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updated byLiron November 30th, 2002 4:25PM
Download Mariah On Delilah
A few weeks ago we told you about a scheduled interview for Mariah on the Delilah show on Thanksgiving.
Although Mariah celebrated Thanksgiving in Japan, she did call the show and Lisa & Tina were kind enough to record it and send it to us!

CLICK HERE to download Mariah on the Delilah show! (Please don't directly link to the file)

New Voice Message
MC In Korea Mariah: Hey lambs, I am calling you from Korea, just wanted to say hello and let you know that we're all out here right now, tonight we have some wonderful guests here and we're getting ready for the release of "Charmbracelet", and I am sitting here looking at Trey Lorenz, looking at Mary Ann, we got Tikah (?) , Melanie "Melodious" Daniels, and also Jerry Blair, president of MonarC records, do you wanna say something Jerry?
Jerry: Hi everybody, Jerry Blair, MonarC Music, very excited about "Charmbracelet" coming out.
Mariah: *laugh* I don't know what kind of accent... Oh Louise just walked in the room too, but first we have a very special guest and he goes by the name of...
Trey: BIG NASTY, that's right y'all, make sure you go get your "Charmbracelet" record and make sure you listen for the bonus "Return of the nasty nasty". *Everyone laughing*
Mariah: Anyway, it's been really fun meeting all the fans out here, these guys are making me laugh, meeting all the fans out here, everywhere we've been everybody's been so cool and so nice and I just wanna say "I love you much" and tonight some nice Korean fans said to me, what did they say? "We love you, we appreciate you and we enjoy you!" And it was really nice, and they ran up to Big Nasty and asked him for his autograph and all those things so we just wanna say "Thank you much, we love you and we'll talk to you soon!" Bye Bye!

CLICK HERE to download the new message! (Please don't directly link to the file)

TTR Worldwide Update

  • Alvaro told me that TTR is #3 on the sales charts in Spain for the 2nd week in a row!

  • Robert told me that Mariah's TTR entered the charts in New Zeland at #37.

  • Tiago told me that "Through The Rain" entered at #21 on the Portuguese single sales chart.

  • Last but not least, a Billboard update from Jessica:

    "Mariah Carey's "Through The Rain" continues it's up-and-down performance on the Billboard charts this week (December 7, 2002). Sadly "Irresistible (West Side Connection)" (as well as "Through The Rain") drops off the the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart."

    "Through The Rain"
    Adult Contemporary:
    This Week - #19
    Last Week - #19
    Two Weeks Ago - #17 (Peak Position)
    Weeks on Chart - 8 Weeks

    Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles:
    This Week - #16 (New Peak Position)
    Last Week - #24
    Two Weeks Ago - #22
    Weeks on Chart - 6 Weeks

    Mariah On Swedish TV
    StarMariah on the official board writes: "There will be a big interview with Mariah in the swedish channel tv4. It will be shown in the show called "DunkaDunka" and will be aired 00.20" (Sunday night)

    More "Charmbracelet" Ads!
    Check out the lovely ads below made by Mario:

    More Pictures From Korea
    Here are lots of new pictures of Mariah in Korea, thanks to mariahkorea, MCKorea & Marcin:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Great UK "Charmbracelet" Review
    Below is a review of 'Charmbracelet' by the UK's Daily Mail reviewer Adrian Thrills (Thanks lyrikaltac from the official board)

    The rags to riches story of Mariah Carey turned sour last year when the New Yorker suffered a nervous breakdown and then witnessed the high-profile flop of her movie, 'Glitter', and the collapse of her record deal with EMI - the latter blow, admittedly, softened by a 23 million pay-off.

    On Charmbracelet, the first release on her own MonarC label, Mariah has something to prove. Recorded in Italy - where Carey wrote songs in her apartment by day and sang them in a nearby studio by night - it is the work of a performer with a bee in her bonnet.

    Making the most of her stupendous, multi-octave voice - one which ranges from a breathless whisper to a soulful scream - Mariah sings, with feeling, on how she ' felt inferior inside ' before, ultimately, ' making it through the the rain '.

    Working within a less poppy, less sample-orientated framework than J-Lo, Carey incorporates contemporarey Hip-Hop and mellow R&B influences with seamless ease.

    The interplay between her high-pitched vocals and the interjections of rappers Jay-Z and Ice Cube is sometimes stunning. Of all the divas, she has achieved the most potent blend of the street and the stage.

    It is to Carey's credit, too, that her self-produced numbers, such as 'My Saving Grace', stand up well to 'Through The Rain' and 'Yours', ballads crafted by soul masters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Confidence restored, Mariah comes across as a re-energised woman in control of her artistic destiny.

    Carey Eager To Start A Fresh Chapter
    December 07, 2002

    NEW YORK - The media might want to tag Mariah Carey's imminent Charmbracelet as her bid for a pop comeback, but the artist begs to differ.

    "To compare a studio recording with a soundtrack recording isn't fair," she says, referring to 2001's Glitter, the Virgin album that accompanied the motion-picture box-office disappointment of the same name. With Nielsen SoundScan registering stateside sales of 557,000, it is the first Carey-related set to miss the million-selling mark. Carey's previous studio collection, the 2000 Columbia release Rainbow, sold 2.9 million copies in the U.S.

    "But it's cool," she adds. "I'm used to dealing with people who will manipulate facts and situations in order to create juicy copy and meet deadlines."

    Carey does agree that Charmbracelet-the first offering from her new Island Def Jam-distributed Monarc label (due Tuesday [3] in the U.S. and Monday [2] internationally)-marks the start of a fresh chapter, following a period of personal and professional problems.

    Last fall, the artist was hospitalized for extreme exhaustion, which was followed by a much-publicized split with Virgin in a reported $28 million contract buyout by parent company EMI Recorded Music. It was a one-two punch that Carey says provided invaluable life lessons.

    "First of all, I learned that if people see that you're willing to work at an inhuman pace, they will push you until you fall down," she says. "I've always been scrappy and willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. That's still the case, within reason. But last year, I learned that [I] eventually have to face the fact that I'm not a machine. I'm a human being with emotions and a threshold for exhaustion and pain, just like everyone else. I pushed myself hard, and I worked until I hit the wall."

    As for her brief alliance with Virgin-which resulted only in the aforementioned soundtrack-the singer describes it as a "well-intentioned mistake. Sometimes, I find that my mind is still set in the ways of a young girl who didn't have money," she says. "When you have the mind-set and you're in a situation where crazy money is being thrown at you, sometimes you just grab it. Well, never again for me. I will never make a snap decision for money again."

    She now views her move from Columbia, where she racked up 15 No. 1 hits on The Billboard Hot 100, to Virgin as being "too quick," despite a strong relationship with then-label president Nancy Berry. "We tried to prepare for the release of a soundtrack in four weeks at a time when the label was going through internal changes," she says. "It wasn't terribly realistic, but we tried our best to make it work."

    In retrospect, Carey believes the rocky road of the past year has not only made her stronger but also gave her the inspiration to form Monarc with industry veteran Jerry Blair.

    Unlike her now-defunct Columbia imprint, Crave, she terms her new label as "something I truly want to do. I loved the artists I worked with at Crave, but this is a more organic scenario for me."

    back to basics
    While the media dined on the details of Carey's trials and tribulations, the artist concentrated on "getting some much-needed rest" and revisiting her original intention in life-making music.

    "I started writing and recording the songs that would later go on this album before I had a deal," she says. "I needed to be absorbed in the process of making music purely for the sake of expressing myself for a while. There were no deadlines, no pressures. I made music as a means of centering myself after all of the drama I'd endured. I found incredible inner peace and clarity in the creation of these songs."

    The artist's rejuvenated spirit can be felt throughout Charmbracelet, a 15-song opus that is best-described as classic Carey. She produced the set with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Randy Jackson, and Jermaine Dupri, as well as up-and-comers 7 Aurelius, Just Black, Dre & Vidal, and Damizza. Joining the artist on various tracks are Jay-Z, Kelly Price, Joe, Ice Cube, and Mack 10, among others.

    The set shows Carey combining richly textured pop ballads with earthy, R&B-inflected hip-hop, sewing them together with well-drawn lyrics whose themes dart between romance and self-empowerment.

    "This is the album that Mariah needed to make," says Lyor Cohen, chairman/CEO of the Island Def Jam Music Group (IDJMG). "It speaks of her immeasurable strength and versatility as an artist."

    For Carey, it was simply a matter of capturing the events and passions of her life on tape. "Each song represents a moment in time," she says. "Of course, some stories are more obvious than others."

    The delicate "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy" is a mournful elegy for Carey's father, who died earlier this year. It's a song that she says she sang only once. "What you hear on the album is the only time I ever sang it straight through. It was too emotional an experience to revisit. I can't even listen to it in front of other people."

    More uplifting are two of Carey's favorites: "Subtle Invitation," with its smooth, swing-jazz inflections, and the gospel-flavored "My Saving Grace." "These are songs that just brought me such joy to sing," she says. "They're not punched in a million times. It's just me in front of the mike, performing from the heart."

    There also is a complex, string-laden revision of Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak," which the singer says is an example of her musical diversity. "I love going from showing my Minnie Riperton influences to hip-hop to rock. It's all me. For 'Heartbreak,' it was fun to go back to a song that I loved singing when I was in school. I think we bring some fresh elements to it."

    marketing mariah
    With the songs of Charmbracelet in place, Carey says she has dived head-first into the promotion process, to the delight of Cohen.

    "She understands that we're in a time when artists and labels must remain focused and diligent," he says. "There are no guarantees for success. We're not just competing with other music acts, we're competing with videogames, movies-all forms of entertainment. It's important to be competitive, and that includes making a record that you can get everyone excited about, from top to bottom."

    For the first step in introducing the project, Carey hosted fans at an album-listening event that was taped for an MTV special that will air Tuesday (3).

    "She's got such a loving fan base," Cohen says. "We wanted them to have some sense of ownership of her and her music. That was important to Mariah."

    The program will also feature an interview with John Norris and a live-performance segment. On the same day, Carey will be the subject of an hour-long interview with Oprah Winfrey.

    Other TV elements of the marketing include a BET special and appearances on Dateline, Total Request Live, and Larry King Live. Also, an autograph-signing appearance Dec. 11 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis will be captured live on Today.

    "The idea is to selectively choose television/media appearances," says Julie Greenwald, president of Island Records/executive VP of IDJMG. "We don't want to book her everywhere and anywhere, but rather in special places where she'll reach the widest possible audience."

    Beyond TV in the States, Carey is devoting considerable time to international marketing. She recently completed a month-long trek through Europe, hitting what Greenwald describes as "every major television and radio outlet possible." She will revisit Europe in early 2003.

    single activity
    Charmbracelet is preceded by the single "Through the Rain," which went to radio the first week of September, several weeks ahead of its originally planned shipment. Greenwald says, "We were forced to jump on it early, due to a leak."

    Since then, the track has built a solid audience at top 40 radio, where it received 1,213 spins on 127 stations for the week of Nov. 11, according to Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems.

    Unlike previous Carey singles, "Through the Rain" will not be issued commercially. Instead, Greenwald says the track is available via digital download on sites that include pressplay.com and rhapsody .com. "It's an excellent way of putting the single out there for people to have without distracting from the album, which we feel so strongly about."

    In addition to "Through the Rain," Island Def Jam also served Carey's hip-hop base by issuing a promo-only 12-inch pressing of the set's rhythm-rooted cuts "Boy (I Need You)," "Irresistible," and "You Got Me" to hip-hop radio specialists and club DJs.

    Hitting the road
    For Carey, who is managed by Louise McNally in New York, the ultimate element in promoting Charmbracelet will be a tour, tentatively planned to start in the spring.

    "I've been dying to sing these songs live," she says. "It will be exciting to hear them come to life in a new way."

    Most of all, it will be a moment of victory for the singer, who notes that "it's nice to be in a happy, serene place" after her recent life and career challenges. Still, Carey acknowledges that some of her strongest music has followed difficult times.

    "I could not have written this album, which I truly love, without having gone through those hard times. That was the case with my first album, and Butterfly, and a few of my other albums. Sometimes, the greatest art comes from pain. It would be nice to not have to go through that, but I'm growing to accept that life is full of bumps in the road. The gratifying part is when you can come out on the other side tougher and wiser-and with some great songs."

    Jessica, Billboard.

  • updated byLiron November 29th, 2002 6:30PM
    Mariah In Korea
    Mariah arrived safely to Korea and here are some pictures thanks to MCKorea:
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    Miriam sent me two pictures she took when Mariah visited Holland:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    All The Info About MC Visiting Brazil
    * Mariah will be recording an EXCLUSIVE showcase to a tv show called "Fantástico" (from the GLOBO TV Network). This tv show is one of the most popular tv shows in Brazil and it´s shown every sunday night.

    * Only a few selected people will be able to attend to the showcase recording. There will be a list with names and id numbers on it. Tickets are available through one of Mariah´s Brazilian fan clubs: Mariah Connection. All the lambs have to do is go to mariahconnection.com and fill out the pop up form

    * The showcase will be recorded on December 4th at around 7 PM in a place that will be announced by tomorrow night.

    * Mariah will be singing three songs during the showcase: Heartbreaker, I Only Wanted and TTR.

    * Universal ask the lambs that will be going to the showcase to please...memorize the lyrics so that we can all sing along with mariah :-)

    * Another confirmed appearence is a concert that will also be recorded to the Globo TV Network. Everyone can take part on this one. All the lambs gotta do is buy the ticket. IT´S NOT A MARIAH CONCERT. There will be many artists on it and Mariah will be one of them. Tickets can be found at "Shopping Via Parque" (Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro) or they can be purchased online at ticketmaster.com.br

    * No cameras are allowed inside the showcase

    Mariah On "The Fridge", BET & TRL
    Mariah dropped to #3 on "The Fridge" today on MTV Europe. Please continue to vote for her!
    Please vote for Mariah on TRL - It's important that she's high on the chart this week as the CD's released!
    Last but not least - Please vote on BET as well - You can call 1-800-617-LIVE between 5:30 and 6:00 PM, lets get her on the chart at least on DEC. 2nd & 3rd!

    While you're voting, vote for TTR on the Argentinian chart here! (Thanks Tomas).

    Mariah Carey Reflects on 'TRL' Appearance
    NEW YORK (AP) - What was the big deal? That's what Mariah Carey wondered after her spontaneous striptease on MTV's "Total Request Live" caused such a stir last year.

    The singer talks about the July 2001 incident, and the subsequent emotional breakdown that landed her in a hospital, in "Mariah Carey: Shining Through the Rain," which airs at 9 p.m. EST Tuesday on MTV.

    "The drama, the saga of the 'TRL,'" Carey recalls. "Like we were doing 'Dateline' and suddenly I went into like a striptease burlesque show. I'm like, it's 'TRL,' I thought you were supposed to feel at home and do stupid stuff."

    She adds, "I'm not going to stop being me because people don't get me. The only thing I wish I had done is had a better camera angle."

    The one-hour special features an interview with the 32-year-old Grammy winner, a performance of songs from her new album "Charmbracelet," which also comes out Tuesday, and a question-and-answer session with fans.

    Yahoo! News / AP

    Mariah Carey, 'Standing Again'
    USA Today By Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY
    Mariah Carey is sitting in a midtown recording studio, trying to enjoy a moment's peace. But Jack, her constant companion of several years, won't stop harassing her. She has tried locking him out of the room, but still he persists, pressing against the door and grunting ominously.

    Luckily for Carey, Jack is a dog, and not one of the human male variety. The doe-eyed Jack Russell terrier is generally well behaved, in fact, and the diva doesn't seem too bothered by his occasional tantrums. Recent experience has taught her that all true friends should be cherished, no matter how many legs they have.

    "I've really, really learned the importance of having people around who love me for who I am, not because they see me as a celebrity or a meal ticket," says Carey, sipping soy milk. "And I've learned who those people are. I can't say that anyone I had believed in for a long time disappointed me. But there were some newer people on the scene recently, and when things got too hectic, they weren't there." (Related item: More than one diva finding radio stations are turning a deaf ear.)

    She is alluding, of course, to what Queen Elizabeth would surely agree was Carey's own annus horribilus. It began in July 2001, when the singer spent two weeks in a private hospital after having what was described as a physical and emotional breakdown. The episode occurred at the worst possible moment: just as Carey was preparing to unleash her most ambitious project yet, a semi-autobiographical film called Glitter that she had conceived and starred in.

    The movie garnered scathing reviews and tanked at the box office. An accompanying soundtrack album also proved a flop, especially for someone whose string of No. 1 singles and multiplatinum albums in the '90s had made her one of the best-selling artists of all time.

    To add insult to injury, Carey was then dropped by EMI's Virgin Records, which had signed her to a contract worth a reported $80 million only months earlier.

    The topper came when Carey's father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and died last summer. "That put things into perspective," Carey says. "Sometimes you have to go through difficult stuff, either to learn a lesson or maybe reconnect with something that has slipped away a bit. But that's how life is. You may keep getting hit, but you have to just keep on standing up again."

    And Carey, 32, wants it known that she is still standing. On Tuesday, she will release Charmbracelet, a CD that marks the beginning of both a new professional relationship and, Carey says, a new lease on life.

    Charmbracelet is the first venture of Carey's own label, MonarC Music, which will be distributed through the Universal Music Group's Island Def Jam division. Universal signed Carey to an estimated $20 million deal in May, less than half a year after EMI gave her the boot with a settlement of nearly $30 million to supplement the more than $20 million she had already collected.

    But Carey says her current arrangement was designed more to accommodate her health and sanity than her bank account. She says that after getting out of her original, long-standing contract with Sony Music — whose head honcho, Tommy Mottola, is Carey's ex-husband — she had limited time to bond with her new family at Virgin or to map out a workable strategy for promoting Glitter.

    "I was with people who didn't really know me, and I had no personal assistant," she says. "I'd be doing interviews all day long, getting two hours of sleep a night, if that. I was burning the candle at both ends and in the middle, and it caught up with me."

    Carey maintains that her hospitalization was caused by "a collapse from exhaustion" rather than the more complex psychological or chemical problems some rumors hinted at. "Yes, I was in a bad place emotionally, but anyone would be at that point of total physical depletion. I began seeing a therapist, and he told me, 'Look, you didn't have a nervous breakdown. It's a form of torture not to be allowed to sleep.' He said I had to start setting boundaries in life, to learn how to say no.

    "It's taken some people a while to understand that, but now they do. I've actually made up contracts that people who work with me have to sign, so they know I must have lunch breaks and dinner breaks and five or six hours of sleep a night. For so long, I had been so busy taking care of everyone and everything else, including my career, that I forgot about me. But I've learned that there are certain lines that have to be drawn."

    Carey's next challenge, however, might involve factors beyond her control. Pop radio isn't as friendly an environment for mature pop divas as it was back in the early-to-mid-'90s heyday of Carey and Celine Dion. The first single from Charmbracelet, Through the Rain, is an inspirational ballad in the vein of earlier Carey hits such as Hero, and thus represents a departure from the uptempo singles she has more recently used to introduce her increasingly hip-hop-driven CDs.

    But if Rain was a bid to appeal to the slightly older fans who once made up her core audience, its success has been less than stunning. According to Airplay Monitor charts director Silvio Pietroluongo, it has fared less well since its September release than recent entries by artists such as Christina Aguilera and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson — junior divas whose airy riffing and dramatic belting offer virtual facsimiles of Carey's distinctly ornate vocal style.

    "(Rain) came out in a difficult period, when there were a lot of superstar releases," Pietroluongo says. "The song is still gaining about 150 to 200 spins a week at Top 40, but it's been sort of a crawl."

    Island president Julie Greenwald remains optimistic about Rain's long-term potential and that of the follow-up single, The One, which features a rap refrain by frequent Carey collaborator Jermaine Dupri. "This new album is a great mix of uptempo and midtempo songs and ballads," Greenwald says dutifully. "Mariah is a multi-format artist, which is why she's been so successful for so many years. Glitter was the one exception, and that was different, because it was a soundtrack, a concept album."

    The singer herself makes exactly the same argument, right down to the lingo: "The press shouldn't really have compared Glitter to another Mariah Carey album, because it's a soundtrack, a concept album with an '80s retro theme. Soundtracks aren't expected to (sell) like artists' other records." She also notes that the Glitter CD was released Sept. 11, 2001. "It came at the wrong time. But I still think there are some really good songs on that record."

    Carey is more critical of the movie, though. "It started out as a concept with substance, but it ended up being geared to 10-year-olds. It lost a lot of grit. It was gritless, in fact. I kind of got in over my head." She was happier with her experience making Wisegirls, a character-based comedy that paired her with Mira Sorvino and earned good notices and a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival — though it landed on cable television, airing on Cinemax rather than gaining wide distribution in theaters.

    Craig Marks, editor of music magazine Blender, would advise both Carey and her marketing team to use yesterday's disappointments to earn fresh sympathy. Marks says Carey's decision to tape a cathartic chat with Oprah Winfrey, which will air in December, "was super-smart. When Mariah went through her troubles last year, everybody enjoyed the spectacle. Now what she and her label and management need to do is get people to feel for what she's been through."

    Reminding folks about Carey's artistic cachet wouldn't hurt, Marks adds.

    "She's the most influential singer of the past 20 years. Almost every female artist under the age of 20 wants to sound like her, for better or worse. Also, Mariah writes her own songs — that's something not a lot of people have given her credit for."

    On Charmbracelet, as in the past, Carey shares writing and production credits with some of the leading names in pop and R&B, among them Dupri and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. After the "crazy media frenzy" surrounding her collapse and Glitter's failure, she fled to Italy to work on the new songs. "It was a really healing experience," she says. "People were like, 'What? You're back working already?' But the creative work isn't the hard part; it's the business end that's hard."

    By the time she accepted Universal's offer, after a bidding war that reportedly included Clive Davis' J Records and other labels, Carey had basically finished crafting Charmbracelet. The title refers to a favorite piece of jewelry for both her and her paternal grandmother, who had died a few years before Carey's father.

    "My father got sick just as we were learning to understand each other more," says the singer, whose parents divorced when she was a child. "It was really intense, but it brought the family closer together. One cousin told me that my father's mother had also had a charm bracelet. She was a very spiritual person, and spirituality has always been a big theme in my music. Some of the songs that may seem like love songs on this album, like I'm singing about a guy, are actually more spiritual songs."

    Granted, one new song, Clown, seems to take aim at someone who has spread rumors about an intimate relationship with Carey. Some have assumed that the song is directed at Eminem, who has suggested he dated the singer. But Carey dryly notes, "I've known a lot of clowns. I've known a circus full of them."

    Carey stresses that her knowledge of Eminem was not carnal, however. "I can still count on less than five fingers the number of men I've gone there with. And believe me, he isn't one of them."

    Asked whether there is someone special in her life right now, Carey, who was linked to baseball star Derek Jeter and Latin singer Luis Miguel after her split from Mottola, pauses.

    "I have a lot of friends who are special to me," she finally says. "I'm not necessarily looking for some new guy to ride up on a horse and save my life. I'm the only person who can save my life, by having hope and faith. But friends — real friends, like the ones who supported me through all the drama and turmoil of last year — they mean a lot.

    "They're the people who really matter."

    USA Today

    Below are scans from the paper, sent in by Vijay!

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.
    The last picture is a newspaper scan sent in by Laura.

    Carey Shares Thanksgiving With Foster Care Kids
    Thanksgiving In Japan May Masangkay
    Friday, November 29, 2002 at 09:30 JST

    TOKYO — International pop star Mariah Carey spent Thursday evening with Japanese children from a foster care home in Tokyo as her way of celebrating Thanksgiving Day during her current album promotional trip here.

    Carey is visiting Japan for the first time in about two and a half years to promote her latest album "Charmbracelet" released here on Nov 20.

    She had expressed a wish to spend time on Thanksgiving with children, for whom she has a special place in her heart.

    "In America, Thanksgiving Day is a very big holiday for us, and seeing how we weren't going to be at home, I thought it would be nice to not only have dinner for everybody that is with me traveling but to do something for the children who are coming today," she said.

    In an interview at a Tokyo hotel preceding the dinner event with 15 children from Seibi Home — which hosts 160 children ages 2 to 18 mostly from broken families — she stressed that the "whole point of Thanksgiving is obviously to give thanks and to give something back to other people."

    According to Carey, she often focuses on charity work for children, saying she believes that helping them in their formative years "can help make a difference."

    The 32-year-old singer, who experienced a sad childhood with her parents' divorce, is also deeply involved in various charities back home such as Camp Mariah of the Fresh Air Fund.

    She added that she believes she was blessed by having a supportive mother and "having music in my life." Carey herself recently went through personal ordeals such as extreme exhaustion from work last year and her father's death this past summer.

    Citing her latest single "Through the Rain" as a positive song of hope, faith and perseverance, Carey said the message she wants to convey to Japanese children is in the song, which she described as "very personal" at a news conference earlier this week.

    "No matter what comes your way, just really being positive and believing that you can get through it," she said about the song as her message to children in Japan, especially those undergoing troubled times in their lives.

    In the dinner event itself at the same hotel, representatives of the children's group at Seibi Home in Tokyo's Kita Ward said in an address before giving a song performance that they would always treasure the moment of being with her, and asked her to continue singing beautiful songs.

    The children, who came to the venue ahead of the event for rehearsal of their performance, looked excited to see her although they seemed not fully aware of her superstar status.

    The Grammy-winning singer made her debut in 1990 and has released 12 albums, selling about 150 million records worldwide. Her hit singles include 'Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Hero," and "I'll Be There." (Kyodo News)

    Japan Today

    More "Charmbracelet" Reviews
    Times Online:
    Mariah Carey / Charmbracelet
    3 Stars
    ...Like Lopez, Mariah Carey begins her cheesily titled new album, Charmbracelet (Mercury), her first since Glitter, the flop soundtrack to her flop movie, by putting the past behind her. Through the Rain, a sweet slowie, is about picking herself up and starting again. Musically, however, it’s the past Carey is trying to return to. Not the recent past, but the mid-1990s, when she was the new Whitney Houston. The good news is that those who loved Carey then will love her again. Out have gone the hip-hop/pop tracks that alienated middle America and back in have come the big ballads and that still astonishing, multi-octave voice.

    Thankfully, Carey only gets mawkish on the power ballads My Saving Grace, I Only Wanted and Bringin’ on the Heartbreak, a dramatic, strings-drenched production with bits of blues guitar that teeters on Celine Dion territory but sounds like a huge hit-in-waiting. The rest is mostly midtempo tunes about love.

    Finally, there are a couple of funky, uptempo tunes, ripe for a remix, including the playful, Rose Royce-sampling I’m Going Down.

