March 2007

On The Cover: Blue Jean 1999, Elle 2001 and Blender 2005
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 31-Mar-2007, 6:07PM EDT
Mariah Journal's On The Cover section has been updated to now include scans and articles from Blue Jean (Turkey), Elle and Blender magazines. Thanks to Can from and Joao for their help with the scans and text!

Divorce Worked Out For The Best For Mariah Carey
Blue Jean (Turkey) - April 1999 Issue

There's no need for much discussion. They're right when they say she is "talented" or that she is the "beauty of the world" or that she is "spoiled"... But, there's only one truth that everybody has to agree with: "She's a phenomenon!" It's so exciting to hear the voice (even on the phone) of the woman who has been #1 more than any other R&B artist and whose albums have been bought by 100 million people in the world. I wait for the telephone to ring by looking at the huge poster of hers that we put on a strategical point of the wall of Tolga's room. And after waiting for a while, we finally get to talking... READ MORE -->

The New M.C.
ELLE - July 2001 Issue

Today's pop culture is so heavily marketed, it's hard to imagine someone like M.C. without a Svengali pulling strings. And though she was launched by Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola, whom she famously married in 1993 and famously divorced in '97, she now seems to be the puppeteer of her own act, writing and producing records, starring in a movie that borrows from her life story. Her euphemism for the marriage is "the situation," and what that apparently entailed, besides a Cinderella story, was Rapunzel story: M.C. trapped in her Bedford, New York, castle, longing to get out and take control of her life... READ MORE -->

The Secret Life of Mariah Carey
Blender - March 2005 Issue

Financially, The Emancipation isn't ever going to be the runaway 25-million seller that 1993's Music Box was, but these are clearly songs from someone who's as artistically sure-footed as she's ever been. L.A. Reid leans across the desk. "The real thing I've learned about Mariah," he says, "is that she's an innocent. At heart, she's a little child." "Really?" says Blender skeptically. After selling tens of millions of records worldwide, after being married to one of the most powerful people in the record industry and dealing with some of the most hardnosed names in hip-hop, she's a little child? "Yes," insists Reid. "In spite of everything..." READ MORE -->

High-Quality Photos from the Blender Magazine Shoot

Source: Mariah Journal · Can · Joao

Rumor Alert: Mariah To Release Shoe Collection?
Posted by Adi on Saturday, 31-Mar-2007, 1:47PM EDT
Mariah Carey (37) can't imagine a life without high heels. "I can run with them and even would love to swim with them", the singer told the English newspaper "The Times". Flat shoes make her feet all blistered.

Other women should feel that good as well: The soul diva releases a new, comfortable high heels collection.

80% Validity
Marisa Jacobs, publicist of the fashion shop "Claire's" that runs Mariah Carey's jewelry line: "The shoes would surely be a big commercial success."
Source: Gala · Mariah Carey Fan · Translation: Mariah Journal

Audio Preview: Lil L.O.V.E.
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 30-Mar-2007, 9:45PM EDT
Here's a snippet of Lil L.O.V.E., a track by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony featuring Mariah Carey and Bow Wow from the group's comeback album, Strength and Loyalty, due out May 8th.

Source: NextelMedia · Devin · Brian

Who is the bigger diva: Mariah or Whitney?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 30-Mar-2007, 4:15AM EDT
Far be it from me to question the musical knowledge of Clive Davis, but I'm beginning to wonder if the mogul is growing senile in his old age.

Hollywood.TV quotes the chairman and CEO of BMG North America as saying "the best singers in the world are Aretha [Franklin] and [Whitney] Houston," in a discussion comparing mega divas Whitney and Mariah Carey. "That's not to knock Carey. Carey is a friend of mine, but I think Mariah would even say those two are the best."

I don't think there's any doubt Mariah would concede to Aretha, but Whitney? Those two are the Prince and Michael Jackson of divadom. Neither one would ever admit to being any less of an entertainer than the other. The day Mariah Carey says Whitney Houston is the better singer is the day Nicole Richie sits down and enjoys a full three-course meal.

So Clive, don't go to Mariah for your diva comparisons -- come to me.

That's right, you lucked out, my friend. Right here and now, your friendly neighborhood columnist will put the two super egos to the test in a battle to determine once and for all which diva's star shines brightest.

• Better album: For Mariah, this would have to be 1990's "Mariah Carey," headlined by her best song to date, "Vision of Love." You'd have to go back to that exact same year to find Whitney's best album, "I'm Your Baby Tonight," headlined by "Miracle." It's a tough call, but I have to give the better album to Whitney.

• Hotter woman: Whatever ground Mariah may have lost in the previous comparison, she more than makes up for in this all-important category. Mimi has consistently been hotter than Whitney at every stage of their careers.

• Better husband: It's hard to do any worse than the crack-smoking, child support-dodging antics of Bobby Brown, but Mariah managed to do so with the overly possessive former head of Sony Music Entertainment, Tommy Mottola. Besides, Mottola didn't make "Don't Be Cruel."

• Better actress: Sure, "The Bodyguard" and "Waiting to Exhale" are decent enough films, but Whitney didn't bring half the hilarity Mariah did when she graced us with "Glitter." I'm laughing just thinking about it. That's the sign of a quality movie.

So you see Mr. Davis, the two seem to stand about even when you break everything down. Thanks are not necessary, I'll just assume the check's in the mail.

Who Looks Older?
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 29-Mar-2007, 6:09PM EDT
Happy Birthday to Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie (1975) and pop singer Mariah Carey (1970). March has to be the most popular month for birthdays. It seems like every day someone famous is having a birthday party. Just in the past week Rosie O'Donnell, Kevin Federline, Hugh Hefner, Star Jones and yours truly have all had birthdays.

Who looks older, Mariah or Fergie?
Post your comments here!
Source: B. Scott

Pop Making Sense
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 28-Mar-2007, 9:27PM EDT
Does anybody else recall Jermaine Dupri promising that Mariah Carey would duet with Janet Jackson on last year's 20 Y.O.? It did not happen, but both divas are looking to venture back into acting. Miss Jackson is rumored to be linked to the next Tyler Perry film and Carey will trade in her Long Island accent for a southern one in Tennessee. Yes, that Tennessee--the movie for which Jackson gained weight and learned to play the guitar, but decided not to be in. With both Carey and Bernie Mac in it, the small budget Tennessee ought to glitter as a comedy.

Note: Bernie Mac has denied his involvement in Tennessee to New York Post's Liz Smith. [Mariah Journal News 19-Feb-2007]

Duplicate Divas
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 28-Mar-2007, 9:06PM EDT
Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera's new multiple-personality clips copy a page from Madonna and Mariah's handbooks. Beyonce and J. Lo have also doubled up in videos.

What's with all the different versions of Avril Lavigne running around in her new video? Or, for that matter, the multiple Christinas, Ciaras and Beyonces in theirs?

Everywhere you look, it seems some pop diva has replicated herself so she's the star of her clip several times over. (Whatever happened to delegating? Surely their budgets can't be that tight.) This is nothing new, actually -- Mariah and Madonna are old pros at it by now -- but the idea has been spreading lately like a video virus, with Avril just the latest to be infected.

Are all these people copying themselves, or someone else?

Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker"
The funniest multiple-me moment? Back before Mariah became Mimi, there was Bianca. When poor, sweet, innocent Mariah tries to confront the evil Bianca about stealing her boyfriend (Jerry O'Connell) in her "Heartbreaker" video, the two end up in a bathroom brawl inspired by "Enter the Dragon." Silly, maybe, but it's a fan favorite, and from there, the floodgates opened.
Source: MTV

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 28-Mar-2007, 6:48PM EDT
•  The launch of Mariah's Elizabeth Arden fragrance, originally slated for Spring 2007, has reportedly been pushed back to Fall 2007. This has yet to be confirmed or announced by Mariah's management and/or Elizabeth Arden, Inc.

•  According to Creators horoscopes, "Mariah Carey's talent is limitless. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is like a perpetual child with no concept of the boundaries we learn as we grow older. Aries is also very comfortable with emotional extremes, which make for exciting performances. Her focus on quieter, more contemplative songs this year allows Carey to showcase her strength in a peaceful way."

•  On last night's American Idol, guest artist/mentor Gwen Stefani told Top 10 contestant, Haley Scarnato to stop trying to Mariah-up Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors."

•  This morning on the Ace & TJ Show at Kiss 95.1, Charlotte, NC, the DJs were talking about last night's American Idol. One of the DJs referred to contestant Chris Richardson's style as "soul yodelling." He was referring to the vocal "runs" he uses frequently when singing. Another DJ said that he thought this was annoying, "unless you are someone like Mariah Carey." He continued saying that she "can hold a long, strong note" and "make the runs work."

•  Kimberly is selling her entire Mariah collection [view pictures]. If interested, contact her via e-mail here. Also selling rare Mariah items is Yee, you can find his eBay listing here.
Source: Matthew · Joao · Heroes of Mariah · TV Fodder · Kimberly · Yee

MTV Turkey Congratulates Mariah
Posted by Adi on Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007, 9:45PM EDT
Tonight, MTV Turkey aired Top Ten At Ten: Happy Birthday, Mariah Carey, a program featuring the 10 best Mariah videos in Turkey. Here's the full list:
10. Say Somethin'
09. Loverboy (Remix)
08. Vision Of Love
07. Don't Forget About Us
06. Get Your Number
05. Dreamlover
04. We Belong Together
03. Always Be My Baby
02. All I Want For Christmas Is You
01. I Know What You Want

Send Your "Happy Anniversary" Wishes To Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007, 3:34PM EDT
Attention Honey B. Fly members!

Here is your chance to help wish Mariah a very happy Anniversary today, March 27, by sending her a message!

Share all of your wishes for Mariah with the Honey B. Fly Anniversary e-card! The Anniversary e-card will be sent to Mariah so she can read all of your messages!

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Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007, 2:02PM EDT
•  ET Online's Celeb Birthday Quiz on this day, March 27th!

QUESTION: Which celebrity had the nickname "Mirage" in high school because they never showed up for classes?
· Fergie (32)
· Mariah (37)
· Quentin Tarantino (44)

ANSWER: Mariah Carey
BIRTHDAY: March 27, 1970
HOROSCOPE: This courageous Aries with a superhuman voice has faced her share of ups and downs in her remarkable career. Mariah Carey has bounced back after disappointment and taken control of her music and her life -- and she's still growing. The woman who used to be called "Mirage" as a teen for never showing up to class is now the comeback diva with a room full of awards!

•  Mariah is mentioned in Chris Brown's "Poppin" Remix featuring Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana.

"Then when Mariah Carey hit her highest note
You get diagnosed
With a higher dose

•  In his interview with MTV News on March 26th, UK singer Mika mentioned Mariah when he talked about his song "Grace Kelly": "If I had said I try to be like Mariah Carey that wouldn't have been quite as effective, or I try to be like Craig David.. No it doesn't work." Click here to download this interview. Thanks to Alex' from #Schnookiez for the video file!

•  Mariah's "Fantasy" was covered by the orchestra at a Final Fantasy concert last week. Here's an audio.
Source: Jeane · Alex' · Julio · Jeramiah

Battle of the Divas?
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007, 6:36AM EDT
Is Clive Davis trying to stoke a diva songbird feud?

The music producer says that Whitney Houston has a better voice than Mariah Carey.

"In my opinion, the best singers in the world are Aretha [Franklin] and Houston, Davis said, reports Hollywood.TV. "That's not to knock Carey. Carey is a friend of mine, but I think Mariah would even say those two are the best."

Not only can Houston sing, Davis boasted, she's also talking clearly.

