March 2010

Mariah Carey's 'Precious' career
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 31-Mar-2010, 1:10PM EDT
From MSNBC's Entertainment-Movies article, "Can Miley Cyrus build a movie career? Will she shine onscreen like Mariah Carey, or flop like Madonna?"

Mariah Carey's 'Precious' career
After the epic disaster that was "Glitter," everyone expected Mariah Carey's film career to follow the Tony Bennett trajectory. Bloody but unbowed, however, she pressed on with her acting career, to much better results. Not many people saw the indie "WiseGirls," in which Carey turned out a spunky and funny performance as a seen-it-all waitress in a mob-run restaurant.

But it was her attention-getting turn in last year's "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire," that established Carey as an actress to watch. Yes, much to-do was made over the fact that she had drab hair and wardrobe in the part, and eschewed makeup to the point where she was practically mustachioed, but that was just the surface.

What Carey brought to the role was a ferocity, a deadpan wit and an intensity that was the complete antithesis of her inert walk-through of "Glitter." She's been cast in Tyler Perry's upcoming all-star adaptation of Ntozake Shange's "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf," and it's going to be interesting to see where her film career takes her. It will be equally interesting to see if Cyrus will ever feel prepared to tackle a film as gritty and unglamorous as "Precious."
Source: MSNBC

Flashback: Mariah Interview in Ebony, March 1991
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 31-Mar-2010, 9:46AM EDT
Mariah Carey: 'Not Another White Girl Trying to Sing Black'

Daughter of Black father and White mother is hottest new artist
By Lynn Norment

Mariah Carey has a score to settle. Last summer, soon after her debut recording started racing up the record charts, she says a music critic referred to her as "another White girl trying to sing Black."

Carey, indisputably the hottest new artist of the year, was infuriated.

And now, here at a luncheon at Lola's restaurant in Manhattan, she has the perfect opportunity to set the record straight and "tactfully" correct the erring critic.

"I'm not a White girl trying to sing Black," the 20-year-old singer says in an interview soon after. "My father is Black and Venezuelan, my mother is Irish. That makes me a combination of all those things. I am a human being, a person. What I am not is a White girl trying to sing Black."

Though barely out of her teens, Mariah Carey is indeed her own woman. She grew up in New York with her mother, Patricia Carey, a vocal coach and former singer with the New York City Opera. Her parents divorced when she was three, and Carey had an "on-and-off" relationship with her father, Alfred Roy Carey, an aeronautical engineer in Washington, D.C. (She has a brother, 29, and a sister, 30.)

"Some people look at me and they see my light skin and my hair," she says running a slender, neatly manicured hand through her long, semi-curly, honey-colored tresses for emphasis. "I can't help the way I look, because it's me. I don't try to look a certain way or sing a certain way. I'm just trying to be me. And if people enjoy my music, then they shouldn't care what I am, so it shouldn't be an issue."

Carey says she has always loved to sing, and gives credit and thanks to her mother for the "genes." Her mother started giving her vocal lessons when she was four years old, and she spent considerable time around her mom's musically talented friends, soaking up the sounds of Billie Holiday and Sarag Vaughan.

As a kid, she also spent a lot of time listening to the radio and her sister's records. The soulful sounds of Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Al Green were constant companions. She sang along and studied the lyrics and arrangements. By the time she was in high school, Carey was writing her own songs, several of which appear on her recording.

Gospel music was also a great influence. On occasion, she accompanied her paternal grandmother, who is Black, to a Baptist church. Even today, she says, "I get up and go to bed listening to gospel music." Her favorites include the Clark Sisters, Shirley Caesar and Edwin Hawkins, in addition to Aretha Franklin and Al Green.

Because she and her mother moved often, she didn't have many close friends or get involved in high school music programs. Instead, she spent after-school hours writing songs and making demo tapes with longtime acquaintance Ben Margulies.

In 1987, right after finishing high school at age 17, she moved from her mother's home on Long Island into a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan with two other struggling performers. During this exceptionally lean period, she slept on a mattress on the floor and worked as a waitress, hat checker and restaurant hostess to make ends meet. Before and after work, she diligently shopped her demo tapes from record company to record company, but was basically ignored.

Eventually she began singing back-up to Brenda K. Starr, and she was regularly doing studio session work. "We became good friends, and she helped me out a lot," she says of Starr. "She was always saying, 'Here's my friend Mariah, here's her tape; and sings, writes...'"

It was Starr who took Carey to the CBS party where she was discovered. At the party, Carey gave CBS (now Sony Music Entertainment) president Tommy Mottola a demo. In return, he gave her a "Great—another demo tape" smile, and Carey assumed it was another dead end. But on leaving the affair, Mottola popped the demo into his limo's tape deck. He liked what he heard so much that he immediately returned to the party to find Carey. But she had already left.

Having no address or telephone number did not deter Mottola from tracking her down. Ironically, another record company had expressed mild interest in Carey, and a bit of a bidding war evolved.

In December 1988, she signed with CBS's Columbia Records. Within a week she wrote "Vision of Love" for her debut album. In fact, she wrote lyrics for all 11 songs on her self-titled LP, and she even produced "Vanishing."

Columbia went all-out to promote the lissome artist with the clear, passionate seven-octave voice, flexing a little clout to get her the coveted task of singing "American The Beautiful" at the 1989 NBA Finals, where she was exposed to 16 million people. Both "Vision of Love" and "Love Takes Time" have gone gold, and the album has sold more than two million copies. Ironically, Carey wrote "Love Takes Time" for a second LP. But when Mottola heard it, he insisted on stopping the presses and adding the song to her debut album, even though some recordings were already in record stores.

Carey says she was just as startled as anyone that "Vision of Love" hit so big because "it isn't hip-hop music, it isn't house music, and it isn't rap. But I am so glad and thankful," she says. "That song really represents everything in my life. It is a song from the heart."

Consider the lyrics: "Prayed through the nights/Felt so alone/Suffered from alienation/Carried the weight on my own/Had to be strong/So I believed/And now I know I've succeeded/In finding the place I conceived."

Just why would such a seemingly tender womanchild write these words of despair and sing them with such deep passion?

"Well, just because you are young doesn't mean that you haven't had a hard life," she says with a knowing little smile. "It's been difficult for me, moving around so much, having to grow up by myself, basically on my own, my parents divorced. And I always felt kind of different from everyone in my neighborhoods. I was a different person—ethnically. And sometimes that can be a problem. If you look a certain way everybody goes, 'White girl,' and I'd go, 'No, that's not what I am.'"

Carey chose to express her inner-most feelings in her songs rather than become depressed and bitter. "You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength, and say, 'I'm proud of what I am and who I am, and I'm just going to be myself.'"

And for Carey, that translates into being a "respected" singer and songwriter. But her phenomenal success has not inflated her head or her bank account, for she has yet to realize any monies from the album's success. The days when she and two struggling roommates stretched out a boxed macaroni dinner for a week are still too vivid, she says.

"And, no, I don't let stuff like this go to my head, because success isn't a scale for talent," says the singer. "I don't want to be a 'big star,' but I want to be respected as an artist. I'm delighted and very thankful [that people like her work].

"This is my love," she says emphatically. "I want to sing for the rest of my life."

At this point, she sings every chance she gets. In the studio. During promotional stops. In the shower. Around her one-bedroom Upper East Side Manhattan apartment. To the boyfriend/singer she's known since high school. To her two Persian cats.

"Singing makes me incredibly happy," she says. "Music makes me immeasurably happy."

Source: Ebony | Text: MariahDailyJournal | Scans: Joao

Nick Cannon's Birthday Gift To Mariah
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 30-Mar-2010, 8:11PM EDT
Nick Cannon teamed up with DUB Magazine to help build his wife a custom Porsche Cayenne, which was one of his many gifts to her for the superstar's 40th birthday. Nick worked directly with our paint specialists to come up with a completely one of a kind "Mariah Carey Pink" color for the Porsche. He chose TIS Modular wheels which were painted with a combination of flat and semi-gloss black with color-matched "Mariah Carey Pink" accents and paired with a grippy set of Nitto NT 420S tires. The interior was also restitched to include pink piping and stitching on black leather and suede seats with her initials "MCC" embroidered on the headrests. To finish it off, Nick chose top of the line Alpine components to satisfy all of Mariah's car audio needs.

Source: DUB Daily

More Photos: Mariah's Anniversary Party
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Mar-2010, 6:56PM EDT
Below are more photos from Mariah's Anniversary party held at her Los Angeles home on Saturday, March 27, 2010.

Source: Love B. Scott | Cindy

Mariah Still #1 in Brazil
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Mar-2010, 2:34PM EDT
Mariah's "I Want To Know What Love Is" continues to rule the Brazilian Airplay Chart, now in its 23rd consecutive week at #1!

Mariah Takes Over UK's Smash Hits
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 29-Mar-2010, 7:15AM EDT
It's "Mariah Carey Takeover" day on Sky channel Smash Hits in the UK today! Programmes include Under The Skin (T4 Special), Mariah vs. Leona, plus a Top 20 rundown of Mariah's best tracks. The special runs until 6:00am tomorrow. Be sure to tune in!
Source: Alison

Mariah Gets a Pink Porsche for Anniversary
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 28-Mar-2010, 6:54PM EDT
On her Twitter earlier today, Mariah thanked everyone who sent her anniversary wishes, and revealed the birthday presents she got from husband Nick:

MariahCarey Again,thank you so much to all who gave so much time&love for 327! NC shocked me with a custom PINK porshe!!! And a huge trampoline!SO PIP!

Here's a video of the Pink Pearl Porsche Truck being worked on by the people at J&C Paint and Body.

Source: Mariah on Twitter | Rima

New Photos: Mariah on her Anniversary Day
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 28-Mar-2010, 1:20AM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah on her Anniversary day, March 27 - Mariah pictured with her E.T. plush doll, and with B. Scott and husband Nick celebrating her anniversary at her Los Angeles home.

'Together' Forever
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 28-Mar-2010, 12:31AM EDT
From this week's Ask Billboard:

According to Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems (BDS), which electronically monitors radio stations in more than 140 U.S. markets and provides the data that powers Billboard's radio airplay charts, "We Belong Together" has been played 743,758 times through Wednesday (March 24).

I asked BDS Director of Data Services Adam Foster how that sum stacks up against other hit songs released five years ago.

