May 2012

Photos: Mariah & Twins in Capri
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 31-May-2012, 10:10AM EDT
Mariah Carey with her adorable twins Moroccan and Monroe in Capri on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Cannon Family Sails Italian Seas
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 30-May-2012, 1:42PM EDT
They're often seen in an array of stylish designer clothes. But safety comes first, of course, and today Mariah Carey was seen helping her cute twins into their fluorescent life vests as they took a boat ride in Capri, Italy.

While the bright yellow jackets may have covered Monroe and Moroccan's fantastic outfits, the 13-month-old brother and sister still looked impossibly cute.

Monroe was clad in a pretty pink dress while Moroccan was dressed in a pair of jeans and check shirt.

Mariah, 42, who is married to America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon, flew out from the States last week.

Her first stop was Morocco - the place which inspired her son's name - where she performed at the 11th edition of the Mawazine International Music Festival. From there she has now moved on to Capri, in the scenic Campania region of Italy.

Mariah, who was pictured with her twins yesterday, put style before comfort as she embarked on a boat ride, wearing a minidress and platform heels.

Carey, whose net worth was estimated at more than $500 million last year, spares no expense when it comes to spoiling her ultra-cute babies, affectionately called 'Dem Babies' by their parents.

Source: UK Daily Mail

Scans: The Capri Palace Hotel
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 29-May-2012, 9:27PM EDT
Below is a scan from the Italian newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno, which featured an article in its May 28 edition about the Capri Palace Hotel, where Mariah is currently vacationing between her concerts in Morocco and Monaco:


Somebody says it's a sort of luxury castle, some others say it's a place where to sublime the pleasure of life. To witness this, some of the world's most famous visitors that have attended the place more than once. Yes, because the Capri Palace is a place, a situation, that will not be forgotten. Mariah Carey has repeatedly been a guest of the great five star luxury hotel, she has just arrived in the week-end.

Below are photos of the Penthouse Suite, where Mariah is staying:

Photo: Roc Poolside in Italy
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 29-May-2012, 5:04PM EDT
Below is a photo of Moroccan in Italy, as tweeted by Nick Cannon a short while ago:

Roc big pimpin in Italy!

Photo: Roc & Roe in Capri
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 28-May-2012, 9:29PM EDT
Below is a photo of Moroccan & Monroe enjoying a ride in their wagon, as tweeted by Nick Cannon earlier today.

Ridin around and they gettin it!

Photo: Mariah & Dem Babies Arrive in Italy
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 27-May-2012, 1:31PM EDT
Just moments ago, Mariah posted a photo of herself and dem babies arriving in Capri, Italy this morning:

Mariah and #dembabies arriving at their hotel this morning! All we can say is "awwwwww!"

Mariah in Capri, Italy
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 27-May-2012, 1:13PM EDT
Below are scans from the Italian newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno, announcing Mariah's arrival in Capri, Italy, for a one-week vacation following her performance at the Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco last night.

The American singer Mariah Carey (here in Capri in an archive photo) arrived this morning in Capri for a holiday with her two children and her staff. She will stay at the Capri Palace Hotel, where she reserved the most beautiful suite, the Penthouse. Mariah Carey in Capri will remain a week.

Download: Mariah Live in Rabat, Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 27-May-2012, 12:30AM EDT
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Interview: Mariah in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 26-May-2012, 8:12PM EDT
Here is a video of Mariah being interviewed in Morocco. The video is dubbed over in French, but with a careful ear, you can still hear Mariah's answers:

Source: Oscar

Live Updates: Mariah in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 26-May-2012, 5:55PM EDT
Mariah has taken the stage at the Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco. The concert is streaming live on channel 2M, and you can view it here.


01. Fantasy (Def Club Mix)
02. It's Like That
03. Shake It Off
04. Underneath the Stars
05. I'll Be There
• • Rock With You (Trey Lorenz)
06. Obsessed
07. Touch My Body
08. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
09. Always Be My Baby
• • Band Jam/Introduction by Trey Lorenz
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. My All
12. Dreamlover
13. Honey
14. We Belong Together
15. Hero
16. Without You
• • Butterfly Reprise

• Mariah is on stage! She is looking beautiful in a short gold dress. Surrounded by dancers, she is singing "Fantasy (Def Club Mix)." As the song ends, she yells "How you doin, Morocco?! How you feeling tonight, good? I heard everybody was in a good mood out there tonight!"

• Mariah announces that she wants to do "a little bit of a party song." "It's Like That" starts playing!

• Mariah announces "I'm having a little bit of trouble with my ears!" and asks for a microphone stand. Talks about starting the trend of a glittery mic-stand. She must see a sign in the audience asking for a song. She starts singing an improv: "I'm not singing that song right now! Sometimes I just write a song in the middle of my set for you, Morocco! It's a beautiful place. And you see the people having such smiling faces, and they are full of love. Hearts full of love. And I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us come here and sing this next song! Thank you Morocco! This is for you." "Shake It Off" now.

• Mariah asks "Are there any lambs in the audience?" and asks for a sip of water. She tells the audience about the Moroccan room in her house, and says that sometimes she writes songs in there. She announces that she's going to do a reflective song from Daydream for the fans- a song she wanted to be a single but the record company said no. "Underneath the Stars"!

• Mariah brings Trey Lorenz out and asks everyone to give him "a Moroccan welcome."

• Mariah exits the stage after "I'll Be There." Trey Lorenz is on to sing Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" while she changes wardrobe.

• Mariah is back on stage in a short silver dress to sing "Obsessed."

• Mariah is having trouble with her ear monitors. Someone is on stage to help her with it ("an ear doctor moment"). She says hi to her twins, who are watching from the hotel room. Time for a song she likes to call "TMB."

• Mariah announces she'll do a song from the Rainbow album that she wrote to lift her own spirits. "Can't Take That Away"!

