April 2007

Posted by Lynn on Monday, 30-Apr-2007, 9:22AM EDT

• Mariah with her lovely pair of gams makes TMZ.com's Hollywood's Hottest Legs. The caption for Mariah reads: "Mimi's leggy look says 'Come up and see me.'" Others on the list include Carmen Electra, Carrie Underwood, Cameron Diaz, all of the Pussycat Dolls, Stacy Keibler, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Vanessa Williams, Fergie and Halle Berry.

• Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Lil Love" featuring Mariah Carey & Bow Wow Mediabase update as of 4/29/2007: 2.052M audience impressions, 106 spins.

• From Winston-Salem Journal: The worry of online confusion has even affected celebrities. In December the singer Mariah Carey appealed an application by Mary Carey, the adult entertainer, stripper and 2006 candidate for governor of California, to trademark her name. Mariah Carey, who had previously trademarked her name, contended in the appeal that she had "invested a substantial amount of time, effort and money in promoting the Mariah Carey. Based on the similarities of the parties' marks and the similarities and related nature of the goods described in the parties' application and registrations, the public is likely to mistakenly associate the goods offered" by Mary Carey, whose real name is Mary E. Cook, with those from Mariah Carey, the appeal stated. Mariah Carey won the suit, and Mary Carey can no longer be credited as such on DVDs, Web sites and in movies.

• Daniel had his Sidekick 3 customized with a Mariah Carey faceplate cover case from Crystal Icing. A picture of Mariah's face on the back is made with Swavorski Crystals. See photos below.

• From eBroadcast Australia: 12 year old singing pocket rocket Bonnie Anderson Bonnie belted out her very own rendition of the Mariah Carey gospel song Jesus What a Wonderful Child to win Australia's Got Talent grand finals.
Source: Akron Beacon Journal · Jeremy · Simona · Daniel

Site Updates
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 29-Apr-2007, 5:16PM EDT
• Voting Poll
Submit your vote in MDJ's new poll for the month of May!

Thanks for voting in our last poll where you were asked to tell us about you favorite Mariah duet. Here are the results:

1) One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men (23% · 1585 Votes)
2) Whenever You Call with Brian McKnight (15% · 1026 Votes)
3) The Beautiful Ones with Dru Hill (14% · 929 Votes)
4) Endless Love with Luther Vandross (14% · 927 Votes)
5) When You Believe with Whitney Houston (14% · 917 Votes)
6) I'll Be There with Trey Lorenz (11% · 720 Votes)
7) Thank God I Found You with Joe and 98 Degrees (6% · 393 Votes)
8) I Know What You Want with Busta Rhymes (4% · 265 Votes)

Total Votes: 6757

• Fun-tastic
Eight brand new wallpapers have been added to the Fun-tastic section of Mariah Daily Journal. Check them out below and visit the Fun-tastic section again soon for more additions.

• Song Book
Thirteen songs have been added to our Song Book section. Thanks to Joao for his help in getting the lyrics for us!

• All I Want For Christmas Is You (So So Def Remix)
• Always Be My Baby (Groove A Capella)
• Always Be My Baby (Mr. Dupri Mix)
• Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C Club Mix)
• Anytime You Need A Friend (Soul Convention Mix)
• Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)
• El Amor Que Soñe
• Emotions (12" Club Mix)
• Fantasy (Def Club Mix)
• Heroe
• Joy To The World (Celebratory Mix)
• Just Be Good To Me
• Someday (Rhythm Stick Remix)
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Video of the Week: Pavarotti & Friends - MTV News 1999
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 29-Apr-2007, 3:54PM EDT
Thanks to Elise for sending in this week's Video of the Week: Pavarotti & Friends - MTV News Weekend Edition from June 5, 1999.

Pavarotti & Friends - MTV News Weekend Edition 1999
Mpg | Size: 184.34 MB
Download: [ Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Part 4 ]

Download Instructions: Make sure you have WinRAR installed on your computer. Download all four parts into the same folder. Right-click on one of them and choose "Extract here" for the video to appear.

Bonus Videos

TV Ad for the French Daydream concert, 1996
Mpg | Size: 2.29 MB
[ Download here ]

TV Ad for NRJ France, 1996
Mpg | Size: 2.34 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal · Elise

Bryan Michael Cox Working with Mariah in Anguilla?
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 29-Apr-2007, 10:25AM EDT
Songwriter and record producer Bryan Michael Cox wrote the following blog on his MySpace page on Thursday, April 26th. It hints about a possible collaboration with Mariah Carey who is currently recording her album in Anguilla.

So, I move around so much that I don't even know where I live anymore. LOL! Then I get a phone call from one of the biggest female recording artists ever to come way to Anguilla and do some writing for her upcoming LP. Of course I came out here. And of course I can't tell you who she is until the album comes out but nonetheless, my phones don't work and I can't recieve any emails via my blackberry (excuse me, I mean "CRACKBERRY"!) However, God has a way of making a person get some rest whether or not they plan it or not! I came out here thinking that we were going to be working all day and all night, turns out we have only been working at nights. Plus I had a night off! So I have been getting my proper rest on! My mother stays on my bumpers about getting rest. Well, Mrs. Pamela Cox-Stagg would be proud to know that I have been doing just that. This place is so beautiful and because I came out here by myself, I have been able to really put a few things into perspective about my life and not JUST my life but life in general. Although I realize that I probably am a work-a-holic (because I enjoy every second of it), I am starting to see that you must take care of yourself physically, personally, and spiritually. You have to take some time to yourself to build those personal relationships properly. Everything can't be about work, work, work. We are built spiritually. We have souls. We have to feed our souls. This is where my creativity is deeply rooted in. My soul. I understand now why romantic relationships are so important to person's psyche. I used to think I knew what romance was. I was dead ass wrong! LOL. I was dead ass wrong about a lot of things but that is what this trip was really about. It was an awakening of sorts. An awakening of a person I knew long before I was making records and working so desperatly to support myself and my family. Sure, I got a lot of work done. We wrote 4 songs. 4 SMASHES! But I was able to take care of my soul for once...

Bryan Michael and Mariah collaborated in the past co-writing and producing hit songs such as "Don't Forget About Us," "Get Your Number," "Shake It Off," "The One," "I Miss You," "How Much," and "All I Want For Christmas (Remix)."
Source: Bryan Cox Music · tekce

Parade: "Mariah Will Shine in Tennessee"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 28-Apr-2007, 3:58PM EDT
From the Sunday newspaper magazine, Parade, dated April 29, 2007, Personality Parade section, page 2.

Q I hear that Mariah Carey made another film. Do you think it will bomb like Glitter? --Fun Shimabukuro, Silver Spring, Md.

A Mariah, 37, just wrapped Tennessee, playing an aspiring country singer. Since Mariah's 2001 post-Glitter breakdown, Benny Medina has managed her comeback without a misstep. We predict she'll shine.

Mariah: Dull in Glitter but should shine in new role
Source: MariahDailyJournal

MSN's Top Ten Biggest Divas
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 27-Apr-2007, 6:25PM EDT
They're talented, they're huge, they throw some big tantrums.

Getting the star treatment isn't as easy as it sounds if these ten spoiled celebs are any indication. The only thing worse than their towering expectations is knowing that there are people out there willing to meet them.

10. Linda Evangelista
9. Marcia Cross
8. Star Jones
7. Kanye West
6. Naomi Campbell
5. Diana Ross
4. Jennifer Lopez
3. Elizabeth Taylor
2. Barbra Streisand

1. Mariah Carey
The divamaniac may be improving her attitude. After all, she did fly coach to the set of her indie film Tennessee. On the other hand, she did make sure the stench of commoners didn't ruin the flight by booking out the entire section. When performing in Toronto, she put the entire show on hold when she spotted a hole in the stage she described as the size of a high-heel point. But nothing can compare to the welcome wagon she demanded upon arriving at an English hotel: red carpet and white candles. Though it was 2 in the morning, Mariah wouldn't leave her limo until the arrangements had been made. J.Lo's Cuban bread is sounding pretty good right about now.

