September 2009

HITS One-Day Sales: Paramore Leading Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 30-Sep-2009, 3:48PM EDT
Mariah in Hot Pursuit for #1 Album Sales. Can she Carey the week over Paramore?

Paramore, the Fueled by Ramen punk-rock group whose 360-deal with WMG through Atlantic Records has proven a successful new model, look headed for a #1 debut on next week's HITS Album sales chart, based on one-day sales reports from those retailers who still take our calls.

Brand New Eyes, the third studio album from the band, fronted by lead vocalist Hayley Williams, takes an early lead in the race with a one-day sales total that projects to 180-190k for the week. That gives them the edge over Island/IDJ diva Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, which is now on target for 160-170k. With a question as to how front-loaded those sales for Paramore are, Carey could close the edge if she has a brisk weekend.

Those two are among the five top debuts next week, all registering in six-figures, including Columbia legend Barbra Streisand's Love is the Answer (150-160k), Hollywood rockers Breaking Benjamin (140-150k) and Virgin/EMI's retooled grunge gods Alice in Chains (130-140k).

Airplay & Sales Update
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 30-Sep-2009, 2:58PM EDT
Digital Sales:
Hot Digital Songs: #14 (Last week: #12)
Downloads this week: 66,746 (+4%)
Total downloads: 876,110

Singles Sales:
Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #3 (Last week: #2)
Sales this week: 1,135 (-27%)
Total sales: 25,910

Hot 100 Airplay: #6 (Last week: #6)
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #15 (Last week: #12)
+0.1 million audience impressions

#4 (Last week #3)

As of week ending 9/29/2009: 86.627 million audience impressions with 15598 spins (Pop - 6919, Rhythmic - 6244, Urban - 2091, Urban A/C - 104, Hot A/C - 175, A/C - 33, Alternative - 1, MTV2 - 9, VH1 - 8, Fuse - 14).

All Access
CHR/Top 40: #7 (Last Week: #11)
+664 spins, 33.496 million impressions
#8 most increased spins with 158 stations playing

Rhythmic: #2 (Last Week: #3)
-321 spins, 34.570 million impressions

Urban: #11 (Last Week: #8)
-293 spins, 14.107 million impressions

Urban A/C: #44 (Last Week: #41)
-15 spins, 0.490 million impressions

Digital Sales:
Hot Digital Songs: #95 (Last week: #54)
Downloads this week: 15,437 (-43%)
Total downloads: 42,683

Hot 100 Airplay: #89 (Last week: #120)
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #40 (Last week: #47)
+4.0 million audience impressions

As of week ending 9/29/2009: 18.265 million audience impressions with 3313 spins (Rhythmic - 867, Pop - 661, Urban - 541, A/C - 458, Urban A/C - 451, Hot A/C - 335).

All Access
CHR/Top 40: #48 (Last Week: #49)
+68 spins, 2.359 million impressions

Rhythmic: #34 (Last Week: #42)
+257 spins, 4.814 million impressions
55 stations playing

Urban: #48 (Last Week: #50)
+131 spins, 2.319 million impressions

Urban A/C: #23 (Last Week: #24)
+69 spins, 4.446 million impressions
48 stations playing
Source: BDS | SoundScan | MariahDailyJournal | bks

Audio: Mariah's Radio Promo Blitz
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 30-Sep-2009, 9:40AM EDT
Wednesday, September 30 - B96 in Chicago, IL
Mariah promotes her new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel on B96's J Niice and Julian Show. In the interview, Mariah also talks about her and Nick's new house in L.A., her movie Precious, new fragrance "Forever," Halloween costume this year, her favorite Memoirs song being "H.A.T.E.U.," her thoughts on the whole Kanye West-Taylor Swift situation. Listen below!

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

Tuesday, September 29 - Radio Oprah on XM
Mariah talks to Gayle King about her latest album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel and her role in the upcoming film Precious. Listen below!

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

Monday, September 28 - 107.5 WBLS
Mariah called in to 107.5 WBLS in New York and talked to DJ Egypt about her new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. Topics discussed during the interview, aside from the new album, were "Obsessed" (Asked if it was about Eminem, Mariah said: "No, I don't write songs about people I don't know"), Precious and husband Nick Cannon. Listen below!

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

Excerpts from the WBLS Interview
Egypt: Real talk, Mimi. When your movie Glitter came out, the critics...
Mariah: Why we going back eight years?
Egypt: Let me get my question out, girl.
Mariah: [Laughs] Ohh...
Egypt: The critics and the audience, they gave you a hard time...
Mariah: That's an understatement.
Egypt: then when you switched record labels to Def Jam Records, the album sales for the first album, they weren't as big as you were accustomed to. But, with that said, many people probably counted you out and many artists in that position would have thrown in the towel but you never gave up. And now you are as big as you were when you first started. You got a film that is getting huge buzz. Have you ever just looked in the mirror and said, 'Wow!' and just counted your blessings?
Mariah: I count my blessings every day and even through that period of time I counted my blessings 'cause I was still able to sing to make an album that I love and if people, if there are any kind of fan who wanted to pick up an album that they think they may want to check out, Charmbracelet is a really good album. It does have good songs on it. And my true fans know that so it's like I think we went from the wrong first single but it took an album like Mimi to get me where I needed to be but that's why it's also taken this movie Precious for people to notice me as an actress because you got to go fully there, you know what I mean?
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Win Tickets to Mariah's Oct. 5th Tribeca Show
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 30-Sep-2009, 7:55AM EDT
iheartradio is giving away a few pairs of tickets to see Mariah's private performance in NYC on Monday, October 5th at the PC Richard & Son Theater!

Due to the demand of this show, they have created an enter to win contest at this link. Winners will be chosen today (Wednesday, Sept. 30) and tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 1). Transportation is not included.
Source: Vanessa at iheartradio

Memoirs Update
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 30-Sep-2009, 5:32AM EDT
• Mariah is scheduled to call in to Power 106's "Big Boy in the Neighborhood" in Los Angeles this morning (airs 5am-10am PT); and B96 in Chicago at 7am CT. Be sure to tune in! B96 is available for live streaming here.

• Nick Cannon was out at Best Buy in Los Angeles Tuesday, September 29 purchasing 10 copies of wife Mariah's new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. Check out the video below.

Memoirs is currently on sale for $9.99 (regular price at $14.99) at all Best Buy stores. Go get your copy there!

• The digital download of Memoirs LP album from iTunes includes the "Making of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" video plus some footage from the "Forever" photo shoot. Check out screen shots below! Download the album on iTunes for $12.99 here and get this bonus video!

• Also on the iTunes Memoirs LP download, when you click "Play Album," it plays all of the songs with Mariah-themed screensavers. One of the themes is a journal where all of the track names are written fading in and out, and along with all of the tracks listed, the word "Skydiving" appears (see photo). It turns out "Skydiving" is the Timbaland-produced song which did not make the album cut. The song, however, will be included exclusively as track #2 on Tapemasters Inc.'s The Future Of R&B Vol. 29.

• Memoirs is currently #6 on Bestsellers overall, #1 on Bestsellers-R&B on the Amazon charts; and #6 on Top Albums, #1 on Top Pop Albums at iTunes.

• A full-page ad for Memoirs ran in the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times on album release day, Sept. 29. Photo here. On the ad, it says: "Text MARIAH to 313131 for a Special Live Show!" We have yet to find out what this is about. Anyone wants to try?

• Reminder: Our Memoirs contest ends on Sunday, October 4. Purchase the album and send in your receipt to for a chance to win exciting Mariah items!
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Photos: Mariah Launches New Fragrance at Macy's NY
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 30-Sep-2009, 1:08AM EDT
Mariah appeared at Macy's Herald Square store in New York on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 to promote her new fragrance "Forever" and album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah on the Today Show
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 30-Sep-2009, 12:01AM EDT

Mariah Stops By the Today Show on Memoirs Release Day, Sept. 29
[ Download here ]
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Says Comparing New LP to Butterfly is a Big Deal
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 2:51PM EDT
Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, which has already spawned the much-debated hit "Obsessed," is Carey's latest mix of R&B, hip-hop and pop. And the singing superstar has been hearing that it's her best album since Butterfly.

"I love it. I really love it," she told MTV News while promoting her flick "Precious." "People were saying, I mean, just the songs they heard, it's like their favorite since Butterfly, which is a big deal."

She can't help but be excited about the comparison, since she holds the 1997 album close to her heart. "Butterfly is kind of like my signature album and, to me, my best work," she said. "It's not necessarily the biggest album, which would be Music Box, but it's a very important record in an artistic kind of [way]."

Carey knows a thing or two about taking a classic song and putting her spin on it – in the past she's covered everything from the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" and Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" to Journey's "Open Arms" and Badfinger's "Without You" – so it shouldn't come as a surprise that this time around, she tackled Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."

"You know, every now and then, I pull out a rock cover, and it does what it does," Carey said.
Source: MTV News

Photos: Mariah on Today
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 2:40PM EDT
Mariah briefly appeared on NBC's Today show in New York City Tuesday morning, September 29, 2009 to promote her new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, and announce her Forever perfume launch at Macy's later in the day.

A video of Mariah's Today appearance will be posted soon.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Rolling Stone, About Review Memoirs
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 1:03PM EDT
Rolling Stone
By Jody Rosen

Mariah Carey, comedian? Jokes have never been Carey's forte, but on her 12th album, she gets in touch with her funny bone, adding a cheeky marching-band coda to the thumping club jam "Up Out My Face," threatening to out a cheating lover on national television in "Betcha Gon' Know" ("Oprah Winfrey whole segment, for real"); even poking fun at her own vocal signature, those stemware-shattering falsetto trills ("Love me down till I hit the top of my soprano," she coos in "More Than Just Friends"). The levity reflects the company Mariah is keeping: Every track on Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was overseen by Carey and the ace duo of The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, who have been known to spice their dense, inventive R&B concoctions with yuks.

The result is Carey's most sonically and tonally coherent release, a mix of love ballads ("Inseparable") and sassy breakup anthems ("Standing O") that might have been her best album had it been several songs shorter. Memoirs sags in its second half, on songs such as the tepid "Impossible" and "Languishing (The Interlude)." By the time Carey's plodding cover of "I Want to Know What Love Is" rolls around, the joke's on her listeners.

By Bill Lamb

Once upon a time it was the norm on major pop albums for an artist to work with one producer or team of producers throughout an entire album. However, in recent years it has become more common to create an album as a hodgepodge of sometimes mismatched tracks recorded with various producers. For Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, Mariah Carey has collaborated primarily with the team of The-Dream and "Tricky" Stewart for songwriting and producing throughout the entire album. The result is a unique, cohesive musical glimpse of the inner life of Mariah Carey.

Flights of Vocal Fancy
For fans of Mariah Carey, the quality of her singing and direction of her vocal arrangements are one of the first things looked for in a new album. As has become common since The Emancipation of Mimi, she spends most of her time singing in a midrange that eliminates much of the vocal acrobatics of earlier in her career. However, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel does insert enough moments of vocal fancy to keep most fans happy.

In the sad, painfully slow "H.A.T.E.U," Mariah Carey delivers one of the key refrains in a lower range narcotized vocal haze that serves to emphasize the song's message of the emotional torment of lovers being torn apart. "It's a Wrap" kicks off with classic ethereal Mariah Carey vocal runs followed by an impossibly high range note that has a sonic effect of a small comet zipping through the musical sky. Then there is the glorious vocal workout on "I Want To Know What Love Is" that closes the album. Mariah Carey fans will be standing and cheering.

It's Not So Much Fun Being Mariah Carey?
One of the key messages of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is that, emotionally at least, it's not always a lot of fun being Mariah Carey. "Obsessed" details anger and anxiety at being stalked. "H.A.T.E.U." explores the emotional pain of being trapped in a relationship where the writing is on the wall. "Up Out My Face" presents anger at an incompatible lover. The album reaches its most painful moments in the elegant "Languishing" about being in a relationship with someone you still don't feel you know after many years. Mariah Carey is left wondering, "Would you reach for me if you saw that I was languishing?" A musical up side of all of this emotional pain is that the gospel catharsis of "I Want To Know What Love Is" is gloriously effective.

Top Tracks on 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel'
• "H.A.T.E.U."
• "It's a Wrap"
• "Up Out My Face"
• "I Want To Know What Love Is"

Solid Musical Statement
Mariah Carey set out on this album to explore her inner self and lay it bare in song. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is a solid, cohesive musical statement that works as that very rare thing in today's pop music world, a genuine concept album. Mariah Carey has clearly suffered her share of emotional pain, but she remains standing, and, in the performance of "I Want To Know What Love Is," it sounds like she is positively resolute about heading fearlessly into the future. The recording standards here are of a very high quality, and the songs grow in interest with repeated listening. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is a worthy addition to the Mariah Carey catalog.
Source: Rolling Stone

Audio: Mariah on KIIS FM, Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 12:46PM EDT
Mariah called in from New York to the On Air with Ryan Seacrest show this morning, on the release date of her new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, at 8:30am PT on KIIS FM in Los Angeles. Excerpts from the 10-minute interview are provided below.

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

Ryan: "Obsessed." Was that written about Eminem?
Mariah: Ugh. Why would there be so much focus and questions about that? Did I say that name in the song? It could be about anybody.
Ryan: No, but I'm listening to the lyrics.
Mariah: And? It could be about anybody. Here's the thing, it could be about that little 8th grade girl who some boy kept pulling her ponytail and pulling her ponytail and she's like, "Why are you bothering me?" but he really liked her.
Ryan: It could be but it's not.
Mariah: But you know what's funny? Eight years ago, maybe I met that person kind of in a very platonic way and yet they're still using my name in songs in order to boost their career which I don't think is working so my thing is if I write a song and it's called "Why are you obsessed with me?" and people are seeing that person in the song? That's not my problem... Truly it's just obsession. I mean, I don't even know who we're talking about. I'm just using a hypothetical example of just like anybody who would write a song about somebody and try to say nasty, disgusting things about them eight years later when they're married. I was like I don't think so.

Ryan: "I Want To Know What Love Is," why did you choose that Foreigner track?
Mariah: Okay, if you asked Nick, he would say it was all his idea. The two of us in the room together, what actually happened was we were thinking about the fact that I've done very few remakes in my life 'cause I write my own songs that's something I really enjoy but if you think about two big ones would be "I'll Be There" and "Without You" which was huge outside of America like I can't go anywhere without singing that, so basically he was basically do, "You should do another 'Without You'..." this is what he said to me the other day and I'm like, "No. I think I told you that 'Without You' was that big but whatever' and then somehow I said, 'Okay, I'm gonna do the song.' And between Tricky and Big Jim Wright and Randy Jackson, we got the song where it needed to be.
Ryan: It sounds great.
Mariah: Thank you. But of course, it was Nick's idea.

Ryan: How do you celebrate on album release day?
Mariah: I try to be festive and usually there's some type of gathering, a party or something. Maybe that's gonna happen tonight, I'm not sure.
Source: KIIS FM | MariahDailyJournal

Tricky Stewart Makes Memories with Mariah
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 7:21AM EDT
Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel makes its way into stores today. Tricky Stewart, the hitmaker extraordinaire who had a heavy hand in producing the album, spoke to about working with one of music's biggest voices.

Tricky, along with The-Dream, previously collaborated with Carey on her 18th No. 1 hit "Touch My Body," but the dynamic changed once the Grammy-winning duo was called in to produce the bulk of her latest project. "This time it was totally different because when you spend that much time with someone, you get a sense for who they are on their good days, on their bad days–the whole nine," he explains.

The pop diva knows exactly what she wants when she hits the studio. "She's definitely a perfectionist. You don't get 18 number ones without being a slave to perfection. She always wants to be on top of her game at everything from the writing to the production to the vocals. Everything is about her giving her absolute best."

The experience brought the two friends closer together. "There's not a lot of people that can say that they have actually cultivated a friendship with Mariah Carey," says Tricky. "I can definitely say we consider each other friends. I've been to her home several times at this point. It will always be one of my greatest memories making this album."

Relive the memories on Mariah Carey's 12th studio album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, available now.
Source: Rap-Up

Mariah on today's Today
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 6:31AM EDT
Catch Mariah as she stops by the Today show to chat about Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel today, September 29 at 8:30am ET on NBC. If you live in or around the NYC area be sure to come on down to the Today Show Plaza to see Mariah.

Mariah will be back on the Today show on Friday, October 2nd to perform four songs including her new hit single "I Want to Know What Love Is" live.
Source: | Laura

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel out TODAY!
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 12:32AM EDT
The wait is finally over! TODAY, September 29 marks the release of Mariah's twelfth studio album and we encourage fans to stop by your favorite record store to pick up a copy (or copies) of Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel and make it achieve the biggest opening week sales ever!

To celebrate the release of Mariah's most anticipated album, MariahDailyJournal is holding a contest for all fans who ardently support her. We are giving away some signed and new Memoirs items to twenty (20) lucky winners!

From Tuesday, September 29 through Sunday, October 4, purchase Memoirs in-store or at any digital outlet. E-mail your proof of purchase (photo of store receipt, screen capture of online purchase, e-mail purchase confirmation) to by 12:00am ET on Monday, Oct. 5. Your multiple purchases will count as multiple entries.

The competition is also open to international fans as long as proof of purchase from a U.S. retailer can be supplied.

CD Format
Best Buy $9.99
Amazon $9.99
Target $12.98
F.Y.E. $12.99
Walmart $14.88

Digital Download
Amazon $5.99
iTunes $12.99

Please log on to your Twitter account and retweet this message: RT @MariahDaily Mariah's new album MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL now in stores! Retweet this and win! #Mariah #MOAIA If we reach 2,000 retweets, two (2) winners will be randomly selected to win Mariah items.

Good luck everyone!
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Memoirs HQ Promo Photos
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 12:28AM EDT

View previously posted Memoirs promo photos here.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Carey finds freedom being 'imperfect'
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 12:16AM EDT
Lee Daniels had so much faith in Mariah Carey's acting that when the director's first choice to play a dowdy, no-nonsense social worker – Oscar-winner Helen Mirren – backed out, he quickly asked Carey to step in.

But Daniels was well aware that in hiring Mariah Carey, the actress, he was also likely to get Mariah Carey, the diva – a high-maintenance sideshow that would include an entourage of makeup artists, assistants, publicists and other hangers-on, running counter to the energy he wanted the superstar to exude in his searing drama "Precious."

So, as he gave her the role, he also issued a warning: Leave the diva act at home.

"If you come with a strip of makeup on," he recalls telling her, "I will have a backup (actress)."

"I knew that she would be out of her safety zone, and I knew that there would be no one for her to rely on, to say, 'Get me this, get me that,'" he said. "I could see in her eyes_ 'What is Lee doing to me?' But I knew that she trusted me."

By putting her faith in Daniels, Carey – who famously flopped in her movie debut "Glitter" in 2001 – may have finally proven to critics that formidable talent extends to more than just her voice. She's garnered high praise for her turn in the film, which is being released nationwide on Nov. 6.

But more importantly for Carey, the role helped her shed some of the insecurities that not only hindered her in acting, but in her real life.

"That was such a freeing experience for me," Carey says during a recent interview. "By making me look so bad he brought out the ability to never be self-conscious again, and that was a gift that he gave me."

After years of striving to reach an ideal – from her personal life to her music career – Carey, 39, is embracing life's imperfections, an attitude summed up by the title of her latest album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel."

Grammy-winning producer Tricky, responsible for hits like Rihanna's "Umbrella," was one of the main writers and producers of the "Memoirs of an Imperfect," along with The-Dream. Tricky says Carey is "is kind of letting people know, I'm not this perfect angel.

"She has sexual songs and stuff like that that allude to stuff that she's never really touched on before."

But Carey herself points to a something else that shows her new outlook – the fact that she's dropped of one of her most infamous diva demands, that she only be photographed on her right side.

"I don't feel like, 'Oh, I have to be on this side, or I have to be on this side – I really had specific things that someone told me when I was 19 starting in the business and I listened to them. ... I don't care anymore," she says, laughing.

"Sometimes I like that side – and Nick likes that side better anyway," she adds.

Nick, of course, is her husband of almost a year and a half – the actor and producer Nick Cannon. The pair married after dating a little over a month: It was a union few took seriously at first.

That's in part because of the 12-year age gap between them (Cannon is 27), but also because they seemed to come from two different worlds. Cannon was seen as a teen star thanks to his Nickelodeon vehicles; Carey is a Grammy-winning superstar and one of the industry's most profitable artists.

"I didn't know what to make of the marriage," said Daniels, a good friend of Carey's, though now he proclaims their bond to be genuine.

"You see her in a place of complete and utter bliss. I want to throw up; I roll my eyes," he says, laughing, before adding with a serious note: "I've seen a changed woman in front of my eyes – you see what love does to someone."

Sitting on a couch while wearing snakeskin Gucci stilettos and sporting curly locks reminiscent of her "Vision of Love" days, Carey talks about how Cannon has changed her life, as he naps in the bed behind her.

"Nick is just a really supportive, very unique man who no matter what the differences are between us, he has been just such, like, a helping hand for me as a human being and a husband," she says. "I feel like I'm not by myself anymore, and no matter who I was with I always felt alone."

Carey took her union to Cannon so seriously that she lowered her profile right after they got married, even though she had just started to promote "EMC2," the follow-up to her multiplatinum, Grammy-winning triumph "The Emancipation of Mimi."

While "EMC2" had the hit "Touch My Body," it seemed to fade after she wed.

"I took a slight break because we just wanted to be together," she says. "(With) 'Mimi,' that's all I was focused on.'"

Carey says today, "everything is different, I'm in a different place in my life. I really enjoyed being in the studio and coming home and playing songs for Nick and talking about them.

"We have a lot of conversations about music and just listening and dissecting the songs. It's sort of a new thing for me so I really, really enjoyed it."

Cannon may have had input on the album, but he's nowhere on the credits. While they have no musical project in the works, there's been rampant speculation that there might be another Carey-Cannon production in the making – a baby.

On those rumors, Carey says coyly: "Well, we enjoy practicing."

But after a good laugh, she says now would "not be the right time" because of the pair's busy lives.

As far as working on something else together, like a movie, Carey doesn't rule it out.

"We have to make sure the movie was a stone winner otherwise they would kill us," Carey says.

"It'd have to be a comedy," interjects Cannon.

"It'd definitely have to be – our life is a comedy anyway," she says, as they laugh together.

Memoirs Album Reviews
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009, 12:01AM EDT
Washington Post
By Chris Richards

With Trill-a-Minute 'Imperfect,' the Very Title Says It All
Mariah Carey is facing 40, but her mesmerizing falsetto still rivals the chirp of basketball sneakers on parquet. It's as if her voice is somehow growing younger. It sounds higher. Lighter, too. And her fluttery brand of R&B seems to be following suit.

"I was, like, why are you so obsessed with me?" Carey asks before strutting into "Obsessed," a deliciously sly hit single that raises the question: "Like, why is a 39-year-old woman singing in the parlance of a high school sophomore?"

It's one of the stranger moments on her passable new album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," a mixed bag of club bangers and slow jams where the singer's youthful exuberance begins to feel puerile.

Playfulness has defined Carey's best work since 1997, when she morphed from prodigious ballad-belter to resurgent hip-pop princess. After a romantic break with mentor Tommy Mottola, the singer underwent one of the most mythic transformations in pop history, delivering a spate of bubbly albums with titles that most young girls would reserve for pet unicorns: "Butterfly," "Rainbow," "Charmbracelet."