• Introduces "Always Be My Baby": "This is for dem babies, upstairs! And you guys too!" She says "I think you guys have this album out there? Music Box?!" and laughs. (A reference to her forgetting what album this song came from at her concert in Austria?)

• Mariah is off stage again as the band jams. Trey Lorenz is introducing the band.

• Mariah returns to the stage in a long, red sparkly dress to sing "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker." Introduces the song by saying "This is for all the heartbreakers out there tonight." Mariah dedicates the song to Donna Summer "because we love her" during the "Love to love you" section.

• Mariah asks for a chaise lounge. Thanks the Royal Family for having her there, while she waits. Says hi to all the cute kids out there who are up late. Introduces a song from the Butterfly album: "My All."

• After briefly leaving stage during the remix part of "My All," Mariah is back in the same red dress. "Dreamlover" now. The "Juicy" remix from "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour!

• Mariah introduces a song she's "very proud of, as a songwriter and a recording artist." The Song of the Decade 2000-2010: "We Belong Together"

• A song that Mariah wrote a long time ago and as the years have gone by, "has become one of my favorites." Dedicated to the audience: "Hero."

• Mariah leaves the stage as the outro music to "Hero" plays.

• Mariah is back for an encore! "Without You"

• Mariah thanks the audience as the "Butterfly" outro begins playing. Confetti falls into the crowd and the show is over!

Screen Caps:

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's Planned Mawazine Festival Setlist?
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 26-May-2012, 11:37AM EDT
Artisthick, which covers news and culture in Morocco and worldwide, has been reporting on the Mawazine Festival and has revealed the setlist Mariah is planning for her performance tonight at 9:30 PM local time (4:30 PM Eastern Time; 1:30 PM Pacific Time.)

It's Like That
Shake It Off
I'll Be There
Make It Happen
Without You
Always Be My Baby
My All
Touch My Body
Heartbreaker/Love Hangover
We Belong Together
Underneath the Stars

MDJ Note: Please keep in mind that this information is subject to change.
Source: Artisthick

Mariah Featured in Moroccan Newspaper Le Matin
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 26-May-2012, 9:43AM EDT
U.S. R&B star Mariah Carey will perform Saturday at the OLM Souissi, alongside Moroccan artist DJ Abdel at the closing ceremony of the Festival Mawazine world rhythms.

At a press conference on the sidelines of the Mawazine Festival at the Villa des Arts in Rabat, the American star expressed her joy to encourage talented young Moroccan, expressing her love of Arabic music, saying that she grew up in a family who admired the songs of the great oriental artists.

Moreover, the American singer expressed her full readiness to work with other ambitious young Moroccan artists and dreaming of international fame, noting in this context she has already had a successful experience with the Moroccan director Sanna Hamri, whom she admires boundlessly.

"I am a great lover of this country, its civilization and culture, and a great admirer of its cultural diversity," she said, claiming that she has named one of her twins Moroccan Scott in testimony of this love and adding that the architecture of her home in the United States is inspired by traditional Moroccan architectural art.

In response to a question about the secret of her eternal success despite the presence of high-caliber international artists, Mariah Carey noted that serious work and the quality levels of the composition, lyrics and production are key factors for success.

Mariah Carey is a singer, songwriter, producer and actress. She is the most popular female performer of the 1990s in the United States an in 2000 was named "Artist of the Millennium." She is one of the most profitable singers in the history of the music world.
Source: Le Matin | Zakaria

Mariah & Lenny Kravitz in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 26-May-2012, 7:34AM EDT
Yesterday, Mariah caught up with Lenny Kravitz, who is also in Morocco for the Mawazine Festival:

Ran into my old friend Mariah in Morocco. We go waaaaaaaaayyy back! Before we were both making music. Lenny
Source: Lenny Kravitz

Photos: Mariah at Press Conference in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 25-May-2012, 9:14PM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah at a press conference held in Morocco on May 25, 2012, in anticipation of her performance at the Mawazine Festival.

Source: Zakaria

Video: Mariah Arrives in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 25-May-2012, 9:03PM EDT
Below is news coverage of Mariah arriving in Rabat, Morocco, from Moroccan channel MEDI 1 TV.

In it, Mariah can be heard saying "I'm very excited for the show, and the babies are very happy to be here," as she gets into a car.

Source: MawazineTV YouTube Channel | Zakaria

Moroccan's Morocco Adventure
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 25-May-2012, 8:59PM EDT
Mariah Carey's 13-month-old is visiting the country which inspired his name.

The cute little toddler was being carried in his famous mother's arms today after arriving in the Morocco capital, Rabat.

Mariah was wearing a bright orange ensemble while little Moroccan was dressed in a checked shirt and jeans.

The 42-year-old singer and her son were spotted at the airport.

Mariah and husband Nick Cannon were inspired to name their son Moroccan after Nick proposed to her in a Moroccan-style room.

His twin sister Monroe was named in honour of the iconic singer, Marilyn Monroe.

Carey is in Rabat ahead of her performance tomorrow night at the 11th Mawazine World Rhythms music festival.

Pictured below: Mariah with Moroccan, and leaving for press conference.

Source: UK Daily Mail

More Photos: Mariah Arrives in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 25-May-2012, 6:15PM EDT

Source: Escape Magazine | Yassine

Photos: Mariah Arrives in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 25-May-2012, 9:29AM EDT
Mariah arrives in Rabat, Morocco for the Mawazine Festival, where she will perform on May 26, 2012.

Mariah's Mawazine Festival Concert to Be Broadcast
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 24-May-2012, 5:45PM EDT
Mariah's performance at the Mawazine Festival will be shown on Moroccan TV channel 2M.

According to 2M's website, Mariah will be broadcast on Saturday, May 26 at 9:15 PM local time. It is not clear if this will be the entire concert, or only a portion.

