February 2009

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Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 28-Feb-2009, 6:06PM EST
Mariah has now started posting personal messages on Twitter! Below are her most recent posts:

Some quick replies: I friggin love you too! I can't really define the new album yet but I'm in love w/it and its not called MC3 or whatever
6 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

To the studio will be there "all night long "(sung like Lionel ritchie or the Mary Jane girls) depending on how much vintage rnb U know haa
22 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Waking up. "Good Morn-Ting" (said like Madea) watching my husband in "American Son" on Starz in Black right now. Check it out.

TRYING to fall back asleep but now that I figured out how to twitter from my bberry its like my new lil toy. Lol

Going back to sleep so I can sing a new song tonite.

Watching Slumdog w/RaeRae /writing Lyrics/talking to my husband on the phone

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Video: Mariah on VH1's "Black to the Future"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 28-Feb-2009, 2:56AM EST
VH1 has premiered a four-part series called, Black To The Future in honor of Black History Month. This special show gives viewers a giant dose of the great riches African Americans have provided American pop culture from the '70s to present. In hour 4: "The '00s," a full segment about Mariah is featured.

Mariah on "Black To The Future" - VH1
[ Download here ]

Below are some of the comments about Mariah:
Ray J, musician: "I love Mariah. I think Mariah's one of the best."
Kacy Duke, celebrity fitness trainer: "She's very talented. Her voice is amazing."
Keith Powell, 30 Rock: "In the '90s, Mariah was huge. It was like hit after hit. She could sing the phone book and it would become a hit."
Salt-N-Pepa: "The Emancipation of Mimi with Mariah was amazing."
Amanda Diva, musician: "The songs were strong. The album was a complete package. And she really came back with her head straight."
Jim Jones, The Diplomats: "Her comeback is phenomenal. But that's Mariah - a sexy lady that has a beautiful voice. It's undeniable."
David Alan Grier, actor/comedian: "I love that crazy high pitch thing she does with her voice. I mean, it gives all my dogs seizures but I love it."
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Audio: "My Love" #1 on Chicago B96's "9 Most Wanted"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 28-Feb-2009, 1:14AM EST
Nick Cannon, hosting tonight's "9 Most Wanted" countdown on Chicago's B96 FM, introduced the #1 most requested song, The-Dream's new single, "My Love" featuring Mariah Carey! During the broadcast, Nick called his wife Mariah and asked her what she was doing. She said she was working and about to go into the studio.

Nick is in Chicago for the week for the America's Got Talent auditions at McCormick Place on Sunday, March 1 and Monday, March 2 and a DJing gig at the Underground Night Club on Thursday, March 5.

[ Download an audio file here ]

Nick: May I speak to the most beautiful, gorgeous person on the face of this planet?
Mariah: [Laughs] What are you doing?
Nick: I'm like working and stuff like that. What you doin'?
Mariah: I'm about to work on some songs. I'm trying to catch up on a little nap so my voice could be nice and clear.
Nick: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?
Mariah: No, you didn't wake me up. What else is going on? Are you on the radio right now?
Nick: We are on the radio right now, my love.
Mariah: [Laughs] You are silly. I can't even believe you. I can't even know what to say.
Nick: You can't even know what to say? Well, you have to know what to say 'cause we're on the air. And they don't want to hear us giggling back and forth with each other 'cause we enjoy that but we gotta act like you know we're professional. [Laughs] It's a hot concept of everything that you're putting together and everything, so you excited about it?

Mariah: I'm so excited about it. That's why instead of like stay in bed all night which was my plan since you left me to be on the radio, [laughs] I decided that I'll go downstairs and sing in the studio. These songs are like, I'm really, really, really looking forward to let the people hear.
Nick: Wow, okay that's amazing. So now that we got past all that stuff, let's get to the real question - what you got on?
Mariah: [Laughs] You really want to know what I have on?
Nick: [Laughs] Absolutely! It's only between me and you and the rest of the million of people in Chicago.
Mariah: You are too much. I have on a white... what's the proper terminology for this...
Nick: A tank top t-shirt.
Mariah: A tank top and some little things that you bought me on the bottom.
Nick: Hey you ain't supposed to wear those when I'm not there.
Mariah: [Laughs] They're not like lingerie.
Nick: Oh just like the regular Walmart drawers?
Mariah: No, you know, they're just regular, the white and pink ones. You know them.
Nick: Oh okay, yeah. We just shared all our business out. I feel like...

Mariah: You asked me what I was wearing. What do you want me to say? "I'm wearing a long ball gown, it's fabulous."
Nick: [Laughs] See that's the thing. I think if we just give all of our information to the public then they can't make stuff up.
Mariah: I think they do a pretty good job no matter what we try to do. But I'm happy for you doing this radio stuff too. We need to have a weekly phone call or whatever, we'll figure it out.
Nick: You know one of the really cool things about being on the radio and stuff is moments like this where I can talk to my wife and then also throw to the number one song that we have on the top 9 joint.
Mariah: On the countdown?
Nick: And it happens to feature my wife.
Mariah: Yay! Would that be "My Love"? Dream featuring me?
Nick: That would be "My Love" Dream featuring M.C.
Mariah: M.C.C.
Nick: Yeah, absolutely. You want to help me throw it to the record?
Mariah: Start, I'll chime in.

Nick: [Laughs] You'll just chime in? Here we go. Alright, Chicago...
Mariah: Drumroll, drumroll.
Nick: all that good stuff. This is your man, Nick Cannon. I have the fine opportunity to throw it to the number one song on the B96 "9 Most Wanted" is "My Love," Dream featuring my love, M.C.C., Miss Mariah Carey.
Mariah: [Laughs] And I gotta dedicate it to my love, you!
Nick: Thank you. When she says you, she means you Chicago.
Mariah: I mean you Chicago, of course, but my true love Mr. Nicholas Cannon right there.
Nick: She used the full government, that's kind of sexy, right? Well, thank you. We're gonna let you go back and get some rest 'cause we know you're bangin' out 'em hit tracks right now so...
Mariah: I'm trying, I'm trying.
Nick: You want that fabulous instrument that you have to be well-rested so you can hit 'em high notes and all that.
Mariah: Thank you, darling. And tell everyone at the station I send my love.
Source: B96 | Audio: Amelia | Text: MariahDailyJournal | April

Video: Mariah Saves Friend's Life
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 28-Feb-2009, 1:11AM EST
From E! News, back-up singer Deborah Cooper talks about how Mariah saved her life. Mariah sent her to Dr. Roni DeLuz for Diet Detox and paid for all her expenses while recuperating at The Martha's Vineyard. "That's the type of person she is. She heard about my illness and...[cries]"

Mariah Helps Backup Singer Deborah Cooper Fight Near-Death Illness - E! News
[ Download here ]

And, Mariah and Nick were recently spotted leaving a Beverly Hills office building where they reportedly visited a pre-natal specialist. You can view this report from tonight's Extra TV below.

Mariah Pregnancy Rumor - Extra TV, Feb. 27, 2009
[ Download here ]
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Precious Out of ND/NF Festival?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 27-Feb-2009, 5:28PM EST
More speculation today surrounds the whereabouts of Precious (née Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire), the celebrated drama that won last month's Sundance Film Festival before tumbling into bidding-war lawsuit limbo.

We'd really hoped this one would be visiting your neighborhood sooner than later. Alas, Precious, featuring Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepherd, Lenny Kravitz, lauded newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, and Mo'Nique in a career-defining performance as an abusive mother from hell, quietly disappeared this week from its prestigious closing-night slot at New York's New Directors/New Films (ND/NF) festival. Sources point to the studio's open-ended legal standoff with Harvey Weinstein as a serious threat to seeing a deglammed Carey back on the big screen any time soon.

In any event, it's a 180-degree reversal from Precious's trajectory out of Park City, where news of a big-time deal with Lionsgate, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey accompanied its Grand Jury Prize. That wasn't the only accompaniment, however; The Weinstein Company soon intervened, claiming that they had a deal to release the film domestically. Breach-of-contract suits and countersuits followed -- none of which are yet resolved, we hear, indefinitely postponing Precious's appearance anywhere outside Sundance.

Meanwhile, a Lionsgate representative told us this morning that the film is on track for a fall release. Here's hoping; Harvey shouldn't go hogging all the awards-season fun.
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In Touch: Mariah's Got Talent
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 27-Feb-2009, 8:52AM EST
Nick Cannon's the new host of America's Got Talent and he's already winning over producers -- he got his wife, Mariah Carey, to agree to make an appearance on the talent show as a guest judge.

"Mariah is a superstar and rarely does TV appearances, but this is for her husband." an insider tells In Touch of Mariah, who made a cameo on American Idol last season. "In addition to her stint as a guest judge, she's even planning on being a regular in the audience."

