September 2010

Photo: Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Sep-2010, 8:24PM EDT
Amazon has now added a photo of the Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set, with the following copy: "This very special deluxe holiday package includes the Merry Christmas II You CD enclosed in a beautiful silver box (measures approximately 7.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches) along with a 40-page hardcover photo album, sticker tag sheet and collectible butterfly holiday ornament."

Amazon has lowered the price of the Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set to $47.99 (was $59.98); and a much lower price at Barnes & Noble at $35.90 (was $43.53).

NOTE: Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have updated their listing for the Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set with a new retail price of $53.99.
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Trey Lorenz Comes Out With New Gospel Album
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Sep-2010, 6:15PM EDT

Trey Lorenz: Singer Talks Mariah Carey, Beyonce & The Michael Jackson Memorial with Black Voices

He may be best known for being Mariah Carey's go-to guy for background vocals and duets, but Trey Lorenz is now ready to step out on his own again with a forthcoming gospel CD, his first offering in that genre.

The Florence, SC-bred crooner, who has worked with Carey from as far back as 1990, has released two solo R&B CDs over the years – 1993's Trey Lorenz and 2006's Mimi Presents: Mr. Mista.

Vowing to release a CD that his "parents would listen to," Lorenz will release his gospel debut 'Destined 2 Be 1' early next year.

Why a gospel album and why now?
First of all, I love Jesus and I grew up in the church. I think it's an idea that takes time to come to and that's the main reason. When I started working with my new management team they wanted me to name some of the things that I wanted to do and where do I see myself going. There are a lot of things that I love to do, but one thing I am passionate about and have wanted to do for awhile is a gospel CD. I always said that even though Whitney Houston did 'The Preacher's Wife' I really wished she had done a gospel project in the early 90's or the late 80's along with a live project. She is one of my favorite artists.

A lot of R&B singers who sing gospel don't execute it well and their gospel CDs sound like bad 80's R&B. What is your gospel going to sound like?
It's still a work in progress. I'm going to foremost sing stuff that I can be sincere about. I'm a writer as well so I have also been writing. I also want to do stuff that people can learn from essentially learning from my experience and things that I have gone through. Not that I have ever been a controversial artist or anything like that and on the two projects that I have had there has always been an inspirational song. It has come through all along.

You're a church boy from the south. How does your family feel about you doing this gospel record?
I think it's the prayers from my mother and my family that have always been like, 'Why do you feel like you have to do R&B?' I was like, 'Y'all had the records that I grew up on at the house.' I also love Motown because I'm an old soul and I love all of the old stuff. One thing that I feel is missing from a lot of music today is up uplifting lyrics. We do have some people that do it and I applaud them, but back in the day The O'Jays would have songs like 'Family Reunion' or something as simple as that. Sly and the Family Stone, The Emotions, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Staples Singers all had songs that were uplifting. Even Alicia Keys, because that's why she brought Kim Burrell out for 'If I Ain't Got You' at the BET Awards. I just feel like I'm maturing and I see that when I do things and I'm prayerful about it spiritually everything seems to go right. As a testimony to that, since I decided to do this project, 'Destined 2 Be 1,' which is distributed by Sony, everything has been falling into place.

The gospel community can be like a country club and they're funny about accepting artists from mainstream music. Did that worry you at all?
Coming from the secular world, sometimes you're also a little nervous or insecure about how you'll be perceived. It's really not about that for me at all. It's about me wanting to sing about what God has done for me and what He has brought me through and from. [Recently] I saw Yolanda Adams, whose spirit I love because she is always like a ray of light. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was working on an inspirational/gospel project. I told her I am working with J. Moss' musical director Floyd Thomas and she said, 'That's family. Let me know if there's anything that you need and I'm there!' Marvin Sapp and Donald Lawrence wanted to do something with my project, so just to see that embrace was great.

What other gospel artists do you enjoy?
For the most part, the only thing I listen to nowadays is gospel music. The Clark Sisters are like my favorites. I listen to J. Moss, Kiki Sheard, Kim Burrell, Men of Standard, John P. Kee and other people too, but those are the ones I know all of their songs. I forgot to mention that I listen to Mary Mary all the time. They were very instrumental in my want to do this because the thing is I knew that I wasn't really gonna do a straight up church album. That might come in time, but I like to dance also and they have kind of made it cool. I think Kiki did that as well through working with certain producers like Rodney Jerkins and the Campbell's. I'm just glad that it's more of a balance now with young kids. They are trying to give you something else other than a recreation of whoever is hot right now and that cookie-cutter. Everybody can't be Beyonce or R. Kelly. They are doing them fine and those are people that can be imitated, but not duplicated! I think that's one of the reasons that the music industry is at such a low because they really aren't giving people quality product. If they were doing that then I think would be buy music. I still buy music, but not the way I used to. I used to be so excited to read the album cover. I wanted to see who wrote this particular song.

Speaking of Beyonce, you also have worked with her, Usher, TLC, Selena and some others in addition to the work you've done with Mariah.
Even though people associate me with Mariah, I've also done shows with Beyonce and I love her work ethic, professionalism and what she brings to the game. But there are others I would love to work with. It looks like one of my dream collaborations might happen, which would be to work with Yolanda Adams and I'm really excited about that. I would really like to work with a Motown artist. I'd love to work with Karen Clark Sheard. Hold on, let me get deeper by saying that I would love to work with Gamble & Huff and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who I know. That would be exciting too because I love Janet Jackson too. I really wish they would get back with Janet. I would even like to work with some eighties artists.

Before I let you go, you and Mariah recorded the smash single 'I'll Be There,' which is a remake of The Jackson 5 song. You two also sang that at Michael Jackson's memorial last year. What was that moment like for you?
It was almost surreal and almost still feels like it never even happened. The crazy thing about it is that beforehand we were backstage and so many people kept coming by and speaking and then I went in the room with Mariah. Normally, we're just clowning, but since it was a memorial we had to be more serious and make it more geared toward Michael and that's how we kinda came up with the ending. Throughout this whole process no one came up to us to say that it was a funeral. We were thinking it was just a tribute. Usher was supposed to be there, Jennifer Hudson and those people. We just thought we were gonna be singing his songs so we'll do that. Then the curtain opened and it was a casket there it was just like whoa. Mariah couldn't even play it off because she was just choked up by the whole experience, which is understandable. I just remember that the casket was there. I hate singing at funerals period, but just imagine singing at one of your icon's funerals. It just doesn't seem like it happened, but it was an honor. I'm happy that I got to have that experience.
Source: Black Voices

Photos: Mariah Leaving Singapore
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Sep-2010, 9:29AM EDT
Below are photos of Mariah entering the VIP area at Terminal 3 of the Changi International Airport, Singapore at around 8:30am to catch a flight back to the U.S. on Tuesday, September 28. Hairul and Rohaishah were there to bid their idol farewell.

Hairul: "Since we got the news that Mariah was departing from her hotel at 7:30am, we decided to be at the airport early. So while we were sitting at Coffee Club very close to the VIP exit, we kept a lookout for any police cars or limousines passing by the road outside the airport. At about 8:30am, Rohaishah saw Mariah's bodyguards, and Mariah's big hair from afar (haha!) so us and the other lambs who came gathered behind the barricades (which has been setup earlier, hence we suspect that Mariah should be passing through the VIP exit). And then we saw Mariah, all smiles, and we asked for her autograph, although her bodyguard kept telling us that they were late for the flight and needed to go. But Mariah was so nice, she signed for all the fans, and agreed to take a group photo! Mariah pointed at Syazwan, saying that she remembered him, and told the police around her not to push him away. Then we said goodbye, telling Mariah that we can't wait for the Christmas album. Mariah even wished us an advance Merry Christmas, and she walked through the gate. That was the closest encounter I ever had, my legs were shaking, my heart beating so fast! Everybody was like so starstruck after that, and was in heaven!"

Here's a short video, recorded by Rohaishah, of Mariah at Changi Airport.

Source: Hairul | Rohaishah

Mariah's Last Stand: On Flats
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Sep-2010, 9:25AM EDT
A little more on Mariah Carey's humorous fall on stage in Singapore.

Apparently she twisted her ankle in those high fashion boots. A friend told her she should have packed more sensible shoes. Mariah's response: "I don't have any!"

Now Mariah's publicist, Cindi Berger, is sending her flats via Federal Express.

But still no one is saying anything about Mariah's much rumored pregnancy. There's always a chance that she is not pregnant, that her larger size is due to the process of trying to get pregnant-steroids, etc. What way to live, in a fishbowl. You wonder sometimes how people can take being observed and commented on constantly.

One thing about Mariah: she has a sense of humor. And to one commenter who wrote in about her voice: on the You Tube clips, to me, Mariah sounds just fine.
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Photos: Mariah Back in the US
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 29-Sep-2010, 1:56PM EDT
Mariah was spotted arriving in a wheelchair at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, Sept. 28 afternoon after a very successful concert in Singapore.

On their respective Twitter pages, Mariah's manager Chris Lighty and backup singer Sherry had this to say to calm down worried fans:

Chris Lighty: "Yes Mariah Carey is ok. A little fall didn't stop her show or her. True champion."

Sherry: "For the people who are just genuinely concerned for MC I will say that she is fine."

Mariah's publicist Cindi Berger tells E! News: "Mariah twisted her ankle in Singapore and should have packed more sensible shoes, but she doesn't have any. I'm sending her a pair of flats today."
Source: CelebSightings | Sherry | MC-News | Dano | NPG

HSN-Exclusive Merry Christmas II You for Int'l Fans
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 29-Sep-2010, 3:13AM EDT
MariahDailyJournal has once again decided to give our international visitors the opportunity to own a U.S. only Mariah Carey release! As we all know, Mariah's new Holiday album Merry Christmas II You is being released with the exclusive DVD only at HSN who unfortunately is not able to ship to and bill to addresses outside of the U.S.

We would be happy to place the order with HSN for you! You can own the new Merry Christmas II You CD/DVD set for the price of US$30.22 each.

$14.95Merry Christmas II You CD/DVD
3.95HSN S&H
1.84Sales Tax 9.75%
7.50*S&H (from USA II You)
1.98PayPal surcharge
$30.22Grand Total

*Estimated shipping cost, incl. packing materials, if needed. Any excess of the actual cost charged will be refunded to you. We came up with the $7.50 shipping charge based on a 2-CD, 8oz package recently mailed to France (see photo of the receipt here). We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Let us know if you want to add insurance on your package (see USPS insurance rates here).

International fans, if you're interested to own this HSN-exclusive, e-mail us at for further instructions on how to send your payment. We only accept PayPal as a method of payment. As soon as your CD has been received from HSN (by Nov. 2), it will be mailed immediately the following business day. It normally takes 5-10 business days for your item to arrive, depending on your location.

We tried to see if we could get a discount on a bulk order, unfortunately HSN was not obliging. In reply to our e-mail, HSN's Customer Service wrote: "I'm very sorry, HSN is not a wholesaler and we are unable to offer discounts for mass purchases on the CD. If you purchased these items, it would be at the price listed on, plus shipping per an item. I apologize that we are unable to offer a reduced shipping rate, as the CDs ship directly from the manufacturer. When we do not receive a discount on shipping costs, there is nothing for us to pass along to the customer."
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David Morales to Work on New Mariah Remix?
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Sep-2010, 6:38PM EDT
On his Twitter and Facebook pages, Mariah's long-time working partner DJ David Morales posted the following on Monday, September 27:

Had an amazing wknd in Brazil. On my way back to Camp David to work. Got a call from Mariah's camp to do her nxt single. I love working w her. Hope we can make it happen bet my album and the short amount of time I hv b4 going to Asia nxt wknd.

"Dreamlover" was the first Mariah song turned into a dance/house mix by David back in 1993. Their most recent collaboration up until now was the 2005 remix to "Say Somethin'." In 2008, he was tasked to remix "Touch My Body" but the project was unfortunately shelved due to Mariah's tight schedule. Below is a list of Mariah songs that were remixed by David Morales and their respective peak position on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

"Dreamlover" - #1
"Joy To The World" - #17
"Fantasy" - #1
"Always Be My Baby" - #6
"Honey" - #1
"The Roof" - did not chart
"My All" - #5
"Fly Away (Butterfly Remix)" - #13
"I Still Believe" - #1
"Can't Take That Away" - #6
"Loverboy" - #45
"It's Like That" - #1
"Say Somethin'" - #1
Source: David Morales | MariahDailyJournal | Taz

Update: Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Sep-2010, 3:06PM EDT
As we previously reported, Merry Christmas II You will also be released in a Collector's Box Set version on Tuesday, November 2nd. Below is an updated list of what's included in the collector's edition.

Merry Christmas II You - Collector's Box Set
• Mylar Gift box
• Jewel case with 12-page book & 1 CD
• Hard cover, 20-page spiral Scrapbook
• 1 plastic butterfly ornament in a mini-jacket
• 6 Christmas gift tag stickers.

