September 2000 News

September 30, 2000...HUGE NEWS DAY
MClogo - Update #2
- So sorry...
I tried all day Saturday to get this news up but tripod's uploader was down!!! Sorry for the delay on news!!

- More News on TRL
As you all know, TRL will show more footage of Mariah from the set of All That Glitters on Monday's show at 3 pm EST! However, Danielle found out that Friday's show will reair on Monday morning at 8 am EST! So this is great news for people like me who missed the show on Friday!!!

- Even more news on TRL
Matt, has captures of All That Glitters at his site and also a realvideo of it! Click below to check out his All That Glitters site!

Also, Nik created a realvideo of it for his site, Mariah Mania! Click here to directly download it from the site!

Jon and Jen typed out the news tidbit on TRL Friday and here is the transcript:
Mtv Interview guy (John Norris) said he caught up with mc on the streets of Tribeca ( not sure spelling) where she is wrapping up filming of all that glitters:
"Alot of people at first were like the 80's! That's to close to now! No one's nastolgeic about that! And I'm like "Yes they are!" you know? So its taken now everythings in that's 80's , like fashion wise and stuff and it's... People are going to think that I'm going to be jumping on the band wagon, cause I had this freakin' idea along time ago you know." Mc on the idea of All That Glitters

John: I've never met anybody like you before you, you've got something really special. MC: I guess I should be happy that you're into me, but its just that I'm not into the games." Lines taken from a scene from All That Glitters!

"This is totally not an autobiographical movie at all. People have been writing "It's a story loosely based on her life" It's not based on my life..." MC responding to the asking of if All That Glitters is based on her life.

"You can't call my name now, cause it's not Mariah!" Mc said while hugging some fans or kids on the set.

"I can not think like "Oh what are the critics going to say? Or "What are", you know? "What are bitter people going to say?" I can't really focus on that especially when I'm trying on giving a good performance." Mc responding to what are the critics going to think of her acting in All That Glitters!

John said that it will be in theatres next spring. And to watch trl monday for more on the set with Mariah!

- Mariah does NOT sing on Grinch Soundtrack
Tim told me that Mariah was mentioned in Friday's USA Today article and SUMar235 sent me the actual article. I am a little sad that Faith is singing a song Mariah co-wrote but MC is probably too busy right now to sing it herself!!!
Bringing joy to the weird, actor Jim Carrey and rapper Busta Rhymes link voices on grim hymn You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, a track on the all-star soundtrack for How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Faith Hill's Where Are You Christmas?, written by Mariah Carey, James Horner and Will Jennings, will be the first song released from the Interscope collection, due Nov. 7. 'N Sync contributes a new tune. Other originals include Smash Mouth's Better Do It Right, Barenaked Ladies' Green Christmas (produced by Don Was), Ben Folds Five's Lonely Christmas and The Eels' Christmas Is Going to the Dogs.

The Ron Howard comedy, starring Carrey as the yuletide killjoy, opens Nov. 17.

- Vote for Mariah
Jesse and Nini let me know that Mariah is up for 3 ArtistDirect Online Music Awards. Here are the categories MC is in!
1. Fav. Female Artist
2. Most Talked About Artist
3. Fav. Tattooed Artist
In the urban/Hip Hop category
Vote at the following address:

- Mariah in Globe Tabloid
Mariah is in the Oct. 10th issue of The Globe Tabloid. I scanned the picture and added it to Gallery 40 and you can check out the article below because Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) typed it out for you! How sweet she is! Please note: Of course this article is false because it is from a tabloid and we all know that Mariah is happy with Luis! I added this to the site here to give you all a good laugh for the day!!!
X-men vixen Halle Berry quickly bared her claws when she heard Mariah Carey was getting too chummy with her handsome fiance, soul singer Eric Benet.

Halle left a promotional tour and hastily hopped a plane from Los Angeles to Toronto, where Eric was filming All That Glietters with sexy songstress Mariah, who's currently linked to singer Luis Miguel.

"Halle confronted Mariah," confides and insider, "Mariah was really shocked and said she had a man she really loved, so why should she go after Halle's?".

Another source tells the GLOBE that Halle's sudden appearance also caught her boyfriend by surprise.

"Eric said it was crazy," the source reveals. "It looked like Halle just pounced on him and Mariah as if they were guilty of something. Eric told me they're close friends, but not lovers."

But insiders on the set say Mariah and Eric were definitely palling around and getting very close. Says a friend: "Eric told me Mariah's the greatest. He really digs this woman."

And the feeling was mutual. "Mariah told several cast members that Eric really turns her on," (yeah right) the friend confides. "She said he's super good-looking, very deep and sensitive. And she loves being with him."

Halle still has heartbreaking memories of her devastating divorce from baseball star David Justice three years ago. Friends say the sexy actress is wary about her current relationship because Eric has postponed their wedding twice. "All this has made Halle very insecure," notes a source. "Although there was no affiar, Halle did the right thing because it could have easily turned into one."

Mariah has denied she was trying to put the moves on Eric, But she understands where she's coming from, says the source.

"If I had a gorgeous guy like him," Mariah told a friend, "I'd be jealous, too, when he was out of my sight,"

A friend of Eric also thinks Halle showed up in the nick of time.

"I think if Halle hadn't appeared on the scene," confides the friend, "Eric would have gone off the straight and narrow,"

- Mariah in The National Enquirer
Mariah is also in the National Enquirer this week, Oct. 10th issue! Once again, Danielle typed out the article. I didn't scan the image because it's a pic of MC we have seen a million times. She is lying on the couch from the #1's party in the black dress.
MARIAH- $100 MILLION personal fortune
PRINCESS OF POP Mariah Carey did not even have digs of her own after leaving the $10 million mansion she shared with her ex-hubby, music titan Tommy Mottola - until she bought a posh $9 million Manhattan penthouse. Then she splurged on a fitting centerpiece - Marilyn Monroe's cherished white baby grand piano, which she snagged for a cool $662,500. "My accountant was dying," Mariah says with glee. No big deal - since the multiple Grammy winner has sold more than 128 million albums since htting the big time in 1990. The 30-year-old "Heartbreaker" currrently makes sweet music with Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

- Mariah in J-14 Magazine
Maureen let me know that Mariah is in the Novemeber 2000 issue of People Magazine

- Picture from All That Glitters Set for
Jen found a nice picture of Mariah on the set of her movie, All That Glitters at (the picture is located in Gallery 40). Here is the little article that goes with it and hopefully this picture will be in next weeks People Magazine!
HEARTBREAKER: In New York, Mariah Carey worked on a scene from her new film, All That Glitters, in which she finds out that her mother (Sonya Hensley) is homeless. (

- New Pics/Mariah in US Weekly
Mariah is also in the October 9th issue of US Weekly. I added that scan into Gallery 40 along with pics from the All That Glitters set and other various pics! Check them out if you like!!!

- Bit's O Info
Here is some various information on Miss Mariah that people have sent me:

  • Laura
    n my 1999-2000 high school yearbook, there is a picture and caption of Mariah under Music News. It reads, "Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in November and begins a world tour in February 2000. Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist of the Decade and is awarded the distinguished American Music Award of Achievement." There is a picture of her from the Billboard awards holding her award w/her hand up in the air.
  • Melissa
    Hello! Mariah was #4 with "Honey" on MTV cribs countdown. Tyrese (spelling?) was the host he talked about Mariah making "All that Glitters" he said he visited the set in NY and talked about the "Honey" video he said the house was now being used as a museum in San Juan, PR.
  • Meg
    hey reg- jessica simpson was on hotzone and ananda asked her about her next jessica began naming off producers and people who she has worked with and she mentioned Walter A....then she went into detail saying how he worked with Mariah and did alot of Mariah's early stuff up to now...just thought i'd let yaknow..:*)
  • Megan
    Hey Regina! Today at my school's homecoming pep rally they played Mariah's 'Dreamlover' during the homecoming king and queen slide show. When I heard it I jumped up in the bleachers and started dancing!
  • Mariahlamby (aka Danielle)
    I was just watching Two Of Kind, a show that stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and on their wall, there was a pic of Mariah from the Butterfly album (the pic w/ her eyes closed). It wasn't a poster, but a cut out of that pic from the poster. LOL I don't understand my description either. Just had to let u know :)) <<>>

    - Help Fellow Fan
    E-mail The Mariah your replys:
    Hey Reg! I already sent you a letter from my school but I don't know if you got it! Well anyways, I am doing a research paper and I am doing it on Mariah! I need to have you ask people to send me some things on how Mariah has influenced their lives, why she is a good role model for today's young dreamers, what it is about the music they like, and why she is different from any other singer! Thank you so much!!! Please guys send these to me!!! I need public views on this soooo!!!

    -Update #1
    - Mariah on the set of All That Glitters!
    Nini and Maria let me know that yesterday, Mariah was in the Daily News! Nini typed out the article and I scanned the picture, so checked out the EXCLUSIVE scan below, along with the article!!
    Pop Diva Mariah Carey looks mighty sultry on the Mercer St. set of "All That Glitters," a forthcoming movie in which she stars as a young singer who dates a deejay who helps her get into the music business. The role shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

    - Mariah on TRL yesterday and Monday!
    Yesterday, TRL presented a special Behind the Scenes footage on the set of All That Glitters! Sadly, I missed it because I was getting my hair highlighted, but MiZnAsTyJ and Honey B Fly saw it and told me about it. Basically they showed some footage from the set and they had a sit down interview with Miss Mariah! MiZnAsTyJ told me they said they were going to show even MORE footage with Mariah on Monday's show!!. Honey B Fly could only make one screen capture and sadly the picture has writting all over it!! Oh well, check out the picture to see what MC looked like below:

    September 29, 2000...
    MClogo - Mariah/Westlife and Phil to perform hit song together!
    Thanks to Jake for the following article:
    (SEP. 26) WENN - THIRD - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NEWS - WESTLIFE TEAM UP WITH PHIL COLLINS Irish boyband WESTLIFE are set to perform their British Number one single live for the first time next month (NOV00) with MARIAH CAREY - and PHIL COLLINS, who had a hit with the original. The performance of cover song AGAINST ALL ODDS will take place at the MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS (NOV00), with ROBBIE WILLIAMS and MOBY sharing the bill.

    Westlife band member NICKY BYRNE is surprised at the single's success after so little promotional work.

    He says, "We haven't been able to perform this song because our schedules have been so busy, just like Mariah's.

    "But we are all keen to get together with Phil Collins, which would be something special. We just have to make sure we can fit in the time.

    "With other singles we have worked really hard to let our fans hear the song, but this one had next to no promotion. I wouldn't have been too surprised if it failed to make the top ten.

    - Fanclubs
    Thanks to Jake again for this next article!
    LOS ANGELES, Sep 22, 2000 (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) --, an entertainment/information Web site providing fans of sports and entertainment personalities with on-demand news, celebrity participation, fan interaction and merchandise opportunities, has acquired Fan Emporium, Inc. and related website Fan Emporium hosts official fan clubs for celebrities, such as Mariah Carey, John Mellencamp, Michael Bolton and Cyndi Lauper. caters to an entertainment audience seeking round-the-clock industry-insider news, access to online celebrity appearances, trivia-driven games and contests.

    In addition to the membership benefits of an online presence, offers an array of offline services typically associated with fan club membership. The combination of coupling an on-demand information source with more traditional fan club offerings creates an entertainment package with wide audience appeal.

    Fan Emporium, Inc., founded in 1983 by Joyce Logan, operated successfully as a fan club management company. Logan, the author of Celebrity Fan Clubs, expanded the company's fan club offerings and format with the creation of an online venture, Logan's innovative approach recognized the need to service both computer-friendly online surfers and long-time, offline subscribers.

    Logan has been named the vice president of fan services for and will manage offline fan club services.

    In acquiring Fan Emporium, Inc., assumes ownership of, the company's individual celebrity online fan club sites, and the offline fan club management agreements. Financial terms of the acquisition are confidential. employs a proprietary profiling application designed to capture and retain user profile information. Operating as eBackStagePass(TM), this sophisticated fingerprinting engine allows for targeted e-commerce promotions, on-demand polling and focused consumer interaction. partners with entertainment and sports celebrities to manage fan club memberships and activities. By providing fans with on-demand and traditional fan club management services, innovative entertainment options, exclusive news for members and merchandise selections, creates an opportunity for fans to celebrate and interact with their favorite celebrities

    - Mariah in Teen People
    Prinie let me know that you can find a picture of Mariah in the November issue of Teen People! She is in the beauty watch section on page 156!!

    - Mariah shutdown for Billboard 2000 Award?
    Ma'ayan told me that he checked out the Billboard Website and they showed the nominees for the Billboard 2000 Video Awards! It seems, that Mariah is not nominated for anything, while Luis is nominated for best clip of the year for "Amarte es un placer!" How sad :(

    - Mariah lookalike and Anderz mentioned on Howard Stern
    Alex told me that Howard Stern mentioned the following link on his show today:
    He read the the statement on the fron page and the link to the interview with Anderz.

    - Toni and Mariah
    Victor told me that Toni BRaxton was not wearing the cut off style in her video, "I Don't Want To!" He said that she was wearing the waistband folded in!!

    Thanks again to Jake for this next article:
    (SEP. 28) WENN - THIRD - HOLLYWOOD, SHOWBIZ & PEOPLE NEWS - MAX BEESLEY GETS MUSICAL From WENN Los Angeles bureau chief SOPHIE VOKES-DUDGEON British actor MAX BEESLEY is following in his SPICE GIRLfriend's footsteps - warming up his vocal chords for his big-screen singing debut.

    The hunky actor stars alongside MARIAH CAREY in the currently- filming movie ALL THAT GLITTERS, playing a cool club DJ in the 1980's.

    Carey plays the role of a naive young singer who comes to understand the music world through the course of the film and through her relationship with Beesley.

    But it's not only Max's acting ability and his flawless New York accent that's been gaining him respect on set - he's been taking a leaf out of his girlfriend MEL B's book and having a sing.

    A set source says, "He doesn't have a huge singing part, but he does go acapella on the piano for a little sing along in one of the scenes.

    "He was quite impressive actually. The whole movie has a very musical theme." (SVD/WN/JM)

    - Fan Artwork
    Honey B Fly made some nice Mariah artwork and you can check it out by clicking the links below!

    September 27, 2000...
    MClogo - New Design
    Well, I hope you all like the new layout for the NEWS page! It matches the main page and a HUGE thanks to my very good buddy Alex!!

    - Westlife tops UK charts
    Thanks to Alan and Dee for this next article:
    LONDON (Billboard) - Irish pop heroes Westlife achieved their sixth straight instant U.K. No. 1 single Sunday - this time with the help of Mariah Carey. Their collaboration on Phil Collins' "Against All Odds," released on Columbia, earned Carey her 17th U.K. Top 10 hit, but only her second No. 1. Collins' version went to No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 2 in the U.K. in 1984. The track was pursued on the chart by Zombie Nation's "Kerncraft 400," which entered at No. 2, while the chart-topper of the past two weeks, Modjo's "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)," slipped to No. 3. Also debuting in the Top 10 were Billie Piper at No. 4 with "Something Deep Inside," Pink at No. 5 with "Some Girls," Sisqo at No. 6 with the title track from his album "Unleash The Dragon," and Anastacia's "I'm Outta Love" at No. 7. Madonna's "Music" arrived at the peak of the U.K. album chart, while one of her five previous U.K. No. 1 albums, 1990's "The Immaculate Collection," stormed back 30 to 8 in its 161st week on the chart. The album's title track enjoyed a third week at No. 1 on the Eurochart.

    - Happy Half Birthday Mariah!
    Hillary let me know that today, September 27th, is Mariah's Half Birthday! So Happy Half Birthday Mariah!!!!

    - New Pics
    There are about 7 new pics in Gallery 40 today. Marc sent in some pics from a show called Festivalbar and MC looks really pretty! Also, Minerva sent in two more lovely pics of Mariah and you can check them out in Gallery 40.

    - Mariah Reigning Diva of the Summer! told me that on Jagnet, Mariah was named Reigning Diva of the Summer. Coolio eh?

    - Bit's O Info
    Here is some various news I received:

  • CrAzYxAnjeL 3169
    On Friday and Saturday..they were re-running the old series of Real World and in of the show i think it was the Los Angeles one..they played Vision Of Love. Just to let you know...
  • DMX Rican16
    Check out this site to find out information on All That Glitters!!!
  • Shanae214
    Hey Regina, I just wanna say that our homecoming song is "Thank God I found You" so everyone is gonna buy the single. So maybe that will help Mariah
  • Melissa
    For two days in a row Z90 has been playing "CTTA" this morning when I heard it the DJ even encourage listeners to run out and get it! And yesterday this girl called in and she had "Daydream" playing in the background! One time last week some guy called int he was playing "CTTA" =)
  • Brittany
    hey regina! ok, so this is some kind of friend said that MC was on the news here in NY a few days ago and they just said some rumors about her and they said she was going down 2 NYC 2 finish filming ATG and that earlier this year she asked her hotel to have pink toilet paper, laced bedset, and an "oray of puppies and kittens for her to pet". (LoL) and they said that she wanted the town to announce her arival to all so that she could dress up incase any fans came....well i just wanted to let you know about that gossip...LoL....and other friend said that MC was going 2 TRY 2 make an appearance on TRL or @ least call in on thurday....9/28....buh bye! Mariah rox my world! LoL

    - Mariah's "Hero"
    Last night on a radio station I listen to called, Delilah, Mariah's "Hero" was played. A woman called in because all summer her daughter saved up her money and bought herself a bike. The little girl couldn't afford a nice bike but still it was a bike she bought with her own money since her mother was a single mother and they didn't have much money! She would ride the bike to school everyday to be a safety captain to the younger kids. She loved doing it but recently her bike was stolen. The little girl begged her mother to please let her to continue to be safety captain because it was something she loved to do and made her feel special. The girl now walks 1 hour to school everyday and then walks 1 hour to get home. The mother burst into tears while telling Deliliah this story and asked her to please play a special song for her brave daughter. So the song that Deliliah picked was Mariah's "Hero!" Isn't that so ncie?!?

    - Against All Odds #1 in Ireland too
    John let me know that Against All Odds, featuring Mariah and Westlife, is also #1 in Ireland. So now it is #1 in UK and Ireland. Way to go Mariah!!!!

    September 26, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    - New Pics
    Minerva just scanned 9 new pics for me from Spain! All these pics are exclusive to the internet and are all very LOVELY pics of Mariah! You can check out these 9 beautiful pictures of Mariah in Gallery 40! If you choose to use them in your newsletter or website, please credit this site because a lot of webmasters arn't doing that and yeah, that's pretty upsetting, in fact!

    Update #1
    - Welcome Home Mariah
    Well Mariah is back home now in NYC and we want to say that we are happy she is back home and safe!!!

    - Re-Release of Rainbow
    Thanks to Mariah Carey Archives for this next article:
    Mariah's latest multi-platinum album "Rainbow" will be re-released all over the world, but this time it has a bonus CD with Mariah's duet with Westlife, "Against All Odds". This new edition is already available in the UK and within weeks it will also be released in Israel, Taiwan and many other countries. It is still unknown if "Rainbow" will be re-released in the USA.

    "Rainbow" was first released in November 1999 and entered the Billboard album chart at Number 2. The album is certified three times platinum by the RIAA and sold over 8 million copies worldwide.

    Thanks to Mariah Online, I have the scans of the front and inside cd. It seems that this is a 2 CD set and AAO single is included with the normal Rainbow Album! I personally think this is so cool and I am praying it is released in the USA so I can buy it! Click on the links below to check 'em out!
    Click Here to Check out the Front Cover!
    Click Here to Check out the Inside CD

    - Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Website!
    Thanks to Mike, Ronnie and Candice for the following link to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis's website! Yesterday in the news I mentioned that they talked about Mariah on their website saying that they just finished 12 songs with her for her news soundtrack! Check it out for yourself at the following link:

    - Mariah in Allure
    Yesterday I told you that Mariah was in Allure Magazine, thanks to Ashley! Well Ashley scanned the pic and I added it to Gallery 39 By the way, Mariah is in the October 2000 issue of Allure, if you want to pick it up! Should hit stands on Friday hopefully!