"She looks radiant and is clearly together," he said of the rehabbed songbird. "She is talking enthusiastically and is articulate."
Source: MSNBC

Los Angeles Fans Celebrate Mariah's Birthday
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007, 3:59AM EDT
It was a great turn out last Sunday, March 25th for the Mariah Anniversary Party in Los Angeles, California!

Party organizer Kelly Kines writes, "Los Angeles MC fans are the best! We are unified and we stick together and we came together for an awesome time to celebrate Miss Mariah's Anniversary in the heart of Hollywood. There was music (Thanks Arick baby), good food, great conversation, great prizes, and a great atmosphere once everything kicked off! Thanks to everyone who came out this year! Hope to see everyone very soon. There are a few more gatherings in the works so stay tuned!"

Below are pictures from the party.

Source: Kelly

Happy Birthday, Mariah!
Posted by MariahJournal on Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007, 2:01AM EDT

The Mariah Journal Team wishes Mariah a very



Source: --

Nelson's Law of Attraction
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 26-Mar-2007, 11:56PM EDT
During an interview in Austin with CMT Insider, Willie Nelson talked about the label, his sons, working with Kenny Chesney and why Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey are attracted to him.

You are about to work with Jessica Simpson again and wrote a song with Mariah Carey. How do you keep hooking up with all these beautiful women?
You set a law of attraction. It's still working. (laughs)

You don't lose it ever?
Well, they didn't lose it. (laughs)

Pinko in Istanbul
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 26-Mar-2007, 9:30PM EDT
Pinko also has a store in Istanbul, Turkey. To the right is a picture of the store window display. Thanks to Pinar for taking the picture!

The Pinko-Istanbul store is located at Hacimansur Sokak No:26 Osmanbey

Source: · Pinar

Bid On Autographed Mariah Items
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 26-Mar-2007, 9:03PM EDT
CharityBuzz is auctioning a collection of Mariah autographed items. Click here to place your bid today!

This auction is in support of "Musicians on Call," which brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities.

Chinese Fans Celebrate Mariah's Birthday
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 26-Mar-2007, 2:55PM EDT
To celebrate Mariah's anniversary, parties were held simultaneously in three major cities in China: Chengdu, Tianjin and Wuhan on Saturday, March 24th.

Chinese fans from Chengdu, led by Liu Chuan Leon celebrated Mariah's anniversary at Haoledi Karaoke at 8pm on March 24. This marks the second year that the group has held Mariah's birthday party in Chengdu. The party last year even made it to the headlines on Honey B. Fly.

The group celebrated this special day by singing Mariah's hits at the karaoke box. The anniversary cake had the number "17" written on it representing Mariah's 17 #1 singles. Each fan was given a self-made DVD as a souvenir which includes all the 6 music videos from The Emancipation of Mimi.

Tianjin and Wuhan
Parties in Tianjin and Wuhan were very successful. About 20 people coming from joined the party in TianJin. Reporters from, one of the most famous sites in China, were invited to the party and have posted the news on their site. Many songs such as "Through The Rain" and "My All" were performed that night and the most moving scene was that all members held candles, stood around the birthday cake and sang "Hero" together.

The Mariah Carey fan site, was established 8 years ago. To date, the community boasts over 9,000 members. It is the largest fan site ever for any international singer/artist in China.

Source: · Lee

Mariah To Spend Anniversary in St. Barth
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 26-Mar-2007, 2:55PM EDT
Mariah is set to leave for St. Barth tonight where she will celebrate her birthday and spend a well-deserved vacation until April 1st.

Japanese Fans Celebrate Mariah's Birthday
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 26-Mar-2007, 6:28AM EDT
A group of Japanese fans, led by Shino from Love Love Jack and Kotaro from Golden Petals celebrated Mariah's anniversary yesterday.

The fans paid tribute to Mariah's last concert tour in Japan. Shino writes, "We remembered a pleasant adventure tour and paid attention to "It's Like That." The anniversary cake is "Hello Kitty" which Mariah loves and various fun activities were enjoyed by the fans - "Mimi's Life" board game, warm water swim, karaoke singing, etc. Below are pictures from the party.

Source: Shino · Kotaro

Video Download Special: Debut Showcase 1990
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 25-Mar-2007, 6:52PM EDT
In her very first outing as a live performer, in 1990, Mariah showcased her talent in a mini concert at the Tattoo Club, singing songs from her self-titled debut album and an Aretha Franklin cover.

Download the complete debut showcase here at Mariah Journal. Many thanks to Varun for providing the videos!

"Vanishing" Live from the 1990 Debut Showcase at Tattoo Club
MPG | Size: 45.7 MB
[ Download here ]

"Love Takes Time" Live from the 1990 Debut Showcase at Tattoo Club
MPG | Size: 41.1 MB
[ Download here ]

"Vision of Love" Live from the 1990 Debut Showcase at Tattoo Club
MPG | Size: 40.2 MB
[ Download here ]

"Don't Play That Song" Live from the 1990 Debut Showcase at Tattoo Club
MPG | Size: 32.5 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Varun

Mariah Carey Had The Hots For Me?
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 24-Mar-2007, 11:05PM EDT

MTV VJ Max Loong
Actor Max Loong only found out later. Unlike his TV character, he says he's no flirt

This actor blushed during his interview. All because we grilled former MTV VJ Max Loong about his meeting with Mariah Carey.

Apparently, the pop star had the hots for Max during her MTV interview with him.

Said Max: "I was told by people that when they watched the show, a lot of them noticed that she was eyeing me and checking me out. But I didn't notice anything at all. We just had good chemistry."

Note: Max Loong interviewed Mariah during her promotion trip to Zurich, Switzerland in March 2003. At that time, he was a VJ on Swiss music TV station VIVA Switzerland. Lately, he's been best known for hosting "MusicStar", the Swiss version of "Idol".
Source: Asia One

Video Download: Mariah on MTV Europe 1998
Posted by Adi on Saturday, 24-Mar-2007, 3:48PM EDT
Download videos of Mariah's appearances on MTV Europe in September 1998. Many thanks to Elise for the video files!

MTV News Weekend Edition - September 5, 1998
MPG | Size: 5.2 MB
[ Download here ]

The Lick - September 17, 1998
MPG | Size: 4.8 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise

Miss New Mexico Doubles For Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 23-Mar-2007, 11:43PM EDT
In an interview with Miss USA 2007, contestant Casey Jean Messer, representing the state of New Mexico, says she acted as body double to Mariah Carey in the movie, Tennessee.

Are you currently employed? If so, what is your current occupation?
Yes. Stand In for Mariah Carey.

The 56th Annual Miss USA 2007 airs live from Los Angeles, California tonight at 9:00pm on NBC.
Source: Miss USA 2007

Actor Jerry Biggs: "Mariah's Sweet, Nice and Down to Earth"
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 23-Mar-2007, 2:22PM EDT

Biggs plays a mean Diner
Manager in Tennessee
Mariah fan Jonnathan had a chance to speak with actor Jerry Biggs, one of the supporting cast members for Mariah's new movie, Tennessee. Biggs is staying at the hotel he works at. Below is Jonnathan's recount of his conversation with the actor.

"The man I checked in to my hotel two days ago is Jerry Biggs and he's been acting since the late 70's, mostly supporting roles, and is most famous for his wonderful role as Roy Suggs in the acclaimed mini-series "Lonesome Dove." He was very nice and autographed a picture of him in his younger days. He lives 'out on a ranch' and is very removed from alot of the grapevine so he was very surprised when I mentioned that I knew he was working on Tennessee with Mariah. His eyes lit up and he was quick to lavish praise on Lee Daniels (he said he respects/admires him tremendously and is a genius). I asked him about working with Mariah and he said he plays her manager at a greasy spoon and the scene calls for him to be really mean to her. (The location they shot at was an actual greasy spoon and he said the 'kitchen smelled really bad' so it added to the atmosphere.) Between takes him and Mariah chatted and developed a rapport. He was very happy and surprised to see how professional and nice she was. His words were: "You know when you are working with somebody if you make a check your egos at the door and get down to business...that's how she was."

When the director said it was a wrap, Mariah went straight to him and gave him a big hug and said "I love working with you!" and gushed how much she enjoyed their scene. He was taken aback and mentioned over and over how sweet, nice and down to earth she was. I tried to explain to him how big this movie was and how much it meant to us fans and assured him that even if it was just Mariah fans, millions of people will watch it and he seemed so shocked, like, this little film? But he understands the impact of having Mariah and Lee Daniels involved.

He said, "when we had breaks and could get away from our characters, we just talked and she was so great." I asked if he saw Krystal's scene when she sings the Willie Nelson song and he was so shocked that I knew her name and so many details about the film, he kept asking "how did you know"? To his credit, he's not anti-media as he referred me to his IMDb page, but he was surprised because the film has barely finished shooting. He said that Lee Daniels' aunt (Aunt Dot) is in the scene too and she is in alot of Daniel's movies. "
Source: Jonnathan

Picture Gallery Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 22-Mar-2007, 10:13AM EDT
Below are high-quality photos that have just been added to our Picture Gallery.

January 12, 1996 - Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, New York
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, with Gladys Knight [new]

June 23, 1996 - Wembley Arena, London, England
Daydream Concert, backstage with Eric Clapton [add-ons]

July 28, 1997 - Metronome, New York City, New York
Boyz II Men's Wanya Morris' Birthday Party [add-ons]

September 30, 1997 - New York City, New York
Grand Opening of Justin's Bar and Restaurant [add-ons]

October 6, 1997 - Century City, California
"Seven Years in Tibet" Movie Premiere [add-ons]

February 5, 1998 - Sydney, Australia
Promotion Tour [new]

May 6, 1998 - Monaco, French Riviera
10th World Music Awards [add-ons]

November 9, 1998 - Cipriani's, New York City, New York
Sean "Puffy" Combs' Birthday Party [add-ons]

March 4, 1999 - Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, California
30th NAACP Image Awards - with Michael Jordan, Will Smith,
Blair Underwood and Lauryn Hill

March 5, 1999 - BBC TV, London, England
Mariah Carey on Top of the Pops [new]

April 23, 1999 - Ronald Reagan Trade Center, Washington D.C.
Mariah Carey, Tom Selleck, Colin Powell at the Congressional Awards [new]

June 1, 1999 - Modena, Italy
Pavarotti and Friends Concert [add-ons]

Source: Mariah Journal

Willie Helps Make Mariah's 'Dream' Come True
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 21-Mar-2007, 10:21AM EDT
Willie Nelson teams with Mariah Carey for "I've Got a Right to Dream," a song for the movie Tennessee

Making It Happen. Carey & Nelson
Collaborations are old hat for country legend Willie Nelson. In his 40-year career, he's teamed up with everyone from Julio Iglesias to Toby Keith to fellow living legends Ray Price and Merle Haggard (the trio's album, Last of the Breed, is out today). He's even crossed into the pop realm by joining Jessica Simpson for a remake of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin" a couple years back. But one name we never thought we'd see next to Willie's? Mariah Carey.

"She and I hung out and decided to do something together," 74-year-old Nelson told us on his tour bus, following a press conference announcing the launch of his new label, Pedernales Records, and its first signing, the promising jam-band 40 Points, which features his sons Lucas and Micah. "It's a song called 'I've Got a Right to Dream' that's for the movie [Tennessee]. It's [Carey's] complete idea and melody. I threw a few words at her, but she made everything sound great."

According to Nelson, Carey was recording in Nashville as of last week, and shooting for Tennessee is completed, though no release date has been set. But don't expect Carey to ditch her trademark stilettos for cowboy boots just yet. "It's not really [country]," says Wilson. "It's more Mariah." We wouldn't have it any other way.