Here is what Adam found:

"We Belong Together" began a 10-week run at No. 1 on the Pop Songs chart for the week of July 2, 2005. Here are the to-date detection totals at BDS-monitored U.S. terrestrial radio stations for Carey's smash and the other songs that were in the top 10 (in order) that week:

All-Format To-Date Plays, Artist, Title
743,758, Mariah Carey, "We Belong Together"
399,636, Gwen Stefani, "Hollaback Girl"
513,149, Kelly Clarkson, "Behind These Hazel Eyes"
226,340, the Black Eyed Peas, "Don't Phunk With My Heart"
160,319, Will Smith, "Switch"
279,099, Ciara featuring Ludacris, "Oh"
374,941, 3 Doors Down, "Let Me Go"
358,332, Papa Roach, "Scars"
244,448, 50 Cent, "Just a Lil Bit"
356,973, the Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes, "Don't Cha"

The total for "We Belong Together" is more 200,000 plays higher than its closest title ("Behind These Hazel Eyes") and twice the to-date average of the rest of that week's top 10 (323,693).

Not surprisingly, and even though it wasn't released until halfway through the decade, "We Belong Together" earned the honor of top title of the 2000s on the Billboard Hot 100 (a feat Carey proudly touted to the audience when I saw her in concert in January).
Source: Gary Trust - Billboard

Carson Kressley Wishes Mariah a Happy Anniversary
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 27-Mar-2010, 7:57PM EDT
TV host and fashion expert Carson Kressley of Queer Eye fame wishes Mariah a Happy Anniversary with MDJ's good friend, Virgin Radio Toronto's Planet Maurie.

And here's Kristopher Buckle, Mariah's make-up artist, wishing Mariah a Happy Anniversary.

Source: Maurie

Happy Anniversary, Mariah!
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 27-Mar-2010, 12:01AM EDT
On behalf of everyone at Mariah Daily Journal and all of its readers, we wish Mariah a very Happy Anniversary!

We would like to thank you all for sending in your Anniversary wishes and special messages to Mariah via our MDJ Message Board. Mariah will be delighted to see the outpouring of love and well wishes from all of her fans around the world! Thank you to all who have helped us to "wish her well!" We love her, appreciate her and enjoy her!

Here are more birthday greetings from our friends at Lambs Go Hard and Lambs Forever.

LAMBS GO HARD (Video created by Regina)

LAMBS FOREVER (Video created by Einav)
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Obsession on The Marriage Ref
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Mar-2010, 9:12PM EDT
Last night's episode of The Marriage Ref on NBC saw husband and wife Jimmy and Susan argue over Jimmy's obsession with his Harley motorcycle, and Mariah Carey. He locks himself in a room and watches Mariah DVDs. Susan thinks Mariah as the other woman in the relationship: "He has me, I don't know why he wants Mariah Carey!" Refs Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld give advice to the couple.

The Marriage Ref: Husband Obsessed with Mariah (NBC, 3/25)
[ Watch video | Download video ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Atusa | Jeremy

Anniversary Greetings from Canada and Belgium
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 26-Mar-2010, 5:42PM EDT
• Mad Dog, Billie and Planet Maurie of Toronto's Virgin Radio celebrated Mariah's Anniversary on their "The Breakfast Show" this morning. Planet Maurie was outside the radio station giving out Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel CDs and custom Mariah birthday cupcakes. Audio clip from today's broadcast and in-studio pictures are below!

• Belgium's national television één ("one") has honored Mariah on its program "De Rode Loper" ("The Red Carpet") today. Host Katja Retsin, introducing the special birthday video, says: "Überdiva Mariah may blow out 40 candles tomorrow. Our gift to her is 40 clips of moments in her career." Watch the video below!

[ Download this video ]
Source: Maurie | Joty

Special Anniversary Contest
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Mar-2010, 12:54PM EDT
On Saturday, March 27, the official site,, will be celebrating Mariah's anniversary starting at 10:00am EST and all day long with a special contest for the fans, inspired by her favorite Twitter game: Name That Tune.

Thirty different sound bytes and images will be posted. All you have to do in order to win some amazing prizes, including signed merchandise by Mariah herself, is guess the songs correctly. Mark your calendars!

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Mar-2010, 12:05PM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated April 3, 2010.

"Angels Cry" Remix feat. Ne-Yo
Billboard Adult Contemporary: #26 (Last week: #30)
Billboard Adult R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #31 (Last week: #33)

"Up Out My Face" Remix feat. Nicki Minaj
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #67 (Last week: #57)
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #66 (Last week: #56)

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Billboard 200: #158 (Last week: #135)
Sales this week: 3,529 (-23%)
Total Sales: 458,498
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #31 (Last week: #28)
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher

Billboard Box Score: Mariah's Show in Toronto
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Mar-2010, 11:32AM EDT
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in its 4/3/10 issue.

Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Venue: Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gross: $658,074
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 6,250 / 8,000
Sellout %: 78.1%
Ticket Price Range: $187.57, $41.92
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Billboard Box Score: Mariah's Show in Ottawa
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 25-Mar-2010, 11:31AM EDT
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in its 4/3/10 issue.

Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010
Venue: Scotiabank Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gross: $210,220
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 2,443 / 3,100
Sellout %: 78.8%
Ticket Price Range: $163.78, $74.32
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Lee Daniels Talks About Mariah on Wendy Show
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 24-Mar-2010, 3:28PM EDT
Director Lee Daniels has been friends with Mariah Carey for years and tells Wendy on her show today how he ended up casting Mariah in Precious.

Source: The Wendy Williams Show | Rima | Sebastian

Mariah in School Gyrls' "Get Like Me" Video
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 24-Mar-2010, 3:21PM EDT
Nick Cannon's teen girl group the School Gyrls (Mandy Rain, 16, Jacque Nimble, 15, and Monica aka Mo' Money, 17) sat down with Rap-Up TV to share an "OMG" moment when they met Mariah Carey at her mansion and how the pop diva ended up singing on their new single "Get Like Me." ("She's a perfectionist"). The Gyrls also revealed that Mariah will be in the music video.

Source: Rap-Up

Mariah in New Tyler Perry Movie
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 23-Mar-2010, 8:14AM EDT
Black Voices has learned that writer/director/producer Tyler Perry has selected the cast for next film, "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf."

At last night's premiere for his latest film, "Why Did I Get Married Too?," the black box-office maverick revealed that the cast will include Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Jurnee Smollett, Kimberly Elise, Kerry Washington, and Macy Gray.

Based on Ntozake Shange's award-winning 1975 play, the film is scheduled to shoot in June in New York with a possible winter 2010/2011 release date.

The riveting play, consisting of a series of poems performed through a cast of nameless women, known only by a color -- deal with such subjects as love, abandonment, rape, and abortion, garnered much acclaim, becoming the toast of Broadway when it opened at The Booth Theater in 1976.

It later morphed into an Emmy Award nominated television special and is still being performed around the world.

Elise and Carey are the only two that made the cut from Perry's initial wish list that he mentioned back in September 2009, which initially included 16-time Grammy Award winner Beyonce Knowles, Academy Award winner Halle Berry and media queen Oprah Winfrey.

"Making a film of 'For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf' is a dream come true for me," Perry said about the project. "Ntozake Shange's play is a magnificent tribute to the strength and dignity of women of color, and I think audiences of all generations will be able to recognize and embrace the experiences these women represent. Creatively, this movie is one of the most exciting undertakings of my career."

As previously reported by Black Voices, 'For Colored Girls' will be the first project for 34th Street Films, Perry's new production company, which is housed at Lionsgate.
Source: Black Voices

Mariah Has New Surprises Coming!
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Mar-2010, 6:05PM EDT
Below is the official response that Mariah's label, Island Def Jam, is sending out to outlets who are inquiring about the Angels Advocate album.

"We've released a few of Mariah's hot remixes on iTunes and Mariah's back in the studio working on some new surprises."

Stay tuned for further details about this exciting news!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Send Anniversary Wishes to Mariah!
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Mar-2010, 5:21PM EDT
"I came to have a party!" It's almost time to put on your favorite ensemble, pop open a bottle of Angel Champagne (only if you're of age and aren't making any speeches!) and migrate to the flantastic celebration that only happens once a year.

On Saturday, March 27, our one and only diva Mariah Carey celebrates the anniversary of her 12th birthday! MariahDailyJournal cordially invites you to join us in wishing Mariah the most spectacular and, of course, festive anniversary ever!

Please take a moment to submit your special anniversary message to Mariah. We've dedicated a forum in the MDJ Message Board for everyone to leave their greetings. If you're not a member yet, sign up now!
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Mariah Remains At #1 in Brazil
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 22-Mar-2010, 1:36PM EDT
Mariah's cover of Foreigner's 1984 hit, "I Want To Know What Love Is," continues to top the Brazilian Airplay Chart, achieving its 22nd consecutive week at #1! Many thanks to the fans in Brazil for their support!

Exclusive: Angels Advocate Album Update
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 22-Mar-2010, 12:53AM EDT
MariahDailyJournal is able to confirm that the Angels Advocate album, a Remixed edition of Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel will not be released, as announced, on Tuesday, March 30th.

According to Mariah's management, the album will not be put out in the regular album fashion but they are working on releasing some singles off the album. "It won't go to waste," we were assured.

Mariah and her team have their focus set on the next album and how to put this out creatively and financially effective. "We are looking to go possibly to another studio album or Christmas album. The decision hasn't been totally made yet. It's a creative process that cannot be rushed."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah in German Star Magazine
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 21-Mar-2010, 2:17PM EDT
"Nick Knows Me Without The Mask"
Star Magazine, Germany
March 2010

Worst actress of all time - Mariah Carey earned this title after her debut in front of the camera in "Glitter" (2001). And rightly so! Nine years later - and with a new love at her side - she found the courage for a new attempt at acting. And who would have thought: In the two-time Oscar winning drama "Precious," Carey demonstrates talent in the role of a social worker. A rare look behind the mask of the superstar - also because she doesn't wear any make-up. Shortly before her 40th birthday - on March 27th - she seems mature enough to break free from the image of a glamour diva.

Still, during the interview at the designer hotel "314" in Cannes, she hints that life has left some scars...

You are close to your fourtieth....
Stop, don't mention the bad f-word while I'm around. Please let's change the subject at once.

