October 2008

Video: Mariah's Halloween Fire Truck Controversy
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 31-Oct-2008, 10:18PM EDT
From today's Inside Edition:
Mariah Carey put on a costume to salute firefighters but her entrance on a fire truck led to some questions. It's the Mariah Carey Halloween stunt causing controversy. It looks like the sexy songstress is getting a ride from the New York City Fire Department but was she breaking the law? Mariah threw a Halloween party donning a revealing red bikini top and sparkly red lingerie underneath her firefighter's jacket. She and husband Nick Cannon climbed aboard fire engine no. 99 but it turns out it's not really part of the fleet, just a rental hired to drive the diva around Manhattan. Controversy extinguished.

Mariah's Halloween Fire Truck Controversy, Inside Edition, Oct. 31, 2008
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Photos: Mariah & Nick's Halloween Party
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 31-Oct-2008, 1:29AM EDT
Mariah & Nick arrived at their Halloween Eve Costume Party, donning firefighters' gear, at New York City's Marquee on Wednesday, October 30, 2008. Mariah changed into her chocolate chip cookies costume later in the night.

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Video: "I'll Be There" Live at Spirit of Life Gala
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 31-Oct-2008, 12:45AM EDT

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To the right is a 3-min video clip of Mariah and Trey Lorenz performing "I'll Be There" live at the Spirit of Life gala in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday, October 15th.

Many thanks to singer/songwriter Lisa Lavie for sending this video exclusively to MariahDailyJournal! Lisa's debut album entitled Everything or Nothing, due out in stores early next year, is now available exclusively on iTunes. You can listen to one of the tracks, "Can't Sleep At Night" here and for more of Lisa's music, be sure to visit her YouTube channel.
Source: Lisa Lavie | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Endorses Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 31-Oct-2008, 12:31AM EDT

"Hi, I'm Mariah Carey and I am voting for Barack Obama because he is like a beacon of hope who represents change for a better America."

Download this video here.
Source: TeamObama | Maggie

Videos: Mariah on Rachael Ray Show
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Oct-2008, 11:59PM EDT

Mariah on Rachael Ray Show - October 30, 2008
Download Format: DVD (407MB) | VCD (203MB)

Backstage Interview, Rachael Ray Show - RachaelRay.com
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Mariah To Perform at Reggae Sunsplash Musicfest?
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Oct-2008, 4:15PM EDT
The 2009-2010 Reggae Sunsplash Music Festival will be celebrating its proud legacy with the staging of star studded festivals in Florida and Brazil. Founder Tony Johnson and his company, Junction, have teamed with Bill Walker of BWPresents and Morgan Carey of Digital Riddims Inc. to illuminate the historic brand, most often associated with the timeless performances of pioneers including Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Steel Pulse, Stevie Wonder and others.

Reggae Sunsplash music festivals (2009-2010) will feature chart topping mainstream superstars and a virtual who's who in reggae music. Some of the performers who have indicated their interest to hit the stage at the festival include Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, No Doubt, Sly and Robbie, Burning Spear, Willie Nelson, Beres Hammond, Black Uhuru, and Half Pint.
Source: EURweb | Joao

EW.com Reviews "I Stay In Love" Video
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Oct-2008, 12:09PM EDT
Mariah Carey, "I Stay in Love"
by Michael Slezak, EW.com

Concept: Vegas showgirl's longing for and jealousy over her fit, fabulous ex-beau reaches boiling point, results in vehicular explosion.

Plusses: Gorgeous cinematography, hot boots, and let's be honest, Mariah's bod looks totally smokin', even if her entire wardrobe should be donated to a charity benefiting teenage strumpets and/or truck-stop hookers. Also: That Wentworth Miller 2.0 ain't hard on the eyes, either.

Minuses: Murky plotting and many burning questions: How come Mariah's showgirl moves are so lethargic? Why does Mariah drive to the middle of the desert to explode the car, then leave herself stranded? How come the one-time happy couple's bed is also located in the middle of the desert? Plus, there's that played-out "diva driving with the top down" device again!

Accompanying song: A slower, less addictive variation on "We Belong Together"

Take the EW.com polls. "Which diva has the hottest VIDEO?" and "Which diva has the hottest SONG? Mariah, Christina or Hilary? Click here, scroll down to the bottom of page, and vote for Mariah! Christina is currently leading in both polls.
Source: EW.com | Jason

Support "I Stay In Love"
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 29-Oct-2008, 9:21PM EDT
"I Stay In Love" debuted at #9 on today's 106 & Park's "Top 10 Live" countdown! Great job, everyone!

BET's 106 & Park
Vote online or call 1-800-617-LIVE (5483). BET's 106 & Park airs Monday-Friday, 6:00pm ET/PT.

VH1 - Top 20 Video Countdown
Vote online here. Enter "Mariah Carey" and "I Stay In Love" to add as your wildcard then drag and drop it into the number 1 spot to the right. The Top 20 Countdown airs on VH1 every Saturday. Check your local listings here.

Keep on watching the video only at Yahoo! Music and AOL Music. Billboard has expanded its Hot 100 formula to include weekly streamed and on-demand music data from these two prominent sources of online music.

Call your local radio stations today! You may use our Radio Request page to find your station's contact information. You can also check our Online Request page for quick links to request or vote for "I Stay In Love" online.

The song is available for download at iTunes.
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Video: Rachael Ray Show Commercial
Posted by Casey on Wednesday, 29-Oct-2008, 9:16PM EDT

[ Download this video ]

Earlier today, CBS aired a commercial for tomorrow's episode of the Rachael Ray Show with Mariah (right).

Catch Mariah on Rachael Ray!
Mariah taped an episode of the The Rachael Ray Show last week that will air on Thursday, October 30, so be sure to mark your calendars and tune in to see if our glamorous newlywed picks up any helpful cooking tips from Rachael Ray. You can catch them chatting about Mariah's Luscious Pink fragrance dress contest, her upcoming worldwide tour, costume options for Halloween and the new addition to the Cannon household. Mariah fans won't want to miss this flantastic episode. Click here for showtimes.

From tonight's Entertainment Tonight:
The Grammy winner reveals the career she skipped. Rachael: "Mariah Carey would be a hairdresser and make-up artist." Mariah: "I went to Beauty School!" Tha newlywed also has a new fragrance Luscious Pink and a contest on her website, MariahCareyBeauty.com where fans can enter to design a dress for her to wear on tour.

Mariah on Rachael Ray Sneak Preview - ET, Oct. 29, 2008
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Official Mariah Carey Newsletter

Mariah Still Undecided on a Halloween Costume
Posted by Casey on Wednesday, 29-Oct-2008, 6:13PM EDT
Over the years, Mariah Carey has dressed as a lot of different characters for Halloween: a mermaid, a nurse, a showgirl.

But this year, she's stumped: She and husband Nick Cannon "are going to do the whole thing together," she says on Thursday's Rachael Ray Show.

Their options? "One is a sexy firefighter. He can be a regular firefighter guy," she says. "Then we have an Egyptian."

Their third idea? "It takes a little imagination here," Carey tells Ray. "I would be chocolate chip cookies. "It's just like a two-piece little number, and it's made out of the chocolate chip cookie fabric," she says. "Then you have actual cookies sewn on."

And is Cannon a glass of milk then, Ray asks. "He made this up and he was only kidding, but I liked it," says Carey, adding, "he would be a milk carton with a missing sign over his head."

Carey and Cannon wed this past April in a hush-hush ceremony in the Bahamas. Was it hard for Cannon, 28, to get up the courage to ask Carey, 39, out?

Not really. He always told reporters she was his celeb crush. "He feels like he spoke us into existence," Carey tells Ray. "Backstage at an award show, I said, 'Thanks for all the nice things you have been saying about me!' and he said he meant every word of it. That was our first introduction and when we were doing the video ("Bye Bye"), it just seemed like we knew each other forever."
Source: US Weekly

Press Release: Total Finale Live Takes a Look Back at TRL
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 29-Oct-2008, 3:23PM EDT
After ten years and more than 2200 shows, "Total Request Live" has been the premier destination for first looks at new videos, amazing performances by chart topping musicians, appearances of established and up-and-coming actors, and exclusive music news. MTV will pay tribute to the legendary countdown show with a send off like no other on Sunday, November 16th beginning at 8:00pm ET/PT, with "TRL's" original host Carson Daly and current host Damien Fahey set to helm the finale. The celebration will feature top-billed performances, guest appearances from music and movie stars, and a look back at the best moments on afternoon TV.

Aside from performers and countdowns, another "TRL" staple has always been the guest appearances and "Total Finale Live" will be no exception. Diddy, whose 36 appearances on "TRL" stands as the current record, will return to the studio once more, and Mariah Carey and her five octave voice will stop by to discuss the influence that "TRL" had on her mind-blowing career. Country music chart-topper Taylor Swift and pop starlet Hilary Duff will join rappers Ludacris, Nelly and Snoop Dogg along with rock music's Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, and Korn's Jonathan Davis to talk about their most memorable "TRL" moments.
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Mariah Carey Talks Married Life!
Posted by Casey on Wednesday, 29-Oct-2008, 9:57AM EDT

[ Download this video ]
We've got music superstar Mariah Carey backstage after her big appearance on Thursday's "Rachael Ray." The singing powerhouse is dishing to ET about everything from her marriage to actor Nick Cannon, to how to maintain a good relationship, to her favorite dish to make for him -- linguini with white clam sauce!

"Married life is great. [Nick] is a great person. He's very smart, he's very loving. He's [a] caring, incredible person. We have fun, that's the thing. We just have a great time together."

She also talks about her new fragrance Luscious Pink, and about her exciting new contest for fans: "I love to get my fans involved in what I do whenever I possibly can. So this time around with Luscious Pink coming out ... they can design a dress for me," she says.

Mariah will wear the winning dress at an event and will then auction it off, with proceeds going to breast cancer awareness. To submit your design idea and to learn more Luscious Pink go to www.mariahcareybeauty.com. And catch Mariah Thursday on "Rachael Ray."

Video: Mariah on E! News
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 29-Oct-2008, 12:23AM EDT

E! News Visits the "I Stay In Love" Video Shoot - Oct. 28, 2008
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Mariah to Grace MTV's TRL Finale?
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Oct-2008, 6:59PM EDT
On the bittersweet TRL finale on Sunday, November 16, Backstreet Boys will perform live again on the TRL stage, one last time before the TRL lights go dark forever.

Also, don't miss performances by Fall Out Boy, Beyonce, and Ludacris, and appearances by Mariah Carey, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Benji and Joel Madden, Fred Durst, Jonathan Davis of Korn and more!
Source: MTV

Mariah on E! News Tonight
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Oct-2008, 2:10PM EDT
Want a glimpse at some behind the scenes footage from the set of Mariah's recent video shoot for "I Stay In Love"? Then tune in to E! News tonight at 7:00pm and again at 11:00pm. E! packed their bags and headed to Vegas to capture their exclusive footage and chat with the one and only Mimi.

