it there or you will eat it. You have to just take like the tiny bit of the morsel of what you want and then get it out of there.
WW: Yeah, I totally understand. I've invented some of these diets myself. But look, alright so, this is what we're gonna do. Let's promote your appearance at Macy's and then when you do come to the studio and then I get you under the spell of the truth serum, we will talk about men, bodies, movies, music, people that you love and people that you don't like.
MC: People that I don't like... we have to talk about that? We love everybody.
WW: By the way, I saw "Mean Girls" finally.
MC: You did? Okay, do you understand why I like it or you don't?
WW: Yeah, I do.
MC: You see? I told you!
WW: My thing is, is that I think that you and your squad of girls, you're the mean girls.
MC: Yeah, I'm the mean one, but it's only a cover... it's only a cover. Anybody that mean isn't really mean, they just cover up their own insecurities.
WW: I like the cover by the way of your representation of your own fragrance and I also really like the commercial, because of course with your angelic voice - nobody does it like you.
MC: Aw, thank you, that's very nice. I was like, you know, you never know how this stuff's gonna turn out, but we shot that cover in St. Maarten so I was actually in that pool for like hours, and it looks really nice and serene and whatever, but it was a lot of dudes walking around in there with lights and what not. I thought I was gonna get electrocuted.
WW: Alright, so come soon, let's talk about Macy's. You're gonna be at Macy's tomorrow?
MC: Yes, 5:00pm, Herald Square, Macy's, very very excited about it. Have to thank the fans in case they're listening for coming out early early early and waiting and I'm sorry that I'm not there to feed you with pizza and give you cocoa and stuff like I usually do, 'cause that's like you know, they've been waiting, they told me that this was like a record breaking thing. The... I don't know. What is it? Melissa has to say it, I can't say it... go ahead.
[Melissa: More than any other person Macy's never had a line like that.]
MC: That's a nice thing.
WW: That is a nice thing.
MC: I'm just thankful to them, so I'm just thanking them.
WW: What kind of look are you gonna be giving them?
MC: I don't know, tomorrow is too far away to know.
WW: But whatever it is, it's going to be short and tight.
MC: Maybe, it could be a long... no, it's not gonna be long. You would like these boots that I'm rocking today.
WW: Just one more thing, and then I'm gonna go. When you hooked up with Karl Lagerfeld, and I know you love those people dearly and that's all great, but Mariah, I so thought that they were trying to make you into something that you enjoy being.
MC: But you know what? The problem is, is that dress was shiny. If it had been a matte material that wasn't gonna give you like 85 different like shimmers, like I'm the one who should have known better than to try to wear that on the red carpet, because on the red carpet you can't control anything. Honestly? In person, looking in regular light, it actually looked good, and people were telling me "Oooh, this is the best I've ever seen you" blah blah blah. And then it was like "Oh she's fat, she's huge!" you know, it was like a total drama, so I was like "Okay, whatever."
WW: I like the Mariah in the short and tight. And P.S and I LOVE the purple dress on US.
MC: You do? The purple dress on US?
WW: YES! Are you kidding me? I love it!
MC: Thank you, that was made by this wonderful lady named Nile, and she hooked it up for me because it matches the bottle of the perfume, that was the whole point and... so that was the whole thing!
WW: Alright, so look, so have fun everybody, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, people from out of town, be at Macy's Herald Square, it's the biggest Macy's in the world, and at 5 o'clock tomorrow, Mariah Carey is going to be there to meet and greet with her new perfume "M" and it's just in time for the holidays.
MC: Yes it is, and thank you for that, for reminding me of that, and I hope to see you soon.
WW: Oh here we go, here's the 1-2 step!
MC: What? Whatchu mean? I'm saying I hope to see you soon, I'll see you! I'm gonna bring a festive package like I always do.
WW: Love it. Alright, so have a great day Mariah and I'll see you soon.
MC: Thank you Wendy.
WW: Alright, take care, bye bye!
MC: Bye!
WW: See, I may not be friendly with everyone, but Mariah and I, for better or for worse, have been pretty consistent. In my career. In terms of our dealings. We've been pretty consistent. You know why? 'Cause Mariah, Mariah's not scared to face an issue, she's also not scared to not let you just continue to talk and run over. Oh, she's a delightful talker. She'll just let you paint her into a corner and tell you what she's been doing, she'll tell you, or she'll be coy about it, but her body language will twist. You know what I mean? And she always brings the foods and the drinks, she's... I like Mariah. A LOT!

Listen to Mariah's interview with Wendy or you can download an audio file (in MP3, 8.0MB)!
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Gemini

Mariah 'In Love' With New Album
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Oct-2007, 6:51PM EDT
After launching her new fragrance, "M," Mariah Carey is putting most of her focus on her new album, due out early next year via Island Def Jam. The as-yet-untitled album is the follow-up to her multiplatinum comeback disc, "The Emancipation of Mimi," which earned her three Grammys.

"It's hard for me to sit here and talk about it without sounding like I'm bragging if I'm in love with it, but I'm in love with this album," she says. "I think that having the success with the last record allowed me to have more freedom ... and just make records that I like. It's kind of a really fun record."

And even though Carey has a new fragrance, she never was the type to spray on a scent before she left the house. In fact, Carey says she never really wore perfumes until she fell in love with "M."

"This is the first fragrance that I wear," she says. "I'm not really a perfume person at all ... Things that are too strong and overwhelming, that's what I was always not a fan of."

But when Elizabeth Arden approached the superstar to create her own perfume, it piqued her interest -- mainly because the cosmetics company didn't want to use just her name, but wanted her input in the creation of the scent, which she describes as light, sensual and memorable.

"They were welcoming in my involvement just in every detail, and that was what was the most exciting thing to me," said Carey.

Carey says the fragrance, which comes in a purple bottle with her signature butterfly icon on top, was based on some of her favorite things. One is a Moroccan incense; another is a flower called the Living Tahitian Tiare. But another scent mixed into the fragrance is unexpected: toasted marshmallows.

That aroma was added because it evoked happy memories of her childhood around the campfire. But she adds: "It's blended in there -- it's not like you're gonna walk around smelling like marshmallows."

Related News Story:
Mariah on her new scent and songs (Associated Press)
Source: Billboard

Mariah Guests on 106 & Park Today!
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Oct-2007, 1:10PM EDT
The one and only Mariah Carey kicks it with Terrence and Rocsi on BET's 106 & Park tonight at 6:00pm! Be sure to tune in!
Source: BET

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Oct-2007, 1:06PM EDT
• Macy's "autograph" packages still available. There are still a few of the $130 "M by Mariah Carey" packages available. Head over to Macy's Herald Square and get your package today! A special pass to meet Mariah and receive her autograph will be given upon purchase of this item.

• There is a poll on MTV Italy's Europe Music Awards page that asks: Who is the Best Female Artist? Current results show Mariah in 4th place behind Britney, Shakira & Madonna, respectively. Vote for Mariah here!

• From NY Magazine's Party Lines: How's your new album? "I can't express it verbally; you have to hear it." --Mariah Carey at the VH1 Save the Music gala on Sept. 20th.

• Universal Italy, in an email sent to Ila & Dan of the fansite Glittering Mariah, has confirmed the postponement of Mariah's new album to 2008. No firm release date has been given.

• Portuguese fans can now purchase the "M by Mariah Carey" fragrance at Perfumes e Companhia. The 30ml bottle is priced at 30 euros, and the 100ml bottle is at 50 euros.

• A full-page ad of "M by Mariah Carey" can be found in the current issue of Canada's The Bay (department store) magazine. [View scan]

• Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the song used on the first Christmas advertisement seen on UK TV. It is played in the background of DFS Furnitures store Christmas ad!

• Addressing her Sept. 25th blog entry where she wrote: "I love Mariah (who doesn't?). Gossip sucks."; Vanessa Carlton, on the Mark and Mercedes in the morning show on Mix 94.1 FM in Las Vegas Tuesday, Oct. 16th; said: "Oh yeah. In general it [gossip] sucks. There's some like silly story that had, I don't know, something that I didn't like Mariah Carey. I felt like...it bugged me that I wanted to say something 'cause I really like Mariah." [Listen]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Roland | Moony | Popdirt | Jay | Dave | RiCardo | Ila & Dan

Video: Bone Thugs Perform "Lil L.O.V.E." Live in Chicago
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Oct-2007, 10:21AM EDT

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's live concert at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois on May 22, 2007 is featured in full on MSN's In Concert section. To the right is a video clip of their performance of "Lil' L.O.V.E.".

Click on the links here to download a video (Mpg, 33.5MB) and an audio (MP3, 3.0MB).
Source: MSN | Bernard | MariahDailyJournal

Video of the Week: Mariah Performs at Fashion Rocks
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 21-Oct-2007, 8:14PM EDT
Thanks to DJ for this week's Video: Mariah performing "We Belong Together Remix" at Swarovski Fashion Rocks in Monte Carlo, Monaco on October 17, 2005.

"We Belong Together Remix" at Fashion Rocks, Monaco, Oct. 17, 2005
Download: [ SVCD (100.3MB) or VCD (50.7MB) ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Vogue Australia: M by Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 21-Oct-2007, 12:27PM EDT
She sings, she writes, she acts and she directs. Now the multi-talented Mariah Carey takes on a new challenge with the launch of her first fragrance, M.

Mariah worked closely with Elizabeth Arden on its creation, from concept to the final product. Perfumers Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong of International Flavors and Fragrances, worked with her to capture her essence, drawing inspirations from her favourite travel destinations, the isle of Capri and Morocco. To make the scent her own, Mariah included a unique marshmallow accord, reminiscent of childhood days spent in the kitchen with her father. And as a final flourish, the singer's signature butterfly (the title of her 1997 hit album) acts as a perfume stopper marking the product as undeniably Mariah Carey.

In her home town of New York City to promote the fragrance, and wearing a figure-hugging Roberto Cavalli gown with sky-high Azzedine Alaia shoes, she shares her thoughts on the project.

How did you come up with the scent?
I had told them the things I loved. The first time the perfumers met at my apartment we discussed the 25 things I liked. So, I guess there are 25 things - I thought I only liked two things.

Did you enjoy the process?
Yes. The reason I love the whole situation was because it was very similar to the creative process of making a record. Not everybody knows that I'm a songwriter and a producer, so I really love the creative process [and] everybody at Elizabeth Arden was so welcoming about me being involved on this level. We discussed a specific flower that I had worn when I was in Hawaii. Tiare is the flower. It's Polynesian [a type of gardenia native to Tahiti] and it's never been used in this way before in a scent.

What is your relationship to the Tiare flower?
I really loved that scent but I didn't know the actual name. I just described it, and the Elizabeth Arden team, which knows every flower in existence, found that exact [one] and it was the basis. Then we talked about some gourmand elements that we wanted to go into it, the food elements. I didn't realise how many different notes there were to building a perfume - and that you actually call them notes. So we got into it - the high note, the middle note, and the bottom note. I was like, 'Oh, this ain't nothin' but a song!' [laughs].

