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updated byLiron September 30th, 2002 7:35PM
"Through The Rain" Video Pics
TTR Vid A LOT of beautiful pictures from the video shoot for "Through The Rain" have been added to Gallery 5.
We've seen 3 different outfits so far, the ones in the jeans skirt and the purple top are from Park Avenue, and the ones in the black and baby blue top outfits were shot in Harlem, NYC.
Some of the pictures are in excellent quality so check them out!

Strolling Mariah
TheEdge (from FOMM) found the following caption on People.com:

Singer Mariah Carey is all smiles as she films the video for her new single, "Through the Rain," in New York. The just-released ballad will be featured on Carey's upcoming CD, which is not yet named and is scheduled for release Dec. 10.
(Anthony Dixon/LFI UDIX)

More Pictures From Germany
I've added more pictures of Mariah arriving to Germany (her private jet, and her cars) from Friday and a few pictures from The German Mariah Page.
In addition, I've added the scans from "Crystal" magazine thanks to RPN, a picture of Mariah from Capri thanks to MariahInfo and the cover of NYPost from today.
All pictures in Gallery 5.

German Interview
While DIS is working on a surprise for you, Gilles (Heroes of Mariah) translated a summary of the interivew that appeared on ZDF's site:

Mariah Carey with Johannes B. Kerner
The most important quotes of the Pop Queen;
For the first time world star Mariah Carey spoke so openly in a German Talkshow about her private life!
The world star chatted on Friday, 27 September 2002, over 40 minutes with Johannes B. Kerner. Read here their most important quotes again:

Mariah Carey over the death of her father
"The death of my father - that was a very hard time for me. I went straight to the mourning service. That was several weeks ago now. I think of him. We were not very close for a while, but then that changed. We became very close the last few years. That he died, was a shock for me. He had cancer. He was not operable any more. He died on July the 4th, on the American Independence Day. He wanted liberty and he died on the Independence Day. We were able to became friends a short time before he died, I'm very lucky and I am grateful that I had this opportunity."

Over her marriage with Tommy Mottola
"There was a very big passion between us. For me it was overwhelming. But I was never someone who should be married. My parents got separated when I was little. I did not want to be crushed, I still wanted to be with my friends, I wanted to do the things I like. I do not have anything against him. But I made it in such a way, because he wanted that." "Okay, we have stop a big wedding: 'but I did too, if you want' It would have kept longer, if we had not married. I was not so far and did not want to be someone's wife, those time were nice and I was protected by a 50 year old man. In the garden, I did not sit with the adults. We had a marriage contract. I did not leave with anything - only what I had before."

Over her nervous breakdown
"I was at the end. The whole 'nervous breakdown' to call it like that was totally exaggerated. The following happened to me: I worked two months straight, 20 hours a day without break. If you make that longer and not reasonably eats and sleeps, you do not hold out. Simply only work. I left Sony at that time. I had the new company and not yet the support around me. I did not have the people around me, which said: ' Mariah, you worked now 14 hours on the piece. As it would be now with something to the meal?' I simply forget that. I did not to worry anyone about me, and I also. I neglected myself. The star was for me in the foreground. But I neglected the human in me, no question. And then I was so exhausted and finished that my physical health was at the end. I was finished. No one understood that. Nevertheless always there was Mariah - full energy. When I visited my mother, I was so finished. I had no more energy at all. And I was physically finished. I begun to be scared and therefore I called 911. That's the whole story. My mother did not know, how she should react with the fact that I was suddenly weak."

What she learned from her defeat
"I now have a contract locked: sound as I need much sleep, to relax and eat. You must regulate that somehow. I even make contracts and I force myself to keep them. I really thank God for everything that I had experienced. I am now a much more spiritual person. I went through and come through and I learned very much about me. For example, what you may not allow for yourself. We must actually take our position for ourselves. Also with my father this year. I learned, how valuable the life is and how quickly it can go away. I am different than one year ago. I have priorities: Camera and Hollywood are one - the music business. But the most important is not in the life. Humans are much more important. Humans are more important than career!"

Promotional Video From Universal/IDJ
Universal/Island Def Jam has made a nice promotional video in which you can see Mariah's career & achievements from the very beginning until now.
Click Here to view it. I must note that they have a few mistakes in the numbers they listed.

Pre-Oder Mariah's Album
You can now pre-order Mariah's new album (yet to be titled) set for release on December 10th in the USA & Canada on CDNow (Thanks Warren).

TTR on TRL & Inside Edition
Tomorrow, TRL will show segments of "Behind The Scenes" from Mariah's latest video shoot for "Through The Rain" (Thanks Courtney).

Illuminating Glitter (from FOMM) reports that Inside Edition just showed some footage from the filming of the video as well.

MariahDownunder.com Relaunch
You're invited to the relaunch of MariahDownunder.com - Australia's leading Mariah Carey resource and #1 fan community!
Take a look at the intensely coloured design, incredible graphics and extensive information and interactivity... not only for Australians, but for ALL fans of superstar Mariah Carey.
We're all celebrating the forthcoming release of Mariah's brand new single "Through The Rain" and with the relaunch of MariahDownunder.com we're offering a rare MP3 download. Visit the website to download your own copy of the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (FRENCH RADIO EDIT) while you can! This is unavailable elsewhere. More exclusive and rare downloads will be offered in the coming months also.
News, Biography, Discography, ARIA History, Chart Statistics, Mariah-in-Oz, Chat, Team Mariah, Requests, Links, E-Cards, Downloads, Forum, Competition, Store and much more - all on offer now @ MariahDownunder.com!

Mariah on MTV Cribs Book
MTV has released a book of many artists's cribs, including Mariah's. 10 pages are devoted to her with pics and quotes. Also there are some fascinating info as well- i.e. the MTV had to be real careful with the floor so they had to wear footsies and they stayed until midnight at her place (Thanks EJ).

R&R Magazine Scan & Interview
MCLuva sent us the scan of the cover of R&R Magazine that Mariah's on. Check it out in Gallery 5. Here's the full interview typed up thanks to RPN:

If you want to know what Mariah Carey did on her summer vacation, the answer is work. Yes, she did get in some playtime - after all, she recorded in Capri, Italy - but Carey has been focused on doing what she does best: making hits. With over 140 million albums and singles sold worldwide and 12 songs that have reached No. 1 in the United States, she is a superstar in a league of her own.

While it's no secret that Carey has been through a lot personally and professionally this past year - the lukewarm reception for Glitter, a bout with exhaustion - nothing came close to the devastating loss of her father. Carey explains that he died not long after they had reuinited and become close. "It was very hard for me," she says. "A lot of that emotion is on this album. There's a song that I wrote for him on it."

If you want to know where Carey is coming from on this new record, listen to her words. "The experience of recording this album is almost like the experience of my life - going through it, dealing with things and trying to be hopeful," she says. "It's not an album filled with woe and misery. There are some songs that will give you that melancholy feeling, but I try to always go to the uplifting, even in a situation that seems like it could break you. I always try to turn to the positive rather than to drown in the negative."

Carey also changed record labels this year, finding a new home with Doug Morris and Lyor Cohen at Vivendi/Universal's Island Def Jam Music Group. When I asked IDJMG Chairman/CEO Cohen about Carey, he told me "All Mariah needed was a big hug and a company that truly loves artists and understands the difficulty of being an artist. Mariah is a gift to all of us. Her voice and songwriting have given so many people so much joy. I believe she has written a song that will become a great classic."

The song Cohen is referring to is Carey's new single, "Through the Rain," which is already airing at Pop, Rhythmic, Urban and AC on heavyweight stations like WHTZ (Z100)/New York and WHYI(Y100)/Miami before the official add date of Sept. 30th. When I ask Carey if "Through the Rain" was her choice for the first single, she responds, "It's almost like the single chose itself. Everyone who heard it felt so passionately about it immediately."

So, Carey has a new album and a clean slate. She has a new label, MonarC, as part of her deal with IDJMG. She wrote every song on her new record except for one remake. She worked with heavyweights like Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and promises a few other surprises. With her great looks, unmistakable voice and incredible talent, Carey is back - fresh, focused and full of hits.

R&R: Your new label with the Island Def Jam Music Group is MonarC. How did you come up with the name?
MC: Jerry Blair, the President of MonarC and I went back and forth with a bunch of different names, and MonarC was my first choice. As a lot of people know, the butterfly has kind of become my own personal symbol. Monarch butterflies, in my opinon, are the most beautiful, so we left off the H and the M and the C gave it a personal touch for me. Every time we mentioned the name to somebody they liked it, so we stuck by it. It seemed fitting and right.

R&R: You had your own label once before, Crave. What made you want to do it again?
MC: Well, Crave wasn't really my idea. At the time that I was involved with that project I was in a different situation corporately and as an artist. I sort of fell into it instead of choosing to do it on my own. MonarC will truly represent me, as opposed to somebody else imposing an idea on me to do a label.

R&R: Do you have any plans yet for MonarC?
MC: I tried to give the label a broad spectrum, in terms of the imaging and imprint, so artists wouldn't feel that it was too closely associated with me or had to be only the musical genres that I've worked in. We're really open. Jerry Blair has been scouting a lot of different talent, and I have an artist I'm really excited about, a 13 year old girl who's really great. We've already begun recording with her, and there are a whole lot of other things on the agenda.

R&R: After leaving Virgin Records, you could have gone with a number of labels. Why did you choose Island Def Jam Music Group?
MC: From Day One after that whole situation exploded with Doug Morris and Lyror Cohen were so supportive and in my corner. They were such beleivers in me. Even though I met with a lot of other people, I felt that their passions was so strong that I almost didn't want to meet with anybody else. I knew and felt in my heart that it was the right place to be.

Before I signed with Virgin, I was going to sign with them. After living through that experience, I understand you can't do things just for the money. It's not about that; you have to be with people who are driven, passionate and young-spirited. I really believe that they helped reinvent pop music.

R&R: Did you enjoy working with Cohen on this album?
MC: What I like best is the collaborative way we all work together. I wrote "Through the Rain" before I signed my new deal. I began writing and recording before the deal as well. Lyor was really cool, because even when he didn't know if I was going to end up signing there, he was talking to me about different co-producers and different ideas without ever being confining.

He came out to Capri, and it was very nice. One of the nicest moments was when we were listening to the album on this beautiful boat in Capri, and Lyor jumped in the water so we could have a champagne toast inside the Blue Grotto when the seas were raging. I don't know too many executives who would do something of that nature while holding a bottle of Cristal!

R&R: Two words: "Glitter" and "Why"?
MC: It was a project that started out one way and, because of the political situation I was in and the incestuous nature of what was going on at the time, became a watered down version of what it was intended to be. I'm not going to apologize for it. It came out on Sept. 11, 2001, after one of the worst tragedies in history.

R&R: Do you believe that the fate of Glitter would have been different had you promoted it as aggressively as you had all of your previous projects?
MC: Yes, but I was also promoting it aggressively before it was even finished, and that contributed to my exhaustion. I was doing too much and didn't have a true support system in a lot of ways. All I can say is that it's now in the past.

R&R: Did you make a conscious effort on this album to return to the formula that has worked so well for you on past albums?
MC: Actually, I've never left that formula. Honestly, I haven't released a ballad as my first single since my first single. Every other first single has been uptempo and urban-leaning because they are more immediate records. This single pretty much chose itself. My thought was to go with an uptempo single first, but the moment I played "Through the Rain" for everybody, there was no doubt in their minds that it would be the first single. I say, OK, cool, because the song means a lot to me. It's just that people weren't looking at everything I was doing under a microscope until the bizarre blowing out of proportion of last year's events.

R&R: Why did you decide to record this album in Capri?
MC: I worked on the Rainbow album in Capri. I've been going there for about three years, and there's a recording studio there that I really love. I stay in a little apartment on top of the studio, and my cell phones don't ring and my pagers don't go off. I can really focus on what I'm doing musically and creatively; I can write and be on my own, and people can come in and visit me. Jay-Z was there for a minute, and we had fun, Lyor and the whole family came in. I had a lot of visitors, but I still was able to focus on my work.

R&R: Discuss your experience recording this album.
MC: I started recording it before I did the Super Bowl. I never stopped writing. I was feeling very prolific. I have 21 songs for this record, and that is more than I can use. I'm trying to decide which tracks to use, which to save, and which to maybe give out to my fans as bonus tracks and those kinds of things. I'm not really sure.

Writing this album was, in a lot of ways, a very cathartic experience. I've been through a lot personally and professionally. I actually lost my father this year, after we had reunited and become close. It was very hard for me, and a lot of that emotion is on this album. There's a song that I wrote for him on it. The experience of recording this album is almost like the experience of my life - going through it dealing with things and trying to be hopeful. It's not an album filled with woe and misery. There are some songs that will give you that melancholy feeling, but I try to always go to the uplifting even in a situation that seems that it could break you. I try to always turn to the positive rather than drown in the negative.

R&R: What songs have been the most fun?
MC: There have been a couple of different ones that were a lot of fun, but until I put the album out, I don't want to say what they are, because I don't want to give away the surprise.

R&R: What was your greatest challenge making this album?
MC: None, really. I just wrote and sang from my heart as I've always done, but this time the comments that I've been getting are like "You can really feel you a lot more on this album. It doesn't seem like you're trying to be as perfect as before; it's more like straight from the heart." The truth is, I kept a lot of the first vocals I sang, because they have the emotion. Even if I was like, "Ehhh, maybe that's not perfect," it was more of an emotional release.

R&R: "Through the Rain" struck me as vintage Mariah Carey. Can you describe the overall sound of the new album?
MC: "Through the Rain" is vintage me, but this album has a lot of things that are vintage me. If you walk into a club and they play "Fantasy" remix with Ol' Dirty Bastard, that's vintage me, so that's old school. I think that the whole album represents things that are vintage me.

R&R: What is your goal musically with this project?
MC: The goal was to express myself. I don't have a secret recipe; I just do what I like and what I feel. When I come up with new concepts, sometimes there are things that are reflections of things going on in my life, sometimes I just make up stuff, and other times I may think of things from, like, eighth grade, and put them into a song.

R&R: Did you have the time you needed to make this album the way that you wanted to?
MC: Yes. I feel like I had the necessary time, because I took it upon myself to begin recording before I signed a record deal. I know that I don't need A&R people to steer me one way or the other. They're great, but it's not something that I felt that I needed in the past. A lot of people in the press wrote that I need someone to fly in and whisk me off my feet and save me. That has never been the case. Sicne my first album, I have been writing and producing all the songs. I was put with producers on my first album, but as a teenager, I was the co-producer of those demos.

R&R: Who are some of the people you worked with on the album?
MC: Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and a lot of other amazing surprises.

R&R: Do you have a favorite song on the album yet?
MC: It's really hard, because they are so personal and so diverse in nature. It depends on what mood I'm in.

R&R: Did you write the entire album?
MC: I wrote everything except one remake. A lot of the songs were inspired by personal situations over the past year and over the course of my life, and some are just made-up stories.

