May 2011

Case Closed on Mariah's 'Guinness' Controversy
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 28-May-2011, 9:15PM EDT
The investigation into allegations that Mariah Carey was drinking alcohol in the hospital following the recent birth of her twins has been closed, her rep confirmed to CNN.

"Disturbing that an anonymous caller would call child protective services but they legally have to follow up," said Carey's spokesperson, Cindi Berger. "What an utter waste of tax payers dollars. Yes, the case is closed."

Carey's husband Nick Cannon said earlier that the complaint to the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services may have been triggered by a nurse's suggestion that a small amount of dark beer could help Carey's breastfeeding. A social worker later visited Carey in the hospital.

Cannon told CNN's Piers Morgan that he believed the incident was the result of a scammer trying to sell a story to tabloids.

"I guess someone maybe overheard that (suggestion), and this is a good way to make a quick buck, or call the tabloids," he said. "It's kind of sad that people think that we'll make money off of these newborns."
Source: CNN

Mariah Carey's US album sales (via Soundscan)
Posted by Michael on Friday, 27-May-2011, 3:19PM EDT
Mariah Carey - 4,850,910
Emotions - 3,590,874
MTV Unplugged - 2,769,151
Music Box - 7,210,536
Merry Christmas - 5,123,017
Daydream - 7,579,664
Butterfly - 3,763,428
#1's - 3,754,091
Rainbow - 2,957,278
Glitter - 647,085
Charmbracelet - 1,157,206
The Emancipation of Mimi - 5,953,333
E=MC2 - 1,279,388
Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - 523,446
Merry Christmas 2 You - 436,935

Note: Soundscan only counts ACTUAL sales in-store (since March of 1991 - hence the incomplete total for "Mariah Carey"), record club sales are not included in these figures.
Source: Push The Button | Soundscan | MariahDailyJournal

Billboard Mention
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 23-May-2011, 6:42PM EDT
Top 20 Hot 100 Songwriters, 2000-Present

Song With Most Weeks At No. 1:
"We Belong Together," Mariah Carey

Jermaine Dupri burst onto the Hot 100 as a songwriter thanks to his smash hit "Jump" for Kris Kross in 1992, which spent eight weeks lodged at No. 1. He continued his smash success in the '90s, and since 2000 has helped pen everything from Usher's "U Got It Bad" (No. 1; 2001), Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" (No. 1; 2005), Nelly's "Grillz" (No. 1, 2006). Most recently, he helped write longtime collaborator Mariah Carey's holiday hit "Oh Santa!," which hit the list in early January.
Source: Billboard

Photos: Mariah Leaving the Hospital
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 18-May-2011, 4:01PM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah and Nick leaving the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles with their twins on Saturday, May 14, 2011.

Source: Starface | Celine

New Photo: Mariah Takes the Twins Home
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 17-May-2011, 8:37AM EDT
First Photo of Mariah After Giving Birth
Last night's The Insider showed an exclusive photo of Mariah and husband Nick Cannon with their twin babies Moroccan & Monroe leaving the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where the twins were delivered, on Saturday, May 14, 2011.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Nick Impersonates Wife Mariah in Showtime Special
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 15-May-2011, 12:26PM EDT
Most comedians capitalize on taking potshots at others. But it's Nick Cannon's jokes about himself on his Showtime comedy special, "Mr. Showbiz," that yield the biggest laughs.

On the hour-long stand-up routine that aired Sunday night, Nick confirmed what many believe about his marriage to world renowned pop diva Mariah Carey: She is the boss.

Nick, who refers to himself as a boy toy, makes light of his wife's iron fist when it comes to red carpet etiquette. He recites the pep talk Mariah gives him when they arrive at award shows. Mariah warns him to keep his eyes on the ground and not to look at other women. He says "ka-ching" when describing the boost his financial status received after the two married. He even jokes that he is still not sure how his childhood fantasy to marry Mariah came true. He says that his marriage to Mariah is just as shocking as it would be if Halle Berry wed Soulja Boy.

Arguably, Nick's funniest Mariah jokes involve an alter ego modeled after a blaxpolitation character named Goldie from the movie "The Mack." Portrayed by Max Julien, Goldie is a pimp who spews directives in a nasal, high-pitched voice.

