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updated byregina October 31st, 2002 7:15PM  
Happy Halloween
Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween. Make sure you eat lots of candy tonight!!

Message From Mariah
Mariah left a nice voice message with the Online Street Team today and thanks to Melissa, here is the transcript of what she had to say...

"What's up street team, I just want to thank you for all you've done to support me and the new album, it means so much to me and your efforts really really do make a difference."

106 & Park
"jmck" told me that 106 & Park also has Through The Rain listed and we really need to start voting there too. So after you are done voting at the TRL website, please click here and vote for her on BET also. You don't even have to add any information in, just click on Mariah's name.

TTR on Launch.com
Jason told me that Through The Rain is now on Launch.com and if the video is downloaded enough, it will be part of the Top 10 Viewed Videos. So go to the website and check out the video and hopefully it will get to #1.

WiseGirls DVD
Several fans told me that the WiseGirls DVD and Video will infact be out later this year; most likely December 31st as most sites report. At several places you can already pre-order it.

Lambs Help Needed
Rancy, from the Philippines, told me that some DJ's from "The Early Returns" have been trashing Mariah's name on air and have even attacked her fans. This happened once before and several fans e-mailed the DJ's about it. They ended up apologizing on-air and Rancy wants our help again. The station is called 89.9 Magic FM and is the highest rated station there. Check out the website and send your thoughts in.

Well we did it people! Through The Rain was #1 on TRL, Mariah's first ever #1 video on the program. Please continue to vote so we can keep her ahead of Christina and Eminem. This will really help her radio airplay too if we keep it up.

Mariah In Holland
Marjolein saw Mariah in Holland yesterday and sent me some scans of pictures that were taken. Check them out in Gallery 9.

New Pics
Mssfijunke sent me a bunch of older pictures of Mariah that span from 1990's to 2002. Plus, there are two brand new pictures from Honey & Kate, from Butterflies Are Free, in Gallery 9 also. Check them out if you like.

"You And I" MP3
Tom uploaded the MP3 of "You And I" and you can check it out by clicking here. He doesn't know how long he is going to keep it up, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can.

Billboard Charts
Rhomeyn sent me the latest charts from Billboard for the week ending November 9th...
Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles
19 Through The Rain, Mariah Carey
Adult Contemporary
17 Through The Rain, Mariah Carey
Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles
13 Through The Rain, Mariah Carey

updated byregina October 30th, 2002 7:00PM  
New Pic
Y100 Yanivgabe3 sent me a scan of him and Mariah at Y100 studios. Check it out in Gallery 8

Through The Rain was #3 on TRL today. Please continue to vote for her. Christina A and Eminem are beating her right now.

TTR In Norway
Mariah_Hero told me that Mariah is #1 on the Universal Music Norway Top 10. Last week she was #3 and you can check out the chart by clicking here.

Vote For Mariah
Nicole told me that there is a poll about Mariah and Enimem on MuchMusic (Canada TV). You can check it out by clicking here.

Plus make sure you vote on the MuchMoreMusic Top Ten (Canada TV). It's very easy and you don't have to write your name or your email like on TRL. Click here to help Mariah out.

WiseGirls DVD?
Zac was checking out Tower Records website and noticed that they had a WiseGirls DVD listed. When he clicked on it said...

"This title is not yet available for purchase, but should be available to order starting 12/3/2002."
No word on whether there will actually be a DVD released or if it will just continue to play on Cinemax.

Mariah on AOL
If you have AOL, check out this link for a nice little section on Mariah. Thanks to Holly for this information.

updated byregina October 30th, 2002 7:45AM  
New Pics
Will sent me another scan of Mariah and him at the Miami Meet & Greet and you can check that out in Gallery 8.

TTR Cancelled
Chris works at Trans World Entertainment and heard that the single for Through The Rain has been cancelled. The singles rep in Albany NY confirmed this information and said the singles success will depend solely on radio airplay. Plus, Jenn works at FYE and got an e-mail yesterday saying the same thing. I have no idea why the single has been cancelled, especially since the fans always buy a ton of her singles and help her out majorly on the charts. I guess they know what they are doing though!

Meet & Greet Review From LA
Here is what MBeeHny sent me:
Wow, the meeting was great! I won the contest through the Mariah Online Team. You know Cindy, the girl who sends out the e-mails for the team? Well, I saw her there and she was saying hi to every1. That was the only Meet & Greet she was able to attend. OKay, so thank God we got there on time 'cause we were getting kinda lost, but we figured it out. My aunt went, my mom, my cousin as my guest, and my sister. You know what? They let every1 with me inside! I asked if my sis can come in with me and my cousin but they said no 'cause I could only bring in a guest, but after everybody on the list got in, I don't know why, but they let them in anyway. I was really excited. We waited there for so long and my legs and feet were starting to hurt but it was defenitely worth it! Okay, so they played some Mariah classics at first over and over again for like 2 hours. There was a camera man shooting us, but I don't know what channel we were gonna be on, or whatever. I overheard him say that it he was taking some footage, and of course I was showing my Mariah Rainbow Flat that I had taken to get signed. I gave my little sis my Greatest Hits booklet for her to get signed because she was going in to meet her as well, since they let her in as well. So then, yeah, Da Brat comes out and asks, who are we here to see and every1 screams, "Mariah!" so she introduces the first new song, and it was "Oh Boy" it was a real R&B song with a sample of another song that had come out from a rap artist I think, so that one was really a bouncin' kinda song, and Wow, the speakers were really loud, louder than when they played "Mariah Classics". Her voice sounds really "Rich" on these new songs. I'm sure Da Brat looked at me when she was talking to every1. Da Brat looks really pretty in person. After that, Da Brat comes out again and introduces the 2nd song around. The title is: "My Saving Grace" I think this has to be on of my favorites since I love Mariah gospel type songs. It is emotional, and beautiful. Da Brat said that, that one was produced by Randy Jackson, and she was saying, you know that big fat guy from American Idol.. something like that and every1 laughed, then she introduced the last song, "The One".. which was an emotional one as well, and I think it was a song towards Luis Miguel. I don't know, maybe there's others which make us think that it's towards him, but only Mariah knows for now.

OKay, so finally Mariah comes out, Da Brat introduced her, and she went out giving the audience her hand.. I unfortunately didn't touch her hand because people were pushing and you know how people get so out of control when the star comes out. So then, every1 went to get in line and I guess there were 2 lines to get into, I was at the right and was one of the first people to get an autograph since my mom was pushing me to get in line! LOL ....So then, I got to meet Mariah, but I was still in awe, or like I couldn't believe I was there, somebody had to pinch me or something, so Mariah said hi, and I gave her my Rainbow flat to sign. and I put my arm around her too, so I got my picture taken with her. I said thanks and left. OMG! and there was one important thing I forgot to do, give her my gift ...I couldn't believe I forgot. So, then I tried to go back, since people were still getting their stuff signed, and Mariah was busy with them. I told my sis to go with me, so she asked a lady that was like a security and she asked if she could take my gift to give to Mariah, and she took it and gave it to one of Mariah's guards, and he put it on Mariah's couch. My gift is a like stuffed lamb, holding a baby lamb.... with a prayer written on it. I thought it was really cute, and I've been saving it for so long to give to Mariah 'cause I knew I was gonna meet her someday. Mariah was wearing nice jean pants with a butterfly belt and a mid-sleeve black shirt. Some of her hair was tied back with twisties or braids. I couldn't really tell but it was long and curly. The weird thing is, I thought I was gonna be nervous, but I wasn't, I just felt happy. But I was shy to really say something to Mariah. Next time, I won't be! Since I was one of the first people I thought It would have to be really quick since her security people were around her, and yeah, the first people that went up were fast. Then I went back to look at Mariah singing stuff and she was singing her songs while signing. It was cute. She looked so generous, and loving. She really does look more beautiful in person. They gave out autographed Through The Rain pictures. Then Mariah had to leave. I was expecting the Q&A, but I guess she really had to leave. When she was leaving she was still siging autographs on her way and greeting fans, and this is my favorite part while she was leaving.......

She was on her way to leave, but then she stopped. She stopped right in front of me! That was my moment, heheh. So she stopped and told everyone that she's gotta hear all of us sing this song which was playing "Heartbreaker" before she leaves. So every1 started singing the chorus and she left saying goodbye to every1. I must mention, that before leaving somebody asked her to do a highnote. I was close to her, so I could here it clearly, and I was so happy to hear a high note live, 'cause I've never heard her do it before since I've never met her or gone to a concert. After she did it, she said that it wasn't one of her best ones. Overall, it was a great experience... and this won't be the last time I'll meet her. I met some nice fans too. You could tell that she appreciates all the love from her true fans, and I would just like to say Thanks Mariah for making my dream come true!

Not So Nice Review
Mariahtx01 sent me a review that was in the Washington Post that wasn't too nice to Mariah about last nights BET event. If you would like to send your personal opinion to the writer (please don't be rude) you can do so by clicking here.

He then introduced pop diva Carey, who chose a low-cut, ankle-length black dress for the occasion. Curiosity was high, given this was one of the first peeks at the "Glitter" star since she had a breakdown and received a reported $28 million contract buyout from Virgin Records. She's hard at work on her new album, but her voice was so hoarse during her rendition of "You and I" that it was impossible to gauge her comeback.

TTR In Turkey
Izzet from Turkey told me that Mariah debuted at #38 on the Top 40 Radio Mydonose last week, which is one of the most popular stations in Turkey. This week she climbed to #35 but Izzet needs your help to get her up even higher. Click here to help out.

Plus, Izzet created a petition since Mariah needs some major support in MTV Europe. If you would like to sign it, please click here.

updated byregina October 29th, 2002 8:20PM  
New Voice Message
Mariah finally left us a new voice message on her official website and here is the transcript courtesy of Gilles from Heroes Of Mariah
"Hi... hey lambs, I know it's been a long time since I left a nice message 'cause I've been working hard to finish the album and... it's done and my credits are done and I'm so happy and... hum... I wanted to say that... hum... everybody I have been meeting at all the fan events around the country, you guys are stellar, I love you... and you gave me the best books and... you know toys and Hello Kitty stuffs, lambs and everything has been really really great and I just enjoyed you much, alrighty? And I love you much and I can't wait for you guys to hear the whole album 'cause it's my favorite definitely since Butterfly and... hum... I just want to say thanks again to everybody for being here, for your support and for being here for... hum... Through The Rain and everything else, so... I... will talk to you soon and I hope you like the nice... video and... hum... I will be leaving you another message shortly, bah-byyye!"

South Korea Tracklisting for TTR
Ashes, from Rainbow Princess Network, sent me the tracklisting for Through The Rain for South Korea:
1. LP VERSION 4:17

Mariah In The UK
It has been confirmed that Mariah will be in UK on November 1st and she will be at CD:UK on November 9th. Thanks to Ashes, from Rainbow Princess Network, for this information.

TTR In Turkey
Mehmet informed me that Through The Rain debuted last week on Capital Radio, one of the most popular in the country at #37 on the Top 40 Countdown. This week, it moved up to #36 and it is getting major airplay, so next week it will probably be higher. To make her #1 though, Turkish fans need to request it a lot more at www.capitalradio.com.tr

TTR In Greece
Kostas informed me that Through The Rain remains stable at #23 on Star FM.

New Pics
Mssfijunke sent me some large version pictures of Mariah at Friday's Seventeen event. They have a copyright on them but they are still nice pictures. Plus, Will sent me the scan of Mariah and him at the Miami Meet & Greet and you can check that out with the Seventeen pics in Gallery 8.

Vote For Mariah
Rafis told me that a magazine in Brazil is having a vote on who the sexiest woman in the world is. Right now Mariah is #3 and we need to get her ahead of Britney, so please vote for her by clicking here. Voting ends November 5th.

New Pictures
newpics The two pictures on the right side are only available in small format right now but they are lovely pics. Thanks to Nacho for the images.

Through The Rain was #3 on TRL today. Please continue to vote so we can get Mariah to #1.

How do you follow a public breakdown, a disastrous album and movie, then getting unceremoniously dropped by your record conglomerate? If you're Mariah Carey, you get right back out there and press the flesh.

After inking a reported three-album, $20 million deal with UMG's Island Def Jam Records last January for her own MonarC imprint—on the heels of EMI paying her $30 million to get out of its own $80 million, four-album contract—Carey isn't wasting any time mourning her Glitter meltdown.

IDJ's promotional/marketing campaign for the new album, Charmbracelet, which comes out Dec. 3, has centered on "humanizing" and creating sympathy for Carey. In a series of intimate meet-and-greets around the country, the label has encouraged her to get up close and personal with not only radio programmers and members of the media, but especially the superstar's devoted following.

The label is committed to being patient with the first single, "Through the Rain," willing to wait until the December blitz of TV appearances kicks in. IDJ's Lyor Cohen told the L.A. Times he wants to "methodically penetrate and gain traction"—in the marketplace, that is. With the record. We think.

IDJ Sr. VP Promotion Ken Lane says Carey's promo blitz has already helped the record with programmers: "When Lyor first mentioned to me we were going to sign Mariah, I immediately started thinking about ways to reintroduce her to radio. We organized dinners with radio programmers in small intimate settings of 40 to 50 people, where she could spend an hour, just be herself and get people feeling they made a new friend."

The sweeping, epic ballad focuses on Carey's patented vocal prowess rather than the hip-hop street cred she's sought in the past. The Dave Meyers-directed video, which features a cameo by The Sopranos' Jamie Lynn-Sigler and The Wire's JD Williams, has already hit #2 on MTV's TRL.

But it's the personal approach that seems to have been most effective in "reintroducing" Carey to the public.

Added Lane: "I really feel that a lot of these individuals who had preconceived notions about Mariah didn't get a chance to delve as deeply in conservation, and that meant all the difference in the world. People were hugging and kissing her, clamoring to take pictures."

The gatherings, held in Boston, New York, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis and Atlanta, energized the radio community. Since the single's Oct. 1 impact date, it's been added to more than 100 Pop stations, with Top Five phones from Z100 N.Y., KIIS L.A., Y100 Miami, KISS 108 Boston, KRBE Houston and 92 PRO Providence, among others.

Among the promotion/marketing/publicity initiatives are:
A VIP listening party at New York's Hayden Planetarium.
TV appearances on Oprah (12/3), The Today Show (12/10-11), an MTV special (12/3), BET's Stevie Wonder tribute and Turnstyle (TBA).
Coverage of video shoot on Access Hollywood, Extra!, MTV News
Covers of Blender (Dec.), Allure (Dec.), Us Weekly, Latina magazine
Features in USA Today, N.Y. Times.
Single made available simultaneously on 25 websites, including all of MTV's online brands and BET.com (9/25).

HitsDailyDouble/rbaine from FOMM

MD Gets Revamped
I am working on revamping MD a little and changing some things around to make it more of a professional website and less of just a fan website. Over the next week or so, there will be some changes, so hang in there with me and it should all work out in the end. Plus, Liron is coming back shortly to help out also.

updated byregina October 28th, 2002 8:20PM  
Mariah Information
Ashes informed me that Mariah will be staying at the Amstel Hotel in Holland when she arrives on October 30th and then in her normal hotel in Munich on November 2nd. Thanks to Mariah Connection.

There is a new Quote, Picture and Poll O' The Week. I don't know when Liron changed them last but I figured it was about time to do so. I also changed the fan picture and here are last week's poll results:
How do you feel about Mariah collaborating with Justin Timberlake of N Sync?
1.) Justin and Mariah will be perfect together, I can't wait! (2114) 38%
2.) I hate Justin's music and feel disappointed Mariah would work with him. (2178) 39%
3.) I can't judge by the name of the artist, I need to hear the song first. (1295) 23%
Total Votes: 5587

Through The Rain was #2 on TRL today so make sure you keep on voting. We have to get Mariah to #1 people.

Mariah In Thailand
Ballsath informed me that Through The Rain will premiere in Thailand on November 4th on most radio stations. If you live there, make sure you tune in and request it like crazy.

T.V. Reminder
BET Don't forget to check out Mariah on the Stevie Wonder Walk Of Fame tomorrow night at 9pm ET on BET. Check out Gallery 8 for some nice captures that Tiago made for us.

New T.V. Show
There is a new show that will air on E! called Rank. Here is the description of the show and for times, check out Important Dates on the left side bar.

About: (#023) Celebrity Oops: What Were They Thinking
Host Brooke Burke takes a look at a few of the misjudged moments by today's famous faces and dares to ask the question "What were they thinking?!" From Mariah Carey and Anne Heche's "breakdown" performances, to Hugh Grant's late night trick-or-treating on Hollywood Boulevard to Michael Jackson's journey from Neverland to la-la land, we're talking about the celebs that have sometimes made a mark by missing their mark.

Mariah on Netscape
Click here to check Mariah out on the Netscape page. You can download her new video or check out some lovely pictures. There was one brand new picture of Mariah, which you can also check out in Gallery 8.

Mariah in Teen People
HBeanie told me that Mariah is in the Dec 02/Jan 03 issue of Teen People on page 76. The picture is an older one we have seen before of her in the brownish/grayish outfit I am told from the Rainbow era. Here is what the article says...

Mariah Carey
Mariah returns to the tried-and-true with her as-yet-untitled album's sweet ballad (and the first single) "Through The Rain." Reportedly, Daniel Bedingfield collaborates on writing some of the songs on this disc.
updated byregina October 28th, 2002 11:15AM  
Charmbracelet Cover
cover On the right you can see the cover of Mariah's new cd, due out December 3rd. You can check out a larger scan in Gallery 8. Thanks to everyone who sent it to me, there were too many to name here. I will be doing another update later tonight (around 9pm) when I get home from classes.
updated byregina October 27th, 2002 8:30PM  
Meet & Greet
Brian and Jorge both sent me their pictures with Mariah from the Meet & Greets. Shiloh also sent me his pictures plus his story, which you can read below. Check out all the pictures in Gallery 8.

MShiloh OK, so I know it's 12:37 am in the morning (10-16-02), but my dad and I just got back from chicago I got in my dorm room around 11 pm and showed people my stuff and..so I'm just now typing this out

We arrived at Fulton Lounge about 8:30 and I got too meet some wonderful lambs, Tessa, Vijay, and Julie . Anyway we chatted a little and then they let us in around 9:05 or so and we were like one of the first fans in there, and surprisingly security wasn't too bad They do tell you to NOT bring cameras in, and you could either go back to your car OR leave them in a box by the door at your own risk !! And Julie said "Oh..camera day" When we walked in the lounge there was mariah promo stuff everywhere. In the back was a table of snacks, finger-foods, and drinks

Since no one was hardly in there yet, we had a pretty good selection of where to sit and I told my dad "Let's sit over here" (by M's couch)...and so we were REALLY close to her when she came in !! Anyway, they didn't play any mariah music till about 30 minutes before she got there Tessa and I were getting upset I told Tessa that someone needed to morph into Bianca and rasie hell.

And I believe once they started playing her music it was the Greatest Hits CD They started with "Vision Of Love" and around "Endless Love" they stopped it and started playing "Through the Rain".....

Surprisingly they did not pass out "Through The Rain" postcards or the autographed 8x10 pictures....but I ended up getting TWO postcards from Liz I'll get to that later though..... Another shock was the fact that there was absolutely NO MEDIA there at all !! This was a good thing in my opinion because she got to spend it all with her fans

I am not trying to sound gripey in ANY way cause this night was AWESOME, but unfortunately the Chicago meet n greet was VERY rushed ...ok on with the story (you Dallas and Miami fans were sooooooo lucky that she did a Q&A )

there was this guy there who was flirting with all the girls..ESPECIALLY Tessa and Julie I was sitting in between them the WHOLE time, so he asked me if I was Julie's boyfriend And I told him no...so he said "get the hell outta the way then" Anyway I believe he was like the "announcer" and just getting people pumped up He was a bit drunk though I do believe and was cusssing like a sailor

So they had waiters come around and take our "drink orders" and I had a sprite ..come to think of it we ALL had sprite's I told Tessa that I did not want to drink too much and then have to go to the bathroom Oh, Tessa told us we should go to the bathrooms because they were cute and the sinks made a bowl and you had your own little room It was too cute the way she described it. My dad and I were laughing

Oh, and THEN we met Liz who works for MonarC--she is the SWEETEST!! I felt like a dumby and said "ohh you work for Def Jam?" and she was like "umm no MonarC, mariah's label" Then she told us about mariah's plane having trouble in Atlanta , and that was the main reason she was late !!

The announcer guy who was drunk kept saying Mariah's gonna be here in TWO minutes and he said this probably for a good 40 minutes at least And it was soooooooo funny because Tessa and I were like "ohh there's mariah's limo" , for some reason limos kept circling the building, I guess they were just trying to hype us up

THEN IT HAPPENED: at around 11:30 MARIAH CAME IN surrounded by her bodyguards !! We were all pretty much speechless The lambs formed a big line and then she started taking pictures and signing stuff In my opinion her bodyguards we not bad at all and were rather reserved To the ones that said they were rough ...you must have been doing something ..... ...j/k She was absolutely breath-taking--she had on blue jeans and a long sleeve sweartshirt that zipped midway down the front It was SEXY....but VERY CLASSY...she looked AMAZING!! SHE IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON--her pictures do not do her justice

And there was a SURPRISE GUEST: DA BRAT!! I knew she would be there cause Chicago is her home town And she was sooooo funny...acting like a tough chick and all Some fans were screaming "we love U Mariah" and Brat was like: "I LOVE U TOO" !! She even signed some stuff for Viajy and Julie!! I almost asked her too sign some of my stuff, but I wanted to save my it for Mariah Brat also introduced all the new song titles from the album At one point Brat ran RIGHT by me and I YELLED "BRAT" and she said "what's up baby?" It was cute, and Brat looked very pretty even with her BAGGY clothes ..too cute

On the subject of the new songs: I belive Brat introduced each of them as "I Only Wanted", "Oh Boy", "Clouds", "My Saving Grace", and of course "Through The Rain" Sorry I cannot remember the sixth song title The speakers were SO LOUD it was hard to understand anything mariah was singing in the songs

BUT "My Saving Grace" truely is amazing It has very POWERFUL vocals towards the end and has a gospel feel to it "I Only Wanted" is a latin love ballad (ie My All/After Tonight)

sorry I can't remember much It's hard to comment on the uptempos because it was so loud and the sound was somewhat distorted but the beats all sound BANGIN, as Jasmine would say

Julie, Tessa, Vijay, my dad, and I decided to wait till the very end to get our pictures taken---so we saw it ALL If we would have went 1st then we wouldn't have saw much, b/c her bodyguards sent you to the back of the line. My dad was the one who came up w/ the idea to wait...and I said "This is the 1st time in 19 yrs I'm taking your advice" !!

Then came our turns, we were the LAST 5-6 people to get our pics taken...and my dad kept saying "GET UP THERE NOW" b/c Mariah's bodyguards were getting ready to whisk her away !!

Ok this is something I don't like to talk about on the net b/c I don't want people to get the wrong impession ..like I'm trying to get sympathy or whatever. But I just want to make it clear that I don't feel sorry for myself--so please don't feel sorry for me...I am trying to make a point ...the question is, am I getting to it Ok I was born with a disabilty known as Cerebral Palsy and have to walk w/ crutches b/c I have no balance. It basically just affects my lower body......ok now you'll see where I'm gong w/ this......

I went before Tessa/Vijay/Julie..that was very nice of them... So it was my turn (this was around 12:15 am when I got my picture taken and met her) and the bodyguards were like freaking cause they didnt know what to do.... ....HECK I didn't know what to do. My dad was walking up behind me to let them know he was helping me.....

Ok, so I am walking up to Mariah and for some reason the first thing outta my mouth was: "Mariah, do you know who I am...I'm Shiloh." ... ...I shoulda NEVER listened to my dad ...he was like "she'll know who you are" cause I've been a fan for a decade and have written her MANY TIMES...

Anyway..she had the sweetest, yet dazed and confused look on her face like umm "not really" She never said that but I could tell she had no clue--which was FINE by me cause she has millions of fans--I didn't expect her to know me ...I just felt silly for listening to my dad.....but he didn't know, we love him My dad told me today that when I was going up to her I was SHAKING (in a good way), and that mariah said "aww come here" !! I did not remember that ...its all such a blur now

So I quickly scurried off that subject...THEN I DUNNO WHAT HAPPENED....but I became COMPLETELY AWESTRUCK.....I just basically started to tear up and then that made Mariah sad which was not my intention.... And Mariah is soooooo real with her fans, if they start to tear up she just looses it She REALLY appreciates and loves us, which makes it that much more fullfilling to be a lamb

But I think all I could say was "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" AND "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING"..and when I got misty eyed just for a second, that's when Mariah rushed over and just gently touched my hands !! And I aksed her to sign My Butterfly/Glitter CD's and a picture When she signed my picture we had her use a different color pen cause the picture was mostly a black background, and she WAS SO FUNNY She didnt like the pen and said "these things dont write well, but I'll do my best" IF I had been thinking w/ a level head I woulda asked her to sign them: "To Shiloh, Love Mariah" but I was sooo speechless..I just handed them to her, and she drew a heart symbol and then signed "Mariah" ...she signed bfly /Glitter like this!! Then I told her Butterfly was my fave and she said "thanks, that's mine too"...and I handed her a manilla envelope addressed from me to her and it had a letter, and a pic of me, PLUS A GIFT I asked her if she would open the gft, but she didn't have time but she said "I PROMISE I WILL OPEN IT LATER...I've got all the gifts back here" (I bought her a 14 Karot Gold butterfly charm and 14 Karot Gold neclace to go w/ the cham...I blieve I showed them to Tessa earlier in the evening!!).

All I could keep saying was I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU and she said "I LOVE U TOO!!" Then came time for the picture !! SHE PUT HER ARM ON MY SHOULDER AND WE TOOK THE PIC !! I was sooooooooooo afraid I would blink b/c I am a blinker but I didn't!! And then I was about ready to walk away after I said I love you once more and the camera man was like "WAIT...we have to take it again..it didnt come out"....so I GOT TO RESHOOT the pic w/ mariah!! And it was soo hilarious b/c the second time she was trying to re-position her foot and she barely tapped my crutch...and she freaked out ...she said "I am soooo sorry" !! and I said "it's OK..." .....she coulda knocked me down and I woulda been like "Do it again" ...she is the BEST!!

So then I walked off and it was my dad's turn and OMG!! ! My dad told me what he said to her!! He was like "you're an amazingly special person...thank you, you just made his dream come true!!" !! Then he asked her to sign a couple pics of he and I together and one of them was for our Uncle Johnny, and he explained how it was b/c of him letting us borrow his van that we were up here, and mariah said "WOW!! WE have to thank him then!!" so she signed a pic to uncle johnny Then my dad had her sign a pic of he and I together and she wrote: "To Tim & Shiloh, love Mariah" And she asked my dad how to spell my name--awwww!!! Then my dad asked her to PLEEASE take the time to read my letter and open her gift from me and she promised she would!! As he was walking away--she REACHED OUT and SHOOK MY DAD'S HAND !!!!

then Vijay and the others were up next and after that it was over and mariah was bieng whisked away and I yelled "MARIAH!! WILL U SIGN THIS???!"--it was my Glitter movie poster and she was sooooooo kind--she looked right at me and said "I'll do my best--but these pens are not the greatest" and then they took her though the crowd and she left ...or so we thought!! We later found out that she was downstairs getting ready to leave but no one knew it!!

Most of the fans thought she was gone (including myself) so we never went outside. BUT @ the end we talked to Liz again and I asked her to pleeeease remind mariah about me and the gift I had gotten her and she said she would ...then she gave us two autographed mariah TTR post cards.

I wanted to stay a bit longer to keep listening to the new material so we did and we walked over to the snacks and then while we were eating, we saw this guy just walk out w/ TWO HUGE promo boards (the one pic of M in the dress by the tress, and the other board had TTR written on it).....so that like ticked my dad off and he said "ok, follow my lead" and he also took TWO MORE DOWN and put them back to back (like the other guy did) and he was like "Get up when I tell you too" !! and I was like "what the heck are you doing, we'll NEVER get away w/ this!!" We just got lucky cause they were WAY in the BACK of the club and mariah's entourage just forgot them I guess..... and WE DID get away w/ it !! We just walked right out of the club w/ two BIG PROMO BOARDS !! !!

Overall it was a wonderful night and I'll cherish it forever I just wish it wasnt as rushed but OMG I MET MARIAH and some wonderful lambs in the process!! It was a TERRIFIC night and I PROMISE I WILL HAVE SCANS UP ASAP..I have to find someone w/ a scanner first. I probably wont scan my CD's, poster, or 8x10 cause they either have a heart and then mariah, or just mariah....and you guys have seen her autograph a thousand times..BUT I WILL SCAN OUR TWO PICS of me and my dad, and the two pics she signed for my dad!! I can't believe it, I MET MARIAH CAREY in the flesh !! Now I can die happily My love for her has now QUADROUPLED !! She is soooo AMAZING, and I'll love her forever!!

Request TTR Remix In The UK
Andrew sent me an e-mail telling me that RockFM has the Through The Rain remixes but won't play them until Clubrock on Saturday nights. For anyone in the UK who wants to hear it, e-mail them at clubrock@rockfm.co.uk Andrew also told me that you don't have to live in the UK to request the song. They love international requests I am told and you can even listen to the station online at www.rockfm.co.uk

Mariah Carey Replies To Rumours
NEW YORK (AP) - Mariah Carey insists she sips her soda just like the rest of us, according to a published report.

The singer told the New York Post she takes exception to rumours that one of the members of her entourage has the job of tasting her food and wipes down her cans of soda with disinfectant before they're opened up.

A stern "Please," was Carey's reaction to the rumour. She said although she is careful among germs to protect her voice, she doesn't "care that much." Carey said she opens her own soda and drinks it with a straw.

Meanwhile, the singer hints she's looking for love.

At a listening party for her new album "Charmbracelet," Carey mentioned to reporters that while she's solo these days, she is definitely looking for a man.

But that man probably won't be rapper Eminem. One of the songs on the new album seems to be directed at the rapper. In June, Eminem told Rolling Stone magazine that he and Carey had dated briefly and that he didn't care for the experience. "Don't believe the hype," he told the magazine. He also added that Carey "doesn't really have it all together."

But Carey gets back at Eminem in the song "Clown." The lyrics read in part: "You should have never intimated we were lovers. I gotta break it to you delicately -- who's gonna love you when it's over? Who's gonna care?"

Carey doesn't acknowledge she wrote the song as a response to Eminem. She only says she "wrote all the songs except for one or two."


Mariah: Who Cares About Eminem
Mariah Carey has not only bounced back from her rough year, but she also gets even with Eminem on her new album, "Charmbracelet," reports The New York Post.

Eminem had ripped her in Rolling Stone magazine in June. After noting the two had dated briefly, the rapper said, "On the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person. I learned a lesson from it: Don't believe the hype. . . . She doesn't really have it all together."

In the song "Clown," Mariah sings: "You should have never intimated we were lovers. I gotta break it to you delicately - who's gonna love you when it's over? Who's gonna care?"

Did Carey write the lyrics?

"I wrote all the songs except for one or two," she slyly told The Post.

Asked if she was dating, Mariah replied, "I'm not with anyone right now - got someone?"


updated byregina October 27th, 2002 3:45PM  
New Pics
I added a few more pictures from the MTV taping to the Dream Come True page. Amanda sent me scans of her pics and also when I reprinted my pictures today, I got a new one of Mariah & Me that they didn't give to me last time. Along with that, Vincent, from Mariah Carey Shinning Star, sent me a picture from some chinese newspaper he got and Amanda sent me scans of the Seventeen event.

Also, Mariah is in a brand new magazine called "Weekly In Touch." It's the November 4th issue and I added the scan to Gallery 8. Since it's a new magazine, it is only $1 this week, so check it out if you like.

Tiff saw Mariah at the Seventeen event and sent me her picture that she got with M. Here is what she told me...

Just wanted to let you know that I went to the New Star Showcase last night and the show was pretty good. Isabel is going to be a huge star, what a great singer! We only went to see Mariah and Isabel so once they were done, a friend and I made our way toward the door and just as we were figuring out what to do, Mariah walked in! She was leaving through the front door!!! Anyway, she stopped for some pictures but her people were trying to get her to leave. She told them that if they were going to make her leave, they better explain why to all her fans. They told everyone that she had an interview to go to and she posed for a few more pictures, signed some autographs and left. She looked so beautiful and was so nice. I am so glad that I went!!!

Finally, someone who I will call "IamJ" sent me some scans of pics that were taken at the LA Meet & Greet. You gotta love the one of Mariah on the cell phone.

Joshua found a place where you can download Mariah's Japan commercials. Just click here and then find her name in the drop down window at the top.

Seveenteen Story
RaInBoWbAbE143 saw Mariah Friday night also and here is the story...
I got tickets for the Seventeen Star Showcase event just because Mariah was appearing there...My boyfriend, Mike, and I got to Roseland around 5:30PM, and already the line was wrapped around the building. I was really upset because I wanted to see Mariah upclose, but realized that the venue being so intimate, it didn't matter. As soon as the "Through The Rain" video started, Mike put me up on his shoulders and I took pictures and then finished the whole roll when she came out at the end. I cried the whole time! Right after she left the stage, Mike and I left the building and found people waiting outside for Mariah saying she was going to come out! I had brought a Taiwanese Glitter catalogue, the eyes closed Butterfly album, and Reflections Japanese single for her to sign in case I ended up getting to see her. When she came out, everyone yelled "OKEY DOKEY SMOKEY!" and she laughed and seemed really amused by it. Mike handed her my Glitter catalogue and she looked at it like thinking, "What the hell is this?". Haha...I was just standing there crying like a moron, but then I came back to life and chased her limo down the block and got to touch her hand because she was talking to these other 2 girls that got there before me and the light was about to change. This was my fifth time getting to see her and hopefully I'll get to see her at TRL and Jingle Ball!! Go Mariah!

