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10/9/99 Okay I am adding some news early but make sure you tune in tomorrow afternoon for more news :) I went and picked up two copies of Glamour magazine (one for Anja!!) and I saw Mariah was in some more Magazines. First you can catch MC on the cover, not a big pic but it is so nice, and inside you will find two more pics. One in the back from FHM magazine and the other is a pinup from the 1999 Essence awards. It is SO NICE and you need to go get it. Mariah is also in STAR tabloid for October 19th. It is a pic we have seen before..the one of her walking her dog, which they say is Jack but we know it is NOT, and playing her stereo. Here is what it says...
Carey A Tune: Mariah Carey comes close to stopping traffic when she and her pooch Jack strut their stuff in Manhattan as the pop singer's boom box blares "Heartbreaker," her fourteenth No. 1 hit.

Okay guys...how much do you love MC?? How much? Well then START VOTING FOR HER ON TRL!! She was #6 today and they played the remix version!! Let's try to get her in the top 5 because #6 was the highest so far :( She is #1 on all the other charts so let's get her #1 again..vote all weekend for MC on TRL...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

This next info is courtesy of www.wallofsound.go.com and sent to me by my news buddy Nini...
In Stores: November 2
Mariah Carey: Rainbow (Columbia)
The album's first single, "Heartbreaker," featuring an appearance from Jay-Z, has already spent time at the top of the charts, and there's no reason to think the album won't do the same. Other guest stars include boy band 98 Degrees and Joe ("Thank God I Found You"), Usher ("How Much", as well as Master P and Mystikal ("It Ain't My Fault"), and a "Heartbreaker" remix with Da Brat and Missy Elliott. Unfortunately, a planned duet with Lauryn Hill was scrapped over scheduling conflicts.
Mariah Carey: Rainbow (Columbia)
1. Heartbreaker (featuring Jay-Z)
2. Thank God I Found You (featuring Joe and 98 Degrees)
3. Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
4. After Tonight
5. My Love Goes
6. They Can Try
7. How Much (featuring Usher)
8. Crybaby
9. Rainbow (Interlude)
10. It Ain't My Fault (featuring Mystikal and Master P)
11. Ex-Girlfriend
12. Heartbreaker (Remix) (featuring Da Brat and Missy Elliot

Tmbaland98 sent me this VERY LONG article from billboard.com..here goes :)
Mariah Unveils 'Rainbow' Of Styles On New Set
NEW YORK -- When Mariah Carey releases her ninth Columbia collection, "Rainbow," on Nov. 2, she will further solidify her standing as one of the top-selling female artists of the '90s.

According to the label, the pop diva has already sold more than 115 million albums worldwide.

"Simply put, [Mariah's] ending the '90s with a bang," says Columbia president Don Ienner. "She deserves the success. She's one of the most consistent artists making records right now. This new project is easily her most diverse and real -- and it's off to an amazing start with 'Heartbreaker.' "

That track made history Sept. 29 when it became Carey's 14th No. 1 single on The Billboard Hot 100, a feat rivaled only by the Beatles (with 20) and Elvis Presley (18). That same week, "Heartbreaker" also topped Billboard's Hot R&B Singles & Tracks chart, becoming the artist's sixth single to do so.

Thanks to "Heartbreaker," Carey has had more No. 1 singles than any other female artist, surpassing both the Supremes (12) and Madonna (11). Released to retail on Sept. 21, the single sold 271,000 copies in the U.S. in its first week, according to SoundScan, marking the biggest first-week singles sales of Carey's career.

Adding to the widespread interest in "Heartbreaker" was an Internet preview of the tune Aug. 16 on Microsoft's MSN WindowsMedia.com. The streaming sample of the song was available for 12 hours and drew more than a half-million hits. Site visitors were also offered an audio greeting from Carey and exclusive new photos.

Interestingly, "Rainbow" was not initially on Carey's agenda of activities this season. "Heartbreaker" was actually written for the soundtrack to "All That Glitters," which will feature the artist in her first lead film role. However, production for the Columbia Pictures vehicle has been postponed until early 2000.

"We're just making sure the script is perfect," Carey says of the film, adding that "Rainbow" was partly born out of her desire to not let the track sit on the shelf. "I've written other songs that I'm saving for the movie. But 'Heartbreaker' felt current and fresh. I didn't want to wait on putting it out."

From there, Carey began collaborating with a wide range of producers that includes platinum pop luminaries Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and David Foster, as well as hip-hop renegades DJ Clue, Jermaine Dupri, Damizza, Master P, and She'kspere.

The resulting set, which has guest appearances by 98 , Joe, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Usher, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg, is a seamless synthesis of the pure-pop sound that distinguished her early efforts and the street-wise rhythms inherent in her more recent recordings.

"I feel like I'm in such a strong, healthy place as an artist," says Carey. "My music is more honest now than it's ever been. It's so validating that people are responding so well to it."

Part of what Carey loyalists are responding to is her continued accessibility. On Sept. 21, she promoted the retail release of "Heartbreaker" by getting in a hot-pink van and hitting various spots around New York. In a promotion dubbed "Mariah Takes Manhattan," the singer visited a variety of local spots, including a McDonald's, a high school, and several retail outlets.

Carey is currently immersed in a two-week spree of international promotion and press that will take her to the U.K. and various other parts of Europe. A trip to Japan is on the agenda for mid-November.

When she returns to the U.S. on Oct. 12, Carey will begin a round of television appearances that will include an hourlong special for Fox-TV that will air in early December. She's also confirmed to perform on NBC's prime-time White House holiday special on Dec. 11. Additionally, several talk-show spots are in the works.

MTV has been actively airing the video accompanying "Heartbreaker," directed by Brett Ratner, since Aug. 16. The clip was introduced during an episode of the program "Making The Video," which also offered behind-the-scenes footage of the clip's creation.

Since its MTV premiere, the clip has been among the top 10 most-requested videos on the network's top-rated program, "Total Request Live," for seven weeks to date.