Note: As Mariah told MTV Europe in an interview back in February, there is no truth to the rumor that she bought out every seat in economy and flew alone to the Tennessee set; and in several occasions, has denied the UK 'red carpet and white candles' welcome requirement. Ryan Porter, the writer of the article above can be reached at ryan.porter@msn.com, if you want to send in your comments.
Source: MSN Entertainment · coolmusic03

Mariah In Weeklies
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 27-Apr-2007, 6:00AM EDT
• He's Got Mariah's Legs
In Touch, May 7, 2007 issue, People In The News, page 62

Some men will do anything to get close to a gorgeous pair of long legs. LA resident Phillip Heier shelled out big bucks for a 16-foot replica of Mariah Carey's lovely legs to call his own. The limbs were created for the Celebrity Legs of a Goddess contest, sponsored by Gillette Venus, with the proceeds benefitting underprivileged kids. Phillip, a memorabilia collector and a Mariah fan, found them on eBay in February and fell in love instantly.

"I had to have them," Phillip, 33, says. "They're over-the-top fantastic." Phillip paid $555 for the legs, which weigh 300 pounds. "I was blown away by how beautiful they are," he says.

• Stars' Silliest Excuses
In Touch, May 7, 2007 issue, The List, page 74

#10 Mariah Claims That She Was Just Tired
Mariah Carey hit a rough patch in 2001 after filming her movie Glitter. Appearing on MTV's TRL, she stripped down to an oversize T-shirt and giddily passed out popsicles to a confused audience. Then, on July 25, the singer was hospitalized amid rumors she's tried to kill herself. But Mariah, 37, denies she had a breakdown. "All I needed was, like, five hours of sleep," she says. "Physically exhausted" means I was physically depleted to the point of collapsing!"

"Anytime you say 'breakdown,' people are going to think, 'This person went crazy!'" says Mariah.

• Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle
Star, May 7, 2007 issue, Star Beauty Awards, page 72

He worked with Mariah Carey for years, and now he's the man behind pop sensation Christina Aguilera's show-stopping makeup looks. She relies on his skills so much that she often takes him on tour with her - thus making his talents unavailable to the rest of us. Bummer!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 26-Apr-2007, 6:44PM EDT
• Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Lil Love" featuring Mariah Carey & Bow Wow Mediabase update as of 4/25/2007: 1.583M audience impressions, 86 spins.

Here's a track review from UCSD's The Guardian: "With rare exceptions ­- like a melodically punchy coupling with Twista - Strength and Loyalty is burdened by lackluster guest showings. A second stint with Mariah Carey (following the melodious calm of "Breakdown Remix") is especially weak, kept afloat by Carey's ever-bright lark but bogged down by the annoying, tired production of Jermaine Dupri."

• Larry King: 50 Years of Pop Culture, a two-hour extravaganza featuring countless clips from past episodes of Larry King Live will finally air Thursday, May 3rd at 9:00pm ET on CNN. Mariah is one of those who will be featured in the two-hour special.

• From Pitchfork: Engine Room Recordings rounded up some of the biggest names in independent music to have them record versions of their favorite guilty pleasures for a compilation it will release August 7 called Guilt By Association. Petra Haden delivers a soaring acapella version of Journey's anthem Don't Stop Believin'. Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy turns Mariah Carey's "Can't Take That Away" into a bittersweet synth ballad [listen here]. Jim O'Rourke transforms the Spice Girls' ballad Viva Forever into something that wouldn't have been out of place as a take out of a Beth Orton session.

The folks at Engine Room are also holding a video contest in conjunction with the compilation. The label is currently accepting video proposals for one of three tracks from Guilt By Association: Will Oldham's cover of Mariah Carey's "Can't Take That Away," Devendra Banhart's cover of Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger," or Petra Haden's cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".

To find out the details on how to enter, click here.

• Below are fan art submissions from Andres, Kevin, Katrina, David and Sadie.

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Mariah is FHM's 45th Sexiest Woman in the World
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 26-Apr-2007, 12:56PM EDT
Mariah Carey has been voted the 45th sexiest woman in the world by readers of FHM.

45 Mariah Carey
Last Year #28

After the Glitter disaster almost destroyed her career, Mariah came back in a big way with the smash hit album, The Emancipation of Mimi. She’ll release a new album this year and further add to her $225 million fortune.

Jessica Alba topped the FHM Top 100 Sexiest list. Katharine McPhee, placed second in her first appearance in the poll. Scarlett Johansson, who was No. 1 in 2006, dropped to No. 3 this year.

FHM's 100 Sexiest Women poll is recognized as the original, and largest, reader-generated listing of the sexiest women in the world. It is voted for entirely by FHM readers worldwide, with approximately eight million votes counted this year from all over the globe.

View the complete list here.
Source: FHM

Mariah Records Album in Anguilla
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 25-Apr-2007, 4:59AM EDT
Mariah, recording a new album, booked a whole month in Anguilla's biggest villa and had a studio built in.
Source: New York Post

Ne-Yo: "Mariah's Comeback Should Inspire Whitney"
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 24-Apr-2007, 7:49PM EDT
R&B singer and songwriter Ne-Yo has heard some of Houston's new work, and he's impressed. "It's all good," he told Planet Gossip's Matt Donnelly last night at Lobby nightclub in West Hollywood, where he was celebrating his new album, Because of You.

And he hopes to make it even better. He's writing some tracks for Houston, but he wants to avoid songs that scream "My name is Whitney Houston and this is my triumphant comeback," he said. "My contribution is just going to be regular songs. You been through this, you been through that-cool! We feel you on that. But two songs of that is really all you need."

He thinks Ms. Houston should take look at Mariah Carey's comeback for inspiration. "Mariah didn't even discuss the drama that she went through," Ne-Yo said. "She just went right in with good, quality tracks."
Source: E! Online

Decoding 'Idol's' Medley Mystery
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 24-Apr-2007, 7:37PM EDT
Which two music mega music stars will duet on the "Idol Gives Back" special?

Over the past few weeks the Idol obsessives have been presented with a mystery of unimaginable magnitude: What two celebrity performers will sing a duet on this week's much-hyped "Idol Gives Back" special?

While promoting "Idol Gives Back" last week, Ryan Seacrest incanted a long list of banner names booked on "Idol" this week. And then came the "Idol" twist: an element of surprise. "...Plus, a duet you'll have to see to believe when two of the biggest stars in musical history come together on our stage," he said.

By the following day the predictions were flying. Madonna and Bono? Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney? Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson? Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson? Paul McCartney and Celine Dion? Anything, it seemed was possible.

But many "Idol" detectives zeroed in on one particular phrasing in Seacrest's words. Surely a message was hidden there. "Biggest stars in musical history."

"It turns out this 'ground breaking' duet has already been pre-recorded and of course, leaked by someone in the audience," Kim Lawson, founder and reporter of the celebrity news site called GirlsTalkinSmack wrote on April 19, a full three days before TMZ reported the same information. "The duet will be...Celine Dion and Elvis Presley!"

Kim was not into it. "Um, yeah, not that exciting," she wrote. But generously, she did deign to give details. "In case you're wondering HOW Elvis will show up, he's being played by a Vegas impersonator but his real voice will be used (and apparently his real face, although that doesn't make sense to me)," she wrote.

And despite Lawson's certainty that she has cracked the code, some fans note that while Celine Dion's name has jumped on and off Fox's myriad press releases, her name does appear on the most recent one. So does that mean it's not her? Is her?

Might Celine and phantom Elvis be a false lead? Stay tuned.

New Pinko Videos
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 24-Apr-2007, 5:22AM EDT
Here are new videos from the Fashion TV coverage of the Pinko event on February 15, 2007 in London, England. These high-quality videos were captured and uploaded for us by Moony from #Schnookiez. Thanks Moony!

Pinko Store Opening
Mpg | Size: 40.88 MB
[ Download here ]

Pinko Party
Mpg | Size: 60.76 MB
[ Download here ]

Pinko Red Carpet
Mpg | Size: 60.75 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Moony

News From Turkey
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-Apr-2007, 4:59PM EDT
Turkish R&B Singer Idolizes Mariah

Turkish R&B Singer Engin Aktas dreams of a Grammy award and says, "People think my voice resembles Mariah Carey."