Meet & Greet In Miami
. But I had the best time at the meet & greet. So off we went . We were on the road. And we finally reached N. Miami, and were minutes away from the studio. My dad said ,"Eddy, can you get out those directions now ?" So I got them out and directed my dad where to go. And we were about fifteen seconds away and my dad says ,"I think this is a scam. Because I don't remember a studio being back here ." And then fifteen seconds later we see the crowd of people awaiting to get in the studio. Soon after we got out of the car and grabbed our stuff and headed towards the studio and waited like all the other anticipated fans. Then they finally started letting people in around 9:00pm.Five by five people went in as they got a wrist band around their wrists. Then they would check to see if you were on the list. Then security checked for any cameras, tape devices, or any other mechanical devices with this metal detector. Then we were admitted in to join the other fans that were already checked in. I walked in and it was the prettiest room I'd ever seen. I looked up at the roof and there were yellow and white parachutes hanging from the room with the lights dangling with this beautiful covering around them. Then I looked to the back of the room and there awaiting us was drinks, food, and the works. So knowing me I scarfed down. I even keeped my two water bottles from the meet & greet. They sit on my dresser still. Soon I got a seat and my dad joined me. I looked to the front of the room and that was the most spectacular view I'd ever seen. It was defiantly a Mariah theme. There was a couch and infront of the couch was a beautiful antic table that had sunflowers on them. And then beside the couch was another table a duplicate of the other, but smaller. And on the smaller table was a decorated cup with red, black, and green that were permanent markers for her to sign with. And beside the cup was this vase with 2' sunflowers in this vase. Even bigger than the other sunflowers. And there was also another duplicate couch only a lot smaller only for one person to sit in. And when you looked right there was a Mariah banner. It said ,"Mariah Carry [in the middle) , and below said ," Through The Rain ," and it was white and the font color was this light blue. And behind it they had the sound system. And they played music until Mariah Carey arrived. And on the walls were a picture of Mariah and below it said the same as it did on the Mariah Banner. Then they had the actual banner on every other picture. That's the full description of the room. There we would all wait for Mariah for two hours. We were all there at 9:30pm and she didn't arrive till 11:30pm.But it was so much worth the waite.Before she came though her body guard said to clear the chairs. Because Mariah wants you all around the couch instead of in your chairs. Mariah has just left her hotel from S. Miami Beach. Then you could hear everyone yelling "Mariah". . . And then my new friend asked me for gum. And I said I have none. But, know who does have gum. So I walked towards the door where this kid was who had gum. And when I asked him the door opens and Mariah just walks in and heads for the couch. She acted like she was one of the crowd. Only right when she came in everybody yelled Mariah. You could hear people say ,"Oh my God . . . It's really Mariah ." There Mariah sat on the couch and awaited for her professional photographer to set up. Then one by one people got to go up to her to take a picture with her. They would hand her gifts they got her. Talked to her for a bit.Then took a picture with her. One by one they went as it drew nearer for me to meet her. And finally my turn came. And I said ,"Mariah can you sign these for me after we take the PIC, "And she takes the CD's from me and says, "why not now?" So she then signed the CD's for me. Then I handed her the card I bought her. Then she said ,"Thank you so much. Then we looked to the camera and took our picture together. She leaned close to me and touched my shoulder. And I put my hand around her waist and took the PIC. Immediately after the body guards took my hand off her. Then one of the body guards handed me a post card and Mariah signed it. Then they handed me a Mariah frame for the picture to go in. Then I took the picture we took and awaited for the picture to come out. It was polariod so you had to wait for it to turn out. Then after the pictures Mariah said ,"Now everyone draw nearer to the couch. I'm gonna sign anything you want me to and you guys can ask me questions. Then I sat nearest to the couch towards her right. And this girl said ,"Mariah can I sing to you, "And Mariah replied, "of course you can. Can you guys turn down the music so I can hear her? "Then she started to sing and started crying because she was so nervous to sing infront of Mariah. Then this other girl sang for her "Hero" and Mariah was in awe and said, "you need to be on that new TV show "American Idol" -don't you think? "And Mariah said, "I've actually never even seen an episode, but Randy Jackson one of the judges that was on the show called her and told her about it ."Mariah said she used to introduce Randy as one of Michael Jackson's siblings. And everyone would believe her. Then Mariah said ,"Isn't it hot in here? Can I get a glass of water, please?"And I told myself Mariah your the biggest recording artist of all time? You can have anything you want." Then the time came and I got the nerve to ask her ,"Mariah why do butterflies mean so much to you ?" And she answered me and thought I was talking about the Butterfly CD. And then she said ,"Sorry! I thought you were talking about the cd. Well, really I love butterflies because back in 1997 I was going through a lot of changes in my life. And like a butterfly evolves and changes from a caterpillar into a cocoon then into a butterfly I felt I was making changes like that and like the caterpillar evolves into a butterfly and is free . . .I felt I was finally free. Does that make sense?"And the whole time she was answering my question she was looking me right in the eye? It was unbelievable the biggest Diva talking to me. I had to pinch my self and say ,"Is this real ?"WOW! Then time went on and it drew close to 1:30am.Then they said you have only two more questions/autographs. Then security walked in the room and gathered around Mariah Carey .Her three body guards drew close to her. Then as she left I almost got to touch her again and yelled out ,"BYE MARIAH ,"It was so sad when she left. When she left they put her in a waiting room. Then let all of us out to go home. Then as I was walking out I asked one of the guys if I could take one of the banner posters home. And he told me they were going to use it for the next meet & greet. Then I was like well it was worth the time asking. Then I walked out with my dad to the car and got in. We waited for people to leave. Then there was these two security cars around the limo where Mariah would depart from the building and go back to her hotel. She couldn't sing for us because she still had to record another song for her new album due out December 10th. She said that today is suppost to be a vocal rest day for me. And plus tomorrow is my last day in Miami, FL and all day tomorrow I am recording this new song. And if I don't get it done today I can't put it on the new CD. Then she left . . . That's what happened the full nite.

Through The Rain In Greece
Kostas told me that on Star FM in Greece, Through The Rain moved from #27 to #23.

Through The Rain In Philippines
Rancy told me that Through The Rain has hit #1 in the Philippines on the largest music station, 89.9 Magic FM.

Help TTR In Canada
Rachel wants you to vote for Through The Rain in Canada at the following two links. Check them out if you got a little extra time...
MTV Canada's Select (like TRL)
Much More Music's TOP10

Please Note
I am receiving a lot of e-mails now and trying to continue to work and go to school full time. If I don't respond to your e-mail or not post your information, please do NOT take it personally. Please continue to e-mail me until I post it. Thanks!

updated byregina October 26th, 2002 2:00PM  
Seveenteen Event Last Night
kmaoc@hotmail.com sent me the rundown on what happened last night...
Hey Regina!!!! omg guess what! I went to seventeen's new star showcase last night and it was soooooooo much fun! Shaggy performed and he was awesome,Daniel Bedington performed, and the special guest was Kelly Rowlands!! She brought out her dog mocha and it was sooooooo cute! That was when the crowd first got wild. Everyone was shoving each other and I was like completely jammed between like 10 people and sweating to death, but it was still fun. Finally at 9 Mariah came out with B2K and announced Isabel and some other girl. They started rapping and singing and were all thugged out.Mariah waved to everyone and said hi and thanked seventeen for inviting her. Before Mariah came out they played her video and I heard a lot of people say it was hot and how much they liked Mariah. Mariah also brought out Da Brat and it was just crazy!! Although, sadly, Mariah only stayed for a few minutes, but it was worth my pain (especially when I was elbowed in the stomach) lol Oh right and ofcourse it was cute when Mariah said, "Brat, help me introduce my guest to my lambs" I love when she refers to us as lambs lol

Check out some pics in Gallery 8. (thanks Nacho)

Mariah on TRL November 5th
Mariah is listed as one of the artists on TRL on November 5th. Other guests that are listed are Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez. Don't know whether she will appear or just call in but thanks to MonarCMC for this information.

Magazine News
Amy was checking out the latest magazines and saw "100 All-Time Best Wedddings." I think People puts it out but it shows the top 100 weddings and Mariah/Tommy was on pahe 125. It's just a picture of them walking down the steps but if you want to check it out, head for your local foodstore. I think Julia is on the cover.

Through The Rain in Indonesia
Zendy told me that Through The Rain has reached the #1 spot this week on their famous radio station, Ardan 105.8 FM. The song is doing very well and was the hot shot debut. The DJ said how this is a revival for Mariah.

Tiago from MariahCareyCaps asked me to post this...
Hi ! I'm the webmaster of Mariah Carey Screen Captures and i would like you to post this on your site : Mariah's will release a new album in next december ! And I've thought that it was cool if we classify Mariah's songs before the new album arrives. So each week, I'll put a pool and you'll be able to chose per album your favourite song and then we'll be able to classify all the songs.So for the first week, we'll be able to chose our favourite song in Mariah's first album 'Mariah Carey'. You can vote anytime you want ! So vote for your song !You can access to the site at http://www.mariahcareycaps.cjb.net

updated byregina October 25th, 2002 7:25PM  
The Pictures
Half of my pictures didn't come out from yesterday's event but I got a few good ones. Mariah is still wearing the same jeans she wore for the special but she has a different top on in these pictures. The Hello Kitty necklace she is wearing is something I gave her and she said she had to turn hers into a charm for her bracelet, so she needed a new one. There are some pictures of her entering the building too. Amanda is sending me her scans tomorrow and below you can read her story about yesterday from Amanda. Liron will be sending me copies of hers also next week and I will be scanning them for MD. Right now all the pictures are currently in Dream Come True, which is in the process of being revamped now. I added a little story there too and you can read it if you want or just look at the pics. Here is what Amanda had to say about last night and the picture above is of myself, Mariah and Liron, all together for the first time ever!
Thursday, October 24th, 2002
MTV, unplugged television special - Amanda H.

First of all.....anytime I ever get to hear that VOICE in person, I feel incredibly BLESSED. I am a music teacher and singer, and her voice speaks to me on such a deep level, that I am truly truly grateful to be able to listen to and absorb her musical sounds that I have come to love and revere over the years.

Regina, Liron, Anderz, Melissa and I, were all in the VIP section before and after the performance. Her singing was incredible as always, and the new pieces were fabulous. I am so excited for the new album, I can hardly stand it! We waited around for what seemed like forever, but then Mariah's lovely and sweet manager came up to us and asked about how we have all formed these international friendships through mariahdaily.com, mariahcarey.com, mariahbuzz.com, and the friends of mariah message board. So she then invited us to "interview with Mariah" for the MTV special. They escorted us in...and after Mariah took a little break, she came in and sat with us. This was the third time I have had the privilege of meeting Mariah. She is always so gracious and kind. It was actually very calm and quiet and peaceful...almost too reverent! We introduced ourselves, and where we were from, and how we had met all of the other fans who were there with us. It was great fun!

Then before we took pictures, I was able to tell Mariah a funny story about the kindergarteners I teach, and how we play dancing games with "someday". She laughed and told me later that "it was such a cute story". I told her I was "training them young!" I took a picture with her, and then after she signed about a million items for us, it was time go. What an incredible and wonderful night!

Thank Mariah, thank you Maroon and MonarC!
I am so thankful for this opportunity, and I am so proud to be a devoted Mariah fan!
Amanda - New York

Through The Rain
Through The Rain was #3 on TRL today and we need to get her to #1. So your job over the weekend is to vote, vote and then to vote some more. Come on guys, we owe it to Mariah. Let's make this beautiful song and video a #1 on TRL. Click the right side bar to vote!!!

Z100 Jingle Ball
Kandi informed me that Mariah will be also performing at the Z100 Jingle Ball in NYC on December 12th along with the Y100's Jingle Ball on December 15th. They are already giving away tickets now on Z100 and they will be on sale on November 2nd to Z-VIP's only. All you have to do to become a Z-VIP is go to their website and sign up for free.

Bringin' On The Heartbreak
Kodi sent me the lyrics to the Def Leppard song Mariah is covering for Charmbracelet called "Bringin' On The Heartbreak."

Gypsy, sittin' lookin' pretty
The broken rose with laughin' eyes
You're a mystery, always runnin' wild
Like a child without a home
You're always searching, searching for a feeling
That it's easy come and easy go
Oh I'm sorry but it's true
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Takin' all the best of me
Oh can't you see?
You got the best of me
Whoah can't you see?
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
Can't you see?
Oh whoah
You're such a secret, misty eyed and shady
Lady how you hold the key
Oh you're like a candle, your flame slowly fadin'
Burnin' out and burnin' me
Can't you see?
Just try and say to you
You're bringin' on the heartache
Takin' all the best of me
Oh can't you see?
You got the best of me
Whoah can't you see?
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
Can't you see?
Can't you see?
No no no
You got the best of me
Oh can't you see?
You got the best of me
Whoah can't you see?
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak

Mssfijunke sent me scans of three autographs she got from Mariah and her picture with Mariah at the LA Meet & Greet. Plus, you can check out three other lovely pictures of Mariah at the New York Meet & Greet recently. Check it all out in Gallery 8.

Looking For New Mexico Fans
Nick is looking for all the New Mexico fans to help get Through The Rain up on the weekly airplay. To see how you can help, contact Nick at ttr_mcfan@yahoo.com

Through The Rain In Australia Fans
alyssa told me the following information...
Australian "Through The Rain" TrackingListing- "Through The Rain" will be released in two formates exclusive to Australia on November 11th. CD 1 is priced at AU$5.95 and CD 2 at AU$9.95. Each format contains four tracks and will come with set of two collectable postbards. Two formats in the Australian market basically means double sales. Multiple formats have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and is ususally only reserved for high profile artists who sell. Mariah will go up against Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Craig David, The Streets, Rolling Stones, Moby, Delta Goodrum, Shaggy, INXS and Dannii Minogue.
1-Through The Rain(LP Version)
2-Through The Rain(Rremix featuring Kelly Price and Joe)
3-THrough The Rain(Full intention Radio Edit)
4-Through The Rain(Boris and Michi's Radio Mix)
(2 bouns collectable postcards)

1-Through The Rain(LIP Version)
2- Through The Rain(Hex Hector Radio Edit)
3-Through The Rain(Maurice Joshua Radio Edit)
4-Through The Rain(Full Intention Club Mix)
(2 bonus collectable postcards-different to those in CD1)

updated byregina October 25th, 2002 4:30AM  
MTV Mariah Special
Well it looks like I am going to be back now for good. Liron and I finally met in person and it was an amazing night. Unlike other times, I am not going to bore you with the details of our night but more so about the MTV special and what went on. However, I will have a bunch of pictures, if they turn out, later today from the special so make sure you come back for those.

Mariah wore tight blue jeans with a silver glitter butterfly on one of the back pockets. She had on a black tanktop that zippered down the middle. Her hair looked like the "Through The Rain" video and her voice, all I can say is amazing. She did not perform the songs in order but here are the six songs she did perform..
Oh Boy (with Cam'ron)
Heartbreaker (DaBrat joined her onstage)
The One
Through The Rain
Vision of Love (Opening Number for the original show)
Make It Happen

The crowd was great and so was the entire MTV crew. Mariah was suppose to wear two different outfits but when she went to put on her dress, she said she wasn't feeling it. She kept saying, "Okie Dokey Smokey" and just goofing around with the audience. Randy Jackson also joined Mariah onstage throughout the show and it will air on December 3rd, the same day Mariah's new cd will be released. The hour special will feature her performances, an interview with John Norris, interview with six fans and also some other little fun stuff. Make sure you check it out December 3rd!

Mariah Helps Children In Need
Mariah Carey, Anastacai, Holly Valance and Will Young will be performing live on BBC1 as part of this year's Children In Need. The annual TV event, hosted by Terry Wogan and Gaby Roslin, takes place on November 15. There will also be BBC Children In Need concerts around the country, with acts and venues to be announced.

Many thanks to Alyssa for this information.

Magazine News
You can check out two pictures of Mariah in the November 4th issue of US Weekly. Plus, she was in today's NY Daily News and all three scans are in Gallery 8.

Here is the article from the NY Daily News (thanks Tom)

Carey-ing on
Mariah Carey hasn't let the highs and lows of fame get her down. The pop princess wowed a couple of hundred of her biggest fans Tuesday night with an intimate party to celebrate her new Island Def Jam release, "Charmbracelet."

The 32-year-old chanteuse is hoping the sultry new album will put her back on top after a recent rocky spell.

"It expresses a kind of spirituality," she told us of her new music. "A lot of the things I've been through, other people, especially women, have also gone through, so I think they can identify with it. But I get feedback from the fans, and I also draw a lot of inspiration from others."

Carey mingled with fans during cocktails at the Rose Center for Earth and Space before she played host to an exclusive preview of the album.

Sipping from a glass of red wine and looking stunning in a low-cut black velvet dress, she scotched rumors in other newspapers that she was looking to sell her spacious Tribeca home.

"It's my first solo apartment, I'm very happy there. It's not for sale."

It might not be solo for long, however. She added with a twinkle in her eye: "But I am looking for the right guy."

FYI--Fan Gathering Stories
For all the fans that sent in their reviews of the Fan Gatherings to Mariah Daily, Mariah did get your review and she loved seeing all the pictures and reading what you had to say. Liron made sure to give it to Mariah on Tuesday night and Mariah let Liron know yesterday that she got it and loved it so much. Mariah does love reading what you have to say so please continue to send in your stories and pictures of when you meet her!! Speaking of which, here is a story from a lucky fan who met her on Tuesday night. Her name is Kandi and here is her story...

I just wanted to tell you that I MET MARIAH!!! i didnt get to go in and meet her, i didnt win the tickets, but when she came out i was in shock, she is so beautiful, so adorable, so tiny and just amazing! Her hair was down and it was so natural, wavy/curly and it is so long!! she was wearing the cutest outfit, black skirt, black shirt and black boots about up to her knees, I LOVE HER! SHES SO BEAUTIFUL!! It was the first time ive ever met her, and i couldnt leave!! she was so nice, reaching out over her bodyguards the whole time to sign autographs, grabbing on to our hands and saying thankyou when everyone was telling her how much they love her and how great she is, and then she got into her limo. I was there with one of my friends, and we went running down the driveway toward the street following her limo, and she opened her window half way and was waving then i started yelling MARIAH!! and she opened the window all the way. there was traffic so the limo couldnt pull out right away so i ran up to the limo and i was leaning in the window and i said "i love you so much" and she was so nice and so sincere, she held my hand and said "thankyou". She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and last night, even though it was only for a couple mintues, was the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!! I can't wait till the next time i get to do this, because i honestly dont think ive ever been so happy before in my life!! thanks for listening, and i cant wait to read everyones reviews from last night!!! Kandi

Jingle Ball In Miami
Vegas2383 told me that will be performing at this years Y-100 Jingle Ball in Miami. The event takes place on December 15th and you can get your tickets on November 2nd. For more details, just click here.

Details From Jerry Blair--Pres. of Monarch
Jerry Blair did a conference call today and we were actually standing outside in the cold watching it. We couldn't hear what he was saying but Tom sent me a rundown of basically the key comments he made.

  • MonarC will be involved in cartoons, and a jingle house (commercials, tv show, game show themes).
  • Isabel is only artist signed so far, she'll perform tomorrow night, Mariah will introduce her and MonarC will launch a talent search with Seventeen magazine.
  • Possible signing of gospel singers/groups and working with 2 of Mariah's background singers.
  • Mariah doing photo shoots for Allure and Blender.
  • Nov. 13 mariahcarey.com will shut down, Nov. 15 new site launched with cartoons with characters Jack, Ginger, anda Lamby.
  • MTV special air around album release.
  • BET, VH1 tapings.
  • Europe, Japan, Mexico City Telethon appearance, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy.
  • Mall of America signing Dec. 10, tape Dateline interview.
  • Dec. 11 Today Show performance from mall of america
  • Oprah – Dec. 3 - first performance of "Through The Rain." (will be taped November 21st)
  • Maybe Spanish version of a track.
  • While at Sony Mariah wanted to do promotion in Latin America, but Columbia wouldn't pay so she financed a 3-day promotional tour and ended up selling 500,000 copies in that area in the following 3 weeks.

    She's So Mariah Curvy
    SHAPELY Mariah Carey flashes a smile, and more besides, to show she is back to her best. The 32-year-old singer, who suffered a breakdown, dazzled at a New York launch of her new CD Charmbracelet.

    The Sun; Carl
    Check out Gallery 8 for the two pictures.

    Please Note
    Please send all Mariah news to Regina4MC@aol.com instead of MariahDaily@aol.com The reason I am requesting that is because the MD account is getting a ton of spam and I might be deleting it. The Regina4MC@aol.com is my new screen name. Plus, I revamped the side bar a little bit and got some rid of some old information and added some new. I'll hopefully be working on the site more over the weekend.

    Pictures from the MTV special will be coming later today as soon as I get home from class I will begin scanning. I didn't go to sleep today at all, so it should be a fun day.

  • updated byregina October 24th, 2002 7:45AM  
    Mariah: Who Cares About Eminem?
    MARIAH Carey gets even with Eminem on her new album, "Charmbracelet." Eminem had ripped her in Rolling Stone magazine in June. After noting the two had dated briefly, the rapper said, "On the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person. I learned a lesson from it: Don't believe the hype . . . She doesn't really have it all together." In the song "Clown," played Tuesday night at her listening party at the Hayden Planetarium, Mariah sings: "You should have never intimated we were lovers. I gotta break it to you delicately - who's gonna love you when it's over? Who's gonna care?" Did Carey write the lyrics? "I wrote all the songs except for one or two," she said slyly. Accompanied by Def Jam head Lyor Cohen, Carey was dressed to kill in a skin-tight black minidress slit to her navel and knee-high black boots. Asked if she was dating, Mariah replied, "I'm not with anyone right now - got someone?" She also denied rumors that her entourage of hair and makeup artists, assistants and bodyguards includes a food taster who wipes down her soda cans with disinfectant before opening. "Please!" she scoffed. "I am a singer so I am careful with germs, but it's not like I care that much. I open my can of Coke like a regular person and pop in a straw."

    Thanks to highschooldude@paris.com for this article.

    Charmbracelet Tracklisting
    MariahCarey.dk received the final tracklisting for Mariah's new album, Charmbracelet. The release date in the USA is now December 3rd and the cover image should be released shortly. 1. Through The Rain
    2. Boy (I Need You)
    3. The One
    4. Yours
    5. You Got Me
    6. I Only Wanted
    7. Clown
    8. My Saving Grace
    9. You Had Your Chance
    10. Lullaby
    11. Irresistible
    12. Subtle Invitation
    13. Bringing on the Heartbreak
    14. Sunflowers
    15. Through The Rain - Remix featuring Kelly Price and Joe

    Need Wisegirls?
    If you don't have Cinemax and need a copy of Wisegirls, Paul is willing to hook you up. All you have to do is contact him at Mspetex5@aol.com

    updated byregina October 23rd, 2002 7:30PM  
    Liron Meet's Mariah
    NYC pic Liron asked me to post this on MD, check it out...
    Quick intro: We (Nicole & Liron) got to NY on Oct 21st 5:30 pm from Australia & Israel (about one day flight each). We met up on the 22nd with Andrea, Jonny and Matt and were fortunate enough to get in to the meet & greet – first in line.

    Right as we got in, we were grouped into lots of ten per group and there were around 8 groups overall. We were the first group and the first couple IN the group.

    We were on a line and then Mariah just came out with no introduction or anything, we just realized she just appeared right in front of us from nowhere. By hand motions, she was signaling us to come to her.

    Nicole's first words to MC were: "We flew from Australia and Israel just to see you tonight". Mariah had a shocked look at her face and couldn't believe it. She grabbed Nicole's stuff including the fan letters and print outs of the animations from MariahBuzz and CD copy of them. MC then saw the big Trey & Mariah photo that Nic had (that she took in Sydney). Nic was gonna get MC to sign it but MC said "Can I keep it? it's so cute!" she hugged the picture and told Nicole "Can I really keep it though?" and Nic said "Sure! I have the negitive". Nic gave MC the teddy bear with a clown charm on it which Mariah automatically knew it was because of the song and gave it to her person saying "Be careful, it's got a charm on it!".

    Louise was right there and Nic was showing her the tattoo she has of a Butterfly and MC written below it. Louise was next to Nicole holding her hand as she was shaking too much for Mariah to sign things telling Nic "to stop shaking so much", & she then showed Mariah her tattoo & Louise straight away got Mariah to sign it for "She wants you to sign her hip!" Mariah didn't hesitate and bended over and signed it. Her bodyguards didn't understand what she was doing and wanted to get her up. Then Nic told Mariah "you have to hold this stuff I'm shaking too much" so Mariah them took my gifts & signed Nic's promo of "Through The Rain" and a cute logo we made for the trip that had our sites names on it and said "Around The World To Meet MC." Nicole heard a word about MC might be coming to Australia soon for a promo visit so she asked Mariah about it and Mariah said "you know what? I think I just might be" Nic asked "Can I tell the fans that?" and MC said "I don't know" meaning like she doesn't know details about it as it's not confirmed yet. As soon as Nicole showed Mariah her tattoo, Mariah automatically remembered the girl from Australia who has the full length Mariah tattoo on her arm and mentioned her. So if you're reading this Mariah still remembers you!

    Then Liron went up to Mariah and told her "Hey Mariah, I came from Israel" and she said "I know!" She wanted to give her the stuff she made for her and then Mariah hugged her and said "That's nice" pointing at the butterfly necklace she was wearing. Liron gave her the Israeli fanbook and said "That's from Israel" and Mariah took a good look at it and asked "Who's taking my stuff?", this girl came behind her and took it. Then Liron gave Mariah the Meet & Greet Fan Reviews she made from the MariahDaily visitors who sent in their reviews & pictures. MC looked at it and asked "Is this for me?" Liron said "Yep!" and explained to her what it was. Then she gave Mariah the logo we made and told her she can keep it. MC said "thank you". She then gave her the present she got for her from Israel and MC said "Wow, so much stuff". Then Mariah took a look at this note Liron had that said "I flew 20 hours & thousands of miles just to get a hug" so she hugged her again. Then she signed Liron's logo as well and dedicated it to Liron and signed Li's favorite MC picture as well.

    While Liron was with Mariah, Nicole spoke to Louise who was very appreciative of our dedication and work and was fully aware of who we both were.

    After our group was done chatting to Mariah individually, we took our group photo where Liron was down in front of Mariah & Nicole was one person from Mariah. They took around 10 shots per group to get the best shot possible to send to the fans. It was a little embarrassing as we got there last (because we were the first to talk to her) and got shoved at the back in the beginning but then Jimmy (from WildWritings) was nice enough to let Liron in and Louise said "lean on the front". Li then got up at one point while they were still taking pictures.

    After we finished this moment with MC, we went away for a bit and saw her shaking hands with the other fans and signing stuff occasionally. Li then realized she had the Butterfly CD and wanted MC to sign it. Michael said "No more, we have to move to the 2nd group" and Liron said to Mariah "It's my favorite CD Mariah, can you sign it?" and Mariah took it over Michael's head and said "It's the Butterfly CD, I gotta sign it!" and did. Nicole then gave MC yet another TTR promo to sign (it was for Andrea).

    We then just stood there next to Louise and Bill the photographer while everyone else was standing in line to meet Mariah. We looked at her awestruck, overwhelmed and amazed, kept saying "This is not happening, look how incredibly gorgeous she is". Liron then suggested Nicole would ask Louise if we could get a picture with Mariah, so she whispered to Louise "Would it be possible for us two to get a separate photo with Mariah because we have never had one" Louise then said "Hold on a minute" as she walked over to Michael & spoke to him. We know she was talking to him about us as he then & said "which two" while looking at us. The then continued to take the other group shots & then she disappeared as soon as she appeared. We thought it was all over as everyone chased Mariah out of the room. I asked a MonarC employee if she would be back & he replied "Maybe" So I knew it wasn't over. We then went back to the empty room where Michael signaled us & said "you two come with me". We followed Michael to an isolated room in the museum with only security people. Michael left us to find whoever and the security people kept asking us what were we doing there. After awhile Louise popped in from another entrance and asked us if we had a camera. We didn't (Nic said: "No, we were told not to bring any!") and Louise said "Okay" and asked the guy if Michael had a cellphone. Nicole said he does because we've seen him with one. She called him and said "Find Bill the photographer and get him here". She then told us "We would do this quickly because Mariah has to go". Five minutes later, Mariah came again, and Li told her "It's us again" and she smiled. We both said "Thank you for making our dream come true". Nic asked for a hug and got it then Mariah turned to Liron and said "Thank you" and hugged her too. Along with Mariah was her dancer Rachel and her daugher Sadie who kept asking Nicole questions about the tattoo and Mariah. Louise said to hurry up and Nic asked Mariah to sign her CD and Louise told Nicole "Nicole, we really don't have time". We then took our photos with Mariah (they took LOTS of 'em but we'll probably get one copy). Mariah told Bill "Can I look at it?" and said "lets do it again" and went back to take more pictures with us and said "do it wider this time". Liron told Mariah "No one's gonna believe me" and MC said "That's why we have pictures!" Liron also said "You have to read the fanbooks" and MC said "I will, I promise". Liron also said "It was worth everything" and Mariah looked in her eyes and said "Thank You".

    Photos were over and Michael and Mariah said "do you want it signed?" Nicole said "don't worry, you're in a hurry" which they dismissed and took the CD anyway. It was the Platinum CD of "I'll Be There" and Mariah thought it was a bootleg! She said "I'll sign it but it's a bootleg" Nic said "No it isn't!" and Mariah said "yes it's a bootleg!". Li said "No it's real, it's a Sony release…" Mariah said "OH…" and Li said "We hate Sony, but yeah…." which got a strong laugh from MC & Louise. Li then gave MC the Glitter AC Sampler CD to sign and told her "This is REAL!" and they laughed again. Mariah signed it and then she walked off. We followed her and asked if we can get into the VIP with her. They said "No, you're going that way" pointing at a different direction and Nic said "We're harmless Mariah!" and she yelled "I know you're harmless! But it's not up to me!" Michael turned around and said "NO!".

    We then were let in a different room and were in an absolute disbelief of everything that just happened. About ten minutes later, the other fans joined us and then we were all let into the dome which was the planetarium. The writing everywhere said "Mariah Carey, Charmbracelet coming December 2002". Shortly we were joined by the VIP guests who had come from the VIP party in another room (with Mariah).

    Some of the VIPs were: MonarC, Def Jam & Universal employees, Naomi Campbell, Da Brat, Anastacia, Cam'ron, Pras, Trey Lorenz, Randy Jackson, Wendy Williams, Shawn McDonald (MC's nephew), Marry Ann Tatum, Rachel & Sadie and of course Mariah, Louise & Michael. Mariah was seated in the front row next to Shawn and Lyor Cohen. She was seated to the right of us and we were two of a few fans who actually saw her being seated which was just in front of us. Lyor Cohen introduced the new album thanking everyone who was in attendance & said how proud they were of the album & Mariah's work.

    We were then treated to the most unbelievable listening party that kicked off with the most amazing track "Yours" (w/out Justin.) It's hard to imagine Justin could add anymore to the song as it was absolutely amazing, this song also had the most amazing high note at the end which got a nice applause (about 3 other songs had the high notes in them like Mariah used to do back in the day). "Yours" along with every track received an amazing response from the media & fans & was then followed by "Oh Boy" which really caused a lot of hollering from the fans yelling out how much they loved it. Other tracks heard were "Clowns" which as everyone else has said.. it's amazing, "The One" w/ JD which Mariah completely dominated, "I only Wanted" (Latin ballad very, very good) .

    The biggest surprise was the Def Leppard cover "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" This was a Mariah that we hadn't heard for a long time. Very raw & contains guitar heavily… a very, very solid & amazing track. Definitely a style of Mariah we hadn't heard before as was most of the music on the album, specially that of "My Saving Grace" & "If you really want me" (could be wrong title) this had the entire audience clapping along & was unlike anything else.

    "Through the rain" was played last & was followed by a standing ovation as Lyor Cohen thank everyone for coming & Mariah yelled "Thank you everybody!!" The night pretty much ended from this point & all the fans & VIP people left together. We then walked to the foyer where Nicole ran into Trey & stopped him in his tracks telling him "stop, stop you can't go anywhere until you sign this" She then told Trey to ask Mariah for the photo that she has got off Nicole earlier that evening which was of Trey and Mariah from Sydney, Australia in 1998. Nicole asked Trey to sign the "TTR" promo that Mariah has signed earlier & he was very surprised to see we have it already. Nicole then went on to ask Trey about "Irresistible" as she had just heard about the remix that Mariah did earlier that week. Trey then was like "ohhh yeah I heard about that it goes like" he then proceeded to sing a line of it to us there on the spot which was special to hear!. Liron then spoke to Trey and told him "Trey, we're waiting for your new album" and he laughed, then she said "You gotta work with Mariah more, we loved MAKE YOU HAPPY, you know, Honey B. Fly", he started laughing and said "yeah?! you guys know too much!". Then she asked him if he could sign the "Rainbow" CD which he did and said "I don't want to do the cover" so he signed the back of it.

    After we let Trey go we turned around & Randy Jackson was standing there with one or two other people. We immediately ran to him & said how we had come form Australia & Israel & Randy must have said "I love Australia" six times or more which was great to hear. Liron & Nicole both got Randy to sign out things also. While we were with Randy the girl that was on "Becoming Mariah" on MTV. She sang for Randy as she was going for the new American Idol auditions the following day. Randy was then on his way so we took the elevator with him to the main foyer where little did we know.. Mariah was still out there posing for photos with the media along with the other VIP guests. Mariah then finished up photos & went past the line of fans saying her last goodbyes still signing autographs & whisked away to her Limo. We then ran into Cindi Berger, Michael and Louise for the last time and thanked them.

    Overall, we had the most amazing night in the world. Mariah is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL woman on earth. So down to earth, genuine, caring and loving.

    And thank you to all of Mariah's team for being so nice to us.

    Oprah Date Changed
    Stacy just reserved her tickets for the Oprah show and informed us that the show has been pushed back to the 21st. I changed the date on the side bar for the Important Dates, just in case you forget!

    Mariah Does Def Leppard Cover
    Yes, that's right -- your eyes are not deceiving you. On Mariah Carey's new album, Charmbracelet, the sexy chanteuse warbles a cover version of Def Leppard 's 1993 hit "Bringin' on the Heartbreak."

    I know it sounds weird, and that it probably won't work, but guess what? At last night's listening party for Carey's new disk, this was one of the many applauded tracks on an album full of potential hits.

    Go figure.

    They've done everything to Mariah Carey but kill her -- and by "they," you know who I mean. I have written my own articles critical of her for one reason or another. She's been accused of plagiarism and bad fashion taste; she's had a couple of nervous breakdowns and a vindictive ex-husband.

    She should have been washed up by now. But somehow, against all the odds, Mariah Carey is about to stage a huge comeback.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong. American life does have a second act.

    Carey told me last night at the Hayden Planetarium, right before her album was played for fans chosen by lottery and some press and radio people, that she will tour to promote Charmbracelet . We discussed her new song "My Saving Grace."

    "I hope people will like it," she said. I offered that maybe popular taste was running back to music that sounded real, not processed. "I hope so," she replied, "but I don't know if we'e there yet."

    Carey wore a tight black catsuit, revealing her famous cleavage. She looked healthy and relaxed, and seemed very happy to be among her fans.

    During the playback session, which was augmented by a great planetarium show, she accepted shout-outs from the wildly enthusiastic audience. Naomi Campbell, Trey Lorenz and Carey's producer Randy Jackson were in the crowd.

    A couple of the songs were new even to me, added since I reported on Oct. 15 about the seven I had heard. We heard a lead-off track that will eventually have duet vocals by Justin Timberlake .

    Another track, Jackson told me later, was recorded with live instruments in one take. It's a killer R&B song that hearkens back to Earth, Wind & Fire .

    On one song there's an Isley Brothers -like lead guitar solo, à la "Who's That Lady?" On the Def Leppard number, guitarist Rob Bacon wails away while Mariah turns in a nifty rock anthem ballad sure to be a hit.

    All in all, Charmbracelet -- which will be on Carey's MonarC Records as of Dec. 10 -- is probably the best thing she's ever done.

    Said Jackson, who's quite a nice guy (I didn't know he was an American Idol judge -- he's in the middle of auditioning the next set of performers): "It's the most real and honest record she's made. She didn't care what anyone thought of the lyrics. They were only important to her."

    On one song, the half-Irish, half-Puerto Rican Carey sings maybe her most interesting line ever: "I was stigmatized / for being black and white."

    Now we'll sit back and watch Jerry Blair, Cindy Berger and Mariah's manager pull off what should have been the toughest sell of the year. But so far they've done everything right, all the T's are crossed and I's dotted. Charmbracelet is all set for a big launch.


    Mariah Hits Minneapolis


    Through The Rain Moves Up
    Through The Rain has moved up to #17 from #20 on this weeks Adult Contemporary charts. The total spins now equal 937, compared to 591 spins last week. Many thanks to Nacho for this information.

