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NOVEMBER 30, 2003 12:59PM
Celeb Bodies: Mariah Carey

The pop diva has had eight chart-topping albums and 25 singles in just ten years, and is now bouncing back after a few professional and emotional setbacks.

"I'm really happy now for the first time in a long time," says the 33-year-old who, last year, signed a £14m contract with Universal after being bought out of her Virgin contract for £20m.

Although her debut movie Glitter flopped, she's still keen to become an actress and we'll next see her playing a boxing manager in Sweet Science.

She is famous for her exotic looks, and it is her mixed-race heritage - an Irish mother and a black Venezuelan dad - that accounts for her unusual colouring. At 5ft 9in, she has cascading lush hair, fathomless brown eyes and the sort of lithe, long-legged figure that most girls can only dream about.

She suffered a nervous breakdown in July 2001 after working herself to near exhaustion. She also had to deal with the break-up with Latin pop-star Luis Miguel and the death of her father.

"I started to pack on too much extra weight," she says. "So I began a crash exercise programme, sweating it out on the treadmill and bike. I lost 30 pounds and am now in the best shape I've ever been for years."

She also horse-rides: "Now that really is great exercise - for me and the horse!"

Now that she's back to her best weight, 124 pounds, Mariah intends to keep it that way. A lapsed vegetarian, she says she has never gone on a strict diet, but eats healthy stuff whenever she can.

She admits to a weakness for potato skins with cheese, buttered popcorn and bagels with salmon and cheese filling. She says: "My favourite food is Italian, especially pasta."

She has always eaten lots of honey: "It can be very good protection for my voice - as well as tasting delicious on toast!"

She enjoys the occasional red wine - Italian if possible.

Love life
At 18, she met Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola at a party. She gave him a demo tape, three days later he signed her - and married her three years later. Despite a fairytale wedding and palatial home, the union ended in divorce.

Since then she has been linked with Yankees baseball star Derek Jeter, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Dillon, Latin singer Luis Miguel and rapper Eminem. There is no one special at the moment. She says: "I am not in any hurry to get romantically involved again."

Source: The Evening Gazette

Why are Filipinos so starstruck?

Filipinos constantly look to the stars for clues about how the country is doing. Want proof? The biggest talk over the past few weeks was not about the Davide impeachment threat or about how President Gloria Arroyo would handle new allegations of military corruption. No, the morning talk was generally about Mariah Carey and Mandy Moore.

"Did you hear how Mariah’s goons ejected the head of security at NAIA? No wonder GMA didn’t invite her to the Palace…"

"Yeah, but Mariah put on a much better show than Mandy Moore. That kid sang for less than an hour…"

"And GMA greeted her during the concert? Shouldn’t our president be backing the better performer?…"

Starstruck as always, these are the things by which Filipinos estimate how well the country is faring. Celebrity is the new barometer of self-image. Which performers deign to touch down on our tarmac? Who has the guts to brave the grinding traffic and the all-too-mundane threats of coups and terrorist bombings?

One columnist recently gushed that the "safe, uneventful" visit by US President George W. Bush a month ago had "opened the floodgates" for more celebrities (mostly pop singers) to come here and perform. As if Mariah, Mandy and George Bush traded notes!

The implication was that, if more foreign celebrities visit Manila, then things must be okey-dokey. Sort of like the proverbial canaries in the coalmine: if Mariah and Mandy are singing here, then the pollution can’t be choking us to death, right?

Source: The Philippine Star

Mariah Carey Doesn’t Deserve Extravagance

It must be nice to be Mariah Carey. Don’t worry about the sensationalized mental breakdown and secretive stay at a Connecticut healthcare facility. Never mind the fact that Glitter was so bad that Larry Gigli couldn’t control his gag reflex (just kidding, nothing’s as bad as Gigli). Frankly, don’t even concern yourself with the fact that she hasn’t really played a meaningful starring role in the American music scene in the past few years, despite her best efforts. Let’s just talk about the kind of stuff she gets to pull when she goes on tour, even when she’s in China, a country as of late not particularly known for its extravagant treatment of celebrities (or its love of lavish wealth).

While desperately looking for anything to do that didn’t resemble something productive, I came upon a news item on regarding Mariah’s recent visit to Shanghai for a concert. Upon her arrival, four vehicles (among others) carried her 60 pieces of luggage, containing, among other rumored items, 350 pairs of shoes — I’ll get to that unfathomable concept in a minute. She also demanded to be moved from her presidential suite at the Hilton to one with more suitable (i.e. girly) wall colors. Photographers from the local media were forbidden to take pictures (the camera flashes and clicking shutters are apparently too much for Ms. Carey) or ask personal questions. Despite all of this, the concert sold out and I’m sure Mariah put on a wonderful 20-25 minute set of some of her best songs.

Now, everyone knows celebrities can be a bit ostentatious and that musicians can have pretty ridiculous riders attached to their contracts for backstage at shows (stuff like “a bowl of M&Ms without the green ones”), but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like this. 350 pairs of shoes?! You could sit in Red Square for your lunch hour and not see 350 different pair of shoes — a lot of that is due to the fact that everyone on this campus wears Reefs and Rainbows until January, but let’s put that aside. As for her dissatisfaction with the presidential suite at the hotel, the only person I can think of that would be able to pull that off smoothly would be Paris Hilton, being in the family and all, but let’s face it — her recent forays into amateur filmmaking may have landed her in some trouble with Mommy and Daddy. As for the ban on pictures and personal questions, yeah, it’s tough being a celebrity in that sense, but when you’re trying to make some publicity for a concert you’re doing in a foreign country it might not be a bad idea to put your face on the front page of a couple newspapers.

Celebrities can be pretty tough to please, but we’re not talking about someone who has permanently earned their place in music’s pantheon of all-time greats. We’re talking about Mariah Carey here — someone who, despite her supposed eight-octave vocal range hasn’t really had a hit since she decided she’d get rid of the curly hair, flannel shirts and wholesome image after divorcing Tommy Mottola. Madonna might be able to get away with this kind of thing, even though her latest single doesn’t really seem to contain much “musical” talent and she’s been better-known as the chick that kissed Britney Spears than as a musician in the past few months. The only musician I can think of that would have been able to pull off that kind of extravagance in his heyday (and might have actually done it if the opportunity presented itself) is Elvis, and, well, we all know what he’s up to these days — or do we? Either way, it’s a safe bet he’s probably not touring in China with 350 pair of shoes to keep him company. As far as my own ambitions, I’m going to keep expanding my zero-octave range and hope that someday I too can command the adulation of fans despite dodgy if not ludicrous on-tour behavior.

Source: The Hoya

Remix Albums: Just another Industry Trap

Remixes used to be the exclusive domain of Grade-A dance acts. Now that any artist with a beat can get a remix pass, even breakthrough acts have gotten into the act.

Ballads gave Mariah Carey a chance to spin her multi- octave vocals to the top of the charts, but it was only a matter of time before she reinvented herself as an urban diva. Superstar rap and hip-hop stars including Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, Nas, Xscape, Da Brat, Busta Rhymes and others collaborate with her in giving dance remixes of Heartbreaker, Loverboy, I Know What You Want, Fantasy and Always Be My Baby an edge.

Russia's enfant terrible dance duo t.A.T.u. take a path less travelled by focusing on four hits which are put through a variety of remix styles. The results, grilled on digital blender, are big, dynamic and spectacularly dumb.

Remix albums are yet another industry trap to sponge more mileage from artists who are either keen to extend their fan base or moving on to a higher plateau. Not essential unless your whole dance routine revolves around hits by t.A.T.u. and Carey.

Source: New Straits Times

Mariah Carey is comin' to Portland

At long last, Mariah Carey is comin' to the Rose City and Jammin is hookin' you up. Jammin' 95.5, Portland's party station wants you to get your first shake at gettin' tickets to Mariah's first concert in Portland, Oregon. Get your tickets from 95.5 Jammin' at or from TicketMaster.

Source: Mariah, Inc.

NOVEMBER 29, 2003 11:04AM
Mariah's "You Give Me Butterflies" charity boots

Mariah Carey put her heart and soul into hand decorating UGG Australia boots for charity. The auction benefits Oceana, an organization created with the sole purpose of protecting the world’s oceans, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation, dedicated to enduring the development of a cure for Parkinson’s disease. The auction is being held at until Saturday, December 6, 2003.

Mariah's "You Give Me Butterflies" UGG Australia boots, which are currently on display at Nordstrom Clothing on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, were personally designed by the singing star, who has signed each boot in black sharpie pen. These "Ultra Tall" sand colored boots are a women's size 9 and are accompanied by a beautiful 8x10 color photograph of Carey. Unique and one-of-a-kind, these very special boots come with a letter from UGG Australia and Gotta Have It! Auctions that unconditionally guarantees authenticity.

To learn more about Mariah's charity work, be sure to check out's Philanthropy section.

Source: Mariah Daily | Jessica Jackson

How Mariah found her way back

Pop diva Mariah Carey is to complete the last section of her comeback tour next month - the latest stage in her effort to resurrect her career that nosedived following one of the biggest flops in music history.

The tour is based on Carey's album Charmbracelet, on which she embraced R&B and hip hop fully after the disastrous release of the album and film Glitter.

The singer, who broke the record of the Beatles for the amount of US number one singles - 13 in all - was rumoured to be in the midst of a breakdown in 2002.

"The whole year - and all the rumours and all the hoopla and all the lies, and actually working myself into the ground - [brought me] to the point where I was hospitalised from exhaustion," Carey told the BBC.

"That turned into rumours that I had tried to kill myself."

Carey has poured a great deal of effort into reinventing herself for both the tour, and the album it is based on, after her career took a major plunge two years ago.

Carey had married her boss at Sony records, Tony Mattola, in 1993. But after the two split up some nine years later, the singer became desperate for a new label - and accepted an $80m deal from Virgin, the biggest record contract in history.

The first project was to be movie and album Glitter, the story of a rising star, which had remarkable similarities to her own life.

But the film was panned by critics and the album - released on 11 September 2001 - failed to sell, and Carey's career went into spectacular freefall.

"That project with Virgin was very much a snap decision that I made... I was under a time constraint due to the fact that I was trying to get away from a label which I had been very successful with, but was very difficult because of the personal relationship that I had with the head of the label," Carey stated.

"Then it was just a complete and total stress-fest. I made a total snap decision which was based on money, and I never make decisions based on money. I learned a big lesson from that."

Indeed, Glitter was such a disaster that it nearly ruined parent company EMI Records, and Carey was dropped in early 2002 - at a cost to Virgin of $28m

Shortly afterwards, Carey went into a painfully public breakdown. She suffered bizarre promotional appearances, and posted a string of rambling messages on website.

In the meantime, acts like Shania Twain and Destiny's Child had made major impressions on Carey's key audience, and there was speculation over whether she would still have much impact.

There was also much pressure on the record company that had picked her up, legendary hip hop label Def Jam.

Although Carey's music had dabbled in hip hop since 1995 - with the track Fantasy from the album Daydream - to many she remained synonymous with the big ballads that made her famous, such as Hero, Anytime You Need A Friend and Without You.

Charmbracelet, however, with its vast number of collaborations, did much better business than Glitter - although its sales were still much behind the likes of Music Box, released when Carey was at her peak.

But the tour has done very well, promising a more "intimate" evening, and has been extended.

Carey contended that her style now was an answer to her critics, especially those who had argued she was limited to sugary ballads.

"I've worked with everybody from Pavarotti to Ol' Dirty Bastard," she said.

"I've worked with Snoop, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Nas - countless people that I admire... to me, doing collaborations is part of making music.

"I think it's cool, because it exposes hip hop to a broader audience."

Source: BBC News

Two Discs of Remixes

It is at first hard to tell why Mariah Carey made this a two-CD release. None of the material is new, and as always the music serves as a backdrop to the singer's multi-octave pipes.

Several tracks on the first CD sound as though the remix process entailed adding stale house beats and club sirens, which night-lifers have been listening to for decades. "Anytime You Need a Friend - C&C Club Version," "Fantasy - Def Club Mix," and Jermaine Dupri's version of "Always Be My Baby" all fail to offer a fresh alternative to the original recordings.

But the album has its moments. The melodic drumming during "Heartbreaker" is quintessential Junior Vasquez. Ol' Dirty Bastard's extended rhyme on the second installment of "Fantasy" is equally fine. And the layered East Indian drumming during "My All/Stay Awhile - So So Def Remix" reveals an astute, progressive production team.

These hints of good taste indicate Carey called in a stable of style-makers for studio assistance. In fact, more than two dozen producers share the album credits. It's this vast pool of talent and influence that makes "The Remixes" worth a second or third listen.

Source: Denver Post |

Mariah Carey's "Glitter" Amongst Top 5 'Turkeys'

Based on the votes of some 1.2 million members of the Yahoo! My Movies website, pop singer Mariah Carey's movie "Glitter" made it to the Top 5 in The Top Turkeys of All Time list, which came out on Thanksgiving Day. John Travolta's "Battlefield Earth" has the dubious honor of coming out on top in the online balloting.

Source: Pop Dirt

Mariah treated like common "tao"?

By now, everyone must have already heard about Mariah Carey's very unforgettable experience in our airport.

According to some kibitzers, when the diva arrived she was given very special treatment in the airport, but when the manager of the airport tried to approach her to ask for her autograph, she supposedly asked her bodyguards to get him out of her way. Not very nice, huh?

Anyway, she arrived at least two hours late in the concert's venue but only performed for an hour. Not very considerate, huh?

Ok, so here's the clincher, on her departure, the people in the airport who welcomed her warmly but turned the tables on her. The diva who called Regine Velasquez a brown monkey wasn't given the VIP treatment anymore; she had to fall in line like all the common "tao" she looks down on.

Really, Mariah should remember that she's no longer the star she once was. I mean ok, didn't she even notice her dimming stardom when her movie "Glitter" didn't glitter in the box office? In fact, it was a big flop!

Mariah is like totally drunk with the success she no longer has.

She once accused Jennifer Lopez of being her copycat. Hello? J.Lo is nothing like Mariah, J.Lo can dance unlike Mariah who looks too heavy to even lift herself up.

J.Lo is H-O-T hot with an equally hottie boyfriend. Plus, compared to Mariah, J.Lo's movies really make money.

Source: Sun Star

Editor's Note: If you would like to comment on this article written by Arianne Blanche M. Ramirez, you can e-mail the Sun Star editor at

News Tidbits

-- From Guardian Unlimited: "American Idol Kelly Clarkson's stepfather calls her Mariah Kelly, because it sounds a bit like Mariah Carey, who is a singer, like Kelly."

-- From Times Of India: Risque Mariah Carey music videos may not be shown on Indian Pay TV because of a decree from I&B minister Ravi Shankar Prasad that only content worthy of a U certificate (OK for those under 18) should be dished out to 40 million cable TV homes.

-- From GazetteNET: A-list New York designer Mario Buatta has chosen Niermann Weeks pieces for homes of clients Barbara Walters and Mariah Carey.

-- From Taryn Murphy sang "Make It Go Away," the main theme to Mariah's movie, "WiseGirls." On Taryn's official website, there is a short clip of a scene from the movie featuring Mariah acting with Taryn's song in the background.

Source: Dennis

NOVEMBER 28, 2003 11:46AM
Mariah's signed thumbprint up for auction

Starting December 9, 2003, The CooperOwen Emporium, which is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading brokers in music and entertainment memorabilia and collectables, will be auctioning off a series of plaques that feature thumbprints signed by the respective celebrity they belong to. Included is one from singer Mariah Carey, which is estimated to be worth somewhere between the £350 and £400 price range.

The original ink thumbprint was taken from Mariah at CD:UK, a British entertainment program, on March 22, 2003. The custom glazed metal frame in which the thumbprint is encased in also features a picture of Mariah holding up her freshly-inked hand and is autographed in black marker pen.

Only five of these limited 18x22 inch rarities exist. Commission bids can be left at until 5:00pm on December 9th. The auction will then be completed from 6:00pm at

Source: Mariah Daily

In The Club

Mariah Carey made an appearance the other night at Marcus Linial's Canal Room club, where her ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter's sister Sharlee was celebrating her birthday with Met slugger Mo Vaughn, "Honey" hottie Jessica Alba and Wilmer Valderama and Danny Masterson from "That '70s Show."

Source: New York Post

Mariah Carey Weekend

Southern California-based radio station 99.1 KGGI will be sponsoring a Mariah Carey Weekend and will be giving away tickets to Mariah's Christmas concert at the Universal Amphitheatre on December 17.

Mariah Carey Weekend began today and will run all the way through Sunday. In order to win, you must be caller 29 when they ask at (909) 431-5991. Don't hesitate to request a Mariah song!

Source: Mariah, Inc.

The Mariah and Manda Episode

The heir apparent to the throne of Great Britain, Prince William once requested an audience with pop icon Britney Spears. The tall and handsome royal was indeed granted his request. Back on Philippine soil, a more parochial incident transpired akin to this. We called up an old high-school pal, Rhiza Ortiz, who bought in Mariah Carey for a one-on-one with the celebrity.

She was quick to elucidate the episode where General Manager Edgar Manda of the NAIA wanted to meet Mariah at the VIP lounge. Not knowing whom the GM was, Mariah’s bodyguards shooed Manda along with other NAIA officials.

Manda characteristically made yet another scene in the media. International and local celebs have every right to say no to visits and courtesy calls. These artists have a universe of their own and are not government workers that follow protocol! Unless the GM becomes royalty, he should just stick to his post of cleaning up the airdome!

Source: Manila Bulletin | Rovheel Argel Laborera

News Tidbits

-- "Without You" has been voted as the #1 song in VIVA Germany's Top 100 Songs of the Last Decade poll. The Top 10 voted videos will air on VIVA's 10 Year Anniversary Show on November 29!

-- "Merry Christmas" moves up 14 spots to #46 on this week's edition of the Canadian R&B albums chart.

-- If you would like to contribute to the Orange County fanbracelet, which will be given to Mariah at her concert in Costa Mesa, send your entries to or mail them to:

Lambs Incorporated
c/o Gladys G.
5993 Kendrick Drive
Riverside, CA 92507

The book measures 8x11 inches. There is no limit on the amount of pages or entries you want to send. This fanbracelet book is not Christmas themed, but festive entries are encouraged! The entry deadline is December 16.

Source: | IslandYacht | Janel

NOVEMBER 27, 2003 12:11AM
Happy Thanksgiving from Mariah Daily

Today most Americans are taking time off to celebrate Thanksgiving, a tradition that was first started in 1621 by Native American Indians and Pilgrims, and now has become a time to offer thanks and reflect on the things that have brought us joy throughout our year and our entire lives.

Mariah fans have much to be thankful for this year, as 2003 ushered in a multi-platinum selling album, a critically acclaimed world performance tour, one of the biggest radio hits of the year, and a handful of awards including those presented by the World Music Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, and NRJ Radio Music Awards.

These awards come in addition to an award presented by Z100 for Mariah’s philanthropy work in the New York City area and an RIAA commemorative certification award recognizing Mariah’s unprecedented 100 Gold, Platinum and multi-Platinum certifications – a rare and distinguished feat that few artists have accomplished.

Indeed this is one of Mariah’s happiest and brightest moments ever, which should make us thankful the most. As Mariah wraps up an amazing year, we look forward to the future gifts of her talent and remember the things that made us thankful throughout the past.

Source: Mariah Daily

News Tidbits

-- A leading Indian daily newspaper reportedly announced that Mariah is involved in some charity work that would potentially bring her to Bombay for a performance in January or February.

-- Mariah will be featured in an upcoming special titled "Awesomely Bad Videos," which will premiere on VH1 on December 6. She is included in the Bad Dancing and Bad Art Imitating Life categories.

-- Filipino singer Regine Velasquez sang renditions of some of Mariah’s tracks on the SOP variety show as a tribute to Mariah before her concert in Manila. Sound files can be downloaded at

-- Mariah is in the latest issue of Smash Hits, a British publication. The magazine features a picture of her in both the magazine and the poster book! However, in the poster book they print a picture of a canary and call it Mariah Canary. Some fans are complaining that the magazine should have printed a proper poster. Feel free to e-mail your comments to

Source: Tushar | Shocks Wave | George

NOVEMBER 26, 2003 3:42PM
Premiere issue of Honey B. Fly coming soon

Be on the look out for the first issue of Honey B. Fly, Mariah's official fanclub newsletter.

