November 30, 1999 finnaly has the listings for Mariah Carey's Homecoming It will air on FOX on December 14th from 9-10 pm EST. Here is more info..
Mariah Carey's Homecoming
Type: Music Special / Pop
Duration: 1 hr
Description: Pop star Mariah Carey returns to her alma maters on Long Island, N.Y., and is joined by 98 Degrees, Joe, Jay Z, Da Brat and DJ Clue. (In Stereo)
Airing: Tue 12/14/99 9:00pm 8 WTXF Remind Me
I didn't know everyone was there with Mariah..that is so cool! I can't wait to see this concert..sounds AWESOME! There is a countdown on the front page if you are as anxious as I am!

DitzEgurl5 told me that there is 3 new pics in the January 2000 edition of J-14 magazine. Here is what I was told...
"Mariah is on page 83 talking about winning looks there are three pics of her talking about the outfits she is wearing, one is her wearing a top like the one in Heartbreaker video except it's brown and what looks like a grey long skirt they gave her a fashion royalty! face for her outfit and Donna (13) from New Jersey says:"This is the best thing I've ever seen her wear! It's a nice mix of colors,and it's less trashy than what she wears in her videos!" We say:We agree! Take away her old look of ripped jeans, give her some nice,light colors and Mariah looks like a million dollars! That's a great smile,too! the second picture Mariah got A Good Look! smile for this outfit and she is wearing a pink tube dress Donna says:"I recognize that from one of her concerts.It's a simple pink dress,but it works well with her skin tone and hair color!" We say:It's a favorite of Mariah's...and we can see why! It's a simple look,and not too flashy or trashy! the third picture Mariah is wearing black heels,black dress,hair up,black sunglasses,and is talking on the cell phone and she got a Fashion Police! sad face for this.Donna says: "Oooh is she supposed to be some big hollywood star now? I hate that slicked back hair look on her; it makes her look unfriendly!" We say:The outfit is OK,but it's a little too much of a "power" look! Mariah looks better with softer colors and her lovely hair down!

Rachel told me that MC is in a new magazine she found at Borders called, "Animal Fair." There is a pic of her and Jack inside. Also she is in the December Mademoiselle and here is more info. Rachel told me...
It is about dogs and they put famous people and their dogs in it too. I am not a dog lover but it caught my eye since MC's name is on the cover. It is just a picture of her and Jack in the kitchen which I think I saw before from the National Inquirer or whatever it was. The article is about a guy who translates what dogs say when they bark for their owners (whatever) and it said MC and Jack are some of his favorite clients. Then I was reading the December Mademoiselle and there is a little section on Holiday gifts. One of them was a Pop-Up Video book and guess what page it was opened to in the picture- MC's! It looks like there is a little list of facts and info but it is too small for me to read. But that was a fun surprise. I guess the book is something to look out for.

Just so you all know the Pop-Up Video Book has been out for quite sometime now and I do have the pic in Gallery 10 or 11. There are two pages on her and a little Fantasy pic in the back. You can get it at your local bookstore and it is only about $12 if I remember correctly :) Go get yours now! is Novembers Member of the Month. If you want the chance to get something of Mariah in the mail, then you have to join InfoMC! Just send an e-mail to me,, and put subscribe in the subject line!

November 29, 1999
Well after 2-3 weeks I FINNALY changed the Quote of the Week! I was so happy when MC talked about Anja and I, I didn't want to change it. But I need to move on for all of your sakes cause it is the Quote of the "WEEK" not month! LOL. Also the reason why I havn't changed the pic to the left of the Quote is because I think it is such an awesome pic for that particular spot. Doesn't she look cute? Maybe I'll change it when I find another cute and funny pic worthy of replacing it! LOL!!

What would I do without Willem? Hee hee..he is the owner of the Fab Site, Rainbow Warrior told me that the Official Mariah Carey Site now has a new Message up. Also you can read it at his site because he made a transcript of this one and all the here

Thank God I Found You debueted at #10 on TRL! Cool isn't it? Heartbreaker JUST retired and now MC is back with TGIFY! Please click the above banner and vote for Mariah. Let's get her higher then Heartbreaker ever did, which was #5! We also have the support of the 98º fans too. So together we can beat those darn Backstreet Boys out of #1 and put MC where she belongs! COME ON..GO VOTE NOW!

I notice the Important Dates are getting SMALLER AND SMALLER so if you know any upcoming dates I don't have listed, send an e-mail on over!

Beetleboy some Magazine news :) Mariah is in the new Entertainmenteen magazine. He said that Nick Carter was on the cover, but wasn't he on the last issue's cover? Anyhow there is a crossword puzzle inside and there is a massive pic of MC near it :) Go Check it out! ALSO Mariah is in another magazine called "Teenage Datebook 2000" and there is a Tiny pic of her from the Heartbreaker Cover. It's probably not worth buying but check it out if you want! Oh and the Teenage databook is different from Latin one I was told too :)

I want to tell you guys that I get all your messages that you leave in the Guestbook and I just want to say thank you so much! You guys are too sweet and I personnaly think that all the Mariah fans are really sweet and kind people! I have met so many and one of my best friends, Anja cause of Mariah! So thanks again for the great and inspriring messages about the site and newsletter! I'll do my best to continue it...and if you would like to post a message, just click "Guestbook" on the main page and leave me a message :)

If anyone would like to do a trade with please e-mail her. She really wants to Out In Japan video tape!

November 28, 1999
Caleb told me that PBS will air Pavorotti and Friends on December 19th at 7pm EST. Check local listenings to see when it will air in your neck of the woods but their is a video out there if you miss it! Some stores might not have it but stores like Suncost can order it for you!

Lillian told me about the Fresh Magazine and Black Beat yesterday and now she sent me even more news on it :) She said the Fresh Magazine pic is new, at least she has never seen it! The picture in Black Beat is old from the 1999 Esssence Awards though! There is also a review in Black Beat and here is and article that was by the Essence pic...
"Mariah was said to have caused quite a stir in Manhattan recently, when she not only embarked on a shopping spree at Manhattan Mall, but stopped in McDonald's and stepped down into the subway to buy a Metrocard. The article from Fresh magazine says, "Mariah looks great. But she knows she has to work at it to keep herself fit and to be able to fit into all those glamorous clothes and the tight jeans. So, how does she do it? Well, she loves to swim and that is one of the most beneficial exercises around. She also occasionally uses a treadmill and her stationary bike. Mariah admits that exercise is not her favorite thing in the world, but like all of us, she has to do it, if not for beauty's sake, for one's health. Her big health tip is not smoking. "I smoked in high school," she admits, "but my voice can't take it." So, good-bye tabacco. Even if she wasn't in show biz, Mariah is smart enough to know that you must take care of yourself. After all, you only have one body. wrote me and told me about 2 pair of pants of Mariah's that were worn in the Heartbreaker video. Right now they are going for $375.00. If you want to check them out, click here and the LotNo=4242609&SiteCatNo=42564. Also you can bid on the purple dress from "The Bachelor" there too... and the LotNo=3906658&SiteCatNo= The dress is at $801.00.

My friend Alan from Taiwan told me that Thank God I Found You is #1 there!! Cool Beans :) I havn't even heard it on the radio once though where I sad! Then again I don't listen to the radio..I listen to how would I? Hee hee...

Do you want a MC Photo Book or some posters? Well then click here! Thanks to SuperStrMC for sending this to me!

November 27, 1999
Mariah is in the new Star Tabloid (December 7th. Thanks to Alex, I added the one pic to Gallery 12 (it's the very last pic) and here is the article...
Employees at Tower Records in L.A. were dumbfounded when a small army of people, including 13 off-duty cops with guns, arrived to prepare the store for MARIAH CAREY's 3-hour autograph session. Her entourage scrubbed and redecorated the ladies room with wall paneling, a silver soap dish with fancy soaps, and a silver towel rack with plush towels. They hung a huge velvet curtain so Mariah wouldn't have to looks at the messy stockroom on her way to the bathroom -- which was for her use only -- and arranged candles and fresh flowers everywhere. A full-lungth mirror and vanity were also set up for her and her makeup artist in the manager's office. While she signed photos and CDs, a masseuse rubbed Mariah's shoulders and another person handed her water. Some record companies really know how to pamper their pop stars!

Mssfijunke and Lauren told me that they are playing the Big Help Commercial Featuring Mariah now on Nick, so make sure you tune in for that!

RN arkan told me that Mariah is in the January issue of Fresh magazine and the February issue of Black Beat. Go check them out and if anyone can make a scan for me, it would be greatly appreciated!

Beetleboy has more magazine info. for you guys. He told me that Mariah is in the "latin star datebook" It is the Jaurary 2000 issue and MC is in the top left hand corner. Also there is a pic of her inside from Butterfly era and she is the pinup for the March calender, which is the Heartbreaker Single cover! He got it at Rite Aid, so check your local food store!

November 26, 1999
Bunch of New Pics!
Anja sent me a bunch of new pics yesterday from Germany which I added to Gallery 12. Also Pppooofffz made a collage of all the tiny Hong Kong pics from the International Site, which looks really cool, and Pepedepooh made me a beautiful Mariah Collage :) So check that and more in Gallery 12 (I think there are about 10-11 new GREAT pics!)

ButtterfIi told me that she heard "Thank God I Found You" twice on her local radio station. Make sure you call in and request it on yours :)

Heartbreaker was Retired today on TRL after being on for 65 weeks! It ended at #6 with it's highest peak at number 5! Make sure you request Thank God I Found You! We need to get MC to #1!!!

Mariah was on Access Hollywood last night! It was really nice. It showed her filming the Nick Commercial. She looked so beautiful! She was swinging on a swing and running around with the kids. You can probably see it on Nick now, let me know if you do :)

Rose wrote me about a new Celebrity Voting thing. Mariah is in FIFTH place with Celine Dion above her? Can you believe that? If you want to help out Mariah, click here!

Willem, aka Rainbow Warrior, sent me a link to some great caps he made from the TGIFY performance at the Ian Wright Show. They are really beautiful pics. If you would like to check them out at his site, click here!

ILUVJETER1 is DIEING to know the truth behind the song "Petals" If you want to talk it over..e-mail

November 25, 1999...Happy Turkey Day!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Guys!
Hope you have a great one and try not to eat too much of that Turkey there :D

Nini told me that the issue of Tv y Novelas is Nov. 22nd. So go pick your copy up can get it at Tower Records Store! It's only about $1.25!!

A lot of you have been e-mailing me about the HITS cover! You can't get the magazine at any local bookstore cause only Record Companies get it sadly :( Lisa told me this and I have never seen the magazine on racks so I guess it is true! Stinks, doesn't it?

I created a new banner to vote for Mariah on TRL! Just look above...Heartbreaker Retires tomorrow but now we have to come together again and vote Mariah on TRL for "Thank God I Found You!!" Come on guys..think of everything MC has done for us and let's get her up even HIGHER then Heartbreaker was!! (Heartbreaker reached #5 at it's highest peak!) Plus we want it to be her next #1 single, so we need to get other people to know about this great video!! Go Vote today AND tomorrow for it!

Rainbow falls to #7
Yup you heard me right, after holding strong at #2 for two weeks in a row, Rainbow drops down to #7. Here are the number and the albums that stood above her!
1. Korn - Issues - 574.000
2. Dr Dre - Dr Dre 2001 - 516.000
3. Celine Dion - All The Way - 303.000
4. Santana - Supernatural - 194.000
5. Will Smith - Willenium - 187.000
6. Backstreet Boys - Millenium - 181.000
7. Mariah Carey - Rainbow - 167.000
8. Britney Spears - Baby - 150.000
9. Raekwon - Immobilarity - 134.000
10. Faith Hill - Breathe - 131.000

November 24, 1999
Ohh..sorry for no update yesterday. Again I was at the dentist and didn't go to well! Also I am updating a tad late tonight but there are 7 new pics in Gallery 12. There are two new covers which Lisa sent me, some pics from Hong Kong from a site who is a good friend of mine, Anderz's Mariah's Diary and one is from MariahCD's!! So check them out if ya want..onto MC news...