But before Carey got around to "Sugar," "Spice" and "Everything Nice," she began releasing zestier tunes on discs with quirkier titles, including 2005's fantastic "The Emancipation of Mimi" and 2008's spotty "E=MC{+2}."

Eccentricity, however, does not equal maturity. And on "Memoirs," Carey sings like a teenager scorned. "Got you all fired up with your Napoleon complex/Seein' right through you like you're bathing in Windex," she tut-tuts on "Obsessed," her voice locked tight over the track's brawny thump. She's developed a fresh penchant for aggressive, speaker-bumping fare: a development foreshadowed by "Migrate," her shoulda-been-ginormous collaboration with T-Pain from last year.

"Up Out My Face" follows that trajectory into the club's gloomier corners with Carey bemoaning an irreparable romance. "When I break, I break," she grouses, before darting off into a ranting finale. "If we were two Lego blocks, even the entire Harvard graduating class of two-thousand-and-ten couldn't put us back together again!"

Spite sure sounds fun when it comes trilling from Carey's million-dollar pipes, but the rest of "Memoirs" feels darker -- and duller. Despite the beaming trifecta of Mariahs adorning the CD cover, this is a breakup disc overrun with plodding kiss-offs and treacly tear-jerkers. Even Carey's finest Minnie Riperton imitation can't redeem the one-two slog of "Angel (The Prelude)" and "Angels Cry."

The album boasts one particularly transgressive throwaway: a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is." The original version billowed to the top of the charts in 1984, and Carey is surely hoping this bloated remake will rise up to become her 19th No. 1 single on Billboard's Hot 100. The feat would put her just one chart-topping tune away from tying the record held by four shaggy video-game characters from Liverpool.

The Beatles' generation-defining songbook often feels eons away from Carey's effete R&B -- but it shouldn't.

Through thick, through thin and through "Glitter," we've been able to rely on Carey for her vivacity -- that magical musical chromosome she shares with the Fab Four. Despite her inconsistencies, she's shown a marathoner's endurance, delivering bubble-gum revelations that never seem to lose their flavor.

"Obsessed" and "Up Out My Face" probably won't eclipse the Beatles' benchmark, but they still argue for Carey's imminent spot in the record books. As snarky and silly as it is, consider "Memoirs" a text message from a pop star who refuses to grow up: all u need is <3.

DOWNLOAD THESE: "Obsessed," "Up Out My Face"

New York Post
By Dan Aquilante
Rating: 3.5 / 4 stars

A dozen albums into her career, Mariah Carey is finally comfortable enough in her sexy skin to deliver a record that leans on songs rather than vocal acrobatics (and high notes that only dogs can hear).

"Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" is a very different offering for Carey. The hip-hop elements were shelved for this project, and instead she delves into the music with old-fashioned emphasis on R&B grooves, dance rhythms and accessible vocals with which normal humans can sing along. This disc is so different from her past few records that even devoted fans should be careful to listen – and then listen again – before judging the sweet molasses jams.

Without question the powerful and percolating slow burn of "Obsessed" – in which she lets Eminem know he's "delusional" about their rumored affair – is the best on the record. Carey is also excellent on her cover of Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is."

Toronto Star
By Ashante Infantry
Rating: 2.5 / 4 stars

The title of Mariah Carey's 12th album portends an unrealized complexity. With no high-profile guests, little vocal gymnastics and use of the same producers – Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The Dream" Nash – throughout, this is as fuss-free an album the native New Yorker has made in her 19-year recording career.

It's not completely without cheese: there's an unnecessary gospel choir on the Foreigner cover "I Want to Know What Love Is" and equally unnecessary dashes of Auto-Tune here and there.

The weightiness shows up in the romantic drama that's explored throughout; worthy enough for Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Maury Povich and the "Harvard University graduating class of 2010," all of whom Carey namechecks.

The lyrics she co-writes are a mixed bag: impressive on "Angels Cry" the disc's most mature and fulfilling tune – "We treated love like a sport/The final blow hit so hard/I'm still on the ground" – but, mostly of the inane – "It's not chipped/We're not cracked/Oh, we're shattered" ("Up Out My Face") – variety.

Vocally, she's doing a lot of the breathless, cooing Janet Jackson thing. She dedicates the wordlesss minute-long "Angel (The Prelude)" to her whistle-like highest octave, as if to show that she can still hit it, but chooses not to.

With fewer danceworthy beats than recent discs and the monotonous song-to-song similarity, this winds up being a tepid, R&B lite effort that falls short of Carey's claim that "I'm the same Mimi/Butterfly flow like Muhammad Ali" ("Candy Bling").

Top Track: "The Impossible" is a midtempo romp with a fun-filled "My Favourites Things" comparison of what she loves as much as her mate: bubble baths on the jet, Duncan Hines yellow cake, free money, etc.

Boston Globe
By James Reed

There's always a moment on a Mariah Carey album when her voice sounds like a helium balloon suddenly released to drift into the stratosphere. She trills, she wails, she coos, and then somehow she crash-lands back into the melody right on cue with her diva tresses perfectly in place.

Her voice, with its many peaks and valleys, has always been her calling card. But "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," her 12th album released today on Island Records, presents her as more of an emotive vocalist and not just a singer with an impressive range. Make that Mariah Carey, song stylist.

That's not to overstate the album's importance in her catalog, though. Obviously a vanity record that builds on past glories, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" is a throwback to the simmering R&B of her earlier work, particularly 1997's "Butterfly." Always fond of the big ballads, Carey elevates the sensual slow jam to an art form here.

It's vintage Mariah, as if no one ever told her about Rihanna topping the pop charts with "Umbrella," Katy Perry locking lips with a lady, and Leona Lewis shamelessly copping her style circa "Vision of Love." The album reminds you that those budding superstars can't beat Carey at her own game. "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" might sound like it was made 10 years ago, but there's no mistaking the artist behind it.

Carey aggressively pursued hip-hop collaborations in the late '90s, but here she's essentially solo and in the capable hands of writers-producers The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, who, coincidentally, have worked their magic with Rihanna. (That might explain the transparent echoes of Rihanna on the chorus of "Standing O.") To their credit, The-Dream and Stewart keep the songs mostly uncluttered, and many of them trail off into languid fade-outs, suggesting Carey is certainly not in a hurry.

Starting with "Betcha Gon' Know (the Prologue)" - "Welcome to a day of my life," she begins - Carey introduces the album as a song cycle about love's pitfalls. But eventually that cycle spins into circles; halfway in, "Memoirs" starts to sag under its own weight, and the sweetness that initially was so irresistible starts to get a little too sticky.

When she breaks from the album's relentless mid-tempos, Carey steps out of the goo, especially on the first single, "Obsessed" (as in, "Why you so obsessed with me?"). She cops some welcome attitude on "Up Out My Face," issuing a sassy kiss-off: "I thought we had something special/ That we had something good/ But I should've had another mechanic under my hood."

Those tracks are left turns on a record that's otherwise in love with the richness of Carey's voice. She's downright delectable on "The Impossible" and "Candy Bling," both couched in lush harmonies with Carey breathlessly gliding over the notes. (On "The Impossible," there's a flash of humor, perhaps unintended, when Carey explains her idea of a romantic night: "laying in the bed, pumping Jodeci.")

No stranger to putting her pipes to work on power ballads (Journey's "Open Arms," Harry Nilsson's bombastic-fantastic "Without You"), Carey closes with Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is." At first understated, by the one-minute mark it's like an opened can of Pepsi left in the fridge for a month: flat and in need of some fizz.

Like most of this album, the cover finds Carey well within her comfort zone, eventually ramping up with a gospel choir and a clear message: This one's coming soon to a wedding reception near you.

New York Daily News
By Jim Farber
Rating: 1 / 5 stars

Mariah Carey's 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' obscures any chance at vocal perfection
Carey couldn't have picked a more ironic title for her latest CD. While the singer dubbed it "Confessions of an Imperfect Angel," much of the disc strives for a perfectionism you'd expect of someone caught in the dark grip of O.C.D.

From the treatment of the vocals, to the strategy of the songwriting, to the use of instrumentation, "Angel" reeks of idealization and self-consciousness.

That's most obvious in the way the producers dealt with Carey's signature feature - her voice. Rarely do we hear it clearly. Nearly every syllable sounds like it's been tricked up by a war room full of compressors, echo-chambers, filters, audio-tuners, and God knows what other contraptions too much time and money can buy.

At the start of the opening cut "Betcha Gon Know," Carey's voice gets flattened into an affectless monotone that makes her sound like Hal from "2001." In "Why Are You" the hooky parts sound as artificially treated as any vocal trick from T-Pain. In places, so much air and echo whooshes around Carey's voice, she seems to hiss.

Isn't this how producers treat stars who can't sing?

Then again, non-singers regularly score big singles these days. So perhaps it was a savvy move for Carey to mimic their style.

Certainly, it's a cynical move, if hardly a new one for the singer. Carey's last CD, "E=MC2" also applied a heavy layer of gauze to her voice, though a less gloppy one than this time. Likewise, her last CD pushed her further into hip-hop's most melodically spare palette. The more years that pass following Carey's time with Tommy Motolla, the more she shuns her broad and tuneful ballads in favor of something melodically bare and rhythmically slovenly.

This time, Carey takes that m.o. to the extreme. Like some female equivalent to R.Kelly, most of the new songs feature no more than 3 notes a piece, repeated in a sing-songy drone. As sheer craft, it's so depressing, even something like Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" (which Carey covers at the CD's close) sounds like The Beatles by comparison.

To camouflage the bare tunes, Carey over-indulges her most mocked features: those rococo melismas and that shrieking tea-kettle whistle. One track, "Angel (The Prelude)" consists of nothing but the latter.

The instrumentation proves just as eagerly artificial. If there's a non-synthezed instrument here, it's keeping itself well hidden. Carey even carries over the impersonal nature of the CD to her lyrics. Despite the "Memoir" moniker, there isn't a single telling disclosure. Or so we have reason to presume. Though this is her first CD since she married Nick Cannon, only two tracks treat love as anything but an act of betrayal or a spur to longing.

The result may mean to mirror the youthful frustrations of hip-hop-inflected R&B but it's an antique version of it. R&B stars like Beyonce and Keisha Cole have lately progressed into something far more sophisticated than this. Coupled with the nervous over-correction of her voice, the result makes Carey seem like the proverbial aging actress who's trying so hard to cover her perceived flaws, all she does is call more attention to them.
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AP Review: Carey's 'Imperfect Angel' is perfect
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 28-Sep-2009, 4:19PM EDT
Associated Press
By Mesfin Fedaku

Music Review: Carey's 'Imperfect Angel' is perfect
"I should crack you right in your forehead," Mariah Carey sings on the breakup tune "It's a Wrap."

The song, on her latest CD, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," finds a hungover Carey kicking her lover to the curb with particularly harsh words.

"Another early morning, and you walk in like it's nothing ... ain't no doughnuts, ain't coffee," she sings with attitude in her signature high-pitch tone. "Let me take a breath and regain my composure, told you more time, if you (expletive) up it's over."

But even though she's spitting venom, Carey's cooing on the doo-wop sounding song is so sensuous and sweet, even the song's intended target will remain under her spell – as will her listeners.

"Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" is an exceptional album that is about love – being in it, out of it, over it and trying to reach it. While the subjects are tried and true, they are never tired, thanks to Carey's approach, which mixes a good dose of humor and wit with her multi-octave voice.

"Betcha Gon' Know," the disc's opening track, sets the tone as Carey compares the seriousness of her broken heart to news programs like "60 Minutes," "20/20" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Carey produced and wrote the majority of the album with Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash – and those hitmakers add their own touch to "Imperfect Angel" without overdoing it.

"Ribbon," which bumps with southern flavor, is radio-friendly, showcasing The-Dream and Tricky's signature sound. As does "Standing O," with its addictive hook.

Other notables tunes include "H.A.T.E.U." ("Having a Typical Emotional Upset"), a beautiful heartbreak ballad, and the top-notch "Candy Bling," a teenage love affair tune that finds Carey so in love she "can't delete your picture from my mind."

Some of the tracks use samples: "Inseparable" interpolates Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" and "The Impossible" finds Carey "layin' in the bed bumpin' Jodeci." The latter samples the R&B group's hit song "Forever My Lady."

"Imperfect Angel," though helmed by The-Dream and Tricky, still maintains a classic Mariah sound – especially on the soothing "Angels Cry" and its accompanying prelude, and the personal "Languishing," highlighted by a piano.

No one is perfect – that's obvious. This CD is – that's obvious too.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: "It's a Wrap" joins tracks like "Vision of Love," "Always Be My Baby" and "We Belong Together" as a classic Mariah song.

Boston Herald Reviews Memoirs
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 28-Sep-2009, 12:40PM EDT
Boston Herald
Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (Island)
By Lauren Carter
Rating: B+

Singing is fun again! And so is Mariah. On her 12th studio album, Mimi gets a face-lift from urban music's current hit-king The-Dream and his sidekick Tricky. The duo's textured, often quirky brand of r & b has birthed some of the biggest hits in recent memory - Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" - but here they opt for a lighter touch. "Ribbon" and crunk-laced single "Obsessed" are the closest "Memoirs" comes to hip-hop; the remainder is a throwback mix of ballads and midtempo r & b mini-sagas that let Carey wander into whispers, purrs, high-octave whistles and full-throttle force (check out "It's a Wrap"). Sassy and occasionally ridiculous lyrics ("love you like a freeze pop") bring out a playful side that offsets the time Carey spends languishing in lost love territory. She's at her best when dismissing, not missing, that no-longer-special someone, as on the track to download, "Up Out My Face."
Source: Boston Herald

Memoirs Available For Download Now!
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 28-Sep-2009, 8:43AM EDT
Amazon has Mariah's new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel now available for download for a low price of $5.99. Get it here today!

The album is officially out in stores tomorrow, September 29!
Source: Amazon | Garett

Important Upcoming Dates
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 28-Sep-2009, 8:21AM EDT
Mark your calendars! Below is Mariah's schedule of appearances/events in the next two weeks:

Monday, September 28
The View (Taping for Oct. 2 Show)
Location: 320 West 66th Street
Ticket holders must arrive at the studio by 9:30am

Tuesday, September 29

Tuesday, September 29
In-Store CD Signing/Perfume Launch
Location: Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th St., NY
Main Floor, Fragrances - 5:00pm

Tuesday, Friday, October 2
Today (Performing live)
Location: 49th Street & Rockefeller Plaza, NY
Airing: 7:00am-11:00am, NBC

Friday, October 2
The View (Taped on Sept. 28)
Airing: 11:00am, ABC

Friday, October 9 & Saturday, October 10
Mariah Live in Concert
Pearl Theatre at The Palms, Las Vegas

Saturday, October 10
Mariah Live in Concert ONLINE
Pre-order here
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Jasmine's Juice: More adventures with Mimi
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 28-Sep-2009, 8:15AM EDT

I recently jumped on a plane to see my American cuz Mariah shut down Toronto Film Festival with her new film, Precious. The film is about a young girl who is abused and has low self-esteem. It's a story that will have you both crying and laughing, but it's ultimately full of hope.

Starring new actress Gabourey (Gabby) Sidibe and Robin Thicke's actress wife Paula Patton, the film sees Mariah playing a social worker called Mrs Weiss. Doesn't sound too glamorous, does it? It's not! MC was forced by director Lee Daniels to strip herself of make up, and she was given bags under her eyes, had a faint moustache drawn on, and her hair... well, you've got to see for yourselves!

MC had just flown in from her two-night residency at Vegas star spot the Palms Hotel. As soon as she got off her flight, she was shoved into a press photo call and conference with Oprah and Tyler Perry (the executive producers of Precious) and the rest of the cast, plus Mary J Blige who wrote for the film's soundtrack. The photo call was breathtaking to watch as the legend that is Oprah generated a feeling of excitement.

Paparazzi were frantically snapping away every time MC spoke, smiled or even nodded!

The screening was amazing. We sat with Oprah and the cast up high in a box, and seeing Lee Daniels' eyes watering with joy was touching. When it finished, we were all bundled into a waiting convoy of huge black SUV's, which took us to the private airfield where the jet was waiting to zoom us back to her hometown of New York. Even though the flight was only 45 minutes, MC was out like a light as soon as she slipped under her leopard print duvet.

In NYC, we slept until late the next morning before I cooked up some scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. We stayed at home that day and ate fruit salad and chilled out in the Carey-Cannons rooftop hot tub in our matching Chanel bathing suits. Before MC went to bed, she always insisted on watching her hubby Mr C on America's Got Talent, which he hosts. What a dutiful wifey, eh?

Later the next day, MC had to have a full day's vocal rest as she was preparing for her Oprah performance later that week. So we hung out on the premise that we wouldn't speak. At one point, she gestured to me that she had to get through her to-do list at home.

Now readers, my to-do list usually reads, "buy food, wash clothes, pay bills'", etc. MC's read: "walk the dog, take After taking her dip in the hot tub, her movie of choice was the DVD that Nick made of the two of them. They're both so loved up!

Then, I had to go out and record links with Channel 4's Rick Edwards for a couple of hours. Next thing I hear is that MC has put me Twitter blast, saying, "Jasmine has abandoned me. I have to do Oprah tomorrow and my friends are MIA." Next thing you know, thousands of MC's fans – otherwise known as lambs – are cussing me! Trust me, I got back fast!

The night before MC had to sing for the Oprah show in Central Park, we didn't think we would make the 6am sound check if we traveled all the way from her apartment to the park in early morning peak traffic. So we slept at the Plaza Hotel, across the street from the park, to ensure we wouldn't be late.

MC likes to read her Bible and watch a movie before hitting the pillow, but alas, the hotel was showing Sacha Baron Cohen's movie Bruno, which just had us busting up laughing and yelping at the nastiness!

The next morning, the glam squad arrived bright and early and we all arrived at Oprah's set excited in anticipation for the show.

Before MC hit the stage, a few very big names including L.A Reid came to wish her well in her star trailer at the side of the stage. Nick had raced from his L.A. show the night before to the airfield, where he had jumped onto a plane through the night and then raced to the park and got in just in time to hit the stage with his wife.

As MC sang her new single I Want To Know What Love Is, she totally shut down all the non-believers, who may have been questioning her recent vocal abilities. I sat next to her mum Ms Carey (hi Pat!), who looked lovely and as proud as ever, as she watched her legendary daughter on stage!

Her voice was strong and sounded amazing even though the Central Park wind was rushing her hard. Twitter was going crazy, raving about how great she looked and how powerful she sounded and I just felt proud and happy that she had reached such another great milestone in her life.

A wonderful husband; a part in a film that has just made history by winning prizes at both the Sundance and Toronto's film festivals; a fragrance that is outselling the best of them; and a brand new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, which is arguably one of her best works thus far. (Not just coz I get a name check either!)
Source: Jasmine Dotiwala - The Voice

New York Times Reviews Memoirs
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 27-Sep-2009, 8:33PM EDT
New York Times
By Jon Caramanica

When exactly did Mariah Carey stop singing? Even when she began flirting aggressively with hip-hop in the mid-1990s she was happy to impose her titanic vocals atop even the scrappiest production. And no matter how grimy her surroundings became – Ol' Dirty Bastard, anyone? – she remained inexorably Mariah, an impenetrable acrobat of technique.

Of late though, Ms. Carey has been whispering, as if newly scared of grand gestures. In 2005 it made for a surprise success with "The Emancipation of Mimi," one of her best-selling albums, but also one of her most deceptive. Though the melodies were straightforward, Ms. Carey was working hard, imbuing them with vulnerability and ache even while keeping her vocal power in check.

That nuance is mostly gone on "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," Ms. Carey's 12th studio album, which manages simplicity and clutter all at once. "Memoirs" is produced almost entirely by Ms. Carey with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, who are masters of compensation, helping elevate mediocre singers – like The-Dream himself or Rihanna, on "Umbrella" – to something sublime.

On paper Ms. Carey shouldn't need that help, but her collaborators have underdelivered with largely listless arrangements just as she has thinned her voice to a hush. (The Dr. Dre-esque stomp of "Obsessed" is a notable exception.) On "Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)," she's almost mumbling, and the talk-singing on "Ribbon" and "Inseparable" is typically the preserve of far worse singers.

Even more troubling are the perplexing, jumbled lyrics full of daffy references and batty assertions. On the unintentionally hilarious "Up Out My Face," she insists, "Not even a nail technician/ with a whole lotta gel and acrylic/ can fix this, when I break, I break." On "Obsessed," she tells an ex, "See right through you like you're bathing in Windex." (Inexplicably, two songs, "Standing O" and "More Than Just Friends," echo "Umbrella," a move unnecessary and outdated.)

"H.A.T.E.U." has some of the ease of her recent successes, and "It's a Wrap" swings with girl-group melody. But it's the vintage notes here that resonate most intensely. She lets her voice go at the end of "Candy Bling," a cold splash of water that reminds us what Ms. Carey can do when left unfettered. The same is true of the smoldering "Languishing (The Interlude)," which despite its language of self-improvement seminars, is Ms. Carey at her most astute, devastatingly precise in tone and feeling; notably, it's the only song on this album untouched by Tricky and The-Dream.

It bleeds into the closer, a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," that begins in surprisingly modest fashion. Then comes the gospel-choir backup and the glass-shattering high notes, restoring Ms. Carey to the role she was born for: a singer unafraid of pomp, of ambition, of herself.

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 27-Sep-2009, 7:39PM EDT
Below are scans from the October 5th issues of Us, In Touch, Life & Style weeklies; and the October Lucky beauty/fashion magazine.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah on Sunrise, Australia
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 27-Sep-2009, 4:03PM EDT
Click here to stream a video of Mariah's brand-new interview with Australia's Weekend Sunrise that aired on Sunday morning, Sept. 27th on Channel 7.
Source: Sunrise | Tim

Precious News
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 27-Sep-2009, 3:54PM EDT
• Precious has garnered two awards at the recently concluded San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain: TVE's "Otra mirada" ("Another Look") Award and "Premio TCM del Publico" ("TCM Audience") Award.

• Precious has been selected as the closing film at this year's 46th Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei, Taiwan. The festival runs from Nov. 5 - 26.

• Oprah Winfrey talks about deglamorized Mariah in Precious: Mariah Carey shines even in her small role. "Lee wanted to strip all of the "Mariah"-ness from her. He did a really great job on that. He said that included having Mariah sometimes coming to work in a cab. I am not sure how you get Mariah to come to work in a cab (laughter), instead of a limousine service and with the entourage. That's solely the work of the director and her willingness to go there. What I loved about Mariah's final scene-remember that moment where she turns and flicks a tear because the character is not supposed to be crying? It works because as the character, she is not supposed to be crying. It was such an emotional scene. Mariah did a really great job."
Source: Nacho | Bernard

All Music, Toronto Sun Review Memoirs
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 26-Sep-2009, 12:15PM EDT
Mariah Carey
Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

All Music
By John Bush
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars

Any Mariah Carey album carries a lot of weight – fan dreams, commercial expectations, the prospect of genuine pop thrill, the star's outsized persona – and 2009's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is no different. Trailing a pair of hits, "Obsessed" and her anthemic cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," it's a lock for commercial success, and it includes plenty of the soaring vocals and falsetto trills that fans love her for. It's also remarkably unified, with no guest features and a very special coup, in that every song on the album was composed by R&B's best songwriters of the late 2000s, Terius Nash (The-Dream) and Christopher Stewart (Tricky); they give each song the intelligent mid-tempo bump-and-grind they've made into a specialty. Personally, it finds Carey probing and investigating her inner life, with lines like "I can't wait to hate you" and "Why you so obsessed with me?" shot at targets both public and private.