    Svenska Dagbladet: (Swedish Morning Paper - Translated by Anderz)
    Mariah Carey / Charmbracelet
    4 Stars
    The fall has developed to a struggle between the world most profiled popsoulstars. First came Toni Braxton, then Whitney Houston and now Mariah Carey. For the last two more than salesfigures are at stake, here its also the personal and artistic honour that is to be defended. All three have made really good job at the albums, but compared to Whitney Houston, Mariah steps forward with larger musical integrity. She sounds sugarysweet, as usual, but it feels like she has a more clear artistic vision than misses Bobby Brown.

    Sometimes Mariah sail away on a bit too fluffy clouds, and Charmbracelet isn't really an exception. The strength is foremost in the strong general vibe and the success in the symbious between soul and hip hop that Carey has refined on this latest album. Normally I would get nervous ticks by things like this, but here it's so integrated in the wholeness (complete picture?) and so beautifully done that you just have to give thumbs up when her characteristic wailings move around Jay-Z and Freeway in "You Got Me". Only indication that maybe everything isn't good in Camp Mariah is the Def Leppard-cover "Bringin On The Heartbreak".

    Westlife Forgot Mariah?
    Sky News gossip guru Neil Sean brings us the latest showbiz news:
    Mariah Carey is on the comeback trail and warpath at the same time.

    Fresh from bagging £20m from her old record company EMI, she's now hoping for chart success with her latest track Through the Rain.

    However a hit she sang with Westlife in 2000 Against All Odds has sent Mariah into a rage.
    Not a pretty sight I can assure you!

    On their greatest hits album the boys have left off her name on the sleeve notes - a fact noticed and pointed out to her via her website.

    Still, all looks set to be resolved on the next batch of pressings as it will now read Mariah Carey and Westlife.
    She must have forgiven them as I hear talk of yet another collaboration in the making for next year.

    Sky News

    The Confessions of A Superdiva
    Mariah Carey about the collapse, J Lo and the rumors.
    Suicidal, butterflycrazy, grasshating, plastic operated Barbie who cant survive without a personal soda can opener, food taster and popcorn? Ebba Von Sydow jumped into the backseat with Mariah Carey and got to hear the defense speech of the superdiva.

    Mariah Carey is in London to do promotion for her new album Charmbracelet. She really reminds me of a Barbie, or at least a doll. The Butterfly diamond earrings glitters,so does her white white teeth. The face is covered with a thick layer of makeupcream(?), rouge, lip gloss, black mascara on the centimeterlong eyelashes. The hair is curly (naturally curly she says with a laugh and pulls a long hair extension curl.), and she has a babyblue, tight, deeply cleavage jacket and the highest heels I've ever seen.

    Ebba: "Wow, you have the same shoes and Jennifer Lopez in her new video."
    Mariah: - What? Are you kidding?

    E: "No"
    M: - I'll tell you one thing, I had them first. Manolo Blahnik made them 6 years ago and I bought them right away. Now he has launched new ones. So she has them in her video, hm....

    E: "Are you friends?"
    M: - No.

    E: "You have better taste in jeans than her anyway"
    M: - Thank you. They are Sevens. I have bought a whole bunch of them, good since I ripped the waist of like all my jeans during the Heartbreaker period.
    Totally crazy, Mariah says, and roles her Bambi eyes and laugh her hoarse, dark laugh.

    Totally crazy. But not surprising. Mariah is a bit crazy, and is happy to admit it when she talks fast, like about 100 miles an hour, makes fun of herself, laughs and smiles constantly. Even when she talks about the breakdown a year ago.
    What happened? Mariah had written a new contract for 123 million dollars with Virgin, produced and played the lead character in semi-autobiographical Glitter, and toured with the press in her heals around the world to do promotion.
    She worked 24-hour days and flew between timezones to use days maximally. Did she laugh as much then?

    M: - Laugh is my way of handling hard things. No matter how hard it gets, you can always laugh about it. And it's a protection I guess. If just everyone is happy I can take anything.

    E: "It's almost strange that you didn't breakdown sooner?"
    M: - Yeah, maybe? I took alot of crap a long time. But I thought "I have everything people dream about, I can't complain." You know, you watch TV and see celebrities crying, and go "oh pleease, stop complaining, you are rich".

    E: "What finally made you have enough?"
    M: - Oh, lots of things. Many months of sleep depravation, exhaustion and stress. Imagine that you always said yes. To everything. I have never made any hassle. So everyone started to take for granted that Mariah will always be up for it. When I worked nonstop for months and hadn't slept for two days I couldn't take it anymore. "Mariah, can you do this video tomorrow?" No! - and total chaos occured. People really didnt treat me like a person, I was the phenomenon Mariah Carey who didn't have to sleep, rest or eat.

    E: "Did you read what was written about you in the gossip papers?"
    M: - Actually I did. Not at the moment, but a few months after my hardest period I ordered all articles, sat down on the floor and read all of them at once. It took 7 hours.

    E: "Why did you want to read them?"
    M: - To be able to defend myself and explain to people what really happened. And also I can honestly say: Don't believe a word of what's written. Such crap. They wrote tons about that I had a nervous breakdown and sick things like I had cut my wrists. Me?? That's as far from me anything can be.

    E: "What did you do then?"
    M: - I just needed rest, so I thought that maybe you do that at a hospital? Mariah Carey in hospital - you get it? Haha. I didn't... then. And my mom was really worried. She is so dramatic, she exaggerated lots of things, called the ambulance and carried on.

    E: How is your life today?
    M: - Since I can work an entire day without drinking and eating, just so people in the studio will be happy, I have obligatory lunch breaks and other breaks written in my contract. And I've learned to say no. Hello, I didn't even know how to spell that before.

    Then it's a "Mariah says about" box:
    Mariah about Eminem: No, No, No. We never dated and we didn't have a relationship.

    About Virgin who dropped her:
    I'm happy it went that way. I worked myself to death for them, I was exhausted, but don't blame them. Because why should they care? God, they are a record company, they want to make money, end of story.

    About Charmbracelet:
    I've gone through a hard time and I'm back on my feet, people will hear that. Musically varied and regarding the lyrics it's hopefully something my fans and those who listene will understand and get inspired by.

    About rumours:
    Haha, talk on. Honestly, I've stopped caring about that. I just laugh at it.

    About best possesion:
    My Marilyn-piano. A white, fantastically beautiful piano that belonged to Marilyn Monroe.

    About the popcornmachines in your New York living room:
    Oh, I use them quite a bit. Even though I live on protein bars these days, haha.

    Then there is a handwritten note by Mariah that says "this is what my man should be like":
    1. Good heart (drew a heart after it)
    2. Sense of humour
    3. Strength
    4. Understanding (she wrote "sp" and then a smile face.)
    5. Semi-good looking

    Then there is a test, about how big star you are. You can check if you are a superstar. Mariah passed the test.
    You are a superstar if you:
    -Talk about yourself in third person.
    - You know the cell number to your shrink by heart.
    - You stop giving out your own cell number.
    - Your personal assistant sorts your albums.
    - Your publicist dumps your boyfriend for you.
    - You lost count of your Manolo Blahniks.
    - You hired someone to guerd your fridge.
    - You forgot how to put on your own makeup.
    - You get your zone diet-lunch delivered daily.

    Then there is a section "Interview facts":
    Where? - In the backseat of Mariah Careys silvery Mercedes on a private airport outside London, which has been secret up to the last minute. Mariah sits with her mint green boombox in her lap and looks through her thick stack of CD's, which her assistant sorts alphabeticly every morning.

    Entourage - The egyptian masseuse Lama, manager Louise, personal assistant, hairstylist, voice coach, two bodyguards, the latin version of Oprah who is there to do a reveiling interview about Luis Miguel, but who Mariah chooses to talk about pretty mexican butterflies too instead, a TV-team from VH1 who films Mariah's Diary..

    Expressen (Swedish newspaper) - translated by Anderz.

    Mariah On KDWB on Monday
    Mariah will call in to the Dave Ryan in the Morning show on KDWB (Minnesota) on Monday.
    You can listen to it at kdwb.com, The show airs bwtween 5am and 9am.
    (Thanks Jakki)

    New Fanbook
    "Our names our Anuja and Jill, we're also very big Mariah Carey fans who want to promote Mariah and her wonderful gift. We are very excited to announce that we are launching an exciting fanbook project, entitled Chops R' Us. This project is one of a kind, we will be doing future fanbooks with different themes and our first one is called 'Lamb Favourites'. Its a questionaire that gives lambs to tell Mariah how what their favourite videos are, favourite song, duets and fav. albums, well you get the idea!"

    If you'd like to participate, please fill in This questionaire by December 9th.

    updated byLiron November 28th, 2002 7:50PM
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving Mariah fans! We hope this holiday is filled with great music, food, and of course safe fun.
    Also, in no way less significant: Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!!!

    Mariah Jets Across Globe
    Mariah has been working her way around the globe on a promotional tour in support of her latest release Charmbracelet. Her most recent trip has her in Japan where she shot part of her video for Charmbracelet's second single entitled The One, held a press conference with approximately 300 media representatives, made numerous TV appearances, attended fan events and hosted a Thanksgiving dinner with some of the local children in an effort to share a bit of American Culture and what Thanksgiving Day means to the United States. On November 30 she will arrive in Korea and on December 2 she makes her way to Brazil where she will appear on the Brazilian TV show Fantastico. Before returning to the U.S. Mariah will visit Mexico on December 6 and during her stay will appear on a telethon to benefit children with medical needs that will air on the Televisa network to a viewing audience of 100 million worldwide.


    TTR Best Wet Video?
    VH1 Daily poll asks: "What's your favorite "wet" video from this year?"

    Click here to vote for "Through The Rain"! It's on the bottom right.
    (Thanks Marisa)

    TTR Worldwide Update
    Thailand: Ballsath writes: "This week "TTR" moved up to # 9 on "GET 102.5 FM" (last week #14) and also moved up to # 10 on "Easy FM 105.5"(last week #13) after debuted in both charts last 3 weeks ago.This time "TTR" single cd are hard to find because of Ther are sold out in most of stores in Thailand. If other fan want to buy of exchange "TTR" Thai cd,please contact me at ballsath@hotmail.com and Next week on 2nd of December "Charmbracelet" ,a new Mariah album, will release in all stores in Thailand."

    Norway: Mariah_Hero writes: "Mariah is finally on a Norwegian top20 list, unfortunately she is at the last spot #20. I was wondering if there is any lambs out there, who's interested in buying a copy. If you want that, please e -mail me at mariah_hero2002@yahoo.no. Click here to see the Norwegian chart."

    Sweden: swedishmariahlover writes that Mariah entered the Swedish charts at #12.

    Canada: S-Club writes that TTR debuted at #5 on the Canadian singles sales chart.

    TTR Worldwide Update
    Here are some really nice "Charmbracelet" wallpapers that Nik sent us:

    New Ads
    Here are 2 ads that JC scanned: "The first one is from a flyer I got. It's concerning the official CD release party being held in Los Angeles, on December 5th. They will provide free giveaways all night courtesy of Island Def Jam. The second scan is a full-page advertisement for "Charmbracelet". That appears in the latest "Pulse" magazine - December 2002."

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.
    The last one is an ad that DivaMC.De scanned from a German paper.

    New Date For UK Fan Fest
    Matte writes: "I am very pleased to announce that a new date has been settled upon on which mariahcareyuk.com will hold it's First Fan Fest: Saturday January 25th. The same room at the London Metropolitan University has been booked. During my week absence from the site I took a visit to the lecture theatre that will be home to our screenings of many rare video clips of Mariah to test all of the equipment. The impressive screen is over ten feet wide and the surround sound is incredible! You'll probably never see ANY Mariah video on such a large screen, let alone all the rare ones we'll be playing on the day! Please make a note of the date January 25th and book days off work if you need to to join us! We still have all the free food, CDs and quizzes planned so come and join us then!"

    New UK Radio Interview On Sunday
    Mariah Carey & Matt White
    This week ultimate diva Mariah Carey will be Matt White's very special guest.

    Following visitors Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake, Matt will be interviewing Ms Carey, on Sunday 1st December between 20.00 and 22.00.

    Matt will be getting the lowdown on what happened during her recent highs 'n' lows and what her new album - out December 2nd - sounds like.

    Is it really called "Charm Bracelet" and will Jermaine Dupri, Irv Gotti and Justin Timberlake all make star appearances? Is the single "Through The Rain" seriously taking off in the US?

    Check the Kiss 100 Smooth Grooves show to find out.
    (Thanks LoverboyKyle)

    Mariah on "Touch" Magazine
    Mariah is on the cover of "Touch" magazine that also includes an interview. Here's the cover thanks to MC Archives.

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.

    More From Access Hollywood
    Click here to view some of the "Access Hollywood" interview streamed on NBC.
    (Thanks Ernie)

    updated byDis November 27th, 2002 11:55PM
    Access Hollywood Clips!
    Access Hollywood

    Sorry I have been absent from the site for a while, however now that Mariah is back on TV so shall I...so here I bring you two clips from Access Hollywood earlier tonight.

    Download First Clip - Where Mariah talks about the Eminem rumor and about being a diva!

    Download Second Clip - Includes exclusive previews from the Oprah interview, Dateline interview, MTV "Shining Through The Rain" interview & performance of TTR & short clips from Mariah's visit to Italy & Japan.

    Please do not directly link to the files and also note the file will be available for 24 hours only. Here are also 25 captures from the clips. Enjoy!

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 2.
    updated byLiron November 27th, 2002 9:40PM
    Beautiful Mariah on Oprah
    Singer Mariah Carey, left, appears with talk show host Oprah Winfrey during taping of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' Nov. 21, 2002 in Chicago, where Carey talks about her recovery from her emotional and physical breakdowns last year. 'My life hasn't been a fairytale,' she says. She also talks about her relationship with rap singer Eminem. The show is scheduled to air Tuesday, Dec. 3. (AP Photo/The Oprah Winfrey Show, George Burns)

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.

    Alyssa, Katelin, Marcin & Yahoo! News

    Watch Mariah on Rove!
    Matt made MPGs of Mariah's interview with Rove (Australia) that aired last night. I made these caps from it:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.

    Visit MariahWorld.com for the MPGs & for a competition!

    More From Japan
    badboyluke explains a bit about the "Charmbracelet" positions & sales at the Japanese chart:
    "Charmbracelet has been number 1 on the OFFICIAL daily album chart (Oricon). She debuted at No. 5 on 19/11, No. 5 on 20/11, No. 4 on 21/11, No. 4 on 22/11, No. 2 on 23/11, No. 1 on 24/11, No. 1 on 25/11 and No. 6 on 26/11. Overall she debuted at No. 4 on the OFFICIAL weekly album chart (Oricon) selling about 64,000 in total last week.

    Mariah's CD No. 1 in Japan
    November 27, 2002
    After being hospitalized for an emotional breakdown last year, Mariah Carey flew to the tiny Italian island of Capri for a much-needed break. It was hardly an idle vacation.

    Within five months, the multiplatinum- selling diva had nursed herself back to health - and recorded all 15 songs for her new disc, "Charmbracelet," which is to come out in the United States on Tuesday. The experience, she said, was therapeutic.

    "I put all the things I had gone through into my music," Carey told reporters yesterday in Tokyo. "In general, in my life, I'm in a really good, happy place."

    If the disc's first-week sales in Japan are any indication, Carey's career may on the rebound, too.

    Despite her poor-selling album "Glitter" last year, Carey's 12th album has been at No. 1 on Oricon Entertainment's pop charts in Japan since its debut last week. Thousands of screaming fans have mobbed her appearances in Tokyo.

    Carey, who arrived Monday in Japan to film her second video, "The One," appeared relaxed and smiled broadly as she spoke about the sudden turn of fortune that led to her hospitalization in August.

    "I had worked myself very, very hard for many, many years and I never took a break," said Carey, 32.

    "And last year, I had just become very, very exhausted and ended up just not really in a good place physically and emotionally."

    Newsday / AP

    And more pictures from Japan thanks to Butterfly:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.

    Carey Puts Her Troubles Behind Her With New Album
    TOKYO — U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey, returning after a year of personal ordeals in which she suffered from burnout, gave a pitch for her new album this week, saying it is named in memory of her recently deceased father and is a gift for her fans.

    Carey, visiting Japan to promote the album "Charmbracelet," which was released here earlier this month, told a press conference at a Tokyo hotel that she had "put all the things that I've gone through in my music" and dealt with them by channeling her pain into something positive.

    Carey, 32, checked into a hospital last year after suffering from extreme exhaustion. Another heartache for her was her father's death in summer this year.

    "The thing I've always done is take a negative situation, put it in my music and make it positive," the singer said. "That's the only thing I can do."

    Now, Carey said, she feels great and knows better how to balance work and to find time to enjoy herself and take care of her physical condition.

    Speaking before about 574 reporters and fans at the Four Seasons Hotel, she said her latest album — which includes the single "Through the Rain" now being used as a closing theme for a Japanese television drama — was named in memory of her father and as a gift to her fans.

    "Each song is like another page in my diary," she said.

    Carey said she had wanted to pass them down to her fans the way charm bracelets are handed on to loved ones. She said her personal favorite is "My Saving Grace," which comes across as a powerful gospel song.

    The Grammy-winning singer made her debut in 1990 and has released 12 albums, selling about 150 million records worldwide. Her hit singles include 'Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," and "Hero."

    In May, she signed an exclusive recording contract with the Universal Music Group's Island Records and also formed her own label, MonarC Music. Her latest album is the first one released under Universal Music.

    Carey last came to Japan about two and a half years ago. (Kyodo News)

    Japan Today

    TRL Update
    Today Mariah's TTR came at #8 on TRL making it her 25th day on the countdown!
    The show won't be aired on Thursday & Friday but you can still vote during the regular voting hours and it will count for Monday! That's one day before the album release so make sure we get Mariah up high!
    Mariah also left a message to the TRL charmers which you can listen to here.
    Here's the transcript thanks to Irresistible Lullaby:
    Hello. Hey lambs, I'm just calling in from Japan. umm, We just did the first day of, umm, shooting for the video on "The One". And it was kind of, umm, intense, but it was really good and I think the video is going to be really great. And I just want to say I've been checking in and I know how hard you guys are working. You are definitely the TRL Charmers. And I love you much, appreciate you so much, and thank you so much for all your hard work. And I'm gonna be on TRL on the 16th, and I hope to see you all, umm, as soon as possible. Maybe some of you will be there. And, again, thank you. Thank you so much. I so appreciate it and everything that you do. And, umm, that's it. Love ya much. Buh-bye!"

    Other Charts Updates

  • Melissa told me that on BET, Mariah's video, "Fantasy (Remix) feat. ODB" was at #5 on The Hottest Remixes Of All Time.

  • Courtney told me that Mariah's TTR is # 16 on VH1's Top 20 Countdown.

  • Matt told me that TTR jumped up to #24 on the French chart (huge leap from #95 last week).

    "Charmbracelet" Reviews
    By Dan Leroy
    After the frightening meltdown that coincided with her film and soundtrack, Glitter, it was a safe bet you'd never hear music like that from Mariah Carey again. And that's a shame. Because while critics were busy giving the movie its deserved shellacking, they ignored the fact that the accompanying songs were Carey's best-ever work, a collection of '80s-leaning pop that offered fun and lyrical honesty in unexpectedly large amounts.

    But with a new label that expects the hits of old, playtime is over: the first single, "Through The Rain," is breathy, by-the-numbers balladry without the surprising depth of Glitter's slow jams, while "Boy (I Need You)" sucks the life from Cam'Ron's summer hit "Oh Boy" in a dubious appeal to the hip hop crowd. Those two blueprints dominate Charmbracelet, obscuring continued improvement in Carey's lyrics (try "Sunflowers For Alfred Roy") and an over-the-top cover of Def Leppard's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" that recalls the looser spirit of her last album. A step ahead of the J-Los of the world; a step behind what may prove to be a career pinnacle.

    swedishmariahlover, Launch

    After an emotional breakdown and a flop of a movie, Mariah is back stronger than ever with this offering.

    Moving from Sony to Universal via Virgin hasn't effected Mariah Carey in any big way, at least that's the impression you get as a listener. Her sound has changed slightly, as Mariah is into new styles, which reflects in the upbeat tracks such as Boy (I Need You)", "You Got Me", "Irresistible" and "Subtle Invitation".

    However Carey also goes back to her roots with her big trademark ballads, such as "Through The Rain", "I Only Wanted", "My Saving Grace" and the remake of Def Leppard's "Brining On The Heartbreak", which all showcase her outstanding voice.

    Mariah Carey is an artist that sold 185 million albums worldwide and this album is another reminder why. Highly recommended.
    5 Stars (Karl Gambin)

    "Charmbracelet" is very different from any other album by Mariah Carey. It is a big improvement since the "Glitter" fiasco, that's for sure, but is that enough to get back that credibility and respect she once had?

    Firstly, the uptempos never fail to get you moving. "Charmbracelet" has fewer appearances by rappers than "Glitter" did, instead it shows off the hip-hop tinged R&B sound that Mariah made popular and does it like no other. For instance, "Boy (I Need You)", covering Cam'ron's 2002 hit and featuring the rapper himself, is a great song for when you're in the clubs. "Irresitible" is a song perfectly described by the title itself, try resisting it!

    There are, of course, some obligatory ballads too. Mariah uses her whispery voice in many of them, mixing it with the powerful sound of her full voice. "Through The Rain", the Top 10 comeback single, is just remarkable. So is "Yours", but her rendition of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak", originally recorded by Def Leppard, is the true star here. "My Saving Grace", being a mix of gospel, R&B and pop, delivers plenty of emotion too.

    Mariah Carey is back as we loved her in 1996 and before, using her voice again, although the soft, whispery sound is still there. "Charmbracelet" by far exceeded my expectations, which were extremely high in the first place. Congratulations on a very powerful comeback, Miss Carey!
    4 Stars (Brandon Phillips)

    karlossantos, UKMix.net

    Lifetime Update
    Here are more details about yesterday's 'promo':
    Lifetime will be airing an episode on Mariah of there series Intimate Portrait on January 6, 2003.
    (Thanks Gloria)

    Promotional TTR Candle
    Tiago from the MC Portuguese Fanclub sent me another picture of a nice promotional item for "Through The Rain" that he'd received from Universal portugal:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.
    Also, check out this "Charmbracelet" drawing by Heather:
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.
  • updated byLiron November 26th, 2002 9:15PM
    Access Hollywood Tomorrow Night
    Heather told me that 'Access Hollywood' previewed a short clip of an interview with Mariah that they will air on tomorrow's show. Make sure to watch it on NBC at 7:30 pm ET.

    TTR Does Well on MTVE
    Thanks Ugri for letting us know that "Through The Rain" is #4 at the US Top 20 countdown on MTV Europe!

    Vote For MC
    The British magazine Hello! has a poll asking: "Who do you think was the most attractive woman on our site last week?"
    Click Here to vote for Mariah! (Thanks EaglesSteelers)

    New TTR Promo
    Universal Portugal gave the MC Portuguese Fanclub a new promo of TTR that includes the following tracks:
    1. Through The Rain (Boris & Michi's Club Mix) - 7:09
    2. Through The Rain (Full Intension Club Mix) - 9:15
    3. Through The Rain (Boris & Michi's Through THe Dub Mix) - 5:54
    4. Through The Rain (Full Intension Mix) - 7:15

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.

    South African Fans To Celebrate Charmbracelet Release
    The South African Mariah Carey Fan Club, in association with Universal Music SA, will be hosting a party to celebrate the launch of superstar Mariah Carey's new album, CHARMBRACELET, in Johannesburg on Saturday 7 December 2002 at Chasers in Bruma.

    MARIAH CAREY has broken many records since her debut in 1990, when she was only 20 years old. She currently has 15 #1 hits on the US Billboard charts, only Elvis Presley and The Beatles have more and they're not recording anymore!

    Read More Here... - And visit MariahCarey.co.za for more details.

    updated byLiron November 26th, 2002 7:00PM
    Japanese Fans Mob Mariah Video Shoot
    A crowd of more than 10,000 gathered yesterday (Nov. 25) in Tokyo's City Center hoping to catch a glimpse of Mariah Carey as she shot a new video, according to the artist's official Web site. Fans arrived hours before Carey was due to begin shooting a clip for "The One" with director Joseph Kahn, and police were forced to shut down the location.

    Carey went straight to a second site, only to find several thousand more onlookers, and police again halted the action. At a third planned location, Carey was finally able to shoot some of the video. "The One" has been tapped as the second single from Carey's latest album, "Charmbracelet."

    In Japan, the album debuted at No. 1 on Oricon Entertainment's pop charts. "Charmbracelet" is due Tuesday (Dec. 3) in North America; several of the album's tracks can be streamed through Carey's site. First single "Through the Rain" peaked earlier this month at No. 17 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.

    Today, Carey met with reporters and talked about retreating to the tiny Italian island of Capri, where she went last year to relax after being hospitalized for an emotional breakdown. It turned out that the trip was hardly an idle vacation as she recorded all 15 songs for her new disc while there, an experience she said was therapeutic.

    "I put all the things I had gone through into my music," Carey said. "In general, in my life, I'm in a really good, happy place."

    Carey appeared relaxed and smiled broadly as she spoke about the sudden turn of fortune that led to her hospitalization. "I had worked myself very, very hard for many, many years and I never took a break," she said. "And last year, I had just become very, very exhausted and ended up just not really in a good place physically and emotionally."

    Last year, she exited Sony Music and signed with Virgin in a much-hyped multi-album deal reported to be worth as much as $100 million. But with the commercial failure of her disc "Glitter" and the movie of the same name last year, EMI, Virgin's parent company, paid $28 million in January to void her contract.

    In May, she signed with Island/Def Jam, under which she formed her own MonarC imprint. The move, she said, gave her the chance to draw on her experiences and work with other singers. It also gave her a chance to relax. "I learned a little more about how to work hard but also how to be healthy and take care of myself," she said.
    -- Barry A. Jeckell, N.Y. & AP

    Xyraxel, Billboard

    Impromptu Carey Shoot Prompts Police Warning
    Police said Tuesday they have warned an official of a video production company for failing to obtain a permit for a video shoot with U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey in a busy part of Tokyo.

    The 41-year-old official was issued with a verbal reprimand after the impromptu shoot took place at around 9:40 p.m. Monday outside Shibuya Station.

    With several hundred people stopping to watch, the incident caused a commotion and a traffic jam.

    After her car passed the crowded Hachiko exit, Carey, 32, reportedly told her staff that she wanted to shoot there. The company has submitted a written apology over the 15-minute shoot.

    Japanese pop singer Hiromi Go caused a similar stir in August 1999 by holding an impromptu live show at a Shibuya intersection, standing atop a trailer.

    The Japan Times

    Mariah Carey Says Took Refuge on Isolated Italian Island After Breakdown To work
    Tue Nov 26,11:02 AM ET
    TOKYO - After being hospitalized for an emotional breakdown last year, Mariah Carey flew to the tiny Italian island of Capri for a much-needed break.

    It was hardly an idle vacation.

    Within five months, the 32-year-old multi-platinum diva had nursed herself back to health — and recorded all 15 songs for her new disc, "Charm Bracelet." The experience, she said, was therapeutic.