Heartbreaker retires this Friday, so make sure you watch TRL this Friday at 3 pm, I believe, for it!

Mariah Carey gives royalties to charity
( - A spokesman for Mariah Carey's record label confirms that the singer will hand over "a sizeable sum" to British charity the Rainbow Trust. The charity cares for children with life-threatening illnesses. "When I heard of all the great work that the Rainbow Trust does for terminally ill children and their parents, I jumped at the chance to give something back," Carey said. "I've been fortunate in life and it's nice to be able to help others. I hope that this donation will help to make a difference and keep this wonderful charity going." Carey's latest album, "Rainbow," is currently at No. 20 on the British charts and continues to do even better in the United States. For more, visit

Nini told me that Mariah is on the cover, with Luis, of the new Tv Y Novelas magazine! You can get it at Tower and there are some new pics inside. Nini translated some of the more important parts for me! Thanks Nini..
Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey
A romantic weekend in Tenerife, Spain

Luis Miguel’s concerts have been great so far. It’s just too bad the press has ignored him. That doesn’t matter! That’s why we’re here, to follow his every footstep. And that’s exactly how we caught Luis, with his love, Mariah Carey, who wasn’t at any of his performances, and didn’t do a duet with Luis. She did accompany him on a super romantic trip through the Canorio coast. The happy couple also sailed on the Island of Gomera. The reunion in Spain The couple reunited in Canarias, taking advantage of Luis Miguel’s tour that had brought him to Tenerife. Mariah Carey arrived alone in a private plane while her love waited for her in the airport. Luis Miguel and Mariah stayed in El Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque, where they occupied four luxurious suits. After a peaceful journey through the sea, the lovebirds were received by a group of adoring Spanish fans. Mariah and Luis singed autographs right and left. For their route through the Canaria coast, Luis wore a white shirt and pants. Mariah wore a simple black bikini and a green cover up that showed her exuberant body. Oh, and for the critics of Luismi’s album, Amarte es un Placer. In honor of the truth, Luismi’s album is doing very well, even though he rarely does interviews, his album hasn’t been promoted and it hasn’t been played on the radio.

I forgot to add this article on Monday, but Nini translated another article for me that is somewhat older!
Newpaper El Pais
Mariah Carey reflects on her new album' Rainbow' a new vital step.

Mariah Carey appeared yesterday in Madrid with an amplest smile, that practically was not taken off her face during her encounter with the press. The New York singer said that Rainbow, the album that's out already and is succeeding in sales, it's a " more positive and hopeful " album, due to " the happy " moment in which which she is going through. A new image, more sensual and exuberant, completes her new attitude before the future. Rainbow is an album that combines pop, soul and hip hop, with fourteen songs created by the singer in collaboration with the composers and producers Jimmy Jay and Terry Lewis. " To work with them has been one of the most important steps of my career". In addition, they have given it the touch hip hop that I wanted. I grew listening to hip hop. Music that is not as new as some think, and I always liked. I also listened to singers like Barbara Streisand and Aretha Franklin. All of them form the kind of music I want to do. That's why I titled the new album Rainbow.

'Evening of Stars' lives up to name
(Launch) - The United Negro College Fund will kick-off the year 2000 with its annual fund-raising TV gala, "An Evening of Stars: A Celebration of Educational Excellence," which will air in national syndication starting Jan. 8. Check local listings for station, date and times. Hosted by Lou Rawls, Debbie Allen, Star Jones and Lynn Whitfield, the four-hour special will feature concert performances by superstars Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Barry White, Earth, Wind and Fire and others. In addition, there will be special celebrity guest appearances by such notables as Quincy Jones, General Colin Powell, and broadcaster Tom Joyner. Emmy Award-winner Louis J. Horvitz returns to direct and produce the upcoming special.

November 22, 1999
Well the "Thank God I Found You Remix" aired on BET this morning again! I suggest taping BET at about 9 am-11am because the remix aired at 9:47 am! I havn't really watched it yet cause I am working on reports for college, but it looked cool while I was rewinding real fast..hee hee! I'll let you know more about this Wednesday!

There will be no update tomorrow due to the fact I will be at the dentist right from college to get two cavities filled :( Then I have to go right to work so pray for me tomorrow at around 12:45 pm EST! Ha ha...

MissMCMod sent me a cool little story..if you are interested in it, read it. If not, skip to the next news..
hey just wanted to tell you something cool that happened tonight. i was at my friends sweet sixteen party and it was awesome, a DJ and everything and we could make requests. naturallyi got all of my friends to request heartbreaker but alas, he didnt have it (dunno, he had every stinken teenybopper song ever recorded though) anyways i was really pissed off till i realized i had Rainbow with me!!!! so i gave it to him and he played it!! it was so cool! everyone started dancing and i was bopping around mouthing the words to Jay-Z's rap and nobody knew the whole thing cept for me so i got in the middle of everyone and was doing motions and mouthing the words, it was so much fun. hehehehe i almost asked him to play a different track so i could promote MC's album but i decided to stick with a song they all knew.

Oh look at that..ANOTHER story..hee hee. This time it's from ME! I was working at Wal-Mart Saturday morning and Sunday morning from 7 am till 3 pm. Anyhow, Wal-Mart is DECKED out with X-Mas already. In the Pharmacy we have a stereo for X-Mas only. Well someone put in Vanessa William (eck--such a boring cd after hearing it 30 times) so on Saturday I brought in MC's Christmas Album. People were walking by and even started to dance a little. It aws too funny. The manager walked by and started BELTING out "All I Want For Christmas Is You!" it was REALLY funny! Finnaly I had to take it out cause it already played for 5 hours. Did the same thing Sunday morning and took it out about 11 am. THEN I heard MC coming from Lawn and Garden and they were playing her tape. SO let's JUST SAY Mariah's Christmas Album will get MAJOR play in my Wal-Mart store..if I have ANYTHING to say about it..hee hee...(I am bringing the cd again on Black Friday and I am playing it ALL DAY BABY!)

Laura told me that MC was NOT on One World Beat this Sunday, so you didn't miss much. However she is expected to be on next week she told me! She said it is Channel 9 in the US but every area has different channels, so how can that be?

MCarey27 sent me this next article from InfoBeat..
'N Sync slated for AIDS concert
NEW YORK (Billboard) - 'N Sync, Destiny's Child, Wyclef Jean and Monica will be among the performers at a World AIDS Day benefit concert Dec. 1 at the Beacon Theater in New York. The event, which will raise money for LIFEbeat, the music industry's charity to fight AIDS, will be sponsored by Levi's. The concert will be Webcast live on the Levi Web site. Levi's will donate $1 to LIFEbeat for every person who logs on to the Webcast. Also on the site, consumers will be able to take an HIV prevention quiz that automatically registers them to win original signed memorabilia from such leading musical artists as Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, 'N Sync and the Goo Goo Dolls.

Daydreamgyrl sent me some great news from Hawaii. It seems that Rainbow is #1 there again for the second week in a row! Cool is the list!
1. Rainbow: Mariah Carey
2. Affirmation: Savage Garden
3. Light It Up soundtrack
4. Sing Golden Hawaiian Melodies: Makaha Sons
5. Supernatural: Santana
6. Best Man soundtrack
7. Down In The Valley: Ekolu
8. Millenium: Backstreet Boys
9. I Miss You My Hawaii: Na Leo
10. Nostalgia: Amy Hanalaili'i & Willie K.

November 21, 1999
MiZnAsTyJ sent me the Teen People picture and I added 3 other new pics too in Gallery 12! Two are from Anderz's Mariah's Diary! and the other is from Mariah Carey Archives! So check that out if you want and Adorible20 made the amazing new Title Graphic on the main page for me! Great isn't it..thatnks Jen :)

RainbowWarrior typed out Nov 15ths and the one before that messages that Mariah left on the Official Website! If you want to check them here

Badgyrl236 told me some info. that she heard on MTV News 1515 yesterday...
..On MTV News they showed Mariah talking about how her album ended with a happy song (you've probably seen that before) and then they showed Christina Aguilera behind the scenes of the EMAs and she was talking about how Mariah walked right past her during the rehearsals but she was too starstruck to say anything to her. Christina told John Norris to tell Mariah that she really admires her the next time he sees her..
Awwwww, how sweet :)

MARIAHcare sent me this next tidbit from her local radio station in Pittsburgh PA, 106 Jams WAMO, for the "USA Weekend Magazine Countdown"
Oh Mariah Mariah broke the rules!
Mariah Carey broke all the rules at a spa in Italy recently, one in where she broke into the hydo therapy hot tub with her heart throb boyfriend Luis Migeul, regulations at the spa required the patrots bath individualy, after all Hydro therapy is supposed to be therapy, not an excuse to get your freak on. Alright miss Mariah, she laughed off the incident saying that she and Luis qoute "We're weren't doing anything bad" but, the rainbow publicist says that she hopes she dosen't really get banned from that spa because its a really nice place". Mariah says "Therapy is therapy, whatever it takes"

Maria told me that the new "Thank God I Found You Remix" Video has premiered on BET now. She saw it on "ALL" tv which will reair at 9 am EST on Monday! MY suggestion is to just tape the morning shows on BET to catch it :D

LG1176 told me that she just heard that Mariah will be on One World Music Beat tonight at 11 pm. This is a station that only airs in Canada though, right?

Jon e-mailed me and told me created a new MC site and would like you to visit it if you would like here to do so!

This next article was sent to me from Nini and Sally and it's form!
Charity benefits from Carey touch
Pop superstar Mariah Carey is to hand over a week's royalties from her new album to help a British charity. The singer, at 20 in the album charts with Rainbow, said she would hand over her proceeds from the sales to the Rainbow Trust. A spokesman for her record label said it would be "a sizeable sum", but it would depend on how many copies were sold next week. The Rainbow Trust has a respite centre in Guildford, Surrey, and cares for children with life-threatening illnesses. Carey said: "When I heard of all the great work that the Rainbow Trust does for terminally ill children and their parents I jumped at the chance to give something back." "I've been fortunate in life and it's nice to be able to help others." "I went to Rainbow House and I was so inspired and moved by the courage and strength of the amazing staff who dedicate their lives to helping others." "I hope that this donation will help to make a difference and keep this wonderful charity going." Patricia Foxton, director of communications at the Rainbow Trust, said: "The donation that she has offered together with her visit shows that she really cares and not just from a distance."

November 19, 1999
Well got some major magazine news for you people. Also I will be adding a BUNCH of new pics to Gallery 12 by the end of the night! (All Courtesy of my best friend Anja!) But onto goes..
Instyle (Dec 99)
There are two MC pics in this magazine with Lisa on the cover. There are two pics of MC from the MS Society event. One of her onstage waving and the other just a nice full length picture! Go Check it out
Still No Vogue..I couldn't find it sadly!
Globe (Nov. 30th)
There is another pic of MC from the MS Society Event! It is an article about mid-drifts!
People Weekly (Nov. 29)
Really nice pic of MC from Rome signing autographs!
Go check out all these magazines!

Mariah posted TWO new messages today from Hong Kong. A HUGE thanks to someone who goes by the name of RainbowWarrior sent me a link to read the messages and hear the new messages on their site. So Click Here to do so!!!

Don't forget to check out the Europe Awards 7-9 pm on MTV tomorrow night. Also MC was on 1515 tonight and it will reair tomorrow night right before the show begins! Check it out and set your VCR's if you won't be home!