A re-edited version of the "Heartbreaker" video, featuring Da Brat and Elliott, will be serviced to MTV, BET, VH1, and other outlets this Tuesday. The clip showcases DJ Clue and Carey's hip-hop remix of the single, which has been getting airplay at top 40 and R&B radio -- along with the album version of the tune and a house music revision by Junior Vasquez in which Carey briefly segues into the disco-era classic "If You Should Ever Be Lonely" by Val Young.

Carey has already completed remixes for the second "Rainbow" single, the power ballad "Thank God I Found You." DJ Clue has tweaked the cut with midtempo, R&B-savvy rhythms. The label has yet to set a date for the single's release.

"It's become one of my trademarks to revisit my songs when we do remixes," Carey says. "To me, it's not good enough to just let someone go into the studio and add some beats or samples to my songs. Inevitably, I wind up rewriting a lot of the song, or rearranging the vocals and melodies. It's a fun exercise in that it allows me to rethink the song and add some new ideas."

It's via the remixes of her singles that Carey gradually built a stylistic bridge between her squeaky-clean early hits and her more earthy new material. "It gave me a chance to test out new sounds and see how my fans would respond," she says.

But while she's moved forward in terms of injecting more timely R&B elements into her music, "Rainbow" shows Carey revisiting an area of her singing that has been less prominent on her last few albums: the remarkably high upper register of her voice.

Once a signature of her performing style, the range has been so criticized for its supposed overuse that Carey "pulled back" on it for several years. "It always remained within the texture of my songs," she says, "but it was no longer the focal point. And that was fine. You can get too much of a good thing, I guess."

"Rainbow" brings those glass-shattering notes back to the forefront of several cuts, including "Heartbreaker" and the rhythm ballad "Bliss."

"I was in the studio with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and we were working on a track, and there were all of these high notes on it. I was ready to take them off, and they were like, 'What are you doing? This is what you're known for. Leave it!' " Carey recalls. "I thought, 'Why not? I think of my voice as a gift from God. Why suppress it?' "

In the end, Carey views "Rainbow" as her ultimate chance to "show all of the colors of who I am as an artist. That's where the title comes from. It reflects an album by an artist who has a lot of different ideas -- and a lot of different ways of expressing them."

The next info. is courtesy of Anderz Here are the complete stats of Heartbreaker on Billboard...
#1 (1) Hot 100 singles
#1 (1) Hot R&B Singles
#1 (1) Single Sales
#1 (1) Dance/Maxisingle Sales
#1 (1) R&B Singles Sales
#3 (6) Dance/club play
#9 (11) Hot 100 airplay
#13 (12) R&B Airplay

Sally told me that there is a new linup set up for next years Behind the Music on VH1 and Mariah is on of the artist who will have her own special :) So cool!!! I have been waiting so long to see a Behind the Music special on Mariah!!!

10/8/99 Well I have the EXCLUSIVE new Glamour pics for ya thanks to Aldo They'll be added to Gallery 10 later today...

Radio News:
Ok I was listening to my local radio station(CK105.5), and they have these little commercials they play. Well all of a sudden this commercial comes on and says, New Music this month, from Mariah Carey and 98*, "Thank God I found You," new this month on CK105.
On Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, CA, Mariah's "Heartbreaker (Remix)" was #1 on "Doobie's TOP 7 AT 7." I am so happy for her!! Macey:
it's very sad to say that mariah's down from #1 to #2at magic 89.9! arrrrgggghh!!!!!!!!!! Faith evans was #1 today with her song...never gonna let you go! so sad!!!!!!!!! neweiz... 'hope she's gonna get back to the top!

OnesMC98 and some other people told me that I sent out the wrong Billboard list. So here is the first five of the new list which features MC for Heartbreaker for the 2nd week in a row...
1- heartbreaker
2 - music of my heart
3 - smooth
4 - unpretty
5 - mambo #5

Armando sent me this next article from "La Opinion." It is about MC being #1 on the charts with "Heartbreaker."
The North-American singer Mariah Carey presents her new disc,“Rainbow”, in London. One of the singles, titled “Heartbreak”, is now #1 in sales in the US. Mariah Carey, the female singer most succesful of the 90's, told a news agency that she is so happy that everyone likes her song. It's the 14th time she hits #1 in sales. Only The Beatles and Elvis Presley have passed her, with 18 and 20 high on the charts. Even though she has sold more than 115 million discs since she started her career, she hasn't been able to forget her child hood since her mom didn't have enough money to buy a house or buy new clothes. They messed up on the title. It's supposed to be “Heartbreaker” not “Heartbreak”. Also, “Rainbow” is not even out yet. I think they mean “Heartbreaker” is the first single from her upcoming cd “Rainbow”.

Armando also told me the following info :)
In the newspaper Buenos Aires, Argentina they said that Mariah might come down to Argentina with Luis Miguel on November. He's giving 4 or 5 concerts here and she might come with him i guess promoting Rainbow. She says the obvious "I'd love to visit your country", but hey! maybe there's a chance, ah??? The article/interview also talks about "Rainbow", it mentions the duet with 98degrees, the cover of "Take a look at me now" and says that the album will feature two remixes of "Heartbreaker".

MR SLEEPYGUY told me that you see MC in a black dress from the Essence Awards in the December issue of Right On! :)

ALAN B told me that Mariah already recorded her performances for England's "Top Of the Pops" show and it will be airing in the next 2-3 weeks probably. This all comes from the Sun Newspaper I am told!!

10/7/99 Hey I heard on Anderz's page that the new Glamour magazine is now out in NY. It will probably hit most stores on Monday then and if you check local bookstores like Borders, who get magazines early, then you can probably buy it :) I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon!!

Well I was watching TRL today and they showed the BRAND NEW Mariah Carey Heartbreaker Remix video. It is all done in Black and White and it shows MC singing in that bikini outfit and scubbing cars with Snoop inside. Mariah beat the mean Mariah in the end and got the trophey which was so cute. They had to edit out some things Missy says during her rap but overall the video was pretty cool. I would say that the normal version is better though! You can check the re-airing of TRL tonight at 8 pm EST!!! If ya miss that check out Jams or just tape MTV from 6 am-9am and you should get it since they play videos in the morning!!