In the newsletter, which will be arriving in members' mailboxes in the next few weeks, there will be some great candid Mariah photos including those from her Charmbracelet World Tour. There will also be information on how club members can have a chance to take part in an offline opportunity to win a custom Charmbracelet just like one that Mariah has.

To register for or to learn more information on Mariah's official fabclub, log on to

Source: The Official Mariah Carey Fanclub

Mariah receives GrooveVolt Award nominations

Mariah garnered four nominations in the inaugural GrooveVolt Music and Fashion Awards. Below are the categories in which she is nominated:

Best Pop Album - Female
Stripped, Christina Aguilera
Hotel Paper, Michelle Branch
Charmbracelet, Mariah Carey
This Is Me...Then, Jennifer Lopez
Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Clarkson

Best Pop Song Performance - Female
"Miss Independent," Kelly Clarkson
"I’m With You," Avril Lavigne
"Beautiful," Christina Aguilera
"Through The Rain," Mariah Carey
“I Drove All Night,” Celine Dion

Best Unreleased Album Track - Pop
"Walk Away," Christina Aguilera
“Conditons Of My Heart,” Justin Guarini
“Never Again,” Justin Timberlake
“Leave The Lights On,” Jewel
“My Saving Grace,” Mariah Carey

Best Hip-Hop Collaboration
"I Know What You Want," Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey featuring The Flipmode Squad
"Magic Stick," Lil Kim featuring 50 Cent
"Beautiful," Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell
"Bonnie & Clyde '03," Jay-Z featuring Beyonce Knowles
"21 Questions," 50 Cent featuring Nate Dogg
"Into You," Fabolous featuring Tamia

Voting for the GrooveVolt Music and Fashion Awards will take place at beginning December 2, and the winners will be announced on January 16, 2004. The winners will be selected by readers.

Source: Mariah Daily

Top 40 Videos of 2003

Starting Friday, December 12, VH1 will count down the Top 40 Videos of 2003 in a 2-hour special, that will highlight the best in music videos the past year had to offer.

The show's producers want you to help them to determine the best videos of 2003 in a variety of categories including Top Video Cover Song Of 2003, in which Mariah is nominated for with her cover of Def Leppard's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak."

To vote for Mariah, log on to Then make sure to tune into VH1 on December 12 at 9:00pm Eastern Time to find out the results!

Source: VH1 Online | Joe

Deborah Lippman: Celebrity Manicurist

Judging from her relationship with singing super-star Mariah Carey, it's no surprise that celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman tends to form intimate bonds with her clients.

Lippmann has worked closely with the pop diva on countless projects, including both print and video shoots as well as for personal occasions. Mariah and Lippmann have been known to change nail color as many as four times during one event to compliment each wardrobe change. A special nail color was even created for Mariah's 1999 Academy Awards appearance.

Like Mariah, Lippmann enjoys performing vocally. She has been featured on albums by Martin Charnin and Donny Osmond and has sung the national anthem at Madison Square Garden for New York Knicks games.

Click here to view a picture of Deborah backstage with Mariah, seen showing off her red nails at 2001 photoshoot.

Source: Lippman Collection |

News Tidbits

-- The November 27th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine features this quote from Jessica Simpon talking about her audition for the Mickey Mouse Club: "All I can remember is watching Christina Aguilera on the TV in the greenroom. I mean, I was a shoo-in. But she sounded like Mariah Carey, and it intimidated the hell out of me."

-- Melissa Howard, from MTV's Real World New Orleans and Girls Behaving Badly, has mentioned listening to Mariah's music in several of the entries on her website, including the current post. Like Mariah, Melissa is also a Hello Kitty fanatic. Check out her website at

-- "I Know What You Want," Mariah's collaboration with Busta Rhymes, moves up three spots to #16 on this week's edition of the Brasilian Hot 100 singles chart.

Source: Janel | Regine | Rod

NOVEMBER 25, 2003 6:53PM
Mariah Files from The National Enquirer

AMI Books is gearing up to launch a compiler entitled "From the files of The National Enquirer: The Mariah Carey Story." The book, which will be released sometime next month, can be pre-ordered online for only $5.99 at

The release comes as part of a series of books being distributed this winter, whose subjects, in addition to Mariah, include entertainers Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and Lisa Marie Presley, and television programs American Idol and Friends.

The content of the publication is yet unknown but is expected to include quotes from Mariah and those close to her, as well as information and articles originally printed in past issues of The National Enquirer. The book is also tentatively scheduled to include a series of photographs for your enjoyment, although it is presently unknown if they will be printed in color or in grayscale.

Regardless, the book should be a nice addition to any Mariah fan’s memorabilia collection.

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah Carey still hot despite meltdown

She sang most of her hits in a show that lasted only a little over an hour. She wore half a dozen eye-popping outfits, dancing and belting those famous high notes that thrilled the crowd of more than 30,000.

In her first-ever performance in Manila two Sunday nights ago at The Fort Open Field, Mariah Carey was a blast. The effects of her much-publicized career and personal meltdown two years ago hardly ever showed in her energetic performance that night. She was warm and full of life as she showed off her magnificent five-octave voice to everyone's delight. The 33-year-old diva had apparently fixed the glitches in her aesthetic life.

The fans waited for nearly two hours for Mariah to come out on stage, and the waiting was eased by the performance of the all-male a capella group, Akafellas, which sang at least six well-applauded numbers.

When Mariah's live voice was finally heard and she emerged, ushered by burly bodyguards from the ground to the stage, the fans stood on their seats to get a glimpse of her. They screamed as she dished out her bouncy opening salvo, "Heartbreaker," and she was stunning in a glitzy powder blue micro-mini and bikini top.

She segued into another lively number, "Dreamlover," before greeting her ecstatic Manila audience. Then she did the vocally challenging "Through the Rain," the first hit single from her ninth and latest album, "Charmbracelet."

Mariah's Manila performance was part of the six-city Asian leg of her "Charmbracelet World Tour 2003" which promoted her newest album of the same title. She earlier performed in Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur.

After only three numbers, Mariah left the stage to change into an olive green gown with a plunging neckline. She had a total of seven wardrobe changes during the night. She donned a royal blue floral mini skirt with slits on both sides, and many girls in the audience speculated the skirt left no room for her to wear undies. When she did a choreographed number in "I Know What You Want" with her back-up dancers, she was in a denim micro-mini and a black tube shirt with "Harley Davidson" emblazoned on the chest.

She wore a "new" backless black dress and asked the audience, "Do you like the ensemble?" Her "Automatic Princess" get-up was a blue midriff shirt and neon pink shorts. For her last three numbers, she was in a dramatic silver gown adorned with ostrich feathers on the long skirt.

Thanks to the huge giant screens on both sides of the stage, even fans in the general admission area could clearly see her and her outfits while she performed.

Before every song, Mariah graciously told the audience the title of the piece and from what album it came from. Her spiels obviously were not scripted or rehearsed. No tele-prompters were visible. This singer hardly talked, so her one-liners elicited shrieks from her adoring fans.

If there was still any emotional baggage from her breakup with superstar Luis Miguel, her hospitalization for exhaustion, her reported suicide attempt and the death of her father, Mariah hardly showed it. She knew how to entertain. And entertain very well.

She also sang the ballad "My All," as well as the upbeat "Honey," "Can't Take That Away," "You'll Always Be My Baby" and "Make It Happen." She danced in five-inch heels which showed her shapely legs.

She again displayed lung power when she sang the gospel-inspired "My Saving Grace," also from "Charmbracelet." The inspirational song with beautiful and poignant lyrics was written for Mariah after her meltdown. What made the number even more stirring were the newspaper clippings documenting her successful comeback that were flashed on the big screens, interspersed with video footage of her well-received performances the past year.

Mariah had a back-up that included her five-man band, three singers and half-a-dozen dancers. She surprised the crowd when she introduced Trey Lorenz from her back-up as "the big and nasty guy from the land of the fish sandwich, South Carolina." Trey, as most Mariah Carey fans know, had recorded with her the revival of the Jackson Five hit, "I'll Be There."

The versatile Trey had his own spot number, "Friend of Mine," which he sang with two female back-up singers.

When Mariah returned on stage, she did her final three numbers-"Vision of Love," "Without You" and "Hero." She exited while still singing a few lines from "Butterfly," which was rendered by her back-up singers.

The whole show was a good production, but the limited repertoire was rather disappointing. Mariah didn't sing her other hits like "Never Too Far," "Against All Odds," "Love Takes Time," "One Sweet Day" (she had back-up singers who could have sang the part of Boyz II Men) and "When You Believe," the theme from the animated film, "Prince of Egypt."

Local stars were in audience. After all, Mariah was perhaps the first big international major act to perform in Manila after Michael Jackson and Sting. The stars included couples Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales, Ariel Rivera and Gelli de Belen, Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza, David Bunevacz and Jessica Rodriguez, Ronnie and Ida Henares.

Also coosome were pairs Chynna Ortaleza and Railey Valeroso of GMA 7's youth show, "Click," Jericho Rosales and Cindy Kurleto, John Lloyd Cruz and Ciara Sotto. Willie Revillame, Aiko Melendez, Gabby Eigenmann and TJ Manotoc were also watching.

Mariah was one of the world's top recording artists throughout the '90s, with 15 No. 1 hits to her name and more than 130 million copies of her albums sold across the globe. She is the third best selling female singer after Barbra Streisand and Madonna.

For her Manila performance, Mariah required a van to haul 50 pieces of her wardrobe luggage from the airport to the hotel, and back. In her hotel room, there were specified brands of wine, Diet Coke in the refrigerator and chewing gum (also in the stretched limousine), pink throw pillows, an exercise bike and black shades on the windows.

Mariah may still be in the process of reviving her career after her meltdown. But judging from the success of her current world tour, the pop diva is definitely back with a vengeance.

Source: Inquirer News Service | Jeanette

Mariah's Blistering Remixes

On "The Remixes," our mama Mariah has come back blistering out of the atmosphere with nearly two dozen remixes for you clubdwelling boys and girls. She did it the right way, too, as some of the tracks are nearly unrecognizable from the originals, with the arrangements, speed, and even the melodies changed up and mixed around on nearly all of the 22 tracks spread out across these two discs. The standout track would have to be "I Know What You Want" featuring Busta Rhymes and The Flipmode Squad. It's one of the slower jams and probably unlikely to make it to the dance floor, but it does reinforce the peanut butter and chocolate theory of her voice going up against a rough one making for a lovely combo.

Source: OutSmart Magazine | Donnie

News Tidbits

-- The Novmber 2003 edition of Maxim Magazine UK with Mariah on the cover is now available in Australian stores as an import and costs $11.50.

-- Mariah is on the cover of the current issue of the Russian edition of Maxim Magazine. The cover is the same as the other editions, only with Russian characters.

-- Mariah's official fanclub, Honey B. Fly, is getting into the Holiday spirit by giving away an autographed bass guitar signed by Mariah and her long time musical director and American Idol judge Randy Jackson. If you are a member, log in now to enter the special contest!

-- "Mariah Carey: The Complete History" will re-air on VH1 on November 29, 2003 at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Stay tuned to for more Mariah television and magazine updates.

Source: Pete | Gilles

NOVEMBER 24, 2003 7:30PM
News Tidbits & Various Mentions

-- Mandy Moore is visiting the Philippines and was asked the following question in a local interview;

Q: Mariah Carey just had a concert here. How would you compare your music to hers? Would you say you are more popular than Mariah because you are successful also in the movies?
A: Gosh! I look up to her. I'm ashamed to even think of comparing my music to Mariah's. She's way up there. Nobody can claim that I'm bigger than she is. She has been in the music scene longer than I have and she's got my respect and admiration.

-- Tamyra Gray will be singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on FOX-TV's Americal Idol Christmas television special, which airs tomorrow night at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

-- 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell weighed in on several pop stars including Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, and Avril Lavigne. His opinion on Spears? "At the outset of her career, most girls related to Britney," he said. "They didn't feel threatened. Years later, she tried to make herself sexy by wrapping pythons around her neck, but only made herself look ludicrous. It's like your younger sister putting on makeup for the first time." Cowell insisted Britney will "never be sexy." Asked if Mariah Carey tried out for the show what he'd say, Cowell responded, "Great voice; lose the attitude."

-- Mariah appears on this week's US Weekly with Paris Hilton on the cover (Dec. 1st) a few times; Page 13 - She's in the faces and places section for wearing a "little black dress" from the World Music Awards. Page 83 - in an article about celebrities doing Japanese commercials, there is a picture of her in the Nescafe ad. Page 84 - The Simon Cowell remark that is quoted above.

-- Mariah Carey heads a list of "Crazy Ladies We Love" (Winona Ryder and Anne Heche also make the cut) in the November issue of Ralph magazine.

-- Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is glowing. Maybe it's because every busty beach bombshell from New York to Honolulu wears the 27-year-old fashion designer's flirty bathing suits.
Or maybe it's because her sexy, body-concious dresses have been top sellers at shops like Henri Bendel, Scoop and Saka since she launched her "Shoshanna" label five years ago (Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson are huge fans).
Or it could be her new deal to design maternity clothes for the fashionable mommy-to-be store, A Pea in the Pod.

-- Check out these beautiful pictures of Mariah outside Mr. Chow's restaurant in Los Angeles a couple of months ago;

Source: Inq 7 | Brian | Pop Dirt | Shom | SMH | NY Post

NOVEMBER 23, 2003 5:39PM
Mariah gets VIP treatment

American singer Mariah Carey was given full VIP treatment yesterday afternoon at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as she left for the United States.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Edgar Manda earlier promised that Carey and her party will not be given the VIP treatment after an unpleasant incident involving one of her bodyguards last Nov. 15.

Carey arrived at the NAIA at around 12 noon and was allowed to stay at the dignitaries’ lounge as she waited for the Cathay Pacific Airlines flight that was to take her to Hong Kong and then to the US.

At the lounge, the singer was seen eating a takeout meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Five burly Filipino bodyguards stood at the door, not allowing anyone to enter the lounge without a signal from her own security detail.

At around 1 p.m., Carey, wearing a tight white dress with touches of red, proceeded to the airport’s Gate 15 to board her flight. NAIA public affairs office chief Judith Dolot was on hand to assist her and see her off.

Last Nov. 18, Manda said he instructed airport personnel to give Carey and the rest of her party "normal security" at NAIA when they return to the US.

"Just consider them normal, regular passengers. No extra-ordinary VIP treatment, but provide security. If they do request for VIP treatment, they have to pass through the normal channels… and we will provide security only," he said.

Manda explained that people who are accorded VIP treatment do not have to fall in line and can simply stay inside the dignitaries’ lounge of NAIA Terminal 1 while airport personnel process their documents.

"No less than the airport officials are doing (the VIP treatment) for the country," he said.

This kind of VIP treatment will not be accorded to Carey and her group, according to Manda, who said "they will have to pass through all channels. They will have to fall in line. No extraordinary treatment."

Carey arrived in Manila Nov. 15 for the Manila leg of her "Charmbracelet" world tour. Her bodyguards had shooed out no less than Manda and his chief security, retired Gen. Angel Atutubo, from the VIP lounge of the airport when they, along with other NAIA officials, were to accord Carey VIP courtesies.

The singer’s bodyguards considered Manda and other airport officials as potential peeping toms as the singer was having her face retouched by a team of makeup artists in the lounge. The roadies justified the unceremonial ejection of Manda by saying that they had previously reserved the place.

Sources said concert organizers paid for the use of the presidential lounge so Manda, though angry, was not able to do anything.

Eleven of those who arrived as part of Carey’s party left Nov. 17 for Hong Kong without any VIP treatment. They had to fall in line and pass through all the procedures, including body inspection. This group included David Miller, one of Carey’s bodyguards who sent Manda and Atutubo out of the NAIA’s presidential lounge.

Sources earlier said Carey was in Amanpulo, Palawan to avoid any more controversy and may even pass through another international airport when she returns to the US.

Carey was also not granted the honor of paying a courtesy call on President Arroyo, a privilege granted to American teenage pop star Mandy Moore.

There was no official Palace statement on this apparent preferential treatment regarding the two singers, although it was not known if Carey had wanted to meet the President.

The President accorded a similar Palace welcome to Jerry Yan, leader of the popular Taiwanese boy band F4, last Nov. 6.

Source: The Philippine Star

Mariah's Random Jottings

In the rich showbiz tradition of seriously fading superstars coming to Manila in a desperate attempt to halt their careers from spiraling to the South Pole, the once sultry soul sister Mariah Carey -- whose last notable performance was at rehab -- surfaced in town for a last hurrah and accompanying paycheck.

The super-duper VIP treatment she was accorded at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (spurred on by the pseudo-adulation showered on cue by the assembled rent-a-crowd) and the police outriders escorting her with sirens blaring to her five-star Makati hotel must have so stirred to the surface all of Carey’s diva pretensions that she put to sleep a long time ago.

So no sooner had she got to her hotel suite than she threw an operatic tantrum because the bedsheets and pillow cases were not in black satin as she had stipulated.

Somebody should, of course, have taken Carey aside and discreetly informed her that black was last year’s thing. But always anxious to please, the hotel promptly dispatched someone from housekeeping to the nearby Glorietta Mall to get a supply of bed linen in the required color. And at least it ensured the pricey artifacts in the suite were not smashed against the walls in customary pop- star pique.

That was not all. Turning up at her post-concert party held in a bar of the very same hotel, Carey’s face contorted into a scowl as she hissed that the “lights were too bright.”

When the lights were eventually dimmed after three attempts to her preferred level of darkness, the guests had to virtually feel their way around the place.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Mandy Moore Refuses To Be Compared With Mariah

The Philippine Mariah Carey Fan Club reports that during an exclusive video clip shown today on Startalk, a Filipino showbiz talkshow, Mandy Moore politely refused to be compared with Mariah Carey during a press conference. The two American stars were both in the country for a separate one-night concert.

Moore, who staged a concert at Araneta Colisuem last November 21, said that her music cannot be compared at all to Mariah whose career is already in over a decade now.

"She's an artist with such an immense career and she's a very talented person," Moore said. "I can't really compare myself to her. I can't. I'm actually a fan. That's it."

Source: Pop Dirt

Anastacia dubs Mariah Carey "a great artist"

On November 21, 2003, singer Anastacia gave an online chat with her fans to promote an upcoming AIDS benefit concert.

One fan asked, "What music did you listen to when you were younger? And do you recall seeing any memorable performances that inspired you to perform?"

Anastacia responded by saying, "I am probably one of the strangest musicians you will meet when it comes to music. I wasn't really into music in the way musicians are. I thought that Mariah Carey and Celine Dion were great artists but I didn't really get into music in that way. I am really moved that some people can get into music so young."

Source: Mariah Daily | Angel

News Tidbits

-- A promotional only edit of the "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" music video featuring the Global Soul Club Mix is available for download on

-- "I Know What You Want" is featured in a brand new Italian television advert for WIND, one of the most popular Italian mobile phone companies. The radio airplay for the track is also higher than last week.

-- Serena Kim, a Village Voice music critic, placed Mariah's "Charmbracelet" album at #8 on her Top 10 best albums list of 2002.

-- Earl is sponsoring the Mariah Carey Clearance Contest, in which you may be eligable to win prizes including promotional postcards, VHS video cassettes, and rare singles. Click here for details.

Source: Dan | IslandYacht | ea12l

NOVEMBER 22, 2003 9:38PM
Mariah to work with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis again?

In a message posted November 13th on, the official website of production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Mariah has been added to their "Upcoming Projects" list, suggesting that she will be working with them on new material. However, the site states that the work is pending.

Mariah has been collaborating with Jam & Lewis since 1999. Their hits together include "Thank God I Found You," "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme), "Against All Odds," "Never Too Far," and "Through The Rain."

Source: Mariah Daily | Mike

Wishes from one Mariah fan to another

A group of Spanish Mariah fans are getting together to create a fanbook. Only, this time it’s not for Mariah herself, but for a very famous journalist in Spain named Lydia.

Lydia works on and contributes to many important television shows, radio programs and magazines and is constantly defending Mariah’s reputation. She thinks Mariah has a great voice and owns several of Mariah’s albums.

Whenever there is any important news about Mariah, fans call Lydia and she talks about it on her programs! And when someone talks badly about Mariah, she gets mad and defends her! Lydia does a very good job at helping fans to promote Mariah in Spain!

In thanks for her great efforts, Spanish fans are wishing to create a special birthday fanbook for Lydia, who will be celebrating her birthday soon. If you would like to leave a note for Lydia, which will be added to the fanbook, click here.

