October 2000 Too Cool Mariah News!!

October 31, 2000...Happy Halloween
MClogo - Happy Halloween
I want to wish everyone a Happy and SAFE Halloween!!! If I was dressing up today, I'd sure be a lamb! Ha ha!

- New LOVELY Pics
Tommy sent me a letter in real mail and also sent me a VERY lovely picture of Mariah that he took, I believe! This is seconds before Mariah hands her shoe to one of my VERY best friends Anja! You have no seen this picture anywhere on the net and it's look so professionally taken, way to go Tommy! Hee hee. Also, I scanned Mariah when she met up with 98º! I just scanned a whole page from my Rainbow Photo Album and cut out the pics! There are about 6 of those pics! All of these SEVEN pics can be found in a NEW gallery...Gallery 43

- 20 to 1 Duets on VH1
Mariah was on this new VH1 show for the 20 to 1 Diva's and now she will be on the show again for 20 to 1 Duets! She will be featured on the show for her work on One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men on Nov. 6th at 1 pm EST! Here is the description:
20 to 1 - Duets
Type: Network Series / Music
Duration: 1 hr
Description: Memorable duets, including David Bowie and Mick Jagger, Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, and Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. (In Stereo) Parental Rating: TV-PG
Airing: Mon 11/6/00 1:00pm VH1

I updated Important Dates with more times this show will air and also other shows like Rock of Ages, etc!

- Mariah has NO plastic Surgury says E!
Here is what Raphae told me:
Today on a program called "E-Entertainment News" in Australia, there was a segment on PLASTIC SURGERY. Basically it mentioned how people pay millions of dollars just to look like world famous "Superstars and Celebraties" such as MARIAH CAREY, Jennifer Lopez, etc.....
Well we all know that Mariah Carey's world famous legs and body are "one of a kind.
But it's nice to know that there are people around the world who want to look like Mariah and have Mariah as their inspirational model and idol.

(OCT. 29) Irish pop sensations WESTLIFE have slammed a rumour that superstar MARIAH CAREY got them banned from appearing on the British chart show TOP OF THE POPS. Mariah was so upset at the rumour, she even telephoned the group from Barbados to apologise for it.

The smear merchants claimed that Westlife did not appear in the Top Of The Pops video for their joint hit single AGAINST ALL ODDS at Mariah's request.

Westlife manager LOUIS WALSH says,"They weren't in the video and the reason for that is quite simple. Mariah was in Toronto making a movie and it was there that the video was shot. They were busy and just couldn't be there.

"Mariah gets very bad press with people saying all sorts of things about her. Contrary to these rumours, the lads in Westlife think the world of her and they got on like a house on fire when they recorded together."
(Thanks to Jake for this info)

- Magazine News
Elizabeth told me that MC is in the Nov. issue of Teen People. There is a small pictures of her on page 156 and below the picture, it says:
Kirsten Dunst has scene-stealing cheeks; to Trina
McGee-Davis, we say"You glow, girl"
Mariah Carey is a blushing beauty; fresh faced Mandy
Moore appears to be in the pink.

Vanessa told me that Mariah is in the Nov. 7th issue of the STAR tabloid on page 42 or 44. It's about her chest, which I wish they would just leave that issue alone because it's so old!

One of my best friends, Minerva, told me that Mariah is in a spanish magazine called Tele Novelas It's a magazine dedicated to Luis and there are three pics of MC in it. I think this is an old one though because I have a magazine called that and it's dedicated to Luis and there are 3 pics of MC inside?!? Hmm...well if you havn't gotten it yet, I am guessing it is still on stands!! It's hard to find in America, I got mine at the airport!

Minerva also told me there is a NEW pic of Mariha and Luis in the Spanish Tabloid Hola It shows a picture of them when they arrived at the airport of London after spending some time off in Barbados. There is also a fake picture in Spanish Bravo magazine and it reports the next Mariah's role in a new movie called 'Wonder Woman', we already know that it was just a rumour but she tells me that the pic is so funny. SHe told me she is going to try and scan these two pics for me and send them to me sometime this week! If anyone can get the scans to me earlier, that would be neato!!!

In the United States, Madonna has now passed Mariah Carey as the 2nd best selling female artist of all time. Mariah held the record at 52x platinum, only behind Barbara Streisand, with Whitney Houston and Madonna followed closely behind. Madonna's album certifications have recentely been updated, in addition to her new album, "Music," which was just certified 2x platinum. Madonna is now certified at 57x Platinum. And to add to that, Whitney Houston is now tied at 3rd place with Mariah, since Whitney is now certified at 52x platinum herself. Mariah has also fallen back from the 11th top selling artist of all time to the 15 biggest selling artist of all time (male or female). Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Madonna pushed Mariah back. It's going to take Mariah quiet some time to move up the chart. Her All That Glitters soundtrack must get certified at least 6x Platinum to pass Madonna. The way Mariah's albums have been selling lately, it's going to take Mariah two more albums to get ahead of Madonna.
(Thanks to Ashes for this info)

- AAO in Malaysia
Here is what Ashes told me:
"Good news for Malaysian fans! 'Against All Odds' (MfW) is finally getting some recognition in Malaysia! On THR, at least... For non- Malaysians, THR or Time Highway Radio is one of the West Coast's major radio stations. They're quite up-to-date with their music - which is why I kinda like it. And the THR Hot Picks On Youth Quake is a program that's aired every Thursday from 8 to 9 PM, to which listeners have to send in a recommended song through an entry form, available every week in The New Straits Times, one of Malaysia's leading newspapers.

So, apparently, Malaysians have been noticing the song, and realized they haven't been hearing it frequently enough. Well, they've certainly taken care of that! They've sent out enough entries to make it the #1 song on the list, this week!!! :-) A HUGE thanks to all Malaysians who recommended it!!! I think we might be hearing it a little bit more often from now on (on THR, at least).

It's ironic though... I called up one of the DJs about a month ago during a song dedication program, and requested 'Against All Odds' (the Mariah & Westlife version), and she went... err... huh?".

- Get Mariah Jeans at JCrew
At JCrew.com you can find the Mariah style jeans! They have the flayed look in many different styles. Click here to see them!
Thanks to Michelle from Only Mariah for this info)

- Bits O News
Here are some various things I got in Miss Mariah:

  • Ricardo:
    Yeah, yesterday Destiny's Child was on MTV's Cribs. Destiny's Child was showing MTV around their house. When they showed Beyonce, of Destiny's Child, I saw that she had on Mariah's style of jeans (ripped waistband).
  • Jason:
    Hi Regina, I just wanted to let you know that while I was at work today they played Mariah's Dreamlover on PST, which is a Philadelphia station I think. Then right after that I went for dinner and they were playing Can't Let Go in the Freehold Mall. Just thought I'd let you know.

    - European World Music Awards
    Here is what Minerva told me:
    This next Saturday at 7pm (CET) the European VH-1 will air the World Music Awards, besides I was told that a CD-recopilation called The best of love is out now and it includes AAO from Mariah

    October 30, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Mariah doing poorly downunder!
    Here is what Neil told me:
    This is Neil from the AMCF - Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub, again!
    I just thought I'd let you know that "Against All Odds" has debuted outside the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Top 50. So basically, this means that it's not on the charts at all. This is really, really dissapointing. Heartbreaker's peak was #10, Thank God I Found You was #27 and now Against All Odds doesn't even make the 50.

    There has been absolutely NO promotion from Sony towards record stores or towards the buying public. And I am yet to hear it played once on radio. If by some miraculous event airplay picks up, then hopefully next week AAO will be inside the Top 50.

    All we can do is request, and I've recently updated the AMCF's request page with even more places to request in Australia.
    Thanks for you time. - Neil K -
    PS/ If you want to view the ARIA chart the site is: http://www.aria.com.au

    - Against All Odds in UK
    AAO has fallen from #13 to #17 in the uk, but the song has spent 6 weeks in the top 20, which in itself, is a great feat

    - Mariah in Magazines?
    Has anyone seen MC in this weeks tabloids or magazines like Entertainment Weekly/People Weekly/USWeekly, etc? Please let me know because I havn't checked them out this week yet!

    - Max on Mariah
    I think I reported about this interview but I don't remember if I added the transcript! Check out the lovely things that Max had to say on Mariah and the truth behind the whole mouthwash rumor:

  • Interviewer: U play Mariah Carey's boyfriend or something like that don't u??
  • Max:Yeah i'm her record producer and then we become lovers and then the whole thing becomes volitile and...
  • Int:Can u clear up this rumour in the paper about the mouthwash?
  • Max:Awww its terrible all that! i had a chat with Mel about that....she was cool ablout all that!
  • Int:Shes cool isn't she
  • Max:Shes lovely,lovely
  • Int:So its not true that Mel made u,u know wrince out with mouthwash after u kissed Mariah,u know b4 u kissed HER
  • Max:Not at all, no
  • Int:Well Mel gave us a litle call and says whatever u do....make sure he has another bottle to come home to(and he gives him a bottle of mouthwash)
  • Max Laughs) lovely! bless her...aww thanks darling,(reads label) "12 hr action cool mint!" lovely!
  • Int:But no,what was Mariah like then??
  • Max:The thing about it is,u know what?? u know what we do,the papers and the media in this country,they have SUCH a responsibility because people REALLY DO believe what they read, and er she has got quite a bad reputation u know Mariah and er i'll NEVEREVER judge n e body until i meet them ever again because she was LOVELY! She was like a breath of fresh sir u know! and dead professional and generous and just a nice girl and er, its a shame that they abuse the power they have the media!
  • Int:Sometimes! and ur right in the thick of it really at the mo!
  • Max:Yeah its horrible cause they point me out to be some celebrity freak womanising guy etc
    (Thanks to Michelle, Ashes and Mariah UK Lambs)

    - Walter Afanasieff - Grammy-winning producer with a platinum sound
    Just a shade more than 10 years ago, Walter Afanasieff's phone rang. Tommy Mottola of Sony Music was on the line asking if the young musician was interested in producing the last song on Mariah Carey's debut album. That song, "Love Takes Time," rocketed both the new artist and new producer to the top of the charts.

    That was not the first time Afanasieff had been associated with a Number One hit. As a session player, songwriter and co-producer, Afanasieff worked closely with Narada Michael Walden during the late '80s. While in the Walden camp, Afanasieff contributed to albums by artists such as Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie, George Benson and Barbra Streisand.

    This year, as the result of his work with Streisand, Kenny G, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Babyface and Savage Garden, the 42-year-old Afanasieff won his first Producer of the Year Grammy Award.

    ..."I know that I have to be current and provide the artist with what they really don't know about. I don't really expect Celine or Mariah to come in and say, "Hey, man, I got this great new sound or this great new sample." It's up to your programmers and engineers and everyone in the studio to be really current and to know the cool things. When we were doing the Savage Garden album, Daniel [Jones] and Darren [Hayes] brought with them their current Australian bag of tricks. They said to me, "We like these, but we know this stuff. We want something more." I'm going, "This stuff is awesome." I got caught in a dilemma, because they thought their stuff was old, and I was thinking their stuff was so new that I just want to do that."

    This seems to be a wild shift from just three years ago?

    "That goes back to your first question about how it feels to win the Grammy. Well, it feels especially good to me, because I didn't do what I had been doing for so many years— you know, the Mariah/Celine/pop-ballad years. It gave me a chance to prove to myself that I don't need Mariah Carey to keep working.

    Mariah and I, temporarily I hope, have parted ways. It's not like I was out to prove it, but this was a really strong year for me to go out and prove to myself that I'm not just Mariah Carey's producer or Celine Dion's producer. It was really good because I didn't work with either of those two women this past year. It is a different take on my career."

    ... "So, when I'm in the studio with Train I have to say, "I want this to sound like you, unquestionably you." It can't sound like me. What am I gonna make those guys sound like? Mariah Carey? So, there's this balance of keeping the family sounding like they sound, but with my influence and direction and production."
    (Excerpts of article from Digital Pro Sound. Thanks to my Mariah4 buddy Mariah Online for this info)

    - Update #1
    - MC Jeans....
    Abercrombie and Fitch have decided to come out with MC-style jeans, which they call "No Waist Denim" and it's 100% cotton! You can get a pair for $49.99 at an Abercrombie and Fitch store or at abercrombieandfitch.com. Check it out at this address:
    (Thanks to Salvador for this info)

    - Music Box STILL doing well
    Here is what Matt told me:
    Continuously high annual sales have encouraged Sony to manufacture even more copies of this fantastic album. "Music Box", which has now sold more than 26 million copies globally, has also been re-released throughout Europe and is approaching sales of 1 million in Australia - making it one of the highest selling albums of all time downunder.
    (along with Shania Twain's brilliant "Come On Over" and Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill")

    - TRL Number
    Kruggins J told me the number is 1-800-Dial-MTV to call in and request Crybaby on Nov. 1st!

    - Joan Rivers on Mariah
    Katelin told me that on yestedays Joan Rivers show, they had this special called Best and Worst of Awards Shows Past! Mariah wasn't on the list but she was part on the show when they commented on various dresses! Katelin typed out what happened:
    (They showed her backstage at the AMA's, just standing around and stuff)
    Mariah Carey, American Music Awards

  • (1st Lady, Joan river's daughter)- this to me worries me a little bit... cuz it's just... there's just too little fabric
  • (the guy, i don't know which one)- but i think that's the essence of what she really likes: as little as possible
  • (a lady, it could have been the first one)- but she can get away w/ anything- she's Mariah
  • (other, older guy)- But you know what? I don't think that makes it right, I don't think it makes it look good, I think many times she just looks like a tart (?)
  • Joan Rivers- She's truly enjoying the success.

    - Mariah at RadioCity?
    HoneyBFly told me that her mother heard on the radio today that Mariah will be at this years Radiocity Music Awards. She was told it airs Saturday at 8 pm EST. Mariah is not nominated but they said she will be there!

    Now I don't know if this is true and if MC was going to be there, I think we would of heard something else by now since she is such a big star! If anyone else hears anything though, please let me know! Thanks!

    - Mariah on Australian Charts
    Here is what Ken told me:
    Against All Odds is doing horribly bad on the Australian charts. Doing the chart count today, Mariah will be debuting at 39 on the Sanity Chart on Wenseday.

    Please everyone just go to this page and make some email requests once in a few days to all the email addresses listed in this page: - http://www.tow-friends.com/AMCF/requests.html

    October 29, 2000...
    MClogo - EXCLUSIVE...Mariah CD in Janurary or Feb
    Read this AWESOME news that I just got from Chris, who works at one of the Sam Goody Record Stores:
    Hey, whats up? I was wriitng to let you know that my store manager went to the National Sam Goody manager conference in Atlantic City and they mentioned Mariah there are one of the conferences. They said expect a new CD out in January or Feburary. She said they mentioned a seperate album besides the soundtrack because she wants to leave her label. She probably has songs saved or songs that never made previous cuts. I doubt that there is a new album because we would have know about it and I think they were getting it confused with the soundtrack. But they did mention her new album and how she wants to break away from her label as soon as possible. Still no word on the Diva;s Live album and video... album is TBA and there is no sign of a video.

    - New AWESOME Pics!
    Linda sent me some new pics of Mariah!! They are all from the Rainbow Era, pretty much, and some of them are never before seen pics!! Check out Gallery 42 for 13 new scans of the lovely Mariah!

    - Updates
    There is a new Pic O' The Week and a new Quote O' The Week Plus, there is a new Poll O' The Week! This week, the poll is about the website and I would appreciate you guys letting me know how I am doing! It is almost 3 years now since I have started this website and I have been giving "My All" to it!! I usually spend about 1-2 hours on the internet everyday, at least, and would like to see what you all think!! You can also leave little comments too, if you like! Here are last weeks poll results:
    What's Your Favorite Mariah Hairstyle Type?

  • Straight (99) 34%
  • Naturally Curly (89) 31%
  • Wavy (98) 34%
  • Total Votes: 286

    - Mariah Online
    Mariah Online" has officially moved! Please use the new address from now on:

    - Tina Turner STOLE Mariah's idea!
    Well I don't know if that is exactly true but here is what my buddy Art told me:
    Hello Reg, This is aRt, remember when I told you that I work at Target? Well, apparently my store is the official sponcer to Tina Turners "All That Glitters Tour." Yes, she has Mariahs name to her movie and soundtrack! She even has this special CD out called "All That Glitters." Do you know what's up with that? Mariah was right when she said someone else might burn the idea.

    - TRL
    Kruggins J told me that we must also vote for Mariah by calling in for Crybaby!! Mandy Moore said that phone calls count more then online votes!! So that's something to think about for this campaign too!! I'll get the phone number and everything else up the day it all happens in November! Anything to help out Mariah!

    - Realplayer Cursors
    Here is what Trina told me:
    Anyways, whne I installed my realplayer, I also installed something called my comet cursor. It lets you change the curson on your computer to more than 1000 different images, and they have one of Mariah. Click on celebrities, then on pop stars, and her cursor is on the 4th page :)

    - Mariah Sticker for you!
    Contact AhotRACR@aol.com if you are interested in this offer:
    hey regina, i got some very nice picture stickers of mariah. each set has 4 and i have 2 sets. i have got 44 more sets im willing to sell to all the real mariah fans :).. $5.00 each set includes shipping and handeling to anywhere in the world!!! so i was wondering if you could let everyone know and the first 44 people who email me and send my the $5 will get a set. and i also am a christina aguilera fan NOT brittney and ive got buttons, very nice trading cards, and keychains, for sale the buttonsand trading cards are $4 shipped any where and the keychains are $5 shipped anywhere if you know anyone who likes her too. i am trying to get my hands on various other nice MC stuff cuz i got access sometimes...let me know whats up k

    - Vote for Mariah--She's in 2nd place
    Mariah is in second place for ATG behind Helen Hunt for Twister (she's also in a category for The Bachelor Movie). Please vote for her for the Best Independent Woman In A Movie Role!
    (Thanks to Ricardo for this info)

    - Crybaby on TRL
    First off, anyone got the phone number for TRL?!? I looked quickly for it on the MTV website but couldn't find it! Thanks! Here is what Abercrombie 8413@aol.com told me (we got 4 days!):
    Hi, i fixed a part of this for the TRL thing because if you add it to vote on that day Nov. 2nd it wont be on TRl that day because carson said something about voting back in June 2000 and he said when you vote on a monday those votes get in to be on a tuesday so if you understand what i am saying please post that because we want to get MC on TRL Nov 2nd thank you.
    TRL Voting day - Nov. 1st
    This November First , A huge movement is taking place, all fans worldwide are being called to arms. The plan is to vote "Crybaby" as high on TRL as we can for the next day. November 2nd is the one-year anniversary of 'Rainbow' , and let's give our favorite Diva an anniversary present she'll never forget!
    ***Celebrate the one-year anniversary of 'Rainbow' by requesting "Crybaby" on TRL this November 1***There are two things you can do to help:
    2. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON TRL NOVEMBER 1 (The Day Before Nov 2nd) at 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. !
    So Are you in or not? I'm in! To vote, go to -> http://mtv.com/sendme.tin?page=/mtv/tubescan/trl/.
    2. Go to "Play my song"
    3. Click on "Other" and type in Mariah Carey for "Artist Name" and "Crybaby" for "Video Title"   

    October 28, 2000...
    MClogo - All That Glitters Single
    Shino told me that there is big news in Japan yesterday and that is that Mariah's single for her movie, All That Glitters will be released on January 24, 2001! The merchandise number is:
    SRCS-2403 ( 2000/01/24 )
    And there is no name for the single! This news comes from Sony Music Online Japan!

