November 2000 Too Cool Mariah News!!

November 18, 2000...
MClogo - Help Mariah in Singapore
Here is what Zaki told me:
Hey Regina! Well, I just want to highlight the situation of Against All Odds (feat. Westlife) in Singapore. In the official Singapore Charts in the perfect 10 98.7 FM, it moved up to no.14, which is a good sign as it didn't drop as some of my friends predicted. Unfortunately, in the Power 98 top 40 chart (Another popular Chart), it is unfortunately nowhere to be seen.

Well, i don't know what to say about power 98, just that sometimes, luck isn't on our side. On the other hand, airplay IS increasing on Perfect10, which is a crucial part of the Charts.

Anyway, here is what you can do to increase airplay of the single in both power98 and perfect 10.

For power98, go to the official website ( go to the requests section and try to request for each timeslot. For e-mail, use a common e-mail (for example hotmail) so as not to arouse suspicion and put in a company name such as McDonalds, Burger King or something like that.

For perfect 10 98.7 FM, go to click on 'Say It With Music' and request for a song. Try to sound like a dizzy teenager(my 24 year old sister's requests never get played because she writes them like a 24 year old) and request it to your parents, siblings, etc.

I'm being realistic here and going by how 'Against All Odds' is performing, I'm not hoping for anything better than a top 5 position. You can still request on power 98, but the DJs there are sort of biased against MC. The Djs at Perfect 10 were pretty supportive of MC. They tried to play 'Crybaby' as much as they could but no one bothered requesting except me (They played my request only once).

So, hoping that 'Against All Odds' will do moderately well!!! Hugs and smiles, Zaki

- 20 to 1 Duets
Once again is announcing the fact that this show will take place on VH1. It will happen on Nov. 27th at 1 pm and 10 pm EST! VH1 will count down the 20 best Duets ever and One Sweet Day is on the countdown somewhere! Also, make sure to check out Important Dates on the front page for more times you can check out Mariah because I updated that today!

- Mariah's Jealous Rage
MClogoWell that is the headline you will find in the November 28th issue of Globe tabloid anyway. There is a page and a half article talking about Mariah is furious to not only find out that Tommy is marrying Thalia but to also find out that at one point, so did Luis. The picture on the left is the picture you find in the tabloid and you can click on that to view the larger picture and thanks to Danielle aka MariahLamby for that info.

Eva, a big fan of Luis, sent me some pics of Luis and Thalia kissing that were from Eres magazine in 1998 (below). Plus, Maria told me that three pics of them kissing is from 1988 when Luis was only 18 years old and the other picture is from 1991.

I really don't think that Mariah cares about this and that the Globe is once again reporting lies. Why would MC care about Luis's "X-Girlfriends!" Here are Anna's, my Luis Correspondent, point of views on this whole info:

  • There is no "official Luis site" - there are many unofficial ones.
  • Luis and Thalia appeared together in a TV special and he did go out with her once or twice but it was never serious - and it was almost 10 years ago! The kiss photo was a publicity shot - it's been shown lots of places (including that ERES magazine you sent me).
  • I find it hard to believe that MC would be so petty as to worry about one picture among 1000's that can be accessed on many Luis Miguel sites. We all know that Luis had girlfriends before Mariah - and there are lots of pictures out there. She wouldn't be concerned over this one.
  • Luis Miguel doesn't monitor what pictures are shown on his websites.
  • After Mariah's statement about "wishing Tommy the best and hoping that he finds the same love that she has found with Luis Miguel - a release that has been given world-wide press attention, I don't think she feels upset that "Tommy has replaced her. "The Tommy-Thalia thing has been going on for about 2 years - why be upset now? " If anything, she seems gracious, happy, and more than pleased with her current partner - Luis Miguel, so why worry about what Tommy does?
  • The engagement rumor may or may not be true - but wouldn't comments about this be released by someone close to Carey - like Cindy Berger, or her manager Louise, or even MC herself?

    - Ready for the Closeup
    CHAMPAIGN, Ill., Nov 17, 2000 (Daily Illini, U-WIRE via COMTEX) -- There's something about cameo appearances that make a movie funnier ... or at least more interesting. When singers cross over into the movie genre, it's almost like seeing a relative up on the big screen-"Hey! Isn't that so-and-so?!"

    In this week's new release Little Nicky, we get an appearance by the Iron Man himself, Ozzy Osbourne, just in time to save the earth from being taken over by evil. The part had to have been written for him and only him.

    Similarly, when it was time to cast a creepy, S&M, would-be killer in 1999's Jawbreaker, actress Rose McGowan did nothing more than roll over in bed to come up with her fiance, rocker Marilyn Manson.

    In what had to be a bad casting call, rapper Lil' Kim played the oldest looking high school student in history in 1999's She's All That. In what had to be a realization of the mistake, she didn't have too many lines.

    In 1999's The Bachelor, Mariah Carey played Ilana, an ex-girlfriend of Chris O'Donnell's character. Maybe she needed money to buy some clothes to cover herself up.

    But some singers opt to play themselves and juts do what they do best in films-sing. In 1985's Vision Quest, starring Matthew Modine, Madonna (still in the boy-toy and lace phase) performed her hit song "Crazy For You."

    In Coyote Ugly, this year's should-have-stayed-a-trailer-instead-of-becoming-a-movie movie, LeAnn Rimes made a cameo appearance as herself. Trying to shed her down-home little girl image (Melissa Joan Hart Syndrome), she got up on the bar and did her thing like the rest of the wild coyotes.

    Sheena Easton played, well ... Sheena Easton in 1993's Indecent Proposal as she sang a lovely ballad in Robert Redford's party scene. The late and extremely great Phyllis Hyman sang the slow jam at a party in an uncredited cameo performance in 1988's School Daze.

    English singer Des'ree was credited as the "Diva" in 1996's Romeo and Juliet as she sang the love theme for tragic lovebirds Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio.

    The goup Digital Underground had speaking lines and the chance to perform in 1991's Nothing But Trouble. Demi Moore and Chevy Chase couldn't escape the crazy judge (Dan Aykroyd), but Shock G and the gang used their musical talents to be set free.
    By Angelique Smith
    (Thanks to Jake for this article)

    - Charts
    Thanks to Matt for the following charts for the week ending in November 25th:

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    134 132 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    168 198 CURRENT R&B ALBUMS CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    165 165 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    34 34 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    34 34 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    43 58 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    59 58 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    66 72 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
  • EMOTIONS(Album)
    169 169 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    85 85 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    102 0 TOP CATALOGUE ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    146 146 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    MUSIC BOX(Album)
    32 32 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    MY ALL(Single)
    192 146 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    45 43 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    108 105 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    5 5 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    7 7 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    18 18 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    96 89 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    159 160 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    - Mariah in Luis Vivo Video
    Calling all Luis/MC fans! Many of Luis's fans are wondering if Mariah is seen MANY times in his latest release VIVO. There is one woman in the front row that looks very much like Mariah and Luis winks at her many times and this one woman is shown SEVERAL times throughout the video! I saw a couple scenes and I personally do not think it is Mariah! I believe Anna told me the concert was taped on April 20th and Mariah's last tour date was April 18th in Toronto! So it is possible that MC could of been there and there are articles saying that she was going to be there. Here are Anna's views on it and if anyone else has any info, feel free to share!

    Was Mariah Carey in Luis¹s Vivo concert? Okay, I¹m going to jump into the ³is she or isn¹t she Mariah on Luis's Vivo concert" discussion:
    First of all the arguments people have presented con.
    She was touring and unavailable
    Her hair looks different
    Luis doesn't announce, or acknowledge her presence
    She doesn't have her bodyguards
    The look-alike sings in Spanish and knows the songs too well
    She looks too thin
    No one around her recognizes her
    She is too excited - not acting like a diva or superstar
    She would be jealous that Luis is being admired by all these women
    It just doesn¹t look enough like her.

    My arguments
    1. Yes, she was touring, but I think there¹s a narrow window of time (around the 16th? ) when she was available for at least one of the concerts. Mariah has been known to fly great lengths for a quick visit to be with LM - from Japan to Chile, from Toronto to Acapulco, and after the Blockbuster awards where she was honored and performed, she jumps on a plane to record in New York. It could be done, and MC didn¹t have to perform, just attend.
    2. Mariah's hair changes all the time - with a bit of special gel and blowing out it looks straight, but she's also worn in wavy and even curly.
    3. Luis was filming this for his fans, for the concert video, and it would take away from the focus of that to publicly acknowledge her presence like he did in Quilmes, or at other concerts where she¹s been in the VIP section. But he does appear to give somebody very close to the stage some special looks and a couple of winks.
    4. With all those crew people around,and with the ³look alike² being so very close to the stage (and consequently, to Luis¹s own security staff) I think MC could forego her usual bodyguards for 2 hours.
    5. By this point, MC and Luis had been together almost 18 months. She¹s picked up quite a bit of spanish (so I¹ve heard)and she certainly knows the songs from Amarte very well - she¹s even played the cd before her own concerts - and during this time, I¹m sure that she¹s had many opportunities to hear Luis perform those concert songs either at this concerts, at rehearsals, on his cd¹s etc. And as a professional singer (and a very talented one at that) Mariah has not only a 5-7 octave range, but the unique ability to recreate any note that she hears. She¹s had this talent since she was very young and could ³replay² the commercial jingles - this according to her Mom, the opera singer and vocal couch. Mariah could certainly learn Luis¹s songs well enough to ³sing from the stands². Mariah has also recorded songs in spanish that she learned phonetically and her phrasing was very believable. It could only have gotten better since her exposure to Luis.
    6. This concert was only about a couple of weeks after MC was released from the hospital after her bout with the food poisoning. And we all know how her weight goes up and down.
    7. No one recognizes her because she¹s in Monterrey, Mexico, not NYC. Besides she¹s up front, maybe with wives or girlfriends of other band members, or even her friends. All eyes are on Luis, not the audience. It would be very easy for her to blend in.
    8. When MC was dating Derek Jeter she cheered loudly from the stands, and I think she has the same enthusiasm when she watches Luis in concert. I¹ve read a couple of stories in the Latin press where they commented on how MC was behaving just like the other fans - cheering and singing along, and really getting into the music.
    9. I think MC gets a kick out of the response that Luis generates with his fans . I doubt that she would in any way feel threatened by it.
    10. Maybe it isn¹t her - but she resembles her enough in some spots to give people pause- and the fact that the look alike is sitting in such a good spot and appears so often is very coincidental.
    11. The newspaper in Monterrey, Mex where this was filmed, had several articles about the planning of this concert for the DVD taping, and mentioned that the director and producers were people who had worked with a lot of American and British stars, like U2 and Madonna - and Mariah Carey. Two days before the show there were a couple of articles in the local papers saying that it was expected that Mariah would be at the show(s).

    Of course - all of this means zip if she wasn¹t there - and all my carefully thought out arguments go down the tubes. But it¹s fun to speculate, and I hope that it¹s her - it sure looks like whoever that young woman is, she¹s certainly enjoying Luis¹s performance,as do all his fans. Thanks!

    Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    November 17, 2000...
    MClogo - New Pics
    I added the two pics of Brenda and Mariah into Gallery 44. Plus I added the pic of Mariah and Luis on the yacht from El Gordo there too. In addition to that, I scanned a new picture of Mariah from Diva's Live 1998 that Desiree sent me in real mail. It's a cool picture of her I have never seen before and I titled it Miss Thang because she kind of has that look to her! Hee hee, check it out in Gallery 44 if you got a little extra time!

    - Luis gives Mariah $200,000 Ring
    Here is an article from Labotana News Agency that Anna translated for us. I added the Spanish article and the English article:

  • Spanish Article:
    Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey podrían estar más que comprometidos... México, 16/11 (LaBotana.Com) - Como informó la agencia de noticias 'Inforlatina' hace algunos días, es probable que la cantante y ahora actriz Mariah Carey se haya comprometido con el ídolo pop mexicano Luis Miguel Según consta el cantante le regaló a Mariah un bellísimo anillo de compromiso con una enorme piedra de diamante, que habría costado aproximadamente US$200 mil. Una fuente cercana a Luis Miguel en México comentó que al menos por el momento no hay planes de boda: 'No que yo sepa. Pero creo que sí se casarán. Ellos están completamente enamorados y nunca tuvieron una ruptura desde que se conocieron'.

  • English Translation from Anna:
    "Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey may be more than "promised" to each other..."
    As the agency "Inforlatina" informed us a few days ago, it's probable that the singer (and now actress) Mariah Carey has become engaged to Mexican pop idol Luis Miguel.

    According to someone close to the Luis, he reportedly gave Mariah a very beautiful engagement ring valued at approximately $200,000. A source close to Luis Miguel in Mexico commented that for the moment there are no wedding plans - "none that I know of. But I do believe that they will marry. They are completely in love, and they've never been separated since they've known each other."

    - Magazines Mariah is in
    My very good buddy Mark let me know which magazine he has seen Mariah in lately. Mark was also kind enough to inform us on what country the magazines are from:

  • -Break Out (NL), The November 16th Issue.
  • Salut (F), The November Issue.
  • Sister 2 Sister (USA), The November Issue.
  • OK (UK), The November 17th Issue.

    - Mariah on Kiss 95.7
    My buddy Nini let me know the following information:
    I was listening to Kiss 95.7 this morning and a DJ said that there are some pictures of Thalia and Luis kissing posted on his web site. I guess they were together back in the day. Mariah told Luis to take them off his site but all he did was laugh. Mariah is really upset that Tommy has so easily replaced her and she she's not engaged to Luis. I find this hard to believe. I don't even know Luis's web site so whatever! They'll probably post this news later in the day or Monday (if it'strue)

    - Mariah on Senseless Acts
    Ashley let me know that Mariah was on a MTV show yesterday called Senseless Acts of a Video. They were showing her Honey Video and this guy, most likely a stuntman, was saying how they show the scene when Mariah was hanging from the helicopter!

