November News

11/29/98 There is a UPN ad on their site about MC around the world. Here is what is says: ONE NIGHT ONE VOICE ONE HIT SONG AFTER ANOTHER A Never-Before-Seen Television Event! Dec. 15th @ 9pm/8c Mariah Carey is coming to UPN. December 15th at 9pm/8c. See her behind the scenes and on the stage, ONLY on UPN. *You can find the picture from the ad in my picture galleries!*

The MC news is getting a lot slower now, but all the news I find and know...I'll make sure to report.

Check galleries for new MC pictures by the end of the day :)

11/27/98 I got the new SELF magazine today. MC looks GREAT. Anyhow it will hit newstands next week, but if you live by a local bookstore that gets stuff in on fridays, like Borders does here, then stop by there :D It is the December issue and inside there is a picture of MC in a white dress, picture from Diva Live, MC's wedding, and the Fresh Air Fund.

Alex found this article on MC: The Bachelor: Singer Mariah Carey wants to break into movies and she hopes a film cameo will help her kick off an acting career. She is considering a number of small roles, including in The Bachelor, which tells the story of a single young man who will inherit a large sum of money if he weds by a certain deadline. Chris O'Donnell and Renée Zellweger star in the film.

Mariah made an appearance last night at the Radio Music Hall Christmas special. Celine Dion and others were there too. Make sure you watch ET or Access tonight because they could cover it :)

11/26/98 HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!

The webpage has officially been revamped. I hope you like it. Any comments would be appreciated, and please sign the guestbook!

Not since the page is revamped, and the news is off the main page..I can start adding articles which is GREAT.

Here is an article from Variety on MC's #1's.... In her notes for the CD booklet, Mariah Carey is adamant that ``#1's'' is not a greatest hits set. And she's technically right; rather, the album gathers her 13 chart-toppers, an estimable feat in its own right and an indication that a full-scale Carey best-of would take two discs -- at least. And while it's true that her No. 1 hits aren't necessarily her best songs, it's still an impressive listen. Of course, new tracks on these collections are dubious propositions, though it's likely that her duets with Whitney Houston (''When You Believe'' from ''The Prince of Egypt'') and Brian McKnight (''Whenever You Call'') will reach the title's lofty position, on starpower if not on merit.

Mariah's ONES has already reached #1 on Malaysia and in Japan...way to go guys :D

Also Sony released the listings for the new single When You Believe: 1. When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt): Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston 2. When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) (TV Track): Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston 3. I Am Free: Mariah Carey 4. You Were Loved: Whitney Houston NOW...we just have to figure out when this is going to be released!

11/25/98 MC's transcript is out now. Soon we will hopefully have it on the webpage. I am going to be doing some changes to the webpage tomorrow hopefully! :D

Oprah rocked today. The performed When You Believe and MC performed I Still Believe. It was really awesome and they looked so beautful.

I couldn't find the new SELF magazine today. Cindy Crawford was still on the cover not MC. I'll let you know more when I find it!

Mariah beat Whitney. MC came in at #4, while Whitney came in at #14. WAY TO GO MC..I think we can all give ourselves a pat on the back too :D

11/24/98 MC is in a couple magazines. You can check her out in Star tabloid, GLOBE tabloid, and Word Up special edition.

MC is on the cover of SELF magazine. A big thanks to Phillip for this information. Inside is a HUGE picture of MC in a white tub top. He got his at Wal-Greens. Go pick it up :D

Get with the program....and tape Oprah tomorrow. Today they showed some of When You Believe video, so the show is going to be taped tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 4:30, MTV is going to have a special about the sales of last Tuesdays cd's. Check it out to see how MC did.

NO When You Believe single today :( There was, however, still A Sweetheart single there. Maybe you can still get it, since they took them off the shelves.

Barbara Mandrell serves as host of ``My Favorite Christmas Songs,'' 9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16, on Pax TV, with guests including Mariah Carey, Michael Crawford, Hanson and Boyz II Men sharing songs and holiday memories. A big thanks to Alex for finding this. In NJ Pax is on Channel 95. Check your local listings.

11/22/98 The Pasta Party countdown was just on. I just got home from work but I did watch the directors cut of "I Don't Wanna Cry" It was pretty cool. Just different scenes were added. I'll have more about the Countdown tomorrow. I still have to watch it

MC will be performing at the Billboards. Alex sent me a letter about it. No word yet on which song however.