Clips will also be available the next day via the Mawazine Festival website.
Source: Salim | Sam

Mariah Working With David Morales Again?
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 24-May-2012, 5:36PM EDT
Earlier today, David Morales suggested a new collaboration with Mariah via Twitter:

@DJDavidMorales: Do I smell a new DM and MC collaboration??????
Source: Chris | David Morales via Twitter

Win Autographed Essentials CD & Forever Perfume
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 24-May-2012, 5:16PM EDT
Do you love Mariah Carey? Are you looking to score some awesome Mariah Carey merch? Well, you've come to the right place! PopCrush is ready to pick five lucky winners, and each will receive an autographed copy of Mariah Carey's latest greatest hits compilation The Essential and a bottle of her Forever perfume!

Each winner we select - there will be five winners in total - will receive a copy of The Essential Mariah Carey. a 2-CD compilation of Carey's biggest and best hits. The album includes everything from her earliest hits like "Vision of Love" and "Dreamlover" to more current chart-toppers like "Heartbreaker." The best part? The booklet in each 2-CD set has been autographed by Mariah herself!

As if this wasn't enough, Ms. Carey is also offering up bottles of her Forever perfume to each of the five winners. According to her official beauty website, Carey created the scent after falling in love with husband Nick Cannon. "My life with Nick is so exciting," she says. "I created my fragrance Forever right around the time Nick and I fell in love, and every time I wear it, my senses take me back to that unforgettable moment when we realized we were made for each other. There is only one forever."

In case you were wondering what true love smells like, Forever has "radiant top notes, glamorous iconic white florals, and a mesmerizing drydown." Sounds absolutely gorgeous, just like Mariah herself!

You can enter the contest by providing your email address below. Five winners will be selected at 3PM EST on Friday, June 8, 2012, so you have until then to enter. Good luck, Mimi fans! And even if you don't end up winning, you can always snag a copy of The Essential Mariah Carey on Amazon or iTunes.

Visit PopCrush to enter the contest.
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Nick Cannon on Christmas Project With Mariah
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 23-May-2012, 5:27PM EDT

File this under news we totally saw coming.

As if hosting "America's Got Talent," producing Nickelodeon flick "Rags," teaming up with Ashton Kutcher to punk Demi Lovato, and signing artists under his Ncredible music label weren't enough, Nick Cannon is currently working on an animated project with Mariah Carey!

The proud papa of "dem babies" talked to me briefly at Beyond the Bell's 5th Annual Spotlight On Success Leadership Event about the highly anticipated collaboration.

"We got a couple of things in the works but the first one we're doing is very Christmas-oriented," Nick dished. "My wife is Ms. Christmas and quite festive so it's going to be real big, you'll see it in the future."

Word around town is that Nick is working on a family-friendly cartoon with his superstar wife that will certainly earn their year-old twins' thumb of approval.
Source: PopStop TV

Today in Billboard History
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 23-May-2012, 5:20PM EDT
May 23, 1998:

Mariah Carey scores her lucky 13th Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 with "My All." She's since upped her total to 18 leaders, the most among all solo artists in the chart's history.

Source: Billboard

Correspondents Wanted: Mariah in Morocco
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 20-May-2012, 10:18AM EDT
Are you attending Mariah's concert at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco on May 26? MariahDailyJournal wants you! If you will have access to email during the show and would like to provide us with updates, please contact us at

We also welcome your reviews, photos, audio or videos!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"Surprises" On The Way
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 20-May-2012, 10:14AM EDT
After revealing earlier this month that she wrote and recorded a song for Lee Daniels' new movie, Mariah announced last night that there is more news on the way:

Lambily! Got some nice new surprises coming your way soon! Shhhhhhh for now: ) "excitement!"

Mariah To Perform at Obama Fundraiser?
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 18-May-2012, 11:15PM EDT
It's not Sex and the City - it's Barack in the City, which can be had for as little as $3.

President Obama's campaign announced Friday that "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker will host a re-election fundraiser at her Manhattan home next month.

Parker promised that the evening, entitled "A New York Night," would be "fabulous."

"I hope you'll help me welcome President Obama and the First Lady to New York," Parker wrote in an email to the incumbent's supporters. "It should be fabulous."

Supporters who donate even $3 will be entered in a raffle to attend the glitzy June 14 event.

The Obama campaign used a similar tactic earlier this month by raffling off chances to attend a star-studded fundraiser at George Clooney's Hollywood home.

That dinner raised $15 million - the most ever in a single event.

Parker, a longtime Obama supporter, volunteered at a get-out-the-vote phone bank for the campaign in 2008.

"I believed then, as I do now, that if we all chipped in and did our part, we would not only make history," Parker wrote, "but create meaningful change that so many Americans needed."

"For me, this election is even more important than 2008," she wrote.

Details of the fundraiser, which is expected to be held at the West Village home Parker shares with husband Matthew Broderick, are still being settled.

The raffle winners will be flown to New York and receive tickets to a Mariah Carey performance - though it is not clear if the star will sing at Parker's home.

This will be far from the first time Obama will raise money in Manhattan, the political world's favorite ATM.

He held a pair of cash bashes last week in the wake of his historic decision on same-sex marriage.

Earlier this year, he also attended a series of $35,000 dinners in posh apartments - including Spike Lee's upper East Side home - and a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater that featured his famed rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

His Republican rival has also frequently visited the city with his hand out, though he will likely receive few votes from the five boroughs.

Mitt Romney has swept through the city several times to raise money, including a three-stop blitz one December day that netted him several million dollars.

Photos: Mariah at Six Flags Great Adventure
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 17-May-2012, 9:54AM EDT
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon spotted at Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park in Jackson, New Jersey on Mother's Day, May 13, 2012.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Carey: "I Was Joking About Britney Spears"
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 16-May-2012, 3:58PM EDT
Mariah Carey has laughed off rumours she's angry at Simon Cowell for choosing Britney Spears over her as a judge on The X Factor after she appeared to take a swipe at the Toxic hitmaker during a recent interview.