    - Mariah on Z100-Engagement Rumors
    Kathy told me that on Wednesday, Z100 was talking about Mariah and Luis. They were talking about her on the afternoon show and this lady was talking about Mariah and Luis were engaged. Then they said, I am guessing the staff at Z100, that the rumors are not true.

    - Against All Odds News told me that AAO with Westlife came on last night on a music channel only available in the Middle East. The name of the show is "Music Now." This show revealed the unedited version of this video where Brian is looking at Mariah.

    Fan Meeting in NYC
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    November 16, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    - New Pic
    There were three pics of Luis and MC on El Gordo Y La Flaca show and the second one is below, which you can click to view bigger. I got the show from Anna today and I saw the third picture. If noone has a screencap by Monday, I will make one from the video tape. Thanks to Mariah's Diary for this below pic!

    - Update #1
    - Girl Magazine
    Kathleen gave me more info on GIRL Magazine, which features a pic and article on Mariah. She said the picture is from an award show but she is unaware of which show and here is the article that she typed out for us:

    The high octive diva is dedicated to the Fresh Air Fund, a not-for-profit organization that has given approximately 1.7 million New York city youth the opportunity to spend time in the country. Mariah volunteers at the aptly named Camp Mariah-also known as the Career Awareness Program. The camp is a place where teens between the ages of 12 and 14 enjoy a four-week educational and sefl-empowerment program designed to help them focus on future career paths. To learn more about the Fresh Air Fund and Camp Mariah, call 1.800.367.0003 or visit

    - Mariah in TVyNovelas
    Vanessa told me that MC is in the Nov. 7th issue of TVyNovelas. It is a picture of her and Luis in Barbados again!!

    - Speaking of Barabados
    Here is some cool info that GucciGurl317 told me:
    hey! ok well my parents just got back from barbados monday nite in fact. they have been there since last tuesday. and their cab driver told them how mariah was just there and left the thursday before they came! :*( he even showed my parents the hotel she stayed at! my dad was going to take a picture but never did i was so mad haha. just thought you would like to know that!

    - Kelly and MC on Oprah
    GucciGurl317 also told me that last week Kelly Price was on Oprah and they showed 2 cool pics of MC and Kelly backstage in 1996. If anyone taped it and can make screencaps, that would be coolio!

    - Debelah on Mariah
    Kristen told me that on MTV yesterday morning, Debelah Morgan (singer for the smash hit "Dance With Me") was asked who inspired her and she replied Whitney and Mariah!

    - Mariah and Luis Engaged
    Anna, my Luis Correspondent, told me that you can find another article about the rumored engagement of MC and Luis at the Hola Website. It is basically the same as the other article, Anna told me, except it has different pics which are basically old pics of Luis and MC together!

    Next, there is a Mexican website that talks about Mariah's recent comments on Tommy and Thalia which you can check out by clicking here. Anna gave us some info on it since it is in Spanish:
    Same story basically, with the additional comment that "far from being resentful of the fact that her ex-husband will soon remarry, Mariah expressed only good wishes for Tommy, and said that she hoped he finds the same kind of love that she's found with Luis.Miguel" It goes on to express in more detail how happy she is, how much in love she is with Luis, and that the way she looks it's obvious that she's never been happier and that he completely satisfies her. They also talk about how he's always surprising her with little things, and shares her love of animals, so much so that they sometimes bring home stray animals that MC finds when they go on vacation.

    - Whitney Fans Talking Trash about our MC!
    Joey let me know that at the rollingstone website, Whitney fans are trashing Mariah. He is having a hard time with them, so please go there and stand up for MC, if you got a little extra time. Click the link below and find Mariah's Name!
    Click Here

    - Brenda and MC
    Yesterday, I scanned two new images of Mariah and Brenda back in 1988 or 1989. They were part of Update #2, so if you missed those two pics, click here!

    Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    November 15, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Ric Dees Announces Wedding
    Art told me that on DEES SLEAZE today from Rick Dees 102.7 FM, they announced the fact that Mariah and Luis are getting married. However, they also said it would be the same weekend as Tommy and Thalia's wedding, which is probably 100% false. Anyhow though, even though Maroon did announce the fact that the information saying Luis and MC are engaged is false, there is a slight possibility that it could be true still and they could be keeping the truth to keep it a private matter. All in all, we'll see if this story continues to advance or if it vanishes like all the previous times.

    - New Pics Part 2
    Well I wanted to make screencaps of these pics for a while now and I finally got the chance to. These next two pics of Mariah and Brenda K Starr were taken while MC was still Brenda's backup singer. They are from Brenda's segment on Before They Were Rock Stars. They actually show three pics but in the third one, they show Brenda's head and Mariah's eye, so it really wasn't worth it. Here are the two pics though:

    - Mariah from an All-Men's Site
    "D" sent me the following article on Mariah from an all-men's site. She ranks #47 sexiest female there, and it rates evrything about her too. This info was taken from here and here.

    Note: Rating reflects on a scale of 1-100, the popularity level of the featured personality among staff, readers, and contributors of this feature. The purpose of our ratings is for the entertainment of our readers, and means no harm or ill intent.

    New Sexy Singer every WEDNESDAY: Mariah Carey October 6th, 1999
    Mariah Carey has one of the best voices in pop music (or hip-hop, depending on your opinion), combined with one of the best figures. She isn't as innocent as she once marketed herself, but we have nothing against bad girls.

    BODY: 79
    She has gained a little bit of weight (look at the picture at the bottom to see how skinny she once was), but the weight gain has been proportionally added everywhere, including her "upper" body.

    FACE: 75
    She has chubbier cheeks because of the weight gain, but her face is still as pretty as the first day we saw her.

    SEXINESS: 77
    She is sexy and has some of the sexiest music videos around. She puts Whitney Houston to shame.

    Although it's quite evident that Mariah is full of herself nd has allowed fame to get to her head. We still like staring at her despite her diva-like status.

    She has been quite succesful. She has sold millions and millions of albums worldwide. She has had countless number one songs. For a singer, you can't do much better than that.

    TALENT: 90
    Her voice carries her. Even though she has a tendency to hit a lot of high notes, we have to admit that the talent is definitely there.

    Mariah Carey is known for her revealing dresses. Perhaps she will soon realize that it's possible to reveal her body and look somewhat conservative simultaneously.

    Essential Information

    Mariah Carey has been around for quite a while and it looks like she's only going to get better with time.

    Mariah Carey's rise to glory began in 1989 with her hit song Vision of Love. After several successful follow-up albums, she has grown to become a household name, as well as a diva of our era.

    Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970, in Long Island, New York, to parents Patricia and Alfred.

    Unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was only three years old. As a result of her Irish/African-American/Venezuelan descent, Mariah encountered some racial violence while growing up.

    Mariah was raised in a poverty-stricken home and her mother was forced to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. Conveniently enough, it was Mariah's mom that noticed her daughter's vocal talents.

    One day, when Patricia was rehearsing her role of Maddalena in Verdi's Opera Rigolettos, she heard Mariah imitating her singing. Even though she was only three at the time, Mariah's mom began teaching her how to develop her vocal skills.

    In high school, Mariah didn't concentrate much on her education and would frequently skip classes, and instead write songs and dream about becoming a famous singer. Before she got her big break, Mariah completed 500 hours of beauty school and even worked as a hair sweeper in a salon, a waitress and a coat check girl.

    After she graduated from high school in 1987, Mariah moved to New York in order to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. She spent hours working in a studio writing her music and making demo tapes.

    In 1988, one of Mariah's friends, who played the drums for Brenda Starr, urged her to sing as a backup singer. Although Mariah was a little hesitant at first, she quickly realised that it was better than what she was doing at the present time.

    One day, while Mariah was singing for Starr, Sony record executive producer Tommy Mottola was given Mariah's demo tape and her wish of becoming a singer was soon realised.

    Mariah's first self-titled album uncovered a high-octane voice that could break sound barriers, as well as record sales. Being able to match Whitney Houston's vocal range, Mariah quickly racked up as many song records as Anita Baker.

    Although people initially labelled her as a "white girl with a black girl's voice", Mariah quickly squashed all the hearsay and set the records straight. Nevertheless, all the media-hype ultimately contributed to her selling over six million albums.

    She landed at number one with two of her songs, winning a bunch of Grammys, and her following two albums Emotions and Unplugged were just as successful.

    In 1993, Mariah wed Tommy Mottola, the man who discovered her. Her wedding was so elaborate that she looked like Cinderella from the Disney classic. Media hounds were quick to criticize the age difference between the couple (Tommy is 20 years older than Mariah).

    Once she was a success, Mariah quickly got involved with the cause of inner-city youth, donating large quantities of time and money to what would be renamed "Camp Mariah." The camp is a refuge for urban youth who rarely get the chance to experience nature, so needy children were introduced to a world that they may otherwise never have encountered.

    In 1993, Mariah's fourth album, entitled Music Box, and fifth album, Merry Christmas, burned up the charts just as strongly as did her other albums.

    In 1995, Mariah released Daydream , which earned her six Grammy nominations and began to uncover a Mariah that the world had never seen before. Rumors began circulating that Mariah was a prisoner in her own $10 million mansion.

    Mariah began to develop a hip-hop feel in her music and began frequenting other hip-hoppers like Da Brat, Ol' Dirty Bastard and X-scape. At the same time, Mariah's music started gaining popularity in clubs and her fan base began to consist of everyone from teenage girls to the adult population.

    Mariah quickly became one of the most powerful women in the music industry, with career sales topping 80 million units. Throughout 1997, Mariah watched her professional image evolve, even though her marriage to Tommy took a turn for the worst.

    Although they denied the rumors of marital problems, Mariah released Butterfly, in which the first single's video depicts Mariah as a captive in a palatial estate. This video only fuelled the fire of rumors surrounding the couple's marriage. They ultimately divorced in March of 1998.

    Since the divorce, Mariah has released another album entitled Rainbow and if you listen closely, you can hear her singing to Tommy in some of the songs.

    Mariah Carey's star has risen to epic proportion and she is a diva extraordinaire. She rose from poverty and took her talents to the top of the charts with her dedication and hard work.

    That we marry a girl like Mariah Carey.

    - News from Spain
    Here is what my best buddy Minerva told me:
    Hey! I've got some news about Mariah!! Yesterday I was watching 'The Late Lick' on MTV (I hope you have already heard anything about this program).There was an interview with a member of Xcape, a singer called Candy. She talked about her new solo album, the rumors who say that she's dating with Shakespeare (he colaborated with Mariah on Rainbow).Finally, she talked about the colaborations she has done with so many artist. Reg, Do you know that she had written songs for Mariah??? I didn't know that!! I like some Xcape's songs but I had never heard that a member of the group used to write songs for other artists,she wrote a song for Mariah! She also named Boyz II Men, R.Kelly,Mya... Besides, this past weekend I was watching the MTV, the spotlights of the Europe Music Awards 2000.One of the nominates was Anastacia, an American singer who has been very succesful around Europe. She talked about her debut album, her first hit 'I'm Outta Love' and she also talked about she has been compared with other female singers because of her voice as Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor and also Mariah. They put a little bit of the Heatbreaker video :D There was also another program called 'EMA The story so far'. Mariah won her one and only EMA award in 1994 as 'Best female artist' for her album 'Music Box' but she didn't go to the ceremony and she didn't left any thanks video either :(

    - Update #1
    - Luis and MC Engaged-Not True
    Michelle and Kate from Mariah UK Lambs contacted their connection at Maroon and found out that it is NOT true about Luis proposing to Mariah. Just another rumor sadly :(

    - New Pics
    Well Anna sent me a little package in the mail and inside were two new pics of Mariah. One is the picture of Mariah walking her doggie Jack on the set of All That Glitters in Mira Tabloid (you can find this pic in the All That Glitters Page #2 and I kept it as a big scan) and the other picture is the FULL picture of Mariah and Luis in Barabados found in Gallery 44 The pic of MC and Luis from Barabos is from Hola magazine and it is a scan of a printout from Anna, so the quality is 100% but I would say it is about 90% and is a very nice pic of the two of them.

    - Top E! Music
    Dri and Deia told me that this weekend in Top E! Music in E! Channel, Against All Odds with Westlife was #3 on the countdown in Brazil and #1 in Argentina.

    - Trey pays tribute to Mariah?
    Kim let me know that at the Rainbow Concert at the Fleet Ceneter, she was sitting next to a guy that was friends with Trey. He said that he was from some company and that Trey was working with him on some tribute album. So Kim thinks that Trey is on Mariah's tribute album, which you can get from also found out that at you can buy the cd yesterday but on, you can't get it till December 5th. So if anyone buys it, please let us know what's up with it.

    Finally, Gary sent me the tracklisting of the cd and here it is:
    1. Always Be My Baby
    2. Butterfly
    3. Dreamlover
    4. Emotions
    5. Fantasy
    6. Hero
    7. Honey
    8. I'll Be There
    9. Just To Hold You Once Again
    10. My All
    11. Thank God I Found You
    12. Vision Of Love
    13. Heartbreaker

    - Mariah in GIRL Magazine
    Kathleen told me that Mariah is in the Winter 2001 issue of GIRL Magazine. She will be telling me more about it later today hopefully and I'll have that info for you tomorrow or later today :)

    - Mariah on new VH1 Show
    MiZnAsTyJ and Jake let me know that Mariah will be on a new show on Tuesday, November 21st from 8-9 pm EST o VH1. It is all about Sesame Street and Mariah will talk about how the show influenced her. On a personal note, I LOVED this show when I was a little kid. Ha ha. Here is an except from the article. You can see the whole article by clicking here (might not work on all servers since it is an AOL document)
    "Greatest TV Moments: Sesame Street Music A-Z" spotlights songs by Garth Brooks, the Carpenters, Gloria Estefan, Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie and the Blowfish, Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Menudo/Ricky Martin, Melissa Etheridge, N'Sync, REM, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and Patti LaBelle, whose "Sesame Street" performances helped millions of children learn the alphabet in an entertaining way.