You can pre-order this limited Collector's edition at Amazon for $59.98 or Barnes & Noble for $43.53.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Adam

Full Audio: Mariah Live in Singapore
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Sep-2010, 9:02AM EDT
You can listen to the full audio of Mariah's show at the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore City, Singapore on Sunday, September 26, 2010 by downloading each song individually, or the entire show at once below. Thanks to Andy!
01-02. Butterfly Intro & Obsessed
03. Emotions
04. Make It Happen
05. Dreamlover
06. It's Like That
07. One Sweet Day
08. I'll Be There

09. Touch My Body
 --  Champagne Speech
10. Shake It Off
11. My All
12. Always Be My Baby
13. We Belong Together
14. Hero
Source: Andy | MariahDailyJournal

Mariah: The Ultimate Diva
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 28-Sep-2010, 8:29AM EDT
American singer Mariah Carey's diva attitude is nothing short of legendary.

When she flew into Singapore in the wee hours of Saturday, she met fans and sweetly signed autographs for them.

Then, she reportedly asked for a massage at her Sentosa hotel.

A source told AsiaOne that Carey had another request - that her hotel room be strewn with pink and white rose petals.

Yes, it's clear that Carey, 40, has her demands. But she also has a sense of humour.

Carey, who is married to American comedian and TV host Nick Cannon, was in town to close the F1 concerts - which smartly lined up mainstream celebrities like Missy Elliott, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry and Sean Kingston to appeal to the mass crowd who turned up at F1.

Carey proved that the formula worked - a crowd of some 35,000 showed up after Sunday's races to catch her performance on the Padang stage.

She opened her 90-minute show with the catchy Obsessed (2009), which is reportedly about rapper Eminem (with whom she was rumoured to have had a little liaison, circa 2001).

Carey, all big hair and sass, then began to play the diva - hilariously so.

"My shoes are killing me," she said, before launching into a debate on whether she should take them off (her assistants eventually helped her with that task).

She asked whether the fan could be moved closer to her.

She asked if someone could bring her water.

"I'm tired, I'm sorry," she giggled.

She would later drink water out of a champagne glass, say that she was "shockingly" pouring water on her own, and collapse on a divan lounger brought out just for her.

It was all theatrics, all playing to the image she has built for herself - a sweet, slightly naive, sometimes-inane little gal who can really, really sing.

The crowd waited for her to catch her breath before she launched into Dreamlover (1993), recorded at a time when much was being made of Carey's five-octave vocal range. She still has it. Her voice peaked, swooped, and made you listen (despite sound problems that had the speakers crackling).

Carey's 11-song set was clever, covering the entire range of her career, from the early hit Emotions (1991), to the moving break-up song Always Be My Baby (1996), and the dancier, more current tracks like It's Like That and Shake It Off (2005).

Carey, who is rumoured to be pregnant (there was an awkward moment in the song Touch My Body, which contains the lyrics "Do you like my curves?" and, well, you could see there was a lot to love), also took a tumble while singing Make It Happen (1992).

She was helped up by her dancers, and her humour was on show again as she told the crowd, "I did that on purpose!" She also took very extended breaks during her show, making one wonder each time if she was coming onstage again.

One thing Carey could not avoid were comparisons to another diva: Beyonce.

The 29-year-old was in town last year to perform at the F1 Rocks show, held during the F1 period, though not organised by the Singapore Grand Prix.

So, here's the breakdown: Beyonce wins in terms of sheer athleticism. At her concert, the Single Ladies singer performed all the dance moves she is famous for, barely getting breathless.

But Carey, on the other hand, has the vocal chops and the range. She has learnt restraint, too, as her later records show, and her lower range is beautiful. Beyonce doesn't compare here (sorry, B).

In the end, as Carey launched into the ever-popular Hero (1993), you realise why people came out in force to see her.

Despite the theatrics, Carey is no joke. She is legend.
Source: AsiaOne

HSN's Exclusive On-Air Launch of Merry Christmas II You
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 27-Sep-2010, 3:54PM EDT

HSN Partners with One of the Greatest Singers of our Time - Mariah Carey - for Exclusive On-Air Launch of her New Holiday Album 'Merry Christmas II You'


— New album to be bundled with 30-minute DVD featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Carey recording second Christmas album, candid interviews and never-before-seen personal photos and festive Christmas videos —

HSN, a leading multichannel retailer, has partnered with one of the greatest singers of our time - Mariah Carey - for the exclusive launch on October 20 of her highly anticipated holiday album, Merry Christmas II You, ahead of its worldwide release on November 2 on the Island Def Jam Music Group.

The album will be bundled with a 30-minute DVD featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Mariah Carey recording her second Christmas album, candid interviews with the artist discussing her inspiration behind the album and reminiscing about the holidays and favorite traditions,footage of her album photo shoot with acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle, interviews with Mariah Carey's mother Patricia Carey and composer Marc Shaiman, and pictures from Mariah's personal photo holiday collection.

"This album is a labor of love - a gift to those who share my excitement about the Christmas season and want to fill this special time of year with heartwarming, festive and uplifting music," said Mariah Carey. "This is the sequel to 'Merry Christmas' from me II you. On the DVD, you'll see some exclusive behind-the-scenes moments of the making of this album, which are yours exclusively courtesy of HSN. Hope you love the album and the DVD! Merry Christmas! Love Mariah."

Merry Christmas II You contains original material and holiday classics, including a re-record of Mariah Carey's original self-penned #1 Christmas classic "All I Want for Christmas is You," as well as her new single "Oh Santa," an undeniable holiday smash destined to top the Christmas charts for years to come. The new album will also feature holiday classics, including "The First Noel,""Little Drummer Boy," "O Little Town of Bethlehem," and "O Come All Ye Faithful."

Mariah Carey has teamed with superstar producers. Music mogul LA Reid provided guidance and expertise. Mariah Carey also worked with longtime friend and musical director-producer extraordinaire Randy Jackson to create this new sequel to her first Christmas album. In addition, she collaborated with uber producer Jermaine Dupri (with whom she wrote "Always Be My Baby" and "We Belong Together" among others); Marc Shaiman, the award-winning musical genius, writer and arranger who did the magical orchestration for the entire album; and the critically acclaimed James Poyser of The Roots, who also worked with Mariah Carey on her massive album "The Emancipation of Mimi."

Merry Christmas II You and the exclusive DVD will be sold on HSN as part of an exclusive value pack for $14.95. Pre-order Now!

NOTE: First-time HSN Customers get 15% off with coupon code: C77647! On the "Order Review" page at checkout, just enter the coupon code and click apply to get your discount.
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Fan Reviews/Photos: Mariah Live in Singapore
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 27-Sep-2010, 1:36PM EDT
Bernard (MDJ Correspondent): "All the hardcore MC fans gathered together at noon to do some preparation for the show and queue up at the gate before 3pm to get the wristband. It gives us access to the fanzone which is right in front of the stage so that we can get closer with Mariah. We were relieved after getting our wristband but we still need to queue up under the sun in order to get the best spot. In the mean time we get to know more about each other. We also made use of the time to prepare signs to show Mariah during the show. We got excited when the F1 race came to an end which means MC's show is about to begin. The show starts just around 10 minutes late. It was awesome seeing Mariah on stage right in front of me again. She sounded so good and looks like she really enjoyed her time on stage. She was pretty chatty too and also made fun of herself saying people call her a diva but she's a diva who pours her own drink. The setlist was also a surprise. We never thought she would be performing 'Emotions' and 'One Sweet Day.' We showed her a sign which says 'Holler Back If U Love Your Hong Kong Fans.' She saw it and waved back! Leon from Chengdu, China also prepared a sign that says 'China' to let Mariah know that he came all the way from China to Singapore just to see her. I'm sure Mariah will be happy knowing that she has brought so many fans from different parts of the world together. When Mariah introduced Maryann, I showed her a sign which says 'Tots: Can you leave me a tip in 'Cafe World'?" because it's one of her favourite online games. Trey saw it first and showed Maryann and she smiled and waved at me. After Trey finished singing 'One Sweet Day' with Mariah, he did 'Rock With You.' I held up a sign "Sing Round And Round In Circles" which is his new song and he pointed and me and asked 'How do you know this song?' What a great moment for me! We had a wonderful time and stayed after the show to take pictures in front of the stage. The trip cost a lot for us but we are glad that to have made some really nice new friends and I look forward to seeing these lambs again when Mariah tours Asia in the near future."

Syazwan (MDJ Correspondent): "Mariah was definitely on time! An accomplishment. Lol. Many of us at first was speculating about the same setlist and how we wished she would change it up. And boy did our dreams come true! She opened with 'Obsessed' which was a shock and the crowd definitely went super wild! Everyone, whether they were fans or not, were doing the Oh oh oh's and she was on fiyaaah! Wearing a cool F1-inspired mini dress, she stood majestically. Mariah took off her shoes after introducing 'Emotions'! 'They were new... so..." Hahah. Initially into these 2 songs, we couldn't really hear her neither could she hear herself. There were some technical problems with the speakers and she was quoted in saying 'you know... I'm not sure if I can hear anything up here. Testing.. Testing.. Can someone say something?' But what was shocking was the slip during 'Make It Happen' but she was so professional and gracious to overcome the situation. Mariah definitely had a lot of funny moments. A nearly upskirt-moment was cleverly covered up when she tweaked her lyrics to 'betcha gonna not catch and put this flick on You Tube' in Touch My Body. Her personality definitely gave us the yearn to have her sing more. Everyone got slightly emotional during 'One Sweet Day,' and 'I'll Be There'. Her vocals were on form. She sounded really good! But the most exciting part has to be when she was introducing We Belong Together, she said, 'Singapore, I hope you guys don't mind about whatever happened tonight. I'm just trying to be festive. And I'm laughing at myself doing this. Now if I laugh when I'm drinking this, everything is over. And to the fans there showing the hug sign, yes we are going to get hugs. I will. I promise.' I literally went berserk and started jumping around, given the small space at the front. We didn't get the hug but knowing she noticed us, was really something we couldn't ask anything more for!"

Sam (MDJ Correspondent): "Einstein's theory of relativity (E=MC²) has just got a new official archrival: Mariah Carey + Formula One = BOMB!!! Read between the lines: Mariah is really THE secret formula! Mariah looked so sleek as ever. The concert started strong with Obsessed and within 3 sec the crowd went crazy! I personally am very impressed with the setlist that included some songs that were not seen in Carey's recent ones-Emotions was a killer, One Sweet Day instantly became a standalone experience (many Lambs cried here). Bonus are fresh DJ spins of MJ classics, which brought some good grooves. Finally, she nailed Hero which again set every lamb in the yard in tears, including myself. After the concert, I admit I walked away heartbroken, damn blame it on Hero! Lol. Nontheless everything was awasome! Lambs definitely had some big blasting goodtimes!"

Hairul: "The concert was totally amazing, the fans had gathered at the Padang in the early afternoon to get the wristbands, just to be in the fanzone area (about 3000 wristbands were given out) Mariah appeared at about 10:45 PM, looking gorgeous as always! She started off with the lovely Butterfly intro, followed by Obsessed. I must say she actually changed up the setlist for tonight, and gone back to the classics (balancing it out with recent hits as well). The One Sweet Day performance with Trey was completely unrehearsed, Mariah had to pre-empt Trey on the verses sang by BoyzIIMen. She just serenade her fans, she is such a professional. I guess she sang the song specifically for the Facebook event that we created "One Sweet Day with Mariah Carey Live"! Mariah even went barefooted for a while, after the whole drama with the high heels (felt so bad she tripped). I just couldn't contain my feelings when she started My All, I was all tears LOL. She closed off the show with Hero, like the all time theme song. Everybody was singing along, and cried, for the most part. What an unforgettable night, this has to be the best night of my entire life! I loved Mariah more after seeing her in person, she is such as inspiration. I love you, Mariah!"

Ken (Philippines): "Knowing it wasn't only her hardcore fans in the 35,000-strong audience in Singapore, Mariah shook her show up, doing several new things she hasn't been doing in her recent shows--there was a noticeable change in her setlist that night; she changed shoes at least twice and actually sang without any at one point; she tripped and slipped on her butt; and at one point tried to fix a wind machine. For many fans, this was the first time they saw Mimi. I met several lambs who cam all the way from Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Germany. I myself flew all the way from the Philippines to see her. For all, it was worth every penny. Though this is the third time I saw her (saw her in the Philippine, 2003; and Las Vegas, 2010), she never fails to excite me and the thousands of fans who loyally support her. This was the first time I had to wait in line for at least 8 hours just to see her and I'll do it every single time. L4L Mimi!"

Andy: "The show actually started almost on time at 10:45pm which is so rare for Mariah. The crowd just went wild once the Butterfly intro came on. Oh it was surreal seeing her LIVE after 10 long years. Yes! Her voice was on point. Although her mike was really soft on the 1st 2-3 songs. She sounded a bit out of breath but her voice was good today! And yes it's all LIVE! She really came into form at Make It Happen. She fell and she was so professional! She played up her diva antics and she was hilarious that night! For me the best part of the concert was the last 3 songs. She was just brilliant on Always Be My Baby, We Belong Together & Hero. God, she sounded so so good and strong! Her voice was powerful! One of the best nights of my life! And I got to share it with all the amazing fans & my loved one! I couldn't ask for more! A shout out to Jac (Wenjie) for being a great fan! It was really enjoyable waiting in line with you at 11:20am at the gate! We were the 1st ones! It was totally worth the almost 12 hour wait!"