The Hero hitmaker reached out to music and TV mogul Cowell when he first announced plans to launch a U.S. version of the hit British talent search early last year (11) and expressed her interest in getting involved.

Carey, who was expecting twins at the time, was forced to drop out of plans to become a judge on the programme due to her pregnancy and singer Nicole Scherzinger was reportedly chosen to take her place alongside Cowell, Paula Abdul and Antonio 'L.A.' Reid for season one.

The R&B superstar was briefly linked to the job again when Abdul and Scherzinger were dropped from the line-up at the end of the first series, but Cowell finally settled on hiring Britney Spears and Demi Lovato for the vacant roles and officially announced their involvement on Monday (14May12).

Carey didn't appear to be a fan of his decision to appoint Spears as a judge when she was asked about the hire during an interview for U.S. news show Extra, and said, "You think I focus on that stuff? Have we met? I love (Spears), honestly. I think she's a very nice person, but I don't care who's going on that show - as long as it's not me."

Her comments sparked speculation she was upset at being overlooked by Cowell, but Carey insists she was just joking.

Taking to on Wednesday (16May12), she wrote, "@BritneySpears & @SimonCowell of course I luv+care about you dahhlings, congrats (sic)! U never know what's true or gossip, I was joking around!"
Source: Contact Music

"Glamily Lambily" Fan Makeover Extravaganza
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 16-May-2012, 12:11PM EDT

Before lambs


Long before Lady Gaga ever dubbed her people "Little Monsters," Mariah Carey had "Lambs," or the "Lambily" as she affectionately refers to her fiercely loyal fans. Mariah is so appreciative of the Lambily that she designated February 11th "Lamb Appreciation Day."

T0 celebrate, Mariah chose three lucky Lambs --Tonya, Desiree and Meg -- to win a "Glamily Lambily" Mariah Carey makeover from her personal glam squad featuring beauty legends Kyle White, Oscar Blandi and Kristofer Buckle. Each of the girls also took home a beauty basket from Mariah worth $1,000 and she has one left just for xoJane. More on that later. First, the makeover.

WHO: Mariah Carey's glam squad. Kyle White on color, Oscar Blandi on cut, Kristofer Buckle on makeup, and xoJane.

WHAT: The first ever Mariah Carey Glamily Lambily Fan Makeover Extravaganza.

WHERE: Oscar Blandi's expansive Manhattan salon. Coincidentally, Tinsley Mortimer of xoJane's first Makeunder was there the same day having her hair done.

WHY: Mariah and Jane go way back. Right Jane? [It's not like we are thisclose or anything. I had dinner with her and a couple of other girls, including Ashley Judd (of course), many years ago at Nobu and it was during that dinner that I realized she is a real girls' girl (one of my favorite traits) and very real and open. Then she was on Jane magazine's cover, so I went by that photo shoot to say hi to her. Mostly our connection is through Kyle, who rules and loves bringing people together. ] And it's through Kyle that Jane was asked to take part in the makeover. As Kyle said to me over the phone recently once the project was complete, "You have to have a Jane Pratt to make this sort of thing happen."


Kyle on color: "It’s not like a tattoo or plastic surgery. Anyone can have fun with hair color. It’s one of the few things that you can do in an afternoon that can reinvent your whole look. When criminals are on the run they change their hair color immediately. It’s a part of our identity. Hair color can be career making. Debra messing never got work until she went red. Hair color can be a signature. It’s something that you can completely reinvent. Mariah is always, always changing. We did a photoshoot where her hair was black. Hair color is a mood enhancer it’s something that makes people feel better. It inspires creativity."

Kristofer on makeup:
Everyone looks in the mirror and wishes they could change something. Sometimes you want to be someon else just for one night. Sometimes there's such a small adjustment that it's not worth fixing permanently. Most people are limited by their own obsession. Women don't realize how great they can look.
They don't know their true potential. Once somebody sees themselves like this it changes their self-perception. The competition isn't so steep between you and the superstars."

Mariah is giving away one last Glam Lamb beauty basket worth $1,000. To enter simply visit the gift basket gallery and tell us what makes you an honorary lamb in the comments. I will announce the winner right here on Monday, May 28th, so don't forget to check back.
Source: xojane

Mariah & Nick Bid $21,000 On Shoes At Charity Event
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 16-May-2012, 9:22AM EDT
Days after celebrating their twins' birthdays – in Paris, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon arrived hand-in-hand at the Opera Gallery in N.Y.C. for an arty fundraiser.

The pair was spotted laughing and enjoying themselves, sipping soft drinks and checking out tunes by DJ Mos at the event, which benefitted the Urban Arts Partnership. The happy couple – who recently renewed their vows – was apparently in a very charitable mood: Cannon placed the night's highest bid, nabbing a $21,000 Project Canvas shoe, that was paired with a diver watch, designed by Audemars Piguet.

Carey was among the celebrities who designed shoes for the event. Her creation, which was snatched up by BET chairman Debra Lee for $2,000, earned the highest price for a single pair of shoes during the evening.

Other celebrities contributing shoe designs at the event: Ellen DeGeneres and Swizz Beatz.
Source: People

Randy Jackson on 106 & Park: New Mariah Album Soon
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 16-May-2012, 8:50AM EDT
Randy Jackson appeared on BET's 106 & Park yesterday, where he discussed that there will be new music out by Mariah and a new album out by the end of the year/beginning of next year. You can watch the video on BET's website.