    "I put all the things I had gone through into my music," Carey told reporters Tuesday in Tokyo. "In general, in my life, I'm in a really good, happy place."

    If the disc's first-week sales in Japan are any indication, Carey's career may on the rebound, too.

    Despite her poor-selling album "Glitter" last year, Carey's 12th album has been at No. 1 on Oricon Entertainment's pop charts in Japan since its debut last week. Her appearances in Tokyo have been mobbed by thousands of screaming Japanese.

    Carey, who arrived in Japan on Monday to film her second video, "The One," appeared relaxed and smiled broadly as she spoke about the sudden turn of fortune that led to her hospitalization in August last year.

    "I had worked myself very very hard for many many years and I never took a break," she said. "And last year, I had just become very very exhausted and ended up just not really in a good place physically and emotionally."

    Carey didn't say what caused her breakdown, though it came months after she left Sony Music following her divorce from Sony Music president, Tommy Mottola. As president of Columbia, Mottola had guided her career.

    Last year, she signed with Virgin in a much-hyped multi-album deal reported to be worth as much as US$100 million. But with the commercial failure of her disc "Glitter" and the movie of the same name last year, EMI, Virgin's parent company, paid US$28 million in January to void her contract.

    In May, she signed with the Island/Def Jam label. The move, she said, gave her the chance to draw on her experiences and work with other singers. Mostly, though, she discovered how to relax.

    "I learned a little more about how to work hard but also how to be healthy and take care of myself," she said.

    Yahoo! News / Associated Press

    TRL Update
    Through The Rain was still at #6 today. Keep voting!

    updated byLiron November 26th, 2002 1:50PM
    More Pictures From Japan
    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.

    Pictures will later move to Gallery 1.
    Pictures 1-2: - From "The One" video shoot (Thanks MariahCarey.com)

    Picture 3: - Taken at a Japanese press conference (Thanks Diva-Mariah)

    Mariah To Visit Brazil
    Mariah Carey will arive in Brazil on December 2nd at around 4 PM to the promotional tour of her upcoming album "Charmbracelet". Mariah Connection Fan Club is gonna have some tickets for the showcase.

    Universal Brazil, Mariah Connection - Check for details about the tickets.

    Mariah On AOL
    Mariah's Amazing ''Grace''
    Be among the first to hear Mariah Carey's stunning new song, ''My Saving Grace,'' from her forthcoming 'Charmbracelet' CD.

    (Thanks Omri for picture & info).

    updated byLiron November 26th, 2002 9:50AM
    The Whirlwind Called Mariah

    Get ready for Mariahvision.

    Mariah Carey, ready to step back into the media spotlight following a highly publicized "rest" period last year, will kick off a round of smallscreen appearances next week to pump up interest in her new album, "Charmbracelet."

    The singer, last seen in the movie flop "Glitter," will turn up Dec. 3 on the syndicated talk show "Oprah" and that night on NBC's "Dateline."

    Carey taped "Oprah" last Thursday and spent time with NBC's Matt Lauer last week.

    Her sit-down with Lauer will air first on "Dateline" and then on the Dec. 10 edition of "Today." Carey will conclude her NBC run on the Dec. 11 edition of "Today," with a live performance from the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

    But the media train won't stop there. Carey also will appear on ABC's "The View" Dec. 17.

    "The View" visit is ironic in that just before her July 2001 meltdown, Carey had agreed to an exclusive sit-down with ABC's Barbara Walters — executive producer of "The View."

    Then Carey had what was reported as a physical and emotional breakdown, being rushed to a hospital emergency room after her mother called 911. She later was taken to Silver Hill in Connecticut, a rehabilitation facility that specializes in mental illness and addiction.

    The illness forced cancelation of an appearance on MTV and a delay in the release of "Glitter."

    But "Glitter" — both the film and the CD of the same name — bombed and Carey changed record labels.

    At the time of Carey's troubles, Walters said she would do the interview whenever the singer-actress was ready to speak again.

    However, brass at her new record label, Island Records, decided to go with Oprah Winfrey's daytime talker as Carey's coming-out party, leaving Walters to wait until she appears on "The View."

    "They wanted 'Oprah' first," said Carey's spokeswoman. "There was a new label, new decision."

    In launching a television campaign, Carey becomes the latest musical artist to turn to the medium to sell a new record.

    Last summer, Bruce Springsteen, used appearances on "Today," ABC's "Nightline" and MTV to launch his latest, "The Rising." In the first week, he sold more than 525,000 copies.

    NY Daily News

    Police Fume After Mariah Carey Video Shoot Causes Chaos
    Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 18:00 JST
    TOKYO — Police have issued a warning to an official of a video production company for failing to acquire a permit for a video shooting session with U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey in a busy Tokyo square, the police said Tuesday.

    The police said they gave the verbal reprimand to the 41-year-old production firm official after the impromptu shooting session took place at around 9:40 p.m. Monday in the Shibuya district, causing a commotion and traffic jam, with several hundred people stopping to look.

    Earlier in the day, Japanese fans went crazy when they heard the superstar was in town and flocked to the first location of the video shoot for her next single, "The One," which was to take place in downtown Tokyo.

    According to Carey's web site, between 10,000 to 15,000 excited fans waited in the rain hours before Carey was scheduled to arrive, forcing the police to shut down the location due to the enormous crowd. The songstress went directly to a second location where thousands of fans were already waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite star.

    The police had to shut down this location as well due to the huge crowd forcing Carey to move to the third location in Shibuya where she was finally able to shoot some of the video.

    According to the police, the 32-year-old singer suddenly told the staff, after her car passed by the crowded Hachiko exit of Shibuya Station, that she wanted to shoot there. The filming lasted about 15 minutes, the police said.

    The company has submitted a written apology, the police said.

    In a similar case, Japanese pop singer Hiromi Go caused a commotion in August 1999 by holding an impromptu live show at an intersection in Shibuya, where he performed atop a trailer, attracting more than 1,000 people.

    Papers were sent to the prosecutors on those in charge of the event, including a producer of a record company.

    Carey's latest CD, "Charmbracelet," released Nov 20 in Japan, shot straight to #1 this week. (Compiled from wire reports)

    Japan Today Japan News

    More Pictures From Japan

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.
    Picture 1: U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey poses for photographers during a press conference in Tokyo Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2002. She is in Tokyo to promote her new album, "Charm Bracelet." (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye) (Thanks DivaMC.de / Yahoo Germany)

    Picture 2: From "The One" video shoot (Thanks MariahCarey.com).

    Pictures 3-7: Singer Mariah Carey attends a photo call to promote her new album "Charmbracelet" November 26, 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. (Thanks Getty Images)

    MC On Lifetime's Intimate Portrait?
    Jae was watching Lifetime and they were showing people of future interviews for the show Intimate Portrait and they showed a picture of Mariah!
    Hopefully we'll find out more about that soon.

    More "Charmbracelet" Ads
    Ajay sent us more ads he did to promote "Charmbracelet". So start printing them and using them!

    Last Chance To Vote For Us
    Hey guys, if you have a little extra time, please click below and vote for MD! The voting ends really soon.

    updated byLiron November 25th, 2002 9:10PM
    Ru Paul Compliments MD
    Saturday, November 23, 2002
    MICHELLE VISAGE gave me an advance DVD of WISEGIRLS for my birthday, and i couldn’t wait to have a screening with TOM. he and i are big MARIAH fans for all the right and wrong reasons. the movie is boring, but mariah is the best thing about it. her performance is good and i love the sound of her smokey, husky speaking voice. i just wish she could have chosen better vehicles to show off her acting talent. check out her new official website. it’s so much better than her old one, but still not as comprehensive as mariahdaily.com.

    Carlos, Mini & Ru Paul's Official Site - Thank You!

    Mariah Carey Has Wild Video Shoot Experience In Japan
    11/25/02, 6 p.m. ET) -- Mariah Carey was in Tokyo on Monday (November 25) to shoot the video for her next single, "The One," which is taken from her new album, Charmbracelet, due out next Tuesday (December 3) in the U.S. The video is being directed by Joseph Kahn (U2, Eminem (news - web sites)).

    The first location of the video shoot was to be Tokyo's City Center. However, nearly 15,000 fans showed up at the site hours before Carey arrived, forcing the Tokyo police to shut down the location due to the huge turnout, according to her official website (monarc.com).

    Carey was quickly ushered to a second shooting location that was also promptly closed down by police after large crowds showed up hoping to catch a glimpse of the singer. Before the end of the day, Carey was able to shoot a portion of the music video at a third location in Tokyo.

    Charmbracelet will be released on Carey's label, MonarC Music, and distributed via Island Records in the U.S. The album was released in Japan on November 20, and it debuted at Number One on the album chart this week in that country.
    -- Jason Gelman, New York

    Yahoo! News / Launch

    A Few Mariah Mentions on VIBE
    Jennifer found the following Mariah bits on the new 'Vibe' issue that just came out with Jay-Z on the cover (for the month of January 2003):
    On page 47 there is a Mariah Carey -Charmbracelet Ad which her face covers the whole page and it mentions ...
    The new album featuring "Through the Rain", "Yours", and "The One". 12/03/02. It shows the picture of the cover of the album! she looks pretty as always.

    Also on page 101 they have an article on Lyor Cohen, the CEO of Island Def Jam and here is a quote from the 3 page article...
    "Cohen upped his status further last year when he signed Mariah Carey shortly after her dismissal from Virgin Records and the EMI Group. But she may also prove to be the biggest challenge of his career.
    Carey suffered an emotional breakdown as her moview Glitter and its soundtrack tanked in September 2001. "While it was only one project that didn't do well as the others, the perception was the Mariah had taken a fall, and now Lyor is (faced) with bringing her back", Reid says(L.A. Reid:CEO Arista Records).
    Now she's fighting to regain credibility with a new album, Charmbracelet, on Island Def Jam/MonarC Music. It's a high-stakes gamble. But if Cohen is feeling the heat, he doesn't let on. "I've got more money than anyone I know", he crows. "When they write about the last 20 years in pop culture, I have to be included.
    So I don't give a F**K."
    And he also maintains he isn't worried about Carey's well-being. "This is the most cognizant, grounded, articulate, hard-working person I've met in more that 10 years," he states emphatically.
    There's not a F****king chance of any relapse or issue at all. My only worry is disappointing her." Says Carey, "He's very parternalistic-and it's not at all lascivious."

    Portugeuse Radio W/ MC To Help Children
    Radio Cidade, a portuguese radio station, is developing and action with Mariah Carey's single "Through the Rain" to raise toys for Casa do Baiato's (institution) homeless children. With the strength of Mariah's music, and the holiday spirit all together, we are expected to bring joy to more than 500 children on Christmas.

    Translated by MARIAH CAREY Portuguese FanClub - Check it out for news about Portuguese fan gathering.

    updated byLiron November 25th, 2002 6:00PM
    "Charmbracelet" Release Party In San Diego
    Robbie told me that there is going to be a release party for Mariah Carey's new album on Dec. 1, 2002. At Rich's nightclub in San Diego.
    This is the link to the place, and Island records will supply free give aways.
    updated byLiron November 25th, 2002 5:10PM
    Upcoming TV Appearances & Magazines!
    One of the most common statements in the music business is, "In the end all that matters is the music." This could not be more fitting for Mariah Carey.

    Charmbracelet, which is expected to be released on December 3, 2002, is preceded by the first single, "Through The Rain." Universal is planning an extensive campaign around the album's release that is sure to ignite awareness.

    In addition to AOL's First Listen Campaign and an MTV special, the following is a list of planned publicity:
    BET (Blueprint Special, and BET Turnstyle),

    VH1 (Artist of the Month-December, VH1 Driven, VH1 Ultimate Albums, VH1 All Access Mariah).

    Carey will also grace the covers of numerous magazines including: Blender (December), Us Weekly (December), Jane (January 2003), and Vibe (March 2003).

    Ginger, Groovevolt.com

    TRL Stats
    Today TRL came at #6 for the 23rd day in a row! Continue voting for her, and don't forget to show your support on DECEMBER 16th when Mariah is on the show - either by voting or by going to the show!

    Christmas Fanbook
    Manuela is making a Christmas fanbook for Mariah, please send her your letters by December 15th. click here to find out more details.

    Charmbracelet Celebration
    Charmbracelet Celebration: An Online Release Party Presented by MariahInfo/Mariahconnection/RPN GA - on Dec. 3rd:
    Chat with Mariah fans, win prizes, listen to "Charmbracelet" & have fun!
    Click here to find out more about the chat.

    updated byLiron November 25th, 2002 1:20PM
    "Charmbracelet" Release Party In California
    Come and celebrate the release of Charmbracelet the new album from Mariah Carey
    Saturday November 30th

    Oasis night club
    1386 Foothill Blvd. Upland Ca
    (909) 920-9590
    FREE giveaways!!
    (Thanks Jose)

    New Song Preview On AOL
    On AOL, Keyword: Mariah Carey - has an exclusive first listen of "My Saving Grace"!
    (Thanks FlutterByeNic)

    Japan Goes Wild For Mariah!!
    Mariah Carey was in Tokyo today to film the video for her next single, "The One". Fans went crazy when they heard the superstar was in town and flocked to the first location of the video shoot which was to take place in Tokyo's City Center. Between 10,000 to 15,000 excited fans were there hours befor Mariah was scheduled to arrive forcing the Tokyo police to shut down the location due to the enormous crowd. The songstress went directly to the second location where thousands of fans were already waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. The police had to shut down this location as well due to the huge crowd forcing Mariah to move to the third location where she was finally able to shoot some of the video. "The One" video is being directed by Joseph Kahn.


    Mariah Debuts #1 in Japan!
    Charmbracelet, released November 20 in Japan shot straight to #1 this week!!! Mariah's round the world promo tour finds her in Japan this week promoting Charmbracelet and shooting the video for her second sinlge "The One".


    More Pictures From Japan!
    Thank you Kotaro (MariahLovers)for sending these beautiful pictures of Mariah arriving to Japan.

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1

    New Mariah Interview
    Honey & Kate (butterfliesarefree.de) found an interview that Mariah did while being in Munich, Germany at the radio station "Antenne Bayern".

    They interviewed her on their "Pop Sofa" and you can watch it HERE.

    Mariah talks about herself driving cars, her limo, things she appreciates about people and those that make her mad. She also talks about her fans of course, the internet, family and vacation. The only thing she has nothing coming to her mind about is Bavaria - not even the host Sabine Altena can drag her to think about something.

    A funny quote that MC says is when she talks about the internet bringing her fans together: "no matter if they're from Israel, Australia or New Jersey"...
    Who knows, maybe she's talking about myself, Nic & Reg?? :)

    Look below at pictures of Mariah from the station:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1

    Street Promotion For TTR
    Click here for a page Gilles made about how he & his friends promoted TTR in Brussels, Belgium!

    Anastacia Mentions Mariah Duet Again
    Anastacia said to the pupils of the Operacion Triunfo academy that she's been in talks with Mariah to collaborate in her new album, and the "negotiations" are almost closed!
    (Thanks Joel)

    updated byLiron November 25th, 2002 9:45AM
    "Charmbracelet" Release Party In Chicago
    Thank you Marquis for the following info:

    Mariah Carey CD Release Party
    Friday, November 29th at 10:00 p.m.

    Celebrating the release of "Charmbracelet"
    Where? Roscoe's 3356 N. Halsted Chicago, Illinois

    Free Giveaways!
    Call 773-281-3355 for more info.

    Dallas Fans...
    Make sure to watch the news tonight at 9:00 PM on Channel 33 for coverage on the Dallas Meet & Greet! (Thanks Allan)

    Don't forget to go and pick up the first US commercial release from "Charmbracelet" tomorrow:
    MC...Move the Crowd 12"
    In Store Date: November 26, 2002
    Side A
    1) Boy (I Need You) feat. Cam'Ron
    2) Irresistible (West Coast Connection)
    3) You Got Me feat. Jay-Z and Freeway
    Side B
    1) Boy (I Need You) - Instrumental
    2) Irresistible (West Coast Connection) - Instrumental
    3) You Got Me - Instrumental

    Vote For MC
    Please vote for Mariah on the Ultimate Charts.
    You have five votes a day, seven days a week.

    Mariah is currently #177 with "Music Box" on the All-time top 1000 albums list.

    Mariah (& Boyz II Men) is also #383 with One Sweet Day & #430 with Fantasy on the All-time top 1000 singles list. Lets get her to higher positions!
    (Thanks Eran)

    Pictures Of MC From Japan!
    Thank you Ayako for sending these lovely pictures of Mariah arriving to Japan:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.

    Other news in Japan: "Charmbracelet" is Number 1 on the official daily Japanese charts (Thanks MariahJapan).

    "Charmbracelet" Wallpaper
    Robert sent us this beautiful "Charmbracelet" wallpaper:

    updated byLiron November 24th, 2002 6:40PM
    Mariah Enters UK Charts @ #8
    LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. singer Christina Aguilera (news) has topped Britain's singles chart for a second week, seeing off challenges from fellow Americans Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez (news), figures showed Sunday...

    ...Singer-actress Lopez was straight in at No. 3 with "Jenny from the Block," a hip hop-style tribute to her New York roots. Carey entered the chart at No. 8 with the ballad "Through the Rain" -- her first single since her widely-publicized breakdown from nervous exhaustion.

    Yahoo! News

    Fan Sites
    Check out MCTK for a "Charmbracelet" promotion chat on Nov 25 at 7/6 pm central.

    Make sure to also go to Alyssa's site - MariahAngelsSites.

    Screen Captures From French TV
    Below are screen captures of Mariah's interview at Hits N Co, thanks to MisterB for the mpg.

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.
    updated byLiron November 24th, 2002 1:00PM
    Mariah On "Club R&B"
    MC In Germany Mariah was just on the German TV show "Club R&B" on Viva. It was a short interview where she talked about the new album and a bit about Wisegirls.
    I made the capture to your right, more are coming later.

    Vote For Mariah's Cribs Show
    Dustin found that you can vote for Mariah as "The Most Talked about Moment of 2002" On MTV:

    Cribs: Mariah Carey
    "The Empress' New Clothes"

    Everyone had something to say about how the MTV Cribs crew got a naked look at Mariah Carey's bathroom in her New York City penthouse.

    CLICK HERE and scroll down to pick Mariah & vote for her!!

    Football Player Compliments MC
    At 6-foot-5 and 290 pounds, Miami native Kevin Carter is an imposing figure, and, in the NFL, an impressive one. Kevin, now a Titans defensive lineman, twice led the league in sacks when he was with the St. Louis Rams, and this season he already has seven sacks for Tennessee. Sounds intimidating, but Carter is just a big, smiling softie. The story of how he came to be engaged to wife, Shima, will make you cry. Shima and mac and cheese are two important parts of Carter's life.

    4. Mariah Carey. In my opinion, she has one of the purest voices in the music industry, especially in this pop era that is infiltrated with artists who don't always have a lot of talent.

    Tom, Tennessean.com

    See The New Pictures
    Since we're having a bit of a problem with the other pages (including Gallery 1), I'll put the pictures on the main page for awhile:

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.
    updated byLiron November 24th, 2002 8:50AM
    Mariah Arrived To Japan
    MC In Japan Thanks Ayako for sending me this story:
    Today(11/24), Mariah arrived in Narita Airport at around 3:30pm.
    It was my first time to go see her at the airport and I was really excited. I went with my friends, which all of them are Mariah fans and it was my first time to meet them all too. We heard that Mariah was going to arrive at 2:55 so we started to go near the arrival gate at around 1:30. When we were guessing which gate Mariah is going to come out, one of Mariah's bodyguard passed by. Later me and my friend took a picture with the bodyguard and he was so nice and funny. Well, there were also people from VH1 and they said that they are going to do a special program on Mariah and they were taking videos of us! The woman from VH1 was so nice too:)
    Finally at around 3:30, Mariah arrived!! She was wearing a pink top and jeans and had curly hair wearing a sunglass. We were waiting at the end of the path which was right after the press corner, so I got to take a picture of Mariah posing for the press. When she was around the press corner, we started to sing "Through The Rain" and finally, Mariah came right in front of us! She was soooo beautiful!! I got to shake hands with her, and she signed my "Charmbracelet" booklet. I also had a Hello Kitty stuff animal so I said " Mariah, a present for you!" and she said "Thank You!" receiving it! I was sooooo happy! I couldn't believe I juts talked with Mariah! Many of my dreams came true in a very short time! The Japanese staff said that Mariah wont sign anything before she came, but guess what? She signed a lot of stuff for her fans! She is sooo nice:) I got to take a lot of pictures but I dont have it done yet so when I do, I will send it as soon as possible!! Mariah, thank you very much!

    Ayako sent the picture above (from the airport) and Mariah's signature on his "Charmbracelet" booklet that can be seen in Gallery 1.

    Competition To Go Meet MC
    Good news for Swedish fans! Linda heard that a big radiostation in Sweden called Mix Megapol has a Mariah Carey-contest going on! You have to call in to the station on the number 08 663 10 43 and sing your personal version of a Mariah Carey-song! The best version will win a trip to see Mariah Carey perform live at the Mall Of America in the US and go on a big shopping-trip! Good luck!

    Upcoming One on One Interview With MC
    Great news for Mariah fans in the DFW area!!! I was watching TV tonight and saw a commercial advertisement for a one-on-one interview with Mariah with one of the local news station in North Texas. The interview will be broadcasted on Monday night (Nov. 25, 2002) at 9pm on the WB channel 33 or 9 (for those who have cable).
    (Thanks MariahzGrad)

    Fans Chat
    Jimmy told me about a chat he's holding on WildWritings.com today at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. The site will be giving away such prizes as Mariah Carey singles, Kelly Clarkson prizes, Kelly Roland posters, and Britney Spears calendars. They will also have a listening party of some new tracks off of Mariah Carey's new album, Justin Timberlake's, and Christina Aguilera's.

    Vote For Mariah
    Jarom (MC News In Russian) would like all Russian fans to request Mariah's TTR at MTV Russia on "20 Toppers" - Vote once a week!

    More "Charmbracelet" Ads
    Moni found the ad for "Charmbracelet" from Blender magazine (Dec.) and Linda sent in her own ad! Keep sending them in!

    Blender's Ad Linda's Ad
    updated byLiron November 23rd, 2002 5:25PM
    Asian Leader Loves MC
    BBC revealed favourite songs of Asian leaders as part of a survey to find the world's best-loved tunes.

    Mongolian President Natsagiin Bagabandi selected The Beatles' Let It Be, while East Timorese President Xanana Gusmao said he was sustained during his seven years of imprisonment in Indonesia by Mariah Carey's Hero.

    Don't forget to vote for "HERO" on the same BBC survey HERE.

    Andrea Bocelli About MC
    The following is from an interview with Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli:
    Q: Are there any singers that you would like to perform with, but haven't had the chance to sing with yet?

    A: Yes, there are many. I would like to sing with Mariah Carey and with Whitney Houston. In opera, I think now there are many, many wonderful voices. Now I am waiting for them.

    Tom, NY Journal News

    New Pictures
    Kristin sent me a picture she took while Mariah was leaving the NYC Meet & Greet last October.
    mcfanatic sent me a nice collage of pictures of Mariah from the British "Star Academy" and lastly MisterB made a few screen captures from Mariah's appearance on TOTP (singing "Through The Rain").
    Check them all out in Gallery 1.

    Calling Mall of America Fans!
    Molly is going to the Mariah events in the Mall of America, and would like to get together with the rest of the fans who are going there.
    If you're going, please visit This Page and let the other fans know!

    TTR Worldwide

  • TTR has debuted at #16 in Ireland and is currently up to #8 in the UK with only one more day of sales before charting (Thanks Brendan).

  • TTR was #5 yesterday on TRL. Please vote a lot on the weekend so it can get to a good place on Monday's chart!

  • Linda told me that TTR is getting some promotion on Swedish Television: It starts with Mariah singing the last chorus-line in the song and then the cover of the TTR-single shows on the screen and a voice says: "The best ballad of the year, Mariah Carey, Through The Rain in stores now"

    Magazine News
    twinpeaks9 writes about two mentions in "Blender" magazine: One was a full-page ad for the next issue of 'Blender' saying something like 'Mariah:The Comeback, on stands Dec. 24th'. So you can buy that on Christmas Eve day. The other was Venus Williams mentioning that she loves Mariah's 'Greatest Hits' and she said something along the lines of 'I don't care what people say, I'm behind Mariah 100%. She's a good singer, and nobody can really deny her voice'.

    Janel also informed me of the following magazine appearances:
    Globe December 3, 2002 pic and article page 41 also a picture on page 21
    Cosmo Girl - Dec 2002/ Jan 2003 small picture page 44
    IN TOUCH Dec 9, 2002 pic & article page 88
    STAR Dec 3, 2002 page 8
    InStyle Dec 2002 page 386

  • updated byLiron November 22nd, 2002 9:00PM
    New Voice Message
    Here's a transcript of the voice message Mariah left for us on November 21st:

    Mariah: Hi! Hey lambs, just wanted to call and say hey, I'm back in the states for a minute and I just wanna thank everybody all the fans that I met in England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland - everywhere. You guys are the best, I enjoy ya as always! And I just wanna thank you so much for coming out and showing me the love and support. Now back by popular demand is the one and only BIG NASTY.
    Trey: Hey y'all, it's the man of the hour, I just wanted to let you all know - keep it coming and that we love you, you know we do (??) And you know, (???) make it through the rain and I love you baby, hold on.
    Mariah: *laugh* We love you, appreciate you and enjoy you. OK? Bye Byeeeeee!! Thank you much.... okay looking forward to seeing everyone in Japan, Korea, Brazil & Mexico very very soon. Bye byeee!!

    Check it out in Mariah's Official Site.

    Nivea Talks About MC
    The singer Nivea was on MTV's beat seekers and she said she knew she wanted to sing when she was seven after hearing Mariah perform on the Arsenio Hall Show. She said she bought Mariah's first CD (and hers) because she was obsessed with her voice and how she used it. Nivea said she used to practice singing to Vision of Love and other songs. Hilary (VJ) asked her if she is a fan of her old work or her new stuff. Nivea said that she will always love Mariah and she will be getting her new album.
    (Thanks Kelise1)

    TTR Premieres on MTV Russia
    The "Through The Rain" video has just premiered on MTV-Russia for the first time.
    It premiered in a program called "Reliz" (this program presents "fresh" videos every friday).
    (Thanks Jarom)

    Ramsey & MC
    Ramsey met Mariah at the NY Meet & Greet, gave her 2 hello kitty dolls, one pink one (mariah) and one red one (bianca) and she loved them and said "how sweet, these are going right in the bag thank you so much" and then gave him a hug. You can see his picture with MC in Gallery 1.

    USA Stores Without Posters
    Leo is making a list of USA stores that don't receive promotional posters for Mariah's new record with hope the company will send them one. If there is a store in your area (USA alone) that doesn't have a poster for "Charmbracelet" promotion, please email icram321@aol.com.