"I brought in some incense that I really like that I use at home – stuff I got in Morocco on the street. I had it in this little wooden box and I guess over time it had a certain scent that nothing else had, as the bottom note.
There was another thing there - the fact that Capri as a place, also had to do with the way it smells. In Capri at night, there's honeysuckle mixed with orange blossom mixed with all these kinds of organic flowers - if you've been there, you know what I mean. It's something that you can't really pinpoint. You can't put your finger on it but it's an essence in the air and it takes you back to a place.

What was your first reaction when they approached you about this?
I was totally into creating a perfume because I collect perfume bottles. That was the other thing we did – we went and looked in the bathroom in my house at the different perfume bottles.

Are the perfume bottles vintage?
Mainly vintage bottles but I also have some others.

Why the butterfly insignia?
You know what, I can't get away from it [laughs]. It's funny because I have certain things like this ring from Van Cleef & Arpels just because I really love it and they ended up sending me some others. And I have an album called Butterfly but it's not like I have a deep fascination with butterflies. For people who don't know, it was an important time in my life when I put that record out. It was kind of my emerging from one world into the next – like a growing up moment. So, basically for my fans – I guess it's synonymous with me now.

What does the scent say about you?
I don't like scents that are too green and too heavy and too masculine feeling at all – it's the opposite of that. But I don't like an older floral intense either – that's too much, too sweet, too heavy. I like the lightness and the sexiness and I like the sweet florally thing but it has to have the current of sandalwood and Moroccan incense.

Did you recognise yourself when you smelled the perfume?
Definitely. We went through so many different stages with the perfume that it really was a completely creative meeting of the minds so I was really involved in every step of the way. So, I do recognise myself. It's the only thing I can imagine wearing.

How can you compare writing a song to creating a perfume?
When I write songs I don't read music – we just go for the soul and for what I feel. Sometimes I'll do core progressions but sometimes I play around with things that are totally different. A song like Vision of Love is not your standard song. That was my first song that I put out when I was really young and wrote it basically when I was in high school and it's a different unique blend of things and that's what this turned out to be. For me [this] turned out to be very organic to who I am because we did something different and I just love the result because I love that Tiare flower so much and they made it happen for me.

M by Mariah Carey, EDP 50ml, $79, is available from selected Myer stores nationally.

Mariah In This Week's Magazines
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 20-Oct-2007, 8:01PM EDT

• From People, October 29th issue, page 49
Pop Stars Love Nate 'Danja' Hills. The 26-year-old producer Danja previews his upcoming projects.

On Mariah Carey, The Pro
"She came to the studio really dressed, like she was going to the club. She was way cooler than what I thought. One song is 808 [drum machine] driven, but she still did her Mariah thing. I was blown away at how she sounded. And I think she was sick."

• From In Touch, October 29th issue, page 81
Hollywood's Extreme Diets. Stars try wacky - and sometimes dangerous - plans to lose weight. Mariah takes the #1 spot on The List.
10. Jaime Pressly
9. Victoria Beckham
8. Beyonce
7. Angelina Jolie
6. Kate Winslet
5. Lily Allen
4. Brittany Snow
3. Courtney Love
2. Kelly Monaco
1. Mariah Carey
1 - Mariah only took one bite at a time
When Mariah Carey was looking to lose some weight back in the spring of 2006, she designed an extreme diet for herself. "I kind of invented it," she explains. "Basically you can have a tiny bit of everything you want, but it has to be less than a forkful." Mariah, 38, dropped more than 30 pounds on the unusual plan, which she called the Morsel Diet, but after putting some weight back on, she recently slimmed down again the old-fashioned way - by exercising and eating healthy foods like fish and bland soup. "We should all just embrace who we are physically," she says.

• And, scans from this week's OK! (Luxury Spending, page 58 & and They Said What?, page 89), In Touch (Is It True?, page 68), and Star (The Emancipation of Me-me, page 69).

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video Downloads: European Entertainment News
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 20-Oct-2007, 7:47PM EDT
Many thanks to Elise for sharing her videos with us!

About Celebrity Fragrances - Hollywood Uncensored, Oct. 14, 2007
WMV | Size: 20.8MB
[ Download here ]

About "Boob Assistant" - Hollywood Uncensored, Oct. 14, 2007
WMV | Size: 6.8MB
[ Download here ]

News Coverage - 2005 Capital Awards, De Rode Loper
WMV | Size: 10.1MB
[ Download here ]

News Coverage - Jim Pop & Showbiznieuws, May 2005
WMV | Size: 63.3MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise

Rapper T-Pain Featured On New Mariah Song
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 19-Oct-2007, 12:27PM EDT
Rapper T-Pain's own work will be everywhere in the coming months. On the branding side, he's working with eyewear maker Oakley to develop a signature line of T-Pain "Oil Can" frames. Musically, he's produced at least four songs, Blumstein says, on Usher's spring album, including possible first single "At the Time," and is featured on upcoming songs from Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson and Rick Ross. He's also co-producing Omarion's next project with Timbaland.
Source: Billboard

Mariah's Autograph Pass
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 19-Oct-2007, 10:49AM EDT
Rob was one of the fans who waited patiently in line at Macy's Herald Square this morning to be the first to purchase the $130 "M by Mariah Carey" fragrance set and receive a special pass to meet Mariah and get her autograph on Tuesday, October 23rd. Below are pictures of the fragrance package and special pass lanyard.

Source: Rob

Mariah To Perform at the AMAs?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 19-Oct-2007, 9:27AM EDT
According to Audiences Unlimited, online source for audience tickets to shows and special events, Mariah Carey will be one of the performers at the 35th Annual American Music Awards. An email notification sent out to subscribers lists artists who are reportedly confirmed to perform at the awards show. See list below.

American Music Awards will be filming this year on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at the Nokia Theatre live in downtown Los Angeles, CA. It will be an arrival time of 1:00pm. The show will be live from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Chris Brown (Feat. T-Pain): Kiss Kiss
Mariah Carey: Song TBD
Daughtry: Over You
Celine Dion: Song TBD
Duran Duran: Medley -TBD / Falling Down
Fergie / Will.I.Am / Nicole Scherzinger
Jennifer Hudson: Song TBD
Alicia Keys: Song TBD
Avril Lavigne: Song TBD
Maroon 5: Wake Up Call
Rascall Flatts: Song TBD
Rihanna (Feat: Ne-Yo): Hate That I Love You
Source: Audiences Unlimited | Kelly K.

Fans Line Up At Macy's
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 19-Oct-2007, 12:32AM EDT
Mariah fans have started queueing outside the main 34th St. entrance of Macy's in New York City as early as 10:00am yesterday - a day before the distribution of special passes to Mariah's debut fragrance launch on Tuesday, October 23rd!

Around 20 fans, from New York and neighbor states New Jersey and Connecticut, and as far as Florida, camped outside the store to ensure they were among the first to purchase the "M by Mariah Carey" fragrance packages and receive passes for Mariah's autograph, photo and VIP room access. The Macy's doors open today at 10:00am.

Macy's has set-up two new "M" fragrance counters by the Broadway entrance for today's event. See photos below.

According to a fan who camped out throughout the night, there were about 70 people as of 7:00am this morning and even more by shortly after 9:00am when the store let them in before its official opening at 10:00am. Since they only have 50 VIP tickets, the tickets were sold out before the opening of the store!
Source: Moony

Would You Wear Mariah Carey's Super High Heels?
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Oct-2007, 3:11PM EDT
Mariah Carey has an established over-the-top style -- but even knowing her love for big hair, slinky dresses and high heels, our jaws still dropped over the shoes she wore out to dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

The singer (and new perfume maven) headed out to eat in a pair of Giambattista Valli platform heels that have a staggering five and a half inch heel on them (135 mm, to be exact). We cannot imagine being able to take one step in a pair of heels that high, much less spend a whole night out in them (although it does look like Mariah is getting a little help)! But maybe we're just wimpy so we want to know what you think!

Tell People: Would you wear Mariah's high heels? Could you walk in them?
Source: People

Mariah Shoots Sandler Movie in Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Oct-2007, 12:29PM EDT
Da Brat was a special guest co-host on Los Angeles' Power 106's "Big Boy in the Neighborhood" this morning. Chatting it up with Big Boy and Luscious Liz, she said she will be on Mariah's upcoming album. Asked if she's heard some of the tracks, Da Brat said, "I've heard a lot of the songs and they're retarded." She also divulged that Mariah is currently in Los Angeles shooting the Adam Sandler movie, "You Don't Mess With the Zohan."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Postpones New Album Release
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Oct-2007, 9:40AM EDT
Mariah Carey has postponed release of her new album, previously scheduled for December 4th, until next February.

At that rate the album, a follow up to "The Emancipation of Mimi," will be bumping right into a new CD from Madonna. At the same time, Janet Jackson - now recording for Island/Def Jam, home of Mariah - may have her new release ready too.

Get set for Diva Logjam. And to make matters even more interesting, Janet's boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, is the producer working with Randy Jackson and others on Mariah's CD. Dupri brought Jackson over to Island/Def Jam with him from Virgin Records, now lost somewhere in the EMI Music shuffle.

From MTV News:
Sorry, Mariah fans -- looks like her new album isn't coming out this year after all. While her record label confirmed that her yet-untitled follow-up to The Emancipation of Mimi would be dropping December 4, a label representative now says Carey is still recording and the date has not been solidified.
Source: Fox News | MTV News

HQ Photos: Mariah at Winston's Club, Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007, 10:46PM EDT
Click on the thumbnails below to view high-quality photos of Mariah at Winston's Club in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday, October 16, 2007.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

HBF Members Only Contest: See Mariah Live on The View
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007, 5:20PM EDT
As previously reported, Mariah will be appearing on The View this Tuesday, October 23rd. Mariah's official fan club, Honey B. Fly (HBF) is sending one (1) lucky member and a guest to the show!

If you live in or around the NYC area, are 16 years of age or older with a valid photo ID and can be available from 9:30am - 12:00 Noon on Tuesday, October 23rd you could be selected to attend. You will need to get yourself and your guest to The View studio located at: 320 West 66th street. HBF will not be providing any transportation or lodging to this event. Your guest must also be 16 years of age or older.

HBF will randomly select One (1) member who enters the contest.

Click here to find out details on how to enter!

Rumor Alert: Mariah Gettin' Foxy?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007, 4:48PM EDT
After reportedly being turned away from Hyde, Mariah headed over to Winston's, in a sexy, curve-hugging Herve Leger frock, where photogs say Rick Fox arrived just minutes before. Nothing suspicious there but when Rick left the club, photogs say he waited in his SUV for Mariah to board her Bentley, then followed her home!

Vanessa, Sharon and now Mariah? Seems like Rick's got a thing for divas!

Watch the X17 video or download below.

Mariah & Rick Fox Outside Winston's Club, Hollywood, Oct. 16, 2007
Format: Mpg | Size: 18.5MB
[ Download here ]

From E! Online: Is Mariah a Fox-y Lady?
I'm not saying they're more than just friends, but Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams ex/former basketball star Rick Fox were hanging out into the wee hours last night.

A source tells me Carey and Fox walked into Winston's in West Hollywood together at about 1 a.m.