Watch Nick Cannon impersonate Mariah Carey in the video below:

When Mariah gets upset, she asks Nick, in character, "Who is you with?" reminding him that she is not the average girl.

Nick claims his stories are not embellished. "It's not an exaggeration at all," he told Yahoo! Music. "Everything I talked about in my special really happened. [But] it's just obviously we peppered it up a little bit to make it even funnier than it actually plays."
Source: Yahoo! Music

Nick Talks Mariah, Twins in NY Post Interview
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 15-May-2011, 12:11AM EDT
Mr. Mariah Carey talks twins, tattoos and making the wife laugh

So what if he's married to one of the most famous, five-octave-range-singing, Hello Kitty-loving superstar artists on the planet? For comedian Nick Cannon, 30, being Mariah Carey's baby daddy means keeping it real.

We got him to dish on his own day-to-day craziness.

New York Post: Holy cow, Nick – twins! Are you exhausted?
Nick Cannon:
Nah, I don't get tired (laughs).

You guys described the birthing process as an "I Love Lucy" episode – including how you got lost on your way to the maternity ward. What went down?
You know how we guys don't like to take directions. We'd been to the hospital a couple of times before and I was like, "I know where I'm going." I was trying to be Super Dad, carrying all the bags, and I went in through the wrong entrance. The hospital is hard to navigate – it's a big place!

Before the big day, you tweeted about being afraid you'd faint in the delivery room. Did you keep cool?
Yeah, I had the camera, so that helped me maintain my emotions. There was definitely a lot of blood, and I don't really like hospitals that much, but I was just like, "Focus on the camera."

What makes Mariah laugh?
Being silly. My characters. She actually loves talking in characters and stuff. We're always around the house talking in different accents.

Have you gotten any crazy baby gifts from celebrity friends?
Sharon and Ozzy [Osbourne] bought us this life-sized stuffed giraffe. And some Gothic thrones for the babies. That was a little... different.

You've already got "Mariah" tattooed across your entire back – will you get "Monroe" and "Moroccan" tattoos?
I don't know. I think I might be tattooed out. I was the person who said I would never get tattoos. So even to have that on my back is a big ordeal.

You recently gave out your real home phone number on your New York morning radio show. What were you thinking?
Well, luckily, we have more than one line, so now the line in the kitchen is designated for people to leave messages.

Have people been calling?
Oh, like crazy. It's mostly people calling to tell my wife how great she is, or to sing for her. The people who call to tell me how much they love my radio show are few and far between. One dude called and blatantly just said, "Hey, I need $5,000." You gotta respect that – he came out and asked for what he wanted.
Source: New York Post

Welcome Home, Roc & Roe!
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 14-May-2011, 12:16PM EDT
Mariah is now home at their Los Angeles residence with her twins Moroccan and Monroe after spending two weeks at the hospital. Husband Nick Cannon who had been making the rounds of TV shows promoting his Mr. Showbiz special that's airing on Showtime tonight happily tweeted the message below.

Nick Cannon Crazy 2 days of promo in NY and LA & I Finally was able to bring my wife and kids home tonight. Now in my own bedroom #puresatisfaction
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Nick Reveals Mariah Carey Delivery Details
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 14-May-2011, 11:31AM EDT
Nick Cannon is one proud papa and he's just revealed new details about his beautiful twins – Moroccan and Monroe – with wife Mariah Carey.

"Monroe obviously is inspired by Marilyn Monroe – who my wife is a huge fan of – and it's just a strong name for a female," Nick told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Friday's Access Hollywood Live. "When you hear Monroe as a first name, it's kind of cool. And then Moroccan – I got to name our son. Mariah wasn't really with it at first, but I thought it was kind of cool because it kind of sounds like Mariah and Nick together.

"I proposed to my wife in our Moroccan-inspired room. I thought that had some symbolism to it as well," he continued. "We just call him 'Rock.' I wanted a strong name."

As previously reported on, the couple's twins were born on April 30, and Nick said on Friday's Access Hollywood Live that he acted as "production manager" for his wife on the big day.

"I put it all together. I had a regular camera in one hand, a video camera in the other, I was DJing," he told Billy and Kit with a laugh. "I had to make sure that my wife's song, 'Fantasy' – the live version in Madison Square Garden – was playing when the kids popped out. So they were born to a huge round of applause from Madison Square Garden! They doctor had to cue me."