    More Mariah
    HITS' N.Y. correspondent "Laverne &" Shirley Halperin reports last night's listening party to preview the new album, Charmbracelet, held at the Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium, brought out a slew of celebrants, including the diva herself, who "eagerly made the rounds" with, among others, the Island Def Jam exec braintrust, Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Julie Greenwood and Ken Lane, Interscope A&M Geffen topper Jimmy Iovine, MTV's Tom Freston and Judy McGrath, BET's Steven Hill, American Idol's Randy Jackson (who produced several of the tracks on the album), Naomi Campbell, Anastacia, Randy Newman and a who's who of media types like Conde Nast's James Truman, Blender's Craig Marks, Vanity Fair's Lisa Robinson, Fox's Roger Friedman and Rolling Stone's Joe Levy. (10/23a)

    Hits Daily Double

    Tomorrow/Regina Back?
    Tomorrow Mariah will be recording a special with MTV where she will be performing two songs from her new album among 50 fans. A few fans will get the pleasure of interviewing her after the show for the special also and the MD staff will be there, so if are going, swing on by and say hi to Liron and I. Hope to see you there...

    I am going to try and update as much as possible while Liron is in NYC. If you got any news, please send it to MariahDaily@aol.com

    updated byLiron October 20th, 2002 9:30AM
    Mariah Carey To Release 'Charmbracelet' On December 10
    (10/18/02, 6 p.m. ET) -- Charmbracelet is the name of Mariah Carey's upcoming debut album for her MonarC Music label, according to the singer. The album is due out December 10.

    "Charm bracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me," Carey explained in a statement. "Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people...items that tell your story, and that can be shared...like a song. The bracelet represents the foundation of this album, a body of work that encompasses many feelings."

    Carey worked with producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Quik, 7 Aurelius, Irv Gotti, and Damizza on Charmbracelet. She also recently announced that *NSYNC (news - web sites) singer Justin Timberlake (news) will likely appear as one of several guests on the album. Carey's MonarC Music imprint is a part of the Island/Def Jam Music Group.
    -- Jason Gelman, New York


    In addition, a new picture from yesterday's taping of the BET tribute to Stevie Wonder has been added to Gallery 7 and the caption says:
    Singer Mariah Carey (news) performs at the Black Entertainment Network 8th annual Walk of Fame honoring singer Stevie Wonder (news) in Washington, October 19, 2002. REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang

    Mariah To Team Up With...(?)
    19th October 2002
    Mariah Carey has finally decided on a name for her highly anticipated album due out December 10 on MonarC and Island/Def Jam Records. "Charmbracelet" will be the title according to Ms. Carey herself. The album will feature hip-hop and R&B heavy collaborations with previously unannounced Westside Connection, Cam'ron on "Oh Boy," Freeway and Jay-Z on "You Got Me," Jermaine Dupri on "The One," and Justin Timberlake on "Yours." Mariah's first single, "Through the Rain," will have several remixes, but the R&B version will feature Joe and Kelly Price. The video debuted on Friday on MTV's "TRL."

    Mariah is not only busy working on her own album, but she recently laid down vocals for Busta Rhymes' new album "It Ain't Safe" due out November 26. In other news, Mariah will pose for a photo shoot for "Blender" on Monday, October 21, in New York.
    --Devin Lazerine

    MariahJapan, Rap-Up.com

    updated byLiron October 19th, 2002 9:10PM
    Meet & Greet Reviews
    These following reviews will be the last ones until the NY ones will be sent to us. All the NY winners, please send us your stories as soon as you can!

    Sabine's Review: (Dallas) (Pictures at Gallery 7.)
    What more can I say! I'm a little late and you all read everything about the Meet & Greet in Dallas. Though, it was probably the best evening of my life. I rode the 1000 miles from Arizona on the Greyhound bus to arrive in Dallas 24 hours later to meet with a fan from Oklahoma (Amy). I had promised her to be my guest, since I was allowed to bring someone. It was really great that nearly all winners were big fans. There was a great atmosphere amongst the fans. For many it would be the first time seeing Mariah and what more beautiful could there be? The Dallas Sound Lab and the room were decorated with all kind of stuff. There was a large multicolored flower bouquet beside a leather armchair and a stool, where Mariah then obviously would be seated. There were snacks and postcards for the TTR promotion. We talked and most of the fans had gifts. They played songs that Mariah certainly really liked: Honey Remix, Fantasy Remix, TGIFY/Make it read, Babydoll, My All/Stay awhile…

    About 10.30 Michael came checking out the location. About 30 min later the new songs were played and at that moment I knew that it all had been worth the strains! Not that it only was this exclusive thing, no, to hear the new songs was simply an incredible feeling! The first song was "Oh Boy" and I tell you, it rocks! Despite its hip-hop vibe the song is really strong, not as overproduced as "Loverboy" or as minimalist as "Did I do that!". It probably also was the first time that a new song of Mariah stuck in my head for several days and also made me want to hit the dance floor immediately! Altogether we got to listen to 7 new tracks (including TTR), but most memorable to me were "I want it" and "Saving Grace"! The latter is an unbelievably strong ballad. The intro alone makes it outstanding! Finest jazz! And the use of real instruments works so well for the new tracks. With "Saving Grace" I thought of the Christmas songs! The instruments are so raw as on "Outside"! "Clown" was a little too slow and monotonous for me, but I could definitely be mistaken listening to it only once. "I want it" is a really beautiful ballad with Latin influences without being too glossy - it is definitely more sincere and mature than "After tonight"! Amy and I think that it's about Luis. Maryann presented a few songs and wanted everybody to give it up for her Babygirl Mariah! When TTR was played we sang along and then Mariah walked in! She looked great, wearing a black mini dress, stilettos. Her curly hair looked fantastic. She wore diamond earrings (Butterflies) and a diamond bracelet (by the way: the same as on the TTR picture) and a watch! Did you ever see Mariah wearing a watch? She said it was only 12 dollars and someone gave it to her today. Mariah directly walked up to the fans and hugged people. She then sat down on the armchair and I was able to sit down right in front of Mariah (perhaps only two feet away from her) and got to talk to her. She was in a very good mood, cracking a lot of jokes and laughing a lot.

    She seemed to be really relaxed and in a very good shape. I had a folder with letters and a photo of Mariah and me which was taken in summer 2001. I began to explain that I was a fan from Germany and that my name was Sabine, but she only looked at her me and nodded, as if she knew. And she did, she even remembered my name! Then she asked "And you're friends with…?" At first I didn't understand but then the whole story with my friend Anja dawned on me, that we met Mariah in November 99 and Anja gave her this very personal letter talking about "Close my eyes". Then she flipped through the letters and recognized many names of the fans that wrote them. She was happy about all that so she said that it all is going into her "Butterfly room" in her apartment. As she looked at our picture from 2001 she said that it was very beautiful and that she remembered it too. I said that I thought it was quite a busy time for her. She then said that one year ago she lived 18-20 hour days for about 2 months, and that one could die because of it (sleep deprivation) and she said "I'm glad I didn't". But we soon came back to happier stuff.

    She asked us how we liked the new songs and I told her that I had to cry when hearing "Saving Grace", because I had not heard something so beautiful for such a long time! And everybody was complementing on "Oh Boy" which made her really happy and all smiling! She then said smiling at her people that she wasn't the only one liking hip-hop. I asked Mariah if she would tour for the new album and she replied with a definite Yes! She said that she would like to tour everywhere, but she now knows better that she needs her sleep and sufficient rest.

    She also told us about the MTV Special, which is going to be taped in NYC soon. She obviously enjoyed the closeness and intimacy of this event. About the MTV concert she said that MTV would rather like her to perform the Classics, when we asked whether she would perform new and less famous songs. After a little while Jerry Blair whispered into Mariah's ear that they would have to take the photos now and she said "Okeydokey, Smokey" - I though that was really funny.

    She was so self-confident as if she really feels comfortable with her new people. We then had to line up so everyone could individually pose for a Polaroid picture with Mariah. When it was my turn I was more nervous about the spotlight and the whole crowd as about being there with Mariah! We took the first picture and I thought I had blinked so I asked if we could take another one. Mariah discovered I was wearing my Butterfly earrings and said, "We're both wearing our butterfly earrings today!" She tucked her hair behind her ear and the second photo was made. I told Mariah that right now I am fulfilling my dream of studying in the United States and that her music had inspired me to not give up and keep going for my goal. Particularly "Make it happen" has helped me during the months of my exams at home. Then I hugged her! It was so sweet! Then it was Amy's turn. After she got her photo with Mariah we wanted to take a picture with her. When all the people had gotten their picture we asked Mariah again.

    She reached both hands out to us immediately, and we got to stand next to her talking about "Oh Boy" and the new song with JD when the funny faces photo was done. Well, so another one was done and I think, this is the most beautiful of all! Mariah asked if we had become friends through the fan club and we said we had just met today! So she said that she was so happy that her fans are so good to each other, that we are internationally making friends and so on. She asked if we still haven't seen "Wise Girls" yet. Amy was at the Sundance Festival premiere in January. We told her that the DVD was out in Greece with Greek subtitles and she found it very funny. Then Mariah told me that I had almost lost my accent. I was so surprised that she noticed something like that! I was really honored that moment and proud of myself that I had actually made it so far. Thousands of miles from home here I was meeting Mariah in Dallas! And she was actually remembering me! Sometimes life is a little miracle. Mariah said good-bye quickly after all that, but it was such a great night! I still can't believe that I really did go on this trip! But it was worth each cent and each mile and each minute. Mariah is and remains the best. And she comes back - stronger than ever!

    Ajay's Review: (San Fransisco) (Picture at Gallery 7.)
    The San Francisco Meet and Greet at the Universal Music and Video Distribution branch was super amazing. I took my brother along with me, who is also a huge fan. Hey Kelly and Deijah, it was nice meeting you! The LA Meet and Greet sound so reminiscent to my own experience, until the time came to actually meet Mariah, so I decided I'll leave out the beginning and the music (although the song "Oh boy" and "I only wanted" are my favorites).

    I must say I wasn't to nervous to see Mariah but completely in awe and amaze. She gave me a huge hug and said "Hi, how ya doin'." I told her I was fine and that she looks so beautiful. She smiled at me like she was proud too see me even though she had no idea who I was. Ya know looking at Mariah in 3-D and for the first time is unbelievable and strange because after seeing her for so long on flat surfaces in TV or pictures its hard to believe that you are actually looking at Mariah real and in life size. Before we took our pictures together, I told her that I had a gift for her. She told me that was sweet of me. I asked her if I could open it for her to see and she said sure. So I took the gift I wrapped in plain white tissue paper out of the gift bag with designs of colorful mini monarchs on it and the words 'One Sweet day' written all over (I can't believe I found a bag like that for Mariah). Anyway, she looked at it and said "Wow, did you make them." The gift I gave her was three multi-colored decorative Indian ornaments inside a gold and glittery-wired star container with a note I made my self and tied with a Indian silk ribbon. I told her no I did not make them, but that they were made in India and that I am half-Indian and Mexican (odd mix) and that they were to remind her of me. Mariah looked straight into my eyes when I told her I was multi-racial and she said, "You are" so kindly. I do not know if she said anything else because the gift I gave her was so different than anybody else's (mostly flowers and stuff animals) that her people that surrounded her even the photographer all came to see what I had given.

    After that, my picture was taken where I was so unprepared and so was Mariah because you can tell by how far apart we are in the picture. Luckily, I managed to put my hand around her to look like we were close. After my picture, she signed my #1's CD cover and that was it, almost (I still had more things to sign but time runs out quickly so I gave the things to my brother to get signed for me).

    After Mariah left the room, my brother and I exited the building to see Mariah leave. She came out of the building with 2 bodyguards and shock hands with me while on her way. However, her limo was not there amongst the many on the street. So she had to walk to almost to the corner of the street where her Mercedes coupe was waiting with DaBrat (I got and her to sign the back of my picture holder, Thank you DaBrat!) in the back seat. About 7-10 people followed her including me to her car. Can you believe we walked with Mariah to the end of the block in San Francisco and around mid-night!!!!!! Along the way, she said something I cannot remember because I was on the phone with my sister trying to get Mariah to say hi to her. I waved bye and she waved back and got in her fancy car. Everyone that was watching her told her to buckle up because we wanted her to be safe while driving and after a minute of adjusting in the car, she left.

    My brother and I were the last to leave the place because we were waiting for our ride. However, I am glad we were not picked up on time because we got to speak with the photographer, Jacob, about the places he had been with Mariah and which he liked (SF! and Chicago). Her other people came out later and talked with us a bit about the meet and asked us if we enjoyed (our answer yes) and then all of them said thanks to my brother and me and told us to take care as they left in the limos. Out of my whole life, that was the icing on my cake for me, the entire experience.

    Eric who attended the San Fransisco meet & greet, sent me pictures of the poster MC signed for him. Eddy also sent his picture with MC from Miami, and Michael sent his pictures from San Fransisco. (Gallery 7)

    Fans Auditioned For MTV Special Q & A
    Here's a story I got from one of the girls who attended the auditions. The pictures of the fans trying out for the special are in Gallery 7.

    We all arrived around the same time. There was (in order of picture-starting at bottom) Kelly, Alan, Jen, Kristin, Naoimi, Inez, and Ally, now those are only a few of us, there were originally 16 and out of those 16 they are going to choose six to sit on stage and interview Mariah. At first everyone was quiet in our group, but soon (with the help of Kristin and Alan) everyone was talking and chattering. It was great because something that was meant to be a competition turned into a support group. Everyone that you see in that picture waited until the last person was interviewed just to support them! Another great thing is that everyone there was truly a mariah fan and not just some fake trying to get on tv. All 15 will get to go to the very private listening party where Mariah will perform songs off of her new album and also the other six will interview Mariah. We had to come up with 5 questions to ask her....Anyhow....We all hope you enjoyed the picture and it was cool cuz most of us visit this site and we all love the diva MISS MARIAH, we know she will be happy if they decide to choose the people to interview her on their ability, and not looks because a lot of people are really stressed out about getting picked or not. Its an interesting process and we are waiting to find out the next set of finalists, we will keep you updated.

    Mariah Won The "People" Poll
    Remember the "People" Poll we all voted online?
    Mariah won the poll over Whitney ("Who has the best shot at returning to her former glory?") and Tom scanned the mention about it from the magazine. (Gallery 7)

    Download Spanish "What More Can I Give?"
    Eran found the link to download the spanish version of the all stars collaboration (including Mariah) "What More Can I Give?"
    Click here to download the song (rename to mp3).

    Little Note
    Hey guys, I just wanted to say I won't be updating the site for the next 10 days because I am going to New York! I am flying from Israel and my friend Nicole (MariahBuzz.com) is flying from Australia and both of us are going to try and say hi to MC in her hometown! Wish us luck :)
    So if I'm not replying to e-mails, it's because I won't be able to check them. If you have an urgent thing to say, please e-mail me with "NY" as a part of the subject line and my brother will read it to me over the phone :) Cya soon!

    I am so happy to tell you that this site's owner - Regina will come back to update the site! I am not sure for how long yet but she's definitely gonna keep it up to date when I am not here with the help of Dis.
    Welcome back Reg!! You were missed!

    updated byDis October 19th, 2002 1:55AM
    Download "Through The Rain" Video!...Again
    TTR VideoWell I'm trying a little experiment here. I made a svcd mpg of the Through The Rain musicvideo. Many of you may have no clue what that is or how to play it. So if you download the file and it won't play for you then all you'd have to do is download PowerDVD or WinDVD, you can get them at www.download.com. After installing them you should be able to play the video fine. If it still doesn't work after all of this or you have a really old computer that might not play it well then I guess you just can't play it.

    I want to ask a favor of all of you who do download it to email me with your thoughts on the quality and just what you think of it so I know whether its worth posting this type of high quality video again. Thanks.

    Right click the file and 'Save As' for downloading.

    Download "Through The Rain" - SVCD Video Premiere

    updated byLiron October 18th, 2002 9:30PM
    Download "Through The Rain" Video!
    TTR VideoLets all thank DIS for capping the beautiful new video by Mariah - "Through The Rain" and offering it for us to see.

    The video aired today for the first time on MTV Europe & US ("The Fridge" and "TRL") and we must request it if we want to see it more often on TV!

    Download "Through The Rain" - TRL Video Premiere

    updated byLiron October 18th, 2002 4:40PM
    TTR Premiered on TRL
    "Through The Rain" video just premiered on TRL, a few hours after its world premiere on MTV Europe.
    Following e-mails have been sent from Mariah's Official Website:

    Be sure to tune into MTV's TRL TODAY OCTOBER 18th, to see the premier of Mariah Carey's newest video for Through The Rain featuring Jamie-Lynn Sigler from HBO's Sopranos.

    If you miss TRL, go to BET.com, MTV.com, or VH1.com throughout the weekend to see the video.

    Wait, there's more... ENTER TO WIN the outfit Mariah is wearing in the video here.

    Be sure to tune into MTV's TRL TODAY OCTOBER 18th, to see the premier of Mariah Carey's newest video for "Through The Rain."

    If you miss TRL, go to BET.com, MTV.com, or VH1.com throughout the weekend to see the video.

    Have a great weekend,

    Watch The Video on MTV
    "Through the Rain" marks a return to the emotional ballads and thrilling vocal gymnastics that Mariah Carey became famous for. For this video, Mariah chose noted video director, Dave Meyers. The video tells the story of a bi-racial couple in the 1960's who run away from the disapproval of their families. The story is loosely based on the story of Mariah's parents. Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow on The Soprano's) stars as Mariah's mother. The video was shot over the course of four days all over New York City, including Grand Central Station, a church in Harlem and a neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    Click here to see the video on MTV.

    updated byLiron October 18th, 2002 3:00PM
    Watch "Through The Rain" Online!
    Carlos told me that you can watch the entire video on VH1'S website!
    You should all see it, it's beautiful and has an interesting intro involving a charmbracelet and a photo album. I like it even more now that I saw all of it (and I LOVED it before!)
    updated byLiron October 18th, 2002 1:00PM
    "Through The Rain" Just Premiered On MTVE!!!
    I just saw the video of "Through The Rain" on MTV Europe on a show called "The Fridge". They world premiered it and I think the video is BEAUTIFUL! They cut it at the very end so I can only tell you up until then.
    It starts with Mariah walking on the street (dry) narrating the story, as she said. There are a lot of close-ups of her with wind blowing in her face.
    You can see pictures of Jamie Lynn Sigler and JD Williams together in a few places, getting looks from everyone especially from her parents (I assume they are her parents).
    The rain starts pouring down, and Mariah IS soaking wet singing the song while everyone around her has an umbrella. You can see JLS coming out of a car and going to her boyfriend's place, she gets all wet and after he lets her in, we get another shot of her parents being "disappointed".
    Then we see the couple go on the bus together, but before the girl does - her mother screams something to her, JLS looks back at her but decides to go on the bus anyway.
    Then it cuts to the church scene where I could only see Mariah singing with a lot of lighting (the video went from dark to light) and the couple in bed falling asleep while the guy's holding a sunflower and there's a candle lit in the room.

    Small captures from it (Thanks so much to Eran and the Israeli Forum) are now at Gallery 7!

    updated byLiron October 18th, 2002 12:35PM
    Meet & Greet Stories & Pictures
    Lynn & MC Lynn's Review: (L.A) (Picture at Gallery 7)
    I got the meet and greet confirmation email on the day of the event so everything was kinda last minute. We got to Capitol Records Studio at 8 and there was a line already. So I think we were in like for like two hours. When we got in, "Vision of Love" was being played. So everyone was just chilling and waiting for Mariah. I think around 11 they were getting everything set up. And there was a guy filming and he told us to make some noise which we did. I think he was filming for like an hour. After anticipating for Mariah for nearly three hours since we got in the room. Da Brat came out! She was talking to us and introduced "Oh Boy." After that Jerry also came out and then introduced Da Brat again. Then they were gonna play another song, so Da Brat introduces "My Saving Grace," and she asked if we knew who Randy Jackson was, "You know the big fat black guy from American Idol." Everyone started laughing. After that they played "The One." Then finally Mariah came out and "Through the Rain" was being played. She looked so gorgeous!!!! It was unbelievable. She had on the cutest outfit and her hair was just prefect. So when it was my turn to meet her I felt so stupid because I didn't get to say what I wanted to say to her. I went up to her gave her a hug and she asked how I was doing. Then I asked her to sign my poster and I told her I love you so much and she said thank you. Then so put her arm around me and we got our pic taken. And I just walked away after that, that was stupid cause I wanted her to sign more things and I wanted to talk to her because I've been waiting for 12 years to meet her. So I got behind the photographer and I was just looking at everyone's reaction to meeting MC. That was great I got to hear what she was saying and I kept starring at her. And she kept singing along to her own songs and she was doin a lil cute dance. Oh and I must mention, there was this little girl she was maybe 6 or 7 well anyway when she came up to Mariah, Mariah just lifted and carried her up, that was so cute and sweet! So after everyone got their pics taken Mariah had to leave. I though she was going to stick around, like in the other meet and greets. Well she didn't but in end when she was leaving I got the rest of my stuff signed which was great. We waited around awhile and I tried getting one of the poster boards. So I ripped it right off the wall and then one of the guys came up and said nu-uh. I asked him can I please have it, you're just gonna trash it after and he was like no we send it back to be use again. So I got disappointed but whatever. One girl got the coke bottle which MC drank from. I can't believe I didn't think about that before! So instead I took a few flowers from the vast which was right besides the coach. Oh and I stole a candle holder with a scented vanilla candle inside. It was used already but still I wanted it. Ok, I guess that's it. I know I'm forgetting a lot of the details. But if anyone wants to know more just email me I'll be more than happy to answer anyone's questions. I want to thank everyone who made this possible and I would especially like to thank Mariah for everything!

    Kevin's Review: (L.A)
    I attended the meet and greet for Southern California fans on October 16th.The meet and greet was held at the Capital Records Building in Hollywood, just a few blocks from where they have the academy awards every year. The night was amazing! We (my dad and I) got there at about 8:30. We were lined up by the service entrance, and at around 8:45 They started letting groups of a few people in at a time. About 100 fans attended the event, not too many for this awesome situation. We got onto the actual Capital lot at around 9:00, but there was another line waiting right outside the door. 9:30 rolled around, and we were finally let in.

    We were all led through this hallway with awards for Capital artists, including Garth Brooks and Frank Sinatra. When we came to the room we were all amazed to realize it was actually in a recording studio, the same room where the Beatles recorded tracks for numerous albums! The room had so much history, and some of it was being made that night! When we came in there was a table to the left with food, and to the right with drinks. On the far end of the room was a black leather chair with flowers, snapple, and some bendy straws on a coffee table next to it. Obviously it was Mariah's seat. I approached one of Mariah's bodyguards, who was a really nice guy. He explained that Mariah was going to show up around 10:00, but of course we all knew she was going to be running late.

    While we were waiting for the life of the party, Mariah classics were being played over the sound system. There were a lot of cool fans there, including a woman who had the cartoon Mariah from the Heartbreaker video tatooed on the back of her left shoulder, very cute. Another fan has a scrapbook that he had been working on since he was in the 5th grade, that was so amazing. Well 10:00 passed, and 10:30 passed, and STILL no Mariah. The crowd was getting very anxious, and you coud feel the tension in the room. A little after 10:30, Mariah's good pal Da Bratt came out, to introduce some tracks off the new album. They were amazing, about 3 songs were played, when Da Bratt came out and said the time had finally come for Mariah's grand entrance!

    Mariah came out dressed very conservatively (jeans and a brown or black long sleeve shirt).

    She walked around for about 5 minutes talking to the crowd. She then went and stood in front of the couch and one by one people started walking up to get a polaroid picture taken with her. She was sort of tired at first, but got energized as soon as the fans started talking to her. She spent about an hour to get through 100 people, who each had a very personal encounter with their hero! I waited towards the end of the line, which ended up paying off since I got more time with her. I went up to her and she said hello and gave me a hug. I expected to be so nervous, but I wasn't at all, she was so approachable, and so down to earth. She looked a little sleepy, and yawned once, so I went up and said "Good, so you must be getting rest these days!" She laughed an said yes she was, that she has now learned to listen to her body, and when it wants to sleep "I let it sleep." We talked for about two minutes, just an every day conversation with Mariah Carey!

    After everything was signed she was told she had to leave, so she went through the crowd one last time (which was significantly smaller) and said goodbye to every person individually. Overall the night was what I expected and more. Mariah really appreciated the fact that we were there, and that feeling was mutual. I met a lot of nice people, and met Mariah for the first time. There is good news too, she said she will most likely be heading out on a national tour for her new album, and also wanted me to say hi to everyone at MariahDaily, and she says thanks to all the fans, for their continuing support through everything.

    Terry's Review: (Chicago) (Pictures and autograph at Gallery 7)
    Here's what you've been waiting for!
    You heard the first few notes of the song and some started to sing.. then Ladies and gentlemen, MARIAH CAREY! I couldn't believe it,my sister yelled there she is! I freaked I couldnt hold the tears in I just cried and cried She was so amazing. She is the most beatiful woman I've ever seen. I just couldn't believe I was finally goign to be able to tell MAriah how much I loved her and thank her for everything! But i just couldn't believe how truly beatiful she was. I mean i always thought she was georgous but i never imagined. The lights where all foucsed on her again I was crying! lol! TTR ended and i had to say " Was that the 3 greatest minutes of anyone else's life!!! " Then they started to play M's NEw songs The oh boy remake I guess you could call it So freakin awesome! Just sooo good! I just watched Mariah smile, and wave as the line moved foward. All the new music was amazing!!! I had to calm down though, b/c in the words of MC I was a complete and total mess, infact! Yes I was so i sat down as the line was moving , i had to be sitting b/c everytime i stood up and saw her i just got totally emotional again! Then it was time only 4 people in front of me!!!!!!! Two girls went, one girl started to cry so i didn't feel so lonly any more lol! Then her friend, then 2 guys, one had a beatiful painting of mariah! It was so beatiful!!! I was waiting to hear MY saving grace, then all of a sudden it came on. MAriah started to hum and sing along a little bit with the words! I'm liek I'm an emotional wreak already do they want me to need a traqulizer! Then it came time! I was wicked hysterical! I couldn't keep my promise i had to cry, I went to walk up and i stopped and i said i can't do it! I don't knwo why i just didn't want anythign to ruin that great moment in my life! not knowing that it only gets better! Then one of Mariah's guys where laughing, and then teh other guy grabbed my arm and said you can do it, just go up to her! SO I did it , i was shaking like you wouldn't believe! I was crying and sobbing and i gave mariah all the stuff i brought for her, my little butterfly thing i made that says "we love you MAriah", a picture frame with a TTR pic in it and a little letter, and my fan book i made for her. I told her i was studdering like none other! " M..m...mmm ariah I had everyone here sign this book for you, b/c we all love you! And shes like oh thats so sweet! I gave her a thank you card also which a a very short but very personal message in it which she read and started to tear up. I'm like great now we are gonna have to sobbing babies up here ! Then we took our picture! I look like a freaking train wreak in it cause of all my freaking crying! Then She signed the 1st page of my scrap book for me that read... "this book is dedicated to the greatest singer in teh world..." then she singed it mariah! She wrote I Love you! on ther two so i was excited! I was crying but i wasn't totally sobbing until she said can i have a hug, I hugged her and just bursted into tear i wasn't going to say anythign but i new i would've been upset if i didn't so i just told her the truth, "Mariah thank you so much for all you've done for me I love you soo much! You don't know how much you mean to me ! Mariah then said i lvoe you to! They gave me my picture and I had to go sit down and just take everything in that just happened! I was now by far the happiest person in the world! IT wasn't just like Mariah made my night or day by telling me all that stuff and just being there but she made my life! That was the last words in the fan book i gave her! I didn't know what else to write except thank you for making my life better! I heard fans talking like oh I hope she remembers me. But honestly even if she doesnt remember me i hope she walks away remembering what she has done for all the people in that room! That we will always love and support her! I just hope she knows how much she means to me! Then the greatest part of the evening I GOT MARIAHS WATER BOTTLE!!! i was soooo excited i had all the mariah fans rub it for good luck on teh new album lol! So all in all it was by far the greatest day of my life! Thank you fullton staff, island, def jam, monarc, b96, mariahcarey.com, the mariah online team, mariah fans, mariah's "People" lol, everyone that made this night possible for me (you know who you are), and of course Mariah, You are my world and i thank you for everything!

    Kelly's Review: (San Fransisco) (Picture at Gallery 7)
    The beginning is pretty much the same as in the other cities. We arrive, wait, wait, talk to fans, wait, sweat, shake, wait, etc. Three hours later (we would have waited 20 hours if we had to!), Da Brat came into the room (filled with mirrors, balloons, Through The Rain promotional pictures, food, drinks, sunflowers, lit-candles and a stellar view of downtown San Francisco's city lights) and introduced the new songs! The place went crazy, lots of shouting, screaming and dancing! The first song played was "Oh Boy," featuring Cam'ron. This track is great! It has a sample from the Cam'ron song, I think also titled "Oh Boy." You know, that song with the chickmunk (or whatever you want to call it) in the background saying "Oh Boy." The next song was my favorite song among the six played for us to preview. It was called "My Saving Grace" (not even Aretha Franklin could sing this song!). All the other songs were typical Mariah amazingness! We were not aloud to have our cell phones on at all. My cell has a recorder, but I respected the Divas request. Well, an hour later, Da Brat returned to announce that Mariah was coming out. Seconds later, in walks Mariah!! Mariah received a lot of cute presents from her fans, including a wedding invitation, stuffed animals, lambs, ornaments from India, letters, and of course, red and pink roses galore.

    After most everyone had their picture taken with Mariah and their "one item" signed, four people were left. A mom and daughter and Deijah (my best friend) and I. We were second to last and we had a plan. To stall and take up as much time with Mariah as possible. So when it was my turn, I went up to Mariah and forgot everything I planned to say to her and just spoke a bunch of nonsense. She didn't mind and immediately noticed the eleven Glitter movie tickets I pasted onto the Glitter soundtrack I brought for her to sign, but forgot all about. That's when she pointed to the album and said "Nice job.. You're pretty creative!" With my 100- Watt smile, I nervously handed it over for her to sign. She signed "Love! Mariah" and still stalling ignoring the bodyguards, I asked her if my best friend could take a picture with us instead of separately. She said "Of course!" And motioned, with her pretty perfectly manicured finger, for her people to get Deijah, who was next in line. As the bodyguards were opening the velvet rope, I asked (still stalling) Mariah "Can I have a hug?!" She said "Of course!" And gave me one! Deijah walks up, wearing stiletto boots and a mini skirt saying "Hi Mariah! I'm Deijah from Hawaii!" Mariah greets Deij and (still stalling) Deij pulls out the Magazine I lent her to get a signature, called Cleo (a Canadian fashion/beauty magazine) with Mariah on the cover. You know the one with the orange background?! Mariah exclaims, "I wasn't wearing that cherry necklace hahahaha! They computerized that!" We laughed and I said, "You weren't? That's so funny..those darn Canadians!" And Mariah laughed even more. So the first picture was taken and before the second one, Deij says (still stalling) "Mariah! How do I look?! Do I look okay? Is my hair okay?" Mariah said "Of course! You look great, don't worry. Love the ensemble! I was going to wear boots and a skirt as well, but decided not to." We laughed and I said, "Well, her ensemble is very Mariah-inspired!" And we were motioned by her bodyguards to take the second picture. Probably because someone in the crowd in front of us yelled "How come they're up there so long?!" So the next two people spent fifteen seconds getting their picture taken and immediately afterwards when Mariah was escorted out, she looked a little disappointed that it was over. I know we were.

    Last night was historic to me! I met the one person I admire the most, and who has been there for me musically during times when I didn't have anybody or any inspiration.. And she let me know she loved me too!

    Michael's Review: (San Fransisco)
    My friend Sally and I arrived at about 7pm and met a couple of fans there. For some reason a lot of them thought it was a prank, but that thought never really crossed my mind. Anyway the line started building and the temperature kept decreasing so we were REALLY anxious to get in. They announced that they would let us in between 8:30 and 8:45, so when the time finally came we went in. Sally and I were the first people in. They said that we'd be going up in groups of 6 so we got inside the elevator and went up. The room was small and really intimate. The room was filled with candles and sunflowers. On one wall a butterfly image was being projected on a teal green wall. There was also three big Mariah poster boards on easels. While we waited, everyone mingled and ate apetizers. At about 10:10 special guest DaBrat came out and introduced Mariah's new song, it's a remake of Cam'ron's song. It's called "Oh Boy" DaBrat then started walking around and I got her autograph and got to give her a hug. She was wearing a jersey and a baseball cap. After a couple of songs she came out again and hyped us up because Mariah would be coming out. She finally came out at about 10:30 and walked right by us. I grabbed her hand and she held it for awhile she walked back and forth greeting other fans and then ended up standing near her couch. She looked amazing!! She was not as tall as I expected her to be, she was quite thin (small waist). She was wearing a black blouse that tied in the front with some blue jeans and a sparkly butterfly charm silver chain belt. Her hair was down in natural waves. So she immediately proceeded to her area to begin taking pictures with the fans. Sally went before me and asked Mariah if she was real. Mariah laughed and said of course she was. A few more fans went before me and then I went. I went up to her and told her that I loved her so much, then I told her, "Mariah have you ever heard of the saying, To the world you may be one person, but one person you may mean the world?" Then I was like, "Well that's how I feel. To you I may be another fan that you'll never see again, but to me you're MY WORLD." She was like "Awwwww...." then gave me a big hug because she loved my quote. The people that were close enough to hear what I had just said were like aww....as well. The photographers each took a picture of us. In one she has her arm around me and in the other she's holding my hand. I gave her one last hug, a letter and walked away. During my time with her Sally was sneakily taking pictures of us. As the photo line grew smaller Sally and I decided to go take another picture with her. The bodyguards were saying no, but I asked the photographer and he was like "go ahead" then mariah motioned for us to come to her. He took 2 more pics of us, so now I had 3 with mariah. i gave her one last hug and then she disappeared back into her dressing room. I then snook over to where Mariah was most of the time and took the SNAPPLE she had been drinking, it had a purple straw with her lip prints on it. I was stoked. I ran up to Sally and told her to grab the sunflower vases, we each grabbed one and walked toward the elevator. We got downstairs and saw a limo we asked the driver if it was Mariah's limo and he said yeah, so we took a pic next to it. We heard that Mariah would be coming out in about 10-15 mins. so we waited. When she came out, I started taking pics like crazy, she then started walking toward another car while we all followed. I was in front of the pack, I was shouting "Mariah turn around girl!" she would, I would take a picture. Then I was like "Turn and wave again" She did. Then someone told her to put her glasses on, she did. She was totally into it. Then I was like "Girl, keep on waving, it's your photo shoot" You could tell she was all listening to me. She was sooo cooperative. She then walked into the street and got inside the passenger side of the car that was filled with DaBrat and other members of her posse. Some car got behind them and was filled with fans who were gonna try to follow her. She then just drove away. Mariah is so humble and so sweet. I personally thought it was dangerous for her to get in that car but it just goes to show what a free-down 2 earth spirit she is. THe night was finally over. I walked away with 3 polaroids of Mariah and I, 5 pre-autographed promo pics, an autograph on my "Mariah's Theme" vinyl, DaBrat's autograph on the inside of my "Glitter" vinyl, Mariah's SNAPPLE and a sunflower filled vase. I was loaded. Mariah is the NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. She's so much more beautiful in person. Now when i go home and look at pictures of her, i think, wow, i can't believe i met this person!!!

    Jen's Review: (L.A)
    Well so we go in and we waited 2 or 3 hours before even Da Brat came out. They played alot of old songs , both heartbreakers, honey, honey so so def remix, underneath the stars, close my eyes, hero, butterfly, my all etc. The room had a few big posters of Through The Rain and the white ones with the butterfly, and yes there was the couch and the spot light :) So we waited my new lamb friends were talking to the security guard who was cute and nice and just as anxious to see mariah as us.