"They sat on top of the banquettes in a corner booth," the source reports. "Then the deejay played Mariah’s 'Fantasy,' and the two 'sat danced' at the table."

So, are they dating? Reps for both say they are not.
Source: X17 | E!

Mariah on The Today Show October 23
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007, 3:15PM EDT
Come on down to the TODAY Show Plaza on Tuesday, October 23 to show some love and support for the lovely Miss M when she drops in on TODAY to discuss her debut fragrance M by Mariah Carey.

Be there at 7:45am sharp for a special M fragrance giveaway! The first 190 fans get a free Mariah t-shirt AND a bottle of the fragrance!!

The TODAY Show studios are located at 10 Rockefeller Plaza (West 49th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues) in NYC.

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007, 3:13PM EDT
• Amazon lists "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD as available for release in the UK on December 3, 2007. You can sign up here to be notified when the DVD becomes available. Meanwhile, "The Adventures of Mimi" is the 12th best-selling DVD this week on the French online store FNAC.

• According to an email from Ana Martinez-Holler, VP of Media Relations for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mariah's star is not shining in Hollywood this year. She writes, "We have not heard from her people in regards to a date. Sorry no info available at this time. Just know that it will not be this year."

• In a recent news update on Aaron Woodley's official site, post-production for Tennessee wraps up this fall and it's now listed in his filmography as "Tennessee (2008)."

• X-Factor judge Louis Walsh was recently interviewed on Radio 2 and mentioned Mariah as one of the legendary artists set to perform on the UK talent show.

And speaking of X-Factor, season 3 winner Leona Lewis, who's coming out with her self-titled album on November 5, did a tribute photoshoot recently to celebrate female artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross. To the right is a picture of Leona working it a la Mariah on Butterfly.

• Thanks to your votes, Mariah Daily Journal placed at #26 on the Top 200 Best Unofficial Music Sites in the People's Choice category of the BT Digital Music Awards 2007!

• Mariah is featured in UK's Skynews gallery with loads of pictures of her "ever-changing bod - curves or no curves."

• Moony has created a video advertising Mariah's in-store appearance at Macy's Herald Square on Tuesday, October 23rd. Watch the video here.

• Below are some wallpapers (1024x768) created by Boudi for everyone.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | David | Charlie | Dennis | Lukas | Heroes of Mariah | Undray | Casey | Can | Darren | Boudi | Moony

International "M" News
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007, 3:11PM EDT
"M by Mariah Carey" is now available in stores starting this week. Turkish fans can get a free sample of the perfume by signing-up here. Be sure to keep checking MariahTurkiye's "M by Mariah Carey" Promo page for the latest news and additional information.

El Corte Ingles, one of the largest department stores in Spain, now carries "M by Mariah Carey."

Greece & Cyprus
Greek and Cypriot fans can now purchase "M by Mariah Carey" at Hondos Center & Debenhams.
Source: Can & Murat - MariahTurkiye | Mayrye | Carol

Win A VIP Pass to Mariah's Fragrance Launch at Macy's
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007, 9:33AM EDT
Mariah is coming to Macy's Herald Square on Tuesday, October 23 to debut her new fragrance, M by Mariah Carey and MariahCarey.com is giving away exclusive VIP passes to the event.

Five (5) lucky fans who answer the 10 fragrance questions correctly will be randomly selected to receive a special VIP pass for you and a guest to meet and have your photo taken with Mariah as she debuts her fragrance M by Mariah Carey at Macy's Herald Square

In order for you to take part you must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid photo ID and be in the New York City area on Tuesday, October 23. You should arrive at the store no later than 5:00 PM sharp to experience Mariah's Fragrance launch! Please note, however, that the VIP part of the event does not happen until 7:45 PM.

MariahCarey.com will not be providing any transportation or lodging to and from this event.

Click here for details on how to enter! The contest will end 6:00pm EST on Thursday, October 18.

HQ Photos: Mariah at Ago Restaurant in Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 16-Oct-2007, 8:01PM EDT
Click on the thumbnails below to view high-quality pictures of Mariah at Ago restaurant in Los Angeles, California on Monday night, October 15, 2007.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Cash For Questions: Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 16-Oct-2007, 1:58PM EDT
UK magazine Q will be featuring Mariah in a future issue and needs your questions!

Comeback queen Mariah Carey is the latest star to submit to Q's much-feared Cash For Questions interrogation.

That means we need your questions - and there's £25 to be won for each one that makes it into the magazine.

So...what do you want to ask the ultimate modern soul diva? Email your ideas to cashforquestions@q4music.com, not forgetting your contact details. Please mention Mariah Carey in the subject heading. The deadline is 29 October.
Source: Q 4 Music

The Diva Has Landed in L.A.
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 16-Oct-2007, 12:50PM EDT
Watch a video of Mariah Carey arriving in Los Angeles late Sunday night on a private jet, along with several pieces of luggage and an enormous entourage. The new perfumier boarded a Bentley headed straight for Beverly Hills.
[ Download video, Mpg, 9.7MB ]

On her second night in Los Angeles, Mimi was looking fierce when she rolled up to LA eaterie Ago in her Bentley. Mariah was gracious as ever to the photogs, but refused to divulge her beauty secrets! Rubbing elbows with Mariah at Ago were RUN DMC's Darryl McDaniels and director/producer siblings Garry and Penny Marshall. Watch a video of Mariah arriving at Ago.
[ Download video, Mpg, 7.9MB ]

High-quality pictures will be posted shortly. Stay tuned!
Source: X17 | Natalia | Alex' | Nicolas

Glamour Contest: Win Mariah's Glamour-exclusive DVD!
Posted by Jeane on Tuesday, 16-Oct-2007, 10:32AM EDT
Win autographed stuff from Mariah Carey!

For all U.S. Fans: Glamour Magazine is giving away 10 signed copies of Mariah's Glamour-exclusive DVD, "10 Random Things You Don't Know About Me" (not available in stores!). Another set of ten winners will each get an autographed copy of the November 2007 issue of Glamour, featuring Mimi on the cover!

Click here to enter the contest!
Source: Glamour.com

Mariah on Forbes' "Big Breaks" List
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 15-Oct-2007, 4:49PM EDT
Search all you want, there is no magic formula for fame and fortune.

The truth is, big breaks don't just happen; people make them happen--through hard work, networking, courage, passion and even pain. And as much as modern culture has glorified the notion of the "big break" (American Idol, anyone?), lasting success has less to do with singular, transcendent moments than it does with incremental progress and unflagging grit.

Talent and tenacity notwithstanding, having the right friends helps, too--as pop star Mariah Carey can attest. While working as a backup singer for Puerto Rican performer Brenda Starr in 1988, Carey met Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola at a party. As a favor, Starr gave Carey's demo tape to Mattola. After a listen, he bolted back to the party to track Carey down and sign her on. Good move for everyone: Carey's first five singles hit the Billboard Hot 100.
Source: Forbes

Macy's Preps for Mariah's In-Store
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 15-Oct-2007, 1:43AM EDT
This past weekend, the Macy's Herald Square store in New York has started decorating for Mariah's in-store appearance on October 23rd. They changed the awnings on the 33rd Street side to purple with the "M" logo on it; the window displays on both sides of the main entrance on Broadway are now adorned with huge Mariah posters and "M" bottles on glass holders; and the large LED video display facing 34th Street now plays the "M" advertisement. Below are pictures taken by Jonny.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonny

Video of the Week: Mariah-penned "I Pray" Live on Oprah
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 14-Oct-2007, 4:19PM EDT
Due to the overwhelming requests received, this week's Video is a video of the Mariah Carey original composition "I Pray" as performed by Paul Robbins, a 12-year-old Hawaiian boy and winner of the "Wildest Dreams" contest, on The Oprah Winfrey Show on May 24, 2005.

Paul Robbins Sings Mariah's "I Pray" on Oprah, May 24, 2005
Download: [ MPG (72.1MB) | MP3 (9.9MB) ]

Here are other videos from the show. Enjoy!

Interview - The Oprah Winfrey Show, May 24, 2005
MPG | Size: 79.0MB
[ Download here ]

Legends' Luncheon - The Oprah Winfrey Show, May 24, 2005
MPG | Size: 38.6MB
[ Download here ]

Mariah Performs "We Belong Together" on Oprah, May 24, 2005
Download: [ MPG (46.8MB) | MP3 (6.4MB) ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah In This Week's Magazines
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 14-Oct-2007, 3:03PM EDT
• From In Touch, Oct. 22nd issue, on Is It True?, page 73.

Does Mariah have a stylist who looks after her boobs?
NO! For almost as long as she's been a star, there have been rumors that Mariah Carey is a diva. Most recently, UK's Sun declared that she employs an assistant whose sole purpose was to keep an eye on her decolletage at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation gala in New York City on September 20. "One assistant was in charge of dishing out her breast tape," an insider allegedly told the paper. "The bathroom was shut down for 10 minutes for Mariah to be primped and preened!" The singer's rep assures In Touch that the story is not true.

"I didn't have an easy childhood and music literally saved my life," says Mariah, who was honored at the event for helping to raise funds for school music programs.

• Mariah is also featured in Us Weekly, Oct. 22nd issue, on Loose Talk: What The Stars Said This Week, page 16 with a quote, saying, "I have a lounge chair in my bathroom...I sleep there sometimes," on her need to relax everywhere in her home.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

On The Cover Additions
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 14-Oct-2007, 2:55PM EDT
Our magazines section, On The Cover has been updated to now include scans from 2003 magazines: Black Elegance, Pride and Weekend. Many thanks to Kerry from MariahCareyCollection for sharing her scans with us!

Mariah Carey, Happy At Last
Black Elegance - February 2003

Mariah Carey is smiling a lot these days and not just for the cameras. The dark days seem to be behind her and like the title of her new song says, she's been "Through The Rain" and she's come through stronger and finally, happy. "I had to go deep inside myself to get through this period," she explains. "When a person's life is torn apart, you have to search to understand what's happened, and to understand yourself. I learned that it's all fine and dandy to be on TV and have a lot of money, but you have to eat and sleep and take care of the human being inside." READ MORE »

Mariah The Misunderstood
Pride (UK) - March 2003

The pressures of fame are not things the lady herself whines about, but two years ago, when I met her in New York for an earlier interview, Mariah was looking after most of her business affairs herself, doing promotion for an album and a film at the same time and taking a break from filming to get down from Staten Island to do more promotions. "It was way too many things at once, but everything in life is a learning experience. I have been imposing this work ethic on myself since I was a little kid because of the way I grew up, because of the way I felt about being an outsider, because of the way I felt about my multiracial heritage and not really feeling as if I fit in any one specific place." READ MORE »

Cry Me A Diva
Weekend (Daily Mail UK) - October 2003

When Mariah Carey was a little girl, she desperately wanted her life to be different, so each night she knelt beside the bed and prayed for God to make her famous. Her prayers were answered and the face of the world's most successful female singer and songwriter is everywhere, from magazine covers to videos, albums, T-shirts and TV shows. There are times, though, that Mariah hasn't been comfortable with that face. In fact, she's been pretty much uncomfortable with everything about herself. READ MORE »
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Scans: Kerry from MariahCareyCollection

"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD Track Listing
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 13-Oct-2007, 6:06AM EDT
Following are the content details for the new Mariah Carey DVD release, "The Adventures of Mimi," as listed on FNAC France.