Okay - let's take another shocking subject. In "Precious", you appear without make-up. How terrible was that for you?
Not at all. And it wasn't only about not doing make-up and hair (styling). I was also filmed with horrible lighting and from an unflattering angle. They also wanted to put a fake nose on me. But it started to eat away at my skin - it's very sensitive, and so we removed it again.
Nevertheless, many people didn't recognize me, and I'm really happy about that.

How did your husband Nick Cannon perceive you back then?
He always sees me as I am - without any masks. And he also loves me as I am. Many people have prejudiced opinions about me and it is difficult to deal with that and say: "I'm not like that, I'm totally different." But now I have the strength to do that. I'm experiencing the happiest time of my life right now.

Nevertheless, it must have been a fight with your ego. You are someone who pays a lot of attention to how you look...
Of course, but what's most important for you appearance and look is your self-confidence. When I was young, I was still completely insecure. When I had an appointment with a record company at the age of 19, someone said to me: "Make sure you are never photographed from that side, because you look terrible from that side." The whole world tried to give me an inferiority complex. I had to learn to shake that off...

Nevertheless, it did look a bit strange to see someone with a glamour image like you have in a moving and dark social drama.
Most people think I was born in a magical bubble. Suddenly I jumped out and started to sing high notes. Big mistake: I'm not coming from a royal family, and I wasn't bedded on roses either. Some members of my family have had some bad fights in the past.

And you were right in the middle of the gun fire?
Actually, it's even embarrasing to me that the public learns about all that. All of that happened in my father's family, who were living in Harlem. I wasn't even allowed to talk to these people. Luckily, we had moved to Brooklyn. But I was still living in very modest conditions. And as I was the daughter of a black father and a white mother, I was always feeling like an outsider.

So how did the thought of being able to make it in show business come to you there?
Luckily, I had help. As a child I took refuge in music, and I also drew a lot of strength from my faith in god. And my mother gave me faith in myself. She was always saying: "You will become a star." People always say: "What doesn't kill you is making you stronger." And it's true, I went through such crap and earned my strength from it.

Is part of that crap also your marriage to your supporter Tommy Mottola, who you divorced again in 1998?
Without a doubt. It was a very difficult relationship, in which my ex-husband did a lot of bad things to me - not only emotionally, but in the most various ways. I don't want to say anything more about it now - it's in the past. But I have grown as a person because of it. In that marriage back then, I wasn't allowed to try myself at acting, either. My husband wouldn't allow it. Now I can finally do what I want to do as an artist.

But when you were doing your first steps as an actress, you fell pretty hard: "Glitter" failed with both the critics and the audience in 2001.
And why do we still have to talk about it nine years later? You shoudn't forget one thing: The movie came out on September 11th. I couldn't think of any worse date than that.

You are ok with it then?
It's not the worst film of all times. If I could turn back time, I wouldn't do it again. No matter how much I'd be paid for it. But back then, I was auditioning for different supporting roles - but nobody was going to hire me. So I went for it - but I realized at once that it was one big chaos. We didn't even have a finished script when we started filming.

Where does this need to prove yourself as an actress come from?
I want to express another side of myself. Yes, I love to be a glamorous singer, but I'm also going for the hard way. I want to get rid of all the layers of Mariah Carey and dive into another identity. It's just not that easy, because people perceive me differently. And I have to break through that.

Source: Scans: Alex | Translation: Sabrina

"On The Cover" Latest Additions
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 21-Mar-2010, 1:27AM EDT
We have updated our On The Cover section to include the January 2010 issue of Pride magazine; and 3 more from 2008. Click on an issue cover below to read its respective article and to view photos.

Jan 2010

June 2008

May 2008

May 2008
Source: Scans: Kerry | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah to Write Songs on Patti LaBelle's New Album
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 20-Mar-2010, 2:26PM EDT
On the March 19th episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live with host Andy Cohen, Soul great Patti LaBelle talked about the other ladies of music in a game called "Diva Word Association." In discussing Mariah, she revealed that Mariah will be writing some songs on her new album, which is coming out before December 2010.

Andy: "Mariah Carey."
Patti: "She's my goddaughter. And nobody can make that... well, before she died, Minnie Riperton, and she's another underrated person, Minnie Riperton. But Mariah Carey is a songbird.
Andy: "And a great songwriter, right?"
Patti: "Awesome. She's gonna write some things for my new project."

Watch the full interview below. The Mariah mention comes at around the 5:30 mark. You may want to watch the full video as Patti reveals some very interesting details, e.g. an upcoming duet with Aretha Franklin, past differences with Diana Ross, and Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" being her song before Whitney Houston's cover.

Source: BackToLaBelle | Michael | Faraz | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah to Make Cameo Appearance in SATC2?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 19-Mar-2010, 12:26PM EDT
Mariah will reportedly make a cameo appearance in Sex and the City 2, an upcoming sequel to the 2008 film Sex and the City, according to InStyle.

Excitement is mounting for the second in the series of SATC films, out this May. Aside from our fave four fashionistas, there are a string of A-listers who have cameos in the movie. Expect appearances from Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey.
Source: InStyle UK

Billboard Box Score: Mariah's Show in Oakland
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Mar-2010, 3:52PM EDT
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California in its 3/27/10 issue.

Date: Friday, February 26, 2010
Venue: Oracle Arena in Oakland, California
Gross: $702,953
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 7,532 / 7,788
Sellout %: 96.7%
Ticket Price Range: $238.75, $57
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Mariah Dons a Green Shirt for St. Patrick's Day
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Mar-2010, 3:20PM EDT
Mariah was spotted leaving the swanky Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood, California wearing an off the shoulder green t-shirt on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2010. Below are photos.

Source: PCN | Ginger

Mariah is 7th on Top 20 Concert Tours
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Mar-2010, 2:43PM EDT
The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week's ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

Top 20 Concert Tours
1. (1) Miley Cyrus; $1,156,010; $68.84.
2. (2) Aventura; $730,442; $77.94.
3. (3) Trans-Siberian Orchestra; $696,496; $44.35.
4. (4) KISS; $563,646; $59.90.
5. (7) John Mayer; $548,708; $59.48.
6. (5) Lady Gaga; $544,046; $48.61.
7. (New) Mariah Carey; $539,283; $100.82.
8. (6) Guns N' Roses; $463,017; $74.53.
9. (8) Jeff Dunham; $362,357; $46.55.
10. (New) Furthur; $323,603; $52.70.
11. (10) Breaking Benjamin/Three Days Grace; $219,285; $36.67.
12. (9) So You Think You Can Dance; $216,852; $51.43.
13. (11) Jason Aldean; $214,581; $30.38.
14. (12) Rain - A Tribute To The Beatles; $182,539; $48.14.
15. (13) Daughtry; $160,201; $38.04.
16. (14) Mannheim Steamroller; $144,967; $55.82.
17. (15) Three Days Grace; $133,811; $35.59.
18. (16) Nick Jonas & The Administration; $130,660; $39.34.
19. (18) Casting Crowns; $115,197; $26.36.
20. (17) Brian Setzer Orchestra; $113,454; $53.92.

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Mar-2010, 9:45AM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated March 27, 2010.

"Angels Cry" Remix feat. Ne-Yo
Billboard Adult Contemporary: #30 (Last week: #30)
Billboard Adult R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #33 (Last week: #35)

"Up Out My Face" Remix feat. Nicki Minaj
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #57 (Last week: #44)
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #56 (Last week: #43)

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Billboard 200: #135 (Last week: #127)
Sales this week: 4,611 (-9%)
Total Sales: 454,969
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #28 (Last week: #29)
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher

Precious Tops DVD Sales Chart
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 18-Mar-2010, 9:27AM EDT
"Precious," the double Oscar winner about an illiterate Harlem teen who turns her life around, debuted on home video atop the sales chart released Wednesday.

The drama, which claimed the No. 1 slot on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart, was one of three high-profile theatrical releases that made their home-video bows during the week.

A lesser-known title, "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day," debuted at No. 1 on the Nielsen VideoScan Blu-ray Disc chart -- and bowed at No. 2 on the overall chart, selling just 18 percent fewer units than "Precious."

On Home Media Magazine's rental chart, neither title could nudge "2012" from the top spot. The blockbuster disaster movie easily held on to the No. 1 position, with rental demand down just 22 percent from the previous week.

"Precious" debuted at No. 3 on the rental chart, behind the comedy "Up in the Air," while "Boondock" bowed at No. 8.

Press Release from Lionsgate via PR Newswire

Lionsgate's Academy Award(R) Winning PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL 'PUSH' BY SAPPHIRE Captures the Number One Spot on the DVD Charts With 1.5 Million Units Sold in the United States

Precious Also Dominates In Digital Downloads As It Claims the Number One Spot on the iTunes and Amazon Rental Charts

The winning streak continues as Precious, which recently won two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay, now claims the top spot on the DVD sell through chart with 1.5 million units sold, in addition to being the #1 rental on iTunes and Amazon. Lionsgate, the leading next generation studio, in association with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry present A Lee Daniels Entertainment / Smokewood Entertainment Group Production of Precious, which has grossed $47.5 million to date during its theatrical run. Precious marks Lionsgate's third number one home entertainment release for 2010 as Gamer and Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself both topped the charts back in January.

Precious has been generating acclaim since Lionsgate acquired the film at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival where it won both the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award in the U.S Dramatic Competition. The film then went on to collect a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, as well as receiving nominations for two other categories including Best Picture, Drama. It was nominated for nine NAACP Image Awards, winning six, including Outstanding Motion Picture and Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture, Theatrical or Television. It also swept the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards in all five categories in which it was nominated, including Best Feature and Best Director. Director Lee Daniels was the first African American to be nominated for a Director's Guild of America Award in the category of Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Directing. The film also received Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Directing for Lee Daniels, Actress in a Leading Role for Gabourey Sidibe and Film Editing for Joe Klotz.

Directed by Lee Daniels from a screenplay by Geoffrey Fletcher based upon the book 'Push,' a novel by Sapphire, the film stars Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepherd, Lenny Kravitz and introduces Gabourey Sidibe. Precious was produced by Lee Daniels, Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness. Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Lisa Cortes and Tom Heller are Executive Producers.