We doubt that would happen if Jerry Springer were still the host!
Source: In Touch Weekly, March 9, 2009 | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 26-Feb-2009, 12:45PM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated March 7, 2009.

"I Stay In Love"
Billboard Hot Dance Club Play: #12 (Last Week #7)

The Ballads
The Billboard 200: #79 (Last Week #61)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #32 (Last Week #24)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #83 (Last Week #62)
Sales this week: 8,092 (-33%)
Total sales: 75,927

The Billboard 200: #132 (Re-entry)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #23 (Last Week #36)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #151 (Re-entry)
Sales this week: 4,381 (+35%)
Total sales: 1,240,474
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher

Mariah on Oscar Night
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 26-Feb-2009, 9:16AM EST
And so it was on Sunday at Dani Janssen's Oscar party - and a great relief to her guests, I'm told, who felt cheated last year when Dani took a break because of the Writers Guild strike. Janssen herself remains as secretive as Dick Cheney when it comes to her guest list or menu, but my sources say that Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Penny Marshall, Quincy Jones, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, comedian Don Rickles, Berry Gordy, Al Pacino, Whoopi Goldberg - who parked her motor home in Dani's courtyard, and Shirley Maclaine all dined on Janssen's homemade fried chicken and signature "monkey bread."
Source: Fox News

Mariah Goes Furniture Shopping for New L.A. Home
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 25-Feb-2009, 10:50PM EST
Pop superstar Mariah Carey isn't letting the economic crunch wreck her spending sprees - she bought over $200,000 worth of chairs, sofas and furnishings during a four-hour shop at a trendy Melrose Avenue store on Thursday, February 19, 2009.

The singer and her entourage closed down Kreiss Showrooms so she could shop in peace with husband Nick Cannon and top interior designer Kenneth Bordewick, who is reportedly advising Carey on what to buy for her new Los Angeles home.

A source tells WENN that Carey bought a host of top items from the Kreiss Collection, including contemporary chairs and sofas from the company's Gatsby range. And it seems the "Hero" singer is set on giving her new home a taste of old Hollywood, picking out stylish items in beige and taupe with dark wood frames in rosewood and mahogany.

One insider says, "It was like a raid - the shop was closed down and her huge minders stood guard at the door. "Mariah clearly knew what she wanted, but took her time making sure she got the right matches and designs. She has terrific taste." And the source insists Carey and Cannon made perfect shopping partners, adding, "They looked very much in love and she looked great."

Carey has made an inspired choice in her adviser too - Bordewick has revamped homes, nightclubs and restaurants all over the world. He's the man behind the look of trendy Los Angeles hang-out The Abbey and he also oversaw the recent restoration of the Royal Palace in Venice, Italy.
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"My Love" Soars on iTunes
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 25-Feb-2009, 5:21PM EST
Thanks to your downloads, The-Dream's new single, "My Love" featuring Mariah Carey has surged up the iTunes charts, currently at #12 on Top R&B Songs, only in its 2nd day of release!

Download the song between February 24 - March 1, and get an opportunity to win a Mariah signed item. Contest details here.

The-Dream's new album, Love vs. Money featuring the radio smash "Rockin' That Thang" and "My Love" featuring Mariah Carey hits stores on March 10. Pre-order at Amazon here. You can listen to the album exclusively on MySpace Music on March 5 & 6.
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Mariah on MTV UK's "Greatest Album Ever"
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 25-Feb-2009, 2:25PM EST
The MTV UK channels are counting down their respective Top 100 Albums in a special called "Greatest Album Ever" this weekend.

Mariah's albums The Emancipation of Mimi and Music Box made it on the Top 100 Albums lists at MTV Base and VH1 UK, respectively.

Unfortunately, both albums didn't make the final MTV UK shortlist of 27 albums, as confirmed to us earlier, and therefore won't be included in the voting process.

Below is the schedule of "Greatest Album Ever" shows. Be sure to tune in!

February 28th from 1pm - MTV BASE (Top 10 from 9pm)
February 28th from 1pm - TMF (Top 10 from 9pm)
March 1st from 1pm - MTV TWO (Top 10 from 9pm)
March 1st from 1pm - VH1 (Top 10 from 9pm)
Source: MTV UK | MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah Interview at Spirit Awards
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 24-Feb-2009, 6:27AM EST

Mariah Interview on the Red Carpet at the
Independent Film's Spirit Awards, E!'s Daily 10

[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Oscar Party Weekend
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-Feb-2009, 5:44PM EST
Sandy Gallin hosted a star-studded dinner for Hugh Jackman at his newly built Bel-Air pad. And here, you would never have known the country is in the worst recession in decades. The house itself is 16,000 square feet, with seven bedrooms, and a swimming pool that measures 150 feet long. The bookshelves, completed almost seconds before the party, required their own decorator.

Seen milling about were Mariah Carey, Harvey Weinstein, Rupert and Wendi Murdoch, Donna Karan, Barbra Streisand and David Geffen. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King made the mistake of saving the house tour until after dessert, and discovered at the end of their expedition that all the other guests had left.

Download "My Love" and Win!
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-Feb-2009, 3:22PM EST
The-Dream's second single off his new Love vs. Money album, "My Love" featuring Mariah Carey is confirmed for release on iTunes tomorrow, February 24. Be sure to log on to iTunes and download the song!

MariahDailyJournal will be holding a download contest for the song! The rules are simple:

Download the song any time in its first release week, between February 24 - March 1, and send us an e-mail with the proof of purchase (online receipt or screen capture) to contest@mariahdaily.com.

Five (5) winners will be picked at random to receive signed items by Mariah! To make things more interesting, if the song reaches a top 10 position on the iTunes Top 100 songs chart this week, we will be giving away five (5) more similar prizes!

Good Luck!
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MDJ Exclusive: Mariah in Manila, Charmbracelet 2003
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-Feb-2009, 9:32AM EST
Here is exclusive, never-seen-before footage from a professional recording of Mariah's Charmbracelet World Tour stop in Manila, Philippines on November 16, 2003.

04. "My All" - Charmbracelet World Tour
The Fort Open Field, Manila, Philippines, Nov. 16, 2003

[ Download here ]

05. "Can't Take That Away" - Charmbracelet World Tour
The Fort Open Field, Manila, Philippines, Nov. 16, 2003

[ Download here ]

Previously posted:
01. "Heartbreaker"
02. "Dreamlover"
03. "Through The Rain"
09. Band Intro
15. "Vision of Love"
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Mariah Carey Proud of Role in Precious
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 22-Feb-2009, 12:06AM EST
Mariah Carey has known her share of controversy over her markedly up-and-down career (currently on an upturn thanks to a successful album and a role in the critically lauded film "Precious"), and she's never been one afraid to share her opinion on matters. However, one topic had her clamming up on the red carpet at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday (February 21) - when asked what she made of the Chris Brown/ Rihanna situation that is dominating the news at the moment, she was unequivocal: "No, absolutely no comment," she told MTV News.

Carey was much more loose-lipped when it came to talking about her much-heralded next acting project, "Precious," the story of a teenage girl living in Harlem. Walking the carpet alongside director Lee Daniels, Carey gushed that she was "just honored to be a part of it. It's really something that's so strong and different and I think that it's really going to enlighten a lot of people and help a lot of people." Carey plays a social worker in the film with comedian Mo'Nique and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe.

"Precious" debuted at Sundance and quickly became the talk of Park City, eventually earning the Grand Jury and Audience awards. The film marks a change for Carey, whose career on the big screen has been lackluster at best. Clearly, neither "Glitter" nor "Wise Girls" was feted at the Independent Spirit Awards - though the former did earn attention from the Razzies for what it's worth, garnering five nominations.

Carey lamented that she missed the big Sundance moment for "Precious" (at the time titled "Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire") at the award ceremony in Utah in January. "I wasn't able to be there for when he won all the awards," she said before playfully being interrupted by Daniels. "Where was she?" he mocked the singer. "Obama was more important," he laughed, referring to Carey's trip to the inauguration that interfered with the Sundance festivities.

Clearly proud of the film and all its early success, Carey called the acclaim "great, because I know how much [Daniels] put into the film. And all of us who participated in the movie, we feel so attached to this."

"Precious" has been picked up for distribution by Lionsgate and will be released later this year.

Related Articles:
From MSNBC: Mariah Carey was working the crowd at the Independent Spirit Awards. When MSNBC caught up with her. "I'm here because of my new movie, 'Push.'" she said. Any worries that it will be another "Glitter?" "No, this one is really good," Carey said. "It did great at Sundance."