Jacques: "The Mariah concert was fanta-bulous! I have never dreamed that I will be able to see her again and it definitely was like waking up from a dream that came so true and surreal! The concert line-up I will have to say, is the one of the most fantastic set that she has done in years. She belted out hits after hits which fits both the younger generation and the group of lambs including myself! I grew up listening to her songs such as Vision of Love (I was only 15 years old), Emotions and Someday. It has been awhile since Mariah belted Emotions with such great vocal adrenaline and energy! The concert only have left the fans out there asking for more and screaming "WE WANT MORE!" towards the end, finally ending it with an extremely emotional Hero. The concert has left many in tears not for any other reason than being the Queen of Music I must say! I hope Mariah will come back again to Singapore or Asia again for a tour! I will be willing to give my all, just for one night!" (Check out this video footage by Jacques of Mariah at the Changi airport)

Shu Ying: "The concert was great! She might not be in her her best shape but what's amazing about her is her voice and I believe that's the reason why all the people was there. Her voice was fantastic. Although she slipped, she continue to sing and did not let that incident bother her. I'd love to go to her concert again."

Leonard: "The biggest Diva with the biggest show and it was truly lovely, fun, sweet and full of surprises! My 'Emotions' went so high as my 'Dreamlover' sings like an angel, 'We Belong Together,' to our one and only 'HERO.' Honestly, money can't buy! Come back to Asia soon!"

Jevi: "The show was absolutely amazing, it's my dream come true after loving Mariah music for 15 years since One Sweet Day. And when she sang "One Sweet Day" with Trey, I cried." (Check out Jevi's recording of "One Sweet Day" here.)

Angie: "Mariah is so awesome! Her voice is perfect and she is so nice and sweet to all her fans! Love her so so much."

Cornelius: "Mariah's voice was spot-on for the concert! She belted song after song effortlessly and she was so personable! True fans know that MIMI talks to her fans during shows and we simply love it! Just goes to show how down to earth she is. She gave her all during the show and she looked stunning in all of her 5 costume changes. It was everything I could wish for from a Mariah Carey performance and more! She left us standing there inspired and in awe when she ended the show with, Hero! The music industry would never be the same without her. LYM MC!"

Natasha: "Hi Mariah! I had an awesome night with you on the 26.09.2010! Thank you for being yourself that night. I really hope you could come to Singapore again! God bless with love!"

Manda (Hong Kong): "I'm glad Mariah didn't keep us waiting for too long this time as I'd been queueing for hours and hours. She was very beautiful and divalicious! The setlist was good, appreciate that she picked those songs. One Sweet Day was definitely a surprise! The whole time she was having fun, joking with us and she even laughed at herself, it made me happy that she was enjoying the crowd. The atmosphere was amazing!"

Shafiq: "Mariah was great! The thing that struck me the most during the concert was her personality and positive spirit/vibe that seemed to rub off everyone that was there. Being a lamb, we all know Mariah to be funny, talented etc but seeing the general public who was not interested in Mariah like we were before and sing familiar songs was an awesome sight. Despite some techincal issues on stage, I felt that Mariah as usual entertained us with her classics that left me wanting more. Mariah was beautiful, her voice sultry and powerful. I didn't want her to leave the stage! The entire concert was a highlight for me obviously, being my first time seeing MC live! I was in awe the entire time I will forever be Lamb 4 Life!"

Lionel (Philippines): "Seeing Mariah perform live for the first time was really a dream come true for me! She was great all the way from beginning to end. She still has it! Amid the drama and things of that nature she managed to pull it through. What amazed me was that she started on time. Soon as she kicked off with 'Obsessed' everything just took off from there! I was really happy that she performed 'Emotions' and proved she still has it. What surprised me was she she performed 'One Sweet Day' for the concert. 'My All' also had a Latin-inspired outro this time. My favorite performance of the night was 'Hero,' soon as she sang it everybody just was crying, most especially the lambs. What I could not forget also was the lambs' gathering for the event. We really got to bond with each other, fans from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and of course, Singapore. As Mariah would say it, we had 'tons o' fun.' All the lambs was just into Mariah during that night. I could never forget that one sweet day with the lambs and with Mariah Carey. I would not trade the experience for something else. We love you Mariah! God bless!"

Phoebe: "I haven't seen Mariah in person before, so when I met her in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I thought she looked simply gorgeous, and I loved how she interacted with her fans. But how impressive and how lovable Mimi was became magnified tenfold on Sunday night when I saw her sing live. It was a concert described in two words: fun galore. Mariah was impressive, belting out numerous songs flawlessly! When she said she was going Old School, we didn't expect it - definitely not Make It Happen and Emotions (the latter in particular; her whistle registers were absolute perfection) at all, but when the beginning chords of both struck, the crowd surged and went wild. I loved all the songs she performed, especially her renditions of Always Be My Baby and Dreamlover, We Belong Together, Obsessed and I'll Be There. Mariah was unexpectedly punctual too, and it was amusing to watch her crack jokes on stage. Loved how she waved at my friend and I six times in total! Loved the quote: "They call me a diva. And yet, shockingly, I'm pouring my own glass. Oh my goodness! Call the presses, stop the world now!" LOL. My heart was pounding when she fell, and the throng seemed really concerned, but Mariah was extremely professional - she got up on her feet with the help of her backup dancers and carried on with grace, style and poise, option to perform barefooted instead. When she initially ended, the 50 000-strong audience was reluctant to see her go, and everyone was demanding for encore at the top of their voices! So she came back with Hero, and it was a truly moving sight. Cried when it ended. It was august performance after august performance delivered, and I'm so proud of Mariah - she was the epitome of brilliance! Love her much, hope she'll be back to Singapore really soon!"

Hannah (Australia): "The concert was purely magical! I was right in front and as soon as Mariah came onto stage, the whole audience (including me) went crazy! Her voice was in top shape and she was absolutely hilarious, making jokes about her shoes and her being a "diva". I love how down-to-earth she is and how she talked to everyone like they were her friends! She was gorgeous too and literally glowed on stage! When she looked at me and waved to my part of the crowd, I almost died from happiness! I love Mariah! My only criticism is that she should have sung more songs! I felt like Fantasy, Honey, Don't Forget About Us, Fly Like A Bird, and Heartbreaker would have completed the show! But still, it was my first MC concert but hopefully not the last."

Nick (Malaysia): "When I first heard that Mariah will be doing a full setlist show in Singapore, there was definitely no question that I will be there because chances like this don't always come to us in this region! At one point I almost didn't make it because most hotels are fully booked due to the peak season! Joining the gathering organized by OSD with MC Live would probably be the BEST decision that I've ever made, I made some "kambing" (a.k.a lambs in Bahasa and Tagalog) friends from around the region and we all clicked instantly like old friends do! Together we waited under the sun, making sure that we would be the first to get past the entrance, be the first in line to get the wristbands for the fan zone access, and witnessing Mariah performing LIVE infront of our eyes UPCLOSE! There were sweats, laughters and tears throughout the experience, nobody could understand what we experienced that night other than ourselves! MC, thank you for making this one of the GREATEST nights in our lives, we couldn't thank you enough! LYM, L4L!"

Lawrence (Macau): "It was really a dream come true experience of seeing Mariah in real person! I missed her Hong Kong concert in 2006 (it was cancelled days before), so when I knew from MDJ that she's performing in Singapore F1, I immediately planned for my trip Singapore. We all gathered at noon on the day and waited for over 10 hours before the show started, we were all able to stand right in front of the stage, and it was only like 2 meters away from Mariah OMG! The show and her performance was amazing, she joked and interacted with her fans a lot, she loves the crowd and of course we love her so much back! The set list was really great and and she sings pretty well, the concert ended beautifully and we all had a great night!! P.S. A big thank you to MDJ and Team Mariah for making such a good coordination making my dream come!"

Dara (Indonesia): "The concert was AWESOME! Best one I've ever been to, obviously, lol! And as you guys know, MC fell down but like she said, she made it as festive as it could be, I even forgot for a while that she slipped in the middle of the stage, such a professional, hands down! The concert started with an intro like the one on the DVD, but I dont think anyone could hear what she said because we were SO LOUD! MC's concert had the largest audience among the other concerts, 50,000 people were there and I didn't know it until I read the news the next day! She was so funny, talking about being a diva and not being a diva and of course she talked with a British accent once in a while, lol. Such a dahhling she was that night."

Karleigh (Australia): "I travelled all the way from Canberra, Australia in order to see her. Twelve long years I had waited to see her and it was worth it! Having loved Mariah Carey since the age of 8. It was always a dream of mine to see her live in concert. The last time Mariah had ever been to Australia was for the Butterfly Tour in 1998, but unfortunately was not able to attend as my parents wouldn't allow at the age of 14 in Perth, Australia. So at the age of 26, I decided it was time to go and see her. When the gates opened at the Formula 1 at 3pm, I ran with many other lamb fans to the 'Fanzone' at the Padang Stage and got a wristband. I stayed at the Fanzone queue for up to 7 and a half hours before we were allowed into the stage area. Mariah arrived at 10.45pm surprisingly. She came out singing 'Obsessed' with such clarity and although now not the young woman I would have seen back in 1998 still provided alot of energy and status on the stage. I had never seen anyone fall as gracefully as what MC did - she did it with the biggest smile on her face and got right back up again and continued singing and making a mockery of herself. She really connected with her fans. She really played up to her DIVA status which I just loved and chatted away with her fans. You could tell that her fans meant the world to her. Just as she means the world to alot of us in the audience. Her voice never failed her once, her whistle notes were just perfect and singing 'We Belong Together' just gave me goosebumps during the 30 something heat that was that night. The one thing that I will never forget is her return to the stage to sing 'Hero.' As the crowd stood still and listen to another one of her #1 hits, I waved straight at her, she looked, smiled and waved back. This brought my whole experience to seeing her to another level as well as providing another round of tears to eyes. As I said she adores her fans just as much as we adore her, and that is what I felt - keeps her on top of her game as well as maintaing such a huge fan base. Which I was lucky to meet a huge group of her fans from all of the world, it was great to meet these people and enjoy their company during the 7 and a half hour wait. I was also lucky to be given the set list off stage by one of the promotors! I was so happy as this will be a great momento from the concert. Overall this 12 year wait was definitely long overdue but worth it. Knowing that she still has it and that she can provide a performance at 110% even when she is jetlagged/tired/exhausted from the heat - she didnt want to let us down - and she certainly didn't."

Thanks to Hairul, Syazwan, Ken, Nick and Meiliza!

More photos of Mariah performing on the Padang stage at Formula 1 Grand Prix below. Thanks to Bernard and Lawrence!

Source: --

Mariah's F1 Gig Raises the Bar
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 27-Sep-2010, 7:21AM EDT
In more ways than one, singer Mariah Carey was the biggest star at the Singapore Grand Prix concerts at the Padang.

When she appeared on Sunday at 10.40pm, shortly after Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso won the Formula One night race, many fans remarked how her yo-yo-ing weight was on the heavy side at the moment. Carey, who is married to actor/host Nick Cannon, has yet to confirm rumours that she is pregnant but she did look heftier than in her publicity pictures.

That was not the only surprise. Diva reputation notwithstanding, Carey showed that she could laugh at herself. She tumbled and fell on her butt after the first few songs and immediately laughed it off, blaming her $10,000 high-heeled shoes, which her assistants helped her remove while she continued singing.

Later she joked: 'They call me a diva but I am pouring my own drink.'

Truly, it was a night she was exceptionally chatty between songs. More importantly, she could still hit the high notes, no doubt pleasing the 35,000-strong crowd thronging the Padang on the final night of the F1 weekend.

The performances by Carey and other pop acts such as Adam Lambert and Missy Elliott within the circuit park from last Friday to Sunday were certainly among the biggest gigs in the local concert calendar this year. Especially since F1 Rocks, which brought in Beyonce last year, went missing in action.

Mariah Thanks Fans in Singapore
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 26-Sep-2010, 5:42PM EDT
Just minutes ago on her Twitter page, Mariah graciously thanked all the fans who came out to see her perform live in Singapore earlier tonight.

TY SO much to my fans in Singapore!!! Yeah, several hectic moments, (lol!)but I tried to swirl them into festive!.Love+ God Bless!

Again Singapore, thanks so much for allowing me to just be who I am &just have fun+connect w/everyone there! Thanks 4 the LOVE!x0x

Photos: Mariah Live at Formula 1, Singapore
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 26-Sep-2010, 4:25PM EDT
Below are photos from Mariah's show at the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday, September 26, 2010. Thanks to JM for the pictures!

Source: JM | MariahDailyJournal

Live Updates: Mariah Performs at Formula 1 Singapore
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 26-Sep-2010, 10:30AM EDT
Mariah performs tonight at the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore City, Singapore. Our MDJ correspondents Bernard and Paul are there to provide us with the play-by-play, as they happen! Mariah's show is scheduled to start at 10:30pm local time.