Update: Mariah Anniversary Party in Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 21-Mar-2007, 4:14AM EDT
To everyone who has confirmed being in attendance, the Mariah Anniversary Party in Los Angeles has moved from Saturday, March 24th to Sunday, March 25th same time, same location.

What: Mariah Anniversary Gathering 2007
When: Sunday, March 25 at 3:30pm
Where: Hamburger Hamlet, 9201 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069

Regular attendees of Kelly's Mariah Anniversary Party pretty much know the deal. Kelly writes, "We get together, discuss Mariah's future plans, listen to music, have a few giveaways, sing Happy Birthday to Mariah and enjoy each others company and hit up Hollywood. It will be festive! So with that said, please don't be strangers and come out for the 3rd annual Anniversary celebration!"

For more information, contact Kelly at
Source: Kelly

Mariah Sighting
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 21-Mar-2007, 3:25AM EDT
Mariah Carey arrived at Stereo at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning with "The Sopranos'" Robert Iler and model Alessandra Ambrosio to visit her DJ friend Suss One. The octave-cruncher jumped behind the turntables, spinning till 5 a.m.
Source: New York Daily News · Tom

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 20-Mar-2007, 9:02PM EDT
• Mariah Working with Cool and Dre? In a recent interview with ManiaTV's Rapper's Delight, Cool from the hip-hop producing team Cool and Dre talked about their future projects and revealed that they are currently working with Mariah. You can watch the interview on YouTube here. At about 6.20 into the video, Cool says, "Mariah's on deck. We sent her the record and she's going crazy right now..."

Cool and Dre are also set to work with Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige on their upcoming albums. Earlier production works include "So Amazin'" (Christina Milian), "What's My Name" (Chris Brown), "Goodbyes" (Kelis), "No Snitchin'" (Chamillionaire).

• Mariah on New Lil' Wayne Track? Lil' Wayne recently released a song entitled "All Alone" in response to a song from his ex-girlfriend Trina's song about the last days of their relationship. It appears that the same sample of Mariah used by Buccwheat (an underground Los Angeles rapper) on last year's "I Like It" is on Lil' Wayne's track as well. You can listen to the song here. They play the loop mainly toward the end.

• Mariah's Back on Australian Charts. After several months out of ARIA's Urban Top 40, The Emancipation of Mimi is back on the chart at 29!
Source: Jeramiah · anthull22 · emceerules · mariah2g · MrAttitude

Video Download: Grammy 1991 Coverage on Dutch TV
Posted by Adi on Tuesday, 20-Mar-2007, 6:26PM EDT
In 1991, Mariah earned her first two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Performance Female ("Vision of Love") and Best New Artist. Here's a video download from Dutch television about that Grammy night. Many thanks to Elise for the video file!

Grammy Night 1991 - Dutch TV
MPG | Size: 14.9 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise

Mariah and Mom Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at O'Flaherty's
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 20-Mar-2007, 3:53AM EDT
Last Saturday night, O'Flaherty's Ale House (Irish Restaurant & Pub) in New York City was packed with a diverse St. Patrick's Day crowd, everyone sharing the same urge to drown themselves in a pool of Guinness and Jameson. A pair of massive bodyguards blocked off a corner booth up near the front window. Behind them, Mariah Carey sat, casually drinking with her mother and a small crew. Few people noticed, but then an intrepid patron realized that O'Flaherty's had recently installed one of those MP3 jukeboxes which allow a bar to offer a couple hundred thousand songs on demand.

Normally a place like O'Flaherty's would never have the likes of Mariah Carey in the jukebox. Well, score one for modern technology. Suddenly half the bar was singing, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Before the song was over someone pulled the plug on the music. A little while later--after posing for some photos--Ms. Carey slipped out the front door. Her Maybach was waiting for her, idling at the curb. Not exactly your normal night out at the Irish Pub.

Mariah Carey Party at Pinko Florence
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 19-Mar-2007, 1:44PM EDT
Below are photos from the "Mariah Carey" party held at the Pinko store in Florence, Italy on March 17, 2007. Attendees to the party received the magazine "Runway" with Mariah on the cover; and a limited edition of "The Emancipation of Mimi."

Thanks to Leandro for taking the pictures and sharing them with us!
Source: Leandro

False Report: Mariah Carey Gets Naughty In Beverly Hills
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 19-Mar-2007, 8:48AM EDT
Singer causes stir outside Mr Chow's

LOS ANGELES, CA Monday Mar.19.2007 -- Mariah Carey gave fans a bit more than they bargained for as she left Mr. Chow's restaurant in Beverly Hills.

For some reason, Mimi kept lifting up gal-pal Rena Riffel's skirt, exposing her bare crotch. The star did this a total of four times.

Before they left, Carey said, "We're so never allowed back at Mr. Chow's."

Note: Laura Katz who wrote the article above should get her news right! How irresponsible. The incident referred to did not involve Mariah Carey but Mary Carey. We all know Mariah well enough to believe this obscenity! Here's the truth from a video from [Warning: contains adult material]
Source: NMC

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 18-Mar-2007, 6:32PM EDT
• Swizz Beatz was on New York's Hot 97 on March 15th and he let out a few details on a few upcoming projects. He said he's working on new stuff with Mariah, Madonna and Eve. Swiss Beatz' production credits include Mariah's "Secret Love," Beyonce's "Ring The Alarm" and Gwen Stefani's "Now That U Got It," just to name a few.

• Click here to download the full presentation of the "Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievement" to Jermaine Dupri at last night's 21st Annual Soul Train Awards. Includes congratulatory video messages from Clive Davis, Bow Wow, Usher, Mariah, L.A. Reid; and Jermaine's acceptance speech. In his speech, Jermaine said, "Two of the most important artists I think to my career was Mariah Carey and Usher."

• Today on the Weekly Top 40, Ryan Seacrest had the following to say: "It appears that Mariah Carey has finally admitted that she is in fact in a relationship; however, she has not disclosed who the mystery person is. We don't know gender, we don't know age."

• Mariah is mentioned in the new Fabolous song entitled "First Time" featuring Rihanna from From Nothing To Something, Fabolous' 4th studio album that is to be released May 1, 2007. Below is the verse from "First Time" where Mariah is mentioned:

I could tell when you're around
By the scent of your perfume
I see why they put me on the songs together
I feel like Mariah 'We Belong Together'
It's my pleasure I treasure that I met ya
Bet ya I could get ya on the first time

Listen to a snippet here.
Source: Markus · Brian · Heroes of Mariah · Joao · Simona · Jeremy

Site Updates
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 18-Mar-2007, 5:46PM EDT
• International Correspondents. Two new correspondents from Indonesia and India have joined the Mariah Journal team! Welcome Pieter and Zakir!
Visit the Correspondents page to learn how you can become a Mariah Journal international correspondent.

• Video of the Week. Our weekly features have been updated (check them out on the right sidebar). This week we are featuring the almost legendary Howard Stern interview in 1998, as our Video of the Week.

Interview on The Howard Stern Show, 1998
Type: MPG | Size: 162.2 MB
[ Download ]

• Fandom. Thanks to Jayson and Franco for creating the lovely Mariah wallpapers and graphics below. These can also be found in our Fan Art page.

Source: Mariah Journal · Jayson · Franco

Video: Mariah Congratulates JD on Soul Train Award
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 18-Mar-2007, 8:07AM EDT
Mariah sent a specially-recorded video message congratulating Jermaine Dupri on receiving the 2007 Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievement at the 21st Soul Train Awards live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California on March 17, 2007.

WATCH a YouTube video of Mariah's message to Jermaine on right or

You can also download the full presentation of the award by clicking here. Includes video messages from Clive Davis, Bow Wow, Usher, Mariah, L.A. Reid; and Jermaine's acceptance speech.

"Hi Jermaine. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there tonight at Soul Train Awards but I heard you're getting a very special award and I just had to make sure that I was at least represented on film because, well, we've shared a lot of things together - a lot of number one records together, a lot of success, a lot of big, big albums, big things together and now we're going to share something else.

Tonight, we now share this. [laughs] We both have a lifetime achievement, actually it's called the "Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievement in the Field of Entertainment." I have it in Female, but obviously you're getting it in Male. So congratulations on this award 'cause I know that Quincy is your idol. I know that this really means a lot to you as it means the world to me. So I love you, and I appreciate you. You're the best in the world and nobody deserves this more than you."

Many thanks to Markus for making the video file exclusively for Mariah Journal!
Source: Markus · Mariah Journal

Singers Overdo The High Notes
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 18-Mar-2007, 8:05AM EDT
The oversinging trend can be traced back to the '80s, to the sunny, elastic pop of Whitney Houston, whose soaring sonic gymnastics begat the glass-shattering pipes of Mariah Carey, who begat an entire generation of would-be divas who overwork the upper reaches of their vocal ranges, scraping the sky and searing the eardrums of listeners.

While many of the divas guilty of letting it rip in the higher registers - here's lookin' at you, Celine and Mariah - have sustained long, profitable careers as purveyors of staunchly middlebrow music, there's the possibility that oversinging can do some damage, not the least of which is losing the very voice that's raking in the bucks.

Great Moments In Oversinging:
Mariah Carey, "Emotions": Carey, who can reach two octaves above the normal range of a soprano, has lately been slumming with R&B-pop ditties that don't come close to recapturing the garage door-opening infamy of "Emotions," one of her first smash hits. The glass-shattering vocal runs late in the song can still make you wince, more than a decade later.

Read full article here.

Mariah in Weeklies
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 17-Mar-2007, 5:47PM EDT
Here are scans from the March 26th issues of OK! and Us weekly magazines.

OK! Weekly, Horoscopes, page 92
What The Stars Hold For Mariah Carey
Aries. Mariah Carey is the best-selling female recording artist of all time. Despite her reputation as a high-heeled diva, under all the glamour is a warm-hearted woman. Mariah's chart spells lasting success. Aries are known for beginning brilliantly and then fizzling out. Not this Aries. At 36, she's had one divorce and no children. The stars say that will change by 2009. Mariah and many lovelorn Aries can expect to find their hero between now and then.

Us Weekly, Hot Pics!, page 40
Which Star Do You Think Is Richer?
You Said: Mariah: 57% · Jennifer: 43%

The Truth: Don't be fooled by her rocks - or music, fragrance and fashion ventures: Worth $110 million, Lopez, 37, can't outspend fellow diva Carey, 36, who is valued at $225 million.
Source: Mariah Journal

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 16-Mar-2007, 2:12PM EDT
•  Our Beating The Charts columnist, Michael has added Mariah's Norwegian and some of European singles peaks to the site. Check them out!

•  Mariah was apparently in the studio with production/writing team Stargate last week. According to the source, one of their artists at SonyBMG is due to go in with them and they had Mariah in last week and currently have Usher in there. Previously worked with Mariah on "Thank God I Found You," Stargate has a long list of successful collaborations notably with Rihanna ("Unfaithful"), Ne Yo ("So Sick"), Beyonce ("Irreplaceable") just to name a few.

•  Mariah was mentioned on last night's Ugly Betty. In one scene, Betty's sister was doing the hair of Betty's dad's crazy Immigration Lawyer who is in love with him. At first she goes, "Are you sure I'm gonna look like Beyonce?" and Hilda (Betty's sister) goes, "Oh when I'm through with you, Jay-Z is gonna be ringing your alarm!" But then, attempting to discourage the crazy Immigration lady's (Constance) obsession with Betty's dad, Hilda tells her that he is seeing another woman. And Constance goes, "Fine then, if he doesn't want me, his loss right? To hell with Beyonce, do me like Mariah!" She then proceeded to start screaming horribly trying to imitate Mariah's high note.