R&R: Some of your biggest hits have been ballads, similar to "Through the Rain". When you released some hip-hop and more street sounding records to radio, do you feel that you may have polarized some of your core fan base?
MC: No. I think that people chose to use that type of rhetoric to pigeonhole me. I've had just as many rhythmic records that were massive hits for me as I have ballads. I've been working with hip-hop producers since Music Box. Look at collaborations like "Fantasy" with O.D. B. or "Heartbreaker" with Da Brat and Missy Elliott and Jay-Z. Look at the work I've done with Jermaine Dupri over the years, or Puffy, even before he was a famous rapper. I will always sing ballads, but I will not be afraid to continue to do collaborations in hip-hop or whatever other musical genres I choose. That's my right as an artist. Anything else would be boring as hell.

R&R: Are you satisfied with the outcome of this project?
MC: I'm very satisfied. It's the closest I've felt to a project since Butterfly which has always been my favorite.

R&R: Do you have a personal goal with this new album?
MC: It's a goal I've already realized. Just making the album provided a great creative and emotional outlet for me.

R&R: Are there any plans in the works to tour in support of the album?
MC: Yes, but it's still in the early stages.

R&R: The release of your new single and album means facing a barrage of press. What are you doing to prepare for the forthcoming media blitz?
MC: Sleeping and taking care of myself like a normal person, as opposed to a working machine.

R&R: Why do you think the American media blew your personal life so much out of proportion?
MC: Because it sells magazines.

R&R: What message would you like to send to radio programmers?
MC: I appreciate your support over the years, and I know how much you have helped me in my career. "Through the Rain" and the remix of "Through the Rain" are very special records to me. I hope you like them.

R&R: What would you like to say to your fans?
MC: Thank you for your constant support. You keep me going, and I love you.

R&R: If you had one wish for this holiday season, what would it be?
MC: World peace. This world has become an increasingly dismal place, and I just wish we could end the tragic circumstances of today.

R&R: Are you personally happy and at a good place in your life?
MC: Yes, I'm very happy. The events of last year were so dramatized. It's ridiculous. I've been happy for quite some time.

R&R: Has Mariah Carey made it "Through the Rain", and what was your umbrella?
MC: My faith has always been my saving grace, or "umbrella" if you want to call it that. Yes, I do beleive I've made it through the rain, and we all an as long as we put God first.

updated byDis September 30th, 2002 2:10PM
Quick Clip about Mariah on Fox News
Here is a quick 25 or so second clip on Foxnews about Mariahs shoot in New York. Nothing big or new here just randomly caught it and figured I'd put it up.

Fox News Clip:
Mirror 1 |  Mirror 2

Sexy Mariah "Rains" Supreme As She Shoots New Video
Comeback kid Mariah Carey, who suffered a devastating mental meltdown last year, was all smiles yesterday as she filmed a new music video along Park Avenue South in the city.

Looking smokin' hot, the sexy pop princess strutted back and forth in a thigh-baring skirt and ultratight top that had male onlookers on fire.

The video, directed by David Meyers, is for her new song, "Through the Rain," in which she bares her soul about her past problems and her hopes for the future.

Appearing confident and carefree, Mariah seemed like her old self as she happily waved to fans who stopped to watch.

It's been a tough haul for the perky hitmaker who delivered eight chart-topping albums and 25 singles in just 10 years - and then had a nervous breakdown in July 2001.

In the weeks leading up to that collapse, fans had listened in sadness as Mariah left a series of rambling and unfocused phone messages on her official Web site.

Not helping her situation was disastrous starring role in the movie "Glitter" and a bad breakup with Latin pop sensation Luis Miguel.
Mariah was also dumped by her label, Virgin, who paid off her long-term contract to get rid of her.

But she's been determined to bounce back, and now with a new label, Island/Def Jam, and new album on the way, she may be able to do just that.

"Through the Rain," released to radio stations last Thursday, has already gotten good reviews from fans and deejays.


Mariah Interviewed By Norwegian Radio
Elin informed me that Mariah was interviewed on the station P4. Basically the DJ asked if she would ever be coming to Norway to which she replied that she would love to since it was the first place she went outside of American to promote her first Album. She spoke, of course, about the album and how it is very personal with a mix of songs. Following the approximate seven minute interview the station played Through The Rain.


Another TTR based Wallpaper Added
You can get that and other wallpapers here.

updated byDis September 27th, 2002 11:05PM
VH1 100 sexiest artists
Mariahdaily now brings you a great cap of the segment on Mariah as number 19 in the top 100. Nice words from quite a few people about her image and future in the business. You can check it out by clicking on one of the links below.

VH1 100 sexiest Clip:
Mirror 1 |  Mirror 2

More Info on TTR Video
Mariah Carey will film the video for "Through the Rain" — the first single from her still-untitled new album, which is due December 10 on her Island/Def Jam imprint MonarC Music — in New York on Sunday with director David Meyers (Pink, Jay-Z). Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced the ballad, which began streaming on MTV.com, VH1.com and BET.com Thursday and arrives at radio outlets on Friday (September 27).


updated byDis September 27th, 2002 6:25PM
MariahDaily TTR in the Studio Exclusive from Kerner
Here, from the Kerner interview showed in Germany merely an hour ago is a clip of Mariah recording Through The Rain. Enjoy the mpg and thanks to daywalk3r for supply this as quickly as he did.

TTR @ Kerner Clip:
Mirror 1 |  Mirror 2

Also there are five great quality screen caps from the mpg at gallery 4.

updated byDis September 27th, 2002 4:45PM
After a year of embarrassing moments, MARIAH CAREY has stood up, dusted herself off and tossed her hat back into the ring once more. Today her new aptly titled single, "Through the Rain," is making its radio debut. The song marks her first release with her new record company. Virgin, her previous company, bought out her contract last year following the flop of her album, Glitter, and her emotional breakdown.


VH1 100 Greatest Women
A viewer poll was done by VH1 for the top 100 greatest women of all time and Mariah came in seventh place!! She beat Janet Jackson and Britney Spears for eighth and nineth place respectively.

New Mariah pics in Germany
Pictures from Mariah in Germany today for the interview can be seen here at gallery 4.


updated byLiron September 27th, 2002 7:45AM
"Through The Rain" Exclusive Internet Launch

MTV.com, VH1.com, Nick.com, TMF (The Music Factory) Web Sites Around the World and BET.com to Give Mariah Carey Fans First Listen of Her Much Anticipated New Single "Through The Rain"

Promotion Marks First Time Use of MTV Networks' Multiple Brands to Promote a Single Online Across the Globe
* In an unprecedented online music promotion, MTV Networks' online properties, TMF (The Music Factory) web sites and BET Network's online property will debut Mariah Carey's new MonarC Music/ Island Records single "Through The Rain" on 25 Web sites this Thursday, September 26.

* The 24-hour exclusive audio stream of the single marks the first time that MTV Networks, owned by Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), has utilized its award-winning brands to promote an artist's single online across the globe.

* MTV.com, VH1.com, Nick.com and BET.com in the U.S. and various MTV, VH1 and TMF Web sites internationally (see full URL list below) will also offer streaming access to the new Mariah Carey track accompanied by artist information after that 24-hour exclusive period.

* In addition, each of MTV Networks' channels has the ability to further enhance the offering via on-air mentions or on-screen banners for the exclusive premiere as relevant to local audiences.

* Mariah Carey, the world's best-selling female performer of all time, signed to the Universal Music Group's Island Records in May 2002. In addition, Carey has formed her own label, MonarC Music. MonarC Music's first release will be Carey's new album through Island Records set for release on December 10, 2002.

* In the U.S., the Mariah Carey single can be accessed on the following Web sites:

* The following MTV Networks International Web sites will also debut "Through The Rain":
MTV China (mtv-china.com), MTV India (mtvindia.com), MTV Japan (mtvjapan.com), MTV Korea (mtvkorea.co.kr), MTV Mandarin (mtvchinese.com), MTV Southeast Asia (mtvasia.com)

MTV Espana (mtv.es), MTV European (mtve.com/european), MTV France (mtv.fr), MTV Germany (mtv.de), MTV2 Pop - Germany (mtv2.de), MTV Italia (mtv.it), MTV Nordic (mtve.com), MTV Netherlands (mtv.nl), MTV Polska (mtv.pl), MTV Russia (mtv.ru), MTV UK & Ireland (mtv.co.uk), TMF Flanders (tmf.be), TMF Netherlands (tmf.nl), VH1 European (vh1e.com), VH1 UK (vh1.co.uk)

Latin America:
MTV Brasil (mtv.com.br), MTV Latin America (mtvla.com)


'Yours' As A B-Side To TTR?
The discography section at Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' official webpage has been updated with the following Mariah songs:

The Flow
Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: Glitter
Writer(s): James Harris III, Terry Lewis
Publisher(s): EMI April Music/Flyte Tyme Tunes
Catalog No.: 2438-10797-2
Release Date.: 9/1/01

Lillie's Blue
Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: Glitter
Writer(s): James Harris III, Terry Lewis, James Wright, Mariah Carey
Publisher(s): EMI April Music/Flyte Tyme Tunes, Minneapolis Guys Music / Jibranda, Sony / ATV Songs LLC / Rye Songs / BMI
Catalog No.: 2438-10797-2
Release Date.: 9/1/01

Through The Rain
Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: ?????
Writer(s): Mariah Carey
Publisher(s): Flyte Tyme Tunes, Minneapolis Guys Music, Sony / ATV Songs LLC / Rye Songs / BMI
Catalog No.: 0 440 063 904-2 0
Release Date.: 11/19/02

Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: ?????
Writer(s): James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Mariah Carey, James Wright
Publisher(s): EMI April Music/Flyte Tyme Tunes/ASCAP, Minneapolis Guys Music/Jibranda Music Works/ASCAP, Sony / ATV Songs LLC / Rye Songs / BMI
Catalog No.: 0 440 063 904-2 0
Release Date.: 11/19/02

Lets not jump into any conclusions but I'd like to point out the similarity between "Yours" and "Through The Rain" release date - which is the confirmed released date for the commercial CD for "Through The Rain".
In addition, it is pretty interesting to know what happened to "The Flow" and "Lillie's Blue" and why they don't appear on "Glitter".

fairozee (from FOMM), Flyte Tyme

Mariah Introducing TTR
Apparently there is a promo CD that has an introduction from Mariah to "Through The Rain".
She recorded two brief sentences in which she says:
"Hi, I'm Mariah Carey and you're listening to my new single 'Through The Rain' ON..." and
"Hi, I'm Mariah Carey and you're listening to my new single 'Through The Rain'."

You can download the mp3 here.

Zoli from MariahCarey.hu

FMQB Continues To Praise TTR
Last week we found a fantastic review for the song by a writer at FMQB and now they have added another as their A/C (Adult Contemporary) PRIORITY:

Mariah Carey "Through The Rain" (MonarC/IDJMG)
Her personal issues of the last few years are well documented, but with all that behind her, Mariah returns true to form with "Through The Rain." This emotional and passionate ballad is what you’ve been waiting to hear from her. Look for this one to resurrect one of the finest voices in musical history and prove she is still at the top of the heap. No one delivers a ballad like Mariah!

On Sept 30th, the song goes to adds on A/C radio stations.

Rick, FMQB

Pre-Order Japanese Single
Angel told me you can pre-order the 5" Japanese CD Single from Esprit. It costs $ 23.25 USD. The release date stated is: Wednesday, 13 November 2002.
Click here to pre-order your copy.

updated byDis September 26th, 2002 5:22PM
Nickelodeon Premieres TTR
Ok, all you Mariah Maniacs, the wait is finally over! This holiday season is bound to be a happy one, because Miss Carey's diva-licious new album will hit stores December 10! Twenty tracks have been recorded for the album, which is already being described as a showcase for Mariah's amazing voice and deeply personal songwriting.

It would be downright cruel of us to tell you about Mariah's new album without giving you a little taste! That's why you can check out Mariah's first single, "Through the Rain" right here, right now on nick.com. But click quick—this exclusive, worldwide debut is only going to be available for a limited time. So what are you waiting for? Just click below to get your groove on with Mariah!

Click Here: http://www.nick.com/music/soundscoop/feature_mariah.jhtml to listen to "Through The Rain" on Nick.com


TRL Premieres TTR as well!
Heather and Courtney told us that on TRL, they played a few seconds from "Through The Rain" to the video of... "Heartbreaker Remix".

New TTR Wallpapers
Eran and Dan sent us new wallpapers based on that amazing new TTR photo. You can check them out and all other wallpapers here.

Confirmed Dates for Meet and Greet
Previously reported dates for the Mariah meet and greet have been changed to the following:

  • October 9th - Boston
  • October 10th - New York
  • October 11th - Dallas
  • October 12th - Miami
  • October 14th - Chicago
  • October 15th - San Francisco
  • October 16th - Los Angeles
  • October 17th - Washington D.C

We hope by tomorrow there will be a submission form so you can officially sign up for the contest.

TTR Fonts
MariahMania (mariahmania.com) has put up the fonts that were used on the cover of the "Through The Rain" promo. You can download them at mariahmania.com.


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Mariah Walks 'Through The Rain'
Mariah Carey's new single, the Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis-produced ballad "Through the Rain," is streaming exclusively on such MTV Networks' Web sites as MTV.com and BET.com through midnight tonight (Sept. 26). The song is due to arrive tomorrow at U.S. radio outlets for airplay consideration. Carey's as-yet-untitled new album will be issued Dec. 10 on Carey's own MonarC Music imprint via Island Def Jam.

Next month, Carey is expected to visit radio stations in New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles to promote the track, which is musically reminiscent of her 1993 No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit "Hero." A video for "Through the Rain" was shot this week in New York by director Brett Ratner, who has previously directed Carey's clips for "Thank God I Found You" and "Heartbreaker."

"There are a lot of songs I've done in the past that are very introspective and personal," Carey told the Hollywood Reporter in May. "This album has a lot of those type of songs. But it also has celebratory, fun songs; I'm not going to sit there and dwell. People are always asking, 'Is everything OK?' Look, I was not depressed; I was freaking exhausted."

Carey is referring to her much publicized breakdown in the summer of 2001, which some say contributed to disastrous box-office numbers for her feature film debut, "Glitter," and the Virgin soundtrack of the same name. "Glitter" was the only album Carey issued on Virgin after leaving her long-time home of Columbia Records. In January, she exited a long-term contract with Virgin for a buyout of close to $30 million.
-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Stanley, DivineProdigy, Billboard

Mariah Carey Releasing New Single
Thu Sep 26, 9:01 AM ET
By The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - The Mariah Carey comeback has begun.

The diva is premiering her new single, "Through the Rain," on MTV Networks' 25 Web sites — including MTV.com, BET.com, VH1.com and Nick.com — at midnight Wednesday. The song will be available exclusively on the Web sites for 24 hours before it debuts on the radio Friday.

The song is the Grammy winner's first under her new label, MonarC, created when she signed her deal earlier this year with Island Records.

It's her first new music since last year's flop album, "Glitter," and her emotional breakdown. Her troubles prompted Virgin Records, which had signed her to a reported $100 million contract last year, to sever ties with Carey by buying her out of her contract.

The 32-year-old singer is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. Her hits include "Vision of Love," "Fantasy," "Always Be My Baby," and "Hero."

Associated Press (on Yahoo!)

MTV Premieres TTR
MTV Just like VH1 & BET (posted earlier), MTV is also premiering "Through The Rain" on their website.
And just like everyone else (including Billboard), they are using the new picture we all saw yesterday.
As you may know, the requesting campaign is much more intensive now that the single is officially out to radios (as of tomorrow). Please do your best to request your song and get it to play on your local stations!