Having idolized Mariah Carey and Celine Dion while he was growing up, Engin says it made him really happy when his instructors at Berklee College of Music told him that his voice reminded them of Mariah Carey. When asked about his vocal range and octaves, he says singers who claim to have hit 6 octaves have no clue about vocal ranges; "A piano has 7 octaves total and no one can sing that high. Not anyone in the world. Today Mariah Carey holds the record with a range of 4.5 octaves and nobody has been able to top that."

Watch the music video of "Forgive Me Honey," Engin's first single off his album, So Fluid.

Source: Hurriyet | MariahTurkiye.net

Mariah is Askmen.com's Singer of the Week
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-Apr-2007, 4:48PM EDT
Mariah Carey has been recently featured as the AskMen.com Singer of the Week.

Why we like her?
One look at her in the "Heartbreaker" video makes our hearts flutter. An accomplished artist, Mariah proves that you can have a beautiful voice, be a great songwriter and be hot.

Why is she famous?
Mariah Carey's rise to glory began in 1990 with her hit song "Vision of Love." After several follow-up albums, she has grown to become a household name, as well as a diva of our era.

Overall rating - 80
Mariah Carey has one of the best voices in pop music, combined with one of the best attitudes. She isn't as innocent as she once marketed herself to be, but we have nothing against bad girls.

Mariah's been producing gold since her first release. She was one of the world's top recording artists throughout the 1990s, setting records for most No. 1 singles by a female artist, and most consecutive weeks at No. 1 with "One Sweet Day," her collaboration with Boyz II Men. Her chart accomplishments resulted in Billboard magazine naming her Artist of the Decade for the '90s.
Source: Daniel Morin from Askmen.com

Video Download: In-Store Signing at Virgin Paris 1995
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-Apr-2007, 4:46PM EDT
Click on the link below to download a video report about Mariah's in-store signing session at Virgin Megastore, Paris, France in December 1995.

In Store Signing at Virgin Megastore, Paris, France 1995
Mpg | Size: 41.2 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise

Fans Speak
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-Apr-2007, 4:42PM EDT
• Signatures & Avatars. Can has updated the Multimedia section of his site, MariahTurkiye.net with new Pinko-themed signatures and avatars. Check them out!

• Wallpapers. New wallpapers have been added to Jayson's artwork gallery at his Mariah fan site, Miss Mariah Carey.

• Blog. Pablo has written a blog about musicians who have made the leap to acting and the results. His entry for Mariah, "Crossing Over: Mariah Carey" can be found here.
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Site Updates
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 22-Apr-2007, 7:51PM EDT
• Link To Us. Check out the new buttons and banner that were just added to the Link to us section of Mariah Daily Journal! Feel free to use them and link to MariahDaily.com.

• Fanart. Drawings of Mariah Carey by Arief have been added to the Fan Art section.

Source: MariahDailyJournal · Arief

Video of the Week: "Anytime You Need A Friend" HQ
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 22-Apr-2007, 6:10PM EDT
Thanks to Cristian for sending in this week's Video of the Week! It's a DVD-quality video (in VOB format) of "Anytime You Need A Friend" Promo Copy. Click on the link below to download.

"Anytime You Need A Friend" Promo Only
Type: VOB | Size: 211.7 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal · Cristian

"Endless Love"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 21-Apr-2007, 3:22PM EDT
Transcribed from The Billboard Book of Number Two Singles, 2000 Edition, by Christopher Feldman, here are the facts about Mariah's number two hit song, Endless Love.

Luther Vandross had a particular knack for finding duet partners. His duet with Dionne Warwick, "How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye," gave him his first Top 30 pop hit. His duet with Janet Jackson, "The Best Things In Life Are Free," gave him his fourth Top 10 pop hit, and his duet with Mariah Carey gave him his biggest hit ever.

Remaking a song that had already been definitively recorded by another artist might have seemed like a strange move for Luther, but by 1994, after more than a decade in the music business, he'd begun to see that it might not be as strange as it seemed. As he noted in a Time-Life documentary about the history of rock 'n' roll, "In the 1990s, we've had time to look and inspect and analyze everything and be influenced by everything. There isn't a whole lot of pioneering going on right at this minute. The pioneering went on earlier."

Sony Records President Tommy Mottola suggested that Vandross record Songs, an album of cover versions. Featuring Luther's versions of songs like Stephen Stills' "Love The One You're With," Heatwave's "Always And Forever," and Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly," the album was shaping up to be a major career accomplishment. To give the album a bigger boost, Mottola's wife, Mariah Carey, came up with the idea to remake "Endless Love" as a duet with her. Lionel Richie and Diana Ross had originally recorded "Endless Love" in 1981, and the song spent nine weeks at #1. Although Luther's album was already set to contain one Lionel Riche composition, "Hello," it was obvious that having the most-popular female singer on the Sony label singing on the album would be a benefit.

"Endless Love" debuted on September 10, 1994 at #31, a better start than the original version had had. The next week the Vandross/Carey duet jumped to #6 and seemed a shoo-in for #1. Unfortunately the song didn't have much staying power. After a single week at #2, it was replaced by Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do" and started falling off the charts. Still, the song became Luther Vandross' biggest pop hit ever and gave Lionel Richie his first top 10 as a songwriter in seven years. For Mariah, it started a string of six straight Top 2 singles that ended surprisingly thanks to another superstar duet, her #15 collaboration with Whitney Houston from The Prince Of Egypt soundtrack, "When You Believe."

In the album's liner notes Luther himself extended his thanks to those who came before him and provided the material so close to his heart: "To the artists who did the original versions of these songs: Dionne, Aretha, Diana & The Supremes, Roberta, Stephen, Diana & Lionel, Barbra, Whitney, Heatwave, The Friends Of Distinction, MdFadden & Whitehead, and 'Man Of La Mancha.' Thank you for the pioneering. I love you guys."

Note: If you haven't had the chance to check out the inside stories Behind Mariah's Number One Singles, click on the link to start reading now!
Source: MariahDailyJournal · Jason

Kiss Me Smell Me
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 21-Apr-2007, 2:54PM EDT
Poor Donald Trump. Not only is his reality TV show The Apprentice at the bottom of the ratings, but his signature scent, "Trump, The Fragrance," has been discontinued. It seems his plans for a global beauty franchise have fizzled, despite the high-powered backing of the Estee Lauder Companies.

Yet Trump's fragrance woes haven't dissuaded a handful of celebrities eager to cash in on celebrity perfume. In the next six months you'll see new scents from Usher, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shania Twain, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, David Beckham and Christina Aguilera.

So, why are celebrities still lining up to lend their names to fragrances? It's simple: "They get 5% of gross sales," says a former fragrance company CEO, who had several high-profile starlets on his label. "As far as I know, every celebrity gets the same deal," he adds.

"We look for artists that are multi-faceted with a strong international fan base," says Berndt Beetz, CEO of Coty Inc., a firm believer in the long-term viability of signing high-profile names to fragrance deals. But not just any name. He says fans are always looking for something new from their favorite artists and really do want fragrances from them.

Annette Green, president emeritus of the U.S. Fragrance Foundation says celebrity fragrances have given the moribund perfume industry some sizzle. "The classics seem to have worn themselves out in the consumer's mind," she says. "As the ongoing celebrity craze infiltrates every walk of life, the fragrance industry is very fortunate to find itself in the eye of a major consumer revolution."

Celebrity scents are an easier entrance into the intimidating world of perfume. "For consumers who know less about scent, celebrity-branded versions offer an established image and something people can understand and identify with," says Diana Dodson, a senior analyst with Euromonitor in London.
Source: Financial Post · Simona

Mariah In This Week's In Touch
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 20-Apr-2007, 4:48AM EDT
Mariah Carey is featured on page 34, Is It True? section of this week's issue of In Touch magazine.

Did Mariah visit a Mexican orphanage to adopt a child?