Disc 1
Concert: Opening Video - It's Like That - Heartbreaker - Dreamlover - My All - Shake It Off - Vision Of Love - Fly Like A Bird - I'll Be There - Fantasy - Don't Forget About Us - Always Be My Baby - Honey - I Wish You Knew - Can't Let Go - One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men - Hero - Make It Happen - We Belong Together - Butterfly Reprise
Bonus: Jukebox Function - Backstage

Disc 2
Making Of of the Tour (40 minutes)
6 Karaoke songs: Sing w/o Mariah - Shake It Off - Vision Of Love - I'll Be There - Always Be My Baby - Honey

The DVD is scheduled for release in France on November 19th. French fans can pre-order now at FNAC for 25,76 Euro.
Source: FNAC | Jay | Heroes of Mariah

Mariah To Guest On The View
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 13-Oct-2007, 3:14AM EDT
According to the latest TV Guide listing for The View, Mariah Carey is scheduled to make a guest appearance on the show Tuesday, October 23rd.

The View - Tuesday, October 23, 11:00AM ET on ABC
Lance Bass; Mariah Carey. Also: The Whoopi's Kickin' Butts smoking-cessation campaign focuses on various methods of quitting.

To find out when and where The View airs in your area, click here.
Source: TV Guide

Mariah Carey Autographed Perfume Collection
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 13-Oct-2007, 12:35AM EDT

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is auctioning off a collection of Mariah's perfume from her new line, "M by Mariah Carey." Mariah signed, "Lots of Love! Mariah" with her trademark butterfly symbol on one of the perfume boxes. [see photos on right]

Bid now for your chance to win this Mariah Carey autographed perfume collection. Starting bid is $100. Auction ends October 18th at 4:00pm EST.

Proceeds from this auction item will support the VH1 Save The Music Foundation's efforts to restore music education in public schools around the country, and will directly put instruments in the hands of public school students.

Mariah To Perform at Glamour Awards?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Oct-2007, 6:48PM EDT
According to Fashion Week Daily, Mariah Carey will reportedly perform at the 18th Annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Monday, November 5th. This year's awards ceremony will be held at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center Plaza, corner of Columbus Avenue and 65th Street, New York City.

Note that Mariah's appearance at the said event has yet to be confirmed or announced by Mariah's management.
Source: Fashion Week Daily | BizBash | overfifty

Official Fragrance Site Holds Members-Only Contest
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Oct-2007, 6:09PM EDT
Want To Meet Mariah?

The official fragrance site, MariahCareyBeauty.com is holding a special members-only contest to meet Mariah at Macy's Herald Square, New York on Tuesday, October 23!

Are you a member of Mariah's Fragrance Fan Club? If not, sign up today and get your chance to win!

LIMHOF Induction Gala on October 21st Postponed
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Oct-2007, 4:16PM EDT
The Long Island Music Hall of Fame (LIMHOF) today announced the postponement of its second annual Hall of Fame Induction and Celebration Gala due to artists' last minute scheduling conflicts. The event was to have taken place Sunday, October 21st at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College.

According to LIMHOF Chairman Richard L'Hommedieu, "We made the difficult decision to postpone this year's event and to reschedule it at a time when we can present a more complete lineup of inductees and to offer them, other performing artists, and the public, an outstanding event at which they can be fully recognized and honored. We thank all the inductee artists, talent presenters, fans, and sponsors for their continued support, and look forward to presenting the awards to them at an event to be announced in the near future."

The 2007 list of Inductees are: Simon and Garfunkel, Blue Oyster Cult , LL Cool J, Carole King, Arlo Guthrie, Public Enemy, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Aaron Copland, The Good Rats, The Ramones, Jean Ritchie, Kenny Vance, The Tokens, Guy Lombardo, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Bob Buchmann, Eddie Money, Beverly Sills, Walter Becker, Pat Benatar, Barbra Streisand and Marvin Hamlisch.
Source: LIMHOF

Mariah Carey, New "Smile" Ambassador
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Oct-2007, 11:38AM EDT
Operation Smile, a worldwide children's medical charity dedicated to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults born with facial deformities, is pleased to announce its growing roster of "Smile Ambassadors," celebrities who are joining Operation Smile during their 25th anniversary year to bring greater awareness to the effort. This group of notables joins Jessica Simpson, Operation Smile's International Youth Ambassador, and current Smile Ambassadors Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Billy Bush, Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr., Melanie Dunea, Nigel Parry, Molly Sims, Justin Chatwin, and Benj Gershman, who continue to bring awareness to the plight of these children in need.

The latest group of celebrities to join the program includes Mariah Carey, Oscar D'Leon, Carmit Bachar, Dhani Jones and Roselyn Sanchez. As Smile Ambassadors, each celebrity will have the opportunity to visit one of Operation Smile's partner countries during the year, where they will help bring global attention to the needs of children born with facial deformities.

Mariah Carey
Singer, songwriter and actress Mariah Carey is best-known for her remarkable vocal range and record-selling singles. Carey has recorded the most U.S. number-one singles for a female solo artist and has earned five Grammy Awards. She has been a supporter of Operation Smile for the past four years and attended various fund-raising events including The Smile Collection fundraising event in New York in 2006. Carey continues her support of Operation Smile by becoming a 2007 Smile Ambassador.

Mariah-Janet Duet Shelved For Now
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Oct-2007, 8:38AM EDT
One huge thing people have been asking Jermaine Dupri about is a potential duet between Janet and Mariah Carey, especially since they are now labelmates. (JD went so far as to promise a duet featuring the divas on Janet's last album, but it never materialized.) Nelly, for one, wanted to try and pull off the collaboration on his upcoming Brass Knuckles LP, but he couldn't come up with a good enough idea for the song.

"The thing about that is, I don't force an idea," Dupri explained. "It's a great idea if you can come up with the record. It has to be something that's organic. It can't be something we force just because the voices is together. I believe the last couple of records we saw where there are two big artists that came together and collaborated, they don't live up to be the record we want them to be. I was a little disappointed with the R. Kelly and Usher record ['Same Girl']. I thought the record should have been bigger than what it was. ... I wouldn't want to do a song with [Mariah] and Janet and it don't live up to them being as big as they are. ... But [the collaboration] is gonna surface one day. Something is gonna come up, and we gonna say, 'This is it.' "
Source: MTV

UK Fans: Get To Meet Mariah in NY!
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Oct-2007, 8:30AM EDT
Now for all you Mariah Carey fans The Lick has the mother of all competitions - don't say Uncle Trevor doesn't spoil you.

Courtesy of "M" by Mariah Carey - her debut fragrance - we are giving you the chance to fly to New York with a friend, and are throwing in a $1000 spending spree.

But that's not the half of it – you'll also get to meet the lovely lady herself - Mariah Carey!

Yes - you read correctly - YOU could be meeting Mariah at her fragrance launch in The Big Apple.

Two lucky runners up will also get kitted out with "M" goody bags – stuffed with products from the "M" by Mariah Carey line. You must be over 18, have a valid UK passport and be able to travel on October 21 for 3 nights.

All you have to do is answer this easy peasy question: "What was Mariah Carey's most recent album called?" The competition will close at noon on Thursday, October 18.
Source: MTV Base | Mike

"Mimi" DVD Out in Italy November 16th
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Oct-2007, 3:09PM EDT
According to Universal Music Italy, Mariah's new DVD, "The Adventures of Mimi" will be released in Italy on November 16th.

This news further confirms our previous report about the European release of the DVD on November 19th. Italian releases usually come out on the Friday preceding the European Monday release date.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Dan & Ila - GlitteringMariah

Carey in Key?
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Oct-2007, 9:11AM EDT
Leggy Mariah Carey, 37, is stepping into a creative new direction by releasing her next single as a keyring, I can reveal.

The dangly pink heart will be attached to a USB port that fans can then pop into their computer and play the tune.

Keane did something similar minus the pink hearts and I can see it catching on more widely as downloading eventually displaces the CD.
Source: Daily Star UK | Mike

New Mariah Song: "For The Record"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Oct-2007, 1:14AM EDT
The first official song title from Mariah's forthcoming album has been released. The track, entitled "For The Record," was written by Mariah, Bryan Michael Cox, and Taurian "Adonis" Shropshire. "For The Record" has been registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), a music copyright holding agency. Although it is the first title from Mariah's upcoming album to be registered, the song is not confirmed as the album's first single and may not even make the final cut of the album. An official statement regarding Mariah's new single is expected to be made within the coming weeks. Mariah's new album is currently scheduled to be released on December 4th.

Bryan Michael Cox and Taurian "Adonis" Shropshire are writing/producing partners. They have worked together on songs for the likes of Chris Brown, Omarion and Danity Kane, and separately for Mary J. Blige (Cox) and Alicia Keys (Shropshire). Both of them have also separately worked with Mariah before: Bryan Michael Cox co-wrote a few songs with Mariah including her #1 hit "We Belong Together" and Taurian "Adonis" Shropshire has worked with Mariah on "So Lonely" ft. Twista.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Will

Billboard's 2007 Women In Music
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 10-Oct-2007, 5:59PM EDT
Billboard's 2nd annual Women In Music issue on newsstands now includes a list of the top 5 female artists, who were selected for their prowess as business women. Billboard recognized Mariah as not only one of the top female performers but also an artist who has managed her business interests with exceptional skill.

Mariah Carey used her name-brand cachet during the first decade of her career, assisting a host of philanthropic organizations. She co-founded Camp Mariah, Career Awareness Camp aiding the Fresh Air Fund in the early 90's, exposing inner-city youths to specific career fields and to teach young people about the wide range of career possibilities available to them. Mariah has worked with countless other charitable organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, VH1 Save The Music, New York's Police Athletic League, Presbyterian Hospital and the Administration for Children's Services.

Among Mariah's business enterprises outside the music world include her endorsement for Intel Centrino PCs, and launched Glamorized, a jewelry and accessory line for teens through Claire's. Carey also has leveraged her success by recording and promoting a series of ringtones in partnership with Pepsi and Motorola. This past spring, she developed her first fragrance, M, from Elizabeth Arden which is in stores now. Forbes magazine estimates that Carey is the sixth wealthiest woman in entertainment.

The New Yorker's Mariah Piece Makes "Best Music Writing"
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 10-Oct-2007, 5:09PM EDT
The New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones' article, "On Top: Mariah Carey's Record-Breaking Career", originally published on April 3, 2006, makes this year's anthology of noteworthy articles in the eight edition of "Best Music Writing," as compiled and edited by esteemed critic Robert Christgau. Best Music Writing 2007 arrives in stores on October 22nd.

Below are excerpts from the article.

Mariah Carey is thirty-six years old, and, barring a debilitating illness, or another movie as bad as "Glitter," her 2001 vanity project, she will likely break the world record for the most No. 1 songs before she turns forty. The Beatles had twenty, and Carey is currently tied with Elvis Presley for second place, at seventeen.