"I Stay In Love" Video World Premiere on Access Granted
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Oct-2008, 2:44AM EDT

"I Stay In Love" Behind-The-Scenes - BET Access Granted, Oct. 27, 2008
Download Format: DVD | VCD | iPod Video

"I Stay In Love" Music Video - BET Access Granted, Oct. 27, 2008
Download Format: DVD | VCD | iPod Video
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Reddick Talks About Mariah's Tennessee Performance
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Oct-2008, 2:38AM EDT
Music diva Mariah Carey became the laughingstock of the acting world when she starred in the box-office bomb "Glitter" -- but her performance as a battered wife in the forthcoming "Tennessee" won kudos at the Tribeca Film Festival. Her costar Lance Reddick is eager for the movie to be sprung on the public Dec. 19.

"I think people are going to be very surprised. I thought she was wonderful. She was really, really serious about the work. I saw the film for the second time recently, and I was able to see a lot of the subtlety of her performance," extols the actor, who plays her controlling husband in the flick about two brothers who drive from New Mexico to Tennessee in search of their estranged father.

"There's no comparison," he adds of her previous acting experiences. And, referring to the filmmaker behind "Monster's Ball" and "The Woodsman," Reddick adds, "The other thing to remember is that this is a Lee Daniels film. He's a very serious filmmaker, and every film he does he tackles very important social issues."

Carey's reportedly already lined up for a second feature for Daniels -- "Push," about a Harlem social worker -- and has a Yuletide movie musical in development for herself.

Mariah on BET J's Timeless?
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 27-Oct-2008, 5:49PM EDT
It looks like Timeless: Mariah Carey will finally air on the digital channel BET J. According to VH1's Rock On TV channel schedule for BET J, the Mariah Carey special will premiere on Friday, October 31 at 10:00pm ET, and repeat on Sunday, November 2 at 2:00pm ET.

About "Timeless"
Follow the careers of Timeless R&B artists through a timeline of albums and video highlights featuring recording sessions, performances and more from their beginnings to the present. You'll see tributes along the way from various celebrities who share memories and stories about each Timeless artist.
Source: VH1

Couples Watch: Nick & Mariah
Posted by Casey on Monday, 27-Oct-2008, 8:16AM EDT
Mariah Carey, sharing a musical reunion with husband Nick Cannon at the Delano Hotel in Miami after spending the evening apart. The couple had fun singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" and "were so cute," an onlooker tells us. Cannon had been working for the night - deejaying at a BlackBerry party at hot spot Prive - while Carey and her small entourage enjoyed their time off, sipping pinot grigio at The Florida Room inside the Delano.

Related Article:
Mariah sips while hubby Nick spins (Miami Herald)
Source: People

Rumor Mill: Mariah signs up for X Factor
Posted by Casey on Sunday, 26-Oct-2008, 10:26PM EDT
Mariah Carey has signed up to appear on The X Factor next month.

The diva will sing her new track I Stay In Love on the November 8 show.

An X Factor source said: "Simon loves Mariah - he's always comparing acts to her. And finally all the compliments have paid off. It's amazing to have such a big name singing on a British talent show."

And thrilled ITV bosses are expecting ratings to go through the roof. Our source added: "Mariah is one of the most successful female artists of all time. It's going to blow Strictly Come Dancing out the water."

Will Young is next week's guest as the nine remaining acts sing disco tracks.
Source: The Sun

Mariah Carey's Secret Talent
Posted by Casey on Saturday, 25-Oct-2008, 8:53PM EDT
It's the Mariah Carey exclusive! The chart-topping star is dropping by and sharing her hidden talents! The megastar opens up about her rules to live by, her secret talent, and the whirlwind romance with her new husband.

Don't miss Mariah on the Rachael Ray Show Thursday, October 30th at 9:00am ET on CBS!

News Tidbits
Posted by Casey on Saturday, 25-Oct-2008, 5:15PM EDT
• Mariah's festive classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is currently #1 on iTunes' Top Holiday Songs chart! Also on the same chart are "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" at #71 and "O Holy Night" at #82. Merry Christmas is currently #33 on the Top Holiday Albums chart.

• Reminder: Please continue to vote for Mariah to win Favorite Female Artist - Pop or Rock Music and Favorite Album - Soul/Rhythm & Blues Music at this year's American Music Awards. The ceremony will take place at the NOKIA Theatre L.A. and air live on Sunday, November 23rd, 8:00-11:00pm ET on ABC.

• Tonight on The X Factor, the remaining ten acts reunited with the members of Girlband and Bad Lashes to perform their cover of Mariah's "Hero" (right). Their rendition is being released as the show's first ever charity single with proceeds benefiting Help For Heroes and the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal. The single is now available on iTunes UK and will be released in stores on Monday. "I just hope everybody downloads this song and makes it number one next week," said judge Louis Walsh. "It's just a fantastic song, it's very emotional. Everybody should do it, it's worth it."

Art World Goes Glam at Whitney
Ingrid Sischy, international editor of "Vanity Fair" (and former editor-in-chief of "Interview" and onetime editor of "Artforum") pals around with celeb couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

• Click here to watch a video of Mariah arriving at and leaving the Good Morning America studio in New York City on Monday, October 20th.

• According to reports, Benny Medina's management company, Handprint Entertainment, is closing. As previously reported (Sept. 10), Mariah is now representing herself though plans to continue working with Medina on current and future projects.

• Yahoo! Shine ranks Mariah #5 for their top 10 celebrity comebacks of all time.

• Japan:
Mariah's "E=MC² Adventure Box," originally scheduled to be released on December 3rd, has been pushed back by two weeks. HMV Japan has the box set, now scheduled for release on December 17th, available for pre-order.

• Turkey:
Below, find scans of The Ballads out in November.

• Singapore:
The Ballads is out now and available at HMV stores. The compilation retails for SGD$16.95 and includes "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as a bonus track.

E=MC² has re-entered the HMV charts at #32.

• Italy:
The Ballads is out now and can be purchased here.

• Philippines:
The Ballads is out now!

A spoof of Mariah's "Emotions" was featured on the Friday, October 17th episode of Bubble Gang. Click here to watch a clip.

• Thailand:
Below, find scans of the "Just Stand Up!" enhanced CD single. In addition to the studio version, the single also includes the all-star live TV performance from the Stand Up To Cancer telethon. Amazon.com has the single for sale as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the live performance. Check it out!

• Portugal:
Mariah is featured on the cover of the September 23rd issue of Certa, a magazine distributed for free. The title on the cover says, "I'm an eternal teenager." See scans below.

• Spain:
To the right is a scan from the October 22nd issue of OK! magazine's Spanish edition.

• Australia:
Mariah came in at #6 on this week's 20 to 01 countdown which focused on amazing celebrity comebacks.

• China:
Universal Music Group in Hong Kong now has a mini-site for Luciano Pavarotti's forthcoming compilation release, The Duets, which includes the live performance of "Hero" with Mariah in 1999. Check it out, and while you're there watch the TV commercial.

• Romania:
Click on the thumbnails below to view scans of an article about Mariah in the October 20th issue of Libertatea.

Mariah Mentions
• From Billboard's Chart Beat: Finally, Spears is one of just a small group of artists who have spent time at No. 1 on the Hot 100 in the 20th and 21st centuries. The other members of this elite club are Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Usher and Mariah Carey. Justin Timberlake and Krayzie Bone have No. 1s in this century as solo artists and in the last century as members of groups - 'N Sync and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, respectfully.

• From Pitchfork: One of my favorite vocal moments of 2008 is Mariah Carey's descending line after the chorus in "Cruise Control", then she sings "Can't nobody can't nobody tell me nuthin'", where she's all of a sudden playful and disarmingly human. Yeah, Mariah Carey can sing, no revelation there.

• On the October 18th episode of The X Factor, Simon Cowell and the other judges mentioned Mariah after contestant Alexandra Burke performed a familiar version of "I'll Be There" (right).

• From This is Bristol: The 12 finalists on The X Factor, including Girlband, will on Saturday perform a version of Mariah Carey's Hero. The song will be released next week to raise money for the Help for Heroes campaign, which supports injured soldiers from current conflicts in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

• The staff at Asia Pacific Arts, an online magazine, recently compiled a list of what they consider director Joseph Kahn's top ten music videos. Mariah's "Boy (I Need You)" was included as an honorable mention.

A clear extension of Janet's "Doesn't Really Matter," though here, Kahn's awareness of Japanese pop culture is much more apparent. And Torque star Will Yun Lee makes a much-appreciated cameo.

• From Jamaica Observer: The line-up hasn't yet been finalised but our usually reliable sources have confirmed that Reggae Sunsplash will be playing select dates in the US and Brazil in early 2009. The names being banded about include The Wailers, Lenny Kravitz, and Half Pint. My good friend Morgan Carey, brother of pop diva Mariah Carey, is one of the persons involved in the project. I will provide more details next week.

Fans' Corner
• Michael and Ryan both paid tribute to Mariah by getting tattoos. Take a look!

• Thanks to Boudi, Jeramiah, Michelle and RJ for creating the wonderful 1024x768 wallpapers and artwork below!

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Laura | Digital Spy | Maggie | Ylemram | Raymond | Nelson | MariahTurkiye | Hairul | Andy | Marcello | Ken | Rouge | Roadster | topmariah | Manuela | Michael | Bernard | Roxana | Allan | Videeyoh | Alison | Michael | Ryan | Boudi | Jeramiah | Michelle | RJ

Ryan Adams: Mariah's 'Records Are Masterpieces'
Posted by Casey on Saturday, 25-Oct-2008, 8:31AM EDT
After recently citing Mariah as a musical influence in a feature for Rolling Stone (see here), singer-songwriter Ryan Adams once again offered strong praise when asked what he's been listening to lately during a phone interview with the New York Times.

I feel like Mariah is loosening up, finding herself again. This is a woman who makes amazing albums. She got panned for "Glitter," but she was just taking a stab at her "8 Mile," "Purple Rain" and "Xanadu." With "The Emancipation of Mimi" she figured out how to dig back into songs and jams and not overdo it vocally. Her pride probably got hurt, she had something to prove, she went nah, watch this, I'm going to emancipate myself - and the record demonstrated this. "E = MC²" (Island) is a very sexy, cool record. She's funny, the beats are great, a lot of slow jams. She's not a pop star; she writes her own stuff, and she really collaborates. Her sampling ideas are well informed; she's very involved in her recording process. Her records are masterpieces.

Video: Access Granted Commercial
Posted by Casey on Friday, 24-Oct-2008, 4:17PM EDT

BET is airing a commercial (right) for the upcoming episode of Access Granted featuring the world premiere and behind-the-scenes look at Mariah's new video for "I Stay In Love."