NO! Mariah Carey has long been an advocate for foster and adopted kids. Now word has spread that the former spokesperson for the Administrative for Children's Services is looking to adopt one of her own! Rumors ran rampant when Mariah, who doesn't have any kids, reportedly visited Frank Gonzalez orphanage in Mexico with her lawyer.

Unfortunately for hopeful orphans wanting to be taken in by the Grammy winner, there's"absolutely no truth at all" to the rumors, Mariah's rep tells In Touch. "Mariah didn't visit the orphanage as reported," orphanage employee Russ Kruby tells In Touch.

Note: Read about the extent of Mariah's work with orphans and what she has said about motherhood in Robin's new rumors blog, Deserving of a Mother's Love. Be sure to share your comments!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Download: Mariah's 1991 Interview With MTV Kick Start
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 20-Apr-2007, 3:28AM EDT
Here's a video of Mariah Carey talking about her album, Emotions in an interview with MTV's Kick Start in 1991. Thanks to Elise for capturing and uploading the video file for us!

Watch the video on right
or download below.

Excerpt from the interview
Apart from the Whitney Houston comparisons and continual surprise over her vocal range, many were initially surprised that a voice belonged to a white woman.
"Everybody likes to put categories on music and people, 'this is black, this is white.' I just really don't think there's a need to categorize everything. I mean, what I do is music, and music should be universal. It shouldn't be about 'this is too black, this is too white,' whatever. I think everybody can relate to music and that's what it's all about."

"Emotions" Interview With MTV Kick Start, 1991
Mpg | Size: 31.9 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise · MariahDailyJournal

The Butterfly Effect
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 19-Apr-2007, 6:06PM EDT
Like Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson before her, Joss Stone has become another victim of the "Butterfly Effect." See, when a promising female artist reaches her third or fourth album, they will invariably announce their latest work showcases the "real them." And sadly, that "reality" falls somewhere south of the third-string bartender at Hogs & Heifers and just north of a Hunt's Point pavement pounder.

The phenomenon takes its name from the album that spawned it, Mariah Carey's 1997 opus Butterfly. "Fantasy," her 1995 collaboration with Ol' Dirty Bastard, was a peek at things to come, but that album still bore the saccharine-laden "One Sweet Day" and other territorial markings of then-husband Tommy Mottola. One the divorce papers were signed, Carey's inhibitions and clothing disappeared faster than free sandwiches at a sportswriter's convention and the cry went out: Get me a rapper, any rapper. Diddy answered the call and Mariah's turn as a Bond-girl wannabe in the "Honey" video led to bikini car washes, hotpants flag waving at NASCAR races and, most regrettably, Glitter.

"But how long can you really do the coquette thing, especially with Mariah in her 40s?" asks DeRogatis. "But what do you want her to be -- Patti Smith?"

After Mariah, the Butterfly Effect began spreading like the influenza outbreak of 1918. Jessica Simpson abandoned her Christian roots before pimping out her marriage on a reality TV show, "acting" in The Dukes of Hazzard, and ultimately returning to the Carey blueprint with the post-divorce "real me" album Public Affair last year.

So is there any hope for these young ingenues? Oddly enough, the biggest hope is the worst offender: Christina Aguilera, who bypassed butterfly and went straight to Mothra with 2002's Stripped, where her tour costuming largely consisted of making sure her hair extensions covered the naughty bits. [ Read full article here ]
Source: Esquire

DJ Copy Remixes "Emotions"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 19-Apr-2007, 5:59PM EDT
Something old but new. DJ Copy did a remix of Mariah's "Emotions" and included on his Diva Mixtape Vol. 1 Street Dreemz in 2006. The mixtape also features remixes to TLC's "No Scrubs," Mary J's "Family Affair," Destiny's Child's "Say My Name," Janet Jackson's "Someone To Call My Lover," etc. You can listen to "Emotions" at Copy's MySpace music page.

Here's an excerpt from a review by Fader Magazine: "If you dug the bleep-n-bloop of folks like Ratatat and the Blow, the DJ Copy's The Diva EP is your bonus beat of the year - six homebaked remixes where jankey keyboard lines and Mariah Carey give each other hugs. Mimi's "Emotions" gets a synthpop workout, "No Scrubs" is reimagined as a recital for electric bass and Sega Master System, and Janet ditches Jermaine Dupri for Johnny 5 on an ultrahot version of "Someone To Call My Lover"..."
Source: Joao

New Rumors Blog: Deserving of a Mother's Love
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 18-Apr-2007, 1:41PM EDT
These days, acquiring children seems to be the fad in the world of celebritydom. Recent stories of Mariah visiting a Mexican orphanage would confirm that opinion. However, at 37, Mariah Carey takes becoming a mother more seriously than most entertainers.

Mariah's love for children is definitely understated. Read about the extent of her work with orphans and what she has said about motherhood in Robin's new rumors blog, Deserving of a Mother's Love. Be sure to share your comments!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

On The Tube: Larry King: 50 Years of Pop Culture
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 18-Apr-2007, 6:31AM EDT
Larry King: 50 Years of Pop Culture, a two-hour extravaganza featuring countless clips from past episodes of Larry King Live will air tonight, April 18th, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CNN. [At press time, the special was still set to air tonight. If those plans change, CNN will air the special at a later date.]

In addition to Larry King's family, here's a partial list of the people featured in the two-hour CNN special:

Musicians and singers
Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Jon Bon Jovi, Dolly Parton, Ann-Margret, Lionel Richie

Jerry Lewis, Donald Trump, Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Randy Jackson, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Don Rickles, Phyllis Diller, Kermit the Frog, Joan Rivers, Andy Griffith, Robert Wagner, Priscilla Presley

TV Anchors and Moguls
Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw, Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, Ted Turner, Merv Griffin

President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara, Rudy Giuliani, Ross Perot

Update: KIIS FM's Ryan Seacrest show featured Larry King this morning where he spoke about the week-long CNN tribute to his 50 years of broadcasting. The 2-hour special, 50 Years of Pop Culture, will instead air next week due to the Virginia Tech incident. The new schedule will be announced tonight on Larry King Live. Be sure to tune in!
Source: CNN · Canoe

On The Cover Addition: Rolling Stone 2000
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 18-Apr-2007, 5:15AM EDT
Our magazines section, On The Cover has been updated to now include scans from the February 17, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone.

The Whirling Diva
Rolling Stone - February 17, 2000 Issue

Recipe for Mariah's life: mix one part screwball comedy, one part global capitalism, add hip-hop beats, shake well in a private jet and serve over ice.
by Mim Udovitch

Mariah Carey is in the characteristic double-helix whirl of activity that occupies what seems like 105 percent of her time. She is, to use her word, in a spiral. It is one o'clock in the morning, which is about the middle of the day in Mariah's universe, and is wearing a gray hooded swear shirt and customized Mariah jeans - with the cuffs and waistband cut off - a look she developed while shooting the cover for the "Heartbreaker" single. "My stylist, Tonjua Twist, was rolling down the top of my jeans, because when you wear jeans that are up to here, they can give you a roll of fat," she explains. "But I liked the way they fit on the butt. And she kept having to step in and step in, so finally I was like, 'Rip it, cut it,' and then that night, when I wore them out, everybody was like, 'Wow, where'd you get those jeans?' So then we started doing it to all of them." READ MORE »
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Rumor Alert: Mariah To Star In Film With Adam Sandler?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 18-Apr-2007, 4:34AM EDT
Dennis Dugan is set to direct the comedy, You Don't Mess With the Zohan for Columbia Pictures and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison.

He's reteaming with Sandler in the film centering on a Mossad agent (Sandler) who fakes his death so he can move to New York and become a hairstylist. The Hollywood Reporter says Rob Schneider already has boarded the project as an East Yistannen cab driver.

According to Hollywood.com, the cast will also reportedly include Mariah Carey, Henry Winkler and Talia Shire.

Judd Apatow, Robert Smigel and Sandler wrote the screenplay for You Don't Mess With the Zohan; shooting will begin in the summer in Los Angeles and New York for a summer 2008 release.
Source: Hollywood.com · TheWholeStory

Picture Gallery Update
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 17-Apr-2007, 7:02PM EDT
Below are the latest additions to our Picture Gallery. Click on each event below to view more photos.

