December 2007

Janet Jackson Jealous of Mariah?
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 31-Dec-2007, 5:38PM EST
In an interview with Hong Kong's Prestige magazine, the writer asked Janet Jackson what it's like to be J.D.'s girl and work with him professionally.

"Except this time around I see Usher and Mariah [Carey] coming out of the studio and I say, 'Okay, wait, aren't you supposed to be working on my stuff? We're supposed to be doing our stuff together.' And he goes, 'Well yeah,' and I'm like, 'Why are they here, don't I come before them when it's time for the album to be released?' But it's all good."

Click here to read Prestige's full interview with Janet Jackson.
Source: Prestige HK | SOHH

Q Magazine February 2008: Cash For Questions
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 31-Dec-2007, 3:01PM EST
She is, of course, the diva's diva and, for the purposes of this exercise, you are her "little lambs". Until, that is, she comes to the enquiries about nose ops and how her ex-husband smells.

It's 10:30pm when Q finally gets the nod to enter Mariah Carey's bedroom. Suite 4600 of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York is a $3000-a-night den of scented candles, hardwood furniture and floor-to-ceiling views of Manhattan. It's been a long evening - Carey has just sung her 1993 single Hero at an awards ceremony across town. But even with this daunting itinerary she is full of michievous vigor.

"Has one flown all the way from London to see me?" she enquires in a comedy accent of passable, Joan Collins-esque loucheness, before leaping onto the bed in her black form-hugging dress and heels. "Please don't make me get up. I'll answer everything if you let me lie down."

"Comedy Carey" is a new proposition. She was discovered by ex-Sony boss Tommy Mottola - whom she married in 1993 and divorced five years later - and her five-octave voice has helped herself 160 million albums and singles, and secured a reputation as the diva's diva en route.

Despite her return to the homegirl roots with 2005's career-reviving The Emancipation of Mimi, there are suspicions the diva still lurks within. Today, members of her entourage engage in a discussion over what side of her face can be photographed and whether she will "walk" if Tommy Mottola or her age (37) are mentioned.

In the event, she doesn't seem bothered by any of these as she rolls over on the bed and grabs a pillow for comfort. But if annoyed by a question, she will address the letter writer by name, as though she fully expects Q to fly back to Britain and hunt the impertinent reader down for an explanation.

"So," she enquired with a twinkle. "What have the little lambs been writing in about, then?"

We know about the big ballads. We know about "street" Mariah. But do you have a secret stash of rock albums that you love?
Mike Jennings, Battle

I can only think of No Doubt's Don't Speak as the closest thing to a rock record that I enjoyed belting out in the car or somewhere. I might pretend to play along with my [Fender] Hellow Kitty guitar if the mood takes me. Did I try to get Led Zeppelin reunion tickets? Well, I would have loved to. That would be something. But, no. When I'm in album mode I'm listening to hip hop beats. I don't have room for Stairway To Heaven.

You used to work in a hair salon. Could you still give me a short back and sides?
George Duffy, Ashby de la Zouch

Nice work, Goerge, but I only worked there for one day. I did go to beauty school in 11th grade but I dropped out. That gives you some idea of the standard of hair care you'd be getting. But a short back and sides is a military-style razor cut, right? I could give it a try, but I don't think I'd be bringing much to the table. Or your social life.

You wrote poetry as a kid. Was it any good? Give us a quick burst.
Matt Shriver, Basingstoke

I'm definitely not giving you a quick burst, Matt, but I will say that I suffered for my art as a poet. I had a little writing pad that i wrote my verses in and my teacher in third grade accused me of copying the poems from somewhere else. He was a horrible man. What was his name? I'm not outing him because he'll come after me and sue me and he ain't getting a dime of my money. Teachers are supposed to be an inspiration. This guy lowered my self-esteem from zero to below.

You live in a big apartment in New York. How much is your electricity bill?
Alicia, via email

I have no idea. That is terrible. I'm not there that much. I think it would be pretty normal. It's not like I'm running a fountain or funfair rides there. I try not to waste electricity and water. [Film director] Penny Marshall told me about these new light bulbs that last for 10 years and use a fraction of the energy. I ordered some. Ask me next year, Alicia, and I'll have that bill cut in half. [Q mentions the urban myth that the everlasting light bulb has been invested, but the secret is locked in a vault because it would ruin the light-bulb industry] I heard that once, too. I'm ready to use whatever influence I may have to get that light-bulb recipe out onto the open market. Aren't they a pain in the butt to change?

On The Emancipation of Mimi you were using all kinds of funky street slang, such as, "Them chickens is ash, I'm lotion". Can you give me some new street talk so I can be a step ahead?
Laetitia Knowles, via email

That line is about girls in a nightclub rivalry situation. Two girls want the guy and in an arrogant moment one is saying she has the better skin. It's not something I've said in real life. But I don't know if I have any current street talk for you, Laetitia. Don't you have your own cockney slang? [Adopts bad cockney accent] Awright, mate! Blimey!

Do you stay in touch with Ant and Dec?
Kirsten James, Truro

They are funny guys. I really like that youthful sense of humour. The wedding? [In December 2001 Carey was maid of honor at the spoof nuptials of Dec and Cat Deeley on Saturday morning kids' TV show SM:TV, alongside Frank Skinner, Denise Van Outen and Hear Say. The "marriage" lasted less than a minute] I was there for the whole marriage. You should have worked at it, guys!

Is it true that you had an operation on your nose to allow you to sing so high?
Emma Skinner, via email

No. It is completely untrue, Emma. I think you need to take care what internet pages you read. I must say I have never heard that one before. One of the reasons for my range is I have nodules on my vocal chords, and my mother says I've had them since I was a kid. That's why I have the high register as well as the breathy register and the belting register. I can do this [emits a sort of "Breeeeee" sound] and I can be husky. The only thing that really affects my voice is sleep. Sometimes if I'm exhausted I can hit the really high notes. Am I a moody cow without enough sleep? Is that an English thing? Calling someone a cow? Why are you down on your cows? They're pretty useful and easy-going animals from what I can see.

You've just launched a new perfume. If you were going to create a Tommy Mottola scent, what ingredients would you use?
Dara Yazdani, Hove

Dara, you come from a place called Hove? Does Jay-Z know about this? [Carey's Def Jam label boss Jay-Z is nicknamed J-Hova or Hove] We should make him the mayor of your town. Anyway, what kind of question is that? Dara, you're not being kind. I think it's fair to say that I am not going to be creating a fragrance for him at this point in my life. He has his own life, his own stuff. Hey, we love everybody and wish them all well.

The tabloids have called you a bit of a diva, though I'm sure they've suggested things. But what's the most diva-ish thing you've ever done?
Jason Bradbury, Mansfield

[With a cut-glass English accent] Jason, darling, what on earth makes you think that I am a diva? I am baffled, shocked and appalled. I've never done one diva-ish thing in my entire life, though I happen to be lying on a bed in high heels from the gentleman from Q magazine. The actual definition of a diva is a woman who sings well. The secondary definition is a woman who is difficult to deal with. I hope I am the first. I don't think I am the second. But these days everyone is a diva. "Oh, she's the diva of chocolate chip cookies. He's a real diva of garbage collection." If I'm a diva it's because I get the joke. I don't believe I am truly nasty and act in a bad way.

When was the last time you spoke to your Glitter co-star Max Beesley?
Paul Waggoner, Manchester

Random question! What are you driving at, young man? It was at an event with Naomi Campbell. Max came over to the after-party and it was all very nice. Why? Did you hear something different?

Is it true that you employ a technical person to work your TV, DVD and Blackberry
John Morato, Spain

No, John, and I'll have you know I was using SkyTel pager, which is like a Blackberry, before anyone else. Before a big show I have to do "vocal rest" where I'm not allowed to speak for maybe two days. It's soooo boring having to write notes, so I was texting before most people. That blilliant scientist guy [Stephen Hawking] - I need his voice machine for when I'm on vocal rest. I'd like a machine where I can just think and it comes out in a robot voice. Can you hook me up with that? But no, I don't employ someone to work my gadgets for me. Having said that, if you're a guy and you're in my house, then believe me, you're going to be on your knees fixing something or working out the plugs. That's your job.

What's the weirdest rumour you've heard about yourself?
J George, Ealing

One of the ones from Q! The one you just read about my nose, that's freaky. When I had $5 to live on I was still hitting the high notes. Think, people! How did I do that before this fantasy nose op? The truth is I'm quite boring. I'm just as likely to be sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips, watching my favourite show that I TIVO'd [America's version of SkyPlus], as the next person.

If you were a complete unknown, do you think you could win X-Factor?
Jason Bradbury, Mansfield

You can win that show? How? To me it's all about escaping from aliens or something... [After several minutes confusion, she realises she's confused it with X-Files]. Oh, X-Factor. Well, I'd hope to give it a good shot. I mean, I am pretty flattered sometimes when young singers say they want to sing like me. That's nice. I think I'd do OK. Simon Cowell is a judge over there? Well, I'd be a battle, but I'd hope I could just edge it by being sweet to the other judges.

Have you ever been mobbed in a limo and thought, "I wish I could just get out of here, get on the subway and be regular"?
Clive Langley, Peterborough

You know, I honestly do think about this sometimes. Would I rather none of this had happened and I was just plain old Mariah? The answer has to be no. And that's because... I am not very good with directions. I could get one train, no problem. But if I had to change trains, then, God, you wouln't see me for weeks. I actually think that being in the public eye does start to erode your sense of direction. Mostly I get taken to the studio or the venue or wherever. I respond well to doors being opened. But if you left me to find my own way home on the subway, I'd curl up in a ball and call for help. The subway presents me with too many options.

You've said, "I don't even know what dating is." Isn't that a little sad?
Steve Reffine, Milan

Yes, Steve, it sucks. I guess it's sad. But I'm not the only one. My friend Melissa outside [Carey's friend is in the next room] says the same. "What is a date supposed to be like in the 21st century?" It's a bit old-fashioned, a bit formal. I mean, I don't need to know if the guy can afford to buy dinner, do I? With me it just moves from hanging out to boyfriend without too much formality. I like the sound of speed-dating, though. I like the idea of 14 mini-relationships each lasting three minutes and then you go home alone.

What's the worst piece of advice anybody's ever given you?
Iain Hayes, Burton upon Trent

"Hey, listen, I've got a good idea how you should do this." That's it. There are many examples they all begin with that line. In my job there are a lot of people who think they know best. Some do and some don't. I've really learned to listen to my own instinct, then if it goes wrong I am responsible. It took me a while to figure it out, but I'm a grown woman. I'm in charge.

Source: Q | Scans: Kerry - MariahCareyCollection | Text: MariahDailyJournal

UK Tabloids On Mariah's Aspen Visit
Posted by Liron on Monday, 31-Dec-2007, 2:59PM EST
UK Tabloids - Monday, December 31, 2007

The Sun
Carey me please - I'm dog tired. Mariah Carey must have thought it would be a real battle for her pooch out on the ski slopes - so she dressed the tiny pet in COMBAT gear. The busty singer's mutt wore a khaki fur-lined hooded jacket, woolly jumper and hat. Mariah, 37, wasn't quite so wrapped up as she kept her own matching jacket unzipped to show off her impressive slopes at posh Aspen, Colorado. Passing admirers could only agree - the All I Want For Christmas Is You singer sure knows a thing or two about cute puppies.

The Daily Star
Mariah Has Dog's Togs For Slopes. Sexy Singer Mariah Carey hit the slopes in Aspen - complete with her pet pooch dressed in his own ski suit. The 37-year-old diva, who scored a festive hit with All I Want For Christmas Is You, is on a break at the Colorado resort.

The Daily Mirror
That's what we call puppy love, Here's sexy singer Mariah Carey, 38, living it up on a ski holiday in Aspen, Colorado with her pampered pooch, Jack. The two are even wearing matching military-style gear. Let's hope they left their tank at home...
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kerry

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 31-Dec-2007, 5:56AM EST
• As previously reported, Mariah's The Adventures of Mimi concert performance of "Shake It Off" will be featured on "New Year's Live" Monday, Dec. 31 (11:00pm-12:30am ET live; CT/MT/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. Be sure to tune in.

• Mariah is the 21st most discussed and blogged about artist this week (was at #26 last week) on Billboard's The Buzz 100.

• Bone Thugs N Harmony's "Lil L.O.V.E." featuring Mariah Carey and Bow Wow is the 10th best single of 2007 according to Newsday: "Bone Thugs' double-time, tongue-twisting rhymes play nicely against Carey's silky, low-key singing on the refrain, creating a single as potent as 'We Belong Together.'"

• To the right, Mariah is pictured holding a brim straw hat with butterflies while dining in at her favorite restaurant in Capri, the Villa Verde, in July 2007.

• Greek & Cypriot fans can order "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD online at Discobole (Greece), and XMS24 (Cyprus).

