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OCTOBER 31, 2003 4:09PM
Mariah the West End girl

Firmly in the category of 'different' and 'unusual', Mariah Carey has chosen to make her theatrical debut on the West End stage recreating a role made famous by Marilyn Monroe on the big screen.

Ms Carey, a singer with a tremendous voice, will star in Terence Rattigan's play, The Sleeping Prince, which as a 1957 movie vehicle for Ms Monroe and Laurence Olivier was known as The Prince And The Showgirl.

The singer, who has had a tempestuous private life, will begin rehearsals in January and take the stage at, possibly, the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in late February or early March.

Ms Carey's managers in New York and Los Angeles insist she is serious about wanting to act.

She was serious about acting on screen, too, and that was torture for her as much as for audiences.

However, she has been having lessons in voice projection, diction and in how to walk on and off stage with grace and elegance. The whole package.

She's desperate to be part of a theatre company and wants to be treated as a thespian, not a star.

She will leave her diva at the stage door because it is her dream - indeed, she believes, her destiny - to play the role of Elsie the showgirl on the London stage.

The play is about an American showgirl appearing in London while a European Prince is visiting the city.

Representatives of the Rattigan estate confirmed the plan to bring the play to the West End.

There's a song in it that Ms Carey, who played Wembley last night, will perform during what is hoped to be an 18-week run.

Ms Carey has long been a Monroe devotee, and four years ago paid £500,000 at an auction for Marilyn's babygrand piano.

The Sleeping Prince's producer, Bill Kenwright, was not available for comment as he was preparing to travel to New York for the opening on Sunday of his sell-out production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

Source: This Is London

Mariah scary

Seven-octaves-of-sin Mariah Carey has chosen London to host her blinged-up Halloween party, a snip at a mere quarter-of-a-million pounds. After a gruelling five months touring the world (gruelling for the world, too), Mariah has chosen to unwind with spooky festivities at The Collection. After handing out invites tastefully decorated with snaps of herself in a witch costume complete with broom, Mariah is said to have had a special 'enchantress' costume designed for the night. This will enable her to float around looking smiley and spaced with no one batting an eyelid.

Source: People News

Pop Diva Mariah Returns in Triumph

Thousands welcomed the return of Mariah Carey, once the world’s best-selling female recording star, in London tonight after a three-year wait.

The 33-year-old singer strutted her stuff on-stage in a silver-sequinned bra and miniskirt, and stretched her five-octave range to belt out hits from her album Charmbracelet, including Boy (I Need You) and the Busta Rhymes collaboration I Know What You Want, during the Charmbracelet World Tour at Wembley Arena.

Introducing her song Through The Rain, she told the audience: “Thank you. How are you feeling? I’m feeling kind of good myself. Happy to be in London, I’ll tell you that much. I want to do a song for you that I wrote about perseverance and pursuing your own way. A very personal song.”

The curvaceous star also treated fans to a selection of her 15 number one singles, including Hero, Heartbreaker and Honey.

Carey is currently attempting to re-launch her career following the break-up of her marriage to head of Sony Tommy Mottola, which ended with her going through a very public nervous breakdown.

She is the world’s best-selling recording artist of the 90s, but was ditched by her label EMI last year.

The industry giants had signed her up for a record-breaking £70m, five album deal, but they decided there was no future in the star, and paid her £20m to extricate themselves from the contract. Carey was then taken on by EMI’s parent company Universal in May last year for £14m, and Universal gave massive backing to her album Charmbracelet.

The original Pop Idol Matt Goss started things going tonight as the warm-up act to the pop diva.

The Charmbracelet World Tour has been to Glasgow’s SECC, the NEC in Birmingham, and is due at Manchester MEN Arena on November 1 for the final show in the tour’s UK leg.

Source: The Scotsman

Mariah's very strange circus

The word on the street had it that Mariah Carey was in freefall. This is a woman who was deemed surplus to our listening requirements, an over-ornamentation on the crowded bangle of popular music.

Mariah - and that will be Mariah with an "h" if you don't mind, mister - has clearly not been listening to the word on the street.

She is right up there, charging £40 a ticket for the right to see her at Wembley Arena. Outside, the touts are offering front row seats, but they also want any spare tickets. In Wembley Arena terms, this is good business.

The joint is as jumping as this joint gets. Mariah makes a pointless entrance from the rear, like a two-bit boxer. I occasionally wonder why people do this. We know where the stage is, having looked at it for some time. They know where the stage is, having rehearsed on it for some time. So why mess up the natural order of things by coming in from the back?

Which is a question that might be posed about much of what follows. On the plus side, we have a woman who does not shatter glass either with her voice or her face. The band can play the notes in the right order and with some emphasis. Some songs have been selected that should not give anyone aural nightmares.

On the minus side, we have a show that has been designed for a small theatre off-Basildon. There are people clumsily pulling big curtains shut.

Someone with a concept has been allowed to fill the stage with pointless dancers, an apologetic marionette being pulled hither and thither by coloured ribbons, and a pair of people on stilts. Surely someone should have explained to Mariah this was not Covent Garden.

I am being cruelly flippant. Mariah has history. During a heart-rending song called My Saving Grace, we were privileged to learn that Mariah had once been a child. Imagine the innocent joy of that! Is it true she was signed to the embryonic Baby Motown label?

There was also video screen news of a breakdown. This must have been serious, because the pictorial evidence revealed it to be a three-sunglasses job.

And at the end of all those life-affirming songs that Mariah does best - and if I can paraphrase here, they all boil down to getting through the torrential downpour of life without a brolly - she pulled off a version of Def Leppard's Bringin' On The Heartbreak that was better than the original. Top that, Celine Dion.

Source: This Is London

Man accused of providing Mariah Carey manager's son with drugs that led to his death

A man accused of providing the drugs that caused the fatal overdose of the son of Mariah Carey's manager has been indicted in his death.

Christopher "Kit" Ridley, 21, of Bernardsville, was charged with strict liability for a drug-induced death in the indictment handed up Thursday by a Somerset County grand jury. Prosecutors claim he supplied Conor McNally, 21, and others with morphine during an early morning party McNally hosted in the carriage house of his family's Bernardsville property on June 18.

McNally was the son of Carey manager Louise McNally and her husband, Michael.

Authorities said Conor McNally, his girlfriend, Tiffany Rossi, and four others attended the party. Rossi called 911 after she was unable to wake McNally and one of the other guests later that day, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Three other guests were briefly hospitalized.

Ridley, who could face 20 years in prison if convicted, is due to surrender Monday to Bedminster police. He was not immediately available for comment, but his attorney, Thomas Pavics, said Ridley maintains his innocence.

Source: Newsday

OCTOBER 30, 2003 4:34PM
Mariah In China

Mariah’s performance at the Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai will be far different from the other concerts given during her 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour.

The stage is said to be designed with Chinese features. It is also rumored that up to 34 songs will be performed during the 2 hour show.

Ticket prices range from $15 to $200. Initial reports suggest that Mariah won’t have much trouble selling out the 35,000 seat capacity venue. During the first day of availability, over 3,600 tickets were sold out of the box, setting a new ticket sales record. After five days of being on sale, the 8,000 available $15-priced tickets were sold out, with other tickets such as V.I.P. packages also selling respectably.

To celebrate Mariah’s concert, a fan party will be held at New World Disco in Shanghai on November 8th. More information can be found at

Mariah is scheduled to arrive in China via the Pu Dong Airport on November 9th at 1:30pm Beijing Time.

Source: Mariah China

Fans will have to wait for Mariah bio

We heard Mariah Carey's possible bio was canceled because her supposedly high-handed new manager, Benny Medina, formerly Jennifer Lopez's Svengali, supposedly outdiva'd Mariah and pulled her out of the deal.

Three words. For-get it. Morrow's book people put it differently. They're whispering she - coming from the Woody Allen school of negotiating - wanted $5 mil. When that wasn't happening, she slid to $3 mil. When that wasn't happening and the number was stabilizing at something maybe near $500,000 maybe, things got icky. Also sticky.

The more it was talked about, the less enthusiastic the publishers got. They realized she wouldn't be revealing anything revealing, they realized they needed a writer, they realized nothing they were hearing was worth that money.

So - and they and he and she will deny this - Benny Medina saved the day p.r.-wise by making it seem he was the heavy in the deal and taking the fall publicly.

Source: New York Post

Mariah Carey Extends World Tour

Mariah Carey has extended plans for her world tour, with new West Coast dates set through Dec. 22 in Costa Mesa, Calif. Beforehand, Carey will also visit Shanghai and Manila in mid-November. The artist plays London's Wembley Arena tonight (Oct. 30) and will be in Europe through Nov. 7 in Milan.

Carey's outing got off to rocky start this summer, when a planned arena tour was downgraded to theaters. But the shows have gone off without incident since then and have done solid business; 15 concerts reported to Billboard Boxscore have grossed about $4.2 million and have played to 78% capacity.

The artist has reached out to her fans, allowing them to request songs via her official Web site. Fans can now choose one song ("One Sweet Day," "Love Takes Time," "Vision of Love" or "Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)") to be added each night to the remaining shows.

Source: Billboard

Visions of Mariah

Mariah Carey is coming to Manila! But just a year before coming here, she’s been through hell and back. She survived one of the lowest points of her life and career with sheer endurance, gritty determination and a talent not even the devil can deny.

In her past interviews, Mariah openly talked about her struggles as a multi-ethnic teener who encountered racial discrimination, as an aspiring singer who rose above her poverty-stricken background.

Mariah’s Cinderella story could very well be the story of her many fans. Before hitting it big with her powerhouse voice, she worked as a waitress and admitted to being fired from "20 restaurants" because of her sassy "attitude." She also labored as a coat checker, beauty salon janitress and part-time backup singer.

It was that last gig as backup vocalist for R&B chanteuse Brenda K. Starr that changed Mariah’s destiny.

For Mariah’s mom Patricia, an opera singer and vocal coach in her younger years, there was no doubt that her daughter was bound for greatness. It was her mom who first noticed Mariah’s unique musical gifts as a child.

"From the time Mariah was a tiny girl, she sang on true pitch," mom Patricia said, beaming with pride. "She was able to hear a sound and duplicate it exactly."

Mariah’s mom nurtured and honed the child’s talent by giving her lessons at home. To further polish those precious pipes, Mariah also performed in talent shows and folk music festival. She also sang for friends and studied voice under professionals as early as her high-school days.

As they say, practice makes perfect and the same pitch-perfect diva is now drawing crowds and filling up stadiums to the rafters the world over.

After charming all of North America and Europe, this Grammy-winning diva hits Asia with her highly anticipated Charmbracelet World Tour 2003.

Of course, her world concert tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop in the Philippines.

As such, she is set to headline a memorable night of music and memories in the Manila leg of the Charmbracelet tour, which will be held at The Fort Open Field on Nov. 16.

The world tour, presented by Globe’s G plan opti SIM, the world’s most powerful SIM, Petron Blaze and Tommy Hilfiger Watches serves as a triumphant climax for Mariah’s successful comeback bid, which began with the December 2002 release of the chartbusting CD Charmbracelet. The album has sold more than a million copies in the US and a whopping three million copies worldwide.

The Charmbracelet album includes such popular favorites as Through the Rain, Boy (I Need You), and Bringin' on the Heartbreak, as well as her collaboration with Busta Rhymes, I Know What You Want.

In more ways than one, the tour serves as Mariah’s thanksgiving to her legions of fans who never wavered in their support for her, in spite of the ups and downs of her colorful career.

The Manila show, her very first concert appearance in the Philippines, promises to be an eventful evening for both the diva and her Pinoy fans.

"I am passionate about doing something more intimate for my fans," Mariah told the media. "I’m used to do doing arena tours. But, this tour is about my music and my fans."

Since debuting in the music scene in 1990 with the soaring ballad Vision of Love, Mariah has been churning out hit after hit. Her very first single, in fact, cinched for Mariah two major Grammy trophies for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Declared Artist of the Decade in the ’90s by Billboard Magazine, Mariah set the record for the most no. 1 singles by any female artist (she has 15) on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. One Sweet Day, her 1995 collaboration with another recent Manila visitor Boyz II Men, still holds the record for most weeks at the No. 1 spot – that’s a remarkable 16 weeks on top.

In deed, her Manila show will be One Sweet Day for her countless Pinoy fans.

Before her Manila stop, Mariah performed at Wembley Arena in London, at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, at Bercy Palace in Paris, at the Filaforum in Milan, and at the Hong Kou Stadium in Shanghai.

After Manila, Mariah will bring back her tour to the US in Universal City, in Las Vegas, and in Costa Mesa.

The Manila leg of the Charmbracelet tour is set on Nov. 16 at The Fort Open Field, Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Mariah Live in Concert: The Charmbracelet 2003 World Tour is also presented in cooperation with No Curfew, The Official Tommy Hilfiger Watch Store and GMA Network and in part by The Manila Bulletin, The Philippine STAR, Teazann International, East West Global Entertainment, MTV Philippines, Wave 89.1, Jam 88.3, Magic 89.9, Joey 92.3, 99.5RT, 103.5 K-Lite, Crossover 105.1, Me, Meg, Mega, Manual, My Home and BluPrint magazines.

Tickets are available in Ticketworld in all National Bookstore outlets. For inquiries, call 891-5610.

Source: The Philippine Star | Randolf Castillo

News Tidbits

-- "The Remixes" remains at #1 on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart for the second week in a row. It drops to #80 on The Billboard 200.

-- Globaldust is a web site that tracks artists' worldwide demographics. Mariah is number 2 on the site, behind Clay Aiken and just ahead of Kelly Clarkson and Bon Jovi. If you have not done so, please register and show your support for Mariah by logging on to

-- In the coming weeks Mariah's official fanclub, Honey B. Fly, will be holding contests for members to receive limited edition Japanese imports of Charmbracelet as well as various items from the Charmbracelet Tour. Join Honey B. Fly Now to be able to take part.

Source: Steve Burt | Richard

OCTOBER 29, 2003 3:39PM
More tour dates announced

In addition to the six new Asian and American dates added to the 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour, below are four official additions that have just been announced today:

  • December 9, 2003 - Portland - Arlene Schnitzer Hall
  • December 10, 2003 - Seattle - McCaw Hall
  • December 12, 2003 - San Jose - Hewlett Packard Pavilion
  • December 15, 2003 - Santa Barbara - Arlington Theater

    Voice outshines the glitter

    It was all about the glitter as troubled diva Mariah Carey brought her Charmbracelet to Birmingham.

    Numerous sets and costume changes dazzled the crowd but could not overshadow her powerful voice.

    Opening to a Moulin Rouge themed stage, Mariah walked through from the back of the Arena in a sparkling pink mini-dress that barely covered her bottom with bouncing, big blonde hair.

    But she did not disappoint as she broke into Heartbreaker and showed the crowd just what she could do by reaching octaves other stars can only dream of.

    Early hits Dreamlover, My All, and Honey received rapturous applause, more so than her latest tracks from the Charmbracelet album.

    Slipping into a little gold number, Mariah continued as the set changed to a circus and although she didn’t dance the extras on stage provided the extra entertainment for the crowd.

    Mariah has bounced back despite her £19 million pay-off from EMI Records to end her five-album deal nearly two years ago.

    She reminded the crowd of this as she explained her song Through the Rain was all about perseverance and carrying on.

    Despite being a petite figure she the diva oozed personality and commanded the audience’s attention as she made quirky anecdotes and drank tea on stage.

    Mariah’s duet with rapper Busta Rhymes I Know what you Want was a summer smash hit but wasn’t quite the same when sung without the R&B artist by her side.

    Although her faster tracks were popular, it was the slow love songs that stretched Mariah’s voice that truly showed what a talent the 33 year old singer still is.

    Mariah may not be as cool as she once was but one thing’s for sure she still has the multi-million pound voice.

    Source: Birmingham Post

    Taking tea with Mariah

    Mariah Carey has a reputation for being demanding, so we feared a 'diva moment' was imminent from the start of her NEC concert.

    After walking like a prize fighter, surrounded by a posse of minders, from the back of the arena to the stage the 33-year-old performed Heartbreaker, then took a sip of tea through a straw in a beaker.

    Grimmacing, she announced: “There’s something in my tea and it’s disgusting.” The audience held its breath. Would we see a tantrum? Would Mariah storm off?

    She just smiled and picked up another drinks container. “I’ve got another one just in case,” she said, obviously taking her reputation with a pinch of salt.

    Later in the two hour show her hairdresser joined her in the spotlight to tidy her hair.

    “Everyone says I do diva things, so I thought why not have my hair crimped while I’m on stage?” she said.

    This was a show that had everything. The sets were extravagant, the dancers energetic and the costumes eye catching.

    Mariah began in a teeny flapper-style dress, changed to evening wear, then a mini skirt. Denim hot pants followed and then what can only be described as a piece of material wrapped tightly round her to just about cover the important bits while she wriggled on a piano singing Subtle Invitation.

    Later there was a long evening dress, running shorts and a formal outfit fringed with feathers. This girl does not travel light and with each change of costume there was different hairstyle. Goodness knows how many cans of hairspray she went through.

    But the visuals did not detract from the music - 18 songs, including big ballads, hip hop duets, multi-octave epics and a cover of Def Leppard’s Bringin’ On The Heartbeat complete with a heavy metal guitar solo by Vernon ‘Ice’ Black.

