September 2007

"We Belong Together" at 2005 VMAs - Underwater Feed
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 30-Sep-2007, 4:01PM EDT

To the right is a video caught live from an underwater camera by aquawoman Stefanie Voigt of Mariah's performance of "We Belong Together" Remix at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28, 2005.

You can also download this video by clicking on the link below!

Live Feed Underwater - "We Belong Together" at 2005 MTV VMAs
Mpg | Size: 27.4 MB
[ Download here ]

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Bernard

Mariah Carey's Microphone Assault
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 30-Sep-2007, 1:08AM EDT

Mariah inadvertently hit GM TV NY correspondent Sarah Moore's microphone during an interview on the red carpet at the VH1 Save the Music Gala on September 20th. Watch the video on right or download a video file (Mpg, 4.3MB).

"Sorry. I am just beating everybody's mics up today. I'm really sorry."

In related news...

Purple Reign (
A slimmed-down Mariah Carey got lots of attention when she arrived at last week's VH1 Save the Music gala looking trim in a sleek-fitting deep purple gown (even CNN weighed in). The simple style and bold color had runway followers wondering whose line it was from, but only the savviest of insiders knew the answer: Nile Cmylo, who even hand-dyed the jersey to match the bottle of Carey's new fragrance, M. Cmylo is mainly known for her tailoring-she was the magic needle behind Pat Field's costuming on Sex and the City and more recently she did the model fittings for Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. show in New York--but her custom-made gowns are beginning to get attention (she's also made frocks for another curvy songstress, Jennifer Lopez). Keep your eye on this behind-the-seams talent.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Natalia

Butterfly Cover Stories/Articles, Tribute
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 29-Sep-2007, 6:45PM EDT
Mariah Carey graced the covers of many major magazines and was featured in a slew of articles during the Butterfly era. Below, find some of these covers and articles from our collection.

Magazines/Cover Stories

Ent. Weekly
Sep 1997

Oct 1997

Dec 1997

Feb 1998

Feb 1998

Jun 1998

Jun 1998

Jun 1998

Articles & Interviews:
» Mariah Carey: The Big Interview (Big, 1997)
» Butterfly Kisses (Brash, 1997)
» Mariah Carey - The Interview (Dolly, 1997)
» Spreading Her Wings (Who, 1997)
» Mariah Carey: Moving On From The Ballads (Metro, 1997)
» This Girl's Life (Spin Off, 1997)
» Fly Away, Mariah Carey's Butterfly (Touch Tunes, 1998)
» A Butterfly Takes Wing (People, 1998)
» Cooo-eee! (Q, 1998)
» Mariah Carey (The Facts, 1998)

Many thanks to Kerry from Mariah Carey Collection for sharing her scans with us and to Jeane & Joao for their help with the text.

Also, in celebration of Butterfly's 10th year anniversary, a group of Chinese fans from, led by Mo Fei, performed a heart-warming rendition of the song "Butterfly"! Click on the Play button below to listen to their recording or download an audio file.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah In This Week's Magazines
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 29-Sep-2007, 3:02PM EDT
• From OK!, Oct. 8th issue, Mariah: How I Got Thin!, cover story, pages 54 - 57.

Hard work, a "bleak" diet and tons of willpower have helped Mariah Carey lose 25 pounds

Mariah Carey has lost nearly 30 pounds in the last seven months by eating a plain diet of soup and fish, following a strict workout plan and - and most importantly - by not stressing about how her body looks.

The singer, who has always embraced her famous curves, showed off her sensational new figure at the VH1 Save the Music Foundation 10th Anniversary Gala (where she received an award) in New York City on Sept. 20. Dressed in a stunning purple gown that showed off her trim, new figure, Mariah revealed that her secret to shedding the pounds is a "bleak diet." Mariah, who stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs an estimated 135 pounds, said she doesn't want to be skinny but she isn't satisfied with her body and will continue to work on slimming down. "I still feel like I have a ways to go, but it is what it is," said Mariah. "I don't feel like you have to be a size zero. It does feel good when you get into a nice size three and you're like, 'It feels big in here.' We should all embrace who we are physically." READ MORE »

• From Life & Style, Oct. 8th issue, Best Dressed of the Week, page 3.

Sexiest Gown

"I'm not supposed to be a stick-figure girl. That's just not me." Mariah told Life & Style at the VH1 Save the Music gala on Sept. 20. Judging from this body-hugging number she co-created with designer Nile, we agree!
• From In Touch, Oct. 8th issue, Hot Pic, page 22

Caution: Killer Curves Ahead

Violet vixen Mariah Carey lit up the red carpet as she was honored at VH1's Save the Music Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala at New York's Lincoln Center on September 20.
• Mariah is also featured in In Touch magazine's Cover Story on Angelina Jolie on page 39 (scan 1), and on Stars On The Move, page 90 (scan 2); and in the Sept. 27th issue of the Bulgarian magazine High Club, page 6 (scan 3).

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Nicolas

Butterfly 10th Anniversary Video Download - Final Day
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 28-Sep-2007, 6:00PM EDT
Our 12-day Butterfly 10th Anniversary Video Download Special has come to a conclusion. Today, we bring you the final installment of our download special with videos to "Babydoll" and "Whenever You Call."

"Missy (Elliott) to me is on the cutting edge of where R&B is going today," enthused Mariah, when brought up the collaboration for "Babydoll." "I think because she's a rapper her lyrical sense is different from someone who's just a singer and a writer. She uses references only a rapper would use. The first time I heard her was on that MC Lyte Record ("Cold Rock A Party") when she was doing that "Hee hee ha" thing she does. I loved it and I asked who was singing in the background (Mariah sings) and I found out it was her. I was intrigued by that and then I found out she wrote "If Your Girl Only Knew" (Mariah sings again) for Aaliyah, so I got the Aaliyah album and heard everything I liked was Missy. So I called her and went to Virginia. I already had the idea for the chorus of "Babydoll" and I asked Missy what melody ideas she had for the verses, which I never usually do but I wanted her flavour. So she came up with that skipping, choppy approach.

We wrote that in a hotel room in Virginia and she was already hung over from a Timbaland birthday party the night before," laughed Mariah huskily, "and I should have controlled the amount of Cristal that I gave her because I kind of lost her half way through the session! She's just cool. Really talented. I think we complemented each other musically, because her philosophy to writing is just write it and not to be obsessive over it. For me, though I have people scrutinize what I do. She had one line, 'You can beep me 911 and I'll come running quick as the cops' and I told her that I didn't think that particular line was working too well for my particular song. That's how we came up with 'I'm gonna leave my cellphone turned on in my purse by the bed' line, which is like what? on a Mariah Carey record. It's kind of a reality song of what people go through when they're waiting for that special someone to call."

"Babydoll" Live at Tokyo Dome, Japan, 1998
MPG | Size: 70.0 MB
[ Download here ]

"I feel that it was one of the best songs on the Butterfly album and Brian's vocals made it so beautiful."

"Whenever You Call" Music Video (Live at Aloha Stadium, Hawaii)
MPG | Size: 47.5 MB
[ Download here ]

"Whenever You Call" ft. Brian McKnight (From "Around The World")
MPG | Size: 32.8 MB
[ Download here ]

Previously Posted Videos:
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» Honey Live at World Music Awards, Monaco
» 1998 WMAs - Special Achievements Award Intro + Speech
» Honey Music Video
» Honey Live at the Hey Hey Music Show, Japan
» Honey Live at Top of the Pops, England
» MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show, September 1997

Let Mariah know what you think of the videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
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The Muscle Behind The Stars
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 28-Sep-2007, 4:48PM EDT
He is a Hollywood heavyweight - the muscle behind the stars. Samoan-born bodyguard Tai Vaimaona works for big names such as Mariah Carey, Jackie Collins and rapper Lil' Kim.

Other clients include bands Linkin Park, Korn, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and stars Nicole Kidman, Whitney Houston, Paris Hilton, Enrique Iglesias, and the late Marlon Brando.

He was with Mariah Carey right through her physical and emotional meltdown in 2002, and when she was stalked by her former boyfriend, Latin singer Luis Miguel.

"I had to stay up with her 20 hours a day," says Vaimaona, who has worked with Carey for seven years.

"She would come outside, with her glass of wine, and sit down and start talking. My job was to make her feel secure. It's not my job to judge."
Source: Stuff NZ

Video: "M by Mariah Carey" TV Commercial
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 28-Sep-2007, 12:34PM EDT

The "M by Mariah Carey" TV commercial world-premiered earlier tonight during the broadcast of Celebrity Rap Superstar on MTV. Watch the commercial on right or click on the links below to download!

"M by Mariah Carey" TV Ad World Premiere, MTV, September 27, 2007
Choose your format: [ DVD (37.9MB) | VCD (6.5MB) | M4 iPod (604KB) ]

Note: has now made a high-quality video of Mariah's "M" commercial available for streaming. Check it out!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"M by Mariah Carey" TV Ad Preview
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 28-Sep-2007, 12:05AM EDT

Watch a preview of Mariah's new ad campaign for "M by Mariah Carey" which aired tonight on Entertainment Tonight or download a video file (Mpg, 3.5 MB).

The full "M by Mariah Carey" TV commercial will be available for download shortly. Stay tuned!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 11
Posted by Jeane on Thursday, 27-Sep-2007, 3:22PM EDT
"I kept it in my mind, that melody and those lyrics and never sang it to anybody and I had the chords in my head. And when I was in the transitional period between leaving the 'big house' where I lived and 'big house' having a double meaning 'cause I do call it Sing Sing. And I think we can laugh about it now 'cause it was kind of 'prison-esque' and all I did there was sing, sing. So, whatever. But when I was leaving that place, which is actually a beautiful place but I wasn't happy 'cause it was not a healthy situation that I was in in terms of the relationship. I was reflecting on my life and so the first part of the song when I spoke about

I was a wayward child
With the weight of the world
That I held deep inside

that whole part was just looking out and going, 'Wow! I've come a really long way.' The second part was the

Funny how one can learn
To grow numb to the madness
And block it away
I left the worst unsaid
Let it all dissipate
And I try to forget

that sort of taking you from adolescence to the stardom point because that's what happened to me. I went from literally, you know, being a teenager right into 'Smack! Here I am' with, you know, this big record and a career which was a huge blessing and a dream come true but I was reflecting upon it at that point."

"Close My Eyes" Making of, VH1 Ultimate Albums, 2003
MPG | Size: 16.5 MB
[ Download here ]
Many thanks to Alex' from #Schnookiez for the video!

"Close My Eyes" Live at Rosie O'Donnell Show, 1998
MPG | Size: 36.1 MB
[ Download here ]

"Close My Eyes" Live at Tokyo Dome, Japan, 1998
MPG | Size: 58.0 MB
[ Download here ]

Let Mariah know what you think of the "Close My Eyes" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
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"M" World Premiere on MTV Tonight!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 27-Sep-2007, 11:53AM EDT
Tune in to MTV tonight at 10:00pm EST to catch the world premiere of the much anticipated "M by Mariah Carey" television commercial!

The commercial, which will air tonight during the broadcast of MTV's mega-hit show Celebrity Rap Superstar, features Mariah in a private sunset paradise & promises to deliver all the warmth, sensuality and glamour that Mariah and her fragrance exude.

The commercial also features new vocals that Mariah created and recorded especially for this piece.

Don't miss it!

"M" TV Ad Aired on Oxygen
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 27-Sep-2007, 9:57AM EDT
It seems like Mariah's commercial for her debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" has started running on television. It reportedly aired during The Tyra Banks Show this morning on the Oxygen channel.
Source: MrsIllmatic

LA Keeping Busy With Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 27-Sep-2007, 7:51AM EDT
Don't let anyone say that LA Reid is resting on his laurels - instead, the super record executive has lots of work on the go, all at the same time.

"I'm working on a couple of really wonderful things," he reveals.

"There's Mariah Carey and her new album. I'm really excited about it - it's going to be amazing. So I'm working on Mariah, working on Janet Jackson and I'm also working on Jay-Z. Jay-Z has an album called American Gangster, inspired by the movie of the same name, coming out - it's going to be amazing."

And he refuses to reveal anything about Mariah's new music.

"I don't know. I don't even know the title yet. We have a couple that are floating around, and I don't want to spit it out because when I say it, I want it to be the one that sticks. We're still talking about it," he added.

Mariah Carey Wins In Court
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007, 5:58PM EDT
Mariah Carey got a win in court last week when a federal judge decided that a copyright-infringement case against her had no merit.

Singer Rachele Chafir had sued Carey in April 2006, claiming that Carey's hit "It's Like That" was copied from her song "Sexy" and lifted key pieces, including the music, for the chorus. Chafir, who copyrighted the song in 2004, claimed Carey had access to "Sexy" since it was available on a Web site, but U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood decided that wasn't proof Carey or her collaborators had gone to the Web site or lifted the material, which wasn't "strikingly similar" enough to be considered infringement. With "no genuine issues of material fact," Wood closed the case. "It was the right decision," Carey's lawyer Ilene Farkas told MTV News. "The record was clear in this case."

Meanwhile, Carey is moving on with her yet-untitled follow-up to The Emancipation of Mimi, which her record label confirmed is now due December 4.
Source: MTV

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 10
Posted by Joao on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007, 4:57PM EDT
"It's a completely different type of singing for me. I love what they [Bone Thugs N Harmony] do and I think their style is so unique. You can tell in a lot of R&B their style is starting to penetrate. I was very inspired by them when I came up with the song and I told Puffy let's do a Bone Thugs type track. We got Stevie J (Puffy's right hand producer) to lay down the track and I wrote the melody over it. I wrote the song to fit in with that type of style they do and I realized it's really hard to sing those types of rhythm. They make it sound so easy. Now, having experienced the difficulty at first hand. I respect them even more."

"Breakdown" Music Video
MPG | Size: 48.6 MB
[ Download here ]

"Breakdown" at The Adventures of Mimi Tour, Miami, 2006
MPG | Size: 36.1 MB
[ Download here ]
Many thanks to Carol from #Schnookiez for the video!

Let Mariah know what you think of the "Breakdown" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
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News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007, 2:54PM EDT
• VIBE will feature a brand-new interview with Mariah, entitled "90 Minutes With Mariah Carey" in its November 2007 issue.

• Singer Vanessa Carlton who "was overheard cackling, rolling her eyes and making nasty comments throughout Carey's acceptance speech" as reported by the NY Post had this to say on her blog at MySpace:

"ps. (this will only make sense to those who have read some press lately) don't do drugs. I love mariah (who doesn't?). gossip sucks."

• Update on Mariah's Oct. 23rd In-store at Macy's New York: Macy's has increased the number of passes they're giving away to customers who purchase the "M by Mariah Carey" package #2 (while supplies last) between Oct. 19 and Oct. 23. The first 50 (was 20) customers will receive passes to meet Mariah in the VIP room.

• Our columnist Jason looks back at the impact "We Belong Together" had when Mariah returned to music a little over two years ago in his latest article, Mariah's Anthem: "We Belong Together". Click here to read and don't forget to post your comments!