Ms. Carey won't be at the big dance Sunday night at the Kodak Theater, but she assured, "I'll be at every party."

From People: The online magazine lists Mariah as one of the Best Dressed Stars at the Spirit Awards. "The singer supports her burgeoning acting career in a swingy black dress, topped with a simple cardigan and platform heels."
Source: MTV News | Bojan

Photos: Mariah at Film Independent's Spirit Awards
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 21-Feb-2009, 10:12PM EST
Mariah arrives on the red carpet for the 24th Annual Film Independent's Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, February 21, 2009.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Socialite Life

Mariah at Cecconi's Restaurant, Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 21-Feb-2009, 4:41AM EST
Jennifer Aniston was not with John Mayer tonight (Feb. 20), at least not while she enjoyed dinner with three friends during another Grey Goose night at Cecconi's restaurant in West Hollywood. A table away from the former Friends star was Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale with a gaggle of pals, including American Idol creator Simon Fuller. In the back of the eatery, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon joined a large group of people, including Laurence Fishburne and NBC honcho Ben Silverman.

From Fox News: Further inside Cecconi's, NBC chief Ben Silverman was hosting a table for British designer Ozwald Boateng. Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon were there, along with the mayor of Los Angeles - his second night in a row at Cecconi's - and more celebrities in every corner of the new restaurant from Jason Bateman to Peter Fonda to Anthony Mackie to Isaiah Washington to "The Reader" director Stephen Daldry, "Frost/Nixon" writer Peter Morgan, and producer Lawrence Bender.

From Lainey Gossip: Beyonce looked beautiful. Grey knit cap loosely arranged over wavy hair, fresh face, very low key. But the best...the best is when B ran into Mimi.

Mariah Carey and her husband were inside the private dining room. As she was leaving she stopped to exchange pleasantries with Beyonce. The entire restaurant suddenly had to take a smoke break to watch. Fascinating.

At one point both their lips were moving at the same time. And they were nodding and occasionally one would touch the other's arm, all while talking over each other. Amazing.

Even better? While this was going on, Nick Cannon was ordered to stand behind his wife, chatting with a random, waiting waiting waiting, holding on to her coat. Waiting, still waiting, for 15 minutes he's waiting waiting waiting. Mimi smiles patronisingly at Beyonce, Beyonce earnestly continues yapping, Mimi keeps yapping, Mimi then decides it's time to leave, and Nick helps her exit the area. She puts her coat on, she seems inordinately chatty, she's stopped by this person and another person and she's the queen now, knowing everyone is watching, and Nick's kinda holding on to her elbow as she cheek kisses a dude who is desperate to get in there and then finally she totters past us as her security rushes through the foyer surrounding her and ushering her into the car.

We almost died when she made a point of stopping to adjust her hair just as she lifted her leg to get up into the SUV.

And then it was like the entire place deflated.

Source: E! Online | Marie | Mariah-Source | Vanessa | Bilel

Videos: Mariah & Nick at Mr. Chow, Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 21-Feb-2009, 1:54AM EST

Mariah & Nick Outside Mr. Chow, Los Angeles - Feb. 19, 2009
Download: [ The Insider | TMZ TV | TMZ Online | X17 Online | ET Online ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Red Sox's Lowell Remembers Mariah from First Camp
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 20-Feb-2009, 5:15PM EST
Boston Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell recalls his memorable spring training debut.

His first camp came in 1998 with the Yankees. He wasn't in awe of Yogi Berra or Reggie Jackson. What blew him away was Derek Jeter's girlfriend.

"I'm just a guy working out and 10 feet away Jeter is hanging around with Mariah Carey," Lowell said. "Seeing her was pretty cool. People of that stature don't usually come around the minor league parks."

Lowell got to look from afar, but that was about it. "We didn't talk shop or anything," he said. "We didn't hang out. She just kind of appeared there."

Lowell was dating his future wife at the time, so that was the closest he ever got to a starlet. "I keep telling Pamela Anderson to stop calling me," he joked, "but she won't listen."
Source: Boston Herald

From Push to Precious
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 20-Feb-2009, 3:32PM EST
Tyler Perry just announced on The View today that they changed the name of the Lee Daniels' film Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire to Precious.

Lionsgate has also confirmed the change in the film's title.

Note: Viewers of Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail, currently showing in theaters nationwide, are also treated to the official trailer of Precious (already named so in the trailer). Some new scenes are included. A release date is not specified, it just says Coming Soon.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Adam | Christopher

Photos: Mariah and Nick at Mr. Chow, Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 20-Feb-2009, 9:23AM EST
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were spotted out to eat at Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills, California last night, February 19.

Earlier in the day, Mariah Carey in a sleeveless ball gown was spotted at Lionsgate Studios in Santa Monica, California.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Gossip Girls | Access Hollywood

Stevie Nicks' Letter to Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 20-Feb-2009, 12:11AM EST
Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, who turned 60 last year, is a friend and inspiration to other younger musicians, including Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch and Mariah Carey.

"When Mariah Carey was going through all her craziness a few years ago, I wrote her a long letter telling her how everybody else is crazy -- not her," she told Rolling Stone. "I saw her recently, and she told me she keeps the letter with her jewelry! I love that."
Source: MSNBC

"Mariah Carey Weekend" on VH1 Poland
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 19-Feb-2009, 5:13PM EST

VH1 Poland will be airing its own "Weekend z Mariah Carey" from 9:00am to 11:00am on both Saturday, February 21 and Sunday, February 22. To the right, watch a commercial for the Mariah weekend special that aired on VH1 Poland today.

Mariah will also be featured on the network's show called Monografia on Sunday, February 22, at 9:00pm.

Polish fans, be sure to tune in!
Source: VH1 Poland | Marcin

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 19-Feb-2009, 9:47AM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated February 28, 2009.

"I Stay In Love"
Billboard Hot Dance Club Play: #7 (Last Week #5)
Billboard Global Dance Tracks: #34 (Last Week #22)

The Ballads
The Billboard 200: #61 (Last Week #46)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #62 (Last Week #46)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #24 (Last Week #19)
Sales this week: 12,165 (-1%)
Total sales: 67,835

Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #36 (Last Week #49)
Sales this week: 3,248 (+40%)
Total sales: 1,236,093

The Adventures of Mimi
Billboard Top Music Videos: #37 (Last Week #35)
Billboard Top DVD Music Videos: #31 (Last Week #32)
Sales this week: 796 (+18%)
Total sales: 139,588

Billboard Top Catalog Albums: #169 (Last Week #194)
Sales this week: 1,997 (+13%)
Total sales: 3,680,617
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | 2m

Tyler Perry: "Mariah is Freakin' Great in Push"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 19-Feb-2009, 12:59AM EST
With Oprah Winfrey as a role model, Tyler Perry is looking to grow his empire, recently launching 34th Street Prods. to help bring films he loves to his loyal audience -- including the Sundance hit Push: Based on the Novel By Sapphire. He recently sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

THR: Why did you and Oprah Winfrey decide to put your names behind "Push"?
Perry: (Lionsgate execs) called me from Sundance. They brought it to me and I watched it and I called Oprah and said, "You've got to watch this film," and she said, "I've got it, I've had it for a month." So she watched it and then we were like, "What can we do to make this film get to an audience?" Mo'Nique should win the Academy Award. Mariah Carey is so freakin' great in this movie and she is unrecognizable.

THR: Is it Lionsgate's film or could it possibly go to the Weinstein Co.?
Perry: It's Lionsgate's film. 34th Street has a first-look deal with them. There are two brains at work here. There is 34th Street that is going to do more of these "Push" kind of movies, more artistic kinds of things that people don't expect me to do. Then there is the Tyler Perry-branded movie that is specifically branded as simple stories, funny, family, faith-based, no incredible plot twists. It is very important to me to show children what a whole family unit looks like. If you see the worst of what a man can be, as I did growing up, you can also see the best a man can be.

MDJ Exclusive: Mariah in Manila, Charmbracelet 2003
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 18-Feb-2009, 6:53AM EST
Here is exclusive, never-seen-before footage from a professional recording of Mariah's Charmbracelet World Tour stop in Manila, Philippines on November 16, 2003.

02. "Dreamlover" - Charmbracelet World Tour
The Fort Open Field, Manila, Philippines, Nov. 16, 2003

[ Download here ]

03. "Through The Rain" - Charmbracelet World Tour
The Fort Open Field, Manila, Philippines, Nov. 16, 2003

[ Download here ]

Previously posted:
01. "Heartbreaker"
09. Band Intro
15. "Vision of Love"
Source: MariahDailyJournal

The Recession That Ate The Art Films
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 17-Feb-2009, 6:24PM EST
Independent movies are getting crushed right now. Will they survive?