    - Jessica Simpson Listens to Mariah's Music before shows!
    On Mannia 2000 show, they were talking to Jessica Simpson and they asked her what she does to warm up and she said she likes to listen to Mariah's older music. Direct Quote is:
    "I'm listening to Mariah's old stuff!"(she put her thumbs up)"I usually listen to Stevie Wonder & Mariah Carey when I warm up."

    - Fantasy debuets #1
    Thanks to NCG911, Alan and Jake for the following information:
    1995 "Fantasy," by Mariah Carey, became the second single ever to debut at No. 1 on the chart. The only other artist to accomplish that feat was Michael Jackson with "You Are Not Alone."

    - Mariah in Holland!
    Mark tells me that Mariah dropped 6 places this week from #72 to #78 in the Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart!

    - Westlife Defy The 'Odds' On U.K. Singles Chart
    Thanks to Art for the following article:
    Irish pop heroes Westlife achieved their sixth straight instant U.K. No. 1 single Sunday (Sept. 24) -- this time with the help of Mariah Carey. Their collaboration on Phil Collins' "Against All Odds," released on Columbia, earned Carey her 17th U.K. top 10 hit, but only her second No. 1. Collins' version went to No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 2 in the U.K. in 1984.

    - Vote for Mariah on TRL?
    PureHoney710 is sad that she hasn't seen the latest video by Mariah with Westlife on TRL or anywhere else for that matter, like all of us. She wants us to go and vote for Mariah on TRL. I don't know if this will work but maybe it will get MTV to see that they should get the video and start playing it! If you want to help out MC, please request her at the link below! Put her name is as "Other!"

    - Mariah inspired Float and Mariah's Rainbow Interlude
    It's so nice to see fans using Mariah's music in everyday life. Here is two stories!

  • Lauren
    we're building our homecoming float, and i'm chairperson, so when i found out the theme was MYSTERIES, i added in a little of my own flavor, so our float theme is a pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow! :D its a big rainbow (in mariah color order) on clouds with a big pot o' gold...i'm so proud :D
  • Regina:
    In Computer Art Class in college, we have to take a song or story and illustrate it on the computer! Well I took the Rainbow Interlude and at the moment, I am creating an image showing the whole song because I think it has a really positive message! My teacher liked the idea too, so that's good :)

    - Petition for Germany
    Here is what Dennis sent me:
    Hi Regina! This is Dennis, webmaster of the Mariah Carey fanpage "Butterfly-MC"! Uwe (webmaster "Mariah Carey Fan") and I, we started a petition and it would be amazing if everybody participated in that one and helped out Mariah in our country, Germany!

    Our aim we wanna achieve with this petition is that MTV Gemany plays more often Mariah's music clips, escpecially the new ones like "Against All Odds" (duett with Westlife) and "Crybaby" and "Can't Take That Away". Is has to be said that Mariah is being neglected by this TV station over here, meaning that they refuse to play her music clips. When asking them for what reason they do so, they always respond that "Against All Odds" has been already released - but hey, now it is available in the duett version in all German CD stores.
    And what about the clips like "Crybaby" and "Can't Take That Away"? O.k., these two tracks won't be commercially released, but MTV Germany promised to play the music clips as many German fans had written a lot o' mails to the TV station to beg them to give a certain rotation to these clips.

    Hopefully, all fans over the world will support our petition so that MTV Germany will be shown that their ignorance towards MC fans will be soon spread all over the world and that they will be losing their reputation if they keep on neglecting Mariah and her fans as well! Thanks for taking the time and reading this one.

    Here's the link to the petition: Thanks,

    - Mariah in Spain
    Here is what Mari told me:
    Hi, all the SPANISH fans!!:
    Mariah could come to the Spanish show "La gala de la Hispanidad" again. Just the fans have to telephone to TELE5:91396613 and say that we want to have Mariah in the show.Fans, WE CAN DO IT!!!

    - Vote for Mariah on MTVAsia
    Ken tells me that there is currently a quickvote at MTVAsia asking viewers what they think of Mariah's duet with Westlife. Ken would like you all to go to and click on "Simply Irresistible". It is receiving a good response from Asian people.

    - Club Mariah
    Club Mariah is a collection of 3 fantastic Mariah Carey clubs that can be found on Yahoo! The purpose of Club Mariah is to show Mariah fans that there are some clubs dedicated to Mariah that should be given lots of credit. These 3 Mariah clubs are perfect in each way possible and are good sources for information.

    September 25, 2000...
    MClogo - Allure Magazine
    Ashley told me that MC is in the newest issue of Allure magazine. Ashley gets it in the mail, so it will probably hit stands around next week or the week after! MC is in the section called Flashbacks from the year 2000 and there is a picture of her from AMA's. Ashley will send me the scan soon, she said!

    - My All Single for Sale
    Kim is selling her US Maxi Single for My All/Breakdown! If you are interested in it, send her an e-mail at:
    The tracks are as follow:
    my all (album verson)
    my all ( classic club mix)
    breakdown (the mo' thugs remix) feat. bone thugs-N-harmony
    the roof (mobb deep mix)
    fly away butterfly reprise (fly away club mix)

    - CTTA on Radio
    Here is what Ashley told me:
    OMG on Friday night I was driving in the car and I think it was like 93.1 or something (massachusetts station) and I heard CTTA on! Its the first time I ever heard it (except for at the mall) I was soooo flippin excited! :)

    - Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Website
    MiZnAsTyJ told me that on Jimmy Jams and Terry Lewis's Official Website, it says that they just finished 12 songs for the All The Glitters soundtrack with Mariah! I don't have a link to the site sadly though for you all to check it out!

    - Lack O' News
    Well, that's it for today because that's all the news! If anyone comes over some information, please feel free to e-mail and let me know! Thanks!

    September 24, 2000...
    MClogo - Updates
    Like every Sunday, there is a new Quote O' The Week and a new Pic O' The Week Along with that, there is two new pictures in Gallery 39! I scanned the pic inside the October 2000 Movieline Magazine and added that and also Will Ward sent me a nice picture of Mariah! Check both of those out in Gallery 39!

    - New Poll
    It hasn't really been a full week but out of the 227 of you that took this poll, here is the results!
    What is your favorite Mariah Remix Single?
    Heartbreaker (41) 18%
    Thank God I Found You (28) 12%
    Fantasy (27) 11%
    Always Be My Baby (26) 11%
    Sweetheart (4) 1%
    I Still Believe (32) 14%
    Honey (11) 4%
    Can't Take That Away (15) 6%
    Anytime You Need A Friend (19) 8%
    My All (24) 10%

    So Heartbreaker Remix Single is your favorite and actually, that was the one I voted for because I think the remixes are just outstanding! I added a new Poll O' The Week and basically I want to know what Mariah did to make you one of her biggest fans! Check it out above!!!

    - The Proper Translation
    Yesterday I got a spanish article from Ricardo about Mariah and Luis and I tried to translate it in AltaVista but as we can see, it didn't turn out too well. Someone told me that "Mariah" means Sea Turtle in Spanish and that's why AltaVista did that! Anna, translated the article properly and added some notes at the end for us to know because she is a BIG Luis Miguel Fan!
    The most exclusive one
    However, since for Luismi (Luis Miguel) ³to love is a pleasure², he didn¹t wait long to fall in love again (this seems to make me think that earlier in this article they spoke about his past relationships, probably Daisy Fuentes). He searched for and found someone to whom he could sing ³O Tu O Ninguna² (You and No One Else - one of the songs from the ³Amarte es Un Placer² cd) and for the past year, that person has been Mariah Carey. Is it true that this New York singer has taken his breath away (leaves him breathless!) and that¹s why he needs to travel with oxygen tanks? Who knows? But as he himself has said on many occasions ³Only I know the real truth in my life.² With Sofia Vergara, whom he knew years before and who was one of the models on the cd ³Romance², he dared to risk a scandal by inviting her to his yacht on his last visit to Miami, just before Mariah Carey arrived.

    Anna¹s comment:
    This is an old article; it makes reference to several past events, such as that (untrue) story about Sofia meeting with him on the yacht just before MC arrived ; it also refers to an incident during LM¹s tour late last year when he suffered from exhaustion and the stress of facing legal battles in Argentina over a plagiarism suit and other legal issues. He needed oxygen when he left the stage; Mariah was with him and, understandably, was concerned for his health. She canceled his appointments for the next day and made sure he stayed in the hotel room until he had recovered. The magazines had pictures of him in the limo with MC, and he¹s wearing an oxygen mask.

    - Mariah and Westlife take it to #1
    Mariah has just acheived #1 status in the UK for AAO with Westlife. This would be Mariah's second #1 hit in the UK, Without You being the first (I guess her covers are huge there!). Anyhow, here is an article that MiZnAsTyJ sent me:
    MARIAH CAREY and WESTLIFE became Number One in the UK Singles chart on Sunday (September 24) with their cover of Phil Collins' 1984 hit 'Against All Odds'. It kicked off Modjo's 'Lady Tonight', which had been Number One for two weeks. It slipped to Number Three. Zombie Nation's 'Kernkraft 400' became the new Number Two, with Billie Piper's 'Something Deep Inside' at Number Four, Pink's 'Most Girls' at Number Five, Sisqo's 'Unleash The Dragon' at Number Six and Anastacia's 'I'm Outta Love' at Number Seven in another busy week for new entries in the Top Ten. Sonique, Sugababes and S Club 7 rounded out the rest of the Top Ten. Other new entries in teh Top 40 were Green Day (18), Scott & Leon (19), Foo Fighters (29), Timo Mass/martin Bettinghaus (33) and Soulwax (40).

    - Fanbook is making a fanbook for Mariah to show how much we appreciate her! Please send her entrees for her book because the more the nicer the book will be when Mariah receives it!

    - Mariah Mentioned on T.V. Show Big Brother.
    Here is what "D" told me:
    The houseguests were given a challenge to guess if statements were true or false about current events and such. Well just to let you know, Big Brother is a show where the people are locked in the house together for 3 whole months with no outside contact! And here was one of the questions that happened to include Mariah :
    True or False?
    Celine Dion Loses eye while singing duet with Mariah Carey?
    Of course the answer was false and they voted false too!

    - Mariah mentioned on Blink 182 Making the Video
    This morning before work, at 6:52 am, I was watching MTV and they had one of their normal newsbriefs. They showed a part of Making the Video with Blink 182, which will be premiering this week and in one of the segments one of the guys is wearing a blonde wig. He said something along the lines that he feels or looks like Mariah Carey. Then he started to sing a piece of Heartbreaker. I thought it was kind of cute!

    - All That Glitters Gets Pushed Back!
    Jake let me know that updated thier All That Glitters website and it now says that the movie will be released in April 2001 instead of March 2001! Check it out for yourself!

    -MuchMusic with DaBrat
    Here is what Heather told me:
    I was watching MuchMusic(here in Canada) and Da Mix was on(that's a show) and they had Da Brat as a guest for a whole hour and near the end of the interview she talked a bit about Mariah and the fact that they are friends and how she went to her new years eve party in Alcopolco(hope I spelled that right) and how they were in Luis' mansion and stuff. Then she was asked if she could pick her favourite collaberation video and she picked the Always Be My Baby Remix and then they played it. It was pretty cool. I hadn't even seen the video before cause they never play it here.

    - Mariah Carey Chat Clubs
    Club Mariah is a collection of 3 fantastic Mariah Carey clubs that can be found on Yahoo! The purpose of Club Mariah is to show Mariah fans that there are some clubs dedicated to Mariah that should be given lots of credit. These 3 Mariah clubs are perfect in each way possible and are good sources for information. Check out the link below to read more about them.

    September 23, 2000...
    MClogo Update #2
    - New Pics
    Mari sent me some new EXCLUSIVE pictures of Mariah and I added them to Gallery 39! Also, Gary sent me some new pics of Mariah from The Bachelor movie that were taken from a Japan book! Along with those pics, you will find a concert pic and just a beautiful pic of MC! All in all, make sure to check out Gallery 39 for all of these lovely pics!

    - Fixed
    The Toronto pics in Gallery 38 didn't work but I fixed the links and you can now check those out. Xoom is working perfectly now, so you should be able to access all the pictures VERY quickly now!

    - The Bachelor on Starz
    Here is what Ricardo told me:
    I hope yall know about that chanell "Starz", especially those of you who have Direct TV. Well, "The Bachelor" is gonna be on one of the STARZ chanells on October 14th. I will tell you later about time and excact chanell.

    - Mariah Carey Watch
    Some of you were having problem finding the Mariah Carey watch at Well Art went and found it and he told me that you just put Mariah Carey in search for "All." Her cd's will appear and on the right hand side there is a small picture of the watch! Just click on it and you can buy it!

    - Mariah in Text Book
    Here is what Hillary told me:
    I was doing some reading for my computer class. My textbook is Discovering Computers 2001 and in Chapter 2 on page 2.35 there is a PIC of Microsoft Internet Explorer and they have the MSN screen displayed. On it, for the date of January 21, is a PIC of no one other than MARIAH and next to it, it says: "Mariah Carey announces first tour in 8 years." I could not believe it! If anyone has that textbook take a look inside!

    - Mariah in Entertainment Weekly
    There is a small section about Mariah and her lawsuit in this weeks Entertainment Weekly (hit stores on Friday). It's the same thing that other places have reported, excpet at the end, it says:
    Carey's publicist contends, "several musicologists have stated that there is no copyright infringement. Mariah, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Sony did not copy that song."
    Thanks to David for this information and also, David said there is a small picture of Mariah in there!

    - Mariah in Teen People
    Mariah is in the October issue of Teen People! She is on page 58 and it's an interview with "Dream" (a girl group). Sean "Puffy" Combs asks them:
    'What musicians do you look up to?
    Melissa: Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. When I was little I would listen to their CDs over and over
    Ashley: That pretty much goes for all of us. When you look at them you're like, ''I want to be like that.''

    Thanks to Michelle for this information!!!

    - Luis y Mariah
    Ricardo stumbled across this Spanish Article:
    "La más exclusiva
    Pero, como para Luismi Amar es un placer no podía tardar mucho sin enarmorarse se nuevo. Buscó y encontró a quien cantar O tú o ninguna y esa es, desde el año pasado, Mariah Carey. ¿Será verdad que esta cantante neoyorquina le quita la respiración y por eso tiene que andar con tanques de oxígeno? Quien sabe... Pero como él ha dicho en muchas ocasiones: "La verdad de mi vida sólo la sé yo".

    Con Sofía Vergara, a quien había conocido años atrás y fue una de las modelos para su disco Romance, se atrevió a montar el escándalo cuando la invitó a su yate en su último viaje a Miami, justo antes de que llegara Mariah Carey."

    I took it into and translated it to English and I have to say I don't know if it is any easier to read in English! Ha ha and what's up with this Mariah Sea Turtle stuff?!? Anyhow though, here it is:
    "Most exclusive but, as for Luismi Amar it is a pleasure could not take much without enarmorar itself new. He looked for and he found to who to sing or you or no and that it is, from the last year, Mariah Sea turtle. It will be truth that this New York singer clears the breathing to him and that is the reason he must walk with oxygen tanks? Who knows... But as he has said in many occasions: " the truth of my life to only I know it." With Sofía Vergara, that had known years back and was one of the models for its Romance disc, one dared to mount the scandal just when it invited it to his yacht in his last trip to Miami, before arrived Mariah Sea turtle. "

    - My Music Awards
    Two more MC fans e-mailed me about different categories you could insert Mariah's name into it. Basically, I think you should vote for Mariah in as many categories as you possibly can! You can do that by clicking the link below:

  • Armand
    There is one category that Mariah should get, I think she would fit this category well. It is "Legend in Action" , the only thing is she wasn't nominated for it..but i still think that you should get people to go there and have them add her name...she truely is a Legend in Action..
  • Ricardo
    It's for the "Double-Threat" category. They already have some nominees, but you can suggest Mariah Carey in the "other" box at the bottom. It's about singers that were in movies this year. You can suggest Mariah Carey for her cameo in "The Bachelor". Hey, it couldn't hurt. All you have to type in the 'other' box is - Mariah Carey "The Bachelor". Wouldn't it be hot if she won??

    - Mariah loose and it's not fair!
    Here is what Daphne wrote me:
    Hey Regina, remember 8daysonline Divas' Poll? is the printed result in the magazine
    Madonna 55.3% 82,284
    Whitney 32.9% 49,033
    Mariah 9.8% 14,528
    Celine 1.8% 2,657
    Barbra 0.1% 174
    Aretha 0.1% 171
    Here is the interesting bit, this poll is obviously rigged! The last time I checked, Mariah was way ahead of Whitney. Whitney wasn't even close to the 40,000 mark. In fact, it is Mariah who should be in the 2nd spot. So, I'm requesting fans to 'complain' to 8 Days Magazine by emailing them. Perhaps it was a mixed-up on their part OR the poll is rigged.

    Update #1
    - New Message From Mariah
    As I reported yesterday, Mariah has left a new message on her official website! Well Lauren Ashley and Jen were nice enough to type up the message for us and here it is below!
    "Hi! ya, I do believe that I left a message the other day but I didn't say that it was Mariah calling so I don't know if it got up or what happened...But it's like my...I guess it's about my last day shooting in Canada and then I get, I dunno, like 2 days off. Then, I get to finish the movie in my hometown, which would be New York, in fact. And, it's really, I'm really having a good time, I mean it's like I'm really exhausted but I'm really having fun. And I've met a lot of nice fans and people of that sort here and it's been really good and I'm really excited about the soundtrack and just, ya know, working really hard. And so I hope you guys enjoy it and um, I guess I'm gonna be in New York Tuesday or something. But, Ya, don't think that I forgot about you or that I'm not making music because I'm really excited, as I just said 2 seconds ago, 'bout the soundtrack and getting back into the studio and stuff. And, I'm really excited about the movie. So I hope that you like it as well and maybe I'll see some of you in New York. I enjoy ya, I miss ya and I love ya. Bye-Bye"

    September 22, 2000...
    MClogo - Tonjua Twist Commits Suicide. Exclusive Article!
    Chris and Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) let me know that there is a 3 page article about Tonjua Twist's death in the October 2nd issue of US Weekly! Danielle typed out the long article for us and also, inside there is 2 pictures of Tonjua and one of Mariah! Danielle told me that the article really touched her and I felt the same way! Tonjua had a tough life and I sure hope she rests in peace! Much love, once again to Tonjua's family and friends! Big thanks to Danielle for the article!
    Tonjua Twist was a star you never knew. As a fashion stylist, she was in the image business, creating looks for such celebrities as Cindy Crawford, Michael Jackson and, for the last four years, Mariah Carey almost exclusively. Virtually every style associated with the pop superstar was Twist's. The trend of low-slung jeans with a ripped waistband came out of a photo shoot of Carey for her 1999 single, "Heartbreaker", when Twist simply ripped off the waiste of Carey's Levis to make her look sexier.

    Trashy-chich airbrushed T-shirts were Twist's too, like the one on the cover of Carey's 1999 album, Rainbow, which sold 8 million copies. For a while, it seemed like every idea Twist executed wound up in the pages of "Women's Wear Daily", "Cosmopolitan", or "In Style" magazines. She was flying on private jets, and sleeping in $700-a-night hotel rooms. It appeared that Tonjua Twist was living an amazing life, until last May, when she ended it - allegedly swallowing more than 70 tranqulizers, antidepressants and sleeping pills in her Marian Del Rey, California, apartment. She was 36 years old.