01. Butterfly Intro
02. Obsessed
03. Emotions
04. Make It Happen
05. Dreamlover
06. It's Like That
07. One Sweet Day
08. I'll Be There
09. Touch My Body
10. Shake It Off
11. My All
12. Always Be My Baby
13. We Belong Together
14. Hero

06:00pm - There's about 100 fans here. The stage looks simple with two screens at either side of the stage. Fans are just talking amongst themselves and playing Mariah music, chit chat. Video of the performers are shown on the screen once in a while. (Ken)

08:10pm - 3,000 wristbands for the fan area were all given out. Outside of the fan area people already trying to get a good spot to see the stage. (Hai)

08:18pm - It's such a big stage. Black curtains are hanging and the signature pink yet lavender lights are flashed against them. On both sides are two gigantic LED screens showing live footage of actions on the race. Bet Mariah will look fantastic on those screens!

08:48pm - Heard that Mariah is already in the building.

09:30pm - Gates of the fanzone finally open! Lambs are all in! Everyone went crazy! A lot of people. 1 hour to showtime.

10:16pm - Adrenaline is rushing here and there as the race pumps up into its finale. The ground in front of the Padang stage is almost full now. Fans in the fanzone are all hyped up!

10:28pm - Last minute security check on stage going on, it's Mariah's security and the tour manager Michael. The lambs are all screaming now. Yelling MARIAH!!! MARIAH!!! Lamb adrenaline definitely on the rush!

10:33pm - Race is officially closed. Spectators from different view zones are given only 15 minutes to make their way to the entertainment stage at Padang. Ground is packed now, including the fanzone!

10:36pm - People coming out behind the curtains. Still no sign of Mariah.

10:39pm - They just brought out Mariah's signature crystal-encrusted mic stand. Backup singers and dancers setting up. Crowd is so crazy now!

10:44pm - Show starts! Mariah opens with "Butterfly" Intro wearing a black dress. See photo below

10:46pm - Mariah performs "Obsessed" now.

10:49pm - Mariah is chatting with fans. She's gonna sing old songs!

10:50pm - "Emotions" now! Fans sing along.

10:55pm - She's barefooted now. She took her shoes off.

10:57pm - "Make It Happen." Leaves stage for ensemble change.

10:59pm - Back on stage wearing a shirt that says: "I love you but..."

11:01pm - Performs "Dreamlover" now. (Mariah fell on stage, according to our correspondents. I hope she's okay!!) UPDATE: Mariah slipped onstage because of her shoes, while finishing off "Make It Happen." Dancers came immediately to help her but MC continued singing, she just removed her shoes. A true blue professional. She doesn't want to disappoint the fans. Then immediately proceeded to "Dreamlover." Still barefooted.

11:07pm - Mariah goes off stage.

11:12pm - Back on stage with "It's Like That" wearing a pink dress.

11:17pm - Mariah's chatting with fans, asking for time to drink some water.

11:18pm - Performs "One Sweet Day" with Trey Lorenz!

11:21pm - "I'll Be There" now.

11:26pm - Mariah leaves stage. Trey performs "Rock With You" now.

11:30pm - DJ playing remix of Michael Jackson songs.

11:37pm - Mariah back wearing shades and a new Pink pair of shoes. "Touch My Body" now. Mariah appears to be okay from the slip.

11:38pm - Changed some lyrics to "Touch My Body" - "Hold up my dress going off..." because the fan on stage kept on blowing her dress up!

11:41pm - "Shake It Off" now.

11:47pm - Performs "My All."

11:50pm - Dancers fill in with extended "My All" remix that sounds like a samba mix as Mariah leaves the stage. Trey introduces the band.

11:55pm - Mariah back onstage performing "Always Be My Baby" and the crowd went wild! She changed to a black dress and red coat.

12:02am - Mariah performs "We Belong Together."

12:06am - Says goodnight, leaves stage while "We Belong Together" remix plays. Crowd chants encore.

12:07am - Performs "Hero" for encore.

12:12am - Show ends.

Pictures courtesy of Bernard, Chris Lighty and Shu Ying.

Mariah performing "Butterfly" Intro & Obsessed," "Emotions," "I'll Be There," and "Hero." Videos courtesy of Sergei, Qikking, Skratch and Jevi.

Jevi created this 10-minute collage of video clips from Mariah's Singapore show.

Our many thanks to Bernard and Paul (updating for Sam, Syazwan, Patricia and JJ) for an awesome job of providing us with the live updates tonight. We appreciate you!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Kim, Jordin Get Into Christmas Spirit with MC
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 26-Sep-2010, 3:27AM EDT
Kim Kardashian and Jordin Sparks on Twitter today:

KimKardashian Is anyone as excited as I am for Mariah Carey's Christmas Album? I'm playing her old one now. A little early I know, just makes me so happy!

Jordin Sparks I know it just turned fall but Im already ready 4 christmas. My favorite time of year! Blasting @MariahCarey's first christmas album! :)
Source: Yossarian | Brandon

Billboard Update
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 26-Sep-2010, 2:34AM EDT
Below, find the chart positions for Mariah's albums in the October 2, 2010 issue of Billboard magazine.

Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #74 (Last week: #63)
Sales this week: 846 (-8%)
Total sales: 505,472

Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey
Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums: #200
Sales this week: 164 (-18%)
Total sales: 11,960

Merry Christmas
Billboard Top Holiday Albums: #53
Sales this week: 31
Total sales: 5,049,157
Source: Billboard | MariahDailyJournal | Ritcher

MDJ Live Updates from Singapore Tomorrow
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 25-Sep-2010, 3:04PM EDT
MariahDailyJournal will be providing live updates from Mariah's concert at the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix starting at 10:30pm local time (10:30am ET/7:30am PT) on Sunday, September 26!

Our correspondents Bernard and Paul will be reporting all the details from the venue in real-time, as they happen! Hope you can join us!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Merry Christmas II You Available for Pre-Order at HSN
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 25-Sep-2010, 2:11PM EDT
Mariah's new Holiday album, Merry Christmas II You, is now available for pre-order at! The CD/DVD combo is offered for a low price of $14.95!

Mariah Carey Merry Christmas II You CD with Exclusive DVD
Tis the season to sing your heart out. And what better way to spread the yuletide spirit, then by singing along with your favorite singing sensation, Mariah Carey. Enjoy everything from Christmas classics to four original songs composed by Mariah, including the new single, "Oh Santa". Plus, you get the exclusive DVD that will have you dreaming of a Mariah Christmas in no time.

What You Get
• Merry Christmas II You CD
• Merry Christmas II You DVD

Merry Christmas II You DVD Features
• Mariah Carey invites you behind the scenes for the making of her second Christmas album
• Contains candid interviews with Mariah
• Footage of Mariah recording the album
• DVD Run Time: 30:06

Head over to now and pre-order your Merry Christmas II You CD with the HSN-exclusive DVD!

NOTE: New HSN Customers get 15% off with coupon code: C77647! On the "Order Review" page at checkout, just enter the coupon code and click apply to get your discount.

Source: HSN | MariahDailyJournal | Lori

"Top 20 in 20" Video Countdown: Top 10 Revealed
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 25-Sep-2010, 1:05AM EDT
Here are the final results of our "Top 20 in 20" Video Countdown - Elimination Round 2.

TOP 10
» Honey - 2,749
» We Belong Together - 2,418
» Heartbreaker - with Jay-Z - 2,413
» Touch My Body - 2,239
» The Roof - 2,084
» Breakdown - 2,042
» It's Like That - 1,985
» Don't Forget About Us - 1,922
» My All - 1,852
» Always Be My Baby - 1,772

» Shake It Off - 1,707
» Butterfly - 1,640
» Through The Rain - 1,616
» Up Out My Face - 1,452
» Obsessed - 1,409

  Total Votes - 29,300

In Round 3 of our countdown, we will vote for our Top 5 Mariah Carey videos. The 5 videos with the least votes at the close of poll on Friday, Oct. 1st at 11:59pm EST will be eliminated, and will not move on to the next round. Vote now!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"There is no Merry Christmas without MC"
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Sep-2010, 5:50PM EDT
"There is no Merry Christmas without MC"
It's the official slogan that we will see in the marketing campaign for Mariah's new holiday album Merry Christmas II You that's slated for release on Tuesday, November 2. Kicking off with teaser ads in September, the extensive advertising campaign for the album extends through the Holiday season; and will stretch across all platforms (TV, Radio, Online, Outdoor, Print). MariahDailyJournal is happy to share with you the planned promotional blitz for Merry Christmas II You.

• Mariah Christmas Special - PBS Soundstage (Major Network Broadcast)
• Oprah
• ABC Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Special
• NBC Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
• Today Show
• Saturday Night Live Christmas Special
• The View
• Ellen
• Tonight Show with Jay Leno
• ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Print Media: All major daily and weekly publications

• "Oh Santa" will ship to Pop, Hot AC, AC, Rhythmic, and Urban Radio in October
• Single and album tracks will be programmed on all holiday-themed syndicated radio shows, as well as major holiday initiatives with XM and Sirius.

The music video for the first single "Oh Santa" (to be reportedly filmed on Oct. 1) will be programmed on all major TV and online partners.

Please note that all information mentioned above is subject to change without prior notice.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Fans Welcome Mariah in Singapore
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Sep-2010, 5:45PM EDT
Mariah arrived at the Changi International Airport in Singapore City and was escorted out of the Arrivals gate at around 1:40am local time on Saturday, September 25. She was warmly welcomed by a throng of adoring fans, led by our coordinators Hairul, Syazwan, Rohaishah and Sam. And here are their stories.


HAIRUL (Singapore): "Meetup was planned at 2030 hours Friday 24 Sep 2010, but we, the coordinators were kind of late (how can we be on time, haha!) Original meeting place, Popeye's was too small/crowded, therefore we moved to an open space somewhere within the Terminal 3 B2 area, and sat on the floor. Syazwan started distributing the Team Mariah Tshirts for those who ordered, and I was consolidating all the last minute entries to the fanbook (which I must say, got thicker than expected!). Rohaishah and Sam were busy talking to the other fans who just arrived, welcoming them and explaining to them on what has been planned so far. Met all fellow lambs, shared stories about Mariah, snap pictures and basically everyone was just relishing in the moment. I was also quite surprise with the turn out! Everyone gathered at the arrival hall few hours later, rehearsing some of the songs we plan to sing once Mariah walked out. But things got a little out of hand once we saw Mariah, everyone started screaming 'Mariah!.' Mariah appeared at approximately 1.40 AM local time. Mariah was so gracious and sweet, stopped by and signed for her fans, and most importantly, took the FANBOOK! She said 'for me?' and smiled. I can tell you, I melted right there LOL. Anyway, we decided to stalk her to the hotel, but wasn't able to meet her due to the tight security and rude hotel staff. But I felt satisfied, finally got the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet my idol after 11 years. I would like to thank my fellow coordinators for their support and effort, event was a total success! It seems like we have become great friends, sharing the same interest - MARIAH!"

SYAZWAN (Singapore): "Prior to the fans' meet was super hectic. Honestly, I was kinda scared that the T-Shirts were not ready because they came 7 hours late than the time they promised. But it definitely came nevertheless. =) I rushed out of work on Friday to home before I made my way to the Airport. People were looking at me (which was really funny) as I was carrying this huge red bag that had the T-shirts. Probably thinking I was running away from home.. Haha. But when we were there, late, we got things going. The fellow Lambs were very cooperative, nice, outgoing and hilarious. I had so much fun mingling with people of many different ages and coming in from many different countries. There was one, CK, from Holland. His story was rather exciting for he didn't knew of Mariah Carey was dropping by Singapore. So, he actually extended his stay here. A committed fan I may say. We planned to have our instant group photo to be developed. Unfortunately, there weren't any photo production shops available. Kinda bummed but what caught I offguard initially was the abscence of Mariah's flight! There was no information given on the Arrival board and we were kinda skeptical. Sought help from the information counter who knew who we were waiting for and lucky enough we were at the right place, the right time. Another funny thing was that the crowd got bigger (many people who didnt know Mariah was coming/the fans' meet started joining in the fun) and before we knew it, there were at least 800 of them waiting for Mariah. MARIAH ARRIVED. Everything was so chaotic, the barricades fell but that didnt barge Mariah from doing what she usually does... to thank the fans and smiled. It was surreal. She looked so radiant and was very nice. I was touched when we handed out the fanbook, she said 'for me?' accompanied by the most appreciative smile I have seen. We stalked her all the way to the hotel before we were rudely exited by the hotel staff and the GP officials. Funny thing was, Mariah's Team were actually smilling at us, assuming they knew what we were doing there for. Though I didn't got to enjoy to see Mariah or even have a picture taken, I enjoyed the 'thrill.' Can't wait for the concert. Hope she sings 'Angels' Cry'."