Be sure to tune in Monday, October 27 at 7:30pm ET on BET. Also, visit the newly updated Access Granted webpage for Mariah photos, videos of her past appearances and an interactive blog. Check it out!
Source: Kristina from BET | CelebrityNetwork

Photos: Mariah at Stephen Hill's Birthday Party
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Oct-2008, 2:47PM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah and husband Nick Cannon at Stephen Hill's birthday party at Marquee on Thursday, October 23, 2008 in New York City. Stephen Hill is BET's Executive Vice President of Music Programming.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Aretha Franklin Covers "Touch My Body"
Posted by Casey on Friday, 24-Oct-2008, 2:30PM EDT
As previously reported (Sept. 26), Aretha Franklin has been covering Mariah's "Touch My Body" live in concert. On Wednesday, October 22nd, Franklin performed her rendition at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. Below is a clip of her performance and an excerpt from Washington Blade.

And speaking of covers, the one jaw-dropping bombshell of the evening, which came completely out of left field, was a playful, sassy cover of Mariah Carey's uber-sexual "Touch My Body." Even with the famous "sock it to mes" in "Respect" and the moans and groans of "Dr. Feelgood," Aretha's only suggested sex before. This was the most explicit I've ever seen her but her raspy upper register sounded incredible on "Body's" flirty, hip verses and she milked the provocative chorus ("throw me on the floor/wrestle me around/play with me some more") for all it was worth while the band sashayed behind her with buoyant, cotton candy rhythms.

Aretha who, let's face it, is no small woman, made a crack after the song about moving from the floor to the bed for sex as the song suggests.

"As far as I'm concerned, what starts on the floor stays on the floor," she said to the incredulously delighted audience.
Source: guidoguanz | Washington Blade

Photos: Mariah at L.A. Reid's Cosmetics Launch
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Oct-2008, 2:35AM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah with husband Nick Cannon at the launch of L.A. Reid's Le Metier de Beaute Luxury Cosmetic Line at Bergdorf Goodman on Thursday, October 23, 2008 in New York City.

Related Article:
Mariah, Bon Jovi Meet, Eat (Fox News)
The Waverly Inn was buzzing last night because Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi were at back to back booths. Mariah came in with new hubby Nick Cannon, hot R&B star NeYo, L.A. Reid, his wife Erica, and DefJam PR great Laura Swanson. Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea were guests of Ronald Perelman, girlfriend Anna Chapman, and actress Gina Gershon. None of this got in the way of famed writer Salman Rushdie holding court one table away with two beautiful girls... The Reid table had just come down from Bergdorf Goodman, where the record mogul launched a cosmetics line called "Le Metier de Beaute." Among the revelers: hot Brit singing star Duffy, as well as Mariah.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Chart Page Update!
Posted by Michael on Friday, 24-Oct-2008, 1:08AM EDT
The United States singles page has been updated with chart runs for the E=MC² singles. In addition to the chart runs, Rhythmic Top 40 singles peaks have been added completely. Take a look at the additions here.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

HQ "I Stay In Love" Cover
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 23-Oct-2008, 6:03PM EDT
Click on the thumbnail below to view the cover of Mariah's new single, "I Stay In Love," in high-quality.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

"I Stay In Love" Music Video Advance Preview
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 23-Oct-2008, 10:43AM EDT
This morning, members of Mariah's official fan club, Honey B. Fly, were treated to a special advance preview of the "I Stay In Love" music video. Now, the clip can be viewed on the home page of MariahCarey.com. Check it out!

Catch the world premiere of Mariah's new video with behind-the-scenes footage on Access Granted on Monday, October 27 at 7:30pm ET on BET.
Source: MariahCarey.com | Screen Captures: MariahDailyJournal

Tennessee Movie Trailer
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 23-Oct-2008, 6:28AM EDT

Here's the trailer for Mariah's new film, Tennessee! It opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, December 19, 2008. Download this trailer.
Source: Elephant Eye Films | George | Marilyn

"I Stay In Love" Music Video World Premiere
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008, 5:35PM EDT

Honey B. Fly fan club members get a special advance preview tomorrow

When a Mariah Carey video drops, it's an event you don't want to miss. Whether it's Mariah flying high in a hot air balloon in "Dreamlover," or getting down on the boardwalk in "Fantasy," some of our most unforgettable Mimi moments come from her unforgettable music videos.

So save the date - the world premiere of Mariah Carey's new video for "I Stay In Love," the fourth single off her hit album E=MC² will be on Mariah's BET Access Granted special on Monday, October 27 at 7:30pm (Eastern time). "I Stay In Love" is directed by none other than Nick Cannon, and features some incredible footage from the greater Las Vegas area.

Can't make it for the premiere? Tune in to BET on Tuesday, October 28 for additional airings.

Honey B. Fly members, a special treat for you! Visit the Multimedia section on MariahCarey.com for a very special members-only advance preview of the video beginning tomorrow, October 23rd at 10am ET!

Photos: Mariah and Nick Chill at the Movies
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008, 1:48PM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah and husband Nick taking the night off to see the George Bush Jr. biopic W in Century City, California on Tuesday, October 21st.

Watch a video of Mariah & Nick leaving the theater. Download this video.
Source: Gossip Girls | Hollywood TV | Cori

Mariah on Fantástico Magazine, Brazil
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008, 1:17PM EDT
Mariah is on the cover of the October 2008 issue of the Brazilian magazine, Fantástico, with other famous entertainers who have been interviewed by journalist Zeca Camargo. Inside, Camargo discusses his past interviews including one with Mariah in 1999.

Diva on the couch - How could it have been different? Maybe if I was the last one. It worked with Mariah Carey, why couldn't it work with Madonna? To finish the day of interviews seems to be the dream of every artist that submit themselves to a junket, and, as I learned with Mariah Carey, that can be a good thing. My interview with her was in a studio in New York, in a room especially decorated to receive the international press - which was made of a comfortable lounge chair, a table with an exuberant flower arrangement and a couch where the diva scattered herself. Literally.

Laid down languid on that furniture, she seemed to be crystallized in that position. The first scene I saw was a masseuse treating the muscles of her neck for spending the day in that pose. She received me with a smile that said, "Wow, I can't even believe this is the last one!" And as soon as the masseuse left us, we started one of the most enjoyable conversations that I ever had with a high profile celebrity. Part of the charm of the conversation involved the rehearsed chat ups of Mariah: a compliment to the pants I was wearing (who compliments pants without second intentions?), a strap of her dress that kept on slipping; a light reference to the sensuality of the Brazilian people (too generic for me to think it was directed only to me), a very daring opening of the skirt's chap - that even made her manager stop the recording for some minutes to erase part of the tape. The rest is up to your imagination...

Source: Scans: Leandro | Translation: Joao

Video: Mariah Says M.Y.O.B. to Baby Plans
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008, 1:48AM EDT

Mariah & Nick Respond M.Y.O.B. to Baby Plans
EXTRA and Access Hollywood, October 21, 2008

Download Format: [ HD720p | DVD ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

More Photos: Mariah at Whitney Museum
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 21-Oct-2008, 3:40PM EDT


Mariah & Nick Arrive/Leave the Whitney Museum of American Art Gala
MPG | Size: 17.1MB [ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | X17 Online | Marie

Press Release: Become Mariah Carey's Personal Fashion Designer!
Posted by Casey on Tuesday, 21-Oct-2008, 1:10PM EDT
'Luscious Pink' Dress Design Contest Benefits Breast Cancer Awareness

To celebrate the launch of her new fragrance, Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink, Mariah is offering the ultimate design challenge for her fans -- go to www.mariahcareybeauty.com and design a luscious pink dress for Mariah Carey herself. Mariah will pick the design that perfectly captures the essence of Luscious Pink -- feminine, sparkling, magical and sensual -- and make it come to life. Three dresses will be produced -- one for Mariah to wear, one for the design winner, and one to be auctioned off to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

"It's always exciting to be able to reveal another facet of my personality through Luscious Pink," said Mariah. "The development of the scent coupled with the fun and flirtatious interactive design competition gave me an opportunity to interact with my fans, which I always love to do, and at the same time raise money for an extremely important cause that affects all women around the world."

"It's an honor to work with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, an organization that has helped save so many lives with continuous funding and research for breast cancer awareness," said Mariah.

The 'Luscious Pink' dress design contest will run online at www.mariahcareybeauty.com through November 14, 2008. To create this campaign, Mariah Carey worked with fragrance partner Elizabeth Arden and Brickfish, a leading social medial advertising network. When campaign participants enter their 'Luscious Pink' dress designs to the website, they will be able to share their designs across the internet. Friends, family and the online community can view, review and vote on all designs.
Source: MarketWatch

The Ballads Japanese Release
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 21-Oct-2008, 5:23AM EDT
Sony Music is releasing The Ballads in Japan on November 26, 2008. Below, find the tracklisting for the Japanese release. It is now available for pre-order at HMV Japan for ¥2,520.

Track List
1. Hero
2. One Sweet Day
3. Endless Love
4. Can't Take That Away
5. Open Arms
6. Reflections
7. Butterfly
8. Love Takes Time
9. My All
10. Without You
11. Always Be My Baby
12. Vision Of Love
13. Can't Let Go
14. Anytime You Need A Friend
15. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix Radio Edit) (Nas & Joe)
16. I'll Be There (featuring Trey Lorenz)
17. I Still Believe
18. Never Too Far
19. All I Want for Christmas Is You

The Australian release (track list is same as the UK release) is due out on November 3 and can now be pre-ordered at Big W Entertainment for AUD$23.88.
Source: Sony Music | Bernard | Nik | Tim

Videos: Mariah on Monday Night's Entertainment TV
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 21-Oct-2008, 4:29AM EDT

The Comeback Kids - Celebrity Exposé on CW
WMV | Size: 111.2MB
[ Download here ]

Age Difference with Nick (GMA Clip) - Showbiz Tonight on Headline News
WMV | Size: 37.7MB
[ Download here ]

Wedding Ring (GMA Clip) - EXTRA on NBC
WMV | Size: 9.8MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Clarissa

Photos: Mariah at Whitney Museum of American Art Gala
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 21-Oct-2008, 12:39AM EDT
Below are pictures of Mariah with husband Nick Cannon at the 2008 Whitney Museum of American Art Gala and Studio Party at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City on Monday, October 20, 2008.

News Articles:
Versace at the Museum (Women's Wear Daily)
There was a red carpet half a block long, complete with screaming photographers. And they weren't left wanting for red meat: co-chair Donatella Versace brought with her a gaggle of celebs including Patrick Dempsey, Christina Ricci and Mariah Carey. Secondly, the dinner was held in a top floor gallery that was made over to more resemble a nightclub, complete with mirrored walls and flashing light installations.

The artists in attendance put on a pretty good show themselves. As Jamie Niven urged diners to bid on three custom jewelry pieces made by Versace in collaboration with artists, Julian Schnabel decided to come on stage to help him sell his piece. But the best performance of the evening came from Sting, who took the stage for a three-song set that had even Leonard Lauder clapping along enthusiastically. Some, like Lauder's table mate, oil baron John Hess, didn't want the party to end. He and his wife Susan headed downstairs to the Studio Party, where they boogied on the dance floor to DJ Cassidy's beats alongside a newly-arrived crowd that included Rose Byrne, Emma Roberts, Theodora and Alexandra Richards, Leelee Sobieski, Jane Krakowski, Brian Reyes, Behnaz Sarafpour, Gilles Mendel, Thakoon Panchigul, Amanda Hearst, Jason Wu and Patti Hansen. Juliette Lewis danced up a storm, mouthing "Don't you want me, baby" to her friends.