    It is possible this could happen because the movie is set to be released in March or April 2001 and that is about a month or two before the movie is released to help get the song up on the charts!! However, this news is so far in advance that the chance of the date changing is highly likely!

    - Messageboard Note
    Someone on the messageboard posted that they were Mariah Carey and the person talked about the Howard incident and how she left a message! However this is the THIRD time someone has said they were Mariah on the board and I HIGHLY doubt it is MC! I checked the IP number and it does not match up to anyones and I would contact Jill about it but sadly they don't want us to e-mail them anymore! So, it is most likely Mikey or some other MC fan that was just bored Friday night and needed something to do! Please cut it out, whoever you are!

    - Mariah Carey Shorts
    Mudd Jeans is having a sale and you can save 20% on their Mudd Sandblast Mariah Carey shorts! How cool is that! Check them out by clicking here and the description is below!
    Save 20%. Mudd sandblast Mariah Carey short. Three button fly with frayed waistline and leg bottoms. What a look! 100%cotton. Machine washable. Regular price: $24.99 Sale price: $19.99 (Thanks to Alan for this info)

    - Anniverary present for MC?
    This November 2nd, a huge movement is taking place, all fans worldwide are being called to arms. The plan is to vote "Crybaby" as high on TRL as we can for that one day. November 2nd is the one-year anniversary of 'Rainbow', and let's give our favorite Diva an anniversary present she'll never forget!
    ***Celebrate the one-year anniversary of 'Rainbow' by requesting "Crybaby" on TRL this November 2nd!***
    There are two things you can do to help-
    So are you in or not? I'm in! To vote, go to http://www.mtv.com/sendme.tin?page=http://www.mtv.com/mtv/tubescan/trl_bigdeal/archive.html
    1. Click on the top pull down bar and look for TRL. Click on it.
    2. Go to "Play my song"
    3. Click on "Other" and type in Mariah Carey for "Artist Name" and Crybaby for "Video Title"
    (Thanks to Ken for this info)

    - Websites on MC
    Three people e-mailed me and wanted me to tell you guys about their websites, so hear goes:

  • Honey B Fly Website:
    This site by John is a private site (a web community on MSN) and can only be viewed if you become a member! It has desktop themes, photo album, chat room, rainbow page, news page, video page, sweetheart page, plus much more. If you would like to check it out, you can become a member by checking out the page below:
  • Mariah Avenue:
    Pete created a site on MC and you can check out this site by clicking below:
  • Butterfly Haven:
    Mishka redesigned his old site which was called MUning's Mariah Carey Page and would like all to check out the cool new design!

    - Derek gets the ladies
    Here is what Cheri told me:
    hey, today i was on the bus on my way to school and they were talkin bout Derek Jeter on the radio, like 95.5 baltimore or somethin like that, and they were sayin how he is so lucky cause he is handsome and gets all the girls and they said that he is lucky cause he got to go out with a beautiful lady like Mariah Carey. I thought that was kool and then my mom came and picked me up and they were playin Always be my baby on 102.7 baltimore. That is like my fav song so I thought that was so kool. And also the other day they were playin Heartbreaker on that same station. That station normally plays like a mariah song every once in a while!! so that is my news today.

    - Cosmo Girl Magazine
    Mariah is in the December/January issue of CosmoGirl! She is on page 60 about her nail polish!
    (Thanks to PopGoddess for this info!)

    October 27, 2000...
    MClogo - New Mariah Message
    Mariah has left another message on her Official Website She talks about the fact that she will not stop leaving messages on the site even though Howard Stern is picking apart her messages! I am glad she isn't stopping the messages because I know I can speak for all her fans when I say that we love hearing from her!!

    Okay, so now I'm gonna feel totally inhibited every time I leave a message on this thing (it's Mariah by the way) because it seems that the messages have somehow become fodder for the Howard Stern Show! But anyway, I'm not gonna stop calling or stop reading (get ready Howard) the FANBOOKS, which are books made by the fans! Um because basically the fan books are more about you guys and how you relate to the music than me! And I sound relaxed when I speak to the fans, because I am relaxed with my fans, and with myself. So, um, thank you and good night! (laughs)
    (Thanks to Johnny823 for the transcript)

    - National Enquirer Uncovered
    Well basically this show was nothing! They talked about Mariah for like FIVE seconds and they showed pics of her from the AMA's 2000 and the Rush Hour Premiere! If you missed it, you didn't miss anything! They talked about Mariah being up for the role of Wonder Woman!

    - Magazine News
    Mariah is in the Spanish Magazine called Erres! It has a picture from Diva's and it says something along he lines that if Whitney can do it, so can Mariah! I guess they are talking about acting?
    (Thanks to OREOBOY1 for this info)

    - Mariah Club
    I got invited into another Mariah club on yahoo that you guys might want to join too! Click below http://join.clubs.yahoo.com/config/sjg?.k=54939f82a240viIb

    - Mariah on Rock of Ages
    Mariah will be on this VH1 show on Nov. 11th at 3 pm (EST time) The description of the show is:
    Type: Network Series / Music
    Duration: 30 min
    Description: Comics, wrestlers and cabbies review videos by recording artists Mariah Carey, Hanson, R.E.M. and Michael Jackson.
    Performers: TV-PG
    (Thanks to sweetrosepetal@gurlmail.com for this info!)

    - Yesterdays Pics
    Nacho told me that yesterdays pic of MC in the tan outfit was from the Prince of Egypt Special and do did someone else! However Mariah wore a green dress while singing with Whitney and a red dress while talking right?!? Or am I mistaken! Plus the blue outfit was MC in Argentina not Spain in December 1999! Sorry about that!

    - Mariah in Mall and on Radio
    Here is what mschat99@webtv.net told me:
    I don't know if I ever told you this or not so I'll tell you in case not. I was walking through the mall a long time ago and they were playing the Honey vid on the screens. Another time more recent, they were playing the TGIF vid. When someone wrote that they saw a vid playing, that reminded me. And also, a while back on the radio, the DJ played 2 songs back to back of her, and one was Emotions. I forget the other one. And he said she's really great or something like that. That made me really happy to hear. : )

    - Luis and MC duet
    Mel told me that her mom heard on a Spanish Show today that Mariah has already recorded two songs with Luis in Spanish! Now I am almost positive that this is a rumour but it would be cool for them to do a duet soon!

    - Teen Style
    MC is in the October issue of Teen Style! It shows a pic of her from the 1993 AMAs and the '00 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and it talks about stars who changed their look.
    (Thanks to Mariahlamby for this info!)

    - Mariah Poll
    The Mariah Poll at this top of this page has been going back and forth this week! Right now Wavy and Straight hair are tied with 77 votes each and Naturally Curly is at 73 votes! Two days left till this poll ends, so make sure to cast your vote on which way you like MC's hair!

    October 26, 2000...
    MClogo - New Pic
    There are two new pics in Gallery 42 One is a new picture of Mariah in Spain in a nice blue outfit. She looks really pretty and the other one is an older picture of Mariah from the Butterfly Era but I don't believe I ever added it to the Galleries! So check them out if you like!
    (Thanks to Dennis for these lovely pics)

    - Howard Discusses Mariah on show
    On Fridays Howard Stern Show, a guy named Vinnie collected all the Mariah Voice Messages on her site and gave them to Howard! Howard began playing two or three of them on Friday's show and said he would play more Monday! However, he didn't play them on Monday or Tuesday but he spent about 30-40 minutes of his show yesteday discussing Mariah's Messages and playing about 5 different ones! Thanks to Alex, I have Friday's entire show and Today's entire show on cassette! Some of the things he says are sort of funny but majority of the things he says are just plain rude and uncalled for! I guess though if you have a good sence of humor, you won't think too much of it and hopefully Mariah won't get upset with Howard, if she actually heard what he said!! Howard didn't understand the whole "Lamb" thing and they finally came up with the fact that Mariah is our leader and we are members of her flock, which REALLY made me crack up! He didn't understand the whole fanbook thing either and he says he is ticked off with his fans that they don't take the time to make fanbooks for him too! They talked about a lot on the show and really picked apart each word that MC said. That's enough on that though right?

    - National Enquirer Special
    Some people have been wondering about this special which I originally reported is suppose to air today on UPN! However, I found it is NOT on UPN but on Channel 48, whatever that is? I found another listing for it too which is:
    Oct. 27th...National Enquirer's Uncovered at 12:36 AM on ABC
    If you want to check out this show, I suggest you all check your local listings because it varries from town to town and state to state!

    - No one like Mariah
    There's no one quite like Mariah in todays music world. First of all, she's a new member of the survivors club. Few celebrities have triumphed over the rumors that circulated about her. Here are just a few: She slept her way to the top, she can't perform in public because her voice isn't good enough without the help from the electronic geniuses, she has no fashion sense, she has altered her look with plastic surgery and her weight varies extremely from month to month.

    Mariah has looked and laughed at all of these statements. It's true that her first husband was the president of a record company and it's true that Joan Rivers sighted her worst dressed celebrity at an award show and it's true that she, like everyone else, gains weight from time to time, and it's also true that at the beginning of her career she was frightened at performing live, so was Barbra Streisand!
    (Taken from Fresh Magazine)

    - Big Breakfast with Max Beesly
    Max Beesly was on the Celeberty show last night and on the Big Breakfast today. He said he was really proud of all his work in the forthcoming movie ATG. He said it was his best performance, which was brought about by working with such brilliant stars particularly Mariah Carey - that guy has taste :o)
    (Thanks to Ashes for this information)

    - Can't Take That Away to be Released
    On February 26, 2001, Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) will be released on single in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands, according to cdon.com. It will be available on 2-track and 4-track CD-Single.
    (Thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for this information)

    - Vote for Mariah
    Vote for Mariah at the following locations:

  • The Hottest Superstar(s) of All Time:
  • The Hottest Superstar (different one):
  • Best Diva:
    (Thanks to Kate for this information)

    - AAO in Australia
    Here is what Ashes told me:
    Okaaaaay, I've finally got the deal with AAO out here in Australia. There ARE copies of it in SOME HMV's......only the really large stores like the 1's in Centrel Brisbane.......4 some reason, its on import prices......$9.75....MUCH more than the other releases and isnt being counted in the Top 40....... 4 example, the Spice Girls R already #1 & their single only came out this week!!!

    - Mariah Dissed on TRL
    Here is what Chad told me:
    Marilyn Manson was talking to Carson on the phone and he said he was laying naked in the hotel room. Carson said that is funny because Mariah Carey called and said the same thing. MM said, that makes me nauseous and Carson said me too. I was soooo mad at Carson because he said that. MM is just stupid so I don't care about him, but i am ticked off at Carson. Oh well, thought you'd like to know.

    - Update
    A couple people sent in more stories for the Your Mariah Carey Story section on this website! I finally got around to adding them to the page, so check them out if you like and feel free to send in your story on how Mariah has inspired you!

    - Clubs on Mariah
    Ever since I mentioned Mariah Clubs that I joined on Yahoo.com, I have gotten more invites! Here are two other Mariah Yahoo Clubs you should think of joining! I just did!!

  • Mariah Carey Butterfly
  • Mariah's UK Lambs:

    - Wizard of Oz
    Patti LaBelle was on Rosie today and she said that she is going to be in The Wizard of Oz along with various othre people! Mariah was not mentioned in with the other people! A while back, there was a poll on who we thought should play Dorothy and Mariah was one of the nominations! She didn't win sadly and it seems she isn't in the movie either!
    (Thanks to Mc2000crybaby16 for this info)

    - No Mariah on VH1's "My VH1 Awards!"
    It makes no sence to me to have a Mariah fan in the commercial for this show and not even have Mariah nominated for anything! You can no longer add in someone, Melissa told me for the "My VH1 Awards!" Melissa thinks we should do something like create a petition because of this but I don't know if it will help or not?

    - Tidbits
    Here are two tidbits from fellow MC fans:

  • Melissa:
    I was driving home yesterday and they played one sweet day and after the song the lady said, Mariah Carey is one of my fav singers and I can't wait to see her movie cuz I heard it is gonna be great!!
  • Prinie:
    Well, this isn't huge news, but at my highschool today, we had a rally, and they ended up playing "Breakdown." Although I really hate rallies and pay them no mind usually, I had to stop and listen, then started to sing along, it kinda lifted my spirits ;0)

    October 25, 2000...
    MClogo - Celebrities' watches raise $1.5 mln
    NEW YORK (AP) - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Muhammad Ali flexed their muscles to help raise $1.5 million for charity in an auction of celebrities' watches. The actor and the boxing champ were the hosts of the Christie's sale Monday that featured Audemars Piguet timepieces worn and signed by them, Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone and about 30 other movie stars, singers and athletes. Schwarzenegger's titanium and 18-karat gold chronograph wristwatch from the Royal Oak collection topped the bidding at $340,000. Ali's 18-karat pink gold watch from the Jules Audemars collection sold for $220,000. Watches belonging to Loren and Stone sold for $75,000 each.

    Bon Jovi's 18-karat white gold oval watch went for $20,000, while Carey's - an 18-karat gold piece set with diamonds - sold for $21,000. The buyers were collectors, socialites and celebrities, Christie's said. None were named. A bonus lot was added to the auction when Schwarzenegger took off the watch he was wearing, a prototype he wore during filming of his newest movie, "The Sixth Day." It sold for $35,000. All the money raised will benefit the Inner City Games Foundation, which offers sports contests and educational programs for children, and the Muhammad Ali Center, an interactive educational institution.

    Mariah's 18-karat gold watch set with diamonds went for $21,000
    (Thanks to Jake)

    - New Pic
    Mirage7460 sent me a picture that was taken at one of Mariah's Signing Sessions for the Rainbow Album! It's pretty blurry but it's still a nice pic of MC! Check it out in Gallery 42

    - Update
    I added a couple new Important Dates on the main page. Check it out if you like!

    - Small Update
    There really isn't any news today so I am very sorry for the small update! Plus I am updating the page at 6 am, so maybe mid day I will get more news!!

    October 24, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah and Luis Duet
    Anna found an article at LaBotana.com and translated it to English for us!! Who knows if this will really happen and if it does, when it will!
    Singer Mariah Carey is thinking of/plans to include a couple of Spanish-language songs in her next recording (disk). For this purpose, Mariah will continue with her attempts to master the Spanish language; she's already had several "classes" with her sweetheart, Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

    The singer (MC) assured us of the possibility of this long awaited duet with Luis Miguel, and according to Mariah the song must be a love song, since she'll be performing the song ("interpreting") with someone very special.

    Contrary to current rumors published in the press, all signs indicate that Mariah and Luis Miguel continue their romance. Just recently, the pair were seen celebrating the end of the filming for her movie "All that Glitters" with a very lively, festive dinner party.
    (by Estella Hppf, exclusive for LaBotana.com)

    - Correction
    Yesteday I said that Rick Dees was playing Against All Odds on the countdown now on 102.7 KissFM but actually, he was just mentioning the #1 songs in other countries! Thanks to Art for this information!

    - Mariah donates Heartbreaker outfit!
    "You also hosted a benefit in orlando, Fl, to raise money for Caroline's foundation. What was the event like?" Howie Dorough: Polly and I performed "Fly to Heaven." I auctioned off some of my personal items from the early days of BSB, like stage costumes and suits I wore to award shows. Plus, Mariah Carey donated the jeans and shirt she wore in her "Heart breaker" video, Shania Twain gave an overcoat, Shaquille O'neal sent shoes, and a bunch of other celebrities chipped in stuff to raise more than $ 100, 000 for Carolines foundation ( foundation for lupus research and education) --Taken from, "Talent over tradegy" By: Patty Adams in Ym's Nov. 2000 issue.
    (Thanks to Jen for this article!)

    - Hearing Mariah in the Mall
    Here is what Art told me:
    Today I went to my local Mall South Coast Plaza, and they were playing Mariah Carey Bliss at D&G stores!!!! They were bumping it to the entire album because when I walked back, I heard X Girlfriend as well!! But that's not all, when I was leaving, I went into Sears and they were playing Mariah's Thank God I Found You video on all the screens!!!! That was so cool! That made my day, listening to Mariah while I shop!!!!