Source: Mari

Mariah updates from The Philippines

It seems that superstar diva Mariah Carey is enjoying her stay here in the Philippines. The sexy singer and actress is reportedly staying in Amanpulo, a very exclusive (and very expensive, mind you) resort in Palawan.

The backstage meet and greet from her concert in Manila was shown on GMA-TV's "Wish Ko Lang" program, while clips from her successful concert will be shown tomorrow (November November 23) on SOP Rules.

The 2003 World Music Awards, an event where Mariah was presented with the prestigious Diamond Award, will also be shown tomorrow on RPN9 at 9:00pm.

Mariah is also scheduled to leave the Philippines tomorrow.

Source: Philippine Mariah Carey Fan Club | Kenneth

Lambs On Ice

On December 6th, will celebrate their third annual fan event.

Lambs On Ice will see Mariah’s British fans have a day spent at Alexandra Palace skating rink in London! It’s arranged that Mariah’s Christmas album will be played over the ice rink while we’re on the ice, adding to the fun! We’ll be making a fanbook of the day for Mariah so there will be lots of photos taken of everyone having fun.

There will be a chance to complete the fanbook and rest up at the bar and café inside before we move into the private function room for a Mariah style Christmas party! Here we’ll be awarding a special prize to the best dressed fan of the day as well as holding other competitions with prizes including “The Remixes” promotional merchandise!

For more information regarding the event, including travel details, please visit

Source: Matthew Hart

NOVEMBER 21, 2003 5:24PM
Courtesy Call Conspiracy?

At a press conference at Camp John Hay in Baguio City yesterday, the President refused to comment when asked about Mandy Moore’s courtesy call on her, vis-a-vis the fact that American pop diva Mariah Carey was given no such honor. Carey was in Manila last week for the Manila leg of her Charmbracelet world tour.

Carey’s bodyguards had a run-in with Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) officials led by general manager Edgar Manda. Carey’s bodyguards shooed Manda and the other NAIA officials out of the VIP lounge at the NAIA Centennial Terminal Saturday night while the pop star was retouching her makeup.

Manda gave the more amiable Moore VIP courtesies when the 19-year-old singer accepted Filipino hospitality and reciprocated with warmth and smiles.

The President dodged questions from the press on the matter by asking Tourism Secretary Richard Gordon to comment on the influx of foreign entertainers like Moore and Carey for performances in the Philippines.

Besides Moore and Carey, American crooner Stephen Bishop is also here for a concert with Filipina singer Lani Misalucha.

Source: The Philippine Star

Mariah Carey: The Remixes

All the Mariah Carey fans who've been clamoring for a proper collection of her collaborations with David Morales or the countless number of singles she's had mixed up with guest rappers (a trend which she did take from being an occasional novelty to being the default for U.S. pop radio) have every right to be overjoyed. Her new two-disc set serves up most of the alternate versions of her singles, and the legal wrangling that I'm sure took place between Sony, Virgin, and Universal to get this collection put together should be commended.

So does it make me a bad person if the whole thing is fairly inessential? I know there are a lot of people who speak of the Mariah/Morales collaborations as some kind of benchmark in house remixes, but they strike me as fairly bland, even taking into account that time that has passed since their initial release. As a matter of fact, that's the problem with all of disc one, even the non-Morales tracks. For example, "Heartbreaker" and "Anytime You Need A Friend" are both presented here in their blandest versions, whereas both of them were available with mixes (by the same mixers, even) that were more adventurous. "Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely," in its Junior's Harder Club Mix, is the finest Mariah remix that has ever been done. What's the difference between it and the whoever actually programmed Junior's Heartbreaker Club Mix included on this disc? A really aggressive synth line that makes every other element of the mix pop out at the listener, as well as tuffer drum programs. The same goes for the C+C Mix of "Anytime You Need A Friend," which I always used to dig in the version that used delicious cut-up acid house sounds as accents in the body of the mix. Those accents are missing in the meandering C+C Club Mix on this compilation. A subtle difference, some might say, but when taken in conjunction with the dearth of energy in any of the tracks it could admitted as evidence against the viability of house music in any courtroom in the world.

And the less said about the abortive Hex Hector mix of "Through the Rain," the better.

What's really shocking about this collection is how a few of disc two's hip-hop mixes exhibit the kind of creativity and risk-taking that we normally depend on great house mixers for. Whoever thought of pairing Mariah with the ODB for the "Fantasy" remix is the kind of forward thinker more labels need. Several tracks play games with melody and expectation and bring new vibes to the table, which is the kind of innovation that normally is the forte of dance remixers. The rest is rap-by-numbers, sadly, with Jermaine Dupri and the So So Def crew racking up the largest amount of sonic dead ends.

At the very least, the legendary Hani bootleg of "Looking In" could have been added just to break up the monotony of the first disc. Or, if we're getting theoretical, imagine what some of today's mixers could do with "I Don't Wanna Cry." You know, the song where Mariah sings in her lower register for more than half of the song and doesn't go coloratura on us as she is often wont to do. I'm envisioning Gabriel & Dresden, or the Murk Boys, or Scumfrog, or any remixer who knows that drama and energy are the keys to good remixing. Nice try, though.

Source: | Trevor

Summer Jam CD

Log on to to order the "Hot 97 FM Summer Jam X: Live & Uncut" CD, which features a live performance of "I Know What You Want" by Mariah, Busta Rhymes and The Flipmode Squad.

Source: Daniel Garcia

NOVEMBER 20, 2003 5:33PM
Mariah-designed shoes go up for charity auction

In celebration of her first retail store, famed designer Michelle K asked several celebrities to embellish pairs of Michelle K shoes, which debuted at a grand opening celebrity-attended party on Wednesday, November 19, 2003, on Robertson Boulevard, one of the hippest shopping streets in Los Angeles. The decorated and designed Michelle K shoes will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the charity of each celebrity's choice.

Among the celebrity-designed shoes was a pair from Mariah. The embellishment was classic Mariah style: opened-toe stilettos complete with entrustments and jewels and a butterfly attachment. She even signed her name in gold to finish the deal.

Mariah and actress Kristen Davis, who also contributed a design, were unable to attend the release party due to scheduling conflicts. Celebrities who did manage to attend the party include Courteney Cox, Christina Applegate, Natalie Cole, Kathy Griffin, Melissa Joan Hart, Sarah Wynter, Kate Bosworth, Karolina Kurkova, and Joy Bryant.

To learn more about Mariah's charity work, be sure to peruse's Philanthropy section.

Source: Mariah Daily

Mariah adds to awful Filipino legend

Who does NAIA Airport Manager Edgardo Manda think he is? He’s been bragging, if the newspaper reports are correct, that he’s been giving singer Mandy Moore flowers and VIP treatment, while now snubbing another American singer, the celebrity Mariah Carey, because her bodyguards had insulted him last Saturday night.

What was the unspeakable, announced crime of the unfortunate Mariah Carey’s bodyguards? They had shooed Airport Manager Manda and his chief security, General Angel Atutubo, out of the NAIA Centennial Terminal presidential lounge while the famous Gold-Disk singer was "retouching" her make-up in the lounge. By golly, Manager Manda! Are you one of those mambobosos? When a girl is "retouching" her make-up, this may mean she is also changing her outfit, in Mariah’s case preparatory to meeting the fans gathered outside to greet her.

What did Manda expect? That, he, being the Big Shot airport chief, he has the vested right to ogle Ms. Carey within the intimacy of the lounge, even if, sources say, the concert-organizers had paid for the use of that lounge? When they paid, they paid for PRIVACY. What gives Mr. Manda and his General the license to leer at a celebrity on the pretext they are giving her and her staff "airport VIP treatment"?

What’s our Lady President, Madam GMA, doing about her airport man’s scandalous behavior – which is far from gentlemanly towards a woman singer – at the airport and his absurd claim the airport is his "home". It’s not Mr. Manda’s home or his personal fiefdom – the airport, the last I looked, was called "Ninoy Aquino International Airport", and belongs to the Filipino people!

As for Ms. Carey, yesterday’s reports say she may leave from another airport since Manda’s indignation is proving so nasty.

Does GMA and our government realize the implications of Manda’s resentful behavior and his arrogant rantings? Mariah Carey is an international Star, adored by scores of millions around the planet. When she declares, at her next foreign press conference, whether in Hong Kong or back in the USA, that she was treated shabbily in the Philippines, or even hints she was pursued by a leering official, or subjected to acts of "revenge", the spin on this will be that Filipinos are barbarians, skirt-chasers (may be true, in part?), celebrity-harassers, and uncouth types who’d barge uninvited into a girl’s impromptu dressing room! Gee whiz, Mr. Manda. Did her bodyguards ask you to leave the room where she was "touching up"? Perhaps you shouldn’t even have been there, to begin with.

An international airport manager has more important work to do: Like keeping security at the airport, even the Airport Tower in 24-hour, tiptop condition; inspecting toilets and making sure they don’t stink; making EVERY commuter, flight crew and everyone who uses the airport, feel comfortable, safe, and confident they are getting efficient service.

When Manda speaks of "Filipino hospitality", making the entire airport user-friendly delivers that message, not his personally handing out bouquets to visiting celebrities. There are supposed to be greeters assigned for such duties, not the manager himself. Does the manager of Heathrow, Paris CDG, Frankfurt airport, JFK in New York, LAX in L.A., to cite just a few, go out to greet the Ms. Careys, Mandy Moores, or other "stars" of the world, as part of his daily chores? Or, worse, impose themselves on famous airport arrivals?

Remember when one of our international airport managers kicked The Beatles in the butt as they departed, because, he boasted, he was angry they had refused to go to Malacañang to sing for Imeldific, the then First Lady and Superma’am and her "guests"? (Those were the Martial Law days when Super-Imeldific must have thought she was Queen Marie Antoinette.)

Of course, The Beatles couldn’t go to the Palace: They had commitments abroad – and, besides, the spoiled Marcos big shots expected them to sing there FOR FREE. What are we, a nation of cheapskates and freeloaders? Those guys sang for a living. Anyway, this airport official, eager to curry favor with the Boss Lady and the Big Cheese, Macoy, publicly kicked them at his airport as they left. This news was flashed all over the world. The Beatles were asked about it at every press conference. It is now enshrined, to our shame, in all the "history" books on The Beatles, and the entertainment industry.

Now, is it happening again? By gosh, do we never learn? The Beatles are idolized by two generations, thus our embarrassment at having one of our officials very specifically kicked them out of the country at the airport has been compounded a thousandfold.

Mariah Carey is now in a position to add to that – well, awful legend. Mr. Manda: Tell us it isn’t true. But all your press releases say it is.

Source: The Philippine Star

Mariah Mania in Manila!

Mariah Carey was late. Her flight was delayed a few minutes and her concert, which supposedly was to start at 8 p.m., started 90 minutes after the publicized time actually. But I, and the thousands and thousands of Mariah maniacs forgave her. After all, Mariah Carey is Mariah Carey.

Mariah opened the Manila stop of her Charmbracelet tour with the infectious “Heartbreaker.” She was wearing a silver bra top with matching micro-mini skirt and her signature stiletto heels. She came from the audience area where she was accompanied by numerous bodyguards that seemed to say that not only are they heart-breakers but bone-breakers as well if you’ll do something bad. The crowd went wild when she shouted, “Hello, Manila!” By the time the opening strains of “Heartbreaker” was heard, everyone wasn’t only on their feet – they stood on their monoblock chairs gyrating to the R&B beats of the song.

The next song was “Dreamlover.” It was by this time people in the back were starting to complain that they couldn’t see anything so the ushers and usherettes urged everyone to come down from their chairs and just sit down. Surprisingly, a lot of them cooperated except for a number up front at the R5,000 row. Apparently money really couldn’t buy breeding.

Anyway, “Dreamlover” was a song from her third album and was very popular when it was released. But hearing it live for the first time made me want to rush home right after the concert to hear how good the song was, over and over again.

After “Dreamlover,” Mariah greeted the crowd and everyone was feeling ecstatic everytime the word Manila escapes from her lips. For her third song, Mariah sang “Through The Rain,” which according to my friend is fast becoming a karaoke favorite (which will probably be in the league of “My Way” for the oldies and “My Heart Will Go On” for the ladies). She sang “Through The Rain” sitting on a couch and ended it with her signature birdlike shrill. Well I’m sure seeing her sing the song live would dampen the spirits of the thousands of wannabes who sing “Through the Rain” in the karaoke.

Her next song was another karaoke favorite: “My All” which is from “Butterfly,” according to Mariah, her most favorite album of all time. The crowd really went wild hearing this song. It was a very stirring rendition and it was also at this time that the camera (there were giant screens on the sides of the stage) focused on her ring which was a diamond encrusted platinum butterfly. And like a butterfly, at the end of the song, Mariah exited the stage for a metamorphosis. By the time she came back, she was wearing a very sexy long gown in matte gold and sang “Can’t Take That Away From Me.” She knelt at the high part of the song proving that she can reach those high notes even if she’s in a precarious position.

But the transformation wasn’t complete for Mariah! Apparently, the gown was just for one number because as soon as “Can’t Take That Away From Me,” she rushed backstage to change to her next outfit – a short blue dress with a slit til kingdom come! This time, she sang “Honey” (the video shown in the screens in between her costume change was the opening of “Honey”). “Ay! She changes her outfit per song!” shouted my friend.

Next song is one of her latest chartbusters: “I Know What You Want,” collaboration with Busta Rhymes. The video again was shown onscreen and by the time Mariah’s part came, she came charging onstage in a black tight fitting shirt and denim hot pants to sing her portion live – which was only a few stanzas actually. After that song, she left the stage again for another costume change. “Ay! This time, per half song is her costume change!” remarked my friend.

She came back wearing a black gown (“This is a new ensemble,” she told the crowd) and sang “My Saving Grace,” which for me was the best part of the concert. “My Saving Grace” is from her latest album Charmbracelet and this is the song she wrote after her much publicized physical breakdown. The performance was soulful indeed and after watching this, you know that right in front of you is a Mariah who’s made it through the rain and has survived through a lot of trials and is still fabulous at that.

After this, she freestyled to introduce her bandmates and her back-up singers. It was done in a R&B beat and once in awhile, injected Manila during this number which made everyone again shout in delight. And during this part, she adlibbed that there was a bug onstage that’s scaring her. This brought laughs from the audience and at this point, I imagined what if the bug went up her skirt!!?? That would have been fun but those thoughts were erased right away from my mind because she then introduced her back-up singers, which included Trey Lorenz, her collaborator in her hit remake “I’ll Be There.” As expected, they sang the Jackson 5 original. Trey did a solo number after which.

Mariah came back singing “Fantasy” wearing a green midriff shirt with the words Automatic Princess on it and tight pink shorts. She danced a little with chairs as her props. She probably knows she’s no Madonna or Britney because this is the only number with any choreography featuring her. But her next number still dazzled the audience because it was an all-time favorite: “Always Be My Baby.” She then sang “Make It Happen” and said goodbye to the audience.

As expected, her concert ending kinda abruptly was only a gimmick because one of Mariah’s dancers came out and signaled to shout if we wanted more. Of course we wanted more and after awhile, Mariah came out in a beige ensemble which resembled an Oscar de la Renta collection. She sang “Without You” and even went down onstage. She then sang her debut single “Vision of Love” and capped the night with “Hero” which ended with a few strains from the song “Butterfly.” It was a glorious ending – an ending which really bookended the concert.

It was a very impressive concert. Congratulations to Mariah and the producers East West Global Entertainment. At least there weren’t any major mishaps during the concert. Even the weather seemed to have cooperated because it didn’t rain during the show. I hope that this would be a signal to the promoters to bring more international artists as well as to continue to stage shows for our local talents as well.

Mariah, in a past interview said that in more ways than one, the “Charmbracelet World Tour” serves as her thanksgiving to her legions of fans, who never wavered their support for her, in spite of the ups and downs of her colorful career. “I am passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans,” Mariah told the media. “I’m used to doing arena tours. But, this tour is about my music and my fans. It’s my way of thanking them.”

Well, you’re welcome Mariah. And thank you too for bringing your music to Manila.

Source: Manila Bulletin | Mike Malbarosa

Mariah song evokes inspirational promise

Driving home one night a year ago, Gloria Sanderson heard Mariah Carey's song, "Through the Rain," on the radio. As program director of the Local Initiatives Support Coalition, which helps rebuild homes for those in need, Sanderson immediately thought of a client, Margaret Saavedra, a mother of four whose house was falling down.

Carey's voice filled the car: "I can make it through the rain. I can stand up once again." At that moment, Sanderson promised that if she could help rebuild Saavedra's home, she would sing that song at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Last week, microphone in hand, Sanderson softly sang the words in front of her client's brand new house, freshly painted in yellow and green. The emotion brought Saavedra to tears and visibly touched a dozen others who gathered to see the final product of their donated time, money and labor.

"Thank you, and God bless everyone here," Saavedra said at the Nov. 14 dedication of her house on Goodloe St. "I don't know what to say."

Although Saavedra is one of hundreds whose homes were severely damaged during Tropical Storm Allison, her story is perhaps one of the more poignant. She was seven months pregnant when the storm forced her to wade through high water to safety with her husband, Guadalupe, and their three children. Two months later, her husband died of complications from diabetes.

Source: Houston Chronicle

Nina covers Mariah for live performance

The STAR cocktail party was emceed by Boy Abunda of the famed showbiz talk show "The Buzz." Meanwhile, soul siren Nina sang love classics such as Mariah Carey’s "Make It Through The Rain."

Source: The Philippine Star

News Tidbits

-- "WiseGirls" will be released on DVD in the United Kingdom on February 23, 2004. You can pre-order the DVD, which will include a behind-the-scenes featurette, at

-- In its fifth charting week, "The Remixes" remains at #1 on Billboard Magazine's Top Electronic Albums chart, moves up four places to #85 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and drops to #175 on the Hot 200 Albums chart.

-- In its eleventh charting week, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" slips one place to #16 on Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Play chart. It peaked at #5 earlier this month.

-- Mariah is mentioned in the November 25th edition of US Weekly Magazine. The issue notes that Mariah is going to star in an upcoming play and they have a nice-sized picture from her Halloween party in London.

-- Mariah is featured in the December issue of InStyle Magazine and is quoted as saying, "I only went to the Versace show. I'm on my wolrd tour and I had to be very selective. The energy was high and everyone was so excited about the collection, you couldn't help but be enthused. Donatella has a fun, generous spirit and an incredible sense of style. She knows how to make a woman feel sexy and glamorous."

-- MTV France has a poll putting Mariah against Whitney Houston and asks fans to choose their Top 20 favorite music videos from the two artists. Check it out by clicking here.

Source: Paul Nunes | JRKing | Brian | Caleb

NOVEMBER 19, 2003 4:19PM
Mariah Carey still in RP, takes detour to Palawan

Instead of flying off to New York City last Tuesday, international pop diva Mariah Carey hied off to Amanpulo in Palawan.

Mariah, who held a one-night show at the Fort open field in Taguig, will stay in the exclusive resort until Sunday, according to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) assistant general manager Angel Atutubo.

Mariah canceled her Singapore Airline flight to New York City on Nov. 17, but her 35-man entourage left Manila at 1 p.m. on that day via China Airlines, Atutubo told Inquirer Entertainment yesterday.

She flew to Palawan onboard a private plane, and was accompanied only by her manager and two bodyguards, Atutubo added.

Amanpulo is on the private island of Pamalican, 200 km east of Palawan.

Guests from Manila are flown in to the island by a chartered plane, which lands directly on Pamalican.

The exclusive resort supposedly charges each guest between 600 dollars and 1,000 dollars per night.

"Owners of the place practice strict security," said Jofelle Tesorio, Inquirer correspondent in Palawan.

"They will not welcome visitors who go to the island through private yachts. Guests have to be flown in by their own plane."

Only guests are allowed to roam around the resort, Tesorio said. Hired entertainers are restricted to their rooms, she added.

Hollywood personalities who had visited the resort are ramp model Naiomi Campbell and award-winning actors Robert de Niro and Tom Cruise.

Mariah performed in Manila for the first time last Sunday as part of her "Charmbracelet Tour 2003." Manila was the last leg of her six-city tour.

The singer will reportedly pass through another international airport when she returns to the United States on Sunday to avoid a repeat of an incident at the Naia Centennial Terminal when she arrived last Saturday.

The singer's body guards sent airport general manager Edgardo Manda and other airport officials out of the NAIA's presidential lounge while the singer retouched her make-up.

"Our intention was just to give her VIP treatment," Manda said in an earlier interview with the airport press.