Carey also made her way downstairs to support her husband Nick Cannon, who performed a guest DJ stint. Nestled on a banquette while her beau spun tunes (including her own "Fantasy," which had the songstress blushing), she admitted she wasn't exactly an art connoisseur. "All those billionaires outbid me," she joked of the auction earlier in the evening.

Whitney Gala Stars (USA Today)
An array of actors, models, designers, artists and socialites dripping in diamonds descended on the Whitney Museum of American Art for a fundraising gala co-chaired by Donatella Versace and special guest Patrick Dempsey on Monday night.

Mariah Carey, in a floor-length Versace gown with a slit up to her thigh, and husband Nick Cannon, had little time for the press. Cannon said marriage (is) "amazing. It's the best thing ever." He guest deejayed at the chic party held after the black-tie gala ended.

The event raised more than $3 million to support emerging artists. "Versace has always been connected with art," host Donatella Versace said. "My brother Gianni started the connection with great, great artists. I want the legacy to continue. It's very important."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah on Good Morning America
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 20-Oct-2008, 3:02PM EDT

Mariah on Good Morning America, ABC, October 20, 2008
Download Format: [ HDTV 720p | DVD ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah Arrives at GMA Studios, New York
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 20-Oct-2008, 11:24AM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah arriving at the Good Morning America studios in New York City this morning, October 20, 2008.

Source: Gossip Girls

Win a Mariah Carey Silver iPod, The Ballads on iTunes UK
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 20-Oct-2008, 11:21AM EDT
GMTV is offering you the chance to win one of five exclusive Mariah Carey silver iPods pre-loaded with the Mariah Carey - The Ballads album.

For the first time ever in a single CD version Sony BMG Music Entertainment is pleased to announce the October 20, 2008 U.K. release of Mariah Carey The Ballads.

Enjoy 17 instantly recognizable tracks from the diva with The Voice, and to get you in the mood for the festive season, with the bonus track "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

Celebrate the voice, the career and the ballads of the best selling and most award winning female artist ever, this iPod is truly the ultimate prize for any Mariah Carey fan.

For your chance to win one of these prizes, simply answer the question: What year did Mariah Carey make her recording debut? Click here to enter! This offer is open only to UK residents. Competition closes November 2, 2008 at 11:59pm.

Meanwhile, iTunes UK has The Ballads in Deluxe Version now available for download for £11.99. The deluxe edition includes bonus material of never-before-digitally-released remixes of Anytime You Need a Friend (Ministry of Sound Mix) and Always Be My Baby (Always Club); as well as live video performances of Hero, Without You, and Endless Love.

From Zero to Hero?
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 20-Oct-2008, 9:57AM EDT
From this week's Billboard's Chart Beat Chat:

Hi, Fred,
I just read the news that Britney Spears' "Womanizer" broke T.I.'s record for the biggest jump to No. 1, plus Britney bested Mariah Carey's record for first-week digital sales for "Touch My Body" by just over 200 units. That's a great accomplishment for Britney, jumping from 96 to 1.

But shouldn't those songs that leapt from out-of-nowhere, as in from zero to No. 1, count as the biggest jumps? Michael Jackson was the first artist to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 with "You Are Not Alone" in 1995, and Mariah has done it three times, with "Fantasy" (1995), "One Sweet Day" (1995) and "Honey" (1997). Shouldn't those songs hold the record for the biggest leap to the top of the chart?
Thanks, Richard Allan Aquino

Dear Richard,
Debuting at No. 1 is a great (and rare) accomplishment, but it's in a different category from moving within the Hot 100. A song that appears on the Hot 100 for the first time hasn't jumped from one position to another.

As I point out in Chart Beat this week, it won't be long before no one will ever be able to break the record for biggest jump to No. 1 on the Hot 100 again. Now that Britney Spears' "Womanizer" has taken that 96-1 rocket ride, there are only four positions from which a song could make a bigger leap to pole position. Once a song races 100-1, the all-time record is set and could only be equaled, not broken. Will it happen next week with Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy," which entered at No. 100 this week? Read Chart Beat to find out.

Allan is an avid Mariah Carey fan and a regular news contributor to MariahDaily.com.
Source: Billboard | Allan

Luscious Pink Design Challenge Update
Posted by Casey on Sunday, 19-Oct-2008, 10:03PM EDT
The Brickfish "Design a Luscious Pink Dress for Mariah Carey!" campaign is in full swing and over 1,300 entries have already been submitted. Tomorrow, as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mariah will be stopping by Good Morning America to discuss the promotions surrounding the launch of her new fragrance, Luscious Pink, including the design challenge. A few designs, including Julio's (right), have been selected as Brickfish staff favorites and were awarded with a premium appearance on the site's home page. Julio and the other designers also received word that their entries may be featured on national television during Mariah's GMA appearance. The campaign, sponsored by Mariah Carey Beauty, will conclude on November 14th at 11:30 PM (PT). Click here to participate!

Don't miss Mariah on Good Morning America tomorrow at 8:30 AM (EST)! The GMA studio is located at Broadway and 44th Street in New York City.
Source: Brickfish | Julio

HQ Photos: ELLE Outtakes
Posted by Casey on Sunday, 19-Oct-2008, 7:23PM EDT
Below are two outtakes from Mariah's recent ELLE photoshoot. Mariah graced the cover of the magazine's August 2008 issue.

Source: Meski

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 19-Oct-2008, 3:07PM EDT
Below are scans from the October 27th issues of In Touch, Us, OK!, Life & Style, People, and Hip Hop weekly magazines.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Clip: Mariah Performs at Spirit of Life Gala
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 19-Oct-2008, 2:39PM EDT

Singer and Mariah Carey fan Lisa Lavie uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel in which she tells about her night of excitement and adoration at the Spirit of Life gala in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday, October 15th and there's a new clip of Mariah and Trey performing "I'll Be There" she took with her own camera.

Watch the video to your right. Mariah and Trey can be seen at 3:30 into the video. You can download the performance clip here.
Source: Lisa Lavie | Nick

Mariah News From Germany
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 19-Oct-2008, 2:15PM EDT
• To the right are scans from the latest issues of BILD der FRAU (page 104), and OK! (page 15) magazines.

• The German department store chain KARSTADT has launched Mariah's latest fragrance, Luscious Pink and is now available at its 90 stores all over the country - only two months after the release of M by Mariah Carey. German fans can also purchase both fragrances on KARSTADT's web store.

• Sony Music BMG has not yet made any statement if it will release The Ballads compilation or not. However, Mariah's Greatest Hits will be re-released on Friday, October 31st with all 18 tracks from the original release plus "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" featuring Westlife. This CD is now available for pre-order at Amazon.

• Pizza Hut Germany is participating in the "World Hunger Relief 2008" (From Hunger To Hope). You can make a donation at every Pizza Hut restaurant in Germany and will get a free download of Mariah's "Love Story."

• Vote for Mariah and "We Belong Together" to be included in a new "Spezial" episode of VIVA, Germany's most popular music channel.

• You Don't Mess With The Zohan, which opened at #1 on August 28, 2008, stayed for 8 weeks on the official German cinema charts, with audience of over 1.7 million.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Butterfly-MC

Scans: The Ballads & "Hero" UK Promo
Posted by Casey on Saturday, 18-Oct-2008, 9:27AM EDT
Below, find scans of Sony BMG's forthcoming release, The Ballads, as well as UK promo copies of the compilation and "Hero." Thanks to Andrew!

The Ballads will be released in:
• UK & Ireland - October 20
• Italy - October 24
• Australia - November 3
• Japan - November 3
• US & Canada - January 2009

You can pre-order the compilation album now at HMV UK and Play UK.
Source: Andrew

Ryan Adams Influenced by Mariah
Posted by Casey on Saturday, 18-Oct-2008, 7:07AM EDT
Country rocker Ryan Adams is the first artist to participate in a new regular feature for Rolling Stone called "Influences," wherein a musician explains the albums, artists and songs that have inspired them and shaped their music. Mariah is among the eight artists Adams cites as influences.

Mariah Carey
Not only is Adams a huge fan of the R&B singer, he named an album after a Mariah Carey cut. "My manager called and said, 'You have 15 seconds to name this record,'" he says. "My eyes focused on this poster of Mariah wearing a T-shirt that said HEARTBREAKER. I just shouted, 'Heartbreaker!' Daydream is one of my most played records. People need to reinvestigate Glitter. I'm settled enough in my masculinity to say I don't see anything wrong with Glitter."
Source: Rolling Stone | Garett

Mariah to Tape Rachael Ray on Monday
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 17-Oct-2008, 5:21PM EDT
After her appearance on Good Morning America on Monday, October 20th, Mariah will then make her way over to The Rachael Ray Show studios (located at 222 East 44th Street in New York City, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) to tape a segment that will air on Thursday, October 30th at 9:00am ET on CBS.

Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in to see if our glamorous newlywed picks up any helpful cooking tips from Rachael Ray.

MariahCarey.com AMAs Contest
Posted by Casey on Friday, 17-Oct-2008, 2:46PM EDT
Mariah earned two nominations for this year's American Music Awards and not only can you make her a winner, but you can win some amazing prizes too!

This year's American Music Awards winners will be determined by online voting from October 14th to November 7th at 11:59pm PT. By voting for Mariah, MariahCarey.com is giving you the chance to be one of five lucky fans who will each win the following prize package:

• Autographed copies of "E=MC2" (vinyl and CD)
• Autographed DVD of "The Adventures of Mimi"
• New B/W Mariah Poster

Click here for full contest details.

Mariah Live on Good Morning America Monday!
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 17-Oct-2008, 9:32AM EDT
Tune in to Good Morning America this Monday, October 20th at 8:30AM EST when Mariah drops in to chat about her new fragrance Luscious Pink and the exciting Luscious Pink Dress Design contest which includes an auction to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.

For more info on how to enter the Luscious Pink dress design contest, click here. The GMA studio is located at Broadway and 44th Street in New York City.
Source: GMA | MariahCarey.com

Actress Lake Bell Mentions Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 17-Oct-2008, 4:49AM EDT
Lake Bell, who plays Colin Farrell's wife in the new flick, "Pride and Glory," told New York Daily News: "I would be a crap NYPD cop. I'd get on the scene and ask if we could all talk and work things out. I'd also have a karaoke machine in my car instead of a shotgun. I'd sing Mariah Carey. Make songs, not war."