Click Here to hear the full song on MTV's website.

Five Years Ago, This Week
Omri pointed this out and I thought it was nice to remind you all that this week, five years ago (for the week ending October 4, 1997), Mariah's "Butterfly" album was a HOT SHOT DEBUT straight into #1 on the Billboard charts!
Click Here to view the chart from five years ago.

Mariah Wants To Meet You!
I just received the following email from Team Mariah, sounds very exciting for all the lucky American fans!

Hi Team Mariah,
Thank you for inviting your friends to join Mariah's Official Online Team - and a special welcome to all NEW Team Mariah fans!
Now we've got our team built - let's get the party started!

Mariah would like to invite 25 team members (plus ONE guest per team member) to join her at one of 8 Meet and Greets around the United States. This is just ONE of the MANY exciting opportunites Team Mariah fans will be able to take part in. Next week we will REALLY get things rolling!

Before you enter to win please read the following:
***We will be selecting 25 winners (at random) per location.
***By entering to win you must be VERY LIKELY to attend this event as to not block someone else's opportunity to attend.
***All Meet and Greets will take place in the evening.
***You must be able to provide a photo ID on the day of the event.
*** You will be notified with FULL Meet and Greet details ONLY if you have been selected as one of the winners. Please DO NOT email this account regarding winner information!
***Deadline for this opportunity is THIS Sunday (9/29/02) at midnight. All submissions entered AFTER the deadline will not qualify.

Find out if Mariah is coming to YOUR city and enter to win by CLICKING HERE.
Good Luck,

Meet and Greet Contest Rules
Want to be one of 200 fans to take a friend to meet Mariah?

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BET Just Premiered TTR
As they promised, moments ago, BET premiered Mariah's new song "Through The Rain" on their site:
Finally, Pop music's high-level diva Mariah Carey is back with a new song and BET.com is letting you hear it first. Only registered users will be able to hear the new tune so if you haven't registered, do so now. You'll get access to "Through The Rain" and other BET.com listening parties. On top of that, it's completly free!

They also changed the little mistake they had yesterday - calling the single "Through The Fire", and added links to a review of Mariah's albums and a gallery.


Big Scans Of TTR Promo
MCLuva kindly sent me big scans of "Through The Rain" CD promo from which I noticed the following information:

  • The CD print lists the tracks as:
    1. Album Version
    2. Radio Edit
    3. Call Out Hook

    While the back of the CD list them as:
    1. Radio Edit
    2. ID Drop
    3. Call Out Hook

    It doesn't make all that sense because the same track can't be both "Album Version" and "Radio Edit" too. I am pretty sure the first track is the album version and the second track is the radio edit which is also called ID Drop.

  • The song was written by Mariah & Lionel Cole, Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Co-produced by James "Big Jim" Wright, Recorded by Dana John Chapplle (Vocals) and Steve Hodge (Music), Mixed by Steve Hodge and assisted by Xavier Smith and Brad Tost. Made in the USA.

  • The CD lists the following internet addresses:
    www.mariahcarey.com, www.monarc.com & www.islandrecords.com.

    View the full scans in Gallery 4.

  • updated byLiron September 25th, 2002 7:15PM
    "Through The Rain" CD Sample
    We're happy to offer you another sample from "Through The Rain", which is in my opinion the best part of the song!
    CLICK HERE to download the real CD Quality sample of "Through The Rain"!

    We'll have scans of the CD Promo as soon as possible, this is the full tracklisting:
    1. Edit Version 4:51
    2. ID Drop 4:19 (which is actually an edit of the first track)
    3. Call Out Hook 0:12

    Thanks MCLUVA so much for all this information!!

    here are some scans found of the single from www.ebay.com

    updated byLiron September 25th, 2002 6:40PM
    VH1 To Premiere TTR As Well
    HEAR MUSIC FIRST: "Through The Rain" (Island/Def Jam)
    On September 26th, VH1.com offers the online debut of the first single from Mariah Carey's new album due December 10th. Mariah, who has already recorded 20 very personal songs for the album, showcases her stunning voice, prolific songwriting ability and incredible versatility on this new album. Check back on Thursday!

    Nacho, VH1

    Oprah, The Today Show & Single Dates Confirmed!
    HitMakers has a logo on the top of their main page that promotes Mariah's upcoming single "Through The Rain"!
    The important information is:
    Already Scheduled: Oprah Winfrey & Today Show Performances
    SINGLE IN STORES: November 19th
    ALBUM IN STORES: December 10th
    (Thanks Ricardo)

    updated byLiron September 25th, 2002 5:30PM
    BET Website Premieres "Through The Rain" Tonight At Midnight
    Mariah Carey Debuts New Single 'Through the Fire.' Listen to it Here!
    By the BET.com Staff
    If you've been missing one of the most popular female singing sensations of all time, your wait is over. Mariah Carey's new single "Through the Fire" will be available to BET.com users at midnight tonight. Don't miss your chance to be one of the first to hear the song from Mariah's brand new album on a brand new label.

    It's a new start for the pop diva, who comes off a disappointing response to her movie and soundtrack to "Glitter." But one disappointment can't stop Carey, whose track record of #1 hits speaks for itself. (How many other artists can do a whole album of their #1 hit records?) Now signed to Island/Def Jam, expect Carey's new album to be a combination of the power ballads that have made her famous and some possible collabos with her new Roc-A-Fella and Murder Inc. labelmates.

    Be here tonight at midnight for a preview. Mariah's new single "Through the Fire" is the first from her new, as yet untitled project. Give it a listen and tell us what you think!

    Greg, BET

    updated byLiron September 25th, 2002 3:20PM
    Brand New Picture!
    New Pic Uwe from the German Mariah Page received this beautiful new Mariah picture from her German label Island Mercury.
    Click on the picture to enlarge it, it is also available in Gallery 4.

    Mariah Comes To Germany
    It looks like Mariah is kicking off the promotion for "Through The Rain" in Hamburg, Germany.
    Mariah will appear in the Johannes B. Kerner Show which will be taped Friday evening and will be airing on Friday between 10.45pm and 11.15pm CET on the channel ZDF (Thanks Butterflies Are Free, Kathi).

    ZDF have added the information to Their Site and the translation to English says:
    "Mariah Carey is the most successful pop-queen of the 90's: over 150 Mio. album sales worldwide. But the success has it dark sites: her father died and she split up from her record company. NOW, the US-Worldstar is back again and will present the new single TTR, which can be listen to on your radio station from today on. The first time the 32 years old will speak about her private life in a german talkshow."
    The interview will last 40 minutes and will be about her life, the new single, the album and her HUGE carreer. (Thanks DivaMC.de).

    Anderz found that you can view Mariah's appearance on the show on a live streaming video which will be on www.jbk.de. The time EST is 4:45pm for all you Americans who'd like to tune in.

    Uwe from The German Mariah Page also added the following information:
    Mariah's new CD will be released in Germany on December 2nd, and her new single (TTR) on November 11th, the radio impact date for the song will be September 27th.

    More DJ Comments About TTR
    Mariah's TTR is now #5 on the "Most Disc-overed" new records in America this week and here are some excellent comments from several DJs about the new song:


    ERIK BRADLEY, MD, B96, Chicago
    "MC is back and in FULL effect. I am expecting big things from this single (get over the fact that it's so mellow - let the woman sing her song, give it a chance and the audience will react!) And, the December album release is going to be THE event of the fourth quarter!"

    JEFF 'Hitman' DeWITT, MD, KBFM, McAllen-Brownsville
    "A very inspirational record for females!"

    KERRY COLLINS, MD, KC101, New Haven
    "A return to vintage Mariah and a sound that she's back on the right track!"

    JUST PLAIN DAVE, PD, KCHZ, Kansas City
    "Surprisingly, we had very positive calls after ONLY about five spins. We were the first in Kansas City to hit it and our Z95.7 listeners noticed!"

    TIAS, MD, WFBC, Greenville
    "Immediate reaction off of spike spins! Young, old, guys and girls!"

    "This is starting to generate phones!"

    ROB WEAVER, PD, WKPK, Northwest MI
    "I like this and it should be big!"

    "This sounds promising, unlike her last entire album!"

    "Beautiful ballad! People still care for her."

    SKY WALKER, APD, WSPK, Poughkeepsie
    "It's classic Mariah!"

    LACY NEFF, Dir./Prog., WVAQ, Morgantown
    "She's back to her strength, which is her voice!"

    MICHAEL YO, MD, Y100, Miami
    "Top 5 phones!"

    MusicIsMyDrug21 (from FOMM), HitMakers

    Wisegirls DVD Out In Greece
    Wisegirls Poster Lucky Greek fans are now able to rent or buy the "Wisegirls" DVD!
    It's a Region 2 (European Zone) DVD and has Greek subtitles (Thanks MCinGR from FOMM).

    Anderz found these Greek stores to order the DVD from:
    Shop 21
    Video Club
    DVD Cool

    (Notice the poster on the right is probably indeed the official poster for the movie)

    USA Listening Parties Information
    From October 7th to October 16th, Mariah will be visiting radio stations across the US. Each evening, there are plans to create listening events for members of the Mariah fan club and Online Street Team. These will be intimate events, likely at the hotel where Mariah is staying and Mariah will be a part of this. In addition, there is also discussion of making the NYC event on the 8th larger. In either case, these events could be utilized as contest opportunities to get your partners involved early - radio, online, etc. Obviously, this timeframe is quickly approaching. We will provide details on the NYC event once things are confirmed. Here is the working itinerary for these fan events:

    Oct. 7th: Boston
    Oct. 8th New York City (* may become larger)
    Oct. 9th: Washington DC
    Oct. 10th: Atlanta
    Oct. 11th: Miami
    Oct. 14th: Chicago
    Oct. 15th: Minneapolis
    Oct. 16th: Los Angeles

    Zoli from mariahcarey.hu

    TTR Video & Radio Impact Dates

  • The video shoot date for "Through The Rain" is now scheduled for Oct. 1st through Oct. 4th. Aiming to deliver the video for the week of October 22nd.

  • The International Radio Impact Date for "Through The Rain" is Friday, September 27th. Turn on your radios and start requesting!

    Zoli from mariahcarey.hu

    Universal's Promotional E-Cards
    'Swedish Mariah Lover' sent me these really nice links to promotional electronic cards that Universal is sending Radios and other media means in order to promote "Through The Rain".
    The music on the background is from classic Mariah songs, the text is written in the same font that's on the cover for the "Through The Rain" promo and it reads:
    Card 1: "The wait is almost over. On September 27th, turn on your radios. The #1 selling female artist of all time returns" (Vision of Love playing in the background)

    Card 2: "The time is near, With 150 million sold, 15 #1 hits, and a #1 record each year of the 90's, She is the #1 selling female artist and the voice of our time, On September 27th, She's back..." (Make It Happen playing in the background)

    Card 3: "She's back with her new single.. Mariah Carey - Through The Rain" from her forthcoming album in stores December 2nd" (Through The Rain playing in the background)

    Official Dutch Mariah Carey mailinglist
    As you know Mariah Carey signed a record deal with Island Def Jam, Universal Music represents this label in the Netherlands. We have set-up a mailinglist for all Dutch fans, to keep them informed about the latest on Mariah in the Netherlands: straight from the source.

    For your information: The list is for Dutch people only, we recommend each fan to subscribe to her official website.

    A subscription form and more information (in Dutch) can be found at: http://www.aliendata.nl/universal/mariahcarey/

    Universal Music Netherlands

    Manu told me the date for the CD release in Holland is confirmed for December 2nd as well.

    News For Italian Fans
    1) TTR will come to radio on 11 of Oct., two weeks later than the other European countries. For that time the video will also be available

    2) Mariah will come to Italy for a promo tour in November and she will attend al least two important TV shows.

    MCILA, Universal Italy

    Exciting Things On Viacom This Week?
    "A contact from MonarC records emailed me with some news on Mariah. She will be shooting her Through the Rain video next week, and she has plans for a tour next year. Also, everyone should check out the Viacom (http://www.viacom.com) website this Thursday as "very cool things will be happening". "


    Radio Bits
    "Through The Rain" has premiered in Toronto, Canada on 104.5 (CHUM FM), and has played a few times already on one day! Toronto fans, please start requesting it (Thanks Chris and Marco).

    TTR jumped to #5 yesterday morning on the 9 most wanted on the B96 morning show in Chicago, and #4 today! (Thanks Gina)
    The song slipped to #8 on the Z100 9@9 countdown, so please continue to request her (Thanks Candace).

    Through the Rain will premier on Thursday on Capital FM, either on Tarrant Breakfast Show or Foxy Drive Time (Thanks Mariah Connection).

    Magazine Bits
    Mariah Still Untitled, Bigger Than Rainbow
    MARIAH CAREY Still Untitled - Never mind last year's Glitter-y meltdown: For Carey, recording the follow-up to her biggest flop was business as usual. "What we worked on is similar to Rainbow and Glitter. Our contribution didn't change that much," says Jimmy Jam, who produced several tracks with partner Terry Lewis. Still, Jam sees the project more as a successor to '99's Rainbow: "To me, Glitter was a soundtrack album; it wasn't a Mariah album. This time, the focus is more on the album and the music." We hope so. (12/10)
    (Entertainment Weekly)

    Mariah to wear Armani, Chanel
    Island/Def Jam bosses have told her that she needs an immediate makeover. Mariah will in future wear sexy but classy designer outfits by Armani, Chanel and Versace. Island/Def Jam president Lyor Cohen told her: "You have a magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs. Why are you dressing like that?" Carey's career slumped after she suffered a nervous breakdown last year.
    (The Mirror)

    Mariah's Web

    One Sweet Day on UK Pop Idols
    The new series of Popstars: The Rivals has started on television in the UK. The basis of the show is that 10 boys and 10 girls are picked by the judges and then each week the public vote on off until there is 5 boys and 5 girls. They make 2 bands and they both release a single on the same week and the band with the higest chart position on the Sunday countdown is the winner.
    Anyway the song they are singing during rehearsal at the moment is One Sweet Day, however the boys are singing Mariahs part and the girls are doing Boyz II Mens parts and they have changed a few words, but its great to hear (Thanks Laura and Ryan).

  • updated byLiron September 23rd, 2002 2:20PM
    TTR CDs Info
    According to AMCF, The Australian promo single tracklisting is:
    1. Radio edit 4:52
    2. ID Drop 4:21
    3. Call-Out Hook 0:12

    Julius told me that you can pre-order the Australian edition of "Through The Rain" at the price of $10.49 at CD Now.
    The expected release date that is listed on their page is: November 11, 2002

    TTR Worldwide
    Mauricio from Brazil told us that "Through The Rain" premiered in Brazil in the "Transamérica Radio".
    The email to request the song is: toca@transanet.com.br

    The Israeli DJ Momi Levi (who has always been a Mariah fan) is going to premiere "Through The Rain" on his show "Black Music w/ Momi" this Friday on 88FM at 11:00 PM.
    Israeli fans: Please request the song on the stations on this request page made by Eran!

    Anderz received a note from a reporter for the Swedish newspaper Expressen, in regards to "Through The Rain" she said:
    It's completely, completely, absolutely fantastic. Talk about getting through the rain... Check the record section on friday, maybe I'll put it on my favourite list.