"It has been a thrill to watch Precious achieve such an amazing level of success. With the support of our incredible partners, executive producers Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, so many people have been touched by this vibrant, honest and hopeful film about the human capacity to grow and overcome. It has also been an honor to re-team with Lee Daniels after releasing the first film from his production company, the Academy Award winning Monster's Ball." said Steve Beeks, Lionsgate President and Co-Chief Operating Officer. "From awards and critical acclaim to commercial success, we are extremely proud at the level of accomplishment this moving and important film has achieved."
Source: Reuters | PR Newswire | Dean

"Angels Cry" Remix Debuts in Japan
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 17-Mar-2010, 1:03PM EDT
From Billboard Japan issue dated March 22, 2010.

"Angels Cry" Remix Feat. Ne-Yo
Billboard Japan Hot 100: #89 (Debut)
Billboard Japan Hot Top Airplay: #79 (Debut)
Billboard Japan Adult Contemporary Airplay: #76 (Debut)
Source: Billboard | Joao | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Covers Spanish Airline Magazine RONDA
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 16-Mar-2010, 6:08AM EDT
Mariah is featured on the cover of the March 2010 issue of Iberia Airlines' on-board magazine RONDA.

"I consider myself a survivor and a very optimistic person, nobody discourages me"

Singer, lyricist, producer, actress and philanthropist, Mariah Carey is back on the crest of the wave. After a hit album (Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel) and single (Obsessed), and following appearances at President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony and Michael Jackson's funeral, the pop star has now returned to the cinema screen in Precious, where she plays a social worker trying to help an adolescent single mother, who is pregnant with her second child.

Seated on the sofa in a small lounge in a Beverly Hills hotel, the great diva sips an espresso while her makeup artist applies the final touches for the photo session. Venus Mimi, as her friends call her, looks relaxed and contented. She is in a good mood, and is keen to talk about her latest work in front of the movie camera, her music, her philanthropic work (the singer has made generous contributions to organizations like the Fresh Air Fund and the Make A Wish Foundation) and, in passing, her underprivileged childhood. After her role in Precious, she is now releasing Angels Advocate, a collection of duets with some of her favorite artists.

What does it mean for you to go back to acting?
Finding new expression for the other side of my creativity, which I haven't been able to show until now. Working on Precious was an extraordinary opportunity to bring out the other part of what's inside me.

Do you identify in any way with Precious, the film's protagonist?
I'd say I do, yes, because when I was small I always considered myself different from everyone else. When you come from an interracial family – my father is Afro-American and my mother is white – it's very hard to blend into a group. People don't consider you either black or white, so I always felt very isolated.

What would you say you are?
My mother taught me to answer that question by saying I'm multiracial. The term then became 'biracial'. What people are afraid of saying is that they're half black and half white, so they have to invent exotic names to define themselves or feel more easily accepted.

What was your childhood like?
My parents got divorced, and I travelled around with my mother from place to place, continually changing schools and living on very little money. It was a very tough childhood, and let's just say I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, I remember sitting in my mother's broken-down old Dodge and seeing people go past in ordinary cars, and thinking: 'When I grow up, I'm not going to have a car like this one. I'm going to escape poverty and I'm going to sing, which is what makes me happy.' I experienced situations I don't dare talk about in public, but some day I'll write about it.

Why don't you do that now?
Because a lot of the things that happened to me during childhood weren't my fault. The blame lies with other people, and I wouldn't like to hurt them by publishing my memoirs. I'll get them ready little by little, though, perhaps with the help of other members of my family. The chairman of my record company wants to make a documentary about my life, and he wants to make it now. I understand his reasons, but first I've got to talk to other people and reach an agreement with them before publishing my memoirs. I don't want fights or unpleasantness with anybody.

Yours is seen as something of a Cinderella story...
Yes, but the perception's wrong because Prince Charming turned out to be a dud. It took me a long time to realize the relationship had turned so sour, but when I did, I got out of it. When you're successful in life and things are going well for you professionally, you don't think you deserve all the good things that are happening to you. You boycott yourself, and that's what I did by choosing the wrong person.

You're referring to Tommy Mottola, your ex-husband and promoter. And yet it was your brother Morgan who helped you at the start of your career...
Yes, he paid for my first demo, which cost 5,000 dollars at the time. Morgan always believed in me. 'My little sister's going to be a star come day,' he used to tell everybody. I've sung ever since I learned to talk. My mother (Patricia Carey) was an opera singer. She trained at the Julliard School and by 16 was already singing at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Your mother is Irish and your father is Afro-American with Venezuelan roots. How did they meet?
It was in Brooklyn Heights, when she and a friend were trying to discover the whereabouts of Yul Brynner, who apparently lived around there at the time. My father, who'd been in the army, had a shaved head, and although he's black, his skin is very pale. My mother and her friend mistook him for Yul Brynner until another friend of theirs pointed out their mistake, but it meant they met each other.

What have you learned from your parents?
To have faith in God. My mother used to say to me: 'Don't say "if" I manage it, but "when" I manage it.' That reaffirmed my determination to do things as well as I can, and to accomplish my objectives in every aspect of my life. That's how I've managed to get up after every fall and carry on. I consider myself a survivor and a very optimistic person. Nobody knocks me down.

Is that the message you'd like to send your fans?
Yes, I'm in a position where my responsibility is to set a good example, and that's something I take very seriously. I don't want it to be thought that the person who writes lyrics about not being swept away by mad moments or bad influences is someone who throws in the towel at the first sign of trouble. I adore my fans, I feel unconditional love for them. They're like my family. I don't have any children, but even if I never had any, I wouldn't feel deprived.

You're also interested in people less privileged than yourself, to judge by your philanthropic work...
I help as much as I can. Through my foundation, Camp Mariah, which is associated with the Fresh Air Foundation, I try to help children from underprivileged neighborhoods in New York State, most of whom have never left their street, to discover other places and other children by spending a few weeks in a camp surrounded by nature. Their eyes are opened to all sorts of activities that could lead them to a future profession. They learn photography, painting, handicrafts, singing and dance, and find out they have talents they never knew about. That fills me with satisfaction.

Going back to your childhood wish, it seems to have come true with a vengeance. Do you feel satisfied?
Very, I'm tremendously grateful. I went from the old Dodge to the New York subway, and later to a limousine, which I've donated to my parish. I don't need a car, I only use it for work. When I travel, though, I go by private jet on medical orders. I have to take good care of my voice (laughter).

What goals still remain for you to accomplish?
Now that I'm married again, I'd like to form a family, but if it can't be, as I said before, I'll content myself with continuing to progress as an artist and a human being. This year I went on a concert tour with my new album. So much travelling is tough, but I love being in direct contact with the public.

Besides music and film, you have other commercial interests like drinks, cosmetics and perfumes. Are you afraid of being made redundant?
I love being busy. And what's more, you have to be realistic. The traditional music industry is in a bad way. The sales of CDs have fallen drastically, and it's all because the top executives in the music industry didn't realize how the internet was going to change the way the fans consumed music. To be able to carry on doing the work we enjoy, we musicians and singers now have to go out and earn our living. People listen to my music almost for free these days, but I still make money by doing other things that allow me to keep composing my songs and recording new albums. Creation should have no limits.

If you want to own this magazine, get it here.
Source: RONDA Magazine | Scans & Translation: Jeremy

Mariah Scores 21 Weeks at #1 in Brazil
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 15-Mar-2010, 5:05PM EDT
Mariah's cover of Foreigner's 1984 hit, "I Want To Know What Love Is," continues to dominate the Brazilian Airplay Chart - posting its 21st consecutive week at #1!

A Surprise "Up Out My Face" Performance Soon
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 15-Mar-2010, 7:07AM EDT
Mariah reveals on her Twitter:

Mariah Carey "Up out my face" feat/Nikki Minaj on vh1 soul bc2bc w/ love takes time(4 the nostalgia, I guess) there MAY be a suprise performance soon: )
Source: --

Mariah's Beauty Confessions
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 14-Mar-2010, 8:15PM EDT
Mariah Carey shares her top skincare secrets and hair rescuers in the April 2010 issue of UK's Cosmopolitan magazine.


What's the number one beauty tip you've been given?
"Always avoid the sun to save your skin from getting sun damage."

How do you take care of your best assets?
"Treat yourself with love and care."

What was the inspiration behind your new fragrance, Forever?
"Like all of my fragrances, Forever was inspired by my real-life experiences and the memories I cherish the most. It's about enjoying being a woman, no matter where or when you are. It's a floral fragrance that captures this wonderful time in my life where I'm surrounded by all the things I love."

Is fragrance important?
"Fragrance can be so powerful and really influence your mood. The right fragrance can make you feel glamorous, sensual and sexy."

Which part of your body do you feel most comfortable with?
"That's a tough one – we all have our own insecurities!"

What's your favourite makeup look?
"Usually I like natural makeup for the daytime, but I love working with a makeup artist to make me look glamorous too."

How do you like to pamper yourself?
"With indulgent baths or a swim in the ocean."

Do you wear the same fragrance daily?
"I like to wear different fragrances depending on the occasion, but it's important to me that a fragrance is timeless. It's not really about age or time of day."

What or who makes you feel beautiful?
"My husband, Nick."

How do you look after your hair?
"I love to use hair masks enriched with aloe vera and olive oil. And I swear by hair cholesterol treatments to keep it healthy and nourished."

Mariah's beauty icon.
"Marilyn Monroe."

Mariah's beauty must-haves.
"I can't live without lip gloss, SPF30 tinted moisturiser and matte brown eyeshadow."
Source: Cosmopolitan UK | Scan: Alison | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Lends Vocals to School Gyrls' "Get Like Me"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 13-Mar-2010, 5:55AM EST
The School Gyrls latest single "Get Like Me" from the group's upcoming self-titled debut album is being released digitally on March 16th. The song was co-written by Nick Cannon and Mariah and even features Mariah on background vocals. You can listen to a 30-second preview at

The School Gyrls, which comprise of teens Mandy Moseley, Monica Anne Parales, and Jacque Rae Pyles; are signed to Nick's NCredible Entertainment.

The School Gyrls talk about working with Mariah:

Since you work so closely with Nick, do you get to hang with Mariah Carey at all?
Mandy: We actually got to met her for the first time at Nick's house. When I met her, she was like, "You're Mandy Rain right?" And I was like, "Uhhhh..." [Laughs] She replied with, "I heard [School Gyrls soundtrack tune] 'Detention.' Girl, you are a powerhouse!" I was speechless!