Video: Mariah Performs "I'll Be There" at Spirit of Life
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 17-Oct-2008, 12:01AM EDT

Clip: Mariah & Trey Lorenz Perform "I'll Be There"
Spirit of Life Award Dinner - E! News, Oct. 16, 2008

Download Format: [ HD720p | DVD ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"I Stay In Love" Video to Premiere on Oct. 29
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 16-Oct-2008, 7:11PM EDT
According to the official site, MariahCarey.com, the music video for Mariah's new single, "I Stay In Love" is slated for its world premiere on BET on Wednesday, October 29th at 8:00pm ET.

Let's be sure to tune in to BET on both Monday, Oct. 27th at 10pm ET (as reported earlier) and Wednesday, Oct. 29th to catch the TV premiere of "I Stay In Love."

"E=MC²" has been certified Platinum in Canada
Posted by Michael on Thursday, 16-Oct-2008, 1:09PM EDT
According to the CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association), "E=MC²" has been certified Platinum for a shipment of 100,000 copies in Canada.

Mariah's other albums have been certified as follows:

7x Platinum - "Mariah Carey", "Music Box", "Daydream"
4x Platinum - "Emotions"
3x Platinum - "Butterfly", "#1's", "Rainbow", "The Emancipation of Mimi"
2x Platinum - "Merry Christmas"
Platinum - "MTV Unplugged", "E=MC²"
Gold - "Charmbracelet"

Total: 41.5x Platinum (4,150,000)
Source: MariahDailyJournal | CRIA

Photos: Mariah at Spirit of Life Award Dinner, California
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 16-Oct-2008, 9:56AM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah performing during the 2008 Spirit Of Life Award Dinner on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 in Santa Monica, California.

[ View more pictures here ]

The City of Hope has its mojo working (Los Angeles Times)
There's no bigger night in the music biz than the City of Hope Spirit of Life award dinner, which unfolded last night under a giant, Cirque du Soleil-style tent on the beach in Santa Monica. The dinner raised a record $10 million, with Universal Music Chairman Doug Morris as its drawing card. Since Universal owns Motown Records, the legendary Berry Gordy made a rare public appearance to pay tribute to Morris and introduce the Doug Morris Motown Revue, a killer band of session players who backed a series of Universal label stars doing Motown oldies.

Everyone took a turn in the spotlight. Stevie Nicks, dressed all in black, did the Supremes' "Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart." Erykah Badu funked out to Rick James' "Mary Jane." Mariah Carey crooned the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There." Lionel Richie showed he hadn't lost a step, handling his own "I'm Easy." Duffy, the new Lulu-style neo-soul starlet, sounded totally at home with Smokey Robinson's "I Second That Emotion." Rihanna channeled Diana Ross, doing "Baby Love." If I had to pick favorites, I'd say the Stevie Wonder numbers brought out the best in everyone, with Robin Thicke (who looks like a young Pierce Brosnan) doing "Ribbon in the Sky," Maroon 5 performing "My Cherie Amour" and Michael McDonald belting out a white-haired soul version of "Living for the City."

Stars Raise Nearly $10 Million For City Of Hope (FMQB)
Music stars such as Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Akon, Maroon 5, Stevie Nicks, Lionel Richie, Michael McDonald, Keyshia Cole, Robin Thicke, Duffy, Jamie Cullum, Erykah Badu and others helped City Of Hope celebrate Universal Music Group Chairman & CEO Doug Morris by raising nearly $10 million for cancer research during their annual "Spirit Of Life" gala on Wednesday night in Santa Monica. The event, which honored Morris for his contributions to the community and music industry, shattered fundraising records to make it one of the single largest one-night charity events in California state history.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's GRAMMY Submissions
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 16-Oct-2008, 9:54AM EDT
The following Mariah entries have been submitted for GRAMMY consideration.

"Touch My Body" for Record Of The Year
E=MC² for Album Of The Year
"Bye Bye" for Song Of The Year
"Bye Bye" for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
"Touch My Body" for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
"Migrate" for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
"Touch My Body" for Best R&B Song
E=MC² for Best Contemporary R&B Album
"I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
"I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" for Best Short Form Music Video
"Lovers & Haters" for Best Short Form Music Video

These entries will now be screened for eligibility and category placement. The Academy's voting members, all involved in the creative and technical processes of recording, then participate in (1) the nominating process that determines the five finalists in each category; and (2) the final voting process which determines the GRAMMY winners.

Nominations will be announced in Los Angeles on Dec. 4, 2008. The 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards will air live on CBS from Staples Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 2009, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).
Source: GRAMMY.com | Pandem0nium

Fergie Praises Mariah
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 16-Oct-2008, 8:46AM EDT
Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie mentioned Mariah in an interview with Xpress. As you may recall, the "Divas in Dubai" concert both singers were to perform was cancelled in May due to time constraints and logistical complications.

"I was very disappointed when my earlier Dubai gig with Mariah Carey was cancelled. She has been my inspiration. It would have been a dream to share the stage with her."
Source: Xpress

"I Stay In Love" on BET's Access Granted
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 15-Oct-2008, 7:25PM EDT
Mariah will be featured on Access Granted for a behind-the-scenes look and world premiere of her new music video for her latest single, "I Stay In Love" on Monday, October 27th at 10:00pm ET on BET.

The above schedule has yet to be confirmed officially. Stay tuned for further information.
Source: BET | MariahDailyJournal

News Tidbits
Posted by Casey on Wednesday, 15-Oct-2008, 5:49PM EDT
• Merry Christmas is currently #46 on iTunes' Top Holiday Albums chart while "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is at #8 and #13 on the Top Holiday Songs chart. Also, iTunes recently added the "Crybaby" and "Sweetheart" music videos.

• Billboard reports Britney Spears' new single "Womanizer" has broken Mariah's digital sales record for "Touch My Body."

Spears' single is spurred by first-week download sales of 286,000, the biggest opening-week tally by a female artist since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking digital downloads in 2003, besting Mariah Carey's take for "Touch My Body" by just over 200 units.

• ElizabethArden.com is offering a new online exclusive fragrance set containing Mariah's signature fragrance and her newest scent Luscious Pink. Purchase $65 or more from the Mariah Carey Fragrance Collection and receive a free tote bag by entering the code "MARIAH" during checkout. Offer expires 10/31/2008 at midnight EST or while supplies last.

• Full-page advertisements for Mariah's new fragrance Luscious Pink appear in the November 2008 issues of Cosmopolitan (page 65), Essence (page 11) and Self (page 25).

• From Extra:
Butterflies Are Back on Mimi
Singer Mariah Carey looked divaliciously divine with a hand-designed Swarovski crystal body tattoo at Saturday's 13th annual Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation Grand Slam for Children benefit in Vegas.

Bling out your body! Crystal Ninja's got your back covered with a customized two-tone Swarovski Butterfly Deluxe Body Tattoo ($26), or check out Tatstore's self-adhesive crystal Clear Butterfly tattoo ($6).

• People.com asks in their StyleWatch Poll if you think Mariah's look from the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation's benefit is a hit or a miss. Vote "It's a hit" here!

Mariah Mentions
• Filipino singer Charice Pempengco did not miss the chance to express her wish in an interview with the Bandila Evening News which aired last Monday, October 12. "I'm very happy and I hope I'm gonna sing with her soon," Charice said while still feeling starstruck after hugging her idol Mariah Carey.

• From China.org.cn: Japanese R&B diva Misia is known for her five-octave range and Mariah Carey style, but the 30-year-old artist says she's no Carey copycat. "I wasn't copying her singing style," 30-year-old Misia emphasized yet again during the press conference for her debut Shanghai concert scheduled on October 25 at Zhabei Stadium. She is commonly called "Japan's Mariah Carey."

• From Citywire: Ultimo-bra inventor Michelle Mone went from being £450,000 in debt a month before her first child to securing a deal with Debenhams and global success. Mariah Carey once stripped in front of her to get a new bra.

Fans' Corner
• George sent us a picture he took with Mariah and Nick (right) at PURE Nightclub at the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for Nick's birthday party on Tuesday, October 7, 2008.

• Brazilian fan site MC forever has launched a video channel that will be updated monthly. Check it out!

• Cathy got a Honey B. Fly tattoo to show her appreciation for Mariah. Take a look!

• Thanks to Lotfi and RJ for creating the fantastic 1024x768 wallpapers below!

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jeff | Allan | Mariah Carey Beauty Newsletter | Brian | George | Gustavo | Cathy | Lotfi | RJ

Mariah Receives Two AMA Nominations
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 14-Oct-2008, 1:54PM EDT
Nominations for the 2008 American Music Awards were announced earlier this morning in Los Angeles, CA. Congratulations to Mariah for garnering two nominations!

Favorite Female Artist - Pop or Rock Music
Mariah Carey
Alicia Keys
Vote for Mariah here!

Favorite Album - Soul/Rhythm & Blues Music
Mary J. Blige - Growing Pains
Mariah Carey - E=MC²
Alicia Keys - As I Am
Vote for Mariah here!

For the second time in American Music Awards history, winners will be determined by online voting. Votes will be collected from October 14 to November 7.

The 2008 American Music Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will air live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday, November 23rd, 8:00-11:00pm ET on ABC.

Universal to Release "E=MC² Adventure Box"
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 14-Oct-2008, 7:01AM EDT
E=MC² Adventure Box
This 4-disc special edition arrives in time for the gifting season. It contains the current album E=MC² as well as the live DVD The Adventures of Mimi repackaged in a new sparkly box with some additional special extras. The box set will be available for release on December 1st.

• E=MC² album
• The Adventures of Mimi DVD concert (Disc 1)
• The Adventures of Mimi DVD extras (Disc 2)
• The Adventures of Mimi Interactive CD-Rom (containing ringtones, 6 months virtual ticket subscription and other offers)
• Double-sided poster (one tour photo, one album photo)
• MC logo key ring

Below are mock up images of what the box and the content will look like.

The box set is scheduled for release in Spain on Dec. 2nd, and in Japan on Dec. 3rd. HMV Japan has it now available for pre-order for ¥10,200 (approx. $100).
Source: Universal Music | Bernard | MariahDailyJournal | Kojiro | Mini

New Impact Date for "I Stay In Love"?
Posted by Casey on Tuesday, 14-Oct-2008, 6:44AM EDT
It seems Mariah's next single might not be impacting radio on Tuesday, October 21st as previously reported. All Access now lists "I Stay In Love" as going for adds at Top 40/Mainstream radio on Tuesday, October 28th.

Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB), however, still shows the single's impact date as Oct. 21st.

We will update you as soon as an official announcement is made.
Source: All Access

"Right To Dream" Impacting AC Radio Oct. 20th
Posted by Casey on Tuesday, 14-Oct-2008, 3:33AM EDT
According to All Access, the radio industry's leading information source, "Right To Dream," Mariah's original ballad co-written with Willie Nelson for the film Tennessee, will go for adds at Adult Contemporary (AC) radio on Monday, October 20th.

Although All Access gets its data directly from the record labels, please consider this as tentative until an official announcement is made.
Source: All Access | Ritcher

Audio: Nick Talks About "I Stay In Love" Video
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 13-Oct-2008, 2:25PM EDT
Nick Cannon called in to KIIS FM's On Air with Ryan Seacrest show in Los Angeles this morning to talk about directing Mariah's new video for "I Stay In Love." In the interview, he also talked about plans of having a baby next year.