  • #1's
    1. Number 127 best selling R&B album of the year (last week Number 123)
    2. Number 198 best selling R&B album core stores of the week (last week wasn't on the list)
  • Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
    1. Number 33 best selling single of the year (last week Number 32)
    2. Number 57 best selling Maxi single of the year (last week Number 55)
    3. Number 60 best selling R&B single core stores of the week (last week Number 58)
    4. Number 63 best selling single of the week (last week Number 56)
  • Thank God I Found You
    1. Number 4 best selling Maxi single of the year (last week Number 3)
    2. Number 7 best selling single of the year (last week Number 7)
    3. Number 89 best selling R&B single core stores of the week (last week Number 97)
    4. Number 160 best selling single of the week (last week Number 167)

    - AAO #2 on Croation Top 20
    "Mariah & Westlife are now at #2 on Croatian Top 20 Request chart. Whitney & Enrique still hold 1st position with their duet. Make Mariah #1 by sending an e-mail to Croatian TV -> top20@hrt.hr.
    (Thanks to Ashes for this info)

    - Babyface on Arista
    Babyface Signs on With Arista When Antonio "L.A." Reid replaced hitmaker Clive Davis as the president of Arista Records in July, there was speculation that many of the label's high-profile acts, such as Whitney Houston or Santana, might jump ship. Not only did that not happen, but Reid has added a new superstar to the roster, signing his old pal Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds to a long- term solo recording contract, the label said Thursday. Babyface had been signed to Epic Records, which will release a greatest-hits package featuring two brand-new songs on Nov. 14. Arista and Epic will join forces to promote one of those tracks, "Reason for Breathing," to radio. Reid and Babyface heaped praise on each other in the Arista statement. Edmonds called Reid "an intuitive businessman," while Reid said "an artist of [Edmonds]' substance comes along once in a musical generation." As a singer-songwriter- producer, Edmonds has won 10 Grammys, including a record three consecutive prizes as producer of the year. Combined worldwide sales of singles and albums bearing his imprimatur exceed the 100 million mark. The duo has worked together since 1983, when Indianapolis native Edmonds joined Reid's Cincinnati-based funk band, the Deele. In 1989, they co-founded Atlanta-based LaFace Records, the eventual home of TLC, Toni Braxton, and Usher. LaFace is now wholly owned by Arista's Bertelsmann parent company. In 1993, Edmonds left LaFace over creative differences with Reid and focused on his own projects. Besides his solo works, he has collaborated with the likes of Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey*, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and Madonna. He and his wife, Tracy, have also forayed to the silver screen, producing such films as Soul Food. The greatest-hits set, Babyface: A Collection of His Greatest Hits, includes the Top 10 pop-R&B singles "It's No Crime," "Whip Appeal," "Every Time I Close My Eyes and "When Can I See You Again." Including the aforementioned "Reason for Breathing," which Edmonds co-wrote with singer Joe, the album features three new tracks. Also appearing are "When Men Grow Old" and the first studio recording of "Change the World."
    (Taken from Wall Of Sound. Thanks to Ashes for this info)

    The song "Everytime I close My Eyes" featuring Mariah on backing vocals is included on this CD. It will be realeased on November 14 in the US.
    (Thanks to Ashes for this info)

    - AAO in UK
    Against All Odds has fallen from #5 to #13 this week.
    (Thanks to Ashes for this info)

    - Request Mariah
    Request Mariah on :

  • thebox@thebox.nl (The Box is a Dutch Music- Station)
    and on:
  • clipparade@tmf.nl
    (The Music Factory aka TMF, is a Dutch music channel too)
    It's important to request Mariah on these channels, because Mariah & westlife have dropped from #35 to #38 in the Top 40 (Dutch chart).
    You can also request Mariah& Westlife on:
  • select@mtve.com coz
    Here they've dropped also, from #2 to #5. So please request AAO!
    (Thanks to Ashes for this info)

    - Mariah Carey Fantasy Club
    Steph told me about a cool Mariah Carey yahoo club called Mariah Carey Fantasy! I just joined myself and I encourage all of you to do so too!! Also, check out Steph's website at AllMariah.com

    - Joe, Mariah's Biggest Fan?
    mddubose@blackplanet.com was just watching VH1 and a commercial came on a kid named Joe, I believe, was talking about how he has Mariah on his retainer! He said, "I am voting for Mariah!" After that they said we can all vote for who we think is artist of the year, etc so check out VH1.com and cast your vote!

    October 23, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - New Pic
    I scanned the article and picture from the November 2000 issue of Sister2Sister! The article is pretty cool. I thought it was cool that Luis had, "MC, I love you, LM" written in the sky in fireworks!! Check out the picture and the article in Gallery 42

    - Mariah Carey-$100 Million Personal Fortune!
    This next article is from a week or two ago from the National Enquirer Tabloid! I don't remember if I added it to the site or not and Bernard found it online at the National Enquirer Website!
    Princess of Pop Mariah Carey did not even have digs of her own after leaving the $10 million mansion she shared with her ex-hubby, music titan Tommy Mottola -- until she bought a posh $9 million Manhattan penthouse. Then she splurged on a fitting centerpiece -- Marilyn Monroe's cherished white baby grand piano, which she snagged for a cool $662,500. "My accountant was dying," Mariah says with glee. No big deal -- since the multiple Grammy winner has sold more than 128 million albums since hitting the big time in 1990. The 30-year-old "Heartbreaker" currently makes sweet music with Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

    - Against All Odds #1 for 2 weeks
    Here is what Almc told me:
    Hi Regina, Just wanna tell you that Mariah Carey & Westlife's "Against All Odds" have been at the #1 position for 2 weeks on the charts which my local(Brunei) station compiled from votes.

    - No Mariah on Howard
    I listened to the tape of Howard talking about Mariah on Friday's show and it actually was somewhat funny at points but other things he said were kind of mean!!! My friend Alex told me that Howard didn't play any of Mariah's messages on his show today!! He mentioned her early in the morning and said he would play some more but he never got around to doing that! So maybe he'll mention her on tomorrow's show! I'll try and tape it again and see what happens

    - Vonda Curtis-Hall
    Arvin sent me transcript of some nice things that Vondie (ATG Director) said in an interview for popcorn.co.uk, about Mariah's performance in the film. Thanks to Mariah Online for this information too! She worked really hard for it. She did a lot of preparation and...uh...I think she felt she had a lot to prove so she really bucked it down and she's brilliant in the movie and, you know, think a lot of people are gonna be really surprised. I gave her as much direction as I could, I just sort of guided her in an area that I thought would best support her character...ah...She had a great acting coach...um...ah...that she worked with for a couple of years before she came to work in this picture and...um...you know, we would fight about some things and we'd come together on a lot of other...on most things. So it was great, it was a really great experience. Oh, I think the critics are inclined to go for her but I don't they'll have much of a leg to stand on because she's sooo brilliant in this movie..um...it just shocks me...you know...daily I would look at the rushes and, you know, just be blown away by Mariah AND the lead actor Max Beesly and their chemistry so I'm really excited...Bad boy Max!!...hehehe...He's great...It's such an...The great thing about this film is...it's great to have actors who actually do what they're supposed to be doing in the film. Mariah is a great singer so she's a great singer in this film. Max is a great producer and great a musician and he's a, in fact, he's a great pianist...ah... great drummer...ah, you know, and so he's actually playing...he's actually, you know, playing drums...he's actually playing piano...and, you know, the music that they're writing together, they're actually writing the music. So...you know... the verisimilitude is...ah...you know...it's sitting there. So it's just..it's fantastic.

    - Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy
    Here is what mschat99@webtv.net told me:
    They had a Mariah question on Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy and it was the last question of the game, to choose 2 out of the 3 women singers who have 2 albums that have sold over 10 million. The answeres were Mariah, Shania & Whitney. 1 or 2 people chose Mariah as 1 of their answers, but no one chose 2 right answers. She was also on another game show before Rock 'n Roll, and I forgot what it's called. It's the one w/ teenagers who run back and forth and answer questions. They asked who rerecorded IBT and made it a hit, and I rushed to turn on my VCR to tape it but I missed it! And I missed them give the answer in the process, but it's gotta be Ms. Mariah.

    - Personal Note to Mia
    Mia please contact me about your Toronto Pictures! Thanks!

    - Update #1
    - New Pic
    There is a new picture of MC from the set of All That Glitters in the All That Glitters Gallery. It's a scan of the NW article and it's the last picture in that gallery! It shows Mariah in NYC on her cell phone and then two pics we saw earlier in the USWeekly Magazine! Check out the scan if you like!

    - Men Strike Back Pop Up
    Yesterday I reported about this show and how MC was mentioned in it! Well, it seems Mariah was mentioned in another part and here is what Alan told me about it:
    When they showed christina perform, they showed mariah things too.. first the whole controversy bout mariah preventing christina from being on divas and they showed them both doing the same hand movements and they said that they didnt use pyrotechnics at the diva show cuz mariah was worried that it would ruin her voice.. and obviously, i lost to "JOE" for the Mariah "my vh1 awards" .. hes the kid that has MARIAH written on his retainer...

    - American Top 40
    Here is what Julie told me:
    Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I was listening to American Top 40 this morning with Casey Kasem and they had a 14 year old girl dedicate "Hero" to her best friend that died. It was sooo

    - Down in Denim
    VH1.com has a couple collages on their site for the fashion awards and Mariah is in one of them for her famous jeans! Here is the article below and you can check out the picture to the right of the article! There is a bigger version on the website!
    MClogo As long as there is manual labor there will be denim clothing. But never have fashion and functionality been so entwined as this year, when every other supermodel seemed to be wearing jeans paired with stilettos, and denim jackets were tossed over everything from T-shirts to evening gowns. We haven't seen this much denim since, oh, the mid-'80s - and by the way, old-school designer jeans also made a comeback this year. Ooh la la!

    - All Star Update
    Yesterday MTV was running a show called All Star Update and Missy was one of the people on the show! She said it was really nice to have met Mariah and work with her! They showed some pics of MC in the background too! Thanks to Hillary for this information!

    - AAO on Rick Dees
    Here is what MariahRcks told me:
    Hey all I turned on my radio and I heard Rick dees play on 102.7 here in CA Against All Odds with her and westlife on the radio on his Count down I heard the last 2 minutes of it. Mariah is finally getting Airplay. Start requesting this to your local radio stations.

    - Truth
    Michelle was watching a show called, "Truth" yesterday and there was a girl named Zima on it. She told her story on how her dad got cancer and she got to a very emotional point! They played Thank God I Found You and Michelle told me that it was the right song at the right time in that moment!

    October 22, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - New Pics
    I went to the store and picked up 4 magazines: Disney Adventures (Nov 2000), InStyle Magazine (Nov. 2000), Star Tabloid (Oct. 31st), and People Weekly Favorite Pictures Book. All 4 scans from these magazines/book can be found in Gallery 42 I couldn't find Sister2Sister at Wal-Mart but I get it this week and get the scan up in Gallery 42 for you all real soon!

    - Update #1
    - Updates
    Well, it's Sunday and let me first say, that I am very sorry I didn't update the page yesterday! My brother got married and I was in the wedding so I was gone all day! Today, I got a bunch of news for you and updates on the site which include:

  • Quote O' The Week
  • Pic O' The Week
  • New Poll O' The Week (Check Above News]
  • Quote Page Updated
    With the Quotes Page, I am going to start updating that every week again!! I think it's really cool to read some quotes from the #1 singer of the world and on this site, you will find one of the largest collection of quotes! Hope you enjoy it!

    - Butterfly Beats Rainbow
    Well I read all your comments on last weeks poll and it seems that you all feel that the Butterfly album has a bigger impact on you then the Rainbow album [I personally love Rainbow more]. Some of you said that the songs really helped you through the hard times and that Butterfly created a feeling that we all need, freedom! We all knows that Mariah loves Butterfly too and here are the results of last weeks poll! Thanks to everyone who voted and please vote on the new one! Also, if you have a poll idea, feel free to send it to me...
    What Mariah Carey album means the most to you?

  • Mariah Carey (14) 4%
  • Emotions (5) 1%
  • Unplugged 0%
  • Music Box (25) 8%
  • Merry Christmas (5) 1%
  • Daydream (36) 12%
  • Butterfly (135) 46%
  • #1s (8) 2%
  • Rainbow (60) 20%
  • Total Votes: 288

    - National Enquirer's Uncovered
    ClickTV.com said that Mariah will be on the tabloid tv show, National Enquirer's Uncovered! Now what this show reports is NOT true information and majority of what they report is rumors and lies! But sometimes they have cool shots of the celebrities and nice pics of them!! So, if you would like to check out MC, the show airs on Thursday, Oct. 26th on UPN! In my neck of the woods, it airs at 1:30 and 8 pm but with this show, it matters where you are if you want to watch it! Make sure to look it up! Here is the information on the show:
    National Enquirer's Uncovered
    Type: First-run Syndication / Reality
    Duration: 30 min
    Description: Scheduled: singers Sean "Puffy" Combs, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey; star graveyards. (In Stereo)

    - Mariah on Howard Friday and Monday
    Alex called me and told me that Mariah was mentioned again on Friday's Howard Stern show! Basicaly he played her messages from her website and talked about them! He even mentioned the one where Mariah mentioned Anja and I and how she cried on the plane when she read our letters :) I have Friday's show on cassette tape and will get Monday's show on tape too hopefully!! Honey B Fly told me more about Friday's show:
    This morning on howard stern they played some of mc's mesages that she leaves on her site, and he was kinda goofing on her ya know, saying how she trys to talk like shes black when she does her southern accent and also saying that she only does the mesages b/c it makes fans think that she really cares, there going to play more on monday-i thought it was kinda bad that he was playing them just so he could say those things, he also said that he likes mariah but he thinks shes too sensitive about things and gets mad too easily like if he says he doesnt like her dress or something.

    - Mariah in Sister2Sister
    Vanessa told me that Mariah is in the November 2000 issue of Sister2Sister! That's all I know about it though! I'll go get the magazine and have a scan for you all later tonight!

    - Help Mariah in Australia
    Neil from the AMCF (Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub] needs our help again! He is urging everyone to check out the below link and help out Mariah's Against All Odds single with Westlife in Australia! It doesn't take long, so please check out the address below! Thanks!

    - Mariah Clubs and Pages
    Here is a cool club to check out and a webpage that needs a little help:

  • Mariah's Crybaby Club
    Cheri wants more members for her yahoo club, Mariah's Crybaby Club!! There are a TON of pics and updates with the latest info! Check it out at the link below!
  • Star Mariah
    Michelle is looking for someone to help out with making a new design for her site Star Mariah E-mail her at:

    - Mariah in Hitkrant
    Honey and Kate told me that Mariah is in the new issue of the dutch magazine Hitkrant! It features an interview with Westlife and there is a poster of Mariah and an article about the Wonder Woman Rumor. Honey and Kate were so nice and translated it for us :)
    Hitkrant: How was working together with Mariah Carey?
    Shane: I found it a great privilege to be allowed to co-operate with her. we're all fans of her, especially Mark, so this was a dream coming true. We've got to know her pretty well and she's really down-to-earth.
    Mark: It was awesome! Everyone who knows me even a bit, knows that I'm a really big fan of her. The first time I met her, I just froze. I didn't know what to say or do. The second time we saw her she said she'd like to record something with us. I couldn't possibly believe that! Even when we actually recorded the song, I didn't really realize it. For me it was a big dream to meet her, and even more to co-operate with her! But I'll never be able again to pronounce the name "Mariah" without getting the vibes, haha! Really!

    - Mariah in the new STAR Tabloid
    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me that Mariah is in the Oct. 27th issue of STAR tabloid. It's a picture of her from the Soul Train Music Awards and the picture shows her back and her head turned towards the camera! The subject line is "The Butt is Back!" Ha ha! I'll get a scan for you guys later tonight!

    - Corbis.com
    Gary told me that you find some nice small pics of Mariah at corbis.com! You can order any of the thumbnails that you see and there about 15 or so on MC!

    - Daydream and Mariah Carey
    Here is what Ramsey told me:
    Just another note on Mariah Carey albums this week years ago. 10 years ago this week, the album "Mariah Carey" dropped from # 3 to # 4. However, it peaked at # 1 a few months later. Meanwhile, "Daydream," 5 years ago this week, remained at the top of the charts for its second week, after debuting at number 1 just one week prior.

    - Bits O' News
    Here are some various tidbits I got on Mariah

  • CrAzYxAnjeL 3169
    Well if you haven't watched the MEN STRIKE BACK POP UP VIDEO..Mariah was mentioned when Enrique Eglesias performed "just wanna be with you". They were saying how he was the most demanding man in the show and than they has a lil pic of Mariah saying she was the most demanding woman at the Diva concert and than that Enrique wanted them to film him on his good side and they did the same thing to Mariah saying how she wanted them to film her on her good side. And I don't know if you saw the commercial yet but they showed a commcerical for the My Music Award and Joe i think thats his name well hes going for Mariah for the My Music Award and they had a lil promo of it.
  • Shanae214
    Mariah won at the DMX Music First Annual Awards for being the:
    DMX Ultimate Diva
    -Mariah Carey-
  • Prinie
    they mentioned mariah on "win ben stine's money" a couple of nights ago. the question was which group did mariah carey record the hit one sweet day with? the woman answered ROCKAPELLA!

    - Pictures Coming
    Come back later tonight to see scans of Mariah from Star Tabloid and Sister2Sister!

    October 20, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah on Howard Stern
    Here is what Alex told me:
    Howard Stern talked about how Mariah leaves voice mail messages to her fans on her website. He played one of the messages on the air. It was pretty old, and talked about her Chicago fanbook, and the upcoming Mariah's Theme single. Throughout the thing, Howard and his gang were laughing and making fun of it. They were saying stuff like Mariah doesn't really care about her fans or their fanbooks. They also made fun of the idea of fanbooks and the fans that send them. Later Vinnie Favoli of CBS, who made a cd of all the messages, called in and played another message. He played the one about the controversy with the record company not wanting her single released. She even mentioned getting a fanbook from Anja. Howard loves the messages so much, he might play them all on Friday. He thinks it's weird that a big star like Mariah makes such a big effort to reach out to her fans.

    - Max 7
    Alan told me that there is a new complitation cd out called "MAX 7." It has the MC and Westlife duet on it an don the back, there is the picture of MC from her Official news page, but the picture is reversed! Alan said the cd is an import though!!! His mother runs a cd store, and that's how he found it!

    - Mariah in October 27th issue of Entertainment Weekly
    Jose told me that Mariah is in this issue 3 times!! The pictures can be found on page 18, 53 and 58! Jose told me the first one is a picture of her from Diva's Live 2000 but didn't say what the others were!

    - She Looks Familiar But...
    Thanks to Drew for the following article:
    Buzz: Mariah Goes Unrecognized
    By Martine Starita
    AltaVista Entertainment Writer
    Some of the best celebrity sightings are wasted on people who couldn't care less. And sometimes celebrities would rather hide than be recognized by the public. In either case, the gossip can be juicy. We've got the latest right here.
    She Looks Familiar But…
    Believe it or not, some people still don't recognize pop star Mariah Carey when they see her in person. The New York Daily News reports that the diva was waiting in the lobby of a Tribeca apartment building while the crew of her movie, "All That Glitters," was setting up the next shot. A man got off the elevator and asked Mariah: "Are they shooting a commercial?" Mariah responded, "It's a movie." "Anybody famous in it?" the man asked innocently. Mariah smiled slyly at the cave dweller next to her and then stepped outside to meet the mob of crying fans that awaited her. Some people would have sold their first-born child to be in that guy's shoes. Fate surely has a sense of humor.