    The fashion world is ego-driven, a place where snobbery triumphs sincerity and cattiness is commonplace. But Twist was special, and photgraphers and celebrities sought her out. "I've been in this business in New York City for 15 years, and there was nobody nicer. Nobody," says Wayne Scot Lukas, a celebrity fashion stylist who knew Twist for about 12 years.

    Twist began her career after graduating in 1987 from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. She started as an assistant at "Vogue". She became the fashion editor at "Self" in 1988, did a stint at Glamour in 1994, then went freelance, styling for David Letterman, Bill Murray, Christina Ricci and many others.

    Professionally, Twist was known for her ability to put people at ease. In 1996, Tom Tavee, freelance photographer who worked with Twist on bout dozen shoots, was photographing jazz vocalist Kevin Mahogany for the cover of his 1997 album "Another Time Another Place. Twist was styling the shoot, which was supposed to capture Mahogany driving a red Chevy Capri over the Manhattan Bridge in New York. But Mahogany was nervous, Tavee recalls. Twist's maternal instinct led her to offer to ride with him, curled up on the floor in the passenger seat of the car. . "She kind of held his hand across the bridge," says Tavee. Mahogany immediately relaxed. Photographer Chris Buck, who worked with Twist on a Chris Farley shoot, adds, "She had a wonderful sense of humor.... It wasn't just about fashionable clothes with her."

    Twist was fastidious, orgainzed and commited to her job, which required combining mass-market trends with sophisticated looks to burn her clients into the public's memory. It was a mart approach, and wen it worked, Twist fueled a star's popularity by facilitating a visual and emotional connection between artist and fan.

    She was a master of facades. But unfortunately, one of Twist's greatest creations was the mask of happiness that she made for herself: While her apparent joy for life and for her career touched almost everyone she worked with, inside, overwhelming sadness brewed. Many of her closest friends and family didn't even know that she was depressed until after the suicide.

    Tonjua Lynn Twist was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 12, 1964, the first of three daughters for Martin Twist and Saundra Curry Twist. They were poor, uneducated, young parents. "This was not your typical little Kentucky family," says younger sister Tyra Twist-Amrein. "This was something out of Jerry Springer."

    Life inside the Twist home was miserable. Martin was "abusive physically, mentally and verbally," says Twist-Amrein. Martin denies that he physically abused his daughters. He allows that he "smacked" Twist -Amrein once when she snuck out of the house. "I just don't think there was [physical abuse]," says Martin, "but it depends on your yardstick. I did paddle the girls - I won't deny that."

    The family struggled financially until Martin started coal-brokerage company in the mid-70's. The business quickly took off, and by 1980 Martin says his company had revenues of $30 million. In 1977, he moved his family to the east end of Louisville, the "prominent side of the tracks," as Twist-Amrein puts it.

    When Tonju was 16, her mother was killed in an accident after her car slipped on a patch of ice and hit a tree. Tonjua was devastated by the sudden death. Escape became her coping mechanism. She spent hours painting in the basement with headphones on. "Tonjua was a hider," remembers Twist-Amrein.

    Two years after her mother died, Tonjua, then 18, gave birth to a son, who immediately was put up for adoption. But her sisters and friends didn't learn of the child until days before Tonjua's funeral. Martin and his now ex-wife were two of only a handful of people who knew; they kept Tonjua's secret until her death. Tonjua had managed to hide the pregnancy on her petite, lithe body wearing baggy clothes then she buried the whole experience after the birth.

    In October 1994, Twist took an assignment from Mariah Carey, who soon hired her for more appearances and videos. By 1977, Twist was devoting nearly all of her time to the pop star. It was a dream gig; Twist was associated with one of the biggest names in music and earning about $300,000 a year. She went on tour with Carey and spent the last three years at her side.

    Still, living your life in the service of a celebrity can be draining, especially, if, as in Twist's case, it was difficult to say no.

    Last year, in Amsterdam during Carey's Rainbow tour, Carey asked Twist about a favorite dress that she wanted to wear. Twist couldn't find it among the truckload of costumes. So she frantically called her friend Beth Fredrick and Fredrick's husband, Don Palmer, In New York, and gave them meticulous instuctions about how to get into her Manhattan apartment and locate the dress among the racks of clothing. Assuming they found the dress, Fredrick and Palmer were to purchase a one=way plane ticket for it leaving that afternoon from New York

    "Tonjua told us they were willing to buy a ticket for the dress- buy the dress a seat on the plane," says Palmer. The dress eventually turned up in Carey's travel gear.

    "I can't imagine how Tonjua could have had a second of personal time when working with Mariah", says Carey Bennett, a costume designer who worked with Twist on Carey's wardrobe. Prior to concerts, Twist would set up the NASCAR- like pit stops Carey would take between songs to change outfits. During the concert, Twist was on-call to negotiate any clothing crisis that might occur. After the concert, Twist would supervise the packing of clothing and the loading of the trunks onto the tour truck. Then Twist would need to plan for Carey's next outfit. After three years ot this grueling shedule, according to Martin, she was burned out and "needed to be doing more than picking out tennis shoes," he says.

    Last December, Twist told her family she was getting a long-overdue break from the nearly nonstop touring. Carey had invited Twist and her boyfriend, Stevie Salas, to Acapulco for a millennium party. But instead of letting her lounge on the beach, "Mariah used her like a little servant," says her sister Tyra, sending Twist on all-day errands. (Salas confirms this account.) Carey's manager, Louise McNally, who was also in Acapulco at the time disagrees: "Tonjua was not someone who got pushed around," says McNally, adding that Twist was asked to run one two-hour errand. There's no question that working for Carey was difficult, but for someone like Twist, who seemed to live to please other people, it could be dangerously consuming. Still, Twist looked like a consumate pro to those who knew her: happy with both the status and challenges of the job, even if she was physically and emotionally exhausting herself.

    But Twist wasn't only having problems with her work; she had health worries, too - a "uterin problem," as she called it, that, she told her friends, would eventually require surgery. And her relationship with Salas was also deeply troubled. Salas is a second=tier musician who has played backup guitar for Rod Stewart, and Terence Trent D'Arby. Now he is a solo artist with a small fan base in Asia. For more than 12 years, until Twist's death, the couple broke up and got back together countless times.

    In her relationship with Salas, as in her job, Twist was the peacekeeper and the nurturer, always trying hard to make things work out, while Salas played the role of temperamental star. She arranged her schedule around his and doted on his domestic and emotional needs. "You could see how hard she worked for it - she catered to him, always at his beck and call," says Twist's friend David Gilbert. "He'd be gone for a few weeks. He'd come back and say 'Oh, I'm going out to a party with my friends, and you're not invited.'" Twist's devotion confounded her friends and coworkers. "Everyone kind of scratched their heads and wondered why Tonjua put up with it," says Tavee.

    But rather than pull back from the relationship after Carey's tour finished in the spring, Twist plunged in even deeper. On the theory that things would never work out between them if she stayed on the East Cost while he lived in Califonia, the stylist made a crucial decision. She left behind the support system she had built during the 17 years lived in New York and moved into a Marina Del Rey apartment with Salas.

    About one month after moving in, Twist discovered that Salas was seeing another woman. She told Beth Fredrick that Salas asked her to check his e-mail when he was out of town. "There were several [e-mails] from a woman [Salas] had been seeing while [Twist] had been on the road," Fredrick says. "He didn't have the guts to break up with her face-to-face." Salas says that he did not instruct Tonjua to go into his e-mail account and adds, "I didn't leave her for another girl... I just couldn't be her boyfriend anymore."

    Twist and Salas broke up for the last time. She was crushed, and her depression worsened. Even with all of their problems, she had regarded Salas as the one sabilizing force in her life. Just before she died, says Carey Bennett, "We talked about this mess of a relationship and how it was all exacerbated by the fact that she had been on tour with Mariah. She had given everything to Mariah and had come back [to find] no life left."

    A few weeks after the breakup, David Gilbert had a sick feeling something was wrong. For three days he had been trying to get Twist on the phone. Since the Salas debacle, Gilbert and Twist had spoken almost daily - sometimes more than once - because "she was hysterical 24 hours a day for two weeks," Gilbert says. "At eight in the morning she would call me crying; at midnight she would all me crying" He found the sudden quiet frightening.

    On Thursday, May 25, Gilbert notified the police that Twist was missing. Technically, she hadn't been gone long enough to qualify as a missing person, so the police did not follow up on the call.

    The next morning, Gilbert, who lives nearby, drove to Twist's home to check it out for himself. One blind in the bathroom was tilted upward. Gilbert peeked throught the space and noticed that the antiquated electric heater built into the ceiling had been left on. "That's a big fire issue, and she's just too responsible and organized. She wouldn't have left that on," says Gilbert, who again alerted the local police. They arrived soon after and broke into Twist's home.

    Twist's body was lifeless on her bedroom floor. She had overdosed on a mix of prescription medications and over-the- counter sleeping pills two days earlier. "Somewhere between 70 and 100 tranquilizers, antidepressants, a couple bottles of Tylenol PM and a couple of super-strong pain medicatiq\ons that were [Salas's]," says Gilbert.

    Gilbert didn't get back to his apartment until 5 A.M. the following day. It was 8 A.M. in Louisville, and with a pit in his stomach, he picked up the telephone, and called Martin. Martin's reaction to the call was as Gilbert expected: "Wails, Moans, Screams," Gilbert recalls. "That was brutal."

    Gilbert echoes most of Twist's friends and relatives when he describes his guilt for not having recognized the extent of her depression. In hindsight, the signs wer there. At 36, she was approaching the same age at which her mother died; the son she had never known of or spoken of was turning 18, and her reproductive system was faltering. In one phone call between Gilbert and Twist three weeks before she killed herself, she talked about suicide.

    "You're depressed and I get it." Gilbert had told her. "I know what you're saying, but you need to go to a psychiatrist." Gilbert says Twist was completely lucid in her response.

    "I am just not interested in life," she said. "I am just not interested in it." I don't like the way people treat one another."

    Carey, however, maintains that Twist kept her torment so well hidden that it was impossible to see, despite their almost daily contact over three years. "The Tonjua I knew was the life of the party, says Carey. "She had an incredibly uplifting personality that must have been covering a lot of sadness."

    - New Message from Mariah Herself
    Mariah has left another new message on her Official Website. It seems she finished shooting in Toronto yesterday and has two days off until she flys home to NYC! She sounds really tired but she kept saying that she loves her fans. Isn't she just amazing?
    If anyone has a little extra time and would like to do so, please type out Mariah's latest message, if possible, for the fans who can't hear Mariah!

    - Ten Years Ago...
    Ramsey told me that "Mariah Carey" rose from 3 weeks at #4 to #3 this week, 10 years ago on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts.

    -Mariah helps Westlife to #1
    Here is an article that MiZnAsTyJ sent me:
    Mariah Carey's collaboration with Irish boy-band Westlife, a cover of Phil Collins' '80's chart topper, 'Against All Odds', looks like ending Modjo's two week spell at the top of the singles chart this coming Sunday. This will give Westlife a sixth number one from six releases, this one recorded with the USA in mind, where the lads had a top twenty hit earlier this year with their first ever single, 'Swear it Again'. Other big sellers of the week, so far, include Zombie Nation's 'Kernkraft 400', which looks like being the runner-up with Billie's 'Something Deep Inside', Anastacia, Pink and Sisqo making a possible six new entries into the top ten. No prizes for predicting the outcome of the battle for the album crown - Madonna's 'Music' has outsold current holder, Robbie Williams, all week, which will end his three week run at the top.

    Meanwhile, talking of Mariah, two American songwriters, Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell, are claiming that she 'ripped off' one of their songs for her hit, 'Thank God I Found You', from her 'Rainbow' album. They say that the song bares a more than a 'striking resemblance' to their 'One Of Those Love Songs, recorded by Xscape in 1998. The pair are suing for copyright infringement, unfair competition and 'unjust enrichment' (whatever that means).

    - Mistake on Regine's Song
    Effendi, Matt and told me that there was a little mistake in yesterday's news. It seems that Regine's song will not help Mariah's case because Regine recorded the duet with Jacky Cheug (song actually called "In Love With You") in 1995. So as you can see, that was recorded 4 years earlier then Thank God I Found You! Sorry for the mishap!

    - Mariah Watch
    Jen told me that she was was looking at and she saw that they were selling a mariah watch for 19.95 ! This is the info beside the watches picture:
    The chart-topping diva of the 90's, Mariah Carey, is featured (in color, no less) on this cool watch. Hit a high note and induldge yourself with this time piece.
    I am hoping to go to Tower tomorrow night and buy the watch myself on my charge card, ha ha! Here's hoping they have it, I guess!

    - Mariah in Twist Magazine
    Elizabeth told me that Mariah is mentioned on page 13 and page 22 in Twist Magazine!

    - My Music Awards
    Kristen told me that there is a section called, "Givin' It Back" on the My Music Awards section on the VH1 website. Mariah is not nominated for that but there is a space under the award to add in an artist name and Kristen fills we should add in Mariah's name. I agree with Kristen because Mariah has always does so much for her fans and I think, she personally deserves this award more then anyone for what she has done! So please go and vote for her!

    September 21, 2000...
    MClogo - New Pics!
    Mari sent me some pictures that she took of Mariah in Madrid. There are pictures of MC grabbing for Mari, coming off the airplane, outside her hotel, etc and you can view all of them in Gallery 39! So go check them out! The Picture Pages are working WONDERFUL now even though the last couple of months they have been down! Very Good News, in fact!

    - Mariah considered a Fox
    Well this next article is taken from a website for men, which you can easily figure out from reading this next article. I actually thought it was kind of funny and took it with a grain of salt! The article that Devin found was taken from here! Read below for the article!

    I think it's time for me to make a confession. I own a great number of Mariah Carey's albums. The thing is, I can't say they're in any kind of rotation in my CD player. So why did I buy them? I'll give you three guesses.
    -No, I'm not a mainstream pop fiend.
    -Nope... not trying to make Tommy Mottola any richer.
    -What's that you say? Because she's *#$%ing hot? BINGO!

    I think it's safe to assume that Mariah Carey's extraordinary hotness is just as much an album-seller as her uber-octave vocal range. When you're flipping through the channels, do you stop at Mtv and go "My God, what a voice!" or "In a tank top with NO BRA?!??!" Exactly. Oh I can remember long ago, a cute, curly-haired Mariah, prancing through meadows, riding in hot-air balloons, and being more sweet than sexy. Thank god those days are over.

    Imagine you're twenty-three years old. You've just scored three consecutive successful albums. You're beautiful, and most of the male populace of the world would like to do the "kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about." Then you marry the man who signed you to your record label, only to squander your ripe mid-twenties having sex with him. Then you get a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic. What happens next? Apparently, your clothes immediately shrink, bras become "special occassion" attire, and Puff Daddy starts lookin' pretty dang hunky.

    I definitely can't say that I blame her. If I were her, well, I wouldn't have married a Sony Records CEO in the first place, and I'd sit in front of the mirror at home all day. Wait a minute, that is what I do all day. With this abrupt jump from sexy girl-next-door to sultry sexpot sans bra, it's understandable that some are calling her some rather derogatory names. After all, seeing someone seemingly rediscover their sexuality mid-career is more than cause for a double-take. I can only hope, pray, and offer sacrifices in the dream that one day, hopefully sooner than later, Jessica Simpson will do the exact same thing.

    Mariah Imposter
    Well, it was finally figured out who was pretending to be Miss Mariah Carey on my messageboard. His name is Mikey and his e-mail address is He said he got a very good laugh out of fooling all the Mariah fans. He also says he loves Mariah and it s huge fan but obviously he doesn't when he harasses her fans! So please feel free to e-mail him any and every one of your comments! I am VERY sure that Mariah would not appreciate someone playing games on her fans and pretending to be her!

    - Something to Help Mariah's Case?!?
    Lexi sent me some interesting news. She said this should be sent to Mariah for her case but Mariah's assistant Jill is not checking or replying to her e-mails so maybe someone will see it on this site! Read what she had to say:
    Regina, It's Lexi. Anyway, you know how MC is being sued for "stealing" parts of "One of those love songs" for "TGIFY", right?You'll never believe this. Regine Velasquez (yeah, the same chick that people thought MC was racist towards) has a song (a duet, in fact! Imagine that!) Called "I will always love you" that is an almost DEAD-ON copy of TGIFY. In Regine's song, the verses are not the same melody but the music and the chorus are almost identically in melody, though not in lyric. What to do? I think you should Email MC's assistant ASAP and tell her that Mariah (or Mariah's representatives) can bring up this similarity in court to show that MC didn't steal Xscape's song. Here's why this could work: ok, a few years ago, Michael Jackson was sued for having a song that sounded a great deal like someone else's song (I'd give you names, but I forgot). Anyway, the case was thrown out, partially due to the fact that his song and the song he allegedly copied sounded a great deal like an even older song. This same M.O. may work for MC and her defense unless she gave Regine permission to "sample" her song (in that case, it could screw MC more because the plaintiffs will say she sold rights to their song ...big mess. But I doubt MC let anyone sample this, it's too soon!)

    - Mariah Jumps over Madonna
    Alen let me know that in the past 3 days, Mariah has jumped ahead of Madonna on the Greatest Diva of them all! Madonna had 30,000 more then Mariah but in 3 days we got MC in the #1 spot for 8 Days Magazine! Continue to vote for Mariah at the address below:

    - Calling All Porutgal MC Fans
    Here is what Monica e-mailed me:
    Hi regina! I'm monica, 17, I live in lisbon, portugal and I love Mariah very very much. But unfornutaly I have no friends who like mariahand that make me feel very sad, because she´s my diva and I can't sharehow much I love her. So if you could help me, I would be thankful.I'm sure that others mariah's portuguese fans visit your site, 'cause it's amazing - I love your if you transmite my wish and my mail ( maybe you'll resolve my problem. Thanks and keep shinning (sorry about my english).

    - My VH1 Awards
    Armand and Gina told me that Mariah is nominated for three awards for the 1st Annual My Music Awards show on VH1! The three nominations that Mariah picked up are:

  • Woman of the year
  • Booty Shake
  • Best Fan Website

    Now, there is 10 people under every list but soon that will be cut to five. So we don't want MC edited out, so PLEASE go vote for her so hopefully she will show up to this awards show!

    - European Sony Site Announcement
    SuperStar9046 told me that the European Sony Site has been updated and here is what was said:
    Look out for a flurry of TV appearances over the next couple of weeks when Mariah Carey and Westlife feature on the likes of Planet Pop, Pepsi Chart Show, Chart Hits and S Club TV. Keep an eye on tv listings for exact details.

    - Magazine News
    My VERY good friend Mark told me some magazines news for you guys.

  • Salut (F), The September Issue....there's a 2 page article in it
  • Hitkrant (NL), The September 23 Issue....there're a few little pieces in it.

    - Petition for Germany
    Here is what Dennis sent me:
    Hi Regina! This is Dennis, webmaster of the Mariah Carey fanpage "Butterfly-MC"! Uwe (webmaster "Mariah Carey Fan") and I, we started a petition and it would be amazing if everybody participated in that one and helped out Mariah in our country, Germany!

    Our aim we wanna achieve with this petition is that MTV Gemany plays more often Mariah's music clips, escpecially the new ones like "Against All Odds" (duett with Westlife) and "Crybaby" and "Can't Take That Away". Is has to be said that Mariah is being neglected by this TV station over here, meaning that they refuse to play her music clips. When asking them for what reason they do so, they always respond that "Against All Odds" has been already released - but hey, now it is available in the duett version in all German CD stores.
    And what about the clips like "Crybaby" and "Can't Take That Away"? O.k., these two tracks won't be commercially released, but MTV Germany promised to play the music clips as many German fans had written a lot o' mails to the TV station to beg them to give a certain rotation to these clips.