She could almost break the record this year: her latest studio album--her tenth--"The Emancipation of Mimi," has what music professionals call "legs." It was the biggest-selling album of 2005--it has sold 5.5 million copies in the United States--and it has yielded two No. 1 songs: the gentle ballad "Don't Forget About Us" and "We Belong Together," an equally gentle but catchier number that held the No. 1 spot for fourteen weeks, longer than any other song so far this decade. There are two singles from "Mimi" on the radio right now, the hip-hop dance number "Say Somethin' " and the churchy vocal workout "Fly Like a Bird." If these songs don't take Carey to nineteen, she could still go on vacation for the next six months and finish the year with her résumé intact. She was the biggest-selling female artist of the nineties and is the first woman to have three studio albums sell more than eight million copies each in this country. She has written or co-written sixteen of her seventeen No. 1 hits, more than any other female composer, and has produced twelve No. 1 songs, more than any other woman.

Not all Carey's achievements are commercial, though: she co-wrote one of the few worthy modern additions to the holiday canon, the charming "All I Want for Christmas Is You" (from "Merry Christmas," of 1994, which also happens to be the best-selling Christmas album of all time, but never mind that). And when she sang her perky dance hit "Emotions" at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards, she reportedly sounded a G-sharp three and a half octaves above middle C, one of the highest notes produced by a human voice in the history of recorded music. (Party poopers say that the note was actually an F-sharp.)

Carey's freakish vocal ability explains part of her appeal. In the same way that people went to a San Francisco Giants game in order to see Barry Bonds hit a home run, people buy Carey's records in order to hear her do things with her voice that no one else can do. Her first No. 1 song, "Vision of Love" (1990), made it clear that her instrument was the story--and it has remained so, through a celebrity marriage (to Tommy Mottola, then the chief of Sony Music), rumored breakdowns, and the public's obligatory obsession with her weight. Carey can sing lower notes, like an alto, and extremely high notes, like a coloratura soprano, which says something about her range but little about her style. The brutish purity of her voice places her in pop's theatrical lineage, in the company of singers like Barbra Streisand, but Carey's aesthetic is not Broadway, or even particularly white. She is essentially an R. & B. singer, steeped in gospel, soul, and, especially, hip-hop, and she is a master practitioner of melisma, a vocal technique that dates back to Gregorian chant and is common in African-American church singing.

[Read full article here.]
Source: The New Yorker | Style Weekly | USA Today

Videos: E!'s 101 Shocking Moments 2004
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 10-Oct-2007, 4:09PM EDT
Thanks to Elise for sharing these videos with us!

101 Most Shocking Moments - Selena's Death
(short interview with Mariah), 2004
WMV | Size: 20.9 MB
[ Download here ]

101 Most Shocking Moments - #80 Mariah's "Breakdown," 2004
WMV | Size: 27.9 MB
[ Download here ]

Click here for a preview of videos that Elise is making available for download soon at Sweet Mariah.
Source: Elise

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 09-Oct-2007, 6:39PM EDT
• This morning, Hawaii's most popular hiphop station Power 104.3 announced a new contest to win "Mariah Carey's Money." A commercial for the contest was aired with Mariah saying: "I'm giving away my money, not all...but some." You can find the same announcement on the radio station's website:

Beat The Buzzer Is Back
We've given away tens of thousands of dollars from Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins, now Power 104.3 is giving away money from the biggest diva in entertainment...Mariah Carey. Listen to Power 104.3 for complete details.

• Great news to all the UK fans! This week, the MTV Base show "The Lick" will be launching an exclusive competition for one lucky Mariah fan and his/her guest to be flown out from the UK to New York City on Sunday, Oct. 21st to meet & greet Mariah at her fragrance launch at Macy's on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd. The winner will also get a $1000 shopping spree. Details of the competition will be revealed on "The Lick." The show screens every Sunday at 7pm, Wednesday at 9pm and Thursday at midnight.

• Brandt who works across the road from Myer Centre in Brisbane City, Australia spotted at least three Smart For Two coupes completely covered in "M by Mariah Carey" advertisements driving around the city, usually stopping in well-travelled areas to let out a bevy of gorgeous promotions models all wearing "M" shirts and handing out "M" samples.

• "M" sponsored last night's episode of MTV's reality show, The Hills. Coming out of a segment, it said: "Tonight's episode is brought to you by M from Mariah Carey" and then a brief version of the commercial was shown.

• Mariah was mentioned twice on last night's VH1 Hip Hop Honors. Once in a Grandmaster Caz rap, and then in a video montage of all the hot females Missy Elliot worked with.

• Lambs Lounge, the popular UK Mariah fan community, is now on Facebook. All UK (and international) facebookers can join, meet fellow Mariah fans, and get the up-to-date UK Mariah news.

• Congratulations to Kanisha on her new Mariah fansite, Mariah Bliss Network. The site offers the latest Mariah news, downloads, forum, etc. Check it out!
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jason | Carlos | MilkCow | MariahConnectionUK | Moony | Nick

Macy's Confirms Mariah's Oct. 23rd In-Store Appearance
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 08-Oct-2007, 2:49PM EDT
Mariah's personal appearance at Macy's Herald Square, New York to promote her debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" is now listed on the Events page of Macys.com!

Want to meet Mariah Carey?
The one and only Mariah Carey is coming to Macy's Herald Square on Tuesday, October 23 at 5PM to debut her new fragrance, M by Mariah Carey and if you'd like to meet her, here's the scoop!

Beginning Friday, October 19 at store opening in fragrances on the main floor, the first 200 customers to the special M by Mariah Carey fragrance set priced at $130 will receive a special pass so they can meet Mariah and get her autograph. The first 50 customers to purchase the special VIP M by Mariah Carey fragrance set priced at $305 will get a VIP pass that entitles them to a photo with Mariah, an exclusive M by Mariah Carey crystal accented tee shirt and a pure parfum.

Please note only items provided by Macy's will be signed and only those photos taken by Macy's for VIP customers will be allowed. Thank you and see you on October 23rd at 5pm!
Source: Macy's | Moony

"M" Rocks Australia
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 08-Oct-2007, 6:33AM EDT
With the extensive promotion campaign for Mariah's debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey," Australia is looking like Mariah land now! Here are reports from our friends at MC Down Under.

Perth City
• Myer in Perth City has a massive banner hanging from the 3rd floor going all the way down the ground floor - it is huge and completely unmissable! There are "M" displays around the store, including one in the middle of the entrance. And there are plasmas playing video clips of Mariah.

• David Jones in the city has a display and one set of elevator doors is plastered with a huge poster of the "M" bottle! There are 3 mini TVs all next to each other playing Mariah video clips.

• Myer Karrinyup also has added a TV to their display.

• "M" is plastered all over Chadstone Shopping Centre literally. They have a massive banner plastered atop the building overlooking the carpark so everyone that parks there can see it. On the doors of the entrance, they have that see through stuff you see on trams and buses, so you can see her when you walk in.

• Outside Myer, there is a huge banner advertising it, and they also have a booth dedicated to it where a representative hands out "M" samples, ribbons, T-shirt stickers, little butterfly-shaped mirrors and jewelry ornaments for mobile phones.

South Yarra
• A promotional car was spotted driving along Punt Road with the "M" advertising all over it.

• At Myer in Pitt Street Mall, there are 3 different massive display set ups: one near the entrance, one where the perfume is being sold and a huge display complete with a large plasma screen showing "Shake It Off" on repeat!

The "M by Mariah Carey" commercial was aired during the recent broadcast of House, MD (twice), Life (twice), Prison Break, and last night during Rove and Australian Idol.

Below are some photos taken by George at the Chadstone Shopping Centre: "M" billboard outside the Myer entrance, posters on the doors near the Myer entrance, "M" marshmallows.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | MC Down Under

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 08-Oct-2007, 1:57AM EDT

• Fashion Faceoff: Azzedine Alaia Dress. Who wore the dress best - Naomi Campbell, Mariah Carey or Victoria Beckham? Post your votes here!

• Attention UK fans: The Ultimate Tribute, a brand new live talent show on UK's BBC One, is looking for people who want to perform as one of the following musical icons: Elton John, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Freddie Mercury, Tom Jones, Cliff Richard, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cher, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Dusty Springfield. Auditions will be happening across the UK starting October 26th. More details here.

• Mariah was mentioned on the recent episode of To Buy Or Not To Buy on UK's BBC. While the house-hunting couple were viewing the conservatory of one property, bantering co-hosts Ed Hall & Kristian Digby monitored them from outside and when asked by Kristian what Ed would do with the space if he had the option, he replied that he would "replace the entire extension with glass so the lady of the house could sing in it." While Kristian berated him for his "preposterous nonsense;" Ed offered up the trivia that "Mariah Carey could (allegedly) open garage doors with her voice."

• Sky Showbiz wants to know, "Which is your fave celeb perfume?" Mariah with 22.7% of total votes is currently trailing behind Kylie Minogue with 27.1%. Vote for Mariah here!

• On October 23rd, Y'all Know What This Is...The Hits, a 10-song collection spanning a decade and a half of Jermaine Dupri's work – from Kris Kross' "Jump" in 1992, to Mariah Carey's Grammy Award-winning "We Belong Together" in 2005, and beyond – will arrive in stores on So So Def/Island Urban Music. [View track listing]

• Thanks to Arief for creating these lovely wallpapers for all of us!

• For the Brazilian fans, be sure to check out Mariah Futebol Clube, a site in Portuguese with news updated daily, charts information, virtual magazine, wallpapers and much more.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Joao | Erica | Darren | Andre | Italo | Arief

Rolling Stone 1990 Article: "Pop's New Vision"
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 07-Oct-2007, 8:01PM EDT
Here's an article from the 1990 issue of Rolling Stone that has a shot from the unreleased "Vision of Love" music video!

Pop's New Vision
"Mariah!" yells the director of photography. "Chin down and eyes open!"

It's the twenty-fifth take for a three-and-a-half-minute music video, but Mariah Carey still can't quite conquer the urge to just throw back her head and belt out the song, "Vision Of Love". With the kind of voice Carey's got, that's not hard to understand. "Mariah", says Tommy Mottola, president CBS Records, "is one of the greatest singers ever." [...]

Now, on a Saturday afternoon in May, on a soundstage in Long Island City, Carey stands on a 40-square-foot platform looking both young-girl gangly and young-chanteuse sexy in a tight black off-the-shoulder Norma Kamali dress. The director, a veteran of George Michael's butt-shaking "Faith" video, studies a monitor. Carey's caramel-colored face, half covered by her brown curly hair, breaks into a smile that leaps off the screen. She looks like she could break some hearts, but that will have to wait: "Vision Of Love" is coming up on the sound system again. Earlier, Carey explained that she'd written the song about realizing her dreams as a singer, not about any kind of romance. "Right now, music is my boyfriend." Was how she put it. Too bad. READ MORE »
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Scan: Kerry from MariahCareyCollection | Joao

Video of the Week: "Vision of Love" Live at Kulan, Sweden
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 07-Oct-2007, 7:56PM EDT
Thanks to Nicolas for sending in this week's Video of the Week.