The hottest film to emerge from this year's Sundance Film Festival is such an uncommercial movie that even the festival's programming director didn't think it was going to sell.

Push: Based On The Novel By Sapphire, is the story of an abused, illiterate African-American high school girl who is pregnant with her second child by her father. There are no stars aside from cameos by Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey.

Yet the movie is now at the center of a well-documented legal battle between Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company. Harvey Weinstein claims his company had a verbal deal with the film's representatives to distribute the movie, but it ultimately went to Lionsgate for a reported $5.5 million.

Why spend money on lawyers to fight over a movie that the L.A. Times called "nightmarish" and The New York Times called "grim to a level that many film executives say they have rarely seen on film"? Because it was only the third film in Sundance history to win both the jury prize and the audience prize for best drama at the January festival, a rare Sundance feat. That makes it as close to a sure thing as exists at the festival level. And at $5.5 million, it's half the price Focus Features paid for 2008's festival hit Hamlet 2, which earned only $5 million at the box office.

In today's tough economic climate studios want sure things, not risks. "No one's going to buy a film they don't think they can make money off of," says John Cooper, Sundance's programming head.

That's going to be especially true in the coming year. Right now the independent film world is still digesting a glut of movies financed during the easy-money era of the past three years.

For a while, Wall Street loved Hollywood, throwing cash at almost any decent filmmaker who asked for financing. That led to too many films fighting for attention. In 2000 there were 373 films released in the U.S. Last year that number was 604, but the number of tickets sold was still the same.
Source: Forbes

Mariah Interview in France's Télé-Loisirs
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 17-Feb-2009, 1:34PM EST
Below is a brand-new Mariah Carey interview published in this week's issue of the French TV magazine Télé-Loisirs.

Successful singer Mariah Carey reveals her passion for France, its great fashion designers and its pastries in particular...

Télé-Loisirs. Could you live in France?
Mariah Carey. After New York, Paris is my favorite city. When I'm in Paris, I ask my driver to take me to the large avenues where there are a lot of fashion stores. I could buy everything within minutes.

What do you prefer in French people?
Haute Couture. I'm fascinated by the genius of some fashion designers. Attending a fashion show in Paris, it's like going to heaven. Paris is the capital of fashion.

What would you trade with a French?
I love pastries and your bakers are without any doubt the best in the world. Unfortunately, I have to watch my figure. But just looking at pastries in France is a pure delight.

What can you say in French?
Bonjour and Merci!

What's your biggest character defect?
I'm a very hard working person but I need to sleep a lot. I could spend hours in bed. I need to sleep well to stay at the top of everything I do.

What's the quality you're the most proud of?
Tidiness. At home everything has to be shiny. I'm a maniac I wash my hands at least twenty times a day.

What gets on your nerves?
It gets on my nerves when I think of all the sacrifices my parents had to make to succeed in life. When she was 16, my mother left Springfield, Illinois, to try her luck in New York where she met my father. Despite racism she married him.

What do you like?
I like working with my husband. Ever since I got married, my music has evolved a lot. Nick and I wrote a song for my new album. It's a real pleasure working with him. I hope we could work together again because it's great to be by his side.

What artists do you admire the most?
I think Meryl Streep is fantastic. I love Marilyn Monroe as well, like my mother who was fascinated by that woman, and Sissy Spacek too. There are so many people I admire I can't name them all.

What's your remedy against stage fright?
I go for a swim! It allows me to relax.

What's your motto?
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. For a long time I felt chained on a professional level in particular. Now I feel free at last. I suffered a lot from the the situation I was in. But now I feel like I'm invincible. I think everything happens for a reason or another.

What's your remedy when you're feeling blue?
Music and faith. When I listen to music I forget all my problems and believing in God allows me to face my doubts.

What's your favorite piece of clothing?
A skirt... a rather short one!
Source: Télé-Loisirs | Scan: Mayrah | Translation: Sam

"Mariah Carey Weekend" on VH1 Europe
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 16-Feb-2009, 9:02AM EST
European fans get a treat this weekend with VH1 Europe's 2-day special featuring Mariah Carey called Mariah Carey Weekend! Be sure to tune in. See details below.

Mariah Carey Weekend
Saturday, February 21 and Sunday, February 22
13:00 - 16:00 CET

Mariah Carey is an artist apart having achieved phenomenal success at such a young age with a number one single in every year of the 90's, the record for the most weeks at number 1 ever, plus currently perched number two behind the Beatles for the most number 1 singles ever.

This weekend we pay tribute to the Hero singer who also writes and defines all her material having had to reinvent herself on several dark occasions in her career. Always fun, inspiring and creative, Mariah Carey is the feel good artist of the millennium with such blow-out hits as Dreamlover, Heartbreaker, One Sweet Day, Touch my Body and Fantasy.
Source: VH1 Europe | Manuela

Photos: Mariah and Nick Attend Church
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 16-Feb-2009, 8:59AM EST
Below are photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at the City of Refuge Church in Carson, California on Thursday, January 29, 2009.

Source: Mariah-Source | Cori

MDJ Exclusive: "Heartbreaker" on Charmbracelet-Manila
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 15-Feb-2009, 12:46PM EST
Here is exclusive, never-seen-before footage from a professional recording of Mariah's Charmbracelet World Tour stop in Manila, Philippines on November 16, 2003.

"Heartbreaker" - Charmbracelet World Tour
The Fort Open Field, Manila, Philippines, Nov. 16, 2003

[ Download here ]

Previously posted:
09. Band Intro
15. "Vision of Love"
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Push: A New Take on an Ethnic Hero
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 15-Feb-2009, 7:46AM EST
If there were a T-shirt emblazoned with "Precious Jones Is My Hero," we'd buy it in a heartbeat. The protagonist of Lee Daniels' adaptation of the poet Sapphire's 1996 novel - about abuse, illiteracy, and the fierce and magical energy of words - is a hero of going forward. Daniels, a magical realist himself, says he slept with the book under his pillow, so it could infuse his dreams and then his waking life with its hard wisdom, its dark knowing. But newcomer Gabourey Sidibe's indelible teen is not the only character suggesting the reach of this rough and jubilant film into a diversity of lives. The variety of characters captures the richness of the "American" in "African-American."

When Precious' social worker (played by Mariah Carey with powerful reserve) is asked pointedly about her racial makeup, it's a knowingly funny scene on two levels. First, it reminds audiences that even black folk believe they learn something absolute when they ask that question. They don't. Second: because that query dogged hit-maker Carey, especially in her early years. Is she black? Is she white? What's the deal?

Director Daniels and Precious Jones move us forward by resisting some of the old questions and posing new ones.
Source: Denver Post

NBA's LeBron James' Memories of Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 14-Feb-2009, 11:27PM EST
Michael? Nope. Magic? Not quite. Mariah? Definitely.

Though Michael Jordan was his idol and Magic Johnson is the player he is often compared to, neither made the biggest All-Star impression on LeBron James.

"My favorite All-Star memory was seeing Mariah Carey in the Michael Jordan jersey dress," James said Saturday. "Was that Atlanta? Yeah, that's my favorite memory of All-Star weekend. Whew!"

James was a high school senior in Akron, Ohio in 2003 when that performance took place. During a tribute to Jordan, who was playing in his final All-Star game, Carey sang while wearing tight-fitting dresses patterned after Jordan's Chicago and Washington jerseys.

Related Article:
ESPY Awards: LeBron James Ogles at Sexy Mariah (ESPN, July 14, 2006)

The-Dream Talks About His and Mariah's New Albums
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 14-Feb-2009, 12:49PM EST
The-Dream, in an exclusive interview at his MySpace Music blog posted on Friday, February 13th, talked about his new album Love vs. Money and his current and upcoming projects. He revealed that he and Mariah have so far worked on 7 songs for her new album; which is due to be completed in the next two weeks. Fast-forward to 2:40 to listen to The-Dream talk about Mariah.