"It's part of our Filipino hospitality to make sure everything is okay and (ensure that celebrities) are welcome here in Manila."

Manda said that he instructed airport personnel not to give VIP treatment to Mariah and her entourage, which included back-up dancers, singers and band members, when they left NAIA last Monday.

They joined the queue at the departure counter and personally checked in their baggage, Manda said.

Another American singer, Mandy Moore, arrived in Manila on Monday to perform Thursday, at 8 p.m., at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.

Source: Inquirer News Service

VIP treatment for Mandy; none for Mariah and Co.

American singer Mariah Carey and her party will not be given the VIP treatment at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for her return flight to the United States after an unpleasant incident Saturday night involving her bodyguards, a top airport official said yesterday.

Another singer, Mandy Moore, who arrived in the country Monday night, will be accorded VIP treatment at NAIA upon her departure, should she request it.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Edgardo Manda said he instructed airport personnel to give Carey and the rest of her party "normal security" at NAIA when they return to the US.

"Just consider them normal, regular passengers. No extraordinary VIP treatment, but provide security. If they do request for VIP treatment, they have to pass through the normal channels… and we will provide security only," he said.

The MIAA’s airport police will provide security to Carey and her group.

Manda and his chief security, Gen. Angel Atutubo, were sent out of the NAIA Centennial Terminal presidential lounge by Carey’s bodyguards while the famous singer was retouching her make-up at the lounge.

Sources said concert organizers paid for the use of the presidential lounge so Manda, though angry, was not able to do anything.

"I would say that we were quite indignant about the way we were treated by (Carey’s) security. Our intention was just to give her (VIP treatment), the way we are doing to Mandy Moore," he said.

Manda explained that VIP treatment means that a celebrity like Moore and her party do not have to fall in line and can simply stay inside the dignitaries’ lounge of NAIA Terminal 1 while airport personnel process their documents.

"It’s part of our Filipino hospitality, making sure everything is okay, and they are welcome here in Manila, so the first impression will be good," he said. "No less than the airport officials are doing it for the country."

This kind of VIP treatment will not be accorded to Carey and her group, according to Manda, who said "they will have to pass through all channels. They will have to fall in line. No extraordinary treatment."

Eleven of those who arrived as part of Carey’s party left Nov. 17 for Hong Kong without any VIP treatment. They had to fall in line and pass through all the procedures, including body inspection. This group included David Miller, one of Carey’s bodyguards who sent Manda and Atutubo out of the NAIA’s presidential lounge.

Sources said Carey was in Amanpulo, Palawan to avoid any more controversy and might even pass through another international airport when she returns to the US.

Moore, on the other hand, arrived at the NAIA Terminal 1 Monday night to do a one-night concert at the Araneta Coliseum. She was met by Manda, who gave her flowers, as well as other MIAA officials, journalists, airport employees and fans.

Manda said Moore’s party requested for VIP treatment upon their arrival but have not requested it for their departure.

"I would say compared to Mariah and Mandy, (Mandy’s) has better security coverage here. We have a very cordial working relationship with the organizers of this group, better than the group of Mariah," he said.

Moore, a Penshoppe signature model, is in town to promote AIDS Awareness alongside the United Nations. She will also be participating in MTV Philippines’ music summit and promoting her latest album, "Mandy Moore Coverage" under Sony Music.

Source: The Philippine Star

No new album in 2004?

On the night Mariah landed in the Philippines for the first time, Filipino fans followed her into Makati City Hotel, where they got a chance to talk to her people while in the lobby.

One of those people was Lionel Cole, Mariah's pianist and co-writer of several Charmbracelet album cuts (including "Through The Rain"). While talking, fans were able to ask him about plans to release a new Mariah album next year.

According Lionel, they are already gathering new material and are planning some concepts but it might be impossible to release next year due to Mariah's future commitments after her world tour ends. He rather added that it is more possible that the new album will be released in 2005.

Mr. Cole also commented on how Charmbracelet is doing on the chart and sales wise."It's doing well! Slowly but surely", he said.

Source: Philippine Mariah Carey Fan Club

Mariah is diva as diva gets

Yes, Mariah Carey is the diva. "Mariah is a girl that every man wants to do, every girl wants to be and every transvestite wants to look like," joked my concert seatmate Mike Sandoval, who, along with more than 20,000 urbanites, braved The Fort open field to watch La Prima Mariah.

Whether they were star-struck fans or sick pleasure-seekers, the crowd filled the field from here to eternity. I didn't actually expect to see the whole of Manila to be there. From society mavens to basketball stars to glitz-biz denizens, they were all there to witness the charms of Miss Honey herself.

While waiting for Mariah's arrival, the male voices of the Akafellas made sure the audience had their fill of aural delight. Kudos to them for the fab feat. They were one front act that the audience actually enjoyed. For a while, I wanted to listen to them for the whole night. And then she arrived.

From her car, she walked with a caboodle of bodyguards, walking along the grass field of The Fort. Of course, pandemonium ensued. Good thing the organizers had complete control of the situation. Everybody was forced back to their seats. This was not the case during another concert sometime ago where the whole crowd moved towards the stage! Well, I overheard from the MTV folk (hats off too you, Francis Lumen!) that for this concert alone, 80 bouncers, 200 ushers and 350 Philippine National Police officers were dispatched all over The Fort. There were so much armed men that one of Mariah's back-up vocalists, Tikka, said, "I've never seen this much armed men in my life!"

She came out in seven outfits and sang a total of 15 songs. She started with a barely there bling-bling dress that was just enough to cover her privates and ended with a bang in a feathered Roberto Cavalli ensemble. In the middle of her performance, she would ask the audience and her band members -- "So, do you like the ensemble?" while shaking her b-o-o-t-y. As if anyone in his right frame of mind would dare say no.

A funny thing happened onstage when, as she was introducing her band members through a song, she all of a sudden said (again, half-singing), "There's some sort of bug onstage and it's scaring me," which drove the audience in stitches. The humble Pinoy ipis (cockroach ) stole the show. Maybe he was a big fan of Mariah as well.

Some people were disappointed that she didn't sing "Bringing on the Heartache," which is the latest single in her album. But most people were more than pleased with her repertoire. She sang one hit after another, showering the audience with a nonstop sprinkling of charmbracelet gooosebumps.

Her last song, "Hero," brought the house down. A friend was asking if some parts were lip-synched, but I'm not an expert on those things, so I really wouldn't know.

At the after-show party at Shangri-La's newest spot Red (the former Cheval Blanc), guests waited for her. The whole Shangri-La lobby was filled with fans who got hold of where she was staying. Security was extra strict though, so nobody could go near the spoiled songbird.

Two hours after, Globe VIPs and contest winners were ushered upstairs to the presidential suite where a meet-and-greet was to take place. Again, she made everyone wait. A member of the production staff said that she had to take a bath after the concert and had to redo her makeup.

When she arrived, everyone fell silent. She was actually big in person. Big, as in Ruffa-big. Larger than life if you want to call it that. After an hour, she was downstairs at Red for her after-concert party.

The first thing she told me when she got to the party venue was, "Too bright, too bright!" Apparently, Miss Mariah was very particular about her lighting. I panicked and told the Red staff to dim the lights. All of a sudden, the venue became dark. Thumping R&B music played on the background. Indeed, what Mariah wants, Mariah gets.

Source: Yaparazzi

Mariah Carey: A Thing and Sound of Beauty

Being a great fan of hers, I was there when Mariah Carey, celebrated New York triller, performed at The Fort Global City open field auditorium in Makati late Monday night.

Charmbracelet is her latest album, and this promotional trip around the world is dubbed, Charmbracelet Tour 2003. She was in China before here, and then Singapore after here.

The 33-year old multi-platinum singer is very good at her job, using her seven-octave voice for vocal fireworks. Her modus operandi as described by Knight Ridder: Start slow and seductive, then explode into glass-shattering histrionics. In a fixed hand-on-hip position, five-inch heels will do that to you. She doesn't have much to say, lyrically or between the songs. At times she resembled a beautiful mannequin, set to a permanent flashy smile.

"I never used to perform. That was management's choice, but I understood it. I wasn't raised in the 'Mickey Mouse Club.' I started out as a background singer; I wasn't the one out front with all that pizazz. I was standing there flat-footed. It took me a long time to feel confident."

Her best performance was My Saving Grace, introduced as "the story of my life set to music." While the gospel lyrics were more universal than personal, it was easy to read Carey's well-publicized traumas into the line, "I've loved a lot/learned a lot/been burned a lot."

Melisma, a tactic of Carey emulation. Don't hold back from trilling eight notes where one would be enough. "In the popular music sense, it's a series or group of notes surrounding the original pitch, usually maintained by one syllable, that's used in a decorative fashion," said Celeste Delgado, professor of vocal jazz and commercial music at the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music.

"A lot of people think that melismatic singing, as Mariah Carey's, originated a few years ago. In actuality, it started back in Europe in the days of classical music. There are numerous improvised cadences at the ends of compositions that were very melismatic and have been through many generations of musicians."

Throughout her career, which began in 1990 with four straight No. 1 hits, Carey has sung the kind of heartbreak that great soul singers can turn into classics. Carey has experienced dream-like success and painful reality. At the turn of the millennium, the best-selling female singer of the '90s put her career on the line as never before with a new movie, a new record and a new contract estimated at $100 million.

Unfortunately, her personal anguish. a strange appearance on MTV's "TRL" and her subsequent hospitalization for an emotional and physical breakdown made all the news. This coincided with the disastrous releases of her film "Glitter" and the titular album. She took a nearly $30 million buyout to part with Virgin Records. She married Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola in 1993 and divorced him in 1997.

The two-hour show was interrupted by Carey's seven costume changes ranging from her signature silver-halter top and mini-sarong to a sweet dress with flower print, a gown with a low back, a light-colored dress with feathers.

She opened her performance with Heartbreaker, her 1999 No. 1 hit. She nailed every high note with impressive squeaks and moans showcasing her stratospheric vocal pyrotechnics. "It is about my life and my faith. Two years ago, I was touring and promoting and sleeping one hour a night, if that. I was going through troubles with Sony. It was more than any human could possibly endure.

"I just went to therapy and did things that were healing. I think a lot of celebrities go through stuff like that and their 'people' keep it quiet. But I'm comfortable enough to say, 'Yeah, I'm human.'"

Carey admitted she's had a lot of emotional baggage to sift through. "Now I just rest during the day. I sit with my little humidifier, pampering and babying my voice."

Source: Malaya National Newspaper

Mariah, Mandy and Mom

I have always been a music buff. Even my dreams seem to have their own soundtrack! My mom loved music too. She was a die-hard Elvis Presley fan. I remember her telling me that she was so disappointed when Elvis did not respond to the fan mail she had sent him during her high school days. But when she became a celebrity herself, she realized why it wasn't humanly possible to answer each and every letter from the fans.

So it's no surprise why my daughter Bianchi and my sister Clara turned out to be music fanatics too. Their vocabulary seems to be limited to only letters, and that's M.T.V.

I know my mom was as delighted as I was when Bianchi and Clara watched Mariah Carey's awesome concert at the Fort last Sunday. They were even able to hobnob with the superstar diva at the exclusive party organized by the incomparable Tim Yap. But if my mom were around, she would not have allowed them to stay that late for the party. It was almost dawn when they got home, but the dreamy and dazed look on their faces erased whatever worries I had earlier.

When I asked them if they were able to have their pictures taken with Mariah, both said: "Who needs pictures? That night will forever be vivid in our memory!"

Bianchi and Clara still have a "Mariah hangover," but here comes another dream-come-true in the works. Both will be watching Mandy Moore's concert Thursday night -- thanks to Arnold Vegafria.

Source: Inquirer News Service

Section at the Mariah concert at The Fort

Comments stated here are based on observations I gathered from people who watched the Mariah Carey concert at The Fort: The reason she decided to come over was because two places in China canceled and somehow said slots had to be filled up to make her world tour viable! This “distinction” sort of fell on us!

If we're treated like second-class citizens in our own country, that's because we allow it! Mariah demanded first-class accommodation, such as expensive wines and a particular type of gum in the stretch limousine and hotel suite that shed stayed in, she treated Ninoy Aquino International Airport officials shabbily!

The general opinion is that Mariah gave a lackluster performance although she managed to fill up the venue! It was very clear that the Philippine leg of her world tour was just a rush, that even Mariah did not feel like impressing us with her showcase!

The only noteworthy thing she did was when she sung from her lowest to highest vocal range without any change in her facial expression or body language. Many have the opinion that Regine Velasquez is 200 percent better than Mariah in an average show!

Source: Daily Tribune

News Tidbits

-- "WiseGirls," Mariah's movie co-starring Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, will be released on DVD in Germany on November 24, 2003. You can pre-order the DVD, which has a different cover than the American release, at

-- NokFun has a Mariah-themed screen saver and wallpaper, along with ringtones for "Through The Rain" and "Boy (I Need You)," among others.

-- The March 2003 edition of Latina Magazine with Mariah on the cover was featured in a recent hair product infomercial. The hosts of the show discussed Mariah's naturally curly hair and how to achieve her hair looks.

-- Log onto for a video clip and a recap of Mariah's Top 25 video countdown! Mariah chose her favorite hip-hop and R&B music videos and even included several of her own.

Source: ColdNDistant | Daniel | Honey B. Fly

NOVEMBER 17, 2003 4:14PM
Fans gate-crash Mariah concert

About a hundred Mariah Carey die-hard fans last Sunday rushed into the general admission section of an open field in the Fort Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, causing a makeshift fence to collapse.

Mariah performed in Manila for the first time as part of her "Charmbracelet Tour 2003."

But no one was reported injured when a makeshift fence collapsed at 9:50 p.m. last Sunday, according to Superintendent Cesar Rendon, officer in charge of the Taguig City Police.

The Binondo Co Kim Eh Rescue Foundation, however, reported a case of a concertgoer spraining his ankle during the rush.

Another incident also in the general admission section caused the crowd to react wildly, throwing empty water bottles and soft drink cans onstage, said PO1 Romeo Dimaculang of the Southern Police District.

The general admission gate is only one of the seven entrances to the open field, which can accommodate a crowd of 30,000.

The other entrances were marked as Gold left, Gold right, Silver left, Silver right, Bronze left, Bronze right.

About 250 policemen were deployed for the concert, including 15 Makati City cops who escorted Mariah and her entourage from the Makati Shangri-la Hotel, where they were billeted, to the concert venue.

Rendon said the Taguig Police would conduct a debriefing on the incident this week.

"We will try to study our lapses," he told Inquirer Entertainment on Sunday. "This is in preparation for the upcoming F4 concert on Nov. 29 here at The Fort."

Taiwanese superstars Jerry Yan and Vic Zhuo of F4 will have a one-night show on Nov. 29 titled "Happy 50 TV."

Rendon said Taguig Police would triple the number of security personnel for the F4 show. "We expect twice the number of people who showed up to watch Mariah to watch the F4 show," he said. "We have to prepare for anything."

Many of the estimated 30,000 people who came to watch the pop diva complained of losing their cellular phones and of their cars being forcibly opened in the parking area.

Concert usher Jing Pascual said she was disappointed to see policemen standing idle in their stations when she and some of her friends lost their bags after her car was forcibly opened.

Concert producers MTV Philippines and Tommy Hilfiger Watches deployed 160 ushers and 54 bouncers for the show.

Mariah's "Charmbracelet Tour 2003" started at 9:45 p.m. with the A Cafellas opening the show for the pop diva, who sang 15 songs, including her version of the Jackson 5 original "I'll Be There." She sang the Mowtown classic with R&B artist Trey Lorenz, Mariah's most popular backup singer.

The pop diva had seven costume changes.

For her opening number, "Heartbreaker," the 33-year-old singer wore her signature silver halter top and miniskirt. After singing three more songs, Mariah changed into a dainty blue floral dress and sang "Honey" from her "Butterfly" album. She then slipped into a sexy backless gown and sang "My Saving Grace."

"This song is about my life and my faith," said the singer who was reported to have suffered an "emotional breakdown" last year.

Mariah ended the two-hour show with her hit song "Hero," wearing a cream dress with ostrich feathers.

A few hours before the concert, Mariah chatted with Ryan Ignacio, 19, a fan who wrote the GMA Network public service program "Wish Ko Lang," requesting that he meet his idol.

"Mariah was really touched to see Ryan that she hugged him," said Melo Esguerra, "Wish Ko Lang" executive producer. "Ryan was so overwhelmed."

GMA 7 paid for Ryan's round-trip ticket to Zamboaga del Sur province and his weekend stay at the Linden Suites in Ortigas Center.

Mariah arrived in Manila from Shanghai, China, at 9:05 p.m. on Saturday. She had to be whisked to the presidential lounge of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport when airport police could not control screaming fans, which included airport employees.

But Mariah posed for press photographers after her arrival, Inquirer photographer Roger Carpio said.

The singer left Manila Monday at 3:55 p.m. on board a Singapore Airlines plane to New York City.

The entourage, which included backup dancers, singers and band members, were not given VIP treatment when they left Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 1 p.m. Monday, said Carpio.

"They lined up and personally checked in their baggage just like the other passengers," he said.

Click here to see a video report of Mariah's visit to Manila, including footage of her live performance at The Fort.

Source: Inquirer News Service | Randolf Castillo

Mariah Carey pulls an Imelda Marcos

Mariah Carey is giving capitalism a bad name in China. The over-the-top diva is startling the locals with her massive entourage, backstage demands and a wardrobe that’s large enough to clothe a small, impoverished village.

Carey landed in Shanghai last week and was greeted by a caravan of eight vehicles — including four cars designated to carry her 60 pieces of luggage.

Carey was booked to stay at the presidential suite at the Hilton, but demanded to be moved to a suite with more feminine wall colors.

She was mobbed at a press conference, but reporters were told they could ask no personal questions and could take no pictures. “The reason, the local organizer said, was that camera flashes and the ‘clicking’ sound of the shutters would put Carey off,” reported the Shanghai Star.

Pictures of Mariah’s mountains of luggage were plastered all over the papers, but the detail seemed to elicit the most interest was the news that Carey reportedly brought 350 pairs of shoes with her.

Carey, despite repeated questions from reporters, could not fully explain why she needed 350 pairs of shoes for her concert, and her rep didn’t return The Scoop’s diligent calls.

But one paper in China reported: “In spite of her ostentatious and uncooperative attitude to the local media, the tickets for her concert sold out very quickly.”

Source: The Scoop

News Tidbits

-- Mariah's compilation album, "The Remixes," debuts at #9 on the October 2003 edition of South Korea's official RIAK music chart with 7,010 copies: a number over the amount of the entire total sales of Madonna's "American Life" album in South Korea.

-- An article posted yesterday on our site from ABS-CBN News ("Airport officials not allowed to watch Carey put on makeup") suggested that a crowd was bused in for Mariah's arrival at the Manila airport and was paid to appear like real fans. However, those who were actually in attendance e-mailed us say that they were not paid and took the bus to join the welcome group in order to avoid the inconvenience of parking their cars.

-- Mariah fan Johnny Roccer created a remix of Mariah's Charmbracelet album track "Lullaby." Check it out by clicking here.

-- The $100 question on last night's edition of ABC's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was: which Mariah Carey movie was panned by critics? The answer of course was "Glitter." The contestant correctly answered and was able to move onto the next level.

Source: marbelous | Francis Sakay | Johnny Roccer | BenMac

NOVEMBER 16, 2003 6:00PM
The Songs of Mariah’s Life

Mariah Carey has been through a lot of ups and downs, each time bouncing back from personal and professional setbacks with grace and grit. Recent events in her tumultuous life and career have proven that Mariah is very now–a true icon for today’s generation.

The December 2002 release of Charmbracelet signaled the Grammy-winning star’s resurgence from a much-publicized physical breakdown. The album zoomed straight to the top of the charts. The album, in fact, sold an astounding three million copies all over the world.

Charmbracelet’s chartbusting single, "Through the Rain," reflects Mariah’s personal triumph over adversity and her continuing struggles to find her place under the sun.

"Writing Charmbracelet was a cathartic experience," she admits candidly. "I’ve been through a lot, personally and professionally. I lost my father this year, after we had reunited and become close. It was very hard for me and a lot of that emotion is on the album." In fact, she wrote and dedicated a song for her dad on the new album.

"The experience of recording this album is almost like the experience of my life," she confides to her fans on her website. "Going through it, dealing with things, and remaining hopeful."