MCdanr5 told me that on news link today they mentioned mariah being on Jay-Z's new album hitting stores in december.

She did it again..hit #1 for a 2nd week in a row..here is what I got in e-mail..
Billboard Chart Toppers
Weekly charts for the nation's most popular recorded music as they appear in the Oct. 9, 1999 issue of Billboard magazine. Provided by the Associated Press.
*Top 10 Singles*
1 - HEARTBREAKER - Mariah Carey (Feat. Jay-Z). Columbia.
2 - SMOOTH - Santana (Feat. Rob Thomas). Arista.
3 - UNPRETTY - TLC. LaFace.
5 - SHE'S ALL I EVER HAD - Ricky Martin. C2.
6 - GENIE IN A BOTTLE - Christina Aguilera. RCA.
7 - SOMEDAY - Sugar Ray. Lava.
8 - I NEED TO KNOW - Marc Anthony. Columbia.
9 - MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE - Whitney Houston. Arista.
10 - SCAR TISSUE - Red Hot Chili Peppers. Warner Bros.

www.mcarey.com announced that Mariah has broken another record since her Heartbreaker single is #1 again for a second week in a row..here is the article...
In less than a decade, Mariah Carey, the biggest-selling female artist of the 1990's, has broken a long-standing record established by the Beatles as the artist(s) with the most weeks at #1 in the 41-year history of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. With "Heartbreaker," the 1st single from her eagerly-awaited new album Rainbow, hitting its second consecutive week at top of the Billboard Hot 100, Mariah is spending her 60th week at #1, surpassing the Beatles' 59-week record. "Heartbreaker" is Mariah's 14th #1 single, a feat rivaled only by the Beatles (20) and Elvis Presley (17). "Heartbreaker," Mariah's 6th chart-topping R&B single, is spending its 2nd week in the #1 slot on the Billboard R&B chart and is the #1 record on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Single Sales chart for its 2nd straight week. Mariah Carey has had more #1 singles than any female artist, surpassing both the Supremes (12) and Madonna (11), and more #1's than any active recording artist. With more than 271,000 "Heartbreaker" singles sold its 1st week in stores, Mariah achieved the biggest 1st-week sales of her career and her biggest one-week singles sales ever. In fact, Mariah Carey is the only artist to have had a #1 single for every year of the 1990's. The last decade to have an artist hit #1 every single year was the 1920's when Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra hit the top slot each year. (By the end of the 1920's, Whiteman had become a Columbia Records artist.) With the exception of Merry Christmas (from which there was no single release) and #1's (a collection of her 1st 13 chart-toppers), Mariah has hit #1 with the debut single from every one of her albums. With the exception of her cover version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," Mariah has co-written all of her #1's, including "Heartbreaker." With the exceptions of "I Don't Wanna Cry," "Someday," "Love Takes Time," and "Vision Of Love," Mariah has co-produced all of her chart-topping singles. Mariah Carey has sold more than 115 million records worldwide and earned an astounding 84 RIAA gold, platinum, and multi-platinum certifications for her singles, albums, and videos. As the best-selling female artist of the 1990's, she has provided an ongoing soundtrack to the decade and continues to give voice to the emotions of our age.

Another one of my good MC pals is going to meet MC too. Her name is Minerva and here is what she told me...
Hi Regina! I'm writting to you just to tell you I'm travelling to Sevilla to see Mariah!!! I can't believe it!!I have to go now. I'll send you an email when i back home. I'll make some copies of the pictures I take Mariah, MINERVA
Cool Beans..hope Minerva and Anja meet MC :)

Honey11682 told me this next info. on MC...
Today on Regis and Kathy Lee live, they had this girl on , i guess she was some kind of reporter for entertainers, and she mentioned Mariah Carey and how she has 14 #1 hits, beating Michael jackson, the beatles, and she said something about her being #3 on the charts of the most #1 singles of all time,.i think elvis was #1 though.

10/6/99 There is a new MC pic to the right of the Quote of the Week picture. I forget who it is from but it is really that small so I just deceided to make it a Quote of the Week pic instead of downloading it here..so check it out if you missed the *new* little pic :)

Do you like this site? If you responded yes to that question and what to help me out, go vote for me Here It is really important that I get some votes for this or I will get kicked off..it takes very little time so please go vote for me :)

MC was on TRL for the NEWS section today. Here is what Chris told me about it...
Mariah was just on MTV... she said the song with 98 degrees is the last song on the album because she is telling a story on the album with Heartbreaker first and thank god i found you at the end.. noramlly she said she would have put a song like that second or third... they were just now celebrating her number 1 single... i week late it seems... and they made a big deal about her 14th number 1 single. anyways, it was good and reairs tonight at 8:30!!
Click Here to read all about what was show on MTV but I pasted it here for ya too.
Nothing less than the best will do for Ms. Mariah Carey, and that credo certainly carries over to the guests appearing on her next LP. For "Rainbow," Carey recruited an all-star lineup of artists and producers, including Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Da Brat, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. As we reported last month, the singer also recorded a collaboration with some very smooth-sounding men (see "98 Degrees Records With Mariah, Preps Christmas Album, Gets Tour Rolling"). She gave MTV News' John Norris the 411. "It's a collabo with Joe, myself, and 98 Degrees, and it's called 'Thank God I Found You,'" Mariah told Norris. "What I did with this album, it's sort of like it tells a story, from 'Heartbreaker' to 'Thank God I Found You,' and it goes through a lot of emotional moments and stages prior to getting to that." "Usually I wouldn't put a song like that as my last song," she continued. "Sequentially, I would put that, like, second or third. But it's a story that I'm telling here." You can hear the results when "Rainbow" hits stores on November 2.