Monica: Miss Mariah Carey has definitely been supportive of the School Gyrls. She actually features on one of our songs called "Get Like Me." It was written by her and Nick. When we were recording the song, she was very hands-on with the sound–like, for example, if the music changed she would be concerned about it. [Laughs] She also came to visit us on set while [we were] filming the movie. She's super sweet and we are so very blessed that we got to work with such an amazing, beautiful, singer.

Nick Reveals Mariah's "Big Surprise"
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Mar-2010, 6:55PM EST
Mariah Carey sure knows how to stir the pot.

The 39-year-old diva sent bloggers into a frenzy when she teased on the Oscars red carpet that she has "something special on the way." Of course that means she's preggers, right?

We caught up with Carey's other half, Nick Cannon, who let us in on a little secret...

"It's funny because the big surprise has to do with Home Shopping Network or something like that," Cannon revealed at the Stars & Strikes Fundraiser supporting APCH at PINZ in Studio City. "She has a new product coming out. It has nothing to do with kids."

Mimi may not have a bun in the oven just yet, but that doesn't mean it won't happen soon. "We would have a beautiful baby, wouldn't we?" Cannon said. "We're laying the foundation right now. We just got a home out here and all that stuff, and Mariah just came off tour, so we'll see what happens."

In the meantime, the sexy songbird and her hubby are just enjoying married life. "What people don't understand is Mariah has the funniest sense of humor ever," Cannon gushed. "She's hilarious. We always have a good time."
Source: E! Online

MDJ Reader Responds to 'Truth about Nursing' Outburst
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Mar-2010, 6:15PM EST
We have received an enormous amount of e-mails in response to The Truth About Nursing outburst at Mariah Carey and her video "Up Out My Face." Unfortunately, we can't post all of them but we have one that we want to share with you.

Andrew, a nurse practitioner and a Mariah fan, sends us a copy of his e-mail to the board of directors at The Truth About Nursing. He tells us, "I felt I had to stand up for Mariah Carey and fight back!"

To Whom It May Concern at The Truth about Nursing:

I think your newest conquest to banish Mariah Carey's new video "Up Out My Face" is asinine and misguided. As a homosexual male nurse practitioner, I am exhausted with the efforts of such organizations as yours fighting battles that are not worth fighting in healthcare. And claiming that you speak for all nurses? Hardly the case!

On your home page you describe Mariah Carey in just as despicable a way, verbally, as she portrays you (nurses) creatively... "but it has often seemed that she doesn't have much to say with it, except: 'I want to be rich, famous, and adored, and if my voice doesn't convince you, how about my body?' Carey has been so well-known for doing whatever is necessary to advance her career that she inspired a 2004 Sonic Youth song about it." Is Mariah Carey well-known for doing "whatever is necessary to advance her career?" I've certainly never heard such a thing. I think she would disagree with the above subjective jargon as would you if someone made the same opinionated comment toward your efforts in life.

That statement is as much an opinion about her character as her video is about yours. She deserves an apology from your organization for judging her character and relegating her to merely a physical icon void of intellect, talent, and compassion. This statement is utterly preposterous and how you can allow such nonsense to be on the front page of your website is just as unacceptable as her imagery of nurses as "naughty."

Healthcare is in a quorum at this present moment. We are on the brink of such profound changes in medical history that our very careers and lives of our future generations hinge upon our actions now. Our passion directed to ridiculous pop culture is an utter waste of time. How about we redirect our passions from individuals creatively expressing themselves to furthering access of care for our nation and the world?

If we are going to hunt down the naughty nurse persona and fight back with our own inadequate arguments, why don't we make it consistent and go after the costume shops, the porn industry, the countless children that dress up as doctors and nurses during Halloween? Why don't we fight for a federal mandate to hinder females from wearing tight fitting white nursing outfits if they have cleavage, for fear that they may be interpreted as "naughty?" Why don't we get off our moral, hypocritical nursing high horses?

Additionally, why don't we fight the stereotype that all male nurses are gay? As a gay male nurse practitioner, I'm not at all offended by the jokes and innuendos. Are you? Are others? My skills, intelligence, and passion for patient care speak volumes and subsequently, I am respected – regardless my sexual proclivities.

In conclusion, I polled the nurses at my hospital regarding the above topic and not a single nurse agreed with your outburst. As a gay male, who has battled stereotypes all of my life, professionally and otherwise, I would encourage you all to begin fighting battles in nursing that "all" nurses really want to fight.

Thanks for your consideration to the above. I would hope that you would see the necessity to apologize to Mariah Carey for the above offenses made to her on behalf of your organization.

Andrew Sheppard RN, MSN, FNP-C, CEN, CCRN
Family Nurse Practitioner - Cardiothoracic Surgery
Source: --

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Mar-2010, 2:37PM EST
• Precious is now available on Demand, Satellite, Digital download and game consoles. Get it here! At iTunes, Precious is currently #6 on Top Sales and #1 on Top Rentals.

• Oscars behind the scenes: 3:21 P.M. Mariah Carey arrives on the red carpet after sleeping in. "I didn't even know I was coming until two hours ago!" she tells Us.

• FHM Magazine is holding its annual readers poll to compile the list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Mariah has already been nominated by the readers, and now it's time to vote! Results will be revealed in May 2010.

• Rihanna was recently on the Australian radio show, Kyle & Jackie O Show. The segment was about award shows and they asked her if she's ever been starstruck when meeting a celebrity. "I remember I met Mariah Carey. That was the beginning of my career. I couldn't believe that she was right there. She just looked so fake like a doll." Listen below.

• Upper Deck Company will be issuing special Baseball chase cards sets for collectors that will include limited short print inserts featuring newsworthy individuals in politics and baseball. Also included as short prints are some of Hollywood's most celebrated couples in caricature form like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer; Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise; and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. There are a total of 10 such duos, so keep your eyes peeled and join in the chase. Random packs are available at Wal-Mart and Target stores.

• In 2003, Mariah said she'd never do the fluorescent lighting scene again but in 2009 Mariah does the movie Precious and she is ranting about the bleak lighting. Watch a funny video clip taken from the making of "Boy (I Need You)," as edited by Tina.

• Below are scans from recent issues of Veja (São Paulo, Brazil), Trendi and Ilta-Sanomat (Finland), Marie Claire and Grazia (France), In Touch (Germany), and Joy (Romania).

Australia: The "Angels Cry" Remix has entered the Australian Urban Singles chart at #29.

Japan: Universal Music Japan has created this flash video that can be embedded on websites to promote the "Angels Cry" Remix video.

Philippines: Debuting at #2 last week, Mariah's "Angels Cry" Remix feat. Ne-Yo advanced a notch to take the top spot as the most played song on Metro Manila's RX 93.1 FM. "Up Out My Face" is still at the Wanna Be's list. To vote, text the message: "RX Angels Cry (or Up Out My Face)" to 2299.

Romania: Today is Mariah Carey Day on Radio Magic FM. There will be a lot of Mariah's hits played during the day and some contests that listeners can be part of and win prizes like Mariah CDs.

United Kingdom:
• Precious will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on May 24, 2010. UK fans can pre-order the movie on either HMV or Play for £12.99.

• Tom from Edge Hill University sent in a screen capture of an (alleged) answer by a student in an exam. The question was "What is the highest frequency noise that a human can register?" A student wrote "Mariah Carey."

• Mariah's compilation albums The Ballads and Love Songs are on sale at HMV for £4.99 and £6.99, respectively.

• Our friends from Lambs Go Hard have created new and really nice Do-It-Yourself T-shirt designs. Check them out!

• Fan Art. Eric (edited "Angels Cry" cover); Darko, Fabio, Sharwaan and Jukie (wallpapers); Jose (drawing); and Sammy ("Up Out My Face" PJs).

• Our 2008 M Factor winner Rocky Heron recorded a Ukulele cover of Mariah's "For the Record" here, and Chris Cole, an acoustic cover of "Always Be My Baby" here. Be sure to leave your comments!

• Mariah fan Josh Source had recorded a new video of him impersonating Mariah and singing "Fly Like a Bird." Check it out here.

• Alex from Germany has launched a new Mariah Carey fan site, Mariah Tribute Collection. She has written a Mariah-inspired book called "Honey Holidays," click here for book details. And Sue Ann from France on her new French messageboard, MC-France.

• Joty from Belgium made a remix of "Up Out My Face" mashing it with Flashdance's "What A Feeling." Check it out here.

• Margaret from Germany has filmed a makeup tutorial for the Mariah Carey look in "Honey" Remix here.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kerry | Lionsgate | Oualid | Bernard | Jukie | Dean | Tom | Michael | Tina | Josh | Jucimário | Mario | Manuela | Darko | Alex | Margaret | Fabio | Sammy | Eric | Sharwaan | Regina | Jose | Chris | Jessica from FHM | Tim | Lindy | Rocky | Joty

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Mar-2010, 9:39AM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated March 20, 2010.

"Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #44 (Last week: #43)
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #43 (Last week: #42)

"Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo
Billboard Adult Contemporary: #30 (Debut)
Billboard Adult R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #35 (Last week: #37)

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Billboard 200: #127 (Last week: #66)
Sales this week: 5,077 (-38%)
Total Sales: 450,358
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #29 (Last week: #19)
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher

Nurses to Mariah: Quit the Naughty Routine
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 12-Mar-2010, 9:13AM EST
The folks at the Truth About Nursing, a Baltimore-based group concerned about demeaning portrayals of nurses have a new target: Mariah Carey.

Yep, you heard that right. The pop star's video for her song "Up Out My Face" takes the naughty nurse stereotype to a new level of low, according to Sandy Summers, the group's director. Complete with a booty-grazing nurse outfit, white cap and stockings, Mariah's version of naughty nurse has real nurses in an uproar, apparently.

They dissect the video and the lyrics here. The group has even launched a letter writing campaign urging Ms. Carey herself to "make amends by withdrawing the video from all distribution, avoiding the stereotype in the future and publicly apologizing to the nursing profession (in a music video perhaps!)."
Source: Baltimore Sun

Video: Backstage Interview at the Spirit Awards
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Mar-2010, 6:34PM EST
Lee Daniels, Gabourey Sidibe and Mariah Carey spoke to the press backstage at the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Friday, March 5.