You can watch this episode at

•  American Idol contestant Chris Sligh says he has all of Mariah's CDs: "even Glitter, all of them except the last one." In a special report about American Idol on Fox News yesterday, the contestants were shown naming the CDs they owned.
Source: Mariah Journal · Rory · HoneyBaer · ranadamajam · Jenn

Mariah Anniversary Parties
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 16-Mar-2007, 2:09PM EDT
•  Los Angeles, California

What: Mariah Anniversary Gathering 2007
When: Saturday, March 24 at 3:30pm
Where: Hamburger Hamlet, 9201 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069

Regular attendees of Kelly's Mariah Anniversary Party pretty much know the deal. Kelly writes, "We get together, discuss Mariah's future plans, listen to music, have a few giveaways, sing Happy Birthday to Mariah and enjoy each others company and hit up Hollywood. It will be festive! So with that said, please don't be strangers and come out for the 3rd annual Anniversary celebration!"

For more information, contact Kelly at

•  Makati City, Philippines

What: KISS - Mariah Birthday Bash
When: Saturday, March 31
Where: Music Platinum, Polaris St., Makati City, Philippines

Philippine Mariah Carey Fanclub (PMCF) is at it again!

Filipino fans, get ready as PMCF celebrates Mariah's fabulous anniversary with a "KISS," the most exciting Mariah event this year!

This time, PMCF is throwing a party for a night of singing and crazy fun with other fans from all over the country! Watch out for surprise performances, games, and showdowns from fans themselves in the most Mariah-ish fashion!

The annual Mariah birthday bash is open to everybody so bring along your friends to experience that "KISS" with you!

For inquiries, contact Ken through 09278733546 or e-mail him at or For more info, please visit Mariah Carey Philippines or join the "KISS" discussion thread in the PMCF Forum by clicking here.
Source: Kelly · Mariah Carey Philippines

Mariah Carey Day on MTV Base UK
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 16-Mar-2007, 2:08PM EDT
March 27 is dedicated to one of the most successful female artists of all time.

Mariah Carey has been a phenomenon ever since launching her self-titled smash debut in 1990.

Throughout the 90s, her glossy mixture of ballads and Hip-Hop inspired pop, notched up a record 17 US number 1 singles, making her the most successful female vocalist of the decade. Plus she's gorgeous.

It would be easy to say that things had always been easy for Mimi, but a very public breakdown in 2001, followed by a poorly received film appearance and associated album, lead to her being dropped from her label.

Then, in 2005, when the 90s were becoming a retro nightmare, she returned with a bang and The Emancipation of Mimi. A Grammy followed and the album became the biggest seller of the year.

Rumours are circulating about a new studio album one the way, and while she's even getting decent reviews for her acting, we can't help but wonder whether the survivor from Long Island has a long life in her yet.

Mariah Carey Day runs on Tuesday March 27, with the following:

1pm: Top 10 Mariah Carey
2pm: Cribs: Mariah Carey
8pm: The Truth with Mariah Carey
9pm: Cribs: Mariah Carey

News From The Philippines
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 16-Mar-2007, 2:10AM EDT
This article appeared in the March 7th edition of The Manila Bulletin, the largest and most widely read newspaper in the Philippines.

Ladine Gets Mariah's Nod

The name Mariah Carey is enough to make any singer or music industry executive quake in his shows. So when Voice of Asia grand winner Ladine Roxas broached the idea of sending the Tagalog adaptation of Mariah Carey's "My All" to executives of MCA Music and SonyBMG (publishers of the song), their reaction was not encouraging. It won't be easy, they warned Ladine. No one dared do it before and Mariah is known for her exacting standards.

But that didn't faze Ladine. She decided to send an MP3 of "Lahat Para Sa Yo," her Tagalog adaptation of "My All" and attached her impressive profile and the English translation of the lyrics. After a month, the good news came. Ladine achieved the impossible.

Mariah actually approved "Lahat Para Sa Yo."

The petite singer has done the country proud again. She has passed the five-time Grammy winner's discriminating standard and Ladine is only too happy to include the song in her latest CD lite, "Here To Stay...Ladine."

Listeners are also giving the song a thumbs up, enjoying frequent airplay over 102.7 FM and 93.9 FM. "We hope the song will set a trend," says Ladine who is crossing her fingers will pave the way for more Tagalog adaptations of top English songs.

"Lahat Para Sa Yo" is one of 10 tracks (five songs, five minus ones) in "Here to Stay...Ladine" distributed by Ivory Records. Other tracks are "Naisip Mo Ba?" "I Will Be Here To Stay," "Just Can't Help Fallin," and "All of My Life." Minus ones of each of the aforesaid songs round up the album.

Source: Mariah Journal

News From Argentina
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 16-Mar-2007, 1:03AM EDT
A Mariah Fan on Big Brother Argentina
In the current season of the Argentinian television program, Gran Hermano (Big Brother), one of the leading contestants is an avid Mariah Carey fan! More famous than ever after publicly admitting his homosexuality, Sebastian always dons a screened t-shirt with Mariah's picture on it. In this episode of Gran Hermano [watch YouTube video on right], a picture of Mariah from her Allure Magazine cover appears on his shirt. Sebastian hopes to one day meet his idol Mariah Carey in person.

Meanwhile, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mariah Buenos Aires MSN Group on their 2nd year anniversary online! Congratulations guys!

Source: Mariah Journal · Latin Team MCarey

Media & Picture Gallery Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 15-Mar-2007, 8:35PM EDT
•  Media
Download a video file of Mariah talking about her music video, "We Belong Together" with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush on April 11, 2005. Thanks to Kevin and Alex' from #Schnookiez for sharing the video file with us!

"We Belong Together" Music Video
Access Hollywood Interview, April 11, 2005
MPG (VCD) | Size: 18.6 MB
[ Download here ]

•  Picture Gallery
Our newly-redesigned Picture Gallery has just been updated to include new high-quality photos of Mariah from various events. The images below are just a preview.

1993 Roger Turesson Photoshoot

1997 Justin's Bar and Restaurant, NY

1997 "Butterfly" CD Release, Tower Records, NY

1998 Red Carpet - World Music Awards, Monaco

1999 "Rainbow" Promotional Tour, London, UK

1999 Dave Hogan Promo Photoshoot, London

2000 Mariah and Luis in Barbados

2001 Leaving Lowry Hotel, London

2001 Leaving Dorchester Hotel, London

2001 Fresh Air Fund Auction, Las Vegas

2003 Vibe Magazine Photos

2003 Halloween Party, Collection, UK

Source: Mariah Journal · Kevin · Alex'

Cash's Guitar Makes a Cameo in Tennessee
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 14-Mar-2007, 8:44PM EDT
A guitar autographed by Johnny Cash and the Carter Family holds a place of honor on the wall of The Second Fiddle, a Nashville honky tonk that served as a backdrop for McBride and The Ride's music video "Squeeze Box" and will share the spotlight with songbird Mariah Carey when her upcoming movie "Tennessee" hits theaters. The Grammy Award winner has been filming the in various sites across the state, including Cumberland Caverns, the largest cave in the state. This national landmark is a 32-milelong underground wonderland filled with waterfalls and stalagmites.
Source: Love Tripper · The Second Fiddle

Rare & Exclusive Video: Mariah in Italy 2000
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 14-Mar-2007, 5:11PM EDT
Vale from our affiliate site, Mariah Carey Sunlight, has updated her Mariah in Italia section to now include an exclusive video from Mariah's visit to Italy in 2000!

The complete Mariah at Quelli Che Il Calcio 2000 [interview, performance, Mariah in the bus around Milano and her performance in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in the center of Milano], is available for download in high-quality SVCD, Divx and Vob formats.

Be sure to check it out!

Video Download: BET Blueprint: Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 14-Mar-2007, 10:39AM EDT
During her promotional blitz in April of 2005, in conjunction with the release of her new album, The Emancipation of Mimi, Mariah made an appearance on BET Blueprint where she performed tracks from her new album and sat down for an interview with 106 & Park host, AJ Calloway. This special originally aired April 13, 2005 on BET.

Click on the links below to download high-quality video files from the show. Thanks to Daniel for uploading and sharing them with us!

"Shake It Off" - BET Blueprint: Mariah Carey [Credit: Devin-SuperHQ]
Type: MPG | Size: 32.9 MB
[ Download here ]

"We Belong Together" - BET Blueprint: Mariah Carey [Credit: Devin-SuperHQ]
Type: MPG | Size: 193.0 MB
[ Download here ]

"It's Like That" - BET Blueprint: Mariah Carey [Credit: Devin-SuperHQ]
Type: MPG | Size: 234.4 MB
[ Download here ]

"Vision of Love" - BET Blueprint: Mariah Carey [Credit: Devin-SuperHQ]
Type: MPG | Size: 266.8 MB
[ Download here ]

Interview - BET Blueprint: Mariah Carey [Credit: Kevin-#Schnookiez]
Type: MPG | Size: 266.8 MB
[ Download here ]

Bonus Video
From the 1994 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) held in Berlin, Germany. The nominees were featured, the segment on Mariah included a short interview with clips from "Without You" and "Anytime You Need A Friend" music videos. Mariah won an EMA for Favorite Female Artist that year. Many thanks to Elise for the video file!

MTV Europe Music Awards Nominees - 1994
MPG | Size: 42.3 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Devin · Kevin · Daniel · Elise

Mariah To Attend Boyz II Men Tribute?
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 13-Mar-2007, 6:39PM EDT
The Bellevue Strafford Hotel and ballroom in downtown Philadelphia will play host to the 15-Year Anniversary Tribute To Boyz II Men on Thursday, June 28, 2007. This event will be televised nationally, in addition to receiving worldwide media recognition. The tribute will feature an open bar, dinner, performances by Boyz II Men as well as groups that have inspired them and groups they have inspired throughout the years.

There will be lots of celebrity guest appearances and performances as well as a few surprises. Specially invited guests include Omarion, N'SYNC, Az Yet, New Edition, Kenny Gamble, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Patti LaBelle, Brian McKnight Will Smith, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Rock, Cedric the Entertainer, Jermaine Dupri and Rasheed Wallace just to name a few.
Source: Jazz Press

More HQ Mariah Pinko Photos
Posted by Adi on Tuesday, 13-Mar-2007, 3:30AM EDT
4 new Pinko pictures have been added to the new Mariah Journal Picture Gallery. Thanks to Bernard for providing the HQ Vogue scans!

Source: Mariah Journal · Bernard

Willie Nelson: "Mariah's a sweetheart"
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 12-Mar-2007, 8:37PM EDT
Country singer/songwriter Willie Nelson recently co-wrote "Right to Dream" for the film "Tennessee" with Mariah Carey. "She's a sweetheart," Nelson says, "and she can really, really sing. It was no more left field than working with Julio Iglesias."
Source: Billboard

Close Shave
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 12-Mar-2007, 6:13PM EDT
Mariah Carey partnering with Gillette's female shaving brand, Venus, in auctioning off a signed 16-foot replica of her legs on eBay to benefit the Fresh Air Fund. The gams sold for $585 this weekend to, um, someone interested in possessing a 16-foot-high pair of legs signed by Mariah Carey.
Source: E! Online · D.W.

Mariah in Hong Kong's Ming Pao Weekly
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 12-Mar-2007, 11:56AM EDT
The article below appeared in the March 10, 2007 issue of Hong Kong magazine Ming Pao Weekly.