Thanks to Sara here are the Comments on MC for Monday (#10), Tuesday (#8) and today (#7)!!
Christina, hey! I voted for "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey cause I've had my heart broken too many times and the song makes me want to forget all the heartache. Cassie, KY
Hi Christina, what's up? I requested Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" because I love her and if I was her man, I'd never break her heart!Ben, TN
I requested "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey because she has the best voice and the best moves! Thanks, Christina. Pete, ND
I requested Mariah Carey because she is so awesome and "Heartbreaker" reminds me of this jerk who broke my heart! Thank you, Carson. Debbie, NE
I voted for "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey. It is a funny video and I love the part where she raises the dog so Jerry kisses it instead of her. Heather, NY
Wassup, Carson? I requested Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" because it's a really good song and Mariah Carey has a beautiful voice. And Jay-Z makes the song even better. Andrea, MA
Hey Carson! Could you please play Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" for me?! I think it is one of her best songs and I can't wait for her new C.D. to come out! Thanks! Tiffany, CO
Hey Carson! What's up? I am so glad you're back! Please play Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" because me and my friends love dancing along with her! Thanks! Adriana, NY

Alan W told me that there will be a new release on Nov. 16th calle the Ultimate Grammy Bow which features MC with "Vision of Love" from the Grammy's. Nothing much though because she is already on a grammy cd for VOL. Oh well..check it out if ya want!!

Well my BEST MC friend in the whole wide world won something incredible today..read what she wrote to me :) I am SO HAPPY for her!!!
Oh my god Reggie, i have to tell you something!! Today there was a contest on VIVA Interaktiv and you could win 10 x 2 tickets for Interaktiv with MC!! AND I WON!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! It´s so great!! I´m SOOOO VERY happy!! So now it´s sure that i will see her!! I almost cried!! Only 20 people can be in studio!! Oh Reggie, i wish you could be here to go to IA with me!!!! :) I´m so very happy!! I love Mariah so much! I still can´t believe it!!!WOW!!!!!!!! :) LYLAS, Anja
Anja is so sweet, she deserves to meet MC AGAIN..ha ha. How I envy her..tee hee hee!!

lauch.com sent this to me in an e-mail. It is about the MTV Europe Awards...
Pop stars rule MTV Europe Awards
(Launch) - Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys both pulled down four nominations for the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards. Spears racked up nominations in the best pop, best female, best breakthrough and best song categories, while the Backstreet Boys scored nods in the best pop, best group, best album and best song categories. Other nominees include Ricky Martin, Whitney Houston, Will Smith, Eminem, Madonna, TLC, Mariah Carey, the Beastie Boys, The Offspring and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As in the U.S., the MTV Europe VMAs will be handed out in a star-studded celebrity ceremony filled with performances by many of the nominees. The ceremony is scheduled to take place Nov. 11 in Dublin, Ireland.

Another good friend of mine, Nini, sent me this next news...
Mariah on Junior Vasquez album!
Junior Vasquez Volume 3 featuring ALL Junior remixes/productions (Unreleased version of Mariah's Heartbreaker as well as Junior's AMAZING mix of Vicki Sue Robinson's Move On are already confirmed as two of the tracks) to be released hopefully before X-mas!

Armando sent me a URL to vote for MC in Latin America..You can do so by clicking here

Pic of the Week, Quote of the Week, and My Stuff was all updated today..check them out if ya want :)

10/5/99 I announced this yesterday from my local paper but now Nini sent me another tiny article on this MC appearance from the NY Post...
WILL MARIAH CAREY be the first "special guest" on CBS' spanking new morning entry, "The Early Show," with Bryant Gumbel at the helm? We hear yes. And we also hear she'll perform. "The Early Show" debuts Nov. 1.

Well MC was just on BBC radio for about 30 minutes..not too long but she was in the studio, which was cool! As I was listening to it online I wrote down some basic facts they discussed. I can't type fast enough to type out every word she said but here is a little outline if you missed it...
She was in the studio and only got 3 hours of sleep
Asked how tall she is and she responded by saying 5"9'
Talked about Heartbreaker hitting #1 and how she has 14 number one hits. Says she is very happy since they (we) supported her.
Says she lost a lot of money in the beggining due to her contract.
Likes to go on vacation a lot when she can!
Talked about how she doesn't have a home and how she was turned down by the board several times.
Says she never surfs the net...she doesn't have time. Says there are a lot of rumors. Talked about Lauryn Hill duet; that was a big rumor and said how she was upset that they made up everything. Said very creative since made up a name and interview, etc.
Talked about All That Glitters Film and the basic plot. Says there is a mild love scene :O
**played Fantasy Remix**
talked about Rainbow cover and back and inside. My connection went right there on and off and I was SO MAD. Said inside she is lying on a bed with a sucker in her hand!! says she looked great. Also she said the rainbow was spraypainted onto her I believe or mayve it was done after she was done with the pictures..again my reception went bad so it was hard to hear.
Asked how old she is.
Talked about her boyfriend...says he is Spanish/Latin Music Star. Said she is dating Luis Miguel. Finnaly admitted it :)
Talked about Joan Rivers and how she said MC was fat. Said it help motivate her and made her upset!!
The guy likes "Ex-Girlfriend" but he wasn't alloud to play it yesterday.
Asked her if she knew certain music stars.
Once again my reception went bad but they said something about how some song is really good and it will be MC's next single. Probably the 98º duet but again it was hard to hear :(
That was basically it..nothing too much but she did in fact say she was dating Luis and she hasn't really admitted to it in an interview..that I know of. Probably wrong..but oh well. Hee hee...

Chris sent me a list of dated for Rainbow and Heartbreaker release dates..here they are...
"Rainbow" Release Dates:
Wednesday, October 27 - Japan
Monday, November 1 - Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America
Tuesday, November 2 - US and Canada
"Heartbreaker" single Release Dates:
Tuesday, September 21 - US
Wednesday, September 22 - Japan
Monday, September 27 - Europe
Monday, October 4 - Australia
Monday, October 18 - UK
You can also see the dates in the Important Dates section on the main page.

ling134@hotmail.com and several others told me that MC will be performing at the European Music Awards. Last year, everyone in the US could watch it because I believe it was shown on MTV!! I sure hope she is doing Heartbreaker because I am DYING to see a performance of that wonderful song..hee hee!! MC is nominated for Best R&B and you can vote for her HERE!! Underneath the picture it reads...
Mariah Carey is the biggest-selling female artist of the '90's. Over the course of her career, Mariah has been the recipient of numerous music awards and honours. Mariah became the first female artist in history to have 3 studio albums to each sell in excess of eight million copies.