Toronto Sun
By Darryl Sterdan
Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Don't judge Carey's Memoirs by her latest eye-rolling title. The diva's 12th album is neither self-indulgent nor silly. In fact, it's one of her more focused efforts, downplaying the hip-hop and club bangers of late for well-penned, creatively produced R&B ballads that showcase Carey's powerhouse pipes without sacrificing hooks and melodies. Imperfect, but susprisingly good. Download: H.A.T.E.U., Up Out My Face

Super Tuesday
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 8:19PM EDT
Sept. 29, this Q4's Super Tuesday, boasts anticipated releases from Island/IDJ's Mariah Carey (whose previous LP debuted with 463k and did 1.3m), Interscope's AFI (183k, 995k), Hollywood's Breaking Benjamin (125k, 1m), Columbia's Barbra Streisand (101k, 515k) and Fueled by Ramen/Atlantic's Paramore (42k, 1.2m), along with Madonna's Warner Bros. swan song, a greatest hits collection (280k, 730k). This field holds great promise, starting with Carey, who has a pair of breaking singles in play.

Mariah to Play an Exclusive Show in Tribeca
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 6:50PM EDT
Mariah Carey will perform live during a very special performance at Tribeca's P.C. Richard & Son Theater on October 5th for 200 of her biggest fans.

New York's radio station Z100 is giving away tickets to this intimate, invite-only show. Tune-in to Z100 and listen to the contest prompt at the following times:

Friday, Sept. 25 - AM Show, 2pm, 9pm
Saturday, Sept. 26 - 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 6pm
Sunday, Sept. 27 - Noon, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm

You can also enter to win your tickets online! And for more ways to win, visit
Source: Z100 | Chris

Nick and Mariah to buy in the Hamptons
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 6:46PM EDT
TV personality Nick Cannon and wife Mariah Carey may become Long Islanders "soon," Cannon said today when he made an appearance at Smithtown High School to film a one-hour "TeenNick HALO Awards" special for Nickelodeon.

Cannon said the couple had thought about buying real estate in the Hamptons, but hasn't made any moves yet. "We're going to do something up in this area," Cannon said, "a vacation home or a real home. Soon."

It would be a return to her roots for Carey, who grew up in Huntington and graduated from Harborfields High School.
Source: Newsday

Los Angeles Times Reviews Memoirs
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 1:58PM EDT
Los Angeles Times
By Ann Powers
Rating: 2.5 / 4 stars

She shows off her talent by coming off as just another girl at the nail salon

On her recently leaked and soon-to-be-released 12th studio album, Mariah Carey and her latest producers, Terius "The-Dream" Nash and Tricky Stewart, attempt to get at something by distilling it. They're seeking the Essence of Mimi, the liquor in the oyster of Carey's famously luscious voice.But instead of showcasing this musical Olympian's dazzling way with a vocal run or her nearly unmatchable whistle register -- obvious choices when it comes to Carey's talent -- she and her team tune into a particular tone, the one that earned her another nickname, Honey.

There's a breathiness to this album that's not only sexy but emotionally intimate. Heavy on slow jams, quiet confessions and kiss-offs closer to the work of the rappers she admires than to Carey's soul sisters, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" capitalizes on an underrated aspect of the singer's talent: Her ability, even when she's scaling vocal heights, to still come off as just another girl at the nail salon.

Carey's lyrics -- she co-writes everything here, except for her fairly unremarkable cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" -- make this point most obviously. Even when fully dressed in the armor of her glamour, as when she advises an ex (Eminem? More likely it's Latin pop star Luis Miguel) to "pretend you on a sofa, and I'm on MTV" when he spies her walking by.

Carey still compulsively shares details about her runny mascara and her appetite for Duncan Hines yellow cake. "Bubble baths on the jet" might be a ridiculous fantasy, but it's not at all elitist. Any real housewife or working girl has been in that daydream.

What The-Dream and Stewart help Carey realize is that her vocal style also communicates this accessibility. Even at its most extravagant, Carey's singing has a warmth, a sensuality and openness to it that sets her apart from peers like Whitney Houston and younger pretenders like Leona Lewis. When she tones down her singing, those qualities dominate.

Not incidentally for a big-ballad singer who's hit 40, stressing her more endearing small voice keeps Carey from any embarrassing shortfalls.

Throughout "Memoirs" she locates that mode of expression in whispers, murmurs and late-night lovers' quarrels. (She tosses off some amusing zingers in the latter.) The tempos here lean back slowly, and the sound is thick, a little heavy, inevitably responding to the sonic shift that occurred in R&B in the wake of Nash and Stewart's first female foil, Rihanna, and their smash "Umbrella."

Even the more aggressive songs on this album -- "Obsessed," Carey's volley in that silly Eminem feud, and "Up Out My Face," in which she recovers via her now-husband Nick Cannon's specialty, the drumline -- proceed with a laid-back nod instead of a disco spin. After a while, the approach is too much of a mildly interesting thing, and Carey's restraint stops serving her agenda.

As every long-married couple knows, intimacy loses its power when the gestures that define it get repetitive. That happens about halfway through "Memoirs," when Carey's soft outpourings start to melt into each other, and it ceases to matter whether she's mourning a broken heart or celebrating a new start.

Nash and Stewart have settled into their own groove as producers; their unctuous, Caribbean-inflected, R. Kelly-inspired tracks work well song by song (especially on the sad ones, like "Languishing" and "Angels Cry," and the sex ones, like "The Impossible"), but there's a point where a trademark sound starts to be a cage, not a calling card.

"Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" will stand out in Carey's catalog as an experiment that illuminates her place in the pantheon without either boosting it or damaging it. I wouldn't be surprised if, a decade from now, Carey cites this effort as a personal favorite. It's that kind of wholly decent effort: a self-exploration that settles on its unpretentious insights by not pushing too hard.

MDJ's Memoirs Promo Banners
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 12:00PM EDT
Below are banners and signatures that you can use to promote Mariah's new single "I Want To Know What Love Is" and upcoming album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. Thanks to Ed for creating them for us!

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah on Australia's Sunrise
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 9:44AM EDT
Australia's morning show Sunrise will air a preview of its exclusive interview with Mariah on Sunday, September 27. The full interview is set to air the week of Memoirs album release (Oct. 2) in Australia. The show airs weekdays, 6-9am, and Sundays, 7am-10am on Channel 7.
Source: Sunrise | Dani

Mariah is in a happy place with projects, love life
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 1:47AM EDT
Mariah Carey could really use a nap. After a few hours of restless sleep, she rose at 4:30 a.m. to prepare for a performance in Central Park to promote her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. In the past, this scenario would have been a source of anxiety for the singer, who has long struggled with insomnia and worried about its effect on her famously fluid, multi-octave-spanning voice.

But sitting in her hotel suite as evening approaches, Carey, 39, seems alert and unruffled. "I felt really good about myself today," she says. For starters, she got positive feedback on the morning gig, taped live for The Oprah Winfrey Show, from her backup singers. "They're really talented, and they don't give me compliments all the time."

Another factor contributing to Carey's contentment is sprawled on the bed behind her, sleeping soundly – or at least pretending to. "Nick, I know you're awake," she says teasingly, as actor/rapper/TV host Nick Cannon, to whom she has been married for 17 months, stirs and mumbles, "Uh-uh."

Before she met Cannon, 28, "I wasted my time with stuff that wasn't really real, in my personal life," Carey says. "I was always more focused on my career. But now I have this support system."

The tracks on Memoirs, out Tuesday, hardly present a unified portrait of a blissed-out newlywed. The album "was going to be about women's empowerment," Carey says. "There are songs on there that are just saying (to men), 'I don't need you.' " The first single, Obsessed, accuses a wannabe beau of "lyin' that you're sexin' me," chiding him, "Finally found a girl that you couldn't impress." The song, which has sold more than 1 million downloads, peaked at No. 7 on Billboard's Hot 100. It recently topped USA TODAY's rhythmic airplay chart and is at No. 12 and rising in top 40 airplay.

In the video, Carey appears both as herself and in a couple of male guises, one of them a goateed, hoodie-wearing chap bearing a suspicious resemblance to Eminem, who launched a media feud in 2003 by suggesting in his Superman single that Carey had unrequited designs on him.

Asked if the rapper inspired the tune, Carey says, a bit coyly, "I wouldn't ever call anyone an inspiration for that song. But I'm happy (that) all the people who have been stalked and abused now have an anthem."

Carey insists, though, that Obsessed was crafted with a generous dose of humor, as was much of the material on Memoirs. Even the angelic reference "is a wink and a nod" to previous album titles, among them Butterfly, Charmbracelet and Rainbow. "People were saying, 'Oh, she's going to call her next album Unicorn.' There are so many jokes on this album. It still makes me laugh thinking of them."

Co-produced by Carey and contemporary urban/pop wizards Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The Dream" Nash, Memoirs was "a really fun project. We'd sit around quoting movies, having a really great time. Dream was literally rolling around the studio floor."

Mr. and Mrs. C
The process wasn't entirely lighthearted. Carey points to Languishing, a plaintive interlude preceding the album's closing number and second single: a gospel-flavored reading of the power ballad I Want to Know What Love Is, a hit for the rock band Foreigner 25 years ago. Cannon was instrumental in selecting the cover, which is positioned at No. 20 and No. 30 on the adult-contemporary and urban AC airplay charts, and climbing both.

"Nick and I talk about music a lot, and we were talking about that song. I knew that if I was going to do it, I would have to bring my own thing to it." Carey also credits the track's co-producer James "Big Jim" Wright, who honed his gospel chops with Sounds of Blackness, and American Idol judge Randy Jackson, a veteran musician and longtime Carey confidant who lent additional production. "I wanted more drums, and Randy got a drummer who works predominantly in church, which took it to a different level."

The label has furnished Memoirs with various bells and whistles, including a bonus enhanced disc with four remixes of Obsessed and two versions of the video. The CD booklet consists of 34 pages compiled with Elle magazine, featuring ads for Angel Champagne, Elizabeth Arden and the board of tourism for the Bahamas, where Carey has a home, and where she and Cannon wed after a whirlwind courtship.

Island Def Jam Music Group chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid, who served as co-executive producer of Memoirs, got the idea while reading "one of those niche magazines where they sell ad pages with luxury brands, then give the magazine away. I thought, 'We reach more people with our CDs than these (publications) do,' and we need more ideas for how to generate revenue. I'm having many conversations (about this) with other artists," among them Carey's labelmate Rihanna.

Carey, who approved all the merchandise, says, "I love Elle, and the products are all things that I like. I thought it would be good to incorporate these little bits of my life and share my happiness with fans that way."

Clearly, neither Carey nor Cannon, her second husband (she was married early in her career to Tommy Mottola, then chief of Sony Music, her record company at the time), is reluctant to advertise their domestic beatitude. In conversation, Carey pulls her shirt up ever so slightly to reveal a burnt-orange butterfly tattoo on her lower back, with "Mrs. Cannon" inked delicately down the stem. Cannon, in turn, has "Mariah" branded in sprawling black letters across his upper back.

The couple met in 2005 at the Teen Choice Awards, but started dating in March 2008, when Cannon directed and appeared in the video for Bye Bye, a single off her last studio album, E=MC2. "The first thing I said to him is, 'I'm going to call you Mr. C,' " Carey says. "And the first thing he said was, 'I'm going to call you Mrs. C.' And we just started doing that."

Later that month, it was Mariah's "anniversary." ("I don't call them birthdays," she says. "I refuse birthdays.")

"We were on this island, and my security didn't want people around me – I guess they were being protective – so they planned for him to be on another part of the island that night. But I snuck over to where he was and woke him up with a piece of pineapple, and we stayed up and talked all night. When he had to go in the morning, neither of us wanted to leave." They tied the knot just over a month later.

A precious opportunity
Carey's lucky breaks have not been limited to the romantic arena. Director Lee Daniels, who cast her in last year's Tennessee– one of several films in which she has quietly picked up good notices since 2001's aggressively maligned musical Glitter– thought of her again when he needed an actress to play a dowdy social worker in Precious, his adaptation of Push, Sapphire's acclaimed novel about an abused, underprivileged teenager trying to overcome her wretched circumstances.

Precious, which arrives in theaters Nov. 6, boasts Winfrey and Tyler Perry as executive producers and has already earned top prizes at the Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals. Carey's role was originally intended for Helen Mirren, but the younger star, who had read and loved Push, happened to call the director shortly after he learned that Mirren was unavailable.

"A light bulb went off in my head," Daniels recalls. He offered Carey the part, "but I told her, 'The only way you can do this is if you lose your entourage and come to set without any makeup on, and be prepared for me to make you look even plainer.' I actually had somebody on standby, in case she wouldn't do what I wanted. But she gave her spirit to me, and became the Mariah I know: a girl who listens and is loving and nurturing."

Carey concedes that assuming the character's glammed-down appearance wasn't easy. "I was like, keep me away from every mirror! But Lee gave me several gifts. He gave me what I needed to get to the truth of this woman, and he gave me a certain lack of self-consciousness. Because you can't be self-conscious and look like that."

Looking ahead
Still, Carey's confidence has its limits. The negative press surrounding Glitter and her subsequent breakdown stung, despite her ability to defy critics by rebounding with 2005's best-selling album, the-six-times-platinum-plus The Emancipation of Mimi. She would consider doing another movie musical, "but it would have to be with an incredible director, someone who's really a genius, because I've been burned by that."

She's susceptible to stage nerves, as well. Singing I'll Be There at Michael Jackson's memorial service in July, she was still shaken by the pop icon's unexpected death "and didn't know I was going to go on first." She delivered an emotional but vocally tentative performance. "I wish I had done him more justice." (Memoirs is dedicated "to the King of Pop" and Carey's pastor.)

Former Spin and Vibe editor Alan Light says Carey "faces the challenge that all those at her altitude face now. Nobody sells records the way she used to, even as recently as Emancipation of Mimi. How do you scale expectations when that's the field you've played on?"

Light is particularly eager to see how Carey's career progresses as she enters her 40s. "She is so much a pop artist, and has so affiliated herself with urban musicians, and that's a young person's game. It would be good for her to get out and sing in front of people more, re-establish herself as a vocalist, because that's her strength."

Carey, who last toured in 2006, did two Las Vegas shows recently and has another pair scheduled for October, but she still isn't sure when she'll do a concert trek again. She has plainly thought about embracing more grown-up challenges. Having or adopting children is one consideration, "though I'd want to be in a position to handle that as well as possible." As Memoirs' title suggests, she's inclined to look back now and then – but not, these days, with anger or regret.

"There's a little bit of almost every album I've done on this new one," Carey says. "It's like I put everything in a blender and made drinks for my friends. They're festive drinks, though some are bittersweet. I'm at such a good place in my life, and that allows me to be honest. And to enjoy things."
Source: Elysa Gardner - USA Today

More Memoirs Album Reviews
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 25-Sep-2009, 1:23AM EDT
Chicago Tribune
By Greg Kot
Rating: 3 / 4 stars

Who says being a pop diva is easy? There is the constant pressure to look great and sound all-conquering while staving off a legion of younger sisters nipping at your stiletto heels. Which brings us to Mariah Carey, she of the 175 million worldwide record sales and the multitude of comebacks.

Carey's voice isn't what it used to be, and her last couple of records were lightweight even by her modest standards, brimming with adolescent lyrics and tarted-up production designed to keep her sounding fashionable. They restored her standing as a commercial force, but as an artist she sounded adrift.

On her 12th studio album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" (Island), Carey doesn't resort to vocal histrionics or production gimmickry. Instead, she plays it low-key, and ends up with her best album since the '90s heyday.

A few caveats: The first single, "Obsessed," isn't typical of the album as a whole, with its Eminem-baiting video, distorted wordless vocal hook and accusatory lyrics. Neither are the rap cadences Carey adopts for the combative "Up Out My Face."

Otherwise, Carey focuses on introspective ballads. Her voice has lost range off the top, but she's learned how to inhabit a song rather than simply knock it around like a rag doll with her rocket-propelled trills. Rather than farm out songs to a series of producers, she primarily sticks with the songwriting/production team of Tricky Stewart and the Dream, who frame her voice in subtle, low-key arrangements. Using sparse keyboards, a spritz of strings, a kick-drum rumble here and there, and lots of slow-motion handclaps and sensual finger snaps, they dial down the bombast considerably. In response, Carey turns in some of the most measured and beautifully understated singing of her career.

Her voice is frequently multi-tracked to create the illusion that she's dueting with herself, with counterpoint melody lines. The effect is nothing new in R&B; Marvin Gaye turned this studio technique into an art form on his 1971 masterpiece "What's Going On." But the old-school soul connection is appropriate: This is Carey building on slow-jam R&B and adult-themed ballads to create a loose song cycle about love lost and regained.

As the album title suggests, the melodrama can get thick at times, and a few of the songs are a bit slow in developing, revealing their hooks reluctantly. "Betcha Gon' Know" aptly sets the melancholy, inward-looking mood, but as an album-opener it's a bit of snooze. It's not until "Candy Bling," with its back-in-the-day reminiscences, that things pick up.

Carey really hits her stride on "It's a Wrap"; she sounds refreshingly raw, surrounded by the most minimal of instrumental backdrops. As she emotes with just a hint of grit, a small squadron of Carey voices loop in and around her lead vocal, giving the song just the right amount of decoration.

"Impossible" is almost impossibly fragile, but Carey turns it into a tour de force of soft-core texture, as if whispering into a lover's ear. "Angel (Prelude)" brings out the high-pitched vocal flights that were the singer's signature earlier in his career. But instead of showing off, she's going for something eerier with a muted, otherworldly tone.

A cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" is an appropriate closer. After an album in which the distance between pillow talk and recrimination, seduction and betrayal is painfully thin, it's a potentially potent gospel plea. Unfortunately, it resorts to the soft-to-loud-to-louder formula that has ruined many a power ballad in this "American Idol" era. Perhaps this was Carey's opportunity to prove that she can still climb those Everest-like octaves. Fortunately, the restraint she brings to much of the rest proves she's maturing into more than just a vocal acrobat.

HipHop DX
By Kathy Iandoli
Rating: Multi-Platinum

Throughout her two-decade career, Mariah Carey hasn't been without flaws. She is at times a prime example of separating the artist from the art – save a few very specific career hiccups (Glitter anyone?). Spraypainting her crazy all over the walls of the music industry didn't help either. Luckily for Mimi, her music has withstood the test of time and Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is a continuation of that musical grace.

The Emancipation Of Mimi marked Mariah's third career turning point. We met the first one in between Daydream and Butterfly when she discovered her sexy side – around the time rumors swelled that she'd eventually become a Bad Boy vixen (think "Honey" remix). The next came around the Glitter and Charmbracelet era, circa 2001-2002 when the slow mental decline began for Carey. While her music didn't always reflect that breakdown, it was chock full of overzealous whistle-tones and syrupy Pop ballads that kept her relevant at a time when TRL could have permanently marred her. Then she took a spa holiday and was reinvented for 2005's Emancipation. Both The Emancipation Of Mimi and E=MC² honed in on Carey's new skill-set for crafting songs that would inspire the girl who previously took a breakup a little too far, but eventually put her makeup back on and hit the club again. Now it's a brand new Mariah. Her marriage to Nick Cannon has left those who bet it wouldn't last with empty pockets and she seems sublimely (and scarily) happy. So here's the age-old Mary J. Blige question: if she's happy then what are we left listening to?

Well, the answer can be found in her early career – more "Dreamlover" than "Vision Of Love" – when love fueled her desire to sing and not the other way around. Memoirs is an amalgam of that era mixed with the established divahood that Carey has rightfully earned. There are of course some exceptions. The gossip-kissing "Obsessed" along with a "Shake It Off" revamped "Up Out My Face" (plus a disastrous drum-lined reprise) show that Carey is either really smart or really naive in thinking those songs maintain a fan-base. On the Pop side, they do, but her loyal following who now reside in the 30-40 year old age bracket might beg to differ. Memoirs' plentiful ballads are indicative of one undeniable truth: no one rocks a mid-tempo like Mariah. The opening tale "Betcha Gon Know" smooths the entrance of the album, and songs like "Candy Bling" and "The Impossible" keep the momentum going throughout. An attempted whistle-tone at the close of "H.A.T.E.U." doesn't necessarily indicate that Carey's pipes are rusting, but perhaps she's succeeding more with less blustery vocals these days. The album closes with a near-perfect cover of Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" that brings you right back to the moment you first heard "Hero" and knew that Carey wasn't leaving anytime soon. It's apparent she still isn't, "imperfect angel" and all, and we're quite all right with that.

USA Today
By Brian Mansfield
Rating: 3 /4 stars

'Angel,' while imperfect, flies high nonetheless
Mariah Carey albums typically boast an assortment of producers, but not so on Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Working primarily with hot hip-hop producers Tricky Stewart and The Dream but without her usual supporting cast of guests brings the focus squarely on the singer for what, as its title suggests, is essentially a musical memoir.

Most tracks stick to midtempo R&B grooves and slow jams, but Carey is all over the place emotionally – seductive, nostalgic, vindictive, occasionally within a matter of lines. Sometimes, she pulls the songs in different directions. First single Obsessed conveys pride and repulsion at being the object of unwarranted advances. Betcha Gon' Know, which plays like a first-person account of The Persuaders' '70s R&B hit Thin Line Between Love and Hate, suggests both vulnerability and violence.

Just as many listeners assumed Obsessed to be about Eminem, they'll also hear Up Out My Face, with lyrics like, "I know you're not a rapper, so you better stop spittin' it," to be the continuation of Carey's beef with him. That song also contains one of Memoirs' many funny lines: "If we were two Lego blocks, even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010 couldn't put us back together again."

By the album's end, this imperfect angel seems no closer to finding heaven – though her gloriously gospel-infused version of Foreigner's I Want to Know What Love Is certainly comes close.

Download:Obsessed, I Want to Know What Love Is
Skip: More Than Just Friends, Ribbon

The Independent UK
By Andy Gill
Rating: 3 /5 stars

Once upon a time, Mariah Carey's albums had infantile titles like Butterfly, Rainbow, Glitter and Charmbracelet - sickly-sweet enough to be some pre-teen cartoon superheroine line-up.

Then they started to get serious, the equivalent of Mariah wearing specs to appear more mature: The Emancipation Of Mimi was followed by E=MC2, succeeded now by Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, which sounds like a novel by Toni Morrison.

But, whatever she calls them, her albums all feature much the same kind of featherlight R&B grooves, pricked here and there by those wineglass-endangering squeaks which are Mariah's stock-in-trade. So it is with this work, which opens with the suggestion that it might be a concept-album following the singer through her day - a sort of soft-centred Ulysses - but then seems to leap prematurely to the bubble-bath and boudoir that most of us encounter after dark, before ultimately slamming into the brick wall of Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is".