Besides that, not much news today. However e-mailed me and sadly she missed Oprah! She needs someone to send her a copy of it and she is willing to pay for it! She needs someone help, so COME ON PEOPLE..we are all friends! Someone e-mail her and help her out..DO IT NOW! LOL :D

Also a good friend of mine, Vinny, has a new site he wants you to check it click here to see Mariah Carey Shining Star

November 18, 1999
Well I must say Anja and I are still on Cloud 9 from yesterdays event. Took a us a while to get the Messages though cause it was posted on Saturday and we heard them on Wednesday. Anyhow I got word from Bree that they are starting an Official Mariah Carey Website, due to the fact that Mariah's Management contacted her! So hopefully I'll have more info. on that by tomorrow night! The website will be going up this weekend she told me! That's Oh and I sent the letter I gave to Mariah to InfoMC last night and now I am going to add it to the webpage! I edited out my last name, phone number and address though..better safe then it is!
Dear Mariah,
I have to start off this letter as any other fan would, you are such an inspiration to me, I can't even tell you how much. I am one of your biggest fans and I have a website and newsletter dedicated to you :) But I am writing this letter for a main reason and that reason is to thank you for the album Rainbow. I have always loved your music and your albums. I know Butterfly is your favorite but Rainbow is mine. All the songs touch me in some way and are part of my life long journey so far. I am only 19 years old but I have come across a lot of pain and sadness. I would like to further tell you about how this album and the songs mean so much to hear goes... First, my three favorite songs on the album are Petals, Against All Odds, and Mariah's Theme. With Against All Odds it makes me think of my ex-best friend, yeah I know it is more of a love song. See we have been friends since we were 5 years old and she went through a lot of hard times. To make a long story short she tried to commit suicide over 30 times. My parents, being very protective of me since I am the only girl, shielded me from her and now I can't see my best friend since I was 5 years old anymore. It sadens me so much cause I loved her like a sister. This song makes me cry especially the part when you sing, "I wish you could turn around, turn around and see me cry..Take a look at me now, cause there is just an empty face." She really was the only one who knew me for me. I know you didn't write the song but the emotion you put into it just really made me think of her and miss her so much. The next song also makes me think of her...Petals. This song is probably my favorite over Against All Odds. Melissa, my ex-best friend, really was someone I thought of as a sister. So she def. fits that part of that song and my brother is 2 years older then me and has FOUR kids at age 22. I never get to see him anymore since he lives in Philly and I live in NJ. I am an aunt to 4 kids and I see none of them. I miss my brother so much ad I can't help to cry over Tim, my brother, and Melissa. I just am so glad you wrote this have no idea how a personal song in your life has affected and relates to so many of your fans. I wish I could see my brother but again I can't. I feel very sheltered from the world due to the amount of security my parents give me. My last favorite song would be Your Theme. This song is just beautiful and I am so glad you wrote it. I had 2 girls TODAY make fun of me for not understanding something and I am a college student!!!! It doesn't just happen in high school or grade school and it is sad. I started to tear up in front of these two girls and I just turned my head so they wouldn't see. Then I thought of your song and I have a huge exam this Monday and I am going to prove to the both of them that I am NOT dumb and I will get an A on this test if it kills me this weekend. I know I am chopping the story and you probably have no idea what I am saying but just so you know that this song gives me strength to reach for my goals and I think I love it more then Hero! PLEASE release it as a will be a 15th number one hit for you..I assure you of that. Now with Heartbreaker, Crybaby, Did I Do That, etc...I met htis guy named Ron and he would go out with other girls right after me and he broke my heart. So when I hear these songs I think of him..sadly :( But you know what.....I go through Crybaby and Heartbreaker and then I get to Did I Do That and I feel strong again. I can't believe I gave so much to a guy like him..he doesn't know what he is missing and "Someday" he will realize..tee hee hee. So thanks so much for those songs. Even though Ex-Girlfriend does not relate to anything in my life right now, you HAVE to make a video for that. I love that song! You have no idea..your vocals and the lyrics are amazing MC..please release that with Mariah's Theme :) Lastly, I do own a webpage and over the last year it has become really popular along with Mariah's Diary and Mariah Carey Archives (mines called WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page!) and I just want to let you know that all the rumors that start on the internet are being ended by us! We try our best to stop those stupid rumors but don't think that everyone on the internet is bad cause of what happened with the Jordon thing, etc. I know you were upset about that but a lot of websites are dedicated to you so much, including mine. If ya are ever bored, feel free to stop by mine... My e-mail address is and my phone number is (edit out)(my own line). I would love to talk to you someday and I tried to go to your MSG concert but I got Mono and Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and coudn't go. Also everytime you do an instore in NYC (I live in NJ..two hours away) I can never go cause I have to work or I have school. Plus as I said, my parents won't let me drive that far cause they are so protective of me. So when am I going to meet ya MC..I am dying to give ya a big hug and just thank you for Rainbow and everything you done for my life! You are truly my inspritation and hopefully oneday I will meet you! But if you ever want to visit I live at (edit out!)Hee hee...stop on by. You are welcome in my house anytime...hope you get this from my best friend Anja :) Goodbye...

Oh and I got a TON of e-mails about this letter and I just want to thank everyone who wrote really means a lot!

If you couldn't hear the message, I added a new Quote of the Week saying what Mariah said about Anja and I! So check it out if you want!

I added two new pics to "Anja Pics" that Anja sent me! One being a real photograph that she had taken with MC last year and which Mariah signed THIS year and the other being a pic from her local newspaper, I believe!

Tomas told me that he heard the TGIFY remix on the radio yesterday. Here is what he told me..
I heard the TGIFY remix today! Nas is only in the backround saying "Make it Last" and Mariah belts out in this song! I love this remix! I think better than the original! Mariahs voice is in PERFECT condition in this!
Cool beans!!

Karen told me that the December issue of VOGUE magazine should be hitting stands this Friday. Mariah, as Jimmy told me, should be on the cover or at least an article on the inside!

Chris sent me a REALLY LONG LETTER from the Washington Post! I didn't even get a chance to read it yet (printed it out though for later) but he told me that is a really good article about how Mariah had problems with her record company on the release of it is..enjoy!
Chasing Her 'Rainbow' At the age of 29, Mariah Carey has already had more No. 1 pop singles than any female artist in history. She has spent more weeks at No. 1 than the Beatles. But after selling 115 million singles and albums, Carey is still pushing herself like a rookie with something to prove. Her latest album is titled "Rainbow." NEW YORK - A black stretch limo waits outside a nondescript row house in lower Manhattan. Inside the house, up two flights of uneven stairs, in a cramped room toward the back, Mariah Carey works furiously to finish editing a new video before she leaves for a European promotional tour. But this isn't the Mariah Carey we're used to seeing. There are no cutoff denim shorts or midriff-baring tops. Not too much makeup. On this particular evening, Carey doesn't seem much like a pop music superstar, just a very tired woman working hard to ensure that her new album, "Rainbow," is a hit. Before the night is over, Carey will supervise the editing of this video, make editing suggestions for another video over the phone, work on the remix of her next single, "Thank God I Found You," at a Times Square studio, attend a meeting at NBC's "Saturday Night Live" studio and then return to the Times Square studio to finish the remix before going home to sleep. "I've had about three hours of sleep," she says. "I've been consistently sleepless since I started promoting this album, and I'm really exhausted." Carey, 29, has already had more No. 1 pop singles than any female artist in history. She has spent more weeks at No. 1 than the Beatles. So why is she pushing herself so hard? For most of Carey's decade-long career, she was a pop music Cinderella, the singing-songwriting girl next door who married a record industry mogul - Sony executive Tommy Mottola - and went on to score a string of pop mega-hits. But in 1997, her fairy tale took a real-life turn when she divorced Mottola. The lyrics on her "Butterfly" album released that year suggested Carey's personal and professional struggle with Mottola, who has emerged in news accounts as a controlling Svengali with a vise grip on every aspect of her life and career. "Butterfly" sold 4 million copies, an impressive figure but far short of the 11 million sold by her previous album, "Daydream." As Chairman and CEO of Sony Music, Mottola still ostensibly oversees Carey's career; she records for Columbia Records, a Sony subsidiary. Carey is convinced that Sony did not promote "Butterfly" as well as it should have. " 'Butterfly' was a very subtle record that I will always stand by and love," she says. "But unfortunately there were only two singles commercially released from that album, and they were seven months apart." There is further evidence that Columbia may not be looking after Carey the way it once would have. Earlier this year, the label released the track "How to Rob" by new rapper 50 Cent, in which he fantasizes about a violent attack on Carey: "I'll manhandle Mariah/Like, [expletive], get on the ground/You ain't with Tommy no more/Who gonna protect you now" It's hard to imagine another label allowing a new artist to attack one of its top stars so viciously. All of this explains why Carey is taking her career into her own hands. And why, after selling 115 million singles and albums, she's still pushing herself like a rookie with something to prove. "I feel like I have to keep going," she says. "Probably because I'm insecure and I feel like I have to maintain how far I've come." When Carey first skyrocketed to fame in the early '90s, she was always surrounded by her husband and other top-level record company executives. "Everybody was so nervous and uptight," she says. It wasn't until she began meeting other artists her own age that she realized how unhappy she was. "I would think, 'Why do I have to be so miserable' I felt like I wasn't as free or as happy as they were because I wasn't living my own life." Hip-Hop Trespasser It didn't help that "Butterfly" seemed to coincide with a kind of Mariah backlash. The album included collaborations with Puff Daddy, Q-Tip, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. And suddenly, Carey was being accused of being an opportunistic and inauthentic trespasser in the hip-hop nation. The charge came from critics and rappers, and even from comedian Sandra Bernhard, who performed a scathing routine about Carey's shift in musical direction. "People said, 'She did ballads and then suddenly she did 'Butterfly' and became like this hip-hop girl,'" Carey says. But Carey's work has long had hip-hop and rythmn and blues elements. Her debut single, "Vision of Love," went to No. 1 on the R-and-B chart before topping the pop chart as well. Her '93 hit "Dreamlover" was based on the same musical sample that rapper Big Daddy Kane used for his hit, "Ain't No Half Steppin.'" In '95, Carey worked with Puff Daddy on a "Fantasy" remix, which featured the Wu Tang Clan's Ol' Dirty Bastard rapping the memorable line: "Me and Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers." "Anyone who heard 'Fantasy' in 1995 with Ol' Dirty Bastard knew that's what I was into," says Carey. "I was a Wu Tang fan." The criticisms echoed the flak she got at the start of her career, allegations that she was, as Carey puts it, "another white girl trying to sound black." "It's the same drama I've dealt with my whole life," she says. "I think that a lot of it has to do with me being visually perceived as white by a lot of people who don't understand about mixed-race people. And that's been a gripe of mine for a long time." Ironically, once it came out in the press that Carey was not white, but the child of an Irish mother and a father who was of African American and Hispanic descent, music critics griped that she was trying to downplay her ethnic roots, a charge she's still defensive about. "What did they want" she asks now. "A sticker on the album cover? I've always said that my father is half black and half Venezuelan and my mother is Irish. But people don't understand. . . . They can't fathom that I'm African American, Venezuelan and Irish." Did Sony initially present Carey as a white artist in a misguided attempt to make her more marketable to mainstream audiences? Maybe. "When you're dealing within a corporate structure, and you're basically a teenage girl starting out, surrounded by a lot of powerful people, you're not at the helm of how you are perceived," she says. She claims that her mainstream pop image was carefully shaped. "There were songs that didn't even get to my first album because I was told they were 'too urban,'" she says. And after the No. 1 R-and-B success of her debut single, Carey says, "I know that there was a conscious decision to go more pop after that. Back then, people were, like, 'Write us a big ballad where you're singing really long notes.' And I know how to do that. It might not be the most stimulating thing for me creatively, but I know how to do it." An Insecure Streak Carey was raised in Long Island, and because her parents had divorced, she and her mother moved frequently from one town to another. Being raised as the child of a divorced interracial couple was especially difficult, says Carey, explaining that she grew up "with a lot of disturbing imagery around me, a lot of stuff that most kids in suburbia did not see." "I grew up very fast in terms of my perception of the world and my understanding of what it's like to be mixed," she says. "I know what it's like to hear how white people speak about black people when they're not in the room and vice versa." This kind of awareness impacted her self-esteem. "I felt like, if my mother's family disowned my mom because of this, what does that make me" It's hardly surprising that Carey wants her music to be embraced by both white and black audiences. It offers her the sort of acceptance and belonging that she's longed for during much of her life. In the liner notes to the new "Rainbow" album, she offers these words: "In a perfect world, human beings would coexist harmoniously, like a rainbow, a multitude of colors . . . " The new album is Carey's most confident blend of her pop and R-and-B callings, primarily because she works so much and so well with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. "Rainbow" includes the moving Jam-and-Lewis-produced pop ballad "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)." On that track, says Jam, Carey gives "her best vocal since 'Vision of Love.' " The album also includes the sensuous Minnie Ripperton-inspired "Bliss," which Jam and Lewis wrote with Carey specifically to spotlight her distinctive high notes, which have been relegated to the background on recent albums after critics railed against the "vocal gymnastics" in her early work. As the producers behind hits by Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men and, most recently, Chante Moore and Jordan Knight, Jam and Lewis have perfected the craft behind making R-and-B songs go pop and grounding pop songs in rooted R-and-B traditions. "We have R-and-B sensibilities because that's our love, but we also have pop sensibilities because we grew up in Minnesota, where, at the time we were growing up, there really was no black radio. Mariah's very much the same way," says Jam. "She has an appreciation for pop music, but she also has a love for R-and-B. And a lot of her influences are R-and-B." "I don't listen to pop radio," says Carey. She fiddles with the radio in her limo, switching the station to New York's rap-heavy Hot 97. "I can tell you more about Jay Z's album than whatever-pop-group-you-want-to-name's album." In fact, Jay-Z raps on "Heartbreaker," and Carey will return the favor on the first single from his new album. Is Carey now accepted - and credible - within the hip-hop community? Since the sales of hip-hop artists largely depend on maintaining their credibility in the streets, it's unlikely that Carey's hip-hop collaborators would work with her if they felt she would threaten their image. The rappers who guest on "Rainbow" include Snoop Dogg on the slinky "Crybaby" and Master P on the rousing "Did I Do That?," based on a sample of Silkk the Shocker's "It Ain't My Fault." As did "Butterfly," the new album addresses Carey's marriage to Mottola. On the song "Petals," she sings, "I gravitated toward a patriarch so young, predictably/I was resigned to live my life within a maze of misery." "I was really miserable for a long time," she explains. "I just wanted to enjoy my life a little bit." Carey's friends and colleagues confirm that she is much happier now. "I can show you pictures where you can see the difference between when she had her 'force field' around her and another case where she wasn't part of that entourage anymore," says David Morales, the producer who often works with Carey on her dance club remixes. "It's such a big difference. She's much more relaxed. You can see the light in her eyes. You can feel that she's having fun. I guess it's because she has more control over what she's doing and not feeling like a prisoner." Now Carey is not wedded to a record company executive. She is married to her job. "I have an overblown insecure streak that runs through me. And sometimes it manifests itself as me being a workaholic. I just work, and I think it's because in the early part of my life, I felt like I had to always scramble. And I didn't know whether I had any stability or what was going on in my life. And then I got into that relationship and I had this success, but I never really felt that euphoric fame feeling, that initial sensation of feeling famous," she says. These days within the industry, when people talk about Mariah Carey, they talk about her exhausting work habits. Jimmy Jam says that during the recording of "Rainbow," he and Lewis would have to "kick her out" of the studio. "It was that kind of craziness," he says. At NBC's Studio 8H, the famous "Saturday Night Live" studio, Carey's manager, Louise McNally, watches her rush out of a meeting so that she can return to the recording studio. "In this business," McNally says, "some people need to learn how to work and other people need to learn how to relax." For the time being, Mariah Carey doesn't have time to relax.