    Than Da Brat came out and introduced the new songs. First was "Oh Boy feat. Camron" that is what it is called. It seems like a pretty in your face beat for mariah nothing like the pop/r and b of dreamlover , heartbreaker, Id say it has a knocking beat like heartbreaker remix or the oh boy song. Now I didn't catch much words or whatever since it was sorta loud and how she whispers throughout it for the majority so it was hard to hear over the people. But I think it is about mariah wanting this boy and maybe he might not want her or is all together or something , don't quote me , I don't really know but it was definitley about a boy lol Than they played my saving grace! What a gorgeous song! it said how she was burned by love ( I think she actually said "Ive been burned by love) and than how she has had other difficult obstacles starting with "I've been" and than she says "I've found my saving grace within" and her vocals were amazing at the end and I loved the layered vocals. The music was nice it had to me what I describe as one underlining beat of the organ piano which reminded me of something we might have heard from like the christmas album (it wasn't christmas like though) and than with some other music layering it. Oh and the music was slow at the beginning and than a little bit in it like paused I think and than went into a notch or two higher beat. it was real nice song! Than The Drunk guy announced "The one" feat JD. It was a hot midtempo r and b track. JD just talked in the beginning and a little bit in the middle, but it was good. She wasn't to whispery in this one so I could hear what she was saying. And the gist of it was that she was scared to love again because she has been hurt many times but that this new guy she is with could be The One she's been waiting for...I loved this one and my saving grace the best, probably cause I understood what she was saying most of the time than I did with Oh Boy. Sad thing is those are the only 3 plus TTR that they played.

    Than finally after "The One" Brat came out and was like are you ready for mariah? and got us all hyped up and than OMG MARIAH FREAKING CAREY came out!!!!!! She went across the front and shook some peoples hands and talked . Than she joked with Da Brat a bit and was like "Lets hear it for brat" and the mic she grabbed wasn't on so brat helped her hehe and she made a few other comments about brat and brat was a bit embarassed :) Than we all got in a line to get our poloraid with her. While we were waiting brat came into the crowd asking for people who knew mariahisms. Some guy was volunteered by his girl that he knew some, but he didn't lol and one girl said "Oh dear" I was to far away otherwise I would have said her new one "Okie dokie smokey" lol

    So I finally got up there god she is so beautiful in person. Her hair was wavy with twisty not type things in the front, she had on a black zipped down sweater and jeans with a cute butterfly things and chains. I was such a dork, I didn't say much. The first thing she said was "I love the ensemble" I had on a black spaghetti that had this big old butterfly patch on the middle of the v neck, blue jeans, chunky sandals and butterfly hair thing. Than I gave her the pics of her from 92 one of her on a beach and another of her on this wooden deck type thing, and I think she said one or the other "These were some of my best shoots from that time " or "These aren't some of my best shoots from that time" and preceeded it with a "Ha, ha, ha" and even wrote on one of them "Ha! Mariah" and the other was heart Mariah. Than I almost forgot to stay for the pic and I was so nervous so my lips were shaky but I managed to smile and I got the pic and than I walked off. Oh and they also gave out the TTR signed cards! Than I waited for my new lambs to get theirs. Elise had a real tatoo of the heartbreaker cartoon on her back shoulder, so she showed mariah and mariah was like "Look at that, that is soooooo cute" and she wanted a pic of it for herself so they took one, and some other guy had a MC tatooed on his back and she took a pic with his tat. lol And than Elise got mariah to call her voice mail and tell her mom a special message since her mom is sick and mariah was like "Were taking pics, take care of yourself, you have a beautiful daughter" and they took their polaroid while mc was still on her phone!!!! So than everyone got their pic and she was quickly whisked away not before she signed a few things and someone got her to do a high note, so she did and she was like "this isn't my best one" than she was like I want to hear you guys sing some heartbreaker chorus so we started to she was singing it jamming to it with her hands, while her bodyguards took her away. She left, with a big bye and we all said bye. Than they made us stay in there till she left completely.

    We got out and it had just turned 12 am. So I got to my friend and Elise had gotten mariahs water with lipstick stained straw!!! lol And we left, me and my friend got lost a few times since we were taking side streets but I finally got home around 2 in the morning and now Im up at 7 writing this lol Well it was one of the best nights of my life! Mariah was so beautiful and sweet in person, and I will never forget that!

    Jose's Review: (L.A) (Picture at Gallery 7)
    we came inside and they had these BEAUTIFUL "Through the Rain" posters of Mariah and I told my friend Jessica "I had to have one!" so throughout the whole night while we waited for Mariah I was scheaming on how I would take...so time went by..and it seemed like it was taking forever...then...DA BRAT showed up and started getting us all hyped..then began playing some of Mariah's new songs...1st was "Oh Boy" and O M G let me tell u that song is AWESOME!! then they played "My saving grace" and this one was awesome...and OMG I love "The One"...but thats all they played...they didnt play any of the other new songs I have been hearing about such as Clouds etc...=(...but oh well..after "The One" Da Brat got us yelling "Mariah!" 3 x's and then Mariah came out...OMG!!! when I saw her I thought I was gonna have a heart attack..it was Mariah...my idol !!!! SHE LOOX SO MUCH PRETTIER IN REAL LIFE THEN ON TV...I got teary eyed..but I didnt cry..=)...so everybody got in line and started taking pictures with Mariah...so then finally when it was my turn...I smiled at her and was shaking and told her "Omg Mariah I love U so much, thanks for making the best music there is out there and Ur music saved my life" she smiled and gave me a hug and said thank U...then I gave her a framed photo of me and my friend Jessica < I woulda given her more..just that I dont work..so I dont got much money =( >...anywayz...so I had her sign my stuff and her bodygaurd was like..."Thats the Last one" cuz I guess he thought she was signing too many things..but it was only 4 things ! Psh what was his problem...I didnt like her body gaurds..they werent very kind...then I took my picture..and well in my picture u can tell I wanted to cry...hehe..so then I moved along and was just looking at her..then my friend Jessica took her picture...then she went and got one of those simple "through the rain" posters...and said "Hurry lets get out of here" because we werent supposed 2 take the posters !!...so then I grabbed the BIG "Through the Rain" poster with Mariahs picture..u know the new one we have all seen...and walked as fast as I could...so yeah I kinda took it...hehe..but Mariah is SO KIND and I love her so much and her new album is gonna be the best !!!

    Diana's Review: (Miami) (Picture at Gallery 7)
    It was super cool to be w/ her, i was there with alex and it's true she got there late but it was really worth the wait. i was sitting right next to her the whole time. i was crying out of joy i never thought this day would come ture..she was staring at me the whole time i swear to you!!! everyone was say "diana your so lucky" because she was looking at me sooo much and she kept saying i love you diana!!! i took her 24 pink roses which she loved!! she signed all my stuff i mean everything!!! i also sang to her but then i got nerves and started to cry...it was the best day of me life and i will never forget this day...i gave her a picture of me at the end when she was leaving and she tolkd me that she was going to put it into her wallet...and the best part is that my dad got to know michele(her manger) and he gave my dad hid number so i'm sure i will be able to see you and be w/ you another day mariah! your my life and i would do anything for u and like i told you i'm going to be just like u!!!

    Jae's Review: (L.A)
    I wore my Rainbow Tour Staff Jacket I got off ebay, with a Mariah shirt and jeans. I took two letters, one for Mariah, and one for her mom, Pat, and a little velvet lamb with a pink cross embroidered on the chest. Ok, traffic all the way there. I waited in line for some crazy girl I met on the net, (Kelly) whom I offered to take as my guest. Her mom and bro came too, they were going to hang out outside till we were done. Never seen her before, it was difficult to find her, but finally we connected.

    We waited in line from 7:00 to 9:00, finally they let us in. They told us no cameras, but I snuck one in anyway. We waited in line for another 20 minutes somewhere else. While we were waiting, they started letting other people in, people who weren't on the list and people who didn't have tickets. We were lucky, and Kelly's mom got to come in. Finally we got inside, and they were playing Mariah's oldies, and Kelly and I hung around for awhile, getting to know other people, like Maybelle and Nikki and so sorry I forgot your name lamb! There were drinks and some exotic foods, but I just grabbed a bottle of water, in case I'd get sick.

    At about 11:00, Da Brat came out and started introducing some of Mariah's newer songs that were going to be on the album, and let me tell you, there are some definite number ones on this record! Finally, at 11:30, Mariah comes in, she was so beautiful! and everyone is screaming and getting all crazy, me, my stomach is a frickin' knot! Everyone started forming a line, and people started going up and taking pictures with her.

    Ok, my big moment! I'm shaking so hard I can't take decent pix of Mariah, then I get up there! She takes a good look at my jacket, she loved it! Suddenly my big moment to shine became my big moment to make an ass of myself. I handed her her letter, and said "This is for you", then her mom's letter, "And this is for your mom," then I got all assertive! "You HAVE to read these, you CANNOT lose these! Promise me!" She was smiling, and said OK, but I swear she probably thought I was crazy. Honestly, I had written some very personal things in her letter, and tried many times to give it to her through fan books and websites. I figured, if I hand it to her personally and she still can't read it, then I'm screwed. Anyway, I realized they needed to take my picture, so I turned my cheek and smiled, then handed her her little lamb, which she thought was so adorable! she asked if it came with the cross, and I said yeah. Then I had her sign some pictures which were all tattered and wrinkled by then, and I walked on.

    I met Kelly and her mom, and they were ready to go, but I wasn't, so I stayed behind, even though I wasn't supposed to. My mom and I got into a fight over the phone in front of the bodyguard guy, she wanted me to come home, or I'd be grounded, so naturally, I hung up on her. I had intended to have Mariah sign my jacket, but I was so nervous, I had forgotten, so I went back up. At the moment, I tried to get a good picture of her, then this mean bitch came up and was all: "Hi Sweetheart! Gimme this camera, I'm keeping it and you can't have it back!" I was devastated. Mariah took the last of her pictures, and as she started to walk away, people crowded her to get her signature on their pictures. I got right next to her and she signed my jacket, then as she was walking away, I yelled "Don't forget everyone! Wise girls on Saturday!" and she looked at me and said "Yes! Thank you lamb!" Then she was rushed out of the room by her butthead bodyguards.

    I had to get home, but they wouldn't let us out of the room until Mariah had left the grounds, so we had to wait another 20 minutes, then finally they let us leave.

    As I was driving down Hollywood Blvd. to get back on the freeway and get home, I pulled alongside her limo. I knew it was her, but I wasn't about to make an ass of myself again, so, because I was in such a good mood for meeting her and I may have wanted to call attention to myself, I put my stereo on really loud. I drove beside them for awhile, then almost missed my onramp to the freeway.

    Did I cry? Not until I started driving home, when it finally hit me that I had met her! The best day of my life! I love her so much!

    Ruth's Review: (San Fransisco) (Picture at Gallery 7)
    Hi this is Ruth and the San Francisco Meet and Greet was tha bomb. Mariah came into the building at like 10:30 p.m. but it was all cool. Then we had Da Brat there to introduce Mariah and it was so cool. Da Brat was just pumping up the crowd, having us all get out of our seats and dance and grove to the new mariah music. While coming in the crowd DaBrat came to sign autographs for whomever wanted it.(I will send you a scan of them) and then finally Mariah came and everyone started to go crazy, including myself. Everybody started to crowd around and get in some sort of a line to take pictures, but it was like a big crowd of people and so the security guard just chose people randomly. Finally it was my turn to go meet Mariah and take a picture with her. It was amazing, I just could not believe how beautiful and nice she was that it just shocked me. But i gave her her favorite colored Roses (Campagne Roses) along with a card with a nice little kitten on it and she love it and showed all her body guards and also Da Brat. Then I gave mariah that Tribute To Mariah Carey C.D. that I found in Sam Goody and she never even seen it before and was really anticipating to listen to it. After this I finally took a picture with her and I was just so happy. Then she offered to sign the stuff in my hands and I was sure do whatever you want and she was just willing to sign it but then her security guard told her to stop and then I had to go. But while she was signing my Glitter movie, Glitter cd cover and my butterfly album she asked me if I liked the new album and I was I love it and I just cant wait till it comes out then she also told me that butterfly was her favorite cover and I was like i love it too. Then as i was waiting for my picture she was just singing to the new music and it amazed me because her voice sounded so beautiful and I felt as if she was singing to me. Finally after I took the picture one of the people there gave us some autographed postcards instead of the black and white 8x10 photo with promotions forThrough The Rain. And towards the end I got to take a polaroid with Da Brat and I think I was the only one who got to do that because the photographer was so cool that he did not mind. Other then that, the food was great, very gourmat, because there was this really good French cheese and healty veggies with dressing and then there was chips, and the sweets of the night were a bunch of bite sized assortment of kitkats, butterfingers, baby ruth, reeses pieces, etc.

    Saul's Review: (Dallas)
    Ok, this has had to have been like the greatest thing ever that happened to me. I live in Oklahoma City and drove all the way to Dallas to see my idol and ispiration. I almost stopped breathing when I found out i won!!!!! ok anyways me and my "guardian" got there at 8, and we went through security and id-ing...etc etc, and they didnt let me bring my camera :( so we go into the room and its like one of those cool rooms on MTV that you see. There was food and drinks and me and the other Mariah fans mingled. All of the fans in Dallas are great great people and i miss them!!! lol!!!! Yes we talked and shared stories and pictures etc...and i showed everyone the book i made mariah to give to her and everyone said it was sweet.we all waited till 12 until she came and before we heard some of her new songs, which are great!!!! My faves were the "Oh Boy" song and "My Saving Grace" which i truly love and i cant wait to hear it more. Mary Ann Tatum introduced them and she is the sweetest lady ever! Its nice to know Mariah has people like her around her. We love Tatum-tot!!!! okay so then they tell us to make noise for Mariah so we do! then we make some more noise!!! and she walks in!!!! My heart almost stopped beating when she walked in... she just glowed with beauty and i could feel her energy just radiating-it was the greatest feeling. she walked in between us and hugged a couple of us and said "Guys, im so sorry im late but i just write the songs and sing i dont do the schedule!" Funny stuff. So then we sit down and talk and ask questions and we show her the Mariah/J.Lo gun pic and she was like "...Lets put that away..." and we gave her flowers and and little things and i got the courage to speak up and say "i made you this fan book" and she was like "awww how sweet thank you" and she looked me straight in the eye!!!!! I FELT LIKE DYING!!! and she looked through it for a while but didnt all the way cuz she had to answer more questions. After a while, we start to take pictures and talk with her and get autographs. I was completely flabbergasted and did not know what to say! Her bodyguard led me to her and she gave me a big hug and i was like i Love you mariah and she was like i love you too! it was great!!! so then i show her a picture of her i drew in my sketchbook and she was like did you draw that? and i said yes, and she said wow you're very talented, its very good! and she signed it.....when i was leaving her i told her i love you i hope i see you again, and she said me too me too im sure we will! and i walked away from my idol, my saving grace, my inspiration. That was the greatest night of my life and i will always remember it!!!!!

    Jackie's Review: (Chicago) (Picture at Gallery 7)
    My name is Jackie from Chicago and I won tickets to see Mariah. Out of all the people I knew, I decided to bring a friend that really deserved it. She traveled far and long to meet her hero and mine. Well, when we got there it was cold, but the fact that we were there for Mariah I didn't care that much. At least there were chairs. Once I got in, I started to feel some energy; I realized again that I AM GOING TO MEET MARIAH!! … Well, I knew Mariah was soon to arrive because I saw her entourage come in, and then I started getting butterflies in my stomach. A couple minutes had past and out of nowhere I see Da' Brat coming in, and my first reaction was to give her a high five. She looked at me and gave me five. I had no idea Da'Brat was going to be there, but I am glad she was. A few minutes after Da' Brat came Mariah and her bodyguards showed up. By this time my stomach had stopped turning but I was so week in the knees that I seriously thought I was going to fall at any second. Anyway, since my friend and I weren't near the front of the line we were there talking to Vi3 (local Chicago group). They were very endearing and very interesting. I had a blast. After a while we got in the line, and I start getting my stuff ready. Before I knew it, it was my turn and I got to talk with my hero, Mariah, and I was cherishing every second. I brought a pink bow and asked her to write. I asked her "can you write something that comes from your heart, Mariah?" and she did. I told her it is for my lamb. Since Da' Brat was there next to me, I asked her if she would join the picture, and she said "fo –sho" and she posed. I honestly had great night. I've probably forgotten to mention some things. Thank you for listening to me ramble! I will never forget it as long as I live! I want to thank my friend for being there with me, because if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have …had an even better time.

    Dominique's Review: (Miami) (Pictures and autograph at Gallery 7)
    My name is Dominique and I attended the Mariah meet and greet this past Saturday night and let me just first say I am soo grateful, it was unbelievable! Before Mariah arrived, me and the other fans made the most out of the time we had together, sharing the common experience of getting ready to meet our idol, by singing, dancing, and just talking about her and our favorite projects by her. Some people didn't really want to act as crazy as we did but to each his own I guess, hehe. If anyone from the event remembers the kid with the curly ponytail and the shirt with the very "diva" fur cuffs that acted so crazy, that's me, lol. When Mariah finally arrived, I cried nearly out of shock when I saw how stunning the Queen Lamb was, but even more pleased by how kind she was to us fans. My mom, who prior to this enjoyed her music but wasn't really a fan, was sooooo converted after she noticed how sweet, down to earth, and generous Mariah really is! She called all of her friends when we returned and just said "that woman is sooo precious!" I just knew Mariah would impress her, lol. Anyhow, it was amazing when I went up to take the picture with her and she noted on how she loved my necklace (a big golden butterfly on a brown suede chain thingy), and then tapped my waistband and said "and the jeans," which were cut a la Heartbreaker, and then giggled. I then slipped her the cellphone, which on the other line had my aunt (a huuuuge Mariah fan who couldn't make it ), and Mariah just says "hiiiiii!" and when I leave my aunt just freaks out on the line! Oh she also took a picture with my mom and I and said that we look like sisters, lol. When pictures were done we all sat around her to ask her questions and instead of choosing to ask her a question, which I really wanted to, I decided to read her the letter my little sister had written for her, since she had been too young to attend. Before I began, Mariah once again said how much she loved my necklace, which of course means that I'll wear it all the time now, lol.

    But after I read her what Chelsea had written, she said the letter was very articulate and that she wishes she could have met her. She asked me how old she was and just was talking about like how she'll see what can be done about changing the age limit, but that maybe it wasn't possible because the event ran so late. But the thing that got me was how interested she seemed in my little sister and I, it just really made me feel special. The best thing I can say about Mariah with regards to her fans is that she lives up to what we have always looked up to as far as talent, grace, and beauty, but yet she makes you feel so comfortable around her, you can say what you really feel and she wont give you the run of the mill, made for TV response, she throws so much of her personality into her answers. One girl sang for her and was just amazing, I'm sure Mariah was impressed, and my new friend Alex gave her the low down on how she should keep "rockin' the ensembles and keep doin' what you do," and I thought that was soo cute. I'm glad she addressed the whole "breakdown" issue, although it was what I assumed had happened, I knew the media had blown that whole thing up like crazy. It was also cool to hear her discuss her new projects, as well as the possibility of a tour!!!!!! When the event had to end, I felt that although I had been enjoying her company, I really wanted her to get the rest and everything that I was sure she needed, so I was satisfied with the whole experience. I hope to someday get a chance like this again, but more than that I hope that every true Mariah fan will someday get to meet her.

    Gabe & Chava's Review: (Miami)
    me and my sister Chava, arrived at y100 studios in Miami, Florida, on Oct./14/2002. What a morning!!!!! We awoke at 5 am, so that we can get and be as close to her as we can.... As Mariah walked in, it was like we really belonged there -- Let me tell you, that whole hour of her interview, I was constantly interrupting the interviewers. It was as if I had my own personal, one on one, relationship with her! I begged her to sing to me, when they played "Through the Rain" ... however, her voice was a bit soar, from recording in the studio all night. You know Mariah, it takes a lot to make her sing, of course I began to sing for her. I guess she really does love it, when a boy, sings her lyrics. Mariah also signed a personal autograph, to my friend, who has Aids. She was very concerned. I also, clearly, mentioned, and interrupted during her live interview, on the radio, of "how real Mariah is" she instantly, said "Thank you my pooh..." I love pooh!!!!! Her bodyguards were being as hostile as possible. To tell you the truth; I think her security sucks... Even though she has 2 personal bodyguards, and 8 police officers, no one, checked bags, and there was no signs of any security, until Mariah had gotten there. We all clearly know, that area, where she arrived, should have been much more secured, hours n hours before she arrived. Kenny and Footy, in the morning show, called me greedy for getting Mariah's full attention, and being one of the only ones to get a personal autograph, and picture. I told them, it was too bad, this is between me and Mariah!! She was so sweet and benevolent. I asked her, although her management would not allow for personal pictures, I asked her, and she agreed. She also autographed my T-shirt, and other things for her, even though her management, kept on pushing her away. During her interview, she kept on, staring right at me and smiled to me. I sang to her, and i held my hand up, like she does in most of her videos, and she greeted me with a huge smile, and a lil. cute laugh. At the end of me singing, she whispered the words "oh yes you can.."

    She looked so cute, she was wearing tight jeans, with a baby top shirt..... and her hair was pulled back in curls.... She definitely looked like Mariah. She looked great for being up all night.

    Oh right, before I forget, I asked her when she will be touring again, because she only toured 3 times!! We , the fans need and want to see her more..She said shes looking for dates and will be on tour as soon as possible..... We cant get enough of her! This meeting made me realize what a simple, benevolent person she really is. She kissed my sis's, Chava's cheeck!!!

    Allan's Review: (Dallas) (Picture at Gallery 7)
    Well, a little after 12, some guy had us start yelling for Mariah. And we were yelling and yelling, and she finally came out, and my stomach was in my throat. This woman is the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She looked like her cd covers and stuff, but better. She walked into the crowd and was hugging us and saying hi. Here comes my first embarrassing moment of the night. When Mariah was walking through the crowd, I had the biggest smile on my face. Well she was like right in front of me and I gave her a hug, and when I did, I was still smiling, and like my teeth were on her shoulder, and I was like OH MY GOSH, but she didn't notice. But my friend Lori who went with me was joking saying I bite Mariah! :lol Well they had a nice chair for Mariah to sit in. She sat down, and she said something about how we all need to have a little "POW-WOW" so we all sat down around here. Me and several other FOMM members were so close to her. Well, Mariah apologized for being late, and then she sat down, and had some fans come up and sit on a little bench by her. Well, we were all talking and she started talking to her crew asking who was filming this for her. She said she needed a copy for use at her home. Then she asked if we knew about a special thing she is doing with MTV where cameras were going to follow her around. And she was like this would be so perfect for the show. I mean it was really intimate. Mariah passed the mic around and was letting us talk to her, ask her questions and stuff. And boy let me tell you, Mariah was so hilarious!! She was cracking jokes, and I wish I could remember them all, b/c there were so many cool quotes we could have used. One thing she's told us about is one of her latest sayings… it's something like "It was almost perfect…" and I believe when she said this, she would slap her hand on the couch. It was funny…. And she was talking about this watch she was wearing, about how a fan got it for her, and it looked really expensive, it was all sparkling, bling bling you know… And the fan told her it was only 12 dollars at some store, and Mariah went on and on about that for a little bit. Then we got into talking about Miss Kitty. Mariah was saying something about Miss Kitty about the different stuff it does, and was like, and Miss Kitty is a mermaid, and she swims in my bath tub, and Amy was like and Miss. Kitty can make toast!! :lol It was funny. Oh and I forgot, Joseph got to ask the first question, and he asked about why her dog was in the dryer on the crib special. And Mariah was cracking up, and was like it was a freakin' joke. And she made some comment about how people probably called the humane society and stuff :lol And then we were talking about the tabloids, and we were talking about some of the past stories they had said. And Mariah was cracking up about them. Like there was one that had something to do with her being pregnant in space with a three-eyed alien :lol and oh my gosh you guys, it was so hiliarious!!!! And then she was talking about the rumor about how she won't walk on carpets, and we were just cracking up… :D

    She did mention that she had completed 21 tracks for the new album. And we were like use them all, and she's like well I can't fit them all, and I'm like do a 2-disc cd, we want them all! And then I can't remember what she said, but hey at least I presented the idea to her :D Mariah was really enjoying herself, and I think she would've stayed there talking to us all night, but Jerry Blair came in the middle and interrupted us and said it was time to take the pictures. So we all got our pictures taken. Well, when I went up there, I took Mariah my present, and told her that this is for her house. They were rushing us along, and she didn't have time to open it up, but she asked what it was, and I told her about the lambs on it, and her eyes lit up and she said it's got lambs on it, and she was thanking me for it. Then I asked her to sign my "My All / Stay Awhile" single cover, and she got happy when she seen that. She said that she really liked that picture. And I told her that I was really feeling the new stuff, and she got happy, and I told her that I could hear the growth with this album, and she seemed very please to hear that. And I also told her how much I loved her hip hop, and she told me that it was really good to hear that, b/c she really enjoys making that music, and she said it was nice to hear me say that. Well then it was time to take my photo with her, and when you take a photo, you normally put your arm around the person your taking a photo with. Embarrassing moment #2: Mariah's body guard about broke my arm yanking it away :lol I didn't know we couldn't do that. They should tell us this stuff in advance! :lol Mariah didn't seem to notice though, and we took our picture, and then she thanked me, and said it was really nice to meet.

    Then my friend Lori went up there. She was towards the back of the line, and it wasn't as rushed. Her and Mariah were cracking jokes with each other. It was cool to see them. And I'm not sure what they were talking about, but Mariah was like "Girlfriend, I'm talking to you like your coming over to my house." LOL it was so funny. Mariah left soon after. It was about 2 am then.

    The night was so awesome!!! I don't that I did a good job explaining how awesome it was, I probably forgot a lot of details, that I will remember tomorrow, so I will update this when I remember more!! Hope you enjoy, and once again, I want to say hey to all my Dallas Fan Meeting Friends!!!!

    Martell's Review: (San Fransisco)
    We arrived about 9pm. We met in a tall glass building that reflected the city lights. We were standing outside waiting to be checked in and a limo rolls by, but it appeared to be empty. Later on we found out it wasn't, Mariah just wanted to look at all her fans. Once we were in side, we went to the second floor, where the Meet & Greet was being held. The room was dimly lit with candles with tables scatter here and there. We looked for a place to sit but all the seats were taken, so some of us were standing the whole time. Everyone was discussing what they wanted to say & ask Mariah while some rap jams were being played. We waited about 45 minutes before anything started to happen. All of a sudden a side door opened and out popped Da Brat. Everyone was screaming and trying to touch Da Brat's hand (I got to touch her hand). She introduced some of Mariah's new songs. the first song played was "Oh Boy" Featuring Cam'ron, while it was playing she signed some autographs (I got one) and I also asked when her next cd will be out, she said "I'm working on it right now". After that, she introduced several more songs that were "My Saving Grace", "Yours", "Through The Rain", "You Got Me", "Clown", and one more but I forgot the name but "Only" is mentioned in the title. Brat left for a brief moment and return to bring out Mariah. She got the crowd hyped up for Mariah and when she came out everyone went wild, people crying they were so happy. Everyone lined up to get their picture taken and what they brought to get signed. I was standing in line staring at Mariah and didn't realize people were cutting me in line. So I slowly inched my way up to the front. Finally the moment had come to meet her. I got up there and my mind went completely blank. OMG!!! she was so beautiful, even better looking now that I met her in person. I did get her to sign my "Butterfly" cd cover and a picture of her for my friend. After everyone was done getting their things signed, it was time for her to go, she was off to her next Meet & Greet. Before I left, I tried to get an autograph from Mary-Ann but she was nowhere to be found. But I did get an from Mariah's hair dresser Kristopher.

    Pictures from San Fransisco (Croutney, Sabrina), Chicago (Mazen, Lisa), Boston (Justin) & Miami (Julius) have been added to Gallery 7.

    Vi3 Meet Mariah In Chicago
    Terry told me that Justin, a member from thes Chicago group "Vi3" came to the meet & greet in Chicago and even wrote about it on their Official Site. Here's what they write:

    Well...on a different note, last night Vi3 got the chance of a lifetime. Mariah Carey was in Chicago promoting her new single & album, and our manager Erik hooked it up for us to meet her. All I can say is WOW!!! She is absolutely the most perfect person in the world, we can't believe how cool and down to earth she was. After her meet-n-greet, we all went back to her hotel suite and just hung out! That still sounds weird to say, but it's the truth! She even did a little surprise for us that those of you in Chicago who are going to B96 Halloween Bash are gonna see, we are so excited to hear the reaction! The night was absolutely a dream come true, and something that none of us will ever forget! We also got a surprise last night cuz Mariah brought Da Brat with her to Chicago, and of course you already know Da Brat is on our song "Turn It Up". So it was great to finally meet her...she's not only the tightest female rapper out, but she is the funniest girl of ALL time!!! Thank you to both of them for being so amazing and so down for Vi3!!!

    New Pictures / Official Single Cover
    TTR Cover Dennis sent me the following newsletter from Fanscape:
    The strength of her lyrics. The emotion of her voice. A new beginning. Listen to Mariah's new single, "Through The Rain" - in U.S. stores on November 19th. The full album will be available Dec. 10.

    The news bit included the official single cover (to your right).

    In addition, Zoli from MariahCarey.hu sent me three new official pictures that he'd received from Universal Hungary,
    Mariah Online received two more official pictures from Universal,
    Courtney sent me pictures from Mariah's interview with Kenny & Footy On Y-100, Miami,
    And Simon sent in a scan of a promotional poster he got from Universal Australia.
    All available in Gallery 7!!

    Mariah Names The Album "Charmbracelet"
    Charmbracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me. Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people...items that tell your story, and that can be shared...like a song. The bracelet represents the foundation of this album, a body of work that encompasses many feelings.

    -Mariah Carey
    New Album In Stores 12/10/02

    Mariah Carey

    Brian told me that Mariah was on 102.7 KISS FM radio (Los Angeles) and revealed that the title of the new CD is "Charmbracelet". She said each song is like a little charm.

    New Interview With Mariah
    If there ever was a game show called Name That Artist, anyone even faintly familiar with contemporary music would be able to name the singer of the haunting, yet delicately beautiful ballad, "Through The Rain," in just one note.

    It has to be...it could only be...Mariah Carey.

    With a new record company, Island, supporting her own label, MonarC Music, Carey sounds positively revitalized on the single, back at the top of her game. The song is about to make its way up the A/C, Top 40 and Urban A/C charts. It also christens her new album, due in December, which features an all-star lineup of producers, including Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Randy Jackson and Jermaine Dupri, among others. Make no mistake about it: Mariah Carey's butterfly is about to fly high once again.

    The most prevalent feedback from programmers about "Through The Rain" is that it's "classic Mariah." Was it important for you to reestablish yourself artistically with this single?

    It was important for me to express myself just as a songwriter who was coming from a certain emotional place. When I wrote the song, I didn't feel like I had to prove myself, but express myself. I'm happy people feel it's "classic Mariah," but I'm most happy that it came from my heart.

    How did you approach this record--did you want to create music that showcased your strongest talents, or did you want to experiment with new and different sounds or styles?

    Actually, I was in the middle of negotiating a label deal, figuring out where I was going to go, in terms of choosing a record company or doing my own thing. At a certain point it became overwhelming. I decided that I needed to "rest myself" in the recording process, doing it on my own and really focusing on writing and being in the studio. That has always been my saving grace. So I really didn't have a plan of action, other than creatively working in the studio, which is real and organic.

    Was the choice of material you decided to record and use for this album in any way different than your past work?

    I've been equating it to back when I was working on my first album. I don't exactly know what it is, but something about this record feels like that time of my career. Maybe I feel freer than I have in a while. Before you establish yourself as an artist, the only pressure on you is to fully be there and just be creative.

    It's funny, I just came back from an interview at a radio station, where I introduced my new single on-air--and said it was from my first album. It's just a funny coincidence that it feels like that.

    Were their any specific inspirations behind the songs on this album?

    "Sunflower" is about my father, who passed away this summer. I wrote it for him; he was very special to me.

    When you're working on a song in the studio, when do you know that the song is ready to go? How do you handle the temptation to keep tweaking it and making it better?

    I'm tweaking things right up until mastering; I'm always tweaking. When I take a song from a writing session or the studio, and I feel strongly about something, I'll work on it until I just know the song's going to be where I want it to be.

    Did you have specific goals or challenges that you wanted to accomplish with this album?

    In one way, I have personal goals, spiritual goals and artistic goals, but I have no real specific goal in mind, except to showcase myself in a well-rounded way. Yes, the first single is a ballad, and I'm happy people are enjoying it and they feel it's "classic Mariah." But there are other things I consider to be "classic Mariah" as well. I've had just as many uptempo records as ballads, which is something I'm very proud to have been able to achieve. I want to create music that has multi-format appeal.

    Do you feel that you have to live up to or exceed what you've already accomplished?

    Anytime you go into the studio, it's a challenge, but at the same time it's very rewarding, because making records is escapism for me. I'm diving into my music and using it in a therapeutic way. The media has highly dramatized a situation about me overworking myself, but I don't feel I have to prove anything to the world. I'm grateful for all the support I've received along the way, but after all I've done in my career as an artist, I could be on a beach somewhere if I didn't enjoy doing this.

    You were heavily courted by more than a few labels. Was the experience different than the first time you were signed?

    Not too different. The first time I was almost signed to Warner Bros. I had a deal in place, then as most everyone knows by now, Brenda K. Starr brought my demo to Tommy [Mottola]. From there a buzz got started, which created a bidding war. It allowed me, as a young teenager, to specify certain things in my contract that I couldn't force them to do otherwise, such as not do other people's songs.

    In a way, this time around was more difficult and weird. I now have personal relationships with many people in the industry, which go beyond the records thing. I respect so many of the executives I met that it was tough to choose. It got to the point where I had to leave and go record [my music] far away [in Italy]. It was so overwhelming, but at a certain point I had to make the right decision--and not a snap decision.

    It's often been said that you learn from every life experience and get stronger. What have you learned about yourself, as an artist and as a person, in the past year?

    I've always had a strong work ethic. I grew up without money, so I was very driven and became an overachiever. I wanted to get past my surroundings and I wanted to succeed. That began a cycle of making an album a year, which went from being strenuous to just ridiculous. New things came into play and it just steamrolled to the point where I was overworking myself. No one can do 20-hour days for two months in a row. The lesson from that is simply to eat right, sleep and get enough rest.

    The other lesson I've learned is to only believe 10% of what you read and see on TV. It's not that I hate the press. I get it; it's all about selling magazines and ratings.

    How have you come to grips with the double-edged sword of being a high-profile celebrity?

    It's weird. When I was growing up, I wanted to be famous like everyone else. But we all have our own reasons for wanting to be in the spotlight, and I always said to myself, "I never want to be as famous as these celebrities in the tabloids." I knew that those pictures of three-headed aliens and some star couldn't be true, but I never wanted to be at that level. Well, I got to that point anyway.

    So I know it's a double-edged sword. I asked for it, I got it and I deal with it.

    After achieving so much, does having more big hits and album sales mean as much to you as it did when you started?

    When I started, I had a dollar a day for food; that's how I existed. It was about survival. It's about survival now, but a different kind of survival. At this point, it's a healing process for me. It's not about success on the charts; it's about creating music and realizing a dream. The completion of each project is very personal to me, yet very celebratory. I'm not here singing, "Woe is me," and all that; my music is a celebration of life.

    Bottom line: If people who listen to this album come away with one distinct impression, what would you like that to be?

    More than anything else, I hope they come away with a sense of perseverance and faith.