In past interviews, she openly talked about her struggles as a multi-ethnic teener who encountered racial discrimination, as an aspiring singer who rose above her poverty-stricken background. Mariah’s Cinderella story could very well be the story of her many fans.

Before hitting it big with her powerhouse voice, she worked as a waitress and admitted to being fired from "20 restaurants" because of her sassy attitude. She also labored as a coat checker, beauty salon janitress, and part-time back-up singer.

It was that last gig as backup vocalist for R&B chanteuse Brenda K. Starr that changed Mariah’s destiny. It was Brenda who gave Sony Music Entertainment top gun Tommy Mottola Mariah’s demo tape at a party. Legend has it that Mottola played the demo on his ride home and ordered his driver to immediately return to the party so he could meet Mariah, and offered her a recording contract right there and then. Eventually, the two were married, but have since divorced.

Mariah has always been straightforward in her press interviews–as well as in her song-writing. Most of her songs, in fact, resonate with her personal experiences and feelings.

In 1990, the first time she heard her debut single "Visions of Love" on the radio, she was ecstatic, to say the least. She reveals: "I was in a car with a friend of mine and we were both screaming and calling people on the phone. It was definitely a memorable moment!"

That same soaring ballad effortlessly hit no. 1, the first in a succession of chartbusters. She holds the record for the most no. 1 singles–a total of 15 hits.

"I didn’t under-stand the whole chart thing at the time, but I still freaked out to see my song on no. 1," she shares.

When she performed the song at that year’s Grammy Awards, where she brought home two trophies (Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance), Mariah was on needles and pins.

"I was so nervous during the performance and the acceptance," she gasps, "that I couldn’t really enjoy the moment."

Although only a year had passed since "Vision of Love", by 1991 Mariah had already scored five no. 1 singles in a row with "Emotions".

"I was totally ecstatic, but again everything was happening so fast it was hard to take it all in," she quips.

By 1995, Mariah had become a seasoned pro. She even directed the music video of "Fantasy", her first attempt as director. "I had so much fun doing that," she gushes, "especially that scene with the clown. That was the best part."

"Fantasy" debuted on no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but that banner year coincided with a turbulent time in her personal life.

"I was incredibly happy, of course," she relates. "But at this point in my personal life, I was feeling very stifled."

A week later, "Daydream" also hit no. 1. "I worked very hard on that album and of course I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment," she says.

The year 1996 was another record-breaking year for Mariah. "One Sweet Day", her collaboration with Boys II Men, made history, staying the longest on no. 1–an unprecedented 16 weeks.

"Everyone involved with my career worked so hard for that record and the song was very special to a lot of people," she says. "So it was even more gratifying."

In 1997, she released Butterfly, her most favorite album to date.

"Butterfly is so close to my heart," she admits. "I was really excited about it. It’s such a personal album and my favorite work so far. I was extremely grateful for its success."

She capped the ’90s with a big bang, by being declared Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine in 1999.

"I’ll never forget that moment," she beams with pride. "I felt such a sense of accomplishment and was so proud. I really felt like my fans had played a huge part in helping to make that happen for me."

As thanksgiving for her 13 colorful years in the music scene, she mounted the Charmbracelet World Tour. Mariah Mania hits Manila today with the Asian leg of the widely anticipated Charmbracelet World Tour 2003, set at The Fort Open Field.

"Charm bracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me," she points out. "Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people."

Source: The Philippine Star

Airport officials not allowed to watch Carey put on makeup

Airport General Manager Edgardo Manda and his chief security officer, Angel Atutubo, were ejected from the airport’s presidential lounge by pop star Mariah Carey allegedly for being “peeping toms.”

This came about after Carey flew in from Shanghai, China, Saturday night for a one-night performance at The Fort in Makati.

Carey, accompanied by makeup artists, proceeded to the presidential lounge, which was rented by the show’s promoters from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), to fix her face.

A large crowd of Carey fanatics was waiting outside the terminal building of NAIA 2, trying to get a glimpse of the international singing sensation.

But before Manda and Atutubo could make themselves comfortable in the presidential lounge, two bodyguards of the singer sent them out of the room.

“I am the general manager here, it’s almost my home tapos palalabasin ako,” Manda stood his ground.

However, the Carey show organizers pointed out that they paid for the use of the lounge and therefore, they have the right to the privacy that the client wanted.

Carey flew in on Philippine Airlines Flight PR-337 but even mediamen were asked to stay as far as 15 feet away from her and were asked not to take pictures until she had her face ready for the cameras.

When she finally came out of the room it was a vivacious Carey that the crowd saw, smiling and waving, her face glowing and the sexy body inviting attention.

She boarded a limousine escorted by policemen in motorcycles and was cheered on by the crowd as her convoy sped away. Some airport officials, however, said that the crowd was hakot (bused in).

Source: ABS-CBN News

Triumph On The Pop Star Attack In 'I Keed'

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog goes after nearly everyone on his new rap single 'I Keed' from his debut album 'Come Poop With Me'. The pooch with the voice of Robert Smigel jokes about or gives mention to *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, the Strokes, Eminem, Mariah Carey, Shakira, 'American Idol' stars Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, Christina Aguilera, Coldplay, R. Kelly, Mandy Moore, 50 Cent, the White Stripes, Pink, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Elton John, and Jennifer Lopez. Watch the video for the song at

The exact quote about Mariah from the song of the uninformed provacative rapper is:
"Slim Shady why do you find me so scary? We're just two regular dudes who banged Mariah Carey."

Source: Pop Dirt | Mariah Daily

News Tidbits

-- You can now hear the Global Soul Club Mix of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" in the Music Section of Honey B. Fly.

-- Click here to download a small video clip of Mariah being interviewed in St. Petersburg on October 1st, 2003.

"Bringin' On The Heartbreak" has been released in Russia in early October. The tracklisting is standard, Mainstream Version / Miss You / Live Version / Video, plus there is a promotional Honey B. Fly sticker. -- Local celebrities at the Manila show included: Angelika, Kyla, Anna Fegi, Aga, Charlene, Tim Yap and more. Mariah didn't perform "Clown", "Subtle Invitation", "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" and "Can't Take That Away". The opening act was 'Acafellas'.

Here are some pictures from the concert:

Source: Vasily | soulthird | Michael

NOVEMBER 15, 2003 4:20PM
Mariah meets Manila: The song of Mariah’s life

Mariah Mania hits Manila with the Asian leg of the widely anticipated “Charmbracelet World Tour 2003,” set at The Fort Open Field today.

Indeed, “Mariah’s Thrilla in Manila” could very well be the hottest ticket in town. After all, Mariah Carey is the fave diva of the MTV Generation, of Gen X, Y, and Z.

Recent events in her tumultuous life and career have proven that Mariah with grace and grit, with a class and charm, of course.

The December 2002 release of “Charmbracelet” signaled the Grammy-winning star’s resurgence, zooming straight to the top of the charts. The album, in fact sold an astounding three million copies all over the world.

“Charmbracelet’s” chartbusting single, “Through the Rain,” reflected Mariah’s own personal triumph over adversity and her continuing struggles to find her own place under the sun.

“Writing ‘Charmbracelet’ was a cathartic experience,” she recalled candidly. “I’ve been through a lot, personally and professionally. I lost my father this year, after we had reunited and become close. It was very hard for me and a lot of that emotion is on the album.”

Mariah even wrote and dedicated a song for her departed dad on the new album.

“The experience of recording this album is almost like the experience of my life,” she confided to her fans on her Web site. “Going through it, dealing with things, and remaining hopeful.”

Mariah has always been straightforward in her press interviews — moreso, in her songwriting.

Most of her songs, in fact, resonate with her personal experiences and feelings.

Truth to be told: Her platinum-minted repertoire mirrors her ongoing evolution, from a naïve and bright-eyed dreamer to the more pragmatic and yet still optimistic diva that she is now.

In 1990, the first time she heard her debut single, “Visions of Love,” on the radio, she was ecstatic, to say the least.

She enthused: “I was in a car with a friend of mine and we were both screaming and calling people on the phone. It was definitely a memorable moment!”

That same soaring ballad effortlessly hit no. 1, the first in a succession of chartbusters. (She holds the record for the most no. 1 singles – a total of 15 hits.)

“I didn’t understand the whole chart thing at the moment, but I still freaked out to see my song on no. 1,” she looked back.

When she performed the same song at that year’s Grammy Awards, where she brought home two trophies (Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance), Mariah was on needles and pins.

“I was so nervous during the performance and the acceptance,” she gasped, “that I couldn’t really enjoy the moment.”

“I was totally ecstatic, but again everything was happening so fast it was hard to take it all in,” she quipped.

By 1995, Mariah had become a seasoned pro. She even directed the music video of “Fantasy” — her first attempt as director.

“I had so much fun doing that,” she gushed. “Especially that scene with the clown. That was the best part.”

“Fantasy” also debuted on no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but that banner year also coincided with a turbulent time in her personal life.

“I was incredibly happy, of course,” she related. “But at this point in my personal life, I was feeling very stifled.”

A week later, “Daydream” also hit no. 1. “I worked very hard on that album and of course I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment.”

The year 1996 was another record-breaking year for Mariah. “One Sweet Day,” her collaboration with Boys II Men, made history, staying the longest time on no. 1 — an unprecedented 16 weeks.

“Everyone involved with my career worked so hard for that record and the song was very special to a lot of people,” she remarked. “So it was every more gratifying.”

In 1997, she released “Butterfly,” her most favorite album to date.

“‘Butterfly’ is so close to my heart,” she acknowledged. “I was really excited about it. It’s such a personal album and my favorite work so far. I was extremely grateful for its success.”

She capped the ’90s with a big bang, by being declared Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine in 1999.

“I’ll never forget that moment,” she beamed with pride. “I felt such a sense of accomplishment and was so proud. I really felt like my fans had played a huge part in helping to make that happen for me.”

As thanksgiving for her 13 colorful years in the music scene, she mounted the “Charmbracelet World Tour.”

“Charmbracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me,” she intoned.

“Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people.”

The “Mariah Carey Charmbracelet 2003 World Tour” is presented by Globe’s G Plan Opti Sim – “The World’s Most Powerful Sim”; Petron Blaze – “The High Octane Fuel from Petron” and Tommy Hilfiger Watches. In cooperation with No Curfew – “The Official Tommy Hilfiger Watch Store Take Your Time,” Discovery Suites, Mossimo, Pantene Total Care, GMA Network, and in part by Kotex Newtex Pads “Keeps me worry-free!,” MTV Philippines, The Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, Teazann International, East West Global Entertainment, Wave 89.1, Jam 88.3, Magic 89.9, Joey 92.3, RX 93.1, 93.9 iFM, 99.5 RT, 103.5 K-Lite, 105.1 Crossover, Me, Meg, Mega, Manuel, My Home and BluPrint magazines.

Tickets are available in Ticketworld in all National Bookstore outlets.

Source: The Manila Bulletin Online

Tonight’s the night for Mariah Carey

Tonight is the big night for all Mariah Carey fans out there.

All roads will surely be leading to The Fort Open Field in Fort Bonifacio Global City in Makati for Mariah Carey’s “Charmbracelet World Tour 2003.” We expect all those local divas we have here, those who earn a living by either mimicking or aping Mariah Carey, to be present tonight.

Mariah is expected to sing her well-known hit songs, ranging from “Visions of Love” (her first no. 1 hit song back in 1990 from her self-titled debut album), to her anthemic songs “Butterfly,” “Fantasy,” “Always Be My Baby,” “Never Too Far,” “Someday,” “Emotions,” and to her latest chart-topper, “Bringing on the Heartbreak from her multi-million selling album “Charmbracelet.”

To those who still haven’t secured their tickets to this musical event in Manila, tickets are available at Ticketworld outlets in all National Bookstore branches. We were told that the concert will start on time, at 8 p.m., but gates will open as early as 3 p.m. So be sure that you’re there early to avoid queueing up the long line.

Organizers said that there will be tight security measures during the event. They also advise not to worry about parking spaces because there will be enough to accommodate the crowd who will troop to The Fort.

Ambulances and medical tents will be mobilized for emergency measures. Firetrucks are parked for its services as the need arises with four PNP outposts.

A total of eight entrances with signages will be used to facilitate easement of entry. In any event that a non-ticket holder will be able to enter the venue or a ticket holder in the wrong area is spotted, they can be reported to the bouncers in the area who will bring them out of the venue and won’t be allowed inside anymore.

This, I think, are additional measures that they undertook after learning from the F4 experience earlier on.

See you tonight then!

Source: The Manila Bulletin Online

Celebrity Swap Meet: Mariah Carey to Britney Spears

Mariah Carey to Britney Spears, with three names as steps between them. The rumors were widely reported and celebrity romance experts will remember them (though they remain unsubstantiated), that Mariah's warm relationship with Matt Dillon was a reason behind the breakup of Dillon's long term romance with Cameron Diaz. Cameron is now with Justin Timberlake, who, as we all know, was Britney Spears' first love.

Source: Netscape

News Tidbits

-- Click here to vote for Mariah at a dutch site poll for "Miss 2003 Verkiezing".

-- Mariah Carey sings Dec. 20 at the Aladdin Theatre. Prices are $71.70, $104.70, $165.20 and $192.70. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday at the box office, 3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South, and through Ticketmaster. To charge by phone, call 785-5000.

-- Aladerri writes;
"I invite you to participate in the Guinness Book of World Records. Obviously in order to be a part of it, we must break a real record, well, that's the plan.

I am organizing a "Fan Book" of Admirers for the singer Mariah Carey which I plan to present to her at her concert in Las Vegas on December 20, 2003. (If I can't see her backstage, I'd still make sure she'll get it since I have 4th row tickets.)

Mariah is presently on a world tour promoting her record "Charmbracelet" and her fans all over the world have been presenting her with Fan Books.

I am assembling the Book of Mariah's Admirers to be the biggest a Singer has received. You are invited to participate and with any luck we will break the record in the Guinness Book of World Records. I have already been in contact with them and am waiting for a reply.

You can contribute to this Book of Mariah's Admirers by sending your cards, poems, photographs, thoughts, songs, drawing or anything you can think of. Preferably, it should be written as it is more personal and it should be letter size paper.

Send your material as quickly as possible to the following address:
Mariah Fan Book
P.O. Box 891283
Chicago, Il 60608

Also, you can send it by e-mail to

For those of you who do not speak English and speak Spanish, don't worry, send your letter in Spanish and I will attach a translation in English.

Thank you for your attention, if you have any questions, please let me know or send me an e-mail to and I hope that you wish to be a part of Mariah's history in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Thank you very much!

Source: Review Journal | Aladerri

NOVEMBER 13, 2003 9:40PM
Superstar meets the press

MARIAH Carey finally stepped out into the spotlight of the gathered Shanghai media, with her regal superstar bearing and diplomatic expertise at reacting to reporters' questions.

Even two days ahead of the press conference, most local reporters responsible for stories on Mariah Carey's concert had been informed, via calls or faxes, that they should not mention anything about the diva's personal life at the press conference.

This presumably refers to the 33-year-old singer's highly publicized nervous breakdown last year.

Meanwhile, the photographers were also warned that they would not be allowed to take any pictures during the press conference. The reason, the local organizer said, was that camera flashes and the "clicking" sound of the shutters would put Carey off.

Some reporters complained to the organizers about such demanding requirements.

One staff member of the local organizers, who refused to disclose his name, sighed: "Do you know that we have been striving hard to arrange a press conference for you reporters. Previously, the American agent for Carey was even refusing to hold a press conference at all."

Though the press conference was supposed to have started at 1.45pm on November 2, it was not until 2:36pm that the pop diva made her elegant albeit sexy appearance, wearing a black strapless evening gown and black high-heels, with a group of bodyguards surrounding her.

The staff members of the Hilton Hotel revealed that the 33-year-old songstress didn't waste any of the 45 minutes, she was busy making-up during the whole time span.

The five-octave singer didn't show much enthusiasm for answering reporter's questions, especially when compared to her passionate singing.

None of her answers was longer than one sentence.

The reporter from the Shanghai Television Station asked the first question, and used it to question Carey about whether the sudden arrival of chilly weather would affect her choice of costumes.

Carey said, in her low but enchanting voice: "If it's raining and cold, I'll still be wearing the same skimpy outfits as if it were warm."

And that was the longest sentence Carey uttered during the entire conference.

The reporters continued asking for details about the costumes and Carey said she would change them seven or eight times, with the styles varying greatly.

Fans will get to see her wearing funky street wear, vintage clothing and original designs.

But Carey did not explain the exact reason why she brought 300 pairs of shoes with her to Shanghai.

Her answer was merely that she will wear some of the shoes during the performance and others during publicity events.

One reporter, surnamed Yao, murmured: "Counting all the occasions she will show up in the city, 300 pairs of shoes are 10 times more than what are needed."

When asked what would be her repertoire for the Shanghai tour, she said with a sweet smile that she wants to give her fans a great "surprise". Full stop.

With the four words: "I am not sure", Carey fenced with the following questions, such as whether she would record the title song for the next James Bond movie or whether she would be cast in a new movie.

When the reporter from the Associated Press asked about her future plans in life, Carey said, "I am not a good planner but I have a large planning team." Nothing more.

Super ostentation

According to the Chinese organizers, after Carey arrived at the Shanghai Hilton the pop queen did not walk even one step out of her presidential suite and didn't reveal any plans for sight-seeing.

However, the dedicated Mercedes-Benz 600 is still available to Carey at any minute right around the clock.

The chauffeur, surnamed Hu, kept on scrubbing the surface of the car for fear that even one little granule of dust would spoil the whole thing.

Hu proudly said that the car had carried many celebrities, such as Bill Gates and Luciano Pavarotti, but Carey's ostentation was unprecedented. Only Pavarotti had asked Hu to remain in constant readiness, he said, and then only for 12 hours. For Carey it was 24.

According to Hu, he had not seen any big shots bring as much luggage as Carey. "In total, eight vehicles greeted Carey at the airport, four of them were luggage cars, including one two-tonne container, plus one Mercedes-Benz 320 for Carey's agent and one bus and one mini-bus for her other crew members," said Hu.

This is all part of the life of the superstar vocalist who sold more than 150 million albums in the last decade of the 20th century since her debut album in 1990. She was also the recipient of the World Music Award of "Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium".

In spite of her ostentatious and unco-operative attitude to the local media, the tickets for her concert on November 12 sold out very quickly. Noting the demand, on the November, the Chinese organizers decided to organize one more performance, for November 14. Just one week later more than 70 per cent of the tickets for the additional performance had already gone.

Source: Shanghai Star

Pop diva Carey's debut concert in Shanghai

-- BEIJING, Nov. 13, (Xinhuanet) -- Pop diva Mariah Carey dazzled fans in Shanghai on Wednesday night with her debut concert in China.

The biggest-selling female artist in history performed at Shanghai's Hong Kou soccer stadium as part of her "Charmbracelet" world tour.

33-year-old Carey is the most high-profile pop singer yet to visit the Chinese mainland.

She will also perform in Shanghai on Friday.

-- The concert took place in an outdoors venue during a cold night in China. During the concert Mariah had worn a coat and cut 5 songs off the regular setlist. Click here to view pictures from the concert.

Source: Xinhuanet | Mariah Daily

News Tidbits & Site Updates

-- "The Remixes" spends its 4th week at the #1 spot on Billboard's top electronic albums.

-- Don't forget to pick up the recent "Star", "In Touch" and "US Weekly" magazines which include pictures of Mariah from her Halloween party and the Versace fashion show. Another picture will appear on next week's "National Enquirer".

-- In a recent interview for a Dutch TV magazine, members of the boyband "Westlife" were asked about Mariah. Here are their responses, translated from Dutch;

Q: Would you like to duet with Do [Dutch Singer] for the second time or with Mariah Carey?
A: (Nicky) Do was much nicer than Mariah. She isn't acting like a diva yet. And Do is from Holland and people from there are nicer anyhow.
A: (Shane) Do. For the same reason as Nicky.
A: (Brian) I'll go for Mariah, she's a better singer.
A: (Mark) And she has more experience.

-- Joseph had contacted Victoria Snee from WB 33 news in Dallas to find out what she thought about meeting Mariah back in October 2002. Here is Veronica's reply;

"I was very impressed with how sincere and sweet Mariah was. She was very late (about 3 hours) for our interview because she was out to dinner with some radio people. But when she did arrive, she apologized and then gave me a very open and honest interview."

-- According to MonarC, It seems that Jet magazine was indeed mistaken and Mariah will not be performing at the upcoming American Music Awards.