    Everyone from the U.S sending us phone numbers for radio stations, don't worry, we'll post all of them on the request page!

    Mariah To Be On Oprah
    K104 In Dallas and Erik Bradley from B96, Chicago both reported Mariah will be on Oprah on November 19th. We'll let you know when more information comes up.
    (Thanks B.V, Mariahnum1Lamb & Deion)

    Another TV bit, Simone told us that Mariah made it to #19 on a countdown on BET chosen by the cast of the show "Girl Friends" where they chose their favorite videos. At #19 - they chose Mariah's "Honey".

    Mariah On Crystal Mag
    Courtney and Danny have the recent CRYSTAL magazine where there is a 2 page article with 15 pictures (pages 6&7) on Mariah.
    The article is called "Butterfly Breaks Free" - Mariah Carey roars back after years of tears & fears.

    Felix also tells us there is a new mention of Mariah and a picture of her on the Maxim Blender magazine in an article that talks about upcoming releases.

    Fan Sites
    Visit MCfan4eaa's Wisegirls page here.

    Jay T has made his own remix of TTR, Click Here to listen to it.

    Maria is thinking of selling copies of her VHS tapes with old Mariah performances, if you're interested, email her at diva_mariah@hotmail.com

    Lisa is selling her Mariah CDs collection, if you're interested, email her at: LisaVinh@yahoo.com

    Marquis is selling an issue of Mariah's debut CD - the limited edition with "Love Takes Time" not listed on the back cover. If you're interested, email him at: notebrain@yahoo.com

    updated byLiron September 21st, 2002 7:20PM
    Some Lovely Pictures
    Moni found a nice high quality picture of Mariah from the Sundance Festival earlier this year. Check it out on Gallery 4.

    Cat (DivaMC.de) sent us the monthly calendar wallpapers for October. I still haven't removed the September ones so grab them while you can right here.

    updated byLiron September 21st, 2002 2:40PM
    R&R Exclusive Mariah Carey Interview
    Interested in what Mariah Carey has to say about Glitter and why she signed with Island Def Jam Music Group? Check out this week's CHR Special, CHR: Real Time. Here's a taste of what she said when I asked her if she every feels like she stepped over the line with hip-hop and blew off some of her core fans: "I will always sing ballads, but I will not be afraid to continue to do new collaborations in hip-hop or whatever the musical genres I choose. That's my right as an artist, anything else would be boring as hell." It's all in R&R, on your desk this Friday (Sept. 27).

    If you manage to pick up the magazine, please send us some more information about it!

    Robbie80 (from FOMM), Radio & Records

    Radio Information
    Nacho found this information about "Through The Rain"'s airplay for the past week:
    Sept 13/19:
    Spins: +/- 150
    Last week : 13
    +/-: +147
    WPRO-FM Providence (#14 on their chart from #148, biggest jump)
    WHYI-FM Miami (#22 from #122 biggest jump)
    WHTZ-FM New York (#23 from #43 biggest jump)
    WFLY-FM Albany, NY (#27 *debut/highest entry*)

    More Good Comments About TTR!

  • Here's a fantastic review by BURKE at FMQB:
    Mariah Carey "Through The Rain" (Island/IDJMG)
    With as much adversity as Mariah Carey has had to withstand, It’s hard to believe that she’s been able to pick herself up, dust herself off, and deliver another outstanding record that defines the term "superstar." There’s been much written about the demise of the diva, but when you possess as much talent as Mariah, it doesn’t have be redefined, just redirected. Her signature sound has inspired many up and coming artists for years. While she may not have always made the best decisions regarding her career, the fact remains that she’s one of the top singer/songwriters of the last 15 years. Now comes the song that everyone has wanted from Mariah, and she delivers BIGTIME! It’s not just another ballad. It’s a lyrical masterpiece delivered to perfection! The excessive vocal aerobics that seem to plague many singers are kept in check, and what you hear is a vocal performance that exudes pure emotion and passion. You can’t help but believe that this is one of Mariah’s most personal songs to date. It’s her light at the end of the tunnel. Some believe Mariah is a Behind The Music episode waiting to happen, but could her greatest achievement be yet to come? One thing is for sure, Mariah has made it "Through The Rain," but can this truly gifted superstar diva do it again? BET ON IT!

    The Friday Morning Quarterback is a radio and record only trade industry publication. Their magazine dates back 30 years and was the first ever Top 40 Tip Sheet for radio.

  • Julie, the musical director of Kube93 in Seattle has added this small note under her section on Kube93's site:
    “Hot new music out.... Listen for NEW Mariah Carey.. i like it! Also Jurassic 5, Craig David, Fat Joe, Fabolous, and Tyrese "How U Gonna Act like That"... here's the words!” (Thanks Stanley)

    Fan Sites
    Kelley from Mariah Constellation and RPN is managing a project and needs help:
    I'm managing this project as it pertains to the United States. We cannot reveal many details at this time, but I will say it requires time, hard work, and dedication. We are looking for true Mariah fans who will pump the project full of energy and personality. Does that sound like you? Then keep reading.
    We need a minimum of two fans in each state to:
    - Compile request numbers and e-mail addresses of local radio stations;
    - Organize fans in your area and get them locally involved in requesting and promoting Mariah;
    - Create and maintain mailing lists of Mariah fans in your state who are willing to help;
    - and more.
    If you are capable and interested in representing your state for the Rainbow Princess Network, please locate your state on www.RainbowPrincessUSA.tk and use the e-mail links to apply.

    Eric wants to start a Mariah news updates service through SMS on mobile devices. To join, click here.

    Divas Group - A Yahoo Group.

  • updated byLiron September 20th, 2002 5:00PM
    Brett Ratner To Direct TTR Video
    We just got official word from Universal Denmark that the video for the new single "Through The Rain" is currently scheduled to be shot in New York City on September 24th and 25th. Once again,The director will be Brett Ratner, who is known for his direction on such film hits as Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2.

    He's also behind the new "Silence of the Lambs" film, "Red Dragon" and has recently signed on to direct the new Superman movie. Ratner has worked with Mariah on several occasions, most recently on the videos for "I Still Believe", "Heartbreaker", "Heartbreaker Remix" and "Thank God I Found You".

    The new video is expected to surface in mid-October.


    updated byLiron September 20th, 2002 10:00AM
    More Promotion For TTR
    Through The Rain The All Access Music Group which is an information page used by many radio stations is heavily promoting the new song which is officially impacting Radio on September 30th.
    They're even holding a competition for radio people only and the winner's prize will be a dinner with Mariah in Los Angeles around mid October. (Thanks JB & Lori)
    There are currently two versions available of the song:
    1. Album Version - 4:47.
    2. Radio Edit - 4:17.

    Hit Makers Magazine writes the following about the song:
    MARIAH CAREY "Through The Rain" (IDJMG)
    Mariah makes her return to the airwaves with one of the best ballads she's ever recorded. Early listener responce has been instantaneous! Z100, KIIS-FM and WPRO who were just a few who have heard it and immediately put it on the air. Also, early raves from Z100, Y100 & KCHZ help land this superstar in the #6 Most Disc-overed spot this week. Official impact is on 9/30!

    In addition, here are the three stations who have officially added TTR to their playlists:
    Z100 (NYC), KIIS-FM (LA) and PRO-FM (Providence) where the song is #1 on their top 9 countdown (Thanks Jenn & Antonio)!

    Julie tells us that Jerry Blair will make a stop at Chicago's B96 today in order to personally give the Musical Director a copy of "Through The Rain". Hopefully it'll get played after that!

    IDJ Monarc

    Last Call To Join Mariah's Street Team
    Mariah's official site is sending emails to remind you to join Mariah's street team:

    Hey Mariah Fans,

    I want to welcome you to the Official Mariah Carey Online Team and introduce myself. I'm Cindy and will be your team leader!
    You are part of the first group of people to join the team - so I'm counting on you to be an elite member.
    In a matter of time, things in the world of Mariah Carey will be taking off like never before.
    In the meantime I need your help.

    We want to grow our team from the get-go! Invite your friends, family, old roomates, pets... well you get the point! All you have to do is Click Here to invite other Mariah Carey Fans to join our team - we'll take care of the rest! Don't worry, their email addresses are safe with us - read our privacy policy below for details.
    This is a very exciting time for Mariah so let's make this team HUGE!
    Talk to ya soon,

    IDJ Monarc So if you haven't joined, fill in your email address in HERE ASAP!

    On Mariah's Official Site, they have added the cover of the single that we saw but without the rain drops on it (as pictured to your left) and also a streaming clip from the song.

    Magazine Scans & TV Dates
    Eran sent us scans from a Russian Magazine that had Mariah on the cover and Rebecca sent in a scan from the recent issue of the Israeli teen magazine "Maariv Lanoar".
    All scans are in Gallery 4

    I added a few dates to the left sidebar including a new show from MTV called "MTV Cribs Presents: How To Live Like A Pop Star" which will feature Mariah.

    Universal's Strongest Schedule Includes MC
    Universal Music International Offers Season's Strongest Album Release Schedule
    LONDON, 17 SEPTEMBER, 2002 -- Industry leader Universal Music International unveiled its strongest-ever autumn/winter album release schedule today (17) at the company's annual international marketing conference in London.

    The line-up includes new studio albums by Andrea Bocelli, Bon Jovi, Bond, Mariah Carey, Mark Knopfler, Shaggy and Shania Twain, plus new "best of" sets by U2 and Elton John. Collectively, the last releases by these eight Universal superstar acts sold more than 70 million copies worldwide.

    Mariah Carey's as yet untitled new studio album is set for release internationally on 2 December 2002 through her own label, MonarC Music. Carey, the world's best-selling female performer of all time with worldwide sales of more than 150 million albums to date, signed to Island Records in May 2002.

    Music Industry News Network

    updated byLiron September 19th, 2002 4:15PM
    Mariah & MJ In Rehearsals (1999)
    DRUnatic (from FOMM) provided a link to a Michael Jackson site that has a streaming video file of (supposedly) Mariah & Michael Jackson rehearsing "She's Out of My Life" in Korea, 1999.
    I personally can't make out anything out of that clip, but I hope you can! Click here to see the short clip.
    updated byLiron September 19th, 2002 3:30PM
    TTR's Achievements
    The requests are going great! "Through The Rain" made it to #1 on Z100's high noon countdown leaving even Kelly Clarkson behind. (Thanks to Chuck, Audra, Dan, Ritchie & Liran)
    For the week of September 16, TTR is placed at #21 on Z100's playlist, which is also fantastic.
    Ricardo & Nacho pointed out that Z100 played the song 15 times on the first three days it came out, and 27 days on the past week!

    Nacho found a small list of the top stations that have played the song this week:

    So far the song has around 200 spins [=plays] this week.
    The stations that are playing the song the most are:
    1. WPRO-FM ,Providence with 27 spins (she´s #20 on their weekly chart)
    2. Z100, New York with 26 spins (#21)
    3. WHYI-FM, Miami with 20 spins (#30)
    4. WFLY-FM, Albany, NY 16 spins

    The stations that added the song this week are:
    5. KCHZ-FM, Kansas City 13 spins
    6. KKMG-FM Colo Springs 9 spins
    7. WKKF-FM Albany, NY 6 spins
    8. KDND-FM Sacramento 5 spins
    9. KIIS-FM Los Angeles 4 spins
    10. WFBC-FM Greenville, SC 4 spins

    Drunatic added that the song is this week's #6 most discovered song at top 40 radio.

    Dis and I are currently working on updating the request page with all your recent emails about the local radio stations.
    However I would like to repeat 2 stations that are "powerstations" and not playing Mariah at all:

    B96, Chicago - Although Mariah is listed first on the request page, she is not being played, please keep voting and requesting at 1-312-591-9696 (Thanks Julie).

    Kube93, Seattle - Please request at 206-421-9393 & 1-877-933-9393. Good time to call would be between 10AM-Noon PST when Julie is on air - she's the musical director and if she gets many requests, it'll help get the song played on the station (Thanks Lori).

    DJs Comment on TTR
    Tlc (from FOMM) wrote the information from Hitmakers.com:
    JUST PLAIN DAVE, PD, KCHZ, Kansas City:
    "Z95.7 had the Kansas City EXCLUSIVE on this record and it was getting a pretty good response from our Z95.7 listeners after only a couple spins. I know Z100 spun it first with great response and we also had very good reaction."

    MARK McKAY, PD, WBHT, Wilkes Barre:
    "I love it!"

    "It's going right on the air. Smash!"

    "I love the record! She's back to doing what it is that made her a diva... singing her hot little ass off!"

    SKY WALKER, APD, WSPK, Poughkeepsie:
    "Mariah's back. It's classic Mariah!"

    CHRIS MARINO, APD, Y100, Miami:
    "Back to what she does best. This is a great ballad!"

    MICHAEL YO, MD, Y100, Miami:
    "Good ballad!"

    AXL, AMD, Z100, New York:
    "A vintage-sounding Mariah ballad. We got instant phones. Play it and let the audience make up their minds."

    PAUL 'Cubby' BRYANT, MD, Z100, New York:
    "After 22x, #3 phones!"

    Mariah Shines Through The Rain
    DESPITE Mariah Carey’s best efforts to keep her new material under wraps, her new single Through The Rain has been leaked by New York City’s biggest radio station Z100.

    The original radio release date was scheduled for September 30th with the CD to hit shelves on November 11th. No word yet as to whether it will be brought forward.

    For Mariah the leak hasn’t been a negative occurrence. In fact the song has been very well received and since its leak has been played continuously right across American radio.

    Described by fans as “old Mariah”, Through The Rain is a simple ballad showcasing the superstar’s incredible vocal and writing ability.

    The chorus reveals a very private side to Mariah’s all-too-public personal problems in the last year: “I can make it through the rain/I can stand up once again on my own/And I know that I’m strong enough to mend/And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith/And I live one more day and I make it through the rain.”

    Through The Rain has a tentative Australian release of November 11th, with the as-yet untitled album to follow on December 2nd.

    TV Hits Online, AMCF

    "Tribute To Heroes" Wins 2 Emmies
    LaniABMB (from FOMM) informs us that "America: Tribute To Heroes" (the show that Mariah performed "Hero" on to help raise money for Sept 11th victims) won two awards in the Emmy's Creative Art awards.
    It got one for "Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Or Music Series Or Special" and the other is a special award (Governors Award) being presented at the actual Emmy's (Sept 22) because all of the networks came together to make the Tribute to Heroes special.

    Fanbook Reminder
    Tahi from Mariah Connection wants to remind you to send in your entries for the "Through The Rain" fan book to webmaster@mariahconnection.com with your comments and thoughts about the song. Deadline to send letters is this Friday, September 20th.

    Mariah's #19 on VH1's Sexiest Artists
    Mariah #19 "...Now, VH1 adds it all up and counts down music's "100 Sexiest Artists" in a new five-hour, five consecutive night special. Premiering Monday, September 23, each special airs at 10:00-11:00 p.m. (ET/PT).
    VH1's "100 Sexiest Artists" is hosted by Marg Helgenberger (CSI), (Hour 1); Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), (Hour 2); Kyra Sedgwick (Hour 3), Kim Delaney (CSI Miami, NYPD Blue), (Hour 4) and Denise Richards (Hour 5)..."