1999 Arriving at Heathrow Airport, London, UK

2000 At the NRJ Awards, Cannes, France

2000 Leaving Claridges Hotel, London, UK

2000 Backstage at the VH1 Divas Live 2000

2002 In London to Promote Charmbracelet, Claridges Hotel

2002 WiseGirls Press Conference, The Lodges, Utah

2002 Mariah Leaving the Mandarin Hotel in London, UK

2002 Arriving at Capitale for Charmbracelet CD Launch, New York

2003 Presentation of award for more than 100 Gold, Platinum, and Multiplatinum certifications, L.A.

2003 March of Dimes' 6th Annual New York Metro Achievement in Radio Awards, New York

2003 Top of the Pops TV Show, BBC Studios, London, UK

2005 Outside 106 & Park Studios signing autographs for fans, NY

2005 Leaving Baglioni Hotel for Capital FM Awards, London, UK

2005 Mariah walks her dog, Jack, on 57th Street, New York

Source: MariahDailyJournal

StarGate Dispels Collaboration Rumor
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 16-Apr-2007, 11:20AM EDT
In early March, a Sony/BMG employee reported that Mariah was apparently in the studios working on her new album with production/writing team, StarGate. However, producer Mikkel Eriksen of StarGate dispelled this report saying they never met but hopes they will in the future.
Source: Heroes of Mariah · Joao

Posted by Lynn on Monday, 16-Apr-2007, 5:59AM EDT
• Mariah is #65 in Stuff magazine's [April 2007 issue] The 100 Sexiest Women 2007. The caption for Mariah reads:

"She's the best-selling female musician of all time, and she just keeps getting better. Mariah is currently collaborating with rappers Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, so keep your eyes peeled for a new album this fall."

• "Klopoty Na Zamowienie" (Wise Girls) DVD, in cardsleeve plus picture disc, comes with purchase of the new Polish magazine, Gala. This issue with DVD costs 13,95 Polish Zloty (or US$4.94). See scans below.

• Below are the latest additions to our Fan Art section: Mariah drawings from Arief and wallpapers from Nikola.

• Devin wants to let everyone know that a new HD Video of The Oprah South Africa special is available for download at his site, Super HQ. While there, be sure to cast your vote in the site's latest poll: "Lil L.O.V.E. recently leaked. What do you think of it?"
Source: MariahDailyJournal · MariahPolska

Video of the Week: Chit Chat With Bianca 1999
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 16-Apr-2007, 5:58AM EDT
Thanks to Daniele for sending in this week's Video of the Week: Chit Chat With Bianca, MTV 1999.

Chit Chat With Bianca, MTV 1999
Mpg | Size: 30.3 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Daniele · MariahDailyJournal

On The Cover Additions: Cosmopolitan 1997 & Z 1995
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 15-Apr-2007, 2:58PM EDT
Our On The Cover section has been updated to now include scans from the December 1997 issue of Cosmopolitan and the 1995 Modern Curriculum reading program, Z Magazine.

No Longer a Mrs. - The Mariah Carey Interview
Cosmopolitan - December 1997 Issue

As her new hit single, "Honey," debuted at number one, the no-longer Mrs. Mottola had gone single herself. With an R-rated new look, the number one-selling female artist of the '90s is out to prove she's Queen Bee.

"You're torturing me!" cries Mariah Carey. No, the 27-year-old pop diva is not manacled to a chair as she was in the instantly-infamous action-adventure video for her hit single "Honey"; she's not being hounded again by the tabloids about her supposedly torrid dating life; she's not being rejected by another New York co-op board for consorting with rappers; she's not even being asked to wake up at 4:30 A.M - the time she's usually just getting ready for bed - as she did earlier this week to do The Oprah Winfrey Show. READ MORE »

Mariah Carey - Steps To Success
Z Magazine - 1995

Everyone needs a best friend - even a star like Mariah Carey. Before she made it big with hits like "Emotions" and "Hero," times were tough for the singer. But through it all, she had a friend she could rely on. That friend was her mom, Patricia.

Hard Work Pays Off
Mariah listened to her mom's advice. After graduating high school, Mariah moved to Manhattan to follow her dream. It wasn't easy. She shared a small apartment with two other girl friends. She slept on a mattress on the floor. To support herself, she worked three jobs. She was a waitress, she checked coats, and she sold T-shirts. After work, she would make tapes of her songs at a recording studio. "I'd come home, get a few hours sleep, wake up, and do it again," she remembers. READ MORE »
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video Download: German TV Special Viva Jam 1996
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 14-Apr-2007, 9:16AM EDT

Viva Jam Featuring Mariah Carey, German TV Special, 1996
Mpg | Size: 489 MB
Download: [ Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Part 4 · Part 5 · Part 6 · Part 7 · Part 8 ]
Source: Elise

Mariah, Creator of Low-Rider Look
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-Apr-2007, 7:28PM EDT
I'm more than a little concerned by the current fraud in women's apparel. Can someone please explain why women are wearing dresses on top of jeans?! This is the dumbest fashion trend since leg warmers in springtime.

Men everywhere should get down on their knees daily and thank their higher power for Mariah Carey, the unintentional creator of the low-rider look. Think of what she inspired: short shirts, bare navels, visible thongs. On that platform, alone, Mariah should run for office. Yet, some fashionista, who should be burned at the mannequin, recently deemed it necessary to cover up those aforementioned advancements with dresses. Why, why, why, why, why?

Ladies, this is not an ice cream parlor where you can have the vanilla and the chocolate when you can't make up your minds. Choose the dress or the jeans; not both. Psst; guys vote for the jeans.
Source: Jamie Reidy, Huffington Post

Mariah's Former Fur Goes on Display
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-Apr-2007, 5:21PM EDT
Wearing nothing but Uncle Sam hats, patriotic panties, and a red-white-and-blue banner reading, "We'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur," a bevy of sexy PETA beauties will collect donated fur coats for the needy in Philadelphia on April 16, the eve of "tax day," 12 noon at the Post Office, 2970 Market St.

PETA reminds prospective donors who no longer want to be associated with the cruelty inherent in every fur coat or collar that their donations are tax-deductible. Many former fur-wearing celebrities have donated coats to PETA, including Kimberley Hefner, Mary Tyler Moore, and Mariah Carey, whose coat will be on display.
Source: PETA

"Lil L.O.V.E." Not Bone Thugs' Second Single
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-Apr-2007, 3:39PM EDT
Contrary to earlier reports, "Lil L.O.V.E." is not going to be the second single from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's new album, Strength and Loyalty. Group member Krayzie confirms this in an interview with Billboard.

"The second single is a toss-up between the two Swizz [Beatz] creations on the album, "Bump in the Trunk" and "Candy Paint." "Swizz got on our level," says Krayzie of their collaboration with the rapper/producer. "He's really versatile, and he actually showed that working with us. He made it comfortable for us to rap over his tracks."
Source: Billboard · Joao

Big Weddings, Big Divorces
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-Apr-2007, 3:41PM EDT
The first decision when planning a wedding is, typically, determining the budget. Not so for the celebrity set, who can easily afford all the accoutrements of a fairy tale wedding, from ritzy locales to post-nuptial firework displays.

The first ingredient? An ultra-exclusive location. Castles are a recurring feature of celebrity unions, both because of their unparalleled beauty and because they are generally hard to see inside. That makes them ideal havens from the paparazzi.

But despite their spare-no-cost attention to detail, celebrity weddings, like those of the rest of us, don't come with a lifetime warranty.

The 1993 wedding of Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, then 44, to 23-year-old songstress Mariah Carey was modeled after the union of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Held at St. Thomas Church in Manhattan, the event featured some 300 guests including Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel and David Geffen. Fifty flower girls preceded Carey, whose Vera Wang gown cost a reported $25,000. Five years later the couple officially split.
Source: Forbes

Video Downloads
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-Apr-2007, 12:49PM EDT
Here are more video downloads: Mariah on MTV Spring Break special (2000), on French talent show Star Academy (2002), and at the VH1 Save The Music concert performing "With You I'm Born Again" with John Legend (2005). Thanks to Elias for uploading the videos for us!