    - Mariah on Will and Grace
    Alyssa, Jimmy, Elizabeth and ButtterfIi told me that Mariah was mentioned on the hit tv show, Will and Grace last night. Here is what Alyssa told me:
    Hi Regina. I've long been a fan of your site and I've happened to have written to you a few times to congratulate you on you're excellent choice of Diva. Anyway, I'm a big Will & Grace fan so naturally I watched the show(s) tonight and during the second one, it was a back-to-back lineup tonight, Jack interrupted Will who was reclining on a sofa, pulled out a remote and said "Mariah Scary" is on Behind the Music. But he said it like he loves her. Anyway, Will changed back the channel to what he was watching before, then Jack changed it back to VH1 and said "Oh, this is the part where Mariah pretends to like Whitney Houston," and that was it.

    - Mariah on Vacation
    I got word that Mariah is still on vacation, where exactly I don't know! Hopefully she is relaxing somewhere with her feet up because she has been working so hard on All That Glitters! Mariah still hasn't gotten the package I sent last week but when she get's back, hopefully she will!

    - Charts
    Thanks to Matt for the following charts:

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    127 123 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    BUTTERFLY (Album)
    162 162 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    33 31 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    33 32 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    57 55 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    60 58 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    63 56 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    DAYDREAM (Album)
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    EMOTIONS (Album)
    168 167 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MARIAH CAREY (Album)
    84 83 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    145 144 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MUSIC BOX (Album)
    32 31 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    RAINBOW (Album)
    40 39 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    96 94 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    97 94 YTD CD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    4 3 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    7 7 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    18 17 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    89 97 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    160 167 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    October 19, 2000...
    MClogo - New Pics
    I added two new pics to the galleries today! One is in the All That Glitters Gallery and the other is in Gallery 42!! The one is the ATG Gallery has two new pics from the set of ATG!! They are pretty nice and worth checking out! Also, there is a new Nescafe ad in Gallery 42, it's different then what I presented on the site! Check out the two pics in the the Galleries and thanks to Love Love Jack and Uwe for these scans!!

    - Mariah mentioned on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    Jennifer told me that Mariah was on one of the questions last night!! The question was who was a backup singer for Michael Jackson for his 1988-89 Bad Tour. The answer was Sheryl Crow but the man didn't know it and used two of his lifelines for this question!

    - Mariah on the set!
    Thanks to Nini for this folllowing article taken from NYDailyNews!
    The Scene: Mariah Carey, waiting in the lobby of a Tribeca apartment building, while the crew of her movie "All That Glitters" set up her next shot. A guy gets off the elevator and asks, "Are they shooting a commercial?"

    "It's a movie," says Carey.

    "Really?" says the guy. "Anybody famous in it?"

    The biggest-selling female pop artist in the world gave the guy a sly smile, then stepped outside, to the excitement of a mob of young fans.

    "All That Glitters" features Mariah as a singer whose deejay boyfriend, played by Max Beasley, helps her get into the music business, only to turn jealous and controlling.

    The appearance of Carey's real-life boyfriend, Latin crooner Luis Miguel, had some wondering if life was imitating movie melodrama."We're very happy together," Carey assures us. She says Miguel came up from Mexico when the film wrapped to whisk her off on a tropical vacation. "I'm trying to get over a cold."

    Meanwhile, we hear her ex, Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola, may be ready for one more altar-ation. It's said that he and Mexican TV star Thalia have set a date to wed here the first week in December.

    - When Cameras Cross The Line
    Mariah was mentioned on this FOX special last night! Basically it was said that the Paparazzi took pics of Mariah during her Honey Video shoot in Puerto Rico and she didn't even notice them!! Thanks to PreciozaPR, BriStuWalt and Alan for this information!

    October 18, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - New Picture from Japan
    Ayako took a picture of this new Nescafe ad in Japan with a digital camera!! It's a pretty cool picture and you can check it out by clicking the thumbnail below:

    - Magazine News
    Vanessa told me that Mariah is the latest issue of InStyle Magazine!! In Instyle, it shows what type of watch Mariah wears. Also, she is in the October 23rd issue of TV y Novelas. It talks about Mariah's men (Luis and Derek).

    - Mariah's Princess Motorcade
    Thanks to Tomas for this next article:
    FICTION A FACT: Kirk Wong's feature, Six, starts filming next Monday. It's a movie adaptation of a local, real-life tragedy, when six young men from Durham Region disappeared in Lake Ontario. They were last seen launching a small boat from a Liverpool Rd. dock after a St. Patrick's Day party ... The Safety Of Objects is a safety in numbers sort of thing. The film about the trials of four suburban families features Glenn Close, Dermot Mulroney, Patricia Clarkson and Timothy Olyphant. All are considered part of an ensemble cast in the Rose Troche-directed production based on the collection of stories from A.M. Holmes ...Yo, Sly Stallone's wrap party for his Rocky-on-wheels film, Driven, formerly Champs, is at Montreal's Planet Hollywood soon. Montreal is where Stallone's cast and crew went after they had their way with Toronto this summer. At least Mariah Carey stuck around here for All That Glitters and had a hearty party in Hogtown. Gone but not forgotten will be Mariah's "princess motorcade" arriving on set each day.

    - She's All That
    Thanks to Ashes for this article from NW Magazine:
    On location in New York, Mariah Carey chats on a mobile during the final weeks of filming her first starring role in a movie, All That Glitters. In her own story idea, Mariah plays a young girl who grows up in a dirt-poor neighborhood, and gets her big break when a DJ (Max Beesley) hears her demo tape. "The film is set in the club scene of the early 80's," she says. "My character is in a girl group. She's discovered by this DJ, and they have a relationship. But the film is more about her getting in touch with herself and her mother, because she gets taken away from her mom at an early age." Like Mariah, who has a black Venezuelan father and an Irish-American mother, the charcter is multi-racial. "But in her case, her mother's black, and her father's white," Mariah says. And it's hard not to notice the similarities between the DJ character and Mariah's ex- husband, Sony Music head Tommy Mottola, who's widely assumed to have had a Svengali-like control over her career until their 1998 divorce. The film is due out in mid 2001.

    - Update #1
    - MTV Uncensored
    LilMariah7 told me that this was the show that aired a while back that showed an interview with Mariah and Tabitha from 1997! Tabitha was shown flipping out and then Mariah rolled her eyes and said OK!! So this show is a repeat on Oct 21st at 4 pm but check it out if you missed it!

    - Entertainment Tonight
    Mariah was mentioned on last nights Entertainment Tonight! It was a feature on Faith Hill for the Grinch Soundtrack! Eric sent me the transcipt for it and here it is:

  • VH1 and ET have joined forces to find out what is hot in music.... Today it is all about FAITH HILL, and her new music video for 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' Get the story from Faith here....
  • VH1: Tell us about what we have been watching today for the past couple of hours.
  • FAITH HILL: Well, I'm shooting the video for a song that is going to be in 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'. So, welcome to Whoville. It's basically behind me, we're sitting outside of Whoville right now. It's a magical video. I've wanted to work with the director, PAUL HUNTER, for so long and he's really outdone himself on this one.
  • VH1: Welcome to Whoville. I like that.
  • Faith: It's really magical. It's like being there in Whoville for real. And they've recreated the mountain that the Grinch lives on and they are all going to be part of the video, so it's like the story we all grew up knowing and reading and we're here. I'm here now, I'm part of it. It's really exciting.
  • VH1: What is your first memory of How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?
  • Faith: Well, I just remember reading as a child -- lots of Dr. Seuss books. I think the first one I had was Green Eggs and Ham and then The Grinch who Stole Christmas. That's just always been around in my family, it still is. I still read it to my children.
  • VH1: When I first saw what you were singing, I thought it was a couple of classic songs remix, but this was actually co-written by a fellow VH1 diva.
  • Faith: Yes, that's right. MARIAH CAREY wrote this song along with JAMES HORNER and WILL JENNINGS. It is a beautiful song. I was asked to sing this song and I've never recorded a Christmas song, so the opportunity to work with a project like this -- with a story I grew up with and a song that is so beautiful. It didn't leave my memory the first time I heard it.
  • VH1: I think you might have a little hit on your hands.
  • Faith: The video, the song, and the movie... it's all a wonderful project and so are the people who are involved with it. They're all great people and it's an honor to work with all of them.
  • VH1: Now, there is an album coming out. This is the first single to be released. You are sharing billing with 'NSYNC, SMASH MOUTH, and the BARE NAKED LADIES just to name a few. Does that open more doors now to a broader audience?
  • Faith: Oh, it's always cool to pair up with different musicians, especially good ones. Especially ones that you like. I was very aware of who was part of this project and before I get into any project, I have to believe in it
  • VH1: I would never have thought of 'NSync. There are a bunch of little girls that are going to be into it, and you as well. As far as everything that has been going on with you, is this Christmas going to be any different for you than Christmases in the past?
  • Faith: Well, our tour. My husband and I are out on a tour together that was extended through December so we'll be on the road right up before Christmas. I have to be very organized when planning Christmas this year. But we will be home, that's the good thing. And we'll have this movie to watch. I'm so excited.
  • VH1: Give us a little sneak peek of what the viewer can expect ... What can they expect from this video?
  • Faith: It's magical. It's really magical. It's like a little piece of this movie is part of the video and it's very magical. It puts you in the spirit. I've heard this song over and over and over again, all of us have here today and it's still very beautiful.

    October 17, 2000...
    MClogo - MTV Uncensored
    Dionne sent me the following news which was orignally taken from Mariah Online! This show will mention Mariah too, I am told and it airs on October 21st at 4 pm EST on MTV!
    MTV Uncensored will give a revealing look at MTV as told by the people who were there. The 2 hour special begins with a self-deprecating peek into the MTV archives - the untold stories, the real deal, the secrets they said we'd never tell. MTV Uncensored uncovers it all from the origins of MTV to the craziest contests to homegrown stars to "Choose or Lose."

    MTV Uncensored will reveal who auditioned to be VJs back in the day, as well as the very first television appearances of Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, and the pre-Marilyn Manson, just to mention a few. Viewers will also get to see our first attempts at putting on a live show, as well as interviews from hell and never-before-seen footage, such as behind-the-scenes clips of "Unplugged" that never aired, the pilots for "Remote Control" featuring Ted Demme as host, and the first pilot of "The Real World."

    These moments don't come together by themselves....you'll see what it's like to work at MTV with interviews from real MTV staffers. Finally, MTV Uncensored will look at the new shows and the new relationships that will inevitably make the sequel.

    Mariaklamby aka Danielle sent me this STAR article last week but I somehow forgot to add it sadly! Here it is below:
    Used to be, dungarees came one way -blue! Now, everyone's jumping into the jean pool with a varitey of shades and designs, as this bevy of Tinseltown beauties illustrates. For the latest in denim style, belt 'em up and dress 'em up like Rene Russo, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Cut 'em short like Tyra Banks and Mariah Carey, cuff 'em like Christina Aguilera. Or skirt the issue like Heather Locklear. Just don't go the frumpy route like Calista Flockhart and Gwyneth Paltrow, and you'll make the denim dream team!

    It says "Mariah Carey gets hip in "bikini jeans" next to her picture.

    - VH1's Countdown of 100 Greatest Dance Songs
    Here is what Mariahlamby aka Danielle told me:
    Hola Lambs :)) Our queen chop was mentioned on VH1's countdown of The 100 Greatest Dance Songs. #57 was a song called Cherchez La Femme (My boyfriend, Bobby-who's also An MC fan) has tha song on CD. It talks about how the song "immortalized the future husband of Miss Mariah Carey" (very similar to tha description in tha CD booklet). It showed an old pic of Tommy, and a pic of him and Mariah at their wedding. It's a jazzy sounding song, so if u like Jazz, then u'll prolly like tha song. I thought it was goofy when I first heard it, but I like it now :)) The song starts out with tha words "Tommy Mottola lives on tha road. He lost his lady two months ago". (3 years now lol) "Maybe he'll find her, maybe he won't..." It's a funny song. If u like Wu Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah LOL has his own version of this song called "Cherchez La Ghost". I just LOVE that song :)) It pretty much used tha whole song as a sample. A sample is part of a song that someone uses in their own song; like how Mariah used music from "Genius Of Love" for Fantasy.

    - Seperated at Birth
    Thanks to Nini for this following article which she found here
    By Chris Macias
    Bee Pop Music Writer
    (Published Oct. 13, 2000)
    Hit singles, skimpy outfits and a super-soprano vocal range that could bring dogs to their knees. So who are we talking about -- Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera? Sure, it's easy to link Aguilera with fellow teen-diva Britney Spears, but a closer look reveals that Aguilera may actually have more in common with Carey.

    Christina: Won a Grammy Award for "best new artist" in 2000.
    Mariah: Won a Grammy Award for "best new artist" in 1990.
    Christina: Was romantically linked to Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias.
    Mariah: Was romantically linked to Latin crooner Luis Miguel.
    Christina: Has her own doll, which blurts "Genie in a Bottle" when the navel is pushed.
    Mariah: Had her own record company, Crave Records, until the plug was pulled in 1998.
    Christina: Father is of Ecuadorian descent; mother is Irish American.
    Mariah: Father is of Venezuelan and African American descent; mother is Irish American.
    Christina: Landed a slot on People magazine's "worst dressed" list this year.
    Mariah: Landed a slot on People magazine's "all-time worst dressed" list this year.
    Christina: Was sidelined briefly from touring this year because of throat problems.
    Mariah: Was sidelined briefly from touring this year after eating a bad batch of raw oysters.
    Christina: Sang "Reflection," the theme song for the animated flick "Mulan.".
    Mariah: Sang "When You Believe," the theme song for the animated flick "The Prince of Egypt."
    Christina: Was dissed by Eminem this year in the song "The Real Slim Shady.".
    Mariah: Was dissed by critics this year for her ill-staged tour.
    Christina: Early in her career, she lost on "Star Search.".
    Mariah: Early in her career, she lost many waitressing jobs due to excessive attitude..

    - Right On Magazine
    Last week, I reported that Mariah is in Right On Magazine! Well, I got the magazine and it is NOT a 4 page poster in it, as I thought! It's a very nice pinup of Mariah from the Lady of Soul Awards. Check out the scan in Gallery 42!!

    - Mariah in "The Source"
    Melissa told me that Mariah is mentioned on page 56 in the November issue of Source Magazine! There is no picture, just a mention and here is the article:
    KMel's annual All-star summer Jam, which draws tens of thousands of urban-music fans to the shoreline Amphitheater every year, boasts a storied history. In 1990, a then unknown Mariah Carey made her first public performance. Backstage beef at the 1995 event between the Luniz and TOO Short resulted in newspaper headlines and a moratorium on local artists that has continued to this day. Nevertheless, Summer Jam has remained one of the country's premier showcases for both up-and-coming artists and national acts. This year's show, featuring Jay-Z, Lil' Kim, JD and Da Brat, Missy Elliot, Lucy Pearl,Nelly, Kurupt, Master P and the 504 Boyz, Ideal, Next and Carl Thomas, proved no exception to this rule.

    - Mariah on Entertainment Tonight
    BriStuWalt told me that last night Entertainment Tonight announced that on today's show they will cover the Faith Hill song on The Grinch Soundtrack! They might give a first listen to it or they might even mention that Mariah cowrote it! Check it out on tonight's Entertainment Tonight!

    - Westlife Warn Aguilera
    Thanks to Ashes for this following article from BBC Online!
    We can now say goodbye to the sweet-natured, butter wouldn't melt image of Westlife. Kian and Shane have laid into Christina Aguilera big time. The lads say that after working with Mariah they wouldn't want to work with anyone below her level of mega-stardom, and that Christina was near the bottom of their list:
    "There's no way in the world that we're going to do that, because first of all we don't like her, and second of all we don't rate her."
    Shane told Radio 1 their dislike for her came about after a brief meeting in a bar: "She made Mark remove himself from his chair, 'coz she was Christina and he was nothing. When you've got ignorance at that level, we don't tolerate it!" In the process of dissing Christina, Kian got a bit tongue-tied: "When you do a duet with someone of Mariah's statature..." "I actually don't think that that is a word, Kian. I think it's stature," said Shane. "I was trying to be intelligent there. Sometimes it doesn't work," was Kian's reply.

    - Beanie Baby Lamb
    Okay I must say, I do NOT collect Beanie Babies but I was walking in the mall yesterday with my best friend Alex and I saw the Beanie Babies 2000! They have a new lamb and he is made of this really soft material now!! He was so cute, so of course I had to buy him! I bought the other version of the lamb last year and I bought the Butterfly yesterday too! Check out the new Beanie Baby lamb guys, he's so cute and soft!

    October 16, 2000...
    MClogo - Carey As 'Wonder Woman'?
    Thanks to PreciozaPR for the following article:
    Has Mariah Carey been offered the title role in the developing Wonder Woman movie? According to the UK's Daily Star newspaper (via Popcorn), the singer has been offered the role by Joel Silver and company. The tabloid claims to have spoken to an unnamed "friend" of the singer, who revealed, "She's delighted to have been offered the role of Wonder Woman. She likes fun films as she has a great sense of humour, so a role like this would suit her better than a serious one." The Insider has placed a call to Carey's people and will report back to you as soon as we get a response

    - Wall Of Sound
    Tim told me that there is a special feature on Wall of Sound website which features several pictures on Mariah! Check them out if you like!

    - Sotto Sotto
    Thanks to Ashes for the following article!
    COSMOPOLITAN Mariah Carey is putting a new spin on being a diva. The songbird, who's been busy in Toronto filming her semi- autobiographical movie, All That Glitters, brought so many clothes with her that she booked two suites in two seperate hotels to handle the overflow, say sources on the set. But apparantly that extensive wardobe didn't stop her from showing up at the city's posh Sotto Sotto restuarant in cuttoff jean shorts, to the shock of her fellow diners. Lucky for her, the bistro was nice enough to relax its normally rigid dress code and let Carey come in and chow down.

    - Nicky Bryne hates Against All Odds Video
    Thanks to Ashes for the following article!
    Westlife star Nicky Bryne has slammed the group's current video with Mariah Carey as "the worst thing" they have ever done. And the star claims the whole thing was Mariah's idea. The video for the chart-topping "Against All Odds" shows them recording the song in the studio with the American superstar. But Nicky claims the lack of care with the filming did not make for a glamorous final product. He says, "It was absolutely awful, and if Mariah wasn't in it, it would definitely be the worst thing we've ever done." The video had to be re-edited after fellow group member Bryan McFadden was shown slyly peeking down Mariah's cleavage.