    Hopefully, all fans over the world will support our petition so that MTV Germany will be shown that their ignorance towards MC fans will be soon spread all over the world and that they will be losing their reputation if they keep on neglecting Mariah and her fans as well! Thanks for taking the time and reading this one.

    Here's the link to the petition: Thanks,

    - Weekly Charts
    RML612 sent me the lastest charts for Mariah for the week ending September 30, 2000

  • # 1'S (Ablum)
    This Week Last Week
    115 113 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    This Week Last Week
    43 43 TOP DVD MUSIC VIDEOS (SoundScan)
  • BUTTERFLY (Album)
    This Week Last Week
    162 162 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    This Week Last Week
    31 30 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    31 31 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    42 31 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    43 33 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    53 53 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • DAYDREAM (Album)
    This Week Last Week
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • EMOTIONS (Album)
    This Week Last Week
    166 165 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • MARIAH CAREY (Album)
    This Week Last Week
    83 83 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    This Week Last Week
    143 142 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • MUSIC BOX (Album)
    This Week Last Week
    31 31 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • RAINBOW (Album)
    This Week Last Week
    39 39 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    89 88 YTD CD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    91 89 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    98 96 YTD CASSETTE ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    This Week Last Week
    2 2 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    6 6 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    16 16 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    79 81 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    125 125 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    - Yet Another Article about MC getting sued!
    Thanks to my buddy Isa for the following article from Wall Of Sound:
    Songwriter Seth Swirsky might have gotten his start penning a jingle for Thomas's English Muffins, but now he and fellow tunesmith Warryn Campbell want to turn Mariah Carey into toast.

    In a U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Friday, the two hit Carey with a suit alleging that her No. 1 R&B and pop hit "Thank God I Found You" infringes on the copyright of one of the duo's tunes, Billboard Bulletin reports. The suit also names producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment, and three publishing companies as defendants.

    Swirsky and Campbell claim Carey's tune, from her 1999 Columbia full-length, Rainbow, bears a striking resemblance to their ditty "One of Those Love Songs."

    The plaintiffs' original song was penned for Traces of My Lipstick, a 1998 album by female R&B quartet Xscape, who are signed to producer Jermaine Dupri's So-So Def label, which is distributed through Carey's label, Columbia. Coincidentally, Dupri contributed to several cuts on Rainbow.

    The damages being sought in the suit have yet to be determined. Swirsky's writing credits include the '80s hits "Tell It to My Heart" and "Prove Your Love" for Taylor Dayne, as well as Celine Dion's "Did You Give Enough Love," while Campbell has worked with Mary Mary, Dru Hill, and Yolanda Adams.

    - Mariah Carey Sued For 'Thank God I Found You'
    Another article that Isa sent me from
    (9/20/00, 5 p.m. ET) - Mariah Carey is being sued by songwriters Seth Swirsky ( Tina Turner, Celine Dion) and Warryn Campbell, who claim that her song "Thank God I Found You" from her 1999 album Rainbow borrows heavily from a track the duo wrote titled "One Of Those Love Songs," which appears on R&B group Xscape's 1998 album Traces Of My Lipstick.

    The copyright infringement suit, filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on Friday (September 15), specifically names Carey, Columbia Records, and producer Terry Lewis, among others.

    Several factors appear to lend credence to the plaintiff's claims, according to the suit-- both "Thank God I Found You" and "One Of Those Love Songs" were manufactured and distributed by Columbia Records and mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering. Producer Jermaine Dupri acted as the executive producer of the Xscape album, and he also is the producer and co-producer of several tracks from Carey's album. Swirsky and Campbell are suing for copyright infringement, false designation of origin, reverse passing off, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment, among other objections.

    Carey is currently in Canada filming her role as Billie opposite Eric Benet in the film All That Glitters. Her remaining shots will be filmed in the New York City area next week at various undisclosed locations.

    September 20, 2000...
    MClogo - Update #2
    -Mariah Drops on the charts

    My friend Mark let me know that Mariah dropped from #58 to #72 on the Holland charts.

    -Destiny Child comments on MC
    RML612 told me that in the September issue of Ebony, Beyounce Knowles (lead singer of Destiny Child) said that Mariah is one of the celebrities that she admires in the entertainment field. Others were Lauryn Hill, SWV, EnVogue and Rachelle Ferrell.

    Mariah Carey Get's Sued for TGIFY Single
    Gosh, I think this is like the 8th time I have written about this. Here is another article from Rolling Stone about this whole incident. Thanks to Michele for this article:
    Singer MARIAH CAREY, along with producers JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS, their respective publishers and Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment have all been targeted in a copyright suit filed on Friday by R&B producer WARRYN "SMILEY" CAMPBELL and his songwriting partner SETH SWIRSKY. The pair claim that Carrey's 1999 song "Thank God I Found You" was stolen from their song "One of Those Love Songs," which appeared on the 1998 XSCAPE album "So So Def."

    - Mariah Watch
    Ryan bought the watch at Tower Records and he found a picture of what the watch looks like. He said they have different pics on the watches though and here is one. Since I am at school, I had to make it into a link. So click the link below to check out the watch!

    - UK Magazine News
    Kirst told me that there is an advertisment in the UK magazine "Heat" for Mariah's and Westlife's single for AAO. She said that it's the cover from CD2 and it is just a short advertisment. She doesn't have a scanner, so she can't scan it for us but can anyone us who lives in the UK do it?!?

    - Vote for Mariah would like you all to vote for Mariah at the following locations again!

  • 8 Days Poll:
    (poll is at the bottom of the page)
  • Best Diva:
  • Sexiest Diva:
    (vote for her in the sexiest diva category)

    Sort of MC Related
    Here is some various things that have happened to Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) in the past couple of days:

  • Yesterday while I was watching an episode of The Brady Bunch, the girls had a poster on their wall that said "Butterfly Love" with a butterfly in the middle. Don't laugh, this show was still on tv when i was a kid, and I loved it. he he
  • I also saw a commercial on some sports channel my boyfriend was watching, and it had the guys from their nightly news doing whatever. Anyway, one of the guys was holding his stomach, and said "I think the oysters were bad". LOL i couldn't believe that.
  • Today while I was at work, I saw a butterfly floating around, so I let it outside :)) In the last two weeks Bobby and I have seen at least 10 monarch butterflies outside.
  • The other day on MTV, they showed TRL unsencored (SP?) and when Mariah called in from the shower. They showed the crew members talking about it, but it was nothing special.
  • In a new commercial for "Star" magazine, it shows a pic of Mariah from the AMA's in her black dress, and being the fan that I am, I recorded it. It's only like 2 seconds tho he he. Gotta have it all!

    - Update #1
    - New Message!
    Mariah left a nice new message finally on her website for all of us and Josh was nice enough to type the whole thing out for us! What a sweet lamb!
    Hi (High) Hi everybody...hi lambs O' the world. I'm on my way to ... the set of the movie in fact and yeah I do believe that um I'm almost done here in Canada and it's been really good...and i mean it took a lot to get to this point but I wouldn't change it for the world, and hey no matter what happens with this project it's been so much fun and really great work and I feel really happy about it so thank you all for being here and supporting me and everything else. and um I'm gonna be coming to New York next week and finishing up my movie there so I guess I'll be there from like Tuesday through Friday or something like that or maybe two weeks, you know me I don't know schedules, I don't know! (as Bianca) but um I just wanted to say I miss you all and I will hopefully umm hopefully get this soundtrack done soon and the movie will be out soon and I'm very exited about it! so um yeah it's been worth all the drama and all the years trying to get to this place so um (laughs) I hope you like it and um I will see you soon bye!! (High)

    - Mariah Watch
    Here is what Bflygrl0000 told me:
    I was at tower records and i saw a Mariah carey watch. I have never seen the picture before and i never knew that there was a watch out. it was $20 and i am going to go back and get it. I thought it was cool cause i have never seen a mariah watch before.

    - New Pics and Xoom
    First off, a lot of people have been telling me that the picture pages are finally working really well. For about 2 months, we have all been having trouble accessing the pages on xoom and now since NBC took over, the pages seem to be working a lot faster and the pics seem to be showing more. So check it out if you got some time. I also scanned another picture and I am adding it on tripod. Check it out below:

    - AAO to hit #1
    Hillary got this next tiny article from the Westlife Newsletter and basically it seems that AAO is going to become Mariah's second #1 hit in Europe!
    Westlife look set to achieve their 6th consecutive No.1 single on Sunday, according to early midweek sales figures. Their Mariah Carey collaboration, 'Against All Odds', is expected to match the No.1 status of Phil Collins' 1984 original."

    - Mariah being sued
    ButtterfIi found a sample of "One of Those Love Songs," the song that Mariah is being accused of stealing for TGIFY! You can listen to it directly by clicking below. It's pretty short so it loads quickly!!

    - Mariah Being Sued for TGIFY
    RML612 found this next article from and it basically says everything we already know but check it out anyway!
    LEGALESE Veteran songwriters Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell filed a lawsuit Friday against Mariah Carey for copyright infringement. The two claim Carey's 1999 hit ''Thank God I Found You,'' from the album ''Rainbow,'' borrows heavily from their tune ''One of Those Love Songs,'' which was recorded by Xscape in 1998. Both songs were released on Columbia records and mastered by the same person, according to the plaintiffs. Mariah, the label, and her producer, Terry Lewis, are all named in the suit. The defendants' lawyers could not be reached for comment. OK. Leave that one off the ''All That Glitters'' soundtrack.

    - Love for Tia
    Here is what Phoenix told me:
    Hi all. I'm not sure if anyone told you this news or not, but in that wonderful new film "Nurse Betty" starring Rene Zeilweiger, there is a great supporting actress whom is somewhat of a scene stealer. The young hispanic beauty with a great presence on film goes by the name of Tia Texada, whom we all know is in the All That Glitters film. Everyone should see this film, and be assured that Tia is a great talent, and will contribute a lot to Mariah's movie. She's getting alot of attention, for the movie is an early oscar contender, as is Zeilweiger for the Actress trophy! Maybe Tia can squeeze in!

    - More News Coming Later
    I a updating the NEWS section actually late Tuesday night because I wanted to get all of this news up. I will be updating the webpage again today in the afternoon from school! So make sure you come back to get all the latest news!

    September 19, 2000...
    MClogo - New Pics!
    Well there are A LOT of problems with the Pictures Page on XOOM now because I can't even access the Picture Pages! If anyone else can, let me know please! Because I am not accessing them, I know all of you won't, so I am adding the rest of the pictures from Sunday to tripod's account! So here are the other 5 that I promised on Sunday!

    - Carey Doesn't Care For Benet
    Thanks to Isa and Gina for this next article from
    Mariah Carey's mates have rallied around her to denounce allegation she trying to steal Halle Berry's boyfriend.
    Carey is currently filming her movie, All That Glitters, with co-star Eric Benet – who currently dates X-Men actress Berry.
    She has been accused of trying to win Benet's affections, but Carey says she is happy with her current lover, Spanish singer Luis Miguel.
    "Mariah is a very sexy woman. Some people get a bit nervous around her," says an insider. "Maybe they think she's too good-looking. Halle has been worried for some time about what's going on, so she flew out.
    "She's being totally over the top. Mariah is more than happy with Luis and is not even considering trading him in."
    It is the second time the star has been linked with a male cast member on her movie set. Earlier Melanie B flew to the film set in Canada to keep an eye on boyfriend Max Beesley.

    - What Mariah Said to Boyz II Men
    LilWillie e-mailed me to let me know that he saw the commercial for the latest Boyz II Men cd and here is what Mariah says on it:
    "Noone can top them."
    Yup that was it! Ha ha, it was filmed at this years Blockbuster Music Awards!

    - Mariah Mentioned in Vibe!
    Lilwillie also told me that Mariah is mentioned in the latest VIBE magazine a couple o' times! The first time is when they talk about "All That Glitters". It says:
    "Somebody finally noticed that DaBrat sought to be in pictures. The silver-tounged rapper will play Mariah Carey's gal pal in "All That Glitters" a movie loosely based on Carey's life. Actor Vondie Curtis Hall is directing the movie, which will be filmed in Toronto, and we heard that the old school costumes and musical numbers are jaw-droppers."

    Mariah was also mentioned in a review of the new Cleopatra cd. I'm just going to sum up the review to the parts where Mariah is mentioned.
    "Forget Aretha, Gladys, and Chaka. The singer who has had the greatest impact on today's youth pop and R&B songstresses is Mariah Carey. Unfortunately, most of the Mariah wannabes curently duking it out on Top 40 and urban radio formats succeed better at aping Carey's histrionic tendencies than at matching her technical prowess or infectious spunk."
    "Cleo impressively aspires to Carey's lyrical riffing and resonant belting".

    - Grand Opening! wants you all to check out his new site opening today, September 19th. Click to below to check it out!

    - Mariah on TRL
    Last night, after class I was watching the TRL repeat and Jessica Simpson was on. Right now she is in the studio recording a new album and she mentioned that she was working several different musical directors, one being Walter A. She said that he wrote all of Mariah's stuff (which we know ISN'T true, Mariah did just as much, if not more) and that Mariah is one of her idols! So that was sort of nice for her to mentioned that! Thanks to Cheri for telling me this information too.

    - Mariah Carey Sued for Thank God I Found You
    Thanks to Dana and SwT4HuNni for this article that you can check out by clicking here! I posted the article below:
    A copyright infringement lawsuit was filed against Mariah Carey in U.S. District Court of the Central District of California on Friday (Sept. 15) over her hit "Thank God I Found You."

    Seasoned songwriters Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell have filed suit against the pop star, her record label (Columbia), and producer Terry Lewis, among others, claiming "Thank God I Found You" from 1999's Rainbow borrows heavily from a 1998 song by Xscape entitled "One of Those Love Songs," from the album Traces of My Lipstick, which Swirsky and Campbell sold to SoSo Def Recordings through EMI in 1998.

    Both songs were released on Columbia Records and mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, lending credence, according to the suit, to the plaintiff's claim. Producer Jermaine Dupri, who acted as executive producer on the Xscape album, also contributed to several tracks on the Rainbow album.

    Swirsky and Campbell are suing for copyright infringement, false designation of origin, reverse passing off, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, demand for accounting, constructive trust, and permanent injunction.

    - Mariah in Nick Magazine
    I reported this about a day or two ago and Asheley was kind enough to scan it for us! Click on the thumbnail below to check out the two pics of Mariah in Nick Magazine

    - Vote for Mariah wants you all to vote for Mariah at the following locations!

  • 8 Days Online
    (poll is at the bottom of the page)
  • Best Diva
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    (vote for her in the sexiest diva category)

    - Poll Time
    At the top of this page, you will find a poll! I used to change them every week and I am going to start trying to do that again! So check out this weeks poll!!!

    September 18, 2000...
    MClogo Vote for Mariah!
    Tickles2214 wants you all to continue to vote for Mariah at because Madonna is beating Mariah by more then half! Please go vote for MC!

    Radio limited! told me the following:
    Thought you'd like to know that one of my radio stations (and likely more than one), don't have "CTTA", "Crybaby" or "AAO". She told me the songs they have of her & they are: "Heartbreaker", "Heartbreaker remix", "Honey", "Honey Bad Boy remix", "Fantasy", "Emotions", "Dreamlover" & "Love takes time". She might have told me "I Don't Wanna Cry" too, but I can't remember. When I asked her to play "CTTA" & "Crybaby", she said no, and that she has them at home but that won't do any good from work. : ) The whole reason I had called in was 'cause just as I flipped it, she had played "Dreaming Of You" & said "That was from Selena Quintanilla, we miss you". I called to tell her I thought that was nice of her to say, and I think it's good to know she hasn't been forgotten by the DJ's. : )

    Mariah and Barbara
    On Gary's way to work today, he was listening to 95.7FM in NH and they said it was a real slow day for entertainment news. So they talked about how Barbra Streisand was selling her 16 room place on Park Avenue for $10 million. They said she tried to sell it to Mariah Carey, but that all buyers have to be approved by some board, and that they did not approve Mariah living there. One of the announcers very sarcastically said, "I guess they don't want Sean "Puffy" Combs there all the time." Then the female announcer said they probably don't want all the media attention.

    New Sites
    Okay, two people e-mailed me today asking me to put up their sites on the NEWS page so you can check them out :) Here goes:

    My name is marc I own Forever Bianca and Mariah Dreams of Butterflies!
    My new site is Forever Bianca
    Please let everyone KNOW!! Thanks!
  • Valentina
    I've made a site too and I'd like if you would visit it. My site is called MARIAH CAREY SUNLIGHT
    Please click the banner below to check it out!

    Buy "The Bachlor"
    The movie The Bachlor, which features Mariah, will be released in the USA on October 3rd to buy. Right now you can pre-order it at Click Below to check it out!

    No News...
    There really isn't much news today sadly but if anyone comes across anything interesting, please e-mail me and let me know!! Thanks!

    September 17, 2000...
    MClogo EXCLUSIVE New Pics and Sorry!
    Well first off, I am SO SORRY the update today was so delayed! I am updating at 8:30 pm EST in the USA and I know a lot of my foreign friends missed today's news! I had to move my entire computer station into my art studio/room! Let's just say the computer station was NOT easy to take apart and put back together.
    However, to make up for the delay in news, I scanned a ton of RARE pictures of Mariah that my GOOD friend Minerva sent me! A lot of them, you probably never saw and you can check out the eight LOVELY pics of Mariah in Gallery 39 on TUESDAY!!! Sadly, XOOM is shut down for the night and I can't upload them! I will update from school on Monday, so the eight pics will be uploaded on Tuesday! However, I have uploaded some to tripod and you can check those out below!

    As every Sunday, there is a new Quote of the Week and a new Pic O' the Week! The Pic of the Week is a picture I scanned tonight!!

    TRL Unsensored
    First off, Katelin told me that on Access Hollywood two nights ago, they were talking about the TRL unsensored show and they said they had a few crazy moments with guest on TRL, no-show guests, out-spoke guests and even nude ones: Mariah Carey! Then they showed a clip of Carson talking to Mariah in the shower. Ashley actually saw the show on Saturday and here is basically what Mariah said, "Hi Carson,I'm in the shower totally nude!" Carson was like, "Ok i've never done an interveiw with Mariah when she was totally nude and singing in the shower." Asheley said that Carson had a funny expression on his face. Finally, Lauren told me that they showed a little of Mariah's Heartbreaker video as people were requesting it. Also, they showed Heartbreaker when they were talking about videos that were retired!

    AAO Single
    My friend Peter in Germany let me know that his friend, Holgar, already picked up a copy of the latest Mariah Carey single, AAO with Westlife. It contains three tracks, so obviously the release date for September 25th was not correct. If you live in Germany, go get your copy now!

    Bits O' Info
    Here is some various Mariah News:

  • Kim:
    Hey Reg, guess what? I was in a store in Providence, RI called in your ear and I was going through the posters not expecting to find anything but to my surprise there was a new poster! In my opinion it is the best poster yet, "infact!" it is the cover of the rainbow tourbook!
  • Alan:
    Mariah is in the new nickelodeon mag w/ carson on the cover. It's a pic of mc from 7th grade and another nice pic though I dunno where its from!
  • RML612:
    Hey! How are you? I have some somewhat cool news about Mariah, I have direct tv and they played Crybaby on their "R&B Hits" station. Cool!

    Luis would rather be with Mariah!
    Christina sent me the following spanish article which basically means that Luis would rather be with Mariah then go to the grammy awards. I am adding the spanish article and then the translation that AltaVista gave me!
    Mucho se rumoró de que el cantante Luis Miguel no pudo asistir a la primer entrega del Grammy Latino porque se encontraba en México, trabajando. Sin embargo, se supo que el ahora interprete de 'La Bikina' estaba descansando en muy buena compañía en su casa precisamente en el exclusivo barrio de Beverly Hills en Los Angeles, con su novia la cantante Mariah Carey.
    English Translation:
    It was rumored that the singer Luis Miguel could not attend the first delivery of the Grammy Latino because he was in Mexico, working. Nevertheless, the singer Mariah Carey knew itself that now she was resting in very good company in his house, indeed in the exclusive district of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, with his Sea turtle.