SAM (Singapore): "Changi Airport Terminal 3 was in total blaze last night when fans finally got the chance to meet Mariah up so close, fresh from her SQ11 flight to Singapore.Mariah got out at around 1:40AM and the fans immidiately went crazy. Crazy as in screaming here and there, all are yelling, 'Mariah! Mariah!' Mimi was so sweet and accommodating. Given she's fresh from a long haul trip (LAX-Tokyo-Singapore, I think) she gave nothing but sweet smiles and sincere thank you's to the fans waiting. In fact she stopped many a times to give autographs and for pictures. Not to mention Mariah looked so beautiful and glowing as ever. I remember exchanging a pep talk with another lamb also in the venue who'd seen her a couple of times before and he said she's always been like that. Last night, I thought she was so sleek, and at the same time classy. The experience was definitely awesome. I felt lucky because I managed to have my shirt autographed, too. I am now so looking forward for the Sunday performance. For sure it's going to be memorable."

BERNARD (Hong Kong): "My flight arrived 10 minutes early and Mariah's flight also arrived like half an hour early. Lots of fans are already there. I think they all came from different countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Phillippines. Me and my friends are from Hong Kong and China. We waited until like 1:40am when Mariah finally arrived. We were all screaming and I also took the opportunity to show her our banner. I need to let her know that we came all the way from HK just to see her. Mariah signed Leon's E=MC² vinyl. And she also saw my sign and waved and smiled at me! There were too many people but I hurried back to my friend's car and drove off to her hotel. We got there a few minutes earlier than her arrival. We showed her signs as she drove by. No fans were there because security was tight. The hotel wanted us out of the area so we couldn't say hi to Mariah. Her people didn't stop us though."

LIONEL, MARK & DAVEN (Philippines): "We came all the way from Cebu City, Philippines just to greet Mariah Carey in Changi Airport, Singapore and watch her perform for F1 on Sunday. We arrived an hour before Mariah's arrival. Lambs populated the Terminal 3, tension and anticipation arises when we saw the silhouette of Mariah from afar. She was really pretty wearing a black maxi dress and a brown leather bolero. Seeing her in person was really surreal and unbelievable. Her skin is amazingly flawless and she looks like a Barbie doll. She is stunning! Compared to the pictures, she is sexier in person! She's really warm and tried as much as possible to accommodate her fans, receiving the lambs' gifts and signing autographs. The security was really tight, though. The highlight of the night was when we said 'Mariah, I love you!' and she blew a kiss and replied back 'I love you too!' and blew a kiss."

DARA (Indonesia): "It was sooo crowded with lambs, lol. Mariah came out from the gate around 1:45am and she was very sweet, just like how I expected her she'd be! She looked stunning, and very much glowing, if I may say. And I'm so glad that she took the scrapbook I made for her from Syazwan! She held the scrapbooks very closely all the way to the car."

LEON (China): "Thank God I met Mariah! This is my very first time. My friend drive me to airport about 11:45PM. I saw some fans here then I join them. Later one Singapore media interview some fans. I told her I come from China and love Mimi for 16 years! About 1:25AM, Mariah come out to the gate with some staff. Some fans give gifts to her and she sign for the fans. When she come to my side my heart died, sooooooooooo beautiful!!! And I said: 'MARIAH MARIAH MARIAH I COME FROM CHINA!!!' She signs E=MC2 LP for me. And my friend drive me to her hotel with Hong Kong fans Bernard and Manda. We arrived earlier than her car. But hotel staff didn't allow us stay for her. Too bad. But I still saw her car on the road."

JEVI (Singapore): "It was once in a lifetime experience, there were fans from around the world, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. Channel V was there and interviewed some lucky fans and also Team Mariah Singapore representative. We had a small rehearsal that initially wanted to greet Mariah on her arrival, but it end up all fans gone crazy when she was coming out from the arrival hall. Mariah was so nice to stop by to sign as much autograph as possible, and receiving the fanbook and gifts from the fans. Afterwhich leads to some barricades falling down as fans were super excited as everyone was pushing the barricades hoping to get a nice upclose shoot of Mariah. Mariah was then lead to her transport outside the airport and that's when I managed to get a good front shot of Mariah. Mariah said bye to everyone and left the airport, some fans stayed around to show their autographs from Mariah and took some group photos afterwards. It was so unreal yet truly amazing night to finally seeing Mariah in person, this is really a dream come true. Can't wait for the concert on Sunday!"

[Thanks to Bernard, Leon & Manda, Dara, Jevi and MonarC Lambs]

Local newspaper New Paper wrote a nice article about the fan gathering at the Changi Airport. You will find the scan below, plus photos of some of the fan messages included in the fanbook that was handed to Mariah at the airport. Thanks to Hairul!

[Thanks to Bleen and Alfred]

Source: MariahDailyJournal

Photos: Mariah at LAX Airport, Sept. 23
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Sep-2010, 1:15PM EDT
Mariah was spotted yesterday at the Los Angeles International Airport en route to Singapore where she is scheduled to perform a concert at the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday, September 26.

Source: TheYBF

MDJ Exclusive: Merry Christmas II You Promo Photo
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Sep-2010, 6:07AM EDT

Mariah lovingly holds her pet ChaCha in front of a Christmas tree on a cold Winter night in this official promotional picture for her new holiday album, Merry Christmas II You which is due out in stores on Tuesday, November 2!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

"Oh Santa" at Radio and iTunes in Two Weeks
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Sep-2010, 4:56AM EDT
Get ready!

"Oh Santa," the first single from Mariah's new Holiday album, Merry Christmas II You, is currently scheduled to premiere at radio on Monday, October 11.

And on Tuesday, October 12, the song will be available for download on iTunes.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Update: Merry Christmas II You Release Information
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 24-Sep-2010, 12:07AM EDT
Below, you will find the album release information for Merry Christmas II You, as it currently stands. The full track list is not known at this time.

MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU - Album Release Information
Rel Date
Standard Edition602527498034CDPhysical/
Nov 2Island
Deluxe EditionN/ACD+
PhysicalNov 2Island
Collector's Box Set602527516998N/APhysicalNov 2Island

Merry Christmas II You - Standard Edition - Contains 11 tracks.

Merry Christmas II You - Deluxe Edition - This CD+DVD combo set contains the same 11 tracks as the regular version, plus 3 videos including a 30-minute Making of the Album, for a total of 13 tracks.

Merry Christmas II You - Collector's Box Set - Package includes Hardcover Photo Album/Ornament/Sticker Sheet

Here is the initial list of international release dates for Merry Christmas II You.

MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU - Worldwide Release Dates
Release Date
Collector's Box
November 2
November 5
November 2
November 1
November 3
New Zealand
November 8
October 29
United Kingdom
November 1

* The Japanese release, according to the current listing on CD Japan, includes a bonus song for a total of 12 tracks in all.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Kotaro | Calvin | Adelyne | Marcin

HSN to Give Exclusive Preview of Merry Christmas II You
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 23-Sep-2010, 9:00AM EDT
Home Shopping Network (HSN) customers will be among the first to hear Mariah's new holiday album Merry Christmas II You and be able to purchase the new CD on Wednesday, October 20th!

HSN is giving its customers an exclusive preview of the Merry Christmas II You CD and the behind-the-scenes DVD of the making of the album before its official release on November 2! Log on to HSN and sign up to get informed of any new updates regarding the exclusive preview.
Source: HSN | Aaron

Mariah to Do a Christmas Show in November
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 22-Sep-2010, 6:12PM EDT
This morning on his 92.3 NOW show, Nick Cannon revealed that there are plans for Mariah to hold a Christmas-themed show in November. Venue has not been determined yet but according to him, it's either in Los Angeles or New York. Listen to the audio here.

Nick Cannon: "There is some plan for a big holiday show (in November). As you know, her Christmas album comes out November 2nd and you'll be seeing a lot of her, shall we say, in the near future. I actually don't know the location because I've heard Los Angeles, I've heard New York. They're still trying to figure some things out but I think she would actually rather be in New York."
Source: Nick on Twitter | butterflycharm02

Billboard: Mariah Releasing Second Christmas Album
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 21-Sep-2010, 6:04PM EDT
An article from Billboard about the upcoming release of Merry Christmas II You. It includes the latest Soundscan figures for Mariah's first holiday album Merry Christmas, and the holiday staple "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

Sixteen years after her first successful Christmas album, Mariah Carey will return to the format with "Merry Christmas II You," due Nov. 2 on Island Def Jam. The set will feature four original songs penned by Carey, including lead single "Oh Santa."

Traditional holiday tunes such as "Little Drummer Boy" and "O Come All Ye Faithful" also make the cut, alongside a re-recording of Carey's Christmas standard, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The latter has reached No. 1 each year on the Billboard Hot 100 Recurrents chart, which tracks the popularity of non-current songs, since the chart's founding in 2005. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the song has sold 1.6 million downloads to date, making it Carey's best-selling download.

"Merry Christmas," Carey's first Christmas album, peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 in 1994, the year of its release, and has sold 5 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. It also debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Holiday Albums chart and has appeared annually on the tally since its release.

Producers on "Merry Christmas II You," Carey's thirteenth studio album, include "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson and Jermaine Dupri, among others.
Source: Billboard

Mariah Leaves Video Message for Fans!
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 20-Sep-2010, 10:07PM EDT
Head over to to check out Mariah's special Christmas message to her fans!

Mariah Carey: "My Christmas wish for my fans would be for them to have an amazingly beautiful holiday and for all of us to have a peaceful world. This album is my gift to you. This has been an incredible experience and I hope you like it a lot. I hope you love it actually and I hope we can all listen to it for years to come. Merry Christmas in advance."

Mariah's Merry Christmas II You In-Stores November 2
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 20-Sep-2010, 1:10AM EDT
Mariah Carey Completes Merry Christmas II You - Second Holiday Album From the Greatest Singer of Our Time, Arriving November 2nd



As autumn leaves begin to fall, international superstar Mariah Carey puts the finishing touches on MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU, her second career album of holiday tunes, arriving November 2nd on the Island Def Jam Music Group. Highlighting the long-awaited new album is a brand new recording of Mariah's all-time standard, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

In addition to traditional yuletide fare - "The First Noel," "Little Drummer Boy," "O Little Town of Bethlehem," "O Come All Ye Faithful" and more - MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU also contains four original songs composed by Mariah, including the new single, "Oh Santa," and many more surprises for the fans. Producers on the new album include American Idol's Randy Jackson, multi-platinum hit-making producer Jermaine Dupri, James Poyser (acclaimed producer for Aretha Franklin, The Roots, Lauryn Hill and more), and five-time Oscar nominee and Grammy/Tony/Emmy award winning composer Marc Shaiman.

[ Click here to download the hi-res version ]

Since it was first released, "All I Want For Christmas Is You," written by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff, has become one of the essential musical hallmarks of the holiday season, and continues to set sales records each year. The song hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Recurrents chart every year from 2005 to 2008. After ringtones began to be charted in 2006, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" hit #1 for the next three consecutive holiday seasons. It became the first seasonal Mastertone to be certified RIAA gold (2006) and RIAA platinum (2007), and is ranked as the top-selling seasonal ringtone of all-time. "All I Want For Christmas is You" was the featured single from MERRY CHRISTMAS, which has sold over 12 million to date.

MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU is Mariah Carey's 13th studio album, and follows up her worldwide multi-million-selling Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (released September 2009), her multi-platinum E=MC² (2008), and worldwide 10 million selling The Emancipation Of Mimi (2005). The Emancipation Of Mimi generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemporary R&B Album), two #1 singles, and countless more honors during its 18-month chart stay. Soundscan's biggest-selling album of 2005, Mimi featured "We Belong Together" (Grammy winner for Best Female R&B Vocal and Best R&B Song) and "Don't Forget About Us," Mariah's 16th and 17th #1 career singles, respectively. They tied one of the most enduring chart records in Billboard Hot 100 history, Elvis Presley's 17 #1's.

Three years later, Mariah surpassed Elvis when "Touch My Body" (from E=MC²) became her 18th #1 Hot 100 hit. "Touch My Body" spent two weeks at the top, Mariah's 78th and 79th cumulative career weeks at #1, which tied Elvis' long-standing all-time high of 79 weeks at #1, as calculated by Billboard. Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 50 years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits. The success of E=MC² brought total sales of Mariah's albums, singles and videos to more than 200 million worldwide, distancing her even further from the pack as the top-selling female recording artist in history.

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 19-Sep-2010, 5:05PM EDT
• We will hear all the details to Mariah's new holiday album, Merry Christmas II You in a press release that's reportedly being issued tomorrow (Sept. 20) morning.

• A&E's Biography will air a Mariah Carey special in November. According to our A&E insider, they are "in the thick of editing now." No exact airing date has been determined as of yet but we will inform everyone as soon as we know.

• People StyleWatch reports about the launch of Mariah's footwear, jewelry and fragrance collection on HSN. They want to know: "Will you shop Mariah's line?" Log on to the site, and leave your comments!

• Kevin sent us this photo of the Lollipop Bling gift set he purchased at Macy's South Coast Plaza in California. The three scents, "Mine Again," "Ribbon" and "Honey" are neatly placed inside a cute mini gum ball machine replica. The fragrance set is on sale for $70.

• Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel is at #63 (-5) on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, Sept. 25, 2010 issue.