    Even Leppard themselves didn’t perform that when they played in Birmingham on Sunday.

    To finish there was Hero and a quick foray into the audience to shake hands. A knockout win for the diva.

    Source: Evening Mail

    Mariah Carey visits 40/40

    Mariah Carey may have pulled on a show in front of die-hard fans at Radio City Music Hall several weeks ago but the diva was quite the shy-girl at the 40/40 Club here in New York. She ordered one drink, had one conversation and exchanged one 2way address.

    Source: Groove Volt

    Mariah Carey's Latest Entourage Member

    The Daily Mail reports Mariah Carey has added another flunky to her entourage. The latest diva must-have, incorporated into her mini-army of Mariah flunkies, including make-up artist, hair stylist, dresser, masseuse, bodyguard and chef is her TV consultant. What does the TV consultant do? Vetoes unflattering angles during shooting.

    Source: Pop Dirt

    Carey story with a cautionary note

    A shopping mall Sharon Watts, Mariah Carey’s brand of down-home toothsomeness and accessible, tunes once attracted unimaginative housewives and directionless clerical assistants like moths to an old jumper. "She. Is. So. Inspirational!" panted one middle-aged admirer, tears spraying over the top of her bottle-top glasses with such force that they threatened to drown the cameraman of Mariah Carey: Billion Dollar Babe. With fans like that, we thought, it’s a wonder it took Carey’s nervous system so long to implode.

    But implode it eventually did, characterised, in 2001, by a horribly confused MTV appearance that, following a desperately ill-advised striptease, ended in the songstress being admitted to hospital suffering from "extreme exhaustion". In an effort to add a different slant to its guests’ opinions while simultaneously attempting to reflect the skewed mental condition of its quarry, Billion Dollar Babe’s numerous commentators were shot from a variety of "unusual" angles. Paul Morley, for example, appeared to be falling backwards, his thick neck pressing against the underside of his fat jawbone. Another journalist, meanwhile, seemed to be leaning, stiff as a board, at a 37-degree angle, as if using himself as a spirit level. However, such maverick camerawork failed to have any effect on the assembled noise-makers’ comments, which, rather than shooting out of their mouths at said exciting new angle, came out all normal and boring instead.

    Most opinions centred on the rubbishness of Carey’s decision-making process, with entertainment reporters bemoaning her cosmetic enhancements and a couple of biographers banging on about her questionable taste in men. Only Morley demonstrated any real empathy. The writer raged against the hypocrisy of the music industry, a medium that demanded Carey’s distinctly un-peachy-clean background be airbrushed to the point that all the interesting bits (she was the product of an interracial marriage, her elder sister was a prostitute, etc) were "literally bleached out".

    Yet, ironically, Carey’s latter-day quest to return to her musical roots has proved as false as her breasts. As hinted at by her freshly booty-fied image, her post-breakdown, freshly-renovated R&B thang is, in fact, as authentic as a packet of Cheese Strings. Billion Dollar Babe’s repeated, blunt assertions that this was a "cautionary tale" wound up in a suitably curt moral. "Well?" it asked. "What did you expect?"

    A question directed not, surprisingly enough, at Mariah - who had, after all, dared to agree with 95 per cent of the population by wanting to be rich and famous and thus deserved every droplet of soul-wringing misery that was coming to her - but to us. Just as one can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, one can’t concoct a fluffy pop confection without squishing a few vulnerable brain cells. Frankly, it’s a miracle more fame-peddlers don’t flip their expertly coiffured wigs. But fame’s effects are far-reaching. It incubates an unquestioning allegiance to the notion of celebrity, encouraging Joe and Josephine Public to accept it as an altered, higher state of consciousness in which golden-winged super-beings dazzle and tempt us with their emotion-free, Stepford perfection. All things considered, Carey got off lightly. It’s us we should be worrying about.

    Source: The Scotsman

  • OCTOBER 28, 2003 6:10PM
    New Tour Dates Added

    Mariah has added the following dates to her Charmbracelet world tour.

    November 12 - the Hong Kou Stadium in Shanghai, China.
    November 14 - the Hong Kou Stadium in Shanghai, China.
    November 16 - The Fort in Manila, Philippines.
    December 17 - The Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.
    December 20 - The Aladdin Theatre in Las Vegas.
    December 22 - The Performing Arts Center in Orange County, CA.

    Check back soon for more dates to be announced!


    Mariah ringtones are here

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    Available Ringtones:
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    Mariah to add more US tour dates?

    Second time's the charm? Representatives for Mariah Carey, who bailed out of a Sacramento date on her Charmbracelet Tour earlier this year, are apparently testing the waters in Sactown again for a possible December date. We'll keep an eye on this one.


    News Tidbits

    -- The photo to your right was taken during Mariah's concert in Glasgow, Scotland on Oct 25th. Click here for a larger, full-scale view of it. The photo is quite large, so please allow time for it to load.

    -- Soundscan reports that "The Remixes" debut week total sales in the US was: 40,700 copies.

    -- Tickets to Mariah's show in Manila, Philippines are available to purchase online here. Apparently the venue holds close to 30,000 seats.

    -- Tickets to Mariah's show in Shanghai, China are available as well and Peter has scanned his ticket as well as an ad for the concert.

    -- Sony Music Australia has created a webpage for "The Remixes". You can enter the site here.

    -- Benny Medina has officially joined Mariah's management team in addition to her current manager Louise McNally. Louise was on E! News today, talking about Mariah's tour and that she's starting to work on a new album.

    -- Mariah Daily would like to re-activate our Charmbracelet world tour micro site. Please send us as many photos and reviews as possible from the recent concerts you attended. Thank you!

    Source: Chris | Shayne | Peter | Neil | pegarner

    Magazine News

    -- Mariah appears in the November 4th issues of US Weekly, In Touch, National Enquirer, Star, and Globe magazines. Most of the pictures are from Mariah's arrival and appearance at the World Music Awards.

    -- Mariah is on the cover of a magazine called "Young Voices" in the UK in the November 2003 issue. There is a 4 page interview and a big pullout poster in the middle.

    -- In France, Mariah is in the cover of Maximale (French edition of Maxim) and Télé cable satellite magazines this week. Click here to see the cover of Tele Cable Satellite magazine.

    Source: Brian | Paul |

    OCTOBER 28, 2003 7:17AM
    Benny manages J.Lo-to-Mariah move

    Four months after an acrimonious split with Jennifer Lopez, mega-manager Benny Medina has attached his rocket power to Mariah Carey. But the controversial star-shaper is already ruffling feathers.

    "He's coming in like Mr. Know-It-All," snipped one source. "Mariah was working on a book deal with HarperCollins. He wanted to kill it because the deal wasn't done by him, and now he's involved."

    Medina confirmed that his company, Handprint Entertainment, is "consulting on all aspects of Mariah's career."

    And that includes nixing the deal with HarperCollins.

    "I guess I am the spoiler," Medina told us. "Mariah had a tremendous idea [for a book]. She was engaged in discussions. But we just decided, based on other opportunities, to table it for now."

    The superfit 33-year-old, whose "Charmbracelet" sold a million copies, has lots of notes left to sing before she takes a look back, Medina inferred.

    "What it boiled down to was whether a book was the best use of her time and energy right now," he added.

    Medina denied claims, also leveled by the snitch, that he was behind diva-esque demands made by Carey during a recent stay in Monaco for the World Music Awards.

    In four deluxe hotel suites - rented just for her - she wanted fresh flowers throughout, six humidifiers, an exercise bike and special lighting, it was reported.

    "I wasn't in Monaco," Medina scoffed. "I can honestly say I ordered not one candle, not one flower, not one car."

    He explained, "Mariah flew over for a day from Germany, at the request of Prince Albert, to receive a lifetime achievement award. She asked for nothing."

    In July, former client J.Lo launched a $100,000 lawsuit against Medina, claiming she felt "wronged and misrepresented" by the showbiz Svengali, who basically turned her from a lowly Fly Girl into a superstar, with movies, records, clothing lines and endorsement deals.

    Let's see what he can do for Mariah.

    Source: New York Daily News

    Me-me-me Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey — renowned worldwide for being pop’s most demanding diva — has not lost her touch.

    She arrived in London at the weekend for a two-day promotional tour with a list of requests that put J-Lo and Britney in the shade.

    Mariah checked into the five-star Claridges Hotel and asked for two DVD players for her penthouse suite. Nothing wrong with that, you might think. But staff were stunned when they heard the only DVDs she was interested in watching were ones of herself.

    She also asked for six de-humidifiers to protect her voice, an extra suite to use as a giant wardrobe and chilled Evian mineral water in “plastic bottles only”.

    And the unlucky porters had to lug 43 suitcases up to her room plus a trunk full of make-up.

    A source close to the prima donna said: “Mariah is as well known for her demands and huge entourage as she is for her voice. Every time she goes abroad, her team have to organise everything down to the smallest detail. The de-humidifiers keep the place warm and protect her from losing her voice.

    "She never knows what to wear so insists on bringing everything with her. Most of the hotels she stays in are used to accommodating famous people so it’s rarely a problem.”

    Mariah’s latest list comes just weeks after she caused havoc with similar requests at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

    Source: The Sun

    OCTOBER 27, 2003 4:33PM
    Dogged determination in hotpants

    There's something of the plucky little terrier about Mariah Carey. An early marriage and divorce from her svengali husband Tommy Mottola produced an I Will Survive-style determination in the formerly docile multi-million-selling singer to reinvent herself as a financially and emotionally independent woman who can wear her hotpants as short as she darn well likes.

    That's exactly what she did on the opening night of her Charmbracelet British tour in Glasgow, named after her comparatively unsuccessful current album, which charted at number 58 earlier this year and has yet to sail much higher. Her current status was reflected in the fact that a good two thirds of the 8,000-seat hangar was curtained off, and while no aspect of her star-spangled, Moulin Rouge-invoking stage show was held back in the light of reduced audience numbers, there was something in Carey herself that was.

    Although her costume changes - from the aforementioned not-so-much-hot-as-sizzling pants in which she debuted from the back of the hall, surrounded by heavies like a champion fighter, to an array of Oscar-winning evening dresses - were a knockout, and Carey's voice as staggeringly rangy as ever, a superfluous trio of giant screens highlighted a sense that she was doing all this through gritted teeth.

    Her smiles were fleeting and rictus-ridden. Her highest notes, while still higher than any living singer in the pop genre, were clearly displayed more out of duty than feeling. You could almost see her wondering why she bothered with it all when so few people are buying her albums.

    Importantly, Carey is still making great singles. Her summer hit with rapper Busta Rhymes, I Know What You Want, doesn't even feature on Charmbracelet and yet is her best record since 1995's Fantasy, which she performed in a pair of hot-pink glorified knickers to hysterical approval.

    When rolling out the hits, such as Honey, Dreamlover and - the cause of her biggest rictus grin - her cover of the Jackson Five's I'll Be There, Carey's set was pop heaven, complete with Pan's People dancers. But with stars as big as these, you want visible proof that they are giving their all just for you. Mary J Blige does it every time. Kylie, despite the lack of huge voice, does it because she knows she has to.

    If Carey wants to maintain her place in the pantheon, she's going to have to fight a little harder.

    Source: The Telegraph

    Mariah Carey in Glasgow

    Mariah Carey should be sexy, and perhaps to some people she is. Tonight she sports a series of shiny dresses, walks with a dainty shuffle, flicks her hair, flutters her eyes and, perched on a piano centre stage, accidentally flashes her knickers. It's all a bit embarrassing.

    Then again, arenas have never been the best places to develop an erotic frisson. Big gestures are better, and Carey's bustling Charmbracelet tour certainly does not stint on spectacle. Dancers strut their stuff, backing singers compete to out-warble each other and two suited men on stilts pull a girl from side to side with bits of string. A man dressed as a clown paints Carey, showing the audience the results before starting afresh, keen to capture the elusive spirit of the artist in all her trials, triumphs and costume changes.

    Carey has certainly had her problems. She suffered a breakdown in 2001, her semi-autobiographical movie, Glitter, was universally panned and she was paid $28m (£19.6m) to leave EMI after the first album of a five-record deal. Such setbacks merit a degree of sympathy, but it's hard to muster too much compassion for a woman who thinks an octave-strafing shriek is the best response to inner turmoil.

    Most of the capacity crowd don't seem to share these reservations, cheering mightily when asked to chose between Petals and Can't Take That Away. Sensibly, she plays Can't Take That Away, which is the one on the set list.

    It's not all bad. Fantasy sources Talking Heads, while Hero carries all before it - almost - on a wave of melodrama. And Carey does something to scotch her reputation as the biggest diva in the business by getting on famously with her backing band. She still has her career, and she still has her fans. But, as titles such as Glitter and Charmbracelet suggest, Carey the performer is all about surface sheen. Baubles are fine. You just wouldn't want to spend an hour and a half staring at one.

    Source: Guardian Unlimited

    Mariah Carey Live

    There is no point beating about the bush, when one can offer an eyewitness account: Mariah Carey is batty. We can all have fun with the stories about her demands for puppies to fondle on her tour rider (can anyone imagine such entertaining, eccentric behaviour from the ruthlessly efficient music machine Celine Dion?) but, at various junctures during Saturday night’s proceedings, it felt almost uncomfortably voyeuristic to be party to this baffling cabaret.

    Once a safe, super-confident, composed diva, Carey now resembles one of the surgically enhanced blow-up doll freaks who inhabit Russ Meyer’s exploitation movies. But her plastered-on make-up could not mask the air of desperation, as she scrabbled to retain her dignity and, more importantly, the commercial pulling power of her ability to straddle 30 octaves, or whatever it is that she does to compensate for her lack of emotional veracity. Those who have not deserted mad Mariah for kinky Christina remain fixated.

    If audience goodwill could secure an artist’s creative prosperity, Carey would have been at the top of her game during this concert. But not even the diva requirements of slick session band, dutiful dancers and a random chaise-longue could paper over the cracks in this confounding stage production, where the track Clown was interpreted literally with a bustling circus routine, while Fantasy was accompanied by a meaningless display of dayglo writhing.

    During Can’t Take That Away, Carey, overwrought in gold lamé, staggered about like a pop Blanche duBois, batting away invisible neurosis. Later, she descended from the heights on a white silk swing as brass players were silhouetted cheesily against the curtain. Her on-the-road stylist scampered on to fluff her hair. It was unclear where ill-conceived artistic credibility ended and droll play-acting began.

    Backing singer Trey performed an interminable, humdrum number; three days later, Carey returned to the stage, clad in a shimmering handkerchief kindly donated by Cher, before she donned the feathered gown for the encore, still waving vacantly at the audience, still producing notes that suggested she won’t go down without a fight. It was a bumpy night.

    Source: The Scotsman

    OCTOBER 26, 2003 8:41PM
    News Tidbits

    -- The Sunday Mail reports, "Pop diva Mariah Carey showed how happy she was to be in Scotland last night by donning a micro kilt backstage before her gig at Glasgow's SECC. And when she took the stage she sizzled in a skimpy sequinned top and matching mini." Click here for a larger, full-scale view of Mariah wearing her micro kilt! The photo is quite large, so please allow time for it to load.

    -- Be sure to vote for Mariah in Rolling Stone Magazine's 2003 Readers Poll. Mariah is eligable for Artist of the Year, Best Female Performer, Best Album, Best Single, Best Video, Best Tour, Best Album Cover, Best R&B Artist, Best Dressed, and Most Welcome Comeback. Please vote for for Best Online Fan Site. Voting ends December 23rd.

    -- "What Would You Do," Mariah's collaboration with Nate Dogg, was #1 last week on Soundmagnet, an online radio station. "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" was also #1 on this station several months ago.

    -- The Michael Jackson charity single "What More Can I Give," which was recorded in 2001 and features vocals by Mariah in both English and Spanish, will be available as an online downloadable single starting Monday, October 27th at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Log on to for more information.

    -- From the Toronto Star: "A decade ago, Mariah Carey, Meat Loaf and Toni Braxton topped the charts with tunes about true love and heartache. Flashback just five years and eight of the top 10 hits were still full-on love songs, from Aerosmith's 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' to a remake of the Bee Gees' 'How Deep is Your Love.' These days, you wish you had a dime — make that 50 Cent(s) — for every time you heard a raunchy rhyme calling the fairer sex slime. Or just telling girls to shut up and shake their assets."