    - Against All Odds
    Thanks to Ashes for the following article!
    'Against All Odds' features the incredible pairing of global superstar Mariah Carey and the hottest band in the UK in the last two years, Westlife. Mariah originally recorded 'Against All Odds' as a track for her latest album 'Rainbow', but after meeting Westlife in Los Angeles, she suggested they work together on this version. Recorded in Capri, this classic song (written and originally recorded by Phil Collins in 1984; the track was a worldwide #1 smash) looks set to become one of the most loved collaborations of the year. 'Against All Odds' single debuted this week at #1 on UK singles chart! Says Mariah, "I really enjoyed working with Westlife. They are so refreshingly down to earth considering their massive success and their talent is undeniable. I'm really pleased with the way the song came out; their vocals took the track to a whole new place." Both artists have enjoyed multi- platinum success and record-breaking status. Mariah made chart history last year when 'Heartbreaker' became her 14th US #1 single and broke the record set by the Beatles for the most weeks spent at the top of the charts. She was also the best selling female artist of the '80s (128 million records and counting...) and has won numerous awards including 2 Grammy Awards, 8 Amercian Music Awards, and was named 'Artist of the Decade' by Billboard magazine. Westlife have also made chart history by becoming the first act ever to reach the UK #1 spot with their first five singles. This is a UK first that not even the Spice Girls, the Rolling Stones or Madonna achieved.

    - Sorry...
    These last two days have been sort of slow on Mariah news! If anyone hears anything, please contact me! Thanks!

    October 15, 2000...
    MClogo - Updates
    There is a new Quote O' The Week and new Pic O' The Week Along with that, there is a new Poll O' The Week. It seems Mariah's fans think that she looks best in black but pink is a close second place! Here are last weeks results:
    What color do you think Mariah looks best in?
    Red (22) 7%
    Black (109) 36%
    Green (8) 2%
    Blue (32) 10%
    Pink (95) 32%
    Purple (7) 2%
    Orange (4) 1%
    Yellow (2) 0%
    Brown (16) 5%
    Total Votes: 295

    - AAO in Australia
    Raphael wants all fellow MC fans to please vote for Against All Odds in Australia. You can help out by clicking below:

    -The Bachelor on Starz!! Tommorow
    Ricardo told me that The Bachelor will be on STARZ tomorrow at 3:15 am!

    - Vote for MC at Artist Direct
    Raphael also wants us to vote for MC at ARTIST DIRECT! You can vote for her in the POP section and she is nominated in the following categories:
    Favourite female artist
    Most Talked About Artist
    MC is in last in all the categories so we must hurry and help her out. Vote by clicking below:

    October 14, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Star Tabloid
    I picked up the STAR tabloid at work today and I added the scan below!! Check out Mariah from the All That Glitters set!

    - Mariah in Barabados
    Well, it seems Mariah took a probably well needed little vacation these last 2-3 days!!! However, she only seems to have gotten those 2-3 days off only because she is back at work, filming part of a new video! Hmm, wonder what that is??? Such a workaholic :) Thanks to Mariah's Diary for the following article and pic!!

    Mariah Carey's Bajan Holiday -
    by Hayden Boyce
    Singing sensation Mariah Carey left Barbados last night after two days of relaxation. Sporting a white swimsuit with a matching silk sarong, the smiling 28-year-old left in her private jet for St. Maarten where she will film part of a music video. Carey's Barbados vacation started Thursday with a West Coast cruise on the catamaran Vahine, which is managed and skippered by Nick Parker. She later had dinner at The Cliff, Paynes Bay, St. James, then slept for most of yesterday before having a massage and a late afternoon swim. Yesterday, the songstress also visited Eddy Grant's Blue Wave studios where she intends to record in the near future. Carey stayed at Glitter Bay Hotel, St. James, and her arrival and departure arrangements were done by Platinum Services. Describing Barbados as a "beautiful place", she said she "had a good time and enjoyed the beaches". Before coming to Barbados, she was in New York where she completed a movie, All That Glitters.

    - Update #1
    - New Picture of Mariah!
    In the Globe tabloid, Mariah is mentioned saying that she bought couches for her doggies! In the STAR, there is a new picture similiar to the one on the set from ATG which Minerva sent me 3 days ago! However, this time it's a closer up view and she is making a funny face! I should have that scan for you later today or by tomorrow. Both tabloid are October 23rd issues and thanks to Danielle, we have the type out of the article in the STAR tabloid!
    Yep, that's Mariah Carey flashing a gruesome grimace and teetering on tacky heels. But don't fret, Mariah hasn't lost her fashion senses. She's just filming a scene in the Big Apple for the upcoming flick All That Glitters.

    - Vanity Fair Article
    Moni typed out the Vanity Fair article for us and you can check it out below! It's nice to see she is presented as a singer, songwriter and producer, whether then just a singer! It's about time the gal is given some credit!
    MARIAH CAREY Singer, songwriter, producer.
    Nine albums, 14 No. 1 singles (the most ever after Elvis Presley and the Beatles); obsessed since childhood with the word "Guam." She can belt, she can croon, she can sob, and she can hit helium highs unheard in pop since the heyday of Minnie Riperton--sometimes all in the space of one astonishing melisma. Pipes: she's got 'em. And unlike some of her fellow "divas," Carey tends even the rotest of ballads with hints of actual personality. But whose? Is she the savvy, driven woman who has taken control of life and career after the bust-up of her marriage to Tommy Mottola, her former mentor at Columbia Records? Or the lolly-licking Varga Girl she portrays to such pointed effect of album covers and in videos? Maybe it's just plain Mariah: the hardest-working homegirl in show business. We'll get her version when All That Glitters, a film that she's producing and in which she stars as a young singer on the upswing, is released next year.

    Check out the pics below. Thanks Jen!

    - Mariah held back from singing Grinch Song:
    This next article is from people.com:
    Those won't be Mariah Carey's pipes that you hear warbling the theme song, "Where Are You, Christmas?" in this holiday season's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," starring Jim Carrey. PEOPLE reports that the diva was all set to do the singing, but it just didn't happen, even though Carey cowrote the song. Mariah's rep told PEOPLE that Carey didn't have the time to record, but, reports the magazine, the songbird's ex-hubby, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, wouldn't let her sing for rival MCA/Universal, which is releasing the picture (based on the Dr. Seuss classic). Faith Hill has since recorded the song for the soundtrack.

    - Mariah on TRL-Kind of
    Here is what Desiree told me:
    Hi Reg, on today's TRL the news segment was about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and how it has been an influence in popular music and they mentioned MC's ISB remix. That's it, it was just a passing MC reference, I think they had the story b/c limp bizkit's new album is titled after something in the movie.

    - Pink or Black?
    Well, there is one more day left for the poll above todays news! Black is in the lead right now but pink keeps on sneaking up! If you havn't casted your vote yet, please do so!!! I have a funny feeling that Black is Mariah's color! Hee hee..

    - Mariah on the charts!
    Here is what Ramsey told me:
    Just had some amazing news, this week 5 years ago marks the date Mariah Carey made history with her first album to debut at number 1, Daydream. Secondly, 10 years ago, the album Mariah Carey remained at number 3 for its third week. But it continued to climb until it reached the number one spot in the country in March 1991.

    - Tag Team Weekend
    Maureen told me that this weekend is Tag Team Weekend meaning you get to pick what videos you want ot see! So, please go and request Mariah's videos at the address below:

    October 13, 2000...
    MClogo - All That Glitters Pics
    Honey and Kate sent me a scan from Bravo Magazine and it has a cool new picture of Mariah and Max together from the All That Glitters set! I think MC looks really pretty in the pic...Glamour Diva! Check out that picture in All That Glitters Gallery Plus, Alan sent me a scan from a NY Chinese paper! He couldn't get his scanner to work but he took a picture with his Digital Camera for us so we can see what Mariah looked like in the newspaper. Check out All That Glitters Gallery for that scan too!

    - Bravo Translation
    Honey and Kate translalted the Bravo article for us and here it is:
    With a happy smile popdiva Mariah Carey dances through the streets of New York. Next to her a good looking young man...her new lover? Or is Mariah just shooting a new clip? Neither nor - Mariah is shooting her first movie "All That Glitters" in Canada and New York right now. Together with Max Beesley she plays her own story: She, the young singer wants nothing but her breakthrough and is fighting for her goal. The movie'll hit the cinemas in spring 2001!" The text below the picture means "Mariah on the set in New York. "All That Glitters" will also have a soundtrack album with new Mariah songs.

    - AAO with Westlife to be released in the states?
    Well still no word on it officially being released but the import should be here by November or December! Thanks to Desiree for the following information from:
    What Are The Odds?
    Hi Keith, I recently read that Mariah Carey did a duet with Westlife called "Against All Odds" and it reached No. 1 in the U.K. Are there any plans for a U.S. release as well? I heard the duet and thought it would do really well on this side of the Atlantic.
    Karl Davidson

    Hi Karl,
    Indeed, "Against All Odds" spent two weeks at No. 1 on the U.K. singles chart. Mariah Carey's cover of Phil Collins' 1984 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 was originally found on her Columbia "Rainbow" set, but was re-recorded with Westlife a few months ago. "Against" is Carey's second No. 1 in the U.K. -- her first was also a cover tune. Her 1994 version of Nilsson's "Without You" hit No. 1 on both the U.K. singles chart and on the Hot 100. For Westlife, it was the Irish boy band's sixth No. 1 in the U.K. In the U.S. the group reached No. 20 on the Hot 100 with its first single on this side of the pond, "Swear It Again." The Arista title, which peaked at No. 2 on Hot 100 Singles Sales, has sold 590,000 units according to SoundScan. The quintet's self-titled debut album reached No. 129 on The Billboard 200 in June. According to Columbia, there is no word yet on whether the remake of "Against All Odds" will see a commercial release in the U.S.

    - VH1 wire on All That Glitters
    Thanks to Dennis for the following except from the VH1 Wire
    Mariah was also intending to contribute six songs to the soundtrack, including her recent No.1 "Heartbreaker". The song and her latest album "Rainbow" were the product of the movie's original delay. "I wasn't even planning on doing an album," she said. "And then the movie was pushed back and I was working on other songs for the movie and, you know, we said let's just finish the record and put it out."

    Carey also sought outside help for the project. "I actually also spent a brief few minutes with the Artist formerly knownas Prince discussing the soundtrack," Carey said, "and he was giving me some possible things to work on and to write, too. I've been a fan of his forever and it was a great experience."

    - New Background
    Denise sent me a really cute background for the Main page and the News Page background! It's 4 little lambs and it's Mariah's favorite color, pink! Come on, you got to love it! Hee hee...

    - Tommy Stops Mariah from The Grinch Soundtrack!
    JoseAR95 told me that in the new People Weekly Magazine (Oct. 23rd I believe-Celine is on cover) there is a small picture and little caption that said Tommy wouldn't allow Mariah to sing the Christmas Song for The Grinch soundtrack because it was on a rival music company! So, it went to Faith Hill!!! I know that ticks me off, what about you?

    - More Magazine News
    JoseAR95 also told me that in Vanity Fair, they made an incorrect statement saying that Mariah had 14 number one hits instead of 15 number 1 hits. Also, Mariah is US Weekly (October 23rd issue I think) and it has a picture of her from Diva's Live 2000 and an article talking about her playing Wonderwoman! She is on page 2 and 78. Thanks to Isa for that info! Make sure to pick up Vanity Fair today!!

    - 5 Years Ago....
    Drew told me that 5 years ago, Daydream debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #1

    - Charts for October 21st
    Thanks to Matt for the following charts:

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    123 118 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    45 0 TOP DVD MUSIC VIDEOS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    BUTTERFLY (Album)
    162 162 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    31 31 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    32 31 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    55 53 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    56 49 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    58 56 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    DAYDREAM (Album)
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    EMOTIONS (Album)
    167 167 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MARIAH CAREY (Album)
    83 83 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    144 144 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MUSIC BOX (Album)
    31 31 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MY ALL (Single)
    199 195 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    This Week Last Week
    RAINBOW (Album)
    39 39 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    94 92 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    94 92 YTD CD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    3 3 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    7 7 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    17 17 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    97 82 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    167 136 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    October 12, 2000...
    MClogo - New Message from Mariah and cast!!
    Well I just listened to a brand new voice message from MC on her Official Website However, it wasn't just Mariah, but majority of her cast!! It was so cute and I was sitting here laughing listing to them goofing off! Here is the transcript of the message, thanks to International Mariah Carey Fan Organization:
    Mariah-Hi! Yea I do believe that um...Hey this is the last day of shooting (in the background you can hear Da Brat saying Boo) All That Glitters ...This Is Mariah incase you couldn't understand that from the HI! *Laughs* And we're sitting here and I've got someone here that, yea, wants to say hello to you. She's playing one of the characters of Louise and I do believe you know what her name is...

    Brat-It's Brat-Tae party people in the house *Mariah laughing in the Background* I say what the deal is. Yes, infact this is the last day *Mariah in the Background says Of the showww*...Of the shoooow, and I would really like to cuss and stuff but I don't wanna do that on the phone so the show was great and the S**T! The show's awesome I'm gonna pass the mic over to the cast and they're gonna bust a nice freestyle for you. We've got....Yea the 80's, the ensembles and the things of that...Mariah told me to tell y'all that. So hold on a second cuz I've got Dice and that sexy Max's girlfriend that scary FiFi(<--?)..Oh my God

    Max-Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea. *With an English accent*...Umm Hello everybody! Umm I hope you're enjoying the shoowww *Everyone laughs in the background*..yes...Umm..I'm looking forward to everybody seeing this movie umm and it's gonna be really excitable and I hope you all enjoy...*Mariah in the Background says-He doesn't really speak like that...he's just trying to be cute cuz he's trying to say..Thanks for the movie* Yes I'm trying to say thanks for the movie. It's actually quite a hit like Brocolli and kids(<---?) Ummm So Hopefully he'll go down and treat them YESSSs *Mariah Laughs* *Mariah in the Background says-Just say hi..just say hello...*

    Hiiii I play Roxanne I'm hear to say hi and I'm just...and I don't know what I'm doing around all these typical Aries...they're all ARIES *Mariah in the Background says-ARIES...yea*

    Mariah-Oh they cut us off at this point. *Everyone in the background Laughs* That must mean I guess we out of time or me might have 20-30 seconds left. Good-bye. We enjoyed you...Love you, miss you...Bye!

    - Mariah mentioned in Teen Magazine
    Well this isn't a very happy story but read below what Mcluvr told me:
    There's an advice page in the mag, and there's this one girl whose multi-racial and that she was being verbally abused, people calling oreo and mutt, and it drove her to the point of suicide. In the answer column, they mentioned that Mariah too is multi-racial along with tiger woods. I guess it kind of gives you an idea of what mariah had to go through during her childhood. It's very depressing.

    - Magazine News
    JoseAR95 told me that Mariah is in the November issue of Word Up Magazine! There is a picture of her in a pink outfit from this years Blockbuster Awards and they talk about her sister's book! Plus, Cheri went to the store the other day and looked through 30 magazine for Mariah! She found some that she was in and some I already reported but here is a reminder anyway!

  • Right on-December 2000 (poster from soul train awards)
  • J-14-November 2000 (small pic)
  • Entenese, i think that is the name, (black and whilt pic)
  • Us Weekly- October 26, 2000 (full page about all that glitters)
  • Star Tabloid- October 17, 2000

    - People's Most Famous Pictures
    I was leaving work on Tuesday night and I walked past the magazine rack! I saw a magazine/book saying something along the lines of, "People's Favorite Pictures!" Anyhow though, there is a full page on Mariah inside! It's a picture of her on a couch, upside down from 1991! There is a little article about her also! The book/magazine is $9.99! I didn't buy it but I might!!

    - Sci Fi Channel
    Linda tells me that the Sci-Fi Channel reported that it is just a rumor about Mariah being Wonder Woman!!!

    - Against All Odds in Australia
    Here is what Benjamin told me:
    Howdy, Mariah's 'Againts All Odds' will be released in Australia after all . No exact date has been published but it will be released this month ( October ) . I'm not sure whether that it is the one with Westlife or not but I think it is after the stunning victory in the UK . YEAH !!!!!
    Here is the release page from Sony Australia :

    - Mariah Charts
    Lori found the following charts for the week of October 9th at the following address:
    She would like you all to vote for MC and help her out on the charts because these charts are determined by us! It's the Global 100 charts and here are last weeks:

    7 Can't Take That Away
    8 Against All Odds
    10 Crybaby
    4 Rainbow
    24 Number 1's

    - Bits O' Information
    Here is some various information I received on Miss Mariah

  • RN arkan
    Hey, I thought u might be interested in knowing that mariah was on vh1's top 10 countdown this orning at like noon. she was in the "news" section. she was wearing the same pink top and was being interviewed by rebecca rankin. it was short, like a minute, but it's really nice.
  • Drew:
    Hey! I just wanted to let you know that VH1 did the 100 greatest dance songs countdown. I didn't watch the whole thing, but Fantasy or Honey could've been on the countdown. Anyway, an online vote was done for the best slow dance songs of all time, and MC's Vision of Love was #5! Pretty kool, huh?

    - MissionTRL
    The webpage has been changed and please check it out for more information on what this is and what this is about by clicking below:

    - Mariah Australian Single
    Neil would like you to check out the below message:
    Hi, Howz it going? This is Neil, President of the 'AMCF - Australian Mariah Carey Fanclub'. I'm emailing you because myself and all the rest of Mariah's Aussie fans need your help desperately!
    Here's the deal:
    It has just been annouced that Mariah's duet with Westlife will be released here in Australia within the next week or so. Today was the day it was annouced, and already it's getting bad publicity (You can read about all that at the AMCF News page!).
    The AMCF has a great request page with heaps of emails and URL's to the most popular Australian TV and radio stations and programs. However, even if all our members requested, it still wouldn't be enough. That is why we're asking you, our international friends, for some help!
    So, PLEASE, Post this link:
    on your websites. It'd be greatly appreciated!!! Also, visit the AMCF main website to read exactly what has been going on in the press lately about Mariah:

    - News from Ashes for Brazil Fans
    Ashes hooked me up with some information from Brazil and here it is:

  • I just found out that the release of AAO is the one with Westlife and is to be released on 23 October 2000 ( Monday ) in Australia.
  • Against All Odds has premiered in Brazil. The music video of Against All Odds featuring Westlife premiered yesterday (October 11th) at MTV Brazil.
  • So everyone vote for this video at "Disk MTV" wich is like the TRL. Only can vote by using the telephone: (55) (11) 5180 33 33.
  • Mariah is in Brazilian Magazine Mariah is at "Alô Garota!" (translated: "Hi Girl!"), number 37 magazine. It has one page with Cant take That Away lyric and translated in Portuguese.