November 17, 1999..Mariah mentions US!!
Mariah talks about Anja and I on official WEBSITE!
Mariah posted TWO brand new messages on her website and I listened to them tonight! She mentioned ANJA AND I IN THE MESSAGES! In message 1 the girl from Cologne and the girl from New Jersey is Anja and I (I being from NJ and Anja in Cologne Germany!). She went on to say that she read our letters and that we made her cry on the plane when she read them! You have no idea how estatic I am right now to know that Mariah read my letter and was touched by it! I really poured my heart in it and i am thinking about posting it on the website and in InfoMC to read..whatcha think? Anyhow none of this would be possible without someone so special to me..Anja! It is so great how we became such good friends cause of MC and we will always be best friends forever! I know it! So thanks Anja..and if you want to hear the messages that Mariah made..check out the NEWS section in the OFficial website of Mariah! Also she goes on about the BREE letter which is SO COOL! Where are ya Bree?? Don't know you do I?

DSKhoshaba told me that Mariah will be on MTV News 1515 this Friday at 7:30pm EST. They might show the winner of that contest and go behind the scenes. Also don't forget that it will air this Saturday at 7 pm EST! Also thanks to Desiree for telling me about the messages on the official website :)

Daydreamgyrl told me that Mariah is #1 on the Hawaii's Top 10 charts from last week (Nov. 12th). Here is the list...
1. Rainbow: Mariah Carey
2. Battle of Los Angeles: Rage Against The Machine
3. Vol 4, WWF: various artists
4. Best Man soundtrack
5. Vol. 2, Roots Music
6. Grattidude: Fuji
7. Down In the Valley: Ekolu
8. Supernatural: Smooth
9. A Little Bit Of Mambo: Lou Bega
10. There Is Nothing Left To Lose: Foo Fighters

Rainbow takes #2 for second week in a Row!
FAITH HILL beat Mariah? Can ya beleieve it? Rage is out of the pictuire and Hill is in it. However Rainbow went GOLD this upcoming week and is still #2, so who cares man! Mariah is going pretty strong :) Thanks to Desiree, here is the article from
In terms of first-week sales, Fiona Apple and The Artist were simply no match for Faith Hill, Savage Garden, or those darn-blasted Pokémon. As of Monday, country singer Faith Hill will top the "Billboard" album chart after selling 240,000 copies of her album "Breathe" during its first week of release, according to sales figures released by SoundScan on Wednesday. Hill squeaked past Mariah Carey, who holds on to the number two spot for the second week in a row after moving 228,000 more copies of "Rainbow," which has now passed the gold (500,000 copies) sales mark.After debuting at number one, Rage Against The Machine will scoot down to number four on next week's album chart after selling 198,000 more copies of "The Battle Of Los Angeles" (and also going gold in the process). Debuting high on the chart is Savage Garden, whose second album "Affirmation" moved 150,000 copies to enter at number six, and the soundtrack to the "Pokémon" movie (which features Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Christina Aguilera, and 98 Degrees), which sold 128,000 units to check in at number eight. Rounding out the top ten is Santana, whose "Supernatural" moves up to number three; the Backstreet Boys, who jump up a notch from last week to grab the number five position; "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, still holding strong at number seven; Lou Bega's "Little Bit Of Mambo," which holds on to the number nine slot; and Lil' Wayne, whose "Tha Block Is Hot" drops down to number ten after debuting at number three. Fiona Apple's "When The Pawn" moved 102,000 copies to enter next week's chart at number 13, while "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic" by The Artist will come in at number 18 with just under 84,000 units sold in its first week. Rounding out the top 20 are the debuts of Arista's "Totally Hits" compilation at number 14, the soundtrack to the Usher film "Light It Up" at 19, and the soundtrack to "End Of Days," featuring Guns N' Roses' "Oh My God," at 20. Other notable debuts include E-40's "Charlie Hustle" at 28, opera-man Andrea Bocelli's "Sacred Arias" at 31, Montell Jordan's "Get It On... Tonite" at 32, Jimmy Buffett's live album at 37, "If I Left The Zoo" by Jars Of Clay at 53, the second "Ally McBeal" song collection at 61, Tonic's latest, "Sugar," at 81, Natalie Merchant's "Live In Concert" at 82, Sublime's "Greatest Hits" at 114, and Mike Ness' album of covers, "Under The Influences," at 174.

November 16, 1999
Well I updated the following parts of the webpage:
Pic Of Week
Quote of the Week
Pics Pages
My Stuff (didn't add the video stuff yet though)
and Links!!
Check them out if ya want!

Jennifer told me that Mariah will be on Jay-Z's new album on a song called "The Things That You Do." Cool Beans :)

If you click here you can see the new Sony Music cd which features Mariah's song "My All" I believe you can also pre-order it there too. Thanks to Adjoa for this info!

There was a huge two page article in last weeks Newsweek magazine, hope you picked it up, and you can read majority of the article here It also shows the pic of MC that was on the bottom but they cut off half of her body :(

November 15, 1999...I'm Back!!!
I'm Back
Did ya miss me? Come on tell me the truth! LOL...well college is getting tough since it is the end of the year so if there is a day I don't update..try to understand! If you are NOT in InfoMC then you wouldn't know some of the best news of my life. My best MC friend Anja, got my drawing signed by MARIAH CAREY herself in Germany on Friday night. I have deceided to create an entire page of Anja pics that she took cause they are FANTASTIC and other pics that she has sent me or will send me. So you can find...Anja's pics, with the Galleries in the PICS section. You can also see my autographed pic and Anja's autograph! ANJA ROCKS! Love ya Girlfriend!

Not much news that I am adding today due to the fact that I am updating the Pic Pages. I am adding a new Gallery along with Anja's so make sure you check out the cool pics by the end of the night!

A lot of you have sent me news the last couple of days but now it is all pretty much old. We are all fully aware that Mariah was beating out by Rage AGainst the Machine and she held the #2 spot for record sales! Which ain't too shabby..that's damn good!!

I have updated the Magazine Section and the Important Dates section. Mariah is in some strange VH1 specials including one called Rock is the description..
Description: Experts appraise memorabilia belonging to rock fans; Mariah Carey buys Marilyn Monroe's piano at Christie's; Eric Clapton's guitar. (In Stereo)
So make sure you check out Important Dates for airing times!

Also a lot of you have e-mailed me about Mariah being in the new Teen People. She has a whole page of pics I hear plus she is in several other sections so pick up your copy today! It's the one with Christina on the cover!

Non-Mariah Related Album
Well guys I don't want you to mess up your computers with this new Melissa virus so make sure you check your attachments! A good MC friend of mine almost gave it to me and she didn't evenknow it. You download the attachment and it takes your e-mail addresses of people that you know and sends the virus to them. PLUS it kills your whole hard drive. SO BE CAREFUL!!

Jimmy told me that you can pic up the ONES DVD on Dec. 14th!! That is if you have a DVD player :)

November 15, 1999...I'm Back!!!
I'm Back
Did ya miss me? Come on tell me the truth! LOL...well college is getting tough since it is the end of the year so if there is a day I don't update..try to understand! If you are NOT in InfoMC then you wouldn't know some of the best news of my life. My best MC friend Anja, got my drawing signed by MARIAH CAREY herself in Germany on Friday night. I have deceided to create an entire page of Anja pics that she took cause they are FANTASTIC and other pics that she has sent me or will send me. So you can find...Anja's pics, with the Galleries in the PICS section. You can also see my autographed pic and Anja's autograph! ANJA ROCKS! Love ya Girlfriend!

Not much news that I am adding today due to the fact that I am updating the Pic Pages. I am adding a new Gallery along with Anja's so make sure you check out the cool pics by the end of the night!

A lot of you have sent me news the last couple of days but now it is all pretty much old. We are all fully aware that Mariah was beating out by Rage AGainst the Machine and she held the #2 spot for record sales! Which ain't too shabby..that's damn good!!

I have updated the Magazine Section and the Important Dates section. Mariah is in some strange VH1 specials including one called Rock is the description..
Description: Experts appraise memorabilia belonging to rock fans; Mariah Carey buys Marilyn Monroe's piano at Christie's; Eric Clapton's guitar. (In Stereo)
So make sure you check out Important Dates for airing times!