Early accounts reported Mariah working with Timbaland, and Jermaine Dupri, though neither of their efforts have made it to the album. But there's a reason why soul divas employ vast teams of different producers. Here, Carey ended up writing and recording the entire album with co-producers Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, a fact that becomes blindingly evident by the fourth or fifth track, when you start to wonder if you're not just hearing the same track over and over again, with minor variations: it's all pretty much the same drum sounds, the same tempos, the same keyboard textures, fronted by the same downy vocal timbre expressing the same small range of emotions.

Such differences as there are are largely matters of accessorisation: "Candy Bling" is standard bathtime tea-light Chablis chill-out music, "The Impossible" anticipates Marvin Gaye re-making "I Want You" with harpsichords, and "Up Out My Face" features an incongruous reprise in high-school marching-band style. Any notable moments are entirely down to Mimi herself, whether emitting stratospheric squeals on "Inseparable", swapping overlapping vocal phrases with herself on "Ribbon", or layering perfect lines of "oh-oh-oh-oh"s behind her lead vocal on "Standing O". There's no denying her extraordinary vocal facility, but it's akin to a Ferrari laying rubber, spinning its wheels furiously but progressing not one jot.

The sole exception is the single "Obsessed", a stalker song whose lyrics lead one to surmise it's her eventual response to years of jibes by Eminem. It's the best thing here by miles; but of all singers, does Mariah really need to use that Auto-Tune?

Download this: Obsessed, Ribbon, Standing O, The Impossible
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Listen To Memoirs on Mariah's Myspace
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 24-Sep-2009, 5:56PM EDT
You can listen to Mariah's brand-new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel in its entirety on Mariah's MySpace page.

Check out the lyrics here and sing along with Mariah!

Photos: Mariah & Nick at Pink Elephant, NYC
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 24-Sep-2009, 4:43PM EDT
Mariah and husband Nick Cannon attend Shawn Pecas' birthday party held at Pink Elephant on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. (Pecas is VP of Urban Promotion at Def Jam)

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Dedicates New Album to Michael Jackson
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 24-Sep-2009, 12:38PM EDT
Mariah Carey dedicates her new album, "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel" to Michael Jackson. The album hits the world on September 29th.

"Angel" is a little different than most releases. This is the first time I can remember a major magazine – Elle, in this case – sponsoring the liner notes. "Angel" comes with a mini magazine tucked into the CD jacket, produced by Elle and featuring ads for Carey's new fragrance and movie ("Precious") as well as Mariah's lists of favorite things and interviews with her and husband Nick Cannon. It's a first, but what else do you expect from Mariah Carey?

Island Def Jam is not taking any chances with "Angel," by the way. They're starting with the release of Mariah covering Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," followed by a slew of potential singles – "Angels Cry," "Ribbon," and at least two others. So get ready for a Mariah onslaught – post-the Whitney Houston avalanche. And just before an Alicia Keys tsunami. It's the autumn of the divas!

Help Promote Memoirs
Please log on to your Twitter account and click to RETWEET this message here. If we reach 500 retweets, two (2) winners will be randomly selected to win.
Source: Roger Friedman - Showbiz 411

See Mariah's Oct. 10th Vegas Concert Online!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 24-Sep-2009, 11:47AM EDT
Mariah's concert at The Palms' Pearl Theatre on Saturday, October 10th is available for everyone to see online for $7.95! Presented exclusively by Iviago on both Web and WAP to computers and mobile phones worldwide, come and see this great concert and participate in this ground-breaking global digital event.

Pre-order now by clicking here!
Source: Iviago | MC9114ever

In-Store CD Signing at Macy's NYC on Sept. 29
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 24-Sep-2009, 10:01AM EDT
Be one of the first 50 customers to purchase the $262 Forever Mariah Carey parfum and you'll receive a keepsake photo with Mariah and her new autographed CD Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel! Or be one of the first 250 customers to purchase the special $160 Forever Mariah Carey fragrance set and Mariah will autograph her new CD!

Main Floor, Fragrances
Tuesday, September 29th 5:00pm

Macy's Herald Square
151 W 34th St
New York, NY 10001-2101
Source: | Nancy

Billboard: "I Want To Know..." Debuts at #66 on Hot 100
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 24-Sep-2009, 6:01AM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated October 3, 2009.

Billboard Hot 100: #11 (Last week: #8)
Billboard Hot 100 Airplay: #6 (Last week: #6)
Billboard Pop 100 Songs: #12 (Last week: #15)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #12 (Last week #12)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #12 (Last week #12)
Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs: #1 (Last week #2)
Billboard #2 (Last week: #4)
Billboard Yahoo Video: #3 (Last week: #2)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #12 (Last week: #10)
Downloads this week: 70,534 (-1%)
Total downloads: 809,364
Billboard Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #2 (Last week: #2)
Sales this week: 1,562 (-20%)
Total sales: 24,775

"I Want To Know What Love Is"
Billboard Hot 100: #66 (Debut)
Billboard Hot 100 Airplay: #120
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #47 (Last week #64)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #47 (Last week #64)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #54 (Debut)
Downloads this week: 27,246

No. 66, "I Want to Know What Love Is," Mariah Carey. The song returns to the Hot 100 24 years and 10 months after Foreigner's original bowed at No. 45, eventually leading the chart for two weeks.

'OBSESSED' WITH 'LOVE': Mariah Carey passes Kristine W for third-most No. 1s in the history of Dance/Club Play Songs, as "Obsessed" rises 2-1. The song is Carey's 15th (<--link this) leader on the list.

The artists with the most toppers on the chart now stand as Madonna (40), whose "Celebration" retreats 1-4, Janet Jackson (18), Carey (15) and Kristine W (14).

Carey concurrently debuts on Adult Contemporary at No. 21 with her remake of Foreigner's 1985 No. 3 hit on the chart, "I Want to Know What Love Is." The start ties for her second-best at the format, topped only by a No. 17 launch for "Dreamlover" in 1993. Another cover of an '80s smash, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross' "Endless Love," updated by Carey with Luther Vandross in 1994, also began at No. 21.
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | bks

Lyrics to Memoirs Songs
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 23-Sep-2009, 10:53PM EDT
Check out the official lyrics to each of the Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel songs by clicking on a title below.

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel

  1. Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)
  2. Obsessed
  3. H.A.T.E.U.
  4. Candy Bling
  5. Ribbon
  6. Inseparable
  7. Standing O
  8. It's A Wrap
  9. Up Out My Face
  10. Up Out My Face (The Reprise)
  11. More Than Just Friends
  12. The Impossible
  13. The Impossible (The Reprise)
  14. Angel (The Prelude)
  15. Angels Cry
  16. Languishing (The Interlude)
  17. I Want To Know What Love Is
Source: Bernard | MariahDailyJournal

Memoirs Album Reviews
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 23-Sep-2009, 8:38PM EDT
Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (Island/Def Jam)
Mariah Carey

Entertainment Weekly
By Leah Greenblatt
Rating: B

Mariah Carey has already found radio rapture with Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel's first two singles, the brash synth kiss-off ''Obsessed'' and a soaring cover of Foreigner's schmaltz-supreme ballad ''I Want to Know What Love Is.'' Still, it's puzzling to hear one of music's most powerful voices continually corralled into a feathery R&B midrange; imperfections are nowhere to be found on Memoirs, but neither are many true revelations.

Us Magazine
By Ian Drew

For a happily married lady with more No. 1 hits than any soloist in history, it's surprising Mariah Carey spends so much of her 12th CD recalling ex-flames ("I should crack you right in your forehead!" she hums on "It's a Wrap"). Still, she finishes with the heavenly Foreigner cover "I Want to Know What Love Is."

Slant Magazine
By Sal Cinquemani
Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Mariah Carey has always had a way with words. Despite unlikely pop-song vocabulary like "alienation" appearing in hits like "Vision of Love," her lyrics started out relatively simple. Love takes time. You've got me feeling emotions. Dreamlover, come rescue me. But right around the time she dived out of Tommy Mottola's mansion and into the deep end (of the pool) in her music video for "Honey," Mariah's increasingly multisyllabic language started to feel like compensation for her progressively regressive image–and undoubtedly sent her young fans running for their dictionaries. The album titles, of course, remained elementary (Butterfly, Rainbow, Charmbracelet), but Mariah shifted gears and embraced titular verbosity with her 2005 comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi and last year's Energy Equals Mass Times the Velocity of Light Squared. Her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, follows suit.

Memoirs is a purported day in the life of Mimi, and it finds the singer "Having a Typical Emotional Upset" ("H.A.T.E.U."), lashing out at one-time beau Eminem ("Obsessed"), and kicking all kinds of men to the curb (basically the whole album). It's a breakup record, to be sure–this despite its subject being (reportedly) happily married. No matter, Mariah throws more shade than she ever has before, making it her campiest venture yet. "I'm gon' la-la-la-la-la-laugh," she taunts in her best schoolyard sneer on the promising opening track "Betcha Gon' Know." Sometimes the 'tude is sexy ("You a mom and pop, I'm a corporation/I'm a press conference, you're a conversation," she quips on "Obsessed"), other times it's downright cheesy ("See right through you like you're bathin' in Windex"). She also achieves a whole new level of lyrical ridiculousness on "Up Out My Face," with what's sure to be the most quoted passage from the album, involving Legos, the entire Harvard University graduating class of 2010, and an allusion to Humpty Dumpty. Yeah.

If Energy Equals Mass Times the Velocity of Light Squared was her most commercial album in years, with each song carefully constructed to become a potential radio hit, Memoirs is ostensibly for the longtime fans, her first album in 14 years not to feature any rappers and one that dips into her back catalogue to depths we haven't heard since 2002's Charmbracelet. In fact, Mariah even compared the album to lamb favorite Butterfly on her Twitter account, but it's really more like Rainbow. Having The-Dream and Tricky Stewart on the boards for all 17 tracks makes the album one of her most sonically consistent–but it also makes it one of her most boring. If this is Mariah's attempt at making a soul album, it's shockingly soulless: Despite some cool tricks, the production sounds cheap and same-y, lacking the fullness of her best work, and is there really any acceptable explanation for drenching her vocals in Auto-Tune? Not to mention, these "memoirs" don't really reveal much about the singer other than that she's capable of harboring a grudge.

Mariah is in fine voice throughout the album, and there are plenty of inspired moments to be found: the hard-edged "Standing O"; "Inseparable," which is probably her most successful attempt at a redo of "We Belong Together"; and "Up Out My Face (The Reprise)," which features a kick-ass marching-band arrangement that could have been used to optimum effect on the song proper. Which makes it all the more disappointing that the album's final stretch devolves into a mess of old-school Mariah rehashes that should have been left in the past. "Languishing" is a lazy rewrite of a Mariah song that's been lazily rewritten at least three or four times already, while a cover a Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" climaxes prematurely with a cacophony of screaming and gratuitous whistle notes–the kind that marred the closing number of her last album too. A gospel choir and half-step key change is not how you spell soul.
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Mariah Congratulates TeenNick Chairman
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 22-Sep-2009, 2:12PM EDT
Click here to watch Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Tony Hawk, Sharon Osbourne and Mariah Carey as they appear in a new promo to congratulate Nick Cannon on his new gig as the chairman for Nickelodeon's TeenNick (formerly The N).

Mariah: "Hey chairman Nick, congratulations! Alright, but what I do need you to do is bring home some ice cream. Muah!"
Source: People | Cori

Audio: Mariah on the Billy Bush Show
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 22-Sep-2009, 12:31PM EDT
Mariah called in to the Billy Bush Show on Tuesday, September 22 to promote her new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. In the interview, Billy and Mariah talked about dog breeding, Mariah's marriage with Nick, kids, and Eminem. Listen below!

[ Download an MP3 file here ]

MTV Base UK Films Mariah Documentary
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 22-Sep-2009, 6:46AM EDT
MTV Base head and Mariah's close friend Jasmine Dotiwala reveals in her The Voice column today:

I have just flown home from a whirlwind week with my cuz Mariah, who let myself and my TV crew follow her around for an exclusive fly on the wall documentary. The programme will be shown on Channel 4 in the next fortnight (two weeks). We went from Vegas to Toronto to New York in truly faboulous style, as you'd imagine. More on the adventures with Mimi next week!
Source: The Voice

Audio: Mariah & Barbara Walters Get Sirius
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 21-Sep-2009, 9:03PM EDT
Mariah talked to Barbara Walters on her satellite radio show Here's Barbara on Monday, September 21 about everything from her upcoming 12th studio release Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, meeting and marrying hubby Nick, etc. Listen below!

[ Download an MP3 file here ]
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Memoirs One of EW's Most Anticipated Albums
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 21-Sep-2009, 1:16PM EDT
Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel makes Entertainment Weekly's "20 Fall Albums We Can't Wait to Hear" list.

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (9/29)
Twelve albums in, Mimi is fully emancipated, and Memoirs will no doubt bring us more of the buttery R&B jams (pointed Eminem diss "Obsessed") and heart-tugging balladry (the soaring, gospel-chorus-aided Foreigner cover "I Want to Know What Love Is") that have made her a superstar for nearly two decades.

Meanwhile, MSNBC wants to know "Which artist's new album are you looking forward to the most?" Mariah is currently in 3rd place behind Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood. Take the poll and vote for Mariah here!
Source: EW | MSNBC

Can Oprah Lead Precious All the Way to Oscar?
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 21-Sep-2009, 11:36AM EDT
What's different about the Precious campaign is the O factor. At the same press conference where she toyed with the notion of undertaking a film club, Winfrey announced her intention to lead a promotional blitz on behalf of Precious across her various platforms, hoping to "bring in different audiences" by promoting the film on her show, in her magazine and on her satellite-radio channel.

While Oprah will woo the public, the involvement of Winfrey and Perry as executive producers only enhances the film's backstory – a crucial ingredient when it comes to becoming the talk of the Academy. Voters love hearing about the actress who saved a doomed production (Kate Winslet in The Reader) or a left-for-dead drama that went on to become the darling of critics and audiences (Slumdog Millionaire). Thus far, the narrative surrounding Precious is one of audiences and critics being moved to tears, caught off guard by its stark portrayal of poverty and wrapped up in its uncompromised performances from newcomer Gabourey Sidibe (Precious), the comedian Mo'Nique (her mother) and Mariah Carey, in a surprisingly glamourless role.

Full article
Source: TIME

Mariah on Barbara Walters' Sirius Show Tonight
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 21-Sep-2009, 9:21AM EDT
Premieres Monday, Sept. 21, 6pm ET (with replay at 10pm ET)

On Here's Barbara, exclusively on SIRIUS|XM Radio, Barbara Walters and her co-host Bill Geddie will welcome Mariah Carey.

Carey, who mentions Barbara Walters in her song "Betcha Gon' Know" from her most recent album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, scheduled to be released September 29, will visit with Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie to discuss the album, her recent marriage and more.
Source: Sirius | Nik

Mariah Scans
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 21-Sep-2009, 2:34AM EDT
Cover Story: Angel In Sin City
Las Vegas Magazine
September 2009 Issue

Cover Story: Getting Personal
Neon (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
September 2009 Issue

Cover Story: Mariah Carey: Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
HMV Music & Movie Guide (Hong Kong)
October 2009 Issue
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Bernard

"Obsessed" Tops Dance/Club Play Chart!
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 20-Sep-2009, 6:32PM EDT
Congratulations, Mariah! "Obsessed" advanced a notch to take the #1 spot on the Dance/Club Play Songs chart in Billboard magazine issue dated October 3, 2009. Mariah has a total of 26 entries on the chart, 15 of which have reached the top position.

Mariah's 15 No. 1 Dance/Club Play Songs
1. Someday (1991)
2. Emotions (1991)
3. Dreamlover (1993)
4. Anytime You Need A Friend (1994)
5. Fantasy (1995)
6. Honey (1997)
7. I Still Believe (1999)
8. Through The Rain (2003)
9. It's Like That (2005)
10. We Belong Together (2005)
11. Don't Forget About Us (2006)
12. Say Somethin' (2006
13. Touch My Body (2008)
14. I Stay In Love (2009)
15. Obsessed (2009)
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher | Joao

Mariah to Perform on Today Oct. 2
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 20-Sep-2009, 12:46PM EDT
Mariah is confirmed to perform her second single "I Want To Know What Love Is" from her new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel on the TODAY Show Friday, October 2.

TODAY airs from the NBC studios located at the corner of 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza in New York Monday-Friday, 7-11am ET.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"Precious" Tops Toronto Winners
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 20-Sep-2009, 11:46AM EDT
Lee Daniels' "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" has taken top honors at the Toronto International Film Festival, becoming the first film in history to win audience awards at both Toronto and Sundance.

Cadillac People's Choice Award
"Precious Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" directed by Lee Daniels
First Runner up: "Mao's Last Dancer" directed by Bruce Beresford
Second Runner up: "Micmacs" directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Daniels was not able to attend the ceremony, but sent his regards. "I wish I could be there to accept this award on behalf of the film, but I just landed in San Sebastian, Spain, and I'm on my way to the film's premiere here in just a few hours," Daniels said in his absence. "Though I cannot begin to express my gratitude, as the audience award holds such a special meaning. I made this film for every person out there who ever looked in the mirror, and felt unsure about the person looking back at them. This is not an art film for a select few. This is a movie for everyone that can relate to. This film is for all precious girls, and for everyone who has a little precious on the inside."

"Precious," which stars Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton and Mariah Carey, was acquired by Lions Gate shortly after its Sundance premiere, and was a big hit in Toronto. Executive producers Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry on hand to present the movie at the festival, creating a significant frenzy with the locals. It will next screen at the upcoming New York Film Festival before opening in theaters this November, and its Toronto win only further cements its status as force to be reckoned with come Oscar season. Previous winners of Toronto's top honor include "American Beauty," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," 'Hotel Rwanda," and last year's "Slumdog Millionaire."
Source: indieWire | Jason

Billboard: Throwback Vibe on Memoirs is Refreshing
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 20-Sep-2009, 11:41AM EDT
Mariah Carey
Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel

By Mariel Concepcion

Mariah Carey is not only revisiting her past appearance-wise (lately the singer has been wearing her hair in loose curls, as seen during the early days of her career), but she's also taking her sound back to her R&B roots. On Carey's latest album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" (with the exception of the first single, "Obsessed," and the hood-girl-sounding "Up out My Face," among a few others), the singer leaves behind the teeny-bop themes and hip-hop-heavy melodies of 2008's "E=MC2." Instead, she opts for big ballads and R&B tunes about love and heartbreak, which makes the new set more cohesive and age-appropriate. Carey croons in her staple high-pitched voice over piano and finger snaps on "Angels Cry," while singing about true love alongside a thumbing bass on "Inseparable." Meanwhile, "The Impossible" takes its cue from early-'90s group Jodeci's "Forever My Lady." Overall, Carey's throwback vibe on "Memoirs" is refreshing and much welcomed.
Source: Billboard

Photos: Mariah & Nick After Oprah
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 20-Sep-2009, 9:21AM EDT
Below are pictures of Mariah and Nick entering their Tribeca apartment after their appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show Friday, September 18, 2009.

Source: DefPen Radio | Rima

Videos: Mariah on Oprah
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 19-Sep-2009, 6:25AM EDT

Oprah Hooks It Up for Two of Mariah's Biggest Fans
Download via: RapidShare | zShare

Mariah Performs "I Want To Know What Love Is"
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Mariah and Oprah Talk About Precious
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Nick Joins Mariah and Oprah Onstage, Talk About Marriage
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TV Promo Ad for Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Download via: RapidShare | zShare
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah & Hype Reunite for New Music Video
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 18-Sep-2009, 4:15PM EDT
As first reported here on MariahDailyJournal, Mariah has started filming the music video for "I Want To Know What Love Is," the second single from her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Filming underway in New York, the music video is being rushed to coincide with the album release on Tuesday, September 29th. The director of the music video is Harold "Hype" Williams.

Mariah and Hype reunite for the first time in eleven years for the "I Want To Know What Love Is" music video. They collaborated previously on the "Sweetheart" (featuring Jermaine Dupri) video in 1998.

Hype is notable for creating a number of successful music videos for artists such as Beyonce ("Check On It"), Kanye West ("Gold Digger"), Ne-Yo ("So Sick"), TLC ("No Scrubs"), R. Kelly ("I Believe I Can Fly"), Usher ("Think of You"), just to name a few. He has also directed commercials for Toyota, The Gap, Dolce & Gabbana, Nike, Reebok, Revlon, MasterCard.

Hype has received numerous awards for his video work including the Billboard Music Video Award for Best Director of the Year (1996), the Jackson Limo Award for Best Rap Video of the Year (1996), NAACP Image Award (1997), MVPA Award for Black Music Achievement (1997), MTV Video Music Award in the Best Rap Video (1998), MTV Video Music Award for Best Group Video (1999), BET Award for Best Director (2006), and MTV Video Vanguard Award (2006).
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah on Oprah
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 18-Sep-2009, 2:10PM EDT
Below are pictures of Mariah with husband Nick Cannon on The Oprah Winfrey Show held on the Summerstage in Central Park, New York earlier today, September 18, 2009. Mariah gave a rousing live performance on the show singing her new single, "I Want To Know What Love Is."

Oprah Storms NYC with Central Park Show (New York Post)
Lucky Oprah fans flocked to Central Park today where the TV diva taped her show at Summerstage.

A star-studded guest list -- including Mayor Bloomberg, Mariah Carey and Hugh Jackman -- kept the nearly 2,000 fans entertained.

Carey appeared with husband Nick Canon to give their first interview together. He shared with the audience exactly how he proposed to the pop star (on her rooftop, with a ring wrapped in a candy wrapper); she showed a clip of her upcoming film "Precious" and sang a song from her album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel."

Canon also dipped Mariah to give her a kiss. Oprah -- wearing a siren red dress and carrying a gold microphone -- announced that Mariah had earned her 18th No. 1 hit song.

The audience, who lined up at 7 a.m. and waited two hours before being let in, received a copy of Oprah's latest book club pick -- a collection of short stories by Uwem Akpan called "Say You're One of Them."

Other guests included Kelly Ripa, Regis Philbin, Daniel Craig and Oprah's best friend, Gail King.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Precious Headed to AFI Fest
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 18-Sep-2009, 3:57AM EDT
AFI Fest (American Film Institute Film Festival) has announced the first twelve titles that will screen at its 2009 edition. Among the selections are Lee Daniels' "Precious," Werner Herzog's "The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" and Bong Joon-ho's "Mother." This year's festival will take place October 30 through November 7 in both Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

The festival will have the movies screened at the Chinese Theater and Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, before moving to Santa Monica for the final two days of screenings. It will debut its "See a Film on Us" initiative, which offers complimentary tickets to all films, including a limited number of seats to each Gala Presentation.

The screening schedule for Precious will be provided as soon as available.
Source: AFI | Jerry

Memoirs Promotional Tour Update
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 18-Sep-2009, 2:45AM EDT
An update from what we previously reported, apart from South Korea, Mariah will also reportedly visit Japan as part of her promotional tour for her new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. Below you will find Mariah's current schedule as it stands.

October 11-18
Korea/Japan promotional trip

October 14
Press conference, photo call and interviews with media representatives from all parts of Asia

November 10-November 19
On hold for European promotional trip

More details to be announced as they become available.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"I Want To Know..." Hot Shot Debut at #64 on R&B
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 18-Sep-2009, 2:36AM EDT
Mariah Carey reaches back for her 49th career entry on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, as "I Want to Know What Love Is" arrives as the list's Hot Shot Debut at No. 64. Foreigner's original version of the ballad reached No. 85 on the chart, and No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, in 1985.