In Romania, the DVD is available at all Media Galaxy stores for 54.90 Lei (US$22). It can also be purchased online at

• "The Adventures Of Mimi" concert will premiere on Australian TV on Music Max, Foxtel (channel 805) January 1st at 2:30pm EST, then repeated on January 17th at 4:00pm and 11:30pm EST.

• A new Coca Cola commercial uses a cover of Mariah's 1993 smash hit "Hero" by singer Nisha Kataria. [Watch video] Nisha, a Michael Jackson protege, has recently released "Hero" as a single and is now available for download on iTunes. According to the Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes, Nisha's management is reportedly in talks with Mariah to make a short appearance in her video for "Hero."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Dennis | Silviu | Pete | Tim | MariahCareyMC

Mariah on Billboard Charts
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 31-Dec-2007, 5:17AM EST
Below are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date January 5, 2008.

Merry Christmas
Billboard Top Holiday Albums: #29 (Last week #30)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog: #3 (Last week #2)
Billboard Top Pop Catalog: #29 (Last week #25)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #160 (Last week #127)

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Billboard Hot Singles Recurrents: #1 (Last week #1)
Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #1 (Last week #1)
Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #5 (Last week #5)
Billboard Hot Holiday Songs: #5 (Last week: #5)
Billboard Top Library Adds: #8 (New entry)
Billboard Hot Digital Tracks: #16 (Last week #11)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #17 (Last week #11)
Sales this week: 47,926 (-10%)
Total Sales: 866,260

The Adventures of Mimi
Billboard Top Music Video: #25 (Last week #24)

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Euro Digital Tracks: #2 (Last week #2)
European Hot 100 Singles: #12 (Last week #9)
Hot Canadian Digital Singles: #14 (Last week #12)
Belgium: #4 (New entry)
Denmark: #9 (Last week #6)
Finland: #7 (New entry)
Greece: #6 (Last week #3)
Ireland: #3 (Last week #2)
Netherlands: #1 (Last week #2)
Norway: #3 (Last week #2)
Portugal: #4 (Last week #4)
Sweden: #4 (Last week #8)
United Kingdom: #20 (Last week #6)
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Pup Is Off To Phwoar
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 30-Dec-2007, 7:02PM EST
Mariah Carey must have thought it would be a real battle for her pooch out on the ski slopes - so she dressed the tiny pet in COMBAT gear.

The busty singer's mutt wore a khaki fur-lined hooded jacket, woolly jumper and hat.

Mariah, 37, wasn't quite so wrapped up as she kept her own matching jacket unzipped to show off her impressive slopes at posh Aspen, Colorado.

Passing admirers could only agree - the All I Want For Christmas Is You singer sure knows a thing or two about cute puppies.
Source: The Sun UK

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" final US & UK update
Posted by Michael on Sunday, 30-Dec-2007, 3:25PM EST
In the US, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" finishes its Digital Sales chart run this year at #17, selling 47,926 copies. Total sales for this year alone are at around 266,000 copies and at an exact full total of 866,260.

In the UK, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" drops 14 spots to #20 on the singles chart, selling 11,615 copies. Total sales to date stand at 504,583 copies.
Source: Bks | BBC | Marc | MariahDailyJournal

HQ Photos: Mariah in Aspen Dec. 29th
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 30-Dec-2007, 11:47AM EST
Click on the thumbnails below to view high-quality pictures of Mariah with dog Jack Junior in Aspen, Colorado on Saturday, December 29, 2007.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

CD Buzz Is Great For Start Of '08
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 30-Dec-2007, 5:29AM EST
Conventional wisdom casts the early months of every year as a musical dead zone. What a scandalous canard.

Some of the most interesting - if admittedly quirky - artists release CDs in the first few months, the better to avoid getting lost in the superstar pile-on that competes for your ever-dwindling post-Christmas dollar.

Even some megastars try to avoid the dreaded all-for-the-fall fate, and push back their products to the easier new year. There's another lure, too: With the slack competition, it's simpler to score a No. 1 at this time.

The list of tardy superstars this year includes no less powerful a presence than Mariah Carey, whose pantingly anticipated followup to the 5 million-selling "Adventures of Mimi" should arrive in the first few months. Also expect early-year arrivals from big sellers Janet Jackson, Ashley Simpson, Lenny Kravitz, Simple Plan, Sheryl Crow and Panic! at the Disco.

Also from the New York Daily News:
2008 Celebrity Horoscopes: "Mariah Carey, March 27, 1970. This pop singer will rearrange the way her money is spent and distributed. She could endorse a well-known cause, becoming a worldwide spokesperson."

Mariah on New DJ Clue DVD
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 29-Dec-2007, 2:49PM EST

DJ Clue and Jordan Tower Films make a DVD featuring segments from Clue's Power 105.1 FM (New York) radio show. It also includes some new footage from when he and Mariah were in the studio recording the "Don't Forget About Us" remix in 2006. (see clip on right)

[ Download this video ]

You can watch the full DVD trailer at DJ Clue's MySpace Music page.
Source: DJ Clue | MariahDailyJournal | Kerry

HQ Photos: Mariah Out & About in NYC
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 29-Dec-2007, 10:58AM EST
Never-seen-before photos: Mariah out and about in New York City on Monday, October 22, 2007. Click on each of the thumbnails below to view high-quality images.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah To Attend Jay-Z's 40/40 Club Opening in Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 29-Dec-2007, 2:41AM EST
Mariah Carey has been confirmed as one of the celebrity attendees to the grand opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club, located inside The Palazzo in Las Vegas on Sunday, December 30, 2007.

Other stars confirmed to attend include Beyonce, Alex Rodriguez, Rihanna, Anthony Anderson, Serena Williams, Anthony Munoz, Amare Stoudemire, Barry Bonds, Big Boi, Caridee McDaniels, Dr. J, Gnarls Barkley, Grant Hill, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hype Williams, Jalen Rose, Jamie Foxx, Johnny Gill, Judge Greg Mathis, Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Michael Jackson, Mos Def, Ne-Yo, Talib Kweli, The-Dream, Timbaland, Will.I.Am, Roger Huerta and Forrest Griffin.

The 40/40 Club, named after one of sport's most prestigious achievements -- 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in the same season, combines a multi-level ultra sports bar with a chic lounge all under the direction of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.
Source: The 40/40 Club

Video: Mariah on EXTRA's "Big Headlines in 2008"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 29-Dec-2007, 1:57AM EST

Tonight's EXTRA named the stars who will be making big headlines in 2008, revealing who to look and listen for as we close in on the new year.

"Dueling Divas. On the music front, Mariah Carey will release a new album, so will Madonna."

[ Download this video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" New European Peak Positions
Posted by Michael on Friday, 28-Dec-2007, 3:33PM EST
Thanks to the inclusion of downloads, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has reached new peak positions in

» Netherlands at #2 (was #5 in 1995)
» Norway at #2 (previously never charted)
» Denmark at #6 (previously never charted)
» Sweden at #8 (was #17 in 1994)
» Austria at #14 (previously never charted)
» Switzerland at #31 (previously never charted)

Thanks to these new peak positions, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has become one of Mariah's biggest hits in Europe now as well!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah in Aspen on Access Hollywood
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 27-Dec-2007, 2:19PM EST

Mariah and JJ were featured on last night's Access Hollywood segment on "Hollywood on Holiday!".

"Also in Aspen is Mariah Carey and pup both in winter wear. But the cold was no match for Mariah who unzipped to pose."

[ Download this video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

News Tidbits
Posted by Liron on Thursday, 27-Dec-2007, 2:03PM EST
• Here are more details about Mariah's day with underprivileged children from Denver from Meredith:

"Mariah took 85 kids to Aspen. They were picked up at the social services building at 0930 and were supposed to have arrived back at the social services building at midnight. However, due to the snow storm that hit, they ended up returning to the social services building at 3 am. Mariah purchased new winter coats, new snow boots, and new ski suits for the them. The kids said they had a fantastic time with Mariah - "the time of their lives" and that she was nice and beautiful. They were worn out by the end of the day, after getting the chance to take pictures with Mariah and get her autograph."

• Click here to vote for "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as your favorite Christmas music video on Yahoo! Music. Mariah is currently at #2 with 43% of the votes.

• As it was expected, X-Factor winner Leon Jackson's cover of Mariah and Whitney's duet "When You Believe" took the coveted #1 spot on the Christmas week of the UK singles chart. Rhydian Roberts, runner-up, reckons he's pleased he didn't win The X Factor, because he thinks Leon's single When You Believe - currently at number one - is rubbish. "I don't particularly like the song," says not at all bitter Rhydian. "But I didn't like my version either. I'm glad I didn't win and release the song as my rendition would have got slated." (Heat-World)

• criticizes the VH1 Greatest Songs of the 90s List for not having more Mariah songs:

First, limiting the list to one song per artist was inane. You can't have a "100 greatest" anything of the '90s and have just one Pearl Jam song, one Green Day song (an acoustic ballad, no less), one Mariah Carey song. Yeah, I don't like her either, but the woman had 17 No. 1 songs in the '90s. That should at least earn her a second song in the decade's top 100.

• NRJ in Switzerland has been advertising their radio station on trams by putting artists' names on them. The 'Mariah Carey tram' was seen in Zurich. Click here to see its picture.

• From New York Post: The stars in Aspen are cranky over a larger than ever contingent of paparazzi. Mariah Carey, unfazed by the cameras, spends most days shopping with her new puppy.

• Georgian reporter Sabrina Skinner takes a look through her random music collection and digs out her Christmas treasures: "Anything on the Mariah Carey album Merry Christmas. I'm a Mariah fan, through and through, and when she released this album in the 90s, it quickly became a Christmas staple for me. Not only does she cover amazing Christmas classics like Angles We Have Heard On High, but her original songs, Miss you most (at Christmastime) and All I Want for Christmas is You, add to the delight."

• Baseball player, Indians reliever Jensen Lewis reveals his favorite Christmas song in this Q&A: How about your favorite Christmas song?
Lewis: Actually, a good one -- and this is going to be embarrassing -- is Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

• Kansas City rappers Tech N9ne and Mac Lethal talked to The Pitch and expressed their wish to work with Mariah whom they love in their own special way. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Pitch: If you were to collaborate on a song, what would it be about?
Mac: It'd be about drinking. [...]
Tech: Seven's insane with the production. He's been working with us on several albums. He's a producer out of Wichita.

Pitch: Is that a factor when you're choosing a producer - who else he's worked with or is working with?
Tech: I get beats from everywhere. [...] Trackster, Chicago, he does Twista's music. He's responsible for Do or Die's music. And Mariah Carey ["One and Only"].

Mac: If we do a song together, we gotta get Mariah Carey on some vocals, talking about drinking and fucking and hatred of religion.

Tech: [laughs] And then, after we do the song, actually act it out with her. Drinkin', fuckin' and drinkin' and smokin' and humpin' and likin' it. Ha!

Mac: I have a big thing for Mariah Carey, still, to this day.

Tech: Always did. Always did!

Mac: No one's ever gonna touch her.

Tech: I like crazy bitches, you know what I'm sizzlin'? I'm attracted to lost souls, and she seems like she falls right into the category of a bitch that might be bipolar. I love it.

Mac: She's also one of the only people that can sing in the whistle register. She can sing as high as a whistle with her voice. And she has an ass, too.

• Below are wallpapers created by Arief, Silviu and William:

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Meredith | Jeremy | Adi | Arief | Silviu | William

On The Cover Additions: Touch 2005 & You 2005
Posted by Liron on Wednesday, 26-Dec-2007, 4:00PM EST
Our On The Cover section has been updated to include 2 more magazine cover issues from 2005. Thanks to Kerry from MariahCareyCollection for sharing her scans with us!

Meeting Mimi
Touch - April 2005 Issue

[Touch] has been invited to meet Mariah Carey, who's in town on business having recently completed her 10th studio album 'The Emancipation of Mimi.' [...] Two pots of tea and an encounter with Mariah's yapping dog Jack later, we're warmly welcomed into her suite. Or should we say Mimi's. "It's just a nickname my family uses," she explains. "Not even my friends knew about it so once everyone heard the album title, they thought I was changing my name because that's normal in today's entertainment world. It's fine though, it's endearing."

Then there's 'The Emancipation' part, which refers to her newfound sense of freedom the album embraces. The previous LP 'Charmbracelet' came after her much-publicised breakdwon and as such was awash with soul-searching emotions. Not this installment. "I was called Mimi as a kid so the feeling of the album embodies that part of my spirit. With 'Charmbracelet' everyone wanted to hear the stories of my trials and tribulations. It was a healing experience - expressing things that had gone on and my father had just passed away. Now I'm like, okay, we've done that, this record is about having some fun."