Also a lot of you have e-mailed me about Mariah being in the new Teen People. She has a whole page of pics I hear plus she is in several other sections so pick up your copy today! It's the one with Christina on the cover!

Non-Mariah Related Album
Well guys I don't want you to mess up your computers with this new Melissa virus so make sure you check your attachments! A good MC friend of mine almost gave it to me and she didn't evenknow it. You download the attachment and it takes your e-mail addresses of people that you know and sends the virus to them. PLUS it kills your whole hard drive. SO BE CAREFUL!!

Jimmy told me that you can pic up the ONES DVD on Dec. 14th!! That is if you have a DVD player :)

November 9, 1999...Vacation Time!
Vacation Time
I am taking a break from this webpage starting today and I will update again on Monday Night! The reason being is cause I have an exam on Monday morning plus college is loading me up on work. I'll still check my e-mails everyday and respond to them and if something important comes out I'll send out InfoMC and update the webpage! However for the next 6 days, ya need your news right? Can't live without Mariah so check out my favorite two site...
Mariah's Diary by Anderz
Mariah Carey Archives
They got all the MC news and pics and are great sites! Sorry for the break but my college education is more important then Mariah for this week :O Can't believe I just wrote that..tee hee hee. Here is some news for today though....

Since my friend works at AMC, she got me the trailor to the Bachelor meaning I have about 50 stills of Mariah from the movie and it is SO COOL!!! I wonder if I can scan them..ya think it would work cause it is see through image used onn a projector! Anyhow I was thinking that if ya were member of the month, I would send ya a piece of MC from The Bachelor...I'll think about it :)

beetleboy85 sent me some scans from his local newspaper and I will have those pics and more up on the website this Monday coming up!

Make sure you watch Oprah today at 4 pm EST. I taped the preview on yesterday's show and I can't WAIT TO SEE IT! It looks really good. If ya miss it, it will reair on Wednesday at 1:06 am EST I believe! Here is what the Oprah site says...
On Tuesday's show, the best-selling female artist of the 1990's joins Oprah to talk about her latest album, "Rainbow." Hit-making diva Mariah Carey performs songs from the album that she says chronicles her emotional roller-coaster ride of the past year. She also speaks for the first time about growing up biracial and what it means to her. Her mother joins them to share her perspective, and Mariah offers encouragement and advice to teens who are struggling with their own mixed ethnic roots.

Also the Official MC site sent me this...
Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday November 9 to the Oprah Winfrey Show on Channel 7 (ABC) @ 4:00PM and catch a full hour of Mariah Carey, including live performances of the remix to her hit single "Heartbreaker" featuring Missy Elliott and Da Brat, and of "Can't Take That Away" (Mariah's Theme).

I looked up the date and time for the 1999 MTV Europe Awards and I got this...
Saturday 11/20/99 7:00pm 41 MTV MTV Europe Music Awards
Hmm so I guess it will take place on Thursday and air on Saturday? Anyone else got any info. on airing times? That is what told me!

The remix to Thank God I Found You was yanked from BET by MC herself so don't expect to see that for a while! She wants to redo it!

If ya click here you can see a really cool France interview that was on MTV on Monday I believe. Thanks to Jahjah for sending me this link :) I havn't checked it out yet, so I hope it works!

"The Bachelor" made #2 on Opening Weekend with 8 million viewers :)

Courtney sent me an aweful story :( Read what happened between a radio station and Mariah..
Hi, I just wanted to let you know a news report on Mariah, reported by a radio station in Tampa, Florida. The morning radio show, MJ & BJ reported that the day Mariah had 3 radio interviews in a row, that she was so late to the first one, and there was no time left for the interview, that she called the station and told, then she was on her way to the next interview. That interview went just fine, except the radio station held her later than they should have, which made Mariah late for her next interview, on the way to the next and last interview- in the limo ride there, Mariah called and told them that she would be a little late. The radio station was so mad, that, on the air they started to bash Mariah, and said they don't want her there at all, and that they will never play another one of her songs again. (How ridiculous! because she was going to be a few minutes late, only because the other interview ran long..its not her fault!) Well, it was reported Mariah had a "mental breakdown" when she hung up with the station, she started crying, then they arrived there and they told Mariah to her face they didn't want her anymore, and Mariah went and locked herself in a room and was crying. How sick and rude are they!? They were bashing her, saying they don't want her, and that they'll never play a song of hers again. She already had alot going on, and this just topped it off-causing the breakdown.. I'm really upset with them, I'm going to try and find this LA station..and... call them up or something....But... just some news that I thought maybe you'd want as a piece to the newsletter.

SuPeReStReLLa told me that there is a tiny article in VIBE magazine and she type it out for nice :)
Mariah Carey "Rainbow"
Yes! Yes! Yes! Mariah Carey is still a skilled singer. The fans will always adore her. Her seat among the pop-music hierarchy is secure. But after nine years and six full-length LPs, I don't care about her anymore. Now, here's where you reply, "And she don't care about you!" I'm sure that's true; however, the woman just doesnt' excite me. Which I admit is sad because I wish there were something about her that touched me in some way. 'Cause that's what music is about, right? Make no mistake: Carey's been turned out - by hip hop. Regardless of whether she has a geniune love of the music or whether she's milking some marketing scheme, she's been carrying a torch for awhile now. Rainbow finds her going deeper into her "urban" motif - the one she bodaciously started (alongside Ol' Dirty Bastard, of all people) on 1995's "Fantasy" remix and achieved the most success with on 1997's solid Butterfly, the fourth in her series of one-word-titled CDs on Columbia (1991's Emotions, 1993's Dreamlover, and 1995's Daydream were others.) This go round, she pulls out all stops, singing over samples of Sikll the Shocker's "Ain't My Fault" and Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun". Snoop is also among the big-name rappers (including Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, and Da Brat) recruited to add a little color to Carey's Rainbow . Now once upon a time, pairing a singing thrush with a rhyming thug might've been groudbreaking. Hello! Ground has been broken. Next! But of course, Carey also rocks those dreamy power ballads, and there are plenty of them here. She does a nifty remake of Phil Collins's "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" and delivers the emotional Jimmy-Jam - and - Terry Lewis - produced "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" with grace. With lyrics like, "they can say anything they want to say/ Try to bring me down/ But I will not allow anyone to suceed hanging clouds over me," the song could be Carey's version of Nas's "Hate Me Now" - she makes it through all the trials and tribulations undaunted. There's nothing worse than some critic going on about commerical success and popularity. Ain't nothing wrong with selling records and making folks happy, and Carey does both better than most artists. I ain't mad at 'cha Mariah, really. Maybe I'm jealous. Maybe I wanna know what love is, the love people feel for her. To those people, Rainbow will garner even more adoration. As for me? I'll be okay.

November 7, 1999
ButtterfIi told me that MC was on MSNBC is what she told me...
On MSNBC today they were doing a diva interview thing and just now they had a little over 5 minutes with Mariah (i taped it). First they showed her singing "Hero" (from Monday's "The View" performance), then they showed an interview with her from 1991 (i think it was parts from 2 interviews im not sure) and clips from the "Vision of Love" "Love Takes Time" and "Someday" videos.

Armando sent me some news from the magazine 'La Opinion.' Basically it just says that Luis dedicated his new album to MC...
With his first night in Buenos Aires, Argentina the mexican singer Luis Miguel had dinner and went dancing with the daughter of President Carlos Menem and a group of friends that were friends of the president's daughter. Luis Miguel preferred going out and knowing the city instead of staying in his luxurious suite of 375 meters squared. Even though the results were nothing nice, surrounded by a strong custody that could keep anxious fans away that awaited him in the parking lot of the hotel. The song Romance and Zulemita Menem shared a very exclusive restaurant with meat and then went dancing at a recognized discotheque, always being accompanied by bodyguards and a bunch of friends that were friends of the president's daughter. Luis Miguel arrived on Thursday evening and in the stadium Velez Sarsfield he will present his new album Amarte Es Un Placer, which people say that is dedicated to his actual girlfriend, the singer Mariah Carey.

Tmbaland98 wrote me and told me that MC is in the Nov. 12th issue of Entertainment Weekly. Don't know if there is a pic or not but I was Tmbaland98 sent me the article :)
Sistah Carey - On Rainbow, Mariah paints rich, rap-tinted R&B tunes. And this time, they're personal. Mariah Carey has never been famous for conveying calculated attitude (a la Janet Jackson and Madonna) or writing songs that reflect intense personal drama (Lauryn Hill or Mary J. Blige). Rather, she has connected with fans via an astonishing vocal prowess -- despite near-prosaic material. She's cleaned up by belting out sweeping ballads ("Vision of Love," "Hero") that conceal even as they appeal. In this sense, Rainbow, her seventh album, is a revelation. With 1997's vibrant Butterfly, Carey went from mannered and awkward to relaxed and bold. Her voice was in top form, and she risked losing older pop fans by going for a slick, timely hip-hop and R&B sound. With help from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (famous for producing 10 years' worth of Janet Jackson hits), and underground hip-hop maestros like DJ Clue, Rainbow keeps the promise made on Butterfly, setting a new musical standard for unifying hip-hop and R&B. Lyrically -- and more importantly for the 29-year-old songwriter -- Rainbow brims with a richness and vulnerability only hinted at before. A song cycle about love and its permutations, the album plays coy with its autobiographical clues while withholding little emotionally. The whispery, heartbreaking "Petals" alludes to Carey's shattered family life and marriage to Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola. Listeners with an eye on the tabloids could read her close, ringing interpretation of Phil Collins' 1984 hit, "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)," as a postmortem on her bittersweet affair with Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter and a poignant evocation of the couple's shared mixed-race heritage ("You're the only one who really knew me at all"). "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)," the emotional center of the album, casts Carey as a survivor of these and other disappointments. "There's a light in me/That shines brightly," she sings. The song (cowritten with Diane Warren and coproduced with Jam and Lewis) resonates with new life experience -- a kind of truth and uplift. Rainbow's confidence is not merely in its subject matter. Musically, Carey's new collaborations display a gutsy composure. The singer cannily pairs up with Snoop Dogg on the sexy "Crybaby," the rapper's words tumbling like dice across her velvety vocals. On the delectable confection "Heartbreaker" (which has taken its knocks for recycling the hits "Fantasy" and "Dreamlover"), she smartly uses Jay-Z's droll rap about a bratty girlfriend as tart counterpart to her creamy tones. Like all of Carey's albums, this one is occasionally overblown and prone to miscalculation (Missy Elliott's and Da Brat's bad sexual politics sink the tired "Heartbreaker [Remix]"). But what began on Butterfly as a departure ends up on Rainbow a progression -- perhaps the first compelling proof of Carey's true colors as an artist. B+

November 6, 1999
Mariah is in Paris Match Magazine and thanks to Jahjah I know have them. I know you can get Paris Match at Borders bookstores. It is like Hello and it's a big tabloid type of thing. The two pics are really nice and they are in Gallery 11. You can also see these pics and more at his website

Bunch of new pics are added to Gallery 11, so check them out :) Also a lot of people wrote me and told me that I gave away the ending to The Bachelor. The first thing that happens in MC comes onstage and sings and she dies while Chris is watching her. It is an Opera..she is acting. Then they go backstage and talk. That is not the ending..I don't get it? Also MC is only onscreen for about 5 minutes..if that!

Speaking of the Bachelor..someone wrote me and told me that Mariha said in some magazine that she didn't really sing in The Bachelor..that wasn't her voice! It didn't even sound like her at all in my opinion so it's good to know now for sure that it wasn't her voice!