What is your Oscar tradition in the past?
Gabourey: "Usually during the Oscars I'm pissed off that there's a new Simpsons episode. This time I'll be paying attention because I'll be there and so that will be nice.

What's next for you?
Gabourey: "I just did a..."
Mariah: "[Whispers to Gabourey] World domination."
Gabourey: "World domination!"
Lee: "Spoken like Mariah."
Gabourey: "She gives me all my bad ideas [laughs]."
Source: Peter Knegt from indieWIRE

Billboard Box Score: Mariah's Shows in Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Mar-2010, 9:50AM EST
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's two concerts at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles, California in its 3/20/10 issue.

Date: February 23-24, 2010
Venue: Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Citywalk in L.A.
Gross: $1,107,515
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 10,741 / 11,882
Sellout %: 90.4%
Ticket Price Range: $250.75, $69.75
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Billboard Box Score: Sold Out Show in Phoenix!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Mar-2010, 9:49AM EST
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona in its 3/20/10 issue.

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2010
Venue: Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona
Gross: $319,355
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 4,860 / 4,860
Sellout %: 100.0%
Ticket Price Range: $150.50, $49.50
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Billboard Box Score: Mariah's Show in Houston
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Mar-2010, 9:49AM EST
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas in its 3/20/10 issue.

Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Venue: Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas
Gross: $247,668
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 2,505 / 2,627
Sellout %: 95.4%
Ticket Price Range: $175.75, $59.75
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Billboard Box Score: Sold Out Shows in Chicago!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 11-Mar-2010, 9:48AM EST
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's two concerts at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois in its 3/20/10 issue.

Date: February 13-14, 2010
Venue: Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL
Gross: $726,591
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 7,034 / 7,034
Sellout %: 100.0%
Ticket Price Range: $147, $66
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Billboard: "Angels Cry" Remix Debuts at #30 on AC
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 10-Mar-2010, 6:25PM EST
Mariah Carey makes her 28th visit to the Adult Contemporary chart, as "Angels Cry" starts at No. 30. The song marks the first appearance on the list for featured artist Ne-Yo.

The ballad is the second song from Carey's album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" to reach the tally, following the No. 10-peaking "I Want to Know What Love Is." Carey had not charted two tracks from the same album on Adult Contemporary since the title cut from "Butterfly" (No. 11) and "My All" (No. 18) in 1997-98.

First released on "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" without Ne-Yo, the new version of "Angels Cry" previews Carey's duets/remix album "Angels Advocate," due March 30.
Source: Billboard

Def Jam Honcho Dodged the Music
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 10-Mar-2010, 8:16AM EST
Def Jam CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid canceled a key speech at a top music event with his staff claiming his son was seriously ill -- but he really panicked over facing questions about his future with the label, sources tell Page Six.

Hundreds of top music industry suits paid up to $1,000 each to hear Reid speak at the Billboard 2010 Music & Money Symposium at the St. Regis last week.

But hours before the talk, delegates were told that his son was in the hospital with a head injury and needed surgery. Reid has four sons, from 6 to 29 years old, as well as a daughter, 8.

"There was speculation among other music executives that this was not entirely the truth. Reid didn't want to answer questions about his future with Island Def Jam," a source said. "The move left organizers panicked with no speaker with just hours to go. Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff agreed to stand in."

The Post's Peter Lauria reported last month that R&B impresario Reid is under pressure to break a cold streak following the promotion of Lucian Grainge to CEO of Universal Music Group, which owns Island Def Jam. Following disappointing sales from artists including Rihanna and Mariah Carey, Reid has been ordered to rein in his spending and bring in a hit.

A friend of the dapper Reid -- one of the most powerful men in the US music business -- told us, "L.A. had to cancel because he was called away on family business, not because his son was ill. That was just a story that went around. He isn't afraid to answer questions about his future with the label. He is about to sign J.Lo [Jennifer Lopez] and isn't going anywhere."

A rep for Island Def Jam said, "It was unfortunate, but he was called out of town on personal business and hopes to be able to participate in a future symposium." Billboard declined to comment.
Source: New York Post

Mariah Carey Wants a Piece of Woody Allen
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 09-Mar-2010, 10:51PM EST
Before casting his next film, Woody Allen may want to check out Precious. (But not Glitter!)


Mariah Carey tells me that the legendary filmmaker is her dream director.

"I've never met him, but Bullets Over Broadway is one of my favorite movies ever," Carey told me at the Oscars. "I can quote every word. I think it's amazing."

Sounds like Carey has learned a lesson or two from her glittery flop. "I'm going to try to be careful about what I do," she said. "You've got to work with people who bring you to another level, and you have to surround yourself with people you can fully give yourself to."
Source: Marc Malkin - E! Online

Precious Out on DVD and Blu-ray Today!
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 09-Mar-2010, 11:25AM EST
The highly-acclaimed Lee Daniels' drama Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire, starring Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique and Mariah Carey, is now out in stores!

You can also purchase Precious online at DVD for $16.99 or Blu-ray for $22.99. Get your copy today!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

More Videos: Mariah's Oscar Red Carpet Interviews
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 09-Mar-2010, 9:46AM EST
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Scores Five Months At #1!
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 08-Mar-2010, 6:02PM EST
Congratulations to Mariah for topping the Brazilian Airplay Chart for 20 consecutive weeks with "I Want To Know What Love Is!" Mariah's cover of the Foreigner classic has been at #1 since October 2009 and it is the biggest hit of 2010 so far in Brazil. "I Want To Know What Love Is" also has the distinction of being the longest chart-topper in the history of the Crowley Broadcast Analysis.

Many thanks to the Brazilian fans who have supported Mariah! Great job!!

Mariah and Nick Talk Fashion On Oscar Red Carpet
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 08-Mar-2010, 9:18AM EST
For her role as social worker Miss Weiss in the Academy Award-nominated film "Precious," Mariah Carey underwent a drastic make-under, sporting a mustache, mousey tresses and dowdy clothes that left the otherwise-glamorous singer nearly unrecognizable.

But, as any red-carpet-watcher would expect, Carey was nothing short of stunning when MTV News caught up with her and husband Nick Cannon at the Academy Awards, where the two joked about getting dressed for the big night.

"Of course, she tells me what she's going to wear, and I go pull something out of the laundry hamper and iron it and put it on," Cannon joked. "But she's fabulous."

"He doesn't hardly iron a thing," Carey laughed.

"Yeah, I don't know how to iron," Cannon admitted. "I'm surprised this isn't wrinkled now."

Carey's purple gown clearly didn't come out of a dirty-clothes hamper, but instead of trying on a slew of dresses from different designers, Carey streamlined her wardrobe-selection process by working directly with Valentino.

"We worked with them and did a lot of different sketches and stuff. We just thought it would be a nice moment, a leg moment for a different thing," Carey said, good-naturedly referencing her frequently exposed décolletage.

"What if I had my leg out?" Nick asked.
"You could start a new trend," Carey said.
"What if I had a split from the top of my pants?"
"You do you, man," she said. "That's why I love you."

Precious won 2 out of the six awards it was nominated for at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards: Geoffrey Fletcher for "Writing - Adapted Screenplay" and Mo'Nique for "Actress in a Supporting Role." Congratulations!
Source: MTV News

Videos: Mariah's Red Carpet Interviews at the Oscars
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 07-Mar-2010, 9:11PM EST
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Sam

Photos: Mariah Arrives at the Oscars
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 07-Mar-2010, 7:56PM EST
Below are photos of Mariah arriving on the red carpet at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California on Sunday, March 7, 2010.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Acting Projects for Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 07-Mar-2010, 10:09AM EST
Mariah Carey was her usual fabulous diva self backstage at the Film Independent Spirit Awards -- tottering around on skyscraper heels so high she couldn't walk and having security prop her up all night.

The star, upstaging other actresses in a tight black dress showing off her famous curves, was celebrating her cast mates from "Precious," which swept the board at Friday night's awards at the LA Live arena -- seen as a more relaxed precursor to the Oscars.

Carey -- who famously once said, "I don't do stairs" -- had personal security to help her totter onstage. And she further fuelled baby rumors by telling Page Six that she had "something special" on the way.

A source said, "Mariah came out as a presenter but she was having trouble in her heels, which were eight inches high and so spiky, she accidentally stabbed herself in one foot before she was helped onstage.

"She seemed to be the only star hanging onto personal security. Outside the press area she seemed really giddy and was overheard saying jokingly, 'I don't know if I can do this!' And she didn't arrive and leave through an elevator like the other stars. She had a BMW limo pull right up to the stage."

Celebrating without husband Nick Cannon backstage, Carey did nothing to stop rumors that she's pregnant or ready to adopt, telling us, "I have a lot of new acting projects coming up. I am talking to ['Precious' director Lee Daniels] about at least three movies. But there's also something else very special on the way. I can't say any more."

"Precious" dominated the Spirits, winning Best Feature, Best Director, Best First Screenplay for Geoffrey Fletcher, Best Female Lead for Gabourey Sidibe and Best Supporting Female for Mo'Nique.
Source: New York Post

"Everybody Hurts" Music Video Feat. Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 06-Mar-2010, 6:37PM EST
Watch the music video for the Haiti charity single "Everybody Hurts" (Alternative Mix) featuring Mariah Carey below.

The U.K. charity single for Haiti relief, a cover version of REM's "Everybody Hurts" featuring Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue, Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, Susan Boyle, Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams, etc. is available for download on iTunes USA. You can purchase the 2-track Helping Haiti Everybody Hurts single for $2.58, or individually: 1. Everybody Hurts ($1.29)
2. Everybody Hurts (Alternative Mix) ($1.29).
Source: Chimology | Adam

Videos: Mariah & Precious at Spirit Awards
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 06-Mar-2010, 5:25AM EST
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah at the Spirits Awards
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 06-Mar-2010, 5:17AM EST
Below are photos of Mariah at the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards held at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles, California on Friday, March 5, 2010.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Exclusive Photos: Mariah at the Spirit Awards
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 06-Mar-2010, 1:48AM EST
Our dear friend Carlo from EXTRA snapped some pictures of Mariah as they were interviewing her on the red carpet at tonight's Independent Spirit Awards. Thanks Carlo!