    -- Steve is creating a birthday book for Mariah's upcoming birthday, which will be presented to Mariah on March 27, 2004. If you would like to contribute to the book please send your entries to the address below by December 31, 2003. If you have any questions or comments regarding the book, contact Steve at

    HBF Contributions
    P.O. Box 658
    Lowell, MA 01853

    -- For three hours yesterday, Mariah counted down her favorite music videos for BET's Top 25 Video Countdown. She took time between several of the videos to make comments on them, and to promote her album, "The Remixes." Here are Mariah's selections:

    25) Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey – I Know What You Want
    24) Jermaine Dupri featuring Judacris – Welcome To Atlanta
    23) Mariah featuring O.D.B. – Fantasy (Remix)
    22) P. Diddy – Bad Boy For Life
    21) Mariah featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone – Breakdown
    20) OutKast featuring Killer Mike – The Whole World
    19) Mariah featuring Nas & Joe – Thank God I Found You
    18) Elephant Man – Pon De River
    Bonus Video – Mariah Carey – Emotions
    17) Jaheim featuring Tha Rayne – Fabulous
    16) Da Brat featuring Cherish – In Love Wit Chu
    15) Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell – Beautiful
    14) 50 Cent featuring Snoop Dogg & G-Unit – P.I.M.P
    13) Mariah featuring Mobb Deep – The Roof
    12) Pharrell featuring Jay-Z – Frontin’
    11) Nas – I Can
    10) M.O.P. featuring Busta Rhymes & Teflon – Ante Up
    09) Common featuring Mary J. Blife – Come Close
    08) Mariah featuring The Lox & Mase – Honey (Remix)
    07) Chingy – Right Thurr
    06) Aaliyah – Miss You
    05) Beyonce featuring Jay-Z – Crazy In Love
    04) Bone Crusher featuring Killer Mike & T.I. – Never Scared
    03) OutKast – So Fresh, So Clean
    02) Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On
    01) Mariah featuring Da Brat & Missy Elliott – Heartbreaker

    Source: Josh | Gary | Mame | Steven | Steve

    OCTOBER 24, 2003 5:29PM
    Carey confirms concert

    Mariah Carey's high-octave voice will soar skyward in Hongkou Football Stadium on November 12, as organizers yesterday confirmed the pop diva's concert.

    Carey is currently on a world tour and Shanghai will be the last stop.

    This is her first and only concert in China and is part of the ongoing Shanghai International Arts Festival. Ticket prices range from 120 yuan (US$14) to 1,600 yuan.

    Carey was slated to perform in Shanghai earlier this year, but her concert was canceled due to the SARS outbreak in April.

    "It is a grueling process to re-invite her. She won't perform in other Southeast Asian countries, where she was previously scheduled to perform but canceled due to the SARS panic" said Yu Suqin, manager of Shanghai Arts Corp, one of the organizers. "But we finally made it, and Mariah said she was very excited about the concert."

    Yu revealed that Carey's concert will last at least 90 minutes and she will choose songs that were "especially loved by Chinese audiences."

    Guest stars have not been determined and organizers declined to disclose Carey's appearance fee, but claimed "it was very reasonable."

    The 33-year-old songbird was one of the world's top recording artists throughout the 1990s, and has sold more than 130 million albums across the globe.

    Source: Shanghai Daily News

    Mariah wears the trosers for big city gig

    Rock diva Mariah Carey has given Scots fans a taste of what they can expect at the SECC tomorrow.

    The sexy singer has picked a pair of tartan trews for one of her stage outfits on the tour. She may have ditched sex kitten cuteness for growling guitar chic but has still managed to retain her talent for revealing as much flesh as possible. The pop princess apparently can't wait to check out her army of male admirers when she hits Glasgow!

    She is known to have a penchant for men in kilts and is said to be hoping some of her male fans will wear the national garb at her city gig.

    Mariah was warming up for the concert when she gave photographers a sneak-preview of her surprising glamour-to-grunge transformation. But the tartan is only one of eight costumes she will be sporting during her sensational world tour which features a support slot by former Bros star Matt Goss. ROCK diva Mariah Carey has given Scots fans a taste of what they can expect at the SECC tomorrow.

    Source: Evening Times Online

    Mariah's checking Scots out

    Mariah Carey is tartan up her image for her first-ever Scottish gig at Glasgow's SECC tomorrow.

    The world's biggest-selling female singer plans to wear a kilt on stage as well as her usual stunning outfits.

    And while her fans will be watching her every move, she'll be checking out the front row for a potential boyfriend.

    Mariah, 33, said: "It's no secret I'm looking to find a nice man and I think Sean Connery is very sexy. This is my first time in Scotland and I've heard Scots men are both sexy and faithful two requirements I want. So you Scottish men better be ready I'm going to keep an eye out."

    Mariah's past love affairs with Tommy Mottola and Luis Manuel ended in heartbreak, and after being single for more than two years, she's ready to get back in the dating game.

    A pal said: "Mariah is hot property. She is catching everyone's eye again."

    Source: Daily Record

    Billboard Magazine reviews "The Remixes"

    Mariah Carey's legion of hardcore fans—of which there are still plenty —will wholly embrace this two-disc collection, which arrives on her former label. Disc one is home to nine dancefloor anthems, including Robert Clivilles & David Cole's gospel-dripping re-rub of "Anytime You Need a Friend" and the duo's disco-etched take on "Emotions." DJ/producer David Morales, Carey's longtime collaborator, is well-represented; his additional production work on "Dreamlover" remains fresh and alive —10 years after it topped the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Those in search of the artist's R&B/hip-hop jams need look no further than disc two. Her collaborations with O.D.B. ("Fantasy"), Joe & Nas ("Thank God I Found You") and Da Brat & Missy Elliott ("Heartbreaker"), among others, are all here. The disc closes with the sublime, sexed-up and swoon-worthy Carey/Busta Rhymes pairing, "I Know What You Want."

    Source: Billboard Magazine

    News Tidbits

    -- Mariah has added three new dates to the 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour: November 12 and November 14 at the Hong Kou Stadium in Shanghai, China and November 16 at The Fort in Manila, Philippines.

    -- "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" reaches #9 in its eighth week charting on the November 8 issue of Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

    -- "The Remixes" debuts at #1 on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart. The album also debuts at #60 in France, #72 in Italy, and slides to #92 from #70 in its second week in Switzerland and from #35 to #52 in its second week in the United Kingdom.

    -- This is a list of the latest world certifications of top 100 selling albums. Mariah is included on the list with her albums "Music Box," "Daydream," "Mariah Carey," and "Butterfly." Click here for complete details.

    -- Martijn from The Netherlands is busy pulling a fanbook together in which fans express their enthusiasm about Mariah's Charmbracelet World Tour. Think about what you liked most about the concerts, maybe certain songs that you feel very strongly about or certain aspects of the show that surprised you. Maybe you were lucky to be chosen for a meet and greet or maybe you met Mariah at the hotel she stayed at. It’s a global thing so anyone can join. If the response gets bigger than expected, more books will be created. Send your stories, poems, photos, etc. There is only one week left (the deadline is October 30), so send your entries to

    -- Check out the Lovin' Lambs Organization, a group of Mariah fans that are trying to make a change in the world! Fans from all over come together in their own communities and help with local services, whether it be a park or beach clean up or simply feeding the homeless. Mariah is constantly donating and helping different charities and for too long we've relied on her and other celebrities to improve our living conditions. Check the link for more information.

    Source: Roland | thebigham | Christopher | Martijn | Miss Jae

    OCTOBER 23, 2003 4:33PM
    Mariah Carey to hold Manila concert, after all

    American singer Mariah Carey is coming to Manila to perform at the Fort open field in Taguig on Nov. 16, according to MTV Philippines and Tommy Hilfiger Watches, producers of her "Charmbracelet Tour 2003" in Manila.

    The producers said Carey's American handlers decided to bring her to Asia after all because they were able to reach their six-city target.

    Initial reports had said Carey was coming, followed by other reports that said she was not coming anymore. The producers earlier said the singer would no longer go on a six-city Asian tour because two of the countries in the tour, Malaysia and Thailand, had no available venues for her show.

    Tickets to Charmbracelet Tour 2003 are 2,500 pesos, 1,500 pesos and 500 pesos.

    Source: Inquirer News Service | Randolf Castillo

    Final night thrill for Mariah fans

    American singing star Mariah Carey's appearance at the M.E.N.Arena will be the spectacular final night of her UK tour and we have a limited number of two for one tickets on offer.

    The chart-topping star has been inundated with requests from her fans all over the UK to play additional dates, and in response she has added a Scottish venue to the tour.

    But in order to accommodate everyone, the Arena will now be host to the grand finale of the UK leg of the Charmbracelet World Tour.

    The date was originally set to take place on Saturday, October 25, but has been moved back seven days to Saturday November 1.

    All tickets purchased for the original Manchester date will remain valid.

    The Charmbracelet Tour will see Mariah perform for the first time in the UK outside of London - now visiting Glasgow, Birmingham, London and concluding here.

    Her highly-anticipated world tour - the superstar's first in over three years - kicked-off in Japan last month.

    It features Mariah performing hits from her most recent million-selling album, Charmbracelet. Released worldwide last December, the album has topped the charts around the globe.

    Mariah will perform favourites from a career that has spawned a record-breaking 15 number one singles worldwide, including Fantasy, Heartbreaker, Dreamlover and Hero.

    Mariah Carey peforms at the M.E.N. Arena on Saturday, November 1. To take advantage of the two for one ticket offer, click here or call 0870 190 8000 and quote MC241.Two for One ticket offer limited to £28.50 tickets only (subject to booking fee). The limited number of tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.

    Tickets for all shows can be purchased from the venues or on the Mariah Carey 24-hour National Hotline number 0870 444 7074. Those unable to attend the rescheduled Manchester date should contact their point of purchase for more information. Tickets are priced £28.50 with some limited premium seats available.

    Source: Manchester Online

    Mariah's Poor Opening

    Mariah Carey had a poor opening this week - with an excuse. It's an album of single "Remixes," packaged by her previous record company, Columbia. It starts at No. 26 with sales of 40,687. Carey's most recent new recording opened with 260,000 copies moved.

    Opening just below Carey were Simon & Garfunkel with their "Essential" collection. It moved just over 40,000 copies. S&G's music has been compiled dozens of times, but the latest set is timed to a soldout reunion tour.

    Source: New York Daily News

    Mariah's Mixes Sound Great As Ever

    Long before J.Lo discovered she could keep re-releasing her singles by remixing them, Mariah was the Queen of remixes. In a bid to extract more cash from Mariah's back-catalog, Columbia are releasing another compilation, focusing on the remixes. This time the album includes tracks recorded with her new record label as well.

    "The Remixes" is split into two CDs. CD 1 is given over to dance remixes, while CD 2 goes in an urban direction. It's likely you will prefer one CD to the other.

    CD1 has classics such as the C&C club version of "Anytime You Need A Friend" and the HQ2 radio edit of Mariah's 2002 single "Through The Rain". But without a doubt, the highlight is the David Morales mix of "My All", a track that was just as big as the original when it came out as a single.

    Most people will go straight to CD 2, as it is the better, or at least most obvious of the two. The thirteen tracks are a mixture of the biggest urban remixes, singles and album tracks. All the most popular remixes are on this album, from the remix of "Fantasy" with O.D.B to "Heartbreaker" with Da Brat and Missy Elliot.

    As well as the urban remixes, the singles "Crybaby", "Breakdown" and "Sweetheart" make an appearance on here. It may seem weird, but it kind of makes sense as they share a similar style.

    The only disappointment is the absence of one of her most popular remixes, "I Still Believe/Pure Imagination". That doesn't stop this from being a great way to celebrate Mariah's thirteen years in the music business. Some of the songs may be more than ten years old, but they still sound as great as ever.

    Source: UK Mix

    The Remixes

    Mariah Carey’s The Remixes would seem like another quasi-posthumous cash-in by the pop-starlet-turned-fallen-diva’s former record label if the singer herself wasn’t so enthusiastic about its release. (With former label honcho Tommy Mottola out of the way and Carey’s MonarC logo positioned so cozily next to “Columbia Records” on the back of the disc, one might even suspect a Sony/Carey reconciliation is in the works.) Politics aside, this double-disc compilation is a must-have for Mariah’s “lambs.”

    Disc One is a collection of Carey’s “greatest” dance remixes; though the older tracks (“Anytime You Need A Friend,” “Dreamlover” and “Emotions”) sound invariably dated, anthem-sized club mixes of “Heartbreaker” and “Fantasy” (produced by Junior Vasquez and David Morales, respectively) are testaments to Carey’s commitment to the remix process. Morales' multi-part dancefloor epic mix of "Fantasy" harks back to the days of Moroder and Bellotte, and the frequency with which Carey completely re-records her vocals for club versions is unmatched.

    Disc Two of the album lumps the singer’s famous hip-hop remixes (including Puff Daddy’s “Fantasy” remix featuring O.D.B. and Jermaine Dupri’s “Always Be My Baby” and “My All/Stay Awhile”) with a slew of previously available (and completely gratuitous) album tracks.

    While it’s commendable that Columbia actually went the distance to acquire the rights to tracks owned by three different labels (Virgin, which released Carey’s infamous Glitter, Island/Def Jam, Carey’s current home, and J Records), there’s a handful of notable remixes and b-sides missing from the album. Still, the inclusion of “I Know What You Want,” Carey’s duet with Busta Rhymes, and two new tracks (“Miss You,” featuring Jadakiss, and a horribly sluggish remix of “The One,” a track from 2002’s Charmbracelet) should keep Carey’s flock pacified…at least for the six months until she cranks out another proper studio album on yet another record label.

    Source: Slant Magazine

    Mariah's Remixes

    The great irony of Seinfeld, one of the best sitcoms in TV history, is that star Jerry Seinfeld would be upstaged by his much funnier sidekicks in every episode. A similar phenomenon comes to light on Mariah Carey’s remix double-album, wherein the dipsy diva gets upstaged by her far more alluring producers and guest MCs. Disc one features stellar remixes of mediocre original tracks like "Heartbreaker" and "My All," overseen by top-notch producers like Junior Vasquez and David Morales. Disc two focuses on hip-hop remixes, bringing in the likes of Ludacris and Snoop Dogg to drastically improve tracks like "Loverboy" and "Crybaby." Given all the talent covering Carey’s back on this double-disc, it’s arguably her best release ever.

    Source: Chart Attack

    Mariah Gets Remixed

    How Mariah Carey got all her record labels to agree to let her release an 2-disc set full of her greatest remixes is a mystery. But the fact that they did means little, since Carey doesn't even include her greatest remix of all: "I Still Believe (Pure Imagination Remix)," where she samples a song from Willy Wonka.

    There's one disk on "The Remixes" with 9 club mixes. You know those remixes that feel like they go on forever and include few actual lyrics? Here's a disc-full. The songs range from the unpredictable 10-minute "Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely" to the boring "Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise). Reprises are meant for filler, not for a greatest hits record.

    Then on disc two, there's the classic ODB remix of "Fantasy," which first crossed Carey over to the hip-hop world. However, beyond that song, there aren't any must-have remixes that make this album worth its cost.

    Source: andPOP

    Is it Mariah Carey or her puppy which is barking?

    If you hurry - and don’t forget to lock your dogs and cats away somewhere they won’t get frightened - you can still get tickets to see Mariah Carey at the SECC on Saturday. There was a running joke in the Oscar-winning film Amadeus that the emperor dismissed Mozart because his work had "too many notes". History showed him, of course, to be a fool, but I don’t care about that, as I am prepared to go on record and state that I think Mariah Carey’s work has, indeed, too many notes.

    She may or may not be able to sing- it’s simply impossible to tell as she warbles and slips up and down her 16 wobbly octaves, thus rendering every conceivable tune equally unidentifiable and unlistenable. Add to this a fondness for cloying songs of the gloopiest order, usually discussing honey or rainbows, and she’s definitely something of an acquired taste.

    Then there’s the demanding diva side. She "doesn’t do stairs" at venues (which reminds me of a friend watching Pavarotti, who also doesn’t do stairs, being manoeuvred onto the stage on a mechanical hoist, blithely surveying the backstage staff while looking as fat and stupid as a world-famous millionaire artist possibly can). My favourite story about Mariah is that her contract reportedly stipulates that when she performs in a venue, puppies and kittens should be made available for her to play with backstage. I can just see three enormous roadies trying to catch tiny cats and dogs fighting and pooing all over the place so Mariah can bat her enormous eyelashes.

    If you’ve ever looked at her album covers, or photographs too, you’ll always notice something slightly odd going on. You may remember from first year art lessons that the dimensions of the human body state that the length from top of the head to the waist and the waist to the floor should be roughly the same. With Mariah, the legs are always three times the length of the rest of her. For the album Number Ones (hee hee), one Photoshop professional reckoned she’d had at least a foot added to her thighs alone.

    Frighteningly, she’s about to release a book of poetry. This is never a good idea for pop stars, as Jewel and Paul McCartney have found to their cost. Good lyrics are simple, direct and just sound right - "She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge/ she studied sculpture at St Martin’s College" is great in every way - but poetry has boundaries to stretch. It is pointless to talk about poetry and Mariah in the same sentence however. Here is a sample of her efforts:

    "I love my unicorn, he knows I am true / My troubles go poof, my unicorn named Boo / My lambs are all here, all smiling and gay / Boo and I dance, we sing and we play ..."

    The other thing everyone knows about Mariah Carey of course - or could probably guess just by reading the Unicorn oeuvre - is that she is stark raving batty bonkers. Not in a "I’m pretending everything in my life is absolutely perfect till the day I collapse in the street and have to get taken to the Priory" kind of way, oh no. Mariah doesn’t do anything by halves. Mariah is full blown tantrums in the bath, breaking all the crockery in a hotel, leaving crazy messages on her own website bonkers. She married her record company manager when she was 18, in a wedding that was a carbon copy of Princess Di’s (not a good role model), sang with Westlife, starred in Glitter, then tried to commit suicide, for all of which you can only feel profoundly sorry for her.