    October 11, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah in Vanity Fair
    Last night, E! News Daily, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood premiered the Vanity Fair, Music Issue. They said it should hit stores today, but that is probably only in LA and NYC! It should it the stores, everywhere, on Friday! I have a screencap that was taken from Access Hollywood of what the Mariah picture looks like! I must say, it is a very pretty pic of MC! Check it out below:

    - All That Glitters Caps
    There is about 10 screencaps of last nights Access Hollywood Show! Thanks to my best friend Alex for helping me out with making those!! Check all of the pics out in the All that Glitters Gallery in the Pic Pages!

    - Superbowl
    Vincent made a page where you can e-mail the NFL people and MTV people to let them know that you want Mariah performing at this years halftime show! The NFL said that if we want Mariah to perform, the more e-mails the better requesting her! Check out Vincents page below to e-mail both of them!

    - New Pics
    Lee and Daniela (webmaster of MC Guardian Angel) sent me some pics! Some are of Mariah singing My All and Against All Odds at an Italian TV Program called Festivalbar! I am not sure where Lee's pics are from but they make up a nice collage and it's probably some European Show. Check out the pictures in Gallery 41!

    - Mariah IN the Grinch Movie
    Denise let me know that Mariah's name is in The Grinch movie! She is a "who!" One of the characters is called "Mariah Who!" Most of the "who's" name end with "iah" though, so Mariah's name fit in perfectly!!

    - Mariah in Chinese Newspaper
    Alan let me know that there was an article on Mariah filming ATG in NY yesterday! He said he'll scan the picture for me later tonight hopefully and I'll have it for you all tomorrow!

    - All That Glitters Pic
    Minerva scanned a REALLY cool picture of Mariah from a spanish magazine called ¡Qué me dices! Click below to check it out and thanks again to Minerva for this lovely scan!!

    - More News..
    I have a lot more news to report but sadly I am out of time!! I will post the rest tomorrow morning!! Stay tune for that!

    October 10, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Mariah in Vanity Fair Magazine
    Well I am guessing this magazine should be coming out VERY soon because an article was just published about it in the NY Daily News! It probably be the December or January issue and inside there is a special profile on Mariah! Here is the Maria related part of the Mick Jagger article!
    Some of his challengers are included in Vanity Fair's first all-music issue. The cover features Annie Leibovitz' group shot of Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Bono, Carlos Santana, Patti Smith, Bjork, Macy Gray, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill, Dr. Dre, Fiona Apple and Zack de la Rocha. Inside are 59 pages of portraits of jazz, rock, soul and classical giants, profiles of Mariah Carey, Charlie Parker, Bobby Darin, and Elvis Costello's list of 500 must-have CDs.

    - Write the NFL
    Christina wrote the NFL people and they said that Mariah would have a greater chance of being on the NFL if everyone continued t write in and request her! I looked pretty fast for their e-mail address on their site but couldn't find out where to write the NFL to request Mariah for their halftime show! Anyone got it? CHeck out the website under SuperBowl for more information:

    - Kelly Price Interview
    Dennis sent me an interview with Mariah's background singer which he found here! He sent me the parts where Kelly talks about Mariah
    More Money, Fewer Problems for Kelly Price
    Best known as Mariah Carey's longtime background singer and as the foil to the late Notorious B.I.G. on his hit, "Mo Money Mo Problems," R&B singer Kelly Price spent years writing, arranging and singing backup for other artists before making her debut with 1998's Soul of a Woman. Though that record went platinum and her latest, the recently released top five smash Mirror Mirror, seems likely to do the same, Price has until now kept a relatively low profile. She is currently on the verge of signing a plus-size modeling contract (says Price: "I'm going to be the big glamour girl"), and will soon launch her largest full-scale tour yet. Price recently talked with CDNOW about her legal woes, her personal struggles, and what it feels like to finally take control of her own life.
    Despite years of writing songs and singing, more people seem to know you from "Mo Money Mo Problems" than anything else. I got more attention from that than probably any other thing that I had done prior to that. Even five years with Mariah, and having built a name in the industry as one of her background singers and having been with her for all of those years, I got more recognition for being on the Notorious B.I.G. record. And I think that that was because that was the first time I had the opportunity to come out from behind someone and have my own identity. I wasn't just the background girl anymore. I had a name at that point, so it was kind of cool.

    - Update #1
    - Mariah on Access Hollywood Tonight!
    Tomas, Alan and Kate let me know that Mariah will be on Access Hollywood tonight! The show airs on NBC and it airs at 7:30 PM EST here in NJ! Make sure to check your local listings though because tonight they will show parts of the scenes on the All That Glitters set where Mariah's character, Billie, first hears her song on the radio!! Can't wait to see it!!!

    - Tonjua's Article in Glamour's Nov. issue
    Yesterday at the mall, I decided to pick up the latest Glamour issue to check out the Tonjua article! To my surprise, when I opened it up and checked out the article, it had a really cool picture of Tonjua and Mariah together! It shows a picture of Tonjua and Mariah from last years Thanksgiving, where they dressed up as pilgrams and Indians! Then, I read the article and I must say I got very sad and depressed! The article goes into GREAT detail of everything that happened the night of the suicide! They talk about Mariah a lot too and say that she sent gardenias to the funeral, etc! I must say though, I liked this article a lot more because it told the truth, unlike the USWeekly article! In the USWeekly article they made it seems that it was Mariah's fault cause she overworked Tonjua! In Glamour, they express how heartbroken Mariah was and the real truth of the matter!! I scanned the entire article for you all to read because I think it is important!! All of the pictures are in Gallery 41 of the Pic Pages Please check it out and RIP Tonjua Twist!!

    - More from Glamour Nov issue
    Nicole let me know that Mariah is also on page 255 of the November issue about her shoes! I scanned that too and added it to Gallery 41 of the Pic Pages

    - More New Pics
    Also in Gallery 41 of the Pic Pages you can find a magazine from the Phillipines! Alex gave it to me and Mariah is on the cover! Inside they have the lyrics to "Can't Take That Away" and also, a two page article! I scanned everything and added it, so check it out if you like!

    - Mairah makes a return to TRL
    Well, sort of! Yesterday was a big Backstreet Boy day on TRL and the Boys got to request their own songs! Howie picked Mariah's "Heartbreaker" video at #8 and said he really liked it! They played majority of the video, which was pretty nice! Thanks to everyone who told me this information!!

    - Mariah in Star Tabloid
    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me that Mariah is in the current issue of the Star Tabloid! She didn't tell me any more information besides that but I'll pick up a copy and have the details and hopefully the scan for you on Wednesday! Go get your own copy too!

    - Tidbits
    Here is some various news that I received:

  • Vic:
    The 'Grinch' soundtrack is set out to release Novmeber 7th, just to let ya know
  • Oscar:
    Hi reg, Mariah is going up this week with westlife last week 33 this week 29

    - Operation Get Mariah back on TRL!
    ButtterfIi wants to get Mariah back on TRL and has created a webpage to help her out! She needs all of our support and you can find out the basic information by clicking below! I am told that the site is not completly finished but majority of it's up for us to check out! Click below:

    - Package for Mariah
    Today, I sent off a special package to Mariah! It included talking lambs, photoalbum filled with 130 real pics of her, over 100 letters from her fans and more things! These letters were taken directly from the Your Mariah Carey Story Page! I want to thank everyone who participated in this page and I am sure MC will like your letters and stories, if she gets the package! Everyone keep your fingers crossed; it should arrive on Wednesday to them!!

    October 9, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah Plays Wonder Woman
    Here is yet another article about Mariah possibly playing Wonder Woman from CosmoGirl Daily Scoop! Thanks to Danielle for sending this to me:
    Monday October 9, 2000 11:29
    Mariah Carey is a Wonder Woman -- literally! Read on ... Mariah Carey is going from superstar to superhero. She'll fight crime with her magic lasso and bulletproof bracelets as Wonder Woman in an upcoming Warner Brothers flick, according to aintitcoolnews.com. The singer, who will be making her movie debut later this year in "All That Glitters," should feel very comfortable in Wonder Woman's costume -- thigh-high boots and a bustier are just her style!

    - Mariah in TVyNovelas
    DiVaLiCiOuS32770 told me that Mariah and Luis are in the Oct 23 or 24th issue of TvyNovelas Mangazine! They are in the bottom corner of the front page and then inside it says that MC dumped Luis for Max Beesly, her costar of All That Glitters! There is also a picture of Derek Jeter in there and we all know that this is just a major rumor, no surprise right?!?

    - Against All Odds Stats
    Ashes let me know that Against All Odds is #2 now in the UK and it's it's #1 for the 3rd week in a row in Ireland!! Pretty neato! Also, if you want to check out the video, here are two links to do so:

  • www.bbc.co.uk/artists/c/carey_mariah/video/carey_mariah_against_ all_odds.ram
  • www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/media/g2/artists/mariah_carey/against_all_o dds.ram

    - Vote for Mariah
    Ashes wants us all to vote for Mariah on Channels 4 100 great songs! The best songs to vote for are:
    * Without You
    * Anytime you need a Friend
    * Hero
    * Dreamlover
    * One Sweet Day
    * My All

    - That's It!
    That's all the news for today and if anyone finds anything, please drop me an e-mail! Sort of a slow Monday you could say :(

    October 8, 2000...
    MClogo - E News Daily Caps
    MiZnAsTyJ made some screen caps! They are not that great but they are good enough to see what Mariah looked like on the set of All That Glitters! Click to view bigger:

    - New Poll
    I finally got the new poll up today, so please check it out and vote for what color you think Mariah looks best in!

    - Mariah to sing with Luthur
    Maria and Nini let me know that mariah will be at the G&P Foundation Benefit for Cancer REsearch at the Marriott Marquis in NYC on November 30th. She will sing "Endless Love" with Luthur Vandross! The article below is the part where Miss Mariah is mentioned:
    McCartney is slated to be introduced at the Marriott fete with a Beatles homage by 'N Sync. There'll also be performances by Celine Dion, Marc Anthony, Natalie Cole, Patti LaBelle and duet of "Endless Love" by Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey. Jane Seymour, Gabriel Byrne and Harrison Ford will round out the star cluster as presenters.

    - Jeopardy
    Katie said that Mariah was on Jeopardy on Monday and the question was who had a cd called Rainbow! Sadly noone got the answer right though!!

    - NFL and Mariah
    Here is what Josh told me, which I thought was pretty coolio!
    Yesterday I e -mailed the NFL to please consider Mariah Carey to sing the national anthem heres their reply:
    Hello, Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your e-mail and are considering your opinion. We will forward your comments along to the appropriate department for review. Thanks for visiting NFL.com.

    October 7, 2000...
    MClogo - E! News Daily
    Well as you know, Mairah was on E! News Daily last night! She talked more about the dumb Halle Berry rumour (the one where they said she was having an afair with Eric, which obviously she isn't) and they showed some scenes of MC getting a rose and walking to a car with Max, her costar! That was it, ha ha!! It lasted about 3-4 minute I believe!!!

    - USWeekly
    I scanned the USWeekly article for you all and you can check that out in it's OWN gallery in the Pics Galleries! It shows two nice pictures of Mariah from the set of ATG and it talks about it! It's a full page article, so it's worth getting!!! Enjoy!

    - Updates
    I am adding a new Quote of the Week and a new Pic of the Week today because I don't have a whole lotta time to update tomorrow! I was going to add a new poll too but the site is down, so I will add one tomorrow! Here are last week's Poll Results:
    If you could hang out with MC for one day, where would you go? Your home (19) 8%
    Mall (6) 2%
    Cd Store (3) 1%
    The studio with Mariah (84) 37%
    Maybe her apartment (45) 19%
    City Park (1) 0%
    Country: To ride horses (11) 4%
    NYC (Just to walk around) (19) 8%
    Amusement Park (32) 14%
    Other (6) 2%
    Total Votes: 226

    - 25 Sexiest Artist on VH1
    Did I talk aout this yet? Oh well, doesn't hurt to do it again, No1MCFan83 reminded me about the show that was aired on Thursday night at 10 pm. Basically ET and VH1 came together and made a list of who the top 25 sexiest artist were! Mariah was one of them and she is in the last 20 minutes of the special! They showed a bunch of pictures about her and showed a bunch of her videos, especially Heartbreaker! Here are some times the show will reair!

  • Oct 6th...25 Sexiest Artist on VH1 at 6 pm
  • Oct 7th...25 Sexiest Artist on VH1 at 6:30 pm
  • Oct. 8th...25 Sexiest Artist on VH1 at 1 pm and 8 pm

    - Download Mariah
    EJ told me that you can check out a nice little interview! It basically just a bunch of Korean hosts talking but you can see clips of Mariah Videos, I am told! Check it out if you like:

    - Mariah glitters in her new career
    Thanks to Pppooofffz for this next article!
    Mariah Carey has been a busy girl lately, but not with her singing. The diva with the voice of gold has had her hands full with a couple of different movies. The first is called All That Glitters (due out next spring) and will star Mariah as an up-and-coming singer in the 80's trying to make it big. Not only is she playing the lead role in the film, but she is also producing it. Mariah recruited fellow musicians Eric Benet and Da Brat for the project. The soundtrack for the movie will feature some new songs from Mariah as well as covers. How does the singer feel about her new acting career? She told MTV, "It's like a little secluded cocoon world where I quite enjoy not dealing with reality." Mariah will continue dealing with fantasies when she plays the comic book heroine Wonder Woman in a movie. The singer was recently offered the role originally made popular by 70's icon Lynda Carter. With all this acting stuff going on, some wonder whether Mariah will return to her singing career. "I just need, like, a week off and that's it. Then I'm ready to go."

    - Get Mariah to the Superbowl
    Vincent has started a campaign to help Mariah get to the superbowl! It is basically called, "Campaign MC Supre Bowl." MTV will be hosting the half time event and we all want Mariah to perform at it! You can read more about it at the link below:

    Thanks to Mishka for this next article!
    Mariah Carey has strenuously denied rumours that she and Eric Benet, her co-star on the film 'All That Glitters', are having an affair.

    US media sources have alleged that the Mariah is enjoying secretive romantic liaisons with the US R&B star turned actor but she insists that she is faithful to her boyfriend, Luis Miguel. They claimed that Benet's girlfriend, 'X-Men' star Halle Berry, jumped on a flight to Canada with the intention of keeping an eye on her fiance.

    Carey, however, jumped on the reports and denied that Halle Berry had even visited the film set. "There has been a whole bunch of ridiculous press that Eric Benet and I are in some kind of love fest. We would have loved to have Halle come to the set but she didn't." "It's a complete lie. It's been hard on Luis, filming a movie means you can't see each other too much, but we manage," she continued.

    Who sent me this article?
    Hi Fred, In last week's Chart Beat Bonus you mentioned that none of Mariah Carey's 15 No. 1 hits in the U.S. have topped the charts in the U.K., yet two of her songs that weren't as successful in America made it to the very top in the U.K. The same is true for Madonna in Germany, where she is currently enjoying her 12th No. 1 hit. Madonna had only two chart-toppers in Germany and it might be surprising for an American to hear which ones: "La Isla Bonita" (No. 1 for five weeks) is easily her best-selling single in Germany ever, being the second most successful song of 1987. Thirteen years later, in March 2000, she hit No. 1 for a second time with "American Pie" (one week). Even Michael Jackson, who has had 13 No. 1 hits on the Billboard charts, had only two in Germany. Again they were completely different from his U.S. successes and you might be even more astonished after you read on. Jackson's No. 1 songs in Germany were "Earth Song" (five weeks) and "They Don't Care About Us" (three weeks) both from his 1995 Album "HIStory." "Earth Song" sold more than a million copies in Germany alone, about the same amount in the U.K., and is probably his most successful European hit ever. Personally, I think that these four songs rank among the best singles Madonna and Michael Jackson have ever released and that they became No. 1 hits quite deservedly.
    Achim Hoefling (Eussenheim, Germany)

    Dear Achim,
    It is often surprising how different the tastes of the American and European consumer are. There are many cases of artists with completely different No. 1 standings in the U.S. and U.K., for example.

    - Is Carey Wonder Woman?
    Thanks to Gabby for this next article:
    A new name has emerged as the frontrunner in the battle to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen - Mariah Carey. The Daily Star reports that Carey has been offered the part of the female superhero, which would presumably come as a surprise to Sandra Bullock, who has always been linked with the role. (Then again, that was probably when people still went to see Sandra Bullock movies.)

    A "friend" of Carey's is quoted as saying: "She's delighted to have been offered the role of Wonder Woman. She likes fun films as she has a great sense of humour, so a role like this would suit her better than a serious one." Add your own comment about it also suiting her acting range here.

    Carey made her acting debut last year in 'The Bachelor' and has recently been starring in 'All That Glitters', a drama set in the New York club scene that co-stars Max Beesley and Da Brat.

    'Wonder Woman' has been in development for several years, with Sandra Bullock, Catherine Zeta Jones and Shannon Elizabeth all being linked with the role made famous by Lynda Carter in the 70s. Action expert Joel Silver is producing.

    Thanks to Jake for this next article:
    (OCT. 4) WENN - SEVENTH - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NEWS - PHIL COLLINS' CHAMPAGNE CELEBRATION Delighted songwriter PHIL COLLINS sent a bottle of champagne to all five members of WESTLIFE to thank them for taking his song AGAINST ALL ODDS to the top of the charts. The Irish stars recorded the cover track with American singer MARIAH CAREY, which made the British Number one spot last month (SEPT00). Group member KIAN EGAN says, "He wrote a note with it saying 'I'm very pleased, and you are too, to have this song at number one, so congratulations.' "It was really cool, so to celebrate we all had a glass of champagne. We didn't go mad though because we were up for work early the next day." But the group have yet to meet up with pop superstar Carey since it topped the charts. Kian adds,"She's still filming in Canada so we can't get to see her. But we did speak on the phone." (RXT/RG/RGS)

    October 6, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah on Entertainment Tonight Last Night
    As we all know, Mariah was on Entertainment Tonight last night! It wasn't that long at all but it was nice because they showed some Behind the Scenes footage of the Limelight club and also Mariah set some rumors straight! She said that there is NO afair going on with Eric B., Halle's Boyfriend and that Halle never ever even came to the ATG set! Mariah said she would of loved to have her but she never came! Also, they asked her if there were any wedding plans coming up and she said she would never announced that on TV. Hmmm...hee hee!!! Here is an article from the Entertainment Tonight website! It's seems to be the whole interview with Mariah but on ET tonight, they didn't show a lot of this interview sadly!