• Mariah failed to make the final nominees list in the "Best Solo Artist" category in the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007.

• "M by Mariah Carey" is going to be released in Turkey in mid-October but Mariah Turkiye is giving its visitors a special treat by sending out 300 free samples (1.2 ml) to those who fill out the form here until October 1, 2007! The campaign is only for Turkish residents.

• This satiny-soft makeup case is yours with your $62.50 "M by Mariah Carey" online purchase from Macy's. Sized to fit a 3.3 fl oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 6.7 fl oz Moisturizing Body Lotion and all your cosmetic essentials.

• Mariah's picture from Thursday's Save The Music gala is featured in today's edition of the Czech Republic newspaper, Metro with an article entitled, "Mariah Carey Has 'Breast Care' Assistant."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Joao | Can & Murat | Jiri | Moony

Mariah's Diet
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007, 12:39PM EDT
Mariah is on the cover of the October 8th issue of OK! magazine, now available on newsstands! In this issue, personal trainer, Patricia Gay, reveals Mariah's diet and workout secrets.

Mariah Carey: How the songstress dropped 25 pounds!
Mariah Carey has lost nearly 30 pounds in seven months by following a strict diet and a rigorous exercise routine. OK! caught up with her personal trainer, Patricia Gay, who gave the lowdown on the moves Mariah uses to get in shape. If she wants to wear a special dress, I know to push her a bit. We work out specific muscles through Pilates, Patricia says, adding that Mariah's healthy mind is helping her physique. She wants to feel good in her body, she says. When you have a good balance in your life, you are much less attracted to junk food.
Source: OK!

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 9
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 25-Sep-2007, 6:28PM EDT
"I came up with the idea to use the Mobb Deep loop for "The Roof" which I did with the Trackmasters, which, by the way, is my favorite song on the album."

"The Roof" Music Video
MPG | Size: 49.6 MB
[ Download here ]

"The Roof" Live in Taipei, Taiwan Jan. 24, 1998
MPG | Size: 44.8 MB
[ Download here ]

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Perfume Wars: Oh, It's On
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 25-Sep-2007, 2:33PM EDT
Launching a perfume isn't enough. P. Diddy had to launch an inane rivalry too. To promote his Unforgivable Woman scent, P. Diddy picked a fight:

"I send out a challenge...I challenge all of my female counterparts that have fragrances...that my fragrance is better than theirs. I'm a man and I know how women should smell!"

What woman would want to smell the way a man like P. Diddy thinks a woman should smell?

Mariah Carey, who has her own perfume, M, to promote, took up the challenge:

"I heard about this competition, and I wish Puff all the best with his new fragrance, but I think we're actually appealing to different types of women. M by Mariah Carey is about being unforgettable, not unforgivable. It's not about a ménage à trois or a one night stand, it's for the woman who wants the man to fall in love with her immediately, stay in love, and treat her like royalty."

So basically, M is a perfume for Mariah Carey: a 37 year-old, divorced woman without kids who still believes her prince charming is out there.

So America, which would you rather smell like: sluttiness or desperation? Post your comments!

Related News:
» "M by Mariah Carey" is featured in a half-page spread in Macy's newly released Fall Beauty & Fragrance magazine on page 41.

   M Mariah Carey
   New at Macy's. Indulgent, opulent and seductive.
   3.3 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray, 62.50. A spicy scent.

» Mariah Ain't Trying To Have Her Chicks Smelling Like... (SOHH)
» Mariah Responds To Diddy's Challenge (Access Hollywood)
   Take the Access Poll: Which celebrity has the best fragrance? Vote for Mariah!
Source: Jossip | Roland

"M" News in Australia
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 25-Sep-2007, 2:12PM EDT
"M by Mariah Carey" is now available to purchase at the following stores: Myer, Perfume Connection, David Jones, and Perfume Empire.

David Jones is Australia's leading department store so it's great to see all the premium department stores/stores supporting the brand!

Both Perfume Connection and David Jones are giving away a free "M" necklace and a small sample of the moisturizing body lotion while Myer has "M" make up case that includes a free 50ml body lotion and a compact mirror to give away with every purchase of a 100ml bottle.

At Myer stores, there are "M" fragrance representatives - they are wearing M shirts and handing out samples of the fragrance.

Below are pictures of the "M by Mariah Carey" setup at Perfume Connection, Charlestown, NSW; gift with purchase "M" Necklace; gift with purchase "M" Make Up Case.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Maria from MC Down Under

Mariah Traces Her Family Tree
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 25-Sep-2007, 12:41PM EDT
From the September 25th edition of UK's Daily Star.

I prayed for Nat King Cole..I got Ashley instead!

Sexy Mariah Carey has discovered she is related to footballer Ashley Cole.

The R&B diva, 37, traced her family tree because she was convinced the late Nat King Cole was from the same stock. Instead her search revealed she does have a Cole in the family - Chelsea left Ashley, 26, who is married to Girls Aloud babe Cheryl, 24. Mariah's gran comes from the same area of America's Deep South as Ashley's ancestors.

Mariah said: "It's fascinating. My grandmother was a Cole before she married and turns out she comes from the same area of Alabama as his (Ashley's) ancestors. We are still looking into it to see if we're also related to Nat King Cole. I'm such a huge fan of his. That would be wonderful and would explain so much."

A pal of the England star said: "Ashley is chuffed to bits to hear that they're related. He's always been a big fan of Mariah's and grew up listening to jazz legends like Nat King Cole."
Source: Scan: Kerry from MariahCareyCollection | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 8
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 24-Sep-2007, 3:23PM EDT
Continuing on with our "My All" download special, here are videos to "My All/Stay Awhile" (So So Def) remix featuring Jermaine Dupri, Lord Tariq, and Peter Gunz; her live performance of "My All/Remix" medley at the 1998 World Music Awards; and her appearance at the 1998 Soul Train Awards where she performed "My All/Stay Awhile" live; and received the Aretha Franklin Award for Entertainer of the Year.

My All / Stay Awhile Music Video
MPG | Size: 49.6 MB
[ Download here ]

"My All" Live at the World Music Awards, Monaco, 1998
MPG | Size: 29.3 MB
[ Download here ]

My All / Stay Awhile Live at Soul Train Awards, 1998
MPG | Size: 44.8 MB
[ Download here ]

Soul Train Awards Intro + Speech - Entertainer of the Year, 1998
MPG | Size: 84.2 MB
[ Download here ]

Let Mariah know what you think of these "My All" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah's Interview with Extra TV
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 24-Sep-2007, 1:32PM EDT

From EXTRA's website, here's an expanded version of Mariah's interview with correspondent AJ Calloway on the red carpet at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation gala in New York City Thursday night in which she talked about her new album and perfume.

Watch the interview on right or you can click on the link below to download a video file.

AJ Calloway: Mariah Carey rocks Lincoln Center.
Mariah Carey: Save The Music.
MC: Hey baby! [sings] Hey baby. How are you?
AJC: What are you wearing?
MC: I'm wearing a Nile ensemble that was sewn to my body, that's why we have no seams and what-not. And I wanted to match my perfume bottle, honestly. So like we came up with the concept last night. [AJ hands an "M" sample] Well, yes, this is the little one.
AJC: How come that's all I got?
MC: AJ, you can open it up man, come on. But you know the bottle is a little bigger. This is for the, the littler, our littler consumers but no, with the big bottle, it'd match. It was a moment. I am in the studio day and night, well I'm sleeping during the day. At night, I'm in the studio, I can't do anything but you know, what it is that I'm doing which is create. And this process is very much like that. The Elizabeth Arden people are so incredibly supportive and so creative. I got to work with some of the most amazing people, you know, they've created some of the most genius fragrances of all time. So I feel fortunate. This was a gift to me, and I love it. This is my second job.
AJC: Everybody told me about the album.
MC: You gotta take it from this man [points at L.A Reid]! You gotta hear from L.A. Reid.
AJC: What can we expect from this album?
L.A. Reid: Whatever you heard, double that.
AJC: Double it?
L.A. Reid: Yeah, whatever you heard, double it.
MC: You know, we're working really hard. L.A. is pushing me to the limit because he knows that's how we do 'em.
L.A. Reid: That's how we do 'em.
MC: That's how we do and you know what? It's a labor of love for me. This is like, if The Emancipation of Mimi was about experimentation, fun and you know, just a bit of who I really am, this is that and then some. It's really been like, it's been an incredible, incredible process so I'm excited.

Mariah Talks About New Album/Perfume on Extra TV, aired Sept. 21, 2007
Mpg | Size: 18.9 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | EXTRA

Mariah Carey Saves The Music
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 24-Sep-2007, 12:49PM EDT
Mariah Carey is the belle of the ball at VH1's Save The Music 10th Anniversary Gala, and she gifts each reporter with a bottle of her new perfume, M By Mariah Carey.

The comeback diva arrives in a white limousine, as flashbulbs pop and photographers scurry across the lawn outside NYC's Lincoln Center. Mariah, clad in a stunning purple gown, sails into the crowd of fans gathered outside to sign a few autographs. So sweet!

She greets Babyface with a kiss as she swans down the red carpet.

"I feel like this night is important for children and parents because music actually does help children learn," she says. "It's scientifically proven. When schools start cutting programs, it's very disheartening."

Reporters are primed to ask only two questions – one about her forthcoming album and one about her perfume, but Miss Carey "goes there" when subjects veer off topic.

Her eleventh album is due in December, according to L.A. Reid, but his lips are sealed on the title, which should be revealed in a week. He says 'let me ask her' and interrupts Mariah – whom he calls MC -- when she's taping a TV interview.

When asked about collaborators, she gives a playful nod to the tale that another monstrously successful singer stole songs intended for Glitter years back. "I can't give them away, though, because then the next thing you know, so-and-so will have them on their album," she says with a wink.

As I head out, I open Mariah's M -- and I like it. Scent-sational!
Source: OK!

Save Mariah From Her Goons
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 24-Sep-2007, 11:42AM EDT
From whom does Mariah Carey need Secret Service-style protection? Page Six spotted the smiling star at the Save the Music event at Lincoln Center Thursday night flanked by eight massive bodyguards. As a friendly Mariah made her way around the tent greeting fellow music industry folks John Mayer, John Sykes and Jon Bon Jovi, her goons intently blocked other guests from her path with commands of "Get out of the way! Mariah's coming!" They also shut down the bathroom for 10 minutes while Carey primped.

Meanwhile, someone should have been watching over Vanessa Carlton when Mariah was getting her award. The under-the-radar songstress was overheard cackling, rolling her eyes and making nasty comments throughout Carey's acceptance speech. Throughout dinner, Carlton made a point to remind fellow guests that she is actually famous. "I have more than one song," she announced to the table - but got severely agitated when The Post's Marianne Garvey mistook an Avril Lavigne music video for one of hers.
Source: New York Post

Wentworth Miller Owes His Career To Mariah Carey
Posted by HelenM on Monday, 24-Sep-2007, 11:19AM EDT
Wentworth Miller has admitted that he owes his career to Mariah Carey.

The Prison Break star says that he credits Mimi with giving him his big break when she asked him to appear in the video for her single, We Belong Together.

He tells the Daily Star: "Mariah's an international icon. The two days I spent working on her video did more for my career, gave me more exposure, than anything I'd done before Prison Break.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity."

Clip: Mariah Accepts VH1 Save The Music Award
Posted by HelenM on Sunday, 23-Sep-2007, 4:03PM EDT

LG Electronics has joined forces with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation for a one year, multi-faceted partnership. The partnership officially kicked off at the VH1 Save The Music's 10th Anniversary Gala this evening, September 20th, at New York City's Lincoln Center.

Watch this LG video with footage from the VH1 "Save The Music" foundation gala on right or download a video file (Mpg, 2.34MB) of the short clip from Mariah's acceptance speech.

"I can't even imagine how many incredibly talented kids there are out there who just would never get the chance to realize their talent, or you know, their potential, because they don't have a guitar, or a piano or a drums set."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Go Fish

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 7
Posted by HelenM on Sunday, 23-Sep-2007, 2:20PM EDT
Today's "My All" video download special features performances which Mariah started with the original version of "My All" and continued with the David Morales dance remix of it. Mariah opened the very first VH1 "Divas Live" show with this medley.

My All / Remix Medley Live at Top of the Pops, England, 1998
MPG | Size: 41.8 MB
[ Download here ]

My All / Remix Medley Live at VH1's Divas Live, 1998
MPG | Size: 55.2 MB
[ Download here ]

My All / Remix Medley Live at Pavarotti & Friends, Italy, 1999
AVI | Size: 84.2 MB
[ Download here ]
Many thanks to Bine for sending us this video!

Let Mariah know what you think of these "My All" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

HQ Photos: Mariah's Night Out In Manhattan
Posted by HelenM on Sunday, 23-Sep-2007, 2:10PM EDT
Here are high-quality photos of Mariah from her outing with friends at late Saturday night (early morning of Sept. 23) in New York City, NY.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's Minions Get Careyed Away
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 23-Sep-2007, 6:27AM EDT
Mariah Carey. Wow.

At the VH1 Save the Music Foundation Gala Thursday, "Mimi" looked amazing, smelled of cocktails, and had an escort detail larger than an Iranian president addressing the United Nations.

Her nine assistants performed a ballet of maintenance on the teetering diva all night, keeping her flawless. One handmaiden was solely responsible for dispensing breast tape. Another wore a belt with brushes and hair spray to the dinner; a third brought portable hot rollers.

And like the heavenly body she is, when Miss Carey blazed onto the stage to accept her honor, she was the brightest star at Lincoln Center.

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Source: New York Daily News | Allan | Bobby

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 6
Posted by HelenM on Saturday, 22-Sep-2007, 4:06PM EDT
Mariah performed "My All" at Saturday Night Live (Season 23, Episode 6) on 15 November 1997. 10 days later, she performed the song on the Rosie O'Donell show where she said she was sorry if she sounded raspy, because she was out at a Fresh Air Fund benefit the night before, and they were piping in smoke to add to the mood.

"My All" Live at Saturday Night Live, 1997
MPG | Size: 40.2 MB
[ Download here ]

"My All" Live at Des O'Connor, England, 1998
MPG | Size: 38.9 MB
[ Download here ]

"My All" Live at The Rosie O'Donell Show, 1997
MPG | Size: 38.9 MB
[ Download here ]

Let Mariah know what you think of these "My All" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Talks About New Album, Perfume on Extra & Access
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 22-Sep-2007, 2:34AM EDT

Extra TV and Access Hollywood caught up with Mariah on the red carpet at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation gala in New York City Thursday night to talk about her new album and perfume.

Watch the Extra and Access Hollywood interviews on right or download a video file (Mpg, 24.6MB).

Mariah Carey rocks Lincoln Center. "Save the music."
With Bill Clinton in the house, Mariah Carey helped the Save The Music Foundation celebrate 10 years of promoting music education.

"I'm wearing a Nile ensemble that was sewn to my body that's why we have no seams and what-not. And I wanted to match my perfume, honestly."

Mariah's new perfume "M" by Elizabeth Arden comes in a purple bottle. "You can smell it on me, hon." (AJ Calloway: "Hmm, it smells very good.")