    Mariah is Homeless
    PopGoddess sent me an article, that you can check out by clicking here! I pasted the article below though:
    Mariah Carey has been homeless for two years since her split with husband Sony executive Tommy Mottola. Mariah put all her possessions in storage after leaving her marital home, and has been "living out of suitcases" since then, never staying in one place for more than a month. Mariah tried to buy Barbra Streisand's old New York apartment for $5 million, but was snubbed by the residents committee because she wasn't "quite right." But the singer, currently filming her debut movie, "All That Glitters," doesn't mind the upheaval. She explains, "I haven't had a home since I left there, but hey, I'm glad. I've not been in one place this long since I started out. I certainly don't feel homesick. "I'm from Manhattan but my stuff is in storage all over the place. I have had to live out of many suitcases."

    Finally, for the night, Honey B Fly (webmistress of Exclusive Mariah) made some nice graphics of Mariah. You can check them out by clicking below on the links!

    September 16, 2000...
    MClogo Against All Odds Single already in UK?
    Well for Holland, the single seems to be released on September 25th but in the UK, you can find the single on the shelves already in some places. Here is what John told me:
    Hey Reg, How are you? Just a quick note to let you know that Mariah featuring Westlife, 'Against All Odds' has hit the stores in Ireland and the UK. I was in my local music store only to my surprise to see the singles on display. I didn't expect them until like Monday when it is officially released.
    Well I can tell you that in Ireland the tracklistings are different to what we were expecting. CD1 - 1. Mariah & Westlife, 2. Westlife only, 3. 'Against All Odds' Remix (Pound Boys Dub), and 4. Extra addition video of the duet for your pc. Plus CD 1 comes with a poster of Mariah and Westlife.
    CD2 is mucht the same with an interview with Westlife but no video or poster.
    I have to say that 'Against All Odds' is making a very big impact over here for Mariah and according to dotmusic, they are predicting #1 for Mariah, which will be her second only #1 in the UK and Ireland since 'Without You'.
    Oh! also on the CD is a desktop wallpaper which is the same as the poster you get. But CD 1 is strictly a limited edition. I am so excited about this song! The airplay over here in Ireland is just unbelievable. Everytime you turn on the radio or MTV it is on. Lets hope by Sunday week that Mariah is #1... fingers crossed.

    Billboard got corrected!
    Here is what RML612 sent me and basically, someone wrote in and set the record straigh on Mariah's chart positions!!! This was taken from
    Dear Fred,
    In last week's column you printed a letter from Adam Auriemma from Weymouth, Mass., which contended that Mariah Carey was third in the total number of weeks in pole position on the Hot 100. However, with the release of her chart-topping singles "Heartbreaker" and "Thank God I Found You," Ms. Carey moved ahead of the Beatles, assuming the No. 2 postion on the list of most weeks at No. 1, now trailing only Elvis.
    As an ardent reader of your column and an enormous fan of Ms. Carey, I wanted to point out this mistake in the interest of accuracy. I hope you can clear this up for your readers, since I really love your column and would hate to see Mariah's accomplishments improperly chronicled in your space.
    Thomas J. Webb
    Jacksonville, Ala

    Dear Thomas,
    I promised I was not going to run Mariah vs. Madonna letters in the column, because we all know where that could lead, but in the interest of setting the record straight, I'm posting your E-mail. Yes, as reported in my Chart Beat column that ran in the print edition of Billboard the week of Oct. 9, 1999: "I'm not one of those who subscribe to the notion that Elvis Presley is still alive, but if he is, he might want to think about getting back into the recording studio real soon. Because if he doesn't, two of his long-standing rock-era records are about to be broken. The breakee? Mariah Carey.

    It was just a little over nine years ago that the New York-born diva had her first No. 1 single, with 'Vision Of Love.' This issue, she racks up her 14th chart-topper on The Billboard Hot 100, as 'Heartbreaker' (Columbia) advances 16-1. The only artists with more No. 1 hits are the Beatles (20) and Presley (17), and Carey is within striking distance of the latter. With 14 No. 1 hits, she leaves Michael Jackson in fourth place, with 13.

    The first frame of 'Heartbreaker's' reign is Carey's 59th week at No. 1. That ties the mark set by the Beatles in 1970 with 'The Long And Winding Road.' So if 'Heartbreaker' is still No. 1 next issue, Carey will pass the Beatles and will be second only to Presley, who has 79 weeks at the top. It's not unreasonable to think that that record could also be surpassed by Carey sometime in the next century."

    And as everyone knows, "Heartbreaker" did get that second week at No. 1. Here's what I wrote in Chart Beat in the issue of Billboard dated Oct. 16, 1999: " Mariah Carey earns a second week at No. 1 on The Billboard Hot 100 with 'Heartbreaker' (Columbia), giving her an aggregate 60 weeks at the top with her 14 No. 1 hits. After 29 years and four months, the Beatles finally slip to third place among artists with the most weeks at No. 1. They reached the 59-week mark with their last chart-topper, 'The Long And Winding Road.' Now Carey needs another 20 weeks at No. 1 to pass Elvis Presley's record of 79 weeks on top."

    Please Note:
    Please do not copy and paste information from this site and send it to fellow Mariah fans for their newsletter! I am having a problem with one smaller newsletter that sends out Mariah News that is word for word from this site and Mariah Online! They said that they didn't steal it because another fan sent it to them and they didn't know, which is basically all lies, but whatever!!! So please, if you send news to someone who runs a newsletter, please let them know what website it was originally taken from so they know and it will make things easier for everyone! Thanks!

    Mariah in Hitkrant
    Nikki sent me a scan of Mariah in the latest issue of Hitkrant Magazine. Here is the translation that Nikki did of the article and you can see the scan of the article in Gallery 39!!!
    They sing together, but they don't love each other that much. Mariah Carey and Westlife, you can hear them together on 'Against All Odds,' don't seem to get along so well. Mariah: "Recording wasn't a drama or something. The boys only were a little bit arrogant, when I was around them. Of course they have scored 5 international #1's, but still. It's a shame if people are not their selves anymore when they had big success."

    New Pic
    Along with the Hitkrant Picture, you can see a REALLY NICE picture of Mariah with one of her #1 fans, Mari from Spain! Mari has a butterfly tattoo and everytime MC comes to Spain, Mariah loves to see Mari's tattoo. IN the picture, you can really tell the two of them are so close and the pic is truly very nice! So check it out in Gallery 39 and if you want to contact Mari, e-mail her at:

    Greatest Diva of them all!
    Daphne would like you all to vote for Mariah as the "Greatest Diva of them all!" It's for the Singapore "8 Days" magazine and right now, Madonna fans seem to be cheating by clicking the "enter" button a million times, I am told. So go help Mariah out by clicking below!

    Help a lamb
    Here is what Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) told me to post for you guys to read:
    I was wondering if you can post in your newsletter that I need help finding lamb graphics for my page? It would really mean a lot to me. I couldn't find one page of lamb graphics under any search engine. Thanx soo much hun.
    E-mail Danielle at the address below:

    New Site
    Doowey has a nice new Mariah site and would like you all to check it out!

    Movieline Magazine
    TSpoon of Mariah typed out the article about Mariah in the October 2000 edition of Movieline Magazine.
    "The drama is about an abandoned child turned singing sensation (Carey) who enters into a relationship with her Svengalira ( a bit autobiographical... No??)."
    You can check this out on page 84 and there is a picture of Mariah with a pink top and her cutoff jeans with her hands on her hips. Anyone got the scan?!?!?!?

    Bits O' Info
    Here is some various news on the lovely Miss Mariah Carey!

  • Hillary
    I just wanted to say that while I was in a local Foot Locker, I heard Mariah playing. It was the Heartbreaker Remix w/ Brat and Missy! I was so excited, but that's not all ... the Vulnerability Interlude came on and the rest of the CD!! I could not believe it. Of course I stayed in the store till the CD was through! I even asked the guy if he liked MC; he said she was OK, but really put it on cause he didn't want to hear anything else that was there. I am also very happy about Luis Miguel winning the 3 Latin Grammy's!!! I hope that MC and Luis will have time to celebrate. :) By the way, for those of you who were able to see the Latin Grammy's -- Doesn't Shikira (sp?) look very much like Mariah??!?! And guess who was sitting in front of her Tommy Mottola!
  • (Honey.B.Fly)
    hi regina, i was watching howard stern, a re-run,and AJ Benza who is the host of E!'s "mysterys and scandels" as well as a tabloid writer was on & he talked about Mariah. he "says" (i dont know if its true, afterall he does write gossip columns) that he talked with mariah at a party or something and was telling her that shes so young and should get rid of tommy(the oldman-he called him:)) and mc agreed and said "i know i know" ...then somehow it got back to tommy and so tommy called AJ into his "office" and was telling him that mc is young and thinks shes missing out on things and not to put ideas into her head, yadda yadda yadda, SO after mariah leaves tommy(divorce) AJ called her up and told her she looks great and then tommy heard about that too and never talked to AJ again...haha!! He also said nice things like that Mariah is really funny and gets ripped on in the papers alot and he dosent think she deserves it.
  • Michelle
    I saw that episode of Hollywood Sqaures and thought you'd like to know that the star who got the MC question wrong was Jaci Velasquez! I thought it was odd since there was talk about her wanting to be like her or something. After he said Mariah was the answer, she had a kind of snobby look on her face, I thought. I don't get it.

    September 15, 2000...
    MClogo Against All Odds Single Postponed?
    Well according to Sony Music Holland the single has been postponed from September 18th till September 25th. Thakns to my Mariah4 buddy Eric from Mariah Carey Archives for this next article!
    Sony Music Holland confirms that "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)", Mariah's duet with the polpular boy-band Westlfe, will be released on September 25, instead of September 18. You can already hear this song on radio and you can request the video at The Box. After the top 10 hit "Heartbreaker" and the success of "Thank God I Found You", the solo version of "Against All Odds" was released earlier this year. That version can be found on Mariah's most recent album "Rainbow", while the duet with Westlife can't be found on that album. The original version of "Against All Odds" was a big hit for Phil Collins 16 years ago.
    After Mariah had recorded her version of "Against All Odds", she met the boys of Westlife in Los Angeles. She heard some songs of the group and was so enthousiastic that she suggested to record "Against All Odds" once again together.
    "It has been a dream come true to work with Mariah", according to Westlife. "What really struck us was how professional she was. "Against All Odds" is a great choice of song. We love the track and we hope everyone else will too."
    Mariah was also very delighted about the collaboration: "I really enjoyed working with Westlife. They are so refreshingly down to earth considering their massive succes and their talent is undeniable. I’m really pleased with the way the song came out; their vocals took the track to a whole new place."

    Mariah on Olivia's new cd!
    Thanks to my Mariah4 buddy Elin from Mariah Online for this next article:
    30th Anniversary box Set!
    Olivia is planning on releasing a 30th anniversary box set in 2001. This will celebrate 30 years since her first hit 'If Not For You' in 1971. Also plans to record duets including 'Hopelessly Devoted' with Mariah Carey, new songs and include some of those rare B sides.

    Magazine News
    Many thanks to Mark and Vanessa for the following magazines that you can find Mariah in!!

  • Cosmopolitan (USA-October 2000)
  • Cosmopolitan (British-October 2000)
  • Hitkrant (NL), 16 September Issue
  • National Enquirer (USA), 19 September Issue
  • Privé (NL) , 23 September Issue
  • Sophisticate's Hairstyleguide (USA), November Issue
  • Glossy (USA), November Issue

    Bit's O Info
    Here is come various information I got on the lovely Mariah:

  • Lori
    Hey Reg-I found this poll on Vh1 for Rocks Sexiest Artists. Vote for Mariah Carey in the Sexiest Diva poll. Here is the address.
  • Michelle
    Hi Reg! Wednesday on Missions Makeover on MTV there was this Hair stylist named Chris Butler..or something like that and it had a little caption by him and it said he had cut hair for celebs like Mariah Carey!
  • Mariahlamby (aka Danielle)
    Hey girly. Yesterday while I was trying to find lamb graphics (which I still couldn't find), I came across a link that said "Lamby was Mariah's favorite..." so I looked at it, and it's a story that a girl wrote for a contest.
    In the story, the characters names are Mariah and Georgia. It's a really cute story. In the story, "Mariah" is 3 years old, and she whistles he he. I just thought it was cool that she used the name Mariah for one of the main characters, and mentioned a "lamby". Here's the URL if u wanna use it for your news, or just read it yourself:

    AAO Tribute Artwork
    John made a pretty nice desktop showcasing pics of Mariah and Westlife together! He created it to celebrate the release of the single in Europe. Check out this lovely artwork by clicking the link below: AAO email.jpg

    Homecoming Special in Asia Countries
    Koh Chia Shin found out that Mariah's homecoming special will be played on STAR World, which can be viewed in Asian countries!! Here is more information about it from!
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 20:00(HKT) / 17:30(IST) / 16:00(UAE)
    Friday, Sep 29 at 00:00(HKT) / Thursday, Sep 28 at 21:30(IST) / 20:00(UAE)
    The pop diva of the decade and the biggest female record sales singer, Mariah Carey returns to her high school in Greenlawn of New York and stages a sensational concert for the students and youngsters. Joined by Jay-Z, 98 Degrees, Da Brat, and DJ Clue, Mariah Carey performs her greatest hits, includes Heartbreaker, Dreamlover, Vision of Love, Can't Take That Away, Rainbow, Butterfly, Thank God I Found You. It's truly an entertaining event especially for you and all her fans!

    Hollywood Squares
    Tom told me that yesterday on Hollywood Squares, one of the questions was
    "Who is the only artist to have had a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 every year of the last decade?"
    The person in the square said Elton John! The contestant disagreed with the square person, and the host said she was right to disagree and that the correct answer was Mariah Carey.

    Artist that admire Mariah!
    Here is what Brad told me:
    On the website it has interviews with artist, asking questions like who is your major influence and other trinkets. Anyway if you go to their search menu and type in Mariah Carey you can read the interviews of artists who love Mariah like Angela Via (who says Mariah is a big influence on her musically) .

  • On Musicbox: "I loved every single song on the album. She has her own unique sound and you can hear that coming out of her on that album."
  • Melissa (who says Mariah is a big influence on her musically) from the new girl group Dream
    On Rainbow: "She has an incredible voice and she is my inspiration."
  • Jason Perry (who says Mariah is a big influence on him musically) from the new christian group Plus One
    On Mariah Carey :"I like a lot of big vocals."
  • Naturi Naughton (who says Mariah is a big influence on her musically) from the new girl group 3LW (3 Little Women)
    On Butterfly: "That album was really fierce and different."
    There are also countless other who either say she inspires them, or her album was the last they bought, or that they want to spend the night with her! It's a great site and it's good to see that a new rash of artist are inspired by our lamb, Mariah.

    September 14, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah calls Westlife Egotistical?
    SUMar235 sent me an article that shows that Mariah's words were not properly quoted from yesterdays article and even though she did say they were egotistical, it wasn't meant to offend the members of Westlife! Here is the article that yesterdays information was taken from:
    Mariah Carey - West End Girl
    Mariah Carey may be a New York native, but when she teamed up with Westlife she became a true West End girl in worldpop's eyes...

    Against All Odds - Deciding to work with Irish heroes Westlife
    worldpop: How did the collaboration with Westlife come about?
    Mariah: I met Westlife at a party a couple of months ago. A friend of mine who works at Arista, Keith Affdellie, introduced me to the guys and they were really cool - my mum is Irish of course so that helped. I think it might have been Keith's suggestion that we should collaborate and do something global, so a duet was a natural choice.

    worldpop: How did you manage to get the duet recorded on the island of Capri off Italy?
    Mariah: Well, I was also there to record music for the soundtrack to my film All That Glitters. I also directed and produced the music video with the help of my friend Senna - we tried to document the making of the song, Westlife coming over on the boat and me coming from the World Music Awards on the plane.

    Swear It Again - Westlife singing the F-word to Mariah?!
    worldpop: We know Westlife fancy you, have any of them tried to ask you out?
    Mariah: No, they haven't tried to come on to me - they've been quite respectful actually. You know what? They're trying to teach me an Irish accent but I can't master it yet.

    worldpop: Can you give us an impersonation?
    Mariah: I can't unless they're here to help me. They sang some Irish songs, and to me it sounded like they were singing the F-word a lot! I said, what's that word you're saying? And they were like 'No, no, no, that just means such and such in Gaelic!'

    Fool Again - Ms Carey shows Westlife who's boss!
    worldpop: How did Westlife take to you bossing them around in the studio?
    Mariah: I don't think of myself in that way, I try to be accommodating to their way of thinking. The whole thing wasn't a drama or anything, but even though they're just starting out they can get a little egotistical, and they get full of themselves a tad, but why not? These guys have had five Number Ones internationally, and that's pretty impressive! At the end of the day they are really down to earth, and I hope that quality stays with them because it's such a shame when you see people whose heads get blown out of proportion after just two hits.

    Flying Without Wings - will Westlife soar to the top of the US charts?
    worldpop: Do you think Westlife will break America?
    Mariah: America seems to be more open to a lot more different types of music these days, so I don't think it would take anything major to break Westlife in America. They've got their own great songs, they're really sweet people and more importantly they're talented. I was in the studio with them, and I heard them sing so I know they're good. I also think American girls will like them a lot.

    worldpop: Do you think Westlife would be more popular in America if they stopped performing ballads?
    Mariah: It goes in cycles, sometimes up-tempo songs are better, it depends on the time of the year. I think people like ballads at Christmas, and up-tempos in the spring and the summer, but that's my opinion and who the hell am I?.

    Luis Takes the Grammy's
    CKbe608, Honey B Fly, Art and Lara told me that Luis won for Album of the Year, Best Male Pop Voval Performance and Best Pop Album at last nights Latin Grammy Awards. He wasn't there to receive them though since he was in Mexico!!! Congrads Luis!!!

    MC is #3
    SwEeTeSt DeZiReZ told me that at, MC is #3 in the Top Celebrity Searches!

    Mariah in UK's Moore Mag
    Kirst told me that Mairah is in the UK's Moore Magazine. It is just a small clipping about MC saving the seagulls. There is also a small picture of Mariah!

    Mariah's Body!
    Here is what Kyle told me:
    HOT 103 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada reported yesterday that super star Mariah Carey has followed in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez by insuring her body for 10 million dollars following an accident involving the singer/actress on the set of her up coming movie All That Glitters. Reports say the crew now refers to her a the 10 million dollar babe!

    Mariah's Chart Postitions:
    RML612 sent me Mariah's Chart Postitions for the week of September 23rd!!

  • This Week Last Week
    # 1'S (Album)
    113 110 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    188 190 CURRENT R&B ALBUMS CORE STORES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    43 50 TOP DVD MUSIC VIDEOS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    BUTTERFLY (Album)
    162 162 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    30 31 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    31 37 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    31 31 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    33 34 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)
    53 53 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    DAYDREAM (Album)
    22 22 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    EMOTIONS (Album)
    165 165 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    MARIAH CAREY (Album)
    83 83 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    142 140 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    Music Box (Album)
    31 31 YTD CATALOG ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    RAINBOW (Album)
    39 38 YTD RnB ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    88 87 YTD CD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    89 88 YTD ALBUMS (SoundScan)
    96 94 YTD CASSETTE ALBUMS (SoundScan)
  • This Week Last Week
    2 2 YTD MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    6 5 YTD SINGLES (SoundScan)
    16 16 YTD NON MAXI-SINGLES (SoundScan)
    81 74 R&B SINGLES CORE STORES (SoundScan)
    125 130 TOP SINGLES (SoundScan)

    More News?
    I still have more news and pictures to report but I have lack o' time today. So, if you don't see the news you sent me up here today, I will get it up tomorrow night ASAP! Sorry for the delay!!!