It has been confirmed now. MC and WH will be on Oprah this Wednesday. They will be singing When You Believe, plus each will sing one of their own!

11/20/98 Okay, on Whintey's official says that she will be on Oprah next week. Well guess what it also says??? Mariah will be there too. heard me right. Anyhow I don't have the day NOR time yet, but I will have them ASAP. Check back soon and I will have time times for you :D

You can check out MC on 15/15 tonight which is a MTV New Special :D It takes place at 7:30 pm.

11/19/98 On Mariah's Pasta Party, she will be premiering a NEW video for "I Don't Want To Cry" You can see it this Sunday at 2 pm (note: check timeline)

Mariah is in the NEW Teen People. It is a picture of her from the MTV Music Awards. Also she is in People Espanol and it is a picture of her with Chakie Chan from the premiere of Rush Hour. Both magazines hit the stands this week!

Last night Mariah was on Access Hollywood. They showed her from the signing of her records at the Virgin Store PLUS the exclusive fans party. She looked really pretty.

Columbia's newsletters sent out a lot of times, which I inluded in my check them out :D

So you heard about this ealier...well now it has come true. Mariah will have a TV Special on December 15th titled, MAriah Carey Around The World. I don't have a time yet, but I will in the VERY near future. It is suspected they will show scenes from tours she has done earlier in the year. It is also suspected that I Still Believe and Whenever You Call will be all the special too. AWESOME..isn't it?

The When You Believe single will be released on November 24th. Thanks to MariahLov for the info.

There is an EXTREMELY nice picture of MC in the NEW Glamour magazine. It is from the same shoot as the Cosmo. cover/pictures. She is wearing a LONG black dress and looks really pretty. It takes up a half of page...I love it :D

11/17/98 Go get ONES, it is now in the stores. It rocks. There are 3 Honey pictures, 1 Sweetheart picture, and one picture of her as a child. It is really great!

You heard it here first...the NEW SWEETHEART SINGLE IS OUT. Yuppers, that is right. I picked up my copy at Sam Goody today and it cost $4. You have to hurry though cause they only had like 5 copied or so!

Last night Mariah was on ET. She was the first thing too. They talked about the world premiere of the video and showed a bunch of it :D

If you didn't get Black Beat yet, go get it. It rocks. There are like 5 pictures of MC inside. One is a huge poster of JD and Mariah and the same picture is on the cover :D

At Sam Goody they have a HUGE display of MAriah and I asked to have it but the guy said no cause they send it back to the company and then thew company auctions it off :(

11/16/98 WOW WOW WOW. The new video for When You Believe was SO AWESOME. I can't believe how cool that was. I especially loved the ending with the lighting. That is BY FAR one of my VERY favorite of MC's. She rocked!

Mariah is in the new Celebrity (Jan 1999), US (tiny picture) and People magazine (big picture of her and Derek, which is the same one as in the STAR tabloid)


Mariah will be performing tomorrow on The View..tune in for that.

Tonight on MTV Mariah will make history. She is the first artist to have a WHOLE Fanatic to only her. So cool, rock on MC.

Did that guy scare anyone else today on Mariah TV. I think the 3rd gal was better.

11/15/98 When You Believe MAY premiere tonight between 8-10 pm, from the start of Spanking new Week. Turn in to MTV to find out tonight :D If you miss it, you can see the premiere tom. during Mariah TV.

11/14/98 Mariah is in the following magazines (thanks to CravinMC) Glamour, Word Up, Black Beat, and Rolling Stone. Also she is in the NEW Star tabloid as I reported.

11/13/98 No Dateline tonight..that was a missup.

ET and Access Hollywood was great last night. MC looked very sad during the interview and they showed inside her house during the 20/20 interview. You can read the interview at Access was funny on the other hand. It was about the VH1 Top 10 from today and MC and WH was so funny...make sure you tune in to it today at noon and 5 pm.

MAKE sure you check the important Dates timeline, so you don't miss anything this weekened!

Yesterday I deleted my Galleries, InfoMC info, MCFO newsletter, Important Dates, and my links page. Took Alex and me a LONG time to fix it. So it is a little different now..I kind of like it better..hope you enjoy!

Mariah is in NEXT week's STAR. There is a picture of MC in Derek's arms and the caption says: CAREY-ING ON: Don't let the smiles fool you- former lovebirds Mariah Carey and Yankees hunk Derek Jeter , who broke her heart, aren't reuniting. She flirted with him like crazy at Puff Daddy's party, but he flatly rejected her.