Tomas also sent me some info. on the EMA's. Here is the press release from MTV Europe:
The big news has broken!! Our star host, all the nominations, and the celebrity presenters for this year's Europe Music Awards have finally been announced at our top secret press conference in London! Our EMA SPY was there, and saw it all...Well over 100 members of the media from all over Europe were there to hear the line up and catch a glimpse of the biggest names in the music industry! Soon the cameras pointed and the microphones were ready for the big announcement by MTV's President & Chief Executive, Brent Hanson. And now I bring the news to you! The host for the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards is none other than Dublin's very own prince of pop, RONAN KEATING!!! He was there in the flesh to tell us how excited he was about hosting the EMAs for the 2nd time! Decked out in a smart black designer suit, Ronan told me that hosting this particular EMAs is something extra special for him. "I'm looking forward to taking it home back to Dublin!", exclaimed the Boyzone heart-throb. It was also great to see the amount of other celebrities that showed up to support the announcement. I just happened to stand next to The Corrs, who said they can't wait to perform live at the EMAs on the 11th November…..I brushed elbows with Westlife, who are "amazed and so pleased." The one and only Mariah Carey was there too, and certainly the most excited about her nomination. She flown in especially to make a special appearance and give us her vibes on the EMAs. "I'm very, very excited about this, because it's my first EMA nomination, and I nearly killed myself making the video!", Ms. Carey exclaimed. "My mother is Irish-American, so it is exciting for me to come to Dublin, Ireland and be a part of the Europe Music Awards!" I also found out about lots of the other top performers and artists that will help present and perform at the show on 11th November! Stars like Pierce Brosnan, Eternal, 5ive, Jay-Z, Jovanotti, LL Cool J, Offspring, Britney Spears, Underworld, The Cardigans, Puff Daddy, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Manson, just to name a few!

Remember how I talked about MC loosing to Celine and how there is a new poll out which we can vote on..thanks to Froggi1116, here are the current results of the new poll...
1. Alanis Morissette (22.52%)
2. Jewel (16.99%)
3. Sarah McLachlan (9.44%)
4. Tori Amos (9.41%)
5. Lauryn Hill (7.97%)
6. Shania Twain (7.76%)
7. Christina Aguilera (4.14%)
8.Sheryl Crow (4.07%)
9. Britney Spears (3.86%)
10. Mariah Carey (3.21 %)
*GASP* We can't let MC loose..go VOTE for her now

10/4/99 This artilce is in my local newspaper, "Philadephia Inquirer" and is REALLY cool news and I hope it turns out to be true...
Short Stuff: Nothing official, but songstress Mariah Carey will be on Bryant Gumbel's first guest on the debut of CBS's "The Early Show" Nov. 1, the day before her new album, Rainbow, is released. Says's CBS, "We have nothing to announce at this time."

Mariah was mentioned on Q102's morning show. DJ Squibble was talking about her!! It was so cool they were talking about how Heartbreaker is her 14th number one single and how she makes so many remixes for song. DJ Squibble kept going on and on about how great she is and cool the remixes were!! Also Glen said that when MC called in last week she complained how not all radio stations are playing her favorite version featuring Jay-Z, they are all playing the No-Rap!! So hopefully Q102 will start playing it since MC told them too basically :)

Alan told me that Mariah will be performing at the 1999 MTV Europe Awards..anyone got anymore info. on this???

Sadly Mariah fell #2 to Celine on their Access Hollywood poll, but we have another chance to vote for MC on yet another poll!! Thanks to Alex for this info...Vote for MC here

MThalia1 told me that she was looking up Baby Names and she stumbled acorss Mariah Carey's meaning!! Here is what it said...
Mariah, a 3-syllable unisex name of Egyptian/Hebrew origin, means: The perfect one; bitter; God has taught. Entertainers with this name include * Mariah Carey (Musicians) .

Nick told me this...
I'd like to say that i'm from the UK and i've seen the advertisment for the MOBOs on channel 4 (the channel it will be airing on), it mentions all the performers, Tina Turner, Destiny's Child, Jay-z, etc.........and guess what they don't mention Mariah........so i guess that means she won't be perform.....unless she is a suprised guest performer......but i'm sure they would mention her in the advert as they r already pluging the event as a star vechile in the bid to get more viewers.