-- Be sure to check the latest updates in the temp. photogallery including recent Mariah pictures from London and various magazine scans.

Source: Billboard | Brian | Tammy | DutchLamb | Joe | mcfanatic

NOVEMBER 12, 2003 5:40PM
About Mariah's Bio

-- THAT IRISH lass Maureen O'Brien, who shepherded my own memoir to completion, is a changed woman. She has lost 70 pounds and is doing her stuff these days as a natural blonde at HarperCollins.

Now Maureen says she wants to set the world straight on the matter of Mariah Carey's life story. There have been a number of versions of how the sexy songbird's big book deal allegedly went down or eventually "up" in smoke.

The truth is that Mariah's new (and Jennifer Lopez's former) Svengali - Benny Medina - did not pull the project out of the market before it was sold, but after! First, there was a Sept. 24 meeting with a handful of publishers. Within a week, Mariah chose HarperEntertainment as her favorite. Everybody included seemed thrilled with everybody else and HarperCollins proceeded to sell foreign rights at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

O'Brien says she and her publisher, Michael Morrison, had absolutely no qualms about the quality of what Mariah was peddling. "Her book proposal was absolutely fantastic. We were enthusiastic and remained so until Medina stepped in two weeks after the deal was struck and pulled the plug." Evidently, he didn't even bother to speak with the disappointed publisher.

The memoir, titled "Through the Rain," was to come out in the fall of 2004. Well, so much for the kind and genteel world of book publishing, where a handshake once used to seal a deal.

-- Foiled Author of the Week
Not long after the diva agreed to write a memoir for HarperCollins, her new manager, Benny Medina, apparently got butterflies and nixed the deal. If only he'd been around to stop Glitter

Source: NY Post | Entertainment Weekly | Jason

Calling All Mariah Fans In The Philippines

This is your chance to get a FREE TICKET to see Mariah live at The Fort in Manila on November 16 courtesy of Universal Philippines!

To find out how, phone Manila 244-5591 (ask for Leslie) or 727-4011 (ask for Joanne).
You must live in the Manila area no transportation or lodging will be provided. There are a limited number of tickets available that will be awarded on a first come first serve basis so call straight away!


Mariah To Perform on the AMAs?

According to this week's JET magazine, Mariah is scheduled to perform on the 31st Annual American Music Awards that will be aired on ABC on November 16th. View the article scan here.

Source: Jet Magazine | Dominik

Editor's Note: The official American Music Awards site doesn't list Mariah as one of the performers. In addition, Mariah will be holding a concert in the Philippines on the night of November 16th so it is likely the magazine was mistaken.

Mariah And Eminem On Celebrities Uncensored

According to the most recent commercial for E!'s candid paparazzi show "Celebrities Uncensored" - they will be showing an exclusive old clip of Mariah Carey and former fling Eminem getting into the same car after leaving an LA club together, fueling speculation that Eminem and Mariah did once date. The episode will air November 14th at 10:00pm on E.

Source: Pop Dirt

Kelly Clarkson Answers Fan's E-Mails

Fans submitted questions to 'American Idol' champ Kelly Clarkson after her appearance on MTV's Total Request Live last week. Asked if she'd ever been star struck, Clarkson said, "I usually don't get star-struck, however, with Mariah Carey I acted like a complete fool. I don't really remember the conversation but I know at one point, it consisted of me saying, ‘I think I’m going to puke!’ I'm such a moron, right?" Check out all the questions and answers here.

Source: Pop Dirt

News Tidbits & Various Mentions

-- "What Would You Do", the Nate Dogg and Mariah collaboration, is currently #4 on the "top 4 at 4" and #6 on the "top 7 at 7" on Power 106, the number 2 station in the US. View the results and vote for the song here.

The song is still tied for #1 song on Soundmagnet, an internet radio station. Request the song here.

Lastly, the song was champion of "Battle of the Jams" on Hot 94.1 in Bakersfield, CA last week.

For further instructions on how to help the song, please contact Steve.

-- Soundscan update: "The Remixes" sells 11,824 copies this week which brings its total after 3 weeks to 69,256 copies sold. "Through The Rain" continues to sell copies and reaches a respectable amount of 114,444 copies sold.

-- [Donna Summer] expressed little patience with current divas like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. "Believe me, I'm not putting anybody down," she said, "but I do think some performers need to have that attention. They live for that."
"They think all that attention will keep their success at its peak," she added. "Well, you know what? Everybody's success is going to wane at some point."

-- "Bling-bling," the new lexicon for showy diamond jewelry and one of the newest words in the Oxford English Dictionary, is topping most holiday wish lists this season...

Girly and glam, charm bracelets and whimsical trinkets with a story to tell are quite fashionable. In fact, singing diva Mariah Carey is known for her signature charm bracelet. Plus, designs that send a message of love and appreciation-lockets, personalized jewelry or anything heart-shaped-make an extremely thoughtful gift this holiday.

-- Some people in radio think it's a risk to play all holiday music in December. Rob Miller, program director of WALK (97.5 FM), isn't among them.
WALK, Long Island's biggest adultcontemporary station, took the plunge last year and can't wait to do it again. From the day after Thanksgiving, starting with Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song," WALK will go all-holiday through Christmas Day.

That means Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Mariah Carey. It means Madonna's "Santa Baby," not Eartha Kitt's, though the mix also includes five tracks from Phil Spector's Christmas album.

-- Star magazine (Nov. 18th issue) compliments Mariah: "Mariah Carey positevely glows in a Versace dream dress at the designer's spring 2004 fashion show in Milan."

-- Pictures Update: be sure to visit our temp. photogallery for new pictures of Mariah from Paris last week and new scans from Chinese newspapers.

Source: Steve | SoundScan | Chris | NY Times | Kay Jewelers | NY Daily News | Star | blueglitter

NOVEMBER 10, 2003 4:55PM
Pop Diva Mariah Carey Arrives in Shanghai

Looking every inch the pop diva, Mariah Carey said Monday she was surprised by the warmth of her welcome in Shanghai, where she is to perform at a government- sponsored concert — one of the biggest international acts ever to appear on stage here.

"I didn't know what to expect," Carey said at a news conference, a day after her arrival at Shanghai's Pudong International airport, where newspapers said she was greeted by about 100 Chinese admirers and a phalanx of cameramen.

"It was really, really nice to see all the fans," Carey said.

Carey, 33, is to perform Wednesday and Friday at Shanghai's Hongkou soccer stadium as part of the city's international arts festival before continuing to a concert in the Philippines.

Carey's performances mark another milestone for China's development as a market for international pop culture — and for the country's recovery from this spring's outbreak of SARS. The outbreak forced the postponement of her concert and the cancellation of others, including performances by the Rolling Stones in Shanghai and Beijing.

Carey arrived almost an hour late for the news conference, sheathed in a strapless black dress atop black stiletto heels with sparkling hoops in her ears.

Asked whether the sudden arrival of cold, wet weather in Shanghai, would affect her choice of stage gear, Carey said she didn't have that option. The star said she expects to make seven or eight outfit changes over the course of a concert, ranging from funky street wear to vintage clothing and original designs.

"If it's raining and cold, I'll still be wearing the same skimpy outfits as if it's warm," Carey said.

But she wouldn't offer up what numbers she would perform, saying she likes to keep her shows "improvisational" and respond to fan requests for songs posted on her Web site.

Carey also offered no new information about news reports she might record the title song for the next James Bond movie. American media have reported Carey might also have a cameo role in the upcoming film, the 21st in the series, but the singer said only she "wasn't sure" about such possibilities.

Carey, a native of Long Island, burst onto the scene in 1990 with her debut album showcasing her amazing seven-octave range.

During the 1990s, she scored 15 No. 1 hit singles and won a pair of Grammy awards, but suffered a breakdown in 2001 and was dropped from her label, Virgin, following disappointing album sales.

Currently preparing for a U.S. tour next month, Carey said traveling requires her to take special precautions with her voice, including drinking plenty of water and "sleeping as much as possible."

Some local media questioned whether Carey was as big a catch as billed. Saying she had entered the "high-risk age" for pop singers, the Shanghai tabloid Life Weekly warned Carey could spoil her image with Chinese fans if her performance went down badly.

Source: Associated Press

-- Read More - Mariah’s surprise is for the ear, not the eye (The Telegraph).

-- Be sure to check out our temp. photogallery for many new pictures from Mariah's arrival and press conference in Shanghai, China.

Source: Albert | Mariah China | Blueglitter

Fan Report: Mariah in China

The following detailed review of was written by a Chinese fan - xuyudaniel:

"Mariah has arrived in Shanghai, China yesterday afternoon, around 5:00 p.m (local time).

Nearly hurdreds of fans waited to see her at the Pudong International Airports yesterday. They held the posts, flowers and sang for her.

It was really overwhleming. After a night break, Mariah has attended the concert express launching meeting this afternoon. She also had a very short interview with a famous Shanghai local tv program. The hostess of that show asked Mariah several question and she gave the following short answers;

The first question was - "Why did you pick Shanghai as one of the legs in your Charmbracelet Tour?"

Mariah answered she was looking forward to holding a concert in Shanghai, China for a long time. She really appreciated the fans greeting her in the airport and was so grateful for all they have done for her.

The second question was "What's your previous image of Shanghai, even on China?"

Mariah answed she didn't have a vivid image on that. But she has kept in touch with the Chinese fans through a lot of letters and mails, who have invited her to China always.

At last , the hostess asked Mariah to say hello to the audience and say the program title both in English and in Chinese. And she did that.

The hostess said Mariah looked just like a barbie doll and has given Mariah a Chinese traditional gift , which is in a shape of a butterfly.

Mariah promised she would not change her concert unless the weather condition goes too bad and said she would wear some Chinese traditional clothes on this concert, including Qi Pao (Chinese long skirt) and Du Dou (Chinese bra).

Univeral record company has promised to hold the "Meet and Greets" for the Chinese fans after the Wednesday concert."

Lake View for Mariah?

Overheard by VegasBeat at a McDonald's in Lake Havasu, Ariz., on Saturday afternoon (we wanted to finally see London Bridge): Mariah Carey is househunting in the area.

Actually, according to a large man who was ordering a potpourri of selections from the Dollar Menu, Carey was looking at some real estate in the resort community with an eye toward building a home there.

Yes, this is a gossip column, but can Ronald McDonald be trusted as a source? We'll see. Calls made Sunday to Carey's reps to check on things were not returned.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

News Tidbits

-- Click here to download a video file of Mariah outside her Paris hotel on Oct. 30th.

-- Click here to download video files of Mariah's arrival to China.

-- At last, Sony Music Indonesia has released "The Remixes" in the country on November 9th. The CD costs 150,000.00 Rp (approximately $15 USD) and the cassette costs 40,000 Rp (approximately $4 USD).

-- Rhomeyn will be attending Mariah's San Jose show on Dec. 12th and would like to present a Christmas book to Mariah. If you wish to participate, please send your entries to

Source: Shino | Jay New | Silent Moon

NOVEMBER 09, 2003 10:49PM
Mariah arrives in Shanghai

Mariah successfully arrived in Shanghai, China today at 6:45pm via the Pudong International Airport. She was greeted by hundreds of devoted and excited fans carrying gifts and welcome signs. Her arrival has reportedly caused a "Mariah Mania" spread throughout China and has made every headline story of the Chinese media.

A press conference will be on November 10th at 1:45pm Beijing Time at the Hilton Grand Hotel, Mariah's current living headquarters. Above are three pictures of Mariah's arrival. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view.

Source: Mariah Daily | Albert

Mariah to co-produce film adaptation of Wifey?

The New York Observer reports that Lawrence Blume, son of author Judy Blume, may soon be involved in co-producing with Mariah Carey a film adaptation of Wifey, his mother’s novel about a bored suburban housewife in the late 60’s who lets her freak flag fly.

Source: The New York Observer |

Mariah fan killed in car accident

Authorities are investigating a deadly wreck that occured in Carthage, North Carolina Thursday afternoon. The wreck happened at U.S. Highway 15-501 and Union Church Road in Carthage around 1 p.m.

Authorities said two teenage girls were in a Ford Focus when it pulled out into the path of an oncoming dump truck.

The 17-year-old driver, Jennifer Kiser, was killed instantly. Her 17-year-old passenger, Heidi DeWitt, was taken by helicopter to UNC Hospitals, where she is listed in serious condition.

A friend of Kiser said that the talented teen occupied herself by singing songs, especially those by her idol Mariah Carey.

Kiser was a member of the Union Pines High School chorus and had dreams of becoming a professional singer herself.

Source: WITN 7 News

Mariah fan sues security guard

Be sure to tune into Judge Mathis on November 14 when the mother of a Mariah Carey fan sues a security guard, saying he beat up her son, who was delivering a bouquet of flowers. For local show listings, check out

Source: Yahoo! Television |

Mariah Carey to play TCC

Pop diva Mariah Carey is heading to Tucson, making up for skipping the Old Pueblo when she swung through the state in August.

Carey is bringing her Charmbracelet Tour 2003 to the Tucson Convention Center Arena Dec. 19. Tickets - $35.50, $45.50 and $55.50 - go on sale Saturday at Ticketmaster outlets, 321-1000.

Carey's show could rank as one of the biggest, if not most-anticipated, pop concerts in Tucson this year. Her superstardom, though dimmed a little in the past couple of years, is fueled by an awesome five-octave vocal range that easily bounces from hip-hop dance tunes to soulful R&B. She's scored 15 No. 1 singles and two Grammys since bursting onto the scene in the early 1990s.

In recent years, her offstage persona has dominated, including very public breakdowns and her high-profile divorce from Tommy Mottola, ex-boss of her former record label, Sony.

Source: Arizona Daily Star | Maggie

NOVEMBER 09, 2003 2:17PM
Mariah Carey Mania Outside French Hotel

An estimated 400 fans awaited Mariah Carey's departure from the pop stars French hotel Monday night while in Paris, France. Extra security, 12 policemen to be exact, were called in to control the hundreds of fans. This is the first time the hotel ever had to call the police. Mariah was in France to perform to a sold-out crowd of 17,000 for her Charmbracelet World Tour.

Source: Pop Dirt

Mariah duet with Lani won't happen

Mariah's upcoming duet with Filipino singer Lani Misalucha has been cancelled according to the Official Lani Misalucha Fan Club. It was alleged that Mariah and Lani would sing "When You Believe" together during Mariah's concert in Manila on November 16th.

The fan club reported that the reason the duet has fallen through is because "Mariah refuses to do it." According to the fan club this decision is final, but please check back in the coming week for further developments.

Source: The Mariah Carey Organization

Mariah Carey Hypes Up Englishmen has a video clip of Mariah Carey on the Graham Norton Show addressing talk that she believes English men are "very dashing." Watch the brief clip here.

Source: Pop Dirt

Mariah Carey: Wide Awake

You must be wondering why the title of today’s column is, you know, "Mariah Carey: Wide Awake".

You see, back in late 1999, I did an interview with The Diva in Hong Kong during the Asian promo for her Rainbow album (from Sony Music of which Mariah Carey was then under contract, still married to Sony big boss Tommy Mottola from whom she is divorced; Mottola is now married to Thalia).

Mariah was dead tired after a whole-day round of interviews with dozens of journalists from all over Asia. When my turn came very late in the day, Mariah suggested that we do it in the queen-size bed of her Hyatt Hotel suite and who were we (including five other journalists) to say no to The Diva?

So we did a free-wheeling interview with her and I titled that interview "In Bed With Mariah".

A lot of water, so to speak, has passed under the bridge since then. Mariah has survived a slight down-swing in her career, a nervous breakdown, failure of her marriage, a romance with a Latino singer and a movie flop (Glitter which was reviewed by a critic in one simple sentence: Remove the "G" from the title and that’s what the movie is all about).

The Diva has bounced back – beautifully. She’s in tip-top shape, in fighting form, proving to the world that nothing and nobody could put a great artist down. Not Mariah Carey who, as her hit song goes, has made it through the rain and reclaimed her "throne."

On Sunday, Nov. 16, she’ll topbill a concert at the Fort Open Field, as part of her Charmbracelet World Concert Tour 2003, and she’s expected to turn her first Manila stint into a memorable event.

Mariah is, yes, "wide awake" now, a far stronger person than she was during that "in bed" interview in Hong Kong (arranged by Wally Chamsay of Sony Music).

I’ll rewind a bit and replay some of what Mariah said in that revealing interview. Excerpts:

How does it feel to be The Diva, the No. 1 female singer in the world?
"Oh, dear! These days, everybody is called a diva, so, you know... Hmmmmm... Well, I don’t think of myself in terms of sales and things like that... I’m very, very grateful for being one. I believe I owe it to the fact that I’m a person who has a lot of spirituality. I believe in God very strongly but I’m not necessarily a religious person, I just have my own beliefs and maybe that’s being religious... I don’t know how to explain it."

Has stardom changed the simple girl in you?
"I still look at myself as the same girl I was before I joined showbiz. I still remember being a little kid and saying to myself, ‘Don’t ever forget what it feels like to be a kid.’ You see, adults misunderstand kids so much sometimes and they forget what’s it like to be a kid. I also remember when I was struggling and I had only one pair of shoes."

Oh, you know how to look back at your humble beginnings...
"The friend I had at that time is the same friend that I have today. She and I would sleep together on a mattress we placed on the floor in our Manhattan pad. She used to help me get waitressing jobs. But I was so bad. I was 17 and I was too young to serve. I always got fired because I was listening to my Walkman all the time, to my demo tapes. I was a complete mess in that regard. A complete mess!"

You grew up in New York. How was your childhood like?
"I grew up with my mother (a former opera singer with the New York City Opera and a vocal coach) who’s a dominant force in my life because my father (Afro-American/Venezuelan) wasn’t around. I mean, I saw my father on occasion but it was my mother who raised me. She allowed me to develop my own personality from a really young age. She told me that when I was six, I was six going on 50! I was like, you know, a little adult. I sang on the table with her and some friends. She introduced me to all those artistic people."

You have a strong-willed mother.
"Oh, yeah, she was strong-willed. She married my father against the wishes of her family. That was in the ’60s when marrying a Black man was a no-no. My mother eventually separated from my father and married a white man."

What’s your favorite among your songs?
"It’s hard to name just one. Yes, Hero. I call it ‘Mariah’s Theme.’ You see, I also love to do rock songs. When I did Hero, I didn’t like the way the the rocker (in me) came on, even though I wrote it. It was like people were more in control then, saying, ‘Leave that, leave that! It’s perfect, it’s perfect!’ But I felt like I wasn’t happy singing certain parts (of Hero); I wasn’t doing them the way I really wanted to. If you notice, if I sing Hero live, I do it differently and I think that the audience also feels it because they cry listening to that song. When I sing it live, people can really relate to it. That song came out of a real feeling of, like ‘Man, I’m just feeling very oppressed right now!’ That’s why I call Hero ‘Mariah’s Theme.’ The song says so much about my life."

Is it true that you wrote Hero with kids in mind?
"Yes, you’re right. Because, you know, people forget when they’re growing up what it was like to be in junior high school and not feel accepted. When you’re different, when you’re not the same as everybody else for whatever reasons and you’re 13, it’s like the end of the world. You can laugh at it now but a lot of kids end up committing suicide these days. You know, we have a lot of tragedies and that’s what it want to say to kids, to everybody but mainly to kids, because I promise myself never to forget what it was like to go through that feeling."

Did you have a miserable school life?
"I had fun in school but I also had this feeling that I was different, that I was a mixed-race kid. I was insecure about my looks. I mean, it was only two years ago that I started showing my forehead because people were telling me that, you know... that’s why I always covered one side of my face because I never really felt secure with my looks as a kid. There’s a line in Hero that says, I have learned there’s an inner peace I own; something of my soul that they cannot possess. I won’t be afraid of darkness because there’s a light in me that will shine brightly. They can try but they can’t take that away from me. Meaning, no matter what anybody says, if you have that power within yourself, you can get through it. And that’s what got me through everything in my life because I really had a kinda screwed-up childhood. I don’t need to talk about my past and I’m grateful for what I have now, for what I am now."

Describe Mariah Carey in three words.
"Workaholic. Insecure. Optimistic."

Source: The Philippine Star | Randolf Castillo

Mariah's Moulin Rouge

4,500 spectators (half the amount who saw a disappointing show three years ago) have applauded Mariah Carey at the Filaforum yesterday evening. This was the last European concert of her Charmbracelet World Tour, which has been greatly criticized but found an enthusiastic audience in Milan.