MTV Spring Break 2000
MPG | Size 66.4 MB
[ Download here ]

Mariah Visiting the French Talent Show "Star Academy" 2002
AVI | Size 492.95 MB
[ Download here ]

"With You I'm Born Again" With John Legend, VH1 Save The Music, 2005
MPG | Size 284.78 MB [Credit: SuperHQ]
[ Download here ]
Source: Elias

Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-Apr-2007, 12:26PM EDT
• On the latest episode of MTV's new reality show, Tequita and Kaui, the former Making The Band castoffs tried out for the celebrity impersonators, "Legends" in Las Vegas. When asked, Kaui said she could impersonate Mariah Carey. The women who were holding the audition asked Kaui to act like Mariah, and Kaui (in what some would call her 'husky voice') said, "Hiii, I'm Mariah Carey!" She also sang "Vision of Love," with accompanying hand movements. Sadly, they told her that she would be better as Gwen Stefani.

• Thanks to Arief, Christine and Thomas for sending in their lovely drawings of Mariah Carey. These have been added to our Fan Art section.

• Marek's Mariah site, I Love MC has recently undergone a few changes. It now has a new public multimedia board where all guests can download various items without being registered. Be sure to check it out!

• From Stater Online: The trend of fast-food entertainers has flooded the main stream and has inspired almost everyone to try out to be an upcoming star in the entertainment industry. Whether it's "American Idol," "America's Next Top Model" or "The White Rapper Show," anybody can bypass the struggles to stardom to live out their "dream." I miss the good ol' days of Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey or Pink, who had to work their butts off to get to where they are. They can actually call themselves entertainers and not gimmicks.
Source: Simona · Marek · Carrie · empeel85 · Arief · Christine · Thomas

Ne-Yo is Nitpicky of Whitney
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 11-Apr-2007, 1:50PM EDT
Man of the moment, Ne-Yo, has long been a favorite of the press. We love this dude because he speaks his mind. He recently put Trey Songz in check for charging fans for taking a photo with him and now he is getting at Whitney Houston by saying the songs he's heard from her highly anticipated 'comeback' CD are boring.

Ne-Yo was asked to rank the songs by Clive Davis himself. "They all had the one same theme, which was 'My name is Whitney Houston and this is my triumphant comeback.' We all understand she has gone through a lot. I'm sure we all get that but I think she needs songs about regular everyday life. So that's what I'm planning to add to the album - songs about everyday emotions," Ne-Yo told The Sun. [Ne-Yo's own album Because Of You is out on May 1.]

SOHH Soulman says, "Too many chefs in the kitchen seemingly all preparing the same meal. Don't it seem like everyone has written a song for Whitney? If you checked Mariah Carey's 'comeback' cheat sheet, she at least co-wrote her own stuff. If you leave that totally up to someone else how are you ever gonna be able to add in your own flava." *Mariah Carey fans forgive me for calling it a 'comeback'... she's been here for years.
Source: SOHH · The Sun

T.I. Working on Mariah's New Album
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 10-Apr-2007, 7:54PM EDT
King T.I. stopped by VIBE today to talk about his forthcoming album TI vs. TIP, movies, and future projects. His interview revealed that he is producing on Mariah Carey's new album.

The King's market acquisition tactics are far from lax. He's working on other peoples' records, and he's got a slew of film projects in the works, too. On the music front, he's been helping BG out with his new record. He's been juicing up his producer game, making beats for artists like Mariah Carey, Cassidy, Rick Ross, Young Joc and Young Dro. "Whether they use the beats or not is up to them," he said.
Source: VIBE

Mariah's Induction to Long Island Music Hall of Fame Scheduled
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 10-Apr-2007, 12:24AM EDT
As previously reported, Mariah has been named as one of the inductees to the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (LIMHOF). Below is a press release from LIMHOF announcing the date and location of this year's induction ceremony.

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame Announces Its Second Annual Induction Gala on October 21, 2007 at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame has announced the date and location for its second annual Induction Gala - October 21, 2007 at the Colden Auditorium of the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College CUNY, 65-30 Kissena Boulevard in Flushing, Queens. The 2007 induction class will include 24 individual musicians, groups and organizations the Hall of Fame has selected for induction. Below is the complete list of members of the LIMHOF 2007 Induction Class.

LIMHOF 2007 Induction Class
• Count Basie
• Louis Armstrong
• Aaron Copland
• The Good Rats
• The Ramones
• Simon and Garfunkel
• Blue Oyster Cult
• Jean Ritchie
• Carole King
• Arlo Guthrie
• Public Enemy
• Kenny Vance
    • The Tokens
    • Guy Lombardo
    • Mariah Carey
    • Neil Diamond
    • Bob Buchmann
    • LL Cool J
    • Eddie Money
    • Beverly Sills
    • Walter Becker
    • Pat Benatar
    • Barbra Streisand
    • Marvin Hamlisch

The inductees were selected by The Long Island Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors from an evolving and growing list of people, artists, groups or entities that were born, raised, founded, or have resided on Long Island for a significant portion of their career or existence. Entry into the Hall is based on historical importance and the significance of their contribution to Long Island's rich musical heritage. The organization defines Long Island by its geographic boundaries, which includes Queens, Kings, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

Producer Sundafu Working on Mariah's New Album?
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 09-Apr-2007, 5:41PM EDT
On his MySpace page, producer Sundafu (pictured with Mariah on right) writes he's currently working on various new records, one of which is Mariah Carey's.

"I am currently producing Angela Via's album, 'Ready To Fly' on Capitol Music Group. Working on Mariah's new record, Whitney's new record, J Hud's new record, Bruce Bonniface's new record, 'Every Day I'm Hustlin'."
Source: Sundafu · HonourMariah

Video Download: 1995 "Souls of MTV" Special
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 09-Apr-2007, 2:03PM EDT
Click on the links below to download a video file (WinRAR-archived, 411.8 MB, WMV format) of the 1995 Souls of MTV Special featuring Mariah Carey. Thanks to Elise for sharing her file with us!

"Souls of MTV" Special, 1995
[ Part One · Part Two · Part Three · Part Four · Part Five ]

Download Instructions: Please make sure you have WinRAR installed on your computer. Download all five parts into the same folder. Right-click on one of them and choose "Extract here" for the video to appear.
Source: Elise

On The Cover Update: Quién Jan. 2003 Added
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 09-Apr-2007, 3:38AM EDT
One more magazine, the January 2003 issue of the Mexican Quién, has been added to our On The Cover section! Thanks to our own Meski for getting the scans and the very helpful Joao for translating the article for us.

Mariah Carey
Quién (Mexico) - January 2003 Issue

The ex of Tommy Mottola and Luis Miguel is reborn as a woman and as a star.

She visited Mexico and posed exclusively for Quién. She told us about her family experiences, her stormy past and her memories of her intense relationship with Luis Miguel.

The last time she came to Mexico, she wasn't alone; she was very well accompanied by her great love, Luis Miguel, from whom she keeps beautiful memories. Now, the country that Mariah knew, thanks to the singer, receives her with the same warmth and affection as always.

The controversial pop singer is very calm and relaxed. In her eyes, it's possible to notice a special glow, a reflection of the moment she is living: a new stage of her life. As part of her emotional rehab, now she dedicates a great part of her time working with charity foundations, like Fresh Air Fund, which helps poor children, taking them to vacations at campings where they can play and receive orientation about artistic careers. Because of that, she happily accepted to come last month to sing and help to collect money for the Telethon. READ MORE -->

Source: MariahDailyJournal · Joao

Video Download Special: Mariah on Jay Leno Show
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 08-Apr-2007, 7:36PM EDT
To date, Mariah has made five guesting appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You can download all of Mariah's live performances plus interviews at the show only here at Mariah Daily Journal! Thanks to Varun and Markus for their help with the video files.