    Mariah should be featured on the episode for the artists in positions 1-20 which will be aired on Friday Sep. 27 10/9c PM (EST) - VH1.
    The picture to your right is the one they chose for Mariah in the artists' gallery.

    Click Here to view the entire list (PRN Newswire)
    Click Here to see information about the episode which Mariah will be in. (VH1)

    updated byLiron September 17th, 2002 2:20PM
    Wisegirls - Helpful Fans & Poster
    Nathan told me you can order the Wisegirls poster on Pixposters.com. It's the same one we've seen before, so if you want to own one, you can order it now.

    Here are the addresses of two more nice fans who are willing to record "Wisegirls" for others!
    Malek521@rogers.com - Malek
    Mcmyall22@aol.com - Jason

    Preperations To Promote TTR
    Promo ace KEN LANE and JERRY BLAIR, head of Mariah Carey’s new company MonarC Entertainment, are on the road together (kind of reminds you of a Bing Crosby/Bob Hope movie) to debut the first single “Through The Rain” from Mariah’s first album for Island Def Jam. Initial radio response is very excited!

    HitMakers, MariahBuzz

    Another TTR Wallpaper
    You guys seem to love making wallpapers with "Through The Rain" theme, and we love them too! A new one was just sent in by Charles and was added to the Wallpaper section as were two other wallpapers made by Alan.

    Request, Request!
    I know we've been posting random radio stations who have played the song and to those of you who are wondering why: apparently it IS helpful as we're getting more and more emails from fans hearing the song! Please keep requesting it, remember how important airplay is. There is no need for a mass campaign or anything at the moment, as we've been hearing from you, the DJs themselves have said all they need in order to play the song is listeners calling in with good comments about it.

  • TTR made it to #2 on NY's Z100's countdown at noon! Keep voting to make it #1! 1-800-242-0100

  • Matt told us that the DJs in San Fransisco, CA won't play the song unless they get requests for it, here are some numbers for you:
    KMEL, 106.1, Power Station: 800-955-5635.
    KYLD, 94.9: 888-333-9490.
    Bay area people, here are more numbers from Jeremiah: 888-333-9490 and 415-538-9494.

  • Los Angeles' station KIIS: 1800-520-1027.

  • Darnelle sent in numbers for stations in San Diego, CA:
    90.3fm Z90 - 619-570-1903.
    93.3fm - 619-570-1933.
    100.7fm Star100 - 619-570-1007.

  • Jennifer tells us that the situation in Dallas, TX is not good & that the DJs at KISS FM refuse to play the song. Please call these numbers to request the song until they play it:
    KISS-FM: Kidd Kraddick In The Morning: 1-800-KIDD-LIVE, During the day / evening: 1-214-787-1061 , The Beat: 1-214-787-1979.
    K104: Skip Murphy & Company: 1-800-817-1104, During the day / evening: 1-214-787-1104 / 1-972-263-9911 (Thanks Deion).

  • Mame & Louis from Houston, TX need help requesting MC on the following stations:
    104 KRBE: - 713-390-5723
    97.9 The Box: - 713-390-5979
    Magic 102: - 713-390-5102
    Sunny 99.1: - 713-390-5991

  • Y100: Lior, Ernesto and Andrew have all heard TTR on Miami's Y100. The DJs so far have been complementing MC. Call 1-866-645-Y100.

  • KISS 106.1: Liz & Jason from Seattle said that TTR won the CD Deathmatch twice in a row and is up for the third time tonight. 1-888-343-1061.

  • Nate from Kansas City would like all fans from the area to help request the song on Z95.7.

  • Ronnie tells us that TTR won a segment on Q100 in Atlanta called "Q it or screw it" and the station should start playing it now!

  • Samantha from DC would like all of you from DC, Maryland & Virginia to request TTR at 99.5 by calling: 1-877-995-HOT1.
    More from DC Eddy said he heard the DJs talk about Mariah on 93.9 so please call in and request.
  • Doug would like fans from RI, Southeastern CT, and MA to call in and request TTR on 92Pro FM: 401-224-1234 or 1-800-638-0092.

  • dolphin537 (from FOMM) writes about WSNX 104.5's poll "Do It Or Screw It" which has Mariah against Nelly. The winner will be played so please vote for Mariah HERE.

  • Ramon writes: Mariah's 'Through The Rain' was played on Orlando FL's WXXL 106.7, request number is: 407-919-1067.

  • Please call WILD95.5 in West Palm Beach, FL at:772-550-9550
  • updated byDIS September 16th, 2002 10:36PM
    More Airplay info on TTR
    All Atlanta fans request TTR on www.q100atlanta.com. Email for this is requests@955thebeat.com.

    More great Z100 info. They have reported that they played the song 72 times as of 5:00 pm est. On the Top 9 @ 9pm TTR came in at #3! This is amazing news.

    If you live in Seattle, WA then call the KUBE 93.3 station at 206-421-9393 and request TTR.

    Sakamotop-g heard TTR on 102.7 KIIS fm in Los Angeles today as well!

    More TTR TV Theme Show Info
    Through the Rain will be used as the main theme for a Japanese drama/live-action series based on the manga. Mangas are Japaneses comics by Kousuke Fujishima named Taiho Shichauzo! (You're Under Arrest), and will begin airing in Japan in mid-october.
    Great thanks to Bobby (Iceman) for all the info.

    Fan Drawings of Mariah

    I got pictures today from two fans with Mariah drawings that i couldnt pass up in posting because i thought they were so well done.
    The first one is from Heather and the other three are from Luca, you can see them under the Artwork section.

    updated byLiron September 16th, 2002 3:50PM
    More Radio Stations Play TTR
  • Mike heard "Through The Rain" on to 92 PRO FM in Providence, Rhode Island and wants the other MC fans who listen to this station to help him request it.

  • Both Jason & Chris heard TTR on KUBE 93FM in Seattle, WA which is a very big radio station in there (I myself even remember Mariah being interviewed there once). Please request it on their website.

  • Alexandra heard the new song on MEGA 93.3 in Austin, TX and Diana heard it on 104.1 KRBE in Houston, TX - All fans in Texas, please request the song more so it would be heard more often!

  • John heard the song on 93.7 Star FM in Boston, MA and apparently they've been playing it a lot!

  • Dis told me that on Z100's countdown at noon, TTR made it to #5 already which is fantastic news!

    Please provide us with phone numbers to your local radio stations to compile a request page. Calling is much more efficient and helpful than e-mails so please call your stations and request the song!

    MTV News on Mariah
    Aaron and Paige both saw a segment on MTV News by Sway about Wisegirls. They talked about it going straight to cable (article posted a few days ago) and showed a clip from it of Mariah in the restaurant.

    Daniel Bedingfield Says There Might Be A Song
    Allie and Shez heard a Daniel Bedingfield interview where he claimed that he might be doing a song with Mariah and that his label will let him know in a few days.
    We've heard from Jasmine that Mariah doesn't even know who he is and I'm guessing Universal is negotiating with both sides about it. We'll have to wait and see if this turns out to be a collaboration.

    Mariah's Army
    MARIAH Carey wants to make sure her next album isn't a dud like "Glitter," and she's turning to her legions of obsessed fans to help her out. All members of her official Web site recently received this letter: "Hey fans, the official Mariah Carey online street team is now accepting new members! . . . Upon signing up you will receive e-mails that will let you know how you can promote Mariah and the upcoming album. In return you will receive T-shirts, stickers, autographed CDs and posters, concert tickets . . . The first exclusive opportunity for team members is a special meet and greet with Mariah in several cities across the United States this October!"

    Tom, NY Post

    Small note: Mariah is on page 42 in the October issue of Cosmo Girl. (Thanks Whitney)

    Another TTR Wallpaper
    Gromit sent in another beautiful wallpaper which you can see in the Wallpaper section.

  • updated byDIS September 16th, 2002 12:18AM
    "Mariah" for Album Title
    Thanks to 'MariahJapan' from FOMM for pointing this out. Mariah's album seems to indeed be titled "Mariah". It is listed Here as such but still notes that anything
    could change.

    "Through The Rain" even better quality
    There is yet another version of 'Through the Rain' available for download It comes from promosquad.com in their jukebox section. Keep in mind it isn't the full version just a loop of a beginning, middle, and strong end. Still it showcases her voice much better than the previous radio rips. To hear it you have to be a member, but can alternatively download it at mariahsweb.

    Another Rolling Stone reminder
    I know you have all been told before to vote for Mariah on the Rolling Stone poll but she is now losing to Tori Amos, so I am just putting another push out there for all of you to vote for her.

    Thanks to Angel for bringing this up again

    updated byDIS September 14th, 2002 4:37PM
    Wisegirls Screen Caps
    Wisegirl caps from the promo mpg are now up at Gallery 4.
    updated byDIS September 14th, 2002 7:00AM
    Mariah Daily Exclusive!
    First Off, let me just say hello to all the loyal fans of Mariah and Mariah Daily. I am very excited to be a part of the team to help Liron and Regina out.

    To try and make my first day here memorable I already have a big update to bring. Here for your viewing pleasures only is the Wisegirls Cinemax Promo and the VH1 Booty Call segment on Mariah in MPG format.

    Wisegirls Promo - Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
    VH1 Booty Call - Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

    As always we please ask that you not link these files to your site for bandwith issues we have.

    I hope you enjoy these videos and my addition to this site.

    updated byLiron September 14th, 2002 7:00AM
    Introducing DIS
    I'm more than happy to tell you MD has a new reporter! His name is Dis and he'll be helping me update the site.
    Dis is a big Mariah fan, I've known him for quite some time as well as many of you may from his work (along with j0e) on MariahMM.net. So look out for some captures and other multimedia features as soon as possible!
    When sending news, please send it to both of us so we'll be able to update the site more often.

    I want to thank all Mariah Daily's visitors again for the continuous help and information you keep sending in to support the site and MARIAH!

    More Wallpapers
    Gal, Rebecca and Shah have all made beautiful wallpapers (some of TTR) that were put in the Wallpapers section.

    updated byLiron September 14th, 2002 7:00AM
    Hex Hector To Remix TTR
    On the Hex Hector's official page, the discography section contains the following information:
    Mariah Carey - "Through The Rain - Monarch/Island Def Jam - 2002

    On the forum of his official page, he left a note that says:
    "...Now on to what's ahead. I am thrilled to finally be working with one of the greatest voices of our time, Mariah Carey. The track will be "Through The Rain" A Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced ballad that has Mariah singing like only she can. It's a ballad, and you know how I feel about remixing those ballads..."

    MariahsMateo (from FOMM), Hex Hector's Official Site

    Mariah In Magazines

  • Yesterday we had the scan from "Seventeen" magazine and today Nacho found out that "Seventeen" also put the information on the Oct 25th event on their website.
    Click here to see it.

  • DRUnatic found the following on Entertainment Weekly's fall music preview:
    Mariah Carey - Never mind last year's Glitter-y meltdown: For Carey, recording the followup to her biggest flop was business as usual. "What we worked on is similar to Rainbow and Glitter. Our contribution didn't change much," says Jimmy Jam...
    The same magazine had a pretty similar quote from JJ awhile ago, check out the scan HERE.

  • Eddy saw a Mariah mention on the Vibe Confidential column:
    "But the real question is, who is Mariah Carey cooing to? Well, sources have told VC she's all aflutter for none other than the lizard himself, AJ from BET's 106 & Park. Who'da thunk it?"

    TTR Played On More Stations
    B96 in Chicago, IL:
    Julie and AsadRahim (from FOMM) have reported that B96 debuted the song yesterday and the comments were fantastic!
    Listeners can vote here and check the box next to "Mariah - Through The Rain" to request the song!

    Las Vegas, NV:
    EJ says that a station in there played it (not sure which), so Vegas people - start requesting it in your local stations!

    KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle, WA:
    Both Jeanne and Gary were listening to KISS 106.1 last night when "Through The Rain" was up against 'The Vines' on a "CD Deathmatch" competition. TTR won which means it will be played again today!
    Listeneres can vote for the song here.

    TTR Wallpaper
    Wahid made a beautiful TTR wallpaper for September that you can view on the Wallpaper section.

    TTR Fanbook
    Mariah´s Brazilian fan club, Mariah Connection is working on a fan book.
    Please, send out your comments on "Through the Rain". How that song made you feel, how it has inspired you, how did you like Mariah´s interpretation for it...anything that will make MC feel happy, proud and supported by her lambs.
    Send you letter to webmaster@mariahconnection.com (please type "Fan Book" as the subject) by September 20th.
    The fan book will be sent out to Mariah on the 23rd.
    We really hope you can all send your letters to Miss M ´cause we are sure she will be really happy receiving this feedback from the fans.

    Mariah Connection

    Wisegirls Helping List!
    For the past week, I've been collecting the email addresses of all the nice people who are willing to help us see "Wisegirls" by recording it and trading/selling the copies. Thank you guys, it is very appreciated!
    mspetex5@aol.com - Paul
    kefuss@yahoo.com - Eugene
    Mccraver@aol.com - Mason
    Moza19@aol.com - Chris
    remuniz69@yahoo.com - Rudy
    PaulNick916@aol.com - Paul
    JMac259BA@aol.com - Jason
    GV8681@aol.com - Gabe
    JamesJr1976@aol.com - Jimmy

  • updated byLiron September 13th, 2002 3:50PM
    Mariah Single Debut & Title
    Everyone is eagerly awaiting Mariah Carey’s return to see what the divas new record label will be showcasing, and yesterday lucky New York radio listeners got just that chance when a DJ managed to get hold of her new single “Through The Rain”.

    The song is the first on her own label, MonarC Music, and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who wrote the song, have focused the singer back on the sound of her most successful era, giving the new ballad a similar sound to her breakthrough hit “Vision of Love”.

    Mariah has signed a new deal with Def Jam and she has recorded 20 songs for her as yet untitled album. The album, which was recorded on the Isle of Capri in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy, is due to be released in December.

    Omri, MTV Europe

    TTR Already On Z100 Countdown
    Both Chuck and I were listening to Z100 when they played their top 10 countdown at noon.
    "Through The Rain" already made it into the countdown at number 10! So keep requesting it so it gets higher and we'll be able to hear it more.

    Florida Loves Mariah
    Y100 in Miami:
    This morning Kenny Walker played Kelly Clarkson's new single, and was saying what a great singer she was and that she reminded him of Mariah and went on to say that Mariah is a fantastic singer who may have her problems but you can't deny that she is an amazing singer, then he said that Kelly is a really good person like Mariah and briefly mentioned Mariah's camp in NY.
    All you listeners of Y100 can start requesting "Through The Rain"!

    93.3 flz in Tampa
    Kevin says that he called the station to request "Through The Rain" and the DJ said he loved Mariah (and that he had met her in NY) and would love to play the song.
    Listeners of that station, call 1-800-990-9393 to request it as well!

    New Sound Of The Week
    My All / Stay Awhile - Soul Train This week's sound of the week is Mariah's first and only performance of "My All / Stay Awhile". This is the remix to the original version of "My All" by Jermaine Dupri but sounds completely different as most of Mariah's remixes do.
    The performance was done in 1998's Soul Train Awards. Mariah appeared with Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz on stage and went in to a nice dancing routine as they were rapping their part.
    In the same award show, Mariah won the Aretha Franklin Entertainment Of The Year award that was presented to her by Chris Tucker and Patti Labelle.