    September 13, 2000...
    MClogo Clive Davis still denies wooing Mariah Carey
    Thanks to Melissa and Ashley for this next article which she got from EW website yesterday!
    Is J Records, the joint venture between BMG and dethroned Arista chief Clive Davis, an 'instant major'' or overfunded boutique label? Industry insiders are split on the answer following the anticlimactic Aug. 24 announcement of the deal. Davis originally sought $300 million in funding for a new record company, but reportedly settled on $150 million, though some sources say it's closer to $130 mil. In addition, he was allowed to take a number of Arista's top execs with him but none of its top artists; J's starting lineup includes LFO, Shannon Curfman, Deborah Cox, and one multiplatinum act, Monica.
    The label's best bet is thought to be its superstar CEO's ability to attract embittered major artists whose contracts elsewhere are expiring -- like Mariah Carey, who Davis keeps denying he's talked with. You might expect an old-fashioned signing war now between Arista and its new spin-off sister label, but don't look for Arista, now led by R&B veteran L.A. Reid, to compete for big names the way J likely will. ''Reid's mandate is to do production deals,'' says one A&R exec; indeed, he announced a deal with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis the day after published reports said Davis would be inking Luther Vandross.

    Mariah in Boyz II Men Commercial
    Thanks to Mariahlamby (aka Danielle) for this next bit o' info:
    There is a commerical for Boyz II men on BET advertising their new album, and it shows a few people talking about them. Mariah is in the commercial! I'll let you know what she says when I see it, 'cause Bobby told me about it; I haven't seen it myself yet. So keep an eye out for it :))

    Boyz II Men: Part 2
    Heather told me that the Boyz thanked Mariah in their latest cd! How sweet!!! Anyone got what they said?

    Pictures Page for this Website
    Some of you have e-mailed me and said that you have been having a problem accessing the pictures page on xoom. If you get a "Connection Time Out" or anything of the sort, just right click on the page and click on the "refresh" button that your mouse menu brings up. Keep doing that until Xoom shows. That's the best I can do for all of you. It does work eventually and I am so sorry that xoom is not working lately :( Maybe it is because I have so many pictures on xoom of Mariah?

    MC on Rosie
    Well sort of, at least. Lauren said that on the Rosie show today, they had a section dealing with kid heros. This one kid was talking about his story and in the background, they were playing, "Hero!" How sweet!!!

    MC in Nick Magazine
    Val told me that there is a picture of Mariah in the October issue of Nick Magazine! She is on page 26 and it's a "Then and Now" sort of ordeal! Anyone got a scan?

    Mariah Calls Westlife, "Egotistical"
    Mishka found this next article dated for September 11th at! I don't think MC would say something like this about Westlife though because in all the other articles she seems to love them! It's from MTVAsia though, so I don't know what to think! Read it for yourself and if you got an opinion on it, post it on the messageboard if you like!
    Mariah Carey was surprised at boy band Westlife, who appear on her new single, for being "egotistical." The boy band collaborated with Mariah for the duet "Against All Odds," and although she down plays rumors of friction between the two camps, she admits she was shocked at the "egotistical" upcoming Irish band.
    She explains, "The whole thing wasn't a drama or anything but even though they're just starting out they can get a little egotistical. They get full of themselves a tad, but why not?
    "These guys have had five No.1s internationally and that's pretty impressive. At the end of the day they are really very cool, down-to-earth, and I hope that quality stays with them. "It's such a shame when you see people whose heads get blown out of proportion after just two hits."

    Direct Link=

    September 12, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah in Video Game
    Thanks to Alan for the following information:
    Tecmo's New Card Secrets 9/5/00 17:43
    Tecmo has issued a list of games and music CDs that will create new cards for Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II. Players of the title can put their own music and game CDs in their PlayStation console to create new battle cards. Keep reading for Tecmo's list. Games
    Dead or Alive - PlayStation
    Card produced: *Henger 3Thunder Bolt2
    Deception 2: Kagero - PlayStation
    Card produced: *2Busy Time2
    Monster Rancher 2 - PlayStation
    Card produced: Tiger 3Charge2
    Dead or Alive 2 Demo - Dreamcast
    Card produced: Jell 3Stab2
    Dead or Alive 2 - Dreamcast
    Card produced: Plant 3Seed Gun2
    Deception 3: Dark Delusion
    Card produced: Suezo 3Tail Slap2
    No Doubt, Return of Saturn
    Card produced: * Hare 3Rush Punch2
    No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom
    Card produced: Tiger 3Lightning2
    Blink 182, Enema of the State
    Card produced: 3Blow Away2
    Mariah Carey, #1s (Columbia Records)
    Card produced: Mew 3Head Butt2
    Celine Dion, Falling Into You
    Card produced: * Golem 3Roller2
    Britney Spears, Oops! I did it Again
    Card produced: * Naga 3Whirl Blow2
    Metallica, Justice for All
    Card produced: * Phoenix 3Beak2
    Beastie Boys, Grand Royal
    Card produced: Tiger 3Right Claw2
    And the list goes on!!! Check out the site to see the rest of the music that will be on them!

    New Pics
    You can check out two new pics of Mariah when she was in Spain in January! Juan took them and in the one, you can see MC and her best friend Josephine!!! Those two are in Gallery 38!! Lori also, sent me more Toronto pictures and I am adding some more into Gallery 38 also!!

    20 to 1 Diva's on VH1
    If you missed this show, then you are lucky because Michelle found 3 more times it will air. This show includes MC's videos and interviews with her and it's quite nice. She was #7. Here are the dates:

  • Monday 9/11-11 PM on VH1
  • Monday 9/18-1 PM on VH1
  • Sunday 9/24- 6 PM VH1

    7 Years Ago yesterday:
    09/11/2000 8:43:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time 7 years ago today (September 11, 1993), Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" hit the top of the charts and remained there for eight solid weeks.
    Thanks to Alan, Auragirl70 and Lauren for this information!

    Thalia remarks on Mariah!
    Ma'ayan sent me the following information about what Thalia said when asked when she thought about Mariah Carey, Tommy's ex?
    Q:What do you think about Mariah carey,ex Tommy Mottola?
    A: " I think that she has an amazing voice, had big luck, and she is very succssful".

    Mariah Insures her body?
    Thanks to Isa for this next article from dotmusic website!
    Mariah Carey has insured her body for $10 million while filming her debut movie All That Glitters.
    The superstar singer decided to insure herself when she realised an on-set accident could seriously damage her career.
    Naturally the cast and crew of the film, which includes Melanie B's lover Max Beesley, have nicknamed her 'ten-million-dollar-babe'.
    "She's got a brilliant sense of humour and is a great sport," chortled an insider. "She loves her new nickname and thinks it's funny. She is telling anyone who listens that she's the ten-million-dollar babe."

    September 11, 2000...
    MClogo Magazine News
    Lisa told me that there is a small picture of Mariah on the cover of 100 Black Hairstyles and the same picture is inside but not that big.

    Mariah to star in NEW movie!
    John told me that in his national paper in Ireland, "The Sun," it is said that Mariah was given a secret copy of the script to the movie, "Cleopatra." Mariah has been offered the lead role to the remake of the movie and is supposed to be thinking it through carefully. I don't know if this is true nor do I think that The Sun is a very good source for information!!! We'll see though!

    Bits O' Info

  • John
    Also you might like to know that 'Against All Odds' feat. Westlife is getting great airplay over here in Ireland and the UK on MTV and on the radio. Plus I also caught a glipse of 'Crybaby' on the 'Late Lick' on MTV last week.
  • Jen:
    I recently was looking to see on the net where I could buy the "Against all odds" w/ westlife import single. And doesn't have it listed not even for pre-order but has it listed for pre-order to be released Sept. 18th! And well I know you know that but anyone can order it there so we won't have to wait till like a month or so later for it to be available to the other countries. But a USA site has it up for pre-order for 7.99 for both singles to be released Sept. 19th! So for those that dont want to wait a few weeks to find it in their music store or that don't live in the UK can buy it off those sites. I know Im going to order it off!
  • Melbsb15
    The magazine that asheley was talking about is the one with Mandy moore on the cover. I have that magazine 'cause i'm also a mandy fan. there's a pic of mariah in middle school ...not high school i'm gonna try to get you the scan of mariah 'then and now'

    New Pics
    Lori sent me more pictures from Toronto concert that she took and I will be adding those tomorrow since I am not at home right now. Look forward to that!

    Pavarotti Wants Duet With Madonna
    This article mentions that Pavarotti worked with Mariah. Nothing much:
    NEW YORK (AP) - Luciano Pavarotti, one of the world's most famous opera stars, has collaborated with a number of pop musicians, including U2's Bono, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin and the Eurythmics' Annie Lennox.
    But Madonna has been playing hard to get.
    ``I have wanted to sing with Madonna for a very long time,'' said Pavarotti in Sunday's editions of The New York Post. ``She has promised that she would sing, but I do not know if she was joking or serious. But I think she was serious because she is a serious lady. She is also a superb singer.''
    Pavarotti, 64, is scheduled to perform at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

    September 10, 2000...
    MClogo New Pics
    Lori sent me 8 more pics of Mariah from her Toronto concert and you can see those in a NEW gallery...Gallery 38!!!

    There is a new Quote of the Week and a new Pic of the Week today. Also, I am updating My Stuff and the Quotes page. So, check it all out, if you choose to do so!!

    Mariah Nominated for Ulitimate Diva
    Mariah is nominated for Ultimate Diva in the DMX Awards. She is up against Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Faith Hill and Jennifer Lopez. So as you can see, we must get MC to the top. Here is a small description of the DMX Awards and thanks to Jake for this information:
    First Annual DMX MUSIC Awards Lets Music Fans Determine Winners Via Online Voting
    LOS ANGELES, CA, Sep 07, 2000 (INTERNET WIRE via COMTEX) -- DMX MUSIC, the worldwide leader in programming and distributing unique music experiences, today announced the first annual DMX MUSIC Awards. A new addition to the company's already innovative and exclusive programming, the awards show demonstrates the enormous variety of music available from DMX MUSIC as well as its commitment to online interactivity with music fans around the globe.
    DMX MUSIC programs and distributes over 100 channels of music covering virtually all genres, as reflected in the 40 wide-ranging award categories unveiled today. The broad range of award categories include Best Boy Band, Best Moonlighter, Best Country Crossover, Best Comeback, Best Native American CD, Best Meditation /Healing CD, Junior Diva of the Year, Best International Hit Never Released in the U.S., Hottest Hip-Hop Phenomenon, and many more (see attachment for full list of nominees).
    The award winners will be determined by music fans that vote online at the DMX MUSIC web site for their favorite artists. Winners will be announced on October 9, 2000 during a special Award show program that will air on "The DMX Listening Room" and "Holidays & Happenings" channels. The program will be replayed as a "DMX-tra Special" show on "The DMX Listening Room" channel from October 10 through October 24. DMX MUSIC Award presenters include Matchbox Twenty, Boyz II Men, Pat Benatar, Hanson, Chuck D, Keith Urban, Nina Blackwood, and L.A. Dodger Kevin Elster.
    Music fans can visit the DMX MUSIC web site ( to cast their vote for each category. To assist listeners with their votes, audio clips from all the nominated artists are available on the web site and full-length songs from the nominees will be spotlighted on DMX MUSIC's "Holiday & Happenings" channel from September 11 through October 9. All voting participants are also automatically entered into a contest to win DVD players and other electronic equipment from Mitsubishi.
    DMX MUSIC AWARDS - NOMINATIONS Eligibility Period - July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000 (most categories)

    Mariah in Twist Magazine
    Asheley told me that Mariah is in the October issue of Twist Magazine. It shows a picture of her from high school and then a recent picture for the "Now and Then" section! Anyone got the scan?

    Mariah on the Radio
    Here is what Auragirl70 told me:
    Hey Regina! Today I was listening to the Radio, and I heard Mariah's "Love Takes Time"! I was really happy! The station is WZAK 93.1 in Cleveland. Maybe I should call in and ask them to play more Mariah!!!

    Help Fellow Fan
    "Hi, my name's Judy and I'm a HUGE Mariah Carey fan. I'm doing a sort of project type thing, and I was just wondering if any of you knew what the peak positions for "My All", "Heartbreaker", "TGIFY", and "CTTA" are on TRL. And if there's any other MC songs that were on that I skipped, could you please tell me those, too? Thanks, and if you know post on the Messageboard. Thanks so much!!!!!"

    September 9, 2000...
    MClogo New Pics
    Lori ( sent me a picture she took of MC during the Toronto concert and also, Michelle sent me 2 screen caps from The Bachelor movie of Mariah. Check out the three pics in Gallery 37!!

    Review of Rainbow
    Pat found a review of Mariah's Rainbow album done by Kevin O'Hare. Read below:
    On her recent albums, multi-platinum diva Mariah Carey has shied away from showcasing the distinctive and incredibly high-pitched squeal that was once such a vital part of her sound.
    But in a throwback to yesteryear, those upper upper octave notes return in several places — most notably the lusty ballad Bliss — on this new studio set.
    While that may be retro, most of Rainbow is marked by Carey's continued progression towards a more R&B sound. Case in point: The two versions of the infectious lead single Heartbreaker. In the first, she's complemented by Jay-Z's hip-hop lines, while a saucier remix has Carey matched with Da Brat and the ever-provocative Missy Elliott. Those new directions suit the singer well, as do other cuts like the seductive Crybaby, in which she's paired with Snoop Dogg.
    With sales of 115 million and counting, Carey's not about to get too radical though, and there are plenty of her trademark lush and heavily layered ballads here. The spiritual-flavored Thank God I Found You, builds impressively. But the acoustic-guitar backed After Tonight, is less engaging, and a straight-ahead remake of Phil Collins' Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now) is a total waste of space.

    New Site
    Camila from Brazil has started a brand new homepage on our Queen Chop and would like you all to go and check it out. The name of the page is Mariah Carey NOW!

    Mariah in McCalls and People
    As I reported yesterday, Mariah is in McCalls October issue and this weeks People magazine. Well I bought them last night. In the McCalls magazine, you can find a picture of Mariah from Diva's Live 2000 with the Butterfly Top. It has nothing to do with Mariah in a halloween costume or anything. In People, there is a picture of her from the Billboard awards in December of 1999. Nothing too stellar, so I wouldn't even really suggest buying them unless you are a picture freak like me! Hee hee..

    Updates from Malaysia on MC
    Zafirah just came back from a one week term holiday and wanted to inform us of what was going on with MC in Malaysia. Here is the information:

  • Last Sunday, S'pore showed a Jessica Simpson showcase somewhere in Asia which I strongly suspect is the Phillipines. Jess talked about MC in the showcase. The host asked her on how she got her record deal but Jess sounded as if she wanted to avoid the fact that Tommy M signed her. So the host pushed her by asking her how she felt when she met Tommy and Jess said that she was really nervous. The host then asked if this was before or after the divorce and Jess said after. Then the host said, " I see.You wouldn't wanna be sounding like Mariah rite?" and I can't remember what Jess said but I think it was," No I wouldn't but Mariah's been my idol and that she was real nervous since Tommy hears Mariah sing practically almost everyday before the divorce.
  • There's a TV show called Music Walk in S'pore ad they interview all the artist that cme's to S'pore. There's this one artist from Malaysia whose name is Lo and he always comes to town and they asked him to say Hi for the trailer. So instead of going, "Hi, I'm Lo," He goes, "Hi, I'm Mariah Carey." I don't know if he likes MC or not but he does mention her in a few of his interviews.You can see the guy on the Video Music Awards for the nomination on South East Asia videos.
  • To all Johor Bahru and S'pore MC fans, there's gonna be a repeat telecast on Central with all the Pavarotti and Friends that has taken place and if it hasn't been over, I think last year's one which has Mariah will be shown soon.It's on Monday nites.

    Mariah to the rescue, yet again!
    Honey B Fly told me that she was watching a show on VH1 called "sound affects" and it's a show about how the music inspired certain people. It seems that yet another person was inspired by MAriah's amazing music. Here is more from Honey B Fly.....
    A girl named "kizzy" says that she always loved to sing and dance until she had found out that she had a bone desease and couldnt anyore, one day she was listening to the radio and she heard vision of love and said"oh my god, who is this, i couldnt wait for the song to come one next" she says she heard about mariahs story and how she had to over come things to "make it happen" and it inspired her to get better so she started doing theropy and her desease went away, she was able to sing and dance and has recorded her own album, she says she wouldnt have been able to do it withouthearing mariah's music and her story. Pretty neat huh?

    Tidbits on the lovely Mariah!
    Here is some various information I received:

  • Gary:
    Hey, This may interest some, maybe he will mention Mariah, NY Yankee superstar DEREK JETER will be a guest on Regis this Monday and so will Boyz II Men.
  • Michelle:
    Hey Reg- Today on The History of Say What Karaoke on MTV, they were doing past 'Street Song of the Days' and this one girl was singing and she had on the 'Mariah Jeans'!
  • "D:"
    Thought u guys might wanna know...Here is a LampChop tee!

    Vote for this site?
    Do you come to this site everyday to get your latest information on Mariah? Do you enjoy this site? Well then please click below and vote for it. Mariah Connections is doing a huge poll where you can answers questions from your favorite MC songs to your favorite Rainbow concert or website!

    20 to 1 Best Divas!
    Did you miss this show earlier this week? Well VH1 is showing it tonight at 10 pm PACIFIC time! Mariah is featured on it as #7, so check it out!! Thanks Ashley for this information.

    September 8, 2000...
    MClogo Wallpaper of Mariah
    ShUgaD614 told me you can find a TON of wallpapers on Mariah at Here is what you do to find Mariah:

  • Click on search
  • Type in MC
  • There you go! Simple eh?

    Mariah does 12 new songs
    Here is an article from and thanks to Lara and HartbreakrMC for the article:
    After helping craft Janet Jackson's latest number one single, "Doesn't Really Matter," the production duo of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are back, readying a variety of projects, including songs for Mariah Carey's upcoming film, "All That Glitters."
    The duo previously collaborated with Carey on the singer's 1999 album, "Rainbow," and Jam indicated to MTV News that they've already completed about a dozen new tunes for the "All That Glitters" soundtrack.
    Jam said that work is continuing on the planned album, and that he and Lewis are now working on a duet for Carey and Eric Benét, who co-stars in the flick (see "Eric Benét 'Glitters' With Mariah Carey, Da Brat").
    "I think we're up to 11 or 12 songs now," Jimmy Jam told MTV News, "and we're just getting ready to add another song, because Eric Benét is in the movie. So now there's this idea for a duet with Eric Benét and Mariah, and we're in the process of working on that.
    "[We're writing material] as the movie evolves, and [Mariah] is in Canada shooting it right now. We just get the phone call saying, 'Hey, I need another track for a such-and-such scene,' and we just turn it around for her."
    Jam described the sound of the record as a throwback to the '80s, the time period in which "All That Glitters" is set, and drifting back to that era brought out a of bit of nostalgia for him and his partner.
    "The story takes place in the '80s," Jam explained, "and it's interesting for us, because so much of our success was in the '80s. I mean, we've had a lot of success in '90s and now in the new millennium.
    "But really, our roots are in the '80s with the Time and with the S.O.S. Band and all the old groups we used to do, and a lot of the ['All That Glitters'] record really sounds like that. Interestingly enough, the sounds of the '80s are really very much the current sound," he said.
    "Madonna's 'Music' is a straight out of the '80s record, but it's very popular. So I think it's perfect timing, musically, to do something like that, because I think people are ready to hear those sounds [again]."
    "All That Glitters" is slated to arrive on screens in March 2001, with the soundtrack due out around the same time.