Armando didn't go to the LA Signing but sent me info. he heard about it!
Here's what happened yesterday at Tower here in L.A. (I didn't go. I saw this on the news) They showed ALOT of fans there. Like maybe more than 200. They showed Mariah with those green clothes and pony tails. She was getting of the limo and everyone was taking pictures and screaming “Mariah!!! Mariah!!!” Then she was signing autographs. After that the news lady told her that how did she feel because she didn't get to sign everyones copy of “Rainbow” and Mariah said that she was so sorry. Then Mariah said that if her fans listen to “Petals” they'll understand her. I'm just kinda happy that I didn't go because maybe I wouldn't get my copy of “Rainbow” signed.

Armando also sent me this link to see a MC interview on! Check it out :)

November 5, 1999
I made a typo yesterday, the Touch pics in Gallery 11 originally were scanned for Anderz and his AWESOME website, so many thanks to him for the Touch pics :)

I saw the Bachelor and MC's acting was pretty good. I didn't like the singing part cause I don't she did that part too good..ha ha. It was a tad weird but when she died..that was so cool. Especially since her face was huge with her eyes open and then all the sudden the shut. I got the pic from Anderz and I will be adding that to the website with many other exclusive pics tomorrow afternoon including one from BaByDollLiz13 from the NYC signing, when I get home from work! Check out the Bachelor if ya can :)

I havn't updated my "My Stuff" section for a while but I know got 5 Heartbreaker singles to add and some video stuff so I will be updating it shortly! I got the digitally enhanced Heartbeaker single that plays the video and it is kind of cool! Tower Records should hopefully be caring these limited edition singles soon! Keep your eyes open for them!

Melissa sent me a cool article where MC talks about Luis..
Mariah Carey's new recording features a song she dedicates to Luis Miguel, "Thank God I Found Him!"
"Since Luis Miguel came into my life, I'm a happier person," the singer said Sunday evening at Conconuts Music, a fashionable disco, where she autographed CDs for her fans. "He's a very self-confident person and that's what I like about him. He lives according to his values and convictions and even though most Latins are now singing in English, he doesn't. He doesn't do what everyone else is doing." Carey composed "Thank God I Found Him!" together with James Harris III and Terry Lewis.

Nini (don't know what I would do without her :) told me that you can view 44 pics from NYC instore Record signing here

MC on Oprah this Tuesday the 9th!!!!
Chris and Dan told me that Mariah will be on Oprah this is what Chris sent me..
Tuesday Novmber 9 Mariah Carey Talks To Biracial Teens (PG)
On today's show, the best-selling female artist of the 1990's joins Oprah to talk about her latest album, "Rainbow." Hit-making diva Mariah Carey performs songs from the album that she says chronicles her emotional roller-coaster ride of the past year. She also speaks for the first time about growing up biracial and what it means to her. Her mother joins them to share her perspective, and Mariah offers encouragement and advice to teens who are struggling with their own mixed ethnic roots.

And Daniel tells me this..
I just saw a preview of it on Oprah and the show will air on Tuesday the 8th. So make sure you let everyone know, ok. It looks good, she even cries, the preview was so sad. It was really depressing to seee Mariah crying.
WOW I can't wait to see this is probably going to be so sad :(

Armando told me that there is a pic of MC and a guy from Z100 at the Official MC can see it by clicking here

Alan told me that it seems that people at Teen People's website like good MC instead of are the results..
Results of last week's Cool Feud, Good Mariah Carey vs. Bad Mariah Carey
Good Mariah... 69.89%
Bad Mariah... 30.10%

Nini sent me another article from NY Daily News
Cool Their Jets? Not Mariah & Luis
The romance between Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel apparently hasn't cooled. Not if you can imagine the temperature of a bubbling hot tub in which the two singers are very close and completely naked. On Monday, we wondered aloud whether the couple was still in harmony after they scrapped a planned duet on Carey's new CD, "Rainbow." But since then we've heard about the steamy getaway they had on Italy's isle of Capri. Carey had gone there with the Latin heartthrob to put the finishing touches on her album. After a long day, they decided to unwind at a local spa. A doctor there prescribed a hydrobath — where hot-water jets would pummel their aching muscles. Spa rules demand that patrons bathe separately. But Mariah had other ideas. "Hey, it's a big tub for one person," says one friend. Carey, when we called her, admitted she couldn't resist sneaking into Miguel's tub. "Other people who worked there didn't care," she said. "Luis and I weren't going to do anything bad. We just thought it would be fun to go in together. But I guess I broke the rules and the doctor got mad. I hope I'm not banned from the place. It was really nice." Carey, this decade's best-selling female artist worldwide, vouches that she and Miguel are still dripping with love. As for that scrapped duet, she says, "It just wasn't the right song. We do sing together in private. That's much more important to me than trying to exploit a relationship by doing a duet." What do they sing? Says Mariah: "Whatever comes to mind."

You can see a brand new picture of Mariah in the Nov. 25th issue of Rolling Stone magazine. I have never seen this photo shoot before and call it a hunch but I think Mariah will be on the cover of Rolling Stones VERY soon!! I'll get back to ya on that!

November 4, 1999
Several new pics added to Gallery 11 just now so make sure you check them out! Many thanks to Anderz for the "Touch" article and pics!

Mariah is in the Philly Newspaper again today with two new pics once again! Thanks to Alex, you can read the whole, not so nice article, here One of the pics they don't have online there so that will be up in gallery 11 today along with the other!

Gina Marie told me that there is a pic in her local newspaper, The Chicago Sun Times! She sent me the black and white pic in a scan and I'll try and get that up today with other pics..sorry I am falling behind! Here is the article she was nice enought to type out! "LOCAL FANS ATWITTER OVER POP STAR'S VISIT"
Fans were in a tizzy all over town when pop-singing sensation Mariah Carey, the biggest selling female recording artist of the '90s, breezed into town Wednesday for a whirlwind two-day visit. Carey, on a cross-country tour to promote her new album, "Rainbow," was accompanied by a group of lucky East Coast fans, winners of a contest sponsored by a New Yourk radio station. The promotional tour ends in Loss Angeles later this week. Today, Carey and her entourage will visit Oprah Winfrey's near West Side studio to tape an interview and performance that will air Tuesday on WLS Channel 7. In an appearance on "The Today Show" on Monday, Carey credited her fans with helping her achieve success. this gratitude was not lost on the hundreds of fans gathered outside downtown Chicago record store where the singer was scheduled to sign autographs late Wednesday. Among the throngs clogging up foot traffic on North Michigan Avenue was 13-year-old Nicole Zabala, who had heard about the appearance when Carey did a live appearance on WGCI-FM (107.5) earlier in the day. She had been waiting for more than an hour for a glimpse of her favorite singer. "Mariah sings from the heart," Zabala said. "She relates to everyone of of her fans." Caption reads "Pop singer Mariah Carey arrives at the studios of WGCI-FM (1-7.5) for a promotional apperance Wednesday."

Mariah and Luis not breaking up
On Entertainment Tonight MC put the rumors to rest and said that they are still going strong! So I am so happy for her. Speaking of two people that are NOT going strong anymore..what happened to Walter A? I know they got in a fight from Butterfly Era but they never made up?

SuperStrMC sent me a little rewiew from this site where you can puchase Rainbow!
MARIAH CAREY, Rainbow -- $9.95
Mariah's new release is rife with gorgeous love songs, of course. She's also loaded Rainbow up with guest appearances including Jay-Z, Usher, Da Brat/Missy Elliott, Mystikal/Master P and Joe/98 Degrees. Mariah fans have gotten used to nothing but the best from Carey and Rainbow will not be a disappointment.

MeSiCaNQD met MC and sent me a story about it :)
hey i met mariah today... i got so lucky with her. when she was sitting down signing autographs she got up from her chair and walked over to me.. gave me a hug and took a picture with me... then i was talking to her and holding her hand for the longest time telling her how much she means to me! It was like a dream come true.. but that one chick is right... the bodyguards are mean as HELL... but if Mariah really likes you she blows them off and does whatever she wants and they cant do anything about it.
Hopefully I'll be getting some pics soon :)

Taryn sent me a review for THE BACHELOR
The Lowdown: Contestants on Regis's goofy gameshow may want to be a millionaire, but Chris O'Donnell is setting his sites higher: he wants to be a $100 millionaire. Lucky for him, he doesn't have to answer a string of questions . but there is a catch. In order to get his inheritance, he has to be married before his 33rd birthday ... which happens to be the next day. That's the premise for this romantic comedy, based on the Buster Keaton movie, Seven Chances. Things get a little more complicated for this unfortunate bachelor when he flubs his wedding proposal to longtime girlfriend Renee Zellenger. After that, the commitment-phobe sets out to find the woman of his fortune -- er, dreams -- in 24 hours. Unfortunately, like the conditions of his inheritance, there's something a little off about this flick. You're better off checking out the original or just renting Batman and Robin to see Chris prance around in tights. (Don't miss cameos by Brooke Sheilds and silver-screen virgin, Mariah Carey.)
The Breakdown: The Marrying Kind + Indecent Proposal
The Title We'd Pick: "Inherit the Bride"
The Grade: C

Cindy wrote me this...
Mariah is going to be on Oprah today...there are several commmercials about it..I dont know about everyone else's times...but Oprah comes on at 3:00 in Georgia....So you might want to add that... THANKS!!! AND KEEP UP WITH THE GREAT MC PICS AND NEWS!!!!!!!!!!
However MC is not schedule for today. She is going to record her show and it should show up next week. I checked out the Oprah schedule and it didn't list MC for today. I don't know what the commecials were saying either :O Hopefully Cindy will tell me soon!

MC9114ever had a sad story to tell me :(

Mariah will be on the 1 hour special for VH1 Great Grammy Performances on Tuesday 11/16 at 8pm and Friday 11/19 at 12 pm. Here is the description...
Great Grammy Performances
Type: Music Special / Variety
Duration: 1 hr
Description: Past performances by Tony Bennett, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill and others. (In Stereo)
Parental Rating: TV-PG
Airing: Tue 11/16/99 8:00pm 45 VH1 Remind Me
Fri 11/19/99 12:00pm 45 VH1 Remind Me

November 3, 1999
I forgot to add this yesterday but Access Hollywood said that the Grade School concert will air on FOX on Dec. 14th! Speaking of Access, MC was on it today along with Entertainment Tonight. The Official MC newsletter sent out a letter saying that MC will be on ET at 7 pm but the newsletter was sent at 8:03 pm! Uhh..that's great huh! Sure glad I knew about it yesterday. I didn't watch my video tapes so I'll talk about the interview tomorrow. All I know is that it is about the record signing..

So whatcha think about TRL/Mariah TV. I thought it waas cool and I LOVED that interview MC did with Bianca. That was too funny! Also the Morning Grooves was really good. It was a 2 hour special but MC was only on it for 24 minutes staight (when I edited out all the commecials and non-MC stuff!). It was pretty cool and MC was so funny! Hope you all didn't miss it!

I am going to post my own review on Rainbow on my Forum. You can see it by clicking on the link on the main page. Rainbow is the one album I can truly relate to and I really discussed a lot of stuff in my own personal sad life in my review. So if ya want to hear what I got to say..check it out! :(

Mariah was on a Charlie Rose special today at 12:30 pm. It is a hour long special with NO commercials and I missed it! PLEASE tell me someone can send me a copy..I am DESPERATE! PLEASE! Anyhow thanks to Badgyrl236, Alex, and Alyssa for telling me about this!

Taryn sent me an article from Alloy which talks about MC and Luis not together anymore :O
Mariah Carey and her bare-all philosophy might inspire a lot of things in a lot of men -- but they don't do anything for her current (we think - rumor says they may be on the outs) flame, Luis Miguel. At least not in the music department. Luis, a superstar on the Latin music scene, was supposed to do a duet of "After Tonight" with Mariah on her new CD, Rainbow. But the results were so bad that Luis reportedly chopped up the demo tape and sent the pieces back to David Foster, who produced the recording. But David denies the rumor, and insists that the problems had nothing to do with any sort of lovers' spat -- as most people in the know are speculating. "The song was written just for Mariah. I had Luis and Mariah record it several different times, but it never sounded right. So she ended up doing it by herself," he tells MTV. Still, the probs are fueling the rumors about a Mariah/Luis split. "I don't know if [Luis and Mariah] are still together," David, for example, hints. We'll keep you posted.