    More Reviews & Pictures From Oprah!
    Julie: (Who did the "Butterfly Box" along with Tessa & Vijay)
    At the Chicago Meet and Greet, I printed out the "Mariahisms" Vijay, Tessa and I made for our website Fly Away, edited it, and gave it to Mariah. When I gave MC the "Semi-Complete Guide to Mariahisms," she laughed and told Brat "look at this!!" I already knew she loved it, but when Erik Bradley told me later that the whole crew was looking through it and laughing later, I was very surprised!

    It gets better! A few weeks ago, Mariah left a message on her website, and she mentioned "Mariahisms Pt. 2" and how she was going to add it to her website www.mariahcarey.com (you can still check it out!) She gave an email address and told the makers of the booklet to email her! Although that specific part of the message was removed very quickly, Liron got ahold of it and sent it to me (thanks Liron!) Around the same time, Erik emailed me to tell me that Mariah still talks about the book and wants to add it to the website. A few days later, he wrote another message saying Mariah wanted us to be at the Oprah taping!

    Well, unfortunately, we could only get ahold of 2 tickets which Theresa and Erik were able to get for us. At the end, Vijay could not attend, so Tessa and I went to the taping. We luv ya Vijay, and it was not the same without you!

    As some of you may remember, we did a project called "Butterflies in a Box for Mariah" which was sort of like a fanbook. Although it was a fun project, Tessa and I stayed up all night to finish, and the result looked amazing. There were over 300 individual messages each on a butterfly-shaped card which were placed in a heart-shaped box painted with butterflies! We were in such a rush to get everything together, we arrived at the studios right on time at 10:00am.

    Erik had given us some directions which told us to go to a separate door at the side of the building. There, they gave us two blue forms after they checked off our names which were bolded (!) on the reservation list. My form said "006" and Tessa's said "007." After we checked our things and they checked the box, we went in, really excited. After waiting in a holding room for a while, they called parties over the loudspeaker to be seated. We were called pretty quickly and they placed us in the fourth row, with a great view! We recognized a few people from the Meet and Greet, and we saw Raquel, Lisa, and a bunch of other familiar faces.

    After telling us the directions and proceedings of the show, Mariah's backup singers and band entered followed by Oprah. Quickly, the music started and Mariah entered, looking really beautiful in person! She was wearing a denim shirt and a long black skirt (3/4 rolled down a bit). Tessa noticed that her hair was a different, lighter, shade of blonde. She sung Through The Rain beautifully but didn't seem to like her own performance and was looking a little dissappointed afterward, to which Oprah replied "it sounded good to me" to the audience.

    The interview covered the breakdown, Eminem, Mariah's father, and of course her music. She cleared up a lot of rumors, and provided sophisticated and well-explained responses; she never once avoided any of Oprah's questions but was rather very straightforward about everything. At the end, she performed My Saving Grace, hitting every high note and was so touching that me and Tessa were teary-eyed. I think you guys will think it's one of her best interviews and some of her best performances!! I won't get into it, because I think people covered it! Then, we proceeded into filming After the Show. During this segment, Mariah answered questions and even gave some hugs. The most touching thing was that though many of the audience members were not big fans, many of them were crying and seemed to really enjoy the show! See, that's just what MC does to ya!

    When this was over, Tessa and I saw Brat, and she recognized us both and said "hey, how are you guys" and gave us hugs! We told her we had a fanbook-type thing for Mariah, and she said she'd tell her. I'm not sure she ever did, but I'm sure she tried if she remembered. Anyways, after that, we had to exit. When we got our stuff and the box, we went around to the side door and saw a lot of MC's entourage. We said hi to Arlete, Cindi Berger, and Blair. They all looked really surprised we knew who they were, and seemed to appreciated being recognized. After that, I saw Erik, and he gave me a hug and told me that he couldn't give her the box but that she was going to be right out. After a bit of waiting, Mary-Ann and Trey were coming out. Trey told us that Mariah was leaving via the garage!! At first we didn't believe him, but sure enough, he was right. We saw a limo starting to pull out. We ran quickly and Mariah opened the window of the limo, waving. We quickly handed her the box, telling her it was like a fanbook. I told her we made the Mariahisms Pt. 2, and she said "ooh really?" After that, people started pushing, so the bodyguards started to tell us to get out of the way.

    Tessa and I were so happy that we accomplished our mission! So for those of you who participated, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your submissions, and congrats, because Mariah will read them! Tessa and I are very grateful to Erik, Theresa and of course Mariah for giving us this wonderful opportunity to see her do her thing! It was an amazing experience that I look forward to seeing on TV and which I will remember forever! We love you M!

    If you would like to catch the show, it airs on Dec. 3. After the Show airs the same day on Oxygen.

    You can even see Tessa handing the Butterfly Box to Mariah in one of the pictures that we posted yesterday (sent in by Dan), so try to find her there!

    Also, Lisa from Mflava.com sent me more pictures of Mariah from after the Oprah show yesterday which you can see in Gallery 1. Check out her new site as well!

    updated byLiron November 22nd, 2002 1:15PM
    Oprah Fan Reviews
    Yes, Oprah was GREAT; I'd say better than the last two times that M was there. We all screamed Hellos to Trey and I yelled a hello to Randy (Jackson) who was there to lend his original talents. She started out with TTR and then most of the show seemed to be about MC rehashing the "breakdown" period. She touched a little bit on her father, which she wasn't prepared to do, but after they pulled a Cher and showed a clip about a song MC wrote about her dad and some pics of him, they talked about it briefly. Then she sang My Saving Grace, which is a really great song and if released as a single, a sure hit.

    After the regular show taping they did the new After The Show segment, which was kinda laid back and the audience had an opportunity to ask MC some questions or just comment about how awesomely inspirational she is. The first gal asked for a hug! I told M she stole the show as Rachel and asked her if she had anything going on right now. She said she has a few independent movies in the works. She said she's looking forward to more "character" roles and nothing to do with being a singer, etc. She also said she's going to be working soon on planning a tour for some time this coming spring. The After The Show segment lasted about maybe a half hour and then she headed out. This segment will also air on the 3rd, on Oxygen. DaBrat was there and we got a chance to say hello and get autographs after the show. We went around to the main doors and waited for M to come out. They kept saying she would be out soon and then Trey came out and said we're missing Mariah, she's coming out down there. She in fact was already in the limo and pulling out of the building. I rushed over into the street to head it off and she had stopped and had her window down already! The HUGE and beautiful "Butterflies In A Box" was successfully handed over and us crazy faithfuls were trying to get our turn to get close.

    I extended to her a stuffed pink Lamb with wings that played Jesus Loves Me, which she seemed to love but how many more lambs can she possibly handle!! Then I got closer and held her hand for a moment, frantically trying to help her memory to recall me "I was in Schenectady, I met you with my daughter and had the rainbow butterfly on my shirt, I gave you the big 30th birthday banner" Boy talk about spiraling! And you all can relate cause no matter how many times you get to see M, it's still so surreal each and every time! So much to say and so little time. I stood in the background waiting for a friend, who has never gotten to see Mariah up close, have her moment. Mariah looked up at me and I said "Ironic how it's raining!" and she said "M-Hm, but we'll get through it!" Then she pulled away and us faithfuls went on our merry way with the memories of another Mariah-filled day!

    I arrived at Harpo Studios in Chicago at 9:00 a.m., The line was already starting to build. After standing in "The Rain" for about a half an hour we finally got in we went through security and coat check and all that fun stuff, and then upstairs to the waiting room (which by the way they need more seating in there). Then everyone was called in by their numbers and seated. When we walked into the studio they were playing her new CD, I heard "I Only Wanted" and "You Got Me". After everyone had pretty much been seated, Sam the Audience Coordinator came out and prepped the audience.

    Then Trey Lorenz and the other background singers came out, I believe there were 5 of them, Da Brat was also on side of the stage, but she wasn't involved in the show. Then Mariah's band came out including RANDY JACkSON, the judge from American Idol who was playing keyboards. Next Oprah walked onto the stage, she looked good she waved and everyone applauded. Then the show started and from where I was sitting I could see Mariah walk into the room where she went behind the curtains then behind the screen onstage.

    Oprah introduced Mariah singing her new single "Through The Rain" Then there she was. Looking soooo Good, like the perfect goddess she is :) She had her hair kinda wavy-curly, She had on A "Charmbracelet, which Oprah later held up, and a HUGE butterfly ring on her finger. Mariah was wearing a Denim kinda shirt, A black skirt and Black Boots, she looked very nice. One thing about the Oprah show, The Studio is VERY small, which is good because there really are no bad seats, and only about 300 audience members.

    She sang Through the Rain and it was a stellar performance. Then she sat down with Oprah for the interview, but not without getting a little touch up from Hair and Make-UP. Then the interview started, Oprah asked her about her "breakdown" and Mariah set the record straight finally, she also talked about the TRL appearance. They talked about Eminem and Mariah said somethhing really funny, Oprah asked what was happening with him, Mariah said that they had talked but she never did anything with him, she was like " I Can count the number of people on one hand and he ain't on it" I thought that was funny.

    Then after that she talked about her whole Virgin buyout and her new deal with Island. Then they talked about her father Alfred Roy and played part of the song "Sunflowers" which she wrote about him after he died on July 4th, She hasn't really listened to the song since she recorded it and did not know they were going to play it, they also made a video to go along with it showing pictures of her dad and her along with some of the lyrics, She was moved to tears. Then, if I remember correctly She came back out to do another "Top Secret" Performance, Then Oprah said that she was going to be singing "My Saving Grace" which is a gospelly type of number, Its such A Great Uplifting Song!!! Oprah said something like " You all didn't think you'd be going to church today did ya!" SHe sounded amazing of course.

    Then they closed the show where Mariah and Oprah hugged and held hands. But, It wasn't over yet; Then It was time to record the "Oprah After the Show" which airs on the Oxygen Network, where they just got to talk freely and people got to stand up make comments or ask questions to either Oprah or Mariah. The first Girl to stand up, Said how she admired her and asked if she could have a hug, And she did! This One girl stood up and asked her if she was dating anyone just because she wanted to say something to her. One of the nice lambs that I talked to after the show told her that she loved her as Rachel in Wisegirls and Glitter and asked her if shes doing anymore movies soon. Somebody else asked her when she's going on tour and she said Next Spring, that she is working on that now. Then, this one fan stood up and told her that she has helped him get through the worst time, when he was having Brain Surgery, he was moved to tears and went down to hug and kiss her, and got a picture with her and Oprah. All this Time I was standing waiting to say something, and then Oprah pointed at me, Whoa!! I FROZE!! but I remember I was like Hi Mariah! and she said Hi back, She actually spoke to me and looked directly at me!! And then I was so nervous I'm suprised I was able to speak at all, and I told her that I have been her biggest fan since she first came out, and then I said that She has been a great role-model for people who are biracial, I was there 3 years ago when Oprah had the show with her on Biracial teens, I really do not remember what else I said, it's all a blur but I talked to her, I wanted to ask for a hug but I thought it was getting to be too much she already did twice but I probably wouldnt have been able to walk and trip or something. She talked to a few more people, Gave advice to this one girl and her Mother about going into the music business.

    Then the show sadly was over. Some people were kind of upset because we didnt get the new Charmbracelet Cd, but they probably can't because its not ready or something. There were fans that were outside in the freezing cold and wind and Rain and snow. Randy Jackson came out and took pictures and talked to everyone, he's really nice. All of her band and hair and make up and assistants and everything came out and left. Then Trey Lorenz came out and took some pictures, he said Why are you all wating over here, Mariah's coming out there, I heard someone say are you kidding, cause he can be a jokester as Mariah has said. But sure enough Her Limo pulled out of the Harpo studios garage. She rolled down her window and I got a picture I dont think It will turn out that good, but who knows? She was talking to everyone, she signed a few things, but the Security guys all kept yelling saying that she had to go. so who knows? maybe she had to catch a PLane? ANd then her limo Drove off. But WOW What A Day!!!!! I hope that you enjoyed my story. I know This is the Best Day of my life and I can't wait til the next time I can see her!! :)

    The World's Top Ten
    BBC World Service is 70 years old and to celebrate we are launching a unique quest to find the world's favourite song. We want you to vote in our mega music poll to help us to compile the World's Top Ten. You might even win a mystery prize!

    To get Mariah on the chart, it's important that we all vote for the same song. Gilles suggested we all vote for HERO which is the song who is also loved by non-Mariah fans.

    Please CLICK HERE to vote for Mariah & HERO!

    Billboard Update
    "Through The Rain"
    Mariah Carey

    Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles:
    This Week: 21
    Last Week: 12 (Peak Position)
    Two Weeks Ago: 16
    Weeks on Chart: 7

    Adult Contemporary:
    This Week: 19
    Last Week: 17 (Peak Position)
    Two Weeks Ago: 17
    Weeks on Chart: 7

    Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles:
    This Week: 24
    Last Week: 22
    Two Weeks Ago: 25
    Weeks on Chart: 5

    "Irresistible (West Side Connection)"
    Mariah Carey Featuring Ice Cube & WC

    Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles:
    This Week: 19
    Last Week: n/a
    Two Weeks Ago: n/a
    Weeks on Chart: 1

    Jessica, Billboard.

    The Fridge Update
    On MTV Europe's "The Fridge" weekly countdown, Mariah came at #2. Please continue to vote for her so we can get her to #1 like we did with TRL!

    Want Your Room To Look Like Mariah's?
    Do you want your room transformed into a room from your favorite celebrity's crib in time for Christmas?
    If so, we're looking for fans that would like their room to be transformed into one of the following:

    4. Mariah Carey's Mermaid or Butterfly Room

    Send us a video showing us your room and telling us specifically why you need a cribover. Be sure to describe the celebrity's room that you want and tell us why you want their room. Introduce us to three people willing to act as our accomplices and have them tell us why you deserve to have a cribover.

    When sending your video, please include the following: 1. Your full name, age, address, phone numbers and e-mail address. 2. The names, ages and e-mail addresses for at least 3 friends or family members that would be willing to act as accomplices.

    Once you have completed all of the above, send all of it to:

    1633 BROADWAY
    NEW YORK, NY 10019

    You must be between the ages of 16 and 32. No Exceptions!
    If you have any questions, e-mail us at cribcrashers@mtvstaff.com.

    *We will not cast you based on an e-mail. You must send a video in! The deadline is Monday, December 2nd!


    Tower Record & Fans Ads
    MariahzMan told me that Tower Records is sending a promotional ad for "Charmbracelet" to the people on their mailing list.
    In addition - Aaron, Vincent & Nacho sent me really beautiful promotional ads for "Charmbracelet" that you're all welcome to download, print and USE! I am sure Mariah will appreciate it!
    Please continue to send in ads!

    Tower's Ad Aaron's Ad
    Vincent's Ad Nacho's Ad
    updated byLiron November 21st, 2002 10:25PM
    First Pictures From Oprah
    Dan sent me a few pictures that he took of Mariah in her limosine after the recording of the Oprah Winfrey show.
    Some of them are a bit dark, but I'm sure you'll be able to spot Mariah. Take a look at the pics in Gallery 1.
    updated byLiron November 21st, 2002 8:30PM
    Mariah To Attend 92 PRO-FM Jingle Mingle
    Tony told me that 92 PRO FM in Providence, RI just announced that Mariah will be a special guest at their "Jingle Mingle" on Dec. 17th.
    The concert will be held at the Dunkin' Donuts Center. To purchase tickets, please Click Here.

    Boy / Irresistible / You Got Me Promo
    Pete found a promo of the "MC.. Move The Crowd 12" on eBay that includes the following tracks:

    SIDE A (vocal)
    1. "Boy (I Need You)" feat. Cam'ron
    2. "Irresistible" feat. West Side Connection
    3. "You Got Me" feat. Jay-Z and Freeway

    SIDE B (Inst side)
    1. "Boy (I Need You)" feat. Cam'ron
    2. "Irresistible" feat. West Side Connection
    3. "You Got Me" feat. Jay-Z and Freeway

    The scan can be found at Gallery 1. The 12" will be commercially released on November 26th!

    updated byLiron November 21st, 2002 6:55PM
    Second Single Announced!
    Mariah Carey will release THE ONE as the second single from the forthcoming CHARMBRACELET (Album In Stores 12/3/02). Mariah will be arriving in Japan on November 24th to shoot the video which will be directed by Joseph Kahn


    Download CD:UK Interview
    BaBy Diva MC (FOMM) uploaded the CD:UK interview for everyone to hear! Download it HERE.

    Mariah wises up?
    Mariah Carey may have made the most high profile flop with last year's film 'Glitter', but the singer's not giving up on movies just yet.

    She says she's done another flick called 'Wisegirls' with Mira Sorvino, and has got some more films on the way, though she wouldn't tell us what they are yet.

    But Mariah wants people to lighten up around her and says she's got a new motto these days:

    "Don't get involved in anything and commit to anything until you know the script is really good and you know you've got a great support system. But it's like, you know, I look at all the stuff as fun."

    "Like the 'Honey' video or the secret agent thing - you see the element of humour there. I don't think people to this day, unless they're a fan of mine, really even realise it's there. Or you have a voice but you can't look sexy. It's like one or the other. But I'm a multi-dimensional person, you know what I mean?"


    Sexy singer MARIAH CAREY has secretly remixed rapper CAM'RON's OH BOY for her new album CHARMBRACELET.
    The couple got together after Mariah personally asked the hardcore rap star to join her in the studio on the Italian holiday isle of Capri.

    Cam'ron has recorded his vocals for the new reworking.
    Mariah says, "I love the original. It was cool to have him out there doing his thing in such a r! andom environment."
    Cam'ron's ROC-A-FELLA labelmates JAY-Z and FREEWAY also appear on CHARMBRACELET.

    mcfanatic, World Entertainment News Network.

    updated byLiron November 21st, 2002 6:10PM
    Oprah Details
    Mariah recorded the Oprah Winfrey interview today in Chicago and performed "Through The Rain" and "My Saving Grace"!
    The performance will be aired on Dec. 3rd. Thanks Devin, Vijay, Julie & Tessa - more details coming soon!

    TRL Stats
    Today "Through The Rain" came at #6 for the 2nd day in a row on TRL.
    The TRL "Charmers" who voted today, received a special poster!
    If you'd like to win more prizes, please continue to vote for Mariah on TRL & make sure to join the charmers in The Team Mariah Headquarters.

    Carey Embarks on Innovative Online Campaign in Support of New Album, Charmbracelet
    New York, NY -- International superstar Mariah Carey will release her new album, Charmbracelet on December 3rd, 2002. The new album, showcases Mariah's incredible voice, prolific songwriting and versatility as evidenced on the first single, "Through The Rain". In gearing up for the release of Charmbracelet, Mariah and her label, Monarc Music/Island Records have embarked on several innovative and exciting initiatives to launch the album.

    * Today "Through the Rain" became available as a digital download as part of Universal Music Group's exciting new initiative to make more than 43,000 tracks available to consumers. The track will be available to consumers two weeks prior to album release in the U.S. for 99 cents via all Liquid Audio affiliated sites. Additionally the track is also offered through two online subscription services, Pressplay and Rhapsody. The download will be burnable to CD and transferable to secure portable devices.

    * On November 14th, Mariah's website www.MariahCarey.com launched featuring a new design, a plethora of exclusive content and an area, "Ask Mariah" where the songstress speaks directly with her beloved fans. Mariah is leaving voice messages to her fans on a regular basis letting them know what she has been up to.

    * Mariah will launch "Mariah Live" with the release of Charmbracelet. Consumers who purchase the cd will have the exclusive opportunity to win a trip to see her perform live at one of many different appearances around the world. The purchaser will place the cd in their computer and be directed to a hidden website where they will enter the sweepstakes. Winners will receive roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations and the opportunity to see Mariah perform live.

    * Two tracks from Charmbracelet, "Yours" and "My Saving Grace" are to be debuted on AOL's "First Listens" program which offers fans the chance to hear the most eagerly anticipated music before it's available anywhere else. "Yours" debuted as a "First Listen" on November 18th and was streamed 547,000 times and "My Saving Grace" will debut on November 25th. Both tracks are made available exclusively to AOL members for 24 hours and then on the web at Netscape Music, AOL Instant Messenger's AIM Today, ICQ, CompuServe and Mariahcarey.com.

    In addition, Mariah will be AOL's Artist of the Month for January which includes among many other things a Sessions @ AOL interview.

    * Mariah Carey was the first artist to debut a single across all of the Viacom properties. "Through the Rain" was made available as both an audio and video stream on MTV.com, BET.com, VH1.com and Nick.com.

    Mariah Carey is the top selling female artist in history with a record 15 #1 singles, two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, Billboard's Artist of the Decade" Award and the World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium." She is the only artist to have topped the charts in each year of the 1990's, and with "Heartbreaker," she pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most weeks in a row at the top of the Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart. Mariah Carey not only possesses a five-octave range voice, but composes all of her own material.

    The Island Def Jam Music Group is home to a multi-cultural and diverse family of artists and has fast become one of the most successful labels in the industry. It is comprised of Island Records, Def Jam Recordings and Def Soul, and is in partnerships with American Recordings, Lost Highway Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, Murder Inc, MonarC Music, Bloodline Records, Java Records and Roadrunner Records. The roster boasts an array of talented artists including Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Ludacris, Ashanti, Ryan Adams, Nickelback, Musiq, Slipknot, American Hi Fi, Method Man, Hoobastank, Ja Rule, Sum 41, Slayer, Kelly Price, Saliva and DMX.


    Mariah Carey Phones Into Rick Dees Show
    Mariah Carey phoned Rick Dees on KIIS FM last Thursday all the way from Paris. She will be performing live at the Rick Dees Jingle Ball, December 19th at the Pond of Anaheim in California. Mariah talked about her appearance on 'Fame Academy', her new album 'Charmbracelet', the stories that have her dating Eminem, dealing with the tabloids, and more. Listen to the 20 minute interview here.


    Mariah's New Movie: "Sinking Springs" (?)
    The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Mariah Carey will play a drug addict in the film that veteran mob actor Frank Vincent and former Cherry Hill resident Lou Silver have scripted. Sinking Springs, based on the Amish/Pagans Motorcycle Club cocaine trafficking of the mid-1990s, is scheduled to shoot around Philadelphia and Lancaster, Pennsylvania in March, starring James Caan as an FBI agent and Vincent also playing against type as a lawman."

    GrooveVolt.com, MonarC (member on FOMM).

    Y100 Jingle Bell Correction
    Maureen & Courtney pointed out a mistake in the publication for the location of the Y100 Jingle Bell in Florida.
    The show will in fact be held in Miami's American Airlines Arena and not at the FL National Car Rental Arena as was stated by Mariah's official site.

    UK Fan Fest Postponed
    Matte sent me the following information, we'll be sure to update you when a new fan fest is scheduled:

    It is with great sadness that I report the decision to postpone mariahcareyuk.com's fist fan fest. It will not take place this Saturday due to the eight day firestrike that is set to commence on Friday. Holding a fan event in a public building places the responsibility of guests' safety with the event organisers and we feel it is not safe to hold the event on Saturday when the firestrike will be on. Holloway Road station will almost definately be closed as it was during the last strike and this would make transportation to the venue very difficult for everyone.

    Please note that the circumstances resulting in this decision are unfortunate but out of our control. We are NOT cancelling the event. We are already in talks to reschedule the fan fest for a Saturday in January. A date should be agreed upon within the week. I will notify you all when a decision and a re-booking has been made.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are disappointed that the event will not take place this Saturday. However, we continue to look forward to throwing this event for the UK fans and hope you will all be available to join us in January.

    Stand Up For Mariah!

  • Nicholas found an address where letters can be sent to Rolling Stone. If you wish to make an opinion or react to the (not so well) "Charmbracelet" review that was published on Rolling Stone, please send your letter to this address:
    We request those of you who will write a letter to please be polite - this is the best way to make our opinion heard.

  • lambfromtexas sent us the following idea:
    "There is a show called ultimate albums on VH1 and I have been thinking that we sould post on the VH1 website (on the UA show bulletin board) so they can make a show about MC's alubm "Daydream".
    It is one of the most sold albums and most of the albums that they talk about were diamond albums and we all know that Daydream is on that list. Daydream also earned a respectable place at Rolling Stone's ultimate albums list."
    If you like the idea, you may use THIS LINK to write at the bulletin board.

  • Anthon requested that I would remind everyone to register at Rate The Music and influence the choices for radio's airplay! Please register and support Mariah.

  • Fins4legs listened to the Wendy Williams show on 107.5 WBLS in NY where she unfortunately attacked Mariah and "Charmbracelet". Some of the things she said were plane rumors such as "Eminem broke up with Mariah", "The album is a flop" (it hasn't even come out yet), "Mariah is now pursuing Puff Daddy" and so on. Again, if you wish to write a polite letter to show your support for Mariah and corret miss Williams for the things she said, please e-mail this address:

    Magazine News
    Janel from Mariah Info sent me a few scans from recent magazines that mentioned Mariah:
    Heat magazine articles Nov 16-22, 2002 pages 81 - 122 (TTR ad & small mention)
    INSTYLE Dec 2002 page 386 (Ali and Mariah article)
    Check out the scans in Gallery 1 - and also a picture that Jill sent me of her & Mariah from the Chicago Meet & Greet!

  • updated byLiron November 20th, 2002 4:45PM
    TRL Today
    Today Mariah came at #6 on TRL, so please continue voting for her both online and by phone!

    Check out the new:
    Quote - From a German TV Show, thanks Nacho.
    Fan Photo - From Paris, Nov 13 before performing in "Hit Machine", thanks Jeremy.
    Picture O' The Week - From Elle Magazine 2001.
    & The new Poll - How many "Charmbracelet" copies are you going to buy?
    Last poll's results:
    What do you think of the cover for Charmbracelet?
    1.) I love it; Mariah looks beautiful. 3746 72%
    2.) It's okay but I would of picked something different 763 15%
    3.) I don't like it at all 713 14%
    Total Votes: 5222

    Canadian TTR Scans
    Moni scanned the Canadian "Through The Rain" CD Single which includes 2 tracks (album version & remix featuring Kelly price & Joe).
    Check it out in Gallery 1.

    updated byLiron November 20th, 2002 2:55PM
    "Charmbracelet" Scans
    Here for the first time are the scans for "Charmbracelet" (Front & Back) thanks to RNS.
    Click below to enlarge, they are also available in Gallery 1 (Again, please be patient with it).

    Pictures Moved To Gallery 1.

    TRL Update
    Yesterday, Mariah came at #5 on TRL which means she hit 20 consecutive days on the chart!!
    TRL "Charmers" received the following mail:

    Vote for "THROUGH THE RAIN" on TRL!

    "I still exist because you keep me safe, I found my saving grace within you..."

    You guys just amaze me! Congratulations... Mariah has hit the 20 day mark AND as promised, one of the CHARMERS has won the ENTIRE Mariah Carey Album Collection AUTOGRAPHED!!! Congrats to Candace Hennen!