    The show also features "Sesame Street" characters Maria (Sonia Manzano) and Elmo (Kevin Clash), composer/writer Christopher Cerf, and VH1's Rebecca Rankin and Roshumba. In addition, Ricky Martin, Goo Goo Dolls, Melissa Etheridge, N'Sync, REM, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, Paul Simon, Garth Brooks, Queen Latifah and Ben Stiller are among those who talk about their appearances on "Sesame Street," while Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi and Jewel talk about the show's influence on them.

    "Greatest TV Moments: Sesame Street Music A-Z" is more than just a television show -- VH1 and Noggin have also created a companion set of lesson plans for use by classroom teachers, which is available online at Among the several available lessons are ones that address diversity using Kermit the Frog's classic song "It Ain't Easy Being Green," as well as a lesson comparing different musical genres.

    - Guinness World Records
    Björn from Rainbow Over Germany wrong the editors of this book because they said that Whitney held the record for most weeks a single has held at #1, which we all know that it actually goes to Mariah. Here was the editors reply:
    "Dear Bjorn,
    Thank you for contacting GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.
    I have searched our database and found the following record.
    Most Consecutive Weeks at No.1 on US Singles Chart:
    The record which has spent most consecutive weeks at number one on the US singles charts is 'Near You' by Francis Craig which topped the chart for 17 weeks in 1947. Since 1955, the longest chart-topper has been 'One Sweet Day' by Mariah Carey, which was number one for 16 weeks in 1995. Elvis Presley's 18 number one records have occupied the top of the charts for a total of 80 weeks. The Whitney Houston record has since been updated with the Mariah Carey record. If you require any further information please email us again.
    Kind regards,
    Kim Goodwin
    For the Keeper of the Records"

    Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    November 14, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    Mariah and Luis Engaged
    Here are three articles/newsbit announcing the fact that Luis has popped the question. This would be so coolio if it was true because of the poll I just put up this week even. Once again though, none of these articles have been officially confirmed yet so maybe it is all a rumor again. All three of these articles are courtesy of Mariah Online Elin has worked very hard in translating them so if any webmaster would like to use them, please credit Mariah Online and NOT this website. Thank you:

  • Announcement from Worldpop:
    Mariah Carey is reported to be engaged.

  • Source=VG:
    Popdiva Mariah Carey (30) has supposedly become secretly engaged to her boyfriend Luis Miguel (30).

    Carey met the wealthy Spanish-Italian musician on a skiingvacation in Aspen in the Christmas of 1998. They've been inseperable since. According to MegaStar, Miguel proposed to his girlfriend earlier this month, with a huge diamond ring. Carey melted instantly.

    A close friend of the couple reveals:
    "She's absolutely over the moon. She's totally in love with Luis. They are both smitten with each other. It's a real life love story. Mariah has been working really hard recently so Luis decided to treat her and whisked her away on holiday. Mariah said it was like being in paradise, total bliss."

    Mariah has earlier been married to Tommy Motolla, head of the recordcompany Sony Music. Carey fell in love with Motolla as a 17-year old, and six years later they wed. The marriage only lasted four years, and they went their separate ways in 1998.

  • Source: Megastar:
    Mariah to marry
    Mariah Carey has secretly got engaged to her boyfriend Luis Miguel, AAA can reveal.

    The songbird was said to be "ecstatic" when Latin singer Luis popped the question.

    He proposed to Mariah with a huge diamond cluster ring during a holiday on one of his yachts in the Bahamas earlier this month.

    A pal of the singer revealed: "She's absolutely over the moon. She's totally in love with Luis. They are both smitten with each other. It's a real life love story. Mariah has been working really hard recently so Luis decided to treat her and whisked her away on holiday. Mariah said it was like being in paradise, total bliss."

    Mariah, 29, was bowled over by the 30-year-old multi-millionaire - known as the Mexican Elvis to his army of South American fans - as soon as she met.

    The pair met in the American ski resort of Aspen, Colorado in December 1998.

    And for Luis - who is half Spanish and half Italian - it was love at first sight.

    The pal added: "Luis has sent Mariah roses every day since they met, and he's always lavishing gems and diamonds on her."

    "He's very rich, having sold millions of records - and he thinks nothing of buying her the best of everything."

    Mariah and Luis tried to keep their romance secret. And earlier this year Luis quashed rumours of an imminent engagement.

    The singers - who recorded a song together - have spent most of the past few weeks sunbathing and enjoying the Bahamas' slow pace of life.

    The friend added: "Mariah and Luis are ecstatically happy. I've never seen two people so in love. They come from very similar backgrounds and are ideally suited."

    Mariah was previously married to music executive Tommy Mottola who she met when she was just 17.

    Six years later they had a fairytale wedding but it lasted just four years before they divorced in 1998.

    - Update #1
    - Don't Quote Me
    Last night, Mariah was featured on this VH1 show. I thought they were going to do Heartbreaker, but it turned out to be the Honey Video! Also, they showed Mariah in a red outfit, talking about how she doesn't see herself as a sexually provocative woman and then they showed three women that admire her: Christina, Britney and Toni Braxton. This same little interview was on Rankin Files, so if you missed it, you really didn't miss much!

    - New Luis and Mariah Picture
    Well, yesterday MC was on a spanish show called, LA GORDO Y LA FLACA. They showed 3 new pics of Mariah and Luis in Barbados. (Thanks to Diana for that info) One of them you can see in Gallery 44 and it's a really cute pic, thanks to Maria for that pic! Also, there is an article about Luis and Mairah in spanish and you can see it by clicking here. Anna was one step ahead of me, as always and already translated the article for us. Isn't she just amazing? It seems that Mariah is okay with the fact that Tommy is getting married next month because she is so incredibly happy herself. So happy for MC! Anyhow though, here is the article in Spanish and then in English!

  • Spanish Article:
    Luismi y Mariah, amor en Barbados
    El vaivén de recientes rumores en torno a la relación de Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey contaba una historia digna de culebrón. Estaba todo mal: ella, infiel; él, por consiguiente, gordo y deprimido. De repente, el ojo de la prensa volvió a posarse sobre la otra pareja, la del "todo bien": Thalía y Tommy Mottola, ex esposo de Carey. Y allí quedaron Luismi y Mariah, en el cuento del "todo mal".

    Quizás como un acto de reivindicación, o para demostrar que ella está tan feliz como su ex, Mariah volvió a aparecerse ante el lente junto a Luismi. Esta vez el escenario fue la isla de Barbados, uno de los sitios predilectos de la pareja. Sonrientes, navegaron por el mar caribe y se pasearon de punta en blanco entre la gente. El hombre de su vida "María ha estado tan feliz este último año con Luis... Él es todo lo que ella siempre ha querido en un hombre. Es atento, romántico, buen mozo y divertido. [Mariah] nunca ha sido tan feliz, y eso se ve", cuenta una amiga de ella, como para despejar dudas y terminar de una vez con la negatividad. Parece que Luismi sabe cómo mantener contenta a su novia. No paró de llamarla mientras ella filmaba una película -All That Glitters- en Canadá, y se la llevó a la isla del Caribe ni bien terminó el rodaje. "Conozco a Mariah desde hace mucho y sé que ella nunca ha estado más feliz", insiste su amiga. Lo mejor para Tommy De su ex marido y todavía jefe en Sony Music Entertainment, Mariah dice poco y nada. La prensa no puede parar de hablar sobre la próxima boda entre Mottola y Thalía. Mariah, sin embargo, no aparenta prestar atención al asunto. Pero parece que algo quiere dejar en claro: si él puede ser feliz, ella también. "Le deseo lo mejor a Tommy, y espero que encuentre el mismo amor que yo encontré en Luis".

  • English Translation by Anna:
    One thing that they said on the show that didn't come out in the transcript was that Mariah said that she and Luis both love animals, and it's another thing that they have in common. They talked about how it seems that everywhere they go they take the pets with them, or even land up bringing more home!

    Here's the transcript:
    Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey "Everything's fine, thank you..."
    Luismi and Mariah - "Love in Barbados"
    The ongoing rumors about Luis & Mariah and their relationship told a story worthy of a soap opera. Everything was going bad - She was unfaithful, he, consequently, was lonely, depressed and gaining weight. Suddenly, the press turned its attention to that other couple for whom everything seemed to be going well - Thalia and Tommy Mottola, ex husband of Mariah Carey. And that's where the story left off for Luismi and Mariah, for whom everything seemed to be going wrong.

    And then, perhaps as an act of vindication or maybe to demonstrate that she was every bit as happy as her ex, Mariah appeared before the public eye once more by Luis's side. This time the scene was the Island of Barbados, one of the couple's favorite vacation spots. There, before everyone, they appeared happy, sailing away in the Caribbean, smiling.

    "The Man of Her Life"
    According to a close friend of Mariah's, she had been searching for years and in different places for someone like Luis Miguel: romantic, intelligent, attractive, youthful, and fun-loving.

    It seems that Luismi knows how to keep his girlfriend happy. He kept in constant touch with her while she was in Canada shooting her movie All that Glitters, and before she had even finished the filming he arrived to take her away on vacation to the the Caribbean.

    "I've known Mariah for a long time" her friend assured us. " She's been so happy with Luis this year, and it shows. He's everthing she's ever wanted in a man. He's considerate, attentive, romantic, the right age for her, and someone who's company she enjoys immensely. It's obvious that she's never been happier."

    "Wishing the best for Tommy"
    Regarding her ex-husband and current boss at Sony Entertainment, Mariah says little , but at the same time - a lot. The press hasn't stopped talking about the upcoming wedding of Mottola and Thalia. Mariah, of course, appears to give little attention to this subject. But there¹s one point she makes very clear: if he can be happy - so can she. "I wish the best for Tommy, and I hope that he finds the same love that I've found with Luis."

    - New Website
    Eran has created a new website on Mariah. Eran would like you all to check out his website at the link below:

    - New Pics
    I added about 7 new pics to the All That Glitters Galleries. There was so many pics that I had to add another Gallery for All That Glitters called, "All That Glitters #2." Thanks to Yvonne and Uwe for those pics from Entertainment Tonight. They are very nice screen caps!!!

    - Special Letter to Mariah
    Jermaine wanted to let Mariah know this following information. Hopefully, maybe, she will possibly see it here:
    i looked for so long for a web site that had a personal touch and i wish if it is not to much to ask that if you remember this ...could you please tell mariah that she has a gay black male who is 24 yrs old in plantation fl....who thinks the world of her for two reason my mom got shot a few years ago and before i went to the hospital my grandmother said she wants you to bring mariah christmas album and my walkman (cd) and she died listing to track ten because she said mariah had a voice of an angle and that because i loved her music so much at the time that she and her music would help me through.. and it did so tell mariah for me she will be forever my human angel....i hope you read this and tell her , cause boy i tried everything to meet her from mtv fanatic-- letters e-mails on other site i even caught a flight to new york hoping to see her before she went to the party for the number 1`s release and for rainbow and missed her everytime,,, so i don`t want her number (i wish) but just to know that she know how much she changed my life would be an honor !!! by the way my mom was buried with her cd`s so she would not bet alone!!!! please after you tell her if yo read this please e-mail and tell me.... i will check everyday !!!!! my name is eugene coates from plantation fl (ft. lauderdale) thank you !!!!

    -Tribute to Mariah Carey Released today
    I got a letter from saying that there is a new cd released for Mariah Carey today. It's called "A Tribute To Mariah Carey." This is not official because it is being released on Big Eye labels and it says Various Artists underneath of it so for weeks now, people have been reported that various artists have re-recorded Mariah songs. Noone really knows much about it but if anyone orders it, which you can do so by clicking here, please let me know what's on it! Thanks!

    - Mariah shut out of AMA
    Raphael let me know that Mariahw as not nominated for an American Music Award 2001! Very sad news but hopefully she will still get a nod for the Grammies because she truly deserves that for the Rainbow Album!

    - Magazine News
    First off, Mariah is in the Dec/Jan issue of Jump magazine. There is a little column and pic on Mariah. Thanks to Ashley for that info.

    Next, Mariah is in the December issue of Cosmopolitan. She is on page 54 and Vanessa told me it's nothing too spectacular. It's not an article, just a little gossip.

    Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    November 13, 2000...
    MClogo - Against All Odds Drops
    Ashes let me know that "Against All Odds" has fallen from #27 to #40 in the UK!

    - Mariah and Luis Kissing
    My buddy Anna, let me know that there is a website that has footage of Mariah and Luis Kissing in Spain last year! If you want to check it out, follow the below instructions on how to access it:

  • First go to
  • You will see the opening page to Luis Miguel's Spanish website (neat opening page!).
  • Scroll down a bit and Click "continue"
  • Then, when you enter the site click on the 4th blue or purple line of writing on the left hand side of page that says "Luis Miguel tour en Espana."
  • You will get a map of Spain.
  • Click on Tenerife (bottom left).
  • Go clear to the bottom of the page where you will see "videos."
  • There are three boxes with photos in them,and one choice on the far right says "llegan a Tenerife la Carey y Luis Miguel."
  • Click on it and you will see the video clip

    Anna tells me that as you scroll down to see the three video boxes you'll note a photo of the limosine surrounded by fans, and the violin dinner in Tenerife, a photo of MC in her tank top and torn jeans, and a music chart showing Luis in first place. There's a short little clip of Mariah in box one (Corazon,corazon) with her speaking in English, with the Spanish "overdub".

    The Tenerife clip (far right) shows Mariah arriving and they comment on how good looking she is, and how they're glad that Luis "brought" her to Spain, otherwise they might have not seen her. They comment on her great figure. Luis arrives and among the questions they ask him are "They say Mariah Carey is going to sing with you - is that true?" LM: "I don't know, my love, but what I can say is that it's all going very well. Thank you all for your kindness; thank you very much for the affection you've demonstrated...." When MC and LM meet the image is a bit obscured but it's obvious that they are embracing and kissing - the photographers are saying "Yes, we can SEE it's all going very well! video, video, get this on video... " It closes with that still shot that you posted of them kissing in the back of the limo.