It's true - today Mariah comes across as disappointingly normal, healthy and perky, her wise-cracking New York nature not tallying with all those endless rumours such as she has a food-taster or that she doesn't 'do' stairs. She's having too many laughs hanging out with tasty rappers to be blue, thank you very much, the first fruits of which, is the insanely catchy single, 'It's Like That.' With Jermaine Dupri's bare beats coursing underneath a refrain by Fatman Scoop and Mariah's self-penned chorus {'It's my life, no stress, no fights, I'm leaving it all behind / No tears, no time to cry 'cos I'm making the most of life'), it's clear where Mariah's head is at right now... READ MORE »

I'm No Diva (How Mariah Carey Has Changed)
You - October 2005 Issue

My age doesn't seem like a reality to me. I feel like I am 12 years old. But I've had an interesting journey.

My mother wasn't one for boundaries, but when you're given freedom yuo crave structure. That's probably why I never did anything too outrageous as a kid.

My parents were opposites. My mother was the free spirit and my father a strict disciplinarian. They split up when I was three and despite the issues that came with that, I know we were all better off that way. They were not meant to stay together.

When you don't look like your parents, you inevitably have questions about your identity. My mother is white Irish American, my father was African American with a bit of Venezuelan. I remember drawing my family in kindergarten and colouring my face tan and my mum's pink, which was fine, but when I coloured my father's face brown, the teacher told me I had used the wrong crayon. It took me over 20 years to deal with being bi-racial.

Ambition is a talent in its own right. I had the gift of music, but it was ambition that enabled me to translate that into my career.

I thought being famous would validate me, but I also knew I didn't want to be poor. We had 13 homes when I was growing up, and never owned one of them. I always felt that the rug could be pulled out from under us and I was determined I wasn't going to live like that.

People call me a diva - but that is just so they can put me in a box. My mother was an opera singer, so I think I understand the word 'diva' enough to know that I'm not one... READ MORE »
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Scans: Kerry from MariahCareyCollection

Video Download Special: "Home For The Holidays"
Posted by Liron on Tuesday, 25-Dec-2007, 2:50PM EST
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!

Click on the links below to view pictures and download videos of Mariah's performances from the "Home For The Holidays" TV special. Mariah headlined the concert and was joined by Destiny's Child, Mandy Moore, Charlotte Church, Josh Groban and Enrique Iglesias.

The special aired on CBS on December 21, 2001 in hopes of raising consciousness about the thousands of children in the U.S. waiting to be adopted.

Mariah - opening the show:
"Tonight we're here to celebrate those whose lives have been changed by adoption and to reach out to those children who are still waiting. We all feel fragile on certain times but the most fragile are children without families in a world that's not as safe as it was. We hope you'll open your hearts to them and we hope you'll open your arms to them. Since last year's show, thousands of foster children have found loving families."

Introducing "Reflections":
"The next song I'm gonna sing is one I wrote about a foster child. It's about feeling lost when we don't have the safety of a family."

Introducing "I'll Be There" and closing the show:
"Joining me to close the show is my good friend Trey Lorenz and Crenshaw High School Elite Choir and the Dorsey High School Choir. Our wish is for a better world for each and every child and that can only happen one family at a time."

"Never Too Far / Hero" Live Medley
Mpg | Size: 48MB
[ Download here ]

"Reflections" Live
Mpg | Size: 37MB
[ Download here ]

"I'll Be There" Live
Mpg | Size: 38MB
[ Download here ]

"Extra" Interview
Mpg | Size: 18MB
[ Download here ]

"Entertainment Tonight" Interview
Mpg | Size: 16MB
[ Download here ]

"Access Hollywood" Interview
Mpg | Size: 7MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

HQ Photos: Mariah And Jack Junior In Aspen
Posted by Liron on Monday, 24-Dec-2007, 12:42PM EST
Last week, Mariah had arrived in Aspen, Colorado for her traditional Christmas vacation with her family and friends. This time, newly added family member - the dog Jack Junior joined the group. In the pictures below from Sunday (December 23), Mariah is photographed outside the Joan Boyce jewelry store. Click on the thumbnails below to view high-quality photos of Mariah and JJ in snowy Aspen.

More photos can be found in our Picture Gallery.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Holds Party for Underprivileged Kids
Posted by Liron on Monday, 24-Dec-2007, 6:27AM EST
Every year at this time the Aspen Skiing Co. (Skico) wages an effort to convince customers there is no need to fear a condition best described as Preparation X. The Skico delays the majority of advance X Games work until after the holiday rush.

There may be confusion that the beginners' area called Panda Peak is affected by X Games work. A portion of the area was off limits to the public. Skico spokesman Jeff Hanle said a private company held a Christmas party at Bumps recently and rented part of Panda Peak for tubing. The tubing area was left intact because Mariah Carey was bringing in some underprivileged children from Denver for a party last Friday.

Skico officials felt it was worth using part of Panda Peak for a charitable cause. "It's not a big Hollywood party," Hanle said. The Winter X Games 12 will be held Jan. 24-27.

On December 21, member duffbfly posted the following message on's message board:

"Today, Mariah is picking up children from a Social Services building in Denver and is taking them to Aspen to spend the day with her snowboarding. She is going to be purchasing them all the necessary snowboarding gear, buying them dinner, and who knows what else is in store for them for the day.

A bus is picking them up at 9:30 a.m. and will be returning them around midnight. They get to spend the whole day with her!"

Related Article:
» Big-hearted Mariah (The Mirror)
Source: Aspen Times

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" UK chart update
Posted by Michael on Sunday, 23-Dec-2007, 9:45PM EST
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" seems to have peaked on the UK singles chart for the year of 2007, peaking at #4 last week falling to #6 this week.

However, despite falling two places on the UK singles chart, the song gained 10% in sales to 21,447 copies. Total sales for the song now stand at 492,968 copies.

In related news, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has re-entered the UK airplay charts at an impressive #4 this week (which is also its peak position).
Source: Music Week | Mikey | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Gives 13,000 Euro Worth of Christmas Gifts
Posted by Liron on Sunday, 23-Dec-2007, 3:33PM EST
[Translation from Spanish]

Mariah Carey gave great Christmas gifts to her personal staff. The Christmas gift baskets, valued at more than 13,000 Euro, consist of French champagne, Belgian chocolates, Whisky, Cuban cigars, an iPod and a laptop, among other gifts. Mariah also added a relaxing weekend in a Carribean spa to the gift basket.

"One Sweet Day" on Clash of the Choirs
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 22-Dec-2007, 12:53PM EST

For their encore on Thursday's "Clash of the Choirs" finale, Team Rowland (Kelly) performed Mariah's "One Sweet Day" in tribute to choir member Spencer's dad Kevin, who happens to be deaf. The choir sang and signed the full lyrics to him.

[ Download this video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Phil

Mariah on This Week's Charts
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 22-Dec-2007, 12:49PM EST
Below are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date December 29, 2007.

Merry Christmas
Billboard Top Holiday Albums: #30 (Last week #28)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog: #2 (Last week #3)
Billboard Top Pop Catalog: #25 (Last week #19)
Billboard Top Digital Albums: #17 (Last week #10)

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Billboard Hot Singles Recurrents: #1 (Last week #1)
Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #1 (Last week #1)
Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #5 (Last week #5)
Billboard Top RingMasters: #12 (Last week #3)
Billboard Hot Digital Tracks: #11 (Last week #7)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #11 (Last week #8)
Sales this week: 53,018 (-13%)
Total Sales: 818,334

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" airplay as of week ending December 21, 2007: 48.918 million audience impressions, 5458 spins.

Merry Christmas
Italian Albums: #48
Irish Albums: #100

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Billboard European Singles: #9
Billboard European Digital Track: #2
German Singles: #60
German Digital Singles: #14
Norwegian Singles: #2
Irish Singles: #10
Danish Singles: #6
Austrian Singles: #14
Swiss Singles: #44
Dutch Mega Top 50: #11
Swedish Singles: #14
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Antonio

"Vision of Love" VH1's 14th Greatest Song of the '90s
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 22-Dec-2007, 2:06AM EST
Mariah's "Vision of Love," her first ever single from her self-titled debut album (released in 1990) came in at #14 in tonight's conclusion of the 100 Greatest Songs Of The '90s countdown on VH1.

[ Download this video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Showdown: Mariah Carey vs. Scrooges
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 22-Dec-2007, 1:20AM EST
The Conflict: Can Mariah Carey's classic holiday song melt the cold hearts of Christmas scrooges?

So, the past couple of Showdowns we've examined have been entirely theoretical, but today we actually have some life experience related to the matter at hand.

We have long believed in the magical powers of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Released 13 years ago, it's the only Christmas song to reach iTune's top 10 most downloaded list, and it continually tops Billboard charts every December. Love Actually, one of our favorite holiday movies, seems to be based entirely on this song.

If commercial success weren't enough, there's that warm fuzzy feeling we get every time we hear the simple chimes of a xylophone at the very beginning of the song. It gives us just enough time to shush everyone so they can enjoy the greatness about to play out.

From there it just gets better, the slow start, the piano that speeds the song up, the backup vocals, the lamest bass line ever, the jingle bells, Mariah's voice reaching octaves inaccessible to humans and, most of all, the title lyric that fills our heart with love for love.

We thought this song was enough to cure even the most extreme cases of bah humbuggery. But something happened this past weekend that changed the world as we knew it.

While at a deejay-it-yourself holiday party, we thought it would be okay to bring on the Christmas cheer with the best holiday song ever...because we attended the holiday party to celebrate the holidays, right? But no, completely shut down. It was exclusively a Neutral Milk Hotel kind of night. No festive songs at all.

Based on experience, it looks like the win goes to the Scrooges.

Honestly though, we don't want to live in a world where there's no "All I Want for Christmas Is You" at holiday parties. We're going to go on naively believing everyone is as into this song as they should be. In fact, we bet Mariah sends plenty of indie-Scrooge hearts aflutter when there's no one else around.

Are we wrong? Are there any other songs out there that you believe can warm the coldest of hearts? Has anyone else unexpectedly experienced the Mariah Carey backlash? Let it all out in the Comments.
Source: E! Online

'Playboy' Writer Talks About Mariah
Posted by Liron on Friday, 21-Dec-2007, 2:45PM EST
The first time Jason Buhrmester was set to interview Mariah Carey, he got stood up. Maybe, he thought, she misunderstood the time. He meant midnight his time -- Eastern time. Perhaps Carey thought she was supposed to call him at midnight her time, Pacific time. So he waited until 3 a.m. to see if the pop songstress would give him a ring.

No such luck.

Buhrmester did eventually get Carey on the phone, and she's one of many stars about whom he can say, "Yeah, I've talked to her." Buhrmester, a 34-year-old Bradley native who now lives in Brooklyn, New York, rambles off the list of celebs he's interviewed: Charles Barkley, Kate Beckinsale, Helena Bonham Carter, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart. Buhrmester recently spoke to The Daily Journal about getting started at Playboy magazine. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

The Daily Journal: Who is nothing like your expectations of how they would be?

Jason Buhrmester: I would say Mariah (Carey), actually. I tend to go into things with a preconceived notion of kind of who the people are. I do a ton of research. I find out what they like to answer and what they don't like to answer, and I try to ask the questions they don't like to answer to try to get that information out of them. She's a lot smarter than I thought. She's open about things if you really kind of press her toward it. I was surprised. She was a lot of fun.
Source: The Daily Journal | Overfifty

Madonna and Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 20-Dec-2007, 9:35PM EST
Fred Bronson writes in the latest Billboard's Chart Beat:

If I had a nickel for every e-mail I've ever received from fans of Madonna and Mariah Carey, I'd be far too rich to be writing Chart Beat. But since your letters don't come with cash attached, I'm still here to comment on what happened to both artists this week concerning their runs on The Billboard Hot 100.

As this is the final chart week of calendar year 2007, it is painfully obvious that neither artist is going to chart this year. That breaks continuous runs for both women that began with their debut singles.

Madonna has appeared on the Hot 100 at least one week every year since she debuted in 1983 with "Holiday." Carey has done the same since first appearing in 1990 with "Vision of Love."

Of course, neither artist's career is in danger and both are scheduled to release new CDs in 2008 that will no doubt yield hit singles that will find their way to the Hot 100.
Source: Billboard

Holiday Greeting From Mariah
Posted by Liron on Thursday, 20-Dec-2007, 4:00PM EST
Happy Holidays!

» Click here for a special holiday greeting from Mariah.

To all my Honey B. Fly members and my fans around the world, I want to wish you and those you love a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

I have so many exciting things in store for you in '08 including a new album that I can't wait for you to hear. Hope to see you all verrry soon! Wishing you a very festive holiday season with peace and happiness throughout the New Year!

Love Always,

» Here is a transcript of Mariah's voice message to the fans:

Heyyy it's Mariah! Just calling to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, a very happy New Year, and just the best holiday season ever. I know I am looking forward to it, and also, I will definitely be ready for you to hear my new album at the beginning of next year, so I hope ya like it! Alright, just have a great holiday and I'll chat with ya soon! Bye!
Source: | Maggie

Confirmed New Song Title: "Heat"
Posted by Liron on Thursday, 20-Dec-2007, 3:06PM EST
Mariah Daily Journal is happy to be able to reveal a confirmed song title from Mariah's upcoming album: "Heat," a mid to up tempo song, which Mariah played to fans back in November. While it is not confirmed whether or not this song will be a single, radio is said to be getting the lead single very soon. More details about Mariah's upcoming single and album will be posted when they become available.