The second single from "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," due Sept. 29, adds to the singer's catalog of covers. Carey peaked at No. 11 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs with her update of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" in 1992. In 1994, her remake with Luther Vandross of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross' "Endless Love" reached No. 7 on the chart. In 1999, Carey rose to No. 3 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs with her take on "I Still Believe," originally a No. 13 Hot 100 hit by her former employer, Brenda K. Starr.
Source: Billboard

Macy's Store Display for "Forever"
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 18-Sep-2009, 2:12AM EDT
Below are pictures of the FOREVER display at Macy's Providence, RI store. The black T-shirt with "Forever Mariah Carey" inscription on the front will be worn by Elizabeth Arden sales associates on the floor. According to Calvin, Mariah's new fragrance is doing very well in his Macy's store!

Mariah's new Elizabeth Arden fragrance, FOREVER, is now available in stores! Stop by any Macy's, Dillard's and Belk's department store to get your bottle today!
Source: Macy's | Calvin

Mariah to Perform at UN's Show of Peace Concert?
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 18-Sep-2009, 12:09AM EDT
United Nations-backed "Better World 2010" is a 365 day peace awareness campaign that will use the universal language of music, new media and globally televised events to spotlight the need for global peace and harmony. To truly make this a better world thru peace, its campaign will also look to highlight other growing concerns such as a cleaner environment, the need for water in certain regions, better education programs, cures for health conditions and aid to poverty stricken areas.

On April 17, 2010, the first globally televised concert event under the Better World 2010 initiative, Global Harmony Concert, live from Beijing, China will feature top musical acts from all over the world. Artists invited to participate in the April concert include:

Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce, Diddy, Coldplay, Jay Z, Goo Goo Dolls, DJ Tiesto, Justin Timberlake, Rob Thomas, Wyclef, Mary J Blige, Chris Brown, Seal, The Dream, Aerosmith, Lady GaGa, Usher, Prince, Ne-yo, Maroon 5, Green Day, Marc Anthony, JLO, Juanez, Depeche Mode,Ciara, Nickelback, Daughtry, Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Andrea Bocelli, Kenny Chesney, Alicia Keyes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol, Placido Domingo, Rascal Flatts, Jason Mraz, Franz Ferdinand, Katy Perry, Duffy, Christina Aguilera, Jacksons, Gwen Stefani, Lang Lang, Mana, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Stefanie Sun, Jane Zhang, Han Hong, Sun Man, Xu Wei, Pu Shu, Karen Mok, Joey Yung, Elva Siu, Sammie Cheng, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Chris Lee, Jolin Tsai S.H.E, Jay Chou, Leehom, JJ Lin.
Source: Show of Peace | Andre | Vagner

Lee Daniels on Bringing Carey, Kravitz to the Big Screen
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 17-Sep-2009, 4:59PM EDT
By the time Mariah Carey appears in a pivotal scene in the movie Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" By Sapphire, it's easy to forget she's a glamorous chart-topper with flawless makeup and designer tastes. As tears well up in her unadorned eyes onscreen, she is transformed into welfare case worker Ms. Weiss. Lenny Kravitz's role in the film is not as much of a stretch. He plays Nurse John, a charming rock star of the ward, so to speak, who makes the girls' hearts flutter.

"From my first film, Monster's Ball, with Puffy and Mos Def to Macy Gray in Shadowboxer, Eve in The Woodsman with Kevin Bacon, a musician has been in every film I've done," says director/producer Lee Daniels in a one-on-one interview with Rolling Stone during the Toronto International Film Festival. "I love musicians. I'm going to do a musical next year [with Kravitz]. I'm not allowed to talk about it."

Lee was joined at the gala screening by Carey, author Sapphire, executive producers Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lisa Cortes and composer Mary J. Blige. Neither Carey nor Kravitz are the lead characters, but their parts propel the harrowing story of a sexually and mentally abused Harlem teenager who's betrayed by the very people who are supposed to love her but stays deteremined to break out of her lot in life. It's a film so intense Daniels says he couldn't afford to cast stars whose celebrity is bigger than their talent. So how did he know Carey could successfully take on that role?

"Because we'd just finished working together in a film. It's called Tennessee, by a Canadian director Aaron Woodley, a little tiny movie and she starred in it for me. We became really good friends and I knew that she had the chops," says Lee. "She does an incredible impersonation of Aretha Franklin. Not her singing voice but her speaking voice! She channels people's voices."

As for Kravitz, Lee calls him one of his best friends. "He's going to be working with me on the next thing that I'm doing," he says cryptically about the musical. "So I thought it was a way for him to see how it was that I worked. Like Mo'Nique [who stars as Precious' mother, Mary] worked with me in Shadowboxer, so she has a shorthand that we established so that we'd be ready to do this, we knew each other. And I think that this movie with Lenny will prepare me and him to work together better on the next movie."

Kravitz also wrote a song for the soundtrack called "Do It" and Mary J. Blige composed the theme "I Can See In Color." At a press conference at TIFF earlier this week, Blige said, "When I saw the film, all I could think about was growing up in my neighborhood and knowing that girl Precious or that guy Precious and actually living in those situations myself."

She added, "My life seemed like, from the time I was 5 to maybe my late-20s, everything was black and white because I had never dealt with the issues that Precious had to do. And the reason I named this song 'I Can See In Color' was because when I finally woke up or got to a point where I said, 'I can not live like this anymore,' it just seemed like everything turned into color.

Kravitz did not attend TIFF, but Tyler also used "System," a song the rocker produced for reunited group Labelle. "It's about the political system and the welfare system," says Lee, who placed it in a crucial scene where Precious receives another life-changing blow. Curiously, Carey does not have a song in the movie. "I did not want to use Mariah's music. It's what I fought. It's like the biggest, hardest thing ever for me," he says emphatically, "because I wanted to make sure that she was noted for her acting. It was so important to me that she was noted for her acting."
Source: Rolling Stone

Mariah Good Sport About "100%"
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 17-Sep-2009, 4:53PM EDT
Mariah Carey continues to be a good sport about "Precious." She will do a live concert at 10 a.m. from Central Park this Friday for "Oprah." Winfrey added her name to the film, along with Tyler Perry, after it debuted in Sundance to give it higher visibility. But Carey has been plugging away for a while on it, even recording a song for the movie. Alas, Winfrey pal Mary J. Blige got the title song honors. Mariah is non-plussed by the whole episode. "I'm going to use it for something really good," she told me, putting a positive spin on the matter.
Source: Roger Friedman - Hollywood 411

Memoirs Release Updates
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 17-Sep-2009, 3:41AM EDT
Mariah has reportedly started filming the music video for "I Want To Know What Love Is" on Wednesday, September 16 and is aiming to deliver the video in time for release week. More on this later this week.

Teaser TV campaign for Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel starts this Sunday night (Sept. 20) in all metro markets and Pay TV. There are a stack of club launches happening nationally. Full list of events will be posted early next week.

The pre-order gift for Memoirs China Edition is pictured below. It's a Luggage Card with case set. Pre-order the album and get to pick one from the 3 sets. The album is scheduled for release in China in mid-October.

The release date for Memoirs in Germany has been pushed back a week from September 25 to October 2. Pre-order is available at

Universal Italy has confirmed the new release date for Memoirs in Italy as Friday, October 2 (was Sept 25).

Yahoo! Japan and Shinsiedo have updated their Memoirs listings with a new release date of Wednesday, October 7 (pushed back a week from September 30). The Japanese release will have the same track listing as the US and reportedly will not include any bonus tracks this time around.

Memoirs has been confirmed for release in Malta on Monday, October 5 and will be available at all Exotique stores.

Pre-selling for Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel is ongoing now! Participating stores are: Music One Greenbelt, Music One Glorietta, Odyssey Megamall, Astrovision Mall of Asia. The CD is priced at PhP 495.00. Just pay for your copy in advance, register at the counter and claim your limited edition Mariah Carey Designer Pillow. The pre-sale ends on September 27, closing of store hours. Memoirs is being released in two formats: a Deluxe Edition that comes with an exclusive mini ELLE booklet filled with photos and facts about Mariah Carey that will be released on September 28 and a Special Philippines Edition of the album on October 5.

Below are pictures of the pre-sale standee ad at MusicOne (Greenbelt, Makati), and the Pillow GWP.

Universal Music Thailand will be releasing Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel in Thailand on Wednesday, September 30. The CD will come in 3 formats: 1. Dual Disc Limited Edition, 2. Super Jewel Case, 3. Thailand Edition (Normal CD case); and available exclusively at B2S Stores with gifts with purchase that include Memoirs bags, posters and notepads, while supplies last.

Meanwhile, CH[V] Thailand's "Chosen One" artist this September is Mariah Carey! They are currently holding a contest to win an iPod Touch 8GB. Fans simply need to answer the question: "What is the number of Mariah's latest studio album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel?" The choices are: 10th, 11th and 12th. Further contest details at

The "Obsessed" CD Single is now out in Thailand. Released on September 10, the CD contains 2 tracks: 1. Main and 2. Cahill Radio Edit.

UK's online music store now shows a new release date of Monday, October 5 (was September 28) for Memoirs.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | MCA Philippines | Allan | Ritcher | Aihara | Shino | Adam | Dean | Paul | Ila | QQ | Karl

Billboard: "Obsessed" Keeps Bullet Despite Hot 100 Drop
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 16-Sep-2009, 6:45PM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated September 26, 2009.

Billboard Hot 100: #8 (Last week: #7)
Billboard Hot 100 Airplay: #6 (Last week: #7)
Billboard Pop 100 Songs: #15 (Last week: #18)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #12 (Last week #14)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #12 (Last week #14)
Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs: #2 (Last week #3)
Billboard #4 (Last week: #4)
Billboard Yahoo Video: #2 (Last week: #1)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #10 (Last week: #10)
Downloads this week: 71,248 (-1%)
Total downloads: 738,830
Billboard Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #2 (Last week: #2)
Sales this week: 1,955 (-35%)
Total sales: 23,213

"I Want To Know What Love Is"
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #64 (Hot Shot Debut!)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #64
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | bks

FMQB: Bet On "I Want To Know What Love Is"
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 16-Sep-2009, 6:41PM EDT
"I Want To Know What Love Is"

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a big fan of remakes. Some artists, and in many cases new artists, often resort to launching their careers with such recordings. But when an established Grammy Award winning superstar artist decides to record a remake they better choose wisely, and Mariah Carey does just that with a classy re-working of Foreigner's #1 hit from 1984, "I Want To Know What Love Is." MC is at her very best vocally, delivering a heartfelt emotion and passion that is sure to connect with an even wider audience than the #1, "Obsessed," which generated lots of headlines and buzz. It's the perfect follow-up and launch track for Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, a new album due September 29. It's a big song that only a big artist could handle... Mariah Carey is that artist! MC shines with a performance that screams multi-format hit! BET ON IT!
Source: Bob Burke - FMQB

Audio: Mariah Interviews with France's Le 6-9
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 16-Sep-2009, 11:52AM EDT
Mariah was live on the phone from New York on the French NRJ morning show Le 6-9 Wednesday morning, Sept. 16th. Listen to the interview below. Excerpts from the interview are also provided below.

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Le 6-9: It's a great pleasure to have you. The last time we met it was in Star Academy on stage on my show and now we're talking on air.
Mariah Carey: That was fun. I enjoyed it. It's good to speak to you now.

Le 6-9: So we discovered 'I Want To Know What Love Is' your version and we liked it really. Why this song from Foreigner, why did you choose this song?
MC: I don't know. It was one of those things. It's a very R&B album but it's all people can relate to all the songs but 'I Want To Know What Love Is' is just one of those songs I grew up listening to and then I thought maybe it'd be a cool idea to try and do it my own way and add like a little more R&B and Gospel flavor to it. So we did it and we tried to keep the integrity of the song.
Le 6-9: Last time that we saw you on stage it was for Michael Jackson's ceremony. What was your relation with Michael Jackson, Mariah?
MC: We first met a long time ago. I've done a remake of 'I'll Be There' and he told me that he really liked what I did with the song and he was very, very cool and really nice to me. And then over the years we spoke a few times, worked with him a few times in different countries and I just, I feel like it was just such a loss for all of us because he really was a great artist. It's very sad but he left us with so much great music to live with forever.

Le 6-9: We liked your last single 'Obsessed.' We want to know exactly who are you talking to?
MC: I wrote that song for all the people who have ever been in a situation where somebody's obsessed with them and they keep texting them and bothering them and telling people that they had a relationship with them and lying about them. So it's for everybody - all the people in the world who have ever been annoyed by somebody.
Le 6-9: Were you obsessed by someone special, Mariah?
MC: The song is about somebody being obsessed with me or if you really, like I said it's for the other people, so I wrote it for like, let's say there's a girl or a boy in like 8th grade, somebody in that class wants to be annoying and mean to them, and they're obsessed with them, they just keep bothering them for no reason, that's what...

Le 6-9: So it's not the question with Eminem?
MC: I don't even know who that is. [Laughter] I wrote the song and I'm very happy with it. And I'm happy with my new album. So I don't know if somebody wants to write their little songs. I haven't heard them on the radio, I don't know what's going on with that. They don't seem to play them here in America. I'm not sure so I don't know.
Le 6-9: Eminem is a rapper if you don't know him. [Laughter]
MC: Well, I have certain favorite rappers like Jay-Z, Kanye, I take it back old school, we can go on for hours.

Le 6-9: What do you think of Kanye for what he did in MTV Awards?
MC: I was in Toronto at the film festival because I have a movie called Precious coming out so I had to be at the film festival so I was not at the awards.
Le 6-9: You presented the movie Precious in Cannes and people were very happy with the movie and all the press/journalists were very positive with you. Do you prefer now to sing or to act? Or both?
MC: I would say I like to do both. Obviously, I'm always gonna sing but to act is really a creative outlet for me so I'm grateful for that. And I was really fortunate to work with Lee Daniels, the director of Precious because he's so focused on performances and Precious is such good material that I hope everybody goes out to see it 'cause it's a really good movie.

Le 6-9: Mariah, it's the morning in France it's midnight in New York, what are you going to do now?
MC: I'm going out to the club, no, I'm only kidding. I've been working all day. I'm gonna sleep.
Le 6-9: To finish quickly, I want to ask you, what is your phone number?
MC: [Laughs] I don't even know the answer to that question that's the funny thing.

Le 6-9: Very quickly too, in Palms Theatre in Vegas, what are you going to present exactly?
MC: In October? We just did some shows just like four nights ago and it was fun. Debbie Allen did the choreography and she was the show director. She's the star of the new movie, Fame that's coming out and also the TV show Fame back in the day. So it's a new presentation and I think people are gonna like it. It's different.
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Videos: Mariah at TIFF
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Lee Daniels Introduces Precious Cast and Producers
[ Download here ]

Lee Daniels: I want to move on to Kitten, KITTEN! Mariah Carey. I call her Kitten.

Mariah Says She's Not Eminem in "Obsessed" Video, Daily 10
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Extra: What was it like for you to strip down and be a blank canvas for this role?
Mariah Carey: Actually doing that and going to a completely different place was cool 'cause it allowed me to be an actor and allowed me to not be a 'personality.'

Mariah Says She's Not Eminem in "Obsessed" Video, Daily 10
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Daily 10: I thought you gave a great performance as Eminem in the video.
Mariah Carey: I was not him. That had blonde hair. I wasn't petite. I don't even know what anyone is talking about. I looked like my brother in that video. I seriously do like my mom was like, 'You looked just like your brother.'
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Mr. Mariah Carey Speaks
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As a rapper, comedian, TV show host, and Nickelodeon corporate honcho, Nick Cannon knows how to talk a good game, but he still had a hard time convincing the world that he would someday marry his celebrity crush, Mariah Carey. So when the singer cast Cannon (out of the blue!) as her boyfriend in a music video, he wasted no time sweet-talking every guy's fantasy into his reality. Just after the couple's one-year wedding anniversary, Cannon tells us about their love story.

How did you know that Mariah was "the one"?
We had a meeting about the video shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and I ordered french fries. I always say grace over my food–coming from a family of ministers, it's the way I was raised–so I said, "Can you excuse me for a minute?" and bowed my head. She said, "You ain't gonna pray over my food, too?! I do the same thing!" A lot of people say they're spiritual 'cause it seems like the right thing, but then she pulled an electronic Bible out of her purse. I never meet anyone in the business that's on the same level as I am spiritually, so that was the first thing that opened my eyes to, Whoa, this could be something unique. We spent the next weekend together, but it felt more like a getaway than a video shoot. It was also her... well, she doesn't have birthdays; she has, like, anniversaries of her twelfth birthday, so we had that "celebration," and all weekend we were like, "You too?! No way–get outta here!"

Speaking of birthdays: How does the 11-year age difference play into the attraction?
People have always said I have an old soul, and all my best friends are 10 to 15 years my senior. I needed someone who could understand where my head was. A lot of the girls my age were impressed by silly stuff like money and fame. I wanted to be able to have intellectual and spiritual conversations with someone who was on the same page as me. But Mariah and I connect on a lot of different levels. We know how to be well-spoken and carry ourselves in a very mature manner, when need be. Mariah's been doing that all of her life, and so have I, so we value and appreciate those opportunities when we can act like adolescents. We run companies; we can be very business-savvy; but at the end of the day, we also like to be fun-loving kids. We have that eternal-youth thing going on.

I read that during the video shoot for "Bye Bye," you would pass her little notes and give her candy, and you proposed with a candy ring. Do you still make romantic gestures like that?
Absolutely! She really loves balloons, so I found a place that will put toys and messages inside, so you gotta pop the balloon to get them. Another thing: Ever since that first conversation about spirituality, I would e-mail her a daily encouragement that had a Bible verse and words of inspiration. I called them "Daily E's." After six months, she lost her BlackBerry, and she was so upset that she had lost them. She had no idea that I had been saving every last one of the Daily E's, so I had them published in a leather-bound book and gave it to her on our one-year anniversary.

Mariah is notorious for pulling all-nighters at the studio, and you're at the Nickelodeon office all day. How do you make time for each other?
It's crazy. She finished in the studio at around 7 a.m. this morning, just when I was waking up. We see each other in passing. So our favorite thing to do is to take two days and just shut everything down. We stay in bed, watch DVDs, listen to music, and eat junk food. You gotta always make sure that you always put that other person first. So even when you're at your job, you still have to put in the effort and have the mentality of, Yo, I'm doing all this to better the union that I've created with this other person.

Do you have any nicknames for each another?
Everyone calls her Mimi or MC, but I call her Mariah. She calls me Peanuthead because my head's shaped like a peanut.

Do you ever get jealous and worry about all those other male fans who are saying–like you used to–that they want to marry Mariah Carey?
Nah. She's people's fantasy, and that's how it's supposed to be. And hey, I got people fantasizing about me, too!

You recently posted a very heated note to Eminem after he called Mariah names and poked fun at you in his new song. Were you defending your lady's honor?
I had to let it be known that I would never just sit quiet and let someone disrespect my wife like that. It wasn't no real beef or anything like that. He don't want it.

You've put out two rap albums. Have you and Mariah ever thought of making sweet music together?
I am not worthy to be on a Mariah Carey record. She's a true artist, so I just step back and watch the genius occur.

Do you sing to her at home?
I sing New Edition and Bobby Brown all off-key at the top of my lungs, and that's her alarm clock. My bad singing is the only thing that can wake her up: It's like smelling salts.

Have you and your wife talked about having kids of your own?
Our plan was to enjoy our first year together, and now we're in the stage of making sure everything is in order. Our schedules are so crazy; you don't want to say, "Okay, we'll have the baby on Thursday and then go on tour on Friday. "So we're making sure we can welcome a child into a very comfortable and livable situation."

You're a comedian, and Mariah has shown a funny streak with hilarious videos like "Touch My Body" (with 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer). Do you ever play practical jokes on each another?
All the time! It's Joke Central around here. A couple weeks ago at the balloon store, I bought this thing that looks like a fake paintbrush with dried paint on it. She has this priceless piano that used to belong to Marilyn Monroe, so I made it look like somebody put a wet paintbrush on top of it. She didn't find that too funny, but I thought it was hilarious!

You're a very stylish guy: You ran a fashion company, wore Balenciaga to your wedding, and are always photographed in fabulous suits at the office. Do you and Mariah ever talk fashion?
Mariah's fashion game is definitely on a different level than mine. She actually knows Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana. I didn't know those people actually existed I thought they were just names.
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Scans: Memoirs Booklet in ELLE Magazine
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A condensed version of the Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel booklet, sans the 14 pages of CD-specific material, is included as an insert in the October 2009 issue of ELLE magazine, now available on newsstands!

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Oprah Live in New York Friday, Rain or Shine
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 15-Sep-2009, 1:22PM EDT
Oprah is rolling into Central Park on Friday -- where the weather report calling for rain is not the only dark cloud on the horizon.

Friday's Central Park show at the SummerStage -- near 69th Street and Fifth Avenue -- featuring Mariah Carey, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa will tape at 10 a.m., rain or shine, and air in its usual 4 p.m. slot on Ch. 7.

It will be the first time Oprah has broadcast her show from New York since 2007, when she coaxed David Letterman into his first sitdown interview in years.
Source: New York Post

"I Want To Know What Love Is" NOW on iTunes!
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Click here for HQ photo

"I Want To Know What Love Is," Mariah's second single off her new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, is now available on iTunes for $1.29. Download now!

The album is also listed as available now for pre-order for $12.99. The iTunes LP comes with a special suite of "Obsessed' remixes and videos. When you pre-order Memoirs, "I Want To Know What Love Is" will begin to download immediately. Your credit card will be billed for the track, and the remainder of the album's cost will be charged separately when it becomes available. An e-mail will remind you to download your copy. Pre-order now!

Meanwhile, the final cover art for Memoirs has been revised with slight changes. See photos below.


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Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel Collector's Edition
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A collector's edition of Mariah's new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel is being released on Tuesday, October 20, 2009.

This 4-disc box set comes with the CD + 2 LPs in white vinyl, and is now available for pre-order for $44.99 at
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Mariah on Oprah at Rumsey Playfield, New York
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 14-Sep-2009, 10:37PM EDT
Central Park in the fall is a grand spectacle of urban nature, but the usual autumn show there just picked up some fire power. This Friday, people pushing strollers will be joined by Oprah Winfrey, who will broadcast live from Rumsey Playfield. Mariah Carey will be guesting, performing a song from "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel." Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, a not-exactly underexposed pair, will be on hand, as will a lot of the gray squirrels that make Central Park such a wild kingdom. But if you want to watch it from somewhere besides your couch, you'll have to enter a lottery, which promises to be fairly frantic. A press release outlines the procedure:

A limited number of tickets for this special live broadcast are still available at Anyone interested in attending must go to Oprah's Web site to secure a reservation. Reservations are first-come, first-serve. Anyone who plans to attend the taping must have an official ticket and valid photo identification - audience walk-ups will not be permitted. All tickets are free. All guests must be 18 years of age or older.