    ET: This is your acting debut.
    MARIAH CAREY: Well, I did a little thing last year in 'The Bachelor' with CHRIS O'DONNELL which was one day of shooting, but I've been studying for a long time and I really enjoy the process of acting. The whole process of acting, the whole process of doing a movie has helped me grow as a person. I'm really glad I'm finally seeing the whole thing come to fruition because there was a time when I didn't know if it was going to work, but the soundtrack has been so great to do because it's like writing to a story as opposed to just my own personal experience.
    ET: How did it make you grow as a person?
    Mariah: Well, just because a lot of times, in a lot of things I went through, my tendency was to shut down and block out what was really going on emotionally. Otherwise I would have drowned in that mess. I don't mean just recent stuff but my entire life and whatever situations came about. In acting you can't do that, you can't shut down emotionally. I had to really not do that and really explore why I do that and how it impacted my life and the decisions that I make.
    ET: Was it scary for you to step into this film that you were also producing?
    Mariah: There was a lot of support for me on the movie. VONDIE CURTIS always has been great and I really enjoy working with him, he's a great person, he's really passionate about the movie and that's great. But no, it was scarier for me to go to an acting class. A bunch of actors who are working or aspiring to work and get up there and be people in the class which is a very good, healthy thing for me to do but was actually terrifying.
    ET: Now, who is this hot, hunky, guy you chose as a love interest?
    Mariah: The guy playing Dice is MAX BEESLEY, who is from England. He's a really good actor and is really good in the movie because he is a musician as well as an actor.
    ET: That's great. Do you have love scenes in this movie?
    Mariah: Oh, not real love scenes. No, there is a very good romantic dynamic, but there is no ... well I'll let them cover the movie and see what happens.
    ET: There are a few smooches.
    Mariah: I'm not going to say. Let them go to the movie.
    ET: Oh believe me. I think people will go tothis movie. You won't have a problem packing them in. Now, I know you have ERIC BENET in this movie.
    Mariah: And there's been a whole bunch of ridiculous press that says Eric Benet and I are in some love fest. We only have three scenes together in the movie. It's funny because people try to seize any little morsel of a thing to blow it up into a story, but yeah, he's in the movie and he does a really nice song and it's been really cool. It's been good working with him
    ET: Do you and Eric have duets? Do you sing duets?
    Mariah: We sing one song together, which we have not sung yet, but we've laid it down. ET: Did HALLE (BERRY - his girlfriend) come to the set?
    Mariah: No. So, that was another part of the lie. Halle did not come to the set.
    ET: Did she come to scratch your eyes out?
    Mariah: No, we would have loved to have Halle come to the set. But she didn't, that whole thing was a complete lie.
    ET: What I was also going to ask you, which was in the papers, is about you and LUIS MIGUEL (Mariah's boyfriend).
    Mariah: Well, during a movie is not the easiest time in the world to be with somebody, but we find time.
    ET: So, everything's okay with you guys?
    Mariah: Yeah, why? What was in the papers today?
    ET: That he was upset because you can't find time for him, because you're working so much.
    Mariah: Thanks for telling me this. Was it in the tabloids? No, I mean, it' s really difficult. He was on tour last year, I went to see him on a tour all over the world. He came to Canada to see me. I went to Mexico in the middle of the movie. Oh, we went to Disneyland and Naples, Florida and we've been traveling when I get a chance and when he getsa chance. So, that's life in the entertainment world.
    ET: That's great. Now, you guys have been together for a long time?
    Mariah: Almost two years.
    ET: That's a long time. Happy?
    Mariah: Yes. ET: Any plans to....
    Mariah: Plans to go on a nice vacation and things of that nature.
    ET: And that's it. Wedding bells?
    Mariah: Hey, if I did I wouldn't say it on TV.
    ET: How would you sum up the fun factor here? Are you having a lot of fun?
    Mariah: It's been really fun doing this but it's also been a complete turn around, schedule-wise, the six, five in the morning calls. I've never been in one place for this long. I haven't stayed in one place this long for like three years. I'm going to be sad when it's over, and it's almost over.
    ET: When's it over?
    Mariah: Two days.
    ET: Are you going to do more movies after this?
    Mariah: I would love to. I love this, it's been a lot of fun.
    ET: What would you say to a young girl with a dream like yours?
    Mariah: I would just say do it if you really want to do it, but there is a lot that comes along with it. Which is one of the points of this movie. You have to be really at ease with yourself and none of the extra stuff really makes you a whole person unless you get there because of what's in you, not because of the admiration, or the money, or the things that come along with it.
    ET: Love the title, 'All that Glitters.' Is it gold or not?
    Mariah: We'll have to see.

    Here are some pics of what Mariah looked like from the interview taken from the ET Website!

    - Mariah on E! News Daily Tonight
    Christina and MiZnAsTyJ told me that Mariah will be on E! News Daily tomorrow at 6:30 pm EST! Check local listings for time!! She was shown in yesteday's end credits for what was going to happen on today's show. She was wearing a pink tank top, so I am guessing it was done the same day at the VH1 interview with Mariah! Make sure you program your VCR's!

    - All That Glitters Website Updated?
    Jake let me know that Upcomingmovies.com has updated there site once again. Here is a more detailed summary of the movie!
    Premise: A young singer (Carey) who grew up in the projects after she was abandoned by her mother gets her big break when a DJ (Beesley) hears her demo tape (which also leads to a relationship). The film takes place in the New York club scene of the early 1980's, and the singer is a member of an all-girls group. (Texada and Brat will play her friends).

    - Buy AAO singles with Westlife
    The Against All Odd singles should be hitting the USA stores like Tower Records and Sam Goody sometime soon now as imports and here is what Maciej told me:
    Hey Regina, I just wanted to let all the Mariah fans in the valley of the sun (Pheonix area) know that they can buy a copy of the AAO import single w/Westlife at Virgin Megastore in Arizona Mills mall. "Love Takes Time" was on the radio on my way to ASU today; made my day. Thanks again for bringing us the news on MC.

    - Mariah in USWeekly Magazine for All That Glitters
    Nancy, JoseAR95 and Ramsey told me that Mariah is in the October 16th issue of USWeekly, hitting stands today! There are some pictures of Mariah during the shoot of the movie in NYC! They show her on the streets where she finds her estranged mother! Also, Nancy's letter made it into the front of the USWeekly! She voiced her opinion on how it wasn't Mariah's fault for what happened to Tonjua and they should not blame Mariah for it! Way to go Nancy for sticking up for MC!!!!!

    - Mariah Poll
    Here is what Gina sent me:
    Hi Regina! Here's another poll at that clickmaster site...
    "Mariah Carey is at number 1 for a second week, wowing us with her cover of 'Against All Odds' and young Westlife shaped backing singers! Has Great Britain gone mad?
    ~Of course not! We love her vocal gymnastics and cheery sunshine smile!
    ~Most definately - stop her! Stop her now! I can't stand it any more - aaaarrrggghh!"
    Vote FOR Mariah! Right now there's more votes AGAINST her!!! GO HERE TO VOTE ~~~~> http://www.clickmanchester.com/asp/home/home.asp

    - Rollingstone on Wonder Woman
    Here is a short article that Michele found from Rollingstones Magazine:
    MARIAH CAREY, currently filming the movie "All That Glitters," is being courted to play Wonder Woman on the big screen by director Joel Silver.

    - Your Mariah Story
    The page has been updated and thanks to everyone who sent in their letters! It was much appreciated and check out the site to read all the letters!!!
    Your Mariah Story

    - Mariah's Latest Charts
    Here are Mariah's latest charts that Matt sent into me for the week ending October 14th:

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    118 117 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    BUTTERFLY (Album)
    162 162 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    31 31 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    31 31 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    49 50 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    53 53 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    56 47 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    DAYDREAM (Album)
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    EMOTIONS (Album)
    167 167 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MARIAH CAREY (Album)
    83 83 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    144 144 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MUSIC BOX (Album)
    31 31 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MY ALL (Single)
    195 0 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    RAINBOW (Album)
    39 39 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    92 92 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    92 90 YTD CD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    3 2 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    7 6 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    17 16 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    82 76 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    136 137 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    - Petition for Germany
    Here is what Dennis sent me:
    Hi Regina! This is Dennis, webmaster of the Mariah Carey fanpage "Butterfly-MC"! Uwe (webmaster "Mariah Carey Fan") and I, we started a petition and it would be amazing if everybody participated in that one and helped out Mariah in our country, Germany!

    Our aim we wanna achieve with this petition is that MTV Gemany plays more often Mariah's music clips, escpecially the new ones like "Against All Odds" (duett with Westlife) and "Crybaby" and "Can't Take That Away". Is has to be said that Mariah is being neglected by this TV station over here, meaning that they refuse to play her music clips. When asking them for what reason they do so, they always respond that "Against All Odds" has been already released - but hey, now it is available in the duett version in all German CD stores.
    And what about the clips like "Crybaby" and "Can't Take That Away"? O.k., these two tracks won't be commercially released, but MTV Germany promised to play the music clips as many German fans had written a lot o' mails to the TV station to beg them to give a certain rotation to these clips.

    Hopefully, all fans over the world will support our petition so that MTV Germany will be shown that their ignorance towards MC fans will be soon spread all over the world and that they will be losing their reputation if they keep on neglecting Mariah and her fans as well! Thanks for taking the time and reading this one.
    Here's the link to the petition:

    - Joel Silver?
    Alan told me that Joel Silver is set to produce the Wonder Woman flick which Mariah MIGHT be in. Nothing has been confirmed yet and Joel Silver has produced such hits as The Matrix, Speed, and Conspiracy Theory!

    - Mariah in OK Magazine
    JoseAR95 told me that Mariah is in the October 6th issue of OK magazine, a British magazine! It's an old picture and it talks about her being sued!

    - Another Poll
    The poll question is:
    Which musician do you hope to see host SNL this season?
    Mariah is winning by 88% Dionne told me and please everyone go and vote for her at the link below!

    - Ozzy Mentions Mariah!
    Here is what Honey.B.Fly told me:
    hi regO, on MTV's "cribs" show they were showing ozzy osbornes(sp?) house and when he was showing the "gym room" he showed this one thing, its a blue plastic guy u cn kick and hit (idont remember the name) and he said that he named it bianca b/c he did this thing for mc where he played bianca (he was joking of course) (and they showed a clip of mc and bianca in the b-room from HB) and so he said he named it bianca for that and he had "bianca" written on the "dolls" forhead....i thought it was funny! bye!

    - Mariah to buy house in Ireland
    Here is what John told me:
    Hey Reg, I have a little piece of exclusive news for you, well I think it is exclusive at least. Guess who is looking to buy a house in Ireland? only Mariah. Her and Westlife's Bryan are supposed to be in search together for the perfect home for Mariah in Ireland. They have been supposidly looking around the Dublin region. I read this on the newspaper and didn't really believe it until I heard it on MTV and then on my local radio station. I wounder will 'Against All Odds' make it a third successful week at the top spot on Sunday.

    - MTV Cribs Repeat
    If you missed Mariah on MTV Cribs Top 10 Video Countdown, make sure you check the repeat out at 7 am tomorrow morning on MTV! Mariah is #4 on the countdown with "Honey!!"

    October 5, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah on TV Tonight
    Mariah is going to be on Entertainment Tonight this evening! Check local listings for the time in your neck of the woods! They are going to take you behind the scenes of All That Glitters! Also, it might be a good idea to check out Access Hollywood or E! News Daily to see if they have anything on Mariah! Along with Entertainment Tonight, Mariah will be on VH1 tonight for the 25 Sexiest People! She is featured in their commercial and the special runs from 10pm-11pm EST, I believe. Make sure you check out both shows tonight and I'll give you a full report on them tomorrow!! Thanks to Alex and eveyone who sent me this information!!

    - VH1 25 Sexiest
    Here is an article that Shanae214 sent to me about the special on tonight!
    VH1 Teams Up with 'Entertainment Tonight' to Tab Music's '25 Sexiest Artists'In New Special Premiering Thursday, October 5 at 10:00 p.m.ET/PT)

    NEW YORK, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Sexy. It's hard to define, but you know it when you see it. After all, exactly what combination of beauty, attitude and style makes a pulse-raising object of desire out of stars as diverse as Ricky Martin or Britney Spears, Scott Weiland or Janet Jackson, Sisqo or Gwen Stefani?

    Now, VH1 and "Entertainment Tonight" team up to present VH1's first annual list of music's "25 Sexiest Artists" in a new special premiering Thursday, October 5 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT). The special marks the first-ever alliance between VH1 and "Entertainment Tonight."

    The one-hour special features commentary from VH1's Rebecca Rankin, Mark Steines of "ET," and a parade of musicians, celebrities, critics and stylemakers like Tommy Hilfiger, Chris Rock and Gloria Estefan, who talk about what they think is sexy -- and what makes these 25 hot artists so seductive.

    In an interactive feature of "25 Sexiest Artists," viewers can vote online at VH1.com for their favorite music stars in several specific categories, and the results will be revealed during the broadcast. The complete list of VH1's "25 Sexiest Artists" is attached.

    Ricky Martin, Faith Hill, Madonna, D'Angelo, Britney Spears, Sting, Jennifer Lopez , Will Smith, Jon Bon Jovi , Toni Braxton, Marc McGrath, Shania Twain, Enrique Iglesias, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, Sisqo, Anthony Kiedis, Mariah Carey, Rob Thomas, Lenny Kravitz, Lil Kim, Johnny Rzeznik, Marc Anthony, Scott Weiland, and Scott Stapp!

    - Tonjua on Extra
    Alex let me know that he saw Extra last night and it had a story on Tonjua's life. He really didn't tell me too much about it but he did tape half of it for me and I will be checking it out this weekend! But luckily, a couple other people saw it and here is what I was told:

  • CrAzYxAnjeL 3169:
    On Extra, Mariah was mention in the Tonya Twist because she was Mariah's designer. Extra said Mariah was in grief and so is everyone else who knew Tonya because no one knew she was suicidal. They said her friends including Mariah didn't see no signs or anything. They showed a few pictures of Mariah.
  • Prinie:
    also, tonight on extra, they did a story on tonjua twist, and mentioned mariah a couple times, but i didn't catch everything they said because i was switching channels between ET and Extra. they basically said she worked for mariah and created mariah's trademark jeans.
  • Mariahlamby (aka Danielle)
    They just showed a segment about Tonjua on Extra. It showed her dad, and also talked about how devastatd Mariah was because she had no idea that Tonjua was depressed. It showed shots of MC from the 99 Divas Live, in 1994, in a brown dress, on the stage in Australia in a short black skirt and red top, and a few other shots of her. It was really sad when her dad talked about her. He was almost in tears, and said that he thinks she died of a broken heart. It also showed her grave site. They said that the woman who adopted Tonjua's son actually commited suicide herself. I never really knew how beautiful Tonjua was till I saw the pics of her. The best pic, to me, was of her and her dad together. It also showed shots of her with her ex boyfriend.

    - Tonjua in Glamour
    Extra also said that you can read more about Tonjua's life in the November issue of Glamour Magazine! Thanks to Mariahlamby for that info!

    - Mariah to Play Wonder Woman?
    Here is another article about this whole Wonder Woman rumor! Thakns to Melbsb15 for sending it to me:
    Citing a rumor in the British tabloid The Daily Star, the Popcorn U.K. Web site reported that singer Mariah Carey is the front-runner to play the titular superhero in producer Joel Silver's upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Sandra Bullock has been previously linked with the role. Carey joins a list of actresses rumored to be in line for the coveted role, including Shannon Elizabeth and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The movie is based on the DC Comics series of the same name.

    - Rainbow Re-released
    We already knew this was happening but John wrote in and told me that now there is a commercial being aired on MTV in Europe about the new Rainbow Album!! No word yet on whether it will be released in the USA but I sure hope so becaues I am dying to get ahold of a copy!

    - Vote for Mariah on Poll
    Ashes told me that we all have to go to the following address:
    and vote for Mariah because there is 17% votes against her for being in the Wonder Woman poll, I am told!! Go check it out!

    - Ricky and Mariah
    Alan told me that he was watching Ricky Martin's latest video and he is wearing Mariah style jeans!!! Interesting tidbit!

    - Vote for Mariah #2
    Here is what Raphael told me:
    Dear Mariah Fans,
    Please vote for Mariah at ARTIST DIRECT http://adoma.artistdirect.com/cgi-bin/index.html#
    You can vote for her in the following categories:
    "favourite female artist"
    "most talked about artist"
    "favourite tattooed artist"
    Please Pass this message on to other Mariah Fans
    This is one poll she should win

    - Your Mariah Story!
    Well a while back I announced to everyone I would be starting a new section on this website called Your Mariah Story! Then recently, I told everyone that I think it was a good idea for them to send one in, wink wink, because it might have a good outcome! Now I am telling you what's happening with all the stories on the "Your Mariah Carey Story Page!" There is about 100 entrees and all the letters are being sent to Mariah in a special package, if I can send the package to her! Jason told Mariah about the package on Tuesday night and yesterday, Jill checked her e-mails about the package! So I am hoping and praying that someone will let me send the package to her! Now, there's about 10 people that sent me in new stories when they found out it was going to Mariah and I am going to try my best tonight to add them into the package! IF you have a story, and you want to send it in, you have till the end of tonight to do so because I want to keep the package ready to ship incase they give me the okay! After that, your entry will just go on the webpage itself!! Send all entrees to:
    Please do not make the letter directly to Mariah! It's all about how she has inspired you or changed your life!! It's like a story! Also, if you want to know if you made it into the package, check out the page and if you see your e-mail address and name, you did!