Mariah says her untitled new album due December 4th might be better than her last one and Island Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid agrees. "You know what? We're working really hard. L.A. is pushing me to the limit because he knows that's how we do 'em." (L.A. Reid: "That's how we do 'em.")

Mariah chose her color (purple gown) to highlight her new perfume, "M" for women. "The bottle happens to be this color. It was a really new experience. It felt like, 'Okay this is something that I was like kind of meant to do' because it just requires so much creativity, so much focus, and yet it's fun."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Waiting For Mimi: Mariah Carey Talks New LP
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 6:02PM EDT
The red carpet fuss at last night's VH1 Save the Music gala centered around two people: John Mayer and Mariah Carey.

L.A. Reid (also) did some secret sharing, hinting that Jay-Z's new album is going to sound "gangsta" (okay, maybe that's not so secret since it's inspired by a movie called American Gangster) and boasting about the guy with the biggest-selling debut of the year. "Kanye West has the hottest album in the world today," he said. "And that's our record." One tidbit Reid couldn't divulge: the track names for Mariah Carey's upcoming album, though he did proclaim it "amazing." We were this close to more information, but Carey's manager, Benny Medina, failed to give the okay.

Woman of the hour Mariah Carey finally arrived in a long purple dress with butterfly rings on each hand just moments before the ceremony began. She shared some insight into her still-untitled record (the name should be arriving any day now), calling it "probably the most fun record I've ever had, and that's tough to say after The Emancipation of Mimi." When Carey was whisked off, we settled in for Conan O'Brien's monologue, which included the killer punchline "Senator Clinton has always encouraged music education. Right now she's trying to encourage Barack Obama to play second fiddle." When the show was over, a mob formed around Carey and Mya, but oddly nobody approached Jon Bon Jovi a few tables over as he got up and made a quiet exit.
Source: Rolling Stone

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 5
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 5:33PM EDT
"I had gone to Puerto Rico and was influenced by Latin music at that moment. When I came back, the melody was in my head. It was at a melancholy point in my life and the song reflects the yearning that was going on in me. It was like being in a situation but you want to break free and you can't, so you're confined yet you're releasing those emotions through the lyrics and the actual act of singing. That's why I think a lot of people felt very strongly about that song, because the emotion is clear when you listen to it."

"My All" Music Video
MPG | Size: 40.3 MB
[ Download here ]

"My All" Live at Blockbuster Awards, 1998
MPG | Size: 40.8 MB
[ Download here ]

Blockbuster Awards Speech - Best Pop Female Artist, 1998
MPG | Size: 17.8 MB
[ Download here ]

"My All" Live at the American Music Awards
via satellite from Tokyo Dome, Japan 1998
MPG | Size: 42.8 MB
[ Download here ]

Let Mariah know what you think of these "My All" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

More HQ Photos: Mariah at the VH1 Save The Music Gala
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 5:16PM EDT
Here are more high-quality photos of Mariah from last night's VH1 Save The Music Foundation Gala.

Mariah arriving at Lincoln Center

Mariah out and about in West Village
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Hill Who? Bill What? Gimme Mimi!
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 3:03PM EDT
Perhaps Mariah Carey should consider running for President.

Or so it seemed last night at Lincoln Center in New York, when the divatastic Carey arrived at VH1's "Save the Music" 10th Anniversary gala -- and outglittered the rest of the luminaries -- including President Clinton himself -- with an entrance fit for the Queen of Melisma (vocab word!), who was decked out in a structurally impressive purple gown.

With record biz royals Russell Simmons and L.A. Reid as escorts, Mimi caused the biggest squealing of the night from fans, with some screeching high notes unheard since Carey's "Vision of Love."
Source: TMZ | Joao

Q&A with Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 12:18PM EDT
Mariah Carey arrived fashionably late to the VH1 Save the Music Gala in New York City wearing a gorgeous lavender gown that hugged her perfectly proportioned curves. Sashaying down the red carpet, the sexy songstress evoked old-school Hollywood glamour in a way that no other celebrity can possibly rival. Miss Mariah paused to chat about her new fragrance, her upcoming album, and how she maintains such a fabulous figure.

You look phenomenal! What's your secret to staying in shape and looking so fabulous?
My secret is diets. No, really... I have a very wonderful trainer. Her name is Patricia. She lives in St. Barts - poor her. So people are like 'only you would fly someone from to St. Barts to New York to work out! What are you doing?' But the thing is that she's so [great.] Even if we're not working out, she monitors my diet and. It makes things easier.

And I still feel like I have a ways to go, but you know it is what it is. You know, when I first stated singing I was tiny - I didn't have much money to buy food, so let's face it I was skinner. But I don't think that people feel like you have to be a size zero, you know. And it does feel good when you get into a size three and you're like 'it's a little big right in here.' But it is what it is. I think we should all embrace who we are.

But my thing is it's about discipline. And I have a lot of discipline when it's time to get it together, I what I have to do. I didn't feel like I had gained weight, and then when I realized that you know 'ooo look at those shorts I've had them for how many years, they fit now and they're actually kinda big!' It feels good. But to me it's about embracing everyone at the weight they're supposed to be. I'm not supposed to be a stick-figure girl. That's just not me.

What can you tell me about your upcoming album? Or what can't you tell me?
There's nothing that I can't tell you. The title I can't tell you because we're in-between a lot of titles. But the thing is: this is such an extension of me. I feel like I put everything - I put so much into it. I worked on it all over the world. I took a summer to travel to different places and work on it. I worked with a lot of great co-writers, co-producers because obviously I'm intricately involved in every aspect of the process of making an album. And I think this is a very fun record - probably the most fun record I've ever made. And that's tough to say after the Emancipation of Mimi. It's just one of those things. I really can't express it.

What collaborations with other artists can look forward to on the album?
I can't give 'em away cause then the next thing you know so-and-so will have 'em on their album.

Tell me about your collaboration with Elizabeth Arden and your new fragrance?
I gave them a list of things that I like, and so basically we worked backwards from that. I mean, I guess it's working forwards. And they allowed me to have so much freedom in the process. I would say to them if this is wrong, tell me! And they were like you have the most commercial nose we've ever experienced. And I think it's because I don't wear perfume and people were always like 'what are you wearing?' and I'm like 'nothing. It's just me.'

So what's the perfume like?
To me it's light, it's sexy, it's not overwhelming. It's more than sexy - it's sensual. It's something when you don't want to be over-powering, but you will be noticed.

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Source: Glam Scene

Mariah's New Album To Be Released December 4!
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 10:23AM EDT
Mariah Carey is back, kids. New York's hometown chanteuse, famous for lots of things including an eight-octave range, is getting her new album ready for a Dec. 4 release.

The album is the follow-up to her mega-selling "Emancipation of Mimi." So far, the new one, Mariah told me Thursday night, does not have a name.

"We're working on that," she said, "and we're working on an R&B song like 'Fly Like a Bird' from the last album. But we have lots of songs."

Carey looked sensational in a tight-fitting blue gown as she was honored by VH-1 Save the Music along with former President Bill Clinton and VH-1's John Sykes.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, and Jon Bon Jovi with John Mayer, turned in memorable performances.

Carey didn't sing - she's on vocal rest while she makes the CD - but she gave a great speech about what music in her Long Island public school meant to her.

In the audience to cheer her on were L.A. Reid, Benny Medina and her cousins.

Just to demonstrate that she has still has pipes, Carey sang out a couple of lines from the chorus of "Vision of Love" in her story of making it to the big time years ago.

Later, I told her that there had been a small war going on between Madonna's fans and hers, and that some of it resulted in nasty e-mails to this column.

"What? Why?" she asked. "I mean, I think I was in sixth grade when Madonna got started."

Carey's old rivalry used to be with Whitney Houston, who was closer in age. But with Houston in semi-retirement for now, somehow Madonna became her peer.

And what of "Tennessee," the Lee Daniels film Carey made? Is it any good, I wondered?

"I think so," she said. "Lee thinks it is. I haven't seen it yet."

Carey's unnamed album hits stores on Dec. 4, although L.A. Reid told me he might hold off one more week to the 11th and hit the holiday sales big time. Are there any singles, I asked?

"It's like only singles so far," Carey said, laughing. "I don't want to give it away. But wait 'til you hear it." She has about a month to six weeks left to finish it.

Meanwhile, Carey stayed from beginning to end so she could root on old friend Sykes - she hung out with his kids for a bit - and see Bon Jovi play with Mayer, and Waters perform a jubilant version of "Another Brick in the Wall" with a 60-piece children's choir and orchestra from New York public schools.
Source: Fox News | Joao

HQ Photos: Mariah Leaves Waverly Inn
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 7:28AM EDT
Here are photos of Mariah Carey leaving the Waverly Inn restaurant last night. She was reportedly in a pleasant mood and chatted with fans.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah Arriving at VH1 Save The Music Gala
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 12:55AM EDT

Watch a video of Mariah Carey as she arrives at Lincoln Center in New York City to receive an award for her contribution to the Save The Music Foundation on Thursday, September 20th.

You can also download a video file here.
Source: Moony

HQ Photos: Mariah Speaks at VH1 Save The Music Gala
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 21-Sep-2007, 12:35AM EDT

Check out all 111 photos from this event in our Picture Gallery!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Carey Honored in New York
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 20-Sep-2007, 11:39PM EDT
New album title and release date to be announced next week!

Mariah Carey said it only made sense to work for the Save the Music Foundation because music saved her.

"Music has always been my saving grace," said Carey, accepting her award at the foundation's 10th anniversary gala Thursday night at Lincoln Center.

"Like everyone growing up, my life wasn't easy," said the Greenlawn native. "I don't always like to talk about it in great detail, but music saved my life literally. Writing songs and singing is so therapeutic for me."

The Save the Music Foundation, which donates instruments to public schools and helps fund music education programs, honored Carey, President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former VH1 president John Sykes, who launched the foundation in 1997.

Before the ceremony, Carey said she was very excited about her new album, which she says will be very "modern-sounding." She said she hasn't decided on a title yet for the follow-up to her multi-platinum comeback album "The Emancipation of Mimi," though Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid said he hoped to announce the title and a release date next week.

In her acceptance speech, Carey said she was always thrilled when fans tell her that her song "Hero" saved their lives or that her hit "We Belong Together" helped saved a marriage.

"I was often discouraged," she said. "Thank god, I never gave up."
Source: Newsday

HQ Photos: Mariah Arrives at VH1 Save The Music Gala
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 20-Sep-2007, 10:36PM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah Carey arriving at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala in Lincoln Center on September 20, 2007 in New York City.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Steph - Carrie Underwood Online

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 4
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 20-Sep-2007, 5:29PM EDT
"The second single, 'Butterfly,' the title track isn't a typical thing I'd do with Walter (Afanasieff). Originally I'd planned to do it as a house record with David (Morales). I sang it in the Bahamas at Chris Blackwell's (Island Records' head) studio. It was all about the whole freedom of the feeling of being there. That style of singing is really about what comes out of your mouth at the time. It can only come from being inspired. It's a gift from God. It's not sung in a traditional ballad style. Also, because I write my own stuff I don't have a demo singer sing it for me. And I don't sing with a producer in the room, so I'm sort of figuring it out as I go along, too."

"Butterfly" Live at the David Letterman Show, 1997
MPG | Size: 45.9 MB
[ Download here ]

"Butterfly" Live at The Oprah Winfrey Show, 1997
MPG | Size: 51.4 MB
[ Download here ]

Let Mariah know what you think of these "Butterfly" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Island's Music Hall of Fame induction is Oct. 21
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 20-Sep-2007, 5:22AM EDT
LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash and Darryl McDaniels of Run-D.M.C. have confirmed their attendance at the Second Annual Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction Gala, scheduled for Oct. 21.

The troika of rap pioneers marks another feather in the cap of the Music Hall, which over the past few years has grown from a pipe dream into a key player in the Long Island music community. Last year's inaugural ceremony surprised skeptics by securing appearances from Billy Joel, Joan Jett, Peter Criss of Kiss and Leslie West of Mountain, among others.

The strong showing by rappers may also help bring Long Island's music scene out of the classic-rock and grunge eras and into the current age of hip-hop-dominated music.

LL Cool J, a St. Albans, Queens, native, will be inducted by Grandmaster Flash, who hails from the Bronx but now lives on Long Island. Another Queens rapper (from Hollis), McDaniels, better known as D.M.C., will induct Roosevelt rap group Public Enemy.

Other inductees include Simon and Garfunkel, Blue Oyster Cult, Carole King, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Pat Benatar and Barbra Streisand. The ceremony will be held at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College in Flushing.
Source: Newsday

Brian Wright And His Band Perform in Tennessee
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 20-Sep-2007, 4:30AM EDT
Brian Wright and The Waco Tragedies joined the set of Tennessee at Second Fiddle on Broadway in Downtown Nashville to shoot a scene in which they performed their original tune "Glory Hallelujah." In the movie, Krystal (Mariah's character) performs on stage immediately following their scene. Here's band leader Brian Wright giving some information about the shoot:

"The song we performed in the movie is called 'Glory Hallelujah.' It can be found on our new album Bluebird due out in early October. It's sort of a Rock and Roll, Gospel, High Energy, rave up that has the crowd in the movie dancing and clapping along in smoky Nashville bar.

After our performance, Mariah's character takes the stage to sing a really beautiful ballad, that if I'm not mistaken, was written by Willie Nelson for the movie. She is accompanied by Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson's long time harmonica player) and a guitarist, though i think the guitarist may have just been an actor.

Mariah was very cool to us, very professional, and it was a pleasure to work with her, though it was only for one day. The entire team from the writer, to the production team, to the cast, etc. were all very cool and I'm glad to be a part of it. The scene that we are in with Mariah is all I've seen of it, but it looks great and her performance is fantastic."

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 3
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 19-Sep-2007, 5:02PM EDT
Mariah performed "Butterfly" live on Saturday Night Live (Season 23, Episode 6) on November 15, 1997. Claire Danes was the host and Mariah was the musical guest.

"Butterfly" Music Video
MPG | Size: 48.8 MB
[ Download here ]

"Butterfly" Live at Saturday Night Live
M2V | Size: 87.4 MB
[ Download here ]

Let Mariah know what you think of these "Butterfly" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's New Album Released in Japan on Nov. 28th
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 19-Sep-2007, 12:46PM EDT
According to Tower Records Japan, Mariah's new and still-untitled album is set for release in Japan on November 28, 2007. The previously reported DVD and Single releases have been pushed back by two weeks. Below are the latest Japanese street dates for Mariah's new CD, Single & DVD.

New Album
Title: TBA
Release date: 28 Nov 2007
Catalogue Number: UICL-1071
Label: Universal Music Japan
Item sourced from: Japan
Number of Discs: 1
Price: ¥2600
Other: Bonus Track (Japan Only)

New Single
Title: TBA
Release date: 21 Nov 2007 (was 7 Nov 2007)
Catalogue Number: UICL-5023
Label: Universal Music Japan
Price: ¥1200

Title: TBA
Release date: 28 Nov 2007 (was 14 Nov 2007)
Catalogue Number: UIBL-1014/5
Label: Universal Music Japan
Item sourced from: Japan
Number of Discs: 2
Price: ¥5900

Meanwhile, today's edition of the Japanese newspaper Nikkan reports that Mariah's new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" will hit stores in October 2007.