Speaking of Alex, he created the BRAND NEW InfoMC message board found on the Main Page!! You can now post your opinions on MC, send in news maybe (even though I would MUCH rather you send it in mail to me) or just send in some comments. Keep everything you say clean and ABOUT MARIAH ONLY!! Speaking of opinions there is a lot of talk about the new album cover..share your thoughts on it in the Message Board but here are some of the recent thoughts I got and the LAST ones I will publish in Devin:
Hi Regina, I just want to say that I think the cover of "Rainbow" looks GREAT! I find it very appealing. I am sure it is going to turn some heads and that some will criticize Mariah for being too revealing, but who cares. As recently shown with "Heartbreaker," Mariah can easily beat out the competition and get to #1 and I do not think that fans are going to let the cover prevent them from buying her album.
Hi Regina, This is Guilherme, the webmaster of Mariah Carey, a DIVA! I don't mean to offend you or be disrespectfull, but I think it's RIDICULOUS what you're doing on your mailing list, about the RAINBOW covers! These covers are the ones MARIAH picked! We NEED to respect that opinion, and accept and more important: SUPPORT her, because if we don't who will? Those MARIAH HATERS? I personally loved the cover, I think she's getting even with those stupid person who said she was fat! Now she's showing them, she's got an incredible bod! This is really girl power! Another thing, if you will continue to be a Mariah fan I think you'll HAVE to accept the fact that she LOVES to be sexy, and will keep that image, and if you REALLY just love her music, than you'll respect that decision and accept HER... [Not sayin' she needs the acception of anyone! She does whatever she wants and thinks it's right! If it works for Mariah, why wouldn't work for us???] You can publish if you'd like on your mailing list... Ok? I think you make a wonderful job on that mailing list... Ok? See ya...
I'd like to say.........The Rainbow Cover......this seems to be a high topic of debate lately............WHY???????...........It's a cover.....thats all.....should we be worring about what the cover of an album looks like........shouldn't we be talking about the music...........And for all those people saying Rainbow will be a disapointment to the fans....."Don't judge a book by it's cover"...........If Mariah didn't like that picture, it wouldn't be on there...........So if you don't like it, then tough.......your stuck with it.............I'm sure this album will be another landmark in Mariah's recording career, as were all her other albums.......All I can say is good luck Mariah and don't take no s**t from anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know? I think the #1's cover was worse. It was all grey and Mariah didn't look her best. At least in the Raibow cover she has some life to her and is smiling =)!! I don't agree with the bootie shot but I'm not going to be staring at the damn thing!! I don't have to worry about that.
I personally think that she wears these small outfits to grab attention because she wants to be noticed and liked. Most people don't respect her on the inside so she wants to be liked from thee outside. Anyways I just wanted to get that off my chest so later.
Anja "Honey":
Hey, I visited your site a few hours ago. And when I read all the opinions about the cover for rainbow, I thought "WHY?" I mean, why is this little picture such a HUGE problem? I don`t love it, but it definitely isn`t cheap!!!! I admire Mariah because of her music, her soul and her character (-as far as that is possible) And I think this picture reflects her personal change from alittle girl doing what she`s told to do into a woman doing what she wanna do! Of course, there are better pictures of hers - but PLEASE don`t make a drama of this :DJust wanted to let you know ;P LOL!
Okay of course as I said these are the last posts in the NEWS section but we can continue the conversations on the Message Boards. I must say though that I am glad that I got all these Positive messages for Mariah's new cover. However, Mariah is only humane, as am I. I am allowed my opinion and I am not trying to diss Mariah in any shape or form. I just personnaly, do not like the cover that much! I wish she had pants on cause the top and her face look SO CUTE!! Please do not take anything I said, or anyone's else's comments to heart..I am very truly sorry if I offended anyone in anyway!! Thank you...

10/3/99 Well now the webpage has a new background for the new album Rainbow!! Adorible20 made it for me and I just think it looks fantastic with all the graphics and everything. She did such an amazing job on it...if you want to give in your comments you can either send them to me, WildCatHG@aol.com or Jenn, Adorible20@aol.com

Here are the results from last weeks Mariah Polls. 290 People voted on the question...
Which Mariah Carey song means the most to you as an inspirational song?
Here are the results...
Hero (89) 31%
Close My Eyes (40) 14%
They Can't Take That Away From Me (71) 24%
Outside (21) 7%
Make It Happen (37) 13%
Looking In (32) 11%
So Hero it is..thanks to everyone who voted. I personnaly picked They Can't Take That Away from Me but Hero would of been my second pick..especially the Spanish one cause it sounds so pretty :)

Okay a lot of people wanted to share their opinions with me on the covers and here are some of them...
Just want to share my opinion with you. In your latest news mail. You said you don't like the cover of Rainbow. I'm a guy and I also don't like the cover. It's so cheap. Especially the back cover. I'm a fan because of her music, not her body. It's nice of course she looks fine. But that really isn't why I'm a fan. There are so much other girls who look nice too. I'm afraid Rainbow (I hate the title) will be a big dissapointment for the fans, too much collaborations and Mariah is too much busy with her looks instead of her voice. (of course I hope I'm wrong). Butterfly was a real beautiful cover. That was also a sexy cover but a very nice one. Rainbow cover is nothing special. It doesn't have any magic. Just another sexy pose of Mariah. And really the backcover isn't suitable for an album. Just for photos in a mag it would be ok. There is some good news though. Mariah will be in Europe the next 2 weeks. And also in Holland the 7th and 8th of October. I hope to see her. Just want to share my opinion about the cover.
I'm not sure if this is Regina, but my name is Michelle and I am an avid reader of your newsletter. Like yourself, I am also a female MC fan and I am pretty disappointed with the new RAINBOW cover. I respect MC and I love all of her work, but what does that cover have to do with her music????? I recently read about the John Norris interview on MTV where MC complains about not getting enough respect as an artist. That is so odd because she feels that she should be getting more critical approval of her work, and yet she presents herself in such demeaning ways. Now, I know it isn't fair to judge someone's talents and abilities based on their physical appearance, but if a female BRAIN SURGEON dressed in the same way, she would never get any respect no matter how smart she is. So how can Mariah expect to be respected with that new album cover??? I really don't know what motivated Mariah to do that kind of a cover, but whatever the reason, I really hope she doesn't do it again. I mean, she is 29 years old and I think she's being less mature than when she was 19 years old (i.e. MARIAH CAREY ALBUM)........Thanks for giving me a bit of your time......talk to you later...
PopG (not full e-mail name!):
ohmygod im gonna cry this sucks that is sooo ghetto that issoo ghetto why would she do that! and we all know that its airbrushed and isnt her real body !! WHY DOES SHE DO THIS! HALF HER FANS ARE GIRLS!!! WE DONT WANT TO SEE THIS!! maybe thats not it..usualy she puts the song names on the back? Maybe will get lucky!
Hey there Regina, Well I am just as sad as you are. I mean no one could look better in the outfit, but she would have been just as appealing if even more for me if she could have wore white pants. I thought that she was going to tone it down a little bit. I even told my mom that. What is my mom going to say about the cover? Mariah's too good to be displaying so much is what I think. I know that you feel the same. Peace to ya

Speaking of the cover and back, I wrote Jimmy, who works in the business and got that Official letter from them and he said that he did not have a scanner but those are in fact the cover and back :O

Tootsie686 told me that Mariah Carey is number 3 in the top twenty on the mtv site.