The-Dream: "The album that I'm currently working on of course is Mariah Carey's MC3 project, that we're doing like 7 songs in. We should be finished in the next week and a half... I won't tell any secrets about how I made the album Love vs. Money, which is the new LP, my sophomore LP, which will be released on March 10th, 2009 which features Mariah Carey on the record 'My Love' and Kanye West on the record 'Walking on the Moon'... Love vs. Money out March 10th. The singles are 'Rockin' That Thang,' by me, myself and second single is 'My Love' featuring Mariah Carey and the third single is 'Walking on the Moon' featuring Kanye West."
Source: The-Dream - MySpace Music | Bernard

Video: Mariah Talks About "One Sweet Day"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 14-Feb-2009, 10:57AM EST

Mariah Talks About "One Sweet Day" - The Ballads, MCarey.com
[ Stream | Download ]

What is the story behind "One Sweet Day," from what inspired you to start writing it, to collaborating with Boyz II Men, to watching it become one of the biggest #1 hits in pop history?
"'One Sweet Day' was just a song that I had a concept for. Just about people who have passed away that had been close or just different people that were lost, that were not part of my life anymore. I went to Boyz II Men and they happened to have the same... they had a situation that they were writing about and that was ironically, melodically so similar to the song that I was writing and we put the two songs together and it became, what became known as 'One Sweet Day.' And it did go on to be this enormous hit. I think the song really still means a lot to us. We recently performed it together and it's one of those songs that people really kind of... it's another song that people always tell me, they always thank me for that collaboration and say that that helped them get through really tough times."
Source: MCarey.com | Bernard

Macy's Exclusive Launch for "Luscious Pink" Parfum
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 14-Feb-2009, 12:42AM EST
Mariah Carey Beauty invites you to an exclusive in-store event to celebrate the launch of Luscious Pink Deluxe Edition Parfum, the purest essence of the fragrance and Mariah's favorite - the parfum.

Visit Macy's Cross County during its special in-store event (see details below), and with your purchase of Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink Deluxe Edition Parfum, receive a beautiful custom charm necklace designed by Lisa Levine as your gift. The perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

Parfum available for a limited time only. A $600 value, yours for $75.

Event information:
Saturday, February 14, 2009 - 12:00-6:00pm
Vogue Magazine In-Store Event
Macy's Cross County (Directions)
800 Central Park Ave., Yonkers, NY 10704
Source: MariahCareyBeauty.com's Newsletter

The Ballads Climbs 54-5 on Dutch Albums Chart
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-Feb-2009, 6:39PM EST
In the Netherlands, The Ballads took a massive leap from #54 to #5 on the official Top Albums chart this week!

The Ballads debuted at #45 but fell nine spots in its second week. In the third week, it made a 49-place climb to #5. The huge increase was reportedly attributable to Sony/Legacy's all-out TV and Radio blitz for the new album.
Source: Official Dutch Charts | Ben

"My Love" Available on iTunes Feb. 24
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-Feb-2009, 4:58AM EST

The-Dream's new single, "My Love" featuring Mariah Carey will be available for download at iTunes on Tuesday, February 24th. To the right is the official single cover. Click for a larger view.
Source: Rap-Up | Deniece

Push to Screen in New York
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-Feb-2009, 6:07PM EST
Lee Daniels' Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winner Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire will bookend the 39th edition of New Directors/New Films. It joins 24 other films representing 20 countries, in a program "dedicated to the discovery and support of emerging directors." The films will screen in their New York premieres or, in some cases, their United States and world premieres. New Directors/New Films 2009 will be held at the The Museum of Modern Art and The Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York from March 25 - April 5.

Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire will also be showcased as the series's first-ever Closing Night feature. The much-discussed drama chronicles the world of Precious Jones, an overweight, functionally illiterate, lonesome teenager pregnant with a second child by her own father. Daniels, working with a script by Damien Paul and an extraordinary cast led by Gabourey Sidibe and including Mo'Nique, Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, and Paula Patton.

The complete public schedule for New Directors/New Films 2009 will be announced in early March. Tickets will go on sale Friday, March 13. They will be at The Film Society of Lincoln Center, The Museum of Modern Art, and online at filmlinc.com.
Source: indieWIRE

Video: "Hero" Inspires Patti LaBelle
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-Feb-2009, 2:50PM EST
In this video, Patti LaBelle talks about the songs that have inspired her and names Mariah's "Hero" as one of those songs.

Patti LaBelle: "Mariah Carey can sing her face off, and when she sings 'Hero,' I try to sing along with her, [laughs] literally try. She has the most phenomenal voice. [sings] 'And then a Hero comes along...,' it's like, sometimes, you don't even know that heroes are around you, and they really are, and someday you might recognize them. That's what it means to me. So many heroes and sheroes, like the gentleman who flew the plane the other day, what a hero! You know, he landed that plane and there was nothing wrong with anyone. If I get a chance to meet him, he's gonna hear 'Hero.' I'm gonna sing it to him."
Source: LaBelleOfTheBall | Lee

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-Feb-2009, 9:07AM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated February 21, 2009.

"I Stay In Love"
Billboard Hot Dance Club Play: #5 (Last Week #1)
Billboard Global Dance Tracks: #22 (Last Week #34)

"We Belong Together"
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Recurrents: #30 (Re-entry)

The Ballads
The Billboard 200: #46 (Last Week #31)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #46 (Last Week #32)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #19 (Last Week #13)
Sales this week: 12,243 (-17%)
Total sales: 55,670

Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #49 (Last Week #55)
Sales this week: 2,324 (+27%)
Total sales: 1,232,844

The Adventures of Mimi
Billboard Top Music Video: #35 (Last Week #33)

Billboard Top Catalog Albums: #194
Sales this week: 1,768 (+23%)
Total sales: 3,678,620
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher

New Radio Impact Dates for "My Love"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-Feb-2009, 9:04AM EST
Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB), in its latest Available for Airplay, lists The-Dream's third single off his new Love vs. Money album, "My Love" featuring Mariah Carey, as scheduled to go for adds on the following dates:

• 2/17 Rhythm/Crossover
• 2/24 Mainstream

Love vs. Money is slated for release on Tuesday, March 10 and available now for pre-order at Amazon.com.
Source: FMQB | MariahDailyJournal

Win a Mariah-loaded iPod!
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 11-Feb-2009, 4:38PM EST
Tonic has teamed up with some of the world's biggest celebrities to auction off their iPods, autographed and loaded with their favorite music, to benefit Music Rising. iPods from legendary rock stars, supermodels, award-winning actors, billionaire icons, pro athletes, top fashion designers, and more will be auctioned off each week. This week, autographed iPods preloaded by Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Gwen Stefani and Pete Wentz will be up for auction beginning Feb. 12 on Tonic.com.

The hip-hop and R&B diva put "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G., "The Glamorous Life" by Sheila E, "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown and "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West on her iPod.

Mariah's Playlist
1. What'chu Like (Da Brat)
2. The Glamorous Life (Club Edit) (Sheila E.)
3. I Won't Tell [Explicit] (Fat Joe)
4. Juicy (The Notorious B.I.G.)
5. Bonita Applebum (A Tribe Called Quest)
6. Flashing Lights [Explicit] (Kanye West)
7. Superstar featuring Matthew Santos [Explicit] (Lupe Fiasco)
8. Looking for You (Kirk Franklin & Dorinda Clark Cole)
9. No Air (Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown)
10. Falsetto (The-Dream)
Source: People | mccc9 | Bernard

Perry: Mariah Gives Breakout Performance in Push
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 11-Feb-2009, 12:03AM EST
Tyler Perry says he and BFF Oprah Winfrey have thrown their support behind Sundance hit Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire. Perry says he was blown away by the film when he saw it, called Oprah and she also fell in love with the movie. He also praised the ensemble cast that includes Mo'Nique, Sherri Sheppard, and Lenny Kravitz, but singled out Mariah Carey's performance as a social worker as the breakout performance.

Perry, who is in Los Angeles promoting his latest movie, Madea Goes to Jail, said Push is a little too gritty to be a Tyler Perry production, but is a film he will push along with Oprah to his followers. Winfrey and Perry recently formed 34th St. Films, a company that will produce projects that the two media moguls bring to the table.
Source: Kevin Frazier - Hip Hollywood | Marie

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 10-Feb-2009, 4:38AM EST
• The music video for The-Dream's new single, "My Love" featuring Mariah Carey, is still a few weeks out from its premiere. The-Dream has his single, "Rockin' That Thang" being promoted first, then "My Love." We'll let everyone know as soon as we know of a firm date.

• The Adventures of Mimi DVD is finally available on iTunes. It is $9.99 to buy and $3.99 to rent.

• The merriment continued after Sunday's Grammy telecast. Over at the chef's Beverly Hills steakhouse, host L.A. Reid's House of Hype/Island Def Jam soiree brought out Mariah Carey, Duffy, Lionel Richie, Grammy-winning collaborators Estelle and Kanye West. (L.A. Times)

• Billboard.com's new game, Battle of the Beats, is all about Mariah Carey. The game consists of 16 brackets with songs like "Emotions," "Hero," "Dreamlover," "We Belong Together," "Vision of Love," etc. pitting against each other to determine "Mariah's Singles: What is Mariah's top single?" Play it here!

• Mariah is featured on Yahoo! Music's Then & Now, profiling her music career from 2009's The Ballads and beyond.