    In the final analysis, however, any feelings I have for Mariah are completely irrelevant. Because as soon as I mention her name to any chap at all, their eyes immediately go all misty. I can usually tell what they’re thinking about from the weather. If it’s hot, they’re thinking about her stripping off to her bikini in Fantasy.

    If it’s cold, it’s the little mini Santa outfit in All I want for Christmas is You (a Mariah aberration in that it’s a great wee song). Not only that, but last year EMI had to pay her $50 million to stop her making any more terrible albums.

    She may be out to lunch, an irritating singer and the worst poet since the Vogons from Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, but she ain’t stupid.

    Source: The Scotsman

    Editor's Note: Feel free to voice your opinions on this article (written by Jenny Colgan) by contacting The Scotsman

    News Tidbits

    -- Please support Mariah Daily (and subsequently Mariah herself) by voting for at the 2003 Interactive Music Awards. What other fan site keeps you updated with the latest Mariah news and information, all while helping fans connect with their favorite singer by sponsoring special contests and events that allow them to deliver their letters and messages to Mariah herself, win personalized autographed items, and even see Mariah live in concert? Only at! Vote now by clicking here.

    -- Check out Mariah's all new e-team web site at! If your current password doesn't work just click the "lost password" link, enter your e-mail address and it will be sent to you. If your e-mail address is invalid on the lost password screen just re-register with the "become a member" link.

    OCTOBER 20, 2003 4:22PM
    Disco, Alive and Dancing

    Punk rock has died a thousand deaths, but its much-maligned cousin disco just keeps going. As long as there are dance clubs, people will need something to dance to; a quarter century after its commercial peak, the legacy of disco seems richer than ever. Two new releases carry on the disco tradition: Basement Jaxx's "Kish Kash" and Mariah's "The Remixes."

    Mariah Carey is a traditional disco diva, and a great one. And she has never been easier to enjoy than on "The Remixes," a double-disc set that compiles a decade's worth of house and hip-hop remixes.

    The hip-hop disc isn't perfect; it proves, among other things, that Jermaine Dupri is a hit-and-miss producer. But it includes some of Ms. Carey's most appealing collaborations. "Breakdown," with Krayze Bone and Wish Bone (from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony), is a marvelous demonstration of sing-rapping, with the three vocalists taking turns skipping over the syllables. And on "Miss You," with Jadakiss, the rapper has fun addressing the pop star as if she were merely a drug dealer's moll: "When I thought you was late with the coke/ That's when things fell apart Ma, and it stagnated us both."

    The other disc is even better: Ms. Carey's brassy, breathy vocals sound best when accompanied by a thumping house beat, and David Morales, in particular, knows how to turn a histrionic ballad into a club classic. His 11-minute "Def Mix" version of "Dreamlover" is a revelation: after a long percussion break, he isolates a few of Ms. Carey's ad-libs; her ultrafalsetto vocals sound spookier than all of Basement Jaxx's sound effects combined.

    Source: New York Times | Mac

    News Tidbits

    -- On Wednesday, October 22, 2003, Village Station (a popular gay club in Dallas, Texas) will be holding an album release party sponsored by Sony Music for “The Remixes”. There will be free CD giveaways and a chance to dance to Mariah music all night! All lifestyles (both gay and straight) are encouraged to show up and show support for Mariah and join fellow fans in the fun. There is a $7 cover charge. You must be 18 or older to attend.

    -- Mariah was on the cover today's edition of Life Style, a newspaper in Beijing. Click here to see the cover. The article states that Mariah will visit Shanghai City to give a concert. The scheduled location is HongKou Stadium on November 18.

    -- Mariah's London concert at Wembley Arena on October 30th is sold out (venue capacity: 12,000). Her Paris concert at Bercy Palace on November 4th has only 439 standing tickets left (venue capacity: 17,000).

    -- For the seventh consecutive week, Busta and Mariah's worldwide hit "I Know What You Want" holds strong atop the Hungarian airplay chart at #1. On Hungary's dance chart, the song dropped nine spots to #32; it peaked at #15. On the Editor's Choice radio chart, the song drops one spot to #5. It had previously peaked at #1.

    -- reports that when Mariah sat down with German newspaper Netzeitung, she discussed her first feature film role, saying, "Glitter was simply not a good film actually. You can't blame the flop of a film on only the actors involved. I wasn't allowed much input with the producing of the film. That was, by the way, my first film. There are many other long-time actors who produce flops." Check out the entire interview here.

    Source: ChrisStud | Ray | Jay New | Gilles | SJ | Pop Dirt

    OCTOBER 19, 2003 11:26AM
    Mariah is not coming to town

    It’s final. The much-anticipated concert of international pop diva Mariah Carey is no longer going happen. At least, for this year.

    We were told that Mariah Carey’s management has decided to cancel the Asian leg of her 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour after promoters have failed to secure the guaranteed six-city leg needed for that Asian tour to push through.

    In the Philippines, Mariah’s concert was supposed to be sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger Watches and MTV Philippines. The Manila concert was supposed to happen on November 23 at the open field of The Fort at the Fort Bonifacio Global City.

    But as fate would have it, Manila, along with the promoters in Bangkok, Beijing, and Shanghai, had to suffer the consequences since promoters from the other two Asian countries, possibly Taiwan and Malaysia, failed to secure a venue in the time frame specified by the organizers of Mariah’s world tour.

    The source told us the six-city guarantee was needed because Mariah Carey would have missed opportunities back home in the US if she says yes to the Asian tour. One of the things that she will sacrifice will be a movie offer.

    We were told that Mariah Carey and her entourage will be paid within the range of $375,000 to $450,000 per performance, depending on the Asian city where she is to hold the concert.

    The two countries that missed, the mole added, couldn’t book appropriate venues either on the first week of November, or first week of December - dates specified to them by the organizers.

    As it is, the source told us that negotiations are being made right now to move the entire Asian tour next year.

    The mole also said that Mariah has decided to accept the movie offer, after all.

    Source: Manila Bulletin | Randy E

    Devils May Carey

    Calling all petty criminals - songbird Mariah Carey could be interested in dating you.

    Millionaire Mariah has confessed she's bored with city slicker types after her failed marriage to businessman Tommy Mottola.

    The 33-year-old revealed she's on the hunt for some rough and tumble in the form of a "baggy-clothed hoodlum". Nice.

    Slurping champers with Trevor Nelson, who was filming for his new BBC3 series Lowdown aboard her private jet, the pop diva sighed: "One businessman was enough." The girl needs her head checking.

    Source: The Mirror

    Diva Heaven

    Trevor Nelson is is in diva heaven. Arriving in NYC, he goes for dinner with Kelis at Harlem's finest eaterie, Butter. The following morning, he flies to Boston to hook up with Mariah Carey, currently on her world tour. Trevor and Mariah hang out backstage, then it's off back to NYC with Mariah on her private jet. After a few hours of much needed sleep, Trevor rounds out the trip by having a spot of lunch with Alicia Keys.

    To celebrate the arrival of Trevor Nelson's Lowdown, we're giving away some Mariah Carey CDs and posters. All you have to do is answer our skill-testing question for the chance to win a poster and a copy of either Charmbracelet or The Remixes. Competition ends midnight, Thursday 23 October, 2003. Click here for details.

    And be sure to check out the Lowdown Photogallery for pictures of Trevor with Mariah in Boston and New York!

    Source: BBC

    The Remixes Drama

    It seems that there is not a bit of friendship between Sony Music and Mariah Carey, even when just a few weeks ago Sony announced that Mariah included non-Sony tracks in the contractual obligation album “The Remixes.”

    The compilation album was supposed to hit stores in United States on October 14 but hundreds of fans have reported that they can’t buy the album because there is not an album to buy; Sony Music failed to ship enough copies.

    I talked to a manager of a Wal-Mart store in Arizona, where the album is not on sale yet. He was very confused because he knows Mariah’s career. “Mariah’s albums have sold out every time she releases something new. Sony didn’t ship any copies, at least for this Wal-Mart.”

    Some other potential buyers e-mailed me asking about the album. All I could answer is that the album is supposed to be on sale now. In many cities in the United States the album is selling out but don’t get excited yet, there were few copies. Some buyers got their money back in stores such as K-Mart, Wal-Mart and online stores.

    Did Sony music sabotage the album in the US? Even when we all already know the album was going to be something special for fans and collectors, it really surprises us how bad this album can do. “The Remixes” really had a potential to sell higher sales than “Greatest Hits” - the album was fresh and featured new stuff, as well as a new Mariah.

    "The Remixes" is long-waited in several countries,and in the United Kingdom the album reached higher positions than "Charmbracelet."

    What it is important to understand is that this album is great because of Mariah’s music, the album is for fans, it contains music that can be really hard to find for people from other countries. If this album flops in US, it is because of Sony Music and it doesn’t really effect Mariah’s career or Mariah herself, who is currently writing for a new album that is supposed to sound late next year.

    Source: Mariah Hero

    Mariah Carey Gives Update On New Album

    Mariah Carey fan Lea Wimund reported that she asked the singer about her new album. Carey says, "I'm having a lot of fun writing the new songs. I have a writing partner, who travels with me; we work on the songs whenever I am stuck on an airplane or whatever. The songs remind me of what I wrote for the 'Butterfly' album. It should come out late 2004, if everything goes well." Read more.

    Source: Pop Dirt

    "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" pushed back

    It now seems to be confirmed that "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" will be released in the United Kingdom on November 3rd. This will give the song more time to make an impact on radio. Apparently the promo singles have only just been sent to radio stations so we all need to step up our requesting! Well done to everyone who's taking part in our "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" Request Competition - you're doing a fantastic job! If you haven't taken part yet, make sure you do! There's still time to win some cool prizes. More information can be found here.

    Be sure to vote for Mariah on Total Request Live at! The video is rarely seen on TV, so this is very important.

    Keep an eye on MTV Base because this is the channel that you can catch the video on. Text your request to 86188 and look out for the video on MTV Base's Request show!


    "The Remixes" Contest Update

    Please note that if you are interested in participating in Mariah Daily's "The Remixes" contest, your entries are due in by October 31, 2003. Your receipt must show that you purchased the album within its first week of sale (Tuesday, October 14 through Monday, October 20). If you would like to e-mail your entries instead of snail mail, submit a scan of your receipt, along with the correct answers to the trivia questions, to

    OCTOBER 16, 2003 6:56PM
    Carey's singing disguises emotions

    There are no traces left of the emotional crisis Mariah Carey experienced two years ago. The singer, who collapsed during a promotional trip and sent confusing voice messages to her official web site, took some rest and made a comeback after the biggest flop of her career (Glitter). Now she has come back stronger from the struggle.

    The fact that she has found her powers again was proved by the satire opening of her concert at the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam. From the back of the venue, she came to the stage surrounded by bodyguards. From the moment she came on stage she was horded by a small army of faux-photographers she had to beat away. "Living is suffering, especially if it's in the spotlights", she seemed to say with her arrival, but it's my life.

    After this start it was a pity that the first part of the concert looked like a family show, complete with tumbling clowns and circus attributes. No more then eight dancers where there to form "tableaux viands" and look quasi-bored.

    Because Carey, who changed into a new ensemble for nearly every song, always looks for a nonchalant counterpart to her glamorous style, she often uses rappers to give her songs a street-wise credit. But to Carey’s own credit, her voice is a show-voice. She can go all ways with it, but it has an indeterminate emotion. Is Carey driven, sad or happy? Her voice disguises these questions very skillfully. On her October 8 concert, she regularly used her signature mark: hitting notes so high that only dogs can hear. It garnished her a lot of appreciation from her fans.

    Accompanied by a small band and four mighty backup singers, her gospel-esuqe songs, such as “Through The Rain” and “My Saving Grace” sounded impressive. Because of those backing singers, the concert had some soul.

    Carey sang songs from her entire career and a couple from her latest album Charmbracelet. During the show the dancers’ parts became shorter and the show concentrated more on Carey, who often was away to change clothes, but when she was there she showed a lot of devotion. She came down from the top of the stage on a swing, then she stretched out on a grand piano to sing on further. Carey's ad-lids to the audience became more relaxed, as her band introduction was completely sang.

    It was also striking that she often referenced to the space cakes that make our country such a nice place to be.

    Source: NRC Online (Translated by Meindert Leegwater)

    Mariah cameo in "Betta Watch: The Movie"

    Damizza's sequel project titled "No More Waiting. No More Hating." will include "Betta Watch: The Movie," which showcases the recent short film taped on the set of the "Psycho" house and Bates Motel.

    They shot the first ever all-West Coast DVD movie also starring Butch Cassidy, Warren G, Ice Cube, WC, Mack 10, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg and Mariah Carey among others. This venture is the latest in what some are calling, the "ree"-invention of west coast hip hop.

    The movie begins at Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho House, with Baby Ree producer Damizza, Knoc-Turn'Al, Shade Sheist and N.U.N.E. going to toe-to-toe with Butch Cassidy, Warren G and other legends of west coast hip hop.

    Source: WestCoast2K | David Jones

    Mariah Set Up For Failure

    "OK, there is so much hoopla going around about Mariah Carey's The Remixes which hit stores Tuesday October 14th. It was obvious before it even hit shells that this CD had no chance to make its mark. First of all, Sony did not do one bit of promotion in the United States whatsoever. How can a label, even her old label, do that? It's just hurting the cd and makes less money for Sony. The only logical explanantion would be they want the CD to fail so they can say that Mariah had another bomb. Which really doesn't matter because it is only a Remix album.

    Not only is Sony showing no support for this album, but neither are the record stores. It took me 3 stores to find the album. Most stores didn't even get it in. The one I found it at was in the mall and they only had 5 copies on the floor and me and my friend bought 2 so there were only 3 left. They had Clay Aiken plastered all over the place and well you know all the reviews he got that were posted on here. My other friend said that target and Walmart by him didn't even recieve it and finally he had to go to another Target and he found it in the Mariah Carey section, not even the New Release section.

    I know alot of people are gonna make comments but the fact is a CD cannot do well with no promotion and no CD's to sell. And finally, Sony sent an email to all her fans asking if we would like to buy the CD through them and you may get an autographed copy while supplies last. Well, a majority of people that ordered the CD last week have yet to recieve it and if you check your order it still says in progress. Most of the people have not even been billed yet. Two people had the money taken out of their checking account to only find it put back in yesterday. It seems as though Sony doesn't want to include those sales in this weeks numbers. Sony has been contacted numerous times and has not given one response yet. It's really sad."

    Source: Pop Dirt

    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- For all those fascinated by Mariah's fashion, check out our new Mariah Style Report section for hair and makeup tips, information on how you can buy Mariah’s latest fashions, and an inside look at the trends Mariah instilled across the world throughout her career.

    -- In its sixth week on the chart, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" moves up five spaces to #15 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

    -- "The Remixes" will be released in Canada on Tuesday, October 21, according to Sony Music Canada.

    -- HoLLaAtCha1984 writes: "I work at Wal-Mart in New Jersey and Mariah's 'The Remixes' sold out in its first day. I'm not talking about 10 copies but more like 60, which is a lot for a small CD section. Clay Aiken's new CD had so many left. I couldn't even buy 'The Remixes' because I thought there would be some left after work but every rack was gone.The girl in the music department told me every time Mariah comes out with a new CD, she sells out!"

    -- Mariah is mentioned in this month's issue of GQ with The Rock on the cover. Question 7 of the music IQ test is all about her. It says, "Since Mariah Carey has named her latest albums Butterfly, Rainbow, and Charmbracelet, the next album should logically be called ______." Their answer is "Unicorn."

    Source: Ankur | SKS 2K3 | HoLLaAtCha1984 | Joshua

    OCTOBER 15, 2003 3:39PM
    Cry Me A Diva

    When Mariah Carey was a little girl, she desperately wanted her life to be different, so each night she knelt beside the bed and prayed for God to make her famous. Today, she is about as famous as it gets. Her prayers were answered and the face of the world's most successful female singer and songwriter is everywhere, from magazine covers to videos, albums, t-shirts and TV shows.

    There are times, though, that Mariah hasn't been comfortable with that face. In fact, she's been pretty much uncomfortable with everything about herself.

    Hers wasn't an easy childhood. Her mother was white and her father part black, part Hispanic. They divorced when she was three, and Mariah says she “felt like a freak.”

    She missed her father dreadfully, never quite believing he loved her. She thought fame might change that.

    Mariah lived with her mother, an Irish opera singer, and they moved 13 times to homes that were always poorer and more bohemian than anyone else's. The family stuck out like a sore thumb in their predominantly white neighborhood on Long Island, New York.

    Crosses were burned on the lawn and the family dog was poisoned. Mariah's older sister Alison became a mother at 15, a drug addict and then a prostitute; she is HIV-positive.

    Mariah started singing at four and used to hide under the kitchen table, scribbling down songs when everything became too much. “People are still confused by my mixed-race background,” she says, “They look at me all the time and ask, ‘What are you?’ I still don't know. When I was with my mother, who was white, people thought I must have a Hispanic father -- they didn't realize he was black. When he picked me up they'd look at me as if I had three heads. I felt like a freak. I just watched a tape of me at 11 setting a poem to music. At times I look happy, but then I look into the eyes of this little girl and can see she was very sad. I can remember that little girl praying, hoping, and wishing for stardom. I thought it was going to solve the dysfunction in my life. It doesn't, but I didn't know that -- neither do the people who watch you on television. They see you in this fairytale and think everything is perfect -- that you're living a happy-ever-after life.”