"Vision of Love" Live at Kulan, Sweden, 1990
Mpg | Size: 35.4 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Nicolas

On The Cover Latest Addition: Mariah on FHM
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 07-Oct-2007, 6:47PM EDT
Super Star!
FHM (UK) - April 1999

Snakes alive! She's bigger than you thought - Sexier than you dreamed. FHM meets Mariah Carey in Miami

Americans have an obsession with statistics. "Lite" beer has 25 per cent less calories than its full-fat cousin; New York is the most densely populated city in the USA; two in every hundred Yanks are Jewish. They can spout on forever about boring ratios, incredible examples of standard deviation, and any good ol' boy with even half a brain could finger a pie chart depicting national obesity trends onto the bonnet of a dusty Chevy pick-up.

But of all their facts and figures, there's one that is truly amazing: Mariah Carey is the most successful female performer of the decade, selling more than a hundred million records. One hundred million is a number with eight noughts in it. That totals almost two records for every single person in the United Kingdom.

While undoubtedly a fairly colossal star in the UK - her last signing session at a London record store drew over 10,000 giddy fans - it's in Mariah's homeland where the brown-eyed beauty has notched up a status that is almost godlike. Thirteen of her singles have been American number ones - and were helpfully released before Christmas on the imaginatively titled No. 1's album, which includes the UK hits Without You, I'll Be There and One Sweet Day. Mariah doesn't mind those people who have dismissed these songs as lachrymose balladeering - "People can't like everything, right?" - claiming that for her part she often prefers some of the more beefy cuts which have peppered her albums...READ MORE »

Two other FHM covers from 2005 have also been added:
» World Exclusive: Mariah Carey (US, May 2005)
» Play It Again! (UK, June 2005)
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Scans: Kerry from MariahCareyCollection & Magda | Joao

Rumor Alert: Mariah To Appear On UK's The X Factor?
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 06-Oct-2007, 10:09AM EDT
Singing legend Michael Jackson is to star on The X Factor, we can reveal. He has agreed to be a mentor for the show broadcast on December 1. It is a huge coup both for the talent search show and ITV.

Celine Dion, Rihanna, Kylie, Shayne Ward, Leona Lewis, Westlife and Mariah Carey have also agreed to appear. They will spend several days with the finalists - helping them prepare their songs and fine-tune their voices. They will also perform one of their own songs.

Judges Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Sharon Osbourne have all done their bit to persuade stars to appear. Dannii has got big sister Kylie to be on the final show. The live programmes kick off on October 20 with Leona Lewis.

The source said: "There has been some top-level negotiating here. Everyone is absolutely delighted. "The contestants are better, the judging panel is bigger and better, so the celebrity guests had to be. This is going to be the best show on TV."
Source: The Sun UK

Video: Mariah's Glamour Cover on Access Hollywood
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 06-Oct-2007, 12:09AM EDT
From tonight's Access Hollywood:

Mariah Carey rocks a guitar - a Hello Kitty one that is. Mimi takes Glamour magazine inside her gold and pink- decorated New York triplex that includes a Hello Kitty-themed bathroom. And check out her closet - 3,000 square feet stocked with Christian Louboutin shoes and color-coordinated gowns.

Watch the Access Hollywood video on right or download a video file (Mpg, 4.7MB).

Also see:
» Glamour Interview: "Come on in! It's Mariah's house" (full interview)
» Glamour Video: "10 Random Facts About Mimi" (Mpg, 29.7MB)
Source: MariahDailyJournal

LIMHOF Induction Gala Tickets Now On Sale
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 05-Oct-2007, 5:05PM EDT
Tickets for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (LIMHOF) Second Annual Induction Gala are now on sale. The Sunday, October 21, 2007 award and music event takes place at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College CUNY, 65-30 Kissena Boulevard in Flushing, Queens.

Long Island Music Hall of Fame
Induction Awards
Sunday, October 21, 2007
Colden Auditorium, Queens College

3 PM Red Carpet (In front of Colden Auditorium)
5 PM - 8 PM Induction Awards
8 PM - 10:30 PM VIP Party

Tickets are priced at $495 for VIP (which includes Awards Ceremony and VIP dinner/reception afterwards) and $175 (Premium), $125 (Silver) and $50 (General) for Award Ceremony seating.

VIP Tickets are available through the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. Premium, Silver and General seating tickets are available for sale at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts box office at 718-793-8080 or online at Kupferberg Center.

The October 21 Gala begins at 3:00PM with a Red Carpet Arrival of inducted artists. Kupferberg Center doors open at 4:00PM. The Gala Awards Ceremony and Concert begins at 5:00PM and goes to approximately 8:00PM. Following the Awards Ceremony and Concert, there is a VIP Dinner and Reception for VIP Ticketholders.

Artists to be inducted include Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Aaron Copland, The Good Rats, The Ramones, Simon and Garfunkel, Blue Oyster Cult, Jean Ritchie, Carole King, Arlo Guthrie, Public Enemy, Kenny Vance, The Tokens, Guy Lombardo, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Bob Buchmann, LL Cool J, Eddie Money, Beverly Sills, Walter Becker, Pat Benatar, Barbra Streisand and Marvin Hamlisch.

Mariah in Magazines
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 05-Oct-2007, 3:03PM EDT
• From the October 15th issue of In Touch magazine.

» Why They Love Their Curves - an industry full of stick-thin stars, these women celebrate their hourglass figures! (The List, page 78)
10 Beyonce
9 America Ferrera
8 Carmen Electra
7 Jordin Sparks
6 Mariah Carey
5 Sara Ramirez
4 Jennifer Hudson
3 Catherine Zeta-Jones
2 Scarlett Johansson
1 Tyra Banks
6 Mariah Dresses To Impress
Although Mariah Carey recently lost 20 pounds, she's comfy with a curvy body. "I don't think I should be a size 0," she tells In Touch. "I'm not supposed to be a stick-figure girl, that's not who I am." Mariah, 38, likes to flaunt her hot body in "anything skimpy, which people give me such a hard time about," she says. "But I see it as playing dress up, like Barbies."

"I'm bad with the weight thing. I go up and down really quickly," Mariah says. "But I don't want to be a skinny twig."

» Purple Reigns For All (Winning Looks, page 90)
Second Skin
It takes a bold woman to pull off this curve-hugging Nile Cmylo gown. And Mariah Carey has the confidence -- and the body -- to make it work.

• From the October/November 2007 issue of Canada's Beauty & Health magazine, Glow.

A Star Is Born (Beauty Talk, page 42)
Channel your fave celeb's essence with the latest crop of glam and girlie scents - in equally decorated bottles. Mariah Carey and Kate Moss make their perfume debuts this fall, while Beyonce is the face of Armani's latest mix.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Butterfly 10th Year Anniversary Fanbook
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 05-Oct-2007, 3:01PM EDT
In conjunction with Butterfly's 10th year anniversary, we at Mariah Daily Journal thought it would be nice to share our appreciation for this awesome album by letting Mariah know of her fans' thoughts, inspirations, memories from Butterfly.

Did her coming out of the cocoon inspire you? Were you in tears when she sang "Close My Eyes" on the Rosie O'Donnell show? How did you feel when you first heard "Outside" or first saw the video to "The Roof"?

Send your letters & messages to Mariah at contact@mariahdaily.com. The deadline for sending your entries is October 31, 2007. After this date, we will put together all of your letters into a fanbook and deliver it to Mariah.

This is a great opportunity to send Mariah your message, you don't want to miss it!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Makes Billboard's Top Women of the Year List
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 05-Oct-2007, 12:24PM EDT
Billboard announced today that Judy McGrath, Chairman/CEO of MTV Networks tops their 2nd annual Women In Music list. The list of the top female music industry executives was revealed in the 2nd annual Billboard Women In Music issue, which hits newsstands today and at a breakfast to fete the honorees at CORE: in New York. Superstar Reba McEntire was presented the first ever Billboard Woman of the Year Award at the breakfast.

The list is decided based on the success each executive has achieved in the past year, their power status within their organization and track record of producing forward thinking initiatives. The women being honored include music television executives, label heads and other women who have proven to be innovators in the industry.

Billboard's Women in Music issue also includes a list of celebrities who have been selected for their prowess as business women. Billboard's first ever Woman of the Year, Reba McEntire tops the list, joined by Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Madonna and Mariah Carey.
Source: Businesswire | Joao

Mariah's Soundscan Sales
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Oct-2007, 6:25PM EDT
Mariah is getting closer and closer to the 50 million mark in career Soundscan sales. Take a look at Mariah's annual Soundscan sales for 2007 through the first three quarters of the year (January-September) and total career Soundscan sales at Michael's Beating The Charts column.

Also, in Michael's other entry, US album sales a thing of the past?, he poses the questions: Do you think there is something that can be done to revive dying US music sales or do you think there is no saving of US music sales? Let us know what you think by posting your comments here!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

BET J's "Timeless" To Feature Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Oct-2007, 3:45PM EDT
This fall season, the digital channel BET J launches a fresh, new slate of original shows, ground-breaking short films and returning favorites to explosively round out the year! One of the shows premiering this October is called "Timeless" in which Mariah Carey will be featured in a future episode!

TIMELESS, the ultimate musical journey that details the extraordinary lives and musical contributions of such artists as Babyface, Run DMC, Brian McKnight, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey and Queen Latifah. The first episode features legendary rapper and social activist KRS-One. Wednesday, October 10 at 9:30 p.m.; Thursday, October 11 at 3:00 p.m.; Sunday, October 14 at 9:30 a.m.; Tuesday, October 16 at 3:00 p.m.

About "Timeless"
Follow the careers of Timeless R&B artists through a timeline of albums and video highlights featuring recording sessions, performances and more from their beginnings to the present. You'll see tributes along the way from various celebrities who share memories and stories about each Timeless artist.

Note: We just got a confirmation that the BET J Timeless episode on Mariah Carey will air on Wednesday, December 12th at 9:30pm.

"Vocal Rest" Wins Honey B. Fly Design Contest
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Oct-2007, 2:03PM EDT

Congratulations to Andy (herolamb) on winning the Honey B. Fly (HBF) members only design contest.

The winning entry, "Vocal Rest" is pictured on right and its caption reads: "I'm not ignoring you, I'm on vocal rest," a term which Mariah's fans are familiar with. Andy explains his design choice: "Now you too can take a break from speaking with this great shirt without being rude. Be sure to have your flashcards handy."

As the winner of this contest, Andy will receive the following prizes from HBF:
» A 100 dollar gift certificate from the Fan Club store.
» An item from the store autographed by MC herself.
» The winning design will be available for all members to purchase in the
   Fan Club store at MariahCarey.com.

HBF Members, please be sure to vote in the new poll in "Mariah's VIP Forum" asking which merchandise item would you most like to have this design created on.

Glamour Interview: "Come on in! It's Mariah's house"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Oct-2007, 2:44AM EDT
The marble! The gold! The decor tricks you can steal! On the eve of her huge new album, surprisingly grounded superstar Carey opened her home and her heart to writer Carole Radziwill.