Also Taryn told me there is a pic of MC in the Dec. Teen Magazine. Here is what she told me...
It mentions how 98 degrees is on her album, and how a sick girl got her wish granted when she met Mariah when she last performed on SNL. There is a pic of mariah and the girl.

This next article is from InfoBeat!
*** Mariah performs at her junior-high school
( - Mariah Carey went back to school on Long Island this past weekend. In conjunction with the release of her new album "Rainbow," Carey returned to her junior high school in New York to play a free show for students. She also invited all the students from her old high school, located nearby. A total of 1700 people were treated to an 8-song set, an extensive autograph session and a discussion on teenage violence with Carey. Students were told about the performance only two days prior to it taking place. They were asked to keep it a secret in order to avoid the media frenzy Carey usually attracts. For more, visit

The Official MC Newsletter sent this out today too. However when I checked out TV Guide MTV Europe Awards were not listed? Hope it will be shown on the 11th. It's suppose to be LIVE!
Announcing The 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards (11/11/99)
Dublin will be the venue for the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards. The award ceremony will be held at Dublin’s foremost live music and entertainment venue, The Point, on Thursday, November 11. The two-hour live extravaganza will feature award presentations and live performances featuring Mariah, The Offspring among some of the world’s other greatest performers. Mariah is nominated for the category of Best R&B. VOICE YOUR VOTE NOW at

Nini was SO NICE to type out this next artilce from Ny Daily News!
Fans go wild for Mariah
Relentless rain and buffeting winds didn't stop hundreds of fans from lining up around the block yesterday for a peek at the sultry songbird Mariah Carey. "This is my third year in New York to see her," said Tiffany Shimko, 19, who drove up from Trenton on Monday with three pals to state out the first spots in line. "We've been here since 3:30 yesterday," she said last night. "What's a day and a half?" asked a soggy Justin Markle, 20 who came up with Shimko and fellow Carey fanatics Brian Cronk, 22, and Zach Bussey, 19."It's like camping." "We're Mariah Scouts," Shimko quipped, showing off her bouquet of pink roses she brought for her idol. Huddled under umbrellas but still soaked from the blowing rain, fans formed a line stretching from Coconuts Music's door on 51st St., around the corner and up Sixth Ave. and then down half a midtown block along 52nd St. Carey was appearing at the music store to promote her new album, "Rainbow." The prime real estate was right by the door, under the second half of the Coconuts sign. "The first 10 people in line are the nuts," said Sonjee, Standifier, 15, of the people beneath that part of the sign. Sonjee joined the vigil at 8 p.m. Monday, and said her parents weren't worried about their teenage daughter sleeping on a midtown street overnight. "Actually, they don't know," she said with a bashful laugh. "Maybe I'll be grounder for a while, but it'll be worth it." At 6:40 p.m., a light flashed as the store lit up its front door. Then a burgundy stretch limo rolled up. The rain mysteriously stopped. When the diva stepped out of the car, the crowd erupted with bellows and squeals that blended into a throbbing chant of "Mariah! Mariah!" Carey worked the crowd outside for about five minutes, posing for paparazzi and reaching over her entourage to brush fingertips with her adoring fans. Moments after she was hustled into the store by security guards, the rain resumed.

MC on Howard today?
Well not really but Howard was at TRL is what he said..which ain't too good!
Howard's Day Out With His Kids. 11/3/99. 7:00am
...Howard went on to talk about how he brought all three of his kids to see MTV's TRL show live in the studio. The two older girls went in the studio to watch the show while Howard and his 6 year old, Ashley, hung out back stage. Mariah Carey was the guest on TRL and she wanted to talk to Howard but it didn't happen. Howard said he waited in a room back stage but Mariah never showed up. Eventually his other two kids were kicked out of the studio for some reason. Howard said that the kids on that show are hired through modeling agencies and the kids they don't hire are in a different section. His kids were stuck in that section. Emily and Deborah said that they were in ''the loser section'' with the fat kids and friends of employees. They thought it was pretty funny. After being kicked out all the kids wanted to do was eat but Mariah Carey was going to walk by them soon. Howard hung out and eventually Mariah walked by. The kids didn't really care, they still just wanted to get out of there and eat. Howard said it looked like Mariah's belly was hanging over her belt as she walked by. The kids didn't see that though.

Butterfli met MC and she sent me pics which I will have up on the site even tomorrow or Friday (sorry I know I am behind on pics!) Here is what she told me
I missed it but my friend saw it and I WAS ON WITH MARIAH!!! as i told u, i won the contest, and i didnt end up bringing sunny13169 i brought a different friend, but anyway THE SECOND PERSON THEY SHOWED MEETING MARIAH WAS MEEEE!! i was soooo excited! anyway, meeting her was gr8, she was the nicest person, she looked SOOO Prettty, SHE TALKED TO ME and i was freaking out...and here are some pics and stuff (evidence, memories, whatever u wanna call it lol): theres my pass to cut the line from z100 (i was SECOND on line) then , my signed cd cover, and there a pic of the back of my head, and mariahs holding my cd cover and talking to me!... k, the first one is a BAD BAD BAD picture of me with mariah in the background after i met her, then theres my friend meeting mariah and mariahs in the middle of sitting down, then theres mariah signing my friend's cd...and her OBNOXIOUS RUDE ANNOYING bodyguard/security people are in the pics...they were soooo rude, pushing me while i was talking 2 mariah, only letting me get ONE thing signed...but whatever i dont wanna let that spoil the fact that i met her! ok so thats all...ill send u the rest of the pics if theyre good when i get them developed

Weird Relation to Janet Jackson
If you look at the front cd, Mariah puts a "." after her name just like Janet did on her one cd. MC never did that before and MC is in the same position as the Janet cd, except MC is clothed..ha ha. Well I know it means nothing and MC probably knew nothing abou the relations between the two, I was just wondering she MC mentioned Janet in USA Today yesterday! Oh well..

November 2, 1999..Rainbow is Released!!!
Make sure you watch Entertainment Tonight and Access tomorrow so you can see MC :) Thanks to Alex and BaByDollLiz13; Both shows will have coverage of tonights appearances, as well as will MTV's TRL tomorrow probably?

Mariah performed Against All Odds and Can't Take That Away on The View yesterday and it will air on the 11th of Nov. at 11 am, even the T.V. Guide says it! Anyhow here is Michelle's story of the event...
Hey! My name is Michelle, and yesterday (Nov. 1) I went to the taping the View,which is going to air on the 11,which means the one Mariah will be on!! It was the best day of my life!! I sat in the first row, and I was so unbelieveably close to Mariah! She sat down and talked with the hosts of the view for a little bit, and then she sang two songs, "Can't take that away" and "Take a look at me now" It was great, her voice sounded so perfect, and she looked so beautiful!! The whole thing is still a blur to me, and as I was watching her sing, I still couldn't believe that it was really her. I just stood there in shock, saying to myself, oh my god is this real??!!! Well I thought I'd tell everyone about my experience, and make sure everyone watches the View on Nov 11, because it is a really great show!!!!!

Nini sent me a bunch of reviews from Rainbow but they wern't very nice at all. However here is a nice article about the appearances Mariah has made and will be making :)
'Rainbow' Everywhere You Look From N.Y. to L.A., pop diva Mariah is Carey-ing on to promote new LP
Mariah Carey is busting out all over — and we don't just mean that superskimpy top she wore for yesterday's miniconcert on the "Today" show. It will be virtually impossible to miss that Carey has a new album, "Rainbow," that will be in stores today. The promotional campaign runs the gamut from TV to radio to record stores, and even her auction purchase of Marilyn Monroe's piano last week added to the frenzy. Strutting in front of a rainbow of balloons yesterday at Rockefeller Center, Carey reduced some of the audience to tears during a sing-along version of her 1994 hit "Hero." Her loving throng also heard two numbers from the new album, No. 1 hit "Heartbreaker" and "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)". "I love you, New York, but it's early. I ain't gonna lie," she exclaimed from the Rockefeller Center stage shortly after 8:30 a.m. Later, she moved on to Hot 97, where she was a guest radio deejay for two hours. Carey will make a promotional appearance at 6 p.m. today at the Coconuts record store on Sixth Ave. and 51st St., where she will meet 20 lucky fans who will travel with her to Chicago tonight on her promotional tour. Radio station Z100 will have a drawing this morning to determine who from the New York City area will be on the plane. In Chicago, the fans will accompany Carey to a record store and sit in the audience of an "Oprah" show on which the singer is to be the guest. Thursday, Carey will fly to Los Angeles for more promotional work, while the fans return home. As if all that weren't enough, Carey makes her feature-film debut Friday in the Chris O'Donnell movie "The Bachelor," in which she has a cameo role as one of his ex-girlfriends. The whirlwind of media attention began last week, when Carey decided she would sing on "Today" instead of the premiere of the new CBS morning program, "The Early Show." Then, last Saturday, she gave a concert at her old junior high school in Huntington, L.I., which was taped for a Fox network special that will air in mid-December. On "Rainbow," her ninth album, Carey makes ample use of the high end of her vocal range with the stratospherically high sounds that once were her calling card. Carey already has sold upward of 120 million albums worldwide, putting her in the company of Madonna and Whitney Houston, who have managed similar numbers. Her record company claims she is the biggest-selling female artist of the '90s.Carey has more No. 1 singles than any other woman — 14 with the current chart-topper, "Heartbreaker" — and third only to the Beatles (20) and Elvis Presley (18). The video for her next single, "Thank God I Found You," with 98 Degrees and Joe, has gone to MTV and radio, but is not yet on sale in stores.

I am having some problems with the webpage today and my computer, so all I am going to update is the news!! Don't mind Important Dates not being changed..I'll do it tomorrow. Hopefully everyone got their Rainbow album by now. Sam Goody only had 10 double sided posters that were free if you reserved Rainbow. The one girl knew me though from when heartbreaker came out and said.."Oh you are in the fan club! You didn't have to reserve..I would of just given it to you!" I thought that was kind of nice! But anyhow the poster is big and it is double sided..SO NICE!! Hopefully some of you got it too!

Mariah is on the backcover of Billboards Nov. 6th issue. It is huge and I suggest everyone go get it. There is also a review on the album inside. Also Flute69 sent me an article from Billboard Online...
Carey Breaking Hearts, Chart Records
Mariah Carey is ending the decade with a bang, as Columbia issues her ninth album, "Rainbow." Early shipments of five million copies put her in the same league as enduring divas Madonna and Whitney Houston, whose labels estimate career sales of 120 million and 100 million units, respectively. What's more, "Heartbreaker," the first single from "Rainbow," has already made history: On Sept. 29, it became Carey's 14th No. 1 song, giving her more than any other female act, including the Supremes (12) and Madonna (11). Only the Beatles (20) and Elvis Presley (18) rival the feat. "Rainbow" features production by pop luminaries such as Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and David Foster, as well as hip-hop renegades DJ Clue, Jermaine Dupri, Damizza, Master P, and She'kspere. The album sports guest appearances by Jay-Z, 98 Degrees, Joe, Da Brat, Missy Elliot, Usher, and Snoop Dogg. While she moves forward with more timely hip-hop elements on "Rainbow," Carey also revisits a sound that has been less prominent on her last few albums: her remarkably high upper register. Once a signature of her style, Carey was often criticized for overdoing her vocal acrobatics causing her to "pull back" for several years. "It always remained within the texture of my songs, but it was no longer the focal point. And that was fine. You can get too much of a good thing, I guess," says Carey. "Rainbow" brings those glass-shattering notes back to the forefront on several cuts, including "Heartbreaker" and "Bliss."