• Rite Aid offers Valentine's Day gifts in all price ranges, including top designer fragrances Elizabeth Arden's Red Door, Mediterranean, White Diamonds and Mariah Carey, at its more than 4,900 neighborhood stores nationwide.

• A yearbook picture from 1987 of Mariah Carey is one of the items highlighted at the "Growing Up on Long Island" exhibit from February 14 through October 25, 2009, at the Long Island Museum of American Art, History & Carriages in Stony Brook.

• E=MC² Adventure Box is now available in the Philippines for Php 1,995. The 4 disc-set comes with a keychain and a poster set. Filipino fans can purchase the box set at Music1 in Greenbelt 1, Makati.

• Europa FM, the most important radio station in Romania, is letting its listeners decide the Best Love Song from the '80s to present. Vote for Mariah's "Without You" here. You can cast your vote once a day until February 13.

• MSN Spain wants to know: "Elije la mejor canción romántica" ("What is your favorite love song?"). Click here to vote for Mariah's "Without You." She is currently in second place with 25% of total votes, behind Britney Spears' "Born To Make You Happy" with 43%.

• The Ballads is now available in Spain. Its tracklisting is the same as the UK version. The CD can be purchased online at Gong Discos for 16.45 €.

• The M Factor Top 6 finalist Dzulfadzly Zammani was interviewed live on a local Entertainment TV program in Malaysia (a la E! News) recently. The interview was about his participation in MariahDailyJournal's The M Factor singing competition. Congratulations, Dzull. Watch a video here.

• Kim Kardashian posted a video of her and her group singing along to "Always Be My Baby" and "I'll Be There" during Mariah's live concert at the grand opening of Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami on Nov. 14, 2008. She wrote on her blog: "OMG... Kourtney, Kristen Cavallari, Mario Lopez and I were having fun singing along during a live performance by Mariah Carey. Her show was really amazing!"

• Fan Art. Thanks to Adietz (art), Bun (iPhone skin), Kaleel (tatoo), Leanne (wallpaper), Luke (wallpaper), Ken (drawings), and Boudir (drawings) for sharing their work.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Florina | Jeff | Kathryn | Mark | Dzull | Thais | Faisal | Javier | Jeremy | Adietz | Bun | Kaleel | Leanne | Luke | Ken | Boudir | Manuela

Nick Cannon's Got Talent
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 09-Feb-2009, 4:51PM EST
Nick Cannon isn't short on talent, and now Talent isn't short on Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey's mister has signed on to replace Jerry Springer as the new host of America's Got Talent, NBC announced today.

The 28-year-old will join returning judges Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan in the Simon Cowell-conceived reality show when it returns for its fourth season this summer.

"I'm thrilled to be working with NBC," Cannon said, adding that network brass "understand my vision as not only an entertainer but as a creative show producer."

"I look forward to working with the network and their executive team on America's Got Talent and other shows to come."

Cannon becomes the third emcee, following in the footsteps of season one's Regis Philbin and Springer, who announced last week that commitments to his talk show and a forthcoming stage role precluded him from returning for another season.

As for Mr. Carey, he does have previous hosting experience under his belt, having manned four seasons of his titular MTV showcase, Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out, since 2005.
Source: E! Online

"My Mariah Ballad" Valentine's Day e-Card
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 09-Feb-2009, 2:12PM EST
Sony Music Entertainment Presents 'My Mariah Ballad' - A Viral e-card That Gives Fans the Chance to Sing Their Own Version of a Ballad and Send It to Their Sweetheart

Sony Music Entertainment is giving Mariah Carey fans the opportunity to sing their own version of a Mariah ballad and send it to their friends and family in the form of a Valentine's Day e-card.

Starting now, fans can go to www.MyMariahBallad.com to create a special Valentine's Day card with a personal recorded message. Using one of Mariah's hit ballads 'Dreamlover,' 'Vision of Love,' or 'Hero' fans can then sing the ballad themselves or use the original version sung by Mariah. The ballad along with a personal message is then embedded into an animated e-card which can be sent virally to friends and family in time for Valentine's Day.

Sony's Commercial Music Group created a similar interactive e-card to celebrate the release of the "Elvis Duets" CD. The site, www.SingWithTheKing.com, which allowed fans to sing a Christmas duet with Elvis, had over 200K visitors in December and over 40 thousand people recorded their own duet to send virally.

Mariah Carey's recent CD release The Ballads features 18 chart-topping hits including nine #1 fan favorites like: 'Hero,' 'Vision of Love,' 'One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men)' and 'Dreamlover.'

Mariah Carey has sold over 200 million albums worldwide. She made her recording debut in 1990 with Columbia Records, becoming the first recording artist to have her first five singles top the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Source: PRNewswire

Artist Direct Reviews "The Ballads"
Posted by Liron on Sunday, 08-Feb-2009, 1:10PM EST
Mariah Carey
The Ballads

Artist Direct Rating:

You can't argue with success. Mariah Carey is the best-selling female pop artist. Ever. She's had more #1 singles than God and Lucifer combined, and her glass-shattering, ultra-high octave voice could dismantle an army of thousands in just a few notes. The Ballads collects Miss Carey's most-recognizable ballads that are a staple of her career and her live set lists. She built her reputation on bemoaning lost loves, and The Ballads puts all those songs all under one butterfly bejeweled roof. Diehard Mariah'ites will undoubtedly already own the albums that these songs originally appear on, but this nifty is strictly for those who want to overdose on the singer's honey-smooth voice. Is this release necessary? Probably not. But it certainly reminds the world how a girl nicknamed "Mimi," who hailed from Long Island, New York, scratched and clawed her way to the top of the pop food chain.

Her opening salvo, "Love Takes Time," from her curly-haired mop days, and her overly sentimental tune "Hero," along with her covers of "I Still Believe" and "Against All Odds," as well as her unplugged version of "I'll Be There" are here, as is the peppy "Dreamlover," which can hardly be classified as a ballad, but on a "best of" that centers on lovelorn anthems and sadder subject matter, the song's relatively quicker pace lightens the mood a bit. It's Mariah's parade of smash hits, with her celestial voice rising higher than mountain peaks. While Mariah has adopted a more urban groove late into her career, The Ballads is representative of her fragile, vulnerable and softer side. It's as though she comes back down to our level, especially when listening to the songs from the earlier phases of her illustrious and impressive career. If you're a thirtysomething, "Love Takes Time" will remind of when Mariah appeared on the scene in the early 1990s, in her skintight, dark wash jeans and black body suit, with her unruly locks blowing in the breeze while she sang her heart and her throat out. It'll transport you to wherever you were when this voice arrived on the scene. So if anything, it's a sprint down memory lane. Hard to believe Mariah Carey's been singing for her supper for nearly 20 years now!

So if you're in a mellow mood or just got unceremoniously dumped, reach for The Ballads, because you'll feel like Mariah and her big, room-filling voice can relate.

- Amy Sciarretto
Source: Artist Direct | Larry

In Touch: Is Nick Too in Love with Mariah?
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 07-Feb-2009, 7:07AM EST
In Touch, Feb. 16 Issue
Nick Cannon's devotion to his wife, Mariah Carey, could destroy their union

It has been nine months since Nick Cannon wed Mariah Carey in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas, but the honeymoon is definitely not over. He's so thrilled to be married to the superstar, he'd do anything for her. "I've got the most gorgeous wife in the world," Nick gushed to In Touch as he worked out at the Gatorade G Gym in Park City, Utah, on January 16. "I want to keep her, so I've got to hit the gym."

Ever since their wedding, Nick, 28, has followed Mariah, 38, around the world. He's been spotted escorting her to the ladies' room and acting as her bodyguard by clearing a path for her so she could exit an event. "Mariah treats Nick like her little boy toy," says a witness. "I saw her literally toss him her coat so she could go do interviews."

Call him Mr. Carey!
Nick, who tattoed "Mariah" on his back soon after their wedding, doesn't even get upset about his nickname. "I make fun of me all the time," he's said. "I'm like, 'call me Mr. Carey, who cares?'"

And although Nick - who was executive producer of his own show on MTV, Wild 'N Out - has had success as a rapper, actor and club DJ, he's now focused on taking on a bigger role in his wife's career. Nick is set to direct a video for Mariah's new single, "My Love."

But getting involved with her career may be the last straw. "Nick needs to develop his own identity for this marriage to be healthy," warns Dr. Patricia Farrell, author of How to Be Your Own Therapist, who does not treat the couple. "People who are close tend to mirror each other, but you reach a certain point where it's too much. He's probably smothering her and eventually she will become angry. It's like you are being swallowed alive."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah & Nick Leaving Mr. Chow, L.A.
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 06-Feb-2009, 2:46AM EST

Mariah & Nick Leaving Mr. Chow Restaurant
Beverly Hills, CA, Feb. 4, 2009

Download footage from: Extra TV | Hollywood TV
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Push Poses Marketing Challenge
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 05-Feb-2009, 10:54AM EST
Dark and depressing rarely does very well at the box office, and with life outside the multiplex so rough these days, people seem to be gravitating toward fluffy fare more than ever.