    Download Mariah Ft. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - My All / Stay Awhile - Live at Soul Train Awards, 1998.
    (Thanks Mariah Style for hosting the file!)

    Carey Won't Be Ignored!
    USAToday lists the upcoming fall releases, it looks like they're predicting a nice outcome for Mariah. They just got "Fantasy"'s release date all wrong.

    Mariah Carey
    Untitled, Dec. 10
    The numbers: Fantasy (1991), 3.6 million, Daydream (1995), 7.5 million, Butterfly (1997), 3.6 million, Glitter (2001), 547,000.

    The challenge: Salvaging a multi-platinum career derailed by last year's psychological meltdown and the spectacular tanking of the Glitter soundtrack.

    The stakes: Glitter's tarnish and Carey's subsequent ouster from Virgin Records stained a golden track record paved with huge hit singles. If the new album doesn't thrill fans and ignite radio, pop's reigning diva may find herself reduced to lady-in-waiting, along with dozens of her imitators.

    The goods: After signing a new deal with Def Jam in May, Carey enlisted top R&B and hip-hop producers to help craft a new album, recorded in Capri, Italy. Hitmakers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis had a hand in five songs. She also brought Jermaine Dupri and Irv Gotti on board.

    The outlook: Still regarded as a vocal powerhouse with commercial appeal, Carey won't be ignored, particularly since curious fans and critics wonder how she'll handle the rebound. If the first single stiffs, she could follow Michael Jackson into the wilderness of passé superstars.
    — By Edna Gundersen

    sophiamb200 (from FOMM), USA Today

    As Promised - Details For NY Fans
    "Mariah will kick off the night on a high note by introducing a rising act on her new record label MonarC Music."
    To read more details about the event that will be presented by Entertainment Tonight, go to Gallery 3 for the scan from Seventeen magazine sent by Jennafer!

    updated byLiron September 13th, 2002 6:40AM
    Mariah - Through The Rain To Shine Again
    The editor of UKMIX sent in a link to a long article by David C. that discusses Mariah's comeback.
    Here are a few paragraphs from it:

    Cast aside any previous knowledge you thought you had of Mariah Carey's "emotional and physical breakdown". It's been glossed over, exaggerated, mocked and fictionalised to such an extent that it's easy to just label pop's biggest female star "Mental Carey" and joke about her with your mates without really knowing the truth.

    "Wisegirls", the film in which Mariah played a waitress in a restaurant owned by the Mob, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2002, to great reviews. Unfortunately the film didn't find a cinema distributor and Cable network HBO picked it up. Mariah's hopes of redeeming herself after the disaster that was "Glitter" were dashed yet again. But that didn't stop her from getting on with her next album. Despite no record company backing, Carey pressed ahead, recording songs on the Capri island with producers like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, DJ Quik and Damizza.

    After a month of record label-shopping, Maz decided on a three album (and option for a fourth) deal with Island Def Jam Music Group - a sibling company to Universal Music. Guess she'd finally found the glass slipper that fit. But why did Mariah choose Universal?

    "I called her on the day of her release from EMI and I said, I think you are an unbelievable artist and you should hold your head up high," said Lyon Cohen, chairman of Island Def Jam. "What I said stuck on her and she ended up signing with us.

    August 2002: It is announced that Mariah's ninth studio album, rumoured to be simply titled "Mariah", will drop December 10th 2002 - just in time for the Christmas rush, with a single out in September - just 2 weeks before the cut-off date for the Grammys. Ol' 5-Octaves also launched her own record label - MonarC - the first and last letters capitilised to emphasize Mariah's initials. With all the drama surrounding the once-troubled songbird for over 12 months, it was time for Mariah to make her way into the spotlight once again... this time making sure that the light was focused on her new record - not anything else.

    The new album has had the music industry buzzing with great reviews by those lucky enough to have heard it, as the recording of the material has been surrounded by high security atmosphere, after the unfortunate leak prior to the release of "Glitter".

    After 12 years in the music industry already, could it be that Mariah is well passed her use-by date? Not likely. This is one woman who knows how to make good music that appeals to a large variety of people. Her longstanding fame, fortune and fanbase is more than enough evidence to proove this. The release of her upcoming single, "Through The Rain", has had such good hype surrounding it, it could possibly be Carey's third UK No. 1 and her 16th US chart-topper...

    UKMix - Click on the link to read the full article.

    Mariah Carey's Next Movie Headed For Pay Cable
    MC on Wisegirls' Set Mariah Carey's next film is about to make its debut, but don't go looking for it in theaters — "Wisegirls" will debut on Cinemax.

    Part crime drama, part chick flick, "Wisegirls" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January to rave reviews, in contrast to the widely panned "Glitter." Carey, Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters portray three young waitresses who work in an Italian "family-run" restaurant, whose clientele includes more Mafia members than a "Godfather" movie. Carey's character, Rachel, considers herself more of a hardened vet at dealing with the wise guys and takes under her wing the new and somewhat naive Meg, played by Sorvino.

    "When I read the script, I didn't realize what this character was going to do for me," Carey said. "I actually liked the other two characters better. It was going to be really challenging to play this type of character. But I thought she was really funny. Rachel is really the type that takes control during a situation that's frightening. Rachel's kind of the only one of these three characters who grew up with these guys, and so the reason she can be so free and so daring in ways is that to them, she's one of them."

    "You know, she's frigging Rachel," Carey added, slipping into a Staten Island accent. "She talks like this. She's yippety-yappety all over the place. She kind of loves to take control, whateva."

    One of the scenes Carey enjoyed most included her character getting an ovation for her handling a drunken customer. "A character we have named Johnny the Lush, who gets a little affectionate when he drinks, has kind of grabbed me in a place I didn't want to be grabbed," Carey said of the scene. "I don't want to be grabbed anyway, so I get to drop his tray and tell him off and kick him out of the restaurant."

    Carey's whirlwind schedule at the time of filming "Wisegirls" contributed to her exhaustion last summer, she said. "Wisegirls" started filming in May 2001 and wrapped in July, the same month as her breakdown (see "Mariah Carey Had 'Breakdown,' Her Publicist Says"). Lions Gate Films had intended to release the film in theaters but sold broadcast rights to HBO (which owns Cinemax) this past spring.

    For her next film, Carey re-teamed with "Wisegirls" co-producer Anthony Esposito for "Sweet Science," in which she plays a boxing manager (see "Despite 'Glitter,' Mariah Carey's Movie Career Could Still Sparkle").

    "It's been great for me," Carey said, "just to come into it as an actor and go forth and feel and to be creative and to express another side of my creative self. It's been the most freeing experience."
    "Wisegirls" debuts October 19 at 10 p.m.
    —Jennifer Vineyard

    MTV, Janet, Sandy.

    MonarC To Sign Isabel Gomes?
    Apparently Universal Music Brazil said that Isabel Gomes, the girl who played young Billie Frank in "Glitter" will be signed to MonarC Music. Funny, because I didn't know she was a singer! Lets wait to hear more news on that...

    More From Universal Brazil
    The singer releases her new album, yet untitled, worldwide, December 2nd. Due to her strong connection with Brazil, Mariah has decided to be in our country for the cd release.On December, she will come to Brazil . She has chosen Brazil because of her love for the country and because she also has a Brazilian assistant named Arlete. The girl who played the young Mariah on the movie "Glitter" is a Brazilian girl that is signed under Mariah's new label. Brazil is the third country where Mariah has sold more albums. Her first single is called "Through The Rain".

    Universal Brazil, Mariah Connection

    More Fan Sites
    Antonio from Mariah's Sky wants people to send stories of them meeting Mariah to his site.

    Olivia has a site for fans from Miami called MiamiLambs.com - check it out!

    VisionStar22 is building a site for Mariah called "Mariah's Crib", if you'd like to help her with the site, Click Here to fill a form.

    Kyle has reopened his site The One And Only Mariah.

    Mariah's Online Street Team - Word Is Spreading
    I don't think SoundBuzz likes the idea but at least they are promoting it and more fans know about it:

    SULTRY singer Mariah Carey is taking desperate measures to ensure her new album is a hit, after the disastrous reception to her last musical venture 'Glitter'.

    The curvy blonde was paid U.S $28 million in January to leave Virgin Records after only eight months with the label and announced in May she would release a disc under her own imprint belonging to the Island/Def Jam Music Group.

    On her official website Mariah is encouraging her devotees, who she affectionately refers to a "lambs," to help promote her forthcoming LP.

    The site enthuses, "Get in on all the fun. Mariah has a new album coming out soon and is looking for your help to promote it." Instead of pay cheques, the starlet's "online street team" will receive t-shirts, stickers and "a chance to feel closer than ever to Mariah."
    The team will receive regular emails which tell "how you can promote Mariah and the upcoming album.

    AMCF, SoundBuzz Australia

    More Coming Soon
    Check back for the new sound of the week and more information on the NYC event on October 25th!

    updated byLiron September 12th, 2002 5:55PM
    Mariah Carey's Comeback Is A Return To Form
    Pop beauty Mariah Carey is returning to the style of music that made her famous - after a disastrous two years.

    The troubled singer, who reportedly had a nervous breakdown last year (01), left Virgin records in January after both her film and album Glitter flopped.

    Her comeback single "Through the Rain" is a ballad not dissimilar to her first big hit "Vision of Love" and promises a return to her earlier style after she was judged by her new bosses to have got her image wrong.

    Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have refocused Mariah's sound and image after she signed to the Def Jam label and her new single is all about making it through the storms life throws at you - something the diva will relate to.

    Mariah had come in for criticism for wearing skimpy outfits and doing collaborations with the likes of Irish boyband Westlife when she should have been concentrating on her impressive vocal talents.


    Mariah Carey Makes It 'Through The Rain'
    (9/12/02, 3 p.m. ET)
    -- The first single released from Mariah Carey's as-yet-untitled new MonarC Music/Island Records studio album will be "Through The Rain." The soaring ballad was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and mixed by Steve Hodge and Alex Richbourgh at Flyte Tyme Studios. The track is due to go to radio September 27, but New York's Z100 (WHTZ) has already aired it.

    Thematically, Carey's comeback ballad is slightly reminiscent of Barry Manilow's 1981 top-10 single, "I Made It Through The Rain," but that's pretty much where any comparison with Manilow ends. Carey's vocals shine though in the hook of the song, where she proclaims, "I can make it through the rain/I can stand up once again on my own/And I know that I'm strong enough to mend/And every time I feel afraid/I hold tighter to my faith/And I live one more day/And I make it through the rain."

    Carey's full-length album is scheduled for release on December 10.
    -- Jason Gelman, New York

    Yahoo! News

    Mariah Presents MonarC
    Jennafer told me that Mariah is featured on the October issue of "Seventeen" Magazine.
    The article says that there will be a Special appearence by Mariah, she will be singing and promoting her new record label MONARC... It will be on Friday, October 25, 7:00-1:00 p.m. in Roseland, 239 west 52nd st., New York City.. It will be presented by Entertainment Tonight other people like B2K will be there and the host is Maria Menounos and More. In the article it has a beautiful picture of mariah and at the bottom of the page there is a small logo for Monarc records.

    Mariah On Magazines

  • Janel told me that Mariah is in the Sept 16th issue of US-Weekly on pages 54-55, (scan on Gallery 3 thanks to MariahInfo)
  • Ashley said there is a picture of Mariah in the October issue of "Cosmogirl" on page 42.
  • B "Mac" writes about the ad for "Camp Mariah" that appeared on NY Times again on Sept 11th:
    The works of the kids - paintings are being shown in the 3rd Avenue window of Bloomingdale's in NYC bet 59th and 60th streets.
    The Ad says: Please Join us for a very special presentation: "VISION OF THE FUTURE" as seen through the eyes of our children.
    It is organized with the help of The Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah in Fishkill, New York.
  • & Andrew sent in scans from the October issue of "Blender" Magazine (pages 26-27) that talk about the upcoming releases for this year which you can also see in Gallery 3.

    TTR On More Radio Stations

  • Well, first of all, I heard the 5:05 play of "Through The Rain" on Z100 (on their site), the DJ was really nice and said that "Mariah is Back!" and that he didn't want to brag but he was the first to premiere it in the whole world. At the end of it they played a small clip (old one, I think) of Mariah saying "Hi this is Mariah and you're listening to Z100".

    Click Here to download another 30 seconds clip of the ending of "Through The Rain" along with Mariah talking at the end. (Thanks MariahStyle)

  • Billy (from FOMM) wrote that the song was premiered on 98.9 Magic FM in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Gary says B96 In Chicago is also playing the song and that you can request it on B96.com, go to the request page!

    MC Being Played on Sept 11th
    A lot of people emailed me yesterday because they heard songs by Mariah that were played on their local radio stations. Here are a couple of abstracts from articles that talked about Mariah being played:

    "...Across the country, music was used to help ease the pain on the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Whether it was Mozart's "Requiem," Mariah Carey's "Hero" or "God Bless America," music reflected the emotions of the day. (AP)

    "...While their game against Baltimore was a meaningless tilt, the Yankees have taken seriously their job to provide the grieving public a release and retreat. And they did it again last night on the anniversary of 9/11...

    ...It began with a video montage, to the music of Mariah Carey's hauntingly powerful God Bless America. Members of the armed services and rescue workers marched to the pitcher's mound carrying a flag recovered from one of the upper floors of the Twin Towers..." (From NY Post/ Sports .. I'm not sure what they meant exactly because I can't recall Mariah ever performing "God Bless America").

    MSNBC On Wisegirls
    From the same MSNBC gossip writer as yesterday... here's what she says about Wisegirls:
    Mariah Carey’s “Wisegirls” isn’t going straight to video. It’s going straight to cable.
    The follow-up to the singer’s widely panned “Glitter” has been shelved for months, but Cinemax, HBO’s sister cable station, has quietly included the film in its line-up.
    “Wisegirls” — which also stars Carey and Mira Sorvino as waitresses in a mob-infused restaurant in Staten Island — was rather well received at Sundance, but it will be making its world premiere on Cinemax on October 19 at 10 p.m.

  • updated byLiron September 12th, 2002 4:45PM
    "Through The Rain" Is Everywhere!
  • For those of you who were unable to hear the song on the radio or want to be kept in surprise until the single is out, you can download a small clip of 30 seconds from the beginning of the song. It's in pretty good quality too.
    Click Here To Download "Through The Rain" Clip.

  • Dan made a really nice wallpaper with "Through The Rain" theme that you can view HERE.

    Tom (from FOMM) got an e-mail from Universal Music Holland and they said that somewhere next week, a website will open where you can listen to the song and also see the video before it'll go to the tv-stations! Lets hope this is true.


  • Z100, which premiered the song has already played it a few times more and just made an announcement that a lot of people are calling to request it so it will be played again in the next few hours! (Thanks Candace)
    If you'd like to listen to Z100 online and wait for the song, just go to their site and click on "Listen". The next play is at 5:05PM (sorry for the short notice!)

  • Michael heard the song on 96.5 FM in Cleveland, OH this morning on the "Valentine In The Morning Show", if you'd like to call in and request it, the number is: 866-585-9650!

  • Monique also heard the song on 102.5 FM KDON in California! The DJ said they weren't supposed to play it but thought the listeners should hear it. The numbers to call in and request are: 831-424-KDON or 1-888-558-KDON.