Despite Mariah's first-time mommy nerves, Nick said the legendary singer was an absolute champ during her delivery.

"She was cool! She was kind of calm," the new daddy gushed. "I just remember the doctor going, 'Nick, get the camera ready,' and then you hear like, this kind of pop sound and my wife go, 'Whoaaaaa' and then the babies come up. There wasn't a scream or anything!"

Though the twins are still in the hospital – Nick was still sporting his hospital wristbands during our interview! – the beaming comedian said the babies are expected to be able to come home on "Sunday or Monday, at the latest."

He also revealed that despite his pre-labor jitters, he's got fatherhood in the bag.

"I've kind of been around kids and babies all my life, so I'm one of those hands-on [dads] – I've been changing diapers, taking temperatures," Nick told Billy and Kit. "I'm the designated diaper changer, I'm the one that changes the diapers as of right now – my wife hasn't changed anything yet, but I have."

In addition to his new role as a father, Nick is starring in a comedy special, "Nick Cannon: Mr. Showbiz," that will air on Showtime on Saturday at 9 PM, and said his loving wife actually helped him write many of his jokes.

"Nothing was off limits in this special. [Mariah] was like my punch-up writer. I would go over all my jokes with her," he told Billy and Kit. "She has a great sense of humor! A lot of people don't know that. But she's cool with me joking about her and our relationship.

"There is a thing where I talk about my wife being a pimp in the special and she liked it, but she was like, 'Did you have to go THAT far?'" he added with a laugh. "It was hilarious – the crowd loved it."

Despite giving birth less than two weeks ago – and breastfeeding "tandem" with one baby one each arm! – Nick revealed Mariah is already anxious to get back to work.

"She was working while she was pregnant and she's planning on putting out an album this year. She's grinding," Nick told Billy and Kit. "She's a workaholic like myself – I think that's kind of why [our relationship] really works."

Despite giving birth less than two weeks ago – and breastfeeding "tandem" with one baby one each arm! – Nick revealed Mariah is already anxious to get back to work.

"She was working while she was pregnant and she's planning on putting out an album this year. She's grinding," Nick told Billy and Kit. "She's a workaholic like myself – I think that's kind of why [our relationship] really works."

Here's a video of Nick Cannon on Access Hollywood explaining what really happened when Mariah was accused of drinking alcohol in the hospital while caring for her new twins.

Source: Access Hollywood | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Working on New Album
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-May-2011, 7:09PM EDT
Nick Cannon is still recovering from the adrenaline rush of welcoming twins with wife Mariah Carey, but the actor/comedian/rapper is staying busy with a new stand-up special and forthcoming musical album, while Carey is working on a new full-length of her own.

"She's planning on having a record out this year," says Cannon of Carey, who gave birth to Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon on April 30. According to Cannon, Carey completed a good amount of recording a few months ago during her pregnancy. "She's been working away, and we have a studio in the crib, and [the pregnancy] has totally inspired her on so many different levels. You're definitely gonna see some new phenomenal music from Mariah."
Source: Billboard

Chart Notes: Topping BB 200 & Hot 100 in Same Week
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-May-2011, 4:23PM EDT
Since the Hot 100 adopted Nielsen BDS and SoundScan airplay and sales data, respectively, the week of Nov. 30, 1991 (after the Billboard 200 had converted to SoundScan-fueled figures in the May 25, 1991, issue), Adele is the 14th woman to command each chart simultaneously. (The fairer sex wins bragging rights: 12 solo males have accomplished the feat in that span).

Among the exclusive club, Whitney Houston has spent the most weeks (12) concurrently in charge of each chart, with "I Will Always Love You" from "The Bodyguard" (Dec. 12, 1992-Feb. 27, 1993), while Mariah Carey (three) and Janet Jackson (two) are the only artists to so doubly dominate with multiple albums.

Carey is also the only woman in that stretch to simultaneously rule the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 with two singles from the same set; "Fantasy" and "One Sweet Day," with Boyz II Men, each fronted the Hot 100 while "Daydream" dominated the Billboard 200.