Mariah Carey is the woman that sold the most records in pop history, but the story of her life could be the screenplay of a musical comedy or melodrama.

The singer, who came from humble beginnings, found herself in the center of a love story with Tommy Mottola, the aged boss of Sony Music. He transformed to the Princess of Pop and later married her. But the marriage didn’t last and the problems began for the diva, who entered the lifestyle of a billionaire superstar too quickly.

After her separation from Mottola came the love problems with Luis Miguel and Eminem, the flop of the autobiography movie Glitter, the nervous breakdown and exhaustion with consequential recovering time, the sacking from Sony, and then from Virgin Records.

A rebirth seems to have come from a new contract with Universal Music Group. And above all, Charmbracelet, Mariah’s latest album release, has sold two and a half million copies, and the critics have been kind towards the album. A survey from MTV has established that Carey’s voice is the greatest of the last two decades. The Guiness Book of World Records writes that she is the singer that holds the highest note in the world. But in regards to Carey’s performance tour, perhaps for her prima-donna attitude, the American newspapers have been harsh.

But how was the show, truly? It began at 9:25pm and was spectacular from the moment Mariah appeared in a glittering outfit, singing “Heartbreaker.”

Prelude of one pleasant show: paintings, circus, dancers, acrobats dressed like in a post-modern Moulin Rouge, clowns, paparazzi, a painter wearing a red jacket. The outfits changed during the show: hip-hop dresses, Chinese outfit, short skirts, long dresses, etc.

Carey included in the set list some of the tracks the fans chose by internet. The choices were: "Can't Take That Away", "One Sweet Day", "Love Takes Time", "Vision Of Love". She offered an hour and a half show with a set list centered essentially on the last album and some successes of the past. After the Milan show, she will perform in Shanghai next Wednesday and Sunday the 16th in Manila. Then the Tour will be interrupted in order to restart in Seattle on December the 10th for the last leg.

Starting January 2004, she will begin in London the rehearsal for the play "The Prince and The Showgirl" in which she will hold the part that Marilyn Monroe had in the movie directed by and co-starring Laurence Olivier.

Source: Della Sera Courier (Translated by Gilles)

NOVEMBER 08, 2003 1:20PM
R&B queen Mariah Carey to perform in Shanghai

Shanghai audiences can consider themselves very lucky - they have finally gained the chance to attend a live concert by R&B queen Mariah Carey, the pop star with five octaves at her easy disposal. The diva is coming to Shanghai after canceling the other stops on her Asian tour.

Although the concert will last only 90 minutes, the repertoire includes almost all her greatest hits, such as "Hero" and "One Sweet Day".

The concert will offer the sugar-sweet melodies, register-defying vocals and slick R&B groove most of Carey's fans will be hunting.

The fans need only buy the tickets and sit there at ease, popcorn in hand, to enjoy Carey's voice, which is capable of trajectories as unpredictably beautiful as a dancing feather in the wind.

However, the local working staff involved in the concert are not so lucky, as they will face a huge number of tasks appointed by the willful and arrogant pop queen.

In a period of less than a week, the staff have to make all the preparations to accommodate Mariah Carey, which will nearly drive them crazy.

This time, Carey's tour team will comprise a total of over 60 persons, which will occupy over 70 rooms of the Shanghai Hilton.

As for Carey herself, she requires the most luxurious suite in the hotel, whose windows should all be shielded with black paper. In the suite, there must be six air-conditioners and three international direct-dial lines.

Meanwhile, the beverage list she has drawn up is quite long - one bottle of crystal champagne, two bottles of Santa appetizers, two bottles of first-class red wines, six bottles of Coca-Cola, six bottles of Diet Coke, six bottles of mineral water, six bottles of lemon iced tea, herbal tea, fresh orange juice.

So far, no one knows how many costumes Carey will wear during her concert, but she has asked the hotel to provide at least 50 clothes racks.

A "limousine" does not suffice to define what Carey demands of the hotel, she specifies the latest six-seat Lincoln or Benz S-500. The chauffeur should be fluent in English and be available within a minute at any time.

Source: China View | Albert

Mariah makes it happen in Manila

It's almost like Muhammad Ali coming back to the Philippines for a repeat of the legendary "Thrilla in Manila." OK, maybe that's pushing it a bit. How about, say, like some monstrous tropical storm hitting -- in a good way -- these parts of the world? No, that's not quite right either. Let's just put it this way: when Mariah Carey -- a certifiable diva, nothing like the diva-divahan to be found here -- steps onto Manila soil in her designer stiletto heels, it will be one of the most scintillating superstar arrivals since, well, George W. Bush's recent visit. Damn, these analogies are difficult.

In any case, it will be big. When news of it first came out, people already started e-mailing the official and unofficial Mariah websites to check if the diva was indeed coming to Manila. It was initially canceled, true, but with the other legs in Asia of the Charmbracelet World Tour finally getting the greenlight, Mariah in Manila was cemented.

My bitch of a friend, who believes more in the Gospel According to Madonna rather than Mariah, heard the song "Loverboy" from the soundtrack of the ill-fated Glitter, sneered with eyebrows raised, "I just don't get it. She sings, "I want a sugar daddy!' in that song but, like, didn't she just leave one?!?!" He, of course, was referring to Mariah's divorce with record company mogul Tommy Mottola. Still, when he heard that Mariah is coming to town earlier than Santa, he called the ticketron right away and grabbed a ticket in the priciest section. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!" he remarked. "Mariah is Mariah, 'no!"

Who could blame him? And mind you, he is not alone. There are millions and millions of him around the world who can never get enough of Mariah mania, physical and nervous breakdowns be damned. But like my friend, I'm just being mean. After all, the current Charmbracelet World Tour is a triumphant climax for Mariah's successful comeback bid that began with the December 2002 release of the chart-busting album Charmbracelet (which incidentally sold more than a million copies in the US alone and a whopping 3 million copies worldwide). The album includes the fast-growing karaoke favorite (to replace "Butterfly" or even "My Heart Will Go On" by fellow diva Celine Dion) "Through The Rain." It also spawned the hits "Boy (I Need You)" and "Bringing On the Heartbreak," as well as her collaboration with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want."

"Writing Charmbracelet was a cathartic experience," she has said. "I've been through a lot, personally and professionally. I lost my father this year, after we had reunited and become close. It was very hard for me and a lot of that emotion is on the album." Mariah even wrote and dedicated a song for her departed dad. "The experience of recording this album is almost like the experience of my life," she confided to her fans on her website. "Going through it, dealing with things, and remaining hopeful."

Mariah has always seemed straightforward in her press interviews, moreso in her songwriting. Most of her songs, in fact, resonate with her personal experiences and feelings.

Truth be told, her platinum-minted repertoire mirrors her ongoing evolution, from a naive and bright-eyed dreamer to the more pragmatic and yet stubbornly optimistic diva that she is now.

In 1990, the first time she heard her debut single "Visions of Love" on the radio, she was ecstatic to say the least. She enthused, "I was in a car with a friend of mine and we were both screaming and calling people on the phone. It was definitely a memorable moment!" That same soaring ballad effortlessly hit No. 1, the first in a succession of chartbusters (she holds the record for the most No. 1 singles, a total of 15 hits). "I still didn't understand the whole chart thing at the moment, but I still freaked out to see my song on No. 1,Ó she said, looking back.When she performed the same song at that year's Grammy Awards, where she brought home two trophies (Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance), Mariah was on needles and pins. "I was so nervous during the performance and the acceptance," she gasped, "that I couldn't really enjoy the moment."

Although only a year had passed since "Visions of Love," by 1991 Mariah had already scored five No. 1 singles in a row with her album Emotions. "I was totally ecstatic but, again, everything happened so fast it was hard to take it all," she intimated.

By 1995 Mariah had become a seasoned pro. She even directed the music video of "Fantasy," her first attempt as director. "I had so much fun doing that," she said. "Especially that scene with the clown. That was the best part." "Fantasy," from her Daydream album, also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but that banner year also coincided with a turbulent time in her personal life. "I was incredibly happy, of course," she revealed, "but I was at this point in my personal life that I was feeling very stifled." A week later, Daydream also hit No. 1. "I worked very hard on that album and, of course, I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment."

The year 1996 was another record-breaking year for Mariah. "One Sweet Day," her collaboration with Boyz II Men, made history by staying at No. 1 for an unprecedented 16 weeks. "Everyone involved in my career worked so hard for that record and the song was very special to a lot of people,Ó she remarked. "So it was even more gratifying."

In 1997 she released Butterfly, her most favorite album to date. "That album is so close to my heart," she acknowledged. "I was really excited about it. It's such a personal album and my favorite work so far. I was extremely grateful for its success."

She capped the '90s with a big bang, being declared Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine in 1999. "I'll never forget that moment," she beamed with pride. "I felt such a sense of accomplishment and was so proud. I really felt like my fans had played a huge part in helping to make that happen for me."

And that can be the secret to her enduring appeal. Mariah's honesty, her sincere desire to reach out to her fans by being true to her art and by being real about her life. In her past interviews, she openly talked about her struggles as a multiethnic teen who encountered racial discrimination, as an aspiring singer who rose above her poverty-stricken background. Mariah's Cinderella story could very well be the story of her many fans.

Before hitting it big with her powerhouse voice, she worked as a waitress and admitted to being fired from "20 restaurants" because of her "sassy attitude." She also labored as a coat-checker, beauty salon janitress and part-time backup singer. It was that last gig as backup vocalist for R&B chanteuse Brenda K. Starr that changed Mariah's destiny. It was Brenda who gave Sony Music Entertainment top gun Tommy Mottola Mariah's demo tape in a party. Legend has it that Mottola played the demo on his ride home and ordered his driver to immediately return to the party so that he could meet Mariah. As soon as he did, he offered her a recording contract right there and then.

In more ways than one, the Charmbracelet World Tour serves as Mariah's thanksgiving to her legions of fans who never wavered in their support for her, notwithstanding the ups and downs of her colorful career. The Manila show, her very first concert appearance in the Philippines, promises to be an eventful evening for both the diva and Pinoy fans. "I am passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans," Mariah told the media. "I'm used to doing arena tours. But this tour is about my music and my fans."The title Charmbracelet, both for her world tour and her album, is largely symbolic for Mariah. "Charmbracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me," she explained. "Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people. Items that tell your story and that can be shared, like a song. The bracelet represents the foundation of this album, a body of work that encompasses my feelings."

The Manila stop of the Charmbracelet World Tour is set on November 16 at The Fort Open Field, Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Tickets are available at Ticketworld (891-5610, 634-2160) and hot lines 0916-4674790, 0927-2415082, 0918-58-8960 and 0919-4127461. The concert will start on time at 8 pm but gates will open as early as 3 pm. Tight security measures will be taken so as to avoid any mishaps and there will be enough parking space. Ambulances and medical tents will be mobilized for emergency measures. Fire trucks will be on hand and there will be four PNP outposts. A total of eight entrances with signages will be used to facilitate entry. In any event that a nonticket holder would slip into the venue or a ticket holder is spotted in the wrong area, they can be reported to bouncers and, once caught, they will be brought outside the venue and not be allowed inside anymore.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Mariah Carey adds her magic to the Holiday Season

The world's best-selling female performer of all time comes to the Orange County Performing Arts Center for the first time with a special holiday concert, A Mariah Carey Christmas, December 22 at 8 p.m. in Segerstrom Hall.

Carey will sing a show-stopping mix of her top hits and holiday favorites. Tickets for Billboard's Artist of the Decade are $140, $120, $100 and $75, and go sale November 16 at The Center Box Office, online at The Center's Web site at, by phone through Ticketmaster at (714) 740-7878 or (213) 365-3500 and at all Ticketmaster outlets. The Center's TTY number is (714) 556-2746.

Mariah Carey's career is truly the stuff of legend - with an incredible 15 No.1 singles, two Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards. She has been honored with the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium. And along the way, she has achieved the seemingly impossible - being the only artist to top the charts in each year of the 1990s. With "Heartbreaker," she even pushed ahead of the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks spent at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

With a spectacular seven-octave range, Carey is equally at home singing ballads and pop, and often incorporates elements of dance and hip-hop into the mix. And, perhaps most impressively, she composes all her own material.

Carey's self-titled debut on Columbia Records in 1990 spawned an extraordinary four No.1 singles - "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday" and "I Don't Wanna Cry." This led to her Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. Her next recording, Emotions, was another smash, with the title track soaring to her fifth consecutive No. 1 single and with "Can't Let Go" and "Make It Happen" reaching the Top Five. MTV Unplugged EP, scored another No.1 with her cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There."

Music Box became her biggest seller ever as "Dreamlover" and "Hero" topped the charts. Daydream included "Fantasy," which debuted at No.1 and made Mariah the second artist in history and the first female performer ever to accomplish that feat. Subsequent albums, including Butterfly, Rainbow and Glitter, as well as sold-out concerts have made Carey one of the undisputed legends of the entertainment world.

Source: OCPAC Online | Daniel Garcia

Alicia Keys fans praise Mariah concert

Alicia Keys fans have praised Mariah Carey's performace and voice at the Charmbracelet World Tour concert in London on Thursday, October 30.

One fan commented on the official Alicia Keys website, "All I gotta say is she has still got it! I was at the Mariah Carey concert in London and it was the best concert I've ever been to.

"Her voice was phenominal, she had lots of costume changes, her set was amazing and she played so many of her amazing songs; both new and old. After all the bad coverage she had received sher proved everybody wrong by singing the house down!"

Source: Mariah, Inc.

NOVEMBER 05, 2003 6:11PM
Mariah to perform in Tucson

Mariah's official web site announced today an addition to Mariah's 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour: a performance at The TCC Arena in Tucson, AZ on December 19. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

Mariah to duet with Filipino singer

Frontpage, a Manila-based entertainment television program from the GMA Network (one of the sponsors of Mariah's tour), announced today that Mariah will duet with popular Filipino singer Lani Misalucha during Mariah's upcoming November 16 concert at The Fort in Manila.

The two are scheduled to sing one of Mariah's biggest Filipino hits, "When You Believe," which originally paired her with Whitney Houston.

Misalucha says she is both very nervous and very excited about the opportunity.

Mariah's Filipino fans are also very excited about the news. On Saturday, November 8, a pre-concert fan gathering will be held at the SM Megamall's food court (in front of Jillibee).

The meeting has three initiatives: to schedule activities in preparation for Mariah's concert, to organize plans in relation to the tour date, and to compile entries for Mariah's Philippine Fan-bracelet.

Local fans that plan to attend the event are suggested to wear a red shirt so they can be easily located. For more information, contact Rea at and Cyril at

Source: Mariah Daily | Rea Siochi

Mariah-signed car goes on auction

Michael Jackson announced Tuesday that he is putting up for auction a custom 2001 Bentley used to shuttle entertainers to his Neverland Ranch. The car, featured in the making of the video for "What More Can I Give?" (Jackson's long-shelved 9/11 charity anthem) was signed by all the participants including Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Justin Timberlake and Celine Dion. It will be sold to the highest bidder as part of a classic car auction set for January 25.

Source: Shanghai Daily News

Famous singer Shanghai-bound

While Mariah Carey's career has fallen apart in the West - to the point Virgin Records gave her US$49 million to walk away from a recording contract - she obviously still has fans in China.

About 80 percent of the 26,000 tickets for her show at the Hongkou Football Stadium on November 12 have been sold, with prices ranging up to 1,600 yuan apiece.

Rumors are spreading online that a second show will be added, but organizers wouldn't confirm those reports yesterday.

Source: Yahoo! News

Mariah may or may not star in "The Sleeping Prince"

Mariah Carey is serious about starring in "The Sleeping Prince" on the London stage. But while Variety has Carey starting rehearsals in January, her rep says Mariah is "in negotiations." Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Oliver starred in the 1957 movie version, "The Prince and the Showgirl."

Source: New York Daily News

Charmbracelet Tour video release confirmed

Universal Music France confirmed that Mariah's entire concert at Bercy Palace in Paris was filmed and will eventually be released as a home video and DVD along with footage of Mariah's promo tour and travels from earlier this year. Pictures of the concert in Paris can be found at

Source: The French Mariah Carey Fanclub

NOVEMBER 04, 2003 3:54PM
News Tidbits

-- "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" continues to move up the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. In its ninth week charting, it makes its highest peak at #5 in the November 15 issue chart listings.

-- The commercial release of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" in Germany has been cancelled by Polydor Island. This adds to recent cancellation of the single in the United Kingdom. Currently, the only countries in the world the single can be purchased in are Belgium and Austria.

-- Everyday, about 1,000 VIP packages (ranging from $100 to $200) to Mariah's concert in Shanghai are sold. As previously reported, the 8,000 $15-priced tickets available have sold out. Now all of the tickets are nearly sold out; there are just a few $50-priced tickets still remaining. ShoTV reports that Mariah's concert marks the first time Chinese government has allowed a major foreign artist to hold a concert in China's mainland. In the past, government officials declined concerts by Michael Jackson and Madonna. Tickets to the concert can be purchased here.

-- MuchMoreMusic hosted a television special entitled "Divine Divas" yesterday evening. Mariah came in at #2 on the top 20 countdown. For more information regarding the special, check out

-- Rea Siochi is planning to create a fanbook for Mariah to be given to her on November 16 in Mania, Philippines at her concert. Please send your entries in immediately to

Source: Dave Donacin | Cat | Rea Siochi | careyfan

Mariah does Marilyn

Mariah Carey follows in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe. The pop diva goes into rehearsals this January for a London stage production of the vintage comedy "The Sleeping Prince."

Movie buffs know the Terrence Rattigan play for its 1957 screen adaptation, "The Prince and the Showgirl," starring Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. A year prior to the film's release, "The Sleeping Prince" opened on Broadway with Barbara Bel Geddes and Michael Redgrave headlining a production that lasted only 60 performances.

Bel Geddes played a showgirl named Mary. For some reason, the character's name got changed to Elsie by the time Monroe took on the role under the direction of Olivier.

Producer Bill Kenwright made the announcement regarding his Mariah Carey-starrer at Sunday's opening-night party for his Broadway revival of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," starring Ashley Judd and Jason Patric.

"The stage is appealing to stars," said the British producer. "Mariah Carey wants to get rid of the glitz and tassels. She wants to be an actress. She's not this diva."

Kenwright was not so forthcoming on Carey's leading man, director or what London venue would house "The Sleeping Prince."

"I can't tell you, not yet," he said.

Source: Variety

Mariah Carey: R&B Diva Sings At HP Pavilion

This week's Ticket 2 Day's features five pairs of tickets to see R&B diva Mariah Carey at San Jose's HP Pavilion on Friday, December 12th! All you have to do is watch Mornings On 2 Tuesday to get the secret word and then enter the contest at

Her career has taken a number of peculiar turns over the last few years, but Mariah Carey's remarkable five-octave voice continues to bring the singer her share of fame and success. The daughter of an opera singer, Carey was encouraged to develop her vocal skills at an early age. By her late teens, she was performing in New York City and soon landed a gig as a back-up singer for Brenda K. Starr.

The job gave Carey newfound access to producers and label heads; a month after handing her demo to Colombia Records exec Tommy Mottola, she was signed to her own deal. Her debut album, 'Vision of Love,' and follow-up efforts made Carey a huge star as she racked up hits on the pop, R&B and adult contemporary charts. She also married Mottola in 1993, though their union was destined to be short-lived.

Carey made the leap from chaste adult-contemporary singer to sultry hip-hop soul vixen with her 1997 album 'Butterfly.' Drastically changing her image, Carey asserted her independence from Mottola and found a new direction for her career.

Unfortunately, the singer spread herself too thin in the new millenium after signing the biggest solo deal in music history (an $80 million contract with Virgin). She produced her first bonafide flop in the double-barrelled disaster that was her film debut and accompanying soundtrack, 'Glitter.' Worse still, Carey exhausted herself to the point of her now-infamous meltdown on MTV's 'TRL' before finally checking into a hospital for some much needed rest.

Carey and her new label parted ways last year with the singer getting a hefty payout of $28 million. Where she might have taken time off to plan her next move, Carey instead dove into work with a new record company (Island/Def Jam) backing her own MonarC imprint. 2002's 'Charmbracelet' returned Carey to the signature sound that fueled the success of 'Butterfly,' while her recent two-disc collection 'Remixes, brought her catalogue of hits to a new perspective. Still a fan favorite who manages to appeal to housewives and hip-hoppers alike, Carey obviously aims to stay on the scene for many years to come.