• Heat Magazine in South Africa is having their yearly Heat Hot 100 list. Go to this link and vote for Mariah as many times as you can to get her on the list.

• Mariah covers the Sept. 2010 issue of the German magazine, TV Spielfilm. Check out the scans to the right.

• Mariah's original Christmas classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the 4th Most Played Christmas Song in the UK, according to the latest edition of Russell Ash's book, Top 10 Of Everything. (The Sun).

• UK's TV presenter and choirmaster Gareth Malone gives some pointers to kids on what to sing. "When I teach children I start them on folk songs like Danny Boy and The Ash Grove. They are great for beginners: simple tunes, memorable lines and good for the voice. As much as you may want to, don't begin with Hero by Mariah Carey; it's just not where you should be starting." (Telegraph).

• Fan Videos: 1) Japanese fans Kotaro, Miho, Nobuhito & Justin from the Love Love Jack team recently had a Lollipop Bling party in Tokyo - check out a video from the party here. 2) Filipino fan Mandy filmed a fan-made music video for "Candy Bling" with editing by Regina - see the video here. 3) John Carlton, a Top 12 finalist of our The M Factor Christmas singing contest in 2008, performs "Migrate" in this video. 4) Italian fan Dhanyelhe made a promo video for Mariah's upcoming Christmas album Merry Christmas II You here.

• Fan Site: Faraz has recently launched his brand-new Mariah Carey fan site, Mad About Mariah. On his site, he poses the question: "Why Do You Love Mariah Carey?" Send your brief answers to

• Fan Art/Photos: 1) Benjamin created a Glitter album cover for iPod. 2) Rosauro with his drawing of Mariah, whose original he gave to Mariah during the Mimi signing at Best Buy in 2005. 3) Nelson sent us his fan-made Mariah "NOH8" photo in celebration of the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, Sept. 19 in Dallas, Texas.

• Diego from Australia has created a Mariah ringtone ("Honey" over "Heartbreaker") that can be used for any cellphone. Download it here.

• Fan Party: Brazilian fan Glauber has organized a Mariah Carey post-Barretos party to celebrate and reminisce on her unforgettable concert in Brazil. Mariah's greatest hits and remixes will be spun all night long, and there will be exciting prizes to be given away. The party will be held at São Paulo's Hotel Cambridge (Espaço Tarsila, Rua Álvaro de Carvalho, 35 Centro) on Friday, Oct. 8 at 23h00. Check out the flyer, or you may contact for further details.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Laurie | Joty | Kevin | Diego | Kotaro | Miho | Mandy | Benjamin | Rosauro | Norman | Nelson | Faraz | Glauber

Mariah to Arrive in Singapore on Sept. 25
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 19-Sep-2010, 8:37AM EDT
Mariah is scheduled to arrive at the Changi International Airport in Singapore City, Singapore via Singapore Airlines from Tokyo, Japan on Saturday, September 25th. She is booked at The Sentosa Resort and Spa during her stay in the country.

Arrival Date & Time: Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 1:15am
Airport: Changi International Airport
Hotel: The Sentosa Resort and Spa, 2 bulit Manis Road, Sentosa

Please note that the information above is subject to change without prior notice.

MariahDailyJournal is organizing a fan gathering, coordinated by Hairul, Syazwan, Sam and Rohaishah at the Changi Airport. If you want to join the group, please let us know at

A pre-meeting was held on Saturday, Sept. 18 at The Heeren, McDonalds to finalize all the plans and arrangements for Mariah's arrival, and for the concert day itself. Below are pictures from yesterday's meeting. The final design of the Mariah T-shirt that everyone will be wearing at the concert can be seen below.

Be sure to keep checking One Sweet Day with Mariah Carey Live! on Facebook for any updates leading up to the big day.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's Singapore Show Tickets Sold Out
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 18-Sep-2010, 12:19PM EDT
The single-day Zone 4 Walkabout tickets to Mariah's show at the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday, September 26 are sold out! However, there might be a limited number of tickets on sale at the event itself.

Singapore GP has reserved a small allocation of tickets from some sold-out categories. They will be available for sale on a first-come-first-serve basis at the circuit park entrances on race days. Ticket categories that are available on race days will be announced on the official website on Thursday, September 23, 2010.
Source: Singapore GP

Merry Christmas II You Teaser Ads
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 18-Sep-2010, 11:06AM EDT
The official Mariah Carey site,, has released some teaser campaign ads for Mariah's holiday album, Merry Christmas II You that's due out in stores on November 2nd!

Be sure to keep checking the site for more festive holiday treats and reveals!

Pre-order your copy of Merry Christmas II You CD/DVD set at for $12.99! The album is currently ranked at #5 on Amazon's bestsellers list in Holiday-Opera & Vocal.

"Top 20 in 20" Video Countdown: Top 15 Revealed
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 18-Sep-2010, 4:34AM EDT
Thanks all for your participation in our "Top 20 in 20" countdown poll. Last week, we asked you to vote for your Top 15 out of 20 Mariah Carey music videos. Here now are the final results of our "Top 20 in 20" Video Countdown - Elimination Round 1.

TOP 15
» Honey - 2,412
» We Belong Together - 2,210
» Heartbreaker with Jay-Z - 2,120
» Touch My Body - 2,056
» It's Like That - 1,927
» Always Be My Baby - 1,890
» Breakdown - 1,866
» Don't Forget About Us - 1,819
» Shake It Off - 1,813
» My All - 1,794
» Butterfly - 1,677
» The Roof - 1,664
» Through The Rain - 1,598
» Up Out My Face - 1,572
» Obsessed - 1,559

» I Still Believe - 1,449
» Fantasy - 1,400
» Dreamlover - 1,368
» I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time - 1,203
» Fantasy Bad Boy Remix with ODB - 1,172

In Round 2 of our countdown, we will vote for our Top 10 Mariah Carey videos. The 5 videos with the least votes at the close of poll on Friday, Sept 24th at 11:59pm EST will be eliminated, and will not move on to the next round. Cast your votes for your favorite videos now!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah's Designs
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 17-Sep-2010, 10:27AM EDT
Mariah Carey is joining the ranks of celebrity designers but, unlike some of her colleagues who staged full-blown runway shows at New York Fashion Week, Carey is sticking to a medium she knows well – television. She's partnering with HSN, and will launch a lifestyle collection that will feature jewelry, including pieces featuring her favored butterfly motif, footwear and a limited edition version of her Luscious Pink fragrance, with a butterfly-cap bottle and a personal note from the songstress. The shoes will be priced from $69.90 to $169.90, while the jewelry will be available from $39.99 to $199.95. Few other details are available, and Carey's followers will have to wait until Nov. 29, when the line will make its debut on HSN and

Note: As you may all remember, MariahDailyJournal first reported about this in an exclusive on Aug. 16.

Related Article:
• Mariah Carey to Fulfill Her HSN Destiny (New York Magazine)

Flashback: Mariah at KMEL Summer Jam in 1990
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 17-Sep-2010, 2:11AM EDT
Listen to KMEL staff talk about Mariah's first ever live performance before a huge and jubilant audience at the KMEL Summer Jam held at the outdoor Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California in the San Francisco Bay Area on August 5, 1990.

Summer Jam - Mariah Carey 1990
The fact that when Mariah Carey had just started, she was becoming real big. KMEL had that Summer Jam. That was phe-no-me-nal! And I remember seeing her backstage, she was just petrified. Her very first performance that she ever did for a large crowd. Remember she was with Keith Naftaly who was the program Director of the station at the time, she would not let him leave. She was hanging on to Keith like for dear life. And she was so nervous on the stage that she couldn't talk and all she could do was sing to them. [Mariah sings: "I just wanna sing to you now. This is my debut, singing..."] Mariah was just unbelievable and from that point on it was just like stardom. And she came backstage and she looked so shocked and the audience had been going crazy! You know, standing ovation, they were still screaming, you can hear them backstage and she looks up and she says, "Do you think they liked me?" We were all like, "Yeah, honey, they liked you." [laughs] She couldn't hear. She was so nervous. She could not hear the crowd and she was the sweetest thing then. And it was just like the birth of a star right there at the KMEL Summer Jam.

And here's an audio of the wrap-up for Summer Jam 1990 that includes a clip of Mariah performing "Vision of Love."

Below are pictures of Mariah at the 1990 KMEL Summer Jam. From L-R: Photo 1 - DJ Rick Chase and Mariah. Photo 2 - Howard Grafman, Paulette Williams, Mariah Carey, and KMEL PD Keith Naftaly. Photo 3 - Mariah and Keith Naftaly.

Bonus audio: Mariah calling in to KMEL's The Rick Chase Show in 1991 to promote her new single "I Don't Wanna Cry."

Source: KMEL | MariahDailyJournal | Murat

Happy 13th Anniversary, Butterfly
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 16-Sep-2010, 8:43PM EDT
Question: Which female superstar has the most chart-topping hits on the Billboard Hot 100 over the course of her career? If you thought it was Madonna, that's a good guess, but it's wrong. Mariah Carey has in fact ascended to the top of that chart 18 times in her career (including on her first five singles and most recently in 2008 with "Touch My Body"). While she began as a pop star with some soul leanings, she arrived at a turning point in her career on this day in 1997, when she released her sixth album Butterfly.

Back then, Diddy was in the midst of destroying the boundaries between pop music, hip-hop and R&B. When you combine that with the fact that Carey was dealing with her divorce from Tommy Mottola, Butterfly deviated profoundly from her established sound and dove deep into the contemporary R&B bag of tricks. With the help of the likes of Diddy, Missy Elliott, the Trackmasters and a handful of other hitmakers, Butterfly proved to be a good gambit, as it ended up selling over five million copies in the United States alone, spawned a handful of classic singles (including the chart-topping "My All," which was the one that pushed her past Madonna on the list of career number one songs) and buoyed an extremely successful (though grueling) world tour. In fact, Carey even said herself that she considers Butterfly her magnum opus, and she probably isn't wrong.

The centerpiece of Butterfly was "Honey," a groovy Diddy-assisted track that also found its way to the top of the charts. Much was made of the video, which was a huge, expensive cinematic undertaking that also exposed the world to a freer, sexier Carey (that shot of her taking her dress off in the pool became instantly iconic). Interesting side note: "Honey" was nominated for Best Female Video at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards but lost the Moonman to ... Madonna. Guess you can't win 'em all.

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• MDJ Special: 1997 Metamorphosis
• MDJ Special: 1998 A Monarch Embarks
• MDJ Special: Butterfly's 10th Year Anniversary
Source: MTV News | MariahDailyJournal

B.Cox Reveals a New Mariah Christmas Song
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 15-Sep-2010, 1:44PM EDT
Producer Bryan-Michael Cox went live on Ustream last night to talk about his current and upcoming projects. During the broadcast, he revealed a new song called "Oh Santa" from Mariah's new Christmas album Merry Christmas II You. Listen to the audio below.

Bryan-Michael Cox: "You guys have to hear the new stuff that we did for Mariah. We did a Christmas album and we mixed that like I guess a couple of weeks back so there should be another song soon - it's called 'Oh Santa.' And then there's a song that we got that she needs to finish. This crazy. I hope she gets the chance to finish the joint. It's amazing. I don't even want to talk about the songs. So amazing. I hope she finishes it."

Mariah's new Christmas album Merry Christmas II You, a follow-up to her 1994 best-selling Holiday album Merry Christmas, is scheduled for release on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. It is now listed and available for pre-order on According to the product listing, it comes in 2 discs, CD + DVD, and priced at $13.99. It is currently ranked at #31 on Amazon's bestsellers list in Holiday-Opera & Vocal.
Source: B.Cox on Twitter | MariahDailyJournal | Poody

Mariah's Singapore Show Tickets in Limited Quantity!
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 15-Sep-2010, 4:21AM EDT
Singapore GP has released an additional new prime seating category Marina Pit Grandstand to meet the strong demand for grandstand seats in Zone 1. With limited inventory available in the Marina Pit Grandstand, organizers expect the 398 passes available per day to sell out fast. The three-day ticket is priced at S$1,288. Of the only two other grandstands still available in Zone 1, the Turn 1 and Turn 2 Grandstands are close to selling out. Pit Grandstand, Republic (Turn 3) Grandstand, Esplanade Waterfront Grandstand, Connaught Grandstand, 3-Day Zone 4 Walkabout and Premier Walkabout are all sold out.

As with all other three-day grandstand and walkabout passes, Marina Pit Grandstand ticketholders can access the LG Live at 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix stage where headliners Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Adam Lambert and Daughtry will be performing.

Single-day Zone 4 walkabout tickets are still available in limited quantity for Friday (S$38), Saturday (S$108) and Sunday (S$128). Mariah is scheduled to perform at the Padang Stage (Zone 4) Sunday, Sept. 26 at 10:30pm.

Purchase your tickets online at Singapore GP, via the ticketing hotline +65 6738 6738 as well as SISTIC and selected SingPost outlets.