    Mariah also wanted to thank the entire TRL Charmers team for all your hardwork so far...CLICK HERE for a special Mariah Thank you! Stay tuned...we'll have a SPECIAL prize when Mariah hits 30 days! Details to come soon!

    Build your own charm bracelet...
    Charm of the week: The Sunflower
    How do YOU win this week's charm: Vote for Mariah at least 4 days this week on TRL! Don't forget to LOG your votes. Please note: Only TELEPHONE VOTES should be logged!

    20 days on TRL
    Highest chart position to date: #1
    Most recent chart position: #5

    Who CHARMED Cindy this week?

    MD Congratulates Kandi for winning the autographed collection! Please continue to vote for Mariah on TRL, BET & The Fridge (links to your right).

    Mariah To Visit Sweden
    Mariah is coming to the NRJ Radio Music Awards in January. The show will be held at Hovet (Sthlm). They just announced it on NRJ!
    (Thanks Daydreamgirl)

    2 Jingle Bell Appearances Confirmed
    Here's a new update for Mariah's upcoming appearances, notice the TRL appearance date has been changed!

    * 12/03 Charmbracelet in stores!
    * 12/03 Mariah on Oprah
    * 12/03 MTV special: Mariah - Shining Through The Rain
    * 12/10 Dateline NBC
    * 12/10 BET Turnstyles
    * 12/11 Today Show Performance
    * 12/11 Instore signing at the Mall of Americas in Minneapolis
    * 12/16 MTV TRL

    * 12/15/02 Ft. Lauderdale, FL National Car Rental Arena Performance at Y100 (WHYI) Jingle Ball
    * 12/19/02 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond Arena Performance at KIIS Jingle Ball


    Download Through The Rain Now For $.99 Cents

    Consumers can purchase, burn and transfer songs to portable devices for 99 cents per individual track/$9.99 per album Exclusive pre-release date content will feature Mariah Carey single "Through the Rain".

    New York, NY and Santa Monica, California, November 20, 2002 – Taking a major step forward in its effort to make more music available to more people in more ways, Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s largest music company, announced today the availability of more than 43,000 music tracks for digital downloading to consumers through a host of leading retail and music Web sites. UMG is the first major label to offer music fans such a broad catalog of music tracks for preview and purchase. The downloads will be burnable to CD and transferable to secure portable devices. The digital tracks will be available for purchase by consumers in the U.S. for 99 cents for individual tracks and $9.99 for albums.

    UMG is kicking off this exciting initiative by making the new single from award-winning musical superstar Mariah Carey available online before the release of her upcoming album. The new single "Through the Rain" will be exclusively available to consumers for the first two weeks after the launch. The single is available to music fans in the U.S. for 99 cents through Web sites selling UMG digital downloads. The track is the first single to be released from Charmbracelet (MonarC / Island Records), which will be available in stores on December 3.

    "This is a watershed moment. Universal is committed to making every recording it controls available for Internet distribution. We have listened to the public, and we are offering the music that people want at a reasonable price that fairly compensates the artists, songwriters and the tens of thousands of hard-working individuals who make their living in the music industry," said Larry Kenswil, President, Universal Music Group, eLabs. "There is nothing that can justify resorting to illegal services to get UMG music on the Internet."

    "We’re thrilled that Universal has chosen Liquid Audio to be their digital music service provider for this groundbreaking launch," said Gerry Kearby, President and CEO, Liquid Audio. "The depth and breadth of the content, the array of so many important affiliates and the consumer offering are all precedent setting. Universal is raising the bar for the delivery of secure digital music."

    "UMVD is excited about spearheading this new opportunity with our retail partners," commented Jim Urie, President, Universal Music and Video Distribution. "We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to drive business and market our music. This is truly a significant step in the digital distribution revolution, by empowering our customers to give the consumer hit music in any format, physical or digital, they desire."

    The digital downloads are available today through the following retailers and music sites:

    AudioCandy (www.audiocandy.com)
    Best Buy (www.bestbuy.com)
    BET (www.bet.com)
    Cats (www.catsmusic.com)
    Circuit City (www.circuitycity.com)
    Clear Channel (www.clearchannel.com)
    Compact Disc World (www.clubcd.com)
    Corner CD (www.cornercd.com)
    Dimples (www.dimple.com)
    EarWax (www.earwaxrecords.com)
    Electric Fetus (www.electricfetus.com)
    Face The Music (www.facethemusic.com)
    TransWorld (www.fye.com)
    Gallery Of Sound (www.galleryofsound.com)
    Independent Record (www.beindependent.com)
    Latin Noise (www.latinnoise.com)
    Mainstreet (www.mainstreetmusic.com)
    Millennium Music (www.millenniummusic.com)
    MIRA Coalition (www.miramag.com)
    Music Millennium (www.musicmillennium.com)
    Music Rebellion (www.musicrebellion.com)
    New World Record (www.newworldrecord.com)
    MP3.com (www.mp3.com)
    Quonset Hut (www.qhut.com)
    Rasputin (www.rasputinmusic.com)
    Record & Tape Trader (www.recordandtapetraders.com)
    Rolling Stone (www.rollingstone.com)
    Tower (www.tower.com)
    Windows Media (www.windowsmedia.com)

    A complete list of those sites selling UMG a la carte downloads is posted here.


    Support a NEW EXCITING Online Feature!
    We need your help with a VERY special mission this week. It's easy and fun! Want to know what it is and how YOU can help? Head over to...

    The Team Mariah Headquarters:
    We now have a private password protected site just for Team Mariah members! CLICK HERE to head over RIGHT NOW for details on this week's mission!

    Also, inside the Team Mariah HQ you'll find the latest team news, prize details, TRL exclusives, access to your logs AND a private message board!

    Team Mariah

    Anastacia Wants To Work With MC
    Anastacia was interviewed Sunday, and on the question "What plans do you have next? New album soon?" she replies:
    Im starting to write a new album next year, that the record company want to release next christmas. I am going to cooperate more with other artists, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey maybe. That is an idea I have.
    (Thanks Anderz)

    Justin Gets Booted From Mariah CD
    "...Adding insult to injury was the news this week that ''Yours,'' his touted duet with Mariah Carey, won't be included after all on ''Charmbracelet,'' her highly anticipated new release that comes out Dec. 10. ''He did an amazing job on the vocals and I was happy with what he did,'' Carey told MTV. Nonetheless, she said, the version on the CD will be Justin-free, though she may release the duet as a remix. ''Charmbracelet'' guest artists who did make the cut include the edgier Cam'ron, Freeway, and Jay-Z..."

    DreamLoverBoy, Entertainment Weekly

    TTR On International Charts
    Yesterday we reported about TTR's debut at #36 in Germany and the possible top ten entry in the UK, here are even better reports from the rest of the world:

    Switzerland - Debut at #13 (Thanks a dee084).
    Spain - Debut at #3 (Thanks Joel).
    UK - So far 6,436 copies sold at #9 (Thanks DRUnatic).
    Japan - #26 (Thanks badboyluke)

    "Charmbracelet" Reviews
    Slant Magazine: (Thanks Sal)
    3.5 Stars
    Mariah Carey / Charmbracelet / MonarC/Island, 2002

    Recovering diva Mariah Carey’s highly-anticipated new album, Charmbracelet (yes, she’s perpetually trapped in the 8th grade), reprises the singer’s now-signature mix of hip-hop and pop, but throws in a few happy surprises along the way. While the hip-hop-skewed tracks--“Boy (I Need You),” featuring Cam’ron, and “You Got Me,” featuring Freeway and Jay-Z--provide further evidence that Carey should keep her rappers on the remix, Charmbracelet also possesses its fair share of pop appeal. With an alternate version featuring Justin Timberlake lying in wait, the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis-produced “Yours” could be the comeback single Carey has been looking for. Charmbracelet’s strongest links, however, are its more soulful ones: the gospel-hued “My Saving Grace” (fans of Carey's Christmas album already know such Yuletide fodder suits her well) and a daring cover of Def Leppard’s “Bringin' On The Heartbreak.” These tracks are infused with a surprising amount of live instrumentation, which contributes to an overall sense of warmth that’s been otherwise missing from Carey’s recent work.

    Like the album's restrained first single “Through The Rain,” every song on Charmbracelet is autobiographical to some degree and draws on Carey’s publicly turbulent year without ever sounding indignant or asking for pity. Carey makes direct reference to her long-estranged father on “Sunflowers For Alfred Roy,” and makes vague allusions to Tommy Mottola on “You Had Your Chance” and “I Only Wanted” (“Wish I'd stayed beneath my veil,” she sings solemnly). Carey has smartly teamed with neo-soul producers Andre Harris and Vidal Davis (Jill Scott, Musiq) on two tracks: the sleek “Clown,” in which the singer strikes out at rumored ex-loverboy Marshall Mathers (“Who's gonna care when the novelty's over/When the star of the show isn't you anymore?”) and “Lullaby,” a sonic and thematic sequel to 1997’s “The Roof” (“It actually almost feels like d?j? vu/Of that night on the roof/We kissed under the sky amid city lights”). But while “The Roof” was sexy in its insinuations, “Lullaby” goes one step further: “We can revisit us one more time/Yes, I'll come home with you tonight.” Though there’s nothing as immediate as “Fantasy” or “My All” here, Charmbracelet is significantly less contrived than 1999’s Rainbow and almost as creatively liberating as Butterfly.

    Sal Cinquemani
    © slant magazine, 2002

    Rolling Stone: (Thanks OneLuv274)
    2 Stars
    Mariah Carey / Charmbracelet

    Apparently, the best thing Mariah Carey can do to put her career back on track is to cover Def Leppard. The catchiest cut on Carey's eighth album, Charmbracelet, is a fascinatingly overblown orchestral remake of "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." The rest of the album is strangely muddy: On songs such as "Yours," Carey's lead vocals blend into choruses of overdubbed Mariahs cooing overlapping phrases. Circling these are choirs of more Mariahs singing harmonies and countermelodies. Topping it off are generous sprinklings of the singer's patented birdcalls (on "You Had Your Chance"), wails, sighs and whispers. The mostly skeletal musical instrumentation is insignificant: Charmbracelet is nearly wall-to-wall Mariah. Tempos plod, and hooks are few. Carey needs bold songs that help her use the power and range for which she is famous. Charmbracelet is like a stream of watercolors that bleed into a puddle of brown.

    (RS 911 – December 12, 2002)

    You can post your thoughts about the review here.

    Kiss 106.1 FM Interview
    As promised, Lori typed down the interview Mariah did with Kiss 106.1 in Seattle, WA:

    Jackie: I really like your new song 'Through The Rain'!
    Mariah: thank you! Thank you so much!
    Jackie: did you decide to release a ballad first? Cause obviously you've always done so well with ballads
    Mariah: well ya know its funny cause some of my biggest records have been up tempos as well, like heartbreaker or fantasy, and I really wanted to put out an up tempo first but I had like 21 songs for this new album, charmbracelet, it comes out December 3rd, I had to narrow it down to like 15 songs, and I duno when I played Through The Rain for everybody I expected them to be like 'oh cool' and put it out like 2nd or 3rd but everybody was just like ya know really felt the message of the song was important to get out there, and I wrote it, yes for myself, in terms of, ya know, I've been through a lot of stuff and whatever, but more importantly just to inspire other people to get through their stuff
    Jackie: I was wondering if that was really what the song was about, was just the last couple years you've had, it goes all the way back, when everyone was saying ya know when you were like having a breakdown on MTV..
    Mariah: well that was totally blown out of proportion.. the people who were reporting that should have looked back and gone like.. Wait didn't she interview herself as the girl with the black hair from the Heartbreaker video, ya remember that?
    Jackie: I was wondering if you were just having a good time and they just took it wrong. .
    Mariah: I was! I totally was! And that's been my history with MTV and TRL, its not like I was on dateline or something.. ya know what I mean? Its TRL, artists go on there and do funny stuff all the time, but its because I collapsed a couple days after that from exhaustion, people are like its a break down! she flipped out! i'm like its a friggin joke with Carson dally, it wasn't like Ted Copple was sitting right there..
    Jackie: and when you did collapse a couple days later, was it just that you were being run ragged in every direction and you couldn't take it anymore?
    Mariah: yeah it was beyond that.. can you just picture like your longest day and you are just exhausted and you've gone through a lot of intense emotional stuff and then you also haven't slept, and amplify that by like 5000..
    Jackie: I always ask people who have schedules like that, do you like wake up and do you even want to KNOW what your schedule is?
    Mariah: I couldn't know even if I tried, now what I've done is I've rearranged my life. They have to SHOW me my schedule, I have to have a certain amount of hours for sleep, I have to be eating properly. cause ya know I was really run down, they would give me like one hour of sleep and wake me up for like an Australian phone interview at 5 in the morning, then I have like a photo shoot at 7.. ya know, and then the whole day of interviews, then we'd travel to another city or another country, ya know.. and people sit at home and are like 'What's she so exhausted for? What do you do just get up and sing?' I understand that mentality cause I was one of those people that sat at home and thought famous people did nothing too.. But its like people don't realize when you are a global artist when you are known in like other countries and you have fans in other places, you have to do stuff in different time zones, sometimes its like 20 hour differences, its crazy stuff.. it was just really like I hit bottom in terms of running myself ragged.. and i'm just .. I had to learn to set boundaries in my life and not let anyone do that anymore..
    Bender: Whether you did or didn't, what does it do to you and the family when you read in the tabloids that you've lost your friggin marbles?
    Mariah: (laugh) Ya know what was so.. the worst thing about it was, it was bad enough that I physically collapsed at my mother's house, and she as a concerned parent called 911.. as anyone would if they were concerned for their daughter.. but that isn't what you do in the CELEBRITY WORLD, i'm sure that sort of thing happens more than we know, but my mom wasn't dealing with me as a "celebrity" that was ya know, i'm her daughter, and I collapsed at her house, what's she gona do? all I did was surround myself with people who really care about me. What I did was I went and started recording this album, Charmbracelet, and I just kinda left that stuff behind, and I put everything I was going through emotionally, everything I've ever gone through into the making of this album. That's why I feel so good about it. It's just very personal, but it's also not like a WOE IS ME type album .. It's like its celebrating life, ya know..
    Bender: Back from the brink of her nervous breakdown.. Jake.. Lightning Round.. GO!
    Jake: Mariah..
    Mariah: What's that mean??? (worried sound.)
    Jackie: She's terrified!!
    Jake: Hey do you ever hurt your own ears when you sing those really high notes?
    Mariah: (laugh) Ohhhhh, I don't know!
    Jake: Hey did Eminem invite you to the 8 Mile premiere?
    Mariah: (defensive) Uh I really don't know.. I'm out of the country, I'm in London.
    Bender: So what's the deal with you and Eminem? Did you guys hook up or what?
    Mariah: No, we did not hook up. We weren't.. I mean, did we go anywhere? Did I go on a date with him? NO. Did I have a physical relationship with him? NO.
    Jackie: (laughing) Definitely no on all of the above!
    Mariah: Absolutely NOT. I mean I thought I was friends with him but ya know what you have to really.. you never know who you can trust, and sometimes you make an error in judgment, and you learn from it, I mean whatever...
    Jake: Hey does your tour rider really demand mineral water and champagne glasses with bendy straws?
    Mariah: Um No.. but I do like bottled water, i'm sorry if that's like an extravagant thing.. and the only reason for the straws .. ladies as you know, when ya got lipstick on, when you're drinkin out of a bottle, its not a good look!
    Jackie: Yeah yeah.. i'm drinking out of a bottle right now and all I got on is lipliner..
    Mariah: But you're on the radio! nobody can see you! I always have to be photographed and people are always scrutinizing me..
    Jake: At any point in time did you ever feel like just walking out of Glitter?
    Mariah: I did most of the entire time! Cause it was one idea that started out like this edgy gritty cool project, then they watered it down so much that I was like, I don't even wanna do this, but I was contractually obligated, and then also in all fairness, it did come out the week of like September 11th, and I hadn't promoted it because I was exhausted, and I hadn't done any promotion and all that stuff, so.. Its all about learning a lesson, I'd rather do more independent movies, and things that are more fun and more character driven things.. Even if you see like the Heartbreaker video or the Honey video those are the things that you see like my sense of humor like that's more of my thing..
    Jake: Hey was Michael Jackson right, is Tommy Mottolla REALLY the devil?
    Mariah: (laughs) You'll have to call Michael and ask him I didn't make that accusation!
    Bender: DONE! It's Mariah Carey, her new cd charmbracelet is in stores December 3rd! Thanks for the show we really appreciate it!
    Mariah: thank you so much!
    Jackie: take care!
    Mariah: you too! bye!
    ----Mariah off phone----
    Bender: Mariah Carey!!! Tommy Mottola of course being the head of Sony Music, who is her ex-husband..
    Jackie: she was a very good sport!! I did not know what to expect.. but she was very cool about the whole thing..

    updated byLiron November 19th, 2002 8:50PM
    TTR Doing Well In The UK
    Mr Pop Idol, Will Young, is on course to bag yet another No 1 in the UK singles chart, with his latest creamy release, 'Don’t Let Me Down'/'You And I'.

    The cream of some Young guy (number 24 on my local Chinese take-away menu) is just ahead of the current No 1, Christina Aguilera’s 'Dirrty', in the race for Sunday’s top spot. While Aguilera looks like falling to two, the second highest new entry should come from S Club with 'Alive' at five (remember Five Alive? Very fruity), while the winner of the Best Female award at the MTV Europe Music Awards, J-Lo, is likely to hit the chart at seven or thereabouts with 'Jenny From The Block'. Mariah Carey is also on course to for a top ten new entry Sunday with her comeback track 'Through The Rain'.

    Outside the top ten, new entries are on the cards for Music, Rikki & Daz FT Glen Campbell, Paul Weller, Lasgo, Suede, Sum 41 and Kelly Llorenna. Snoop Dog may be wondering if he’s barking up the wrong tree with his new single, 'From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace', as it struggles to penetrate the top 30. Woof.

    Anderz, MTV UK

    From Heat Magazine: 'Her film Glitter bombed. She's jumped from label to label. Her behaviour has been, er, unpredictable. But Mariah can still make it Through the rain. And she still can scale those octaves on this glossy tinkling ballad. Expect her new album in December'
    (Thanks davidwilkes5)

    TTR Debuts In Germany
    "Through The Rain" debuts at # 36 in the German charts. As you may know, Germany got 3 different TTR Singles, so continue to buy them and support the song!
    (Thanks MARIAHZBOI)

    Preview "Yours" & "Clown"
    On Mariah's official site you can now listen to short clips from "Yours" and "Clown" from the upcoming album! Click Here to check it out (under Music / "Charmbracelet")

    New pictures from the official site have been added to Gallery 1 (I know a lot of you are having a problem viewing the new pictures, apparently the servers are acting up a bit so just keep going back to the gallery page, it will work eventually).

    Wisegirls Copies
    Paul has a few copies left of "Wisegirls" VHS and would like to offer them to those who haven't seen the movie yet.
    If you're interested, email him at mspetex5@aol.com.

    MC In New Book
    The book is called Hollywood Divas: The Good The Bad and The Fabolous
    She is on Pg 41- 45 with a black and white pic on Pg 42 and basically summarizes her life from the beginnng until her new signing with Universal and mentions her love life, breakdown, Sweet Science, her dad's death, etc.
    (Thanks EJ)

    updated byLiron November 19th, 2002 12:50PM
    MC Talks About New Album Tracks, The One Being Next Single?
    Mariah Remakes Cam'ron Song, Drops Timberlake From New LP
    Hopefully she's got one of those global cell phones like her friend Jay-Z, because there's no telling what part of the world Mariah Carey's gonna end up in next.

    "Bonjour," a relaxed Mariah said last week from Paris, a jet ride away from Italy.

    Mariah's bounced around to Paris, Miami, the Bahamas, Jamaica and most recently St. Tropez — all favorite getaway spots for recording artists. Some go not just to escape the concrete-and-steel metropolises where they normally live and do business, but to find inspiration. Ask Mariah, and she'll tell you none of those spots have a thing on Italy. It's where she lived during the summer while recording parts of her upcoming Charmbracelet (December 10).

    "This album is probably the most personal album I've ever made," she said. "I basically moved into the studio in Italy. I was writing songs in my little apartment upstairs, then I would go downstairs and record them at night. I had so much to say, [and] this was the perfect outlet for me to do that. I feel so proud of this record. It was something that was healing for me."

    Charmbracelet's likely next single, "The One," was co-written with Jermaine Dupri.

    "It's a personal song," Mariah said. "I've been collaborating with Jermaine since we did 'Always Be My Baby' in 1996. So every time we do something together it's a special moment for me. The song is kinda about when you feel hurt in relationships in the past, and maybe you meet somebody and you want to get involved but you're unsure whether you should or not."

    Calling herself a distant relative in Dupri's So So Def family, Mariah explained that the track came together easily even though it was born in Atlanta and finished in Italy. "We know each other's way of working. ... Some producers are shocked when they work with me because they don't expect me to be so involved. But Jermaine and I have this understanding."

    The singer may be doing some more traveling when it comes time to shoot the video.

    "It's probably going to be directed by Joseph Kahn, and we're going to do it in Japan," she said as other phones in her room momentarily interrupted her. "He has this whole elaborate concept. We're still putting those plans together."

    For another track, "Oh Boy," all Mariah had to do was look back to Cam'ron's Come Home With Me LP.

    "I redid Cam'ron's 'Oh Boy' for the record, and Cam'ron came out to Capri and did his rhyme out there. It's definitely one of my favorites, 'cause I love the original. It was cool to have him out there doing his thing in such a random environment."

    Cam'ron wasn't the only member of Roc-A-Fella to record on the album. Jay-Z and Freeway appear on "You Got Me."

    " 'You Got Me' is a song produced by Just Blaze," Carey explained. "We went in the studio after I heard the 'Oh Boy' track he did for Cam'ron 'cause I just loved it. This is kind of a signature Just Blaze track. We had Freeway on the song, and Jay-Z was in Capri this year taking a little vacation and he came and heard the song. He said he wanted to get on it."

    One person who didn't make the album was Justin Timberlake. The two did work together, but Carey said their collaboration will appear in the future via a remix.

    "Justin and I did a song together called 'Yours,' which is probably going to be on the remix of that song," she said. "He did an amazing job on the vocals and I was happy with what he did. It's sort of a romantic, mid tempo R&B record that Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and I wrote together."

    Besides working on her own disc, Carey has also gotten on the new Busta Rhymes album, It Ain't Safe No More, which drops November 26.
    —Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Jeff Cornell

    Stanley, MTV, VH1.

    Mariah To Visit Korea
    Warmthest sent me the following news bit (translated to English) from the Korea Times. So far this hasn't been confirmed but Universal but it looks like Mariah will visit Korea next week:
    Mariah Carey will be visiting korea right after the japanese promotion..
    She will be singing 'Through the Rain' on "Wednesday Arts Stage" on MBC (korea's tv station).
    This is Mariah Carey's first promotional visit in Korea, she only visited korea once previously to perform in Michael Jackson's concert in June of 99 in Seoul.

    To see the scans from the newspaper, go to Gallery 1.

    More Pictures
    Nic, MC & Liron NYC Meet & Greet - The pictures that were taken in the NYC Meet & Greet have been added to Mariah's official page including one of Nicole & myself with Mariah! This was the first time I looked at the pictures and it was really nice to see fans I remembered from there like Jimmy, Joe (x2), Janel (and her sweet aunt), Mike, Greg & Jonas. If anyone has more pictures or can spot themselves in the picture, e-mail me!

    Star Academy Caps - Thanks to Mariah Style, I made a few captures of Mariah singing at the French TV show "Star Academy" and talking to the hosts (2 different outfits).

    London Pictures - Thanks to Big Pictures USA, I added pictures of Mariah with fans in London on Nov 15th. I am pretty sure I spotted Gilles in there!

    All pictures have been added to Gallery 1.

    Through The Rain" available in the UK!!
    Today marks the commercial release of two single formats of "Through The Rain" in the UK! CD 1 contains the new single plus remixes by Full Intention, Borris & Michi and Hex Hector plus a collector's edition fold out poster! CD 2 contains the new single along with the r&b remix featuring Kelly Price and Joe plus the Borris & Michi dub mix. CD2 is also enhanced with the fantastic new video for "Through The Rain".

    babygirl4ever, MariahCarey.com

    News From San Diego
    Darnelle sent me the following news bits:

    San Diego Based "Channel 93.3" yesterday announced that rapper Eminem reportedly has taped messages from Mariah Carey that he had burned and might use in an upcoming album.

    Channel 8 in San Diego had a small segmant on the news about the declining use of photo boothes and showed a couple pictures of celebrities in cluding Mariah Carey and Eminem featured separately of course in their booth shots at the MTV studios.

    updated byLiron November 18th, 2002 10:00PM
    CD's Crowd Holiday Market
    Stung by an alarming decline in CD sales, record executives began releasing an unusually heavy blitz of big-name artists last week in hopes of drawing big holiday sales.

    In the largest release schedule of major artists in recent memory, label executives are rolling out more than two dozen releases through Dec. 17, music industry experts say. The danger is that the strategy could end up being counterproductive. An executive at BMG, the music division of Bertelsmann, said that there was a glut of new releases and that he hoped they would not cancel each other out.

    The five major record companies are struggling to gain ground in a market that has shrunk in part because of free Internet file-sharing and a sluggish economy. Total music sales are down 12.9 percent so far this year compared with the same period in 2001, according Nielsen Sound-Scan, which tracks music sales.

    Holiday marketing has traditionally been important to the music business, but a sales decline during the season last year has prompted the industry to become particularly aggressive this year, music executives said.

    Some executives are using creative promotional campaigns. Def Jam, a unit of Universal Music Group, a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal, is offering buyers two discs for the price of one with the purchase of Jay-Z's new release, "The Blueprint2: the Gift and the Curse." Elektra, a unit of Warner Music Group, is promoting Missy Elliott's new release, "Under Construction," by offering consumers a chance to win $1 million through a worldwide wireless telephone contest. Some labels have included a DVD with their releases.

    Street teams are out in force. The teams consist of young men and women whose job is to persuade D.J.'s at hot clubs to play new singles and generate street buzz.

    Besides Ms. Elliott, the list of female artists includes Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Ashanti, Shakira and TLC. Besides Jay-Z, the male vocalists include Snoop Dogg, DMX, Ja Rule, Nas, Phil Collins, Elton John, the late George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake. Eminem still dominates the charts with singles from the "8 Mile" soundtrack, which was released early in the fourth quarter. Several groups will release albums, including U2, B2K and Dru Hill.

    Sylvia Rhone, the chairwoman and chief executive of Elektra Records, said that Ms. Elliott's release was the label's "big event album." Last week, Ms. Elliott's single, "Work It," was No. 1 on Billboard's Rhythm & Blues and Hip-Hop charts.