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 19-Sep-2007, 11:43AM EDT
• Let's continue to vote for Mariah in the Best Solo Artist category at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007; and for "Vision of Love" on VH1's Greatest Songs of the '90s. Click on the links to vote now!

• "Lil L.O.V.E." in its 9th week on the official New Zealand RIANZ Top 40 Singles chart climbs 2 places from #13 last week to #11 this week. Chart run: na-30-9-6-7-6-10-13-11

• Will.I.Am in an interview with AllHipHop: Anyone else on the roster that you are particularly excited about working with? Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Ludacris, Snoop, and finishing my record really.

• From E! Online: Sean "Diddy" Combs, the never-humble hip-hop star took a gentle swipe at Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez while promoting his new fragrance. "This week I am going to challenge my female counterparts, from J.Lo, Mariah, Sarah Jessica Parker to Gwen Stefani, that my fragrance is better than theirs. I am a man, and I know how a woman should smell."

• Spinner's Worst Band Feuds at #19: Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez. "These divas first clashed over a sample that Jennifer Lopez rushed to use before Mariah could release it. Told that J-Lo got eight hours of sleep a night, Mariah replied, "If I had the luxury of not actually having to sing my songs, I'd do that too." Recently asked what she thought of Beyonce, Mariah was effusive in her praise. But when asked about J-Lo, she claimed ignorance."

• From Oiko Times: Greek singer Nana Mouskouri will receive a platinum Stimmgabel that will be presented to her on Sept. 22nd. She is with some 250 million discs sold around the world, one of the all time most successful singers. With these sales figures she is in elite company alongside only Madonna and Mariah Carey.

• From BBC America:The inventive percussion can't stop Leona Lewis' debut single, "Bleeding Love" from sounding dated, like filler on some long-lost, late '90s Mariah Carey album. Mariah may be Leona's idol, but the emancipated Mimi has long moved past earnest songs like this

Fans' Corner
• Alison's Mariah fansite, February-Sky is also celebrating Butterfly's 10th Year by offering videos for download.

• Thanks to Audrey from France and Javier from Spain for sharing their lovely wallpapers with us.

• Gareth from Mariah Carey UK has uploaded the full "My Own: Mariah Carey" TV program which aired on MTV One yesterday to his site for any UK fans who don't have satellite or cable. [This episode originally aired on Jan. 30, 2006 on MTV US]

• The September 2007 issue of the All Mariah magazine is out now. In this magazine you will find 18 pages about the 10th anniversary of the album Butterfly. Find the full content of this month's issue at MC Archives.

• Alex from Germany has created some Mariah Christmas labels. Check them out at Mariah Fanbooks.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Roland | John | Gareth | Javier | Audrey | Eric | Alex

"M by Mariah Carey" in Australia
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 19-Sep-2007, 12:22AM EDT

It's all starting to happen down under...

A Flash ad of Mariah's debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" is featured front and center on Yahoo! Australia's main page! Click on the screen capture on top to check it out! Be sure to leave your feedback about the ad by clicking on the link right below the main flash graphic.

In other "M" news, Myer (Charlestown), a premium department store in Australia, said that samples have been extremely popular!

Receive a free sample and get the latest update on "M by Mariah Carey" by visiting the Mariah Carey Beauty Australia site.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Carey: A Great 'Save' Turns into Big Deal for All
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 18-Sep-2007, 10:08PM EDT
Over the course of her near-20 year career Mariah Carey has been very generous on the philanthropic front.

For her efforts, particularly with the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, the top-selling pop/R&B diva will be feted along with President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at an exclusive, star-studded gala at New York's Lincoln Center on Sept. 20.

Since 1997, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation has successfully restored and sustained instrumental music programs in 1,500 public schools in over 100 cities around the country. To date, The Foundation has provided $40 million in new musical instruments, affecting the lives of more than 1 million students.

Carey has been participatory in aiding the foundation's goal for the past decade -- dating all the way back to 1998 (when she joined the likes of Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain, Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion as performers for the very first 'Divas Live' showcase) up to last year's donation of her Escada dress (she wore in an Intel Cenrtino ad campaign) for auction.

"We at The VH1 Save The Music Foundation are thrilled to be honoring Mariah Carey at our 10th anniversary celebration," director Paul Cothran told The BV Newswire today. "It would be hard to look back on the past ten years and recount each of our triumphs and successes without recalling individuals such as Mariah that have donated so much of their time and efforts to restoring music education programs across the country."
Source: Black Voices

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 2
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 18-Sep-2007, 5:04PM EDT
"Why I'm in bed is because I'm so exhausted because last night I was being hoisted up by a helicopter and I was hanging on top a rope fifty feet up in the air. You know, just an average day!" she joked, explaining the plot of her new female James Bond-type video. "Have you seen the regular "Honey" video when I'm on the jet ski?" she asked enthusiastically. "Well in this one, I'm on the jet skis and it's Mace and The Lox (Bad Boy Records rappers) in a helicopter and they throw down a rope and I grab it and they save me. So last night me and Puffy and the guys were in this water tunnel thing doing that. It's cute."
[Blues & Soul, October 1997]

"Honey" Remix Music Video
Avi | Size: 43.4 MB
[ Download here ]

"Honey" Live at World Music Awards, Monaco
Mpg | Size: 44.7 MB
[ Download here ]

1998 World Music Awards - Special Achievements Award Intro + Speech
Mpg | Size: 56.4 MB
[ Download here ]

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Update: Mariah's Macy's NY In-store Appearance
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 18-Sep-2007, 1:39AM EDT
As previously announced, Mariah is scheduled to make a personal appearance at Macy's Department Store in Herald Square, at 34th Street and Broadway, New York City at 4:30pm on Tuesday, October 23rd to promote her debut fragrance, M by Mariah Carey. Here are additional details about the event.

Macy's New York customers who purchase any of the following two "M" packages between October 19 and October 23 will receive passes to meet Mariah:

Package #1
Includes 3.3oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 1oz travel size Eau de Parfum, and Body Lotion - approx. $130
The first 200 customers will get Mariah's autograph.

Package #2
Includes Parfum, 1oz travel size Eau de Parfum, and Body Lotion - approx. $305
The first 20 customers will join Mariah in the VIP room.

Macy's will promote this event by distributing flyers on the streets and advertising in local newspapers starting on October 18.

*Please note that the information above is subject to change without prior notice.
Source: Macy's NY | Moony

Tennessee Update
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 18-Sep-2007, 1:37AM EDT
According to director Aaron Woodley, Tennessee "will not be released by the end of the year as it is not yet completed. That's as much as I can tell you at this point. And I urge you and all of Mariah's fans out there to hang in there."
Source: Jayson

New Mariah DVD Out in Europe on Nov. 19th
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Sep-2007, 5:07PM EDT
Universal Music Group International (UMGI) has confirmed the official release date for the new Mariah Carey DVD in Europe as November 19, 2007. This as-yet-untitled DVD release comes in a 2-disc set and will most likely include the live recording of Mariah's The Adventures of Mimi concert in Anaheim, California on October 8, 2006.

As reported earlier, this new DVD set is slated for release in Japan on November 14, 2007.

More details will be posted as soon as they become available.
Source: UMGI | Johny

Butterfly 10th Anniversary - Video Download Day 1
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Sep-2007, 4:49PM EDT
"Q-Tip, from Tribe Called Quest, came up with that idea to use the 'Body Rock' loop and he played it to me over the phone and I knew immediately that this was the happy, light summer vibe I needed. Then we thought it out and put 'Hey DJ' on top of it and Puffy came in with all his ideas so it was a collaborative effort. That's what I'm about. I don't just get a producer to come in and invent or reinvent me."

"Honey" Music Video
Mpg | Size: 70.6 MB
[ Download here ]

"Honey Live" at the Hey Hey Music Show, Japan
Mpg | Size: 42.9 MB
[ Download here ]

"Honey" Live at Top of the Pops, England
Mpg | Size: 41.8 MB
[ Download here ]

MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show, September 1997
Mpg | Size: 92.8 MB
[ Download here ]

Let Mariah know what you think of these "Honey" videos. Send your comments to and we'll make sure they get included in the fanbook that we're sending out to her!
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Those No. 1 Debuts
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Sep-2007, 4:31PM EDT
Fred Bronson from Billboard's Chart Beat Chat responds to a reader's question: "How many songs have debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and what were they?"

There have been 15 debuts at No. 1 on the Hot 100. Under current chart policies, it is very difficult to enter the chart in pole position, although not impossible.

Here is a list of songs that have opened at No. 1 on the Hot 100:

"You Are Not Alone," Michael Jackson (1995)
"Fantasy," Mariah Carey (1995)
"Exhale (Shoop Shoop)," Whitney Houston (1995)
"One Sweet Day," Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men (1995)
"I'll Be Missing You," Puff Daddy & Faith Evans featuring 112 (1997)
"Honey," Mariah Carey (1997)
"Candle in the Wind," Elton John (1997)
"Something About the Way You Look Tonight," Elton John (1997)
"My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion (1998)
"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," Aerosmith (1998)
"Doo Wop (That Thing)," Lauryn Hill (1998)
"I'm Your Angel," R. Kelly & Celine Dion (1998)
"This Is the Night," Clay Aiken (2003)
"I Believe," Fantasia (2004)
"Inside Your Heaven," Carrie Underwood (2005)
"Do I Make You Proud," Taylor Hicks (2006)
Source: Billboard

Cindy Adams Recounts "Jury Duty Stamp" Day
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Sep-2007, 5:25AM EDT
Last week, just before the Jewish holi days kept some of us from gossiping, I shared Chief Judge Judith Kaye and County Clerk Norman Goodman's ceremony for Inauguration Day of the Jury Duty Commemorative Stamp at the 60 Centre Street courthouse. On hand were celebrity jury-duty servers Bernadette Peters, Mariah Carey, Paulina Porizkova, Richard Thomas.

Bernadette received an ovation, Paulina was so gorgeous I can't remember what she said, Richard Thomas never actually served on a jury but said he's played a jury member in the movies, and Mariah, who'd worked recording an album until 6 a.m., graciously spoke, posed for photos, lovingly gave autographs, smiled, was sweet and friendly and made it to the 11 a.m. ceremony despite a skirt even shorter than Paris Hilton's jail sentence.

We all expressed gratitude for our city, which is the capital of the world, our state, our blessed country and our American way of life.
Source: New York Post

Mariah in Visionaire's "Private" Edition
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Sep-2007, 1:04AM EDT
Marc Jacobs is clearly proud of his bod - and bares it all again in the latest edition of Visionaire. The 168-page oversize book, sponsored by Louis Vuitton, includes nude photographs of a bevy of models, actors and celebrities, including Jacobs, this edition's guest editor.

Visionaire co-founder Stephen Gan said the concept was conceived more than two years ago and most of the photos were taken late last year. "The idea was to do personal nudes of famous people. We came up with a list of who are considered the most beautiful people in the world," he explained. That list includes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore, Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson, Christy Turlington, Gisele Bundchen, Jamie Dornan and Selma Blair, all shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Though most of the images are quite revealing, "not everyone is stark naked," Gan said (Lopez and Anthony appear clothed, most of the models, including Daria Werbowy and Natalia Vodianova, do not). Thus, the latest edition is entitled "Private."

Voyeurs and others can buy the issue for $375 beginning in early October; 2,500 copies will be printed. But before sulking at the hefty price tag, consider "Private" will be sold in a limited edition Louis Vuitton gold monogrammed case. At least they thought to dress the book up, even if its subjects inside aren't.

For the Love of Jury Duty
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Sep-2007, 12:47AM EDT
The celebrities assembled last week by the Postal Service to launch a new stamp in honor of jury duty had one thing in common: none had ever served on a jury. "I've been down here, but I was never picked," Bernadette Peters said, as she waited for the ceremony to begin, in the rotunda of the New York County Courthouse building downtown. Ditto Cindy Adams, the Post gossip columnist. Paulina Porizkova, the model, recalled, "When I was called, I was pregnant, and I wasn't hormonally ready for a jury." The actor Richard Thomas is in the middle of a national run as Juror No. 8 in the stage version of "Twelve Angry Men." "According to the rules of show business, that entitles me to speak as an expert," he said.

The festivities were delayed for the arrival of Mariah Carey, who teetered into the courthouse on five-inch heels half an hour after the unveiling was to start. (Explaining her own failure to perform jury service, she said, "I was on tour.") At the ceremony, Carey said little. "It's so early," she began, before a microphone that had been affixed to her clingy black dress fell to the floor. "It's very important to do your part in this wonderful country where we live," she went on, before adding, again, "It's so early." (It was noon.)
Source: New Yorker

Jasmine's Juice: Keeping It Fresh
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 17-Sep-2007, 12:46AM EDT
You may laugh but truly have you ever smelt someone so funky that the smell doesn't stop in your nostrils but seeps through to your mouth until you think you're tasting it! Yes, that's why I loaded my pockets and girl friends up with something sweet and fresh to spray all around me and in my path as I ran. It was the new M fragrance by Mariah Carey. Funnily when we first met I'd asked MC which perfume she wore and was informed by her that: "Dahhhling - I never wear perfume, I have extremely sensitive skin and I like to smell freshly washed- that's it." So it was a surprise to hear she was launching her own fragrance. The notes are as unpredictable as MC herself; marshmallow, Tiarre Flower and Moroccan Incense. She explained: "The inspirations were places I've been, moments in my life and childhood memories. It combines my favorite scents. Marshmallow reminds me of my childhood memories of being in the kitchen with my daddy. The Tahitian Tiare flower reminds me of the breezes on Hawaii and Capri (my and MC'S favourite annual summer vacation). The Moroccan incense tone makes me feel sexy, beautiful and glamorous."

It also reflects her Moroccan style rooftop party room at her Manhattan apartment complete with outdoor hot tub! I knew the bottle would reference MC's love of butterflies.

She agreed, "I really love beautiful crystal, and this bottle is like a work of art you want to display. It's a special moment when you remove the butterfly on top." When I told MC about my charity run she had her private jet fly me over some advance butterfly bottles of M so I wouldn't be eeked out by the inevitable stench of my fellow runners. It's out this Saturday in many UK department stores readers so you too will be able to get your lil mitts on it.
Source: The Voice

Happy 10th Year, Butterfly!
Posted by Liron on Sunday, 16-Sep-2007, 1:27PM EDT

10 YEARS AGO TODAY. September 16, 1997, Mariah released her 6th studio album, "Butterfly." The release of this album is in hindsight one of the (if not the) biggest turning points in Mariah's career.

For the first 6 years of her musical career, Mariah has established herself as a successful pop artist, a great vocalist who was known for her wide vocal range, her ability to hold long notes during her famous power ballads, showcasing big belts and vocal acrobatics in her recordings and live performances, and releasing radio-friendly hits with sugary lyrics and catchy pop hooks.