Related Article:
» Fans Get a Sneak Preview of New Songs (MDJ 5-Nov-2007)
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Janet Jackson Optimistic About Mariah Duet
Posted by Liron on Thursday, 20-Dec-2007, 12:14PM EST
Janet Jackson is featured in the January/February issue of Blender magazine under the "Everything You Need to Hear in 2008" section. Below is an excerpt from the article.

DREAM COLLABORATION - Now that Janet and Mariah Carey are on the same label, will we finally hear their superstar duet? Jackson is optimistic: "It's something we both want to do. Hopefully we'll get it done."
Source: Blender Magazine | Janet Online | Carlos

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" on Clash of the Choirs
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 20-Dec-2007, 2:18AM EST

On NBC's "Clash of the Choirs" tonight, Nick Lachey's team, competing for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital charity, performed Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in the Holiday category.

Choir director Patti LaBelle said of Team Lachey's performance: "I love that song. I love Mariah Carey. And I'm so happy you chose that song."

[ Download this video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" US chart update
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 19-Dec-2007, 9:19PM EST
Despite gaining nearly 6 million in radio audience impressions (to 46 million audience impressions), "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has dropped 3 spots on the Digital Songs Chart and 13% in downloads, to 53,018 downloads this week. Total sales for the track stand at 818,334 downloads.

Here's last year's stats for comparison:
12/20/06 #07 (46,033) 502,578 49.3 million

Source: Bks | Mediabase | MariahDailyJournal

DJ Toomp, The Spin Doctor
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 19-Dec-2007, 7:17PM EST
On an afternoon in November, two months after Kanye West's Graduation has peaked at the top of the Billboard album charts, DJ Toomp is back in his studio, swiveling in that squeaky chair. A year into his production deal with Def Jam, he's flourished, and not just professionally. He mentions with pride that his first child, a daughter named Caden Alon, is 2 months old.

West and Toomp's "Good Life" single sits at No. 7 on the Billboard singles chart. Jay-Z's American Gangster, released Nov. 6, opened at No. 1 on the album charts, and Toomp's "Say Hello" is one of its highlights. In the coming months, he's slated to go into the studio with Nas and Mariah Carey.

"I really killed that song deal," he boasts.

Previous Articles:
» DJ Toomp Talks Mariah Carey (MDJ 29-Nov-2007)
» Mariah To Work With HipHop Producer DJ Toomp (MDJ 05-Mar-2007)

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 18-Dec-2007, 6:27PM EST
• USA Today's report on this week's national airplay audience chart: "16-24 Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas Is You: Opens up a big lead, with a 17.4% audience increase. Christmas records customarily don't make the top 10, but could this be an exception?"

• Click on the thumbnail on right to view the Tennessee poster in HQ.

• "M by Mariah Carey" is one of 7 items on The List of "ultimate must-have, need-to-know, and where-to-find-it guide" (page 43) in the January 2008 issue of Bazaar magazine.

• Vote for Mariah's perfume for the 8th Annual Basenotes Awards and have the chance to win a $250 voucher from FragranceNet. Enter "M by Mariah Carey" where appropriate, then keep on clicking "Next" until the last page appears, then click "Submit." Voting ends December 31, 2007.

• Attention Brazilian fans: you're invited to attend a Mariah Carey Christmas/DVD Release Party this Friday, December 21st at Hotel Cambridge, Av. 9 de Julho, 210 Centro Sao Paolo. Tickets are at R$10. View the flyer for more details.

• From the January 2008 issue of Interview: "The Carey-ing on continues." Reader Norman Mellett from Cape Town, South Africa writes the magazine about Mariah's September 2007 cover.

"I just read a letter in the November issue from one of your readers, and I was shocked at her narrow-mindedness concerning Mariah Carey posing nude (if you can call that nude) on the cover of your best yet Interview. Nudity is a totally natural thing, of course, and it's because of people like the letter writer that we have so much hate and intolerance in this world - they cannot see the beauty of life and all it has to offer. Interview is a modern, hip magazine, and if the letter writer does not want to see nudity, then she should subscribe to House & Home, or teleport herself to 1922!

Thank you for a wonderful article on Mariah Carey - it bared her soul and reflected the amazing, natural, down-to-earth, humorous woman that she is. She is an amazing artist and deserves a lot more credit than she receives. I saw her live in concert once, and it was the best experience ever - she is truly one of a kind. Her talent is breathtaking and magnificent."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Elephant Eye Films | Marilyn | Omar

Video: VH1 One To One Interview with Mariah 1996
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Dec-2007, 4:14PM EST
Our Video of the Week is Mariah's "One To One" interview which aired on VH1 Europe in 1996. Thanks to Elias for uploading the file for us.

"One-to-One" Interview with Mariah - VH1 Europe, 1996
Mpg | Size: 107.1 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Elias

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" UK Single Sales
Posted by Michael on Monday, 17-Dec-2007, 12:30PM EST
As previously reported, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" hit #4 on the UK Singles chart this past week. The single sold 19,453 copies this past week (an increase of more than 46% from last week), bringing its total to 471,521. The song should come near/over 500,000 copies by the end of the year.
Source: Mikey | Music Week | MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah on CW Now
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Dec-2007, 3:48AM EST

Extra correspondent Tanika Ray was backstage at the "M by Mariah Carey" fragrance launch in Macy's Glendale, CA on November 20, 2007 to interview the superstar about her new perfume. Aired earlier tonight on CW Network's new entertainment news program, CW Now, a brand extension of Extra TV.

[ Download this video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Climbs to #4 on UK Singles Chart
Posted by Liron on Sunday, 16-Dec-2007, 4:58PM EST
Mariah's 1994 hit and now classic Christmas tune "All I Want For Christmas Is You" continues its amazing performance on the official UK Singles Chart by climbing 4 spots from #8 to #4 this week!

The song is 2 spots away from its peak position (#2) which it achieved back in 1994.

A re-written version of Mariah and Whitney Houston's 1998 duet "When You Believe", recorded by X-Factor winner Leon Jackson, is expected to be the #1 single in the UK next week.

Digital download of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is available at iTunes, Woolworths or 7 Digital.
Source: BBC UK

Holiday Wallpapers & Avatars
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 16-Dec-2007, 4:13PM EST
Many thanks to Jayson for creating the lovely Holiday wallpapers (800x600) and avatars (100x100) below.

Holiday Wallpapers

Holiday Avatars

"The Adventures of Mimi" avatars
Source: Jayson

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 16-Dec-2007, 2:41PM EST
• "The Adventures Of Mimi" is a new entry at #8 on Billboard's Top Music Video Chart, issue date December 22, 2007.

• "All I Want for Christmas Is You" (So So Def Remix) featuring Jermaine Dupri & Lil Bow Wow is currently at #45 on iTunes' Top Ringtones.

• Mariah apparently scribbled this drawing during a press conference in Taiwan in 1998. Click the image on right to get a larger view.

• Famed basketball player Vince Carter of the New Jersey Nets has Mariah's "Shake It Off" on his iTunes playlist. He says of the song: "Good song for workout."

• Mariah is mentioned in the new Hilary Swank movie, "P.S. I Love You." In a gay club, one of Hilary's friends is playing the "snap game" (a la "Name That Tune") with two guys. He snaps once, then three times, and then once. It was supposed to be the opening of "Always Be My Baby" and the guys go: "Mariah Carey!"

• Mary J. Blige revealed last month that Rihanna's hit track "Umbrella" was initially offered to her. She has now claimed that the song was too "mainstream" for her. "I'm not going to chase what [mainstream] fans like. It might work for a Mariah. It might work for a Beyonce. But Mary J. Blige is looked at as some sort of organic thing." Digital Spy reports.

• On Saturday, December 22, Brazilian fans will gather to celebrate the release of "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD in Brazil. The official release party will take place at Rio de Janeiro's most famous gay club, Le Boy and organized by Fan Party, with the support of JustMariah and Universal Music Brasil who will provide copies of the new DVD and some CDs to be given away at the party. There will be performances, exclusive videos, Mariah quiz and more!

"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD is available on pre-sale at Americanas and Saraiva.

• The Slovakian TV show, Hudobná Horúcka, in its "Best Christmas Songs" countdown this week, had Mariah's "All I want For Christmas Is You" coming in at #4. You can watch a streaming video of the full show here. The feature on Mariah can be seen starting at 1:15.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Ben | Nike | Gustavo | Eliel | David | BoyMF | Marc

"M" News
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007, 7:41PM EST
• "M by Mariah Carey," is one of Glamalert's "Gotta Get It" items in the January 2008 Glamour magazine (page 45).

"M by Mariah Carey translates the beauty of her music into a fragrance that embodies Mariah's warmth, sensuality and glamour. This luxurious floriental opens with an indulgent, creamy accord and blooms into an opulent floral heart as a rich base reveals darker, sensual facets. Beautiful and feminine, this fragrance will linger in your mind like a timeless melody."

• Sky News reports that Mariah Carey's debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" is the third best-selling celebrity fragrance in the UK this Holiday season.

"In third place is another US diva, Mariah Carey. Her fragrance is simply called M. Presumably that's M for Mariah, not M for money."

• Below are pictures of the "M by Mariah Carey" display at Myer department store in Sydney, Australia.

• In Malaysia, "M by Mariah Carey" can be purchased at two places in Kuala Lumpur: Parkson Pavilion at Jalan Bukit Bintang, and Robinson, The Garden, MidValley, Bangsar. The "M" Eau de Parfum Spray is available in three sizes: 30ml (RM175.00), 50ml (RM215.00), and 100ml (RM245.00).
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Natalia | Omar

Feehily Talks About Mariah in Attitude Interview
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007, 6:34PM EST
Westlife's Mark Feehily and his boyfriend Kevin McDaid talk quite a bit about Mariah Carey in the December 2007 issue of the UK magazine Attitude.

Did you swap numbers the first night?
Kevin: What secured it was our love for our divas. Mark has his diva, Mariah Carey and I have mine, Christina Aguilera. [laughing] He was the first person that understood how I felt.
Are you obsessed with Mariah, Mark?
Mark: I wouldn't say obsessed. As a young person I wanted her to be my big sister. I didn't have a sister and she was the epitome of beauty for me. She always looked so sad when she was singing and then you learn the story of how she's like the princess locked away in the mansion and... the voice? She seemed to totally understand gospel music, which I love so much. I saw her performing when I was about ten. She was performing live on some American TV show and my dad called me down "come here, Mark, look at this one, you'll like her" and I literally just stood and froze for a while at her performance of Without You. She is amazing.

What did it feel like to work with Mariah, Mark?
K: I would wet myself.
M: I imagined her to have this huge, imaginary, fabulous, lavish lifestyle. There was a time when I was in Thailand with Westlife. I'd always ask the porters when we were away who'd stayed at the hotel and I asked this guy and he said Mariah Carey and it seemed impossible to me. I had this silly illusion that she was so far removed from reality she couldn't possible have stayed in that hotel. Luckily by the time I got to meet her I'd come to terms a bit more with what celebrity was and what being a fan of somebody was because we had our own fans. The really annoying thing was that the first time I met her Westlife has just been nominated for an MTV award and we had a press conference day. I didn't even know that she was going to be there until I got there.
K: Tell him about the phone call. That must've been the maddest point...
M: ... I'll get to that in a minute. They put me in front of an entire press conference to meet her. And I'd waited ten years for this. For f**k's sake, they couldn't have made me look like more of a twat and she was in full bloom on a chaise longue.
K: With a fan, blowing her.
M: I just said "Hi, Mariah, it's really nice to meet you" and she said "I heard you're a big fan of mine." I'd got over meeting her when we worked with her.

Did you actually work in the studio with her?
M: Absolutely. It wasn't phoned in. We worked out the BVs together. She did the main vocal in New York but we did BVs and additional stuff together. It was in her house in Capri.
You did the famous video where Bryan McFadden's staring at her breasts for the entire song at the same time?
M: Yeah. The maddest thing was when I was sitting in my living room in my house in Galway - the same living room my dad had called me down to see her in all those years earlier - and my mum said "Mark! It's Mariah Carey on the phone!" F**k me. It was before we performed Hero with her in Manchester and she was calling to go through what we were going to do with the BVs. I was just thinking all the way through the conversation "f**king hell, I wish I was taking this phone call on my computer so I could record it." Mariah singing down the phone to me in my mum's living room. I put the phone down and didn't remember one f**king thing that she said. For me, things like that are the things that make this job the best one in the world.
K: Those things don't happen very often and no one can take them away because they're so special to you.
M: And I'll say this as well, we've worked with a lot of people who are not nearly as big as her who've been very difficult to get stuff out of.
K: She always asks after Mark.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
M: I've two younger brothers. No sisters.
Apart from Mariah Carey?
M: She's my soul sista.