I have to confess: I had never met a diva before Mariah Carey. I wasn't even sure what one was, so I looked it up. First definition: a woman of outstanding and rare singing talent. Second definition: someone who is difficult to deal with. I'd met plenty of second-definition divas but never an actual one, so, naturally, I had outfit angst. What do you wear to meet a woman who sings in octaves most of us barely know exist? A ball gown? No, too dressy, plus mine has a burn on the sleeve. Jeans? No, too disrespectful. Red lipstick? No, too much. I settled on white pants, an AC/DC concert T-shirt and Chanel lip gloss. Meanwhile, Mariah answered the door herself, low-key, in a ponytail and pink hoodie. So this, I thought, is a diva?

And after spending two hours chatting with her at Tommy Hilfiger's beach house in East Hampton, New York, which Mariah had rented to work on her latest album (still unnamed as of press time), I realized the diva thing is only something we see on TV. In reality, this megastar was once a shy kid who was self-conscious about her multiracial identity, which marked her as different in the cookie-cutter suburbs of Long Island, New York, where she grew up. After what felt like a lifetime of hard knocks-her parents divorced when she was three years old and her mother moved the family from one place to another, sometimes barely making ends meet-she had her first best-selling album and her first seven-figure paycheck by 20, and a wedding train longer than Princess Di's at 23. (She married Tommy Mottola, then chairman of her record label's parent company, Sony Music, in 1993.) That may sound like a fairy tale, but Carey's the first to scoff at those who say it was--she paid her own way to the ball!

Her marriage ended in divorce in 1998. Then, in 2001, Mariah checked herself into a hospital for exhaustion, creating a tabloid frenzy. But two months later she was onstage again, serenading the nation at the 9/11 "America: A Tribute to Heroes" telethon. Now, at 37, she's sold 160 million albums worldwide, earned five Grammys and is tied for number-one hits in the United States with none other than Elvis Presley. Oh, and she launched her own M by Mariah Carey fragrance in September and is preparing for her new album tour. Privately, the star with a set of pipes and a sense of humor (she dubbed her home with ex Mottola "Sing Sing") has created her own paradise in New York's Tribeca neighborhood, where she moved in 2001. It's a triplex penthouse apartment decorated in shades of gold and pink, with framed family snapshots covering practically every surface. At the photo shoot, Mariah gave me a complete home tour and opened up about everything from her obsession with lounge chairs to her dysfunctional childhood and her current love life.

Thank God, I told her, for that childhood. Had she grown up like every other girl on Long Island, she probably wouldn't have had the ambition to make it so big.

GLAMOUR: I watched you on YouTube last night, singing "America the Beautiful" at the NBA finals in 1990-one of your earliest TV appearances [at age 20].
MARIAH CAREY: I was a little malnourished, wasn't I?

GLAMOUR: Yes, you looked like you weighed 80 pounds. And most of that was hair.
MC: [Laughs.] Well, I did my own hair then. No one even knew who I was! I was such a little girl.
GLAMOUR: How old were you when you got your first big paycheck?
MC: I was about 20. I went from having $5 to getting a publishing advance of $1 million.

GLAMOUR: Tell me about your so-called Cinderella story.
MC: [Laughs.] When Tommy [Mottola] signed me, I had two other record deals pending. I had already put in the hard work and I had my life planned but nobody likes to talk about that. I guess fairy tales make better stories.
GLAMOUR: Yes, they do. What advice would you give that little girl now? Or someone like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears who always seems to be messing up?
MC: I wouldn't want to speak to those people specifically, but I would say you need to be very centered, and spiritually know where you're at, all the time. Don't read the tabloids. Don't be obsessed with what people are writing or saying. Live your life for you. My lifestyle has changed since making it. It's not a financial struggle, but I'm still struggling in a lot of ways.

GLAMOUR: In what way?
MC: Early on in my career, because I had achieved material success and realized my dreams, I thought it was OK that I was unhappy in my personal life. It took me a long time to acknowledge that my feelings mattered. Now the struggle is to keep creating music I love. Even if that wasn't my job, it would be something that I would do, either write songs or poetry.
GLAMOUR: You've been writing since you were a kid.
MC: I started writing poetry when I was six. I had this teacher who didn't believe the poems I'd bring in were mine because they were dark and sad. But I wrote about what I experienced in my childhood. I felt really bizarre as a kid. Mostly because I come from an interracial family [Carey's mother is Irish and her father was African American and Venezuelan], and because we didn't have a lot of money and we moved around a lot. Living in the suburbs is a place that's all about fitting in. I remember after one particularly bad incident, one of my mother's friends said in front of me, "If this kid makes it, it will be a miracle." I'll never forget that moment. I think my ambition grew even more from there. So I guess I showed them that miracles are possible.

GLAMOUR: When you were a kid you wanted to be a genie. I laughed when I read that because I wanted to be a genie too. But you actually are a genie.
MC: [Laughs.] And today I have my genie ponytail hair. Wouldn't it be really hot if I could just blink and change my outfit right now? How amazing would that be!
GLAMOUR: [Laughs.] Seriously, in the abstract, a genie is someone who can will something to happen against all odds. You did that, sort of.
MC: Well, it's not just because of magic. I worked hard to make it happen. And I prayed and believed. I have a lot of faith in God.

GLAMOUR: When I read in The New Yorker that you hit one of the highest notes produced by a human voice that's ever been recorded [a G-sharp, three and a half octaves above middle C], I got a chill and it almost made me believe in magic. Your voice does have an otherworldly quality to it.
MC: Honestly, as a kid, and still today, I truly believe God is hearing my prayers. People either laugh or they understand it.
GLAMOUR: The first definition of diva is: a woman of rare and outstanding talent, pertaining to singing. So you're a diva and a genie!
MC: What's the second definition?

GLAMOUR: Someone who's very difficult to deal with.
MC: [Laughs.]
GLAMOUR: I would also call you a modern feminist, in that you challenge the universal definition of femininity.
MC: Meaning we can't all be size 0?

GLAMOUR: That, and you're a businesswoman who's not afraid to be sexy. I think there's a serious woman under all that hair and those outfit changes.
MC: I am serious. But I also have a self-deprecating sense of humor.
GLAMOUR: Yes, and it got you in trouble on MTV some years ago.
MC: That was blown so out of proportion. It was a skit where I pretended to strip but I was wearing three layers of clothes underneath this oversize T-shirt. It was meant to be funny! And now I realize I can't do that on TV.

GLAMOUR: Only boys get to do really stupid things on TV in the name of comedy.
MC: After that happened, and after the endless speculation about "Mariah's breakdown" I decided I was going to do whatever I needed to do to get myself to a place where I'm happy internally. I can't worry about what the world is saying about me.
GLAMOUR: I heard that your closet is about 3,000 square feet, which is bigger than my apartment. I just need to know how many times have you walked into that closet, looked around and said, "Dammit, I have nothing to wear?"
MC: [Laughs.] Every time I go in there. If I get photographed in something, I can't wear it again.

GLAMOUR: So how much of the closet consists of wearable clothes?
MC: Probably like one shelf.

GLAMOUR: OK, let's say you wake up in the morning and think, I want to wear that cute Chloe dress. Do you know where it is?
MC: [Laughs.] No, I don't. I'm always like, where are the bras? I have an entire separate lingerie closet.
GLAMOUR: You should do a lingerie line.
MC: I would love to. When it comes to lingerie, I know what I'm doing.

GLAMOUR: What about just everyday, what do you wear?
MC: Like seeing you today? I put on jeans because I figured we'd be inside, but whenever I'm outside I want to be in the hot tub. I am a water person. I would jump in the hot tub in the middle of our interview if it weren't so freakin' cold out! [Laughs.] But usually when I'm just hanging around, I wear boxers and a tank.
GLAMOUR: So you like lounge-y things. I noticed you have chaise lounges in every room of your apartment. There's even one in the kitchen!
MC: [Laughs.] If I'm "on" I have to sit up straight. The whole day you're concerned about every little movement, so it's very much a lounging moment when I'm home! I have a lounge chair in my bathroom.

GLAMOUR: [Laughs.] I saw that. That's where I'd be all the time. Lounging in the bathroom.
MC: I sleep there sometimes. If we have a late night, I'll run the bath and then never get in it.
GLAMOUR: Also, why all the huge flat-screen TVs? What are you watching?
MC: I love that show Brotherhood. I was obsessed with The Sopranos; I also like Curb Your Enthusiasm and old shows, like Good Times, shows that remind me of when I was growing up.

GLAMOUR: There's a screen in front of your hot tub.
MC: I know! But I watch stuff I'm working on. Instead of sitting in a boring regular room, I'd rather be on the roof in the hot tub writing my notes.
GLAMOUR: Answer quickly: How many bathrooms in your apartment?
MC: [Laughs.] I don't know! Do you want me to really try and think about it?

GLAMOUR: [Laughs.] No, no. There are so many I figured you wouldn't know. There's also a Marilyn Monroe bathroom. Do you identify with her?
MC: When I was little, I watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on TV. She's in the pink outfit, and I was like, "Wow!" and was transfixed. She was a great comedian; a lot of people don't realize that the dumb blond thing was an act. Marilyn had difficult hair as well. [Laughs.]
GLAMOUR: She maintained a childlike quality even as a woman. So do you.
MC: It's something that I can't help. That's why I'm always saying I'm eternally 12.

GLAMOUR: I'm curious about that. Since your own childhood was a mess, what was Mariah like at 12?
MC: Mariah at 12 was a wreck. I accidentally dyed my hair orange. I shaved my eyebrows. Wore blue eyeliner. Disgusting!
GLAMOUR: So you went through the whole ugly stage like all of us.
MC: I guess so. I think back now and I was just trying to be glamorous.

GLAMOUR: You seem like you're in a really good place in your life--do the songs on your new album reflect that?
MC: What's clear on this album is that nobody is holding me back from writing. It's real-life experiences, and there's a lot of humor in it.
GLAMOUR: On your last album you were "emancipated." Was that also autobiographical?
MC: Kind of. But I have an album called Butterfly that is much more autobiographical. There is a song called "Close My Eyes," which I wrote over a period of four years, and it says a lot about my childhood.

GLAMOUR: You express love brilliantly in your songs. Have you ever been in love?
MC: I think I've certainly romanticized relationships to believe it's love. A lot of people tell me they used one of my songs on their wedding day, so I must know something about it! [Laughs.] But I don't know if it's for me.
MC: I'm scared of being too vulnerable. That I know for certain. Someone has to understand my struggle and my journey; to know who I am in my soul, not who I am on TV and after a long day.

GLAMOUR: Do you believe there is such a thing as sustainable love?
MC: With a human being I don't know, but definitely with a pet. [Laughs.] I don't think I've ever experienced a relationship of the caliber I write about in my love songs. There are songs I've written about certain people that it's obvious I felt, "Wow, this is the real thing, this person definitely has to be for me." And it didn't turn out that way. The Butterfly album is full of them.
GLAMOUR: Are you seeing someone special now?
MC: I don't go out much. I'm also not promiscuous. If I went out with everyone the press said I did, I'd never have time to write or sing.

GLAMOUR: Do you like dating?
MC: I don't even know what dating is.
GLAMOUR: I've heard it's when you go to dinner with a guy, he pays, and then there's pressure at the end to kiss him.
MC: [Laughs.] Right. Oh, I never really had that sort of date.