11/12/98 Mariah will be on Dateline tom. night (11/13) 8-9 pm. thanks to MCdanr5 for that information!

Also some of the dates and times have changed for Mariah, make sure you check the timeline below. For example..the pasta party countdown has been moved and we now have official times...thanks to Alex!

11/11/98 You can check out Mariah on VH1 Top 10 at 5 pm on 11/13. She is cohosting it with Whitney

There will be a transcript very soon for the chat last night. Alex made a collage and it will be up real soon. I sent it out in the newsletter and if you are dying to see it, e-mail me and I will send it to you. I will be in the Artwork section or Gallery6!

Mariah will be on ET tom. about the 20/20 inteview. They showed a preview today and she looked SO SAD :( ET is on CBS at 7:30 pm

Also Mariah will be on Access Hollywood (NBC-7:30 pm) about the VH1 Top 10. They will be taking us behind the scenes with Whitney and Mariah :D

Also new pictures are coming VERY VERY soon :D Stop back!

11/10/98 Mariah will be on the David Letterman on 12/16. She also might be on the Jay Leno show on 12/9

You can see a rerun of the SNL on 11/23 at 11 am and 12 am.

The MC chat will be starting in 15 minutes. There will be a transcript very soon. Let me know if you need help finding it. I will be e-mailing it to the club ASAP :D If you are not in the club, e-mail me and I will put you in. I just sent the cover of the When You Believe single. It is not on my site yet, so you could see it first there. Your choice!

11/9/98 They showed a preview of Mariah Carey's interview on 20/20 last night at 9:54. They didn't show her during the actaul interview but Barbara said she will finnaly get the whole scoop of what happened to the breakup of Tommy and her and they showed a BUNCH of pictures. So I know that Mariah is going to be spilling a lot because Barbara DOES NOT take no for an answer. :O

Mariah27 wanted me to present this news to you all. I want to thank Lynn for sending me news and if you have any news..feel free to send it to me :D

* at can download a sample of "When you Believe" in three different formats....and can also download a very cool "ones" screensaver in three different formats * Riverside, California's Radio Station...99.1 KGGI is giving free Mariah Carey "ones" cd's to every 29th caller and a chance to win a trip for 2 to New York to Mariah's Release party for her "ones" album....if you'd like to call the # is ...1 (909) 431-5991..Goodluck !

If you don't want to just here the version on the computer, you can here them on the radio. I got the normal version on Q102 and the MC version on B101 at 11:17 pm last night. Now I have the original version and the version Mariah is the lead. Basically it is the same but Mariah just sings the whole songs it seem. Whitney chimes in every once in a while. And at the very end before they said the last When You Believe, Mariah does her upper register VERY softly. You can hear it but it is not very loud. I like the original version better though. Enough on this subject..NEXT..

The chat will take place tom. at 9:30 pm, not 8:00. I'll be online around 8 pm, so drop an IM to me and we'll talk. I am thinking about starting up a chat room so all the fans can talk before the chat with Mariah. Whatcha think. Anyhow you can send in your questions now at

SwT3HuNni reported that there will be a Prince of Egypt TV Promo Special on NBC and Mariah and Whitney will be performing at that. It will take place on 12/13

On 11/17 there will be a ONES special on VH1.

11/8/98 Once again they moved the time supposively. They now are saying that the chat will begin at 9:30 and go to 10:00. Doesn't look like she is really going to answer too many of our questions!

On Saturday, 11/21/98, VH1 will present No. 1 Women of All Time. It is an hour long and it will show video of the top women of all time like...Natalie Imbruglia, Janet Jackson, Joan Jett and Mariah Carey

11/7/98 The Celebrity chat on Tuesday is going to take place at 9 pm MC9114ever told me. I don't know if it is true but just thought you would all like to know!

CravinMC reported that there is a huge advertisement in the new VIBE magazine for Mariah's ONE album. Foxy Brown is on the cover.

Mariah was on ET on Firday night. They reported that Mariah and Derek ARE still dating.

Mariah was also on Access Hollywood. They showed some more of WH and MC in the studio recording the song.

There are new pictures on my picture site, so check them out!

There was no preview of Friday's 20/20 on last night. They showed previews of Sundays, and Wed's night show. Maybe Sunday they will have something on it, so I'll let you know.