[ Download this interview here ]

Ryan Seacrest: Nick Cannon joins us live right now to get something off his chest. Nick found his wife Mariah Carey in bed with another man. He e-mailed me and he said, 'Dude, I'm having a bad day. I'm looking at my wife Mariah in bed and it's not me that's with her.' And you caused this problem, Nick. You know you did.
Nick Cannon: [Laughs] I caused it all by myself. I put myself in this situation.

Ryan: Explain yourself.
Nick: Now we're directing the video in Vegas and obviously there had to be a male lead in the video. I don't even know I'd created that concept but we did it in like one take and I had to kick dude out. It was one of those situations where I wasn't intimidated but you know, I could've knocked him out.
Ryan: So Nick's directing Mariah's new video for the song "I Stay In Love." The director puts together everything: the shots, the scene, the cast, so he clearly wrote into the video that another man, is the guy playing you?
Nick: No. It's a whole little storyline like Mariah plays the showgirl and there's a guy who cheated and there's flashbacks and all that stuff so it was definitely a positive story so he wasn't playing me but he was playing a fictitious character. It couldn't be without it.

Ryan: Okay, forget about the fact that you're married to her. How is she to direct?
Nick: She's very easy to work with. She is my wife and we are on the same page but we ain't have no beef at all.
Ryan: Nick Cannon is with us. One of the hardest working guys out there. I love that.
Nick: I'm right there next to you. I see you do it and I'm just trying to follow your moves.
Ryan: Speaking of moves, I've got to ask you, in great detail, a question about you and Mariah and something that you might be doing together soon, stay there.

Ryan: And Nick Cannon who is married to Mariah Carey on the line with us. Nick, how old are you?
Nick: 28.
Ryan: 28. I don't know. I hear something. Do you hear that? You guys hear that in the background? I hear a baby bell. Is that a baby bell?
Nick: [Laughs] You are funny. I wanna hear that bell too soon.
Ryan: Do you?
Nick: Absolutely!
Ryan: Ahh, that's cute. Are you guys thinking about it or trying?
Nick: We got to time it. I mean we got a lot of work ahead of us and stuff like that but that's really something...

Ryan: So you're telling me you're scheduling this in the Blackberry?
Nick: [Laughs] You just gotta do with a schedule as crazy like ours. You gotta be like, 'Aight, this is when we're gonna do it.' We're gonna take probably '09. We'll probably take time and really sit down and figure it all out.
Ryan: Or not sit down.
Nick: Exactly.
Ryan: So Nick, I need you to, as soon as you cut this thing, send it to us, I wanna put it up. I wanna get the video.
Nick: Absolutely.
Ryan: Thanks for calling on this Monday, bro.
Nick: No doubt.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kelly

Video: Mariah on TV Patrol World, Philippines
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 13-Oct-2008, 12:32PM EDT

[ Download this video ]

Mariah Carey speaks about her meeting with up-and-coming Filipino teen singer Charice, and has a brief message for her Filipino fans, as interviewed by "TV Patrol World" aired today on ABS-CBN. In the clip, Charice also expresses her wish to sing with Mariah in the future. One of the Tagalog captions on the screen is translated to: "Charice is overwhelmed and cries tears of joy upon meeting with Mariah."

Mariah was introduced by segment host Phoemela Barranda as the "Best-selling Female Pop Artist of the Millenium" in the "Star Patrol" segment. In the short clip, Mariah tells Charice, "You're beautiful. It's so nice to meet you. She's so cute!". Then Mariah graciously adds, "I love you, Filipinos! Thank you!" before saying goodbye to the camera.
Source: Allan | ChariceMania

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 13-Oct-2008, 10:00AM EDT
Below are scans from the October 20th issues of OK!, In Touch, Star, and Globe magazines.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Mandy

Video: Charice Meeting Her Idol Mariah at Agassi Benefit
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 12-Oct-2008, 6:05PM EDT
Raw footage from last night's Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation's Grand Slam for Children benefit concert showing teary-eyed Charice Pempengco, a 16-year-old Filipino singer, meeting her longtime idol Mariah Carey for the first time.

Filipino Singer Charice Meets her idol Mariah Carey at the
Andre Agassi Children Benefit Concert - Oct. 11, 2008

[ Download here ]


Universal's promo video, from early this year, for Mariah's new album, originally titled That Chick. This EPK video is a compilation of various performances from the Mimi era and shows facts about album sales.

New Album Promo Video - Universal, April 2008
[ Download here ]

This interview video is a bonus track from the unofficial Concert DVD, Mariah in Japan (Tokyo Dome, March 7, 1996).

Tokyo Dome Concert Interview - March 1996
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Johny | Bojan | FalseVoice | Jay

Photos: Mariah at Andre Agassi's Children Benefit Concert
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 12-Oct-2008, 5:18AM EDT
Below are pictures of Mariah and husband Nick Cannon at the 13th Annual Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation's Grand Slam for Children benefit concert at the Wynn Las Vegas on Saturday, October 11, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

[ View more pictures here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Heavy Baggage
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 12-Oct-2008, 5:15AM EDT
A TRUE diva never packs light. When Mariah Carey flew with new hubby Nick Cannon from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, she had too much luggage for her chartered Gulfstream. Carey was in Vegas to host a party at The Bank nightclub at the Bellagio last week, and we're told two members of her entourage had to fly Southwest Airlines with the bags while she and Cannon jetted on ahead privately.

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 11-Oct-2008, 6:13PM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated October 18, 2008.

Billboard 200 Albums: #196 (Last Week #170)
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #54 (Last Week #52)
Sales this week: 3,376 (-3%)
Total sales: 1,178,770

"Touch My Body"
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrents: #27 (Re-entry)

The Adventures of Mimi
Billboard Top Music Video: #24 (Last Week #24)

Merry Christmas
Billboard Top Holiday Albums: #36 (Last Week #47)

T.I. breaks his own recently set record for the largest leap to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, as "Live Your Life" featuring Rihanna explodes 80-1. The track sold 335,000 downloads this, besting Mariah Carey's prior digital debut week high-water mark of 286,000 with "Touch My Body."
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | 2m

Michelle Obama Listens to Mariah Music
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 10-Oct-2008, 7:10PM EDT
Michelle Obama Keeps It Real. In an interview with Marie Claire, the chic, shoot-from-the-hip newcomer talks about her critics, her life in the media whirl, Wal-Mart vs. Target... and the music she listens to.

Marie Claire: So, what's on your iPod?
Michelle Obama: I have a pretty eclectic mix of everything, from Beyonce to Stevie Wonder. He's my favorite artist of all time, so I probably have every song he's ever recorded. But if I hear something I like somewhere, I'll add it. I just heard this CD by Anthony David, who's an R&B guy - I put him on there. That's brand new, so I'm kind of enjoying that a lot now. I also have some old Mariah Carey; the girls have reintroduced me to some of her older stuff. So I have a good mix: some pop, some R&B, some jazz.

Read the full interview here.
Source: Marie Claire

Mariah Featured on The-Dream's New Album
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 10-Oct-2008, 12:38PM EDT
Barely a year out from the release of his Def Jam artist debut, the-Dream returns Dec. 16 with his sophomore set, "Love vs. Money."

Although a first single hasn't been selected yet, some of the-Dream's favorite cuts include the '60s-inspired "You Aint Sh*t"; "Fancy," about a girl who wants to live the glamorous life; rhythmic/pop track "Right Side of My Brain"; "Make Love to Me," which he describes as a "good ol' baby-making record"; and "Kelly's 12 Play," inspired by R. Kelly's debut album. Mariah Carey guests on "My Love."
Source: Billboard

Photos: "I Stay In Love" Video Shoot
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 10-Oct-2008, 3:04AM EDT
Below are pictures from the set of Mariah's music video for her new single, "I Stay in Love," on Monday, October 6 in Las Vegas, NV.

Source: FadedYouthBlog | Daniel | MariahSource

Videos: Nick's Birthday Bash at Pure, Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 09-Oct-2008, 12:44AM EDT

Mariah at Nick's Birthday Party at Pure, Las Vegas
E! News and Daily 10 - October 8, 2008

Download Format: HD720p (40.4MB) | DVD (20.9MB)

Mariah at Nick's Birthday Party at Pure, Las Vegas
Extra and Access Hollywood - October 8, 2008

Download Format: HD720p (25.5MB) | DVD (12.9MB)

Mariah at Nick's Birthday Party at Pure, Las Vegas
The Insider (in High Definition) - October 8, 2008

Download Format: HD720p (15.0MB) | DVD (7.6MB)

Just added:

Behind-The-Scenes at Pure, Las Vegas
The Sun - October 9, 2008

Download Format: HD720p (42.4MB) | DVD (24.9MB)
Source: MariahDailyJournal

HQ Photos: Mariah at Pure, Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 08-Oct-2008, 4:39AM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah and husband Nick Cannon at the PURE Nightclub at the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for Cannon's birthday party on Tuesday, October 7, 2008.

Nick Cannon's Birthday Hosted by Mariah Carey (Pure The Nightclub)

PURE Nightclub was jam packed with excitement on Tuesday night, stealing the Sin City spotlight as one of the world's most famous and highly successful recording artists, Mariah Carey, hosted a blowout birthday bash for husband Nick Cannon. The celebrity power couple arrived just after midnight, stopping to wave to fans and pose for photographs on the red carpet before heading into the packed party where they took to a luxurious white-leather VIP bed adjacent to the DJ booth on the club's main VIP stage.

Almost immediately Cannon jumped on the turntables and grabbed the mic, thanking all for coming out to help him celebrate his special night. With wife Carey by his side, Cannon began to spin a stellar soundtrack for his own birthday extravaganza and the club's energy went through the roof. Moments later, Carey helped to present a three tiered, orange flamed birthday cake to her number one man as partiers cheered on. Carey then joined Cannon's mother and friends at their nearby table where they shared glasses of Pinot Grigio, danced and sang along to the mix of club anthems and hit songs that Cannon was playing.

Carey paid plenty of visits to Cannon in the DJ booth throughout the night, during which club goers spotted the twosome sharing secrets and playfully admiring each other. Around 3am Cannon paid tribute to his wife by mixing a medley of some of Carey's hottest hits throughout her record breaking career, including "Fantasy," "It's Like That" and "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time." Then, the multi-talented singer, who has had an awe-inspiring 18 number one singles in the U.S., and Cannon's mother joined the birthday boy behind the wheels of steel once more before the happy couple called it a night at 3:30am. Also present at the unforgettable Tuesday night turnout was master mystifier Criss Angel and UFC fighter Heath "Texas Crazy Horse" Herring.