At the downside, Mariah was critically attacked for being formulaic, and was often criticized for the use of "melisma" in her singing. Extreme naysayers went as far as accrediting her success to her discoverer (and then husband) Tommy Mottola and song-writing partner/producer Walter Afanasieff.

"Butterfly" changed everything.

"Butterfly" came out two years after the release of one of Mariah's biggest selling albums to date - "Daydream" (20 million records sold worldwide). During the break between the albums, Mariah endured several personal changes which would later affect her public image and career.

Mariah, who everyone thought of as "the girl next door" decided to finally reveal who she really was. At the risk of losing a great deal of her target audience (and as a result, a good portion of her record sales), Mariah reinvented herself both musically and personally.

"I've definitely gone through a lot of personal changes and a lot of professional changes throughout the course of...process of recording this album, much more so than on any other record that I've done."

In 1997, Mariah set herself free from her marriage (which was later only referred by her as "the situation" for years) by separating from her then husband Tommy Mottola. The move was extremely brave of her, considering the fact Mottola was the head executive of her record label Sony and had a considerable influence on Mariah's releases under the label. In addition, she replaced her professional team including her manager, lawyer and publicist.

Mariah also went through a public image change which was noticeable particularly in her clothing choices, new friends in the industry and seeming much more comfortable and outspoken in interviews. Fans surely remember Mariah's Entertainment Weekly cover story, her MTV's VMA appearance, and the premiere of the "Honey" video in August 1997.

Mariah best described her change when talking about the "Honey" video: "This video is actually much more of my personality than any other video I've done. I'm Mary Poppins in every other video and this time I'm... who am I this time? I'm the bond girl. But compared to what a lot of other people do, I think it's still pretty mild, you have to give me that. I didn't suddenly become a freak overnight."

The biggest and perhaps the most important change however, was in Mariah's music. Inspired by her favorite Hip-Hop acts and going back to her urban roots, Mariah teamed up with established as well as up and coming Hip-Hop artists and producers to work on "Butterfly." Though she had previously worked with O.D.B ("Fantasy" remix), Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat ("Always Be My Baby" remix), never has a heavily oriented Hip-Hop track appeared on a Mariah album before.

"Butterfly" more than made up for it. While its credits show a very extensive list of names (Sean "Puffy" Combs, Q-Tip, Stevie J, The Trackmasters, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Missy Elliott, Dru Hill), "Butterfly" remains a perfectly cohesive and a wonderfully sequenced album. If you ask yourself why, the answer is easy: the consistency is in its theme and more importantly, in its quality.

Among fans, the album is known to have some of Mariah's most personal and detailed lyrics. She writes about love – lost, fulfilled, desired ("My All", "The Roof", "Honey"), she yearns for her lover in "Babydoll" ("Zoning out, thinking about you and me between the sheets"), she exposes stories about her tough childhood and difficulty fitting in ("Close My Eyes", "Outside") and sings about a metaphorical butterfly in the ever appropriate title track.

It isn't just the lyrics that make "Butterfly" so varied and enjoyable. This album introduces Mariah's "whispery" vocals ("Fourth of July") which would play a big part in her future recordings and yet she still delivers her powerful belts and the admired ballads ("Whenever You Call"). In "Breakdown," Mariah effortlessly adapts the staccato singing style of "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony" as she sings about getting over a breakup; and in the cover to Prince's "The Beautiful Ones," Mariah gives us her soulful interpretation of the song.

"Butterfly" may not be Mariah's best selling album but many of her fans consider it more than just a turning point, but an important milestone in her career. Mariah lets us know her as deep as one can by listening to music. She invites us to experience her journey and celebrate her freedom. 10 years after their release, the songs from "Butterfly" are still popular and relevant to today's music which makes it easy to call "Butterfly" a timeless album and in retrospect say it was ahead of its time. THANK YOU, MARIAH!

• "Honey" debuted straight at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 13, 1997 and became Mariah's 12th #1 record. "Butterfly" debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 on October 4, 1997, selling 236,000 copies in its first week of release. It is now certified 5x platinum in the US.

• Out of all of Mariah's studio albums that were released in the 1990s (when physical CD singles were still popular), the "Butterfly" album saw the least commercial single releases in the US. Only "Honey" and "My All" were released on CD singles. Both went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

• Eight music videos from "Butterfly" were released, more than any other album to date, and they are:

» Honey (Dir: Paul Hunter)
» Honey Remix ft. Mase & The Lox (Dir: Paul Hunter)
» Butterfly (Dir: Mariah Carey & Daniel Pearl)
» My All (Dir: Herb Ritts)
» My All/Stay Awhile ft. Lord Tariq/Peter Gunz
» The Roof ft. Mobb Deep (Dir: Mariah Carey & Diane Martel)
» Breakdown ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (Dir: Mariah Carey & Diane Martel)
» Whenever You Call (Live from Hawaii)

• American Music Awards: Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist
• Billboard Music Awards: Special Billboard Hot 100 Award for the most #1 singles ever by a female solo artist
• Blockbuster Entertainment Awards: Top Pop Female
• World Music Awards: World's Best Selling Female R&B Artist, World's Best Selling Recording Artist of the 1990s
• Soul Train Lady Of Soul Awards: The Aretha Franklin Award for Female Entertainer Of The Year
• International Achievement In Arts Awards: Entertainer Of The Year
• Long Island Music Awards: Best Female Singer
• Gold Disc Awards [Japan]: International Pop Album Of The Year ("Butterfly")
• Bravo Magazine Awards [Germany]: Silver Otto Award for Best Female Artist
• [Nominated Only] Grammy Awards: Best Pop Vocal Performance - Female ("Butterfly"), Best R&B Vocal Performance - Female ("Honey"), Best R&B Song ("Honey").

• The very limited "Butterfly" tour took place in January and February of 1998. Mariah made four stops at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, one stop in Taiwan, six stops in Australia (excluding a cancelled stop in Melbourne) and performed her final show in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ironically, this was (and still is) the only time Mariah performed in Taiwan, Australia and Hawaii. The tour was originally meant to be longer and include stops in the US, but those were cancelled because Mariah was asked to appear in a Chris Tucker movie. The movie ended up being scrapped as well.

• Some of Mariah's most memorable live performances, which will be available to download here on Mariah Daily Journal were given during the "Butterfly" era. Mariah stopped to perform the "Butterfly" songs at: Saturday Night Live, VH1's Divas Live Concert, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, Rosie O'Donell talk-show, World Music Awards and many more!

• Entertainment Weekly, September 1997
• Blues & Soul, UK, October 1997
• Cosmopolitan, December 1997
• Rolling Stone, February 1998

"For the first time since the first album, it feels like I'm letting a piece of myself go." Entertainment Weekly, 1997

"I think that the album reflects a lot of different moods. I don't think it's just all of a sudden ‘Wow, here I am, wild sexy chick!'" MTV, 1997

"Butterfly was about leaving one section of my life and moving on to another. The title track was a wish list of things I hoped somebody would say to me, but I wrote it as though I were talking to someone else. The lines 'Spread your wings and prepare to fly/ For you have become a Butterfly/ Fly abandonedly into the sun' is like someone saying, 'Do your thing.' There's another line: 'Wild horses run unbridled/ Or their spirit dies.' You can't restrain a free spirit - either you're going to break them or they're going to leave and never come back." VH1, 2003

"It was '97 and I was leaving my marriage [to Tommy Mottola] which encompassed my life. I was writing the song 'Butterfly' wishing that that's what he would say to me. There's a part that goes, 'I have learned that beauty/has to flourish in the light/wild horses run unbridled/or their spirit dies/you have given me the courage/to be all that I can/and I truly feel ...[sings] and I truly feel your heart will lead you back to me when you're ready to land.' At that point I really believed that I was going to go back to the marriage - I didn't think I was going to leave forever. But then the things that happened to me during that time caused me to not go back. Had it been, 'Go be yourself, you've been with me since you were a kid, let's separate for a while,' I probably would've." Interview Magazine, 2007

[So it's since you wrote 'Butterfly' that the creature has been this icon in your life?] "Before then we would be in places and all of sudden butterflies would land on my shoulder." Interview Magazine, 2007

[Looking around Mariah's home, there is plenty of symbolism. For example, the ornately hand carved fireplace was one of the few things she took with her from her home with ex-husband Tommy: its motifs include flowers, hearts and butterflies, 'all sorts of references to her life.'] "I love it because of what the butterfly represents: freedom." Hello Magazine, 2007

• Slant Magazine
• Rolling Stone
• Entertainment Weekly
• More album and single reviews can be found here.
• "Butterfly" was picked by VH1 to be featured in their series of "Ultimate Albums." The show was completed and ready to be broadcast but Mariah's management declined to approve it for airing. While the show never aired on television, VH1 dedicated an online page for the album with an unaired clip of Mariah talking about "Close My Eyes."
• The album is included in the book "1,001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die."
• The album is one of Slant Magazine's "Vital Pop: 50 Essential Pop Albums."

Butterflies indeed follow Mariah wherever she goes. Mariah uses the butterfly symbol in her clothing accessories, shoes, CD covers, fan-club name and even painted tattoos. She even named one of the guest rooms in her house "The Butterfly Room."

• In July 2003, Mariah's official site conducted a poll in which fans were asked to pick their favorite songs that they wanted Mariah to perform in her "Charmbracelet" tour. Other than "Charmbracelet," "Butterfly" was the album with the most songs represented in the final top 30 songs that were chosen by the fans. The songs were: #3 Honey, #5 Butterfly, #8 My All, #23 Whenever You Call, #30 Breakdown.

• In September 2003, Mariah Daily asked the fans which song from the "Butterfly" album they would most like to see performed live on the "Charmbracelet" tour. "Breakdown" came in at #1, followed closely by "Outside" and "Butterfly."

• In October 2006, Mariah Daily conducted a poll asking the fans which song would they most like to see performed in "The Adventures of Mimi" tour. "Breakdown" was at #4 with 8.06% (3,048 votes) while only 1,951 fans (5.16%) voted for "The Roof."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Butterfly 10th Year Anniversary Fanbook
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 16-Sep-2007, 1:26PM EDT
Today, Mariah's album "Butterfly" is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Knowing how much both Mariah and her fans love this album, we at Mariah Daily Journal decided to share our appreciation for it as well by reminiscing together about the wonderful "Butterfly" album.

Over the next two weeks, we will be sharing some of our favorite Mariah videos from the "Butterfly" era including music videos, interviews, awards speeches and live performances.

We would like you to write to us about your favorite things about "Butterfly." Did Mariah's coming out of the cocoon inspire you? Were you in tears when she sang "Close My Eyes" on the Rosie O'Donell show? How did you feel when you first heard "Outside" or first saw the video to "The Roof"? Feel free to write us about your personal memories from "Butterfly." You may address the letter to Mariah herself.

We believe Mariah would love to hear her fans' thoughts about her favorite album, therefore we will put together all of your letters into a fanbook and deliver it to Mariah. Send us your thoughts, letters, memories to
Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Poll
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 16-Sep-2007, 1:25PM EDT
The "Now that the new M by Mariah Carey fragrance is available to pre-order, will you get it early?" poll has drawn to a close. Thanks to everyone who participated! Below are the results:

» 32% (1217 votes) - I prefer to buy it when it's released in stores
» 32% (1214 votes) - I'd rather smell the sample first
» 31% (1183 votes) - Absolutely!
»   4% ( 149 votes) - I've already pre-ordered a few bottles!
Total votes: 3763

A new poll is now up! In conjunction with Butterfly's 10th anniversary, our new poll asks, "What is your favorite Butterfly song?" Get voting!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 16-Sep-2007, 1:22PM EDT
• Songwriter/singer Johnta Austin mentions Mariah in his interview with That Grape Juice:

Have you ever been frustrated with the fact that, prior to now, many have known the hits you’ve written but not the man behind them?
"My prime role is the coach. The coach is never gonna get enough praise and accolades as the stars. When I work with Mariah, I'm there, JD's [Jermaine Dupri] there to assist. Mariah is leading the team, but she's the one that's taking home the MVP, and deservedly so, and I'm cool with that."

Though you're evidently a versatile writer, which artist has proved the most difficult to write for?
"I haven't met a challenge yet that’s too demanding. I'm grateful to work with artists who already have their own identity. It's easy to work with a Mariah, an Usher, a Mary cuz you just have to add to what they are doing."

Mariah Carey describes you as 'a true talent' and Mary J has labelled you as 'the best thing to happen to the music industry.' How does it feel hearing praises like that from such celebrated artists?
"It humbles you because they've achieved so much success and they are so well liked all over the world. And they are known for their incredible music, so for them to respect my talent, that's great."

• Thanks to Joao for translating the Spanish Vogue (March 2000) and Maxim (Oct. 2001) interviews for us! Scans provided by Kerry from MariahCareyCollection.

• Mary J. Blige has just announced that her new album, Growing Pains, will come out on November 20th - the same day as Mariah Carey's new record. PerezHilton.

• To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Butterfly, Mariah Turkiye will be devoting two days to this truly magnificent album. Visit the site now to download Butterfly videos and artwork!
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kerry | Joao | Allan | Can | leadmyway

Video: Mariah Speaks at "Jury Duty Stamp" Ceremony
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 15-Sep-2007, 1:00AM EDT
Watch a video of Mariah addressing the audience during the unveiling of the 'Jury Duty' stamp ceremony in New York Courthouse, New York on September 12, 2007. You can also download a video file of Mariah's speech below.

"[Sings] Hello. Anyway, just to sum it up, you know, as I said jury duty is the cornerstone of our democracy and I am here today because I feel it's very important to be able to bring any kind of attention that we, as public figures or whatever you want to call, so that means whatever we are, get involved and try to draw attention to being a part of this incredible country in which we live and be able to participate in any way we can in terms of, particularly, being a part of jury duty and helping. Like I said, this is a democracy and we're very fortunate to it in this amazing country. And I'm with Cindy [Adams, NY Post columnist] with New York rated number one, being a New Yorker, so I'm very blessed and grateful to be here today. And thank you for forgiving me for my microphone falling off and all the other debacles [laughs]. Thank you so much. Thank you and God bless."

Mariah Speaks During the Unveiling of Jury Duty Stamp Ceremony
New York Courthouse, New York, Sept. 12, 2007
MPG | Size: 26.9 MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Scans: MTV Unplugged 2-Disc Set
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Sep-2007, 8:29PM EDT
"MTV Unplugged" 2-Disc Set. Released on September 18th by Columbia & Legacy Recordings. This release is a CD + DVD combo that contains the same tracks as the original individual releases. No bonus tracks or features included.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Sep-2007, 4:54PM EDT
• Star Scents (Essence, Oct. 2007, page 52, Beauty)

Celebrities have been selling fragrances for as long as most of us can remember. But this year, it's the African-American market that's finally feeling the love. In 2007 alone, the likes of Mariah Carey, Usher, Beyonce and Diddy have lent their names and unique personalities to new launches. And whatever the scent, they all smell like big money.