    October 4, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    - Limelight Club
    Well Jason went to the Limelight club last night and got the lucky chance to meet Mariah!! He also let Mariah know that I have a package for her and I would like to get it to her, which features your letters and other cool stuff! Here are two responses that people wrote and told me about last night:

  • Jason:
    Hey Regina! Oh my gosh...I can't believe it...I met Mariah tonight!!!! I said "hi!" to Mariah for you and I told her and Louise that you had a package for her. I'm guessing that they will e-mail you or something. I'll tell you all about my encounter with Mariah tomorrow because right now its late and I got to get me some sleep! Regina, thank you so much for posting the info on your site. If it wasn't for you then I would have never had the opportunity to meet Mariah. Thanks again, Jason
  • Nai
    Hey Regina....ok I just got back from the set of All that Glitters seeing Mariah its 3:15am now and of course it was AMAZING!!!! but anyway I was told that the last day to shoot is on Friday so that's a little confusing. Also tonight was the last night they will shoot at Limelight. For the next 3 days they will be some place else which I have no Idea where but I`m sure I`ll find out hopefully!! well we really need to find out that information so that way if you come down here it won`t be for nothing. Before I left I wrote Jill a small letter asking her about it, I left her my phone # and my e-mail addy I hope she answers :) she is such a sweetheart!!! well Regina if I hear anything new I`ll be sure to tell ya ok lamb! bye bye....~nai~

    - Mariah as Wonder Woman
    Thank to Mishka, Gina, Mock and EJ for this news from dotmusic.com
    Acting novice Mariah Carey is apparently being lined-up to take on the role of corset-clad comic crimefighter Wonder Woman. Mariah is reported to have been offered the part originally played in the Seventies by former Miss World, Linda Carter. A friend states: "Mariah is so excited about her film career, and especially with the Wonder Woman role. She has a great sense of humour and is a brilliant actress" Mariah is near to completion of 'All That Glitters', her debut acting role which co-stars Mel B's boyfriend Max Beesley. Filming for the project is expected to conclude on Friday

    - Mariah on TRL from Monday's Show
    Muybonita15@bolt.com sent me the transcript for the MTV interview Part 2 that aired on TRL on Monday!
    (In TRL studio - 9/2/2000)
    John Norris: On Friday, we brought you pt.1 of our exclusive interview with Mariah from the set of her new movie called "all that glitters." It's Mariah's first starring role and it turns out she came up with the idea for the film, which is a love story set back in 1983, partly because she is a big fan of the music of that era and she hopes to replicate some of that music for the movie's soundtrack. Here's more.
    (On set with Mariah)
    Mariah Carey: It's been good. It's like a little secluded, cuccoon world that I quite enjoy, not dealing with reality. (laugh)

    John: Mariah may not be dealing with reality on the set of her new 80's era flick, All That Glitters, but she is dealing with the film soundtrack - a project that finds the diva teaming up with some of the leg-warmer decade's freshest and funkiest.

    Mariah: I collaborated with Rick James, which was really cool. And Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who are, like, kings of that period.

    John: Is the full soundtrack original music?

    Mariah: There's covers.

    John: Can you name any of them?

    Mariah: Nooo, because somebody will bite the idea and try to put it out before me, you know, like always. (laughs).

    John: Now, overall, as you and this experience, are you happier with film-making? Would you like to go into one right away or is it, like, "enough already" for a while?

    Mariah: No, you know what? I just need, like, a week off. (laughs) And that's it! Then -hey!- I'm ready to go! (laughs)

    John: Alright, Rick James. Jam and Lewis. Can't go wrong with there. Also, Mariah told us the soundtrack will include a duet with her "All That Glitters" co-star, R&B singer Eric Benet, and the movie should be out in March or April.

    - Damage and Mariah
    Thanks to Ashes for this following article!! It's about one of the groups that opened for Mariah during her Rainbow Tour.
    It seems that with the release of ANY British r&b album comes the proclamation of the latest ‘saviour’ of British soul. It’s all poppycock of course, and thankfully Damage – comprising Jade, Coree, Rashaan, Noel and Andrez – have never proclaimed themselves as such.

    Jade on the new album: There's 'Ghetto Romance' and then there's funk, then there's more in the same kind of vibe as 'Ghetto Romance', then you've got a classic ballad on there. There's a taste of everything. We probably sieved through in excess of 100 songs, so this album now is the selection that we want. On who they worked with: Andrez: We were trying to bring out some of the Earth Wind and Fire guys, but that was a bit difficult. Jade: When we moved to EMI, we got the chance to work with the kind of producers we wanted to work with, such as Dave Hall, Jammy Jazz, The Characters, Dodge, Mushtaq, Ignorance, D'Influence.

    Andrez on hooking up with Joe for 'Ghetto Romance': Rahs is a personal friend of Mariah Carey, and she invited him out to Acapulco for her New Year's Eve party. He had met Joe in London with Mariah, then speaking to Joe at the party, he told him that we'd heard the song and wanted to record it, so Joe said, "Go and do your thing," and it's turned out wicked. On the Mariah Carey tour: Andrez: Over dinner with Mariah, Rahs was talking about being in a band, and without hearing any of the music or seeing any pictures of us, she invited us to do the European tour!

    Rahs: The tour was amazing. We went to places that we hadn't even released a record in. Madrid, Spain, France, and the reception was so good. It was a pleasure to be on such a high-profile tour with a superstar. Jade: It was weird, because no one had heard any of the new stuff, and you'd get through two choruses and they were singing it by the third chorus, so that must be saying something about the music.

    Check past mariah performances for the bbc:

    - Entertainment Teen
    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) let me know that Mariah is in the new issue of Entertainment Teen. It's not a new picture but it talks about her duet with Westlife on Against All Odds.

    - VH1 Book of Rock Stars
    Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) also told me that while she was out shopping for cd's she stumbled on a book called, "VH1's Book of Rock Stars!" It shows a small pic of her (B&W) and talks about her career from 1988 to 1999; minus 1989 for whateva reason. It's $26 so it's only one of those things u get when u have nothing else to buy LOL.

    - Mariah's "Honey" releases new cd
    MelissaAlej told me that Luis released a new cd yesterday. It's called "Vivo" (aka "Live"). I am told it is REALLY good and that he is a remarkable artist!! So hey, maybe you should check it out!!!

    - Update #1
    - Behind the Scenes of ATG on VH1
    Okay Jen e-mailed me today and told me that MC was on VH1 today about 1:30 pm about the All That Glitters Movie. They had some bonus footage compared to MTV and the whole interview last about one minute and 27 seconds. They had footage from a scene where this picture was taken:
    Also, Jen told me that if you missed it, trying taping VH1 in the morning because it should show again! So tape VH1 from 5am-8pm and then from 1 pm-3pm! Hopefully you'll catch this chort but really cool interview. Jen typed out the whole article for us and here it is:
    Vh1's Mariah All That Glitters 1 min and 17 second interview transcribed
    By: Jen
    Mariah sat with Rebecca Romjin to talk about All that Glitters. Mariah had her hair down straight and was wearing a medium pink spaghetti strap shirt on.

    MC: " It's usually, it's the album and blah, blah, blah! But now I'm so involved and immensed in this process that… It's like a weird thing, it's going to be strange when it's over."

    Rebecca Romjin: Shot in New York city, All that Glitters tells the story of Billie, an inspiring singer that deals with love and fame featuring an 80's retro Mariah!"

    MC: "It's not autobiographical! I have to say that because everybody keeps writing that it's a story based on my life! It couldn't be further from my life! And yes the character is a singer…Um…But…Ah…that's basically where the similarity ends."

    Rebecca Romjin: The films been in production for almost three years. And as you can see in this scene with leading man "Max Beesley" Mariah sets the same energy in movie making as she does into hit making."

    They now show a scene of Mariah getting out of a car and holding Max Beesley's hand. She is dressed up in a black coat, black stretch pants, heels; pouf up'd hair and dramatic make up. And kinda pulled by max in a alley type way to the building door where max and Mariah say:

    Max Beesley: They gotta know, that they gotta treat you the right way! Billie (AKA MC): Yeah, but it's only my first video…Ok I don't want to get a bad reputation!

    Rebecca Romjin: How did you prepare for this role? Did you draw on life experiences? on your musical career?

    MC: "My life prepared me…My psychotic life (laughs) It's really interesting, it's really like a healing process for me. Because the music has always been my outlet and has always been a place for me to release stuff…Um but this allows me to do it in another way."

    Rebecca Romjin: Mariah says that she turns to two other singers for inspiration. Diana Ross in "Lady sings the blues" and Bette Midler in "The Rose." There's no release date yet for All that Glitters, but we will keep you posted. I'm vh1's Rebecca Romjin.

    - Mariah's Favorite Spring Break Performances on MTV Asia
    Mishka told me that on MTV Asia, they will be airing "Mariah's Favorite Spring Break Performances" this Thursday, October 5th at 1 pm. They will replay it on Oct 12, at 2pm.

    - BMG Music Catalog
    Tavie recently got the BMG Catalog to order cd's from and in one of the booklets, Mariah is on the 3rd page with a big picture of the #1's cover! Underneath the pic it says :
    "Please don't call it a greatest hits album!" said the pop dive of this 1998 collection. "I put this album out as a thank-you to my fans to show them exactly what they've done for me and how much I appreciate it." Includes her biggest hits, plus four new tracks!

    - New Pic
    I added a new pic that Melbsb15 sent to me. You can check it out in Gallery 40 It's an old picture that seems to be from the Music Box era!

    - Boston Video
    If anyone has the Boston Bootleg video, please e-mail Gary because he really needs to get ahold of it! E-mail him at:

    - Magazine News
    GucciGurl317 told me that Mariah is mentioned in the September issue of InStyle Magazine (just her name in the birthday section!) Also, she is in this months Vogue magazine and it's a pic of her in a black and white striped dress from 1996!!

    October 3, 2000...
    MClogo - All That Glitters Info/Not Going to NYC
    Okay as I reported yesterday, I was going to travel to NYC to see MC at the Limelight club on Monday! Sadly, filming wraps up this Thursday for the entire All That Glitters movie and filming will take place tonight at the Limelight club!! I was told all the extras were already picked so once again, I will NOT be traveling to NYC this Monday! A lot of fellow MC fans contacted me about this and so this is important news for them to know! I really wanted to get a package to Mariah and hopefully someone in her management will see this news and get in touch with me about it!! Oh well....

    - TRL Yesterday
    Well as some of you may have seen, I added about 15 captures of Mariah from yesterdays All That Glitters News Piece on MTV to the Galleries. It has it's own section at the top called, "All That Glitters!" Basically on yesterday's show, they just had more information from Friday's show! Mariah said she is going to work with Ric James that did the song called, "Super Freak!" She also said she is doing a lot of covers but refuse to say who because someone else might steal her idea! That was basically it!

    - Mariah and Westlife Topping the Charts!
    Melbsb15 sent me the following article:
    Madonna, Westlife & Carey Extend U.K. Chart Reign
    Madonna made it two weeks in a row atop the U.K. album chart with "Music" (Maverick), as the chart itself took on a retro appearance with new entries for artists who first charted in the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

    Over on the U.K. singles chart, Mariah Carey and Westlife continued their run at No. 1 with "Against All Odds" (Columbia), a cover of Phil Collins' 1984 hit. Right behind last week's No. 2, Zombie Nation's "Kerncraft 400," was this week's top new entry, "Body Groove" by Architechs featuring Nana (Go Beat/Polydor) at No. 3. Spice Girl Melanie B's "Tell Me" (Virgin) opened at No. 4.

    It's a clean sweep for Madonna across Europe, as "Music" spent its fourth week at the peak of Music & Media's Eurochart Hot 100 Singles chart, while the album of the same name raced from 47-1 on the European Top 100 Albums chart after debuting at No. 1 in most European markets. Bjork's "Selmasongs" (One Little Indian/Polydor) -- the soundtrack to the film "Dancer In The Dark," in which she stars -- was the top new entry on the European Top 100 Albums at No. 10, while Carey & Westlife powered 93-6 on the European singles survey.

    - Mariah and Westlife #1 for second week
    I reported this yesterday but I wanted to post what John had to say about it:
    Just said I would drop you a line to tell you that Mariah and Westlife are enjoying a second week at #1 in the charts with 'Against All Odds' in Ireland and the UK. This week they have kept off new entries like Mel B with 'Tell Me' and Zombie Nation once more. Can Mariah make it a third week in a row... well we will have to wait and see.

    'Against All Odds' is still getting great airplay over hear but lets not let that stop you can tell people to vote for AAO and Mariah at www.mtv.co.uk or www.2fm.ie or www.wlrfm.ie

    - Mariah on Channel 8 in San Diego
    Here is what Melissa told me and it made me so happy to see that they are supporting Mariah!
    Hello... Mariah was on the noon news today it's channel 8 (CBS) for San Diego, CA. They showed a lot of footage! There whole entertainment section was just on MC! They talked about Mariah making a slight career change towards making the movie "All that glitters." There was a picture from MTV's interview then they showed other pictures from a concert saying that if Mariah acts like how she sings people will be lining up around the block to see "All that glitters." They hoped Mariah didn't quit her "day" job and wished her success on the movie!

    - Mariah Charts
    Thanks to Matt for the following charts! They are the charts for the week ending in Oct 7th and I am so sorry it took me a while to get these up. They take forever to edit into the HTML editor and I have just been lazy! Hee hee...

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    117 115 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    BUTTERFLY (Album)
    162 162 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    31 31 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    31 31 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    47 42 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    50 43 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    53 53 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    DAYDREAM (Album)
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    EMOTIONS (Album)
    167 166 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    I STILL BELIEVE (Single)
    187 0 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MARIAH CAREY (Album)
    83 83 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    144 143 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MUSIC BOX (Album)
    31 31 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    RAINBOW (Album)
    39 39 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    90 89 YTD CD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    92 91 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    100 98 YTD CASSETTE ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    2 2 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    6 6 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    16 16 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    76 79 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    137 125 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    - Rock & Roll Jeopardy
    Here is what Matt told me:
    I was watching Vh1 the other day and they had a Rock & Roll Jeopardy marathon. One of the episodes they mentioned Mariah in one the categories. The categories was called "Love Songs" and the players were Shawn (from BoysIIMen), Jane, and I forget the third person. Anyway, "Love Songs" was in the double jeopardy so when Shawn pick "Love Songs" for $200 is was a Mariah question, and it was also a Mariah question for $400, and $800 but Shawn missed the $800 question. The question was what was Mariah second #1 on her #1 album Mariah Carey? The answer of course "Love Takes Time." Also the other two contestants said that she knows a lot about love and has written ever angle of a love song possible.

    October 2, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    - Screencaps from TRL
    You can check out 15 captures from today's TRL Behind The Scenes Footage on All That Glitters Set in the Pics Pages!! It is the first link and has it's own section called, All that Glitters. They are exclusives to this site so please credit this site if you use them! Thanks!! More news on TRL coming tomorrow morning!

    - Update #1
    - Come to NYC with me to maybe see MC!
    The possible address where Mariah will start shooting next week is:
    Limelight Club 47 W 20th ST. (At sixth avenue), New York, NY. 10011. (Thanks Mariah's Diary
    Now I am wondering who will will be going on Monday the 8th because I will because I am traveling to NYC to give a special present to Mariah, which includes every letter from the "Your Mariah Carey Story" section on this website!!! There is a TON of other stuff in the package, including a Photo Album with over 130 pics of Mariah in it, talking lamb and a Rainbow Romper Stuff Animal, to name a few!! We should be outside the Limelight club at about noon. Please contact me at WildCatHG@aol.com if you hear anything or will be there!!!! We need to organize something for Mariah!!!!!

    - New Picture of MC
    Nacho sent me a picture he found in an Argentinian magazine called, "La Nacion!" There is a 3 page article called, "Hollywood is Nuts" and they talk about stars secrets. Here is the picture and what they said about Mariah:
    "Mariah Carey rejected a LIMO to go to the GRAMMY awards cause it was not the color she asked."

    - TRL Information
    Today I will be making captures for the episode of TRL featuring All That Glitters! Check back later tonight or early tomorrow morning to see them! I am going to make them from my friend's house and he can make really nice ones! Right now his cable is out, but hopefully it will be up by 3:30 pm, when TRL starts!

    - Westlife's Against All Odds was recorded in Italy with American singer Mariah Carey. Thanks to Ashes for this next article:
    The group said in a statement: "We're all over the moon to be breaking our own record. "Working with Mariah, our favourite singer of all time, is a dream come true. "It's extra special for us to be breaking this record with her." Carey originally recorded the song for her own latest album but after meeting Westlife in Los Angeles and hearing their work she suggested they collaborate on a new version. During a break from shooting the movie All That Glitters in Toronto, she said: "Westlife have been fantastic. "They were fun to work with and we just clicked creatively. "I'm really thrilled that Against All Odds has gone straight to number one. "It was always one of my favourite Phil Collins songs growing up."

    - Calling All Filipino Fans
    Here is what soulthird@lycos.com told me:
    Hey! Please tell all fans from the Philippines that Divas Live 2000 will be aired on Thursday Oct. 5 at Studio 23, 8 pm (or 7:30 maybe not sure!) ! Thanks!!!!

    - Against All Odds stays at #1
    Ashes let me know that Mariah's duet with Westlife is set to spend another week at #1, according to early sale figures. Great news eh?!? :)

    - 25 Sexiest Stars
    Gary told me that yesterday Mariah was mentioned is USA Weekend. Basically it talked about the VH1 show that will be airing this Thursday at 10 pm EST and it listed the names that were in the running. Of course MC was listed there. The show is a one hour show also!!!

    - Reopened Site
    Cairsa, webmast of One Mariah, recently reopened her site and would like you all to check it out at it's new address!!! Click below to check it out!

    - Tonjua's Family Member Speaks Out!
    Tomas told me that he recently talked to a member of Tonjua Twist family, Mariah's Personal Stylist who recently died! He told me that she said they recently did an interview with Extra about Tonjua's death and it should be shown sometime this week! She wasn't exactly sure of the date!!

    October 1, 2000...
    MClogo - Don't Forget
    Don't Forget to check out TRL tomorrow to see another segment on Mariah behind the scenes on All That Glitters set in NYC! If you missed Fridays show, catch the reairing of it at 8 am EST on Monday morning. Check local listenings to make sure of the time!

    - Updates on Site
    Once again, I am sorry for the major delay on yesterdays news. I tried getting it up all day but tripod was just down and I couldn't upload it! There is a new Quote O The Week and a new Pic O The Week (Thanks to Alan for the Pic O The Week). Also, check out the new poll above. Here are last weeks results:
    What is the one thing that makes ya love MC the most?
    Her music (43) 15%
    Her love for her fans (6) 2%
    Her Charity Work 0%
    Seeing her live (1) 0%
    Her Phrases 0%
    Her voice messages (3) 1%
    Her Appearance (2) 0%
    The struggle she went through (1) 0%
    Her personal determination (10) 3%
    Everything!! (209) 76%
    Total Votes: 275

    - Today's News
    All of today's news is basically below, so make sure to check out yesterday's news (Sept. 30th)

    Click here to read the September News!

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