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• Mariah Helps Nick Celebrate His Birthday (People)
• Mariah Carey's Man Has to Work His Own Party (E! Online) video
• Mariah watches over Nick as he DJs (SandraRose) photo
• Walking out on Mariah Carey (Los Angeles Times)
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Cori

Mariah Carey Dines in Private
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 07-Oct-2008, 10:11PM EDT
Superstar singer Mariah Carey and her new husband, actor and comedy star Nick Cannon, became the first to dine in the new private dining room at Rao's in Caesars Palace last night -- even before it's officially opened next week.

Nick takes center stage Tuesday night at the Pure nightclub in Caesars Palace, where he'll celebrate his birthday and also spin as guest DJ. Fans had been hoping that Mariah, who hosted her own bash at the Bank nightclub next door in the Bellagio this past weekend, would stay on for her husband's celebration.

The new private dining room at Rao's seats just 15 people, so Mariah and Nick brought three of their assistants for a hush-hush dinner away from prying eyes. They feasted on Rao's classics, including antipasto, Uncle Vincent's lemon chicken and Aunt Anna's famous pasta and meatballs.

My spies who caught the VIP group put to rest any rumors of Mariah's rumored pregnancy as she sipped on a glass of Insignia through dinner.
Source: Las Vegas Sun

Zohan In Stores Now
Posted by Casey on Tuesday, 07-Oct-2008, 6:30PM EDT
Today, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment unleashes You Don't Mess with the Zohan on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Written by the outrageously funny Adam Sandler (Click, 50 First Dates), Robert Smigel (TV's "Saturday Night Live,") and Judd Apatow (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Knocked Up), this side-splitting action-comedy follows an Israeli counter-terrorist agent with a burning passion for shagging hair...and women. Directed by Dennis Dugan (I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, The Benchwarmers), the film stars Sandler as Zohan Dvir, an ex-Mossad super spy who fakes his death during a showdown with his diabolical arch nemesis in order to escape to New York and pursue his dreams of making the world "silky smooth." Rocking a throwback 1980s Paul Mitchell signature coif, Zohan loves to "make the bam-boom" with his clientele of the senior citizen variety and also exhibits a serious penchant for all things slathered in hummus. Sandler's hilarious antics are supported by outstanding castmates, including Rob Schneider (50 First Dates, Hot Chick), Emmanuelle Chriqui (TV's "Entourage," Tortured) and Nick Swardson (Blades of Glory, TV's "Reno 911!"). Entertaining cameos from Dave Matthews, Mariah Carey and George Takei also keep the laughter alive.

Source: Business Wire | Screen Captures: MariahDailyJournal

Vote for Mariah
Posted by Casey on Tuesday, 07-Oct-2008, 5:31PM EDT
• Angie vs. Mariah: Who Wore It Best?
E! Online pits Mariah against Angelina Jolie in a fashion face-off of who wore it best. Please submit your comments in support of Mariah here.

• Celeb Fashion Hit or Miss?
People.com asks in their StyleWatch Poll if you think Mariah's look from The Bank event is a hit or a miss. Vote "It's a hit" here.

• Celebrity Heat Index: Who's No. 1?
USA TODAY ranks celebrities according to the media exposure they've received in their Celebrity Heat Index. Mariah is currently ranked #14 for the week, #38 for the month, #20 for the year and #43 of all time. Locate Mariah on the index and vote for more coverage.

• Which is your favorite female music artist?
The National Enquirer wants to know who your favorite female artist is. Mariah is currently behind Beyonce, Shania Twain, Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. Click here to vote now!
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jonnathan | Bobby

"I Stay In Love" Video Shoot Update from E! News
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 07-Oct-2008, 12:04AM EDT
From tonight's edition of E! News:

Ryan Seacrest: Nick is in Vegas directing Mariah's video and I got an e-mail from him a second ago. He said, "Dude, it's not the easiest thing to direct your wife in bed with some cornball." He must have cast a good-looking model to be in bed with Mariah. We'll be on that set and show you that story later this week.

E! News Reports on Mariah's Bellagio Gig and "I Stay In Love" Video shoot
Download: [ HD720p | DVD ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Carey and Cannon Break The Bank
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 06-Oct-2008, 6:35PM EDT
International pop icon Mariah Carey hosted a special evening at The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio last night (10/4). The sexiest nightlife destination in all of Sin City, The Bank will also serve as backdrop for Carey's latest music video, "I Stay in Love" as her husband Nick Cannon directs the epic today.

With a welcome worthy of a true diva, Mariah Carey arrived last night hand-in-hand with Nick Cannon to hundreds of screaming fans. As Carey made her way onto the red carpet, the screeching crowd reached a feverish pitch with fans jumping on slot machines to catch a better glimpse. After posing for the dozens of paparazzi shooters and a horde of onlookers, Carey headed into The Bank to host the evening, again hand-in-hand with her man. As Carey made her entrance into the posh club, the packed house erupted.

Prior to The Bank, Mariah and hubby Nick enjoyed a sensational dinner at Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar. The couple was joined by six of their friends and were seated at a window-side table overlooking the iconic Bellagio fountains. While Carey, sipping Pinot Grigio, chose to dine only on miso soup (sans tofu) along with tuna sashimi, Cannon and friends experienced the innovative dishes by award winning executive chef Akira Back such as the Popping Spicy Crab Rolls (an imaginative twist on the traditional Japanese dish -- a dynamic layer of Pop Rocks candy is added to the roll to ignite your taste buds!) Back personally welcomed Carey to Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar and after briefly posing for a few photos, Carey recalled actually meeting Back before when he prepared her meal while he was executive chef at Nobu in Aspen, prior to his joining The Light Group to open Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar.

From Las Vegas Weekly:
International pop icon Mariah Carey not only partied at the Bank nightclub in the Bellagio, but also worked there! First, Mariah hand-in-hand with new husband, Nick Cannon, enjoyed dinner at the new nearby Yellowtail Sushi restaurant and bar with six friends. Mariah sipped a Pinot Grigio white wine and enjoyed a diet-conscious miso soup, sans tofu, and tuna sashimi. Nick, however, went for the gusto of Popping Spicy Crab Rolls and other innovative dishes by celebrity chef Akira Back. Mariah remembered that they'd met before when she dined with him while he was executive chef at Nobu in Aspen before moving to Vegas to open his new restaurant. They lingered an extra hour in the hip new nightspot.

Then came mob and fan frenzy as hundreds of screaming fans and dozens of paparazzi shooters jumped on and over slot machines to get a closer look at the handholding royal couple. They walked over to the Bank nightclub and posed briefly -- just 45 seconds -- on the red carpet, with Mariah wearing a way too tight corset for her strangely positioned poses. Mariah gripped Nick's hands tightly throughout as they stayed at the Bank. They returned back next day for the 10-hour shoot of her new music video, "I Stay in Love." The sexy lavish club will be seen as the backdrop in the video that was directed by husband, Nick.
Source: The Vegas Eye

Mariah Films "I Stay In Love" Video at Bellagio
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 06-Oct-2008, 8:46AM EDT
Mariah Carey, filming a music video at The Bank (Bellagio) on Sunday. She was the celebrity host at the club Saturday and dined with her husband, Nick Cannon, at Yellowtail (Bellagio) earlier.

From Fox News:
Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon were getting their groove on at posh party place The Bank. We're told that the Tinseltown twosome refused to leave one another's side and a few fans were even escorted out of the Bellagio after jumping on slot machines to take pics of the happy couple entering the club.

But after a night of play, it was all work on Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. Cannon as Mariah filmed her upcoming music video "I Stay in Love," which was directed by Nick.

News Tidbits
Posted by Casey on Sunday, 05-Oct-2008, 7:36PM EDT
• Mariah is #43 on the Top 100 most searched for women in the month of September on Chickipedia.com, the world's first wiki-based database of famous women.

• Click here to watch a fan's recording of Mariah performing "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" at the Teen Choice Awards in August.

• Reminder: Please continue to vote for Mariah in the Best International Act category of the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards. Voting ends tonight at midnight! Winners will be announced on October 15th at Wembley Arena in Wembley, London, UK.

International News
• New Zealand: Mariah's new fragrance Luscious Pink is available at Radius Pharmacy and Farmers. When you purchase the 3.3 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum, you'll receive a silver bag as a free gift (while supplies last).

• Brazil: Mariah is on the cover of Fantastico magazine (right) with other famous entertainers who have been interviewed by Zeca Camargo. Inside, Camargo discusses his past interviews including one with Mariah in 1999 [video clip here].

• Turkey: Below is a scan of an article from the Hurriyet Kelebek daily newspaper about Mariah's recent interview with Elle magazine.

• China: Mariah's picture is included on the packaging for a lavender scent air freshener being distributed by Xinghua Caiming Daily Chemicals Co.

Mariah Mentions
• From JS Online: The two most influential singers in the world today are Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Anyone who is inclined to dispute that has probably never seen "American Idol." Those two ladies have set the stage for a whole generation of baby divas with big pipes, flamboyant phrasing and blow-off-the-roof romantic balladry.

• From Pendulum Online: Unfortunately, this decade isn't focused on the traditional talent it takes to make great music, like in the 1990s. Artists like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton not only sing beautifully, but they incorporate instruments into their songs instead of just beats programmed from a computer.

• Leslie Gornstein of E! Online recently responded to a reader's question on her blog asking if Mariah's marriage is responsible for the two follow-up singles to "Touch My Body" underperforming.

No. It's your tiny, tiny attention span. It's ruining everything. That's why "Bye Bye" only peaked at 19. It was all you. "This year, it's been harder for big superstars to keep the spotlight shining on them after the run-up to their album is over," Idolator editor Maura Johnston tells me. "Look at the way singles by Usher and Madonna have performed - you'll see a similar pattern," Johnston says. Usher's "Love in This Club" went to No. 1, but its follow-up single, "Moving Mountains," peaked at No. 67. As for Madonna, "4 Minutes" peaked at No. 3, while "Give It to Me" only reached No. 57. I hope you're pleased with yourself.

Fans' Corner
• UK fan Tom mentions Mariah several times in his first published e-book What Will Other People Think? on his struggles with mental illness. To recognize World Mental Health Day (October 10), all this month he will be making a sample of his e-book available on his MySpace page.

• Independent artist Armen cites Mariah as a major influence and writes about her in the liner notes of his new album New Style, New Sound. Check him out on MySpace!

• MariahTurkiye.net is celebrating the release of The Ballads with a song contest. The winner will receive a copy of the album as well as a MariahTurkiye.net e-mail address. For more information, you can visit their forum or send an e-mail to info@mariahturkiye.net.

• Congratulations to MariahHero.com on the launch of their new message board and updated content. Check it out!

• Antonio will pay tribute to Mariah by impersonating her in a show called "A Night of Divas" on October 12 at the Club Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information, see the flyer.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Yahoo! Finance | mileyfaaalife | John | Joćo | Can | Daniel | Tom | Mina | Badyr | Antonio

HQ Photos: Mariah at The Bank, Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 05-Oct-2008, 9:30AM EDT
Below are HQ photos of Mariah arriving at The Bank Nightclub of The Bellagio Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, October 4, 2008.