[talking about Stevie Wonder]
M: But it was great to meet him anyway. That's the stuff that I progressed to after finding Mariah Carey when I was ten. Vocally she has a side to her that people don't credit her with. She can really sing. I love big voices.
Source: Attitude UK | Matthew

Videos: Mariah on European TV
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007, 6:05PM EST

Julespesial Med Mariah Carey - December 1994 (Norwegian Christmas Special)
WMV (RAR-Archive) | Size: 203.0 MB
Download: [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 ]

Inside Edition about Chris Nickson's book "Her Story" (1995)
WMV | Size: 71.9 MB
[ Download here ]

Interview in Spain - November 1999
WMV | Size: 68.2 MB
[ Download here ]

De Otono - Spanish report about Rainbow Promotion - 1999
WMV | Size: 33.0 MB
[ Download here ]

Exclusiv Report about "Food Poisoning" - 2000
WMV | Size: 4.4 MB
[ Download here ]

German News Report about "Food Poisoning" - 2000
WMV | Size: 7.2 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise

Scans: International Magazines
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 15-Dec-2007, 4:49PM EST
Our On The Cover section has been updated with new scans from 16 international magazines. Check them out by clicking on each issue cover below!

Dec 1994

Oct 1994

Jan 1996

Jet Set

FM Fan
Sep 1997

Feb 1998

Feb 1998

FM Fan
Dec 1999

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Source: MariahDailyJournal | Scans: Kerry - MariahCareyCollection

"Mimi" DVD Available To Watch Online
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Dec-2007, 5:46PM EST
Mariah Carey's "The Adventures of Mimi" is her most successful tour ever and now you can watch her Anaheim, California performances on Clear Channel Music's In-Concert Live & On Demand.

Videos available:
•  Opening
•  Shake It Off
•  Commentary - Vision of Love
•  Vision of Love
•  Commentary - Don't Forget About Us
•  Don't Forget About Us
•  Commentary - One Sweet Day
•  One Sweet Day
•  Commentary - We Belong Together
•  We Belong Together
Source: Clear Channel | Adrian

Tennessee Update
Posted by Liron on Friday, 14-Dec-2007, 1:19PM EST
Elephant Eye Films, a New York City-based company that produces, distributes and sells independent feature films has added "Tennessee" to the sales section on its website.

Below are the film details and a poster preview for the film. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo.

TENNESSEE - Premieres Winter 2008

Cast: Mariah Carey, Adam Rothenberg, Ethan Peck, Lance Reddick

Director: Aaron Woodley

Writer: Russell Schaumburg

Producer: Lee Daniels

Executive Producers: Gary Magness, Sarah Siegel-Magness

Status: Post-Production

Synopsis: Two brothers, Carter and Ellis, embark on a journey from New Mexico to find their estranged father in the hopes of saving Ellis, who has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Along the way they meet Krystal, an aspiring singer who joins them on their journey.
Source: Aaron Woodley | Leo

All I Want for Christmas Is Not To Hear That Song
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Dec-2007, 9:16AM EST
Edison Media Research and Pinnacle Media Worldwide independently surveyed listeners to divine their most loved and loathed holiday songs. (Both companies asked review panels -- consisting primarily of women -- to rate hundreds of Christmas-themed tunes, sorting them into such categories as "love," "like," "dislike" and "hate.")

There's big money riding on these surveys, which were released last week. Knowing what listeners love and hate, Christmas-wise, is critical to 366 radio stations across the country that play nothing but Christmas music for a few weeks this time of year.

The most beloved songs in both surveys were often standards: Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" (he first recorded it in 1942); Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)" (1946) and Burl Ives's "A Holly Jolly Christmas" (1965) turned up at the top of each company's lists of favorites.

Three other staples, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" (Brenda Lee, recorded in 1958), "Jingle Bell Rock" (Bobby Helms, 1957) and John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" from 1971, scored consistently well in research conducted by California-based Pinnacle.

Which leads to Christmas Music Observation No. 1: Despite all the new holiday music that is released each year, people prefer hearing the "classics."

The newest song to crack the top 10 on Pinnacle's "adult contemporary" and "adult top 40" panels was Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You," released 13 years ago. The most recent for Edison was the Lennon/Ono tune.

Among the most-hated Christmas songs, according to Edison's research, are Streisand's "Jingle Bells?"; the Jackson 5's "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"; Elmo & Patsy's "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"; and "O Holy Night," as butchered by the cartoon character Eric Cartman from Comedy Central's "South Park."

And the No. 1 most-hated Christmastime recording? That would be "Jingle Bells," as "performed" by the Singing Dogs. This 1955 Danish record (reedited and rereleased in 1970) is just what the name and group say it is: a bunch of dogs woofing out the familiar tune, one bark at a time.

Holiday Charts Update
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Dec-2007, 8:12AM EST
Below are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date December 22, 2007.

Merry Christmas
Billboard Top Holiday Albums: #28 (Last week #27)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog: #3 (Last week #3)
Billboard Top Pop Catalog: #19 (Last week #17)
Billboard Top Digital Albums: #10 (Last week #11)

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Billboard Hot Singles Recurrents: #1 (Last week #1)
Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #1 (Last week #6)
Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #5 (Last week #7)
Billboard Top RingMasters: #3 (Last week #3)
Billboard Hot Digital Tracks: #7 (Last week #10)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #8 (Last week #10)
Sales this week: 60,846 (+4%)
Total Sales: 765,316

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" airplay as of week ending December 13, 2007: 42.431 million audience impressions, 4687 spins.

Below, find Mariah's current chart standings at iTunes around the world.

 All I Want For Christmas Is YouMerry Christmas
CountryTop SongsTop HolidayTop AlbumsTop Holiday
New Zealand#21#1--#8
United Kingdom#1#1#38#6

• Merry Christmas reenters the Italian Top 100 Albums at #72.

• "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is at #4 on the Norwegian Singles chart, #12 on Swedish Singles, #32 on Austrian Singles, and #55 on the Swiss Singles chart.

• This week, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" rockets 35 spots to #12 on the Swedish singles chart, thus reaching an all new peak since its previous peak of #17 in 1994. And in its 5th week, the song moves 17-4 on the official Swedish Realtones chart.

Meanwhile, the cover by former Idol contestants Måns Zelmerlöw and Agness Carlsson enters the Singles chart at #15. Download a high-quality MP3 file here.

• Yesterday on Inside Edition, host Deborah Norville talked about the hottest holiday music and among the mentions were Josh Groban, Vanessa Hudgens on Disney's Christmas album, Chris Brown from This Christmas and Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." They showed clips of each and for Mariah, they touted that she was #8 this week on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs Chart.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | David | Antonio | Marc

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Is Top Contemporary Holiday Ringtone
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Dec-2007, 12:01AM EST
Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Is Nation's Best-Selling Contemporary Holiday Ringtone For Second Year Running

America's cell phones are ringing with the seasonal sounds of holiday ringtones from SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT's Commercial Music Group (CMG) with Mariah Carey's yuletide classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," leading the pack with sales of more than 1.2 million and a new RIAA platinum certification. Last year, when the track struck Gold status, Mariah's holiday gem became the very first seasonal Mastertone to be awarded an RIAA certification.

In 2006, the Top 5 Christmas songs from the CMG accounted for 49% of all Christmas Mastertone sales. Last year, Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" brought home an astounding 23% of all seasonal Mastertone sales and 56% of all holiday Ringback sales.

Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the highest charting Christmas release so far this year on the Billboard Hot Ringmasters chart, where it has reached #3. The song is currently #8 on the Nielsen SoundScan Digital Songs chart and #7 on the Nielsen SoundScan Hot Digital Tracks chart.

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" was first heard as a key track on Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas album. Originally released in 1994, Merry Christmas has gone on to become one of the top-selling holiday collections of all time, selling more than 11 million copies worldwide while earning 5x platinum certification from the RIAA.
Source: PR Newswire

Mimi DVD's "Shake It Off" TV Premiere
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Dec-2007, 12:11PM EST
American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and finalist Blake Lewis; and pop/rock band Lifehouse will perform live from Times Square on New Year's Eve Live Monday, Dec. 31 (11:00pm-12:30am ET live; CT/MT/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. Additionally, the show will feature the exclusive U.S. TV premiere of pop superstar Mariah Carey's concert performance of "Shake It Off" from her recently released DVD "The Adventures of Mimi."

Cat Deeley will host the show from the rooftop of Planet Hollywood, and Talkshow host Spike Feresten will report from the heart of Times Square.
Source: Futon Critic

International News
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Dec-2007, 12:06PM EST
Shino, Kotaro and group held a successful launch party to celebrate the "M by Mariah Carey" and "The Adventures of Mimi" releases in Japan. Click here to view a video; and below for pictures from the launch party.

According to Universal Music Korea, "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD is scheduled for release in Korea on January 3, 2008. Korean subtitle is available on the 2-disc DVD.

"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD is now available in Malaysia. Desmond checked in to tell us that he got his copy from Victoria Music, Atria for MYR43.90 (price valid until February 29, 2008).

"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD was released December 11th in Thailand. The DVD comes with a 2-disc set in normal DVD case plus booklet, not in Digipack and no paper box (see scans below). It can be purchased at any B2S department store; and other music stores. Some B2S stores report that the DVD has been very popular and that they are almost sold-out. In checking with Universal Music Thailand, they said that the first lot was limitedly produced to see the demand first.

Source: Craig | MC Family | Desmond | MariahThailand | Shino | Kotaro

Mariah in InStyle Spain
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Dec-2007, 11:59AM EST
The December 2007 issue of the Spanish InStyle magazine is loaded with Mariah - from a full page ad of her fragrance to an exclusive interview.

• Full page "M" ad, page 47

• "M by Mariah Carey," page 162
The creator You can say that she is the female artist with the most #1 singles in the United States. Her perfume Each note is a reflection of her personal life, like the incense she found in Morocco, the Tiaré flower that she discovered for the first time while visiting Hawaii...An album of childhood memories for an oriental fragrance with a floral touch. 45€"

• Exclusive: Mariah Carey Interview, page 173
We traveled to New York to interview the pop diva who just presented her first fragrance, M by Mariah Carey. Additionally, she revealed some beauty secrets to us.

What were your sources of inspiration for creating your first fragrance?
Above all, memories from my childhood and distinct moments from my life. For example, there are notes that remind me of the flavor of marshmallows or the Tiaré flower, the base of the perfume, which makes me think of some of my trips to Hawaii or Capri, places where I love to escape to.

Again, the butterfly as a symbol of identity...
As all of my fans know, I love butterflies, because they represent metamorphosis and freedom. What I like most about the perfume is the small cap; it's very sexy and glamorous.

And after the perfume, have you thought about creating your own clothing line?
I'm thinking about doing anything that inspires me creatively. If it weren't for that reason, it wouldn't be worth the trouble!

Who do you look to for advice when it comes to beauty?
I studied in a beauty school, so I already know a lot about makeup... Additionally, as an artist, I work with the best professionals, so I am always learning something about the latest products and beauty treatments.

The best way to relax...
Throughout the years, I've learned that I can't work during certain times. So, the best thing I can do is go on vacation. I love tropical places and swimming in the sea. When I'm there, it feels like the best and private escape.

In your suitcase you always carry...
Sunscreen, it's indispensable, sunglasses and a huge hat. In addition, I always bring lipgloss, oil remover, and waterproof mascara.

• Gloria Estefan, page 194
In an interview with Gloria Estefan, the Cuban singer talks about everything from idols to fetishes.

A Fetish
"The old cassette tape that Mariah Carey recorded in her house so that Tommy Mottola, from Sony, would pay attention to her and that my husband would produce her. I love her voice!"

Source: InStyle Spain | Scans/Translation: Jeremy

"Zohan" Movie Trailer
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007, 7:39PM EST
In his new film, "You Don't Mess With The Zohan," Adam Sandler plays a buffed-up, trained assassin - not to mention a wizard with the crimping iron.

Sandler plays the title character, Zohan - a Mossad agent who fakes his own death so he can move to New York and become... a hairstylist.

The film also stars Rob Schneider, Henry Winkler, Talia Shire and even features a cameo from Mariah Carey.

For your first look at the trailer for the film, click here.

"You Don't Mess With The Zohan" hits theaters June 6.

Note: Some scenes in the movie show Adam Sandler's character Zohan wearing "Rainbow," "Heartbreaker" and "Mimi" shirts! See photos below.

Source: Access Hollywood | MariahDailyJournal | Casey | Julio

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" US chart update
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007, 3:07PM EST
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" moves up two spots on the Hot Digital Sales chart to #8 (from #10) with a sales increase of 4% to 60,846 downloads this week. The song has now sold 765,316 downloads in total.