Source: KTVU Online

NOVEMBER 03, 2003 1:08PM
Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill

Check out Mariah Daily's fourth installment of "Rumoriah: The Mariah Carey Rumor Mill" for the month of November, located in the Fan Center section, for the answers to these questions:

  • What is Mariah's next single release?
  • Is Mariah going to be releasing any new material this year?
  • What's up with the Justin Timberlake version of "Yours"?
  • Does Mariah really have a seven octave range?
  • Is it true that Mariah’s real last name is Nuñez?

    …and several others! Check it out now by clicking here. While you’re there, don’t be hesitant to submit your question for consideration on next month’s Rumoriah! We’ll be selecting the most unique and most asked questions, but please be sure to read the questions and and answers already posted before submitting new ones. Enjoy!

    "The Remixes" Contest

    Congratulations to Naomi McClelland for winning an autographed "Charmbracelet" CD in Mariah Daily’s "The Remixes" contest. To Naomi, please e-mail us for further details on how to claim your prize. To everyone else, click here to enter the November 2003 monthly contest. Maybe you will be our next winner!

    Charitable Mariah

    With the help of pop superstar Mariah Carey, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of the Inland Empire was able to grant the most heartfelt wish of Aaron, a young musician. The 17-year-old wished for musical equipment to help him further develop his incredible talents.

    Last year, Ms. Carey made a contribution of $100,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Since then, the donation has been used to grant wishes, related to the performing arts, for children with life-threatening illnesses. Aaron’s wish fell into that category, and he received a keyboard, microphones, keyboard bench, guitar, and drum.

    Aaron’s wish granters were given their first taste of Aaron’s musical abilities when they made their initial visit to his home. During their time with Aaron, they knew they were dealing with someone special. Battling a life-threatening illness since the age of 16, the teen had written a song about his illness and played it on his family’s 100-year-old piano for his wish granters.

    Aaron has used his mastery of the fine arts to bring happiness and comfort to his fellow hospital patients on a regular basis. Using his amazing voice and powerful music and lyrics, Aaron has left an indelible impression on many of the wish children in the Inland Empire.

    To show his appreciation to Ms. Carey, Aaron recorded a CD using the equipment from his wish. He sent an autographed copy to the songstress, along with a note of thanks. Perhaps someday, the rest of us will also be listening to Aaron’s CDs.

    Source: Make-A-Wish Foundation Online

    Editor's Note: To learn more about Mariah's involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities including the Fresh Air Fund, the National Adoption Center and the Save The Music Foundation, check out Mariah Daily's brand new Philanthropy section. You may be suprised to find out just how giving Mariah truly is!

    Mariah Carey at the M.E.N. Arena

    Of all the welcoming words we may have expected Mariah Carey to utter to us, the least obvious were: "Eh up, chuck".

    Yet she attempted the local lingo, presumably fresh from having deployed "Och aye the noo" in Glasgow and "Gor blimey, it's a real peasouper" in London. Mariah was clearly eager to please.

    Busily theatrical, the show began on a Moulin Rouge theme and proceeded to go all over the shop. One moment we had Mariah as sophisticated diva warbling the trite but strangely moving survivor's anthem, Through The Rain.

    Soon after we had stiltwalkers and circus apparatus on stage for the song, Clown. Switch from this cheesy cabaret to Mariah bumping and grinding on the big screen in Harley Davidson bikini while a video incarnation of rapper Busta Rhymes accompanied her on I Know What You Want.

    Then, another jerky gear-change with Carey reclining in white dress on a grand piano.

    Mariah took her bow to the juddering funk of her oldie, Make It Happen, her pink hot pants, blonde mane and gaudy singlet putting you in mind of an off-duty lapdancer. Then she returned, sophisticated diva yet again, to belt out Hero.

    This dizzying Las Vegas-style entertainment mirrored the fact that in her 13-year career, Carey has tried to be all things to all people. The thousands of empty seats discreetly curtained off, told their own story about the current state of that career.

    You can see, in her furious ornamentation of a melody and her melodramatic hand gestures, the legacy she has given to so many other female singers. But you feel, too, that the world has moved on, and no amount of big-noise guest star rappers or acres of exposed cleavage will woo it back.

    But when Mariah does the thing which first attracted us to her, and wraps that five-octave voice around a monumental song, she still enthrals.

    She did it on My All, Without You and Hero, finishing that encore with the kind of stratospheric high notes which sound someone summoning a sheepdog.

    So she tried to speak our language, she moved among us (arriving at the stage from the rear of the auditorium like a boxer would) and she even joked at her own expense about her reputation as a diva.

    All nonsense, she said, though even as she spoke, her hairdresser was scurrying on stage to make running repairs simply because she had taken off her headphone microphone.

    Source: Manchester Online

    Girl Talk

    I must admit to following the careers of two singers with a mixture of angst, indifference and disgust. Mariah Carey and Britney Spears have twisted the status of women everywhere into a new, unrecognisable, and altogether useless shape.

    The problem starts with the fact that both women are talented—at least arguably so. Spears may not have slurped up much from the fountain of the songbird, but she is not unpleasant to listen to. Having started as a classic innocent schoolgirl, she was in a position to show the young women of her generation that it is possible to be straight, dedicated, popular, and female—that a woman doesn’t have to flaunt her physical assets to succeed.

    Ms. Carey, on the other hand, was blessed with an amazingly sweet, clear voice and an awesome 5-octave range: some of the ballads she sings, like "Hero," send resonant waves from your eardrums to your toenails like the feeling you get when you run your old washing machine in bare feet. Her voice is so versatile, pure, and melodic that she could have been 6-foot twelve with one eyebrow and backwards feet and still have sold millions of records—characteristics that are semi-common standards in the polyester, comb-over, Coke-bottle glasses world of successful men, but yet to be precedented in the fairer hemisphere.

    Worthy, universal female role models are hard to come by: politicians, like Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, are far too dry to quench that thirst; mothers and teachers may be wonderful at what they do, but they are too obscure as individuals to provide girls with a common vernacular. And so girls naturally gravitate towards the influence of movie stars, models, and singers—women they are all familiar with, women who have obviously achieved some kind of success, women with talent.

    But the icons themselves, largely a bunch of egotistical nincompoop divas, often fail to recognise and fulfill their role-modeling duties, even though the choices they make as role models are likely to have a more profound effect on audiences than do their actual productions, whether songs or films. Unfortunately, in the vicious, pointless battle to become the most supreme of the prima donnas, many female stars have stripped themselves of all seriousness and integrity, and have sacrificed their dignity to the altar of being exalted, resulting in a generation of lost young women.

    Mariah Carey, for all her natural talent, dresses like an apartment from the cheap side of town, complete with "for rent" sign; she is an opportunist who rode the wave of her more than 20-year-senior record executive husband as far as it went before ditching him in a quickie Dominican Republic divorce. In Monaco last month, Ms. Carey allegedly booked so many luxury suites for herself and her entourage that the bill for her two-night stay came to $47,500.

    Another major player in the game of detestable public behaviour, Spears counters the antics of Ms. Carey with her own sleazy, barely there get-ups. Her dance moves make your eyes go like Jell-o even in the few moments it takes you to lunge for the remote; once, when she forgot to turn off her microphone backstage at a concert, it broadcast her flinging the frankly forbidden foul lingua franca you might expect from one who has stooped so low in other categories as well.

    Women as a gender will continue to be classified as the weaker sex as long as their role models put their own personal, petty priorities above their responsibilities to girls everywhere. Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand have proved that there is such a thing as decent exposure.

    Source: The Pakistan International News

    Editor's Note: If you have a serious and educated reply to this story, feel free to contact the article's author, Tracy Thompson Khan, an Islamabad-based American writer, at

    News Tidbits

    -- For the ninth consecutive week, Mariah's worldwide hit with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want," holds strong atop the Hungarian airplay chart at #1. It has been on the chart for 18 weeks and previously peaked at #1. On Hungary's dance chart, the song jumps five spots to #27. It has been on that chart for 6 weeks and peaked at #15. On the "Editors Choice" radio chart, the song drops three to #11. It has been on the survey for a whopping 23 weeks and peaked at #1.

    -- Mariah is featured in "When celebrities attack", a report from the New York Daily News that puts Mariah up against her "Glitter" co-star Tia Texada.

    -- The first pre-sale for Mariah concert tickets began today at 10am PST for her December 12th performamce in San Jose, CA at the HP Pavilion. An e-mail was sent to all members of Mariah's fanclub with new passcodes, which will only be sent one time. All official fanclub members are eligible to take part.

    Source: Mariah, Inc.

  • NOVEMBER 02, 2003 6:11PM
    Ear's a gift: Mariah gets £30k earrings from prince

    What do you give the girl who has everything? Well, her Charmbracelet album didn't prove a success, so a £30,000 pair of earrings was probably a far better bet. And so it proved for Mariah Carey in the early hours of yesterday.

    Songbird Mariah threw a lavish fancy dress party to celebrate Halloween, the end of her British tour and her 34th birthday at exclusive venue The Collection in South-West London.

    She splashed out £250,000 on the bash - but was soon weighed down with presents from the guests.

    Leading the way was the Sultan Of Brunei's son Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, 29, who was happy to lavish a pair of sparkling diamond earrings on the diva.

    Knowing a good thing when she sees one - bachelor Haji is heir to a £30billion fortune - Mariah immediately put them on.

    Following a successful British tour, the star showed off her new confident and happy side early yesterday morning. Dressed as a mermaid with a green and white skirt and just a few well-positioned shells covering her bare chest, Mariah couldn't keep off the dance floor and didn't stop smiling. And as for the diva image? Even that seems to be taking more of a back seat.

    One guest said: "Mariah has always been known as one of the world's biggest divas - but everything's changed. I've never seen her happier - or as friendly."

    OK, as well as thousands of rose petals littering the floor, there were no-smoking signs across the club - proving Mariah remains as health-conscious as ever. But the beauty was determined to let her hair down - and at one point she even took to dancing on the tables.

    A whole host of Mariah's celebrity pals were only too happy to dress up for the big night as well. Atomic Kitten Liz McLarnon arrived as Marie Antoinette, while Hollywood actor Stephen Dorff also got into the swing of things. As for Alicia Keys, she arrived as cat woman - just purrfect for Mariah.

    Source: Sunday Mirror | Martijn Leegwater

    Mariah's Expensive Halloween Bash

    Singing star Mariah Carey is throwing a spectacular star-studded Halloween party in London tonight -- costing a staggering $400,000. Carey, who is currently in Britain on her Charmbracelet tour, has invited pop peers Beyonce Knowles, Pink and Atomic Kitten to the bash at plush club The Collection.

    Revellers can expect to enjoy Dr. Frankenstein-themed cocktails, pumpkin pie, fortune tellers and fairground rides.

    Everyone must arrive in fancy dress -- described as scary but sexy -- and Mariah herself will be dressed as an enchantress.

    A source says, "It's the biggest party she's ever thrown -- there's been nothing to this extent before. She's really excited about it.

    "It's a real chance for her to relax. Mariah's been on tour for the past five months in Asia, America and Europe so it will be a chance for her to let her hair down."

    Source: Starlocity

    Brosmania Makes A Comeback

    Brosmania made a brief comeback last night when the lovely Matt Goss opened for Mariah Carey at Wembley Arena.

    "It's great to be back in London," Matt told us afterwards. "I'm a bit tired, I've been working non-stop for my single I'm Coming With Ya, which is out on Monday. But touring is what I love most."

    Mariah also clearly enjoys performing live. During her incredible two-hour set, she even poked fun at her diva reputation by bringing on her hairdresser. "He's here so you all know what a diva I am, getting a primping on stage," she joked.

    Other pop stars who saw the 33-year-old pop queen strut her amazing stuff included Will Young, and Westlifers Mark Feehily and Nicky Byrne. Let's hope the boys were all taking notes.

    Source: The Mirror

    Playboy Barbie proves she's no circus freak

    With her background firmly established in poverty, Mariah Carey again proved on Saturday she had soared shining brightly like a phoenix from the ashes into the main spotlight a triumph which she has managed to sustain for 10 years.

    With Matt Goss as support, warbler Mariah greeted 3,000 fans dressed in a Kylie-esque spangly costume to screams as piercing as her superstar status demanded.

    Her appearance was that of a playboy Barbie physically altered from her dowdy tentative steps into the charts in the early 1990s.

    With hits such as Dreamlover, Hero and debut single Vision of Love, she dug deep into her soul roots and delighted the audience with vocal acrobatics.

    Mariah's set was a circus led bya top-hatted MC, complete with clowns, big top and trapeze artists to prop up the ever-costume changing diva.

    But the Long Island songstress stood alone.

    Standing not five feet away, her 10-octave vocal ability was amazing and the show ran seamlessly, no doubt due to an extensive background entourage co-ordinating every move.

    But even Mariah had to admit to her renowned diva behaviour, tongue in cheek though it was, as she was primped between songs, much to the delight of her fans.

    Her need for adoration was evident as she held the footlights of the stage during her encore, gently touching the adoring mass in a religious-like way.

    It brought a tear to my glass eye. Truly wonderful, truly diva, truly Mariah.

    Source: Daily Record

    The diva, the model, the dancer, and the singer

    She is really the most industrious pop star in the universe, as is very much evident in her Charmbracelet World Concert Tour 2003 itinerary. Straight from sold-out stadium shows in North America, Europe, and Asia, Mariah flies to Manila, for her first concert ever in the Philippines (set on November 16 at The Fort Open Field). If there is one thing that her alleged “breakdown” two years ago proved, it was that Mariah Carey is the most hard-working diva in the business.

    Multi-tasking Mariah, after all, is not just a crooner. She also writes her songs and produces her albums, as well as conceptualizes and directs most of her music videos.


    In a recent guest appearance on Oprah, Mariah silenced all speculation about her “breakdown” by stating that she was just overworked at that time, that she only succumbed to fatigue.

    “Food poisoning and extreme exhaustion” proved to be the culprit. Unstoppable Mariah, however, soon bounced back. Smarting from the debacle that was Glitter (the soundtrack album and the movie), she went straight back to work, without missing a beat.

    She guested on Ally McBeal, performed in the September 11 telethon, and was generally omnipresent in the mass media.

    Of course, she headed back to the recording studio and came out with her most “cathartic” and moving album to date, Charmbracelet, which was released last December 20 to rave reviews and just as encouraging sales. (It moved a million units in the US and over three million copies all over the world.)

    Her sophomore movie Wisegirls, co-starring Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, also opened to applause and acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival.

    All of Mariah’s hard work has paid off, big time. She’s a whiz in self-reinvention, no doubt. The diva initially masterminded her transformation in the aptly titled Butterfly album in 1997.

    From the saccharine pop diva of the “Vision of Love” era, she emerged from her cocoon, a sultry and scintillating, hot and happening hip-hop sex goddess. She traded in her boring black and/or beaded gowns for ultra-tight jeans, super-short shorts and scorching hot pants, slinky halter tops and oh-so-revealing dresses. A website even voted her as the sexiest diva in showtown.

    The metamorphosis went beyond sartorial matters, however. She also started taking a more hands-on approach to her career. In fact, as early as 1995, she started directing her own music videos — with “Fantasy” as her baptism of fire.

    “It was a blast,” she said of the “Fantasy” shoot. “The best part was the (rapper) ODB section with the clown in the Remix. I had so much fun doing that.”

    Although she moves like a vixen on most of her music videos, it is her singing talent that remains unrivaled in the scene.

    A lot of ink has already been spilled about her remarkable five- (some say seven-) octave range. That it can shatter glass. That it can reach places where lesser divas fear to tread.

    “Even as a kid, she always had perfect pitch,” attested her mom Patricia, who once worked as an opera singer and vocal coach. Musicality flows in her veins, it seems.

    But more than to her beautiful songs, she has also lent her voice to various noteworthy causes, most notably Camp Mariah, “where inner-city kids are allowed to spend time in the country, where they are encouraged to take up the arts and are introduced to alternative career opportunities.”

    Mariah has been known to show up unannounced at the camp, to hang out and shoot the breeze with her young fans.

    Is it any wonder then why Mariah easily regained her footing despite the traumas and tempests of the past three years? This songbird soars, but her feet remains planted in terra firma.

    Case in point, she has a healthy view on scathing criticisms and other destructive write-ups.

    “I am so inspired by negative reviews,” she once quipped. “They actually do me a favor.”

    So what sustains her? What keeps tireless Mariah running?

    “I really just want to sing,” she enthused. “And connect with my fans, let go, and have a great time!”

    In a nutshell, it is her sincere love for music and her fans that permitted her to weather the worst storms.

    In 1998, she released #1s, an anthology of her biggest chartbusters. She, however, refused to bill it as her “Greatest Hits album”. As she wrote in the compilation’s liner notes: “It’s too soon,” she explained. “I haven’t been recording long enough for that — in my opinion! One day I will put out a Greatest Hits with songs that didn’t even go on the charts because they were never commercially released or songs that came out, didn’t go to no. 1, but are, in my opinion, better than some that did.”

    Knowing this woman’s amazing drive and determination, she just might pull off this incredible feat. In the meantime, however, she continues to draw crowds to her Charmbracelet World Concert Tour 2003.

    Mariah’s onenight-only gig in Manila is set on Nov. 16, at The Fort Open Field, Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

    Source: Manila Sun Star | Randolf Castillo

    News Tidbits

    -- The French Mariah Fan Club reports that Mariah arrived in Paris last night at about 4am. She checked into the 4 Seasons Hotel (Georges V), where she rested. At 8pm she left her suit to have dinner at the Moulin Rouge. Her November 4th concert at Bercy Palace will be filmed for release as a home video and DVD.

    -- Jei Baltimore is doing a fan photo book for Mariah that will be given to her at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on December 17. 8x11.5 sheets of paper are being accepted, which can be decorated with stories and pictures or poems. Be creative! Every entry will be accepted and put into this book and are due in by the end of November. Please e-mail for further information.

    Source: Sly | Jei Baltimore

    NOVEMBER 01, 2003 7:28PM
    Mariah hosts Halloween Party

    Mariah Carey hosted a Halloween party at The Collection yesterday in London. In attendance was Mis-Teeq, Jasmine Dotiwala, Darius Danesh and his girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley, Lady Victoria Hervey, Rebecca Howard, Arriana Sommes, Rachael Grant, Carolyn and Paris from Pop Idol, and dozens of Mariah’s personal and industry friends. Mariah arrived dressed as a mermaid.

    Above are seven exclusive coverage pictures of the event. Click each thumbnail for a larger, full-scale view. Some of the pictures are large in size, so depending on your connection speed, it may take several seconds to load.

    Source: Mariah Daily

    Mariah Carey backs remix album with U.S. shows

    Mariah Carey, who spent much of the summer touring the states, returns to the U.S. theater circuit in late 2004.

    Carey so far has booked a handful of December shows in the West; the majority of her July, August and September dates focused on the Midwest and East. The singer had originally announced plans to mount a large-scale arena tour earlier this year, but quickly downsized those plans for the more modest theater outing.

    Carey is touring the world behind her December 2002 release, "Charmbracelet," which has sold more than a million copies in the U.S. and more than 3 million copies worldwide. It includes the singles "Through The Rain," "Boy (I Need You)" and "Bringing on the Heartbreak," as well as "I Know What You Want," which features rapper Busta Rhymes.

    Though her December tour dates are part of her "Charmbracelet" tour, Carey is also supporting the recently released "The Remixes," a two-disc set features re-tooled versions of previously released tracks.

    Carey took a nearly $30 million buyout to part with Virgin Records in January of 2002 after her first album for the label, "Glitter," and its namesake motion-picture--which starred Carey--both flopped. She quickly signed a new deal with Island, and "Charmbracelet" is her first release for the label.

    Carey was hospitalized in 2001, just prior to the release of the "Glitter" album and movie, after suffering what her publicist termed "an emotional and physical breakdown."

    Presale tickets for Carey's upcoming concerts will be available at Ticketmaster starting November 3rd and 4th.

    Source: Live Daily

    Mariah song remade for upcoming film

    Child actress Olivia Olsen, who plays Joanna Anderson in the upcoming romantic comedy Love Actually starring Huge Grant, remakes Mariah’s "All I Want For Christmas Is You" for a performance piece in the film.

    A snippet of that performance can be seen in one of the movie’s TV spots airing on various networks across the nation. It can also be seen by clicking here. In addition, the festive rendition will be included on the Love Actually soundtrack alongside artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Dido, Norah Jones, Wyclef Jean and others.

    Love Actually hits theaters on November 7.

    Source: Mariah Daily


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