Pinko - Italian Fashion
Fashion reflects lifestyle: Japanese brands Frapbois, Mercibeaucoup and Ne-net always have cuteness in their designs. On the other hand, French brands such as A.P.C. and Lacoste have some kind of laziness and romantic touch. Italian brands are passionate and Diesel is a good example. Another example would be Pinko. Its latest image girl is singer Mariah Carey. Photographer Michel Angelo Di Battista turned Mariah into a sex kitten. Pinko's latest designs are sexy and energetic, just like flash-dance style in the 80's, or grunge mix in the 90's. In the promo pictures, the silver vest and miniskirt Mariah wore show the energetic side of women. The grey one-piece miniskirt on the other hand turns Mariah into the most flirtatious glamour queen. As Pinko's founder Pietro Negra said, "Pinko is to design clothes for women of all ages."

Captions under each picture (L-R):
•  Makeup artist Laura Mercier doing touch up for Mariah Carey.
•  Mariah Carey has turned into a sex goddess with the help of renowned image maker Serge Normant. The photoshoot took place in New York.
•  Naomi Campbell and Mariah Carey at the Pinko launch party.
•  Mariah Carey and Pinko founder Pietro Negra.
•  Pinko bag is Pinko's signature item.

Source: Mariah Journal

A New Experience... A New Generation
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 11-Mar-2007, 10:46PM EDT
We've changed our layout!
Thanks to all of you for making Mariah Journal one of the top destination sites for Mariah news. Due to numerous emails, we've decided to change our layout to make the site more user-friendly.

In conjunction with the launch of our new layout, we are happy to announce that Meski, formerly with The Mariah Network, has joined the Mariah Journal team!

Meski will be in-charge of Mariah Journal's Picture Gallery. Rare and exclusive high-quality photos from the old The Mariah Network, and new ones will be added to our current collection.

Welcome Meski!

The new Mariah Journal brings many new interactive features to keep you even more up to-date about all things Mariah Carey:

Message Board: Want to discuss the latest Mariah news? Or just about anything? Do it all here.
RSS Feeds: Get up-to-the-minute access to our news updates. Subscribe and receive live feed directly to your computer!
Mailing List: Keep abreast with the latest news on Mariah, delivered to your inbox daily!
MySpace: Keep in touch. Be a Mariah Journal friend, meet other fans and stay connected.
Source: Mariah Journal

Mariah on Display at Pinko Paris
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 10-Mar-2007, 7:36PM EST
Below are pictures of the Pinko store window display in Paris, France. Thanks to Garfield for taking the photos and sharing them with us!

Source: Garfield

Mariah Journal Exclusive Photos: Mariah on Tennessee Set
Posted by Adi on Saturday, 10-Mar-2007, 3:23PM EST
Here are high-quality photos of Mariah during a break on the set of Tennessee in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, March 2, 2007. Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images of these Mariah Journal-exclusive pictures!

Source: Mariah Journal

Site Updates
Posted by Adi on Saturday, 10-Mar-2007, 3:20PM EST
This week, you can check out the MariahJournal site updates one day earlier because a bigger update is planned for tomorrow. So stay tuned!

• Video of the Week. Our weekly features have been updated (check them out on the right sidebar). This week we are featuring the Australian TV special "Mariah, All I Want For Christmas Is You", originally aired in 1994, as our Video of the Week. Thanks to Elise for taking the time to upload this huge file!

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" - Nine Network Australia, Dec. 1994
MPG | Size: 443.0 MB
[ Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Part 4 · Part 5 · Part 6 · Part 7 ]

• Fandom. Thanks to Jeramiah, Fawaz and Marek for creating the lovely wallpapers below. These can also be found in our Fan Art page.

Source: Mariah Journal · Elise · Jeramiah · Fawaz · Marek

Mariah To Work With Producer Scott Storch on New Album
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 09-Mar-2007, 1:48PM EST
In his most recent interview with MTV, multiplatinum producer Scott Storch revealed that he is "set to work soon with Mariah Carey, T.I., Yung Joc, Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland."
Source: MTV

Vote For Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 09-Mar-2007, 6:36AM EST
FHM Germany is looking for the Sexiest Women In The World 2007. Last year, Mariah placed at #50 on the list. Let's vote again this year and try to put her higher up the list!

Click here to vote now!

Source: Mariah Journal ·

"Butterfly" One of Maxim's Sexiest Album Covers
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 09-Mar-2007, 4:17AM EST
Maxim names Mariah Carey's Butterfly as one of the Sexiest Album Covers.

Mariah Carey, Butterfly
Long before Jenny Craig began leaving voice mail offers and the loony bin kept a suite tidy just for her, Mariah was -- to quote Ol' Dirty Bastard -- "on fi-ah."

Thanks, but no thanks to Maxim's inappropriate blurb.
Source: Maxim · mariah2g

"Can't Let Go"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 08-Mar-2007, 6:49PM EST
Transcribed from The Billboard Book of Number Two Singles, 2000 Edition, by Christopher Feldman, here are the facts about Mariah's number two hit song, Can't Let Go.

Mariah Carey had surpassed a record held by The Jackson 5 by having her first five singles all reach #1, and she hoped to extend that streak to six with the second release from her album, Emotions. But she soon discovered that all good things had to come to an end.

As on Carey's previous hits, she chose to share songwriting duties with another writer, Walter Afanasieff, on "Can't Let Go." In the book Mariah Carey: The Unauthorized Biography, she explained why she preferred to share the writing process: "I always do the melody first. Sometimes I'll have an idea for a lyric. If I'm collaborating with someone, I'll direct them in the direction I'm going chordwise, because I get all these melody ideas and then I lose them if I don't have someone really good on keyboards right there with me. That's why I tend to collaborate because I lose the ideas by the time I figure out the chords."

Afanasieff had previously produced Mariah's hit "Love Takes Time" and was a natural choice to assist her with the new ballad. She told Billboard magazine, "One of the best things about writing with Walter is that he is such a knowledgeable musician. When I frantically hum out chords to him, he knows how to translate what I am hearing in my mind so accurately. With a lot of other people, it is not quite as easy. Our differences really compliment each other."

Following the chart-topping success of "Vision Of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday," "I Don't Wanna Cry," and "Emotions," "Can't Let Go" seemed to have a good chance of extending Mariah's streak of #1 hits to six. The song entered the charts at #42 and three weeks later reached the top 10. Unfortunately she couldn't get Color Me Badd to let go of the #1 spot and ended up with the first non-chart-topper of her career. The song also hit the runner-up spot on the R&B charts, but it did much better on the Adult Contemporary charts, where it became her fourth #1 hit.

Mariah's next release, "Make It Happen," fared even worse, reaching only #5. Even though those hits failed to reach the top of the charts, Carey reserved a special place for them. As she revealed in the liner notes of her #1 hits album, "One day, I will put out a greatest hits with songs...that came out that didn't go to #1 that are, in my opinion, better than some that did (i.e. 'Make It Happen,' 'Anytime You Need A Friend,' 'Endless Love' with Luther, or 'Can't Let Go'). Still, "Can't Let Go" kept Mariah Carey's streak of top 10 hits alive at six. Her streak extended to 11 before finally being broken by the #12 single "Anytime You Need A Friend." It took another #2 single to start the streak anew.

"Endless Love" will be posted soon. If you haven't had the chance to check out the inside stories Behind Mariah's Number One Singles, click on the link to start reading now!
Source: Mariah Journal · Jason

Mariah News From China
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 08-Mar-2007, 10:52AM EST
An "Entertainment News Express" segment featured some footage from Mariah's Pinko stint in London and an interview clip that aired March 7, 2007 on CCTV (China Central Television).

WATCH a YouTube video on right or DOWNLOAD HERE

"I haven't been to China enough times as I want to be. I'd like to come more and see my fans more and I just really enjoyed the main thing with it: meeting the people and the fans and I'm looking forward to coming back again to sing and perform for my Chinese fans.

Yes, definitely I want to come to China. You know, I don't really make my schedules. I just go and do the rehearsing and perform so I have to wait to see what the agents put together because they do all that stuff but for me I want to come to China as soon as possible. "

CCTV, Zong Yi Kuai Bao ("Entertainment News Express"), Xin Nian Kuai Le ("Happy New Year")."

Source: Mariah Journal · MariahCN

Mariah News From Turkey
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 07-Mar-2007, 4:17PM EST
Mariah was featured in the March 6th edition of the Turkish newspaper, Vatan.

She Has Over 1000 Pairs of Shoes
Mariah Carey used to wear the same pair of shoes for the whole year when she was a waitress, but now she is having trouble choosing one. Being considered as world's one of most beautiful women, American singer Mariah Carey opened the doors of her New York apartment with 8 rooms, to Hello magazine. In the 15 million dollar house of the 36 year-old singer, the first thing that one notices is the room that is dedicated to her shoes. The room consists of over 1000 shoes that are arranged by their colours and are climate-controlled like the closets. Mariah chooses what shoes to wear by the help of fashion designers. She says; "I used to be a waitress before I was famous. There was a time when I only had one pair of shoes. Shoes have become a passion of mine."

All shoes in Mariah's closet are from famous designers like Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Dolce&Gabanna and Versace and are worth at least $1000."

Source: Mariah Journal ·

Mariah Scans from Italy
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 07-Mar-2007, 5:16AM EST
Here are scans from Vanity Fair Italy, March 2007 issue #9. Mariah Carey is featured in the article entitled, "Sex and the Music" on pages 111-113. Click on each of the thumbnails below for an enlarged view.

Mariah Carey: Sex and the Music

Playboy has chosen her for the cover of a special issue dedicated to music. Crowning her as queen of pop eroticism. But don't speak to her about men. After a marriage and a great love, today she says: "I am in love only with myself." Try not to ask about Eminem!

Her photos on the late Playboy issue are so sexy. "Did you see them yet? I searched the magazine in a store at the airport but in front of the magazines stand for men, I ran away. I was afraid they'd recognize me!"

Mariah Carey, 37 years old, is on the cover of Playboy March issue. But she is not naked. She wears a low-necked swimsuit, showing a surprising body for a woman which 5 years ago touched bottom physically and mentally.

After being one of the most loved singers of the 90's, in 2001 she had a breakdown that sent her to the hospital. Her rebirth happened two years ago, thanks to the success of The Emancipation of Mimi, the R&B album with autobiographical lyrics that contains the most listened to "We Belong Together" and that counted 6 platinum records and 3 Grammies. We meet her in London at the special party organized for her by Pinko, the Italian brand that has chosen her as a spokes model. The fact that she is a diva, it's obvious from the first second of our meeting. In the suite where she's waiting for me, she is lying on a sofa and I have to dribble among pack of flowers and scented candles.

Why did you pose for Playboy?
They told me that it was a special issue dedicated to music, so I thought it would be fine. But then I had to call the minister of our church to inform him and explain to him also that, inside the magazine, there will not be pictures of me naked. My fans would never forgive me for that!
I never thought that you are so bashful. And I didn't know that you are religious and practicing.
I must give everything to God, the gift of voice, my career. I am a very spiritual woman even if I had no religious education. And if you think that my grandmother had a big responsibility at a Pentecostal church while her husband was Catholic, so did my father, when he was a child, he went to two different churches everyday. Moreover, my mother is Irish and she was educated by Catholic sisters. But when I was born times changed. And then my parents divorced when I was little.

Did your mother urge you to do music?
Yes, she also was an artist. The first song I sang was an Italian theme that my mother repeated continuously. I copied her but obviously I was wrong about the pronunciation of words. Anyway from then she noticed my voice and began to take me with her on the stage.
Your success is due more to your talent or your determination?
The talent is necessary, but it is also fundamental belief in oneself. When I was 17, even if I came from a poor family, I was the most ambitious girl in the world. But everybody joked about me, they told me that I was one in a million and I would never have success. My mother was the only one who trusted in me. She always said "Don't ever say "if" but "when."