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Precious 5 out of 5 at Spirit Awards
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 06-Mar-2010, 1:31AM EST
Congratulations! Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire won all five awards it was nominated for, including the coveted Best Feature film honor, at tonight's 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards held at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California.

Best Feature
Best Director - Lee Daniels
Best First Screenplay - Geoffrey Fletcher
Best Female Lead - Gabourey Sidibe
Best Supporting Female - Mo'Nique

Photos and videos coming soon. Stay tuned!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah to Attend Tonight's Spirit Awards
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 05-Mar-2010, 3:33PM EST
Mariah is confirmed to attend the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California tonight, March 5. Her film, Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire has five nominations, including the coveted Best Feature film honor, to lead the pack heading into tonight's awards presentation.

BEST FEATURE - Producers: Lee Daniels, Gary Magness, Sarah Siegel-Magness
BEST FEMALE LEAD - Gabourey Sidibe

The Spirit Awards will air live tonight at 8:00pm PST/11:00 pm EST on the Independent Film Channel.
Source: Spirit Awards | MariahDailyJournal

Billboard Update: Memoirs Takes a Huge Leap on BB200
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 05-Mar-2010, 9:33AM EST
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated March 13, 2010.

"Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #43 (Last week: #39)
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #42 (Last week: #38)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #153
Downloads this week:
  Original: 1,984 (+19%)
  Remix: 9,717 (-46%)
  Total: 11,701 (-41%)
Total Downloads:
  Original: 16,325
  Remix: 27,820
  Total: 44,145

"Angels Cry" feat. Ne-Yo
Billboard Adult R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #37 (Last week: #37)
Billboard Yahoo Video: #8 (Last week: #6)

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Billboard 200: #66 (Last week: #124)
Sales this week: 8,139 (+59.2%)
Total Sales: 445,281
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #19 (Last week: #27)
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal

"Up Out My Face" Contest Winners Announced
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 05-Mar-2010, 9:18AM EST
Thanks to everyone who participated in our "Up Out My Face" Download Contest. Twenty-two (22) lucky fans were picked at random out of hundreds of entries received during the week of February 16 - March 1. The following will each receive a signed item by Mariah!

Theodore Winand (Wayne, NJ) first entry 2/16
Christopher Bubenik (Asheville, NC) first entry 2/23
April Rodriguez (Chicago, IL)
Benjamin Figueroa (Miami, FL)
Cassie O'Dell (Salem, OR)
Dione Gaston (Nashville, TN)
Derrick Commodore (Chestertown, MD)
James Ervine (San Jose, CA)
Jamie Hutchinson Bryan, TX
Jennifer Koncsler (Shenandoah, PA)
Ken Adams (Riverview FL)
Kevin Xiong (Cambridge, MA)
Kojiro Matsuo (Japan)
Kyle Cook (Springfield, MA)
Marcos Hernandez (San Diego, CA)
Martin Martinez (Las Vegas, NV)
Nicole Phoenix (Englewood, NJ)
Phillip Nelson (Claremore, OK)
Ryan Rastegar (Normal, IL)
Zulkarnain Barudin (Singapore)
Clayton Morar (South Africa) Twitter/Forums
Regina Yanzon (Philippines) Twitter/Forums

Congratulations, winners! Please contact us by e-mail and let us know of your mailing address.

Thanks to IDJ/Maroon Entertainment for providing the amazing prizes! Be sure to keep checking back to MariahDailyJournal for future contests.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Dominates Brazilian Airwaves
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Mar-2010, 3:54PM EST
Mariah's "I Want To Know What Love Is" continues to reign on the Brazilian Airplay Chart, recording a consecutive 19th week at #1!

If the song stays at the top next week, it will become the biggest hit ever in Brazilian airplay history.

Mariah & Nick's Signatures for Haiti Relief
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Mar-2010, 2:41PM EST

Beginning today, E! will kick off its Autographs to Help Haiti online auction to support the ongoing relief operations in Haiti and to aid those displaced by the recent disaster in Chile.

You can bid on beautifully framed Plexiglass panels signed by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and other celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake and tons more of your favorites—while knowing you're helping victims of the tragedy in Haiti.

The Mariah-Nick framed panel is being auctioned off with a starting bid of $50. Click here to bid! Auction ends Wednesday, March 10 at 6:38pm PST.
Source: E!

"Up Out My Face" Slips to #4 on BET
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Mar-2010, 9:50AM EST
"Up Out My Face" dropped 3 spots to #4 on BET's 106 & Park's "Top 10 Live" video countdown last night. Let's get it back up to #1! VOTE as many times as you can here!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Box Score: Sold Out Show in Las Vegas!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 04-Mar-2010, 9:16AM EST
Billboard has published the box score for Mariah's concert at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada in its 3/13/10 issue.

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010
Venue: The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV
Gross: $552,188
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 4,053 / 4,053
Sellout %: 100.0%
Ticket Price Range: $250, $175, $145, $75
Source: Billboard | NSwain

Five Things You Didn't Know About 'Precious'
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 03-Mar-2010, 8:17PM EST
Here are five things that you (probably) didn't know about this year's Oscar-nominated film Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' By Sapphire.

1. Helen Mirren was originally supposed to take the role of the social worker played by five-octave-spanning diva Mariah Carey. As director Lee Daniels told Essence, the much-decorated British thespian dropped out at the last minute:

"Helen Mirren fell out--she called me up and said that she had a paying job. I got a phone call like three hours later from Mariah asking me to come over to play. I said, 'No, I'm working.' I told her what I was working on and she was like I know that book. And, then I called Helen back and was like, 'What do you think of Mariah playing this role, a social worker.' She said it was genius. She said you know "If I do it Lee, it's expected but if Mariah does it, it's really unexpected."

Dame Helen may now be cursing her decision — shockingly to everyone who's seen Glitter, Mariah Carey's acting is earning some of the best reviews of her life.

2. Impress your friends at the Oscar party with the correct pronunciation of the young star's name, Gabourey Sidibe. Inherited from her Senegalese father, it's pronounced SIH-deh-bay. And if you want to be one of those annoying people who's all "I'm an entertainment insider" and calls Sandra Bullock "Sandy" and Martin Scorsese "Marty," you can make Gabourey "Gabby." Although you may want to watch what you say to Gabby anyway. One of her most-excellent quotes from a profile in New York:

"They try to paint the picture that I was this downtrodden, ugly girl who was unpopular in school and in life, and then I got this role and now I'm awesome. But the truth is that I've been awesome, and then I got this role."

3. Mariah Carey isn't the only non-conventional casting, but her glammed-down presence has still managed to overshadow Lenny Kravitz, who plays a handsome nurse. Daniels told Rolling Stone:

"From my first film, Monster's Ball, with Puffy and Mos Def to Macy Gray in Shadowboxer, Eve in The Woodsman with Kevin Bacon, a musician has been in every film I've done. I love musicians. I'm going to do a musical next year [with Kravitz]. I'm not allowed to talk about it."

4. Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood cover was widely criticized for being very white, very young, and, frankly, kind of creepy. Along with Avatar/Star Trek sylph Zoe Saldana, Sidibe was one of the less-snowy-hued actresses many felt should have been on the cover, instead of just inside. But Sidibe isn't sweating it, she tells OK!:

"Was I satisfied? Yeah, well... I mean, I come from a world where I'm not on covers and I'm not in magazines at all," she said. "And so I was happy to be in the magazine. Gabourey continued that if she was chosen for the cover, which included up-and-coming young stars Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan, Abbie Cornish, Amanda Seyfried and Anna Kendrick, she would have wondered whether she fit in.

5. The movie has inspired controversy on everything from its alleged status as "poverty porn" to Sidibe's weight to the title (the New Yorker's Anthony Lane called it "preposterous") to Mo'Nique's campaign (or lack thereof) for an Oscar. Is Mo'Nique's strategy a real disdain for the star-making machine, or a cunning way to get even more attention? Whatever it is, it's made a lot of people mad. What it's not? the Blind Side. Some have called it that movie's "reverse."

Reminder: The 82nd Annual Academy Awards will air live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California on Sunday, March 7th 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST on ABC. Hope to see Precious bag some awards!
Source: National Post

Precious Out in France, Argentina
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 03-Mar-2010, 5:59PM EST
Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' By Sapphire is out in theaters in France on Wednesday, March 3rd. Below is a photo of the Precious poster, taken by Oualid, that can be found everywhere in Paris.

Director Lee Daniels mentions Mariah in an interview with Allo Ciné.

Et pourquoi avoir casté Mariah Carey et Lenny Kravitz (photo ci-dessus)?
Lee Daniels: Déjà parce que ce sont deux de mes amis, puis parce que je pensais qu'ils avaient quelque chose à prouver sur grand écran.

And why did you cast Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz?
Lee Daniels: Already because they are two of my friends, and because I thought they had something to prove on the big screen.

Precious opens in Argentinian theaters on Thursday, March 4. View the official poster for the film here.
Source: Oualid | Allo Ciné | Andres

Thank you, MDJ Tour Correspondents!
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 03-Mar-2010, 2:38PM EST
The Angels Advocate Tour has come to a successful close. Mariah embarked on an 8-week concert tour in 20 cities with 23 stops in North America, kicking off in New York City, New York on Dec. 31, 2009 and ending in Las Vegas, Nevada on Feb. 27, 2010.

Mariah Daily Journal would like to take this opportunity to say our profuse thanks to all of our Angels Advocate tour correspondents. Thanks to you, we were able to cover every show on the tour in real time with hundreds of fans worldwide tuning in to see what was happening on stage - from every song, every quote, to every ensemble, you helped create the live experience for those who were unable to attend a show.