Having an eponymous fragrance is a status symbol, and creating a successful one can turn a celeb into a full-fledged mogul, pursued by designers and adored by consumers worldwide.

Not to mention that many big names, like Carey, love the chance to show that their mixing skills go far beyond the studio. Her much-anticipated women's scent, M by Mariah Carey for Elizabeth Arden, drew on marshmallows (which remind her of being in the kitches with her dad), sea breeze (representing her love for Meditterranean) and Moroccan incense (which she favors).

• Scent of a Diva (Glamour UK, Oct. 2007)
Want to smell superstar gorgeous like Mariah Carey? Perfume shopping can be daunting, even for a mega-watt celeb like Mariah Carey, who gave up and created her own. "If anything, I've always worn essential oils because I really hate heavy, perfumey things," she says. Sound like you? Then follow Glamour's beginner's guide to smelling gorgeous.

• The "M by Mariah Carey" ad runs in the October 2007 issue of Marie Claire, page 61. Previously reported in the October issues of Glamour, page 111; and Cosmopolitan, page 105.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kerry

Hit or Miss?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Sep-2007, 4:46PM EDT


At a courthouse event in New York City, the singer keeps it conservative by covering up with a pink Jeffrey cardigan over a simple black dress by Nile Cmylo.

Tell People what you think of her look.
Source: People | Ashley

Mariah Mentioned on 'Til Death
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 14-Sep-2007, 12:46AM EDT
Mariah is mentioned in this scene from the season 2 premiere of 'Til Death which will air on Sept. 19th, 8:30pm on Fox.

Joy (Joely Fisher) has sweet intentions singing her heart out at a birthday party. But Eddie (Brad Garrett) decides it's time to confront his wife about her public behavior, with a salty pillow talk session.

"You see, honey, you're an over-singer. It's like you swallowed Mariah Carey."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Access Hollywood

Dueling Divas
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Sep-2007, 10:27PM EDT
Fall Music Face-off: Celine vs. Mariah

Double bill: With Celine Dion's Taking Chances (Nov. 13) and a still-untitled Mariah Carey CD (December), the most enduring divas of their generation return. Both have survived changing tides on pop, adult contemporary and, in Carey's case, urban formats.

Double features: Early word is that Chances may seek to position Dion in a slightly edgier direction. Carey is apparently taking a more characteristic approach, working with Bryan-Michael Cox and the omnipresent

Double talk: Carey's multiplatinum 2005 release, The Emancipation of Mimi, re-established her at the top of the pop heap; her task now is to maintain that momentum. Dion's nearly five-year Vegas gig has been a cash cow, but at the cost of confirming her rep as a high priestess of schmaltz. Taking Chances could be her bid for a grittier image.
Source: USA Today

Mariah's Anthem: "We Belong Together"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Sep-2007, 4:23PM EDT
As we approach a new time in Mariah's career, Mariah Daily Journal columnist Jason looks back at the impact "We Belong Together" had when Mariah returned to music a little over two years ago.

Head over to Looking In to read Jason's newest blog, Mariah's Anthem: "We Belong Together." Be sure to share your comments!
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More HQ Photos: Unveiling of 'Jury Duty' Stamp
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Sep-2007, 4:02PM EDT

Be sure to check out all 77 photos from this event in our Picture Gallery!
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News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Sep-2007, 2:53PM EDT
• Fabolous was on BET's 106 & Park yesterday to premiere his new video for "Baby Don't Go" (featuring Jermaine Dupri), the third single from his album, From Nothin' to Somethin'. During his interview, Fabolous mentioned that he may be working with Mariah on his next album. Here's what he said:

Fabolous: "Jermaine Dupri helped me out, came in. I was at the end of the project. Went down to Atlanta, came up with two joints - one joint is gonna be on the next album. It's nuts, it's bananas. I think Mariah's gonna jump on it. I let a little bit out of the bag but it's on the next album but this joint right here ["Baby Don't Go"], we did together down in Atlanta."

• Let's continue to vote for Mariah in the Best Solo Artist category at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007; and for "Vision of Love" on VH1's Greatest Songs of the '90s. Click on the links to vote now!

• Sky Showbiz wants to know whose celebrity perfume is your favorite. Vote for Mariah here!

• Comic Kathy Griffin made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday night following the MTV Video Music Awards. Griffin remarked how she missed VMAs from years past with a big stage and "when Mariah and Whitney [Houston] wore the same dress."

• September 13, Today in Music: 1997 - "I like that ooh, ooh; Come on, come on MC, MC ooh, ooh..." Mariah Carey's Honey debuted on the Hot 100 at number one -- her third single to do so. The others were Fantasy (Sep 30, 1995) and One Sweet Day (Dec 2, 1995). Carey was the first artist to have three singles debut at #1. From Capitol Hill Blue.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Max | Darren | Olivia

Money Honey
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Sep-2007, 2:54AM EDT
We know that songbird Mariah Carey owns a splashy triplex apartment in TriBeCa, but apparently one downtown home isn't enough.

Our ever-vigilant spies have seen her on numerous occasions at the Philippe Starck-designed 15 Broad St. building in the Wall Street area. After a little digging, we've discovered she's renting a furnished two-bedroom, two-bath condo on a high floor in the former J.P. Morgan headquarters for approximately $8,000 per month.

"She's there only at night," said our source in the building.
Source: New York Post

HQ Photos: Mariah At The Unveiling of 'Jury Duty' Stamp
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 13-Sep-2007, 12:09AM EDT
Below are high-quality photos of Mariah, with gossip columnist Cindy Adams, actress Bernadette Peters and model Paulina Porizkova, at the unveiling of the 'Jury Duty Social Awareness Stamp' at the New York Supreme Court on September 12, 2007 in New York City.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Steph - Carrie Underwood Online

Update: "M by Mariah Carey" in Canada
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 12-Sep-2007, 6:12PM EDT
Mariah's debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" is now available in Canada! Below are pictures of the counter display at The Bay at Queen & Yonge St. in Toronto, Ontario.

"M by Mariah Carey" is available in EDP Spray 50ml ($63) and 100ml ($78); Parfum 15ml ($220); Oil Essence Rollerball 4ml ($35); and Moisturizing Body Lotion 200ml ($40).

The fragrance is also now available at Sears. Find a Sears or The Bay store near you. Get your bottle today!

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah on Aretha's New "Duets" Album
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 12-Sep-2007, 5:12PM EDT
Arista recording artist Aretha Franklin, the incomparable Queen Of Soul and 17-time Grammy winner, adds another jewel to her crown with the release of a must have collection of show- stopping duets from her new album, Jewels In The Crown: All-Star Duets With The Queen. Franklin, a Grammy Living Legend, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will release this stellar collection on November 13, 2007.

Franklin duets with a combination of music icons and some of the hottest voices in music today including Whitney Houston ("It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be"), John Legend ("What Y'All Came To Do"), Luther Vandross ("Doctor's Orders"), Annie Lennox ("Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves"), Keith Richards ("Jumping Jack Flash"), Elton John ("Through The Storm"), Frank Sinatra ("What Now My Love"), George Michael ("I Knew You Were Waiting"), Michael McDonald ("Ever Changing Times"), George Benson ("Love All The Hurt Away"), and good friend Mary J. Blige ("Don't Waste My Time"). Aretha and Mary J. also join on a second tune, "Never Gonna Break My Faith" (with the Harlem Boys Choir).

Rounding out the collection are two thrilling performances, both tributes to Aretha on her classics, "A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like)" with Bonnie Raitt and Gloria Estefan; and "Chain Of Fools" with Mariah Carey.
Source: PR Newswire

Celebrity Jurors Help Postal Service Issue Jury Duty Stamp
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 12-Sep-2007, 4:34PM EDT
The U.S. Postal Service continues its tradition of drawing attention to important social causes by issuing the Jury Duty stamp at the Manhattan State Supreme Court today, September 12, in New York City. The first-day-of-issuance ceremony highlighted the Juror Appreciation Day celebration, an annual event that salutes New York jurors. Mary Anne Gibbons, senior vice president, general counsel of the Postal Service co-hosted the ceremony with Chief Judge Judith Kaye of New York.

With this stamp, the U.S. Postal Service calls attention to the importance of jury service, an essential obligation, shared by all eligible citizens, that is a cornerstone of democracy in the United States. By showing a diverse group of 12 representative jurors in silhouette, art director Carl T. Herrman and stamp designer Lance Hidy emphasize that, under the U.S. Constitution, the American jury system guarantees citizens the right to a trial by a jury of their peers.

Joining Gibbons and Judge Kaye were Robert J. Grey, Jr., Past President, American Bar Association; Sade Baderinwa, Co-anchor Eyewitness News, WABC-TV, New York, who emceed the event; celebrity jurors Cindy Adams, New York Post Columnist; Mariah Carey, singer/actress; Bernadette Peters, actress/singer; Paulina Porizkova, supermodel/actress; and, Richard Thomas, actor. Other attendees included judges from across the country.

Read the press release in its entirety here.
Source: PR Newswire | Julio

Mariah Attends Celebrity Unveiling of 'Jury Duty' Stamp
Posted by HelenM on Wednesday, 12-Sep-2007, 12:14PM EDT
Five celebrity jurors including Mariah have attended the unveiling of the Jury Duty Social Awareness stamp at the New York County Courthouse Rotunda, 60 Centre Street.

The event is taking place right at this moment and the most recent update we have is that Mariah had spoken to the audience and is wearing a black dress with a pink sweater.

Stay tuned for more information as well as pictures from the event.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Alfredo

Mariah to Appear on Parkinson's Talk Show?
Posted by HelenM on Wednesday, 12-Sep-2007, 5:55AM EDT
Ann Montini, a gossip columnist for the English television channel "Sky News" is reporting that Mariah is scheduled to be interviewed by Michael Parkinson in the final season of his prestigious talk-show:

"Keep this a secret but I hear that Parkinson has landed Mariah Carey as a guest on his final ever series.

Apparently Mariah is over the moon, too."

In December 2005, Mariah had cancelled her appearance on the show (Mariah Daily: December 1, 2005) in order to attend the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.
Source: Sky Showbiz Gossip | Darren

New Mariah DVD Scheduled For November 14 In Japan
Posted by HelenM on Tuesday, 11-Sep-2007, 9:29AM EDT
HMV Japan has a listing for a new DVD release by Mariah, categorized under 'Live Recording'. This release appears to be a two disc set and will be released in Japan on November 14, 2007. This is the same date in which Mariah's new album is scheduled to be released in Japan.

Untitled DVD Details:
Genre: Dance & Soul
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 2
This version issued: 14 Nov 2007
Catalogue Number: UIBL1014
Label: Universal International
Item sourced from: Japan
Other: Live Recording (Disc 1: Live, Disc 2: Karaoke)
Price: 5900 yen

This release is very likely the highly anticipated DVD for Mariah's concert in Anaheim, CA which was recorded on October 8, 2006 as a part of Mariah's "The Adventures of Mimi" tour.

Tower Records in Japan lists the following details for a new single release by Mariah:

Title: TBA
Release date: 7 Nov 2007
Catalogue Number: UICL-5023
Price: 1200 yen

More information on these releases will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Flowers for Pavarotti
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 11-Sep-2007, 2:07AM EDT
From the September 9th edition of the Italian newspaper, Il Messaggero:

It's useless to make an account of the crowns of flowers that were received for the funeral of famed tenor Luciano Pavarotti. One of them: at 11am, a cross made with 300 white roses arrived, 1 meter and half long - it comes from singer Mariah Carey. If I'd buy it, how much would it cost me? "Not less than 1.500 Euro," says the florist that delivered the flowers.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Glittering Mariah

Mariah's Biography Now On LIMHOF
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 10-Sep-2007, 4:16PM EDT
The official Long Island Music Hall of Fame (LIMHOF) site has updated its 2007 Inductees page to now include information about Mariah Carey.

As previously reported, Mariah is one of the 24 distinguished individuals who will be honored at LIMHOF's Second Annual Induction Gala on October 21, 2007 at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College.
Source: LIMHOF

All Those Beats Go On
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 10-Sep-2007, 12:01AM EDT

MARIAH CAREY Her last album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," was 2005's top seller, reminding fans how sublime her increasingly whispery voice can be. But the two albums before that, "Glitter" and "Charmbracelet," reminded her how precarious pop stardom can be, which means that her new album is a big deal but not a sure thing. Nov. 20. Island. (Kelefa Sanneh)

A New Mariah/Aretha Duet?
ARETHA FRANKLIN It takes a brave vocalist to sing a duet with Aretha Franklin, but she has rounded up an album's worth, including Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and George Michael. Not yet titled. Nov. 13. Arista. (Jon Pareles)

On The Cover Latest Additions
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Sep-2007, 10:16PM EDT
Below are the latest additions to our magazines section, On The Cover.

The Über Babe
Cream (UK) - Spring 2001
Mariah Carey has certainly discovered that all that glitters is not gold. Despite a hugely successful career - eight studio LP recordings and 120 million album sales worldwide - the 31 year old superstar recently discovered she was reaching a professional and personal crossroad. Over the past three years she has left the cocoon of her marriage to Sony record chief Tommy Mottola, subsequently leaving the label that made her a megastar. She has signed with a new record company, EMI/Virgin, in a multi-million dollar deal, has been indulging her new passion by studying acting and is about to star in a film she herself conceived called Glitter, then will star alongside Mira Sorvino in the comedy of sorts, Wise Girls. Carey's new album, also called Glitter is the soundtrack to her first film and has already had critics ooh-ing and aah-ing over that first single and video... READ MORE »

Glittering Wisegirl
Pride (UK) - August 2001
Forget Mariah's long, elegant limbs, the honey-blond hair or the Louis Vuitton bag that would keep me in clothes until the next eclipse. Today the centre of attention are Mariah's long and obviously fake nails. "Are you looking at my Rachel nails? They are so bad." I agree. Tacky is not a Mariah Carey quality, so the nails seem like alien beings attached to her tanned hands. Even the signing of autographs for two pint-sized fans in the discreet corner of the SoHo Italian restaurant looks decidedly awkward. My manicure catches Mariah's eyes and I end up giving my freshly painted digits a twirl. "See, those are good. That's the length of my real nails. But freakin' Rachel, she's got nails like this and she tawks like this. Whadaya dooin'?"... READ MORE »

Mariah Carey - Súbete A Mi Carro
Maxim (Spain) - October 2001

Simplemente Mariah
Vogue (Spain) - March 2000

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Scans: Kerry from MariahCareyCollection

"M by Mariah Carey" in Canada
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Sep-2007, 9:52PM EDT
Mariah's debut fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" is featured in the New Scents section (page 24) of the September 2007 issue of the Canadian magazine, Cosmetics.

"A lush floral oriental that's delicate enough to wear day or night."

"M by Mariah Carey" will be available in EDP Spray 50ml ($63) and 100ml ($78); Parfum 15ml ($220); Oil Essence Rollerball 4ml ($35); and Moisturizing Body Lotion 200ml ($40).
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video of the Week: BET Testimony
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Sep-2007, 3:05PM EDT
Many thanks to Casey for sending in this week's Video of the Week: BET Testimony with Mariah Carey from 2001. This interview was recorded one week before Mariah checked herself into a Connecticut hospital for exhaustion.