The most beautiful moment in your life?
This is a good moment, but maybe the best was when I divorced from my husband and I recovered my freedom.
And the worst one?
The beginning was very difficult, because we had nothing and I couldn't bear the idea of remaining poor for the rest of my life.
I thought you would have said 6 years ago, when you had a breakdown. What happened?
I worked too much and people around me forgot that I am human. I had become a robot. I came out thanks to the trust I have always had in myself. In everybody's life there are up and down moments.

Don't you think you have sacrificed your private life for the professional one?
Surely it happened but you can't have everything.
Don't you want a baby?
I don't know if I could condemn somebody to live this kind of life. Being a child of a star can be very difficult.
What do you mean?
Look at me. I'm here, lying on this sofa wearing my Gucci's poncho and two big diamond rings on my fingers, speaking with you in a hotel suite full of red roses. My son could think that this is the real life. But I know that it isn't. I always remember every second of my previous life, when I had nothing. This fact gave me a big ambition.

After the stormy end of your first marriage and of the long relationship with Luis Miguel, do you still believe in love?
I can say that I am more conscious of love risks and I am more protective about myself. It's hard for me to trust in people. When you are rich and famous you never know why men are with you.
Are you in love now?
I love myself, in the right way. In every relationship it is an important start from this presupposition. And then I have to find the man who falls in love with Mariah, not with Diva.
Is it better to stay with a famous man or not?
Once I thought that a famous man could better understand me and so I was oriented in that way but then I discovered that jealousy made bad jokes. It happened that I was with a man that suffered if someone offered a job to me and not to him. But I am not telling the name of this man!

You love yourself and this fact made you flourish again. How is the relationship with your body?
I know that I must make some sacrifices to be in good form. Unfortunately, I am one of those women who, if I take 3 kilos, it seems like I take 10. My face soon becomes plump as a ball.
But do you like yourself?
It depends. Sometimes, the fact that I know that I can't eat everything I want to, gets me nervous. I am on a diet since I was 15.
Are you afraid to get older?
No. If you note, people who are afraid of it get older faster.

Would you ever resort to cosmetic surgery?
I give many attention to my skin, I never get tanned and I always use a very high cream protection. But there are other parts of body, like hands, which reveal the real age. From this point of view, to be a mixed helps me.
Is it true that you are in a new movie?
Yes, Tennessee by Aaron Woodley, it also stars Ethan Peck, Gregory's nephew. I play the role of a woman who is in a relationship with a violent man and she does not have the courage to leave him. I love this project, I'm studying this role for months.
But Glitter was a flop in 2001. Why did you decide to try again?
That certainly could not be worse than that!

Your latest album, on the contrary, has been a big success. Is it true that you write your songs?
Yes, even if there are some people who criticize me for that. They tell me that a real diva had only to sing. But if I had not sat at the piano by my own, songs like "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and "We Belong Together" would have never been born.
But, please, will you satisfy my curiosity? What happened with Eminem? Reading the magazines, it seems that you had a hard relationship.
I thought he was a friend of mine but he spreads strange things about me and during his concerts, let people listened to my messages I left on his answering service. I really don't understand this behaviour, but if it makes him happy.
It seems like a jilted lover behaviour.
I never had sex with him. And with this, I hope to close this conversation.

Source: Mariah Journal · Mariah Carey Sunlight

Mariah News From Argentina
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 07-Mar-2007, 3:55AM EST
Q Magazine: "Mariah is loud."
The Argentinian Telenueve (Channel 9) News reported on the British Q Magazine's Best and Worst Singers Of All Time List last night.

"When one comes to think about the worst singer ever, one tends to think of a family member. It's not like that in this case, this has nothing to do with our private lives but with the worst singers in history. Can you think of any at home? I'm thinking of one, but I'm not gonna say who, it's not related to this anyway.

Let's see, Q, the prestigious British magazine took a poll on their readers to see who they thought were the worst performers ever. Who are they? Here they are... and there are reasons why. Yes, believe it or not, Celine Dion. Do you remember the Titanic girl? She is said to sing as if she was beating up her own grandma. Now there's Ozzy's daughter, but it's actually Ozzy himself who sucks. Ozzy sings as if he were speaking. And there's Mariah Carey, who is dreadful according to Q magazine. Why is this? Because she is so loud that birds' nests fall from trees. But then there's Elvis Presley, the best of them all, according to Q."

Source: Mariah Journal · Latin Team MCarey

No Counting Out Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 07-Mar-2007, 1:19AM EST
Mariah Carey has been seen around middle-Tennessee where she's shooting scenes for a new movie called "Tennesse." She plays and sings the role of a country singer wannabe. A lot of people in Hollywood thought Mariah would never go near another movie set after the disastrous 'Glitter,' but a lot of people in music had written her off too, until she proved them wrong.

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 06-Mar-2007, 2:40PM EST
• Photos from the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation Gala honoring the 1996 World Champion New York Yankees held on November 10, 2006 have been added to the foundation's official site. As we all know, Mariah was the musical guest at the event. To the right is a photo from its gallery showing Mariah with founder and chairman Joe Torre and his wife, Ali. [Sorry folks, no picture of Mariah & Derek.]

• According to Billboard, Veteran urban outfit Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has linked with Interscope for the April 17 release of a new album, "Strength & Loyalty." First single "I Tried" features chart mainstay Akon, while Mariah Carey and Bow Wow are featured on the Jermaine Dupri-produced intended second single, "Lil L.O.V.E."

• Another movie for Mariah? From 3am Mirror UK: "Our pal Rupert Everett found life was a drag at the Sydney Lesbian And Gay Mardi Gras on Saturday. The actor, 47, is getting ready for a new St. Trinian's movie, in which Mariah Carey is tipped to star."

• This March, the National Association of Recording Merchandisers and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, working together, will launch the Definitive 200 campaign aimed at promoting the most commercial or critically successful albums in history. Beginning March 6, the albums on the list will be highlighted at retail stores nationwide. Mariah Carey's Daydream is ranked at #116 on the Definitive 200 list.

Mariah Carey - Daydream
Original Release Year: 1995

Fantasy provides the only real transcendent chapter on this album. Reinterpreting Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love" with a percolating dance beat, the single emphasizes everything that makes Mariah Carey great. Her voice swoops, squeals, and careens over the seductive rhythm, while the words capture just the right amount of vulnerability and determination. Unfortunately, the thrill is short-lived, as the multiplatinum singer soon falls back into typical adult-contemporary schlock and pointless vocal gymnastics, particularly on "Melt Away" and the bombastic cover of Journey's "Open Arms."
--Aidin Vaziri

• From Billboard's Chart Beat Chat:
Q: "You mentioned that Ludacris had scored his second No. 2 hit with "Runaway Love," citing his previous hit "Oh" with Ciara as his first. Would Ludacris not be credited with another No. 2 hit with Mariah Carey's "Loverboy" from 2001? He made a guest appearance on the track."
A: "There were two different mixes of Mariah Carey's "Loverboy" that received radio airplay. Top 40 stations favored the version credited to Mariah Carey featuring Cameo, and that's the way the song was credited on the Hot 100, where it peaked at No. 2. R&B radio went with the mix credited to Mariah Carey featuring Da Brat & Ludacris, and that's how the song was credited on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, where it went to No. 1. So your memory that Ludacris was a guest on a version of the song is correct, but as he wasn't listed on the Hot 100, he wouldn't receive any credit for "Loverboy" when we're referring to that chart."

• Attention Turkish fans: scans from FHM Turkey 2005, Blue Jean 1999 & 2001, and Cosmopolitan Turkey 1998 have just been added to Mariah Turkiye's Magazines section. Check them out!
Source: Mariah Journal · Chris · Billboard · Can · EdWood

Mariah To Work With HipHop Producer DJ Toomp on New Album
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 05-Mar-2007, 7:33PM EST
With his production skills having helped score Grammy Awards for T.I. (best rap solo performance for "What You Know") and Ludacris (best rap album for 'Release Therapy'), DJ Toomp is busy on other hip-hop fronts.

After producing Young Jeezy's latest hit, "I Luv It," he has lined up a slew of additional collaborations on upcoming projects by Young Buck, Busta Rhymes, 8Ball & MJG, Mariah Carey and Slim Thug. Slated to be Ludacris' next single is another DJ Toomp production, "Mouths to Feed." Then there's the hookup he made with Kanye West when the latter did a cameo on an early version of Young Jeezy's "I Got Money," another Toomp contribution to the young rapper's second album, 'The Inspiration.'

In the meantime, thanks to the heightened exposure that can come with such collaborations, DJ Toomp and his NZone Entertainment label partner Bernard Parks Jr. recently signed a new song deal with Island Def Jam chairman Antonio 'L.A.' Reid. And they are planning to build a studio in their home base of Atlanta. By the middle of this year, DJ Toomp and Parks also want to establish a Los Angeles base of operations.

News From South Africa
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 05-Mar-2007, 3:46PM EST
The Irish boyband Westlife are currently in South Africa on a promotional tour for their new album, Face to Face. An hour ago, I phoned in to talkshow "3 Talk" on SABC 3 and got the honor of talking to Westlife. I tried really hard to squeeze Mariah into the question (even though the telephone staff hinted to me not to focus the question only on Mariah but I did it anyway).

Me: "I just want to let them [WestLife] know that they have amazing voices. I've been a really big fan from 2000, especially the "My Love" song. My question is with the song that they've sung with Mariah Carey, "Against All Odds," what have they picked up and learned from her? I know she's a huge mega star and they did say she's basically the biggest star they collaborated with. And what other advice do they have for upcoming singers?"

Noleen, host: "Alright Evasen, thank you very much. What have you learned from Mariah Carey?"

Shane: "How professional she is."

Mark: "Yeah, she's very professional, I think you know she's kind of blasted with so many rumors of her being quite stroppy and bitchy or whatever, you know all we can speak of is our personal experience with her that she was very nice, very professional, very hard-working. She worked till 6 o' clock in the morning with us in the studio, you know, she sat there with us and made up harmony, she's a real artist if you know what I mean, she's not just somebody that people make her voice sound amazing by computer and stuff. She's really involved."

Noleen: "Yes she is, I mean her voice is incredible."

Shane: "Incredible, yeah incredible."

Mark: "And we learned that no matter how big you get, it's an important quality to remain friendly and down to earth in your nature 'cause she is."

Kian and Nicky basically agreed.

[ Listen to an audio here ]

Source: Mariah Journal

Mariah Carey Plays Second Fiddle For Movie Shot In Town
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 05-Mar-2007, 1:52PM EST
Mariah Carey sang country music in Nashville last week. Don't get excited - it was just for a movie.

She was filming the independent film Tennessee with Lance Reddick, Ethan Peck and Adam Rothenberg. She plays a waitress and aspiring country singer who flees her controlling husband to join two brothers on their journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to find their estranged father.

On Thursday, director Aaron Woodley and crew were at Second Fiddle at 420 Broadway, where Mariah performed "Right to Dream," a song for the movie she co-wrote with Willie Nelson. She was joined by dreamy Mickey Raphael, who plays harmonica for Willie. "People were weeping on the crew when she sang it," Aaron says. "It's very moving, especially in the context of the film and her character."

On Monday, they shot in Dunlap, Tenn., and on Tuesday filmed at Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville. "I always knew Tennessee was lush and picturesque and incredibly cinematic, but on film it is even more than I expected," Aaron says. "The film is called Tennessee, and I hoped that I captured it in all its glory. I hope I did the people of Tennessee proud because I love this state, and I love Nashville."