Source: BET

Indonesian Fan Party
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 15-May-2012, 9:05PM EDT
On April 30, Chocho, Jordan, Fauzie, Ibnu and Adit threw a party in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to celebrate Mariah and Nick's fourth wedding anniversary and dem babies' first birthday. Held at the Chocolate House Cafe, the party was a chance for the fans, who dubbed themselves "Eternally Lambily, to show off some items from their Mariah collections, sing Mariah Carey-oke (including some Christmas songs at the end!) and enjoy good drinks and food, including a cake dedicated to the Cannon family. The fans also wrote out personal well-wishes for Mariah, Nick and the twins.

You can check out a video here and photos below:

Mariah & Nick Allow Photos Outside of Soho Eatery
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 15-May-2012, 11:05AM EDT
Pop icon Mariah Carey and rapper husband Nick Cannon arrive at an eatery in Soho, New York, to be met by a crowd of photographers. They smile and pose for photos before entering.

Source: Contact Music

Mariah: "I Don't Care" About Spears' X-Factor Role
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 15-May-2012, 10:06AM EDT
Whilst the majority of us were excited to hear that Britney Spears had been confirmed as a judge on the X Factor USA, there was one person who couldn't give two hoots.

Asked about what she thought about Britney's new role on the show alongside Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, during an interview with Extra, Mariah, who was linked to the role shortly after Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul announced their departure from the show, replied:

"You think I focus on that stuff? Have we met? I love her, honestly, I think she's a very nice person, but I don't care who's going on that show - as long as it's not me."

The star was then quizzed on the reports that she was going to go back on tour. However the star, who has recently renewed her wedding vows to husband Nick Cannon, got a tad confused thinking that the interviewer had asked her about Britney's tour.

"Her tour or my tour?" She asked. "Darling, I got to finish my album. I'm going to play a few shows."

Twitter Photo: Mariah and Nick at Six Flags
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 14-May-2012, 8:14PM EDT
Mariah has tweeted a photo of herself and Nick Cannon on the Green Lantern ride at Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday, May 13:

With @NickCannon on the Green Lantern ride.. we had so much fun!

Mariah on Nick's "Bromance" With Howard Stern
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 14-May-2012, 5:35PM EDT
"Extra's" AJ Calloway chatted with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at the Project Canvas gala in NYC, talking about "America's Got Talent" premiere Monday - and Nick's fondness for new judge Howard Stern.

"He sent us gifts. I was like me and Howard are having a bromance right now," said Cannon. Carey jokingly interjected, "I don't know if I approve of that. I don't really like that terminology; it's not my favorite."

Mariah joked she'd like a house in the Hamptons, while Cannon works on "AGT" in NYC. Carey smiled, “"America's Got Talent" is going to get us a house in the Hamptons, so we can be out there all summer long... with a fabulous pool and I want it on the ocean!"

As for the rumors Mariah may be going on tour soon, the singer said, "Darling, I’ve got to finish my album! I’m doing a few shows!"

Tune in to the "America’s Got Talent" premiere tonight at 8:00 PM on NBC!

Watch below:

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Source: Extra

Mimi's Adventures in Paris
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 14-May-2012, 5:15PM EDT
Mariah and Nick recently traveled to Paris to celebrate their wedding anniversary and babies' first birthday. Here's a look at some of their adventures in the city of lights!

"Our Parisian family vacation was a+mazing! Here are the adventures.. LYM! --MC"

Mariah Celebrates Mothers Day at Great Adventure
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 14-May-2012, 3:25PM EDT

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had what she later tweeted was a "Mother’s Day extravaganza" Sunday at Jackson’s Six Flags Great Adventure.

The only thing missing? Their year-old twins. They were "not present," according a Six Flags press alert, although Carey did pose for a picture with a park guest and her twins. On the other hand, Cannon’s mother went along for the ride, so there was a modicum of motherly bonding.

Cannon, who surprised his bride after their 2008 nuptials with a blow-out party at California's Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Carey celebrated the first birthday of twins Moroccan and Monroe on April 30 with an extravagant party in Paris.

See also coverage from Jackson Township Online

Inside Dem Babies' Lavish First Birthday Celebration
Posted by Jonny on Monday, 14-May-2012, 3:20PM EDT

Naturally, Dem Babies' first birthday celebration was a black-tie affair. In Paris.

This week, proud parents Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon posted party photos to Moroccan and Monroe's personal website,, from the twins' lavish April 30 first birthday celebration.

Dressed to the nines for their big bash, the tots -dubbed Roc and Roe for short -were treated to a toy Ferrari, a rocking horse, and a miniature white piano. (Mama Mariah dressed in a floor-length, blush-colored gown and donned a dazzling diamond necklace for the special occasion).

April 30 was an extra special day for the Cannon-Carey family; it also happened to be the Grammy winner and America's Got Talent host's fourth wedding anniversary.

Three days before feting Roc and Roe's birthday, Carey and Cannon, 31, renewed their wedding vows--a tradition they've kept up every year since their 2008 nuptials.

"I have to do it every single year," Cannon explained to Us Weekly of why he and his wife choose to reaffirm their commitment to one another. "If you were married to Mariah Carey, you'd want to marry her every year too! I just have to keep doing it to make sure it's real."
Source: US Magazine

Twitter Updates: Mariah With DJ Clue; Visits Six Flags
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 13-May-2012, 11:18PM EDT
• DJ Clue tweeted about being in the studio with Mariah and Jovonn last night:

@DJCLUE: Studio Last Night wit @MariahCarey & @Jovonn too many jokes.Workin on some good music

• Meanwhile, Mariah and family spent Mothers Day at Six Flags Amusement Park, and will be sharing photos with us soon!

@MariahCarey: Just left six flags, we had a mother's day extravaganza, it was a+mazing.. Pictures+clip on the way!

Video: Mariah and Nick at Project Canvas Art Gala
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 13-May-2012, 5:19PM EDT
Here is video coverage of Mariah and Nick at last Friday's Project Canvas Art Gala and Exhibit in New York City.