The MDJ Tour Correspondents

Dec. 31 - New York, New York
Danny Foglia
Denny Ours

Jan. 2 - Atlantic City, New Jersey
Jonathan Hanson

Jan. 15 - Mashantucket, Connecticut
Jonathan Hanson
Cory Robinson
Steven Jean

Jan. 16 - Mashantucket, Connecticut
Jonathan Hanson
Kyle Cook

Jan. 19 - Atlanta, Georgia
Bryson Jones
Chad Hughes

Jan. 21 - Hollywood, Florida
Brendan Swift
James Florian

Jan. 25 - Detroit, Michigan
Ronnie Thomas Asmar
Corey Wilson

Jan. 27 - Washington, D.C.
Kimy Huynh
Monique Mickens

Jan. 30 - Boston, Massachussetts
Jonathan Hanson
Randall Miner
Cory Robinson

Feb. 1 - Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Tommy Lodge
Sondra Cosby
Renee Plowden

Feb. 4 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Michael Perry
Robert Ficara

Feb. 6 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Matthew Almeida
Maurie Sherman
Atusa Bulbulian
Feb. 9 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sean Talebian
Lisa Durette
Maurie Sherman
Atusa Bulbulian

Feb. 10 - Columbus, Ohio
Dwight Campbell

Feb. 13 - Chicago, Illinois
Marleo Davis
Kevin Lee

Feb. 14 - Chicago, Illinois
Ronnie Thomas Asmar

Feb. 17 - Houston, Texas
Edward Farinas
Bryan Taft

Feb. 18 - Dallas, Texas
Frank Salazar
Alex Pacheco

Feb. 20 - Phoenix, Arizona
Alan Flynn
Richie Zamora
Mark Tellez

Feb. 23 - Los Angeles, California
Laritza Chavez
Pablo Romero
Marco Salas

Feb. 24 - Los Angeles, California
Felix Vazquez Jr.
Josh Rojas
Kiesha Kelsey

Feb. 26 - Oakland, Califronia
Rosana Garcia
Lariah Enriquez
Sophia Perez

Feb. 27 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Armando Herrera
Cory Robinson
Hugo Flores

We would also like to thank everyone who sent in reviews, pictures, audio and video! Thanks for sharing them with us. Be sure to visit our Tour Section to get the complete coverage of the Angels Advocate tour.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"Up Out My Face" Back at #1 on BET!
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 02-Mar-2010, 9:42PM EST
"Up Out My Face" jumps back to #1 in its 14th day on BET's 106 & Park's "Top 10 Live" countdown. The video's rankings since its Feb. 9th debut are as follows: 10-0-7-4-2-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-2-2-1.

Let's keep Mariah at #1! Please keep voting for "Up Out My Face" as many times as you can by clicking on the BET icon on the top banner or this link. You can also vote by sending the text message MCAR to 79922.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Robyn

Full Audio: Angels Advocate in Las Vegas, NV
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 02-Mar-2010, 8:26AM EST
The full audio of Mariah's final Angels Advocate show at Caesars Palace's The Colosseum in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, February 27, 2010 is below! You can either download each song individually, or the whole show at once. Audio recorded by MariahDailyJournal.

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. Don't Forget About Us
05. Fly Like a Bird
06. Make It Happen
07. Angels Cry
08. Always Be My Baby
09. It's Like That
10. The Impossible
 --  Rock With You (Trey Lorenz)
11. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
12. Honey
13. My All
14. Obsessed
15. Up Out My Face
16. We Belong Together
17. Hero
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Carey Powers-Up Party
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 02-Mar-2010, 8:20AM EST
Mariah Carey was nearly two hours late for her final concert in Las Vegas. The diva had problems with her vocal cords and demanded to see her doctor before she finally got on stage at the Pearl Concert Theater Saturday night. But Carey still had energy for her after-party at club Haze.

A source said, "Ciara was performing as Mariah arrived, so she waited in the car, saying she didn't want to upstage her." Finally inside, Carey danced and drank champagne until she received a text from hubby Nick Cannon saying, "Come home." Mariah raced back to their hotel.
Source: New York Post

More Photos: Mariah at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 01-Mar-2010, 10:50PM EST
Mariah Carey brings her tour to a close at The Colosseum
By Robin Leach , Las Vegas Sun

It seems every time superstar singer Mariah Carey plays Las Vegas, she moves up the odds. Last year, she had two sold-out concert weekends at the 1,800-seat Pearl Theater in the Palms. This year, Mariah decided to close her The Angels Advocate Tour in the 4,500-seat Colosseum at Caesars Palace with one final blowout show, which also was a sell-out.

Fans loved her and the show. Mariah has been out on the road crisscrossing the country in support of her hit album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and the Caesars Palace performance was the final stop of the tour.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

"Up Out My Face" Holds Steady at #2 on BET
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 01-Mar-2010, 4:43PM EST
"Up Out My Face" remains at #2 in its 13th day on BET's 106 & Park's "Top 10 Live" countdown. The video's rankings since its Feb. 9th debut are as follows: 10-0-7-4-2-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-2-2.

Get it back up to #1! Please keep voting for "Up Out My Face" as many times as you can by clicking on the BET icon on the top banner or this link. You can also vote by sending the text message MCAR to 79922.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Robyn

Photos: Mariah at The Colosseum, Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 01-Mar-2010, 1:39PM EST
Mariah concluded her Angels Advocate Tour with a final performance at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas on Saturday, February 27, 2010. Below are photos taken by MariahDailyJournal.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Fan Photos/Reviews: Mariah in Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 01-Mar-2010, 1:29PM EST
[Thanks to Gilbert, Jimmy, Hugo, Richard, Juan & Ken!]


Armando Herrera (Tour Correspondent): "Being the 5th time I see the Angels Advocate Tour live, I have to say this was definitely the best show. Although Mariah was a bit late, her musical timing and vocals were right on the mark. Only disappointment on my end was that she cut It's A Wrap. In other concerts, it appeared MC would 'lip' certain notes but I guarantee that she put alot more into the final show. Highlights of the concert: at the beginning, Mariah's skirt was having difficulties coming off. Was kind of cute that she kept taking 'lady like splashes,' and on a personal level I was in the best company possible, LA tour correspondent Felix and I sat together with our significant others and danced and sang the whole time. This was truly a 'One in a million' show."

Hugo Flores (Tour Correspondent): "This was the second show on the tour that I was lucky enough to attend. Seeing Mariah is always an incredible experience, sharing the experience of enjoying that amazing talent of a voice that she has is incredible, seeing people react the same way that you feel when she sings those songs that are all so familiar to us, and ofcourse those magnificent high notes. Her stage presence is always a blast, love her fun interaction with the audience while sipping and taking 'lady like sips' of splashes of champagne. Glamorous, elegant and sophisticated are all qualities we've come to expect from Mariah and she definitely delivered! Being able to communicate all that was happening as a tour correspondent to the people who were not able to attend was also a rewarding experience, thank you for allowing me to share the live updates! And thank you Mariah for the spledor you being us all! It was truly a show full of 'spectacularity'."

Gilbert Quintana: "Only Mariah Carey could elicit cheers from a Las Vegas crowd after being an hour-and-25 minutes late (a mere blink of an eye in Divaland) to her own concert. That was pretty much the scene at the Colosseum on the final night of the Angels Advocate Tour. In all honesty, there were a few boos every time the pre-show music (a nice mix of old-school Michael Jackson songs) was faded out only to be faded back in. Once the houselights dimmed and her name was projected on the curtain, the energy in the room seemed to shift. As with the rest of the tour, Carey made her grand entrance from the rafters, perched on a swing that was slowly lowered to the stage. 'Touch My Body,' 'My All,' 'Always Be My Baby,' 'Angels Cry,' etc. proved to be an entertaining mix – enough to satiate fans of her older material and please newer fans. (I personally felt a surge of delight when my best friend Candice – a Mimi neophyte – squealed with excitement as Mariah belted the bridge to 'Make It Happen.') 'It's A Wrap' was almost performed, but she changed her mind and said, 'I'll catch you next time with that one.' Although a few fan-favorites were omitted, a few pleasant surprises were thrown in ('Love Hangover/Heartbreaker' and 'Don't Forget About Us'). The set list was dangerously close to that of last autumn's shows at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms, but a few subtle changes provided a fresh feel for those who had been there last year. Safely closing the show with mega-hits 'We Belong Together' and 'Hero' was a smart move for the throngs of adoring fans, as well as those who came out of curiosity. Whenever Mariah simply planted her feet and sang, she proved why we just can't seem to get enough of The Voice."

Kenneth del Rosario: "Mariah has obviously saved the best for last. Anyone present during the last show of this superdiva's Angels Advocate Tour' at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas would agree that it was arguably the finest in the 8-week north American tour which kicked off in New York in early January. All the element that makes a Mariah show fantabulously great was on point: Golden voice? Check. Glamorous ensemble? In the bag. Excessive diva behavior? In full display. Sold-out crowd? Screaming for more. Festive lambs? All dolled up for the night. Proving her voice can still withstand 90 minutes of singing her own difficult songs (Mariah songs are just not crafted for easy singing), Mariah put the exclamation point in an already fabulous vocal show with two of her biggest hits--'We Belong Together' and 'Hero.' Indeed, the show was a venue for Mariah to show her fun personality as it is a showcase of her vocal prowess. When it's Mariah's voice, music, and humor that take the centerstage, no note could possibly go wrong."

Daniella Silverstein: "Me and my best friend had 8th row. It was the best concert ever. We were singing our hearts out to every song. Mariah hit every note even being sick. And put on a great performance. She was late coming out of course cuz she is a diva! Everyone was booing and we were yelling at them. We would have waited all night for her. She is beyond amazing! And so beautiful. Her wave and her batting of eyelashes... ahh we love her!"

Juan Perez: "Last night I was one of the many who got treated to the wonderful voice and presence of the one and only Mariah Carey. As always, she was amazing! After the concert ended, I made my way to Haze Nightclub to wait for Mariah to arrive. At around 2am I saw her bodyguards arrive and start talking to the club manager and staff. They started making preparations and clearing the club lines so they could rush Mariah to the waiting photographers before entering the club. It all happened so quick that I didn't have enough time to get a good photo of her. Knowing the club closes at 4am I decided to take my chances and wait for her when she left. Around 2:30am, I saw one of Mariah's bodyguards walk out the valet door and had them position Mariah's car next to the door. At this point I knew she would be leaving so I had a good chance since there wasn't alot of people in the area. I saw Michael walk out first holding Mariah's hand so they could rush out. I started calling out to her waving my Emancipation of Mimi Platinum Edition & Merry Christmas CD booklets and Sharpie so she could sign it. She told him to stop because she needed to sign it for me. I was surprised when she grabbed the 2nd booklet and sign that one too. Luckily my friend Martin was right beside me and got a picture of me holding the booklets while Mariah signed them. I got so lucky! A perfect ending to a perfect night!"
Source: MariahDailyJournal

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