Midweek, they filmed a railroad scene in downtown Nashville, and even rode boxcars from Nashville to Lebanon a couple of times. "There I am, sitting on the edge of a boxcar with Mariah Carey, breezing through town. We slowed down to go over a bridge, and there were people sitting in cars. I think they did a double-take: 'I swear I just saw Mariah Carey on a boxcar.'"

They had planned to shoot on Lower Broadway Thursday, but swapped with the Second Fiddle because of the rain. So they wrapped the week Friday night on Lower Broad.

"As we've been shooting downtown, I've been constantly wishing I wasn't working because everybody is having a great time," Aaron says. "I love country music and wanted to walk away and listen to some bands and drink some beer."

He got his wish after Friday's shoot wrapped.
Source: Tennessean · Jeane

Site Updates
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 04-Mar-2007, 4:43PM EST
• Video of the Week. Like every Sunday, our weekly features have been updated (check them out on the right sidebar). This week we are featuring "What It's Like - Mariah Carey Around The World," originally aired Dec. 30, 2002 on VH1, as our Video of the Week. Thanks to Alex' from #Schnookiez for taking the time to upload this huge file!

What It's Like: Mariah Carey Around The World - VH1, Dec. 30, 2002
MPG | Size: 441.6 MB
Download: [ Part One · Part Two · Part Three · Part Four · Part Five ]

• Fandom. Thanks to Florina and Fawaz for creating the lovely wallpapers below. These can also be found in our Fan Art page.

Source: Alex' · #Schnookiez · Flori · Fawaz

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 04-Mar-2007, 2:10PM EST
• Mariah and Her Heels. On an Oprah After The Show, Oprah and Dr. Robin were talking about the New Year's Eve party in South Africa. Oprah said the hotel had 102 steps people had to walk down to get from the start of the party to the end. She said they had velvet bags made for each woman so she could wear flats to walk down the steps and then change into heels. Oprah said there was one female who didn't obey the rule... Mariah. She said Mariah walked down the stairs in her heels, and Oprah and Dr. Robin didn't know how she did it!

• "Without You" Is VH1e's 4th Tearjerker Song. Mariah's "Without You" was #4 on today's VH1 Europe Top 10 Tearjerkers countdown. "Tears In Heaven" (Eric Clapton), "Nothing Compares 2 U" (Sinead O'Connor), "Everybody Hurts" (REM) were Top 3, respectively.

• What? Mariah, Worst Singer? The so-called music experts and writers from Q magazine have come up with their best and worst singers of all time. Elvis Presley is crowned the greatest voice while the hall of shame includes singers such as Ozzy Osbourne, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Yoko Ono. Mariah Carey is castigated for "squawking": "She may have a 100-octave range and the ability to sing so loudly that birds' nests fall from trees, but that doesn't make it right." Celine Dion is included for "grinding out every note as if bearing some kind of grudge against the very notion of economy."

• Britney Can't Sing Like Mariah. On whether Britney Spears can stage a comeback or not, Sun-Sentinel writes, "The weight of Spears' fame turns out to be crushing, and the meaning of her life is close to being permanently cautionary. "Close," because Mariah Carey rebounded from an astonishingly public meltdown. There's a telling difference, however: Mariah can actually sing. Carey had some innate raw talent as a vocalist and musician to limit how far she might fall and to stand her up again. Talent enabled her to climb back from bad career choices and public embarrassment. Spears has no such gift."

• MC Media World Marks First Year Online. Our affiliate site, MC Media World is celebrating its first year anniversary online! Congratulations to Curtis and his team!
Source: Mariah Journal · Jason · Luis · Independent UK · Curtis

Video Download Special: Mariah on Saturday Night Live
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 04-Mar-2007, 9:45AM EST
Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been the most popular weekly late night comedy show on US television since 1975. Every week it features performances by musical acts. Mariah has made three guest appearances since 1990.

Here at Mariah Journal, you can download all of Mariah's live performances on the show! Many thanks to Joao for uploading the files for us!

"Vision of Love" Live at Saturday Night Live, 1990
Type: MPG | Size: 39.5MB
[ Download here ]

"Vanishing" Live at Saturday Night Live, 1990
Type: MPG | Size: 40.5MB
[ Download here ]

"All In Your Mind" Rehearsal - Saturday Night Live 1990
(Credit: Bruno Pillah)
Type: MPG | Size: 14.3MB
[ Download here ]

"Can't Let Go" Live at Saturday Night Live, 1991
Type: MPG | Size: 38.8MB
[ Download here ]

"If It's Over" Live at Saturday Night Live 1991
Type: MPG | Size: 48.9MB
[ Download here ]

"My All" Live at Saturday Night Live 1997
Type: MPG | Size: 39.2MB
[ Download here ]

"Butterfly" Live at Saturday Night Live 1997
Type: MPG | Size: 47.9MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Joao | Mariah Journal

Video Downloads
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 03-Mar-2007, 9:39PM EST
Below are some of Mariah's old TV appearances as captured and uploaded by Elise. Thanks Elise for sharing your files with us!

"Always Be My Baby Interview" on Molly's Melodrama - March 1996
Type: MPG | Size: 19.5 MB
[ Download here ]

Entertainment Tonight at 1996 Billboard Awards
Type: MPG | Size: 1.9 MB
[ Download here ]

TMF Extra - April 1, 1998
Type: MPG | Size: 200.4 MB
Download: [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 ]

MTV News Weekend Edition - 16 May 1998
Type: MPG | Size: 22.1 MB
[ Download here ]

MTV The Lick Interview - May 1998
Type: MPG | Size: 53.6 MB
Download: [ Part 1 | Part 2]

Bonus Video: Here's a DVD-quality video of Mariah's appearance on the ABC Special "Building A Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy." Thanks to Grasshopper from #Schnookiez for the file!

Mariah on Oprah's "Building A Dream" - ABC Special, Feb. 26, 2007
VOB | Size: 112.6 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise | Grasshopper

Hello! Magazine: Mariah At Home In Manhattan
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 03-Mar-2007, 1:02PM EST
Mariah Carey opens her heart - and the doors to her 12,000-ft triplex apartment in Manhattan

She's sold millions of records, has dated some gorgeous men, is about to embark on a new movie project and has just become the face of fashion label Pinko, as she reveals in our exclusive interview. But despite all that jet-setting, there's nothing Mariah likes better than kicking off her designer heels and hanging out at her extraordinary home in the Tribeca district. She moved there after her break-up from music mogul Tommy Mottola, creating a girly retreat worthy of one of the pop world's most sensual stars.

Mariah Carey is living a life she could only have dreamed of when she was growing up. She's sold hundreds of millions of albums, has dated some very famous, handsome men - pro baseball star Derek Jeter and Latin heart-throb Luis Miguel included -- and her name has become synonymous with all things glam.

And after dominating the charts, now she's striking a pose as the new face of stylish Italian label Pinko, following in the very fashionable footsteps of the label's muse, Elle Macpherson, as well as Eva Herzigova and Naomi Campbell -- the later of whom just happened to be on hand to help Mariah celebrate her campaign's debut in London last week.

The starring fashion role is just the latest chapter in the pop superstar's comeback tale: she's made a complete turnaround from that infamous hat-trick of hurdles -- being unceremoniously dropped from her record label, seeing her starring film debut, Glitter, fail, and undergoing a much-talked about hospitalisation for "exhaustion" - in 2001. A less well-known, but equally painful blow, was the death four years ago of Mariah's Venezuelan/African American father. Her mother, an Irish American, split from him when Mariah was just three, and it was only recently that the singer had grown close to him once more. "I had a really hard time with it," she told Hello! of the loss. "But we were able to get some closure."

Sitting down with Hello! for this intimate chat during her stay in London, Mariah has a pragmatic approach to all that she's been through, especially that 2001 stress-induced breakdown. "In life, there have to be ups and downs," she opines. "You can't be happy every day, because then you wouldn't appreciate it." She knows she paid a high price for fame, because her time was never her own. "I learned a lesson, going through that experience and letting people treat me like a robot: 'Keep on going, keep on going'. I learned to go inside myself, and to trust that God would get me out of the situation.

"People thought that as an artist, I would never be able to get out of the situation I was in. If I am capable of getting up and doing it again, with sales that not many people achieve in this business, that's proof that anyone else can do it, too. It's living proof of something."

Not only did the resilient 36-year-old star make her way back, she's also showing her strength these days in more ways than one. Undaunted by the past, Mariah's also back on a film set, shooting the independent drama Tennessee back home in the US.

Her phenomenal return began with 2005's top-selling The Emancipation of Mimi, which saw her finally come into her own seven years after her split with ex-husband Tommy Mottola, the Sony boss who discovered her. Again, she's quite introspective when she discusses the ill-fated marriage, which began with a fabulous fairytale wedding in 1993. "I regret the situation a lot, because I was young and ignorant, and I didn't realise what I was doing," she admits. "If I could go back again, I wouldn't do it."

Although Mariah's keyword is faith and she described to us the qualities in a man who could make her fall in love --"generosity, a sense of humour and stability" -- she's candid about her prospects for a second chance at happily ever after. "I believe in it for people who are really made for one another, that aren't going to get a divorce," she says. "I believe in marriage as an institution: I'm a romantic. It's great that people get married -- and stay married -- have children and a wonderful life together, but I don't know if it's going to happen to me."

But Mariah is full of surprises. Despite her sexy image, she's actually a self-described "prude" -- and when it comes to marriage and family, she tells us, she wants "the whole package". "Because that's what's best for the kids," she tells us. "To be the child of a famous person already would be tough enough and weird enough. If you are going to being someone into the world, at least give them a good stable start."

Similarly, in light of her ultra-glamorous jet-setting lifestyle, you might think that this sexy chanteuse, who has been everywhere from London to New Mexico of late, is too busy or too cool to do something so very ordinary as to lay down roots. But the case is quite the contrary for this very traditional New York girl.

The place she calls home, admittedly, is palatial: stunning views of the New York skyline, including the Empire State Building and the Hudson river: an impressive 12,000 sq. ft. of luxury occupied by lavish spaces to suit a diva's every mood -- the Marrakesh and Mermaid rooms just two of many; and amenities ranging from a marble steam room, complete with waterbed, to climiate-controlled closets the size of some people's flats. This is Mariah's amazing Manhattan triplex, the place the R&B superstar has called home for six years.

Upon snapping up the deluxe digs, which take up the three top floors of a 1930s onetime office building, she immediately set about making every once worthy of one of world's starriest stars. To meet the challenging task, she enlisted the skills of New York interior designer Mario Buatta, whose famous clients have included Barbara Walters and Billy Joel.

The end results were spectacular -- the Tribeca pad was transformed into the fantasy home Mariah had always wanted: a girlie's girl dream house, a homage to all things glitzy and glamorous. Art Deco and "Old Hollywood," it was the kind of place Mariah, who moved a dozen times as a child, had fatasised about when she was little.

Her new, decadent home was so fabulous, in fact, that it soon featured in prestigious design bible Architectural Digest. "It's like a movie set," she exclaimed TV journalist Barbara Walters, when invited inside for an on-air chat.

This Big Apple bachelorette pad was her first real home since her divorce, and Mariah apparenly look very little in the way of furnishings when she moved out of the £25million home she and Tommy had shared. When it came to designing the world-famous songbird's new nest from scratch. "I wanted to create a background for Mariah's own glamour," Mario was quoted as saying. "She exudes glamour, and sex appeal, too." And "perfectionist" Mariah, "knew what she liked and could make decisions immediately."

Femininity was key, with lots of pink touches and glazed walls. "I like it," enthused Mariah, "because it looks like candy." The living room was a creamy haven in neutral tones -- "So they're not jarring," she once explained -- and there was a surprisingly homely and cosy kitchen. "I want it to be like a country kitchen in the middle of the city," she told MTV at-home show Cribs.