GLAMOUR: Do you think you will ever get married again?
MC: I would if I felt the other person loved the real me, or if I wanted to have children.
GLAMOUR: It's easy to lose yourself in someone, sometimes.
MC: I wouldn't mind losing myself a little with someone, but not right now. My life is too consuming.

Source: Glamour | Scans & Text: MariahDailyJournal

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 03-Oct-2007, 4:45PM EDT
• Update on Mariah's Oct. 23rd in-store appearance at Macy's New York: Macy's has increased the number of passes they're giving away to customers who purchase the "M by Mariah Carey" package #1 between Oct. 19 and Oct. 23 - the first 250 (was 200) customers will receive tickets to get Mariah's autographs. Those who signed-up to receive information about the event will get call backs either Sunday, Oct. 14 or Monday, Oct. 15th. The Oct. 23rd event will start promptly at 5:00pm.

• In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Dre of the hip-hop production duo Cool & Dre, has mentioned once again their collaboration with Mariah on her new album: "We are working with Mariah Carey, Usher, Lil' Mama."

• Mariah was mentioned on the new CBS Latino drama series "Cane" last night. One of the main characters who has a club was sitting around the dinner table with his whole family and he asks them to guess who he just got to sing at his club and everyone starts guessing, and someone shouted out "Mariah Carey" among a list that included Celine Dion and Clay Aiken.

• Canada's Shopper Drug Mart's flyer for week Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007 to Friday, Oct. 05, 2007, features "M by Mariah Carey" as one of the items "to refresh your look for fall."

• On the TV show Jub Khaw Kui, Mariah's "Hero" was played in the background during a tribute to a Thai officer who was injured in action. You can watch a video here.

• SweetMariah's Gallery board is now open for members to join and has a new design. Congratulations to Kerry, Elise and Kat!

• Thanks to Vivian from the Dutch Mariah fansite, Mariah Carey Lately for sharing her wallpapers with us.

• DJ Richard Liguori has now made his remix of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" available for download exclusively at his MySpace music page.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Marc | Moony | Simona | Mariah Pantip | Joao | Richard | Vivian | Kerry

VIBE's The Ultimate 90: Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 02-Oct-2007, 12:02PM EDT
From the November 2007 issue of VIBE magazine, page 102.


Anticipating the follow-up to her larger-than-life The Emancipation of Mimi (Island, 2005), we've compiled the most essential moments of Mariah Carey's unforgettable 17-year career. Because, unlike your current girlfriend, Ms. Mariah doesn't have -- and has never had -- an expiration date. by Julianne Shepherd

BUSTA RHYMES FEAT. MARIAH CAREY AND THE FLIPMODE SQUAD - "I Know What You Want" from It Ain't Safe No More (J, 2002)
Flanking Busta's come-hither raps, Mimi masters love's mystery on this slithery post-Glitter comeback.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ - "Say Something (So So Def Remix)" (Island/Def Jam, 2006)
Pharrell co-produced the original, but M.C. plus J.D. is a magic equation: Jermaine Dupri bests the Neptunes with a breezy club synth that gilds Mariah's brave come-on, resung for the new beat.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. PUFF DADDY, MASE, AND THE LOX - "Honey (Bad Boy Remix)" (Columbia, 1997)
The Treacherous Three's 1980 "The Body Rock" gets the Puff treatment on this banner Bad Boy extravaganza, proving she's hip hop through and through.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. JADAKISS - "Miss You" from the The Remixes (Sony, 2003)
She makes such an impact when she sings of nostalgia. The Jay-to-the-muah cosign crowned her a de facto D-Block debutante.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. CAM'RON AND JUELZ SANTANA - "Your Girl (Dipset Remix)" (mixtape, 2006)
Cam turns an otherwise decent roller-rink track into a meeting of don't-love-ya swag and lady-lover passion. The pathos!

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. JAY-Z AND FREEWAY - "You Got Me" from Charmbracelet (Island, 2002)
Just Blaze's epic beats demand greatness, and Mariah's one of a few who can live up. Her delivery on this crush-ode withers the gritty Roc stars, reducing Free to Winnie the Pooh references -- and Jay to opening his wallet.

MARIAH CAREY - "Emotions" from Emotions (Columbia, 1991)
She hit a G No. 7 -- one of the highest notes on the piano -- on this Sheila Hutchinson-worthy discotheque classic.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. BOYZ II MEN - "One Sweet Day" from Daydream (Columbia, 1995)
An impassioned eulogy recorded around the time of the passing of David Cole of Clivilles & Cole, Mimi's friend and former producer.

MARIAH CAREY - "I'll Be There" from MTV Unplugged (Columbia, 1992)
In this live cover, Mariah matches the passion of a Jackson. Shout out to background lifer Trey Lorenz.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY - "Breakdown (Mo' Thugs Remix)" from Butterfly (Columbia, 1997)
With staccato arrangements and slices of heaven on her tongue, Mariah transcends genre on her first collabo with Bone Thugs.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. BABYFACE - "Never Forget You" from Music Box (Columbia, 1993)
Her piercing vocals amplify Babyface's signature indelible melodies.

(Columbia, 1995)
By cribbing from Tom Tom Club's chirpy 1981 "Genius of Love," Mariah ensures dance-floor longevity, while the late O.D.B. shouts out a random assortment of cities and continents (Sacramento?).

MARIAH CAREY - "Vision of Love" from Mariah Carey (Columbia, 1990)
Her first single -- and who can forget the first time they heard that highest register, that emotional quiver, those forceful pipes? What soul!

MARIAH CAREY - "Petals" from Rainbow (Columbia, 1999)
Sung as if through tears, this low, sorrowful ballad captures the turmoil of years gone by.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. DRU HILL - "The Beautiful Ones" from Butterfly (Columbia, 1997)
Trading verses and moans, this quintet aches with a tension that could make Prince blush.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. JERMAINE DUPRI AND LIL' BOW WOW - "All I Want For Christmas Is You (So So Def Remix)" from Greatest Hits (Sony, 2001)
ATL bounce, gospel back-up, glossy arrangement -- you can almost smell the chestnuts.

MARIAH CAREY - "Shake It Off" from The Emancipation of Mimi (Island, 2005)
This is the original "Irreplaceable" and the only anthem for any girl who's had to dump a fool.

MARIAH CAREY - "I Don't Wanna Cry" from Mariah Carey (Columbia, 1990)
In one of her first break-up ballads, she strikes a perfect balance between vocal ability and emotional rawness.

(unreleased, 2005)
An Emancipation outtake 'net-leaked in '07. The '70s soul production inspires Mimi to channel Michael, Smokey, and Marvin.

MARIAH CAREY FEAT. USHER - "How Much" from Rainbow (Columbia, 1999)
Subtle and breathy, the R&B superstars sweat with real, on-mic chemistry.

Mariah is also mentioned on page 38, November Playlist - the soundtrack to this month's issue:

"Without You" (Columbia)
"Open Arms" (Columbia)
"Irresistible" feat. Westside Connection (Island)
"Loverboy" (Virgin)
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: 10 Random Facts About Mimi
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 01-Oct-2007, 8:03PM EDT
Click here to watch Mariah's "10 Things You Don't Know About Me" from Glamour.com or download a video file below.

Number 1: I shouldn't be doing this right now. I have a cold right now.

Number 2 is that I can't spell.

Number 3: I always had a cheat list in school if I could get away with it. It wasn't this big like, 'here's my cheat list,' but it would be little and I would probably put it in here or something (points to her chest).

Number 4: The people that work with me, we just love each other.

Number 5: I can't do anything mathematical.

Number 6: I have 500 hours of beauty school.

Number 7: One of the things people don't know about me is that I can just make people appear at the drop of a hat. (Mariah's friends pop on screen). Is that an amazing trait that I have?

Number 8: I love folks that really have a strong sense of who they are.

Number 9: What you really don't know that it's 3 a.m. and we're about to go finish a song.

Number 10: I'm working on my new album, which is...as yet untitled. Don't write that title because that's not the actual title, okay? So I don't need to see somebody coming out with "As Yet Untitled," copying the Rainbow album.

10 Random Facts About Mimi, Glamour Magazine
Mpg | Size: 29.7MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Glamour | MariahDailyJournal | Access Hollywood

Mariah On The Cover of the New Glamour
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 01-Oct-2007, 4:37PM EDT
Mariah graces the cover of the November 2007 issue of Glamour magazine which is available on newsstands now!

Below are scans of the cover and the 7-page cover story entitled, "Come on in! It's Mariah's house". Many thanks to Simon for sharing his scans with us!

Full scans will be posted soon. Stay tuned!
Source: Glamour | Simon

"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD - European Release
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 01-Oct-2007, 3:33PM EDT
An update from the Universal Music Group International (UMGI) as of October 1, 2007 now reveals the title of the new Mariah DVD as "The Adventures of Mimi." The European release date of November 19, 2007, as previously reported, stays the same.

Artist /
Release Date
Mariah Carey /
The Adventures of Mimi
00 6025 175 179-1 22DVDV-ANTSC 2 x DVD9 deluxe19-Nov-2007
Mariah Carey /
The Adventures of Mimi
00 6025 175 179-5 02DVDV-AAmaray19-Nov-2007

More details will be posted as soon as they become available.
Source: UMGI | Johny

New Polls
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 01-Oct-2007, 2:49AM EDT
Thanks to everyone who participated in our last poll, What is your favorite Butterfly song? The final results showed "The Roof," "Breakdown, "Butterfly," "Outside," and "My All" as the Top 5 fan favorites, respectively. Complete results are below:

» The Roof - 14% (917 votes)
» Breakdown - 14% (895 votes)
» Butterfly - 14% (891 votes)
» Outside - 14% (890 votes)
» My All - 13% (829 votes)
» Whenever You Call - 9% (551 votes)
» Close My Eyes - 8% (499 votes)
» Honey - 6% (398 votes)
» The Beautiful Ones - 4% (229 votes)
» Babydoll - 2% (148 votes)
» Fourth of July - 2% (146 votes)
» Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) - 1% (49 votes)
  Total Votes: 6442

Two, yes two, new polls are now available for this month of October!

Our first poll asks: What is your favorite live performance from the Butterfly era? If you haven't had the chance to see the videos to the performances listed, you can download them all here.

Do you own an iPod? We know that every other fan plays his/her Mariah music and/or videos on iPod. If you're one of the many owners of an iPod, please take a moment and let us know the kind you have in our second poll: Which iPod do you own?

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April 27, 2015
New Single Release: "Infinity"

#1's Kickoff Event
Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, NV

May 6, 2015
#1's Opening Night
Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, NV

May 18, 2015
#1 To Infinity CD Release

July 8, 2015
#1's July leg begins
Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, NV

August 28, 2015
#1 To Infinity Vinyl Release

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Billboard Music Awards
8 pm ET/PT -- ABC

Monday, May 18, 2015
Syndicated - Click here to check local listings.

Jimmy Kimmel Live
11:35 pm ET/PT -- ABC

Friday, May 22, 2015
Live With Kelly & Michael
9 am ET/PT -- ABC


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