Mariah in TWO newspapers today!
First Mariah is in USA Today, on the front cover!! Then you go to the LIFE section and there is a huge pic of her from yesterdays Today concert and a NEW picture of MC which is SO NICE! There is a long article and you can Read it Here! You can also see the Today pic but they didn't show the other new pic which is SO NICE! Don't worry I'll get it scanned soon enough. The same Today Show pic is in the Philadelphia Inquirer and it is in Black and White. So if you can only get one..get the USA Today one with the AWESOME interview and AWESOME pics!!

RBoo2000 told me that the Thank God I Found You Remix Video might air tomorrow at 4 pm because that is when they premiere most new videos on BET!

Jenn told me a cool story and all I can say is that she is SO LUCKY!...
Well I won mariah's album from the radio and went to the privtae listening and we got free posters and I was the biggest fan there and they had 2 pairs of jeans to give away that were signed by mariah and actually worn and I won a pair!! I can't beleive it!!!! Her jeans are pretty big on me. they are a 30 waist. they are the cut off kind but i can see the length and stuff. 32 length. wow this is soooo amazing!!!!! i got like 4 posters(double sided) and 3 cd's!!!!!!!! a close friend of hers from columbia was there also and I talked to him he said him and all his friends call her lamby hehe how cute!

Armando sent me this next article :)
(Traffic) Jammin’ With Mariah, Rage
Watch this week for two big-name acts to host local jam sessions-the traffic variety, not the guitar kind. Pop diva Mariah Carey and the aggressive rap-metal band Rage Against The Machine will both participate in an old-fashioned rock tradition this week by visiting Sunset Strip record stores to sign autographs, hype their new albums and press the flesh with fans. Rage visits the Virgin Megastore (8000 Sunset Blvd.) on Saturday at 3 p.m., while Carey hits Tower Records (8801 Sunset Blvd.) on Friday at 7 p.m. Expect two sizeable-and exceptionally disparate-crowds to show up for the events, and don't be surprised to see store managers hiding a smirk if the crush of fans clogs traffic or creates other minor havoc in the already congested district. “Sure, we get excited if it ends up on the news with footage of a big crowd and the Virgin logo right behind them,” says Manny Hernandez, manager of the store hosting Rage. “The more hoopla the better, and bad press is good press as long as it's not anything serious. [The fans] can scream and yell all they want as long as they don't get destructive.” Hernandez's store will have bicycle racks set up to keep the crowd organized and he concedes that these events can be a challenge. But they are increasingly important as the Internet threatens to steal more and more sales from brick-and-mortar merchants. “We have to become destinations and offer more to our customers than just an album to buy,” says Hernandez. “And this is a perfect way to do it.”

Mariah Carey Goes Back to School
Carey shows class at surprise junior-high gig

Mariah Carey played a surprise concert for fans at her former junior high school in the small Long Island, N.Y., community of Greenlawn on Saturday night. Carey, who also attended nearby Harborfields High, performed at the Oldfield Middle School in front of roughly 900 students packed into the school gym. Another 800 watched the performance on a giant video screen in the auditorium. Students from both Harborfields and Oldfield were issued tickets. According to Dr. J. Lev, the Deputy Superintendent of Schools for the district, Carey's handlers had contacted the school about a week before with an offer to do the show. The school, in turn, gave the students two days notice and requested that they keep the pending performance under wraps. Lev reports that the activities lasted from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Although she only performed eight songs, Carey indulged in much onstage banter, talked seriously to the students about issues such as Columbine, and took breaks to mingle with the football team and other fans. Fans say she signed hundreds of autographs and that there were no security problems. Carey also brought three of her old teachers onto the stage, including her guidance counselor, a junior high social studies teacher and her high school math teacher. She even signed a desk for the school. She told the crowd that during all her years in school, she had always wanted to write on a desk, and scrawled "Mariah Carey was here" with a marker she later tossed into the audience. However, she still wasn't defacing school property -- according to Lev, she had bought the desk herself. Carey, 29, graduated from Harborfields in 1987 with average grades. She was already pursuing a music career at that time, and often skipped school in favor of singing with her brother's band, earning her the nickname "Mirage" in honor of her no-shows. Within days of her graduation, she moved to New York City, eventually linking up with record exec Tommy Mottola. The rest is history (as is her relationship with Mottola). Carey went on to become the top-selling female vocalist of the Nineties. At press time, Carey was scheduled to travel with twenty fans on a specially equipped 737 for a mini in-store and press tour coinciding with Tuesday's release of her latest album, Rainbow. Carey and her entourage start in New York on Tuesday (Nov. 2), continue to Chicago Nov. 3, then on to Los Angles Nov. 5.

JAHJAH sent me this next info...
The radio NRJ has organized a contest and the prize is : meet Mariah !! We must listen to the radio all the week of 20 H at midnight!!! Then, the channel MCM has organized another contest to meet Mariah!! It is necessary to phone at a number to answer questions... But those questions are Not about Mariah :(( There are more than 20 questions about Rock etc ...And it's really really hard !! Then, you can see on the net a banner with Mariah so I went to this location and saw that the site "liberty surf" has created a section about Mariah where there is video clips etc ...And a contest too !!! The questions are really easy :)) But you must me a member of liberty surfy to play ...I'm soooooo sad !!!!!!!!

Tmbaland98 sent me some awesome Billboard news...
Hey Regina, has an A to Z of the 20th Century section now & even though Mariah isn't included as one of the most influential people (imagine respect), she is charted on the top songs of the 1990's. Here's part of the chart:
1. One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
2. Macarena - Los Del Rio
3. I'll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men
4. Candle In The Wind 1997/Something About The Way... - Elton John
5. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
6. End of The Road - Boyz II Men
7. The Boy Is Mine - Brandy & Monica
8. Un-break My Heart - Toni Braxton
9. I Swear - All-4-One
10. I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy & Faith Evans
11. Fantasy - Mariah Carey
12. Dreamlover - Mariah Carey
13. That's The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson
14. Jump - Kris Kross
15. Tha Crossroads - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
A fun fact:
Boyz II Men has the most songs on the top 40 with 4 (OSD, IMLTY, EOTR, and On Bended Knee), but Mariah is second with 3 (OSD, Fantasy, and Dreamlover).
The whole chart can be seen Here

November 1, 1999
Well I didn't watch Today yet, but many people told me about it!! I am not going to add all the stories here but maybe I will post them in the Forum. I did post one from Brianne there, who was actually there. She said MC performed Heartbreakre, Mariah's Theme, Hero, and Against All Odds but they cut AAO and the end of Hero :( How sad!

Mariah will NOT be on The View tomorrow but she will be on it on the 11th. has it back up as the 11th now and Dan told me that said that it will be on the 11th also! I also updated the Important Dates list!

Mariah was on ET and Access Hollywood today and she will be on Access tomorrow too, so don't forget about that! Today they showed a new interview with her and they showed her performing Heartbreaker.

E! Entertainment Channel has Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor airing now which features MC behind the scenes too. It airs tomorrow at 12:30 pm EST and if you missed that it airs on Nov. 8th again at 3:30 pm EST. Also The Bachelor will get reviewed on KYW's (Channel 3) Roger Ebert and the Movies at 12:05 am on Nov. 8th. Again make sure you check out Important Dates section on the main page!

The Official MC newsletter sent out some good news today..
TODAY! - 11.1.99 - New York City
Hosting Hot 97 FM
11.2.99 - NYC
Phone-in w/Elvis Duran on Z100 FM
On air interview w/ Jeff Fox on WBLS; contest winners luncheon
4:00 - 5:30pm
Mariah TV LIVE - MTV Spankin' New Music Week
6:00 - 9:00pm
In-store appearance / album signing
Coconuts Rockefeller Plaza
(51st & Avenue of the Americas)
11.3.99 - Chicago
5:00 - 8:00pm
In-store appearance / album signing
Virgin Megastore
540 North Michigan Avenue
NOTE for all fans attending the Chicago event: to secure a spot in the line you'll need to pick up a bracelet at the Virgin Megastore on Tuesday, November 2nd with the purchase of "Rainbow". Space is limited see store for details.
11.5.99 - Los Angeles
On air interview at KKBT
Phone-in w/Rick Dees on KIIS-FM
6:15 - 9:00pm
In-store appearance / album signing
Tower Records
8801 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
NOTE for all fans attending the LA event: to secure a spot in the line you'll need to pick up a bracelet at Tower on Tuesday, November 2nd with the purchase of 'Rainbow.' Space is limited see store for details.
And don't miss out on the WORLD PREMIERE of the video for the "Thank God I Found You" Remix featuring Nas on BET this Wednesday (11.3.99)!

I can't believe they tell us that but don't say what time the new video will air on BET!! Grrr..anyone know?

Marc sent me some scans from "Entrevue" magazine. He has a bunch of French articles on MC and I am adding them all to Gallery 11 tonight but check out his awesome page!! Click Here!!!
Also 4 of the pics, 3 being the "yellow" pics and the other being the review pic, came from my Favorite MC site of all time...Mariah's Diary!

Alan told me that Mariah's Heartbreaker entered the UK Charts at #5 :)

Nini sent me the rest of the news now...she is just amazing isn't she? This first article is from New York Daily News and it is about "After Tonight" almost a Luis and MC duet until Luis ruined it, so it seems!
Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel still making beautiful music together? Carey had hoped to feature a duet with her Latin heartthrob on her CD, "Rainbow," out tomorrow. But their first collaboration didn't go so well. In fact, a well-placed source tells us that Miguel was so unhappy with their recording of "After Tonight" that he took a scissors to a tape of it and sent the pieces back to producer David Foster. Foster, who co-wrote the song with Carey and Diane Warren, confirms, "Luis didn't like the end result." He also offers, "I don't know if (Luis and Mariah) are still together." But he insists the tape did not come back to him as confetti. He also maintains the duet fizzled for musical reasons, not because of a romantic clash. "The song was written just for Mariah," says Foster. "I had Luis and Mariah record it several different times, but it never sounded right. So she ended up doing it by herself." (Foster had better luck marrying the voices of Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra on "All the Way," the title song of her new CD.) Carey says "After Tonight" just wasn't in Miguel's key. "To change it," she tells Gala magazine interviewer Jesse Nash, "I would have had to redo my vocals, and I didn't have time. We're not gonna get into a fight over it. "Why?" At least at the time of the Gala interview, Carey said she and Miguel were still a couple. As for her past men, she reflects that she might still be married to Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola if they'd had children. "If I had kids, it would be another whole story," the 30-year-old singer reflects. "I would be totally obsessed with trying to make something as perfect as it could be with that kind of situation." And, speaking of perfection, the siren reveals she's most self-conscious about her back. She used to have a mole there and, when she was 18, "someone who didn't know what they were doing" did a bad job of removing it. The star, who does a nice acting turn in "The Bachelor" (opening Friday), tried covering the "stupid scar" with a washable butterfly tattoo. Last year, she went to another dermatologist, but it still isn't gone. Asked if she might have some skin grafted from her lovely behind, she laughs, "I don't have enough skin there to begin with."

Nini told me also that she heard MC as DJ today on Hot 97 and here is a rundown!
Mariah's late like usual because she got stuck in traffic and got pulled over. She starts off saying "Oh dear." MC says she's sorry for being late. She thanks DJ Clue and Da Brat for holding it down for her. They play the Hearbreaker remix as a bonus during the Hot 5 at 4. Mariah says that was heartbreaker in an English accent. Missy calls up and they start talking to her. DJ Clue tells everyone to pick up 5 copies of Rainbow tomorrow. Then they talk about the concert Mariah did in her old junior high school. She says the principal had all the pictures of the Rainbow covered because it was too much for the kids to see. DJ Clue calls the principal Mr. Skinner. (haha!) They play the TGIFY remix. (This is the first time I've heard the song. Her voice sounds clear. I love it!) Next they play Crybaby. (my favorite song) Red Alert enters. Mariah tells him she's jealous of his job. She would love to be a DJ. Mariah wants to hear Da Brat's new song (That's what I'm looking for) Red Alert plays it for her.