    Mariah's early career was the stuff of fairy-tales. Plucked from obscurity as an 18-year-old by Sony music chief Tommy Mottola, whom she later married, she has sold more then 150 million albums and singles, with an astonishing 100 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certificates. In the U.S. she is the only artist since the 1920s to have had a number one hit year after year for a decade and she has two Grammy Awards. Her latest single is released this month and next week she arrives in Britain as part of her world tour.

    However, the fairytale wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Mariah's marriage was desperately unhappy. She divorced and has since had two relationships, but neither of them has lasted.

    Two years ago, she suffered an “emotional and physical breakdown” and walked away from a £70million, five-album contract with Virgin Records.

    Mariah is only 33. She doesn't have a boyfriend and says she can count her true friends on the fingers of one hand. One of them has told her she's “the most tortured optimist” she knows. She is currently on her first tour since her breakdown.

    We meet at a restaurant in the Trump Taj Mahal hotel in Atlantic City. Mariah is wearing the tiniest of tiny pink and silver sequin dresses. It's 2am and she's drinking a glass of wine.

    She has just finished a concert and says she is `feeling depleted'. She's actually exhausted having spent an hour-and-a-half on stage brilliantly out hit after hit. She has an astonishing voice that spans five octaves and sings with a huge passion and a gutsy defiance; vulnerable even. She picks at a plate of antipasto, but there was a time she forgot to eat; in fact, she stopped taking care of herself altogether and ended up in a heap on her mother's kitchen floor. This is the first time she has spoken about her breakdown.

    She'd been working herself hard after signing with Virgin where record bosses demanded their £70 million of flesh. Her affair with Latin American singer Luis Miguel was ending. She felt unloved, lonely and lost.

    Indeed, just before being admitted to hospital she left a poignant message on her website, “What I'd like is just a little break, or at least one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video or something.”

    She says now, “You think this is a long day. I'd be on a day like this and then it would be, ‘Okay, you've got to do the Australian interview now.’ I'd be on the phone until five or six in the morning, and I'd bee so wired from working I wouldn't be able to sleep. Then, I'd have to get up and do a photo-shoot at 8am. I did that consistently for two months and I broke down physically. It's been written that Luis broke my heart and caused the breakdown. It's just not the truth. He did not break my heart. I wish I could say that was the reason it happened. I broke my own heart by treating myself less than humanely and working myself into the ground.

    “The day it happened they were trying to get me to do a video. I couldn't because I hadn't slept in five days and looked horrible. I tried to explain but nobody was listening. I got in my car and started driving. I was going anywhere I could to get away from my management, the label, from people who wouldn't stop pushing me.

    "I decided to go to my mother's house to rest and relax, but it didn't happen. I hadn't been eating and my blood sugar level was low. I got there and passed out on the kitchen floor. My mother dialed the emergency services. She didn't understand that you don't do that with a famous person because it creates a scandal. I was in hospital for about a week-and-a-half. I only saw my mother and my brother. I didn't want to see people because I wasn't looking my best. It wasn't a matter of me losing my mind. Anybody would have cracked under that pressure. The pain we go through, I think it happens for a reason. I don't want to sound clichéd, but I'm going to have to. I believe that whatever does't break you makes you stronger.”

    She was 18 when she was introduced to Tommy Mottola, the president of CBS Records (later Sony Music) at a party. Employed as a waitress and a session singer, she'd gone along with her friend Brenda K. Starr who thrust Mariah's demo tape at Mottola.

    He took the tape and left, played it in his limousine and was so stunned he went straight back to the party, but Mariah had gone. That was a Friday. By Monday he'd tracked her down and signed her to an eight-album deal.

    Mariah, who was a virgin, became his lover too. In 1993, having left his wife and children, Mottola married her and the couple moved into a mansion in New York. Mottola was powerful, possessive, controlling, and that home soon became a prison of sorts to Mariah. He dictated the clothes she wore, her hairstyle, where she went and with whom. She was even escorted to the restroom.

    Indeed, although her first album sold more that five million copies and included four number one singles, Mariah says she did not begin to guess at the fame she'd achieved until a year or so later when somebody stopped to ask for her autograph -- she wasn't usually allowed out.

    “I don't think I'll ever truly feel as if I've made it,” she says. “People who experience fame from an early age tend to feel it in a different way to me. When I first became famous, I didn't feel that it was because I was sheltered in that relationship with someone much older and very controlling. I didn't go to clubs and have people acting towards me the way they do when they know you're famous. Someone asked me for my autograph when I was 20. It was a feeling of validation. In the beginning Tommy was a sort of father figure who represented stability to me. But he became too overwhelming, too overbearing, too stifling. It was enough to kill anybody's sprit.

    “For a long while I was trapped. I was with his record company. My manager and my lawyer were his best friends. I was a kid. They were powerful men. I didn't have a father who was managing me. I didn't have a mother who was taking care of me. I was a teenager alone in New York and scraping a living together when we met.

    “I did think I was in love for a while. We were together so long before we got married. I thought if we did he would lighten up on me and wouldn't be so controlling. Tommy was my first lover and there have only been two since. I didn't want a baby at 15. I don't have casual sex and I've never had a one-night stand. It's to do with self-respect. I never want people to say, ‘Oh, I had her for one night. Ha-ha.’ I've only had a few relationships because I have to be with the right person.

    “I've seen a number of people in the past week and I ask, ‘Can I ever see myself being with this person for a long time?’ If the answer is no -- if I'm not feeling head over heels -- why bother? I don't want get into something and feel rejected. I don't want to feel I gave myself to someone in every way and then found myself all alone.”

    Mariah's marriage to Mottola ended in 1998. It was a particularly difficult separation. “Tommy would say the most abusive, in appropriate, terrible things. It became very ugly. If I hadn't left I don't think I'd have survived. It was a choice of staying and completely losing myself or leaving. I was at the brink.”

    A confidentiality agreement prevents Mariah from talking in detail about exactly what brought matters to a head, but she does say, “There was an event that happened in front of too many people that was really humiliating. It fired me up enough to say, ‘I can't do this anymore’. I went to stay with a friend in Manhattan and didn't go back to the house. That in itself was a huge thing. Somehow I go the courage. If you put an animal against a wall for long enough, they're either going to cower and die or they're going to break out. I broke out.”

    Mariah was 18 when she met Mottola and 26 when she split from him. The fallout inevitably affected her working relationship with Sony. Eventually she left, possible with the help of rival Jennifer Lopez.

    A snippet of music licensed to Mariah appeared on a Lopez album released by Sony. The two have reportedly been at loggerheads since. “Some weird stuff went on with a song when I was leaving Sony. That's what started the whole thing,” says Mariah. “I wish Jennifer all the best. It's not worth my time to waste energy on her. I wish I could have stayed with Sony, but it was too incestuous. It was sad.”

    It was also nasty and vicious. There were stories made up claiming Mariah was promiscuous; that she behaved like a diva; was difficult, demanding, losing it. She signed with Virgin four months before her breakdown. It was a snap decision and one she regrets.

    “I went with the wrong company and I have to take the blame for it. It was a decision driven by money because I've always been afraid that the rug could be pulled out from under me. I never felt like a person with money because of how I grew up. It was the wrong move for me. They'd never had an artist like me -- a singing diva.”'

    Mariah was admitted to hospital suffering an emotional and physical breakdown four weeks after finding herself stuck on a punishing promotional treadmill to publicize her album Glitter and the film of the same name, in which she starred.

    The album was released on September 11, 2001. The timing was appalling and the album sold just two million. Her relationship with Virgin soured.

    “I was not fired. I was not let go,” she says. “It was a mutual agreement. They wanted to start changing things within my contract because they were not happy with the performance of the Glitter songs. They thought, ‘Maybe she's lost it. Maybe she's not going to be able to make records anymore. Let's change the deal.’ I wasn't going for it.”

    Indeed, since hitting rock bottom two years ago, Mariah has demonstrated a steely determination to get back on top.

    She's been driven, she says, since she was a baby. When she was in her first year at school, a friend told her, “When you sing it's as if there's music behind you.” Mariah stored up these precious words of praise and remains visibly touched when she's complimented about her voice.

    She lost herself in music last year when her father died from cancer. She says, “I'd just started to build a close relationship with my father when he found out he was ill. He was an aeronautical engineer, very practical and didn't understand my wish to be a star. When I became a success, we never quite had that conversation, ‘Wow, I didn't think you could do this. It's great.’ I was always trying to prove myself to him. I didn't really need to do that, but I didn't find out until the end of his life.

    “In the end he couldn't really speak. I found out from his friends that he used to tell them how proud of me he was. My father only had a couple of CDs. When he was dying I found out one of them was mine. I didn't think he'd heard any of my songs. For someone I didn't know was proud of me it was an amazing discovery. He saved everything I'd every given him, right down to cards I'd made him when I was three. One of the last things he said to me was that he was proud of me.”

    Mariah says she is finally beginning to feel comfortable in her skin. “People can be lonely in the middle of a crowd and sometimes I am guilty of that. When everybody's pawing you and saying come and meet this person, come and meet that person. You feel it isn't about the real you and that can be very lonely. People have their own agendas.

    “Some people want to be close to you and lie and say they've slept with you and you think they were a good friend. Others want to be around you to be a financial drain. There was a lot of weird stuff going on between labels. I was just one young woman going up against corporations and then having people saying, ‘Forget her. She's not the person she was.’

    “I'm not. I've been though the wringer, but I'm now at a place of strength and power. I'd prayed for so much and it got bigger than me. I had to get back to being the person I used to be. Now I'm finally back in touch with little girl who was able to pray and hope.”

    Mariah Carey will be appearing at the SECC Glasgow on October 25, NEC Birmingham October 28, Wembley October 30 and MEN Manchester, November 1. Her single Bringin' On The Heartbreak is released on Island records on October 27.

    Source: Daily Mail (Transcribed by James Brown)

    Mariah and Beyonce's dance-off

    Fashion show schedules are like the static caravan of the holiday world: useless! What is the point? Bored and hot, I engage in that most popular of pastimes, gossip. The latest story doing the rounds comes from the Versace party in Milan. Every season, Donatella Versace hosts the most lavish of parties to celebrate the new season. The great and the good were there, plus more than a sprinkling of celebrities. Both Beyoncé Knowles and that plump popster Mariah Carey showed up and, allegedly, as the music started to hot up, so did the dance floor.

    Both Beyoncé and Mariah were giving it large trying to out-dance each other with x-rated variations on a gyratory theme. Or, for the sake of a decent strap line - engaging in a "double diva dance-off sandwich". And by all accounts, after about an hour, Mariah gave up, stormed off and left the party early. Remember, you heard it here first.

    Source: Scotsman

    Mariah's dressing room dramas

    There were three different hairstyles, three different revealing frocks - but always the same cheesy grin.

    Welcome to one night in the life of Mariah Carey, superstar.

    The 33-year-old American singer was determined to make an impression at the weekend World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

    And that meant one quick change after another.

    Miss Carey arrived for the ceremony in a long, multi-coloured Versace chiffon gown which barely covered her ample cleavage.

    But by the time she appeared on stage to receive an award for selling 150million albums worldwide, she was in gold lace and sequins.

    And for a post-event party at Jimmy'z nightclub, she chose frock number three - a see-through pink mini which again left little to the imagination.

    Her straight blonde coiffure had also developed some extravagant, tumbling curls.

    Little wonder that she had earlier rejected a dressing room as being too small, causing the awards co-host Rupert Everett to be turfed out of his more spacious accommodation.

    Source: Femail Online

    Mariah dazzles with fashion turnaround

    Mariah Carey's appearance in Monaco over the weekend seemingly had as many costume changes as her current Charmbracelet tour.

    The voluptuous diva donned no fewer than three outfits during the World Music Awards – and the show's follow-up fests – showing a fondness for skimpy Versace.

    She strolled up the event's red carpet wearing a colourful curve-baring creation by the Italian designer, her hair in a casual upswept do. But when it was time to pick up her jewel-encrusted Diamond award – made by jewellery house Chopard – she'd switched to a glittering gold dress and an I Dream Of Jeannie-style pony tail.

    The 33-year-old star continued to turn heads at a World Music post-party, where she sported a sheer pink minidress as she mingled with fellow famous guests.

    British fans who want to check out Mariah's talent – and her ultra-glam wardrobe – will get their chance when the singer arrives in the UK later this month, hitting Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Manchester with her tour.

    Source: Hello! Magazine

    Mariah Carey: Charmbracelet World Tour

    Three years in the waiting, and Mariah is back to charm her fans. Only this time she’s taking her spectacular show outside London. Fans will be treated to a sensational show, both amazingly stimulating to the ears, and visually stunning and utterly entertaining.

    You can see Mariah in Glasgow at the SECC on Saturday 25th October, Birmingham’s NEC Arena on Tuesday 28th October, London’s Wembley Arena on Thursday 30th Throughally, the Manchester Evening News Arena on Saturday 1st November.

    The Charmbracelet Tour is sure to be sensational event featuring Mariah performing hits from her new album Charmbracelet including "Through The Rain," "Boy (I Need You)" and the recently released smash hit "I Know What You Want" with Busta Rhymes.

    Mariah will also perform favourites from her unparalleled career that has so far spawned a record breaking 15 number 1 singles worldwide, including "Fantasy," "Heartbreaker," "Dreamlover" and "Hero." Matt Goss's edition as special guest marks the return of the original pop idol. Fans will be treated to a stage show that will feature a full 7 piece backing band and it’s promised there’ll be many surprises in store.

    When asked how he felt about joining the superstar on tour Matt said, "I’m a massive fan of Mariah’s voice and to get back on stage at Wembley again with such a respected artist is a total honour."

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    News Tidbits

    -- Check out Entertainment Tonight online for the chance to win an autographed copy of Mariah's album catalog.

    -- Log on to to listen to Mariah's "U Like This" mega mix featuring the David Morales remixes of "Honey," "My All," "Dreamlover," "Fantasy" and "Always Be My Baby."

    -- The Sun reports that Mariah list of demands continues to grow as her tour reaches Germany. Columnist Victoria Netwon says, "After I told you about her antics in Monte Carlo at the weekend, the diva insisted all the windows in her suite at the Regent Hotel in Berlin be blacked out. I just hope she remembered to tip the poor porters who lugged her 50 cases up to her room."

    -- From The State: "Thanks to e-mail, I hear from the fanatics," said Billboard magazine's Geoff Mayfield. "I hear from the die-hard fans from your bigger artists. There are certain artists that really have big cults - Madonna has one, Mariah Carey has one. I don't recall anybody who's generated as much e-mail response as Clay Aiken has."

    -- From MTV News: "This ain't no paltry remix EP. Mariah Carey gets it — bigger is better. So Remixes delivers exactly what its title promises: two discs full of reworkings of Carey's songs, including "Heartbreaker" featuring Da Brat and Missy Elliott, "The One" featuring Bone Crusher and "Thank God I Found You" co-starring Joe and Nas."

    OCTOBER 14, 2003 5:28PM
    The Remixes

    Today Columbia Records released "The Remixes," a specially-priced two CD collection jam-packed with 22 of Mariah's chart-topping dance/club tracks, 13 #1 singles, and the smash hit “I Know What You Want” featuring Busta Rhymes & The Flipmode Squad. Be sure to show your support for your favorite diva and pick up a copy today!

    To celebrate this release, Mariah Daily has teamed up with Mariah herself to offer one lucky fan an autographed CD. All you’ve got to do to win is purchase Mariah’s "The Remixes" album, save your receipt, and mail it to our headquarters. For further details, click here.

    Our new poll is also remix-related, and asks which track is your favorite from "The Remixes" album. Please cast your vote now! Our last poll asked which producer/production team you would most like Mariah to work with for her next album. Here are the final results:

  • 34% (992 votes) The Neptunes
  • 23% (673 votes) Missy Elliott
  • 12% (356 votes) Linda Perry
  • 11% (329 votes) Timbaland
  • 9% (262 votes) Dr. Dre
  • 4% (108 votes) Dallas Austin
  • 3% (76 votes) The Matrix
  • 2% (49 votes) Scott Storch
  • 2% (46 votes) Rockwilder
  • 1% (35 votes) Kanye West
    Total Votes: 2,926

    Mariah Live

    It has been almost two years since Mariah Carey was hospitalized after suffering a nervous breakdown. In 2001 her relationship with both her record label and love interest (singer Luis Miguel) was ending, which added to the frustrations of lost success; that year, Carey suffered the first string of flops in her career: the album and film Glitter where incredible failures. But now Mariah is back with Charmbracelet, her latest album release, and a world tour, which brought the singer to Rotterdam on Wednesday.

    It is tempting to make bad jokes about the fact that Carey mentioned twice during her concert performance how much she enjoyed the Amsterdam crowd, when she was in fact in Rotterdam, but we’re not like that. However, Carey is no longer a confused soul, her new record label reassures. “Stronger than ever” is what it’s called in the entertainment industry language, but that was sadly not the case commercially and artistically.