"Love Takes Time" & "Vision of Love" Live + Interview - 1990
[Mpg, 106MB]
VH1 Stuffed Weekend, Jay Leno Interview - 1990 [Mpg, 16MB]

"Hero" Live + Interview - 1993
Mpg | Size: 89MB
[ Download here ]

"I Still Believe" + Interview - 1998
[Mpg, 89MB]
"I Still Believe" Friday Night Countdown - 1998 [Mpg, 38MB]

"We Belong Together" Live + Interview - 2005
Mpg | Size: 148MB
[ Download here ]

Interview, Tour Promo - 2006
Mpg | Size: 109MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal · Varun · Markus

Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 08-Apr-2007, 7:25PM EDT
• Kuwait Now Has Pinko. Below are photos of the newly-opened Pinko store in Kuwait located at Al Raya Mall, Kuwait City. Thanks to Mohammed for taking the pictures!

• Mariah on WhatUp2DaHood. For those who missed Mariah's segment on WhatUp2DaHood DVD which we posted on December 11, 2006, the video is still available for download by clicking here. A DVD-quality version can be found at #Schnookiez. View screen captures below.

• New MDJ Correspondents. We welcome our new International Correspondents: Dean from Australia, Michael from Dubai, UAE, Markus from Finland and Christina from Denmark. Thanks guys! To find out how you can be a MariahDailyJournal Correspondent, please visit our Correspondents section.

• Mariah Scan. From the March 2007 issue of the new magazine, Hip Hop Weekly: "Mariah - The airport walk never looked sexier as Mariah arrives in the not so clearport."

Thanks to Janel from Butterfly World MC for sending us the scan.

• Fan Art. Thanks to Flori for sending us another wallpaper. You can view the rest of Flori's wallpapers and other fan submissions by visiting our FanArt page!

• Fan Sites
--If you're searching for song lyrics, a good site to visit is Paul's newly-launched Lyric Universe Song Lyrics Database. You can find music lyrics across all genres of yesterday and today from his collection of nearly 300,000 lyrics!

--Alex from Mariah-Fanbook wants everyone to know that her Mariah fan book called "Fan-File" is now out. You can view pictures and a video here. She also has some new exciting Mariah projects in line in the coming months like Web Guide, Fan File #2, Video-Script, Christmas Book. If you want to participate in her fun projects, e-mail her at post-it@mariah-fanbooks.com.

--Congratulations to Jayson on his new Mariah fan site, Miss Mariah Carey. Be sure to check it out!
Source: --

Video Download: Mariah in The Netherlands 1998
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 07-Apr-2007, 11:12AM EDT
Mariah's Butterfly promotion tour in The Netherlands included an in-store CD signing at Fame Record Store in Amsterdam on April 1, 1998. Click on the links below to download news reports from Dutch TV, SBS 6 Aktienieuws and RTL Aktueel showing footage from the event. Later that same day, Mariah sat for an interview with TMF Extra [ video here] where the fire alarm went off during its live broadcast! Thanks to Elise for the video files!

Butterfly Promo, The Netherlands - SBS 6 Aktienieuws, April 1, 1998
MPG | Size: 18.5 MB
[ Download here ]

Butterfly Promo, The Netherlands - RTL Aktueel, April 1, 1998
MPG | Size: 18.1 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: Elise

Photo: Mariah & Benny
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 06-Apr-2007, 8:35PM EDT

To the right is a never-seen-before picture of Mariah and her manager Benny Medina that was shown right before Benny was introduced to the girls of Cycle 8 on yesterday's episode of America's Next Top Model.

Thanks to Pauline for getting us the screen capture!
Source: Pauline

In Touch Weekly: "Mariah Is Insecure"
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 06-Apr-2007, 12:19AM EDT
As previously reported, Mariah is ranked at #7 on the new In Touch Weekly's "Unlucky In Love" list. Here is a scan of Mariah's page from the magazine.

In Touch Weekly, April 16, Unlucky In Love, page 74

#7 Mariah Is Insecure

"I won't get over being used physically," Mariah says.

Adored by millions, Mariah Carey admits, "I feel an unconditional love from my fans that I don't feel in any other part of my life." Since surviving a difficult marriage to music producer Tommy Mottola, whom she wed when she was 24, the singer has had a hard time overcoming her insecurities. "I have trust issues," says the 38-year-old, who's dated baseball star Derek Jeter and Latin crooner Luis Miguel. "If I'm with another famous person, they're likely to have groupies, and they're likely to cheat on me. This is why I can still count the number of men I've slept with on one hand."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

On The Cover Update: Paris Match Dec. 2005 Added
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 05-Apr-2007, 8:18PM EDT
Our On The Cover section has been updated to now include the December 2005 issue of Paris Match. Thanks to Joao and Alex' from #Schnookiez for their help with the text and scans!

Below are excerpts from Mariah's interview with the French magazine.

Mariah Carey: Eternal Resurrection
Paris Match - December 2005 Issue

PM: "Glitter" was presented as your great return...
MC: [She stops] I thought I had finally left my problems with Tommy Mottola behind. But the album was released on September 11, 2001... It wasn't people's priority at the moment.

PM: What lessons did you learn from that failure?
MC: How I was roasted as an actress! (laughs). I really wanted to make movies, I love that. But the project that I did next wasn't noticed. I am not the kind of person that drops an idea when it doesn't work. As soon as I feel a new scenario, I will try again. I just hope someone will be able to trust again in my acting talents...

PM: Did you think about stopping at all?
MC: They say that, at this point of my life, as soon as someone would say that I am not capable of doing something, I would do it just to prove that I am capable of doing it. But history proved that it is necessary to retreat, be serene and to not invest in anything. I cannot be successful in everything.

PM: What is missing now?
MC: He! (laughs)

PM: What are you waiting for?
MC: In these last years, I lived rather complicated relationships with men, as you certainly know. I was scalded enough. Except for Doug Morris, the world director of Universal, in whom I really have confidence. During my life I met a lot of people who would say how much formidable I am, beautiful and exceptional. It's a quite relative notion of positive criticism... Everyone is not rotted as much. But I needed somebody to be the extreme opposite and say to me: "Mariah, you are mistaken."

PM: During your marriage with Tommy Mottola, could you have this kind of discussion?
MC: Tommy did what he wanted with me because I was young. He controlled every minimum detail in my life, he didn't leave me with any freedom. He was my manager, my husband and my owner. With him, I learned more about men than about the music industry... READ MORE -->
Source: Translation: Joao · Scans: Alex'

Video: Mariah's Pinko Ad Campaign Highlights
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 05-Apr-2007, 6:08PM EDT
Pinko has added a video on its site showing footage from Mariah's photo call and ad campaign launch party in London, UK on February 15, 2007.

You can watch a streaming video at the Pinko site or
download a video file here.

Source: MariahDailyJournal · MariahConnection

Mariah Makes In Touch's "Unlucky In Love" List
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 04-Apr-2007, 10:17PM EDT
They're unlucky in love. These stars are having a hard time finding their soulmates.

Rocker Sheryl Crow has topped the In Touch Weekly magazine's Unlucky in Love list following a string of failed romances. The "Soak Up The Sun" singer who has had flings with Eric Clapton, Kid Rock and Owen Wilson, broke off her engagement to cycling champion Lance Armstrong last year.

Mariah made the magazine's love losers list at #7. Below is the Top 10:

1. Sheryl Crow
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Paul Abdul
4. Hilary Duff
5. Tyra Banks
6. Lauren Conrad
7. Mariah Carey
8. Carrie Underwood
9. Kirstie Alley
10. Cameron Diaz

Meanwhile, in the new issue of the gay magazine Out, with the images of actress Jodie Foster and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on its cover, Mariah's manager Benny Medina and Vogue pal Andre Leon Talley both made it to the Power 50 - The Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America list.

Jasmine's Juice
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 04-Apr-2007, 6:40AM EDT
This month has been hectic. I attended a few anti-slavery campaign events. (It's interesting that folks think slavery has ended but in reality there are more slaves existent in today's world than there were generations ago.) Macy 'high pitched' Gray has been entertaining us with her antics in London. I popped to Amy Winehouse's gig - she is totally nuts and we love her and of course it's my girl Mariah's '17th anniversary' of her born day so much rejoicing was undertaken in the form of pink champagne on both sides of the pond! Happy anniversary MC!
Source: The Voice

Trey Lorenz Calls Mariah Daily Contest Winner
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 03-Apr-2007, 4:48PM EDT
Trey Lorenz called fan Kate, who won the MariahDaily.com contest by sending in her receipt for Mr. Mista and chatted with her from the studio!