    Ricardo, The Network Magazine

    Mariah And Whitney CBS Special Nixed
    The New York Daily News reports that longtime rivals Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were set to unite for a CBS special in an effort to boost both of their careers, but Whitney backed out. "She wasn't ready," says the source. "Also, do you think that CBS would have promoted it as anything other than the 'Two Freaks'?" Another source countered that it was Mariah who turned down the offer. "They didn't want her associated with Whitney, with all her troubles," said the insider. "Considering Mariah's baggage, why would you want to invite comparison?" Whitney is reportedly in talks to have a special on ABC.

    Roi, Pop Dirt

    Team Mariah's Latest Mission
    Hey Team Mariah,
    "Through The Rain" is starting to play on radio stations EVERYWHERE!

    Your Mission: Send "Through The Rain" to everyone you know!

    Have you heard the new single? I think it's safe to say that this new song is AMAZING! Let's make sure everyone listens to Mariah's new single "Through The Rain." I've made it VERY simple for you to help.

    Check out THIS page I created for you to send around to friends, family, classmates, online groups and clubs, ANYONE!

    All you have to do is CLICK HERE and enter the email address of ANYONE you want to receive the Mariah page. I'll take care of the rest. (Please note: You DO NOT have to log these emails in your online log.) Easy enough?

    Spread the Mariah love as far as you can,

    Washington D.C Meet & Greet Cancelled
    Dear Fans,
    Due to the recent shootings occurring in and around the surrounding area of Washington, D.C., Mariah wants to ensure the safety of her fans. Unfortunately, this means that the Washington, D.C. region for Mariah's Meet and Greet has been cancelled.

    On behalf of Mariah and myself, we apologize for this inconvenience. I understand that nothing can replace the chance to meet Mariah, but we intend to compensate each of you in some way and we'll notify you of that shortly.

    Mariah sends her love.

    We thank you in advance for understanding the situation,

    All Divas' Release Schedule
    NY Daily News Cover Your Ears! It's a 6-diva Pileup
    Six of America's pop divas are releasing CDs in the next few weeks. And the scramble for chart supremacy could turn into quite a catfight.

    The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is shaping up as D-Day, with Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Jennifer Lopez all scheduled to release albums on Nov. 26. That's the day Carey will drop her first single, "Through the Rain"; Houston, her CD "Just Whitney" and J.Lo, her CD "This is Me ... Then."

    On top of that, Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera will also be thrusting albums at us in the next few weeks - while Faith Hill's latest CD came out Tuesday.

    The season has brought schedule-jockeying to new heights, as Houston's and Lopez's labels are said to have made several shifts to outfox their competitors.

    At one point, though, there was talk that longtime rivals Carey and Houston might unite for a CBS special. Proponents of the idea thought it would be good for both of them. Houston was facing down reports of drug use and marital problems, while Carey was coming back after her 2001 breakdown and the failure of her movie tie-in CD, "Glitter."

    "They could have given each other strength," says a source.
    But you'll see no special.

    One ally of Houston's says she turned Carey down. "She wasn't ready," says the source. "Also, do you think that CBS would have promoted it as anything other than the 'Two Freaks'?"

    Another source argues that it was Carey's advisers who turned down the special: "They didn't want her associated with Whitney, with all her troubles. Considering Mariah's baggage, why would you want to invite comparison?"
    Now we hear that Houston will have her own ABC special. She'll need it.

    NY Daily News

    Reign Storm
    Big name divas battle it out on the music charts. But which one will bring in the highest record sales by Nicholas Fonseca

    Divas, start your engines! For the next six weeks, five of pop music's loudest female grandstanders -- Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, and Shania Twain -- will face off in a potentially eardrum-shattering contest to rule the charts.

    Despite earning stacks of platinum records, each woman is at a career turning point. To wit: a major image overhaul (hello, Christina!), the follow-up to two crossover hits (that's you, Shania), and a forceful attempt to rebound after a near meltdown (oh, Mariah...). ''They're absolutely pivotal albums,'' says Stephen Hill, a programming VP at BET. The pressure only intensifies with one of the busiest fall release slates in years. Notes John Ivey, program director of L.A.'s KIIS-FM, ''There's no wiggle room for a mediocre record.''

    What's more, the discs break as a new generation of femme phenoms like Ashanti, Avril Lavigne, and ''American Idol'' winner Kelly Clarkson (whose first album is due in early 2003) is crowding the charts. ''It's been the young divas' turns, but there's a well-placed belief that we need to go back to the originals,'' says Hill. Here's a look at the chances for diva revival.

    ALBUM Still untitled (Dec. 10) BACK STORY Like you need to ask. Following her record-breaking reign as the biggest chart success of the past decade -- 15 of her songs have spent a total of 61 weeks at No. 1 -- Carey stumbled badly with a racy late-'90s makeover, a July 2001 breakdown, and her movie debut in, ahem, ''Glitter'' (whose soundtrack went platinum but yielded no hits). STRATEGY Back to basics. New single ''Through the Rain'' may be bland, but it's safely in the ''Hero'' vein. (And in the video -- which premiered Oct. 18 -- she's fully clothed!) Carey, 32, will also sit for a four-hanky appearance with Oprah on Nov. 20. EARLY VIBE ''['Rain'] is classic Mariah,'' says Ivey. ''It's a relief, because there aren't any ballads out except for Kelly Clarkson's.'' Still, the program director for one NYC-area Top 40 station isn't biting: ''It's a piece of s---. I'm not playing it.'' And the just-in-time-for-Christmas release date may backfire. Warns Szydlowski, ''This kind of comeback is difficult to stage in the fourth quarter.'' REVIVAL ODDS 5-1


    Important TV Reminders!
    Don't forget to watch:

  • TODAY - OCTOBER 18th - TRL premieres "Through The Rain" video!

  • TOMORROW - OCTOBER 19th - Cinemax premieres "Wisegirls"!

    Wisegirls Information
    Buddafliez tells me that the Wisegirls DVD will be released on December 31rst - 12/31/02.

    DVD Features:
    • Color
    • Stereo
    • Closed Captioned
    • Widescreen/Letterboxed
    • In English
    • Subtitled in English, Spanish
    • Studio Home Entertainment

    DVD Features:
    • Region 1
    • Keep Case
    • Widescreen
    • Audio:
    • Dolby Digital Stereo - English
    • Additional Release Material:
    • Trailer
    • Interactive Features:
    • Interactive Menus
    • Scene Selection

    You can pre-order the DVD on Yahoo as well as on Amazon

    UCI Cinema in the UK e-mailed Andrew the following information regarding the release of "Wisegirls" in the UK:

    The film Wise Girls is due to be released on 17th of January 2003. We ourselves don't have any details on the film yet as the distributors of the film have not yet confirmed wether it will be released then or wether they plan to screen it at the cinemas. Please keep in touch with our website for further information or alternatively check out the 'Yahoo Movies' website.(Go to 'search for.. Yahoo Movies.')

    Atlanta DJs Sell MC's Lunch
    Carey-out update
    Singer Mariah Carey's local lunch being auctioned on eBay this week caused the online auction house a bout of indigestion Thursday. Around 1 p.m., the turkey sandwich and garnish nibbled on by the pop star while at radio station Q100 this week suddenly disappeared from the Web site. The bid was up to $751. In an e-mail to Q100 jokester Jeff Dauler, Web site officials explained that the foodstuff "does not appear to be consistent with eBay guidelines. . . . All food and related products sold on eBay should be packaged or sealed to ensure that the buyer can identify evidence of possible tampering." Dauler tells Buzz he intends to relist the item, because it was clearly explained in his description that the sandwich was being sold solely as a celeb souvenir and could not be consumed. Meanwhile, Mariah's carry-out is becoming a celeb itself. MSNBC gossip Jeanette Walls (clearly a Buzz reader) has now begun writing about the auction as well.

    Susana, ajc.com

    Fans Bid For Half-eaten Mariah Carey Sandwich
    A radio station in Atlanta is auctioning off a half-eaten turkey sandwich belonging to Mariah Carey.

    DJ Jeff Dauler from Q100 has placed the sandwich, complete with salad, pickle and garnish, in a "handy deli box".

    The winning bidder will also receive a plastic knife used by one of her handlers in order to inspect it, reports the Mirror.

    But Dauler has warned listeners that the sandwich should not be considered safe to eat, as it has not been refrigerated since Mariah's visit to the studio earlier this week.

    He said: "This sandwich is a collector's item, for the true Mariah memorabilia collector."

    Bids so far have topped £150.


    More On Justin & Mariah
    'Yours' Truly
    Mariah and Justin record a duet. The song ''Yours,'' featuring the newly solo 'N Sync singer, is one of several duets Carey is considering including on her album, due in December by Gary Susman

    Justin Timberlake is everywhere these days. The 'N Sync singer is popping up at radio stations from California to London to promote ''Justified,'' his solo CD debut due next month. But he's also showing up alongside Mariah Carey on a duet called ''Yours,'' which she may include on her still-untitled December release. The song marks one of several high-profile guest appearances on potential tracks for the album, including cameos by rappers Jay-Z and Cam'ron.

    Apparently, the duet is romantic enough that both Timberlake and Carey have had to deny that they're making beautiful music together outside the studio as well, MSNBC.com reports. (Also, just for the record, Christina Aguilera has also denied that she and Britney's ex are more than friends.)

    In fact, Timberlake and Carey weren't even in the studio at the same time to record ''Yours.'' Launch.com reports that producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis recorded Mariah's part first and Justin's at a later session. Jam tells MTV, ''If I were to compare it to something we have done with her in the past, it would be 'Thank God I Found You,' but I think 'Yours' blows it away. It is probably one of the best hooks [ever]. I have a 6-year-old, and the first time he heard it, the third time the hook came around, he already knew it.'' Carey is mulling over whether to include the pre-Justin version or the duet on her album, MTV reports.

    Carey and Timberlake will appear on the same stage this weekend, along with such performers as Ja Rule, India.Arie, Jill Scott, Eric Clapton, and Elton John, for the taping of BET's tribute to Stevie Wonder, which airs Oct. 29.

    Rajdeep, EW.com

    Read More In...
    Dotmusic (Carey VS Timberlake)
    Ananova (Mariah and Justin record duet)
    Launch (Mariah Carey And Justin Timberlake Team Up For 'Yours')

    Mariah a Pyro?
    Mariah Carey is safe and sound in Miami after a near death experience in her dressing room. Mariah was in the Isle of Capri doin' a photo shoot for her new CD recently when she accidentally knocked over a candle. Apparently, she didn't realize she did it 'til her curtains went up in flames. Mariah tried to get out but her door was jammed so all she could do was scream. Luckily, the photographer's assistant heard her and broke down the door. I hope these pics she was takin' down there are worth it!! Mariah's album drops in December.

    Nick, Damian, JAM'N 94-5 In Boston

    Mariah Appearances On TV

  • Daniel told me that it has been finalized that Mariah Carey will be a guest in David Letterman's Late Night Show on Thursday, DECEMBER 12, 2002. She will be promoting her new album, but it is uncertain whether she will attend as a musical guest or simply chat.
    As far as I know, this hasn't been confirmed yet anywhere, but stay tuned for more news on that.

  • JC told us that Mariah did an exclusive interview for a Spanish TV show called "Al Rojo Vivo". It was taped in Miami, Florida. They talked about Luis, Tommy, and Thailia. Mariah also said some Spanish words. Through out the whole interview "Through The Rain" was playing in the background.

  • Armando writes: Today, on a local newspaper ("Diario de Yucatán) I read that Mariah will be on the 5th anual Mexican Teleton!!! Fernando Landeros, president of the Teleton Foundation in Mexico said to the press that she'll be in the Estadio Azteca (Aztek Stadium) where one of the most excitement moments of this event happen.

    Short Message From MC
    Shino told me that on Mariah's section at Universal Japan's Site, you can hear a short audio message that Mariah left for us:
    "Hey everybody, I just wanna say hello to all my fans visiting the Universal international website, and I want to thank you so much personally for all your warmth and support. I hope you all enjoy my new single "Through The Rain" and I'll see you again soon."
    Click here to hear it.

    News From Jasmine
    Nic (Mariah Buzz) talked to Jasmine today who said that she will be revealing MC related news today on her radio show in the UK on "Choice FM".
    Click here to listen to "ChoiceFM" stream broadcast. (The show is 6pm in the UK, 1pm EST)

    Jasmine also confirmed that Kelly Price will be on the remix for "Through The Rain" - news about that should be coming real soon!

  • updated byLiron October 15th, 2002 8:45PM
    Meet & Greets
    Dan & MC All meet & greets have been announced and here are some more reviews for you from the ones in Miami and Chicago:

    Alex Review (Miami):

    Hi my name is Alex...I won for the meet and greet Miami....I got there at 8:00pm and she got there around 11:40pm...IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!...While everyone was all seated waiting for Mariah I went and sat on her sofa, then 5 other people followed me and also sat on her sofa....Well anyways, when she got there (FINNALY) we all got real excited and there were some people crying (of happines). When we all calmed down a little we each took a picture with Mariah and I was told that she was going to leave right after all the pictures were done..But she didnt leave which was such a nice thing for her to do...She stayed liuke 30 mins more just to chill and talk to us, and answer questions we might have...I think that I personally talked to her the longest in th "meet and greet", people were trying to take the microphone out of my hand but I kept talking for about 10 minutes....I made a lot of friends over there and all of "Mariahs people" were very nice to me....This is an expirience I will never in my life forget...I still cant believe that I met her...And that I kept the conversation real....I wasnt even nervise...it was really weird...I would like to thank Cindy for making this all possible for us....I hope she knows how greatful I am....And like I told Mariah ..."One day I am going to see you again, but it wont be like a "fan meeting" thing....It will be because I am going to get all the way up in the music bussiness just to complete my dreams..which is to sing a duet with you, and I WILL make it! I swear to you".....

    Alicia's Review (Dallas):

    Hi my name is Alicia and yesterday was the happiest moment of my life. I met MARIAH CAREY!! I had such a good time. I arrived at about 8:30 pm and she came in about midnight. My feet where hurting so bad from standing up for 3 and a half hours. I met this guy named Joseph who' mother was so cool she would dance to Mariah's up-tempo songs and sing along. Anyway when Mariah arrived I was speechless. She is so much more beautiful in person. She talked to you as if she has known you forever. I sat down in front of her at her feet and I was so star struck that I could not even utter any words. Well Mariah was talking and then she was like I don't want to be the only one talking so she passed the mic and people stared asking her questions. She talked about how she is taking care of herself and how she now knows how important sleeping is. Then some girl was like we don't have to talk about that and Mariah said no I want to keep it real I'm just letting everyone know. Then there was a silence for like3 sec. and then Mariah said could we put some music on in the background. We were able to here her new songs again. The new album coming out is going to rock!!! She then took pic with all of us and she squeezed my hand so tight then she gave me this huge tight hug. After taking pic with everyone someone came and said that there was a plane Mariah had to catch and they whisked her off.

    Julie's Review (Chicago): (As detailed as you'll ever see)

    Vijay and Tessa arrived at 7:00 to pick me and my mom up at our house. We drove down to Fulton Lounge, and saw that it was this wonderful little place in the middle of a pretty dark and scary neighborhood. We got there around 8:15 and waited around outside til 9:00. Outside, the fans were getting really excited and people kept driving by staring and wondering what it was all about. When we were being let in, they checked out IDs and searched us. Then, we settled down and we ended up sitting right next to the couch MC would take pictures in front of! The room was really trendy with these contemporary sofas and chairs. Of course, TTR pics were everywhere. Music was really clear on the lounge's loudspeakers and we didn't have any trouble seeing or hearing. We all sang along with the songs and talked to different fans. Everybody was really nice and we talked about our favorite songs from each album.

    Then, we stopped the girl that was running around and asked her who she was. She had dark long hair and was pretty short. Her name was Liz, and she said she was one of 6 MonarC employees. She said she just got her job in July and that she was really excited about things. She shook hands with me and Vijay and we introduced ourselves. She was so nice! She told us the reason Mariah was late was because the plane stopped in Atlanta, Georgia, because it malfunctioned!!! Liz had taken a commercial flight, but Mariah continued in the personal plane. This means Mariah risked her life for us lambs!!! I was so worried and thought of the possibilities and almost cried! I can't believe she didn't just stop in Atlanta. Anyways, she was really nice, and she set up water bottles, bendy straws, diet lemon Snapple ice tea, and a tissue box.

    As things were being set up, music kept playing...they played songs from her earlier albums and they never got to the later ones. They took Vijay's Butterfly album to play it but never did and never gave it back! Then at some point, I stole some of her bendy straws figuring she wouldn't need all of them :0) Then, it was really cool because there were waiters who took orders for our drinks and delivered them. I had 2 kiddy cocktails :0) The food there was from the place, I assume, and it was really good! There were cheeses, meats, veggies and these rolls. Just small things, but they were much better than what I hear from the other meetings (no pineapple and tuna!)

    These important-looking people kept bustling in and out. One really loud guy who said he owned a record store was getting the crowd excited and came up to me and asked if I had a boyfriend and said I was beautiful or something, it was cute...he was being funny, it was hilarious. Then when he told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, he said boyfriend. So guys, I got called a boyfriend today...heehee. Anyways, of course he was joking, and he was just trying to rile up the crowd.

    When it was clear MC would arrive soon, people stood up and waited. But then, MC didn't come in, but DA BRAT DID!!!! She said MC dragged her from Atlanta and so she dropped in. She started to introduce Through The Rain, and she also introduced all the other songs. Then finally...this is the exciting part...Mariah walked in with a bunch of people surrounding her, and the spotlight immediately traveled to her face. She smiled and waved and was dressing in jeans, and a cute zip-up sweatshirt top. She had beautiful hair and she was just so amazing...she glowed. The room got extremely loud and they began to have people line up to get their pictures immediately. We decided to wait til the end to get more attention and time (it worked). But while we were waiting, we stayed in our seats to have the best view. She was right there in front of us the whole time!!! Da Brat kept passing us so she signed a bunch of stuff for us and gave us high fives and talked to us (she was so cute). Mariah kept saying "You're so funny...I'm so glad you're here" and things like that to Brat.

    As this went on, we heard the new songs! I didn't write them down, but Vijay did. I'm sure you'll all get a very thorough review when he writes his. Overall, I thought it was the most amazing collection of songs ever. In fact, I think it's in contest to be my favorite (possibly beating Butterfly? I'll have to see!) Like mentioned before, she has indeed done it! She is R&B, and it fits her like a glove. She has accomplished what I think she has been striving for, but this time, without even using as much rap or rappers. She's done it with the music and her voice alone. I'm so proud of her, and I cannot wait for the album. My Saving Grace was so emotional. Oh yeah, and after hearing one of the songs (Clouds? Not sure which one), I'm sort of she that it was about Luis and it was directed toward him. That's just my guess though.

    One girl started to cry really hard and MC was really really sweet, and kept trying help her feel better. Just watching everyone get their pics was so amazing and frightening, I just froze. At one point, MC turned to us and said "Isn't it a little hot in here" and we were like...yes!! And she'd like step toward us...and we'd all take a breath in and squirm because she was closer...it was too funny. We saw Louise McNally and we waved at her, and she smiled shyly and waved back to us. We shouted "We love you Louise!" Heehee...

    Finally, the line began to end and we got in the end. Tessa and Vijay made me go first. So I gave her a basket full of Hello Kitty stuff and a "Semi-Complete Guide to MARIAHISMS" which Mariah laughed at and said it was hilarious. She showed it to Da Brat too. Then I told her that we were the people from the Chicago Fanbook...the one she put in her CTTA video, and she was like...oh really? Thank you guys. After taking the picture, I asked if Tessa could come up because we had a present for her. She said Tessa's necklace was so cute, and we were like...we both have one, and we got you one too! So if we ever see Mariah wearing a light blue aquamarine (her birthstone as well as our birthstone) and white gold heart shaped necklace, you'll know where it's from. She asked what stone it was, and we told her it was aquamarine which is her birthstone. She asked if we were Aries, and we had to explain that birthstones went with months and we both were born in March as well. She was talking to Brat about whether it was Diamond or not, and then they both got it that it was aquamarine. It was so amazing like me and Tessa were just chatting with her like friends. She said it was really cute, and seemed to enjoy it a lot. I almost forgot to let her sign my butterfly album cover, and so I did that quickly and told her it was my favorite album and she said thank you. As you can imagine, this all took a long time and we had more time with her than any other fan!! We were so lucky! So guys, go in the end and plan out what you're going to do!

    After Tessa and Vijay got their pictures (I didn't see them, because they made me go), and we had to ask for autographed postcards of Through The Rain, because they didn't give them during the thing. Mariah left really quickly and didn't have time to sign as many autographs as she did in the past places.

    Before we left, we decided to wait for her in the back. It was good that we did, because we saw Da Brat come out...and eventually MARIAH! I took pictures of her up close. I was going to have her sign my Hello Kitty animal, but I didn't make it clear and she took it and said Oh Cute, thank you. But it's great, because if she wants it, she can have it. That means she has it with her the whole limo ride back to her hotel suite, which is wonderful too! We were going to follow her, but our parents were getting annoyed, so we drove home and took pictures together at the gas station.

    We felt so lucky and so blessed to have had the opportunity to stare at her so long and to talk to her and not really be as nervous as we thought we'd be. We actually told her what we wanted and she actually signed what we wanted her to sign. I even grabbed some straws, her tissue box, etc. Vijay got her water bottle and Tessa took tissues and an unopened snapple bottle! HAHA...we're so silly. Anyways, this has been the most exciting day of my life!!! I love her so much, and am forever greatful for the gifts she shares with us (not to mention the risks she take for us). I'll always hold this day in my memory and heart!

    Stephanie's Review (Chicago):

    When we arrived at 9:00 pm, all the fans were stilled lined up outside of the Fulton Lounge waiting to go inside. Around 9:15PM they started letting people in and checking to see if each person was on the Guest list. By the time, we got inside it was exactly 9:30 PM. When we got inside the bar, there was a buffet and we were able to order drinks. The energy in the room was great. Everyone was very excited and anticipating the arrival of Mariah. We chatted with other fans, and they played Mariah's number ones album. All the fans began to gather around in one spot, and we were told that Mariah would be arriving in two minutes. After that, we were told to make a path for Mariah because she was coming. Then we noticed this small lady coming out of the back through the path. We all were screaming our heads off when we realized it was Da Brat! She announced to everyone that Mariah will be coming out and that Mariah asked her to fly in from Atlanta. As she was making her way back, We noticed Mariah was coming out and we all were so excited we just started screaming our heads off again! As Mariah made her way through the crowd I smiled and waved frantically and she waved back. My brother was standing next to me and she saw him and high fived him! They announced that this was "our" night (the fans) and that we would each get a chance to meet with Mariah and take a picture with her. As we lined up for the pictures and the opportunity to meet Mariah, Da Brat climbed on a table and made announcement to everyone that they will be playing songs from Mariah's new album. She introduced the first song which I think was "Only You." We all waited patiently in line and by the time I got my chance to meet her, I was SO excited! I told her that I am such a huge fan of hers! She said thank you! I had a book with me with all the sheet music to all the songs on her number one album. I explained to her that I am a singer and could she sign sheet music to Vision of Love. I thanked her and she thanked me for being there. We posed for the picture and I thanked her again and she thanked Me. It was such an incredible night and I will remember it for as long as I lived. If I had a scanner, I would email a copy of the signed sheet music and my picture, but I don't sorry. That's my story!

    Kyle's Review (Dallas):

    Mariah Carey is the BEST!!!! Thursday we drove from Louisiana to Dallas, Texas. We arrived at the Dallas Sound Lab around 7:50 P.M. Mariah Carey songs were playing in the parking lot. We were let in around 8:30. We were directed into a recording studio. There was food and drinks and Mariah music was playing. Mariah was going to come at 9:30 but didn't show until 12:00 A.M. They played six NEW songs. They are so AWESOME and then Mariah came out. She walked through the crowd and grabbed my hand. Then she went and sat in her chair. She then told us to sit around her and she needed some people to sit by her. She talked and passed the mic around so people could ask questions. Then we got to take pitchers with M.C. and she signed autographs for EVERYONE. I gave her a card with some butterflies, which she really liked. She signed one of the new/old pitchers from her website. The one where she is leaned against the wall. I told her "yes maim" and when my mom took a picture with her next she told her that "You raised him right. He called me maim." When my pic came out my eyes were closed, so I asked her manager if I could take another pic and she said yes. So when I went back Mariah said "I like your shirt,", it was from the Rainbow tour where she is lying down on the bed. We asked her if she would go on tour and she said YES. She was trying to work it out now, so she could eat and sleep. I asked if she would come to Louisiana when I took my second pitcher and she said "If everyone is as nice as you, I will." Everyone was so nice and great. All the fans there and everyone. Mariah also said that all the stuff she got was going in the Butterfly Room. Mary-Ann was also there and she is so cool. She walked around and talked to people. She came over and read my shirt, which had the Rainbow Tour dates on it. Later in the night I was singing "Though The Rain" and she looked at me and put her thumbs up. I had a great time and MARIAH is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chad's Review (Chicago): (Picture in Gallery 7)

    Monday, October 14th was the best day of my life. I got to meet MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!
    I went to Chicago yesterday, all the way from Louisville, KY to meet the best singer in the world. My friend Katie who is almost as big of a fan as me was my guest. Well we went in to the Fulton Lounge at around 10:00???cdt. I am not for sure what the times are because I was so overwhelmed with excitement. Anyway, we went inside and mingled with other devoted MC fans. We had FREE food and drinks. Then, Rebecca and Kacie (who came up with us for the pure satisfaction of a road trip) entered through the double doors. Apparently, the bouncer contacted MC's bodyguard's and they said that "Mariah would not want fans standing outside in the cold, bring them in." So it was already turning out to be a wonderful night. So while we chat about what we were we going to do when Mariah came, a limo pulls up. Five old men emerged from the vehicle leaving us dissapointed. But, they turned out to be Def Jam record executives (we think). I mean they had on Def Jam Recording gear and they looked important and well we know they were with Def Jam/Monarc. So I gave my demo to one of the "important people" (with a little help from Rebecca the wannabe manager who will one day be a manager) and they all looked at it. So, now it was time for Mariah. When she walked out, I really don't think I have ever been so stunned/excited/nervous/happy/freaked out in my life. This is something I have waiting for since I was 8 (for 12 years). She was amazingly beautiful and she was so tiny. I just stared at her and tried to wave. So I got in line to get my picture and an autograph. Well it came my time and when I got up there, instead of saying, "You have helped me through so many things, you inspire me, I wish I could just sit you down and tell you everything but that would take about 6 days, you're beautiful, and you're the best singer in the world, I LOVE YOU," I said, "Hello (said in a nervous, scared, country tone)." My country accent comes out when I get nervous. So she signed my Butterfly CD and we took a picture. At first the photographer was out of film so in the midst of dead silence and her looking into my eyes I say, "you're amazing (said in a loud, freaked out voice.)" So then the photo was taken and I said thank you and she did as well. Then I walked away reluctantly. When she left, she walked by me and shook my hand and said, "thank you for coming." So after the party we went around back and watched her come out. She was so nice!! Well we ended up at her hotel (I don't know how that happened, haha) and we were standing on the other side of the street. Well Mariah gets out, Da Brat gets out and they begin to walk towards us. I am freaking out once again. She says, "look guys." and then Brat's new little dog comes running out. Well she talks to us for a little bit and then we ask her to take a group picture with us. As she begins to open her mouth, Da Brat says, "No she's done enough, she loves you guys and thanks you." Then they begin to walk away (to let the dog go pee) and Mariah turns around and says, "I'll get you all when I come back through." So she is gone for like a minute and then she comes up to us and takes some pictures and then chats with us for a little bit. She told my friend Katie that she had a "cute coat." She was excited about that. I told her the new ablum sounds awesome and that I had been a fan since Vision of Love. She said, "Do you like it, that's great, thank you so much." And then as she walked away she turned and waved goodbye. So I freakin hung out with MARIAH CAREY!!!!!! I didn't realize that I had just met the biggest selling female recording artist till I got back in the car and listened to an MC cd. Then I really freaked out. THAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! Nothing will ever surpass that day (other than maybe when I get a record deal). I just hope Mariah knows that I appreciated her so much. She has to be the nicest person in the world, she didn't have to do any of that. SHE IS AMAZING.

    Dan's Review (Chicago): (Picture & Autograph in Gallery 7)

    ok it starts with my friend felipe running late -because he got stuck in traffic on his way down from wisconsin. he got here at about 7:30 and we left almost immediatly. we got there around 8:10 or so and i met up with a lot of other online mariah fans and they were all great and i had fun talking with them all. and believe me we had plenty of time to talk!! but they do not open the doors untill about 9:15 (give or take--i didnt have a watch so i might be off on the times) so we all got in and the place was not that big actually. and other then about a handfull of big poster like things of the new pic and one butterfly light aimed at the celing over the couch mariah was going to be sitting--there were no other decorations. and we get in and we grab a "seat" near the couch that mariah will be at (it had a light and stuff so we knew she would be there) and we had to listen to this god awful music that they were playing--and it had not words!!! so mariah didnt arrive untill about 11:30 so i had plenty of time to go around and meet a whole buch of other fans!! so i had a few things from the very small buffet and a few drinks and boy they cost a arm and a leg!!!! so after meeting with everyone me and frank decide we need to get some mariah music played and so we set out on our mission---and it fails!!! we talk to a whole bunch of people(one was her photographer guy and he was nice and we talked for a while) but he told us that the guy with the music was out to eat-go figure!! so we talk to the manager of the place and his name was micky or something!! and he was rude as hell!!! made a time out gesture with his hands and said we dont have any music and very rudely walked away!!!! so we just figured that there was nothing we could do!! so finally we see a limo pull up and we all think that it is mariah but it is not!!! it is some other people (like from def jam and who knows who else!) but one of them was this guy george --who by the way was drunker then a dog!!!! but he did try his best to get the crowd worked up!!! but i asked him about the music and he finally got it hooked up !!! so we were all glad about that!!! they only really played her older stuff--but hey it was good!!!! so then i ask george if i can have one of the few posters that they had of mariah --and he tells me that if i do a cartwheel for mariah then he will give me one!! so i was going to do it but it never happened!! (once mariah got there george was nowhere to be found!) so finally after waiting and waiting mariah finally comes and it was well worth the wait!!! she came in through the back way and she looked stunning. she was wearing jeans with a chain around the waist and and a cute little zip up black sweater!!! she was amazing!!! she came to the front of the room and almost immediatly started taking pictures and signing things at the same time(when you whent up she signed something for you) and da brat was there too she introduced mariah(oh i forgot that she came out before mariah did) and she also introduced the songs!!! but after getting my pic wiht mariah i got da brat to sign something for me and i asked her if she was doing any remixes for mariahs new stuff and she said YES!!!! actually i think what she said was somethign more along the lines of " oh yes most definitly!!" so that was good. ok so i finally make my way up to mariah and at this point my mind just goes blank!!! i do not remember much ---but i do remeber her looking right in my eyes and the first thing that she said to me was --"i've met you before -havent i? " and i said yes mariah i love you!! and then i pulled out some pics that i had of me and her(some where screen caps from trl when i seen her there and one was from when i met her in chicago at her rainbow tour signing) asked her to sign the pic from the rainbow signing and then she did and then she looked at the trl pics and she said soemthing like "oh i remeber this" and then i asked if i could put my arm around her to take the pic and she said "of course" and then i procedded to and then i got about five bodygurards trying to take my arm off!!! but mariah turned to them and said "no no it is ok!!!" and then i took the pic--but i looked like a fool because i had been holding so many things in my arms that i wanted her to sign! then i get shuffled off and louise hands me a thing to put my pic in. and then i stand pretty much right behind the photographer the rest of the time.. then i realized that i did not give her my letter and pictures so i gave them to the photoguy i had been talking to earlier and he set them with the rest of the things she had recieved. then after listening to the new music and watchign her with all the other fans i was ready for another autograph! so near the end of the line i got in it again--but they stopped me but i was able to see her again when she walked out--she walked out right next to me and i asked her to sign the rolling stone mag i had and she did and then i asked for a hug and she just hugged me and it was so great!!!! then she was gone with the quickness!! then i gathered all of my things and me and my guest left!!! now i am going to talk about the music really fast! the songs were good and they were all pretty rnb but they were good!!! but i must say that "my saving grace" was amazing !!! when she belts it out at the end it is unlike ever before and it was so great!!!! i think that is about all i know i am leaving out a lot but hey i am still trying to calm down !!!

    Plus, Amy's picture & autograph, Vijay's picture and Allan's picture have all been added to Gallery 7 as well.

    Radio Interviews
    Mariah's been on a countless amount of radio stations' interviews this past week, and we're trying to catch up:

    Freddie & MC

  • Star 93.7 In Boston: - We had the download link for the interview and now there's a picture from there plus the following from Star93.7's Site (Thanks Gary!)
    Fast Freddy got the job!
    Fast Freddy called Ralphie last to say how much he loved Star 93.7 and wanted to work with the best morning show in Boston. But instead of just hiring him, Ralphie put Freddy to the test and made him prove he could be an asset to the Morning Show. Freddy delivered by scoring an exclusive interview with Mariah Carey, one of Ralphie's all time favorite artists. Check out the pictures here, and we'll have the audio of Freddy sneaking into Mariah's hotel room on a room service cart to get the interview up in a little bit.

  • Y100 In Miami: "Breakfast With Mariah" - download the interview at Mariah Buzz

  • B96 In Chicago: "The Eddie and Jobo Show" - we'll have the link to dwnload the interview ASAP. Here's a summary by AsadRahim:
    Mariah never dated Eminem (though they were freinds at one point), Tyrese, AJ or Brady.

    She basically said that she is the one that dumped Luis Miguel.

    The album will have collaborations with rappers on it (as all the rest will, presumably). She doesn't understand why all the other big pop singers get to collaborate with rappers but she cant. THen Da Brat started talking about Jennifer Lopez and Britney because they're just imitating her. Mariah said that she needs to bring her along more often because she says everything Mariah is thinking. But she said there will be a ton of ballads also.

    She wants to get DaBrat on a remix.

    ***She never tried to commit suicide**** She got really fired up when the interviewer asked her about that (but in a funny way) she took the microphone away from him and told him to examine her wrists to see if he sees any type of scars. He didn't. She got fired up because she said that she writes so many songs for her fans saying never give up, she seems hypocritical for people that don't know the truth.

    She said some of the songs are her just being silly (meaning writing about things that make her laugh) and alot of the songs contain messages to certain people (presumably like Rainbow).

    She was saying that she was somewhat amused by the fact the Virgin dumped her citing she wasn't selling considering that first of all she had a good track record, secondly although Glitter did not do as well as hoped, it was still multiplatinum and Loverboy was the #1 selling single of 2001.

    They started talking about Thalia and her sisters. The interviewer asked was that the reaon that Tommy was so strict on her because he was afraid someone would have kidnapped her. Then she replied, "I wished someone would have kidnapped me!!". Everyone started laughing then she said I love all people.

    She said that "Yours" is a wedding type song and it is one of her favorites, she really wants it to be released as a songle but she'll have to wait for her and Justin to finish releasing their respective singles.

    I think Im forgettingh some stuff, Mariah was really no holds bar on all the rumors. So if you want to ask about a certain rumor that might spark my memory.

  • JAM'N 94-5 In Boston: "The Morning Show" - Click here to listen to the interview at Mariah's hotel.

  • KISS 106.1 In Dallas: "The Kidd Kraddick Show" - We had that interivew up as well and now you can see pictures from there in Gallery 7.