    Charmbracelet isn’t the misfit that Glitter proved to be, but the album isn’t exactly a new asset to Carey’s record collection. The gospel-esque “My Saving Grace” was one of the few new songs that were actually liked by the audience at Ahoy Stadium, Carey’s venue of choice. The rest of the album is a breathlessness attempt to make a past connection through hip-hop and R&B to present tines. Detached from the fact that Carey is least convincing in these songs, her fans are also not ecstatic about them. The Ahoy audience cheered most when Carey did what made her famous in the early 90s: extend her vocal range and sing full steed ahead in dramatic ballads like “Without You” and “I’ll Be There.”

    No doubt Carey can do a lot with her voice (the crowd raved every time she imitated a dog whistle in her signature high-octave scale) and that is apparently enough for her fans to accept and push back Carey’s bland material from the last few years.

    Carey isn’t a spontaneous or charming star but a made-star, with prepared jokes, sultry laughs and outrageous hand motions, which proved to be almost as annoying as her outfit changes in between nearly every song. The time in between her costume changes were filled with video clips, dance routines, and acrobat performances. All this nonsense shows that Carey doesn’t know what to do with her career and that the era of this kind of pop diva is definitely over.

    Source: De Volkskrant (Translated by Meindert Leegwater)

    Anna 5, Mariah 4

    Anna Kournikovawon the wardrobe war of the divas at the awards - sporting five outfits in one night to Mariah Carey’s mere four. Their change behaviour left star guests gasping at the gong- giving and aftershow party.

    Tennis totty Anna hosted Sunday night’s big do with Rupert Everett. She dressed to thrill in a brace of ballgowns and paraded her perfect pins in ultra-short numbers.

    But in fairness to Mariah, her frocks were the most diva-like - decked out with more sparkle than a Harrods Christmas tree.

    Mariah - who won a special award for mega-selling artists on the night - was also busting with pride judging from her outstanding cleavage. And she gained vital diva points for displaying dramatically different hairstyles, including a down and wavy look and a severe ponytail.

    But then she made the ultimate fashion blunder by wearing a black frock she had also picked for the pre-awards party the night before. Every girl knows you should never wear the same dress twice.

    All in all I reckon the pair are now level in the diva stakes, after I revealed yesterday how Mariah blew £50,000 on customised hotel rooms for herself and her people for just two nights in the gambling mecca.

    And maybe the stars’ swop idol frock excess is a way of solving every girl’s nightmare of what to wear to a glitzy do - just choose the lot.

    The silly thing is that, unlike most of us, this pair of glamour queens would probably look great in just bin liners.

    Meanwhile, I have more news on the Mariah "different planet" front - she clearly has no idea how to use a credit card.

    I asked her what the limit is on her plastic and she revealed: "I’ve no idea. Whenever I need money, my financial adviser comes round to my house with a big bag of cash."

    Source: The Sun

    Mariah's Entourage Takes Over Monaco

    As Mariah Carey's dresses become ever smaller, her expenses grow even larger. When the diva arrived in Monaco for the World Music Awards over the weekend, she booked 10 rooms at the Hotel de Paris for close to $60,000 to house her and her army of hairdressers, assistants, bodyguards and wardrobe stylists. Carey also made the hotel's staff work overtime to outfit her rooms correctly. According to British tabloids, she insisted on six humidifiers for her suites, dozens of bouquets of fresh flowers, a top-of-the-line exercise bike, and more subdued lighting in all the rooms. During the bash at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club on Sunday night, Carey was presented with the Diamond Award by Prince Albert. But Carey wasn't the only one having a good time. At the after-party at Jimmy's, Pink and Kristanna Loken spent the evening making out on the dance floor and in booths - to Prince Albert's delight.

    Source: New York Post

    Mariah: Last diva standing

    Now that Jennifer Lopez has gone humble to hold on to Ben Affeck, Mariah Carey seems to have a lock on the diva title.

    The singer flew into Monaco by private jet Saturday to accept an award at the World Music Awards there. She checked into Monte Carlo's chic Hotel de Paris, where the London Sun says she booked the four most expensive suites at $3,400-a-night for herself, and additional suites for her entourage.

    She insisted on fresh flowers, six humidifiers, an exercise bike and special lighting effects in her suites.

    The total tab for the two-night stay is said to have been $47,500.

    Source: New York Daily News

    News Tidbits

    -- British fans can watch the 2003 World Music Awards on Friday 24th October on C5 at 11:20pm. In related news, Trevor Nelson’s "Lowdown" featuring Mariah can be seen on BBC3 on 17th Oct at 11:00pm, 18th Oct at 11:25pm, and 24th Oct at 11:00pm.

    -- The European Fan-Bracelet will be given to Mariah during the last show on the European Leg of her Charmbracelet World Tour in Milan, Italy. The deadline is October 25th and everyone from around the world can participate, so be sure to send your entries to

    -- Lamb Alliance is teaming up for an on-going celebration of Mariah's upcoming 2004 birthday! They're sponsoring a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. All donations made go directly to this charity, which is a cause that's very important to Mariah. This fundraiser will go on for an indefinite amount of time, so it's never too late to make your contribution! For more information, click here.

    -- Check out Hello! Magazine online for an article and picture of Mariah at the World Music Awards.

    Source: Matte | Ayako | Stephanie | David

  • OCTOBER 13, 2003 5:57PM
    Mariah's show of support

    Eye favourites Mariah Carey and Pink were busting out all over at the weekend's World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

    Oh, Mariah. Just because you've got 'em, doesn't mean you have to flaunt 'em. And strapping a couple of scarfs around your neck isn't exactly what we'd call support.

    Carey picked up the Diamond Award for artists who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.

    And thank goodness she did, because the pop diva reportedly blew $120,000 on accommodation for herself and her assistants during her weekend stay.

    Source: Herald Sun

    Mariah busts the bank at Monte Carlo

    What do you get when you add singer Mariah Carey to a glitzy awards bash in Monte Carlo? The answer is the sort of diva demands that have hotel bosses rubbing their hands with glee.

    If her performance at this weekend’s World Music Awards is anything to go by, Mariah is determined to wrestle the crown as Queen of Divas from Jennifer Lopez.

    J-Lo may insist on a caravan of limos and lilies and white muslin walls in her dressing rooms. But super-rich Mariah blew £28,000 on rooms alone over two nights. Thousands more went on making sure that they were just how she wanted them.

    The singer flew to the gambling mecca by private jet from Germany on Saturday and checked in to the Hotel de Paris. She had booked the four most expensive suites in the hotel for herself at the cost of £2,000 a night, then added suites for her make-up assistant, hairdresser, wardrobe assistant, manager and two beefy security guards. Clearly working for Mariah has it’s perks.

    Before arriving she had insisted on six humidifiers for her suites and all of them to be decked out in fresh flowers. There also had to be a top-of-the-range exercise bike to hand. The lighting had to be changed so that the effect was darker than usual.

    In fact, lighting requirements appear to have filled Mariah’s weekend. She flew in her own lighting director from the US and told organisers of the awards the flunkey was to be in charge when she was presented with her award last night and later when she performed. And whenever she posed for photographs with fans she insisted on perfect poses before a flash went off.

    A source at the hotel told me: “We are used to getting some big names passing through our doors but perhaps none as big in the world of pop as Mariah Carey. There was certainly a fuss over Miss Carey’s arrival at the weekend. We like to offer our guests the best so no matter what they ask for they will get it — after all, it is their money they are spending.”

    Mariah attended a sparkling dinner on Saturday then picked up a special gong from Prince Albert at the big bash last night. He handed over the Diamond Award for artists who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. So at least she can afford to foot her huge bill.

    Mariah told me at the bash: “I’m really honoured. It’s a great award to be able to collect.”

    I reckon that at the end of the weekend Mariah wasn’t left with much change from £50,000. But she would have been left with enough to get in a celebration round of drinks at local celeb hang-out Jimmy’z — just. The going rate there is £25 a drink.

    Source: The Sun

    Aguilera Ditches Performance Over Mariah

    Christina Aguilera reportedly pulled out of performing at the World Music Awards because she didn't want to appear on the same stage as Mariah Carey.

    The Genie In A Bottle star was due to sing at the glitzy awards bash in Monte Carlo, Monaco, last weekend - but cancelled at the last minute.

    A source close to the flamboyant singer told Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "Christina felt she didn't want to be associated with Mariah's brand of schmaltzy songs."

    However, another insider claimed Aguilera was really fearful of Mariah's musical talents.

    They say, "Christina's really quite daunted by Mariah's vocal abilities."

    Source: Z100 Online

    Mariah to be on "I Love the ‘80s Strikes Back"

    VH1 is reprising its highly successful and hilarious I Love the ‘80s approach for ‘I Love the ‘80s Strikes Back,’ a whole new bodacious trip down a day-glo-colored memory lane for the Gen X crowd. A variety of music artists, TV and film stars, athletes, journalists and other celebs come together to dish the decadent decade, including Mariah Carey.

    Source: Viacom

    Mariah Too Much For Luis Miguel

    A recent Mexican TV special tried to investigate more about Mexican singer Luis Miguel's life. In the one-hour show Mariah was an obvious topic. "Mariah Carey was one of the very few serious relationships of Luis Miguel and by first time Luis Miguel was proud to show the world a girlfriend."

    Was he good enough for Mariah? "I don't think he is looking for a serious relationship right now," said the host. During the relationship Luis Miguel was cheating on Mariah several times with some not so serious girls from Acapulco, Mexico; he obviously didn't care about Mariah's love.

    Mariah was not good for Luis Miguel, he often dates with women who are not as successful as him, and with Mariah the story is different, she is one of the most successful artists of all time and much more successful than Luis Miguel, he believes h! e has to be always the best. For example, he never shows up in TV shows or in many interviews, he tries to be more than an average latin artist, he could have felt less than Mariah and that could be the main reason why Luis Miguel broke the relationship.

    Source: Mariah Hero | Badyr Salcedo

    Mariah Carey: Celebrity of the Day

    Mariah Carey's is the story of an Irish and African-American/Venezuelan Cinderella. She was living in a Manhattan apartment with a landlady 'who used to walk around with a rat on her shoulder' when she was plucked from obscurity by her Prince Charming, Colombia chief Tommy Mottola. Three years later she was watching videos of Princess Di's wedding to get tips for theirs. Carey has had more singles debut at number one than anyone else, is the only artist to have had a number one in every year of the 1990s, and, in December 1992, Sony chose her latest recording to launch the MiniDisc.

    She has also had her share of troubles, including divorce, a plagiarism claim and a court case when her stepfather demanded a share of her fortune. In 2001, she was admitted to hospital suffering from 'exhaustion' amid rumours of a suicide attempt. She has since launched a woeful stab at an acting career with the semi-autobiographical flop Glitter and WiseGirls, both of which showed her solidly wooden side.

    Source: People News

    News Tidbits

    -- Brian writes to inform fans to set your VCRs to record as many entertainment shows the next few days as you can. Mariah will likely be shown at the World Music Awards and may have appearances regarding the release of "The Remix" album. The most likely programs that she will be on are Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, E! News Live, Inside Edition, and MTV News.

    -- The team is going backstage during Mariah's UK concerts to present her with the UK Fan Bracelets. We're giving you the opportunity to accompany a team member backstage after Mariah's Glasgow concert and also at the Manchester one! The winner of the Glasgow Meet & Greet entry will be randomly selected from everyone who has contributed to the Glasgow Fan Bracelet! The winner of the Manchester Meet & Greet entry will be randomly selected from everyone who has contributed to the Manchester Fan Bracelet! The deadline for all UK Fan Bracelet entries is Monday, so send them quickly to and you could be meeting Mariah backstage!

    Source: Brian | Matte

    OCTOBER 12, 2003 6:53PM
    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- Photos of Mariah attending the 15th annual World Music Awards can be found in our temporary photogallery. She was presented with the Diamond Award, a career achievement award recognizing sales of over 100 million. The ceremony will air on October 18th at 8:00pm Eastern Time on The WB.

    -- The Philippine Star reports that Mariah's planned concert in Manila next month has been cancelled. There were initial negotiations but Mariah had to beg off due to her very tight schedule. Stay tuned for further developments.

    -- "The Remixes" enters the Official UK Top 75 Albums chart at #35. This is better than the placements of Mariah's two previous releases, "Charmbracelet" and "Greatest Hits," and is her highest ranking on this chart since "Glitter" peaked at #10 back in 2001. In related news, "The Remixes" has been pushed back to November 3 in Australia and November 10 in November 10 in Denmark. Nanna Clausen, webmaster of (The Danish Mariah Carey Fanclub), talked to Sony Denmark yesterday, who said they are really behind and haven't been informed on promotional activities yet.

    Source: Yahoo! News | Getty Images | a dee084 | Nanna

    Chaka Khan on Mariah and Whitney

    When asked during a recent radio interview what she thought of "this generation's powerhouse divas such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, who have walked in the routes of [past divas]," singer Chaka Khan said, "They need to take care of themselves rather than turning their heads toward this person over here and that person over there whenever they get cussed in and out the door. And when I say take care of yourself, that means get in touch with the spirit; have a talk with God. You could go through bunch of therapy sessions but none of that will clean the dirty seeds in your soul, God will do [that] and when he does, you'll get healed for good. Everybody makes bad judgments and I surely did a lot of them. The bottom line is you've just got to get out of that experience with a lesson.

    "Mariah is going through hell 'cause she compromised her art just to sell records when she already has potintial enough to blow half of these young women who walk around with their chest all out thinking they outshine a church choir when they don't have the power to blow a candle. Whitney will get out of this mess and inspire everybody with her story. People are saying she's a self-distruct, she ain't going nowhere. Everybody said the same damn crap about me when I was down and out. Both women will be okay. They may not groundbreak the record industry like they used to but who cares if you can deliever? I don't sell that much but I got a solid fanbase and that's what time is it."

    Source: Inside Whitney | MLIYL

    Tommy Pygmalion Has a New Project

    "Every day, I'm in my own vortex of a hurricane. She's the only thing that can stop that, so that my hurricane doesn't consume me."

    That was Thomas D. Mottola, the music mogul, talking about Thalía Sodi, the Latina pop idol.

    Like the Pygmalion of myth, Mr. Mottola, 54, has sometimes been so dazzled by his own creation that he has fallen in love, most famously with Mariah Carey, whom he married in 1993. During their five-year union, he transformed her from a backup singer into a white-hot hit machine, and the couple built their own 14-bath mansion, Xanadu, in Bedford, N.Y.

    In 2000, Mr. Mottola married the Mexican-born Ms. Sodi, who was already a star in the Latino community in the United States and who, at 31, bears more than a passing resemblance to Ms. Carey. Her musical career is handled by Virgin Records, a label Mr. Mottola has no hand in. Yet his wife is very clearly his next big project, and his challenge is to make her a household name while avoiding being overly controlling — a trait Ms. Carey once complained wounded their marriage. To hear Mr. Mottola tell it, Ms. Sodi has the potential to eclipse his many past triumphs — and not incidentally, to help him reinvent himself after his ouster in January from Sony, which had lost many millions of dollars during his last year.

    Evidently intent on following the model of Jennifer Lopez, whose first fragrance, Glow, is a mass market hit, Mr. Mottola and his bride have also developed a perfume to be sold at Kmart, Thalía, its packaging highlighted by an imprint of Ms. Sodi's pillowy lips. "It's a work of art, like a Dalí piece," Mr. Mottola said as they sat in a conference room in Midtown. Mr. Mottola declared, "We're going to make Thalía the Hispanic Martha Stewart."

    Why not? Mr. Mottola is, after all, the man who plucked Ms. Carey from obscurity after listening to a demonstration tape that Ms. Carey, then an 18-year-old waitress, slipped him at a party. He provided musical guidance and also helped choose her skirts and lipsticks.

    Eventually, the marriage soured. Ms. Carey later said she found her relationship with Mr. Mottola, 20 years her senior, confining, if not downright oppressive. In an interview with Barbara Walters six months after the divorce, Ms. Carey, then still under contract to Sony, charged Mr. Mottola with concealing film offers from her, adding that he was so overbearing she feared to venture out with friends at night, lest she incur his wrath. Mr. Mottola, who discredited her claims at the time, declined to comment on this chapter in his life.

    Source: New York Times

    Remix Queen

    Columbia Records will release Mariah Carey's Remixes collection on October 14. The double CD includes 22 of her chart-topping dance tracks. Mariah holds the record of having more Number One hits than any other female artist in pop music history. She's also spent more weeks at Number One on Billboard's Hot 100 chart than any artist in the history of the rankings. Mariah is now signed to Island/Def Jam Records.

    Source: VOANews

    Break-ups don’t break Mariah

    Mariah Carey has denied that her split with ex-lover Luis Manuel caused her emotional and physical breakdown two years ago. “I’d be on the phone until five or six in the morning, and I’d be so wired from working I wouldn’t be able to sleep,” Carey explained. “I broke my own heart by treating myself less than humanely.”

    Source: Hindustan Times

    OCTOBER 11, 2003 11:47PM
    The Remixes

    As you’re all aware of, Columbia Records will be releasing The Remixes, a double disc collection of Mariah’s greatest remixes, on October 14. To celebrate the release, Mariah Daily has teamed up with Mariah herself to offer fans the opportunity to win an autographed CD. For complete contest details, click the banner above.