Here is a look at the who's-who of female stars who have topped the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 in the same week in the charts' Nielsen data eras:

Artist, Billboard 200 No. 1, Hot 100 No. 1(s), Year(s)
Adele, "21," "Rolling in the Deep," 2011
Ke$ha, "Animal," "TiK ToK," 2010
Leona Lewis, "Spirit," "Bleeding Love," 2008
Alicia Keys, "As I Am," "No One," 2007
Avril Lavigne, "The Best Damn Thing," "Girlfriend," 2007
Nelly Furtado, "Loose," "Promiscuous" (featuring Timbaland), 2006
Mariah Carey, "The Emancipation of Mimi," "We Belong Together," 2005
Beyonce, "Dangerously in Love," "Crazy in Love" (featuring Jay-Z), 2003
Ashanti, "Ashanti," "Foolish," 2002
Jennifer Lopez, "J to Tha L-O! The Remixes," "Ain't It Funny" (featuring Ja Rule), 2002
Janet Jackson, "All for You," "All for You," 2001
Madonna, "Music," "Music," 2000
Britney Spears, "...Baby One More Time," ...Baby One More Time," 1999
Mariah Carey, "Daydream," "Fantasy"/"One Sweet Day" (with Boyz II Men), 1995-96
Mariah Carey, "Music Box," "Hero," 1993-94

Janet Jackson, "janet.," "That's the Way Love Goes," 1993
Whitney Houston, "The Bodyguard" (soundtrack), "I Will Always Love You," 1992-93
Source: Billboard | Sam

Nick Talks About His Kids on The Insider
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 13-May-2011, 7:44AM EDT

The Insider's Kevin Frazier sat down and talked to brand-new father Nick Cannon via satellite to talk about fatherhood and how his twin babies are doing.

Nick notes that the babies are still in the hospital, because they were born premature, but he says that they are doing very well. According to Nick, there's "no more tubes, they're moving, they're eating by themselves" and they’re doing "amazing." He says that the kids may be coming home as soon as Sunday.

Kevin presented Nick with a gift of two Nap Nannies in order to help his new kids sleep easily.
Source: The Insider

Nick Talks About Newborn Twins
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-May-2011, 6:56PM EDT
EW talked to Nick Cannon about his first stand-up special, his wife Mariah Carey, and the pair's recently born twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Excerpts from the interview are below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that you are a father, you're probably getting great material from the twins.
Yeah I got tons of jokes already. Ready to hit the stage ASAP.

How is it being a father?
Ah, man, it's amazing. It's surreal. Probably the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me is to be able to have a family and to be able to just live in that moment as long as you possibly can.

The names Moroccan and Monroe have gotten a lot of attention. Did you two anticipate that?
I had no idea it was gonna get that much attention. We don't sit around and like calculate what we're gonna do. These are things that we really feel. We're creative and eccentric people, so clearly a lot of people are gonna have opinions about the deicisions we make. But we don't really care at the end of the day. They're meaningful names to us and they're special to us. I guess that's the purpose of having a name: for people to take notice. So we're off to a good start.

Who do they look most like?
A lot of people [say] they look like me. It's funny, we have our own baby pictures in the room, and we're like holding them to the baby and like, "Wel l, he kinda has your head and my eyes." I would say it's a mixture of both right now.

Mariah in Wedding Dress Hours After Giving Birth
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-May-2011, 6:37PM EDT
The world already knew Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had renewed their vows on their anniversary, as they have every year since marrying in 2008. This was, of course, despite her giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe just hours before. But in our discussion with Cannon about his upcoming Showtime comedy special, Mr. Showbiz, he revealed that it was a ceremony complete with proper attire.

"We thought we probably weren't going to be able to do it, especially since my wife gave birth on our anniversary," Cannon tells "But she's a champ, man; she's superwoman. She pulled it off: Hours after giving birth she was in a wedding dress and a veil, exchanging vows. Not only do our children share a birthday, but we all share a day together. It's like Cannon Family Day. We're starting our own holiday. "

He also filled in details of playing Carey's music during her childbirth on April 30: "I was DJing her music. Our kids were born to her Fantasy performance at Madison Square Garden, so there was a big round of applause as the kids came out. She timed it that way."