    - Mariah and Party of Five
    Here is an except from a book called "Bailey's Journal." It was created from Party of Five, the TV Series. I'm back from Sarah's. Early. Way too early. I only left here half an hour ago and I'm already back. You should have seen what she did to the apartment! It was like a set for Victoria secret's catalog shoot. The kind where there's this totally hot girl, only she's supposed to look innocent and virginal--

    Well, Sarah got that look down. Cold. I think she must have studied it in a magazine. She had satin sheets on the bed. There were so many candles in that place, it could have burned to the ground in two seconds if there was so much as a puff of wind. I felt like I was in a music video with MARIAH CAREY. And I was supposed to be the DREAM LOVER.
    (Thanks to Pauline for this info)

    - Mariah Charts
    Thanks to Matt for the following charts for the week ending in November 18th:

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    132 128 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    50 0 TOP DVD MUSIC VIDEOS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    165 164 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    34 34 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    34 34 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    58 59 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    58 58 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    72 74 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    169 168 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    85 85 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    146 146 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • ThisWeek LastWeek
    MUSIC BOX(Album)
    32 32 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MY ALL(Single)
    146 0 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    43 42 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    105 103 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)

    Fan Meeting in NYC
    Fans from around the world are coming together in NYC to hang out! For more information, click the banner below!

    November 12, 2000...
    MClogo - Updates
    There is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week. Also, there is a new Poll. If anyone has a cool poll idea, feel free to e-mail it to me! For this weeks poll, I figured since Tommy and Thalia were getting married next month, it might be interesting to see what you all think on whether MC and Luis will be making the trip themselves soon! For last weeks poll, Can't Take That Away and Close My Eyes tied for your the song that meant the most to you, pretty interesting :)

  • Which song means the most to you of the ones listed?
    Outside (46) 16%
    Looking In (26) 9%
    Can't Take That Away (54) 19%
    Petals (20) 7%
    Close My Eyes (54) 19%
    Butterfly (18) 6%
    Hero (24) 8%
    One Sweet Day (13) 4%
    Make It Happen (15) 5%
    There's Got To Be A Way (5) 1%
    Total Votes: 275

    - Don't Quote Me
    Don't forget to check out Mariah on the VH1 show, Don't Quote Me, at 6:30 pm tomorrow! Thanks to MissyD for reminding me of that!

    - Mariah on Napster
    Ramsey let me know that you can download many of Mariah's performances from Toronto, earlier this year such as Honey, Mariah's Theme, Emotions, Against All Odds, etc! I sure hope Mariah releases the official Rainbow Tour Video soon!

    - Tommy marries Thalia
    Well, Anna let me know that in the Spanish Magazines, they are saying that Tommy will marry Thalia on December 2nd in the St. Patrick's church in NYC.

    - Mariah plays Frida Kahlo
    Anna translated this next article from It seems that Mariah might be up for the role of Frida, who was a famous Mexican painter.

  • Spanish Article:
    11/11 - Después de tantos nombres como Salma Hayek, Jennifer López y hasta Thalía, queriendo interpretar a la pintora mexicana Frida Kahlo, la que podría también preparar una versión sobre la vida de esta polémica personalidad mexicana es la novia de Luis Miguel, Mariah Carey.

    Mientras finalizaba las grabaciones de su película titulada 'All That Glitters' (Todo lo que brilla), se le cuestionó sobre la posibilidad de entrar en la pelea de las fridas, al que la diva de Luismi contestó sonriendo: 'Tranquilos, apenas estoy empezando'. Luis Miguel se encargó de explicarle a la cantante quien fue Frida Kahlo.

  • English Translation by Anna:
    After so many famous actresses such as Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez and even Thalia have been named as those who want to portray the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, one who might also be preparing to take on the role of this controversial artist is Luis Miguel's girlfriend, Mariah Carey.

    While she was finalizing her filming of the movie "All That Glitters", she was asked about the possibility of entering into the "Frida Fight", to which Luismi's Diva replied, smiling "take it easy! I'm just getting started as an actress." Luis Miguel took upon himself the task of explaining to Mariah who "Frida Kahlo" was. (Information from "Inforlatina, Latin Information Agency and many thanks again to Anna!!!)

    - Fan Meeting in NYC
    Well Tommy has shared his idea with me for sometime now about having a fan meeting in NYC! I would really like to attend this but I don't know if I can make it as of yet. However, if you would like to come, all Mariah fans are meeting between Friday December 29th to Sunday December 31st. There is a poll up asking what days everyone would like to hang out! There are a lot of activities being planned for the Mariah Fans, so please check out the webpage by clicking the banner below! Time is limited, so please feel free to e-mail Tommy if you have any questions or want to attend (his e-mail address is at the site along with Honey and Kate's)!

    - "I would like Mariah's Phone Number!"
    Here is what Melissa told me:
    Hello, I have a cute story..Today this little girl called and asked for Mariah Carey's home number in LA, I thought that was so cute. She said she wanted to grow up and be just like her, I couldn't believe that I took the call.. Someone who is a MC fan also. How ironic. I told her that MC may not have her number listed because a lot of people would keep tied up on the phone.

    - Attention IRC Users
    I really know nothing about this but I thought I should post it anyway because maybe someone understands it. Here is what told me:
    For IRC users (galaxynet server), there is now a registered channel dedicated to Mariah Carey. It is #mariahcarey ls ask all fans to join..thanx

    - Mariah in BLAST
    Cherri let me know that there is a tiny picture of Mariah in the current issue of BLAST Magazine! It is a small picture of Mariah from this years Blockbuster Awards. The caption talks about how she is working on her movie and that it is due out in march or 2001

    November 11, 2000...
    MClogo - Help Mariah
    Here is what Pien told me:
    Hi Everyone! I had no time to mail you guys, but now i have something really ehmmm...well, you could call it funny..Here in Holland we have this really popular radiostation called Radio 538. And I'm always mailing the DJ's to request Mariah...But the last few days I get these mails back from Colin Banks (a dj) With a very rude "NO!" and now he has put me on his ignorance list...At one side I can laugh really hard about this, but on the other side I'm a bit angry, but why doesn't he want to play Mariah&Westlife with AAO? So please mail him at :
    and put as subject "Mariah Carey" and as text just :
    "Hi! Ik wil Mariah Carey& Westlife met Against All Odds aanvragen. Bedankt!
    (your name) "
    That's " Hi! I want to request Mariah Carey & Westlife with AAO. Thanks!"In English... Please do so, coz then he'll learn his lesson for refusing to play AAO for me, heehee! ;D

    And keep mailing to your (local) radio/tv-station to request Mariah, coz MC has dropped AGAIN in the Dutch charts....
    And buy the extra copies of the AAO or CTTA single, that's really important too!

    Ok, mail me if you have spectacular news or an adress of a poll to support MC or so!
    Love always,

    - Cool Site on Mariah
    Michelle from Only Mariah found a pretty cool link that how some neat MC stuff! First off, they have a little Biography on her, which I included below and then that have some altered pictures and some autograph pictures! They also have a little newsbit info and you can check all this out by clicking here! Here is the info they have on her:

    Mariah Carey's has got the looks and the vocal talent, pretty rare when sex appeal means everything in today's MTV generation. This hottie's talented voice and stunning looks have made her the most successful female singer of the 90's in terms of record sales. While talent has propelled the singer to these levels, a bit of luck helped to get herself initially discovered. By innocently dropping a demo tape with Sony Entertainment President Tommy Mottola, she obtained both a highly influential record executive's musical and sexual interest. Carey later went on to marry the cradle robber in June of 1993, in a marriage that ended in March of 1998. After that, somehow the Hugh Hefner of the record business landed Jennifer Lopez.

    The first Carey album after Tommy's discovery was in 1990 where her self titled CD sold over 6 million copies and got her a bunch of Grammy Award. Then she came out with Emotions in 1991 and MTV Unplugged in 1992 before her marriage to the man twice her age. After her unfortunate marriage, Carey released Music Box in 1993 and Merry Christmas in 1994, keeping busy while single with yearly releases again with Daydream in 1995. Daydream brought several more Grammy nominations and got her career sales figure to 80 million (damn, after that kind of success we're suspecting she'll be the one cradle robbing in the future!). Carey finally took a year off and released Butterfly in 1997, which was a musical turn from her past work.

    Carey shared her talents with an legends in her music genre in the release of Divas Live, a VH-1 special which later was released as an album featuring Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, and Shania Twain. Carey later did a much anticipated duet with the other vocal charm Whitney Houston with the single When You Believe, which was the theme song for DreamWorks The Prince of Egypt. In 1998, Mariah wrapped all her hits together in the album #1's, a compilation of Carey's numerous chart topping singles. The final year of the millennium has brought her newest album Rainbow which has blazed the charts and includes the most successful selling single with Heartbreaker, and it continues a string of #1 hits for Carey for every year of the 90's which hasn't been done since Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra in the 1920s! Her latest video even has her getting in a fight with herself! Now is sure us and a million other men are thinkin' when they see this video 'why can't she be getting naked with herself instead'?

    So what's the latest gossip on Mariah? Well she almost had a cat fight in a New York restaurant with none other than Cameron Diaz, who had insulted her music in an earlier interview. While Carey may have been slightly drunk which helped give her courage to confront the Something About Mary star, it shows this sexy songstress is more than a fluffy pop artist, in fact she claims to have been a bully in school! Mariah's also getting sued by an ex bodyguard which appears to be nothing more than an attempt by a nobody loser to win fame and fortune, unfortunately for Mariah, even after the case was thrown out and Christopher Selletti was fined 5 grand, because the bozo didn't have the money, some district judge is ordering the judge who threw out the case to hear it!

    So who's the latest in Mariah's love life? She's no longer an item with Derek Jeter of the Yankee's, as apparently she is hooked up with the Latin heartthrob Luis Miguel. The two have been sharing time on Miguel's boat in Europe, in fact she was photographed in the nude by photographers of the tabloids thinking the two were secluded. So far the pictures haven't surfaced. It should be added that Mariah has been having trouble finding a home to call her own because of her reported 'wild' lifestyle, being turned down twice for New York condos, one being owned by Barbara Streisand, nonetheless.

    MClogo - Mariah on Boyz II Men
    On the latest Boyz II Men cd, you can check out Mariah talking about the boys. Anja made a screen capture of what MC looked like (she did this at this years Blockbuster Entertainment Awards) and she also wrote down basically what Mariah said:
    I think that Boyz II Men have definitely influenced a lot of the Boygroups out there today that are kind know for a while there was like Boyz II Men, the only one doing it and now it seems like every other day there´s a new boy band.

    - Support Mariah by supporting Mariah's Lamby
    Pauline is making something VERY special for Mariah, which noone has EVER done and it's very original. However, she doesn't want to make it public yet because it's a surprise and someone might steal this one of a kind idea. If you would like to join in on it, e-mail her at: or

    - Mariah Calenders
    MClogo Even though you can't order the calendar through the actual company that makes the unofficial calendar, Calcom, there are two other places you can order it from. First off, "D" let me know you can order it from Amazon by clicking this direct link. I originally paid $20 for mine, but is selling it for $10.95, which is a good deal. However, that doesn't included shipping. Another place you can try, is Thanks to Prinie for that info.

    Ashes got a chance to talk to Max Beesly and here is what she basically was told:
    Some how I was on the guest list for the show and was therefore invited to sit upstairs. And guess who i started chating too...yep it was Max.

    I asked him what it was like being in the up coming release ATG and he told me it was an amazing feeling to know that he was in such a great project and with all the feedback he was getting from USA it was likely to be a success.

    He said working with a woman like mariah was a great experience...she is definately from the rare the looks, the talent and the dedication to do whatever she likes. I asked when the movie was out here in the UK, he told me April but could be all depends on mariah cause she wants to do a publicity bliz in the UK to launch the movie, the soundtrack and the new single off the album...I asked him what it was called & he told me he couldn't tell me that, but it was definately a corker!!!

    - Stop The Diva Madness!
    Diva. It's a word that has a certain magic, a certain mystique -- or used to, anyway. These days, the term is bandied about in the most casual of ways -- everyone and her momma is referred to as a diva, and it just isn't right. Let me bring you up to speed on some crucial diva basics.

    What it takes: There are three pillars of divadom. The first is talent. This much should be obvious, but it is a prerequisite that is so often ignored I feel it is worth mentioning. Soul divas like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston are richly blessed with this most treasured of traits. The second is years of experience. Time is the ultimate teacher, and there is absolutely no substitute for years spent honing your craft. All you singers trying to call yourself divas with one album under your belt, take note: as a general rule of thumb, a true diva needs at least 10 years in the spotlight to even begin to claim the title. Third, and perhaps most important, is attitude. A true diva must display proper diva attitude -- it's a certain presence, a fearlessness that radiates from the very core of her being. See Aretha at any public event she's attended in the past few years, for example. Self-assured and kickin' ass in a dress that's invariably too sparkly and too revealing for good taste (more often than not, her massive bosom is barely contained), she is the embodiment of bold diva confidence. And then there's Madonna. She may be lacking on the talent side of the equation, but she more than makes up for it with her ruthless determination and flair for shameless self-promotion.

    Unmasking a pretender: There are way too many fake-ass divas running around these days. The surest way to flush out a phony diva is to put her face to face with the real thing. The truth will quickly come to light. Case in point: Brandy's performance at VH1's Divas Live concert. Surrounded by bona fide legends such as Tina Turner and Whitney Houston, she was a study in imploding terror. It was heartbreaking, really -- the singer looked like a deer caught in the headlights, her eyes wide with panic, her voice a hoarse croak. Busted. Now don't get me wrong -- I love me some Brandy. It's just that the Perky Braided One hasn't yet accomplished nearly enough, career-wise, to walk in a diva's shoes. Perhaps a new word should be coined for these divas-in-training -- divettes, maybe?

    Who is, who isn't and who never will be: I now present you with a who-is -and-who's-not handy-dandy diva reference guide. Bear in mind that this is merely a sampling and is by no means all-inclusive. Divas: Aretha Franklin (ultimate soul diva); Whitney Houston; Dolly Parton (big top diva); Gloria Estefan; Madonna; Maria Callas; Tina Turner; Vanessa Williams (she gets extra diva points for coming back strong after those nasty nekkid Penthouse pics); Joni Mitchell (supertalented but inexplicably bitter diva); Barbra Streisand; Elton John; George Michael. Not Yet Divas (but definitely on their way): Monica; Brandy; Mariah Carey; Fiona Apple; Alanis Morissette; Celine Dion; Mary J. Blige (legendarily surly diva on the come-up); Leann Rimes; Toni Braxton (broke-ass diva-to-be); Lauryn Hill; Ricky Martin. Never Ever Divas: Britney Spears; Spice Girls.