Last year "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was at the same spot on the Hot Digital Sales chart.

Source: Bks | MariahDailyJournal

LaBelle Mentions Mariah in Vibe Interview
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007, 3:05PM EST
Patti LaBelle mentions Mariah in an interview with Vibe magazine.

How is it to be back on Def Jam recording and working with L.A. Reid?
"It's wonderful working with LA and all the people at the Def Jam family. I am the oldest person at the Def Jam family! Before they had a category, "Classic Soul", now it's just "Patti LaBelle's Back," which is a wonderful thing that LA really wanted me back. Mariah Carey was pissed! She wanted to beat LA up! Why'd you let my mother go? Everybody was mad and LA didn't mean any harm, but he just had to do what he had to do at that time. So I'm back and it's because of him I'm back."
Source: Vibe | Amber

Mariah Makes Top 20 In VH1's Greatest 90's Songs
Posted by Liron on Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007, 10:40AM EST
The fans have spoken and VH1 is celebrating the music of the 90s like it never has before. In an online poll, users have voted Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as the greatest song from the 90s.

Mariah's "Vision of Love", her first single ever from her self-titled debut album (released in 1990) came in at #14.

VH1's "100 Greatest Songs Of The '90s" premieres Monday-Friday, December 17 - 21 at 10 PM each night. With more than 600,000 votes cast, the countdown list was determined by an online poll at where viewers had the opportunity to pick their favorite songs of the '90s from all genres -- rock, pop, rap or R&B.

Note: Catch Mariah when VH1 concludes the countdown of "100 Greatest Songs Of The '90s" with #20 through #1 on Friday, December 21, 2007 at 10:00pm PT/ET.
Source: PR Newswire

Mariah To Ring In The New Year in Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007, 12:13AM EST
Chart topper Mariah Carey to host Tao Las Vegas for New Years Eve 2008! This is certainly going to be a night to remember, you won't want to miss ringing in the New Year at Tao. Tickets start at $200 and can be purchased at the Venetian Box office at 702-414-9000, tickets are also available online at For table inquiries call 702-388-8588 or email

Click on the thumbnail on right to get a larger view of the event flyer.
Source: The Vegas Eye

Holiday Newsbits
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 11-Dec-2007, 7:24PM EST
• The amazing Christmas race. Upsets are rife this week on National Airplay chart as Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" takes over as the top Christmas chestnut, jumping 30-23 with a 3.9% gain. But watch out for Mariah Carey, whose "All I Want for Christmas Is You" soars 43-24 with a +13.8% gain. USA Today.

• "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is currently the most downloaded song on iTunes UK - #1 on Top Songs overall!

• According to MediaTraffic in its December 15th issue, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is #37 on the Global Track Chart.

• Fans can go on to iTunes, Woolworths or 7 Digital to purchase a digital download of "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The song is currently at #10 on the UK Singles chart and we can help it move up!

• HMV UK is having a huge sale on CDs so anyone looking for stocking fillers should check out "The Emancipation of Mimi - Platinum Edition with DVD" for £3.99! (was £17.99, a savings of £14.00).

• "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was played on the Today Show this morning during the special segment about "Shoes for Winter."

• Today on Ellen, they used part of Mariah's version of "Joy To The World" during a package where Stryker visited Geneva, Illinois.

• Attention European fans. Gilles has begun his Mariah Christmas Force campaign for "All I Want For Christmas Is You" this year. To find out how you can participate, click here.

• "Christmas Hits: Festive Favorites" a compilation album, released by SonyBMG in Korea, consists of 58 tracks well representing its festive mood as well as religious celebrations with diverse musical styles. The three-CD package includes Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," Wham's "Last Christmas," Westlife's "I Have A Dream," and Il Divo's "O Holy Night." Korea Times.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Julio | Simona | Gilles | Jay | Jeremy | Danielle | Ricky Review: "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 11-Dec-2007, 3:08PM EST
Mariah fans listen up: The new live DVD "The Adventures Of Mimi" is Mariah Carey's best effort to prove she stands along side the world's top pop and R&B singers by offering a lavish production of power ballads, catchy hip hop and proven radio hits. Original music video clips of her most popular songs accompany her stage performance on jumbo screens, giving the concert a nostalgic flair.

Despite her impressive five octave vocal range and cameos of Boys II Men and Trey Lorenz, the overall performance seems contrived and over polished. This is best exemplified by her glittery signature "MC" initials crowned at the top a Vegas style stage and Miami pool party costumes.

Although the cameras show a packed house of adoring fans singing in unison to every song, Mariah doesn't seem intimately connected with the audience except for a few moments during "I'll be There" and "One Sweet Day". Even when she is escorted to a center stage in the middle of the arena, Mariah appears to withhold the connection trying to be made with the crowd. Fortunately, this does not take away from an almost flawless vocal delivery of every song in the show, including her famous whistle falsetto.

Die hard Mariah fans will be able to overlook the bloated and airbrushed presentation when considering how exceptional the singing really is. It's also cool to see Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez and Jesse from Bravo's Work Out in the front row queening out to their favorite songs during the performance, an obvious nod to Mariah's gay fans. Might make a great holiday gift for Mimi freaks...
Source: | Joseph - Rogers & Cowan PR

Mariah on Ellen's Celebrity Game
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 10-Dec-2007, 10:59PM EST

On today's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen's favorite competitor, Allison Janney joined in for the "Celebrity" guessing game. Allison gave the correct answer "Mariah Carey" to Ellen's clues:

"The Emancipation of... And she sings. And she's got a very high voice. Very, very high. Used to be married to Tommy..."

[ Download this video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Julio

Music Retailers Complain About Lack of New Albums
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 10-Dec-2007, 5:34PM EST
Be careful what you ask for -- you just might get it.

For years, music retailers have complained that the labels wait until the fourth quarter to release albums from their biggest stars, creating a drought during the other nine months.

This year, the labels somehow forgot to do even that. And they also forgot to have a hot release ready for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, a day that usually earns the Super Tuesday distinction, since it's so heavy with big releases. Last week, the highest new entry on the Billboard 200 came in at a lowly No. 50.

Just three years ago, the fourth quarter was packed with new releases from the likes of Eminem, U2, Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain, Rod Stewart, R. Kelly, Jay-Z/Linkin Park and Kelly Clarkson.

Merchants are crying the blues, but at least they'll have some big releases for the first quarter for a change: So far, Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lenny Kravitz and Sheryl Crow are due out in the new year.

One independent retailer suggested, however, that without big releases in the fourth quarter, his store might not be around in the first quarter.
Source: Billboard

Video: "I Still Believe/Pure Imagination"
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 10-Dec-2007, 3:23PM EST
Our featured Video of the Week is the music video to "I Still Believe/Pure Imagination" (Damizza Reemix) featuring Krayzie Bone & Da Brat. Thanks to Elias for uploading the file for us.

"I Still Believe/Pure Imagination" (Damizza Reemix), 1999
Download: [ VCD | SVCD | iPod Video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Elias

"Mimi" DVD Out Dec. 18th in Brazil
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 10-Dec-2007, 3:21PM EST
Universal Music Brazil has confirmed the release date for "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour DVD as December 18, 2007.

Brazilian fans can now pre-order the DVD at

Source: Marcelo | Nadia

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" sells another 13,284 copies in the UK
Posted by Michael on Monday, 10-Dec-2007, 2:53PM EST
As previously reported, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has re-entered the Top 10 of the UK singles chart. Single sales for the song are 13,284 copies, a sales increase of 259% this past week. The #1 song sold nearly 30,000 copies this week.

Total sales for "All I Want For Christmas Is You" are at 452,068.
Source: Marc | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's SoundScan Album Sales w/e 11/25/07
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 10-Dec-2007, 12:42PM EST
According to SoundScan, Mariah has sold a total of 18,802 albums and home videos for the week ending November 25, 2007 (Billboard Chart dated December 8, 2007). Below find the sales breakdown by album. Sales for the same week last year are indicated in parentheses.

1. Merry Christmas: 13,911 (18,026)
2. Greatest Hits: 1,979 (1,833)
3. The Emancipation of Mimi: 894
5. #1s: 509 (687)
6. Remixes: 290 (300)
7. #1s, video: 160 (286)
8. MTV Unplugged, CD/DVD combo: 149 (26)
9. Butterfly: 133 (255)
10. Around the World: 120 (110)
11. Music Box: 113 (143)
12. Rainbow: 79 (93)
13. Glitter: 77 (446)
14. Mariah Carey, video: 76
15. Daydream: 76 (118)
16. Mariah Carey: 59 (97)
17. Charmbracelet: 57 (220)
18. MTV Unplugged, video: 48
19. Fantasy - Live at Madison Square Garden, video: 38
20. Emotions: 34 (46)
Source: Chris

Mariah Enters the UK Top 10 Singles Chart
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Dec-2007, 2:44PM EST
American pop diva Mariah Carey made an impressive showing on the official UK Singles chart (December 9, 2007 issue) with "All I Want For Christmas is You" climbing 15 places from #23 to #8!

The Top 10 UK singles are:

1. Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love"
2. T2 Ft Jodie Aysha - "Heartbroken"
3. Girls Aloud - "Call The Shots"
4. Timbaland - "Apologise"
5. Take That - "Rule The World"
6. Alicia Keys - "No One"
7. Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse - "Valerie"
8. Mariah Carey - "All I Want for Christmas Is You"
9. Shayne Ward - "Breathless"
10. Soulja Boy Tellem - "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"

Meanwhile, vote for "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as your top Christmas song at BBC. Mariah is currently in 3rd place with 11.10% of total votes, behind Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" (35.56%) and Kirsty McColl and The Pogues' "Fairytale of New York" (29.62%).
Source: Reuters UK | BBC | James

Mariah Ringside at Mayweather vs. Hatton Fight?
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Dec-2007, 3:02AM EST
The hottest ticket in sport this weekend is the Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather world welterweight championship fight in Las Vegas, and the stars are flocking to the Nevada gambling capital to watch the showdown which is set to crown the winner as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

The bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena will see the Manchester-born Hatton supported by footballer David Beckham and actor Jude Law, as well as thousands of Brits who have flown out to support the 'Hitman', many without tickets. He'll also be supported by the cream of British boxing - Lennox Lewis, Joe Calzaghe and a host of British world champions. In Mayweather's corner will be actors Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, who have both played boxers on screen, as well as rapper Jay-Z and Mariah Carey.
Source: The First Post UK | Shayne

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Dec-2007, 1:52AM EST
• Mariah Carey is the 16th most searched music artist in 2007 on Yahoo! Below, find the Top 20 list.
1. Britney Spears
2. Beyonce Knowles
3. Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson
4. Avril Lavigne
5. Hilary Duff
6. Akon
7. Hannah Montana
8. Shakira
9. Chris Brown
10. Ciara
11. Christina Aguilera
12. Justin Timberlake
13. Rihanna
14. Lil' Wayne
15. 50 Cent
16. Mariah Carey
17. Eminem
18. Carrie Underwood
19. Fall Out Boy
20. My Chemical Romance
• To the right, watch Jerry's video footage of Mariah's "M" fragrance launch at Macy's Glendale Galleria, California on November 20, 2007. You can download this video by clicking here.

• "M by Mariah Carey" will reportedly be distributed by Luxasia in Taiwan and is expected to be in stores January 2008.

• The theatrical release for "You Dont Mess With The Zohan" in Turkey is reportedly scheduled on August 15, 2008.

• The Girls Next Door talk about their favorite Christmas memories in this video clip on E! Online. One of girls, Kendra Wilkinson, mentions Mariah: "My family and I, we've always like you know, always wake up early and put on the Mariah Carey Christmas CD, open up the presents, watch A Christmas Story - that's like the tradition."

• From the New York Post: Mariah Carey has teamed up with director Spike Lee to create a video that makes fun of those who make fun of her. The video - called "Lovers and Haters," which will be on Carey's new concert DVD, "The Adventures of Mimi" - features actors saying unkind things Carey has overheard about herself. One young woman says, "I heard that ain't even her real voice. She keeps this great singer in the dungeon. She only gives her bread and water and takes her out when it's time to record."

• The #1 German Mariah fansite, Butterfly-MC, now has its own message board. Called "The Experience of Love," the board is presented in English as well as in German language. Webmasters Dennis and Maximilian have worked hard to give you one of the best Mariah Carey communities worldwide. Click here to register now!

• The newly-opened Spanish Mariah fan site, Ave Mariah, has also launched a message board. Spanish fans now have a place to unite and talk about anything Mariah, and more! The forum boasts monthly contest giveaways, just for participating in the message board! Check it out here.

• Westlife's Mark Feehily reveals to Sunday Mirror UK his best-ever Christmas present: "My best was my hi-fi system I got when I was 12, back when they were the size of a spaceship. With it they gave you a list of five albums you could send away for free, so I got TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. It was the first time I really sang along to anything."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Dennis | Wu | Jerry | Can | Jeremy | Aaron

On The Cover: Mariah on Hit Krant
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Dec-2007, 1:51AM EST
Our On The Cover section has been updated to now include 5 editions of the Dutch magazine, Hit Krant. Click on an issue cover below to view scans.