She also continues to stay with the twins in a Los Angeles hospital since they're remain in the neonatal intensive-care unit, though Nick expects them to be home "Sunday/Monday-ish." In the meantime, they've taken over an entire wing of the undisclosed hospital. "I don't know how the hospital feels about that," he admits. "We got security standing at the elevator. It's crazy."
Source: TV Guide

Nick's First Mother's Day Gift for Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-May-2011, 6:31PM EDT
New mom Mariah Carey didn't have to wait long to celebrate her first Mother's Day. Just days after welcoming twins Monroe and Moroccan on April 30, the singer toasted her new life as a mom with a very special present from Nick Cannon: a 4-carat diamond and sapphire necklace from Jason of Beverly Hills.

"Nick was really excited about the babies' names and wanted to do a piece with them for Mariah's first Mother's Day," jeweler Jason Arasheben explains. "Pink sapphires are bright and bold and diamonds are always so classic."

The sparkling piece, which also incorporates 14-karat white and rose gold, is valued at $12,000. Cannon, a longtime customer of Jason, was excited about his big surprise. "Nick came in and met with Jason on the Friday after his twins were born," a source tells People. "He was bleary eyed, looking so tired but so happy — all smiles, saying he wanted to design something special for Mariah's first Mother's day. He couldn't want to surprise her on Sunday."
Source: People

Mariah Carey Babies: Victims of Tabloid Scam
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 12-May-2011, 11:46AM EDT
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's new twins were almost victims of a tabloid scam last night. It's a wild story exclusive to this column.

On Tuesday evening a woman from the Department of Child Protective Services showed up at the hospital while Carey was breastfeeding babies Monroe and Roc. The twins are just finishing up their stay in the NICU. Carey has stayed with them in the hospital following her C section and a minor infection. The civil servant told Cannon she was following up a claim of neglect, of all things.

The specifics: Carey was accused of drinking and taking pain meds while breastfeeding! Of course the real story was that a nurse on the floor had suggested Carey drink half a Guinness Stout in order to hasten production of breast milk. Mariah did just that and it worked. But someone in the unit sold her out, so to speak, hoping the social worker could get a picture of the babies for the tabs. Luckily no pictures were allowed. Carey and Cannon, horrified, explained the situation. "Taxpayer money was wasted, too, because this was labeled an emergency. It was ridiculous."

Meanwhile, mom and kids, healthy and wiser now, head home shortly.
Source: Roger Friedman - Showbiz 411

Nick Talks Marriage to Mariah, the Twins
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 11-May-2011, 6:02PM EDT
TV Squad caught up with Nick Cannon to talk about life with Mariah, the controversy surrounding their new bundles of joy, his first comedy special 'Mr. Showbiz' (premieres Saturday, May 14, 9PM on Showtime), and the next season of 'America's Got Talent.'

AOL TV: Congratulations on the babies -- I feel like Mariah's been pregnant forever.
Nick Cannon:
That bums me out! Like everybody thinks she was pregnant for a long time. Why do people think that?

Well there's been so much excitement!
She made the announcement in November, and it's May now -- that's not even nine months!

We are not patient people. [Laughs] You chose two very unique names -- Monroe and Moroccan -- how did you guys pick them?
Yeah, I heard the names have been causing quite the controversy as well. [Laughs] It's funny, I always say we had our names picked out very early on -- we picked one of the names like the first date that we had. But it's kind of weird that they stayed the same. Monroe, obviously, my wife has always been inspired by Marilyn Monroe ... she bought her priceless piano and all that stuff. And I just like the idea that is was more than just naming our daughter Marilyn. I think that would've been a little too cliché. Monroe is a very strong name -- it sounds really elegant.

And then Moroccan was kind of more my pick. When you think about Moroccan, it's kind of both of our names together -- Mariah and Nick together. And I always like the name Rock. Rock Cannon. It sounded like a strong name. We also have Moroccan rooms in our houses in L.A. and in New York. I've always thought that was kind of cool ... I actually proposed to my wife in the Moroccan room in New York, so it has a lot of symbolism. We like it a lot.

I love that. Also with twins, realistically you could be done having kids now ...
Yeah, I think we are if you ask my wife. [Laughs] I keep threatening her with getting her pregnant again, and she doesn't like it. She doesn't think that's funny. I heard women are their most fertile after they have children ... [Laughs]

Well your style on stage is very fast -- you get in there, get a laugh and move on. What do you think are the funniest topics you hit on in this special?
Obviously being married to Mariah Carey. That's the hilarious topic I touch on. Everything from Kanye West to Eminem, the N-word, all that stuff. There are a few controversial things, but everything's done with a light heart.