So, you might want pull yourself up off that sofa, by your bootstraps, natch, and make an effort to join Oprah for a walk in the park. And skip the hot dog cart on the way in. You know Oprah would not approve.
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New Photo: Mariah Recreates Debut Album Cover
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Below is another photo from the promotional photoshoot for the new Memoirs album. In the picture, Mariah recreates the cover pose on her 1990 self-titled debut album, Mariah Carey.

2 0 0 9

1 9 9 0
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Precious Message
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 14-Sep-2009, 5:32AM EDT
Deeply touching film a labor of love
When Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Tyler Perry and Mary J. Blige are just part of a news conference panel, you can be fairly sure something big is going on.

Add such names as director Lee Daniels, actors Paula Patton, Sherri Shepherd and newcomer Gabby Sidibe, and what you've got is a gathering on behalf of the movie Precious. The full name of the film is Precious: Based On The Novel 'Push' By Sapphire, so that fans of the book won't somehow miss this transformation onto the big screen. Sapphire herself was in attendance yesterday.

This group chat with the media took place a few hours before the movie had its gala screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. What quickly became evident is that the movie is a labour of love for all concerned.

Precious is the story of a young woman in Harlem whose life is beyond desperate. She is obese, friendless, pregnant through incest, endlessly abused by her mother, ridiculed by the other kids in the neighbourhood and about to be tossed out of school.

When the opportunity comes to attend an alternative school, Precious takes it. With the help of her teacher, played by Paula Patton, Precious begins to see that she has certain options. Against extraordinary odds, she begins to make a life for herself.

Starting with director Daniels' assertion that faith in God is what it took to get the book made into a movie, everyone involved spoke about what it meant to them to be a part of the film.

Asked how she'd address people put off by the sound of the plot, Winfrey said, "It is so raw, it will suck the air out of the room at the end of the film, and that's a very good thing. When I finished watching this film, the first thing I did was call Tyler (Perry) to get Lee's number and tell him how I was gasping for air. I think it's a good thing that we are taken to that level of engagement with this film."

Perry said, "For anyone who has endured this kind of situation, me being one of those people, it left me with hope. I think that if people really saw it for what it is, and understood the power of making it through that kind of situation, I don't think it's dark at all, as much as what it leaves you with at the end is hope. Precious walks away with her life and her faith and her love, for the first time, for her children."

The character of Precious shows the world a tough face, but she has a rich imagination and an inner voice that's smart and philosophical.

The story's novelist, Sapphire, said "people would often come up to me after reading the book and say, 'Well, we've never seen a character like Precious before,' but of course they had seen her every day, but they had passed her by. They had dismissed her because of her appearance, because of her inability to read, because of her inability to function in the culture. My mission as a writer was to give her a voice and soul that would not allow her to be dismissed by society."

Added Winfrey, "When I finished watching that movie, I literally had to breathe. I didn't cry until the card came up, with "For Precious Girls Everywhere," and I recognized myself in that character, and most of all I recognized that I have seen the Precious girls of the world, and they have been invisible to me. The message of that movie is that none of us who sees the film can now walk through the world and allow the Preciouses of the world to be invisible to us again."

Mariah Carey said, "We were crying between scenes. It was emotional. It was deep for us. The cameramen were crying."

Mary J. Blige, who wrote a special song for the movie, said, "When I saw the film, all I could think about was growing up in my neighbourhood and knowing that girl, or even that guy who was Precious, and actually living in those situations myself and having some of the things that happened to Precious happen to me. And while those things were happening to me, from the time I was five until I was in my late 20s, my life seemed, like, I saw everything in black and white.

"I never dealt with the issues Precious had to deal with, I had never dealt with the fact that I was molested as a child. I never dealt with that. I never dealt with the fact that I watched family members, young men, suffer the same exact thing Precious suffered -- and die because they didn't want to live in that situation anymore. For me, everything was in black and white. And the reason I named the song I Can See In Color is because when I finally ... got to the point where I thought, 'I just can't live like this any more,' everything turned to colour.

"I wanted people to understand it's a very, very dark place -- and in order to be free you have to want to be free. I came from my own life experience, and I put lyrics to the song that best describe what the film is."

Paula Patton, who plays Precious' teacher, talked a bit about the teacher's role in the lives of these underprivileged girls. Among other things, the teacher lets the girls know that this is their last chance. "An education is your only way -- your only way" Patton said. "I remember my father, who grew up in Como, Miss., the son of a sharecropper. I remember him saying, 'Every black person, with an education, you can change your life.'" Patton, overwhelmed with emotion, paused briefly while she struggled not to cry. "You start with the alphabet and from there you can conquer the world."

Gabby Sidibe, the acting newcomer who plays Precious, said, "Before, I was a psych student and a receptionist. I've grown as a person. Not that I have a big head 'cause I'm an actress, and I'm awesome now -- I fully believed that I was awesome then! The weird thing is, I got so much education on set, being around these people I admire. It's an education I wasn't getting in college, an education I wasn't getting as a receptionist. I'm a smart girl, but now I have a different knowledge of how life can be. I had no business going to that audition, but the biggest thing I learned is that I was wrong about what I could do. I thought I'd be a receptionist for the rest of my life."

Watch a video of the full Precious press conference here.

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Source: Toronto Sun | Ritcher | Joao

Photos: Mariah at TIFF
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 13-Sep-2009, 1:24PM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah at the premiere of Precious: Based On The Novel "Push" By Sapphire during the Toronto International Film Festival on September 13, 2009.

Lionsgate and Blackberry Precious Pre Gala Cocktail Party
at the Royal Ontario Museum

Precious premiere at the Roy Thomson Hall

Press conference for Precious held at the Four Seasons Hotel

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Joao

Mariah at The Palms - Fan Reviews and Photos
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 13-Sep-2009, 8:09AM EDT

Friday, September 11
"Mariah was a little late, but the real fans didn't seem to mind, since this is how she normally arrives. Butterfly place and the curtain dropped from the ceiling to the floor. I few seconds passed and the music switched to the Fantasy sweet dub mix. Mariah came down from the ceiling on a large loop where she was sitting in the middle. She has on a long dress; however when she got to the floor, she pulled it off the reveal a "new Mariah" ensemble (a very short dress and six inch heels). Another thing that stood out was when she sang I Want To Know What Love Is. She said that 'they' are making her release that as her second single. Mariah was beautiful and interacted with the audience. At the beginning, someone asked her if she's going to party... And she referenced to that comment between a couple of songs... 'Since those people down there think that I'm a drinking kind. Well, I know how to have just a little bit of fun!' Her voice was solid and warmed up. She was all over the octaves on her classic songs. I didn't want the show to end. I cried through the first half of songs!" --Lee Sayles

"Me and my boyfriend just came back from Vegas. We saw MC on the opening night. If was fantastic. I was just mesmerised by Mariah, every time she looked my way I just felt paralysed. I have been a fan from the very beginning. It was a dream come true when I got front row tickets to her concert. She looked so beautiful I couldn't believe how close I was to her. We had a great time. Her voice is amazing, everything about her is amazing. Her dresses were gorgeous. She even has time to make her fans laugh between songs. I have never heard her sing Close my eyes live before. She sang I Want To Know What Love Is so perfect. I'm loving Obsessed and Up Out My Face. Loving Mariah long time." --Lisa Southall (UK)

"I just wanted to let everyone know what an awesome job Mariah did tonight! The sequence of the show was really well done. Her set was beautiful. It had two levels where her band was above her and it was white with purple lighting. One of my favorite parts was when Mariah left to go backstage... this little door opened up under her band and backup singers. It was very clever. Mariah sounded A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She sang most of her classics and three new songs! My favorite was I Want To Know What Love Is. This was the first time I saw Mariah live! I was really impressed... she is so entertaining... she has conversations between songs with fans. She truly is so genuine! My only complaint was no cameras allowed. I listened and followed the rules but when I got in the Pearl, I saw cameras everywhere and when Mariah came down like a beautiful fairy or angel, fans screamed and took pictures. I wish I had my camara but at least I respected Mariah's wishes. Thank you for letting me review this unforgetable concert!" --Brianna Butler

"THE voice was amazing! Very very nice vocals although there are few songs she didn't sing live (like Angels Cry & Close My Eyes) but she has nothing to prove anymore and we don't blame her! With the choreography, we all know Mariah isn't a dancer and with Miss Allen on the field I thought she would do more dance moves but no, the only proper dance routine was on Obsessed (same as when she performed on America's Got Talent). By the way the crowd got crazy when she performed Obsessed, we were all dancing like crazy and I loved it! Love this song ever more! The big highlights of the evening were definitely the new songs she performed. Angels Cry is REALLY, REALLY amazing! As I said it's got this We Belong Together feel and I love that! Would be a very nice single. The other new song she introduced was Up Out My Face. First she started off as 'this is my favorite song of the album' so I thought it was going to be H.A.T.E.U. since she's been so hyped up about it on Twitter but no it wasn't. She also said, pay attention to the lyrics, especially towards the end. Let me tell you, this Up Out My Face song is also a big hit, although most of the people didn't really know it, people were dancing & cheering on it. Also when introducing the song, she said: 'I will do a song that you guys don't know... well you might cause someone decided to put THEIR demo out there but anyway we love them' and I was LMAO! So from what she said I think The-Dream got this demo out to the public otherwise she wouldn't have said that. Overall I thought it was an AMAZING performance! Amazing vocals! MC is the best ever! I love her so much!" --Jordan Saxemard

"She came in floating from the ceiling wearing a gold dress with detachable tutu (I don't know what else to call it, haha). I LOVED the concert. Was everything I expected and more. I could tell she was getting tired towards the ending but who wouldn't after singing an hour and a half! From the songs she sang from her new album... this is gonna be a HIT!" --David

"I was front row to Mariah's concert last night! She complimented my outfit twice! And acknowledged my signs as well! I loved the show had the best time last night! Mariah looked beautiful and sang her heart out! I'm going to tonight's shows as well! The treat of the night is I got to talk and take pictures with Trey Lorenz and Sherry Tatum, Mariah's background singers!" --Amanda Marroquin

"The concert was amazing there were not enough lambs but the lambs that were there connected. MC did a great performance her hubby Nick was groovin' to her newest songs. Debbie Allen was there making sure the dancers were on point. I can say it was worth my $257 ticket." --Queencreole

"Last night's show was amazing! MC put the rumors to rest... She has not lost a thing!! Her voice was on point, She looked stunning!" --Rachelle Taylor

Saturday, September 12
I just got back from the show and all I can say is it was amazing! I was sitting front row right by the stage and Roque, Kristopher, Raychel and Mariah's crew would come out to watch and stand in front of us before rushing back to help MC change. Mariah blew a kiss at me during Honey after I blew a couple to her! The show was really well put together (kudos Debbie Allen I really loved the Its Like That picture frame dance) and very simple and tasteful (I only had an issue with the lighting concept, not very exciting and a little too bright). The dancers were used during almost every song and the interludes where Mariah was changing were great. This was the best I've heard Mariah sound in a long time, definitely Charmbracelet Tour status! Yeah, the normal stuff was lipped but she sounded absolutely fantastic and strong on every single song and was not holding back at all. One highlight was when she sang the end of Make It Happen after changing, she belted it out so powerfully, it reminded me of her years ago! My All and Always Be My Baby were also sung very well. Honestly, she had no problems with her voice, she was holding the notes and ad-libbing, she really could have done all of it live. I love that she did Subtle Invitation and Close My Eyes and I particularly loved the elegant Vegas entrance and beginning with Daydream Interlude, I definitely didn't expect that! And she added Hero at the very end tonight, kind of disappointed she didn't sing Vision Of Love. Angels Cry and Up Out My Face were good to hear live, can't wait to hear them on the album, especially Up Out My Face, sounds funny! Yeah, she's a little stiff but she's a diva and I think she's just playing up that card now. She joked a lot with the audience, asking everyone if they were drinking and when Kristopher and Roque came to touch her up on stage, she yelled she wanted champagne, not water and that it was abusive they didn't give her champagne. She joked about her hair and she also forgot some of the words to Honey, lol. This was such a nice setting and she was very talkative and the audience was loving her. The only problem with Vegas crowds is they aren't always there for the artist and aren't super responsive all the time but the hard-core lambs definitely showed her love and the show was sold out, I only noticed a few empty seat by the stage, everything else was full. I really want to go again next month, I was really impressed. It's so great to see her not do the same thing she's been doing on the last couple of tours. Maybe at the next set of shows she'll do more songs and be even better." --Newton Gordon

"Mariah was beautiful, elegant, and graceful as she performed classics with new songs from Memoirs. All the songs seem to go well next to each other and seemed to flow as a CD of hers would; the vocals were the best EVER! One Saturday night, myself and Alex who sat beside me both got I love you's back from MC, it made out nights! I love all the new songs too, they blended right into the mix. Up Out My Face is the new Shake It Off/ Cruise Control; and Angels Cry reminds me a little of Bye Bye and another song, I just haven't put my finger on it yet! Mariah... thank you for putting on such inspiring performances both nights, you were astonishing as well as the backup singers, the dancers, and the band." --Jeff

For the first night by the Grace of God was able to get front row and this date also happened to be my birthday, I couldn't believe it. When Mariah first appeared, she was like an angel in the sky! She started with the Daydream Interlude, which is one of my favs, I had just been listening to it prior to the shows. Some of the highlights were Subtle Invitation (which I thought I would never get to see live again and is one of my all time favorites) and Close My Eyes because I never heard this live before. During the show I had my Adventures of Mimi tour book with me and right before she sang Close My Eyes I held up a sign saying 'Can I have a hug' and MC agreed but said it would be hard because of her ensemble lol so i was about to hop onstage but security didnt let me so she signed my tour book for me :). I told her it was my birthday and she said happy birthday and then the crowd started screaming too, I almost had a heart attack. Who gets a birthday like this? I LOVE YOU MC. Her vocals were incredible the entire night! She was really prepared for these shows. She did 4 songs from MOAIA and they were stonegrooves! Up Out My Face was funny. What an amazing night!

The next night was incredible too, I was 5th row and was with my mom and sister, they love MC too. This night the crowd was more enthusiastic and MC was more relaxed and was having more fun. The setlist was the same as the night before but at the end she added Hero, which was a nice surprise! Security was really strict both nights so taking pictures and videos was almost impossible with where I was sitting. I asked one of the cameramen what they were filming for and he said she was planning on putting out a DVD, that's probably why they were so strict but if it's true I cant wait! All in all these were the best shows I have seen Mariah do thus far, these were my 7th and 8th concerts I've been to. Her vocals were on point, the setlists were more eclectic and unpredictable, which was really cool! The only thing is I wish she would have done more songs from E=MC2 since she didn't tour for, hopefully she'll add sum on the next set of shows. --Jeremy Silva

Thanks to Jesus, Alex, Nick, David, Martin, Amanda, Stevie Zhong, Liu Chuan Leon for sharing their pictures!

Source: --

First Look: Macy's Come Together Commercial
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 12-Sep-2009, 3:21PM EDT
Watch the Macy's Come Together commercial entitled "Make Room For More" featuring Mariah Carey.

Source: Macy's

Photos: Mariah's Opening Night at The Palms
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 12-Sep-2009, 3:18PM EDT
Below are photos from the opening concert night (Sept. 11) of Mariah's four dates at The Pearl Theatre in Palms Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas.

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Press Reviews: Mariah at Palms, Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 12-Sep-2009, 2:12PM EDT
Carey feels old school, shines anew - but does popular R&B singer have a bigger future in Las Vegas?
By Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Grade: B

Her voice can be a caress or a cannon ball and she's classy, like silk underwear, Grey Poupon and Ron Burgundy.

Mariah Carey, a sequin come to life, is a throwback diva with a nouveau sparkle, wearing glittery dresses so tight, that they force her to swish across the stage carefully with her legs pressed together, looking like a mermaid attempting to navigate land upright.

Still, she's a loose, graceful presence, and at The Pearl at The Palms on Friday night, where Carey kicked off the first of a pair of two-night stands at the venue, she never seemed to overexert herself, never appeared to break a sweat much less a nail.

Unlike today's crop of young pop prime movers, the Beyonces, Britneys and Ciaras of the world, Carey doesn't twist herself in knots in elaborate fits of choreography -- that's what her dancers are for -- nor does she rely too heavily on backing tracks to do her singing for her (though all of her vocals were certainly not live at The Pearl).

Instead, Carey heralds more from the Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle school of femme fatale frontwomen, ladies whose mere presence conveys a kind of glamorous gravitas that is its own sort of showmanship.

Carey carries herself the same way, ambling across the stage casually, chatting with the crowd in-between songs nonchalantly, turning in a loose, leisurely, 90-minute set.

But if Carey exudes the relaxed air of an old-school performer, the material she performed on this night catered much more to the modern day libido.

In many ways, Carey has aged in reverse, going from a playful, barely hinted at sexuality early on in her career to something more ribald and direct as she's gotten older, evolving from kitten to cougar.

This point was underscored at The Pearl, where Carey eschewed many of her biggest hits -- "Hero," "Emotions," "Vision of Love," "Someday" -- for more current material where the hormones are perpetually at high tide.

"Maybe I grew up a little too soon," Carey sang on dramatic torch song "My All," and these days, she seems to be all about making up for lost time with a youthful flirtatiousness.

"Throw me on the bed," she instructed during the sweaty R&B bump and grind of "Touch My Body."

Carey's most recent albums, including her forthcoming new CD, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," are colored more by the domineering bass lines and self-assured bravado of contemporary hip-hop than the big-voiced adult contemporary grooves that initially made her a household name.

To wit, her show on Friday had almost an impromptu feel to it, with an eclectic set list and a lack of staged moments for big numbers, which lent the evening a relaxed vibe.

It was not an overly elaborate production by Vegas' high-watt standards, save for Carey descending from the rafters on a flowery trapeze at the beginning of the show and a few dance interludes.

Because of this, some members of the audience, which ranged from grandmas to twenty-somethings in tight skirts, could be heard grumbling about the relatively quick and off-the-cuff nature of the show, which ended somewhat abruptly after a brief, one-song encore of "We Belong Together."

And so it remains to be seen whether Carey could become a regular Vegas headliner, for which this stint could pave the way, seeing as how she seldom capitulates to the crowd, nor does she seem to be all that enamored with the fireworks expected from a high-priced Vegas production show.

But this is also what separates her from the Chers and the Celine Dions out there.

It's kind of ironic, really, that this is a town perpetually in transition, always looking to the future in hopes of glimpsing the next big thing with which to dazzle the millions who flock here, and yet so many of its entertainers are mired in the past.

If nothing else, Carey offers a break from this line of reasoning, not to mention a break from reason in general.

And really, what could be more Vegas than that?

Mariah in no particular hurry during measured show at The Pearl
By John Katsilometes, Las Vegas Sun

Few stars can be so comfortable in their fame that they take a mid-show break for a makeover while still onstage. But Mariah Carey, as pretty and delicate as fine crystal, took a few moments during her show last night at the Palms' Pearl Concert Theater to recline on a white couch while two man servants touched up her makeup, teased her hair and provided her with a glass of bubbly.

"You like the hair?" she asked. Yes. We like the hair.

The scene didn't feel at all out of place, either, during Carey's coolly measured performance. I didn't think it possible for a recording artist to perform a full 90-minute show without breaking a sweat, but Carey seemed to manage that, maintaining a glossy, picture-perfect appearance throughout. The real heat came from the crowd, which stood and shouted such messages as, "We love you, M.C.!" and "You're beautiful, Mariah!" A few people near me appeared positively spellbound by Mimi, who still has that amazing, piercing voice.

As a result, Carey has appeal that stretches across seemingly every demographic (especially, it seems, gay men). It's being reported by my man URL -- Ubiquitous Robin Leach -- that the hotel might be ready to sign Carey for an extended residency at The Pearl. Given her evenly paced performance, if that were to occur, there would be scant concern about artist burnout. As a sample, perhaps, of what's to come, she's back tonight to conclude her weekend in Vegas (tickets are still available, at this writing, at the Palms Web site).

Additional notes from last night's show, assembled numerically.

61. Minutes after 8 p.m., the show's scheduled start time, that Carey was carefully lowered to the stage on a big swing to start the show.
4. Members of Carey's backing band.
3. Members of Carey's backing band who played keyboards (including the bassist).
2. Aerialists performing with a cube above the stage during "Angels Cry," a new song from her latest release, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel."
3. Songs before Carey's first wardrobe change.
32. Number of wheels onstage for "Best of Me," as four backup dancers sashayed across the stage wearing roller skates.
1. Song performed by special guest Tre Lorenz, Michael Jackson's "Rock With You."
4. Age, in years, of the little girl in the row in front of me, held by her mother, who knew all the words to "We Belong Together."
2. Times the little girl has seen Mariah Carey in concert (she was taken to a show at age 1).

Me and Mariah: An encounter with the diva after 16 years
By Sarah Feldberg, Las Vegas Weekly

Until last night's performance at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms it had been about 16 years since I'd seen Mariah Carey. If I had been within cheek-pinching distance of the songbird diva, I might have been tempted to give her a slow head shake and a, "My, how you've grown!" Good thing I was in the upper deck; I can't imagine 39-year-old Grammy-winning singers enjoy getting those from anyone but their grandmothers and maybe Aretha Franklin.

A lot can happen in 16 years. Since my last in-person encounter with Mariah, I've gone through puberty, graduated high school and then college and left urban living on the East Coast for a retirement community in Florida and then the suburbs of Las Vegas. I've also learned to pluck my eyebrows, drive a car and make strawberry mojitos. Oh yea, and Mariah's changed, too.

The Mariah who descended onto the stage last night perched atop a decorated swing was a diva without even trying. Dressed throughout the night in curve strangling (hugging just doesn't cover it) bedazzled gowns and cocktail dresses, Mariah belted out new tunes and a few classics with the poise of a seasoned pro.

Men danced around her. Fans screamed her name. Mariah ate it all up with a smile and an occasional hip shake in heels so precariously high it looked like the singer was afraid to walk at more than turtle's speed and stride.

By the looks of things, the Glamazon couldn't have been more different than the young woman I met a decade and a half ago...

The last time I saw Mariah, she was wrapped in a towel and shivering. Her curly hair was held back loosely. She was wearing very little makeup, cut off jean shorts, and the girl had on a plaid shirt. Mimi doesn't wear plaid anymore. She's wears Swarovski crystals.

The occasion was the filming of her "Dreamlover" video, a playful romp that places the Long Island native in cornfields frolicking with friends and swimming in what appears to be a country lake. Her male backup dancers perform without her in frame, and Mariah gives a few coy smiles as she lies in the grass holding flowers. It's all very wholesome. Compared to the ensembles she sports in her latest video for "Obsessed," the Mariah of "Dreamlover" practically looks Amish.

Nine years old at the time, I was on a field trip from overnight camp when I stumbled upon the filming of the video's underwater scenes at Bish Bash Falls in Western Massachusetts. I'd thought the afternoon would be split between swimming and complaining about the frigid mountain water temperatures, but the falls were swarmed with crew working on Mariah's video. We ended up spending the day watching them shoot what would turn into about 10 seconds of footage in the final cut. You can't even tell that the fully clothed figure splashing around in the murky water is at the impressive falls. A waste of forcing the starlet into freezing water, if you ask me.