Tmbaland98 came up with an idea for all MC fans. A lot of people are in fact upset with the cover of Rainbow album so Tim told me the idea of making up your own cover. So if you are in a creative mood, make up a Rainbow cover and send it to Tim. Tim will pick the best cover that someone makes and I will display it in InfoMC Newsletter and possibly send you something in real mail or give you mad InfoMC points!! So again send all your entrees to Tmbaland98 NOT ME!!

Froggi1116 told me that some people wrote in for Mariah on being the Worst Dress in the Oct. 11th issue of People. The entrees are on page 6 and here is what was said..
I was very upset to find Mariah Carey on your worst-dressed list. I have always seen her as a beautiful, talented, well-dressed woman. Ms. Carey was ridiculed for wearing a tube dress by your judges, but Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones were on the bested-dressed list, and they were wearing tube dresses as well. ~Ryan Burella, Toronto
I found it ridiculous that voters would find Mariah Carey's dress sense defective. I am sure that the majority were women jealous of her flawless body. ~Paul Denham, Sheffield, U.K

Macey from the Philippines told me that "Heartbreaker" is always #1 at Magic 89.9 these last few weeks. So glad to hear that :)

More news from the Philippines, it's my good friend Ron :) He told me that Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker is now released in the Philippines. However it is sold out! Secondly, 89.9 DWTM has HEARTBREAKER as the number one song for two weeks now. (just like how Macey just told me that :) Thirdly, the single debuted at the Channel V Countdown at a high number 13. Go Mariah!

Okay people we have a problem on our hands..CELINE DION IS BEATING MARIAH. How can we let this happen..tell me why? Okay Access Hollywood shows the results on their show so we don't want them showing Celine beating MC do we??? SO YOU MUST ALL go vote for Mariah RIGHT NOW...what are you waiting for..Vote NOW!!!

This next info. is from Seventeen Online and courtesy of Mariah Carey Archives
The New York Post spotted diva Mariah Carey strolling through New York City yesterday with her pooch, blasting her song "Heartbreaker" on a portable stereo. Conceited much?
Hmm so that is what she was playing on that radio she was carrying!! Hee hee...

10/2/99 Okay this could be good news or bad news for you. This is not so good news for me....
That is the Cover (right side) and the Back Cover (left side) of the Rainbow Album :O Thanks to Anderz for this pic...
My Views on the Cover:
First of all I am not a guy. I like MC because she is my idol and I love her music. I personnaly do NOT like the back cover cause I don't want to see her butt!! I'm sorry but I don't. If she had those white pants on like Heartbreaker then it would be different but she is wearing underware type bottoms and I just don't like it :( Some people will like it and some won't; I think it will get a lot of controversy!!

Lots of people sent me this next article but it originally came from the fantastic Mariah's Diary It seems that the new video will be premiering at the end of October 9th's week, which is Next Saturday :) Here is the article...
DON'T GO CHANGING: If it ain't broke, don't fix it, goes the adage, and Mariah Carey is one who seemingly adheres to it. Typically, the Columbia artist sets up an album with a hip-hop flavor uptempo track as its first single, then leads into a pop ballad as its second. Dreamlover led the way in 1993, peaking at no. 2 on Hot R&B singles and tracks to launch Carey's Music Box album, and Fantasy jump-started 1995's Daydream with a no. 1 R&B debut. The no.2 R&B bow for 1997's Honey was the catalyst for her Butterfly set, and now Heartbreaker- the first single from her new album Rainbow due Nov 2- rises 13-1 on the Hot R&B singles and tracks list, easily winning Greatest gainer/ sales. With sales pricing in place, the single sold a whopping 271,000 units in its first week and arose the winner on both the Hot 100 singles sales and the core-based Hot r&b singles sales chart. Sales were the key factor in the rise to the top, accounting for 79% of the song's chart points. Heartbreaker sits at no. 12 on the hot r&b airplay for its audience of 25.6 million listeners. Two completely different versions of the song had been serviced to radio, with most r&b stations opting for the version with Da Brat and Missy Elliot and WQHT (HOT 97) New York mixer DJ Clue, who also produced the single. Although at press time only the original version had an accompanying video, the remix clip is scheduled to hit outlets the week ending Oct. 9. The album's next single will be the pop ballad "Thank God I Found You,", featurinf 98*.

Speaking of the new video, I taped Entertainment Tonight last night and the video parts that they showed looked kind of cool :) Can't wait till the end of this week coming up to see it!! The segment on Mariah was on about 30 seconds so if you missed it, you didn't miss much!!

Alex wrote me and told me that I have a short cut link now to this website..it is http://wildcathg.tripod.com/ if anyone cares :)

Okay Armando told me that Mariah is falling to Celine on the millenium polls. Click to Vote!!

Exclusive News-Official!!
My good friend, Jimmy, works in the record buisness and he got this letter from Sony announcing all the US news on Rainbow...you heard it here first :)
rainbow hoits stores 11/2..u were right all along !!
heartbreaker [ jay-z]
can't take that away
how much [ w/ usher]
after tonight
heartbreaker [ w/ da brat, missy elliot ]
against all odds
did i do that ? [ w/ mystikal & master p }
rainbow interlude
thank god i found you [ w/ joe, 98 degrees ]

front cover-arms over head, white halter top, bikini -type bottom, rainbow splash over her top..back cover..same outfit, shot from behind, eating a lollipop, BIG smile...

mariah will be doing an hour-long primetime tv special before xmas plus a performance on nbc's white house holiday special in earlt december,plus mtv " TRL "
press- interview mag in oct
glamour nov
vogue-dec-special music issue

a stand-up poster will be available one week before release

10/1/99 Well today Mariah was on the radio again...but it was not live but in the stupid survey on Q102. She was the music question and the question was something like who was the diva who just got her 14th #1 hit with Heartbreaker? Of course the girl knew it was MC..hee hee. This is the third time she was on this segment..kind of cool!