  • Sophie heard the song on 107.9 FM in Sacramento, CA! Listeners of that station, keep requesting it! :)

    Mariah Carey Returns To Her Roots
    Mariah Carey isn't taking any chances when she releases her new single Through The Rain in November. The song is a ballad along the lines of her breakthrough Vision of Love.

    Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who wrote the song, have focused Mariah back on the sound of her most successful era after the disastrous Glitter album two years ago.

    According to Jimmy Jam "Through The Rain is a Star Search ballad about making it through a storm", something Mariah can easily equate to her life in recent years.

    Jam and Lewis have produced 5 songs on the upcoming album including an uptempo dance number titled 'Yours'. Jimmy Jam says "Yours is supermelodic love song that you can bounce to or groove to."

    Mariah recorded 20 songs for the album in very comfortable surroundings on the Isle of Capri in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy.

    The album will be released in December on her own label MonarC Music.

    Undercover Music News

    More Updates Coming Soon
    I wanted to get this up quickly so you can hear the 5:05 play of "Through The Rain" on Z100, but more updates are coming up including magazine scans and interesting information about MonarC label launch.

  • updated byLiron September 12th, 2002 12:40AM
    "Through The Rain" Is Out!!
    Thanks everyone who sent in the information that Z100 is already playing Mariah's new song "Through The Rain"!
    The DJs said they wanted to play it eventhough it wasn't the time for it yet, and they want to know what the audience thinks about it!

    This is the number to call Z100: 1-800-242-0100, so all you New Yorkers out there, start requesting the song, it is beautiful!!

    Here are the lyrics, thanks to MariahC.Nu:

    When you get caught in the rain with no where to run
    When you're distraught and in pain without anyone
    When you keep crying out to be saved
    But nobody comes and you feel so far away
    That you just can’t find your way home
    You can get there alone
    It’s okay, what you say is

    I can make it through the rain
    I can stand up once again on my own
    And I know that I’m strong enough to mend
    And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith
    And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

    And if you keep falling down don’t you dare give in
    You will arise safe and sound, so keep pressing on steadfastly
    And you’ll find what you need to prevail
    What you say is


    And when the rain blows, as shadows grow close don’t be afraid
    There’s nothing you can’t face
    And should they tell you you’ll never pull through
    Don’t hesitate, stand tall and say


    I can make it through the rain
    And stand up once again
    And I live one more day
    And I can make it through the rain
    (Yes you can)
    You will make it through the rain

    More information coming up later! (Thanks MariahFans.net)

    updated byLiron September 11th, 2002 2:30PM
    September 11th - One Year Later
    I can't go on with today's update before I mention the date. The date of a huge tragedy that had changed so many people's lives.
    The year that has passed by has been filled with an endless amount of tragic events that have happened all over the world.
    Although we are simply a fan site, representing a community of Mariah Carey fans, I hope we are all able to look upon today with hope for future unity of the world, just like we as fans are able to be united amongst ourselves - no matter the race, nationality or anything else.
    Patience, tolerance and acceptance of every human being are keywords to make it work.
    May the future be filled with peaceful and joyful things to remember.

    MC About Sept 11th Tribute
    ABC Entertainment News has quotes from different artists about September 11th events. Mariah commented on her appearance at the show "America: Tribute To Heroes":

    "The show's producer called me and there is no question for me to come and sing my song and try and help. I mean, there's no other answer. Even if I were incapable, I would show up and do my best to try to sing."

    Mariah Carey, who was hospitalized for nervous exhaustion in the summer of 2001, on performing "Hero" at the Tribute to Heroes telethon.

    ABC News

    Mariah Declined Singing Anthem Again
    According to Pop Dirt and The Boston Herald, Mariah was supposed to sing the American National Anthem at last night's New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Monday Night Football game at the new Gillette Stadium but decided not to after hearing it wouldn't be televised.

    Z100 Gets "Through The Rain"
    One of New York's biggest radio stations - Z100, has received "Through The Rain" and will start playing it soon!
    They played Never Too Far/Hero" Medley and after the song, the DJ said that this morning MC's label was at the station playing her new song to the programming director and that it was classic Mariah. (Thanks Tom & Skizank)

    Order "Through The Rain" On Portuguese Shop
    Nuno from All Mariah tells me that on the portuguese online store Jo-Jo's Music, you are able to pre-order "Through The Rain".
    Click Here to preorder the single.

    Universal Russia Confirms Release Dates
    Here are the listings for 2 different "Through The Rain" CDs (probably CD single & maxi) and the upcoming album as they appear on the official Universal Music Russia site:

  • Mariah Carey Through The Rain CD-S Std Cat TBC 11/11/2002 Available Worldwide
  • Mariah Carey Through The Rain CD-M Std Cat TBC 11/11/2002 Available Worldwide
  • Mariah Carey TBC CD-A Std Cat TBC 12/2/2002 Available Worldwide
    (Thanks Nacho)

    More Fan Sites
    Alyssa from Pop Wire chose Mariah as her site's "Artist of The Month" and wrote some nice words about MD.

    Mabuhay MC by Jake.

    MSNBC Unaware of Online Street Teams?
    Mariah Carey has signed a $20 million recording deal with Def Jam records, but it looks like she’s trying to save a few bucks when it comes to promoting her new album.

    The diva, who sometimes refers to her fans as her “lambs,” is trying to recruit some of her flock to do PR work for her. “Get in on all the fun!” the singer’s official Web site says in its recruitment pitch. “Mariah has a new album coming out soon and is looking for YOUR help to promote it!”

    The members of Mariah’s “online street team” are sent e-mails that will let them know “how YOU can promote Mariah and the upcoming album.” Promoters are unpaid, but they receive nifty t-shirts, stickers and, of course, “a chance to feel closer than ever to Mariah.”

    MSNBC's Gossip Scoop
    I guess the gossip writer is not familiar with online street teams that exist for many artists. Well, at least it is getting promotion, right?

  • updated byLiron September 10th, 2002 4:00PM
    Promo Cover For "Through The Rain"
    Click To Enlarge Zoli from MariahCarey.hu has received the cover for the official promotional CD for "Through The Rain" from Universal Music Hungary. Click on the picture to your right to enlarge it.
    This is not necessarily (and probably not going to be) the cover for the commercial CD single that will be out on November, it is probably just so that the promo CD has a nice cover before it is sent out to radios all over the world!
    The single hits Hungarian radio on September 27th!

    Album Date Confirmed For Italy
    Mcila has received a confirmation from Universal Italy that "Through The Rain" will hit the radio on September 27th, and commercially possibly at the end of October. The album will be out in Italy on November 30th under Island Def Jam / Universal.

    Ludacris About Mariah
    The following abstract is from an interview that Launch had with Ludacris:
    LAUNCH: And now you've reached a level where you get to do stuff like rap with Mariah Carey. How did you feel about guesting on Mariah's "Loverboy"?

    LUDACRIS: I feel extraordinary about being on the Mariah Carey record, because she only works with selective rappers from what I've seen, and this is way before I got signed. You can just tell that she tries to pick out the ones that are in the streets heavy, or the ones that are really popular, or a combination of both. So any time you see a rapper on her record, you can tell that either she has put a lot of thought into it or her crew has put a lot of thought into it. Like, "We need this person to balance off this side of it." You have the commercialized side of things and you have the street side of things. She's trying to capture a different audience, and so maybe by her getting me for a song I felt privileged, because they knew I have a certain audience that they want to capture. She picked us because of the "What's Your Fantasy?" song. And she got a lot of money, too. So it was good breaking bread with Mariah Carey and drinking Cristal in the studio. She's a real down-to-earth person, and I really hope to work with her again.

    Launch, MariahMania

    Valerie Pettiford About Mariah
    Valerie Pettiford played Mariah's mom - Lillian Frank in "Glitter". Robbie found the TV Guide interview with her where she answered a question about doing that role.

    Q: This isn't the first time you've portrayed a mom. You played Mariah Carey's mom in the movie, Glitter. What was it like to work with the pop diva?

    A: I loved her. We only had one scene together, but that one scene we had, she was really lovely. She worked hard. There was no air of arrogance or diva-ority. She was a hard worker, and I could tell she had a lot to deal with, as far as her music and career and the paparazzi. It really was an eye opener. I have worked with some incredible people, but I have never worked with someone of her stature. I had a lovely time with her.

    TV Guide, MariahMania

    Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy
    MariahDaily is happy to join the long list of webmasters and visitors who support the decision not to make pirate copies of Mariah's new musical material! I believe it was Gilles who thought of the idea, and this is what he writes:

    All the sites must be united to avoid the copy of Mariah's new single and album.
    Everyone likes to have exclusive news, but the fact of giving in download commercial songs is not an exclusiveness.
    It seems to us that we owe that to Mariah. She worked so much to create this new album that we can't demolish all and steal her work.
    The majority of the fans will buy the album, but others fans or non-fans quite simply will pirate it.
    If we all could be united against the hacking of Mariah's new album that would prove that we are true "lambs" and it is the most beautiful gift we could make to Mariah !
    Spread the word.
    Click on the banner below to view the list of all united fan-sites for this project.
    No To Piracy

    Under the topic of unity, I'd like to announce that any feud that has ever been between MD and Mariah Info is officially over! We are happy to say that we maturely decided Mariah fans should stand united and continue supporting Mariah together!

    Site Updates
    There is a new quote, picture and poll o' the week. The quote from MTV Cribs was sent in by Carly, the picture of Mariah and Hex Hector by MC9114ever, and the poll idea by Andrea. Thanks guys!
    Here are last week's poll results...
    Would you prefer more ballads on the new cd or more uptempo songs?
    1.) Ballads (1127) 63%
    2.) Uptempo (662) 37%
    Total Votes: 1789

    Here are two new Mariah sites for you to visit:
    Mariah's Dictionary by Kelly.
    Elise's Mariah Site

    updated byLiron September 9th, 2002 6:30PM
    MC Mentions All Around
  • Mariah was featured on the VH1 All Access "Booty Call" episode for her Loverboy video! Mariah stated that showing her assets was just fun and games. (Thanks Tray)
    The episode is airing again on 11:00pm ET tonight on VH1. (Thanks dis)
  • Mariah was on Access Hollywood today, they were talking about a year to September 11th and showed Mariah visiting the troops in Kosovoa. (Thanks Joseph)
  • Mariah was mentioned on MTV. They were basically talking about movies that were in theaters near the time when the Sept. 11th attacks occured. Mariah's movie, "Glitter" was mentioned and Mariah commented about how differently people listened to her song "Hero" after the attacks. They showed 10 seconds of her singing "Hero" on the tribute to America special. (Thanks Simone)


  • There is an advertisement in the New York Times - Sunday editon, page 8, mentioning Camp Mariah. (Thanks Mac)
  • More Mariah in NY Times - yesterday, the paper mentioned upcoming releases and Mariah was one of them. Vijay (from MariahFly) scanned the Mariah part, click here to see it.

    Mariah Comes To Mexico
    Yesterday, we heard some information about the possibility of Mariah coming to Brazil on December. The paper 'Milenio' reports that Mariah will also come to Mexico on December. Both papers claimed their source to be the local "Universal" but there is no official word at the moment.

    Mariah Carey will start the promotion for her new record in Mexico. Universal has many surprises for this year and one of them is the December visit from the New York singer, who will go to Mexico to promote her first album with that record company.

    According to Jesé Lopez, director of Universal in Latin America, the songstress will do several interviews about her new projects.
    "Mariah will come to Mexico to promote her new album, but also we are dealing with some concerts for the next year," Lopez said.

    After leaving Sony, the record company of her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, now Thalia's husband, Mariah signed with Universal, where she has set many good expectations.


    New Album Date Confirmed For Belgium
    Belgium has joined the list of countries where the date for Mariah's new album release has been confirmed. Gilles from Heroes of Mariah talked to Universal Belgium and confirmed that the album (not titled yet) will be released on December 2nd in Belgium. Gilles hopes to be able to give more information about the new single/video in a matter of two weeks, so stay tuned for that!

    Pre-Order Through The Rain?
    Marten (from FOMM) found an online German CD-store that is offering Mariah's new single "Through The Rain" for a pre-order. I would love to get more information on that but I don't know German, so THIS is the link and if someone has more information on that, please let us know.

    Download Mariah on Rove
    FemaleMusic.info has an interesting video clip posted featuring Mariah Carey on Rove[live] in Australia from July 2001, just before her breakdown and the release of her movie and album 'Glitter'. Mariah did the interview after being up for twenty hours straight while wrapping up 'Wisegirls'. Carey went into character mode doing Rachel's 'Wisegirls' Staten Island accent, talked about her big contract with Virgin Records, how she got started in the music business, disfunction in her life, and how her mother was a drama queen diva. If you register on the site, you can download the zip file in the downloads section. (Thanks Alyssa from Pop Wire)

    Vote For Mariah On Brazilian Poll
    A fan from Brazil has asked me to post a link to a poll by a Brazilian magazine "Isto E" about the sexiest women. If you'd like to vote for Mariah, Click Here.

    Help Fans See "Wisegirls"!
    A few fans who don't have the channel "Cinemax", or don't live in the US, have asked me to find people who would be willing to sell or trade recorded copies of the movie. If you would like to help, please email me so that I would be able to give other fans your contact information. Thanks!

  • updated byLiron September 8th, 2002 4:20PM
    Wisegirls Premiere Date!!!
    Kartik sent me the exciting information that Wisegirls will be premiering on CINEMAX channel on OCTOBER 19TH, 2002.
    He already saw the promo for it on TV (on "upcoming movies") and here is the information that Cinemax Site lists:

    Sat 10/19 10:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST
    Sun 10/20 07:15 PM MORE MAX - EAST
    Mon 10/21 08:50 AM CINEMAX - EAST
    Mon 10/21 08:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST
    Wed 10/23 09:30 AM CINEMAX - EAST
    Wed 10/23 10:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST
    Fri 10/25 09:00 PM MORE MAX - EAST
    Sun 10/27 01:00 PM CINEMAX - EAST
    Mon 10/28 03:45 AM CINEMAX - EAST
    Tue 10/29 08:15 PM CINEMAX - EAST

    Time: 96 mins
    Genre: Crime, Drama

    Three waitresses get in over their heads working in a Mob-infused Staten Island restaurant in this female-buddy drama with "a lively surface but...a strong emotional undertow" (Hollywood Reporter). Meg (Mira Sorvino), a former medical student, finds that her expertise makes her a little bit too useful for her own comfort. In the meantime, Raychel (Mariah Carey) keeps the customers satisfied with her sass, while aspiring actress Kate (Melora Walters) has a few secrets in her apron. The friends' struggle for survival by waiting tables turns into a more literal enterprise as the dangers of their surroundings emerge. Directed by David Anspaugh; written by John Meadows.

    Director: DAVID ANSPAUGH

    updated byLiron September 8th, 2002 2:05PM
    Good News To Brazilian Fans
    Vany from Mariah Brasil read on the Brazilian newspaper "O Globo" on the "Rio" section that Mariah will come to Brazil in December to promote the new album. Of course, this hasn't been confirmed yet.