I don't remember how long they filmed for or much of the actual process. I was nine, remember, and my starstruck daze didn't last very long. For most of the
afternoon I was more interested in playing with Mariah's dogs – a Doberman and something of the small and yappy variety – than trying to catch a glimpse of the singer as she pretended to enjoy her dip. Her band mates entertained us, and, when the shoot wrapped, a cold yet gracious Mariah spent a few minutes signing our sweatshirts and chatting before her manager hustled her off to warm up. We invited her back to camp for dinner, but she declined. Smart woman – the food was awful.

The Mariah who gripped a jeweled mic stand and made five costume changes last night – each one a variation on the same heavy cleavage, very tight theme – was all grown up. But her voice, put to work on new songs like the emotional ballad "Angels Cry" and guilty pleasure oldies like "Always Be My Baby," sounded just as clear as it always has. You better believe that she can still hit those high notes, belt out the lower ones and do work all over her five-octave range.

And Mariah can connect with a crowd. Despite barely being able to move in her restrictive outfits and the elaborate staging complete with a crew of high kicking dancers that even donned roller skates for one particularly elaborate number, Mariah seemed surprising real. Between songs she chatted with the audience, making off-the-cuff remarks on the possibility of ripping her dress and sharing her thoughts on the next single off her upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, a remake of Foreigner's, "I Want to Know What Love Is."

While the diva sounded great on it, she frankly admitted to the crowd that she had some other ideas about what the next single should be. I can't imagine that was in the script.

Mariah played a few other tracks off what will be her 12th album, including one that she said "epitomizes the feeling that we have about other people sometimes." I waited for her to launch into a ballad about that special someone, that feeling you get when you look into the eyes of the one you love... But that wasn't quite what she meant.

"We love everyone," she told the crowd with a chuckle, "and this one's called 'Up Out My Face.'" Hold up. Diva's got a sense of humor? When the show wrapped and an exuberant Mariah let fly the last lines of "We Belong Together," her head and hands punctuating her voice's impressive work, she waved goodbye with a massive smile and teetered through an open door on the multilevel set. I breathed a sigh of relief; she hadn't toppled over once during the 90-minute show. Minus the crowd, the cleavage, the stage and the stilettos, it was the same goodbye as 16 years ago. Still the same Mariah.

Mariah's Opening Night In Las Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 12-Sep-2009, 5:18AM EDT
Mariah's first show in Las Vegas just recently ended, and it was absolutely amazing! Mariah did an incredible job singing the familiar hits as well as songs from the new album. Check back tomorrow for concert tidbits, photos and reviews. Below is the show's set list:

Butterfly intro
Daydream interlude
Shake It Off
Touch My Body
Fly Like A Bird
Make It Happen
Angels Cry
Always Be My Baby
It's Like That
Subtle Invitation
Trey Lorenz - Rock With You (Michael Jackson Tribute)
Heartbreaker (Remix + Original)
Close My Eyes
My All
Up Out My Face
I Want To Know What Love Is
We Belong Together

Please send us your reviews and pictures to and we'll be happy to post them!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

An Intimate Affair with Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 11-Sep-2009, 2:13PM EDT
The article below appears in the Sept. 11-17 edition of Las Vegas Review-Journal's Neon magazine.

Mariah Carey shows at Pearl give audience chance to get close to star

Greco has a working relationship with the superstar singer, who celebrated the one-year anniversary of her marriage to actor/comedian Nick Cannon at the Palms last year, and so he reached out to her camp with a proposal of his own.

"I basically said, 'How do you feel about doing something a lot more intimate?' " Greco recalls. "And the reaction was, 'Wow, that's a great idea.' "

And so Carey agreed to do two, two-night stands at the 2,500 seat Pearl at the Palms, which begins this weekend before returning on Oct. 9.

For Carey, who can still fill the largest of halls and who packed the MGM Grand Garden arena when she last performed in Vegas in 2006, these are among the most up-close-and-personal shows of her career.

And of course, they raise the obvious question: Will Carey eventually partake in a Vegas residency of her own?

"I think it's a logical step for her, it's just a question of when," Greco says. "She has as many number one songs as Elvis. This is a legitimate superstar, somebody who could do a show, not do five of her biggest songs and still leave people satisfied."

The timing seems to be in Carey's favor. She's two decades into a career that's seen her notch 18 number one hits, win an armload of Grammys and move more than 60 million records in America alone, where she was the top selling artist of the '90s.

And unlike, say, Cher or Bette Midler, who still draw well but who don't sell many records these days or have much of a presence on the pop charts, Carey is still a real commercial force, with a new album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," due out on Sept. 29, that is all but assured of scoring her another number one debut.

If she was to perform in an extended run of shows here, Carey would rank high among the artists with the most contemporary album-selling power to ever engage in a prolonged residency.

And her audience is arguably broader than that of the Celine Dions of the world.

In a way, Carey has had two careers: Upon releasing her self-titled debut in 1990, she became a household name with soaring, climactic ballads and generally tame R&B-lite hits with her five-octave alto booming through her tunes like cannon fire. For the most part, her songs were chaste and well-mannered, with Carey playing the role of the good girl next door with a voice the size of Rhode Island.

She was a safe and likeable pop star whose appeal resonated with both teens and parents alike.

By the mid-'90s, Carey started to incorporate subtle touches of hip-hop into some of her material, most notably on her remix of "Fantasy," which featured an appearance by since-deceased Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard.

But after beginning to stagnate a bit with 1999's "Butterfly" and bombing completely with 2001's "Glitter" movie and soundtrack, after which her label at the time, Virgin Records, paid Carey $27 million to go her own way, she started to see her star dim.

With 2005's much more hip-hop influenced and libidinal "The Emancipation of Mimi," however, Carey got her mojo back, notching the highest selling album of the year.

In doing so, she began to reach younger rap-weened fans. She embraced more revealing, curve smothering clothes, wed a dude 11 years her junior and even appeared on the cover of Playboy at one point.

All of a sudden, a heightened sexuality seemed to spring from Carey like a buxom jack-in-the-box, lending her a more youthful vigor despite the fact that she had been in the business for more than a decade-and-a-half by that point.

But in embracing a more contemporary, urban direction, could Carey alienate her older fan base, a demographic that tends to have more disposable income than their younger counterparts? Certainly, some of the success of Celine, Cher and Bette has been attributable to the fact that they draw a well-monied baby boomer crowd from all their hits in the '70s. These are the kind of folks who can afford trips to Vegas and premium-priced tickets to see a superstar in a more cozy setting.

Are Carey's prospects a bit less certain if she doesn't appeal to this audience?

"For me, it's not a concern at all," Greco says. "I think she's going to have tremendous legs."

No one is going to argue that Carey's legs aren't, in fact, tremendous, but will those legs be strutting across The Pearl stage in a more extended engagement in the near future?

"We've certainly had discussions," Greco says. "When the time is right, she'll know and we'll know. It'll be a decision that's based on convenience and logistics. I think it's definitely a distinct possibility."
Source: Neon | Text: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah Rehearsing at Palms in Vegas
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 11-Sep-2009, 3:29AM EDT
Tonight's E! News and Daily 10 showed a video clip of Mariah rehearsing to "Obsessed" on the Palms' Pearl Theatre stage Wednesday night. Download video below.

Download: Mariah Rehearses "Obsessed" at the Palms, Las Vegas
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Billboard Update: "Obsessed" Rises 11-7 on Hot 100
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 11-Sep-2009, 2:01AM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated September 19, 2009.

Billboard Hot 100: #7 (Last week: #11)
Billboard Hot 100 Airplay: #7 (Last week: #7)
Billboard Pop 100 Songs: #18 (Last week: #21)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #14 (Last week #14)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #14 (Last week #14)
Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs: #3 (Last week #8)
Billboard #4 (Last week: #2)
Billboard Yahoo Video: #1 (Last week: #1)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #10 (Last week: #12)
Downloads this week: 71,686 (+4%)
Total downloads: 667,582
Billboard Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #2 (Last week: #1)
Sales this week: 3,011 (-16%)
Total sales: 21,258

HIGH-FLYING 7, 27: After spending four of its prior eight chart weeks, including the last three, at No. 11, Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" breaks through the top 10 barrier, rising 11-7.

The track is the Carey's 27th top 10, lifting her into a three-way tie for fifth-most top 10s since the Hot 100 launched in 1958. She also ties for second-place among women:

37, Madonna
34, The Beatles
28, Michael Jackson
28, Stevie Wonder
27, Mariah Carey
27, Elton John
27, Janet Jackson

"Obsessed" reaches the top 10 thanks to its No. 7 ranking with a bullet on Radio Songs/Hot 100 Airplay and a 12-10 rebound on Digital Songs. With the title's rise, Carey has now logged time in the top 10 on the Hot 100 in 17 of 20 years since her arrival. Stretching to the bow of "Vision of Love" on the Hot 100 dated June 2, 1990, she's been absent from the top tier only in 2002, 2004 and 2007.
Source: Billboard

New Photos: Mariah Recreates Butterfly Era
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 10-Sep-2009, 9:07PM EDT
Below are brand-new gorgeous photos of Mariah, taken from a promotional photoshoot for the new album. In the pictures, Mariah seems to recreate the iconic 1997 Butterfly album photoshoot.

Last month, a picture of Mariah was released in which she recreated her 1990 self titled debut / "Vision of Love" photoshoot.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Johny

Mariah to Attend Precious Premiere at TIFF
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 10-Sep-2009, 10:13AM EDT
View exclusive snaps from Mariah Carey's rehearsal at the Palms in Las Vegas. She's doing shows there at the end of this week, and then two in October. Her "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel" CD launches on September 29th.

Mariah finishes her Saturday night now, then flies directly to Toronto this coming Sunday morning. The big "Precious" premiere is on Sunday at the Toronto Film Festival, with Oprah hosting, and the "Precious" cast taking bows. Mariah is sensational as Mrs. Weiss, the social worker who tries to bring together the two main characters.

As I've told you, Mo'Nique will be the first Oscar nominee ever – Best Supporting Actress – with an apostrophe in her name.

For Carey, "Precious" finally shows off her acting side. All bad memories of previous adventures on film are wiped out.

This Tuesday brings the release of Mariah's cover of the Foreigner classic, "I Want to Know What Love Is" with a full gospel choir. Can't wait to see that live!
Source: Roger Friedman - Showbiz 411

Preview Clips from Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 10-Sep-2009, 8:47AM EDT
Amazon Germany gives an exclusive 30-second preview of each track from Mariah's new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel! Click here to listen now!

Following is the track listing for the European version of Memoirs with the corresponding running time for each song.

1. Betcha Gon' Know (the prologue) 4:00
2. Obsessed (Album Version) 4:02
3. H.A.T.E.U. 4:27
4. Candy Bling 4:03
5. Ribbon 4:21
6. Inseparable 3:33
7. Standing O 4:00
8. It's A Wrap 3:58
9. Up Out My Face 3:41
10. Up Out My Face (the reprise) 0:51
11. More Than Just Friends 3:37
12. The Impossible 4:00
13. The Impossible (the reprise) 2:25
14. Angel (the prelude) 1:04
15. Angels Cry 4:01
16. Languishing (the interlude) 2:33
17. I Want To Know What Love Is 3:26
18. Obsessed (Cahill Radio Mix) 3:20
19. Obsessed (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit) 3:12
20. Obsessed (Jump Smokers Radio Edit) 3:19
21. Obsessed (Friscia and Lamboy Radio Mix) 4:11
Source: | Nico | Kevin | Joao | Gilbert

"I Want To Know What Love Is" on iTunes
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 10-Sep-2009, 12:34AM EDT
"I Want To Know What Love Is," Mariah's second single from her new album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, will be available for download at iTunes on Tuesday, September 15th.

"100%" Not Included in Precious?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009, 10:59PM EDT
Mariah Carey's "100%" from Lee Daniels's Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire will reportedly no longer be included in the film. Instead, a new contender has joined the fray: Mary J. Blige, whose original track "I See in Color" was included for the first time in a print of the film screened last week at Lionsgate in Santa Monica. But it's the story behind its inclusion that is most interesting.

Blige reacted to "Precious" quite emotionally. What she saw on the screen hit her so close to home that she became personally invested in the film and wanted to contribute in some way. "I See in Color," which plays during a key scene in the film (and therefore has a leg up with the music branch), is the result.
Source: InContention | Ritcher

"Obsessed" Enters Hot 100's Top 10 at #7
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009, 6:01PM EDT
Congratulations Mariah! After four weeks of being stuck at #11, "Obsessed" moves up four places to #7 and becomes Mariah's 27th top 10 song on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart.

Of the 27 songs, Mariah has eighteen #1 songs, four songs peaked at #2, two at #3, one at #4, one at #5 and one at #7 (so far!)

"Vision of Love" - #1
"Love Takes Time" - #1
"Someday" - #1
"I Don't Wanna Cry" - #1
"Emotions" - #1
"Can't Let Go" - #2
"Make it Happen" - #5
"I'll Be There" - #1
"Endless Love" - #2
"Dreamlover" - #1
"Hero" - #1
"Without You" - #3
"Fantasy" - #1
"One Sweet Day" - #1
"Always Be My Baby" - #1
"Honey" - #1
"My All" - #1
"I Still Believe" - #4
"Heartbreaker" - #1
"Thank God I Found You" - #1
"Loverboy" - #2
"I Know What You Want" - #3
"We Belong Together" - #1
"Shake It Off" - #2
"Don't Forget About Us" - #1
"Touch My Body" - #1
"Obsessed" - #7

Mariah now ties Elton John and Janet Jackson for the #5 artist with the most top ten Billboard Hot 100 entries:

1. Madonna (37)
2. Elvis Presley (36)
3. The Beatles (34)
4. Stevie Wonder (28)
4. Michael Jackson (28)
5. Mariah Carey (27)
5. Elton John (27)
5. Janet Jackson (27)
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Carey: The smitten newlywed on her new album
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009, 2:18PM EDT
Mariah Carey has sold more than 160 million albums worldwide, and, if radio play for the first single on her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, is any indication, she's on the verge of racking up more No. 1 hits than the Beatles. But underneath the pop varnish, Carey's just a smitten newlywed in the middle of a home renovation, juggling a job and a new puppy. Sort of...

Congratulations on the album! Can you describe the new sound?
Each song is its own snapshot of a moment in a story. But overall, the vibe is R&B hip-hop with a lot of slow jams.

What kind of mood were you in when you wrote the album?
Each song has its own mood; some flow seamlessly into each other, and that was the purpose, and others are very different. The album has a sense of humor you can hear me laughing out loud at certain points but it also has deep and introspective moments.

Is there a track that holds special meaning for you?
Since I write almost all my songs, they all do. But a song like "The Impossible" is very much where my life is right now because I am actually in love for the first time.

Congratulations on celebrating your one-year wedding anniversary with Nick Cannon. How's married life?
Amazing, better every day.

How do you two spend your free time?
We travel a lot. I think we've been to over 35 cities already.

Did Nick weigh in on the album?
We tend to do our own thing, but I did like sharing the process of this album with him, as we have the same taste in music and he's a great DJ and loves music.

You just bought a house in L.A. What's it like?
It's a Georgian manor. We basically redid the entire thing, from the floors to landscaping to the closets, which are inspired by my New York apartment, with a men's and women's department store-esque feeling! Of course, I have the salon and Nick has a basketball court, which is his favorite place in the house. And I love having the outdoor space so the dogs can play. It's not too small; it's not too big; it's not a monstrosity. It's a home.

Are you permanently moving to L.A.?
No, I'm bicoastal and always have been. When I came to L.A., I just used to stay in hotels or rented homes.

You've been looking great lately. How do you stay in shape?
When I want to lose weight, I'll avoid carbs and anything fried. I eat mostly soups with protein, and drink lots of water and chamomile tea.

You love your Jack Russell terriers. How's your puppy, Cha-Cha?
She's adorable. Nick got her for me as a present, but she loves me the best! She sleeps in the bed with me when Nick goes to work. And she gets along with Jack Junior, aka JJ, my other dog. We want to breed them!

So, now that you're happily married and have completed yet another album, do you think you'll ever take a break?
I've been doing a lot of other interesting things, which I'm super excited about, like filming Precious. It's an incredible movie by Lee Daniels, inspired by the novel Push, written by Sapphire. I read it a long time ago, and it changed my life. Everyone should read it.

Forget for a moment that you're an international superstar. How would you describe yourself?
Hmmm... festive, emotional, creative, "artsy," a jokestress.

How often do you think about music? Is it always in your head?
Constantly! It has been ever since I can remember. I always have a song that's a melody I'm making up, or a song on the radio. Music is a constant for me and it always will be.

You've had so much success. Where would you like to be in 10 years?
I try to live in the moment. It says in the Bible, Matthew 6:34: "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
Source: ELLE

Details From Inside Mariah's Vegas Rehearsals
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009, 11:04AM EDT
Warning: Spoilers Ahead! The following report contains some spoilers for Mariah's upcoming shows at the Palms in Las Vegas. Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoiled.

Mariah arrived at the Palms in Las Vegas on Monday, Sept. 7th to start her rehearsals on the Pearl Theatre stage for her Sept. 11 & 12 concerts at the venue. The first photo below shows Mariah's caravan arriving at the Palms' private entrance at around 7:30pm PT on Monday.

At last night's rehearsals, choreographer Debbie Allen and the dancers were running through "Subtle Invitation" and "Close My Eyes." Only two dancers were onstage for the "Close My Eyes" number and they danced to it in a ballet-like fashion. Then a new song from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was played and the dancers were dancing to it.

When Mariah arrived, there was a bit of downtime, she was very quiet, as she is resting her voice as much as possible. When the rehearsal started, Debbie wanted them to do "Obsessed" but Mariah segued into a ballad from Memoirs. A beautiful piano melody was played with Mariah's subtle vocals on top of it. Based on the audio from the rehearsal, we suspect it may be the "Languishing" interlude from the new album, but can't know for sure. The music then turned into the opening notes of "I Want To Know What Love Is."

They then ran through her entrance which will be set to an instrumental version of "Butterfly."

Two other pictures from last night are included below: stage set-up and Mariah rehearsing a song on the Pearl Theatre stage.

More pictures from last night's rehearsals below, courtesy of

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah on TIME Magazine's Must List This Fall
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009, 10:12AM EDT
TIME magazine names its 50 Things to See, Hear and Do This Fall and Mariah is on the list twice: for her new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel for September and film, Precious for November.

On sale Sept. 29
With no compelling commercial reason to vary her formula, Mariah Carey, the Nora Roberts of Pop, returns with more romance, more ballads (notably a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is"), a shorter dress and an army of the world's top hip-hop beatmakers to ensure that there's not a single underproduced moment. Expect sales to be vigorous. –Josh Tyrangiel

Opens Nov. 6
This teenager in 1980s Harlem has precious little to live for. She's illiterate and morbidly obese, her mother scolds and beats her, and she is pregnant with the second child by her absent father. Can Precious's life get any worse? Lee Daniels' Sundance prizewinner, based on the 1996 novel by Sapphire, asks a different question: Can this girl be saved? The answer comes from a caring teacher for whom no cause is hopeless. In an indie winner that's even more inspiring than it is harrowing, Gabourey Sidibe lends her full dramatic weight to Precious, and pop stars Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz shine in glamourless roles. But the big news is comic actress Mo'nique as the mother, a figure of surpassing horror and late-blooming pity. You should hear her name on Oscar night. –Richard Corliss
Source: TIME | Calvin

OBSESSED Airplay & Sales Update WE 9/8/09
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009, 9:38AM EDT
Digital Sales:
Hot Digital Songs: #10 (Last week: #12)
Downloads this week: 71,686 (+4%)
Total downloads: 667,582

Singles Sales:
Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #2 (Last week: #1)
Sales this week: 3,011 (-16%)
Total sales: 21,258

Hot 100 Airplay: #7 (Last week: #7)
+5.7 million audience impressions

76.331 million audience impressions with 13981 spins (Rhythmic - 6029, Pop - 4807, Urban - 2777, Urban A/C - 216, Hot A/C - 96, A/C - 15, Alternative - 1, Adult Alternative - 1, MTV - 6, MTV2 - 9, BET - 4, VH1 - 8, Fuse - 12).

All Access
CHR/Top 40: #16 (Last Week: #20)
+616 spins, 22.191 million impressions
#4 most increased spins with 143 stations playing

Rhythmic: #2 (Last Week: #2)
+72 spins, 33.894 million impressions
96 stations playing

Urban: #8 (Last Week: #6)
+38 spins, 15.027 million impressions

Urban A/C: #33 (Last Week: #30)
-34 spins, 0.657 million impressions

#6 (Last week #16)
Source: MariahDailyJournal | bks

Vote for a Mariah Divas Moment
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 08-Sep-2009, 4:38PM EDT
VH1 is conducting a poll on favorite VH1 Divas performances in the VH1 Divas vault and Mariah has a few eligible performances:

VH1 would like to find out which past Divas performances are the fan-favorites. You can vote for Mariah as many times as you'd like in two ways: in the comments section of this post or by hitting VH1 at their Twitter page with the name of the performer and song title (if you tweet, include the hashtag #vh1divas). Voting ends Wednesday, Sept. 16.
Source: Rich Juzwiak - VH1

Mariah to Promote New Album in South Korea
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 08-Sep-2009, 1:59PM EDT
MariahDailyJournal is able to confirm that Mariah is scheduled to be in South Korea on October 12-14, 2009 to promote her new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel.

South Korea is her only promotional stop in Asia thus far confirmed. It is not yet known whether or not Mariah will visit other countries in the region during this trip.

This is Mariah's first visit to South Korea in over 5 years. She kicked off her Charmbracelet World Tour in Seoul in June 2003 and came back for another show in February 2004 in Pusan.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

EW: Mariah is Amazing in Precious
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 07-Sep-2009, 1:23PM EDT
EW's OscarWatchers Dave Karger and Missy Schwartz give a preview of the most anticipated movies at the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 10-19). Part I of their report is about the three female-driven standouts: Precious, Bright Star, and An Education which they say "will certainly have moviegoers buzzing at the Festival and over the next few months." In discussing Precious, they rave about Mariah's impressive performance in the film.

Dave Karger: You and I are also both very impressed with Mariah Carey's performance in this movie.
Missy Schwartz: I couldn't believe that I was looking at Mariah Carey. We're all aware of this superstar-larger-than-life-far-from-down-to-earth persona that she has and it couldn't be further from what we see in this movie. She has straggly hair. She wears ill-fitting frumpy clothes - Rayon, I guess.

DK: Native Rayon which she hated.
MS: I'm not surprised, I would hate them too. And I even detect a little, possibly, maybe it was bad angle, facial hair. It is so unflattering but she's so good and she works it. She plays a social worker who's working with this young, troubled teenager and she's amazing. I wanted to see more of her on screen.

Precious will screen during the Toronto International Film Festival at the following times: Sunday, Sept. 13, 9:30pm (Roy Thomson Hall) and Monday, Sept. 14, 12:30pm (Winter Garden Theatre). For ticketing information, click here.
Source: EW | Text: MariahDailyJournal

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 06-Sep-2009, 4:35PM EDT
• US Fans: We have until 11:59pm PDT TODAY to download "Obsessed" from Amazon for free! Click here and follow the directions to apply the code FIRSTMIL to your account which will give you a $1.29 credit for an MP3 download. Downloads will count toward the Billboard Hot 100 so get "Obsessed" now!