    Next time you're tempted to refer to some cheesy-ass here-today-gone-tomorrow singer as a diva, please -- please -- consider the issues discussed above. Remember all the women who have toiled to make the diva title something to be proud of. Rampant misuse of this word has reached epidemic proportions, and must be stopped -- let's restore this term to its former glory.
    (Thanks to Claire for this info)

    - Support Mariah in Singapore
    Here is what Zaki told me:
    Hey Regina! Well, I just want to highlight the situation of Against All Odds (feat. Westlife) in Singapore. In the official Singapore Charts in the perfect 10 98.7 FM, it moved up to no.19, which is unusual for a Mariah Carey songas most of her songs literally fly up the charts ('Can't take That Away' debuted at no.18 and jumped to no.10). Unfortunately, in the Power 98 top 40 chart (Another popular Chart), it has fallen out of the charts! I was so shocked as they went down the charts that MC's names was not mentioned.

    (Ironically enough, Westlife's 'My Love' was the highest debut at no.24, a chart record the same week 'Against All Odds' fell out. Maybe not many people in Singapore appreciate MC's songs anymore??... sob sob)

    Here is what you can do to increase airplay of the single in both power98 and perfect 10.

    For power98, go to the official website ( go to the requests section and try to request for each timeslot. For e-mail, use a common e-mail (for example hotmail) so as not to arouse suspicion and put in a company name such as McDonalds, Burger King or something like that.

    For perfect 10 98.7 FM, go to click on 'Say It With Music' and request for a song. Try to sound like a dizzy teenager(my 24 year old sister's requests never get played because she writes them like a 24 year old) and request it to your parents, siblings, etc.

    I'm hoping 'against All Odds' will do much better than 'Can't Take That Away' (which peaked at no. 2 in the official charts and no. 4 in the power98 charts)Then, Mariah will get another no. 1 song in singapore. Let's all help her do that. I'll post you on more updates of the charts.

    November 10, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah in Magazines
    First off, Mariah is in the new issue of People en Espanol. Jose tells me it is the December/January Issue and it's a pic of her from the AMA's in her black dress!

    Next, you can find Mariah in a magazine called, Girl Mag. This is a black girl magazine Ashley tells me and it is a small picture with a caption under it. Ashley didn't have much time to check it out, so that's all she could tell us about that!

    - Sold Out Mariah Carey Calendar
    Well for the past 3 years, I have been get Mariah Carey Calendars from Calcom in the UK! This year though, if you would like to order the Unofficial Mariah Carey calendar, MClogowhich you can see the cover picture on your left, you might already be too late! I got this note from them earlier today:
    Sold out calendars.
    I'm sorry to say that many calendars have already sold out. If a calendar sells out we remove it from the website. Therefore if you see a calendar that you like in our catalogue but it is not available on the website this means that almost certainly it has sold out. With all the calendars from 1997 through to 2000 again the same applies if it is not on our website the chances are it is sold out.

    Now if you go to their website, you will not be able to find Mariah's name, meaning the calendar is no longer available to be ordered sadly!

    CD REVIEW: Christina Aguilera's Christmas CD one step closer to Mariah
    By Jeff Kempf
    The Battalion
    Texas A&M U.
    (U-WIRE) COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Miss Aguilera is one step closer to accomplishing her goal -- becoming Mariah Carey. With the holiday season around the corner, the Grammy-winning singer compiled a full-length Christmas studio album. Apparently, when an artist wins a Grammy, the next step is filling the masses with the joy and mirth of holiday cheer.

    It is difficult to listen to this album. On one hand, there are R&B/pop infused dance tracks that fit with today's Top 40, but the lyrical content deals with themes of trees and sugar plums.

    There are a few upbeat new songs, one of which Aguilera had a hand in writing -- surprisingly the best song on the album. Of course, she is billed last on the track; maybe she is getting a little ahead of herself.

    This girl can sing, and she does well on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." But over-the-top syllable expansion is not the way to make a signature voice. It has been done before, and the world can handle only one glass-shattering diva.

    Christina's image over the past year has been anything but pious, but surprisingly, she chooses to pray the "Our Father" in an interlude of "Oh Holy Night." Feeble attempt at redemption or genuine love for the Lord? Regardless, it seems a bit out of place, especially with the the song's soulful, jazz finale.

    If one is ready to abandon traditional holiday fare of the likes of Bing Crosby and Perry Como, this is definitely the way to go. But seriously, rocking around the Christmas tree was never supposed to turn into freakin' around the Christmas tree. (Grade: C+)
    (Information from The Battalion via U-WIRE)

    (NOV. 9) WENN - SEVENTH - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NEWS - S CLUB BRADLEY'S FAN BAN S CLUB 7 hunk, BRADLEY, has pledged he would never date a fan - because he would never be able to trust them. The REACH singer, who admits that although he's waiting to find his "Miss Right", he wouldn't trust a fan liking him only for his superstar status.

    He says, "I worry that a fan would only like me for S Club 7 and not for me. They'd be more interested in what I was doing than in having a proper relationship with me."

    The NATURAL star confesses that he used to find MARIAH CAREY sexy and, although there's nobody he likes at the moment, he's always on the lookout for an intelligent girl.

    He says, "I like girls who are intelligent, so it's a real turn- off when you see a really nice girl, and then when you speak to her you realise she's got nothing to say." (ALS/LK/RGS)
    (Thanks to Jake for this info)

    - Papaya Princess
    I have been pretty sick lately so last night, I just layed in bed and was watching my Mariah Carey Germany tape. On the tape was the Germany Press Confernce for the Butterfly Album and I know this may be old news, but I thought it would be interesting to bring up on this site. It seems that in the the Thank You's for her Butterfly Album, Mariah says...

    To the Papaya Princess, I firmly believe we were separted at birth. I love you and thank you for everything that you are!! P.S. Don't me cry now...please!!!

    One of the reporters asked her who it was and finally MC came out and said it was her acting coach and the reason why they called her Papaya Princess was because her father has a papaya company, which sells fruit drinks! So that is a cute little tidbit I didn't know and maybe some of you didn't either!

    - DMCA
    MClogo Recently I got the latest magazine from the very nice DMCA (Dutch Mariah Carey Association). Even though the magazine is all in Dutch, it's still has exclusive pics and other benefits! MClogo On the right you will see a cool new picture courtesy of them, which you can click to view bigger! Below, I have information from Marlon and Sandra, which I had the pleasure of meeting, on how you can become a member of the DMCA! Mariah loves it also, which might help you make your decision too :)

    Welkom beste Mariah fan /Welcome dear Mariah fan,
    DMCA is an acronym for Dutch Mariah Carey Association, the Mariah Carey fan club in The Netherlands. This non-profit association has been founded in early 1997 to get more interaction between Mariah fans and between the fans and the record label. The DMCA is a fan club for (off course) Mariah Carey-fans and also run by Mariah-fans. The DMCA concentrates on the Dutch speaking part of Europe. At this moment the DMCA has over 350 members and is still growing.

    Four times a year the DMCA sends out a Dutch magazine titled Carey On. The magazine contains approximately 44 pages and its contents consists news and facts, interviews, a discography, stories from members, much info and lots more. We also have a merchandise section in the Carey On with special CD's, photographs, etc.

    Besides the periodical magazine, we send newsletters in case special events are coming up. Special events may be the announcement of a concert date, a promotional tour to radio- and tv-studio's and the release of albums/unscheduled singles. In case of the announcement of concert dates the DMCA will definitely know first. We have arranged that our members could buy tickets through the DMCA for Mariah's Rainbow-tour concert in Antwerp (Belgium) on February 14th 2000. The fan club also arranged transportation to and from Antwerp. The fans, that wanted to, could travel together in a coach. All the DMCA-members, including us, had a great time in Antwerp at the concert, as you can probably imagine.

    Earlier, on May 11th 1998, we had arranged that all the members (250 at that time) could join a Tv-show. You have probably seen this show (if you are Dutch), it was the TROS Tv-show. It was a wonderful experience and for most fans at that time that was the best day of their lives. After that time Mariah visited Holland more often and a lot of the members have met Mariah during her visits, because of the informing newsletters of the DMCA.

    Besides all this the fan club is the main medium to get in touch with other fans, to exchange information, to expand your CD collection or to swap video tapes. The DMCA has also a mailing list which makes a direct fan to fan contact possible (members only).

    We have met Mariah several times and the DMCA has full recognition by Mariah and Sony. She and her crew told us that they really appreciate our work. That's why the DMCA differs from other fan clubs. Mariah has already given her cooperation to our magazine Carey On twice: she wrote a message especially for the DMCA-members! We are positive that she will be happy to do that again for another issue of Carey On. We have personally given Mariah our magazines. So if you write a story for our magazine, remember that Mariah reads it too.

    The DMCA is one of the first (Mariah) fan clubs in the world. Many have tried to copy us, but there is only one DMCA.

    For more info visit our website ( or e-mail (

    With love & Carey On,
    DMCA (Marlon, Sandra and Jasper)

    (NOV. 7) WENN - FIFTH - HOLLYWOOD, SHOWBIZ & PEOPLE NEWS - JEN'S PUP HEADS FOR THE BIG TIME Sexy actress JENNIFER LOPEZ has found yet another way to supplement her income - she's training her dog to be a star.

    The star of THE CELL is sending her diminutive chihuahua to America's top celebrity dog trainer, BASH DIBRA, who trained animals for top films TURNER AND HOOCH, 101 DALMATIONS and BABE.

    Dibra has dealt with dogs owned by some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities, including MARIAH CAREY, SARAH JESSICA PARKER and MARTIN SCORSESE.

    And the wacky animal man has no intention of pandering to the pooch's famous mum. He says, "I never listen to stage mothers. I listen to the animals. I never, ever force an animal to perform."

    If Jennifer's pup makes it through the rigorous and expensive training, he will receive a diploma and a showreel, be put on an agency list, and even be given a tax return form. (NFA/HET/RGS)
    (Thanks to Jake for this information)

    - Westlife on Mariah's boobs
    Westlife have responded to claims by their own manager, the outspoken Louis Walsh, that they looked rubbish in their video with Mariah Carey.

    Bryan's put it down to the fact that they had no make-up on:

    "We looked a mess, but think it was just because the video was a very natural setting in Capri. It wasn't meant to be like a big studio with lights."

    Bryan also admitted to Radio 1 that he did have a quick peek down Mariah's top:

    "She just had big boobs, but Kian was looking more than me, he was just never caught!" he laughed.
    (Taken from BBC and many thanks to Mariah Online)

    - Can't Take That Away VERSES Close My Eyes
    Well this poll is really taking off! Already 203 people have voted on it and there is still 2 more days to go. CTTA and CME keep being switched back and forth for the lead! Cast your votes soon because you only have till Sunday to do it! Right now, CTTA is in the lead with 42 votes (20%) and CME is right behind with 37 votes (18%). Here are some comments you have made on the choice of songs and how you feel about them:

  • TGTBAW because it gives me hope that in the year 2000 maybe we can overcome racial prejudice especially in children like MC who had no choice
  • I like so much of "loocking in" because when sometimes I put the album on shufle and comes this song i feel a mist of nostalgy and uncompreenship
  • Looking In said a lot to me and i got another leave of respect for MC
  • It is very hard to pick just one. So I'll rank my top 5: 5-butterfly 4-can't take that away 3-One Sweet Day 2-There's got to be a way 1-make it happen
  • I voted Butterfly,not cuz the other songs dont hold meaning to me- but everytime I hear it in my spirit I feel that I am the bfly who's learnng to fly
  • "Looking In" is "Lamby's Theme"
  • The Outside was really poigniant for me in terms of figuring out my sexuality.It means a lot to me,even to this day!
  • Butterfly help me get through my Grandfather passing away.I think its the BEST ballad Mariah has EVER done(she thinks so too)
  • Hero is defenitely the best song ever!
  • Really all of them! They are all great and have a wonderful message 'specially TGTBAW I think
  • I love "Close My Eyes" that's the song that got me hooked on mariah in the first place!
  • Outside,Hero,Looking In are all special to me but, i picked close my eyes because of the mood it puts me in when i listen to it.
  • Every Mariah song means so much to me because she is the hottest and most talented woman alive and because they all have special meaning to them!!!
  • I voted for make it happen, but there's got to be a way is a very close second.
  • close my eyes is so similar to my story
  • Close My Eyes definately means the most to me, I feel like the song was written for me!

    - Mira Magazine
    On Wednesday, my VERY good buddy and Luis Correspondent, Anna sent me a little package with the magazine Mira in it! I havn't gotten it yet but Anna tells me there is a new picture of Mariah inside from the All That Glitters set, walking her famous doggie Jack! Here is more from Anna on the magazine:
    Right next to it is a picture of Luis in his "La Bikina song" black pants and black shirt, unbuttoned almost to the waist. There's a little blurb about how all those rumours and stories about Mariah cheating on him with her co-stars and Derek Jeter were just made up lies by "gossipy old women who only want to see Luis single and available again."

    I'll hopefully have the package by today or tomorrow and scan it for you! Also, I'll give you the issue date, so maybe some of you can pick it up or check it out for yourself!

    - He abducts her to Barbados
    Anna translated a spanish article from El Norte, which you can see by clicking here for all of us! Isn't she amazing? Thanks Anna!!

    After the rumors that claimed that their relationship was over, Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey continue to enjoy their romance, as was proven by their recent Caribbean vacation.

    In October, Luis and Mariah were spotted by the media on the island of Barbados, where they rested for a few days following the completion of Mariah Carey¹s first big ³Hollywood² role in All That Glitters, also starring Eric Benet, Chris Tessaro and DaBrat. Vondie Curtis-Hall is the director.