    Is That Your FINAL Answer?
    The is at least the second time that Mariah was mentioned on the hit ABC show Millionaire. Here is the question:
    "Who's the female singer with the most #1's in the Billboard Hot 100?"
    a. MC
    b. Madonna
    c. Whitney Houston
    d. Janet Jackson
    The person didn't know it and it was the question for $125,000! The candidate stopped the game at that point. Can you believe that? Then the girl had a chance to guess and she choosed Madonna!! Grrr...Thanks to Isa, Lexi, Lori, Jad, Elizabeth and anyone else who told me this and I forgot your name!

    McCalls--Trick or Treat with Mariah
    Jad told me that Mariah is in the October issue of McCalls magazine. She is in the section called, "Trick or Chic?" It shows 8 pics of celebs and MC is one of them. Jad says it's a pic he has never seen before. Anyone got a scan? I'll pick it up tomorrow and try and scan it, if noone sends it to me first. So check out the site tomorrow afternoon for that pic!

    Mariah in Worst Dress for Peopel Magazine!!
    I guess you can find a picture of Mariah in the new People Magazine under Worst dress because she is mentioned in this article that Mishka sent me. Here goes:
    Music luminaries are well represented on People magazine's annual list of Best and Worst Dressed celebrities, which hits newsstands Friday.
    Teen music divas Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who usually get no respect from the mag for their navel-baring ways, ended up on separate lists: seems Britney rates as best, while Christina's the worst at personal style. Judge Dana Buchman complained that Aguilera has problems with accessorizing and matching her grown-up Garanimals: She's got beautiful bone structure, but it gets lost with all the patterns and decorations.
    Take heart, Christina — you have a long way to go before you catch up to Madonna, who's made the Worst Dressed list six times in the 21-year history of the magazine's special issue.
    A more likely rival for that distinction is bodacious rapper Lil' Kim, who stopped an MTV Awards show dead in its tracks by wearing only a pasty on one breast and topped both the Worst Dressed list and the new Least Dressed list this year. The new skin-centric category also recognizes Jennifer Lopez, whose barely there green Versace number has already reached the iconic level of Marilyn Monroe's white halter dress.
    Since it is a new millennium, People also took the time to rank the all-time best- and worst-dressed. Although nobody from the annals of music scored marks sufficient enough to rate among the best, Dolly Parton and Mariah Carey were both named on the short Worst Dressed of All Time roster. (What, no Cher?)
    Among the judges were droll game show host Ben Stein, plus-size model Mia Tyler, and silver-haired rapper Sisqo; now there's a fashion-savvy guy if ever there was one.

    Bit's O' Information
    Here is some various news I have received:

  • Andre
    I just thought I'd share something I saw on TV tonight. I was channel surfing and I stopped on a show called "Rock & Roll Jeopardy!" I'm not sure of the category, but it was a Mariah question. It was: "It's no fantasy: This fantasy's singer's mother was an opera singer". Mariah was the obvious answer and the guy got it! It sure was nice to see.
  • Isa:
    MC is in the Fall Issue of Teen Celebrity Hairstyle. It's just 1 page though.
  • Anna:
    Hey Regina,
    I found two places where u can vote for Mariah
  • Jasmine
    I was flipping through Rolling Stone and saw this at the end of the magazine. In the Rolling Stone Readers Top 20 artists/albums, Mariah is #19 with Rainbow.:-)

    Thanks to the webmaster of Exclusive Mariah for the above NEWS gif for this page. It's very nice :)

    September 7, 2000...Update #2
    MClogo New Pics
    Dan scanned some nice pics of Mariah from her April 11th show at MSG and you can check out those 2 pics in Gallery 37! Thanks Dan!

    September 7, 2000...Update #1
    MClogo Madonna Has the Most Singles? I don't think so!!!
    Matt found this information at
    Now that Madonna's "Music" is a top-10 Billboard Hot 100 single (No. 2 to be exact), is she tied with the Beatles as the artist with the second most top 10 singles ever? I know that Elvis has the most, but Madonna has been gaining on the Beatles for quite some time. If I'm not mistaken, "Music" makes Madonna equal with them.
    Incidentally, Mariah Carey may have more number ones, but Madonna has almost twice as many top-10s as she has. I know that Madonna is already the number one female artist of all time. "Music" only further secures that position for her.
    Jimmy Knight

    Hi Jimmy,
    "Music," the title single from Madonna's new studio album, is her 33rd top-10 hit on The Billboard Hot 100. Only the Beatles (34) and Elvis Presley (38) have more. It's certainly possible that Madonna will overtake the Beatles once more singles from her new studio album are released.
    If "Music" moves to No. 1 on the Hot 100, it will become her 12th chart-topper. Only Michael Jackson (13), Mariah Carey (15), Elvis Presley (18), and the Beatles (20) have more. Madonna's last No. 1 came in 1995 with "Take A Bow," which spent seven weeks atop the chart.

    How Many Top 10 hits does Mariah have?
    Matt told me that Mariah now has 19 top ten hits but Vu just recently e-mailed me and told me that was not true because Mariah actually has 20 top ten hits. Besides her 15 #1's, Can't Let Go (#2), Make It Happen (#5), Endless Love (#3), Without You (#3) and I Still Believe (#4) made the top 10 which makes for a total of 20 top 10's. Thanks Vu for that correction!!!

    Complain to MTV for lack o' award!
    Lauren told me that at MTV's website you can send in your opinion of the show/performers/winners/etc. It's called "You Tell Us: Video Music Awards!" Lauren thinks we should e-mail MTV our opinions that we are outraged that Mariah didn't get a nomination for best video for Heartbreaker! So check out their website to put your opinion in:

    Happy Birthday To You!
    Today is my good friends Shiloh's birthday and hey, if you got a little extra time, please send him a birthday wish :) Tell him Regina MADE you! Ha ha ha!
    Shiloh's E-mail Address =

    Against All Odds Single
    Mishka sent me the picture of the AAO single with MC/Westlife which you can see below. It was taken from the Sony Music Norway website, where you can now hear a portion of the song. Here is a list of when the singles will be released in your country (Thanks to my Mariah4 buddy, Elin for this information:

  • September 18th..Norway/Holland/UK (maybe)/Germany
  • September 19th...Sweden
  • September 25th...Denmark and possibly the rest of Europe
  • September 27th...Japan
  • October or November 2000...USA (Sam Goody and Tower Records will get them as imports!)
  • Does anyone know if the above dates have changed or when it will be released in Spain or whatnot? Please let me know if anything is incorrect! Thanks!

    Bits O' Information
    Here is some various news I have received:

  • Elizabeth:
    ok regina i was watching the tv guide channel just now right and they said superstar mariah carey (and showed an old pic of her with like a beret on ) and said hse was gonna be on muchmusic. and they spelt it MARIA carey!! i was like WOW WHERE HAS THE TV GUIDE CHANNEL BEEN!!!
  • Ashley:
    Hey Regina, I don't know if anyone told you about this yet but, today when i came home from school about 1:00 i turned on VH1 and there was mariah.She was one of the divas like #7 i think on this show called 20 to 1. I can't tell you much cause i turned the tv on right when mariahs interview thingy ended.But judging from the other artists they featured there was video clips,interviews and clips from her videos.I'm pretty sure it will be on again but i don't know when.I hope you'll find out more.

    Webmasters Unite
    It's always good to see fellow webmasters creating sites that want to unite with other fellow webmasters rather then making hate sites against 'em. Mishka wants to invite ALL webmasters to join It is a place where webmasters can exchange ideas and information on how to help mariah, through all the mariah related websites. If you would like to become part of it, check out the link below:

    This week has been kind of hectic for me with college and everything, but I had to change my schedule for school, which will affect this webpage, sort of. Here is when you can expect the webpage to updated and I am sorry that it won't be as updated as much as it was in the summer, but hey, I am still doing it everday boo's!! Also, remember I live in NJ, so I am in the Eastern Time Zone
    Mondays: Somewhere around noon
    Tuesdays: Early in the morning
    Wednesdays: Somewhere around 3 pm
    Thursdays: Somewhere around 6 pm
    Fridays: (This is the only day it's going to be hard to update) Probably around 6 pm
    Saturdays: Normal time, around 4 pm
    Sundays: Normal time, around 4 pm
    So as you can see, I am bascially updating still everyday. It might be hard on Fridays, but beside that, you can expect this webpage to updated at those times. Thanks!

    September 6, 2000...
    MClogo Yeah Baby, Yeah!!
    Okay Honey B Fly e-mailed and pretty much added all the phrases that Mariah has used from the Austen Powers Movies. Also thanks to Becky for the lair one!!

  • *the quotations with her fingers*
  • *im the boss need the info*
  • *throw me a freakin bone here*
    (she also says *freakin* alot)
  • *my Lair*
  • *standard*
  • *thats not my bag*
  • when dabrat N MC did the spring break MTV thing in the car she said *viva las vegas baby* like he did....
  • and these arent sayings but dont you think its a little weird that the bianca/MC thing is kinda like the austin powers/DR.evil thing?? how shes(bianca) brtitish and theyre dont know maybe im just getting a little too far intothis. "bianca" makes in the pic of her in black with the "whip" is kinda like the face DR.evil makes but without the pinkie

    Buy AAO Single Early!
    Here is what Jason told me which is really cool and I wish I could order, in fact
    Hello Regina, I don't know if anyone has already reported this, but I was checking out Southland CD, , and "Against All Odds" UK double set import is available there! Of course, I had to order it immedialtely! Here's the info:
    Mariah Carey, Against All Odds, UK double CD single set, inc. Pound Boys Main Mix, plus CDRom video enhanced section, plus Mariah/Westlife version, with p/s. *Released in mid September*
    It costs $15. That is a good price for a double CD single set import. The shipping and handling price is about $3.50. Get it quick while it's in stock! It will sell fast.

    Much More Music Spotlight
    Here is what Ricardo told me:
    I was flipping through the channells and I saw Mariah on Much Music's "Spotlight". I quickly kept it there, of course. It was a repeat though. They showed some of her videos like "Anytime You Need A Friend", "Hero", "Emotions", and "Vision of Love". It was cool though, cus I haven't seen a Spotlight on Mariah in a long time. It was on yesterday on Much Music, Direct TV chanell 339 at around 6:30pm, after "The Nanny" on FOX.

    CD for sale! is selling a MC cd called, "Somedays Somewhere! " Here is the listings:
    **without you,emotions,hero, someday, make it happen, dreamlover, love takes time, anytime you need a friend, vision of love, if it's over, can't let go, and i'll be there!**
    It cost 200frs (~$30; including the postage ), or in exchange for other Mariah stuff (or anything about Janet Jackson, 'cause she is a fan!) If someone is interested you can send an e-mail to her at:

    Inside Edition
    BriStuWalt told me that the show Inside Edition today had a segment on what celebrities did this summer and they showed a closeup pic of Mariah on one of her trips with Luis. The pic was the one of her in the orange bikini top waving to someone from Luis' boat.

    That's All Folks
    There really isn't much news today except for that. I am updating the webpage right now from school too! Any news on MC, please e-mail me and let me know! Thanks guys!

    September 5, 2000...
    MClogo Mariah Beats Whitney, Shania and Gloria!!
    Well according to VH1's 20 Best Diva's she did. Last night at 10pm, VH1 displayed the 20 best diva's. Mariah came in #7 and Madonna came in #6. I forget which number Whitney came in but she was around #10 I believe. They showed footages of a lot of Mariah videos and some interviews too. Also, when it was done, they showed an older interview and Mariah said, "Are we done yet?" Hee hee...

    Bit's O Infomation
    Here is some various information I got:

  • Melissa
    Hello. Today I was watching "Rock & Roll Jeopardy" And there was a "New Yorkers" category. The second answer was ... "who was born in Long Island, NY on March 27,1970?" The answer of coarse Mariah Carey! The lady who buzzed in got the correct answer she said she made a good guess.
    I also caught a glimpse of the Fox news channel. They were looking back at the life of Princess Diane and in the back ground they were playing Mariah & Boys II Men's "One Sweet Day."
  • Melissa (again):
    I guess today was my TV junkie day! LOL But On VH1's "Rock & Roll Jeopardy" There was another Mariah question. The category was "A & M Records" meaning records that began with an A or M. It was $800's for "If you wanted to hear 'Hero' & 'Dreamlover' you would need this Mariah Carey album" The answer "Music Box" and sadly no one knew it! But that's okay.
  • CrAzYxAnjeL 3169:
    Mariah was in the game Rock n Roll Jeoperdy...She was in the category "A" & "M" Records and you have to guess the Artist's album name..and it starts with A or M. The question asked which album has the hits Hero and Dreamlover......Music Box of course BUT no contestants didn't know..The contestants were Brian McKnight and CeCe and some other guy..
  • Matt:
    Hi Regina! I was watching t.v. and there was a commercial on UPN about BET and there fall season and they said it would be the best ever and they showed a clip of Mariah when she presented Stevie Wonder an award on the BET award show!
  • Mark:
    MC is at 51 in the Dutch Mega Top 100 Chart
  • Michelle
    Regina, on your news page for September 4, 2000, it says that MC is in theissue of CosmoGirl! Magazine. I just have to say that I reported that earlier and that isn't the pic that's in the magazine-it's one from the AMA's.

    Lambz O Mariah
    Here is what Amy sent me:
    Psst . . . hey! Are you a really big fan of Mariah? Has she influenced you in such a way that you would like to let her know just how dear she is to you? If so, then you might want to consider joining the Lambz 'O Mariah. It's about giving something back to MC . . . since she obviously does so much for everyone else. She's the best, and we want to let her know! :)
    Everyone loves to get gifts. LOM wants to give special gifts to the QueenChop herself . . .and to all their Chops (members). Please consider being a member because you know what they say - the more, the merrier! We'd love to have you join us. LOM is a TOTALLY non-profit organization. At first, we were hesitant to charge a fee for joining but really it's the ONLY way we'll be able to afford to buy the supplies for these wonderful gifts for MC!
    The first project is the Return of the Lucky Necklace. We guarantee you that this will be SPECIAL! Please see the site for more details on this EXCLUSIVE project. You might want to really consider being a part of this. Mariah will love it, we promise! (
    To take part in these projects, you have to be a member. There are 2 different memberships. The basic fee is $25. You only pay once and the fee will last a full year. The fee will help fund any supplies needed for the projects. There is also a monthly newsletter that is sent to your house via airmail. Lots 'o fun and exciting stuff to look forward to each month with that. Each member gets a Chop name. You can pick it yourself or we'll find one for ya. Chop names are fun to have and they will go on the tags of all MC's gifts so she knows who you are in fact! And you also get your very own email.
    The premium fee is $40 a year. This gives you everything the basic fee offers and so much more. LOM will send you a special Christmas package with a lot of cute and exclusive Lambz O' Mariah stuff, birthday cards, and LOTS o' surprises. We wouldn't let you down! Bright minds are hard at work making this happen. This also gives you priority to any fan events that come up (and we've got some exciting stuff planned for later)!
    Keep in mind that this organization is totally non-profit. No member of the org will make any money whatsoever off of this. It's all about Mariah and the fans, and all the money will be spent to make HER life a little happier. :) Please visit for more info or email one of the contacts. If you are a really big fan, you will not be disappointed. LOM will strive to make Mariah and her fans happy as can be. She truly has the best fans out there!! She has YOU . . . and so LOM wants YOU to join them. Please do! It's gonna be FUN!!!!
    Thank Ya!
    -Lambz O' Mariah staff

    Help Mariah in Denmark
    Here is what Nanna sent me:
    The Danish release for the duet version of "Against All Odds" is close and even though it has had good airplay on radio stations all over Denmark, I think it is just as important (if not more) to have it played on TV. Unfortunately, the interest for Mariah has been rather weak in the Danish media in the last couple of years.
    There is a danish Music show called Voxpop (similar to the Swedish program) and it would be so great if all you fans could send an e-mail to the show requesting the song. As soon as the song has been played, it it also possible to vote for it - let's get it to #1! The show is in Danish, but you can copy the text below and write your name instead of the dots. Thank you in advance...
    The address to email to is ->

    Thanks to Marc (webmaster of Mariah Dreams Of Butterflies) for the new animated lamb in the magazines section of the main page. If you want to see it for yourself, click here!

    Calling All Designers!
    Here is what Julie asked me to post on this site:
    Could you post up on your site that Julie (Web master of Hello Butterfly) is looking for a partner with good internet designing skills and is able to update the site regularly. I've been so busy with life (and dealing with lots of problems with a real life Bianca) that I just haven't had time so if you could, would you tell them to E-mail me at I'd really appreciate it and it would help me out alot.

    YEAH BABY YEAH!!!!!!
    Well yesterday I brought up the fact that Mariah mimicks a lot of things that Mike Myers does as Dr. Evil or Austin Powers. Well I asked for more things that Mariah does and here is what you guys told me:

  • ViJay
    Another phrase from Austin Powers that MC uses is "Pretty Standard, Really". (Dr. Evil says it in the first movie)
  • MCFantasy7:
    She does the "" the quotation marks with her fingers ya know, that's from austin powers 2 - my favorite movie by the way!!!! - dr. evil does it all the time! and she calls her puppy Aspen "Jack's mini-me" cuz mini-me is her favorite! there are so many things that she does that are from that movie! Like, in the beginning, Dr. Evil's headquarters is located in GUAM! u know she loves guam! lol Anywayz, did u like the movie? Wasn't it funny!? Talk to ya later :)
  • BUTRFLY811 & Kim:
    Another thing Mariah got from the movie Austin Powers is making the quotation marks with her fingers. Dr. Evil did it all the time and Mariah went through a period where she did it constantly!

    Trip Down Memory Lane...
    Well this actually was written for the above segment for Austin Powers but I thought it was so cute, I would make it a little story!! Here is what Jackie told me:
    hey regina--
    i was at the spy bar when mariah did her private preformance for her tv thing in 98. ALL mariah was saying alllllllnight was phrases from austin powers. she kept saying need the info though. and she still does. but that night she said it like a billion times. and also this was the funniest thing ever....i dont remmeber the womans name but mariah was on stage chillin waiting to sing and mariahs "helper" was straighning out her ensemble around her upper body and mariah was like shes always after my lucky charms. it was soooo funny. and to hear MARIAH say that was hysterical. like its weird to see mariah with her friends and family u never get to see that side of her. and also her professional side too. the lighting or something was wrong and she was like "guys this shouldnt be happening now...we had this place alllllll day". it was just really cool to see mariah like this. just felt like sharing

    Mariah Gets Revenge on Westlife Member!!
    Here is what Rachel sent me from BMG Backstage:
    They had an embarassing session with Mariah Carey when they went out for a meal, as apparently she takes comments about her food really seriously. Bryan 'said her plate of seafood looked like a bowl of snot' and she turned round and said that she couldn't eat it anymore. So Mariah got him back by giving Bryan a clam to munch on! Mark tells us 'it was one of those fishy things Bryan hates.' and reveals 'He had a bit of a session in the toilet later!'

    Jerry Lewis Telethon
    Gabby said on the messageboard that MC and Diana Ross did "Baby Love" and "Stop In The Name Of Love" on the "MDA Jerry Lewis Telathon!" It was the performance from Diva's Live 2000 and thanks to Gary for telling me this also!

    Dror sent me the following information but I went to the website and couldn't find the Mariah pictures. If anyone finds them, please send me the direct link to view them so I can get it up on the website tomorrow. Anyhow here is what I was sent:
    Roberta Parkin, one of the leading concert photographers from the UK, presents some of her most memorable working moments of the past during an online photography exhibition at Photoshot, starting September 1, 2000
    It's the first time that Roberta Parkin's work has been exhibited. In the past 10 years she has been able to photograph many of the world's most famous stars from the music business, including Michael Jackson (Wembley Stadium, 1994), Madonna, Prince, The Rolling Stones, MARIAH CAREY, Celine Dion, and Tina Turner.
    The exhibition is accompanied by an interview with Roberta Parkin.
    All prints featured in the exhibition are available for purchase (online only).
    for more info go to!