From Las Vegas Review-Journal: Sighting: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, dining with Steve and Elaine Wynn, and Hollywood director Brett Ratner in a private cabana at Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare (Wynn) on Friday night.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 04-Oct-2008, 8:09PM EDT
Life & Style, October 13, 2008

Getting in mommy mode
One thing Mariah would have to change in her frenetic work schedule. She has several private appearances (similar to the one in Hong Kong) scheduled through the remainder of 2008. "She's been performing a lot lately," says the friend. "When you think about it, she hasn't been in one place for more than five days pretty much since she and Nick got married in April."

Of course, Mariah would be willing to give up all the hopping around to have a baby with Nick, says the friend. "Mariah's spent her whole life cranking out hits and working her butt off to be a top performer and singer," points out the pal. "She put aside the whole family idea -- there was never time. But things have changed; she's so in love with Nick and knows he'll be a terrific father."

Mariah didn't necessarily feel that way with her previous partners. "After her divorce from music executive Tommy Mottola in 1998, she focused on rebuilding her career without him," continues the pal. "She wasn't ready to have kids with him, nor did she want to. She was focused on work 100 percent."

Mariah also immersed herself in her career when she was dating manager-producer Mark Sudack from 2004 to 2008. "Mariah never even considered having kids with him," adds the insider. "And they were together for a long time and apparently in love." Read full article»

ELLE, October 2008
Letter from reader Jess Hobet of Palo Alto, CA

"Kudos to ELLE on a fabulous cover story, but can someone please find out what is in Mariah Carey's water that is making her so stunning? It's hard not to love Mariah for her sheer beauty and flawless chords, but this article also exposed her down-to-earth persona. It is inspirational for relationship-frenzied women like me to read about her finding true bliss with Nick Cannon, especially after her previously tumultuous romantic life. We already knew her music was irresistible, but this article reveals that her aura is too!"

In Touch, October 13, 2008
Mariah & Nick are #8 on this week's The List

They Love Showing They're In Love
8 Nick and Mariah want to renew their vows every year
Life imitated art when Mariah Carey cast Nick Cannon as her love interest in her "Bye Bye" video. "We really do feel we are soulmates," says Mariah. Since the couple's secret whirlwind wedding in the Bahamas in April, they're more than happy to show their love for one another -- and Nick wants to keep the romance alive. "We're just going to have another wedding next year," says Mariah. "His plan is to have one every year!"
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah To Film "I Stay In Love" Video in Vegas
Posted by Casey on Friday, 03-Oct-2008, 7:58PM EDT
Mariah is heading to Las Vegas this weekend to shoot the video for her new single "I Stay In Love" from her platinum selling album E=MC². The video will be directed by Nick Cannon, from a story line that was written by Mariah and Nick. Stay tuned for this video which is guaranteed to feature some of what a fabulous city like Vegas has to offer... amazing nightclubs, the stunning but treacherous desert, hot cars and of course beautiful people. So remember what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas it could also end up in a Mariah Carey video!

The heart-touching new single "I Stay In Love" by Mariah Carey is available to download at iTunes so be sure to purchase today!

To get the brand new "I Stay In Love" ringtone for your phone text MARIAH6D to 30303.

Mariah Hosting Party in Vegas This Weekend
Posted by Casey on Friday, 03-Oct-2008, 7:49PM EDT
Tomorrow night, Mariah will be hosting a party at The Bank nightclub inside the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. David Christian will DJ the party scheduled to start at 10:30pm and last until 4:00am. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here. Robin Leach cites the event in his Las Vegas Sun column (below).

Mariah joins stars making Vegas a weekend playground
Recording superstar Mariah Carey hosts a huge affair at the Bank nightclub in the Bellagio -- and the mob scene of photographers will be battling to get shots of the singer and new husband, comedy-actor Nick Cannon, if they show up together.
Source: Las Vegas Sun

X Factor secret single revealed
Posted by Casey on Friday, 03-Oct-2008, 7:40PM EDT
The X Factor finalists are launching an amazing joint bid for a No1 single, taking on Sugababes and Oasis.

The 12 wannabe acts have secretly recorded a single, out this month, and boss Simon Cowell insists all proceeds go to charity.

In a show first, all of the acts have secretly teamed up to record a charity single.

The disc, a cover version of Mariah Carey's Hero, will be released later this month while the live shows are still running.

Show boss and record producer Simon Cowell, 48, is confident it will shoot to the No1 spot.

Which means every one of the final 12 acts will be a chart-topper.

A show insider explained: "It's a genius idea. In the past, no-one has been allowed to release a song before the winner.

"But this year Simon has relaxed the rules and is releasing a single featuring all of the solo singers and groups.

"Not everyone who makes the live shows ends up with a record deal, so this is a real gift for them.

"It means the winner will then get another shot at being top of the charts and claiming the prized Christmas No1."

Hero will be released in aid of the Army charity Help For Heroes. Mariah, 38, who scored a hit with the song in 1993, is due to be a special guest on the ITV show in the coming weeks.

Cowell and fellow judges Cheryl Cole, 25, Dannii Minogue, 36, and Louis Walsh, 56, will get their acts to perform songs by Mariah.

The live shows start next weekend, when the first special guest will be last year's winner Leon Jackson, 19.

Related Stories:
• Song For Heroes (The Sun)
Source: Daily Star

Billboard Update
Posted by Casey on Friday, 03-Oct-2008, 12:11AM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated October 11, 2008.

Billboard 200 Albums: #170 (Last Week #141)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #196 (Last Week #160)
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #52 (Last Week #39)
Sales this week: 3,463 (-20%)
Total sales: 1,175,394

"Touch My Body"
Billboard Global Dance Tracks: #40 (Last Week #36)

The Adventures of Mimi
Billboard Top Music Video: #24 (Last Week #28)

Merry Christmas
Billboard Top Holiday Albums: #47
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Tony

Mariah Hosting Nick's Birthday Party at PURE
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 02-Oct-2008, 6:24PM EDT
On Tuesday, October 7, Mariah will be hosting Nick's birthday party at PURE Nightclub inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out the press release below.

Entertainer to Blow Out His Candles and DJ Oct. 7. On Tuesday, Oct. 7 the spotlight will shine bright at PURE Nightclub inside Caesars Palace as multi-talented entertainer Nick Cannon celebrates a purely phenomenal birthday party. The sexy star will grace the VIP stage with friends before hopping into the DJ booth and onto the wheels of steel for a special birthday set. Spinning the hottest club anthems, Cannon will party with patrons all night long for his luxurious birthday bash at America's hippest hotspot.
Source: PURE

Luscious Pink Design Challenge
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 02-Oct-2008, 6:12PM EDT
Mariah has the Ultimate Design Challenge for you! Click here to hear a special message from Mariah Carey about her Ultimate Design Challenge!

"Hey everyone! As you can see from my closet, I love fashion. With the launch of my new fragrance Luscious Pink, I have the ultimate design challenge for you. YOU can be MY personal fashion designer and create a fabulous pink dress to add to my collection. The designer who perfectly captures the essence of Luscious Pink - feminine, sparkling, magical and sensual - will win and get the exclusive opportunity to have their dress design come to life, the ultimate prize! Only three dresses will be made: one for me to debut at a fabulous event, one made especially for the designer and one to be auctioned off at a charity event benefiting breast cancer awareness. I'm so excited about this contest and I can't wait to see your designs. Let's make it happen!"

With the launch of Mariah's latest work of art - the glowing new fragrance Luscious Pink - Mariah is in need of a luscious pink design to accompany her new fragrance.

Mariah's wish? A beautiful, ethereal and awe-inspiring dress to add to her famous closet. The difference between this design and every other exquisite number owned by Mariah? This new design will be created by you, the fan, and will grace Mariah's fabulous wardrobe!

The ultimate prize?!

The winner's dress design will come to life!
Only 3 dresses will be made!
1 dress for Mariah to debut at an event...
1 dress for the winner...
1 dress to auction off to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.

Start your design from scratch or use one of our dress templates. Just remember: this dress is for MARIAH CAREY, the best-selling female and solo artist of all time, so make her proud!

Click here to enter!
Source: MariahCarey.com | Audio Transcript: MariahDailyJournal

New Poll: What's your favorite upcoming project?
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 02-Oct-2008, 6:01PM EDT
Mariah has been working on a lot of exciting projects. We want to know which one you are looking forward to the most. Please go to the right sidebar and vote: Which upcoming project are you most excited for? Feel free to leave your comments as well!

Previous poll: "What do you think should be Mariah's 4th single off E=MC2?" The results were as follows:

» I Stay In Love - 33% (10450)
» I'm That Chick - 21% (6596)
» Migrate - 19% (6109)
» Side Effects - 18% (5543)
» For The Record - 4% (1269)
» Love Story - 3% (877)
» Cruise Control - 2% (552)
  Total Votes: 31396
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Goes Shopping - for Nick? - in L.A.
Posted by Casey on Thursday, 02-Oct-2008, 8:18AM EDT
Caught in the Act!
Mariah Carey, making a late afternoon visit to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Was hubby Nick Cannon on her mind? The pop diva spent her time in menswear on the fourth floor and also checked out sunglasses.
Source: People.com

Mariah Covers Life & Style
Posted by Casey on Wednesday, 01-Oct-2008, 6:22PM EDT
Mariah and Nick are on the cover of the October 13th issue of Life & Style Weekly.

Hollywood's baby boom!

Mariah Carey's biggest fan was on hand as the 39-year-old pop diva performed at the 15th CLSA Investors' Forum in Hong Kong on Sept. 25. "She was with her husband, Nick Cannon, and they were laughing, kissing, holding hands," says an onlooker, who caught the couple arriving at the airport. "You could tell they were newlyweds."

The onlooker couldn't help but notice something else, too: "Mariah looked great, but she seemed to have put on a few pounds. Maybe she's pregnant - or at least planning on it!"

A friend of Mariah's says the star and Nick are definitely trying: "They've been trying during their travels, and Mariah has seen her ob-gyn several times recently in California, and not just for checkups. She's talking to her doctor about pregnancy and what to expect."

Note: As previously reported, Oprah Winfrey dispelled these rumors on her show last Friday saying, "We called Mariah, she gave us the word--it's not true." Nevertheless, scans will be posted soon.
Source: Life & Style

"One Sweet Day" Among 411's Best 90s Singles
Posted by Casey on Wednesday, 01-Oct-2008, 4:20PM EDT
Members of the 411mania.com writing staff recently contributed their picks for top 5 best singles of the 1990s. Mariah's record-breaking collaboration with Boyz II Men on "One Sweet Day" came in at #4 on Storman Norman's list.

4. Mariah Carey feat. Boyz II Men - "One Sweet Day": This #1 hit single, was featured on Mariah's Daydream album and was inspired by the death of B2M's manager David Cole. Not sure why the Boys and Mariah never teamed up again as it still holds the record for the most time spent at #1 (16 weeks) on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. This sorrowful and optimistic ballad will always hold a special place in my heart, one sweet day mom, one sweet day.

"Emotions" was also included among Norman's honorable mentions.
Source: 411mania.com

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