10/30/98 MC was nominated for a Billboard award for Best Jazz/Contemporary artist for My All. They will take place in Universal City Ca. on Nov. 6th

Mariah and Whitney shot the video yesterday and the day before. There are pictures of them together and hopefully they will be in the picture site soon.

There are 2 pictures of MC in the new YM. It will be onstands Monday.

At Vibe.com you can see mroe pictures of MC that are NOT in the magazine. They are kind of cool.

When You Believe will NOT be sold in the US but you can get it in other countries which I find somewhat unfair.

Fanatic will not be holding a MC interview. The scheduling didn't work out so Mariah couldn't do it.

JD responded on MTVCut that Mariah was the focal point in the video shoot. He said that everyone did what Mariah said and that everyone wanted to be by her. There was rumor that that happened.

10/29/98 You can see a big picture of Mariah in this week's People magazine. She is walking down Manhattan wearing a black mini skirt. She's looking backwards towards the camera and smiling. Go check it out.

10/23/98 I heard it and taoed the premiere on Q102 at 7:12 pm tonight. The song was okay but once I hear it a few more times I will be singing it everywhere. Whitney starts it out and MC does the second verse and then they come together. MC didn't do many outburts causing it to seem that Whitney did somewhat outsing her. I don't know..I have to listen it to again..when I work out will be a good time :D

10/21/98 Okay so the cover of the new ONES magazine is not the cover of Cosmo. but a picture from the Arena magazine. It is the one where she is standing in that white dress. You can see two nice pictures in this week's People as Goofy636 reported.

Also Mariah is going to have December dedicated to her by VH1. This is twice in one years. I'll have more on dates and stuff that will happen towards the end of November.

10/17/98 YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST...the new cover of the "ONES" album is the picture of MC from the cover of Cosmo. They are making life size stands for the music store of Mariah. Inside will include picture from over the years and also a letter to her fans. I wouldn't know this if it wern't for Jimmy..thank you Jimmy :D

10/16/98 Okay Mariah is in two tabloids this week and a BRAND new magazine. She is in the Star and the National Enquirer. Also you can see her in the brand new magazine called Celebrity. There is a huge picture of her

Fantaic wrote me and told me to call them if I wanted to meet MC. SO I did and they took my name and number and said they would call me back. The producer was not in and she will call me. SO COOL!!! What if I met Mariah..what a dream come true.

10/10/98 Sweetheart was released in Singapore. Once I have more information, I will let you all know!

10/8/98 There will be no Sweetheart single. JD decided not to release it yet.

A person I knew for 11 years died last night. We grew up together and she was such a nice person. Please keep your prayers and thoughts with her family and friends. Us seniors faced a hard day today. We'll miss you Michelle Brown!

Diva's Live will rebroadcast tonight,including the entire show!

10/6/98 NO SWEETHEART! I called Towers (they responded with a NO and that is it) and I called Sam Goody (they said that they were expecting it today but it was a no show) and neither had it. They are both the two most popular cd stores too. Also Goofy636 and MCBFLY123 called around too and noone found it. SO..I don't know when Sweetheart single will be released.

I went to get the new Entertainment Weekly but I decided not to. There really was no other picture of MC except for the front one which I already have. I thought it was dumb to spend $2 for a couple words on her.

They sang I'll Be There last night on Ally MCBeal. Thought I would share.

Okay magazine time. Mariah is in Globe (picture of Jackie Chan and her--pretty), People (HUGE picture of her from the VMA's) and she is in Enquirer (from the NYCITY bash). I only bought the Globe because the other two I have or I can photocopy at the library. Had to save money.

When You Believe was suppose to hit radio stations today but Goofy636 said that it did not. He called the station and they said it should hit the air on Oct. 12th. who knows?

I got the Diva Live cd and VCR tape. I didn't listen to either yet but the cd inside is cool. There is 2 never seen pictures of MC and there is another of her with Aretha.

Mariah was on ET last night about the Double O Soul. Nothing much they just talked about how the movie was going to be out in Jan/Feb of 1999.

10/5/98 If you missed MC's Video Collection, you can check it out tom. (Tuesday) at 5 pm.

Reminder: Sweetheart single and Diva Live stuff comes out tom., and today you can get the new Issue of Entertainment Weekly and VIBE (if you don't already have it!)

10/4/98 Okay I got the Revisted book today and it basically the same as the first. Each Chapter starts out the same and everything. He took the same picture from the first and used them in the second with a extra couple with them. They are still in black and white too. BUT STILL..it is Mariah Carey so I had to have it. I didn't begin to read it but I bet it will be a good book. I am interested to see what he had to say about the breakup. The only place I know who had it is Towers Records. It is $11.95.

Best Buys had an ad about the Diva Live release for this Tuesday. There will be a video and a cd released so make sure you save about $30 for the Sweetheart single and these two items.

Jimmy told me that there might be a home video released on Mariah for around Nov. I am guessing it will have to do with her tour.

10/2/98 Okay MC is nominated for a MTV Europe Award. The Awards will be shown in the US on Nov. 13 from 8-10 pm.

I got the new Vibe magazine today. On the cover is a picture of MC in a greenish/grayish bathing suit from Sweetheart. There is another picture of her inside from Sweetheart with the kitten. Also inside is a picture of her from Breakdown and a picture of her from My All/Stay A While (My personnal favorite).

Hey guys I am starting my own mailing list. There is more details later on the webpage but it is basically called InfoMC. If you want to sign up or want to know more..e-mail me.

Don't forget to send letters to Vibe if you would like to get what you had to say about MC in next months issue. You could also win an autographed picture.

10/1/98 People keep asking me about the new CD so I decided to keep this on this months news...here is what the cd/tape is going to consist of...Sweetheart (w/o rap), When You Believe, Whenever You Call (Brain McKnight duet), My All, Honey, ABMB, OSD, Fantasy (maybe ODB version?), Hero (LIVE), SECOND CD/TAPE: Dreamlover, I'll Be There (featuring Trey Lorenz), Emotions, I Don't Wannna Cry (LIVE), Someday (remix version maybe), Vision of Love, and I Still Believe. YAY..I am so excited. Oh and Without You and Do You Know will be bonus tracks. The only thing I don't understand is where is "Let's Talk" with Wyclef??? Maybe another bonus?

Here is a letter from Mariah Carey herself to us.... Dear Fans, I would like to thank all of you for supporting me over the years. I would be nothing without you. For my new album, I have decided to turn the song, "Whenever You Call," into a duet with Brian McKnight because I know a lot of you liked that song. Also on the Japanese version of the new album, I have decided to add an extra track, it is a little present from me to you! Thank you for supporting me over the years, it is the best present I have ever received! Love, Mariah Carey Columbia Music www.mcarey.com www.sonymusic.com www.cdnow.com

My friend Jimmy (Edearth) told me about the Vibe magazine. There is a really nice picture of MC on the cover (face shot, curly hair) and inside there is about 4 pictures within the article including the kitty shot from the Sweetheart video. NOTE: The magazine will be out on Monday. Some places you can get it on Friday..like Border bookstores :D

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