    "There are an unusual amount of platinum-plus artists being released at around the same time," Ms. Rhone said. "The retail traffic will be stimulated by the new releases."

    This year's list of big-name fourth-quarter releases is long compared with last year, when the only major female vocalists, or "divas," competing for sales were Britney Spears and Madonna. The list of bands included Creed, No Doubt and Aerosmith.

    Last year, fourth-quarter sales were 31.9 percent of the music industry's total sales, compared with 32.5 percent the previous year, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Though the drop was slight, the industry took notice.

    "The fourth quarter for us begins in August," said Julie Greenwald, executive vice president of the Island Def Jam Music Group. "We put together a plan. We say, `What's the album? What's the single? What's the video?' You want to drop all of your big boys and girls to get the sales."

    Gone are the days when artists could release an album, sit back and watch sales roll in. Many must appear on television and visit radio stations to produce sales. They also need to be popular enough to appear on the covers of major magazines and have their names dropped in gossip columns, industry experts say.

    Jay-Z, for example, went on a coast-to-coast radio talk show tour last Wednesday, the day after his album was released, Ms. Greenwald said. She said Mariah Carey would be interviewed on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"; Sum 41 would be interviewed by David Letterman and appear on Mad TV, a comedy show on Fox; and Shania Twain, the country singer, would be interviewed on a Katie Couric special.

    Even divas cannot rest on their laurels. They must constantly reinvent themselves, and the field is crowded this year, industry experts say.

    Ms. Lopez, who sings for Epic Records, a unit of Sony Music, will give her fans something different from her usual hip-hop genre, and industry experts expect good sales results. On her new album, "This Is Me . . . Then," scheduled for release on Nov. 26, she will offer more ballads, music industry experts say.

    But with Ms. Houston and Ms. Carey both trying to make comebacks, sales are a little more uncertain, the industry experts say. Both have had trouble securing radio play for their new singles. Representatives from their labels are working aggressively to get them to stand out. Ms. Houston performed at the MTV Music Video Awards in Europe last week. Ms. Carey has been making a concerted effort to be seen in public.

    The divas are not the only ones jockeying for position. The managers for Justin Timberlake, the lead singer for 'N Sync, who just started a solo career, said that they hoped that he could continue to dominate the charts after a strong debut on Nov. 5. Last week, his album was No. 2, behind the "8 Mile" soundtrack, selling 439,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Music industry experts said that he could get lost in the shuffle of new releases.

    However, "We're not worried," said Ken Sunshine, Mr. Timberlake's spokesman. "I think his first week's sales were extraordinary in a sales quarter reserved for superstars."

    Nacho, NY Times

    AOL Premiered "Yours"
    Lior & Warmthest told me that AOL did in face premiere "Yours" on AOL First listen. You can find captures from the AOL screen in Gallery 10.

    updated byLiron November 18th, 2002 7:40PM
    TRL Stats
    Today "Through The Rain" came at #6 on TRL. It's great that we kept it there for so long but we have to keep voting so Mariah doesn't fall from the chart!
    A new "Team Mariah" incentive was sent to the TRL "Charmers":

    Vote for "THROUGH THE RAIN" on TRL!

    Get Mariah back to #1. If Mariah is on today AND tomorrow one lucky charmer will win Mariah's entire album collection autographed!

    Build your own charm bracelet...
    Charm of the week: The Sunflower
    How do YOU win this week's charm: Vote for Mariah at least 4 days this week on TRL! Don't forget to LOG your votes. Please note: Only TELEPHONE VOTES should be logged!

    18 days on TRL
    Highest chart position to date: #1
    Most recent chart position: #5

    Who CHARMED Cindy this week?
    "I got in my 3 votes for MC today on the phone and my online one too!" - GREAT JOB Jennifer Stanley

    More Chart News
    VH1 America:
    Mariah moved up from 20 to 18 on the VH1 countdown.
    Please continue to vote for her HERE.
    (Thanks Anthony)

    Check The Request Page for more chart news worldwide and a huge TTR update in American radio & TV thanks to Ricardo.

    More Fan Sites

  • IMCentral - Information about the new album promotion.
  • Mariah Carey - News In Russian by Jarom & Ily.
  • All4Mariah.com - Check out the new design and relaunch.

    Vote For MC On Nickelodeon
    Mark from mariahscandy.tk told us that you can vote for "Through The Rain" on Nickelodeon by doing the following:
    Go to nick.com, log in (if you can't log in, you have to register, it only takes a few minutes).
    Then go to music and then go to nick video pick of the day then vote for Mariah Carey.
    She's going against "simple plan" and "the ketchup song".
    Mariah is winning with 40.31% so keep voting!

    Mariah On Kiss 106.1
    Lori told me that Mariah called in from London to Kiss 106.1 in Seattle, WA and talked to Jackie & Bender on the morning show.
    She talked about the new album of course, about Eminem (and for the millionth time denied something ever went on between them) and even about "Glitter".
    Lori will give us a more detailed review tomorrow, after the re-airing of it at 6:10 AM - check it out!

    Kristin & Mariah
    Kristin is one of the lucky 6 who got to interview Mariah at the MTV Special that will be aired on December 3rd.
    I met Kristin in NY and she's really great and a big Mariah fan! At the interview, Kristin told Mariah about helping her overcome a lot of things also due to the fact they're both bi-racial. If you saw the segment that MTV aired on TRL last week, the girl who made Mariah cry is Kristin. Her picture with Mariah can be seen in Gallery 10!

    Upcoming Appearances Update
    Television Appearances
    12/3/02 Oprah Winfrey ABC Interview Airs
    12/3/02 MTV Special - "Shining Through the Rain"
    12/8/02 Fantastico Brazil Globo TV
    12/7/02 Telethon Mexico Televisa
    12/11/02 NBC - Today Show Today Show performance, Mall of America In-Store


    Don't forget to check the left sidebar for Mariah's other upcoming events.

    Buy "Through The Rain"!
    Look out for 2 (count 'em 2!) Mariah Carey 12" vinyl's coming to a store near you!
    MC...Move the Crowd 12"
    In Store Date: November 26, 2002
    Side A
    1) Boy (I Need You) feat. Cam'Ron
    2) Irresistible (West Coast Connection)
    3) You Got Me feat. Jay-Z and Freeway
    Side B
    1) Boy (I Need You) - Instrumental
    2) Irresistible (West Coast Connection) - Instrumental
    3) You Got Me - Instrumental

    Through The Rain - The Remixes Double 12"
    In Store Date: December 10, 2002
    Side A
    1) Full Intention Club Mix
    Side B
    1) Maurice Joshua Club Mix
    Side C
    1) Hex Hector Club Mix
    Side D
    1. Full Intention Dub Mix
    2. Maurice Joshua Dub Mix


    Release Date: November 18th

    CD Single #1
    1. Through The Rain (Album Version)
    2. Through The Rain (Full Intention Radio Mix)
    3. Through The Rain (Boris & Michi's Radio Mix)
    4. Through The Rain (Hex Hector Radio Mix)

    CD Single #2 - Enhanced
    1. Through The Rain (Radio Edit)
    2. Through The Rain (Remix)
    3. Through The Rain (Through The Dub)
    4. Through The Rain (Video)

    You can order online at HMV or Amazon

    (Thanks babygirl4ever)

  • updated byLiron November 17th, 2002 9:15PM
    Jadakiss Shot A Video With MC!
    The following is an extract from an interview that BET did with Jadakiss, in it he mentions doing a video with Mariah.
    The only song that we know of that they did together is "Miss You" which is included as a bonus track for the Japanese edition of "Charmbracelet".
    More details to come as we hear of any...

    What other projects do you have brewing?

    We got our label coming, Sheik's album is going to drop on that along with Jae Hood and a bunch of others. We're working. I just did a video with J.Lo, I just shoot the Deborah Cox video and Mariah's video. I'm about to do one with Joe as well. I was supposed to be on the "8 Mile" soundtrack but the business didn't go right. I'll catch them on the next one.

    BET, Mariah World

    Italian TV Show Captures
    Screen captures from the Italian TV show "C'è posta per te" were added to Gallery 10. Mariah also performed "Through The Rain" in the show.
    Thanks to Mariah Carey Guardian Angel and Mariah Crybaby for the caps.

    MC Webpages
    Check out the following links for nice Mariah fansites:

  • MCTK
  • Mariah Carey...Looking In

    Something about Mariah
    Mariah Carey went from dirt poor at 17 to singing superstar at 20 - then came a breakdown and a $35m pay-off from EMI not to make any more albums. How does a girl bounce back from that?

    Geraldine Bedell
    Sunday November 17, 2002
    The Observer

    What you don't realise about Mariah Carey, if you've only seen her on television, is how big she is -nearly 6ft, with breasts that look as though she's taken a football pump to them, they're so inflated and bouncy. Her hair tumbles over her shoulders and her bare, honey-coloured thighs are magnificently honed. She is Amazonian, an impressive specimen of corn-fed humanity - which makes her waif-like sense of herself as having lost out on some crucial part of growing up all the more poignant.

    The past 18 months have not been good for Mariah Carey. In July 2001, after posting several rambling and plaintive messages on her website, she suffered what was officially described as a 'complete emotional breakdown' and was admitted to hospital amid rumours that she had tried to kill herself, although the cuts on her body were explained away by her publicist as 'an accident with plates'. Not long before this, she had broken up with her boyfriend of three years, South American singer Luis Miguel. Shortly afterwards - on 11 September - her movie, Glitter was released and did dismal business at the box office. The soundtrack to the film was her first outing with Virgin, to which she had signed in the biggest recording deal in history. The album sold a mere two million copies, compared with a career average of eight million. Last February, Virgin's parent company, EMI, terminated her contract with a pay-off of $35 million.

    But now she is back, with a new single, and an album, Charmbracelet, recorded on her own label, in a joint venture with Island/Def Jam. How album and single fare will go some way towards answering the question of whether Carey is fundamentally the creation of one man, her former husband, Tommy Mottola. With her soulful five-octave voice and songwriting ability (she composes all her material) there ought to be no barrier to many more years at the top. But it remains to be seen whether she has the confidence to market herself, now that he is no longer there to do it for her.

    Mottola, president of Sony Music, famously discovered Carey when she was 17, after she pressed a demo tape into his hands at a party. This publicist's dream of a Cinderella story (which even has her wearing unreliable shoes - her mother's black trainers, a size too small) goes that Mottola listened to the tape on the way home in his limousine, realised how good she was, and turned around - only to find that she'd left the party and that he had to spend a couple of days tracking her down. They worked for two years on her first album, which sold five million copies and provided her with four number one singles in the US. They also had an affair and he left his wife and children to marry her. The bride wore a tiara modelled on the one Princess Diana wore for her wedding and a 27ft train. She was 23; he was 44.

    Mottola controlled every aspect of Carey's career and her life. The couple built a hideous house in Bedford Hills, with 12 bedrooms, a recording studio, ballroom, firing range, helicopter pad and two swimming pools, where Mariah, who wasn't that long out of high school, felt trapped. There were minders everywhere. 'It was,' she says now, 'very intense and confining and stifling and not natural'. She chafed against the restrictions and the couple divorced in 1998 after four years of marriage and nine months of separation. But Mottola continued to be boss of her record company and she had a contract to fulfil - though for her last album with Sony (called, with heavy symbolism, Butterfly) she was allowed to get a little more R&B and to cast off the chrysalis of her diva long dresses for sparkly Spandex and thigh-skimming 'glamour'.

    Mariah Carey had a number one single in every year of the 1990s. She remains the best-selling female recording artist of all time and has achieved what seems to be the main dream of little girls in the Western world, to have other little girls screaming on the pavement outside Claridges at the sheer, hysterical thrill of having seen her. But the process has evidently often been painful and last year caused her to collapse. She must be worth somewhere between $100m and $200m, so it's slightly difficult to understand why she wants to keep on putting herself through it.

    Before she emerges onto the pavement in front of Claridges and into the screams, I ask her. There are two parts to her answer. The first is that 'just the act of singing is freedom for me, a healing thing that's always gotten me through everything'. It's what she does, and what she loves, and she's rich enough now to be able to write most of an album, as she did this one, lying on a catamaran off Puerto Rico. What she doesn't have to do any more, of course, is market herself so relentlessly - but that, she says, 'has to do with the way I grew up. I have always been overcompensating - feeling like, in the beginning, I want to become successful so that I'm not broke when I grow up and I want to be famous because I don't necessarily feel like I fit in, or that I'm good enough as I am.'

    Rumours swirl around Carey, of princessy behaviour and vast entourages, and, while there is plenty of evidence of the latter, there's no sign, at least while I'm with her, of the former. She seems warm and eager to please, and chatters away with the frankness of someone who has excavated her past in therapy and found a story she understands. She's a thoughtful, if curious, mixture of global nomad and teen from Long Island. (It tends to be the teen who writes the lyrics: 'I can make it through the rain, I can stand up once again, on my own, and I know that I'm strong enough to mend. And every time I feel afraid, I hold tighter to my fate, and I live one more day, and I can make it through the rain.')

    She doesn't feel good enough, she explains, because of her messed-up background. Her father, who died this year, was a part African-American, part Venezuelan aerospace worker; her mother is Irish-American, from the Mid west, an opera singer and voice coach. 'My mother's family disowned her when she married my father, so just having that in your mind is like, I'm this unclean person, I'm not worthy of being alive, their union was so bad that the family lied to all their friends and relatives and said my mother never got married. That sort of thing just sticks with you.'

    She ought, by rights, to feel incredibly proud. Her parents split up when she was two and she moved with her mother 13 times 'and sometimes we didn't have a place to live and she was very unconventional on a lot of levels and I ended up self-parenting a lot of the time'. Her older sister Alison had her first baby when she was 15, was married at 16 and became a prostitute. She is now HIV-positive.

    Mariah went in a different direction altogether. 'I suppose I saw what I didn't want to have happen to me; I saw it as a little girl on a lot of levels and I wanted to rise above where I came from. So that's another reason why I made myself work twice as hard: if they'll give me this I'll work three times as hard, four times as hard.'

    It was all the working, she says, that caused her breakdown. 'The bottom line is that I was severely exhausted. I've always had trouble with insomnia. It's more falling asleep than staying asleep, especially when I've been performing or doing interviews - there's a certain amount of adrenaline goes along with that - and when I'd finally unwind and go to sleep I'd be woken in another couple of hours to speak to someone in Australia, and then they'd say "Oh, there are just a couple more reporters and they're going to ride with you in the car", and there was no downtime.

    'I was physically gone, drained. Sleep deprivation is a reality, though it sounds like some Hollywood thing: some people are like, "Oh please, you're exhausted. From what? Standing there and singing?"' But there was no lunchbreak, no weekends, no caretaking of the human being. So there was this video that I was supposed to do and I said "I can't, not today" - and until then, nobody had ever heard me say no to anything business-related.'

    Despite her keenness to play it all down, her people were worried enough to get her to her mother's house. Her mother was worried enough to dial 911, the US emergency number. It's been said that she believed her daughter was going to kill herself, though Mariah denies that she was ever suicidal - 'not that you don't have thoughts about "I can't take this any more" - but they were saying I'd slit my wrists and I was like, where are these people? Can they come and inspect my wrists?' She thrusts out her wrists for examination. There are no scars.

    'When my mother saw me like that she was very shocked because she's used to me arriving positive and [singsong voice] "Here I am, I'm the cheerleader, and let's keep going, here are the balloons and ra-ra-ra" -- kind of the caretaker of my whole family. The reports said I was in rehab, that I'd gone crazy, tried to commit suicide. I was exhausted, that's all, and thank God it happened at that point rather than down the line, with kids, where it could have been irreparable damage for a child to see their mother like that. And I know, because it happened to me as a little girl: I saw something similar... I had to take control and be the caretaker from the time I was a little kid.'

    Was this her mother or her sister? 'I can't technically say. It's not even that I don't want to talk about my sister; I legally can't. But let's just say that there was a lot of stuff that made me become the responsible one and I've remained in that role.'

    She rested, recuperated and took to therapy. 'The first time I went there, the therapist put an apple and an iced tea on the little table next to where I was going to sit and he said "Why don't you have some food, take a sip", and I suddenly realised, yeah, I am hungry, wow, no one ever asks me how I'm feeling, like I'm always an object, a thing, like I'm on TV - and in their minds I'm always smiling and that means I don't need nourishment, everything's OK.

    'It almost moved me to tears, and I realised I need to be doing that for myself; I need to make sure this plate of vegetables is here' - she gestures to a dish of carrot sticks beside her. 'I have a nutritionist now who travels with me - it sounds like a bunch of extravagant stuff, I know - and a masseuse who will help me fall asleep.'

    It's a funny thing about Carey that while she has an extraordinary voice, a lot of her songs have been fairly forgettable. It would be great to hear her sing something much more raw and soulful, rather than the over-produced, slushy ballads in which she has hitherto specialised. Charmbracelet does have a slightly more contemporary, edgy R&B feel than much of her previous work and she is quick to talk about 'the urban music that has inspired me'. She also makes the point that, at Sony, 'there was always that kind of imposing, looming thing, I've just done something that I love, let's see how they respond to it and sometimes it would be not great, or we need something a little more pop.' But fundamentally, the new album is produced in the knowledge that Mariah Carey is a brand, that much of her audience is very young and that there's a limit to how far she can move away from poppy, unthreatening romance. And, incidentally, she is sick of people advising her which direction to go in musically: one reason she wrote the album in Puerto Rico, she says, is she was tired of New York record producers sending messages on her pager and telephoning to tell her just that.

    Now 32, Mariah Carey has had very few boyfriends: Mottola; the baseball star Derek Jeter and Luis Miguel are the only ones we can be sure about. 'I'm very, very protective of myself,' she says. 'My sister had her first baby when she was 15 and all my life I was aware this is what can happen to you. I was not promiscuous, and I'm still not, because I saw what that can do. I'm not interested in having flings with a bunch of guys, because that's not really how I am. I have a certain amount of respect for myself, and a certain fear of intimacy, because of what I saw.'

    The poverty of Carey's background has probably been exaggerated by the sleeve note writers, but not, I think, the emotional difficulties - and you would have to include in those the sudden shift from sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a room with five other girls at 17 to being a superstar at 20. But though she knows now that fame has had its costs, she's still up for its games. The outfit she tells me she has 'just thrown on' is the one I see her wearing on television later in the day. Looking weary before she leaves Claridges, she puts on a show once she hits the pavement, pushing her sunglasses down her nose so that some paparazzo can get a sexy shot of her looking into his camera over the top of them.

    I'm still a bit confused about why she pushes herself so hard, or, at any rate, lets herself be pushed. 'I love the creative experience - singing, making up melodies, writing poetry,' she says. 'Even as a little girl, that's what lifted me out of whatever kind of stuff was going on in my house, and from feeling, not least because I am mixed-race, like an outsider. It gave me the feeling that I have something that nobody can take from me. It made me feel special and that's what it still does.'

    · To order Mariah Carey's new CD Charmbracelet for £13.99 incl. UK p&p, call the Observer Music Service on 0870 066 7813

    The Observer

    The same magazine reported that a songwriter by the name of Will Oldham (a.k.a Bonnie Prince Billy) has just recorded a cover of Mariah Carey's 'Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)'.

    "Charmbracelet" On Amazon's Top 100
    Amazon published their "Best of 2002" list which is a list of the top 100 customers' favorites CDs.
    They state: "Our customers voted with their purchases."
    Mariah came at #91 on the list, which is pretty good considering the album isn't even out yet and has been on sale (pre-order) for a short amount of time.

    Tlc (FOMM), Amazon

    Japanese Fanbook
    Shino from Love Love Jack is doing a fanbook for Mariah, please send her one MS-Word page (A4) until November 23rd to the following address:

    Get "Charmbracelet" For $ 9.99
    Salvador told me that Sam Goody is selling "Charmbracelet" for 9.99 US Dollars, so if you want to buy some Christmas presents for your friends... this is a good idea!

    Click Here to pre-order "Charmbracelet" at Sam Goody's.

    Fan Story & Pictures
    Meeting Mariah in Weesp, Amsterdam and eventually Munchen!
    Weesp (studio) & Amsterdam (hotel)
    Everytime I read the fan-stories from different countries I'm always like.. "Godd…when is this gonna happen to ME, in fact!" Well, it happened October 30th, to be politically correct and it sure was something to remember a lifetime…here's my story:

    Wednesday, October 30th Mariah was supposed to appear on a Dutch TV show she appeared on before on prior excursions, the host once said he'd like to keep having her as a "regular guest" (today would be Mariah's 4th time). As Mariah always stays at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, we waited there in the morning with a couple of fans, and of course this group increased during the day but it stayed small. I was with Machteld, Irshan, later joined by Marielle, Nezha, a guy I don't remember his name of (sorry!!) and the guys from the fanclub. To make a long story short: Mariah was late and from the airport she would go straight to the studio. A hotel-employee already told us the same thing but we didn't trust him (they usually say things like that just to get rid of people waiting outside). So unfortunately he did speak the truth after all, but we didn't know that thèn right.

    Read The Full Story by Anne-Martijn Here

    Anne Martijn also sent me pictures of Mariah he took in Holland & Germany, and Sylvain sent me a picture of Mariah leaving the VIP club in the Champ Elysées in Paris this morning at 4 am before going back to NY.
    All pictures in Gallery 10 along with another promotional item from "Charmbracelet" (eBay)

    Mariah On Hollywood's Show
    Mariah was interviews on Hollywood Hamilton's Top 30 countdown in the US and basically talked about the new album. Check out the re-airing of it if you can. Nice tidbit: Mariah said that Isabel is like little sister to her.
    (Thanks Daydreamlover and FrOmThE757)

    Chart News
    "Through The Rain”, Mariah’s first release on her MonarC Music record label, has debuted @ #15 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) singles chart for the week commencing November 18. Congratulations, Mariah! It was the second highest debut of the week, only beaten by Delta Goodrem who debuts @ #3 thanks to in-store appearances and cross promotion from her role in TV show, Neighbours. Lets hope we can make the single rise instead of fall, as all Mariah's lead singles have peaked in the Top 10. Most recently “Loverboy” peaked @ #7, “Heartbreaker” @ #10 and “Honey” @ #8.

    MariahDownUnder.com, ARIA

    On Thursday 14th "TTR" was release in Thailand and it has the same tracklisting as the Australian limited edition CD1 but this is not imported cd this cd are manufactured and printed in Thailand.This cds are so hot and selling very well now and some stores were sold out on the second day of release date. For others of Mariah's fans who want to exchange or buy this cd ,please contact me at ballsath@hotmail.com.

    And this is stat of "TTR" in Thailand. After debut at #26 last week on "GET 102.5 FM" and "TTR" move to #14 this week and on "Easy FM 105.5" "TTR"debut at # 17 last week and move to #13 this week (Thanks Ballsath).

    Z100, NY
    "Through the Rain" advances from #30 to #26 on the z100 chart (Thanks twinpeaks9).

  • updated byLiron November 16th, 2002 5:15PM
    Vote For MD!
    If you like MariahDaily, please go and put a good word for us by clicking this link or the picture below for the BT Openworld Interactive Music Awards, hosted by DotMusic!
    Thank you in advance :)

    Help Promote "Charmbracelet"
    Any idea is more than welcomed! Please e-mail us flyers you've made, print-out ads, logos, anything you can think of to help promote "Charmbracelet".
    We'd love to offer it here on the site so that other fans can use it to promote the album where they are!

    "Charmbracelet" Wallpapers
    Dan & Robert sent in three wallpapers with the "Charmbracelet" theme. Check them out in the Wallpapers section.

    mariahcareyuk.com's First Fan Fest
    Matte & Charlie wrote the following fan fest information for UK fans:

    As I hope you all know by now, we are throwing our first fan fest one week today on Saturday November 23rd!
    We have had a lot of interest expressed from you and many visits to the information page (located HERE) but now we ask that you RSVP if you are planning to attend.

    If you will be joining us, please notify the webmasters. We would greatly appreciate this as we would like to insure we provide enough space and snacks for everyone on the day.
    I'll just breifly remind you of the schedule for the day:
    * 12-5pm at London Metropolitan University (formerly University Of North London).
    * Screenings of rare Mariah footage onto a large screen via a projector. These will include the Mariah's Theme, Crybaby, Forever, O Holy Night 2000 and All I Want For Christmas Is You 2000 Remix videos! Plus MANY more!
    * Free food and giveaways
    * A Mariah quiz with prizes

    Preview "I Know What You Want"
    Tom sent us a short clip from the new Busta Rhymes song that features Mariah. Check it out on this webpage.

    updated byLiron November 16th, 2002 2:20PM
    New "Charmbracelet" Pictures
    Shino from Love Love Jack sent in some new pictures from the "Charmbracelet" album that I added to Gallery 10 as well as the lyrics to "Miss You" (The Japanese bonus track featuring Jadakiss) that were added to the "Charmbracelet" Lyrics
    updated byLiron November 16th, 2002 1:55PM
    Kelly Clarkson About MC
    In a recent copy of People Magazine (11/25), there was a section asking celebrities that very same question. Kelly Clarkson responded with the following:

    1) Merry Christmas Mariah Carey "Best Christmas album ever."
    2) Christmas with Bing Crosby Bing Crosby "Classic goodie."
    3) Joy: A Holiday Collection Jewel "I love what she does with traditional favorites."
    4) 8 Days of Christmas Destiny's Child "Lovely voices, beautiful harmonies."
    5) A Rosie Christmas and Another Rosie Christmas Rosie O'Donnell and various artists "Rosie is so cute, and they're fun CDs."

    (Thanks bcrybaby from FOMM)

    UK Radio Interview
    twistersister03 (FOMM) wrote down the following about a radio interview with Mariah in the UK:

    Mariah was on radio one last night in the UK on TimeWestwoods show. She didn't really say anyhing we don't already know.
    They played Irrisistible, Oh boy and the Jay Z track.
    She explained about how the Oh Boy track came about.
    Tim asked her about romance and MC said it would take a man ages to sleep with her and he would need to put in the time to which Tim joked that he was willing to put in the time.
    What was funny about the interview was that Tim kept on mentioning eminem although he wasn't meaning it as a diss toward Mariah. Mariah said that she was just keeping it real and Tim said something along the same lines but it's hard to stay real when u have shared a flew with eminem.
    The funniest bit was when Tim said the hottest rapper around is 50 cents who is part of eminem shady records team.
    Mariah just went "Oh really?".
    The album is out in the UK on Dec 2nd by the way!

    updated byLiron November 16th, 2002 1:20PM
    Toni Braxton About MC
    In a recent interview for the network magazine, Toni Braxton said the following about MC:

    I like the things that Irv Gotti is doing with hip-hop tracks and R&B with Ashanti. To be honest, Mariah Carey really pioneered that. All people wanted to talk about was her shorty-short shorts, but forget the chances she took. "Mariah with ODB...what was she thinking?"When I heard it, I said, "I get it, Mariah. Hands up, girl!"