Aug 1992

Jul 1994

Feb 1999

Mar 1999

Oct 1999
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kerry - MariahCareyCollection

UK Christmas Charts Bring Back Classics
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 08-Dec-2007, 1:33PM EST
This year's Christmas pop charts are set to be the most festive ever, thanks to new rules on downloads, experts predict.

Ghosts of Christmas past such as Wham, Wizzard and Andy Williams are expected to feature in the Top 40 when the latest chart is announced this weekend.

And more Christmas classics may appear because of new rules, said mobile phone firm 3.

Downloaded music has counted towards chart sales since 2005 - but until earlier this year, only songs that were also available to buy in the shops were eligible.

Now, for the first time ever, the Christmas charts can include any festive track from the archives, even if it is no longer in shops.

Insiders expect tomorrow's top 20 to include The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's Fairytale Of New York and Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You.

An estimated 79 per cent of the 65 million singles sold in the UK last year were downloads.

John Penberthy-Smith, 3's marketing director, said: "As people get into the festive spirit, there's nothing to stop them downloading Christmas favourites from yesteryear.

"There could even be a rush to download a favourite Christmas carol into the charts."

Note: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is currently at #23 on the UK singles chart, up 23 spots from previous week.

Mariah Carey Fans Hijack Echo Xmas Poll
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 08-Dec-2007, 2:37AM EST
Devoted Mariah Carey fans have hijacked an Echo poll by encouraging followers across the globe to skew the vote.

Two weeks ago the Echo's website launched an online poll asking the people of Lincolnshire what their favourite Christmas song was. All the classics are listed, from Bing Crosby's White Christmas to The Pogues' Fairytale of New York.

But one Echo reader decided to make Carey top of the pops. After voting for her hit All I Want for Christmas is You, the fan posted details of the survey on the star's official website.

Fans from the US, South America, Australia and across Europe then logged on to the Echo's website to place their vote. Within 24 hours the previous poll leader Fairytale of New York had been knocked into second place.

As things stand now Carey has a whopping 54.3 per cent of the vote, with the Pogues in second place with just 15.3 per cent.

Die-hard Pogues fan Michael Donaghy (35), of Winn Street, Lincoln, said he was disgusted. "What a joke," he said. "I'm going to get all my mates on the case - we'll soon get Shane back up there."

But Carey fan Liz Wood (32), of Nettleham Road, Lincoln, said the singer deserved to streak ahead. "This just shows how huge she is worldwide. She has an amazing voice and it's a great song - vote for her."

How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 07-Dec-2007, 9:15AM EST
Rent a celebrity for your next birthday party or bar mitzvah. Tara Reid comes cheap these days at $3,500 a gig. So, too, does Nick Lachey whose price tag has dropped to $60,000. Michael Bolton still commands $75,000, and Mariah Carey is as hot as ever at a cool $3 million for a private appearance.

Who's making a guest appearance at your private New Year's Eve party this year? Elton John, Robin Williams or will you settle for Tara Reid?

That all depends on your wallet and the value of your guest's star stock. In the thriving rent-a-celebrity business, the price tag for having a celeb drop by is a telling barometer of who's hot and who's not.

Mariah's on Fire
Mariah Carey earns a cool $3 million for a private appearance, up from $1 million in 2006.
Source: ABC News

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" in Sweden
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 07-Dec-2007, 8:43AM EST
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" re-enters the Swedish Singles chart this week, at #47, based on downloads alone.

Last year, the song entered the charts at #39 and peaked the following week at #29. This week marks the song's 3rd appearance on the chart as a download single (for a total of 6 weeks on the chart since its first release in 1994 when it peaked at #17).

Meanwhile, a cover of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Swedish Idol 2005 winner Agnes Carlsson and the #5 contestant in the same year Måns Zelmerlöw is being used in a TV commercial featuring the two stars for MQ, Sweden's biggest fashion brand retailer. Watch a video of MQ's two 15-sec commercials on right.

[ Download this video ]

Download the full song (in MP3, 4.0MB) by clicking here.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | David

Holiday Charts Update
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 07-Dec-2007, 8:16AM EST
Here are Mariah's Billboard chart positions for the magazine's issue date December 15, 2007.

Merry Christmas
Billboard Top Holiday Albums: #27 (Last Week #27)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog: #3 (Last Week #11)
Billboard Top Pop Catalog: #17 (Last Week #35)
Billboard Top Digital Albums: #11 (Re-entry)

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Billboard Hot Singles Recurrents: #1 (Last week #1)
Billboard Hot 100 Recurrent Airplay: #6 (Last week #6)
Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Recurrents: #7 (Last week #2)
Billboard Hot Digital Tracks: #10 (Last Week #19)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #10 (Last week #24)
Sales this week: 58,588 (+76%)
Total Sales: 704,470

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" airplay as of week ending December 6, 2007: 35.77 million audience impressions, 4115 spins.

Below, find Mariah's current chart standings at iTunes around the world.

 All I Want For Christmas Is YouMerry Christmas
CountryTop SongsTop HolidayTop AlbumsTop Holiday
New Zealand#20#1--#11
United Kingdom#4#1--#11

Read an article about Merry Christmas from the official Mariah Carey site,
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Meet Jack's New Baby Brother JJ
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 06-Dec-2007, 3:04PM EST
The world famous Jackson P. Mutley has a new baby brother! His name is "JJ" (Jack Jr) and he is a stone winner! Jack & JJ get along great..."they belong together." Click on the thumbnails below to view larger pictures.

Mariah Rehearses "Vanishing" for SNL
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 06-Dec-2007, 4:53AM EST
Click on the play button below to listen to Mariah and her backup singers rehearse for their performance of "Vanishing" on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1990;

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

and here's the actual performance on the show.

"Vanishing" Live on Saturday Night Live, 1990
MPG | Size: 51.8 MB
[ Download video | Watch video ]

Visit our Media section to download all of Mariah's SNL performances.
Source: Hopeland | Jason

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 05-Dec-2007, 5:34PM EST
• On the National Radio Airplay Audience chart this week, Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" advances 9 spots to 43, up 19.8% in total audience. From USA Today.

• On her show Tuesday, Ellen DeGeneres announced that she watched Mariah's "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD over the weekend and that "it is on sale today at Best Buy!" She gave everyone in the audience a copy of the new DVD.

• "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD is now available at HMV stores in Singapore.

• It looks like the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Ringle, previously listed with a November 27th release on, won't be available this Christmas. In an email notification from the online store, the new delivery estimate for the Ringle is February 11-12, 2008.

• Give an HBF gift membership this holiday. A special limited-time offer from Mariah's official fan club, Honey B. Fly: Purchase a gift membership from now until December 15, 2007 11:59pm EST, and your recipient will receive two unique membership kits for the price of one. Click here to purchase a gift membership now.

• Lincolnshire Echo wants to know all your Christmas favorites for a series of features to appear in the newspaper this December. Vote for "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as the best Christmas song of all-time.

• Grammy's 10 Biggest Upsets. At #9, on Entertainment Weekly's list of historic shockers from the music industry's always unpredictable awards show, is Mariah Carey.

1995: Mariah Carey goes 0-for-6
Mariah Carey has probably lined the butterfly-decorated walls of her apartment with countless platinum plaques. But she's got plenty of room for more Grammys, as she's only snagged five over a 16-year career (for comparison's sake, Norah Jones won that many in a single night in 2002). 1995 was a particularly bad year for Mimi. Nominated in six different categories (for her album Daydream, hit single "Fantasy," and Boyz II Men collaboration "One Sweet Day"), Carey was passed over every time, for a variety of acts -- some older (Annie Lennox) , some younger (Alanis Morissette), and some more Irish (the Chieftans with Van Morisson).

• Miley Cyrus, best known as Hannah Montana on the Disney channel, will perform Mariah's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade 2007. The show was filmed on November 18th in Disneyland, California and will air Christmas Day on ABC. Click here to watch a video of Miley's rendition of the Mariah Carey holiday classic.

• Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice tells Elle in its January issue, "It became very obvious from the start [of my career] that I was never going to be the best singer or the best dancer or the best actress...I'm no Mariah Carey, but I can sing."

• From Australia's Sydney Star Observer: As we rocket through the 2007 calendar, last week saw the official start of the Christmas party season. Though Christmas paraphernalia started to seep into our supermarkets as early as September, the hanging of decorations and the erection of the odd tree here and there throughout the city gave the green light for parties to spring up. With the traditional carols and bloody Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas stuck on repeat, the festive season has flooded the city.

• Click here to download a video of contestant Jermaine Sellers giving his own rendition of the Mariah Carey original song "Hero" on the recent "Sunday Best" (the American Idol of Gospel Music) on BET.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Danny | | Julio | Greg | Markus | Jevi | Marilyn

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" rockets into the Top 10 of the Digital Sales Chart
Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 05-Dec-2007, 4:31PM EST
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" has jumped an impressive 14 spots on the digital sales chart (to #10 from #24 last week), with a sales increase of 25,223 copies (76% increase) this past week. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" has now sold 704,470 copies total.

For more information about "All I Want For Christmas Is You" check out my blog.
Source: Soundscan | Bks | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah on Randy Jackson's New Album
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 05-Dec-2007, 3:48PM EST
In January 2007, we reported that Randy Jackson would be coming out with a "Quincy Jones-kind-of" album late in the year to feature guest artists including close friend Mariah Carey. Here are now details about the said album from E! News.

Randy Jackson told E! News' Ryan Seacrest Wednesday that he is prepping the release of a new CD featuring a duet with Paula Abdul.

"It's hot," Jackson said on Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show, while declining to provide many specifics about the collaboration.

Other guests on the album, dubbed Randy Jackson's Music Club: Vol. 1, on which Jackson will arrange and play instruments, include Richie Sambora, Mariah Carey and Joss Stone, Jackson said.

The album is slated for release in weeks, to coincide with the start of the new season of American Idol--which both Jackson and Seacrest agreed is shaping up to be the best yet.
Source: E! News

"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD Out Today!
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Dec-2007, 1:48PM EST
• Be sure to stop by your nearest Best Buy and pick up a copy of "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD, out nationwide TODAY! Click here to find a Best Buy store.

• The DVD is also now available in all Best Buy stores in Canada.

• The eight days of Hanukkah begin at sunset Tuesday, December 4 and in commemoration of the holiday, MTV lined up the week's eight biggest new releases, and it includes "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD:

Mariah Carey's "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD
Mirroring Justin Timberlake -- who released his new "FutureSex/LoveShow - Live From Madison Square Garden" DVD only through Best Buy a couple of weeks ago -- Mimi has stepped up with her own exclusive double-DVD release for the chain. Her first video package since 2000's "#1's" collection captures her October 8, 2006, concert in Anaheim, California, with 19 performances, behind-the-scenes clips, a tour documentary, a karaoke-style feature and more.

• Today's giveaway on The Ellen DeGeneres Show site is the new Mariah Carey exclusive new 2-set DVD "The Adventures of Mimi." Enter to win here!

• "The Adventures of Mimi" debuts at #26 on the official Australian ARIA Top 40 DVD chart.

• The release of the DVD in Brazil has been pushed back to January 8, 2008 according to Universal Music Brazil.

• Thanks to Murat from MariahTurkiye for making the DVD banner for us!
Source: MTV | Ellen | Julio | Murat | JustMariah

Mariah & Cameron Diaz in Japanese TV Ad
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Dec-2007, 6:20AM EST

Japanese mobile phone company SoftBank Mobile airs its new TV commercial starring Cameron Diaz with the Mariah Carey holiday song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

[ Download this video ]

Source: MariahDailyJournal | GoldenPetals

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" advances to #23 on the UK singles chart
Posted by Michael on Monday, 03-Dec-2007, 1:42PM EST
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" advances to #23 on the UK singles chart (up 23 spots), selling another 5,132 copies.

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" has now sold over 415,000 copies in the UK, to date.
Source: Music Week | Mikey | Marc | MariahDailyJournal

"M" Most Interesting Celebrity Fragrance
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 03-Dec-2007, 4:03AM EST
Visit any department store and you'll find the rising number of celebrity fragrances eating away at display space. A signature scent, it seems, has become the ultimate vanity product for stars. Beyond keeping a name in the forefront, a namesake fragrance can generate a significant revenue stream that continues to flow long after the luminary's lustre has begun to fade.

Unfortunately, celeb scents veer toward the cliched and redundant, been-there-smelled-that shadows of better scents already on the market. Many of this year's launches are either too raw and grungy -- like men's scents KISS (after the face-painted rock group) and David Beckham's Intimately Beckham -- or overly saccharin, such as Usher She and L, a L.A.M.B. fragrance by Gwen Stefani.