Everything was perfect. That is, until disaster struck. A burst water pipe flooded all three floors. Mariah and Mario found themselves back at work, restoring every inch of the home to its previous glory, put back together as it was, piece by piece.

Luckily, most of the furnishing and keepsakes were saved. Her most prized possession perhaps, and one that has a special place of honour, is the white baby grand piano once owned by Marilyn Monroe. Mariah bought the piano for about $660,000 at an auction of Marilyn memorabilia, and has even dedicated one of her home's many bathrooms to all things Monroe. "She's her icon," designed Mario has said. "She feels close to her persona, that thing of being a glamour type -- and she's a total original, as was Monroe." Another nod to Mariah's very girlish streak is a Hello Kitty themed bathroom.

Looking around Mariah's home, there is plenty of symbolism. For example, the ornately handcarved fireplace was one of the few things she took with her from her home with ex-husband Tommy: its motifs include flowers, hearts and butterflies, "all sorts of references to her life." Speaking to In Style, Mariah acknowledged: "I love it because of what the butterfly represents: freedom." There are more sentimental mementoes in the family room. There, framed photos are displayed, hanging by pink ribbons, along with other keepsakes left to her by her late father.

Even her walk-in shoe closet has ties to her past. As a struggling teenage singer trying to make ends meet she owned a single pair of holey shoes -- a size too small, as they were hand-me-downs from her mum -- which she wore every day. Now, she has an entire room dedicated to her designer footwear, which she believes number around 1,000 pairs. "There was a time when I only had one pair of shoes," she told Barbara Walters in 2006, "so I don't feel that guilty about having this shoe closet. It is a favourite spot of mine." The shoe displays perfectly complement Mariah's climate-controlled closets, in which her sexy ensembles are arranged by colour, fabric and occasion. "If anyone ever buys this place," she has said, "they'd better be a diva or they can't live here."

It's clear that Mariah is passionate about fashion, and during her stay in the capital last week, she also spoke to us on that subject -- including the size 0 debate. She also candidly talked about a range of other revealing topics as she explained why, from bouncing back to falling in love, she'll always keep the faith.

Let's begin with your relationship with Pinko.
"I discovered the label while I was staying in Capri, and I loved it. Every time I went back to Capri, I would go back to Pinko! It's fantastic."

One thing that's being talked about, especially here in London during Fashion Week -- is the 'Size Zero Debate.' What's your opinion?
"I don't think that it's fair that people have to struggle to be a size 0. For real women, it's difficult because a lot of clothes are made for models who don't have curves -- which is how clothing hangs the best, on really straight figures, like toothpicks. But that's not fair for everyone else, because then you expect people to look like that, and they can't. If someone is naturally skinny, that's great, but if they feel pressure to do themselves harm in order to fit into a size 0, I don't think that's right."

What do you remember about your days as a struggling waitress?
"I lived from hand to mouth. I used to think, 'Okay, do I eat today, or do I take the subway? Once I started to have some success, I immediately had access to things that I used to only dream about. But on the inside, I'm still the same person I was before all this happened. I keep working hard, I still think that, for some reason, I have to work harder than anyone else. I thank God for everything I have."

Why do you think you have to work harder?
"It's something that's gotten stuck in my head. I'm more comfortable with this now, but I feel like came from a handicapped place. To have grown up in a single parent home, to be bi-racial, to not have any money, to have to fight to succeed. Noone but my mom believed in me. First you have to have faith, and later you have to act. And that is what I've always done."

Are you in a relationship right now?
"More or less. I don't know. I don't talk about that anymore (Laughs)."

Will we ever see you in a wedding gown again?
"We'll see."

Would you like to have children?
"I don't know. What I want is to have children in a good way, with the right husband, with the right family life."

So you wouldn't have children just to have them, then.
"I don't think that's what I want. But who knows? Five years from now I might get hysterical and say, 'I have to have kids!'. But I don't think so."

Would you only have children if you were married?
"I think so."

An important phrase for you is 'Never quit.'
"When I was little, my mom would tell me, 'Never say, "If I become a success," say "When I become a success." And I think that I held on to that: it became my mantra. You have to trust that things are going to turn out okay, even though you can't really see just then that they will. You have to believe, because if you don't, you'll never get anywhere. You'll sink."

Where did your amazing voice come from?
"My mother is an opera singer and my father had a Pentecostal church in Harlem. I feel like a mix of everything has made me able to sing like I do. It's a gift from God."

You talk a lot about God and faith. Why is it so important to you?
"I go to church whenever I can. I go to a church called True Worship in Brooklyn. It's very humble, across from some housing projects. But it has a really great minister who is available 24 hours a day, if you need to talk to him. He's a very, very smart man, a great person."

What's in store for the future?
"I'm doing a movie in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I want to do the best job possible. It's with Lee Daniels, the producer of Monster's Ball. It's so exciting -- he's incredible. He worked with Halle Berry, who won an Oscar for the movie. He worked with Kevin Bacon in The Woodsman, with Helen Mirren... It's a challenge."

Would you like to do more projects like that?
"Right now I'm really involved in this particular film, but I want to do more. This is an independent movie -- it's not about being a diva, it's just about being there, being a part of the group."

What is the most important thing your parents taught you?
"My father died four years ago... His mother left a lot of photographs, pictures from as far back as my great-grandmother. And it's just fantastic, something that most African Americans don't have because back then most didn't have access to cameras and things like that. My mother, because she's Irish, can trace everyone back probably to the Middle Ages."

What has success shown you?
"I supposed that to succeed, first you have to have lost something, which shows you how to be thankful for everything -- for the good moments and the bad. That's what I've learned."

Hello! UK - March 6, 2007 Issue
Source: Hello! UK | Scans/Text: Mariah Journal

Mariah Carey Shoots Movie At Nashville Honky-Tonk
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 02-Mar-2007, 7:20PM EST
[ WATCH WKRN's video report OR DOWNLOAD a video file ]
Thanks to Moony from #Schnookiez for making the video file!

Mariah Carey on
"Tennessee" Set
Singer Mariah Carey has been in Nashville shooting a movie and news 2 entertainment video journalist Stephanie Langston tells us there was a close call with her movie crew on lower Broadway.

Singer Mariah Carey has been in Nashville shooting scenes from her latest movie "Tennessee."

On Thursday, Carey was at Second Fiddle on Lower Broadway. An extra in the movie said they were at the honky-tonk for 12 hours, but Carey was only there for two.

The extra said they shot the final scene of the film, where Carey's character goes to a writer's night. In the movie, the Grammy Award singer takes the stage and blows everybody away.

There were about 40 extras at the Second Fiddle on Thursday.

News 2's source said Carey seemed friendly, but the extras were told not to talk to her.

Later Thursday night, things almost took a nasty turn when a crew truck backed into a large double lamp post along Broadway, knocking it down.

The lamp post hit the Second Fiddle's neon sign and tapestry.

The owner of Second Fiddle said the sidewalk was packed when it fell, but everyone scattered out of the way.

Brenda Sanderson said, "We are fortunate there is a little damage to our neon and canopy, but we are just really thankful that no one got hurt."

Insurance is covering the damage.

Additional news report from Steph In The City:
"Mariah dined at the Palm Thursday night and signed a blank spot on the wall. Her caricature will be added later. I am told the Grammy Award winner has now left Nashville."

Be sure to visit our Filmography: Tennessee section for all the news and information about the film!
Source: WKRN Nashville | Moony | #Schnookiez | Jeane | Steph In The City

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 02-Mar-2007, 3:39PM EST
• Be sure to check out the full ZDF special "Power Vision" featuring Mariah Carey by scrolling down this page to Mariah on German TV post. Parts 10, 11 and 12 have now been added! Thanks to Elise for sharing her video file with us!

• VH1 Europe usually does "Tops" every day, and yesterday was the Top 5 Divas. Mariah took the top diva crown with "It's Like That."

5. Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block
4. Diana Ross - Chain Reaction
3. Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's OK
2. Aretha Franklin - Respect
1. Mariah Carey - It's Like That

• In an interview with XXL Magazine, Noreaga, known to many as N.O.R.E., had this to say when asked about One Fan A Day, the album that he's been working on over the last year:

"They own that material. I left One Fan A Day, 'cause I didn't want no legal issues with Def Jam. I didn't want to come out with One Fan A Day and them to say, "We own this material." So I left records with Mariah Carey. I left records with Big Pun... I was halfway recording it and then L.A. Reid came over. I kinda altered my album 'cause I wanted him to like my s**t... And I don't think that was the right way to do it."

• Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke tells that he went through a period "wondering if people liked me, if I was cool enough, talented enough, sexy enough and what my problem was if I wasn't connecting with people. I had the whole Mariah Carey breakdown and everything. I was drinking brown liquor for breakfast. It was... great."

• What started off as a 10-member Mariah Carey "Orkut" community is now a full-fledged Mariah fansite that caters to Portuguese-speaking fans who are both Mariah and soccer affectionados. Congratulations to Mariah Futebol Clube! Be sure to visit the site.

• Alex wants to let everyone know that a MySpace page for her Mariah Fanbooks site is now up! Check it out!
Source: Luis | Elise | HipHopDX | Mariah Futebol Clube | Alex

February Poll Results
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 02-Mar-2007, 12:56AM EST
The results are in for our February 2007 poll. Thanks to everyone who participated! We asked: "Tennessee: Mariah's new movie project. Is it going to establish Mariah's career as an actress?" 729 votes were cast, breakdown is as follows:

1. Yes - 471 votes [65%]
2. No - 258 votes [35%]

We encourage you to again vote in our new poll located on the right sidebar. This month, we want to know "What is your favorite track 3 from a Mariah album?"

Source: Mariah Journal

Mariah Leaves a New Voicemail!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 01-Mar-2007, 3:42PM EST
Visit the Multimedia page and listen to the all new and exclusive voicemail that Mariah has left - her first voicemail of 2007!

"Hiiiiiiii! Yeah, I know I haven't left a message since 1802 but basically I'm here in Tennessee and I'm working and I know you guys understand 'cause you know, you know that when I get into my working schedule, it's a lot, darling. It's a lot!

But anyway, I was just looking through... some of you guys sent me this cutest thing the other day, it was this cookbook and it was like very, very, very festive so thank you. You know who you are. Also, I want to give you a Jack update. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen him right now. He's laying on his bed but he's like half off of it and I don't know. I think I need to post his picture. This dog is like, he's unreal. He's, I don't know, he's a person... dog. Yeah, he deserves those websites, keep them going [laughs].

Anyway, I love you, I appreciate you and enjoy you and I'm sorry I haven't left a message in so long. But like I said, I'm just trying to do my best for you guys so looking forward to everything coming up and I will call in soon! Buh-bye!"
Source: | tl2mc | Transcript: Mariah Journal

Mariah Scans From Germany
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 01-Mar-2007, 3:39PM EST
Mariah Carey is featured in the current In Touch Germany, issue #10, pages 10 and 11.

Summit Meeting of the Super Divas

What happens when two legendary divas meet each other? Scream tirades, splitting cocktail glasses? No way! They seem to suspend each other's extreme moods. That is what it was during a party in London on the occasion of Mariah being presented as the new commercial icon of designer label Pinko. If there is one thing Naomi can't stand, it would be: only being number two of the big show. Another possible reason why she was nevertheless peaceful might be that she knows that her next big 'blowing off' would directly bring her to jail!

February 15, 2007, London
Coincidentally, the two divas bumped into one another at a party. But Mariah's irresistable smile put Naomi in a good mood. Naomi congratulated Mariah on her new deal and really seemed to be happy for her.

Source: Mariah Journal |

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