    Mariah Carey had been very busy during the last few months of the production, and that¹s why Luis Miguel arrived as she was wrapping up her work on the film, so that he could take her with him on vacation. Earlier, the Mexican singer had invited his sweetheart to spend a few days with him at his home in Acapulco during a break in the filming.

    They looked very much in love; I don¹t believe that they¹ve ended their romance² said one of the photographers who caught up with them in Barbados. There¹s been a lot of talk about this relationship, but what is certain is that they continue to be together and continue to be happy.²

    While Mariah Carey was working in Toronto, Luis Miguel visited her a couple of times, but according to the press, not everything went as he would have wished, since his girlfriend was occupied with her work and spent most of the time on the set. Luis was often frustrated, because he wanted Mariah to be with him, and she, obviously, was very busy with her work on the film. wrote a columnist in the New York Post, for that reason, as soon as Mariah had a few days off, the Mexican singer practically kidnapped her , taking her with him for a few days to his Acapulco home.²

    For Mariah Carey, All That Glitters signifies a great challenge and turning point in her career; her first starring role in the ³Mecca of the Cinema.²

    Following her work on this film, the American singer plans to star in a movie tentatively titled Double O-Soul in which actor Chris Tuckers participation has already been confirmed.

    - Guiness World Records diss MC
    Here is what told me:
    hey reg, i just wanted to tell u that yesterday i went to a book store and they had the guiness world records book being sold. i was planning to buy it cause surely i thought that mariah's one sweet day would be in there. so i oppened the music section and it said that the longest running number 1 single since 1992 is Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" (14 weeks) i was a bit mad cause three years later mariah broke that record (16 weeks).. i was really really angry i put the book back on the shelf and did not buy it......

    Regina please can u post this on your site so that we can do something about it to get mariah her rightful place in that book. here's their adress.

    You have to be registered to contact them, registration is free.. please regina help mariah out.... bye and thank you for your time.... :)

    p.s. i already contacted them and told them what i thought, if they get alot of complaints they might just change it.. also the book was the 2001 issue, so it's their new one......

    November 9, 2000...
    MClogo - Brat leaves a voice message...
    Rapper Da Brat left a message for her fans on her website on 10/16/00 and Mariah was mentionned :
    "(...) know I just got finished with the movie 'All That Glitters' that's Mariah Carey's joint, that's coming out. Now I look kinda funny, and I had to gain some weight for the movie; like like, like, like about six or seven punds, 'cause the chic had to be kinda-nah actually more than that. But the chic had to be kinda thick, her name Louise. That's my character"
    (Thanks to Hanta for this info!)

    - Honey
    Here is what my friend Dennis told me:
    Hi! The webmaster of (a site dedicated to Hype Williams and Paul Hunter; they are directors of several music videos) recently asked in a poll which music videos ever made by them were the best. And the "Honey" video which was directed by Hunter was one of them.
    Explanation: Mariah Carey as a 007-like spy? That's the theme behind this video which features Mariah as a kidnapped spy who escapes from her kidnappers by diving off a balcony into a pool, and jet-skiing away, later to be rescued by helicopter by Mase. Sound corny? Well, Paul Hunter made it look GOOD.

    - New career
    Thanks to Mariah Online for this next article from the Norwegian magazine, TOPP. There is a nice new picture that goes with this article and you can find that in the All That Glitters Photo Gallery within the Pic Pages of this site! Here is Elin's translationg of the article:

    Mariah Carey has for a long time wished to become an actress (we on the other hand have for a long time wished that she wouldn't), and now things are starting to happen! Here you can see her on the set of "All That Glitters", which will probably be a veerryy cooool film, and we look forward to it a great deal... Hmmmm we will hardly get hired as the boss of her fan club, especially not after what we said about her style on the last editorial meeting...

    - Download ABMB Live
    "J" sent me a link to download a version of Mariah's hit song, "Always Be My Baby." I was told it was a live version but sadly I don't know what concert it is from because I didn't download it yet! It's probably from one of the Rainbow Tours! Check it out for yourself by clicking below:

    - Where Are You Christmas Song
    Yesterday I posted on the site that you can download the song at if you can view flash and have realplayer, that listens to streaming versions! Lauren let me know that you can also check it out if you have the new AOL, AOL 6.0 because it has it's own media player, she tells me!

    November 8, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah Voice Messages
    One year ago on this date, Mariah left her first voice message to us! Thanks to Zoli from Hungary for this info!

    - Where Are You Christmas Lyrics
    Yesterday, the soundtrack for The Grinch soundtrack was released! Tomas told me you can download the song at www.meanone.combut you can only hear it if you can view flash and have a real plater that listens to streaming versions! When you go to the site, click on "City Hall" and then "Who Tunes." If you can't check it out, check out the lyrics of the song below:
    Where are you Christmas?
    Why can't I find you?
    Why have u gone away?
    Where is the laughter
    You used to bring me?
    Why cant i hear music play?

    My world is changing
    I'm rearranging
    Does that mean christmas changes too?

    Where are you Christmas?
    Do you remember
    The one you used to know
    I'm not the same one
    See what the times done
    Is that why you have let me go?

    Christmas is here everywhere
    Christmas is here if you care
    If there is love in your heart and your mind
    You will feel like Christmas all the time

    I feel you christmas
    I know I found you
    You never fade away

    The joy of Christmas
    Stays here inside us
    Feels each and every heart with love

    Where are you Christmas?
    Fill your heart with love

    November 7, 2000...
    MClogo - 20 to 1 Duets
    Well as some of you may have noticed, 20 to 1 Duets was NOT on VH1 yesterday afternoon or last night!! 20 to 1 Comebacks aired! I checked out and they removed all airings of 20 to 1 Duets sadly! So I guess the show won't air anytime soon and I am sorry for the mishap!

    - Voice Message Page!
    I created a webpage earlier this morning for the message I recorded of Mariah on June 18, 2000. Some people probably didn't get to hear it, so it's on it's own page and can still be accessed! Basically in the message, Mariah is thanking the fans for trying their best with the Can't Take That Away Single released on June 6th! It is NOT a new message from Mariah but hopefully she'll leave another one on her official website soon!!

    - Luis on People Website
    Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony may have crossed over to the pop charts, but Luis Miguel is muy caliente in Latin circles. In fact, the Mexican crooner recently won Album of the Year and Best Pop Album at the inaugural Latin Grammys for his disc Amarte Es Un Placer. For those who don't yet know much about Miguel -- besides the fact that he is superstar Mariah Carey's beau -- this Spanish-language concert video/DVD offers a compelling introduction. Filmed during his sold-out stint last April in Monterrey, Mexico, it serves as a companion to the live album of the same name released earlier.
    (Thanks to Anna for this article taken from PeopleOnline's Website)

    - Mariah on VH1's Behind the Music
    Here is what Desiree told me:
    The new epsiode of VH1's Behind The Music is about Badfinger which was the original group to do "Without You." Sadly both of the songwriters committed suicide. I haven't watch it so I don't know any more than that. That's what I saw in the promo

    Yesterday, I turned on VH1 to check out the 20 to 1 Duets at 1 pm, which never came on obviously, and I saw the ending of this show, which basically showed Mariah singing Without You from Here Comes Mariah Carey Video! That was basically it!

    - Mariah Dissed on Leno
    Everynight, Jay Leno talks in the beginning of his show on what's going on in the world. Sadly, he goofed on Mariah and they were talking about the article that says she has a person to give her gum to when she is done chewing it and they were talking about her posse!
    (Thanks to for this info)

    - Mariah in Quien (aka Who)
    Here is what Anna told me:
    When I was at the magazine store, I saw (but didn't pick up) a spanish magazine called "Quien" (Who). There was a funny article about Luis Miguel, showing pictures of all these women, from MC to Sophia Vergara, and asking the question: When Luis finally marries and has kids, what will they look like? They noted that MC is the "official novia" so this was speculation, but I have to say that the best looking kid (to me) was the boy that they "compiled" for LM & MC, of course!

    -Dueling Doggies
    Here is what Anna told me:
    In another old telenovella magazine,Ifound another funny article about the "dueling doggies" - Mariah's and Thalia's. Even this magazine admitted that Thalia has been "copying" MC in many ways, including getting a special dog that travels with her everywhere and gets special treatment. They had pictures of MC's "Jack", and Thalia's dog. They noted that Jack is very spoiled, travels in private jets, yachts, limos, stays in 5-star hotels, and even sleeps in his beautiful mistress's bed - and then they asked, "but does he sleep on her side, or Micky's side? Oh, if that dog could give interviews, what stories he'd tell!"

    - News Stealers
    Okay I must say this! I noticed some newsletters and even websites, that take news from this site and then don't credit this site or they credit the source I got it from only and not this website too! If you get anything from this website, please credit me! I put a lot of work into it and would appreciate that little request from you. If you have a problem with that, please contact me and we can discuss it! Thanks!

    November 6, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Mariah on VH1 Tonight
    Don't forget to check out Mariah tonight on VH1 for 20 to 1 Duets at 10 pm EST!

    - Against All Odds duet with Westlife in the USA!
    Annat told me that the Against All Odds single with Westlife is now at Tower Records as an import in the USA! It's $7.99!! Go check it out for yourself and I'll be checking it out for myself today at my Tower and let you know if I find anything!

    - Hola Magazine (part2)
    Minerva let me know that she will most likely be sending me the scan of MC and Luis in the Hola Magazine tomorrow! Anna told me the picture is the same of Luis and MC in Barbados but it's just a full length picture of them inside of just their heads! It's the November 2, 2000 issue on page 57, Anna and Minerva told me and the issue date is #2934 for anyone trying to find it! Anna was SO NICE and typed out the article in spanish and then the english transation under the picture in Hola and here it is in both formats:

  • Spanish Version (the way it appears in Hola):
    MARIAH CAREY & LUIS MIGUEL REGRESARON DE BARBADOS- El cantante Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey regresaron de las famosas islas Barbados, en donde, segun las declaraciones de ambos, habian pasado "un par de dias fantasticos". La pareja, que desde hace algo menos de dos anos mantiene a la prensa internacional en vilo por sus continuos y felices encuentros en distintos paises , volvio a ser centro de atencion de los periodistas cuando desembarcaron en el frio y lluvioso Londres, agarrados de la mano y vestidos de blanco con ropas veraniegas, muy sonrientes y enamorados.
  • English Transation:
    Mariah Carey & Luis Miguel Return From Barbados - Singer Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey returned from the famous Barbados Islands where, according to declarations from the couple "they spent a couple of fantastic days". The pair, who for almost two years have held the interest of the international press with their continuous and happy excursions to different parts of the world, were once again the center of attention among magazines and newspaper journalists when they arrived in cold, drizzly London, dressed in summer-like white clothes, holding hands, smiling, and very much in love.

    - Update #1
    - New Pic
    Sandie sent me a scan from a new magazine in the UK called, "STAR!" There was a little article about MC and All That Glitters and she sent me the scan! The picture was seen in another article recently, but check it out anyway in Gallery 41!

    - Hola Magazine
    I should be getting the scan of the new picture of Luis and MC in the Nov. 4th issue of Hola magazine (someone asked me about the date of this magazine-forget who)! I think I might have recently said it was Hello Magazine, which is wrong! IT's Hola, a spanish magazine! Thanks to Anna for the date on that!

    - Luis Pops the question?
    Last week someone told me that on a Spanish website, Mariah was showing off a new engagement ring from Luis! I reported that this information was very likely false and Anna let me know that no other Spanish Magazines have reported anything about it and it is false news! Also, if something as big as that happened, it would most likely be in all the papers and all the entertainment tv shows anyway!

    - Happy Birthday Minerva
    Today is one of my VERY good friends birthday! She is pretty much like a sister to me and has really been there for me through thick and thin!!! Please everyone, if you got a little extra time, send her a Happy Birthday message!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINERVA!!!

    - Mariah Mention
    Mariah is mentioned in the Dec. 2000 issue of VIBE Magazine! It talks about the new singer Joy Enriquez and here is the MC part:
    Before Babyface signed Enriquez to Arista after a live audition, she used to sing background vocals for Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. (Thanks to Desiree for this info!)

    - Mariah Calendars
    MClogoOkay, Alan sent me a scan of what the official one was suppose to be, which is the picture on the left. About a month ago, this calendar appeared on and was called the official calendar! MClogoSuddenly though, it has disappeared! The picture on the right is the Unofficial one and that is the one I got in the mail from sending my money to Sterling MacFadden after seeing the add in the BlackBeat magazine for the "official" calendar. So, I am guessing there might not be an official calendar this year and the only calendar we can get is the unofficial one sadly because all the pics in it are old ones!! If anyone finds any info on the official calendar, please contact me!

    - Mariah's Dancer dances for Joe
    Well she's not really Mariah's dancer per say but anyhow one of Mariah's regular dancers appeared with Joe last night at the RadioCity Music Awards! Sadly, I do not know her name, but it is the asian girl who wore the Heartbreaker Tank in the Heartbreaker Video.
    (Thanks to Patrick and Alan for this info!)

    - Sticky Fingers
    It's no secret that Mariah Carey is a diva -- and now she's getting a reputation in England as well. A popular British talk show host claims Carey was one of the rudest, most arrogant guests ever on her show. The singer had a member of her "posse" hold out his hand so she could place her spit-covered gum in his palm, reports. "That sounds ridiculous," laughed Carey's spokeswoman, who then added, "but Mariah does have a posse."
    (Thanks to for this info)

    - All I Want For Christmas..
    Here is what Melissa told me:
    Yesterday, my family and I went to go to the movies while we were checking out which movie we wanted to see I was listening to the music they were playing and it was christmas music so we finally decided what movie to see I heard mariah's all I want for christmas is you playing and I was so happy that I started singing it to myself and I was also saying cool. that's my mariah story!!!

    - Luis and Mariah Club
    Sarina is creating a new club called "Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel" and you can join by clicking the link below!!!