Source: The Source

No Mariah Carey for amfAR
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 13-May-2012, 3:57PM EDT
Mariah Carey will not be performing at the annual amfAR Cannes benefit at the end of this month. The group wanted her, but Carey is finishing up her new record, taking care of twins, and helping husband Nick Cannon recuperate from his unexpected illness this winter. Plus, she and Nick and the kids were just in France celebrating their anniversary and the babies' birthdays, so she’s not going back. No word yet on who amfAR will round up for the event. The entertainment end of things has been getting thinner and thinner, as acts need a lot of prep time, and it costs a fortune to import whole bands and computer systems to reproduce an act's sound. Many of the kinds of stars the amfAR audience likes don't actually perform live anyway. The amfAR tent is a lot smaller than an arena, and lipsynching would be noticeable.
Source: Forbes

Mariah Carey is Pumped About Trainer Launch
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 12-May-2012, 7:15PM EDT
Mariah Carey looks magic in a tight purple dress as she attends a fashion bash hosted by her husband Nick Cannon.

The grinning pair made a delightful sight as they arrived at the Project Canvas Charity bash in New York, which showcases a unique new trainer concept.

Posing on the red carpet, Mariah showed off a pair of silver sparkly pumps designed by herself.

She tweeted: "At Nick's launch for project canvas. The shoes.. Come on.. A winner!"

Project Canvas gives people the option to make their own pair of shoes while encouraging individuality and personality.

The charity’s website says this idea was "founded upon the principal that within every person lies a wealth of creativity.

"It is a project that set out to empower youth and young adults across the world to believe in themselves.

"People are inspired by Project C.A.N.V.A.S to treat life as a canvas upon which they have the power to create their own masterpiece."

Mariah and Nick certainly looked the part for the evening, with Mariah pouring her assets into a curve-revealing frock while Nick wore a white suit.

Earlier in the day Mariah had shared pictures with fans from the first birthday celebrations of their twin babies Moroccan and Monroe, where they showered them with lavish gifts including a toy Ferrari.
Source: The Sun

Mariah on The Essential: "Close My Eyes"
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 12-May-2012, 3:34PM EDT
Mariah has released commentary on another track from The Essential Mariah Carey: a song many fans have identified as being close to them, "Close My Eyes."

"I spent four years writing this song, only because after I performed in Schenectady, NY, I started hearing this melody and singing it over and over to myself as I was taking a bath, looking at the moon.. Four years later, as I was leaving a devastating part of my life behind, I wrote the second verse, the bridge and the outro."

1st Birthday Photos of Roc & Roe
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 12-May-2012, 9:17AM EDT
Nick Cannon shows off first Birthday pictures of Moroccan and Monroe in Paris, France on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, May 11, 2012.

Screen Captures [1280 x 720]

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah at Urban Arts Benefit in New York
Posted by Casey on Friday, 11-May-2012, 11:11PM EDT
Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon attend the Project Canvas Art Gala and Exhibit to benefit the Urban Arts Partnership at The Opera Gallery in New York City, New York on Friday, May 11, 2012.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Team Mariah Contest: Win Tickets to Morocco Concert
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 11-May-2012, 12:06PM EDT
Mariah is coming to Morocco to perform at the closing of the Mawazine Festival in Rabat on May 26th 2012 at 10:00pm and Team Mariah are giving away tickets to see the show!

To win a pair of tickets for you and a guest, all you have to do is e-mail with the following details:

HBF Username (if available)
Full Name
ID Number
Location (city, country)

Winners will be selected by a draw and priority will be given to paid members of Honey B. Fly.

Winners under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

This offer does not include transportation and/or accomodation. Please only apply if you plan on making your own travel arrangements to Rabat, Morocco on May 26.

Deadline for entries is May 16th at 9pm CET. Winners will be informed via e-mail by May 18th.

Good luck!!

Photos: Mariah in Los Angeles
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 11-May-2012, 11:51AM EDT
Mariah Carey was spotted out and about in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 10, 2012. Check out some pictures below.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

People: Mariah Carey Parties in West Hollywood
Posted by Jonny on Friday, 11-May-2012, 11:37AM EDT
Already celebrating because of President Obama's announcement in support of same-sex marriage, the crowd at The Abbey Food and Bar in West Hollywood was in for an even bigger treat when Mariah Carey showed up out of the blue Wednesday night.

"There was no formal announcement that she arrived at the club, but she and her friend B. Scott held court at one of the main dance floor tables – so she was very visible," a partygoer tells PEOPLE of the singer, who recently renewed her vows in Paris. "She was very nice and gracious."

In honor of Carey's appearance, the deejay started playing her songs, which caused the ladies on the dance floor to "go crazy," the source says.

Even though the pop diva, who stuck around until 2 a.m. and took some shots of Beluga vodka, kindly posed for pictures with many people at the club, the insider explains, "A security guard had to stay by her booth to control her fans."
Source: People

Mariah Scans
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 10-May-2012, 9:41PM EDT
Below are scans of Mariah as featured in the French magazines Public (May 6, 2012 issue) and Oops (May 17, 2012 issue).

Source: Joty

News Tidbits/ Fans Corner
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 10-May-2012, 7:34PM EDT
• Further commentary from Mariah on The Essential Mariah Carey:

"I spent a lot of time working on "Underneath The Stars" both musically and lyrically. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to a bittersweet place."

• Here are Mariah and B. Scott photographed together at The Abbey in West Hollywood last night:

"Here’s me and my Mimi @MariahCarey at the @TheAbbeyWeHo last night! It was such a moment..."

Fan Corner

• Pictured below is Ken's butterfly tattoo, inspired by the "Bringin on the Heartbreak" video, as well as a selection of his beautiful Mariah artwork:

• Alex from Russia lends his vocal pipes to "Angels Cry." You can find the rest of his videos, including "I Want To Know What Love Is," "After Tonight" and "My All," on his YouTube Channel.