    Vote for Mariah
    ButtterfIi went to her fellow Mariah friend's site and there is a poll on who the best singer is. Mariah is loosing pretty badly to Alanis and the people are NOT writing nice comments about Mariah. I am not even going to post them here, but please everyone go vote for her. IT takes 2 minutes, at the most!

    September 4, 2000...
    MClogo EXCLUSIVE: New Pics!!
    Val sent me 5 new pics of Mariah that she took last year. I added them to Gallery 37 along with a new pic that Alan sent me! Check out all 6 pics in Gallery 37 if you like!

    Derek Admires Mariah!
    Thanks to my Mariah4 buddy Anderz for this next bit o' information from Derek Jeters latest book!
    MARIAH CAREY I know I learned alot from my relationship with Mariah Carey. I learned that it would be very difficult for me to seriously date a high-profile person. I am used to getting a lot of attention as a Yankee, but I wasn't used to getting alot of attention because I went out to dinner with someone. It just so happened that someone was Carey, one of the top-selling female pop singers ever, and that turned my life into a more chaotic existence than I wanted.

    I met Mariah at a charity function for the Fresh Air Fund in November of 1996, a month after we won the World Series. I know some people have written -- and want to believe -- our romance started that day, but that's not true. I barely even talked with her that first day. I saw her out in the city a few times after that, and we became friends before we had our first date. We actually dated for only about six months and were never close to getting engaged as the newspapers reported.

    I was intrigued with Mariah because we had a lot of similarities. Like me, she has a mixed heritage. She has a white, Irish mother and an African American Venezuuelean father. Like me she had a dream in life that she zealously pursued. She knew she wanted to be a singer, and made that her mission. Like me, she still works extremely hard at her profession. She's a beautiful woman, on the inside and outside, and I had a deep respect for her and the way she handled herself. She started out with nothing but a dream that she would be a big star, and, to this day, she still works hard at fulfilling that dream.

    She's constantly writing, she's constantly in the studio, she's constantly trying to get better. She's someone a lot of people can learn from. I know I did. Whether you like her music or you think it's terrible, you could learn alot from the way she pursued her goal. Like I said earlier, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do what you want. I never did. I know Mariah never did either. It doesn't mean you will end up with a recording contract or playing for the Yankees, but it does mean you won't have any regrets. Try your best to be successful at whatever it is you want to do, and then the questions will be answered for you. Even if your goal is not realized, you will know you tried hard to make it come to fruition -- and you can't ask anymore of yourself than that.

    Sirginho told me that Mariah is in the latest issue of Cosmogirl magazine. Leslie Bib is on the cover and on page 50 you can find Mariah. Here is what it says:
    Beauty pro deborah lippmann, los angeles- based manicurist celeb client mariah carey frugal find vaseline petroleum jelly, $2 how to use it.
    Apply to tacky nails ( a minute after polishing )
    to shield them from dust, lint, and other smudgers.
    Here is the picture:

    Mariah and Alan?
    Here is what Alan (MC9114ever) told me:
    OMG ! I got a call back from VH1 today and that they read my entry and they want to interview me about why i LOVE MARIAH and i might FLY out to the VH1 "My music awards" and maybe present an Award with Mariah! My interview is Wednesday.

    Mariah's Jeans
    Here is what Jen told me:
    Hey I found this in my delia's catalog:
    LARISSA SKIRT Five - pocket fray waist skirt in cotton denim with front slit. Logo on coin pocket, label on center back. Zip fly and tack button closure. By IT Jeans. Color: blue denim. Sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16. Size 7/8 is 28" long. Made in USA. $ 36.00
    Here is what the jeans look like:

    Teen People Magazine
    Lara sent me a scan of Mariah in the October issue of Teen People! Thanks Lara! Click to see bigger!

    Animation of Mariah!
    At the top of the NEWS page, you can see a litle animation of Mariah that Mishka made for me! It's from the Nescafe commercial and you can see more caps that Shino made by clicking below:

    M influences Britney!
    Lara got this from the official Britney Spears website!
    Q. What was your most influence on singing when you were growing up?
    A. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston were my biggest influences. Madonna and Janet Jackson were, too.
    Q. You have said that you especially admire Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. What about these two singers is inspiring to you?
    A. I love their style of music and the way their voices electrify you!

    Your Mariah Story!
    Okay, today is the last day that I will be updating the Your Mariah Story section of this website for a little while. Thanks to everyone who sent it in and there are possible plans for the stories that were sent in; I will tell more about it later though! Check them out for yourself by clicking below:

    Site Opening!
    The webmaster of MariahConnection.Net e-mailed me and wanted me to inform you all that this site has just recently opened. You can check out the site by clicking the link below! Thanks!

    Lance's Dream Tour Partner is...
    Mariah Carey pr Paula Abdul according to Val's NSync book.

    Mariah's Phrases?
    Did you know that some of Mariah's Phrases are from the smash hit movie, Austin Powers? I think I was the only person who hasn't seen this movie until last night. Here are some phrases that Austin or Dr. Evil said that Mariah has said:

  • "Not my bag baby"
  • "Throw me a freaken bone"
  • I know there was one more but I forget it right now. IF you are a big Austin Powers fan, as MC is, and know more phrases MC says from the movie, send me an e-mail and let me know!

    Mini Me?
    Well just as Christina A. did, Jessica too fell for the rumors that Mariah had called her mini me when she didn't, in fact. Lexi posted a message on a Jessica Simpson messageboard and here is what the Jess fans said:

  • "thanks for posting that. i knew mariah wouldnt say stuff like that. plus i read that she has met jessica when she was recording with 98 degrees and thought she was a sweet girl. that's what she said on a japanes radio station. -Evelyne"
  • "thanx for postin that i woulndt think either that mariah could say something like that sabrina"
  • "I was quite shocked and surprised when I read that Mariah called Jess mini-me cos I always thought of Mariah as a very sweet person. Thanx for posting that though! It makes much more sense to me now!! :) I hope Jess understands too! :) Sweet kisses, Robyn"
  • "i'm glad to hear that!"
  • "Thanx for posting this!!! I knew Mariah could never say anything so cruel about jessica. I adore both mariah and Jess, and I happen to know that Mariah is always encouraging talented people to get up on stage and sing their hearts out...she wouldn't say anything to discourage those who are in the same position that she may have been when she first got started! Luv, Nida"
  • "Hey!! Thanks for posting that to clear everything up!!! I hope everyone reads this so any grudges against Mariah about the whole Mini Me thing will be forgotton!!! Peace and Love, Laura"
  • "hey! thanks for posting. I actually don't think anything like that's been said here....well...i haven't heard it anyway..but it's good to squash rumors before they get started!!:)"

    Sorry for the lack o' news yesterday. I worked from 7am-3pm and then I went over my brothers house for an early Labor Day Party! I didn't get home till 9 pm, so I had no time to update!!! Remember, tomorrow starts the school schedule but this webpage will still be updated every single day :)

    September 2, 2000...
    MClogo EXCLUSIVE: New Pics!!
    My very good buddy Minerva, who lives in Spain, sent me some scans from older newspapers and magazines. There are some really nice ones, including a pic of Luis and Mariah kissing in the back of the limo, ooh la la!!! Check all 5 pics out in Gallery 37!!!

    New Nescafe Commercial
    My other friend Ayako told me that there is a new commercial for Nescafe in Japan now. In the new commercial, MC is competing with Sanma and MC wins all the competitions. First she is boxing, next doing soccer and then she is in a car race. Kaori sent me some pics but sadly they are so small :( Check them out anyway though by clicking the link below!!!

    MC Goes for Elektra Records?
    Nini found this little article in a recent NYPost!
    THAT Mariah Carey, who has eyed Clive Davis' new label J Records and Arista since her Sony contract is almost up, is now in serious talks with Elektra Records' Sylvia Rhone ...

    Andry, webmaster of Simply Mariah, gave this website a cute award! Here is her reason why:
    Hey your is site is really one of the most beautiful on the web. So I decided to give you this award!!
    So thanks Andry and click below to check it out, if you like!

    Bits O' Information
    Here is some various news I got:

  • DivaLatina79
    Mariah was #32 in VH1's Top 40 Sexiest Videos for Fantasy!
  • DivaLatina79 (again)
    I saw in a Westlife Yahoo Club a post that said: I also read news of westlife saying that recording the duet with Mariah Carey was one of the many highlights of the lads' three month trip to North America. Kian was thrilled to discover that before Mariah's mum married to her dad, her surname was Egan. As she left Ireland in order to go to the States, Kian now checking to see whether he and Mariah are related
  • Keith
    hey My Name is Keith and I'm 16 years old from Troy,Ny. I am a very devoted fan of Mariahs i love all her music and when i heard Against All Odds the remake with Westlife it really moved me. i like the regular verson but this one made me fell like i was in that situation of the meaning of the song if you have i think you should listen to it you can hear it on napster its a great song and i bet it will make you feel the same way i felt if you listen carefuly ITS A GREAT SONG...
  • Tom
    Hey Regina! I got a little news for you.
    If anyone out there wants to have the Rainbow piano book but can't find it, you can order one at I just ordered mine a week ago and it came just two days ago. It costs $17.95 plus shipping and handling, and at the website, you can order it online, by mail, and I'm pretty sure you can order it by fax or phone. I ordered mine by mail. Also, if you want it for another instrument, I'm not positive they'll have it, but you can try (ex.,

    Petition Time!
    Ricardo would like you all to sign the following petition to help MC get a Grammy this year for her work on Rainbow!! Click below to sign it!!!

    Yahoo Auction sent me the current bids for these celebs itmes.
    01) Britney Spears - $ 5,000
    02) Hugh Jackman - $ 4,510
    03) Harrison Ford - $ 1,210
    04) Jodie Foster - $ 1,200
    05) Faith Hill - $ 1,121
    David Letterman - $ 1,121
    07) Jennifer Love Hewitt - $ 1,110
    Daryl Hannah - $ 1,110
    09) Gillian Anderson - $ 1,087
    10) Drew Barrymore - $ 1,020
    11) Walk on Part in a Hollywood Feature Film - $ 1,010
    12) Ewan McGregor - $ 960
    13) Mariah Carey - $ 850

    Why Are YOU the #1 Fan? sent me the following information:
    Calling all music freaks: Think you’re a big music fan? Prove it!
    Why does your favorite artist rule?!?
    Why are you the ultimate fan??
    Do you have any collections, shrines or brushes with greatness?
    Tell us right now at:
    If you live in the New York City area and have what it takes, you might find yourself on TV in a VH1 Promotion.
    **Please fill out the subject box of your email with the name of your favorite ARTIST/GROUP followed by the word FAN and then your FIRST NAME.**
    Example - Subject: “DONNY OSMOND FAN/BRIT”
    Please make sure to include your full name, address and phone numbers (daytime and nighttime.)
    Thank you and good luck!

    Mariah Mistaken
    It seems that someone though MC was in the video for Ooops I Did It AGain instead of Britney. Here is what I was told:

  • Dan
    Hey Regina, I was watching TRL today. Brian McFayden was doing a little taxi-cab survey for the VMA's. He went around showing clips of the videos and asked the drivers who they think should win. One of the drivers thought Britney Spears (in the Oops.. video) was Mariah Carey, so he said Mariah Carey should win. Haha, that's do we!
  • BriStuWalt
    MTV News on TRL just had a segment on the viewers choice award for the VMAs and the news guy was asking cab drivers in NY City which video would be their choice. One cab driver was watching a Britney video and thought she was Mariah and said that he would really want Mariah to win. The news guy played along and asked him again if he wanted Mariah's video to win the viewers choice award. He just smiled and said again that he would love to see Mariah win. I don't have anything against Britney, but I agree with what that cab driver was thinking. Unfortunately for us, MTV USA doesn't seem to care for Mariah anymore. It's there loss.
    Today on MTV's Total Request Live, Brian McFadden, an MTV News veejay, showed some footage of him interviewing the music tastes of some taxi drivers. He used a Digital Video Player to show the videos of the artists and to ask them who they were.
    Brian asked one taxi driver (one who is not from this country) who the artist was in one particular video that he was showing, and he said it was Mariah Carey. He also stated how much he likes Mariah Carey, and emphasized that towards that video. The video that was being shown during that time was NOT anything of or related to Mariah Carey! So what video was it? It was Britney Spears' "Oops!... I Did It Again" video! Otherwords, he was mistakening Britney for Mariah. Uhhh, I don't think so! LOL Evidently, he wasn't too familiar with who the artists were! You don't mistake Mariah for anyone, especially a teen pop star! ;)

    There is a new Quote of the Week today and a new Pic of the Week today because I don't have much time to update the webpage tomorrow!

    Good News for Asian Fans!
    Here is what Koh Chia Shin told me:
    Today (1/9) on Channel [V] International's Launch Pad (the show for new music videos), they showed Crybaby!!!!!!!! So I hope everyone that can receive Channel [V] International to catch the repeat On
    Sunday 1130/1830 Phil/ 1230/1930 Mal/Jap
    Monday 1630 Phil/ 1730 Mal/Jap
    Since it's the first video being aired, so be punctual in watching. The VJ Asha actually describe Mariah as the clothing challenged and called her Missy Mariah. She also said Mariah did a good rnb and that the VJ also wants the touch-screen phone in the video.
    Also watch out for the show New Music
    Sunday 0900 Phil/ 1000 Mal/Jap
    Thursday 1630 Phil/ 1730 Mal/ Jap
    Watch it and vote on Top 5 at 5
    Also I suggest viewers of Channel [V] Asia & Channel [V] India to keep their eyes open too.

    Help AAO in Australia
    Here is what Matt wants us to do:
    I have a new idea to help encourage Sony to release AAO in Australia. I think we should all email Sony Music Australia:, and enquire about the release of the single. This way they will know that there is public interest and that it is actually worthwhile releasing AAO commercially. If we all email Sony Music with our pleas, I'm sure we can make a difference! After all, look what we managed to achieve with CTTA in the USA! Fans who email Sony should try to send their message from a free email provider such as hotmail, so that it won't seem a little strange having overseas residents begging for the release of a cd single in Australia :o)
    What else can we do?! Request the song and video.. A LOT. No matter where in the world you live, please visit the below sites and email the below addresses with requests for "Against All Odds". Remember that Australian radio generally DOES NOT PLAY/LIKE Mariah and therefore it is important that we only send one request each to each station/show every few days.
    Here are the places/emails to request the song:
    (*Note- don't use an obviously non-Australian email address, free servers such as hotmail are great to send requests from because your location isn't revealed)

  • "All Music Video" (in the suburb field use the name of an Australian capital city such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide - although a city is not a suburb, it makes it look as though you are an Australian citizen. Use any FOUR digits for the postcode)
  • "Video Hits"
    (Use any FOUR digits for the postcode)
  • General Requesting Emails (VERY IMPORTANT)
    Please refer to the great AMCF site:

    September 1, 2000...New Month!!
    MClogo Change O' Color
    Every month now, I will be changing the color of this NEWS page. September is the month of green! Hee hee!

    Monday Night!
    Isn't this monday night, the night that VH1 is counting down the top 20 diva's? Every monday night they do something different and I believe this Monday at 9 pm EST, they are counting down the Top 20 Divas, which MC should be in. Also, Gary told me the following:
    I can't recall if you posted this. Tonight on VH-1 they had a countdown of the Top Sexiest Female Singers, as voted on the VH-1 website. Mariah was #4, and they played the "Honey" video. Faith Hill was #3, Britney Spears #2, and Christina #1. Give me a break! Gary

    Magazine Info!
    Here are two magazines that Mariah is featured in. Thanks to my buddy Mark for this information:
    - Break Out (NL)...The August 31st Issue.
    - Hitkrant (NL)...The September 2nd Issue.

    Well it seems that this is station that you can only watch in Canada, unless you have a satellite to get it in. Here is what everyone told me:

  • Gina:
    Hey. You wanted to know what "spotlight" was? I live in Canada so I'm well aware of what it is. She's been on Spotlight quite a few times lately actually. For Mariah there will be more than one part. The first part they show shows about 4 or 5 of her oldest videos and in between put in some interview clips. Then it goes on the next day with part 2. So on and so on. It's mostly just her videos that they play though.L8ta G8ta:)
  • Malary:
    Hey Regina, I was reading the news section today (as i do every day) and you wanted to know what the Spotlight was. It's a little 30 min show and it shows some of Mariah's videos and it shows different parts of different interviews between the videos.
  • Kristen
    Hi! I know what spotlight is and I've seen some of the MC ones. MuchMusic is like a canadian vh1/mtv people with satellites get that station. It's pretty much MC's videos with clips of her talking throughout her career. I believe there is 5 spotlights of her. I have one or two of them on tape. I hope this information helps you out. Bye, Kristen

    Win a MC CD
    Nigel has created a website he would like you all to visit and to sign the guestbook. Also, anybody under the age of 16 can join the competition to win a Mariah CD or cassette!

    ATG Artwork
    Honey B Fly, webmistress of Exclusive Mariah, sent me an artwork that she did on MC for the ATG movie. I thought it was kind of cute. Check it out below!

    Your Mariah Story!!
    Well thanks to everyone who sent in their story for the, "Your Mariah Story" section of this website! I added them all either today or yesterday and now the page is complete. There are some plans for the entrys on this page but I can't really say too much right now! I'll tell you more later on and you'll be glad you took the time to write out your story :)
    Check out all the stories by clicking here!

    The Grinch Soundtrack!
    Victor told me that the movie starring Jim Carrey in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" will be released to theaters on November 17th. Meaning, the soundtrack should out sometime in the beginning of November and remember, Mariah is suppose to be featured on it!

    NY Post Article
    Here is an article that Nini sent me from the NYPost!
    MARIAH: crowd scene
    IS there trouble in paradise? Spies in Toronto, where Mariah Carey is filming her mock-bio "All That Glitters," say her boyfriend, Latin crooner Luis Miguel, is fed up with her work schedule. "Luis is really p--ed off," says our snitch, who notes he's still close to ex Sofia Vergara. "She's stuck up there for three months and when he comes to visit, there are so many hangers-on and the entourage is so big they can never be alone." Carey's rep states: "They go out alone in Toronto and Mariah just met him in Mexico for a weekend."

    Mariah Mentioned on the Radio!
    Eve told me that Mariah was mentioned on her radio station about the jeans that are being sold too. Here is more:
    Hi Regina-I was just listening to one of the local radio stations here in San Francisco, 106.1 KMEL and they were talking about how several stars have donated and autographed certain items for the Multiple Sclerosis charity auction. Amoung them, they mentioned Kobe Bryant, and our hero Mariah Carey!!! They mentioned that the you can participate in the auction until September 10th and that you can reach the auction by going to I always get so excited when they mention Mariah on the radio!!!

    Petition Time!
    Here is what Marilsa sent me:
    Hi fellow Mariah fans! Everything well?
    We would like to ask a great favor from all the fan clubs of Mariah Carey in the world! The help we are asking for is for all the Latin American fans. We want to bring Mariah Carey to Latin America to do a tour, because we haven't had the privilege of seeing a live show by our diva. We are united to make this happen. We made a "below signed" and a petition to bring Mariah Carey. We need help from all the fans of this wonderful singer / songwriter /producer and absolute wonderful person. We love Mariah very much, and this is our biggest dream. Please help us, vote by using the links bellow, and to all the webmasters, please add our banners to your site. Thank you in advance, MARILSA SANTOS / BRASIL - SÃO PAULO CAROLINA VIDAL / VENEZUELA - CARACAS

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