    The success of this album is absolutely depending on the support of you guys. With little promotion and no single release, most people aren’t even aware that this album is being released. Below are printable flyers promoting the album in English, French, German and Danish. Feel free to print them out and distribute them freely! You’ll also find two AOL Instant Messenger buddy icons (to your right) promoting The Remixes. Simply click on them, or save them to your computer, to show the world what your new favorite CD is!






    "Thankful" idol

    “I think I’m gonna puke,’’ was the only thing Kelly Clarkson could say when she met Mariah Carey face-to-face.

    While the American Idol star could have easily been misconstrued by a ‘lesser individual’, her more famous counterpart just smiled and replied, “You’re so funny!”

    Ever since Clarkson won the hearts of the American public – along with a US$1 million recording contract in the hit reality TV talent show last year – she has become a bona fide artiste with the release of her debut album, Thankful.

    “I’ve met the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Reba McIntyre, T-Boz and Aerosmith. While I have this surreal feeling like, ‘Hey, I know all your music, and you know my name’, I kept my cool most of the time.

    “But Mariah was one person I really flipped out over. Randy Jackson (Grammy-winning producer and American Idol judge) had introduced us during a show. Mariah was in her dressing room and was very obliging... so I just lost it.”

    Kelly’s immediate response was to gasp in horror. “I went like, ‘I didn’t just say that. I really should stop thinking aloud’,” she laughed.

    Source: New Straits Times Press

    Mariah's Heartbreak

    Mariah Carey has revealed the cause of her infamous breakdown she broke her own heart.

    The sexy star has denied her that her split with ex-lover Luis Manuel caused her emotional and physical breakdown two years ago.

    And she confessed that she had run herself into the ground promoting the release of her album Glitter.

    Mariah, 33, said: "I'd be on the phone until five or six in the morning, and I'd be so wired from working I wouldn't be able to sleep. I broke my own heart by treating myself less than humanely.''

    Source: Daily Record

    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- Do you think you know what will be on Mariah's Top 25 favorite video picks? Catch the lovely Miss M counting it down for you Saturday, October 25 at 2:00pm on BET!

    -- Our Indonesian contact says that Mariah's contract to give a concert in Jakarta is essentially finalized. The concert's promoter, Adrie Subono, says Mariah has agreed to dress conservatively in order to respect the month of the Ramadhan. The scheduled date is November 20 at Plennary Hall's Jakarta Convention Center. Tickets aren't on sale yet, but should be later this month. For more information, Indonesian fans can contact Java Musikindo by dialing (021) 57988623/25.

    -- Click here for pictures of Mariah performing during her opening concert in Germany of the Charmbracelet Tour 2003 in Hamburg.

    -- Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" music video is out in Italy but is receiving no support from the label. Please vote for it online at

    -- According to the Dot Music forums, Matt Gross, ex-member of the band Bros, has been asked and is confirmed to appear as the special guest/opening act of the UK branch of Mariah's 2003 Charmbracelet World Tour.

    -- British fans are trying to get Mariah's "Miss You" (the b-side of the "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" single and bonus track on "The Remixes") played on local urban radio stations. So please try to e-mail the following people to request the track:


    Source: Ferry Sagala | Fede | Laura | Ardis

  • OCTOBER 09, 2003 4:27PM
    Meeting Mariah

    On October 20, 2003, the Swedish television station TV3 will air a special documentary entitled "Fantastic Fans" during their 45 Minutes television program.

    David Westerberg, a 19-year-old Mariah fan from Stockholm was chosen to be a part of this broadcast, which focuses on celebrities, including Mariah and how incredibly loyal and devoted her fans around the world truly are.

    David’s journey began earlier this month when the 45 Minutes camera crew visited his house for an interview and a tour of his Mariah collection. After the spot was completed, the show’s producer called David to inform him that Mariah was rumored to be arriving in Stockholm around midnight. So he, two friends, and the 45 Minutes crew waited for hours outside Mariah’s hotel in the freezing cold. By 5:00am, the camera man had fallen asleep and Mariah was a no-show.

    However, the following days presented David with more luck. Click here to read his story on how he first got to greet Mariah outside her hotel, attend her concert, and finally, his suprise visit with Mariah herself!

    Mariah: Remixes, Reunions And Russia

    This past year found Mariah Carey in some unexpected places: standing next to Dave Navarro covering Def Leppard, playing Caesar's Palace, and singing at the Kremlin, where she recently launched her European tour. Still, perhaps the strangest place of all that Mariah finds herself this fall is back in bed with Sony Music. Due to a leftover contractual obligation, on Tuesday the label from which the singer parted several years ago will release Mariah Carey: The Remixes, an album whose title says it all. The double CD showcases 22 of Carey's reworked recordings — one disc dance mixes, the other hip-hop. Her bags were packed and ready to go to Moscow, but Mariah managed to squeeze in a few minutes to reflect on The Remixes.

    John Norris: Although this record is to an extent just a contractual thing, you say it's still something you're excited about.

    Mariah Carey: I'm excited about it because it was out in Japan first and I got it and I listened to it and it's a really good album. All the hip-hop remixes are there, and then you have the club mixes, so it's a totally unique kind of album. It is a contractual thing, and in a way I'm just like [sighs] "OK, this should've been out four years ago," but I think it's definitely like a collector's item. 'Cause a lot of the remixes you couldn't get in stores, you couldn't buy them.

    Norris: Do you have a favorite track on either disc?

    Carey: Well, there's always "Heartbreaker," and we have the So So Def version of "Honey," which is a real favorite of mine. I like the "Fantasy" remix by David Morales 'cause I like how it starts out in one place and takes you to a totally different place.

    Norris: Another version of "Fantasy" — the one that pairs you with Ol' Dirty Bastard — has become your all-time classic remix. How do you explain the song's enduring popularity?

    Carey: I think it's the simplicity of the track. It was the first time I worked with Puffy. And he really broke the track down to the basics of that Tom Tom Club loop [from "Genius of Love"]. And I think that there's just a magic to ODB's rhyme — like, there's something about it, and there's something about his voice mixed with my voice that was just so unexpected. And when we do it now onstage and I hear it and we perform it, it still makes me happy. It's still one of those songs that I love.

    Norris: When it comes to marrying pop and hip-hop, you were way ahead of the game. As disc two illustrates, years before Ashanti met Ja Rule or Beyoncé got "Crazy in Love" with Jay-Z, you were in the studio with the likes of Mase, Da Brat, and Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz.

    Carey: I just love hip-hop, and I love combining what I can do with what a rapper can bring to a track. Because you can have a track that's really good and that's a hot record and the vocal is nice, but when you put a really good rapper on top of it, it takes it to another level.

    Norris: Do you like hearing your songs in completely different, reworked ways?

    Carey: Yeah, 'cause I'm one of the architects reworking it. If I was just someone that just sat back and said, "Go ahead, speed up the vocals. Do what you want. Put 'em in there and do a remix" then that would be one thing. But I have memories of making those records and re-singing every vocal.

    Norris: And that's something that just wasn't done a decade ago. You pioneered the practice of going into the studio to re-record vocals for remixes, often resulting in songs that were altogether different than the original.

    Carey: It was something that I wanted to do. It wasn't even something that the label said, "Hey, we need you to go in and do a remix." I was like, "When are we doing the remix?"

    Norris: Some of the club mixes go back six, eight years. Do you think some sound more dated than others?

    Carey: I think maybe the club versions do because the style has changed so much and that's less of where my heart lies than with the [hip-hop mixes]. But the cool thing about the club CD ... is its very aerobics moments. [laughs] I do these pool water aerobics and it's like you can put that CD in and don't change it at all 'cause it's perfect for working out.

    Norris: And finally, this album winds up with your most recent hit, "I Know What You Want" with Busta, a song that really caught fire a few months ago.

    Carey: You know, sometimes a really simplistic track like that with a melody that's so simple catches on. I just love how he sounded, and I think people responded 'cause it was basic and kinda sexy and feel-good.

    Mariah Carey is on tour in Europe through November 7.

    Source: MTV News

    Mariah Carey Gets Remixy

    While Mariah Carey has long been dogged by music critics and other pop culture snobs, in recent years the pop diva has endeared herself to many naysayers with her newfound survivor status. The lady has survived public ridicule after being shuffled around between record labels and suffered a full-on mental breakdown upon the release of her ill-fated Glitter movie, but she keeps coming back. This fall Mariah will celebrate the lighter side of her music career with a new compilation of her dance club hits.

    Mariah Carey — The Remixes will feature 22 Mariah dance numbers that span the singer’s career. Amongst the tracks on the double CD are 13 #1 hits, including smash hits like "Dreamlover" and "Emotions." The package will hit stores on October 21.

    Of course, part of the key to Mariah’s success has been her well thought-out choices of collaborators, and the new remix disc is packed with all sorts of R&B and hip-hop stars. These big names include Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Da Brat, Missy Elliott and many others. The Remixes is also the first full-length album to feature the hit single "I Know What You Want," a duet with Busta Ryhmes.

    Source: Chart Attack

    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- Three exclusive pictures of Mariah signing autographs in Rotterdam have been added to our temporary photogallery.

    -- In its fifth week on the chart, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" moves up five places to #20 on Billboard Magazine's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

    -- The British issue of Mariah's "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" CD single will feature two versions of the track (Mainstream Edit and Live Version), plus an enhanced music video and "Miss You" featuring Jadakiss. For more information, as well as a scan of the cover, log on to

    -- Warta Kota, an Indonesian newspaper, recently reported that famed Indonesian concert promoter Adrie Subono is working out a deal with Mariah for her to give a concert in Jakarta. There is apparently one problem though: the concert is going to be in November, which is the Ramadhan for muslims (who make up 85% of the Indonesian population), so promoters hope that Mariah will dress more conservative. Stay tuned for more updates.

    -- According to, a special edition of "The Remixes" will be released featuring a Megamix Medley of Mariah's dance remixes.

    -- Which female pop star do you believe will age the most gracefully? Vote for Mariah at

    Source: Ferry Sagala | DJ | Bobby Kern

    OCTOBER 08, 2003 5:10PM
    News Tidbits & Site Updates

    -- Prince Albert of Monaco will be presenting Mariah with the Diamond Award at the 15th annual World Music Awards, to be held Sunday, October 12 at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club. The Diamond Award has been created to honor those incredibly successful recording artists who have sold over 100 million albums during their musical career and has been created by the top jeweller chopard with precious stones and a real diamond. The show is to air in 160 countries, reaching approximately one billion viewers.

    -- People Daily reports that organizers of the Shanghai International Arts Festival are making "an unremitting effort" to invite Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey to join in the upcoming extravaganza in town.

    -- The New York Post reports that Mariah is "still in talks" with publishers for her autobiography, and HarperEntertainment is said to be a frontrunner.

    Columbia Records set to release "The Remixes"

    Columbia Records is set to release Mariah Carey's "The Remixes," a specially-priced two CD collection jam-packed with 22 of Mariah's chart-topping dance/club tracks. The Remixes will be in stores on Tuesday, October 14.

    With worldwide album and singles sales totaling well over 150 million records, Mariah is arguably the best-selling female artist in pop music history. She's had more #1 hits than any other female artist and has spent more weeks at #1 than any artist in the history of the Billboard Hot 100. And while Mariah's incandescent vocal prowess, her hook-filled songwriting, and her savvy production chops have guaranteed her reputation as one of the most widely recognized and popular entertainers on the planet, it's on the dancefloors of the world's clubs and discos where one discovers the true heady soul of Mariah's music.

    Over the course of her career, Mariah has established herself as a leader and innovator in creating cutting-edge collaborations between the worlds of pop and urban music as evidenced by her work with Ol' Dirty Bastard (O.D.B.), P. Diddy, Jermaine Dupri and others. The Remixes brings together, for the first time in a single collection, the groundbreaking club mixes that catapulted Mariah to the center of the world's dance music scene while securing her position at the top of the charts. In fact, 13 of the 22 songs on The Remixes have been #1 hits, either in their original form or as remixes.

    Encompassing a decade's worth of hits, The Remixes features remixes by some of the hottest producers in dance music history including David Morales, Junior Vasquez, Hex Hector, and more. Guest artists on The Remixes include Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Nas, and Jadakiss among others. The album includes, for the first time on a Mariah album, her latest Top 3 Hot 100 smash, "I Know What You Want," featuring Busta Rhymes and a previously unavailable version of "The One," featuring Bone Crusher.

    Source: PR Newswire

    Versace's Biker Bag Is the Hottest Accessory in Town

    The Wall St. Journal may be nitpicking Versace's balance sheet, but it's clear their reporters haven't taken a trip down to the accessories counter at the brand's Montenapoleone boutique. There, fall's hottest bag - Versace's biker bag - is selling so fast you can't even get your hands on it, unless of course you're Beyonce Knowles, Mariah Carey or Elizabeth Hurley.

    Carey scooped up a pre-spring version of the hobo-shaped handbag while staying at Donatella's mansion in Lake Como over the weekend.

    "I picked the hot pink version," the pop diva told FWD Saturday night at the glittering soiree in Versace's Via Gesu palazzo which followed the spring/summer 2004 fashion show. "It's understated, feminine and fabulous!" she enthused.

    Dressed in a jaw-dropping sheer crystal gown, Carey sat across the table from Beyonce -- who will also get her hands on an advanced sample not available to the public until next spring.

    Source: Yahoo! News

    Celebrity Lines

    The next time someone says something so ridiculous that it registers a 27 on the IQ scale, deem it "pulling a Jessica," after singer Jessica Simpson, whose ditzyness is setting back the blonde movement by about two millennia. Shelf life for this phrase: six months.

    Simpson isn't the first celeb to have her name degraded. Mariah Carey's well-publicized meltdown spawned "pulling a Mariah," which Brad Pitt used during an interview.

    "Mariah" works for drama queens, workaholics on the edge and late-night, emergency-room visits for "exhaustion." Shelf life: another year.

    Whitney Houston's "crack is wack" should be fresh for five years. Give props to Whitney. That was just too good. Here's an application: When a friend's bizarre behavior embarrasses you in public, say scoldingly: "Crack is wack."

    Source: Houston Chronicle

    OCTOBER 07, 2003 4:24PM
    Mariah's New Voice Message

    Mariah and company phoned in yesterday to leave the fans a new voice message. Log on to to hear it. Below is a transcript of Mariah's basic message:

    Trey Lorenz: What’s happenin' everybody? We love ya and this is Big Nasty and I got that sexy young thang right here. Holla.

    Mariah: [Laughs]. Just wanted to say hey and thank you so much to everybody for coming out to the shows. We have enjoyed you so much and I can’t wait to see everybody in a city near you very, very soon. To all those I haven’t seen yet, I’m looking forward to it. And to everybody that’s been coming out, we love you much. Bye, bye. [High octave].

    Trey Lorenz: Holla!

    Source: The Official Mariah Carey Website

    The Vibe Magazine Awards

    Vibe Magazine and UPN today announced the nominations for The Vibe Awards, a two-hour special event dedicated to celebrating excellence, innovation, cutting-edge presentation and genre-expanding work in urban music, co-hosted by Grammy Award-winning artist, Academy Award-nominated actress, author and entrepreneur Queen Latifah.

    "I Know What You Want" by Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey is nominated for the Coolest Collabo Award and is up against "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce Knowles featuring Jay-Z, "Beautiful" by Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell, "Like A Pimp" by David Banner featuring Lil Flip and "Magic Stick" by Lil Kim featuring 50 Cent.

    The Vibe Awards will be held November 20 at the Santa Monica Civic Center and will be broadcast Friday, Nov. 21(8:00-10:00pm, ET/PT) on UPN.

    Nominations for The Vibe Awards were determined by the Vibe Magazine editorial staff, headed by editorial director Emil Wilbekin. Winners in each category will be decided by votes from music journalists and entertainment executives.

    To be eligible for nomination, recorded material must have been released between October 2002 and September 2003.

    Source: PR Newswire

    Carey's hairy moment

    Diva-update from the leader in the field — Mariah Carey.

    Scary Carey was performing in Stockholm when she realised her hair wasn’t quite sitting in place. So, instead of soldiering on with the show, she got her personal hair stylist on to the stage to adjust her locks.

    An onlooker said: “She called out this flunky to play around with her hair in between songs and then joked with the audience that everyone called her a diva so she may as well live up to the tag. To be honest, her hair didn’t really need fixing.”

    Source: The Sun Newspaper Online

    Carey's Man U Mission

    She's had a run of bad luck with men but Mariah Carey hopes to rectify the situation by tracking down her ideal mate.

    Blokes around the country will no doubt be quaking in their boots but fear not, the wacky warbler is setting her sights high and going for the posh, chivalrous type... a footballer.

    According to one of 33-year-old Mariah's pals, she's fed up with being single and now wants to be treated like the princess she is.

    We think she may be a bit deluded. After all, players aren't known for their respect, wit, charm and IQ but Mariah's still determined to score with one.

    And as a result, the singer - once married to ex-Sony boss Tommy Mottola - has invited the entire Manchester United squad to her concert, part of her four-date UK tour, in the city on November 1.

    Not choosy, then.