    (Thanks emonja from FOMM)

    Watch Mariah's SMTV Performance
    A few days ago we told you about Mariah performing "Against All Odds" with Westlife in a UK TV-show.
    Nily found a link where you can see the performance! Click here to save it!

    AIM Help
    For those of you who asked, in order to use the buddy icons we posted here on AIM, this is what you have to do:
    - Save the icon you want to use
    - Go to "PEOPLE" on the program options
    - Click on "Select Buddy Icon"
    - Go to "My Buddy Icon" on top of the list
    - Click "Browse PC...", find the icon you saved and click "OK"

    updated byLiron November 15th, 2002 6:40PM
    Good News For TTR
    Mariah Carey's "Through The Rain" stabilizesizes on the three charts she has been occupying the last several weeks.
    In fact, she has gained some much-needed ground!
    For the November 23, 2002 issue of Billboard Magazine:

    Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles:
    This Week: #12 (New peak position)
    Last Week: #16
    Two Weeks Ago: #13

    Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles:
    This Week: #22
    Last Week: #25
    Two Weeks Ago: #19 (Peak position)

    Adult Contemporary:
    This Week: #17 (Peak position)
    Last Week: #17
    Two Weeks Ago: #17

    Jessica, Billboard.

    Continue to vote & request "Through The Rain"!

    Mariah On Rove Live
    It's confirmed: Mariah will appear on Rove Live (Australia) via satellite on Tuesday, November 26th. The interview has already been taped but will air on Tuesday.

    Allen, MariahCentral.com

    updated byLiron November 15th, 2002 5:40PM
    AOL Uploads Mariah, Chasez, Dru Hill Exclusives
    AOL Music's popular First Listen broadband program will debut "Yours," the first of two tracks from Mariah Carey's long-awaited new album "Charmbracelet," beginning Monday (Nov. 18) at 12:01 a.m. ET. A second cut, "My Saving Grace," will premiere Nov. 25. The release of "Charmbracelet," the first on Carey's MonarC imprint via Island Def Jam, has been moved to Dec. 3 from its originally scheduled Dec. 10 date. The first radio single, "Through the Rain," is No. 17 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 Tracks chart this week.

    AOL has also lined up exclusive "first listens" with 'N Sync's JC Chasez and R&B outfit Dru Hill. Chasez's debut solo track, "Blowing Me Up (With Her Love)" is streaming now via the promotion. The song will be released Dec. 10 by Jive on the soundtrack to the film "Drumline," which opens Dec. 13 in U.S. theaters.

    Dru Hill's "She Said" and "I Love You" begin streaming tomorrow. Both are drawn from "Dru World Order," the group's first Def Soul album in four years. The set arrives Nov. 26.

    All tracks are made available via Netscape Music and other AOL properties a day after they debut on First Listen.
    -- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

    Roi, Billboard Online

    updated byLiron November 15th, 2002 4:50PM
    TRL Stats
    Today on TRL: "Through The Rain" at #5 on the countdown.

    AIM "Charmbracelet" Promotion Icons
    Julie made the nicest buddy icons for AIM to help promote "Charmbracelet", enjoy using them!

    Buddy Icon Buddy Icon Buddy Icon Buddy Icon Buddy Icon
    Buddy Icon Buddy Icon Buddy Icon Buddy Icon Buddy Icon

    MC Appeared In "Children In Need"
    MC in BBC I just saw the "Children In Need" special on BBC Prime in the UK where Mariah performed "Through The Rain". She was wearing her jeans & a black top and looked fantastic.
    She only sang the 1st verse and the bridge (skipped 2nd verse) and then spoke for a few seconds with the hosts and read the number where people can donate money.
    Nily made lovely captures which you can check out in Gallery 10.

    updated byLiron November 15th, 2002 12:45PM
    Glamour (UK) Full Interview
    How do you solve a problem like Mariah?
    In the year since a tired and emotional Mariah Carey suffered a very public breakdown, she bravely soldiered on. David A Keeps meets a woman trying to find the proper balance between diva and doormat.

    Mariah Carey has big voice, big hair, and a remarkably big bust, but it's only her big, beautiful smile that's not always 100% genuine. Sometimes the 32-year-old singer-actress smiles because she really is happy; often, however, she smiles when she's tired or miserable but doesn't want anyone to know. Because if there's one thing Mariah Carey can't stand, it's disappointing people. So she smiles and thinks of things that do make her happy - music, ice-cream, butterflies, the beach, your basic girlie daydreams - and she answers those questions that everyone wants to ask: Why did the pop princess who seemed to have everything almost lose it all? And how is she putting herself back together?

    Read The Entire Article (Thanks Gurjeet!)

    New Interview (Audio)
    Honey & Kate receieved a recorded interview with Mariah from Island Mercury, click on "Answer" to hear Mariah's answer to the question:

    1. How has it been to get out there and be close to your fans again? - Answer

    2. What have some of the reactions been from fans to your first single, Through The Rain? - Answer

    3. How do you approach songwriting and how do you think it differs from other songwriters? - Answer

    4. Why did you choose to have Through The Rain as the first single from your new album? - Answer

    5. How was it to be working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis again? - Answer

    6. What is the message behind "Through The Rain" - Answer

    7. What were you going through personally last year? - Answer

    8. How has writing this song helped you personally to overcome adversity? - Answer

    9. What was your inspiration for the story line of the Through The Rain video? - Answer

    10. How was working with Dave Meyers? - Answer


    New Competition
    Win Jeans Glittering beauty Mariah Carey is hitting the charts once again with Through The Rain, from her forthcoming album, Charmbracelet. To celebrate the upcoming release of Mariah's new record, we're giving you a chance...to get in her pants!

    In the video for Through The Rain Mariah is seen sporting some sexy lowrider jeans (with glittery butterfly appliqué on the back pocket, of course!) and a sassy sheer top. Not only do we have this signature Mariah outfit up for grabs, she's even autographed the jeans! Here's your once in a lifetime opportunity to add this outfit to your Mariah shrine or play your own version of 'Becoming' at home!

    But getting into Mariah's pants isn't as easy as you might think. For your chance at the pants, we're asking you to indentify the young actress that appears in Mariah's new video Through The Rain, and tell us the name of the hit television series in which she stars.
    Email us: inside@muchmusic.com

    Moni, Much Music

    New Fanbook
    My friend Lori is flying to Minneapolis, MN for the Mariah appearances in the mall of America.
    E-mail lori@tigzy.com if you'd like to meet up with her in there,
    And submit your entry to her fanbook Here!

    Mariah in Brazil before the Mexican Teleton
    Mexico City, Mexico - Fernando Landeros, president of the Mexico Teleton Foundation, assumed that popstar Mariah Carey agreed to be part of the music festival. "She wouldn't need to appear in the end of the Teleton. What we want is Mariah to appear in a good time, when all the mexican viewers can see her", said Landeros in the end of the press conference, where he divulged who is going to be there.

    In the closing night, Mariah will be the third artist to perform to the crowd of the Azteca Stadium. The first will be Los Temerarios and the second, Pedro Fernández. Rafael Bustillos, Teleton 2003 producer and who else was in the conference, said that in December 6 she will travel from Brazil to Mexico.

    "Yesterday we did a conference and Mariah was on the phone,and she is very excited, because it's the first time that she will sing in Mexico and it's even better that is for a good cause, in Mexican Teleton", said Bustillos.

    El Norte, All About Mariah

    updated byLiron November 15th, 2002 8:45PM
    Buy The New Album & Get A Treat!
    November 14, 2002
    Mariah Live!
    Sweepstakes where each month a winner is chosen who will have the opportunity to see Mariah in person. Winners and a guest will receive round trip airfare to the event and hotel accommodations. Examples of where the winner could see Mariah are a television appearance, a concert date, or public appearance i.e. Mall of America in December. Purchasers of Charmbracelet will place the CD in their computer and will be driven to a hidden website where they will be able to enter the sweepstakes. Without the CD you are not able to get to this website.


    updated byLiron November 15th, 2002 8:40PM
    Official Site Relaunches!
    As promised, MariahCarey.com has been relaunched - COMPLETELY revamped, with lots of interactive menus, lots of new pictures and even previews of new songs from "Charmbracelet"!

    New MC Radio Interview
    Mariah Carey did an interview on the radio on November 14, 2002. The station was 98.3 & 97.7 KWIN in the Stockton/Modesto area in California. She talked about her new album and things of that sort. The interview was about 10 minutes long. Mariah was currently in Europe, doing her promotional tour. and then she' s going to Brazil, etc.

    They also played the Through The Rain club remix right after the interview...which is awesome! The host was Rick Chase an co-host Amanda King. Mariah knows Mr. Rick Chase from way back too.

    (Thanks Desiree)

    updated byLiron November 15th, 2002 5:35PM
    Mariah On TRL - Dec 17
    Mariah was just #6 on TRL (dropped from yesterday's #4) and they announced that Mariah will be on the show on Tuesday, December 17th. Please continue to vote for Mariah both on TRL and on "The Fridge" (tomorrow is their weekly countdown, don't forget to vote!) on the links to your right.

    The TRL show where they premiered Mariah's "Through The Rain" video will be aired on MTV Europe on Tuesday, November 19th.

    Mariah In France
    Mariah left her hotel (four seasons Georges V) at 5 p.m. and went to the Star Academy castle to record with the students.

    Yeasterday she taped Hit Machine where she performed TTR. She waited a long time whith her fans outsite to take pictures and sign autographes.

    She met the French Fanclub team to talk about the Care Enough opertation and told us that she loved it. We had already told her about that the day before in the crowd and she said she had thought about it all night. She wants to thank all the fans who contributed. She will meet two of them on saturday at the VIP club in Paris.


    UK Fan Review
    The following review about Mariah's visit in London was sent in by Nigel:

    Last Friday after Mariah filmed her performance of "TTR" on Fame Academy, Mariah stopped by and spent a few minutes talking to us, signed some of our cd's (and my friend's Rainbow 2000 tour program). It was truly amazing. There were only about 10 of us stood outside in the freezing cold. We had travelled 300miles to see Mariah on the show, but got delayed in traffic and a little lost on the way and the studio was only letting in 500people inside. We were so upset not to be allowed in as we had tickets too! But my friend recognised Louise McNally outside a trailer and we figured Mariah was in there. Well, she was! whenever Mariah smade a quick appearance to leave her trailer and go into the studios, we would shout and holler so loudly at her she would wave over at us. We waited for what seemed like hours. Then eventually, when Mariah went into the studio again to perform TTR (which we could hear from outside) some guy came outside and said if we waited there for about 20mins, Mariah would be out to se us. We were all in shock and were jumping about like complete maniacs!!!! Eventually, Mariah came out. She looked incredible. So beautiful. Even more so in person. I told her I loved her and rambled on about stuff...I dont even remember what I said! She signed my cd and another of my friends said "You are so beautiful, I have followed your career form the start" to which Mariah smiled and said "Thanks". He feels so embarassed like he wanted to say something more profound! :))) Anyway, my brother then says to her "Sign my brother to Monarc he's a really good singer"! Mariah laughs and says " Well, if he sends me a nice tape and speaks to this lady here" (she pointed to Connie). Then she talks to my brother about something else before talking to some girls who were singing "Hero". Mariah said, "Hey you guys gotta sing the new one you know". My bro starts saying to me "Nigel just sing to her, you may never get this chance ever again.....SING!". So I burst into a chorus of Through The Rain. Mariah stops and turns back to me and starts singing with me, harmonizing with me!!! OMG! Was amazing!!!! Unbelievable!!!! She was using her hands to direct my voice and was looking right in my eyes as we were singing! Unreal! Then she says "Very Nice!!" and Connie say "Hey he's really good!"......OMG! Was such an amazing moment that I will never forget!

    The next day, we went to Claridges and saw Mariah leave to go to record a TV show called CD:UK. She looked so beautiful in a pink top and jeans and was wearing sunglasses. She was rushed into a limo. We then went down to the CD:UK studios and saw her get into her limo again (wearing a blue top this time) and then we ran round to the front where her car was coming out. I ran forward and as I approached the limo, the window lowered and there was Mariah!!! I said "Hi Mariah" in shock, and she said " Hi". I said "do you remember me from last night? I sang to you outside Fame Academy"? and she said "Yes". She then asked if I wanted her to sign anything else and I passed her my japanese "AIWFCIY 2000" cd single. She then spoke to my brother, but there were so many people there this time everyone caught up and were pushing forward and screaming and shouting. I asked her what her favourite song on her new album was and although she was answering me I couldnt hear because of everyone screaming! Outisde Fame Academy it was much more intimate (only about 7-10 people) , but i was just in awe to see her again and was just stood gazing at her, smiling like an absolute fool, frozen in time!!!! I had an absolutely amazing time and had never dreamt I could say that I have sang with Mariah! Just hope if I ever meet her again, she remembers me! Thank You Mariah! So if this gets posted on your site and Mariah happens to read it....when I sang, that wasnt the best of me...;))) maybe I could sing to again one day and show you? You are the greatest. I love you.

    Nicci's pics from Mariah's visit in London were added to Gallery 9

    Boy (I Need You) Played in US Radio
    "Boy (I Need You)" has been playing in two main radio stations that we know of: 106 KMEL (California) and HOT 97 (New York).
    It is uncertain yet whether this will be Mariah's next single or not, but let us know if you hear it on other stations! (Thanks Ruth & Amy)

    Thanksgiving: Mariah Live on Deliah
    Apparantly, Delilah has this live broadcasted Thanxgiving dinner at her house every year and Mariah sent back her RSVP the night before last saying that she will be there. If you are wondering who Delilah is, she is the host of Sunny 106.5 an adult contemporary station. (Thanks modog on FOMM)

    MC On Busta Rhymes CD
    Busta Rhyme's new CD "It Ain't Safe No More" includes a song he did with Mariah called "I Know What You Want".
    It's track #12 on the album which you can purchase on Amazon & CD Now.
    Basically Mariah sings the chorus of the song but also has a nice part on the bridge!

    Also, Melissa told us that in Jay-Z's CD "The Blueprint 2" he mentions Mariah in the 'Thank Yous' section:
    "Mariah... and everyone else who has affected my life..."

    Vote For MC
    There is a poll on US Weekend's Hot Ticket site with Mariah in it.
    It's right at the top of the page, asking , "Who is your favorite singer-turned actor?" Madonna, Will Smith, Bon Jovi, Mark Wahlberg, or Mariah. Click Here To Vote (Thanks stone & Visarl)

    "Yours" AOL Premiere
    Lucky AOL Members will get to listen to "Yours" on November 18th according to America Online - Keyword: MARIAH CAREY (Thanks Undray).

    Top 10 Double Threats of the Movie/Music Industry
    #3 Mariah Carey
    A Diva's Charmed Return?
    It can't be easy to come back from the kind of year Mariah Carey had in 2001.

    At a time when the pop diva thought she'd find herself on top of the world with her first starring role in a movie ("Glitter") and her first album under a new record deal worth somewhere between $80 million and $100 million, she instead found herself under observation for exhaustion amid rumors of a nervous breakdown.

    "I don't know what's going on with life ? and I just want you to know that I'm trying to understand things in life right now," Carey said in a voice message on her Web site soon after the problems began. "I need a break, so I will, as a human being, take that break."

    Though "Glitter" tanked and Carey ended up losing her record contract (she's since signed a new deal with another label), the star has spent much of 2002 mounting a comeback. First up was "Wise Girls," a movie that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January. She'll finish the year with a new album called "Charmbracelet" that she hopes will reinvigorate her once-charmed career.

    "Charm bracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me," she said recently. "Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people ... items that tell your story, and that can be shared ... like a song. The bracelet represents the foundation of this album, a body of work that encompasses many feelings."

    Fast Facts About Mariah Carey:
    • Named after "They Call the Wind Mariah" from "Paint Your Wagon."
    • Began pro career singing backup for Brenda K. Starr.
    • Nickname is "Songbird."
    • Singles have been No. 1 for more weeks than those of any artist in history.
    • Named one of People's "25 Most Intriguing People of 2001."

    WISEGIRLS, 2002
    GLITTER (CD and movie), 2001
    THE BACHELOR, 1999
    RAINBOW (CD), 1999

    Jeff, Netscape


  • Gallery 9: More scans from the "You" magazine, beautiful recent picture in high resolution (thanks mcfanatic), more official pictures (thanks Eran, Team Mariah) E-Bay scans of the new album promo & a scan of Biography mag Dec 2002 (thanks Janel).

  • Request Page Information & news added.
  • updated byLiron November 12th, 2002 6:50PM
    TRL Stats
    Today on TRL... Mariah at #5. Continue to vote on the links to your right and on the Request Page.
    MTV also announced that the time for the DEC 3rd special - 9:00 PM EST (Thanks Alyssa!)

    MC In Italy #1: Mariah In Bust Of Health
    MC In Italy SINGER Mariah Carey looks on top form as she dazzles fans while signing autographs.

    The 32-year-old, who suffered a breakdown last year, flashed a smile and showed off her best assets as she arrived at the Celestina restaurant in Rome.

    She was enjoying a night on the town with friends and bodyguards in the Italian capital.

    One onlooker said: “She looked very happy. Mariah was delighted to sign autographs and even posed for a snap with restaurant staff.”

    It’s good to see her in peek condition.

    The Sun (For the larger picture go to Gallery 9)

    MC In Italy #2: Fans Review
    First she came out of the hotel without a car, there were about 20 fans waiting for her at around 9pm she came out wearing a pretty beige coat with flowers embroidered on it and her usual sunglasses, at night!

    She was attacked by loving fans and camera flashes as she proceeded towards Piazza di Spagna.

    Suddenly ValeG started signing the chorus of Through the Rain and Mariah said something like "not bad." In the meantime photographers took photos of her descending the stairs of the piazza while Claudio, ValeG and Savio felt like stars walking behind her!

    She came to the bottom of the stairs and entered into Luis Vuitton, at that point our informed lambs found out where she was going to be eating and immediately ran at the restaurant near the Pantheon; after about 40 minutes she arrived with her car.

    When her manager Louise came out of the car she told them "how did you know?" After a few minutes Mariah came out of the car, Claudio offers her a rose, she tanks him, ValeG gives her a butterfly-shaped candle. Then their friend Perry came forward and explained to Mariah the whole situation that went on with the misunderstanding of Mariah's visit to Rome and Mariah said she didn't know anything and to ask Louise. She was very open and available to listen to them! Then Claudio shakes her hand before she enters the restaurant, it's warm and velvety... and he almost fainted! LOL

    While Mariah is in the restaurant, Louise comes out and tells them that today she would have gone to Capri and that they would have done everything possible to have a meeting with the fans for Wednesday morning.

    After about 1 hour and a half she comes back out, journalists and photographers found out by now. She comes out looking a little wine drunk but looks very sexy standing at the entrance of the restaurant, then she calls us fans to take pictures. Cameras arrive, and a famous TV newscast points towards Mariah, she tells them shoot Claudio & Co. and says "My fans." A big loud mess!

    Then she enters her car, lowers the window and says goodbye.

    Claudio, Mariah Crybaby

    MC In Italy #3: #1 Debut
    According to aboutaboy (FOMM), the "Through The Rain" video debuted at #1 on a show that's similar to TRL in Italy.

    Lots of Pictures Again
    Mariah was on the cover of the November 10th issue of the British magazine "You", and a big high resolution scan of the cover (thanks to mcfanatic) is waiting for you in Gallery 9 as do the following pictures:

    Paul's pictures of Mariah in London, more pictures from Mariah's visit in London (Big Pictures USA, Rex Pictures), Bianca's pictures from Mariah's visit in Barcelona and bigger scans from "Glamour" magazine thanks to MariahCarey.co.kr.

    Album Released Nov 20 In Japan
    Universal Japan has pushed forward by a week the release date of the album in Japan from November 27th to November 20th.
    They are also previewing a song from Mariah's new album which is called "The One".

    MariahJapan, Universal Japan

    Carey Will Top US Charts
    Charmbracelet is the album, Through The Rain is the Single; Diva yes she is! Superstar Mariah Carey is set to release her latest project on Dec. 3rd. The album features so much of classic Carey work. Carey's voice is at its best with her new texture she uses a whispery/soft sound exposed to satisfy anyone! The album is expected to top USA Billboard Album Chart and debut atleast top 20! Pre-sales are racking up to more than what many artists sell individually! Mariah surly has clicked back and shown her appreciation to her dedicated fans with special contests, meet & greets including giving her cloths, albums and phone calls to them! Doesn't surprise me though, the Glitter diva has always show'd deep appreciation of her "lambs" as she calls them. What a smack to some people that said she was done! What a victory for the all time loved singer. What a career! Mariah! Mariah! Mariah!

    Music International Newsletter, Mariah Info

    Mariah Refuses To Sing Live On 'Fame Academy'
    The Sun reports that BBC bosses are furious with Mariah Carey for refusing to sing live on 'Fame Academy'. "They pleaded with her to sing but she insisted on miming," said a member of the audience in Friday's show. "The ironic thing was the poor contestants still had to perform her backing vocals live." While Shania Twain and Lionel Ritchie have appeared and performed live, Mariah was the first to refuse.

    The Sun, Pop Dirt

    Butterflies In A Box Project
    Julie, Vijay & Tessa write:
    We'll be seeing Mariah on November 21st at the Oprah Winfrey Show and we're constructing a special box full of inspirational messages on butterfly-shaped cards. That way, Mariah can look to her box everytime she feels sad and be uplifted by the creativity and support of her lambs.

    Submit your entry HERE.

    "Charmbracelet" Lyrics & Production Notes
    View the lyrics and production note to "Charmbracelet" HERE
    Thanks to MariahCarey.co.kr.

    New Wallpapers
    New wallpapers sent in by Junior & Geno,
    Sarah, Carolina (from Mariah Carey Wallpaper Galore) and Cat (DivaMC.de) sent in calendar wallpapers for November.
    All up at Wallpapers Section

    updated byLiron November 11th, 2002 5:00PM  
    TRL Stats
    Mariah climbed to #2 today which is fantastic news! Lets try to get her to #1 tomorrow!
    Team Mariah sent out another incentive for everyone to vote on TRL, take a look!

    Build your PERSONAL Charm Bracelet:
    Earn a charm a week for the next 3 weeks. Every Monday I will announce the "Charm of the week" and what YOU have to do to earn that week's charm. Week 4 we'll give away the bracelets! Everyone who participates will win (while supplies last)! Vote every week and you'll be sportin'a Mariah Carey Charm bracelet just in time for album release!

    Charm of the week: The Butterfly
    How do YOU win this week's charm: Vote for Mariah everyday this week on TRL! Don't forget to LOG your votes. Please note: Only TELEPHONE VOTES should be logged!

    PLUS: If we can keep Mariah on the TRL charts for at least 8 more days, one lucky Charmer will win the ENTIRE Mariah Carey Full Length CD Collection...AUTOGRAPHED! Keep her on even longer and one of you recieves a personal phone call from Mariah!!!!

    updated byLiron November 11th, 2002 11:00AM  
    Update Catch Up
    First of all, hi everyone! I know that MD wasn't updated much recently due to several reasons (including being down when I intended to upload all this!) and I just wanted to let you know we are trying to get back to routine ASAP. Regina will be back soon as well, right now she has an aunt from Ohio visiting and keeping her busy among other things!
    I figured we missed out on some news and that some of you may have already read them at other places but to those of you who didn't, I thought I'd help you catch up with some of the important news of recent time even if they're a few days old :)

    Mariah On TRL Friday / Eminem
    On Friday, Mariah came at #3 on TRL and as we told you, they aired a part of the fans interview that will be fully aired on December 3rd.

    Eminem was also on the show and he was asked "What is the strangest rumor you've heard about yourself?"
    His answer was "That I dated Mariah"...
    Two days prior to it, Eminem was interviewed on "Access Hollywood".
    When asked about the alleged romances with Carey and Basinger, Eminem said: "The Mariah thing -- yeah, that's true. Those rumors are true. I'm not going to deny them. You know, we had somewhat of a relationship. I'm not going to get into all the details of it or whatever, but the Kim Basinger thing never happened."
    I personally don't really care what he has to say, I think I'll stick to believing to what MARIAH has to say about that and I suggest you do the same!

    Care Enough Project - Camp Mariah
    one year ago, Mariah’s French fan club had decided to launch a special operation called the Care Enough operation to raise some funds in profit of the Fresh Air Fund. This operation is now closed and all our team wants to thank all the fans that contributed.

    Due to you, 3000 dollars have been raised for the Camp Mariah kids and we saw with our own eyes how happy and grateful the camp kids were to each of you. Indeed, we had the opportunity to visit the camp to officially deliver the money and we can really tell you how a wonderful and useful place it is. The kids are just wonderful and very lively and this kind of place truly allows them to blossom and to express all their creativity, something that is hard to do in their daily environment in the Bronx or Harlem. By going there, you can really understand why this charity is so close to Mariah’s heart.

    So once again thanks to all of you who contributed to this operation. A special fan-book has been created and we hope to make Mariah meet some fans that have contributed next week when she will be in France. You will be able to find a full report on what happened in Camp Mariah along with many pictures in our next Mariah Mag.


    Meet Mariah In MN
    Meet Mariah Carey & then see her perform on the Today Show in Sam Goody Central @ the Mall of America in Minneapolis!

    Autograph signing: Tuesday, December 10th, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
    Today Show performance: Wednesday, December 11th, 6:00am - 9:00am
    Level One East doors @ Mall of America (between Bloomingdale's & Sears) will open to public @ 5am

    Visit www.mallofamerica.com or www.samgoody.com for more details.


    Mariah On FOX All Access On Sunday
    This Sunday is packed with all your favorite stars. We’ll talk with superstar, Mariah Carey about her new single, “Through The Rain” from her new album, “Charm Bracelet.”

    Fox All Access (Click to listen to audio preview)

    Mariah's Top From TTR Vid Is Auctioned
    This has been donated by Universal and is being auctioned for a kids cancer charity in the UK. Anyone can bid and it would be great if the top could be won by a real fan.

    Click Here to bid on the item.

    On 11th November Mariah Carey will release her brand-new single “Through The Rain”. To celebrate the release we are giving you the opportunity to bid for the top Mariah wore in the video! "Through the Rain" will be followed by Mariah's forthcoming studio album which is set for international release in December.

    LEUCAS is a support group run by parents and staff, based at The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children in Brighton. Any money raised is used to pay for trips and treats for the children, an outing in the Summer and a huge Christmas Party for the children and their siblings.

    There is another feature about Mariah on Freeserve and this can be found Here.