    November 5, 2000...
    MClogo - All That Glitters Page
    Well it took me about 4 hours to do and I finally completed it last night! I added as much news articles as I could find too for the NEWS section!! Check out the link below for this webpages All That Glitters Website!!!
    All That Glitters Website

    - Updates
    It's Sunday, so there is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week I was going to add a new poll but sadly I am having some problems and will have to add the poll later tonight. Here are last weeks poll results and thanks to everyone who sent int their opinions! I really appreciated it :)
    What do you think of this website?
    I LOVE this site-It ROCKS!!!! (112) 69%
    It's a pretty good source of information! (41) 25%
    It's nice but needs work! (4) 2%
    eh, so so..... (2) 1%
    It's BAD! (3) 1%
    Total Votes: 162

    - Calendar SCAM!
    Last year, Blackbeat Magazine put in an ad for the Sterling-Macfadden company saying that this company was releasing an official Mariah Carey Calendar! That turned out to be true and I got my official calendar for the year 2000 from them, which later hit all book stores across America! So, when the ad ran for the Official 2001 calendar in Blackbeat magazine this year, I thought I would order it again since it is the official calendar! HOWEVER, today in the mail, I got the UNOFFICIAL calendar from Oliver Books Limited! Meaning, there is no Official Calendar this year for Mariah I believe and that Blackbeat is running a false add and that I was screwed by Sterling MacFadden company! I already ordered an unofficial MC calendar, so now I have two of the same calendars, which I might be giving away on this site in a contest, we'll see!!! I will be writing a letter of complaint to Sterling though and Blackbeat for false advertising!

    - Mariah Style Jacket?
    Here is what McHoney09 told me:
    I was at the mall today in Dillards and they had Jean jackets with the bottom cut off, Mariah style. It was DKNY(I'm not sure if that is the correct order) . The denim was dark colored. I think they also had jeans that matched but I'm not sure.

    - Faith on Mariah
    Nini told me that Faith Hill is going to be on The Kiss Morning Show with Ross and Courtney on Monday to talk about the Grinch Soundtrack! She might mention MC and you can listen to it live at:
    Faith will probably be on at 6:45, 7:45 or 8:45 because that's when they give the Hollywood Report.

    - More News
    If I get more news midday, I might be updating again! We'll see!

    November 4, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Joy on Mariah
    Joy Enriquez is a Latina R&B singer from California. Lexi heard her latest song, "Tell me how you feel" on the radio, and couldn't get it out of her head. She checked out the official website and found out that Joy had worked with Mariah and Whitney on "When You Believe!" Check out the article below. Thanks Lexi!
    "And in 1997, Joy lent background vocals to the single "When You Believe," the historic teaming of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey for the "Prince Of Egypt" soundtrack. "It was an honor to be singing for two people who I really admired and looked up to growing up, and listened to their music," Joy says. "They are two divas. To know that my name is on the same record with them was the icing on the cake." And with Joy's self-titled debut album, the singer proves her own vocal prowess, tackling an impressive combination of romantic ballads and bouncy dance floor songs."

    - The Love of the Irish
    Kel got this article from a UK Website and Mariah is mentioned in it! Read below:
    Despite being branded boring by J from Five, the Westlife boys are hot property at the moment. They tell us about their new single 'My Love' and get all slushy and romantic as they take our Love Test.

    Your new single, 'My Love', is out on 30th October. What's it about?
    Mark: It's about the feeling of being at home and the places of home that you remember. It's a feel good song thinking about the good memories you have from home - in our case Ireland.

    How did it feel to beat all the records when the Mariah Carey duet went in to Number One?
    Shane: It was brilliant. We didn't expect it because we didn't do much promotion as we were out of the country recording our album and Mariah was doing a movie in Canada. We're very very happy, we broke our own record and it's pretty cool to be able to do that. Hopefully this one will do the same.

    What was Mariah like to work with?
    Kian: Mariah was really nice to work with. You hear lots of rumors about Mariah, that she's very egotistical and other bad stories but I have to say that they're untrue. We had a lot of fun with Mariah and we found her a very down to earth person.

    Did you like the Phil Collins version when you were younger?
    Mark: It's excellent, yes. I was really happy when Mariah covered that song on her 'Rainbow' album because it was a favorite of mine when it came out the first time. Her version of it blew me away.

    Have you got any other collaborations or covers in mind?
    Shane: No, not at the moment
    Mark: Eminem keeps on ringing us up!
    Shane: Yeah, I wish he'd stop ringing! No, I think we've done the best duet we can do artist wise, with a female singer anyway. We just want to concentrate on Westlife, do our world tour and maybe on the third or fourth album we might do something.

    Are you planning any up tempo numbers soon?
    Kian: For our new album, 'Coast to Coast' we've recorded four to five up tempo songs and we're very happy about that because on the last album we didn't really have any up%20tempo songs. There are definitely two up%20tempo songs that we are considering for singles so we're very happy about that too!

    Looks like the 'My Love' video is shot in Ireland - do you find Ireland a very romantic place?
    Mark: It was shot in Ireland in a place called the Cliffs of Mohar, which are beautiful cliffs on the coast of Ireland and also on a beach and a railway station in Limerick and Shannon airport, so it's all shot in Ireland.
    Shane: It's our favorite place in the world and it's definitely a great place to take a girl. There are so many beaches and private places you can go...
    Mark: Woods and stuff!

    Will you be releasing a record hoping for a xmas number one?
    Kian: Yes we are going to release a record around Christmas. It's not really about going for Christmas Number One, we just want Westlife to be on the radio at Christmas time. We've got some beautiful songs that we're talking about releasing: 'Angels Wings', 'What Makes A Man', 'Soledad' - but we're not sure which one yet -we'll have to make a decision soon!

    Where will you be at Christmas?
    Kian: At Christmas we'll probably be around the UK and then we'll probably go home for a few days and spend some time with our families.

    - Against All Odds in Singapore
    Here is what Zaki told me:
    Hey Regina! Well, I just want to higlight the situation of Against All Odds (feat. Westlife) in Singapore. So far, the response has been good but not as phenomenal as 'Can't Take That Away'.
    In the official Singapore Charts in the perfect 10 98.7 FM, it debuted at no. 20 where it is sitting now. In the Power 98 top 40 chart (Another popular Chart), it has been sitting at no. 38 for 2 consecutive weeks. This IS better than what 'Crybaby' got (It was only a touted entry for the official singapore charts but it never got in)

    Here is what you can do to increase airplay of the single in both power98 and perfect 10.

  • For power98, go to the official website
    go to the requests section and try to request for each timeslot. For e-mail, use a common e-mail (for example hotmail) so as not to arouse suspicion and put in a company name such as McDonalds or something like that.
  • For perfect 10 98.7 FM, go to click on 'Say It With Music' and request for a song. Try to sound like a dizzy teenager(my 24 year old sister's requests never get played because she writes them like a 24 year old) and request it to your parents, siblings, etc.

    I'm hoping 'against All Odds' will do much better than 'Can't Take That Away' (which peaked at no. 2 in the official charts and no. 4 in the power98 charts)Then, Mariah will get another no. 1 song in singapore. Let's all help her do that. I'll post you on updates of the charts.

    - All That Glitters Page
    Today I will be working on a new page for this site for Mariah's All That Glitters Project! As some of you may have noticed, I have already set up a picture gallery for the movie and now I will be moving all the articles and character information on one page to make it more easily accessible! The page should be up by today or tomorrow!!

    - Update#1
    - Westlife – Living Their Way
    All five boys talk about music, fame, Spice Girls, media, Awards, living under pressure, having breakdowns between shopping trips and how to look Mariah Carey in the two balls… erm, eyeballs.

    The duel of genders is on the cards, already code-named 'Super Monday', a girl-band with its third album versus a boy band with its second full-length record. Spice Girls' album 'Forever' is released the same day the Westlife's 'Coast To Coast' and the Posh Becks (Victoria Beckham) said that they'd wipe the floor with the Irish lads. The boys' career has been rather a dream come true story and their response is "We're going to kick their pretty asses!". The outcome will be decided by fans' devotion and pocket money. Westlife's fivesome of Bryan McFadden, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Nicky Byrne and Shane Filan have recently scored their sixth straight-to-Number-One hit, the latest being a cover of Phil Collins's 'Against All Odds' with a little help of the divine Mariah Carey. Five million copies of the self-titled album are behind them and they have even managed to crack America, the traditionally hard-nut for not only British boy- but also any bands. 'Coast To Coast' features 'Fragile Heart' written by McFadden, Egan and Filan and the album is being launched by a mammoth 24-hour journey around Britain, visiting Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London. Ten days later the group will find out their standing with the MTV Europe viewers as they are nominated for the Best UK & Ireland Act Award. Their debut headlining tour of Britain, commencing in February next year and taking in 38 arenas, sold out in a few, record breaking, hours.

    We faced the five members with a series of question starting with whether they feel pressure of all the success they've had?
    Bryan McFadden: "In a sense because you really wonder what will happen. We've had such huge success that has amazed us, we are very grateful for everything and we have to ask ourselves whether it will continue. We want our music to be popular and successful but it will not be the end of the world if we don't get another Number One."

    Posh Beckham has issued a challenge while dissing you?
    Kian Egan: "She has and we'll see what happens. It is a head-to-head but it wasn't planned like that. It just happened and it is up to our fans against theirs to battle it out."

    Are you confident about your chances?
    Mark Feehily: "That's difficult to answer because it is not a question about our confidence, we believe in what we've done and have hopes, but outselling competition is not really up to us. It depends on so many other factors and I wouldn't like to put money on a bet."

    How do you feel about the new album?
    BMcF: "We love it and are really happy and excited to sing new songs. There is more of a positive feel, but there are still ballads on it, to give it a bit more restrained, emotional content. There is variety on it and we have really developed our own style."

    That doesn't mean that comparisons with Backstreet Boys and N'Sync will stop?
    Nicky Byrne: "That is another thing we can do nothing about and it is so unfair. We don't try to imitate them and we do our own thing. We do our kinds of songs and they do their own. We are not trying to copy anybody."

    Still, the media continues to be dismissive of you?
    KE: "These are opinions of certain people who appear not to like what we do. That's their right and they can print their opinions. It is hurtful but it only lasts a short while and then you get on with it. We've also learnt not to take what people write too seriously. "The negativity of media is countered by popularity, one hopes?" Shane Filan: "Certainly because we experience reaction of people so much more and directly. One lesson we've learnt about media is to be careful what we say to certain publications. In the beginning we weren't sure what and how to answer certain questions but you learn."

    There are a lot of rumours about you; how do you react to them?
    MF: "Music career demands hard work, which is a really difficult to handle on the physical side. But, the attention of tabloid press and stories they print about us are really difficult to take and it is more worrying. Some are funny and you know they can't be true but what we know - our parents don't and they really get worried about it all. That's the price you have to pay and we are paying it." KE: "It's very strange to read in the papers about everything you do and it is made to sound like it is important. Like having a haircut, or something."

    How much does all these interfere with you private lives?
    NB: "What private lives? We have none!" BMcF: "True, we haven't got any because we work all the time. And what little time we have we tend to spend with our families because we hardly ever see them. So, there is no time for much privacy and enjoyment."

    Which was demonstrated during your American trip when some of you had to get off the lunatic promotional carrousel?
    BMcF: "Nobody ever tells you what hard work it is being in a band… Probably, even if they did, you wouldn't listen or believe it, until you discover it for yourself. Well, I got nervous exhaustion and had to take a few days off to recover. Then, Mark's grandfather died and he had to go to his funeral and then Shane had to go back for his sister's wedding."

    Your last single was with Mariah Carey; how did that collaboration happen?
    KE: "It was suggested and we all jumped at it. We first met at the American Music Awards and were speechless. The next time was when we recorded together." Ms Carey is renown for her minimalist dress-style; how did you manage to keep your eyes above the microphone level? NB: "It was very difficult although she has beautiful eyes!" SF: "When she came to the studio she wore hot pants, a belly top and high heels with her hair tied back and with glasses on…" NB: "She is a great singer, a great character and a beautiful woman!"

    She is known for her shopping power; do you shop yourselves or you have assistants taking care of it?
    KE: "No, we buy our own stuff and all have different taste." Is there a shopaholic among you? BMcF: "It's definitely me, I buy a lot." SF: "And he buys anything, sometimes he comes back with things you can't believe!"

    MTV Euro Awards are imminent and you are nominated, how do you feel about competitions of this kind?
    NB: "It is very satisfying and we are really happy. Just to be nominated is special because it acknowledges your achievement…" KE: "This one is even more important because fans actually vote for it and it is not industry given. You know that the kids vote and that makes it really special."

    You've been to America, you've had success there and one wonders would you base yourselves there if your career demanded?
    MF: "I think we all like it there but it is the States. I think I can speak for everybody when I say that we wouldn't move there because it is so different from the way we were brought up. We'd miss our homes and families so we'd have to fly back all the time. We also have an impression that is not really good for your health and everybody is stressed out all the time, like they never relax. It's not the reality we know…"
    (Big thanks to Matt for this article taken from

    - Luis Pops the question to Mariah
    Well according to he did. Of course this is a Spanish News Service where you have to pay to get the news sadly. Anna went to the site and it says that Mariah Carey "luce un anillo comprometor", which means that she's showing off an engagement ring. However, this is the only source that has reported this information and if it was true, it would be all over the place. Also, by now, we all know how many times this rumor has been started! So take this information with a grain of salt!

    - Howard and Mariah
    Did you miss the Howard Stern show yesterday morning and would really like to hear what he had to say about Mariah and her message to him? Well then you are in luck because Alex found a link where you can do just that! website has 2 Mariah messages and then the entire part of Howard's show where he talked about MC! The total time is 6 minutes so check out the direct link below:
    Click Here to Download Mariah on Howard yesterday!