• Daniel from Rome, Italy performs "H.A.T.E.U.," "I Want To Know What Love Is"," and "We Belong Together."

• Kevin would like all of the lambs to hear his version of "Hero."

• Check out Brian's rendition of "H.A.T.E.U."

• Martyn from London shares his piano cover of "Vanishing."
Source: Mariah via Facebook | B Scott | Ken | Alex | Daniel | Kevin | Martyn

New Photos of Dem Babies
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 09-May-2012, 10:39PM EDT
As per Mariah on Twitter, new photos have been posted of Moroccan and Monroe!

@MariahCarey: We have some new Roc n' Roe pictures up on .. can't believe they're already 1!

Head over to to check them out!

Mariah Scans
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 09-May-2012, 8:05AM EDT
Below are scans from the May 5, 2012 issue of the French magazine Voici, highlighting Mariah's recent stay in Paris.

To Reduce the Debts, Vote Mariah!

No, it's not the middle class who will fill the public deficit. But, lucky for us, the diva is there! Tax the rich with 75% or raise the "value added tax" (tva) with two points?

Hello, those are pathetic ideas! Let's be clear, to bail out the states reserves, there is only one solution: Give the French nationality to Mariah Carey! End of April, the diva with the stunning looks was in France to renew her wedding vows with Nick Cannon. And she has warmed up her Golden Card.

To begin with, she has offered herself 4 nights at the Plaza Athenee. No, not in a standard room of course, but in a real suite, that costs 3000 euros per night.
If you take into account all the rooms for the nannies, the bodyguards and the American breakfasts for all these "beau monde," she must have spent the equivalent of the national social debt.

And all the rest was the same pleasant news for us: between her shopping sessions at Baby Dior for Monroe and Moroccan, her twins, and her more personal merchandise at Vuitton and Azzedine Alaia, the singer has boosted an entire part of the French industry with lots of amounts containing lots of zeros on the chequebook.

Love has no price, so it's obvious that she ended her stay at the chic restaurant of the Eiffeltower, Jules Verne, interchanged caresses with Nick and rubbed out the interests of the national debts at the same occasion.

So, Sunday, May 6, 2012, we won't have to choose between Sarkozy or Hollande for president, we vote Mariah Carey!
Source: Scans & Text: Joty

Win A Signed Copy of Essential From Vevo
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 08-May-2012, 7:13PM EDT
Head over to Vevo's Twitter page for your chance to win an autographed copy of The Essential Mariah Carey and a bottle of M perfume! All you have to do to be eligible is retweet their Mariah tweet:

@MariahCarey's #EssentialMariah drops today! RT for your chance to win a signed CD booklet & a bottle of M perfume!

Nick Teases 'Fantasy/Fairytale' Project With Mariah
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 08-May-2012, 5:40PM EDT
'We're both kids at heart,' he says of working with his superstar wife on a family-friendly animated project.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon might soon be working together on a top-secret project. The proud parents of Dem Babies are hooking up for a spankin'-new endeavor that will focus on family.

While the details of the venture are slim, Cannon shared that it will certainly pay homage to their year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

"Yeah we actually got some stuff in development that we're working on, some animated stuff that her and I are putting together," he told MTV News. "So you'll definitely see her in that space too. Oh yeah, it's just something that we both enjoy, and even more so than that, we're both kids at heart. So we love those types of stories and fantasy/fairytale type of stuff."

Before Cannon explores fairytales with Carey, he serves as the executive producer on the forthcoming Nickelodeon flick, "Rags," a hip take on Cinderella, complete with gender role reversals. It features Nick stars Keke Palmer, Max Schneider and Drake Bell. The network chairman explains that you should expect more and more family-friendly programming influenced by his own real-life role as dad.

"I mean it's one of those things where a lot of the stuff I'm going to be doing in the near future is going to be really family-driven just because of the fact being a father and wanting to be able to provide content for my kids," he said. "So it works out really good. It makes you proud when you can have some work that your kids can go see."

In addition to "Rags" and his untitled project with Carey, Cannon just signed on to make his directorial debut with "School Dance," which will follow in the vein of "Friday" and "House Party." Variety reports it will revolve around a teen who wants to join the coolest dance clique in school, though he fears his stage fright will prevent him from passing initiation.

While it seems that Cannon is focused on making projects his kids can watch, it might be a while before Roc and Roe check out "School Dance."
Source: MTV News

The Essential Mariah Carey: In Stores Now!
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 08-May-2012, 2:00PM EDT

Today marks the release of Sony Legacy's The Essential Mariah Carey, a 28-track collection of some of Mariah's biggest hits, plus rare album tracks and remixes. In addition to 14 #1 hits, the 2-CD set includes fan favorites such as "Vanishing" and "Underneath the Stars."

The Essential Mariah Carey is available for purchase online:

Barnes & Noble

Mariah recently commented on some of the tracks on her Facebook page.

Vision of Love: "This song will always be one of my favorites, not only because it was my first single and first #1 song but because it really does have a special meaning to me about realizing my dreams."

Vanishing: "I'm very proud of this song because I was so young when I wrote it and yet so many people tell me it's helped to change their lives."

Emotions (C&C Club Mix:) "This is one of those songs that I almost forgot about until a fan brought it to my attention via Twitter. I'm proud of it because I feel like I just let go and sang from my heart and David Cole, may he rest in peace, helped me get to a place vocally that I couldn't have done without him."

Can't Let Go: "This was one of my favorite songs on my sophomore album. I think it may have leaned a bit too R&B for the record label at the time. I still love it and look forward to singing it live again soon."

Fantasy: "Fantasy is one of my favorite songs of all time, it reminds me of feeling free, driving in the car and blasting it on the radio. There are so many versions of that song but my favorite is the remix with O.D.B. May he rest in peace."