Can Can Paris Hilton, the ubuiquitous heiress' newest offering, is downright cloying in its floral sugary sweetness. Like so many other women's fragrances by celebs, it's not much more than a good starter fragrance for a 12-year-old.

Among the crop of celeb scents introduced in 2007, M Mariah Carey may be the most interesting. The eau de parfum opens with the sweetness of the living Tahitian tiare flower and unfolds into a warm, nuanced scent with whispers of toasted marshmallows and incense.

On The Cover Latest Addition: Mariah on Ebony 1994
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Dec-2007, 1:00PM EST
Mariah Carey
Ebony - April 1994

Singer talks about storybook marriage, interracial heritage and sudden fame

Despite the cool weather, pop star Mariah Carey is in a convivial, outdoorsy mood. At her country retreat in the heart of rural Upstate New York dairy farming, the darling diva, who turned 24 in March, demonstrates her driving skills, first on a utility vehicle and then in a Jeep, with her frisky Jack Russell terrier (Jack) ever at her side. Later, inside the farmhouse near the fireplace, she cuddles with Tompkins, one of her two Persian cats, and offers hot chocolate and buttered popcorn to visitors.

"I've always had pets--dogs and cats--my whole life," she says, as she romps with Jack in one of the two main rooms of the colonial-style house. The two-story dwelling sits on a hill overlooking acres of pasture, woodlands, a large pond, a guest lodge and a barn where four horses are kept during the summer. The decor is chic Adirondack with saddles resting on bannisters and arms of chairs. On tables, mantles and shelves are framed photographs of Mariah--at the beach, astride her palomino Misty, with her husband, Sony Music president Tommy Mottola...READ MORE »

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Scans: Kerry from MariahCareyCollection

Mariah Accepts Billboard Artist of the Decade Award
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Dec-2007, 12:56PM EST
This week's featured video is Mariah accepting the Artist of the Decade award from Patti LaBelle at the 1999 Billboard Music Awards on December 8, 1999 at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

[ Download this video ]

Introduction by Patti LaBelle
"To mark the 10th year of this show and the end of this decade, we take great pleasure in announcing the Artist of the Decade. Here are just some of the most successful artists of the 90s.

[Clips of Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton, Garth Brooks, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Shania Twain]

Here's a clue: Billboard's artist of the decade holds the record for most weeks one single has ever held the number one spot. Here's another clue: except for Elvis and the Beatles, this artist has more #1 hits than any other artist in history. This truly international artist who transcends all categories wrote their first single at age 4, their first platinum album at age 18 and has gone platinum in 33 countries! And according to Hayes, has the best legs in the business!

Here is the Billboard Artist of the Decade - my granddaughter, my Goddaughter, she's my everything, she just called me to say 'Godmother, help me.' I don't have to help you. Miss Mariah Carey, you're all fine! Come on!"

"Everyone needs a fairy Godmother to help them out and this is an angel right here. Thank you Patti Labelle, I love you. Thank you! Oh... Whooo! This is all very surreal to me because it seems honestly, it seems like not so long ago that I was a kid in high school with a demo tape and a lot of determination and just really the desire to hear my songs on the radio. I mean, I didn't know about platinum or gold records or like what you have to sell to get them. I didn't even know about the Billboard charts. Sorry, but I didn't know! And then it all happened so fast, and it's like, my life became public, I lived in the recording studio, writing and singing and that's how I made so many records in so little time. Pretty much having no life. But, I'd like to thank my mom for inspiring me and thank Don Ienner and all my Columbia Records family for so much support. And I'd like to thank all the amazingly dedicated Sony people around the world and obviously, obviously I have to thank Tommy Mottola for his support, specifically during the beginning of my career. And I have to thank everyone at Maroon Entertainment for their unparalleled dedication. I've been traveling around the world right, you know, promoting "Rainbow" - my new album, and it's kind of like my new message for the new millennium and it's been so moving to see so many devoted fans in continents where we don't even speak the same language where people are singing back the lyrics to me that I wrote. And that means so much to me because I put all of myself into my music so as a writer and as a producer - I thank you. And I'm so grateful to God to have overcome so many obstacles, as a multiracial person with a very dysfunctional history, until recently. I am not Cinderella, my life has not been a fairy tale. Forget the image, forget the ensembles, forget the rumors, forget the short skirts, big hair, whatever! I owe this to the fans, and I will never forget you. So I wanna accept this award on behalf of all of you, we've come a long way and I feel like I'm just getting started. Because as an artist, and most importantly as a person, I am genuinely happy, and finally, finally free, to be who I really am. Thank you!"
Source: MariahDailyJournal

iTunes Update
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Dec-2007, 11:48AM EST
Below, find Mariah's current chart standings at iTunes around the world.

 All I Want For Christmas Is YouMerry Christmas
CountryTop SongsTop HolidayTop AlbumsTop Holiday
New Zealand#43#1--#7
United Kingdom#8#1--#11

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
• Mediabase Airplay as of week ending Dec. 1, 2007: 33.691M audience impressions, 4018 spins.

• For week ending Dec. 2, 2007, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" places at #23 on UK's official Singles chart. In Ireland, it is up 12 spots to #22 on the Top Singles chart.

• On the official Canadian Top Digital Downloads chart, the song takes a huge jump from #99 to #2.

• "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the 11th most watched Holiday video on Yahoo! Music.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Antonio | Martin

In the No-Girl's-Land Between Menorah and Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 01-Dec-2007, 6:41AM EST
It isn't December until Mariah Carey puts on her bright red knit hat, zips up her white boots and kicks around in the fakest-looking snow ever with Santa Claus.

Is the scene familiar? It's from Mariah's music video for her 1994 holiday hit, "All I Want for Christmas Is You," the best Christmas song ever. Lots of people apparently share my love of this song: It was the 21st most-downloaded song on iTunes last weekend. Pretty impressive for a 13-year-old pop tune.

I first heard it while sitting in the basement of my Portland, Ore., home, watching MTV with my younger sister Heather. I was 12.

It starts with dramatic piano music, tinged with the sound of festive bells. Mariah drags out each syllable for maximum theatrics. "I don't want a lot for Christmas/There is just one thing I need."

About 50 seconds in, the chorus peps up. The piano goes nuts; a gospel choir claps and harmonizes with Mariah. My little preteen heart couldn't soak in all the joy emanating from the television screen, so Heather and I danced. We jumped around the basement, twisting our hips and squealing with delight. We tried and failed to hit Mariah's glass-shattering last note. "All I want for Christmas is YOU!"

But that's not what happened the very first time I heard the song. I didn't like it. Rather, I didn't let myself like it. I'm a Jewish girl, and Jewish girls aren't supposed to listen to or enjoy Christmas music. I probably even changed the channel.

There aren't a whole lot of Jews in Portland. Enough so that I didn't feel like a total freak, but not enough so that kids wouldn't come up to me on the playground and ask why my people killed Jesus. I don't know what I resented more: being forced to sing Christmas carols for the school choir or singing the token Hanukkah songs. Even in elementary school, I could tell they were just putting those in the recital to be politically correct.

During the winter of '94, I was even more protective -- defensive, really -- of my faith. I was clocking serious hours at the synagogue in preparation for my bat mitzvah. Learning to read Hebrew and chant my Torah portion intensified my commitment to Judaism.

That same year, my mom suggested we put a string of blue and white lights on the roof. I threw a fit, saying we were not Christian and shouldn't do that. Nobody else in my family thought it was a big deal. We compromised and strung up white lights (I guess having colored bulbs upset me, among other things).

Even though I originally turned off the forbidden Mariah Carey song, it was winter break, and Heather and I were spending an extraordinary amount of time in front of MTV. We wound up watching the video for "All I Want for Christmas Is You" at least twice a day. Yes, Virginia, MTV used to play music videos.

Heather, then 10, didn't share my religious zealotry. She did, however, think it unspeakably nerdy to be a Mariah Carey fan (she and her friends called her "Mariah Scary"), so "All I Want for Christmas Is You" was taboo for her, too.

Still, after a few days of Mariah immersion, the song sucked us into its irresistible fairy tale world, where love trumps material possessions. A place where we plead, "Santa won't you bring me the one I really need?/Won't you please bring my baby to me?"

We started getting excited to hear those slow, opening bars of piano and Mariah's elastic vocals, humming and tapping our hands on our laps with the beat. (The dancing started shortly thereafter.)

In the video, Mariah goes sledding, flirts with Santa and plays with a puppy under a Christmas tree in front of a roaring fire. "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is pure, distilled holiday music joy, like a shot of eggnog sipped under the mistletoe (or what I imagined that it was like -- I'd never tasted the stuff). Without knowing it, Ms. Scary had struck a blow for ecumenical harmony, helped heal a millennia-old rift in Judeo-Christian history. They should have blasted the song over the loudspeakers at the Middle East peace conference in Annapolis.

It is also one of the only new, original holiday songs to become a perennial hit (though in the Christmas music catalogue, 13 years is nothing: "Jingle Bells" was written in the 1850s). Most everything else is either an old song or a remake of one.

"All I Want for Christmas" holds up all year. I'll listen to it in March or August or whenever I need a little mood boost. Next May, I plan to play it at my wedding reception.

Today, Heather and I live 3,000 miles apart, but we exchange ecstatic text messages: "OMG, M.C. all i want 4 xmas is on!"

Then I proceed to dance around my apartment, twist my hips and squeal with delight. Happy Hanukkah.
Source: Rachel Beckman - Washington Post

Mariah in This Week's Magazines
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 01-Dec-2007, 5:02AM EST
• People
Music: "Spotlight on...Music DVDs" page 54

Mariah Carey - The Adventures of Mimi
While some of her dance moves--and outfits--may make you cringe, there's no stopping that voice as Mimi pours on the hits in this 2006 concert. A two-disc set, it's available only at Best Buy.

• People
Style Watch: "Getting The Boot" page 146

Stars are keeping their knees warm this winter in thigh-high black suede boots. Add a pair of tights for extra coverage. Mariah Carey in Christian Louboutin boots in N.Y.C.

• Life & Style
Week in Photos: "Who's ready for s'more?" page 10

Mariah Carey and Ellen DeGeneres toasted the new M by Mariah Carey fragrance on Nov. 20 with, um, marshmallows--the key note in the scent. "It was a subliminal thing," says Mimi. "Just to give you little campfire memories." Yum!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 01-Dec-2007, 2:42AM EST
• Read a recap of the "M by Mariah Carey" fragrance launch at Macy's Glendale Galleria, California from the official site,

• A Mariah-signed "It's Like That" CD single is one of the many celebrity items that are up for bid in Bid 2 Beat AIDS' huge entertainment memorabilia auction on eBay beginning at noon EST today, Dec. 1, 2007. Proceeds from the auction will benefit LIFEbeat, the music industry's AIDS fundraising and service charity.

• "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour DVD debuts at #8 this week on Spain's Top 20 DVD Musical.

• Mariah is mentioned twice in the current issue of Vibe magazine. First in an interview with rapper Ja Rule whom Mariah Carey collaborated with for the Glitter soundtrack. Ja Rule refers to the current crop of rappers at the top of the charts as "Mariah Carey-ass rappers." Later in Vibes' regular 20 questions feature, the question is asked: "Who would you rather not see in a bikini Britney Spears or Mariah Carey?" Pictures of both women are printed in that feature.

• On her website, Tennis star Serena Williams lists her current top 10 songs that includes tracks from Kanye West ("Stronger"), Mariah Carey ("Emotions") and Fergie ("Big Girls Don't Cry").

• UK's The X Factor winner will be singing the Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston cover "When You Believe." An X Factor spokeswoman said: "As well as the £1 million recording contract the winner will also release a single in time to compete for the prestigious Christmas No 1. We are pleased to confirm that renowned lyricist and composer Stephen Schwatz has re-written his Mariah Carey/Whitney hit, 'When You Believe' especially for the X Factor winner." From MSN UK.

• Below are wallpapers created by Arief, Fawaz and Teemu for everyone.

• Giuseppe has opened a new Mariah Carey forum for the Italian fans on the music site, R&B Junk. Italian fans can check it out here.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | | PR Newswire | Darren | Mason | Michael | Anye | Fawaz | Teemu | Arief | Jeremy

"M" News From Singapore & New Zealand
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 01-Dec-2007, 2:09AM EST
"M by Mariah Carey" was launched at Tangs Orchard and Tangs Vivocity on Friday, November 30th. The fragrance is available in 50ML for S$97 and 30ML for S$79; and the Moisturing Body Lotion for S$52. Purchase of the 50ML bottle comes with a free gift package that includes a necklace and a miniature version of the perfume. See pictures taken at Tangs Orchard below.

The "M" collection will also be available in all Sasa stores starting December 12th.

New Zealand
A bus with a huge "M by Mariah Carey" ad plastered on its back was spotted on Queen Street in Auckland City, New Zealand. Thanks to John for the photo.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

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