• Prive nightclub at Planet Hollywood just announced Nick Cannon will be the guest DJ on Monday, September 7. Their Twitter page claims Mariah will be there. Mariah's rehearsals start at the Pearl that night so it's most likely she'll make a quick appearance.

• To the right is a picture of the neon billboard sign advertising Mariah's shows at the Palms in Las Vegas.

• Free gold tote bag and free shipping with your $65 or more Forever Mariah Carey purchase at Just enter code: MARIAHTOTE. Offer ends Sept. 17.

• Mariah is #1 on Moviefone's 5 Reasons Pop Stars Should Make Movies: "1. Mariah Carey in 'Precious' (2009): The songstress with a multi-octave range may just have some range as an actress too. She's near unrecognizable in the gritty indie originally titled 'Push,' that was, hands down, the best reviewed flick out of last year's Sundance Film Festival. Maybe she's repenting for the godawful 'Glitter' or getting acting tips from her young hubby, the surprisingly versatile Nick Cannon. In any case, keep it up, Mimi."

• In anticipation of the release of Mariah's new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel in Hong Kong on September 28, Beijing Club (2-8 Wellington Street, Central) is holding an all-Mariah Carey night every Thursday of this month. A lucky party-goer will win a Mariah Carey special gift set from Universal Music that includes the new Memoirs album, fragrance, iPod skin and vinyl. More info here.

• Yahoo! Music lists the top 20 songs that have the biggest worldwide sales numbers, released as singles since the year 2000, and with sales of over 5 million units worldwide. Mariah is at #14 with "We Belong Together."

• Mariah's new fragrance Forever will be available at fine department stores in Australia on Nov. 1st.

• Mariah is #5 on Style Studio's "5 Hottest Stars Over 35" at Writer Nick Verreos says of Mariah: "You can take a girl out of Long Island but you can't take Long Island out of the girl! I love Mariah Carey but sometimes–ok A LOT of times–it's too tight or too short, bless her heart. It's her look and she's sticking to it! At 39, she's got a great body but I do think there are ways of showcasing her incredible figure without putting it all on display!"

• Mariah Carey gets a subtle plug in a viral photo of a young Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air shoot. WTFoodge described the photo as "pretty much sums up all of the 90s."

• The group Voices of Glory sang Mariah's original "Anytime You Need a Friend" in the first semi-final round of America's Got Talent. The performance was praised by the 3 judges. See their performance here.

• Watch Kristinia DeBarge singing "Obsessed" outside club Ultra Light in Montreal, Canada.

• Here's a clip from the X Factor 2009 auditions where Fouad, a Mariah Carey fan, performs his rendition of "Vision of Love." It's crazy but beautiful if only to hear the whole audience singing to "Hero"!

• Luscious Pink is available at TANGS in Singapore. The biggest bottle (100 ml) is priced at SGD150.00 with a special bonus 30 ml bottle of M by Mariah Carey. No information on availability for Ultra Pink or Forever.

• Mariah was mentioned in the Sept. 1st episode of "Cash Cab" Red Light Challenge. The question was: Name 4 Solo Artists with the most #1's on the Billboard Charts? Answers: Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Elvis Presley. Screen capture here.

• The team at MariahDownUnder would like to thank everyone for participating in their "Obsessed" contest. As a result of your support, "Obsessed" bulleted up 6 places on the official ARIA singles chart - including an 18% increase in sales. Further, airplay has increased yet again, pushing promotion in Australia. The following winners were selected at random: Alissa Ho (Australia), Joshua Knight (Australia), Mary Hammond (Canada) and Jazelle Katroni (Italy). All winners will receive exclusive Mariah items. Aussies, please continue to support "Obsessed" at any ARIA digital music retailer (iTunes, BigPond, Bandit.FM and Nokia Music Store).

• Thanks to the following fans for sharing their wallpapers/tattoos with us: Arief, Lord Michael, Angelo, Regina, Cameron, Francy, Jukie, Aimee, Cleiton, Scott and Silvio.

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Perfect 11
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 05-Sep-2009, 10:08PM EDT
Chart-watchers generally acknowledge that Nos. 2, 11 and 41 are the worst positions at which a song can peak on any chart. This week, Mariah Carey holds patiently at No. 11 on the Hot 100 with "Obsessed." The song has now spent four weeks directly on the doorstep of the top 10: the last three and its debut week on the July 25 chart.

The song is still bulleted, and gaining on Radio Songs/Hot 100 Airplay (up from No. 9 to No. 7 this week). But, should it fail to reach the top 10, it would join a select group of songs to log the most weeks at No. 11 without ascending higher.

Currently, here are the songs to spend at least four weeks at No. 11 on the Hot 100 and not reach the top 10:

5 weeks, "All for You," Sister Hazel (1997)
4 weeks, "Honey Chile," Martha Reeves & the Vandellas (1967)
4 weeks, "Time Has Come Today," The Chambers Brothers (1968)
4 weeks, "It's Raining Again," Supertramp featuring Roger Hodgson (1982)
4 weeks, "Gone," 'N Sync (2001)
4 weeks to date, "Obsessed," Mariah Carey (2009)

The No. 11 peak position has frustrated some of music's biggest names, including Elvis Presley (four titles), Michael Jackson ("Another Part of Me," 1988) and Madonna ("The Power of Goodbye," 1998). And, one iconic duo has turned the chart nightmare triple play. Hall & Oates peaked at No. 2 with the appropriately-titled "Say It Isn't So" in 1983, No. 11 with the even more appropriately-titled "So Close" in 1990 and No. 41 with "Don't Hold Back Your Love," the follow-up to "So Close," in 1991.
Source: Billboard

Exclusive: Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel Production Credits
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 05-Sep-2009, 11:28AM EDT
As promised, we have more information about Mariah's new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel for you. Below are running times and production details for each one of the album tracks. Most of the album was produced by the team of Mariah, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. James Wright and Crystal Johnson were the only other writers/producers involved in the album. Three songs use samples from other songs: "Candy Bling" (sample: "Back in the Day" by Ahmad, 1993), "Inseparable" (sample: "Time After Time" by Cindi Lauper, 1984) and "More Than Just Friends" (sample: "One More Chance" by The Notorious B.I.G, 1995). The album's total length is 1:20:36 (Disc 1 - 58:13, Disc 2 - 22:23).

Mastering Engineer: Brian Gardner
Executive Producers: Mariah Carey and Antonio "LA" Reid

Release Credits:
Executive Producers: Mariah Carey and Antonio "LA" Reid
Album Producers: Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
A&R: Karen Kwak
Management: Maroon Management and Violator Management
Management A&R Coordination: Scott Marcus
A&R Administration: Tara Bryan
Product Manager: Garrett Schaeffer
Mastered by: Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Art Direction and Design: Andy West
Design Photography: Michael Thompson
Hair by: Oribe
Make-Up: Kristofer Buckle
Art and Photography Coordination: Kristen Yiengst
Package Production: Carol Corless
Legal: Allen Grubman, Joe Brenner & Sonya Guardo
Business Management: Ron Nash & Rosemarie Passerino
Business Affairs: Michael Seltzer, Antoinette Trotman, Ian Allen
Sample Clearances: Deborah Mannis-Gardner for DMG Clearances, Inc.

1. Betcha Gon' Know (the prologue) 4:00
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart, Terius "The-Dream" Nash and James "Big Jim" Wright

Recorded by Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Studio at The Palms, Las Vegas, NV and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Additional engineering by Andrew Wuepper
Keys and Hammond B3 by Big Jim Wright and Tricky Stewart
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino

2. Obsessed 4:05
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Recorded by Brian "B-LUV" Thomas for RedZone Entertainment and Brian Garten at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA
Recording assisted by Luis Navarro
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Mix assisted by Giancarlo Lino
Production assistant: Christy Hall

3. H.A.T.E.U. 4:28
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Recorded by Chris 'TEK' O'Ryan and Brian Garten at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA; Honeywest Studios, NYC and Happy Beginnings
Recording assisted by Luis Navarro and Keith Gretlein
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innesound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino

4. Candy Bling 4:03
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart, Ahmad A. Lewis, Stefan Gordy, John Klemmer
Produced by Mariah Carey, Terius "The-Dream" Nash and Los Da Mystro
Contains interpolations from the composition "Back In The Day" written by Ahmad Lewis, Stefan Gordy and John Klemmer and published by Universal MCA Music Publishing (ASCAP)/Music of Windswept (ASCAP)/EMI Full Keel Music (ASCAP)/Remohj Music Co, (BMI). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Recorded by Brian Garten and Chris "TEK" O'Ryan at Honeywest Studios, NYC
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino
All instruments arranged by Los Da Mystro

5. Ribbon 4:21
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Recorded by Chris 'TEK' O'Ryan, Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino

6. Inseparable 3:34
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart, Robert Hyman, Cyndi Lauper
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Contains interpolations of the composition "Time After Time" written by Robert Hyman and Cyndi Lauper and publishing by Sony/ATV Music (BMI) and WB Music Corp. (ASCAP). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Recorded by Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innesound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino

7. Standing O 4:00
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Recorded by Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at Germano Studios, NY and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Kevin Porter
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino

8. It's A Wrap 3:59
Written by Mariah Carey
Produced by Mariah Carey, Heatmyzer, C. "Tricky" Stewart and James "Big Jim" Wright

Recorded by Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Keys and Hammond B3: Big Jim Wright, Tricky Stewart, Leon Bisquera and Monte Neuble
Bass Guitar: Alex Al
Percussion: Ronnie Gutierrez
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino

9. Up Out My Face 3:41
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Recorded by Brian Garten, Brian "B-LUV" Thomas and Chris "TEK" O'Ryan at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Engineering by Nick Chahwala at Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA and Namaste Studios, Marbleton, GA
Engineering assisted by Charles Malone and Justin Roberts
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino

10. Up Out My Face (the reprise) 0:51
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Engineering by Nick Chahwala at Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA and Namaste Studios, Marbleton, GA
Engineering assisted by Charles Malone and Justin Roberts
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino
Arrangement by Nicholas B. Thomas
Trumpet & Flugle Horn: Arturo Solar
Alto, Tenor & Baritone Sax: James M. King
Trombone & Bass Trombone: John J. Robert
Marching band by Southwest DeKalb High School Band Directed by James O. Seda Orchestra & Brazilian percussion by Juan M. Leguizamon & Pablo A. Correa

11. More Than Just Friends 3:37
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart, Sean Combs, Chris Wallace, Rashad Smith, Mark DeBarge, Etterlene Jordan
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Contains interpolations of "One More Chance/Stay With Me (Remix)" written by Sean Combs, Chris Wallace, Rashad Smith, Mark DeBarge and Etterlene Jordan and published by EMI April Music Inc. (ASCAP)/EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI)/Jobete Music Co. (ASCAP). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Recorded by Brian Garten, Brian "B-LUV" Thomas and Chris "TEK" O'Ryan at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA

12. The Impossible 4:01
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Recorded by Chris 'TEK' O'Ryan, Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Triangle Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino
Guitar: Julio Miranda
Vocoder: Monte Neuble

13. The Impossible (the reprise) 2:26
Written by Mariah Carey, Terius "The-Dream" Nash, C. "Tricky" Stewart
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash

Recorded by Chris 'TEK' O'Ryan, Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Triangle Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Mixed by Jaycen-Joshua Fowler and Dave Pensado for Penua Project/Innersound Mgmt. at Larrabee Studios, Universal City, CA
Assistant Mixer: Giancarlo Lino
Guitar: Julio Miranda
Vocoder: Monte Neuble

14. Angel (the interlude) 1:04
Written by Mariah Carey
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and James "Big Jim" Wright

Recorded by Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at Studio at The Palms, Las Vegas, NV and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Mixed by Phil Tan at Soapbox Studios, Atlanta, GA
Additional engineering by Carlos Oyanedel and Damien Lewis

15. Angels Cry 4:02
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Crystal Johnson
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and James "Big Jim" Wright

Recorded by Brian Garten and Brian "B-LUV" Thomas at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA and Honeywest Studios, NYC
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Keys and Hammond B3 by Big Jim Wright and Tricky Stewart
Mixed by Phil Tan at Soapbox Studios, Atlanta, GA
Additional engineering by Carlos Oyanedel and Damien Lewis

16. Languishing (the interlude) 2:34
Written by Mariah Carey, James Wright
Produced by Mariah Carey and James "Big Jim" Wright

Recorded by Brian Garten and Chris "TEK" O'Ryan at The Setai, Miami, FL; Honeywest Studios, NYC and The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA
Mixed by Phil Tan at Soapbox Studios, Atlanta, GA
Additional engineering by Carlos Oyanedel and Damien Lewis

17. I Want To Know What Love Is 3:27
Written by Mike Jones
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and James "Big Jim" Wright
Additional production by Randy Jackson for Dream Merchant 21 Music

Recorded by Chris 'TEK' O'Ryan and Brian Garten at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA; The Setai, Miami, FL and Honeywest Studios, NYC and by Kevin Guarnieri at West Lake Audio
Assistant Recording Engineer: Luis Navarro
Mixed by Phil Tan at Soapbox Studios, Atlanta, GA
Additional engineering by Carlos Oyanedel and Damien Lewis
Keys & Hammond B3: Big Jim Wright and Tricky Stewart
Background Vocals: Mary Ann Tatum, Sherry Tatum, Sherry McGhee and Big Jim Wright
Bass: Randy Jackson
Keyboards: Matthew Rollings
Keyboards: John Lemkuhl
Drums: Jerohn Garnett

1. Obsessed - Cahill Radio Mix 3:18
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Remix, production & programming by Cahill (J. Barlow/T. Condran/A. Powers/S. Rosser)

2. Obsessed - Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit 3:10
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Remix and additional production by Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel

3. Obsessed - Jump Smokers Radio Edit 3:17
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Remix and additional production by Jump Smokers

4. Obsessed - Friscia and Lamboy Radio Mix 4:09
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Remixed and produced by Friscia and Lamboy for

5. Obsessed - (Video) 4:04
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Video Producer: Ron Mohrhoff for H.S.I. Productions
Video Director: Brett Ratner

6. Obsessed (Remix) - (Video) 4:25
Written by Mariah Carey, Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Video Producer: Ron Mohrhoff for H.S.I. Productions
Video Director: Brett Ratner

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Hits The Bullseye in EW
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 04-Sep-2009, 8:27PM EDT

In Entertainment Weekly's September 11th edition, Mariah is featured in the center of "The Bullseye" for her new single, "I Want To Know What Love Is."

The Bullseye: Here's a look at the pop culture news that was right on target this week—and the events that missed the mark

Mariah + Gospel Choir + "I Want To Know What Love Is" = Ecstasy
Source: EW | Jorge

Exclusive: Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel Tracklist
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 04-Sep-2009, 10:25AM EDT
MariahDailyJournal is happy to reveal the official tracklisting for Mariah's new 2-Disc album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, due out in stores on Tuesday, September 29th!

Disc 1
1. Betcha Gon' Know (the prologue)
2. Obsessed
3. H.A.T.E.U.
4. Candy Bling
5. Ribbon
6. Inseparable
7. Standing O
8. It's A Wrap
9. Up Out My Face
10. Up Out My Face (the reprise)
11. More Than Just Friends
12. The Impossible
13. The Impossible (the reprise)
14. Angel (the prelude)
15. Angels Cry
16. Languishing (the interlude)
17. I Want To Know What Love Is

Disc 2
1. Obsessed - Cahill Radio Mix
2. Obsessed - Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit
3. Obsessed - Jump Smokers Radio Edit
4. Obsessed - Friscia and Lamboy Radio Mix
5. Obsessed - (Video)
6. Obsessed (Remix) - (Video)

NOTE: Fortunately for us fans, the 2-Disc edition is still on release schedule! Also note that neither JD's "100%" (reported theme song of Precious) nor the Timbaland production made the album's cut. Come back later for full production details of the album!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

US Fans: Download "Obsessed" from Amazon for Free!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 03-Sep-2009, 8:33PM EDT
To celebrate the milestone of surpassing over a million followers to its Twitter page, Amazon is offering a free MP3 download of any song up to $1.29!

Click here and follow the directions to apply the code FIRSTMIL to your account which will give you a $1.29 credit for an MP3 download. Then find OBSESSED and download!

Amazon's promotional offer is valid from Sept. 3, 2009 12:00am PDT through Sept. 6, 2009 11:59pm PDT. Downloads will count toward the Billboard Hot 100 so get "Obsessed" now!
Source: Amazon | Trong

HQ Photo: "I Want To Know What Love Is" Single Cover
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 03-Sep-2009, 2:33PM EDT
Below is the brand-new cover art, in high resolution, for Mariah's version of the Foreigner classic power ballad, "I Want To Know What Love Is," from her upcoming album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, in stores on Tuesday, September 29th.

Source: | Bernard

Photos: Mariah at Mr. Chow, Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 03-Sep-2009, 9:06AM EDT
Below are pictures of Mariah with husband Nick Cannon leaving Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday, September 2, 2009.

Source: Gossip Girls | X17

Billboard: "Obsessed" Remains at #11 on Hot 100
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 03-Sep-2009, 8:58AM EDT
Below, find Mariah's chart positions in Billboard magazine issue dated September 12, 2009.

Billboard Hot 100: #11 (Last week: #11)
Billboard Hot 100 Airplay: #7 (Last week: #9)
Billboard Pop 100 Airplay: #21 (Last week: #24)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #14 (Last week #12)
Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #14 (Last week #12)
Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs: #8 (Last week #18)
Billboard #2 (Last week: #2)
Billboard Yahoo Video: #1 (Last week: #2)
Billboard Hot Digital Songs: #12 (Last week: #11)
Downloads this week: 69,147 (-4%)
Total downloads: 595,896
Billboard Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #1 (Last week: #1)
Sales this week: 3,578 (-32%)
Total sales: 18,247
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah to Guest on Oprah Sept. 18
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009, 6:05PM EDT
Mariah is scheduled to be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday, September 18th, during the show's Season Premiere Week.

The Friday show will broadcast live from New York and will also feature Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa.

To find out what time and channel The Oprah Winfrey Show is on in the US and Canada, click here.

Update: Mariah will be performing live on The Oprah Winfrey Show in New York City on Friday, September 18! She will chat with Oprah as well as perform new music from her upcoming album Memoirs of an imperfect Angel.

Memoirs Worldwide Releases
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009, 1:38PM EDT
Below, find the release dates for Mariah's new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, around the world.

Release Date
September 29
September 25
September 29
September 30
September 30
September 28
September 25
Hong Kong
September 28
September 28
September 25
September 30
September 25
September 28
September 25
September 30
September 29
September 28

Memoirs Promo Ads
A large Memoirs banner hangs outside the J&R Music Building in Lower Manhattan, New York; and a poster greets Walmart shoppers in Midland, Texas.

Hong Kong: Pre-order Memoirs and get a free MP3 download of "Obsessed" Remix feat. Gucci Mane. Details here.

Taiwan: Universal Music Taiwan has also launched a pre-order campaign for Mariah's new album: Pre-order the album from Sept. 4 through Sept. 27 and get a free Memoirs portable two-fold mirror (pictured) with it.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Ila | Paul | Tim | Bernard | Sam | Simon | Rory | Tommy | Marcin | Adelyne

OBSESSED Airplay & Sales Update WE 9/1/09
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009, 1:05PM EDT
Digital Sales:
Hot Digital Songs: #12 (Last week: #11)
Downloads this week: 69,147 (-4%)
Total downloads: 595,896

Singles Sales:
Hot Singles Sales (Walmart): #1 (Last week: #1)
Sales this week: 3,578 (-32%)
Total sales: 18,247

Hot 100 Airplay: #7 (Last week: #9)
2nd greatest gainer with +6.5 million audience impressions

71.111 million audience impressions with 12922 spins (Rhythmic - 5821, Pop - 3978, Urban - 2764, Urban A/C - 247, Hot A/C - 59, A/C - 13, MTV - 8, MTV2 - 7, BET - 6, VH1 - 8, Fuse - 11).

All Access
CHR/Top 40: #20 (Last Week: #23)
+690 spins, 17.555 million impressions
#4 most increased spins with 143 stations playing

Rhythmic: #2 (Last Week: #5)
+433 spins, 34.111 million impressions
#7 most increased spins with 96 stations playing

Urban: #7 (Last Week: #9)
+192 spins, 16.005 million impressions

Urban A/C: #32 (Last Week: #30)
+4 spins, 0.874 million impressions

#16 (Last week #29)
Source: MariahDailyJournal | bks

New Photos: Mariah in Los Angeles
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009, 3:06PM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah out and about in Los Angeles, California on Monday, August 31, 2009.

Source: X17 Online

"I Want To Know What Love Is" Goes for Radio Adds
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009, 2:13PM EDT
According to All Access and Radio & Records, "I Want To Know What Love Is," Mariah's second single from her upcoming album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, is scheduled to go for adds at the following radio formats:

Although All Access and R&R get their data directly from the record labels, please consider this as tentative until an official announcement is made.
Source: All Access | Radio & Records | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher

Memoirs Pre-Order Campaign in Hong Kong
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009, 1:10PM EDT

Universal Music Hong Kong has launched a pre-order campaign for Mariah's new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel exclusively at HMV Hong Kong.

From August 31 to September 27, pre-order Mariah Carey's Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel and get a free download of "Obsessed (Remix)" featuring Gucci Mane MP3!

*You will receive an email with instructions on how to download the track; you will be charged for this title when you place your order, and this item cannot be cancelled.

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel is due out in Hong Kong on Monday, September 28.

Below are pictures of the Pre-Order campaign poster on display at an HMV store, and download coupons.

NOTE: The worldwide release of Memoirs will reportedly only include one (1) music CD; and the Elle mini-magazine booklet. The previously reported 2nd enhanced CD with the "Obsessed" video and remixes has been cancelled.

For the Hong Kong pre-order campaign, Memoirs with the Elle booklet will be available in limited quantity. Once sold-out, it will be replaced by a standard jewel case version without the Elle booklet.
Source: Universal Music Hong Kong | Bernard

Bahamian Tourism shells out $35k on Mariah Carey
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009, 4:17AM EDT
The Tourism Board is aggressively moving to be more than a line in a song in Mariah Carey's next album, shelling out $35,000 for a feature in her album's unprecedented product placement booklet.

It's a magazine/album business model creating waves as the pop-star gears up to release the much-anticipated "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" in stores this month.

Tourism's plug will be one of many, with several other products also moving to reel in the hundreds of thousands of fans expected to paw over the never-before-done album booklet.

It's the kind of buzz the Ministry is hoping will result in an increase in visitor arrivals — and maybe even second-home sales.

"What we're basically doing is inserting into the album cover talks about Eleuthera being her favorite place for vacation," said Nalini Bethel, head of External PR. "We're doing a trip giveaway.

"She has so much appeal, such a huge fan base and we are attempting to get her fan base to register to win so we can capture that data for re-marketing purposes."

Bethel, in an earlier interview, said the economic downturn in the U.S. has affected travel to this destination and that it will take a lot of advertising and creativity to get Americans to part with their money in such tough economic times.

The album's booklet has already stirred interest in the industry, with talk of many other artists looking to follow suit based on the success of Carey's foray into the 'unventured' arena. It is being touted as a possible savior to slumping album sales in the download era.

The returns on Tourism's investment will best be noted by the number of Carey-singing fans dancing through the airport's doors this fall and winter.

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