Speaking of hits, today I spent $60 on Heartbreaker singles. I bought 5 Maxi's, 5 CD Singles, and 7 Cassette Singles to help with sales!! Hopefully that will help for making Heartbreaker #1 for week #2. While standing in line the first time, a guy behind me had the Heartbreaker single in his hand. At the second store I was talking to Alex about the display in front of me and this guy was listening to us, how rude, and he went and took one which made me so happy!! Hee hee. Oh and Speaking of Heartbreaker CD Single Displays..I got one today :) I have been bugging Sam Goody for 2 weeks now and she finnaly let me take it home. Go to your local cd store and bug them too if you want it cause it is SO COOL!!

ONTO real MC news...I was told by Alex and several other people that Mariah was on ET tonight about the Heartbreaker video for the remix. I missed it BUT in some locations it is reairing tomorrowing morning. Here in Marlton it will air at 3:35 am but it changes from location to location so if you missed it...check out www.clicktv.com!! Here is what the Official Mariah Carey site said about ET...
Don't miss Mariah Carey on Entertainment Tonight today talking about the making of the re-mix video of "Heartbreaker." ET will also include new information on "Heartbreaker" becoming MC's 14th #1 record. Entertainment Tonight can be seen on WCBS-TV in New York at 7:00 P.M. Check local listings for time and channel in your area.

Alex also told me that there is a picture of Mariah in the October 14th issue of STAR Tabloid. It is the one pic on the internet a while back, so nothing new but still it is a nice pic...

I got this in an e-mail of this thing I belong to and several people sent it to me too...
Mariah Carey's 'Heartbreaker' making history
(Launch) - Mariah Carey is the top-selling female artist of the 1990s and with her new single, she is once again making music history. Wednesday, "Heartbreaker," Carey's first single from her forthcoming "Rainbow" album, became her 14th No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, a feat equaled only by the Beatles (20) and Elvis Presley (18). With "Heartbreaker" entering the top slot on the charts, the singer is spending her 59th week at No. 1, tying the Beatles for the most weeks at No. 1 during both the rock era (1955-present) and the 41-year history of the Hot 100. In addition, "Heartbreaker" also hit No. 1 Thursday on the Billboard R&B chart, becoming the sixth Carey single to do so.

MC was #7 on TRL on Thursday, but no written comments. Here are Friday's comments though thanks to Sara...
Hey, I requested Mariah Carey's video "Heartbreaker" because she is the most attractive woman in music today! She can sing and dance like no one else! Doug, FL
Carson, could you please play Mariah Carey's hot video "Heartbreaker" because the fight scene makes me laugh. Thanks. Ryan, KS

Thanks to Nini for this next article...
Mariah Carey: 'Heartbreaker' And Chartbreaker
(9/30/99, 1 a.m. PDT) - Mariah Carey, 30, is the biggest-selling female artist of the 1990s. With her new single, she is once again making her mark on music history. "Heartbreaker," Carey's first single from her forthcoming Rainbow album, become her 14th No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, a feat rivaled only by the Beatles (who had 20) and Elvis Presley (who had 18). With "Heartbreaker" entering the top slot of the chart, the singer is spending her 59th week at No. 1, tying only the Beatles for the most weeks at No. 1 during both the rock era (1955-present) and the 41-year history of the Hot 100. In addition, "Heartbreaker" has also hit No. 1 this week on the Billboard R&B chart, becoming the sixth Carey single to do so. Here's some more of Carey's record-setting accomplishments: Carey has had more No. 1 singles than any female artist, surpassing both the Supremes, who had 12, and Madonna, who has 11. She also has more No. 1 hits than any active recording act. With more than 271,000 "Heartbreaker" singles sold, Carey has also achieved the biggest first-week sales of her career, and her biggest one-week singles sales ever. Carey is the only artist to have had a No. 1 single for every year of the 1990s. The last time an artist hit No. 1 every single year of a decade was in the 1920s, when Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra hit the top slot each year. With the exception of Merry Christmas (from which there was no single release) and No. 1's (a collection of her first 13 chart-toppers), Carey has hit No. 1 with the debut single from every one of her albums. With the exception of her cover version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," Carey has co-written all of her No. 1 singles, including "Heartbreaker." With the exceptions of "I Don't Wanna Cry," "Someday," "Love Takes Time," and "Vision Of Love," Carey has co-produced all of her chart-topping singles. Carey has sold more than 115 million records worldwide and earned an astounding 84 RIAA gold, platinum, and multiplatinum certifications for her singles, albums, and videos.

Armando told me that Mariah will only in France on Nov. 8th and 9th.

Armando told me this and it is weird?? He said that a Whitney Houston Mailing List has been saying that need to get MC off the charts. Hmm...well I guess let's show them that is NOT possible!!

Here is yet another article on MC's 14th #1 :)
Mariah Scores 14th No. 1 Single
With 13 No. 1 tracks already under her belt, Mariah Carey adds another, as "Heartbreaker" rockets to the top of The Billboard Hot 100 this week. The cut -- the first from Carey's forthcoming album "Rainbow" -- jumps 15 slots to achieve the No. 1 spot. The song dislodges TLC's "Unpretty" (LaFace/Arista), which falls to No. 3. Santana's "Smooth" (Arista) moves up a place to No. 2. As reported here yesterday, Nine Inch Nails' "The Fragile" (Nothing/Interscope) debuts at No. 1 on The Billboard 200, earning the act its first No. 1 album on the chart. The disc moved 229,000 units in its opening week, according to SoundScan. Other big debuts on The Billboard 200 include Barbra Streisand's "A Love Like Ours" (Columbia), at No. 6 (145,500 units sold); Brian McKnight's "Back At One" (Motown/Universal), No. 7 (144,500 units sold); Tori Amos' "To Venus And Back" (Atlantic), No. 12 (112,000 units sold); and Adam Sandler's "Stan And Judy's Kid" (Warner Bros.), No. 16 (81,000 units sold). The latter title sets a new SoundScan-era record for opening-week sales of a comedy disc, beating the Jerky Boys' second-album total of 72,000 copies in 1994.

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