MariahDailyJournal is organizing a fan gathering, coordinated by Hairul and Syazwan, at the Changi Airport for you to greet and welcome Mariah upon her arrival. If you want to join the group, please let us know at A pre-meeting will be held this Saturday, Sept. 18 from 11am-2pm at The Heeren, McDonalds at B1 to finalize all the plans and arrangements for Mariah's arrival, and for the concert day itself. Be sure to keep on checking One Sweet Day with Mariah Carey Live! on Facebook for any updates leading up to the big day.
Source: Singapore GP | Hairul

Video: Nick Talks About Mariah on Extra TV
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 15-Sep-2010, 2:32AM EDT
Here's the video to the Extra article, "Nick Serenades Mariah with Her Own Songs," that we posted earlier.

Download: Nick Talks About Mariah on Extra TV, Sept. 14, 2010
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Nick Serenades Mariah with Her Own Songs
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 14-Sep-2010, 5:23PM EDT
America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon joined Mario Lopez at EXTRA's new L.A. home, The Grove, to talk about the talent Nick has seen -- and how he has none of it when it comes to serenading his wife, Mariah Carey.

"I try to serenade her with her own songs. I mess up all the words and she just laughs," Cannon admitted.

Cannon weighed-in on how she'd be as an American Idol judge. She's a "voice technician, people don't really understand how her vocal chords work and how hard she actually works at it, so a show like that would give her a great opportunity to show people what it really takes to be one of the world's best singers."

Note: According to new reports, Jennifer Lopez has been confirmed to take one of the judges' seats on American Idol. Jennifer, and previously announced Steven Tyler, will join regular judge Randy Jackson on the show.
Source: EXTRA

Mariah Featured in New Children's Book
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 13-Sep-2010, 7:04PM EDT

Mariah Carey fan Debbie informs us of the new children's novel entitled Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle that her husband, author Andy Hueller, had recently written and published.

The main character of the story, Debbie Fine, "Chubbie Debbie" to kids at school, discovers she can fly atop her white Thunderstrike bicycle that Debbie knows deep down inside she's "Dizzy Fantastic-Fourth-Grade Superhero." It is a story for anyone who's ever felt alone or misunderstood—or has ever dreamed of unlocking the superhero within. Mariah is mentioned several times and her music plays a key part in the story. Below are some excerpts from the book.

Page 38 ...She reminded Debbie of singers like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, whom she liked to listen to on the radio in the kitchen...

Page 75 ...Debbie turned the knob to her favorite station and pushed the On button. Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" flitted into the room...

Page 129 ... He waved a Mariah Carey CD case near his face so she could see what he had in mind... They didn't talk. They sat together and listened to "I'll Be There," "Hero," and "Make It Happen." The music made Debbie think of Tabby, who looked like a famous singer...

Page 130 ... Mariah Carey sang the chorus, and her backup singers echoed it back. Finally, her brother said, "Maybe girl music isn't so bad."

Dizzy Fantastic and Her Flying Bicycle, for children ages 7 to 12, is available at for $8.99.
Source: Debbie

News Tidbits
Posted by Lynn on Sunday, 12-Sep-2010, 3:59AM EDT
• Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel up 4 spots from #62 to #58 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in Billboard magazine, Sept. 18, 2010 issue.

• Sony Legacy is re-releasing 2009's The Yule Log DVD "Featuring the Classic Holiday Album Mariah Carey Merry Christmas" with a new cover art (pictured at right) on Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010. It's a DVD of Yule Log (the traditional holiday TV screener) and instead of playing generic Christmas tunes, this version plays Mariah's Merry Christmas tracks. Now available for pre-order at for $11.49.

• Australia & New Zealand fans: Get your chance to become one of 3 Lollipop Bling Flavour Ambassadors! Each winner will be flown to Sydney for a once in a lifetime photo shoot with Dolly and featured in the November issue of the magazine. Channel [V] will be there to film the shoot which will air in your very own TV ad throughout the month of November! All you need to do is pick your favourite Lollipop Bling flavour here, write in 25 words or less why, upload a candylicious photo of yourself, and enter your contact details. Check the contest rules here.

• French fans can now purchase Mariah's new fragrance collection Lollipop Bling online at Each 1oz. bottle of "Mine Again," "Ribbon" or "Honey" is priced at 49.90€.

• Tennessee has premiered on South African Pay-TV channel M-Net on Monday, Sept. 6th with reruns on Wednesday, Sept 15th at 01:00 and Friday, Sept. 17th at 00:10.

• Britney Spears mentions Mariah in the Sept. 2010 issue of the British Pop Magazine. POP: What are your favourite five pop records ever? Britney: Such a tough question and I think my answer changes every day. I love Prince's Purple Rain, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Madonna's True Blue, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation, Mariah Carey's #1's. (Scan here).

• Kelly Price, Gospel singer and former backup singer for Mariah (Dreamlover, Music Box, Merry Christmas, Daydream, Butterfly and Charmbracelet), in an interview with AllHipHop: "I spent six-and-a-half, close to seven years singing with Mariah Carey... when I was out there with Mariah, I got a chance to go sightseeing when we were in Europe. They were up doing radio at five in the morning. While she was talking to some reporter, I got a chance to go see the Changing of the Guard in England. I would say for anybody that has that opportunity, seize it, enjoy it, but respect it like a real job, because it is a real job. You're getting paid - even on the lowest end of the spectrum - way more than you would if you were pushing a pencil at somebody's desk. So if you're doing what you love, embrace it and work your way up the ranks."

• 13-year-old David Air gives a nice rendition of Mariah's "I Want To Know What Love Is" on the Brazilian talent show Raul Gil in the video to the right.

• Best Coast lead singer Bethany Cosentino has straight-toned, piercing voice. She calls Steve Nicks her biggest female influence. She said she's also influenced by Mariah Carey. "I was, like, obsessed with her. When I was very young and doing talent shows, I always sang Mariah Carey songs."

• Argentinian Pop Sensation Gisel de Marco was drawn to and influenced by the music of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Lara Fabian at an early age. PR Web.

• Calgary politician Shane Keating's current playlist on his iPod: "Eight tracks, almost in my time but I am too young! Right now two CDs in my car are Mariah Carey and instrumental easy listening music (this is a great time for me to gather my thoughts and relax)." Calgary Sun.

• Fan Videos: 1) Hungarian fan Matt created a video to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Glitter. 2) French fan Andressa sings "The Impossible" in this video. 3) VJ Tre wants to share this special video mix of Mariah's "H.A.T.E.U." set to the Jump Smokers Remix as edited by JNX. And, 4) Marquis sends this video of a college band playing "Obsessed."

• Fan Sites/Projects: 1) Listen to Canadian fan, singer/songwriter Michael Perry cover Mariah's "We Belong Together" (Reprise) here. He will be releasing his debut album on iTunes next month, but you can download it now for free here until Sept. 13th. 2) Thales has created a forum for the Brazilian fans called Fly Away. 3) The Lamb Directory is having an open house until Sept. 30, check them out. 4) German fan Alexandra has released an exclusive preview of her Mariah Carey-inspired story, "Melody, The Mermaid," from her "Honey Holidays" book.

• Fan Photos: French fan Adelyne with her new Mariah tattoo, Brazilian fan Reidson pictured with his fan-made "Mariah in Brazil" CD, and Brazilian fans Aguinaldo and Junior with their Mariah pictures from the Barretos concert.

• Brazilian fan Ale has created some avatars (100x100) that you can use on Twitter, MSN or message boards. Click to get the full-size image.

Source: MariahDailyJournal | Carlos | Ritcher | Matt | Sieraaj | Andressa | Michael | Adelyne | Reidson | Ale | Junior | Aguinaldo | Thales | Alex | VJ Tre | Chris | | Cynthia | Greg | Martin | Marquis

Win Tickets To See Mariah In Singapore!
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 11-Sep-2010, 8:15AM EDT
The official Mariah Carey site is giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Mariah perform live at the 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore on September 26!

Singapore fans and those willing to travel, simply e-mail them at with "Singapore Tickets" in the subject, and the following information:

Full Name

Check the contest details here. Submit your entry now! Deadline is Sept. 15, 2010 at 6pm Eastern Time. Good luck!

"Top 20 in 20" Video Countdown: Top 20 Revealed
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 11-Sep-2010, 1:02AM EDT
Thanks to everyone who participated in our "Top 20 in 20" poll, we now have the results! There was a total of 69,712 votes cast, and we're happy to announce your Top 20 Mariah Carey music videos.

» We Belong Together - 3,012
» Honey - 2,738
» Touch My Body - 2,344
» Don't Forget About Us - 2,117
» Breakdown - 2,102
» My All - 2,053
» Always Be My Baby - 2,050
» It's Like That - 2,020
» Butterfly - 1,912
» The Roof - 1,872
» Heartbreaker with Jay-Z - 1,849
» Shake It Off - 1,747
» Up Out My Face - 1,663
» Obsessed - 1,597
» Fantasy - 1,557
» Through The Rain - 1,509
» Dreamlover - 1,389
» I Still Believe - 1,357
» I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time - 1,130
» Fantasy Bad Boy Remix with ODB - 1,090

View the complete poll results in alphabetical order or by order of votes received.

Our "Top 20 in 20" Video Countdown officially starts today. For this round, we will vote for our Top 15 Mariah Carey videos. The five (5) videos with the least votes at the close of poll on Friday, September 17th at 11:59pm EST will be eliminated, and will not move on to the next round. Head over to the right sidebar and get voting for your favorite videos now!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Mariah Mentions in This Week's Ask Billboard
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 10-Sep-2010, 5:46PM EDT
It's rare for an artist to top both Adult Pop and Adult Contemporary charts concurrently even with one hit. Here is a look at the 13 titles - of 100 Adult Pop Songs No. 1s and 95 Adult Contemporary leaders (29 of which led both lists) since March 16, 1996, when the former chart bowed - so ubiquitous at the height of their popularity that they monopolized the summits of both surveys simultaneously:

Year, Title, Artist, Simultaneous Weeks at No. 1
1996, "One Sweet Day," Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men, 1
1996, "Because You Lou Loved Me," Celine Dion, 12
1996, "Change the World," Eric Clapton, 7
1997, "You Were Meant for Me," Jewel, 1
1997, "Sunny Came Home," Shawn Colvin, 1
1999, "Angel," Sarah McLachlan, 3
2000, "Breathe," Faith Hill, 1
2001, "Only Time," Enya, 3
2006, "You're Beautiful," James Blunt, 3
2006, "Bad Day," Daniel Powter, 7
2007, "Big Girls Don't Cry," Fergie, 2
2008, "Bubbly," Colbie Caillat, 3
2010, "Need You Now," Lady Antebellum, 8

Generally, pop/rock songs break first at Adult Pop before AC: 24 of the 29 shared Adult Pop Songs and Adult Contemporary No. 1s have held sway first at the former format before leading the more conservative adult contemporary genre. Record labels reinforce the pattern by promoting most songs with hit potential at both formats first to adult pop reporters.

Who are the most successful female R&B artists all-time, in terms of U.S. album sales? Here are the women with the most units certified, according to the RIAA:

63 million, Mariah Carey
55 million, Whitney Houston
26 million, Janet Jackson
19.5 million, Toni Braxton
18 million, Mary J. Blige
15 million, Alicia Keys
13.5 million, Natalie Cole
12 million, Anita Baker
10.5 million, Brandy
Source: Billboard

Melody Thornton - A Huge Mariah Fan, Then and Now
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 10-Sep-2010, 1:30PM EDT
Former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton has always been a big Mariah Carey fan. In her latest blog, "Classic Mariah," on her personal site, she talks about her favorite Mariah Carey songs.

Without You - I sang this song in the 3rd grade, thats when I decided "Yep, this is what I am gonna do in this life." When I hear it now it still makes me cry my eyes out like a big baby!! Mariah did an incredible job on this one!! That's why I am such a Mariah fan, she has inspired me from the start. I love her like she was a friend of mine! Isn't that how us fanatics get sometimes.

Anytime You Need A Friend - All of her songs had such beautiful messages, like "Anytime You Need A Friend" I drove my mother insane trying to find a skirt like the one she is wearing in this video hahaha! I needed it for my next talent show! Divas start young I guess ha!!

Emotions - When Mariah did Mtv Unplugged though... Woooo thats when they knew they should be worried cause she was about to really give em trouble. She proved she is the real thing. Still my favorite version of "Emotions."

Make It Happen - I always get super pumped when I hear this song, I especially love this version. If you really listen to the lyrics you will get hyped too! "If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want you're gonna make it happen" good stuff kids and its 100% true! The pianist David Cole who was a member of C+C Music Factory, a writer, producer, obviously and incredible pianist played with Mariah here but unfortunately passed away in 1995.

The Roof - Another one of my favorites! I love her fashion in this.

Melody has been featured here on several times. Below you will find some of our earlier posts in which she mentions Mariah.