BET Testimony with Mariah Carey, 2001
MPG | Size: 218.4MB
[ Download here ]

Excerpts from the Interview
"I, Mariah who doesn't have a middle name 'cause my mama named me 'cause she liked Mariah Carey as a stage name, believe it or not, promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the best of my abilities while on TV here on Testimony."

"I did two videos for 'Vision of Love' and the first one, the label basically threw it out because they didn't like the fact that the director put me like in a bra. Probably that wasn't appropriate but I guess that's irrelevant 'cause everybody seems to do that now. So who cares?"

"My favorite part of the video ['Vision of Love'] was the cat. I liked the cat you know, laying on the stairs with the cat."

"I remembered the guy doing my hair. He apparently didn't work with curly hair very often and also my hair is very curly but right now it's straight but that's called 'professinal people' do it now. Anyway, by the time we did the last shot, it's all flat and looking a mess and you know how I use my hand a lot when I sing. I tried not to but it's not like a purposely done thing but at that time, it was way out of control. So I go like this at one point, and a piece of hair snaps and I'm like I'm watching the video back home, 'couldn't they edit that out?' Why am I the only one noticing? The hair snapped. That's not cute!"

"I used to write poetry in school and I had this complete hater for a 3rd grade teacher. He wouldn't believe that I wrote the poems. For like a few days, he said 'You didn't write this, you didn't write this,' I said 'Yes, I did.' And everytime we had an assignment he'd say I didn't write it. Finally I go, 'I have a whole book at home' meaning I write down in a book and I write like they were poems, my thoughts. He goes, 'Did you hear that class? She's got a whole book at home' like I was copying it from a book. So I'm like 'Okay.'"

"Everybody wanted to push to keep me making more albums. More records, more records. It was like other artists would take more time off and I guess they probably have lives. I can only measure my life by what song I had out that year. That's how I know what year it was. Prior to that, I know what songs were popular on the radio or what grade I was in. I have no other reference of the time at all."

"But the video ['Emotions'] was fun because it was the first time I was allowed to kind of not really, totally have fun but I'm going to be honest, I had a few drinks that day [laughs] during the making of that particular video and then afterwards I was actually crying to a friend of mine about other personal stuff so it was like a rollercoaster ride."

"I didn't experience what other people do when they first become famous where it's like, 'Whoo! I'm famous!' you know, 'Let me go to a club,' 'Come on in!' And the funny thing is I grew up as a free-spirit and then to suddenly have this fame and not really experience it. I lived vicariously through the girl on TV. That's what my life was."

"On my worst day, I sit there, just try to remember to say 'Thank you' because no matter how bad it is, I'm still doing what I love. No matter how many people make up rumors or lies or how much nonsense you endure, it's still a blessing because hey I could be working in a factory that I don't like or scrubbing floors."

"The funny thing is, I really didn't set out to do that video ["Honey"] to slay anybody but I'm sure subconciously, whatever's going through like escaping one part of my life, I'm sure that was going on in the back of my head but really it was just an excuse for me to wear a wet suit and a bikini [laughs] and the pumps. It's really quite basic. If you're never allowed to wear anything but Pumas and the freakin' shirt in a field tied up to here, you know, heaven forbid, the button goes down to here, it's all over. What was I supposed to do? I just wore the swim and the Gucci pumps. And who wouldn't? Really."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Casey

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 09-Sep-2007, 2:56PM EDT
• Don't forget to vote for Mariah in the "Best Solo Artist" category in the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007. You can continue voting up until the live event on November 1st at the OlympiaHalle in Munich, Germany.

• Vote for "Vision of Love" as your "Greatest Song of the '90s." Tune in to VH1 on December 17th for a special on this decade.

• Please take a moment to vote for for "Best Unofficial Music Site" in the BT Digital Music People's Choice Awards. Voting ends September 30th.

• is now available in Australia and in the UK; and soon in Japan, Spain and Sweden. Fans from these countries, join the Fragrance Club to receive e-newsletters and get all the latest updates on "M by Mariah Carey."

• From Tulsa World: Hank Born, a junior who plays electric guitar in the school jazz band, has been invited to be a member of a 60-person student orchestra to accompany headliners Jon Bon Jovi, John Mayer and Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, at the VH1 Save the Music Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala in New York City this month. Born will spend a week in rehearsal in New York with the orchestra, made up of school musicians from across the U.S. who have benefited from programs helped by VH1 Save the Music Foundation. The gala is set for Sept. 20 at Lincoln Center and will honor former President Bill Clinton; Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y.; VH1 Save The Music founder John Sykes; recording artist Mariah Carey; and NAMM.

• On Rhapsody Music celebrity playlist, Rihanna's "Hot List" includes "We Belong Together" and "One and Only."

• At the X Factor auditions in Manchester, Birmingham, Simon Cowell complimented Mariah's singing saying it was 10/10. A girl came on and sang an appalling version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." Simon gave the girl a 2.5 out of 10. After the girl walked out the room, he said, "Ten out of ten - Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion. That sounded like Lassie."

• From New York Observer: Darvin Dowdell, a 21-year-old Queens native who works as a sales associate in the Ralph Lauren store on the club level at Arthur Ashe (venue of the U.S. Open tennis tournament) said of all the people he's met at the grand slam event, he most enjoyed meeting Chris Rock, Gladys Knight, Mariah Carey and Colin Farrell.

• Thanks to Javier, Fernando and Alexis for sending in the wallpapers below.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Joseph | Kevon | Javier | Alexis | Fernando | Roland

Randy Jackson: "Mariah Got a Blazin' Hot New Record"
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 08-Sep-2007, 12:35AM EDT
As we reported yesterday, Randy Jackson was live on Los Angeles' KIIS FM and briefly mentioned Mariah's new album. Click on the play button below to listen to the actual interview.

Ryan Seacrest: "And Randy, by the way Ellen, has just wrapped up working on Mariah's new music. Says it's so hot."

Ellen K: "Oh, she looks fantastic. She's like really whipped herself into some kind of mean shape."

Randy Jackson: "She got a blazin' hot new record coming out, man."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

New Photo: Mariah at the U.S. Open
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 07-Sep-2007, 3:41PM EDT

Click on the thumbnail on right to view a large image of Mariah Carey watching the Novak Djokovic/Carlos Moya match at the 2007 U.S. Open tennis tournament in Flushing Meadows, New York, Thursday, Sept. 6th.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 07-Sep-2007, 2:28AM EDT
• From the Sept. 17th issue of In Touch, Up Close, page 22.

Diddy's white-hot night
Sean "Diddy" Combs held his annual summer bash, which was co-hosted by Ciroc Vodka and called the Real White Party, on September 2 in East Hampton, N.Y. The swanky gala turned out to be a family affair: In addition to guests like designer Donna Karan, Tommy Lee, Mariah Carey, Star Jones and Reverend Run, Diddy's ex Kim Porter and his children joined in on the fun.

• The new "M by Mariah Carey" ad insert in the October issues of Cosmopolitan (pages 105-106) and Glamour (pages 111-112) now includes a fragrance strip. Opening the flap (see scan #3) reveals the following: "Experience the new album composed by Mariah Carey coming this November."

• The Oct. 2nd issue of Woman's Day featured quotes from Mariah Carey, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman and Melinda Gates, in its article on "Strength." Mariah's quote reads:

"You really have to look inside yourself, find your inner strength and say, 'I'm proud of what I am and who I am, and I'm just going to be myself.'"

• From the Autumn 2007 issue of Desire by Debenhams Department Store (UK), page 63. Debenhams is celebrating the best new star scents in an in-store event called "Celebrity Fragrance Event" Oct. 7-27. "M by Mariah Carey" is one of the featured fragrances.

Dazzling Diva
Mariah's femininity, sensuality and musical magic are distilled into her debut scent. His glam high notes with this girlie mix of Tahitian tiare, marshmallow and gardenia petals. M by Mariah Carey 50ml EDP, £30

• From the "Copy Her Style" Beauty page of the current issue of Di Tutto (Italy): "Singer Mariah Carey loves to play with her look. Here in version "Golden Girl." Really she completely changed her natural style, as our stylist says, "Golden effect tone on tone, she chose claire nuances and blonde tone. Amber color of her skin is esalted by glittering and pearly creams that make her gorgeous. For eyes just a lil bit of black eyeliner and lot of rimmel/mascara on lashes. Pink pearly tones for lips, cheeks & eyes. Perfect result for an amazing evening."

• From the current issue of In Touch (Germany), page 82: Mariah is quoted:
"I recommend everybody to eat a plum every day; this spares you plastic surgery."
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Danny | | Dan | Carrie

Glitter Badly Edited Says Beesley
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 07-Sep-2007, 1:48AM EDT
Actor Max Beesley talks about Glitter and says Mariah's best scenes were edited out of the film in his interview with MediaBlvd Magazine:

"I came into America and did Glitter, with Mariah Carey, which ended up being a terrible film. At the time I filmed it, it was quite good, funnily enough. The studio edited out a lot of the volatile moments. I think they were worried about Mariah Carey's personal life being reflected in what we put on film, which was not the case at all. So, we ended up with a one-dimensional piece of work, which was really sad. In the scenes that we did together -- those volatile moments -- she was excellent."
Source: MediaBlvd Magazine | Simona

Vote For "Vision of Love" As '90s Greatest Song!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 06-Sep-2007, 4:11PM EDT
Mariah's "Vision of Love" is one of the songs listed on VH1's "Greatest Songs of the '90s."

How to Vote
Click on up to 10 of your favorite songs from the Greatest Songs of the 90's list, then click "Submit my Votes." If you'd like to watch music videos from the Greatest Songs of the 90's list click on the camera icons and watch your favorite 90s music videos only on VSPOT!

Vote for "Vision of Love" now!
Tune in on December 17th for even more on this eclectic and beloved decade.
Source: VH1 | Natalia

Mariah's Upcoming Release Is Oh So Sweet!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 06-Sep-2007, 4:03PM EDT
From the Sept. 20th issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Chart Toppers:

Mariah Carey
Title TBD Out November 20th
Mariah Carey's last album The Emancipation of Mimi was the breakout hit of 2005 selling more than 5 million copies (in the U.S. alone). For the follow-up, she's hewing close to Mimi's glossy, club-ready sound, with beats from Jermaine Dupri, Stargate, Bryan Michael Cox and "Seriously, I can't wait to put this record out," says Carey. "I'm in the studio day and night trying to cook it to perfection. If the last album was dinner, treat this as dessert."

In related news, Randy Jackson, calling in to Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM show this morning from the American Idol Season 7 auditions in Charleston, South Carolina, briefly mentioned Mariah and described her upcoming album as "blazing hot record that's coming out soon."
Source: | MariahDailyJournal

"M" Makes NY Post's 'Haute List'
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 06-Sep-2007, 4:01PM EDT
"M by Mariah Carey" makes the New York Post's Haute List of Must-Have-Scents for the fall!

Making Scents: One of our favorite things about fall is the fresh crop of brand-new smells that start creeping up on beauty counters everywhere. Here's a sampling of this season's entries, sure to get the olfactory senses working overtime.

7. M by Mariah Carey, $40 at Macy's starting in mid-September
Why We Like It: It's kind of like a Mariah song - dramatic, over-the-top, but still fun!

Ru Paul Talks About Her Mariah Obsession
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 06-Sep-2007, 3:21PM EDT
Drag performer Ru Paul is not disgruntled about her waning star status. Not at all. The sincere, mostly-monotone performer knows that once an audience eats a celeb up, it can just as easily spit her out. Just ask Mariah Carey.

"I love a big, messy, clumsy idiot," RuPaul hoots from her hometown of New York City. "Love that! Love that about her!" As she gushes about the diva's wicked range - asking if we've heard the exclusive outtake from her "The Emancipation of Mimi" breakthrough album and a leaked pre-'90s demo - the most logical question to ask Ru is whether her shoe closet can compete with Carey's.

"No-no-no! I have a lot of clothes, but I don't really do drag unless I'm getting paid. I guess she doesn't either." She pauses and then backpedals: "No, no - she lives in drag."

Ru Paul performs Sept. 14th at Menjo's Nightclub, 928 W. McNichols Road, Detroit.

Note: The Mimi outtake and Pre-'90s demo that Ru Paul was referring to in the article above were "When I Feel It" and "Weakness of the Body," respectively, that a 'long-time' fan sent her.
Source: Pride Source

Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti dies at 71
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 06-Sep-2007, 6:13AM EDT
Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti and American star Mariah Carey sing 'Hero' during the 'Pavarotti & Friends' concert in Modena's Novi Sad park Tuesday, June 1, 1999. Pavarotti, whose vibrant high C's and ebullient showmanship made him one the most beloved tenors, has died, his manager told The Associated Press Thursday Sept. 6, 2007. He was 71.
[More photos of Mariah & Pavarotti]

"Umbrella" Writer Working on Mariah's New Album
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 05-Sep-2007, 12:07PM EDT
Singer-songwriter Terius "The Dream" Nash, responsible for writing two of this year's most unavoidable smashes -- Rihanna's "Umbrella" and J. Holiday's "Bed," tells Blender he is working on Mariah's album:

Who are some people you're working with now?
"I just listened to a song on Kanye's new album, I'm gonna get on it. It's called 'Big Brother.' I'm going to sing on the remix. And I'm waiting for stuff to clear so I can work with Janet Jackson. And I'm working on Mariah's album, too."
Source: Blender

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 05-Sep-2007, 10:43AM EDT
• Don't forget to vote for Mariah in the "Best Solo Artist" category in the MTV Europe Music Awards.

• Jason Preston recently sat down with HX magazine to talk about his relationship with famed fashion designer Marc Jacobs, their recent engagement, sobriety, Lindsay, and his new "Mariah" tattoo.

Why the new "Mariah" tattoo?
I got "Marc Jacobs" because he's my best friend and I'll always love him. And I got "Mariah" because she's a great friend, I grew up loving her, and now that I know her, I love her even more. I know I'll never regret it, so that's why I got it. [MDJ Photo: Mariah & Jason in 2006]

Does Mariah think you're crazier than she is?
Of course not! Why would she? She knows about it, though. I sent her manager Benny a picture and said, "I want to be in the new video!" So they're hopefully going to let me know when the video's going to happen.
Mariah Mentions
• Hip hop and R&B record producer Irv Gotti was on the Wendy Williams radio show August 30th and spoke of his coming back to relevance by saying:

"Look at Mariah Carey... no one ever thought she was going to do what she did... and she slayed everybody."

Listen to an audio clip below.

• Rapper Talib Kweli mentions Mariah in his new song, "Stay Around" from the album, Eardrum:

"I gotta mic empire
My own label
I had to emancipate
Me, me, like Mariah."

Listen to an audio clip below.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | PerezHilton | Bojan | Andy | Richard

Video: Mariah Arriving at Diddy's White Party
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 05-Sep-2007, 3:01AM EDT

Tonight's Extra TV featured some footage from P. Diddy's "The Real White Party" last Sunday night in East Hampton, New York. Watch a video to your right to see Mariah arriving at the party.