    Tahi from Mariah Connection translated what the paper said:
    "Linked to Brazil at least professionaly - her assistant is Brazilian - Mariah Carey decided that she will start her new career in here.
    She will come to this country in december for the worldwide release of her first album distributed by Universal."

    MC On The Advocate Magazine
    Charles wanted to inform all the Mariah fans that M is mentioned in the September 17, 2002 magazine entitled "The Advocate", on page 57.
    It just talks about her new album coming dropping soon, and that shes stickin to the ballads that made her famous.

    "Mariah Carey. All the world loves a dramatic comeback story, and this pop icon is primed to prove she's still got what it takes to make the kids yelpand shriek with glee. Early indications are that La Carey is still striding the line between hip-hop and the anthemic ballads that made her one of the most queer-beloved divas since Madonna. (MonarC Music/ Island)"

    Help With MD
    I was wondering if I could ask you guys to help in with some of the sections for MD because so many of you emailed in and were really nice about helping the site.
    So my request is if you can email me any random Mariah quotes that I could use for the "Mariah Quotes" corner (please try to include a source), and pictures taken by fans (not neccessarily you) for the daily "Fan Foto".
    In the subject for the email write if it's a Quote or a Fan Foto :) Thank You Much!!

    Alyssa and Dane sent in entries for You Know You're A Fan When...,

    Mariah Michigan has been added to the Links page. The page is for all of Mariah's fans from Michigan state!

    M's Fan Center's different sections have been updated: Pen-Pals, Trading.

    updated byLiron September 7th, 2002 4:35PM
    Rolling Stone Scan
    Rolling Stone Angel scanned the latest article from "Rolling Stone" magazine which includes a beautiful Mariah picture and some lovely comments about the upcoming CD that we posted before. The full scan is in Gallery 3. Thanks Angel, it is much appreciated :)

    Two new entries have been added to "You Know You Are A Fan When..." courtesy of 'Babydoll' and Jonathan.

    A nice wallpaper sent in by Paul has been added to Wallpapers Section.

    Mariah Constellation has been added to the Links page.

    MariahFanClub Chat
    I would like to congratulate MariahFanClub on the wonderful chat day that they held today.
    I was there when singer Taryn (from the Wisegirls OST) and Jessica Russell (executive producer of Wisegirls) hopped in and enjoyed the conversation with them and the rest of the Mariah fans who attended.

    I summed up a little bit from the conversation and here is some of the information that we'd received by Taryn & Jessica:

  • Taryn is a big Mariah fan and loved "Glitter". She has never met Mariah but would love to do any kind of collaboration with her in the future.
  • The official website for "Wisegirls" will be made by Lions Gate, the date for the site's launch is unknown yet.
  • The reason for "Wisegirls" current status being premiered on HBO and not having a theatrical release is financial difficulties. It still has good chances of having a theaterical release in the rest of the world.
  • Mariah will most likely NOT be doing songs for the Wisegirls OST.
  • Mariah will NOT be doing the rumored "Sweet Science" movie.
  • Lions Gate Films and Intermedia finished the new advertising and posters.
  • updated byLiron September 7th, 2002 1:50PM
    Vote For Mariah
    A couple of days ago, Regina posted the review from Rolling Stone for the upcoming Mariah album.
    On the same page, Rolling Stone has a poll that asks: "Who will release the fall's best album?"
    Click Here to vote for Mariah on the poll (it's on the right side of the page).
    updated byLiron September 7th, 2002 10:20AM
    Daniel Bedingfield - A Rumor Only?
    Yesterday on her radio gossip slot MC's friend Jasmine said that rumours of the Daniel Bedingfield track are 'rubbish' and that MC 'doesn't even know who he is' so it looks like it won't come about!!

    I would like to remind you though that the collaboration has been mentioned on Daniel Bedingfield's Official Site about a month ago, so the real story about this isn't very clear at the moment.

    Ashes, Vicki, RPG, Jimmy.

    Island Def Jam Executive On Mariah
    The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Julie Greenwald, president of Island Records and executive vp at Island Def Jam. Here is the Mariah related part:

    In December, Island Def Jam will spearhead one of the most-watched comebacks in recent music history -- Mariah Carey's new album.

    "Mariah is singing her heart out," Greenwald says. "She's so cool and down to earthcq. It's going to be such a fun project."

    MariahsMateo (from FOMM), Hollywood Reporter

    updated byLiron September 7th, 2002 6:10AM
    JJ & TL Editing "Through The Rain"
    MARIAH - 9/6/02
    Jam & Lewis, along with Alex Richbourgh and Steve Hodge editing versions of "Through The Rain" for single release.

    MariahJapan (from FOMM), Flyte Tyme - In The Studio

    VH1 "Most Shocking Moments" Reruns
    Jennafer wanted to let you know that the VH1 show with MC in it, will air again on September 20th at 1:00 AM (Thanks Alyssa!) and on September 24th (Time unknown yet).

    New Site
    Check out the new site Mariah Carey Screen Captures - a news site with lovely screen captures from various places.

    Announcement #2
    As you all know by now, Regina won't be able to update the site anymore as intensively as she used to. I've been getting many offers from people to help with the site - and I want to thank you all for that!
    I am definitely not going to do it on my own and as Regina mentioned someone else might be coming instead of her. If they won't, I'll definitely take on those offers you guys sent in.
    I want to wish Regina good luck with school and promise to do my best on maintaining this site because I'd hate to see it closed down.
    This is always going to be Regina's site and she WILL be back here when she has the time! She also promised me to check in from time to time - when she's not so busy with school.

    updated byregina September 6th, 2002 7:00PM  
    Due to my school and work schedule this semester, I am not going to be able to update Mariah Daily. I was going to shut it down but Liron thinks she can maintain it and we are talking to one other person to come on in and help out with the site. If it all works out well, MD will remain up and running. If not, it might be shutting down. I'm sorry for this announcement but with my final year of college, I need to really focus on a lot of different things. If things ease up, I will be coming back soon but for the time being, please send all news/pictures/information to Liron, since she will be maintaining the site. Thanks and Ta-Ta for now!
    updated byLiron September 6th, 2002 8:30AM
    New Pictures!
    NW Mag Ricardo from Mariah's Lambs Heaven sent us scans from the Australian magazine "NW". The magazine has the pictures we saw from Capri plus two more - one of Mariah working out and the other of Mariah talking on the phone. Ricardo also sent in a scan from the weekly "Who" magazine. All can be seen in Gallery 3.

    Join The Mariah Carey Online Team
    Hey fans, the official Mariah Carey online street team is now accepting new members! What is the team you ask? Simply put, upon signing up you will receive emails that will let you know how YOU can promote Mariah and the upcoming album. In return you will receive t-shirts, stickers, autographed cds and posters, concert tickets and be a part of exclusive members-only opportunities and more.

    The first exclusive opportunity for team members is a special MEET & GREET with Mariah in several cities across the U.S. this October! So sign up now to help spread the word and for the chance to hang with MC very soon!

    Join the Mariah Carey Online Team

    Mariah's Official Site

    No Director For "Through The Rain" Yet
    samsung101 (from FOMM) writes that according to Get Into The Groove: Mariah Carey will release her new single, "Through The Rain," in early October but has not yet found a director nor a destination to shoot the video for fear of the track getting leaked.

    Official International Release Dates
    New Single Title : Through The Rain / Release Day : November 13 or 20
    New Album Release Day : November 27
    (Taken From Love Love Jack)

    Universal Germany confirmed that the album will be released in Germany on December 2nd.
    (Taken From Butterflies Are Free)

    Pitz International Opening & Chat
    Mariahfanclub.com is proud to announce the opening of the international version of its website. Please visit the Pitz virtual hotel and discover a whole brand new Mariah universe starting this Saturday 10 am GMT (5 am NY time) !

    In order to celebrate this opening, we are holding a all day long chat on Saturday september 7th with special guests from the Wise Girls producer to the camp Mariah counselor (and lots more), plus a lot of great prizes to win during a treasure hunt on the website. Visit this page for the whole guest list and schedule : http://www.mariahfanclub.com/reception/evenements/opening.php.

    The chat will start at 10 am GMT and will be hold at http://wanadoo.entrechat.net.


    updated byLiron September 4th, 2002 3:05PM
    Fanclub Information
    Mariah Carey & MonarC want you to know that the new improved Mariah Carey Fanclub will be opening its doors in the Winter of 2002. The Fanclub will have tons of exclusive materials and contests just for you , the biggest Mariah Carey fans. For more information or comments please send email to mc@mariahcarey.com

    Mariah's Official Site

    French Glitter DVD
    The French Glitter VHS is finally available since september 3rd. 25 000 copies have been released, and in each one, you can find the same operation as in the DVD, which is : " for every donation of 15 euros, you will receive an exclusive Mariah pack composed of a Last Night promo vinyl, a Never Too Far promo CD and a postcard". Moreover, all the benefits of this operation will be given to the Fresh Air Fund.


    OK Magazine Scan
    mcfanatic sent me the scan from OK Magazine (Aug 21st) that talks about Mariah's comeback. You can see it in Gallery 3

    updated byregina September 4th, 2002 9:00AM  
    There is a new Quote, Pic and Poll O' The Week (thanks Anderz for the poll idea). The Pic O' The Week is a brand new picture of Mariah trying on outfits from the MTV Awards in 1991 I believe. A huge thanks to Alan for sending me that picture. Here are last week's poll results...
    Does Mariah look better with brown or blonde hair?
    1.) Brown (2151) 57%
    2.) Blonde (1649) 43%
    Total Votes: 3800

    She's Back, and She's Gonna Make It After All
    Due Out: December 10th.

    Sound: Vintage Mariah. Returning after the crash and burn of last year's Glitter, Carey refocuses on songs that emphasize her vocal command. "Yours' is a "supermelodic love song that you can bounce to or groove to," according to producer Jimmy Jam, who worked on five Carey tracks with his partner, Terry Lewis. "Through the Rain," Jam says, is "a Star Search ballad about making it through the storm."

    A Woman with a purpose: "She comes in very well-informed and knows what she's looking to do," says Jam. "We'd site in a room and I'd play keyboards, and if she said, "That was nice,' we'd go back and forth on it." Meanwhile, Carey jetted off to Italy, where she recorded her vocals.

    So Fresh and So Clean: So how does a dive dress when she's in the studio? "She'd come in wearing jeans and tank tops," says Jam. "But she always looks great, she always smells great. I'm a happily married guy, but it doesn't hurt. This business is all about inspiration.

    Taken from pg. 88 of Rolling Stone Magazine

    Dreamlover On 106th & Park
    butterfly_of_2004 & SFTSPKN15 told me that Mariah's Dreamlover video was 106th & Park's Ol' School Joint Of The Day. Also, AJ made a statement saying that Mariah's new album is going to be hot.

    Mariah In Twist
    Mariah is in the latest issue of Twist magazine, Alyssa tells me. There is a picture of her from the Radio Music Awards and has the following question...

    Why do Mariah Careys Lips alway look so full and luscious?
    We jsut had to tell you about he secert tip Mariah has discoverd for soothing dry, Chapped lips and making them look ultra full and shiny. No, its not collegen implants! The sexy singer mixes a drop of peppermint extract(found at most drug and health food stores) in with ehr regular lips gloss. The mint helps stimulate blood flow and enhance the natural pigment in your lips. It also keeps them tasting minty fresh-perfect for those unexpected smooch fest. Pucker up!!

    Next she was mentioned in an Eminem article...
    Eminem Confesses:
    Mariah was almost my girl! From Beyonce to Baby spice to kim Basinger, Eminem has been rumored to be romancing almost every celebrity women he's ever been seen with-plus a few hes never met! "I wish I was with as many people as the media said I was," Eminem says. But theres one diva that he admits he was with-even if he wishes he wasn't "Mariah Carey!" Theres' truth to that, Em says. "I don't want to say anything disrepectful because I respect her as a singer but on the whole personal level, I'm not really feeling it. I just don't like her as a person." Which isn't to say that Eminem would date a star again-in fact, he already has. "The people I do get with competely slip by the media," he says. "But I'll never tell." Come on Em, give us a clue! Wait he said , I'll never tell! Is Eminem using this quote as a code to tell us he hook up with Don't Say A Word Brittany Murphy, his 8 mile Co-star? Well she was cheering for him fanatically at the MTV Movie Awards...But then again so were we!!

    Final Note
    I go back to college today and I go to school 5 days a week and work 4 days a week as full time. I am still planning on updating MD as often as I can and Liron is going to help me out too, when she's not at the base. Please bare with us and hopefully we can keep MD running as usual.

    updated byLiron September 3rd, 2002 5:00PM
    New Sound Of The Week
    Emotions (TOTP) Finally updated, you now have the chance to download Mariah's performing "Emotions" on Top of The Pops.
    You would notice that Mariah sings the song in a lower key and avoids some high notes, apparently because she was sick that day and yet she still manages to make it an amazing performance. Enjoy!
    Download Emotions (Live on Top of The Pops).

    Beautiful Old MC Pics
    Nacho found some really nice old pictures of Mariah - some of them I am positive you haven't seen before.
    They are from various places such as the Grammy Awards 1991, "Citizen John" premiere, "Vogue" magazine party & more.
    Check them out on Gallery 3

    On The Newsstand
    Blender (From NY Post)
    "...Pink may be the "world's freakiest pop star," but she's still from the land of Top 40 - which is truly the way Blender seems to be headed. The mag's VH1-style format offers a tease on a catfight between Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera and concern over George Michael's career..."

    Teen People (Thanks Kyjuan!)
    Mariah is in the new issue of "Teen People" with Eminem on the cover. She is mentioned on pages 106, 108 (twice here!), and 110. There is also a picture about one-inch in diameter on page 110. It's a good pic, but we've seen it before. The article is about Eminem and mentions Mariah solely on the basis of their "relationship", claiming on pg. 106 that they were only linked through the press, and then on 109 and 110 that it was a short-lived relationship.
    Then, on 108, there is a half-page section discussing singers who crossed over to movies and Mariah has her own stats:
    BEST KNOWN FOR: A stellar music career that has been recently overshadpwen by a well-publicized mental breakdown.
    ACTING CHOPS: Glitter. 'Nuff said.
    THE VERDICT: She's back at the studio - the recording studio!

    Read more about Mariah winning the TGIFY suitcase here:
    BBC, Ananova & ABC News

    More on Daniel Bedingfield
    This article is one of many surrounding the doubtful collaboration between Mariah & Daniel Bedingfield. Stay tuned for more information on this:

    New Zealand born pop star Daniel Bedingfield is getting some good work offers lately. It looks like we may even hear him on the next Mariah Carey album.

    Daniel told Undercover News the reports are true. "Yeah that's going to happen" he said. "We have the same record company and they asked me to write a track for her which I have. It might be a duet. It will be for her next album".

    Undercover Music News

    MariahFanClub Chat
    You are all invited to the Pitz virtual hotel grand opening on September 7th !
    There you will enjoy a huge international chat where you'll be able to talk to some special Mariah related guest stars, tresor hunts every hour to win great prizes such as posters, promo CDs, Glitter caps... and much more surprises to be announced.

    But above all, discover the Pitz. The website of Mariah's French fanclub built on a brand new concept. Come lose your mind in the different hotel's floors and meet our team during the chat. We'll be glad to answer your questions about any subjects and introduce you to the fan club.

    Join the chat - September 7th on MariahFanClub!

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