    Bret & MC

  • Q100 In Atlanta: "The Bert Show" - listen to the interview below, and see the pictures in Gallery 7: (Thanks Ronnie)
    and finally makes ammends with THE BERT SHOW!
    Last year Mariah Carey called the morning show an hour late for her scheduled interview. At that time, the Bert Show had moved on to other things and didn't have time to talk to Mariah. Listen to our first encounter with Mariah

    A year later, Mariah sat down with the Bert Show to talk about how fairly or unfairly the media treats her, the biggest Mariah misconceptions and the truth about her alleged suicide attempt. Listen to our latest interview with Mariah

    Cool Carey still running late
    Having her last album and movie flop, coupled with her latest flick going directly to Showtime, might have made an impression on former pop princess Mariah Carey. The singer was only about 45 minutes late to the Q100 radio studio Monday, the same station she kept waiting by phone for over an hour in July 2001 when she was attempting to plug her ill-fated "Glitter" project. The members of "The Bert Show" then promptly informed the tardy talent that they had no intentions of interviewing her.

    During the 30-minute interview Monday, Carey was on her best behavior, arriving with an entourage of 12. An assistant used antibacterial baby towelettes to wipe down the can of Coke she drank from and also utilized a utensil to lift the bread of a turkey sandwich so the singer could inspect its innards.

    Q100 producer Tracey Peluso, who was snapping photos for the station's Web site, was gently re-positioned so that she wasn't shooting the singer from her allegedly less flattering left side. The interview will air today in the 8 a.m. hour.

    "She was cool, but if I was her, I'd be surrounding myself with people who could make me as punctual as possible," "Bert Show" Executive Producer Jeff Dauler told Buzz. "She's got a lot of career-rebuilding to do. She needs to scream 'professionalism' right now."

    Later, Carey met with radio station programmers at Joël in Buckhead.

    AJC.com, Brecht.

    Paper Bits

  • Mariah Carey is 32. "Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn Sigler is 21. But the age difference didn't stop Carey from casting Sigler as her mother in the new video for her single, "Through the Rain." The clip follows the struggle of an interracial couple in the '70s. The story is inspired by Carey's Irish-American mother, Patricia, and her African-American father, Alfred, who died last summer ...

    Tom, NY Daily News

  • Mariah is on page 125 of the People "Greatest weddings" book. There's a picture of her and Tommy coming out of the church and an article.

    More About Mariah & Justin's Duet
    Jay-Z, Timberlake, Cam'ron Contribute To Mariah Carey LP
    Mariah Carey has been Justified.

    Justin Timberlake has joined Jay-Z and Cam'ron on the list of artists lending a hand as Carey prepares her new album. Timberlake added verses and harmonies to Carey's mid-tempo "Yours" last week, and while it's still pending the heartbreaker's approval, the song's seasoned producers already smell a hit.

    "If I were to compare it to something we have done with her in the past, it would be 'Thank God I Found You,' but I think 'Yours' blows it away," said Jimmy Jam, who produced the track with partner Terry Lewis. "It is probably one of the best hooks [ever]. I have a 6-year-old, and the first time he heard it, the third time the hook came around, he already knew it."

    Carey has already approved a version of 'Yours' without Timberlake for her as-yet-untitled album, due December 10, but she's flying to Jam and Lewis' Minneapolis studio on Tuesday (October 15) to hear the just-mixed duet and decide if it's better. Jam is convinced she will.

    "At the end she did a series of ad libs, and he totally did them exactly with her but an octave below her," he explained. "They were kind of intricate, ... but he totally matched everything. He's mega-talented, and to have them both on the same track is special."

    Jam and Lewis are among an impressive list of producers who have recorded Carey for her follow-up to the disastrous "Glitter" soundtrack. Others include Jermaine Dupri on a track called "The One," Dre and Vidal (Michael Jackson), Damizza (Nate Dogg), DJ Quik, Irv Gotti, and 7 Aurelius (see "Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7").

    Just Blaze (Nelly) produced a track called "You Got Me" that features Jay-Z and Freeway, as well as a cover of Cam'ron's "Oh Boy" featuring Cam.

    The album will be the first on Carey's own MonarC Music imprint (see "Mariah Signs With Island/Def Jam, Records With JD").

    Jam and Lewis, who have collaborated with Carey for years, will likely have three tracks on the new album: "Yours," the tentatively titled "Wedding Song," which Carey rescued and penned lyrics for long after Jam and Lewis forgot about it, and the first single, "Through the Rain" (see "Mariah Carey Insists She Just Needed Sleep, Taps Family History For Clip").

    "I think 'Through the Rain' is a great way to start the record, because it is emotional and it kind of speaks directly to the questions people might have about the last year of her life," Jam said. "It's a good idea to get that out of the way and move on to happy, less emotional songs."

    And there are plenty of upbeat Carey songs to move on to. "She's happy," Jam said. "She loves doing music and recording it. I thought Mariah was very focused and intense, as she usually is, but also at the same time much more relaxed."

    At the video set for 'Through the Rain' late last month, Carey promised an album much different than "Through the Rain."

    "There are records on the album that are definitely going to be perceived as [sentimental]," she said. "There are a lot of lyrics that are very honest and direct and about me and just about my life as a human being. ... And then there are records that are really fun, like escapism for me. It's not like I'm going to suddenly write this woeful album. 'Oh misery.' No! I choose to turn those things into positives 'cause that's how I get through life."

    In other Carey and Timberlake news, the two will be sharing the stage later this month along with Ja Rule, India.Arie, Jill Scott, Eric Clapton, Elton John and others. They will be honoring Stevie Wonder at BET's eighth annual Walk of Fame induction ceremony, which is taping October 19 in Washington, D.C., and airing October 29.

    Jamie Foxx is hosting the event, which has recognized Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men in past years.

    For more on Justin Timberlake, check out our recent feature "Justin Timberlake: Justify My Love."
    —Corey Moss

    MTV, TRL

    Justin In Sync With Mariah
    Despite tight security surrounding Mariah Carey's new album, FlyteTyme Productions (home of producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) has revealed that Justin Timberlake is featured on one of the tracks.

    Titled Yours, it has previously been described by Jimmy Jam as a "supermelodic love song that you can bounce to or groove to." However it is unclear whether a solo version of the song or the duet will feature on the album.

    The track is already gaining buzz and is expected to be the second single lifted from the as yet untitled album released in Australia on December 2nd. It follows the lead single Through The Rain which is released on November 11.

    Mariah and Justin are yet to publicly comment on their collaboration, as they are both busy on the promotion trail for their respective albums.

    The *NSYNC star's solo album Justified is released around the world next month.

    TV Hits Online, MariahDownunder.com

    From The B96 Interview:
    She said that "Yours" is a wedding type song and it is one of her favorites, she really wants it to be released as a songle but she'll have to wait for her and Justin to finish releasing their respective singles.

    Sweet duet for Timberlake & Carey
    Oct. 15 — Are Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey making beautiful music together? A source tells The Scoop that the 21-year-old 'N Sync-er and the 32-year-old diva are recording a romantic duet, "Yours," possibly to be included on her upcoming album.

    THE COLLABORATION is fueling speculation that the two are also romantically involved. "Sure, she's a little older, but he was also [romantically linked] to Janet Jackson," who is 36, points out one source.

    Jackson and Timberlake were also recording a steamy duet, "(And She Said) Take Me Now."

    Timberlake has also been linked with Christina Aguilera. "He's been a busy boy since his split from Britney," says the source.

    A spokesman for Timberlake says the two are not romantically involved "as far as I know."

    A spokeswoman for Carey's label says the song has been recorded, but it's not yet been decided if it will go on her album. "There's talk of it, but it hasn't yet been confirmed," she says. The two are not romantically involved, she adds.

    Brecht, MS NBC

    Mariah on Fire: Exclusive Report on New Album
    Mariah Carey is about to kick some you-know-what. I heard seven tracks from her forthcoming album last Friday, and they are great.

    Let me be careful here: They're great if you like Mariah Carey's records. And listen, zillions of people around the world are devoted to her.

    She's not Aretha Franklin and she's not Gladys Knight. But she has a tremendous talent in her voice, and she's not bad to look at either.

    But even by those standards, Mariah's new songs are several cuts above a lot of her recent work. I don't mean Glitter, either. Better than a lot of Rainbow and Butterfly.

    On the seven completed tracks I heard, there's none of that idiotic yodeling over sampled hip-hop tracks. There are real songs, fully composed, and constructed with melodies.

    The absolute winner of the group is a gospel-flavored number called "My Saving Grace." Taking a page out of Whitney Houston's playbook, Carey has put together a number she'll be using for years to come on TV and in concert, no doubt backed by 40-member gospel groups.

    In fact, I was surprised that she didn't do this on the album version. For the actual record, "My Saving Grace" -- as written and produced by Randy Jackson (the producer, not Michael's brother) -- is pretty restrained.

    Good for her.

    Among the six other numbers was "Through the Rain," Carey's new single, which sounds a lot better on the album than it does on her Web site. Even though she seems to be using a whispery voice more than in the past, "Rain" does the job for a lead single in re-establishing her as a singer's singer.

    Now, it's not like Miss Mariah's given up on hip-hop. She's just gotten smarter about it. On what will most certainly be the lead single in that category, she's recorded with producer Just Blaze a G-rated cover version of Cam'ron's otherwise explicit "Oh Boy" with a sample of Rose Royce's classic "I'm Going Down."

    Cam'ron himself kicks off the track with a rap, but it works and it's catchy. (The original lyrics would put Mariah's core fans into apoplexy.)

    The Cam'ron connection comes from Mariah's new relationships at Island/Def Jam, where at least they have some other artists for her to bounce off of. Clearly, Carey's been put together with Damon Dash's Roc-A-Fella group. At Sony, without a black music division, Carey's compadres were C?line Dion and James Taylor. Not exactly her speed.

    There's some other cool stuff on the album. Jermaine Dupri put together "The One," Just Blaze has a neat track called "You Got Me," which features Jay-Z and a Munchkin-like refrain from a rapper called Freeway. And Dr. Dre and Vidal Davis have a strong effort called "Clown" that features the lines: "Nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down."

    More new songs may be revealed at a listening party scheduled for later this week.

    But most importantly, Carey and her management team are making sure that the new album is a total success and a complete vindication after the Glitter/nervous breakdown disasters of last year. They're visiting with radio people individually, and giving everyone who wants it a lot of face time with the star. When the album breaks, she'll be doing Letterman, the Today show and many other top-rated media spots.

    Additionally, just so there are no music thefts (we won't go back into that long soap opera), all the tracks are under lock and key. I mean, heavy security. Mariah will not be turning on the radio to hear J-Lo, Amerie or Evan and Jaron singing any of these songs.

    So bravo to Mariah, who's even revamped her Web site. Gone are the really trashy pics of her in ill-fitting tube tops and spandex. I think we might see a slightly toned-down look from the new Mariah. I say slightly because, of course, what fun would there be if she suddenly turned into Miss Prim and Proper?

    MalibuRicky, Fox News

    Wisegirls News (Europe)
    The Belgian distributor of Wise Girls just confirmed us that Wise Girls will not be released anywhere in the movie theaters, it means not in Belgium and not in the other European countries. As the Belgian distributor (which has been the first in the world to buy the rights) will not release Wise Girls in the movie theaters and that the release of the DVD will maybe be somewhere in 2003.

    Heroes of Mariah

    Mariah On Official French Sites
    Mariahfanclub.com reports that Universal France updated their website with a Mariah section.

    In addition, Mariah is on the NRJ radio homepage. NRJ is the biggest european radio and they were always a key to support Mariah's new single. Check it out here.

    Mariah In Berlin - Nov 6th
    As previously reported here, Mariah will be in Munich, Germany on November 2nd.
    Honey & Kate have been contacted by the German TV channel ZDF and said Mariah will be in Berlin on November 06th!! She'll perform at a show called "Das Goldene Lenkrad" which will be airing on November 10th! Here's the mail we got from the ZDF team:

    "Thank you for your mail. The show "Das Goldene Lenkrad" will be taped on November 06th 2002 in a hangar on Berlin-Tempelhof [which is one of Berlin's airports]. Mariah Carey will be one of our guests. Sincerely, Christine Heck"

    TTR Cast Correction
    We'd like to correct a mistake that by now has been corrected on Mariah's official site as well and we'd like to point out that the actor on "Through The Rain" is not JD White but JD Williams who plays on HBO's "The Wire" and "Oz".

    TRL's 1000th Episode
    TRL has seen a lot of action in the past 900+ episodes, and we're going to celebrate in style for our 1,000th show. We want to countdown your favorite TRL videos of all time, so check out our list of retired videos and VOTE NOW. Plus, coming soon check out some of the greatest moments in TRL history in our photo flipbook. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday 10/23 @ 3:30p.m. (ET) to see all the action.

    Vote for Mariah's "Heartbreaker"!

    Rick Dees' Songs List
    Izzet found this really nice list on Rick Dees' site. I know it's not new but worth a look:
    Top 80 Songs of 90's
    #7 - One Sweet Day
    #17 - Fantasy
    #28 - Hero
    #42 - Someday
    #61 - Emotions
    #66 - Always Be My Baby
    #79 - Make It Happen

    New MC Fan Sites
    New site by Case is at Mariah-Fanatic (Land O' Lambs).

    Check out Warren's Fly Away 5

    Last but not least, check out Mary's new website for Mariah - Mariah Fans

  • updated byDis October 14th, 2002 11:30AM
    Kidd Kraddick Interview
    Mariah was on Kidd Kraddick In The Morning today with a ten minute interview about the usual, herself, the album and all that stuff. Kidd is a syndicated station out of Texas and you can hear the interview at their site or I made an mp3 for you here.

    Kidd Kraddick Interview MP3

    TTR Debut in Australia
    Nova 100.3, one of Melbourne's most popular radio stations debuted "Through The Rain" on the weekend, putting it up against another song. It is surprising that they even premiered the song as never have they played a ballad. Unfortunately the result although not surprising, wasn't positive.

    Sham tells us that Mariah lost with listeners preferring the "grunge" song. Now Nova 100.3 is considering not playing it. Because of this we must act immediately!

    If you live in Melbourne then please call 13 24 10 all this week. We really need them to believe that after debuting the song, despite the result from the callers who got through, people did like it and do want to hear it.

    If you live interstate then you can also help by SMSing a request, once a day all this week. SMS 0419 999 100 with your request.


    Rolling Stone Readers Poll
    Rolling Stone now has their 2002 Readers Poll available for voting. So please go to the link and vote for Mariah in respective categories that are applicable. Thanks to Amelia for pointing this out.

    Rolling Stone Poll

    Update From Universal Portugal
    A Universal Music Portugal / Mariah Carey Portuguese Fanclub are jointly developing a microsite inside the Universal main site.

    The site design is from Media Minds, the texts from the Portuguese Fanclub, and the promotion from Universal Music.

    This microsite is being sent as a newsletter to all portuguese journalists, as well as registered users from Universal and FanClub sites.

    You can find the link and info here.

    Thanks Tiago for this information

    More Mariah Interviews
    Ronnie has informed me that Q100 will be doing an interview with Mariah at 1:00 today for airing tomorrow morning on their show.

    Mariah Chills with fans at CD launch
    by Howard Cohen

    North Miami's South Florida Rehearsal Studios, where more than 100 ardent Mariah Carey fans gathered to meet their idol Saturday night, is a world removed from the set of MTV's Total Request Live.

    Inside there are no picture windows overlooking a bustling Times Square. Instead the studio is a warehouse in a field of warehouses tucked off West Dixie Highway.

    Nevertheless, this unlikely place is where the singer chose to launch the most important album of her career -- the one, she hopes, that will help her reconquer the pop charts and rebuild her image.

    ''It's like my fans are an extended family for me,'' Carey said. ``Probably everyone that wants to be famous is filling a void of something they are missing. I feel the acceptance they give me. And the support and unconditional love they show me is critical to my being.''

    The singer-songwriter was there simply to meet her fans and play them a handful of tracks from her as-yet untitled new CD. The album, on her new Island-distributed label MonarC, is due in December. And the fans were grateful for her attention.

    ''I love Mariah,'' says Heather Bryner, 18, of Coral Springs. ``She shows she can go through anything, through the thick and thin.''

    All of this is good news to a star who recently found herself tabloid fodder.

    ''Mariah Meltdown'' became a catch-phrase as Glitter, her first movie, tanked, taking with it her multimillion-dollar deal with Virgin Records. Then, in a now infamous incident, Carey made an oddball impromptu appearance on MTV's TRL, scantily clad in a lavender T-shirt and pushing an ice cream cart.

    Just prior to her warehouse visit Saturday, Carey sat in the rooftop penthouse of Miami Beach's Shore Club Hotel. Resplendent in a black mini-cocktail dress and sipping a glass of red wine, she dispelled some of the fuss.

    ''The thing is, the public who weren't my fans didn't focus on my little Mariah-isms and my sense of humor,'' she said. ``I've been on MTV dressed as my alter ego fighting myself. I had food fights on MTV. Look, MTV is our forum to be eternally 12. It was a freaking stupid stunt and it became this huge thing.

    ``All I needed was a week of sleep but it was never built into my life.''

    The new CD could redeem Carey.

    ''Everything influenced the emotions that went into making the record,'' she said. ``Music is always my release. I purposely immersed myself in that. I wrote and sang from the heart and it all went into this.''

    Miami Herald

    Airplay Update
    The October 7 - October 13 weekly spins:

    590 spins = 3.195
    +290 spins from last week
    TTR is being played at 98 A/C stations
    this past week TTR was added to 6 A/C stations

    hot A/C
    this past week TTR was added to 2 hot A/C stations

    +227 spins from last week

    TTR is being played at 70 CHR/POP stations
    this past week TTR was added to 4 CHR/POP stations.

    Thanks to Pandem0nium from FOMM for this Information.

    Rubens Meet and Greet Review!
    The locale was very intimate and us fans
    CTTA - BlockbusterWe received first-class treatment by the organizers! Because Mariah was running late, in true diva spirit (lol), the DJ entertained us with classic Mariah jamz! Lots o' mingling and sweaty palms. Mariah's bodyguard (a.k.a. "The Bad Guy" since at the end of the nite when he escorted Mariah out, she joked that he was "the bad guy" burdened with the task of ending the meet and greet sessions)
    came into the room (filled with mirrors, balloons, and Through
    The Rain promo pics.) to announce that Mariah would like it if instead of having us sit in chairs in front of where she would sit in her couch and have it be all formal, that we would be able to mix with her because she wanted to just move about the room! Everyone's eyes swelled and even welled up.

    Immediately, everyone's hearts were pounding so hard and fast u could almost hear them! Her people shut the door as if to signal that The Queen Lamb would soon make her entrance! Seconds later, in walks A Vision of Love! The place went wild with cries of adoration! Smiling zestfully, tenderly, she immediately apologized for being so late and incessantly expressed her love for us, thanking us for our support and for our patience! She was glowing! She lit the room right up, looking P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L (as ever)! Her eyes are the most beautiful I'd ever seen, so rich and profound! Mariah confessed that she initially had on a long dress, but that because she wasn't feeling it, she decided to change into some (tight) jeans instead with a (tiny) brown peasant top with flowers and denim-high-heeled shoes! She cackled and waved!

    When we were asked to form a line in order to take a picture with MC is really when some lambz (including myself) kinda just lost it! Some were crying, others were hyperventilating, while others were introspective and deep in thought! Mariah is a real sport! Quite a few lambz with cellphones when up to Mariah and asked her if she would say "Hi" into their cellphones and Mariah would say, "Hiiiii, this is Mariah" and would giggle. Mariah received a lot cute presents from her lambz, including a wedding invitation from My Gurl Olivia (who, btw, along with myself and other lambz, has recently launched the stellar Miamilambs.com website. When Olivia mentioned our webpage to Mariah, she asked if we were there, and that when Melissa ("my personal assistant") and I waved to Mariah and she waved back with a big smile! Mariah told Olivia she appreciated our efforts very much!

    The atmosphere Mariah created was very relaxed, she made it a point to really to listen to what we had to say and insisted on making us feel special! What a down-to-earth and sweet woman, wow! She did her absolute best to sign all our stuff and the whole time through she was laughing and trying to thoroughly answer our questions! She and Jerry Blair (who was also very attentive and nice to us) gave us the dish on her new album and upcoming events and appearances! (For example, Through The Rain (Video) is to premiere on Oct. 18 and an MTV Special with Mariah is to air on Nov. 20. However, when asked about a rumored collabo. with Justin Timberlake, Mariah laughed and before telling us that we'd have to wait till December to find out, she confessed "Yours" is quite possibly her favorite.) Also at the gathering was Mary Anne (a.k.a. Tatum Tots, who I got to say "Hi" to and told her how I believe she's also got a beautiful voice to which she smiled warmly and said "Thank You so much") really livened up the place by encouraging us to just let loose and show Babygurl (Mariah) some love!

    Next, she introduced the new songs! The place went crazy, lots o' shouting and dancing! The first song to be played was "Oh Boy," featuring Cam'ron, and let me tell u, this track is THE HOTNESS! Other stand-outs included "My Saving Grace" (reminiscent of the great Aretha Franklin!) and "Clouds" (one word: B-A-N-G-I-N-G!).

    Next came a Q&A session, where I got to ask Mariah if she'll ever collabo. with Pat, her mom, who I think is unbelievably adorable and whose voice is amazing as well! Mariah answered that although it's not "realistic" that if anything, it would have to be on a Christmas song, and told me that she would tell Pat that she has a fan in Miami! (That really blew my mind and also made me cry!) One lamb told Mariah how he appreciated the fact that she's "kept it real" and that she needn't pay attention to the "haterz" because she can "rock any type of ensemble" she wants to! Mariah laughed in agreement and thanked him for his sweet words. Her supposed "breakdown" came up and this is essentially what Mariah had to say about that topic, "What I needed was like friggin 4 days to sleep and they [the press, etc.] made it seem as though I was causing harm to myself and like I was spiraling out of control when in reality, I just needed a nice pause! [Her voice rising in jest and her hands embellishing her next statement] Like, let it go already!" Us lambz, we nodded in agreement and laughed along with Mariah about how silly that episode really is! Before Mariah's people escorted her out, she let us know that she foresees a Tour behind the new album! Additionally, she revealed that although she's got 21 songs completed, she probably won't use them all and that tomorrow (meaning Sunday, October 13, 2002) she would be putting the final touches on the new LP. When it was time for Mariah to leave, she looked a little disappointed that it was over but she let us know that she appreciates us very much!

    She waved goodbye to us, offered us words of encouragement and then Mariah Carey exited the room! That night was historic to me! I got to tell the one person I admire the most and the one person who I've turned to so many times for inner strength in order to brave the world how much I loved her and she let me know she loved me back!

    Wow what a review thanks so much to Ruben for taking the time, although i have a feeling he enjoyed writing that, to make that out for us.

    Through The Rain Video Premiere
    As stated in the review above and on Y100 interview the Through The Rain video will premiere this Friday, October the 18. I didn't quite catch where although i can't think of any place but MTV, TRL perhaps. So catch it this Friday!

    New Pictures at Gallery 7
    New pictures up of Paul from Boston, Erica and Mariah at the Miami Meet and Greet, and a People Magazine scan from Tom here.

    updated byLiron October 12th, 2002 11:40AM
    Weekly Updates
    CTTA - Blockbuster Sound Of The Week
    Mariah's emotional and beautiful performance at the 2000 Blockbuster awards singing "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" is this week's sound of the week.
    Mariah also won an award for Best R&B - Female on the same show! She had a little incident with breaking her shoe after the performance but it ended up well because she had another outfit and shoes.

    Download Can't Take That Away - Live At Blockbuster Awards 2000

    New Poll, Fan Photo & Picture O' The Week
    There is a new poll of the week, so check it out! Here are the previous poll results...
    From the footage we've seen so far, how do you like the concept for Mariah's new video?
    1.) She looks great, and the storyline's fantastic! (1052) 61%
    2.) She looks better than ever, but it's a bit corny. (204) 12%
    3.) I can't tell yet, I need to see the entire video first. (480) 28%
    Total Votes: 1736

    The are also new quote, Fan Foto (by Antonio), and Eran sent in the picture of the week. Enjoy!
    There is also a new entry to You Know You're A Fan When... by Suzanne.

    Request Page Updated
    Just a reminder that the request page is updated daily with the details you send in and radio news.
    Please use the request page to help Mariah's airplay!

    updated byLiron October 12th, 2002 11:40AM
    "YOURS" - Collabo with Justin Timberlake
    MARIAH - 10/12/02

    Flyte Tyme, Crybabydoll

    "Through The Rain" - Most Added
    MARIAH - 10/12/02
    Flyte Tyme

    Universal Portugal's MC Site
    Ricardo told me that Universal Portugal has dedicated a section to Mariah on their site.
    Check it out HERE.

    updated byLiron October 12th, 2002 10:20AM
    Dallas Fans Report
    MC & Joseph Joseph's Review:
    Ok, we got there at 7:30 and fans started gathering. I then saw Amy and Curtis and Jigga And they were FREAKING AWESOME PEOPLE! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! N e ways we waited for Mariah who was 3 hours late! Mary Ann Tatum came out and introduced songs, shes soooo nice!!! We jammed to the new songs WHICH ARE AMAZING!!! 'MY SAVING GRACE' Outside Part 2!!! All the songs were amazing. Clouds was GREAT!

    Well, out came Mariah. She looked at me in the eyes and hugged me. Then we all sat down next to her and I sat RIGHT BESIDE THE WOMAN!!! AHHH! I WAS NEXT TO HER! SHE HELD MY HAND FOR A MINUTE!!! We were passing the mic around and I was the first to ask her a question and said 'Mariah, I was watching Cribs and I wanted to ask you something... why was your friggin dog in the dryer!!??' She laughed hard!!!

    Amy (Mariahzgirl) then showed Mariah the Wisegirls/JLo gun pic And Mariah laughed HARD! She said 'We love everybody!!!'

    Well, my mom then talked to Mariah and said that she's happy Mariah is taking care of herself and Mariah was like THANK YOU!!! Well, Mariah loved my mom. She kept talking to her, whispering to her, hugging her! She told my mom that she thinks I'm a great guy *blushes*

    Well, pics were taken and she signed Bfly and Glitter for me and put JOSEPH on em!

    Then she told me 'I love you, you take care' AHHHH And then I went and talked to people and when she left she waved to everyone and she pointed at me and said 'You take care, you and your mom!'

    Joseph's picture can be found in Gallery 7.

    More Pictures From Boston
    From The Boston Herald:
    Mariah glitters for fans: Daffy diva Mariah Carey made Nina Panagoulis' day at a meet-and-greet for fans at Embassy on Lansdowne Street, then did her part to shrink the state's unemployment rolls. Mariah helped Make It Happen for jobless radio sidekick Fast Freddy, who's trying to land a gig on the Star 93.7 morning show. But morning man Ralphie Marino had strict marching orders: Land an interview with a celeb or hit the bricks! Freddy stalked the Glitter gal, got it all on tape and looks like today could be One Sweet Day for F. F. Guess we know who his new Hero is!

    Gary who sent me this article also sent me the scan which is in Gallery 7.

    Micahel's Review:
    My name is Michael and I met mariah in boston on the 9th. She was mad nice and beautiful, and I'm actually the guy who the Globe wrote about who had the sheet music{"One young man was whisked away still clutching his sheet music - an original composition he'd apparently hoped to submit for consideration."} ..lol, except they were wrong on two accounts...the song isn't original, and it wasn't being givin to her. I myself am a vocalist, i go to a performing arts high school, and the song I had in my hand was one i had performed at carnegie hall, and i wanted her to sign it for me. I attached the pic of the sheet music, which she did sign contrary to what the article said, she even gave me a hug and posed for a pic with me in the middle of the floor too. I also sent the pic from when i was on the couch with her.

    Michael's picture with Mariah and his signed sheet plus Paul's two pictures with Mariah at the Boston Meet & Greet are up at Gallery 7.

    In addition, Janel sent me the scan from Entertainment Weekly - the Wisegirls review. Check it out in Gallery 7 as well.

    Mariah Carey To Tape MTV Special
    On October 22 and 24, respectively, Mariah will take part in two special promotion events in New York City. On the 22nd, there will be a VIP/Media Listening Event at the Hayden Planetarium located by the Museum of Natural History. This very exclusive event will give VIP's an opportunity to listen to a selection of tracks from the forthcoming album - from the comfort of a Planetarium seat gazing up to the 87' celestial dome. On the 24th, Mariah will tape an MTV Special where she will perform a selection of songs from her forthcoming album backed by a 5-6 piece band. The production will be in the same vein as "Unplugged", but will not be called "Unplugged". In addition to the performance, fans in attendance will have the opportunity to ask Mariah questions. This Q&A session will be included as part of the upcoming special. The event will take place at Right Track Studios, where Mariah is putting the finishing touches on her album. No air date is set yet.

    RPG, MariahCarey.dk, Universal Denmark.

    Mariah To Introduce 1st MonarC Act
    Shaggy, B2K, and Daniel Bedingfield will perform at Seventeen magazine's New Star showcase at the Roseland Ballroom in New York on Oct. 25. Mariah Carey will also make an appearance, introducing Isabel, a new artist on Carey's MonarC Music imprint. Tickets for the event can be purchased at Seventeen's New York offices through Sept. 3. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Fresh Air Fund. (Kevin Raub)

    CD Now

    New Poll
    Check out Pop Dirt for a new poll where you can vote for where you can vote for MC's "Through The Rain" to answer:
    "Which pop diva's new single is your favorite?"

    TTR - Hex Hector's Favorite Song
    Hex's Top Ten - October 2002
    1. "Through The Rain" - Mariah Carey (Monarc)
    2. "African Journey" - Stephan M vs Samy K (Deep Touch)
    3. "Talk 2 Me" - K-Klass Feat. Kinane (SuSu)
    4. "You Got That Vibe" - Woody! (Fumakilla)
    5. "Subfreakie" - Haktan O'Nal (Four:Twenty)
    6. "Andante" - Steve Lawler (Bedrock)
    7. "Sensation" - Electric Tease vs Mosquito (Distraekt)
    8. "Darkbeat" - Oscar G & Ralphie Falcon (Twsited)
    9. "Ahora Si" - Havana Funk (Strictly Rhythm) sigh... RIP!
    10. "The Sound Of Violence" - Cassius (Virgin UK)

    Nacho, Hex Hector's Official Site

    updated byLiron October 11th, 2002 3:10PM
    More From Boston
    Download The Star 93-7 Interview:
    Gary sent me the summary of this interview yesterday that pretty much summed all of it except the one note that Mariah is NOT selling her crib!!!

    Gary told me that this lovely interview is now up for download at Star 93-7's Site:
    Download Part 1 of the interview
    Download Part 2 of the interview

    Mariah In Boston Papers:

  • Mariah appears in today's Boston Herald. We'll have the scan soon! (Thanks Gary)

  • Mariah also appears in today's "Boston Globe" and Leo from Mariah Info is mentioned in the article! You can check out his pictures from Boston at his site.

    Bring on the fan fare: a fresh spin for Mariah
    By Joan Anderman, Globe Staff, 10/11/2002
    The Diva is dead. Long live the Diva.

    After a tumultuous year filled with heartbreak, humiliation, professional setbacks, and a very nice stay at a discreet Connecticut hospital, Mariah Carey is back in business.

    Boy, is she back - a big girl in a little dress sweeping across the dance floor at Embassy, a Lansdowne Street club, amid a swirl of frowning security guards Wednesday night. Large men with ear monitors arranged fans into facing rows, creating an invisible red carpet down which the singer sashayed to a velvet banquette. She held court for an hour, dispensing 100 perfect smiles for 100 trembling contest winners, each of whom she greeted personally. A crew of still photographers and television cameramen captured the moment for posterity, or at least the 11 o'clock news.

    Did we mention that this is the new, down-to-earth, reality-based Mariah?

    ''I had to go deep inside myself to get through this period,'' Carey revealed during a brief interview early in the evening. ''When a person's life is torn apart, you have to search to understand what's happened, and to understand yourself. I learned that it's all fine and dandy to be on TV and have a lot of money, but you have to sleep and eat and take care of the human being inside.''

    Carey's new single, ''Through the Rain,'' is a ballad about tribulation and resilience. The album will be released Dec. 10 on MonarC Records, the boutique label Carey was given as part of her contract with Island Def Jam, which signed her to a $20 million deal five months after Virgin Records gave the best-selling female artist in history a $28 million golden handshake. As Carey would say, fine and dandy.

    Still, there's the pesky task of reconstructing an image in the wake of a failed film and soundtrack (''Glitter''), the rare downsizing of a superstar contract, and a well-publicized nervous breakdown. Here's the spin: Glamorous celebrity hits speed bump, retreats within for enlightenment, and reemerges a romantic heroine. Carey's new promotional photos scream Innocence Regained - her hair flowing in a mussed tumble, cheeks glowing as pink as her pale, lacy dress.

    Next step: Take your message to the people. Show them that you haven't lost touch. Kiss babies. Graciously accept plastic-wrapped gift baskets and teddy bears. Gaze warmly into the eyes of people like Leo Porter of Vermont, a 19-year-old who has watched ''Glitter'' more than 100 times on DVD and said he was so excited to meet Carey he was running a fever of 101.4.

    Reportedly, it was Carey's idea to rub shoulders with the little people in such intimate fashion, a novel event for a star of her stature. Over the next several weeks she'll visit 10 cities to preview the new music - a DJ spun six tracks from the CD at Embassy, the first stop on her promotional campaign and the first time these songs have been aired in public - and to make personal contact with devotees who won the chance to meet Carey via Internet and radio contests.

    Personal contact didn't last long, though. This was an elaborately staged event, and security personnel hovered over each of the guests as they sat down next to Carey, hustling them away as soon as the promised Polaroid picture was snapped and a presigned 8x10 glossy shoved into their hands. One young man was whisked away still clutching his sheet music - an original composition he'd apparently hoped to submit for consideration. Several broke into tears at the sheer speed with which their dream moment passed. Carey, to her credit, beckoned a few back.

    ''I love these small, intimate events for fans,'' she said beforehand. ''They're a real inspiration for me because my true fans know I'm not a one-dimensional person. There's been so much exaggeration. Exaggeration and growing. I put all those emotions into the record.''

    Which brings us to a subject that's been distressingly easy to neglect: Carey's music. In the artist's estimation, the new album is ''fun and versatile. Not `woe is me.''' Fair enough. The songs, blasted at ear-splitting decibel levels at Embassy, emphasize the singer's way with a big-money note and a sleek, gymnastic lick. In other words, Carey's comeback promises more of the same - glossy ballads and gospel-flavored dance-pop - with a generous dollop of newfound spirituality.

    ''I prayed for this. I asked for this. I had to make this album,'' Carey said. ''It was my release.''

    The evening ended near midnight with a mass autograph signing on the dance floor. The big guys tried to minimize the chaos, though one label representative confessed that they were more concerned with unauthorized taping than with the star's safety. Indeed, Carey's fans were a perfectly well-mannered bunch.

    ''God bless you, Mariah,'' one woman shouted as Carey prepared to leave. ''Don't forget to get some sleep.''

    ''Bye-bye, Mariah, bye,'' they all called out, as if she were a home-town girl boarding the bus for the big city, off to try her luck at the big time.

    Tom, "Boston Globe"

    Mariah On Boston TV:

    Mariah was on Channel 5 and Channel 7 news yesterday about her coming to Boston. Here's the article from WHDH (Channel 7) in Boston:

    Mariah Comes to Boston
    Air Date: 10/10/2002
    Reported By: Sara Edwards

    Mariah Carey is back in the limelight after a very dramatic year. The singer was all over the tabloids in the summer of 2001 with reports of a mental breakdown. But now Mariah is busy promoting her new single and meeting up with her fans in various cities, last night she was in Boston.

    The sexy songbird arrived at Embassy on Landsdowne St. where she was greeted by 100 fans, who won the chance to meet the star. Boston was the first stop on Carey's unique promotional tour for her new single through the rain.