Well you definitely aren't afraid to get personal. Does Mariah ever get mad when you share stuff like that?
Not really. I mean, she has the greatest sense of humor ever, and she knows that I'll say anything -- I don't really care. I speak my mind, and I think that's what she loves about me. As much as I can be annoying at times, I think my authenticity is appreciated.

I mean, you compare your relationship with Mariah to being like Halle Berry with Soulja Boy! At least in people's minds.
[Laughs] It is! If you think about it, some people probably see it like that. I hold my wife up high on a pedestal, and sometimes I don't give myself enough credit, so I can see how people would take it like that.
Source: TV Squad

Mariah's Twins Out Of Intensive Care?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 11-May-2011, 9:36AM EDT
Mariah Carey's twins Moroccan and Monroe are out of neonatal intensive care and have been removed from oxygen.

A source tells X17online the twins, born ten days ago (April 30), were kept in the NICU unit 'round-the-clock until just days ago when they were allowed to make visits to their mother's private room at the Santa Monica hospital, with oxygen tanks in tow.

The source says mom and babies are doing well, "Nick is here all the time and he seems so relieved the babies are out of ICU. There's more movement in and out of Mariah's room now so it seems like they'll be packing up to go home shortly."
Source: X17 Online

Mariah on X-Factor
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 09-May-2011, 9:23AM EDT
Simon Cowell on Sunday didn't rule out the possibility of working with Mariah Carey in the near future.

"Whatever Mariah wants, Mariah gets," Cowell said of the singer, who gave birth to twins with husband Nick Cannon on April 30.

"All she has to do is call me, and I'll work out a deal," he added. "I think she'll have a presence on one of my shows."

On Sunday, Paula Abdul officially joined Antonio "L.A." Reid and Cheryl Cole on the X Factor judging panel. Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones are set to host.

Mariah's Twins Two Weeks Early?
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 07-May-2011, 9:21PM EDT
A source tells X17online Mariah and Nick's twins were two weeks early and needed time in an incubator after the birth by Caesarean section. Moroccan and Monroe have just been taken out of the preemie unit and are now able to stay in a regular crib, in their month's private room.

Mariah, 42, is in the VIP room of a Santa Monica hospital and Nick has been at her side much of the time since the births a week ago.

Our source tells us:

"Nick is always doting on Mariah and bringing things into the room for her. He always looks happy no matter what the hour, no matter how little sleep he's gotten. This guy is definitely happy to be a dad."

The baby boy and girl are still hooked up to oxygen through nasal tubes but are doing well. We're told:

"Mariah and Nick's babies aren't experiencing anything abnormal -- most twins are premature. The couple is relaxed and they don't seem worried. Mariah must be resting and taking care of herself after the C-section. She hasn't been out of her room yet."

The family is expected to be in the hospital through the coming week.
Source: X17 Online

MDJ Featured Fan: Ambrose and his Mariah Comic Strip
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 06-May-2011, 7:42PM EDT
Webcomic artist and avid Mariah Carey fan Ambrose Quintanilla IV has created this special comic strip to celebrate his favorite singer's twin arrival.

You can also view this comic and his other work at under the In Your Face! section. If you dig his Mariah comic strip, give it a "Like" and leave your feedback.

Source: Ambrose | MariahDailyJournal

Nick On Twins: 'They're Already More Famous Than Me!'
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 06-May-2011, 9:46AM EDT
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had the web buzzing on Wednesday when they revealed the names of the their twins – son Moroccan Scott and daughter Monroe – and later in the day, Nick revealed more details behind their names.

"Moroccan is like, you know, Mariah and my name together," Nick told reporters in Los Angeles on Wednesday. "We call him 'Rock' for short, a strong name," Nick continued.

Earlier on Wednesday, Mariah posted a message on her website, stating that Moroccan shares his middle name with his dad. She also noted that the top floor of Mariah's lavish New York City apartment is called the Moroccan Room and is where Nick proposed to the singer.