You can also download a video file in Mpg format, 25MB.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

More HQ Photos: Mariah at Diddy's White Party
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 05-Sep-2007, 12:33AM EDT

View all 25 photos in our Picture Gallery!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Can Music Big-Timers Fix Sagging Sales?
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 7:58PM EDT
After a particularly anemic year that saw double-digit declines in album sales and no true blockbuster CDs, the recording industry is looking to its fall releases to deliver some much needed multiplatinum magic.

There's reason for some hope, as the acts expected to release CDs before year's end have in the past delivered more sales phenomenons than flops: Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood and even Britney Spears. And next week, the fall season begins with what is being hyped as an epic sales battle, with Kanye West and 50 Cent (and Kenny Chesney) putting out CDs on the same day.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, album sales are down 14 percent compared to this time last year (sales for 2006 dipped 4.9 percent compared to 2005), and multiplatinum stars are finding themselves a little less multi- these days.

The names alone on the coming CDs spark memories of the industry's better days: Carey, who has sold more than 60 million records in her career and who owned 2005's best-seller, the five-times platinum "The Emancipation of Mimi," is expected to release her follow-up for Def Jam of Island Def Jam Group; Garth Brooks, who trails only Elvis Presley and the Beatles in units sold, is releasing a greatest-hits disc with four new tracks; and 50-million seller Celine Dion, who has been off the pop scene while performing in Las Vegas for the past few years, has a No. 13 release date.

Read the full article here.
Source: Associated Press | Marc

Mariah Hits The Studio In Her Ballgown
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 6:00PM EDT
Mariah Carey lived up to her diva tag when she joined Black Eyed Peas star in the studio recently - she wore a ball gown.

But the hip-hop super producer insists that Carey wasn't trying the make a statement. She just couldn't be bothered to change. The My Humps hitmaker explains, "Mariah was cool. She came into the studio wearing a big ball gown. "She was like, 'I'm so sorry! I know everybody thinks I'm a diva, but I'm wearing this because I've just come from a party and I didn't want to go home and change.'

"She's a real diva in her own right, but she is real cool." The producer admits he can handle the occasional diva, but insists the big stars he agrees to work with leave their bodyguards at home. He adds, "I remind them not to take themselves so seriously: 'When you come into the studio, leave the bodyguards in the f**king lobby. Why bring them into the studio? Is the mike going to choke you? Relax.'"
Source: Contact Music

Snow Bright
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 3:39PM EDT
• Scan. From today's edition of UK's Daily Mirror:

Snow Bright
Mariah Carey looks a bit of all-white as she arrives at P. Diddy's exclusive "White Party" at the weekend. The superstar was showing off her, er, greatest hits in this figure-hugging number at the annual Hamptons bash, which was also attended by Donna Karan, Tommy Lee and Lil' Kim. Once behind closed doors they all had a massive jelly fight. We wish...

• Video. From

Click here to watch a video clip of Mariah arriving at Diddy's White party.
Source: Casey | Kerry

Mariah's Macy's NY Appearance Set For Oct. 23rd
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 1:07PM EDT
As first announced here on Mariah Daily Journal, Mariah's "M by Mariah Carey" in-store promotion at Macy's New York, originally slated for Sept. 25th, would be rescheduled. Now, a new date has been set!

Mariah Carey is reportedly scheduled to make a personal appearance at 4:30pm on Tuesday, October 23rd at Macy's Department Store in Herald Square, at 34th Street and Broadway, New York City, to promote and sign bottles of her new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey."

Logistics for the day are still being worked out. Those who wish to get autographs from Mariah will most likely have to purchase the largest bottle of the fragrance (3.3oz, $62.50) on the day of her store appearance itself; and show cash register receipts.

Mariah's New York store appearance will be widely advertised through media including newspaper ads.

Note: The information above has yet to be officially confirmed/announced by Mariah's management.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Moony

'Diddy' Doesn't Dazzle at White Party
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 9:07AM EDT
Sean "Diddy" Combs may be losing his touch when it comes to throwing bashes.

Remember the good ol' days when he could fill Cipriani's 55 Wall Street with peeps like Muhammad Ali? Mariah Carey in a wedding dress? Bruce Willis, Naomi Campbell and Jay Z? Those were the days.

But Diddy's down to C-list celebs if his Labor Day barbecue was any indication. The big gets? Mariah was there, sans the dress and on the down low. After that, things get pretty scary: Star Jones and husband Al Reynolds. Oh yeah, and Tommy Lee, the overly tattooed, untalented sometime-companion of Pamela Anderson.

In fact, the listing of celebrities who had their pictures taken by WireImage is so threadbare that it includes lower-tier publicist Jonathan Cheban. Not exactly Muhammad Ali. Poor Mariah must have wondered what happened. Of course, she is been busy making her new album.
Source: Fox News

Ex-Manager Blair Claims Mariah Owes Him
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 9:04AM EDT
Mariah Carey's former manager Jerry Blair, who also served as president of her MonarC Entertainment, claims the diva has refused to fork over major money she owes him, sources tell New York Daily News.

Blair contends that, under their agreement, Carey still owes him a cut of her record and tour profits, according to sources. Friends of Blair suspect Carey has been stonewalling on the advice of her label boss, Island Def Jam chief L.A. Reid, who clashed with Blair years ago at Arista.

Blair and his attorney declined to comment. Carey's lawyer and publicist didn't immediately return messages.
Source: New York Daily News

"M by Mariah Carey" Update
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 2:35AM EDT
Myer Deparment Store will have a presale for Mariah's new fragrance, "M by Mariah Carey" starting on Sept. 19th, with the official launch on Sept. 23rd. During the presale, the following "M" items will be available: 50ml Eau De Parfum ($79), 100ml Eau De Parfum ($109) and 200ml Body Lotion ($39).

On October 22nd, Myer will be selling the 15ml Parfum for $199. For Christmas, the store will have gift packs for the 100ml and 50ml bottles. One promotion includes a Swarovski crystal necklace.

Myer One card holders will receive an email on Sept. 17th to come in-store to receive a complimentary sample. There are a limited number of samples of 1.2ml vial sprays (see photos below) being given away at Myer stores. You can also sign up to receive a postcard sample of the fragrance at

United Kingdom
From Chocolate Magazine: "M by Mariah Carey" will officially launch in UK stores on Sept. 22nd.

"M by Mariah Carey" is going to be out in mid-October in Turkey. According to a representative from Elizabeth Arden's Turkey distributor, Mariah's new album is coming out this year and that an "M" fragrance strip will come with the album booklet. The same promotion will be in place for the U.S. but it was not known if it is going to be international. Turkish fans can check out Mariah Turkiye for exclusive news about the fragrance and some surprises.
According to Mike who recently ordered "M by Mariah Carey" online, an email from said the perfume is currently out of stock, has been backordered and will ship as soon as it becomes available.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Osman | Mike | Can

Videos: Mariah on European TV 1999
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 04-Sep-2007, 1:28AM EDT
Thanks to Elise for sharing her videos with us!

Mariah & Jay-Z talk about "Heartbreaker" - MTV News, 1999
WMV | Size: 5.96 MB
[ Download here ]

Mariah Presented with "No.1" Plaque by Dutch audience - 1999 MTV EMA, BNN
WMV | Size: 8.59 MB
[ Download here ]

More of Elise's rare videos will be posted shortly at Sweet Mariah. Here's a preview.
Source: Elise

HQ Photos: Mariah at Diddy's White Party
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 03-Sep-2007, 4:05AM EDT
Below are high-quality pictures of Mariah at The Real White Party hosted by Sean "Diddy" Combs at his East Hampton house in New York on Sunday, Sept. 2nd.

Stars Turn Out for Diddy's White Party (Associated Press)

White was the dress code at a star-saturated party thrown by Sean "Diddy" Combs at his Long Island home, and the dress code was strictly enforced.

The hip-hop mogul's annual White Party, which he has held in St. Tropez in recent years, featured a white carpet to go along with the white dress code.

"This party is up there with the top three that I've thrown," Combs said. "It's a party that has legendary status. It's hard to throw a party that lives up to its legend."

Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Donna Karan, Ashley Olsen, Star Jones and Tommy Lee were among the guests.

But those who failed to abide by the dress code found themselves told to change, including the wife of Billy Joel, Katie Lee. She had gone to the party dressed in a shade of cream, but that did not win over Combs' fashion police. Turned away, she opted to go home.

Combs wore white sneakers with silver detailing, a white shirt and pants and a gold medallion.

More News:
» P. Party White Hot (New York Post)
» Diddy's white party is back on Long Island (Newsday)
» Diddy and sons 'get real' at his all-white Hamptons bash (Hello!)
» Angel In White (People - Star Tracks)
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Pinko Ad Campaign Shooting
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Sep-2007, 6:15PM EDT

Watch a video of Mariah's Pinko ad campaign shooting or you can download an MPG file by clicking on the link below.

Thanks to World Fashion for the video and Sanja for the upload!

Mariah Carey for Pinko - Ad Campaign Shooting, World Fashion
MPG | Size: 10.7MB
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | World Fashion | Sanja

Video of the Week: 1995 Asian Marketing Conference
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Sep-2007, 2:55PM EDT
Many thanks to Kerry from MariahCareyCollection for sending in this week's Video of the Week: Columbia Records' Mariah Promo at the Asian Marketing Meeting, Thailand in July 1995.

Columbia Promo, Asian Marketing Conference - Thailand, July 1995
Download: [ MPG (41.3MB) | MP4 - iPod (34.1MB) ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kerry

#1's is #25 on iTunes' Top 100 Pop Albums
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Sep-2007, 2:46PM EDT
Mariah's #1's is currently the 25th most downloaded Pop album on iTunes! As reported earlier, the album is featured on iTunes' main page as one of the Staff Favorites. Download #1's for $9.99!

iTunes' Album Review
By Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Rating: 4.5 stars/5 stars

Protest as she may -- and she does, claiming in the liner notes that #1's is "not a greatest hits album! It's too soon, I haven't been recording long enough for that!" -- it's hard to view #1's, Mariah Carey's first compilation, as anything other than a greatest-hits album. Carey was fortunate enough to have nearly every single released top the pop charts. Between 1990's "Vision of Love" and 1998's "My All," all but four commercially released singles ("Anytime You Need A Friend," "Can't Let Go," "Make It Happen," "Without You") hit number one, with only a handful of radio-only singles ("Butterfly," "Breakdown") making the airwaves, not the charts. That leaves 12 big hits on #1's, all number ones. Since Carey's singles always dominated her albums, it comes as no surprise that #1's is her best, most consistent album, filled with songs that represent state-of-the-art '90s adult contemporary and pop-oriented urban soul. That said, it isn't a perfect overview -- a couple of good singles are missing because of the self-imposed "#1 rule"; plus, the Ol' Dirty Bastard mix of "Fantasy" is strong, but fans familiar with the radio single will be disappointed that the chorus is completely missing on this version. The album is also padded with a personal favorite (her Brian McKnight duet "Whenever You Call," taken from Butterfly) and three new songs -- the Jermaine Dupri-produced "Sweetheart," the Whitney Houston due "When You Believe" (taken from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack), and "I Still Believe," a remake of a Brenda K. Starr tune -- which are all fine, but not particularly memorable. Still, that's hardly enough to bring down a thoroughly entertaining compilation that will stand as her best record until the "official" hits collection is released.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Max

Diva Madness
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Sep-2007, 10:29AM EDT
The nation's two biggest rappers (50 Cent and Kanye West) aren't the only genre-specific stars facing off this fall. In November, expect a showdown between two of pop's hottest divas, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey, who'll both issue albums. Keys told one reporter that hers will "sound like Aretha Franklin singing Janis Joplin's 'Cry Baby.'" Mariah will be following up one of her biggest albums in a not-always-on-point career.

Mariah Attends Usher's Wedding
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Sep-2007, 5:49AM EDT
R&B crooner Usher finally celebrated his marriage to pregnant bride Tameka Foster yesterday, with a celebrity-packed party at a luxury country resort near Atlanta.

The pair exchanged vows in front of 200 guests including Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, according to People magazine.

The late-afternoon ceremony was held inside a marble-arched ballroom on the grounds of the enormous 16th-century-style Chateau Elan Winery and Resort, an hour outside Atlanta.
Source: New York Post

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 02-Sep-2007, 4:41AM EDT
• Rolling Stone launches its first-ever Women of Rock calendar to commemorate its 40th anniversary. This 2008 wall calendar features the legendary covers that have made Rolling Stone one of the most recognizable icons in the world of rock 'n' roll. Mariah's 1998 cover is featured for the month of November. Now available at for $12.99.

• Mariah's #1's is listed as one of iTunes' Staff Favorites albums.

• Left: the cover of Mariah Carey's 1995 Fantasy single. Right: the cover of Celine Dion's new album, out in November. PerezHilton notices the similarity in the CD covers.

• Rihanna counted down her Top 25 favorite videos on Saturday's BET. "Vision of Love" was her 5th favorite.

• Thanks to Juan, Javier & Boudi for the lovely 1024x768 wallpapers below!

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Jason | Aaron | Carrie | Javier | Juan | Boudi

Christmas Smooth Jazz Tribute To Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 01-Sep-2007, 5:58PM EDT
Copycats Entertainment pays tribute to Mariah Carey by releasing a smooth jazz version of her Merry Christmas album. Called "Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas Smooth Jazz Tribute," the CD is available for purchase at for $11.98.

Track Listing:
1. Silent Night
2. All I Want For Christmas Is You
3. O Holy Night
4. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
5. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
6. Joy To The World
7. Jesus Born On This Day
8. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
9. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
10. Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child
Source: Murat

PMCF Holds Successful Anniversary Party
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 01-Sep-2007, 4:31PM EDT
The Philippine Mariah Carey Fan Club (PMCF) continues its string of successful parties with "M @ V," a celebration of the group's 5th year anniversary, held last Saturday, August 25th at Forbest Bar & Grill in Malate, Manila. Party organizer Ken writes:

"M @ V: The PMCF 5th Anniversary Party is the first 'M by Mariah Carey'-themed party in the world, as suggested by Mariah's official website! The 20-meter 'Purple Carpet' was in place, punctuated by a big, shining 'Mimi' sign emblazoned in the stage as backdrop. Souvenir DVDs, CDs, and photocards were given away to the attendees! Prizes for the trivia questions and Mariah quiz show called 'Ash or Lotion' included shirts and original CDs. Fans came, sang, danced, and partied the night away with production numbers.

But the Filipino fans were one in saying that the 'Hotseat Interview' was the best part of the party. Here, each fan got to introduce himself and afterwards candidly answered questions like 'What keeps you a Mariah fan?' and 'What do you want Mariah's next album to sound like?'"

View more of the party pictures here.

Last March, PMCF hosted the "KISS" party in celebration of Mariah's birthday. Prior to that, PMCF has also held "Bloody Mimi: The Halloween Party" in October 2005 and "Mimi Christmas" in December 2006, among other hit parties.
Source: PMCF

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