    The singer admits she went through a hurricane of bad publicity when tabloids screamed she was having a breakdown last year. On top of that, her film "Glitter" tanked at the box office, but Carey is putting a cheerful spin on all of that.

    The singer seems to be trying to start over in a way to redeem her somewhat tarnished reputation as a troubled diva. She says her fans have been loyal.

    As her new single played in the background, fans got the change to pose for photos and greet their music idol.

    After I got over being annoyed that Carey arrived an hour late last night, I have to say she couldn't have been nicer to fans and the media once she got to the club. Her new album comes out in December.

    Gary, WHDH News

    Paul's Review:(Long but interesting!)
    First of all, I'm from Minneapolis, MN and I got picked to meet Mariah in Boston. I found out one day before I had to be there, so I bought a plane ticket, and started flying out around 6am on Wednesday. At about 7:30pm I got to the club "Embassy" which was right accross the street from Fenway Park, and there were already a couple of fans there (Johnny and Sam, Carol Anne(?), Jessica, and Andrea are the only ones I remember...). More and more people started showin up, and I insisted on meeting them all. haha We stood outside in the cold showing off what we brought to give Mariah and what we brought to get signed and everything, and started guessing what was going to happen...then around 8:30 they began to let us in.

    We (Bryan and Bethany 2 people that I met) walked up stairs and it looked so cool, there were big couches in a U-shape around this wooden dance floor, Mariah songs were bein cranked on the system, there were candles and food and pictures of Mariah around the room. There was this one couch that had a light shining on it, and a camera man sitting on it when we walked in so we assumed that was where Mariah was gonna sit. There was also a couch next to it that didn't seem to have anyone sitting on it.

    We asked a cool security guard and sure enough, that was the place she would be. He also told us where she was going to come in...so we immediatly sat down on a couch accross the room from "Mariah's Couch", where she would walk in. Everyone was sittin around singin and havin fun for about an hour and a half. 10:30 rolled around and our "Friend" the security guard (lol) came to tell us it would be about 5-10 minutes. He then proceeded to have the 3 of us stand up, and told us to walk with him. We were very confused and kinda upset coz we wanted to sit where Mariah was going to come in. We noticed that we were walking TOWARDS "Mariah's Couch" and he told us "You're going to sit by Mariah!" I almost passed out. He sat us in the empty couch NEXT to "Mariah's Couch"! He said "Don't scream, and don't jump on Mariah." We said we wouldn't, and he went back to work.

    A few minutes later, Mariah came in. She looked SO beautiful in a short black dress. Her hair was all up in twisty braid things, and she walked up to her couch and sat down. No one else could really hear what was goin on at this point, but since we were *right there* we heard and saw everything... first of all, the reporters were all getting upset because they had to figure out who was going to interview first and blah blah blah... eventually they figured out an order and this woman sat down to interview Mariah. She asked about Through the Rain and Mariah talked about how it was a very personal song to her, and how it was the first song she wrote for the album.

    The woman asked how Mariah was doing these days. Mariah said "I'm completely fine. All I needed was 4 freakin days of sleep, and the magazines blew everything out of proportion. You know that 95% of what you read is fake, and the other 5% is true. It's all mostly for the ratings and to get people to read. That's what they did to my *breakdown* as they called it."
    Then the woman asked why Mariah did Meet and Greets like this. Mariah told her that her fans mean more to her than anything else, and that she wants to be close to them and that she loves meeting them, and how much it touches her when she gets to hear stories about certain songs that touch her fans and why they like them and everything. The next woman basically talked about the same thing, but in the middle of the interview I scooted up and waved at Mariah, she looked away from the reporter and waved and said hi to me!! In the middle of the interview! It was so awesome! She went back to the interview and the woman got a promo copy of Through the Rain signed for her daughter(?). Mariah grabbed it and signed it, but then she looked at it again and said "Whoops! Kinda did that one a lil backwards and upside down there huh?!" and then she giggled and said she was sorry. haha Heartbreaker was playing in the background at this point and Mariah started bobbing her head and singin it a lil bit...she then said to the reporter "Like this song here, Heartbreaker, it's supposed to be a sad song, but it's got this awesome happy beat, it's kinda like you gotta be happy even when you are sad. Ya know?" They finished the interview and the reporter asked for a few pictures and Mariah said ok.

    Then the reporter said she wanted it to "Look like we are interviewing" so Mariah laughed and was like..."ok? Which side you want me on?" She leaned forward towards the reporter lookin kinda confused and amused, and did what the reporter asked, she "looked like they were interviewing." lol They finished the interviews and everyone wanted some press shots and Mariah said, "Do we have to do them this close?" and she laughed...then did a couple shots for the camera guys. Then she told her bodyguards it was time for the fans.

    They got a polaroid camera ready so each fan could have a picture and started the line. I was 4th in line to meet Mariah, they pushed me towards Mariah, and I sat down and started cryin so hard. She said hi and asked my name, and said "awww don't cry." I told her I loved her and kept saying "I don't know what to say" like a stupid idiot. lol But she said "It's ok, you don't have to say anything. I love you too."

    There were SO many people taking pictures, I felt like I was famous. lol I was holding a bunch of things I was gonna try to get Mariah signed but the bodyguards said M wasn't going to sign a THING, so I was just holding on to them. She looked down and took them out of my hand and said "Did you want me to sign all of these?" I said I did, but that she didn't have to and that the bodyguards said no... she started looking around and was going "Pen! Pen! I need a pen!" At that point her *main* guy (I don't remember his name...) handed me a pre-signed picture and said "Mariah did these earlier, she's not signing anything today." Then Mariah said "Sorry, I signed these pictures earlier, I guess they won't let me sign anything else right now. I'll sign them later ok?" It was so much better when she said it. ;)

    Anyway, the guard grabbed my arm and said time to go... I stood up, but Mariah grabbed my shirt and pulled me back down to the couch, she was like "WAIT! We forgot the picture!" She was laughing, I had no idea, so I just looked forward and smiled. Mariah put her arm around my back, and I put mine around hers...I guess then they got the picture taken? lol

    Anyway, Mariah took pictures with all the fans, and gave them all pre-signed pictures, when she was done she started walking out and she stopped in the middle of the room and signed anything anyone handed her. I was the first to get anything signed, I handed her a pen, and my album cover and she accidentally dropped my pen, she looked into my eyes and said she was sorry, she got another marker and signed my cover and handed it back and said "I told ya!" and then she winked at me. (Coz she had said earlier she would sign my things...) Her people started yelling then saying "We want a picture with all the fans!" They pushed us behind Mariah and I was standing right behind her. People started pulling on her and I kinda put my arm in front of her and she said "Thank you!" She kept signing stuff no matter how many times the guards told her to stop or that they wanted a group picture...she kept telling them to hold on... it was SO amazing.

    My friend Bryan had a big posterboard he wanted her to sign and was trying to hand it to her... she smiled and said "Hold up, now don't let him hit me in the head with that thing." haha It was cute. (He did get it signed by the way.) Anyway, I got a couple things signed, and everytime she grabbed something from me she would look into my eyes and smile. So then someone said Mariah had to catch a plane, and that she had to leave. She walked out the front door in her sunglasses (heehee it was midnight) and jumped in the limo w/her roses and gifts. They drove off, I was going back to the airport to come home anyway so I decided to jump in a cab then. We ended up driving behind Mariah the whole way! The cab driver even got up next to her, I rolled my window down and started waving, she rolled hers down a TINY bit and stuck her fingers out and I don't know if she was waving at me, or just getting some fresh air, lol but I'd like to think she was waving! haha

    Rian's Review:
    I arrived at the Embassy club around 8:15, after going through security we got in around 9:15. Mariah didn't come out until around 10:45. We were all in a big crowd waiting for her, and then they parted the group so she would have a pathway. I was at the end of the pathway and right on the inside!! I was dying, Mariah was going to walk right by me, and she did. But we were not allowed to touch or grab. Then she did some interviews with radio and tv for about 10 minutes. Then we all got in line and were quickly sat down on the couch next to her with time just enough to say Hi and they took a polaroid picture of each of us with her. They also gave us a signed 8 x 10 black and white picture that she had signed earlier. While this was going on we heard previews of some songs from the album. "My Saving Grace" is amazing, very powerful ballad, gospel feel to it. There was one song called "Clouds" that was very cool sounding vocally. It was Jerry Blair's favorite. He introduced all the songs. There was another song that I loved, it was to the music of the "Oh Boy" song by Cam'ron and I believe it was him rapping in it. But it was a very cool upbeat song. Don't remember the name though. After everyone got thier picture taken we all crowded around her and she signed stuff for us. It was amazing for the moment in time she took my butterfly cd and signed it and handed it back to me and smiled as I said thank you. Her security guards were trying to get us set up for a picture and told the fans to stop autographs for a second. Mariah was like "what is wrong with signing, chill down..ha hahah". We all laughed. You can tell she wanted to stay longer and sign more things and chat with people, but they just didn't have the time. And before long she was whisked out of the room. We rushed outside to see her get into the limo. This was my first time meeting her and she is amazingly down to earth and beautiful. When you see her in person it is amazing how beautiful she looks. I am still in shock and disbelief.She really comes through for her fans. And I am really looking forward to the album after hearing some of the tracks.

  • Last but not least, John sent me the signed picture that everyone received in the meet & greet. You can see it in Gallery 7.

    Jill Scott & Toni Braxton About MC
    Jill Scott:
    What advice would you give to women just starting out in music?
    Watch your money. I have since the beginning, because I wanted some later. And also, do not sell your body in this industry. And I guess people are like, "Well, she doesn't have the kind of body that anyone would want to buy."

    Jill! Why not?
    Maybe that's what they're thinking. I think I'm a fox! I don't care what anybody says. Certainly there's an increased focus on looks in the industry. It hasn't affected me. I knew when I was ready to put out music that I wasn't skinny and I wasn't going to be -- that I didn't want to be. And so far, close to 3 million sold, it hasn't harmed me. I'll put Chaka Khan up against anybody [laughs]. I'll put Aretha Franklin up against anybody. Whitney Houston is an extraordinary vocalist, but you've never seen her half-naked. You've seen her sexy, you've seen her provocative, but she's a lady. And the other side of the game is Mariah Carey. In the beginning, she wasn't half-naked. She was dressed well and respected. And now it's a little different. She went through a lot, trying to be what the industry thinks will sell. But her voice is so miraculous, she could wear a damn fur coat all year round and she could still crush with that amazing voice.

    Taken from Rolling Stone (Thanks DRUnatic)

    Toni Braxton:
    Download an interview with Toni Braxton where she briefly mentions Mariah:
    Wendy: Kevin from Def Jam got his hands on it and passed it on to Jay Z
    Toni: You know I don't know the scamatic on this one it's one of the rumours I'd like to know if it's true or not all I know is I hired Gotti which is through Def Jam than all of a sudden Beyonce & Jay-Z did it which I mean I was really dissapointed because I am huge fans of both of them and no one owned the song it was a sampled song 2 Pac left us with great music to sample but it's both on the Def Jam label so I'm really dissapointed you know it's hard to enough to sell records and now I got these young and up and coming divas trying to steal my mojo what is up with that!? I'm not gonna handle this I'm gonna TAKE THIS we gonna fight this

    Toni: I'm dissapointed there a code of ethics I mean like Mary, Me, Whitney, Mariah, Janet it's all a code of ethics that we use like we try and work with the same producers that people use for an album it's like you know I'll wait till the next album you know we respect eachother you know you shouldn't do that

    Taken from Toni Online (Thanks Neva2far4MC)

    Good News For Non-USA Fans
    Ashes from RPN got the following information from Universal:
    An additional outfit from the video is going to be available for a contest outside the US.
    Not sure when it will appear or on what sites, but I will do my best to let you know.
    She wore this additional at the video so it is real and authentic.

    Universal Spain also confirmed that Mariah will appear in the MTV European Music Awards.

    Top Mariah Carey Search Queries
    Searches for Mariah Carey on pay-per search engine Overture.com in September have dropped a bit from the last time we checked in January, though may start to rise beginning this month with the impending release of her new album and 'Through The Rain' video. The term 'Mariah Carey' was searched for 135,038 times. The most searched for site was her official site at MariahCarey.com, followed by MariahDaily.com.

    Alyssa, Pop Dirt

  • updated byLiron October 10th, 2002 7:45PM
    Boston Meet & Greet - Fan Stories!
    MC & Jonny Last night, the first Meet & Greet was held at "The Embassy" club in Boston. 25 lucky fans got to come inside with a guest and meet Mariah!
    Everyone got in line to take a polaroid picture with Mariah (taken by professional photographers, not fans) and listen to SIX new songs from the new album. A few fans got to give Mariah to sign things for them. Jerry Blair, president of MonarC Music was also there to present Mariah.

    These are titles for the songs that were played, and a description about them:
    "I Only Wanted":
    Ballad. Here's a part of the chorus:
    "I only wanted you to stay
    Foolishly I romanticized
    I only wanted you to be there when I opened up my eyes."

    "My Saving Grace":
    Ballad. Part of the lyrics:
    "...catching my every fall
    I exist because you kept me safe.
    I found my saving grace within you
    You've given me peace.

    Mid-tempo song. Jerry Blair said it was his favorite!

    "Oh Boy":
    Uptempo. Samples Cam'ron's "Oh Boy".
    That might not actually be the title of the song.

    "Finally Found Someone":
    Uptempo. Featuring JD.
    Again, that might not actually be the title of the song.

    The sixth song that was played (it was actually played first) was of course "Through The Rain".


    Jonny's Review:
    Mariah held the first of a series of several "meet-n-greets" for her fans last night in Boston. The event took place at the "Embassy" club just around the corner from Fenway Park.

    The night started out with food and music. Sixteen of Mariah's favorite songs were played repeatedly, including "Honey," "Vision of Love," "Butterfly," "Hero," "My All/Stay Awhile," "Thank God I Found You/Make It Last Remix" and "Close My Eyes."

    The setting is very intimate- couches and tables all around.

    MonarC Music's Jerry Blair introduced Mariah's arrival around 10:30. The first thing to take place was a series of interviews with TV stations (which unfortunately very few were able to hear).

    Next, everyone present got to take a Polaroid picture with Mariah. While the photos were being taken, they began playing six songs from the new album. The first was "Through the Rain." Then they played two uptempo songs. One of them samples Cam'ron's "Oh Boy." The ballads they played were very pretty. One of them is called "I Only Wanted". "My Saving Grace" was played as well.

    After the pictures were over, Mariah came down and signed for the fans- despite the fact that her people kept insisting she would not be signing. She was so relaxed and she really seemed to be enjoying herself. She was talking & joking with the fans and signing anything you gave her.

    "Through the Rain" postcards were scattered on tables throughout the club and everyone got a signed black & white picture as well.

    Overall the night was a blast. Mariah's dedication to the fans is unparallel!

    John's Review:
    I got there just about on time 9:25PM Wednesday night, 10/09/02 @ Embassy / AValon in Boston, because I had to pick up a friend that went to VIP Party with me.... She was scheduled to be there at 9:30pm, but before she came up on her Black Lincoln Limousine they served a buffet and played her songs....No alcohol neither smoking were allowed inside,
    Mariah Carey showed up at 10:30, wearing a black a dress, talked with everyone and started taking pictures. Everyone got a pic with her, even the securities from the club...and then she signed autographs

    Star 93.7
    Gary listened to Star 93.7FM in Boston at 7am and wrote this:

    They played "Emotions". Then the DJs introduced "Freddie", who was live in the studio. They asked if he was able to get his celebrity interview, and he was very happy and said he did. He then played the tape. Freddie said he found out which hotel Mariah was at, I'm sure he said the Four Seasons. Anyway, he pretended to be room service and he knocks on the door. Mariah asks who it is and eventually lets him in. Mariah declines the french fries and chooses to eat her grapes instead. Mariah agrees to the interview and invites him in. Freddie says her security guards were huge guys.

    He asks her about many things:

  • The return of "Mariah" - Mariah said she wishes people didn't think of this as a return to earlier years because she has always sang ballads, with 2-5 on every album.

  • The video - Mariah talked about how they created a rain storm for the video and that it was bigger than any rain she's ever seen in person or in a movie. She said they promised they would make an umbrella thing for her and make her hair look wet, but she said she got soaked anyway and even was shivering. They then talked about the Sopranos star in the video and Mariah said she is a huge fan of that show. Mariah said that today (Thursday) she would be going back to New York and would watch more of the video (she hasn't even seen it all together yet).

  • Her father - Mariah said that she and her father became close these past couple of years, and she is glad that it didn't happen just when he was ill. She said they discovered they had many misunderstandings throughout their lives. Mariah thought her father wasn't interested in her career or what she was doing, yet she found out that her father kept every little card and letter that she had ever given him. Her father thought that Mariah felt abandoned by him, and even thought the lyric "Suffered from alienation" in "Vision of Love" was about him. Mariah said that growing up in a divorce situation you usually only get one side of the story, so she was able to put some closure on many things with her father before he died.

  • The album title - Mariah said she has 2 album titles to choose from. She doesn't want to say what they are because she doesn't want it decided by a poll or something. Mariah said every time she makes a decision then something happens to remind her of the other album title, so she can't decide right now. They said the album will be out December 10th.

    Mariah was very nice and I think the whole Freddie/sneaking in with room service was just an act, but it was very funny and Mariah sounded wonderful! They are going to play Part II of the interview this morning.

    They also talked about "Through the Rain" (right before Mariah said she has always done ballads). Freddie said he likes the song, and Mariah said you can apply it to get through any difficult situation, at work, at home, anything.

    Kiss 108
    Damian heard an interview with Mariah in another Boston radio station and wrote us about it:

    They told a story of how Billy Costa and Kidd David (two DJ's at the station) went to the Four Seasons to Mariah's room. While Billy was interviewing Mariah, Kidd David got so nervous that he had to use the bathroom. Since they were actually IN Mariah's room, Kidd David got to use her bathroom. Well, he had an accident while peeing and it sprayed all over the place and himself. The whole time he could hear the interview going on outside and needed to clean up both the bathroom and himself! Gross, completely, but then they played a bit of the interview (no more than a minute) where Billy asked Mariah about the Virgin payout. Mariah said that Billy shouldn't believe everything he reads in the papers because a lot of that isn't true. Billy asked her if she was rich enough to never have to sing again if she didn't want to. Mariah, fabulous as always, told him that singing for her is not something she HAS to do, it's something she does for her and for her fans that she LOVES.

    He also asked her about her new music and she talked a bit about how personal "TTR" is and how it's based on her personal experiences but that it has a lot of other meanings too.

    Short interview, but good. Mariah's voice sounded low, husky, and sexy, and she laughed a lot. It was good to hear her happy again and seemingly not stressed.

    Jam'n 94.5
    Katie told us that this morning Mariah did an interview on Boston's Radio Station Jam'n 94.5. She thinks they had the interview in the hotel she was staying at but she missed most of it so if anyone has recorded either of the interviews, please let us know!

    Jonny's picture with Mariah and his signed CDs plus John's picture with Mariah, Jessey's picture with Mariah and two pictures that John got of MC outside of the place are all up at Gallery 7.

    Lucky Fans Winning Radio Contest To Meet MC
    I got to hear the Kidd Kraddick In The Morning show on 106.1 Kiss FM in Dallas, Texas today and they were having a contest for MC fans to win the chance to meet her!
    Two girls named Melinda and Amber won and also a guy by the name of Curtis, and I am 99.9% positive that he's the same one who talked to Mariah last year in July and gave a shout out to Reg & MariahDaily!
    Any of the fans who won - if you happen to read this, please contact us!

    Billboard News
    Mariah Carey enters at a respectable #24, the top debut, on the Adult Contemporary Chart for Billboard's October 19, 2002 edition.

    Sadly, "Through The Rain" drops off the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. There are only 25 positions on this chart. Mariah was #24 last week.
    (Thanks Jessica)

    MC Goes Back To Germany - Nov 2nd
    Here are some nice news for German fans sent in by Honey & Kate from Butterflies Are Free:

    Different German magazines recently reported that Mariah's supposed to be in Munich on November 02nd to perform at the TV show "Millionär Gesucht". Now RTL, the channel who's airing the show, officially confirmed this to us, nd you can find the mail below. It's really cool Mariah's in Germany again so quickly but sadly the performances in the show are always pretty unpersonal. The show will be airing live on November 02nd at 8.15pm CET on RTL. Here's the e-mail we received from RTL:

    "Hello! It's true: the soul-diva Mariah Carey celebrates her musical comeback live with [Günther Jauch]. Other showacts in the 23rd issue of "Millionär gesucht! - Die SKL Show" will be: popstar Sarah Connor and German rock-singer Marius Müller Westernhagen. Sincerely yours, Katja Herz"

    Also Mariah is featured in the German mags "Frau mit Herz" and "Das neue Blatt" this week, you can find the scans of these articles on our site!

    Magazine Scan
    Santosh sent me a scan from Singapore's October's edition of "8 Days" magazine. Check it out in Gallery 7.

  • updated byLiron October 9th, 2002 9:40PM
    Mariah To Be On 'Heroes Awards'
    Performers Marc Anthony, Beverly Sills, and Dionne Warwick will be among those honored Dec. 11 with Heroes Awards by the New York chapter of the Recording Academy. The event, which will include presentations by Mariah Carey and Atlantic Records founder/chairman Ahmet Ertegun, will also present Heroes Awards to the songwriting team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David and J Records founder Clive Davis.

    Describing the award as "the highest honor we bestow," songwriter/N.Y. chapter president Phil Galdston said in a statement that each of the recipients "has created his or her own unique legacy in the music industry, and each has contributed significantly both to the music community and to the community at large."

    Proceeds from the event at New York's Roosevelt Hotel will be dedicated to the education and community outreach programs of the Academy's New York Chapter. BMG is the presenting sponsor of this year's affair; ASCAP, BMI, and the Toys 'R Us Foundation are participating sponsors.
    -- Barry A. Jeckell, N.Y.


    updated byLiron October 9th, 2002 8:55PM
    Request Page Launched
    Alright, it took awhile but we are finally launching the new request page for MD!
    I'd like to thank Anderz so much for helping me put it up!
    I'd like to point out that I have only added stations that have been sent to me by YOU!
    Please continue to send in phone numbers for your different local stations and make sure to state the details about the station. I'll update it regularly with the information you send in.
    All the radio news concerning Mariah & TTR are also available in the page!

    Please request Mariah and support "Through The Rain" by using THE REQUEST PAGE

    FHM's 20 Hottest Women In Music
    #16, Mariah Carey

    CRAZY SEXY: Like the mega-divas before her, Mariah has issues. In the words of her acting coach, "She is beautiful, but feels ugly. She is talented, but dislikes the sound of her own voice. She lives in a hell of her own making."
    2002 HIGHLIGHT: She whipped off her top during a surprise appearance on MTV's TRL.
    (Thanks Tarah)

    Pre-Order Through The Rain
    Pre-order "Through The Rain" on Amazon for : $11.99.
    Availability: This item will be released on November 11, 2002. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.
    (Thanks TofaChino)

    updated byLiron October 9th, 2002 6:40PM
    NY Rescheduled & Chicago Winners Announced
    For all the worried fans who haven't been notified for the NYC Meet & Greet - it has been rescheduled to Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002.
    Winners will most likely be announced today.

    The winners for the Chicago meet & greet have been announced as well! Please email us if you're one of them.

    Wisegirls DVD Captures
    Wisegirls Check out MariahMania for captures from the Wisegirls DVD.

    MariahMania also has the following information on the songs that will appear on the movie:

    Eugene Cibelli - Il Cuore D'Tu (This Heart Of Yours)
    Richie Kotzen - Slow
    Eugene Cibelli - Cara Picina (Dear Little One)
    Eugene Cibelli - Femina (Woman)
    Anika Paris - Chocolate & Wine
    Eugene Cibelli - Come Bella D'Stagione Di Sante (Beauty Of Summer)
    Marti Byrd - Like A Man
    Taryn - Make It Go Away
    Amy Cook - 200 Meadows
    Lara DiBenedictis - Never Say Goodbye
    Marti Byrd - Me For You
    Shush - State Of Confusion

    updated byLiron October 9th, 2002 8:30AM
    Dallas Winners Announced!
    Yesterday, the winners for the Meet & Greet in Dallas have been announced too. So far the only events announced were for Boston & Dallas.
    If you won, let us know by email!
    Everyone from Boston who's going tonight - have fun!!! Come back and tell us all about it!

    More For Boston Fans
    To those of you who didn't win the meet & greet, here's a chance to welcome Mariah in Boston! Make sure to say hi from us ;)

    Diva alert! We hear Mariah Carey is throwing dinner at Mistral tonight for radio programming poobahs. The songbird will be in town to ``showcase'' her new album, which isn't done yet. So some fancy food and drink will help the cause!

    The Boston Herald

    More For Boston Fans

    Gary was listening to Star 93.7FM in Boston and they said today they are going to interview Mariah at her hotel.
    They are going to air the interview tomorrow morning. They have this guy who is trying to be a DJ on the Star Morning Show and they challanged him to come up with an interview of a major celebrity. Yesterday he promised to find one.
    Today he said he will interview Mariah today, and bring in the interview tomorrow morning. He is usually on at about 7:00-7:15AM, so I assume that is when the interview will air.

    Please listen to it and try to record it and send it to us so we can share it here with all the fans! Thanks!

    Meet MC In Los Angeles!
    Queencreole told me that In Los Angeles, CA, the HOT 92.3 station is also having a contest to meet and eat with MC! Make sure to listen to the station for details. Good luck!

    Mariah On IDJ Newsletter & Site
    Eran received the following email from Island Def Jam:

    The newest single from Mariah Through The Rain is already on the radio. Haven't had the chance to hear it yet? Go to MariahCarey.com to listen now!

    Also, you can enter now to win the outfit Mariah wears in the video for Through The Rain. Ten runner-ups will win an autographed copy of the Through The Rain single.
    Enter Now!

    Gilles (Heroes of Mariah) told us that Island Def Jam have added Mariah as the only artist right now that's signed under MonarC.
    Click here to view it on their website.

    More DJ Comments
    "Through The Rain" has been added in at least another 15 radio stations in the US, and here are some DJ comments from Hitmakers:

    MARIAH CAREY "Through The Rain" (MONARC/IDJMG)
    DEANA McGUIRE, PD, KQIZ, Amarillo
    "I'm in love with this!"

    KERRY COLLINS, MD, KC101, New Haven
    "This song could rejuvenate her career, ''Mariah being Mariah.''"

    "She's hot! The song ain't bad either!"

    SCOTTY VALENTINE, PD, KKMG, Colorado Springs
    "A beautiful record. Classic Mariah!"

    JAGGER, MD, KZHT, Salt Lake City
    "Vintage Mariah Carey, this should be a hit!"

    TIAS, MD, WFBC, Greenville
    "Instant phones from one spin!"

    "#3 in our countdown at night! Our audience likes this record."

    "She's back to her old winning ways!"

    STEVE SMITH, PD, WMGI, Terre Haute
    "A classic Mariah ballad!"

    "This is a smooth-sounding Mariah."

    "This is a beautiful Mariah ballad. I'm expecting a good response."

    SKY WALKER, APD, WSPK, Poughkeepsie
    "It's good to have Mariah back!"

    LACY NEFF, Dir./Prog., WVAQ, Morgantown
    "She's back to the sound that made her famous!"

    "Getting back to basics and it sounds incredible!"

    Magazine News
    Maggie from MariahPlanet typed up the review from US Weekly:

    "Mob Belles"
    Wisegirls (starring Mariah Carey, who’s –yep!- good) skips the cineplex and lands at Cinemax.

    The Stars: Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey, Melora Walters.

    The Story: In this direct-to-cable movie, a mopey, med-school dropout (Sorvino), a would-be actress (Walters) and a streetwise tough girl (Carey) work as waitresses at a Mafia-run Italian restaurant on Staten Island, New York.

    What’s Good: In the smallest of the three lead roles, Carey is surprisingly real- she could pass for a Soprano cousin. Sorvino and Walters bring shades of feeling to their more complex characters. For a while, Wisegirls works as a trio of well-acted character studies.

    What’s Bad: The derivative and implausible plot kicks in, and Sorvino suddenly realizes she’s in too deep! Viewers may feel the same way.

    Final Say: Two stars: not Glitter, but not gold either.

    (Cinemax, Saturday, October 19, 10 pm)

    Vijay from MariahFly scanned the pictures from US Weekly and Ahtha scanned a small article about Wisegirls from "OnSat" magazine. Check them out in Gallery 6.

    TV News
    Stevie Wonder Tribute
    mczLoverboy (FOMM) saw the BET announced the artists for the "Stevie Wonder Walk Of Fame" tribute on their website:

    It's hosted by Jamie Foxx and it says appearances by: Dru Hill, Gerald Levert, Eddie Levert, India Arie, Ja Rule, Jill Scott, MARIAH CAREY, Elton John, Alicia Keys and more...
    It will be aired on OCTOBER 29th, 2002 at 9:00PM EST.

    T's comment has been posted on MTV's page where you can submit your comments regarding their Mariah story.
    Click here to read all the other comments (all great!) about Mariah.

    Janet saw Mariah on E! news live yesterday. They did a story about her fashion from Melissa Rivers and showed a picture of her from the "Through The Rain" video shoot, where she was wearing this long black dress with a bow in the middle. Melissa talked about how good she looked and how she lost weight and themale host said he liked the bow.

    updated byLiron October 7th, 2002 6:10PM
    MC On 'The Today Show' Date
    According to a new ad on Hitmakers.com, Mariah will be on the Today Show on December 11th, 2002 - the day after the new album will come out in the states. (Thanks twinpeaks9)

    MTV Brazil
    Tahi noticed that on MTV Brazil's opening page, there is a beautiful ad for "Through The Rain" that links to a whole section about Mariah

    Radio Charts
    twinpeaks9 (FOMM) writes the following information about "Through The Rain" radio statistics:

    Taking Off Chart (a chart that shows how stations are reacting to a new song from the moment they start playing it):
    #1 on AC Chart- 12 new stations, 119 new spins
    #11 on CHR/Pop- 4 new stations, 50 new spins

    Jump! Chart (a chart that shows the greatest gainers in a given format):
    #4 on AC Chart- +269 spins, 86 stations playing
    #12 on Urban AC- +30 spins, 5 stations playing.

    updated byLiron October 7th, 2002 10:15AM
    Another Chance To Win Meet & Greet In Dallas
    MEGA 93.3 and 99.7 (same station - Austin, TX) are doing a contest. On Wednesday you have to be listening all day from 7 AM to 7 PM and write down all Mariah songs and the time they played them, then if you're the 9th caller you get to go to Dallas on Friday to meet her and get her new CD. Good luck! (Thanks Alexandra)

    Mariah In New Magazines
    US Weekly:
    Both Vic & Janet let me know that Mariah's on the recent edition of US Weekly and she is mentioned four times:
    They had a pic of her shooting TTR on "The Record" section. Then on an article about stars' entourage, they had a pic of MC with her crew. Then in "Buzz Buys", they had a pic of MC and the kinda bubble bath she uses. Finally, on the TV Guide section, they had a little preview for "Wisegirls" and they gave MC a thumb up. Pages she's in are: 40,58,82,86.

    YM Magazine
    The top 20 women who have changed MTV:
    #8 Mariah CArey Oh, Mariah. Most people can't get over that trl performance she did before her breakdown. But prior to "Glitter", She was doing dance jams, while still making your mom happy with easy-listining ballads. Some of her videos can be a little bit sappy. (its called label driven crossover appeal people) and her episode of Cribs was pretty scary, but we still love to hate her.

    Fan Sites

  • Leo is working on a project and would like all webmasters to email him at icram321@aol.com with their name, their site's name and the language their site is in. One email per website. Use "Mariah Site" for the subject.

  • Bubble Gum has reopened his site MCSC with new design and new screen capture:
    Mariah Carey Screen Captures
  • Jae has a new Mariah site - Beautiful Mariah

  • Tiago made a new design for the Portugese FanClub site. Check it out here.
  • updated byLiron October 6th, 2002 6:35PM
    Damizza Emails MC Fan
    Tom claims Damizza (the producer who worked with Mariah on her recent album) emailed him and this is what he had said:

    "Did one song..called Irresitable...absolutely amazing...rumor has it ..that mariah and I are also writing the theme song to Pamela Anderson's new tv show..and also isabel who was in glitter is recording an album..and ive been working on that as well..which is the first act on mc's new label..MonarC...

    Mariah Holland

    Mariah Gains More Airplay
    Nacho has the latest details about the airplay to "Through The Rain" and here they are:

    Mariah has 318 spins on AC/Mainstream radios,
    + POP - 350 spins ( +100 from oct 4),
    POP RHYTMIC 180 spins
    TOTAL: 936 spins

    WiseGirls DVD
    There is a promotional/screening copy DVD of WiseGirls being auctioned on eBay with a cover we've never seen before. Go to Gallery 6 to view it.

    eBay.com, MariahMania

    Mark from mariahscandy.tk got a response from Lionsgate saying the DVD will NOT be released in the year of 2002.

    Andre Harris & Vidal Davis To Produce For Mariah
    UMPG has signed R&B and Hip-Hop producer/ songwriter team Andre Harris and Vidal Davis (a.k.a. Dre & Vidal) to an exclusive, worldwide publishing deal. The two enjoyed recent success as co-writers/co-producers on Michael Jackson's Top 10 single, "Butterflies," and for the chart topping single, "Don't You Forget It," by Glen Lewis. They have written songs on major releases by Jill Scott, Musiq, Will Smith, Ronald Isley, Dave Hollister, George Benson, Bilal, Faith Evans, and City High, among others. Upcoming projects for the duo include co-writing and producing singles for Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Macy Gray, Deborah Cox, Joe, Carl Thomas, Justin Timberlake from NSYNC, Nick Lackey from 98 Degrees, and Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish.

    RyeSher (FOMM), Universal Music Publishing Group

    Glitter On New Zeland TV
    Amelia has great info for Mariah fans in New Zealand with SKY TV, Glitter will air on SKY Box Office Movies through October.

    Rolling Stone On Daydream
    Emotions - Live VMA 1991 A few days ago, we reported that the Rolling Stone readers have chosen "Daydream" as one of the best 100 albums of all time:

    Mariah Carey

    "People get really bent out of shape when I refer to myself as a multiracial person." -MARIAH CAREY While recording this album, Carey was listening often to Hole's Live Through This.

    Essential track: "Fantasy" -- the remix improbably featured Ol' Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan.

    You said: "Mariah really takes her time to sing from the heart, and doesn't just flaunt her voice and its unusual range."

    Chart peak: 1

    Sales: 10 million

    Jessica, Rolling Stone.

    Congratulations Meet & Greet Winners!
    Three fans (that I know of) from Boston had won the chance to meet Mariah, this Wednesday in Boston as part of the "Meet & Greet" competition!
    If anyone else has won the chance to meet Mariah at one of these events, please let us know by email! Thanks!

    updated byLiron October 5th, 2002 10:10AM
    TTR Billboard Review
    Through the Rain
    Producer(s): Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Mariah Carey, James Wright
    Writer(s): M. Carey, L. Cole
    Publisher(s): Sony/ATV/Rye, BMI
    Genre: POP
    Label/Catalog Number: Monarc/Island 15660 (CD promo)
    Source: Billboard Magazine
    Originally Reviewed: October 12, 2002

    Mariah Carey has endured a lifetime of woes in the past couple years, from the embarrassing (albeit lucrative) buyout of her Virgin contract to a high-profile spate of personal emotional turmoil that landed her in a hospital-and all over the tabloids. The autobiographical "Through the Rain," a song that sings the praises of inner strength (from the "Hero" songbook), is certainly an important release for the singer/songwriter, marking her bow for Island Def Jam. It also reveals the all-important decision to return, at least for this single, to a more musical mind-set after an increasingly frequent bent toward letting rappers dominate what became a series of irritating, disjointed jams. But while "Rain" is pretty melodically, it is mighty restrained in both production and performance, bordering on tepid, with only a keyboard and Carey singing in a girly whisper through all but its final peak moments. It's hard to figure out exactly what purpose super-producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis serve. With so much riding on the success of this record, it's more a sedated Version 2 of past accomplishments than a new high. For an artist of Carey's stature, we hoped for better.-CT

    Madame Butterfly, Billboard

    Vote For Mariah On People.com
    A Poll on People.com asks:
    Troubled divas Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are both making comeback attempts with new albums this fall. Who has the best shot at returning to her former glory?