    The CD single as you know has been cancelled in the US, but Mariah's Official Site states:
    "Look out for 2 (count 'em 2!) Mariah Carey 12" vinyl's available in stores on November 26th"

    The single is still being released in Australia, around Europe & in the UK:
    Australia: (Info thanks to MariahDownUnder.com)
    CD: 1
    (2 bonus collectable postcards)

    CD: 2
    (2 bonus collectable postcards - different to those in CD: 1)

    You can order the CDs in HMV AU, Amazon & Sanity Music (Thanks Ricardo)

    Europe: (Info thanks to Honey & Kate)
    CD Single - 2 Track 063-903-2
    1. Through The Rain - LP Version 4:47
    2. Through The Rain Remix Featuring Kelly Price and Joe 3:32

    CD Single 4-Track 063 902-2
    1. Through The Rain - LP Version 4:47
    2. Through The Rain - Remix Featuring Kelly Price and Joe 3:32
    3. Through The Rain - Full Intention Radio Edit 3:57
    4. Through The Rain - Boris & Michi's Radio Mix 3:59

    CD Single 4-track 063-809-2 (Out on November 18th)
    1. Through the Rain - LP Version 4:47
    2. Through The Rain - Hex Hector Radio Edit 4:05
    3. Through The Rain - Maurice Joshua Radio edit (time tbd)
    4. Through The Rain - Full Intention Club Mix 9:17

  • All singles (except if noted) are released on November 11th and some are limited, so be sure to order / buy them ASAP!

    UK: (Release pushed back to November 18th, order in Amazon UK)
    CD Single #1
    1. Through The Rain (Album Version)
    2. Through The Rain (Full Intention Radio Mix)
    3. Through The Rain (Boris & Michi's Radio Mix)
    4. Through The Rain (Hex Hector Radio Mix)

    CD Single #2 - Enhanced
    1. Through The Rain (Radio Edit)
    2. Through The Rain (Remix)
    3. Through The Rain (Through The Dub)
    4. Through The Rain (Video)

    Magazine News

  • Rafael wrote us about Mariah being the 3rd sexiest woman in an important magazine poll in Brazil, this is the link to see the results.

  • From Mariah 4 Life:
    Mariah is featured in Twist Magazine issue Dec. 02. on pages 71 and 82 and this is what it says:

    Celeb Role Model: Mariah Carey
    In the summer of 2001 and Mariah Carey was in major turmoil. After experiencing a physical and mental breakdown, she checked herself into a hospital and took a much-needed rest from her crazy schedule. Now, she's back with a new album and a new 'tude. "People take life and situations and the press and all that drama so seriously," she says. "If you don't laugh at it, it takes you under. Sometimes it takes a minute to get your sense of humor back, but that's what's driven me and carried my whole life. I've learned to slow down...I've learned that if I don't take care of myself, there's nobody who's going to.

    Crank it up, Dec releases:
    Mariah Carey
    The Sound: R&B/Soul/Pop
    Expect: Vocally charged, melodic tunes about overcoming hardships (Hmm...wonder where she found her inspiration?)
    Perfect if: Like Mariah, you've been through some tough times and could use a musical lift

  • Jennafer and Gretchen informed me about Mariah being in the December issue of "Seventeen" (P 119) and it reads:
    "Mariah Carey (album untitled at press time) - she's back. Mariah has dropped the hip-hop-ho act and returned to a classy sound. Urban elements remain, but she's no longer taking it as far as Lil' Kim. For: future American idol contestants - this is what a real diva sounds like. (Dec.10, Island)"

  • EJ (FOMM) writes about the Mariah mentions on this week's "US Weekly":
    1. With her hello Kitty radio
    2. Article on women's bodies
    3. Question on TTR video
    4. Her involvement with Eminem
    5. Her new Def Leppard cover

  • Ophélie from Mariah Museum sent me scans from the French magazine "Tele 7" with Mariah on the cover. Check them out in Gallery 9.

    Boy (I Need You)/Irresistible/You Got... Released?
    Tower Records list "Boy (I Need You)/Irresistible/You Got..." (You Got Me probably) vinyl for a Nov 26th release and is available for pre-order. This might just be a mistake for the "Through The Rain" 12" that is out on the same day.

    Boy (I Need You)/Irresistible/You Got...
    Mariah Carey
    12" Vinyl Single $6.99
    This title is not yet available for purchase, but should be available to order starting 10/29/2002

    cantgoforthat82 (FOMM), Tower Records (click to view the item)

    Download Latest MC Voice Messages
    Here's the transcript of Mariah's new voice message from November 7th (Thanks MariahMania)

    Mariah & Trey: Yeah!!
    Mariah: Just calling in to say hey and to let everybody know, all the fans that I've been meeting around the world that I am really enjoying meeeting you and things of that nature, all the little gifts and all the nice letters and things that I have been receiving, and there's a special guest here that wants to say hello, hold on a minute.

    Trey: Yeah, this is Big Nasty and I just want to say, you know, be nice, if you don't keep those things coming Big Nasty will come and get ya and you won't make it through the rain.

    Mariah: Oh dear, anyway we love you, appreciate you, enjoy ya! Trey Lorenz is here with us too.

    Trey: What's up everyone?

    Mariah: And I'm looking forward to seeing you all around the world as I continue on my little journey, so thank you much for the support and everything that you're doing and for keeping Through The Rain up there on TRL and all those things. And I'll be seeing you around the world and back in America and all of that.
    Love you much, bye bye!

    This message and the one from October 27th can be downloaded in the Voice Messages Page.

    Mariah's European Promo Tour Rundown
    Holland, October 30th:
    Mariah arrived to Weesp (near Amsterdam) and visited the show the "Tros TV Show" with host Ivo Niehe. She performed "Through The Rain" and the show will be aired in December. Pictures that were sent in by Manuela and Lucie can be seen in Gallery 9

    Germany, November 2nd:
    Mariah arrived to Munich and performed "Through The Rain" on the German TV Show "Millionar Gesucht". Susie sent me pictures of Mariah in Munich which you can see in Gallery 9

    Spain, November 4th:
    Mariah arrived to Barcelona performed "Through The Rain" in the Spanish show "Operación Triunfo". She also met her fans and played new songs from the album like she did in the American "Meet & Greets". Juan sent me pictures from the show, and more pics from Barcelona thanks to Mariahsfanclub.com are in Gallery 9.

    Germany, November 6th:
    Mariah went back to Germany, this time to Berlin where she recorded an interview for radio & TV. Next Saturday the German radio station 94.3 RS2 will air an interview with Mariah from noon till 2pm and the German music TV channel VIVA did an interview with her which will air on December 2nd from 6pm till 7pm in the show "Club R’n’B".
    Susie, Honey & Kate sent me pictures of Mariah in Berlin which are in Gallery 9.

    France, All Schedule:
    HIT MICHINE: 13th November 6:30pm
    ADDRESS: 50 av Prés Wilson 93210 SAINT DENIS.

    MARIAH'S HOTEL: 4 seasons George V hotel
    ADDRESS: 31 av George V 75008 PARIS

    VIP CLUB: 16th November
    ADDRESS: VIP 76 avenue des Champs Élysées 75008 Paris.
    (Thanks MariahFanClub)

    Italy, All Schedule:
    Mariah arrived to Rome on November 9th. On November 11th, she'll meet with fans and on November 12th she'll perform in a show that's not published yet. Other great news for Italian fans - "Wisegirls" will be out to cinema on November 29th. (Thanks Alessandro and Gilles)

    UK, All Schedule:
    Thanks to MariahCareyUK.com for the following information:
    Thu 31st - Mariah recorded Top Of The Pops (studios at BBC Televison Centre in White City)
    Fri 1st - press interviews
    Tue 5th - Mariah did a masterclass at Fame Academy mansion
    Fri 8th - Mariah appeared on Fame Academy's live show
    Sat 9th - Mariah appeared on CD:UK
    Fri 15th - Mariah to appeare on Children In Need

    Pictures from Mariah's UK visit - at Gallery 9.

    Review of latest UK Appearances:
    Mariah & Trevor McDonald on 'Tonight':
    I didnt even know it was on T.V, but when i was flicking around the cjannels and came across the 'Tonight' programme, and it siad there was a report on 'Mariah & her Comeback' so I HAD to watch it! It was a real indepth look at her career (her marrige, her charting history, sales figures, the divorce) It even said she had sold 3 times as many records as Madonna, which i thought was a bit wrong, but happy that they had said it!!!! Hehe! Then the interview looked at the record deal, the 'Glitter' project, the flop of the film and soundtrack, the bitter Dropping of Mariah at EMI, the death of her father, The suicide attempt, the breakdown. It showed footage from the infamous TRL show were MC APPRENTLY brokedown, altho i dont see anything that unusual. But it was a real good interview, Mariah answered really well, she seemed happy talking about the topics, and also add a good joke aswell, when they said the record dropping was bitter for her she replied 'well it was more bitter for them, they had to sign a nice big check' !!!!! WELL DONE MARIAH YOU GO GET EM'!!!!!!!!!!! it showed the TTR video, and had info on 'Charmbracelet' and the new single. It named the record as a real Comeback! Mariah RULES!!!!!!! (davidwilkes5 on FOMM)

    She was at the Fame Academy on Friday, Nov 8th and she sang her new single TTR with the gang @ Fame Academy and they did the backing for it. (MPG @ MariahStyle)
    She also came on SM:TV - CD:UK on Satuday, Nov 9th and she sang with Westlife 'Against All Odds'. She was wearing pink sporty jacket with denim jeans and she wore a charmbracelet.
    Cat Deeley, the CD:UK presenter asked her questions and Mariah Fans asked questions to her on the phone. Cat asked Mariah were there anything going on with her and Eminem and she said there was nothing going on with them. She was friends with him and she also said "physically.....NO!" and everyone was laughing at the studio. (Thanks rajdeep)

    Mariah Carey Drops In On Fame Academy
    Mariah Carey's been giving advice to the Fame Academy students as they recorded backing vocals to her new single.

    She dropped in at the Academy to hold a masterclass with all the wannabes.

    They spent the class adding their vocals to her song Through The Rain.

    Carey acted as producer during the session.

    She told the students "don't be afraid to sing out loud" and to "sing along with the melody".

    They have been singing the praises of Mariah Carey following her masterclass.

    She guided them through the lyrics of her new track Through The Rain and told them not to be afraid to sing out loud.

    Vocal Coach Carrie commented how inspirational Mariah was as the girls were told to "put a little hot sauce on it".

    They all agreed she was "brilliant", while Nigel savoured every mouthful of a drink she had left behind.


    'Tonight With Trevor McDonald' Transcript
    Gurjeet wrote the entire transcript of the interesting interview Mariah did with Trevor McDonald in the UK:

    'She was the queen of pop, the best selling artist in history. Mariah Carey appeared to have it all, but then it all went wrong. A breakdown, a reported suicide attempt, then being dumped by her record company. Now she's making a comeback and I went to Amsterdam to meet her.'

    [Through The Rain Video Clip]

    'She's the biggest selling female artist of all time with worldwide sales of more than a 150 million records, but this week Mariah is holding her breath, the release of her comeback single is imminent and it marks a crucial point in a career that has taken her from unrivalled success to professional humiliation and personal despair.'

    [The American Music Award Clip (Special Achievement)]

    'August 2000 and pinnacle of Mariah Carey's career, she had the music industry at her feet, everything she had ever dreamt of had finally come true. So why only 12 months later, did this applauded star end up desperate and sedated at a Los Angeles clinic?'

    MC: When I was little when I used to say I really want to be famous, I wanted to be a star, I wanted to have this thing, but I never want to be one of those people on the tabloids that they make up stories up about. I don't want to get to that point and then when I saw myself get to that point it was a very bizarre feeling.

    [Dreamlover Video Clip]

    'But it's a feeling she had to get used to, for the last 12 years Mariah Carey has been really out of the headlines. Her story is a true tale of rag to riches and it all began when she met one man - Tommy Mottola. Mariah was an 18 year old backing singer, he was the head of Sony Records and 19 years her senior. Their chance meeting at a party was a true Cinderella story. Mariah had gone hoping to give her tape to another music boss, but Tommy got to it first.'

    MC: Tommy was standing right next to him and snatched the tape out of his hand and put in his pocket, so I was like 'oh well now the guy…'
    TMcD: …It isn't gonna work'
    MC: Yea he's not gonna listen to it, won't get the chance to hear it, and this guy's not gonna listen to it, so he did listen to it. He went out into his car, he left, we left. He came back to the party to find me but I was gone and yea it does sound like a fake story, but its true. So he tracked me down and I go this message on my machine, he said 'Yea Tommy Mottola, CBS Records, call me' and left the number and that was it.

    [Vision Of Love Clip]

    'Tommy was in control from the start and the job of promoting Mariah began. As the career took off their relationship deepened and together, made a powerful team.'

    [Grammy Clip]

    'The debut album sold 6 million copies and won 2 grammy awards'

    [Mariah & Tommy's Wedding Clip]

    '3 years later, Mariah & Tommy were married in a lavish ceremony reportedly based on footage they'd seen of Charles & Diana's wedding. But before long the marriage ran into trouble amid reports of Mottola's controlling and possessive nature.'

    TMcD: Of course, marrying the boss is not exactly the best idea.
    MC: No, it's not (laughs).
    TMcD: I mean how difficult was that?
    MC: Well, I was already in a relationship with him and so to me just… like I said I thought it would make things easier and I thought it would make everything more comfortable and he would feel less compelled to be so worried about everything, you know what I was doing, you know…….
    TMcD: When you say worried about everything, he really tried to take over your life in a rather full blown sense.
    MC: Well I mean without coming out and saying it myself, yea basically but….
    TMcD: There are reports and I've read this and I'm sure you've seen them too, that you were a virtual prisoner.
    MC: Mmm Hmm, yes, I've read them.
    TMcD: Why, why do you think he tried to do that?
    MC: I think anybody who behaves in that manner and I wouldn't put it on him, but anybody who's extra controlling, it's usually comes from a place of insecurities right?

    [Award Clip (Maybe AMA's again)]

    'Despite their problems in private, Tommy Mottola continued to propel Mariah to international stardom. With 11 no. 1 and 4 no.1 albums, she was without a doubt the biggest female star in the world.'

    [Clip of Mariah accepting award & thanking Mottola']

    'Professionally she owed him everything but in private, the man who'd help make her a star, now made her life miserable and within months of this public declaration of gratitude and affection, the marriage was over.'

    MC: I didn't ever think I would be able to extract myself from the situation due to all the ties.
    TMcD: Because of the control?
    MC: Because of the control.
    TMcD: Both personal and emotional and business?
    MC: Yea, it required me to really reach a point where I as like I can't take this anymore, you know and um that was a big deal and it still is.

    'The marriage finally crumbled in 1998 and Mariah's deal with Sony Records soon after. The troubles of her marriage were behind her, professionally they were just beginning.'

    [Loverboy Video Clip]

    'Initially it seemed to good to be true. Mariah signed a £70 million deal with EMI, one of the most lucrative recording deals ever, and turned her sights to Hollywood and landed a leading role in the film Glitter. But the combination of filming and recording the accompanying soundtrack proved too much.'

    MC: Everybody around me was pressuring me so much, like come on lets go do this you know let's keep going, not understanding me saying NO, I can't go do this, I need a break I need rest and I kept telling everybody like you know I was trying to warn people like this can't go on I'm too exhausted, but nobody heard me.

    [The MTV ice-cream Clip]

    'Rumours about Mariah's state of mind had been circulating for some time. They were fuelled by this now notorious appearance on MTV.'

    MC: It was upsetting for me because I know what happened and I know that you know the day I went up there, yea I was a little punchy cos I was tired, but the actuality of what I did wasn't nothing major. Because of that they went and said 'ooh and then Carson had said she's lost her mind', I don't know I just think it became, it became really blown out of proportion.

    'But it was a warning, after 12 years of recording and promoting, Mariah Carey had sold three times as many records as Madonna, but the personal price was high. Weeks after that MTV appearance, she collapsed.'

    MC: Well what happened was I was too tired one day to do this video, to do the video for my second single from the soundtrack and I told um I told the 'powers that be', I can't do this video, I'm too tired, I'm exhausted, I need to sleep. Like I drew a line and people are not used to seeing me drawing a line, so they were just like shocked and continued to call me and say 'we got to do the video, we got to do this, you got to you know'. So basically I went everywhere I could to avoid you know to avoid the powers that be and just ended up at my mom's house exhausted and collapsed.
    TMcD: You had a kind of breakdown?
    MC: I consider it an emotional and physical breakdown. I was literally depriving myself of the right foods, like when you're just on TV constantly sitting there, doing interview after interview, bringing the next person, the next person and so like I said I was at my mother's house and she got scared because I was like completely depleted and yet I couldn't sleep because I was so overtired. So it was just like a moment where she just threw u know her hands up and said 'OK, I'm gonna call 911' which was kind of like the worst thing to do yet in a way I'm glad she did it because it made people sit up and realise OK, the people in life, sit up and realise OK this is a human being who has worked herself to the ground and is a serious situation, not 'Oh it's Mariah, she'll come back and do the video, oh of course she's gonna do the video today', who cares about a video? We're talking about someone's life.
    TMcD: And you finally took that to the conclusion that you had to go to a rehab centre.
    MC: Well when my mom like saw me collapse she called 911, and then was like well you know what? She already did that, they're already gonna come, it's already gonna be all over the papers and everything else, so I might as well if there's a place up here, maybe there's a hospital they can give me something to sleep you know and I can get some rest finally and maybe the powers that be will see the severity of the situation and understand they need to back off.

    'Within hours reports of the breakdown were headline news across the world and it was widely reported that the star had even tried to kill herself.'

    TMcD: Did you ever think it wasn't worth going on?
    MC: No. I mean it felt like the end of the world to me but I mean I would never go 'Oh let me you know slit my wrists', nothing is worth that you know.
    TMcD: So it never got to the point where you thought of suicide?
    MC: No

    'But Mariah's breakdown was a disaster for EMI. Released on September 11 2001, her debut film Glitter flopped and the album failed to sell anywhere near as well as her earlier records. Just 9 months into her new recording deal, EMI had lost faith in it's newest, most famous, most expensive star.

    TMcD: It was described as one of the most brutal sackings in music history.
    MC: Well it was brutal for them, they had to write a nice cheque too, but see the thing is…..
    TMcD: Is it true that they paid you £/$ 38 million?
    MC: Um I'm not technically not allowed to say, contractually.
    TMcD: And it was claimed that because they paid you all this money, the 1,800 people had to be sacked.
    MC: Oh really? Well I don't know, I think that what people don't understand about record companies is there's a bottom line they have to make every year, so I think I became the fall guy for a lot of stuff. You just have to roll with the punches and keep going. I didn't stop, I mean I wanted to.. I took my break and then I kept going.

    [Through The Rain Video Clip]

    'And so she's back after the turbulent year, many thought she'd gone for good. Through The Rain, the aptly named song, written to relaunch her career. Her personal battles may be won, her professional one just beginning. The industry is holding it's breath, waiting to see if the Mariah magic is still there.'

    More from the UK... pictures from Mariah's appearance on CD:UK can be seen in Wireimages

    Mariah On TV Countdowns
    Mariah debuted on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown at #20. (Thanks JC)
    In Addition, Torrence told me that Mariah debuted at #7 on MTV's Soul Countdown (it airs Mon-Fri @ 8 AM)

    All Pictures Added
    All the new official pictures sent in by Universal around the world to different fansites have been added to Gallery 9. Thanks to: MariahMania, MariahConnection, MariahBuzz & Mariah Carey Portugal.

    Also in Gallery 9, concombr sent me a beautiful new picture of Mariah from a French magazine, Laine sent me a picture of her and Mariah from the Sundance film festival (January 2002) and Eran scanned a small article about new albums coming out from the Israeli newspaper "Ma'ariv".

    Request Page Updated
    Important information has been added to request page including how to vote on XM Radio & MTV Europe.
    Enter The Request Page.

    Last But Not Least.. NYC!
    This just goes to show that dreams do come true. I met Mariah for the first time on October 22nd, in the NYC Meet & Greet. She was AMAZING and knew who I was. Then I heard the album which is absolutely beautiful, so unique and personal and I really can't wait till it comes out and we all can own such a masterpiece!
    Then on October 24th, I got to make another dream become reality when I saw Mariah performing live for the first time ever in the MTV concert (that will be aired Dec. 3rd). Later on, we were taken to talk with Mariah in private which left me simply awestruck due to how amazing, down to earth and sweet Mariah is. She is everything I thought she would be and WAY more than that. And I told her the same thing. It was worth it all, she really is a special and fantastic person and an incredible musician, singer and songwriter.
    Finally, on October 25th, we attended the Seventeen event and waited for Mariah to come outside, again she was extremely nice to everyone and we even made her laugh when we screamed "Okie Dokie Smokie" as soon as she came out.
    I want to say THANK YOU Mariah for everything, you are truly one of a kind. And I just have to add that meeting the fans from all over the world and seeing how dedicated we all are was an inevitable part of the whole experience. Mariah fans are fantastic and I had such a great time with everyone - you know who you are!
    I'll try to scan all my pictures this week and upload them to the site.

  • updated byLiron November 8th, 2002 12:30PM  
    Upcoming Mariah Events Added
    Melissa told me the new issue of the R&R (Radio & Records) magazine has an ad for "Charmbracelet" (promotional poster) with the following information about upcoming events:

    Oprah, Dec. 3rd
    MTV Special, Dec. 3rd
    Dateline (NBC), Dec 10th
    Turnstyle (BET), Dec. 10th
    Today Show, Dec. 11th

    Mariah Remains #2 On "The Fridge"
    As you may know, MTV Europe's "The Fridge" (the European version of TRL) has a weekly countdown every Friday. "Through The Rain" debuted at #1 and then dropped to #2. This week it is at #2 as well behind B. Spears. Please vote for it as well, daily at the following link:
    The Fridge Voting Booth

    Billboard "Through The Rain" Positions
    Jessica sent in the following information about "Through The Rain" Billboard positions for November 16, 2002:

    Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles
    This Week: #25
    Last Week: #19

    Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles
    This Week: #16
    Last Week: #13

    Adult Contemporary
    This Week: #17
    Last Week: #17

    Please continue to request TTR on your local radio stations to increase the airplay it gets. You may use the Request Page to do so!

    More Updates Coming Later
    Stay tuned...

    updated byLiron November 8th, 2002 11:45AM  
    Mariah To Be On TRL News Today!
    Kristin told me that today on TRL, Mariah will be featured on the news segment. It will be a small minute and a half part from the interview Mariah did with 6 lucky fans (who I posted pictures of before I left) on the MTV Special that we attended and will be aired on December 3rd.
    Please continue to vote for Mariah on TRL by using the link to your right.

    Mariah Already Best Seller With "Charmbracelet"
    Fantastic news! "Charmbracelet" is the the top seller at Amazon.com's daily chart! It's #1 in two categories: "Vocal Pop" and "Adult Contemporary" ahead of artists like C. Aguilera, J. Lopez, W. Houston, J. Timberlake, T. Braxton & more.
    You can still pre-order the album in Amazon.

    Japanese "Charmbracelet" Tracklist
    Shino from Love Love Jack told us that Tutaya Online (Japanese CD Store) published a tracklisting for Mariah's new album in Japan. It looks like Japan is getting some extra tracks:

    1. Through The Rain 4:48
    2. Boy (I Need You) Feat. Cam' Ron 5:14
    3. The One 4:08
    4. Yours - Mariah only version - 5:06
    5. You Got Me Feat. Jay-Z & Freeway 4:22
    6. I Only Wanted 3:38
    7. Clown 3:17
    8. My Saving Grace 4:09
    9. You Had Your Chance 4:22
    10. Lullaby 4:55
    11. Irresistible ( Westside Connection ) 5:03
    12. Subtle Invitation 4:26
    13. Bringing on the Heartbreak 4:34
    14. Sunflowers For Alfred Roy 2:59
    15. Through The Rain - Remix featuring Kelly Price & Joe 3:32
    16. Miss You Feat. Jadakiss - Bonus Track For Japan - 5:07

    updated byLiron November 7th, 2002 12:30PM  
    Mariah On UK "Glamour" Cover
    Glamour December 2002
    In This Issue
    As this is the biggest ever issue since our launch in 2001, it's fitting that we have one of the biggest stars in the world on our cover. The last 12 months have been tough on Mariah Carey, to say the least.

    But I think everyone who loves GLAMOUR wants a great, inspirational story and the fact is, with a new album and film both receiving rave reviews, memories of Mariah's Glitter period are being kicked into touch.

    It's gratifying to know that of all the magazines Mariah could have chosen to talk to about her complete career turnaround, she picked GLAMOUR and one of our favourite writers, David A Keeps. "The lovely thing about Mariah Carey," says Keeps, "is that she doesn't try to dismiss her experience or let it diminish her. She still believes in beauty and love and herself, which seems to be the very definition of a GLAMOUR woman."

    And Mariah's isn't our only inspirational story this month. There's the tale of the amazing bond between Palestinian and Israeli best friends on page 85. Allow me to go a bit Oprah here and say that perhaps it gives us cause for optimism about world situations for 2003.

    As a GLAMOUR woman, you'll probably agree there just aren't enough opportunities to get truly glammed up. Well, that's what the party season's for. We've put together the most comprehensive guide to glitzing up for every Christmas event, so even if you're wearing an outfit more than once, you'll be accessorised so shrewdly that no one will ever know. Speaking of accessories, I hope you find your free clutch as useful as it is chic. Enjoy the issue,

    Jo Elvin, Editor
    contact me at: editor@glamourmagazine.co.uk

    Click below to enlarge the new beautiful pictures!

    Thank you Omri, Glamour Magazine

    updated byregina November 6th, 2002 4:50PM  
    MP3 of the week update
    First off, I'd like to apologize for the extreme lack of updates. We certainly have not forgotten about the site or Mariah but just had things to do.
    I'd like to start off this update with a new MP3 of the week. In fact it might very well be a new MP3 for all of you. It's the Non-Rap version of the new song Irresistable. You can download it here, or get it from the link on the left side bar for the upcoming week.

    TRL Stats
    Through The Rain was #4 on TRL today. There's alot of new videos and competition coming up TRL so lets not forget to vote daily to keep her at the top!

    New Video Update
    Thanks to MisterB and Mariahstyle for being the first post a great mpg of Mariah's performance at RTL. However, we now bring you a SVCD quality cap of this performance for everyone to enjoy. Again, I always accept replies on how the video could be improved and if it works for you and all that kind of stuff. You can download the video here.

    updated byregina November 1st, 2002 9:15PM  
    New Pictures
    london Check out Gallery 9 for some new pictures of Mariah in London. Thanks to Mssfijunke and MBeeHny for the pics.

    To check out more smaller images of Mariah, click the links below...
    Globe Photos
    Getty Images

    TRL Stats
    Through The Rain was #2 on TRL today. Eminem beat her out for the #1 spot. Please continue to vote for her.

    KissFM Concert
    Tilis4ever told me that Kissfm.com has an ad for their Christmas concert and it says a special performance with Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake. Tickets go on sale to the general public on November 9th and Friday for all Kiss members.

    Please Note
    MD's server was down last night which prevented me from loading yesterday's news. Please make sure you check below for all the information from yesterday.

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