    - Five Years Ago
    5 years ago for the week of November 11th, Daydream was #2 behind Smashing Pumpkins. Plus, 10 years ago, Mariah Carey was #4 on the Billboard charts! Check it out for yourself at the links below:

  • Five Years Ago-Daydream
  • Ten Years Ago-Mariah Carey
    (Thanks to RBloedow of Mariah Net)

    November 3, 2000...
    MClogo - Pop UP Video Christmas
    "D" found out that a Pop Up Video for Christmas time was released in 1998! It is now on sale at the Virgine Store Online. Here is the info:
    DVD Price $24.98 $23.23 Details
    VHS Price $9.98 $9.48 Details
    Performer(s)s: Billy Squier, Mariah Carey, Ramones, RuPaul, RuPaul Charles, Squeeze, Run DMC, Melissa Etheridge, Carnie Wilson
    Original Language: English
    Rating: Not Rated
    Recording: Color
    Release Year: 1998
    VideoLog Description: VH-1's popular series focuses on Christmas, where pretentious pop stars' attempts at creating "holiday classics" are commented upon and criticized, often to hilarious effect.

    - Mariah Parody on TRL
    Here is what Meg told me:
    while i was watching TRL earlier today, they were showing some of the best homevideos that they have recieved from viewers and one was a parody of Mariahs "Heartbreaker" was an asia boy dressed as MC and he did the scenes from the theater and the was hilarious..if you can catch one of the re-runs do so...the video even had part of the "Heartbreaker" song on it where the viewer redid the song saying something about bootlegging(?) lol

    - Latest Charts...
    Matt send me the latest charts for the week ending in Nov. 11th...

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    128 127 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    BUTTERFLY (Album)
    164 164 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    34 33 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    34 34 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    58 57 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    59 56 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    74 65 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    DAYDREAM (Album)
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    EMOTIONS (Album)
    168 168 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MARIAH CAREY (Album)
    85 84 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    146 146 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MUSIC BOX (Album)
    32 32 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    RAINBOW (Album)
    42 41 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    103 99 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    5 5 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    7 7 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    18 18 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    90 90 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    154 161 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    Jennifer Lopez's new album, The Passionate Journey, was supposed to be released Nov. 7.

    Epic, the Latina diva's label, originally announced that the follow-up to her million-selling album, On the 6, would be out on Election Day. b But now there's been a change of plans. Journey — which has tentatively been renamed JLO (pronounced, believe it or not, Jay-lo) — will not be out in time to divert our attention from Gore vs. Bush. Sources at Epic's parent company Sony now say that JLO is due on Jan. 30 — two weeks before Lopez's next movie, The Wedding Planner, hits theaters.

    This is not good news for the Sony bottom line, since Lopez's CD will miss the third quarter of the fiscal year. And the company is in questionable shape elsewhere since Mariah Carey and Celine Dion are currently in limbo, any future Michael Jackson project is a mystery, and Ricky Martin's new album, due Nov. 14, is a question mark. His latest single, "She Bangs," is not a huge radio hit so far (although that may change when Sony actually releases the single to stores at a discounted price.)

    Despite bad reviews, Lopez's first album, On the 6, was a chart hit. (There's no denying that "Waiting for Tonight" was very catchy.) And, of course, the famous scarf dress she wore at last year's Grammys was an even bigger hit.

    Lopez has recorded a couple of tracks with wunderkind Rodney Jerkins, who is also supposedly working with Jackson on his new album. There was also talk that her boyfriend, Puff Daddy, who starts a trial in January for weapon possession and general arrogance, was producing tracks. Lopez's manager, Benny Medina, once managed Puffy as well.

    An Epic spokesman says, "Jennifer was so busy making movies she didn't have time to finish the album. But we've already heard six tracks and they're terrific."
    (Source is Fox News 411)

    - MTV's Direct Effects
    Gabby told me that she saw MC on the new MTV Show, Direct Effects! They played the Heartbreaker Remix.

    November 2, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Howard Mentions Mariah again on his show!!
    Mariah was mentioned again on Howard Shows, it seems! Alex, who listens to Howard everyday, let me in on what was said! Sadly, I didn't get today's show on tape but I do have the last two shows on tape!! Here is what happened:
    Howard Stern talked about Mariah this morning. One of his regular callers Big Black ( called in and played MC's last message about Howard. When she yelled "FANBOOKS!" Howard and Robin were cracking up. Then Vinnie Favale called in and they played two more messages. In one of them, Mariah talked about getting lamb slippers from a group of MC fans. Howard even mentioned that Mariah sent him flowers a few days ago, but he forgot what the card said.

    - Mariah on Rolling Stone Website
    You can check out a pic of MC from her high school years at the Rolling Stones Website! Click below to check out a link to the celeb high school pics!
    Click Here to See MC on Rolling Stone site!
    (Thanks to Matt for this info)

    - MC mentioned in Hip Hop Witch Movie
    Here is what told me:
    MC's mentioned twice in Da Hip Hop Witch movie. Once when Candace, a dancer, says she's danced for Mariah, and this girl is looking through a Black Beat that has MC on the cover showing a pic from the Sweetheart vid, saying it includes a poster.

    - Westlifes new cd
    Westlife will be releasing their new cd, "Coast To Coast" on Nov. 15th. Here is the tracklisting of it, which includes the smash hit, Against All Odds with Mariah
    1. My Love ( Radio Edit )
    2. If I Let You Go
    3. What Makes Me A Man
    4. I Lay My Love You
    5. Against All Odds ( Feat. Mariah Carey )
    6. When You're Looking Like That
    7. Close
    8. Somebody Needs You
    9. Angel's Wings
    10. Soledad
    11. Puzzle Of My Heart
    12. Dreams Come True
    13. No Place That Far
    14. Close Your Eyes
    15. You Make Me Feel
    16. Lonliness Knows My Name
    17. Fragile Heart
    18. Every Little Thing You Do
    19. Nothing Is Impossible
    (Thanks to Shino from Love Love Jack)

    - Update #1
    - One Year Ago...
    One year ago, on this date, "Rainbow," Mariah's 9th cd, was released to stores!!! Happy One Year Anniversary for one of the best albums EVER!!!

    - Mariah's Message to Howard!
    Radio Mariah is at it again. The aspiring movie star/singer Mariah Carey is leaving messages on her Web site again for anyone who'll listen. You may recall that earlier this summer Carey was complaining that politics at her label, Sony, were preventing her from having another number one hit.

    Now Carey, who's been filming All That Glitters since July 29th, has left a new message on a fan's answering machine. Sighing, she announces: "Okay, so now I'm gonnoo [sic] feel totally inhibited about leaving messages on this thing. Because it seems the messages somehow have become fodder for the Howard Stern Show. But anyway, I'm not gonnoo [sic] stop calling or stop reading - get ready Howard - the FAN BOOKS! Which are books made by the fans. Because basically the fan books are more about you guys and how you relate to the music than me. And I sound relaxed because I am - so thank you and goodnight."

    Carey is then heard laughing hysterically as she hangs up. What caused all this? Apparently on October 25th Stern played a bunch of Mariah's looney messages on his show, courtesy of a guy named Vinnie Favale. Favale downloads the messages from Mariah's web site, as well as MP3 things and porno.

    Stern, of course, went to town dissecting the messages, particularly the stuff about Carey's "fan books." Evidently members of Carey's fan club regularly assemble scrapbooks with pictures of her and them and send them along for Mariah to peruse, Nora Desmond-style, in her free time.

    Stern said, "I could play these things all day. They fascinate me." This could be the start of something big. We'll have to stay tuned...
    (Article from Fox News 411)

    - EXCLUSIVE New Pics
    I dug through my photo albums last night and scanned a BUNCH of MC pics for this website from the Rainbow and Butterfly era! The pics from Diva's Live are from newspapers, so the quality isn't perfect!! I scanned new real photos that various people have taken too, some of the real pics are VERY nice! Also, there is a picture of Mariah in the audience for a Luis Miguel concert (quality isn't good so I put an arrow pointing to MC and Louise is sitting next to her) and 2 pics of MC and Tonjua together, that someone took!! I checked the galleries, and didn't find these pics in them but the galleries on this page are getting so big, it's hard to check all of them anymore!!! Check out the new scans in Gallery 43 if you like!!! There are 17 new scans (took me over 1 hour to scan 'em). They are lovely pics of MC but then again, what picture isn't!!!!

    - Jessica wants an album like Mariah
    In the latest issue of YM Magazine with Jessica Simpson on the cover, Mariah is mentioned in her article. Jessica says...
    " ...As for her own take on the new material, Jessica says, 'It's goning to be phenominal, what I always dreamed of making. If I can make an album anything like Mariah Carey's, I'll be totally set.'"
    (Thanks to Danielle for this info)

    - A Darker Shade of Pale
    Obscuring blackness in order to be accepted has been a theme of the 20th century. In 1966, when Detroit model Donyale Luna became Vogue's first black covergirl, she wore pale make-up and held up a hand obscuring her face. Consequently, readers didn't know she was black, and this historic cover went unnoticed. More recently, Mariah Carey's record company was accused of trying to pass her off as a more lucrative white crossover artist rather than to reveal her true black heritage. For years the press wrote her up as white, despite the fact that her father is a black Venezuelan. Journalist Nelson George even referred to her as 'a white girl who can sing'.
    (Excerpt from this article!)

    November 1, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2.5
    - Mariah in Globe
    Vanessa told me the wrong tabloid by accident the other day! Mariah is in the Nov. 7th issue of GLOBE tabloid, not STAR!! I just went to the store to check it out and there is a VERY tiny picture of MC, basically the size of your fingernail! You have to match the head to the chest, so I didn't buy it, because it wasn't worth it!

    - Update #2
    - Where Are You Christmas
    Faith has recorded the track, "Where Are You Christmas," to be included in Universal Pictures Dr. Suess' How The Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey. The song will be featured in the movie and will be the first single worked from the album. A video is also planned. The soundtrack will be available November 7th, and the movie will hit theaters November 17th.
    (Thanks to Heather for this info taken from Faith Hill's Official Website)

    - Mariah Shirts
    Here is what told me:
    I saw a girl in the audience of the QL show wearing a blue Mariah baseball jersey, and I saw a girl a few mo.'s ago at the grocery store wearing the Rainbow world tour t-shirt but didn't think to tell you. She cut the top of her jeans off as well, but didn't do the cuffs.

    - Wonder Woman Mariah
    MClogo Mariah Carey is willing to everything, even the making of a superheroin! Besides being a great singer, she wants to convince everyone that she also knows how to become a great actress, and after her step to the big screen a year ago with "The Bachelor", Mariah will return again with "All That Glitters". In that movie she will play a young singer who dreams about becoming a great star. The good thing is that Mariah won't have to make too much of an effort to prepare for this movie: it is enough with the experience she has from her own life.
    (Thanks to Mariah Online and Mariah Carey Archives for this info)

    - Update #1
    - IMPORANT--Crybaby Mission!
    Well starting today, all Mariah fans will be calling in and requesting CRYBABY on TRL so HOPEFULLY/MAYBE/POSSIBLY Crybaby could be on TRL on the one year anniversary of Rainbow! Please, take three seconds and help out Mariah!! I'm sure she would appreciate it greatly if we could get Crybaby on TRL!!! Here is what Monica sent me:
    TRL Voting day - Nov. FirstThis November First , A huge movement is taking place, all fans worldwide are being called to arms. The plan is to vote "Crybaby" as high on TRL as we can for the next day. November 2nd is the one-year anniversary of 'Rainbow' , and let's give our favorite Diva an anniversary present she'll never forget!

    ***Celebrate the one-year anniversary of 'Rainbow' by requesting "Crybaby" on TRL this November 1
    ***There are two things you can do to help:

    2. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON TRL NOVEMBER 1 (The Day Before Nov 2nd) at 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. !
    So Are you in or not? I'm in! To vote, go to ->
    2. Go to "Play my song"
    3. Click on "Other" and type in Mariah Carey for "Artist Name" and "Crybaby" for "Video Title"
    4. Make sure to call into TRL too at 1-800-Dial MTV!

    - Fantasy in Venezuela
    Here is what Adrian told me:
    Last friday I was reading 1 of my local newspapers and each friday they print a page with the music info and the charts, you know, so there's a chart with the Top 5 songs in Venezuela 5 years ago, and there was Mariah on the #5 spot with Fantasy. That's so cool 'cause that was the song that had me droolling like a baby and obviously is one of my fave's and by the time it came out I wasn't here in my country, I had moved to Long Island... and that's a whole different story.... but anyway, I didn't know that Fantasy was a big hit down here, and believe me when a song reaches Top 5 or even Top 10 is because radio stations play it mad. So that was cool for me to know that Mariah had (at least) a Top 5 hit here in my country with one of my all-time favorite songs. That was 5 years ago (oct 27 1995) I don't know if they will print this chart again next friday. I hope so and I hope she got a higher position! BTW, If it wasn't for her name printed on this list I would've missed it 'cause for some reason they put all the titles for the Top 5 in spanish so what was actually written was "Fantasia" instead of "Fantasy" which is very weird but anyway....

    - Mariah News for New Zealand
    Here is what told me:

  • Last weekend I went to Tandys' (one of the CD shop) , they were playing Babydoll. Then I thought they might be actually playing the whole Butterfly album, which they did. But somehow they stopped after the WYC song finish ...
  • On Saturday - On 'Most Wanted' and 'Coca cola new release' they showed the AAO with westlife. Though this version, is the same with the TOTP version, except that the part where ?mark sing is the 'older' version & not the one on the sinlge version. Plus I saw how Brian McFadden (was it him) actually looked at MC's , eheem, breast , especially towards the end of the video. I wonder whether u guys have the unedited one or ours actually already been edited and nobody talk much about it.
  • Then, there will be WMA on TV3 next monday 8.30 pm, which Mariah won something didnt she ? (I know, I've been away & not able to cathc up with which award she wons or just nominated)
  • Anyway, hopefully there will be lots of request to NZ for AAO ( probably the single will be released next week ...2 weeeks after Australia) and we can get her to be on #1 spot here again after Heartbreaker last year.

    - No Mariah in Star
    I checked out the Nov. 7th issue of STAR tabloid but I didn't see MC anywhere in the tabloid!!! Maybe I flipped through it too fast?!? Did anyone else see her in there because Vanessa told me she was in it!

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