    Vote for Mariah HERE.

    New Album To Have 12 Tracks?
    Love Love Jack reports that Universal Japan had a listening preview for the album on October 3rd and apparently it would have 12 songs on it. This isn't confirmed yet, of course.

    Magazine Scans
    Rebekah sent me a scan from the October 14th issue of the Australian "Who (weekly)" magazine,
    MCFan4ea sent in some scans of old articles about Mariah,
    Moni found two more pictures of Jamie Lynn Sigler on the set of TTR (from Corbis.com). All added to Gallery 6.

    Rebecca & Dan sent in lovely wallpapers with the pictures from the TTR Video set - check them out in the Wallpapers section.

    Pre-Order Australian TTR CD
    Neil (MariahDownUnder.com) told me that you can pre-order the Australian single for "Through The Rain" on HMV Australia online for $3 USD.
    Click here to order the single.

    Another Way To Win Boston's "Meet & Greet"
    All this weekend listen for Mariah's new song "Through The Rain" on werz 107.1 in the NH seacoast. When you hear it, be caller 10, and you will win her new and still untitled album! You will also be qualified to join a select few industry big wigs for her private studio session in Boston. Jeff and Sarah will draw one lucky winner Monday morning at 7:20. You'll be taken to Boston by limo for the exclusive listening party on Wednesday, October 9th. Good luck! (Thanks Gretchen)

    updated byLiron October 4th, 2002 8:25PM
    Official Site Update
    October 04, 2002
    Mariah Carey shot a video this week in New York City with director Dave Meyers. The video is for her new single, "Through The Rain" from her yet to be titled new album due out December 10th. The video features appearances by Jamie Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos) and JD White (The Wire).


    The new pictures on the official page plus a few other good quality ones from Stars2Ya.com have been added to Gallery 6.

    Entertainment Weekly EW Review
    DRUnatic found the following quote from EW's review of "Through The Rain":

    Entertainment Weekly's Jon Caramanica just reviewed MC's Through The Rain & gave it a 'B'.
    He states: "Wisely, Carey forgoes her hip-hop dalliances on her post-Glitter comeback single. A competent ballad in the 'Hero' tradition, 'Rain' feels tame, as if she's overcompensating for recent insanities, personal and musical. Demure isn't a word we use often to describe Carey, but for once, a little less dignity is called for. B"

    updated byLiron October 4th, 2002 4:45PM
    Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam About MC
    MARIAH "THROUGH THE RAIN" ! - 10/1/02

    Flyte Tyme, MariahJapan (FOMM)

    Hex Hector Answers Fan Questions
    Hex Hector as you know will be making dance remixes for "Through The Rain". On his official site, a fan asked him a few questions about Mariah and he replied:

    Q1. Is it a classic club mix? Did you like the final cut?
    Q2. Did Mariah re-sing like she usually does, for the remix?
    Q3. Did you enjoy working with her?

    A1. I don't catergorize my mixes. I really don't know how to describe what I've done with this particular song or any mix for that matter. I try not to generalize my music by putting it into categories.
    A2. Mariah did not re-sing. She didn't have to. Her performance was flawless.
    A3. Since I did not get to re-record with Mariah I guess I cannot say how it was to work with her. It was great working on this mix regardless.

    Hex Hector's Official Site, Moni.

    updated byLiron October 3rd, 2002 5:00PM
    Mariah Carey Gets Back on Track
    NEW YORK (AP) - A year ago, Mariah Carey's career had pretty much derailed, with disappointing results for her latest movie and album and a stint in the hospital for an emotional and physical breakdown.

    But she said her life is back on track now and that she is starting fresh.

    While her work ethic is still strong, she said, she's taking better care of herself.

    "If you put the whole celebrity and music business and whatever other projects you are involved in first before the human being, that's when anybody will crash physically, your body cannot go on one hour of sleep for two months," she said. "It doesn't work. And no matter how tough you think you are at a certain point, you just have to stop."

    In addition to a new record deal, she has a new album due out in December.

    She said her new album isn't exactly autobiographical but that her emotional breakdown last year makes the words in her new project feel a little closer to home for her.

    She describes the single "Through The Rain" as "a hopeful message about people going through tough times and having faith and believing that they can get through them."

    "With this particular song, it kind of has a certain realness to it that is a little deeper than maybe in the past," she said.

    The album is due out in December: the tenth, to be exact. There's no title for it yet.

    Associated Press

    Latest Radio Stats For TTR
    616 combined spins

    AC charts: total 117 new spins, played on 77 stations
    Most Played at: KVIL-FM Dallas - 14 spins a week

    POP radios: total 150 spins
    Most Played at: WHYI-FM - 28 spins a week

    CHR/Rhythmic charts: total 219 spins
    Most Played at: KDDB-FM Honolulu played her 42 times to date
    Most Played at: WJNH-FM Baton Rouge 60 spins this week (#8 on their play list)

    URBAN/URBAN AC charts:total 130 spins

    Nacho, MediaBase, Mariah Buzz

    updated byLiron October 3rd, 2002 4:20PM
    TTR Debuts On Billboard This Week
    For the week ending October 12th, 2002, TTR has debuted on:
    Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles:
    #24 - Through The Rain, Mariah Carey (MonarC/Island | IDJMG)

    Billboard, Rhomeyn and Madame Butterfly.

    Becoming: Mariah On MTVE
    Roi told me that MTV Europe will finally air Mariah's episode on "Becoming" , this Monday (October 7th) at 4:30 PM CET.

    Michael Jackson's 9/11 Single Hits Radio One Year Late
    A year after Michael Jackson gathered Britney Spears, 'NSYNC, Destiny's Child and dozens of other superstars to record "What More Can I Give," the September 11 benefit single is finally being heard. New York radio station WKTU-FM debuted the song on Friday at 6 p.m. and has been playing it about six times a day since, albeit without permission.

    Program Director Frankie Blue, a longtime friend of Jackson's, won't say how he got the song, but he insists the King of Pop had nothing to do with it. Marc Schaffel, the executive producer of the single, said at least 200 copies were sent to artists who participated and their representatives and that the song has since surfaced on the Internet.

    "It's a loose train; there's no stopping it," Schaffel said. "But I would hate to see it out there and not do its intended purpose, which was to raise money for the victims of September 11th and children's charities."

    WKTU-FM and sister station WJTM-FM were the first to play Jackson's "You Rock My World" last summer, but they were asked by the singer's record label to stop playing it soon after (see "Michael Jackson Rocks Fans' Worlds (A Little Early)").

    As of Wednesday afternoon, nobody associated with the song — not Music Fighters (a Tokyo company claiming ownership), Sony Music, Schaffel nor Jackson — had contacted Blue. "I don't know if anyone even knows who owns it," he said.

    Read Full Article Here.

    MTV, Avichai.

    updated byLiron October 3rd, 2002 10:00AM
    October Weekly Updates
    Due to all the massive news and lack of time recently, we kind of neglected the weekly updates. We apologize and promise to do our best to keep them going regularly.

    Sound Of The Week
    Emotions - Live VMA 1991 "Emotions" performed live on MTV Video Music Awards 1991, was Mariah's first and only (to date) performance on the American MTV VMAs.
    Mariah gave a fantastic performance with the help of four background singers including Trey Lorenz and David Cole (her late co-producer and remixer from C&C).
    Some people believe that one of the high notes at the end (supposedly G7) is the highest Mariah ever reached!
    The crowd loved Mariah and at some point, a kid dancer (who also appeared in the "Someday" video) joined her on stage.

    Download Emotions - Live at MTV VMA 1991

    Poll, Quote, Pic Of The Week
    There is a new poll of the week (Thanks Roi), so check it out! Here are the previous poll results...
    What type of album would you like Mariah's new record to be?
    1.) R&B (852) 21%
    2.) Vintage Mariah (1193) 30%
    3.) Pop (293) 7%
    4.) Mixture of Styles (1684) 42%
    Total Votes: 4022

    The new quote was sent by Carly, from the Spanish "Vogue", Fan Foto by Antonio, and Eran sent in the picture of the week. Enjoy!

    Mama Meadow
    EW Mariah Carey enlists Jamie-Lynn Sigler for video. In ''Through the Rain,'' which recounts Carey's parents' courtship, the ''Sopranos'' star plays her mother
    by Gary Susman

    Mariah Carey is tapping into her own tumultuous history for her ''Through the Rain'' video. No, not her breakdown last year, though she told MTV News that listeners will probably hear the ballad's motivational lyrics as a response to that. Rather, the video, which she shot earlier this week in New York City, tells the story of her parents' then-controversial interracial courtship. And playing her mother is another music-minded performer, ''Sopranos'' actress/singer Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

    ''It's sort of Romeo and Juliet but it's set in the '60s and they're kind of torn apart,'' Carey said of the video's storyline. ''It's about their struggle and I'm sort of the narrator. I don't want to give too much away about it, but it's nice. Something I could relate to, being the product of an interracial union, though [my parents] did not wind up happily ever after standing in church together.''

    Sigler said she was surprised to be cast in the Dave Meyers-directed clip. ''We just got a call a few days ago and they said, 'You know Mariah would like you to play her mom in her video,''' said Sigler, who starts a Broadway run this week as the star of ''Beauty and the Beast.'' ''I was like, 'What? Okay!' Not a phone call you expect to get. It's a bit surreal as I grew up being a big fan of Mariah, and to be playing her mother... it's a very exciting week for me. It's fun for me -- I get to be in '60s garb and have old-school hair. I look a little like my mother -- a little too much.'' Of her character, she said, ''She's basically going against her parent's wishes to be with this gentleman. She's pregnant with a baby, which is Mariah, and they run away together. So it's kind of an epic love story, it's nice.''

    Carey's father died this summer, capping an emotional year for the singer. There was her breakdown last summer, the twin flops of her movie ''Glitter'' and its soundtrack, and getting dropped by Virgin Records after releasing just one record for the label -- although she did score a $28 million severance package. Carey told MTV she knew people would read her own dramas into the rise-above-your-troubles lyrics of ''Through the Rain.'' ''People are going to read into it as, 'This is Mariah and her struggle,''' she said. ''The stuff they talked about in tabloids and the things that were so overly exaggerated, that's one aspect. I also went through a lot of personal stuff, a lot of family stuff this year. Losing a parent is an intense thing for anybody. It's brought me to another place.''

    She insisted, however, that she's fine now, and that her breakdown was nothing more than exhaustion from overwork. ''I did actually have time to take a break, which is really what I needed.'' she said. ''[I needed] downtime, just to sleep. And actually the writing process and working on this album has been something to immerse myself in, because I realized how that has always been my saving grace.''

    The yet-untitled new album, on Carey's new MonarC imprint with the Island/Def Jam label, is due in stores on Dec. 10. Her movie with Mira Sorvino, ''Wisegirls,'' enjoyed good buzz at Sundance earlier this year but failed to find a distributor and is going straight to cable. It debuts on Cinemax Oct. 19.

    Entertainment Weekly, MariahStyle

    Mariah Wants A Buyer For Her Downtown Pad
    October 3, 2002 -- IS Mariah Carey selling her pricey downtown condo? Real estate sources say the songbird is preparing to unload her triplex penthouse perch at TriBeCa's Franklin Tower. The singer paid more than $9 million for the four-bedroom, 4.5-bath penthouse in the 17-story building, built in 1931 as the Corn Exchange Bank and redeveloped into condos two years ago.

    She took the top three floors in 1999 after a lengthy search for housing, which included a well-documented co-op board rejection by for Barbra Streisand's penthouse on the Upper West Side.

    Carey then hired interior designer Mario Buatta to wrap the triplex in chintz. (Her bedroom is "tastefully"done in lavender, pink and apricot.)

    While Carey's people deny she's pulling up her stakes, she's invited a few brokers to take a look around.

    "Several brokers have been in to take a look," says one insider. "She's asked them what they thought her place is worth."

    Maybe she's just curious. Just below Mariah's apartment is a much smaller, 5,000-square-foot condo going for $5.25 million.

    The building was one of the first to offer uptown amenities below Houston Street, including a doorman, a full-time concierge and porters.

    Weeks after being rejected by Streisand's co-op board in 1999 - after having waited six months in limbo to learn her fate - Carey decided to go the condo route by pairing two Franklin Tower apartments for a total of $9 million.

    The colorful showplace, which features a 38-foot-long bathroom and a media room with overstuffed couches, has extraordinary views of the Hudson, Midtown and, unfortunately, Ground Zero.

    Carey's neighbors include freckle-faced mannequin Maggie Rizer, who bought her 1,895-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment in 2000 for $1.6 million. W fashion editor Lauren duPont bought a similar-size place for $1.3 million.

    Before settling on her downtown digs, Carey went shopping on the Upper East Side. After giving a pass to a townhouse on East 80th Street, she looked at a condo redevelopment project in another East 60s townhouse - which her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, eventually snapped up; it's now selling for $45 million.

    NYPost, MariahDownunder.com

    New Video Shoot Pictures
    Check out three more pictures from the video shoot of "Through The Rain" on Gallery 6 thanks to Team Mariah.

    updated byLiron October 2nd, 2002 8:30PM
    Join Online Street Team
    This is yet another reminder to join the official Mariah street team to help promote Mariah in any possible way!
    The fans who have already joined are hopefully already beginning to promote Mariah all over the net! :)
    Click Here to sign up for the team if you haven't already!

    Here again is a link to the contest we told you about yesterday, make sure to submit your entry if you want a chance to win Mariah's outfit from "Through The Rain" video:
    Enter The Contest

    Mariah Back With A New Philosophy
    Four months after being dropped by EMI/Virgin records, Mariah Carey has started promoting her new material.

    She's now formed her own label under the Island/Def Jam banner.

    Her single 'Through the Rain' - another epic ballad - is due in November.

    Mariah really went through it after failure of 'Glitter', suffering a physical and mental breakdown, but she says she's back and has learnt to put herself first:

    "If you put the whole celebrity and music business and whatever other projects you are involved in first, before the human being, that's when anybody will crash physically."

    "Your body literally cannot go on one hour of sleep for two months. It doesn't work. No matter how tough you think you are - at a certain point, you just have to stop."


    Jamie Lynn Sigler About MC
    From Jamie-Lynn's Diary at her official site:

    September 30, 2002
    Okay, so big, big news! Yes, I do open in a Broadway show tomorrow and I cannot wait at all... but also, this week I am filming the lead character in Mariah Carey's new video! I filmed a little this morning, and now I am going back to meet her. This is way too surreal. And the best part is that I get to wear 60's clothes! Have a great one, and I will keep a diary of everything for you guys. TTYL.

    JamieLynnSigler.com, MariahC.nu

    Vote For Mariah
    Pryme (MariahMaddness) sent us a few links where you can vote for MC:

  • Vote here on the female celebrity voting booth.

  • Vote here on The100SexiestWomen.com Poll.

  • Vote here on your favorite pop Diva.

    Courtney told me that she watched Much More Music and Mariah won the "favorite diva" poll, beating Madonna Celine Dion, Shakira & Cher.

    TTR Wallpapers / Pics
    Gromitt, Shahiran and Tom made lovely wallpapers for "Through The Rain". Check them out in the Wallpapers section.

    In addition, even more pictures from the TTR Video shooting have been added to Gallery 5 which has over 100 pictures from there now (Thanks Naomi & Jen).

  • updated byLiron October 2nd, 2002 4:08PM
    Extra TV segment from last night
    Sorry for not posting this earlier last night, but i was just busy with things and it works out to post it now with the other posts to come. :)

    Extra TV clip: Mirror 1

    TV segment from German TV
    This video file is all in German so many of you may not be able to understand it, including myself, but it had more footage of Mariah at the TTR shoot so i figured why not post just for the visuals.

    German TV clip: Mirror 1

    JBK German Interview!!!!!
    Here is our big update of the century! Since MariahMM is still down for the time being with unfortuantely no idea of when its return will come (we hope this month) I've decided to post this very exclusive video from Mariahdaily only. It is the ENTIRE 40 minute interview of Mariah on the JBK show in Germany last week. This is amazing quality so it is approx. 404 megs. We suggest using a download manager program if you're on dialup such as Getright or Go!Zilla which you can download from www.download.com. A very special thanks to day for capping this wonderful interview for us all!

    JBK German Interview: Mirror 1

    updated byLiron October 2nd, 2002 3:15PM
    "Daydream" Among Rolling Stone's 100 Best Albums Ever
    Jason has the latest Rolling Stone issue where the readers voted on the top 100 albums of all time.
    Only 3 female artists made it to the list: Madonna, Alanis Morissette and MARIAH!
    Mariah's Daydream album made it to #69 on the list.

    Extra Footage of TTR Filming On RTL
    The show "Explosiv" on the German channel RTL showed nice footage of Mariah filming "Through The Rain".
    I took some captures of Mariah walking with Cindy Berger, hugging a little girl at the church and smelling the flowers!

    DRUnatic is another lucky fan who got to see Mariah in Germany last week. The captures and his pictures are up in Gallery 6.

    updated byLiron October 2nd, 2002 12:55PM
    TTR - 5th Most Added In Top 40 Stations
    In addition to being added on A/C radio stations, TheEdge (FOMM) reports that 33 top40 mainstream radio stations added "Through The Rain" to their playlists.
    In order to keep the song on the playlists and have it played more and gain more spins, you have to keep requesting!

    On Hitmakers.com, "Through The Rain" jumped from #5 to #3 this week on the most 'disc-overed' new top40 records in America.


    MARIAH CAREY "Through The Rain" (MONARC/IDJMG)
    JEFF 'Hitman' DeWITT, MD, KBFM, McAllen-Brownsville
    "A very active female record!"

    ROB MORRIS, PD, KDWB, Minneapolis
    "I guess time will tell with this."

    MOE ROCK, MD, KGOT, Anchorage
    "It's a bit breathy... but pretty and uplifting."

    ROB RYAN, MD, KKRZ, Portland
    "It's great to hear from her again!"

    "I'm adding it this week!"

    RON ROBERTS, PD, KQID, Alexandria
    "I'm playin' it today!"

    "This is a good song."

    "Our core is calling for it and we're playin' it!"

    "She's gotten back to her roots, and this is exactly what she needed to do."

    ROB WEAVER, PD, WKPK, Northwest MI
    "This is a pretty ballad."

    RICK VAUGHN, PD, WKSS, Hartford
    "A strong ballad!"

    "It's the old Mariah, which is a good thing!"

    DAVE EUBANKS, PD, WNHT, Ft. Wayne "Looking good, sounding sweet, she's back to her roots!"

    "She's getting back to her roots and it sounds good."

    "Strong ballad. This could be the one to bring her back to the fold!"

    SKY WALKER, APD, WSPK, Poughkeepsie
    "A great midday record!"

    K.J. BRYANT, PD/MD, WWYL, Binghamton
    "Classic Mariah! This should really hit home with 25-54 women!"

    MICHAEL YO, MD, Y100, Miami
    "Great phones!"

    Album Title - Mariah Still Hasn't Decided
    JD wrote that on MTV News they said that Mariah was trying to decide between two album titles, but she wouldn't disclose either of them.

    Last Night On Extra & Access Hollywood
    Extra Extra:
    Mariah Carey
    It's a sight millions of Mariah Carey fans thought they might never see again, but it’s no mirage. The superstar singer-songwriter is smiling brightly these days, carefree, confident, and on the verge of a remarkable comeback. Mariah says, "That's the way I am. I always try to take a negative and turn it into a positive."

    "Extra" caught up with the stunningly curvaceous pop queen in New York where she is shooting a video for the first single from her upcoming album. The song, already a popular radio request, is appropriately titled, "Through The Rain." She says, "I made it through the rain. That's the concept of the song."

    The rain Mariah is referring to could be any of the personal problems that poured down on the songbird over the last 18 months. The seemingly endless storm sent Mariah into seclusion. Then, finding inspiration in the solitude, the songs started coming. She says, "The process of writing and singing is a healing process for me."

    Mariah spent several months writing and recording on the island of Capri in Italy, occasionally flying back to New York to visit her ailing father. Then, even more rain. She says, "That was a difficult time. He actually passed away this July fourth. So a lot has gone on, a lot has transpired while I was making the album and before I started making the album. You hear it on the record."

    Mariah is enjoying sunny days again. And at the church where she shot the final scene for her new video, Mariah has no fear of failure or criticism. Only faith in her fans and faith in the strength she found within herself to carry on. She says, "There's no reason to sit around and stress about it. What's this one going to say, what's that one going to say? Nobody can really upset me that badly by saying something anymore. I just know I have to please myself and my fans."

    Access Hollywood Access Hollywood:
    On the Set: Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey has returned, and she's back doing what she does best. Her newest single is getting a lot of radio play, and with good reason, after a very tumultuous year clouded in controversy.

    You would never know it from watching Mariah shoot her new video in a New York church, but the pressure is on as she returns with her first new single in over a year. It's a ballad called -- not coincidentally -- "Through the Rain."

    Last year, Mariah survived a very public meltdown, followed by a commercially disappointing film and CD, then a split from Virgin Records, which paid her millions to walk away after just one album.

    Now Mariah's under contract with a new label, Island Def Jam, and the 32-year-old superstar is trying to put the past behind her. She recorded her new album in a studio in Capri. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush sat down with Mariah on the set of her new video...

    Billy Bush: Why are you shooting the video in the church?
    Mariah Carey: We're in the church because everyone thought that the last part of the song was very inspirational and that I should wind up here. And it's kind of part of a narrative. I don't want to give too much away about the video, but the couple that we follow are kind of Romeo and Juliet heroes who wind up here at the end.

    Billy: Is that Hollywood rain or real rain?
    Mariah: It's Hollywood rain, but in New York when you transport it -- it loses something and it's just a little more raw.

    Billy: I see Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the lovely Meadow Soprano, lingering around the church. Why is she here?
    Mariah: She's here because she's playing the young version of the mom who winds up in the church at the end.

    Billy: So it's been awhile since your last release. How much pressure are you feeling? Are you feeling nervous, excited?
    Mariah: You know what, I'm excited about the music. If I were to be nervous then I wouldn't put a record out. I am making music for myself and my true fans. It's also a healing process for me. I just got back from Capri where I spent the past couple of months. I had to come back and forth for a bit for some family stuff. It was just really relaxing. I just totally immersed myself in the writing process -- because I write all my songs -- and producing. I basically live in the studio upstairs in this little apartment in Capri. And what it did was it was really just a chance to be reflective and just focus on the music and realize like, 'Hello, it's not that deep to get so stressed out over. It's only the music business. It's only TV-land.' The things that really matter like human beings and people and family and friends -- real friends -- are the things that are important. It's great to have success, but I could retire tomorrow and already achieved far more than my goals ever were.

    Billy: Can you believe you've been doing this since you were 19 years old?
    Mariah: Yeah. I know. Well, it's only been a year. (laughs) Well, like you said earlier I started so young. I started as a demo singer at 14. I grew up without money. I grew up having this intense determination and drive to make it, to kind of overcome the obstacles I was presented with, you know? Being interracial, being poor, feeling different, feeling inadequate. Then when everything happened for me and I became famous or whatever you want to call it -- I started working really hard, nonstop, an album a year plus promotion. It's very draining, and people don't realize it because they see you on TV and you're like, 'Yeah! Here's my new record. This is this!' you know? But that requires a lot, to do that 20 times in a row in every country in the world, if you chose to go all over the world.

    Billy: And you have a problem saying no.
    Mariah: Exactly!

    Billy: I am also one of those people, too.
    Mariah: Were you in the caretakers club too? (laughs)

    Billy: Yes!
    Mariah: The problem is the caretakers sometimes don't get taken care of. You neglect yourself and what I realized is it's not a bad thing to say no sometimes, put yourself first. And I just sort of realized that's what I had to do.

    Billy: Tell me about the album, the first single. Musically, is this album different from what you have done before?
    Mariah: The single is called "Through the Rain." It's kind of not dissimilar from songs like "Hero" or "Vision of Love." It's a ballad. And I had a lot of up-tempo records where I was like, 'I love this! It's gotta come out!' But when people heard the song, they were like this really has to be your first single. And I know people are going to associate it with, 'Oh that's about her and her life and stuff.' And of course everything you write comes from within you somewhere. But I always feel that it's important to inspire other people who may be going through something -- whether it's losing a loved one or going through whatever. I just try to instill in people the fact -- which is what I believe -- that if you firmly believe and you have enough faith you can get through anything.

    Billy: The ballad has been just a huge winner for you, right? I mean, it's the bread money, isn't it?
    Mariah: It is but I've had really big up-tempo records, too. It depends on what you choose to focus on. I'll always sing ballads, but I'm not going to stop singing up-tempos because the world is like, 'Oh, we just want her to sing ballads.' That's not true. Most 12-year-old girls in the street come up to me and want to talk to me about "Heartbreaker." There are some songs in there that are just undeniable club records, too. I'm not a one-dimensional artist. I'm not a one-dimensional person. If someone said to me, 'Can you write a jingle for milk?' Yes! I can do that! I'm a multi-racial person. I grew up with different influences in my life. So I don't like to be pigeonholed and put into one thing.

    Billy: Let me ask you a corny question. Do you sing in the shower or is that downtime for you?
    Mariah: Well, I don't consider singing work.

    Billy: We all sing in the shower, do you?
    Mariah: Yeah, I do, but I like to take baths. (laughs)

    Jay Leno Thinks MC's Mad At Him
    Zach Braff from NBC's Scrubs was a guest on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" last night.
    He had talked to Leno about being an assistant in music videos production prior to being an actor and about some artists' demands. An incident with an artist demanding Evian water made Jay think it was Mariah but Zack said it wasn't her and that she is actually very nice!
    That led on to a conversation about Mariah and "Glitter" - both Zack and Damon Wayans commented nicely about Mariah and then Jay said he thinks Mariah's mad at him but didn't say why (Thanks EJ & Lani).

    Stevie Wonder Tribute
    mczLoverboy (FOMM) found out some details about the event that was talked about on R&R. We'll try to find more info about that soon:
    "BET is having its annual Walk of Fame event, which is featuring Stevie Wonder, and is being taped October 19th. It will air the 29th."

    Request TTR In Australia
    Neil from MariahDownunder.com would like to urge everyone to help request in Australia. They need some help, however Universal Music Australia have warned us, and the rest of the world, that all requesting must be done in moderation. If you send multiple requests they ban the song altogether.
    Click here to go to the Australian request page.

    More Pictures / TTR Vinyl
    Jamie Lynn Sigler from "The Sopranos" is playing Mariah's mother in the "Through The Rain" video, as you know. Thanks to Stars2Ya.com and Nadav, I've added 3 shots of her from the set of TTR to Gallery 6.
    Also added to Gallery 6 are ads for "Through The Rain" that were sent by Bobby.

    Bobby also told me that you can find the TTR 7" Vinyl in Fast Hits.

    Last but not least, Peter who took the pictures of Mariah in Germany that we have in Gallery 6 offers to trade them with other fans. You can write to him here.

    updated byLiron October 1st, 2002 5:40PM
    TTR - Most Added In A/C Radio Stations
    Emerging From The Storm
    With 34 adds, Mariah Carey gains the Most Added spot at AC with her latest, "Through The Rain." The Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis-produced ballad, which attains New & Active status, is the first track from Carey's MonarC/IDJMG debut album, due this December. Upcoming appearances for Carey include A Tribute to Stevie Wonder (10/19), the Seventeen Magazine Showcase in N.Y. (10/25), the MTV Europe Awards (11/14) and Oprah (11/20).

    R&R (Thanks MusicIsMyDrug21)

    TTR 7" Vinyl
    Xtreme Iceman (FOMM) found the 7" Vinyl and scanned it - you can see it in Gallery 6, please let us know if you found it for sale as well!

    updated byDis October 1st, 2002 5:00PM
    TRL Through The Rain Behind the Scenes + Interview
    Here from TRL is a portion of the interview posted before by Liron plus it has a few scenes from the actual video making process. As always enjoy a video from Dis and Mariahdaily. :)

    Click the link to download: Mirror 1

    updated byLiron October 1st, 2002 3:50PM
    MTV Interviews Mariah / New Song Title
    TTR Vid Mariah Carey Insists She Just Needed Sleep, Taps Family History For Clip Concept
    NEW YORK — "I've been here for years, I don't know," Mariah Carey said Monday on the set of her video "Through the Rain" when asked about her much-talked-about comeback.

    Obviously with more platinum on her walls than Baby from Cash Money has in his mouth, 15 singles that have reached #1 on the Billboard chart and two Grammy Awards, MC is not stressing about proving a point to anybody.

    But as her commanding vocals blasted out the playback machine during the church scene, the finale of her two-day video shoot, it was also clear that Mariah was in fact coming back to her roots. "Through the Rain," which is the first single off of her still-untitled December 10 release, is a departure from the dancy, hip-hop-influenced initial offerings she hit us with from the last few LPs she dropped. In fact, "Through the Rain" takes us back to her self-titled debut, when she used the big ballad "Vision of Love" to create a buzz.

    " 'Through the Rain' was the first song I wrote for this album and I really didn't write it for the album, I wrote it for myself," she said of the single's origins. "I've always tried to insert positivity into my songs wherever I can, to inspire other people who go through stuff. I mean the stuff they talked about in tabloids and the things that were so overly exaggerated, that's one aspect. I also went through a lot of personal stuff, a lot of family stuff this year. Losing a parent is an intense thing for anybody. It's brought me to another place.

    "People are going to read into it as, 'This is Mariah and her struggle,' " added Carey, who insisted there will be fun tracks on her album as well. "But the way I try to word it is, 'It's OK once you say I can make it through the rain.' Not just me going, 'I can make it through the rain,' it's me telling people that if you believe you can get through whatever you're going through, you can get to the other side."

    Rest and, ironically, returning to work were the main things Mariah needed to help her catch a second wind and get through her troubles (see "Mariah Carey And Virgin Part Ways").

    "You know what," she asked rhetorically, sitting in full makeup and a long flowing dress, "I did actually have time to take a break, which is really what I needed. [I needed] downtime, just to sleep. And actually the writing process and working on this album has been something to immerse myself in, because I realized how that has always been my saving grace. There's a song on the album called 'My Saving Grace.' But it actually is [my saving grace], just to go into that process and really live the process of writing, recording, the whole thing, up to the main inception to the mastering of the record."

    The Dave Meyers-directed clip for "Through the Rain" is based on the singer's own life story.

    "Originally it wasn't going to have anything to do with that, but people were looking through my photo albums this year," she explained. "My father and I had made some photo albums together of his relatives and different people in the family. A couple people saw [the albums] and they were like, 'This is amazing that you have this.' I guess everybody was like, 'How would you feel about this type of concept [for a video]?' So I guess I thought if someone's going to do it might as well be me.

    "The story line [of the video] is about an interracial couple," she continued. "It's sort of Romeo and Juliet but it's set in the '60s and they're kind of torn apart. It's about their struggle and I'm sort of the narrator. I don't want to give too much away about it, but it's nice. Something I could relate to, being the product of an interracial union, though [my parents] did not wind up happily ever after standing in church together."

    Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who plays Meadow Soprano on "The Sopranos," gives Mariah a helping hand in the video.

    "We just got a call a few days ago and they said, 'You know Mariah would like you to play her mom in her video,' " Sigler explained. "I was like, 'What? Okay!' Not a phone call you expect to get. It's a bit surreal as I grew up being a big fan of Mariah, and to be playing her mother ... it's a very exciting week for me. It's fun for me — I get to be in '60s garb and have old-school hair. I look a little like my mother — a little too much.

    "With my character, she's basically going against her parent's wishes to be with this gentleman," she continued. "She's pregnant with a baby, which is Mariah, and they run away together. So it's kind of an epic love story, it's nice." All except the rain, Mariah noted with a laugh.

    "We're on day two of the shoot," she said. "Yesterday was me walking randomly through the streets singing. But then there was, of course naturally, the rain shower, which they told me, 'Oh, you're not going to get that wet.' I got completely soaking wet in this rain, but it looked really cool because it looked like the hugest rain storm New York has seen, ever. And it felt like it too. But it was good."

    Carey's new album will be released on her imprint MonarC, which is distributed by Island/Def Jam (see "Mariah Returning With First Def Jam Release In December"). She has recorded 20 songs for the LP with producers such as Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and 7 Aurelius (see "Mariah Carey Records In Bahamas With Live Band, Strips Down With 7").

    — Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by John Norris

    MTV.com (thanks Ricardo)

    updated byLiron October 1st, 2002 2:50PM
    TTR Video - Pictures & Info
    TTR Vid More pictures from the video shooting to "Through The Rain" have been added to Gallery 5,
    Including 3 pictures of Mariah in the rain thanks to Corbis and sexyloverboy (FOMM), and the picture to your right from the UK tabloid "The Sun" with the following caption:

    Mariah's a raining queen
    STUNNING Mariah Carey struggles to keep her head above water as she shoots the video for her new single Through the Rain.

    And the pop beauty, 32, knows it’s sink or swim time for her career, too. Her lastest album, Glitter, flopped — leading Virgin bosses to dump her with a £38million pay-off.

    Mariah, who signed a £14million deal with the Def Jam label, is due release a new album in December. The last thing she needs is a damp squib.

    The scan of today's issue of "The Sun" magazine was sent in by Susi so was the scan from "Daily Star". Both scans available on Gallery 5.

    twinpeaks9 (FOMM) writes some more information about the video:
    Today on Z100 on the high noon countdown before they announced the song at #4, a caller said that he met Mariah last night because she was filming part of the video in a church near the George Washington Bridge in NYC. He said Mariah was extremely friendly and came out to meet and greet with some onlookers.

    Note: I'd like to give credits for yesterday's pictures to Wireimages, Gettyimages and Stars2Ya for the high quality pictures.

    Pictures From Germany
    Susi sent me lots of pictures she took when Mariah came to Germany last week and also scans from German magazines about Mariah's visit.
    I moved all the Germany pictures plus the new ones to Gallery 6.

    New IDJ Competition - Win Mariah's TTR Outfit
    Pryme from MariahMaddness told me about a new competition from Island Def Jam to win the outfit Mariah wore for the new video. Ten runners up will win an autographed copy of "Through The Rain" single.
    Click here to enter the contest (US citizens only).

    TV Reminders - TTR Video Coverage
    Don't forget to watch "EXTRA", "Access Hollywood" and "Total Request Live" for coverage and footage of behind the scenes from the filming of "Through The Rain".

    Mariah On MTVE Awards?
    Recent rumors and a short mention on the R&R magazine imply that Mariah might be a guest or a performer on this year's MTV Europe Music Awards. The awards will be held in Barcelona on November 14th. Stay tuned for more news on that.
    MTVE's main page links to a small section about Mariah that includes information about her and "Through The Rain".

    Also, on Hitmakers.com, Mariah was chosen as the "Artist of The Week" and has a big picture of her with promotional information on their main page.

    "mariahdaily.com" is an unofficial Mariah Carey website. All material and pictures © this website unless otherwise noted. Design by jagert