• AOL Music Sessions Q&A in April 2006: When asked what was the first album she ever owned that made a big impression on her, she replied: "My first album was Mariah Carey's MTV Unplugged and I still listen to it on a regular, to this day. All the time. I met Mariah and she was great and I really, really, like it's amazing when you meet someone with that much like (charisma), yeah. She's done this before. She's like blah-blah-blah talking to me and then I was like just couldn't talk and when she left us I was like crying for an hour. It was crazy. It was great! She said, 'Don't mess up my body make-up.' That's what she said!" (MDJ, Apr. 2006)

• Blender interview in July 2006: "I'm biding my time... We all see this as a springboard for something else. Some girls have said, 'It's my dream to be in a pop group,' and I'm like, 'OK, because I want to be Mariah Carey.'" (MDJ, July 2006)

• Melody on Twitter in June 2009: "Btw I love mariahs new song ["Obsessed"]! Tell them liars what's up. Delusional is a good word to describe some of these lames." (MDJ, June 2009)

• Melody on Twitter in Aug. 2009: "Watching old MC videos! I love Anytime you need a friend one of the first times she debuted her hair straightened! She's so pretty I hrt her. I love Fantasy too, the combo of straight and curly hair I know you MC fans remember that right!" (MDJ, Aug. 2009)
Source: Melody on Twitter | MariahDailyJournal

Singapore Update: Fan Gathering, Malaysian Contest
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 09-Sep-2010, 4:01AM EDT
We are getting closer to Mariah's much-awaited concert at the 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore City, Singapore on Sunday, September 26 at 10:30pm.

Singaporean fans and those travelling from outside of the country, we are organizing a fan gathering at the Changi Airport so be prepared to sport your festive Mariah gear and signs, and give your warm welcome to Mariah! E-mail us at to join the group! Mariah would be happy to see everyone there!

Singaporean fans Hairul and Syazwan have volunteered to coordinate the fan gathering and they have some exciting ideas for Mariah's arrival at the airport, and for the concert itself. Be sure to check out One Sweet Day with Mariah Carey Live! on Facebook for all the preps leading up to the big day.

Malaysian fans, here's your chance to see Mariah perform live in Singapore for free! The Malaysian online magazine Klue is giving away a pair of return flights and walkabout tickets to the 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. The contest is open only to Malaysians, aged 18 and above. Check for contest details here!

Check out the TV commercial spot for the F1 Grand Prix race with Mariah as the main entertainment headliner here, and below, photos of the promotional posters along Stamford Road, in the central business district and around the vicinity of the City Hall/MRT station. Also pictured is a 3-page ad for the F1 race in the Sept. 8th edition of the Today newspaper.

Tickets are moving fast, if you haven't purchased your tickets, don't wait! Go get them now! Purchase online at Singapore GP, via the ticketing hotline +65 6738 6738 as well as SISTIC and selected SingPost outlets.
Source: MariahDailyJournal | Chung Kit | Paul

Mariah and Melonie Daniels Reunite
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 08-Sep-2010, 6:23PM EDT

Melonie Daniels, now a solo artist and a background vocalist for Gospel artists, joined Mariah in the recording studio last night as revealed by Mariah in a Twitter message early this morning:

MariahCarey In studio @singmelo aka Melodisity Danielious..La Me lo-de-mama.. Just Sangin.. Mm hmm..: )

This would be Mariah and Melonie's first time to work together in 5 years. From 1992 to 2003, Melonie was a regular background vocalist for Mariah, joining her on the road and doing soundchecks. In 2005, she came back to lend her golden pipes on The Emancipation of Mimi's "Fly Like a Bird."

To the right, Melonie (far left) is pictured with the other background singers during a performance of "Someday" on the NBC Thanksgiving Special, "Here Is Mariah Carey," in 1993.

Mariah in a Coca Cola Commercial?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 08-Sep-2010, 4:57PM EDT
Mariah's manager Chris Lighty posted the following message on his Twitter page earlier today:

Let's go about to play @MariahCarey song for some Coca Cola execs let's bring out the elves and festive stuff....

This is exciting if it comes true! Coca Cola always comes out with great holiday commercials, and with Mariah and her Christmas jingle in it, that can only spell F.E.S.T.I.V.E.!

Update: Chris Lighty, just minutes ago on Twitter: "I didn't say MC has a coke commercial!!!!!!" He also told us that he "just was playing music nothing solid."

"Top 20 in 20" Video Poll Extended
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 07-Sep-2010, 2:57PM EDT
We're back up! was down for 3 days due to some technical issues with our server. The problem has been rectified, and we're happy to be back! Thanks to all who have tweeted and e-mailed us their love and support. We appreciate it!

Due to the server being down, we are extending our "Top 20 in 20" Video Countdown poll until Friday, September 10 at 11:59pm ET. Please cast your votes for your Top 20 favorite Mariah Carey music videos, if you haven't done so.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Video: Mariah on VH1's "Greatest Artists Of All Time"
Posted by Lynn on Tuesday, 07-Sep-2010, 12:45AM EDT
Earlier tonight, VH1 counted down its "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" and at #94 was Mariah Carey. Download the video and check out what Mariah's colleagues had to say about her.

Download: Mariah at #94 on VH1's Greatest Artists Of All Time

Salt 'N Pepa: "I was just floored by her like, 'Who is this person? Where did she come from?'"

Natasha Bedingfield: "Me and my sister used to listen to Mariah Carey for hours. We would just put her album on repeat and we just marvel at the kind of husky, smoky tone and then the power at the same time."

Jay Sean: "It's just the kind of voice, man. It gives me the shivers when I listen to it. It's just incredible."

Fantasia: "She has a voice of an angel."

Julian McCullough, Comedian: "Mariah Carey is now edgier, which makes sense. She's lived through a lot."

Paul Wall: "When everybody counted her out, she came back hard and came back strong and she proved everybody wrong."

Janell Snowden, VH1 News: "Mariah has 18 number one singles. Only The Beatles have more than Mariah."

Michelle Williams: "One of the greatest voices ever."

Chamillionaire: "She's really talented. I don't think anybody can dispute that."
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Brad Dechter Works on Mariah's Christmas Album
Posted by Lynn on Monday, 06-Sep-2010, 11:51PM EDT
On August 29 at 12:12am, renowned harpist Gayle Levant posted the following on her Facebook page:

What an incredible week! I recorded Alan Menken's beautiful score to the new Disney animated feature "Tangled." I had a fun session as the 22nd season of The Simpsons started yesterday with Alf Clausen at the helm. Then off to record on Mariah Carey's new X-mas album with Marc Shaiman & Brad Dechter. All this, plus ...The Emmys tomorrow night with the band on stage!!!!

This further confirms what we reported to you earlier about Mariah's recording session with the full live band on Friday, August 27. Marc Shaiman and Brad Dechter have arranged all the five songs that were recorded that night.

About Brad Dechter
Brad Dechter is an orchestrator, arranger, composer and saxophonist who has been a professional musician since 1971 and an active participant of the Hollywood recording industry since 1981. Primarily working in motion pictures, Brad has orchestrated or arranged all or parts of over 200 feature films including the Academy Award-nominated scores for The Fugitive, The Prince of Tides, My Best Friend's Wedding, The Village, The Passion of the Christ, The First Wives Club and Michael Clayton. He has worked on numerous TV shows including the series "Moonlighting," for which he was nominated for 2 Emmy awards for his arranging work, and "The West Wing," for which he arranged and orchestrated its Emmy-winning title theme. Early 2008 found Brad as an orchestrator for Academy Award-nominated score, Michael Clayton, for John Clayton's Grammy-winning arrangement of "I'm Gonna Live Until I Die" for Queen Latifah as well as John's arrangement of "The Best is Yet to Come" on Michael Buble's Grammy-winning album and finally as one of the arrangers for the top-selling album of 2007 by Josh Groban (Noel album).

NOTE: We don't know who started the rumor, but to erase the confusion and to correct the rumor, MariahDailyJournal can confirm that Alan Menken is NOT involved with Mariah's Christmas album.

For all the exciting news about Mariah's upcoming Christmas album, Merry Christmas II You, click here, or the quick link provided on the sidebar.
Source: Gayle | MariahDailyJournal

New Christmas Album Title Confirmed
Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 04-Sep-2010, 4:07AM EDT
Mariah Daily Journal is able to confirm that the official title for Mariah's new Christmas album is Merry Christmas II You.

Merry Christmas II You will be available in three versions: Compact Disc, Digital Album and DVD; and released simultaneously on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010. See the release information below.

MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU - Album Release Information
Title/Version Title
Rel Date
Merry Christmas II You602527498034Full Length Compact DiscPhysicalNov 2, 2010Island
Merry Christmas II You602527498034Full Length DigitalDigitalNov 2, 2010Island
Merry Christmas II You / [DVD]602527516998DVD-VideoPhysicalNov 2, 2010Def Jam

Retailers have until Friday, Oct. 8, 2010 to place their orders for Mariah's Merry Christmas II You.
Source: MariahDailyJournal

MDJ Exclusive: New Christmas Song Titles Revealed
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 03-Sep-2010, 5:52PM EDT
As we all know, Mariah has been hard at work on finishing up her brand-new Christmas album, reportedly titled Merry Christmas II You, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, November 2.

Last Friday night, August 27, Mariah had a big session with a full live band at Fox Studios in Los Angeles, California recording 5 holiday songs - 2 new and 3 traditional songs! Our reliable source tells us, "Mariah was very humble and thanked the band for their great work. At one point, she got up on the conductor's podium and playfully pretended to conduct the band."

Mariah Daily Journal is happy to exclusively reveal the titles of Mariah's two new and original Christmas songs, both co-written with Marc Shaiman of Broadway's Hairspray fame.

• "Christmas Time Is In The Air Again"
• "One Child"

"Chistmas Time Is In The Air Again" has been described to us as "a really nice mid-tempo number." Mariah was happy to be working with Marc Shaiman and said: "He's so talented and can hear the chords in my head."

Please note that although songs may have been recorded, there is always the possibility that they may not make the final cut of the album. Stay tuned for more album news in the coming days!
Source: MariahDailyJournal

Singapore: Pop Stars Vroom In
Posted by Lynn on Friday, 03-Sep-2010, 1:29PM EDT
Whether you are into fast cars or not, Grand Prix season has an entertainment line-up to get your motor running.

From as little as $38, the lowest price of the Sept 24 single-day Zone 4 walkabout ticket, music lovers can see stars such as Grammy-winning hip-hop singer Missy Elliott and American Idol alumni Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry who will be singing with his band, Daughtry.

They will perform on a huge stage at the Padang in the heart of the race circuit, in between and after the races. On Sept 26, the final night of the three-day Grand Prix, the cheapest tickets to see Mariah Carey, one of the biggest names in pop, cost only $128.

'If Lushington brings in Mariah Carey alone, the ticket would go up to $800,' Singapore GP executive director Michael Roche, who is also director of promoters Lushington Entertainment, told Life!. F1 Rocks, last year's big-scale music festival at Fort Canning Park, will not be held this time around.

The festival is on hiatus due to organisational changes but the musical offerings by Singapore GP within the circuit park have picked up the slack. It raised its entertainment budget from $4 million to $5 million this year. This includes $600,000 for the imported main stage that is larger than a basketball court, and where headliners will perform.

The stage, which the organisers say is possibly the largest makeshift stage ever constructed here, is accessible to all ticket-holders and is expected to draw 30,000 fans.
Source: Straits Times

Enter To Win A Mariah Autographed MP3 Player!
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 02-Sep-2010, 11:20AM EDT
Visit Mariah's Facebook page, and click on the tab "Bling Gallery," where you can upload your photo and become part of the official Lollipop Bling photo gallery!

Also, don't forget to enter for the chance to win a signed MP3 Player by Mariah!

Mariah's New Album Title: Merry Christmas II You?
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 01-Sep-2010, 6:59PM EDT
Mariah Carey may or may not be pregnant, but one thing's for sure, she will be delivering a bundle of joy this holiday season. The sequel to the pop songbird's Christmas album has been given an official title and due date. has exclusively learned that Mimi's upcoming holiday project will be called Merry Christmas II You. The II represents the follow-up to 1994's multi-platinum Merry Christmas album, which spawned the now-classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You." The new offering is scheduled for a November 2 release and will include original material as well as covers of holiday classics.

An accompanying DVD will also be released the same day, but there are currently no details on what exactly it will contain. The packaging was shot in the spring by famed photographer David LaChapelle and features a festive setting with fake snow, tinsel, and wooden reindeers.

Mariah's manager Chris Lighty tweeted that she is working with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) to promote the project, which is guaranteed to be the perfect stocking stuffer.
Source: Rap-Up

Full Audio: Mariah Live in Barretos, Brazil
Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 01-Sep-2010, 12:30AM EDT
The full audio of Mariah's show at the Festa Do Peão de Boiadeiros (Cowboy Festival) in Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, August 21 is below. You can either download each song individually, or the entire show at once.

Make your own CD by printing the front and back covers below!

01. Butterfly Intro/Daydream Interlude
02. Shake It Off
03. Touch My Body
04. My All
05. Always Be My Baby
06. It's Like That
07. I Still Believe
08. Make It Happen
09. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
10. Dreamlover
11. I'll Be There
12. Obsessed
13. We Belong Together
14. Hero
15. I Want To Know What Love Is

The audio files are rips from various high-quality videos, and we profusely thank the respective owners for them!
Source: MariahDailyJournal | CD Cover Design: Can

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