So when Lionsgate on Monday spent about $5.5 million for the highly regarded award-winning film "Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire," eyebrows arched all over Hollywood. "Push," directed by Lee Daniels ("Monster's Ball") from Sapphire's novel, takes grim to a level that many film executives say they have rarely seen on screen. The story centers on an illiterate and obese African-American teenager in 1980s Harlem who is pregnant with her father's child -- for the second time -- and is also abused by her mother.

The studio prides itself on taking on marketing challenges, but "Push," which won three top awards last month at the Sundance Film Festival -- the Audience Award, the Grand Jury Prize and a Special Jury Prize for Acting -- is one of the biggest to come along in some time, marketing experts say. African-American audiences of all demographics could wince at the film's negative imagery. As films like "The Great Debaters" and "Miracle at St. Anna" have shown, a release labeled a black film by the marketplace -- and "Push" already has been -- can be an incredibly tough sell to mainstream white audiences.

Lionsgate already seems a little befuddled. On Monday the company initially agreed to discuss the inherent marketing challenges. A few hours later it backtracked, rejecting any marketing talk but saying executives would be happy to speak broadly about their delight in nabbing the movie. Before long that offer was also rescinded.

Ultimately the studio's co-presidents for theatrical marketing, Sarah Greenberg and Tim Palen, e-mailed a statement. "There is simply a gold mine of opportunity here," the message read in part. "As marketers, our focus is on creating a campaign that honors its strength, guts and beauty." Lionsgate has not announced a release date for the film, no relation to the "Push" being released on Friday.

The film was a critical hit at the festival, and that roughly $5.5 million is the largest amount paid to date for any Sundance film this year. While $5.5 million might not sound like much for a movie, the average marketing cost for this type of film is $25 million, according to the Motion Picture Association of America.

One veteran studio marketer, who would speak only anonymously because he has ties to Lionsgate, said he saw almost no hope in selling it to a broad audience. Others were more positive, comparing it to "The Color Purple" and noting that the lead character does find redemption, reaching deep inside to pull herself out of a terrible situation. Another hook available to Lionsgate: a passionate following of the book, which was published in 1996. Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Perry have already agreed to help promote the release.

Geoffrey Gilmore, director of the Sundance Film Festival, said in an interview that "Push" might hit a cultural chord because of all of the discussion about race prompted by the election of President Obama. He said the Sundance audience gave it three standing ovations.

A deal did not emerge for "Push" until about a week after the festival ended, with potential distributors balking over the price insisted upon by Cinetic Media, a New York marketing and sales company for independent film, according to two people with knowledge of how the deal came together but who were not authorized to speak publicly.

A spokeswoman for Cinetic declined to comment, but bidders said Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry had been crucial to the deal's coming together. The sales company went to Sundance armed with data from a test screening at the Magic Johnson multiplex in Harlem showing that 80 percent of those who had seen the movie would give it a "definite recommend" rating. (Normal is about 50 percent.)

But concerns persisted about marketing. Mr. Daniels, the director, who shares an agent at William Morris with Mr. Perry, had sent a copy of the movie to Mr. Perry in Atlanta, where he lives and works. The well-connected Mr. Daniels also sent a copy to Oprah.

As the clocked ticked, Cinetic and William Morris got Mr. Perry, already enthusiastic about the film, to call Ms. Winfrey, who had not yet watched it. At Mr. Perry's urging, she did and immediately agreed to lend her support.

"I wanted to do whatever I could to encourage other people to see this movie," Ms. Winfrey said in the news release that Lionsgate issued on Monday to announce its purchase. "The film is so raw and powerful -- it split me open."

Lionsgate, Weinsteins Fight Over Push
In the wake of this week's high profile Lionsgate acquisition, The Weinstein Company (TWC) is publicly fighting to try and get Lee Daniels' Sundance '09 film "Push: Based on The Novel by Sapphire," claiming they had an agreement in place to buy the triple award-winning movie. Lionsgate and TWC filed lawsuits against each other yesterday, with TWC also suing seller Cinetic Media. Each side is claiming a deal for the movie, while Cinetic today respectfully told indieWIRE that Harvey Weinstein is over-reaching.

"TWC reached a firm agreement for the rights to 'Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire'," Weinstein Company attorney Bert Fields said in the statement, claiming breach of contract and inducing breach of contract. "Behind their backs Cinetic Media tried to make a better deal with Lionsgate," he said. TWC has also enlisted David Boies in the action against Lionsgate and Cinetic.

"Lionsgate closed a North American distribution deal for 'Push', and the sellers confirmed that no other agreement was in place," a Lionsgate spokesperson countered today in a statement, adding, "The Weinstein Company seems to have a different belief."

"We respect Harvey tremendously," Cinetic partners John Sloss and Bart Walker told indieWIRE a few moments ago, in a joint statement. "In this case he is over-reaching. There was never a deal with The Weinstein Company, there were numerous material unresolved points."

Cinetic repped the film, closing a deal with Lionsgate at Cinetic's New York office late Friday night, according to insiders at the time. The North American rights pact, which includes the support of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and Tyler Perry's 34th Street banner, was pegged at a $5.5 million sale. Late Friday, after indieWIRE caught wind that the deal was closing, a Lionsgate rep declined to confirm the sale saying that a pact was premature and still being negotiated. On Monday, LGF announced its acquisition highlighting the support of Winfrey and Perry. (Full article here)

Photos: Mariah & Nick at Mr. Chow, L.A.
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 05-Feb-2009, 10:06AM EST
Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon were spotted walking hand-in-hand into Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills last night, February 4, 2009.

Watch a video here of Mariah & Nick leaving the restaurant.
Source: Gossip Girls | Hollywood TV | Bernard

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 05-Feb-2009, 10:04AM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated February 14, 2009.

"Right To Dream"
Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks: #27 (Last Week #27)

"I Stay In Love"
Billboard Hot Dance Club Play: #1 (Last Week #3)
Billboard Global Dance Tracks: #34 (Debut)

The Ballads
The Billboard 200: #31 (Last Week #10)
Billboard Comprehensive Albums: #32 (Last Week #10)
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #13 (Last Week #7)
Sales this week: 14,677 (-49%)
Total sales: 43,427

Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #55 (Last Week #55)

The Adventures of Mimi
Billboard Top Music Video: #33 (Last Week #31)
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | areyoureadytojump

Video: Clips from Push
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 05-Feb-2009, 1:36AM EST

To the right, watch Movie Maker's coverage of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival featuring Grand Jury Prize winner Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire. It includes an interview with Gabourey Sidibe & Mo'Nique, as well as coverage of the Push Press Conference with Mariah Carey, Sapphire & Lee Daniels. At 3:10 into the video, you can see a longer clip of Mariah's scene in the movie.

Excerpts from the Press Conference
Sapphire, author: "I had published poetry books and stuff but I had worked a long time on this, a long time to become a writer and to produce something that made a difference and I just didn't want to prostitute my art and just have someone make a movie of it. And so Lee had approached me and I told him, 'No. I've never heard of you. I've never seen anything that you've done.' His people called me and told me they wanted to see a screening of Shadowboxer and when I saw Shadowboxer, I thought he could do this. He can do this."

Mariah: "Lee was encouraging us to go there. He was encouraging us to continue to go as deep as we could and to kind of just throw everything aside and really have an experience... This [movie] should be required and the people should have to see this because people that don't know that this exists within the world, they need to be educated about it. And I think kids growing up, seeing something like this, this will change. This will help change and help take us to where we need to go."

Video Download and Screen Captures
Click here to download a high-quality video (HD720p, 51MB) of Mariah's movie scene and her interview at the Push press conference. Screen captures below.

Source: MovieMaker Magazine | Bernard

"Vision of Love" Inspires Rihanna
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 04-Feb-2009, 2:58PM EST
The tagline advertising the 51st Grammy Awards (live on CBS Sunday, Feb. 8) is "Celebrate the Music that Makes Us." CBS is airing commercials with artists who talk about the music that made them, and here is what Rihanna says in her ad:

"I've always been in love with music. Ever since I was a little girl, I've idolized music and style of women like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston. I used to sing "Vision of Love" all the time in the shower, using my toothbrush as my microphone. You never know, maybe some little girl is doing the same thing to my song, that'd be pretty cool."