    "There's one player she's nuts about," her friend tells us. "But she's not sure if he's single, so she's being careful about making a move. Obviously, if he turns up at the concert without a girl in tow, things will be much easier for her. It's about time she got herself a new boyfriend."

    We're not convinced a footballer is ideal boyfriend material but as she's supposedly dated Eminem and was engaged to Luis Miguel, dubbed the Mexican Elvis (the mind boggles), it's never straightforward in Mariah's weird world.

    "I don't meet any men," she whines. "Where am I supposed to meet them? I'm always surrounded by bodyguards."

    However, with a glint in her eye, the old romantic predicted: "I'm sure that one day I'll meet the right man."

    So who is the lucky lad she's so intent on meeting next month? Goldenballs David Beckham was United's top totty but as he's now in Madrid - and with wife Posh - it must be one of the other stars.

    Most are facially-challenged apart from the lovely Ruud van Nistelrooy, but he has a girlfriend, so who can it be?

    "I'm not saying any more," adds the source. "She'll kill me if I say who he is but it's bound to be obvious when they meet."

    Hmm, interesting. In a recent interview, Mariah also claimed she has only slept with "three-and-a-half" men so it appears she has a penchant for vertically challenged men, too.

    Source: The Mirror

    OCTOBER 06, 2003 3:52PM
    Mariah In Sweden

    Mariah's sold out concert at The Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden was a smash success! "It was a fantasic concert. I had a blast tonight," Mariah told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The fans seemed to agree.

    "She sounded better than ever and sang as if her life depended on it. I had high hopes but she totally blew me away! The crowd went wild and Mariah said that Sweden was her best audience yet," said one fan.

    Mariah also received positive feedback from the Swedish press: two stars from Aftonbladet and three stars from Expressen. They all praised Mariah's voice but seemed to dislike the circus theme of the concert. Click the highlighted links above for pictures from the event.

    Backstage, Mariah met with her fans and the media. Our source reports that the meeting was video taped by various outlets for national broadcoast. Mariah was dressed in a brown halter top and khaki skirt.

    Around midnight, Mariah went to Café Opéra with five friends, where she entered the VIP section of the building and ate an exclusive meal. After dinner, she reportedly danced with several guests until 2:00am.

    Although Mariah left the country at around 8:30pm local time, Swedish fans will get to see more of Mariah on television. She was interviewed by Renée Nyberg directly after her concert for a "45 Minutes" television special. Mariah also gave advice for contestants on the Fame Factory.

    Source: Mariah Daily | swedishmariahlover

    Carey confessional

    Mariah Carey is ready to tell all. The diva is close to signing a deal to write her autobiography, says a publishing source. “She was making the rounds, pitching it,” says the insider. “She says it will be an inspirational story and she’ll write about her humble beginnings, about growing up biracial — everything. She said she’s tired of everyone else writing about her — now she wants to set the story straight.” The source says proposals were given to publishing execs, “but they made us give everything back at the end of the meeting so we wouldn’t fax them to people like you.”

    Carey’s spokeswoman tells The Scoop that while there has been “a lot of interest” in the book, no deal has been signed yet.

    Source: MSNBC

    News Tidbits

    -- Stefan Van Leemput is a Mariah fan from Belgium who bought two tickets to Mariah's concert at The Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam. However, due to personal circumstances, he is not going to be able to make it to the concert. If you live in The Netherlands or surrounding countries and can make it to Mariah's concert on Wednesday, be sure to e-mail Stefan and ask for the tickets.

    -- Mariah's Versace dress is making headlines around the world! Mariah and her dress even made the cover of Melbourne Xpress, a free tabloid handed out on the subway and major train stations in Melbourne, Australia. Below are several articles regarding the event. Be sure to check each of them out for more pictures!

  • Mariah and Beyonce in tune with Versace (Hello! Magazine)
  • Mariah shows her breast side (The Sun)
  • Versace Backstage (
  • Mariah's frock tactics (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Mariah turns heads in Milan (The Age)
  • Beauties and the Beast (Daily Record)

    Source: Stefan | Neil | David | Tessa

  • OCTOBER 05, 2003 1:02AM
    Site Updates & News Tidbits

    -- Photos of Mariah with Beyonce Knowles and Italian designer Donatella Versace before the start of the Versace Spring/Summer 2004 fashion collection show in Milan, Italy, have been added to our temporary photogallery

    -- The photos of Mariah arriving at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden have also been archived to our temporary photogallery

    -- Nuno wants everyone to know that Mariah's duet with Brian McKnight, "Whenever You Call," will be recorded and performed by two of the singers on Purtugal's "Operação Triunfo," a show similar to England's Fame Academy. Nuno himself got the show's directors to consider the song after constant campaigning. So for those in Portugal, be sure to watch Operação Triunfo on Sunday night!

    Source: Yahoo! News | Nuno

    OCTOBER 04, 2003 1:38PM
    Mariah meets her Swedish fans

    Mariah Carey's private plane landed early at the Arlanda airport and came directly to Sweden after her Thursday night concert in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    "I love Sweden and I have many good friends here," Carey said in an interview with Aftonbladet.

    By the looks of it, she probably will not have time for her favorite hobby: shopping. After staying less than 12 hours, the diva already needs to leave for another adventure. Carey will head to Arlanda this afternoon to attend a Versace fashion show in Milan.

    But she took time for her fans. The star appeared dressed in black with dark sunglasses. Fans waited in front of the Grand Hotel in central Stockholm with posters and other memorabilia for Carey to autograph.

    Tomorrow Carey will give her fans much more by performing in her first ever concert in Sweden. The Globe is waiting.

    Source: Aftonbladet (Translated by Gilles)

    Cher talks Mariah

    MusicMaster: What do you think about some of the new diva singers?
    Cher: I heard people talking about Mariah Carey, why [her last record label] let her go, and they said it was because she had a nervous breakdown, that it had a detrimental effect on her career. Is that true?

    MusicMaster: I don't know why they let her go. Are you wondering if having a nervous breakdown can ruin your career?
    Cher: No, what I was thinking about was that you can be shooting heroin for 20 years and go to the Betty Ford Clinic and have people pat you on the back. It's like, if you have the right ailment or if you have the right set of negative circumstances, they love you. People are so selective, you know? I mean, I am just astounded by the world and disappointed a lot of the time. But then I find some little old lady that's saving crack children, so you know, you can never really give up on society as a whole.

    Source: MusicMaster Arabia

    Pop princess in Hollywood: Mariah Carey

    The Long Island songbird is the biggest-selling female artist of all time. She's spent more weeks at No.1 in the US than either Elvis or The Beatles. So what prompts a singer of her stature to go into movies?

    Mariah had just signed a $100 million deal with Virgin Records when she filmed the lead role in 2001's Glitter and released the accompanying record.

    One critic wrote: "Mariah is comfortably out-acted by the cherry wood kitchen counter top in her spiffy Manhattan apartment." Around this time she had a nervous breakdown and was briefly admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

    We're pleased to hear that Mariah has recovered and is touring her Charmbracelet album, but not so pleased to hear that she's signed up to star in another film. Judge the movie for yourself in: Glitter (airing Wednesday 22, 19.00, Sky Movies Premier 3)

    Source: Sky News

    Woman of Words

    When Mariah Carey had her meltdown, it generated the phrase "pulling a Mariah," and now another celebrity has unwittingly inspired her own new turn of speech. Thanks to her stunningly stupid performance on MTV's reality show "The Newlyweds," Jessica Simpson has now spawned the term "pulling a Jessica" - defined as being stupid, snobby or behaving like a spoiled-brat airhead. The term has already made an appearance with commentators on CNN and is in use on the music insider Web site the velvet rope.

    Source: New York Post

    Mariah Carey Demands Your Attention

    Mariah Carey is amazing. Everyone thought her career was finished. They thought she had been done in by the press. Most people would have called it quits after so much bad publicity. Mariah was smart enough to make an album to say "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere," which she proved with Charmbracelet, an album that earned her the second largest opening week sales of her career.

    It also would be nice for the fans, media and the haters to remember that she has sold two million copies in the U.S. alone with almost no radio support. Then if that wasn't enough she went on tour and gave the best performances of her career. The tour was critically acclaimed; giving her a freash start. Now she's releasing The Remixes, which has her hottest R&B and classic dance remixes.

    If that wasn't enough she's already halfway done with writing her new album. In late November, she is beging work on a new movie called Sweet Science in which she plays a female boxer. Ms. Carey is actually a very talented actress - she was just dealt and accepted the wrong cards. Mariah proved her talent as an actress in the independent movie Wise Girls, which you can rent at any video store.

    It's clear we haven't seen the best of Carey yet, because she coming out smelling like a rose.

    Source: Pop Dirt

    OCTOBER 02, 2003 5:13PM
    Chartlogs & Sales Statistics

    Mariah has accumulated amazing success throughout the years. With just her first album, she accomplished what many artists don’t even achieve in their entire career: a multi-platinum certified album that spawned a record-breaking four consecutive number one singles.

    Since then, Mariah has garnished eleven additional number one singles (giving her the most of any female artist, and the most number one singles ever behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles), received over one hundred gold, platinum, and multi-platinum certifications, and has been crowned the world’s best selling female recording artist.

    For the first time ever, has created a comprehensive look at Mariah’s unparalleled chart success and sales statistics, sorted by chronological album release date. Click here to access the chart section.

    Kelly Rowland Eyes Mariah Duet

    R&B star Kelly Rowland was so blown away after watching Mariah Carey sing live in Las Vegas, she wants to record a duet with her.

    The Destiny's Child beauty - who is enjoying huge solo success with her first album as a solo artist - met up with Mariah after the recent American gig and the pair really hit it off. An insider whispers, "They got on so well they're going to be working on a song."

    Source: Sound Buzz

    Mariah in paradise

    Mariah Carey (the singer with the five octave vocal range) is to buy a place on the island of Saint Barts in the West Indies. The professional screecher discovered the exclusive island after visiting during an "emotional time" recently and loved the island and the butterflies it contains so much she has decided to buy a place.

    "The locals love her," said an islander. "She has a lot of charisma and really enjoys the time she spends on Saint Barts, so now she wants to have a property here of her own."

    Mariah, along with other celebrities who have bought homes or holidayed there, including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Tom Cruise, also have enough cash to boost the local economy tenfold, at least to the point where Saint Barts now boasts "world class French restaurants."

    Mariah's new neighbours will include Britney Spears who also purchased a little place there for her mum as "a thank you present."

    Source: People News

    Win Mariah Tickets

    Mariah Carey will be showcasing her stunning talents at four dates of her Charmbracelet World Tour - including her first ever UK shows outside London. The dates are Glasgow SECC on Saturday Oct 25, Birmingham NEC on Tuesday October 28, London Wembley Arena on Thursday October 30 and Manchester M.E.N. Arena on Saturday November 1 Tickets are available to book online now ­ for both the Birmingham and Wembley shows, we have quality tickets that are exclusive. You can’t purchase these tickets anywhere else. Alternatively you can call the dedicated ticket line at 0870 998 8888.

    If you're a fan, these shows are an absolute must see event. We have a pair of tickets to give away to each of the four shows. Click here to enter the contest!


    News Tidbits

    -- You can hear snippets of every song from The Remixes on While you're there, be sure to check out the Mariah's Moments section for several new behind-the-scenes pictures!

    -- Jill is organizing an Illionois fan gathering. Anyone that can make it there (regardless of what state they are living in) is welcome. If you are interested, be sure to contact Jill at

    -- Aihara has won a competition to meet Mariah in Zurich, Switzerland on October 22. He wants fans to send their messages for Mariah to and he will give them to her.

    -- Be sure to visit for information on how you can contribute to the European Fan-Bracelet project.

    Source: April | Jill | Aihara | Ayako

    OCTOBER 01, 2003 7:15PM
    Upcoming Releases

    The "Bringin’ On The Heartbreak" single is already out in Russia. A card sleeve edition containing the song, as well as "Miss You" featuring Jadakiss, will be released in Belgium and Switzerland on October 6. The German release will follow on October 13, while British and Irish fans should find it in stores on October 27.

    In related news, Sony Music International has scheduled a slew of release parties in the United Kingdom to promote Mariah’s upcoming compilation album "The Remixes." A complete list of the dates and locations can be found below. Be sure to keep an eye on the news because we will soon have more information in regards to what exactly will be happening at these parties.

    October 3, 2003
    Ashford - Liquid
    Ipswich - Liquid
    London - Smoove @ Ministry
    Nottingham - Le Palais
    Southampton - The Venue

    October 4, 2003
    Birmingham - Nightingale
    Bishop's Stortford - H20
    Brighton - Event II
    Bristol - Level
    Dartford - Zen
    Glasgow - Trash
    Harlow - Millenium
    Leicester - Creation
    London - G.A.Y
    Manchester - 21Piccadilly
    Northampton - Time
    Oxford - Park End
    October 5, 2003
    Coventry - Skydome

    October 8, 2003
    Nottingham - Media

    October 9, 2003
    Birmingham - The Works
    Cardiff - Creation

    October 10, 2003
    Leicester - Soul Kitchen

    October 11, 2003
    Leeds - Ucci
    Manchester - Zoo
    Watford - Destiny

    October 13, 2003
    Kingston - The Works

    Source: The Belgium Mariah Carey Club | Mariah Connection

    Tabloid diva pleasantly goes through the motions

    Halfway through her theater show, Mariah Carey got serious. She thanked the audience for staying loyal through her "ups and downs" - which, helpfully, were chronicled in a video montage of photographs, magazine covers and newspaper clippings - and began to sing the somber gospel sermon "My Saving Grace."

    Though she'd already displayed the full range of her voice a few times, Carey came alive on this forthright hymn. Her ad-libbed forays into the dog-whistle-extreme high register, which seemed perfunctory elsewhere, now had purpose and intention. You didn't need to know the drama about her post-Glitter breakdown to sense that the simple, timeless cadences of gospel had been a lifeline.

    Carey approached the intensity of "Grace" only a few times - on her Def Leppard cover "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" and the shooping set closer, "Make It Happen." For long stretches, however, this was a diva on autopilot, more concerned with costume changes than the songs she was singing.

    Though Carey obviously connects her struggles to the "be strong" theme of a song such as "Can't Take That Away From Me," her delivery was distant - as if she'd already looked inside, found that elusive strength and moved on.

    Source: Rolling Stone | The Official Matt Schmiedl Website

    The Top 10 Pop Stars

    In the nearly 50 years since Elvis Presley swiveled his way to the top of the music charts, an amazing array of artists has joined the King on the list of the nation's top-selling pop vocalists of all time.

    The list of the top 10 pop artists comes from a combination of Billboard magazine, which tracks airplay and record sales, and the firm Record Research, Inc., of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, which has analyzed the Billboard charts since 1969. Record Research published its list of the top 10 performers of 1950-1999 in its book Joel Whitburn Presents a Century of Pop Music.

    3. Mariah Carey. She had it all: timing, talent, luck, looks, and a stunning vocal range of five to seven octaves. From the start, Mariah Carey wrote her own songs, injected them with drama and excitement, and promoted them with exotic videos. She shot to superstardom with her first albums, the eponymous Mariah Carey and Emotions, released in 1990 and 1991. She followed with mega-hit albums like Music Box, Daydream, and Butterfly. By 1999, Carey had become the best-selling female vocalist of all time. Some 185 million of her albums and singles had sold worldwide, as of October 2002.

    Carey was born in 1970, the year the Beatles broke up. Her mother, a former opera singer, is Irish-American. Her late father, an aeronautic engineer, was part African-American, part Venezuelan. Endowed with perfect pitch, Carey was singing R&B backup in New York City before age 20. A five-year marriage to Tommy Mottola, head of Sony Music and Columbia Records, may have jumpstarted her career as a singer. But she was ambitious, hard-working, and, in her own words, "totally disciplined." Fatigue from overwork probably led to her widely publicized emotional and physical breakdown in 2001. So, perhaps, did the poor showing of her Glitter album, from the lackluster movie of the same name. But don't cry for Mariah. Fully recovered, she is on a whirlwind comeback tour, promoting her new album Charmbracelet and no doubt betting it will work like one.

    Source: AARP Magazine | Jason

    The Ultimate Box Office Disaster Movies

    Hollywood golden couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s disastrous romantic comedy Gigli has proved such a flop at the box office that it looks like being pulled from every cinema in Britain after just a week.

    The movie, which sees Affleck play an underworld figure who falls in love with a lesbian assassin (Lopez), has been widely condemned by critics as one of the worst films ever made.

    The New York Times said the £33 million flick had "a special badness all of its own", while Film 2003 presenter Jonathan Ross said: "Nothing can prepare you for quite how bad Gigli is." A Boston radio station has even starting offering prizes for anyone who can sit through the entire film.

    John Walker, editor of Halliwell’s Film Guide adds that pop stars like Madonna and Mariah Carey, whose acting debut in Glitter earned her a Golden Raspberry nomination for worst actress, are deluding themselves that they can act, when they can’t.

    "They’re vanity projects. They think they’re wonderful. They hold the power and think everyone loves them until the audience sees what they’ve come up with," he fumed.

    Source: Scotsman


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    1999 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December (part 1, part 2)

    2000 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

    2001 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

    2002 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

    2003 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September