"I won the contest back in January and so I was pretty surprised as my cell rang at about midnight and Trey was on the other line. He asked where it was but his geographic knowledge of Germany isn't the best, haha.

Anyway he told me that he just finished the video for "My Everything" and it should be airing on TV soon. It's also gonna be up on YouTube soon so we definitely have something to look out for! He also mentioned something about tickets being given away but that was when the calling card time was up. So let's just hope that we'll hear more from Trey again soon with "My Everything" finally being released and if we know more we'll keep you updated!

Thanks again to Mariah Daily for the contest and thanks MUCH to Trey for calling and being so kind! Hope to hear from you again soon!"

Make sure you check out Kate's Trey fan site at TreyLorenz.us.tt.
Source: The Official Trey Lorenz Newsletter

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 03-Apr-2007, 3:23PM EDT
•  This Day in Music
2000 - Mariah Carey is admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where she is treated for food poisoning and dehydration caused by some raw oysters she ate in Atlanta two days before.

•  Most #1s From A Debut Album
Four No. 1 hits from one album is the most for any solo female. The first woman to score four No. 1s from the same album was Whitney Houston. Her second album, "Whitney," yielded a quartet of No. 1 singles: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," "Didn't We Almost Have It All," "So Emotional" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go."

Janet Jackson had a run of four No. 1 singles from her "Rhythm Nation 1814" album: "Miss You Much," "Escapade," "Black Cat" and "Love Will Never Do (Without You)."

And then there's Mariah Carey, who had four No. 1 hits on her eponymous debut CD. Her chart career began with "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday" and "I Don't Wanna Cry."

Only six solo female artists have been able to pull two or more Hot 100 No. 1 singles from a debut album in the last 20 years. It's important to note that there were qualifications - solo female artists who pulled two or more No. 1 songs from a debut album (not any album) over the last 20 years (note the time frame). If we mind the qualification about having four No. 1 singles from a debut album, only Paula Abdul and Mariah Carey would count.

•  Mariah and Petz?
Mariah is mentioned in an article from Yahoo! Italy that talks about the game "Petz." Thanks to Joao for the translation.

Today is the release date in Italy of the game born to teach how to take care of your own virtual pet. It's called "Petz" and in a few months, in the rest of the world, 4 million people already fell in love, creating a planetary phenomenon, conquering children and adults too. Stars like Angelina Jolie bought the game for her children, but many of them bought the game for themselves, from Will Smith to Mariah Carey. In England, in the University of Newcastle, the game is the theme of a symposium that is going to be happen in a few days.

Filipino Fans Celebrate Mariah's Anniversary
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 03-Apr-2007, 3:13PM EDT
The "Kiss" Mariah Birthday Party on March 31st was another successful event for the Philippine Mariah Carey Fanclub! More than 30 Filipino fans attended the gathering to celebrate Mariah's 37th Anniversary.

It was a real birthday party bash complete with a cake, baloons, songs, dances, games, and food--all for the glory of Mariah! This is just an event which the Philippine Mariah Carey Fanclub never fails to celebrate!

[ View more photos ]
Source: PMCF

Welcome to Mariah Daily Journal
Posted by Adi on Monday, 02-Apr-2007, 6:34PM EDT
Dear visitors of Mariah Daily and Mariah Journal, we welcome you to the brand new Mariah Daily Journal - the ultimate merge between the websites, Mariah Daily and Mariah Journal. Please remain patient while we update all of the site's content with information from both sites. Feel free to e-mail us with comments, suggestions and ideas at contact@mariahdaily.com.
Source: Mariah Daily Journal

Mariah About AIDS
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 02-Apr-2007, 3:01PM EDT
The Artists About AIDS website has just been updated with all the wonderful information on the Artists About AIDS book and Mariah's entry is in it!

Mariah Carey signed the book on 02 December 2001 in Berlin (Stars 2001).

Status: SOLD (EURO 200)

The statement reads:
"You can make a difference - with a little love and support. Mariah Carey"

Through April 2, 2007, a total of 238 artists contributed a handwritten statement to the Red Ribbon Germany project "Artists About AIDS." All royalties from the sale of the handwritten original entries will be split between the German AIDS Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Source: Butterfly-MC.de · Mariah Daily Journal

Quick Notes
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 02-Apr-2007, 3:00PM EDT
• During his press conference in Korea, Matt Vote, vice-president of IDG International Marketing has revealed release dates for new albums from some of the label's stable of acts: as-yet-untitled Ne-Yo album is set for release in April 2007; Bon Jovi with Lost Highway and Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad in June 2007; and apparently slated for release is the new Mariah Carey album in November 2007!

• Last night's Extra TV had a small segment about "Thin Is Still In" and Mariah was in it. No new footage was shown though. Click on the thumbnail on right to view video screen captures and click here to download. Thanks to Moony for the video file!

• Mariah is mentioned in the song "Promise" by Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame. Below is the verse where she is mentioned:

I'll be making mistakes
Comin up at a loss
I'll be tumbling down
But Like MC shake it off
I'll stay cool cause I know who's boss
Of me, myself, and I
Source: Moony · Joao · MariahKorea · Jake

Video Download Special: VH1 Divas Live
Posted by Liron on Sunday, 01-Apr-2007, 3:10PM EDT
In 1998, VH1 debuted the first annual VH1 Divas concert in support of the station's "Save The Music Foundation." The concerts became an immediate success and consequently VH1 Divas aired annually from 1998 until 2004.

Mariah showed her support for this endeavor at the initial concert in 1998, and then again in 2000. Don't miss out on this opportunity to download all of Mariah's performances at VH1 Divas Live only here at Mariah Daily Journal!

VH1 Divas Live - April 14, 1998

"My All" - VH1 Divas Live
MPG | Size: 53.9 MB
[ Download here ]

"Make It Happen" - VH1 Divas Live
MPG | Size: 58.2 MB
[ Download here ]

Save The Music Spot Intro - VH1 Divas Live
MPG | Size: 14.9 MB
[ Download here ]

"Chain of Fools" with Aretha Franklin - VH1 Divas Live
MPG | Size: 44.5 MB
[ Download here ]

"A Natural Woman/Testimony" - VH1 Divas Live
MPG | Size: 77.0 MB
[ Download here ]

High-Quality Photos

VH1 Divas 2000 - April 9, 2000

"Love Hangover/Heartbreaker" at VH1 Divas 2000 (Thanks to Alex'!)
Type: MPG | Size: 53.9 MB
[ Download here ]

"Can't Take That Away" - VH1 Divas 2000
MPG | Size: 49.3 MB
[ Download here ]

"Baby Love/Stop In The Name of Love" - VH1 Divas 2000 (Thanks to Alex'!)
Type: MPG | Size: 59.0 MB
[ Download here ]

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - VH1 Divas 2000
MPG | Size: 35.0 MB
[ Download here ]

Behind The Scenes - VH1 Divas 2000, VH1 All Access
MPG | Size: 17.9 MB
[ Download here ]

High-Quality Photos

Source: Mariah Daily Journal

Site Update: New Poll
Posted by Adi on Sunday, 01-Apr-2007, 2:23PM EDT
Check out the new Mariah Journal poll on the right sidebar where you can cast the vote for your favorite Mariah duet. Last month's poll asked about your favorite track 3 from a Mariah album. Here are the results:

1) My All - 310 (21%)
2) Anytime You Need A Friend - 256 (17%)
3) Can't Let Go - 218 (15%)
4) Shake It Off - 168 (11%)
5) One Sweet Day - 126 (9%)
6) Bliss - 97 (7%)
7) I Don't Wanna Cry - 90 (6%)
8) O Holy Night - 85 (6%)
9) The One - 81 (6%)
10) If We - 41 (3%)
Total Votes: 1472
Source: Mariah Journal

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