Related Article:
Mariah Featured on Rihanna's Grammy Ad
Source: 51st Grammys | Deniece

Mariah Takes Part in Grammy Auctions
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 04-Feb-2009, 11:07AM EST
Grammy Charity Online Auctions, in celebration of the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, offer more close to one hundred exclusive items including once-in-a-lifetime VIP experiences, memorabilia from world-renowned celebrities and official Grammy merchandise signed by participating stars backstage during rehearsals and show day of the anniversary telecast. The lots are available for bid in two cycles now through February 19 at eBay. All proceeds will benefit MusiCares and the Grammy Foundation.

Below are the three Mariah Carey items that are up for bid in the Grammy Auctions, all signed backstage while rehearsing for her performance at the Grammy Nominations Live Concert on December 3, 2008 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

• Celebrity Diva Signed Daisy Rock Electric Guitar
   (also includes signatures of Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion and Taylor Swift)
• Mariah Carey Signed and Framed 2006 Rolling Stone
• Mariah Carey Signed Anthology Songbook

Source: Grammy Charities | Bernard

Filmmaker Daniels Happy About Promotion
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 04-Feb-2009, 9:34AM EST
"God put Oprah here for a reason. You can't get someone who believes in you the way she does," says Wynnefield native filmmaker Lee Daniels. He's thrilled that both Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry have agreed to do what they can to promote his new film, "Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire," which has been picked up for distribution by Lionsgate Films.

Daniels swears the film, about a teenage girl in Harlem who is pregnant for the second time with her father's baby, is "not as dark as people might think." He assures it's "OK to laugh along with the situation as our main character [played by newcomer Gabourey Sidibe] does." Despite the multiple awards heaped on the film at Sundance, where it premiered, Daniels, who won an Oscar for producing "Monster's Ball," says he "learned early on never to read any of my reviews because if I believe the good ones, I have to believe the bad ones." So he's not too excited.

His next film, "Tennessee," stars Mariah Carey and is due for theatrical release next month. Carey also co-stars in "Push," which has no release date yet.
Source: Philadelphia Daily News | Bojan

The Ballads Contest, Valentine eCard
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 03-Feb-2009, 2:31PM EST
• One Sweet Day sweepstakes with VH1.com
Want to win a Mariah-branded iPod Nano, a complete set of her CDs on the Sony label, a deluxe edition of The Ballads (which includes a sample of her Luscious Pink fragrance), and an autographed photo? Well, jump into the Mariah Carey: One Sweet Day sweepstakes. All you have to do is write some romantic missives in on the contest page at VH1.com.

They could be about your current love, an old flame, a horrible break-up, a wonderful new relationship, your favorite Mariah romance tune, or anything else having to do with the topsy-turvy world of romantic endeavors. The comments must be 50 words or less. Contest ends on February 16 at noon.

• Sing Your Favorite Mariah Ballad!
As part of the promotion for Mariah Carey The Ballads, Sony Music Entertainment is giving fans the opportunity to sing their own version of a Mariah ballad and send it to their friends and family in the form of a Valentine's Day ecard.

Starting February 2, fans can go to www.MyMariahBallad.com to create a special Valentine's Day card with a personal recorded message. Using one of Mariah's hit ballads "Dreamlover," "Vision of Love," or "Hero," fans can then sing the ballad themselves or use the original version sung by Mariah. The ballad along with a personal message is then embedded into an animated e-card which can be sent virally to friends and family in time for Valentine's Day.
Source: Sony

Tennessee in Theaters in late 2009
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 03-Feb-2009, 9:52AM EST
Vivendi Entertainment has named Larry Levy to the role of Vice President and Head of Theatrical Distribution, Vivendi Entertainment. The announcement was made today by Tom O'Malley, President, Vivendi Entertainment, to whom Levy will report.

Levy will be responsible for all aspects of theatrical distribution for Vivendi Entertainment. The company, one of the most sought-after independent home entertainment distributors, last year expanded into theatrical distribution. Since then, VE has been recognized by the industry as an important newcomer. The company's next release is New York, I Love You, the latest in the "Cities of Love" series kicked off by Paris, Je T'aime last year. New York, I Love You boasts an A-list cast including Hayden Christensen, Chris Cooper, Ethan Hawke, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie and James Caan to name just a few. On deck for later this year is Tennessee from producer Lee Daniels (Push, Monster's Ball, The Woodsman) and starring Mariah Carey. Also coming up in 2009 is Boogie Town, a dance film helmed by Chris Stokes (You Got Served), starring R&B star Marques Houston.
Source: PR Newswire

Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lionsgate Behind Push Distribution
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 02-Feb-2009, 4:54PM EST

Studio Acquires North American Distribution Rights From Smokewood Entertainment Group And Reunites With Academy Award® Winning Monster's Ball Producer Daniels

LIONSGATE®, a leading next generation studio, announced today that it has acquired North American distribution rights to 2009 Sundance Film Festival sensation PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE. Directed by Lee Daniels (SHADOWBOXER), PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE won both the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award in the U.S. Dramatic Competition, only the third film in Festival history to do so. Star Mo'Nique was honored with a Special Jury Prize for acting. PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE was produced by Daniels, and Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness under their Smokewood Entertainment Group (S.E.G.) banner; Lisa Cortes and Tom Heller were executive producers. The screenplay was written by Damien Paul, based on Sapphire's 1996 book. PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE stars newcomer Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe, Paula Patton (DEJA VU), Mo'Nique (SHADOWBOXER), Grammy® Award-winning artist Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepherd ("30 Rock") and Grammy® Award-winning artist Lenny Kravitz. The deal marks the second collaboration between Lionsgate and Daniels, who produced the studio's Academy Award®-winning MONSTER'S BALL. The announcement was made by Jason Constantine, Lionsgate President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions.

In an unprecedented partnership, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry will support Lionsgate's distribution of PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE, through their respective motion picture companies, Harpo Films and 34th Street Films. It will be the first film affiliated with Perry's 34th Street banner.

"PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE is an extraordinary film about taking hold of life; to watch it is to be galvanized and uplifted," said Constantine. "MONSTER'S BALL introduced Lee as a gifted producer; we believe PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE firmly establishes him as one of America's finest directors."

Said Daniels, "I know from my MONSTER'S BALL experience that PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE has found the best home possible. I'm really looking forward to working again with smart, innovative friends at Lionsgate."

Commented Winfrey, "I've never seen anything like it. The moment I saw PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE, I knew I wanted to do whatever I could to encourage other people to see this movie. The film is so raw and powerful - it split me open."

Added Perry, "I am honored to join Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate in releasing Lee Daniels' exceptional film. I was immensely moved by PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE, and wanted to do whatever I could to help others share in its redemptive experience. Lionsgate is the ideal studio to shepherd this artistically courageous film to market."

"We like to work with filmmakers who harness instinct and vision to compelling projects, creating motion pictures that resonate emotionally with an audience. That is why we chose PUSH: BASED ON THE NOVEL BY SAPPHIRE," said Sarah Siegel-Magness, managing partner of S.E.G.
Source: PR Newswire

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 02-Feb-2009, 1:25PM EST
Below are scans from the February 9th issues of People, Star, Us and Life & Style; and the Feb. 2009 Ebony.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Che

MDJ Exclusive: Sneak Peek at "My Love" Music Video
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 01-Feb-2009, 7:54AM EST
MariahDailyJournal was on location at the filming of the music video for "My Love," The-Dream's new single featuring Mariah Carey. We are happy to bring to you an exclusive first look at the video shoot which took place in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, January 31, 2009.

The one-block stretch of South Pecan Street was closed to traffic and promptly at 3:30pm, the video shooting commenced with a scene showing Mariah on a house porch singing. Below you will find the description of each of the scenes filmed, in the sequence that they were shot (not necessarily the sequence in which they will appear in the video). Director Nick Cannon called it a day at 10:00pm.

Scene 1: Mariah is on the porch singing. At the end of the song, Rachel, Mariah's friend and choreographer enters the scene, hands her a puppy and she pets it.
Scene 2: Mariah gets ice cream with two kids. The-Dream, driving a flashy sports car, passes by the neighborhood and sees Mariah and she joins him in the car.
Scene 3: The-Dream and Mariah sing in the street. People from the neighborhood join in the scene.
Scene 4: Skit. Mariah is seen cooking, and gets into a fight with The-Dream in the kitchen talking about unpaid bills, among other things. (We think that the skit will be a prelude to the music video)
Scene 5: Mariah is singing in the bedroom.

We would like to thank director Nick Cannon for granting us the privilege of covering the shoot and more, for graciously speaking on our camera to send a special message to the MariahDaily.com visitors!

View pictures and videos below! If you wish to download our video shoot sneak peek, click here.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

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