When asked if daughter Monroe was named after Hollywood screen legend Marilyn Monroe, Nick said, "Absolutely!" The proud father added, "They were Twitter topics. They're already more famous than me."

Mariah in OK! Magazine
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 05-May-2011, 3:11AM EDT
The Twins Are Here!
Mariah and Nick welcomed a son and daughter

The arrival of their twins on their third wedding anniversary on April 30 was not planned by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, but it was a welcome surprise. "My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life!" Nick tweeted just hours after the big event, joking, "I won't ever be able to top this!"

The happy couple celebrated with Champagne, music and an extra-special renewal of their vows. "Mariah was actually very calm for the birth," reveals an insider. "She had music during it — Nick created a special playlist with her favorite songs."

As they did last year, Mariah and Nick renewed their wedding vows with Reverend Al Sharpton presiding in the hospital and adding in a special blessing for their newborn boy and girl. "Mariah looks GREAT, and the babies are beautiful," Sharpton tweeted.

It's a particularly sweet time for Mariah and Nick who finally have everything they're ever longed for in life. "They are so incredibly grateful for these children, they truly see them as a gift from God," says a friend. "It was such a long road to this moment."

At the hospital, the new parents' moods have gone from ecstatic to jubilant. "Mariah needs to rest, but she's just so incredibly overjoyed, it's been hard. And Nick is just over-the-top excited. He's been videotaping every moment, and actually, he's been the one shedding most of the tears — it's been an emotional time for both of them."
Source: OK! - May 16, 2011 issue | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah and Nick Reveal Baby Names
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 04-May-2011, 11:55AM EDT
Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon have finally revealed the names of their twins who were born in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Their son is named Moroccan Scott Cannon. Scott is Nick's middle name, as well as his grandmother's maiden name.

The top tier of Mariah's New York City apartment is called the Moroccan Room, because of the Moroccan-inspired decor. It's also the place where Nick proposed to his wife, overlooking Manhattan!

Their daughter's name is Monroe Cannon. Mariah's rep says she does not have a middle name because Mariah herself does not have one. Monroe was named after Marilyn Monroe, who has been an inspiration to Mariah her whole life.

In fact, Mariah purchased the Hollywood icon's white piano from Christie's auction house and it is in Mariah's will that the piano will one day go to the Smithsonian.

Mariah's rep, Cindi Berger, tells CNN, "It has been a long, emotional journey for this family, and I couldn't be happier for all of them."
Source: CNN

New Mom Mariah Grateful for Baby Well-Wishes
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 03-May-2011, 9:49AM EDT
Two days after giving birth, new mom Mariah took to her Twitter to send her profuse thanks to everyone who offered their congratulatory messages and well-wishes on the birth of her twins.

"I wish I could personally thank all those around the world who continue 2 send congrats+prayers for #dembabies!they're doing great. And they are the most incredible gifts we could ever have imagined!"

Mariah also mentioned that she and Nick have decided on the babies' names but would like the fans to guess what they are before she reveals them! She is tweeting clues so log on to Twitter and send in your guesses!

"So we r bout 2 reveal the actual names and b4 we tell em 2 our friends etc. I had 2 C if any of the #lambily wanted 2 guess!!! And begin: ) LYM!!!!!!!!!!"
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah, Nick Renew Vows in Hospital
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 02-May-2011, 9:27AM EDT
A day after becoming parents to twins, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their vows with a hospital ceremony conducted by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Saturday was the couple's third anniversary — and also the day when Carey gave birth to a girl and a boy in Los Angeles. On Sunday, Sharpton blessed the babies, and also presided over a ceremony where the couple renewed their vows.

Cannon tweeted words of thanks to the civil rights activist and said: "Yep we just had a wedding in the hospital!"

Sharpton tweeted that Carey looked "great" and that the babies are beautiful.

I am just leaving Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. She had twins yesterday on their 3 rd anniversary. I had prayer with them and the babies.

I also conducted the renewal of their vows and the blessing of the newborn twins. Mariah looks GREAT, and the babies are beautiful.

I am so moved by the sincere spiritual commitment of Mariah and Nick. They have not let success separate them from GOD. I am so proud.

Glad I came 2 LA 2 pray for @MariahCarey & @NickCannon twins & 2 renew their vows

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