11/6/98 You can check out the new issue of Ebony, with Whitney on the cover, and read about Whitney's thoughts about Mariah. There is a picture of Mariah and Whitney singing and Whitney has nothing but praise for Mariah..saying she has a good head on her shoulder!

Goofy636 reported today that he heard the second version of When You Believe. He said that Mariah does her "upper register" at the end of the new version. Try to check it out.

Nothing on Whitney OR Mariah on VH1 today..darn it. Sorry!

Mariah was on Access Hollywood last night. First they showed her from the Puffy B-day party. She wore a read dress and looked REALLY pretty. They said that Derek Jeter appeared minutes after Mariah and then they were inside and showed Mariah and Jeter EXTREMELY close and dancing. I think they are still dating..but hey it is really none of our buisness!

Make sure to catch 20/20 tonight because they will probably preview next weeks show, which is Mariah :D

11/5/98 You heard it here first..Mariah's new video will premiere on Monday the 16th. How exciting. It will take place on MTV at 3:30 pm.

Also an exclusive here is that Mariah will appear on The View. It will take place on Nov. 17th at 11 am. So cool..oh it is on ABC by the way.

Another exclusive from is that Mariah will be on Celebrity Live on Tuesday the 10th. It will start at 8 pm :D SO COOL...I'll be online..drop a hi to me or I'll see you in the chat room :D

Also the Billboard's award show will air Dec. 7th. Mariah Carey is nominated and will probably appear. I'll have more news later on in the month!

11/4/98 Saturday 11/14/98 10:00pm VH1 "Fantasy: Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden" Type: Music Special / Pop (1 hr) Award-winning singer-songwriter Mariah Carey performs past and present hits including "Fantasy," "Dreamlover" and "I'll Be There."

Sunday 11/15/98 9:00am VH1 "Mariah Carey" Type: Music Special / Pop (1 hr) The singer-songwriter's life and career are highlighted through concert footage and interviews with family and friends

Check out both of those timings from the VH1 site, which were found by Alex :)

CravinMC reported that Mariah is in the Jan. issue of YM. Check it will hit stores probably next week.

Billboards is not going to be aired this Friday it looks like. It will prob. just be taped and sent for a later airing time.

In the Premiere issue of Celebrity, not only is Mariah in it but on the very first page or two there is the model that was in Honey. IT says here is Mariah's "Honey" or something. He is kind of cute :D

11/3/98 Tom. on Entertainment tonight you can see behind the scenes with Mariah Carey and Whintey. They are going to show scenes from the video When You Beleive and will tell us when it will premiere. Check it out...

Major news...Some lucky person will interview MC on Fanatic on Nov. 16 at 10:30 pm. Someone told me they were not going to do it but I guess they are. IF you know who it is..let me know.

On Nov. 15th you can see Mariah Carey's Pasta Party Countdown special for one hour. I guess this is to promote her new cd and we all know how she loves Pasta.

On Novemember 16th there will be a show called Mariah TV Live on MTV at 4:30 pm.

"When You Believe" is said to premiere on MTV on Nov. 16th. Maybe sooner.

CHeck out MC on VH1 all month. This Friday though you can see MC and Whitney on the top 10 countdown, They are going to have clips of When You Believe and maybe they will show the whole video. You can see that at noon and 5pm.

On this Saturday (the 7th) you can see the Mariah Carey Video Collection on VH1 again. So check it out.

You can see Mariah Carey on 20/20 on November 13th at 10 pm on ABC. Barbara Walters is going to interview her and there is a nice article on it in the Nov 7-13 issue. It is on page 254 and there is a picture of MC from Diva's Live. Check it out.

Check out Mariah Carey's Album Release In Store Appearance from the Virgin MegaStore/Union Square Tuesday, 11/17 from 6:00-8:00pm where she will be signing copies of her upcoming album '#1's' New 'teaser' site including info on Mariah Carey's upcoming album '#1's' (in stores November 17) and an audio clip of 'When You Believe,' a duet with Whitney Houston.

11/1/98 If you live in Australia, you see a show called An Audience with Mariah Carey. It broadcasted on Eurupean telvision and I was lucky enough to have a friend send me a copy of it. It is really great. MC is laying on a couch and they show a lot of her videos and people just ask her questions for an hour. She looks really pretty. Anyhow it will take place on Thursday the 12th from 8:30-9:30 pm. You can see it on MTV.

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