The Roof: "The Roof will always be one of my favorite songs, especially this version with Mobb Deep that is on 'The Essential'. I hope people who were not exposed to this song when it first came out will enjoy it now."
Source: Mariah's Facebook Page | MariahDailyJournal

Full Audio: Mariah Live in Ischgl
Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 06-May-2012, 3:20PM EDT
You can listen to the full audio of Mariah's show at the "Top of the Mountain" Concert on Monday, April 30, 2012 by downloading each song individually, or the entire show at once below. Our thanks go to Marco K, Marco S, Oscar and EintopfFlunder for their recordings.

01. Emotions
02. It's Like That
03. Shake It Off
04. Obsessed
05. I'll Be There
06. Make It Happen
07. Without You
08. Always Be My Baby

09. My All
10. Touch My Body
11. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
12. We Belong Together
13. Underneath the Stars
14. Hero
Source: Marco K | Marco S | Oscar | EintopfFlunder | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Records In Vegas With JD
Posted by Jonny on Saturday, 05-May-2012, 10:50AM EDT
Below is a photo of Mariah in Las Vegas last night. She was recording with JD when Busta Rhymes dropped in on their session:

Jermaine Dupri (@Mr_Dupri)
we ouchea in Vegas in the studio and @busabusss just walked in

New Photos: Mariah's Bling in New York City
Posted by Casey on Friday, 04-May-2012, 1:26PM EDT
Mariah Carey shows off her new ring after she and Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows in Paris. Below, she is seen getting into her Bentley in New York City on Thursday, May 3, 2012.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Photo: Mariah & Monroe
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 03-May-2012, 9:43PM EDT
Below is a beautiful new photo of Mariah and Monroe en route to a flight:

Mariah looking stunning in a vintage Azzedine Alaia dress, boarding a plane with Ms. Monroe (of #dembabies)

Source: Team Mariah

Fan Photos: Mariah in Ischgl, Austria
Posted by Jonny on Thursday, 03-May-2012, 8:18AM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah performing at the "Top of the Mountain" concert in Ischgl, Austria, on April 30, submitted by Marc from London, UK.

Source: Marc

Mariah Writes & Records Song For Lee Daniels Movie
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 02-May-2012, 8:33PM EDT
Mariah has announced via Twitter that she has written and recorded a song called "Mesmerized" for Lee Daniels' new movie The Paperboy.

The Paperboy, based on a novel by Pete Dexter, stars Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack. The film is a drama about two brothers investigating a case involving a death row inmate. It is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.

Mariah: "Exciting Musical News" On The Way!
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 02-May-2012, 4:42PM EDT
Just minutes ago, Mariah announced on her Twitter: "I have some exciting musical news.. Coming up in a couple of hours.. stay tuned :)"

What does Mariah have in store? We "don't know and neither do you!" We're all anxiously awaiting Mariah's announcement!

More Videos: Mariah Performs in Ischgl, Austria
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 02-May-2012, 4:30PM EDT
Margrit van den Brink also attended Mariah's concert in Ischgl and would like to share her videos with her fellow MariahDailyJournal readers. Thank you Margrit!

A selection of Margrit's videos are below. To see all of them, visit her YouTube channel.


I'll Be There

Make It Happen

Without You

Always Be My Baby

My All

Love Hangover/Heartbreaker

We Belong Together

Underneath the Stars

Source: Margrit van den Brink

HD Videos: Mariah Performs in Ischgl, Austria
Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 02-May-2012, 4:12PM EDT
Our friend Marco from Glittering Mariah was at Mariah's "Top of the Mountain" concert in Ischgl, Austria on Monday and shot some HD videos of Mariah's performance! Many thanks to Marco and Ilaria for sharing their exclusive videos with us!



Make It Happen

Love Hangover/Heartbreaker

Many thanks also to Oscar from MC's Beyond Channel for sharing his videos:

Underneath the Stars:


Without You

Always Be My Baby

Source: Ilaria | Marco | Glittering Mariah | Oscar

Monroe and Moroccan Turn One – In Paris!
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 01-May-2012, 7:55PM EDT

Nick Cannon certainly didn’t disappoint when he told PEOPLE that he and wife Mariah Carey were planning “something special” for the first birthday of their twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Taking their little ones on a getaway to Paris, several close friends accompanied them to the Plaza Athénée on Sunday, where Cannon — in typical festive fashion — made sure a good time was had by all.

The momentous occasion was complete with custom-made French pastries, lots of balloons, toys and confetti.
Source: People

Mariah on German TV
Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 01-May-2012, 9:00AM EDT
Mariah sat for an exclusive interview with the German TV show Exclusiv on RTL on Monday, April 30, 2012. Also included in the video is ZDF's Leute Heute's coverage of Mariah & Nick's Parisian wedding.

Among the topics covered in the interview:

• Mariah and Nick have been celebrating all week. She thought Nick would have to stay in the US for work so being both there with their babies is amazing.

• She has two ladies to help her out with the twins but she's very involved. First thing she does in the morning when she wakes up is go and see her twins.

• Regarding Paris: "Paris is spectacular.We had dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower." Asked about being disturbed by papparazi & fans, she replied, "(Laughing) They can't come on top of the Eiffel Tower."

Check out the video below:

Source: Sam | MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah Performing in Austria
Posted by Casey on Tuesday, 01-May-2012, 1:03AM EDT
Mariah Carey performs on stage at the "Top of the Mountain" concert in Ischgl, Austria, on Monday, April 30, 2012.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah at Press Conference in Austria
Posted by Casey on Tuesday, 01-May-2012, 12:59AM EDT
Mariah Carey during a press conference prior to the "Top of the Mountain" concert in Ischgl, Austria, on Monday, April 30, 2012.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

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